Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1867 Page 2
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A AJ'I A A1 BOAHDKKS AND LOOUKKI WABTKD. * T FKA N K i'OKT IloCBR, CORNBB Of KRA N *v FOKT A m i i- ..m ?tr?*.?. ?? rooms: great redu> tion in prtee?. ait, 10 fc*.. pel day; (1 Ml to $3 J>er weak. Opt o all night. ? T~ private family at ? west twelfth A street ' ?u aeeo.uBMHlate a gentiemau and ?"'? *u0 tuo Mil! e !>'? with truruished Rooms a:ni Board ; ??? v.iut" ?i.4 children not taken: required. T 176 IKD 1T4 BLKBCKER STREET. SIX BLOCKS went of Bruad . .y ?Pleasant Rooms with excellent Board $" to $12 per ?< ek. Families aeoordtnifly. AFIMF -1'IT OK BOOMS FOR FAMILIES, also u' ;? tm miu"b- to let, with Hoard. Ap ply at n'mdU iireii.uear t ilth avenue. Referenoes re quired. ?? ? ii.. Vn FURNISHED ROOM TO LET-TO A ToI'NG ro .. I . ? private t imily. or without Board. Appl> at * oles street, JeiCity. GENTLEMAN AND WIFE AND 8INOLE GENTLB A men ran ..btain very d-strablo Rooms. with lio.ird, at JCt West Forty s?coud sireet, near Broadway; home nrst da?s. terms moderate. Keferencea , i ir waveblet place, handsomely fub Dished Koonu to let, with Aral class board Refer. euoes required. A FRONT PARLOR-HANDSOMELY FURNISHED e?sr?tliing new; also a double Room can be had. with ft nit clans Board, at 110 Fourth avenue, near Twelfth street. AT#1 CLINTON PLACB.?BOARDING CAN BE HAD. with very nice (alngle and double) Rooms; house and table Brat class. ANICRLY FURNISHED FROST ROOM. SECOND Uoor, for one or two gentlemen, $8 per week. No. 177 Thompson street. A FURNISHED ROOM AND TWO PANTRIES TO let?To a gentleman and wife; Board for the lady only. Call at 296 Vest Houston .treat, near Hudson. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL ACCOMMODATB A FEW single gentlemen with Rooms and Hoard, where the comforts of a home may be enjoyed. Apply at 66 West Thirteenth street. A HANDSOME FROST ROOM, ON SECOND FLOOR, to let. furnished, with Board, to a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen. Reference required. No. &2 West Kitteenth street. AUE.sri.EMAN AND WIFE OR TWO GENTLEMEN within* first elan? Room* and Board ean be accommo dated in a private Urn ly, at 33 Weal Tweuty-seteaih street. Reference* required. -FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, AT SW FOURTH , avenue. A LARGE SECOND STORY ROOM, WITH ALL CON ven enees, to let, with Board, to a gent.emau and wife. Also a trout llall Room. Apply at 36 l-amUl street. A NEATLY furnished BOOM To LET-FOR GEN tleinen ouly, without bo-ird, at 27 Amity street, near Broadway and the southern Hotel. A NEATLY FURNISHED BEDROOM AT 16 WATFH ley place, near Broadway, to let, to a single gentleman, without board, at S6 per week A LARUE BACK ROOM ON SECOND FLOOR, NICELY furnished, to let to gentlemen only, without meals, at 108 West Twelfth street, near Sixth avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET AN ENTIRE THIRP Floor, kudNHMly furnished, with bnek parlor and extension, to parties fle-drln ; lirst class accommodations, l'rivate table only. The luminal references required. A[> ply at 31 West Sixteenth street. AT 18 AND 20 WASHINGTON PLACE, NEAR NEW York 1 ?tel?I<arge, handsome Parlors and Bedrooms to rent, with first class Board, on the first floor. French lan guage ipoWen. A PRIVATE FAMILY OFFERS SUPERIOR ACCOM modatt ins, with fulj Board, at 116 Ninth street, west of Bros (way. References required. * PABTMENTS TO LET-HANDSOMELY furnished, J\. for K 'ntlemen, at No. 5 Brevoort place >Tenth street), three doors w est of Broadway. ATHIKD STORY ROOM TO LFT-WITH BOARD. TO a g>>ntle,u,in and wife or two gnutlem&n, at 41 Wci-t Twenty-fourth street. References exchanged. A T 73 WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET?NEAR THE Jl Fifth / venue Hotel, u handsome i'arlor Fioor to let, with or w; 1 it Board; a private table If desired. Also Rooms ft). .. jle acnUemen. A T 102 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, A LARGE 2\. Room, with Boai'd, suitable for two single geutlemon, or and t\ fe. Ref< rences exchanged. A NEWLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO RENT? with Board. Also a hall Bedroom; references ex changed. Apply at Xtt East Thirteenth street, between second and Third avenuec. A A GENTLEMAN AND lady WISH A furnished Koom and Bedroom, with private table: house with modern Improvements and a lair price. Address Bosworth, Herald o:e'-e. A PRIVATE FAMILY. OCCTPYING A FIRST class house on Murray llul. can accommodate a gentleman ?nd hi* wife on the lat of May. Adure** Banker, box 113 Herald A NEATLY fitun1sued SECOND FLOUR AND bark Parlor, with closets, hot ami cold water, tire aoit fa*, with hoard, at 62 Weat thlit\ -third stroet, lu a prlva.s i ami i y, on reasonable te.-ui?. References exchanged. A LARGE PLEASANT ROOM. FDR OtiK OR MORE gentlemen. desirable either tor an otliee or lodging, with partial Board If required. Apply at 1.3ot Broadway, above Fo.-tleth street; ring hell three time*. At 107 'VEST TWELFTH STREET?in A FRENCH famth', a nicely furnished front I'arlor and Bedroom on the ??c>>n 1 Quor to let. with Hoard. A SUIT OF ROOMS. HANDSOMELY furnished, for two gentlemen, at per week; hall Koom, $5 per week; do meals. ik Bond atreet. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE A NEATLY FURNISHED A back Ko<ftn, on second tloor. to lei to gentlemen, at $4 per week, al >11 west T inth strmi, near bl.-ecker. A WIDOW LADY WILL LET A NHATLY FUR nished suit of room* t<> a gentleman or gentleman and wile; no other boarder*. Add res* 47- Sixth avenue. A FEW GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with Board, at moderate price*, lu ;he llrii ul*: ., house No. 1*3 Vteat Fourteenth street. A WELL FURNISHED ROOM TO LET-TO GENTLE men mil v. Would give Breakfast if required. 42 West Twenty-fourth aueet. A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET-IN A pri vatc no<i*?; arc and gas; at 34 Horatio atreet, nnar Eighth avenue. Term* moderate. A LADY HAS A handsomely FCRNISUriD PAR. loi to let. to gentlemen, where the oom.or:* of a home can be enjoyed. Call at 3iu ?mt Thirty.sixin strae4> A HANDSOMELY LARGE furnished ROOM to let, to gentlemen only, at 31 cliiuo.i (eighiii street >, near tiroadwmy; Ml* past dooi, and p.tosanuv lo cated. llottki: all Imp.o.emeui*. At $.s TO *7 PER WEEK A FEW GENTLEMEN, OK ladies wuo art- engaged during the dav. can obtain Board applv at US cn'riiuii tieet. A RESPECTABLE MAN CAN OBTAIN GOOD LODG Ing- at ju third avenue, between iwe,;th and Thir teenth streets; te mi reason.,ole. Apply at store. Asl it OF ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR; ALSO single Kooms. with Bond, at No. i East Twentieth street; iminedt ite poises on; :io removal 1st ot May; favor able arrangement* for one j oar. A LARGE FRONT KOOM. ON THIRD FLOOR, WITH bedrtx tn sdjoiniug, will he let. furniahed erunfur niahed. with Board. terms mode rate. heferencee ex ehauged. Apply at 173 East e?vcnie*tUh strei-u Board?74 street st. clkmkntv placeH a lar^e -e. ond floor Room, with clo?ela, suitable for party or genuemeu. or man ami wife; lc, ins for three persons; including lire aud ga* S-4 per week. References exchanged. Board.?two handsomely furnished rooms. just vacated, su table for gentlemen end their wives Fur particulars apply at 4u? west Twenty, thtril street. eppo site London terraee. Board for two gentlemen?with a nicely ruriiiohed Koom. (a* and fire. ? No Applv at36 Grove street, New York. BOAltD ON STUYVR8ANT Paek ?ELEGANTLY FIR. ntsbed Rooms. w ith tlr 11 laas Board, In a private l>n ii/. 141 East Fifteenth street. BOAEH i> BROOKLYN.?a GENTLEMAN AND WIPP. and a tew single gentlemen rati he aeeomandsted with rooms, furnished or unfurnished, wtth or without Board, by apylying at 187 Fulton street. _________ BROOKLYN ?ONE" LARGE ROOM AND ONE entailer, pleasantly situated, with flrat class B, ard. to let at 330 Clinton street. Brooklyn board.-a large r<*>m fourth hhn with closets, f-. AIM a Hall NMtn (third flwr . 11 oils* u rat clssa. Apply at 981 Clinton street, between Har rison and lie."aw. Iilurnishkd ROOMS To LET-withoc t BOARD, AT 1 III Eaat Fourteenth street. Ift'rnfshed ROOMS FOB oentlembn?ALSO ONE islf* Mooia, -ill table for fva 4 -iiuem* u Apply for two diy* at .? Norf .1 stieet, a few doors from Grand. Terms luuderate. fi*uknisiikd ROOMS FOR okntlemen 1 S3 TO m pei' WEEK PRIVATE HOUSE. 173 bl'o krr street six l>' is weet of BrMdWay. HANDsoMF.i t FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH FIt?T class Board, can he obtained at ii East Twenty-elfhth street 1 I ANIiftOVl--.LV pi rn'^IIKD ROOMS, WITH BOARD, i5j ??ml?n,sn or g itlemen and their w!ve?. House 11l""*- Apply it 74 West Thirty. i.R!,iSHRD rooms TO LET?WITH llrst elase French emsine. Apply ., m k^w.n^th rt^ Hanosomely h kmsukd roomn_hoi)rr? 1* penven.^nte, g .?. .. h a . v. ??nTvn .V> .r, i .1 v wives ee single gentletr.i'n. wtth or without h ' .11 at sjll Sixteenth ..ree-. ??s. of ^Uf* Handsomely furni?iif.h eo-ims to tnz K-Mtlemen. with breakfast if required. to aeentie. near thlrty-flm sire>t t .11 f0t th^ da'y * '1' TERSKY CITY.-A bmvll PRIVATR p km!lt w77t ??i let two or three Rooms, furnished or nnl irnished to i entleinan and wife or geuUemen only, wt.h or wiihnai ,;oard. house eery t>le*si?iiti.v located, a short distance fr ,m i be ferry; ne moeing at May: good references rt'ijired t tdress A. M. L , .lersey 1 llv Post office. , vto. 7 ORBAT JONES STREET.?a SPLENDID P*tt ^.1 lor suit, with first class Board; private table if d?*.r*d. Also single snd double Rooms, with Boaid. ONE oe TWO GENTLEMEN MAY OBTtIN plp. *? ant parslshed Rooms, without hoard with a private family. ixmeiton very desirable. Apply at 87 Amity sk DLEAmANT ROOMS tolet-witii BOARD, toorn. J tl-inen and their wires, or single g?du?mea. al 138 East ibiit/.iiith .ueeu ne^r Third sr?ata> HOAKDKHK A!lb iiUUGERK WAITED. 1)ARL>IR and BEDROOM TO LBT-TO A MARRIED r>iui>le, wHh or . it B ?ur i Also 11*11 Bedraom u. lft ioom or two youug mail Inquire tt Ul West {ligh ten! Ih street. TWO (iENTLEMES CAN HK ACCOMMODATED WITH Board tu ?u American family, ud moderate litoi Ap ply at II Third avenue, otqwaite Cooper institute. TWO I.ARQF. llOOMS.KirRNI.SHED IN WAl.NI'T AND Oil, Hma carpet, hot and ec!d water, w'th excellent Board, for $lti and Sly for two. tire and gas included. r>ev snty-eiglitu street. 7th nouse Oast of Third avouue raskins mwo NEATLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS TO LET? 1 without board, to two or three gentlemen rooming to fether, or separata. Apply tor thraa day* between 4 aud 6 ' M., at 38 went Nineteenth ktreet. rno LET, with BOAKD-A FURNISHED FRONT 1 Room, to two gentlemen; $18 per week. References. Apply at S3 West Twelfth street. TO LET?TO KIMOLE GENTLEMEN only. FRONT end ball Booms, nicely furnished, with gas water, Ac., ou second floor,07 Ninth street. Inquire from 10 to 4 o'clock TO LET?SIX doors WEST OF BR.iway, AN RLE gsntly furnished eult of Farlora on first floor, with or without Board. Private table if desired. IDS Ninth street. fpO LBT?with BOARD. A BACK BOOM ON SECOND 1. floor, with all the modern eonrenlennes. Also a small Front Room, with Plyinptou bed on same floor, at 136 West Fourteenth street. TO RENT?A NICELY furnished FRONT HALL Bedroom for one or two gentlemen. 603 Eighth avenue, three doors above Forty-second street. CM AND $< PER WERK-2#H!< WEST THIRTY-THIRD ipT street To let, without board large newly furnishod Rooms; bo*, and cold water; bath room; gas included. 5TH AVENUE, 170. CORNER TWENTY-SECOND straet.?Nicely furnished Rooms, with Bath and Bed rooms communicating, to let, to gentlemen only, without board. -|? EAST TWKNTY-BIGIITH STREET.?ROOMS TO lU let on second floor, with Board. UEAST TWELFTH STREET, NEAR UNIVERSITY place.?Double and single Rooms, with good board; terms moderate. t>1 WEST TWENTY-HRCOND.?HAMDSOMELT FUR ? L tn.bed ltoom*, en Nil) or singly, to gentlemen or fam ilies, with or without Board, cheap, from now until the 1st ol May. no WEST FORTY-FIFTH 8TRK T.-A FINE SUIT OF ?>\J Rooms to rent, with Board, on second floor; best of referenoe required Also fln? Suits of Rooms to rant, fur nished or unfurnished, on Fifth avenue, near Thirty-fourth street, on or before the 1st of next May; private tables fur nished If prefrrrod. Address A. Houghton, '.13 West Forty fifth street. OA UNION SQUARE? OU A suit of Rooms on second floor, and single Rooms for gentlemen, to be rented, with Board. Off WEST EIGHTEENTH STREET?ELEGANTLY ? ft) furnished Rooms, en suite aud singly, to let. with Hoard, to first class purlies. 07 BANK STREET, NEAR FOURTH STREET. TWO O I or throe gentlemen can be accommodated with a Room and Board, at moderate terms. Dinner at 6 o'clock. OQ WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, BETWEEN ? >?7 Fifth and Sixth avenues?A I'arlnr and Sleeping Room, oa second llour, with nr.?t class Board. Also a single Room ft) WEST SIXTEENTH STREET.?A NEATLY FUR 'Cad nUlied Room 0:1 fourth floor, to let, with first class Hoard suitable for gentleman aiul wlte. or two tingle gen tlemen; also a Hall Roo m. References required. l*Q IRVING PLACE?A LARGE furnished ROOM IIO at reduced price, to quiet. re<p:-ciable adults only, all Improvements. Also Board tor a young gentleman willing to occupy a room with another, house and board first class; no morlng in Mav. "| 07 WEST TH1FTT-FIFTH STREET.?rWO ELF. IOI gantly Furnished llonms. suitable for a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen, with first olass Board. BOARD A'iU LODUIIVO WAVTEU. A LADY, WITH INFANT, WISHES BOARD WITH A w.dow or in a quiet family, where the comforts o^ a home mijy be enjoyed. Responses must slate terms and all particulars. Address Mre. S. T. A., station O. Board wanted-for the summer, at staten Island, b/a party of four gentlemen: location within 20minutes' walk ol either landing. Address, stating terms, Ac.. L. S. M., box 3.H8-I Po?t office, N. Y. Board wanted-in a private family restd ing in a good neighborhood. for a gentleman and his wife, two children ana nurse; boit reference given. Address J. B., Herald office. Brooklyn board wanted-and a comforta ble room, by two young men, for $15 per week; loca tion within a few blocks of Montague street. Address box 4.B02 New York Post office. \\TANTED?BOARD, FOR OENTLEMAN, WIFE AND U friend: two Rooms, witU Are and gas; private fnmily preferred, for #30 por week. References exchanged. Address, for three days, <?. O., station D. WANTED?BOARD AND LODOINO, BY A YOUNQ Oermin gentleman, in a respectable, social American family. Address, with terras, E. C., 97 Riviugton street. \V ANTED?A SMAL1. BOOM, WITH BO ARB, IN A >> private family, between Fourth and Sixth aveuues. Addrean S. L. B., box #,070 Post office. WANTED?PERMANENT BOARD. FOB A ORNTLR man and wife, on the line of the Erie or Central Rail road ol New Jersey. within 30 mile* of city; term* mart be moderate. Address, stating term*, location, Ac., box 6,7W New York Pout office. fX7ANTBD?BOARD, IN A HIOHLY RESPECTABLE II familv, where there will be no other boarders, for a lady shd xentleman, term* moderate. Addreaa M. J. O., Herald oilice. COVIVTBT BOARD. Board wanted in tub country?near new fork city, for seven persons, requiring Ave room*. Ad ore** O. box 616 New York Poet ofllce. (lOUNTRY BOARD IV ORBENVILLI!, N. J.-Br TEN J tral Railroad from the foot of Mberty street 80 minutes .'rem New York. Ten large Rooms. Onod Hoard. 8top at Hay Cemetery. Incjtilro for Mis* C. Van Horn. pOUNTRY BO A BD.?THOSE WISHING COUNTRY \J Hoard call be accommodated with ploaa.itit Booms and ciodHo.ird: location very line, one hour from New York, three minutes from d -pot at llackensack, N. J., ?ii? New York and Erie RtUnM. Address lor oae week X. S. Z, lluckensack Postoflice, N. J. C country BOARD WASTED-BY A OENTLEMAN ) ?mi wife, from about April I. an hour's ride from City Kail; private family preferred. Term-, must be reasonable. Address Ned*, derail Ollce. ty ANTED?HOARD FOB THR SEASON, IN A HltlH 11 Iv res-ioctable firmer'* family. In Putnam county, N. V. oradjoimnii mountain counties, fot two ladies, with two children aired two and four ye?rs. where there will be no oilier boarder*or small children; two me iiutn Mxed Rooms required: must be aeoaasible tn cars or boat; romforts nnd mountain air preferred to elegance and iitshion. Terms moderate. Addresa with full jKirtlcnlars, James li. Donald son. tM Wall street, room 10. N. Y. ?OCTU. A MEXICAN MOTE!,, BROADWAY AND EIUIITH .'V street. New York, on the European plan. Rooms eu suite <ji singly, at moderate prices. pIBRRBPONT HOUSE-BROOKLYN HEIOHT4.? I Hulls and single Rooms lor permanent and transient etiests; table unsurpnsscd. D. P. PKTKItS. ST. JOHN HOTEL, 73P BROADWAY?ROOMS EN ? ulte or singly, handsomely furnished .with or without Board. 8. S. JONES, Proprietor. <?*>0 IWWt HOTEL KEEPER. OF MANY V??' "Uv? vear*' e?i>erlence, well known to the inv elhng community, especially the Southern, wishes tu tind In .Neiv York city either a lirs: e'asa llou-" or a ahare in such a one. where" $l5,0t)k) to $2 I.0J0 cash out prove available. Would vtefer a home already established, fnlllnx which would fl'. up *nch suitable premise* a* may be offered. Ad dress boj S.M N. Y. Post office. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. V splendid NEW BROWN STONE FOUR STORY J\. Ilonse and l.ot for sale 36 Went Thirtv.ninth street, be tweea Fifth and Sixth avenues, eiabo.ately finished. Also next door, No. 57. wlt'i eiteualoo. W. FANNINO, 37 We?l Thirty ninth street. A FIRST CLASS HOUSE FOR SALE-## EAST SIZ .V Ceth street, rear Lex ngton avenue. Immediate poe sesslon g.veu. Apply on the premise*. t THREE 8TORY BROWN STONE NEW HOUSE, .\ h t-h stoop, with marble hall, for sale. The cheapest, h 'ttse m New York, l<ook st it. Apply on the premises, I Ifty second street. I.rat house west of Eighth avenue. t ?FOR SALE?TWO THREE SToRY BRICK Houses on l?5;h Street, modern improvements; ea h 33*#0 together w'th a lot In resr of e.ich houseoa lMth street, \* ith a stable. Apply to ARN Kit 1- ELY, corner of Forty first and Fourth aienue. or29 fine street. \ HANDSOME BROWN STONE FRONT HOUSE. iV three story snd basement, high stoop; all Improve, menu splendid brick <i' about JOxSftxlOU; urtes #15..Op. terms to sulu 21H Wot Filtielh street, near Eighth avenue. A HANDSOME THREE PTORY HlOit STOOP BRICK House, on West Forty-fifth street, near Sixth avenue; price 915 WW. Apply tu ISAAC lloNIU, 25 Pine Street, room No, 4. AT A BAR lAIN.-FOI R LOTS ON SOUTH 61DB OF Klghiy-oonli street. 1P0 feet hy 102 tleep, beautiful building laeaUouS; ver eliear. HENRY TAPPER Jk CO , 37 Pine ftree', rooms No* I an . 9. A LI. PARTIES HA\ iNO MTV PROPERTY TO SELL A or retit will j r. nvite their imeiest hy registering It with HENRY TAFPL.N A CO., 37 i'lue tUect. iooius Not. Sand P. iTiSS THIRD AV*.V E \ FACT WORTH NOTISO). J\ I h ive al'.v ijrs on hand a choice list of L>ri? k and brown stone three and imi* el >ry high stoop and K igi'sh ??ssewenl Honeee, at fair prloea. Jamks kowb. A SACRIFICE?A THRRB STORY PR!r-K HOUSE and Lot, #tal?, 2* West Forty-fiftti aireet; 90,000; 13 <tHU cnti remain if wanted. For particulars apply to HoS. SCAN LAN, 7M Eighth avca?. i FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY HIOH 5TOOP BROWN ^ V st me House, on West 4Ttb si.: pri e #.<i??j. 3 three story toarhle, each ill.Ml>, and 2 three story brirk Houses, eac!i #IU.?w, on 83<i street; a brick House, 17,900, o? (Vil street; 3 frame Housea, 9H,tU> each, I do.. $3 AU0. Ais# in Itrnoklrn, a three story brick Honee, mixlern built, altn aieii in Siioiu place; price #10JKO: a two and a half etory bri' k in l.awreoce street, near Myrtlo aveatie. #*.fcw. Also three Houses and U>ls and aightoM Lota to axekange for Western I^inds. Apply to Si ITON k shivrrick, ?M Third avenue, cor >l?ty-fir?t street _ _ \VFRY FINE FOUR STORY BBOWN STONE HOI SB, * V wuu Siore, for sale, OstOiM, on Eighth avenue, fit,U08. ' ne business plsee KDMUND H. MARTtNB, 1,273 Broadway A ai'A"0? T" AVOID IIIOH BINTS.?A COMPLRTB ,,V*. 2*n'l<"n?e frame Cottage, two stories and atUc, con *?*??! ioTkkha isprovsmetits, and In veryjood ord'r, Only tMBaSk W w*"* Sixteenth street. Prl(? #5.400 ?n Pine s reS re,0"red Appiv to EEMSEll APPiTeBT, * IX* HKAIi FSTAT* FOH SAI.K. A NEAT COTTAOE. 69 WEST TWKMTY NINTH ?tr -el, near Sixth avenue fur sale. go id neighborhood and I'fOir.iUjr ioc>te>i. Apply for permiu to au owner, K. O. BtvADLAY, Ml Hrondvay. AVERY HANDSOME THREE STORY HIOH STOOP lirown ?t<iD? Huiue, on Twenty sixth street, for tide; 2i.tii36illH(, Id {M'fwtordflranil ever* iiupN^mful; |H"IM $i(J,UUO. EOTTbB MBOS. A BELLAMY, No. 3 Pine sireet. A VERY HANDSOME FOOB STORY HIGH STOOP brown stone House, on Lexln.(tnn avenue, for sale, containing every improvement and splendidly finished, $2S,000. POTTER BROS, A BELLAMY, No J Pine stieet A FINE FCHR STORY UIOH STOOP BROWN STONE House on forty-sixth street, near Broadway, foraaie; IneompVt* order; nil Improvements; $20 500 POTTER BROS. A BELLAMY, No. 3 Pine atreet A LOT FOR SALE?ON THIRTY-THIRD STRKET, 106 feet west of Eighth avenue, jK)i#1 feet 9 Inches, with party wuli and oell&r dug. Apply to SAMl'EL Mll.LIKKN, 194 Ninth avenue. A FIRST CLASH THREE STORY HIGH STOOP brown atone llouae, furnished. Possession April 15. Inquire on premises, 87 East U6th atreet. This In a very desirable residence. BROAUWAY PROPERTY.?FOR SALE CHEAP, ONB of the beat I<ease* on Broadway: will be sold at a fair price; splendid marble Building on the premises which will be paid for at expiration of le.ise. Apply personally or by letter at 23d West Fifty se. oud stieet. Broadway, On Mouument square, at Firty-thlrd atreet, a whole front for (ale of eight Lota; a bargain and rising rapidly in value. Terms easy. ALvAH BKEBE. 76 Cedar street Boulevard lots.-twrlve lots, beautifully situated for building, on 14/lb street, near Eleventh avenue, with water front on Hud'on river. For aal" by J. H. WESTER FIELD, 170 William otieet. Centre STREET, west side, 108 fret NORTH OF Grand street?Lot. S6x67. with Building thereon; rental, $1 560. This property can be purchased at the low 0gur? of $12,300 and on easy terms. REMSEN APPLEBY. 10 Pinestreet. EIOHTn AVENUE PROPERTY FOR SALE-WEST side, between Fifty-second and FIfty-Uiird streets. Bruwn stone Store, with plate glass front; dwelling lirst class, building new. capital location for a butcher. Parties wanting to Invest should look at thia building. Particulars at 542 Broadway, from 11 to 2 o'clock. For sat.k-a brick slaughter and lot in Forty-third street, between Tenth and Eleventh ave nues. Price $4.50ii. Inquire of JAS. VAN BUREN, 49 Washington Market. FOR SALE?HOUSE 297 HENRY STREET, with all Improvements, with Furniture U required. Apply to W. COl'H It A N, 297 Henry street. L>OR SALE?THOMAS STREET PROPERTY, NEAR F West Broadway. Also on West liroartway. ROE A W ILSON, 200 Varick street FIOR SALE?A HOUSE, TiiltEE STORIES, HIGH Sloop, Philadelphia brick front, on north side Twentv nlnthlsireet. between Lexington and Third avs.. In perfect order, with all linprovementa. For particulars apply at 453 Fourth avenue T710R SALE?ON MURKAY HILL, THE FIU3T CLASS r four story brown stone House 273 Lexington ?v ; full size and finely situated on the highest ground In the street; finished hi rosewood aud black walnut f>n ?ir-<l 11 >o:; black walnut st?lrca?e throughout. Prion SIJ^OOO. App';" to llo. MER MOKGA.V No. 2 1'luu strfl'ji, or to the owuer, No. 91 Chambers street. E^OR SALE-VERY OH RAP. SEVERAL columbia College Losses of lots oil Forty-eighth street, near Fifth avenue. J. W. BENEDICT, No*. 4 aud GJl'ine street. For sale?a threk story high stoop bp.ick House and Lot, No. 28 Fifth street, between Second avenue aud the Bowery, In good order, with modern im provement* flneyarl, Ac.; lot 92,4 In depth: price $12,500 Apply on the premises, or to FANNING. 225 Bowery. E^OR SALE?TO CLOSE AN ESTATE. THE FOLLOW, lng Houses;?One first class three story basement, iit 'h stoop. In r.ast Thirty sixth street; site 20x50x100; price $12.*25U; one In Lexington avenue three story basement; size .0x40x70; price $12.0'I0; two in East Forty-first street thre- story basement, high stoop, modern Improvements; one $8,500, and on? $16,000; one tenement In East Tn.rtv flfth street, four story; price $7,000; rent $1,030. 1 he above mentioned pro,.ertv must be sold by 15th da'' of April. Ap ply to WILLIAM FBTTRBTOH, 431 Third aveune. FlOR SALE?A THREE STORY, RA8EMENT, HIGH stoop brick House. In Fifty-third street. Dear Lexing ton avenue; ?ixe 20x53x100; all the modern Improvements; In perfect order; contains twenty rooms. Prioe $14,500; rented for $1,900. Apply to A H. FETlltETCU, 434 Third avenue. FOR SALE?TO CLOSE AJf ESTATE, PROPERTY 95 I and 97 Ohrystie street; Tots 25x100 each; good invest- i menu W. 0. FLANAGAN, 107 Chry?tie street. I IjlOB SALE-FOUR STORY ifhoWN STONE FRONT 1 House, all modern Improvements, 1.387 Broadway; price $40,000. For permit apply at W. H. GIBSON'S ooa lectlonerv, 833 Broadwav. For bale?two elegant first class four story brown stone front Houses. 83 and 86 Sixtieth street, northwest oornsr of Lexington avenue. Inquire on the premises. CV)R SALE?three story high stoop rhick r House and I-ot, West Slut it., 7tli and Nth am.. three story high sloop brick. Want 'J6th 8th an a 9th ??*., $11, EDO; three story high stoop. West 33d, 810,6110; three story high atoop. Wast 27th, 8th and tfth sts.. glV*": three story high Htoop, Want Wih. fit 80J; three story hUh Htoop (new bouse), Yannes* place, $16 600; three story hluh stoop. West 91st, handsomely frescoed, $17.(1)0; four story Eugllsh basement, Went 26th. #12,500. Alan Central Park IXKs ,.n 6Sd and 64th streets, between the Pwk and Boulevard, at a bargain. P*r tteulars with (SMITH * mead, 364 Eighth avenua. For sale-a fine foub story brick house and Lot Went Sid, 8th and 9th ava.; fine location; lot 10x46 xVS.9; la In ipltndlil order; parlor handsomely frescoed; price >18,090. 8M1TM k *RAD, SM Eighth avenue. For sale?two years- u'nexiirkd lease trom the 1st of May nuxt. of a large (our story House, in a central location, with <'*rlv possession. For teims and particulars apply to Dr. WHITE, 123 Uleecker streeL FjlOR SALE?THE Til REE STORY HIGH STOOP 1 brown alone lli>use, on the southeast rorner^jf Flfty first street and Second avenue, lleekuian esute, sue ao 6x46. Seen by parml t.JAMES EGWK. 7*8 Thirl ar. For salb?on Leonard street, to close an estate, cheap, 60 feel by 91, with buildings that pay an Interest now. Apply to JAMES >i. TAYLOR, 87 Pine at. li'OR BALE?THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE: LOCA r Uon 23 Commerce street, Ninth ward. Inquire of P. HE YoE, Executor 28 Morten street, or on the premises. tH>R HALE?ON WEST FORTY-SECOND STREET, BK. r tween Seventh und Kigith avenues, two four story, English busemsnt, brown ?uik Houses, with all the Im provement*. In good order. Potseselon May 1. Pi h o 9IS,(KM earn. JOHN KaVaNAOH, N E. cor. Forty-second street snd Sixth avenue. BjllR SALE-A POUR 8TORY ENGLISH BASEMENT brown stone House, in West Twenty second atrett, be tween Ninth and Tenth .ivennes U.iutXi BLKLCKEit, HYDE A LiJWEKUE, No*. 4 and 6 I'ine st. |jH)R SAI.B-TWO POUR STOfy ENOLISH HA9E P menl Hotter*, on Thirty.third street, near l<exlr.clon arena*. In perlect order, on easvlermt. Apply to CilAllI.i.s Rl tITUN, tU Nass.tu street. hfOU SALE?ON CLINTON KTtKET, VALUABLE 1 Property, !W?100. Apply to Hli-.ECKEK A OiiNl BON, No. i'ine street. [pOR JsALE?TWO VP.KY PRETTY HKiiVVN STONE r lront Dwellings on Klghty.fourth st-r. t, just Bin,lieu Apply-to JOHN McCLaVE, 44 l'me strrt. FIOR SALE?LOTS, CHEAP POR CAS!; 128D STREET, between Third und Fourth avenues. Also Madison avenue, beiween Forty-foorth ?ml Forty flth street*. J. W. 9UOKKT, H6 liberty street. EtOR HALE-IN WEST TWENTY-bBCKlfD STR <KT. three story modern high st 'op brick lluika, iilaaaimtly located; lot 20* X block. Lowest price 917,5UU Permits of A. JOURNLaY. No. 6 Pine street. L'OR BALE?THE THREE STORY AND IHSRMENT F brick House .1$ hast torty-ulnih street, hc.iveen First and Seeond avenu-s. Apply on the premise*, o. to W. J. OEI.KTliN, 27 Wall street. fpOR SALE?A FIRST CLASS POUR STORYSTONE r front House on Korty-second street, between isdison and I-illli avenues. App.y to MU1<LEH, W1 LKINn t CO., No. 7 Pine street. VOR SAI.E?ON WEST THIRTY-FOURTH STRE T, A r .tbiee story and Knglish basement House, linlshedwlih all modern Improvements; elegantly furnished. trio* $3l,UUO. Al?o Houses, 8,ore, Ar.. of every description for sale and to let. Apply to MAUM A M YE MS, SI Naaaau ? F'OR SALE-A BEAUTIFUL COTTAGE ROUSE s Harlem; all the n.Kiern improvement*; price $8.00 Inquire of S. B. KEN VON, corner of Third avenue an 121st street. I TOR HALF. CftBAP?THE FOUR STORY KNOLHI basement House Wtt, Weel Twenty-eighth street, with all the modern Improvements; terms e?*y. Apply to W. R. .STAFFORD. 81 William street. YjfclR SAI.E CHEAP?THAT LARGR, ELEGANT l1 brown st iot House and Lot southwest corner of Second avenue and Fifty-llrst street. Also a large number of others in the same location, at from 94,600 to $20,00u, by JOSEPH McHilIRE, 111 Nassau street F-OR SAI.E CHEAP?WITH OR WITHOUT THE NEW and elegant Furniture, a very bne brown atone Honso mid l<ot, hi East Forte-eighth street, by JOSEPH Mo Gl IRE, 116 Nassau street. POR SALE OR exchanoe-AN ELEGANTLY PUR I nlshed four store brown (ton* English basement House and extra rear l,ot. well located on Eaat seventy n.nth street; prfat $26. MM; term* to suit Apply to O. H. BI.IV EN, 26 Pine etreet L"*OR SALE OR TO LET?HOUSE IN BOND STREET, r three store, attle. aii ; olDces in rear. Apply at 178 Con ire street, third Door, between 11 and 1. Fine dwkllinos (brown htone> on lexing ton avenue, Oeuteel Hons* on lrviug place. C 11. iil NKDIcr A CO., 81 Pine street House? for sale by a. journeay, no. ? pine street We?t 4.?<l stroet, I *tnry high stoop brown stone 916 000 West St., 4 story i.nglish hasement brown stone.. 14,000 West 4l*th *t. 4 story r.nglish basement brown *tou*. I2.U80 West 47th st, 8 story hlgu stoop brown *U/nt 12.000 H0U8B AND STABI.E FOR SALE. 418 IaST TWENTY fourth atreet For further parllrnlare tnquiro of CMB1BTIAW BCHWARTI, fo3 Ksst Flfty-third ttreet _ Houses storks, ac., for sale and to let-in city and country. Call at Real Estate Offloo, 229 Thud avenue, corner of Twentieth ttreet, up staira. Lots ?choice plot, tooxiao, corner madison avenue and Forty-eighth street, eery cheap; alao on Filth aeenuo, comer of Fifty-sixth street, 7Sil40; oorner of Mitv.fourth. 100x160; and other* between Forty-fifth and Ninetieth street*; bargains. W p. SEYMOUR. 171 Eroadway Maiden lane.?counfr store for salej term* easy. Q. H. BEN EDICT A CO., 81 Pine street MfRRAY HILL, BKTWERN FIFTH AND MADISON avenue*.?A mperh r four *tory high sioop brown ?tooo House. 80x86tlW, the new Furniture, it desired. W. P. SEYMOUR 171 EWtOfif. Tenement peopfrty for sai r at a sacri Ace. Call, before purchasing elsewhere, on R. H. UlB ?OWS A OO as* Broome ttreet < ?T V '' KA1< ESTATE FOR SAI.K. TU O OWHER.S AND AO I NTS OF KKAL B*T\TF?A Unit cU>- mechanic, out of employment. would like to do the repairing or putting on of tin roofs, leadcra gutters or any th >t line In tbe boat uunnti at very l'>w rates. A note addressed to Ability, box 107 Herald oilice, wi 1 mart with immediate attention. 17'IH 8TREPT, BETWEEN UNION KijUARK AND J | Irving place ? First class four atonr high stoop|luU aned House; superior order. Others, $9.Wjo to aAO.UUU W. P. SBYMOUR, 171 Broadway. 71 PARK AVENUE ? FOR RALE. POUR HTORY HIGH I 1 stoop brown atone: baa marble tiled ball, solid black walnut doom, stairs and wainscot, sad first class house in everv reaped, lot extra dep b. Apply on tbe premlaea, from II till I. $?4 nnn NoW- ANO A FURTHER HUM BY IN. i)t?UU eialment* and on mortgage. will purchase it firat oliina four story, liigb stoop, biowu alone Houae and lot, Ob Kaat Pourieenth atrret. House contains all modern improvement* la substantially built; Tery convenient, and

in per>eet order throughout. Location excellent, 24x00. lot 24x103. AJdreaa A. S. NEWBURY, 162 Broadway, New York. MHO FORA VERY NEAT THREE STORY HIGH 'PlU.UUU ato ipbrowo stone House, modern improve, menta. Alao, a three story brick tor $8,000. H. F. IRELAND, 801 Broadway. ?T7 ann will rut a three htory brick ?pl I .UUU House 25 feet front, in Weat Flfteemh street, with elerant carpets, gas tlx urea and oilcloths. Houae U in parioct order. ROBERT M AC LAY, 77 Cedar street. nnn WILL BUY I THREE STORY BRICK Houae in West Twenty-first s reet, jetween Sixth and Seventh avenues, in tine order. K'/BLKT MAC. LAY, 77 Cedar street. BROOKLYN HEAL ESTATE FOR 8ALB. AT Al'CTION, MARCH 13-A LAROB BRICK FAO to;y, with machinery, Ac., near Atlantic dock, Brook lyn, by A. J. BLEKCKER, SON A CO., at the Exchange Salesroom. A THREE STORY BRICK DWELLING, 85 FBET J\ front, central location, near Clinton st-eet, Brooklyn; neighborhood established by rtrst class residences: $'.?.AW. D. C. KNIGHT, 20# Broadway, room i? A MOST DESIRABLE C1IANCF FOB INVESTMENT,?. 2.VJ Lots in one parcel, three fronts, on Myrtle avenue; will sell or exchange; a baiva.n. J. II. POILLON, 100 Broadway. ]>ROOKI.YN HOUSES FOR SALE. J Adelphl street, three atory brick $9,900 Pacific street, three story 9 000 Clermont avenue, three atory bri^k 10,<><J0 Dean streei, three slory brick 8.000 State sirert. three atory brick 9,500 Clinton street, three story brick 12.'HK) Warren street, three story brick I2,0u0 Adelphl street, three story brown stone 13,100 Henry street, three story 14..W Pierpont Street, (our .torv brick W.U0O Apply to JACOB SllARPK, 26 Pine street. CIOAL, COAL.?A LARGE AND LUCRATIVE BUST. J nese. Seven Lots, on Kulton avenue, t'>e Broadway of Brooklyn. Must be sold. JtfiU Lou. sale oi-Jefhaujre POILLON, 100 Broadway. FflOR SALE-TII3 MODERN WELL BUILT THREE story and Krenoh attlo brick House. 6t Lee avenue, be tween Ro-janJ Kodrtfty alreets; lot 22*100 house 22x40 teet, wiih 5n pliirzi extension;recently punl d through out and in complete order, wi tit ev?rv convenience. 1 he house is pleasantly situated with Tin extensive view ol the RUi'roundma muiitrr. App y on the premises. or to R. WAKNOCk. 819 Broadwsy, Saw .'ork. WORSALE?IN WILLIAMSBURG. THE THREE STORY " brick and h'_'i sloop brown styne basement front House, wiih stibccilar. coi ner of North uighlh and Tb.rd streets; also a .mil ir built House on Fourth stre"t. between North Eighth and Ninth streeis, beautifully flnisued; Ras, water, Ac.; price W) each; terms easy. Apply to JA.MES H. COLA a AN, ;?_! North .-.x;h street. FOR SALE?ON SIXTH AVENUE, NEAR PLATBUSH avenue, t'.rec new lulrk lion ,ea, 20 feet by 4J; lo! 105V, feet within thr'ce bloc!;* ol Pri-p^ot park and convenient to throe lines o:' cars: ?lso Si.'e-k and Fixtures of a Grocery, with three years'lease fron V ??? next, within one block of Prospect park. JaMUS LV L, Real Estate Agont, cor ner Hatbnali and Carlton ive.i i s, Brooklyn. For sale-at a grj;at sacrifice, a vert handsome two ?tory and bisemcni frame Coltige, with brick bssement and filled in with biick; fine location, in Nluih street, near Third avenue, Brooklyn; puce (4 000. Apply to WM. C. WALKER. 2SH Broadway, N. Y. F'OR SALE-AT A P?HJW> BARGAIN, A VERY nicc two atory, basement and subcellar brick Houm , 20x40; lot 20x02It; with all lh" modern improvements, heater, Ac., in the best locution in Bro iklvn, nenr Pe \ulh avenue; price $5,aw. Apply to WM. C. \VaL1iLKR, 229 Broadway, New York. For sale-a very handsome place in wil liuinsbur/. three minutes from the ferry, consisting of a besmtilnl cottage House 3j<M0. splendid sub'c, 20*25; a complete Ijilme; lo.s ISOxlUO. Apply to the owner, on tbe premises. 109 South Ninth street, curnor of Fifth, or to WIL 1.1 AM C. WALKER, 2? Broadway. N. T. POR BALE?A WELL BUILT THREE STORY BRICK House, high stoop, brown atone, basement, hot and cold witcr, gas, aewer connection; all in i,ood order. Terms, lia'f cash. Inquire at 867 Raymond street, near Hanson plsee. FfORSAI.h-MYRTLE AVFNUE, BROOKLYN. STORE 1 Property; a four story basement brick House, 30x40; lot 80x71; immediate possession: price $4,000; term* made to suit. Apply ou the premises, 2fe) Myrtle avenue, in the plaa ter etore. Ii>OK SALE?IN WILLOW 8TKERT, BROOKLYN, A 1 Urge briok House, wlih all tb? modem oonvenlencea. with vacant lot adjoining; possession April 1, and term* easy; will ha wild without the vacant lot, If desired. Applv to Lite owner, at otllue of Steam Derrick Company, No. 1 Broadway. New York. For sale in Brooklyn-four htory brown ?tone House 68 South Oxford street, second house from Lafayette avenue, i'rlce $22,00.1. Apply on premises be fore 9 A. M. or trom 8 to 10 P M. For sale in Brooklyn-thru p. first class brick Houses all Improvements, on Sixth arenue, near Flatbush arenue. two block4 from Prospect Park 1BOH. WEI.WOOQ. life Broadway. N. Y. FjV)R 8ALK IN WILLI AM>HUH()-TIIKER STORY 1 fr.-ime llouie, 12 rooms, tl.led la With brick, live minules' walk from four ferries: neighborhood unexceptionable; price $4,850: terms easy. Apply at 124 South Fourth street, Williamsburg. orM South street. New York. IjlOR SALE OR TO LKT-A LARUE BRICK FACfOllY ' on Bond street and Oowsnus canal, suitable for dire wood works, distillery or any similar manufactory. listing engine 01 the capacity of 140 horse power, steam 450 horse power, gas, and water connected to sewer; dock frontage on canal 130 feet. Inquire of II. d. VOORHKi'.SE, corner Court and Nelson streets, or iu the evening at his residence, IMS President street, B-uoklyn. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION CAN BB HAD.?FOR BALK, in Brooklyn, a desirable tir?l class Ke-liencs, in an ex cellent neujblorhood, convenient to the car'' and terries; bouse :i4 feet aide ^doublet, three s't.ries am! basement. Terms lavoruhle. For p.irt.i ulu a apply during the day At 01 1'e.lar street. New Vnrk. or In evening to E. R. KKL LOOU, 191 l'rc*lUout street Brooklyn. WITHIN FIVE MINI: I BS OK FULTON FERRY, handsome three ?ior>* Bisoinent and ?ub eellar Phila deliihta brick front Hotls ?, bi own sione suaopuud t.'imiiuiig*; contains twelve to >:n? and all modern Imi rovemcuts; situ ated Washington strcai: price $T .Mil, term- easy. W. COOK, 43 Nusaaii street, Brooklyn. All) nnn Blv A MODERN TnRER HTORY high Stoop ni;.rble II .us.- in one Of the 8ne*t streets in Brooklyn. Posse* on I to in diately. Terms easy. Owner. R. T. Bl'."It, 14V Broadway, COUNTRY JIB At. SiSTAT* FOtl S V UK, AN KLEOANT RESIDENCE FOR SALS?MODERN style, every improvement: ?.as. Ac.; e\'enstve grounds, gardener's lodge, stables, conservatories and Ir^tiroise. The pro pony IS beautifully located at New Brighton, Staien Island, near the landing. Terms *n?y. Full particulars, Ac., to be obtained on application at 41IIroadway, New York. A FARM FOR SAl.i.?IX ONEIDA COUNTY. N. Y.; 57 acres of good land, with two Mod bouses ,>nd barn. 1'r.oe $1,100. For particulars apply to Mr. SMITH, 174 East Twelfth street. A FARM FOR SALE CHKAP?25 MILES ON LONO islmd, 41 acres of good losm Isnd. new bouse new barn and other outbuildings all In good order; healthy snd Gleasant neighborhood; one m le from railroad. Apply at IS I- ulton street, in the basement T $.1500.?FOR BALE. A FARM OF 2S ACRES, IN l Korwalk. Conn, well divided into meadow, pasture and the best tillable land, containing an orchsrd o(70?;ne bear ing fruit trees. There is a two-story house U2 rooms), large barn, hennery. Ac.; good well of water, plAantly situated on high ground, within oat mile of depot. Address J. U.. station O. A comfortable RESIDENCE AND 8IX ACRES, with fine trult, on the south side of Dtaten laland, near railroad depot, for sale by FEED. A. PETERSEN, No. Pioe street. DE8IRARI.E TWO STORY AND ATTIC RESIDENCE , of II rooms, large barns, carriage houses and 12 acres In high cultivation. In the delightful village of Oyster Bay, tear steamboat landing and railroad, for sale by FKED. A ?ETERSKN, Architect, 6\ Pine street. a\ BLACVELl SYILLE, rockland COtfNTT.-A **?. 'arm, foor acres; good dwelling and outbuildings; two ?uJ?l*t flB* rrnl1, Stream, Ac. Price $2,800. Apply toMR?TJ>EMARKST, Su5 West Twenty-sixth street. Aba* a.cbb of land, at secondlanding ?Jlfb Island, with H luse and Outhouse, at a barl ga)Q. $l.*cash. TllnMPSON, 780 Broadway" i< A MODERN Ik STORY RESI A af,5 all r! frult' *?? Others at Bloom n'-id, and all q{ New Jersey. Hudson river and West chester county,TS,uo? to fSt. DUO and upward ft. I'. SEVMUUR, 171 Broadway. A 'l^wRh**? WRSHSHBD HOUSR AT YONK With fruit Ac anS?h.ff* <ro"^.handsomelyterraced. No. 9 Twe>Trd ,tr>>( Fifth Ay>na, Hot^i A Ci2nt,NTorTeneKorI?,,rK- AT ASTORIA, L I , JTO A ????al.b>e years; house is new, on high ? amw, C "a flneT o'mitry ResWle'nrs ^WILL Bl'Y ln^Rockland ceun^ t7re? nTllii'1 *?><??*? Of good I-and, three by rallroad from iMscity; coitsge house, del ghtfully sltuaS*?1^ fully shaded; outbuildings good; Cu hS^nnl.i' quitoee or agae. ExpresI Aw' uig and returns In the evening MJ222'?112s21 Terms easy, see the owner, Irotn l& \, !?,? immediate. J. Bean's office, Il;l John gtreet ' to 3 P. M., at r. C?STnpPaKrtAT ?" ? H0V>N.-WILL II 'OSKrn BTEBBIN8, N 8 Front ilrMt FABM FOB HALfc, VT 8AYVILLE. hr _ik? ipRvq ?f t fl land, with neee?sary bulldIC for 812 otk> Apply to ll. ,r. TKHR > or W1LLKTT Oltli^ rdmlnUlra.' tors. Sayville, or to WM D. ANDREWS A BS*?ig Water atreet. hUEM OF 8IXTY SIX ACRES AT ENOta){TOWH Monmouth county. N. J.; good buildings; p_, u ana? terms easy. possession lmmedlalel|. FRANCIS WOOD, Ki Kast Nineteenth stree^g T ?L'OR SAf.E?SEA 81DR RESIDE NCR: MOBti.T I gsni plane in the United States: price $00,009. Aul. J. K. HoYT, 119 Broadway, room m COWMTRY IIK4L ESTATE TOW MLE. FARMS F?>R rale -an improved farm IK Witt Virgiula, to exchange for soy kind of Metchaodis* on the r*llro?j, w ith sieata Boner aud good buildings Ad droit* ur apply to P. HOPKINs. No. & Tryun row, room 9. POR SAl.E?AT RYE. WESTCHESTER county, n. Y., a Country riwt. containing about oliht acres of land, with tmt claaa linprovemeota. ti?hponds. Hiied with tish; an abuudanre of fruit of lb* choicest qualities. The bouse, three stones and <?Uar. frame, filled in with brick; outbuild ings are commodious ana in gaud order. Itlsaoout tUree ?iu?rters of a mile from depot. For further particuUra ap ply to ALLKN k MKOW.N, w Broadway. For SAIJ-,-'to oi.osk ah estate, a llllf CLASS House and grounds In South Bergen; magiifloent view; immediate piaatssion, price f 18, JO0. Apply at 11V Broad way, room 19 |/0R SALE?COUNTRY PLACE, ON TIIE PASSAIC river, ivj mile* from Newark, opposite Belleville, N. J., within 1U Diilea of ibe railroad at Belleville; contains 47 acres high ground, well cultivated, with floe garden, grape ries, Ac.; Italian villa house, water throughout, stables, Ac. Apply to C. W. BANOS, 1?7 Broadway, N Y. Fob sale-one op the finest residences in Westchester county, ten minutes' walk from Portches ter depot, about ten aorea of Uround; or will exehsnge for a first claaa Reaidence or well located Ixiu In New York city. J"or particulars and full description inquire of S. KILPAT RICK. Bull'* Head Bank Building*. Will aend description by mail. # For bale?a desirable residence, in the village of Yonkers; large Hoase. with Furniture; all modern improvements; stable, gardener's bouse, green house, filled with choicest flowers; hot aud cold graperies: flue views; about two aorea of land, fruit and ornamental trees, shrubs. Ac. Alao for aale, a beautiful Buiidiug Site of nearly two aorea, with Cottage on same. For terms, Ac., ap ply to P. HAWLBY. 41 Plue atreet. For sale?in can an dai qua, Ontario countt, N. Y., the Residence of the late John Kanklne Esq. The bouse, a substantial brick building, stands on rising ground, on' mile northe-ist of the Post oWlce and railway station, and commands a delightful ?Jew of the lake and part of the vil lage. Attached are M or 85 acres ef excellent land, mostly under drained and in a good state of cultivation. The g-rden and orotu-rd are well stocked with choice fruit, and adjoin ing the immediate surroundings of the house is a fine grove of tree*. As a gentleman's residence this property, contain ing the pleasures and advantages of both town and country, is well worthy the attention oi Intending purchaser*. Ap ply to the subscriber on the premises. Mrj. RANK INK. FOR SAL*?THfc PECONIC HOUSE, SITUATE AT the terminus of the Long Island Railroad, Ureenport. Long Islsnd. For salubrity of climate sea air, fishing and huthlng this cannot be surpassed as a place of summer re sort, and has for years been doing a successful business. In, quire ot DANIEL J. WILLETs, No. 80S Pearl Hreet, N. V. For sale-country seat op ten acres, within forty-five minutes of city; brick house, barn and all necessary outbuildings; house h\s twenty rooms, gis, bath, hot ana cold water: on Passaic river, opposite Newark, N. J. Apply to OEOROE W. PLATT. 20 Maiden lane IpOR SALK -DESIRABLE FARM OP THIRTY ACREs ' excellent land, fine 1 iuge buildings and everything con* venlent; handy to cars; prlc* XS.lMO. ? ILLS A VAN WYCK, M Broadway. For sale?a farm op 117 acres. 70 acres un der cultivation, aud i7 acres timber, one tulle from Pritkesvilie staLon, on the Vorrls and Essex Railroad, New Jersey. liood house und smpie outbuildings. Location de sirable and healthv. Apply to THOMAS POST, Succasunns Plains, Morris oounty, N. J. For sale-seven acres of beautiful land, laid out In budding 1 ots; either the whole or in parts to suit purchasers; said property is located ulnug the line 01' the Ere it,lilw.iy, within three minutes' walk of the depot and village of isuU'enis, and :*) miles from New York city. Apply to A. A. W*NMAKKR, Sufferu, N V. FlOR SALE-COUNTRY RESIDENCE AT AMITYVILLE. L. I.? A two story Hous- with wing. 9 rooms, marble mantels in parlor*, barn. Ac.; 30 acres of land. 'JJ under a h'?ii state of cultivation; 2 aeres of Lawton bl ickbrrries plenty of cherries, applet, pears, quinces .md small fruit; :<0 miles from city; mile from a. 8. Railroad depot; sta;e twice daily to Panning Isle. L KKLi.NER. 91 William street, K. Y. For sale-on staTE n island, a house and rear building, wtth one or two l.ols. eonvenleut for bualnesa or private dwelling; three minutes' walk from Stxpleton landing. Inquire at.IAQUES (JUNSETH'S Hard ware -tore, corner of Gore and Brunei! streets. For sale-a highly productive farm of 100 acres. 35 m1 les on Long Island; 8? acres under a high suite of cultivation; balance w >ouluiid a tine apple orchard, with plenty of small fruit; good dwelling house, kirn and other outtiuildiuiis. For I ilars, Ac., inqii're tf Mr. ML'LLADY, X Hudson avenue. HMatklyn. F^OR SALE?A LARGE HOUSE AND TWO ACRKS OF Land, at New Kochelln. within one minute's walk of the depot; nUu a House and aliout 8 acres of Land, situated on the lYlhatn and within 16 minutes' walk of the de pit. For particulars inquire of the Poalma?ter, at New Kochelle. For sale-a pine country seat. c. insisting of House, Coach House, Stable, Ac., and three aorea of land located on the heights at Spuyten Duyvtl. on the Hud son; bouse recently constructed, containing 17 moms and re plete with all the modern improvements. Apply to E. D. BWBN. tl Duane street, beuveen 10 a. M. and 2 P. M. WOR SALE?AN BLKO ANT FIRST CLAS8 COUNTRY r Scat on ihe bank of the Hudson; view unsurpassed; superior la rye stone Mansion snd outbuildings replet? with II the mo Tern improvements, extensive Pima. Ac. The Bounds, which comprise 7 acres, are besuUfullv laid out in wn. terrace, flower garden, (Travel walks, vineyard, Ac.; an abundance ef fruit, ornamental sad sn ide trees; only 17 miles from the city: a rare bargain. Particulars at 17 tiixth avenue, or J. O. UlUQlNS, No. 7 Pine street. rlR SALE-A VERY DESIRABLE RESIDENCE ON Bard avenue, Staten Island, within Ave minutes' walk of Pallors' Snug Harbor lauding. Apply to TUCKERMAN, MIiLLIOAN A CO., 90 Broadway. For sale?the property knows as trb com munity Papor Mill, iliaite on ? newr failing stream, one miln distant trora the New York Central Railroad: buildings and machinery thoroughly rented In InfW Term* ea*y. For purttcul irs ia<iuir? of M. B. BANNISTElt A CO., Hart Cor, N. Y., or H.J. 1IUKB AKD, Cashier ?ir*t National Bank, Skaneafele*, IT Y ? .. ,.?v#ar f^Oft sale?A FIRST class STOCK fabm. IN Wt r ba*h rountjr, State of Tllinoli; 141 acres, p.irt prairie and part timber land; 90 acre* in cultivation; will be nolcl on reasonable term*: possession immediately. For particu lar* inquire of the owner. N? speculator* need apply. JAMES O'XhIL. 117 avenua B. For hale?tub finest residenck in sabatooa Spring*, now occupied by Mr*. J. Way land. also At Saratoga Spring*?A due brick House, corner of North Broadway and Ureenlleld avenue; elan another brick House, near the above, on lireentleld avenue. ALSO A Farm of 130 acrea, near Amsterdam, In Broadalbln, N. Y. Apply to HOMER MORGAN, No. t Pine street. L'OR SALF-ONF. OF THE FINEST COUNTRY RKSf. P dftwwi In I>u che-* county, seven nillci from Ponjii keepsie, beyond Vasnar College, with 17 acrea ol m-ado# l.ttill. 1- m? woodland. S In Iran; farm house, hai n carriage houae, stable, beaaery, and loe houae idled; bouse 41x44 thrae ?Utnes, ?ith eve * ocMirenlence, ("la, water, stationary tubs, speaKiftfi In es and belts. (iaid-iii and itronuds tilled with aiirubbery and small fruits. gi apery ICo feet l"n?j. Wilt be aold at a bargain h. W. BENEDICT, No 4 ami 8 I'ine street. LOR. SALE? \ LA ROB HOU8B ON B)CROBN r lieigh'a, elegant. commodious. a'.l modern iaprxve. inen>?i; Ia>ye lot, carina :? km* and unbuilding* complete. Price $l?.mw. For pla t* and descriptions apply to il UMBR MOUi. vN, No. 2 Plie .-treeL fpOR SALK?COUNTRY SEAT ON 8T.VTEN ISLAND, two rnilrs from Vanderbilt Und'ns; sniHrmr house and outbuildings. with 1" acrea of gruiiud; will l>e so.d cheap. Penult* o A JOURNKAY, No. 6 i'lne *trcet. tfORSALB-AT rf.IFTOW. STATaN ISLAND, FRONT I ingon ihe water, and within IV minutes of tlie ferry. a beautiful Country with iifirly two acres Of ground: will be sold low. Appiy to A. JOURNKAY, No. 6 I'lne it. FOR SALE- TIIKKE HOUSES AND TEN LOTS IK New Durham, N J , five minute*' walk from Aib'ntown station by Northern Cailmad. of N. J.; one two story, Willi barn and shed nnd 4 lots; one small cottage and 4 lots: and one two story, m u-ly new. and two l,ot*, on tlie llaokenaack piank road, miles troin Hobokeii. the of .loliu .Vidlov. Will be aold cheap. Apply to T. D. BC'EBBSKN, >ew Durham, N. J. F'OR BALK-ELEGANT BROWN STONE HOUSE, four stnrie* and exmnainn, iitxIOO, No. 8 Van square 2,".7 Voik street), Jeraay Oily on high ground, oppo ?lie a beautiful park, wii at a fcargW. Apff a? Mini, F'OR rali.?a NEAT FRAME OOTTAOK and six Lola of Oround, allaatnd on the banks nt the Hudson river, at Ki-hklll For particular* apply to U. *. Mt'NUEK, ISO Front street. |/<OB SALE IN HOBOKBN?A VERT DESIRABLE r three dorr and haaemfot House. Philadelphia br.rk, brown suioe trimmings, marble mantels, rat and water. Price $7,Utiq BLAKE A DI DLKV, 54 William street. LH)B SALB AT MOBBI SANlA, W f.STCH r.STER r county, two story and att'c House pVaaanily located on the north wont corner of Waablngion avenue and Klghth street, with three Lota of ground. Prlte $4.Uni cash. Ap ply to P. S. WINCHESTER. 2UNa??au street up rtalra, or at pier 41 North rivar, ott-e No. 2, from 10 to 2 I'. M fitOB SALE IN Kl.YPORT. N. J.-ONE HOI'R ABD A half from New York, within ten minute*' walk of steamboat landing, a hamiaome. modern built Cottage, con taining nine Room*, with barn and three-quartera of acreofland, choice fruit, shade and ahrubhery. For pi ticuiar* addreaa Cottage, M Vesey (tr*ei, N. Y. Price $3,000. Terms eaay. L^OR SALB CHEAP?IN OBANOE, NKW JERSEY. A r fine new Housa, with all modern Impr. vemen ?; bell* ?peaking tubea, gaa, bath and furnace: rompleteiy turnlshed. including a Piano worth M00, forSI4^(K!. |7,i00 in casii, iial a nee in A or 10 nan, or by instalment to suit pun baser: house without furniture for fU.iNO. Apply tor particulars to bo? lt? Orange, N. J. FOB SALB OB BXCRANOB?COt'BTRY SKATS AND Farm*, *ltuated on the line of the New Havtn Railroad, at Bye, New Roclielle and East Chester 3 acre* to JUI ai res each. Apply to HIIfMAN A t'O., 1ft Wall street FOB SALE OR EXCHANGE? A VERY DKSIRABLE Place, IImiles by rail from New York; 4<) aires tmnl bulldlms, locatio* unaurpaase.l. near depot. Apply to COLT, corner Canal and Church ? treats. Fob sale or bxchanoe-a country behn dene* at Mount Ki*co. on the Harlem Kail! oad, about 40 miles from New York: One new lloux , Carriage House and all nerewary outbuilding* in rom|>iete order: dtuation UD*nrpa?aed. tor nartlru'.ar* inquire at 5M Second avenue, corner Twenty-ninth street, coal office. 1,10R SALB OR TO LBT?FURNISHED. AN ELEOANT ' brown stone House, wlih all Hi ? modern improvements, and three acre* of land, handsomely laid out, with line gar den, fruit and ornamental tree*, situate on the height* at Newburg. a short dlatanne from the steamboat Httdlnf. com manding one of the moat beautiful and cxtensire view* on ta*|liudson. BLFKCKBB, II YOB A I OWERBB, No*. 4 and 8 Pine street. fIBUIT AND MILK FARMiAT BFDFOKD, WESTCHES ter county, for tale?Containing about ?S acre*; ? acre* In apple orchard: 6 in pear- peaches auu plums; 4 In black berries and 1 in grape* /'rioe 113,000. Addre** W. R. P., box 1,?I Post office, N T. I1RUIT FARM Ft 1R SALE.?3?U ACRES OF KXCEL 1 lent land, 10 cultivated. goiHi barn and *Uble; 1,900 peach tree*, l.JUU grape vines, 8 varletlea; ago standard and dwa/f pear tree*, ivw cliexrv trees, and large* of all ?mall fruit. Located In Waihuikton ValTey, 8 mile* fnim Central Railroad depot N.J. Inqulra of L. KKLLNKR. I?1 William (Iiccl, New York. Huds(?N RI\RR PROPERTY.?fob SALB, ON tub west bank nt the Hudson, a number of handsome ?"*" - "ver fronts, b. Iween I'lermontand Nvack, '?eres. ranging In price from tl\U(kJ to W J H. PL a'FT. Piarmont. N. V Reside "ce with irotii l Apt it to COCWTRT MALESTATB FOR I4LI. Mmobbisania.-for mi E, a nrat two stobt tieaenient and sub-ceilar House marble mantels, rang*, water, Ac ; fine location on'.v $i,"WO part ou mortgage. Apuly to DEMAHEST, Real Estate Ageot, Mult Haveu, oou tinua'lon of Third avenue VTEW HAVEN, CONN.-ELEOAVT RESIDENCES IK il the most genteel localities for sale. O. II BENEDICT A CO., SI Pi?e street, Y-_ C*ALE OB KENT?KTRNISREI) OB UNFURNISHED. O Countir Place Nyack on Ha,l?in; 4*? seres, fruit er every variety, largo vineyard; unobstructed view of 30 miles; substantial house. 13 rooma besides basement and atuoj good barn; exoellenl water. Inquire of W. MATTHEWS. SM Greenwich street, Nyack Express oflioe. VALUABLE COUNTBY SEAT FOB BALB-KNOWW V aa Brookslde, situated four and a half mllea treat Peekskill depot; one eighth mile from Lake Mohegan; ooa slxtlng of sixty acres, and large houae containing twenty four and cold water; laundry separate butldieg, ooatalBlng fire rooms; Urge bars, carriage house, gardener* cottage, beautiful lawn and shade trees;one thousand choies fruit trees: plenty of cherries >nd other small fruit; grapee of all kinds In abundance; will be sold at a bargain. Prwe, ? 17,080, $18,(M) can remain on boml and mortgage. Per further particulars Inquire ef GILBERT MOfT, on Iks premises, or of the owner, JOHN A LOCK WOOD, M Barclay street. N. T. VALUABLE BUFFALO CITT PBOFEBTT FOB BALE or exehanas for property in New York or Newark, If. J Inquire of E T. HARRIOTT or JAME8 MANCHKB DOUl TEB. m Broadway, M. Y. FABM8 AND COUNTRY RESIDENCES FOR sale, In every locality; 1 to MX) acres; distance 1* M 50 miles, prices $H.0M to ?SO.UUO. A. Watt street. 100 A nn ACRE8 OF WEST VIRGINIA land, NBAB TuU railroad. In exchange for Billiard Table In good order, balls, Ac. Apply to WALLER A BBUSil, U Cham ber* street (J1 OCA -TWENTY-TWO ACRES OF OOOD LAND, ?Pi.OtJl/. some cleared and fenced; new honse, water. Ac.; will sell part. T. PBASS, <6 Grove street. REAL ESTATE WANTED. Tenement property wanted to buy om lease?The highest market ralue given. Apply to B. H. OIBBONS A Co.. 446 Bruome street. WANTED?FOB CASH, A THREE STORY A.ND BaSB ment House, sltu.ited between First and Third ave nue* and Fourth and fourteenth streets, with modern Im provements. Prlco from S8."X) to $10,000. Address, with lull particulars, R. S. H , station D. TIT ANTED?IIOOD- TENEMENT PROPERTY. WELL TV rented, to purchase anywhere, and a House betwee* <'anal street and fourth and Sixth aveuues. Address Ken nedy, box 161 Herald office. WANTED-ALL_KINDS OF CITY AND COUNTRY Property, for sale aud to rent, for which we have cus tomers now ready. Call and leave descriptions of property with BAUM A MYERS, >1 Nassau street. WANTED TO PUKCHA?E-A COTTAGE COUNTRY Residence, with all conveniences, to be situated am the Hudson, and 10 or IS acres of Ground with it. suitabl* for gardening, Ac. Address, with description, Ac., W. U. A., box 3.S43 New York Post oBice. WANTED TO PiTkOHA8E-^a"NICB SMALL ROUSB with store, or House without store, in Sixth avenue, or on any of the cross streets not lower down than Fourth or higher than Ihlrty-fourtti, near Sixth avenue. Ad.tresa A. A. M., box 2.3W New York Post o:Uce, staling location and price, may hear of a cash custtomcr. W~ ANTED TO purchase?OR LEASE A HOUSB and Store on Third. Sixth or Eighth avenue or Broad way. Address W. C. LESTER, Broadway, corner of Thirty-fourth street. WHARF PROPERTY WANTED?IN NEW YORK city orlmmedista vicinity, suinble for a building and storage or lumber. Address H. A. Davenport, box 2,9 Herald, stating terms, location, Ac, KKW PUBLIC ATI ON*. fJHIE NEW BANKRUPT LAwf HARPRR 4 BROTHEBS HAVE IN PRESS, AND WILL PUBLISH IMMEDIATELY, T1IK NEW BANKRUPT BILL. Willi NOTES, FORMS OF P'MCEDUBB, And a Collection of all the AMERICAN AMI fa.Ni.H-iH DECISIONS UPON TUB LAW OK BANKRUPTCY. Adapted to the use of the lawyer and merchant. BY EDWIN JAMES, Of the New York Rar. and one of the framera of Mi* English Bankruptcy Amendment act. Mr. James haa had unusual opportunities to become fa? miliar with the law of bankruptcy having been a member of Parliament at the time the English Bankrupt act was passed, and having himself carr.ed through Important ameuilmerUa to the bill. He w:ts aUo tor many years a -uo essiui pra? tioner in the English Bankruptcy Courts.?American Law Uegister. HARPER A BROTHERS, New York. Tide tables, giving the time and height or High Water tor every day in the year, at ail porta In th* United Males, have been published by the United States Coast Survey Office, and are on aale at the principal nautioal stores. They can also be obtaiued by application to UM Coast Surrey Oflioe, In Waahington city. Price twenty-Be* cents. JUMBW.AHr.XI A' GREAT REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF BOOTS and Shoes until the 1st of May. at IRWIN'S ? store, ah) Bowery, ooruer Bond street. Soiled stock than half price. 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We offer for sile on farorab.e terms:? l.u O rrilled States Kltlcst steel barrel) with sabre bajOMl* 6,000 Untied State* Rifled Musket*. 15.000 United States Army or Cavalry Revolvers. We are also prepared to contract for supplying at early dais our approved Kreerh-Loadtng Klflcand Carbine (newmodal) for military service, and foi the alteration of muxzle load* ing arms to breech loading under the Bcrdan patent. fc. RE Ml No TON k SONS, I lion, N. T. THE NEW BANKRUPT LAW.?EDWIN JAMES * DUN I'll V, CoUMiellors at-Lnw, hove established a de partment in their olllce for the kpeclal nroxccuti in of volut? t-iry and conij>ulsorv proceeding* in bankruptcy. Confer ences with Mr. Edwin James dally front 3 lo 5 o'clock. M Broadway. WANTED?A LABOR SECOND HAND BOOK SAFE; mm! be in go Ml order, of approve ! make, and with divisions (or books only. Addres* box 2,1Post olllce. N. T. WANTED?A FAlK SIZE SECOND HAND FIRS Proof Sifr. Address A W., Herald olllce, stating slz", kind, price and raaknr. VAT ANTED?A MEDII'M SIZhD SECOND HAND SAFE; v f Marvin's or Herring's m ike. Address M Vesey street, accond lloor. I,>n_- ~j-.- ***?^* ~in Advice to married ladies.-mvdame res! TOLL'S Inf&llble French Feni tle Pills; No. 1. prtoa >1, or Mo. 2. price $6. which can never fail; safe and healthy. OIBee fit West Thirty-fourth street, near Sixth avenue. Sent by mall. Address oox Ate*. Also sold at dru(ui*t's, H(MWW atro*t All Ladies who nekd special medical ob surgical treatment should consult CilAKi.KS LUTZB. M. D., WS Broadway who has had tweuty years' successful practice, and guarantees imuie^ate relief in all caaea wltk Out p.ilh or etpunre. C m free Always sure?a Patient whites:-"! spent 840 for drugs. All failed. Electricity relieved me I* ten minutes without pain or exposure." A private letter, worth forty books, given away, write lor It and save health and money. Dr and Madame DUB.MS, :w Third avenue. A -IMPORTANT TO LtDlES. DR. POWERS'" . 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