Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 9, 1867, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 9, 1867 Page 8
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THE LOSS OF THE ANDALUSIA. Statements of the Captain and Chief Eng-incer. LIST OF THE S.1VED AND MISSING. ? c. ito. Ac. [From the Charleston,Courier, March ?.] Br the arrival at an early hour yesterday of tbe ?teamsbip Mautiav'an, Captam Charles Coiiini, from Kew York, we wero informed of the loss by (Ire at sea ?a Sunday evening last, to the Korth of Hattcra*, of tbo ?team propeller (hip AuJaimia, on her way trom New Tor* to till* port, ucder command of Captain West, lat* ?T the steamship Q-mkor City. Tho Manhattan wan fortunately In the vicinity of the disaster, an* succeeded In Bavin? Captain West and ??o*t of thorn on the Andalusia, and brought tbfaj to this city. The Andalusia was discovered to he en tiro on Sunday lant, about seven P. M., when the shin ?fEinfrfhmuX'* Hatteraa; "IiJurtof the e*o?ement Trom tho quick progress of tho tiro and the rapid towering of tho first boats, which wore ?wa;npe'* awno four passengers an.i eight of the otikors and ore'v. ,?v twelve In ell, were drowned. Among tl?->.. wo r-L-ret t? mention Turser IMward .North, ofUiisoK^W J ]'?as? v > r?n.,?r?Mr- P*Q?e> tl*" 0I>K ne builder, of Now York; Maw YmJeD' . ^ m Eu':in,-or; J*??> Lochrnnn *ew Voi k. pUot; three picture re, whose ?*J unknown, and five of Uio crow, the namn* of whota are glvon balow. The AmUlutia waa employed In the 1-eery lino between this port anil N?w York anil was a superior vessel. IW value, with the c?r-'o u ?nppwed to be half a million dollnrs. She had on hoard a Inrre freight of fteueial merchandise, conslcued to Messrs. Raven. I & Co, and oiliura in this citv. at I vari ws parties !n Uie c i.iniry. We pub ,?h with tills the ? n. nt ofC^niain West and hi* chief engineer together a lis! of :he fared and h*L Cap'aln Co . r.s. of th" Manhattan, his officers and crow hubu'. od admirably, and have the thinks of tho saved ? . ^rTA,? m r'a rraiEtirNT. ~e left New York ir. the ste.-mor Ar.dalu !o *t ten mfn. wes past three P. to. on Saturday, Mnrch2, 1*67, with nine eawn P"f os| rs and a crew consisting of twenty-rlcht ' *n? * pnrrnl carpo. tstnrdav n.ght aud Punday we had the wind struu< from northeast to worth, r,ii.v _I!nd he*vv ***? 0,J Sunday ovunlng at aevan I IS at t?*. Ilieurd an unuMtel noise I ?* ** ?k. I left ".he cabliptn see was tho matter. Whrn I got on deck tho encin.rfi and firemen 1 ?*recoming out of the engine room hatch cryln/ "Ore ' ?re I 1 he smoke waa online cut at the samo time I ?scorta ned from the chief engineer, who had Jo?t come ?ot or tbe?enfrlne mom.fthat the Are was forward of the *""or-. toee was pointed dowu iho hatch, and J~L?, m*n w*re working the pumps, when tho flames ?unit out up tho hatch and arouud the smoke stnek whiehwasle*? than five minutes after tho fire was dis fST"^hen ordered the falls dewed up and laid ?back and th9 ship headod Tor the steamer Manhattan, wuich was about three miles on our port bow. The ?ffieers on the llanhatlan must have discovered the Ore moment it hnryt out; for wMlo we were takln* !? sail I saw her Pghta coming towards us. We at '"st fcV'-n knots. The Ore Md smoke had driven every one out or the engine room Wfore the eiijtine could be st^; j.ed. I then ordered the '. ? **' don* by lhe chief en e?r and his first amlstant, . v taking an oar and lift rnl'.? r .'>tT ValTra ler9r' Th" oar beM until It SI^^^-.tH rw77. wer* ov'!r t!,? "'"a "> mZm i 001 i * tho tire 2ki chs^? n0P.,.US . the first oftlcor to m?e charge of the starboard aftor boat, the sceond mate ?farooftra forward and the purser port afior boat I Si?'no?. to, Pe'mlt ,h? tobi low . . uotd Uio ships headwav was stonnod Tii? two lady pa^scDgers were taken out of the cabin - one I fVA!n 9Httr?e K> Norton, first ofBcer, in"the'other I kept wiib me, with four oUior paseemrera In a fis jr ^ ?!r^H',Dgrtbar; ?rrter-^? officer ?o u,,m* ??<> Informed me that the tUrboard for ward boat was gone, having been cut adrift After re' ^ tbe Ffoan,er Manhattan we found that th? ^ been cut adrift at the time the sails were being ?towed up by two men and a mesi biy. Only the mesS Tho nort after boat w J iow^ b?w b?foro the ehlp waa stopped. It was ?vamped. The parser, aecoca wUtant engineer ore geyngeryd two flremeu were wMhed out of tho boit 22jYL. ">?. *?wln? apparatus on the port for ward boat broke at the after end. which caused three UJ"""!??! wew York pilot ana one other person to be ?5^i*D.i?ul, . boilt ?n<J k*' overboard. They wore ^5. wV? ? Lady r<-,*,n^'r ">* h?r eoo, ready J* when the ship's headway was stopped. After the ship was stopped the boat was lcwcr*d in tho walor , ?cr bow was stove in and jibe Idled with waier {J"LdUwo..boaJ ,^lfd rl ,by ? 1SJ: ' Mef and one of tUe coolci. I g&vo orders in th? ?econd officer to buiid a raft, which was done wiih tho a y** llw '??v tigers w.-ro put ??> the Port forward b-iai with niuo others. At half-paat ten P m I got in the boat and pulled around the ahio to \f SI TJ?i h^irtn? ? lb! ??"??? ^fore teiSing ?M ship I heard the Manhattan's whistle close to usl When we got on the weather side of the Andalusia we fi* ??* of the UanUotttui's boats go up to lhe shin lnformod them there a ere sever^i ?J7? P*1 "e<? ^or ,*10 ^?Dhattan, our boat being Mir full of water, with two men bali ng her oet with ?ycket-; the bow was stove in, and by the providence ?f Cod we raachod the Manhattan. Tho sea and wind in JMUujt twohoun, had abated, or tbe boat would not When \te arrived oa board the Manhattan we found Sother boa's had been clcsed up?tLe first officer's I, lhe "larboard forward boat with a boy in, and the I after boat with four flremeu (tha rest having heea VMbfd out). Ono of the men had a death grurp on Aoseatr. The chief officer of the MauhatUn Mr Mc ?*V9?.hfl?fivin, sianf Mmeelf In a bowline, wJul in the slnUA boat, &nl tiuog the mao and got him on board. The abovo (acta I was informed of after I got on board the ship. Tbe Aral fifteen satnntes after the fire broke out tbe ???were pamo-sWoken, aid all those that were lost ?ere lout * that time, exoept theee Hint vere lost by wpetwUewering apparatus yiviog away in the port newnra boat. Ws succeeded in abating the cxcltouicut ?M got the men under control, and ttiey behave i verv mO after that time. As we left the Andalusls the ?sternest and saoke stack fell, and before ths Uaoiiat. ton left the wreck she was enveloped in flumes, end in a k*lf hour after it set ut a thick tog. The passeticere ????w? and crew loat even thing but what tliey bad on ' - _opporlmilty of thanklop t aptalu Charles OcrtUns. hlsoffloera, and all behtneing to the Manhattan torUetr greet kindness to us from the time of our ar NWt en boerd the hospitable eteam?r Manhattan. COISV XilOIXKXR'E bl.vTKMSSX. iU*NiurTAs Uktoh 1M: Diss t-'m?According to your request 1 write mv slate. pent of tbe discovery of the Are on board tbe steiunchip A>daNsls About seven o'clock on tbo evening or ?M?b S I waa standing at tbe engine room hatchway; my first aas latent spoks to me from tbe encln^ r oin, ?aylaf there w?a s strong swell of something burning, a went below and searched the coal bunkers, sad than vent around the forward part of tbe e irra A-i 5; as, is WW wsoke. Having no other means of rolleviog ihe MHer and stopping the englue from tbe deck, I got an jar la Uirough the oaaiag of the ateam drum and liftod SUSfrLir1!! *coorxliD* w **?r ordeea. Atb. wartehlp coal bunker nine scross tbe forwent port of the w?ere 1 flnt dieooyered the flames com}Dig over tbe top of the bulkhead ef said ooel linker. W* AI.1HCR, Chief Knglneer. "MM ?* ? mtAMfmr MA.NSiTTA!*?UiT of Tur?s MTCO ASI> LOUT. Bnnday, Haroh 8, a; urn ?'dock P. M., discovered tttMUMT which Ml Id company wWb or through the day to be on Art; Instantly rounded to; found her to l>? tfc? Andalusia, from New York to Charleston, aad auo Titilit In Mr.or the followioK persons: ? Paaaengors 8aved?fhomaa C. Keisoo, M. P., Bernard f. Duma, Mr*. Rom Burns, Vargaret Dixon and U. W. Ward. Paaaengers Missing?W. J. rw?, Jr., of New York, Hd tbrte gentlemen, names cot known. Officers and Crew Saved?Cap.a n W. U. West, ? baa. barton, mate, OctaTUAireweil, second mate; Malrou.h lie Parian, seaman; Wis. Seuii. se&nutn; Henry McDa> watt, seaman; Michael ' ran* ail, seaman, Alexander McClatn, F*aoun; William We ah, s aman; Uoorge Srogln, bo.v; Krar.Cas Oppea, a. a ward; Juito Garm, ?arond Meward: Henry F>iaohma:.. ma*, nan; John DUIon, ouok; Fred. Urnom, nook; Wi.l'atn AlUr. chief engineer; David Thorn; son. firm as? slant anslneer; James Hi-*!?, fireman; EJw, Wlietian, ?reman, Thomas Davis, flreaan; Patrick Hnre'on, are Man; High McClcan, fireman; lhonuui Smith, roau naaeer, Jolin Lannon, coal p.vaer; J?hn Jeuultis. oler; J'-in HcMnllen, oiler: John Qrooney, mesa ooy; Heury Bnydar, pantryman: Frederick tmlth, waiter, *ud George McCiond, waiter. Loat or Mla*ln??Edward Worth, pnrser; Frank Dougherty, searnaa; Autoine Martin, aramaa; Jacob Ixoknsan, Maw York p.lut; Mtatiael firlti.n porter; Jainaa McMulien. third engineer; Hogb Faticcr, atvkcr, ard I'arrirk Herman, flrcman. Recapitulation?8av?d, 33. missing, 13 J. C. W , Purser. mux We, the ps?-entma who were on b?*rd the lata a>earner Andalit-la, bo-md from New York to Charleston, and which wu consumed by lira aa Pnnrtay nigUL March t, desire to raliira eu' thanks to tbo offlcri and craw or the steamer Manhattan, who, under the Provi. dence of tfod, wera the mean* or saviug u? from a dreadful fata, also lor the kind sees and atttntlon which ?key extended to ua during the reraaiuU?r or our pas M40, and which was everything tbat could be desired:? THUS, a NKI..-"ON, M. I)., Atiguna, Ua. BKBNAHD t. Ht'lUW, New York rjiy. fJKO W. WARD, Conwsyh, ,ro', s. 0. ?m R0"F iCRNf, New York city. Mr*. MAliuARKr DIXON, Cbark^wn. Pnomort Oma. ?The Boston jouraa'a dwertta a hoy of eaeen, John P. WIIHauis, who lias developed a very mrty and atriklngaiiutude for theft, having already beep pnt In prlaon for II ae*en timaa His la?t exploit was to put on a pair of rubber bo?ta and steal behind ibe cxintar of a lehaeee dasbrr, wbere he rifled tlia money drawar of 111, and would bars ewnp-d with H but for the ehek of U? door lairh m he w?nt oot. When uanght fcs etootty denied 'be tt,#f?, and aooHy offered 10 be Mwabed Wbon the irrrrmj was m-tBd under the b. c* NEWS FROM FORTRESS MM ROE. OUI F3BTRESS HOMME CCfUSEiPOtJOHOL Arrival mt the Captain Crew mt thr flhlp wrrrkt'd Mcbooner N. V. Vurnnin?Twenty* three l>n)i on Iht H'rerk before Heirnrd-Ye mm: Is in Distress In Iternsuria?A Vi'iMi'I't Crew liviag Nino Days en Hides* Ice, FoBTRisa Moxnom, March 6, IS 67, U would Beem as though by this time the chronicle of shipwrecks during ihs fearful galea of last January, that prevailed with aucb continuous and unprecedented violence along oar Atlantic coast, should have been completed. On the contrary, tho sad story of sea dis asters incident to this month of fearful hurricane; and rtorrn*, of sleet and saow and the Intense col J, mat added so greatly to tho sufferings of the sbipwreefcod, can never bo fully written. Many snips and whole crews went to tho bottom of the sea la those storms, with no survivors to tell tbo tale. The lut agonizing shrieks cf tbe lost rose above tbo wild shrieks of the storm, and fainter and fainter still died away amid the roar and frcnay of the conflicting wave*. Happily tbo arows of veb?ela supposed to have boen lost are from time to time being heard from as saved and picked up by passing vessels. Once reeciied they are kindly treated and no pain.? nor expense sparei for their comfort and to get tbum bome agaiu ; but no written dosor ption can begin to porirny tbo tiiais, sufferings and hardships ilify underwent beioro ili lr rcrcue. Harely a more thrilling narrntivo ot shipwreck and Buffering at =ea is reritod than that given by Cnpuin Spurting, of tbo schooner M. K Vsiluiu, who, with urn crew, remained twenty tl.reo d >y* on his vessel after *Ue was completely wreck J and disabled before a i.Mauoecatne to him. Ho, with two of bis won, have just arrived hero on the i< Sttluna, which brought them from Bermuda, where they bad kcou taken by the Eogllah abipSod budg whlc'i roxued them. The scl.oionor It F. Varnum, a staunch sed reliable cra.\ which hod only kosu two years of sea service, left Buck port, Oniric, December 28, with an assorted cargo, f >r I'on-Hoo'a, Florida, ller captain bad followed iho eea lor many years, licr crew wore a picked body of young but experienced nnd hardy men, aud the ve.<;?el whs the prinain Joy of a!l of them?a firmly tttsted rafegnard against almost any storm at f? u Her voyage opened wltb a steady northerly breeze, but her sails oniy Cued tbo better nnd she skimmed over tho waves only tbe moro lustily. Tbe breer.o strengthened nnd tho northwest gale of January 0 burnt upon thorn In all Its fury. Tbe veesel was then off Caps :>.ay. Gallantly she struggled, but at one A. M., amid a bliuding *iiow storm, away went her foremost. It snapped off about four feet above tbo deck, as clean and rmi oth S3 tbo breaking of a pipo stem, and with sail acd ppord went bounding into the ten, not so much a.s gtiuing the bulwarks. It was but a moment's work to cut tho ropes and let it go clear of tho ship, no that It should not punch a hole into her side or bottom, and eudanger siukiug her. But there was ono ir.:mlarid her jibs left. With these *ho continued to weather tho storm?which, It will bo remembered, instead of abating .new uioro furious?and under the circumstances suc ceeded admirably. Captain Bpurlmg beiiovod be could make llcrutuda. for thirteen days no vessel wimspoKeu. On January 10, the schooner R T. Fisk, from Easiport, Me., for Cardenas, cotno noar and offered to lay by and take off the crew aa soon as tbo weather moderated. This humane promise Captain Bpurling, though fully appreciating it, did not think it best to accept, as he still had :'a;ih bo could savo his vessel and cargo and bring them safely into port. On th.i suc ceeding day I e also spoke tbe brig Kate Blewnrt, from Philadelphia for Itlo Janeiro, the captain of which repeated the Fame liberal offer, which llUeyriso wa.1 declined. At this lim > tbo storm had some what lulled, but It soon broke oat with p^omlngly redoubled fury. Theio was no lot up. The storm continued day and night. On the 234 another disaster befell the vessel? the Iocs of the mainmast, lor which the loss of the fore mast paved tbe way. through slackening ot t!io head stays. Not daring to trust this mast un ler much -ail on this account, the captain at this tlmo was sailing w ith oniy a jib, and using bis main throat and peak halliurds as t>ta.vs to support the mainmast. The force of tho hur ricane may bs imaginod from the carrying away of this most witli no Mil oa her. After Io.' Iuk this fccond mut tbo vestiel became ton limes mors disabled than before. Her upper works aero now great.y damaged, tho wrrenohlag of the tru?.st at llie bottom had sot her leaking, ber rudder bad becomo dis abled by tl.e heavy sea.!, and she waa an uMor and hojio Iom wreck. All that oo.ild be dono waa to let her drift, work at the pnmpe to keep her rrom kinUnjr, and, with sign its of di*tres* flying, keop an incessant look out for pa.-?.ng vessels. It continued bitterly cold, which made the incoses nt working at the pomps terrrbly severe. B;.t Uio crew did their work most uncomplalnlu^ly. Tho captain took hold of the pumpa with thorn. It was a work lor life or death, and all saw it and knew It. Who can describe those days and nights of toil, suffering end inxiety, Tfaore waa nd Bleep nor rtat for any. Clad in cy garments, tbe mm worked at the pump*. No rood Wild be eaten only socn as could b? hastily snatched tnd swMiofftd. Tbe water gained on the pump3; at tny moment sbo might sink. She had been so ?trained by tho con'.!!!iio\nj iashiuW Of the waves that site, seemed but* ahull. Every oj4 Vil >n the lockout for passing reacts. A far oflT sail would now Ujen be seen, but no'.tiiug could atiraot their botica. Glimu.?rlnc Ughts would gleam at nlgin In (ho dim distance, but, instead ol oomlug near, they soon laded from view. All thia time the vensel waa being carried turther away to sea. Tho men were becoming more exhtviued. It was evident, unless help aoon come, all must Lud a common watery giwt. , l>KUVSPAM?* ASD t.KMJOn. Oa ifco afteraooa ol Jauuary 2t) a sail was seen. Here waa a chanco for their Uvea. Tho weather, fortunately, bad moderated a good deal A small boat poshed otr to Lead olf llie vessel, and succeeded in do!n< so and In attracting attention to the wrock. The ves*ol proved (o he tua ship Bt'dDudg, Captain Kneall, from Liverpool lor Bermuda. Tho captain cntno promptly to the schooner a aid. It was then nearly dark, and tbe sea wm roiling so heavily that with the utmost difficulty the men Mere rescued from' tho wreck. They could lake nothing but wbat they wore, but they it-It inexpressibly thankful for the preservation of their Uvea, after the aevere and paotraoled hardtiiips Lbey had undergone. On the ship Cnptain SjrorMng and blsmoBWie treated with every klndn?ss. They ar rivc.l In B. rmuda February 8, whore more kin^noi awaited tlistn at the banda or United Htatoj Oonail 0. W. Alion. Captaiu t'otter, of th4 brig Henry LonUe, of Now York, which had pat in there In distress, rocei' od U*em on b-jard Ma ship, and during their stay at Ber muda gave t hero the utmost hospitalities of h's rcasol. Wheu re?cu d tho was In laL SI 2d and ion. 02 2i Went, or about one hundred and eighty milai evil of Bermuda. After being abandoned, acl pumping stopped, It la probable aha did not remain above tuu waiur lotu. Ou Keoruaty 1ft Captain .-'purling and crew, with the exo' puuu of one who shipped on tko Llveipool brig K arc ok at Bermuda, took pa^sa^e in tbe nchooncr Sedoua, Captain Teel, bound to Virginia. This schooner was frori Portland, Me, and had been driven Into Ber muda. lbey experienced se\ere weather on the voyage hero, the schooner coming is with bar libs spirt. Going to Norfolk the resooed craw were rocelvcd on bounl the schooner Ciara W. Klwill, Captaiu Long, and most gen erously rared [or. Captain L-.aac Stapl *, who formerly know Captain Hpailinf, at once, on learning of the ar rival of the latter, took meat-ires to secure tbem a froo parage to New York, CaplaiuB.iik 'uun. of the Niagara, very freelv c fie red Uitm the hoopi aliil-s of lin boot. Tbo lost schooner w a# uninsured. Tho capta n thinks b? caivn wa< tns^r-d. Captain tpurliug, to wheat' am in deWeJ Tor the sbova facts, will be ,,, ? i*. miliar nuno by Dtanjf soldiers 0* the nor. Although enteriog the war as % jH+TsIj M tamo out at the close a lieutenant colonel, with brovet rauk of brigadier general. His balUanf services as a dashing cavalry officer, having b en during the close of the war iu command of a cav alry brigade, are too woll known to need iccop.tulation. Bermuda harbor la flllod with ships arriving thero in distress. The atorles of all their disasters would ti<l columns. Tbe brig fine, from Santa Crux for New Tork, with bidea and logwood, was Qfiy-six day a r.aching Ber muda. For nine daya toe craw bad to live db the bids* forming part of tbelr car^a The brig Alma Jane, irom St. Martin's, with salt for New York, had been at anchor on the Delaware break water, bat aba lost her anchors and was driven clear to Bermuda. TLo whaling schooner Watcbford, from Provincetowo, Baas., le.t there January 2ft, and two days afterwards encountered severe storms. Hbe lost two men ?ver ba. 1. besides being a good deal damaged herself. Ihe northeast gale setting la severs] days since still ccniiBumg. crowd* of veo?eis are coming into tbo R'>ads for sbeior. Neitlxr tbs Niagara nor Hatteras sailed to dajr oa account of tbe storm. KISCtUL WTELllgHCE. <>? Pandsy Bight, the 3d tnstmt, Mn. Jeff Darl* ar r.?*l In Chart reaon, R. C. Ii U rumored Uiat loyal "rheutr.aksia" w tu? occasion for uer Southern 'pro TNl ' Senator J. D. Chaffee, of Colorado, la atopplng at the St Nkbui?? Hotel. Captain J. C. Connor, of th? fnlted Stnto* Army; Dr. a B. onll. of Omaha; W. R of California; A. liiake, of Host an, and Colonel O. A Hi n of Massachusetts, aro at tbo Mutropol tan UuloL Count Montbolon, of Parla, la * topping at the Brcroort Bo?a. rnynaator R. I. Sametl, of Oovernor'a Island, la (topping at the Sk Deals Hotel, Llat of American* ftl'WKl In Psrm for tno weok end. tn* Ml Krhrnar?, 1H?7Horn New York?Mr. P John son, Mr. J H. Niem.jrer, Mr. Tboroa* R Pickering, wlfa Hud daughter; Mr. William Hoffman and lam'ly; Mr, Alexander Holland and family; Mr. Freletlck A. Starr, ,<fra. Julia A. i owler. Mr. and Mm Lnvry, Mr J. A. Lowery. f rom Boeion?Mr Jamei H. Ch'adwlck, Mr. tiao.-gu B. ('lark. From Ohlra jo - Mr. JobB II. Fmall and wlffl, Mr. B. F. 8h?rm?n and BOB. Krwnt San FlMa cMh Mr. Georg* B. Howard and faintly, Mr. Kd,ar Mill', Mr. and Mra.ll. F. TlMJhprowhrr, f>uiu Move land?Mr. W. glade. From Hivrtiorii?Mr. W. D. I paid I nr. From Cambridge?Mr, C. A. l<onjf?i|i>w. from Ottaara Mr. E C. MaMooH. Kr?m London?Mr A. Pat liter, Mr. K. ( urtUa. Lotted Hates Consul at Zurich? Cbartaa A. I'ago. ronoam'a I?tb*ti<iatio*.?ffaplrleM of poieoniag b?. Ing prevulent re ardlng the deosse of Mi*. Jane Ko* Imd. who died in Pttutown, N. V.. Nmembor 10, lied. Coroner HcfreoM. of Tlt>y, went to that | laro at the re quest of tiflenn cltlsens on the 0th task, *ud caused an examination of tha bod? to bo ni*ie No evidence of ponotiini* was found, dealb having apparently tw??n caused by oonaoatlon of tlM loaga, and a verdict waa re turned ?? cordmgly. InorMr.?A Portland papwr says I bat a drsvwtaa of thai city, the fore wIm?U of vhoae wagon b* ?me M tacned, tumbled tato the sstro, but held on to his bonwMl, and alter being dragged throticb the air. eta gwhlte bi<came oo diagiuawl MU kt$ bmmA iaut?ai? IHfMM did I MMlMi ICW TORE IBIin in fUELESTtl) S. ?. mciAt cmksmmeme of the hctald. Arrival In Ik* Cky and Rnthaslnatlc !???? lion nt the Repot?A Grand Uauquct Ten dered Them, dec, Ciuiuna, S. C., Vtich i, 188T. The special delegation of the New York Flramaa'a Association, m route for Columbia, S. C., to present a new hose carnage to the flremon of Engine Company No. 1 <JT that city, arrived la Charleston at on* o'clock P. M., and were met bjr a special committee of the Flro Department, constating of Robert J. Duryea, President of the Board of Fire Master*, Mr. U Nathans, Chler Engineer of the Fire Department; Samuel Y. T upper, President of tbe Vieilanc ? Fire Com* pany, and Joseph Y. Hilton, Foreman of Hook and LaiUer Company No. 1. The dele*ation iiom hew York w ro escortcd into the depot, where was rou^recat d a large ^aiiioriug of the cltlMnj, when Chief Kugineer Nathans addressed them as follow*:? Aa the representative of tbo Flra Pt>partTn?nt of the citjr of Charleston, tl becomes my agreeable duly to wel. come you to our city. Tin manifestation on ttie part of your hooored association heart on Ita face philanthropy aad good will. It la the tor runner of i**ace and con cord, aad, I iruat, ? lastltur liolc which w..l bled our two aoctiona. Tbe noble mission which briags you to the ?oil of South Carolina will ever bo remembered by her people, and none know better bow w> appreciate the anuio than the firemen. Again, geotiuiniu, 1 wclcome you, warmly and heartily, iu tho name of tbe Charleston Fire Department. Mr. Henry Wll?na, President of the awociatlou, made tho following reply:? Mr. Pitmnkirr anT) GKsrj.^vr.1 nr Cnaplt to*?In behalf of the Committee of tho New York Firemen's Association, and our a?soelate.i who can only Join iu spirit with us on this occasion, I roturn you my sincere tnauks for this generous nnd litany welcome. Wo aro en our way to Columbia, of your State, to preso?t our brother firemen of that city with a carr age, In order to nid tnom in r organizing their depwrtmont. We hn; o that while we remain in your city or State our con duct will be such as will meet with your approval aad add to the honor of tho ola New York volunteer iiroiu*n. The suoeit weru tfion pRcorted to tho private residence of Kohort J. Uuryea. by whom they \\cro hospitably entertained, alter which they were conveyed to tha Charleston Hotel, where rooms had boea ougigod for th' id. To-morrow thoy will be walled upon by the above committee aad shown the city, and in tho attorn >jh will pay a visit to Fort Sumter, in tho evoc'.n.' a grand bai.que' will he nivun them at tho ai>ovo Ivtsl. Ou Thuttf.lay tho Fire Department will turu out, glvint I them a public parade, and will c&cort them to tho laii road depot, where they will take their departure for Columbia. Oa thoir arrival lu that city they will be received by tho Govornor of the State and the Fire De pat tment, and daring thoir stay will havo a grand ball given thorn. The Iloae CnrrliiKe for Columbia, S. C. TO TUE EDITOIt OK TIIB HKKALI). Reading this moruing tho account of iho burning of tho steamer Andalusia, at sea, having on board the hose cariiugo about to bo presented to "ludopoadont Hose Company No. 1, of Columbia, S. C.,"and knowin; lull well the time and monoy Fiumt by the Now York Vol unteer Firemen's Afsociation In procuring : aid appara tua, I think It no more than right that those citizens of New York who have in times past been benoilMcd by the o d dcpartiueut anou'.d roptaeo I'. I myself am ready to contribute my towards it, and p'opoae tiiat tbo editor of your valuable* journal bo mule tha treasurer. Wbnt say tho hotel propr'etors or New i'ork, who puhl cl.v acknowlodgo the scmcoa of tho old "Vol unteer Department" in ino distantly attempt to destroy the principal hotela in New York T J. & IX BROOKLYN UNTBLLXG2NC3. Cor-viTTsn for Ddrci-iky. ?Two cart men, who gave thoir names o~ Bernard Mullen ar.d James iicClure, were taken before Justice Cornwelt yesterday afternoon to ariSAer a charge of burglary. From the ev idcnco givon In the cago It appears that efllcer Down ng of tho i-'orty uititli precinct, discovered three men a) an early hour yesterday worr.iug, roll tig oat wbiskoy from the Unite J Staies warehouse connected villi the whi.-ko? distillery of John Wilson, at the corner of Flushing ao<i Franklin avenues. When llio olUcer n|>i:rouched tlio premises, tba men ran oil' leavini; Ave barrols ot whiskey on tho street. Tho sccusod were subsequently arm-tod by another officer. The men ctatrri timt they had been employed by a s'rungor to cart the whiskey away from tho warehouse, and wrro not awsro tint a burglary bad been oommltted. As they were unable to farnisb bail Justice Cornwcll committed them U> jail until Monday next, when the/ will ba tried. Accra:? or SHorurrwo.?five piUg, named Mary Murray, Ann Barrett, Ells* Dunn, and Margaret Feeney, were arrested and looked up yesterday Io answer a charge of shoplifting. Mr?, iteming, or No. 190, aid Mm. Lyons, of No. lift) smith strict, cuargcd them vv.Ui ?yi<l tf??od? ffom their stQrw. A SaEab Tuuty entered iho residence of Edward Bay lies, No. !ii> Main streot, on TUuraday. tind carricd off a gold watch worth $80 and $2C0 in greenbacks. Pbomotk>.?Dr. liolley, who Las boon acting as Affirm ant Inspector of the Board of llraltii In Brooklyn, has bovn promoted to the portion of JEfyeutor. Acccsro or KtJi?CLA*T. ?Ooorga Conway was arretted and locked <:p to answer yesterday on a charge of hav ing burglariously entered the storo of John Kenney, at the corner of tiuruilton avenue and Hicks street. Assault on an Ot'Ficmt?William Dewyer vtv\ ar rest od atrtl locked up to answer a charge of assaulting i.fllcor Whitehead, of the Forty-first precinct. It appears olllcor Whitehead found tho acc.i-d engaged iu .in affray on Thursday n.ght on tho g:o?|i of Vr.-ker's liquor saloon, corner ot York and Ma n s roots, and tin a'.n mpt Ing to arrest bin was sol upon by tue prisoner Mid several of hU irionds. I)aowNn?a Casualty. ?Coroner Smith yesterday lieid an inquest in the case of Ellen McDonald, whot.e body Was found iu tho river foot of Wui<on street, E. B., the night previous. II app^arcj la cvid-uce that d< ceti cd Tvai emp!oy.)d as co..k on bcsr.l the car...l boot Cue da, at p>o oni lying near whoro tho bjdy was iot'nd; iSit sho liad been on shore on Thursuny even ng i>n Yisil, and, ns snppowd, fell Into the rircr whilo gettiiiR on board on her return, the p'snk est ndin;; from the boat ti>tho shore bolus; vrry narrow aud nntlt for a bridge. lK-cc.tsed was thirty-eight y?.urs of age, and I tad kxen employed on board the Oneida four > vurs. Somikn Bkatil? Mrs. Catharine I'..card, residing at 37 UcKMtben street, E B., was taken suddenly with cramps on Thursday night and died lu a few huara. She was a native ol Uormany, thirty-II< e yearn of ago, and leaves a fa.oily of six chi.drcn. Coruucr Knltli iart o toning held an inq-ost o-.? the body, when it appcai ed that de ceased La i been complaining for a long time, but fa led to obtain medical atteu<iauc? in connequcnco of ber pov erty. WESTCHESTES INTELLIGENCE. Mv.Ti.ia or tik Boakd or T'csirw, MoamsAjiu ?A regular mooting of lb* Board of Truateee of the town of Uuirliuit ku bold at the Town Ttall on ffodnwday ?rculng. During tbe courao of the proceedings, which vera of a highly important and Interesting character, tbo chairman, Mr. Caldwell, stated that ho bad been served with a requisition from tbo romuii*plonem of Central av:nuc, calling for an ;s?ne of t>onds to tbo amount of $27,000. toward* defraying the expenses or laying out and grading the ratne; but not feciing eatis Otd of tbe legality of signing the paj>or, ho consutud co'.insel, who?e opinion was that the demaud was sirlclir in accordance wilb law. Aliersome lengthy remarks by several members of the Board, freoly denouncing both the law compelling sucb an outlay and tlie projectors of tbo scheme, the requisition was Anally ordered to bo signed. Tuo estimated oeet of this avenue *111 entail a b irdeu of $40,000 ou the town of Mo.n-aula, and nearly $18,000 ou that of West Karai' The portion of tbo street running through will not exceed one and a hall miles, so that the c*?t w II lw> about $80,000 pec mile. Tbo town n bill for ti.e post Ix months, $l,7fi0. wa< also ordered to be paid. A revolution pro posed by Mr. llnpkio* was adopted, setting forth that iho bill to map and sqyvey the loom of Morrteanla and West >'a m-. now befote the legislature, was generally condemned by the < Itlz^nj. In.-tri:c.ti->n* were onlerod to be sent to tbo feuat-r and AMcmblyman of the dis trict to use every eflort in their po*er to prvvant tbo jMueago of tbo same. AiTKMrrco Sermon.? An English woman, named Louisa I'otter, about thirty-Ore yean of age, attempted to comma sub ide a few days since by throwing boraslf into a wetl attached to a dwelling house In tbo village of Tarrytown. It appears that while residing with a Mr. Cri'flold, of IrviuKton, a valuable linger ring suddenly dimpp' arid. Shortly alterwardd Louisa left Nr. Cris u Id's houie, and sinco then tacts havo como to light causing a strong suspicion to bo cast on her of having stolen the missing article. A warrant (or her arrest hiring been procured, an officer was at once dmpati bed oa that errand. Oa arriving at the res.denoe of tbe accused, the ofticer KUtod his i? s.- <. whorenpoo sjie- requeetcd permission to "Ox !.i r - t. which was readily granted. Alter wailing a leaso.mMo length of time "bis g'lar diaaship," becoming impatient, knocked at her door, but receiving no respond he forcod It open and dle? covered timt tlie b.rd had flown, ftie prisoner waa sub sequently found in the well, where she bed thrown her? ?elf and Jo. in which she was speedily roscued In an ox> hausicd slat-. Wheu restored to ConaclousnoM tbe

wretched <*uman stuteJ tbat. feeling unable to bear tha disgrace o. a trial, the bad determined to put an end 10 her ogiittonce in u*> mauuor described. tike M hekt for examination. An tDaTW?An old man named FeUr Bnrkett fell from a hay stark on the trrm of a Mr. Daniel Odell, Bast Chaster, a few days back, and sustained a severe fractnra of lb* right femnr, near tbe upper Joint. la oonso of tl>? advanced age of Bnrkett hla oondiUon la considered extremely dangerous. While a man nnmed Michael Harper wni engaged fill ing seme timber on the land* of L. M. Daranoort, New R'x'helle, a few days since, the axe slipped Item the wood and sad.struck hi* right foot, ?pHH.iH It open to tbe instep. Tlie tin fort tin ate man waa stthaeqnontly fennd In a state of insensibility from Joed of Mood and eonre/e.1 to hie r-wideo. e. A nirgaon l?a? qdloklf in attendance aud the wound ?rre^.?d With proper care Itfciuire prwabic that tu? Jwt m*f ltd anrM m hu? FOLKS IHTELU3EHCE. Bthlut Of Unw Sqcaul?On tbe night or the Mth nit. lb* merchant tailoring establish meat of Mr. William H. Roberto, N& 80 Union sqaare, ?u entered by burglar*, by meana at bursting in a panel of lb* front door, and robbed of fancy cesaimeroe, doesalna, blaca, blue, dahlia and other cloths, valued at nearly $2,000, with which the rascals escaped. The burglars had pro vided themselves with a horse and wagon, in order that the plunder eould be more eafely removed, and it was subsequently ascertained that a oolored man named James Wilson was in charge of the borte end exprees wagon In front of Mr. Huberts' store oa the nigbt ?i the burglary. Two other men, wboae names ars unknown, were with him at tho time. Detective Durenbnry look the mutter in charge, and eventually succeeded is arresting Wlteou, In whoso poaeoevton ho foand a pawn ticket rep resenting a place of cloth rliich bad been stolen Irom the etoro or Mr. Rob-Tie. Wilson m a coachman, thirty yeirw ft age, and lures in Para street. Justice Howling committed him to the Tombs for trial, in default of $1,000 bail DtiuicNasT Lad?rrnLonmro mon his Exri.orcna?Do tecilve WooldridQe, of the bixih precinct, yesterday re turned from Philadelphia, having in custody Otto Pels, a lad seventeen years of age, who bad been arrested for embezzling a small amount of monoy from bis late employers Messrs. A. H. Burt k Co., dolnR business at No. 00 White street, Tho money embezzled ($11 SO) was collected freak' Mr. How..rd 1). Locicwood, 169 Duane atrceL- after which Pels decamped and Dad to Philadelphia, C.iptain JourUao, of the dixth pre cinct. telegraphed on and caused Otto's arrest and detention till he could he sent for. It Is allied that the delbtfueat has collected moneys to tbe amount or $300 from at lea.?t Uftern different I'rms and felon ious: V appropriated the tamo to bis o*n use without the kno* ledge or consent of bis employee* Justice bovw nf commuted the accused tor trial. Otto is a native of Switzerland, and lives at No. 39 Allen street. Alter bis flight i.o Rhiladelpbla, Otto fell into lied c om pauy and wua robbed of aii bis money, wntrh. &c., and was eoinpellwl to writo on to bis fricuds bore for | pcu niary am. lu one of bis letters asking lor assistance tbe prl. oner threatened to commit suidide if money v,,i ] not forwaruod to him at on^e. Tuftrror A Boat. ?James Kiley, a man twenty-two yean of age, was yesterday brought before Justice Bow ling charged with having on ths 2d InsUnl stolen a small Duut, valued at $80, from James Fisher. living at No. 03 Jamos street. The prisoner aud two others wero Burn by the coupRinant to row the boat s?ay freui where he bad Icit il Uiley was locked up for trm!, and search is bein<r made for b.s accompli es. The accused lives at No. U1 uuhariuc auroel, and by occupation is a saiimakar. CBcr.LT* to a Homt - Officer Hudson, of the First procinct, y eater day arrested John Washburne on ilie charge of cruelty to a horde, the burse, which woa attached to a cart, had asoro on bis hip which tho harners wns continually chafing, tuus torturing tho poor ? auiiuai. Besidea tins tne horse was Inm? and totally unlit for service. Waahburne km hoid by Juries Uow _liog ar trial tou.jh, H*::oab Robbkb os tit* Capa? fo n after twelve o'clock on Thursday night officer Ilcidelbarg, ol the Sccond precinct, saw a man passing through Na-ntu ctrcot, mar Beekuian, in a suspicious tuanir.r, with a carpet ba^ in bis haod. Tho nun was accordingly ar rested, and faro his name as Jamoa O'Omaor The pruionor was much oxcitod, and wished to drop hU bur gage aad o.capo, but was provcutod by iho oiil-or. It subet?|!iently appeared that the tai|C'b"2 contained a vnrleiy ol cio.itiug, box oi cigars, &c., valued at a.inui $50, uurt oeloiigcd to Colcucl t'? rdar, of ' sharj sh-ioter" nutorioty, the properly havine bo -n nolcn fr>iji htm on boar J tie Now Haven card miriug tUo passage iro.n Bridgeport, Conn., to this city. JusMc# DjwI im com in ttcd O'Cocuur to the louths till to day, wneu i. ei|H'n:.d that Colonel Herdan will appear in court and pro er a charge against him. ?Allkuep L.'.iti k:;x.?William Dennett, of 277 f prlng Ftreet, app'M.ed before Justico Dodge, at tuo Jefferson Ktukot ^ol.cs 'lourt, yesterday, andenierod a complaint against Geor, e "Hodge.n, al'as George Dingle, charging blin with >ho iheft of clothing and Jewelry to the valu ? ol $i00. The complaint states that on the 25ih of Feb ruaiy ull tlio property viu left n the room of oil plalnanl and that Ueor.:e enured tne roo:c and stole the property, which bo disposed of at a pawu suop, and that he then wrote to a lira. Davis, of 627 Greenwich ssrect, Informing her of the transaction. Uc was com mltted to ai.awor in default of tl,00'.1 bail Aaxwr or Am Aiumcd Bc.u,l.r. James H Dix w-aa arraigned belore Bodge at the Jefferson Market Fo lico Court yesterday, charged with being implicated in the burglary aud thettof $3,060 worth or furnishing goods at No. 617 Broadway, on the morning o/ the 3d instant, an account of which was published eutob?vely in the HttB au> of Wed lb* day. William Van lk-rgen of No. lb West Houston stroel, tstilleil that ho saw Dix and another utan in tba yard adjoining ih? promises on which tho rubbery was committed on the mora ng of the alleged oorglary. Dix was commuted for trial without bail I'm; Faro Pa-nkuw.? Archibiirl II. Brcwn, or No. 74S>i Brcadway, arro?ted on Thursday uight charged with keeping a fambling establishment, was arraigned be:ore Ju?ttea Dodge ycs.crday aud h 'Id to answer in $MXI hail. I>fick:.?:k or FHRTrr Waiter C:r.ui?Uenry Ua>e'., a young man, wa* arraigned belore Justico Dodge yetcvr day charged by Helon Fernsn :ex, or Na 2d Fourth avenue, with the theft of jewelry valued In nil a! $50. Hour; admitted his gu.ll, aud -lalcd mat ho had "oil some of Iho property a:id' had Risen the test t-i soiao wal'ei- girls at n ISroadwny conceit saloon. lie was held lo an. wcr in default of $l,UO0 hail AtLK' KO I.? axd Hkckivinc or Srouw O o;>a ? Franc s Kearney and Philip MiclieUoa wore amigo.d bc-toro Juct.ce Dodge jcs'.ciday on tho e-tnplalnt . oi Uabr.el Blow, ot 171 V.'u^i Thirty-thud stre.'t, which | ehurges Francis with the thuft or fn? valued at ?800, the property or Iliov, aud charges >li-hel*ou with buy lug the pro.xirty knowing it to nave l>eoi. stolon. Ito Kanna h'tilimann testified to seeing Kranrls ti'ko the pro|>?n> and sail it to l'hdip. Both th j are ised denied their guilt, and were boll to an'wor ia sOd each. TIiciiwat Ho?; ekt.?Ctiar'es Eekrr was arralsued st t'.ie Kssex Mnrket Fo ice Court jeeterJay, ?.a the above cl.aiga, a^on eain>>1aint of Christian W. Norton, of Wett Farms. Complainant staled that on Wednesday last ha met Kcker at a place in the Bowery, and was iudticcJ by his solicitation to acconi(>any h>rn to a i.ouje iti l orxyth street, wtiero Ik1 was further Induced by Ec?cer to drink several g aascs of beor. jUUji' iema<u<n; ab n.t hail na hour in the house couiplbinant left a-.d met Eckor, who had left a faw niinu'os pr viooair, at the street door, f hereupon coinplaiiiani says licker >oixcd hold of him and by force took from his inside coat pocket a pock"t bo?k ooutaiuing $.r>0 in hilts, fccker then ran into tha how. Ihls was it bout right o'clock lu the ovening. tiomplainaBt called "watch," but no rrspoitea came; he then tried to get into the house but could not. Dl-itp po nied, ha went home to West Farms that night, re turning the foltowlug morning, whea he gave auch in formation at tiia Tenili prarlnet station h Mi>e as resu'tsd la Uie arrest of Keker, whom I* Ideatilied. HUandley cotnraiUcd the accused for eiaiUtiaUon. TNE kiLt? 0 8rEAT_MT SKOS SWllOLf. TO TBI EDITOR OK TUR UKM iLD. This case, wherein wa were charged with conspiracy and whioli has occupied aa much time 1a the police court aud ao much space In tba newspapers for three months, la at last c.oaod, and In our favor. Knowing full wall what must ha the Inevitable result or a heating before a competent Judicial tribunal, wa have thus far patiently borne the many gro*a misrepre sentations which bars been published against na. We now deeire to plaee before the public, very briefly, soma of tho leading facta. The different between our prose cutors and ounrlres In relation to Foigor & Tibtn is simply thie:?They, with all their aetatenesa and expe rience In business, and with free access to all of tba mercantile agendea and means of in formation, did for several months endorse tba respectability and responsi bility of Folger k Tlbba by sslllug thein large atnounU of goods on credit, and some of thou standing aa their referenc*. We, bavmg no knowledge of the character of Folger k Tlbba. did, Ilka scores of others, purchase goods from them and paid for them aa we acreed. For this dlllercnce In our poaitlons they seek to be rewarded r.ud tusk that wa mey be ponlsbed. The stakes in this case ware large, and If thaae prosecutors bad succeeded they would havo bad the (to tbem) extreme gratlUcalion ot apprapt lattng same forty thousand dollars' worth of oar property to the payment of debts which th y claim to be dne to them from Folger k Ttbha. Hence this com bination of soma forty individuals calling themselves "dry goods merchants of New York cltr:" hence litis charge of aonspwacy against as, and the vlnd ctlve spirit In wbtch wo bava been persecuud for three mon'baby ttits "committee of merchants," boasting of representing ia the aggregate a capital of $lU,0tX),IXM, bv the power of which tbey expected to crush ns. There has been an eflort on the part of tbls prosecution to establish something against us, fcapidg thereby to eeeapa tbe consequences of thslr own greed and folly; but, notwithstanding tbe attorneys for the prosecution have labored assiduously for three moatbn, aided by a "committee," to haatap testimony, "at any cost." and have put upon tbe stand mors than a aenfs of witness**, soma of whom were imported, "at great sxpense," from Oh o, Maryland aad Illinois, they have lauliy failed to produce wen the shadow of evi draoe to aonoast either of as ntth any af the alleged Illegal transactions of Folger k Tibha, or an/ I other person, and . we were honorably aoqnltted *ou the tesUmony for tbe proeeceUoa, the Court refusing to call witnesses on our part, remarking that there waa aoth tog for ue to defend. Oar II pe are no longer otoaed by the rigid Anger of the law, nnder a false and malicious charge.of arime; aad It Is now ohr turn to (tecome plaintiff*, and we promise those gsatlemen of boasted wealth that they will And ue equally as formidable IB this rtl* aa wa were as defendant*; for lh?rs Is BO aa* of onrlivsa %bst we fear to liave ponticly invastigawhl whan wa are permuted lo show all of the facts and circumstances consented therewith; and la any oompartooas of char* actor between our oppoueats and oursslvaa in tU's matter we hsve bo fear of earning i?t* aeoMr*! W tne cornet. m? ~"-ons have r""J? " "" * igan, who I r trial; but ?iwf.icfiry ? ?_? de enoe bafer that frnictlonary; aad we propose to Bos jAftw&tr legal yrwuijim ??? ?i?4 withoat nni of law and la violation ?C his duty m an laiWtisl ?i|iilnU LBONiiU) G. KLINCJL UII H. KLUiCK. CITY IBTELLlGBffGB. Tn Roil of Hosos.?The Bar. Dr. dupta Mlnnd n lecture lut evening, in the Universal lit church, oor Mr or Bleecker and Downing street*, befove Ue Lee Utnraijr Union, on Uie " Roll of Honor." The church was crowded. The reverend gentleman's discourse wsa similar to that spoksn by him on one or two oeeartoaa at other places during the past month. He aluded In eloquent terms to ths honor that should be paid to George Peabody, the eminent American backer, Who had so nobly contributed li s money for ths amelioration of the people, and also to the courageous and persevering meu who had succeeded in linking two contiseuM to gel Iter through ths means of ths Atlantlo (olograph oabiei 1'lkks Aim Wnanvna? A lecture was delWeied last evening tn the rooms of the A*sociatioD for the Advance ment of Science and Art, at the Cooper Institute, by Richard A. Get pin, explanatory of his scheme for the construction of permanent piers and wharves, and tha prevention of aocumn latlont on tho docks, The meeting having been called to order, Mr. Gilpin was introduced, and at once, by means of diagrams, proceeded to exhibit to the audlcnce his plan of opera tions He proposes to construct permanent dicks of iron piles and plates, filled in with coacrcta. There are to be several angular chauucls In these docks so as io obtain a steady current from the back part or the pier to the middle of the river sufficiently strong to carry away the silt and dirt held tn solution by the water, "and so avoid the necessi'y of dredging. The expend of con alracting such a dock as this, it Is claimed, wo.tld be much; 1m than that involved in stone ducks, while it would bo equally permanent. Wkatubr.? It will snow or rain within forty-eight hours, A micro MrnPKa on re* Hhhi 8a*n?'Yesterday Captain Hart and Roundsman Thompson, of the Harbor Polico boat, boarded the ship V.'m. F. fctorer. Captain Urvaot cominanoing, on her nrrlval from Liverpool, tnd srrc-ted the first m?t>>, Selden R. Tucker, on a cl.arro of murder. It is stated tliat on tbe last voyage oot to Liverpool, the * y?"nSf (whose name has not been 80 u,un?rcilul 11 manner Ujut bo Jnm:?ed oveiboard to c?cipo Irotn his tormentor, and wai drowned. The second mate, John William*, U reported to have been slitting tbe first mate. He regained beltiiiii In Liverpool. TuiPKiuncs Dt-iirxsnuno.v.?A temperance meeting was held last evening la tho Presbyiariaa churcn, cor ner of nenry and Market streets. Tbero woro about three hundred persons present. The exercises were commenced with prayer, after which tvo solos were sung by two youni; ladies to tbo nccompiniument or tho organ. A loeture of a buraoroui charactcr w?ia n xt detlverod by I'd ward Carte well, of Canada, winch - as lul or the u.ijal denunciation of liqi-.or, .iquor so lars ?nd liquor drinker*. Other exercises succeeded, and ? collection being taken up the meeting tenninaicd. f'tttiil ItEAOLNU A.Vt) MEETING RtOU, OB SnuXGKRS' RlS 8"kt.?During the last two mouths there lias boon opened a- No. 49 Ludlow street, by Mr. Jno. W. Farmer, a tree reading and meeting room for persons of bo;h sc;es, wliote pecuniary resources aro limited. It has iilready Ivcn visited by large nu allien of person?, and the patronago will dmihtlcs* be inucii more extensive as the estaOl.sinncnt bec-moi known. Kr. Farinr, in his cir f"'*1"' ?;!"La-iios and gentlemen can bavea:reo i ... times, soap, liuir oils, shaving a:>par.ttut*, sltoo b ackirg, biujiies, *e., being Rtways on hand.'' Toil K>:w Gtu*xab School i* 11?,th Strkst?The now grammar school on X15th street, which wilt bo corn menced forthwith by order of the Hoard of Education, will l>e a improvement architecturally to that part of tho city. It will bo one hundred feet deep by sixty reel wide, and rour a'ores high, with two rr.e < &timated cost is <>180.000, and U is estimated to accom- ?! tiRKS.ito two thousand 11 vo hundred boys and jtii'ls. It is to Imi Coiupi*ted by the end of tho > ear. CmTxo Commotio .ms' As* cumo*.?Tbe fir?! Invitn tlon bull of this fociety citao oir on last Thursday even ing at Ctbtial IU11, Nos. 37 and 3'J Bowery. Tho lecture ball of thW building was brilliantly Illuminated, and together with (he gorgeous drees of the fair cox the sceneStas aLiiun'm and bewitching in the extreme. Charles H. Grube is IYesidout, and Louis Weoaenrotli secretary of the ataociation. Miraculous Skate.?Yesterday afternoon while the steamer Elm City *as proceeding up the East River when abreast of Haskin's wharf, she ran down a row bcit with two men la I'. They fortunately succeeded in catching bold of the guard braces, and clung to them until reecuod 8tranee to say tbe occurrence was un obervod by any one cn board tho steamer. Sergeant Graham, of the Twelfth Predict, Metropolitan Police, a pa'sen/er on board tlie steamer Sylvan Grove, which was passing at the time, wliu?3*>d the affair, however, and called the attention of tlio pilot or the Elm City to tbe perilous situation of tlie two men. Accidents. ?Tbw. Evans, residing at 78 Oliver street, while attempting to get on tlie can at the corner of < herry and Oliver streets, on Thursday last, ? ipp.?d and fell, the ear pacing over and completely cutting off one of Ilia arms Frederick Sf^ln man, a soap maker residing at C9 Suf folk street, whilo at work yesterday I ore boo-, at tlia works of Monroe & Taylor, C4 Ciinton street, was caught In tlie machinery and had his a:tn broken in two places. Bo:i> the above woro taken to tho lleliovue Ho-*<dtal. Fritz Hoffman, ?i.ile at work yesttiday iu tho fsctorv of Greeoli.-ld A: Y.iung, at No. 68 I'liirlay street, bad his hand sevorely injured by be>ug caught In the ma chinery. He waj conveyed to the New York Hospital. PR03ABIE WU..0E?. BY UNITED STATES SOID'EHS. Captain Rreinbndge, or the Foarteenth United states Infantry, called yesterday morning at Police Headquar ters and Informed Superintendent Kennedy tbu about ten o'clock on Tliursiiny night four soldi-rs, stationed en Dav d'? Island, named Michael Walsh, John Bums, Chart.* Parker and Bernard Monahan, bad deter.ed from tho Island by, as It la aappoaed, taking forcibl < pne bc? .Ion of tbe boat whioh Is nsed at the post as a retry tj convey tbe troops from the island to the mala laud. It is feared that the g ard tn resisting the deserters were overpowered and thrown overboard, an no tncf of him have b.^-n found since the hour the sokllr-s left tho station. An officer or tlie T*elft!i pncir.ct, shout hall-past el.voa o'clock oa tiiJ same nigh', caw four soldier* cross the Harlem bridge at tbe terminus of the Third Avenue Railroad, one of whom had a i un slung over his shoulder. The officers stationed In the viclutv of tho brt'lgo havo strict orders to arrest all Un ted Stales s idlers In uniform se*n poising the bridge at unseemly hours and under suspicious circum stanr-x#, In order that no deserter may slip through their hands; but si tho oflicer on duty on Monday Bight wan well aware that a guard accoinpanting deserter* always earri's Lis gun with him, he did not think It bis duty to interfere with the four tnea. The last seen af the soldiers was their entering a Third avenue car which was going down town. UTAH REABS HEVAOA A Hlfirf MOIAL LESSOR. [From tbe Salt Lake Telegraph, Feb. 17.] As a majority of eur Nevada neighbors wish to oome Into eloper fellowship with onr cllixeae. and as they assert that Congress Is willing If they are, we may Ji.?t as wen name a few things that we shall require from the good people of that Htate oa their union with un. A good understanding at the beginning of an alliance may pre reat much fabeeqeent nnpleaeautneas, and It should be remembered that although our people are tbe moat liberal In tbe worM la many thlna*. yet, when it comee to prtaelplaa and matters vitally ooanected with the welfare of the community^It will be found that we are as ^ticklish sa the Pilgrim Fathers and at inflexible as Washington. .... Ia tbe first place, we shall expect our neighbors to honor the first great commandment?ta be foiitrul and multiply and replenish the earth. We shall require them to till and make beautiful tne surrace M the earth. In stead of ependmg nil thair energies and skill la burrow ing Into IM bowela. God did not Intend mea to become moles altogether, even for the love of stiver and gold. Oar people would reel nsbamed of a city with tbe bouses huddled together higgiedy piggledy and unrelieved by a stagle shade or fruit tree er shrub, or a rod of ftow?r or vegetable garden. You see the oouaequenco* of tbe two system*?viacultivstlng tlie sur'aoe of the earth, sus tains her Inhabltante comfortably and pees ner way hon ora'dy; Nevada, digging lata the latcrlor of tbe earth, makes a tremendous blowing about her enonaiae weelth, hot actually Meggers on the verge of bankruptcy, and to ksen well oa her reet is obliged to crave the assistance of Utah and try to Impose on this Territory tbe berdrn af pevtug Nevada's debts. If we do we shall expect ?'?beat per shent" profit, and moan to have It, too. The other part of the commandment must be attended to ale* We shall aspect our neighbors to b*gln to he frulUal, to tacraaae their families and fill tbeir valleys with Mr own offspring, honorably begotten and pater nally acknowledged. All abuee of the sexual powers as est he swept oleen away as seen as pooetble We can not oa any nftcount tolerate bouaee of 111 fame, proetltu tloa. adultery or seduction. We are death oa all those erlmlnalltloe aad on all Indecent theatrical and other ex hibition* . Thle amy be a bitter pill fur Nevada, but our terms ma* be complied with. We do not compromiee la tbeee particular* They are eessotiala to our sort af good Moiely. ft may be all very well for oar neighbors to en(oy a different social coaditloa, bat it doee not suit our people. The people hereabout lift their heads far abovs all low, grovelling social customs, and endeavor to live as becomes reasonable and respon sible beings, observing the natural uss of and Divine In tention In regard to the senses, not burning in their lost one toward another, mum oommon throughout Christ endom. We might present farther conditions, but perhaps the ?hove are suIHotest until Nevnde shall signify her accep tance of them. If there le to he an alltaaoe between this Territory and that State oer people wiH be greatly deai rons or improving tbe Nevadans as much as can be, and If possible lalslng them up to the high moral standard of Utah?a standard so exalted that most of the reet of mankiad dare not dream of reaching It?hut, finding It m they suppuee beyond their reach, Ilka tbe fox with the grapes, spend eenstdsraMa time and wind and lak la depreciating It and all the leally praiseworthy attempts af oar people to reach n Nor k them anything nareaeeaMMe In this request of ours, for while our Neveda neighbors are shut up mostly under the shadow af their Sierra, any little shortcomings ? ?? -nmrnr i M jwbedy knows ?Mh tfeoot them, bat whoa tho wtiif IW 8t? ?"Wfl fNB iM okHHttf sad farm an rttaw wttk ? srou ao4 noble and renownad a poopts as Uooe of thl Territory, ? oorresponding greatness sad noblonsst * (tanoMl may Justly bo sxpoou*. Moreorer, it will be exactly right ind not justifiably t bo crumbled at, if we kindly and charitably overtook th past peccadilloes of our neighbors, and belp them to pa; oS the grinding debta which they have contracted la tin day? of their wild oala, extravagance and reeklewnso that they for the future be put on their bast behavior, i will become them on allying themselves with fucb sober, industrious moral, sad every wsy excollei people as our*. 8T. DOMINQO. More of the French View of the flaaaatin Ba Affair. The Paris Opinion National* of February 20 nys o the Bsmana Bay affair and the advantages to tho Unite States in aoquiriag tbs island of St. Thomas from Don mark:? 8L Thomas is, ss Is known, the greatest commsreli entrepot of ibis areblpolagn. It Is there that oil th steamers touch which run between the nelgliborln countries of America and the continent of Eurjpo. A the importance of tnis small island lies, ItJs.irao. in it port The Island baa only one town, BC Thomas, v ith fl? teen thousand inhabitants; but tho trade of St. Tliomai smounts annually to ten millions of aoltors: and tfc> possession of a point S3 well situated, serving a* t & tlon among the Antilles, wo ld admirably suit the Am' loans. St. Thomni and Samnna would gtve them In thi Antilles quite a prepc/udcruiins p? - on, of whirl! soonei or luier they Would uot fail to ^tvoii themselves to oxtei tbeir actual domination or their protectorate ovur the Are hi pel jus. As to what relates to Fantsna Bay tbe IXi.nlnl as we Mid. have only shown themselves too read; to yioU ca;h down to tnc wlshoi of the Wa?htngtoi Cabinet. Denmark, which now lias KL Tlioiua', i-oomi to tl HI little of thli distant 1*land poeieMlnn; ;> 1 tht ldoaof sailing It, as well as the two other Ant., as ok which it is mistress, lias been often ascribed tu thai power. Now tliero exists between tbs United States and Den mark an nil powerful Intermediary which, to givo the the North Amu-loins a new proof or sympathy, would not t,e3 'ate to no its iuil'iouce with the Cabinot Copeuhcg :n. This Intermediary is the Cmr, who eldest tuu lies Koriied the Princess Dammar, daughter ol tbe King of Denmark. MUrGAL AND TH^TSISAL ITEMS. Mile. Ri^a Favnnti created quite a furore In Ir?l by her sinking of Loret's bcauti.'ul ballad'-Not all Foi^ got." Mendelssohn's Ilymn of Praise (Lobgosang) and Ros sini's Slalnt MaUr was performed by tho .National Choral Society at Exeter Hall on February 27. Thi hand In. eluded thomoet eminent Instrumontalists, and the c iorua numbered 700 performers. On February 21 a morning performance was given at Drury Lano fur tbe bcnelit oi tho ramiiy of tko late Mr. Webb. A d')zen theatres contributed their tam^onlM and Mr. Chaucrton the use of the honso. The receipt# wero ?670. Mr. F. A. Covaort Is appointed director of mu-tle of tho opera in 1'aiis by Perrln. Ihe great fva ure of the fifteenth Gewandbaos oonosrt on F.brmry 7 was tbe npp- arance of tho ptusiyt, Herr Carl Ta'if'T, fr'-m Berlin, nans l-t.'llow and Carl 'ii are unuouo ciiy the best pup.l3 sf F. Liszt as wolli two of tho greni"st piaui-ts of the day. 1 On Fibn ary 10 (the King's birthday) Offenbach'* BcQs Ueleiie was pr diiced in Amsterdam, but in an amended and puriiied edit.on, in the "Family SUiakspem'?. method. Amstcriam does not llko ambiguity?a Is it profo-ses uot to like It?so a.l suspicious phraser * carefully erased, and tbs pettlooats of the e rp dt I were tov ral inches longer than the Paris ditto. A Grocnock audienco received Sims Roeves wttfe a storm of hisses and groans, at a concert given at tbe Town Halt la i month. The production In Paris of Oonnod's Romeo and J allot is expected to Uko place during tho first fonntsht off March. Tcreea Carreno, the clever little pianist, is ia Pwla, bavin? returned from Sj-aln. SLe glvas coccrrta igtbl taltu of the Pnncoss Mathilda 1 be followm* is til* cam of Don Carlo*, which Terdl anuouncod would be produced on th* nth last?a duabtlul assurancePhili|> 11, Obia; Dam Oarta^ Morcro; Rodri.'o, Marquis di Posa, Paure; theQraudla qaisitor, David; a Monlc, Castelmary; Cooti di Lerma, Gaspard; Elisabeth do Valois. Madame Maria ."aaee; I'riDccfs Kboli, Madam* Gueymard; Thiboalt, a page, Mile. Lavieily. A story is told in Paris of a dialogs* In the alalia b*? tween two neighbors, a Wagceriaa and * RuastaiB^ which doscnbos the characteristic* of both oumpoeam "Now took here, mon'ieur," exclaims the former, lap. poso you had t!;e pilgrimage of the fUitnAStMsr m Rmm to ties lu iu .*io, how wj.:ld you sal about it f'? "1 should itot it at all," rep.ies the Ucssiaiat) "m I should shorten It by a bunurd icuguea. La Freree Mutitale dou't ilk* the Sonnambula of Laura Hurr a V? h n Mr. Chatterton became Irs*** of Drniy an invcutorr of lit* prop-.-riles was mad* oot, soai* of which roud curiously:?Spi/IU of wi?o for uuum h4 apparitions; three and a half bottle* of lighLa.n^: oaa snowstorm of finest French paper; two ditto of oo nmo^ ditto; compete sea, with twelve long wave*, siifMjl damaged; eighteen clouds, with biaok ed*aa, ia f**4 order; rainbow, slightly fad*d; au auortmom ui Kna*h clouds, tia.nss of lightning, and Uiunderboiu; a a*W moon, slightly UinWhed; imperial maail* mala tor Cyrus, and euWqueo'.iy worn by Julias (itatar and II nry VIII.; Othello's handle rchief; si* arm chairs and six flowerpots, which dance country dance*. The carnival, with all it* traditional giorle* au.| *pl*a dor, is re.lved la Yenica. Zoe, the Cuban sylph, having recovered from i<?t ra> cent Illness, will appear at the 11 a ward, Boutin, ea Monday. ( Mr*. Bowers and Mc"ollum aro at tb* Holiday, Ttattt* ?m The Worrel Skrtcta are at tb* Metropolitan, BoiriU Mr. Arthur Sullivan'* "In Memorutm" enrturo artt be played at tb* Crystal PaUce fur tb* a*u<ad luae agt tbo 16th of March. Tb* Ullman concerts at Venice aad Trieste ha-? t?M very successful, Vteux tamps aad Oariotu rau? lafctag the audicace by atona. Wacbtel has signed aa en agemeat with the Bartia (Opera Royal for five years, with aix mom ha' kavaaf absence. Keaaedy, th* Scottish ballad singer I* hi Boston Mag u ire Japan pa* troupe are givlag th*ir aovut eatop. lalnment at Tremont Temple, Doatoa, this week. ITialay has ttra rest *f th* ImperiaU in Philadelphia One ol th* t>eal concern ever giv*n ia th* flub, ta Judge from the names of the artist*, will bj gl. en at (ha Boatoa Music Hall this w**k, complimentary to if. Jl McOlcnnen. Another of the sam* calibre wMI h* |H*a ta Mr. P. 8. Gil mora Tb* Ration Brothers are at th* Olympic, St !/mia A musical entertainment was given at the Third street German church on Sunday last An Ave M.?ria, bf. Weidt, snag by Mrs. Dtuacha was one of the mxtceaMa features on the orca?loa. Mr. A W. (iionn. the oelebratad delineator of Da tab characters, commenced a alx nights' eogagotnoal at Wall's Opera Hons*, Waiblngton, on tb* Oth. Roredale was glv*n at tb* I^fhyette, Ind , opera House by Raymond's company on the 3d. Miss Heiea Woelera oommenced aa tbti week at the Newark Opera House. It la announced in Norfolk, Va., that Maurice. tm'<oech wlU give opera there In Lent, Brtgaoll being on? or the members ol bta troupe. Otto Hoym la in Pittsbarg. Miss Emily Melville floisliJ her engagement at prta*. Held, III, oa the 1st. The Black Crook, Demon Dance and Mile. Augusta nightly crowd the Rochester Opera House. Madame Ristorl, Joe Jefferson, Owena and Maggla MUcheli wen the attraction* in New Orleans at the aad of th* last month. LiUle Fanchon baa ftalabad nor eoo eenful engagement at the Varieties. i The Ricblngs English Opera troupe are me. ting with, great eneceaa at the Concordia, Baltimore. The M. Lou I* circus is announced to appear in Yasoo City, Mis*., on lb* 11th. The preparation* for Ibe anneal Llederkrarx hall, a* tb* Aeademy of Music, on tbo 21s?, an of the moat magnificent description. It will, to Judge from ibem, eclipse all the former efforts of the society. Mia* Lanra Harris met with a moderate auccr* tai Parle la the r6ls of Pomnamhula Sardanapalea, aa opera by Joaei^rea, ha* been pro* duced at th* Lyrtqna, It la described aa a pa*in:io of recollected alra oareleealy sewn together. Mile. Nui, bob's My rrba was the only good thing In the stair. The Ml* H(Un* Is used up, its prirtins attraction* ai^ threadbare, and It will be replaced by the Lnroo tra <i* Trtotitmr, a piece by M. Detcoureellee, of which rumor raises favorable anticipation*. The pretemlone of some of the opera singer? in ibd Kay capital are becoming too prrpoeterous for m luraaaa, but a* manager bas yet beea foaad who will bell Mm - \