Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 8, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 8, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. 0 0. 11.147. NEW YORK, FRIDAY. MARCH '8. 18(57. PRICE FOUR CENTS PERSONAL.. --- , A FFM4LB INFANT, BLOWDK, FO'.t ADOPTION J\ C*u f,.i Men uu'il Saturday, a Madame Wolf's, I6b Lauren* street. CHRISTIAN ADAMI IS REQUESTED TO r.MJ, AT George Hughes A Co.'a, JHU Ohuroh atreet, V. Y. FRED W. T.-FOR HFAVEN'B 8ASK, WRITE to your heart-broken wue. bl'SIE. T-D, London, C. W. INFORMATION WANTED-OF GEORGE PHILLIPS, by bis mother. Sarah Phillips who he will find at the farm bonaa. corner ofJohnaon itreei aud It .shwic* avenue, WiUiaaaaburg, INFORMATION WANTED-OF CATHARINE AND Lawrence Kenaley, of Klleaugh, county Cork, Ireland; when laat heard from In Richmond, Va. Any Information thankfully received by Bllen O'Nell, 538 Eighth aveuue, ??ui i'liirfy-elghlh *L Pennsylvania paper* please copv. IF MRS. JCI.IETT CHICK (LATE KNIGHT), ADDRESS Oct., 1S5W, No. lQt Greene atreet, N.-w York, la living, or her ton either, she or he will please address box Poet ofliee, New York, where they will hear of something u> their advantage. TANHT D. ALEXANDER?WILL BE AT OLD PLACE, <1 Fifth avenue, this (Friday) aftefuoou, between land S, if eiear. JC. 11.?TOD ARK FORGIVEN; EVERT EXCl'SE 19 ? made. An addreaa muat be giveu "la confidence" for a letter to reach you. MISS ADA FECK, LATE MRS. O., WILL SEND HER address to box UB Herald efllce, will heur of t"ine tbiDg to her advantage and oblige a friend. 88 E.'"oF BROOM* STREET," WILL FIND A letter for ber at atation A., Spring street. S. L. C. M1 NOTICE.-IF JOHN CLULEY, WHO RESIDED AT Motley, StatTordahire. England, and married Diana Rtreel in lH?i, and left-Moxley In 1863, will apply to the Kcv. F. Wllaon, Moxlev Paraonuge. near Wedueabury, Stafford - ahire, ou or before the 16th of March next, he will he-?r of ?oaaethlng to his advantage. Dated the 23d day of January, OLYMPIC THEATRE, MONDAY EVENINQ.-OR cbeatra seat. Am afraid you did not get the note. l'lease ?end tuldress to Max, atation D. OLYMPIC THEATRE?AREETS OF NEW YORK, Wednesday evening. The two ladle*, one with blue and the other pink bonnet, who noticed two geutlemen. and en leaving again recognized them in the lobby: would like an interview if agreeable. Address B. L. P., atation B, Oraud street. PKRSONAL?JAMES CLARK. LATE PRIVATE COM pany K., Sixty-Aral regtmeut New York Volunteers, will please send his address to Joseph E. Devitt A Co., No. Mf Walnut atreet, Philadelpuia. IBB GENTLEMAN WHO LEFT THE DIAMOND Breaatpin with the two French ladies, at 61 Twenty. w Sul Cfth street, can find it by calling at 40 Weet Twelfth street, ' iveen Fi^th and Sixth avenues. K. >A M. riLL TH E CARTER EMPLOYED TO T A KEiT Fl VE gmaa package, marked "Swietenla, for the Teeth," to Hudaon River depot, addressed "Collins Bros., St. la," call at 17 Wooster street and aay where he left itf WILL MB. BURGESS AND J. WILDIN, FROM btoke, England, send addreaa to Robert Henry, 44 Washington atreet. New York. w w AFFLES?WEDNESDAY EVENING. HO PBS A favorable answer. Addreaa Wafflea, Herald office. W~~C.~H. "WILL "PLEASE-CALL AT CLERMONT ? avenue. Brooklyn, soon as poaslble. Something very Important. LOTTIE. ILL THE LADT WHO WA8 ON THE PHILADEL phia train march 0, Mack dress, bine Tell, had a% extra kat with her, took dinner in Cortlandt atreet, pleaae grant the gentleman who took the oara at New Brunawlck, then took a aeat in Iront of ber at Kahway, N. J., an Interview I V ?? aend note to K. 'V. V., 1'lainlleld, N. J. LOUT AUD ROl HP. FMTND-ONE DAT LAST WEEK, ALADY'8 POCKET, hook, containing iom? money. The owner will hare it Mturncd to her by calling at >o. 15 Weil Thirty-third Street, between the hoars of 9 and 11 A. M , on Kriduy. TjlOUND-A POCKETBOOK CONTAINING A SMALL 1 sum of money, between Fulton ferry and Broadway. Tfce owner ean have It bv nailing to 386 Twenty alxth street, between eighth and Ninth avenues. LMT?LA8T THURSDAY. BETWEEN FIFTY-SECOND ilreel and Manhattanvllle, a Uold Crete, owner'a name ?a 11 The finder will be suitably rewarded by returning ?s to V. Lalor, 387 Bowery. Lost?on Wednesday, march 6, a gold lock et, either In St. Alban's church. Poi ty-seventh street or ?eating from thence through Islington and Fourth avenues to 16 Amity street. The finder will be suitably rewarded by tearing it at the above number. It Is highly valued as con taining the hair of a deceased brother. Lost?on march 4, a focketbook containing I about $8 M. the savings of many months of a poor work girl, and a few rings. The finder may keep the money If he ?r eke will return the ring* to Mis* C. A. Miller, care of K. A. Lewis, HO Chatham street. LOST?AT THE BROADWAY THEATRE, WEDNES day night, Marsh 4, a lady's Mink Pur Collar. The ler will be suitably rewarded and receive the thanks of the ewner by leaving it with J. D. Hadley, American Bx preee Company, IK Broadway. LOST?A COMMUTATION TICKET PROM LONG dock to Pasaaic on the Brie Railroad. Whoever will re ?arm It to the subscriber will be liberally rewarded. A. p. FORD, MS Pulton street. T QBT?ON WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, A OOLD JLi Boarf Pin. a letter D on it in enamel. $? will be paid on Mtomlsg tt to 0. G. Dobba, W Wall street, up stairs. T OST?ON SATURDAY NIGHT, A (JULD WATCH, JLi single esse; record of death and burial engraved inside. Ukni reward and no questions asked. S. ALMY, MO Spring street. REWARDS. REWARD.?LOST, ON TUESDAY. MARCH S, A 90 white and blue plaid Horse Blanket, bound with red iad bine. The finder will receive the above reward by re the same to the livery stable No. 40 West Eighteenth AC REWARD?LOST, ON TUESDAY MORNING. IN A 90 Seventh avenue car. going down town, a small Ac cent Book. Gold Pen and Roller, wrapped up In a news paper. The finder will get the abore reward by leaving them la the stare. 120 Duane street. 11 ear Church. REWARD.?LOST. A BROWN HUNTING DOG. short hair, long tall The above reward will be paid Us recovery at *K Orchard at. ft *10 REWARD?POR A ROLL IN BLUE PAPER, _ containing accounts, Ac., left on a Jersey City boat on Thursday morning, about 11 o'clock. Return " Wall street, oerner offlee. *1A REWARD.?LOST, A BLACK AND TAN DOG; Civ had ea a 00Uar marked "Spider Ransom. No. M East Fifteenth street." The reward will be paid ea bringing him te 11 West Twenty-fifth street. >. RFKCIAL WOTICEI. ? ? ARTIES HATING GOODS PAWNED' AT J. KNOX'S, 1M Thompson street, are requested to redeem the same ere the 1st of April, on aooouat of his going to Europe. SAM FRANCISCO. CALIFORNIA, FEB. M ? NOTICE. ? The uaderslgned beg is nonfy their friends aad the ?abUc generally that they are not and never have been ted la or connected with the house of Heln, IA Co.. corner of Jaeob and Frankfort strseta, New This notice la published not with a view of lerla any manner Injuring the house of Heln A <V, bat simply to correct mieoeneaptioa. HlilN A BRAY. Mm Bsir, <11 Battery street. flUTHBM FAMINE RELIEF COMMISSION.-A. J. Dew?y, merchant tailor, 307 Broadway, for two week*, ay wtee are act aew customers, will make to order, from fiae spring stock of poods, any style of garments the pro cf whteh ahall atricfly go to the above fund. G'KCIAL NOTICE.?A CHECK DRAWM BY AUSTIN U W. Knight A Co.. op the Tradesmen's Natkmal Bank, Slsd March ?. for ?SM. to the order of J. H. Christy A Co., ?aa been lest or stolen. All parties are hereby notified attest aapstlallag said pavmant has been stopped. AUSTIN W. KNlOHT A CO ?n PUBLIC ARB CAUTIONBD AGAINST NEOOTI JL attng a note made by ma. daied February 10.1M7, for ?MM. two moatha. la fhvor of W. B. A Hears. Superintend ent, aad payable at People's Bank. New York, aa saad auto tea been lest aad Ma payment will be refused. N. S. BRIOGS, 1M Duane street. COPAHTNBHhHIPg. * A PHYSICIAN ON LONG ISLAND, IN GOOD PRAC, tfce. has a drug store, and seeks a competent druggist MM?Mr; oiwould seiL Address Snrgeon, box ISB Herald COPARTNERSHIP.?O. W. JOSLYN HAS THIS DAY aeeoototed with hha aa partner Mr. John Y. Boat wick, aad will sontinue the Banklag and Hook ilommlxlon Baal mm at No. ? Broad street, under the firm name of O. W. Jeelyn A Co. Naw Yeas, Mareh 4, lNi. PARTNER WANTED?WITH CAPITAL TO EXTEND the tin manufacturing business. Moeey only Is wsated to toeurs a large and profitable tisde. One knowing some, dfctng of tbe Un ut hardware trade preferred. Address How ard. Herald offlee. PARTNER WANTED?WITH W-000 TO ?10,000; AN aual prnflte from f Ut.OOO to $JMOUO a year. W B. ARNOLD, U Exchange place. Jersey City. The copartnership heretofore existing belnit u the ? nderslgeed Is hereby dlasoleed bv mul'ial eaaseiit. J. B. THOMPSON, _Naw Voas. March 1, I8S7. JNO. M. DOW. WANT I'D- AN ACTITB OR SILENT PARTNER, IN an established manufacturing baa+neaa. Capital re paired. H4.U00. Profit* lam; product la coastoat deautnd by all the woollen mills and print works In the eountry. Principals can address t nemhal, box 1.8U New York 1'oat -PARTNER WANTED, IN A LIGHT AND __ . reapeclahle manufacturing business. with ?t elans customers; profita ahown by the bonk. Parties naiated with the trimmings business preferred. CaU at street, fourth floor. aeqnaiat Sraaey /Will -PARTNER WANTBD, IN T.'? DRt. O VO.VWU, business, to take the plane of a r. nng part ner, totaled down town and doina coed huslnc -. WALLER A BRUSH. ? Chami era street. $5 00 0 s&y paying kmtiaivs. Appl will PURCHASE THE INTEREST OP A partner la a wail eatabiiehed, good ly to J. M. MOODY A CO., ? Pine st. AAA TO 9MJN0-A RARR OPPORTUNITY VOU,UUU of either reneml or special partnership aaw efffera to a gefctleman with this amount, in a respect 'ell netaalisKed Neve York dry goods commission Address Dry Aleette, iVmltl office fbto. 1 bouse SPORTIfc'O. Ali kinds ok ix>o? and birds sai.e at B DOVIiY'-' Canal street. neer Church street. Medi'-ior* for all diseases. Prepared rood for mocking bird*. Francis butler. no. > peck blip, has all tub choice breed" of Dogs. Hutler's Infallible Mange Cure *ud Kii-a iiWHilMtW, 76 oents. Butler's new work on the Dog. $2. Dogs traiaad, boarded, Ac. Medicines tor all dm MIW. IjK>R kale.?JU^T ARRIVED from ST. JOHNS, ' Newfoundland, a ralr of Jet black Newfoundland Dog*, the urge*! of then age In the United Sutea, right montns old. good water ami watch dogs. Alio two brace* of Point ier* and Better*, thoroughly broken to back, point and re trieve; our iiuri< whit* fc*i|iilmHUX Dog; A No. 1 Black and Tans, f nm 5 to 10 lbs.. eicellent rat dog*; fair given. At DANIEL POSTER'S, 13 Rooaeveit sueel, New York. yUR SALE?SMALL BLACK AND TAN, BCOTCfl P and Skyo Terriers; one Black and Tan Dog, * iioundf, kept for slock purposes, pair of Newfoundland Dog*. JOHN GRAY, 11 Roosevelt street. ONE pair OP ROB DBER3, PHEASANTS, SWANS, Egyptian Geese, Mandarin Ducks, Crown 0ranee. Pining Bullfinches, German and Belgian Canaries, Ac., at CHAiC RED UK A BROTHERS' Bird Store, 66 Chatham, near Chain bera street. WATCH DOO WANTED.?ANY PBRSON HAVING A good Watch Dog to dispose of can hear ot a car chuser by addressing or applying to EDWARD IVERa, 21 Walker street, N. Y. 3 STAND OK ARMS, WITH BAYONETS COM .?"U nli te, Springfield patt?ro; also SOU Swords and Cutlasses, all of which will be sold cheap. Apply to HENRY DEVLIN, 477 Pearl street. HORSES, CARRIAGES, ?C. Ahorse wanted?that can show iao on day of sale. For such an animal a cash customer may be found by addressing W. S. 0.. Herald olllce. AT 47 CEDAR STREET?CARRIAGES AND HAR hess.?I<arge stock of first cUss work at very low prices. Concord and otner Buggies, suitable for Southern trade. No Broadway expenses or profits. JOHN M. TUFTS, Jr., Successor to Rosa A Tutts. A SPLENDID PAIR OK CARRIAGE HORSES KOR sale. Inquire of H. MARSH, Superintendent Adams' Express Company stables, 99 Broadway. A THOROUGHBRED SADDLE HORSE. 7 YEARS old, l!i?i hands, warranted sound; three driving horses; new top wagons, turn over seat. Phaeton, Harness. Fifth avenue. Forty-fourth street A HANDSOME, STYLISH. DARK BAT HORSE FOR sale?Warranted perfectly aound, about 18)^ hands high, long, heavy Uil and mane, perfectly gentle, a good traveller; price 1380. Inquire for John Carroll, at Selaen'a stable, 83 West Twenty-fourth street, between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. A-FOR SALE, ONE GRAY MARE, 15 HAND8 HIGH. ? 7 years old; also one brown Horse. 13U hands high. 7 year* old. both perfectly sound and kind and in good condi tion. Sold for want of use. Apply ?t 410 West Forty-fourth street, from 11 to 1 o'clock. A RARE CHANCE FOR HORSEMEN.-A HAMBLE tonUn Stallion Colt for aale. Will be two years old next May, and is as handsome a colt as can be raised in Orange county. He is about IS hands high, color bright bay, aad ia broken to harness. His dam Is a fine bred Morgan. Apply immediately to THOU. P. PITTS, J. B. EDS ALL, or W. W. WARDEN, Ooahen. N. Y. A BAY HOR8E?CAN TROT IN 1:40, 7 TEARS OLD, J4*i hands high; warranted sound and kind in all har ness. For sale at Torty-fourth street and Fifth avenue. ALL WANTING HORSES, WAGON!} OR CARRIAGES should atiend the sale at Horse Auction Mart, Union ?quare, by MINER A SOMERYILLE. See Auction head. AT MINER A SOMERVILLE'S horse AUCTION Mart, this day, at 12 o'clock?Two elegant little Teams; one bay and one cross matched: two full firat ilatnbleto nians. Attend thin sale. See Auction head. Particulars in printed catalogue*. At our horse auction mart?this day-two Ann liambletonians, a tint* nor re I TV am, trotting Wag. ons, Rockaway-. Ac., by MINER A SOMERV1LLE. See Auction head. Army harness, tents, waoo.v covers. blan kets. Mule Collars, Harness, Ambulaooes, McClellun Saddles Shovels. Pick*. Knapsacks, Canteen*, Army Cloth ing. W. A. CARTER, 32 Cortlandt street, near Greenwich. Express wagon, horse and harness for sale cheap?Wagon made by Abbott A Co. Apply at Sixteenth street and Seventh avenue, or at 9i Beekmau ?t. BilOR SALE?HORSE, TRUCK AND HARNESS. ALL tn perfect order, with good boot and sboe work ; sutls fsctory reason on Interview shown for selling. Address M. A. B., box 2t*? Herald oltloe. For sale-a platform sprino truck, in good order, with pole and shafts. Inquire at MARLOW A CANFIELU'S, corner of Franklin street aad (msnpolnt avenue, GreeupoinL OOR sale-A FIRST class MODERN BUILT r Stable, in Kortv-third street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, room for coachman; immediate polaession. 8. F. IRELAND, Ml Broadway. COR sale?A SECOND hand SHIFTING TOP BUG r gy. In excellent order. Apply at V and 33 Amity street, JOHN FERRIS. F??..34L>VuOT.T. ?"Ol.O THRU ?? tssSijia.? P)R sale-COMPLETE BET OF HARNESS AND two seated family Carriage. Apply to JOHN J. BLOAT, KM Washington street, or at 133 Washington street. FOR salb?A SECOND HAND DOCTOR'S PHAETON, suitable for a business wagon, in excellent condition. Apply at 46 Duane street For sale-a very stylish pair of toung bar Horses, closely matched: 1A1 hands high; war ranted sound and kind: travel In 8:90 together. Sold for want of use. Can be seen at Pelton A McE wen's. No. 9 East Tweatv-flrst street. Apply at 71 Broadway, room SB. TJIOR SALE-A GOOD WORK HORSE. FIT FOR JH truck, oart or express. Also a set of cart Hsrness, new. Iforse 15M, oolor tray. Inquire at U0 East Forty-second street, between Second and Third avemies. YfOR SALE?TEN HORSE8; PRICES LOW. >11 r Woostar street. For sale?a beautiful family team of bat Horses, long Mils, l.ljf bands high, 7 and 8 years old, soaadand kind; warranted; will take a single Horse laex changs. Apply at 37 East Broadway. FOR SALE?B/fT HORSE. ? YEARS, 1? HANDS. tM: sorrel, 161*. >110; l<oth sound and kind, fit Cor any busi ness. New light Harness. fSD. 144 Weet Twenty-ninth st. For sale-a pair of chestnut mares, ism hands high 7 years old, sound and kind In all har ness. To be seen at GEORGE MU RRAY'S stables, SS Bast Thirteenth street. For sale-a fine milch go#, and one com Ingin oalth May. Apply at 188th street and Eighth avenue. Government property at private sale. MM sets new and second hand Harness, Saddles, Cot tars, Bridles. Halters, Wagon and Horse Covers, Paulina, Awnings, Bed Ticks, Grata Bags, Tents, Tent Stock, Bias kfU, Ac., Tirr low, oncers' MeCleUan Saddles (new), from ?1S to ?*>, Plated Bit Bridles $a, Artillery saddles, good as new, with Bridle, $14, PITKIN A CO., ?? North Front street, Philadelphia, Pa., aad No. I Park place, New York. Small orders by express C. O. D. Gray mare?fifteen and a half hands, eight years old. Sat Isfaciory trial given to prove sound ness and kindness. She Is very powerfully built, and eaa trot in 3:16. To be seen at Thompson's stable, Thirteenth street. Bear third avenne. Price, $310. PRIVATE SALE ?ONE SUPERIOR DAPPLE GRAY Mare, UH hands high, ? years old, sound, kind In single, double or saddle; can tret In three minutes, and promisee great ?pee?l; must he sold lo-morrow soon, as the owner leave* the city. Corner Sixth avenue and Tsraaty-sixth st. SECOND HAND DEPOT WAOON, THREE LEATHER top Bugxle?, a square bodv slide seat Buggy, doctor's Phaeton andCnupe. Taken In trade. For sale verv cheap. ISAAC MIX. JR* a SON, m Broadway, SECOND HAND carriages, IN GOOD CONDITION, and Horses, well suited for livery stable work, will be sold st a sacrifice at W4 Third avenae. SELLING OFF CHEAP FOB CASH, ON ACCOUNT OF giving up harness business, one very light and Una set of double flat ness, one do. single, suitable for sporting ; two eats single buggy Harness, one Side Saddle, Bridles, Trunks and fags. Ac. Inquire at MD Canal street. SEVERAL SECOND HAND COACHES. BRETTR. Phaetons and'Boekaways; a fall assortment new ?ae Carriages at reduced prices. MOTT A CO.. ooraer Fourth and Mareer streets. STABLE TO LET-IN REAB OF NO. ? BOND STREET, from May 1. Apply to W. PELL, 108 Pearl street. r LET?FIREPROOF BRICK-ST ABLB.NO. 63 EAST Thirty-second street, to November 1, 1W. HAGGBETT A PHELPS, No. II Ptee street. _ (IfOn a month.-four more horses will bb ?P')" laked en livery, stable ever ground. Apply At stable. tM First avenne. J. McLOUOHLIH J|OOr. FOR PONT, WAOON AND HARNESS; ALL In perfect order. The wagon is a light, covered business wagun, made to order, vary Huts used. The'cheap est turnout in the city 468 Pearl street. TOT jJBCyCHjTBKABOW.S .... Ah LECTURR BT HON RICHARD O'GORMAN, UN der the auspices of the New Tork Vonag Men s Roman Catholic Benevolent Association, at Cooper Institute, oa Moaday evening, March 11, 18(7, at* o'sLrk, In aid or the Monument Fund of the asaociaHon. Johm s. Sci'ixr, Sesreiary. JOHN HAYES, rhalrmsa. Tickets m cents, to be had at the door an evening of lec ture, aad at the principal Oathollo hook stores. Important LECTURES DAILY?TO GENTLBMEN only, at the New York Museum of A as Winy, 418 Broad way. Those unabls to attend these lectures may receive a ?opr bv forwarding ten oeota. Address Secretary of New Tork Museum of Anatomy, ?? Broadway. R~ ,5V. E. H. CHAPIN, I>, D., WILL LECTURE BB fnvetbe l iterary Psion on Friday evening. Mareh a |8B>. In the 1'nlversellst church, sorner sf Sleeoker and Dewnistreets Lecture atp r M. Tickets pte. MUM *T IPCfHW. Adrian h. mullrr. auctioneer. AUK I AN H. MULLRR, V. H. WILKINS A CO.. will Mill at auction on Woduo&dar, March Uft, at 1'-)* o clot*, at the Kicliaiige Males Room, 111 Broadway, Kor a<x-ountof whom It una? concern, 4 900 shares Russell File Company, held a? collateral Auction sale or furniturh-on Saturday, at low o'clork, SB Fulton ?tr-?-U by COLb A Ml'R PHY. Parlor aud Chamber Suits, Carpets, Stove*, Ellen siou and ulhvi^Vblei. Uu Fixtures, Ac. A UCTION SALE.?E ROTH, auctioneer. A LARGE ANO POSITIVE HALE OK ELEGANT AND COSTLY HOI'sEllOLD FURNITURE, MAtiNIKU ENT ROSBWOOD PIANOFORTE: HEAl'TlFl'L PARLOR SUITS, IN HKOCATKL; VELVET, BRUSSBl.S ANO INGRAIN CARPKT8. Thin (Friday) morning. March 8, at 11 o'clock, tne ele. ?ant household Furniture of the four storjr hou?e 119 Clin* ton place, Eighth street. between Fifth anil Slith avenues. Magnificent rosewood Pianoforte, 29 fine Oil Pikinlii.(S, Work* of Art and Bronze*. It HruaneU and Ingrain < arpeta, lot of rloh Parlor. Bedroom and Dining Room Furniture, Spring and Hair Mmtrwiwii, Olass, China :md Silver Ware, Cutlery, Hall stand, oilcloth, Ac. Kale positive A njJRACTIVE AUCTION SALE. A FAMILIES AND DKALEBS, ATTENTION. ?81 Broadway, Friday, at 3 P. M.; Saturday, 11 A. M., $20,0u0 worth or coin Silver Plated war*, fretn first class city manufacturers, embracing a general variety of superior regular goods. J. R. (JARDINErt, Auctioneer. Conslj;nrasnts solicited. Outdoor (ales attended to. Auction notice.-r. t. haiell, auctioneer. THIS DAY (FRIDAY), March 8, At 10X o'clock, at eur salesroom*, S Cortlandt street, RECEIVER'S sale OF THIRTY cases TOYS AND FANCY goods, comprising a large assortment of fine French and Utimau Fancy Uoods and Tovs, in lots to suit the trade. Catalogues on morning of sal& R. T. HAZELL k CO., Auctioneers, XI Cortlandt street. Albert b. waldron, aictioneer, (m broad. way.?BYLANDT k WALDRON will tell at auction, this day (Friday), at 11 o'clock, assignee's Rain of Imported Staple and Fancy Clocks, superb Bronze Figures and Groups, Bronze and Ormolu Table, Card Reooivers, Ac. Auction notice-all the elegant house hold Furniture contained In the Are story browu etoue house 44 West Sixteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, at private sale at leas than auction price*. Parlor Suits covered in brocatel, Etageres, Bookcase, Pianoforte. Bronzes. Paintings. Mirrors, Carpets, Bureaus. Bedsteads, Wardrobes, Mattresses, Buffet, Extension Table, China, Glass, silver Ware, Table Cutlery, lu use but six mouths, in perfect order. BY HENRY II. LEEDS A MINER. HENRY H. LEEDS. AUCTIONEER. SPECIAL SALE. On Friday. March 8, at 11 o'clock, at their galieriee, 98 Liberty street, a few doors west of Broadway, ANCIENT AND MODERN OIL PAINTINGS, Comprising the works of Armsnd, Delacroix, Chip'la, Burnt. Cortez, Duprez, Fuller, Rene Menard. Careau, Billow, Brlssot, Louis Lasalle, And other*. The above are now on exhibition free at the above gallery till time of sale. _ BY HBNBY H. LEEDS k MINER. LEEDS' ART GALLERIES Miscellaneous contributors. Sale of fine aneient and mod ern OIL PAINTINGS, to close inroloes and pay advances. HENRY H. LEEDS k MINER will sell V auction on Thursday, 14th, and Friday, 14th of March, at fk o'clock each evening, at the LEEDS ART GALLERIES, 817 and 819 Broadilray, southwest corner of Twelfth street, VALUABLE COLLECTION OF OIL paintings, WATER COLOB drawings, by the following celebrated artist*:? Lasalle, Brlssot, Webb, i Cortex. Gabe, Beau lien, Lanfant de Mete,. Ribot. Wateratoa, Gentler, Schenck. Washington, Van hlvan. Veyraasat, Tander Heist, Couturier, Josep Veruet. Obennan, Coutv, WlllUms, N icholaa Berghem, and others of equal celebrity. The above are now ou exhibition free at the LEEDS ART GALLERIES until the sale, and two evening* previous thereto. Y MINER k SOMERVILLB. HOKSKS AND CARRIAGES AT AUCTION THIS DAY (FRIDAY). MARCH 8, AT IS O'CLOCK, AT HORSE auction MART, UNION SQUARE (Lane k McXahon's). chestnut SORREL HOK8E, 16? hauls high; sound, Ian B kind and true; very fast; slight blemish on one eye. Pair of elcgaut LIGHT BAY MARES; five years; aound. kind and true. 1UV D A V UAUOD . years. Pair of very fine ORAY BORhES; 16 hand* hifh; 9 and 9 years old: one *iecUent aaildle; stylish and free; trot to gether In 3:90. Pair of splendid blooded BAT PONIES: 16 hands: 8 and 7year-; excellent saddle;'warranted sound. kind and true. Cross matched team Iron gray CANADIAN PONY and nearly black HAMBoElONIAN; 16 hand*; t year*; war ranted every way. The HambleUinian colt can make, three minutes now. A natty little MEXICAN SADDLE PONY; kind and true; a pet; np to *11 trick*. Very handsome DARK BAY BOBTAIL HORSE; 15V hand*; 8 year*; kind tn all harnea*; very *tyll*b; good ?addle, and fait. BROWN HAMBLETONIAN HORSE; picture of old Hambletontan Chief; 16\ hands: 6 year*; kind in all har ne**: will be reir fast; verr spirited and stylish. One of the few genuine Hambietouians in the market Two second hand PARK phaetons, a two seal Bocka war, two eloee Coaches, two top Baggies, very tee Victoria, built by Wood Brothers. Several other Horses, ssveral other Wagons, Ma seta Harness, single and double; Regular Horse Bales at our Auction Mart. Union Place H tables, every Tuesday and FHday throughout .the year. D BURKE, AUCTIONEBR^-OFFICS 19 GREAT . Jones street?Will sell, on Priday, 8th inat, at II o'clock, at init Cherry street, the Purniture of that board ing bouse; 18 Beds; fully furnished; also Bar and Dining Room Purniture, Bar Mirror. Beer Pumps, Painting* ana Engraving*, Kitchen Purniture, Ac. Also Lease of the House, at very low rent. Dealers, attend. The articles to be sold in lota, TCDWARp BCHENCK, auctionkbr.-CLOCKS AND Hi Bronzes ?Continuation sale this day, at IS o'clock, at the salesroom <0 Liberty street HARM AT AUCTION?16th OP MARCH, AT 1 O'clock r P. M , M acres, six miles west of Msratoga Springs; Hou?e, Barn and Outbuildings; good soil for grain or grass ; near school, churches and stores; pleasantly situated. Ad dress John Patrick, Saratoga Springs, N. T., for particulars. GEORQE COOK. auctioneer. cabinetmaker'S STOCK OP GENTEEL HOUSEHOLD PURNITURE. On Saturday, March 9. at 10)f o'cloek, at No. 9 Murray ?treet, near the City HaU, a lam assortment of city mate Parlor, Chamber. Library and Dining Room Purniture. re moved for convenience of sale. This sale will be absolute for cash. Purchasts ean remain on storage until May 1 free of charge, or boxed for shipping at reasonable oharge. Cata logues at sale. H enry D. MINER, AUCTIONEER, SALESROOM, 97 nassau street, opposite the Post office. HOTEL FL'BNITl'RK. MINER A sombrvillb wUl sell at auction, for sc oount of whom it may coneern, Saturdar, March 9. at 10VJ o'clock, an immense quantity of Bedsteads, Washstauds, Bureaus. Mattress**, Pillow*. Cottage Sulla, Arm Chairs, Parlor Suite. Crockery and Glassware. Also an elegant black walnut Bar Counter, with largo Preuoh plate Mirror, with side Etageree to matte. AlSb office Purniture?Iron SaCsa, store Truoka, large Ex i Trunks, sitting and standing oak and black walnut press T Desk*, HENRT O. hVANS, auctioneer?WILL HELL THIS day, at II o'clock, a rich aseortment of Prench China Bohemian Olaasware. Parian marble Prench Clocks, Ac., tha complete importation of B. Behrisch, 499 Broadway. HC. MORGENBOTB A CO.. AUCTIONEER?.? . HENRY PELTMAN wlU sell thla day. at V>X o'cioek. at ill Hudson street the Urge stock of Groceries, with Fix tures, Stock, consisting of barrels or brown Sugar, white and crushed: boxes or Soap, barrels Plour, Honey, Syrup; Brooms, 10 chesU of Tea, Coffee, and a large stock or other Good*. tela will be posltlva, la lota. No postponement. Largs stock. HC. MOBOKNBOTH A CO.. AUCTIONEERS?SELLS . Saturday 9th lost., large and valuable stork of Paney Goods. Male wlU be posltlva. Catalogues now ready at ear ~ , No. 4 Clinton HalL JOHN L. VANDEWATER, AUCTIONEER, 190 LIBERTY street at 19 o'clock this day. HOBSBB, WAGONS. HARNESS, Ac. Span bay mare Mulea, 19 hands, I and 9 years eld. Roan and Bay, both slngleMulas, 16 hands, 9 years old, well broken to all harness, and warranted perfectly sound and kind; the span I* said to be the finest in the country, and direct from a Virginia plantation. A rast trowing Mare, Irish Maid, 9years old. very etvlleh and fine driver; can trot any day in? 40. DuseaburrWagon. Woburnsprings, nearly aew; weighs 180 lbs.; cost M. Mingle Harness, by Dunasombe, nearly new; ooat >149. Superior eoupe or road Horse, black; 1&9 high, 7 years, very stylish, pl*a*ant driver, per fect in every reapaot; can trot In 9 minutes. Sorrel Mare. IA9 high, 9 years, flne trotter In all harneea; ean beats mlnntea. Bay Horse, 161 high, 7 years, stylish driver, kind In all harneea, perfectly gentle, sound and kiod; sold lor want er use. Ale* several set* a*w and second hand Har ness, Ac Next regular saJe Tueeday next at 19 o'eleck. of superior Trotting Block. f BOO ART, auctioneer. BATURDAT, MARCH % O ? at 10>i o'clock, at the auction room*, No. 1 North Wil liam street. Household Furniture, consisting of Parlor, Bed i and Kitchen Purniture, Carpets. Table Cutlery, the i* or a Lager Beer Saloon, Billiard Table, Ac. JOBN COOKE, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS day, at 11 o'clock, at III Thompson street a very flne assortment or walnut, mahogany and Cham her Furniture, Parlor Suits, hi ha It'cloth amlniiiski Centre, Extension and other Tablee; Carpet* and Bedding, Mirror*, Vaa**, Cutlery, Ac.; *l*o a Sao ramlly Sewing Machine. Morris wilkins, auctioneer-postponed from 7th Inst, oa account or the Inclemency or tha weather. Uandsonia Household Furniture, Mirrors, Car pet*. E. H. LUDLOW A <X>. will asD at aoctiea on Monday, March II, 1997, at II o'clock at No. 14 Wsot Twelfth str'-et, near Fifth avenua. the entire Furniture contained In sail house, consisting in part of one handsomeoarrod rosewood Suit in satin brocalel, one rooewaed Ktagere; Round. Fancy and Card Tablee two ebony and gilt rereptlon Chair*, two Oval Mirrors, on* black walnut Extension TabH Dining Room < hairs, ranred Oak Buffet, on* Maefc walnut Sideboard, Hall Stand sort ( hairs, Cornices. Window Shade*, blaek wal nut Bedsteada, Deeming Bureaus, Armolre-a^lace. Sharing Stands, marble top Commode*, Vowel Racks, carved black walnnt Cbaira, Arm Chair, Lounges, Palllamea, Hair Mat treeses, Bolsters and Pillow*. Ac., tooether with an aeeort nni V Kitchen ate Laundry Purniture with which tha tfL- , , will commence. Cataloguea at the auctioneers' office. Mo. 8 Pine street M DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER. , SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. M. DOUGHTY will sell en Friday. March 9, At Utyf o'clock, at salesroom. 79 Nassau street, Consisting o? walnut, mahogany, rosewood and oak Dining item Boita, Library, Chamber ate Study Furniture, en ault*; haadeome rs**wo*d Wardrobe*, M*ferae, Oee Chan deliers, Hair Mattreeses, Spring do , Bn* Oil Painting*, BuiBtts. Pi tension Dining, Card, Fancy and Centre Tables, Planoiovte. with a large assortment or medium ela** Houee keepliutertielee The whole for absolute sal* Cataiewnee nrtlnit of sal* SALES AT AUCTION. PAWNBHOKER'S 8AT.E-THI8 TIAf, BY JOHN MOR I'iMKK, Ik Keat Bro.dw*.., o; #i > lot* Men'* ajol M'd ?rn'n, Silk, Delaine and Calico Dresses an.. Skirta;

Shawl*. Cloak*, Silk and oilier remnants; W ate hm, Jewelrv. 1'utols, Plated Ware, and other v.lna le pledges; al-o I'Unier A Hanger's Sewing Ma liine; wirt'iy the attention of dealer! aud others. By order Ixitlore Aurou, IK Grand street. SAMUEL WYHH, AUCTIONEER, SELLS TII18 DAY, al 10X o'clock, stock aud F xtiiree o: linwr; S44 Fast Twelfth street. Counters, Icu Box, boxt-a of March, buttle* of UU, Ac , iu lota. QHERIFF'S SALE?RICIIARI) WALTERS, AtTriOS. eer, will *ell this day. Friday, at II o'clock, nt 137 Thomp son street, one Top Wagon and one sot Harness. John Lynch, Deputy. JOHN KELLT, Sheriff SHERIFF'S BALK.?OFFICE VCR1ITORB, IRON SAFE. RICHARD WALTERS, AUCTIONEER. will sell nu f riday, at 11 o'ulock, at No. 27 E ist Broadway, a quantity of office ruroitm, emtWili of Desks, Chairs, Gairpet, A''. AlsooM iarjje Iron s?i?. Dunham, Deputy. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. WM. WITTKHS. AUCTIONEER, SELLS, THIS DAY", at 2 o'o:ock, al 4.M Canal street. Morlog* side of Par lor, Chamber, Dnin? Library Furniture: ?u t? iu brocatel, reps aud haircloth. Freuch piste Pier Glasses. Lace Cur tail!", Centre Tables, Ktaff.-res, Velvet Tapeetrr, Three-ply and other Carpets, Hall Oilcloihs, Cottage Suits, do. in bla k walnut and rosewood, fine Hair Mai're-^en, Holsters aitri Pillows. -heels, Blankets, Lounges, Sola Beds, Rockltttf ai.d other (.'hairs, Wardrobe*. Bookcase, Extension Tables, China, Glass, Silver Ware, Stoves; also a larso lot of Bed steads and also 3') tine Carpets, with a great variety of other good*, in lots to suit dealers aud others; also 3 eliest* of Joiners'Tools; also chest of Tea, Soap, Liquors, Cigars. Goods packed and shipped. WM. WITTERS. AUCTIONEER}?IMPORTANT TO machinists and others.?$i(). 000 worth of Machinery for the turning of turners' lathes and tools, uonsUting of Planers, Forges, Shafting, Bellii.s and Casings, Envelope Prersas, Drilling Machines and Counters, Platform Scales, Anvils, Vises, Lumber, rreadle aud Power Lathes, Fittings aud Castings fur lathes, Compound and Plain Slides, Rests, Benches, La.lie Patten:*, 2kf inches to 10: Printing Paterns. Sewlnc Machines; also 20 Power Lathes, 7 feet long; Stocks, Taps, Dies; also stock of Files, Stool, Iron, and s!l Tools, Implements, Ofllce Furniture, and everything appertaining to a large machine shop, and Important to those In that Hue. The sale will take place on Tuesday, the 12tb, at 10 o'clock* at NOi 6 Howard street. Catalogues at sale. fllHASClAL. Albert b. nk'olay, STOCK BROKER AND AUCTIONEER, Mo. 43 PINE STREET. ESTABLISHED FIFTEEN YEARS. Insurance, City Railroad. Gas Light, Bank, Telegraph, Express, Manufacturing and Mining Stocks receive specla' attention, and some on hand for sale, pay lug from 10 to 30 per cent dividends, at low rates for investments. CITIZENS' SAVINGS BANK. Southwest corner of Bowery and Canal street. Six per cent interest, free from lai. Stuns from $i to $5,000 received. Money'deposited now will bear interest from April 1, pay able in July. JJUNCAN SHERMAN A Cai BANKERS, CORNER PINE AND NASSAU STEET8. NEW YORK, Inn Circular Notes and Letter* of Credit for traveller*, available la all Use principal cities of the world. Mercantile credit* for use In Europe, China, Ac. Alio make transfer* of aoney to California and Oregon by telegraph. Interest allowed on deposits. P ENNSTLVANIASTATE LOAN. PROPOSALS FOR A LOAN OF $58,000,000. An act to oreate a loan for the redemption of the overdue bond* of the Commonwealth. Whereas the bonds of the Commonwealth and certain cer tificates of Indebtedness amounting to $33,000,000, have been oyerdue and uoald foi- some time past; And whereas it is desirable that ttie same should be paid and withdrawn irom the market; therefore. Suction L Be it enacted by the Senate snd House of Re presentatives of the ComraouwealthVf Pennsylvania In Gen* eral Assembly met, and It I* hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That the Governor, Auditor General anil Slate Treasurer he, and are hereby authorized and empowered to borrow on the faith of the Common wealth, in sncn amounts and with siteh notice (no', less than fort* day*), as they may deem most expedient for the interest or the Slate, twen ty-three millons of dollars, and lasue certificate* of loan or bonds oft he Commonwealth for the satns, bearing Interest at a rate not exoeeding six per centum per annum, payable aemi-annually, on the 1st of February and 1st of August, in the city of Philadelphia; which certificate* of loan or beads ?hall not bf.a#>Hwt to auy taxation whauuw for MStC municipal 4in*' pmwmrn and shall be payable as for lew*, naMi^?Flv* mllliuns of dollars payable at any time after Ave years and wttlun ten year*; eiglit millions of dollars payable at any time after ten years and within fif teen year*, and ten millions of dollars at any time after fif teen year* and within twealy-flve years, and shall be signed by tbe Governor and State Treasurer, snd countersigned by the Auditor General, and registered In the book* of the Auditor General, and to b* transferable on the booka of the Commonwealth at the Farmers' and Mechanics' National Bank of Philadelphia; the proceed* of tha whole of which loan, including premiums, Ac., received on the same, shall be applied to tbe payment of the bonda and certificate* of Sec. i. The bids for the said loan shall be opened in the presence of the Governor, Auditor General and Stele Treas urer. end awarded to the hwheel bidder: Provided, That no certificate hereby authorised to be ieeued ahall be negotiated for 1am than It* Mr vtlif. Sao.?. The bonds at the State end oertlfloates ot Indebted ness, now over due. ahall be reoelrable la payment of the ?aid loan, under ?uch regulation* a* the Gererner, Auditor General and State Treasurer may preecribe; and ever* bid der for the loan now authorised to be Issued ahall state in bis bid whether the same Is payable In caah or la the bonds or certificates of Indebtedness of the Commonwealth. Sao. 4. That all trustees. executors, adminIstrators, guar dians, agents, treasurers, committees or other persons hold ing In a fiduciary capacity bonds or certificates of Indebted, neaa of tlie State, or money*, are hereby authorised to bid for the loan hereby authorised to be issued, and to surren der the bonds or certificates of loan held by them at the time of making such bid, and to receive the bonds authorized to be Issued oy this act* Sec. 5. Any person or persons standing In the fiduciary capacity stated In the fourth section of this act who may desire to invest money in their hands for the benefit of the trust may, without an order of court, Invest the same In Ipe bonds authorised to be Issued by this sot, at a rate of pre mium not etceeding twenty per senium. Sic.IL That from and after the passage of this act all the bond* of this Commonwealth sb all be paid off in the order of their maturity Hae. 7. That ul loans of this Commonwealth not yet dne shall be exempt from State, municipal or local taxation after tbe interest dne February tirat, one thousand eight hundred and sfcty-seven shall have been paid. Sec. 8. That (11 existing laws, or portions thereof, Inoon sisteat herewith, are hereby repealed. JOHN P. GLASS. Speaker of the House of Representatives. L. W. HALL, Speaker of th^genate. Approved the econd day of February, one tbou&nd eight hundred and slxt-seven. JOHN W. GEARY. In accordance with the provisions of the above act of As sembly sealed proposals will be received at the ofDce of the State Treasurer, In the City of Harrlsburg, Pennsylvania, until 18 o'clock 1. of the 1st day of April, A. D., 1W7, to be endorsed as folltws:?'? Proposals for Psnnsylvania State Loan, Treasury department, Harrlsburg, Pa., united States of America " , ?ids will be rettved for |6,00a.wn, reimbursable la Ave years and pavabli la tea years; $8,000,600 reimbursable In ten years and papbie In fifteen years, and 910,000,000, reim bursable In fifteei years and payable In tsrenty flve years, the rate of latere* to ha either Ave or six per cent, per an num, which muslbe explicitly stated in the bid;and the bids most advantages to tbe State will be accepted. No bid for lees than pf will be considered. The bonds will be issued in sums ott*> and each higher sums as desired by the loaners, to la free from State, local and municipal taxes. The ever dne bods of the Commoawealtb of Pennsylva nia will be reeeivd at par tn payment of this loaa; but bid den most state dketber they Intend to pay In aaah orin the OT^4 disUiJeUo'n w^fts made bet wee a bidders payiag in eash or overdue laua. , JOH?rfW. OR ART, Governor of Pennsylvania. JOBS F. HARTRANKT, Auditor General. W. H. EE MB LB, State Treasurer. N. B No newpsper publishing the above, unless autho rised, will recen pay. TOCkHOLD*S POR 9*000EACH,"w ANTED.?OAP1 tal and at le? * per cent profit fully secured by real C. C. SPOERRT, No. i Wall street. betweea S and I P. M. TIT ANTE D?Fl>* 9800 TO 91,00* ON OOOD SBCU Yv rltyj ie willlg to pay good interest, for a short time. Inquire at 444 Csfl street, from II to I o'clock. tCAA WANED-POB POCR MONTHS: security, JfOUU 7 pennt, and $00 bonus given. Address H., box 117 Herald effloe S' $260.0QOSw>kiyalltNe'w York "and Now* J( Beal Estate. PriHatlentioa. $67,000 K"ATB ? W. H. WOOD. ? Wall street. *or.n nnr to loan??n bond and iobt SZOU.Ul/l gage, at 7 per ooat late rest, on improved New York dty pnerty. Apply to MO KRIS BROTH EES, No. 7 Plae street. IN SUMS TO SUIT, OB Pript attention. CIIAS. OILMAN. 1U Broadway, room No. d. AQOC AA/ITO LOAN ON BOND AMD MORT ?PO^iMsl/Ugage, In oao or more sums, on reel estate, la this cttw Brooklyn. ' JO? P. COS RET, M Wall street, room 12. ? P^TWTRT. ~ M A SET OF BETH-IN THREE TO FIYE HOUBR~ A Splendid St, |A 910, $l?, ?20. Beautiful Gum sets, with Plumpers lot oat tbe cbeoks and restore youthful appearance. Tool extracted without pain with Nitrous (tilde Geo. No arse for extracting when Teeth are In eerted, at TAN VICE'S, 175 91xti> aftath Satisfaction guaranteed. A HOST WOBkRFUL DISCOVBRT?TEETH EX traeted wlthflpaia, ten years, by beuumbiugiapplloa tion (aarcotitatioa Laughing gas fresh daily. Beautfal tooth 91. J. JAY jI-LARS, Ik Graod st, near Broadway. it IN Birn^VENTTB CAN BE HAD A PEE* A A pent set of am Teeth for 91*- A temporary set. K Teeth filled with id. 91- Teeth extraciod without pain. rtOLTOlTIlENfl. ASSOCfATION ORIGINATED THB Vj aaswthetle nof nitrons oxide gas, administer It lo the most aimrov?*iethed do nothing but Extract Teeth, and certainly do IrKhoti l pain; so 1R.OOU patients testify. See their names?be offlne. 10 Hooper Institute. frEETH, TKE^TERTH -BBAUTirCL CONTIVt'OfS 1 Gam Sets on ilcantte and enamel haee, with plump ers, to restore aat<tl fulness of face, M, 910 and 990: War ranted. Bxtraciiin without pain with gas. if) Greed street. wilts. li?i joi**. *c. BISKf Y. wisEBT WH1HEBY-9M0O WILL buy a Renting Hon?e In Brooklyn In enmplete crtler and long loe Address .'eromo, Brooklyn Post AMI SBMBMTfl. | . . BROADWAY THEATRE... ADMIHHHHI MO I'EJfW* Corner Knuilway .ml Hrooino ?tr?et. Doors open at 7; <*<m? at J<i. our at 1014 o'clock CONTINUOUSLY CROWDKU HOUSES from parqset to dome. For complete saiisf.11 :il<>n satis should ?>?? * curwd In advance. Mm otUoc open for that purpo>4 from 8 too o'clock. IIVI.V UKNI.KIT During the pretent llnilti I engagement of thw world re nowned oouiedutii, MIC. K VuNEY Wli.LlAM.S, Will lake |i!ace TIIIS (FRIDAY EVENING. MARCH K, IW, When tbo following iminetw enierlaiuineui Vill ue offered: TIIKl.R PISCES. DRAMA. COMEDY AND EXT K AY AO A N Z A. Tl.i' thrilling national drama of IRELAND AS II' Ik \S. R"^*od Pat 1 IntroducingSongs t Mi BAKNF.Y WILLIAMS JudyO'lrot! and AO Irish 3 ig III r?. HAKNKV WILLIAMS To bo followed liv the delightful muiedy of the tflOUGH DIAMOND. MAROERY Mr*. BARNEY WILLIAMS. To conclude with the roaring extravaganza of the 11APPY MAN. PADDY MCRPIIY Mr HAKNEY WILLIAMS SATURDAY, MARI H 9 at Ik o'cloc k, Mr. AND Mr*. WILLIAMS' SECOND MATINEE. C1ERMAN 8TADT THEATRE, 45 AND 47 HOWEKY. 1 THIS (FRIDAY) EVENING, MARCH 8, Halevy'a mud opera, DIE HKDIN _ __ UN flTHE JEWESS). Mme. HOTTER as PRINCESS El'DOXlA. Mr GROSCHELas PRINCE LEOPOLD. M DIMMER as KLEA/AK. Mia.-. .I01UNSKN a* KECHA. Mr. CHAN DON an CARDINAL. CI BUMAN STADT THEATRE, 45 AND 47 BOWERY. T TO-MORROW SATURDAY), MARCH 9, Mr B0GHM1L DAWISON A* FRANCIS DE MOOR, in THE ROBBERS. HARTZ'P TEMPLE OF MYSTERY, 806 BROADWAY. Ticket*, SOcents; reserved ?wu, si. Seats secured six day* In advance at the Hall, from till ft. Continued succe*s and unbounded enthusiasm, caused hv the NEW PROGRAMME. W1TUOUT APPARATUS, and the greatest Spectacular Illusion of the day. PROTEUS, PROTE1 S, PROTEUS, PROTEUS, PROTEUS, PROT-IS, WE ARE HERE. BI'T NOT 11 EKE, THE BASKET fRICK. Growth #1 Flower*, Floating Head, and other wonders, will be produced EVERY EVENING AT 8. SATURDAY AT 3. WEDNESDAY JUVENILE NIOUT. Children half price. SAN FRANCISCO M1N8TEELS-S86 BROAD WAT. The Trouble commam-ps a: quarter to ei^ht. THE CKEME DE LA CREME OF MINSTRELSY. BIRCH. WAMBOLD. BERNARD A BACKUS' SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. whose success ha* never been equaled by any s'mllar orcanl satlon in the world. New and cheerful Burlesque* every week. Hilton Head Institute. Norma and Greasy. A Dan gerous Game, or the Kenw Sharp*. I will Mary Her sa Early 111 the Morning. Shout* of laughter at the Shallow Panto mime, and tbe (creaming Black Cook and African Ballet Troupe. KELLY A LEON'S MINSTRELS, til BROADWaJt. THE WALLACES OF MINSTRELSY. | - Brook'* Brigade. L L L Belisarlnj Black Crook. E E E Demon I lance. Clndarleou. O O O Flower Dance. Madagascar I.?K?O?N?O?E?L Water Njmiphl Ballet Troupe. O O O Naughty {>iris. Stop that B E E fombinalfou Laughing. L L L Borleequaa. Thu delightful parformanoe la witnessed nlghtlv hv 1 THE BEAUTY AND FASHION OF THE CIT1. C1HARLEY WHITE'S TROUPE. J Every night at Bryant*' (Mechanic*' Hall) 472 Broadway, cheapen and moat agreeable place of Amuaemcqt in America. SPLENDID CHANGE OF PERFORMANCE. HINODO SPORTS. BY BALDWIN TO-NIfiHT. THE BOARDING SCHOOL TO-NItJHT. PROMISING YOUTH TO-NIBHT. INSIDE AND OUTSIDE TO-NlfHT. THE ORIGINAL BROADWAY BOYS..., TO-NIfHT. BEAUTIFUL BALLET. THE CAMELIA& TO Elf HT. CONCLUDING WITH JEALOUS WIFE TO-NIGHT. f Mr. akdP mrr. barney williams* second Grand Matinee, Saturday, March 9, af 1% o'clock. Fairy Circle and Rough Dlainoud. Broadway Theatre. Adnils ?lon MO cent*. OTEINWAY hall. O PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY OF NEW YORK. FOURTH CONCERT, SATURDAY EVENING. MARCH ? Conductor Mr. CARL BEROMANN. ORCHESTRAL PIKCES-Symphony No. 2, Beethoven. Tasso, by Lisxt, and Overture, Magic Flute, Moiart. SOLO PERFORMERS?Slgnor Lottt, Tenor, and Mr, 8. B. Mill*, Piano. Eitra Ticket* for tale at the utual place*. Doors opto at 7; to oommenoe at 8 o'clock. PUBLIC REHEARSAL NO. IS. Saturday. March 9, at 10 o'clock A. M. AdmUaion BO oenla. L. S1MER, Secret) k?*nrWAT HALL. 3 TWENTY-EIGHTH SUNDAY CONCERT, SUNDAY, MARCH 10. L. P. HARRISON, Director. Positively the last appearance at these concerts af Madame PARE l'A ROSA, who will sing Handel's great aria, ."Let the Bright Seraphim," with Trumpet Obligate by Mr. DIETZ; "Lo' Hear the Gentle Lark," with Flute Obligato by Mr. KREN; Gounod's "Ave Marie." with Piano, Mr. MILLS ; Violin, Mr. ROSA ; Organ, Mr. COLBY. Mr. 8. B. MILLS. Pianist. Mr. Carl ROSA. Violinist. Mr. G. W. COLBY. Accompanist. Mr. TREO. THOMAS, Conductor, and his CELEBRATED ORCHESTRA. Tickets 80 oenla. Reserved Seats SO oents extra. Far sale thla morning at the usual places. MR. AND MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS' SECOND MAT Inea, Saturday, Marsh 9, at IJ^ o'clock. Fairy Circle and Rough Diamond. Broadway theatre. Admlsatou fOc. eta/;? M ATINEB AT WOOD'S COMIQUE.?ADMISSION cent*. Saturday, March 9. at ljfo'clock. A* .1 elect family resort. STUDIO BUILDING?II WE8T TENTH STREET. Laiit weak of Da llaaa' painting, "Farragut'a Fleet Paaaiag tba Porta Below New Orleans." A FIRST CLASS ACTOR RECEIVES PRIYATB pupil* Inatniotlng tham to play the hlgheat rolea of the drama. Addreaa Manager, station F. POST OFFICE NOTICE. P)8T OFFICE NOTICE. The malla far the United Kingdom and the Continent, via Queonatown and Liverpool, per steamer City of Antwerp, and for the German States, via Bremen, per ?learner Detitch land, will cloee at this o(Hcn at 10:10 A. M. on Saturday, March 9. and at the up town onion aa follow*?Station* A and B, 8:06 A. M.; Staliona C and D, 7:4ft A. M.; Stattona E and F. 7:10 A. M.; Station G, 7:3ft A. M. The malla for Franca, via Breat and Havre, per ateamer Perelre, will cloee at thl* office, on Saturday, March 9. at C A. M., and at the up town offices aa follow*, on Friday. March 8 ?Station* A and B, 8 JO P. M.: Station* C and D, 8 15 P. M.; Station* E and F, 8 P. M.; Station O. S P. M. JAMES KELLY, Poetmaater. BUSINESS OPPORTl'NITIKS. A CHANCE FOR a FREE PASSAGE TO CALL fornta amt a free building lot in Nowport, termlnu* of the great Pacl8c Railroad, near Man Franclaeo. Office 137 Broadway, room 19. A capitalist WANTED-BT A THOROUGH BU8I nee* man, tor a Aral daaa ca?h buainexa. Banker*' and merchanta' referencea Addreaa Bailor**, box 1,081 Poat office. A gentleman HAVINO FROM $3,00(1 TO $>.000 will invest In any reapectaMe business that will bear Investigation and la profitable. Addreaa Inveetment A. K., IB) Herald office. A wbllestablished LADIES' ANO CHILDREN'S furnishing gooda store for sale on a deatrable pert of Broadway. Term* and rent moderate. Apply at 8Sft Broad way. op atalra. I RASE, STOCK AMD FIXTURES OF A broadway J Store for aale. (tock oonaUUngof Paraaol* and Fmey Gooda. Hu?ineaa wall e?tabll*hed. Rent low. Apply on the premise*, 881 Broadway, near Seventeenth at reel, weat sMe. Proprietor going into the manufacturing bnalneaa. Messrs. soothmayd a co.. ?t cedar strkrt, hare several excellent butineaf opportnnitiea, requir ing only moderate capital. and which are aafe and legit imate; mist-eats in an e-.tahll*hed jobbing hoaae auta good paying manufacturing bnalneea. VTBWSPAPRR BUSINESS.?I DESIRE TO FIND AN in active and experienced man to join In conducting an established Weekly Commercial advertising aheet, which drawa patronage from foreign aa well aa dome die ahlpping porta. Refemnnea required before the aubject la opened. Addreaa M.. LOT Poet office. rfeot Fire Raoupe ever offered to the public. A rare chance offered te capitalist* or manufacturer* Call and aa* Modal at Iftl Broadway. KENTON A CO. PARTNER WANTRH-IN A HOTEL IN THIS CirHMF 100 room*, to be enlarged twice Ha praeent alae. meet be competent to lake charge of one Of the I nailmnau. end* have from $10,080 to S'JMMOln caab, with o^tdoabtedchar:^ acter; leaae aeveral veara to run; not more than one-third Interest will be aold. Addreaa, with rani nam*, X. T. K, boi l,tm Poat offioo. rPHOTOORAPHERR-A GENTLEMAN WHO CAN influence a Urge trade la New York, Wlshe* to make aa j arrangement with a Brat dene artlat. Baferencaa given. AddressJL O..J>oi 108 Herald office. THB SUBSCRIBES (A PRACTISING LAWYER) wlehee te engage tn some more lucrat Ive employment either in tbla or a foreign country. Could furnish |?.Pio to $ft,08S; age. twenty-nine. Addreaa W. H Herald office. I . r LIT?THE old ESTABLISHED BUTTER and ego Store Ml Eighth avenue, with Leaae and Fixtures ior sale A rare ohaoe* for a buaineaa man. Inquire on the Maw. ANTED?91,0S0 TO BXTRND A REGULAR MANO factoring busme'S. Andrea* E. R. C., bni MS Port w onn mechanics, clhrk* and working mrn AivrVr who ean pay t>0 i>?r month eafk for three montlie, may thereby secure a net Income of$l,ff? a year esob. far all lean yea re, without labor or vs. aod no rl?k of loea. Call tor explanationsat No. 10 Beekman street, eaoond Sow. *7nn -ONE HALF INTEREST IN A VALUABLE I UU patent. Including one tbeueaad arttetee ready for market. INtta JAMBS S COIT, A CO , National Inventor * Riebanae. MB Broadway. |Q Ann on WW -A PBRSON WITH THIN fZ.ooU amennt w*eted, to fletsh. flt up, take charge of end ran a ?m*ll steemboat. an equal Interest la the bent, and a preepert of making money, or ike boat far aal*. A4 drese nleambnat, Fluebleg, L. f. one of the tnnsl desirable In the nenntrr, and ?an he In creaeed almost williont llmil. and Is secured by patent nrn. PI* verv la rat. /ddreea H. <?, bat I m Poet affiee ' AnrsEnEvrs. N'KW york Tilkat rk. Manager* .Le*vl*Baker and Mark Smith Third wMk of the brilliant an t aoouABpIish#d artiste, LAD* DON PRIDAY and sati KDAY, positively last two Bight* of I KEsl.US AM) ANDKOMKDA AMP HIVE POINTS OF THE L\W. lady DON a* PERSEUS and Mr*. SM VI.IK. ablated by Mr. MARK SMITH, Mr. LEWIS BAKER, uud their unapproachable UOMKIiV AND BURLESQUE COMPANY. On MONDAY mil >>e played a comedy written eipressly for l.ady Don. entitled BROTHER BOB, together with the great t>iirle*que of COLLEEN BAWN. WJOOl* S THEATKK OOMIQUK. ADMISSION 26 CTS. T? 614 Broadway. opposite St. Nicholas Hotel. A SELECT FAMILY RESORT. THIS KVI NINO AND SATURDAY MATINEE. MR. EUNNELLH AND HIS . In their animated Posesaa* TWO SONS, I Gymnastic Kxerriaea. prof. HUTCHINSON AND Magto Barrel KeaU and E*hL ACTING DOGS, j blUonof Caatoe Sagacity. jik AUSTIN, I Elaetric Zouave iTrilL Drama, Pantomime, Mln>.ti eUv, Dancing. A GRAND comic ENTERTAINMENT. MRP. P. B. CONWAY'S park THEATRE, BROOKLYN. this EVENING, EAST LYNN. Lady Isabel '..Mr*. P. B Conway ArchibaldCarlyle .Mr. P. H. Conway Theatre prancais. comedy. Unparalleled success of the French Comedy. SATURDAY EVENING, MARCH 9, AT ?>* PRECISELY, for the Ufth and positively lant time. LA I A MIL! E B JiOITON. (Origlnnl of the " Kant 1 amlly" peiformed nt Wa.lack's). Comedy in five icik by M. vlctorten Sardoa. Ticket ottitoe at t>7^ Hroadway at H. DA RDON VILLK'f. rpONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOCSB. All BOWERY. 1 THE GKEA1 PRESENT HAY DRAMA. HILLS ?r KKRiiY, HILLS OK KERRY; HILLS Or KEKRY, HILLS OP KERRY, OR. IRELAND'S LAST STRUGGLE. Scenes and incident* In tha late Kculati uprising in Ireland. u a11.i'i> nightly w ith thunders op applause. TONY' PASTOR and h's gr>-it VT >up" In a choice variety prorriUMme. embracing charming noveitiaa. MAiINt.KS ON WEDNE DaY VND SATURDAY. Look out for Maaaninllo, the Plah Cau her of Naples. GRIKPIN a CHRISTY'S PIPTH 4VENUE OPERA HOUSE MINSTRELS. O w. H. ORTFFIN Manager. The greatest success ever achieved. ORAND SPECTACULAR BURLESQUE, TI1K BLACK CROOK, every nlaht until further notice. Re eugiKetn"iilof Mr. <?tto Bur hank, who will positively appear ou Thursday, March 7. Hoolevs opera nouss, Brooklyn.?the Huiise that Jack Ballt. Burlesque Black ('rook and Ballet Troupe. Plrat appearance In America of the (treat English artUta Mr. A. Bainfonl and Mr. J. S. Hartley. Bur lesque Parana Concert, llamlet tha Dainty. Two Pompeya, Ac. Grand Matinee Saturday, March 9, at il*4 o'clock. BUNYAN TABLEAUX.?LARGEST PANORAMA 1W the world. Sixty magnificent scenes, Uluatratlng Ban yan'* Pilgrim'* PiugTrs*." Union llall, Broadway and Twentv-third street. Open every night at 7; commencing at Admisalou ISO cents; children 26 cent*. Matinee Wed nesday and Saturday, at 3 o'clock. ROBT. J. GR.,ENWOOD Manager and Proprietor The ore at historical painting. "THE REPUBLICAN COURT" IN THE DAYS OP LINCOLN. GIVING 70 OR 80 PINE PORTRAITS OP THE MOST ? PROMINENT PERSONS OK THE PERIOD. BY P. P. ROTHEKMEL. NOW ON exhibition, DAY AND EVENING, INSTITUTE OK ART (DERBY GALLEKY), 636 BROADWAY. WONDERFUL FREAK OK NATURE-' THE WASH INGTON TWINS," born alive, having two head", four arms, and but one body and one i?lr of leg*; alao the head and ritfbt arm of Probst, the murderer of the Deer log fami ly; together with the magnificent collection of object* in Physio.ogv, Anatomr. Pathology and Natural History; all of which are Illustrated daily by Lecture* and Mlcoscopto View*, at tha New Y<>rk Mu?eum of Anatomy, 818 Broud way. Open from 8 A. M. to 10 P. M. Family matinee at xfoOD'8 comiqub, 614 Broadway, Saturday, Match 9, at l'i o'clock. Grand Comic Entertainment. Admiaalou St6 cents. R. AND MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS' SECOND MAT lnee, Saturday. March 9, at IS o'clock. Pairy Cliela M ,, _ and Rough Diamond. Broadway tbeaAre. Admlsaion U)r T~hkatkk ticket ofVick. Keaarred Seats for all Brat ela?a Theatraa, Concena, Ball*, Ac., can alway* t>e obtained at the THEATRE TICKET OPPI0B, 112 and 114 Broadwsy. FIA1WOKOKT1SM. A FINE ASHOETMENT OF pianofortes TO LET, and *old on lixtalmenU, at the inanufartory. lftt and 16R East Twenty-first street. L. P. CUMM1NGS. A MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE PIANO, WITH the modern lmpi'*??menta, will he *oId at a redue-d price foroash. ISO Amity street, near Sixth avenue. *_ ^ h. hakdman. A MAGNIFICENT pianoforte FOR SALE-FOR $376, cost t'nO Alio a Parlor Suit, for $126; one do. for 176. Alao the Kurnlture of a parlor and four bedroom*, at a bargain. Inquire at 119 Weat Eighth street, near Sixth avenue. A LADY WILL DISPOSE OF A MAGNIFICENT roaewood aeven octave Pianoforte and Stool; original pi Ice $4100. for lea* than half price; overstrung lis*a; cele brated maker*; nearly new. Call at M Third itraet. A SEVEN OCTAVE DOUBLE ROUND. SECOND hand Chlckerlng Piano, In good order, for $273; also several othera cheap, on account of removal. Apply at 71 Eldridga street. A FIRST CLASS SEVEN OCTAVE PIAJfOFOKTB at * aaerMoc, carved roaewoodt nrtralnini Uu Irrn 'frame and nearly new. Apply at reeldence *7 Eul Tenth atreet. B A MAGNIFICENT FIRST CLASS RoHBWOOD Pianoforte fur aale. made to order, city maker*, eoat MO, for S3JU. Parlor Knlta. KUBookcaae. Palntlnga, Vmiiih, Bureau*, Bed-tie, Wardrobe, Mattreaaee, Bit a nlon Table, Kuffet, China, CSlaaa, Silverware. A aaent' Ok 44 We?t Sixteenth Mreet, near KUtli avenue. AEOAIK8.?SPLENDID ROSEWOOD SEVEN 0C tare Pianoforte. u*ed all month*, for half lt? coet; alao oeveral aecond hand Pianoforte*. flrat claaa. very low, a* aanortmeut of new PlaoofortM, leea than wholesale price*, to cloae a oonalgnmeut. MCDONALD A CO.. JO Fourth arenue, oppoalte Cooper Inatltnl*. OR SALB-A FIXE OLD FASHIONED PIANO. Price $76. Apply at 96 Eaat Broadway. PIANOFORTE FOR SALB?A FINE ROHKWOOO Pianoforte of Nutinn A Clark'* m?ke>ln perfeet order; Htnol and Cover. Ac.; will be aold for flit. Apply at IMjf Twentieth etreet. F MUSICAL. MUSIC TKAClIEItH LIBERALLY DEALT WITH AT 17H Suth avenue. t?-twe*n Twelfth and Thirteenth atr*eta All the new Music on haml as aoon aa published "PIARO, GUITAR. VIOLIN, SINOIHO.-*> WENT A Twenty-nlxtn atreet. between Seventh and Eighth ?ve? nuea. Call or aend for circular. Private leaeona. No elaa-ee. Terme very favorable to all. ?1A PKR QIIARTRB FOR PIANO LESSONS (AI-L ?PL" le?*ona atrlrtly private). Musical Institute 1ST Went Eleventh atreet corner Mith avanee. Flanlala (or parties. Office houra 10 ull 1. INNTRCCTKn, At towssenrm business college. m bowebt. between Prince and -Houaton, Inatruetion day and evening-.In Bookkeeping, Writing, Arithmetic, Spelling, U ram mar Cerreaponoenee, Me. Room* for ladle* eed private Inetructlon. No oUaao*. Yi>l'NO WIDOW"WOULD LIKE TO BNOAOE AS govern*** to go to California, or would eat la the ca pacity of housekeeper Addreaa Widow, elation C. American educational union.-teacukhb wanted for all department* In different State*. Cor respondent* wanted throughout the country to facilitate introduction*. Addreas (with (tamp) American Educational Union. NO Broadway _____ A TOUNO FRENCH LADT OF UOOD BDITATIO*, lately art ived In thto city, well acquainted with Pan*. wUhea to give French leeaons el her raeideaee, MO Brwme atreet. BOOKKEEPING. WRITINO, AC. FOB BUMMERS.? Meaara. DOLBEAR *? Broadway, teaeh Boohkee,,. Ingpractically a* u?e?f hi the beet New Tork houeee. they alao remove atlffna** . ramping or trembling, and Make .le gem bualneaa penmen. Gentlemen oaa lecure private UOOKKEKP1NO, A PENMANSHIP ^ AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS, At GOLDSMITH'S Commercial Inatltute, 7M Broadway. Established W4R Plral* Initrnrtloo. 0 0. MARSH'S PRIVATE COUNTING BOOM! ? - - _ -Ior ?nd InatnMUoB i* Bookkeeping and Bndneaa Affair*. No. H< RroadwmT. Ctranlare. French in sixty lessons.-is a month dat elaaa alao. Conversation Neither grammar nor dic tionary la required. Profeeeor JOSEPH J. UB1BBRB Bievoort place. Tenth atreet LESFINASSB FRENCH BOARDINQ SCHOOL, Wash" ington M'1?l>u -French_I* the lanmiage of the erheol beautifuljnrounde. ClrctiUr*-Broadwav, 18, Mllhau ? drug More. 701, muale etore; MS, drug Mere. ANTED?A SIl U ATI ON A* DAILY VISITING 00>'. .17 w*1?.*?1 L" ** ? moro children, to tee. 1 and meeto. AddreM Ooverue*", Brooklyn Poet office. WA*jXH J-*0* THOBOUOHLT CONVERSANT **. with the Engilah end rreneh language*, whoean tee-* both well In all N?Jich?*L a* well aa mueic on the piano, to yeong mlcimlta Irtt ciaee famllv In thl* dtv. .None Mil ?uch aa are fully Med address bei <!?? Foot of. ? WANTED-A SITUATION AS nursrrt oovki? ne??; understand muale. Can be *een at MB Blaoo? flftld ?!., Hobnkci, J|. J7 I UAMtliSU ACAffjli?? DODWORTH S DANCINO AjUPjfT, HO. IM FIFTH AVBN^E. For terma. An., eeed tor a airraiar. of pap? oti luml /' WwOKlllihj, M.| Satnrdaye gBWIFAflll. . ^ Wanted-a complktb filb of the nrw y?>ric Herald for I** addreea Til., Herald otC-a.