Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1867, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1867 Page 9
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Mo.hdat, Mrfch 4?(J P. M. The speculative feeling on the Stock Exchauxe his been very ixartsh to day, and railway shares have been unsettled. Tho passage in Congress of the hill providing for the tone of fifty millions of loan certificates stimu lated operations for a fall, a.-* a hundred millions of certi ficates or greenbacks had been looked forward to, and the previous dulness also encouraged the bears to per severe in hammering the market The supply of money is more than ecual to tbe demand on satisfactory mar gin* and collaterals at 6 per cent, with a few excep. lional transaction* at 7. The discount line is moderately active, and first class sixty days' commercial paper peases at 7 per cent, and in some instances at 6H, while ? good" is quoted at 7% a 8. The statement of tbe associated banks for the week ending on tbe 2d inst la less favorable than was gen erally expected, tbe Sub-Treasury, It was understood, having disbursed a considerable amount In payment tor seven-thirty notes. Tho loans show a decresse of $2,343,437, owing, it would seem, to advances upon or purchases of live-twenties of tbe new Issue of 1865. The specie bas decreased $1,934,075, in consequence of with drawals for tbe paymeut of customs duties. The de posits have decreased 1401.433, and the legal tender re serve $139,700, while tbe circulation has increased $388,292. But for the decrease in specie tbe deposits would have shown an increase of a million and a half, Instead of a decrease, the decrease in gold involving its equivalent in deposits. Tbe totals of the present and previous statements stand as follows:? F' ltruary 23. March 2. Loans $257,823,994 $20). 166,431 Specie l.i,613,460 11,67V,381 Circulation. 33,006,141 3;. 294,433 Deposits 198,420,347 19*018,914 Legal tenders A3 163,896 63.014 196 Clearings 443,674 086 466.634.639 Balances 18,214,499 23,157,442 k Is understood that the Treasury has decided to con vert seven-thirty notes of the August issue into* live twenties directly, and not otherwise in future, thus saving the commissions hitherto paid to brok<rs. At the ten o'clock session of the open board railway shares were barely steady. Now York Central sold at 102%; Kne, 56%; Reading, 102% a %; Michigan South ern, 72%; Cleveland and lltttbur*:, 81 a 81%; Rock Island, 96?, ; Northwestern preferred, 64% ; Fort Wayne, M% a %; Pacific Ball, 127%. At the first regular board tbe market was dull and rather heavy, with the excep tions ef New York Central, Ohio and Mississippi certifi cates nnd Illinois Central. The steamship shares were lower, Pacific Ball selling at 126 V, and Atlantic Mail at 82. New York Central closed % higher than at the same time on Saturday; Illinois Central %, Northwestern %, Obio and Mississippi certificates %, Erie was % lower, Reading %, Michigan Southern %, Cle* eland and Pittaburg %, Rock Island %, Northwestern pre ferred %, Fort Wayne %, Milwaukee and Su 1'aul preferred %, Pacific Mail 1, Atlantic Mail 2, Canton 1, Maiiposa preferred %. Government securities were <lulL Coupon flve-twont:os of 1862 showed a decline of % and the new issue or 1865 an advance of %. Mis sour* sixes were 3 lower; Tenuessee sixes %. At the one o'clock open board the market developed increasing weakness, and New York Central sold at 103',; Erie, 64% a 66; Reading, 102%; Michigan Southern, 72; Cleveland * Pittsburg, 60% a 81; Cleveland and Toledo, 116; Rock Island, 94%; Northwestern, So1,; ,r 3); do. preferred, 64%; Fort Wayne, 93% a 94; Pacific Mail, 136%. At tbe second regular board prices experienced a further oectine. Erie clotted % lower than at the first Mgular board, Michigan Southern %, Reading %, Cleveland and Pittsburg 1, Rock Island %, New York Central %, Pacific Mall 1%, Mariposa prefer %? Fort Wayne and Ohio and Mississippi certificates ?war* unaltered. Government securities were dull, but steady. At the half-post three open board tbe market showed a slight tendency towards improvement. Xew York Central sold at 102% (s. 60); Erie, 54% ; Reading. 101% n 102; Michigan Southern, 72%; Illinois Central, 116%; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 80%; Rock Island, 94 % ? %; Northwestern, 35%; do. preferred, 64 a 04% ; Fort Wayne, 98%; Pacific Muil, 126 a 126%; Atlantic Mail, 81%. Subsequently the market continued unsettled, ?nd prices, wltb one or two exceptions, were lower. At half-past flve tho following quotations were enrren' Now York Central, 103 a 103%; Erie, 64%; '' ng* 101% n%; Michigan Soutborn, 71% a 72: ?,'U<>ii Cen" tral, 115 a 116% ; Cleveland nod Pitt*?<??, 80% a '?; Book Island, 93% a %; Fort Wayo* 93 * *: A"rth" western, 94% a 36; da prefer~<>< m X'1'??100 Mall, 134 a %. Tho gold market was heavy, and after opo"*?g ?' 13? declined gradually to 138%, Pillowing w^ch Brscovered 138%, and tbe closing transactions ?<fre al 1M%- Co'? for Immediate delivery was in -ound*nt "PPT. ttod losns wore mado at 3 a 6 pe-"fnt ,or <"><? with out interest. The reaso- ,he P??">m hM uo< rsncsd under tbe ?-**Meiitial veto ot tbe Reconstruc tion bill to >??-n,e ,he ,nUer was more than fully dl* counted ?ook, and lh? buyers then are hellers now, buyers for a future rise are holding back for lower firices. Foreign exchange was in very limited demand and rates for sterling showed a fractional decline Bankers' bills oa England, at sixty days, were quoted at 103a %; at three days, 109 a 109; commercial bill*, 107 a 107%; francs, at sixty days, 5.17% a 6.20; at throe days, 6.13% a 6.17; bills on Berlin, 71% a 72; on Bremen, '8% a %; on Frankfort, 41 a 41%; on Amsterdam, 40% a 40%; on Hamburg, 36 a 36%; on Antwerp, 6.22% a 6.17%. The bullion in the Rank of France has Increased to half a million of ponn U sterling, and the amount Is still on the increase, owing to the light demand for ac commodation. There can be no better commentary tban this, coupled with that afforded by the Bank of England, en tbe dulness of trade and speculation In Euro|w>. Consols and American securities were quoted as under in London on the dates mentioned:? Jttmrry 27. jV?n* 1 PI Consols.... ........ United State* 6-20? Erie Illinois Central aetj 7".'f Mining chares were dull and ?en?ral)y heavy. At the first board Qaarti Hill sold at |4 25 (s. 81; Consolidated Gregory Gold, $12 60 a |12 06; r-mlth & 1'armlee. $8 26; Columbian Gold and Silver, $2 16. At the second board Quarts Hill closed 15c. higher than at the first board, ?' lling at $4 40; Colombian Gold and Silver 6a, selling at $2 20. Smith k Parmlee was 10c. lower, selling at ?? U. rbe text of the Compound Interest Note bill, as panned by both bouses, Is as follows:? Be it enacted, fee., Thut for the purpose of redeeming and retiring any compound Interest notes outstanding, tbe Secretary of the Trea?ury is hereby authorised and directed to issue temporary loan certificates in the man ner prescribe'I by section four of the act entitled "An art to authorise tbe issue ot United Slates notes and for the redemption or funding thereof and for funding the floating debt of tbe United State*," approved Feb ruary 26, 1862. bearing intereit at a rale not exceed ing three per centum por annum, principal and Interest payable in lawful moucy on demand; and raid certificate of temporary loan may constitute and be held by any national bank, holding or o\? ning the same as n part of the reserve provid ed for In sections thirty one and thirty, two of the net entitled "An act to provide a national car rency secured by a pledge of United States bonds, and to provide for the circulation and redemption thereof,'* approved June 3, 1884. Provided that not less than two flfihs of tbe entire reserve of such bank shall consist of lawful money of tbe Unltod States, and provided further, that U>e amount of such temporary certiorates at any time outstanding shall not exceed 160,000,000. The Secretary of the Treasury la authorized by a law. which this bill renews, to issue fifty millions of legal tender notes for the purpose of redeeming these tempo rary loan cert ideates, but on no other terms. The re duction of tbe amount from one hundred and fifty mil lions was, It appears, owing to the maturity of the mem ber* of the conference committee being radical contrao Monists, and tho House, in view of the lateness of tbe session, adopted its report. The measure gives satisfac tion to none, snd is looked upon as too Imperfcct to dis pense with further legislation on tbe subject. A Boston Journal of Saturday evening remarked as fol lows of the effect of oertaln tinancial irregularities in that city, to which we referred on a former occasion:? State street bos to-day been the scene of great excite ment on account of certain financial irregularities which involve a larpo amount ot money, and may be directly attributed to tbe spirit of speculation which has been so '?ornmon during the pawi few years. Late yenerd.iy afternoon it was announced that the broker and tank ing finu of Meilm, Ward k Co. had suspended; nnd as they bad operated largely in copper stocks the 'fleet on tho market was fe't to-day, especially in Copper Falls, which sold yestenuy at 74 and to-day declined to 29. Thirlog tbe day It wis am-ertalned that this failure hmi brought to light irregularities wbk.U imi>it cato a lar^t number of persons mid Involvo several of our IwnU in heavy louses. It Is slated on the street that Mr .ftillns F. Hartwell, cashier of tlie rtub-TrcaMiry, obtained on certain roU i.urilticatat a large amount of m?ney, which be d?iiosite<l in tho Merchant's Bank. He stilsiet(d?ntly wliMrew thts amount, which is stated lo r.acii over live hundred thousand dollars, bv deposit jhf a che. k rat tided by Clmrlrs H. Smith, caahiet of tbe | Suto Kant. To-day the cheek held by the Rank was presented lo the Htaf fused psyllium nn .. . Kill held Hr clirok and the question of respuitdhilltv will bo settled lieioaller. Mr. Mniih has resijii.-d hie poeltiou and his resignation liu been accepted He has beeu uu otlcer of Uto bnnk fur many yetr.-, and bis present course a-touislies these wfc> re garded bin a* ? cautious and reliable cashier. We are mfirmed that the cash accuuot at the Sub-Treasury le correct, and it 1m rumored that Ihe gold chocks Mhii'n were made the basis 01 the trairac tious ??IimcIk vk 11 lr ti Treasuiy. Mr. Car er, of the urin 01 xsnvu, nm. & Co, Uu director of the Newton Hank, which is dud to be a sullerer, out to what amount in not known. The report current this foreuoon that Mr. Carter had run away is denied. Tb - etlect on Stat* stieet of (bio aiurtling rrjo f baa been very marked. Many rutwra have be< u current regarding the losses of other tui^s. but they are or very inconsiderable amount*. We live not ascertained what became of the gold checks; b? as the each at the Sub-Treasury is right, it is to be 're turned they are held by inuocent |>anien who havtitd vanced moneir, accepting them as security. The United States Mint statement for February it as follows ? Gold deposit", from all sources $208,37 Silver deposits, including purchases 19 110 Total $2-4(78 GOLD UWAUt Dfnmnination. No. </ Piecei. rVve. Double eagles 14 390 $29,800 Fine bars 8 (729 Total 14,598 $3*52? Dollars 335 ?S25 ? 67.924 3,902 ?,081 Dunes .???, 32 ~ - ? m 18 Half dollars 67,924 Quarter dollars 20,825 Dimes 326 Half dimec.... 326 Three cent pieces 336 9 Fine bar*. * 89 Total 79,563 $3.il6 corns. Cenu 1,081,000 Two cent piaccs 238.700 Three cout p:<cee 410,000 Five cent pieces 2,273,000 $1,810 ,775 1.300 1V650 $474^81 Total 4.002.750 $J<,536 UKUnTUULllON. Gold coinage 14,598 Silver coinage 79,552 Copper cotnuge 4,002.750 Total 4,0yfl,900 The following is the business statement of the Unitd States Assistant Treasurer at Philadelphia for the moth of February, 18C7:? I Balances ou hand on February 1 $5,?.lS,t? Receipts dur ug tho month, vu:? General l'reasurv, Including cus toms $2,912,405 Post Office fund 33,101 Disbureer'S l'und 739,791 3,685,29? Total $8,903,93. Payments during the month, viz:? General Treasury $1,588,980 Post OlHce 45,320 Interest 323,212 Disbureer's 821.008 $2,778,022 Balance at close of business February 28.. .$6,125,409 TEMIMRAKY LOAN DKI'ARTMEXT. Balance due to depositors February 1 $765 100 Received from depositors during the month 765,100 Repayment to depositor* during the month 128,000 Balances due to depositors February 28 637,100 Fractional currency redeemed 16S.310 The dry goods import movement at this port for Feb ruary was as fol.ows:? KNTEItKD FOR CONSUMPTION. 1865. 1866. 1867. Total ent. for con..$2,47s,793 $11,979,918 $6,125,16' WITHDRAWN KKOJK WAKKIIOTBK, Wlthd'nfr. w'li'se. $1,682,311 $3,288,900 $7<5?'f'? Add ent. for con... 2,478,793 11.979,919 Total on market..$4,161,104 $15,218;-? $la>104,441 KNTKRKD FlHl WARKIIli'J'i aai\ ??! IU>1 JAB Total ent. at w'h'so. $1,224,897 6 125 167 Add ent. for con... 2,478,793 nOT9'91. 'A?7 Total ent at i?ort. $3J^8U0 $1 w^sS,61i> The movement lor wanuwy a . ent-?*d for cow 1866 ? 1867. ? . , <n Tag 46^ *?717'948 ?".??1,087 Ent. for oo??a?^-W,799,46? w>JJicH<>i:a*. withdrawnF' $7,014,512 $10,070,247 WithdH fr. wh ?e..$d,07*.? 22.717,948 11,961,037 Add ent. for con... ?3.7^ly I , . 17576,307 $29,732,460 $22,031,881 Total on market, war?ik>i-hisu. ... K. $2,274, WW $9,752,721 $9,753,860 Ent. for w.?\?on.,. 3,799,462 22,717,948 11,061,087 AUd ent ' . ^cal ent. at port. $6,074,326 $32,470,609 $21,715,487 The now usury law passed by the Massachusetts Legis lature reads thus:? Section 1. When there la no agreement for a different rate of interest of mouey, the same shall continue to be at the rate of $0 upon $100 for a year, and at the same rate lor a greater or less sum, and for a longer or shorter time. Sac. 2. It shall be lawful to contract to pay or reeerve diacount at any rate, and to contract for payment and receipt or any rate of interest; provided, however, that no greater Interest than aix per centum per annum shall be recovered In any a" Li on exoept when tha agreement to pay suob greater rate of interest Is In writing. Sac. 3. Sections three, four and live of chupter fifty - three of the General Statutes, and all acta and parts of acts Inconsistent Herewith, are hereby repealed. Smr. 4. This act shall not ailect any existing contract" or action pending, or exiatlng right of action, ant ahall take eilect on the first day of July next. The earning* of the following rallwars in January this year show a decrease on the whole of about $34,000 as compared with the receipts during the corresponding month last year:? 1800. 1807. Atlantic and Great Western $504,993 $361,137 Chicago and Alton 210.171 .>40,238 Chicago aod Great Eastern 90.415 90,784 Cnlcago and Nertnwestern 523,566 690,s:$2 Chicago. Rock Islandand Pacific... 241,396 2t>7,620 Cleveland and Pittsburg 168,799 131*179 Erie 1,185,749 906,759 Illinois Central 6S2.828 660 4.18 McGregor Western 2.'',097 20.H00 Marietta and < inclnnati 90,125 04,136 Michigan (Vntral 282.438 804'093 Michigan bouthern 314,598 302,714 Milwaukee and Prairie du Cbiou... 121,776 143,'ixJO Milwaukee and St. Paul lisl,707 14a s00 Ohio and Mississippi 267,541 2.'>^000 Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago 559,983 600,115 st I^oiii*. Alton and Terre Haute.. 178.119 149,65s Toledo, Wabash and Western 226.059 237 674 Western Union 45,102 :>0,079 Total (10 roads) .$6,748,456 $5,714, 204 Tbe receipt* and expenditure* of the following New Jersey railways daring tbe year 1860 were as sub joined:? AmAA Camden and Ambor $4,.'ll2,siij ?J New Jersey Central 3,681,244 New Jersey 1,770,862 Morris and E*.-ex 1,020,077 Warren 461,287 Catuden and Atlantic $08,876 W est Jersey 2H t, 120 Belvidere Delaware 630,180 Ririun and Delaware Bay... 366.801 Northern New Jersey 222,700 rbe following are tbe traffic returns of tbe Illinois Central Railroad Company :? 1866. 1867. January $588,370 $600,438 February 502.143 56 i, 843 JErpcn/fi'i rt*. $.1,*01,732 l,06i,(i76 881,847 715.208 298,351 174,105 178,581 600.730 836,061 188,81? Total. $1,100,622 $1,214,381 The cash receipt* of the Land Office amounted to:? January $118,502 $108,141 February 116,548 142,200 Total .""$228,111 $$11,241 The value of tbe land soles was as follow*:? January $71,086 $125,210 February 102,704 112,182 Total r"$na,7?? $235,402 SALES AT THE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE. 3 W'. Monday. .March 4-lOiUO A $.1000 V fl ???, 5 20, e.'SJ 111 luno do 1I0! M>? tJ8 6'1,5 i?,c'W.n I nw; ?iouu do r KWI do Id nail 10*. 7lA*l C85'*,10 ?l.r.e*in ?1! tMO do., iimall ?J?i itouo Tr n,7 s 10, S s*r.. lo ioui Tenn #'?, *? enu.. ?#>? WUTmnffn, new.... 6J1, #00 1000 Mlmtoorl C s ?8 KMViO do 87 auuou do m\ 48000 do 21 call 88 10W Mo?'p. I'aoHK laa 8"X l.'onnectluoi O'a,.. 100 10 M M6'a tUrtl Jo* Im 79 1SUO NY 7'?.b loan, reg luO MOO Brooklyn 6-?, w I. i?J 10080 Ohio A Miita err.. W', M'Mju do r< WOO do blO 27 M. ri Co.. u>iu ....... i(u? ....h,30 I0JS 1MK 2d call lUiiJ 100 aha Uait?d4late?Ki 65 :>>? > Pacific Mali sH Co.. 1*1 \ 600 N Y Cent K K "?a 400 do. 808 do 100 do. ?00 do aSO Mfi2 AiO .10 108,J, SUUMieb So A N luHR. 72', do ??> rju f/0 do 2d call 7J\ floo Erie Railway 66>, 12U0 do 65 a NV*.1 liar KK... U7M 60 do 118 2U0 Read'ng RK iOUV ?JPi do 2?1 nail llU>a loo 111 Cant KK no 180('lev A fltts KR.... ho ChiANWRR 35\, im do h?u am do u oi*n Vi?? oaii snf. (Won l???>niral ???. '88 W/ 1MI do l>i? X% lOUi Krln 1*1 tnorutngq Ml 4<? Chic A > W pr*l.... 64\ KM) Ilarletn Utinort... MM B?H? do ?4JI 3ihio TolodoAWabld rat. ho |;? do ?*', fl(M? ritta.KiWA<'hlaun lu." 300 do MX Mil A Ht I'nnl l?t m Hi1* 400 do H1?" 1000 ChtaA' U Eaot lrtmt Ah SUOCIeveAToi KR llNi ?<WCUIc.JiMriVu'cy8'? lli'X id Chic A Kk I* RR.... H6>S MM CAR 1 Af'nc RK7'* ? "* 6 aha 4th >aUoual Bk Inf. to <10 llM 6 Metropolitan Hank. 1?4X 200 Canton Company... 46x W I'enn Coal Co 150 :ino Wcscru I'nlon Tel. 4J': :dH) do AM do ?IU Mnrlpo?a |Tcf...... 22 ldO Atlantic Mull Hit Co 83 ion A<Um* Rtprwl,,!, 65 100 Welia, Kargo fc,j.... W> SHI ?o I'lO !'5 1W' do !H?f 1.110 do # 2tiu Chic, Bur A Qcy RK l.w ?l nits, PtWAChlc RR lmo do U> ?jto do t'jo irt hSO 42'i 1(10 Chic A Alton Kit.. IUA^ .... 42 urn do l'? Ml CliicAAlton KR pref 10?i^ 10 do lo; 100 Mil A Hi Paul RK... 34 ^uict, but 3 rO.MMKIltl^M^unat prerioua quota BasAorrcrn. ?Receipts, 2,738 bbl* flour, 100 do. aud l,iM f hags corn meAl, 1 900 bushels corn and 1,136 do. oat*. The market for Bute and Western flour w?? *<mr?lut irrtxu ? Ur at a decline of 10c. ? 19e. p?r bt>l., though at tbe reduc tion there was mora business done than on Saturday. l'he ?slea cover ue*rly 7.0OJ bob. at our revised fViutlOM Southern ttiur waa in moderate demand, but at lo*?*r prteea. IbtiikawniiriHttl bbu. live Hour wat- steady. with a fa rly active demand. The Miles reached 800 bbis. at $7 ? H according to quality. Coin meal waa ueglected and nominal. We^Unti: ? gmnroaeauil Western .$?> BO a 9 70 Kytra State 9 MO a 10 70 l.'mice Mate I" H5 a 11 28 Common to iridium extra Western 9 75 a 10 75 Kurt round hoop Ohio 10 .'<& a II ?) We-tern trade brand* 11 SS > I? 80 Common Southern Ill a II HO Kuucv extra do .11 90 a 16 25 live flour (superfine) 7 00 a 8 "? t'nrn ineal, .leraev 5 01 a 6 15 Corn meal. Br,iinl.ywme 5 43 a 0 60 ?Knr wheat the Inquiry was very moderate, and prices ruled nominally n slia J>- in favor of the buyer, though In the ab sence of any general business there vi> no divided change. Hie sales were eonlined to 90.0UU bushels, at $2 a $2 15 for Chicago .spring;, und $2 30 for So. 2 Milwaukee. Corn waa In good demand, und holders succeeded lu establishing an ad* vanoe of 1 . per bushel on mixed Western, which closed with contlnned flrmneM at $1 UH a $1 10, In store and afloat. The transactions embrace 70.000 bushels, at (1 07 a $1 OH for mixed Western. In store. $109a$l 10 for mi led Western, afloat; $1 10 for white houihern, $1 09 for uew yellow do. und vellow YYeileru, lu store, cats, under a fair demand were very steady, and full prices were readily obtained. The sales were SO.OuO bushels including Western at 38c. a flic., and Slate at 66c. a 70o. The demand for rye was less active, and prices closed in buyer's favor, with sales of 6 000 huahrls Western at *1 U a (1II. Kai ley was neglected and nominal. Of malt we beard of sales amounting to 3.000 buahela, Canada peas, duty paid, at $1 >W. Cottok.?The market continued quiet, and somewhat Ir regular. though prices generally were without material alteration, bales 1,260 bale*. We quote:? Upiiuul. floriila. Mobil*. K.O.trT. Ordinary 27 27 28 & Low middling 29 29 W 30 HO Middling 81 SHi 32 31% Oood middling 32}? S3 38 34 corns.?Kto ruled quiet but Arm at previous rates. We heard of no Important tranaactiona. Fhbights were quiet but steady, l'he engagements were:? To Liverpool, 900 bbls cotton at J,'d a kd., und per steamer 650 do. cotton at \d. a \i. To London, 80 tons weight goods nt 20s., and per skinner 300 tierces beer 8s , and 100 hbds. tobacco at 40s. To Antwerp, 8,500 bushels rve al 65<d. In bags. To Bremen, ftom Philadelphia, 2 000 tibia, petroleum on ptlvate terms. Th? charters were-?A British bark 20.000 bushels ooru to Cork, lor orders, 6s. If to the United King, dom, and h*. 6d. if to adirect port. A Usnlsh bark, now in Bosuin, from Philadelphia to Cork, for orders, petroleum 6s. 3d.. If to the l uited Kingdom. 8s 9d. II to the oontlnent. A ehiu to Rotterdam, from Philadelphia, 3.600 bbls. petroleum at bs. A brig to liamhirg, 8d0 bbls. do. at 6s. A Bremen ship was rumored taken tram Philadelphia to a continental port direct, 7.000 bbls. petroleum on pnvate terms. (it^xiKS ruled dull atprevious prices. Ilnap.?Manila ruled faner, ho.ders demanding 12c. cold. The siles (Including thos\ reported in our last) foot up fully 11 400bales, chiefly to amy, Ht ll^c. gold, and lUac. a llJic. on the spot?the outside Wee lor a small lot. Horn were in moderate aWnand for consumption, at for mer prices. We note sales if loo bales American, In lots, at from 40c. to 70c.. according t? quality. MOLASSKS.?Beyond jobhlitt .ales io the trade we heard of no business, though the marcut remained tlrm at previous prices. Oil?.?Linseed continued quiet b*? rirm at $1 35 a St 37. Fish oils were dul hut steady at former trices. Other kinds were uncbuugrdln value, with, however, iiv.hlugof moment doing. _ I I'kovisioxs.--Receipts, 06 bbls. beef, ffl fockage* cut ! meuts. 1,124 d?. lard, and 813 dressed hons, Tie demand for pork was air, und Kellers demanded an aitvasee. niul ihe market ruled nrm at a slight improvement. The Viles were S 500 bbls., cash anil regular, al $> 25 a>21 5) for new mess. Western closing at $21 43; a $%62 for ok me,s. $;8 76 a $17 ^5 for prime, and $19 50 a 9$% for rime mess, h or future delivery sales were msnleof 3D0 bbls. new moss; mostly for the l itter part ol tbiscaontSand all of April, buyer's and seller's opium, at frori$21 / a $.'162. Bejf was lu fair demand and steady. The kiln-comprise 700 bbls. at $12 a $18 for new plain mes^His ill u $20 for new extra mess. Tierce beef w is qOtelM lirm. We note sal is of 280 tierces at $29 a $38 tor Jp'nie mess, and $XI a &'li lor India mess. Beef hams were moderalely active. Sales were muri of 200 Libls. at from $f<3 a $30 60. Bacon was it- tho sales were 450 boxes, at lO^c. lor Cum'ierhinil culISi'. a 11V- for short rib and 12c. for short clear. Cut me# were quite active, with sales of gjo packages, at 9c. a llrfr shoulders and llk'c. a 13^c. for hams. Dressed hqfwere without essential change; we quote Western at 9Uu 10c. and city lOljc. a lie. Lard was dull and heavy; i#kleai comprise 9tX) p.iclta^cs. at 12c. a 12J^c. for old and I*. a l.{',e. for new. But;er and checse were steady, but Ifjvot previous quotations. K'Wm'*.?Crude ruled quiet, and we heard of no im Pry"Vtransactions. 17c. was generally asked lor 40 a 47 f ''^/ARotided ruled extremely quiet at 'Mi6c. a 211c. for n,jfr'''i.cL wltl1 ?n>all sales. lit Philadelphia sales thtemoSVervc wh'M 'or ll,e lult half oi ?t?CforfUao?8il at 10,'4c. a 10*^c. for Carolina, and 9c. a _Ti.e* wna wwS to a fair extent aitufrneral activity, though the aa'es Porto Klco at 10fi?. a UJife.. jjjli prices. Saies 1,130 hhds. at the inside price. Re lined w?a jjUng 1,000 do. refining do. yellow, 14i^c. a 14??c. for soft wnH%*t UV a 14c. for soft hard. , .? a 15Xc-for Sekds.?Clover waa steady at 1 ic. a 14c., V Chant-ed at $350a $376. .Calcutta ./^WteLWas un Steakikk remained unchanged, bales 42,000 Iwfc St*'^dy. * Tallow was insctlre, but qnlte steady at previous P * with sales of 100,000 lbs. at from like, a 12>^o. W hisset.?Receipts, 538 bbls. The markst continued quiet and steady. No sales of moment transpired. ViOLATIN6 THE EXCISE LAW. Arthur Wood*, 217 Elizabeth street; Bernard Yuhlee, 20 Frankfort street; John Bannon, 29 Leonard street; John Henderson, 171 Mulberry street, and Thomas Brady, 34 Howard street, were yesterday brought before Justice Dowliog and required to give bail in the sum of $300 each to answer before the Court of Special Sessions on a charge of violating the Excise law. At the Essex Market i'olice Court yesterday the fol lowing parties ware arraigned, charged with violations or tne Excise law, and committed by Justice Shandley to anawAr;?Frank Ratben, 27 ftidge street; Henry Pope, 06 Forsyth street; Charles Haas, 44 Jackson street; John Male, 127 avenue D; Jacob Zlnimer, 000 Second avenue. I At the Fourth District Police Court Justice Kelly com mitted Carroll B. Stewart, cornor of Third avenue and 100th stroet, and George Hmith and Henry Ellas, of Fifty-ninth street, near Third avenue, were balled for examination. At Je(ler?on Market Police Conn yesterday, before Justice Dodge, George Ge?el?chei, of 2a Sullivan street; Nicholas S. Butonschen. of 302 avenue A; Henry A. Crane, of 347 Spring street; Julius Larow. of 100 <;roene street, and Houora Smith, of 2",8 avenue B, were ar raigned, charged with keeping their stores open on Sun-, d ty; and Christian H. Denmau, of 500 Greenwich stiect; Martin Bowes, of 10? West Nineteenth street, and An drew Baird. ol 288 First avenue, were arraigned, charged with disposing of liquor without a liv*nse. The accused parties wore each held to answer in (300 i.hj. THK FXOM LAW l!? BROOKLYN?A (XWKfCllw There appears to have been an error in the statement that Ur. Uutbcw Lynch, of No. 16 Nassau street, Brook lyn, wat arrested and locked up in tho Forty-second street precinct station house on Friday night 'las', for keeping his saloon open after midnight, as Mr. lyneb who keeps a resp -ct ible restaurant, with boards**, state* taat he was not either arrested or couiucd in t*o static* house. Til' FHUttMWB Uqt'OR DEAIKRS Or THR F.ASV?R!? DISTBJTT. The ouly persons in the Eastern DintrW who appear to continue retailing beer aud whiskey, In violation of law. arc a few sn.all grocers ar.d tlie p/'pr etors oi littlo thiend and needie concerns, and t^ natrons of botli classes are principally women. Tb* pohce experience considerable dltlic illy in breakliM up this trulllc, but they occasionally manage to prr/'ire suiiicient evidence to convict. Yi S'erday a grocer "am d Ilenry Stalmeyer, of South Fourth and Ninth streets, was convicted before Justice Dailey ol' sellis.: boor on itie sly, aud sen tenced to pay a fine of $30 The thread and needle nud gin establishments ora tho cnu.* of more mischief than Is generally known. They are principally kept by women, their customers sre of the name sex, and all re port to arts of concealment thai never think of. The hard savings of many industrious working men are squandered by their wives at these places, while their children are often deprived of the necossarics of life. 1HI LAW 15 WKTCHRSTIH. At the last sitting of the Court or anions. White Plains, a resolution was adopt** uy the Grand Jury re commending that tb* Excise Commissioners cause a rigid enforfcmt throughout the county of tbe law pro httiitiug tbe sale of spirituous liquor* on the Sabbath day. THX emXMK OP TONKFRS IX FAVOR OF TBI KXn-U I .AW. A mass m* of the cltiiens of Yonkers will be hold to-morrow (Wednesday) evening, at Kadford's Hall, Yon kers, for the purpose of organising prompt msasurea towards the Introduction ol the Metropolitan Excise law In the town. William A. Butler and a number of other distinguished persons are expected to be present and ad dress the meeting In favor of the movement. MUSICAL AND THEATRICAL ITEMS. Mr. Joseph Jefferson mads his bow before tbe New Or leans public February 28 In Rip Vm Winkle. I'. is tori ii still winning golden honor* in the Crescent City. Maggie Mitchell concluded her engagement at the New Orleans Varieties February 15. Father Kemp's Old Folks commenced a sories of their peculiar entertainments at Toledo February 28. The Bngnoll-Phllllps-Ferrantl Italian opera troupe were to give the Barber of Seville at Lowell, Mas a, on Monday last. Mlaa Helen Western, tbe well known protean actress, concluded a highly successful engagement at the Chest nut, Philadelphia, on the 2d instant. Tbe Riching* English opera troupe bade farewell to tbe Quaker City on Saturday last. They next appear In Baltimore. A magniOoent service of plate, valued at $1,600, was presented to Miss Riching* by some of tbe leading cltixens of Philadelphia. Tbe Japanese troupe of Messrs. Risley k Maguiro succeed the opera at tbe Academy. ARMY BULLETIN. TH* DtTlHlOU Of TBS PAClnC. General Order No. ? from the Military Division of the ratine, under command of Mi^Jor General Haileck, pro vide for the discontinuance of the District of Boi?", In

the Dnpartmentof tbe Columbia. Fort Hoise camp. Lyons camp, \Vlnihrop camp, C. F. Smith and Camp Warner will i onsUtute tbe District of Owyhee. Camps Mcl?er molt and Wlnfleld Hcott, without being detached from tbe Deportment of California, will be subject to the orders of the commanding officer of the Owyhee district, a.s Uit as regards the R'lardlwr of the public roads and making expeditions against hostile Indian1*. Brevet Major fune ral Oeorgo Crook, Lieutenant Colonel Twenty-ihlril ?" fantrv, Is amrigned to the command. ,/?<" be held aa unconditional prisoners of war *ud be Jls po i. d of us ma) be hoieafter d:rui ted liy direct,,* ?i the i-,. .Idem t ie followingofflc n ?ur- U Mi. lv d???iio4 fir a b ?rd to r. ..err ,ii. ?bi*d ^ j riuibtoCM on the 5th of February. or a.' food thereafter w practi cable, for the examiuat <>u of Mich olUcern u may ho l>iought before it:?i.revet Major General Irwin Mc Dowell, Fr.-.-ident; Brevet Colonel W. H trench. Lieutenant Colonel Second artillery; Hrevet I.leuteuaiit ('oloucl Charles Me "oimick. Surgeon IJievet Lieutenant Colonel G. C. Keeny, >ur;:eon, and Brevet Brigadier General J. C. Tidbail, Captain Sc<->ud artillery, will cjn autute the board, which will adjourn on the completion of the oa*-?H before It until ai;ain called together by the Commanding Gei.eial of the Military Divuiou of the Pa< i Be. By order of Major General Hallecic Second Lieutenant R. a. Do Rus>y ut detached as Recorder of the Board. SHIPPING NEWS. ALMANAC rOR IK* TORE?THIS VAT. SUN aiRE* ti ? | MOON K1JKS morn 5 85 sttK sara i M I uiuh watku era 8 02 POST OF HEW YORKJIARCH 4, 1867. Cleared. Steamship Washington, Chichester, Norfolk, City Point and Richmond?Jaiif* Hand Shin City of Montreal. l)aggett, Liverpool?Thos Dunham. Ship Win FrothliiKbam, Bursley. llavrn? Boyd A Illilt'keu. Bark Homer (Br;, Rogers,| shaughae?K R Goodndge A Co. Hark Emily A Ada (Br), Swaaev, Naples via Philadelphia _H W Loud A Co. Bark R Murray, Jr, Mulligan, Port au Prluoo?R Murray, Jr. Brig Anna (Br), Dorr, Cork or Falmouth for orders?H J DeWolf A Co. Brig Valencia, Small. Ponoe?Miller A Iloughton. Brig Pedro, Bray, Cienfuogoa?Warren Ray. Schr J Hurley, Williams, Washington, MC?Thomas A Holmes. Schr A W Collins Tooker, Norfolk?Van Brunt A Slight. Schr Vapor, Meyer, Baltimore?Van Brunt A Klsght. Schr A U Ireland, Townsend, Baltimore?Van Brunt A Blaght. Schr Broadfleld, Crowell, Boston?Ferguson A Woed. Schr Baltimore. Bennett. New Haven?M Brings A Co. Schr Horace L, Francis, Stamford?M Briggs A Co. Arrives!. Steamship Morro Castle. Attains, Havana, Feb 37, I PM, with mdse and passengers, to Garrison A Allen. Experi enced very rough wt at her, and was detained 12 hours by a snow storm. So date, off Absecow, passed brig Favorite, bound N. Steanishiii Fah Kee, Stirling, St J ago Feb 28, and Neuvl tas 23th, with nutue and passengers. to Waydell A Co. Steamship Rapidau, Eaton, New Orleans. Feb 24, at 8 AM, with mdse and passeneers, to Llvlncston, Pon A Co. Steamship Bebeeea Clyde, Snyder, Wlliningtou, NC, 80 hours, with noise and passenger , to .Taines Hitnd. Steamship Albosnarle, Bourne, Richmond and Norfolk, with mdse mid passengers. to N 1. MoCreidy A Co. SteamshlpNeptune, Baker, Boston, with mdse and pas sengers, to wm P Clyde. Bark I'ar Awav (Br), Luoe. London. Deo 21. with mdse, to master. Jnn6. I r 4,i M. Ion 22 III. experienced a terrific gnle from SW, roun I'to ;;W, tn which slave hulw.irk?, cabin windows an.I aide lights, and carried awav part of covering boards and everything moveable being sarin about deck. Hark Harriet, llaeuoop, Buenos Ay re*. Ml days, with hides and wool, to master. Hail light winds and calms most of the oas?age. Feb X) lat IV ?? N, lAn 66 14 W, spoke ba.k Bellona (Bri, from Denmrara for Cor*. Bark Evening Star i Br , Miller, Cuantanamo, 13 days, with sugar. Ac, to Waydell ?? Co. Bark Tl l> Stover, l'ieroo, Trinidad, 18 days, with sugar and anUnw, to James h. Ward A Co. Bark Abble N Franklin (of Boston), Holbrook, New Or leans, 16 days, with tobacco, molasses and cotton, to Crowd A Paine. B irk Trsjiu. Sleeper, Providence, In bullast, to master. Brig superior (Swi'i. i'ete.'sou, Cadiz, hi) days, with mdse, to l unch, Mnincke <* Wendt. ling Bertha i llano), Nibble, Montevideo, 38 days, with hides, Ac, to B M bloman A Edve. Feb 27, lat 38 (W. Ion 73, spoke schr Albert (Br), trom I'orto Kioo for New York, 14 days out. Brig Uate (Br). Doyer, Bmhurst, WCA, 33 days, with hides and not*. to M K Greene A Currie. Feb 10, iu u heavv gale from NK, can led away maintopmast with everything attached, and caused the vessel to leak sums. Brig Mary Boucher (Br), Boucher, Cienfuegos, 20 days, with sugar, to Brett, Son A Co. Brig Mary Olivia (Br), Corvvtt. Sagua, 10 days, with sugar, to I) J DcWoir A Co. Brig Canliua. Marshall, Bridgeport Schri II Scftline, French, Jacksonville. Schr C S "iroves, Weber. Savannah. Schr Lilly, Francis, Charleston. Schr Psrii.'on, Siiute. Charleston. SchrJohn Ferris, st .lohu, Wilmington, NC. Bohr Emma J Uott Purse. Xansumood, Va. Schr Arctic, Kodgdoti, Booth bay. Schr Empress, Kennedy, Rockland. SchrOcesn Star, Kennedy, Rockland. ar K Bullwlnkle, French, Rockland. r lted Jacket, Averili, Rockland. Scnr I'riideuce. Coombs, Rockland, Sehi Maggie Bell. Hall, Rockland. Schr Jiistina, Gruijoi-y, Kockiand. Schr Planet, Perry, Rocklsnd. Schr Messenger, floidea. Rockland. | Schr Amelia. Eilms. Rockland. Schr K H Hodgdon, Ilabb, Rockland. Schr Arctic, Ely, Rockland. Schr Gen Grant, Coombs, Gloucester. | Schr Energy, Brown, Gloucester. Schr A Hammond. Payne, Boston for Philadelphia. Schr R S Wright, Brown, Boston for Norfolk. Schr J V Wellington, Chlpman, Boston for Philadelphia. hchr Lola Monies. Sparrow. Now Bedford. ! Schr Sophia R Jameson, Jameson, New Bedford. Mu Fanny Moss, Davis, Fall River. k Schr rtlii"''' Ingrahiun, Providence. \ a7t,,-->aea, Prentice, New Haven, iS S?s?s5?*^ 84. "iVis <"P4t''h reP?rU the P?'?t boat Wm Bell, Ho Crew aft Tn^0** WMt of Montauk, end full of water. ' <* Yarmouth, N8), from Oadii for 24, onXth?.a,^.rn rnd ofWi* faU,B ,B wUk on >"ebru?ry i? .J. ?JT~? WM lXn* bMly, wllh crew Vj? 0!?r?"' *?d Bounlgr Billow remained bv her u!.^ ?ehlng ?chr wlth ?/lceu Ieet of -^?h. whenth? All ha? were taken v? ltud un<ta?l at Gloucester."' hoid.*'lh' !r*v? Qeorgea Bank, ot and for IC.wB.4od._wm towedlnto New^?t jj jnat by steamer Saxal^ra Boaton forPhlladelphla, lining on the l-l irist, JO iuf from Block Island, carried ivai foreman dur i"K0''h from NW. y" .\b Mahohst. Coflin, from Philadelphia for Boston night of 3d Inst In the mow storm, on the emit daoiTa^uim Core. D,uV. Aleiander, paused three *p;ir* F.kJ J!i.^^kater ofT thl' Highland* I'.rtK distant fire miles, fi th? 4th Ink aupyosed to be a bark. * .ATro5!,.*'..r'V14?Account* from Camaret, dated Feb 10. ? v-*v tVr"? or 11,0 ^bnrlotte McDonald. Randall, u.-, ?"* Hamburg, winch ??? atramled Feb 6 in Bay orUuiknt, Va being (UecUarged with success. Sundered Jk,i H), In Ui 29 N, U a Vv ('rr.w . I,1?) fended here by U,B Don Franc! oo. fftjfcs JE^^oS* miiicellniieotii. The obliging ant gentlemanly punier of the Morro Castle. R W Albert, E*q. ha* our tbanka f0, jjj* prompt delivery of our vapalehe* from Cuba. Pursev Cooper, of the M.nnshlp Fab Kee, from St J go de Cuba, ha* our than^ fur p. per* containing the late, t news from that port. Notice V Mnrinen. TFBrOttAUV LftHTe* OtnKAl.TAn HOt.r. llTDHOiiiVM'iic Orrios, Ahhmai.itt, ) LtnvpoN. Feb I. IS67. S Notice I* hereby given that f*o? the Wt dav of February. 1S67. a trimerar? ,Harbor L|fM will be exhibited 90 feet from the. extremity of the Wolr-jti (jlbralter. The light is ii liked red light. The iilnmlnullog apparatus is lloptrie or by lenaes, of the fourth order. Tho present red. whHe and gr in Vbt la dlsoonllnaed. Caution.?4 wide berth ?houl< be given the extremity of the inula in ttuueituecce of the incertaluty of the ant of tho tide". It te dnngetou* for vessel* to 11tempt to come alongaide the mole, or |o anchor under lie 11:alter, in dark night*. By ookninalw! or their Inrddttpa 111.0. 11E>KY KIIIAIIDi), Hydrographer. Mpokm. kr.. Shin Hemfcphere. llalnsnn, film Liverpool Nor 90 for Point de (?*l?\ Dee 18, Ut 7 N, lea?. Hr? Sparkling Sea, Dunham. h>m Brunswick, Oa, for Montevideo, ilan 9, lat 21 44, Ion :f.|4 i W. Foreian Pik-r*. A?*t*bdi*, Feb 14?Arr Emily. Reichman, NYork. Hek*kn, m II?Arr Leocadle. tenke, Baltimore. HaocWKtskarM. Feb 14?Sid 8t jHernnard., NYnrk. UiTiii KM, Wt'A, Jan 29? In port.brig Magnet, for McCar ty ? lnuud. wload for NVork. ltAiiBiiM>o,jiin Sft?Arr whr Trafc. PhiUdelphia (and aid Feb <1 for Turks Islands); M 1, garner I'li idllla, N York for Rio Janeiro, put In for coalt Jd.achi s .leasle Jones ;Hr), NYork: M KlIankK. Klliabeth City, WO; 8th, brig Milwau kee, NVorkjsehr I'rinee of Wales Hr), Norfolk, hid Jan al. ?chr > A farnsworth. rtsnta Orn* CAHBirfi feb 14?81d Oeeaaaa, Spiiniter. Bahla. Capi*. ret 10?Arr Mury Wanen. Homewood, Valencia. Ccsacoa, Ceb 8-1 n port bark Aletandrine, !<n#w, from Her-f.farMtJago deruba luth; scbr* Wanderer, Snow. fnrdol.Vh; id Hart. Hart from New York, arr 6th, for do 16,ft- Pilot'a Bride, lire w.ter, frmu do. arr 7th, for do 2lth. CAKDUUa, Kej 24-h.d baik IHunswick, luvls, Hugua; brig Mary M Williams (?r\ Kennedy, NYprk CiKKrtTBtKS FebaD?Arr b.irk < olumlea, Brereton, Penan cola: M*t: W King, Ayere Bagton. 8Jd ?th, brigs bcio (Br), NYork. Loch l^imotid (Bi i. Boston, D*au Feb l??Arr (iouien Kale, Antwerp, for Bxton (a?d *"D0RQaxK?, Feb 14?Off, Aaayrls, D'Uno, from fe^iliio for "oraaiM, Feb 18?In the rood*, Speedwell, Cooper^^rtnn Cl')**A*a?i. Jan 28? Arr brig H"bt Mowe, IlmchWa, York; Ml bark KesUesa, M:eidon. Fhil?rtelpUI?. ?- '<r ' rlbaUi. H?r, NYork via Harliado* (and l-eb9lor Bar* Kidos); aotl,. br.ji HuscovadoV Moore Ba' ?! er.hra Franeonla, Irnworgv, NYork Sid Jan 31, bn? < bar lotto Buek, Oott, N York; *eb4, barkCiiatittcieer, Mtljellan, 8t Jaeo; brig Normandy, Palrn k, NY'ork. In port Feb7, bark Kettles*, HMldOn, brigs I.ohert I Mowe, UotehkiM, lor Niork. Idg; Muacovado, Moore, lor for balllmorn, do: Dudley, for do do. . FAiaoi Te, Feb 1^?Put in, Warrior, Davis, from London for Philadelphia. . . , , Fi.csiiiko. Keb 14?eM from the roads, Chrletel. Fried rich*, NYork: Alexandra. t'ro*hy, do. Ula.k.ow, Feb 15?rtid l<ticy k I'aul, Scheel, >York. UnarancgPit Feb II?Arr oermanin, Frnoke, Baltimore. Bid 10th, Freitoandel. Itarxershotmer, NYtirk. ilenoA, Fen 9?Sid Panchito, Moatn. NY'ork. _ titaiiAi.TA*. Keb f?Arr brig Nlmrod (Br)| MoRenr.le, Pa lermo ( *nit *ld aaine dsy for NYork). In port Keb 10, l>?ik ''viilhla l'almer (Br), Mllner, rrotn I n ..... debater, easterl; In port reb 10, baik cyntlila 1'almer (HT), Miiner, Messina, arr *ame day, for Philailnlphla; brig lOaglei Dlckerson, from NY or*, arr 7tb, dlsg: sehr J W \A< McVey, from Mesaina, arr 9th, for NYork. Wlud ei ?"()CA!?TAfiAW. Feb 19?Tn port barke Hnnter, for NY?'k, Idg: J W Yanaman, for Phuadephla 4 day*. hunm, Feb 18?Hid Wtpdaor, Oeohran, NYork. Arratl'uthiiveti Feb 12, T'rln/. Albeit, Hump, New *?2{ I3ili, llioriKduU, Cowan, PUIladeijphl*; W B IJlnsmore. free mo n, Caliao. IIavrk. Fe'i 14? Bid Ilarpawell, Owen, NY >rk. ^ York Havana. Fek 6?-^Arr *chr> ?o.. Hapeni^, Alerro??.' 94:h. brig Winfield, lxu-ir*' '*r N York; Oaybrenk. "Vnrk- Sid "t/T .Aork; UO^BtmSal. A rkwrtoSjJ^kIM, NI "rk; Blam b, I srnTbell 17 m,, M"*' H'"" son, Mobile; MfaaaTflSl yOeo Ilnrlbut, Ma? t;ld Hth. Umvurie, iVT f*",m 'r,> PhlladeliMla ' ^ a leltgo, Lleck ,' " Krtl out 14th. Kmmn Ancrtxtbi iii? - Ii'-Ugo, OataJnah. ' roNPinr. Fob 11 -Cld ( iM'dt. Mayhew. Newport V, and KYi<rk; 1Mb, PrtiKlnm. liradley, K?*w York, houtn&mpioa, W hH&ef, do. I oni um ham*y, Feb 14?Arr J A Bub op, McQuillan, Ar^ dronaan. M' Smka. Feb I--Arr Wm Van Kam*. Cook, Palermo; I'd, A?i?'iP M ('hadwick Conn. Ahcata; Kth, Hcumjri llalieM, Palermo; UratUk i'raljj, Alieai*, hid 6lb, VuL?nt, iiarruon, Baltimore. -Malawi, F*b 11?In i>ort bark Chitf*. Hprague. for N>w Tork, Id*; br| V*t*ran. Srmw, for ao do. Cid 11 lb, bark Arthur, Brli&;?., M?-j?ama; bri# Caroliur Perkln#, do. Mataajsas Kob26?Arr M-hr Allan Mtddl*ton, ?lr, Am?, Mobile Hid 8d, barki Atiule, Leland, NVorlt; KHf-a White, I^?oiL Catbat i??n; brtij r. And?r*on, Philadelphia. Cld 2D'(i. bark Norton Siover, Sio\er, Portland. Nswroirr, Feb 16-Arr K L Laue, Amulon, JUrerpool for NYork. N*wca?tl?, Feb 12-Eut out, tSimon, Danneberi. for New York. .Nkuvitaa, Feb 2ft?In port bark C.talina, Pert ins. for New York, I Ig; brig Havana, Betinm, tor do do; schr Ida May, uof. Sld 20< b, brig H IIi.hmou. French, NTork; 2Sd, brig Nrllle Antrim, Lovell, do; n.-Ur Ad ih ( Br), Roddy. do. Palbjmo, Fob l?Arr sandy Hook. Bar.low, AilonU. Hid 4th. Foam, Jen kin*, N York. QtKKNvrov.i, Feb 16?Arr Gladiator (?), Lang, NOrleans for Liverpool, Bid 14th, Ruby. M< Intyre, Bo*t m. Oif port 10th, Mexioan (?), Tothergill, from Baltimore tor Liverpool. Shields, Feb 15?In port Cha* Onmm QiUIIaon, for Boa ton; Morguretha, Theslng. for Philadelphia (both preparing for sea). Sid 14th, Helen R Cooper. Bomb, NYork. South Forki.and, Feb 14?Off, AtlauUc, De, from Bremen for Philadelphia. St Thomas. Feb 1#-In port ships Jaa Outhrls, Johnson, reloading; Kiohsrd Bimteed, Knowlrs, repx. i'iithe.lral Vel oher, dis?; burk* Oem of the Sea, Adamson, do;ZotolT. Luacomb, wtg; brlga (Br), Gaudin, (or Boston aoon; Alice Lea, Uerrring, ding; schr* Mary Black (Br>, from New York, arr 15th; Coral l.le (Br), Stubba, repg. J G Whipple, Cooper, wtg. Hid 14th, aehr Wenouah, Taylor, for a aalt Inland. st Jaoo, Feb IB?Arr aohr Ocean Bird (Br), E11U, NTork. Sid 19th, arhr Kate Walker. Ouantenaino. In port Keb 2d, brig* Montrose, 1'eteraon, Idg; Alfarato, Bibber, from New York, arr 19th, Idg. Hauua, Feb IS?Sid brlga Flora (Br), Mayo, NYork; 19th, Agcnona, White, Philadelphia. Trinidad, Feb 18? Arr schrYonng Teaier, Burger. .lark souviile; 81st, Anna ? Valentine, Hutchinson, Aaplnwall. Amerlrnn Porta. BOSTON, March 2. PM-Arr ship L B Ollchrlpl, Watts. Mobile; steamer Mary Sanford, Morgan, NYork. Cld ateamera St Louie, Clauaaen, New Orleans; Geo B Upton, Crowell, Charleston; Baton, Matthews, Philadelphia; brig Lady Franklin (Br), Morrison. Port au Prluce via Portland. Kid brigs M J Williams, and Ocean Star. 3d?Arr steamship Aula (Br), Maoaulty, Liverpool via itneiistown and Halifax; steamers (;surge Appold, Howes, altimore; Olaticus, Godfrey. NYork. 4tli?Arr brig Jacinto, from Cleutuegos; schr Julia, from Ponce. BALTIMORE, March 3?Arr bark Mindora. Barclay. St Jago de Cuba; brig Caxtillian, Hareenbrook, MaUnzat; schrs J W Hlne. Lane, NHaven; Joseph Nlcltersou, Sleight, NYork. Cld steamer Wm Kennedy, Hallett, Boston via Norfolk; brig Mary Cobb, Duncan. NYork; srhra Katie J Iloyt, Baker. NHaven; Wm Arthur, Andrews, Halein; Re becca, Smith, NYork; H S Tibbetts, Shaw. Providence; Mary II Bank*. Haley, do; 8 T Durfee, Huntley, Pall River. 3d?Arr bark Ann (Norw), Cardiff; brig Nile (Br), Whltti or. Kt Johns, PR. CHARLESTON, Feb 28?Arr steamship Snragosaa, Crow ell. NYork; sehrs Americiis, Moss, do; Klla, Packard, do. In the ofllug, ?hip Southeru Rights, Koss, Liverpool. Cld brig KoUeraon, Scott, Boaton. DIGHTON, March I?Sid schrs John Lozler, Lincoln, and Joseph P ltosM, Paull, NYork; 2d, Messenger, Duan. and tiylventer Hale, Coleman. NYork. BDUARTOWNj Keh 27?Arr schrs Convoy, French, and Mary Fletcher, Peuilletoii. NYork tor Boston land both aid 2?th;. Sid 2fUh. schr Sarah Gardner, Peel, NYork. FALL R1VKK. March 1?Sid schrs Wm Capes, Raker; Sallie .smith. Chase, and James Uenrr, Church, NYork. ULODCK8TER, March 1?Arr aehrs Andrew \V l>odd, Ilorton, NS, for NYork; T T Lewis, Brackley. New York for itocklainl. HOLM KB' HOLE. March 1, l'M-Arr schr* SearsvlUe, Chase, Savannah for Bo.ton; Rippling Wave. Gross, and Caleb Stetson. Robinson, Philadelphia Tor do; Wm Walton, lteeves,do for Portlunouth; Maoel llall, Hall, NYork for Portlund; G M Partridge. Shaw, do lor Gloucester, sld sctirs Enchantress, It C Thomas, Richmond, Sarah, R Bull winkle, Cabinet, Cornelia, Leesburg, Panama, Lizzy < ? up tilU George, Brook*, Marocalbo, Laura Brlii^msn. Enter prise, J E Simmons. Corvo, Bay State, and Deborah Jones. MOBILE, Fob 26?Arr hark Devonshire (Br), Wilson, Liv erpool; schrs Mary, Whiting. Boston; Wings of the Morn ing. McFarland, Cardenas. NEW OR1.KANH, 1'eh 8S?Arr ships Georglna (Prusi, Re her, l,iver|iool; Caravan, Mackoduck, Havre; schr Massa chusetts. Buck, NYork. 27th?Arr steamship AlhsmhrH, Snow, Boston. Below, steamship Montgomery, Palrclotli, Irom NYork, and others as before. Cld barks Onkel (Brcm), Homyer, Liverpool; Sunshine Packer, Havre. NAKKAGANSKTT, RI, March 2-At anchor in the West Bay. brk N ritowers, Stowers, from Havana for Boston. NEVVBCRYPOKT, March l?Arr schrs Cerro Gordo, IlodgJon, Eiizabathport; Edward Dee, Lee, and Hiawatha, Hooard, Philadelphia. NUW ULDPORU, Maroh 2?Arr schr Catharine Thomas, olbLis, Sandwich for NYork. Sld schr Stephen Waterman, Chase NYork. PHILADELPHIA, March 3?Arr steamship Hcndrick Hudson, Howes, Huvanu; schrs W Bement, Panny, Greou [sjrt, NY; ('has Moore, ingersoll. Bridgeport Cld barks ?sam Sheppanl. Evan*, ('lent uego*; Dency, Gray, Key West; Roanoke, Duncan, L.iguayra; schrs C Douglass, Peters, Ponce; Elizabeth Ann, i)o Cost, Manzitnllla; l.izzie Maule, BuliUir, Bo.ton; H A Rogers, Prambes. do; W Bement, Penny, Fall River; Chas Moore, icgersoll, Bridgeport; Saj rah Cullen, Cullen, Boston; Silver Magnet, Watson,do; J J Little, Little, NYork; J M Vance, Burdge, Piovidence; M D Cramer. Cramer, Buslun; J B Henry, Walker. Providenoo. PORTLAND, March 2?Arr bark E A Cochrane, Pierce, MnUu/.as. PROVIDENCE, Maroh 2?Sld achrs Crown Point, Savers, Baltimore; Chas H Kirk, Robinson, Norfolk; Jessie W Bright, Plum, Elixabethport; Mourn.tin Laurel, Langley, and w W Hraiuard, Pendleton, N York. 3d?Sld achrs America, Reynold*, NYork; Lochlel, Has kell, do; f.loop Charles, Gerhard, do. PORTSMOUTH, Feb 28?Arr schr 8 E Fabcus, Pender, Baltimore. SAN FRANCISCO, March t-^rr ship, I.angdale (Br), Brown, Liverpool; Rlffl!,, Philadelphia. Sld 1st, itleamsr Herman, Yokohanlk; ahlp Day Dawn (Br), Jones, Hong Kong. SAVANNAH, Feb 23?Arr brig Kate Foster, Foster, Balti moie; arlir* Slilloh. Hubbard; .Milion, Coursey; M C Mose ley, Uran, and Bldner C Tyler, Hteelman. do: vt?0i,uBht, Clark, UrwutHiini; llattln BaSBr, BaKar. N?'ork. SAL1.M, March l?Arr brig G Matthews, Cox, Philadel phia for Portsmouth; schrs Mary 8 Liiiit, Brown, Balti more; Wlllio Mowe, Hilton, NYork; Vickshurg, tiaskeh, do lor Portland. WILMINGTON, NC, Maroh 1?Cld achr J L Maloy, Bus ?ril, Boston. J-OTTKK1KS. K,OVAL *NA i-oTTKftt OFFICIAL DRA???*?.? Kr.BRI'ARY 28, ?:>tr ft'ti. PrivAtto. Pflte.i No. Friae. I Jfo Pi'jr.I .Va Pr'w. Jo ..??>?> I ?'*ififc...J?WiiilfcH9...$,JOU|W!OS'...t?(ji)iaw7S ??-? Oil 'Jain. ..jJy.n 't .. .I&y ... WU iVOT MU MiM4....4UU ,-?17l ...4U0 -?BI0?-mi -1E4B 4IJ0 ptOB....?u ?wa....**) -'*S<W ...?W 'M -in itsn..|taW ? Tl. .I'M' .. IU>*? ?i?m. . .MNwl ?!<?&. ? ? 21 **??? ?ih*? 2TSV UKW. II:J40j r!i ?'<*' [tjUill. I iniJ I KIM illtilj... tea, >4,18 ? 1 .To Mil/...? *>; M **!) .JOI) I4lM.fc>-JJpHfti juu'' ? ,J|. I4IJO.. ?JVnw J>?|| ,l*i .'^"1 MM) i ?*?< ami;, '-'i... .'.?i 5Jira\...g| ?100 *? ?WU/.I'lKll ;v" ,n f- 'ii V I. T' ?L ?B''I *11 k;ti U <?(OoU t?n I tmur, K**|pgJ >il> ,? I'll '.?! J, V\*?H ^ItlIn de U Jlntm i* So. I0M, f mm, JOO ? M JU JUU .....w i ?SO .1?1 ?V>; -fii-vthi * , , ?#?[; <??.,,,#7 .. >Wi ill' .. iw Whert TOtf KOH ?UA?l?iPiPAT*l . *iirrnnv ',s WRWWIOAT, MiHC'H ?, r II A a :l(, . I *>?'? ?"'*?)? H.rr? cl??<:.?rn. ? ?#My J" | it'll" A** -i-U IMrWM; al*j |Y?r?l m * !Sv*'1 1 "rm* \ o'o: vt cu ivor run ah* oi-m i.rmjoi ht. j\ h _ a t-r? irnont.? * n*lr ?f fn?t tmtlnn hnr mat "'4 tun l?. ?tr*n itn : el(,it r??r* ?W. ?<"? I *n?t ktr w*f I* "I N ir II In I no i .jeiOe'r: ?l?? * In tori Wag,/ liar n ?>??!. !?? ki'bt. wfcip. Ac, WlU fa* |?M ?t ?*<* I. b* . .'B.tifm *t 1,WH_ Bro??,imr f? illr? . -ist, i? Ct "? U o'clock. FOR hulk. A MEW 7 si GALLON hTILL, tt'bi. hkatkr *<;' tv for sale cheap. Address J. B. box t? U?r..ld uftirr. ? FIRST class BAKERY ON A GOOD thoroioh fare for sale at a MWrjlflrWi on account 0f sickness: doing a goo,! otu business. ?u over the c.uuter, tlitures all new aua complete. For particular* address Bakery, atatton u. 1 FIRST CLASS rkstai'RANT AMD OINIMI a. Room, on Broadway, for aale choap; location gool: -*tisfact?ry reaaou* guru. Apply uu the viuwImm till Broadway. Aught manufacturing business for ?ale.?ready demand for goods; 10# |>er rent protlt; satisfactory rnaaons for nailing; term* aaay. iui|uuv >?f FRANCIS 3l Co., cm Broadway. A CHANCE SELDOM OFFERED.-ONE OF THE BBS* Store* on Eighth avenue for sale; Stock and fixture* for tale. For particular! apply In *tore, 31" Kiglitb avenue A BOOT AND shoe btorr TOr 8ALB?fw A o<K?0 . location, at a groat aacrltioe. Address W. if. b., Herald office. A N ESTABLISHED CITY NEWSPAPER, ?LLR? ,\ with yoaiiy cash advertising, lor sale; aluall Oapital re.juired and term* low ta a responsible party. Addrfaa In. ti'grlty. Herald office. A RAKE CHANCE for A CASH ci'ATOMBIt?TUB National Rrstanrant. 114 Naaaau street, ataam Boiler, Ranges. patent Ice Mouse. Ac. Apply at the roatMiaul. Must b? avid; cheap for cash. A SAFK FOR SALE AT A BAROAIN OK rxchang* .'\ forTopBuggv or Coal; also a?ta of liar nee*. 54 Marion street, between Spring and Frinca. A -FOR HALE?onb OF THE BK8T ALE AND WIN* A ? Vault* down town, with tuncb counter attached; skk noaa th? cauaa of aelllug. Apply to WILLIAM ABBOTT. itu Chatham square. A -FOR SALE?iiotbl8. RESTAURANTS, OYSTER ? Saloon*. Liquor and Lunch Room*. Billiard s.loons, Rowling Saloons, Groceries, Soda Water Manufactory Con fectionery. Ulgiir Store it, Hat and Cap Store ou highlit av euue. Dry Goods Store, a Laundry bualneaa, corner Liquor Stores, Coal Yards, Bakeries. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 7~ Cedar atruet. A FIRST CLASS RAKKRY AND ICE ORKAM ba loon for sale, with four year*' lease. 286 Fultoa street, Brooklyn. BAKERY ?a LONG AND WRLL ESTABLISHED COR ner Bakery for aale, dot nit a good badness; also Horse. Wagon and Route. For pfirtictilnr* ap-lv to thomaii GAFFNEY, auctioneer. No. Eighth avenue. Butter store for sale-old established: must be sold; other bualuea- to attend to. Apply at 11 Concord street, Brooklyn. poal AND WOOD YARDS FOR SALE-ONE OK THK \J bent chancea ever offered to engage in the busmeas. The largest retail roal and wood trade In Brooklyn. Actual sales during the past year 18.000 tons of ooal and MOO cords of wo<><1, aa will be shown by the books. The realeetal? consist* of 14 lots of ground, sheds, office*, stables, Ac.; ?!*? a valuable lease on dock property when* tbe coal and wood are landed. There are nine horses and carts, two platform scales, three sets of hoisting tackle, betides everything ne cessary to carry on the business. Reasons for aelllng tlia owner wishes to retire Into the country on a competency made In the business during the past few year*. A Ills-mi amount of tbe purchase money may reraaiu on bond and mortgage for a term of year*. Peraons who actually wlsb to embrace this opportunity (no other*/ may apply for full par ticulars to JOHNSON, MILLER ft HALL, 'j5 Naaaau street. New York. Drug stores fok hale.-i am instructed to oiler two llrst cla?* retail bualne**e* In the city, doing respectively $14,000 per year. STRICKLAND'S Druggist*' Agency, 3(0 Rroidway. * Drug stock, furniture, ac.?for sale low or n p irtner would he taken to continue the httslnea*. Apply at 103 Fulton avenue, Brooklyn, before 11 A. M., and ajtert P. M. Drug fixtures, stock, ac.. complete, of a retail store for sale; price $700, If applied for soon, at 58 Greenwich avenue. Druggists and manufacturers.-ss barrels of 95 per cent Alcohol for sale, at $8 15 per gallm by barrel or i gallons. JAMES AINSLIE, 2s9 Front street. For sale?a cigar store in one of thk finest locitlons In the upper part of the city; doing a rttrr friotl business. Particulars given at 202 Chatham ?tieeL rice $2,5(10. For sale?one of the bi:st stands in west Washington Market or would Lake In a partner. Ap ply to or aadreu WILLIAM MOORE, 283 Washington street. New York. For sale-a grocery store, doing a fink trade; a double brick tenement Houne paying largely, and a vacant Lot, all altuate on oorner of Navv and Bolivar streets, Brooklyn. Apply on the premise* 19# Navy street. E^or sale?one of the laruest places or 1 amusement In the city, clearing $40 a night over aU expense*; live years' lease, or would take a partner; ne humbug. Call and examine the prnpei ty. G.McKNIGHT, Auctioneer, 89si Ureome street, near Centre. FOR 8ALE?THK LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF a well established and one of the beat located Fancy Store* In the sixth avenue. Inquire t)t the coafectloaerf atore, 875 Sixth avenue. rlfli -w For sale-handsomr .bgf " black walnut Counter*, Decks and Vixtures for a banttug house, at much less tltau cost Apply to W. SHERMAN, No. ft Na*sau ctreet. t7i0r sal??fit? GROCERY STORE SOUTHWEST f oorner of Niuth avenue and Forty-aecood etreet, with tliree years' leaae. tjlor S VLB?NRW LIGHT DRAFT SIDE WHEEL A1 Steamboat, William T. Deforrest. 7$ feet long; ateva Schooner, carrying 80 ton* weight on 5>? feel draft. A. m. dA COS TA, m Water street. For SALE?three YEARS' isa sb of A FITS ? lory Hotel, with a aplenuid bar and aitting room and urge basemeui, 32laleeplnv rooms, with or without Stock and Furniture. ront only sl.muo per annum. Location within one block of Hudsoft River laliroad depot. ?EG. W. FRHNCU ?jbS\, 288 Nlnlh arena*. FriOK B ALB-FOB CASH, OJT ON BABT TERMS. A 1 (Jordon card and billhead lTess, ulao u A dame PiML BO or 70 fonts of Typo, ? quantity of Borders, Cuta, Chaaaau Stinks, Kurulturn, Ac ?a s'lillfl'ucy lor a small Job oflaa and but llttlo used. AdJren* L, II. T., box 168 Herald ofltoe. fpOR SALIC?BY THE RKOfelVERS, TUB DRSKfl AN? furniture of the late t'VmnbUu lnauranoe Company. Including a Val -ntluo A Butjbr Safe. Apply at their oflloe, Mo. 2 Na*aau street, room tii. S>. / FOR SALE?LEASE, ST^CK AND FIXTURES Of A* old eat.abli-.he-l ilyitnr "nil Liquor Saloon. Inquire i I6l Newark a venae, Jeraqf CUv. I/Oll SALE?OKt! AfOUIOL COLUMN, 30 INCIjfeM I In diameter, 19 fe'/higli; worm, gome and all cqppee e tmiietioiis: .il*> one .Hrh-'T'o ( (night Boiler, with o/iueo tlon*. al. new and iqt>iy lor delivery. Address K. A K.? Herald oll.< c. CIOR KALE-THI LEA HE, FIXTURES AfW UOOO I Wl.l of* flret pnaa dining mom. with bar s^iaehed, be tween l?n> t4 **v ?nd "<u-?au utrooi. Apply at <? Naaaai hi root, Mu ? ,.v>J 11. E^OR BALE - f ir. CANAL BOAT W. *. K1CB, FOUB years oi l. /.>(>.< ;ty ItiO tuna; canal oapucity 7.7UO bifb el?: prirIt.tiML Al*o : oat Kremont, lour years oJ.1; o?? Baclty MA tori*; renal oapaclty :.wj ounhels; pnee $1,40#; both in complete oi <t>ir and anitable for any trade. Apply to W. M. RICE A CO.. 11H Mai.lea line. Ii<OR HA' F.?THE HTO^K, F7XTUAKS AND U'tOU will, with two ycint' LnuM. of a three atory houae an4 atqfn on egai st>ie of Bowerr. H* occupied a* a lager bear aaloon, but MiiuOlrfor any balnea.. Apply at FANNINU'O, ta Howery. 0[TRAP-A HIS II STA5D IN A CITT l"o K Ml ton 1Mb ill trket. For fmfparti.".reapply tV CSTIBf? rtw K' 1B0R SALE OR KXC(IAN (IE?COAL YARD IN GOOD . location Htirt doing a good boalitoas; 500 tuna of Coal if ealrt'il Adclre-i II. 3l fllblo Hon**. IriOK ?>AL.K or. TO LET-LEASE AND FIXTURES Of the Mattel ?1 Himae, on Tenth itraet plank road, near Calvary VemeUm/. Inquire on the premises. GIOOD WILL OP AN OLD ESTABLISHED COAIs T Y.ird for sale, do o< n Urge rash business . boraea, enrtK and everything cnaiitau: a rare chance for an aotiv* man. Add read for three days Coal, box ZJOHmrmM ot?ce ROCKRY RTOftR For HAI K-Jl* A.FIMBT CLABM ambliuiIlM 'IP town: runt only (WW. fnee fOOO. ? ,0 Jli f'-ilKLL A SWAIN, 7? i edaratreat, roan la. rjooiu ->1 YiKo UGTIt. TO LBT AND FURMITORM 17 for nm, .t.rlcB ?r K?rII|tur<> ?^?,000 Liberal tarma M a good party. w T, p. I'EttllNS, 727 Bro^iway. OLU.MBKRs AND OAS FITTKRH' SHOP FOR SALE? *i"'l'ltng mid coutenu aompnalug a pom Ptate aaaurtmenl or Hah rutara and Plumbers' Tools, l??4 and Iron I'ipe; Itnated In raronla avenue. Jeraey Cltr. JA&KS <i MkKsK A WILLIS, 7?John atreet. T?,A"*JU?4NCB.?FOB 8ALR, ALL THE IMPLB for the mnniifacture of Toilet Soap ana i arttiMery um ol two raa.m on Factory. MUUIfcLt. 4 a WAIN, 7* Cedar street, room I&. T"5"piSe.(iR,RT9RB NORTHWKRT CO??NK* kn I Ki.ul^i. ?tree?, on TlilM j i rnui;. for aalo, wtn LeaM 5? Applr at 101 Kaat ftram, atreet The stock and fixture* of a rriu?T ci-a*? Hardware store, d< Kg a vo->4 hu.lnasa, f~ -noapk Kidn-aa .silent 1'arUier. Ile.^M ofllue, ro DRESfv * k ku* ?A L \DY HAYTNC} A FIRSF claas, cite naive ami profitable l>ualn>'*<. long e-Ub *lo'd in this cttv, wishra to di*po<e of the 'ante. For par ?t.lars addroaa box 2,XI I'oat oflke. 19 ^nfi-FOR THR "TOf K AN I' FIXTURES nf A ' ' T?a, Coffee ?nd 8plwi Store, a short illataneia , Jin lharity. Engine. Boiler an l Roa?tcr. Mnatbw M oa a count of other business. Adilreaa E. Monwm. '?raid of ?< e. %, nnn wr,'r' rr?o?A? AN old establish. ed mauiifactotT of ? sU|'ii> nrtiole of llard drea^1"'""'T "u* of U1? kl"<l In t ie I lilted S.ales Ad Vtlware .Manufacturer, Herald ofli'-e. I phoposam. f VonQfij, iuiLDBRR-rEOPOSALH roR fin.i * ? V>B" * **" Church EiUlioe. In the village ' 0r??% roomy, I*. T? arrvr.lln* U) nf.tns anil *!??*} pr.nlu, ^ ,1th# ?w? ?* p. A. PuaJ. m f*B *"? ??ff. will b? rM?iv?^?"U> ?? Srat dar af Aijrtf sell sepa r*ir. iTni>o-al# f<*r ma?<>n and <?rponter work, <* for th" ??? j^>e^ riuildiiiK, ntjr bo furetiMto K, M. V All-, UuibM, tt' n. D. D., F. A. ro^Tj.. ? " VMU J.f. HOwRMj. NKORD. JOHN WAI-USR, f"*! Qowwi *?h. f?, tux? Commttteg. IJOCIIKrtTEH WA1KK WORKS COMPAJIT.-IIOCIIM XV ter, H. Y., P?h. 2V, I <#7.?,-oaleil proposal* will b? rr w vH Hi lb* ollloe ut Uil* ? mpauy nnlll Saturday, Mh Mar l* m it, at no?>i?, for ?nd back tillln* tt mllo* tr'noliaa Id tfco ?ireoi? of (!>? cur of Rurheator, Tor laying the pipe of the Ro holier Viator wor*? Company, A nap and aporlftoatton* may *0 ?*en at the nnmpanr** Ofll.?. PAWlBi. 1AMH, ChtofMijjfiiik TO *INBR? -WANTIID. TO OONTRAOT FO? MM. Irtg. <1,090 loin ol Coal from a oo?l mine In New Jaraey. two huttrr from N?w York. For particular. apply to lha offloa nf the few .laraoy Rtlnmlncrtii Coal Company, ? WlU ItamW.-ort, room 17. baiwaan I ha hnan of 11 A. M. Md I P. M. Tk? (Ximpany alao wMh to aaka ft auatraol for Ml aiuka 'QC of a tbaft at the miua. . 7