Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1867 Page 3
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WASHINGTON 10KTDLY STATEMENT OF THE PUBLIC DEBT. Caucus of the Republican Mem bers of Congress. The Impeachment Reselitlens to be Referred to the Jidieiary Com mittee When Appointed* Proposed Recess from Monday Next Til) the 8th of May. Arrangements for Enforcing the Military Rcconitraclion Art. Ac. Ac. <ko. Washington March 6, 1867. Narrb Simrmml ot thr Pnblie Debt. The following la from the monthly statement of Uie public debt for the month of February, issued by the Secretary of the Treasary to-day: ? TOTAL DEBT. March 1. law. March 1,1887 Bearing ooin interest $1,177,867,291 $1,484,844,191 Bearing currency iuu ?t. l,18fi,428,P<v0 7*7 028.8h0 .Bearing no intfieat..... 463.5Hd,707 434,120,628 Matured, not paid...... 985,979 14,578,889 Total debt *'2,827,88*,9o9 $2.')00,587,29(1 Reduction in one year $137,281,890 **00' IK TUKATKY. Marrl 1. 1S60. March 1, 1887 Cain $J6,73C, 1P2 $107,271,031 Corrcucy 8w,2--.707 52,552,308 Total $116,018,959 $159,823,399 Debt letw amount In Trea&ury, March 1, 1868 $2,711,850 000 X>ebi less amount in Treasury, March 1, 1887 2,530,783,890 Actual reduction of debt in one year $181,080,110 At this rata of reduction the entire debt could be Vipad out In fifteen year*. The several items of the last statement, when com pared with that of the 1st of February last, show the condition of each portion of the debt and the toial debt nttbe close'Of February to be as follows:?The debt bearing Interest in coin ha? increased $44,709,850; the debt beaSMg currency Interest has diminished $32?MSt86h: the matured debt not presented lor pay aaent baa increased $1,214,786; tbe debt bearing no in terest baa diminished $8,037,276, and the total debt ?bowa an increase of $4,813,749; tbe amount of cash la tbe Treasury has increased $9,916,427, and tbe currency in the Treasury has increased $7,4*3,180; thus ?taking an Increase of the total amount of ca<h in tbe Treasury $17,390,008 over tbe cash on hand last month. This being deducted from tbe total debt diminishes the national debt $12^85,868. Republican Caacns. Tbe repnbtteaM of tbe House held a caucus th? even ing at tbe Capitol. Tbe re were about one hundred and twenty member* pneeni Oenoral Basks presided, and i Mr. Panj, ef Michigan, acted as secretary. Bepreesntative Asbley, or Ohio, offered a resolution diaaell? the Judiciary Committee, when appointed, to ?ntlnne thete investigation Into the charges preferred npatnsfM President on the 7th of January last, with pewer to sit during the sessions of tbe Bonse or any secesa wfateh mar be taken. Representative Covode moved to amend by substituting ? select committee of thlrteea, tbe seven members of the Judiciary Committee to be of the same. This ref lation Is understood to have been prepared by General Butler,Htfd placed by him In tbe hands of Mr.1 Covode. Judge Spalding, cf Ohio; wished to knew If the Jndietasp Committee bad any facts bearing on tho anaHav?charges not known to tbe pwbMo. If so, he creuM like to know what they were. JUpreeentative Wilson, of Iowa, replied that It would %a impropsr to make any communication en that '??earring <0 the pending question, Representative Tarasworth. of Illinois, thouirht the natter should be MR in the band* of tbe Judiciary Committee. Mm KeHey. of Psnnaylvanla, concurred with bim. Representative Pike, of Maine, said he believed the >%*? committee* were in favor of the Jndiciary commit tee, bat he thought it more important to determine Jhe time of adjournment, as that vu the point which vitany affected tbe question of impeachment. He was willing te adjoorn over until tbe autumn in o*der to afford the eommltiee ample time to investigate the subject. ?General Butler made an earnest appeal for a special ?ommittee. Precedents of the British Parliament were afl that way. No disparagement of the late Judiciary Committee waa intended at all. Representative Blaine, of Maine, said that, whether so Intended or not, It would be considered as a rebuke to lb*. Judiciary Committee if tbe investigation which they bad been pursuing for sixty days was now taken out of ?beir bands. He hoped it would not be do?e. Bop roaantaUve Bromwell, of Illinois, enforced similar Kewa General Logan supported the amendment fey a special committee. He thought the Judiciary Committee had mo prescriptive right in tbe premises. Representative Bingham, of Ohio, said tbe eight pre ?etonta of impeachment cases in tbia country were, with *ae MtcepUoo, in favor of referring to tbe Judiciary Committee, and that exception led to a ridiculous HupdoT. General Butler inquired whether Mr. Bingham waa in amy event In favor of an impeachmonif Msgirsssrilslivs Bingham replied that he-was not, like MM gentlemen, in favor of impeaching llrst and bear lag the testimony afterwarda Tbogaeeiioo waa than lakon on Repraaentatlva Co Tsfc'i amendment for a special oommitteaand was voted town by an overwhelming majority. Repreeentative tab ley In motion 4o reler tbe question of impeachment to tbe Judiciary'Committee was adopted with scarcely any oppoaltloa. V Representative Stevens, of Pennaylvania, moved That Whan Coeigresa adjourn It adjourn until tha fith of May. ?epraeantatlve Wilson, of Iowa, moved to amend by IneerUag tha 20lhaf Ootober. Ha thought tbeinvesti gallon a vary grave oae, requiring lime, and tbet It waa eapeolaUy important that all Stales entitled to rep aeaenuuoa ahould be present to vote on tha artieles of impeaebmeat If that question should ha priasnted. Three States would be absent In May. Rapreeantatlva flhellabarger, ef Ohio, thought there waa aa-ich gravity in this point; but It waa not of pressing Importance, la flea of tbe fact that tbe Senate, which u the body to try impearkmenta, la full. It waa not so Important that aha House, merely presenting impeach Beats, ahould bave every flute preaent. Rapreaentatlae Blaine inquired of Mr. Shellabargar bow M would be in case articles of impeachment should be carried In tha Hoase by a majority leas than the num ber of members to which tbe abeent States were <aatiUe4f Repreeentative Sbellabarger re pit ml that It would not affect tbe validity of the action ef the House. Representative (toutwall hoped tbe question of Im peachment would be decided oae way or the other proaqptly, and not be postponed till autuma. General Roller said the poaipanement till aotumn was amply to abandon tbe whole sflhtr. RepMaenlatnrd Wiisoa's motion was lost oa a call of yeas sad nays?87 against ML Repreeentative Mtevena' motion, tbmt whan the Hoase adjourn it be till the 8ib at May, waa adapted without oppeaittoa. Representative gliiaoa, of Iowa, offered a raaalatlon that it was not expedient for this Congress to adionra Cor mote than three toys at any oae time until tbe ques tion of Impeachaseat eras dleposad of. Tbe resolution dliaagreed to. RepresealaUve Pomeraf, of New York, then moved, ?bat Congraas will take a raoaas on Moaday nail until tbe Sth of May. Th Is waa (Molded on a rail of yeas and pay* la tha aflrasailve 17, apainat 44?three majority. Mr. Ketley, of Panaeylvaala, gave notice that he woaM introduce the following regulation to-morrow ? Raaaived, That tbe Judiciary Committee, when ep painted, be instructed to report a bill by *rbleh alone aoaventlona for tbe organisation of tba rebel rtatee may %e nailed, and that the vote* at all election* preliminary IbflMtA Um A^onlkfln OM raiartuin of anntftllutinBl C ai ? a? mrw wwwynnm wf W reported by ?M oooventtooa shall be by ballot and Ibr the registration of votan 1 The mmim at eievea o'olock adjourasd. Resolutions to carry oat the intentions of tbe caucus ' will b? Introduced la tha Houm to-metrow. Tha indications of ** evening's proceedings in that tha republican! do Dot lataod to shirk the impeach ment of the President, but to prosecute It with all ntcee ury vigor end a becoming moderation. The Iapeaekmat <|u ration. The reply of the Praaident to tha Oommitteee who watted upon him to inform him of the organisation of tha two nooaea, 41 that ha had na eommualretioa to make to them at thia time," w regarded aa significant of bis intended action in tha event of an imme diate tmp<uchmeui prosecution. It ia auted on excellent authority that be will decline to appear before the Senate upon an arraigument, ashigning as a reason that the preseut body, representing rully only twenty States, cannot legally entertain the question. This an ticioatea a collision between the Executive and C6ngresa that members of the latter already talk of providing ?gainst. Preparatarr Arranaemraia far Putting In Force (he JlUitar; Keeeaitructias Act. The subject of reconstructing the rebel States, which causes so much excitament and comment among the people at large, fc now being considered by the President and his Cabinet. In connection with General Grant, and 1 am informed from high sources that ia a lew day* Mr. Juhuuon will be ready to perform the duty imposed upon him by tha new plan adopted by t'oDgres*. Secretary Stanton and General Graut are cc^avcd in preparing in structions lor the guidance ol- the live generals to be assigned to the five districts civet nd by the new set. A detailed statement of these instructions would be prema lure at the present time, inasmuch as they nave not as yet b<?i laid before the Pre-ident for hi? official sanc tion. They will point out the duties of the respective ^enetals under the new iaw, and recommend in ail cases tha adoption of sucb n eo'irse as will cause the least possible amount of hardship to tbo l*<iple of the laie peccant States. Moderation and prudcnce will be enjoined upon the commanders, who to all eases wilt be expected to avoid ?-onflicls with the civil law when practicable. The generate will continue to perform their dutle? until such time a? the people of the Slates affected take measures to reorganize pursuant to (he provis ons of the Congressional programme of re construction I am reliably informed (hit the new military commanders who will have charge of this im poitant work will be Major Generals Thomas, Sheridan. Sickle*, Schofield and Ord. Mississippi and Arkansas will be assigned to Thomas; Slieridan'sdistrict will com 1 rise Louisiana and Texas; Sickles wt!l be given com mand of North and South Carolina; Georgia. Alabama and Florida will be given to SchoSold; and Ord will iommand id Virginia. Another authority gives Hancock one of the divisions. These various assignments are not' n conformity with the provisions of the bill, but 1 have my authority from a lii#h source. Sheridan is not here, but the uUrer prospective commander- are .'icklcs has quarters at the Metropolitan, where he is visited by numerous friends. The Kei-ontlruction nnd Tenure of Office Laws. Official publication is made to-day, through the Depart* meut of State, of lite act to provide for the more efficient government of the rebel Slater, and the act regulattwg the tenure of certain civil offices, bnh of which, it will be recollected, were passed over the President's veto. The W hile Mouse Benieced by Office ^eekera. 1 he Executive Mansion was thronged to-day wdth members, Senators, ofijc* seekers and politic uius. Many were after office, there being a large number of vacancies caused by tbe Weoatc having adjournal without acting on the nominations, and not* lew of t ie visitors were those who wore ejected, aeeklat im bo renominated. / NaialsstleBS West to tin- Srsate. An bqur after the Senate adjourned to day tbe prlwaie secretary of ibe President brought to tbe Capitol nfcrge number *ot. oominat^ona, principally postmasters -and army and navy officers, fur the action of that body. It ia calculated that three or fbnr hundred vacancies under various branches of tbe government are to be filled be fore tbe adh>unment>of the Senate. Proposed Itreiflht Railway from the Miaete aippi to tbe Atlantic Coo at. One of tbe most Important bills ever introduced into Congress was this morning -brought in and presented 'by Senator Harlan of Iowa. The biil proposes tbe oonsttuo tion of a freight railway from the Mississippi riverto Syracuse, In New York, and there connecting with.the port of Oswego, and going eastward and aouibaset ward rroas Syracuse, one branch to cross tbe Hud son at Alhaqy or Troy, aad at some commodious point branahing again to Boaton and New York, the southeastern branch to run down throurh tbe -eoal sections ?f Pennsylvania, ud after reaching it to the vicinity of the Delaware river,. brandling and connecting by the reap active branches to Jersey City and Philadel phia. Tbe following is substantially tbe plan of the roadFirst, a doable tradk road bed to be well a ad substantially laid down, with all the necessary turnouts, wood and watering places, depots. Jcc.; second, tbo soad to be opeu to Iree competition In transporta tion, any person, oompany or corporation allowed to put on trains and run tbem, paying to!ls therefor to tbe proprietors of tbe road bed; third, lite adoption of a uniform rate or speed for both freight and travel, say ten miles an hour, more or lew, having due regard to the economy of fuel and tne preservation or the road and railing stock. The bill proposes that the United Mates shall be privileged to take stock, also the sev eral States and incorporate cities, in tbe aggregate to the amount of two-thirds, and Individuals 10 be privileged to lako the balance of tbe stock. Redemption of Fractional Currency. Tbe Treasurer of the United States is daily in receipt of a large number or letters from persons in tho South ern Slates inquiring whether the Treasury redeems frac tional currency of the old issues, commonly known as - short currency." Jt appears that some persons, with a view to buying It up at a discount, have spread the report that this species of ourrency is repu diated by tbe Secretary of tho Treasury. Tbo Treasurer, therefore, dsalras to have tne feet made public that -all fractional currency that has been issued by tho Treasury Department is redeemed at par by tbe same, except in caaea where notes are mutilated, when an amount proportionate to tbe alas of the note Is givon for it. Government Aflclala Not Permitted tn Act aa Paid Agents af Oat aide Parties. Tbo Secretary of tho Treasury has determined to put a stop to the practice which baa prevailed to soma extent in that, and perhaps In other department*, of persons connected with the public service becoming tho paid agents of outside parties lor tbe transaction of public business. Tbe penalties provided by the Jaw of Juno 11, 1884, for tie transgression are as follows:? Member* of Congress, Beads or Departments or of bu reaux, or clerks, or any other officer or the government who shall directly or Indirectly agree to receive any compensation whatsoever ror services ether than hie official duties rendered in any department or bureau of the United Stales, shall be liable to a One of from $2,000 to $10,000. and imprisonment /or two yesm, In capacitated thereafter for holding office. Circular Irons (fee Internal Revenue Comanls aianec* The following circular has just been issued from.tbe Offlre*>f Inteanal Revenue ? Wahhitptoh, March ?, J t$7. Tbe act approved Masch 2, 1MT, amending existing laws relating to internal revenue, requires tbe amsssmsnt ei annual taxes heretofore made in tbo month of May to be made in the oarreqpondtng days In tbe month of Marrb. The principal changes In the law respecting tbe income tax are those increasing tbe ademption from $000 , to $1,000, and tbe repeal of the tax of ten per font on sums above $5,000, so tbst tbe law now Imposes a ant form tax of nve iter cent on incomes la excess of 11,000. Profits on sales of real estate purcbansd since December ?0, 1*63, ate made taxable as Income. Attention is also railed to that portion or the act of July 1$, 1808, which repealed the tax on musical Instruments, yacbta aad certain carriages heretofore taxed in Schedule A. In structions and rulings concerning the assessment of the annual taxes will be issued in a lew days. Where the pr. sent number or assistant assessors Is Insufficient for the proper assessment of the annual taxes an additional number will be appointed upon the requestor tbo asses sor*. Care should bo taken to sp?ctry the division for which tbey are nueded. It will be some days before a supply of income blanks can be printed, and tn the 1 roamiime assessors who base any of the rorms No. 2* prepare') for use last year, can adapt tbetn for tbo present service Furtn can be used with tbe altera tion of (tai>!t only. A limited number of last yeer's blanks can be furnished from this office to thane sssse sors wbo d> sire tn u*e them wbile waking for the pre paration of tho new blank#. f A. Kcl.l.lMH, Commissioner The hill intmduced in the Sonata iodny,bf Mr. H*lsn, for the admission oi Cslsradu, in substantially the KA munds amendment Mil, uncalled, with an additional clause continuing In fores la terms the present Territo rial Kqual Suffrage law of Congress, snd seesrvtng the right to enforce it aad Ike Civil Rights law In the Jute. Tbe changes tn the Senate and the House of 1Upresents tivss since the Inst Congress lenven little doubt is tbe minds of tbe friends of Colorado that the Stain will be admitted at an early day. They say the vote la the Senate last Friday did not show the real strength ef the as tfMgf Ofv$ bare feff? JfrrM TVWS fw V* , on* laa again*! it if inch vol** would have been aecee ?nry to carry lb* Mtiun, Baking fcu |*al strength 32 against 11. -w**w> A Coawlritioi* Kx?!Mmnber of CoacreM.}.> The Bon. Q O. Hubbard, oMober of lb* Thirty-ninth CongTM*, from We*t Virginia, *o?IOMd to lb* Treasurer of U>* United State* to-day a draft for $M1 92, which 1* a portion of the increased pay due bim aa a Member of Coogres* for Ike but session. It will bo remembered tbat after the close of the first sesnion of 1 be Thirty-math Congress, Mr. Hubbard sent to the Treasurer a draft for 12,801 08, which be said was due bim, but as he voted against the bill increasing the salaries of the members he did n^t intend to avail himself of the benefits of the same alter Its pusxage. The amount which be has jum returned is the balance of the mcreoae of pay, amounting tu 14.(too l?er annum, which was voted to themselves by the mem bers of the last Congress. The Indian Banna W itliout a IIea<l. The Indian Bureau la to abeyance. The nomination of Com mi winner Bogy not having been acted upon ex pired with the do** of the last Coogr? sa. There is, therefore, no ComtnisMoner or Indian A flair* It is re garded by those wbe are familiar with all matters per taining to the Indians as tin fortunate that *u<Ui an Im pediment to the prompt transaction of buslnesa should occur at tbe present critical juncture. The President bas not yet sent in a nomination tor Commissioner, and caanot appoint any l*reon to temporarily di -ehnrge the duties bv reason of the third section of the bill to regulate the tenure or offices, which prohibits the appointment of any |*r*on to office witfcout the advitv and convent of the Senate, under a penalty of not inore than ton thousand dollars tine and ? term ol improvement not exceeding live years, or both, at tlie di?cr?tion of the court. The chief clerk, Mr. Chas. E. Mix, has heretofore acted in the rapacity of commisstoucr during the absence of that officer, but never without having been authorised ho to do; but by the provisions ot the Tenure et Office law he oannot accept the >etnporary appointment If the President should make it. or be, 100, would rentier blrrvtlf liable to the same penalties imposed by the third neetioa ol' the act before memtonod. It is thoo-ht that the President will re nominate Mr. Bogy, Mid Messrs. St: dwell, of Indiana, and Hood, of Wisconsin, are apokeu ol' a* applicants tor 1 be office. Bureau of Si mimic*. Tbe third monthly report of the director of tbe Bureau of statistics will be issued in a few days. It contains much interesting statistical information, and among otber things tables of the imports and. ox ports of the I'uited ftutes lor every month since July last. The r' port gives the total iuiporu for the six months endiug DecemMr 31, 1866. as follows:?.Specie and bullion. $9,563,227; dat able goods entered for consumption, S127,920,224; entered lor warehouse, $76,701,319; total imports. $200,234,081; merchandise withdrawu for con sumption, $67,278,851. Of the exports there were specie and bullion, &24,597,083; foreign merchandise exported, dutiable, $5,105,068; free, $646,949;of donie?:ic merchan dise exported, $150,166,874. |Potal exports, $180,416,904. Of these tbo domestic merchandise was in currency, the rest In specie. Tbe table* for January shew the quantities and valoes ?of all the principal article. This i* the first monthly report of the kind ever issued, and it contains re turns from all part* of tbe United States except the PaclGc coos'. Tbe total import* for January were $22,039,848, in gold; of which ?21,834,606 were dutiable, and the rest free. The principal articles of import were;?Coffee, D;?49,170 p *nds, valued at $1,064-788; manufacture* Of ? cotton, 0,000,156 square yards, valued at $1,892,669, and otlier manufacture* of cotton valued at $l,Wlr712?total manufactures of cotton valued nt $3,746,261; naonfactoree of <flas. 0.387.8M M|'iar* yard* valued a* $1,377,*40; ?>ther manufacture* of finx. besides sixty tea* of raw flax, valued at *22,481, $411,168; Aide* and skin*, valued nt .?088.697; iron end at eel. and manufacture* of tfce same, $1,061,040; manufac ture* or rtlk. 330,834 t^naro yard*, valued nt $870,914, ?aid other silk manufacturesvtlued-M $1,112,286; spirit* and cordial* In casks, 62,630 proof gallon*, valued at $67,632, and in bottle*, 1,806 dozen, valued at $6,676; brown sugar. 4,118,140 pounds, valued at $136,810; molas-es, 476,988 gallon*, valued at $91,01g; tan, 1,-409,605 pound*, valued at $433,388; tobacco, 105,210 pounds, valued nt $88,405; wool dress good*, 8,840,605 yardn, <valoed nt $1,984,023; cloab* and eossltuer**, 627,088 yard*,'Valued nt $1,006,601. Of tbe foreign merchandise exported tbe principal ar ticles enumerated weve coffee, 528,060 pounds, valued at $04,616, and brown oagar, 437,161 pound*, valncd at $62,711. Of tbe export* tbe principal article* were Indian corn, 565,392 bushels, valued at 6630.704.; wheat Hour, 36,833 barrels, valued at $442,882- Total lyeedatuflk of all kind*. Including.Indian oorn and flour, valued at $1,286,810; cotton, ?0,?47,134 pouuds, valued at $1,620,518; silver bullion $802.02: . gold aixl etlver coin, 9110.191; iron sod manufactures of iron. (108,404: lumber :uid mauufacturss ol wood, $1,229,601: refined petro)-'un, j^4ir>,S20 gallons, valued at $995,067; txee., 1,437, potiodSi valued at $160,661; oliet.-e, 783,904 poutx)*, valued at, $.'".<9,103; ham.-> auU bacon, 2,6v?J liii! pom la, valued at $2i>^,CttS; lard. 3,046,304 pouad?, \ .tinea at $624,164. pork. 2.472,46.: pouadd, valued at $268,1-0; u. low, 186,832 pound*, valued at $204,661; roctn tud turpentine, 15,421 brrels, valued ai $80,4V7: dl?ti led spirit-, 90,65$ gal lons, valued at $tiO l <2 spirits of turpentine, C5.01C galloiu1, vstitod at $44,G06, lea/ tobaoco, 6,UQ9.?80 pound*, taiued at $69ti,JI<3. wnalehone. 80,4bl founds, $89,396. (ouulerfaitern In Mt. Lwiiim. Colonel Wit. P. Wood, Chief of tbc Secret servict Division of the Treasury Deportment. has beec for midii: tune past <m the track of a nest of oouMecfbltem wik> bad oommenoed operations in St. Louis, Missouri, sr.d were progressing in their unlawful business with a very fair promise of large profits. Several days ago the evi dence again** two of Um men was sufficient to samnt tbelr arrest, and Colonel Wood (unseeded in srnssting the priueipal counterfeiter, and had bin commuted to jail. A pre**, three steel plate* engraved for (Ifly coat note*, .not quite finished, together with ink, bmrueand all the other necessary article* for counterfeiting, were seized. None of Ike ipuiloue currency manufactured by this gang ha* yet been issued. The Public liRsdn. The Commissioner of tlM-Oeneral Lane Office ha* re eetoed from the State Usd Office of Michigan a list of lands selected by that Slate under the grant for agrioul local ooileges by sol or July 2, J862. forming, with pre visas eelections, an aggregate quantity or 226,261.8$ sera*. Bo ha* also received return, * bowing an aggre gate disposal of 18,701 acies of the public lands during the month of Peoraary laot, at the two following local office*, via.Menoaba, Wia, 10,197 acres, the greater portion or which was located with Agricultural College ?crip; Tallahassee, Fla., 8,682 scree, taken for actual eetUaateat .and cultivation under the Homestead law, whloh limits the entries to eighty acre* each. Since the entabliahmeut of the local office at Tallahassee 1,944 forms have boon added to the prodactive force ol the State. In aeoesdanee with ibe decision of the Secretary of the Interior Commisaloner Wilson bss instructed the local land officer* in Nebraska to restore, after thirty day*' public notice, the odd selections of land hereto fore withdrawn on account of the Burlington and Mia soar! River Ballseed, which are outaide of twenty miles from the line of root* of said read. And that from and alter receipt of instructions ths even solsotions within the twenty miles limit* of said road held at 99 60 per anee, and at thst prion nbjec tto settlement and entry under the Pre-emption and Homestead laws. The Land Offioe at Oregon City and Boss burg, Oregon, have returned 4o the General Land Offioe tbc patent certiflcatee aad other title papers for four thousand snd seeenty-three aaclent settlement claims. ' Of tbeee the Oenoral Land Office baa issued patents for three thousand seven hundred end forty sight, covering nearly onojind* a half million aeree. The land offieee at Olympiaand Vancouver, Wsehtogton territory, base returned cer Uflcatee and tilla papers for flea hundred aod eighty-owe claims at the same kind, and four buadaad aad eighty patent* have been leaned, a nsh racing absat aai hand red and fifty ffioasaad aow. The Commissioner hat iaeaed instructions to tb* register and receiver at La Cream, Wiacearin, dfrartlng them is Mil the vacant lote In the late Pert Crawford military recordation, adlalaing tba town of Pmlrie du Chlea. after ptAlloatlou of notice 4a that eflbct far *Ie week* la a newspaper published la Prairie da < blea. The lote are uibeaObred at the appraieed valaation U the highest bidder; bat no *aie is to be binding satil ap proved by the secretary of the Interior, aa required bp the statute. The Commissioner bee received from the Indtaa Office a l*t of lands situated la the Klckapoo ladiaa reeerr alloa In Kansas, by estimation ooatslniag one haadred and iMMStive Jhaassy awst sluafc Ik* 4HHm ut Plka'a Patk, bow called IM Oeotral Branch of the Union PRctflo Railroad Company, la aathorlaad to pvohaaa at ?1 26 per acre, ender (be treaty of June 88, IMS. -v FORTIETH C0HQRES8. First Hraalua BERATE. Washtm to*, March ?, 1897. ^ riTinuSK. Mr. Ramut, (rep.) at Minn., presented a petition for the improvement of the Minnesota river. Mr. Habla*, (rep) of Iowa, presented a petition for an appropriation for the erection of a Poet Office at Keo kuk, which fu ordered to lie od the table until the com mittee* afe formed. aaeoaanoMt Mr. Rahsrt Introduced a resolution railing upon the Secretary of the Interior to communicate to tbe Senate a copy of tbe report of Brigadier General Simpson on ibe I'aiilie Railroad and its branches, whih wad adopted, Mr. gamutA", (rep ) of Ohio, called up a resolution just announced lrx>m the House, for the appointment of i joint committe of three Senators and throe Keoreaeu latives to revise and fix the pay of officers of Um two bou?ee, which was agreed to. I Mr. Am'ho.nv. (rep.)ot K. I., introduced aroucti'rent resolution to revive and eoiitinue the Joint Committee on K-itreoehmeni. Agroed to, Mr. A<iTHosT introduced a resolution to add to the ' standing committee* of the senate a Committee ou Ap- { liropriMioua, to conysi. of seveu members Agreed to. nunnr tints n tf* hou-n uncu^i uis?disavowal or , .* NAVUK^ IKMiUtTUC AND PATTI tt?"N. Mr. OooitiTtK, irep.) ??r Wis., said? Mr. President, ou ] evening a newspaper ?us plained in my Iwmin, j iq which I bed a re|M>n of a committee of the last i House of Representative* nitimnK'i by Mr. Ilulbiml. of Now York, which demands a notice a: nt.v hands. It Ill's I me with surprise -mo indk nation. Without any notice to me, without >alliax upon me for auy explanation, this | r< port, by inference and not by direct charge, by iunu- : 'ndo, not by poMinvo avermont, endeuvars io create the impre*sion that I received. or acrecj to receive, llvo tliou&ind dollars, or some other p<cin aiv or o< Iter pro 111, Irrun Mr ^ my the, the Collector of the Port of New York. This charge. whether made direi ny or liy Implication, whether sought to b -u- ained by proof or Innuendo, is Hlwoiute'v and untpialiliedly false, and. from whatever source it comes, 1 proiuunce it a huso fa' ohooil, a vile tad cowardly dander I go imher, sir, anil say that in the hundreds aud perhaps thousands ol < uses in whicli, during the ten years I have been in this body, my recommendation has been nought aud obtained there is not a single iusutuco in which any kind of pecuniary consideration of the value of oue cent was ever expected or received, directly or indirectly, by me. I'l.ave yel to see ibat man u|h>u this earth who would

dare to took me iu the lace aud make such an otl'er I pon this, and all other matters, I am ready to meet the most searching scrutiny. No much lor myself; but ray duty is not vet done. The good name of my son has also Is'en culled luto question. Upon this subject 1 prepared a statement to submit to the Somite, but as 1 nn told tt?o testimony It not all publi-tieit, 1 sliall there fore u itiihold it. Meantime I will only -ay when the truth is fully known ther-will be founil notlilnit to re iioct dishonor on h.s charm tar asa soldier or as a cilixeu. Mr. Vatthiuox, (detn.t of l>,iu.. said:?Mr. IVi sldent, in looking over tne papers I see : hat 1 am involved iu tlie same chances* tnat are made aim Inst the gunator from Wisconsin?that of having received $ ,000 from Mr. Smyths. 1 wilt dispose of these quet'iou- in a very low words. There is no direct chatgo made, it is iiu in tended charge. All I liave got to say is that it is false, false in its charger, false in its intentions, (also in its innuendoes I never received a copper from Mr. Smythe. if the .-MXiate will permit me to say so, I will say it it as i*lse*K "bell." of LORADO M!AIM?MltfTAKT FRKKIHT RAILROAD. Mr. Harlan, (rep.) of Iowa, introduced a bill io admit Colorado, and i:ave nntioe of a bill to construct a military ami freight railroad from the Mississippi river to the Atlantic coast. BEUKr roR WISCOMBIX. Mr. H*ki>rickh, (dem.) of lod.. introduced a joint resolution construing and giving eflect to a joint resolu tion for tba relief of the State of Wisconsin, as passed in 1M4. This resolution passed the Senate in February, but failed to get through the flonee. mu blica* roan or oovrrnvrnt ro* m skhsi nxm. Mr. Seamen, (rep ) of Mass.. according to previous no tice, introduced a bill ta provide a republican form of F&vernmaM for the late rebellious Mates: In doing so, be said, lie did not forget tnat Congress had already passed what la known as the MINtnry MR, which has In it certain dements or reconstruct ten. hot at tbe time of the patssgs af bill be Old net disguise his sense of lis incoatpleteoeas. It la not euough. It is not what the loyal panpte of tbe Moth have a right to expect from congress. It ooot*m pistes reconstruction bat does not supply it proper machinery. Then, again, sech machinery as is to ho employed la left In the hands of tbe Miming government, which the bill declares to bo illegal. There seems to me a fatal defect in the whole bill. 1 hesitate very mnoh to criticise a measure which has in it an mnoh of good, which asserts the complete jurlediction of Congress over that whole region, and ob tain* universal suffrage without distinction of color. Hot) am obliged to add my conviction that something raort ia ntadta tn order to give the royal people of those States the protection which tney have the right to expect The bill of Mr. 8nmn?r ia a very lengthy one, and it provides for the re establishment of civil government on tbe basis of loyal voters. Jt was ordered to be printed and to lie npon the table until tbe committees are formed. rem or mARMAts Aim CLioon or c.irrnn statk* room. Mr. SuMxna introduced -a bill increasing the fees of marshals and clerks of tbe United .States district and circuit courts tlfty per cent over the present rates. The second section allows the tame mileage to marshals for reluming from any service aa Is now allowed for going ouly. Tbe third section Alee the compensation of criers and bailiffk at three dollars per day. The fourth section allows tbe marshal to be paid out of tbe Treasury enough to make up 4&<I00. when It snail appear that m~ uoi inm i ui * 'www vm?m> ruiu i ur hiiu section allows a deficiency to be paid to clerks of the circuit and district courts when their crinviml fee* tall l>?low $ 1,200. The ?tsU) section allow* a deficiency to lio mado up to district attorneys when their annual loos fall short of fJ.OOO. ?Ordered to be printed. oath to mahctus a RKrrnLJc^* form of covERysiKvr. Mr. KruNrn introduced abil to prescribe au oatb to maiotaie a republican (oim of government wblcb pre* ?crlbes that every person iu any State except Tennessee lately ifociarcd to b" hi rebellion xhAll, before be shall be allowed to \ ite or boM office, lake an oath or nfflrma t <>u iii maintain a republican lorin of povcrniueut in i In- Stats of which be-is an inhabitant and in the United f '.Hten; will r>co|!n:xc the indissoluble unity of the re public nd d*c<-i>nunancc all oiler's to break away or ecede fruui t..e l'ni<?i: that ho will give IiIm influence \u nimiiiiiin the naiion'a credit and discountenance tlic repudiation ?>f the war dobt iff the lotted Sfates and the i'ii\ mem of the rebel debt, orany claim for lo??>of slaves, und to d: ..oimtenuiicu and resist all laws making dnt linction uti iiruonnt 01 race or color; he will giro bis support to education end the d illusion of knowledge in .putum HChooW. upon to ail. Any person falsely takinu itiwh oaiii to lw deemed guilty of perjury and subject to the iiennlties theritor, and rendered itic.ipahle or hold ing ofllce. <red u> He opoa ?be table until the Cotu <roitteea are appointed. imra.v icratRisn-uutMriM. Mr. Harlan Introduced a bill to consolidate the Konth era a Ml Ceair U In OHms ?wpeneteodiwlea and net-tain I nd an agvncK ?, and to create aa Mian sipertniendsucy for the ierruety of Idaho. Otdared to be printed. TUC /LRARRRM MJRTtHN. Mr. Witmm, ire*. | of Mrs*, tetrad aced the following, Mhlch waa ordered to be prtotcd:? * joist aasOLi-Tios i?cuaiK tm ncRicutAi. orricai or ALXIIKDRIA, U, TO Mt TACATKn. Whereas, the imwwiiis holdiag ?ta Municipal o filers of Alexandria. Va , nave refused (o obev and execute the laws of the I nlted States; therefore. Ho it resolved. Ac., 1 hat ike mwaieipal aOoea of the oily -of Alexandria, Vs., are hereby declared la be vacated, and the persons exercising the authority ?f ssld ?flces are for biddirn to bald or ciarctae ihe juitaorHjr of the same: and any person who shall attempt to hold any of ssld ofllces or ?<? exercise the authority of the aame eRal), Ml conviction, be imprisoned not lees ihaa one year and pay a fine of not less than one hundred dollars. Mr. Scmhkk oallea up the JoMt resolution la relation to the l"ans ICiibiMilen, which failed or becoming a law Ixeaueo It did not reach the President la time on Monday. Withont action on It die Menale, at twenty tier* minutes to mm o'clock, adK'?rasit HOUSE or KEFBSSXHTATmn. Washuhitor, March #, 1M7. The reading of the journal of yesterday having been dispensed with, Mr. Strtkk* trep.) of Pa., presented as a question of privilege the credentials of Mr. Hooper, delegate from I tab, who thereupon took the oath pre scribed by law. Kev. Mr. Boynton, chaplain of the House, also look the oath of ofltca in* satjoral mtiunirr act. The drat business In order was the motion to suspend the rules pending at tba adjournment yeRterday, In or der lo permit Mr. Prioc to introduce a bill amendatory of the national currency act. The blU prohibits iiankiaf associations from withdraw, ing. either In lavor of dividends or otherwise, any por tion of their < ap tal, and from making dividends greater than their net profits. At. Pun-it, (rep.) of Iowa, proposed to hare the bill referred to a select committee, to be eompoeed of such of tba members of the lata Committee on Banking and Currency as are merabera of the present House. Mr. Rasdalu, (dein ) of Pa, said that he was one of that number, and that the proposition waa to refer the bill to a committee of reeuscitatkyi. He preferred, K this wets an urgent case, that it should have immediate action, and, with the consent of the gentleman from Iowa, he would move to proeead to its consideration. Mr. Wooo. (deai ? of M. Y., deessed the proposition unusual and unprecedented, aad said he would move 10 refer the hUl to the Commutes ? Banking and Cur rency when appointed. Ike Hease sefaeed to raspswd the rales aad therefore the bill wsa Mt Inirodoeed. Mr Thomas, (rap ) of Ma., prsaentad the petition of J. J. Stewart, maiming the seat of Mr. Pketpa, of Mary land, which waa referred to Um Commluee on Electkhm The mtraMB proceeded, aa the tegular bustaoM in eader, to call the mates tar reeotaUoaa Under the call resolutions weM offered aa follows:? rax Raw tors means aooae pratno Bp Mr Baoaan, (dens.) el N. T.?Dtreetliw the Sectetary of the Tie?nil to make per sonal loqiiirtee Into the eekmee of eharn pagae wines ma*i by the New York (attorn House to 1M4, referred to in the recent rspert el the (OMmlMee en Public Bxpenditnree, aad eaase all each arsMiRttosw to be dieoentlaaed, if, la his oplaien, the shippers ?r iMperiiM have net beea gnttty of wtlfel neglect or Intaattoa to defraad the reefs. Aftov a kvtoT dtoceaetoa between Meaava. Brooke aad BHlhard the lacMgllin went ever naiH to-marrew. ^M&BMMk MgkldfK, T.^iMratbA^tMjNart tary of the Treasury to furnish statements showing what number of Collector! of Onatoms, Naval Officer*, bor veyors, Inspectors of Customs, aula to the revunus and other officera have been removed since the Sd of tiarcb, 1800, locreascd compensation paid to their successors, 4a, wbioh waa adopted. iy lHAMlMiT10I riUAli. By Ifr. Wimp, (mil) of N. Y., reciting the statement Bade by an ex member of the Cabinet (Mr. Blair) in a public speech at Baltimore, that the testimony given in behalf of the poverument on the assassination truiia waa suborned, aud thai Hrx. Sarratt waa convicted and exe cuted without any evidence of guilt, and directing the appointment oi a select committee of three to examiue thoroughly into uch charge aud report thereoa, with authority to pud for persttu aud p&i>era, aud to sit dor log tbe recess. Mr. Bosh, (dem ) of HI., suggested that the committee should be a larger 01 a. Mr. Wark uiodliied hie resolution so ;?* to moke the committee consist of Ave membnrv. Several objections aud suggestions being inadt, Mr. Ward withdrew hia resolution. tub noLurnox or cd-toms. By Mr. W.tan?Frovldiug (or a ? lect coram ltee of five to examine the practical operation of exming lows lor the collection of customs aud to r>ug?'<?*i amendments that shall secure revenue to iho Treasury, reduce the tees and emoluments of collector!), nnval oflicers aud surveyors, ami piotect im|>orter-' from oppression aud unjust exadona. The resolution went over uuul to morrow. Tint TASirT BILL. By Mr. Moorhiui>, (rep. I of J'o.?Referring the Tarlfl I bill of the Tliirty-uintJi < ongiess, with me penuiug aiu"nduieuta, to the Committee of Ways aud Mean.--, when Hppotited. Without disposing of the resolution tbe House. on mot ou or Mr. Spjluixu* (rep.) of Ohio, at ha.;-past twelve o'clock, adjourned. MEXICO. OUB VERA CRUZ CMRESPa?IPENCE? The French Trvinir to Draw Odium on Jfa\ - Dlraa Hraortx of n ItiilHcd 1m ritfricr- Krenclt Jfrar Guard at Cordova, &c. Vkha Cuts, Keb. ?'!, HOT. Everything here is In a chaotic state. Tho French naval authorities are very polite; bat the army officers are gruff and fool sore. ( The Mauenta and their other iron dads arrived on the 19th of February. They had steamed all the way from Cherbourg, Fr.mce, direct to Vera Cruz, in lorty days. They are spleudid looking ships, but have very high batteries. Marshal Bazuine and General Dou&i will airlve to-day from Paso del Macho. Several thou-and more troops have arrived within the last two days, aud ar embark inr. Tlie French rear guard ta now at Cordova. Mnximlllan has Joined hands with the Church party. No one thinks ho will succeed. The French Keep up a show of hostility to him, and affect to consldor him snarled up. My informaut Haw a telegram purporting to be from Napoleon to Bazaine. In it Napoleon says:? "Embark all French troops aud materiel as soon as pos sible, and leave Mux entirely to his fate." The meaning of such reports is to divert attention front Nup, and draw pnbhc odium down on Max. But Max did not write the famous letter to Forey. The United State* steamer Tahoma, Lieutenant Com* mauder B. Gberardl, is at Sacrilicios, near Vera Cruz. All hauds well. As soon as tbo French go trouble is anticipated, the question being who shall have possession of San Juan do I'lloa, boid tbe town, and collect two-thirds of the dune < oi the entire country * That's what's the mat ter, I'ncle Samuel! Abandonment ol A<-apnlco? Reinforcements for For Brio Dlaa-A Liberal Victory near tbe 4'npilnl. fte, Pa* FRARcnco, March 0, 1807. The city of Acapulco was abandoned by the imperial ists February 19, who were taken to Ban Bias by the French frigate Vlctoire. Three French war Tesaeia re mained in the harbor at Acapulco, but hakl a neutral position. The greatest order and oanOdenoc prevailed among tbe people The town will not be formally occu pied by republicans nnbl after the- departure of Mia French vessels. General Alvarez, with fsnr thousand troops, marched from Oueruavaca on the 2lst of February for the dty of Mexico, intending to Join General Porftrio Dm, who was already in the valley of Mexten. Tolaca, tbe capital at the State of Mexico, bavtag been occupied by tbe literals, General Tavora, Imperialist, was sent to recapture tbe place. About seven leagues from the city of Mexico be was met by the forces under Gen eral Fmteisoo Velex, who completely defeated tbe im perialists. VIRGINIA JLEUSLATVK. Bicimwtu, Va., Marrli 6, 1807. A hill waa reported to tha Senate to day for calling i (Hate eon v eat Ion. It is understood tbo^ the Bouse oem inittee will also report a similar bill. LOUISIANAi LECgUTUM. Governor Welle Charged with Delksltlng PrebnbiUty ef Hia Impeachment, Ar. Maw Obixam, March 6,1801 A memorial ssaa read in tbe legislature to-day charg ing Governor Wells with being a defaulter to tbe State la ibe sum of 988,000 while State Tax Collector for tbe parish of Rapides in 18d*. It is possible that be will be impeached. In the Senate several speeches were made ?dmapproving of tho > onrse pursued liy Congress, ?nd a motion was made touring tbe matter before tbe Supreme Court. An act was passed to take the vote of tbe people of Louisiana lor a convention or no convention. ?ARYLAHD LEGISLATURE. Awnapolw, March 0, 1807. A majority of the Judiciary Committee of the Mary hind legislature hw reported against allowing the street rnra to run on Sundays A tnuen* was beld tonight relative to the United HtuWv* Heuator-hlp in plare of Oovernor Swann. The new hill providing for the elec tion of Mayor and City Council of Baltimore wax intro duced In tli* ft-nato to day. The Baltimore and l'oto bm Railroad -hill baa pointed the Senate. THE METROPOLITAN POLICE BILL II THE TENNESSEE LE8ISLATUIE. Mxvrnis, Tenn., March 8, 1*07. Hie new Metropolitan Police hill, which has tossed to Uio second reading ia the legislature, la creating a panic among Urn taxpayers, and ttmre ia a gr at consternation mi iM.oouiit of it. rtM cit'wns baldly protest against It. The Avalanche in an arlkie to-day defies Bruwniow and tha rsaasseee Legialatuiw. DEATH if BtSHOf JOULE. IhtiaoM. March t, 1M7. A despatch was received here to-day announcing the deuth at Neshvllle of Btshoa Joehoa Soule, of the Ma tliodist Church, at the age ef eighty-four tear* It was aonounaed this morning is the Heathers Methodist Con cretise, now la sxssien in this city. Bs was the senior hmiiop of the Methodist Che rah ia ths Called State*. DESCENT! LAST WMT. Ia the Fourteenth Precinct. Shortly after nine o'clock last night Captain Oarland, with ths co-operation of Sergeant Flnaey aad a squad of officers, mado a descent upoa the alleged gambling house kept by Charlss Blake, an the second floor of premises No. 1M Bowery, between On&d and Hester streets. When the police made their appearance the reputed proprietor, with George Harris, dsaler, aad thirteen gueeta, wss eagaged, ss averred, ia play ing a skin game of faro Altar the confusion Inci dental to the sudden entrte of the oflleers had somewhat subsided, the prisoners were secured, an J the gambling Implements parked up for removal. The apparatus seized comprised five hundred and sixty-Ore valuable ivory chccks, one lay out, a deal bo x, ens box and sev eral jocks or cards, carefully prepared forum by shaving and sand-papering, Ths sum of flS 76 was also part and parcel of the booty, which was carried to the station house preparatory ta Its deliv ery to .the Property Clerk. The prisoners gave their name* and occupations as follow* ? Charles Blake, batcher: Ueorae Harris, moulder; Robert ;:iavln, linker, Henry Bslsbauekk printer; John Hsr niann, merchant; Kdward Chapin, bookkeeper; gwfgl Watson, bookkeeper; Rlmoa Swsrtx, barber; (lixirge Walils, bookkeeper; John Watson, clerk; Jamee Reiily, painter; Charlee Meyers, merchant: Joseph Hair.burg, pedler, M>uis Collins, cigar maker; Jebn Atklai, specu lator; Henry Collins, laborer. Ia tha Hiath Precinct. At fire o clock yosterday afternoon Sergeant Allaire, with a platoon of men, made a descent upuu the alleged faro imi.k kept at Jfo. 42 Bowery i>y W. Barclay, the reputed proprietor, with four gueeta, wss taken Into cusUidy and ths apparatus found on lh? premise* seised. Ia tha Navaateeath Precinct. The polios of the Nsveateenth precinct rarely astonish the jiseeeful residsnts of the wsrd by actions of greet ?ciar, and teldom awaken the souiuoirnee of the district b? a descent. Lam nigh I, however, ibey pouueed upoa toe bonk shop kept by Knmnnet Jsasaoer, at ths eeraar of Fifth street sad avenue B, and arrested the of tha premises. Thi* dose, the vigilant olticers search aad sslted sundry obscene publications, stellar ta thaaa with wMsb, ss slleged, Tsnkauer has for seas lima past loosed the aeigbborhood, to tha detriment at ths public morala Ths accused individual Will be taken to court this day. fUuMRo Law ta KairrvrsT.?A student of the Unia ?ilia law school got ssgered at a oieaamate for anyiag be was behind ia his stadisa To prove he was ap in ths law ths next time they met lbs o(tended yo-iag gentleman pieced a f?nr barrel revsivsr againet the breast of his fallow stadeat aad saaapad two eapa.lacktly without exploding ths powder. In the crowd of atudsats sUnd ing near was fieneral Bii Murray, whs at this juncture shaved Peyton hash from Barlow, at tha soma time stumbling In hetweea them. HI*low agate levelled his Bol aa.T A red, ths hall passing through I'eyton's hair sbavs ths ietapta. As ha attempted to discharge tta nytalag shot a yaaag etadoat, aanaea Juitaa ksosaed the siuBsIa down, aad ths hall took iiMBl Mmh'i thuh. mm ifci urn tOLOREB POLITICAL HEET1IC III KICUHMi. SPECIAL COMESPONDEHCE of the herald. White I'll** Me* Preeent-Heeoluiionn of Thank* to C*MNM-l'?l*? M*il*i*tr?il*B the Lmwm ml ?be * Taxation Wlthnut Kepreeenlwtlon?Tbe Abolition ol the *lnve nn? Kree Ne?r.?*4e. Demended Upreehee, Addreaeee, *??. ** C? Nr.. &c., 4c. Rjrmtoro, Ya., March 5, 18(17. A* I gave notice in * previous communication, the coloivd |*ople <>f this cty, numbering about twenty-live bundwd, a,-*einUed at the African cburch last evening I,, s,ve expression to their feelings for the great privi lege* lately conferred upon tbcm by Colore**, as well as to muko known grievance* under which they now labor. , The meeting ?u quiet, orderly and dignified in appear ance, and, what was remarkable, there ws* no white pcrw!>u present, not eveu Ward well nor any oth*r repre sentative ol that sauciiiled eta of loyally. The vaat tut)le assemblage seemed to ?>e Impressed with the gravity aud Importance of their newly aoquired rights, and if the ability to conduct apolitical meeting is any cilterion a* to law making, tbun I can endorse the colore* people of Richmond as eminently worthy of having a voice in the councils ol the nation. Mr. John Oliver, a colored man. native of this State, but until recently a resident ol Boaton, was the speaker ol the evening. His addr*>xs upon the occasion wsa exceedingly appropriate, and entirely free from the denunciation and invective to wlach the colored citizens ore usually subjected by ihe worthy nuunicutt and other* of that ilk. He portrayed in true colon the u'lmcrout; WTonn* to which freeduien had been subjected sine* their emaix (union by an unjust administration of the law, declaring emphatically the "Civil Right* bill wn* in e[V ct a nullity at the South; ho explained calmly the new position of tbo freedmen unaer the military bill, aud advised them to use the ballot box w!-ely, taking care to secure thoir own individual rights as cllr.ens ; he counselled submission te the cx'Btlng law- >if the State, and trusted before loug their voices In the ir-imin* of those laws would make them Ho told thorn to labor wwiduously. as bv i heir ow n nuustrv they must thrive. They should falthfullv tN-rfm m their contracts, and by a disposition to do right demand or others a return of the fame. His adilrof-s was tciui crate in tone, eloquent In diction, and full offeound a', cm for the guidance of the treedmen. Others followed iu appropriate speechen. after which tne following preamble aud resolutions* were read by Mr. Whereas, feeling devoutly th.infcful to Almlgh" Ood : for the final and successful icrmi"atlon of the ugg 1 which for two ycarsflins been wagud between the execu I tlve and legislative departments of the government on the part of the rroBldent. to restore and keep alWe tne 1 old order of things, the total subjection of every per sonal rltht of those whom ihe war had emancipated, to the will and caprice of those from whom they were set free, nnd on the part of Congress to secure the 1rrultaof the six years' war?the protection of the com mon an?f inalienable rights of tfie oppressed to lit o, liberty and property, by the paw-age on tbo 20th February, of the Military Reconstruction bill; and w here as, assembled sa we are to give some ?pree slon of feeling to tho Inspiration of the cause which brings ua hare, wo desire to give no undue color to any pliasn of the strucgle, through which the beat mlnda or the countrv, have endeavored to aecure to us the protee tion of the government: yet the bi*tory of that struggle on the part of the executivo Justifies ua in educated amid the institution of slavery, the rresraem, with all the lemons of tho war haa not been able to Hit himself above the Influences of the past, and analyzing hie conduct by the dictate* of reason bis persistent refusal to sanction or execute lawa paaaea b? Congress?laws which time and experience^ nave shown were vitally necewary for the ProtacUo"i of thoae whom tho final issue of the war left without equal rights, and whose simplest resistance to the grosaae outrage aince emancipation baa bean con*irucdln*o negro in*ubordlnation, meriting punishment by thnsn who were themselvaa the offandsr*, or JM most malignant application of the law, wIW the morbid feellnga, coming onl of a lesa canae could lafUot through the forma of the ??*??? ***?*: fering, a* we do, the studied Injustice of men who would be his censtttuonts at tha South, In wlthh.olf;^* pensation for our labor, and the general feella* vkMh pervades the people of oer Stale to compel ua to work for wage* not equivalent to the amount we have topayfo* even room ittt, thereby making na the ? MUMS ?^S"?^^??ki.h.2iri3S2? ertng fleah of both men end wo^n at?^ whlpplef ?oat are not manufactured calumnlea, lml to U* liiatory concomitant with the clvi lixatton of the Booth. Tnia, we fael aaaured. ia ample JuaUlcatioo for i to the government of which wa are not only a part, but also a source of revenue, to protect and secure .to ua, by proper and efficient legislation, all the civil and polMtael rights which are wont to be enjoyed by ether ciUaen* TtRe*olvTd!>eIhat while the Legislators ef Virginia has persistently refused to move in regard to rocoeatrocwon, rearing, if she did, that her people wovid thereby sar render some old ral e of tbo past, which they might possibly retain by refusing to take aoch steps, we feel ft a duty to thank the Thirty ninth Congreae for tta con sistent determination to secure to the humblest portly of the American people Justice when the work of recon struction baa been completed. Resolved, That, while the newspaper* of this city affirm that the white people of the Booth are the colored people'a beet friend*, vet there baa not been a alngie school established for ihe education of colored children, even by those who profess to have been always oppoeed to alavery. Resolved, That taxation without representation is usurpation, and for tho State to demand the former, and by force to deny the latter, la alike unjust, tyrsnnicnt, opposed to tree government, and an act aver to be exe crated by all good **u true citizens. Resolved, Thsi Hie only panacea for all our woe* In the late slave Stale* U equality before the law, there tor- we do most humbly appeal to Congresa to put an Interdict upon the extinction of all laws which are not equal, au I which are known as slavp and free negro t odes. Abolish that last rel.c of barbarian* and the dark ages, the whipping l>?*t, and .sub-litute the ballot box. This is a humane demand ihat come* up from tha dis franchised million* of the South; it i* baaed upon every consideration of j'.slice, and a Just government cannot rwl*t lis urg.-ni uecessiiy. Ttio law* of (lod and the requirements of th* ruttire make our enfraochiaement imperative, lor by no older means cmo we neutralise the oad uilocis of the law tban bv our vote's. Resolved, That while many of our piopls are to day uttffertttg lor the want of brwd, having worked and received no pay, yet we would urge upon all to lake advantage of past lessoo*, and procure homes now with the he*i terms thev can make, and In the language of tlie Immortal Lincoln, "Labor failhrully. become at tached to the noil, in tho cultlvatUa of which may be found lei*ure lor improvement." The resolutionh were agreed to with a unanimity and a heart* response rarely to be seen, and a verbal reso lution as to tbetr publicaUon in HuunicuU'a organ, the yew Xt'lvyn, was lost. It was also announoed that that Illustrious psrronsge would arrive In the city on Thurs day. Whan he would be met at the oar* by a daleaalto* and conveyed in state to bis residence, and after the no cesaary rest from the fatigne of the ride from Wasblnf ? too ha would address the colored citixen* at the place of their present meeting. Contribution* for h? paper weeld also be taksn up en U?at occasion, as well a* one on the succeeding evening at Ebeoeaer cburch 1 cannot say, however, that the assemblage ss s body had a great deal of sympathy for either HaonicuU er ale paper. I am continent the speaker* bad not The meeting then broke up, much plessed with what Ibej had done, and the way In which It had been done. SPAMMfiJIMITIM. Ymm Kdwarde' Bruli'- A Ur(? Crtvi mill n (.and Hkmw. I-aat evening Young K.lward* took a vary pro A tab la honeflt at Lincoln Hull, on the corner of Eighth itnh and Thirty-third atreoL The announcement that flan C'ollyar would appear in the "wind op" had tha affect of overcrowding the hall with eporta of every shade and quality who ware aoiloua to aaa thaae Ana lighters (Colljror and Edward*) pitted again at each oilier. The audience waa unuaaally goed uatured, and flung keen sarcaaot and rude wittldema at nax-b oilier amid roara of laaghtor aad with many "monkey shines" on Ute part of tha hilariooa components of the crowd. Altbangb the roagher cla**" of aorteir wore la the majority, lit*re waa a plentiful eprlnkl'iig among tha orowd of daady sports, and voatha of *ucb tender year* aa to aaggeal aa inquiry from tha rough* aa to whether Uwtr mothei* were ccvnirant of their wh*reaboat*. Kvery thing waa conducted in the aaeat good humored manner. however, no ofTence being Intended or taken, from the severest jnken. The veteran Tovejr officiated, aa uaaal, aa maater of cafomonlaa, *a4 in hi* usual graceful style opened tha sporta <>f the even ing with a preliminary speech and tha Introduction of a couple of "kid*" of very tender veara, who pummelled eacu otner In a manner highly gratifying to the audience, who rewarded the youngster* with round* <.f applause. Billy Kelly and Jim F ox next bid a lively *et to, m which *nm* very line acience waa shown. Young OVonaor *nd Mike Coburn neat apppearad on the scene, and made a aprigbtlv show, rattling away on c*h ether* nolm In the merrleat style Imaginable, gtving and taking the hardest kind of blows ka plenty, and affording the greatest amusement to tha ax< ited looker* on Mike waa one too many for bla antagonist, boaever, and a?> though O'Connor made a good show aad pat in s<*ae hot blowa, ho had kU face and head dri>od diwn very neatly by hta acientiflc sntagonlet <v?* Foley, of Mew York, aad Johnny Pwyer, ef Brooklyn, noit amu?ed the assemblage with the exchaoga of hard blta and plenty of them, 10 the *au*fa?iou ef toe audience, u>e Brooklyn youth making a good ibow araintt hit heavy opponent. Tha wind up between Coilyer and Edward* waa a rery lively s flair, the two being eo evenly matched as to make tha ie?ull a matter ol enure doubt heavy blown were rt-oelved on both s>d-s, (diver doing very well in Kiting In on hi* wiry and *c"tupnabed aa tagon 1st. e wind up of thi* encounter was Intensely aatoyeMa from Us raUliag character, and brought the exhibition to an end in a *turm o< applauao from tbe audience. AMCST Of 80VFRRMCIT KFMUKU ??na? ? ? Cmmaxan, March ?, INT John Schwab and John Hcgler, manufacturer* of whletey, were arreeted yesterday by tha Aseeaaar of tha flecoad district lor defranding the government of tha tag ,Jta m MauJwtarad wkrtia ta th? ?L MMk