Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,140. NEW YORK, T' IRSDAY, MARCH 7, 1867.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. PERSONAL. A HEALTHT FEMALE CHILD* FIVE MONTHS OLD, foi adoption. Addreu C. VI. S., Iluiieon Oily, S. J. BROADWAY CAR. TUESDAY EYENLNO?WILL TH8 tujji Udv (bloade j Wi'li J?rk drest and lijhl bou:tel, who iiudl>? sail!<>d ut |<s:ikrmu w*W opposco, and who tafl the car at Hoffman House; Tweaty-firUi (treat, addre*4, Id ooaflds?n?, Harry Fo*, Station A. B ADOPTION-TWO LUTLK Q1RL8; ONR TWO .<?? una ibe athnr ttm-a injnihs. Adrcea 0. C., VV J rg rust office, Long Island. R ADOPHON-A M At K IN PANT ONE MONTH ?H. Call for two days at IV8 DeWteey str??t. haMibii F? MAN M13SINO.?CHARLES O. BKEDR LEFT HI* father's house ?: Pawiuekek R. I., February 26, tor rhlcmv, fceliij a student In llrewn University. and kaa lot be.-u httrJ frua sluuo. Ho la twenty-thre? vears oM, is ? feet S i>j .ucljes high: had on blaok beaver hat, lljhi coat u< brown p?nla. iaiormMion respecting Ma wi-l be thank f<siiy rece'ved and rew?i?ied by his f at trer, E. D. B?ed?, frawtu.-knt, R. L: or by R. M. sber:naii. care of Uesston, IlaetUiit* ? Co., ioG Broadway, Now York OBEI.hTUN adami is KCQl'ESTRD to call at George Hughes A Oo.'s, MM-Cburc.i street, N. Y. INFORMATION WANTED-OK PATRICK ALLEN, WHO left T,oker?u)*n, county Limencic, Ireland, thirty years ?(?. Aay information about hnn will be thaukfufUy received bv hie alece. Mary Clifton. at ?r Wtlhatn clary's, 464 West Itlh aired. N. B.?Boston and Chicago paper* pleatie copy. INFORMATION WANTED?OP OEOROB PHILLIPS, by kls mvther.-arah rh.ilip* wto he will And at the rm hues corner of J obi sou a tree', aud Bush wtok avejuo, Williamsburg, F formation about NO. 80.?TAN I SEE you Mam on Ptfth aver ae eome Monday rveaing. HIGH SKATiNti BOOTS. M. J.-YOUR OLD FRIEND TOBEY. WHOM YOU {i*s?eri cn Broadw.ty Tuesday sfterufwn, wculd be ' to meet you agaiu. You know the address. ?5 JC. H.??OU ARK FORU1VEN; EVERY EXCUSE 13 ? made. An addreee must be given "In eonhdeuce" for * teller to reach you. N 1LL1K M., OF 19TH S-, 1863.?WALLACE'S, TUBS, dav right. Why could you not recoguiM* Let me Address to name, Brooklyn Post office. w DBRSONaL?JAME8 CLARE, LATE PRIVATE COM. X pany K., Sutv tirst regiment New York Volunteers, will please send h * address to Joseph E. Dovitt A Co., No. ?7 Walnut street, Pnlludelphla. SBAMTSSO PORT.-MEKT ME AT THE PARK HOTEL Saturday night. If r?u cau'i come atay wtere you ar?. Alatitr ? ANTED-BY A WEALTHY FAMILY, A CHILD TO adopt aa their own, not younger eh*n two weeks nor thaa two years. Address, giving full rfeojriptMn of ?Mid and where the child o?n be aeon, Mrs. Oliver, station A, Spring strict. WILL THE CARTER EMPLOYED ON FEBRUARY45 to take a fire grass pa k*i,e to Hudson River depot, Marked "Swietenia, for th>- teeth." addressed to Collins Bros., sl Louia, call at 17 Woosier street -and say where <te left Ht 5 TRAIN, TlTEf DAY.?YOCR ETND OLANOES through the windsws received with pteasnre. Addrrss "B. Clalrmont, Iterate office. LOST A\l> FOUND. CiUND-AT NJTW YORK THEATRE, T0E9BAY evening, 6th tnst., a poctetboek. containing v:> nev. owner a:, a has? ibe same by fulling at 376 Peart street. DND-AT THE CHARITY BALL, A BRACELET, which the owner may have bp Wring at 171 William F? uo L1 UND?POCCETBOOK IN THIRD AVENUE, CON tamiug Pa4>orv and a small sun of Money. Apfilr at 158 Eighty-se<>ocd street, betweoa TWr l and Four* avs. OST-aT THE CHARITY BALL, A PEARL CLtTS J lor Stud ol erven pearls sot la black enamel, well small HMitl In oeotre pearl. The fiader will oe sutuhlv re irdad by returaing the same to ice-owuer, at tU Vadlson ?aue. New York. . L08T-TCEtW)AT, MARCH ?, IN MADISON AVENUE stage, at shout one o'elock, a parcel contakring ,'ray and a whMe l?o? cape. The Am!?r will oe auitably re ' by tosning It at 87 Woe; Xfctrty-ntnth okr-eet. New T OUT?TUESDAY EVENING, ??H IN8T.. IN OOINO JLi from through WmI Broad war, or ^ul ?saa street, a ladles' gold huatl>ig ease W?lch, bearing the Initials M. C. l>. The Qnder will be suitably rewarded by leaving U ai-OcIding * Dunlap's, Nee. V and 11 Pack place. T 08T?LAST THURSDAY, BETWEEN FIFTT-8EC0ND JJ street anil Mauhattaunlle, a UeM CrotS, ewa jr's n.>>ue MM. The Bu^>r will be suitably rewarded by returning to M. La?.r. 387 Bowery. ? OST-AT THE ACADEMY OF MUSIC, MONDAY. March 4,-a narrow Uold Bracoiet and Shaw. Pin. The IK will be rewarded by leavim; U?em at 351 Broadway. Lost?two scotch terrier sluts, out black, ?Uier wktte. small elze. on February #. A liberal re Mard given for returning the above to 10 ijast Nineteenth at. f Q0T-AT OHARITY BALL, A SMALL BLACK OPERA MJ Olaaa te leather case. Tke Under will bo->emubly re m*M by tew log it at tt Bread street, flrst Boor (front I, tl aanding a-tote to E. A. 1)., ban 3,618 Pass office, Maw 10,slstfig where It may he aallad for. gOtT-M REWARD-ON FRIDAY EVEM'NO, BE tweon Tie ill h and Twenty-ir?t streets, a eable skat Muff. wtth' bead. The reward anil be paid or returning ? No. 8 Parr.avenue, near Thirty-fourth street. T OCT?LETTER, ON SIXTH AVENUE, AK>RE8S?? 1a ea the name of Cora. A rowarl will be^ven on Its Add mis for live days in refers ooo. to it Mrs. ' station 0, 8ixth a venae. pl""7 Bayaor. HEW ARD?. ? C REWAR?. -DOO JfefiT. OH tuesday APTER 9w dood. ta Sfcth itifli a black and Ud We-rler, with bttlur collar, an>wers to the aame of Carlo. The above 1 will be paid for his retura to IV Weal Thlatj-flrst it. r REWARD.?THE ABOYB BUM WILL RAID AND J no quMUoaa asked for tbe return of tbe two Orer ctoleo rrawi tbm hallway of U6Xazingtoa?*?i>ue last REWARD WILL BE PAID AT 1J14 3ROAD way, to reocver a black pointer Bitch, that jomped 1 car eeraer of Ninth avenue and ThJaty-lourtb ?M about I e'olook. March ?L Cac going weei. ?25J A. REWARD r'LL BE QlTEy TO TI1E HONEST I 148 D??1 -oat, up atalnu Under of $U0 in greenbacks. lost In the neighbor I ef Wast HroedwM and Duaue atraet. If relurat J to U. SPECIAL NOTICE*. A MIM:aN Fxifm TK.-THI MONTHLY MEETING JSl. for M\rch wilt be Jiald tbla (Tharaday> vening. uie 7th Bagk, at Jig o'olnck. at lta rooms In tbe Cooper buildinc. HaLKM }'. WALES, Recording Secreury. JRXCURHION TO PARTS AND HOLY LAND. Hi Will you allow me through your eel urn ua to utata. 1= re alp to queatlans that are. oomlng In from all part* of tbe taaln, that, although(tie above enterprlsa vas atartal lu ?eeeklyn, .??! a number of 11a cltisens ? 1U join In It, yet !t Is Ml confined to that ar a*r other place, nut thr.t tbe i.m ie.l say am of worn we have la open io any and all. under sc< h ?* * mono aa the committee bare far mut lal comti rt ateM 3? On t tad?*li tha applkH'j to be aonepted must have moral afcoraeler, good health and a fair ahare of ?acd this beaia. had Uhis only, wa are capldly> ~naking ?p jre think.nould be a go ~d ootnpany. Ttady, roura, C. C. DLNUAJF, Manager. 117 Wall street, ifS' MgasUh CE -ALU, PERSONS ARB flERBBY CAUTION mt against harboring or Jcjstlng any of tbe crew of tbe? Isk steamer PaUro del Oeeano, aa aa debts ef their aottng will hs pan by UkecapUia or coaalgnee. /? M. yEBALLOS.SB Btoagway. | BJ"OTI?."?.-A. YCtLLARD. OT7TLER, Ml SIXTH AYE ana. la forms his easterners that la oaa sequence o^ ' r buctaees oa Abe 1st of Mar. they will beam to lat'.e off ?Mm bu Hb taforma his cuatoioers that la oau sequence of itaees oa She 1st of May. they will hew* to M e of lags left far repel rtagastfore April L After that wnibessH. AmCI OP THE .tMERICAH ,/OCKRY CUTB. NO V Esohatfe plaoaeNaw York. March I. 18^? Parties lar aMsalli.n iaVcquealad by the asembers of the American Jeehsji Club to the feluwlag rsnl^ilna. pa seed hj thaeiuh aatarecent meetiag:? Mae:red. That tbe Rgrretary notify the different member? - ? *-? ' ? ? mast ><e carthwui I la hNC for thefurpoee of auheatleatinn are svrlaUy parsoaal. they eaanot he trana ... J belag eagrared op?a then, and wltheut a shsage ef ribbep. they will act he neeegalied as aeo uuia Sp tbe gsdskcope-s at the approaching races lu Mag ami IfWtr prompt sear pi lanes win oblige Uwlr obedient anrr ???. JOHN ,3 IRVliTj.g. reUry A. J. C. >ARTIER maying OOOgg PAWNED AT J. KNOX'S, * to redeem the aasae goiag ta Ruroya. IRTIES baying OOOgg PAWNED Mi Thoe^iaoa Araat, aas requested U> wa tha 1st ef Agih. ea aemaat ef hu g t^ast ? ExniBmoN.?americab depositors JL wlahJag a ateotal STtnmlsai^ner to soawtstend. etp al? mt ?r?euae orders, addreea Immediately Parts Corrmpuad <sj|w Braadway. Mew Tork. JAM FRANCISCO. CALTPORJP A, PEB. Ml ?ATOTICE.? > The undersigned bee la natfy their frleude and the sMk generally thai th^ >re jot and nater bare been itad In or eora^oted with the honse of Heln, *1 A Co., earner ? Jamb end Frankfort streets. New city. This notion la published not with a rlew of Jlarimiulnf or io any meaner Injuring the house of Hem flUehel A Oa., but simply to oo-rect a^sooucenilaw. HtlN A BP J. V. J*mn Biur, ill Battery atraet fjpAX NOTICE. 1 TOWN OP MOREIKANIA-I.MPORT,INT NOTICE fO OWNER* OF PROPER!Y. ?evident and nea resident utpe/ers In tbe town ef Mar. ?Mnnla are hereby Informed tbal the books for the mlleetiou ef town and school a tea will be eloe*l on the JOth ef thU Eth. Taies H en unpaid will be renimed to the County ?urar, pr?pars'.rrr to ihe sale of tba lotg In arrears ?p? atUation u desirable. v CHAfl. A. WEEKS, } , Receiver ef Tatea, Boston Road, near Mrst street. MurHaaata. OBeeBears from IA-M.IsIP. M. dally. ANTED?OWNliRH BY THB PROPERTY CI<BKK, ?V Mutberrr atreet, for tbe fallowing articles, ?li:? Bar Maif, hklrla, Dress, Saak, bilrar Watch, Ooid ' Rape Oaaraa. RJl fwwi, HtXIARDS, AC. A N ASAOBTED BTOCE OF NEW AMD SECOND HAND A Tables, with oar t?? and linprored eutbloa, patented pi Deoemier, ISM, raav'T ta ship at the shortest possible EaYAWAPTI A DECEEK aomar Canal and Centra rta. En SALM-TWO BTLLUn7> T4BLES. POOL BALM ?4 ?tieas. JnqtUre at U4 iauth Bislb atrsfk W<iHa?a. I ^ gPORTl>S. I A LL KINDS Op IKKM AND BIRDS TOR SALE AT I J\ B. DoVjiys, Canal atreet near Chiirh atreet. Mkid;i i or aU dineaaea. Prepared Food for mocking Uirris. AT ?3H.-BUSINRSa COURSE, BOOKKEPINO, WRIT lur Arithmetic Grammar, Latin, taught lu alriclly private room* if dr-.ied: Ud.ev writing le<M>?? $j. P41N K, 6a Bowery, and H49 Ful.oa street. Brooklyn. TjUlANCIS HO. 8 PECK 81.IP, HA8 ALL THE r choice breeds of r>o?s. Butler'* 'nUilitle Mange Cora and Pica Exterminate*, Tsoent*. Butler new work en the Dug, |X Dog* ualued, boarded, Ac. Medium** tor ail dis eases. fi1#R SALE?A CKVTRF BOARD YACHT. 38 PKET 1 long, with cfhtn; prif" ?!so a Sall">at 15 '"ft Ions; priee $10) Address or Call onO. W. PLVKit, 117 Broad way. S. Y. - II?OR SALE?SMALL BLACK AN D TAN, SCOTCH 1 and >tve Terrier*; one Bkck nnd Tin l?n,j, 7 pout>4?, kept for atock purpose*. prnrof Newfoundland D-**. JOHN SHAY, 1) Roosevelt street ONE FAIR OP ROE DEERS. PHEASANTS, 8WAN3, jmtla (le?*e, Manrtarin Ducks, Orown Cre'ie*. Piph)? RnUfiticheo. ilerrn. n ?nd Be'glan Omarlea. Ac., at I CHAS RKN'HE A BROTHERS'Bflrd .Store, 55 Chatham, near Chambers street. 3QAM STAND Or ARMS, WITH R*VONETS CO*. rleie. SprinjjJctd pattern; at-j ?0 Kworis nn.l Coins*"*. all of winch wk eg told cheap. Apply to HENK/ DEVLIN, 47" Peart xtreet. HOHSRS, CARRIAGES. AC. Ac?ai:h, coupis rocraway. westchester DogC art, Bungles Ca 'riotets. *!?* 400 in* w Oarri* !???>?, Harne**, 25 per cent leee (ban Broadway ?tores, to t.iake rocn: for muring trade HANS, lili'.?*t Fourth (tree*- corner Bmattsray. A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF CARRIAGE-! AND 1IAR Jx uea* to be sold, at any price, before May I, at TAY LOfcb Carriage Wareroo'nn, 20 Cedar atreet. A GENTLEMAN ABOUT TO LEAVE FOR EUROPE offer* a paiT ef brown Man'* ami a Gelding for sale. Cat be seen at private ulsble coruertf Madinou avenue and Tl>:rty-fourlh street. Ahorse wantf.d-that can riiow ? ? on day of sale. For such an animal a ca*h ooetoBser may be 'fcuud by addrewlng W. 8. C.. Herald oflioe AT 47 CEDiR HTREKT?CARRIAGES AND HaR nea*.?Large stock of Unit cl?5* work alt very low prices " Concord and e.lier Buggies. suluf^le for S.t utijoi n trad-i. ,N? Broadway expense* Dr proUU. JOHN V.. fUFT9,Jr., Cuccea*orto'lW'?a A Tutta. A8PLENI?iD PAIR OF CARRIAGE nORSES FOR aale. Inquire of II. M ARSH. SupevlMeodeut Adaaaa' Expretk Coni.iMiy stable*, 50 Btiadway. ^ ATlKVRfltJGHBRED SADDLE HORCE, 7 YEARS old, 1S\ hand*, warrarftM *ound; flir^o drirlng Uome?? uew top wagmie, turn over ?e*u Phmettin, ilarnexs. Fifth, avenue. Pony fodrth street. AT OCT* HORSE AUCTION MART. X1HON SQUARE, oppo^is* thn monument-To-mori-ows t.t 12 o'clock-, twe line Hatnttinonlans, one Pa*rhen Hone an J other destmblc a ux-k. ?y 41 IN Kit A SOMBKVILLE. ?sj auction head. CRIKBINO OR WIND 90CKINO TIORSES.?PERSONS having horse* affected wlih ttom h; bit will call atttis Corapton ffiiiRe, corner of Third avenue tnd Twenty.fouru atreet. Ttiey tin procure Jennlsga A Marshall's patti-t Ant -Crihher. No charge Bade to TMpo-nslble part*? aOui a cure l? et'flcted. Beat of refereno^s Jfre^n. JJKMt RALE-^A SPAN OF HANDSOME CARET AC P. I" Hor??j'., well matched, bay In enlor uad about 16V bands high. *oW for want of ose. Apply at er'.vate stable WB Went Elgh^ntb street, between 8 ana W A.'iC. and after4 P. 4!. TTtOR RAI.B?THREE OR FOTR' COACHES, BTBriT r W?e?rs, single and Aeuble Isnys. cbesn. W Henry atreet, HreotVn. WART FOWEUI. Y7??R SAI.E-A RPLENDID T?/.TR OF CLOSI3LY r jnalehtd brown bay earnage Horses, < and 7 yearn- Id. jswt from the country, 15 bands 3)aches In hai^lit; sound, gentle and eitremely (tyMan. Apply at IUQiK .e's hvery stabls. Verandah ptaee, Sentik Brooklyn. |jM?R SALE?A FINE TEAM OF??RIOHTLY, BLOOD, r toy ItcTses tlve aud atx years did. and for beauty, at/le, agrceablenes* aud avenwena with whicli tkey?!Hve cannot bwsurpassed; aisa aaid te be the finest tean ei. the wiaad; pertectly gentle, and Usorotghly broken in s.ngie and double Harness. *od tx-rfeotly K ind and kind and free from vice; ;:nee No parties need apply uoleeki pre pare. 1 to pay the above prloe. AMdreaa the owner. "W. F. Hnlaey. Atlantlcvtlie Post office, flntolk county, L. i. FOR SALE-HORSE, TRUCK AND HARNESS.' ALL >lu perfsst order, with good be >t and shoe work: aatla factorv rmucn on interview abownsfjr selling. Address M. A. B., box AkJ HVraid olUee. FOR-SALE?A PLATFORM SPKKd TRUCK, IN OOOD ?rder, wi.h pole and annfta. Inquire at A CAN? IRI.D'S, corner of Franklin atreet and areenpolnt aveai'.e, CJreenpoint. PO? SALE?A. KINK TOONO BAT MARF. EXCF.r. teat In saddle nn<l usad <4o' harness. Apply M J. OOOIKR.ll* Charles street. For salt?a handsome tray iiorm*. iw Ar-C'ld hick, loag white tail, tt.lhout a blenneb;.4cr not toeaoapaased far beauty and action. a splendid Udyta-ha-se. To-bot-en at any hour la-4ay. Ap;>ly at private elakls, 41 West Thlrteonlb atreet Fbor bale-a vert superior corps or boad Horse, Mi ;fc 1&V hand* M^h, long tail, and very etyliah, neren y-ara old; ean trot in I mlnutex; a rerj ptn* ?tnt drirvr and in perfect In every-:etpect. Prlovsad). Can be teen at the stable*. *78 Spring -ctrcet and if not aold to day Mill be oSired at Vaudewater't auction, tm. Laber.y atreetrkt 12 o'ct>ck, on Friday. FMOR81LE-A FIRST CL4C3 MODERN BCII.T BtaMe, In Hrrtr-third street, tetween Fil th and Kliui ?nuw. room fcr ooacbman: immediate poiaeaalon. S. r. JRJlXAND, 301 Broadway. FOB BALE-EIOHT HORSES. AMONO THEM ABB onf ronv but t Mara, $89: ona-irg* Team,*S years ?4u, ?ISO;* so two valuable Blind Ilonwa. WN<> 4?hau>baa atreeC Fob BAX.E?lkht and heat* express WAfiONB;' aleoJirtt daa- Buggies constancy on hand, at fa Vast Twamy-Ucth stress between Sixth aad Seventh a redact. BtOR SALE?A 1C5RT STYLISH HIR OF YOU NO BAT F Hofsec, cloeak matched, Ik. I trnd* high; warranted sound aad kind; tra-el In 1:30 together. Price f1,MU Will take anod atrriage h >fses In exchange. Can be seen at Pel ton A McE wen's. St. 9 east Twenty-IWt.t street Appl7?at 71 BMMdw v raom W. F^or saxf-a l?t or first cl/.ss horses, juht from tlx* country (It for carta. I*. 3k*. express or.aoy biMtaooa. W.irrant?d anand and kind. Inquire at MLUAcal street, corner Washaugtoa. Fob half?an express waocn, horse asFO Earner* To ha aren tui sold at A. L. WH ITELAW'C, plumber, SV7 f Tirth ae nue. Prior $3st. IjVJBCALE- A SECOND HAND ?ntriSO TOP BHG 1 , gf. iu axcai.eni orAe.. Apply ad BO an 1 XI Amity aires*.. JOHN FERRIS. FOB RALE CHEAP?AT 1M WAAHINTJTO* STREET, elaveu head of yu?M Horses, f; >m the oouutry, au'labiei for truck and w ress wagons; alac one One driving team of Kays, one ladv'a saddle Horse, aad a team af Blacks, aliteei, fcenda. Inquire far Johnson Harness at a ba4oain?a set or second barn.,. Ilgbt ttoubla Haruaea; alaa two seta of heesry Harness at a sasr inoa. SB. Pearl aU*et,.Mar Baakman, up stair*. Half or frit atb bwble no. k.vesteioh. leaatLstreet ,o let Apply at No. M?Mau street ON EXlKBtTTOS FOB A FEW DATB-AT WOOD Brother* oarri*j-e wannoiia, 9M Broadway, ? Patent Gear for attaching to any kint of vehicle, to-.prevent aorl dant from rucawty hirses: it Immediately stops the oar rlage and attows the bnree to free himnelf fro* the shafts, thereby preaeatlng the lota of Mfe so often aomsrrlng. Can be saen until Abe 8th tail at tha .abort addmea, when It will bejaem to Franoe for the great exhibition. C. LUCRKUX, Patentee W Eltotbeth alreet, Navr York city. ?1JOCKAWA*.?A BBACTirUL LIGHT, NEW ROCK J V away; alsa a no toe Wagon; sold at a hargtin, at Mo llahoa's slabia. M Mount, street, ?ear Market. SECOND HAN? DEPOT WAOON, THBEB LEATHER top Boggle*, % square bodv sIHs seat Buggy- tfoctor'g Phr.eton and Ooose. TaJtaa In tiM*. For *ai? verv. cheap. 1BAAC Mil. JB., * TON, am Broadway. O ELM NO OFF OHCAP fV)R CASH, ON ACCOL'NT OF O giving up barnaaa bnalneaa, one very light and flee set oj double Har nee*, one da tingle. ?iltame rnr *^ovt'ng ; two .gate single buggy Harnett, one Side Saddle, Bvluiea, Trunks and Bags, Be. Inquire at ID Canal street. SEVERAL SECOND HA* D COACHES. BRETM. Phtetons and Roekatvays; a full assortment at ?t? ?at Carriage* at reduoad .prleea. MOTT k CO.. etaner Feurth and Marcar streau rl.ET?FIREPROOF BRICX BTABLB, NO. (3 EAMT Thirty.eaeond street, 4a Novambar 1. IW. _ H AOOEKTT A PHBLPM, No. ? Pine street. fBTANTEfJ-BT A OENTLEMAN IUHT BETt'RNED TO TT the eity a perfectly luagehed span of carriage Hor*e?, whlrh are ako good rrvidttera; arlca not to exceed |l.!IUil. They mntt br tound. gentle aad oot older thsn seven year*. BUilag the fa:i?ai partirulara, addraaa Baady 0?ib, Herald *??* ?\lTApON.-A NEW NO TOF WAOON WILL BF. SOLD TT ta dsy at a tacrlflce. price $i!0 worth $*W. at McMa ton's stable, DO Monroe street, near Market IfZ CART HOPSKS FOR BALE ?ALflO A NICR Horta; ean t it in 40; will be said cheap. To be seen at 254 Uold street Brooklyn. WILL BUT A BR<)WN HORSE, ? HANDS, 8 '. 1 '? ) years old. tound and kind, without Mesial*. Maat bo avid this dag. Apply at 287 Seventh avenue TIIK LEI TI'RR NKANON. t UKrrrxE bi iiov. rich a rd'o'oob m a n, o*. .1 drr the aeep'rvg of the New Tork Young Men'* Homan Caih'ilie Ben<vo>at A*soaiAtlon, at Cooper Institute, on M in lay evening. Marck II, l?7, al I o al ?k, In aid of lha Monument Fund af tha astaoati in. Jo-Iit S., Secretary. ,/OllN HATES. ChalrmaB. TleK,'t* M centa, to be had al tha door an avaamg of teo tare, and al the urluclpai Caiholia book storaa. Emx-profrssoh ??h. a. ho\orman in enolish l anguage. L vevatnre and Hlator>'. la Claenea. k*? wlU driver leaiure* on tha English LaagtAite In ladla*' or gen tlemen* college*. Addraaa F. S. C., W Weal Ninth street. TMPOBTANT LECTURES DAILT-W OENTLEMBW 1 only, at the New Tork Mutruss af Anadomy, <11 Broad way. Tjiow unable to attaad tbaaa lecture# wayraoalvaa eppv hj forwarding tan aanut Addreea BaokeUry af New Tork Museum of Anatomy, <18 Broadway. pET E. H. CHAPIN, D. D., WILL LECTTfK'B BE IV fore the I^aa Litem? Union an Friday avanlng, ,;?aroh C ISI7, in tia I nlveraallst ahnreh, corner of Blearier and Bownmg stiNgte Ignore at? p. iT Ticfcatajii CtiPAWTH KRHHIPW. ABIMVEHH max WAN TED?A8 PARTNER. WITH ttdlWJ OMtbJ, to do tha buying and selling and gen eral out .lour business, la a good pax Inn and respect a'>ia m?n?fietnr>,g busineea. Addieaa, with t?ai namo, J. K. P.. Herald o.tlce. A!? ESTABLISHED, PROSPBROVB BUSINESS ? Ho?-e will take aa Partuer a ptilimug of Integrity wrth uieJcrate capital. Munufactum* business also for aaie. SPUTUM \ YD ft CO.. tttl'cdar atnx-L (lOPARTNKRsnir ?O. W. JOSLYN HAS THIS OAT J tf"in-luted with htm an partner Mr. John Y. Boelwlck, and mil continue ihe Banking an4 MOfi Commies Mm llu?l. nee* ,.t No. :I5 Broad street, under Uia firm name at 0. W. Joalvit ,% (??>. N?:w York, Mnrch 4, 1S97. PlIRSOLl'TION.?TUB COPARTNERSHIP EE'lETO. ' lore existing titxler the Arm of KreUk. YViRae ft Co. la tt.s day d.HolraJ by uiutuul con*aUt FRPnK. WILT3B. joiin norm. The hn sfnees will he ronttmied at the nlacc by Nrw Ynr.a. M aroh I, lrtg. KRK [?K. WIlTSE. DM SOLUTION.?TUB COPARTNEPSlin* HBRXTO forv eTftlim under Che flirn of H. Ua'.twlb 'ft Co., la this day dissolved by ma^ml enr.scnt II. BALKW1TZ, richard s. hafpbubero. The Knstxe?? win baoentlnn-d at th* **?v.e plat.- and all rtaimf. ecUied by RIt'UAKD rt. H aI'KLKBKIUi. Nkv V?uk. March ?,**??. . NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT TJIfe COPART ne.>hlp heretofore efclitiating between "he tinder, algaedv.ader the Brm lumi und style of Alhrti Terhnne * Co., hitaia day diwoJ/e.l fey limiUlimi and mu'ual consaat. ALBERT TERHUN ., W. ORANT Tb^'toslness of cnya rtnershln Hi ?-i he clrsed by Albert TVihm e, who alone U authorized to sign the urm uan.,- tr. Ifa^tildation. ?*w York, February ?f, 1887. TJWUtTNKR WANTE^-ONE WHO CAV COMM.1NB A 1 trnde In the wholesale produce mmmlwion and h-ituf baftttesa with a -perwrn of manna. Aditro- a, giving unart ami location, Anson, Herald allien. PARTNERS "iVAlTTRD-IN SEVERAL FIRST C'.A*-; b;i?lnes.;e?. -with cash eapit-fl frtm. $1,000 lo ?.*> .<W>: goul chances -to get Into busmen*. 'Apply at Busrnyns Agency, 497 Broadway. rf>ARTS'KR WaNYED-TO TABB ONE-HALF TN I tereat in awfood Rrewery. In thlweltv .See Bnilnew Oo qbaftunltlea. Call on or aildreea J. C. HORERTSON Ver ?c.ian.a' Hotel, 41'oortlandt ?trset, "Waineiiday end Thara 'fay, ttkix week. PARTNER WAVTF.D?IN A ' LUCRATIVE. LltHIT man fantii ring buairesa, already natahllshed, to fi'.rnlah $XOOO (not all tit (TJCO) agalnxt an eq'ial amount. For Inter rlew addreflai A. Finance, New York Pout office. PARTNER WA.NTEI*-WTTH $|C COO OR t20IIQOTAPI tal. to cnift.j?* In one of the linent eotlon plantatlonn In North Carellno. The farm coatainM nearly |||06 jrr"?. ncrw und r en:ttimMnu, with 1" hnrmtdi, mtllea and l'Vi negro^a. Orer WB acres'a.-e now planted, ami bhout 71) handi enj;a<i? l In eonipostlin;. The farm la wll gtcoked, and Biwol supply of pn>Ti?>uiia an J fnrace. Tlrere |? ul?o a fine trtor?- on tho farm where a tr.udncN* of S.tD.000 tr, jyi.iM) can be .tot?? an nually. A partner with the abort* o^pltnL to take an urtlrr or ?lle*flntery?t, will be negotiant! with Bent of rtfTerencea even and required. Apply m B. B. MERRILL, No. SAitCi' ouse N-wAurk. WANTBD-A PARTNER WH7I $?.(KI0 OH|W,1*HTS u eeufe Uhed hualnem. to take the place of a r 'tirltrt partner. One ainHaitited with dry good* pieferrad. Ad dreaa Veda, Herald olllce. fXTANTKB?PARTNER IN REAL ESTATE AND til ?? ?oranee linalaesa. In new Herald building: lawyer pre ferred. Reference* exchangetL Addraaa or call at, from li to 13 A. road way, room SC. WANTBC IMMEDIATELY?A PARTNER WIT71 a boat $5 000: 80 per cent profit fuamateod; corre.. pondevce at. lctly oonfldenMal. '/ddreat J? llerrfld o(0ce. tf?-| Afl TO $?on TO INVEST AS SPECIAL TA'ITNER ?PJ.ty^7 -la any reapectaMe fcoalnea*. Kta'e amount re quired and trasineaa. Address O O.. box n? Herald office. <U??C;fk?WANTED, A 'FATTNER. TO TRUYBL \8 treasurer with me .n the best money mating bnaiaeaa Ic America. Call between 4 and ft o'clock P. M. on J. W. TALLMAPiiB, at the Treroont House. ?Qf|fi?T0 WW WANTITD-rtl INVEST AS FARTHER vOvv In a well eataWiahef! Packing Box Manofa-ti r Ing fl??i..u.i, by. a middle age', gentleman wtrc hws knowledge of the earpeatry -brn-lne-s. No agentt-nr.ed answer. AJdreaa foraix tuM.. Ileraid wflVce. ?QAn ? A PERSfm 6F STABILITY CAN TPR ?P?VH, ehaae half IntereatK:, an *?tahll?l?<Ml hoahnsa; net pmflt*?.'IOOQ per annnm. -Call and exaniina'for ttireo days at'il I'rlnee streat, near fc.werr. dM Aftfi -AN EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY ?pl.lMFH, for making mosn; partner winte.l In the ?ery beat paying Irarellins bu<tae?s tn America, vle'*rrix a large dsi'eirraome; asaoelatloii? drat slasa. Apcly hu.medi ately art 217 Hudson street. tf?r; (tf|A -A SPECIAL F*itTNER WANTED,-TFITH this amount.,dn a well established maniifai - toring huntress In thla city AtMress R. S.. Her.ild ofli je. Q1A Af.fl TO tlStta# WANTED-TO EXTEND A 'PI" " " legltlmite boslri" -s, established three yeira, paying large profits, well located And out of debt. Iospi c tion solK'Jted. Only parties gWtnt real name wHl be noMcad. Addreaa Ai jox fin Herald office. BMINBM OFPOHTli NI TIBS 7 AFArfrra ER WANTEO?TC'TAKE THE IRTRBST ? af a ratirlng partner tn the Brewing bnalneaa hi tnls city. This, perhaps. Is one of tfca bs?t opportuntttao In the city for a baalnes ? InreitmenL The brewery la In an axoel lent location, with a favorable4<>aae, lain perfect running order, tiaa alt the modern Improvements and is now-doing a profitable ovMlnesa, with rooen to enlarge and custom to war rant the'enlarjement to twice Ita present capacity, which la now eighty barrels, nearly all dty custom. This will bear the sttK'.eat mTestleatlon and will show a fortune to aay ordinary business man In a shvrt time. Would prefer oae who underslaols the btislneee. but la not reallr neoea. s?ry. Oallon or address J. C. ROBERTSON. Merchants' Hotel. Oartlaaiit street, from 11 till 4 on Wednesday and Thursday of thlr week. No pnasoo^iaed apptr nnlesa he cac g-re the Vest o* reference and invest $16,000 i?sh. AN MTAftlflflBED CITY NBV/SPAPEB, FILLED wlui yearly cash advertieing, lo. eale; small capital required and terzis low ta a reaj insitij party. AdJreaa In te^rity, Hrrahl ulllee. A CAPITALIST WANTED-BY A THOROUOn BrSl-' ness men, tcr a flrat class cash baai^ess. B.inkers and merchants1 aeferw.jes. Addreaa Bunibesa, box 1,(MI Fost ? ifllce. ' A PARTT BNQAOBD IN YBK vMANCFACTCRINO bnslneae waa:' an active niaowith $1110 to 91 Ml, in Mka an Interest. . llefereneee eadliMat-. at 5X4 H oadway. Itmn Nc 7. ? N INDCOTRier s BUSINESS MAN WANTED-WITH JV from $1*'to $f 0, to tiike halt inters't In a lucrative ofB e btmlness, pe:manently eauMiUu.. Beaaona, til baa th. Addreaa laveatment station D. piARWERS OWNUn PEAT LAWBfi WILL HEAR OF dreaa: i r somethingio tUe r advanface tiv c*ll,tg upon or ad a:ng PARI* E A i?KNKI)I(.'T, SI Pine ataeet. LI/.SB, 8TOCJC A*'.) FIXTCREB -OF A BROADWAY Mtire for sale?Stoct- consisting of Far?aoU and Taney Ooods. Business well esUbllaheil. Rent lo?. Apply on the paemleee.-ail Vrawlway. near Kavmataanth street, west side. Proprietor aulngl. to the manufacturing I uslonaa. ATBNT.-ONB OK T'lK MO<T VAT.I'AKLE inven tlat s of the age a. v he s?e;i bv esiiin^ a-i the sub. acriber. II is known as llorne'e Fire Escape. Its cheap aess and reliability must make It popular. It la the only Crfact Fire Escape evero.Tered to the pntiiio. A rare chance offeree ta capltaUata ar manufacturer/ Cat. and eee Model at t'l Broadway. REN TOR ft CO. ANTXD?$1 ,S0<r IN A SAFE, LEOSTIMATB"XnD vt axelastre m-mafacturtsg buslnaaa; suxtratapli ; priflta Mlper oent unlimited caah orders Thepa-T v to hold all wit* a aalary and equal protta. Call an or adtiresa B. B., 43 Nassau street, Brooklyn (trjlfl -A. (iEVTLKM^M ABOUT LEaVlNO THE "JtW/w, cHr would sail half interest of an siW eetaiAiahed business thstTrill par large proflta. Unqtiestsenable sefer anoas required. Address .Stewart, box 131 HeraM otkoe. ? ^.onn WANT BD.-I BAYS THE EXT LUST VB V'-'i'vV/l/ rttflfc to msnwfectnre aa article ?the demand fer which Is nntenlied: proflta tairaense; have eernaaeaced to manufacture and run short af money, therefore will s*ll a half Interest cb? ?p. Addreaa .far Interview A. JFinanae, Beer Tork Poet aSaa. IJ loajt opmEN. AT 77?IIONET ilBKBALLT ADVANCED ON BU A MOKI'S, WATCHES. JF.WELRV. Ac. OR tub SAME BOUOHT AT T'lB HIGHEST RATES. ALSO PA wrjrjiRoK P.Rs' tickets BOUGHT POR DIaMONPS, watches. JBWEI.RT. Ac., at 77 Blaacfcer atroet. np?uy?. AT W PEARL STREET. BKTWKRN new BOWB*r arid franklin nq >!*.-*, LEDERRtt A CO.. adfanc# !?* ?mlly at re**onable termaon all raJmfcle property, J+wlry. Dlatnoids kc , or porebtia. . at nnfAira.iu broadwat. corner opjo1*d A aire*, will be paid the highest arte* for I)r??r|* Watehea aad Sllfcrwara, or will adraoea on I* lboT* articles. ??? J ADTABCJM MADE ON WATCHES. IWAMnjP". JKy ?1*7. Bowl' and Perannal Prm^erir".*T*ry ?rripUoa. J. L JACESON, Ul Grand straal, ?? doorawaol of Broadway. AMPTANCBS HADE ON DIAMONDS, *?T??E5l. M?* ? mrware. P?r?, fln? Pnrnll'ir*, Cam<? ?")?*'*? a bought far ca?h. Term* modemf '? ?* cohen, Tte> B o?d?iJ. nearly oppoalte Actor pl?? AT V "ROADWAT.? t FAT TOE *JO H*?T PRICES far Diamond!, Watehea. Jewetry *??? or adranm oa iha 4mo?. ISAACILl'-ronnd Broker, Oppoa* Wailaclt a Kiealre. At bu.-diamonds bough:.'J?* cash, also FINR J BWEIjRT. hil,TF.A**B. OLD COLD AND ?tLvBR. ao..' *J; j^B.-PAWNBROEiCRS TKKETB BOUGHT POR DIA'ONDS, WAT<-HB>?, AO. ALhu M'lNKT UBBKALLT .^^NOKD ON SIOMMENTH OP TUP. aB</* ARTICLES, AT AI7 BKOADWAT, ROOM no. A AT 107 broadwat, nA* twentieth strkrt* room So. 4, the highed**1?** ?*? P?ld for Diamond*, Watches. JaweWy, Ao. A !??<??&advanced. Mjj** * CO., Diamond Brokers. At no. t twenttt?*0 *tbbet (pipth avenue Hotelt-tbe hl?he?t?? P?'<? 'or DUom4i, Wale baa, Ac.. m a<l?ano*e made ' ln# Hm'. c - ^.itaueax tIT ' : * K8"" ? SUPPER ROOMS, corner Broadway g The larder and W'"WU*1 wlth b*1 lh* marte* afford a, PREDK. Ul> iKnK(ir * HATHAWAT. . ? - ?K WBPAFKRB. _

WA-Vr^CHM-LRTE PILE OP THE new TORE * J, ,,d fer ,8afl A4df?M T ? , HaraM aflef FIWANCIAI,. ALUKKr H. NICOLA Y, STOCK HKOKEE AND AUCTIONEER, No. 43 PINK STU BT. ESTABLISHED FIFTEEN YEARS. In?uraooe, Otty HaUroad, U.i? I.ijm, Hank, Tolet;r.i|'i?, Eiprens, Manufacturing and lllniivi Stock* receive fiecUfl attention, and aotne oa Laud for uiitj, paying from 10 U? Jt per ?ut dividends, at low raws fur tavaauncull. Money to loan on oity real e?tatk.?want ed, Mail, modern built lion a, c?utr&liv WcAteJ. fo c&Mh. BKAD1UJ tl*T X PIBLD, HO C?.Ur utroai. P KNN8VLVAN1A STATE LOAN. PROPOSALS FOE A. LOAN- OF $0,000. bOO. An art *o erWe a loan (nr the redemption of the ?? erd ne bond* of tlm tTotniuonwcul h. \Vb??rt a- ihrt-bund* of tin- Commonwealth an<l certain cer tificates of iridehtedn'aa araamiting to $?s.Ml>jDuu, ttav? been ov?*i\l?i and uuaid for bout cms paat; Ami whereaa It la deairabte the nnn ahould be paid an'I withdrawn irora the .norkat; tharafo,-*, KfcCTiON I. rtrf it enacted tiy the Souate and IlaaM of Ro prescsttativm of the Conmun wealth of heaia la den aril iski-mbir mot, and tt it hereby fnaewt by th- aiitb n-uy of tb* same, That the Oc* i-rnor. Auditor licn iraf and Suite Ti-rujurcr Ie, and nre btr.eby anbvr!?*/ and NannrcKd to borr iw on .tie faith ?T#i Ccuntnoonyialth, !? >?:V amouota ai>?i with Mieh nottoo ''io 1c >a lAi>n .'>rtv ii*v*;, as thuy wfy deem most e?P' (!r?it for the nupr.- anfM-i Hlate, twett- j tv-threi Ciiilioua or rtr.'l irs, an \ i>.-'Cr. cntitcftf? of Intn ar . bun ;*of{ he Coinnmwnalth for the. nam-, bedfng interest at a rate not e*oe?lmg nix per eatitdpn per -annum, payable B*mt-fM>.uully, o* 'h< 1st <w Kebmn-y and Iw of Annum, ta the tMty of i'hil ni.-lpi i; which ecnlloates of toau or b tide ?hnll a d iw ?ubiC. to any t&vi'.Mn wli^n-r for State, mnnU<-< kl or lantl'punMMi*, Mid shtllbo (iay ible as ii? Inm, lanw-lv:?W"i m'H!<>n? of "dollar* cavuble ?t any tnre-sT'terflve fenm and wlthm t? yearet ?n?ht mill on? of doltara payaMr ??r ny time aWr ten yearr and within fif teen years, and ten uitiMnna efT ddtiara at m v Mine after >lf teen years aniS wl'idn Iwenty-Uvt vaar>, wad aliuli ha algned ?by i;??frmr f id State Treasurer. urJI ??? ii'it?,r? t;nB41 bv tbe*f?ndKor Setviil, and pegtf '-rod m'J.h? book* of ihi" AVWitor 4)anfM|, and to balnn^ arable na the bnokr of the iConiiiMmwt-illbf-.t tb<> Pmhop: ' aud Moottfn.a*1 NaWonal l?ra tc of fhrlutlt -,ihla: thr ,itrx"i-ts of w!i.lle of which loan. inciitdMiynnitniunM. jtc., reooived< .)u tb<- aaaaa, xhall bi applied K>-tf>* mqrment nf. (be booda and oertitiea%ea of I;: lebtf(tii(-i? Of tfie I' mrnicwon tlx, ?>kc.2. "Wiettla far tha?aW baui *t?sll b? opened if tho freieu'-e <rf thr <ioTwrnoi, aod .-?iatn Tn an arer. rtndtiwa dtid to th? htahott liiil b-t i'rovidi'd, e : osrtiluatr h?"i.b.v authnMaeii to i<e i&nae J nhall be negutiatad <jr !>?>? U .ur 't? ;i?r *"1? -i m^t. 3. ftie of iu< itt.i* and ec tllioates of tadebtcd 5.e*?. nor.- w r du-e, abtil ??" mcoli-rfb.t< in pnv moort of the laid ii'aa. tit ier *ueh ififtiiUMlonk u> t-ie Oavarnen, Audi Mr w* ' flnki' '""t ?"If i^wy pmunbe; arid *wrr?-bld der for IbeH an now Mtborlsed to lie 'Miued atuil!autta In biabiii'/vhe nerthn 5<m> is inyaiil* m cakh or in iinr- bcudn or rertrioll s of lndebteifcioaa of tbe* Cummonwealth. Skc. i all trivrtert. axaaiiiaao, a.lmiulairator*, cuar dinn?, ii^?i U. trt-axur-nra mmm;tteai> or otiipr ijer?<Mui^i>>ld iiiK In a Maclary capacity bondit or <^rUftoat?i of imebtwl. nesH of vk'. Siatj', or mooeyi, are liereby autbnrizetl to bid for thr 1ok:i heroby a.Ythorbted to >? luued, and u??nrr*n? der tlr? Mnda or ceUHUok'ea of loaa held by th?-ui at th'- time of mafemc ?uob bid. and<o rcoelva '.he bond* authored to be IS-UIW1 jy thit a?. S*c. 5 Any fwrnom -ar per*nt>? standing In tbe fiduciary aapuRity ?tated in the #cnrth akctloti of thin act'who may dealK ?r niTeHt naniey- tn th<jir hands for the benrtit of tbo truat may. without MMrderof Ofturt, lnveat tbe Mm* in the bonlaA'ithorir.t'd (>e lnir-4iied by thia ai.-t, at a rata of pre mium e it oxce.-atat; twenty per-oontuBL Hncl That from auj after the tiaaauKe of th4*>ftf t all the boiKl?< f thia ('osiinocaealiti aball be paid off tu tbe order of ttxri - matutitv. sbc.'7. all loaea of thl* Coinmnnw-<atih net yet due abail'ta exempt irota Stule, ttiunlelpal or lo^ui taxation aft v .he interest due Kcbrnary lir?t, one ihavsand eight hundi -d and ?e\-?i ahall have been paid. S?c. H. Thar, all ext>.'ln^ l iWa. or portlona thereof, Inoon aiibur t herewith, arc hereby repealed. JOHN P. GXASfl. flpaaker of the Houae of Keprea*uUtivea. L. W. 11AI I, Saeaker of the Senate. Ar irnred the eeeaud day of February, one thKiKand eight huaitred and ainy wren. JOW. GEAKY. lr aceordano- with the proviaiont- of the above aet of A? aenr!ily aealed proposal* will be receive ! at the office of tho Stmo l'rcaaurer, it. ti e City of ll.irrihbmjk Ptnn.-tylTania. until IS o'rloHt X. bf tlie ln'td y of April, A, It . 15W7, to be endoraed as foMuws:?" Pro^iaala for i'e.imaylr.uiia Suite Lain, Trea.ury !)ef artmeo:, Hitrriabtirg, Pa., railed States of Ainen-a" Hid* will be ra?.rt??d for I .(i"it,uw. reimbursable In Ave Cut and payable itr ten yeara; ?R*),000'ble In j ya-ira an-l payeWe tn yiwa, and 9Hi.nflO.OOO, relm baraable to tin? p years and im/alile in tweaty flvo years, the rate of Inteoea' to bAntther five or alx per ?'-nI tier an aaim, which miKrtt einnelU* rUtedlli the bid:an<l tn? hjda ? oat advantajniiMia to the State wfll be accented. No bid far leaa than par will ba oon^M'rad. The bonds will be i-aOial'n *on:?ef<t40 and.aus'i tMpf ??k'l deaired by ?? loanera, U> be free fm State, local ml J municipal tnXML The orer doe bon la of the Cmamonweiilth ?f Penn-ylra aia will be i*<:'*??' at parinytuyaaaat of tbla^ran; but bid <*r? must ?iut>- whether thr) Intend to pay ineaah or to the ?verdlie loana aforesaid. No diatinetliiti will be nvde -between b^hjer i paying tn taah or ovardoe-laaiia. JOHN W. OEAKY, ? loremorof Peiinsylrnnta. JOHN If. HAKTBAWrT, Auditor UeoeraL W. H. KEM1U.K. State Treasurer. N. It.- No newspaper pubUalittig lha above, tat.leaa autho .riled, will rereiva-jiay. 'JJHE INTXRBfn ON LAND ORANT BONDS OF UNION ^PACIFIC KAIL WAT COMPANY. KAHTIUt.N DIVISION. due March I, IW, will bo paid on ptaf-eniatlna. of oouponi thoesror, ou and after that data, at Uw Kunii u Houaa of UaSSEY, N'MU?At? * 4M U Kiohaugo place. Sew York. W*. J. Pa l a aa Tceaaorer. S~t6?7k HOL f) E lis Foil SR-OKEACH, WANTED. _C A PI tal and at leaatSS par oent profit fully aeeitred by raal eatale. D. C. BPOERRYt No. 6 Wall Street; between t aad S P. M. ?finnA?* NONFOBFEITINO ENDOWMENT <>t).UUu. palter of Inatiriaee In one of our first compa nies will be given aa aee.urlty for the loan of 9M0 for fonr montba and S30 boaua paid. Addfeaa Bonua, box ICI Marald (ton nnn *? I'Oan?o*?ond and moktoaoe "P^U-UvU of oky property. in on* or mora inm>, to ?Wit; no commlwhMia. Apply to CHARLES CHKNKY, 19S Bro?<Iw*y. _____ diQ^n Ann *o loa*?in bums to htot, on IpZOU.vUU Hrooklvn, New York ud Now Jersey Estate. Prompt atvn?on. OH AH. P. OILMAN, llJ?roadway, room No. 6. Q>OOZ nnn T0 WAN ON BOND AMD KORT. ???(w'J.I M FU pe*, In one *r more lumi, on rati estate, In this citr or Brooklyn. JOHN r CONREY, C Wall atreet, mta 11 U>Y <?OOt)S. A GREAT RUSH AT BOTH STORES. Auction ??cni* our haadunarter*. Two stores enabl* m to buy bltf Inn cueap, and to hMp both supplied with bargain*. immense LOTS tflES8 OOODS. He 1MWKNSE J.ots, S7X?. andiOe. AUCTION musliih, Me.. 13<jc.. Ite. and 20o. BEST 4 4 WAM8UTTAB. SOn. AI.SO IMMRNSP LOTS ALPACAS, TABLE LINJSNri, KMPRKSS CLOTHS. *C? Ac,, lMn\ enicUon, At nearly HALF price. POUTER brotleks, 167 Eighth arenoe, near Eighteenth etreet. anil POSfKIt HKOTIIKK3, 1172 Blewaker street. HE BR will OFFER Tni* week, A , >?;K OP fiPRINO CiMtDS FRO* auc . ? THAN WHOLESALE Pltlf'Kft. I>RES^ <V CIIKAP. BLA< K. nCLoRtfD and ICAS; COLORED and RLkOK alpacas WORTH SI A YAKD. KINK prints AND 12^ cents A YARD. P4LLOW CASK MUSLINS AND KflEErm&, VERY CHEAP. ?HA?W, LINKN A*I> WHITE GOODS orkatly reduced. niAPER'lNKN at S3 A WECB, worth $t CLOTHS, CASHUHFRES AND SATINETS. satinet at 40 cents A YARD WORTH *1, AT ?CORNYN BROTHERS, 467 Elgbih aeeaue, near Thlrtyejfhti ? treat He farrf.LL has JCST OPENED his spring , *??*. of English. three-ply and hea*j power I'lOin ngra.n Carpet*, at greatly reduced prleea. lie baa also #>en?d hl? l?rge wholesale manufacturing farnltnre van* ?< <o the retail trade, curtaining S3M.UM worth of flnJUaaaod metlmm Furniture. All fn?d* warramed aa repjSentad ?J6". 2M, 97) Thirty-fifth street, ooe door aaat of (ighUi avanua. TOMBAC'S PATENT HOOP PKIRT 110LDKK. m No aaore-aocMent* from hooj> *Airta. No mor? rtdleuloua alt nation* for ladte*. No more aprlng* ehowtng below the lUlmnnU. Nownore tangled eprlng*. No more hoop *ktrt turning rrrrr which way. With the LOlitEAl '8 IIOOP SKIRT HOLDER, Ahaolute immn**bllltr (a fetj, ituvud elegance. S"ld *? retail Id ell famr ardalry goode ntnrn, Wholemle de?tc^ KM. LOIHKTlJ* CO., aw Broadway, New Tort* Wanted-Agent* for tba conn try. The crowds at both ocr storrs that camc from *11 jxirti after onr cheap good* wae Imntnw. Bargain* on erefT eWe. He idquartrr* for nuetioB goods. l,nn piece* wet RaBlaf, fa. piece, all wldlb*. 4,(MO pieoea IilinttT Ku fling, tn piece, worth "?. great bargain* la lJ?*s Collar*, all aiyle*, te., worth ISn. Be<t I'ometif 10e., worth t& HI yard* Alpaea Braid, 4a.. worth tl 71 1.II0U Iota rleh Dreee Trinunlnc*. V Importer*- price*. rull f sea Housekeeping Qoode at low prloea Bargains In Nottingham Lac Curtain*. Drapery. Muallna, A a. .'n every department, auction lota under regnlar price*. RONALDSON A MIARU, Mirer of Nineteenth street ami rilith arena*, end JHS Kl?|hth ar., between Nineteenth and Twentieth at*. PROPOSALI. P" ROPOSALS POR FLUID AMD CONDENSED MILK. Dkpartkkkv or ) Ptmuc CKicrma and Cossmtioii, > No. 1 Bom Brunt, New Yost. March 1. IM7. ) Sealed proptnale will be rare! red by ih? Cominiaaloeer* ef Public OharltM* and Correction, at their office. No 1 Bond etreet, Mill 1 o clock P. M. of the 21 at inat., for aupplylng the ln*?t?tlona under their ol-arg* with Pur* MUk for on* y*ar, commencing on I ha let day or April ne*t? 1'ropowU* will b* received lor *upt<lylBg PltiM and Con denied M/Uk, It bflnggegeerred by the Cotnmlsaloner* to **lert either or both ?bore de?c1ptlon? a* they nay determine to be nion ?n'*WU genua to the Department. The abore I* to be ef the b"?t quality In erery reapect, and the Fluid to be Fore Tnaklmmed Country Milk, Satisfactory evidence will be reonlred of the ability ef the partiea te fumleb the quantity called for without default, .and **enmy will to required for the faithful peiformaooe a f the oootrnot The Commlaeloner* reeerre to themeelre* the power of reo^rlng or rejeetlng any or all proportion* or portion* ik,. eof a* they may deem proper. ArtT information required will to giTM on application at thoir .office. JA?r9 Boin!w % JAMBS B. NICHOLSON, 1 - ? ISAAC BBLL, f C?m?l**ton*r* OWBN W. BRKNNAM, J ROCHEST.? WATOR WOMB OpilPAMT.-KOCHBS. ter, N. X- '*b' *li WW.?tolled prenoeal* will bo re Mired at tbe\"?oe of thta eotnpuy anWl Saturday, *h March oeit, at N8?". fn* <lWng and toek Blllng M mllee mm as w? vvv>?^^va?5rhkllkst?. 1 jplt0ad(v>'*y thk A'. hk. ADMISSION SO CENTS. Toom wwl Hroftmi iirmt Second waij^ j;.l'*',',"<?*nue continence. at 8 o'clock. ,btf u T? to fcjjii'idtl Mr- "n l Baruey William* 10 be Mtowedby the protean f,lr,a 0f i in AM) oil c(' IXAl'l!, *?ru?jr wliliuiu annum. dj different char >riik} even it.*. march 8. only of MR. HA Ilk ky WILLIAMS. *1 tr.imcnw bill?Tlirre ptncex?Irelnnd an it w?. n?n>s o^.th.1 Happy Man?Drama, Comedy and Eitrav*. S?.ttirdtt?, Marrh 9-second GRAND m vtinkk of #r. AND BaRNKY WILLIAMS. _j*?w may he -reared irtv days in advance. BROADWAY fllbatre. FRIDAY EVENING, March 8, 1AB7 'fin.t br.ieflt of Hilt. BARNKY WILLIAMS _t,r dh Ail A, COMEDY, EXTRAVAGANZA. " i*elai;d as IT was. the .tort;ii diamond. . THK HAPPY MAN. ho* ?onk now open. OLYMPIC THEATER. "Continued miceeita of the rreat inea' rora&nca. the KTRi-eth ok NEW YORK. STREETS OK" NEW y )kk. STREETS OK ni;>v YORK. STRRETS OF NEW yoiik. THIRD WRICK (IK THIS OltKAT mirror OF ... . . . mce tn THE METROPOLIS, 1?,, "M heen pr. - ???,111? ! to an niibmk?n SUCCESSION ok DENSELY DROWDED HOUSES since th<;_(il l nifht of it-; production. GRAND 8TRKF.TS OK NEW YORK MATINEE on Sat ?.wjynext, commencing at 1 o'clock. stadt THEATRE. 46 AND 47 rlwi-.RY, j 1i11s (rilt'RSDAY) k yen1n(}, MAlti'll 7, MR. HOGUMIL DAW ikon, lb his pre-it oharacter of Rli!HAUD ili, mipporte.1 by a powerful cast. g SRMAN STADT THEATER, 4s and 47 BOWERY. i o-morrow (kriday>, March h, will be preaeuted hiilevy's p'.-and Opera, die JUEDIN (THE JEWESS). FT a*?'* temple of JIYRTERY, him KROADWAT i' re.nrved seals *1. Seats aeourod ?i? da}-* It. adv tnct ?t the hall, front 9 till 5. cuntlbmd ???:<??* and it n founded euthu-lu.m, cwi.ed br the nfctt -programme, WITHOUT APPARATUS,.." vuiit^rsa*Illusion ??f the day. orowlkf *mbb' ndj NVt t"e "arret trick; be on* *4df ?verv^<ye?,1 vo 'ats v* lunv AT 1 wednj^jm^ve.n^enioht. chlldrc, ftalfv,^ f^iiarley WHITE'S rroupk. V ?' Bryant*' (Mechanic*' Hall)172 Broadway, amtrtrlf *' mo" place of Amuaement id htvni%?*''CHANGE OK performance. hinoro SPORTS, BY baldwin ti> \'tnfit THE roardixo SCHOOL. . TO n' promisino yot-th... . 12 tr AND OUTSIDE to nkjht xs^.^'otnai. HRO VDWAY HOYS. . TO-niqht BEAI tll'cl RAt.l KT. 11HE ('amk IAS '"to wn ire' cokclupiSli WITH jkai pi S WIKE. ::?.tu.nlviilt. can -TO A NCI SCO MINSTRELS?5s6 RROADWAY. thvtxtrs'i!'if.?,tl'!"""4a: quartef l? ci |1t. thik (kkmr dk ijA cremr OF mis st ii'' l qv bircl!^'.\mboln. hbkvard A BACKUS* SAN FRA'NCISCO MTNSTRKIjh r. tt^?"" ha1 .ne5t,r he*n by .uiv similarortrant. w,?? tliuZJu s t 4w .*nd ?che?rfi)l Hnrl< m)uea ercrj 21 Hilton Head institute. Norma and ore; A Dan. fn th^m Hrnin??r 'k! K"U" ;s-"'rP-. I will Mary Her no Ear > in (he Morning. khoui of laughter at the .shadow panto Tr<'o'|i" ?creamluji Black Cook and alrlwin halk-l V"elly AND LEON'S MINSTRELS, 730 BROADWAY. rmsa?uJ110^DJS' b<"' BLACK CROOK. tiiiv' utanrtaril and CINDERLEON. larrfsiiivi? original mirth OR and BALLET. maiwhrvhrmr a ?rorolun" pf" pa" de< Pa ten., tira. i'hiw tVi . ' ftwmance which PAS DK vlkcrilg. nvi viwnl !? the aeceet DEMON dtncb. kn??E?irt of onr great MADAGASCAR tvmln .. r ?n ???!?? and BALI.ettroltpe. Xr,}ihed 730 watelt nympus. ^> wallaom c<?p. phkes BPrlbsqueg. ofmin8thBLBY. GRAW AOOKY. JpRENCH THEATRE TO-NIOHT. _ LONDON ASSURANCE. .mk8" .ba"nky WILLIAMS'" smoni) rirlii' .'!!!} ?llinre>ts?,,lr,lV' m?roli 9, at 1^ o'clock. Fairy ?w?n?)oebij| g Dl"mond- Broadway Theatre. Admin 'BCOND SOIREE OF CHAMREIt MPSIO. 7 ?r *T STEINWAT'S ROOMS. t*i^,<i*jt72^,>av' kvewiiio. MARCH 7, AT 8, 1 j5xjibs?R8- W- Mason, tiibo. THOMAS J. mosentiial, o. matxka and f. beron'er. Trio, e ?.t op mo . ^h . ssar.%m .v-? jffs sinnle ticket. $1 so. ?ew?ovei - 1,1 ll,e principal store., uandkl'S GRAND ORATORIO of ? *an,? jl'das mal'cab.tll'S * rm "? fora"wift.rca.? w-u i rh"r"'w? an.talaed bt mr. G. W. COLHT. Plani.L and THEO. thojig rewrred .eat. 90 pent, extra. fnnsr*"nl'hl" h-h'"'?1 beer * schlrmer'a,701 Broadwar Pond a Co ... m< Hro.idwav; kullniao'. ticket .ffl? iti Broadway, and at slelnway ftall 0ffl0,* im CTEINWAY HALL. ~ t?.,?i!jjrl,lARll,?>Nlc SOCIETY OF NEW TORr 8. lotu- t#nor. ?nd Mr. Extra Ticket, for Ml. at tbe u.nal nlaeea. dmh .. 7; to commence at H o'clock. "" p *- open at PUBLIC REHEARSAL NO. 11, ?*'r;nur ?. ?t 10 o'clock A. k. admi^lo.i 80 cent.. L. HP1ER, Secretary. CTEINWAY HALL ~ " ~ " a "??"??. jmookcbrt, k ? HARRISON, Director. poaltlraly the laat apM.ran<-e at thn.e concert, of c M*rt?n"? PARRPA ROSA, "c""'or who Will ?ing raiki^i p gr**at arlii^ ... _ , ^''i-et lhe Rrtgh. -eraphim," With Trumpet Obl.?;aio by Mr. diktz; ?a.i. ' Hear the Gentle Lark " with Flute OMigato by Mr.; ?i.i. m. ~ "Ave Maria," fl'd0' mr wwrv' mr rosa5 ?rpo. Mr. KTI. KILLSL Pl'anut. Mr. oarl Ron a. Violin lit. 2r. tilmv?^and hi. Ticket. 10 ^lebhatit) ohci,bstra."d h" reaerred Seat. sorenga extra. ^j-or mle thi. tnoraing at the twoal plaoee. *r?- ?!r*ky WILLIAMS' SECOND MAT 3 .ira iaa a^. wSS'i/a^A sis,!s.?fis~r,!ai palag the Koru Below new ori,^'. rrueatrfoal.?wantrd, an kkd ma.V* ahvancf k!5""-? **?tri;ctiom^ ^ A tx?wlr9?t*ipnwm<x)ll1^?limiowmr xi imtwtm I ntlft and hmmton loifrilrhnn 2 A 'isjwshekw nnrasr- ~eikk?&.s:'is ..'?tgk sams-p. ?""o srejh&r-???!5?,iasrk?'ts Aronto widow would mkr to eroagr as govervM Mi fn la California, or Would act la lb* ca pacity of houaeka?p?r Addr<-u Widow, autioo 0. BOOKKEEPING. WIITIKO, AC , FOR Bl'RTNEHR ? DOLBKAR, MK< Broadway, tc*eh Bookkeep ing practically, aa ue?*l In lh? h?*t N?w Tork hon??; the* aleo remove ?tlfTneee ?ramping or trembling, unit make <-l# ?ant bualaeea penman. uentlemen ou eecure prlral* nrnti DRAMATIC READINU. ACTINU AMD PLAIN RRtD iojl -Private lotion* $? the oourae. Call on ROBKKTH, l? St. Marked plane, afu?r 4 o'clock f. M. vnxcn IN SIXTT LEKS0N8. H A MONTH, DAT r elMt: alr> Converaatlnn. Neither inmmtr nor die. tlnoary It required. PROF. JOSEPH J. (iRIKRRK, No. 1 Breroori place, Tenth ?treet. IN9TRCCTTON AND BOARD F<>R A FEW CHIHKEN under tna ac* of 13, with >n Rpleoopnl family r?eldlnga ? hort dltlMMM in the country. Addree* A. B . twi l,73i Po?l offio*. PMARIN RXHIRITMN.-A TOUHU l.ADV, WELL A(% qualnted In that elty, a anperlnr Prencfc, English and Herman ?rhoUr, deairea Ian engagement a? teacher, com Cnion or Interpreter, Addreat, for two weekt. Kihlbluoo, 1 IHerald office. U|fANTED?A LADT THOROCOHLT CONVERSANT Tt with lb* Png.lah and Freneh langnagea, who ean teach both well In all brancbML aa well a? muaie on the piano, to joting mlaaea In a flrat claaa family In thUi ellr. None bat ?uch aa are folly 00 tn potent need addreea Ml <IM Poet of. lid -0. 0. MARSH'S PRIVATE OOCNTIRO ROOMS OO. For Practloe and 1 Detraction la Bookkeeping and Bmtn?te Affair*. Ho. SIS Broadway. Clreolara. WIUIII1BHT. RS. RALLTV0* ?? OARAL STRUCT. HAS JtTgT rarelred two eaaaa of elegant French BoBBeta, wblrh will ba opened IhM day (Tbnreday), the 7lh. nialeeal* burere an reo?*?t*d te nk? aa early **l**tio? AMUSEM1MTSU NKW YORK THEATRE. _ ,.w Managers Ie*wl? Baker and Ma-k Smith Third wtek of tL? brilliant au.1 aeooinpUehed artiste, J,?1>Y DON. . , . who will appear THIS EVENING in two 0/ fc*r mo*t eel* brated role*, pf.rbeus, In Braugh's soeerssfnl Burlnmiuo of PLrtS..US A> I? ANDROMEDA, THE MAID AND*rHR MONSTER; AMD MRS. SMYLIB, In Tom Taylor's einnls'te romedy of NINE FOISTS OK THE LAW. Mr. MARK SMITH. Mr. LEWIS BAKES and ih?lr unapprotohible . v11_ COMEDY ANII BURLESQUE COMPANY will appear In both piecea. _____ IVOOD'S THEATRE COMIQITE. ADMISSION 16 CTS. II AU Srojdwuy. opposite St. Nicholas Hotel. A SELECT FAMILY RESORT. TTTIS EVI NlNG AND SATl'RDAY|MATINEB. MR. BUNNELL* AND HIS. In their animated I o*e? and TWO SON... PROF. HUTCHINSON AND ACTING I)oG8, UK. A LSI IN, Gymnastic Exer?!*?*. Ma.'to B*ir?l Faat* and Exhi bition of Cauiuo Electric Zouave Drill. It. Al>9liA, I UK'-""- ~ Drama, Pantomime, Mumtielsy, Dancing. A GRAND COMIC ENTERTAINMENT. M W. itEEf. RS. F. B. CONWAY'S PARK THEATRE, BROOKLYN. THIS EVENING, EAST LYNN. Lndv I 1 H firm. F. B. Conway Archibald Carlvl- \M I'. B. Conway tiRENCH THEATRE?FOURTEENTH ft THURSDAY, MARCH 7, Compllnientnry testimonial to GiiORGE DLSSOVE. Boneieaulr* celebrated comedy 0/ LONDON ASSURANCE, With an excellent cant Pt Ire or admission to ill iuru of tho bouse 31. Boi ollicc open at 7 Vc.uek, perlormance at ". T'IHEATRE FRANCAIS, COMEDY. Unparalleled Micces* of the French Comfedv. SATI'Kll ?Y EVE.YiNG, MARCH t?. AT PRECISELY, for the in it) und positively la?i time. LA FAMlLLE It SOlTON. (Original of the " Fast Family" pet formed at W?llack'?). Comedy In live acta by M.Viotorien SarJou. Ticket ollilce at 673 Broadway at II. PARDON VILLCS. rpONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE. 211 BOWERY. ' THK GkEaT PRESENT DAY DRAMA. HILLS OF KKK: Y, HILLS OF KEKRY, HILLS OF KEKRY. HILLS OF KERRY, OR, lit).LAND'S LAST STRUGGLE. Scene* and fcicldentn In llie late Fenian upriainu in Iie'nnd. HAILED NIGHTLY WITH THUNDERS OF APPLAUSE. ToNY PASTOR and hia gre t trjupe 111 aehuloo variety programme, embracing charming novelties. MAilNKES ON WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. Look uut lor Masamello, the Fish Catcher of N.iplua. IUFF1N A CHRISTY'S FIFTH AVENUE OPERA 110USB MINSTRELS. O. W. H. GRIFFIN Manager. The greats t iiuotu ever achieved. GRAND SPECTACULAR BURLESQUE, THK BLACK CROOK, every nlclit until further notice. ' He eng i^e.meut of Mr. ntlo Burbank, who will pueitivtly appear ua 1'huraday, March 7. HOOI.KYS OPERA HOUSE. BROOKLYN - I HE House that Jack Built. Burlesque Black Crook and llallet Troupe. First appeurance In America of the /real English artlKib Mr. A. Barn ford anil Mr. J. S. Hartley. Bur le-que l'urepa Concert, llamlet the Dainlv. Two I unpey*, Ac. Gland Matinee Saturday, March 9, at 01 luck. J^RENCH THEATRE TO NIGHT. LONDON ASSURANCE. G BROOKLYN ACADEMY OF MUSIC. L. F. HARItlSWN Director. Granj performance of Handnl'* Oratorio of SAMSON. and positively lad appearance in O-atorlo In Brooklyn of MADAME PARIiPA ROSA . . The Oratorio wltl l?e performed with the came powerful. array of talent aa In New York. Mma C. V HOTCHINGS, Contralto. Mr. OEO. SIMPSON, Tenor. Mr 3. It. THOMAS, Humo. Mr. DIEi'Z. Trampel KnlDbt Mr. K. J. CONNELLY, Pianlat Mr. G. W. COLBY, Pianist. Mr. F. L. R1TTER, CotMnnor. THE HEW YORK HARMONIC SOCIETY, AatU'ed bv meiuber* of THE CECIL!AN nrioIR AND KIILL ORCHESTRA. TICKETS ONE D-iLLAR. RI5SERVKD SKATS FIFTY CENTS EXTR*. Can nuw b? obtained at the Academy of Muale, Brooklyn. Bonyan tableaux.?largest panorama in the world. Sixty magnlfloent icviiea, illuatrating "Buo ??n'a l'ilj;rim'? Piogresn." Union Hall, Bro ,dway and ?venty thlril street. Open every night at 7; eorotucncinii at T\. Adnuniiou SO cents: children 2& centa. Matinee Wed nesday and Saturday, at 8 o'clock. ROUT. J. till..ENWOOD. Manager and Proprietor. 1UIE GREAT HISTORICAL FAINTING. "THE REPUBLICAN COURT" IN THE DAYS OF LINCOLN. GIVING 70 OR K> FINK PORTRAITS OF THE MOST PBoMlNENT PERSONS OF THE PERIOD. BY P. F. UO I'll BUM EL. MOW ON EXHIBITION, DAY AND EVF.NINU, INSTITUTE OF ART (DKRBY GALLERY), OS BROADWAY. WONDERFUL FREAK OK MATURB->THE WASH INGTON TWINS," horn alive, having two heada, four armi, and but nne body and one pair of legs; alft" the head ' and right arm of Probst, the murderer of the Deer in* fami ly; together with the magnificent collection of object* In Pbyaloiogy, Anatomy. Pathology and Natural lllatoryi all of which are illuatmfed dally by Lecture* and Miooacoplo Viewa, at the New York Museum of Anatomy, SHI Hunt way. Open from V A. M. to 10 F. M. MB AND MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS' SECOND ?AT I nee, Saturday, March H, at IS o'clock. Fairy Clrela and Bough Diamond. Broadway theatre. Admission fiOa. fHEATRK TICKET OKFICB. Reserved Seau for all first clase Theatre*, Cooeerta, . Balla, Aa. can always be obtained at the THEATRE TICKET OFFICE. | 112 aud IM Broadway. PIA.VUFOItTBg, A FINE *S-u>RTMENT OK PIANOFORTES Tfl LET. and sold on Instalment*, at tta manufactory. IM ana 188 East Twenty-first street. L. P. CUMMI NHS. A MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE PIANO, WITH the modern improvement*, will be aold at a reduced priee forca>h. M9 Amity atreet, near Sixth avenue. U. bARDMAN. AMAONIFD F.NT 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO fort* of >aperlor tone and finlih at a great bnr^iln. tor cash; all lite luuoarn Improvement*. Call at IM Urand street, near Mott. ATTENTION IS INVITED TO THE GREAT SALE OB new an4 second hand Pianos, first class city make?via., Chtckering'a New York Pianoforte Company, Manhattan Pl;<nforte Company, and several other*, at H. 8CIIKOB IlER'S Mus < al I intitule, 71 EMridg" street, near Grand, on account of removal. This I* an opportunity to purekaaa a KOO.I lonrura.Mit eiienp for r,,b. Every Plauo wananUd. A MAGNIFICENT PIANOKOHTE KOR SALR-FOS $279, eoit SWO. Also a Parlor Suit, for $123; on* do. for $75. Also the Furniture of a parlor and four bedrooms, at a bargain. Inquire at IIV Weat Eighth atreet, near Hillfc avenue. AMAONIFICKNT ASSORTMENT OP T1IE FINEST and cheapest new and ?ecoml bind Piano* In the ottr, for *ale and M 1*1 at WH. CANDIDAS' warernom. M Bleeeker street. .* Ah lady will dispose or a maonificent rosewood 7 octave Pianoforte and Stool (original prko* ?flU0> for l?"? than half price. OTervirtina baas. carrcd tefa,. beat city maker*, nearly u#w. Apply at B Third atreel. Ah maonikkent koskwood pianoforte for ?ale, made to order, oily maker; coat $??, for $W0; fully fiUHfHiitee'K Parlor Suite, Ktagrrea. Boolraa* Paint ing" Iiron*ea. Bureaus. Hmlatead*, Wardrobes. Mattress, Extension Table, HnlTet, Cbtua, OUss. Hllrerwai*. a aacrlflo*. 44 We?t Mix tee 11 tb street. near sixth arenue. 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AH soprano, WITH A WELL cultivated VOICE. wialia* a situation In aoma I'roieatant church In ttiar city; la ac'iua'nU'd wlih tba Episcopal aervloa. Addr*as So prano, atatlon U, Pod oUce. AM OOMPKTENT SOPHANO DESIRES an ENOAOE ment In a onartet choir In this city ar Brooklyn. Ad Inn A. H. S., Herald ofloo. AMT THE NATIONAL CONSERVATORY OP MUSIC, It) MADIBoN AVENUE, -vo,v? LESSONS PRIVATE AND IN CLABft. IflHTfl (PARt*)R JOYS) WALTZ, BY J, *. LANDER, ]d juat pubitata by BKKR A KUH1RMER. 701 Broad way. Price M GUITtB, PIANF SINOIN<l-?H WEST Twenty-sixth atfwH, between Seventh and Klfbth are rue*. Call or send lor circular. Ktrictly iirlrala l*s**aa, rerm* aa low aa tb* lowast. MUSTO TEACHERS liberally DEALT Wm? AT IT# Klith avenue. between Twelfth and TfchiaotB nreeta. 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