Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 9, 1867, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 9, 1867 Page 5
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THE COURTS. ?an statb asm?a ctm. Jbarf* of FrMiriii a Fraudulent Bond? The Lottery Baslueaa?Allesed FMcult* ?*Bti 4Uc. Before Commissioner ?shorn. Tbe farther bearing of the charge attains! Nathaniel & MiRa, of fraudulently preparing a brad with the The at prorating a quantity of whiskey from a bonded warehouse, ni resumed yesterday hafera Commissioner Oaborn. Evidence wan offered en the part of the prose enttra to thow thai the statements made by Mills at to his connection with certain proporty In New York and Brook Ira wore untrue. The examination was again ad Jeurned Ull Tuesday. Daniel Kurphy * as chargtsd wllh dealing In lotteries without bavin* paid a llrent-u. He wm held to answer, aad tn the course of tlie day gavo ball In $4,000i Before Commissioner Belts. The oaee of (ieorge N. Carleton, who la abused of having. while acUug In tho capsoity of Treasury Agent at Memphis, Tenn., embexzled property aud money be longing to Utu United States, to the amount of half a million of dollars, bad been set down for hearing yester day,'but In consequence of tbe absence of defendant'! counsel, who was at at ad to be ill, aod no inatructlena having txwn receirod from Washington, the matter waa yet over till Wednesday. The Vni'cd Sla't* vt. H'dl'ng'on WHmot. ?The defend at. It will be recoRected, wu charged with having forged curtain papers in reference to the pension of one James Allou. Tho particulars liars been already fully ??ported in tho llsRAi.n. The evidence tor the proeecu Uen went to show tliat the defendant bad prepared the papers in the came of Jam's Allen, though ha knew tbe nppkpant's nam" to be David Martin. Yesterday evidence was produced on bohalf of the defendant Ramuel Cisco deposed that be knew ihe defendant; be saw Martin frequently at the defendant's offlco and nlwavg heard bUn culled by the name of AMen; Holt Introduced Martin to witness as Allen. Frederick A Ward, a notary public, doing business at lft Hswau street, gttfe testimony to tho iliat ho (?variably asked parties who oame before blin if tliat was their name Flgncd to the paper presented to him, end if they swore to the truth of It; ho sttested the or proiiuoeJ, and ho undoubtedly tucked the man It name was Junes Allen. William Rogers and Frederick Slobert testified that Ihey hod seen tho person caliod Martin in the oRlce of Ike defendant. Thoy always (know him by the name of Allen. The further hearing of the case was adjourned till to OKITfO STATES MARSHAL'S OFFICE. The Austrian Extradition Caw. Robert Mnrray has received from the State Department at Washington a warrant, signed by Secre tes? 8eurard, authorising him to deliver the body of Adolphe Wiiliam Bch warts to tbo Austrian Consul Gen eral, wbo will soo to the immodiato extradition of the 'prisoner to Oros .varlcin, In Huugnrry, whoro he Is ebttrged with having committed forpertes to the amount ?f 100,000 florins. Thu pipo:H relating to this extradi tion caw wcrj prosent'd to Secretary Seward by Count Wydenbruck, tho Austrian Minister at Washington. SUPREBE CtTjaT?CHAWBEnS. A Contested Jadacehlp? Han tbe I.egUlntare Power to Bxtcnd a Term of Oillce Already Vised by Lnw t Before Judge Ingraham. fit People ex. rcl tf. Hill PovAer, tx. John Wackier et aK?This case came up yesterday on the return of an al ternative writ of mandamus to oompel tbe respondents. Ike canvassers of election returns for the Eighth Judi ?district, to count the number of votes polled In r of tbe rotator nt the last charter election, In the ??Meet for n judgeship in that distiiot. Tho term of eAoe Is fixed by tbe Legislature at sis years, but by a ?mlal statute the term of tho then Incumbent, Justice MIL had been extended for thr.^e years. Tbe relator received tbo nomination and was voted for without ?pgosltioa, hut on the evening of election day a police sergeant, anting under orders, with the aid et some ?Meets, carried off the election box, ballots aed all The Mtstor now seeks to oompel the canvassers to oeoat the votes and declare him as the duly elected asp .rani to tbe adn tested seat. The qu?etton involves the power-of the legislature to extend tbe (ami oi any o fltoe for which ?lections are constitutional aod proper, and for which Ike term has been Used by law. At the conclusion of fee argument the court took the pepom aod reserved its ' tMMes. For the relator, Mr. tag or; Tor the respon jmta, Ms. ?*?**--^ SUPERIOR MOST?TRIAL TERM. Street Obstrncrlonn. Before Jndge Garvin. Jkiif O. McQtmighm. hmm Tan Tm&l ?On the 10th ?f July, 1806, the plaintiff, wbo Is abooMBopathic doctor, was driving along 138th street, between Fourth and Fifth an obstruction threw his carriage I n tree, breaking and destroying it This was la ki desk ef the eveatag, and the doctor says was caused fey a bank of sand nod gravel extending nearly across IBs street, which bad been thrown there in building the jstsuilsafn boost*. The doctor further says that he was Mvtng at a very slow trot; that the passage left opea ?n*?ot ever eightor nine feet; that be could, had he known of the exact position of things, have avoided Ihe seeldcni by extreme cave, but that he had not before basa Mlreaghtka* street staee tbe heap of gravel was ptlsd on. On the other hand, tbe defendant claims that Ibe accident resulted entirely from the negligence of the (Mnug; that they had n permit to oocupy a portion of Ike street, sad did net exceed their permit. The matter want to tne Jury, who rendered n verdict for defendant. COMIOI PLEAS?SPECIAL TERM. llMhrfial Before Judge Cardezo. It* Jfatonal Bank of B<v limore vt. Sarkftt and otkert. ? Vto 4erwtai>' Arm, In the absence of one of it- mem tan to* ffbiioomffeff, necwcd a general assignment for the bene 111 of creditor*. The plaintiffs in thin rait alaim that this assignment la void on the ground that ?M partner had net executed It, and procured an In (?action and receiver A motion wan made 10 dissolve Ihlo Injunction, which was granted, on the ground that Ohecosdlr^ pvrtwer has Roirendored all his rights, the following is the opt u ion of Judrs Ordoao:? 1 understand the following propositions to bo ftnrty fcilwIMo from the aathorklca:?First. That an align ment of all the property of n? insolvent partnership ?ay bo valid, although not executed by all tbe partners, Mtbontj la the paitauro executing it has eltlier expressly granted or may be Inferred from U tarch, (30 H. T, 830.) ?ouy vs. Baker, (2 HtlL, Ml;) Robert* vs. Cbollar, |0<*n. T.t Own. Plea*, April, I860) Second, Ikot such m I cannot be sustained whore the non-executiog ,partner is present (See wes OOHirtsI In Mow va. avers, 48 Barb . 600, and also Weitsr va. Sohlelfor, 4 X. D. emitb, 707.) Third, That ?ore aboencc, uaaoeoaipAnied by say other circiim . otaaoo, will not UBftysposrer on the partners present . I# execute soch an aMlfnmont, i (Rohin?ia vs. Gregory, t ? CO or to* Applets, DectOM, cltod In Welles vs. Match, onprs.) fourth. That faaadntsatly sbeoondiag fr?m tbe . 00 hi try, having a letter authorising ibo remaining nartaors to oloee ap the basiassa, and stat ng t hat the i la to rests of tbe absconder aaa thereby assigned to them, live* power to them to moke a general assignment of the partnership efleotf, < VeUo* vs. March, aspen, Kelly va Baker, supra,) and also, hot swob a fraudulent abecoad tag alone, wlthaat " leswing any communication, kao the like effect and siaonats to an sbaadon aoat 01 the nanafnest and .4*po*Uioa of the Joint property. (Pafcaor eo. Hyer-,. supra). I should : therefore have no 4Hfltealty In decidiug (to inioH? aow preo>atod-exeentfovti.e decl?lon?o( thio coon In A da mo, Recotver ?#.. HowgS ton (CeaeraJ T ), from which I dissented, la which it was held that so the lalan of I860 rospe assignment* required that (toy shoald be acknowledged hy tbo-aarigooro (Cook vs Kelly, 14 Abfc, 400), an osmgnment could not be exe . euted by an attorney la iset la the name and on behalf , of his principal. Bnt after eare.ul consideration I ha?o . oooduded '.bat, giving lull eSeet U that decision, as of , Oparss I should and would do, U doe< novappiy to the , prsoont ease. It should, 1 tMtik bo applied and only , sate ads toaich aasignroeuis so cannot bo upfcold unions . executed b) all the partners?as In tbe oat i of all of ? tham being bers, or uf more ahscoce of one of them. In e-Ut'-r woidi it eslstsfi to tlao form , sod manner In which the alignment must . he executed ? >y those who ars noc.,av?ry parties to II, bu' doe"i ot affect thn que .(km-of who Utosa usees* anry (Mrtles ore But tbe quwtion hers W w'io are aocestuy par?ff?s to tbe instrument. and in lbs and ? sunder raws I tt ink the axrlgnmcsi doe* net need to 1)0 , execute ! by or ta the name of tho abwondor.jud Is good ant: ellecto^:, though execitat by the parties re maining n charge ?f tbo bmaness. If the ?ber iu li/tf of ;npannci.only bat the ?fleet to glee, by implication, a '-power tofils lopasners to net in hi' nume. 1 sbouitt be iSf opnioi Ibnl a* * 'lie (Jeneral T?n? had held Itiat.n .sxprt-tw po er wast" giitilctout to upteohl w into I van t fWMxnment, ?n Iropi'd ? no cer'sinly could sot be, and at would rrocent a crto where, owing ?e the mi?condu<i m aao of lii< partner'., the Ur:u would bo tiupriied ?dvao'sgo w-Mitb it w^itmni* would p.*so?R But t|..i effect .<11 .d)-r* luting, aa will l>e teund br n narsful Si ?mlnntlon of 'he cats mwiHoned, is, and 1 think ahqwldfie extefc ied. It ii In v* In tiioor who a^maln the |ld?t to tonvol *bd d*4>o-i of tbn pi Jpr y In their ?aum tfc<? sari* a* if tlx absconding paiixier liarl no farlhor tu>-< rc <t it it. IM net, though not?V?oe In his PMTie, Inntfg him; snd a)> awiirnmeni exeenio< hyiUsm ?Actually the title of fho f-rop-Ttr or th? partncuiiitl, altlu>o|U hi.i naoifl Is no' aflUed ?? It naif alened by ar ?t<or69f In fscl-or otlierei-e, Th* Shan ooamoiit (iiitbt rltes lho rtwnakJur partners toex^nnio tho aM*i.nmrnr., and ll i? cxeti.'.sd it conveys, If tho ianguar* Covers It, the whole pi.s'net*hip proj>erty. it thai-c vis Ue csrieol, <lio nmigaaisnt ss cxecoiod in tills case pjumc.l Hie w'.io'e par'u^rahip proper-^, and liaving basn di-iy perso?4ily sckacwhlged by sit the parties wbuac tohcorreuoe use noerxesry, um!*T ?b? cir oomstsmes to imnsfef fie ti'le, It i?i not snwnabiO to osv ohjeciion ot the rJtarnctcr covered hy the dorlslon In Atom*, receiver, T* Jl3u,.bt?a lbs <?tier pol# re'lod haws doe* not !i*ero to mo to reqnlre pny OspMisi is mark l ho iajtuHiiou rl.ould I/V iii.iool.nrt. The coffto may ot"du Ibo ev nt of li e a'tutf). CCiti^OK Pil^-TMAL ?l?e lln'u*4ll?n ssil Pilvsr* ('dstftiel*. Before Jad?e Daly. Mc8t i ss. Ihit?dnr si at? Itm plaisitff holds asorpt aacoj snd noted of tho dofifidanto, a Now Orlsans Arm, tmwm mki io??ko ? Mr. NiMmvi liable aa MM ef Ik* Arm. The acceptances and notea vara five a during Iba rebel rula la New Orleans, and at IMt Una Mattbewe, who ia claimed by the pUintlfft aa an of tbe Arm, waa la Maw Terk, having left New Orleans to April, 1W1. There are rome otber defences, hut the only on# so far developed la that the rebellion made Mr. MaUbewa and the other members of the firm B" "Ic enemies as much as though different nations had ai war. To this It la answered that tt merely gave a right to Matthewa to avoid the partnership, and did not absolutely annul It. Caaa still on. Heavy Tor dirt AfalaM a Ferry Cenpaay. Before Jndge Paly. JVwMtit JT. Bumm t* Ik* Hobokm Land and Improve ment Company.?The plaintiff broeght salt tor injuries sustained by him aa ha was going down the ferry bridge of tha Hobokon tony, on the Kaw Turk aide, with the Intention of creasing the ferry. He waa crowded across tha string place by the pressure or passengers, when a horse coming off the boat atumbied and tell upon blta, crushing his foot In such a maimer that it hun* loosely from tbe limb. The case was commenced last Mon<tuy, and tho facts were published la the Hebalo on TYjesdav. The jury rendered a verdict for the plaintiff for $5,000 damage* COURT 0F SENEGAL SESSIONS. Before Judge Russel On the opening of the court yesterday tlie Julge pro needed to charge tbe Jury in the case of Thomas Roberts, charyed with stealing Ave barrels of linseed oil, the property of tbe National titoam Navigation Com pany. The jury, after a brief abseuce, returned with a vordlct of not gmlty. John Harper and Francis WVner, who pleaded gull'y to aa attempt at burglary a few da"S dace, were Boat to to the >"?a?e Prison for two years and six months. John Warren pleaded guiliv to an attempt at larceny, bavin? stoba on the 12th of Jamnry about three thou sand dollars' worth' of clothing, tb" properly of Mever T/Ovy, 497 Canal street. ITo wns sent to the Sing Slug Prison tor two year* and six months Thomas Wilcon, charged with steallntr slxty-nlae dol lars' worth of cutlery from Peace & Raw'lns, pleaded gu'lty to an attempt. He waa sent to the Penitentiary for r>ne year. Philip Rodman was tried upon an lndl'-tmont tor misdemeanor In violating the law for tho prevention of cruelty to animals. Tho witness for the prosecution? Samnel H Lancey?a doteotlve emploved by the society, te tilled that on the 4th of Decoraber, while pacing through Recond avnue, he observed tho defendant driving a cart loaded with calves, which wera tied together In a cruel manner. The Jury returned a verdict of guittv, with a recommendation to mercy. The Judge Imposed a One of one hundred dollars. MOOKLYW CITY COURT. Before Judge Reynolds. John Aurnhetmer m The Bmr.htyn COy Railroad Company.?This action waa brought by plaintiff to re cover damages In the sum of $6,000 for injuries claimed to have been recolved through the negligence of a servant of tho company. Tbe plaintiff testified that he waa riding on a Fulton avenue ear on the 3d of Septem ber last, and desiring to stop at a particular point notified tbe conductor, wbo rang Die bell, when tbe ear was stopped; an old man preceded witness but Just as the latter was stepping off, and. In fsct, had one Toot on the ground, tf?e conductor rang tbe bell a socond tiaso, nnd i the car moved on. Ia so doing plaintiff was struck by tho dashboard of the rear platform (by which he was leaving the car), knocked down on the pavement, and sustained a double fracture of his left arm. He was laid up for nine weeks, and In consequcnce of said ItvJurios will probably not be able to aguln have ths effectual um of his arm. Br. Ostmnder corroborated plaintiff's tostlmony la so tor as it related to his Injuries For the defeneo it was set forth, by tbe testimony of tbe conductor, that Mr Aumholmer was under the Influ ence of liquor at the time In question Witness was Inside collecting fares, and tbe car stopped at tho first rtnirlni* of the hell; the bell was rung a second thne, and the car started on; the bell was then rung a th rd time; th* car stopped again, and witness retwirea to the rear platform, not knowing that any accident had oc curred; be found the platform clear, and oa ringing tbe bell the car continued on Its way; witness did not pull the strap either of thoae three times, or see plaintiff lying on the ground after the occurrence. He sub*e quently contradicted bis statement that the platform waa ejeared of pas-engora One other witness was examined for the defenoo. Who corroborated the conductor's evMenoe and revealed stmt additional facta. Tostlmony waa Introduced by plain tId's ooansel to rebut their evidence, and, a ter the sum ming up and Judge's charge, the case was given to tho Jury, who rendered a verdict for plaintiff, asaesahig tbe damages at $2,600. James WheJan v*. Frederick Frame and PXilip From ? The plaintiff bronvht this action to recover damagos la the ram of $1,000 for aa assault sad battery osmmltted by defendants, on the 8th of December, 1806, at their baking establishment, corner of living-ton and Boerum streets. Whclan, it appears, had called there for tbe twentieth time to eollcct a bill for services rendered as a carpenter, when, aa claimed, be waa attacked, and sus tain od injuries which confined him to tha hoiue for some time. Tho Jury returned a verdict for $60 In favor of pialaUK _? z~ ? _ i MITED STATES SUPREME COT IT. Optntann af the Pmait Term?Fieri Parian i i Valri If Teotad after the Daath ?*" Drfrnilnnl ' la Atiarinaeat?'TbeCamwen U?r Rale t on | trole la the Abarnce of a Htatnte. I John JT. M'leMt, plaintiff im error, <c*. the Lent of 4* A Mtmntl d aL?In error to the Clroatt Court or Dm United Staiee for the North era District ef Florida. An action of ejoctmcnt was brought ta that court by the <le- , fondant in error, and the cnu*a was submitted to the court upon agreed statement of facte, aa on a special veid'ct, which, with the record In the ejectment salt, Is mads pert of the record here, and on the facte ae ?greed the eourt gar* tadgjaent for the plaintiff, who bad made title to ibe lands in controversy aa leaaee of the helra at law of de 8l Maxeat, to whom the lands had ben granted by the crown of Spain in 1810 nnd confirmed by toaprwa in 18*1. The defend, ant there had claimed title nader a ?ale i j the Marshal of the district of West Florida by virtue of a wr t of fieri facia* l*aued ea the 21st ef December, 182e, In the usual firm agalnct the estate of the origiaal grantee. The qaestiow Is as to tfe rall'llty of that stle, the defendant in the attachment hav laz died in ( uba id MM, the day -prevlonH to the test of the execc'len. This artioa waa braught In 1837, thirty-two yean alter Judgment F. rbilllraand Beverdy Johnaoa for appellant; Car lisle k VcFIk iron for appellee. By tho Court?Mr. Jnatiee Darts dMIverln* the opin ion.?The solution of one question presented'by the re cord is d. ctelve of thta case. Do's Uie wrt- of Jteri fnanr, tested and Issued after the death of the party sgalnat whom <he Judgment is rendered, confer power oa the ministerial officer to oiecnte itf That St. Vaxent waa tho owner of the lands la controversy at the time of his death, and the plaintiff*, below are hM beirs at-law, is admitted; bat it I* claimed that the title was di vested l-y certain proceedings In attaobmest against bias la the courts of Florida, which ripened Into judgment while be waa alfoe. It la* well aattled principle of law, which haa otten received the sanction of thta ennrt, (bat the deeree or Judgment of a eenrt nav ies Jurisdiction hi blading until reversed, and eenaot ha ? collaterally attarked. But the defect in thla rase occurs .aftaeJudgment, and la fatal to lfitchelPa title, fbr pur chaser! at a judicial sale sre not protected if the exaco tica ?.n whleh the sale waa made la void. Tnid process ?confers no right oa the officer to soil, and all acta dene ?andev It are absolute nnllltlo*. The writ of fieri Jaritm on ejilsh Mitchell raata his title was teetnd after the eicath of .St. Maxent, and according to a familiar rnie ef ?b? common law It eras therefore void. The death of a defendant before the test of aa elocution compete the plaintiff to sae out a writ of trlr* farin-, "for Ae altera ahtn ef ? the person slterefh the prneeaa." <Bacon's ?V.tWf.niont, title ?'?ir forme.) The lielrs, devisees aod t?rre tenant* of the doecs?ed must heve notice be fuse an execution raa regnlarly tesue. fbr they are the parties In Interest, and should base an opportunity to interpose a defence, If any tltey h"ve to the enforcement of the Judg nxol lEewlo's Lersecs vs. Dtmdas (4 How ) l? aa author Ity in point, ami it Is unnecessary to refer to aay other. But li It contended that the doctrine" of that case have heeo overti med hv the decision of Taylor va I>oc, so porvt d in 13th Hova'd. This la an erroneous view of that dccis'.on. The e.itirt held in that esse that It la not neosisenry to revive a lodgment by teirr facia* where au ex ciititin-joi ularly itv ued duriLg the IKc of the defend ant had 'been Vvied oa Isnd, hot that the offcer who had MiBile the Icrv could proceed to fell under renrft t->mi r-fonat. Thai ? rlt was regnrded as a completion of the prevlean execution by which the property had been appropriated, ami d<>1 aaan original or lndei<end?nt prooeeOtng. ll was in the power af ?ha Legnlalure of Florldivao Lave r ha need tho rale on the snhleclof the test of prrexsas; hut, lit ring fail d to do It and having adopted the eocimon law of Knfflantl, the one - tinn la Issuo tnu't ha daoided by the rales of the eommon law. (Lars of Florida, 1822 to 1826, ?t. UM1 ) Bert it is Insu'ed that the rales of the cummt-n la*v only a inch to K?dwS prosecuted in the ordi nary any, ead do km apply where the pr ceedlnps ire comtnciHod t-y s Ulna' iiroparty. inder s writ ef at'sch rnent This ie n nove^ view, for 'he law of sttactimenl, being in riennrjuh.a of the rsnitnon law, courts sre not IncMn-ri to . r.'o. tl its provisions beyoud Die rt ^tiiie nicnt* of im >t?ri'te anliortrliig It. In Florida the ser . vice of lite antof nttackTient bindJ tbn property, and rotaini li In cu#l'?iv of tke Is-v, lor tho bell' ,.i of tho atiscblng creditor, It he obtains a J*Vm' nt and exeru Hoc, and the property is to be dlspijkid of ae In other ea'? i of property Irrictt npen and ta'cen In execution. (IA*< of Florltla, Kijta. p. 4# ) As sa execution Is re q iim^ and the law i; silent nlxnit the manner of iu is^ne, it follows that H is to be tested and turned, ss writ# of fi. ri fnr.iat are on judgmea h ohta nat throunb the ?pnal ratihodaef the oommon law. Tlu judgment of tho court, below la aClrated, with er#t*. Ftss iv SAV^man. ?a.?On theaigbt of Tcbniary SS a Use hrokeant id the Jimkstoreaf B W. White, and was dlw-nvered in the brick block ot cotton war- liouseg on Bey Mate, iwar Jefferton rtrse', dwned by /lr, and Mra. Hodgson acel Mlaa Telfair. It aoan spread te Killer * Bros.'cotton warehouse on one aitie andtb4?rare hoose of ?rady lr t^Kty on |lie other. In the former wa? stored one hundred bales ot ai^end eottoa, all of which was consumed, and la thd latter eiKhty-ae'en thonsea?l bushels af IHaa aatf aren^ ?ve Uionwnd latba, which wore also destroyed, jbe oo.V1 "*? fu'j7 Iwared la 'the Tieodov Pbethr fnnlranre t\mpftnr. Ae oontenta of frodr * Tall'a a-wahcta* wei1* inanred for 99,0*9: It Hi not sUted whether apv lag?%N<? bad bean aflhoted SPURIOUS TEAS. Tfcrt* Manufacture and VoImimi Adwltcrn tlone?The lucredlruc* of Which They are Compounded?How Imitation Teaa are Made-The Extent ?r the Kulam In N?w York?A Subject for Mnnltarv Investigation. It would appear to be a universally jnc Ived rule among thia people that whenever, from any cause, an article bocomes scarce in market, and in conseqaenoe thereof, or for any other reason, commands a high prion, every dealer la at liberty to introduce to public notice and to preaa upon publlo attention a commodity of inferior quality, and, oftentimes, spurious altogether, bearing the same designation and asserted by Its Tenders to possess the sarao qualities as those that appertain to the particular thing which, because of it* costllneea, is beyond the reach of the multitude. Especially is this the rase with all articles that are classed under the bead of "necessaries of Mfe." When these reach an exor bitant figure, inventive genius is set to work to produce substitutes that are disponed of at much leas prices than tbe real article, while, in making sales, dealers represnt them to be the "genuine originals." Thus, when, shortly aftar the Iale war was betrun, and specie became rearee as the weeks relied by, cloths of all kinds oould be purchased only by paying fifty, one hundred, or two hundred per centum more than was the ruling price in ante bellum times, the market became inundated with ??shoddy," and speedy fortunes wore road* by sales of It. To tlie fact that the wearing of flg leaves trlitaire was not re garded as exactly tbe mode of dress in this age and country, and that a custom so Bden-Uke oould not well be revived, many a mover in the bsau mnrde to-day owes lit! fashionable status and high flaan'.lal standing. Clothing must be bad ?cloths ruled high, and tbe stock in market wa^ slim; but aboddy suppl ed the de mand. And a vlllanous supplv it was, as n?ny, espec ially among the poor privates In the army, have to remembor. Then, too, eo.Teo reached an enormous figure; but the dealers in that article filled tbe market with a compound hoaring that name, which by Us large sales must have (greatly enhanced tho value of beans and chicory. Liquors and wines became inordinately costly; but villianous adulterations, entitled cognac, Hol lands aad port, were dispensed for a dime per glass; and tbe people bought and drank and?died 1 So it has been and is with almost everything that usually enters Into one's list of purchases. Spurious manufac ture or illegal adulteration is employod to ra'.lsfy the publlo demand for articles of food and raiment, and so long as tbe present high rates are aaked for all that one eats and wears, Just so long will these manufactures and adulterations be contlnned; Just so long will 'he masses who purchase keep aldln? tbe dealers (the <tls Mionest ones) to grow rich by the sales of their deceitful compounds, tho' are always palmed off as the verities of those commodities the names of which they bear. But probably there is nothing among tbe e/ery day purchase* of the family adulterated to so great an ex. tent at the present time, and nothing warding the adu toratlon of which tbe multitude understand so little, ' as tea. "Taking tea" has come to be with ns a term of peculiar homely significance. "Tbe cup which ex hilarates but Intoxicates not" is our most universally received panacea for composing tho mind and the nerves after we have, during the working hours, fretted our selves with tbe cares and troubles of the over active business world. Too may Invite a friend to dine, even, without committing yourself as ontertalnlng for blm a atronger regard than is summed up ta an admiration for M fine social qualities;" but aranredly he bas an inner hold on your affection, whose presence you solicit at your tea table. Though a less ostentatious and less substantial m?al than dinner, "tea" partakes mora of home-like attri butes; and whilstM the former tbe head of the house hold assumes the ooMtion of dignity, and dispenses the viands at the latter bis "better hair' and sweet eon solar reigns supfeme, and directs unchecked (to use a reportoria! phrase) "tbe proceedings incident to tho oc casion " hi order that (he Hi*au> readers may form some adequate idea of tin manner in which spurious teas are made up for market, and that they may not flatter themselves that so des'reble an article can be bought promiscuously (it should never ha purchased save from a dealer In whose honesty one ha* the most reliable conftdouce), tbe foil?wing facts are submitted: ? Ln-Yu, a learned Chinese, who lived In the dynasty of Tang, A. D. 01S to M6. gives tbe fbHewing agreeable aecontit of tbe qualities and eflects of Um tnfnrton of the Staves of the tea plant TV tempers the spirits and harmonises the sated; dispels Isrs'tuda and relieves fatigue; awskens thought, ami pre vents drowsiness: lightens or refreshes ths body mid clears the MrrrBtiM fkrtiUkML All ten Ir no much in vogue, and, it lb* promt time* commands ao hlvh a price, th? cupidity ?rt dealer* to excited to furrlab an nrticlo that will be pvichaaed at ? Im rate than le arik'd for the veritable one, while the couanmera are 1*1 to believe Uiat they sre-porting with their "stamps" for the renuine product oT the celestial empire. Bat these ndulternMons of tea, and counterfeit tea*, ars not confined to traffllckers la tbeasoontriea lata which tea la imported. The universal detfre for gain ap pcara to animate the Ohtncee. aa well aa the money getting Bptot), or the cute and Inventive Yankee. In genuity aid atclll are set to work both la thsadnlteratloa I of tea and in tlie manufacture or rpurlooa imitations of it *n?e heaw tariff exacted on tho Importation!" of lata have acted aa etmag Inducement* to Ha sdnlteration amon? our people. In preparing Mack tea. loi.vee other than ihcae of the (estimate plant ore intermix d with a modicum of real leavea. and subetantes are employed for the purpose of Imparting color and asiringeocy to tho infusion, aa well aa to five the adulterated eompo'iod a glaze ar face similar to the real article. Dr. Dtclumn, writing to the fxradon f.anrrt on this "subject, rays ?The Obineee annually dry million* of ponndM of the eive?| of different plant* to min"'c w'ttflhe genuine, a* 111*"' ?K the ash, plusit, .<?*.: ao that *11 *e?irtr*!? leaves foord in parcels of bad tea. mu*t not he ?unp<?*jd to be introduced into them by dealers In thl* eooitry.'* (Great Brit la.) "Whi.e the tea trade vi a* entirely In tht* hands of the Ka?t India Comn.. nv," continues the Toefw. "few of tlie*e adul terated teas rere uhlpped. as experteaccd and competent m t|?clor* \.ere kept *? Canton to prevent Ilia exportation of eueh In lh.! e.,n>!.nn?'s ve**els; bm since the trsd" lias I een opened, *il kind* find a ready outlet: and s* the demand often cxeeatia tl.e supply, a manufactured article ia furnished to the rival erewe. Some ream since the q neat Ion -of adulterated aad spurious teas was brought up In the British Bouse of Commons, and a committee of cxper's was nppolnted to examine as to how far the system of adalteration and manufacture wss carried on in Knglsnd. In the eouna or ita I shoes, that eonncliue made some astonish ing discover cs as lo the deception practiced hi this particular. Not only were (hen manufactured arttclea floori ng tbe market ; but it wan found thst the exhausted lei.vea winch hsd orce served tha demands nf the table In large boarding establishments, Ac , wera bought up and rcdrjed for father sale aad consumption. One of this committee. Mr. George rbllHps, of the Iniaud Revenue Offlne, London, treats of the system of axbaused tea leavea In thla w ise. Ha aays:? la the yeer 1MB there Were many oases of redrled tea leaves, whcli were prosecuted with rider by thl* beard, and tlie result *n?. so far a* we cml.l ascertain at the time, the an lipretmion o? tae trsde. It wa* suyposed, in 1841, that there were eight manufactories for the-puipese ef redrrtna exhausted tea leasee In f-endon alone, sml ?erernl be*Mee la various parts of the country. 1 ho praetlee pursued wss aa follow*:?Persons ware emplored to buy up the es hauiited leave* nt hotels, coffee housee and ether place*, at SMd. and 3d. per pound. These were taken to the factories, mixed Willi a solution of gum and redrled. After this the dried leaves. If for Murk tea. were mixed with rose pink and black lead, to faoe them, as H is termed by the trade. This very system, described by Mr. Phillips, la being peaci I-ed to a very greet extent in Hew York to-day; and In addition thereto tbe most deleterious compounds are-made ap and sold under namea belonging to tbo aeveral klnda nf Mack aad green leas. Tbe principal varieties of black tea are bobea, which la tho commonest and coarsest description, congou, so uc bong, caper and piidra souchong, and <pek< e, which are af the highest quality; the last const itla/ of tno very yoadK sad unexpended leaves, sad wbWh, whan clothed with down, constitute flowery pekoe. Tbe principal varieties of green tea are ta-ankay, hyeon akin, yeung hyson, hvson. Imperial aad gunpowder, which, In green ?**, enrretponds with floseery pekoe in Maak. Imperial hyson, hyson and young hyson constat of the setond and third gatherings, while the light nod Interior leaves, separated from hyson by a winnowing machine, constitute hyeou skin, a variety in great de mand in thM country. We take front tbe ifcport of tha committeeabove men tioned an analysis of genuine tea, and will then give the components of which the manufactured article la now being made. This exposition will be ao leaa In aiwctlve than astonishing to our readers. Tho Infusion made from tea contains gtim, glucose or aecrbfu-ine matter, a large qnnntity of tannin ard a peon liar ni;rogeni/"d principle culled Mrtne, which l? identi cal with cifetac, tbe active principle of eollce, nod upon tha preaeoui of which many of the properties of tea de pend. Good lea contains tha following compounds In lh* proportions named:? V Tannn .* 40.0 Gum #.3 Wood* 111** or llgnln 44.8 Glut imiis matter O H Volatile m..iter >.0 foiel., 100.0 lo the menufnetured leas the leaves employed ara of various t-inds? almoat any In fact stilt the purpose?bit tho prlrclpal bason for the lufuaiou arosloe leaves, White thorn* leasee and bay leaves. EJtperlineuls, how ever, have detected tha presence of plum, oak, cborrr. and evon cedar. Wiica any of thene are used la the manufacture catccbu or terra Japomca (Japan earth) an> employed to give the compound an aatringcncy and color peculiar to tea They, aa It wart, supply tha piaoe ol tatwiin. which be longs lo the genuine article, aad Impart a flavor almilsr to that of Hnhea or Hyson skin. Both terra Janonica and raiccbw an vlolaat modlcinea. Injuriously at.ecting tlie system of the nnau>']iirJous drluknr, tnd doubt esa ia many caaaa tha dissaera nowaflUctmg our twop'e, efpeciaily women, have their origin tn Uie "aa of the?e naxiotie articles nnder the name of tea. The mon"fac turers use, aiao, a gam, which aaaasa a contraction of tea efctsoViad leaves on drying, aad give to them that appearance peculiar to tea Itself. It may be well to know, however, that tha forma af tha leaves in Iha manufactured article are iftapaleasly broken an<l ngglu tlaated lata assail, flattened ar rone* messes, which, If tha mlcreecrope be used In examining them, present an aeps**Me m different from ted itself aa ohaeaa Is from ?^^?v WW e VsPeVp* niuv t.e iiMd, are spread Ml n a drvin* floor *04 dampened with water. After remaining here f??r a time thev are taken up in narsels and placed Id a ran befara

a hot furnire, when the gutu w poured upon litem, and they are then stirred until the Ir.grudlenU (which differ f<rae?!>at la imitation Rreen and blaotf tea?) become thoroughly mixed. The agglutinated maas ia theu repltw-d on the drying floor In a rnotn which I* heated to Intensity and after remaining sufllcieutly lop* th. roon, It la parked In tea boxen, and U reaJy for delivery. The. w are aU<> employed. besides the aruclei we have meutiiue.1 In imltatin* the color, taste, Ste . of the several of green* and Macks, the following drturs, all of wbiuh are mom or less Injurious to the healthSulphate of iron, nvw pink, lo><*'ood (which imparts strencth after the manner of chloory iu spurious coffee), pl imbngo or >>Uck lead, chlnn clay tad imyMtOM (to rlyc Moom and lustre, or "face," as it Is tenrind), indigo (used for the name pirpow In tiiakin>; up spurious (nre"tu). trumoric po.vder, Prua3iai blue, miner*' fcrcrn (a salt of copper prectpt'a'e l by an alkaline carbonate?deadly polsoooue), verdigris, (need e-portally tn the preparation ol spur''.us Hyxor, Young Hyson and Hyto-i skin), amenite of copper, chrompte aud bichrnnia'c of potash, chrome yellow, (all poison ous), chalk (which enters Into the competition of Hatch pink, aii l i? used to color the Imitations of best quality greens), and ninny other dtipterious aitiolcs. which, In proportion aa ihey aro used, ma.-o up the Mndwni^ boliea.", twankays, kc., that are ,?old hy dLbone-a deal ers. In manv ca>es, espe< tally in the adulteration and nnnu'acmre of imitation bl icka, nod is an Ingredient. Tho report made to the UritNh jroverntuent m-ntlons, that In one Instance where a quantity of counterfeit teas was seized and analyzed, exauvnation proved that twenty per centum of tho hasp compound wai sand on y. Hot alono do the mnnulact-irers nut into market the various imitations made up of th^ materials we have mentioned; hut, bv astmnco process of transmutation, 1 the exhtoMod leaves of black ten aro made to become 1 most beautiful greens. Viuoh ot tUe spurloiu Yeaajf Hvron which finds Its war Into market in this city is " made over" in thla Banner. Our lawmakers, unfbrUinatolv, have ne'-er taken np this sulijeot of the adulteration of tea, and provided penalties for its practice, Probably tboir attention bag never been specialty called to it; but if Information be desired by the Le*Waluro on this topic, me Board of Health in this city will probably bo ablo to supply it; and to show how, in a sanltartr point of view, the liea'th of the community is b.'!n,j insidiously un lermined by tlia use of tlie poisohous decoctions that find their w?f, all unsuspectodly by the honest purchasers, to tho lea tables of even nvst weat'hy ciilz-ns. Of oourse our poorer clasps suffer most from tlie snle of thee* poisons, f?r the reason that they have n^t the means to purciiore tho teas of higher and more co?tly kind; and it is to sup ply the vast demand of this eta s of our people (hat tbeso bogus teas aro thrown Into market. In '-.lay or June of last year, we believe It was that this snhpet was brought to the notice of tho Hoard of Health, and a seizure was made of a factory up town whore the villainous stuff was being concocted, and where large quantities of black lead were used m coloring material. The general law Is so tax, however, that under It no rpecial remedy can be employed to punish with sufficient severity the par ties whose cupidity loads them to embark in this nefa rious manufacture* or troffh!. It will be recollected that In addition to the increase in winch naturally affcctcrt all articles at the outbreak of the war, tea U rendered still more nostly by the imposition of a hl<h nff duty, which fact affords greater ??oi>e for the inanu I elere and snle of tho l>aso Imitations thai aro contlou ally io 1 ng the market. As an indox of the ureal de mand, even for genuine teas, we may mention that tho iinrorts In 186fl of uncolored Japans alone, were live million six hundred thousand pounds; of Oolongs, nine mi'.I on Ave hundred tliou-and pounds. Of black toas of all kinds ouo mlHIon eight hundred thousand pounds more were Imported In 1MW than in IMS. In Groat Btitaln, even b?'or? tho subject was present ed to l'urHament, and a committee ot iuve.?tigiuion ap pointed, as we have above mentioned, tho adulteration or tea was a matter mod* pitninbable by law, fivon ns far ba' k as the time of Goorg* I., shortly alter tho arti cle was Introduced Into England, it was found &?cossary to framo a statute respecting it The Parltum nt accordingly enactcd Second (loorge I., chap SO, Mr. i?"That the dealer In tea. or tnanufae turer, or dyer thereof, who shuil counterfeit or adulterate tea; or shall alter, fobrlcato or mtnufa-tura it with Una Japmsa, or with any other drug or drug* whatsoever; or shall mix wi'h tea any leaves other thnn leav s of taa. or oilier ingredients whatsoever, shall forfeit the sum of one hundred pouuds sterling." This law Is stilt in force. Undor It seizures were msd ) In !.ondon and ia Manchester as laM as 1S4.1 and 1813, and the vigilance with whioh It is carried out has done RKtch to prevent the manufacture and sale of the poi sonous decoctions that aro nightly present ou tho tea tables of our poorer cla sou. The exact looolitlM of all the manuraclorle8 and adul terating shops an not known, as tho business of inaklnp I thee imitations of tea. like that of counterfeit lug, nooessanly requiressecresy; but thai imniente amount | of adulterations that are found In market Is conclusive | proof that the manufactories are more numerous than , people would at first bin h imagine. The subject ia one that calls fbr special investigat.on at the hands of ttio authoriuea. THE FASHIONS. Revival of Ancient Rtj)M-The Asrlppa, nnd Haw It to Weira-A W?r4 AfcMt Jewel*, Velvets and Other Drat* Material?New White flats, Are. Pa?, Feb. 8,1M7. ? The two words rsMfceMe* (revival), and 44e*imt? (dissolution), are so forcibly pram* upon out hwuing on all ndea that tbe two tdeaa are almost Indifilact, and ws may not be astonished to And the two styles preaiJa over the choice of ow present attire. The fifteenth century baa fair play at all tbo bait vmtwmto, and ?m fell of the Roman empire la equally well represented. The slarhed aatln of Frsoois I. an<l oar new dgrippMarenotibeool/ articles which resume both epochs. It moat not be forgotten that an Affrlppa Is tbe new basque or Mb wliieh ladles now wear on tbe ffcont width of their narrow mtirm Just below tbe ohest If I bad said on the cheat, X should bare re peated that the bib I* a rtomachar, but as it is really worn on the stomach people -would think (he 4e nouilnat'on unladylike. Pome people are shaking their beats wtille they are seeding this part of my letter, sot at me. of course, bat at tbe a range Ideas w rich A* rip pas give line to; bat, after aft, is it not better to give clothe* wicked names H mi let tltem ho nameless, which la the cam with our present sleeve* on ball ars.'iie* t A little debate arose at the Empress' last Monday evening reception abo?t the false idoo that gens heighten bfa' ty, and it was snaamoualy aattled that the light of a rretty woman's glands a " put out" by a brilliant diadem, end that an ugly woman's ugliness (the phrase was very concl'e) was roade mora cun plouous by ihe flash ol jewels. Docs It ensue that the court beauties who accede I to tbe fact intend to do away with thslr Jewels? I think net. , At the reunion 11 peek of, two handsome satis robes were worked with the heraldic bcarlussof their wearers. I rail this very U! taste. That horsecloths and carriage doors abouM be <mblassned with such emblems is all the hern Wry I cas admit of. I can even allow a coronet over one'* initials <>n a haadkerchioC, but that only be cause It has to be poketed. One of the robes in question was made of wblfe sails, wlih a dented train, and tbe insignia were embroidered OS two long scarf ends frlneed with gold. Before leaving eourt news I must say that the Era pbm wore a light ersy ?stln foursenu at the TbO&tiw Krsoeals last Tuesdav. It was made very low, witboot any trimming whatever, butawrrath ef diamond stars shone above her forehead, and her neck sad arms were encircled with teveral r?ws of pearls. Coral is very fashionable thii winter, especially pink set In small seed dlamead*. As Raster falls lata, velvet will bo worn UU tbe aaiddls Of April. The coming spring costames are to be made of satis und- rrVirts, velvet over-tunics, either donted, vandykod or scolloped, with tight Uttlng caraqu**, having long satin sash ends beh.nd This is black or tbe new shade Amaranth* (bright clatcl) arc the most elegant, and caa be worn (or visiting. Jet is Ktill motl heavily worked over the bodies of black dresses snd nnper part of skirts !f'.b?, d ee, and pyramids are bung of bead chela work, which aet them In porpetual motion and produce a little noisy rattle which Is thought "very chic." Tbe test word re- j calls a small Incident which look place at a very arlsta emtln assembly In the Ftvul)?nrg ft Germain. A young duchess wboee perfect white shoulders are penverbtal had spout s very pleasant evening at the llal'ons, when on rolling home In her carrlsjr) she suddenly re membered I hat she had acieptet) an invitation for that very same evening at Ihc Mrrqulse do P'a, whose resi dence is oo tho ether side of the Seine. The ousehman was direct'd to turn back, It being no later than mid sight, the proper hour for reception* of.Ihe kind she attended. It did not occur to her wills so (hs way that the hand breadth of bodice wbt-h graced her at the opera would be consider*! heretical at stiff Mnr Snse de l"s. It was not until she waa Announced at a subdued whisper *nd shocked glance* reminded ber of *n ?lino? I total absence o< drapery round h?r hack. 8h? felt very much that she sbnald iiks to shelter her ncek snder the train of her pink reps robe, b-tt posses sing her pr-t" ace of mind she went tbrourh the ord?al of her host ??' formal reccpUon with becoming grace, and quietly walked up to a >tidi?t<<ye.from which she drew forth half a dc*en f.ill Mown roses, with which she flll'd up vscant spaces and added uew beauty to her ftultlT.* proportions Whito IxinnotH trimmed with gold tarries and pearls hsve alresrty nppenred at the Hols. All Ihe fores, t esa rines and Caseadettcs wear their hair Is Ion* flowing ra>n down their shoulders. Profuse plmU, trcxand with flowers, are adopted by the Hite, who are not given to cascading?as yet. Foreign names *r# given to svrrytblng, and It ts as well before purchasing to inquire Into the origin of an article If it really le required ?0 bo genuine. 1'renoh cashmere* eoM In !<ondon srs sometimes French, but not si way it; f'seUh tnrlaus sold in Ports sre sometime* scotch, hot often not. if countries so closo to each other practise counterfeits en thi? senle how much moti* tnint one fear Impoeitico with Indian texture* ? A real Delhi cashmf-re shawl, or s real Delhi Imitation cash mere. sre vsry d.ffcrvnt anielss. Ths beat wsy to avoid Imposition Is to a?k for the Indian mark, and It Is will ingly shown when paswese-d. Fatai. Casmsf'sky.? At North Arhbnrnham, Km , en ths 4th lust., tl.e man having chare* of a large circu lar saw, Ml; -two Inches is diameter, let It run on to aa iron connected with the carriage, when It broke sn?l flew to pieces. One segment, comprising nearly half tha saw, wsa thrown up w itb such force as to est through s tlmbsr sis Inches in thickness. Another piece, shout two feet lore ??d weighing aisteen pounds, struck Mr. Bradford Milton, who was watching tbe saw atadls. Wsce of twslv* or llrio*ii (bet, making a wound through bit thl^h sis or *ight inches long, and also striking him sn Cue bodv above tbs thigh, inflicting fatal Internal ls)*r*?, Kxf 0?Mtof deal* altar several hours of wr Ubtefufcrtnt THE FJSIANS HI THE CITY. Reception *f the Warlike Tl<ll??i from Ire laud -Open AlrOlectluif latcadttl. The unequivocal dospa'cLos of ya^terUay thai British troops and Irish insurgents had met in various parts of Ireland In artoal and bloody collision sent a thrill of ex cltement through the sensitive frame 01 Fenlanism ex ceeding anything experiencod up to thla The central offlc\ Chatham street, was alive wlUi vtrtors, eagerly passing to and fro, exchanging signjflcaut hints and evidntly Infected with an exuberant mar'lal ardor. Tho despatches brought by hand jrivlug the plan of the con templated rising and Indicating the places to bo attacked coinciding with tho cable news of y osier lay, left no doubt on tho Feu lan mind that the mini wfu l?th earnest and wldospread. The great question with the ha>ritu4s of the office was the most speedy and effective means to bo adopted of utilizing the co-operative ele ment of the Fenian Brotherhood in America iu aid of the lighting men In Ireland. It was decided to bold a grand mass mooting either on kfoadar or Tuesday next In Union square. Rally, every lo-er of Ireland and liberty, and go te work at onoe In fitting out privateers to prey on Ki>gll*h eotumerco. The opinion is coui.deutly eiitortaiuod that the place wh jre the railroad between Cork and Dublin la injured most be located in Tipperary. and the natural Inference U Mu od from that Tact Is that the nalnir Lai extended lt?eir to a suction of country whore the most inflamma ble materials of disaffection exist, and which, when brought into play, will tax the resource? of the Kugll-b government to quell. The men of llppeiary have a traditional repiration for being physically the finest and bravest of the Irish race. In II"rv tin. pvbe and Intense patriotism ther exo?l the rest of thair countrymen.. A national insurrection pa. taken of t>y Micb men will no doubt acquire a tlorcene^ of char acter and an element of sanguinary determination that promise* no brief rosnwater conflict in the pre* -nt move, mont. On the receipt of fuller dotal la tho Fenians be lieve themselves ca)iahle of raising sufficient pecuniary supplies to equip one or moro privateer*. When the news became generally known over tho city, "specially in factories and places where the Fenian element Is largely i oprerented, thero was almost a complete con sat ion of work, mid the discussion or the Irish ridinc substituted for everything etsr In the afternoon a bullet u in front of the Hkbald office announcing the capture of polloo stations and serious lighting mar DnM<n drew around IT as ea?ror a crotfd of readers as ever aeswmMed to learn tho no*s of Grant's latest move ment during tho rebellion. Impromptu speecno* were delivered in (rout of tho Control ofllco at different times throughout the day by excited Fenians, who in velghetl in bitter terms against the lukewarm (pint shown by the Irish in America towards their suffering countryman in Ireland. The speakers oil nil occasions had an anxlons attcnh.nco of lioteners, who fully oolncided in the sentiments exp;es.*od, though ovlnciug no great inclination to do anything practical themselves. U was n noticeable fea ture that the rejected load vt who flourished and waxed fat on tho plunder of the Fonian treasury at Union squaro showed thomselvos occ?.-sional!y through ihe day. Tho inetdent was geuerally remarked, and lively threats uttered that any nftabpt ou tho part of the dis card d plitndei-er.4 to Itialn .ate thoinselvet Into the con fidence of the T'rotborhood by thoir oiiy-tonirncd oxpres slnnsof jfatrloiism won'd moot with Instant and stern rebuke. A mooting of Irish American officers who served In the late war l* cal'cd fo- thsi evening, at half Sas: sovon o'clock, In Minonlc Hall, [liirt'cttth street, to ov>? ihi best m.'utus of a&urtinjf tho mca now D^htlng in Ireland. tfevi'rnl promluent merchant) of 'his city walicl, In the afi"rnoot3, on the olilcia'a at Chatham n'.reet lieail quarierc and announced their intention of subscribing $1,00') eaith to a private fiiud, wli^ch will be eontrolled by thc.use'ves a;id used by tUeut for the (rood of tho ca'iso, as cncumatances, in their Judgm -lit. i -.av require. At a lii'e hour in tho evening it v: said that t. c num ber of promised Bub criiwr.; to tliH fund ronchod one hundred, and other names wera hourly expsetod The Crowd# cpniinucd t1l-Ji.ii.-' i')? the ailjecl nroun-1 hoad quarlo.r, r.nd even as l.ilo n- urdiWtt many i nthu?' astic Fen'an? con,j'erot|,d ot? Hie ; Mo tracks to learn tho Iat04t r.otra by thoinhlo f." i>. rcUod. HA <3 ?- ? Tho yimes forty ClhSf1 jr. IJ, w ill hold a public meet In C at the Mefropcliiau rooms, No. OT ' Irth avenue, wliou tli.j Kubjoei of the pre-: at "beillou In Irolr.iul will be fed, and mes--ur e adapted to tend amUruM and persor.u! aid to " the men In the gap." THE FENIANS IN T3.0Y. SPECIAL mRESFOMENCE CF THE HEBALD. Mn?a Meeting ?f Huberts' Pfnlnn Uranri Council mf lk? Mra In fJroon? Another In Tn*ku of Canada to be Inn?|nmtrili iVr. Tnor, March 0, 18C7 There was s very large sod significant max* laectlnt of Feuiaus of tbe Roberta branch or tha brotherhood held I la ihla city this evening. The largo Hall vu crowded to IV- utmost capacity, and tbe two stroela mouinj by tlia building were choked up with nwc ardent In tbe cau?e of striking an effcctlro blow at Kngland'a piv?#r and glory. It was not supposed that Fenlnnlsm hereabout* was possessed of a* much vitality aa wan no thoroughly demanrtrated at this meeting. Quite early In (he evening a large and line look Inn company of uniformed men entered the hall, armrd wltb rifles with the latest Improvements, and neatly clothed hi tbe traditional green of Erin. Previous to their atienoanee npnn the meeting the Wolfo Tone company paraded through tho invent utrerta with martial mn?lc, and ntuld tho moui and higly cheers of tbe Irish element In our population, heartily seconded by tbe peonle generally. Tho company wis nndor tho coinmaud of Captain William O'Brtaci, who participated in the Canadian struggle of last summer. On arriving at Iho hs! tbe soldiers were greci?d with an elec'.rh storm of popular enthusiasm, anil wer< attended by Colonel A L. tiorri,ou of Chicago; Senator W. I, Homing, John F. Flnncrty, Tiiauw* Hurley and othe prominent men and members of the Brotherhood. Jlr. Hiehiol If near I, Centra of the Wolfe Tone Circle, in opening tbe meeting and introducing tbe flirt speaker, significantly said " the bristling bayonets In tho hang* of the sturdy and patriotic men on tbe stage, the noUle hoys la green, eloquently Mils the entire stovy of thin meeting." llo Introduced Mr. John >lnaerty, one of the eentfal organizers of the Brotherhood. Mr. Flnneriy's speech omt>ra< ed a full, interesting and pointed review of fee m*es< nt condition of the Irltli cause in America, as well aa the nature and extent of its flourishing condition in other countries Ho ably arguod the fidelity and bravery of tbe Tri?h race from tho gal lantry ol the Celtic aeldtery under McClsI.aa on the Peninsula and I'hll 8 lierldun in the Shenandoah. Tho speaker held that tbe failure of tbe movement on Canada van in aowtaa owing to the non-eflectiveweKS or the soldiers In green or tho non-support at Dm Irish population?, but to the vrloked, ill directed and taUU seal and Interference of proftisied friends high lu tbe coun cils of the United States government. Me denounced all Kenan affiliations with political parti se, the fdenJa of Ireland and its entire and speedy liberation from Eng lish domination being the only recognised friends ot tho cause anywhere on the face ot the globe. Mr. Alexander U Mormon, of Chicago, followed In a speech of two hours and a half npon the grievances of tbe Irish In Ireland, and the hoond*n dotr of Tr'shmen In America to the gr at ane holy nans", and eapeelallv In the present crisis, In the warlc so loo* Wore diem. The main object to which all Uietr beat efforts were now to be aimed was to strike dewa now and forever British power on this comment, beginning with Canada and follow tng with the other provinces. The staunch and true lovers of the old land would be fullr prepared to win when tbe nest blow should be struck. Irishmen Mould never acknowledge the flana as iho rightful rulers ol Ireland?a land they leftbccauaaof the fiendish machinations of Englishmen. When Ireland was de serted by the Irishmen In America It was because ih*y ban bad enough of tbe eppreseor, and to cherlsn In their sonls the great wrongs done them by England, and 10 compel payment of their demands in full. England Is becoming aervoits. aa the struggle la Kerry the oilier dsy abundantly demonstrated. The meeting closed with a considerable subscription In meaey, aad tbe swearing In of one hundred additional recrnllai Thorn la ao doubt that the canaa is reviving grealty throughout all this section. OCEAH STEAKIS. The New SteaiiMs city mf Antwerp. The In man lino, whose numsnoaa vessels have long been fuvor'tos with the travelling community, have added to Its fleet a new iron screw steamer, ths City of Antwerp, which reached thin port en Wednesday last. Like all the otbgr malt steamships belonging to tblee.>m pauy, tbe City of Antwerp was boll! by Messrs. Fed k McGregor, of Glasgow, her lines Wring a strong rosea to those of the City of Baltimore. Her dimen sions am *20 feet In length of keel and forsrakes, to feet In moulded width or beam, and M (set la depth fnm the bottom of tbe l.oid to her hurrtcaue look. Her builders' measurement Is 2,400 tons, flie 1* of very stroog construction, Iht iramlug end plating being of the be?t materials. The steamer Is divided fiito s ven watertight comi utaieou b* sis strosg iron Hlkhsadt, which rise from the koel to the main deck, the whole of tho framework being Urmly hound together by diagonal and other bracing and ties. In addition to those she has steel s'rlnger-plaiei along bar whole length tiosi stsm 11 stern, and mMuwiig in width from her bulwarks to the sill ?f bor decMioise, and the'e sr#Irmly rlretted to escfi of 'he decit beams, thus injuring great stroBpth snd teniettv lo the hull of the rhlp throughout Its whole length. Her bulrark#mhtoh sit? high and vorvltrm, are further strengthened by pow. srf'il wrought iron struts, while longitudinal lior zontal valve* opening ontwnrd afford a ready means for the dis. charge of any water whlcb mar heihlpp d during a gain. In the building, rigging and' quipincnt ot (tin City ol Ant won* every earn has b- en taken to ?eonre tho *s?r worh Ing of the vessei and aaiin.< nt lie c nnf >rt of the otH cerssndfrew. She fspriivlded with Uiieesu-am wlncUws which hoist and low or the heavy sails and '.nnd or un load the cargo; two steering B|>i>ar4to<es, and three sets of psmpa, which an- to werKH from tb ' h-in lcane deck hy means o( oither tbe propeller or the donkey epglne\ Besides these, the City of Autv.erp is provided with a eertrWngal pump, Intended to clear tie ship of water in osmo of oe'ltti' n or other occurrence of pressing eimrgencr. This patuu, whicnlse"" va?t pow?r and capsi ity, he* a disBHiT*i?R pipe twelve Inches In dl nm'ler. It Is Wvrkod Uy an in depeadeat ont ne. snd csn >to suited at any moment. Ass prev ativeagsinst tire (lie Vessel la ftiml?h ri with most efllc'.ent ftea>n distributors, wbfrli are lnld on In every oompertment The iimpelhnrf power of tho ship comprises two direct act ing steam suglaes of (nominally) fosw hnndred and fifty house power. 0? Uw ?>#III Qt mntmmiim Dh i?Hgiia aa4 , tt.l*."**d t>* said. Ttio ?aloon* are larva anf ' hB ccn>fcr'?l?l?and the ventllfc tory and baa in- apparatuses of the vary best kind. Tha ? ?*Cta* of Aulw#?V wUI Hurt tbla 4*f will goe, it Is hoped, a correct eatlurue of liar speed! hw exee toot qualities a* a s.-igoinu vea.-ml having been abundantly tested danu? m0 I,-a y w.atli.r .l.,ol> I ba^ot bar during tha recent trip fram Liverpool to thia MEW JEE8EY INTELLTQENCS. Jimw ?ily. Mckttjto of Tim Liquor Dkalkrb' Assocuuo* ?The committee of tha Jereov City Association of Ltquot Hosiers mot at four o'clock on Thursday afternoon at tha American Hotel. It was resolved to divide Hud ton county Into four districts, each havlnsja distinct orcan'/.a? tlon, viz.?Hudson City, Jcra'jr City, Hoboken u>d Union Ilitl, which loeludoa Uuttenber^; these to meet in convention on point* affect !ug the interest of tho body I [en-rally whenever occid >a may require. Ttio follow iiK names were agreed to for else'Ion at the next cuneral woollnj:?For I'reeatout, John ii. Kae; .-acrouny, C. H. Taldmnn; Treasurer, Otto Mover. It is understood that, by way of a compromise, thu I.e?j*iuiuro wUI embody the Sunday regnlati >e only in tha Exoiao bill no-v p< ,ia. log. the opposition to tho whole ineaaure being to* powerful. ? Fk-kiockct* ano TiiiKvin on pis Eiur Railroad.?A pickpocket named Kdward Colo waa arretted on TucjJsy evening, at Turner's Station, for taking from tho pocket of a passenger $?13 ami a watch. The property was r> covered and the thief arreted by dotrotlvo ftanvom Marion Morgan, i<f Hawlry, Pa.. iru arrested at Hone*, dale the previous day on'ttie chares of tapptn; a barrel of currant wine which was in charge of the railroad com pany. lie was committed fur trial. Jkkmct City Tacit* Ci.t a?At the annual meeting of the Jersey City Ta^ht Club, on Thursday evening, at Louis Heller's, in Montgomery street, tha otHoaro for tha coming year were elected, as follows:?Commodore^ Jo ?ph G. Hill; Vtoa Commodore, J. I>. Scliormmaker; Trea-uror, Adrian B. Heyir lJ ; Secretary, Wa Clarke, Jr.; Moasurcr, Stephen B. Dean. Fatai. Acoidrnt os thi F.kih Railroad.?A brakemaa named Nathan Smith fall between the cars neir Goshen on Thm*Jay morning, and was run over, his body being horribly mutilated, producing instantaneohs death. Tha body was sent to Port JervU In cliargo or an employd of tho company. An !uq<:ost was held by Coronor Champion, aud a verdict whs returned in accordance with tho foregoing facta. The parents of decf.ited, it la said, reside at Newton. Ncvrnrk. Deatii mo* Apoplexy. ?Mrs. Newman, a widow lad# living at 180 Marshall street, bccame suddenly dizzy tf sba waa about entering her rosidenco on Thursday night. She waa conveyed to a room of the houie, wharf alio died In about Qftoeu minutes. The county physician, gave a certlflcato of death from apoplexy. OnAXD Larcwt.?A young man named Seagrams wag arrested yoeterday morning for having stolon a gold watch, valued at $180, from Mr. Thomas Looker. Tha thoft was committed about two yean aga Reagrnvea admits lili guilt, but strongly in.-lsts that tho watch wag stolon from hltu alter ho had carried U a weolc. He WM held for a hearing. CoMPkoHISR BSTWREX JoCRKFYXBR AK1> Mactrr Ma* soNfc ?The Journey men masons of Newark recently re solvcd that on and after Monday next they would de mand $4 per day for their services. A meeting of tha m inter m.isons was held on I'hureday evening when It wan a reed to pay tha amount demanded on and aftar the 1st day of April. The employers clalmod that the t mo of aotico given was Iim.III-lent, they having a Inrga amount of unfinished work on their hands fat winch tlicy"Tirtd contracted at the present rate of wagea Tha proFjiacis are that the agreement of the master inoaona will be . ecej ted by tha Journeymen, and a "strlko" by the latter avi ided. Treulflit. Covvimow cr HtriiSBY.?The Jiry In the ease of Rum tor, w?:o was indlctod at the spring term of tha United ftates Court for fraudulent returns to the Iclernal Aeva i.ue Depart me ?t, returned a verdict of goiltv yesterday. Tiieit) were seven ludn tntenLi found agaiaet taT.oa only one of which ho ha* been tr ed. Iiranxc* Komnathmi von Cm Omm?.?On Thursday evening the Republican Town Convention of Orangn *u hold, Ml the lullov. Idjt the prlrv>>pal ?(Boers nominated Muyr, >.dward I). Bt.HfU ; TrrwnTcr. Jr.raes C. Hurdla* to'ioo' Viipertntciiileut, SxkimI D. Backus: M&rvltnL tO 'OOl yiip'T.niclliietil, onu.uei u. Davuns; n>?nu. George A. Mon7in. TT.o nominee* for Mayor ani Treu urer fcre democrat*, anil are the i>re?~ ' ' ' of iho.o oltlees. Ko re|iuh!U an t'clcet I lu nomination Hi Tli r<! *anj of Orau laiye majority held by ibo tl mocracy in I THE N.EW fEWuES. Iiivm il?nrioH !?t? Their Miianfcwnrt ni?4 CnnililinuliT Ike I.e(ii?liiflv?Ci>i?i:iUH'e tf?? U-rdny, nt Jrreey CU?-Tho DdhomuiI Condi tion fif the Crrrlrv A c. The legislative Commute# uu Femes mot at iajrkw't Hotel, Jersey city, at half-paat twelve yraltrtlAT, la re ceive testimony In regard to the oondltiun of Ike Jw.oy City, TTolmkcn nnd Wcohawken ferriea. Preaeot, C. & WinMeld nuJ J. I* llaya, of t'aa Senate, and Maaur* ?tauab?ry, Christie aod Ward, of Uio Kousa The lint nam oil Senator was c/iu rru.m. The first witness called win Ot'o Roller, who road the presentment of lite Hudson C rnnty Umnd Jury tala'lvo to tho mnt^omoot of the Weehawkcn ferry, as well aa the rerolnf1on? offered nnd leftrred to the C->min!tt'o on J*'i rritut Ilia naeeiinv of Ilia Now York no trd of Aider loci* on Thursday. cailtbK on the ('??roptroilor :o cancel the IsA.'O pranted to U>e Wi-i-lmaI- eu Kerry Oetouaoy, In puo aoM oomponv do not comply wiih rtie conJitions nnd re qulro<?cma of the ka?e. [Ifc.tli the presentment aod rew?iulWn.i Itavc alwadv appeared 1:1 ?Ua HwaiA.1 Mr. IT. A. Howe, of Orange, who w.u ?lec;ed cii* roiaa b, lie committee of No* Jer?ey rrsldebts who patrofime tlM> Uuboknn ferry, miuV- a lengthy statom-nt, setting forth the rotten ooadiil u <d many of the Hobokeu ferry bonis, tho rrckt?? disregard to i lie asu'ety of p i*-euiyins and tho Intolerable In-'olenrs of t'.ie deck hand' on ntnae bout#. K>* statement was merely a RoapitMatkm of whm dsn bet-a heretofore tmhlUO'd at msetluu* in Hew York and Hoboken. John N, Whiting, co'in^'l for tho Morris and Usee* pa>?nrer?. and Holland Johnson, both of linage, and Louis AltfloT, on beltalf of llwi eltl *eu? nt Ilobokdn, follow d on toe samo aide. Theao ritnesses were erofs-esninlaed by Mr. Shippen, superin tendent of the Hoboker ferries, who made a short state ment In reply to Mm ohargea agataut tho tarry aem pau?. , ? Tho oommlHoo then adjonrned. The Hon. Mr. B c* ley, rreotdeot of tba State Ponato, and Uenewl Jettir H. IjOw woro prcsoni- at the pruoredinga. The condition of tho Jersey City or Central Railroad ferriea waa not called Into rju'iitlun. , SALE Of_AtiTMeV*l Tho sale by iMtltl, Strebeigh ft fo., of (ho lmmeM? oolleetjon of nMofradha hetongluf to tbo lata J. K. of Bars?h, Oa., rioted yeaterday afteraod*. raw panona nalaltlatod In Uto myttaneo of antonraiAy, are aware of Ilia rate real ereltod among tba fraternity af . collooiora by an eatoaalre aa'e ofthlaklnd Aa a mk4 ler af eavtona Interest we append tho prices paid for tha autotrspha of aoma af tho oelebrttlee:? A complete eet of the Htgnors of tbo Oonatltotloa of (km United St & tea $m 90 A complete set of tba Signers of tho Daihaaiiaa of Independence... <36 M Oaa. Rofcrt Howa, 2 signal area MM Gen. Sam faraoaa, oaa of tba Board who triad Major Andre IN wm. Penn, Hannah Pnna, and Lady /allana Pana..... 7777. 18 M IS Rev. Samuel Phalpa, 1st Minister of Oen. Andrew Piokeoa $ KAgar A. Poe, a floe letter Ot a. Kaeob Poor. Win. II. PresooO, a place af Meto leal Count Palaaki tt Red Jaekot, Indian chief? g 08 Jam< s Rat Ingioa, Tory Pr<ater uf Royal Oaxetta, 2 M 4? Count do Roehaiuheau f |? f?r. noe'nnJn Rush ( Qfl John 0. Han Mfw. ".Sonnet la a Clam'* 11 It Ilaron SUulnin, tsro slf natures ? g$ Colonel farlrton. Terms of Capltulatloa Offered r by Tarletm to C?donel RnfoM, \f*y 9, 1T90... It OA Captain Walker, The Tesan Ranger it o| Oeorice \\aahington, A L. S , a hifloataiaadi.... M ?? Cliarie* I^e 10 M t.udwig Von Heethaven... 18 General Hraddock S>lr Eyerton llrydgea G.-noral Harfroyae, two id^nataree ' Robert Hums, fire airnaluree Lord Brron, fire elgnnturos .-amuel i\?jlor (Mendge Marqnin Cornwallla jt. V Cuant de n. uing M 4 ".V, Nsprdeon lionaparto, A. L. S. aad twantyUkrao rfgnrtitires of attaeliAa ' IS OA Kaishal Key . '.7* i ? i.espicrre \\\'^ v oo ? oa a 1 Vk General Thomaa Oage 8S 00 MlnisUr U net 1.1!!.*!.*!* W 0? STATER 8LAKD INTEUlBEIICf. PriCiaa **n Isqrtwr.?Coroner fVnner, of Nortti field, hold an laqnoat apoa the body of Mr. Wolf ?*vl?on, a native of Hnta<da It appaars the deceased wont to bla wood house for tho purpose of proctrrfng seme klndlinf wood, and not returning bis wl> went to nee lb- aaow of his delay, when aboTountl mm hanging to a rafter w> tlie house, life being eaiiast It ?a supposed that a lata Misfort ine In bustaeas matters wss tliu cavse of the t iah act. The jury laadered a verdict af "safalda be liaog. log" r An rust or BoHCuasi?Two young burglar*, nam ^ Wilgon and Hol/aoghlla, oers srrastod oa Tborada^ < chart* 'I with commllllag serersl r.'hberlea on the for some time back. Toe last ?f tholi <*oralM the robber of llr. feyle s sinhl.'a, at I ort Rlctimond, V!^,v?i'ed ,( find. II sernw thai on tbla Odcaslo arter e.ertue? tKe.r phrader l.?-y O 'eama mtorie, and n.nmiied among U ems- lfc^ when they Insdv entlr dfscl'xed their illejUtlmite occipniioa, cauala their in'med ate arresL It Is snpp.ised fhay belong to can* of nonpar* who bar* imaatod "istsn lalaad dart Ne winter, hating their h?adonartoft iaaatad to Nt