Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1867, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1867 Page 7
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for tbe old building, but tbe new one deserves something better, both in the way of artiste and imjnrssurii. For instance, if a manager like Grau, wbo has shown himself a man of vigor, Industry and progression, in harmony with the ?nt?rprising spirit upon which tbe American people justly pride themselves?wbo not toaly brought the greatest tragedienne of the age, Riatori, to Urn country, but has carried her through tbe United States with unexampled ; triumph?or some one of equal energy, we care not who it is, would take hold of tbe new Academy, it would be a guarantee of the revival of Italian opera. Grau, whether he be a Hungarian or a Bohe mian?and we know not which he is?is at all events a manager of experience and enter prise, and we would advise the stockholders to put their building in his charge. Everything there is fresh and juvenescent. The Academy lias received a new life and almost a new bap tism. All tbe old scenery and nearly all the old clothes have been burned up. Perchance some of the latter may yet be found In Chat ham street, but they will not probably And their way back to the operatic stage again. Therefore let as have a new manager and new artists in keeping with the new theatre. There are young singers of merit in Italy as plenty as blackberries, including sopranos, contraltos, tenors, baritones and bassos, who might be brought over to this country if any energetic manager would take the trouble to go over there and engage them. In fact there is no reason why artists who have as yet not con tributed to the reputation of the operatic stage in Europe should not be presented here, and, after winning fame in America, take back an enviable reputation to the Old World which might eclipse that of many popular singers who command success there. It only requires a manager of experience and enterprise to in fuse new life, novelty and brilliancy into our reconstructed opera bouse and give a respect able tone to Italian opera. The Political Plus Mum at the Cut** Howe-The General Order Bualneae. Tbe politicians, place hunters, office brokers and egg men are making a tremendous fuss orer the report of the Congressional committee specially directed to investigate certain "al leged abuses, frauds and wrongs" in connection with tbe management of the New York Custom House. This committee, It will be remem bered, spent some time at the Astor House during the winter, enjoying the good wines and the varied amusements for which New York is renowned, and, as appears from their report, interspersing these pleasures with the less inviting occupation of collecting all the gossip and scandal that the political m anagers of the investigation, who worked the wires behind the scenes, could manage to scrape together from disappointed applicants for Custom House "plums," discharged Custom Houae officials and deposed operators in the cartage and storage business. i The lengthy report, for the "incongruities" ?f which the committee feel impelled to apologise, bears evidence of the diversified character of their operations during their New York visit There is a confused jumble about Thompson and Bob Johnson, Patterson and Doolittle, Humphrey and Bergen, Barr, Brown ?nd Blzby, one mysterious Mrs. Perry, and several still more mysterious "Co. V which comprehensive term appears to be affixed to the name of every patriot who is animated by ? desire to serve his country through tbe pnedlum of the cartage and storage bquness of the Custom House. There is also a long rigmarole about the seizure business and tbe detective system abroad, and other outside matters designed to cover np the real objeot of the report; bnt tbe gist of it all lies in the Attempt to fasten upon Collector Smythe a charge of having corruptly bargained away a portion of the patronage of his office, and by this means to clear tbe way for a new Col lector. Mr. Smythe, who is no politician, but ? straightforward man of business, is amazed *t the Intricacies of the plot constructed for ^ls destruction, and publishes a card, in which he says, " I can only state that I testified be fore tile committee under oath that I have sever received or paid to any ons any sum whatever arising from general order or cartage businesses, having abandoned and rejected all offers of compensation as soon as I bad time to ttndsrstsnd and investigate their nature." j A correspondent, whose communication we also publish, gives a history of the manner in jrhlsh tbe general order business baa been dis Kied of by seven or eight of Collector ythe's predecessors. It has evidently been Regarded as the richest gift in the Custom Boose, and has always been divided np among the politicians. These men appear to have }nade an early attempt to renew their profit Able job under Collector 8mythe, and offered forty thousand dollars for the privilege. A hew firm of political patriots outbid them by tho amount of ten thousand dollars. In this pun, which was to come out of tbe general profits of the business, some of the President's pelatfvea, a son cf a United States Senator, a mysterious female and others arc said to have been entitled to a share. Collector Smythe, yho is no politician, but a banker and ? man of business, finding, from the ?tger scramble after tbe general order storage Ihit its profits must be large, saw at once a perns of relieving bis poorly paid and hard forking clerks from the heavy tax heretofore Imposed upon them for politloal purposes. He iherefwe Insisted that whoever might secure jUds lion's share of the Custom House spoils fhould pay out of Its profits the whole political ?ax assessed at each eleotion upon the poor clerks, inspectors, messengers and porters. This being agreed io, tbe business was given to th? snccessful applicants, whereupon the dis appointed politicians set to work to stir up the Investigation which has given rise to all this present fiiSs and fary. President Johnson should take no heed of ^he committee's report, which bears tho stamp of putllce upon it, and Collector Smythe should quietly pursue tbe duties of the Collectofship, giving natisfketion to the commercial men of the city and paying no attention to the scurvy tricks of politicians. If he continues to make he parties who seenre the lion's share of the spoils pay all the political assessments, made upon hi* employ^ be will merit the gratitude Cf tho poor clerfi and will lose none of his ^opnlnrity with tbe people. A Rim Flakes Unworkd.?Tbe Boston ?oonomists are s^id to make a large sum o! Jponey out of thtf dirt scraped up In the street! ?ot the "bub." jj go, there Is a rich placer al unwork*d\ln Ittw York \ Stilts rot Bkoadwat.?In Holland, the land of dikes, slush and exuberant floods of water, the people use stilts to keep their feet dry while they are walking in the streets. By this convenient appendage pedestrians are elevated several inches above the inconveniences of aquatio travel. If any one could be found en terprising enough to import a lot of these stilts from Europe for use on Broadway he might make a fortune ont of the speculation. Either stilts or a ferry line of flat bottom boats at the principal crossings would pay just now. Can not a patent stilt or scow company be char tered for the relief of the community? A Black Hwui Perhaps. Governor Swann, of Maryland, as a Johnson conservative, In his conflict last fell with Forney, oame very near involving the State in a bloody partisan row, and all to secure the election of a Legislature which wonld elect him to the United States Senate. Hit Legislature was secured, he was elected to the Senate, and he gave notice of his resigna tion of the office of Governor to the Lieuten ant Governor, in order to go to the Senate. The Lieutenant Governor, as the presiding officer of the State Senate, gives the notice to the Legislature, and forthwith preparations are made for the inauguration of the Lieutenant Governor as Governor. But on the last day before this expected event Governor Swann recalls his resignation. He has changed his mind. He will give up the United States Senate. The Lieutenant Governor Is taken all aback, and everybody is asking what is the meaning of all this. Perhaps we can ex plain. Mr. Calvert, the State Treasurer of Virginia, was recently called as a witness upon something before the Judiciary Com mittee of the Senate of the United States, and it is given out at Richmond that he was called to answer whether Governor Swann (in order to save from confiscation certain Vir ginia State bonds) had or had not, during the rebellion, taken the oath of allegiance to the Jeff Davis confederacy. Mr. Calvert could not tell: but it is conjectured at Richmond that Governor Swann can, and that accordingly, on " the sober [second thought," he has con cluded that " a bird in the hand is worth two in the buBh." Let the fact be made known. Besalta of Protectlaa. The Japanese government has given orders in France for several large iron clads, each of which is to cost about three millions and a half of francs. But for the high price of materials and labor under our present system of taxa tion these vessels would in all probability be built here. Canada has profited largely by the folly which has driven this valuable branch of trade from our ports. It is mortifying to see almost under our very noses the work that would have kept our. shipwrights profita bly employed taken from them by men who cannot compote with them on fair ground. If we persist in such legislation we shall become the laughing stock of the world. Never whs a suicidal tendency more crazily developed. CITY INTELLIGENCE. Th Fkbtival of Sokoti Tumtut. -To-day it cele brated the festival of Shruve Tuenday, more familiarly known aa "Pancake Tuesday." The name Shrove la derived from the Saxon word mrtfan, to con fear, and the festival la ao called because on this day the faithful were aocustomed to confsss their sias prspaaatory to entering upon tho holy season of Lsnt, wbleh com mences to morrow. After having confessed In lbs * morning the people indulged during the rtay in sports of all kindi, hut abstained from the uss of flesh meat. As a substitute for meat large pancakes were eaten: and from this custom Is derived the name " Pancake Tues day." The festival is called by the Gorman* Feu* fiacht (fast sve), and by the French Slardi Grat (fat Tuesday). In countries where the carnival is observed a grand mas quesode ball is held In the evening and closes precisely at midnight. CoxPTRousa's Omcm?Ths Fran rot ths Buhd.? As the present Is ths season whsn the poor blind present ths necessary papers to substantiate their claim to a por tion of the corporate fund set aside yearly for their use, it Is expected by the Comptroller that the crowds now thronging his office dally will present themselves as neat as possible, and with every regard to proper cleanli ness, In appearance and otherwise. Hosoxsn First Passing us. ?A meeting of Hoboken passengers was held yesterday afternoon at No. 39 Bar clay street. A report wss considered which recom mended tbat hereafter the passengers by the Morris and Ksbex Railroad sball cross to New York by the Pa*onla ferrv, and by tbat means ignore tbe Hoboken route en tirely. Ths Tammany Soctxty.?The Tammany Society met last evening In the council chamber of the Old Wigwam, the Grand Sachem, Mayor John T. Hoffman, in tbe chair. There was a good attendance of members. Home routine business baving been disposed of, Moses H. Levins was elected Into tho brotherhood. Ths commit tee of Sarbests having undsr consideration tho subject of the location of Tammany Hall had a meeting yester dsy, but were not prepared to report laat night. It la understood, however, tbat $100,000 was offered for tho present hall, corner of Frankfort and Chatham streets? about $25,000 more than was bid soma three months since. Ths Grand Sachem issued a proclamation la reference to the annual election or officers for tbe en?u tnj year, which 1s announced to take place on the third Monday la April next. Tbe meeting then adjourned. Coast Waxcxmo Otshatioim.?Yesterday tbe schooner H. W. Johnson proceeded to tbe rescue of ths coast steamer Flambeaux, on sbors off Fort Fisbsr, and to tho assistance of tbe new pilot boat William Bell, which got ashore yesterday eight miles west of Montauk Point, on Long Island ooast Amour at ttncioa?August Schwarts, a German, aged twenty-eight years, who lately did bualnsaa as a shoemaker at No. $3 Vessy street, was discovered yes terday afternoon In the Frankfort House^ whsrs bs hsd taken lodgings, bleeding profusely from a seven wound In his left wrist, which hs had purpossly Inflicted on hlmsalf with a sharp knife. On his being discovsrsd ia a suffering condition by a person la the boose, an officer of the Fourth precinct was called In, who took ths would-be suicide to the station house, whence he wss ssnt to Believue Hospital, aflor having his wooad at tended to by the police surgeon Arvonrrmrr or a Polios Caradi.?8ergeaat Ira & Garland, formerly of the Second District Police Court, aad wbo has boon acting captain of tbe Fourteenth pre cinct for the past thrss months, wss yesterday, at a meeting of the Police ConmtssMners, appointed Captain, aad assigned to tho Fourteenth precinct. Fatal Raojmad CastAMim?Thomas Kelly, a man about forty yean of age. died yesterday at Believue Hos pital from tbe effects of Injuries received by being rua over, at the ooraer of Fifty-ninth street aad Third ave ano, at an sarty hour on Sudsy morning. Deceased Is. supposed to have been lying oa the track, aad, It being dark, the driver was oadhU to sae bias. Boms days ago Bernard Laoaaid was rsa over la Weet street, near Bo ratio, by a freight car betoagtaf to the Hudson River Railroad Company, aad to severely tutored that death ensued yesterday la Believue Hospital, whither he had been conveyed immediately after the occurrence. Coro ner GamMe waa notified to hold inquests la both cassa Ftm a Madison Avwrra,?Betweea four aad five o'clock yesterday afternoon a Are broke oat la the dwel ling bouse No. 934 Madison avenue, owned by Mrs. Meers. It waa caused by a furnace aaed by the masona to dry the plastering. Damage to ths bull ding about $8,000; insured la the Continental, Hoflman, Lennox and Indemnity Insurance Compaalsa Ffss m eiixran grain.?The alarm of Ore shortly after flee o'clock yesterday evening originated from No. 10S Cliatea street, in the premises of William Brandt, la thebampeal The fire originated la the bedroom f Ana a*m? accidental oauee at praoeat unknown. Damage about $600; no insurance Jamea Carl lea, occupant of tbe first floor, austalned about $10 damage. The bulld abc at $1& W *** Livlng*to,> ?***> t?d l? damaged KWt FM1 KW ORLUtt. Nsw OaiAum, March 4,1M7. Tbe steamer Fnng RTiuey, from New York, was re ported by the pilots yssterday, at aevea o'clock P. M., ashore in Rest Bay. Owing to the fog they were not able to report further. The aannal celebration of the Fire Department to-day waa sot leas splendid or enthusiast* than before tha war. The weather was warm aad pieaaaoV sad Utt na tive** flat wu lfrfmi AMUSEMENTS. Broadway Thriirr. The bill at tbig bouse last night consisted of the two tet drama. The Fairv Circle, and the farce of In ind Out of Place, and a full bouse was present, despite .be Inclemency of ibe weather, to Inaugurate the second week of the very successful engagement of Mr. and Mrs. Williams. In the first piece Mr. Williams has ichleved a decided success In portraying a character that may be regarded as a true type of Irish peasant manners. Con O'Carolaa la not, as many would-be Irish delineators represent, so unoouth, wild and semi barbarous individual, but a jolly, Vitty, rollicking, simple and honest being, fnll of fun and merriment, and overflowing with humor and good nature. Into this character Mr. Williams throws his whole son), and acta it with equal spirit He has immense command of fea tures, and a refined brogue, which renders tbe driest say Inn irresistibly comic, so much so that from tbe moment Con appears until he wishes goodby tbe audience are kept in a state of laughter and merriment, not to be excited by many comedians on the stare. Mrs. Williams as tbe Yankee Gal, and In her "variety" in tbe arterplece, is most successful, and last night drew down several times the hearty ap plause of a very discriminating and respectable audience, and in her singing was repeatedly encored. The company were well up In their several parts, es pecially Mr. Jack In the drama and Mr. Edwards In the afterpiece, each of whom did creditable Justice to tbe characters represented. Mr. Williams takes bis only benefit next Friday evening, when an attractive bill will be presented. Mtadt Theatre. It Is no easy task to transfsr successfully to either the German or the English stage the works whoee characters and incidents are essentially foreign to both. Even when the task is satisfactorily accomplished by tbe dramatist, the representative type* being identical with those of the' original p|y, are rarely embodied by the actors with that correctness whleh the critic should exact. This was made apparent last evening, when Hen Da wlson, a great artist, failed to interpret truthfully the feelings and manners of one of Eugene Sue's creations, the Marquis de Mailleford, a shrewd, world-wise, polished specimen of the French nobleman of the old school. In Dcr Burklige Marrptit, a five-act piece with no lack of dramatis fierttmtt, Mr. Dawison sustained the principal rfile, discoursed on all subjects on every occasion, Inter vened at that stage of afiairs when his services were most required, and, in fine, proved that he could justly claim to be the lieut ex macAitwl of tbe piece. His act ing was of course good, but his embodiment of tbe char acter was not such as those familiar with the novelist's outline would recognize. Frauleln Irscblct played ex cellently well, and was deservedly applauded. The ren dering of the other parts called for no especial notice. Tbe house, as usual, was filled. New York Theatre. Two new pieces are on the bills for this week at this pretty little placo ol amusement, in both of which lady Don sustains leading oharacters. Tbe performance opens with Tom Taylor's laughable comedietta entitled Nine Points of the Law, tbe part of Mrs. 8myllo falling to the lot of Lady Don. Her ladyship's representation of the crafty, hollow and yet affectionate nature of the scheming widow is exceedingly effective, some of the dialogue between hereelr and Joseph Tronolde (Mark Smith), being ao comical as to keep the audience in con vulsive laughter. This piece Is followed by Broth's ?i? ? U0 Prr**u and Andromeda, or the Maid and ...o"***1'- This extravaganza gives more scope for the display of I,ady Don's powers of burlesque acting than snythlng in which she has previously appeared, and will doubtless greatly increase the popularity which sbe has already in such a marked manner attained. Her impersonation of Perseus also gives an opportunity for tne exercise of her superior vocal powers, so too of the songs and snatches beln* particularly prettv. Mark smith appears In another tremendous make up m Cas siope; his rntrie last night was greeted by a very hearty ?TSf of Andromeda was sustained by Miss Kldredge, a young lady new to tho company. Although very young she possesses a good stage pr sence and a very careful and accurate enunciation. The piece was well set throughout and ran very smoothly, and will, no doubt, be extensively patronized by tha lovers of the spectacular and burlesque Olympic Theatre. The popularity of the drama which has bean on tha boards of the Olympic theatre for the past three weoks does not appear to wane from frequent repetitions, but rather increases in favor with each representation. Ij^t evening tha theatre was well filled with a fashionable audience, of whom fully one-balf ware ladles and to whom the drama of the Streets or New York seemed to ? perfect satisfaction. The piece was, aa it has been heretofore, wellperforated, each charactcr acting hi* or ber part faithfully, and the morn prominent ones being repeatedly applauded. Tha tableaux were loudiv en cored, iba fourth one particularly. Tho patrons of this MUbHsfcLa^Xknl^Mi^iata, * all events, of tha quantity of entertainment served op to thom nightly by tba grand combination. Its variety is equally bayond cavil, tha arma inrumqut tamo of the oountrr schoolmaster, Interpreted arms, men and don bolng bora presented, with a liberal aupply o? nigger and PhSZ f5!Um' J*e "*htD'ng Zouave drill of Mr U A"rtln exhibited remarkable dexterity in tba handling of a musket, both aa a weapon of defence and .e .'w* P'ronnance of Professor Hutchinson with a barrel, the physical poaaa and gymnastic exer cises of the Rannells boys, both quite yotinr. and the acting of Professor Hutchinson's poodlea, veritable fir . 0 J*ew,on*- marvellous, exciting and intonat ing. The andlence manifested their appreciation fre quently during tba night IWaaleal. Sovsrlni and Pease's fourth morning concert was given yesterday at Steinway'a rooms, and was wall attended notwithstanding the wat weather. Tho programme pr seen ted for the entertainment was apeclally excellent, and co an prised mora particularly tha romanxa, Don Pas quale, 'oy Donizetti, which tha rich voice of Signor Fossa t developed with fine effect Two wild, peculiar pieces, the Harwegian Peasant and Echo songs, were well per formed by blgnor Severinl. Duo buffo, Rllslr d'Amore duo on themes, from Criaplno, and selections trom Lu crezia Borgia, comprtsiug several popular, beautiful airs by Foasati, Severinl, A. H. Pessa and O. W. Colby, ware given with characteristic excellence. Signor Lotti. long and favorably known aa a singer In German and Italian opera and other musical enter tainments, gave his farewell concert last evening at Ptelnway Hall, on the eve of his departure for Europe. The attendance waa large considering tba weather. A foil orchestra and a number ol members of tba Arton FocUty performed a part of the programme, which waa delightfully varied. Mgnor I.0U1 sang a romanta from Faust and another from Don Sebastian wtth mach edict Mile. Naddl, a young and promising soprano, delivered with an attractive rrprit the Maxic Flute aria, wbtch mat with vigorous spplsuse. One of the most fashionable audiences that ever as sembled in the Brook lyn Academy of Music was present in tb*t edifice last evening in attendance on tha perform ance of Um sacred oratorio of the Messiah, under tba direction of Mr. I* F. Harrison, by tba same artists who took tho solo parts in tha rendition of that oratorio In this city, tha choruaea being given br tho New York Harmonic (society. The whole performance was in every way moat acceptable to tha appreciative auditory, and tho principal afttsta were most loudly applauded. A rail orcheetra rendered the Instrumentation in a fault leas manner. The entire oratorio, in fact was a ran musical treat for the Brooklyniteai CAMIYAL MIKE AT DRAMATIC MALL. Tho society Frauenlob gave another carnival tat tc solrto at Dramatic Hall, In Houston street, l*t night, which In every reepect waa as successful and comic an aihlr as any of tho preceding sessions of tho subjects of tha carnlvallstlo empire. Tha followers of the mad Prince wars not at numerous aa on previous bnl * foU amount of carnival lei ic wit and humor waa lot loose nevertheless. Tbs grand conncto appeared In full regalia decorated with ail the paraphanalla and emblem of Prince Carnival. Tho ball .aaooratad with the numerous nonsensical flguraa oeacrlptlons, denoting that the place wa to be need SSjrSrS0' wh? are booed to engage aommon during the Carnival The see won waa "ponoa by a comic prologue, spoken by the w"b a trl-colored Prussian fool's helmet, S. iL?* *? ?ad aa coverings during oarnlvallstlc soirees ?r .Mr 8Uuff*r. tha President of tho yjtFi. tha minutes of the previous meeting wars read, embracing a recital of tho nonsense enaoted at tha Mr. Hoaabal* appeared la tha character of a Mrl0? bill of fare; and at the * iU. commenced peddling cakee and confection S - * ladlea present At intervals ZLKSLTSE chanted to tho tune nf old ? lamentation about tba exist ,gt/. V*' I** SeWeeMs Zeii," Ac. "Fool" I' * co?l? nuaksal and tbeatiioal ra ZibTv^ in . anybody of prominence waa HTm?i?iii.! ?trl*?Own Napoleon iwk^nl!S2i ?ow? tt* Bh,ok Prtaoe and tho New W0?M r> aa far as to sing ^ . about a certain reptile with a thundering effect, SjAJK ? miniature theatrical performance m tWi* >PP*ared. reciting tho adventures of individuals and events in a style which fully excitod the mirth of the assembly At this sSms aa infernal chorus about one Joeephua and othara wis bo ntllf damoaatratod tba* mk la a moat indis pensable fluid In time of peace aa well aa la war ?hia sort of jontflcatlaa and criticism waa oo? tlnued until late, when tho Hlnstrlous fools of the Frsuenlob, and 'their foolish mala and female friend* removed their oamlvailstio regalia, adjourned wd wont home. CAKABIAW AFFAIM. Kiwwro* 0. W., March 4, 1M7. Eighteen Fenlaa convict* whoa* sentences wan 'm eentiy oommuted to twenty yean' Imprleonmaat *tAtZ\ hare by special train from lwroato thla aftarno'*, were immediately conveyed to the Penitentiary i?'nn.? slolghs. ' P*" The discount on American Involcst for waak. l>e w cem, ana?tn| CHARITY BALL. A Nlfkf Itevelry and Eitl?Ta?al-Thr Wealth and Fashion of the MeU-opolia at the Academy innpirin* Muali'i t.race aarf Braaty Kali MacniHrrnt Teilete Nark the Heeae?The Meet feueceaefai Aitalr ef the Heaeea. The new Academy of Matte vu all smiles and bril liancy tut night, as it ever the cue when the annual tribute te Charity is called for by the managers of the Nursery and Child's Hospital. Of all the balls of th season the Charity ball is regarded ae the most aristo cratic and select, for on the oocshIod of its re currence even the UiU of the Knickerbocker ele ment In the metropolis pay their homage to Terpsichore Then, and only then, the sub stantial portion ef the descendants of Peter Stuyveeant and bis qvalntly grave contemporaries is seen in public. The charitable character or the bell, the elaims ef the little ones left desolate and dependent on the good feelligs of the worthy burghers of the me tropolis and the admirable management of the annual charity ball are stfflcient guarantees for the thawing out of the aristocratic loo that hedges In the aboriginal upper ten or Ootbam.

TBI AKRAXCKMBMTS for the ball last night comprised only the platform which concealed the seats of the parquet and the let ters of fire whloh from many mouths of flame spoke the object of the assemblage. At the extreme end of the platform, ant! fronting the trlpls tiers of the audi torium, a rocky landscape made a rugged background to the kaletdoscoplo picture that moved on the dancing floor. Above, around, on every side gleamed countless gas jeta, and the crystals in the huge chandeliers in the centre darted a myriad lances of light on the shifting scene beneath. The ampbiteatre on each side bad Its array of brass, reed and string Instruments, with Lander presiding over the dancing and Grafulla over the promenades. roues AKJUifOBvnrra The ukase of Captain Brackett string out the line of carriages from Twenty fifth street down to Fourteenth, and thsnce towards Third avenue. As each carriage, sometimes with its liveried coachman and footmen, drove up to the brilliantly lighted entrance on Irving place and deposiiod Its rich cargo of silk, satin, dia monds, bright eyes, coiffwrtt of the most varied and in some cases the most extravagant styles, rounded shoul ders, gleaming bracelets, dainty little shoes such as Cin derella never dreamed of, and other attributes of the fair sex en route for an Academy ball, a largo crowd of curious outsiders scrutinized, criticised, sdmired and censured each cloaked form that tripped up the unpainted steps. Captains Brackett and Cameron, stately, dignified as became chiefs of the Metropolitan l'olice, were ubiquitous, If not In person at least In their blue coated representatives. Here No. 2.002 politely Informed an errant guest that the supper room, at ten P. M., was rot the ballroom: there No. ? blundly informed a wlilto kidded human I0**1, ,hM ,B B"Ddln? '?> entrance to the plat form be was more ornamental than u efal. Hour after hour, until midnight, the ?ame constaTsiream of ?? IbJfrf- ^rT1' adv,no?<> tow,.r,Is tha rejuvenated abode of Melpomene and Terpsichore, and the Mnie richlytol etted throng passed In. Without 52hin ^ap !/? "?. ^"rkn(>R8' occasional snowdrifts1 within, ? c'i/p d ml of splendor, brilliancy wealth ami rn* ball eommeoed at hair past nine, after the overture to W1I. Ham Tell was played by Grafulla's band. Groups of ladles and their attendant cavaliers chat tod promo nadod and reclined on the seats a. Tho chwm." log music of Martha was wafted r???? .. anrhltheatre, and the Tax ** conversation" mingled wiih the strains of the snul.atir>i?.. nromisin' lh<! Tannll*ufer- Wagner is certainly an un* promising caterer to the music of a ball, but In tills march he puts on his grandest and most attractive dross and forgets the future in the present J? ^ committee, represented particularly by Mr Th^do ? Mnea, exerted themselves to the utmost to plesse the numerous quests, and tho members of the 8w com* mittee stood on different parte of tho platform like so many dignified, nrbine sentinels. In the dressing rooms, previous to the opening of the ball, were con gregated hundreds of roawulino and feminine devotees 2225 *"1 PI#*,orV,Tin? ?he last finishing touches A-rias _ Ttm oakciiw. The visitors congregated in constantly numbers in t he "pre^us M M 2-? 5?'' l)reMt,t*1 " animated picture of fairy costumes and majestic figures, which was second id beauty oniru.tks grander rtow ?f tJbe ZnSj however, the cbao} of silk and broaarHHh whicix cloned the lobhiM adorned the catteries wlthU, fcSSt colo?^)^ ??self into order!/ Druceesfoa endJSfr JESUS upon the dancing floor, with fans Hutwrlng rtb"^ bona streaming, diamonds flashing, and the sheen of ooetly s Iks marking Its course like the glitter of l.?? Uu'tor or P?Don in some kn<fbtJy Mv^caie In the limes of yore. In time with the enchanting strains oftl? mhi h*""?Dlou? weonance above the heads ?'?*? ??'Dlblage, U>e gorgeoos train moved aboat the I limits of the auditorium and displayed all lis oolon tn the best possible advantage. ? 10 I The dancing opened with a dlgnlOed quadrille nerfnrmarf in a dignified manner by only a portion of the assemblage the majority of the ladies being inclined to hold aioof at i ' ^ ras* * moments preliminary to the <*ri!?rtKlna"gu.r*"OB the danoing festivities in co. quettlsh prattle and curious scrutiny of the toilets of ! their acquaintances. The next dance, however wis moreperally intered Into, and the third found all the pmroenaders drawn Into ths Ternsicho ^th^'mr"r "b?* wtred in VTdai bel?*aUl the circus chan delier whlih habitually and unavoidably dominates all scenes of festivity in this building. As the evening progressed and the crowd in dreeing ^ms, i?bbl"s *? n on. floor became more numerous, the excitement of the dance and tbe sociality of the chatting siwctaters un iVtho msd'w hM d'.^K "m 1lDcrwu?Ml proportionately will the mad whirl of the galop music was not faster or KKaCiS^ I . . Tin sew*, viewed from the upper part of the honse after the cold artatocrnlic assemblage had been thrown off h?rU.C'n? thus Wrivbegun, was one of ani 15^21 ^k?2L' evf.v>7'qg. constantly developing Itseir in new phases and fresh effects of light, brightness rolor whirred JO* W ooitumea seemed In t^o'mazy whirl of tbe fait* melted Into one or formed into ? manile of harlequin hues, tossing In rich billows, r.sing and falling, advancing an<f re ceding in oorsonaneo with the musical whirlwind which ?*ept above la fall and unrestralnod sway. *'**? iDdert a Irene of nnusnal beauty, and even though H rambled in its main foaturnn fh? rrnr<T?? show of the leading balls thatbtf p^ed U v.Un It! fhUil,ill iWM Pro 'mlnently One. The dittinoiii style of n?' ???? although refaxed IlJnn L?fc ?**cltement of the dance, and adornod th e fh! h.^ HiV <! JD*ry BOO<, W'Wea, which rendered snch airlunl. M"1 ,up*rior to the majority of rna Ton.srs were moat superb, as might have been expected of snch ,D a"**? hi age of tbe wealth, beauty and fashion tbe JHHiw thi !^l!17 of ,lh* nwropolla In <\T*h,T? espe ?rl?" prevailed, the In of the *****J."*? the adornments L t ^ ??., -sa?a the fair features which thev shaded. lVd^2eL 25? optahone in splendor, hchness chaste neatness and wav ofMl^;rr .Kor d5*>- ?yh";r~ wajr of ballroom show or ooiianiM thai hmi b#on in^ij In thifl vicinity during the ?ntire Maaon. 8lJk?, of ewry htia, were the prevailing m?. iertaJ.%, although there were many ladies attirod m ?anw materials richly trimmed and carefully made up The dresses were mostly made up with unu^allv iong 'traitu! In some eases the under materials being puifed tarlatans the train being of silk, far spreading on tbe floor hind and open la front, to dteplay the puflk. and rich adornments laid on with an unsparing hand in every case. Vandyke danseea also made their flm ssrssajssyAia jsu'a'? ttn - as flir* wu .g2t'ce^*- f*^"? the dancing floor wm th? aheeore of the hateful nnmrZ eloaka which, ia the early part of the season, chim ally buag about the necks of the ladies and conoealetf ?J"0"il flo* flinr??, whloh, in tbe ?taiity All, made ap tbe greatest beaaty of the scene, , rwa nsata ofthe grand occasion was very lively, much moro so, In deed^thai could have been supposes} poesthle hv any fwtimi?ea * C0M Md ?t*tely opening of the s^P.L?l*lf!il!b*.llocr aa^ th* yt'w andkonom had become crowded with numbers of visHors, and as tbe ammblage grew to its culminating point la uuantitv of ^^.T?frr*g na,mb*n pmgressrq with lees of reserve, and more genuine sociability and refined enjoyment thU is nanally te SJ ,ifc gr*l,d ?*en,h|?a? of the klit* of our city. si ?ffrsL-tt: ar s.-'siS Wit's unmrering interest and aver Inereaaing en(oym#ni nn .11 a cooperative y late hour la the moralog, when thia aasenftlaga, whloh had been aomewhat reduced la KS21 Wiffr. M It were, like some fairy soene euaT* ra7< th* 1mi bright mora lag KTEllUl KEVEWUE AFFAIM ? MlUgLWU. iKn^raunu, Hareb < mi. In the flrit Internal Revenae cotlectlon distrtct A. B. Rloansker, whose term expired to day, tbe lum hav Ing rejected h|a aomlnalion, retired In favar ?r Qeom Relief, who he appointed this morning v. his demiv* having previously diechsrged all his Brmtf Jg em&lo J ad IhaM aa marks ?? the afliK. HEW YORK LEGISLATURE. Seaaf*. Aliairr, March 4, 1M7. Mr. Lnrr istroduced a bill incorporating the Mott Me morial Library of New York. The following bills went advanced to their third read In*:? Authorizing the B roc it port and Clark son Plank Road Company to elect five initead of nine director*. Authorising incorporations organized under the general manufacturing law to elect thirteen trustee* To extend Madison avenue, in New York. Authorizing certain livsry expenses to be refunded to Jeremiah Maheny, Street Commissioner of Buffalo. Increasing the salary of Gregory But, assessor of Bulfalo. Amending the charter of the Rome Hydraulic Com pany. For relief of the Children's Aid Society or Sew Tort Incorporating Merchants' Savings Bank of Rochester. Authorizing the consolidation of corporations organ ised under general manufacturing law. Kecess till evening. Bvrslsg Heedes. nLU ADVA.10BD TO TUB THIRU BKADUIO. To re-enact the law of 1866 relative to railroads held under lease: for the consolidation of the Buffalo and Stale Line Railroad Company: amending the charter of the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church; incorporating tbe Ftsbklll Railroad Company; Incorporating tbe Rochester Hy draulic Company ; enabling tho Vale City Cemetery Association of Schenectady to acquire title to real estate by compulsory process; amending the charter of tbe village or skaaeatelea, amending the charter of the Masonic Hall Association of Buffalo; to provide for tbe appointment of a canal boat inspector at Whitehall; distributing certain bounty moneys in the town or little Valley, Cattaraugus county; incorporating the St Augustine Mutual Be neat and Benevolent Society In the town of Morrisanla. graCLAL OIDML The bill for the enlargement of tbe locks on tho Brie and Champlsin canals was made the special order for Tuesday. The innate then adjourned. AaaeMbly. Albakt, March *, 1MT. RETORTS. By Mr. Jcliakd?Changing tho town line between Boonvillo and Ava, Oneida county. My Mr. D. P. Wopo?To amend tbe State Tax bill. By Mr. Lrtluobb?To amend an act to supply the Utica State Lunatic Asylum with water. bills nrntODursD. By Mr. Wells?In relation to schools in Seneca Falls. By Mr. Wteth?To lay out tho bay side of the Boule vard, Richmond county. By Mr. Bri'su?To facilitate the acquisition of real estate by the Dutchess and Columbia Railroad Company. By Mr. Pordt?Relative to schools In Morrisania. Mr. Hoyt called up a resolution providing for a com mittee to investigate tbe management or tne Junction canal at Elmlra, with power to send for persons and pa pers. Adopted. Mr. Gibbs moved that the Judiciary Committee be re quested to inquire Into tbe propriety of making the pos session or manufacturing of counterfeit national cur rency a crime against the State, and to report their views to tho House. Bnxs FASSSD. Relative to the appointment of a phonographic re porter in tbe City Court of Brooklyn. To amend the charter of the Merchants' Exchange and Newsroom, New York. For the relief of the Buffalo and Detroit and Buffalo and Cleveland Transportation Companies. To change the name of the town of Port Crane to Fenton. BTU ADTANCID to third biaoiho. To Incorporate the Germania Sarins Bank. Brooklyn Company* '? toward Transportation St*e rago Tank Adjourned to ton o'clock to-morrow morning. THE HEW YORK CUSTOM HOUSE. Card from Colleotor Hnjlbe. TO TH* EDITOR OF THI HKRALD. N*w Yoek, March 4, 1MT. I am both surprised and pained at the statement to soma of the mornln/papers, which purports to be a re port of Mr. Hulburd'a committee, though la fact it la a spiteful attack from the parties who lost the general order business soon after I came Into office; and their sent "lions" " *lTell? wlttt M of Its mlsrepre J can only state that I testified before that committee under oath that I have never received or paid to any one any sum whatever arising from general order or unrtage buslneee, having abandoned and rejected all ? compensation as aoon as I had time to under stand and Investigate their nature. It is true I removed the ganeralorder business from Humphrey k Co., and for very good reaatma. L however, told Mr' Humphrey l.""?1! ronslder him In my future arrangements, la case I found 1 could do so, and It Is also true I have not JfoLae'^Uri SJ, l,he ?PJ>?l?tmenta In the Custom y ' 'f?"'"1"' committee; henoe ihelr lndlgnatlon and this statement, so void of truth or Jostles. H. A. SMYTHE, Collector. A. Card hs? Putlss Iwplieat.d to tks Cm. ffesstssal Kepart. To tw* Mmum or New York ? The undersigned, mentioned la the report of the Con- i grsaslonal Committee on Custom House frauds, as being I particularly implicated and ooaaeeted.wtth bribe* and extortions sought to be Imposed, beg In Justice to them T. ?u?P*a?ion or Judgment sntll they may be enabled to get a copy of the testimony upon which that report Is based, when ther will satisfactorily prove that the whole report Is a tissue of falsities and perversion of facts, so far as they are ooacerned, written or dictated n?ctea with the Custom HouA, or disappointed had men, andJf it shall appear that the testimony does not support the report, that a> reeling of hatred against ths Collector, or aaainat us, underlies it, and that no tosti mouy rrom merchant* was taken, we are coaUdent that the public will easily see the whole drift or the plan as well an realise that purtunum monies mtu imwi/wt MEYERS * SMITH. E. C. JOHNSON * Ca OKO. F. THOMPSON. The (General Order Bunlaess-Whal It Is aid Who Has H?d It. TO THE KD1TOK Of THI HERALD. As the general order businoas of th| Custom House, which has beea so much talked about recently, Is not property understood by many persons, I desire to give you a brief explanation of it and an account of the man ner in whloh R has been disponed ot for some years past. -5!*w. P*"** 'n 1948, when a vessel In discharg ing cargo the inspector on duty Is directed to send all package* for which he h as received no landing permit to on* of the bonded warehouaes. Thla Is known as send. Ing goods nnder "general order," and th* sture designated to receive them is oalled a "general order store.' As the numb*r or packages so sent Is large, and a* they remain " short time and are subject to a high rat* of storag*, th* prlvilar* of having a particular store designated aa a general order storej I* much aourht after. Pour yean of this privilege Is certain to yield a good ortnn^o ,ta pomwr.^o, .T^berc/year!! fP? (>ol,*ctor to baatow he ooretod priTllMB upon bis Mtrnt friends or noK powerful political aupportara. Mea>b*rs of Congrew have not unfreqoently be** interested to th* bua ne*a, *2- J. be#n ooMldered remunerate enough to afford a margin for th* Indirect benefit of other* hesldea th* reputed principal* Collector Redleld gave the general order buaiaa** to Mr. M. F. Od*ll, who bad b*ea Assistant Collector, and waa soteeqnentlr member of Congrfsa. Collector Pchell took it rrom him to beatow It upon John C. Mather aad two *f his n*pbewa, named Blxby. Collector Barney, wh*n he came into office Instat ed upon ? portion of tbe profits Mag amlgMd to his tow partner, Mr. Humphrev, a R*pve*entotlv* la "misiaas. aad the general order Arm bacana* Humphrey k Co the company comprlslag Math*r aad hla two n*ph*wm. Mr Humphrey took ao active part in the buala?M. but re ceived thirty-flv* per csat ?f th* troflts. the other districts efjhe city not gtren to this fortunate 1m were osteasthiv baatewed upoa ex-Polloa (ommlaatonav Bow? en, who tot them to other parti aa, receiving thirty-five sS^^B^a/^'V^ *h,? Col"?or n Bixbya wera only allowed given to a Mr. Bqairea, wttb ^ ^Wh!s?n* oU^U,r ^ Treaswry. emm\,Dto offl~fco found tbit make H^fUr^t* """f f4 ??ormlned to s^srsraras'^st^sns^s as KSSili'Jr of '?** "*<? Th* MM I. u. uTSTfta of m.hJt T 0p?? th* >**??>* owners and SSfS2Tif?1L^2Li>r" ?SffSe ?SR Kffir-a >sn. " i1 thslr stay to ths city, safaris *< P"vat* bog at Nlblo a l!L J y <>?rtr,t the Msslon of the rom Th. ?Kn^ ii,T^ kB0WB M "Blrty Committer" box. ant Jf th. 1?* *P h7 the Blxbysto get Smyth* g? Monyik with ths hope of .htalnlng 2 JUJ* Jr Richard Schell la hta place. KhMl democrats sf ths copperhead Ihi'i, .m "TA P?lKro,kl workers, a* will be ween wT^ fcommute* *f Congress 5 "7 and g*t th* % eaeral order bus<ne*a *f the t'u?tnn? Heusa lata their fciada n" ^ 'A nSTAOJOMCCTEO. The Me. *? T ? Mareh 1 1MT. ?r ? ? ST Ark W"* erroneously publiah th* nam* ??,?? 5" W'/"*oop aa that of th* defttaltlng cashier to ssas sSStbSBSSI J*^/hd ao conascUoa with Um totak tor a long Mm! QRCMMATI ftAS VMS. Hie CHyCouaeit, to VMMd th** bbooklyh lntblligebce. Tas FLtramo Arum Ramoad Amnnri The ? ?juesl on lb* body of Patrick Rooney, who ?u kille* by getting jammed bet*MB two of the Flunaing mnui ears on the morning of the 27ih alt., was conclude* before Coroner Smith yesterday afternoon. Tbe evi dence showed that lb* deceased *M at work deaaiag out tbe manhole of a sewer at tbe tin*, and tbat Uta driver did not observe him from tbe fact tbat be waa looking back at tba conductor.who bad jumped ofl the oar U> pick up aome lamps. The Jury In returning their verdict cenaured tbe driver for not keeping a baiter lookout, and also tba Brooklyn Central Railroad Ooae pany. Mcrmro or m Ladom or tu? South*a* Bar jar Am ?ooatio*.?Tbe fourth meeting of tba Lad lea* Auxiliary Southern Belief Association of Brooklyn waa bald a* eleven o'clock yesterday morning at 128 Ramaea stresC Btibecrlptions to tbe amount of |741 were handed i?. which makaa a total or $1,703, aad. in addition ta tbbk about flva hundred dollar* worth af gooda, consisting a* clothing, lie., have been received. Fatal Bc**wc Aocrourr.? Cella Kenny, a servant gtri in tha employ of Mr. A. W. Wogiom, at tba corner at Johnson and Fulton streets, was severely If not fatally burned yesterday morning. Not comprehending Iks dauger of a care lean use of kerosene oil, aba poaredaeoa* upon tbe wood to kindle the Ore. Tbe flames eat Ore to her clothing, and nearly all her skirt* were burned otf before tbe fire could be extinguished. Mrs. Wogiom, Hi her efforts to save the unfortunate girl, had her bands aa4 arms several/ burned. Tba girl was taken to the dtjr Hospital, and died from tba eflfccU of her injuria* laal night Gsaxd I.artist.?f woman named Phebe Shadd waa yesterday convicted of grand larceny before Jastloa Dailey and committed to tba oounty jail to await ike action of tbe Grand Jury. The prisoner, it appears, waa m tba employ of the family of Joseph Bertror, Hunter** Point, and on the 27ih ultimo, while Mrs. Bertrof waa confined to her room by sickneas, packed up a large quantity or wearing apparel and boddlag aad decamped, On Hatusday last she waa arrested by an officer of tha Korty-urtb precinct, who found some ol the plunder 1a her possession. I'bebo Is a native or kngland, thirty seven yean of age, and a seamstress by occupatioa. Ths Rk?t Qcestio* ui ths EUmaii Dihtrkt.?Wltfc few exceptions contracts for rents for tba ooming year remain tha ume as at presont. Tbe exceptions seem ta be among tba wealthiest of tbe population, who hava Increased their tenants' rent* to a ilgure they are aa*' willing to comply with. Chcbcii Robrkxt.?Tbe Dutch Reformed church oor ner of Bushwlck avenue aad Conselyea street, K. D., waa entered some time last week aad robbed of the pulpit carpeting and two collection platen. The entraaee waa effected through tbe cellar door to tbe basoment and thea through tbe register to tbe body of tbs cburcfe. Mortalitt.?The total number of death* during tbe past week In Brooklyn, according to the mor tality reports, was 183. Of tbe deceased ST were mea. 39 women, 45 boys and 51 girls. The principal causae m death were, consumption. 31; disease of tbe brain, 11 g convulsions, 17; scarlet fever, 10; typhoid fever, 6; can. cer, 7; bronchitis, 13; marasmus, 0; pneumonia, B| drowned, 1; old age, 3. The nativities were aa follows? United Mates, 115; Ireland, 29; England, 0; Germany, 8; British America, 2; and Scotlaud, 2. WESTCHESTER INTELLIGENCE. I.iuhtmo Washixgtos Avknux with Gasl?Tbe work of providing Washington avenue, Morrlaanla, with gaa waa completed yesterday evening, and the lamps lit for tbe IIret lime. Although, according to tbe agrea> meat entered Into by tbe contractors, tbe completion of this great Improvement was behindhand a few days, considerable satisfaction is relt by the inhabitants at Ua successful termination. GHA.ND Mugt'KBADC Of TBI MOBMUBU UWIIIB ? The second masquerade of the Morrlsanta Liederkraaa was held last night at Washington Hall, Fourth street. The affair, as regards success, was In no way behind lis predecessor. Pravlous to the grand entrrt an amustaf " dee M spectacular representation of a meeting of the a Teutonic "balls" was given, daring the oourae of which numerous selections from the German esarstrss were rendered in a highly creditable manner by the UUMnu FIRE AT UNCHAiTM. Bwouimtoh, N. T., March 4, 1W. ? Are broke out In this village early this morning, and before It oould be subdued destroyed four large grocery stores with their contents, the extensive barn and livery ?table connected with the Exchange Hotel, is which were seventeen valuable bones, thirty hogs and a large stock of wagons, cutters, harness, am. Total loss $80,000; Insured for $48,300. The fire Is supposed to bo the work of an incendiary. FIRE IN NASHVILLE. Nashvtub, March 4.1MT. A Are to-day destroyed Sloan's livery stable sad building occupied by Captain Hlbbard lor government stores and for a depot lor private horses and earrtagssi Loss $30,000. The Are Is supposed to have bees tha work of an laooodlary. MAILS FOR EUROPE. The Canard nail steamship Java, Captain Mood Is, wtt leave this port oa Wednesday for Liverpool The malls for Europe will close at half-past elsvsm. o'clock on Wednesday morning. ThsNswYoaa Hiuis? Edition for Europs will ha ready at half-past tea o'clock la the morula* Single copies, in wrappers, ready for mslllag; aim csata Nlahtlnaales Msg An al?hi aloos amosg the roses, ensmored of their fragranoe; but sweeter the Persia*. tier voles*. B NIOHf than thai re chant the prelim of PHALON' BLoOMINO OKKKUd. lbs favorite perfume of all tho "birds of beauty" that, plumed for conquest, flutter l? Broadway. J A * * A ct so NUlle^OTHB*, Tweety-elgtafc street, Second avenue sod Twenty-ninth street. Hirer* of every description ot IKON WOBK K(ift BUI, luroraof every description ot I HON WORK rtlK BUIUBk I NO PURPOSES. Iron Building Front*, Gtrd?n. Columa% Brain*. Shutters, Vault Lights, Ballings, Stable PWture^ patent Opera House Chair*, Ac. Particular attention pala to the manufacture of tin* Canting* Eatiinates furnished when requaaftd. A rsrd.-The Crnvrr 4b IIalter Hrwlsg Ttah olune Company beg to Inform their patsoaa and the pahaa that while their establishment i'M Broadway, Is being rs? paired and refitted, their business will be oonUaued aa usual at the adjoining premise*, Na 4ST7. A.?I.adlre and (?entlemen, _ I please rail and examine our ready made Clntaiog for OeatatX Buy* and Youth*, and learn the recent pnoe*. BKOKAW BROTH f.KH, ti Lafayette piaea. All Prise* ('asked la Legal Letterles. ?Oil as . Ian and drawings sent. J. CLUTE, Broker, 174 Broadwagt Bl world ous. atrhrlnr'a Hair Dye?Tho Best la t) ? Id; the only perfect Dya; harmless reliable, lnwanlas ?. Factory U Barclay atreet. Bartlett'aKeverxiblei Hewlag Ulacklaes. Something New, A PIRRT CLAMt FAMILY 8KWTNO MAOniWM. for use by HAND or POOT, with Patent KKTKIWl MM MOTION at UB. Mow acknowledged to be THE OHEAPE.vTOOOD HK WINO MACHINE? Principal ofUce No. MB Broadway, corner Prftass si* K. T. A SPLENDID OPBNItlO POM AO R NTH. B. B- T.-flarfden C'kasm lAl productive of Throat Disease*. congh*, Colds,Aa rhsve ? no more effectual relief In thesa dueasa* to bofj* >ad thai in tba timely use of "BBOWN*S BRONCHIAL XRi# OHeST-* They possess real merit, and have proved their eOf uiy by a lest of maay years, baring received teslimonialtJfrom esaL nsol men who have need the si. saws* -as.**- xrjisgfxsnra Diabetes street. As tor House. Dr. Marshall. 173 Brsadww*.J*?vsf Falto caring Catarrh, Asthma, Bronchitis aodoedy OonsumpSagt l4lssee ?slsBM4#rHhs,-Aha MMsst# and Paries Bares, at 4J Murray atraeV,corner of Osisip place. F'*rskIr machines. M> Bgoadway. Msw Tor*. ??SKT & jassttgtst**?*? *?*?* a Of Prrrla's Baser Pslleleas with flswa me. meau. M. " < DUNCAN A SONS, ^Mfls for the Ballad Bt?g Rsagesr-RasgM far Ratals aad PasrtllUa' Hotel < o<> A(>p<tr?tn* a apectalty; large asdsfHpsaB, en hand; n?w *trlea, new ImproramantA, BRAMHall, DEAXE Fuo, Manufacturer* tO WsMvetrssi PB",^si*!s.A*,^S"i,?sra?rss a Lou bisons aad all kinds af ttotd and Mlvee. ? _ - a TATLOE A CO., Bankers, 14 Wall strssly * * sawing machine), Prasid'/nt. SW Broadway. ?ew i"^