Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 9, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 9, 1867 Page 3
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The Impeaehment Question and the Proposed Eeoess. Sympathy for the Fenians In . Ireland. The Speaker of the Hoaie Ii&troeled to Appoint the Committee es Foreign Affaire. FHl^ AJVD LOSS OF LIFE. 4c. Ac. &c. Wimuraien, March 8, JMT. VaklMl HMtlM-Tbe Military Reconstruct lion Act. Tbe ftttMl meeting to-day is ths aubisct of mach ?peculation, but nothing positive baa leaked oat beyond Ike mere diet that the aeaaion only occupied half an koar. ft V rumored that Uegar*) SrnnJs an/Becretary Stan ton's program ue for the guldanw at tike polltieem Hilary commahders of the five new dis tricts was talked over by maaabara of tba Cabinet, and that the qaallfloatlons of the five Generals mentioned in ? former despatch ware discussed and in a meaavre ?greed upon. It in said, bewevar, that the districts to which they will be aaalgned bare not been fixed. Rumor* mere afloat that General Sicklee, for instance, would be transferred Jo Virginia, and General SchoQcld to Alabama and Georgia; but little credence ia given to them by parties who ought to kno?, for the reason that tbere would be no acnaa in changing experienced generate from districts with which they are so wall acquainted, and where they hare given satisfaction. The statements that Generals Sherman, Meade, Hancock ami Hal leek would be appointed, It Is thought, was a mere speculation, fbe latter generals will not be re moved from their commands, but will be left where they are, with authority over the military forces and subject to the direct orders of General Grant. The new com manders will have more or a political and admin slra tlve duty to perform, and will be subject to Secretary Stanton. I think it safe to aay that the names I indi cated two days ago as those of the generuls to be ap pointed under the Rooonstructlon aoi will be nominated and confirmed. The Inpeachnst Qwestton mad the Prospect! ef a Recess. The question at adjournment still binges upon the Im peachment movement. It Is well anderstood that the result at the repsblican Senate eaucus was Uiat of entire disagreement to Ute House resolution, and that the pre vailing feeling at the former body Is to take n position ftai will eoaypt the supporters of impeachment to go tnto notion M once. The grave doubts that exist among them as to thapatlsy of ooatinaing the Investigation and ngttation oMMe subject find confirmation in tbo opinion ?f the sagadons Chairman of the Hoeae JedWery Com mittee, that* ta aawiee te oasn the subject before the Howes oa lbs Acta that tba oommlttoe ha>o thus far <wdopsi They claim that there is no general business at Impnrtaass in rsqtwre the eontlnaeaoe at the esatfoa er urn aojoernment to aa early day, aad that In addHlea to t|Os the ftulure ta ssnhe met a cass against Ms President wwsM be mi trretrtesable party cslamlty. They say thds th* probability af the rapnbkoaa snscm nkmto the ]?ifldinsy isatre^tbeaed by tbecoatinoaeee at Mr. Bahama la oMee, nad his making his ooorar for the next two years oooststent wMh that of the past two yssm. Behoving that tbap haeeeo Hmttod his preroga ?ttvas aad restricted his powers by last winter's legisla tion as to make him pnwsslms lor svil, they think It the ?kattar policy SnrflaaMhta teeth harmlessly laths cage ? aklsk they hMabaSt aiwaad him than to make a bloody apsolaole that would probably excite sympathy by pwtUkg him wnder n politleel guillotine. Mr. Sumner aad n small mlaslty of ?knSenate favor an adjournment er recess, la the belief that the avidenee already eilcKod mill be saflicMk te tsspeash sad eonvlct, aad that abould as aatkm oa Ike sutyecirtaka ptoss until aext winter it wtt operate *Sfbromblyon the fall eleeWoas. But er, Logan, Btevsaa Oovcrie aad olksrs of the Bease party, mho are the msSi^ and tative prosecutors, contend tkal tke coaaMp-SeomaM impeachment, and that ir they Ml lo take bad at the subject right Mm* Ussy will be laysnsbpa bp Itar - constituency with dowmdlce and A lending SlMMr remarked this morning that their ?ssslon wouM continue outil they saw whether the slsps taken ta oarry into exeoution Ike reconstfweMeo bill were satisfactory, end wksther the ^iBaamecommsnded by Qensrsl Grant to ke placed in ^charge of the five military districts pro vided In the law ware nppointsd by tbo President. When this win' sen tied he staled positively that the Senate would ataad for aa Immediate adjournment tin* *'?, or, if tke mouse w?re in sarsmt isr an Immediate dis posal of tke ui0fcahbmeq| charges, they would not cea aeat to the ad^nrnment to Map next. The reseit of tbe SMbrencee, it to thought, may be a compromise fixing Ike day of reenasmblla* in October next. This would he rsprtil aa ? defeat at the impeachsssat faction. It Is aim regard** If many of tbe membsrs as n favor able ehanfs, aa- it-would thereby giro them for their leaf the . pleasant months or October and Hovombos;, -instead of the sultry oaee of June and July. Thcee at Ike .Beam who were out voted in caucus on the qaeettea at <the adjournment lo tbe ?th of May claim that they haveAapi tbe cnocus agreement by vstisg for M ea Tuesday is the Reuse, and thai oa the Senate's ase-esasnmeaaftaSk the Booee rssslanoa they wM be at Marty to Jala with lbs democrats and get a majority Mat w? allnss Msm to in the day that tke tennis twirthww* ?? ?f ii? Prm. 4?t IbOiIxIwi ta AMolalncila. tw ?>*?in *d Ml npiagai, of Rhode Irtaad, in the IwliMw. M regarded by soma people aa indicat ing aa win aliame la lb* Kxocutlye poiicy ae fh ap IdMaNlKftiCtt. Tha Senator Intimated that be had ?aaaaa totailaaattiat Ik* appolaUnaate about U> be made at the pnaniUae ??d Intbe Tutu re would be neb as '*" T~'i*Tt t-T ?r*- ~rr It seemed to be miltil aa ?MBH at: the eoateaaptated reateration ?e efl? ?f wam ?he Id been removed during put peer. . ?f course, la mere conjec ?are, tat, datMR >? eon n action with another RMT, that party intend te abandon lm I |nlni attaaatfcr, it may bare raciethlng In a ?omo people hla< IN PeeeMeat Jahnaaa has made a p ; Ma mind that te haeifoaght ttta battles ?f the demo aratlc party to m jrnmom laag enough, and that he lateads to eajoy ihliaalf far the roet of IW? term, If ho (eta any kind of 4fctr,jtfsy at. all from hia Caigreetdonel oppeoenia Th? f'eiiwHrar aa Foreign Attmkn. The reaokitlon a( Hr. Banks in the Ham to-day direct of the app nil meal nf the alaadiog Uamxuiee en Foreign ARWra, whteh ata carried, la said te ho pre llm'tair to a maaaaaa which will place the giwouHai la aa aB*tude boeUJa 4a-1 be projected confed*iAJon of MM) Brlilah North rlrna prortnoaa baring Ir via* the eaUMiahmeat of a nonaecby. Many of ili?4amo craia mpprrted the reeolalton, and aa early decider ion of the Hoaroe doclrtas may be aapeoted I bat wHI unr, laa public atte*ion. JPTMectie* of Tralae aa ikaOrcrlaad Hour* Kaixirt at titaml Bharwan. TheAecreta^r of War transmitted to the tfcnate to day a copy <M general Sherman'a report on the auhject ?f protection of traiaa on Uka ovorlaad roate, w th copies of the gee era! order* Issued try General Pope last year far the regulation of travM Acroaa the plalna He aaya (bat (beea order*, with soma modiOeatioa, will he anfoarad the present year, aad that under them a vast tipouat of .merchandise sort a great number of people ?oat year pawl safely to Ibetr destination la oar remote expoeed I'w.rl torler For the year 1961 ha proposes ?o apply Um genial njiea laid dowa by General Fope to our principal rouL4?~9l"<* Minnesota to t.'ontans, 'la Vorta Aberororabv'e, W*i4swortfc, Rtat, Herihold, Bo-, ord and Jodith and ^iver, with two new aiatleaa >etweri? Wadswnrth ant.' Wo*; aeeond, the great Platte ??rto, by ahloh Tnir n|aaly per oent of the ravel to Montana, t'tah Oaiiferala aad Colorado ?are hitherto gone; incmuM protection will b" glrsa > the shorter line to Virgin'# Ci<)' from TJtrnrolo rta ana Reno, rhilip Kearny and C. f. Bmltb; third, tha ?okay Hill route to Colorado, via Fori* RHay. JJooker, ayea, Wallace, te, to Denver City J ftwrtlif, the ?k ansae route freia * ansae and Arkansas, via K'fla I^arna^ i<gOa, The Paifatortr, 4a, ir( ' tort Union and New Meitoa Be also proposss to leave the pent commander* ft little More latitude of judgment ae lo tbe strength of trains passing oat, at ooat and the requisite somber has accumulated. The order re ferred to required ? military organisation of all train* lo number not leee than thirty men and twenty wsgona All travelleie are held te ? etrict reeponsiblllty for the faithful observance of the regulation* laid down and the treatiee with the Indian tribe* through whose country they are paaeing. The Hale ef Aral a a*d AmmmIiIm te the I ndlaae?Order Ireai Oeatval Haaeeek. Major General Hanoock, commanding tbe Department of tbe Missouri. ha* issued an order staling that U bad been officially reported that am* nnd ammunition are being eoU or bartered te the Indian* by trader* having permits for the perpoee from Indian Agents, and that, Instead of toing limited, the amount fold or bartered If solely dependent oa the ability of the Indian* to par ches*. The praotloe of (applying thaee Indian* In aacb quantltiee, especially during their present threatening attitude towards the government, tbe General thinke is dangerous to the public interest, and Is likely to encour age tban to make war and lo commit outragee upon unprotected settlements. He therefore order* that no arms or ammunition shall bt sold er bartered to the In dians save at the military po*t?;of Fort Learned and Fort Dodge, in tbe Upper Arkansas district Jbis is done te discourage tbe Indians from frequenting the section of country between tbe Arkansas and Platte riven, that the mail route and Pacific Railroad may be more secure riT&e Tutor*. The General say* that It will probably toon be directed by competent authority that Ip.uAas whoee reservations are seutb or the Arkansas, via., the, Arapahoe*, Apaches, Kioyru and Co mancbea, shall not be permitted ?o fco north of that stream, and that the Sioux shall net be permitted to oome south of tbe Platte, which would leave the belt of country between tbo Platte and Arkansas free from all Iudtans likelv to interfere with the railroad and mail route. Major General Hancock, on the 2Mb ultimo announced tbe following officers wbo will compose his staff in tbe Hold for tbo expedition bo is about to make on the Plains, snd will accompany him:?Captain W. G. Mitch ell, Thirty-seventh United States Infantry, aid de camp and acting Assistant Adjutant General; Captain Wm. P. Wilson, Twenty-first United States Infantry, aid-de camp; Brevet Major General J. W. Davidson, Second United States cavalry, actlngJospector General; Brevet Colonel M. It. Morgan, Chief Commissary; First Lieu tenant H. B. Ledynrd, Thirty-seventh United Slates in fantry, assistant to Chief Commissary; Brevet Lieuten ant Colonel B. J. D. Irwin, medical department; Cap tain G. W. Bralley, quartermaster department; Brevet Lieutenant Colonol C. C. Parsons, Fourth United State* artillery, commanding artillery, ordnance officer. Fire?Several Persons (Supposed to be Killed. A fire to-night destroyed tbe building on the couth west corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Sixth street The uppor portion was formerly occupied as the Central llotcl; tbe lower stories were the auction room* of Lully t Brother, the office of the Acqula Cfeek Railroad Com pany, and tbe batoment as a restaurant. Tbe house was worth probably f10,000 or $12,000, oa which there is ao Insurance. Six or seven persons, it is supposed, were killed by the falling of the walls, some of them being engaged at the time in removing furniture from tbe ad joining houses Two dead bodies have already been dis covered, one ef them that of Mr. Muhlerhass, agent of tbe Gormania Insurance Company. Digging and the re moval ef ruin* were goiag oa at midnight to noover.ibe other persons missing. It I* supposed the fir* waa lb* worfc ef an incendiary. White the building was burning a party of German* wero"seated in Barefch** restaurant, n?xt door, playing euchre Although the restaurant sat two story build ing snd the burning beet* we* four stories btgb, and si though ths towering walla were threataaiag te fell every minute, and a portion bad already fallen, theee men continued their game. Tha r amusement mmn sud denly interrupted by a terrific crash, aad ens whole side or the building feU, crushing te the rear pert of the reataumnt. Oa* or tbe German* was dangerously hurt, and en*or twojof the others sllgblly, while tbe proprte tar l* aWbg and Ie *epf>o**d te be burted la the ruin*. A communication was to-day laid before tbe Senate from lb* Secretary ef War tranamiitlng the eta tern on t of General Howard, OdmaHaatonsr ef tho Frecdmen's Bureau, in reepomfs to a resolution of the Senate calling for Information la regard to the extreme want In the Southern states, be. Tbe report state* that trrnn official souro-is, and conOraed by g*ntl*snen from different sec tions of -the South, be estimate* that S2fla whites and 24.23d colored |?ople will need food frost ronie sonrco before tbe ion* crop can relieve tbeaa. Tho number of rations required for une month an 1,707,000; lor ftvo month* toe probablo lime required, 8,636,000. At twenty Are cenas per mi ion, the estimated cost will be $2,133,760. Of this $C35,000 Irnvs already bet n appro . printed, leaving f1,608,760 to he provided. Tbe destitute are apportioned aa follow*:? mil t. Black*. Virginia 2,600 2,600 North < nroilun 2,030 2,u00 South Carolina. 6.000 . 6,000 Alabama 10.000 600 Kiorfcta J>00 l^J, delay hate i*timas holding train* till PntHstles hi tho Hestb. Georgia.... Tooncasee. Mtrslfwlppi T 600 1,000 l.flttl 1,000 300 600 1,000 8,038 600 200 Since tbe report ?u dmwo up a suuemont mm oeea received (Mm the Aarialaat Commlsetooer and Governor of Geoifeia greatly exceeding tbe amount In tbe Uble, but a larger appropr.rUos <a sot recowuaeaded to Georgia before another cellmate Is made, baaed on * thorough Inspection. AwelatMeul of Depaty Ceaptreiler of Dm Currency. Mr. Joba Jay Knox, o?* tbe Traaaury Department, was to-day appointed Deputy Comptroller of tbe Currency, in place of H. R. Hulburd, rcceatiy coaaail?aiowod by tbe r*sidaat aa Comptroller oT tha Carrency. Mr. Keen baa been for a loag Uaae connected wtth tbe Trea aury Deyart^?I, la charge of Dm ooiaaga baancb. and ia aa officer of Integrity and Aasfcodieoatlva ability. Tke lateraal lareaae l<aw-I>i?rtari' Tha am Internal Baeaawe law>saulreeafl laapactora ta gtaa baad In the aan af $*,??* Aay tagpinni, ex cept tboae want at tbe UlnlMlppI, arba daw not Ilia a satisfactory Mad wltb tbe Cbaintiartoaer by April S, will be deemed to barf vacated bla office. Banded Warahawaa Rrgalatlaaa. Tbe ravloed bonded warobouae -regulations require goods which are to be traoaportnd ta baad to be uaaa ferred from tbe warehouse to tbe plaoe oT ahlpmeat qnder tbe-fajaarrMoo af aa officer, aad require an affioer to acoeafaay aplrito (rom warebonaa to plaoe oT re diatlUallaa at rectlftcatioB. Tbe tone tor completing the traaaportatioa la reduced to thirty daya, aad for pro. duciog the proof of delivery la tftasn daya. Tbe time for completing rcdtaUIIattoa er reetlfoatlen aad ratara k> reduced to tan daya. Ia all eaaaa tbe application for withdrawal for rectification must be made by a duly taxed reciter,, who maet alee be n party to tbe bond. Btedpn Area Caataaie. Tbe receipts from caatoma at the prlacipal porta of tha United Htalie ftor the week ending February X were:? Baetea, fSll.ft'il; Philadelphia, |12J,1M; Baltimore, f 101,411; San Fraaa'aco, Mat January 27 to January SI, $#7.R0?; Near Orleaaa. from February M la February 23, fl 13,771. Tbe OoUeeter of New York ban not yet made return* af ibe recetpte at that port Tha Jftarrlaod Beaater?M?. Tha aaaaat saaatarahtp or Marylaad a?l probably be fflled by tha al?*tten oa Taeaday nasi of Philip Frank Thomas, oi tbe Eastern Shore. Thta la the democratic aowiioatien, hot there la -an (uncertainty felt aa to tbe reliable avcpratlea of a (button In the Leglatatare known aa "oawaenraUv^" whoee aid la aecossary for carrying oat tha prognunme. It la not aMegetMr lu probable that a combination of the radrals and con* g-erratlvaa may reault la aaeleeUoa that weald be dle ?4 deful to t be TIm jDtatrf at Faliee. II lata Congreee, while making appropriation tor tbe salaries or tbe Metaopolllan police provided that here after .no peraon ahbll bo appointed aa policeman or wairbm aa who has act served la 4be army or navy oT the Uatfeid States bad received an honorable discharge. Tha ClhlM '?* NeppMss. *e.? M?d lOarlas thw Rebelllan. General M. 4 baaed foam tbe QuarUrmaatar General's offli e, publish aa the aet or Oangiaas declaring that the prorlflone of ifoaptar 2* eT tha acta of the Thirty eighth (X*greea, drat aaasiea, appaoved July 4, IBM, shall net be^eeaatrued la aathartaa tbe aanleaitnt oT any elalai for ntVPtim or atoree lakeo for the use or the United Mateo arbitae, aor for the oecupatian af or iaJury to real estate, nor for aa? timagi la paraeaal property, eioept la thr^oyal elilaena of Tin aa ami aad Weot Virginia The acf^a foUowad bp a ante from lb# Department of State, announcing that tha bill blTlag bsea preeeated to (4* PraatdetUfo* taa apa*pval^a?d|Wt hwtac **? returned by bin to Congress within the time prescribed by ibe constitution of the United 8tatoe, tbe ?et bw become a lav wttboat his ippronL CMlraulM* br Dm ?>?>?. The Senate ta executive eeoaioo thie afternoon con firmed Ihe following nominations: ? Postmasters?J. U Radrick, Ottumwa, Iowa; Willard McKinstry, FredoniA, N. Y.; Matthias A. Pike. Saratoga Springe, N T.; Cha?. Btebbins, Owego, M. T.; B. P. Cilley, Manchester, N. a.; Clarke Dunham, Uurtiiwion, Iowa; George W. P. Vernon, Frederick, Md.; Alfred Bow en, Sbdburne Falls, Maaa ; William Pool, Ntafara Falls. N. Y.; J. Q Monk, Watartown, Maaa. Col lectors of Internal Revenue?David Howe, Fifth dstrVt, lUina; W. Buddiagton, Thirteenth district of New York; Charles Kennedy, Tbirty-flrst district of New York; Jesse a Seyford, Second diatrict of Maine; Thomas Moonlight, district of Kansas; Jamoe Armatrong, Second district of Iowa: Olllei V. Stevenson. Fourth district ot Indiana: W. w. Wilson, Fourth diatrict of Obioi Assessors of Internal Revenue?Eben F. Stone, Fifth ?ict of Massachuietta; Nathaniel Wales, Second dis of Massachusetts; tfurlM a. Harrington, Nijje teenth diatrict of Ohio; Joseph G. Bowman. F'.Tst dia trict of Indiana; Ellas Wight, Eleventh diatrict of uhlo; George J. Bergen, Fifth district of Illinois; William B. Elliott, Third district of Peaaeylvania. Collectors of easterns?Win. Hobson, (feco, Me. Conaul?Henry & Ryder, at Chemnitz, faxony. FORTIETH C02VGRES8. Plrat Maloa, SENATE. WaanuNTon, March 8,1MT. bmoTHaorr of na nicrrivs mansion?roimcNiCAnbNS raon mi snnurrART or wan. The Caam laid before the Senate a communication from the Commissioner of Public Buildings, asking for Ihe appointment of a joint committee to superintend the expenditure for the improvement of the Executive Man sion, as provided in the Deficiency bill; also a cointnuni ? cation from the Secretary of War, transmitting the report of General Sherman 00 the Hafety of travel on tho over land route; alfo a communication from the Secretary of W*r, transmitting the report of General Howard on the destitution enisling in the Southern States. prrmoxs a\d mbmorialp. Petitions and memorials were presented; among them one from Arkansas snd oue trorn Louisiana fir appropri ations for the repair of the Mississippi levees, which were referred to the Finance Committee. Ma. Tkatbr, (rep.) of Neb., presented tbe memorial of the Nebraska legislature for the erection of a bridge across the Platte rivor in continuation of Ihe military road from Platte river to the Kansas; also several Joint resolutions and memorials for mail routes, Ate., uii of which were appropriately referred. NORTHERN PACiriC RAILROAD. Mr. Howa, (rep.) of Wis., presented tbe joint resolution of the Wisconsin Legislature Instructing .Senators from that State to vote for aid to the Northern Pacific Rail road. Referred to the Committee on the Pacific Rail road. mt IBVBNtg CAWS. Mr. Antbont. (rep.) of It. I, from the Committee on Printing, reported a resolution to print 3,000 copies of existlug revenue laws, with index and marginal refer ences. I'aseed. MARKKT HOC8R IN WASHINGTON. Mr. Patttroon, (rep.) of N. H., introduced a bill to au thorize tbe city of Washington to borrow anil lestie Slock to tbe amount of $500,000 to build a market houso. Re ferred to the Committee on the District of Columbia. PAT or CMSRRB IN TUB srRHCITMD AhlttRY. Mr. Wilson, (rep.) of Mass., Introduced a joint refla tion fixing tho pay of clerks in tbe Springfield Armory, which was referred to tbe Military Committee. I'OBUC LANDS in AID Of DWTUICT OT COLUMBIA PTBUC sobo;>l?. Mr. Wohon introduced a bill granting 1,000,000 acrea of public land for tho benefit of public schools in the District of Columbia, which was referred to tbe Commit tee on Public Lands. ATLANTIC TRLBORAI1L Mr. Raksat, (rep) of Minn., introduced a bill autho rizing the Atlantic Telegraph Company of New York to make soundings on the Atlantic coast, and lay a cable and establish tclegrupbia communication with Europe, via tbe Bermudas and Azores, which was referred to the Committoe on Poet Office and Port Roads. THR NATIONAL A STL OK FOR DI8ADLSS SOLDIBRS. Mr. WaaoM introduced a bill to amend the charter of Ibe National Asylum for Disabled Soldlen and Bailors, byj^lowtug members of Congress to serve aa direct era. MB WOOL TAMF*. Mr. Jcsiaaosc (dm.) of kd., introduced a joist resolu tion f?.r the printing ot two thousand copies of tbe bill le inereaoe tbe tariff en wool: which was jMuued. TRB BA?K?rrT LAW. Mr. Wiliiawb, irep.) of Oregon, IntroduceJ a Joint re solution making ibe Bankrupt Mil of last session appli cable and in fort* in the Territories of tbe United States. Referred to the Judiciary Com nail too. UXPRMUON AOA1V8T TUB INDIANS. Mr. Hnwpssrin, (iep) of Mo , offered a resolution call Inn upon the Secretary of War to communicate ta the | Senate whether an armed expedition baa been sent aga'net th' Indians in the Western Territories, and If so, under what erders. and against which tribes to proceed. wwniCT or Colombia rcLtca. Mr. Mnamj* (rep ) of Me , introduced a bin to amend and simnhftr tbe ec?e In relation to tbe Metropolitan . Police of tbe District . Mounr at rarer)mrs in tub distbict. 1 Mr. Mobrill Introduced a joint resolution appropri ating $11,000 for the relief of freeduico and deatitute colored people of the Diatrict. A similar ^resolution parsed the Senate during the last session, but failed ta the House, or woe not acted upon. The ruaoluliea wan adopted. tranxs to ononoa puabodt. Mr. Scmnbx, (rep ) of Mans., called up tbe renolution of tbam:s to Mr. Peabody for hie munificent liberality in giving $2,000,009 for eductional purposes in Ibe South, | to be attributed among the whole people, without any I o.her d.etii.ction exoept neede and opportunities for uee filings, and dlreotine tbe President to cause a gold medal to he struck and presented to Mr. Peabody la tho name of tbe American people. Mr. Sumner spoke , briefly on the subject of bis resolution, paying a high tribute to the beneficence of Mr. Peabody. Mr. Johiton waa glad of an opportunity to ezpreae hie high opinioa of Mr. Peabody as a gcntlemau he had known for fifty yms, who was ?n honor to American citizenship at home and abroad- and was well entitled to the nation's gratitude. Mr. Tirron, (rep) of Neb , raid that before be CMld vole for tbla reeolutloa he would bave to asoertaia what was the poeitton of the donor during oar aationel troublea. He oaotd net vote Uie honors of tbe Senate to Mr. Peabody, who bad don? no mora than any of his constituents, who knd done m much aa lbey were able, for tbe cauee of edneatlon. Aa to tbagnmt, it waa for local and not for national purposes. Ha (bought it waa for tho local legislatures, not for Congress, to espreaB their i hanks Tbe donation waa not like tbe bequest (if Smithson, for a naiinnal institution. Mr. Bcczalbw, (dem.) of Pa., Mid Mr. Peabody, though a native of tnte oonntry, waa a British merchant. He thought there waa no analogy between U?e caae of Mr. Peabody and UMt of one ol our own ciiiaena who should donate Money acquired here. Whatever qu hi ion there might bs aa to the propriety of introducing this resolution, ho (Mr. Backalew) should regard it aa very unfortunate if It fctted to receive aa almoet unanimous oomral 9i the M>, Mr. Sruwaar, {rep) of Nevada, hoped Ike resolution would be adopted, and spoke briefly In far or of it. Tbe raeoletlsn waa adopted-jreaa 35, naya 1 Msnsrs. Grimes and Tlplen voting, in the negative. raoaumas or tan aatn or snnrrvoon uqooaa n tub ramct acavina Mr. mMon nailed np tbe reeolution t6 prevent tbe sal* or nae of epfrkooos lienors In the ranltoL Mr. Johnsob tbought tbe resolution ought to go no farther than to prohibit tbe sale of liquor If Veuators wished to bnng liquor here be thought tbey ought not to be prevented by legielation from doing so Mr. Wilson mid It was time the committee rooma of thin Capitol eaaeed to be wed aa groggcries. To apeak plainly, it waa Usee tbe dlagraceful arenas every evasion in the Senate, but less this laat session than anv other, von out a stoo to. Mr. Tlimvu, (rep.) of 111., thought the remarks of Mr. Wilson were calculated lo mislead tbe public. Ho bad bens here nearly no long aa Mr. Wilson, and ho bad never known the committee rooms of tbe Senate to be used ee barroom* Mr. Jnwnsos?Mer L Mr. Vwmmim*, trap.) of Me., eaid there was a rule of the Senate twenty years ago, prohibiting the mdo of ?in In the Capitol or on tbe adjacent gnmwK This sboild be enforced. He was la fsvor if enforcing It. That seme of tbe oAcera of the Senate and seine of tbe Sanaton need liquor be did not deny; unfortunately, nerhnpn, aoaae of them aometlmea drank loo much; bat be denied that liquor waa sold bv officers or the .-enate. Mr. Wnao* asked If Mr. Trumbull had never been la tbe "bole la tbe wall." Mr. Tnmraru. said bo bad not He uaderatood, bow ever, that It had beea abolished. Mr. Wumo* said bo bad now in hi* eye tbe room of aa offloer of the 8ooato that bad been used as a barroom. fsaatarn bad hotter aet push that matter too far or chat lease too doae a scrutiny into It Mr. Pmmnov (rep.) of Kansas, Mid there might have baea a great deal of liqoor hi tbe Capitol. but in tbe sis yenre be bad been bora bo bad never seen it. Mr. GRima, (ro?.) of Iowa, relt compelled, by (bo re marks of Mr. Wllaon, to My that In the seven years dur ing which he had been ebnirman of a committee bo had never aeen liquor introduced Into any committee room of which ho had charge. Mr. Anrwm deoMed if there could be found anywhere n body of cnltivnted men eo large as Oongrets among whom were so few addicted to Intemperance. Mr. Hmnmiots (dem.) oflnd.,was in favor of tho measure If It were nscseeary. He knew of no liquor be ing kept la any ooamittee mm with which be had'any thing to do Mr. Shskm*, (rep.) of OMo, moved to strike oat the provision " U?t any person violating tbe provlelona of this resolution shall he snmmarity dismissed from of goe. Mr. Sberman Mid ibis would reflect on Senators. Mr. WitMMMld It woaM net It only referred lo of DOOM d tho two Bouses. Mr. Brnui*w moved lo iwlbr the reaototlob to tho Committee on Public Buildings and Orounda. The mo tion prevailed. Tans?Messrsi Anthony. Bnckalew, Cameroa, Chandler. ColC&?kTS?, Con sess, fcerhett, Ifas.lg^mlo,HSgtog .M&SiS SStgST* *"? Mars?Mseers.jysWell. ?lsop, lirake. Kerry, rwsnigan. BsasTOJEfe rss?Jrt, Patterson af Tennj iTomeiny, ??moer, Tkayer, Tipton, Wilson and Tales?31. Bo the rsoelut on via referred. miif canal sautmn *iao*aea kaha Mr. CMasouu, (rep.)of Mich., ta.Modadad a bin tor tbe constructloe of a ship canal aiVWa* the fall* of Niagara, which waa referred to tbe COVWHttoe aa Ooat ??> MkAtrmiAMM 00 UMignll Tbe bill to reason* AleaaadWa to tbe IheVM of CM jm?awMfi?wodio tbe JoOmnry CoMamnC At ten minutes put two the SeMitWBt into eieeu llw session and soon after adjourned until lo-morruw. ?ova or MKnxtxrTATim Wuhnni, March S, 1867. The Journal of yesterday having bMo rem, mraovMitNT or rnm kaiahazo) rivkr. Mr. C*s<w, (rep) of Mich., presented Joint ramiutioos of the Michigan Legislature, asking an appropriation to Improve the harbor at the mouth of the Kalamazoo river, which wm referred to the Committee on Com ?ena ooynano nrrroM. Mr. Daws*, (rep.) of Mass., from the Committee on Elections, reported a resolution extending the time for taking the testimony on the contested election oases of Mr. Delano and Mr. Morgan, of the Thirteenth Congres sional district of Ohio, and Messr*. Stewart and Phelps, of the Third Congressional District of Maryland, the ^ M?9 IfilHr *??/ which was femPATHT fon trb rnuxi in irri.asd. Mr. Wood, (dcm.) of N. Y., asked leave to offer the following resolution:? Renewed, That tble House extends its sympathy to the peopls of Ireland lo their peoding struggle fur constitutional liberty. If the despotic governments or Europe shrill be allowed to establish monarchical Institutions in America, so should thoVnMed Rtstes foster and promote the extension of republican institutions to Europe. Mr. Bftooxitt, (rep.) of Pa., objected, and there being already pending etnee yesterday n moUan to suspend the rule*. Mr. Wood was prevented making a similar motion, unnmm or comtocxd i.itsrkst xotih. The motion to suspend the rules made yesterday by

Mr. Price to enable him to Introduce a Joint resolu'lba to apply the surplus fund- In the Treasury over $10,000,000 to the redemption Of compound interest aetee came up. The vote was taken by tellers, and re salted la yens 00, nays M. So two-thirds not voting in the affirmative Ute rules were not suspended. MR A MOOTS M K.N T. ? On mutton of Mr. Kar>swouth, (rep.) of III, H was ordered that when the House adjouru to-day it adjourn to meet en Monday next. On motion of Mr. Runts, (rep ) of Mass., the House proceeded to the business ou the Speaker's table as fol lows TKi raws nxrasinox. The Scute joint resolution appropriating $60,000 ad dronal to enable the people of the United Stales to par ticipate in the advantages of the Paris Exposition of 1807, being the bill as paard by the House last Monday, hut which foiled from want of time to aet on it in the Senat*. Mr. Lawrsncb, (top.) of Ohio, moved to lay it on the table, which was negatived. The joint resolution was then passed. Utl'DOVRMKNT Of THS FOX AMI) WIHCIWI* R1VSRB. The Senate joint resolution extending for Qve years the ttmo for completing the improvement of the Kox and Wisconsin rivers was tak< n up. Mr. Kucur-io:*, (rep.) of Ohio, moved to refer H to the Committee on Commerce, which was negatived. The joint resolution was then passed. STATIONRRY (OK TOR PRKP1CNT SKPSKM. On mot.on or Mr. Clark*, (rep) or Kansas. members were authorized to draw stationery and newspapers for the present session the same as for a short fcesmou. COSVtSCAPON IM NEW OHUCA"S. Mr. BrTLRR, (rep.) or Mass., introduced a joint resolu tion ro iling the fats of the ouBscaiion by the Confed erate States of debts dno by the Inhabitants of tho Southern States to loyal citizens, of the payment of over half a million of dollars proceeding from such con fiscation to the Citizens' Rank of New Orleans, the seizure by the general uommanding the United States Army of the Gulf of the balance remaining Of that fund ($210,080), and the pnymeot of that amount into trio iTcnuury, and . providing for a commission to hear and determine claims or Northern creditors to shares of ltint bum and to distribute the same ratablv. After tome discussion, in which Mr. Burum stated that the measure had the entire approval of the Secre tary of the Treasury, and accepted an amendmeut sug gested by Mr. Kai-su (rep) of 111., that the expenses of the commission shall be paid out of the fund, the joint resolution was pas-ed. Mr. Wita->?t, {rep.) of Iowa, as chairman of the Judi ciary Committee, offered a resolution calling on the Sec retary ot War to furn?h Information relative to property seized or taken possession of by the government or ita agents in Louis'ima: also papers In the case of Kenner and Zacharie, ?hl<-n wh adopt J. TliK BALI: or tURFLUd ???& Mr. Ro 1.1801, (<lein.) of N. Y., asked leave to Intro dace a joint resolution authoring the secretarr of flie Trrasary to sell surplus gold aod receivc legal tenders at par for duties. ?^Hr. Hoorc*i (rep.) of Mass, objected. ? avc vac [.v? to have!i printed. It laaafoHowe:? Wherau. a return to specie payments, or ouch ae approi Imaliou thoretoaaaaay asoat ouodooe 10 tto substantial In Uresis ul ike nation. u mucb to to desired; aad, whereas, no lone as tbe duties 9a foreign importation* art required to be paid eidustvely Id ooln the spesulaUtts la Itoi commodity' have It In their power lb control Ha. nominal-prise, nod while keeping It far above Ita legitimate valee by alternately ds?isaelng sad advancing Na quotation on the market, to sender unoarlala aad wastaMa etaadard Investments, aa wen aa the price ef labor and the east of 1 living, to the great Injury or the buaiueas of tho aooa try aad of our national securities: bow, therefore, tor the pwrpoae of restricting the evil referred to. and a* far aa poaalble re atraliilB? further aawanwatebie Sfnuiittocs aad (old gambling, be it Jleaolved, That the Seerelaiy of the Tsaaaary be. aad la hereby authorised to aell aad diapoaa or aueh asaeaateef snrplus 1 gm?ii >^ay*UUnfcba^Tand fu^er^t^thoCoUactwyri^^BB acting under the authority of the Secretary of the Traaavy, I and upon atieh oeMee aa ba iihall direct, shall to empowered aad authoriaed to rauetre each pronorttoa not exoeedlng one half of all duliee ieviad or to to fcvlod la legal tender enr rencjr of the Untied Slates at par. tto belaoee remalalag to jt^ike amount so aped tied to to payaMa In ootn aa here aw ram paam mnaom Mr. Con, (i?p.) of Wia, presented ajolnt reaoloUon of the Wiseonatn Legislature asking far aa apmoprUMoa in akl Of the co net ruction of the Northern Pacific Railway, srnrairr tor tub raoru or laauma Mr. Wood moved to suspead the ruloe, thai ha might Introduce bla Mot resolution expressing sympathy for the people of Ireland. The rale* were a ua ponded by a vole of 103 yeaa to M nays, aad the joint resolution waa Introduced. Mr. Batata aeked Mr. Wood to have the Joint resolution referred to the Commute* on foreign Affhlrs, stating that be \voual s&ove for the immediate appolntmeat of that committee. Mr. Wont> expres*-d his regret that he could aot as sent to tlist proposition. It was a simple reeolution, ex ^?^881*0 of lysepeihy for the people of Irelaad, and he ^Bered the House was prepared to aot npon it now. I Removed the previous question. The Ho' so reftoed to secoad the previous qosottoa, by a vote of 33 yeas to N nay*, whereupon Mr. Bait** moved to refer the reaoluiion to the Com mittee 00 Foreign Allaire, when appointed. Mr. Wood said be had nn objection to the latter part of the resolution betag so referred. Mr. Snvaan, (rep.) of Pa., and others demanded thai the whole of it sboald be referred. Mr. Bakes remarked that the naked expreeaioa of sympathy for Ireland amounted to very little. There waa not a member of the Boeee who did aot entertain that sentiment ae strongly a? the gentleman from New York; bat the reeoleUon waa oeaplod with other ques tions affecting the iatereete of the country, and which should be referred la the Committee on Foreign AGblrs ' He should ssk the Hoove to ooneetrt to the tamed-ate appointment of that eemmMee by the Speaker. The queetien on referring the reaolutloa to the Com mittee oa Foreign Affairs waa taken by yeea and nays, and resulted In yeaa 98, nays M. So the resolution was Mr. lUiraa thereapea offered the following reaolo Uon:? Received, That in view of events transpiring on tto northern moWm af tto UaMed Mates, It Is expedient that the standing Committee on foreign Affairs shall to now appointed by the Kpaakar for tto purpose of oeaaideriag the foreign relations of the I'm ted h tales. Mr. Saw, in offering the reaolntioa, said that a bill had recently come liefore U?e Hoeee of Lorde in England ? on tens plat n? the eelabttsbnseai of an empire in the Britiah Proviaoea which might herenlter surpass in power tbat of England herself, or might equal that of the United Hi at en, ar, aa had beaa well saM by Its mover, be second only lo that af Russia The l/egisia ture of Maine, more inicreated la the movement than soy other State, had, ibroacb ita Committee oa Federal Relatione, made a report adverse to that project, which report be would ask to Itave read to tho Hons*. Tlie stage iau> wblrb that bill had passed IB the House of I<ofds was the moot Important of any of tbe ?ingct? through which bills {mm, iousmocli us all Its fnnda meata) principles were lo consideration He did not doubt that the people of this country would look with Intense sollcttnde upon the progress of this great move ment in the British Provinces, which ennieinpia'Cd tho estebiiabmeni of an empire formed on monarchical principles, so framed as to control the public opinion, ami winch could n?t fail lo have In the tutore a ma terial if not a controlling Inlluonee and power over ibe affaire of the American .eminent. Mr. Kuiaiaos, (deui.)of Wis., remarked that It seemed raibcr Inopportune for this country to be protesting agalast the establishment of an empire, when Congress bad Just placed ucder military rule ten of our own Ktateo. It seethed to him that our remonstrances would bate much more for. e and effect tf we were to wall nntll we bad the repeblic restored, and nntil taese State* were relieved from the despotic rule under which the la to Congress bad pla ed them. The report of the (onimlttee oa Federal Relations of the Maine Legislator*, having been read, Mr. Ba?ks, said tbat it was not lutended at this tiaie to present any protect against the confederation of the British prov inces. He oaly desired that tbe Committee on Foroign Rdstiosis shoald to appointed, bo that any Instructions or axpree>ion or opinion on tbe part of the FTome might Had an appropriate coaimittee to which it might be referred. Mr. Blarvii, (rep.) af Me., Inquired of Mr. Itank* whether the oaly aotlon contom|>luted now was not merely a protest, snd whether he considered it m within tbe realm of poeslbiliiy tbat Ooniroae would do anything more than tbat, even If so much t Mr. Ba*r* replied tbat be did not contemplate nny present action, but simply tbe appointment of ? com. attteo la wbioh tbe subject may bo referred. Mr. Bvaink said tbat M meat be apparent to all tho members Of tbe House tbat there wsaao mora exigency for the appointment of the Committee oa Foraign Kela Hons thaa there wa> for the a|MaiBMat of other com mltteee of tbe lfouee; and it Jawsd to him that If tho House ?aa now 10 vote for the anrotaKawM of tfw Om inlttee on Foreign Relatione It aright ae well foHow tbat op aad srnoial all the slaadiag coauaitteee of the Houee. the committee certainly oeoM aat go beyond a mere protest la Mils matter. Ba Wavaava that hie own Stale iMotael did not coatemylate. so ^r ee K?a Inter, eeled?aad It was more lateieeted la thla natter than any other-aaylblag more aa the partef Ooagiase than a proteat la a redpectful way_ He ehonld be quite win. lag to vote for that drafted by the late chairmaa of the eaiamiuee without sending the matter to'* standing committee. He boned the motion to appoiat the Cam" tnlttee on Fsr*ig? iOaiie weald aat preralL Mr Esaaesaid it wasaat hppeesirte that whhtaa ftw weeks rsayma would a#eara aatM OetoOer. or perbape ammtm. themwh*Matu eae*BM*4 mmSr ?o (be British government but to the people of the Brit lab provinces, and it was proper that Congress sbeuid have at laaat an organised oonnMtoo, with power to eonaider the bearing of Uie question wbetber the com mittee might be in favor of merely making a protest, or whether it might oaU for mow decided action en the part of Congress. It ?w hat right that the country should know the full eBect af the mensural He moved the previous question on the adoption of the resolution. The previous question was seconded, and under its operation the reoolntlou was adopted. aarcaai. to spspsnd thi kdub id obdbk to UirNorr ? aaooMsmucnon comnrrsn. Mr. SrsvRirs moved to ausoond tbe rules that be micbt introduce a joint resoluUon' tbe oommUtee of ""tow ?n Reconstruction. RcjectM by a vote of yeas 87, nays 60; so two-thlrda not vottag affirmatively, ?1*? were not snepeuded. The following la the vote in detail *n*a?Messrs. Allison, Ames, Andi-raon, Baldwin, Banks, Beamau. Benjamin, Bingham, Blainu. Blair, Boutwell, BrWyeil Of lit. BrooasalFof Pa.. Bucfland. Dutlrr. Coke, ChurshlU, Clarke of Kanaaa, Clarke of Ohio, Cobb, Coburn, Oook, Cornell, Covode, Cullum, Uotlce, ItonnulW, l>rlcg?, Kckley. fclloL Fsrns worth, FerrU, Iisitt, Fields, GarfieM, tfravelly, Ilafoey, Hamilton, Hooper, Hopkins. Hubbard, Hunter, Julian. Kitchen, Koonit, LMWrunue of Cthio. Lin coln, l.ouxh ridge, I.ynch, McCarthy, Mercur, Miller, Moore, Moorhead, Morrill, Myers, O'NeUL Orili, Paine, Perbam, Peters. Plants. Poland, Poise*, Price. Sawyer, Schenrk, Senlield, .-banks. Hhcltabarvr, KpaUlltis, T?tfs, Trowbridge Union, Van Hum of N. I., Vau Wyek. Ward, Washburne of wis., Washburn of Mass., Welker, William* of Pa., Williams of Ind., Wilson of Iowa, Wlleod of Okie, Wilson of Pa, Wlndom and Woodbridi:e?87. Kst>? Mesnra. Archer, Ashley of Nevada, Baker. Barnes, Boysr, Brooks, Burr. Dawes, IMmiaon. RMridge. Kox lit I/., niosstiremirr. Clrlswold, Haicht, Harding, Hubbard of W. Va., Humphrey, Jugirnoll, Judd, Kerr. Keleham, lj?flin, Lawreni-eof Pa., Irftan, l.otan. Marshall, Marvin, McCul loush, Morgan, Mornssey, Munxcn, Itiblack, NiehoUon, Nuell, l'heln*, Pile, Pomeroy. Pruyn, Raum, Robertson, ltobinann, ltoaa, Httgreaves. Hmlt'i, Stewart, Taber, Van Horn uf Mo., Van Trump, and Weod-M mtroMowa inmsa. Mr. Euot, (rep.) of Muss., on leave introduced a joint resolution to authorise tbe refunding of discriminating duties exacted on merchandtee imported from the Hawaiian islam!f since February 1, 1866, beyond the aruuunt payable in United States vessels and cargoes. After an explanation from Mr. Kllot, Ironi which It ap peared that the joint resolution only applied to two in stances?one lor about $6,000 and tbe other for about $2,400?the joint resolution was paused. ttVHM ODNTSSTKD H.SOTIOH, BTC. The Bpeakur presented the papers in tho contested election'?mi of Burch against van Horn, of Missouri; also estimates of appropriation.1) for fulfilling treaty stipulations with the SUawnoes; also a letter from tho Secretary of the Treasury transmitting the general cus toms revonuo law, prepared to compliance with tbe reso lution of July M, 18tMl. Til* TARIFF. The motion made by Mr. Moorhead some days since to refer, the Tarifl kill of tho Tbirty-uintb Congress with the pending suiendmcnt to tbe Committee of Ways and Mentis when appointed, raum up. Pending a vote upon II, tbe House at half-past two o'clock adjourned till Mon day next. RECONSTRUCTION IN THE 801TH. Proclamation of <?ov. Wells of Louisiana Knfnrcin* the lteesa?ir?rtisn Art. Jtw Out.kaih, March 8, 1R67. Governor Wells ha-? issued a proclamation setting forth, "that as Congress has passod an net for the more efficient government of tbe rebel states, which net Is now law, In accordenca with sections live and six of said law, I, J. Madison Wolls, Governor of the btato of Louisiana, hereby declare said not to be in force In said State. All elections held from and after this date, either by fituto, municipal, or paroohial authority, ex cept in Strict conformity to aeotion six of said uct of Congress, will be void and of no effect. All persons elected to office must be able to qualify under said law before tboy bo allowed to enter upon the duties of the same " lakagarallsu of A Republican Party In Houtb Carolina. Cmaiafun, March 8, 1807. A preliminary p.'.una! gathering of whites and col ored tor the orgn A i n of a National Union republican party io SeulU&r.! ._ i-okpiaoe-at Military HaM last | evening. About (' i. c liunSred person* were pre.cnt. Spirited spcecbee were made and n ooinaaittee of thirteen was appointed tn draft a platfom and report at a subao quant mooting to bo called by Um chairman of tbe oom mittsn The tlererner of OmtiIk Dh aad A4rlee m M ****** liifi, March 8, tWT. Governor IwWni Ml tola evenlag for Washington to ilfiMtad consult with Um Pmtdeat and congrses, in to Um elates si tficui Timui n tk <iwjl lie DMllaM Betas CmhMmH * CmIW?W fw a, i m. Major OMml George B. Tbomaa has written Um fol iowiag fetor to Senator D. W. C. Banter, at Naabvtile:-. Locarala, March 4,1MT. Oia SMt:? Feel in* that /on ware actaatod by flheodly motlvea wlea von Tntroduoad the waolaUooa to the Vnton Convention of the ttA nit, at Nashville, nomi nating Be aa the ihetee of the Onion mi of Ten mwo tor Mart Present at the United Wetee, 1 ban* Mt frea to acknowledge my high appre ciation of yoer friendship aa weU aa of Um complimentary ?-? to which Um reaointion wMooneeived and adapted by the Convention. But, being folly aware of my diaqualinoation for the high and rcapoaslblo office for which I And myself nominated ao unexpectedly, I cannot think for one moment of al lowing my name to be uaad la connection therewith. Baring boon educated aa a aoldler, and aerved for many yean in the army, I am better qnallOad to eooUane my dntlea aa a citizen of the United Stales in that depart ment of Um government than la any other. I there fore bare to requeet that you will make known my aeoltmcaie la the matter to the cttasens of Tennosseo. 1 remain, truly yoma. CEU H. THOMAS. MEXICO. Deepatefe ??? Ooacrwl Cmatelaaa to the French Emperor. The MomUeur du Mr of February 21 pnbliahaa the fol low log dee patch by Um Atlantic cable to the breach Em dctcmt Vnu Cues, Fab. 14,1M7. To raa Bwrvnon Narouos:? The evacuation of Mtxioo took place on the 6th, and only drew forth maaifestailoas of *yrapattiy. The re treat waa effected in perfect order, without a ahot being fired. The Bmperor remaina at Mexico, whore every thing la qaiet The Rhone baa already sailed, carrying all tho Belgiaaa The Kighty- Oret regiment is all on board. Three trana porta are in the port ef Tern Crua. Eightcn other' are signalled at Martlniqae. The embarkation la proceeding without interruption. The health of the troopa la excel lent. I embark to day on the mail aUamer to return to France. CASfKIJUU, General AMUSEMENTS. M ualcal. German opera thriven la tbe Bowery better Uian on on the went aide, tor HaK'vy'g Jeweaa filled tile Stadt theatre last night with na audience not of the moat fashionable order, but withal appreciative and good nalurcd. With the exception of lllmmcr's excellent act. log and singing ai Kloautr, tbe opora wan a tanie aflair, Mr. Oraaclioi'a roioo waa parucuiariy Lar-ii and dis agreeable, and noroe of the othern a-o? od signs <d wear and long campaigning on the ?p?ratic atage. Tbe chorus and oiciieetta wore good. Man Vrsaelsrs Mlaetrehs. Tbia troupe Is aa sucoeeaful as ever la its perfect per formance of the mlnstrol line of business. Last evbn Ing'a programme was peculiarly enjoyable, from tbe number of new acts and original witticisms with which it was enllvouwl Birch and itaekue as " keno sharps." gave a very laughable act, while Bernard and Warn hold also found duo prominence la the comic and sentimeuia! portions of the programme. Kelly dfc i,eon'e Troupe. The programme of this troupe durias the last week was almost entirely made up of noveltiea. Seymour and Allen were unusually lively, and offered plenty of new and good jokes, snd in the olio Leee gives s new song, sn lit lad '-city Items,'' einrsasive of the iron hies Of newspaper editors. Cinder-Leon asill remains on, supported by a very funny operate barlsMue, and lb* pcrloroMnre copcludea with a bow farce by Leo* - - ' %>' 1 " ?riis St Cferlety'e .Klssirels. The spectacular gems of Kthlopian minstrelsy, tbe 0' ean Yacht Race and the screamiug burlesque of tbe Black Crook, still bold tbe boasts al this esiabdshmsat, the ludicrous mishaps and extraordinary fea's of the mnffmilcent corps de ballet In the latter ploce provokian tbe gravest to roar with laught r. Ilurbau*. iu bis negm ecceotrit ity of "Oh, My Gals!" was particularly happy laal evening Vfeoley*e Opera tlense. Rreoklvn A large aodieoce, Aa aaaal at Hooley's, * reeled the per. forauaoa last areolar, sad gave repealed evideuee of keen appreciation of the admirable snd diversified pro gramme. A humorous burlesque en the price ring, la which MVJUiin and Hogfaee displayed their proverbial ability, elicited outbursts of applause The Maaeppa Con certain which A. Bamford made bla drat ?rp"srsnce, and sang wTth ?'.<>d effect a oevatme froes the opera of !* Dioti*, is worthy of witnessing. The Wore of ths rrenlBI waa the pantomime anlliied The Hrnse that Jack Boili, which al<eunda la clever traastnrtna tloaa ahd One sesale timet* the fwiiMR mm mm Rwmfi Baa PaaRrsaoe, March I 1*7. Tears are aetartotoed tot ike Pi?'sa bast Louie lettftor, eighty daya oet from Heeg K?| for this pert THE STATE CAPITAL. Passage li the Senate of the Bill te Ahelish the Hew fork Beard ef Ceaneilmea* Failore of the Bill to Establish a Board of Public Works. Ae.4e.Ao. SPECIAL CORRESPONDENCE OF THE MERAU. Aluit, March I, INT. nu ww tou rum comiohkmibmi The Committee on Cities will report a bill to tbe A* sembly on Saturday abolishing tbe preseat Board of fin Commissioners of New York, and substitatiag Ave MW Commissioners, to be appointed by tbe Governor. l!TOTH*a RAILROAD JOB. The introduction of a bill in Ute Senate to permit tbe New York Central Railroad Company to Increaae the rate of fare orer their lino from two to two and a half oentsa mile ^ the drat atep in a projective Job of that corpora tion wlilch ia to add atiil more to Its im mense revenues. Tbe bill ia a very abort 0M( compriaing merely a few sections, la which tble meal lucrative privilege la so Innocently asked. It haa ml giuoteil In the Senate, whence it will go to Uie lower house with more of prestige. It la now I n the hand* of tbe Senato committee, and a report ia speedily ex pected. I am unaware what arguments will be uaeU before lb* committee to convince Uiut body of the propriety of the measure. Tho addition of ono-half cent per mile on each fare, small as it seems of Itself, ia an Increaae of twenty-five per cant?an increase which wouM swell to enormous proportions tiio profits of tbe road. Of course auch a measure is well worth every effort tiio corporation Oau uuka to luaur.) its passage, and ita lobbyist** are now at band lurumhed with the re quisite means to aclilcve that cod. If the rond is a paving institution with the present passenger toll*, the extra half cent would of course be clear profit, and the surplus to be divided cach year among tho stockholder! would amouot to au almost fabulous sum. Tho stoc:< of the road is el par, or has been very recently. It U therefore fair to presume that the increase is a.?ked 01 no Jurt ground of pecuniary loss by the company. Oi the contrary, it Is ridiculous to view the matter from this standpoint at alL Tho Central Railroad ia th< source of imiu nse annual gains to Is block holders, and tbe present bill has for iu object tbe increaso oi those gains, or else la conceived w>vb au ulterior motive, of which I have presently to apeak. Tho Central Company baa over been a controlling p> rer over past Legislatures. It was the booxt of Deau Richmond that he carried the New York Legislature in breeches pocket. It remains to be seen whether the present l>udy is so thoroughly in the leading s,ring.i of this gigantic monopoly as to ratify the grant sought for by tho Henato bill. In my viow, however there is a deeper and shrewder motive boneatli tho siirtacc nf this m a ure. The Central lias always been a democratic institution, and with its immense means and the exercise oi' the most skilful lobbyluc, bus maintained its monopoly of privileges All are familiar wii>i continual defoat by this corporation of every project look in? to the enlarge ment ol the Erie caual, wblcti would divert so muctk freight from the line of the railroad. The consrqaencc ia that every consumer of flour south of Albany Ism to pav about two dollars more per Larrel for that necessary of lire than If tbe canal were enlarged. Ihis power tho Central successfully retained under the leadership of Dean Richmond. Will the prosent directory be as sao cessful ? Tills consideration leads mc to think that after all the present bill has for its real object the staviag off of any legislation tending to circumscribe the proiita of tbe company. By taking the offensive tbe suocussuri of the wily Dean hope to keo,. their opponents too much; employ?*! to think of abridging any of the* priseat privileges. By keeping Uteir enemies busy la pit mi ing Uie increase ot their present powers they hofa to prevent any eucroachment upon their present around ast any attack upon tha prlvliies which they ??***&?? aad to retain which tkny are ounneatly satisltod. The overwhelming republican majortlf of tb* leg Met WW and Ute grievanoea ot the public whloh are daily lissssll ing redrere have alarmed the monopolists, aad beaaa Uteir present strategic movemaat. The latum ef aay railroad Aire is aeotrary to tbe epirH of tba Mm* Cheaper aad prompter travel Is demunded everywhere. The preseat bill, therefore, avea if sweerely oOaraa, la estiraly unjust, aad should aever emerge from tbe cam. asw YO&K LEGISLATURE. .??A , ? aipamt, March g, INT. ?eu Honnm. d Inaorporaliag tbe American PivMend and Trmoaftr Oum; teJnciwaea tbe ealsrlo* of nffiMn employed Id tbe New York Tax Receiver's Ollloe; smendinf U|* ohartar af the MwkMiH mcbar-r> tad New* ifowa; ?IMIHllM MCtlOB IWo, llll: two, tuuivt wf BuOSllO, amandine tbe charter or Utile Fella. Bf Nr. Fuaeaa?To amend the Metropolitan Health bilk Mad* (racial ordar tor Tharsdsy next; Incorporat ing tbe New Tor* Honxnopethlc Medlral College and Boa aNal; amending tba law relative to common fchools >? UNca; amending me law relative to vMnutom scbeola In Watertown. sills lirntoopc sr>. Br Mr. Pa neons?To amend the chartor of the Rochan tar water Works (tonpany and increw It* capital. By Mr. Law?to Incorporate the Mott Memorial Li brary. By Mr. I*irr?To discontinue ibat portion of Hamilton avenae lying between Fourth and Kirtb aveanee, and Silty-alxth and Sixty-eighth streets. By Mr. Pisnso*?For an elevated railroad In New York. Ala* a law to r?i>?*l the act re Hiring ten per cant of all excise moneys to be paid ov?r to tha Bing bamton Inebriate Agyluru. mlia r*H rr>. For a naw academy In tba viiiace or Homar. Amending an act authorising Wm. Brard and nthern to coast met piers, bulkheads aod basins In front of tlielr lands In Brooklyn. Authorizing the oonstructioa of a railroad from Bant er's Point to Flashing. To amend tbe charter of the States Island Barings Bank. To Incorporate tbe Mercbante' Sarlage Beak of Rochester. ' To provide for the electtea of a Board of Assistant Al dermen. and to abolish tbe Board of Councilman la New York. For an additloaal number of juror* In Klans ooontr. In relation lo n quarantine iu tbe port of New York. Relative to ratiroads held seder lean#. In relation to railroad corporations. To facilitate tUe construction of the Buflala and Wash ington Railroad. Agalgsttbe construction of High Bridge Rallrrad To aioted tbe charter of Ibe Protestant Mieetonary So ciety. To Increase tbe salaries of certain Mate Prteeo officer#. To Incorporate tbe Rocheeter Hydraulio Company. S 13X18 M Iacorperatlng tbe Duflhlo City Railway Company. iii 'an n tw rpauc won** is kkw roan cm. The Mil to establish a board of public works in New York was again taken up In Committee of tbe Whole. Mr. Low movou an amendment providing that Ike ( roton Aqueduct Commissioners rball consulate three of tbe Ave commissioners. i Pending this quostlon, and after debate by Mr. Low for and Meters, I'laneo* and Asnwtw* sgalnst it, Mr. Folmkr moved to strike out the- enacting clause Carried by 10 to j. This to ! being reported to the Senate, Mr. Low i to dlsasree sad to reler the bill hack to the r of the Whole. It was loot by the following vote, which kills tbe Mil:-? ATH-Mfur* Olhaoo, Le Ban, Lent, Lew, T. Nnrpby, Nii'k?. O'Ponnrll, PUU, White-#. Nave?Meanm. Andrews. Campbell, Clismbeis. Cslllaa, C. U. Cornell. K Cornell, Crowley, foiger, OodaM. Ilnmpb r?y. Kline, H. C. Uurpby. Paisotn. IVrwo. Stanford, Sntl.ciUod, WRber, Williams, Walter., H'jkhI?jg, MtnatR run asw vobk ? oLoicaa. Mr. hr.rtr moved a concurrent resolution thai the Oev ertor be requested to procure, at a wet net to eaeeed one dollar on b, medals for all soldier* from this Mate who participated In (be late rebel Hon, said medals to be similar to the Crimea medals and to be of finer grade* iMi-suvimavT or so neon aivan. Prom** was reports] on the IH1I appropriating f 140,900 for continuing the improvsiaeat of the Mndson rlvsr. ^ *sw tons dibs, an an sea To Incorporate tbe New York Uadorwrltars' 0eM waa ordered to a third reediag and tbe SeaMe adjnwMi. Aawntwbly. ; Auukt, March *, 1MT. r*s otmtmvmmAL caavwmoK The Constitution*! Convention bill waa ma nan tied from (he Senate with smendmenta. Mr. Htno-ca said, with a view or asking for a commu tec ef conference, be would move tn asn wineai. Agrocd Of** ?- * ? Mr. Hi*rw* then moved that tbe Honed aprolel a rommiitce of ooaforenee on the Mil and ask for s ?ke committee en the part of the 8casta. Carried, ran BSftn i4t, A large number of petitiona were prcaented from va rlous psru of the Mate aaking far the extension of tte Metropolitan Rsclsa hw over I be whole nute conmasca ootmrrrns on rne C0i?artTCTi<'*?i oojtvsk _ now Mm .. Tbe fii'SAEM asnonnned tha roliewisg oonfTrenee < eiutnlUi'C on Ike part of tbe Ax*emM> on lb] CoaeOtn ilenal Canventlon n li:?Maasra' Hlseec*. tJUIejoha, l>igelow, fcchnU and Weed. ' l?a CAD At a. *rc. The report of tha Jndleiary Committee .Wrlarlhg that the ^tste la not liable to the exlent Ibat an Indi vldeal or *>rp<.ration would h*, aarigating tbe eannla for a prolh, waa adopted. _ A est ion relating to tbe laeeaUgatloo rf tha iMi of I ha canals was Isiten up, but without copMng to a vote the House took a r*.?ee to half-peat sevsn thMevoaln* Kvenlna Meaalan. nebala arose on tha Senate aaieadment to tba canal raanlutloD, allowing ike Csaal InrcstMatlag Ooasmlllee to 111 daring Ike reeese ef the l.egl>lature. and with daaed doers. After a lengthy dleeeeeton (he We net e amcodmenle wefe rejocted. clu rAsaaa To improve the lands in and aboat WaHahonl bay. To Incorporate the New York Waiahaaaa (.anipaar Tn satborlte tbe Kmasucl Congregation of New Yerk to held real setata,