Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 8, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 8, 1867 Page 2
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MTI VTUJV* \V WTKIV?KKMALKN. \SITI'AT10N WANTED?BY A YOUNG GIKL, AS nurse, ciiii the enure charge of a *"*br; is ?good sewerthas good reference; or wocld assist wttb the Wash lug. Call ul 14X West l'.th ?t. ___ \HJTUATIOS WANTED?BY A TOl'V J WOMAN; 18 a $0<h1 oook aua b.ikrr, and is * aim.* ' > J? the washing an.1 Ironing; no objection to go * ah ?' d.stale e m the country; gcv.d reference cato he .inu. Cah ai lloorue SU, lor wwo days. A YOUNO WIDOW WOMAN* WANTS A SITUATION i* competent nur-e10 an In 'lid lady. (,r as , ,f nura?: to u go.,1 eeajiisirer*. liwt at> relert uce.s giveu. Lall tlllW?tlTlhrt. ABESPhfTABLK YOUNO AMjfillCAM LADY f*ROM the cjunirv wouhi liko 10 ?>? ? .tuallon aa travelling oompanlun or chaod ei na I. fallal -OS W net 2Utu ft., 10 tfte nar, for t?o Ja)s betwten * . ul ?. ? RJfejPKCTABLB WOMAN WISHES A situation /V tod" g'lieral housework; has sviod reference. Caubd n,?en for tia *c da>s ?' 10th av. A KKM'Ecrr.VBI.K GIRL WANT ?? A SITUATION TO do general hou-<work lu a sm.-II 1 rlvate f'mllv, or m nbsuil* r lioutewi r, ; c<h>4 itfereiue from la?l placc. Call far two days at 101 Kasi .id at. ? YOUNO MDY Wll ? HAS BEEN EMPLOYED AS governess ror the p t five years wishes h situation to uurel with a (titnily to K .rope; would take entire charge of one or two nnall children. Address fo one weok. M. M. II. fi.. Albany I'osi ofliee. A RESPECTABLE Ui'BL WANTS A SITUATION AS ."\ cook and to assist In tlie w.?slilnf and ironing, good city reference, Call at i'fcl Eat lath st. 4 YOUNO GIRL WI-'HES A SITUATION AS WA1T. J\ rem 111 a private family . or would do chamberwjrk anil plain sewing; has two years' city reference. Can be seen at M Won 81i>t at., in the rear. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to t\ke care of children and and make her> self useful; good reierences. Call at SS Weat 17lh at. A nSTSOlABUI OIK!. WANTS a SITUATION as J\ chambermaid and waitrcas. Ifa. the best of city re fi'ronce. Call lor two da7? at (5) Weal 4 .lb at.. In the rear. A YOUNl* WIDOW OF BESPE01 ABILITY AND F.X .V peru nce wiahea a Kltuatlon v bona-%eep,-r In a widower's family or party of gentleman. Andrea* Widow, l!erald ollice. AYOO.NO FRENCH WOMAN WTSHES TO TAKIi rare at children, or act a? femme de chamber and dr?aa hair. Boot 01 refer#uoca. Call at 242 6th av. A SITUATION WANTED? 1Y A YOUNG WOMAN, AS good cook; h. *b''atof Ity reference; would have no objection to a ft rat claaa bw.rdiug houae. Call -it W Vt cat list et AYOI'NO LADY, WHO WRITES A VERY ELEGANT and r.ip d Hantl, d.?trea 10 ohtaln tmniPdiate anploy* 01 "it aa copyist or ainan?ienai*. Addre.-a Writer, bo? So. 6 station A. A RESPECTABLE OIKL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and waltrett? and (o usaist in washing mid Ironing, or wiuM do house v or It in a aniitll private I niliy : two year*' reference Iroin la-t place. Can be teen at East 1.9th ?t., room 5. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHBS A SITUATION AS cook; tinder?land.< oookinc in itll lis branches; I* an ex collett li tkor; ? ould ai si?i w ith coarse washing If rei|ulrud; beat of reference, (.'all ut "iJUl-, oth av., between 18ih and 19lli sta., candy store. A SMART lilltf. WISHES A SITUATION AS LAUN i\. dr - s; or would do chainbcrwork and line washing; I a.i llr?t cl. sa city reference fr m l ist place. Call at 3Mi 7th av. A SITI VI'ION W VNTED?BY A COMPETENT WO J\ nviv, as laundress, or good plain nook and to assist with the v. aslant. >du ironi.ig; the best of city reference given. Cau be seen fur two day * at S3 West 2uth St., near tith av. AVOI NO (JIRl. JUSHES A SITUATION AS PER feet seamstress mm respect ?ble private family: can cut and lit children's dr. ???c undersiands all kinds or l^iuily gening on Wllco* X Oibbs' and tirovor A Baker's sewing machines; goixl ,-Uy reference. Can lie seen uutil suited at 100 West Ii>ih st.. lop fl<H?r, frrntroom. b AOERMAN OIKI. WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK, washer and Ironer In a small, privato f.tnuly; gwd city roferenee. Call at S9 Carmloe i^t., !ir>t floor A SITUATION WANTED?TO Do COO KINO OR geucrol housework, by a smart,capable girl; is neat, re?pectrul. economical and an excellent washer and Ironer; best r.^fcrenc s given, cliy or country. Call at 121 Atlantic St.. Brooklyn. AYOUNC GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM borm..ld and waitress or as nurse, ran be seen for two day* at her present employer's, No. 2 West Hsuh at. A RESPECTABt E YOUNO OIRIi WANTS A SITU A A lion ns 1 or waitress and to assiet In wash, lag or Ironing \ j> 1 ? Iy at ;%> 7th av., between 32d and Jld at., third floor, back room. A WIDOW LADY OK EDUCATION AND VXPB lietiee In the supervision and education of children would like to taka charge of a family; o net as an assistant and companion U> an invalid lady. I n ucep'iouable rrter oncea given, \ddrf-ss W*. A. l> . Brooklyn Post olhce; or Inquire at 115 fl<B> St., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A MIDDLEAGED woman, to do plain sa'Wlng and asaist In light house work: can be seeu lor two days at 92 Br*, ime St.; the best of oity reference given. A PROTESTANT GIRL (AMERICAN PREFERRED) for housework of a family of two; one well recom mended; uonc other need apply to 177 W?st 4th at., near 6th av. A RESPECTABLE OIRI. WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and platu sewer; beat city reference. Call al?? Weat 35th st. ArRENCH OIKI., WHO SPEAKS GERMAN, AND who Is cspab.e of taklug tho entire charge of a baby, want* a situation in an Amer can family; test of reference from her last placa. Address II. B , Herald office. ? SITUATION WANTED?AS OOOD PLAIN COOK; A is willing to assist with the washing and Ironing. t>ood city referenc*. Call at 1W 3d av., In the fancy store. A YOUNO 01 RE WANTS A SITUATION TO DO light chanihartrnrk and tak? c*re of chlldrem Has the best of cilv refen?uce. Call for three days In 47th sL, two doors east of 3d av , over the coal ollhe. A HOUSEKEEPER'S POSITION DESIRED. BV A lady of refinement ?nd dome .tic hahlm, when* she can bare lier il*U? er a child of ten veai-it of nge) with her. Add roes Mm. B. 1*. 3.. M iupm <u ?l., Boston, MlM. ARKSPl ( T.VBI.E Ynl'NC WOMAN WWTS A 8ITC at'on * chlldrtn'a maid, will do plain or fancy sew. log. 230 B out Jllh ?t A WIDOW WOMAN, WITH A LITTLE lilRl. 5 YEARS old, wanU a mu tton as rook: In. ?ood wuslier and ironer; u> cipabla of taking a liounekeejicr'* p-ition; a steady home un'rn an object than ?u(r); good reference. 58 Allen at., near Urand. room No. f. A8ITI VTinx WA.VTF.n-BY A RESPECTABLE ciil j* first class laundreo.: underst.iud* how to da Fr, neli flnling thoroughly; hi* good city reference from her la*t riat e. ('no be *e?n until auited at 113 Went ISth it. Ii?|Ulrr 10 the a'orv. \T.I. FAMI LIES WANTINO CAPABLE SERVANTS Imni' lia.ely an 1 n >od ili-imm tfrla, apply at lar^e Employ In? itu'e, IU6iith belowWth at. Aarrc.vrios wanted?vs kibst class cook, lucluding all k nd* of mc:? and ?o?uw. Alan a Pnv (?slant yonnii woman for wnlnn^or chamberwork and to take care of children* city reference a. Call at 411 td ar.t nc tr Stth at.. tacond floor. AVKRY WEIL EDUCATED 1'KOT)-START GERMAN glil desires to teke a pl*0" lottnleUnitn and teach the Qerman language. or aa lady'a mild and t do plain ?e w. Ing; g>x?d refere re* rati be given. Inquire a. 80 Week Dth at.. ba?ement. aNAMKriCAN widow i>ai>\ wish;.* a situa A tlon t? housekeeper In ? reifx?r4al?te family; IIniter wtands housekeeping thoroughly; can take the whole cU.irge, will oreraee'.he e,mal!ig, a*aisi In Hewing and mike herself very uselul; the very he*t of rafereuces can he given. C.ul for two day at #Tc i .V 1 at A RESPECTABLE flIRL WOULD LIKE A PLACE AS chamherm .Id aud waitress or would do Itirht home, work; rrry lie-t reference given. Can be aeau at her pn'aeut employer'?, US Vaai 30t b at., between Xth and 9th arc A SITUATION WaNTED-BT a TOt'NO flIRL, TO DO ehamlierwork and wilting: pan aaaiat in the waahing and Ironing: 1* not afraid to work: ha* no objections to go to tb? country. Call at 8731U sr., near Shi at, In the bakery. ARKHPRCTABLF. WOMAN, WITH THE HEFT CITT reference, would like to go out by the day. or take In family waahlug at bar owa residence. Call at 243 Ki?t 33d ?true 1. ARRSPKtrTARLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO do general housework for a small family. Call at 1J0 Raat SHh St. ARRSPKCTABLE PROTEST\NT OTRL WISHES A altuatlou a? plain cook, washer and Ironer; 1s an eical lent bread and blaenlt maker: ran go aa chambermaid and laundress. Call at 131 Kaat itotli at. A NUMBER OP WKLL KECOMMENDKD <*ERV AN Ctrl* want silos 'ions at Mrs. Lowe's tinman Institute, IT Stanton at., near Bowery. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, WHO HAS I oat h?r I'iby. one day old, woald lake a bahv to wet nurae at ber residence. Id#' Newark a*., Jersey City, flrat floor. Csll for three days. AOO?D JEWISH COOR WANTS A SITUATION IN A small pirate family; the bast of city reference (lv?n. Apply at '*M Bleecker at. A FRENCH Nl'HKK (FROM PARIS) WISHES A situation to tak* care of children and do aewlng, good referrnee. Apply at 1M 3d a?., between 16th a id 17th ata., In the fancy store. ATOUNO WOMAN WISHES A BITUATION IN A small private faowy for genrral hnoaewt>rk; baa Ibe be?l or cliv reference. Call or addieaa 191 Or- ?n St., In the faaof store A i,TUATLON. WARTRIW8T A RE "ROTABLE -? i.'T.r "chamhertnald and wsitreaa. <>r would take care of children aed do plain sewing; ci v referwnea, CaU at WO dih av.. between 29U> and SUth ats., rocm No. 9. A fioiLAII?!'? WiNTRO-BT A RESPECTABLE iht? ^ <lo.c"?lll"? ?nd wishing In a renpect ' nl!!!L ?itli?e rttv/s? J* ctV feferetice from her last cs'au'ir.z.%' ssaffls."**"? ffjRggsgfcra - -"5: DBKSS AND CLOAK CUTTER AND FITTER WIStlRH a altnatlon or w 1,1 go out hv t ,a da* or w-ek Jtddr^S H. Reed, aUtlon F, for one weak. ' A"!'1"** OALE8WO.MAN.-MILLINER? R FANCT STOh7~a n roang lady, flrat class sa!e<w. naan and *01.1 milliner W'?nia sltuallon; gwi d raiareiKe; asiary nut a a ohieet! Address Davidson, bn> I7< Herald ollca, J OITUATION WANTED?AS CLOAK CITTTER OR AS. O slstant forewoman, t?r would lake charge of a small e*. tahllahm >nt. U<?id reftrwoaa. Address, for one week, c B ., Station B, N T. ' OITUATIOR WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE TOUNO O Prol?stant girl, aa rhamnermalrt and waitress, '.f to do rhamberwork and Bare eMIdren, Bo objeeiion lo the eoun try: good refaranae. Can b? aean for two days at 4lu Id av? aaoond floor BIT! ATIOXH WAKTKU-KEMALKS. ? - ?- - - ? .-~~~ OITI ATI ON WANTED?*Y A KESPECTAHI.K YOUNO O sir', h? tUmlwrm?lil nl waitress. or ciiambrraaid an 1 nui?<*. no objection to k > ? short distance in Ibe country. Good city reference can I *- given. Apply at 2UH Ue>l tiUi st., betwctu Bib aud Will art., in the rear. SITUATION WANTED-A8 Ct'OK, WA8HE O ironer or to do general house w< rk; no object10! OITt'ATIO* WANTED.?A YOUNG GERMAN GIKI., k . ho c..r>ci*>k, wash and Iron desire* a situation. 2J4 Houston ft., tear ir, H. initi ation wanted?by a young girl, be O twjw Ihe ages of 15 and 10, to do the li.thi housework of u sm 111 family. Inquire at 14U Weal a?'.b sL, between 9lli and 10th ?v?. QITffATION WANTED?BY A RE^PECTAltLK WOMAN, 0 to do general housework or aa laundreiis; no objMStton to a short uiauuctI In (Jt country. Call for two days at 112 West 36th #t., near TtU av. SITUATION WANTED?TO DO OHAMBERWOBK, O f.'.r washing and Ironing: an do all kinds of French llutmg. Good reference. Call ,t 61 Weat 13 ? *L SITUATION WANTED?BV A RESPECTABLE PRO tesumt young wmian, u ?> k and to assict at washing and Ironing, in a private faiuil ; good city relcrence. Call for two days at 91 Greeawlch av.iuue, up stairs, frout room. QITUATION "WANTED?BY \ RESPECTABLE PRO O test mt and aged woman, to do rook Ing, washing and ironing In a private ' family or oardlng house- willing to make herself generally useful city reference* can be gwen. ApT>ly at & Vandam at. flr t Boor, front. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY WO YOUNO WOMEN; O one a* rook, washer and ironrr. the oilier ae chamber maid and waitress or to take care < r children in a amall pri vate family; good city reference. < 'all at 462 6th a v., be tween 27th and 98th ata. WASHER AND on to go a short distance In tlie country; good city reference. Call at 383 19th it,, off lUth av. SITUATION WANTED?A8 COOK FOR A RESTAU runt or hotel, Good refere ice. Call for two darn at 410 Ko?t 18th -t. SITUATroN WANTED?BY \N ENGLISH OIRL. BE tween IS and lti vearg ot ag< who Is willing to make her self pem rally useful. Call at I it East 16th St., between ava, A and B. SITUATION WANTED?AS COOK, WASHER AND O linnet no objection to tli country; best reference, Call at 3UH Wert X>th it. SITUATION WANTED-AS CHAMBERMAID AND wi'llitus, and assist at washing, in a private family: good city reference. Call at 22>i 41sl at., betweeu yth and 10th avs., top Uoor. SITfATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOU NO l5 lilrl. as chambermaid and waitress in a small private family; city references if required. Can be seen to-day at *ts East 18th St., top Uoor, back room. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO go nut sewing by the day or week. Addrosa Mr*. E. M., station 0. TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS WISH SITUATIONS TO 1 gether; one to do chttniherwork and sewing; the other as waitress and to assist witii washing and ironing; best of refereoce. Ci 11 at 180 West 83(1 .it., corner oi 7th av. rpwo GIRLS WANT SITUATIONS?ONE AS PLAIN A oook. washer and lronor; the other to do chamberwori and sewing. Apply at 284 31st., between 9th and 10th ava. TITAN TED.-A YOUNO LADY WISHES A SITUATION vf to attend store; has had some experience in u lanry ?tore; high wages not so much an object as a permanent sit uation Address for two days T. L., Herald olliae. IV ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A BITUA TT tion as chambermaid arid waitress; is willing to make herself useful; has good reference Applv. Thursday and Friday, troin 10 to 12 o'clock, at 11 West -Ud st. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman as nurse in a private family; unde.* st inds Hie care ot a baby front its birth, or would take charge of crowing children and Bsaist with chamberwork a id bus the be~t of city reference. Cau be seeu for two day* at 149 East Utb at., near av. A. TXT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL, A V' situation as chambermaid and waitress or to t*kn care ot children; best ol reference gn en. Call for two days at 3X1 East U-ith st., New Yo.k. TtTANTED?A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND "I nurse or as chainhermald and waitress. Apply tor two days at 12i East 17th st. \XJ ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS VT housekeeper or lady'* maid; could assist in flain sew lng If re'jtiired; a reasonable compensailon would be ex pe?'ted, having h id miicii experience In the ?bove capacity. Address iiiimedialely Miss Anient C. Francis, 107 l'rince at., care of Mrs. Theall. WANTED.?A LADY WISHES TO PROCPRE A SIT. vv nation tor her French m.iid. with a family going to France. Address Mrs. C., 4,707 Ocrinantown a v., Philadel phia, Pa. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO GIRL. TO do general housework In asraall private family; best of city retercnoe. Call at 8J9 West 26th sL, in the basement, for two days. f ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MARRIED woman a* wet m.rse. Call at 34 East 32d st. w ANTED?A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID, IN TT an American family, by a German gfrl. Apply at 97 St. Mart's place basement. WANTBD-A SITUATION AS COOK IN A PRIVATE family, by one who understands her business thor oughly ; good reference. Call at or address lor two day* 77 West 'JSth SL WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE middle aged woman, as cook; understands her busi ness and can bring good city reference; she has a daughter 14 years old and wonld like to have her la the house with heraelf; can take car<- of chlldreu and sew neatly. Apply at i 13 i-.ast 14th st. TP-ANTED-A SIT CATION AS LAUNDRESS; WELL TT recommended (rom her U*t place. Can be seen for two day? at 16 Leonard at., between Hudson aud Weat Broadway, top floor. IITANTKD?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A TT situation a* nurse aud aeatnatress, who understands alt kino* ol tamily scwlug. or light chainberwork aud seam stress; best reference. Can be aeen for three day a at 185 Kant 14th at. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN GIRL, a situa>l?n ai chambermaid an1 waitress, or to do general liou-evvork in a small private family; beat of city reference. 161 East 30th at., rear houae. "11/ ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECT ABLE It rioteuaut woman, as first oUaa oook; no objections to a|i>r*v.tte boarding house; city preterred; uo objection to assist in washing, ilu 3d a*., near 31si m. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A IUUPKCTABLR young woman, to oook, w?ib and Iron, tn a email pri vate '.v. Cai. be recommended from bcr last place. Apply I fir two d *ya at 1!M Weat 'JSlh at. ? riTANTED?BY A RRBPECTARLii MARRIED WO M man. a Imbe to wet nurse In her own houae. Apply at 6.II Sd ?i., aeoondftoor, front. \\T ANTED? BY A WIDOW LADY, A CHILD TO NURSE TT <>r the bottle; also oue to Hoard. Apply in Blid av., rear h?u ae. TXT ANTED?BY A TAII ORES*. WORK IN FAMILIES. TT by day. to cut ami make boys' <? othea; al-o> and ba-qnea Iu the laieat styles. Addraaa Mrs. A. Ytlae, L>1 East Sftn at WAITED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG LADY, WHO bat bean a<-customed to tln> dry rude, fancy and trl iimlr.i; ir.idcs. Kirst c'.ua* reierencea given Apply to C. Martin, T'ostoiUoo, Brooklyn. HKL.P WAaTKD~FgyLH?, LADY OK IXPERIRNCB WANTED-TO TAKE _ L charge of a first clai drc-?m?k'ng i>s! bU-ihtnem in the city, sue mu?t thoroughly understand the business Ad dress A. K.| box MO Herald oflioe. COMPETENT GIRL. WELL K WO M MENDED, mav apply it 2S7 Cast Jdth <ti, aft?r IS o'clock. fo,- a situation to a* housework. A MIDDLE AGED PROTBSTAWT WOMAN, WITH very beat city referesco, la wasted la a family ?' two: will be required io cock, wash and Iron for lad/, and take thorough charge of the kMN; muat be very neat and p>t-? Ucular aad mind her own business, a compete it pnrton will Cnd a good permanent home, at a salary of $12 per nontli. Adureaa Wtlisrd. but 5.SS4 Post ofBce, at ouee. ? _ 1 ? f i a GERMAN GIRL WANTED-TO DO GENE it AL A housework; she must come well recommended from h"r last piace. Call for two days at 245 Union at., Brool.y n. A HOI SEEEEPER WANTED?IN A PBIVATH YAM ily, to asstat and attend to the up stain work alone; mii?t be German, and hare good references. Address.). E., box 140 Herald oiiioe. BRAD WORK HANDS WANTED?TO BEAD PARA, sola; the hlKhoat prices paid to experienced hands. Ap> pty from 9 till 8 at 11V varlck street. Work given out BEADIXO.-GIRLS WASTED, TO WORK OH PARA, sola. To experienced hands good prions paid. M* Hud eon at. WANTltD-i GIRL WITH GOOD CITY REFERENCE, Tf to do general housework in a amall family. Apply be tween ten aud one o'clock, at $10 West J&tii eL WANTED?A WELL RRCOMMKRDED WOMAN AH TT numeforao Infant two months jld. Apply for two day* at 145 East 17th at. W AM ED?A GERMAN NURSE, TO OO TO EUROPE with a family; one with good city reference* oaa apply at 123 2d ?v , between Id anil 1 oVIocfc _? WANTT.D?AN EXPERIENCED LAO AMD CAP hand. Apply at xn itli at., I? the store. WANTKD-AS CHAMBERMAID AND LAUNDRESS, a strong active girl, thoroughly understanding h?r businasa. Apply, with rtMereiiuoe. at 3U West Win at, frota 10 to I o'clock. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED OPERATOR ON Wheeler A Wilson s machine; also a few finishers, young girla; quick sewers. Apply at? Hubert ?t WANTED-A (tIMu TO DO GENERAL liOUSBWOKK la a amall far.nly; one well recom-nenjrd fion Ikt laat place. None other ne?d apply. Call at 1*7 Ea#t liitli at., naai 3d av., beiwee-i the boura of 10 and I. WANT^D-IK A PRIVATE FAMILY. A. OtRL Ah waiireaa and line waaher aad ironer. In ulre be tween 1# and I o'cloefc at S3 Wast >Hh at t'lty retarauoaa required. WANTRD-A GOOD GIRI- AS CHAMBERMAID AND laundress. Unexceptionable references raquiied. Call at M Waal 36th at. WANTED-OOOD 0PERAT?)KS UN WmEELRP A Wilson'* or Elliptic machine; plea* work; o >n- |lrea out. 17 Murray at., Wp twt Pghts. ^ TITANTED-A SEAMSTRESS WHO CAN OCT. PIT TT and saw on machine. Apply at No. 7 Ashland place, Perry st., Orse:iwich a?. AV ANTED? AN BXPRMMMIRO DRRSS iND CLOA'" T T mater. App'y to M. Myars' New York m lurnlng gtorc, (W Br'sdway. WAN P.11?TWO~SMART ZmEKICAN WIDOW LA dms, to at'end a bread and cake store, Episcopalians pre'errrd. Those having good references and srlllli.g to at tend to tue duties of the store May address J. F. Pn Ileiald "He ??. W* ififiTy^A"COM?REirWOMAN. il? "PLA!N"COOK, wa>*er and Ironer. Apn'r at JB Nottk Moore at. HKUP WAITEn?rBMALKH. U' AMI I D-TW! N TV KIK-T **?."*<-= OPKR I TO - ON Wtieeler A Wilson's sewing machines, t<? work <"? drawers Hint ?i,iria; aiso two ironera Only Mi"-* uuJ' r ataudltig the l)U?l eas need applv at 3H4 aud8?MJ ilioadway; cutr.itiua U> wo.krouui In loitlaudt alley. \VTANTE1>-A YOUNG LAIlY, TO ATTEND IN A ?? fsnry food* tore; one quiet at liruea and who hi* him know'edge of the business preierrt'd. Addreee J. fc. S., station U. 11 fANTED?IN A OENTLEMAN'S FAMILY A YOUNG ?T ludy of respectability not, u(Ofernese and c irnj amuu. Address with reference. V., box -.0'- Post offloe. \\TANTBD?A YOUNG GIRL TO DO UPSTAIRS " work, mind children and sew; must brttiir reference from Usl place; $5 to 30 [ier month. Call at 4J Jones struct. WANTED?A RESPECTABLE GIRL. TO DO TIIR general housework of ? family of two; must he r> good washer and inner, and know bow to behave lierseir. Apply s (JV) Pacific at., Brooklyn, baaetueul door, from V to 13 o'clock. \\T ANTED?Bt A respectable PROTESTANT ? ' young woman, a situation to trarel with a lady as a" in stress or work lu li'Town bouse; understands dressmaking; can work on Wheeler & Wilson's machine and do all kinds of family sew,tig. Addinau E., Seamstrea, station B, New York. ?TANTED-A SITUATION AB SEAMSTRESS AND TO " take care of growing children; can operate on Wheelei* A Wilson's sewing machine; good oily refers*, e. fall for two days at 186 East 12th St., second lloor, back room. WANTED?A OOOD GIRL, TO DO THE CHAMBER work of a small family and mske herself generally uaeful; American or German preferred; with good refer ence. Ari'ly at 207 West 10th at. WANTED?A PROTESTANT NURSE FOR THREE children, tbe youngest one year old. Apply at 133 West 21al st. SITUATIONS WANTED?NAIiKS. A GEOLOGIST OK MANY YEARS' KXPEKIKNCE IN conducting operations and explorations In the cold and silver fields or the West' rn States sad Territories, Mexico and South Amcrlca, desires to engage with a reliable company. References gtren. Address .1. C., Post office box 1,S>2 Pittsburg, Pa. A STRICTLY MORAL AND TEMPERATE MAN wants a position in a rial estate or other office; is a good accountant; references of the highest order and secu rity if required. Address, fer four days. Integrity, box 177 Herald offije. AYfil'Nll BOY WISHES A SITUATION; UNDER stands how to take care of horses and to drive; under stands farming; cat; go through the city; does not care whether It he city or country; good reference. Can be seen j for three davs at 2IT-B 10th av. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT MAN a* watchman or porter; the best of city refeience can *l>e given. Address box. 200 Herald ofl'.oe. PAKIS exhibition-WANTED, BY AV INTELLI gent voting in in, who speaks French, English and tier, man, and is well acquainted Iti Paris and London, a tdacea* courier to a si i/le geinlci.-iail or family, to go to Paris. Ap ply by letter to W. O., 30 Rivington st. CRVATIM W\NTED-$10.-1 WTLL GIVE $10 TO O any person whom will procure me (a one armed sol dier) a slUslion. Addre-s R. 11.. 3fS2 West Mtj^t., store. WANTED?TO HOTEL AND SALOON PROPRIE tors.?A first class barkeeper, sober and reliable, aged 24, wants an engagement . Address Bar, Herald olllce. TV"ANTED?A SITUATION, BT A YOUNG M AN. IS IT years of age, an assistant bartender; bis the beat of referancc from Ills last employer. A'ldre-s J. M., Herald offloe. ClilBKI AID BAUtSHBS. A respectable tO\ .v<; man desires a RITUA Hon aa rlerk in a grocery and lia store, having four years' experience and can produce the i>cst of city refer ences; tm objection to tho couLlry. Apply at 180 bt. B, be tween 11th and sis. A YOUNG MAV WHO HAS SOME EXPERIENCE IN the drug business, desires a situation In a wholesale or retail drug store, will be satisfied with inoderaic wages the first month. Good references given. Address H. L. M., Herald ot!ice. ? A YOUNG MAN LATELY SCHOOL teaching IS desirous of obtaining a situation ase'e'k: swif t pen man. gOi>d lccountant; teatimouials if required. Please ad dress J. M . at Mr. Chng. Kicks, 188 Franklin st. A situation WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN. AS clerk in a wholesale or retail grocery store; ha* bad 16 years' experience in the retail branch; reference from last place; wages not so much of an object as a permanent situa tion. Address box 132 Herald office. ? Drug clerk wanted.-atply between 12 m. and 2 P. M. at -the corner of Gold and Prospect sts., Brooklyn. Drug clerk wanted immediately.?must bare good recommendations; a single man preferred. Apply to K. FLINT, 360 Ninth avenue. QALBSMAN WANTED?IN A dry good STORE. O Apply at 184 Grand at.. Williamsburg, L. I. Salesman wanted?in the hoop skirt and oorsst business; one who has had some experience In the business preferred. Address A B., box 1UH Herald office. r NEWSPAPER OR PERIODICAL publishers A person of many years' experience In the counting room, desires a position as advertising er general clerk. Ad dress Fidelity, Herald office. TO BOOK SELLERS AND STATIONERS.?THE AD ?erttaer desire* a situation as ulfitrntn or otherwise in either a publishing bout* or retail book or atatlonery *v>re : la a No. 1 salesman utd undonundi arranging and taking cart' of stock; age thirty-three; twelve year* In the bo ti ne**. Oood references. Addrs** W., of C., Herald ofUee. WANTED-A YOUNO MAN AS OLRRE IN A FIRST cUaa grocery: none but those baring had eiperienee need apply. Addrc**, giving reference ana where last em ployed. Greccr, Herald office. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY AM EXPERIENCED accountant and bookkeeper. 4n a wholesale house (grocery preferred) or manufacturing eetahlWhment: ref?r enoe from present employer*. Add rem Drawer, 300, Cleve land. Ohio. WANTED-BY AB 1MPORTINO HOU8B (OIOAR9), A Aral class salesman. who u thoroughly acquainted nod ha* a Ur?e city trade to take position 1st Slav. 1807. Ad with i-etereuoea, Aa, f. R. M., box 6,401 New Tore 1*0*1 office. WANTED?A FIRST CI.A88 FURNITURE SALES ma*. None but those who thomuxhly understand their mulness need apply to Frust, Black & Co.. 73 Bowery. WANTKD-A CLOAK, SHAWI. AND MANTILLA salesman; a person with a knowledge of manufactur ing preferred. Addrass. stating refenMice* find expecta tion*, Edward Mslley, New haven, Conn. COACIIMKN ,vml) OAB JKM'.RS. SITUATION WASTEO-BT A YOUNO MAW, AS coachman or groom; good refcren*- given. Addrc*. W. H.. In care of Jame- Power*. 1TJ Ka*i S4ih su \STANTED-A 81TCATION AB FAtMER AND OAR v? derer: understand* Mock, grap?ry snd irvlUof .ill kinds. lAny k ntlem .n wani ng su ih i men in v call on M. C D., at L*?e joy's Hotel "aik row, for three W'ANTi;n?A SITUATION AS ? AB>?iNEB. BY A ORR. If man iuirricd man, with A virv xnuli; under stand* ga; de'mng iu all it* v irtiu- bpuche*; would go a*. g*rdenerand ooaeamnn li required; Ins the beat of utty re. lerence from Msi*?t etsnt year*' empoyment Address 11 S.. cam P. MoCouvUle, Si lieury *U WAN TED?BY A STEADY YOtKO MAN, A ?ITITA tion ** coachman, lor either eoioiry or elty; under stands the care of caitle. Hftt of riferenee fro? hi* la.t en: .ilover. Call at or adjreas 3JS test Xid st Charles Connor. ITgvANTFO?BT A YOUNG MAI AND WIFK (NO Tl children), a situation a* eoachtnn and plain gardener; the wife s* chambermaid snd wlitres; the man under*! .nds driving and taking uarr of horses ot he l> >?t Mud; Is steady aid oNiti'ng U> hi* master, and a cjoi hand with grape vines and vvmg tre ??, or would tsks a as all hou*o on lbs plnce slid work, my ?elf only; reference frtn last piacj. Addrc Mt for one wick, I. D. C., Last Now Yok, L. 1. TABTRD-BY a protestah- MARRIED MAN, A situation as farmer; 'iid'rsUsdt farm ng In *11 its bo sen lor two day* at 144 W - brtnche*, plain gardening and the eae of stock; can furui' h tood recommendation*. Can yest st., in Uie Hour store. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A SINGLE YOUNO man, as coachman; thoroiialy understands the treatment of hor?e*; can give undoiMed rolerenc fnim bis empio-er?, both elty and ouuntry; I obliging. Addrc** J. 0., Ilera-d offlre. HF.LPWASiTED-MALlC*. Absis-abt boobkHBPrr. alksmax, hotel, putters, grocery, diy goods <?"? olerks, porter.. bar. tender*, e anted this day at HI Charier* et. .isiarles $lu to $36 ,-er wr?k. AOBNTH WABTED-TO BKI.L ? ARTICLE WA>TED In everv house, hotel, store. 4)ce. Ac., city and xmo try. Call oo or addrjsg C. A BDW.N, 4 Bleecker st, Mew York. AT MERCHANTS* AOENCY, riBROADWAY, WANT ?I. entry snd *i lpplng ? r*sl?tant bookk-eper, sratchmsn. Mlnstlons open and salaries. AOBNTfi WANTBO-ALL OVE THE COUNTRY, TO *ell a n*w Invention want<?d verywh <re: the largest lnduoem>nis ever olfe-ed to ajent Sills atiUoenta. Ad dress Mbaler A Co , 90 CHIT *t., thl floor. \OKNTS WANTKli?IN EVRY CITY I* TUB Union, to eel' an art'ole ef gat merit; of nse In every family; pr iAla lart,e; ran dear fro $6 to $10 a day easily. Ap*ily to W. Poinefvy, 170 Chatha ??ii?*re, N. Y. AT 83? BROADWAY, BUM NO. 1?WANTE*), JY elerxs snd young Dien wh > -lie a fair hand; sslanr $14 per week. Also waiters. ?|tunan and other*. CaO early. AGENTS WANTl'D?F1TH1 PHYSICIANS OR JV drnStl"" to nsnvass for chemical manufacluring house. Addrsi* Cbiroltt IJeraUIUee. ? A UTOCT BOY WANTED-i BO. 7 CATHARINE 8T. BOY WANTi-.D -ONR FROM6TO 17 YgARS OF AGE, and *r*il l eoiicmeo .ed, inaipply at the drag store, 311 8th av. -? ro young men who wtk a fair hand a* eorr?spoin ?nt?. ci'il fer larsnceeomnsny. siiltltne ke*prr, t > to to ill Lroadwav, om 19, corner Fulton at. lnfv matii .n fret*. WANTKD-A YOUNO MAI ACQUAINTED WITH tbe vtb'deiale neck le trad lo sell on commission; none IfU thou that c?n InfliM-n (rade need apply. Ad dress. wilt references, a. P.. C ,er*.d office. lirANTED- IN HCriVB TW MAN IN A KKAL f T ests e of ??; e.i!**,- an 1 eomisf -n panl; must de(> tit $*10 ? Ad !rn-s P. X,.l.}al : office^ WANTED-A CAUVKR, A Pi'r5f COOK AND A BOY (Protestants)! first class future, with ref'renoc i, at I'M 6lh av , up au' . WANT1.D -'MVi niAr I,Y\ SMART FNTKBT; IS Ingveri no' iddreto solicit suhsrr1rlo:i? f.-r tw? ue ? and pi y. . ii iimf.asi'V An etcelleili ?'(ienir.g la olt>ie?l toe ?*!lai!" i*r*on. to ieii a pe m?neni <ltue'i in will he a? -ir*d H'JHO A HUfillTON. oubli<her?, 460 ilrojnu suoat HEI.P WAIVTKD_nAl.ES. flTANYED? A SOBER. INDUSTRIOI < MAN WHO II thoronzUiy uiulMabuid't farming. Call jX 4u lln ?d Way. office of Winter A Co. "lyAMTED?A BO*- ABOUT 16 YEARS OK AGR. "O TT make himself ?eneraliy useful in a? office; must be quick at figure* and write a **>. *i baud auJ uoui.. wall rt xiui muudad. AadreMt boi lt>4 Herald office. nrinUM smart. usraefAiu bov, is oris 11 years of age, a* caahier t'ur a mail dry apod* *'.ore: ?iu*t come well recommended. Address S. r? to:. !*>' lerald office. WANTEO?A HOT ABOUT 15 YEAKS Or AO"., TO run errand*. Apply to 0. Gerume. Sbakeapea. e Ho tel. between 8 and 9 o'clock A. M. WANTED?A YOI'NG M AS QUICK AT PIGI'Rl ?<, IN telligi .it at. d a good penman. Apply to Wm. W. .'racy, 4U li road way. TVAKTKD-A BOY IN AN OPRCS; SALARY 1 TRST y\ year $11W. Apply to Bartletl, Beery A Co., 410 V road way, from 9 to 10 A. M. XJITANTEfl?A NIQHT WATCHMAN: ONK WHO CAN v v give good reference* In regard to character. Apply to J. A 0. H. Walker, 1B2 Centre at., corner of lle- ter. C?'7 K PER MONTH FOR CANVASSERS iAaLL PAR'S

V I (J of the U. 8., to hell our pnieut Whire Wire Cloit es Linea; never rust. Add.~eaa Amerioan Wire Co., offioe 140 Broadway. EIIBOPEAII STEAMSHIPS. STEAM TO Qt'EENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. From New York every Wednesday and Saturday. The MANHATTAN sails OU Saturday, March 9, from piar 37 Kaat river. Cabin pasaam, $90. gold. ' Steerage, $JU. currency. Passage to New Yoik and rsrri*. tai.ces to Ireland at low rates. Apply to WILLIAMS A OUION, 20 Broadway. STEAM TO AND PROM LIVERPOOL AND QLiiENS town twice a week. Passane $30 currency to Liverpool or Queenstown. i'ri )?ad ticket* froio Liverpool or Queenstown at the low ?It rate*. Drifts payable id any part of Oreat Britain and Ireh-nd. Apply to TAPSCOTT BROTHERS A CO., 86 South street * or 2H Broadway. STEAM WEEKLY TO AND PROM LIVERPOOL OR Queeoktown by the Cunard line of extra steamers TARIFA Miila 6th March ALEPPO sails ISth Maroh Onoin parage $>*\ gold; steerage $30. currency. Passage from any part of England or Ireland, and drafts for ssle at lowest rales. For paaaafc apply at E. CUNARD'S Steerage office, 68 Broudwa y. QTI6A2LTO olasoow and Liverpool, ? O CHftng at Ixtndouderry to land passenger* and mall*. Tfc*T?\orlte passenger st-aninis or the ANCHOR LINE 8AIL EVF.RY SATURDAY IOWA. Crr.lg, salla Saturday, Mnrrh 16. CA1.KD0N!\, MeUon .Id, sal!* S turday, March 23. IiATES OF PASSAGE, PAYABLE IN CURRENCY. To Liverpool, Glasgow and Derry?Cabins, $110 and $90; Prepaid certificate* from those ports, $.15. Passengers also forwarded to Hamburg. Havre. Antwerp, Ac., ?i very low rales. For further information applv at the company's offices. FRANCIS MACDON U.D ft CO.. I gen is. No. 6 Bowling Green, New York. 0NI .Y DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY"? MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE, CALLING AT BREST Thesp!6nuid new\ecseta on this favorite route for the Continent will sail from pier No. 50 North river, aa fol lows:? PEUEIRE Dnche?ne Saturday, Mareh9 VII.LE DK PARIS Surmont Saturday,Mnrcb'-Si EUROPE Lnmurie Smurdav. April 6 RT. LAI RENT Bocsn le Saturday, April JO PRICES OF PASSAGE. INCI t'DINO WINE, Pavuble in c^ld or equivalent In currency: TO BREST )R HAVRE, First cabin. $16!'; second cabin, $100. To pakis, (Including rsilwnv I'ckt-ts. furnished on board). First oal'in. $l?A; second cabin, $103. Bar/age cheeked through to raris. Medical attendance free of charge. * These steamers do not carry steerage passengers. GEO. MACKENZIE, Agent. No. 5B Broadway. STEAMER PKREIRE. FOR BREST AND IIAVKI'., Wll.L leave plor No. 50 North river, foot of Morton street, Saturday, March 9, at 9 o'clock. Passengers are requested to be on board at 8 o'clock. 0 NLY AMERICAN LINE TO ENGLAND AND > FRANCE. The New York and Havre 8te.-un*hlt> Company'* first clas* *tenm*hlp? Arag > an 1 Fulton, In ronnectlon with the New York Mall Mesmnhlp Company's steamers MU alevippi anil Merrimack, to ilavr.*, earrylng the United State** mails, from plor No. 4<5 North river, at hood, the fol? lowing days, calling at Falmouth:? . ? FULTON C. H. 'iowiiarnd.Satnrday, Mnrcb 16, M7 MERRIMaC E. Van Slcc... .Ratnrdav, Mareh SL 1857 ARAGO H. A. Gndsden-Saturday, April 13. ISC MISSISSIPPI O. Sumner Saturday, April 97, T*B FULT<?N -C. H. Tow o?eo4. Saturday, May 11, MOT MltRRIMAC E. Van Mce .Saturday, May 9^ 1?H and every fourteen day* thereat tor. PRICES OF PASSAGE, PAYABLE IN gold, FIRST CLASS *? SECOND CLASS W Through ticket* to London 19 extra. An experienced aurgeon on board. _ . , The companies will not be reaponsl'rte for specie ar valu ables ante** bllle of lading, having ttao ralme H|?mt ara aigoed UAKVISON, f#r Bt T. *. S. 8. Ofc JOS. J. COMSTOCK, for H. Y. and 8. S. 0* For turther mfonnaUon a^Jr No. 7 Broadway. JAMES A. WOTfON. Harre. General Agent In Europe. S~*team TO LIVERPOOL, CALLINO AT QUEENS town?The In man Line, nailing scml-wcekly, carrying the United State* mall*. CITY OF ANTWERP (now) Saturday, March 9 Kangaroo Wednesday March IS CI IY OF BObTON Saturday, March 16 CITY OF CORK Wedne-day, Mareh 90 CITY OF BALTIMORE Saturday, Marrh 23 ?and each succeeding Saturday and Wednesday, at noon, from pier 4ft North river. RATES OF PASSAGE rr nut HAIL stvabsb *ailino ktrkt mtcrbat. Payable In Gold, I Pavabla In Currency. Flrtt Cabin 77.. $1101 Steerag- $S) To Loudon 1161 To London S To Part* 128 | To I'nna. 4ft Return Iirket* to Paris and bark. >^J0, gold. Passage bv the Wednesday steamer*. ft rat cabin, lllr Steerage, Payable In United State* currency. Paaaeugera alhqLlorwardad to Havre, Hamburg, Breman, At., at moderate sea. Steerage passage from LlTerpool or Queen?Viwn $tn cur rency Ticket* can be bought here by persou* sendiug for their friends. _ . _ For further information apply at the Company'* oUtcea. JOHN G. DALE, Agent. 15 Broadway^ N. Y. Grand excursion TO THE PARIS FXPOSITION. The new and first cIask ocom ?olng iron steamship HAVANA. tOOO ton* bur Ian. Stepiit-n Whitman, commauder. Will make an excursion from New York to Eavn and back, soiling from pier 411 North river, on Wednesday, April 17, at 12 o'clock M., Inking i>a**ongera for Part*. London and Bremen. Returning, will nail from Havre ouJucefi, glvln- passengers holding exc I'.slon tickets about MX week* In r.urope. This magnificent steamship is d vi led InlA watertight compartments, rind !>*? If en n.wlyt irnisbed and elegantly fitted up expressly fur this voya^-e. Till- will onlv larry fli rt claa* psssengers. Prieo of paseagc. in currency, to Havre and return, $2Ml #nd 9MW, trcordlag lo size vt atateroom. To Havre only $JW an.l $175. An extierleiieed surgeon on tmard. F?>t frtrthfi iwrllen ur* and p.-?o*ge ?pply to the agents, MI RK A if. I'-EHItls 4CO..IU South slreot, or MF.RUH \NTS* t'MON EXPR^SCO.. Coruer of Brotdway *nd Frnuklln sL THE HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S iron mall *tee?n?lil|? TEUTONIA, C. Bardua, comnmnder, carrying the United States mail, wftl sail on Saturday, Match IS. at 12 M., for HAMBURG, taking passengers for Hamburg, Ilavre, Souths mpton and London. . _ First cahtn. $12?; second cabin. ?7S; steerage, $3. 30, pay. sbb' III gold or IU cuulralcnt. TV IIAMMONIA will saU Mareh Ml. KVNIIARDT k CO., C. B. RICHARD k BOAS, Central Agents. Oeneral Passenger AgenU, 45 Exchange place, N. Y. No. t Barclay street,J<. \. STEAM FROM OR TO LIVERPOOL AND QCSEN8 loan ?The LOUISIANA *nlU the #th. P^is?sg<-|30; prepam ticket* ?15 Packet ship ticket* from Liverpool $23. Drafts or England and Ire and at lowest rates, as iisuaI. at THOMPSON rl passag" ofll e, 275 Pearl street, nesr f ulton. VTATIONAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. J> (i.imit, d.) 6T3AMERS WEEKLY TO I.IVERPOOU CALLING AT yUEKNSTOWN, leae? pier 47 North river a* follows:? LOUISIANA Harrington....Saturd*T, Mareh ? THE QUEEN GrogiMi Saturd.iv, M.?nhl6 liENMARK Thomson Saturd**, March 2S KRIN Cnttln? Ssturdsy, MareJi 30 Cabin passsge ifl Liverpool or yneen*town $M0 in gold. Steerage passage to Liverpool or Qui eustown 931) in car n DC*. Steerage passage tickets, to 'iring parties from Liverpool ?rQueenstown, ror $3S In citrreiiey. Through pa*Aage to Paris, Antwerp, Hamburg. Bremen, Ae? st low rates. Drafts Issued for any emount, payable at any bank In Oreat Britain or on the ContmenL For fieubt * id fsHn passage acplv at the office of the company, f<7 Bioadwav. Aud for steer.tce tv.knts at the passage offl e of the com pany, 37 it road way aud J76 learl street, near Fulton. * F. W. J. HLRST, Manager. The north lloyd'?_ SteAinshlp DKUrsUHLAND, H. Weesela, master, earrylng the United States mall, will sail frm the Bremen ?Mar. foot ?f Third street, Hoboken, ON bATCRPAY, MARCH 9. roa _ BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON, ,*LoRI5o5'n/r\VKE. SOITTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, at fie following rates, payable in gold or lla equivalent la currency:? For the Brst cabin, second cabin, $73: steerage, $37 M), *?To be followed by the steamship AMBRIUA, Mayer, master, Mareh 21. rar ^ht "r k CO., CM Broad street VTORTH GERMAN LLOYD. . iW In accerdxnce with an arrangement effected wlln the United Stales Pjsi O.llce Department the steamshloe of the North German Ll^yd will, on and after the Hist of March, leave New York on every Thursday, sad on and after tie Srt of April Soutliamp* in on every Tuesday, carrying tha lra<tad States, Ktigliha and Cont'mntal Mails. OKLRtCH.l k CO., ? Broad stroet.^ FOB LIVKRPOOt,, CALLING AT OUaSNSTOWN, Ct NABl) STEAMSHIP ? ASIA, from Boston, via Halifax Man"n 13 CUBA, from New York March SO AFRICA, from lloston, via Hallfat .March 27 FASiAbB >c*vv raou mbw roaa. Cabin $1801 Second cabin $l<" rAMA?a no- ti ra.->? aosrow. Cabin $l'Jft I Second $*> I'ay ible In gold or lu equlrslent. For freight or i, .ssago spplv to . _ M. CI NAED, No^4 Bowling Green. Notice to partiks going ahroad.-enof.Ish, Ttfor!., (#f?rrr>?r Apaiiitli am! Amt^Ain OoW ana Uot? HvrtlM aiw?ya on hand and for ?al# In ?um* lo ??ill. AIm' in atlivit of and ttin*arU oni all tia principal dtia* a-id of Rump* OR m y> ? y2 Broa J way, two dogr? aooy* W ???*? D wnurKM ?TKAnyiiipp, NEW YORK AND BRKMEN hTKAWSHIP COMPANY. The liifct <-iiuw t'u.tad i?n?tes mall ste unship atlanticl (!ta< Heyor, command-r, will leave out 46 North nvrr. oil Saturday. Apr-. 6, at H A M , FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND BRl'ME*, taking p?*?etiRers to Southampton. 1 oudon, Havre and Brcnen at the 1'ollowlng rales, p*>aiiie |u gold or 1U equjvu lbut in our, encv ? First t ibui, $110; sccond cabin, $riu, steerage, $35. BALTIC, < aiitain A. <1. Jniiev will follow Aorll 2*1 WKSTKR -: MKTKOKOUS. Wm. Weir Mar 4 For freight or passage apply to InAAC TAYLOR. President, 40 Broadway. IREf T -STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN ANTWERP and New York. The undersigned will dispatch the first elaas English iron steamer OTTAWA. Captain Archer. From ANTWERP, SATURDAY. March 3, From NEW YOKE. SA1 L'KDAY, April 13, taking passcnge rs from Antwerp FlratCaMn..." . ?90 feteeruge $40 From New York First Cabiu (according to location of state room). .$"5 to 990 Steerage W excursion TICKETS AT First Cabin $170 | Steerage $87 60 payable In gold or its equivalent. Other first class steamer* will follow frain either side eyery second SATURDAY. Freight is taken at the lowest rates for Antwerp. Rotter dam, und Amsterdam. l or passage or freight apply to HILLhlt A CO.. No. 8 Chambers street. London and new yokic steamship live. Passauf U> London or Brest SI 10, $75. $3*. currency. Excursion tickets at rcduoed rates, available for six months. CEIjla. Captain Gleadell. from New York March#. WM. pens. Captain Bllllnge fn m New York March IS. atalanta. Cautain Pinkhsm, i?m New York March !MX MELLON A, Captain Dixon, from >ew York April 18. The British iron stoamsbtp ckli.A will leave pier No. 1 North river for London, ealhng at Brest, on Saturday, March 0. ITntll further notice all the steamers of this line will esll at Brest to land passengers. Tickets sold through by rail to Paris at SB per cent less than regular rates. Freight will l>e taken and through Jills of lading given to Uavre, Antwerp. Rotterdam. Amsterdam and Dunkirk. " For parage apply to ClIAS. A. WHITNEY, *> Broadway. For freight apply *t 64 South street. UOWLaND A ASPIMWALL, Agents. COA8-WISB STEAMSHIP*. North american steamship company. OPPOSITION LINE TO CALIFORNIA. VIA NICARAGUA. EVERY TWENTY DAYS. Will despatch the first class steamships SAN francisco. Csi t. Bnhm. March 5>. SANTIAGO DK CUBA, Capt. Smith, March 89. Frrm pier'J9 North rivwr, foot of Warien street, at noon, with passengers nml freight, at very low rates. Connecting on the I'aaihr ocean with the fine steamships AMERICA Captain Wakeman, aud MOSKS TAYLOR, Captain Blntben. For further luftrraatiun apply to tbe North Americas Steamship Company. WM. H. WEBB. BresldenL 54 Exchange plaoe, N. Y. I?. N. cakrington, Agent, 177 Wet! street, corner Warren street. N. Y. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP company'S TllitOllyll LINE TO california, CARRYING UNITED STVTES MAIL, VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Stenmers leave pier ?!- North river, fooiof Canal street, at 12 o'clock, noon, as follows: ? Marrh 1st?RISING STAR. Captain W. O. Furber, con necting wi" "" "" " " ? March " connecting Mnroh Oat?OCEA N QUEEN, Captain IN A. IlarHs, con necting with constitution. Captain Caverlv. All departures touch at Ac puleo: those of 1st and fist connect at Panama with steamers for South Pacific ports; 1st and 11th for Central American ports, and those of 1st touch ak Manratiflio. . Departn.e of llth each month orxmect* with tSe new steam line from Panama "> At strulla and New Zealand. Steninerof March 11, 1K#7 wtl connect with the comp ?ny's steatrer COI.OR ADO, to leave Sun Francisco for Yokohama and Hong Kong on April 8 18X7. 100 pounds baggage allowed each adult Medicines and at tends nee free. For passage tickets and all further Information apply at the olBen on the wharf, loot of Canal street. North river, New York. F. R. BABY. Agent. 1st?mm.\ti ntak, t:apta*n \v. u. rtiroer, con with GOLDEN CITY, Captain J. T Watkins. llth?HI'NKY i'h Kl'Nt'EY, Captain A G. Cray, :ik with MONTANA, Captain J. Sutton. T710R C A 1.1FORN1A VIA FAN A MA.-THK TACWTO r Mall Seamehlp Companv'a ateiimar HENRY oHAUh CKV will eall on Monday. March 11, at IB ?'dock noon. Freight* reocived ax uattaJ. For mm. Ac., inquire at freight office ?? company ? pier, 42 North river, foot of Oa^tgj^ k cf) Soli> KreiRbt A|H>t> P. M. SS. Co. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S TF1 ROUGH CINE TO JAI'AN AND CHINA. VIA PANAMA AND SAN ?**R CARRYING THE UNI1JD STATES MAIL. Steamer HF.N KY CHAUNCEY will l?ave pier 43 Morta n?fr, loot of Canal street. New York, at twelve o clock, noon, on Mondav. March 11. 1S67. oonnectlng via Panama Ra<lro;d with ateamer MONTANA, for Kan Pranei*oo. where pasNengarv wBl he tranafsared to the company a aplendid steamer COLORADO. to leave that port at noon on Wednesday, April 3. 1867, dlrort for Yokohama ?nd Hong Kp>S'wnjen who prefer to lie ovarten dave at San Frai> riaco, Panama, or Ac?P?leo cat* take theRISING STAR hence Maroh 1, oamecitng with OOLDRN t.IT\. Through tickcta.ia?u*d from N*w York, adding to ragwar prices between Now York aud Kan Krancmoo the following ratea. payable in gold or 1U o^vatent: niunr cabin, wcojen?*+'* San Francisco W? Yokohama $*# "L " San Francl*eo.?a Hon* Kong HOT Due noil.* will be glien o? aabeequent voyagaa. For through ticket* and all further infonnation, the ofee on Mia wharf. plev 4B North river, foot a# t^aal ?treat, U) r. K. papi? rR SANTIAGO TIE CV " A.VT \ NJTE VITA R. THE FIRST CLASS FAST KAILINO STEAMER F A11 K EE. JOHN STIRLING, Commander, Carrying the United State* mall, will leave pier ?Eaat rivar on Wed>?e*day, March IS. IW. at 3 o'clock, P. preeUely. All lutein mu?t paaa through the Po?t offlce. For freight or paaaage, having ?"P*rior *talM0#m ???. COMPANY# REGULAR MAIL STEAMERS," aalllag an the ?3d of GVlBlNi" STAB, Captain George B. Slocum March M NORTH AMBR1CA. Captain JU F. Tlmmerman.... April K SOUTH AMERICA, Coplain E. L. pnkl?wu?:h. ... M.i v t! Them cleguat ataamors aall on achcduie time, and call at St. Thomas Para, Peroambuco. Rahia and Rio Janeiro going and returning. For enmgemenU of frelghtor paiwaga apply to OARR^fiN A ALLEN. Afietita, VV1 No. 5 Howling Green, New \ork. f|>HE NEW YOKE AND WEST INOIA MAIL STEAM A Pact ft Company. Trl-monthlv United State* mail line lietween New York and Bermuda, Jairalca, St. Dom in so, Porto T.loo. St. Crol*. St. Kil.a, Antigua, Dominica, Martinique and Bar bidoe ^ k . .. Hailing days, l?t, 10th and 201b of ?ach month. Morc'tu Htrrii. Prraident; Legrtod U. Caper?; vkt President; C. M. Dclmare. Secretary. ^ , For freight or pa^ajre or any further I information to THOMAS J. OUTERBRlDtlE, Agent, 1W Pront atruet, Notv York. UNITED KTATFS MAIL TO HAVANA. ATI.ANIIC MAlt< STEAMMIIP <;?MPANY. Every 8atur?Uy, at 3 P. M., f rom pier No. 4 North river, th? eJocar.i aldewheal ataainahloa _ MOP.KO CASTLE, Adauia.... Saturday, Mnrch# EAGLE, tlieeno Saturday, March 1H COLUMBIA, Bartoa ... *\?Ulld."y' "??rch2? GARRISON ft ALLEN, Agent*, No. 9 Howling Green, N. Y. FOR HAVANA, VIA NASSAU. J. P. The Br'tieh an<l North American Royal Mail Steam Pncket OaciDany'H now * lean ox CORSICA, Captain La Mna?iirler, wHl aall lor the above port*, from the company'* wharf at .lera'-y City, on Satur-iajr, 23d March, uid Saturday, SOth April,at noon. l'us'flg" money to Naaaan ??? Pua-miifl moniy to Havana PryaMe In enld or ita equivalent. For freight orpa^ap^l^ No_ 4 BowUn| 0r#on_ F OR OALVESTON, TEXAS. SAILING WEEKLY. TEXAS LINK. The A1 steiirer GENERAL 8KDUWICC, WTbltehuint, eimmitnuer, w ill receive freight, at ptar 80 Kuat rivar, and aall on Batur ^AMraltbt or paaaage, having anperior aocommodaUona, app?r lo' (VtinFlLMItfv ACQ., IW M.ulen lane. For GALVEHTON, TEXAS.?RKOt'hAH LlNK.?TflB fnr faiit and favorite steamship TYBKE, li. su:z!z?}M>v^uii'fosrxsrs^ way. Rooeivlng freight now. STAR Ml* FOR Kl'W ORLEANS.?THE NEW YORK Mall Steamahlp Companv a line o. ean rteamaM wUllaavo pier fl North rivar. at *P. a* followa: V MATANZASon Salurdaf. March # MONTEREY on Saturday. March l?. ?aKW!4raiM-.fssa.. u..^. For I-W I??? ' No. t Bowling tireen. OR NEW ORLEANS?ATLANTIC COA8T MAIL at'amahlp Companv'a new and flrat cUaa aidewheel ateamahlp RAPJDAS, Captain Eaton will iaaye pier * Nort'i rivar, for tha above port, on Saturday na*t, March % For freight or paaaage. having nnanrpaaaad aeaommoda UO^^U, ^ ^Vl^^Vrt^C F??h! BMrSlndfl Arcliili StaLmahip QBNERALGRANT, rantaln O. W. Couch, will leave pier No. ? North river, on Saturday? March ?. at S o'clock P. M. Fcr freight or r?>*a<e havlug uniurpauad aocommod* Uou apply to H ^ CROMWKLL k c0 w Wert atreH. The OENEP.AL MEADE will follow Maroh 16. FHOK NEW ORLEANS-BLACK STAR LINE.?THE atenm'htp ? Captain , will leave p'or 18 North river, on , March ?, at 8 P. M. For freight or paaaaga, having handanme accommodation*, apply to R. L'lWDKN. Agent, enrnar of Cedar and Waat rtraatx, DAVID McCOAltD. Agent In New ()rle?na The HUNTSV1LLB leave* Saturday. March 18. P. NEW ORLEANS. LA-RTEAMBRS EVERY SAT. urdav. Connect with Mobile aad Ualvaatori iteamara. FIRST CLA!>S $A5. SECOND $80 ? Apply to J. M. FOXTANE, No. 3 Broadway. I^BEIOHT TAKEN AT REDUCED RATES. I SOUTHRRN LINE. FOR NEW ORLF.ANS. Tta rteamalilp VICTOR, Captain Oatea. la now receiving freight at pier 30 Faat river, and will aall on Tbur.oay, March 14. at 3 P. J For freight or paaiage apply^io MALLORY k CO., 183 Maiden Une. Empire line foe savannafi. Every Saturday, from pier IS North rivar. Punctually at ,1 o'clock P. M. The favorite *i<iewh*et rte.tinihlp* 8AN J At'lNTO, Atktna, commander, Rail* March 9. . SAN SALVADOR, Nirkeraon. cimmander, sail* Maroh 1*. Throuah ticket* and bill* of ladlrgloall point* In oonaco Hon Willi t ontral Hrtln ail* of Georgia, Atlaiitlo and Oull Rallfoul nt.d Florid i ateamnr*. El vant pnaaertger acrommodatt.ina. UAHiti.iUN * ALLEN. No. S Bowline Gmaa. N. Y. coASTtriftte jtttMsinps. fjVJR SAVANNAH OA. every THOBSDAY-THB AtUuuc Cuwl Mall ate unship Company's tudewheeg UK KM AN LIVIN08TCN, Captain Bakor, sail> Thursday, March 14. OKNKKAL BARNES. Cardie M jfton, sails Thursday, March 21. Ki am p:er 96 Nortb river, at S P. 4. precisely Through pik??ag>- tickei Mid MIU of Lxli. t to nil point* la rrMiDmlmn with tin- t.vmral KatJroad of GeorgU. For freight or pa<.& <tfe apply to livingston, FOX A CO., AgsuU, 88 Liberty itreet FOB CHARLESTON, H. C.?TUB PEOPLE'S V AIL Mr*tn?n.p c ompaiiv.?The regular and popular abipKMILY B SOC<'KK. CRBtoln l.ockwood will i?a.eoa Wcdnaaday. March 13, at 4 V. M., from pie- No HS North river, Uridine freight on hat irday morning at Charlnstoi. Through ticket* and bill- of lading lanwd to nil potato ?South In connection with Ui South Carolina Railroad LIVINGSTON, foX A CO., Scents, 88 Liberty aire*. /CHARLESTON STEAMmHIP LINF. V* HAILING BVRRV SATURDAY. The new and elegant side-w'.eel steamship MA.NH iTf AN, CHAS. COLLINS, Commander U now receiv n? freight at pier No. S North river, at ra duoed rates, and will sail for < barleaton on SATURDAY, March l&atSP. M. The steamer A DELE will fr 'lowTkaroh ZS. For freight or ? aaaage applv to liENRY R. MORGAN A CO.. Acenta, It Rruudwaf. filOR charleston. 8. 0., THE FLORIDA PORTT 1 and the South and South*/eat?The A1 faat and reliable steamxhin SARAOOSSA In now receiving c-irun and will aaB on Saturday from pier 14 Bast river, connecting at Cbarlea. ton March 0 wi'.b the ateamer Dictator for the Florida porta Through bills of lading and paaaage tickets Issued ta all of the principal po nls on the South Carolina and connecting railroads. ARTHUR LKABY, 73 William streel FOR RICHMOND, NORFOLK AND CITY POINT. OLD DOMINION STEAMSHIP company. From pier 37 North river. fool of Beach street Steamnlitp ALBEMARLE, Cau|aln Boweu, leaves Wednesday, at IS o'clock U. Steamship HATTERAS. Captain AlexanOar, leaves Saturday, at 12 o'clock M. (ilring through bills lading tr> all points on the and Roanoke Railroad and itt 'onnectlori*. Bills hiding signed on the pic.'. Fur tre'ght or passage applv at the olios no the pier, or I N. T MnCRI.ADY. President. 187 (lieeuwlch, oorner Dey aire at. BAILUfG VESItELS. liiROM londonderry DIRECT. r Mci'orkell ACu.'s packet ship*, sailing regularly dura* the season. For pansage apply to agents. O. .k J. KNOX i CO., 151 Pearl street. TRAV SLL.EKS' GUIDE. Hudson rivbk and barlem raiuroaih? Trains for Albany and Troy, nonnecune with Northern snd Western trains, leave New York, via Hn1.>ton River Rail ro?iii. Thirtieth street and Tenth avenue 8 and 10 A. M. and 3:16,1.*0 and 11 P. .d.; and via Harlera Railroad, Twenty sixth street aud Fourth avenue, at 11A.M. and 4:15 P.M. The ti ;10 P. M. train via Hudson River will run on Sundays. Sleeping car* alt.tubed to H:30 and ll P.M. trains. OntiJO P. M: train is also aUached a Hlvepiug car every day except ing Saturdays, which Is run I tffough to Ogdeusburg yta EL W. and O. Railroad, without ohange Sunday train on Hudson lt'ver Road. New York to Pou%Ife keepsie and return, leaving New York at H-.33 A. M? and ou Hailcm Rosd, Forty-second street to .VIlllcrlon and retura. leaving New York, at 9 A. M. WM. U. VANDERRILT Vlce-Peesident. MUlt OFFICER. AT 77?MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DIA MONDS, WAICH12S, JEWBI.RY. Ac. OR THR SAME BOUGHT AT T '.il HIGHEST RATES. ALSO' PAWNBROKERS' TICKErS BOUGHT for DIAMONDS* watches. J.EWRI.RY. An., at 77 Bleecker street, upstairs. AT 212 BROADWAY BRIDGJt, KNOX BUlllHNG. DIAMONDS, watches precious STONES, AO. tuis old established offick PAYS the UTMOST VALUE KOR DIAMON D JKWELBT, WAXCHESi JEWELS. PLATK, PEARLS, AC.. OPTICAL INSTBCMKNTS, AO., AC. N. B -DIAMONDS. watches. AC., for SALE. OFFICE HOURS FR'VM 10 A. M. TO 4 Y M X II. BARRINOKK, *12 Broadway, room No. B ?sssss Jewdiry. lnamouds, Ac., or purchase. I uvu fan BROADWAY, CORNER OF BONO A prto. for wlfcheTand SllverWaro, or will advance on the aborw artiJlea. . 7.*. KrKa MAUB ON WA1CHBS., DIAMONOSjJEW AelrvOry (&2L and Phonal Kroperty of owy da. siripUotK J A. JACKSON. Ill Grand alieet, two doo?i?-* jl Bros<1 way. . ?.v a Ncvs M ADR ON Dt MtONDH. WATCllKBi 81l*~ A^^rFu^LeKurnltur^Ca.n,U-?i?ir^wK 4c. or bought fur cash. Term. moderate. J. h. COHEN. 7S& Broad way. opposite Astor placa. T^TbKO ADWAY.?I PAY THE HIUIICTPRICM A forDlamomla. Watches. the same. u^SlU.wjBSg* U*?** Tt 907 BROADWAY, NEAR ?8TRR*T A room Ncc?, the highest prices ar?pWrt for Diamond*. Watches, Jewolry, Ac. Tt .(i ?WKHT TWENTY-THIRD ?TBBRT, FIFTH A A^i m55i-tK pfr r*,or Dttmam*a Watches *?.. or adranoea inarieon tbo aaaaa? . T 817-4MAMONDB BOUOHT Hd^^A? A WnlolMft. Jewelrf. old O^M wdBUTtr.* N Bi_j^wnbr?l(cra' Tick at* br ight for diamond*, 4c Aim money liberally advanced an dlamouda, watcaaa. Sc., at HP Broadway, row, No. A . : SIT AMP WAVY CLUMI. Til PA START TO ARMY OFFICERS.?WB AYR IM^d/Vuita?ln-ltbe UnUed Statu, of taiu* W? oilicer* wlio aevred fro? May 1. iwito M%ro** thk tradm. ~a~llAM~ PBRKMCTL.Y COMPETENT TO MA KB AND A pat up Iron ratling. grating, doora. shutt^i^ Aa. awl^ ,,J, ?kirfT0f wtrkmcn. la wanted at the Nora >coUa Irw? "r^K.?.T?. Applv to Wm. Montgomery. M Broadway, room No. tt basement _ T YOCNO MAN WANT8D?TO ENOAQK IR tHH A manufacture of jewc'.lem' m?iwUl?,b. ?? ?"*??? able whm* >ad Inventions; small capital reqa.roo. *? dre^ Watchmaker, 821H Fulton ?t-, Brooklyn. . a SITUATION WANTED?BY A YODNO MaN, TO A learn the plumbing bualnaaa; haa aemed one yoar bk the trad? cllrtor adSrc. 474 ?vh av.. ln the store. a ml 1.WRH111T AND BNdlNRKR, FROM THR A n?d?, bcoMand, requtrea a situation either * saLt; baa board of trade discharges and ?rn:lcat? J5L ?loe and com potency afloat, ban alto been in oh .trge of men na'iorn with aeiieral machinery, nnd ?an unit' wofauig ?rawing*; age )e?ra- Add,** J. T., Iier-ld-.d.^ . PTRKNTICXS WANTED.?TWO OR THREE ROYS fmm the ^unt/y. of Am. rtaut parent, UMfS JvSmU toUrSnof ago. U. learn the rod .meat, of will have a training ?u tbidr r?l*j"i?flJ?t? uiid * comfortable home. Addict* J. V .P.. Me -*'d o.iMtt. . IJYI OF JEWELLER'S TOOI 9 FOR BALK CHEAP. A S?7 Fultou .treat, Brooklyn, opi>o?iio Court lloiiao. a FIRST CI. AS? BOSS CARDKR WAVTRDIN A A woollen mill. Apply to Brunner A <<o., S14 aad 3UI BnuulwaF- , AMACIIINKRY SALKSMAN WOrLD UIKF T<> RAKB an enfl'C'-utftnt with wtmn (lrm where the I. ,p uah mechanic la ueedcl; Is ?U<> competent to tako charge olnianufucturinB .f r?j..lre?l; Address O. K. W.. at luud A Italfnrty a. No. 4 Day atreot. CT7.aa PBtNTRRS.?A COM I'ETKNT I'ftAOTlOAL B prntw ?h?ca^mmaBd proflUble "atoolr-work,- ta A4n"o ? en^ngument a. fbr-.rtan or BxapaKer of a bSSk or Job olllrc .ir would woik an o llae "ou abaroa. Add rem I rlnter. Herald odlca. /\a11IIIA<>K WtlKht.BR WANTED-A MAN OK FIMT rate ability *nd lon^ eiportenoo on tha boat claaa oC work. Brewster A C0 ,HfOomw at. nnMfOfl1T(>KA.?TWO-THIKBERB WANrHD IM *R C dlTS-Ur on KO^d work. ?n.,nlro at l? l^?bl ?. for th? Printer, after n o clo<;k. . T\esianf.R.-A FIK8T ?JCASS DKI.g***? "KtrT J J desigoer wanted. Addrew boi 14H ^ T^iinfitkRR WANTS A STTtTATiO^t; has JO YRARH' 1L eiperi?*nce in iocomotire ?nd a5S5m2 go to"lria bxhlbiU,oa if wanted; wage, modorafa. Addroao ?? r., Herald odice. for Ave days. . Machinist wanted-one who is confftknt. and who can dmft. to enaag" the bu.ine ia ol ba.kl tng and aelllng a newly patent^ Addraaa, with referenoo. A., bo* Ntw YorkHoat oinoa. tT* arillMIST WANTEO-ONR WHO tTNDRRSTANDS M pill?rn ntak,^ to Berlin A Jones 134 William ?tract. - Watchmaker WANTKD?A TOU NO MAN, *SAN aaai' who und?r*Und? plain I' ngll.h and American clock*, and who will be I1"'*?']* *LL Ungto make him.elf uwrtl In IM #/ww; reference WANTED-a second HAT OOWFOWMATRR. IR quire at Ray, Berwln A Co. a. )? M.reer ?t. ANTED-A COMPETEMT FOFjURkN AWD intandent for a Urge iron foundry. Ire ilraet. J. h. * "? "? 7ntrd-lathe A?21JIi;*1?AHDS' 70 W0R* on gaa fliturea, at M Bleecker it^^^ >MgJJ ^ ^ W, ^b,.,r\ a viujf fLABH MACniltlRTi COMPB* A!,T^^ i.ihfllanar maka U,p. and .{lea, and b? ? -^?ul Ruling roer'ianlc. Cal' >"fnre !? o'clock A. W ANTkItr?toKwark,at Ibe^nneat'ki )dTof circular work. " "H1 [Jiu (.witlarm e<r\pl(?fnieai. and the bwt rfwVJSf? SSlSSfhw 55U Philadelphia Po* 4Soa. 7?raNTKD?A FIRST CLASS PH'MFIKR, WHO THOR. W o* ?nder.tand. the bualnc?; none others na. .l ipply at iH Grand at , TtfTtfti a ft HAT CLAS8 MILLWRIGHT. NOWR W bJt 'ho bUt need arply to tha Btavelaw Barrel and Tank Company, >4 Pine ?*? _ W" awTRD?AOENT8 IN EVERY TOWN IN THR I'^^d 'lute*, to *ell Waterman's Burglar Alarm. Uwt mtenlVd The rl^ht kind o' men will find it the beat aerttng itole In the Unltad States, and oan make munev rapidly. Cnt, and 8Uti ngbtTfor aalo. S-nplo room 4* John su. ieoond floor. - I IT" ANTED A FI HPT 0LA88 MECHANICAL ERdJ. VV new, ospable of de. gning. draughUng and a?n>er. nindinVtlie construction au.l arectlon of anginas. pnmp% ?rlni *aid Mhsr machinery. Nona but flrateljas mi-n. nJh unetcemionable tefaranoaa. naod apply. Addraaa bo* ,;?? Poat oflioe, M. Y. _ iii?cH^u^BnsKMKNrii. rTRR JEVNR PERSONNE FR^NCAINE, T?H PARIS. U .1Mir> trouvernne famille Amerldalne qui vomeral! ?itp ,.t.' en Franoe. alle prendrslt wlnd'un en'anl ou deut. 'sirasaer a A. U.. 1<U Uliaab?U> IL