Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1867, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1867 Page 11
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IfTTATIOtg \VASTKD?FKW *LEI. 4 YOUNG AMERICAN PERSON, WHO under J\ stands plalo h?iii| and dnuwiUB|. would like I po sition where shs would t>e treated u one of (be family: la ?asspeUnt to aot a? nursery governess, or would travel wltk f laJy. Address A. T. 6.. Herald ulBor Asitcation wanted?by a respectable eso liah Woman, aa cook or bouseke*)>er: would not object to a boarding house; umlerstanda all k.uds o; cooking. bon ing and lardtug aua all kinds of de?serts. has lh<- best of city references Can be ?md for two day* at 87 12th at., between Sib and 6th an, or b? addresaing a note to J. S , 6o (janae Woorl at., for oue week. GERMAN PROTECTANT OIRL WANTS A SITl A tlon aa lady a mild or aeatnstress, ft?id city refer enoea can be (Ivan. A|.p .v at t>4 Kirat a*., first floor. AM AMERICAN WIDOW LADY WOULD LIKE A attuation to superintend a gentleman's bouae: la willing to take charge of oue or two children; or aa |>Ialn seam stress. Call ou or addreaa lor two day a Mra. Ilouae, 237 hpriug ?i., uear Tarlok, from 10 to 12 or 3 to 6 1'. M. GREAT NUMBER OF OEKMAN GIRLS WANT situations. Apply at 114 Eaat Houston at, near Id av. A RESPECT ABLE*-OUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU J\. atlon to do ueueral housework in a Mnall private family; la a good plain oook. washer and Ironer; baa good reference from her last p'ace. Can be aeen for two days at 894 3d a*., near 3Uih .-t., to,> door, back room. ATHOROUOH house keeper wants a SITUA llou; la adequate t > manage any position of truat a a re gards energy and bualueaa capacity. Addreaa llouaekeeper, T call at 1< Beach at. uear St. Jobn'a Park. A RESPECTABLE OIKL WISHES A SITUATION AS first claaa cAok iu a private family; beat city reference from laat employer: no oDjectlou to aaaut with washing and Ironing. Call at 246 lttth at., between 7th and 8th avsTTback basement. A respectable colored woman wishes J\ to take ladiea' and geuilamen'a washing at ber house by the month or by tbe iloun; good reference. IS Cornelia si. rear. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SIT uatlon aa chambermaid and waitress or to do houae work la a a mail family. Call at 2a* West Houston at, In the rear. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WISHES A SITU A atlon as uurse and to do plain sewing. Can be aeeu at ber laat empiover'a, 3D Eaat 4lal at. 1 RESPECTARLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION A as nrst class laundress: can do all kinds of Kreuch .flutlug; has several yeaVs' good city reference. Can be seen for two days at 527 3<1 a*., between 117th and SOtli sis. A YOUNO LADY J?F THE HIOH EST RESPECTA Jl blllty desires a situation aa companion to an Invalid lady, or aa h?UM-keeper, Is fully competent for either po sition; best of referenda given and required. Call ou or ad ?dress for three days H. J., Madame Carrier's, No. 1 Brevoort jplaoe, 10th st. oue door west of Broadway. A YOUNG LADY SOLICITS EMPLOYMENT AS copy st or umanuenils. Addreaa Mlaa b., 263 Sackett ?t, Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG AMERICAN girl, fifteen years of age, to a*s 1st In light housework or mind children; the ho i of reference. Can be seeu for s at 178 West 18ih at, belwf?;; Wh avs. Awo days i A SMART WV.riKS A SITUATION At> CHaS( a pnvu^e family. Cill at Eatt 8th st, ? \ SITUATION WANTED?BY A Rh8l ECTABLE A voting girl, us good plain cook, washer and ironer, or would do geneial housework In a small private family. CaL for two days at 272 West 28th si. City reiereuces If required1 A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU atlon, to cook, w.ish and Iron, or to do the work oi a email family; best oi city reierence*. Cad at 3* 5th st.. be tween 2d and &1 ava. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SIT antlon, to do housework for a small private family; Is A good washer and irouer; good references. Call ai IM Eaat 12th at A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SIT nation as chambermaid and to assist iu Uin washing. Can be aeen ut llil i.ust 26th at, near 3d ar. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION aa general liou -eworker or ch.imber-nald In a private family; good rlty re:rrencc given. Call for two day* at 17V East 12th at., top door, back room. BESI-ECTABlI* GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS Waitreaa and chumburmuld in a private family; is neat and tidy and thoroughlv understands her business for either position; ctty or coiWitry; the best oi city rclerence given. Call at 37V 7\p av.. between 33d ami 34>h sis., for two days. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES EMPLOYMENT logo out liv I be d?y; Is an excellent washer and irouer; underatands all Kind- ol hou.sework; good reference. Call at 6(7 Weet 26<!i R, Int Uoor, front room. A SITUATION WaNTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general housework, or as laun dress. lias tha> beat of city reference, and Is not airald to work. Can be seeu for two days at 67 Weal 81st st, top _ floor, front. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE American girl, to t<ke care ot growing children and do sewine; would not object to assist with light cliaioberwork. Best of atr reference from last place, i au u" seen at 21V (new numberi Raat 21st st. between 2d and 3d avs., second Beor, front room. Asitcation wanted-by a resectable girl as cook and laundress; can eook all kinds of game. 'Call at MS Weal 2blh si., secuud door, back room, .<o. 6. 4 SITUATION WANTl'.D?AS SEAMSTKESS: CAN sjA. out and fit and do all kiuda of family anwlng. Has the beat of city reference. Can be aeen fur two days at 146 27th st. between 7lh and 8th avs. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, aa good plain cook, washer and Ironer. Tte-t citv ref erence. Can be aeen fur two days at 317 Wert 2&lii at, In Us rear A SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT PER ?on, as chambermaid and assistant laundress, or to do slain sawing. In a private family. Good city reference. Call 4tW Wsstiffthst SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WO. ?tsn, as good oook and would have no objection to as sist In the washing and ironing. Best city reierrnce from last pines. Can be aeen for two days st 104 West 28th at, between Ilk and Jth avr A FIRST RATB COOK'S SITUATION WANTED BY A very competent person; la a g"od baker; will do the waahlng If required and has the uest of city refe ~ " 'M' ' 104 West lVili st., between ttth A reabea. Call for two <ity* ?' and 7th avs., Aral room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl, aa children's nurse; 1a eapab'e of tak ng ch trge of aa Infant: tbs best of city reference given. Call at 2jI \\ eat VU st., third iloor. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG OIRL AS nurse, can lake the entire charge of a baby; Is u good aewer; has good reference; or would aaaistuita ihe Wash ing. Call al 146 Weal 17th si. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A TOUNG WOMAN; IS a good oook and bak'-r, and is willing to do the washing nnd Ironing; no objection to go a sb >rt distance in the country , good reference can be given. Call at 36 Monroe at, for two daya. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general housework or rhsmoer work and washinK. baa good city relerence. Call fur two davs at 67 West 19th street, near blh ave. :A Touno woman (LATbLT arrived* kr6*m Canada), wishes a situation as chambermaid and waitreaa, or to do fine washing, or would go .is child's utirs'i; ?u good reference. c:..n be seeu al 5n3 3d av., beiwoeu 40th nnd 41st ale.. till eng iged. k RESPBCTABL.K OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS oook, Waaher and ironer, or to do general housework In a small family; boat city rsferencc. Call at 237 West 16th st A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG OIRL 1# years of age, to do up stairs or light housework; has ?no objection f> take care of a baby. Cau be seen for three daya at Blee.-ker st. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION first class waitress and chambermaid; good city refer ence. Cau lis seeu till sulled at 2Uk Welt 17th at., between 8th and Vth avs A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE , girl, as chambermaid or waitress; has no objection to assist In washing and irom.ig; good city refereuos. Call In 7th av., corner 6oih at., over >hn meat store. A^m YliTNG WI III >W LA1' i WISHES A SITUATION AS wot nurse. In a re?i?'ciauie family; has a good breast of milk. Call at 4.1 ^i:iolk s ., near Orand. AH OBUMAN OIRL WISHES A~ SITUATION IN A private family, to do up stairs work. Inquire at 684 111b sv., corner of 4Vilt at.. In tbe grocery. A young WIDOW WOMAN WANTs* A SITUATION aa MfM? t?t niir** to an Invalid lady, or an obild? fiur?a^l? a |o> d -< am.ireaa. Heat city re.crencea g.rau. Call A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A situation; is a ?nod waelier and Ironw and a good baker. Good refer encafrom her l??t |>l ice. Call for two day* at S87 w eat 26th at., between 8th and 1Kb ara.. flrat floor, rear building. A SITUATION WANTED?AS LADY'S MAID AND aeamntreaa. can d re?? hair well and do all kind* if famllr aewing: ha* e.ty reference* Can be aeen until ?t>gaged at 17 Ea?t 6.n at, near tbe Howrry. up nt#ir?. A RESPECTABLE YOUNQ WOMAN WANTS A a'tuailon aa waitreaa and rhambertnald. Haa the very beat eity reference. Call for two day a at Ibe umbrella itore 118 M ar. A tOVNO OIRL WISHES A MUTATION AS FIRST j i cla*a Uunnreaa; noiteretaada all klnda of line waahlug Una the b-?t elty reference from her praamt pl?ce. Call St 3M W a*., i-etween Z7tb and 28llt ata-, front aou-e, aeuoitd ll xir, room No. A, back. 4 RI.SPKCTABLF. ^OUNG WOMAN WISHES TO OO UX. .Mil mrwlns, by the day or week; undcrannd* all klnda <il far uly aewlint on W heeler A Wllaon machine: can cut and tit chlldim'* clothra. and haa ane of her own. Call at or ad drem ItW L**t illat at., ?.rner ol :vi ?v , .cor the drug *tore^ \ SITUATION WANTED?A3 FIRST CLASS COOK, j\ Including liaklng and poetry; al?o a young woman for naraliei work and; no objection io a boardin? hoirne City rtferencea. Call at 411 2d a*., near 24th at, aecond floor. \ situation wantkd-bt a competent woman, In a prlrata family, la a good cook; under atandn all klnda o' onokltg; would aaalat with the wuahlng; h?a lull of rltT reference*. Call at or add Its a for one tUy 4H4 Weat 2*th at. A respectable YOUNG american LADT FROM the country wuiild like to gel a altuatlon aa travelling eompanlon or chambermaid, ('all at #16 Wa?t 2Uth at., in the rear, for two daya. Iwtwreen I* and 4. A FRENCH WOMAN WISHES A situation AS wei nurae; haa good refereneaa. Call at Slu Mott at. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER wishes employ ment he the day or week; flrat claae releranoet. Call at ;?7 Kaat Slat at., third floor, back room. A YOUNQ WOMAN WISHBS A SITUATION AS first J\ elaaa cook: underatanda cooking in all IU braacbea; be?i of city reieraaoa. Call at MO Mar. AM RESPECTABLE girl wishks a situation as plain cook; wlU aaaiat with the waahma and Ironing; good elty reference, Call lor two daya at 4X1 Jd ar. A YOUNO WOMAN wisms A ?ITCATIOW AS WAIT raaa; underatanda her baainaaa la all Ita hranchaa. baal Webreference. Uall alMN a?.. aaar HUt el ?rrVATIO*? WA!fTEO-KK*AtM^ A Nt'WBPK or VIU UOOKIIIVDBOqiMia A ?>rU want ?tiua'.luQ* at Mm. Lowe'. Carman Institute, 17 Stanton at., nr*r Howery. a KITITATIOW W KNTFO?BY A YOPNfJ WOMAM, A with a fr??n br>'i?t of milk. Mother_and child can be Mm at ?9 East 10th sU between aT?. I and U. A rrsprctablk makr^ed woman, who has A lo* her baby, one day old, would Uke a Ubr u> wet nurie it bcr re?idence, 189 Newark aT.? Jersey City, first fioor. Call for three dij*. __ a I AHV WOULD MKE A 8ITT ATI ON Ah IM A prover In a good dreMmaklng establishment; 1, a good seam?tre?s AdiMM L. Powers, IleraU office. 4 RVSPF.TAHUF. WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS \ m a private family, or would go a. cook and &a???hJ?r^,AJdrt" "? ? ji* East 24til at., near 2d .v., for three data. A FIRliT CLASS OOOK WANTS A SITUATION IW A A or rate family; understands English and Amerieaa ?k??7haa good, CJIod or ad drew (i. 0., 806'Eaat Mth <t., Dear 2d av., for three day.. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A a. first clau lauudre*s; ha. the best of city refeaence from h?r laat place. Apply at No. 611 "th ae., bo'ween AIM and 43d ?**?_ A GOOD JEWISH COOK WANTS A SITUATION IN A A family; the be.1 of olty reference given. Apply at 904 Bleecker .t. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A BESPBCTABLE American Protestant woman, V\?^fcU*,?iu?yZ J? take care of milk and batter or a. a pUin cook, or uhftP In a .mall family lo do homework; reference If required. Call for two days a; 180 Ellaahcth at. first floor. In the rear. YOUNG OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS NURSE; la very kind to children ;^good city reference. Can be teen until bulled at 178 l*?t HKh it. A- bituation wanted-FY atoung oieu'todo chamberwork and anei.t In the washing and Ironing, or to do houaework in aamall family; la wlUlag and obliging; city reference. Call at 338 Weat 16th at. A COMPETENT WOMAN WISHES A BITUATION AS aeam.treaa: can cut end lit; will go hv the day, week or month; reference if required. Call at 480 Sd^av. Avery well educated protestant germ an girl dealre. to take a place to attend to children and teach the Get man language, or ai Udr'i maid and to 00 plain aewing; good rererencea can be given. Inquire at M Weat 20th at., baaement. ? A respectable GIRL WANTS A ^ITUATION AS chambermaid and laundreaa; ha* jnod clty reference from her laat place. Apply at 204 Weat 8I?st. A YOUNG AMERICAN OIRL WOULD LIKE !_8{IP,?: tion an nurse in a family going in the country in summer. Inquire at 147 Tavonia aT.? Jersey City. A BITUATION WANTED?BT A kespectari.E A young girl, as Orst rate cook and Hwlteni bak.r. would aaaiat with waahing end Ironing; beat of city refer ence; none need apply bui private famlUoa. Canbo Men at 1(M Went 19th at., between 6th and ilk lw0 P*lr 01 stairs. back room. A SITUATION WaNTED-BY A RESPECTABLE ItffiSSBSArESS.'J 7th av?.. two pair of stairs, back room. a small iamily. Inquire ?t So. 6 Amity place. In the rear. . FIRST CLASS ENOLlsn COOK WANTS A PLACE. A Call for two days al v'Mj East 9th St., near 1st av. A RESPECTABLE YOCNO OIRL WISHES A 8ITUA tlon la a resectable private family, as cijok. washer and irocer; has the best or city reference. Call at M Nan dam sL A FRENCH NUItSE (FROM PARIS) WISHES A situation to take care of children and do sewing; good reference. Apply at lW3d av., between 16th aud l.lh sta., In the fancy store. _ A SEAMSTRESS WISHES TO MAKE A FEW EN ffagementa to go out by the dav or we?;k in private families; understand. aU kinds of family sewing: best of reference. Call for two day, at H6 Charles St.. third floor. YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid or waitress; be.t city reiereuce. Call al 6th av. for two days. A Atoung girl wishes a situation to do chamberwork. embroidary or plain aewing. Can be Men for two days al ll? West 19th St., In thu A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG OIRL. TO DO chamberwork ?nd walling, or would uur?e and do cham berwork; no objection to go a ?hort dUtaiiOe In the oountry; good referenoe. Callat 3W 7th ar? betweeu .Mvh and Ml h sta.. top floor. A SITUATION WANTED?AS WAITRESS. IN A PRl ?ate family; ha* the best of city reference. Can be ?een at 144 Weat 27lb sU, between 7th and 8th ays., for two days. A8ITUATION WANTED-BY A RRSPGCTABLE GlRL as chambermaid. or to do general housework In a small family; good reference. Call for two d.ys at IS ?h at., In the rear. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO do chamberwork and waiting; good city reference. Call for two days at 430 id av. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do chamberwork and waiting, or general housework in a small private f .mily; bn?t of cl.y reference. Call at 91 Weal 4Sth sl? betweeu tkh and 7th ave., in tho gro cery store. A YOUNG AMERICAN OIRL DESIRES A SITUATION to do light cham?erw?rk and waiting, or chamberwork and aul.t with children; best of city reference. Apply at 1M West 3Hu st ATOUNO PERSON WANTS A SITUATION AS SEAM atrene and to take care of children Call at her proMU t employer'a 1M West Uth at., near 7th ar. WIDOW LADT, WITH ONE CHILD, WISHES A situation a. chambermaid. Call at 1<6 Eaat 17th St., front FIRST CLASS MILLINER AND TRIMMER WISHES . a situation. Address Milliner. Herald oilloe. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A rebpectablb jounggirl, to do chamberwork and take care of chil dren, or do housework for a email family; good reference. Apply at 107 West Md at. A RESPECTABLE TOPNG GIRL W1ffHBH A S^A A tion a? chambermaid and to aaaiai In the waahinf, go d city reference. Callat 313 West 19th si., between 9th and 10th aTS., top floor. . ________ A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL WANTS A SITU A A tlon as chambermaid and waitress. orf wniddjtake o*i? of children. Can be ?eeo at ber employers, IJ linlvcrsltjr place. ARF.SPBCTABLE YOCNO MAN DESIRES A SITU A tlon as clerk In a grocery and tea store, hsvlng four year*'experience andean produce the l<e?t of city refer ences; no objection to the couutry. Apply at 130 av. B, bc tvan UUt and 12th at*. ____________________ A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU ation a* general hou.eworker in a small famllv; l e<t of city n-ferencea. Apply at 2lil We.t 47th st. Can be seen for two day*. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS FIRST class cook; would assist with washing anil Ironing: best of clly reference. Osll at 112 Wesl iPth sl., second floflT. A respectable PROTESTANT OIRL WISIIES A idtnation aa rnnmbermaM and waiirf?*. flood refer ence given. Call at 111 West ibth st., first floor, room No. S, for two days. ? DRESSMAKER, ACCISTOMED TO WORK FOR nri\ ate families, would like employment by the week ordey. Inquire in the fancy store 110 Wwoater at., between Bleecker and Amity. A ATOUBQ, RKarKfTTABbR OIRL MKSIRKS A 8ITT h 1 Ion a* cli*m'>erm ild; I* willing 10 make herself generally useful or to ink* cure of children; ran np?ril? on a machine. Can be ?ecn for two daya at No. ?&? 24tb el., between 1st and 2<1 ?'?. ARKBPKCTABLB YOIJNO OIRI. WIMHRB A SITfJA lion an chambermaid and aeamatreas; can operate on Wli?eler k Wilson's machine; ha* Ihe beat of city reference. Can be seen at 1,415 llW<Wf. ARgftPRCTABLE OIRL WIHHKB A SITUATION TO do general'houaework. or to cook, waah and Iron: or to do chaniberwork; haa gooiL city reference. I'an I* mq fur two day* at 130 Ka*t 4th ?., In the rear. top floor. YOUNO WOMAN, LATELY FROM KNOLAND, wNhea a *ttuation a* cook; I* willing to aaaiat with the washing and ironing of a private faniiiy. An* l.idy from ."lew York wlahlng U aend a note to the advertiser SW Illrka it. Brooklyn, near Atlantic, will be attended to. UoodcHf reference from laat place. __ ARESPKCTABLK protebtabt OIRL WIBHEB A altuation a* plain rook, washer and ironer. no ohjer tion to do general honeework for a imall lamily. Call at ISO Ka?t SHh at., aeeond floor, bark room RRBPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION A> go >d cook, waaher and Ironer: haa the beat of dtjr ref erence from her last place. Call at US Weat 27th at. ARSBPRCTABLB WIDOW WOMAN WASTS BOMB washing: I* willing to go out by the "lay to any respect able family; all work carefully done. Call at 81 Oreeoe at., top floor. In the rear. ARF.bpectabi.R YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A BIT uatlon lo do chamberwork and waiting, or would do the coukiof of a amall private family. Call at Z0 Ea?t IJtb a treat A YOUNO oiri, 1(1 YRARB old DEBIRES A BITUA tlon to do chamberwork ktid lake care of children and make her?e|f ii.eful; wagea not an much an obieet M a home, t.ity re.'erence. Call at 411 2d at., near 24th at. aec ornl floor. A WIDOW WOMAN. WITH A boy 7 YEARS old, wanta r alt'iatlon aa hnuaekeeper, or would <lo the house work of a ?n?!l family: ha* no objection to go ? ?hort dis tance in ibe country. Call at 2u0 Eaat 37th at., corner of 8d avenue. A situation wantkd-by a respectabi.e young girl, a* cook, waaher ami ironer; ha* good city refervnce. ('an be net-n at 134 Weat Zilh at., between Tin and #th ava., room 14. i YOI NO oirl wishes * situation as beam. iV *lre*a and' to do llgut chamberwork: can operate on Wheeler A Wllaon'* mucniii*. Can be eeen at her pieaent place, I Ct Weat Jlat at Ayoono woman wishes a situation as chambermaid and walireaa, or aa chambermaid and anam*ire*e; would be willing to aaaiat in the washing. no objection to the country; good elly reference can be given. Call el I.M Weat 27th at.. flr*t floor, back room. \ laundress.-a situation wantkd by a I\ <)r*t olaaa laundre**; ha* good city reference. Can be aeen for two day* at '.'4? 7th av? near 20th at A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTB A BITtlATION IK A private family a* cook; beat ctl? reference from her inatplaee. Call for two Maya at IBS Beat SBth at., between lat and 2d ava., Aral floor, back room. ATOUNO OIBL WIBHRB TO PROCURE a BITITA lion to do general hoqeawork; la a good waaher and Ironer; baa goocfljfjrenw fj?m her laat place. Can be aeei for twe day* at 102 Weal 80th at. A YOUNO OIRL WISHES TO OO OCT TO HEW BY the day or week; can eut and III children'* clothe* In the neatest manner and do all klnda of family eewlng; ra'n SITUATIONS w\>TFO?ITMAMC*. Ctooc.-situation wanted in a kirht <'1-afs / family, by a woman, a? ?rat claa* Krench thoroughly uniernatid* every li inch of the art; no wind ing; beat of city reference, ill Delaucey at. /tOOK.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAK ^ANTS it situation a* first class cook ; no obiectto? to a boarfling houif. Good refftrcBMi from her last puce. Apply tor two day* at 64 West l9tL it., top floor, front room. 0RB8S AND CLOAK TITTER AND FITTER WISHES a situation or wi 1 go out b? the day or week. Audrain H. Reed, station P, for one week. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTEn-BT A Dcraou fullv competent to fill the poej'ion. in the e ty or country. Addre** Mre. Bleecker. atation U.^tb it HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WAITraD-BY A COM nectlcut woman. _AJdre? C. P.. He^omoe. PROTESTANT YOCNO WOMAN ,W,18.??? I tlon ai nurse or chambermaid or to de light houaework, city or country. Apply at 17S fclUabath at., one block from the Bowery, near bprlng. CITHATION WASTED?AS CLOAK COTTER OR A8 S Hieiant forewoman, or wou'd take rtarite of a smalt ea. tabllihineut. Good references Addre**, for one week, C. K., Station B. N. Y. , CITITATIOM WANTED?-AS COMPRTRNT SEAM S .twM can cut and fit ladiee' and children', dreaaes and maklX& "the. or aa*l?tat light chamberwork; under ?land* all kln.U of family plain aawing;good reference. Call for two daya at lit Wot at.. *eooud noor. OITtTATION WANTED?AS NURSE AND SEAM S *\re? ; can cut and fit children'* rlothln, and operate on Wheeler k Wilaon'a machine; good city reference. Call at 1116 Weal JOth at. SITCATION WANTED?TO DO GENERAL HOUSE, work ortftke cnre of children; good city reference. Call at 193 Eaat 8Mb at. for two daya. CMTUATION WANTED-RY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. ^ aa ulaln oook, waaher and ironer. or would do general houaework In a private family; beat reference gtyeu. Call at her prenent employer'*. 107 Waverley place. OITUATION WANTED.?a YOUNO GERMAN GIRL, C> who can conk, wa*h and Iron deiirea a situation. 274 Houatou ?t., near ar^B. S ITU ATI ON WANTED-BY A YOUNO GIRL. IN A amall private family. ?* plain cook, waaher and troner; ts willing and obliging. Call at 3261st av., corner of 19tfr ?t. CITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO YOUNO OIRI.8; one to cook, wnnh and iron, the othe** as chambermaid and to ?ake care of children, or waiting; good dty reference. Call at 461 6th av., between'J7th and 28th stSe^thlrd floor. SITUATION WANTED-RY AN AMERICAN WOMAN, to wait upon an invalid lady and to do light chamber work and make herself generally useful. Apply at 39 Broome st,, between (?oerck and Lewia. SITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE young girls, one as lirst class waitress and the other as chambermaid and to assUt with line washing and ironing or plain sewing; have the best of city reference. Can be seen for two days ut 342 East 13th st., between 1st and 2d avs. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO cook, wafcU ami iron or to do general housework; good city reference. Call at 3J6 West 36th st., near 9th nr. | CJ ITU ATI ON WANTED-BY A PTR^T RATE COOK OR ! O to asHint at washing and ironing; !? willing and oblig J ing; best citf reference. Call at 79 West 30th st. I CJITtTATlON WANTED?TO COOIC W.\SH AND IRON. I or to do general housework, tiood city rcrcrence. Call at 177 Enst 2? h ?t., third lluor, l?ek room, fur two days. CJITU ATIOS WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WO O man. a< fir<t cook; understand* cooking in a.l it* liraiichea;no objection to M*Ut?rtth the*,f fc! family, heat city reie;ence. Call at 8t Weit l.tii ?t., fo' two day,. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO ..RESPECTABLE O Protestant girl*; one aa lirst claaa rook, or would aa*l*t with the win-hlng! tnsothera* chambermaid nnd waitress or would aaaist with the children; thei beat^ be given; no objection* to go a nhort dlwlance in the c-untrv. Call at 93 Went ltfth at.,between 6ih and '.th av?.. Mtooud floor, front room. _____ SITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO SISTERS; ONE AS ^ pi,.in cook, waaher and Ironer; the other aa chambei mai'U W;il'.r?i-, or nnr*e and plain *e?in?treaa; Jmve three rear*' citv reference from their last place. Can be *een for two day* at 91 \\ e? l?th ?t. No objection* 10 the country for the summer. OnUA-IOV WANTED-BY A YOUNO Wl?M\N, AS O cook; thoronahlv undenund* ber bn?ine?*. -s" lion to Co will, a family in month-. Be?t ciiy reference. Call at 3^8 W ?st *'n it., twecn Bilytnil OITUATION WANTF.D?BY A RKSPECTABI.E OIRls O a* cook; 11 willing to aaolat in washing. Beat dty referenco. Call at US i'.aat 16th at. . SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, a* waitrea* :>nd chambermaid. Be?t dty reference. Call at 68 En.t 15tl?J^ SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, ^ II latindre**; no objection to aa*i*t with the chamber* work. Beat city reference. Call at8 8 Ka?t lath ut. OITUATION * WANTED?BY A YOrNO GIRL. AS H chambermaid and waltre*a, or to aeal*t at fine waahlnf; beet city relerence. Call at 191 Kaat 54th *t., near *1 av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE tlIRL, to do housework* is a ?o*?d cook, washer and Iraner, city reference giveu. Call at 210 We*t Mth at, between 7th gud ?th tiv*., f?.- two dayii. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNO OIRL, AS chambermaid and waltre**. or to do general bouaewor*; beat eity reference*. Call at 2-W 7th aT., corner of J6lh *t SITUATION WANTED-TO COOK. WASH AND IRON, O or to do general bou^twork; rood city reference. Call at 18 Deabroane* ?t., between Hnd?on and Greenwich ?t?. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMaN AS aeamntre*.; can make ladles' and children * dreaae* and all kind* of family aewlng: will do light ehamherw-Tk: baa no objection to go a *hort dlatance In the count re; ha* good reference. Call at iW flth ay , between Jth ai?l 10th *t*. CITUATION WANTED-BY A JWPWMIU f?P: 17 te*unt voting woman ua eh.imbcrmnld and In imit with the waahlng and Ironing, or to do light hon*ework in a private family; rood waaher and ironer and a good pi?ln c<>i?k; no objection to go a *lM?rt dlatance In the country. Good city relerertoe given. Apply at 19 hunt 11th *t. CITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT GIRL TO O do chamber*ork and Uke c?re of chlMren; I and obllglne; goo<l city reference. Call at 310 Weet J6tb ?t., for two day*. SITUATION WANTKD?BY AN ENGLISH WOMAN, _ a* cook in a re, U'ir,?nt or hotel; giKal reference. Call at 416 Wen IHth *t., thlrJ lioor. front, for tnjod iv*. TWO YQl'NQ OIULS WANT SITUATIONS A* J""** 1 *tre*ae* In prlv.ite famlllea; c;n on,-rate on ? heel.-r * Wllaon-* machine: wiUlngJto work ['7 the <J?r. ?eek or roont1). f ill it w.'eW av., between and 4Sth *u. top floor, back room. rWo YOUNO OIRI^ DESIRE BITPATIONB?ONE AS 1 cook Wa-her and Ironer: the other a* chambermaid and to do the line w.xhlng and ironing, or would do wailing; Iim1* good eiir reference; has no objection to the e.iuntry. Can w>n_?t Ml Wc*t2Sth?t.. between -Ul, and Jth av. mtro RESPECTABLE YOUK^I (ilHLS W I^II HIT T ust'ons; one M* rook, washer and ironer sn?1 the other a? chambermaid and waitress, can bring city reference. CaU for one day at 339 Weat 80th st. mWO PROTESTANT OIRLS ^ANT SITUATIONS; ON E I am cook the other as chambermaid and waitress. for two d .>?*' It v e.t Will at.. IW-t.-n 7 li and ?th av*. ?nWO OIRLS' W1S1I PITUATI' NS?ONE TO COOK, T wa?li and Iron, the other to do chamtierwork and wait ing and to a*a!?t with waahlag; b?et of rafercticea. Call at 130 Wet Sid *t~, 0QTT ,th at. mfO RESPECTABI.E GIRI.S WISH G??OD HITI A 1 lion*?one a* plain cook, the other to dn " en' Bood relet enoe. Apply a ter nlhe o clock at ?"9 7th ar., en S^eToo 34t>Tet.. .'n- llK.V. of rtalr*. fnmt room. niwo PROTECTANT tllRLS 1 a* chumliertnai l ami *eam*tre*?. Ibe other ajcook. be* of elty refarenee*. Apply for two day* at their priaent tin pioyer's, West 416 23d si m ANTED?A SITUATION AS LAUNDRESS, OR W rhsmberinafd and laundress; best of city refernn .-e. Call at 21 ilk ar.. in the titmmini store. %?? iTTfi- f) a BITI'aTION, BY A RESPEI TABLE W young girl, ss ?-o??k; undarit^ds Fr^oeh and kngltsti eiKiklng; l* a goo.1 haker; ha* no option t??*?l*t tn?. Sin be seen for one dar at 343 ^ est Jbth st. Ring \n upper bell. WANTED.?A TOf HO LaDY WISHES A SITI'ATI'tM to Mlend atom; hu hud pom* experience In a fancy ?tor*; high wAgrn not eo much an object aa * permanent nlt oaltoa. Adilrcn. for two il.iya T I... MlflM oHioe. WANTED-RY A KKSPKCTaIU.K WOMAN, A SITCA tlonaacook; la willing to aa?lat In waahlag and Iron ing; gO"d city refrrtuea. Call at M Wert 26th at . nearfith avenue. WANTBD-A RITPATION, BT A I'ROTKSTA^T (ilRL, to do the honaework of a unal! private family; g^'xl referencea. <3aU at corner of Mth It and 7th ar.. over buU-her at or*. WANTED-A SITUATION TO IX? OBMEBAL IlOPsE work. fBr a ?m*ll family; rooking. wa?hing an'! Iron ing. can give good city reference. Apply at Ml Charlton at., i is the r?>ar. I IlfAlfTKD?BT A TO (TWO WOMAN, A BITCaTION AS Tf chambermaid and to do ae wing; can op?r:?teon Wheeler A Wllaon'a rawing machine. Call at S7 Wort 4.Vh ?t. ANTED?A SITUATION TO DO OBNBKAL HOCSE' work hr a reapertaUleyoung girl; good reeomtnetida tlon. Call Mr two daya at 1S{ Clinton at., third Ooor, loom *0. 11 Wanted?a situation, by a yocno oirl. i? y?ar? of age. to take care*>f a child and make hcraelf Knerally n?efill. Apply at Mttlatav., tor Door, between b and rth ate. ' WANTED-RY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A MTPA atlon to do general liou'cwork In a amall private

famiy wo'lld have no objection* to cook, waab and Iron; good n'ty reference nan be given. 1M fit at., CUoton place f i jnt houae, room No . ft WANTED?A SITUATION, BT AN AMERICAN GIRL., to take cars of children; beet of reference. Apufy at No. S All?n at. tor two daya. WANTKO-A SlTl'ATION, BY A RESPECT A Bl.E youn? glrU a? uhamlmrmald and waltre?a. ir Waltrea* In a pr'u ate frnllr, good city reference a. CaU for t? o <Jaya at 3M Wert ftth^t WANTED?BT A YOCNO WOMAN. A SITUATION AR f? chamtiermalil and waureaa. or to aaalat with waahlng. Apply at preaent employer"a XO Weat I?th at. WANTED-PT TWO SfPRRIOR SERVANTS, WITH ei-ellent eltj rclerei.ce, aituatlnna In one fatjiHy, city ?r country; one Engliah I'roteatant aa waltreia and parlor maid, the other a? Uuudreaa and chambermaid: doea timing and tineiT; wage* flu and 911. Call at 199 Kaat 21it ?L, new number sl7. __________________ WANTED-BT a SCPBBIOB KUBIB. WITH EXCEL* lent city reference, a altnatlon la the city or country: would travel with a lady; aew? neaUj; would wait M ? lady who lioarde; wagee >10. Pell at 1IMEaet llet gf. W~~ ANTBD-A STT0ATION AS CKAMBEBMAID O* waltreaa. Can be aean at tM 10th a*., aeeond floor. W~" ANTED-BT a RI"PBCTABI.E OIBL. A SITUA. lion aa chamherni?nl and waltrea*; 'a willing to make h. raelf aaeful; h ia ?o. <1 rtifi come Aprt* Tbui.tla) ana Friday, froui IG to IS Velock. at II Weal ?e i> sttratw** WAMTEn?feji\I-ks. WANTED-BY A rrsprctabls WOMAN. WITH A fresh br?a?i of milk. a child tor to nurae: It will re nelve the best of care: reference required aud given. Call for two days at 152 East ?.?! at WANTED-\ SITUATION, by A RESPECTABLE _girl as c'Kik end loui:!<i with the washing and iron ing; T year*' reference from her last pUce. ('all for two days at 211 West Jtiili st., betwseu Ttli and Stuart., second floor, front room. WANTRD-A situation, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl ?? flrtl <-!..*? w-i:t:eaa or cUamt .-rraald ?ud to assist With the wastiiii* and Ironing: the bent of oily reference from her last place. Call at 28i? Writ Slat st, between IHh and lOtb avs., second floor, front room. Wanted-by a tailor ess, work in families, by the day. to cut and make boy*' clothe*. also aacka and basques in the lateat styles. Address Mrs. A. Wise, 151 Eaat Win at. ? TIT ANTED?a SITUATION. bv A YOUNO LADY. WHO tt haa been accustomed to the drv goods, laucv and trimming tradea. Find class references given. Apply to C. Martin, Post office, Brook'yn. T?TANTED-BY A RE^pi-.tTARLE tilrl, A SITUATION tv aa chambermaid ami waitress. Apply at 30 Went 37th at., at her preseut employer'a. titanted?a situation. BY A YOLNO OIRL, AS ? V wait re an In a small family. Haa good reference. Can be aeen at <5 Weat 20th at., first floor, back room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Welah girl, aa laundreaa In a private family. Uood city reference. Call for two daya at Mi Eaat Mlh at. WANTED-A 8ITITATION. BY AN AMERICAN OIRL, to do cbamberwork and take care of children. Call at si Forayth at, front building, room No. 7, for Mra. Alllce. fir ANTED?a SITUATION AS WET NURSE, BY A 11 young and healthy woman with a freah breaat of milk, whose own baby la only live weeka old. luquire at 168 Weat 90th at, socond floor. WANTED-BT TWO YOUNO OIRL8, SITUATIONS, one aa nurae and plain aewer, the other aa chamber, maid: or would take care of a baby. Oood city reference. Can be aeen Tburaday and Friday at 33b Weat 28 th at, rear, aecond floor. WANTED-BY A WIDOW LADT OF EDUCATION and reflnoment from Massachusetts, a position aa houaekeeper in a widower'a family: aa the moat honorable motlvra piompt thla atep, none but those In earneat need anawer. Addieaa immediately Mra. E. C. Chase, Brooklyn Post ofllce. n. Y. WANTED?by TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRLS, situations; one aa nurae, who haa taken charge of children for srversl yearn, and the other to do chsmherwork ami plslri sewing, or aa waitress. Beat city reference: hare been 7 years lu their last altuatlon. Call at 86 Weat "7th (t. In the rear. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a situation aa lady's maid and seamstress who under stands nil kind* of family sewing; or light chnmberwork and seamstress. Meat reference. Can be aeen for three day? at 196 West 14th at iv BT NURSE.?a YOUNO AND HEALTHY, RE 11 apectable Protestant woman, with a full breaat of milk, having lost her own baby, la desirous of a altuatlon as wet nurse iu a resectable family. Call at 424 7th av., igar 8-jlh St. TENANTED?by A FRENCH LADY. TAI.KINO THE it Eng1l-!i iviguako iluently. a altuatlon aa seamstress; would t. 0 '1 tl r '?> inch laugiiiiife, or go aa intarpraueas in a fnmMy or store. Addrfcss, for two days, Madiine Dane!, box 1*8 Herald oOlca. TITAN ted-A SITUATION JA COOK: WOULD bk ?t whliiu to ilo the coarse washing; ha- s years' refer ence- from her present employer. Can be aeen until suited at IS ka?t 15th at. tl'ANTED-a SITUATION. hy A YOUNO CIRL, 11 with good reiereiices, to mind children and be useful. Call at 83 (Vest 17>h si. tp ANTED?a SITUATION. BY A YOUNO GIRU AS it coo!: and to assist In washing and Ironing; grind ctiy reference; no objection to the country. Apply lur twsdays at 74 wc-t 23d ?t. third floor. WANTED?by A LADY, WITH BEST TESTIMONIALS, 8 situation aa proof reader. Address H. C., box 4.T44 l'oet office 117 ANTED?a SITUATION. BY A respectable 11 , girl, *? ouV; and to assist with washing and Ironing in a small priv te l.<nily; has th? nest of city reference. Can be-seen at 6J West \\ ahhui .ton place, first floor, front room. WANTED?iis A RESPECi'ABLE YOCNO OIRL. A to do general housework In a small family, '.rail kf as r.nat Wth et. for two daya. WANTED-BY A RESPECT \BLE OIRL, A SITUA Vt tloti a* nur?e In a prir.le family; good cit* re ferences given. Call for two day* at 313 Kai.t 24th St., second ' floor. tv ANTED?by A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, f v a situation a? ch.iinliermsld or to tnKe eare of children, inq.ulre at corner 4th av. and JOth at. for Sarah Bouse. htav TED?a SITUATION AS WhT NURSE, BY A yv rea?>??<?lile married'woman; has a fresh breast of milk. Cm ror two &?y* at 217 7th ar. W~ ANTED?k SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE vn.,nf ?ipi^ a cliamb"rmald and waitress; good refer enee Jn bm u'? ?'77 West ?.h St WAVTPn BY A vfli'ni OIRL. A SITUATION TO DO chnmberwork and ? dren; good city references. *' "u weat list st, near 7th av. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A young woman aa <-ook and to sast.t #1^' Ironing In a private family; best of ettv refetv given. Cell at 8# 41st st, between 7th and wth avS. __ WANTED-BY A EESPF.OTaBLB OIRL. A mttfa' tlon as cook, washer and ironer; wages f)3: best tf city reference. Inquire at 781 2d ar., In the dry gooa$ Mtirm. WANTED-* SITUATION. BY A respftctaotj? girl, aa ehsmbertnnld and waitress and to asaiat In fhtf washing and Ironing; good city reference. Call at *8 7th at. WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA tton m a urivate family aa good plain cook; ean make good bread, btsoult and pastry: would assist with wsshlng ir required. Also a young womtn to do chsraberwork and would take mire of children and do plain sewing. Uood city references. Call at 115 l'Hh nr.. near 16th st WANTED?by A RESPECTABLE YOUNO CIRL, A situation hs chatnl>ermiil4 and aeamstr*as. Haa the beat of city references. Call for two daya st 367 7th av., cor ner SSd st WANTED-A SITUATION AS NURSE AND CHAM bemaM or aa chsmliermald and waitress. Apply for two days at 120 East 17tli at. vitanted?by A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, 1" s situation aa wet nurse; haa no objection to go in the country or travel; hna lost her behy, three montlia old: can glre 1o0 i ci y refer-nee; marriage Unes prtsluced If re quired. t'ail st 81 Henry st. Wanted?situations, by two sis reus <>)?? kt: spe 'lability; one as chambermaid and to mind ehil- ' dren, the o her as waitress; would like to live tojeih< r In a jirlT 'te family: >vlll be found willing to umke themselves renerallv u-eful. Can pr xluoe best of city reference, Cail for two d 1 vs at 21(3 We-i 3?ith st tktantbd?a MTU ATION. BY A YOUNO WOMAN,IAS 11 rh imljermai'l and waiire?a; Ijest of eity ref'-renc* can b? given fr on last place, fan b? sen for two days at 73 wet ?th st t1tanted?a SITUATION. by A RESPECTABLE, 11 ste >dy woman, as h -at cla-s rook in a hotel, club house or first eU'S private family; ntidei "tauda her buatness In all its hnnchns: has the best of nlty an.i eouniry refe.-ence: no objection to the country. Can be aeen until suited at hi East Houston st WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL A SITUA lion to do honaenork In a sm ill family: is s good plain eook and washer and Ironer; an American family preferred. CaltaXWX t? av. WJANT'"!!?a SITUATION BY A YOUNO OIRL. AS v? ehamliermald and <raltre s nr to dochamberwork and saalst with children; haa the heat of city references Can be sern at SO w " t i'.nh st a.-eond lioor front r<*>m. 1rOUNO OIRL wmmbr A 'ITU?tk'N AS LACK dreaa or to do fine ? ashing and Ironing and assist in the | chntnborwork; m? objection to the eonntrv. or would do pis n iwklsg. w .ah'n. and Ironing for a small family In the city; an care of a furnace. Call at 17G East 17th st. hri.i* \vam'ed?FKMAIjES. A LADY Of EXPERIENCE WANTED?to TAKE change of a first cln-a dr?asmak ng eatabllshment In the city; she must thoroughly underaund the business. Ad dreaa JL E . ho* 210 Herald offlee. A FIRST CLASS OPERATOR ON WHEELER a Wilson's machine wishes to go out to work bv the dav. with or wlthour her own machine. Call at or address 130 West 27th rt. rota iu, near 7th av. RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTED?t<) COOK. WASH Iron: tnusl glre the beat of refrreoc*. Apply at a A LL oirls. AC.. WANTIK'i OQOD SITUATIONS im a m?-distelr. city or country. Bast Institute for good help, im flth a*. A OOOD PLAIN COOK WANTED-BY A SMALL PP.i vnte fimllr: she mnst b" willing to asa'st In washing and Ironing, und have elty references. Apply from iv lo 11 o'clock at ul l.ast 14ih st, ne.>r 2d av. ASEAM*TR*-?is -ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS oi'ER ?tin* on Wheeler A Wllsoh's sewltig machine, alro ui assist In light rhaiiib*rwork. Apply at 74 Wisiltothst. In B stingnn Wheeler A Wilson's sewing m.iihme, alru to i In light e tke basement. FAD HANDS wanted.-NO WORK oiven OUT. 118 Weat Houston st ? CHAMBERMAID WANTED-on* USED TO wa1tino at the table. Apply st t!f Bank street S^irst rt v?S OPERATtlRH WANTED-ON WILCOX ' A Olbbs' insrhlnes. ELK AN A ht.RZOU, w wh.te st Nurse wanted-witii unexceptionable citt reference- Apply Thursday ind Friday morii'ngs, from It' till i o'<lock, at 117 East Mth st, between lu g ton and 4'h avs. tv ANTED-a RESPECTABLE oiiil TO DO oeneral yf hansewcrk. Apply at sll) Hth av , betwee 1 li'li au. ? ttTANTI'D--A OIRL W'tii ...ioim'Ii Y REFERENCE, 11 to lo gen?r-?' hou'ework In a_small family. Apvly be tween ten and one o'clock, at '120 h est 25t'i st. wantfd?a WELL RECOMMENDED WOMAN AS 11 nurse for 'n 4nfsnl two months old. Aptly for two days at I4? East I7lh at a it ANTED?a WET NURSK, WELL RBCOM MENDED fl and with a fresh breast of milk. Inquire at 2v iam d .n terrace, Wrat .':t-l st . b^wnen Pth and 10th ?v?. WANTtD-A OOOD COOK, WASHER AND IRONER: i also a good chambermaid and waitress. None hut thoae who are competent and wall recommended seed apply. fafiii 1h Wast 14th at. WANTED?a OIRL TO DO OEMERAL HOUSEWORK Yv In a small private family; muat be a (nod cook, washer and Ironer; good eitv reference required. Apply at uo Waat Md et Wsges flo. WANTRD-a PBOTRSTANT OIRL TO DO FINE washing and light chamberwork in a priraM family. Apply, with good reference, at No. ? Eaet i>th at. tv ANTED?a ohr MA n"nT'KS k. TO OO TO EUROPE ff with a family; one with good city raferfnee* oan apptl at 123 3d av.. batwtan U nnd lo'cloeA. HEM* WAfTED-FEnALRR. 11' ANTED?A GIRL AS OOOD PLAIN COOK, WANIf. * ? ar an 1 Ironer oul? una willing t<> nuke nerself gener ?"y uaeml uted epj.'y at 130 Weal af'.u at City refareui*# utKwuirjr. fXTlNTRD-A OOOD SKAM*TRE4g WHO UNDER a, fu dressiuakin*. Apply with guod nf?rior?i at W Ht. Mark'# ptaoe. niar 2d a\-. ANTED?OPERATORS ON WHEELER .1 WILSONS ou ^If il Writ cIin hinds only need apply ?!!? ? Broadway. Entrance to workrooms 1a Curl laudt alley. Al?o a tlrst class iruner wanted. WBLLQDALinRD LAUNDRESS, IN A n.rm, ?iL i C|,J referecae required; wa^ea $10 per wonth. Apply fortwo days ut tift Lexington av. lyAKfp?a Hwawm cook; oirr refer. objection requlreJ- APP'' ?< "U Blocker at Color uu WA.^TK?-TW? ENGLISH, SCOTCH OR GERMAN iTl?A? WOri. 0f * ?lu*H ?t Bergen, Nrw WhT&sSft I coachman and gardener. Cull at No. 13 refe?n?^iu?r^f U,WMW 12 "ld 5 actock- Uood WA?I?Pj7BT^f AMERICAN FAMILT. A YOUNO TT and active Protestant German uurae, to lake el aige 2'* ^f"'u y?r? old; uiuat apeak goodticrman anil bring a,"1 itr. M.\trirwVhp,r'y betw""uo wi"oi j" A 8MALL FAMILY, A FIRST CLASS JJ[, ooo* ?nd also a competent laundreat; waaes Sl'J each W^VL"? ,pt y *lthou,1 b"<l "f oitr reference. an Wednesday orT li ursday, from 1 to 4 P. M., at 27 Waat 22d at. WANTKD-A GOOD PROTESTANT GIRL, AS NURSE ? ,L aeam?ire.a; be?l of city refereuwa re I""**1- Apply before IS at 80 Eaat 38th t. WA-Tu?zA . COMPETENT CHAMBERMAID AND Ani.l. r? iKTiJrJ?.? 1*un1d?iu'. with good city relereuces. Apply at 114 I-ait 36th ?t, before 12 o'clock. WAmTr?~A F.IR5J 0LA8? MILLINER AND TRIM ,?r 5? l,? Weahiegton. Apply at 236 Caual at., from 10 to n o'clock thl? morning. as., TyANTED?TWO GOOD MILLINERS AND TRIMMERS, liquid al 351 Can^"0* ln "" COU"try' Uood w??" W^w?.t1N *i ,,rivate family, a FIRST CLASH bLrwnii i, ,.'.. *? * waitreaa, 10 wl,h th? cham bprwork. Proteatau u preferred. Apply at 61 Eaat I7th at. WANTED?A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEW ?< Apply between 10 o clock tu F. W.^Woodward, 3. Park row, room No. 7. \Af ANTED?A GOOD CHAMBERMAID AND WAIT ?T ?? T""' 2n<1 * K'rl l? asaiat around the bouse. Ap ply for two day, at ltil Hitdaou it. IV'ANTED?AN EXPERIENCED NURSE. WHO CAN i?Ln In" Apply ?l 250 We"? IVth at, be iween iu and 1 o clock. l,yANTED?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, AS CHAM ' ' berniald and luuudrcaa; auiall family. Apply at 2UH W W8l iH 11) jil. WANTED?A THOROUGLV COMPETENT TIE HAND. : f Apply at Whittuarsh, liaker A Co'e, 75 and 77 Duane st. >one other uued apply. HOUSEWORK, and 2 \Y "ANTED?FIRST CLASS HANDS TO FINISH GENTS' tie* and bows. WET MURE A HITCHCOCK, 37 Chambera atreet. Ay ANTED?A WOMAN WHO IS A GOOD PLAIN 1' W??i *?,,!ier ?""! Ironer; c lod reference reotilred. Apiily ut No. 40 Llinton plucn. bctwcnn 12 and 2 o'cloca. TITAN TED-A YOUNO LADY;. MUST BE A NEAT ' * ?'i'l quirk ?ower, capable or aaaaUtlng in nnle< of glovea and fancy goodn. aiutc relcreucea and wagna wanted Addrex* Iloiner, Hnralil olUce. llrANTED?GOOD OPERATORS ON WHEELER A Tf WiUon'a or Elliptic mich'ne; piece work; none given out. 27 Murrry ?t., up four tllgbts. AIT ANTED-A OOOD COOK, ONE WHO IS COMPE ?? tent to wush and Iron. Applr at th<t corner of 129tb at. and Sib ar. Good reference required. Vy ANTED?A NEAT, TRUSTY OIRL. TO COOK. Tt waah and Iron in a private famllv. On? huring good n'fereuce ?111 find lair wagea and a stfady place at 275 Madl ?on at. TT*"ANTED?A WOMAN TO COOK, WASH AND IRON TT for a famllr of three; the beat of citv reference* will be required. Call on Tliuraday an I Kilday, from 11 to 1 o'clock, ?t 430 Weat 2M ^t. 1ITANTED-A GOOD COOK; CITY REFERENCES RE TT quire.). Apply at 82 10th at., between 6th av. and I uiveralty place. Al,*"ANTED?A YOUNO WOMAN AS WAITRESS AND T? cliainbermuld; mtiat have beat city references. Ap ply at 107 hast 17th at, old number M. fjyANTED?OPERATORS, ON WILLCOX A OIBBf TT machine; alao j(lrlf to turn linen collars. Apply u H7 Prince at. WANTED-A KIND WOMAN TO TAKE ENTIRE charge of an Infant, 15 inontha old; one who would give it her aola attention. Call at SI Clinton place. WANTED?A OIRL TO DO HOUSRWOKK; A OOOD waaher and Ironer; one who la kind to children. Call fiom ? to 3 o'clock at 3-0 Weat 26th it. Wagea $9. r?nn HAN'nfl WaNTED-TO BEAD PARASOLS. TO 7^'". experleneed hnnd* work given out: lAArh?^lakin. Apply Immedlately to Mra. Jacknon, 1 M U?1 a?., uear 7^th street. HTI1ATIOM WAlKTEIWVA'.F.t, A PRACTICAL AND CAPAHLK MAN WANTS A OTP. atlon aa farmer, ar to work a farm on aharea. already 'hMtmro M* Amorluan Farmer, W illlunubridge, Weat A y.?i,T;sfl mahried man is desirous of ob /i tol'ilng.employment Immediately; la a good penman knd qii; ' 5) "S'jrea. salary not ao mu< h of an object a* eiBpIuTitwi,*? ^an give unexceptionable city refenee* Addrcaa /. il G. / hox 178 Herald ollioe. MAN AND WIKfc,r, LATELY LANDED, WANT BITU. I ux ationa on a farm; the man to lake cfiarge of cow* and hnrae* and the woman to do general houaework Apply at 57 Kleg at , for a few daya. AM colored MAN WISHES A SITUATION Tf THE I country aa gardener <>r farmer. Call at 146 Weat Sd ' at., between ?th and 7th ar*., every grocery. Mr*. Hrnaton. A KRENCHM \ N fl'ARISI AN BY BIRTH), HEARS* ^'V yeara old. tn thia nmiilry lire year, wlahe. to arcrenT paii.v aa gold- a party atrfmt ing the Exhibition In J'arla; or wotil.f prefer a altuatlon aa interpreter or to act a* repre. rentntive of any Dnalneaa In the <aine; can apeak Engllali and a little German, dealrable referenoea given. Addreaa M. R. C.. station A. 4 STRICTLY MORAL AVD TEMPKRaTB MAN XI w nta a )K>siilon In a real e?tata or other oiTIr*; la a go id a<oounfnnl; reterenreaof lh" liigheat or.Ier and ?ecu rj!y If required. Addi-eta, far four daya. Integrity, box 177 tl'Tu.d I'iilce. AH YOl'NG MAN. ANXIOUS, able and willing io make hlm-elf generally uaefnl In anv Mocuptlloii. la v< I t-de.liona of obtaining employment; .vrlt^aa air hand and l? qu,ck a id correct ai bj'ire- Can gire the beat of citv reference. Addreaa J. M . liox 17< Her ud office EMPLOYMENT WAN I ED?BY A RESPECTABLE Ij vi trig ninn, In a tliat cluaa ?tore, dry to?ela preferred i Hp fafawmiMl M?Hf. Adure?a II. ft, MkbMoAml VflLLINKRY OOODf.?WANTED. BY \ Y 10 0 iv\ a.Tl thoroughly acquainted with the b-i-lnea.and ivltli ?ome goiai trade, a altuatlo:: In some good jol.hlng hou-e, f,o>al re terercea. Address Millinery GimnIs, ?tatlon C. Pari* exhirition.-waxted. by a-. ikttjm.i. g?nt toting man, who apeaka French, FnictUh nml tier, nun, ?n<l la well .?cqtulntcd in Paris ?ml London, a ai cornier tn? ?ln,/> gewleman or family, to goto Pa'la. Ap plr by l?tter IO W Kl RMmIm ?i. SITIATIO.V WtKTED?IN A PRODI'CE HlMMI*. Ion. Med. flour urocm >r to* lum?e. by a young man well acquaint! 'I wltli ttie bnnlttcaa: l>ea* of city and Chicago rcfefenMM. Addmf R. \\., ???> wM S7tb UrANTF.II?A SITI*tTI'iV in a grocery ok L1QIOR ?tore. t>v a young man h.iring jlm a knowledge o1 ac ooiinn. l?"<t city reierrnue. Addreaa ? atlau, Kaat 12th at., for three day". VtT ARTV D?A KIT!" ATIOR, RT AN RXCKRIt K< RD ?? port'r, In ? down town ivholeaale more; la atrcng. ac tire and r?-a?>oii?lbl?; would dnre a team: refer* to laat em paiyera and othera of reapectabllltx. Addreaa W. boi I.VI Herald nflio*. W' ANTK1??BY A MIDDLE A<ir.I? MAN. A HITtA lion In an Insurance, lawyer'* or brogef a i?fl>ce, aa cotylator auperlntendent: referrnc?e of the Mgti?-*t charac ter can he gir?r.. Mat -lied with a moderate aslary. Aildro* A. T. Herald oflice il/ANTED-TO flOTKI' and "ALOON PROPRIE TY, torr?A fr*t i l*a* barker) er. *ober and reliable, aged 38. want* an eng.,grim nt . AildirM Rar. Herald oflica. U*AMKr(-l!Y A r;T STT.f: MAN "C FIXE AUDI RRR, YY a situation In wine amaH jobbing hnu?e: object. an opprtir i!? to Income acquainted witn th<- jobbing trade, eipcrtntioii* m'-dcra'e Mod elty reference*. Addreaa for two day? ' . I*., Iler .ld oftlce. WANTPP-RV A YOI'NU max. A SMTATION IN A h itei; ..** had *?>er*l year*' experience and thor oughly ut.d"l*tnrida the bualne.* in all lt? brauche*. Addreaa O. K. P.. IS* Maedougal at,, New York city. WANTHIi-A KITCATIO*. BY A YOURO man l? jeartol ago, in the hanking or brokerage tniameaa, write* ,t good bualueaa hand and ta correct at ug.ira*. A<1 divw W. .1 r?., bo I 1.1*3 I'oat office. ?*? nnn -* ORMTLEMaR AOFD .??. A THOR. fliigfcly active ai.d ?-*|><Ti<'nced bualnea* man. w.viM give to ativ raori who would eniilue Intn to obtain at t-rmaiieni poalt on a ?aiary Irom ?/?.in"1 to flO.OrW per annum. He ta a graduate or Herman nud French untraraitle*. and h.ia eatw-talW nnd Hwrtmflilf Hi realigned 'he treasury of the Engineering ?nd M n'ifao turlng Murtiea Of the I'arla F.cole Ceuttll Addrera lle< Wr, I)odw>rib Mall. B* Hroa<lway, room I*. OLBMU A1*D f*\LRU>1K<. A COMFKTKNT BOORKRF.PEK (CRRMAN WANTS > V a aituatlon; la M flrat claaa aro ni'iiant and arlthm'tl nan and well etpeiicared In bimnena. 'iood city refer ence*. Adrtraw but llfi Herald ollici. Boots and krobr?RtTfATioN wanted ?aleaman f>r traveller; ha* had twr-lre yenr- ctperi trice, britclaae rtf?r?i,ce. Addreaa K. Hera id of" nliOKKEETER W\NTID?IN A PRY OOOH* rOB b!ng botiae. Addreaa, with r?'"ienc??, wMoh mn?t b? une?ceptioo?ble, Bookkeeper, boi IMI Heraid ofll<-c. DRl'O CI.LHK WANTRJI-OSK A' '< 'I'JTi IM ED TO the citr and vrtll Doaled ?? pff*frt|Woa buiinf??. Apply at s?t7 M mr.% corner ?Hli ?t. S ALE8MRN WANTE0.-?ti10se "AYINO TRADE and Influence with bonne* <iral>ng In laille* lace and linen good* will be liberally dealt with. Only tboM Willlnc to aeli on commlaalon n?ed <*ll on J. M. LittcU. ? WaT ker X. _____________ CALEHMAN WANTED-FOR PAPER nANOIRO and O window ahade itort In Rrooklyn; Wt that I* w?ll ?c qualnted with the bu*lne*; *ltu?tHm permanent; good ief ereuooa wyiiwC A4droa* W. R. P., Harald 0?00. SiUMAH WANWp-IN.A DRY rmoD RTORR. Apply at 1*4 Orand *1. Wllllam?b?rg, L. I. anteo-a tolnomar ai BALER man, who I* thoroughly acquainted with the cabinet hard war* b<?IO??a. Addrwt bo* "U PoM f0kca. NlWark, V.J | BBSS KH **bwuumau I ^1/ ANTJE I>? BY A N IMi':),' r ^ " first rla?? ? i|. . " 't-P !<!AH3),A ba? A Urge city tr.Jr t, tii p ? . 'M?t?4 ?l,4 diem. with twTareaoea, l- p*k V ?**?; , ??,7 Ad I Poat otUee. <*>* MM Now fork VyANTBD-iiALBsMliM, in A ?(^Y7~ ' *? oomi??p>it partle* a H! -n' -al rrJlii I HK: TO drew boi t.7?<0 foat i>tEr?. Sow V ,rk.' " P*l<1 AO. WANTED-GOOD retail OK Wllm-jIITl clerk* lor dry goods; none l<ut mo ><< a,i, , ... ''"^ALB *"'? ??? to Carry money No 40 Lupeuard ' ** ? woodward. lyAHTRD-AN PNTilT CLERK /N \ WtiOLEHAIJI mlLr ?lfh"tn.rh; mu,t wrll# ? K'""1 "and and he f" ???,a5 iggrak--ailia"u,cd *u*war v<i VITANTED-A GOOD BOOKKEEPER, WHO CAM jr^IF- j~ pec jd.'o^? TjJES!vSSSi oqffi^flCaUUM ?ud ? WANTKD^XK A DRY GOODS COMMISSION fiof/SfC volL rJr?k,n4LmA"'/bout 18 >'**" ?r ??? a.Jntrylnd,^ IVANThD? A HALKSMAN, IN A CLOTHING HOUHP w^t*n lnflufnee coB8idtir*bl? tnw? Good laterenoi ,T," nrd"'?"y u"l"> WaWJKBV' W^^-A 8ITI. ATfON A8 SALEAMiV IV 1 ?-r r^'aar^*"kio,to l\rASTEI)-A KIK8T CI.ASS FURNITURF S? r nyia .... ? WAS?-?* a hosiery house. A COMPFTKWT eiperlenced *'Addr"a?'' ?faH h*1"1, qulck' accurate and p-** u s. jTzr^xtsf,:asr:r^ >nd_^ ? VV Ae(yodl)r^r.HALESM,AN IJL A OKWT81 PURNISIIINO ? moan bo* 1Ti?n1'~"T Uho under*U?nda bit hualtieaa; alio 587? rSad^a" C"rk' after 10 A. K. at wird" JJUACHMISSi A.\n UAKUE.VERi A SfflPS KKIKl> MAN (OBBMAN) WITH ONK rven. Addreaa A^t^tn.T * A V??fN(J MAN, 22 YEARS OK A.IK WANTS A HITl/a. ??. u\uSr\^ne\;^ employer. Add.eai for tbre. day. W. Mm ttl A MARRIED man WOULD TAKE CIIARIIP7l7i oituation WANTKD-ON A OENTLEMaVs PlTiT ..? ?7i^,tKiu25SX3,*S5*lSl,S ks~j-' rsriw,s,?,s W; CJITUATION WANTED?AS COACHMAN HY A Voiivii the ,:ur? ot luraea good city rclerence. Call at 3*2 but 24th at ' SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOITNO iffaM . ? coachman ih- froom; good referciinn glren. Addreaa Z ' "?? '? care of Jam.-. F??m. 172 W.-.t !Uih at. SITUATION WANTKD?AH (iARDKNRR, VEUETABLK SdS?r?r:i: SAW" '< - -"p5S UrANTED-A SITUATION AS FARMER AND oar. klnOa. kAnr ?en1f?mta? *nJ fr. it?of a? i ll .11 Re'iileman wanting auch a man mar vail un M C. l.orejoy'a Hotel. IVHwir. for ti.ree day. VVAman ?rASE?ATI?N A-S OARDBNirT HY A ORB . m*n niairled man, with a very ?m .1 fannlv uu.lar .?ren.^^^a,,^ eight yea.Vem^^?e?t Add.,- U S., care H?LI* ^A tTBl^-lWAIaBS. A??TU e?r? IE,D~\9 HRf-^ AN ARTICLE WANT cofoirJ noma, ?U>r*. ofllre Ac., city aod ^CaU W 8r ad'dre??C.' M, Brown, 74 Bleeokcr it., Agents?book agents in every town a t* o?rahie in in 0f * ?*? w Guide, colored pi a tea. kinitirw n I' **r,t ,re*- or "mple copy (1. br mall or at onic?. Dlacount to ngmitn. T ?"" ^ CHAS. MANCHE8, 74 Bleecker .treet, N. T. A BOY OF ORDERLY HABITS WANTED?FOR AB , "P '?wn oOlre, to make htm^Kgenerally oaeful. Kal fioo l5? Addreaa, with ffllloalaM. boi 41 ila. A '{?* d?8IRIj,G IMMEDIATE EMPLOYMRNtTv ?t* *1 branohea of biialr.esH, 0ai| at at Vuui.., ALI? Hicellent paying altu?Mon? opan thia da" ' up **?*?? A f'EHifi Wanted?for one of the bkst invkm AT MERCHANTS* AOKNCY, 20H BROADWAY W a nv> AiajsK^i^rj rjsirsii'ls'st ! weflT. IinineciiAtA emplojrinent. ^ * P" A OR NTs WAKTKD.-A MOST EXrELLFVT oppnt A ^call0.VN3?JMHr'!.7i*H,NO EMPLOYMENT should A '.LKKJ[ rtr.ij; and'? <lork; ;wrter?, watchmen, b*ri?o?r^* / 10PY18T WANTED? MUST. WRITE A (lOOD HAIB Woo. oihrra need apply/ Ad,lre? Ar,lIn. H^Si f^RCGGIST WANTED-TO MANAGE A FIRST CLAIM J Hntadwar "NX*. He?t referencra required a* to com. No ol her* nred apply. Salary ill>erai. Applv at (HI Broadway, eonier of 22.1 at" DNRRIIETIC MEN WITH CAPITAL WAVTKn Ta 1 i ?h|l""r,ln*T.SU"' "r/'0"l,,5r tara new j.atent o2 Llffhl. Till bf -Tn frrmj 9 A. M. io 12 M iLiiU at na a Kpr?<* nrwl, In the ?tori?. ? " ?nu/. at No. ? T AW OFFICE -boy WANTED. WHO RESIDES IH b^* % I-',,!, ofll^" 'n """ ?^ WATrl1*** WABTBD-A REsFROTABLB AppirSm'fcta.*"- w o c"n ??????<>? IVANTED?IN A DRY OOODS COMMISSION HOUSB a hoy IA vei<r? of age, who reaidaa with ... A.ldrea* hot I.IIW I'oat odlee. w AXTED-A SOBER young MAN, WELL AO ?|.ia'iite<l with the real patate liiialneaa, both In and nt t. ' . *" -* ? ooin in ana aai of the oBjy who cani read and write and knowa thia city. Noy 'dher^need >W>|y at m Varlch at, I rem 10 A M to ? tlfANTKD-A MAN. WO*** AND BOY ON A PARK. *' n-ar Peekakill; the m?n tnuat he a good farmer u( gardener; Ihr woman a good ??4 waaber and Iruner. and accii?tomcd to the ran* o( milk; the boy able to raanaaa liorw? and willing to be generally uaeful. Addraai box Mi I*o t office, Peekakill, N. V. YXT ANTED,?TWENTY-PIVR SMART. INTKi.MOP.NT TV men will b? glreo arrive and Immediate employment In distributing a new publication, Apply Thursday morning. at V o'clock, at M Hleecker atreet WHARTID-A GOOD MAN, TO WORK ON BHARES A milk farm of 190 atvea, Jucowa, IB We.lcheater cooaty. . mllea from New York, addreaa John Handera Whiia ANTKD-A MAN. WHO I'ndbrstands PAKMIN? and fare of aiock; mitat he a food mllkar. Addraaa, where 10 be a*?n, Kann. boi ** Herald office. WANT,:D-* "TKADT TOl'NO MAN, TO OPRR T? oyter* and aaaiai In a nalooti; a ?o a waller, la a 9rat tinea featail rant and lee cream aaloon. Inquire ooraar Atlantic and Clinton at*.. Brooklyn. Tf ANTED?A TOCNO MAN Jl'HTGRADUATED PRo* if mllcge to b?-on?e a reporter. Addreaa Chruninle, Herald offl<?. _ Ur ANTED?A MW WHO THOROUGHLY t'NDER ataud* the anilt water b'lalneaa Apply at Iba Uernrt HnM between B and 10 o'clock thl* day. WANTED? AH ERRAND hoy, A I.AD OP It TEAR* i of f he muat write a food band a ad brlaf COM reference*. Addrea hoi fttfi P''at office. ? Al/t \ DAY WITHOUT RISK OR CAPITAL.?MFAO ?P 1U lire ranv..?e'? wanted In every city of the Uaita* sutea Addreaa. with referencee, Murray, Jonaa A Oa., Brooklyn Poet mil e. W. V. CO" WILL P ICBAfll THK rofNTT RIOHTB OF .*???) J Pa ten i a. tnc ltd my ISO Nyiaa and a atWer watck. > amp fur < In <4 L. BYRN, 82 Cedar at , Ha* 1 rk: bok t AM) Puat office. ^ Ot-r PER month roR canvassers ir ?7 t 'f of lh? l". r* . lo aell our patent white I me*: never mat. Arid.t ** Antarloan Wire Co., Broadway. ALL PART* TUB TRADER. a PRACTICAL ENGINEER WANTS A SITUATION*; ,'1 e,m run any kind of engine; city or cmalry; wage a ainderaie. Adrtrea* L. R. J., Herald office. ARCHITECTURAL DRAFTSMAN wanted- WHO understand* hla bualnaaa An Engllahman preferred. > ? *i l M a.l at , rc.m ti. ? HOOD .IOR cuMPOhlToR WaKTED-RY M. R. ./V Brown A Co.. .team Job printers, 1* 1 and IMM Willla? at None other* need apply f1 akk wakirs -wanted, onb op the bk*t * *'T<men ID the city to lake charge (loodIteferenea re'pured. No ottaera need apply at Currier'*, ?* (Jreen wicb tu i <OOPER?? -wanted, at the poudrkttk on the Hackenaack river, between Jeraey I itr ana Newark, three mile* from Jeraey CUT f?n-y. two ?r l?f*? food round hoop barrel makera. anntr at in'' factory. DESIONER.-A FIRST CLAHW f''L''rf^Kmr^t> rlt"rr de?l|ner Wanted. Addreaa !?>? M* rn,t pMPLOTMRNT WANTED?BY A* wKi.Pemw''whaS Hi Britannia and Oerman *ll??r ,m'n worker. Addreaa. Ed. Keefe, itt Lndlow ?. ? ENORATER WANTB BENCH ROOM. ADDRESS ?H rln. hoi lflt HtrftM otlw* - MACHINIST ^.fofK