Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1867, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1867 Page 8
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THE COURTS. UNITED STATES COMMISSIONER'S COURT. (burnt- of 1'ruIiim Counterfeit Money. Before Commissioner Usborn. John Hesley and H. 0. Dittench ware charged with having passed a counterfeit f 10 bill on Thilip Hitter, keej>er of a saloon at l'oughkeepste, on the llttli of Feb ruary. The prisoner- first had Rome drinks and clears, Dittench j>aying for thetn in good money. A third dnuk was called lor. Dilterich tendered a flO hill in pavmeiil aud Hut liack the change. Kilter held the hill till next morning, when lie discovered It was had. He uiarxed it, and gave it to a publir officer. In cross examination, Hitler said prisoner*' counsel ga* e him good tuouoy for the bill. The other evidence uih-rod to sustain the prosccutlon was that of traders in Hough* keepsie on whom the defendants, It was alleg.-d, had pn.-?*-d counterfeit $10 lulls on (he Flour City Hank of Rochester. The further hearing of the cilhi was ad journed for a week. Alleged Defalcation of n Treasury Agent. Before Commissioner Belts. The case of George N. Car'etou, lately in the employ ment of the Tnited Mates as Treasury Agent at Mem phis Tenn., who in charged with having embezzled money and property belonging to the government to tho amount of hair a inilhou dollars, had been Pot down for bearing vc. teidav, hut it was adjouriiod till Saturday, pending the receipt of instructions which are cxpectcd from the Secretary of the Treasury at Washington. SUPREME COURT?CIRCUIT?PART 2. Important Wwreliuuning t'nae. Before Judge Leonard. lkn\<l M ral vs. I'rUr J. Thorn.?Tho plalntiflT in this case complains that he deposited with the defendant, at h.s warehouse In Broad street, eleven cases of goods, in pcrfect order aod well secured, and that clothing to the amount of between $803 and $900 was abstracted there from. The pin ntltrand other witnesses deposed to the fact of the goods having been properly secured, and to the deficiency of the articles when the cil-os were brought froin the warehouse and opened by Mr. Moral and his clerks. The defendant and several of his warehousemen and porters testliied the < uses were returned in precisely the .-amo condition us ihey were received, and that the goods could not posi lbly have been obstra ted while in storage; that one of the boards was "a liUie open," but Dot so much as to admit a finger, and that it was imme diately nailed up by one of tho defendant's porters. The Court cbarcod tho jury that it won a q test ion of credibility entirely for them to agreo upon, aud that having attentively lisiened to tho testimony ihey would any winch sido tl.ey behoved. The jury yesterday returned a sealed verdict for the deleudant. The Court granied an allowance io deicnd ant's counsel of five per cent on the amount claimed. For tho plalntilf, Mr. Morrison; for defendant, Mr. tilcason. SUPREME COURT?SPECIAL TERM. Pnrtnernhip Canr-lllviilinx tlx* Epulis of n Snllcr's Shop?Wlint till* Spolax Amount To. iiml How they Accumulate from u Sinnll Outlav. Before Judgo fioorge (5. Barnard. Hotert Count m. I'alrick MaU-tu and a wilier.?This case is a question of i?rtn;rshlp. It appears that in 18C2 the plaintliroota.neJ the appointment, front the laie General Michael Corcoran, of sutler to iho Sixth regiment of New York Volunteers, then beiug raised at Albany, and that the plojntill having "tho influence" but not " the stamps " wherowith to ocotipy and dis earg" the of the position, entered into a partnor ip with the defendnntH who furn ohed atiouf $2,500 worth of the odds, endf and etceteras that usually formed tho sutler's "stocK. ' The regiment was tiually merged into the Sixty-ninth and was assigned to the Irish Legion The plaintiff alleges that tho profits amounted to about $10,000, und it was provod In evidenoe that one of (he defendants had staled to the witness that he mado about $0,000 or $7,000 " clear." It was also proved that on several occasions the defendants had spoken of the busi ness as a copartnership ailuir, and tbat on one occasion General Corcoran, seciug otber parties than tho-c to whom he had given permission keeping tli? sailer's A op, ordered it to be closed; but upon explanation by the plaintiff that tbev were his partners the General al lowed " the machine '' to run on. Tbe defendant^ deny the copartnership, and allege that the pla.iitit! hod been compensated for Ills interest and Influent e in procuring the appointment. Case still on. SUPREME COURT-CHAMBERS. Uotlon Tor a Reference and Injunction? Nenrly *500,000 Involved. He fore Judge lngraham. The Ejc cu ort ?f IT. H. Burroughs i? A. T. Stewart 4 Co. rt at.?This ease came before this Court yesr terday on n motion of the defendants for a ?nce to take account between the firm of A. T. Stewart ft Co., et al. and the estate of W. H. Bur roughs, and for an injunction against tbe executors paying out any of the funds of tbe estate to the par ties interested, under the will or otherwise, until this account wss taken, without the permission of the Court. The papers show tliat after the death of Mr Burroughs, as is aliened, the books or the firm of A. T. Stewart .t Co., of which he wns a partuer, did not present a true slate of the accounts, aud that, in fact, for a series of years J!r. Burroughs had, it is alleged, taken moneys for Disown use from the funds of the firm which had not been properly eutered on the books. Tho amount of these alleged frauds was nearly $300,000, and with the Interest mummied to something like $500,000. It was claimed on the part of A. T. Stewart k Co. that under these circumstances the executors should be restrained from paying out these funds without the permission of tho Court and until an order to that ellec.l had been granted. Decision reserved. Kor the plaintiffs Mr. Van Winkle and Mr. Cram; for tho defendants Mr. Kvartsand Mr. Hilton. SUPKEME COURT. TO TIIR EDITOR OF THE HER A1.D. Jvhn D. OUiwtll r*. Richard M. Holey, tfc.?My atten tion has just been called to a report of this case in your issue of to-day, which, if allowed to remain uncontra dicted, would be calculated to do me very great injustice. 1 was not present in court yesterday, aud had no wit nesses there, and consequently do not know what may have been proven on the part of the plaintiff. Permit ?>e, however, to say that the I acts sro not correctly Mated. They are (Imply these:?Campbell and Gibney were copartners In the Minstrols at 199 and 201 Bowery, Hew York, In January, 1863. I was engaged, as 1 a:n now, In the same business in Brooklyn ror years before that They applied to mo at tbat time Tor $4,000 to help them along. I gave tbem that and u good deal more, and for this they gave me an interest in their businew. The business was not profitable, and, having my own to attend to, 1 thought the first loss was the best, and ac cordingly retired from tbe concern. Now, until af ter this retirement and (he commencement of this suit, I was not aware that the plaintiff had any claim against Camp bell A Gibney or against me, and therefore did not and could not promiso to pay the same. I expert to have the default taken yesterday opened In a few lays, wnen all tacts will tie made known. In the meantime I a?k an Indulgent public to suspend judgment. Very respect fully, K M. HOOLfcY. Baocii.TR, March 6, 1W7. SUPERIOR COURT-TRIAL TERM. A Uisacreeskle I'aae. Before Justice Garvin. Qvtd'~idg? aff iintt the Kmtionai Fire Insurant* Com pony.?The plaintiff Med for damages to a quantity ol oolipelre stored In a bonded warehouse ia Jornlemon atrect, which was destroyed by lire. Ihe ca?e ?.is re ported in Wednesday's Hm:t\ The j iry disagree! The cane was tried once before, and the jury then failed to agree. Homicide by a Railroad -The I'sunl Defence. Ktuab'th Gonial**, administratrix, ?fc , r*. The New Turk and Harlem Kaitroad tympany.?The plaintiff"a busband was killed on tbe Harlem Kailroad on the 15th of November. The evidence shows that the deceased went on the up tnun to West Mount Vernon, and there, according to a common custom, jumped off the cars on tbe west side The defendant's e* Ideuce Is that at that nunc the up train was still moving; the plaintiff's evi dence, that they bad stopped, but immediately after ntarted .vain The express train came da?hiug by, be hind urn-, and the deceased, not being able to get out ef the way, was knocked under tbo wheels of ihe up train, which passed over his legs. The up train was ntoppad, but, finding thai he wa? caught in the wheels, the conductor directed the cars to move, either forward ?r t ackftard, tbe witnisses were not clear which. Ihe 2?***!*.peeslag again over bis le.'S Of course he died. The defence is, as usual, contributing negligence, and lost there was no negligence on the part of the defend . Jb* r*"" *>eing tried before five jurors, the plaintiff, under tha statute of 1847, asking $3,000, the <9*tremc limit allowed hy that law. The case Is still on. A "hooting I'sae. Before Justice Monell. ftealy ufftinM E'unx. -The plaintiff hronrht action for tfsmagee against tbe defendant, whom he charged with ?hooting blm in the thigh with s pistol. The defendant ?ei up that the plaintiff and his fr.smU put him in bodllr gear, and he only acted in self-defence. Verdict for tbe plaintiff for $60 COURT OF COMMOM CEHERAL TERM. l outs In the Rxrhs Csies-llleisl Arilon of the Hoard or Kwriae niter Judge ( nrdn/n'a Derision. Before Judges Paly, Brady and Cardozo. D Inn ps. MkuUt.?In this and three hundred and six other raaee tbe question was raised whether the plain tiffs, who had obtained injunctions *nd commenced s?. lions sgainst the Board of Rxcise, should be allowed to discontinue without paying the costs. The Court ren dered an elaborate opinion, holding that the granting of costs lay is its discretion In equity cases, and allowing coets ia the eases oommenoed before Judge Cardoso's di cieion, which was advsrs" to the law, and disallowing them in all suhoeoaent actions The following are the e.ioHing eentenoes or the uptetwft, showing that the Board jMI tsunt m$rt unwarrantedattempting to enfpre U>e { law after a court of competent jurisdiction bed pro nounced it I'nconstitutloual Alter tbe decision of Judge Cardozo It Is well known that fionm of the autboritlea continued to enforce th? Excise law until the derision of Recorder Hackelt, which was in banuouy with that of Judge Cardoso. The par ties threatened with tho adminutlration of the law, and who nlled upon its unconstitutionality, commenced ac lions in this court for protection. They were entitled to it, and it l?came the duty of the defendants to cooso tho enforcement of that law until the decision referred to was reversed by this Court, and if affirmed, until re versed by a court of last resort. Obedience to the law is an obligation on the part of a public otllcer, and the decision of a court of competent jurisdiction should be regardod us final until reversed upon the nirht of such officer to en force a penal statute. If, however, that view of the de fendants' conduct be exceptionable, it is not reasonably to be gainsayed that the plaintiff^ in the actions com menced arter Judge Cardoso's decision, baring relied upon the law aa declared thereby, should not be com pelled to pay the costs of litigation rendered necessary by the attempt of the defendant* to apply a law decided to be valid. The latter brought that litigation upon thomselvog and must take its consequence? For these reasons In all cases brought subsequent to the decision of Judge Cardozo no cos's will l>e allowed to the de fendants. In eases brought before that decision costs are allowed. ' MARINE COURT. Anion for Aliened I'nlne Imprisonment. Before Judge Alker and a Jurr. Ptltr Cur ran vt, Cuiharine Duffy, Timothy CrrtJnn and John FoEy.?This was an action to recover $500 for alleged falso imprisonment, and tlfe circnmstancos connoted with it, as alleged, arose in ihe following manner:?Plaintiff Is a lock "tilth and resides at 31(1 Third avenue. The delendant, Puffy, employed him to repair a lock and fit six keys. She having been indebted to him for some repairs before that time, ho declined to deliver tho lock and keys to her until she paid him. Pbo applied to Credan, who is a i>ollcemuu. and authorized hint to arrest the plaintiff, charging him with hitving stolen the lock. He was removed to tho station liou-e and ordered by Hi' Sergeant to bo locked up. Having b'en taken l ofore a magistrate, I urran; upon the Investigation ol tho case, was discharged. The do fondants, C ??dan and Tolly, claimed to be discharged on the ground .hat as olllc t*, where a charg? of crime win preferred ugniusta p^rty, Ihey w< re hound to maKe t?is? arrest uitiumt a wurrant, and couusel on their behalf argued thu! under decision of iho Supreme Court it was ??> liuld. Judge Alker held that these defendants should be discharged Tin defendant, Dolly, pleaded that sho d d not auihorizo the arrest; that she did not charge tho plaintiff with crime, and that she did not employ liiin to remove the lock bra the door, but simply to lit six k?ys. The Jury rendered a verdict for the plantliffor S-OO. Counsellor plaintiff. Mr. David Levy; for the policemen. Mr. A. Oikny nail, District Attorney, and lor the defendant, Dully. Mr. 1-Jlou. COURT OF GENERAL SESSIONS. IVrMonntiiiK <111 OOlcer-A i*n> muster in tbe Navy Illnekinniletl. Heforo Judge Russul. Tho only case of particular interest disposed of tn this court yesterday was an Indictment against Alfred Reither for obtaining the sum of $800 from Thomas M. Taylor by falsely representing himself to bo a member of the detectivo foroc. Tho statement of the complain ant?who has boon an officer in the navy for tho lost thirty years?was published in tbe IIkkald at the time of the arrest of the prisoner, which was made on the 12th ol December, it appeared from the testimony of Mr. Taylor that he flr.-l met tho prisoner at Madi?on square in August, who cbargi d htm with knocking against him, and followed him to tho Everett House, tnukln/ lndeinnt assertions at the sitme lime exhibiting a shield and representing htmseii oi being a member of tho metropolitan police force, ihe prisoner Fad he must brim: him (Mr. Taylor) before Captain Young, and succeeded in so operating up.'n his fears that he gave him $30. Tho prisoner called upon him subsequently at various times, and on the 12th of Sep tember held a pair of pistols to his bead, at which time Mr. Taylor, being very much alarmed, gave him $660. On the 10th of December the prisoner made a I urther demand tor $350, which Mr. Taylor agreed to give him at a specified time and place. Meanwhile he communi cated with Capiain Young, who, with two detectives, artangod to arrest Reither, which was made iu Eighteenth street on tbe evening or tbe 12th of Decem ber. Mb Taylor bed paid Reither tbe $360 previous to giving the detective* tbe signal to arrest him. Only $260 weie recovered, however, the other hundred hav ing been blown away, tbe night (in tbe language of the detective) being "quite windy." Mr. Bedford made a brief and eioqeent appeal to Ihe Jury, and in a few moments tbey rendered a verdict of guilty with a recommendation to mercy. The City Judge, in passing sentence, observed that he would have to disregard the suggestion of tbe Jury, and, iu view of the infamous assertions that w:>re made a.ainst Mr. Taylor, he only regretted that tho law would not permit him to punish the prisoner by imprisoning him for llle in the Slate Prison. He was sent to the Penitentiary for two years (tbe offence only a mis demeanor) and ordered to pay a fine of $10,000. BROOKLYN LAW COURTS. Culled Stales Dint r let and Circuit Court*. Before Judge Benedict. Tho March term of both theso courts wag opened yes terday, Judge Benedict presiding, but no business of in teies. wai tiatisected. City Court. Before Judge Reynolds. T. F'oyd Thomas rs. John K. Pruyn,?Tho jury in tliis case, which was reported yesterday, returned a verdict for pialnlifT in the sum of $300. Mr. Thomas suod to recover for sen-ices rendered defendant in devising cer tain plans for buildings tbe latter contemplated erecting. (?' f/ieb Enflltt vt. Daniel Hcran Tho plaintiff" In this action sued to recover for property valned at about $4,000 alleged to have been illegally seized by defend ant. It uppoured that in tbe month ot August, lststi, Mr. Horan at a Sheriff's sale purchased tho ngbt and in terest of one F. 8. Holmes, a former partner with plain till', In the plaintiff's factory, for tho sum of $.r>0 He subsequently proceeded to the factory, in Dolavau street, and removed u quantity of rosin, tar, Aic , to tho value of $4 000, and before plalntifT could sue out a replevin defendant had sold a portion of the property. Tbe plaintiff contended that Holmes was uot a partner at the time of the seizure, and had no inter st in the corn"rn, and the Jury returned a verdict in favor of plaiutill fur $U62 60. Court of Nemlona. Before Judge Dlkeman and Justices Hoyt and Voorhens. The following named parties wero sentenced by Judge Dlkeman yesterday morning for the several offences ap peuded? Patrick Holland, twice convicted for robbing James Gerrity of a gold watch and chain while tbe latter was standing at the corner of Atlantic and Smith streets, on the nicht of tho 20th of August last, ten years at (hard labor In the Plate Prison. Ernest c. Blackwell, embezzlement, one year at bord labor in the State Prifon. Edward Drisroll, Junkman, receiving stolen property, flued J-AO. and In default of payment sentenced to ilie Penitentiary for six months. Francis Burns and John Guy, riot, fined $10 each. Bicliard Green. Renrv Hillmun and John Dobling, vio lation of the Excise law. fined $40 each. The Pi. M'xandtr McFa'land and Patrirk C<m nrll.?'The defendants were charged with highway rob bery, in attacking and depriving one Michael Healy of a watch and $7 while he waa walking across Fort Green one night In June last. The Jury returned a verdict of "Not guilty," and the accused were accordingly dis charged. court calendar?this day. 8rrss*t < orrr?Ciscrrr.?Part 1?Nos. 127l> 1858, 053 1JW, 1300, 1311. 1319. 1323. 1377. I;.s3', l.i-7, 131*1, lava, l;;>7, 1399, 1401. 1403, 140:., 1407 Part s? Nos. 1042, Ifl.V), 1674, 10*S, Um. 109ft, 1702. 1144, 160ft, 1624, 1706, 170s. 1710. 1712, 1714, 1710, 1719, 1720, 1732, 1724. Part 3?Calendar unchanged. SrmK** Cornr? Special Tsr??Demurrer No. 14. Is sues of law and fact?Nos. 131, 160, 130, 160, 167 to 106, 107, loft, 170, 171, 172, 173. Svmm C itiit?T sin. Tkbm. ?Part 1?N'oa. 2707,24*1, 2919, 2963, 27*1, 2769. 2771, 2707, W67, 2066, 2W7, S8?S, 2607, '-4*1, 2901. I'art 2?Not. 3006. 3160, 2*70, 3044. 2970, 3072, 3090, 3004, 3112, 3114, 3110. 313ft, 1080, 3162, 207* Cohho**? Thul TrR*.?Part 1.?Nos. 239, 4*4, 000. 611. 379 619, 649. 37$, 468. 370. 377, 680, 300, 640. Pan 2? Adjourned to Friday, March ft. Marin* Oocrr? Tsiil Term. ?Nos 10, 37, 40, 42, 60, 62. 63, 64, 66, 66, 67, 6V 09, 00, 01. 02. M. CriT fovmT, Brook its.?Nos, 49. 04 to 70 .nclasive, 74 to 78 inclusive. NO, M, 8, 4C, 29, 30, 35. TRIALS AT P0UCE_ HEADQUARTERS. Tbe Police Commissioners held their usual weeklv trial meetiog yesterday, Mr. Acton In the examiner's chair. Thero were some thirty-five cas-s of dereliction of duty by patrolmen, and only two cases in w hich citi zens were complainants. The adjourned esse of Catharine McAdams against an officer of Ihe fecond precinct for maltreatment was continued and dismissed The complainant, who ac cused tho proprietors of Powers' Hotel o( having refused to let her remain therein over night some time ago (after, as they allege, she had conducted herself In a disorderly manner), and of having handed her over to the accused officer, was brought before one of the police justices the morning after the niiht of her spprehension and dis< barged, he being of the opinion that she was not of as sound mind as moat women are geueraliy supposed to be. AH AWtAL CA?r. John R Hargan. of No. 343 East Forty second street, complained that officer Richard Moore, of the Twenty ninth precinct, assaulted hira one night la?t week in a manner that was not in his opinion conducive to h(? physical welfare. The facts were, as stated by the officer and witnesses, as follows ? Ons night Hargan was lound Iti'king a.ter Excise hours at tbe door of the liquor store ? i.rner of Thirty-second street and Sixth avenue, which Is kepi by a Mr. McGlna When aocoetsd by the officer, he said that he wanted to get some property Mr. McUmn had, which property belonged to bim. He 'hen requested Moore to arreat McGinn for selling hquor arter Kxntse hours, but the former, perceiv ing that hit complainant had done his part to benefit some licensed liquor denier before Excise hours ex pi red, and finding that be was In a condition thai betokened a night away from home nnlees tenderly cared for, took h|a *9 tftf muoa hvjwf vrilfcottf MUM* a* he allege*, any <?M?|f violence at bringing hit club into requisition. The oomplainani left the court room In ? highly excited state of mind, turtrig to Mr. Acton a* he put hi* hand on the handle of tbt door to Inform him that he would "spill the last drop of his blood." and "carry the case to the Court of Apptals," or some place else, until he could have Justice doa? htm in the manner in wbich ha thought Justice ought to be ad* ministered. UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT. Opinion* of the Preaeut Term?Prohibition*? When and for What Purpose they will leMue?They vrlll not Iaauo after! the Discon tinuance of a Suit?Half Pilotnjfe I.invn. Tke I'niUd Stat'* vt. Ojden Huffman, District Judge of United Slate for the Northern Dittriet of ra.'i fnrnia ??TUe Court for the Northern District of California, of which the respondent is Judge, proceeded as a court of ad miralty and maritime Jurisdiction, upon a libel there flled upon a claim of one Reddish, administrator, against the steamship Pacific, to enforce a claim for hair pilot age, under the act of the Legislature or the State of California, passed May 20, 1861, which provides that "all vessels, their tackle, apparel and furniture, and the masters and owners thereof, shall be lolntly and sever ally liable for pilotape fee--, to be recovered in any court of competent Jurisdiction," and that ?when a vessel Is spoken and the tcrvlces or a pilot declined ono half of the j?re scrlhed rate* shall be paid." The respondent in the enso excepted to llie bill, no lb ? ground that It did not set forth a case of which the court a* a Court of Admi ralty had jurisdiction. Tho exception was overruled, and the cause procoeiled; and, although there were s?v er?l c-.u???!< of the tame character pending against the same o-vnorv?the Californa Steam Navigation Compa ny? nou" of them involved u sum sufficient to authorize mi app al. Motion was therefore ramie bof>ro this Court for a writ of prohibitive, commanding tbe District Judge to dosinl from further prooeodlnus; and ihe success of the motion dej-cuds upon the determination of the ques tion whethar or not the California stat'te creaes a con tract, and If ho, whether it is a maritime contract. If it should l>c held that the statute create* a maritime con tract then It is of course conceded by the respondents that the writ will not issue. The return to the rule to show cause in the case states that after service thereof the libollant camo into court and moved fftr discontinuance of the suit upon his pay ment of costs, and Ihnt after hearing, all the costs of both parties boing paid, an order dismissing tho suit was mnde. This return brings up the further question whether the writ will Issue, notwithstanding the discon tinuance. liv the Court?Mr. Justice Miller delivering the opinion.?At tho la-i term of this court the relator made application for a writ of prohibition to tho Judae of the District Court for tbe Northern District of California, to prevent that court from preceding further in a certain cause of admiralty. This Court, without looking Into the question of the alleged waut of jurisdiction, gran'ed a rule on the judje of that court, to show cause why the writ should not be issued; and an order accompanied the rule.Vhal he should proceed no further in the case until the decision of this court in the premises. Tho re turn of Judge Hoffman to the rale in now before us. The. substance of it is, that a.ter the rulo had b -eu served upon him, tbe libellunt in theudmiraltv suit camo into court and moved for permission to pay all the costs that had accrued, and to dismiss his suit. After hear lnp argument the Court granted the motion, aud the libcllant having paid all the costs of both parties, nn order was made dismissing tho sulu Tho relator ntw n.-ks that the writ of prohibition may issue notwith standing tho roturn, and this presents the ques which we are to decide. The writ ol prohibition, as its name imports, is one which commands tho person to whom it is directed not to do something which, by the suggestion or tho relator, tho Court is informed he Is about to do. If the thing be already done, it is manifest tho writ of prohibition cannot undo It; ror that would require an affirmative act, aud the only ellcct of nwrt of prohibition is to suspend all acttou. and to prev. nt any further proceeding in Ihe prohibited direction. In the en;*) bofore us the writ, from its very nature, could do no more than forbid the judge of the District Court from proceed.n? any rurther in the cose in admiralty Tho return shows that such an order is unnecessary, and will be wholly useless; ror cause is not now (tend ing before that court, and there is no reason" to suppose that it will be in any manoer revived or brought up again for action. The facta shown by the return negatlve'sucb a presumption. Counsel has argued very ingeniously that the cava should be con sidered as remaining in the.court below. in the mine position as it w?s when the rule issued I rem this court - but we cannot so regard it. By the actioo of tho lihel lant and the consent of the court, th- case It oat of court, and the relator is no longer harrawed by an attempt to exercise over htm a Jurisdiction which he claims to he unwarranted if the return show* no more, it shows that the District Judge has no lb onliou of proceeding fur her in that case. No*, ought the writ to is?uo to him under such elroimsLan'en? It would seem to t>e an ollensive and useless exercise of authority for tbo court to order It. The suggestion that there ?r? or may ho other cases against tbe relator of tho same character can have no legal force In this case. If they are now pend ing, and the relator will tuitisi'y the Court tli?t thev are proper cases for the exerciee of the Court's authority, it would probably Issue writs inst nd of a nlc, but a writ in this rase could wot restrain the Judge in the ether ca?es by its oan lorce, and could affect Ins action <nly so | far as he might respect the principle on which the Court I acted in this esse. We aro not prepared to adopt the rule that we will issue a *rit In u case whore It* ts?ne is not justified, for the -ole purpos" of establishing a i rinciple to govern other cases. W> have oxsmincd carefully all tho case* re'erred to by counsel which show that n prohibition muy Issue alter sentence or Judgment; but in all these cases something remained which tho court or pany to whom the writ was dirtcted might do, and probably" would have done, as tho coll-clion of costs or otherwise enforcing the sentence. Here the return s'iows that nothing is left to be dope In the case. It is altogether gono out of the co irt, These views are sun ported bv ib? following cases:?In Vnited States vs. Peters. 3 Dallas, 121, winch was an application for pro hibition to tho Admiralty, this court sus|x;nded Its de cision to give the libellsnt an op|>ortuniiy to dismiss his lib i. Th?* court dually issued tho writ, but there s?mmiis no reason to dmibt, from the report ot tho c.tse, that It would have considered sucil action by th > hbellauts as nn answer to the request for the wilt. In the case of liall vs. Norwood, ftidrrlcns It., 121. a verv old case, when writs of prohibition were much more cotnniou than now, a pronib.tion was asked to a court t>f the Cinque Porta al Doter. While the case was under con sideration the reporter says:?"On Hie other hand the court was Informed that lhay had proceeded to .lodg ment and execution nt Dover, and therefore tliut they move here too late for a prohibition, and of tins opinion wa? the court, since there is no person to be prohibited, and possessions are never taken away or disturbed by prohibitions.'' The marginal note by the rejKirter is this, "Prohibition will not lie after the ca se is cu '?d.-' The rule heretolore gratiteJ iu thU e ve is tUscharg d. %HEW JERSEY INTELLIGENCE .lernrv I'lry. MrimNcj of Commox CorMrti ? At the tneetln; of the Common Council, on Tuesday evening, there was an unusual amount of bu<iue>s transacted, and, It might be added, an unusual excltemcnt during tbe proceed inga A communication was received from Mayor Cleveland in reference to tbo bill lately passed by tbo legislature, giving the Jersey City nnd Bergen Railroad Company power to lav track", kc. within tbe city limits, without asking consent or the Common Council. He protested against this provision us one seriously alerting the authority of the city government, and recommended that the city attorney receive direction* to Contest the right of said company to lay a track in Krie street, with out first obtaining permission of tbe city uuthorltte-'. Tho Military tax was next broucht up. and th* demand for IU disbursement to the Hudson bri gade waa rejected. This kill* the militia movement and leaves the Slate K lies the sola military orcaniKn tion. The in*Itatlon to the Mayor and Common Council from .lames M. Hraun, on behalf of tbo Irish sootetles, wa? received and accepted. Two resolutions relating to measures now before the legislature were oppose* with great bitterness by ou* alderman, wbo considered the present legislate re so very corrupt that it I* useless to aak any favors from it. Ilnhohra. A Skamax Drownii> at Lom. Dock.?Charles Robin son. one of tbe crew of the revenuo cutler lying at the Long Dock, was engaged In repairlag the ganwale about three o'clock yesterday afternoon wnen he slipped from his position, rell Into the water and was drowned. Ho appeared at the surface on*a after dropping In, hut be fore aid was available life was extinct. Medical aid wa* procured in hope of resuscitating him hut to no pur poie. Deceased leaves a wife and family In Brooklyn. Ilndann City. A Prrtrrt Casx?Va'ikaxct, HscTttrrr *xn Wrr* Dk"=*rt!o\\ ? E.lgar II. Warner, of Siw Ytrt, hut for sotne lima past a resided of Hudson City, was brought Itefore Juftlce Aldrhlge yesterday afternoon, under th* Vagrancy act. and also on a charse of ill treatment to his family. The ac u?ed had been cutting a high fk-nre amon? the sports and fashions lately; but when his wife went on the stan>i to glv* her testimony, the careor of the accused was '.tut too apparent. The poor woman related a pitiful tal of t!t? brutal treatment she received at his hands, and being deserted by hint was obliged to throw herself on the charily of some kind persons, who supplied her with the necessaries of life. Several other withes*#* w.^re c cttnlned to the same effect, and I when th case closed tbe accused proffcred bad. Three genilem it whom he named, however, when tbev learned the statu of the rase refused to give ball, and be wa* committed for three months to the County Jail. Newark. A JfST frsTAISS THE VWLATIO* OF A CtTT OH01 iaicii - Charle* Wal*, keeper of a butcher's store at No. 1 Ferry street, was yesterday put on trial In the City Court for a direct violation of th? city ordinance in hav ing a board awning over the sidewalk la front of bis store. A Jury was empanelled and the caae tried, re sulting in a verdict for defendant, iba Jury also stating that there was no cause for action. la view of tbe fact that several accidents hsve occurred from th* erection of such heavy awning*, It I* considered aa a vary faulty terdict, especially *o when It Is rome?bered that than is an ordinance on th* statute book forbidding the erec. lion of auch awning*. Treat**. lamrnrarr of Pm M. HoaaatT.? Pater M. Homely, of Jereay City, jho wa* lately Impeached for ia*W??nn* la offlea, will ha tried by the Slate S?at* to-day, that body raeotvlag Itaatf lata * court flf Im peach men t at twelve o'cloel. * Wwm'i Bmm?4n *?I*W !?!???? r before the special committee appointed to consider the petition of several parties to strike the words u white male" from the constitution. A nam bar of the mem bers of the House was present upon tbe occasion, that branch of tbe Legislature having previously resolved to omit the Wednesday evening session. The oommittee will probably make a report in a day or twe. POLICE IHTELUGEHCE. Robrsbv in Cherkt Striet.?James Hendricks, residing at No. 48 Henry street, yesterday caused the arrest by detective Mullln of tbe Fourth precinct, of Nellie Samp son, an Irish woman thirty-flve years of age, on the charge of having stolen his gold watch and cbain, valued at $200. On Monday eveuing Hendricks entered tbe premises No. 97 Cherry street with tbe prisoner, and soon afterwards fell asleep. Nellie then abandoned her com

panion, and leaving the hou*) tailed to return again. Tbe following morning Hendricks misled his timepiece, and caused Nellie to be apprehended aPher residence, No. 22 Hatavia btreet. Justice Dowling committed the accused for trial in default of balL. Nellie denied her guIlL Tbe stolen watch has uot been recovered. A Wifk Bkatkk.?John Glea?on and bis wife Mary, living at No. 52 Oak street, became involved iu a quarrel yesterday afternoon, when John, in a frenzy of pas sion, h'.rled two or three stove covers at her, they taking terrible efl'ect on hor bead and faco. Ue then struck and kickcd her In a most brutal manner. Glen son was arretted by an officer of the Fourth prccmct, and Justice Dowling committed him to the Tonu>s for trial. His wife was placed under the rare of a surgeon. Dxuj.ia is Bras-- Knvcklks.? An officer of the First precinct yesterday afternoon arrested a man named James ilooucy ou a charge of having iu hid possession a pair of dangerous Instruments, known an bras - I.Duckies. Rooney when arrested was on his way to Brooklyn to deliver tho knuckle'! to a ship captain who had purchas ed them. Justice Dowiiug held the for trial. Dragging a Man into Corirr.?An individual in a gross nnd helpless state of Intoxication was arrested in the Fifth prccinct yesterday afternoon nnd taken to the Tombs on a cart. Being unable to walk, the prisoner, whose name is Edward Carpenter, was dragged up the stono steps and into the court room. Tbo officer, on boing censured by Justice Bowling for bringing a man before him in thai condition, said he was ordered to do so by his superioi officer. The inebriate locked up. The practice of dragging drunken men through tho streets Is shameful, to say the least, and this particular ease will be brought to ilie notice or the Police Coin ml.s doners. Ali.kgcd Larcknt.?Two boys, named respectively Matthew lliley and John Spitdealer, were arraigned be fore Justice Kelly yesterday charged with having robbed tho monoy drawer of David I.aml, grocer, corner of Broadway and FlDv-fourth stro -t, of $80 In notes, Laird being at the time engaged on the siitowalk. The boys refuse to state what they did with the money, declaring their willingness to "be sent up Ilrst." They were seve rally committed in $000 to answer. AsoriiKR of ttik Yoi'ng Sports.?In the Herald of Tuesday was noticed the arrest and commitment by Justicc Dodge of several lads charged with the theft of $220 from Patrick Brady, of 126 Wc?t Twenty-seventh utroot. Yesterday Richard .Sullivan, another lad, was arraigned before Justice Dodge, charged with having profited by the haul. Richard was held to auswei in default ot $2,000 bail. Ti:k "Kh.vo" Plater*.?Otis Anderson and fourteen others, who were arrested at the alleged gambling establishment, 763 Broadway, as noticed in tbo TlfcitAi o of yesterday, were arraigned before Justice Dodge, ot Jcflcrsop Market I'olictw Court yesterday, and held to 1.08wer in $U00 bail eacn. BOARD OF EDUCATION, A New (?rainninr School?Appropriation* for the iMirrhnsf of Nrliool Siiw, The Board of Education met last evening, Commis sioner McLean presiding, -A confmnrrt canon was rtfad from tbe Trustees of the Twelfth ward, asklng for tbe sum of $1*2,870 for the ere: lion of a new grammar school iu llfoh street. Re ferred to Klnanc e Committee. - Tft? Trustees of the TwenYv-flrst ward asked tho Board topurL-hatie two lots of ground for $10,000, adjoining Ward School No. 14, on which the owner proposes to erect n building for a sash factory which would interfere with the school. Hererred toCominitto' on RtlMlnpi. The Committee on School Buildings reported in lavor Of rebiiildlng the colored ?choo| house in I .aureus ?'r<?ct. A minority report was submitted by Commissioner Met-, rill, statlnc that there *a< no occasion for such a change. A discus- on took p'nee. and the subject was ref.-rre.l to the Committee on lluddlu??, with inatrocunus to report on tlio safety of iho oullding. A resolution appropriating $24,500 was adopted for tho purchase of sin lo:s of ground on Fifty second s"re?r, ou which to erect u grammar and primary sclumlhoi.s The F.iiam e t ommitteo reported that tho Boiir-i ha I the abll'ty to appropriate f47.t!ltS tor the ear|>cnler=' a-ul painters' w ork on tho u w n-hoolhouen In Second street, oetwren avenues D and C. The r port was adopted uikI the appropriation made. Coiinde a. le routine business then came up and eir gaB'Cd tho board till thov sdlourned. Fra^us l\ Insurants ?Monro-i C. Rigger sorno time age got his life ins'ired for $.<,000, In the Traveller's Insurance company of Chicago. One night he Jumped off a vessel <>u which ho was adeclc baud, when about a mile iroui shore, aud being pniv.ded with a lilo pre server, escaped safely. By arran emont tlie mate a bout was lowered and pretended to search lor him, but took care not to find him. and affidavits of hisdeatu were made, whereon the company were sued for the insurance money, ih1 Chicago fritwu Fays "tiie ,n sfintiiCJ company, on becom ut; acquainted with theao facts, went to Mrs. Klgcor sod indu ed her to make a < lean breast of It. Mie confe-s d everything, and gave Iho f ill de'uils oi tLe conspiracy which hart been con cocted between her husband, tiie mate and herself. Having unburdened her mind to the satisfaction of a!I parties concerned, she deemed i' pradent to withdraw from the ciiy altogether. Her husbnud Is now raid to be saibnc on the ocean, and tbe second mate ha? also departed into unknown region* to screen himseif from the police, wboj are making every effort to discover bis whereabout* MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. ?Ti vks ?At the residence of the bride's pa rent-, Mount Vernon, on Wednesday, March 6, i?/ the Bev. Heury Cedinati, Gsorgk F. B?rtiw. to Hattik A , duughter of t\. E. Me-ks. Esq No cards. Crowybto?film?.?In this city, on Tuesday, March ft, at. I he residence of tho bride's father. Andrew Cross,. Ksq.. by the Mo?t Rov. John XlcCloxkey, Archbishops of New Turk, assisted by tho R?v. Francis Mc.Velrnc, Fukokmok ArursTta Csowntrn, of Cincinnati, Ohio, to Marik I/risk (iRo--a. Ho cards. Foe*iain?Fountain.?On Wodneedav, March n.s! the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rov. Jas Brown, lec, V, y o. PocxTAtv, o Newark," to HAiurmNB For.N tain, daughter of Vincent Fountain. P. I. No cards UriHiXi?Moons.?On Governor's I?!and, oo Tuesday, Mar b ft, at tho residence of the bride's psreuts, br the Re*. James A. M. T-a Toorretie, William (H neixs to Maria !,<irisr, second daughter of M. Moore. Gooownr?Ikci**.?In Hrooklvn. N. Y.. on Thursday. February iS. bv Rev. Theo. L, Cnvler, D. D.. Dr. Rali h S. liimpiviK, of Waterbury, i onn., to Jsanir E. Irvine, of tbls eity. Hatch? Tuesday, March 6. by the Rev. John J. Efmendorf, Alw t 3. Hatch to Misa HATri* A H. Wur.Ki.KR, both of this city. No cards. Haspkll?Hart.? On Tuesday, March 6, at the Cbnrch of tuo Holy Communion, by the Rev. W. A. Muhlenberg, D. D., assisted by tbe Rev. F. K. Lawrence, Chariks E. Rakokm. to JruA, youngest daughter of tbe late Heury C Han. Wotnicnsp >o*?Horroc* ?On Tuesday, Mar h S, by tbe Rev. M. 8. Hutton, Mr. Javim Wothkrspoos to Miss KAKsii A., daughter of Ely Hoppock, Esq., all of this city. nierf. Rrhwnino. ? At f'evantiah. Ceor^is, on Monday, March 4. John G. Browning, of this city, iu tbe 34th year of his age. Notice of funeral on the arrival of bis remains. Ci-A'tRK.?in Hrooklyn, on Wednes^Hy morning. March 6, FxtrATurrH, wife of Franklin T. Clarke, aged 47 years. Tbe r? litiree and frlenos of the ri.mlly are Invited to attend tbe funeral, on Friday afternoon, at two o'clock, from hor la:e residence, Warren street, near Fifth avenue. Ci-Atta.?At West field, N. J., on Wednesday, March 6, John M. Ci.ask, E-q , aged 76 years, 0 months and 0 days. , he fun il services will take at the Prosbyterlan ehup h at rtei.t. ou Saturday afternoon, at two o'clock. The friend* ol the family are Invited to attend. A tra'n will leave New York si twelve o'clock (noon) from the loot of Liberty street, via New Jersey Central Railroad, an I return from WestQeld at nineteen minutes past four in the afternoon Covi.nT. ? t >o Wislnesdar, March 6, at half-past one A. M , Mahtha Covbrt, Aj,cd Oo years. H t friend- and those of her dsughtsr, Mrs. M. E. Dickin'.in, snd her grandson J. S Daggett, are respect fully invited to attend the luneral, from the reeidcnie o the latter. No. SO I,"Toy street, on Friday afteruoon,?tt one o'clock, without iiutlc.'. Cotkin ?In this city, on Tuesday, March t, at the resi dence of Mrs. K. Ktratton. No. 142 Weet Tbirty-si*tb street, after a short illr.cas, (. lur.un G. C'orrtN, formerly, i of Hudsoo, N. Y. Toe relatives mid friends of the family ere respectfully requested to attend the funeral, from No. 142 Weet Thirty-sixth street, on Saturday afternoon, et one o'clock. His remain" will be deposited in tbe second Street Re ceiving Vault Dale.?On Tuesday, March 5, of consumption, Mr. Job* Valk Tbe funeral will take place this (Thursday) efUsmoon. at two o clock, from the corner of Eighth avenue and Twelfth street The members of the New Yorh Cale donian Cleb are hereby notified to attend the fvnerei. Dale.-On Tueeday, March 5, Jobs 8. Dal*, aged 25 years. _ Tbe funeral will take p'aoe, from 397 We* Twelfth street, this (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Doian ?la Brooklyn, oo Wednesday morning, March I, Mart Am Dos^n, the beloved wife of rwiek Dolan, la the *Hh year of her age. ? The funeral win takaA plsce from her late residence, No. an Myrtle even A, on Friday afternoon, at two o'clock. The friends of the family are Invited to attend Dowser.? Os Wednesday, Maip % T"Oss Dowggy, la the fltd year of his ag? ' huMJL?On Tueeday, *Aiek 5? *'****" tt ***??? ??SL'&KS ??sSif iiSttM: and Alfred a, are re?p^ullyfcTM*? W "XV.^nWednesdsy, Mmh * illneea, Jams a F&ajuw, a native ot Bcotiana, ageu do *tE mum. ?4 fw* ?f >Mfc-2 ?K.15S5X invited to attend the funeral, ??? '"furnoon, at one No. 265 Ninth avenue, on Friday afternoon, at uu?. ?'Gaubxath. ?On Tuesday. March 6, Job, Galbeba?, and friends of the family ^hameo here of Templar Lodge No. 203, F- ??d ' t'he jo^e gpectfully invited to attend tho 'u"eJ^'. ,h avenue this room, . orner Eighteenth street ana Eighth avenue, tni* (Thursday) allernoon. at one o'clock. F and A. The member* of Templar Lodge No. ?K% *?? M., are hereby summoned to ?*et at funerai part twelve o clock, to attend brother balbr^th" runera Members of sister lodgea are invited By order. J as. P. Sni.L, secretary. ?? ?r i^'v and GoustxJ.?At her late residence, cornerrf Jersey ana Railroad avenues, Jersey City, In the 30th year "The funeral will take place of Montgomery und Grove sts., this (Thursday) Si *' Hi*fc ?'in this city, on Wednesday evening, March 8, Mrs. Marla U. Hi.vs. Notice of funeral in to-morrow's paper. Jackson . ?In Brooklyn, on Tuesday, March 6, mart, B., wife of Joseph H. Jackson, aged 48 years. The relatives and friends or tho family are invited to atund tbe fnneral, from her late residence, Na2 Tomp kins place. Brooklyn, ^ls (Thnreday) i^wwn, at four o'clock. The remains will be taken to Rockaway,.. J., for interment, on Friday morning. Services at half P?Josra ?ln^Brooklyn, on Wednesday morning. Mar-h C, after a sbort ilincsi, Sidnky C.. Jr., youngest BonorHd nov C. and Harriet A. Jones, aged I? months und 19 days. The relatives and frlondgof tlio lamlly ar,? T^p^.trully invited to attend tho funeral, from No 206 Adelpht street, on Friday afternoon, at balf-past one o cJock. Jonm.? Suddenly, on Tuesday, March 1, Stsrus* T. w ions In tlie 44th year of bis age. Tho relatives and friends of tho family are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, from h s late residence, No. M Owmine street, corner Bedford, this (rhursday, morn '"Sovr^-On0 TWay, March 5, Ana-tasia, relict of George Joyce, ^ in peace. ' The friends of tho family are respectfully Invited to at tend tho fnneral tbia (Thursday) morning, at ton oc!t?k, troin t?e residence of her son-in-law. Piler De Shay, ?<? u Ninth avenue Her remains will he taken to St. sftclialel's Roman Catholic Church, thonce to Calvary CeKA,T-On Tnosdav night, March 5, FRKBBBKJK G., youngest son o:' A. Joseph and Ellen A kuapp, a^ed 10 Tho^raVwm tcko place this (Thursday) st ono o'clock, from t;ie rosidenca of his parent*, No. Id* ^S^fn^heth, K. J, on Tuesdayafternoon, ^Tbe friends'uud ^'lativVs' are^'inviti-d to attend the funeral this (Thursday) morning, at eieven o clock, at Ujj lat? re?iileuc3. No. 154 Union street. . ? Wnrr -?In tins city, on Wednesday mom np, March 6, V M to attend tl.e tunerei, on Friday afternoon, at two o'clock at th'- residence ?.r her husband, southeast cor ner of 'sixtv-second ? reel and Second avenue. Tho te mains will lv< taken o White I'lains, ^''^^'^^^c^Trom for interment, on Saturday morning. ? ? clock, lroni tno Harlem Railroad depot, corueror r*en.>-bixth streo, ^GmTrlday, December 28,18C6, at Christian afuilt St Croix, Hon. ISjsvjajiin l'0iiKK0^? Tho runeral services will take piace at h^ law resU denee South port. Conn., on 1-rldny afternoon, n two o'clock Carriages will be in utioudauco at >utl?port deuot to convey' Irien.l* u> the bouse on the arrival or the New York and New Haven Railroad train leaving Twemy seventh s<reet depot at half past eleven A. M. A return'train leaves South port at six 1". ;J, wcond Sowmat/kk. ?On Tuesday, >Jr,'"a i v dauchter of i honus and Catharine Scliimatxek The runeral will take p'aca on Kridav aliernoon. at one o'clock rrom her Icte residence. 117 White street, ihe reiAttvos and irlends ar? rospectfnUjr invited to attend. TAB^ -On T ',osd.y, March 5. after u ,ong and pain fill Mine-, Mrs. Uakv Tah "1.s, ag'd 68 year#, 8 months anT!? lia'wes and friends o' the family are respooifully, Invited to attend the funeral, from her tate residance. No 711 ?KhVh ?venoe, thls(lln.rsa.y) aftcrneoa, at one ? vT^otk ?At Geneva, N. Y., on Monday, March 4, Jamct aT'youngest son of Hugh Warnock, aged U VX re'atlvci nnd rriends of th; family are respoctful lY , T.te?i to attend the funeral. Hits (Thuml .y) arter JiiM,!! atiwo o'chKik, trotntho ro-.d-nco of his grand inoth-r Mrs Kxra Lewis, 174 Henry street Brooklyn. W^HH ? -ln Morri , Otso4? county. N. Y? on tbe morning of Friday, March 1, A. G. WAS,,BoX.E?q.,^cd 7S vear*, for more th in seventy years a resident or that -Tv'^.^.n Wedq^aday, March 6. Enwtx-B. Wctd. in Tire ndimves'i.nTri ieii<ls of the fa'nilv nre respectfully ? u\ I ted to atteud tbe funeral sorvico*, Irom tho residence of 1,1s f??brr. Alfred Webb, ;:05 M;conU avenue, this (Tlinrsdav) afternoon, nt rotir o clock. ? . ?, Wokka'L. In Somh Bergen on ' u^<'anv', ' r' I.KOVAMU Artih r, youngest son o. Iioac G. and Helen K. ^The funerat wlimke plsoe this minn^ar) afjernoon A?i:tuCll?^"ttT>iea^^etliro?r^nd<e!> Hud^?*n^tvr Nl ?. SHIPPING NEWS At MANAC rOK >KW TORS?ri?tS OAT. SUN # j ?o ?* ^ ? n 5 ' "U,,I ev' " PORT OF HEW YCRK^MCH 6, 1837. Clruiril. c ? imaliln Tarira <Br). Ij? Llrerpool?E Cunard. *?22Srv Western MetropoT,.. We.r, Mromen-J n.ylor. '^IMAIII-Ioii Mere? Uu, SnuUi. at johus, Pit, Luguajia, &' ~NMiamsblp Menrka, Llbby. Oharlcnton-Llv ng^ton. l o* 4 C*Jileami?btp flaratoo. King, Jferfotk, City 1'omi and Rich ?^^atTltT^f^'S^ne, NarfolK, Clt, und GUucu. .oodfn-v. H?.iot.-W I ?dy e. Hteamsaip Acuntmet. K^lly, New Bedford I er^uson a WSh?p Boalton (Bf), Morgac, Llverpool-Bap^ott Bros A CBsrk Rlbbletoa (Br). Lamont, Liverpool-V H Brown * ?Bark TliUtle > Br?, Meriinll. Liverpool-Bruce 4 McAunffe. Bdi-k Amayo.i (H?ra). Gsuwtliou, Hamburg via Nassau? .TrL' ,^'o^?*ln'Vnirlnldad-<? 8 sisphensonAC^. . Itnrk Znhna (Br). H-wilt , C.rdeoas-jlones k Brig Ibex (Br). Graham, SMI *nan. Nio-J * \.uituei? ? Br g W H Bickmore, Founuin, New Orleaas-R H Drum Schr M Wiljlam-on. Lake, . Hrown A Co. fcht A w!!l!??. Wilmington. BC-AJBeaily Jk Co. Uaikawii? B%liimore?T B ChMO M Oo. i?hr'ldi ATiayi? Newu.n, Baltimore-V.n Brunt A Alrlra Tlce. MlllnUe. NJ-J W MrKee * Co. s W Waterbary. Bumford. Arrived. .wi-rStv of Antwerp (Br). Mlrehons^ Liverpool Rteamshln t Vii^^^n jjst, with md?e and *40 pa>?erig?rs, Ffb A)t and n~.i aimnt' westerly wiodi most ot ihc toJohut)l?*te. "ad ^ Head, paused steamship The passage. Feb21. ol' . , vc? York' 26th, lat 46 20, Ion Ar^nau^boiind Ka.t: 2d ln.t. lat 42 ?l, loa M, ?^^,HfeJnnoliadeVuT2Sdi? Feb 7. and Havre steamship . ella t Bn. tileaaei. "?o llow|,nj k A,ptn. Urt w h m?at?d 4MMP*?^TVm whole ,?.s?e. Teb wall. 11*4 "iron* , - ?leim?liip Atlantic, nenre for U 1,1 ,t9 ^h leTui; tonau ST, a National ateainer. bound S^ffrSii^Ut4220 Ion ? 16 a National ?te?mer, bound K;; itu. ut it) w, lou #8 26, ateamihip l'enn.ylvania, hsnoe for Ll\ "TPpol. Crowell, Charleston, tt hour?, with 21":^iSX^VLaarV Mta mst, ? AM, eichnnged wlffbng$-ry M WilluunBr,. tromCardena. (or Ne* im.hln John (Jlbson. Fuller. Washln?ton an4 George. Xeren.,' iVeT^e'.' Burton, with mdae and pas ^{?,m.hlpo" ucu^'odfrey. Bo.ton. Hark jennv EU!agw..oit iBri, Klllngwood, Palermo. Dec 27 with fruit, to Lawrence,Otfe? <ft ,0? ... ... ?ark Faftlc. Wllkln.on Montevlde... 79 daya, with hides, to laaao ilalL Jan *1.1 11MH. SI 40 W, .|?M ah*p tnalah I. Hale, from Hhleldn for Madras. , . H Brls Americas, Hand. Measlna, Jan 11, with frnlt. to John F L>cvl!ti A Co. Feb 23. In a heavy gale, Oeow Howard rfKik ntid otewsrd. wss waabed overtxwrd and lost. Ilau ^:?'.?lonof wi-terly galea the eaUie WMajge. sprung bow?prd. lost an l nllt ??U-?. Ac. Msrrh 3, Vat 38. Ion fr, e* chaiided slgnsta with i.rlg Mary fiommer*. bound 8; 4th, Ut S Ion .it IV ?i-oke brig Industry (Br i. for Boston. Brit Alert < Br), t rowell. Ponce, M daya, with supr, to Brett? ion A Co. Kel. 26, lat 3.1 3l?. Ion 73 ?. spoke brig Ber tha. from Montevl leo for New York. . 1 Brig Bunny South i Bri, Bayley, ?'arden*., ?day?. ausar. to C O Duncan. Maroh I, off llatterss, apoke brig Brilliant, from Cardenas for Philadelphia, hrtg W W Lord <Br>. Dwyer, 8t J.,go 1< days, with ?ugar, to B F Small A Co. Bng Alei Mllllken, Kates, Boston. 1<t B,? F.dwsrd A DeHart ?of (lloui^tar), Lo^^ooa. " rtaya, wltA llgnamrlt*, to Dovale A *V?. Had hnayv waain erTaiid lou leck load of llgnan.Tita* Feb 70 0? apoke aehr E 8 Conant. from I " ladelpkla, tiound n, (tchr Brotheia, Atkural. Vlrginls. Scbr Washington Freeman. \ irjclnta for Boatoa. gohr Rtu (iTr'ofif, Vli^lnl* for Boston. ftehr Tful^nt, Jftmimmi, Klliibitbport for Boston, ^ Lr?iiM, Mun^on, Purti^iid. tor LU' j H Day, IHrkmwi, BofJOB. sohr J Priee. Nlcksrsou, Boston fer Phlladepbia. Kchr K H Atwood, tllggln*. Boston. Bebr A Fst?r?, Ulggtua ProvldfMiee. _ K!: Bear Bnme. 8dow. Jew Brhr Tunis Bodlnr. Bnnee. Cold Spring. Bleop Barveai, Corwla. Frsvldeaea. Mtffi ?ark PalhBadsr. from Baenos Ajrea. MM. LIjSrir??.J!>g*' ****** i*** i a nariBt mstKeri* p* Srunnr Immlobi, West, hence for Charleston, ba? been destroyed by Are. (See news column*.) 8utr Koa-i-Nooa?Cape Town, OOH, Jan 19?The Koh l Moor, i ram Calcutta for Bo stun (before reported by cable), wta abandoned Deo SI tn a sinking state. with 11 'eel water In her; crew eared and landed here by the Ruaslan *hlp Ta hiti on the 7th last (The Koh-l-Noor was afterward* seen to founder by the'Manan, at St Helena.) Biu bmiiTiOMk which arrived at Antigua Jan 24 from Fernandina, Via, waa condemned, and waa I* be sold on the ilth ulL Bam Butiuu (Br), from Philadelphia for Falmouth, E, put into Halifax 4th mat, leaky, and with pump* choked. Baio Brill (Br), from Shield* for New Haven, be for* re ported miaaing, put into Barbados Feb 3, 97 davs out baring been blown off, after reaching the ooaat, by heavy Kale*. Hen* Isabel Buu, Hart, from Georgetown. DC. for Boa ton, with coal, went ashore on Ibe nlgnt of the 3d in*t-OU Fisher'* Island, ouponlle htoulngton, aud will probably be a total wreck. Schb Ja>ks Yor*o, from Philadelphia tor Bo*ton. before reported ashore at C?i>e Heolopen, ha* been got oil, ami win at the Delaware Breakwater 3d lust, awalung wind to return to Philadelphia. Schr I'Ri jiDxar waa condemned and sold at Antlgimoo the 8th Jan. Schr Isabel Bun, Han, from Georgetown, DC, for Boston, with coal, went aahore night oi &1 ln*t on Fisher'a Island, opposite Stonlngton, and wlU probably be a total wreck. The I B 1* 291 tou* register, built at Fairbaven, Mass, In 18(3, and hall* from WeUlleet. * Schr Keksiiaw?The ateamer Z B Vance, at Charleston M Inst from Santee, report* thut the achr Renshaw, from Nor folk, Va. for Charleston.wlth a cargo of oorn. waa ashore on the beach near Cape Remain. The cargo would have to be taken out or thrown overboard in order to get the vessel off. Calcotta. Feb 14-A report from Batavia state* that th#> 4-ady Loulaa kof London), M.-I.ellir, from Phanghae for New York- which was ashore at Banca Strait*, had been towed to BaUvia, and would have to discharge for repair*. Calcutta. Jnn 23?The ship Calumet, while procoed?ng. down in tow, grounded a little below Nojrporo Point, ou the fl it, on the 9t!i Jan. Livkopoou Feb 17?'The Benj Bangs, Norcross. for Bom bay, ha-i returned to dock, having lo-; anchor and damaged windlaaa, firORTO, Feb ? (bytel*?A vessel. dl-masted and aban doned, is oil shore at Boa Nova, seven mile* N of this place: e*rco American pino. She has on her *i?rn "F red Parker, witli three crosses underneath. Penned wrltine appears on board, as follows:?"Bng Louise, 10th August, IW8, let 43 M, lou2910 W.'* .Illarellnnroiift. Sttaxkr PLmorrn Rock, late of the Sionlngton line, was sild at auction by Burdett, Jones A.Co ye-terday for $1P0,(KK> to Vernon 11 Brown, for the same company who recently purchased the new steamer* Bristol and Providence. Notice to Mariner*. The Chairman of the Lighthouse Board hi* received In formation that Ibe lmhtshlp* at Cpper and Lqprer Oedur' Point*, on the Potomac River, will be replaced on the I0tb> lnst. Kpoken, Arc. Ship Richard McMiuiiis, Foster, from New York for Pa nama. about Jan IS (by ship Boutliern Chief, at Vulparalso' Ja:' 21). Ship Winged Arrow, Chase, fio.n New York for Sam Francisco. Nov 39, no lat or Ion. slop Arracan. Crowell. from Mantla for N'York, Dec 29 r lnt:? St S. Ion ??> 32 E. Ship Northampton (Am), Jan 21 (by the Sultaua, from Callao. nt Algeeiras). Porrim Port*. AnnnossAH, Feb 18?Sid 8 M Dndmun. Trcffry, Providence (before reported sld 10th). ALiariKAS. Feb 11?Arr Western Ocean. Griffith*. Callao. Astvkkp. Feb 19?Sld Topeka. Rlanchard. Cardiff. .VsermiON. .T in 1ft?Arr Rtnndlna Dudley, Barrett, Singa pore (and sld 19ih for Liverpool). Algoa Bat .Tan ID?Arr G T Kemp, Llnnetl, Boston. Ai.ta Vkla, Feh 20?Sld El'en H Goit. Small. NYork. Amtiuoa. Jnn 24?Arr lwrk International. Stevens Fer nandtnn 'see D'saaters); 28th. brig Black Swan. Martinique (and sld for ); Feb 8, schr Mayilower. Wood hull, Penaa cola. ltuKMKnHAVM, Feb If?Sld Malolo. Pieper, NYork. But wo* /> vkvs, Dec 2<"?Arr II LlevesJey, Waters, Port land: :f)th, Nash wank Gerrior, NYork. Ba?'A. Jan 18?Arr Lnpwln'.1. Cremon, NYork. Sld J an 17, Hannah, Connauton. NYork. Harbahos. Feb a? Putin, brig Brill (Br), Crowell, from Shields for Now Haven. co*fs, Feb I'J-Arr Union (s), Von Santen, NYork (and: sld for Bremen). Cardiff, "-'eh IS?Sld Sophie, I-outram, NYork; lith, Mar garet, Roicb, do. CALCUTTA, Jan 16?Sld Lottie Warren, L'leva, NYork. Cochiw, Ja.n 10?An*Renown, Taylor, Kurrachee (and aid for PlvnionthV. Ci'HAOOi. Feb 18?In **>rt brlcs Emma Dean, for NYork' La Creole, for do; imlir Pilot's Bride, for do. Sld a few daya previous. yacht Wanderer. S.iTannan. (?arpknas. F*b 19?Sld brigs Brilliant (Br). WeFee a port N of IUUo-aa; Afton (Br), Sprague. and Mary C Roosevelt, tvilson, do; Sunnr Son'-h (Bf), Barley, NYork; SOth. hark Union, Marshall do: SM. brig L Uoiieliton, Morton. K tgua. Cu nu kkos. Feb JO (corrected)?Sld bark Horace Meala, Blanketishlp, NYork; brig*. Hull. do. Dkal, Feb 17?8'd (.olden Rule, llall (from Antwerp), Boston; 19th, WmPenn (?>, lUlliivge (from London), New Yspk. ^ 'Ddfvork East, Feb 16?Off, Cow per, Sparrow, from Liv erpool for Boston. Glasgow, Feb 19?Arr Iowa (s), Craig, NYork. Cibrat.tak, Feb 9?('Id J W Webster, McVey, New York; 19:h, (i I'almer, Mlln?r, Philadelphia (both from Messina);: llih, Fanny Fothenrill. Hughes (from NYork), Genoa; Bos fdioriif, Blanehai-d (from Callao). Vale-icia. IIAMRt'Rti. Fell 14?Arr Blomidon, Cownn, Philadelphia; l'nnz Alliert. Plump, NYork: Germania (s), Schwensen. do. Sld from Cuxhaven lSih, Windsor, Cochran, aud Galena, Dnnton, NYork: Teatonii (*). do. HvLvorr, Feb 15?Arr Arthur, Wegner, NYork. Hatkf. Feb 16? Arr Merebant. spraTne, New Orleans; 17th, J 11 Rvernon, Gardner, do. Sld ltth, Eilouard, Riar (nn. New Orleans. Halifax, March 4?Put In, birk Bsltisara (Br), Wilaon. from Philadelphia for Falmouth. E. leaky. IdvuaroOL, Feb 18?Arr Jas K Keeler, Dolano, Mobile; Mexican (s), Fotheiwlll. Baltimore: Heela f*l, Cdmondaon, NYork: St Mark. Wood, do: Gladiator is), Lang, NOrlea'is; ISHli. Heler, Sands. Oti*. Phllade'pha: lllbernia, Jansen, NYork: Citv of Carls (s), Kennedy, do; 20th, Herald of the Morn in/. Sears, S:in FrineWco: The Queen, Stuart, Charle* ton. itetnrned 17th, Benj Bangs. No.cros?, for Bombay. ' re at do March 6, ship Jeremiah Thompson, Kennedv, NYork. sld mth. Universe, Jollv, NYork: W J Hatfield, Murphy, Philadelphia; 18th. Auipist? Teltie, Telkfeldl, do: 19th, Al-piai (si, Harrison, NYork. Great Western, Cunningham, do; Li lilolre, Beckworth. Boston: Mary Ann, Hamlyn, do; 2l?t, Nora Scotlin (*). Wvlie, Portland. Cld lfnh. Thos- Freeman, Owen, New Orison*: Southamp ton. Srniinwick. NYork: 19th. ThatcheF Magoun, Peterson, Boston; Dflrill Cannon, Walsh, Mobile; Rochester, Oliver, New Orleans: Aiiiilla. Mathlson. Philadelphia; Norseman,. Swlnton. San Francboo; Annie Sherwood. Cjewen, Bel last. Knt out lOtli. Pocahontaa, Delano. New Orleans; Black TTiiwk, Orowrll, NYork: Ansel, Taylor. Boston; St David (s), Alrd, Portland. Me: lHth. Walter, Llbby. Havana; Cuba (si, Sione. and Iteola (s), Kdmondson, NYork. l,oiroii, Feb 16?Cld Wm l'enn (*). Billing*, New York; Red, White A Blue, Hudson, Havre and P.iri*. lint out IHtli, Cl.arioiie O'-ddle, Mcaenzie. Boston; 19th, Isabella C .li nes. Jones Philadelphia. Arr at Gravcsend 20th. Bellona (*), Dixon, NYork. S1<1 18th, Southampton Whitney. NYork 'and from Deil 18th); 18'h. Casllda. Mayliew. do; 19th. Freedom, Bradley, do. Malaga, Feb li?sld Artluir, Brlgg', Messina; 13th, Vete ran. Snow. NYork. _ Kt'RK athick, Jan IS?Sld Thomas I.or<l, Preble, Akyab. Mom.kKi.1, Jan 4?Sld Col lyilvard, Wells. Bombay. Mataxias. Feb 38?1 n port hark R W <Jiifllths (Fr>, Drttm mond. for New York. Idg; brigs Protlsu*. Mahoney, tor Boston, do; Mary J Goddam, for Lewes. Dot; and other*. Maxiatillo, prior to Feb IS?Arr brig Saml Lindsay, Wil son. Aspinwall. to load for Boston. Niwcastlf. Feb 13?F.nt out, Kathleen. Moekler, Boston. NrwroBT, Feb IV-Arr R L Lane. Air,Won, Liverpool; 18th, Arkwrtght, Caulkiix, do; 17th, E W Stetaon, Moore. Lon don. PLT^otrrn Feb 1(1?Ait Onstot, Lawrle, Roston. Pbkabtii. Feb l<?sld Isaac R Davis. Ilan4, Havana; Sy denham. Miller, NYork. Palkrmo. Feb7?Sid Joann. Jenkins. NYork; Schamyl, Hallett, Philadelphia; Gullla, Luoa, New Orlennc fampo, Cafllero, Bost m. PrrsBAMBrro, Jsn 17? Arr Amanda Jean, Webb, NYork. Sld Jan U8, J A Woodhouse, Eddy. Bahla. Porto Cabkllo, Feb 18 -Sld brig Hermes, NYork. QrmtiisTowK. Feb 17?Put In. r.llen Hood. Pennell. jrom ? Liverpool for NYork, with fly-wheel of pump gone (and pro ceeded same day). Rottfrpam, Feb 18?CM Anna Maris. Bartela. NYork. Rotaw, Feb 1J?Sld Hllraboth, Jensen, NYork. RlO (iRANDB, Dec 'j9?Arr J Bankr, Cochran, NYorfc. SwAXMtA, Feb IS?"Id Frodertrk. Charleston. Hhirldb, Feb 18? Arr New Hampshire. Lord, Bremerba ven land prooeeded to Northumberland Does to load for Bombsy). St Hklkha, Jan 30?Arr Caprera, Henderaou, Bonilay (?nd sld for NYork). Sorikam, Feb 4?In port brigs Autumn. Pnlslfer. for Bos ton i day*; Unleorn, Cook, for do IS; M E Ladd, Murphy, from Boston, arr M. St Jago, Feb 18? In port bark John O Paint, for NYork,. Idg. St Joh!?s, PR, Feb 16?Tn port r.oamer Gulf Stream,. Seandella, from NYork. arr 14th. St Johw, NB, March 3?Arr nchrs Imnudenee, Stlmpaon, and J W Hatlield, Dexter, NYork; Irvine. Philadelphia. Trikstb, Feb IS?Arr Lemuel. Mean, Botton. Amerlrai Porta. ALEXANDRIA, March 4?Arr schr R K Vaughn, Howell. NYork. BOSTON, March 8?Cld bark Hilda (Br). Nlper, Cork via Philadelphia; brig Marine, Cook, Cienfuegoe; ?cbr? Ge.tva burg, Smith tialveiton; Pearl Brown, Philadelphia via Wil mington, Del. Sld, wind KNE to K and NE, bng Antillca: and from the Road*, brig MoiiUcelln. 6.h?Arr i-teamer Roman. Philadelphia. BALTIMORE. March S?Arr schr Prairie Flower. Pierce, Porto Cabello. Cld bark St Lawmnoe (Br), Steed. Dema rara: brig Volan LI lodge. NYork I schr* Electne (Rr), Nel bod. Grand Oay; Foreat Flower. Portland: Amanda Power*. Bullock, Stomngton; Mary Allerton, Parnns, Providence;. R H Dean. Cook. Taunton. CHARLESTON. March t? Arr bark Linda, Hewitt. Balti more; brig John Pierce, Strout. Matanxa*; *chr J R Mar shall, Marshall, New York. Cld brig Maria White, Bryant. Philadelphia: schr Carrte M Rich, Amcburr, Baltimore via B ii ksrllle, SC. Sld brig Rolleraon. ScotL Boston. FVLL BIYKR, March 8?Sld *chr* Annie J Russell. Hodges, and Jame* Uenry. t^hurch, NYork. GALYKSTON, Feb 98?Cld ?taamshlp Ariadne, Sawyer, " MOBILE, Feb 28?Arr *ehr Minnie McKnlgbt, Boston. NEW ORLEANM. Feb ???Arr steamahlp* Gen Meade, Holmes, NYork; Maripo*a, Quick, and Montfomery, Fair cloth, do; Kensington, Iledite. Boston; *hln Nevada, Jewett, do. Cld brlf Os*ipee, Na*on, Havre: achr Llzxie L Tapley, ?NEW( BEDFORD, March S?Sld *chr Sarah, Cobb, Phlla. a"{fKWPORT, March 4?Sld *chrE H Atwood, Higgtn\ Boa ton for Philadelphia. PHILADELPHIA, March ?? Arr steamer Saxon, MaL thewa. Boston; bark A M Gray. Glnn, NYork; brig Golden I<ead. Langthon, Swan Island via Norfolk; achrs Ma?gir MeNell, Suow. and Lottie Klotts, Endlcott. Cleufuegos; L F Smith. Crie. NYork; John Johnson. McBrtde, Trinidad; II A Week*. Hlokmsn, and Admiral, steelman, NYerk. Below bark American IJovds. from MataniA*. Cld bark Annie Augusta. Evans, St Jago; brigs Minnie Traub, True, Matan. tas; Bmma, Foulke*, Sagtia: W N Z, Acker, Halifax. achr* John A GriOln. Foster. Cleufuegos; J A Grimu, Foster, do; Dauntless.' Coomb*. Guanten?mo: John Lancaster, Wll. llama. New Bedford; Mary Rellly, Rsllly; W F Oarrlson, Lloyd, James Allderdles, Jsekaway. and John fit? ckham,. Baheoek. Boston; A M Aldrldge, Bateman, Fall River; H I* Simon*, Corson, Roekport. PORWMOUTH, Feb ??Arr brig C Matthew*. Cex. Rait), more. Arr In Lower Harbor March 4, schrs E O Willard, Par sons, Portland for Philadelphia; Hardserabhle, Jones. Rock land for NTork; Vlckaburi. Harpawell. NYork for Portland PORTLAND. March 4?Arr bng Snow Bird (Br), Ba.vw MaUniaa; *ohr Laeenla, Merrill, Itoekland for flew York; steamer Dlri?o, Sherwood. NYork. Cld *ehr* O M I'ettli. "lark, Georgetown, DC. i/ate. Cummins*. NYork. FROVIDBNCB. MaryhT-Arr schr*, Mcln toeh. Baltimore; Wm II Bowan, Jackson, NYork. Below achr Clyde, Gage, from Philadelphia. SJcf brig B Young Davla, NTork sehrs Clara Davidson, .leffriea, Newca.ti;; Del; Heary May, Franklin, NTork; sloop Oregon, Rhodes^ ^BAN FBANOIBCO, March 6?Arr steaauhlp Congtitntion, ST MARKS, Feb 10?Arr achr L A Baylea. Bavlea. NTnrV Beekett NY ark, brig WOOD'S Hof>H, M _ Neptune, from NYork for Boston. ~ WICK Fo Hi) mnb s?Bid acftr 1 H \ *ar?h,*?i.rr steamer Prometheus, rig John Balch, Whalev, Matantaa. DAM?Paaalng hy, steamer Clark, Fowler, NYork.