Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1867, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1867 Page 9
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financial ^and commercial. Wbmmwat, March 6?? P. V. The gold market bu developed a further downward tendency to-day, under a pressure to realize on the part o many or those wbo were recently speculating for a rts*f The opening price was 138*, followed by a decline to 136* aud a recovery in the afternoon to 1M*. The rally was. however, immediately followed by a relapse and the closing price tu 135*, with sales on the siren at Ave o'clock as low a* 136*. Loans wen made with out interest and at 164 a 1-19 per cent per diem for borrowing. The fact of the rates of foreign exchange being below the shipping point for coin, sad the equally important one that the Treasury holds nearly forty million* of gold more than it held about a year ago, are beginning to engage attention >oow that tbe political excitement of the last few weeks has quieted down, and the prospect of Impeachment has lost Its terron. Moreover the extreme abundance aad cheapness of money In Europe are considered sufficiently favorable to an advance In American securities abroad 4o justify the calculation that farther considerable ship ments of these will be made, notwithstanding that it would be, perhaps, better for the country nltlmstely if the contrary should prove to be the case. These con siderations, combined with the general expectation that there will be no |>oUtical trouble at Washington, are potent in influencing the reaction from the recent ex treme advance, which we pointed out as being in <advaaoe of public opinion at the time. Specula tion in the gold room, alike with the Stock Ex change, however, always runs to extremes, and a corre sponding reaction is thereby rendered Inevitable. Now that gotd is running down hill it may as easily touch 130 as a week ago it touched 140. It will be remem bered that after tbe capture of Richmond it declined to 128*, and yet last summer roee above 107. Tbe stock market experienced a partial recovery from the depression of yesterday, owing mainly to tbe de mand from the bears to cover their contracts, the bull ?lament being still too weak apparently to exert any material etlect upon the courne of prices. Tbe supply ot money continue abundant at six per cent to (tret class houses, but otUors havo in some instances to submit to so\en, while collaterals aud margins are in all cases somewhat closely scrutinized in con aequence of the unbilled condition of affairs on the Stock Exchange. On government securities tho leading dealers have no difficulty in borrow log at five per cent. There is a moderate amount of commercial paper offering for discount, and tho best grade pass? at seven per cent, with exceptional transactions at six and a half. At tbe early session of tlie open hoard railway shares were in somo Instances a fraction lower than at the close of business last evening. New York Contml sold at 100* a *; Erie, 62* (s. 3); Koadiug, 100* a*; Michigan .vouthern, 70% a 71; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 79 a 79*; Rook Island, 92,a 0?'^; Northwestern, 32* a *; do. preferred, 594 a Tort Wayne, 92*. At tho first regular board tho m-irkct improved a fraction on a por tion of the list, but its tone \va?, notwithstanding, un settled. The steamship sharos wore heavy, Pacific Mail selling as low as 117 and Atlantic Mail at 79. New York Central closed I V lower than at tbo samo time yesterday, Erie *, Michigan Southern *, Illinois Central *, Cleveland acd Pittsburg *, Clevoland and Toledo 1*. Rock Island *, Northwestern 1*, do. pro fcrred 2*, Milwaukee and St. I'aul preferred 2, Pacific Mail 1))', Atlantic Mail 2, Quicksilver 1, Canton *, Vari poea preferred *, Western Union Telegraph *. Reading was * huther, fort Wayne *. Government securities were hoavy. Coupon five-twenties ot 1862 declined 1*, issue of 1965 1. At the oue o'clock opon board tho mar ket was Urmer, aud prices udvancad throughout the list. New York Central sold at 101 * a * ; Erie, 63* a *; Hudson. 139;, 101*; Michigan Southern, 71* a*; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 79*; Cleveland and To ledo, 119; Rock Island, 93* ; Northwestern, 33* a *; do. preferrod, 69*; Fort Wayne, 03* a *; Pacific Mail, 110; Western Union Telegraph, 41 a *. At the half-past two regular board the ruction made further progress, under a modora'oly brisk demand to cover shorts as welt as on "long ' account. New York Contfld closed I'; higher than at the first regular board, Erie X, Reading *, Michigan Central *, Michigan Southern *, Cleveland and Pittoburg 1, Cleveland and Toledo *, Rock Island *, Northwestern *, do. pre ferred 1*, Fort Wayne *, Milwaukee aad St. Paul pre ? ferred *, Paoiiic Mail 1*, Atlantic Mail 3, Canton *, Cumberland *, Western Union Telegraph *. Ohio and Mississippi certificates were * lower. Gov ernment securities were strouger. Five-twenties of 1885 advanced *, ten-forties *. Seven-thirty notes of tbe second rerics declined *. At the hair-past three open board the market relapsed, and New York Central sold at 101* a *; Erie, 52* a 63; Hudson River, 188; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 70; Read ing, 100* a 101; Michigan Southern, 70*; Rock Island, ?92* a 93; Northwestern, 32*; do. preferred, 69* a 69*; Fort Wayee, 03; Atlantic Mail, 82* a 83; Paclte Mail, 118*; Western Union Telegraph, 4L Subse quently the tendency of prices was towards recovery, and at half-past five the market rloaed steady at tbe following quotations:?New York Central, 101'(a *; Erie, 63* a *; R'tading, 101 a *; Michigan Southern, 70* a 71; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 70 a 79*; Rock Island, 03 a *; Fort Wayne, -03* a *; Northwestern, 32* a 33; do. pre ferred. 69* a *; Pacific Mall, 118* a 110*; Atlantic Mail, 84 a *; Western Union Telegraph, 41* a *: Ohio -and Mississippi certificates, 20 a S?, Toledo, Wabaali and "W,-stern, 34 a *. The foreiju exchange market was firmer under an ins proved den.and ror bills. Bankora' bill* on lingland at sixty days were quoted at the close at 10S* a 10S*; at three days, 108", a 109*; commercial bills 107 a 108; francs at sixty days, 5.17* a 5 22*; at three days, 5.13* a 6 15; bills on Eerllu. 71* a 72; on Bremen, 78 a 78*; on Amsterdam, 40'( a 41 .'j, on Frankfort, 40* a 41; on Hamburg, 37* n 3**; on Antwerp, 6 22* a . 6.20. MiDiog stoc'-is were, with fu* exceptions, heavy. Alatnada Silver was, hoaever firm, and 'old at fa 70 n $0. At the first board Consolidated (ire^ory Gold closed 00c. lower than at the sec >nd board ve-i>'rday, selling at $12 40. Smith aud Pnnaslss was 5c. higher, selling at $0 20; Quartz lllll sold til $3 !'?? d?on Copper $1. At tho seoond board Consoll 1st'd Oft?^ory Gold closed $1 26 lower than at the first lx>ird 'tl.'tig at $11 16; Smith nnd Pannelee 30c., seillnc at ftt (b. 3). Des Kvlnos was 26c. higher, wiling at <1 lit. Accortiiug to ihe following report in -tu Orleans (N. Y. | Journal, the Medina bank failure ha irougnt lo light some very discreditable ructs concerning Its management and organization, which sho-v the i-w-sitjr which exists for closer and more frequent ?xstniuati im of the ailairs of national banks by the Ttoa<uiy than have boen hitherto instituted:? The bistorv of the First Nation*! .link of Medina and the cause of'iU failure is not iUit-r.iv o the maua-ers of the lustituiion or the n?< "Oal uuiikina system of the conntrr Tli* amount rf deposits w if (92,000, and tbe assets f JO 000. Amona the depositor* was iho County Tr asnror,' w&o had *27,000 there, which the roi.nty will not luec. Iho d_'|*>-iU of tbe bank were used lor speculation, by wnlcli f-l'sOOO was lo-t, and the bank never really had sny button. Omaised on a nominal capital of f6u,000, but a snisll |>ai>>rt:on was r wned by tho bank. The Prc-ident w.?s . hl?f owner, holding $45,000 of the stock, while live o hers h-ld r?cb $1.00>. 'The government securit r* depuslird with the Comptroller of tho Currency a.? mlemptiuo for the bills Issued were borrowed and paid for by the currency re ceived from the lomptroller. ?o ilia: absut $6,000 ap pears to b< si! the actual capital the concern ever bad above it > d-tta. On such a twit li i nit strange that a crlsts snoul i a? length overuke It. In Ne* York cor rospoailonts underetandlirt US condition and having car ried Its rotten credit as long ae was safe, weie luckv enough to get their ledger* balanced by couiitv fuod, and closed down upon It. Of co ir?e it ha.1 to fall.? The exports (exclusive of s^ec e) fMtu the port of New York to fore gn ports for tho we-k en-ln? March 6, and Rince the commencement of the toar.o .rnnaroa* follows with those for the correr poudiug per.od iu 1805 and 1SM:-" 1886 I'M 1??7. For tho week. ??.??,"4 tj ls Jai Previouslyftported. 2*,746^454 since January 1....$40,2*7,HOC $W.238,018 Tbe loroigu Imports at New York compare as under:? 1885 1H?1 . 1M7 Drv floods fl.OU? 891 |2,547 900 13,316,737 G?n. merchandise.. 1,610,.>48 3,650,<86 2,683,817 To'al for the week.. TT620.23T *18,107,758 $5,808 964 Previously reported. 17.0:t4,014 47,120,14# filnca January 1... ? |19^66061 $6.V38,902 $43,180,498 The commerce of New York from July 1 to dale o. each of the years mentioned compares as follows:? 1*64-86. I880-66. 1888-67. Importance..$100,424,870 ?t9?100 |174,MO,MO Exports produce 1P4.443,990 '4\909,206 Exports specie.. 25,77",414 18,489,478 22,088,774 The caab balance In the hanle of tbo United States Assistant Treasurer at Boston at the cloea of Business, March 2, was $10,050 002; woek previous, ?12,899,882? allowing a decrease of ?1.043.080 Coin on hand, $*,82 ",.">.10; *oeic previous, $?.t80,078?showing a de crease or $1,210,647. Tfca total value ot exports ftstn Boston ftf tbe work ending March 1, Including specie, was $287,476, iplmt 9278,411 for the corresponding w?ek In 1846. The total value of foreign goods imported into the port Of Boston for the week ending March 1, wen $1,296,644, against $1,248,520 for the corresponding week in 1864. Total from January 1 to March 1, 1867, $6,816,276. The following la a comparative statement of the value of the Import*, exports and withdrawals from warehouse at the port of Barton for the pact three years:? onhi 1864. 1865. 1866 Dutiable, entforoon. $13,776,917 $14,690 663 $22,414,109 Dutiable, warehoused 14,051.860 9.978.697 20,?rt2.524 Free, exc ve of specie 3,676 486 4,674,317 3.283.366 Specie and bulliou... 109, *38 102,973 1,293,943 Total $31^618,096 $29,446,650 $47,023,942 nxroara. Domestic morch'tse. $17,968,490 $11676,248 $16,069,024 Foreign merch., duti. 1,668.425 1,269,100 1,112,663 Foreign merch., free. 440,036 204.347 133,672 Specie and bullion... 440,761 1,392,437 3,789,799 Total $20,417,712 $16,632,129 $21,106^148 ?The value of the merchandise withdrawn from ware house for consumption in 1864 was $9,421,070; 1846, $12,400,887; 1866, $16,463.42a The defalcation in the Mechanics' Bank of Baltimore is thua referred to by the Sum of that city It la alleged, by way of explaining the manner in which Mr. Wentz, the general bookkeeper, obtained the large amount of money from the bank which he is charged with embezzling, that he was in the habit of acting for the paying teller whenever the latter was absent; and it Is now suppoaed that such occasions were availed of to abstract tbe money, and then subsequently to charge to the account of foreign banks. The books in the charge of Mr. Wontz were never transferred to others, as has, It is said, been the custom with all the other books of the bank, it being supposed that as no money panned through his hands, such precaution was not necessary In his case as a preventive against fraud. It Is said that Wants, wbo remain* in Jail, has acknowl. edged having recently lost $45,000 iu stock speculations, and It is generally believed now that be lias long been engaged in private stock transactions. The only parties who will lose bv the defalcation wilt, It is adleg-d, he the stockholders, as every depositor is amply scoured by tho capital of the back, and will be paid on demand. It is understood that the house of Brown, Brothers ft Co yesterday tendered tho Board of Directors tho sum of $300 000, taking the bank's bills receivable as security. This was acccrpted, and the hunk is liehl to bo thereby enabled to meet ail outstanding liabilities without any dolay whatever. As ha* heretofore been intimated, the defalcation was first discovered by Mr. fallender, the L'nilod State* aovernnient bank ins|iector. During la>t week, In making his examination, he discovered)talse -ntrles upon the books in which are Ucpt tbe accounts of foreign banks. In chargo of Mr. Wentz Mr. Callonder suspended work and went to his dinnt'r, and on ret iming discovered, that during his absence (also entries to tbe amount of $210,000 had teen made. Thin led to the arrest of Mr. Wentz, and s ubsequently to that of Mr Rogers, the paying teller, tho latter party averring that ho only had come into possession of $6,000 of any moneys of th^ bank, and that proiessediy as loans, at various iimes, from Mr. Wcniz. The frionds of Mr. ilowers assert that lie liover was aware of Mr. VYcntz hetng indebted to the bonk to an amount exceeding $30,(MX), and that in the hank Mr. W. bad the repututiou of being worth over $100,000, which was never questioned. SALES AT THE HEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE. We?lne*itio, ftlnrrli 6?10:30 A. Iff. ni.V)XW T'S 6's. 5-2C, '?3,c 109'* P2B aha Pacific M 88 Co. 117X 501)00 ITsA'a 5 ?0,'t>t,'oou 1U7!? 1403 do 117 JIM) L'KO'H.&JO.'ea, cou 107^ 10W do 1I7K 60jno do 107* Euj do aSO 117 ?r>OOi;S?'*,5-20,'fin.mog M6Ji 100 do b*) 117X 16000 do 106*4 10,1 do 2d call. 118 l'mUlU:-?'s.5-2D.'t>6.c,ni 10?C 8(10 do llgu 12JU00 do 106-h? 171/0 N Y Caulral KK... JOOV 2nOOO U 8 i'H, 10 40, reg 97*a 100 do 1UJS jjoi do ?;?? 400 do ionv 30:10 CS 5'a, 10 40. cou. 0?>2 fitlO Erie Hallway 62l UWV dn. 97'4 *!? do 68J UOO Tr u 7-80. lat a, ?m 106*5 50 do rOOU do 2d iter 106*4 25 Frie Kailnav pref. rtXU NY M B'tr L. reg 106 1IW Hud River IIR .*.00 N V 6'a. "ft I'0)4 '-0 Sionlngton UK... 17000 Tenn 6"*, new.... 61 500 Heading UK 101 uviiTm*. ?>? ...... ix n*? .1,. i.rfii 60tkJ Tenn 6's, ex cou.. 66 7IJ0_ do lnOJ^ 5000 N Car B's new.... 46 20>W do. ISOoO Ohio A Mi** Oer.. 2t>? 2000 do h 30 101 I0000 do SttTj WUJ do *80 KOU 10000 do...... 26 200 do 2d o? 11 101K 10C0 Chic A KWccb. 80^ 200 do * 30 101 6000 do... 80 100 Mich Central KK.. 10# 3000 P. PtWA Chi 2d in W 2f)0 Mich South A N Ind 71K 6000 Mich Cent ??? n b. 110X 400 do 71 42 hha Kan!; of Com... 115 200 do 73T4 10 Continental Hank.. 103'i 600 do 7W 59 Kourth Nat Hank.. 101'i LOO) do ? 00 70 25 Munhattnn Cw.... 176 Got) do JO% 200 Cumberlnnd Coal p 26)4 200 Illinois Central UK 116 aw do as 4?o do \it% 309 Canton Company .. 44 TOO do 116 <13 Del A H udsoii Can. 146 1000 Pier A 1'ltla KIT. <9 75 I'enn Coal Co 148 BOO Chicago A 9 W RR. S2J4 700 Asliburtoi Coal Co. 10 6.X) 82M KM) West Union Tel... 40)4 10.) ChIA NorthwstA pre ,51 do to>? ~ do"....;..7.1 ?' loo do ??)? 1U) do . ?. 6MV1 100 Quicks.'her Mln Co. 3i? 100 Clove i Tau3o KK. lU? 20J _ do.r. 35 400 do 116 ??) Mariposa Minim Co S 3601 Chi ARk lslandKK 93 "J? j}H JO Now JeraeyCen KR 118 '?> .do ; ? ** SOU I'ltta, FtW AChiKIt 93* 60 Mariposa preferred. "?i\. 100 Chicago A Alton SR. 1116 **n) do sou do la-su *oo d? 20 *m do...:;:::: i?a 100 do 20U 200 do 106)? i'*J ?io 20 v: too do ?>:o kk.2 1"" do 2.1 .all ai>*i 100 do ICO 106 231 Wells. Fa run Kip.. M SIS VYANow llavcn KK 118 4 Atner Bxpreaa Co . 66 100 Ch 1 k A lion R K pref 107 800 Atlantic Mall 88 Co 78 100 MtlASt Paul KRpref 63 100 do adO 78 100 do ... 62V 10J do blO 79 lf*> do 52 100 Boston WaUii Power 24)4 400 do U COMMERCIAL KG PORT. WaoHKioiT. March $-? P. M. Ana.?Receipts none. Pots were Arm, with a fair de mand at $8 SB a $8 M). Alcohol wus easier. Sal? 100 bbla.. In bond, atSte.. gold. BamAMTurra.?Receipts 2.1UJ bbls. flour, 900 do. and 900 bag. oorn mas 1,1,100 bushel* wheat, 1,100 do. oorn, and W0 do. oats. Pine grades of 8late and Western flour ruled tinner, with a fair demand, while the lower grides ruled dull and heavy, though unnhanged in rain*, the market closing MUiie sieady. The aalcx comprised 7.000 Obis, at the ?imita tion* annexed. Southern flour piled acarrely as dim, with a moderate detutnd. .sales 240 bbls. Buckwheat (lour was dull, but sieady at ?2 i) a $3 per 100 lbs. of rye Hour sate* mere made to the extent of 460 bhl*. at #7 * $3. The demand for oorn uieal waa moders.e ut steady prices. Sales 260 bbla. I at !& 2i for ll.:rah'? ealorlc, $5 for Jersey, and $5 5J lor llrandTwine. We quote:? supt-rAne and Western 50 a 9 75 Extra State 9 86 a 10 70 Choice state .10 83 a II 40 Common to ine>ltum extra Western 9 80 a 10 75 Pxtra round fill a II 6<) We-tern trade brands . 11 66 a 12 60 Common 8oulheru 10 2>1 a II du Vane* and extra do II ft).a Id .? jtvr flour i aiiperline) 7 00 a 8 00 < orn meal, Jf M( 6 00 a 6 15 Oorn meal. Hrspdewine R 40 a 6 60 ?1 he wheat m.n ket ri le! nmei. the deniaml I), inn conlined P> tho .mmedlale wntiU ot luillers. I'rices. I.owever. ruled s' I ho only sales we heard of Here 5,K0 binhels, at $3 tor amber 8tnte. $3 lor while California, and S3 20 for white Mk'ait(.an. Corn 0|>ene'J steady, with a ni.idei tie de mand. but rloscd <luil and heavy. I be sales wore limited to tO 000 bushel*, nt OOafl 10 for mixed Western, in atore, -nd $1 11 a $1 12 for do. afloat, (lata ruled dull snd Im.vy. with "aies of 3r>.niW bushels, at 09c. a 70c. for 8taw, WMe a fc for Weattra, aad Canada atb3-. Kye ?a< mod eratrljr active, but lirmer. 8ales 6,500 busbeia, at $1 18 lor Aestcvn, (I ."0 n ?l ,*B (or Male, and $1 SH for Canada. Barter w..a witUout decided cluuiga. Sains 10.010 bttshi-ls. a. ?i i?> lor two-rowel State, and 94c. for Canada We?t, m bond. Malt wit ti'elected, and prices were nominal. CorntR ?All de?cnptlons ruled qalet, and we heard of ?o tnuMt oi s. 1 rice., |i?iw? ve\ ?i re Kteady. d CtrTtON?There w in a moderate MMI oonumntnaited ami at sliglitW eaalrr pneas as indicated bv tlia aubjotoe (I''Ue. Til. .? :? ??'?A d i.7;0 bales. We <111019: ? a,r?n in. MtM*. jr. 0.4- r. OrtUnirT 27 27 28 28 Low middling 29 *tH ?? & Mlddiog 31 32 3.')? Uood tuiddi ng. 34 3T> iH' .'.tns ruled verv nulet. Tve only engsrements we baaid of xenv?To Llvuioo', bal s cotuni, at \d. a 7-16<!., and per steamer 160 do at *41! The ehartera were:?A >wi-di?li brig to Cadiz, atarea; a vessel to Uuba and hack, s'tgai, and so Austrian bark to Trieata. general t ,.rgo, ou pr.vai" t?t ma. t.rMftxs ntled dnll ard nominal at last quotations. Ilaxr ? Manila wa* firndy held at 12e.. gold, though we heaid of no aaloe. tither kinds likewise ruled doll. Hor* were without deebfcd change. 8aies 90 bale* at Kto. a ?0e lor new crop American. Mo *-*>* ?A n:< d"! st* detnind prevailed at full prices. Sa)ea SPf hhds. Cubs uinsenvailo at ft|e and 360 do. on pri vat.-v nui. hv rwtion t>-> bh ia. Uemerara at Mc. a 67Ha., four nioutha, and KM boia. New Orleans at 87)40., not Naval 8toi **.?Tbe demand for aplrita lurpentlna con Untied light ar.d the market ruled heavy. The only aalea wa beard 01 ? ere ! ">S I bl*. at 7le., Including 62 do. to arriv. at the ?ame price Itnaina ware quiet. 8alea 000 bbla Ho. 1 at f A it a $7. I*) do. pale at $8 W, 130 do. strained at (4 .S7V,, an<t 101) do. common at $4 26. Tar waa quiet. Oils ?l.itiseed eontiiiue<l (Inn at $1 36 a |1 37. Klah olla r.malued dull ai unchanged prlee^. I'Rnvistojia.?Keorinta. 1.341 bhia. pork, 292 do. be*f, 644 pkga. rut ine;ita, 1,152 bhia. lard and 360 dreaaed hogs Tbe iiork market opened hlfbt r under a fair dematri, but closed henry, at $21 wt for Western, The aalea on the spot were 4 Ml tibia., at |Ji 87 u ?S2 J7 for new mesa, $20 75 a 9X1 26 for old do., 917 a St7 2} for prime, and $19 60 a 930 for prima meas: also, tor imure delivery, 2t?M bbla. new most, for March and Aurll, at $21 87 a 922 25, seller's and buyer's option. Bcefwaa in moderate demand at firmer pnoea; an les tiUO bblai. at 917 a $'Jt) for new extra meaa ana 9U a 918 for new plain do. Of tierce beef sales were made of 300 Uareoa, at 9& ^5 a $35 75 for India uic?? and $311 a $32 76 for prime du. Beet hams ruled firm, with a fair demand; 1 lie sales were 9f0 bbla., at $34 a $%{ 50. Rncou was un tharg-d; snles 8> 0 boxes, at 11 He. for short ribbed and 10c. ? iO^c. (or Cumberland rut. Out mrata continued ateady and tn a, with aalea of +0 pkga., at UKc. a 13)4c. for hsma and 9c a He. for shoulders, tiressed hoga remained steadv, at lf\e. a lie. for hama and V^c. a 10c. for Wealern. Lard run d heavy, though the dem.ind waa fair, tbe aalea tooling up Vfl bbla., at I2V- a lie. for new and 12c. a 1214c. for old. gutter waa heavy, at 26o. a 36c. for state and 12c. a 200. for We tern. Cheese waa unchanged. I *.?< rude ruled dull and heavy at l$Kc. In bbla., 40 a 47 gr.ivity. Tbe only sale we heard of was 1.IXW bbla. In bulk. 40 a 46 gravity, at 19c. Bonded waa a shade eaaler wi:h but little doing, standard whlta waa getierallv quoted 27)*r.: some holder* demanded 38o., at which prlca were mada of 1.600 bMs., thia mor tH, buyer'* option. In I'hlladeIpbla aalea were made of i.000 bbla. atandard white for all the year at SUc., buyer'* option, and I.OUOdo. do. for July at 3dc Ric* was dull but firm at IflXe $ llo. for Carolina, Mid 9>4a * 'or Rangoon. ? st'OA*. ?The demand tor raw waa moderate, but the mar ket remained llrm. The aalea aggreg*4ed 780 hhd* , ?t U?H? a UJ4e. for Cuba muscovado and Porto Rico. Refined waa m oderately active at 13c. a lM<c. for aoft yellow, 14e. a 14)4*. tor aofl white, and l#)4c. a l#)4c. for standard harda. 8t*M*-Clov#r Was anil but steady at like a 14a Timothy wn* unchanged at $1 80 a 94 per hnaheL CakuUa linaeed remained quiet bat firm at previoua pi Ice*. be<kr- -,r* l?.*? Um. at 11)40. * 19b. Also 16,000 I be. graaae at 9c. a 10^c_ IP *LL?w WM ? 8alea 80,000 Ika., at 11a a 1 a*?r-R??lrt^ n bbU. No aale* ware reported. We quote Weetere fc bond at S9)fe. a Be. aad stale llo. . TElittAflK iWaET MPMTi grie Railroad ? . , PeiL/.Dxi^niA, March ?, IW. fUocka are dull. Peansylran^ 6'a 98. ?(hlUdelpbw and road 29, Pennirlymnla. Railroad 8$. Morria Canal 75, Reading Railroad 90?; Gold el at 1*. F.xebnnge on New York at par Cotton nuiet; middling upland Sir Flour?fetperllii* quiet at $? 76; tilale $13. Wheat In-art; aalea 1.100 buahels. Penuaylvanu red at U, California $"< 15. Cum la Id good demand; Mies 5.00i) bifhela: yellow at Mo , while 97e. Kye quiet. OaU firm at "Or. Provisions un changed. Contraband whiskey .Vta. a 85<\ BatTiHOKK, March 6, 1387. Cotton dull at SOe. for middling unlvnd. Coffee tlrm and quiet; Rio, ISWo. a I4<.. told, for prime and rholee. Clour dull; city mill* aunerflne. $10. Northwestern do., f75. Wheat?Choice wlmer, $.1 2* a $3 30: fair do., fl. Corn? Supply light; mlie<l white. 98c ; so>d and prime do.. SI a $1 (9; yellow, $1. OaU Mt: Sugar steady at llH.c. a lU'v'. for fair to good refining brand. Chicago meae pork S- '; hulk Be. a Ml*: rib .idea, 10We- I-??l a l'J\c. Whlakey dull and nominal; no sales. OswKoo. March 6. IW. flour unchanged and In moderate demand: aalea 7U0 bbla at $11 80 a $11 75 foi No. 1 spring. $13 a >13 35 for rel winter, $14 25 for white. $15 85 for double egtra. Rye Hour $7. Buckwheat flour .leady at $8. Wheat quiet and un changed. Corn iinchanued; $1 10 a $1 11 for Wo. 1. Oat* ?elllng In small lota at 85c. for choice Western. barley, rye and peaa ins pire and nominal. Corn maal |3 M a $2 75 per owt Hhorts $21 a $14. Shlpalufls $28. Middling $35 ix-r ton. Railroad freighta? Flour to Boa ton 80c., to New York TOO . to Albany 50c. Cmcioo, Marrh 8, 1987. Money market unchanged. Flour Arm ar.d quiet. Wheat active, but No. 1 apring haa declined He. Corn dull, and de clined le., closing at Take. for No. 1, and OTc. a Wc. for No. J. Oata Arm and quiet at an advance of kc. ; 42c. for No. I Kye firmer: aalea of fresh reoeipta of No. 1 at 88c. a 981,c. Barley ariive.- No. 1. In atore, aold at ?*-. a 71c., atoordlng to location. Pronalon* firm, but less active; mesa pork nominal, $19 75 a $*l. Bulk mnata very firm, and advanced Jac., with aalea o! rough aldea at Wc., aud Cumberland* at nUv. Lard active and steady: lie. for pilme ateam ren dered. Dreaaed hoc* quiet; aalea at $H 15 a $8 73. Kecelpta, 3,600 bbla. flour. 5.500 centala wheat. 9.500 do. corn and I 000 i Shipment*. 6,500 bbla. flour, 8,500 ceutala wheat and 1 do. corn. Mii.watkkb, March 6, 1887. Flour doll. Wheat declining to $2 65 for No. I and $2 44 for No. t. oata firmer: $1 43 for No. 2. Corn ateady; $1 43 for old No. 1. Pronalona firm; mess pork $31). I)ressed hom ateady at SB 26. Receipts?1,000 bbla. of flour. S,000 centals of wheat. Shipment*?1,500 bbla. of flour, 1,000 cen tal* of wheat. St. Lotus, March 6, 1867. Cotton, tobaeco and flour quotation* are barely maintain ed. Low grade* double and treble esiraa the quotation* range from $9 a $10. Wheat $3 96 for choioe ipring, $3 83 a $4 for choice fall. Corn firmer: $1 43 (or mited. $1 47 a $1 48 for yellow, $1 58 a $1 6't for wh>te. Oat* firmer; $f 07. Provisions in large aoeculatlve demand. Fork, $*0 50 a $21; shoulders, Wo.; rib aides, lllr. Huron lirm: 9J*'0- fav aiinulder*. 16>?C. clear sides. Lard firmer; ll\c. a 12c. Whlakey firmer, nothing doing. Locisvii.i.k. Marrh 8. 1887. Sale* of 130 hhd*. of tobacco from $2 HO to $15 25 for com mon light lug* lo wrapper leaf. Klour, superfine State $9 76. Wheat nominal. Corn, shelled In hulk. 68c. Oats, GV. Me** pork. $21. Bxeon, shoulder*, 9)?c.; clear aides, 12^c. Lard, in li<-ii-ea, 12-?c.; in kepa, 13?,c, K.iw whis key, free. $2 16; in hond, 18c. Middling coltou, 13c. Prune Netv Orleans sugar, HV.r. hogs 1.400 c FOLiriCAL INTELLIGENCE. Tup Sscond District or Conhkoticct. ?Tho republican nominee in the Second Congressional district Is Cyrus Northrop, now Professor of English Literature in Yale College. The democratic candidate is Julius Hotchklas, of Middletown. The republicans aro confident of carry ing the district, though tt Is a close one. The present member, Samuel L. Warner, is a republican, and has served two terms, and declined a renomlnation. wicak Evus.?'Hie Nushvill* Union, alluding contempt ously to General Thomas' plan for reconstruction, rays:? " Even General Thomas has caught the infection of look ing with longing nnd wistful eyes to the dazzling position occupied by Andrew Johnson, and he, too, has his plan for the evils which afflict the South." A kikdtt Suqocstioii.?The Chicago Trifmnt informs Dooliltle, Dixon, Cowan and Norton that ther can "save a little remnant of their former reputations by following the example of 'poor Jim Lane,' who mado some repar ation to his betrayed constituents by blowing out his braiM." Govrrnok or Omo.?Judge Shellabaryr la said to hare peremptorily decli ned to be a candidate for Gover nor of Ohia Governor or Vispcwnri.?The Jackson Clarion is In favor of General S. J. Gbolson for next Governor of Mis sissippi. Reason why, he was an active fighting rebel borne back scats are just now being made for such. E0ME8TIC INTELLIGENCE. ? Guano in Gwscia.? The newspapers of Columbus and Hawkinsvllie, Ga, are complaining of the stench of guano in their vicinity. What am Orrsn.?The New Haven Jtumal says that an otter was recently killed in Connecticut, which measured four feet hi length and weighed twenty-threo pounds. SriciM in iil'niir. ?A man named Coleman, being In peenniary difficulties, committed suicide at I<oami on February ST. lie loaded a shot gun with a heavy charge of powder snd buckshot, thi-n took off the nip ple and secreted the gun in the cellar, where he con trivod afterwards to carry a coal of Ore, w|:h which he discharged the gun after placing the muzzle against his ferahead. His head was almost wholly destroyed. Murdck Nsar Buffalo.?An old man named Jacobs, watchman in the flre-briok work* at Black Rock, was killed bv blows wtth an axe on Saturday night, Marc'i 2. Thomas Kelly, David Carr. William Carr, Owen McCar thy and Thomas Bowers were arrestod on suspicion. Homicioi at OKortso gi-lch.?The Helena (Montana Territory) Herald of January 31 describe* a shooting ar fair which occurred on tho 30th near Professor Hodge's mill, shout three miles from Helena It originated in a quarrel about sosso wood wh ieh bad been cut by a man namod Small. Professor Hodge, wtth hls-son and other irlends, having armed themselves, went with teams and attempted to take the wood. Small and another man nsmed Moore forbade this and resisted the attempt, whereupon Hodge stepped hack and cocked his gun. Moore drew a revolver, and both flrod about tho aarae time, Moore receiv ng a load of bucksbot In the region of the heart and a ball In the groin. Professor Hod^e wss shot In the breast by ? ball, which rlancod and passed sround his side, making a long but not fatal wound. Young Hodgo was ahot in the wrist: how U Is not known. Moore, as well as the Hodges, were known as young mon of good character. Tits Wamsctta Mill* Company decided on the 1st day of March not to run the mill* le?s than eleveu hour* a dav tinder anv clrcumstan en They commenced work with a little over one hundred hand*. HvMtontoMA w nt* Wk-t?A young daughter of Alfred Woodruff, of Greenfield,Mic'.iigan, ha* recently n<>no raving wiih hydrophobia from a slight bite ri colved from n dog two tveuks ago. In Chicago, ou the28th uii., a son uf T. P. A hell, a dentist, died from hvdropbolua, caused by the bile of a p't dog shout tho middle of No vember last The dog was sick hut not supposed to bo mad. snd ran out of the ho i.*e and was seen no moro till lound desd shortly after. The b to wiw healed an I was no moro thought o! till two days before the lad's d atb, when he first showed symp'oms of hydrophobia, which, despite tho ben med:cni skill, became more and more severe, until the paroxysms boCTMM so excruc:alinc that no remedies aiTorded any rolief. and his parcn's and rel atives were unable to witness the fearful convulsions. D.roncn in Tnr Wrxr.?In September, ISM. Rose M. Carr married A J. Schweitzer. Kebr iary 7, 1S67, she Hied a bill in Chicago for divor o on charge of cruelty nnd neglect. The bill was referred to a master In Cbnneery who leporied in favor of divorce on the 9th, on the testimony of Ixsvl M. Sanford. On February U Sanrord and the late Mrs. Schweitzer were married. Shortly after Schweitzer, who was aheent from the city, read the published decree of divorce, and came beck io leant that his ?Ife was already married again. Ho pro cared an oponing of the decreo on his affidavit that the proceeding* from the beginning were unkuown to him. The lawyer who bad put in au appearance for him in Uie rsso had been Induced to do so by a spurious power or attorney exhibited to htm by the counsel of tbe com plainants. Trr Last battt* or Attanta?The Atlanta (Ga.) Journals of the 2<<th ult. describe an affray which oc curred there on th* day before between a nan named Greene, ex-sheriff of the county snd an ex-Confed Tste ? ildler. and a Mr. HowelL A dispute existed between them regarding a ferry In which both were Interested. Meeting In Atlanta on the day mentioned, they bad some words, of which tbe following were oferlieard:? Mr. Howxll? "Will you swearto Itf" Mr. Gstros?"Yet, 1 will swear to It, an<t swear to the truth, too." Mr. howvll?"'Well. I wouldn't." As li* uttered theee last word*, Mr. Howell ptwhed up against Mr. Greene, when the latter immediately struck him with his list. They then clinehed, and rtruggied for a few seconds, when Mr. Howell, who Is a man of considerable aire and strength, was about to overcome, when Greene drew ? pistol, snd raising it as near How ell's head as possible, began firing. This wss done with diBculty, as tbey were In such close quarters. The llrrt shot allghtly grazed Howell's nose- the second mi seed and struck tne sign of Massey, Swansea k Co.: tbe third struck tbe curbstone of the sidewalk, and tbe fourth took effect, striking th* base of the occiput, or the back of Mr. Howell'* bead, entering the brain, and killing blm instantly. RBLiaiOl'l NOTICES. SPANISH-AMERICA* CHURCII.-THB CHURCH OP Santiago celebrate* divine service la Spanish, In Trimly chapel, In Twenty fifth street, near Broadway, on Sunday aft' rnnena, at 2 o'clock. Tbe B*v. II. O. Riley, from Santiago, chile, will tl? V.) preach next Sunday. All who speak HpauUh am cordially tuvtted to attend these services. Keats free.

DENTISTRY. Awarded five premium*.?beautiful -opmo. type" Teeth. Seta $10 upwards. Plllln* decayed teeth, gold, $1; oeteopWstic. $1 Extracting teoth with raa. 1,219 Heeadsray, near Thirtieth street. DK. MANRON, Dentist^ At iw sixth avenue can bk had a pkrma i,nit set of Hum Teeth for $12. A teeaporarv ??*, $*> Teeth tilled with gold, $1. Teethexuacted without pal a. U A SET OK TEETH" IN THREE TO NTO HOURS. JY Hplendld seta, $*, $1*. $16, $a?. Beautiful tium seta, with rUuipera to Oil out the checks aud reetors youthful appearance. Teeth ertraatad without pain with Nitrous oxide (las. No charge lor extracting when Teeth are in aerted, at VAN vlecicb, 178 Sixth avenue. Satisfaction guaranteed. ^ 20LT0N DENTAIa ASSOCIATION ORIGINATED THR annethetlc use vt nitrons oxide gas, administer it Is i snoet approved method, d* nothing but Rxtraet Teeth, and certainly do IL^wtthout pain; ao IR.OOl) patients testify. See their names it the offloe, 1* Cooper Institute. Osteoplastic and PURE oold rlLLINOS, PC,R restorlnf Teeth In every stage <>f decay to their orlg.nal ahape, beautv and soandnesa, without pal*. D1scove?wa rooms, 29 Fourteenth street. 18,000 testimonial.. TEKTHk TKETB, teeth?beautiful en,,. Our, Seuon vulcanite *nd en ,mii'^'L ?*UOO? MAL.BM AT ArCTIOK. A"~~UCTlON BOTICF. ?K. ROTH. AUCTIONEER.? Litrue aale of Household Furniture, thia (Thur*nay) BiorniiiK March 7. si 11 oYloci. el the house ll&Cliuton place (Riftilh street). between Kifth and Sistli aseuues, uouslstlug of magnificent ro*ewoo4 Piano forte, stool and Cover, nil tnouerti improvement*. full 7* octave rwblv carved U)|C* and case; liiiee beautiful ^*r}"r hutLs eovered with thei rtcheel description of French satin brjeatcl Works of Art, Brontes. OB PeiutiiiKS by emiuenl artist* Velvet. Bru*?el* toil Ingrain Carpel*. roaewood bU ger<*f* lyle of Louie XIV.; solid bU.1twalnut Extension Tible Buffet ami Dining Chair* to match; Oyaland rtor Mirror* black walnut Sulla, covered with haircloth and rep*; black walnut and rosewood Be.Wtcad* and Bu* naut Spring and Hair*, Sofa* and Hock^r*. V,... tllaa*. Chiua and Silver Ware. Cutlery, Ac. N. B.? Reliable men in attendance to cart, pack and ship good* foi purchaser* at a reasonable charge. Albert b. waldron, auctioneer. <u? broad way ?RYLANDT A WALDRON will *ell at auction this dsy at 11 o'clock, assignee's aale of imported Staple and Fancy Clock*, Brume Figure* and Group*, Bronx* and Or molu Tablea, Card Receiver*, Vases. Ac., Ac. ADRIAN H. muller. AUCTIONEER. ADRIAN H. MULLER, P. R. WILKINS A CO.. will sell at auction on Wednesday, March IS. at o'clock, at the Exchange Hale* Boom, 111 Broadway, tor account of whom It may concern, 4.900 iharea Russell File Compauy. held a* ooll >teraL UUTION NOTICE.?R. T. IIAZELL, AUCTIONEER. FRIDAY. MARCH 8. at 10H o'clock, at our nalearoom, 32 Cortlandt street, Rec*Tm*RTV CASES TOYS AND FANCY GOODS, Catalogue* on morning of aa* HAZELL A CO., Auctioneer*. SI Cortlandtstreet. aUOTON HOTCJ I>9DAT, ?kRC? , AT 11 O'CLOCK. SECOND RKtil'LA K SPltlNO SALE STRAW AND PALM LEAF GOODS. FOUR HUNDRED CASES FRESH GOODS IN ORIOINAL PACKAGES, and including noyeltle* of the season m variety. Attention of buyer* is lurlled. Catalogue* and good* now ready. ' WM. TOPPING A CO.. Auctioneers, 132 Church street * ACTION NOTICE.?ALL THE ELEGANT HOUSB A hold Furniture oontatned in the At* Sffth house 44 West Sixteenth street, between Fifth and sixth ayenues, at private, at leas than auction Price* leror Sulla, coveted brocatel; Etageres. Bookcase, 1 Bronxes. Painting*, MIrror*.Carpets, Bureau*, Bed*teivd?, Wardto'ws Mattresses, Buffet, Extension Table, China, Glass, Silverware, Table CuUery, Ac.; in use but six months; lu perfect order. B Y HENRY 11. LEEDS A MIKEB. ? i llt'.NKY II. LEEDS. AUCTIONEER. SPECIAL SALE. On Friday, March 8, ot 11 o'clock, at their galleries. 93 Liberty, n lew door- west of Bioadw.ty ANCIENT AND MODERN OIL PAINTINGS. Comprising the works of Armund, lHstacroix, Viuotmx' Corte*. Duprex, Fuller. Rene Menard. Careau, Billow. Brissot, IjOuIs Lasalle, Anil other*. The above are now on exhibition froe at the al>ovo gallery till time of sale. ___ BY MINER A SOMERVILLE. ltT?InM HORDES AND CAUIUAGES AT AUCTION. By MINUK A SOMEP.VIL'.K. FRIDAY, MARCH 3. at Ilorno Auction Mart, Union square. < l.unn ? McMahon'* stable*), Some very fine stock, Including pair o* cl?K*nt bay Mares. 6 and 7 veari olil; fine ilaiubietoiiluit Colt, 4 years old. which can be "seeu at tlio Union place stable* this day; also very line uray l-atchin Morse, 1? hand*, sound, PWfeet, fs*' and true; aline brown Hainbletonian llone. picture of old Chief, iwk hands. 7 veura, nonnd. |>erfectty true and kind; ten Other llorses. lYolting W*kou*, Top Busies. V ictoras, Phae ton*. Rockaway*. Ac. ParticuUrs"rrow. Regular Ilor*?> Hules at our Auction Mart, Union place stables, ereiy 1 uo?day and Friday throughout the year. B Y DANIEL A. MATHEWS. AUCTIONEER. LARGE AND VALUABLE COLLECTION OF HIGH CLASS MODERN OIL PAINTINGS, PAbTELS AND CltYSTAL MEDALLIONS, belonging to t!ie Amorloan Art Gallery, oomprijlnR OV^:W> LanilScape*. Marine, Figure. Fruit and other subjects, being wholly the works of well known American artists, TO BK SOLD AT AUCTION BY DANIEL A. MATHEW*. AUCTIONEER, AT 663 BROADWAY, near Bleeeker etreet. on MONDAY, TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY E^NINOS, MARCH. 11, IS and 13, ,t ^"'Qlock^eveuiug. hib[tion yKgR D BURKE, AUCTIONEER-OFFICE 59 OBBA* . Jone* street, will sell on Thursday, 7th lnjL, till o'clock at 21 tirceue ?4ree4, all the Kurnitun* of that Urge three atory honne. Including one hiftonedjmm I'lano, Parlor Suit*, in rep* and haircloth: '"**'''?'? *''? rors. costly Oil Painting* and Engraving*, rich Damask and Curtains, excellent Bro^eU and Ingrain ^rpata. igy wood and black walnut Bedsteads, l eather Bed*. Hair Mat treuse*. BUnkui*. Sheets. Oilcloth, Ac.; "PI|'n'^ ""i Future*. Dining Room snd Kitdten Furulture. 1 osltire sale In lots. Dealer* lnrited_ BURKE. AUCTIONEER-OFFICE ? GREAT . Joo?*-i street, sell on Thursday, 7th Instant, at t o'clork. tiia stoc* and Fixtures of Fancy Store ?J ?l enue. about ?L?W worih of new and weU assorted Stock. PosH.vo sale, lu lota. Must l>e oonUu-ied HUjsold. D BURKE, AUCTIONEER-OFFICE 0? . Jowx street?W ill ?ll, ?? FCltfey, *h tyt.. at U o'cloek, at 10SS<. Oherrjr street, the Furniture ?? that bo*rd ... hoiue- 1H Bed*; ful'y lurnislied; sl*o B*rmid Dining . Itoom Furniture, Bar Mirror. Beer Pumps, Paintings and Engravings, Kit lien Furniture. Ac._ Of. the House, at very low rent Dealer*. atteM. Tbe articles to sold In lots, I Sale tl?U >j?v, at 12 o'clock, by EDWARD fvCllKNlyli. at the *ale*rbou> pU LH?erty street. I^XFOUTOR'S SALE.?LIQUOR STOKE. STOCK AND lj Fixture. RICHARD WALTERS, Sheriff * auctioneer. JlCJ.ll on ThnViday. at II o'clock atlrfo. 5? Eaat TMrteenth aireet, a quantity of Bar Flxturea, ? Barrel* old block Ale, Irish. Scotch aud Bourbon WhUkcTj.Holtond Oln. Wlrwie. *?jSiiS o'cloek A. M., will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder, with atJaqosle security, for a term of ten years rrom ^TheTltMse of th?Vorry as now established from the foot of Whitehall street t.. hu.en lstend Ibe Lea?e of the Ferry to be eetabliabed from the foot or Twenty third *.-eet, Nortli river, U? I avonU, N.J. to the 41iSto im be had upon application at the Comptroller's (ttlea. u.. of ?Ka* < lommil* utroiierrtiiuia*. , ? . of tbe ComiulaeioM** of the Sinking RICHARD B. CON NOLLY. Comptroller. ,? V.?.? 1 ksen . HTMVMf OF KlXATICE. i By order Ctt or N?w ^?;w^?MTorK^cx; i li'ARM AT ArCTION-lSTH OF MARCH. AT 1 O'CLOCK r I* jh )?4 ncrr*. ?tx m lea ww?t of s^r*toga hpringi, "ll'?*e. Barn .ml outbuilding... good s.?t iorgrain or gia<? . ? ar s:hool, i* and storos. plcasantljf *it''?t,''1'Kr John l atrf k. Saratoga sprints, N. Y., for pa, tt> ilar.^ GEO ROE C<X)li, AUCTIONEER. CABINETMAKER'S STOCK OF OKNTCEL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. On Saturday, Msr h !?. at luS O'cloek. at No H Murrvy atreet, naar tM CHy llali, a large assortment of city made Parlor, Chamlxr. Ubrary and Dining lloom Furniture, re moved for eonwt'lence of *ale. Thia fur c.ish. Puniaae* can rem.tln on *toi age until May 1 In e o( charge, (>r :k*cJ for shipping at ie*?oouble eharge. Lata loRtie* at sile. ? HENRY dTkIBER. AUCTIONEER?SALESROOM 57 NiHH'iia ?*tf' eL opponite th? l*oai ofllci, i K< >K ACCOl SF OK WHOM IT IIA V CjDNCKBIf* MINER A SOMERVILLE will *ell at aneilon on Tlttire d ir. March 7, at II o'clock, at their ?..le*ro.vm. S7 Na*aa?i ?treet. for socomit of It may ooitoern, tn pa* sd'an eea und charge*, a collection of line aneleut Oil I j n-cont.y receive! from Italy and attributed to oe.cbiated artists of t he old schools. - ,.. Also a la ge al I very fine collection of Chroro * Lltho Bfi.M .ndfo^vlDJ.-of Work* Of Art of the European a h'*>ls. The a t ye nr? now on exhibition. ENliY O. hVAN*. AUtrriONEER-WILL SELL THIS day. at t oleksrk, a rich aaMirtmeui of French Lliina I Bohemian Glasslvsre. Parian rnai ule French Clock*, Ac., tui couitilcte iiupoi Jvtion of II. lichrlacX 4US) Broadway. HMOROBNItOTil k CO., AUOTIOXKERJ, B . *? *c union Hall ?nk>RY FF.I.IMAN sells thl? I dsv at 10>. o olotk. XI Cberrjr ?tivct. Stock nnd Fixtures of oraceryHtor*. nrspa, ?ug*ri, SUrrh, Ac. Rate positire In <>tiT f)e*ler?l talT Noflce.?^To-morrow, a Urge Grocery 'alii In lot* only. VoilM L. YANDEWATEU, AUCTIONEER, 1U0 LIBERTY ?1 street, to-ui"tioMr ( Friday, at li o'clock, llry-ses. Mules, WAonAA. ilirne?i Ac Stuti bay Marc Mutes, HI hand*, live anSRlx years. r? in and bay *Jtigln Mule*, years well W?* n to all h..rneea and warranted perfectly wMind and kind. the apan is said to be ins finest in U?e <coun* try and direct i"in a Virginia plantation, andean be seen before M*.noasM A^fl"VRo1TING AMD ROAD HORSES. Particular < tn-tiorrow. T HOG ART. AiL'tJTlONEB*.?SATURDAY, jJjABt.:n9. al . at 1UM odick, at the auction room* No. I Noetn n II* ?*1 tiree? I sale of Household Furniture, Carpets, pt"orSult;. Ac.Ac. Tft^PI'll HEGRMAN.?FRIDAY, MARCH % AT 10 A. M atlhe t'wtral ftale.rooms WiUoughbf street, cor ?er Pearl Brooklyn, rosewood PtMoa, Veleet a ad Other Carpeta. Parler Sana, walnut, mahogany an J >*JnU[J - hTr^rwl Dlnitiu Bsotn Furniture; llslr Msuressea. Redding, Chl5T<Il*?* *nd Plated Ware. I^aaey Good*, (.lothlng, Ac FURRrrURB. ? H M OOUOIITY will sell ?? Frj^f March K At I0W O'clock, at salesroom. .9 Coaatst nit of waliut, mahogany, rosewood and oak Dlnlnf KonmTsuft*. L,tZ*Z. < 'l-Jj^ and SpJStT Sra ratntmi, Eitensios liming, Card, Faocf and Centre Tables. morning of *ale. I SBuTw-NBROKEM' HALR-THIS day. AT BKUL 4 IHORAH/Sri W New Bowee*.?SOD K*? Wen an<! cin^tM. Coitit Panta^ VeeUK Bilk njd other | Umaae* Boota, Shoea Alao Watohea Mid.slewelry* B/ ordTil'. A l ^ oll, ?> Myrtle aeevi?. Bwoklyn. Pi AWNBROKF.R'S RALE?HEWS AND WOMEN'S Clothlwt.?R FIELD, Ar*tloneer aalesroom *? I eart eet aell this day, at II o'elcwk, at isi Rowerv. corner De* r.'ncev stieet fltiO lot* ss ahoee. eonslstlng of Mlk and olber nr, se* ^ha^a, oik*, llumt.ant Dies* Gojela, rjrdeTiiUitng. sfcoetx, B' ddlng, RooU, Rboea, 4c Aleo a large I'M of >len's Clothing. Witt whioh the sain will wm niencv. By order of W. Mlmpson, 181 Bowery. CHtERIFF'S SALE.-RICHARD WALTERS AUCTION S err will *wi thi* dsy /Th t-sday). at II o^lock. st iy I "7oM I.TWCTI. Pepntr. ______ mS^AS V8?^ AU<mOKBRBBBv> *? fUBtlO ADMINISTRATOR'S 8ALB _ rnrnlture, t lo hlng. Jewelry, Ae , Ac.. ?o TRur?1ay, March 7.1*7. at II A. M.,at Roe. Tl and It Iwane -tree^ Wj ILLIAM ABBOTT. AUCTIONBBR. WIW. <K!.L ON Kriils* and Saturday, March 8 and t. the balance of IK. .tock nf Dry Goods contained in atore No. * 1 alnerine ?trset <const*ting of drees goods. Shawls, Sheethig* an.t uhirunes. table Linens, Cloths and Cas<lmer? sale t ? cmem-nce atlOOieek. N. B.-Howekeep,r? and sU In* teadloa mircttaaea would do wall to akM4 BArjBS AT ACTCTIOff. ?TATFS N*VV VARD, BOSTON ?COM maadanr* <>mn? r.s ?> ify ? The ?. f?K J?A?* AT AUCTION. at th.? ir?!S ?Jjfp 'no will be aold, at mihlfe anruon, "pc.r.tfer' Bo*" l<-n?Tlb ISO feet, brefeiib M . ttU,ut ** t "'?. 'iraught. ioZSd. 17 le?l i j,.rk. ' poop cubiu, uuii lojijyiUunt foi*c^>tlo day. iel re?"'H wltblu two weeks from that ?? JOHN HoDOBEH. Commandant. : j UrariduBi, ulna. Cigar*. 4c!?' ?lnUn??. flue old Bourbon, Wy'* TJ^2l AVi'TI?HKER_8ELLS ON TU1H. ft* *""??' "ow*rdiiVK? w?rk0Vi?harrn.?t^i1K*tl'4 for othe?tro? *- < a"?' W^tToJSk tF?2I?*,K*R' THIS I)Ar. rori; OilclotKal Ac*' ^ Storey Parlor Suit, Mir ~ fOH Talk. ~: A "ew too gallon still, tubs hkatwr Ajor^^cbeap. Addre*. J. a L.iw H^M ofl,^ | A KIKST class restaurant a*d nivivn satisfactory rwaonTlh^n f?ADnlr* ?h"?P; loollt,on *??*j ?1 roadway. 8 ren- APPl? on premlsea. 811 A I^Uon^a8^^" HT??R rOR HALK-IN A GOOD oOlce. Bn"a **urllic?- Addieta W. H. B., Herald ATwA0.?*R M^T??TRR ",rDOLTBr;E smaller second hand Hc*\im fiwiWi cjP*ettr; several Sea lea and .Sale* fur **!? Ure Prouf ?Uo new -SSHSr order*. Capital ?&*???.?? y?/jcu,ltoj fo.r rn"ell?? *,m rout ofllce, N. (' *o,u00' Addreaa Business, box A FIRST CLASS BA.KRRT AVD IOP PUPav a a &*&??*? -'"? w&'gMi: SATE KOR :1ALR AT A GREAT HA 11(1 AIV? RBis-r _cltjr maker. Add rami g*fa, box aii Herald oaioe! '\ }\!!}V </f'ASS fiR?CERYSTORK kor SALE?ON irade ^f Home ~th? c,tv' d"ne ? *??><?"<> mi l o ?J"M Inquire of GEO W Moh RILL, Real Estate Agent, atf Broidw.y.roow J?o 3. ARTXLL KOR 8ALE.?CAPACITY IUI dai KiV't' rv complete running or.ler^Addre.,'* A ^?heao-WiM,Nar{h?ySTRR. , SALO?* FOR HALE A MRK opportunity TO BUY AN OLD PsTi h Wupffi A"p,y for I'artic ulara" a t"l lJ *?;ha mbera A ?A.RVJN'8 HAPE, DESK AND Fa7h7i7*m77. auiijir"' d'"5" """? *? A SI,? """? A CRAKOK.?$3,000 ? i WELL Pqtaii u4nue"h^^\;0!TwniluAMb*a^^r E"fhlh' ?pd from lj Li a. 76Ced,V 442 fc"hth ?veuu?. A HOTEL ANB RESTAURANT, WITH 8IX VKtlN' t Wo. ft Twenty-third atreet, Klfih'Ave* i? Hotel A sale cheap, at great baroatn^ a i mranglL'S ?iore Agency. 77 Cedar utreet A WXTURliS OF A DRY GOODS STORF - DF,Y? " Ha?' oaicu. m ElginU-aret.lie iimplMi thou. SCAN LAN, 7<M Eighth avetiur I> UTTER MTOHK FOR 8A LK-OLD BHTABLIHIIPn fa-aa"-?^Js'siss^i 13UR0LAR SAFE?HERRING'S MAKE- Al sO BamiT ?P to. Room Knrnltur., for ?le at 18 N^? .^LBANK" OPPER MTILL AND WORM ~ paSi^SSSigKgM.M SSKSSfW?"0'? ??"??*51 E^ld^lc^/lk K aSALE?COKHISTINO OP Drfntoi?. Apply ^bell's. arw^irr.ssMup eonnectk>a?; alao one 3u hurae (Jpn^ni Uo.lerWth cSnV^r isajur - vst; F",r?.n?VOLr> ESTABLISneD BROADWVY "on. Inquire ., tbl,^Si?,'Uo't' aow 10 "?>oc-ftu op,fa yOR HAj.E-.HroCK. GOOD WILL AND~PIXTPRK1I Hi.d lot in the country for one hVlf the^,1 |U.k" * '">u*" ssJjf't "-~r?i? UOB ?AI.K-1IA|,DH<IM? ?Rt BUr**ViTvm was?a*?-?a.sss?:s ]/?0P. BALK?THREE YEARS' LEAKE OF A FIVE rlorjr llnieL wuh ? nplmilM kir md *lttl:in mom an I large Unaameet 33 aleepin* room*, with or witaoit stork and femutire. item only $ I.h? per annum. Looulou wiUilu one Mori of Hudeon II vpr Railroad di poi GEO. W. FithMCH A CO.. iCW Niu.h aeorme. jrtOR SALE?FIXTURES AND TWO TEAIM' LEASE 1 of a fine fancy and dry aooda ?u>re; coed loftatluu any oilier bnjanitno; rent |ier month. W Third afeuue, near Thirty alith aire el F^OR SALE?A FIRST CLASS T3A AND <;R>CEItY ea'jibllahment. now doing ? aplcodid caah trade. Ad dree* T. R., atatlon D. r"?OR HALE?A CO*rOBTR SET OF SURGICAL IN I1 etrnmeiita (fi?e oaaeai, in perfect order To h* a d<t low forcaah, at J. A. PAKISB'H Pharmacy, H tlarM Mim FOR SALB-A LARGE SIZE REFRIGERATOR. made by Yoat. In perfect order, and mounted on ca?tor<. Ap ply at 1*7 Eaat Eighteenth atreri IjlOR SaLE-HTOCK AND FIXTURES OF A CIGAR 1 More, 124 Oreeua Ich. near Eighth **e?iue. r"!R SAI.F-A IIAT ANI> CAP ST >ltK, D.IIJC) A ~ g.."d ;i lalnoaa. Oi at *? Heeetoer <tr?v FOR sale?THE good will, STOCK AMI Kl>:urc? of ? Icm cUm tlroeery Store ou o>a> of tlio be>t ayenuea la lit* city: la now duliig a flrit cian f* and na?a tr.ulo. Apl ly to F. 1ITTEL, corner of fhiiileih atreet *nl Heennd arenu*. I[V>R SALE?A I IRST CLASS DYRING AMD RKFIV lahlng o?ial>U*hniiint. now doing a ptoapemu* huniie.a, together with L??ms Machinery, r i luioa anil guod will. The advantage oi thin fiuunry la. that it can be <>aei for ill parpuaea where ?team power la ro'|iun'd. It uuiat tie aeon U he appreciated. To a reapunaiide purciiaaer. lerrna will he Iim.te eaay. Far fuituer lu/oruuUlon, aJUrr. a bot Kow York I'oet office. ,tOB HALS-tub STO<'K, FIXTIKHH AND LEASE OF an old eataMiahed t'onfec'.ioncyy. Ire t?re*m. J'.iner and 1 a I taineaa. Only a amall c*pitjt re-|-jlft-d. Apply L XVI HI * F Period oal Store, with apartment* to lire In atlas'.ied. 1 h a la a ran cUatiie. Kent f IS per month. T9> llnrd arcniic, between Fiftieth and Fi'ty flret atrenta. l^OR SAt.E-THE STOCK. FIXTURRS AND RUSN r aeaaof the old eatabli?h?<*; Groeenr Stare, aiieate'i nm the earner o( Naa-u.ii and Jay atreet a, Uror4lyn. Thia at ue fur the laat ten yearn Saa donr.- a Urge an I paying hnaii r?i and la aa ga?d a aU"?d for a large caah trad* <\a any in the oiiy. For Information epply en tlio prcmieea, t.*? .lar -tieet. I'.rook ru. R E. CAftPPNTEK, or of VALENTtXK A BE RUIN, V Fulton utratt. SrooUyD. \Ktil be aol.i for . i-a. Ii^OR HALR-THE WEIJL KMOWM OTS.TER SAI/105 1 Nk. X niTlMrin atr.jet, now doiag a >ery gi..f| < i<h tradn, and plenty room for Improvetnent, guod VtM aud oheap reait. Iti'jaarn at Om abora niMaber. li'OR HALE?FISH AND OYSTER MARKKT, WITH l1 Figturea eomploia. intilndlnf a vexy auperhir oia.ble ?lab>of (lie Ur,-??t; location apletidld; Uige <aili Ira l<\ nH proflta ftwn per month Apply to J. W. CAM I'BKLL k CO.. ?# i'anal atreea. For halk-thr stock and fixtures of the l>nr Oeodaand Fanry store V< Itooaervli atreet; to be remorad b?Cnre Uie latof 'May; will be aoUl cuo?p. A>ao a Chamber Organ for aale. ________ rR JUI.E-IK BROOKLYN. A H MR BTOME; HfSI? n?vaa on? of the beat in the United mate*. Thia la an opportanity neldom to bo met with; eauhiiahed o??r Arteen year* and in the beat kmaikkn In the city. Will be eol<l on r?ry reasonable terma. A leaae oi any length of tlmo onu be agr < d >ipon, a* t'ie ad>' uiaer la owber o[ Uie ptl!nili?e*. Apply at St.1 Fallon ?;reei. BrooWrn. 110R SALS?TO PLUMBER*. CHEAP FOR fASIl ' Three Crutea of Fretx h H"Wl?. Apply to PuSPH'li A ? MITCHELL, 97 WatTrn *f*et ' For sale, or partkmi wanted?im a vir^t rl*?a photo^-aph gallery In tli<- Roweer. App'yto A OEBH ARi>, l?A second atreet, Burner aremie A. Fob sai.p theap-at p a nowpT>,?iT !?o ? !?orth wtiltari at reel, HI ??"?o#d band Sho'?r^iaea ault able far edrer we're or (iaHoeary. ' fon ralr. li10,t SALE olt exciuncf. pon ANY KIND OF t property?a suleudtd uionsy m,,., isumu.^, wuh ?tot k on huivl an?| i'xc!hm?d right to .re Ad <]>.- oton uaprw. pus i .. , re aa" Lion HALE OR EXCHANGE FOR kkal7fstitr a t valuable Patent. Ad<ire?s i' i? . ,uuoi. C statin* where an interview may be had alter 6 i' m, no it sale UK TO LET?THE fl iiniti'kk ok A. hoiail media-. ??' board,iig houe; mu<t . ? <1,.posed of Immediately. Call at KM West Tnlrty-tuird sirest, Lute< ?a Sixth an<l Seventh avenue*. tnire PROOP safes-tnkee LA roe AND Hit I small and medium second hand Safes for sale clieai- at luo Maiden lane, near Pearl street. GROCERY STOKE FOR sale?in A FIRST clash neighborhood nil town, rent only saw. Pr,oe $900. Apply to MITCHELL A SWAIN, 78 Cedar street, room is. Milk route for sale.-inquire of wm. h. keller, Third avenue, between Eighty-fourth and ily-Ofth streets. Route selling jw1 quarts. Photograph uallery?well located and in first rata working ordjr; long lease, cheap rent aad excellent location. To any one wishing to buy a good Oal lerv, cheap for oasb. this in an ex re lie m opportunity. Ad dresa Photo, box 4,ou N. Y. post oflloe. Rare chance?for sale or rent, a la rob v Inegar Ksctorv, the only one In the District of Coiuns. Ma. Can make about <00 gallon* a day. The owner would take partnership if desired. If sold, at least one-third oaah: other terms easy. Apply at to P. JOUVKNaL, MS kourteeiith street. Washington, D. C. qjafes FOR SALE CHEAP-TWO MEDIUM SIZED o Safes of Herring's and LUIie's make. Also one lame sm Herring's Patent Safe. m. q. ql'irk, 72 William street. Tank for bale?is feet diameter and 10 feu* high; also Engines and Hollers. A laige supply of ins ctilnlsu' Tools constantly on hand. mnnky a HOFFMAN, l?7_to its Water at.. Brooklyn. To watchmakers.?FOR SALE, TN A THRrVIN? town, a few miles from New York, a Jewelry Stand, es thniished eigtil"i-u years. hat ing an excellent ruu of custom; ifl? *'ren for "elling. Apply to EDWARD heLWIO, w Nassau street, New York. To exohanoe-for a SMALL FARM in tim country, with easy acc.-ss to the olty. a good paying in hew York, that has heeu established for the ilrtlilway'hs. particulars Inquire of J. E. TATE, (v Tubs for sale?suitable for distillerh* . 'H'l'ty u! -macpuelifeon a DONALD .SMITH, io- west Eighteenth street. 8TH AVENUE. SOUTHWEST CORNER OK THIRTY - seventh street; for sale, flrst class Store, with fixtures. now occupied a* dry goods store; possession May 1. ai>t>hr to M. li 1tM AN. IJ? Broadway, room 8, one 1', M. 000 WI,LL BUY A WEEKLY nlwtipaper x?su?.f, .. 'c.u?: >""n? ,>llt verT promising); Type, tlood Will and all Fixtures; no presses A decided chauo*. Address u. ti. O., llav^.olqec, tq 000 ~KOR SALE. COAL YARD. WILLIAMS burg, old and line business place, horses, t arts , Scalas. a'l in tine order; cash business. Appiy for three days at x6 Broadway, room 43. jdachinklly, A FORTV KIVE horse'enoineand BOILErta, XX. six and two horse Engine and Boilers, Lathes, Bolt cutters. Power. Drop and Lever Presses, Pulleys. .Shafting * u1,!!;"1?' ?; machinery and To lis of all kinds, for sale, by SMITH a claitlv, 2.6 Pearl Htreet. For salb-a fifty horse oorliss enoink, with turned pulley Oywheel and foundmon bed stone; all lt? complete order, can be seen ruuning; prloe $3.1)00; no deflation; will be ready for dellvory in about two weeks. Call on or address W. K. CHOM AS, care of John ILelluin. Esq., 1*1) Broadway. IjlOR SALE?3 RETURN FLUE BOILERS, I 8IXTY live horso power Engine, in working order; Upright Shafting, Counter Shafting, Pulleys, Elevators, Conveyers Belting, ao. Inquire at 1m0 Soutli street. For sale at a bargain-must be sold and removed; Steam Engine and Holler. 40 borse, and one 10 horse, complete. wll. McKENZIE, 66 Park street, Flea poiotai FOR SALE CHEAP?an ENGINE AND BOILER, IN good order and now in use. Inquire at 1jj Chun* street, up stairs. Wanted to purchaao, a small Upright Boiler. Inquire as above. fr?e ?ai'k l-ow? A 20 HORSE ENGINE AND BOIL8B, (-? t/urrler's make, Newark, N. J ; oeen in use oaiy night mouths. Inquire of W. T. A J. mersereau. m Duane street. Laths for sale?swings si inches-, wood nbears 16 fwt long, with every thing complete. sft i;iiureh street. Locomotive boilbrs and horizontal boil. ers of all for sale it Franklin boiler Works, foot of Morgan street, Jermrr City. au kinds of boilers built. Lenoir gas engines?without boiler or lira. Company's offioe. u Nassau street. Portable AND STATIONERY STEAM ENGINES AND bollbrti AND CIRCULAR SAW MILLS. 1 ue best and moh complete lu use. Circular sent on i.pplic.Jtlon WOOD A MANN STEAM ENGINE COMPANY. ? uuoa, t>. r., \ and 98 Maiden lane. New irork. parr CHANCE.-FOR saj.b. STRAW HAT PRESS. jt ing mactiiae *ud showoam, ruowcmo for the door. ????? Stands, Chairs. Apply all this weak, up stalra. Ml Broadway. otationbby AND portable TRT'NK F.NOINBS. tj square Double Engines, Drilling and Rotating Ma chine*, very conijiavt auj cuiin)lete? at low pnoet. ROOT STEAM J,NOISE COMPANY, tfisduaoe st,,N, T. s [TEAM EN JINES AND BOILERS, NEW and 9ecomd . &*?.''? l-athes, Pinners, Blowers, Vices. Shaft ing, Pulleys and Belting Propeller Engines, small cupula WILLA-jd A millwaru, am Waler street. tiik BALHEAW1h. FIR8T INVITATION BALL OF UNITED CONFaO tioners' Association, at coniral ilall, 37 and ? Bowery, inursday evening, March 7 1*7. TlckeU to be bad or Geo! Kuster, 37 Bowery; Chas. H. Grube, Presldont, and 1 wengsnroth Secretary. U Division street. ^.erman liederjuianz. TIIE ANNUAL GRAND MASQUERADE BALL of THE GERMAN LIEDERKRANS, win take plane at the ACADEMY OF MUSIC, Thursday, March ?i, itin Tickets $1.' ea. h, admtttinsone gentleman and two Can be had oi' inenioer* of tiie society only. By order of the Committee, H. C. F. KOCH, Secretary. ciliarh AM) tobal'cu. 9 100 t'>?a0co FOR SALE cheap^I sal. i imf Call bo seen at 33) Soventii avenue, between l'w;e",lyand rweuty-seveuth streets. Inquire lu CRAW* PORU'3 drug atora. FlKNITt HE. Alt, sim-ietts patrm? iPitiso beds rpquirb bill one mattre?? Clean, dur.ible. Warranter! for y.^rn. u > leethera or atrta?? aboul Uiaui. Sold ererywbef*. WmrtotM J!J t;< street. A MAGNIFICENT PIANOFORTE FOR SALE-POK for $1 TV ooot $5V> a Wf?iit fill Parlor SnU, la Krencu ?atl" liiooitel. for $IS. oo?t far*, on* do. for $75; ? l?i> a lot of P.ii lor and Bedroom Farntture, at it great Mori* lion for ? .110. lOt^uire at 111' H ull highlti street, MU HUlli HNM A PERSON iuvino furniture would rest it to it part? Ii.ring a home Mm 1 in a re-;iert'iblr location and i."*iv?iv.v fbr the ?.iiii? In lio-ird. Addreea M. L., bos 1,441 Poll o?r?. A FAMILY ABOUT MOVINrt WISH TO DMPOAE OP a luir 01 Wall \ irror*. V fret 8 lucbos lift lent S leohee; Kruaoli i4ate; elaimraie fremea. AUdraaa C. U. K., iuim P. t RARK CFTAKCR FOR PARTfftS COMMENCING j\ houai*kfle!>:nit All the -laatiiit Ilotaarbol'l Purntlur* ooaUlueU In tlif lire nlory tirauru atoM bouno 44 Want Ihi irontli aiteet. between PnUi Mid .-uxlb arenuea, for sale. at a MtfrUac for ?l>raw?>? Bom Purmiuro, cut<red la PreMll hrrxV.^:; Lta^erea. flookr. me, Paintings. Bmnm, PiAOOIune, .v rror*. r^^etH, Hat*' md. Hurmua, Bsdslssda, Wanh-uitvir. KxunaioR Tuhto. B'lR't, ke FUBNITUHK WANTIilk?TIIK UiOHKrfT CASH pr1 r iai I for Furniture, Mirror*. Carpru. Bedding, Matt ream- and Pianos; .iUi> watches ht?J Plain inda. P. 9. F?? n Ti caU bou,ht. ArelytoC. M. IL. HI" irmfue st,eet. FnrKim'M p?kniwmlm?ra?*sd<?w * mrtx. 1 to W ?|1 A Mraun?Jorf. offer tb?r stoek o# woll amcued Furniture mMMInf of Parlor, BllUoff Room, Lli>rnry. B"4ronm an J Dunn-- ioiij SulU of th<i Utaot etyli-m ti.Uir J Hi !ir h< -i !?: o * at I'M audlC Rirlng luu HIMk If. U?kl goods MH? ffURJtlTT'RE OK HTNRT DP. K'RIPTION. PARLOR 1 am! fhimh. r >?!'?. Looking ulaaaee. MaUreaaea, Ae^ aelllM y.J rexatdieea of -*>?t In etos y iha ImuImm a- *? tuwrUtTilWAtr.lHoarety. 17>oa,HALE-T:iE FURNITURE IN A FIRST CLASS P noMi,8rid;wXn rty llil. e?nit*ting of Mlrrortv CaiSeta, Ch*nil''n?r?, So'aa, Ctralra Kel<"a.T?. ?e. I'rteO >J?oiit $'.KNi VeuM w.iiaiige tor elty lot*. AddretaJ. U. IL, hi* It!#; PoOkOMlW. 1JOVRMUPBRS OR PRRftONfl UOIRU TJ I10UWI XX Ktc) t"i! *nU bo >ui>|ilivil and cau p?j by weekly or muftlity MfMDll ror Kuri >nnr* of ewry il^r^ittlon. ?lr iiett, OlIeMtht, BoMIng, P?il<w an l W"dr..nm Bulla, Ac , ok iKNOAUt * "j*.'orr s. conMit of Canal an-'. Hudaou Mo. AfTHOhOMy. Astroi^y-or and mim. hroughtom can bb consult# I >n a>tro(kc)r and oiodiclne at Hit Bntlmy, B[ ?U.rt Fe.jJItuij, NatlrltVm writton, %b to ISO. AQLAIRYOTANIL WHO IIAB KO KUIi'AL?A1*D |iam? row*rd ,* oflered to anf po non arlw nan ??r pan* h-r m airing furred itaiemeniu on all mauera or l? Por?aa. tin lo?*r?, aleknnaa anil huiln*M ?tw> nornr falla PleaM call and ten. tier nam. M. B ?(ibc duoa not pretend to?lf>? future '.iinUunt *"u. No. U0 Eaat lltirljr third aticA, betwunn Loxniilon aul Tblnt areniie. Ar\RT>.-v,ApAME ROWS, MEDICAta AKD BU3I tieaa Clalt vormt, hat r?mrired to HV Wmt Ptfloentt alrift, near l"'.*tli arnrwe. wb^re aM ahowa tbe llkenena and lell* i lie ii.i it. not tne nrwm Tdn will murry. B?w,ir? of It inerate oret Mtdvra who try to imitate her. Lucky nuin?ee>? ATE^.'-KO IMI'OMTIOir-NEVER rAfr.Isa-MltS Bt .t r, from P.'iropc. hnrn ?rith t natuml ma arnat e*t_Bu?l ,^,.M nn.i ?R fte.ll Clatnroyant knoafii TWW iiaina mm UkyiMM, MM, preaent ktMlftttiira. C?a?" jji'JM a"r' in lore mid ?ra? MM k?"?n to fall. ??' t'liuri n arei.ue. Uenta uot adtu it?J. Hourt from 9 A. *. till f#P. M, 1 /ADAMS BYROW-THE ???ATB? Hl'H'NFSSAND J/I Meiiual 8rirltu?li?l known, r*u?e? ?poedy marrlagea. '/Iii Fourth areune. Laill"? $!? ? Madame waltkiih. piaxi^tffpMP ?nt. V!i:t nor tnf ?Jiet? theft, namoa, nambera. ?ood hie*. ? Unnai ?'rea% Mti * it nrciTtvnnf^flKn Cfi^rHTOl^A _. ?b-nt,rtc,"u ni.r.iM.v,, A>BSLK. THIRTY first 3.VS WM- Mr, r. " * X. 01atrroy?>j?ya. AMIlligW SnHty r.wnba^e m *iy mm*** m mami genui. M enw