Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1867, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1867 Page 10
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THE 8TATE CAPITAL. The Propostd Metropolitan Koaril of Public Works Cvntid (nation of tbr fcifttilBtion&l Convention Bill in the Senate. T:ia FRMHIISE LIMITED TO WALES. *0. &c. &c. SPEUl CGR*ESPOWD?CE tF THE HERALD. Aliu.vy, Marrli 0, 1*07. m ofmuMioji k k ths ooTwmcrwT or kkw tokk CITV. The me&Mire which under the t:tl<? of '?? bill to provide ? Metropolitan Board of Publick Works," proposes the abolition of the present lyslum of government, ns car r.ed on by the City Hall official? in New York, has, it would seem, been no radically . onstructtd iliat its warm ?*t advocates begin to four its failure. The Hena:e Commute on Municipal >flairs gave an aiiJience to Corporation Counsel Richard O'Onrman at.d to a New York legal gentleman who accompanied Tb0 arguments they employed were the old trite ?mes which were made 0*e of yean. ago in opposition to 1 constitutionality of the Metropolitan r?uCe bllL and embraced the pot claim vT city right* derived from the Dongan and Montgomery charters. The very fart that go strong an opposition is manifested to the present measnro despite the weakness of these and sin, liar arguments, points to a deep seated dissension In ?he republican ranks, as well as to the exorcise of extra, ordinary influence by the powers of the lobby. Brief as have been the debates on the measure m the Senate Lu/. r el'Cit0d <h0 s,rtn*:l? ?be opponents of the tn ,h* '?Publican branch of the bou.e, and it is claimed that not more than n do/en votes will b ? cist in ^w-n'th Jv" hrPn< U, W,hich "self long .. ? young and the old members of the rcnuhli *??<? 7 "I er Ho"c" ha* evulontly extended to the Senate for the discussion tnns far in thai bodv shows that there is a degree or harmony betwee,77lie mJ4w erable republican members and their democratic col leagues not generally expected. Of course there ir? w?h TIT? wl'"'crer of ?hc 'tinuence of tho mono* wbi< h tlio members of the Citv Hull hn,- on(v niuiated?o largely. an<J whuh thry co:,Id t>nr*e po freely now, to contmu* their bold or the nrh placers in their possession. Of course there are ?o rumors of any such undue influence; but when the yoiaiger members of the ji.irtv have got ove7 he Orst h?ve7allenm% *no set wa>s of legislators, the" may begin to see that Sf7helo"bby"DOt alWay* Pr??r 8fe'a'DSt ,h? argljnwuUl rs r? ^^JSSe is '"it" would' seim^V^rCn'" ?ity government, but ye*, Sf gTKS order6 I ltolting 'powere'lo New yS* Westchester county was included in the ienerLl nrn 7"10"* or tbe bill, Mr. And rev. s (republican/wvZZ S hC*Kn1K!,,0n "uch M eontein ptatoa. He bad fa\ ored the previous bills for the nm ln N?"York, but thought^there'hS t?een enough of them for tbe present. Yet he would mZZ ^*P*mXU"ni of a commission for wba^?^3 |>fers, m those matters needed attention Mr U)w (republican) was in favor of the hill Ann sswusa sesr ?* sk?? ?Sssrs a.-& xstf s republican and unconstitutional, as such ? boirt D?! 1f??P0l,BI5'e to tb? people whom they governed and as the fact of taxation without repret^nteUM wm Jtether* ??poasibillty and power should go to nev'er b^n^V3nbtWl!h7wi.C0nvinr*d now- lf b* hw> th^TJ n?Sd^ He TJ* ap:oper ??? *?"? tbe KT "T^'S ?7Z'"'-' ???? ST.'bii??SS? VtZZSUr0""*0* knowthal tbe measure wa.apo Mr. H. C. Murphy continued in a lone argument ?fy'char'ters1""' qUotine ,rom tbe Dongan and Montgom *ewrVoK/rri^b"0an'-.1T<>ry ^rt,nen"y inquired if y-w York city. In acoepting the charter of lsS7_itg i not i?snght. us mo"?n ,hen Put ?Df' 'oei, after which an ad h?M il P,tre- '"? further consideration of the fcin being made tho special order for next Jrday morn ? *> ?RT> Of ASPI8TAXT Jit DXIUKKN Mr Creamer introduced a bill m tbe Senate lo-day providing that there shall he eUrto.1 ?n the Aldermanic districts, as provided mien ?asislant Aldermen, who shall hold office 'for onS jeer, and rec. lve the same compensalion for their ?er roune.!TJln0WT^CC,Ve',.JZJth? members of the Board of (oancilmen. The proiKWed new Board to enlov all thn lights and privileges of the present Board on the emira Uon of the term oi office of the pre^nt PThe* efflewm mentioned shaJ! )>e chosen at the annual chartor Aterww Aldtrmanic district electing ono assistant tp* miTortntR rrRrrr luitjtoAn. h.t.iHl*" ** mor? ?"m*rously signed remonstrances ??? wJI?air/he Ch?^PbT street rail* L^Vh, ^ JLi!w ? *hlch Poroses to run ibroucb Temh fbristopher street and Jentn street ferries. The objections come Drlnciimll* trora property ownars In Ninth and Tenth Jtree^ tn Thi "^J?"l0nel As,p'nwal1 ?n<1 ?*ber well known c'.tliens Thie r.mipauv agree, in tbe charter aaked for to mase V.w.!fL0Ivtr^frer" Wlth. rro,p "R lines at tbe 'additional vate for each passenger of two ceots. _ . * PBOKFECT PARK JOB. Tl>? A <*enobly Committee on Citiee have been Ukinc lee. imony regarding tbe proposed extension of l'ro?pe.-t 1 **rk, ia Brooklyn, to Franklin avenoe_au enlarW^ Jf win seventy acres to be pnr. hased for abo,?t^$M^! ???- opposition is manifested to tbe bllL and It la stigmatised as a job for lb* benefit of property in a remote district, who hope bv the imnrn?^ --11 tes ^Dyrt in C0Ba"'^ but the blU ?,Tul?rPwrrtatl0n B'" ?" "P<"? by the Com JkL**? i W?T? *od Means, embraces a total amount of ?,pr*n ?IHloa five hundred thousand dollars. Tits following are tbe principal items:? Salaries of Justices of tbe 8 ipremr Court (115,000 Legislative, salaries, kr 10:>,000 legislative printing and State advertising. 130 U00 Mats Prison maintenance 360,000 National Guard 200.000 InUreat an SUte debt 312.9*0 Redemption of Stale stocks M2.M1 Interest on bounty debt a,M0.000 Common Schools. 1.17.S.000 Metropolitan Police 2,MO.000 Metropolitan fire Department Meirupulitan Board of Health 200,000 Tbe Qnaraatina difflcnlty is likely to receive an amica kle adiustaaent by the subetltatlon of a bill for the one now before the Committee on Commerce and Naviga tion. Tbe enhetttat* provides for ail lbs real wants, temporary and permanent, of tbs Quarantine autbori tlea, wiiiis it does not place any portion of tbe Quaran tine establishment on the main land of Richmond or Kin|s?santy. This purpose is to M happily attained by the noostnu Uon ol ths boarding station sad buildings for tbs reception of those exposed to Infectious or con ?agtous diss as ss apon another portion of tbs West Bank, and until some boll dings shall be constructed vessels and bulks are to be used for their reception and cars. It ts said that the bill reoommeads tbs appropriation of M00,000 for the purchase of balks whersio to station the temporary Quarantine. It ia also ?iti4erstned tuat Or. Swinburne, who has been advocat ing tbs location of the quarantine at Coney Island, is til favor of the amended measure. Of course It meets with the approbation of tbs members from tbe lower end of iLr Stats The constitutional convention, as tbe special order of ?he day, was under consideration in tbe Senata this Banning. A mn'ioq to amend ths section of tha bill ss to ths qualifications of votsrs, so as to make their qualill ?ations the same as those required of v<<ters for members T tM I"1*'* Assembly, was voted dovn. It evoked a langthydeliats. which, on the part of the democratic "??SPS "* cbapter of this history of tbe world before the delugs." Tbe old arguments as to the physiologies inferiority of ths negro we.'s rehearsed with ante brltim sea . tbs changes wrougM by the war as to tbe status of tbs colored man did not s.vem to have cecurrrd to or have imprssssd ibe of tbs ameudment. JV?W YORK LEGISLATURE. least*. At9Am, Mfin t #, irq;. ?nrr reiwmcnfflMi oowtbwtni*. 1Ii? ?Bllrr morning MBton of tb? Benale **? oernpk-d Itf ih> innxiditralMB of th? eonatilatlonal flwavantum In flMnmtMa of tba Whole. Tb? quaatlon pondlne *a? ?l?in tb* motion of Mr. H. C. Marphjr to provMa that tbo*? #?tul<d to rota for m?mt)*n> of Jlmatbljr abaii ak>D* bo ^ unified u? tou for daiairauw. ?4. MrnriiT apoka at Jonftib la faror of kit tnnd Mr. fun aijued ib favor of eiton4Inf auffraga 10 Mac ha Mr IJ Rap, aW"nKh !n fa?or of thia proposition, ba. Acvri) lid r?n*t> 1 <11111011 <*> Iiiiumui tfeo riabl to thOM qua'rfled to vM? for members or Assembly, and Ihimvfoc* c. uM not voto for it, Mr. Pirmsiim also believed the constitution explicit on fhl point, and be could not vote to confer an; Uoubtlul right. At the close of debate the question was d<v ided against Mr Mtirph> s amendment?yea? 11, nays 15. Mr. 0'Po*??.i moved to poetpooe the election of del egate* until the net t general election. Lost. Mr Fount ? >ved to amend bv providing that elect ors of districts may vote for a person for delegate wtio I is not a resident of aald district. Carried. I The lull *as then retried complete. lu the Senate Mr. Kuan moved to amend by litni'ing the elective franchise to males. Carried by the tollow ItiR vote ? Av*s? M??ara. Bennett. Chambers. 0. 0. Cornell. Crow, ley, C.hsofc Humphrey, Kline, L* Bail, Lent, 11. ('. Marphy, r I'lerMwi. 1'kU, Sessions, Suutoril, Sutherland, White. Wllber. Williams, WolooU-J). Vim?Mruar*. Andrew*, Barneu, Campbell, E. Cornell, Kol??r, tiodard, Low, T. Murphy, O'Donnell?9. Mr. H. C. IIukpitt renewed his amendment declaring that only electors qualified to vote for wat"^ ef Assmn bly sl.ull vote for delegates, and it sai lost by the follow ing vote:? At**? Messrs Andrews, Bennett, Chambers. C. O. Cor nell, Orowlev, Klina. T.a Bau. Lent, U. C. Murphy, Pierson. Sutherland, W'ilber, Woloott? IS. Mats?Me?nn. Harnett, Campbell, E. Cornell, Folger, liibaon,Godard, lluinphi'e\, Low, T. Murphy, O'Donnell, I'arsoim, |*Ult, Se?? Stanford, White, Williams? M. rirrnoKi Sundry petitions were presented from the Metropoli tan Transit Railway for additionul canal slips in New York, and for the clo-dng of the Harlem Railway cut in Fourth avenue; also against laying a railroad track in 113th street. UIL1A RETORTED. To necure the navigation of the Oneida lake canal; relative to publishing the proceedings or Buffalo Com mon Council; to amend the charter of the Travellers' Insurance Company; authorizing the Travellers' Insu rance Company u> eject insurance upon the lives of in dividuals. By Mr. Low?For an experimental line of railways in New York and Westchester; agaiust authorizing the Tnird Avenue Railroad Company to lay a track in 130th street?tabled; authorizing the erection of Iree chapelt in certain cases; against the bill relative to the Orphans' Homo of the Protectant Kpiseopal Church in New York? Tabled. By Mr. Htfuraur?A majority report for a railroad in Broadway, Lexington avenue and other streets in New York; to increase the salarv of Wm. W. Smith, clerk in the Now York Surrogate's Office; relative to Trustees of the Brooklyn Art Association; Incorporating the La borers' Protective I'nion, of West Troy; relative to sewerage and drainage in New York; 'authorizing the Society for the Relict of the Ruptured and Crippled, in New York, to bold real estate. BIT.Ut tMTROPrCRD. By Mr. Levt?To amend the ao'. changing the route of the Broadway and Seventh Avenue Railroad; relative to assessments in New York; for the reconsiruciion of the hridgo over the Uencsee Valley Canal, in Rochester; incorporating the Corning Literarv I'niversity; relative to the Third Avenue Savings Bank; incorporating the fct, Gabriel's Temperanco Society, In New York. By Mr. Bemnbtt? Authorizing the New York Central Railroad to charge two and a half cents per mile passen ger fare. The Senate tben adjourned. JUUBWBITl Ai ba.vy, March 6. 1807. TOE F.xriSK LAW ASI) TOE STKKET8 Or KBW YORK. The Spkaker presented a protest from tho Prison Asso ciation against the modification of the Excise law; also the response of the New York Street Commissioner to a resolution of the Assembly calling for Information rela tive to the neglect i>f cleauing the streets of that city. The report exonerates the contractor from the charge of " gross neelect," and attributes the delay in carrying out tho contract to the severe weather and the throw ing of dirt and garluve in the streets by citizens. JtWOTlON CANAL. The Speaker announced the following Seloct Com mittee to investigate tho management of Junction canal at Klmira:?Messrs. Hoyt, C. W. Buck, Lord, Torry and Williams. REPORTS. By Mr. Littlejobx for enlarged locks on tho Eris and Oswego canals. By Mr. Hisoock?To incorporate the Warehouse Loan Company; also to enable the husband and wife to bo witnesses for or against each other. By Mr. D. P. Wood?The annual Appropriation bill. By Mr. yANPKSBtnMj?'To Incorporate the Produce Warehouse and Guaranty Commission Company. By Mr. Parser?To facilitate the construction of the Walk ill Valley Railroad; also to allow the Northern Railroad (ompany to assess its capital stock; also to regulate tho grades and change the rail used by the Ninth Avenue Railroad Company in Sreenwhich street. New York; also to regulate the carriage of passengers' baggage by railroad companies, and to proscribe the duties and obligations of carriers and passengers in rela tion thereto. By Mr. STtLea?For tho relief of stockholders aad creditors ol the Dutches* County Bank ^ also to incor porate the National Savings Hank of Rochester; also tt> amend an act relative to tho Buffalo and Cross Cut Rail road. By Mr. Wells?To amend tho charter of tbe French Benevolent Society of New York; also to amend tho charter at the Plasterere' Aid Society of Now York. By Mr. BmgDAiJt?To provide for laying oat streets in Brooklyn. By Mr. Wagbtap??Relative to military exemptions in Kings county. By Mr. Hoyt?To Incorporate the Owl Club of Roches ter; also to Incorporate the Harmonic Social Club of New York. BILLS PASSin. To regulate the driving of sheep and cattle through tho street* of New York. To dedno the powers of police Justine of Yonkera. To provide for the election of three commissioners of higdways in the town of West Farms To incorporate the Germanla Savings Bank of Brook lyn. BILLS INTRODUCED. By Mr. Wtrth?To incorporate UieStaten Island Athe naeum; also to Incorporate the Staten Island Savings Bank. By Mr. Halskt?To incorporate the Nowburg Bay Ferry Company. My Mr. J icons?To suppress prostitution In tho Metro politan l'olice district, and for the hotter preservation of the publio health therein; also for improvement of Ful ton avenue and Livingston street, Brooklyn; to extend Klathush avenue to the Kast river. By Mr. Price?To mako the office of Supervisor of the Erie Court a salaried oftlca. By Mr. Crkamer?'To provide for the election of a Board of Assistant Aluertnen for New York city, and to abolish the Board gf CAundlmon there. By Mr. Torrkt?To amend the Excise law. By Mr. Halskt?To amend the aot rotative to gas light eompauies. By Mr. Littlmob!)?To amend tbe Contracting Board act. By Mr. Frrar?To authorize the City Transverse Com pany to lay tracks In certain streets and avenues in New York; for a railroad in Lexington avenue and other street* ia New York. By Mr. Jacob*-?'To Incorporate the West 8ide Elevated Suspension Railway Company. By Mr. Rohers?For a railroad In Fulton aad other streets of New York. Ky Mr. Creamer?For the construction of an experi mental line of railway In tho counties of New York and Westchester. Hv Mr. Bigelow?To Incorporate the Jefferson Medi cal College, of Watanown. RESOLUTIONS. Mr. C. W. Brut offered the following resolution, which was referred to the Ways and Means Committee:? Resolved, If the Senate concur, that the Comptroller require payment of the loan authorise*! l>y ihspler 8X1. of the laws or 1840, within three months after notice, aad ia default thereof that all requisite legal prooeedioga be re sorted to for ita collection. Mr. M. C. MntPint offered the following resolution, which was tabled under tho rule:? Resolved, That the Metropolitan Pol lee Commissioners be r*uue?ted to vacate the premises now occupied by ttiem lu Esaal Market A recess waa then taken till half-past eevea this evening. Krrslsf Nesslss. BILLS ADVANCED TO A THIRD RRAWNA. To incorporate the Now York Warehouse Company; to amead the charter of the Irving Havings Institution la Now York; to authorise Joint Mock aad Fire aad Marino Insuranoec ompanles to reduce tholr capital stock; to increase the capital Mock or the South Si do Railroad Company of Loag Island. Tho Assembly thoa adjourned. NEW TOM C0UE6E Of DENTISTRY. Flrat Ansal ('???rserMat The first annual commencement of tho Collage af Dentistry was bold last oveaiag at Stoiaway Hall. Tho attendance, drawn together chiefly by cards of Invita tion, was both seloct aad aumeroua After a short per formance on tbe orgaa the Rev. N. L. Price offered up a prayer, Invoking especial benediction on tho assembled graduates. Dr. Normaa W. Klngsley read the annual report, from which it appeared that an tuOrroary was opened simultaneously with tho College, In November, 1840. and that since then over nlae hundred patients ware received and treated tbe re Ha. Tho iaflrmary waa in a groat measure designed for tbe poor of the metro polis, whornoolv advice aad attendance free of charge. The services of the member* of the College were given Cratultously to the inmates of tbe Institution, he only charge demanded from those under ireatmenl was for tbe materials used in Ailing or repairing decayed t?eth. The In firmary la open throughout the year. Oat of 1.3UO teeth Oiled there sloce Its establishment 1,000 were filled with goM. <ht tho conclusion of the report Dr. ylllport delivered a long and Interesting address u> the graduat ing class, impressing upon them the necessity of culti vating Industry and tho various other virtues that make m?u perfect in their vocation and happy ia every rela aion of Ufa. Dr. Kleaaer Parmly next proceeded, after addressing a faw appropriate remarks to tho graduatua, to confer oa each his diploma. The following were tho succeasfal candi'latos tor degrees:?J. F. P. Hod son, N. T.: Cban D. Allen, N. Y.; J^H Lyou, N. Y.; R H. Hrowne, Conn.; W. (. Horns, N. T.; Ooo. Bernard, N. Y.; Wm. D Tucker, M. D , Tenn Mayor Hoffman made a brief ad drew, followed by Profeesor Hamilton, of HeUevwo Hospital, after which tbe audience dispersed to the music of lb? organ. A STJUNE AM WAIT FATAL FMCfEOiW. Portmito, Ky, March ?. IflflT. An nnltnowa well dressed man, aappemd to be Insane, ooenpied an uninhabited house hare a faw days since, and for two days had neither food nor Ira. Posse citi zens becoming alarmed, required a policeman to eject him. When the attempt waa made, the stranger attacked the policeman with brickbats, wb?r?-aon he was shot, asd if not ei ore led to recover. 1 THE CUSTOM HOUSE MUDDLE. letter from Collector Sinytbc to President JtkMM, Ci'sran Hops*, Nsw York, ) C'oLutcTOB'g Orrirt, March fl. 1887. J To hie Exorlltncy a.xdusw Jomnhon, Prefciileut of tbe United Siates; ? Sin? Rd om mended to your favorable regard by the commercial public of New York, by your appointment in April, and in May, 1888, by the favorable vote of We jenate of tbe United State", I km honored with tbe office of Collector of the port of New York. From that day to the present 1 have discharged its duties, devoting to tbcm all my energies, Intelligence and my most con scientious r.aaL I have acrupulou?ly sought to obey the rovenue laws, which It Is my duly to adm.nister, to per fect the machinery by which they are executed, to re strict disbursements at tho point of efficiency, and to secure faithful and trustworthy subordinates In all de partments of the Custom House. These 1 conceived to be my (lrjt and chief duties to the pcuple, upon whom the customs rovenue falls as a tax; to you, who honored me with your confidence; to tho Senate, which honored me with lis endorsement, and to myself. I ailirm that tbe New York Cu?tom House was never more economically administered than it ha? been by me. I affirm that It was never more purely adminis tered. 1 affirm that It was never more efficiently ad ministered than it in to-day. In no department is the public business in arrears; In nearly everv bureau Im provement has been made In the character and com petency of my subordinates, lleforms are .still iiossihle, economies are still possible, and these will be accom plished as fast as practicable while I continue to dis charge the duties of this office. Herein I mean to imply no inculisttion of mv predecessors. I can claim no possible advantage over tliem. except In my experi ence as a merchant, and my freedom from political envlrouments of anv sort; but If tho latter has been an advantage to the public service, it has been tuy own personal misfortune. 1 ara accused by tbe Committee on Tubllc Expenditures or the Mouse of Representatives, iu a publ ished report handed In during the final hours of the sepslonofan expiring Congri?.s:?First, of making removals and appointments which havo impaired the efficiency of the public service. Second, of having, while tbe business of the Custom Honse wag decreasing, increased its expenditure-) from $260,000 to $.100 000. Third, of having contemplated a distribution or <arming out >f the profits o the "general order business." These are the sum total of tbecommtttee's accusations. TVubl- ss thev are deornted and padded out and riblioned 0 r with adjectives and rhetoric, and are heightened here *r, J ?J irkencd there with surmines and probabilities, innemlo- > and Insinuations. To the one I oppose only the st ilnt?i*-< re-ord of my life; to the other fucta. rhe first charge, of hiving made removals and appointments wherebr the efficiency of tbe public service has been Im paired, Is not true. J have weeded out incompctoncy, Ignorance, intemperance and vice from my worklug torce wherevor found, aud have filled vacancies with com petent and honest mon. You do not need to be Informed that the applications have outnumbered a hundred to one tbe places in the Custom House. In making selec tions frem these competency and honesty bave boon the condition fin# qua ???. This condition being satisfied. I have noxt hoen g< ;dod in my choice, as any other honest public officer inu>- be in all cases out of tbe range of his personal acquaintance, by the testimony of those whom I believe worthy of trust I have appointed men from both political parties, and men of no politics. Some men I have appoinled for faithful service In tho Union armies; so-ne because tliey were destitutes and deserving; some because tbey w re highly recommonded for such and other reasons by your political friends; some because tliey were personally known to me to be such as the public scrvice required. I have uniformly filled vacancies hv th e pro motion of officers of proved efficiency and fidullty. The new appointments have alwavs been to the inferior places thus left vacant. It is by this plan, in part, that 1 have Improved the efficiency of the Custom House force, pnttlng the square pegs into the square holes and the round pevs Into the round holes. That inefficient doos not characterize my appointee# Is beat proved by tho fact of efficiency In Ihe publfc servlco in this depart ment, in proof of which I call to witness the head, of every bureau and the whole commercial public of New York. The committee allege, In evidence or my bad appoint ments, that an indicted murderer "might have bad" a place In tbe Custom House. For that saddest "might hare been" I was indebted to the Surveyor of this port and to the most venerable politician in tbeae parts. Be pleased to accept my assurance that I have not eoarched among thieves and murderers for Custom House officers. The committee say or me "while business decreased,, he has Increased expense* at the rate. It is said, of from $250 000 to (i300.000 a year." In the first piaoe the business of the Custom House haa not decreased. On tbe contrary. It has steadily Increased. Indeed, theeoro mlttee Itself, in the first part of this very report, had stated the fact of "Increased business" on the authority of the Bureau of Statistics. Tbe enlarged and complex tariff or 1888 has obviously required a large writing force In the Custom House, and while in no department of public servico or of private Industry have wages nnd salaries filled to rise above those which were paid out two or flve years ago, nevertheless, by retrenchment, reforms and the discharge of political barnacles the necessary Increase of the expenditures of tbe Cus tom House has been so counterbalanced that it does not amount to one fifth of what the com mittoe allege In their "It Is said." That increase is chiefly made up of surplns messengers, formerly paid $750, who have been promoted to bo userul clerks at $1,000, and of twelve entry clerks, whoso salaries tho Secretary of the Treasury raised at my recommendation rrom $2,000 to $2,500. I asked tbo Increase in order to forb'd aud stop their old practice of receiving fees from importers Tor work done after the office hour.s. a practice prejudicial to tbe interests of the government lor obvious reason.*. Finally, I am charged with a contemplated distribu tion or farming out of the perquisites or protits or tne "general order business." Perhaps the committee in tended to charge me not only wl'h "contemplate 1.'' but also an actual "distribution." Tlioy probably Intended to Insinuate as much, even though the tU noutm nt as they themselves hare shaped it rail* to satisfy the ex pectations raised by their rhetorical plot. If that be ih>lr insinuation It Is false and unjust. But I Irankly plead ginlty, while acquiring a 1>no?led.'a of the Custom House business, to some contemplation which were never real ized, some plans which were never c?.ccutol. Conscious or no purpose or act which needed conceal ment, I plead guilty to having concealed nothing rrom this committee, not even thosa Inchoato purposes, nor those rejected projects. 1 gave them 'be means of knowing the truth, and these are the very weapons of their Injustice Much of my testimony th?y forbade thetr stenographer to record. Tart or what was recorded they have suppressed. All or It they have distorted. The Tacts regarding the "general order business'1 are these:?I round it in the nanrts of a nephew or one, the partner or auother, and the son or another of my pre decessors In this office, with certain distributive shares allotted to tbe proprietor or the JiuUpmiml, a weekly religious newspaper, published In this city, and to other politicians. These racts were pfsented to me at the commencement or my duties, and I was informed that the protits of the business were legally and properly dis tributable perquisites or my office. Huvlng no partners or relatives to share in these, and being satisfied with my othet emoluments, I formed the purpose to divide and distribute the whole amount thus:?A portion to a friend, not successful in business, who bad aided me when I was a boy struggling for advancement as a clerk in a New York store; a portion to polit tal friends who had commended me to the Senate; a poitlon to one or two assistants whose salarieadld not seem to me adequate to their services; a portion to a member rf Congress pre viously interested m this storage business; a portion to a woman named Mrs. Phelps, who presenteti herself to me a* Interested in Barr h Phelps obtaining the business, and who had lost her husband and s<ns in the war, and all her property by lire; a portion reserved tor a "political fund," to protect the :lerks in the Custom House against tbe electioneering assessments heretofore levied upon them. This purptse, as I testified to tbe Committee under oatb, and again lepeat here, was unknown to most of those whom I Intenled to commit tbe business to, was a purpose never executed, a half formed project, speedily dismissed from my mind. My first action in the matter was to transfer the M general order baslaeee" to E. C Johnson k Co., without pay ment, agreement* or understanding a* to any profits they might make rrom the business, h?t this transfer disturbed so many political "rings," ani interfered with se many '? vested rights," and compistats from mer chants of excessive charges, soon led me to believe that a further chance was as necessary for ny comfort as for the public good; that utter a short experiment, I trans ferred the " peneral order business" to Myers and Sbtith, as before without paymeal, agreement, or under standing, expr ssed or implied, with ore era to redune their charges to a basis satisfactory K the merchants, with the distinct information that any just complaints from merchants would he deemed sufficient reason for Its prompt withdrawal. But owe complaint, and that trivial has bsen made rrum that day to this. I again -epeat that I never received one dollar frem this source in any form wha'ever. directly or indirectly , and or course never distributed wbat I never received. Out of my own pocket In, simple chanty, I did relieve Mr*. Perry's disappointment by glvng her enoegh money to take her hum ? to the Weal??a Indiscretion 1 have been guilty of in more cares than eae, lo tbe horror or thie benevolent and pure-minded committee In conclusion, suffer me to express regret that Inex perience of Star Chamber investigations and polltinal trickeries should have tnade tne the lustrument of pee elhle harm to yen, who appoinled me to this oflii o. I took an pains to guard asulnst the machinations or those who sought mv removal, tor I believed that honesty and efficiency were ahwe required here. 1 waa credulous enough to bcllpve this committee wliea thev Informed me that there waa nothing before them which would require contradiction or relutat'on on uiy i?ui. I was rrcduleus enough to suppose that the testimony elicited In my favor, outweighing in quantity and quality all that which their ingenuity lias garbled and distorted to my dlf?-redlt. would go out with it. I was not enlightened as to their real purp<sa till they coined calumnies iigalnst you Into Interrogatories to me, and ordered tbelr stenographer to suppress the Indignant truth ?*li f7> nailed their base coinage to the counter. In thie business I chiefly regret the wounds whirl have passed by me to the Marls of those who tre dror to me. I have wondered If the members of H?i#con1? mittee have wives or children. But a man's I'felony character stands for something In this community, sad I am leea anxious, therefore, to vlodlcaie it to tbe V"*? lie against the outrageous aspersions of this committee than lo vindicate your appointment to a public trust of the undersigned, for no other reason than your belief la bis capacity ami with no other expectations than bl? honesty and efficiency In the discharge of his duties. 1 am, sir. msat respectfully, yoor obedient servant, HKNHY A. SMYfHK. Collector of the Port of New York. P. ft?I am glad to see that the honorable Senator* whoee names were so haeely brought Into this report land to whom I bave never spoken with regard to this matter), on the floor of the Senate Ui-dav contradicted

the foul slander COCK FIGHTING. I?la?d ??. New Jenar-A M?ii of NIm I lor MOO Md ?M Kuek ri|ht-L?af | I aland Winn Without LihIurk Bird. ? cock light canae off yesterday afternoon in New Jer sey, about throe miles north of Hoboken, between a party of "fanciers" belonging to Lone Island and an other faction belonging to New Jersey, the main being for foOO aside, best in nine fights, and $60 aside on each fight. The adair was arranged and governed under the following rules: ? 1. The shining hacklefeathers must be cat off. Ail gaffs with round blade* anil points are fair. All others are unfair and mu?t be taken off. Chisel points and sharp edged are unfair. Fitters can examine the gaff? before the fight, anil anpolnt umpires and referee. Rrue 2. Tbe pitiers let the rocks peck each other Ave or six times before tiicv put them down. The cocks are placed fairly on their legs, and not pitched or thrown to ward the opponent cock. When (he light has com menced. If a pi iter act contrary to the rulos, he forfeits the tight Bv -bet* are doclded in tbe .-aiue mauner as the battle monoy. Rrt-n 3. The cocks are pitted six feet apart 'When they refuse to meet each other time of oue minute is called, at the expiration of which the cocks are again cal!e<'' ">eJr l*raB? Main ilia" of one minute Is culled, aud so on until the expiration of ths third minute, when the cocks are pitted breast to breast, until the battle Is ended. If one cock tights aud the other does not, the pitter of the lighting cock takes the count, and counts "ten" In an audibl" manner, when tho cocks are to be handled, and again set down and counted as before. At tho expiration of the third sounl the cocks aro placed breast to breast. Wtien the pitter of the fighting cock counts "twenty" the fight is ended In his ravor. If both cocks flght during the count it is broken, and must be commenced over. If neither cock tlahts in Ave plttings a fresh cock Is to be brought in and allowed to peck each cock. If one cock ihows light snd the other does not, tbe fliihting cock wins. If both fight or refuse to fight it is a drawn battla A runaway cock does not show fight by ' Pecking in the hand. If a blow is not struck, it is no fight A pitter is allowed reasonable time to fix his cock's feathers and press his legs up. If be does not come down when called on the third time, be forfeits the ll?bt. No refreshments to he given during the light Ret e 4. The pitter must handle his cock when hung in himself, the othor cock, or otherwise, if one nlttcr stoops to handle, the other has a right to handle. Tbe pitter* must stand three feet from their cocks. They are also required to placo them on their scores. They can give their eock a wine, or turn him over when on his hack, provided the cocks do not touch each other II one cock dies In tbe pit, the living cock wins, though he shows no flight If both cocks die during the count tho longest liver wins. No changing of cocks after the match Is made, under penalty ol forfeiture. If a doubt arises as to the cock, he mu^t bo neighed after being heeled. Refusing to weigh forfeits tho battle. Rtxn 5. No smoking, hurrahing or cheering allowed. Good order must he preserved. The Lon* Island chickens were bred in the vicinity of East New York, being principally Heath woods, with a few crosses of the Derby strain of blood, while the Now Jersey birds were of mixed families, mostly crosned on the Derbies, at least It was so sad. Ludlow, the bnader who represented the Jersey fowls, aud who last winter was so fortunate with his breed of fowls as to win fortv two out of forty-eight fights, had bot two of bis own stock in the fight, and thev were both killed, as was every one that they put in tho nil for seven battles in succession. Not one of tbe Loon Island chickens were killed. The New Jersey birds fought well at the start. In eich encounter, but tired verv rapidly, and did not sooin to strike with any power after four or five tiles, showing a want of The Long Island chickens, on the other hand, were strong to the end. and, with the exception of one, exhibited the greatest garoeness throughout. They were handled scientifically by Ed. Mackey, while one of tho Ludlow brothers and John Mulhollsnd performed a like dutv for the Jersey fowls They (ought with Inch and a half spurs. There was a verv large attendance, aud the parties present behaved In a very orderly manner Tor such a promiscuous gather ingofthqt class or "sports." The New Jersey cocks were the favorites for the main at one hundred to eighty and large amounts were ported on the result TIIE FIGHTING. First Fight.-This fight was between a five pound two ounce black and red Heaihwood, Long lslandb.r 1 and a black and rod white hackle, raised by John Ludl low, of Weohawken. welghine four pounds fourteen ounces. The Long Islander had the call In the bettinr at ton to eight. When the birds were brought to the set:itch thev both hecme-d anxious to get at each other wii upon being lot loose they mode their strike* with great vigor snd sp-od, cutting each other sharply several tunes, but without much mischief. The Jersov cock was the lint to show injurv, and staggered from the offects of a hit in tho neck from the Long Island bird H5? however, returned to his work, snd Inflictcd <onl siderabie punishment to his opponent, but at last had to wiccumb He was placed at tbe scratch three times be fore he died. Ttie light laried Ave minutes, and tbe ?.5Lred thelr flm victory, which waa bailed with delight by the crowd. Sscowp Fiowl?Twenty minutes being allowed between the fights. and the time being up, a pair of four pounders were put in the pit, and bHtlng sst in in earnest, the Long Island bird being the lavorite at Ave to four, the hitter being a brass-brick, bred by hamnel Mitchell of East New York, the Jersey bird belnir of a blrrb color "'to white baeWe. Th# Lob? Island cock had the best of the tight from the start, getting in a hit on the other's nick verv early, and cutting a d ep gash the bird bled badly. He never flinched, however, but fought gamely to tlie last, cutting his adversary in several places. At the end of seven minutes, notwithstanding his game ne?is be was put out of bis troubles by a rip In the neck the Long Inlanders b?lng awarded their second score. ' Third Fight ? Two four piiund six ounce birds were brought to the scratch, the Long Island fowl being a blue brass hack Heathwood, tlie Jersev a black red without pedigree-John Mulholhind taking the place of Mr. Ludlow as handler of the Jersey bird. Tho latter wa* the favorite at slight odds, ana he commenced the light In a rattung manner, but flow too high irenerally and missed his opponent for some time Ho, however, suc ceeded in giving him a damaging hit iu the neck, and the Jersey's backers were In ecstasius and offered Kreal i odds on their bird. The I-on/ Is'ander soon recovered, i and In a short time turned the tables hv fastening bis gaffs in tho b >dy of the Jersey fowl, and for u. wl U> I they were on even terms, rlppin? e?ch other sen r?-iv. The Jersey bird then cot a ?evern cut in the thronr mi i ' the Long Is'ander one under the jaw, and tln-y Wb ( s emed fatallv hurt. It wa-> not so, however: the T.nn ? Island bird recovered, and soon afterwards finished the | wh!,*h P'i? an ?>d to the other'* rfVWence ft, is fight lasted fnWn minutes, aud LiOiip Ifllnod Whs h&ited the victor a iliird tfrne. FocOTtt Fton r ?For this fight two four pound twelve ounce birds were brought Into the pit, the Long Islander being a Heathwood black red and tlie other all red. This wn? a sharp battle, the Long Island bird soon becoming manor of the situation by delivering a desnerate hlow in the neck, which cut deeply into the throat, and th* blood flowed freely over the csrpet of tbe ptt Tbe game bird, however, soon rallied, and acain but, gettfnc another cut In tbe neck and one in the breast, he became groggy and staggered until be fell dead. Tlie flgiit was over in three minutes, and the backers of tbs Jersey birds for the main now began to despair of winning, the Islanders bavin* but one more fight to win to close that account Firm Flour?Long island bail a black and red Derby for this battle, the Jersey party bringing to tho scratch one of Ludlow's Hock, also a black red. The betting on this fisht was at evens. Tha birds-commenced their work by rapid and punishing flights, hitting and cutting each <*ben Ihroa.s at nearly every stroke, tha Derby getting tha worn punishment for some time; but his opponent "? ,rom want of condition and bias of blood, until they were mt much disabled that neither cwldahow flght ai the arreted. A great deal of counting ensued by tha handlers at tbe scratch, wi.ile the blood wns pouring from tho wounded birda Tbe spectators began to wrangle, and so did the handlers, Mulboiland ^aiming that hit fowl had won, by Mackey having put his bird down and then taken him up again, in violation bofore they bad settled tbe matter the Jersey bird died, and the judge decided that the Long Islanders hsd won the requisite number of lights to be Iili! i?t10 *uk?- Th,? created for a time con aiderable disturbance, tbe majority of tbe unin terested declaring that the laat battle shonld have been a draw; but the decision of the judge was final, from which there could be no appeal, and tbe beta bad lo be given up to the winners. The result of the main, however, did not stop the fighting, aa tha parties PT[??ram?* and decide to fiflydot lar bets on the nine tights and an extra one; but the (treat interest inU?e affair seemed to flag, and many of the spectators I aft the pit ? ol Sixth Ftuif, ?T h e I aid g Islanders ware r^tmcAniAS ^ an4 r#d four P?und Heath ???*? while the Jersey men produced a four pound nine black and red, without pedigree. Long Inland had the call at mo to sight before the fighting commenced, and Sj*r-P-y?0"?! of were posted on the result Jf*** htrda did jot seem very anxious to begin opera tions and they fought very siowly, and their hitting was not very attentive The Jer?y bird lacked force m h" i*i 12r'"K^,,r* nt" fighting, and the Long The latter, however ?*n.?*fen off and the other became the favorite WK ? ? . t0 ?<Ms on bia wlnniug but at.the instant tbsbet wa? do*ed the Long iH'bild Wh?h urni'lU "dTfrfwy * ripping cut In the n.-ck, which turned Mm over In au instant and that was tbe tot0r? ,n lh? fighting, now that WM^riv rone^i .|W'>nrt!i r*tchw WCCMaion, I The J^Ivmrn' b?"in to ^e pit me jerseymen then bro- ght in a rite twhtie >n<t speckled) said to be a good one, wrtgbing fonT wo^S! of",chD#r,'bv ? fo,"r inni the odds of ten to eight were wltlmgly laid on The * P??r 'he Ix?ng Islander showinc a dls ! ?o run whenever he was ponlsi^ a Jreat deal ?f cewtlnK w? 4one by the h?nd?T.?d fl??y Sr mmfSZhu""" "boot the Jersey TK iUIIAK UM. ( nrd from Mr. Itaaiel H'eadheais. N?w Tow Cm", March 4. Md7. On the tflth of Jannary last s card w,\s pnMtabed by 8#creur'r ^ toe Mejtlcan Legation relating to ike Mtttrsct between the Halted Plates, European and Went \ irglnla land aud Mining Company and tbe gertfrnaaM of Mexico, through tta rspreaantative, OensnU J. M. J. t'arvsjai, containing nntrne statements eanearnlng that contrset and the bonds aetherlned thereby. Heme efVr h"'n* 'xprsisd surprise that no nuMM> replf J#*,r* for toetr fnfermation, f,,1"'"'" T",n? ??>" ?rd abeva alluded te 1 forthwith laid before the sovsmment of Ike tTnitad Metaaall the i facte and doenrMmts needful ft* ? ropfaUtlon thereof -d^oorapl.- ^DarfW&ypSig BROOKLYN 1HTELL1QEHCS. Fatal Bcbscso Actidmtt.?A boy Mined John Blyth, residing with his parents at No. *17 Atlantic street, died on the 23d of February from the effects of bums received by the explosion of a can of kerosene oil Tbe accident occurred on the IStk of tbe month and tbe deoeaeed lingered until the 23d, when, as alleged, 1be was bnried on a certificate furnished by the Board of Health.^Tbe facia of tbe rase coming tt> tbe knowledge of Coroner Lynch, he caused the body to be d'*'ut*"*.<1 and beld an inquest yesterdsy. From the teeti mony given by the parent* o( the deceased it appears he poured some of the oil from the can upon the lire to make it burn more quickly, when an explosion occurred, setting fire to his clothing, and burning him In a terrible mauuer. Tbe jury returned ibe tollowing verdict:? . .. , ?'We ttnd that the said John Blyth came to bis death by acridenial burns, caused by the explosion of a can ot kerosene oil which he was pouring on the Are, on the I3ib of February, 1007. The Jury domaud an "plana tioo why a burial permit was granted by the Boaru or Health after a certificate setting forth that the deceased bad been burnt by oil had been submitted by the phy sician In attendance." Ffrkyboat Colijwon.?About balf-pasl six o'clock last evening the Grand street ferryboat Warren collided with the Oneida of tbe same line as the latter waj leav ing her dock on the New York side. The Oneida was considerably damaged by the collision, and a lady on board, whose name bag not been ascertained, was se verely Injured. The collision Is said to have been un avoidable owing to tbe state of tbe tide at the time. Capturs or Contraband Whisrkt. ?Inspector H. C. Jewett yesterdav afternoon captured six barrels of whis key at the Grand street ferry for alleged evanion of the Revenue lawa Thk Excisb Law.?Adam Gels, proprietor of a lager beer saloon corner ol Varet street and Graham avenue, E. D., was yesterday tried before Justice Walter and a Jury on a charge of violating tho fourteenth section of the Excise law. The jury failed to agree. A large num ber of Huuter's Toint liquor dealers were yesterday ar raizned before Justice Madden, at Bllas\ille, charged with celling without a license. No decision was ren dered. An Ex.'VATon Ovkktoknto.?Yesterday morning a grain el-'utor beloneing to H. k J. H. Stevens, of No. 1 Mate street. New York, was overturned on th<* wharf at the Hinton Pocks, and almost totally demolished. It appears thut one end of the elevator became fastened in the dock, when the oiher was raised up bv the tide until it capsized on the dock. Damage, $5,000. Thk Niw Rkvkscb Ccttrrs.?Ono ot the two revenue cutters built at Hathorn's yard, Greenpoint, was launched on Tuesday momlng. This cutter is of one hundred and twenty tons burthen. Her armament will consist of two gnus forward and a thirty-two pounder amidships. All her appointments are excellent. The other cutter will probably be launched on Saturday next. Committal or an Alleged Burglar.?A man named John Shields, about twenty-five years of age, alleged to bo a notorious burglar, was yesterday committed by Jus tice Dailey to await the action of the Grand Jury on a charge of burglary and robbery. The prisoner is charged with breaking into aud robbing tbe residence of James M. Brock, 45 North Ninth street, E. U, In Octo ber last, when a set of silverware was stolon. Allegro Grand Larckht.?William Van Brunt and his wife Harriet were yosterday arrested and arraigned before Justice Dailey, charged with grand larceny by Paul Lounsbury. All the parties reside at 92 North First street, E. D. The larceny was committed on the 28th oit., and was at the time attributed to snook thieves, Ibe following Is tbe property alleged to have been stolenOoc black frock coat, two pair of black pants, four vests, one sliver watch, valued in all at $72, besides Treasury notes and small currency to the amount ol $44 76. The prisoners were remanded until this ntorning. Proiiably Fatal Acodicntr?Mr. James Smith, resitt ing at 1,270 At ton tic avenue, while waiting for a car at the corner nf Fulton and Furman streets, Tuesday night, missed hip footing and fell Into the basement of the Uontauk resuiurant. His skull waa badly fractured and bis reoovery ts considered doubtful. A boose painter named Henry Van Buren. residing at No. 7 North First street, E. D., Yesterday afternoou lell from a scaffolding on which he was at wort in S:>utb I Sixth street and sustained a dislocation of one of bis ancles and other injuries. Wohking**r5's Assembly.? A meeting of delegates U> the Workibgmen's Assembly was held last evening at Granada Hall, No. 112 Myrtle avenue, Edward B. Gal lap her presiding. The attendanoe was very small, owing, as stated by the Secretary, to a misunderstand ing on the part ol the delegates as to tbe time and piece of meeting. The del-gates present represented the Plasterers', Bricklayers', Plumbers' and Tailors' Unions. A number or the latter trade slate that their socie y would meet on Monday evening, when they would determine whether they wojld be able to maintain their position in the Assembly. At present there was a great falling off In theJr Lnion. The Secretary, Mr. Liwerle, explained to the meet ing that, as they were merely organizing, no trade represented compromised itself by any state ments which they nrgbi make before the moeiin". fhe object of the assembly was to reorganize by esiablish i iug a union of the dllierent trade societies of Brooklyn. A communication addressed to the workingmen of this citv, from the Rev. W. W. Hicks, wbs read, in which he invited them to attend lectures of interest to the work logmen which he proposed to deliver. Remarks of a general character were made bv a few of the deleastes pre sou', setting forth tbe advantages to be derived by ihr permanent organization of tha proposed union of the var.'-ttS trade societies; and the meeting linaliy adjourned. Tus JotRSiEYMKN Plabtskbr?.?The Journeymen :*lB'terors' Association beld a regular meeting last even ing at No. 22 Court street, the Prciid'nt, Mr. John Dougbortf, In tbe chair. A communication was received from the Plasterers' Association of New York, statlug that the members of that organization contemplated ??str'klPi;" for eight liouw as a day's work about tl?e 1st of April; and after tho transaction of routine bii.-tines- ilie meeting adjourned. There wai a very largo attendance ol members during the evening. ascholt Svtiwt in thf. Twentieth Ward.?Coro ner Lynch was not.fled yesterday afternoon to'hold an inquest touching the care of Thomas S. lhorp, Jr., who hail committed eulcido at the residence of his lather, In Washington, near Greene avenue, by shooting himself through the head with a pistol. It apj-ear that l'borp, who was about twenty-five years of age, had been con gtderably depressed in spirits for some time previous to his dt a h, and was under the treatment of a physician, but not the least thought was entertained by those about him that he would commit the awful act which so sud denly deprived him of life. Yesterday morning, wtilo a brother of deceased was lying in bed in a room adjoining that of the unfortunate man. he was startled by tbe report of a pistol, which bad been dis charged in bis brother's apartment, and on fepainng thereto was hoflMad to behold Mm weltering In JiUw* blood. Deceased was lying tn bed. grasping^ pistol In his right bawl, whlU tbe aeverinir over him was spattered wit* gore, and a clitnsofl stream issued Irom a ghastly wound on the right side of bis head, in clo-e proximity to the tern lodged under tbe left temporal bone andIdaaUl mutt have occurred almost Iwiautnaeoosly. The iMt Im occasioned tbe utmost sorrow among Mis family, who are living In very good circumstances, and deeply feel & blow whlcb has removed one of their members so un expectedly from their midst. Ajincal Hirnito or ths Brooklyn Acaioty or Mnu (TS*.?Tbe annual mooting of the Brooklyn Academy of Medicine was held last evening at ths rooms of the Young Men s Christian Association, corner of Fulton uuj Gallatin ptao* There was not a very large attendance ot members, a fact probably owing to die inrdemencv of the weather; but considerable Interest was man it est ed in the exercises of the evening. Profes ?v"rth President of the society, occupied tbe chair, i the meeting at abont eight o'clock with a few inorK5 wm^rt"He was followed by Professor Paul W AHen, of New York, wbo delivered an address in lavor of tbe eclectic system of treatment. which was listened to with stiention throughout. The audience soon afterwards dispersed. AROTKEI NOMLTI RYITEIY. Mnddea *f ? Kealdrnt af the Twelfth ef Paul Piny? Mamiltr NtitMiral* la KtcaN I* the t'Mf, St9.% <t?. A gTeat InI of e*clt?menl It bow prevailing among the resideala af lb* lower part of the Twelfth ward In consequents of the midden and myeterlou* disappear ?nee of a well kaown cltuen of that locality who left bi* home ob Friday laat, elnce which time he has neither been seen nor heard of. It appear*, according to differ eat statement*, thai the miming man, Terrence O'Nell, collected a conelderable enm of money on the day In qoeattaa fW the auppoaed purpose of purchasing a quantity of pork, lie being encaged In that busi ness, sad wan laat mn-n at a very late hour of that nlKht In Hamilton avenue. The wife and family of O'Nell, becoming alarmed at hi* abaence, com municated Intelligence or the same to their imme diate neighbor*, who In turn circulated the fact. *o that DOW It la known through the lower portion of the war I, and the general opinion ta that the man ha* fallen a victim of foul play livery elfcrt haa been made to ??certain the wereahouta of the mhiaing man, hat with out success, and In the hope that a notice In (be public print* night lead to the deaired result, the following adverttaemeet *?* inserted In the Hhuld of yesterday Misstwe?Terrene* O'Nell, a native of Ireland, about live fact all Incbea high, fair complexion, allm built, about thirty-seven year* of age; wore dark Moth oap, brownlah frock ooat, dork pauM, boot* over patita; when laat aeon w?? at ?he corner of llamlltoa avenue and Columbia atreet, about twelre o'clock Friday night laat. Anv Information will be thankfully revived and liberally rewarded at No. BOD ColnmMa atreet. Brooklyn. There are several utraage storie* related la regard to the ease, on* of which particularly, if true, would oar taiaiy invert the meplcioas of foul play entertained by eocn* wtih a eemblattce of probability. Thl* is te the eiaat that at a very late hoar on Friday Bight laet, a storekeeper residing oa Hamilton avenue was surprised te bear an^ry rt^oee, apparently proceeding from two or three parti* eqf on the "lata," just seath of that theroBBhtem a?r as he eeatiaoed to listen !!5!. *7v/'oh' kin me"' tOM on th* -.***" ??*> followed by other exclamation* ST?"-"* ? desperate struggle *n taking !tfh?f Morokeepcr, however, paid no to the circumstance, and was only re minded of U when the fact of 0'Nell's mysterious dw \ I?neTully known. Various other t?'cfcrenl parties, but they throw no inrrLi^^K missing men, and only serve to iem?.Dt B0W ?**?"*. Mow. however, ^2? singular part of the case. As a las) [?eprt. It la aaid, his anxious relatives souuht the aid of O'Ne^hifhiJS N?T^Y^' WDo bUtud *? H?en> Uiat Mr. ONeU1 had been murdered, and that his remains wwe ??I_ m 'h* *lolnlty of his residence. The the heaT^uh tl*d struck on i .. 8?m# he4t'7 instrument. which hud cwiptetely aaA^t in his skulL His body had then SSS?5SS'? s?? I donbthnt "J" of an there is but Utile ; 8oou * A"> THE EXCISE LAW. Memorial of the Gem.. R^lcal. to tho IiMtal.isre. The GermsB Republican Central Committee, of this city and Brooklyn, through a delegation appointed for that purpose, have presented to the Legislature a. memorial, embodying propositions for a modification of that section of the Exoiso law restricting the sale of liquors on Sunday. They admit in the document alluded to that for moral and political reasons an excise law is necessary; that th* sate of alcoholic beverages is a source of demoralization and crime; that e*iabiiHhtB?Dt? where they are retailed should be placed under a strict control and that the sale of intoxicating beverages should be restricted; further, that the present Excise law, with the exception of a few provision*, is a wholesome and wise muaiiure, and they declare that they always defend the law Against the attacks of persons who ire misled !" !h#lr on the subject; but, taking this view, tney regret that the opposition against the law Is suclt J.!Li. '1VL latcrfare wlt" I" enforeemeut and the SfST.K ^'.r party? wbtel1 is generally held responsi ?1 .! ordinance by the opponents of the law. This opposition on the part of some persons is entirely differ ent from the spirit of opposition against the law in nuguruted by the rurosellers and parties interested in ' !*' qo?r The opposition on the part of the people is not directed asainst the Exciso law, but onlr ?gainst certain of its accidental provisions, which inter TO^onil l}w^8.?PP5Sl<1 n,rlltf 0f th?P?"Ple ?nd their personal liberty. The opposition on the part ol the I quor dealers is based on self Interest and ' ba?e motives. Bur two clauses uro particularly in oppoei ? P.k "P'nlon, viz.First, the power dela gated to the poiieo In paragraphs nineteen and twenty to make arbitrary arrests; second, paragraph fourteen Sunday" places muied during the whole of They propose that the first of these provisions be re pealed, so that no one can bo arrested without a warrant or law, except In eases where liquor is sold without a license, and that the Sunday clauso be modified so that tne sale or refreshments al ter two o'clock P M on Sun days is allowed. Experience has shown thai serious blunders have been made by the police in the exercise or their discretionary power, and complaints on the sub. jeet are often too well founded, as is shown by the re ports of the police and the public journals. These arbitrary arrests irritate public opiuion and create indfgnstlon, which tend to bring the law into disrepute. They do not intimate that the police have acted from malicious or personal motives; but ihey will mn'ntain that police officer* should not hicve dis cretionarv power to interfere with the personal liberty of a citizen. If ibe modifications proposal should be adopted the law would be rendered popular among all cimises with the excep ion or the liquor sellers' faction; but tbey tear, if these modifications should not prevail that the spirit of opposition will become more general from day to day. and that it will be proved at the noxt genera* election that these fears were well founded. -Mass .Weeing In Yonker? la Kaver ef the Ex tension ef the Law to thiat Tew., A mass meeting of the citizens of Yonkers was held last night at Radford Hail for the purpose ?f taking Into consideration the propriety of petitioning the Legis late to have the Metropolitan Excise law extend** to that town. There were about eight hundred person? present. including about one hundred and fifty ladies At half-past eight o'clock the meeting was called to order by Dr. Seward, and Robert L. Ootty elected chair man. After some Introductory remarks, l>ivit> R. Jaorai ' ?*d? *' address, in the course of which be urged the dsairaoUHy and necessity of having suelf an I rabie measure as the Metropolitan Excise law extendod to Yonkers He said that tho quiet and good order which prevailed in New York since tho law cam ? into op era' ion was the best evidence ot its great utilil v. The pel ice ? returns showed that the Sabbath day was no loniror desecrated by the appearance of drunkards on the streeta The geutleman concluded his remarks by ex pressing the hop ? that ere the close of the Legislative session ihe beneficent influences of the bill would be felt not only in Yonkers, but throughout the whole or westi-hester county. Messrs. Hanby, Bchrends (Rev ), May, Cabe (Rev.), King (Kev.). and others followed with similar remarks and at the close of the meeting a petition to the Legisla ture was presented for signature, embodying the itbser. vat ions of Mr Jaqnes and the other sphere 1?^ snrnod amid the ut-jiost enthusiasm, and the proceed ingswore then brought to a c ose. Messrs. Hanbv and 1 i?t were appointed a committee to be the bearer* of the petition lo Albany. STATES ISLAND INTELLI6ENCE. Scddkx Diuth. ?A boy, aged twelve years, a sou of Mr. Morris, of Stapleton, died suddenly on Saturday, ai. his parents residence, under peculiar circumstances. It soems tho boy was in tho act of going to school in bis usual good hualib, when he oom Gained of a severe in his le ad, and a few minutes afterwards was taker* with convulsions. Medical aid was immediatelv pr<v cured, but of no avail, as be died in a lew hour* afterward.-. H..X InsxTirreD ?The .lead body which was found in_;i.e woods at Camp Scott lias been identified as tuat of Mr. Kevser, late of West Twenty-second street It appears that the deceased Mr. Keyer left his home a few (.ays previous to his dent'i for the purpo-e o a 'end ing to some bu*ine s In the eiiy. |i|H famly not suspect ing at the time that anything was wrong with his reasoo. when the first Information th y afterwards received of his whereabouts was throovtl <he llumtj), .fving a full description or an unknown person beieg round dead in the wo<>ds, as above sta>nd. The remains were removed by his alllicted family to his late residence in the city. 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