Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 9, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 9, 1867 Page 2
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BOARDERS AVI? LODOBU WAWTRD. AT fhankiokt iiocsk, corner ok fbankfom aud Wil lam streets, USA rooaMK *rr*l reduction in prices; Hie, toSJe. j-erda. ; *1 60 to 93 par week. Opou all tttglit. 4 PRIVATE FAMILY AT 48 WEST TWELFTH J\. street can accon :oa gentleman anil wife and two gentlemen with Furnished mwm ai.d Board ; ser vanis aud children uol taken; wf?mwi required. A T 17* AND 174 BLEE( KER BTKF.KT, SIX BLOCKS J\. vent of Broadwrav.?Fleaaant Boom", with excellent Board, $7 to $12 per week. Families waoordiugly. A SECOND floor, HANDSOMELY FURNISHER, TO let to gentlemen only, without board. Befereuoea re quired. 43 E tat Twentieth street. ALAROE AND HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM can he hail, wlili t.r?t clas* Ho ird, for a gentleman and wife or two gentlemen, at 110 Fourth afrenue, near Twelfth atreet At it wavbrley place?suits of rooms on firm 11' or, mi table for families or a party of Knitlemoa, to let, wiih first dan* Board; le.'erenoea exchanged. A FINE SUIT OF ROOMS FOR FAMILIES, ALSO K?om* tor (ingle gentlemen, to let, with Board. Ap ply at 66 Ninth atreet, near Fifth avenue. References re quired. AT 107 WEST TWELFTH STREET?IN A FRENCH family, a nicely furnished front Parlor end Bedroom on the second floor to let. with Board. A SUIT OF ROOMS, HANDSOMELY FURNISHED, for two gentlemen, at per week; hall ltooin, $S per Week; no meals. 13 Bend sired. " A SUIT OF ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR; ALSO single Koums, with Board, at No. 1 E ?*< Twentieth street; immediate poasesslon; no removal 1st of May; favor able arraugementa for one year. LADY WITH A QUANTITY OF FURNITURE wishes to find some party to t.iko a honse fi>r hsr. in exchange for wliteh she will gi>e go.^l board.choice of room, and every comfort. Address Exchange, box liuj Herald olllce. A LADY HAS A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT Boom to let, to a gentleman, at IM West Tenth street, convenient to city cars. AN AMERICAN FAMILY HAVB NICELY FIR u?fi*.d lioouia to let, with or without Board. Location good; term* mod -rate. 153 Ws>t '*Ui at. A GENTLEMAN ANDWiFL <R TWO SI SOLE OEN tlemen can have a baudsomely 1 unilahMl Room wiih first class Board, in apriVutd fatally, at No. 14 Vanci place, near Bleocker sireet. A HANDSOMELY furnished PARLOR AND BED rooiu to r- ut. to a geuUmnxn. Apply at 19 Fi I; h aveuue. A NICELY FURNISHED BOOM TO LET-TO A GEN tlemjn only, without bo-.ij, fa a private tamlly. with out chilili c:i. ?.1 hart N intu itreet, near Second avenue. A NEWLY FURNISHEJ s :C?ND STORY SINGLE front Kootu to let, with fti*t iUis Board, nt 13 East "iwentytit' th atreet, between Fifth aud Madlaon avenues. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE VN'? SiN .LF. GENII E men can obtain very dcs:viblo Booms, with 1!"ml, nt 213 West Forty-second atreet, near Broadway. liou>e Ural Terms moderate, Itefareaees. A A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR AND BED. room to let, wiih or ?ylth > it rlvate Lible; ai .o Looms for single gentlemen. Apply ut 136 West Fourteenth street. A WELL FURNISHED ROO M TO LET-TO GENTLE men only. Would lire .afaat IT roiptirid. ?- W'cat Twenty-fourth stieet. AT THE GRANT HOUSE, 43 NEW BOWERY, NEAR (' square, itoomi in ihu uay oi week from '6b to 60 oenLi por day; to $3 per week, Opeu'uli ni,;ht. A PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING A FIRST CLASS brown stone House, in a central ;:>ld pleas ml lection, Will let, wilti Bonrd, u strt ol choice Rooms. l.ig ther or separately, to parties with satisfactory relerciioe. . pp./ at 1H1 West I'w enty-elghth ftreet. A HANDSOMELY LARGE FURNISHED ROOM TO let, to gentlemen only, ut 31 CIIuioti place (Eighth street), near Broadway; earn pass door, uud pleasantly lo; cated. House ail lmprovomenta. AN ELSOANTLY FURNISHED PARLOR FLOOR, ON Ninth sired. uetr Broadway, to let, with or without board; private table if deaired. Also front Basement to doctor. A HALL RO'lM, WITH HOT AND COLD WATER. TO let, with Board, to a geulleiiiin. 2U1 Nineteenth street, three doors west of Eighth avenue. A private FAMILYCAN ACCOMMODATE A COUPLE of gentlemen aud their wive# with first class i'oard and handsomely Furnished H?uin on second tloor, 111 an A No. 1 localitv. Nona hut Ural class parties need uddiess Index, box J.031 Pott ortlee. A LA It Or. ROOM, WITH BEDROOM ADJOINING, TO let furn lahed. with Hoard, to referable part es, at No. 8 Weat Forty-first street, uear Sixth avenue. A FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM ON SECOND A floor, wiih large closet*. hot and cold water, gas. Ac. to let, with Board. Call at 1(1 Seventh avenue, uear T tvelfth atreet. A PARLOR AND BEDROOM TO LET?WITH BOARD, In a private family, iu a ilrst class location, on rosouu ble terma, at 48 Weat torty-.liih street. A8U1T OF ROOMS, ELEGANTLY FURNISHEO, ON second floor; one large Konm, suiuole for three or four gentlemen, on third uoor, auj Brut Riass Board, l'n vate family. 110 ?ul Thirty-fourth street, near Lexington ?vacua. 4 "IScTrnd floorio"Vel, with flrrt "olaae Board, at JB Waat hteenth street, near Flflh aveuue. ?ELEGANTLY FURNISnKD ROOM*TO LET, WITH FIRST CLASS BOARD. AtllWot BlgUtecuth sireot, near Fifth ..venue. MU MOVING IN MAY. & T 106 WEST TWENTY-FIRST STr.EBT-JIAN IHOMK ly furnlslied 1'arlor, smale unit douida Rooms, fur cen to nod their wive*. First class Board. ? T ?? TO t7 PER WKEK A FF.W GE ladiea, who are eu**sed during the day. rd. Apply at 118 t'huilt iu stieet. A furnished PARLOR AND CHAMBER TO A rent?With or wit'iout Btard. Apply at 73 Weet Twentieth (treat, aoooftd door from ftMk avenue. A FURNISHED FRONT BEDROOM, WiTIlOUT Board, (or $3 a week lor one, ft lor two, at 8J Hud ?on street, to let. BOARD-W A WEEK. AT THE UNION HOTET,, Brooklyn. !7 Liberty street, n ar the BrOo'ityn Insti tute. and a teer minute' from all the f> Hoc tin per weekend upward*. I"'!va!e parlora for clubs or supper partlen. Ittnw every Saturday evnln^. BOAHD.-A Pi.IVATE FAMILY WILL LET TO OKN. tlenaa aud wile jjr single g?iitlr.nen. two Furn;shed Rwtiii, with Rout'I. l oa?e and location unexceptionable. A poly ft I; We?t I hlrtvarst siren BOARD.-A LADY (<R GENTLEMAN AND l,si>T enn olit'ln a handsotn !y furnished Hoom Iiv ap .!? ,r.ii at 10ti Lexing on -venue, between Twcuty-seventh and Twenty-. IgMS, streets. Board on stuyvesant park.?ei.eoanti y pub nlshed Rooms. wi% tlr t class Mo.u'd, lu a pnv.ite to lly. 161 I a>t Fifteenth street. TJOARDINO.?TWii OR THREE OENTLBMRN CAN X> be McommiblM wl'n ?00>t .oi:l and pleas ni Itooms, with the com torts of a home. Terms moderate. Also, a few day b larders. Applv at 112 Forsyth street. BOARDING?A FINE, LARGE CENTRE ROOM, with flro. gas and tloird, for two yo i in?>nt nen. for fH s weak, on the fourth ihk>r of the first ola?s '.-rjivn <c te lcm?e :t(*i t.a?t laiiieeuih street, two doors belo.v Secon I avenue. F'LEOANTLY FURNISHiM) ROOM TO LET-ON SEC J ond floor, to eensleiuun and wire. Board for wife Su West Waablngton place, near Sixth avenue. Call for three days. IpURVIflHED FRONT PARLOR AND BKDKOO-I-TO ge'itlemen on'y. Apt ly fortwo d ye at 68 W'?> :. Tw.,t; aecond street. Handsomely furnished suits of rooms on first snd second U'mrs, to let?With prtv .te table and Brst ela-s French culstne. Apply st 68 East Twentieth st Handsome suit of room", furnish eh or un. fnrn'shed: bouse and table first el -s; nr?t class refer ence given and re<itilr?d. 19 '.Vest Twenty-seventh street. JERSEY CITY-M SUSSEX STREET. A GEfTL^MAN and wife have choice Room on lirst or aecond iloora, with Board. NO. 1!? WEST FIFTEENTH STREET.?A NICELY furnish d Room, with ??r.->i,kf.t?t f..r one or two *.-n tlemen. French family. Itefc: eifcs required. \ro. 98 WEST FIFTEENTH STRF.t.T?TO let WITH li board, a frenr Koo-n on the *<-eo! d flour. al?o one on the third fl-*>r; loea'bHl between k>*iftb sndMxth avenues. B e k i .tBf, dinner 8 o'clock. NO. 7 ORBAT JONtS STREET?ELEtJ * NT KUtM OF Rmwl firs' fl.ior. with Ursl eis*i Board, private table If da*tied; also slnyl* and 1 >uble K oins. ONE OR two OBMYLEMEN may OBTAIN PLEAt. ant Fn-t IsheJ H< oms. wHkout bmrd wuh a private family. Loea lon very de Irab'.a. A(, ly at 87 Ami:}- ^t. PLEASANT ROOM?FOK two OSNTLEMBN OH eentleman and wife, with |P>od Board. No. Si East Twen'.y-sr.cutli ?iraet. ?po STRANOERS AND OTHER*.?* HIOHLY RE 1 spe.-tiMe (lermsn li ly n ill l''t ?? e'lolce of bat) l?om<iv ftirn 'he,I R Kins, with H a'd or private tabie. Apply a't 178 i Ightli street, Clloton place. TWO HANDSOMELY FUIINISHED BOOMS. ON SKC. end fl.ior, to let. with Hoird, at 117 Waat Twenty-Brat stteet Table boarders lakeu 11 desired. Rafefenoes et chsnged. rpwo LAW'lFj NICF.LY FURNHHED POOMS TO I.FT. X with flvat ciiss Bosrd, In SavMty eishth street, eighth bouse avenue. Terms moderate. TWO OR THRBR Fl'RMSHRD OR UNFURNISHED ri?i'r'V ^ 'J1, Wl1h Bo 1J- 'i0 mov'rjr In ,V?r. Ap|>iv at ?a Forty fo inh H., ne?r s v>i av. Kcfrronoes exchamied. TSTilaWSP1?011 non514- WITH BOARD, A OP o* 81 Ninth itiwV, n*. r Fifth avenu#. T?k.nriJ.!.W ^u ME^' WITHOUT HOARD, TO LBT?AN EliROAM'ii.Y ft ItSlmiED FRONT PAR lor, OA third Hoor. taltsMr -r iw- lt'tiU?ra?n or .emle man and hla wlfa; moJeru tnpioseuiaata. b uoer at 8. IS Hond ilfWl. LET-WITH ioAHD. I'ARI.OR AMD BI I1ROOM en aulta, third floor] a second n<-iroom on vsnie a.** If dented by a family.jormina ootnplete seeommodaUons. ample closets, Ae. 98 Weat Forty-third street. rtn ayenue-no. t?, near delvonico-s, iuko. *) somely furnlshad Rooms to let en suite or single, meals If desired; reteienoaa requlrad; no moving in Way. nWH*T TWENT.T.FOUKTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH avapaa ?Elegantly Fnrnlshed Parlors; also sleopi,,. Apartments on second neor, can be obtained reasonably, with or without Board. Refers pees atafcaogad. Qn UNION SQUARE. ?Jl/ a very desirable stilt of Room* and Rooma for single geo Jeuiun, te b? ranted boa id KOAKDKKI AND I.ODGBRI WASTED. r.r and 57 west eleventh street?one door tJ'f from fifth wtour, tamlxnaelji furnished lull of Rooms on third lloor. hi h or without private table; the fainl y lrai|n| for tlie South iu a lew days; also uugie Rooms for gentlemen. Relerenoes exchanged. TWELFTH 8TKEKT, NKAR SECOND AVENUE? I r<) Lsrge llouia. on second Boor, with Board; aultable for a gentleman and wife or two gen lie man. 1'eruu mud ?rate. I Q1 OttANU STREET, BE I WEEN BROAD WAT AND J'M the Bowery.?A few geutlemen can And Booms, with Hoard. Terms reasonable. Om 0RERMW10H btreet, BETWEEN MORTH O'J1 Mo ire and Beach street*, good Board and Rooms at *5 i?r wot k for genUemeu, or geuUemeu aud their wives. Uvula punctual. ' HOAllO AND LUDOINO WANTKU. A YOUNG MAN WISHES BOARD IN A RRSPBCT able lamly, with or without supper; good loeahtv; be. low Fourteenth street preferred. Address box l'ost oflioe. stating terms. Board wahtbd-by two ladies; private family preferred, lertns moderate; reference* given an ! r .|uir-4 Address A W. li.. He.aid i>Hice. Board wanted?by a orntlbman and wipe; location above Eightn si reel and near H roadway; terms not over $25 a week. Including fire and gas. Address Edgar, Herald olllcs. TWO youno GENTLEMEN AND STSTBR, DESIRBA pleasant place to board, lu Orange, Englewood or Ford h in: private family preferred, board not to exceed #40 per week; bos of references; three rooms required. Address A. B. C., Herald olllce. \V^NTED?FOR A OENTLEMAN, A FIRST class YT Boom, with ull conveniences attached, with breakfast and dinner, private if desire J; the room must bo handsome ly furn shed, central location. I'artles answering w.ll please state terms, which miiNt be The best of refer ences. Address box 16i l'ost oSlce. COUNTRY BOARD. SUMMER BOARD?ON THE HUDSON WANTED; IN or near Yonkers preferred, for a family of three adults, oiilld a id servant. where there will be no other boarders. Add: ess Advertiser, lod !Ca?t Sixteenth street, liy mall. TWO PLEASANT, WELL furnished ROOMS TO lei, with good Hojrd. Irom May to November. hours from c.ty, near depot ; fl'SI po:imonth for husband aud wife. Ref erences. Address Mr. . W., llerald office. HOTELS. l>AltCELONA HOTEL?31 AND 23 GREAT JONES IJ street: in derate p; lees. Splendid table d'hoie at 6 P. M , $1. Itmikta.t from HA. M. to li M., 760. French und Sp.i.ilsl) wines. DK LaNBAU HOUSE, 72 WEST FORTIETH STREET, framing ReaerToir Park.?One suit of three (Rooms, elegantly furnished, aud also Rooms for single geutlemen. T.i l>le d hole, ?PARIS EXHIBITION. lOU I . HOTEL DES l)r:rx WOMDE8, No. 8 Rue d'Antlu, first class lintel, putroulzed by the American lamilies. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. A splendid NEW BROWN STONE FOUR STORT Bo ' 'and Lot lor rale. 55 West Thirty-ninth street, bo twuen Fifth and Sixth avenues: elaborately finished. Also next dour, No. !>7, wltn extension. r W. FANNING, 37 West Thirty-ninth street. A THREE STORY BROWN STONE NEW HOUSE, high i-toon, with m.irble hall, fur Bale. The cheapest house iu New York. Look at It. Apply on the premises, Fll ty-second street, first house west of eighth avenue. A FIRST CI,ASS THREE STORY HIGH S'lOOP 1\. brown stone House, furnished. Possession April 15. Inquire on premises, 67 East l?otli street. This is a very desirable residence. A T 81? FOURTH AVENUE?HOU8E3 FOR SALE.? l\ See Stanley Day's Real Kstato Circuar, whioh can be lmd free or by mail upon receipt of stamped directed eu velojie. A THREE STORY STOP.Y HIGH STOOP BROWN stone li ouso. in superior order. In Hast Thirtieth street, for ? lie cheap b> UR.ilY A COPLAND, 410 Fourth avonuo. A NE AT HO088 IN FIFTY-THIRD STR E r, BE. tweo.i l.'ioadtvay and F:ighth avenue?Hlgli stoop three si Ties, basement and good counter cellar, with all modern Improvements. I'his is one of the best neighborhoods In the city, and ?ome of the best Improvcm -nts notvgolns on. For permits apply at l'Jaaame street, op, os.te. Price $14,000. A FINE IIHIH STOOP BRICK HOUSE. NO. 224 WEST Forty-seventh street, 130 feet west of Broadway. $l?,iXK); three fourths c in remain: will lent fur Jl.&tl; do., J15.1KU; only $3,0>KI to $4.WW required. Immediate possession. Will guarimtee rent of $1.S00. Very fiuelv located. Apply on the prein'ses to owner, 112 Forty-fifth street, between Sixth and fc enth nvenues. AT iiarlem-a number of pretty brown stone and brick Houses and frame Cottages for sale cheap; also Lots In all parts of Hsrlem; Houses to let. Ap ply to RAYNOll A PLAIT, 1,918 Third avenue, botwrea 12.,th nnri li^fiLI, itrnHti. or 7u Cedar street. A 15 YEARS' LEASE OP VALUABLE PROPERTY ON West ?treet lor sal*, opp<Mite the new terminus or the New Jersey und Philadelphia An excoilent stand for Honor, hotel or any other bujine.-w. Apply nt MIrCU ELL'a ritoro Agency, 77 Cedar street. A HANDSOME TIIBEE 8TORV HIGH STOOP BRICK Home, on Fifty-third street, near Broadway, 18. f>x46xl(X). All lmpruvcmonts. $13,000. l*OI 1EK BROS * BELLAMY, No. 3 Pine street. A ? "nS H.^artrfmeSTORY HIOU STOOP BROW* and Mxlh avenues, for sale"Tirtlll^kJU.'^t. between Fifth containing extra Improvement* Price, InofuSlugtfcmrf. Cornice*. Gas Fixtures, Shades. Ao.. >13,000. POTTER BROS, A BELLAMY, No. S Pine street. A SACRIFICE?A TWO STORY AND BASEMENT liou.*e, No. 318 East Efghty-Bixth street south aide; full lot; iu good repair and title good: $8,900. Terms liberal. THUS. SOANLAN, 764 Eighth avenue. t A BACniFlcr..-TlinKtt STORY HIOH STOOP 71 brown stone basement, all the improvements, gas flx tur?>a und globes. and lot S5XI0J. 4; house 90X4&. iMB Weal Forty fifth street. Term* liberal TilOS. SCANLAX, 714 Eighth arenue. A SPLENDID INVESTMENT ?CENTRAL PARK AND boulevard l.ots on Summit Hill, West 108th street The lots am on very high ground, having a new of the whole sur rounding country, aro now on the grade, readv for immediate b < Ming ar.d neighborhood unexceptionable. The street being loO leei. wide, and having a beautiful grade, l< destined to be thi moit i opular drive connecting toe Boulevard with the Central Park. Will be sold singly if desired, and on rery e.ihy terms. Apply to HOMER MORGAN, No. 3 Fine O. A GOOD THREE 8TORY HOUSE AND LOT, 17 FEET front by 129 feet deep, on Forty-ninth street, rery near l.exlngmn avenue, for *11,000. KILFATBIUK. Bull's Head Bank Buildings. BROADWAY PROPERTY.?FOR SAI.K CHEAP, ONE of tin- best Lets** on Hroadway; will be sold at a fair Erleo; st'lendlil mnrble Building on the which will b paid l?r at expiration of lease. Apply personally or by letter at Z'-S Wo-t Fifty second street. pENTRAL PARK LOTS FOR SALE-BETWEEN CEN " ' tral la'k and the grand drive or Houlerard. From these lots yon command a munificent view of the surrounding country They lay even wltii the grade, m iking them very deslr-ole for Unmedlate Improvement. fills id tuition is des tined to be onu oi' the most attractive and popular on Man hattan island. Terms nuils very easy, and divided in plots to tali pur chasers. Applv to E. II. LUDLOW A CO., No. I Pine street. BIU11TH AVENUE PROPERTY FOR SALE-WEST able, be:ween Fifty second and Fifty-third streets. Brown stone Store, wlln plate glaa-< front; dwelling brut "lass, building new. c?jut\l incatMn for a butoher. Parties w.inl ng to luvi st xlinuld look at this building. Particulars at 612 Broadway, front 11 to 3 o'clock. TjUOHTH AVENUE PROPERTY FOR BALE, WEST I . aide?A fi rat class full site brown atone .More and iJwlilng. AVply to the owner, on the premises, tietween Flfty-th 111 ?n J Fifty-fourth streets, No. 785, from V to 12 und 5 to i o'clock. pidHTY SIXTH STREET, SOUTHWEST OOltNER OF El Avenue Four ljts for sale or to exchange 'or Im p MM prill erty. Inquire B. KIlttJHN Sit, 08 Liberty street. F10R SAL'-.-ON MURRAY HILL, THE FIRST CJ ASS fotir story brown stone llouae 273 Lexington av : full slxe ami finely situated on the highest ground In the street; finished in rosewood and black walnut on first floor; black walnut staircase throughout. Price $45,iMO. Ap;ny to H<> MER MOftGA.v No. 2 l'ine street, or to the owner, No. 91 t'hamhera street. F'OU SALE?A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY STONE front House on Forty-second street, between Madison and Hill) avenues. Apply to MULLEK, WiLKiNS A CO., No 7 Plue street. For hale?a tiirke tears i.ease, from may i, Of a three story I rlek Bu Id n*. 85 \M feet, eltuated at the Innet on ? f two public thoroughfares, and rear oue nf the re r:ca ai d ? nilroad depot. A mo-t deslrab'e io st on for n il i or ~n I M.ll ird aetoon. Inqulreof the loekeuuth, 114 Fourth av.Miu*. No exeats need ipply. OR SALE?FOUR STORY RROWN STONE FRONT Kug ?ti lueemcot llo-He, 114 West Thirty-eighth at., I erle. a .1 pretty order, wlrh staircase, not going I through the parlors' pr.oe, With OanhiU and gas fixtures, $21,uui>. A| |>1> attU l ine street, back oOice. FIOR .3VLE-1N THIRTV.THlr.D STREET, A FOUR s'.orr brown atone II uisa, 30x55, located neur Fifth ave nue: po'fc ision Incited lately. A No other Houses. Apply to EIGEME CH VALLIRK, 81 Cedar street. L OR ."ALE-THOMAS STREET PROPERTY, NEAR A Weat ilroadway. Also on West Hroadway. ROE A W ILSON, ?W Vsrlek street. FOR SALE?TO CLOSE AN ESTATE, PROPERTY M and Bi Chryslle Street, I t< 2Siitli)eaeh; good invest, ment. W. 0. FLANAGAN, 107 tJhrystle Street. For salb-four story brown stone fp.ont HiMM. all mod rn improvements, l,a?7 Rrotdwar; prle? $ Wl 000. For rerrolt apply at W. U. UIBUON'S oon leetlonary. 833 Bioadwav. For sale-two et eoant first class four story brown atom fmut Houses. MSI and M Stitletji street. ii uIjwosI corner o. Lexington avenue. Inquire on the premiees. F" OR sale-with or irn iout th?. furniturei a f.rst clsse four sbiry br-^vn stone House, 74 feet wide between Fifth and Mxth avenues, in perfect order; immediate p'>s<esilon If deeir d. Atply for ptruiiU, Ao., to E. hTLI'Ui.dW A t'o.. No. 8 Pme street. For sale?in twevty -kcovd street, near Ninth avenue, a first class four storv r.ngltsh basement House. l6Jt?5A feet, in good or.ier; lot ntf bioc*. Apply to B. K. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pius street. For sale-thr four story and ba?rmunt brown stone House No. CI West Km ty.seventh street, I*! ween Hfih and Sixth avenuw. liouae iu pel Iect order. Itiqulre upon the prerrdaea. fj<OR SALE?UNION SQUARE.?THE !IOU*E AND T grounds known as the Malson Uerre, 4A>'A? feet, through to Thirteenth street; noeeeeeion 1st of April next. Apply to HOMER MORGAN. No. I Pine etreat. F'OR SAI.E-A SMALL NEAT TnRER STORY ItriltlK House, high stooiv nearly new. In Hevemy-eighth street, between Second and Tfclrd avenuee. Prtee |7,*MkA A dc clded bsrgrtn. iii'iuir* of WW. R. UOTTUN, No. 8 l ine ?t. IPOR SALE?IN WEST FotTY NINTH HTRKKT, F<)( R storv brown stone EnglNh laeement House and lot. 1-rtMftu.wg. ptrmite oi A. JUWBiyUlt) ?? ? fjm H| ? ?ITT REAL ESTATE TOR IALE. ^ FV)R HAI.B?IIOUMK AND LOT, 154 WFST THIR laenth street between Siith and SeveuLh avenue; three ?lot y brick, with basautent and sub oe'lar; in pcrfec: order, with all the modem Improvement*. The Carpets and Nur ture, wbieh are ue..rly new. will be sold with the burnw If desired Apply to the owner, ou the premises. from It to U A. M. or i to 9 P. M. IVOR SALK-BKICK HOUBB AND LOT, S4XIM. 17* r Monroe street; walla II Inch**, built la the best mau ner; R'od chance for improvement: posses* ou lit Mar; water snd gas in; prioe 18.1X10, $4,000 at # per cent Apply at 48 Bayard street WARKKN. 1.10B HALE?A PLOT OK OROUND, 7?il00 KBRT, ON r First street, near Second avenue, with all brick Mouses; price $40 000. Klve story brick House and Store, on Molt street, near Houston, for $16,000; a plot of Qroun I (with Houses) on ooruer of Uoerek and Broome street-", $H,W0; a llnube and tot on Broome street, near Goeick, $>.<100; a Plot, next to corner of Wlllet street, on Broome. $f.0U0. four smry Br Irk House and Store, on Plist avenue, near KigMh street, $16.0U0: and two five story Houses and Stores, on First avenue, near Tweiuy-third street, prions f IS '100 and $18,000. For particulars apply tb FANNING, US Bowery. TOOR HALE-HARLEM HOUSES, BROWN BToNR, 1 brick and modern style and convsnlenoc*, on best streets and avenues, with extra Lots if desired. Also great variety of choice Building I^otit on (Boulevard) 126in stieet. Ac. Apply to E. H. BltuWN, 111 Nassau rtroet, from 1 to 8 P.M. FU OR SALE?A THREE RTORY HIGH stoop BROWN stone House, containing all the modern improvement* and is In thorough repair: sTza 18x47x100; location utiexcep tlonubln; Beekman estate; terms easy. Apply on premise*, M Kasi Pifty-flral street, near Second avenue. FOB SALE?FIR6T CLASS FOUR RTORT BROWN stone House nnd new Furniture,-on Murray 11 111, In perfect order; location unsurpassed. PAKSONS U WARD, 7? Cedar street. FOR SALE.-$t/W> CASH AND $2 300 ON mortgage will bur the three story, basain?ut und sub-cellar brick House, CI Burrow street. All liuprvvouients. Owner, 68 West Forty-eighth street. IT'OR SALE (GOOD INVESTMENT IF SOLD IMMEDI I ntely)?Brick House and Lot 8d Frankfort street; easy terras. Money loaned on bond and moitgnge. Apply at No. 6 ileekmati stieet CtlAMLES EMMONS. FV)R SALE?VALUABLE properties ON NEARLY all the leafing streets ou west side of the olty, including some very large Fronts and Corners, together with several desirable srnsl properties; alt good Investment*. Apply to JA.MfcS PRICK, 200 lluilson struct 17*08 BALK?'THE HOUSE AND LOT 360 EIOHTH J avenue, now oocuplod as second hand furnitute store. Apply toJuIlN McCLAVK. 44 Pine street. FOR BALE?a FOUR STORT BBICK STORE AND ]>w, llingon Ninth avenue, near Forty-second street-; price $10,0'HI Also a four storv brick House on Fortieth street, ueur Ninth avenue, lor $8 00J. Or rut bargains. H, F, IRELAND, 301 Broad w*y. FOR SALF?A FIRST CLASS I10U3B AND LOT ON St. Mark's place, Eighth rtroet J. MATMEWaON * SON, No. 8 Pine street, alter 1J o'clock. For sale?a first class brown stone front Ilou.e on East Kitty-fourth street, convenient to Central I'iirk !W feet wide anil 5) feet deep, in perfect order, ucwly find elegantly lurniilied; will I'd sold with or without fur niture. Terras e iay. Possnasion at or.oe For particulars apply to uCK.msTf, MoINNIa A EARL, 36 and 88 White hall stioct For salk?on thirty-fifth strket, near Park avonue, a very desirable four story English bise meut llouso. l'oi ;esslo.i any timo nnd price reasonable. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine street. t30R SALE-FIRST CLASS TENEMRVT PROPERTY 841 West Thirty-third street, near Blind Asylum; douVe four story brick on rronl nnd threu sto. y bnck on rem : ail Improvement*; will rent for over $3 000. Price $15,030. Terms easy. Owner, 61 '.Vost Forty-eiguth street. L?OR SALE-NEAR PARK (FOURTH) AVKNUi?, A F beautiful four story English ha emsut House, iu per fect order, with Mirrors, (l is Fixturas and Sh >d"S; price $31,000. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO.. No. 8 Pino street For salf.?good paying tenement property 011 Seventeenth street; lot 2;>\ltW; two houses Ar.p y to J. F. WILLIAMS A SON., 44J Eighth aveuue, or 76 Cod<>r street 17IOR SALE-SEVERAL LOW-PRICED HOUSES IN ' Tliirteentli, Tenth nnd Furty-socond streets; $10,OJO to $15,000; also others In good locations. R. C. KElUiUSON, No. 9 Bond street For sale?in the bust part of Lexington avenue, a flrst clsas four story brown stone House, 35 by 3 rooms deep on tlrst and second floors, an I In couwlelo order throughout Price $3J,003l Apply to E. H. LUDLOW (rum 8ALE-ON TWENTY-SIXTH STREET. 100 FEKT 1 from Lexington avenue i throo story high Ktoop briok House: all modern conveiiionoca, and lu Que order; sizo28x 46x8J; $1().0U0. KILPATRICK, Bull'* Head Bank Buildings^ For sale-on east fifty-skcond street, a Hi roe story high sloop brown atone Monte. Price $11,600. WM, H, JKNNIKU8, 111 Broadway, Trinity Hulldu.g, ba?ement For sale?houses and lots in VARrous pasts OP THE CITY. J. MATf'EWSON k SON, I NO. 8 PINE 8TRKET, AFTER 13 O'CLOCK. FOR SALE-TWO HOUSES AMI LOTS OK LAURENS street. Good etmnce for Investment. J. MATUKW SON k SON, No. 8 Pino street, after 11 o'clock. For sale.?bowert. pour story briok. $s},0i?; First avenue brick House*. $A),0t>J; Pulton street, four story and -torn, $40,000; Ur.tnd street, corner, three House*, $j?.U0U, Hester t trout, ooruer, Houses, $83,000; Weil Forty-eighth street, three Houses and four I Kits, 131,000, and over 300 oiher plaoea at reasonable price*. Ap. plv to WYCKOFF A JAMBS, 47 William street. Maw York, or 848 Pulton etioei, Brooklyn. (j<01 BALE?ON WKST FORTY-EIGHTH STREET, 1 ?* telween Broadway and B^htk a?en?fc a thlj? atory I high aloop briok House, HsMxMMl WM. h. JENNINGS, 1 111 Broadway. Trinity Building, basemnat. For bale?two first ci*ass brown stone Houses, west aide Second avenue, between Fifty eighth and PtflT-ntnth streets. near Central Park; high, healthy; free, or two-thirds mortjige. For te>lden?e or Investment no better paring property. Apply to owner, on pretnlies. or to WETMb&K 2 BOWN11, No. 8 Pine almt. 6omnu!slon on sale. L?OR SALE-ON LEXINGTON AVKNUB, near X1 Forty-sixth street, a strictly first class four story brown atone House. WW. s. JENNINGS, 111 Broadway. Trinity building, basement. For sals-to close an estate, thr follow ing Honses:?One on I<exlugton avenue, three story, basement.19*40x70. $12,000; one in East Forty-first street, three story, high stoop and basement, modern Improvements, $8 .100; two In East iWty third street four story, 2Jj.&It1M), with stores and basements. price $8,301 each. The-a bore named homes muit be eold before 15th of April. 1367. Ap ply to WILMAM KETTKK rcII. 434 Third arenue, between Thirtysecond and Thirty-third streets. L^OR BALE?NO. t WEST WASHINGTON PLACE, r three story high stoop brick House, near Washington parade ground. sijL', 2Ix;k'iA6. about fifteen roorua. 1'ei tm ren-otmnlo. J.iW, D&NHAM, Eighth avenue, oorner Slit* teenLh atrMt For sale or to lease?unfurnished, an elb. gsnt lour story brown atone Ilouae in Twenty.ninth street. Pear Filth avenue; it la 86xiV feet, and in flue order. Apply to K. H. LUDLOW A GO., No. 3 Piue street House and stablb for sale, 41s east twrnty fourth atreet. For further cailumUrs Inquire of CHRISTIAN bilUWAKTZ, XX Kaat Mfty tbir1 street Homes for sale?by a journeay, no. s pine atreet. Went 43>1 street, three story high stoop brown stone..$1*030 West 47th street, three story high stoop brown stone.^ 11,000 We-itZ'id atiret, four story Knglwh basement briok... 14.COO West iKth atreet, three story high stoop brown atone.. 18,0u0 House for sale.?an e?,rgant four stohy brown stone front House, ill Islington avenue: ha* all moilern Improvements; beautifully freSroed from base ment to attic In eiKMUstle. The furniture which Is new and bv beat mi'kera, eun be had If w.inted. Apply to ALLK.M A BKOWM. tu Broadway, or to HOMER MORGAN, No. ii Pin* atreet. ? Houses for bale-by robt. maclay, v cedar street.?Wes. Iftth at.. 8 story brick, lull width.,$17,000 81 >tre-t, near B >wery 14.000 liSth street Dunoomb pi?oe, 8 story, brown atone tUMO MIHUR'UV HILL -BB1 WEEN HIKTil ANI) MADISON avenues, flrst elaaa four atorr nigh aloop brown atone House; perfect order; for sale very ehesp, with or without the flue furniture. W. P, SKYMOUK, 171 Broadway. SIXTH AVENUE LOTS FOIt BALE.?southbaster ly ooruor or Fortyet?rhth atreet aifd Sixth avenue; very desirable iiropertv. Apply to BAKhK A CO., Broadway, corner of rorty-flrth atreet. SIXTH AVBNUB PROPERTY FOR HALE-ONE OF the beat located ooruer* on the wast aide, below Thirty - fourth atreet. Splendid Investment. H. F. lit ISLAND, ?n Broadway. SUPERIOR RESIDENCE FOR SALE, NO. S8T BAST Fifly-flfih atreet; Philadelphia front, high stoop, brown atone basement and trimmln te; built In the moat anbsUntl-U manner. Also a lot adjoining If desired, with party walL Inquire on the premise a. rpWENTYTniRD STREET PROPEETT FOR BALE? I. Houses 183 and 188 Weat Twenty-third atreet, G0>H block. Apply to BAKER k CO., Broadway, oorner Forty fifth atreet. 8TH AVENUE PROPERTY, southwest CORNER OF Thirty-seventh street, Tor sale, first claaa Store, with Futures, now O'eurled aa dry good* store; possession May 1. Apply to M. LITTMAN, lt?l Broadway, room No. 8, I P. M. An PHIVATE residences FOR SALB?IN THIS . UU rlty md Brooklyn; prloes $8,000, $7.0i?.JlO.OOil to |? <0; klso 100 farms for sale. Apply to A. 8BRGEANT, 31 Wall street. $- nnn -three story cottaob, full lot, Q.UUUt for sale. It la a bargain; Twenty ninth street, near Tenth avenue Apply to B. C. THORNAL, Broadway, between Forty-eighth and Forty lilmth streets. t\l\l\ -FOR SALE, A NBW THREE STORY ?7v).UUU? and oellar brick House on 148d street, north NesrYork. Also three frame Houses $4,000, Inquire of A. H. DORRMI'S, Builder, corner of Madieoa avenue and Kortv-aeron.t stesai $7,500 Moek, Seventh i ..... r?? -A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP I . e? Hons# and l^t, 81 feet by 40 by half the , Seventeenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avn nues; let In (loom: $2,ft00 oaah. ncvontn ay? l;- THQRNAL, Broadway, near Forty-eighth street SI 0 f)(H) ~r.W0 BI2RJ ATTIC AND basement mh House, briok stshle In rear, enclosed car riagsway. 88 M?^?sl.Uwk.djolaJng Bleeck.r. r. WcKLHOY, b.tu*i rhirlT-nlnth itrMl m000 r?R u THREE BTORY HIOII .LfUlf stoop brown stone House, In Fifty.fourth sir set, near Lexington avenue. All modern Improvements. YAH TIM j MVSRS, $8 Atas strsat 000 -?n"T<'f'*ss srvr.isn four story nrlTr- rinl * i ? bro*n Houoe; complete

order, Cneloestlon.Korty.^nrth street, between Sixth ave uae aud Broadwaj; others, Sm.OOO to 16& '00 w P. 8K\ M0t;iCT7l Broadway, UKOUKIsYM U.;.VliKSTATB iron WAl.te. A t? ay?_T.I.?W-i >fIS?A LARGE BRICK FAO I,.?' jiaTV?T.?' *-?' AU*rt?e fiosk, Brook i?!?srooin. * Cu., at Ute Saohangn A ?M?leIli'.<^'e.Ai?Pr BB S0I'D TO CrX)SB AN ln? ?v?nlS7?In ~ fenement I'ropertv, eituate oa lead Inguvoniis, wOl 1*7 ?>?ut *) per oenV Price $!> U00. Terma Jft > WW*. U Naeea* street Breekif CITT HEAL> BITAT1 FOIt lALK. An atiractivk iiqmk?a okm op a plaob. with fruits, flower* and shrubbery; surroundings i1e llg'itfiil; Su ininuies ir?m Wall street byhor^e r.ilr.jii, for wile elieap. Adiiroaa William Worts, Jb Kraut ?(reel, Brooklyn. ARARR CIIANCK OKPBRBI).?FOR SALE. IN Brooklyn, on the aoulbeiM onrner of Carlton and Wtl. loughby avenues, one of the elegant block of brown nLmie fr nt House*. three toiles baeraent and oeilar; houae 21.6i 46 fret, lot luu. all modern improvements. Conveutent to DeKalb and Myrtle avenue ear routes. Price $16,500, part on bond and mortgage. Apply ou the premise* to TiiuMnH FAUAN. ABARflAIN IN BROOKLYN.-A THRRB 8TORT high baaement and under-oellar b lek Uou?e and Lot In Ryersen afreet, between Kirk und Myrtle avenues; all modern convenience*, and ia In very fine order all through; an eioellent block; aiaa 30*38x100. Prioa, including cliande llen and gat flxutra*, $M0u. $2.5<)0 can remain. Jbl. la a decided bargain. Apply at onue to KILPAIUICK, Bull ? Head Bank Building*. OR 8AI.R?MYRTLE AVFNUE, BROOKLYN, 8TORB Property; a four story baaement brick House, 10x40; lot W)t71; Immediate possession; prloe $-*,0iW; term* made to ?ult Apply on the premises, WO Myrtle avenue, In the plas ter store. FOR BALB?ONE HOUSE. WITH 8BVBN LOTS; marble mantels, water, gas, Ac.; fruit treat, bemea, grapes and curranta; near three llnra or city cars: twenty mtnutea from the ferrtoa; In the Klghteentn ward, Brook F the ferries; In the Klghteentn BO; terms easy. App'" ? "*** iott street. New York. terms easy. Apply to BAMUBL L. CA.U FOR 8ALB?ON WARREN STREET, NBAB OART.TON avenue, within one block of three lines of car*, and two hundred feet from Prospect Park, two three story brick notifies, first claas; all Improvements; houses HO by 40, lota '20 by HI. Apply to THOMA8 CONNELLY, on the premlaea. FOR 8ALE?A VERT DESIRABLE RESIDENCE (first clnsa in nil respects aa regard* neighborhood, con H ruction, (InUh, Ac.), No. 188 President street, Brooklyn, 38 feel wide (double), three stories, attic and basement. Can be seen at uny time In the day by applying for keys at 191 Preeident street Terms favorable to close an estate. For particulars Inquire of E. R. KXiLLOUCl, Executor, 64 Cedar street. 'OR BALE-NEW THREE BTOET BASEMENT BROWN stone stoop; all the modern Improvements: $9,000. Also one three story basement stone stoop; $5,0*10. Apply to KM. A. BRUSH, owner, 410 Cumberland at., Brooklyn. For sale in Brooklyn?three first class brick Houses all imj .orementa, on Sixth avenue, uear Flatbush avenue, two blocks from Prospect Park. THOS. WELWOOD, lll? Broadway, N. Y. For sale at a sacrifice?the two three story brick Hounas and Lots, 36 and 37 Degnw street, South Brooklyn. Pr.ce $3.tX>0 lor each. MITCHELL'S, 77 Cedar street For sale or to lkt-thr new, double, four story House, 84 Prcnident street, Brooklyn; his 60 rooms, a Stable; a'.l moduru improvement*. Inquire on the premise*. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION.?FOR SALE IN BROOK 1 lyn, the dolrable, first elsss Residence No. 3 Second plsoe; nelifhborh o>l eioallent; to the cam and ferries. In esoel'nnt order, Iiouse 34 foet wide (doublet, threo storlos and ba ie:nent Terms favorable. Korpir tleulnrs apply, during the dav, to 12. R KKLLOOO, C4 Ce d\r fir el, Sew York, or, hi the evening, at hia real dnnce, 191 President street Brooklyn. ON BARD AVENUE, BAILOltM SNrO HARBOR, Str.len Island, hnodsoma House: mo'lern imi>rove went*, stnble. ten acres of lund; flv.t minutes' walk from landing. *26,' JO. O. W. 8IU.MONS, Jr , 90 ItroaUway. TO MANUFACTURERS.-FOR SALE OR TO LEASE, 4 lot* of Urnnn I. 10.) feet square, with suitable outbuild ings thereon, sittiUed on the northeast corner of North Fifth and Seco-d streets. In Brooklyn, H. D The clo?e piox Imity of this properly to the several forries makes it a de sirable location for m mufaetiirln? purposes. Apply to UUOHKS A URKEN. 168 'Jrand street Brooklyn, E. 6. ?>1 O /inn WILL BUY TIIE THREE STORY HIOH *pL?,\J\J\J stoop m irbln llotis-i 73 Third jilsee, Brook lyn; all modern Imp/, ycmenls; 211 ns of Coal; terras easy. Owner, B. T. BUSH, 1<9 Broadway. COUNTRY HKAIj KSTATMU k* Tl? kIkOANT RBSIDKNCB FOIt A style, evrry improv^mout; ga*. ? in'golg^Hfon application .1 48 Broadway. Near Vo^ . TI wAXTrvo farmr.?noon foil, mild New Jarsey. _ ? . TT sivriNO OOOO MT8INKSS proprrty and A a' splendid y^vt over Heboken :.ud New York on IMI. tide avoune, ii?ar"Ori;iitli stred. fifteen NUnate* apply to A. HRROE.VNT 2t \\*U ?tr?et- or BKONK * MAliSH. opposite depot. 1*U Inf. eld, N. J. . ? ninmiK AT KINQiTOSt N. J,?43 ACuKfli WITH SK'??!tb?,^?5?srh;f-. ?><* \ar.gsiK fisirtt'wijssus assesu"?* Front street, Brooklyn. a WFAUTIFUL OOUNTRT RBRIDRNOB FOR 8ALB? A FnConriicticutlh? ml'.es from r.lrflMd d.po^ h.Tln* a fine Tlovr of the Round, completely 5?rl'th^ftwithDJjJ|) ?ore*. Urge caitI ig-i h mee. Apply to BL.KKK.HK A Di*M RQH?No ?^ Pine street. offetiStor mU? r!E2?Ibte urai. "tk! Imp^rcmeT. are sS^SiSSffiwSSas "d thweMh on thS^KSTaW .U%? and coach hou?. ^F^r^Vp'piy^ M>|n ^ ju^j?jU ^,rasi;t4S| ornamental garden., to. ?'<**?* ????? "ouw-from M,?W to ?7 iW> each. Aorei of Bulldl ( wlj. . nu JOHN H. PLATT, opposite Court Ho'.se, llud*on City. RRORN HEIOHT8 PROPBRTY.-FOR 8 tLB, IN (THB moil rapidly ImproriDI location In H triw* ? Ity, a htorf and Dwelling, with nil tho modern Improvements, building ooatatn* besides aoine alitoon ooiarooU.oue room*, situation In the voryoentre of buslnes, r? JOHN H. PLATT, opposite Court llow, Hudson City. Ianks or tub hudson kivkr.-por salb. at t.lenwood, Yonker*. h?reral los "f ^l-. TT-'X ^0? a? ootumo id tea; only twenty ramute-" from thirtieth street, and neir the station. Al?o 1? aero* ?l 1 lasting *,sp In J Id I cation, rlew for mile* up towsTherhrer. A so Farm of 50 lo b th.-.n 4? miles from N?W jerK, ?wi LXdUoZmfor $4?U0; W000 caah. Apply to JAMBS I'alOB, !Ji> lludaor. street. /IRANBf.RKY TRACT ORI8T M1LI* A NO PA C TO U Y \J alio, near New York, for Bale cheap. Addreaa u. u. MBACH, Tom's mar, N. J. /1HPAP FaUM FOR SAIjK?IH WBSTCHRSPKR ( > county; prieo $4,<>-?, forty mlb * fromNew York; good hoiisaTbirn, U. 9i eorea. Apply aftar ? P. *. at IM itauk I Atrret. ?? ClllOlOB PI?At'E9 AT ORANdP.. BLOOll^IBLO, Mltj J burn, Rllxaboth, I'Ulndeld, ?n<l 1 " I rn. ?uU from 1 to 2U0 aortn. Pric? $&UJ0 to ^ W.uou, ?ey, for late, irom i w ? XaRROKANT, JlW<Ul?treet._ T.'ARM FOR 8ALR AT 8ATV1LLR. L. I.?'IW ACUR h ?f -ood land, with ncec^tarr buildings for tlt,U)0. 4?l. ta lt J TKKRY oi WILl.KTr ORKKS. Adunlnlstia forr?,'sI^Uli oTr U WM D ANUREVV9 k BRO., 414 Water street. ? PRUIT FAR* FOR BALK?MACRR8. WKI.L Kioc^ftd with choic* Tart^tiw. J4 mile from dow?s au mile* from New York- well wntoredTflne tI*w. nclghbo ? hood Oral da-; mu.t^e g>^VFR f ^troa0 .treot POR'RAIiB?ON P. OF THR FINR8T WMU-hMUroonnty, t?n minute* w*1 * 1 "'"V . no by inalL Fur HAL.B?ON 8TATBN ISLAND, A HOU8B AND rear bulldliil with one or tw<? l?ta. oonTenlent for bfrfneo or prlr.To dweHInt; ^^"An0"iVRTir8 lUrJ Rt.pleton landing. Inquire at.TAQUB8 OOS8BTJ1 S Uaro ware 8tore, oorner of Qore ind Bruncll itreete. ^ nno BALB-A HIOHLT PBOPTJCTITB FARM of 100 ^ acre*, SS mile* en Long Uland; 84 *f.n* ""t atntA of cultivitlon; balance woodland; a fine apple orchard. ?Uk plenty of imail fruit; good dwelling bou.e barn ani other outbuilding*. For par.leular*. Ae., Inquire of Mr. Ml'LLADY, fit ifudeon arenug, Brooklyn. Fn* RALB?A FINB COUHTRT 8BAT. CON8tST!N<J rf Himm coarh House, Stable, ?c.. and three aerea of _..d located on the heights at SpuyJen Duyjll, on the Hud eon" houee recently oonstrusted, containing li rooms and re plete with all the mod?rn impro*emenU. Anply to B. D. IWBN, *1 Duane etreet, between 10 A. M. and IP. ?? t7oR HAI.B-AN KI.KOANT FIRST CLASS COtTNTRT b Seat on the bank of the Hudson; ?lew unsurpassed; ?unerlor large stone Manelon and outbuildings replete with ?S the mocfcrn hnproTements, eitensire Piixia, Ae. The whleh comprlae 7 acrea, are bWtttlfuHf laid out III fawa!lerrac<\ flowrr fard^n, grarel w?lka. rlneyard, Ae ; an abundance of fruit, ornamental and ?b ?de ^*"1 f)?'! y mtles^mreTihe elty; a rare bargain PartieuUr. at ?7 sixth avenue, or J. O. I?HOIW8. No. 7 Pine street. OR SALB?THRRB HOIT8B8 AND tbn M>T?[IN New Dnrhnm, N. J.. Ave minutes' walk from Allentown station by North?rn RaUroW, of N. J.; one two story, with rssuusa awunrham, N.J. . F"0R SALB?A FTR8T CLASS STOCK FABM, 1IN WA beeh county, State of Illinois; Ml acres, pan Pfalrle n|d part timber land; fO acres In cultivation; will b* *?d on reasonable term*; possession lmm?.llalely. For ??rtioa lars Inquire of Ue ^ownerNo T*OR 8ALB-A FINR, LAB0B. FURNI8HMP r good Hsrn. snd two small Cottages, with nine acree oi goon Lang, well laid out and under oulUralioo. TlMl ho?* ban accommodate elity boarders; good, hnsglhyloosuoo^i * hours from New York, on the tforris and for further parlloulare apply ta OHaBuBS BIBCll, B4 an 90 Leonard street. - For ?alh-thb finbst brsibbncb ij babatooa Hpriuga, now occupied b^^Mrs. J. WayU?d. At Saratoga Springs-A line i.rlek " on W, eorn ero fN?rt? Bruadway and tlreeuiiiHd arenue; slso aoowe ?r?ea near the sbora, on QreealMMd arenua. A Farm of 110 aoree, near* Amsterdam, ta Broadalbta, N. T B0Msa*0?0A?.iie.srw?mk oomrrRY real butath for sale. p?* BUI /or Bale of Boat Batata, Ao. TAfJiABi H LOTS AND TURPKNTINB LANDS, compkIsino mjm acres, SITUATED IN CUE8TKKKIELD AND REUSUAW DI8TU1CTB, SOUTH CAROLINA IB BQBITY, 0HE8TBBF1BLD DIBTRIOT, BOOTH CAROLINA. wSt?S?a?-,'l Wm. B. BwMtulirtb, [ and other*. j Under and by virtue of a degree of the Court of Eq ulty la I win Mi] at the Court House door at 0HK8T.dK. F1KLD COURT HOUSB, on the FIR.ST MONDAY hi APRIL naxt, all the Real Estate of Daniel 8. Crenshaw, described io the pleadings, consisting of the following lota In the town of Cheraw. to wit, lot* And THIRTY-ONB TRACTS OF LAND, containing to ?ether about FORTT-ONB THOUSAND ACRES, Including the tract owned in oopartnerthip by Crenihaw A btone, whereon the Uuer lately resided, all of whieU ia more particular!; deacribed In the pleadings. Terms:?So much caah as will pay the ootla: for the baL anee a credit of one and two years, secured by bond and mortgage, with Interest payable annually from the day of sale, with the privilege to the purchaser to pay cash tor the whole of hi* purchase. Purchasers to pay for papers. J. C. CRAIG, Commissioner. The lands above advertised are valuable turpentine lands, situated In Chesterfield and Kershaw districts, near Peedoo river and Cheraw aad Darlington Railroad. For full particulars and description of lands apply to JOitDAN ft BROTHER, ?? fiijlth Third slrtwl, - . PbUad'.lpli'a, POB SALE?ELEGANT BROWN ' STONB HOUBB, r four stories aod extension, 26x100, No. 8 Van Vorst square (887 Vorlc street), Jersey City, on high ground, oppo site a beautiful park. Sold at a bargain. Apply as above. FOR SAI.E-THE PROPERTY KNOWN A8 THE com munity Paper M1U, situate on a never falltng stream, one mile distant from tlie New York Central Railroad; buildings and machinery thoroughly reflted in lM Terms easy. For pirllculirs inquire of M. B. BANM3TKK ft CO., Hart I^oL, N. Y.. or II. J. HUBBARD, Casliior First National Bank, Skaneateles, N. Y. FOR 8ALE-A DESIRABLE RhSIMtNCB, IN TUB village of Yonk'Ts; large House. with Furniture; all modem Imiiroreinents; Gtable, gardener's house, green houje, filled with choicest Bowers; hot and cold graperies: fine views: t.bout two acres of land, fruit and ornameutal trees, shrubs, Ac. Al?o for sale, a beautiful Ilulidina Site of nearly two acres, with Cottage on same. For terms, Ae., op ply to D. HAW LEY. 42 Pin* street. For sale-ploh point, lis acres on the went shore of Newburg Bay. 2% miles south of the city of Newburi;; a residence unsurpassed, If equalled, on the Hudtont of nearly one mile water front to the channel; land first quality; lai^e, (ins house and outbuilding*; great na tural advanUgea, exteuslve pleasure grounds, superb vlswn. Ac. Apilyto W. JI.ViiRPLA.NCiC, No. h P.irk place, New York, or on the promises, to P. A. VEUFLAKCK, or to UOMEil MORUAN, So. i Pine street. OR SALE-SEVEN ACRES 0T BEAUTIFUL LAND, _ liild out In buMding Ix>U; either the whole or in parts to ?ult purchaser*; snld property in located along the line of i minute*1 walk of the dapot F suit ptirchaaera; laid property 1 the ?r?e Uailwaj.wiUilQ thr*? ir sod vl'lnge of Huuemi, and 30 F miles from New York oily. Apply to'A. A. WANMAKKB, Hulferii, N. Y. OR SALE?AT AUCTION, ON SATURDAY, MARCH _ 9, at two o'clock P. Mon the premises, four Storo< and Dwelling*, situated In the village of Mam-tros-ick, Wastoiiea. tor count/, N. Y., thd property of '.he Ute Rer. John A. Sll lick, deceased. For sale?shall farm, located in the townxhlp of Ocean, In the county of Monmouth. State of Now Jersey, onu mile sautli of the village of E.itomown and the railroad depot, and about 2% mile* from the well known and popular bom-ding house* at Long Branch. The Eremiscs contain about IS acre* of the b?wt cud must proditn re land, well Improved, having a comfortable dwelling house. first rate outbuilding*, making It trulc an object an well worth the notice of a gentleman wishing a sum mer or permanent residence. Prtoe $8,000. Inquire of KOBLKTE. SMITH, SU!> Washington street, New York, or HENRY W. WOLCOTT, Katontown, N. J. For sai.e?at rye, westchbster county, n. Y., a Country Seat, containing about eight aare* of land, with first class imptovemcnts. t'uibpoud*, filled with fish; an abundance of fruit of the choicest qualities. The honsa, three stories and cellar, frame, filled in with brick; outbuild ings are commodious and In good order. It 1* about three qn/rters of a mile from depot. For further particular* ap ply to ALLEN A DROWN, 96 Broadway. For bam?a very desirable residence on Bard avenue, states Island, within flvo minute*' wdk of Sailors' Snug Rlrbnr landing. Apply to TUUKEBMAM, MULHOAN A CO., 90 Broadway. FOR SALE?COUNTRY SEAT ON STATBN ISLAND. two miles from Vanderbllt landing; superior bonse and outbuildings, with 40 acre* of ground; will be sold cheap. Permit* ofA. JOUBNBAY, Wo. 6 Pino street. FOR8ALB-AT OLIFTOH, STATBN I8LAND, FRONT. ing on the water, and within M mlnntas of the ferry. * beautiful Country Seat, with nearly two acres of ground; will be sold low. Apply to A. JOUBNBAY, No. g Pine st. li*OB SALB IN HOBOKEN?A YERT DBSIRAHL.B r throe story and liasoment House, Philadelphia brick, browu stone trimaitngi, marble mantel*, cm and water. Price *7,0U0l BLAKE A DUDLEY, >4 WlUiam street. FOR SALE?A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, WITH FIRST da** Improvement*, situated a short distance from I be city. For particulars address Country RosUenoc, 138 East Forty-sixth street. For salb-at a bargain, on tht. Hudson, b miles from New York, a large Hou?e, XI room* barn, ?table, c.irriige bouse; beautiful grounds, alisds and fratt trees; everything in perfect order: near the depot. Terms easy. J. A. KBSYON, M Nas au street For bale-j. w. booert, m liberty btrebt. Farm, Tarrytown,94 acres, handsome grounds, fruit, Ao. farm, Partnlngdal*. KM acre*. In excellent condition. Kara, Orange CO., Iti acres, fine stock farm. Farm, Stuvvessnta. 43 acres, on the Hudson river. Firm, Hoc-Viand cm.. 82 acres. In complete order. Couutry Seat, Peek*kl!l, extra Improvements, bank of river. Country Seat, White 1'iains, good buildine*. pleat/ fruit, Ao. Country Seat. Quoens, I.. I., nice pine*. close to depot Country Seat, Rye, very handsome, ih.ida and fruit. Country Seat, Sing Sing, good buildings, fruit, Ac., cheap IfOR 8AL"?IN HARI'.WON. WESTCHESTER COUN " ty, N. Y., a good ? arm. 44 aoro*; good location; is onlv 2 mile- from Ryo and M am ironeck depot; rrult of all kinds; a good well of water, a larre cUtora un ior the kitchen; a Eood houso, containing eleven rooms bnru, carriage house; i well watered; six acres of woo Hand. Applv to WILLI AH PAKKKR, on the premises. N. B.?Direct all letters to the l'ortchester Post o!Tloe. For bale?oranos, n. j.-twh.lvr mii.ks from New York, lino Residence, with six aerei; honae con tains twelve r ioms; carrlige house and stable; Immediate jio session; terms ev-y. Also, noar the a'oove.a far in of 3J acres, with small cottage. B. F. ?M ALL. 'SS South St. I^OR SALE.?IN TIIE CITY OF POUOHKEKPSIE, A r vrrr valuable and beautiful Properly, eonalsting of ten acres of fine land, in high cultivation; covered with forest, ornamental and snadc trees, and every variety of fina fruit; a large well built house, surrounded by veranda and grown house; gas. furnace, Ac.; carriage house *table?, Ac. Twelve hundred feet of line holMing lot* on two of the best streets In this city. This Property will be ?oll as a whole or divided. Immediate /hmuIoi will be given. Apply to a KMBEilSON, 421 Eighth avenuo. JjV>R SALE-ON EV-Y TERMS, A FINR FRRMCH 1 roof Cottagn, oontainlng 18 moim, at B.iyonne, Hudson eounty. New Jersey. SO iniautea from New \ or< Irom foot of Liberty street by Contral Kailroad of New Jersey. Apply to JOHN A. OAKMUj, SaltervlUe, lludaoa county, N. J. ITtOR 8ALK-AT RL1ZARETH, N. J., FIFTY MINU^fts L" from New York, the residence of the subscri<<er, on Newark avenue, one mil* from depot; hou n contains thir teen roomi: evenr oonvenicnee; frescoed hslla; ground four acre*, one-third nigii, dry and healthy; stable, oow. chicken, and other ouihousaa. Apply oa the premises, or at 18 New ?treat. New York. E. A. WAXTON. For sale?fine farm of mo acres, with river front, at Rlvorslde, Ulster county, nearly opno-l'e Poughkeepsle, about three hours from New York; house finely located; lovaly views up the river for 20 miles; farm bouse, carriage house, barn and all other usual out build ings; two orchards, email fnilt and garden; railroad pro jected and surveyed through lower part of Droprrty. For further particulars apply to JAMKs PttiOE, 2UU Hudson street. a ? ? Ff?OR SALB-FINB COUNTRY RESIDENCE. CHEAP, 1 near Saratoga Springe; KM acres of land, In a high state of cultivation, one quarter of a mile from railroad depot; h.indsome Oothie house, with fine outbuildings; will ex change for city prnpert*. For full partioulars oali on owner at a Irani House, room 114. OR BALB?A LOT IN ORBBNWOOD CBMETKRY. IN a mdst desirable looatlon. Apply to C. J. WELLS, 37 F Fob balb-in hobokbn, a threb story brick House nine rooms. Inquire on the prealises, 111 Meadow etreet. For rale?a farm in broome county, n. t? on the Suequehsnna nvar. MO acres, mlle? from Bleghsmton, one mile from Erie Railway; two houses sad fine outbuilding*. Apply to W. H. PAINK, 47 Wall street, Y. N., from 3Jo 4 F. 8. Fob salb-a beautiful residence at pleas ant Vallev. N. J , situated on the bank of the Hudson, containing about twelve seres; abundance of fruit, grape ries, An.; wagon houses and other outbuildings- ground* and garden laid oat with great oa>? and taste; 7<? or MM feel of walei front; half hour's sail from the Battery. Ap ply to K. H. LUDLOW A CO.. No. 3 Pine street. Fob bale ora*ob, n. j., two nbar. I* new Houses near Valley Button. Terms easy. In quire of (UIRDNBR A MATTHEWS, Real Estate Agents, tlrange VaBey, N. J. Post offlcs address Orange. N. J. OB BALB OR RXCHANOK?A country RESI denee at Hount Klaoo, on the llarlem Railroad, about ? Miles fiw? New York; fine new House, Carriage Hons* and all neceeaary outbuilding* In complete order; situstion unsurpassed. For aarticularelnqulre at 634 Second aveuue, oorner Twenty-ninth street, coal o.Oee. ? FOB BALI OB TO LET?A MODEL COTTAOB, AT Cornwall, Orange oounly. The cottage, barns and ?table are almoet Ms, snd were built with great care for the I owner. On the (list 'floor of Ihe cottage there are parlor, dining roott, library and kitchen; seeond floor, aig One bed rooms, with good closet*, and well arranged for the comfort of a genteel family. There la a fine open garret, and In the basement there la a summer kltehe* aud good oetlara. The stable haa stalls for three horwv. The approach to tba house la very Inviting; there la plenty of shade snd a variety of fruit. The grounds In close five acree of paatnre and garden land; there ta aa abuneanoa of fine spring and cistern Water; a murmur ing brook runs through tha grounds, whtoh sup-jltaa floo pond, well shaded with treea. Cornwall Is proverbial for health. The view frov thin ptaca of mountain, valMT and river it deiisthtfia and mn?t be eeen K? be admirad It will bo eoU on liberal torn*!, or l?t MralaKad to aa aooapt f \ B.-Anothar beantlfal Oatkage will be tat abed and fnr nlshM hf tha l^ t o# April. 1 or p?rtio^jby?^in^uire or M Weel TwmIv {twit streak WaW Tort. cotrirriiT real tmn m ul4 fOR EXCHANOB.-WILL BB^KJCHAKOKD 7o| general Merrhau ilse, X) I'ullding Lola, fach 16(100 M A l?o a 1 eautlful K*?i<leno?, a (hurt disUmoa from Hew Ysrk. Kor particulars address Exchange, Herald o.lloa. L'OR SALE OB TO UIT?country PLACE, OK TUB r Passaic river, 2H miles from Newark, opposite HeU? vllle, N. J.. wlthm Ik mils of tha railroad at BelievlllM eon taint 47 acres high (round, well cultivated, with Aim mm* den, grapenaa. Ac.; Italmu villa houae. water ?l?r- |rtnn< ?tab lea, Bo. *pi4y to 0. W. BANQd, 1? Broad fay, wlrT^ Fob kale, TO CLOSB AN ESTATB?FARM IV NEW Jeisey, of 10 acres, tillable land, witkia an hoar of tk? city; Bud Urge bnus* and good outbuUdiuga. price 8HJ8R Terms easy. Apply to A. JOUKNKAY, Bo, ? Plan street. Hudson ritbr property.?for sale, on the west banlt of tba Hudson. a number or handaoaa* Rexldeuoea, with river fronta, between Pierraont and Nyaefc, wiibfrom 1 to 11 acrea, ranging la price from tlAUM ? Apply to WMrh. PLaTT, Hormont. M. T. TTUD80N OITT property FOR BALE CHEAF? X-L Cottage, with handanme garden: tan ainutaa (MB ferry; price $?,800. Varnlah store, m Canal street. SEW COTTAOE HOUSE, 10 BOOHB, FOB 8ALJB ft mllaa from tha city, on tha Central Railroad of Mmr *>Ji Mable on the premlaaa; lot 86slW Prtoe $7,MB. $? quire at St Vaaey atraat. Property -.known as three pigeons hotel, New Durham, Haekeasaek plank road, N. J. '? Agent. No. t Beekmaa a treat, 17> Tbompeon aureet, mornings and evening PLACE FOR HALE-IN DARIRN. CONN., FORT* mllea from New York by New Haven Ballrmd: H??a neartr new; contains 10 rooms, substantially built; del' fully located; convenient to ehurahee, aeltoof and depot nearly one acre, Blocked with the choiceat fruit; or oa " cash. Apply to GKOBOK M. mather, 101 and 108 street. TWO FARMS FOR 8ALR?160 AND St ACRES, TWO miles fiocn Mn ill sou depot, N. J. For more partioolMS Inquire of N. 0. OK1 iff BEY, owner, Qraaa Village. nTJL WHARF PROPERTY FOR SALE.?SOLID DOCK, Ml foot face. 1*0 fiiet long, besides bulkhead; pure apriM water; about thirty miles up tha Hudson. Apply to v? m C., oflloe of C. W. S.mford, IVyon row. N. Y. ACRES?THE LA.ROKST AND ONLY CHOIOE _ body of virgin prslrle land purchasable In CDntM county. Illinois. for cash; oi In exchange for city or Brook|yB property VAN WINKLE A WINANi), 1M Broadway. tfJl Q CA ?TWENTY-TWO ACRES OP GOOD LAN 1R ?l.OOU. sooiecleared aud fenced; new house, watttft Sc.; will aall part T. Pti ASS, W 'Jrore street ItKAL KSTWAV I'M l>. PIRST CLASS HOUfi* WANTED?IN THIB CITt M Brooklyn, t;i oxchnnge for an elegant Country Seat aaj Farm ou the Hudson. Api !y at 71 Nassau street, room No. R House want,?d-xn Brooklyn, within fit? minute*' walk of Wall street ferry; will pay fro* $10,000 io $J0 li00. Address (giving full description) or ?al oil R. T. BVSH, 119 Broadway. ? ^ TENEMENT PROPEltfY WANTED TO BUY QE lease - The higher mir'<et value given. Apply to R. ft UIIIBON4 Jk Oil.. 449 Broome streot. WANTED?A 0ENTEEL COUNTRY BBSIDENOB 1* Westchester couuty. within one hour of New York and hanily to depot. Address or apply at 71 Nassau street, roeaa No. 9. 600 tttanTPD?A B'JILDI^O l* THK LOWER PART W^J^^.W with prt? and location,. 6>r ono we A box 8,9m Post oflloe. g f 17 ANTED FOR CASH?AN UNFUftKWFIZO VVAwithVolrnCfmpro,em.nt.WiSba^S WwMK 1S& ?Z old ofllca. WANTED TO PURCHASB-A OOTrAOB COUNTB* Residence, with >11 con re ilenoes, to be illumed e? the nujnon, and 10 or 1ft acres ol Orouod with it. suitaM* for gardening, Ac. Address, with description, Afl , W. & A., box ?A3uT>sw York Post ofllce. WANTED TO PURCHASE-AN ENGLISH BASBMBMY House, f?ur stories, oeiween Twentieth eo<1 Thtrttw fourth streets end Fourth and Seventh avenues. Prloe Ml be reasonable. BMiTH A Co., 89 Fifth aveauet WANTED TO PU RCHAHE?A HOl'SB, IN GOOD JA TT cation, witli modern Improvement*. Price from MM to 912,(100. Address T. S. A., Herald oUloe, stating Kinstieeh terms, kn. ANTHD TO PURCHASE?A NICK SMALL HO0B? with storo, or House without store, In Sixth avenue, of on any of the cross streets not lower down than Fourth ? higher than Thirty-fourth, near Sixth uvenue. Address Ju A. M., box 2,.".09 New York Post oOce, stating location IM price, msy hear of a eash custtomer. WANTED TO PUBCHASB?OR LEASB A HO DBS and Store on Third, Sixth or Eighth avenue or BrotA way. Address W. C. LBSTBil, l,i7? Broadway, oorner sf Thirty-fourth street. ASTROliOOT^ TbTROLO^OT.^Dr' aND MRS. BBOOOHTOSI OA* A consulted In astrology sad,medicineiaty< Broadw^. up stairs. Fee <1 to $6. Nativities written, ?6 to A TEST?NO IMPOSITION?NEYER FAILIXO.?MB* A St-irr, Irom Europe, born with a natural Mfl. Owj? est Business and MeSioal CUlrroTant known. TsltoUN and likeness, past, present and futura Oaaae speedy rlMfJ io lo?i tff<arn. Shs wM n6wr knot# to fwL^ Fourth ere Que, Oents not admitted. Hours from 9 A. ft Ull 8 P. A FACT.?MISS WELLINGTON TELLS OF BUSINBBL Uieft, good lack and numbers. 999 Bowery, oppoatM Sixth street. Hours 9 to C ' \fAD A MB WALTERS, DISTINGUISHED CLAIBTO* thert. names, numbers, ^dluelL' iif Caaslstlaoi' '*" VTADAMB ROSA. ORKAT NATURAL CLAIBTOYAWT. iVl reveal* your whole life. Oflea Me 9 Oreeae street corner of CanaL Consultation $L SBNOB CARLOS, ?7 ORAND STREBT?CONSCW the Arabian Oracle of Fate for everything, numbers, Se? WANTED?A PBRSON COMPETENT TO DEVBLOT eUlrvoyanoo. Address B., hex 999 Herald office. () r (' ?M K8. ROBDBR, BNOWB 99 TBAR8 ro> &<)'). living true Infbrmatloo on all aBMra. hesMh sickness, absent friends, love affairs, marriage, dlfflnalBsl ta business. Journeys, lawsuits, at U Bowery. MKDlCili. ADYICB to MARRIED LADIES.?MADAMB BBS. TKLL'S Infattble French Female Pills; No. 1, prtea SI, or No. 1 price It, whloh ean never (Ml; safe aaa healtbv. Oflloe M West Thirty-fourth street, aear BfiS avenue. Bent by rneU. Address box MM. Alee seM si drugi(l st'e, 139 Oreenwtoh street AURBAT AND SURB BBMBDT FOB LADIES.-' PortOTueee Female Pills always give (remediate n prior 98. Beware of ImlUtors who oo;?y mv advert*i to sell piieonous comoounds as "Female* Pllla." and tracts." Dr. A. M. MaURICEAU. l? Liberty ? Al", BLBSSINO TO LADIBB.-A LADT WBITHS: tugucse Female Pills relieved me la one day, wttheoa Inconvenience, like maglo. Prloe 9ft. Dr. A. M. MAUU> CEAU. oillce 1? Liberty street, or sent by maiL AM. MAURICBAU, M. D.. PBOFESSOB OF MIDWTFB. . ry, thirty years' practice, at 12SI Liberty street. Ots? antMi certain relief to ladies, from whatever cause. A -MADAMB ORINDLB, PB*ALE PHYSICIAN, ?? . 6 Amity pla'M, can lie consulted on all female oe? plaintr. t'leasant rooms for ladies whe deelra good naxataj and medical attendance. A ?DR. OKINDLE, PHYSICIAN FOR FKMALBS, MO. J\ . 0 Amity placo, between Bleeeker and Amity streetat nvike* It Ills speelal prartloo to treat all female from whatever cause produced. Elegant roums for ladteB ab jut to require uursing. Always surb?a patisnt wrttk<!-mi spbmv 940 for drugs AU fallel. ElecUlrlty relieved me IB ten minutes without pain or exposure." A private letter worth forty books, given .vway. Writo for It anl tnve haaUB and money. Dr. and Madtme Dl'B JlS. 3d i'lrrd avenua. A -IMPORTANT TO IiAOfES. DR POWBBB* ? French Compound and PUle; warranted suoeeesfal la every case. One trial suHcient. Oillce IM Elm itreel. AB -LADIES CAN ALWAYS RELY ON DR. POWBBB? ? unfailing Fom^le UemeJies, and oa nothing elsa. A pertain cure. O.Tloe 1H6 Kim street. All persons laboring under affbctiow of whatever nature will be restored to maseuUoe vlan* by makinc Immediate use of that moet potent renaecy, POWERS' Elixir of Life. Offlce I9i Elm stroet ALL LAD1BS WHO NEED SPECIAL MEDICAL enrgioat treatment should oontult CHAKLRS LOT M. D.. WB Broadway, who has had twenty rear*' sucoas practi.-e, and guaranteee immediate relief ta all out palo or exposure. Consultation fraa. All unfortunatb, consult db. kbnnroy, hb Elm street. Cores without aereury or restrleUOM bofferers from debility re.toreu to vigor. IM Blm street. ATRLTn.-MADAMB DESPARD'B PILLS ABB WA? ranted to glvs cartaln relief to ladlee. Price 9A Wf Bowery opposite Sixth street. Hours, 9 A. M. to < P. Z Medicines sent by mall. CONSULT DB. BBNNBDT, 196 BLM STRBBT. cures without mercury. Debilitated persons reetoi perfect vigor and ssanl pONnDENTIAL CONSULTATIONS ?DR. R. COB. V ' BETT, member of M. Y. V. Medloal Collage and B. a Surgeona, Loudon, can he oonsulted as usual on oertaln da en es. OfDee *> Centre street, near Chambers. N. a.?35 fee uuless cured. Dr. hunter can CURB WORST cases of ob? tain dlseises, without meroury, In shorter time tbaa any otlv-r physician, or no pay taksa. Bo. I Division street etnoe IHM l^R. LARMONT. 173 BBOADWAY.-TRBATMBB* from lv to 9. ' Wedloal Adviser and Marriage uuldM^** Doctor iiuntbe's botanic cobdial bbstorm rigor of youth In one week: gives health and straagtB to the most debilitated. $9 per vlat No. 3 Dlvisloa streeA Sl noe 1M4. T A DIES, IF YOU REQUIBB A BBLIABLB RBMBDY J J to restore you. or valuable medical orsurgloai treat mnL. eonault Dr. DOBANT, No. T Beaeh strest "& FAD AMB BBBTBLLB?PBOFE9SOB OF MIDWTPRBV IVl over thirty year*, guarantaec Immediate relief te ever* lady requiring medloal or surgloal treatment, from whatever cauee. OHloe 64 West Thirty fourth street, near 9l?th av. TJOWEBS* BLIXIB RESTORES THB CON8TfTUnO? A to a healthy eoadltlon when prostrated and Itapairsd W eece?A habitual weakness or maltreatmeot. 199 Blm streeL SHATTEBBD CONSTITUTIONS KB STORED IN OK9 week by the guaranteed remedy. Power*' Kllxt*^ sarneeUy rec^nM^ded, espeoiall/ to thoee eontea>plaUO( QFECIAL MEDICAL ABD SCBQICAL TRF.ATMBNT 0 for the euro of special diseaeee of both eexes by Dr. ORINDLB, at lo. (Amity place, between Blseoker asii Amity streeu. mnOUSANM OONSIDBBBD IRBBTR1BYABLT Lost 1 sad bMoad renovsry hare bee* sppeedily em eifeotuaiw en red lif Df. XBWI8* s^kllfiU aa^ aasrnog aede of lii|| T"fowafBf?r.*au'wv^ fords oertaln reilef from whatever oauss Call m tend rm olrouieSL " ,m