Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 10, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 10, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. % ___ .????? WHOLE NO. 11.U9. NEW TORK, SUNDAY. MARCH 10, 1867. PRICE FIVE CENTS PERSONAL. ' k NY ONE WHO ST'BSCRIBF.n TO TUB HOFFMAN 71 Oil and l-and Association ar Waddmgiiam Gold and Silver M ining I'umcuuiy w<U bear of someth ng gre?tlv to their adran'sge bf addressing t. 0. * J. H., box foal olfice. New York. t ADDRKS8 WANTED OP EDWARD G. OROERARDUS tMorees.?Any perron knowing lbs addre** of enher Will be suitably rewarded by winding u> W U. N., Herald iAn. A LITTLE OIRL ONE YEAR OLD. ALSO AS IN. faat two ?Mt> old. for adoption, at 741 Greenwich M. BP. WARREN'S DETBrTlVE POLICE AGENCY, ? . Broadway. mo*t emphatically declines all anob offer a ?ad mesa you mistake the character and high standing of this Agency. Black crook matinee-purple bonnet. brows sec*. blink dreaa; up Broadway to comer of T*-.rty-flr?t Krnet Will you Bead addfeea to J. C. War jam 'u-h I ax ^ 1*7 Poet office Broadway office, priday afternoon.-let me nee juu to apologue. Liquor *ai the cause. Write ?when : a4 wVt* Addn-ns George T., Herald ofllce. U'REIfflFU.K LOEFFKL, OP ANTWERP, 18 BE JT quested to^all upon or V? send bis address to J. R. B., M Btavr ?rrret, as letters of importance await him. ip M*S. JL'UBTT CHICK (LATE KNIGHT), ADDRESS Oct., 1SS?, No. I Oft Wreone street. New York, is living, or w ooii either, she or he will ploaae address box 6.9M Post ?flic*, New York, where they will hoar of something to their advantage. INFORMATION WANTED-OP CATHARINE AND Lawrence Kenaley, of K lira ugh, county Cork. Ireland; w<ien last heard from In Richmond, Va. Any Information thankfully received by their uieoea Kate and hlleo O'Neil, MB r.lghtfc avenue, coruor Thirty-eighth street. Peansjl vast* papers please copy. EFORMATION WANTED?OP EDWARD ALFORD, OP the city of Dublin, Ireland. When last heard from he been honorably discharged from the United States Nary, With the rank of acting master. Address by letter or per tly IM Third avenue, New Tork care of Edward J. say KET8EL?BE ON HAND AT CHURCH IN THE morning, wUhsai.falL LBPr HOME ON SATCRDAT, MARCH 1, A BOT 13 years of ace; had on when he left a blue oloth orer. ent, lined with purple and black flannel, dark vest and fsita, rubber boot*, medium size for bis age; hazel eyes, Btowa hair, clear complexion; had with him a silver watch ?ad chain, gold seal and key-, also a very heavy gold ring; ?aiek spoken and attraotlve In conversation. Any informa Mea sent to his bereaved and widowed mother will he thank folly received and it-warded. Elizabeth Baker. SOU Cumber %M street, corner-of Fulton avenue. Brooklyn, New York. "BfflSSING.-DAJflHL D. LAIN I.EPT HIS PLACE OP JN. business on Friday, March 1. ltM7, and has not since 1MB heard from; he is !w years of age, 6 feet 6 inches high. Wit complexion, smooth rave, brown hair and black eyev D. Mt. marked on right hand: was dressed in dark clothes. Anv nation in regard to his whereabouts wenld be thank - reoelved and liberally rewarded. Address Willev A M Ann street. New York, or 291 Gold street, Brooklyn. iss b.. op broome "street~ will~find~a letter tor tar at stat ion A.. Spring street. S. L. C? EE, Ml JML la ^ FRANCIS COSTIELOW.?PLEASE CALL AT law offices of Fine k Morgan, 14 and 16 Wall street WILL THE LADT ON . OPPOSITE POURTH avenue, confer a favor by addressing Prank Kldrldge, > Herald office? "WILL THE CARTER EMPLOYED TO TAKE A FIVE vY gross package, marked "Bwieienia, Jor the Teeth,"^to the H Louis, Hudson River depot, addressed "Collins Bros., St. a," call at 17 Wooster street and say where he left ft I MATRIMONIAL. _ TOrNO-GENTLE MAN IN EASY CIRCCMSTANCE8 ?/\ wishes 4o correspond wlthfe young lady of refinement, With a view to matrimony. Address Alfred, station C. A TOUNa AND ACCOMPLISHED WIDOW, WISHES J%. to meet with a middle aged gentleman of wealth and position, with a view to matrimony. Tfillers will please net aaswir. Address Mrs. C. A. Belojur, Boston Port office. r o GENTLEMEN DESIRK TO CORRESPOND WITH two yeuag ladies, aznloably affectioaate and prepoeses view, aurtritnony. Address Hamilton, station D. VY1WO YOUNG LADIE8. GOOD LOOKING AND RE. A lined, desire the anqaalatanoe of two wealthy, gener ous, middle-aged gentlemen, with a view to matrimony. Address, la strictest confidence. Misses C. and J., Station B., Sew lark. LOST AMD POPUP. "|j>OUND?IN CANAL STREET, ON THE 7TII INST., A JP Pocket Book, which the owner can have by paying for ?k aotice. Apply at 8W Canal street. Lost?a mink collar, nbab the corner op Sixteenth street and Sixth avenue. A liberal reward Will be paid on returning ft to 143 West Fifteenth street. T ?8T-ACCOBOEON. tS REWARD. NO QUESTIONS Aj asked. The above article left on 4 P. M. train C. R. R., M.J. Will Under please return, aa It waa valued as a pres. SSt from deceased relative t G. P. B. JOBT?ON FRIDAY EVENING MABCH 8. A BOLL OP J Bank Bills, amounting to $3*0, either at French's oteL Broadwsy or Canal street The finder will ba re waMad by returning the same to 1*7 Broadway, room No. $, Lost?in going from n bboadwat to oobnbb Graad and Meroer, a Pecketbook, marked A H. Dean, ' lining some papers sad S^K Tbe floder shall reseivs a al reward by leaving It at No. M? West Fourth street, r at Charles. A H. DBAN. mm tain Sberal REWARDS. mHB POSSESSOR OP LADT'8 WATCH, WITH CHAT; JL elalae, marked A. 0. R-, lost reoently,aan obtain fcMO C necotiating confidentially through A W. Plumb, Dla ?sMBroharibU Broadway. REWARD.?LOST, A BLACK BETTER BITCH, . with white breast and feet new leather collar. Ap attl Monlagurstreet, Brooklyn. v>. *rn BBWABD LOST, ON M iBCH S. IN ONB OP SOU the Eighth avenue cars, a gold banting ease lever Watch, Joseph Johnson, maker, Liverpool. Nfc 14,7Jt The sUMverswanlwill ba paid and no questions asked by leaving U at Geo. W. Welch's, Mt Greenwich sweet, importer of SPKCIAL MOTICKS. A SPECIAL MEETING OP THE MALACHI CIRCLB, JL P. A, will be held oa Sunday evening, March 10, at 7 ?'stock, at the PoBrtaaath Ward Motel, corner of Grand end IhlsHlh streets. Punctual attendaace ot all the members k rMVArtad u> ukt iotton mi Um preient critic. JnrM?Ma?w. Secretary. 5oHN O'NKIL, Centre. J. C. Ipujvaj, Treasurer. DBICK LAYERS' P. B. UNION.?NOTICE?BOSS J3 Masses and others will take notice that tbe wages of Bricklayers for the oAmtsg year will be B4 *0 per day, oa MS after Marsh IK 1M7. Published by order of the Cnlon. p. BORAZAL. President Mar?ws, Sscrstary. CENTRES OP CIBCLES FROM IRELAND, SCOTLAND ?ad Euglaad >n requested to meet tbU da*. at 3 o'clock, at the Apollo Kooma, 7< Prince street. Br order, ^ JOHN L QUART. UN BROTHERHOOD.?THE WOLFS TONB CA n dot's Circle will hold a public meeting Niwdtjr erislii, ih 11, at ? ??dock at ? Kut Broadway ill tbfl old ibera m requested to HIMi T. T. CORKER Y, Contra. ?Minn m requested to ilimi Jin BiliSU, Becretary IPS Mil fcjPhj TOM OYMNASIUM AND IN8TIT0TR OF Physical Edocatloa.?A company 1* now being organ la the city of Now York to build or fit up aa Institution fit physical culture upon tbo following planThe capital (Mk to bo SX.UUO. Id tw aharea of IWaMb, each a bare to bo tod by a oonpon bond, payable la tta years and Interest at the rata of Keren per eent; each sbare to ?d to one admission ticket. Every stockholder wtU owner to tbo institution to the amount of their aub ??lpllm>. Ia bo event will any money bo reqaired or re ceived till the stock la all taken and the oompaay has ap ?ota tod their trustees and the erection of the Institute began. All who fool an interest ia such aa enterprise will ploaao mmd for circular of la forma Oo a to 887 BrosdwaT. WOOD, Professor of Uyranaatlea. or of physical eiereiooe, Yale College. Rrasrlng In cifc rOTTCB IB HEREBY OfYEN THAT PAYMENT HAM been stopped of Draft of the Pqultsble Inauraaoe Ueaa r of Philadelphia, aocepted uy the Kensington Inaurauoo pony of Philadelphia Jaa. 11. 1M7, at four months, aad ?ay 11-11, for S!UM>. Further aagotiatlon the esse ? hereby cautioned, and Information In referedfee I her Mo ?aa Wild by addressing A. H. Altea, Boeton. or T ?l. He nee, atwy for A. H. Alloa, oouthoast corner Bliih ralaut (treeta, Philadelphia. SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, Thsundorstgnsd bog to aetify aabllc geaerally (Rat thay are aol FEB. SM?NOTICE.? their fneods and the not sad never have heea la or eeaaecled with the bouse of Hetn, IA Co., corner of Jacob and Frankfort etreeto, New fork city. This notice ia published not with a view of Utlng or in aay manner Injuring the bouse of I lata I A Co., hut rtasply to correct toSeoaoapttoa. HK1N A BRAT. JMT hit <11 Battery etreet .I*s. TAXES. TAXES. FOB TRB LAST TIME, FOR Yoked eld, Ollavilla, Pordbsm, Tremant Belmont, lunt, Fairmont, Central Morrlaania, and sTowell's, n's Valentine's aad Flaber'i Farms, at Fourteenth I Hotel, comer of Oraad and Elisabeth atreeta, Monday, h II. 1MT. tORUE COOPBB aad PETER BRIOOg. Collectors. jvHFINB MANUFACTURERS' ASSOCIATION.?THE BE J. will be * meeting at M Bookman street, Mop da , March ?Lai 2 P. M , to elect oOcera for the ensuing rear and to re mm*dlvldead oa aharea. J. P. TEAVEBB. Secretary. XTJMOIKU AND TENNESSEE AIR LINE RAII WAY. V (IntUL Eimw Orriqa, 1"8 HaoacWiT, J >r* York. March t, l%ff. J Shippers by tbla line wll take notice that oo freight will be received for potrta south of Marion, Va. (Virginia aad Ten* aeeeee Railroad; until farther aol Ice. This notice is rendered necessary by the ia J a rj to eeiae ef the toidfea on the line. Bet weanBarton aad Stereoaea four bridges are reported partially damaged by heavy Ireaheta. Rvery effort will be made to surmount theee dldiciiltlae. It to aatieipaded that hut a few daya will tie required to repair damages C. B. KVANS. General B. ageet Vl . ."V. :?^ ??~ LOAM OFriCEI. Adyarcks made 0* WATCHES, dumod >hjew elry. Dry Oood? and Pertonal Property o ry do ?wltttion. J. L JACK SOI. Ill Uraiid street, two .. .a wast erimadway. A DV.tNCEH MADS ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES. SIL A verv are, Pen, flee ForaJtnre, Oatnela' Hair shawls, jr.. or brxjgbt for eaah. Term* moderate. J. S. COHEN, *?? Broad A ay. nearly opposite Aedor place ? WAT )*ANCBD ON DIA ? Ao_, OR THE RATES. A I.HO ^WNBROKBRk' TICKET* BOt'OHT tfOR DIAMONDS, ATVURN. JBWBa RY. 2c . || 77 Bleacher street. up stairs IIISTHCCTldM. i LADY, WHO 18 AWUSTOMED TO TKAVEI-. ^ V u?? a situation as governeea or traveling companion to Rwtoua; ai.e?ka .I?d unM French, Werman and Engl ?U fliienil . ii owl>>< of giving instruction lu music (lilano and ?iai?r>?iKl the Kngliah branches; theiimm satisfactory refereuee* can ue given. Aildros* M. B., ICS Weil Jtlh it. \T Mtt-Bt'StNF.SS COURSR. BOOKKEF.IMNU. Writiius Arithmetic, Grammar Latin. taaght Id alrioMy private room* if desired; ladle*' wrtiiim lowni. ?'J PAINE, fcl Howery, and 349 Fulton atreet, Brooklyn. AURY DESIKK8 a FBW MORR PI'PILS in Dm*i?( a<?l 1)11 Pa'ntlng; tfnn>, $? per quarter. Ad drees ArU*i,I9I1, Twenty seventh struct. BOOKKEEPING ?10, WRITING $A-MK8 R8. DOL BBAK, 00H Broadway, will firm a few cheap clau'n thin week. Appleant* for this touw roust aecure seat* Im mediately. N. B.?Gentlemen or ladies can secure private rucm*. ' CENTRAL NORMAL MUSICAL CONSERVATORY? 243 West Twenty-sixth street. between Seventh and Eighth arenues; mate and female teachers; terms moderate. Call ?er rend for clrvular. Leteons atrietlT pi .rate. PAR18 EXHIBITION.?A FRENCH LADY, HIGHLY educated. i* dealrona to aorouipauy a party or family to Parle a* companion or instructreaa. baring a thorough knowledge of the Herman. Lngliah and Italian laogciagea, and being well acquainted ia the rlty of Paris. Beat oi reference* given and required. Addreaa L. G., care of Weekly Kevle'.v, 696 Broadway. WANTED?A PltUATION AS DAILY VISITINQ GOV. ernesa, in a family dT two or more children, to teach the English branefces a ad music. Addreaa Governess, Brooklyn Poat otfloo. SPORTING. All kinds op dogs and birds tor sale at B. Dovura, 3A0 Canal street, near Church afreet. Medicines lor all diseases. Prepared Food for mocking birds. _ * TJIOR SALE-ONE LEFAUCHEUX BREECH LOADING I1 bunting iJuu. new system; one pair French fancy Pis tols and one line Rernlver; alao a collection of flue foreign Oill Painting*. Inquire at 58 Bleecker street. Frano'18 RPTLB*, NO. 8 PECK SLIP, HAS ALL THR ebolce breeds of Dogs. Butler's lntallible Mange Cure an<f Flea Exterminator. 75 oents. Butler's new work on the Dog. $3. Doga trained, boarded, Ac. Medicines for all dis eases. RIFLES, PISTOLS, CARTRlDOEB, GAME Bags Flsblng Roda, Reels, Tackle. Ac., for sale by J. * J. BRUUH, 183 Bowery. G,,NB.8i WANTED?A SLOOP YACHT, ABOCT 33 FEET long. Addreaa, with full particulars andprice asked, and where to be seen, Captain Henry Bagley, Whit* Stone, HORSES. CARRIAGES. AC. A RARE CHANCE FOR HORSEMEN.?A HAMRLE tonlan Stallion Colt for aale. Will be two years old next May. and Is as handsome a colt m can bo raised in Orange county. He is about 13 hands high, color bright bay, and Is broken to harness. His dam la a fine bred Morgan. Apply immediately to THOS. P. PITTS, J. 8. EDSALL, or W. W. WARDEN, Goahen. N- T. AOOOD ASSORTMENT OP CARRIAGES. HARNESS, Saddles. Bridles, Blankets, Ac., at almost any price, be fore May 1, at TAYLOR'S Carriage and Harness Ware rooms, 5> Cedar street. A NUMBER OP 8ECOND HAND CARBIAGES Made by boat city makers, consisting of Barouches, Phaetons. Wagons, Ac. Also a fine Pbaetoa and Toy Wagon, made by Brewster A Co., of Broome street, for sale tl the Church bnlldiug, corner of Crosby and Grand street*. AN OLD ADAGE-"THE-BUYER HATH NRRD OF a hundred eyes, the seller bat one." Parties purchas ing horse* will find It to their Interest to hare them examined by the undersigned, upon whom they may rely for a correct and impartial opinion. CHARLKB WILLS, gmdnate of the Veterinary College of London. Horse Baxaar, corner of Thirty-sevwntli si reel and Broadway. A PRIVATE STABLE TO LET?WITH. STALLS FOR four horses, snd carriages; with all modern Improve ments, at IBS West Twenty-first stree. Also a sorrel Mare, 7 year* old. for aale, 15>{ hands high; sound and kind in (ingle or double harneoe. A SINGLE TRUCK WANTED?NEW OR SECOND hand, suitable for riding flour. Also a set of Harness. Addres Flour Truck, Herald oflloe. A NUMBER OP FINE BUSINESS WAOONS OF earery kind oonstantly on hand, such as grocers', baker*', butchers', plumbers', milk, depot and express. You will flud Ibis place as favorable as any you cam And. and every article warranted as represented. STSWARTS Wagon Factory. Fifty-third street, near Broadway. ROCKAWAY FOB SALE.?PRICE $100; CAN BB seen at the wagon shop, SI SulUvan street. A A BLOODED DEVON BULL FOR SALE. ADDRESS P., box 56. PtainSeUi, N. J. ABLOODEB STALLION OF EXCELLENT STOCK for sale; bay, 15.^ bands; perfectly sound, kind and sura foal getter; urarrautod. Address P., box 56, l'lainfield. K. J. A -MULES. HORSES. WAOONS, AC.?NEXT REGU A. sale, Tuesday next, 13th Inst., at 100 Liberty atreet. The Mule* advertised to be sold laat Friday, will be positively ?old at that time, and can be seen any time prior to Tuesday's A victoria, COUPE ROCK A WAX, WESTCHESTER, Coach, utp Buggy, Dog Cart. SOS new Carriages, liar noes twenty per oent less than Broadway stores. HAM'S, 10 East Fourth street, eorner of Bread way. Ahorse fob bale cheap.? inquibe at it* West Tsnth street. A SPLENDID THREE STORY BRICK STABLE FOR sale, learned lata possesaion. on Weet Thirty-second street; 9x50: lot 55. rriee $15,000. Coat that lo build it some rear* ago. 8. EMBEK8QK, CI Eighth avenue. ST PUBLIC AUCTION-ON TUESDAY, AT 11 i. o'clock, at 1.SS1 and 1,953 Third avenue near 116th street, orses, Carriages, Wagons, Harness, Blankets, Robes, Ac See auction sales. T>AT TROTTING HOttSE EXCISE?15 HANDS HIGH. 13 8 years old; sound and kind; warranted to tret ta IS. Will he sold at auction by JAMES JENKINS, on Wednes day. March U, at 11 o'clock, at 1.888 Broadway, near Forty 6rat stroll. BREW8TRR WAGON POR SALR ?A PULL ELIPTIC spring, no top Wagon. In first rale order, as good as new, made by Brewster A Co.. of Broome street, for sale oheap. Apply at 87 Weet -Thirty-first street, before twelve o'clock, until sold. English hansom cab?with harness com plete, just imported, for aale at the Church building, corner of Crosby and Grand streets. A1 tfOBSALE-A Ft BUT CLASH MODERN BUILT r Stable. Id Forty-third street, between Fifth and Sixth avenuea; nob for ewckrun. Immediate potsession. R. V. irelAND, W Broadway. Foe bale?a pair op chestnut marks. is\ hand* high. 7 year* old, sound and kind In all har nnt To be Men at UEOBGK MURBAY'H stables, a Eaat Thirteenth at reel. For rale-a handsome top wagon, neably new. Will be aoid cheap. Apply at 48 aad 10 Monroe atreet Fob sale-two horrks and owe trccb. with privileges at the work on pier. Addieas Carman, pier IB Eaat River. Fob ralb-a new light waoon and binolr set of Ha men Will be sold cheap. Apply at PAAB A WATTS' bakery. 94 avenue D, er PAAB'S livery atable, corner Fourth atreet and avenue P. riB RALB-nOBRE, WAOON AND HARNESS, CHEAP. Inquire at 40? Ea*t FiftyAret atreet, oorner of Plrat avenue, or V Liberty atreet Ii^OB RALE-RPEED?A CLOSELY MATCHED PAIR 1 of ?*l "star" Horse*, over 155* hand*, 7 yeari old; esn tr..' lien la conditio* In IM-, will be aold for fljon, aa the owner wlthee to get a larger pair for a heavy carriage. Can be seen at private (table 11 west Eighteenth street. FOB SALB-A PINE STYLISH BAY HORSB. BLACK Iocs; aplendld action; traTela In SM. either donble or ?Ingle; 18 hands; all Tear* old; wamaied without a fanlt; will be sold at leea than value. would make a beautiful nrt vate carriage or eaddle bona. Oan be aaen at pnrate atable, northaaat comer of Eighth avenue and F1fty-8rst atreet. Fob sale-a dark bbown horse, seven tears old. aound and kind, suitable for coupe or carriage, a prompt, stylish driver. Apply at 144 Eaat Sliteaath street. Mar Third avenue. rR RALB-A PINE MILCH OOW. AND ONB COM ing in ontth May. Apply at 110th street and Eighth avenue. TTST ARRIVED AND POB SALS?THE L ABO EST *1 and best selected lot of 11 Horaes In the city of New York, of ?anilemen'e coach and driving Horaes, from IS to W'i baada high, one very Baa 16\ bay Horae. In thla lot are 1* closely matched pair* of Bays, Brown* and Blacks. OenUemen wanting horaes will pleaee give as an early Ball, when ever/ attention wtll bo shown them. FITCH k CO MAN. 184 feast Twenty-fourth street, near Third bvbbim. T I VF.RY STARVE POB BALE AT A 8A?'RIFICB AJ [JEleren year* estabhahed; stock and lease complete. Terms mad* easy. Going Into other business In th* country the reason for selling. Inqalrs at U Bast Twellth atreet. D. mdlqrew. r FARMERS.?FOR RALE, A BROWN MARB. PIVB years old and about U hands Mgb. will soon hare a eoJC^ Apply at 308 Seventh afssuc, botweo* U and 4 o'clock r LET-THE pbivatb STABLE 2* BAST THIRTY sirth street, recently built, with *11 modern improve +<*? _ /. C. BAILEY. 10 Fifth street. WANTED?A SHIFTING TOP BUGGY, BERT CITY make, rieaolof and Dyking core, IV Broome street, onstr Broadway K. LORD. WAITED?A LIGHT COCrB. ROCND FRONT AND leather top preferred; most b* in perfect order. also single <v??e Haenes*. Addreen, with description nsros of maker and price. B.. hot II* Poet ogle*. XUiUXMSI. Mad a MB Harris will open at no. i brevoort niaoe. Tenth atreet on Monday, March VI, ber 8rat tin ^io nation* of *rplng Bonnet*. as alee the la teat styles of ft reastnaking, for which bra*ch ate aollctts tlie patrodag* of .her customer*. Mrs. MDLCHINOTK. m BROADWAY, uah now y '? ?ntyraamoat elegwai assort ment of spring MtlHaery at reasonable priaao \f*E ^ALLINOR, 818 CANAL STREET, has JU8T M r*oeiv\ d ?> elagwit importation of French Batter* Ron net* which ,,k? <? now ready lo skew ber whoteaaMene MIRR ? ARO.^Y. m BROADWAY. will OPBN ON Thursday, WKr*tl '*? ? l?fW aeeoftfiest ef Sprinf F?t tern IoimI* uky uuod?. _ 4 T FO.vifi': rmotitkr*. A luuhtil WEEK OF THE RUSH. Our stores. loo ?tn ult<> *cc?mu.oda'..o th? gr.>.a rrowit? of customers after ciio?p gixvlx. If olhor morel. wouid buy gijoda for cash mid aboiiab the ijrudq of ij'., they would be buay loo. This ihey would And MURE PROFITABLE than to go down town fcowllug, "POSTER BROTHERS Mil ft grant many goods, but they sell them *0 near ?oel the* dun l m?ke *uv tuonev." ' ' OUR AUCTION BARGAINS FOR THIS WEXK ARK ????? ?. loth ca881mkkks, 82ue.: FORMER prices!, i ashlmlktis, 76c. and |i; FORMER PRICK, ?1 i4 ?td h w. IMMENSE lots dress goods ftl 22. 25, 31, 37!, ami SO oeota. These drees gvds are *a cheap ?? before the war. AUCTION ALPACAS at .11, 87t?, SO and 82 cent* per yard. These Alpaca* are 26 cents a yard cheaper than th*y were a few months ago. wr have them mack ami ail colore. AUCTION tabi r LINENS bo cents per yard below former prteee. AUCTION MUSLINS. oo TO FOSTER'S FOR mublin8. We khali mw>i1 to.moirow a full yard wide bleached ?hlrtlrg Muslin GOOD quality for 12;, cents per yard. We ha*1* hui 40 piece* of thene Muslins and tlioae who want them nad beiter come early in the morning as they wili hardly last longer than it o'elnck Yon can buy of us almost every kind of dry goods at half the price* charged IN OTHER STORES. IMMENSE LOTS AUCTION ml'si.INS, 10c. tou^'e. IMMENSE l.OTs, 14c., 16o. aud 18a IMMENSE LOTS 20c., 23c. and 25c. BEST 4-4 wam8uttam, SOc. IMMENSE LOTS TABLE LINENS. CRASHES, FLANNELS, BLANKETS. ca88imere*. CLOTHS. PRINTS. DELAINES. SHAWLS. HOSIERY, shkltinus, Ac.. FROM AUCTION. AT ANY PRICE YOU WISH. FOSTER BROTH er8.h7 Eighth av? near 18th at. And roster BROTHERS, 272 Blcccker street. Attractive sale or muslins AT LAMBERT'S, 623 UREENWICH. ANOTHER DECLINE IN PRICKS. Still creator Induccmnnta will h? offered to buyer* of Cot ton Good* during the oresent week. large lot of Muslins at 12!,c. Flue 4-4 white muallns lft-., market once 20c. Belter quality 4-4 Muslin at l**c. and 20c. 4 4 New York Ida Mills munim 20c. Extra quality 4-4 Muslin, sue an wamiutu, 35c. 4-4 brown Sheeting* 18c., 2l)c. and 22c. Auction k t at cassimere* at 7Sc. ami $1 per yard. Auction lot of Soring Dress Goods, in new and desirable styles, very reasonable. Lot of rtqnee at 6oc , ?sc. and 7Se. A handsome assortment of Plaid Jaconet*. Table dauiftika, Napkin a, Ac., very much leM than regu lar retail price*. lambert'S, ms Greenwich street. N. B.?Preserve this as a guide to cheap goods. 4 T MRS. GAYVOR'S NEW STORE. A BROADWAY. CORNER OF TWELFTH STREET. CORSETS A SPECIALTY. SPRING GOODS JUST RECEIVED. Ladies, before making new dresses, should procure a pair of Mrs. Gaynor's reiebrated Paris Corsets, the most ELEGANT SHAPES EVER imported. SKIRTS. SKIRTS. Latent Paris faahlooa, including the favorite train attach. Blent, is adapted for Skirts of all sixss. Full dress Over Skirts, with trains. Walking Skirts, Ac., ac ?all at very low prices. Skirts and Corsets to suit all figure*. " N. B.?Mrs. Gayaor personally attends at this upper store, 834 Broadway, corner of Twelfth aueet, and k6 Broadway, between Eighth and Ninth streets. AT. STEWART A CO.. ? will open Eonday, March 11, A CHOICE assortment OF SPRING style8, ?f Paris and New York made. CLOAKS, sacques. basqllne8, Ac., m sua and Cloth. Broadway a?d Tenth street. AT. STEWART A CO.. ? will open Monday. March 11, A CHOICE ASSORTMENT OF spuing SILKS, jaconets, rareoes, Ac., and will largely replenish all their POPULAR STOCKS OF DRESS GOODS, at 29c. 80c. 80a. 76c. and $1 per yard and upward*. Broadway and Tenth street. AT F. DE perceval'S, 730 Broadway, oppoaite A star place. LADUM' AND children'S fl'rwisuino GOODS READY MADE AND MADE TO ORDER. CHILDREN'S SACK.* AND SUIT8, INFANTS' CLOAKS, DRESSES, APRONS. SUPS, CAPS. AC.. AC. FRENCH LINGERIE, LARGE STOCK OF embroid ERED YOKES FOR CHEMISES AND NIGHT GOWNS, AT VERY LOW PRICES. INITIALS AND monograms EMBROIDERED to order <m handkerchiefs, TABLE LINEN AND BED clothes. stamping AND STAMPED GOODS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. T A REDUCTION OF SO PER CENT FROM OLD _ prices. ?? Job lots from auction?66.000 roll* of fine French Velvet and Gold Paper. ???. per roll, usually sold at |x Very Una Tinted Paper, 26c. per roll, usually sold at doc. 20,000 yards verv thick oilcloth 60c. per yard. Fine Gold Window Shades %Si per pair. Also a large assortment of stair Carpets, Mala, mautngtac. At jarvls^s, 37V Hudson street, opposite Domiaick street. A1 T IRWIN A J. SIMPSON S, 265 Sixth avenue, near Seventeenth street. Last week of the great clearing sale. 160 pieces White Marseilles at 60 cents per yard. Great bargains In Table Damask and Napkin*. 910 doc. fine English Has* at 10 eenis per pair. kleoant Bead Gimps and krinuee at half price. 4400 fine hemmed nandkerohiete at 26 oents each. Our entire stock reduced from 26 to m per cent, | 100 doc. beet French Kid Glove* st $1 10 per pair i Lots ef Silk aad Velvet Ribbon*. Braids and buttl 10,000 loU of Fancy Goods at clearing prices. i AHT MME. K. O. EDWARDS', W FOURTH AVENUE. ? b?MM TwMtj-Moond and Ttreaty-thlrd Mrtlli, ana 76 Third avenue, Mar Twelfth atreet; Stamping a ad Km broidsnes, Initials and Monogram*, for haadfcerchieta, table linen and beddotbee; ladies' aatl babiee' baen ready Bade, I AT MADAME VIOOUBOUrB, UP FOURTH AVENUE, J\ between Twelfth and Thirteenth atreet*, Stampins. Embroidery, Lingerie en hand or le order. Initial* and Monogram* for handkerchiefs, curtain Uble and bod dathes. Bargains In A i minster, Moquette. Wilton, Velvet, Tapoetry Bruasela and Brussels Carpet*, old English Oilcloth*. Drapenea, Lace Curtain*, Llaen*. Daauakta and all kind* or I'pholatery Oooda FOR THIS WEEK, at prlaas rsceatly reduced. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway aad Tenth strait. CARPETS.?D- KELLY A CO. HATE JUBY OPENED a choice aeiaoUon at Oarpota (all the latest styles) for the spring trade. Alao a choice aaaoitmsat of Oilcloth*, KMaU, Matting. Window Shade*, Ac., whMh wo will i iha lowfMt drices. Corner Twenty-Ofth atreet aad Slith avenue* CLOAK 8. CLOAKS. BRODIK'S, SOU CANAL STREET. WHOLKBALE STOCK NOW READY FOR inspection. SORNYN BROTHERS WILL offer, THIS WEEK, A fine STOCK OF SPKINO goods, from AUC >N, AT LESS than WHOLESALE PltlCES. dkkhs goods, veky CHEAP. BLACK, COLORED AND WHITE ALPACAB: COLORED AND BLACK ALPACAS AT BO CENTS. WORTH St A yard. fine PRINT* AND MUSUNa AT 11W CENTS A YARD. PILLOW cask MUSLINS AND SHEETING, vert CHEAP. SHAWLS, linen AND WHITE goods. OKEATLT REDUCED. DIAPER linen AT $8 A piece, WORTH $5. CLOTHS, CASblMERES AND SATINBTB. SATINET AT 80 CBNTS A yard. WORTH >1, AT CORNYN BROTHERS, 4R Eighth avenue, near Thirty-eighth atreet. Dress cutting.?robes garribllb. pbin ee**e, Sultana, Basque* and 8*o*k, cut and fitted by Mme. KIEFFER, lei East Ninth street, betwoea Broadway and Fourth * venue. First grand opening of spring patterns. - MME. GILLESPIE. No. ? Cllntoneplaca. aad MME. DUYAL. Ml Broadway, will have their Brat opening of plain and trimmed Pattern* March 10. Novelty, beauty and e* qulalte taste will be the order of the day. Taylor's mural ous system tor cutting ladles' dre?es will bo eiplainod. IMPORTANT TO THB LADIES.-THE GREATEST IK. 1 provment of the Me.?By 8. T. Taylor'a mathsmatleal system draw see are new being cut and made to (It beautifully and the ayaiem taught at the Inventor'* sstabUshaiant by Mias Starting, MS> Caaal street: Mme. Duval, 811 Rroadway, and Mme. Gillespie, No. 8 CUnton plana Good outter* are In groat daaaand at prices varying from $15 to ?? per week. Ladies are Invited to call at either of the above aamed plana and teat the new Invention. T OIBEAU'S PATENT HOOP SKIRT HOLDER. JU No mora aeeldaata frr?m hoop shirts. No more ridiculous situations for ladles. No more springs ahowlng below the Balmoral. Mo more t*nslod sorinas. No more hoop skirt turning SSSM which way. With the LOISBAU'B HOOP SKIRT HOLDER, Absolut* Immorabltttv. safety, eaae aad elegance. Bold at retail la all fancy aad dry goods stores. Whs lees It dealers, BM. LoIHEAU A CO., 88* Broadway, Maw York. Wanted?AgeaU for the country. M"** BERNARD, LATB forewoman OF MME. ROULLIER. has rocoived all the latest Parti stylea for Drgssea, Basques. Ac. 78i Rroadway. near Tenth streal EICH EVENING BILKS, BALL DRESSBS, OFBRA ('look*, real India and Preach, Camel'* Hair Shawla, lasels Point Lara. Embroideries, Linen Cambria Hand kerchiefs m,. at eireedinglr low prtoaa. A. T. STEWART A CO.. Rroadway aad Tenth atreet SPECIAL BABGAINI FRO* auction. We have lust received from auetloa eome extraordinary hsrgalsa. which we offer at great inducements, eonsliUn^ or " " " ' " ? * ~* " M Delaines Tamlee (I 40, ? . ? Oaaton Clothe, lone and squara Thibet Shawls. Black Silks, elegant goods, below roet of Importation; Foulard Silks SL worth SI W; one case Oe nappe Stripes, vsryjiaad soma, 17 SO per dress, worth $lfl. Atw one case of AJpsoaa Mr., worth78a.; one reseat ?S'n i worth Ws.: on* eaae el/8ft. worth SI-one rasa silk sad worsted striped Poplins $8 7S and H 80 per d<aen, juet half price. N. B ?A vary oholea stook af B'unbaiinee. 8-4 Ueallne* |l, worth SI S7U; 81 Its,, worth ?180: Tamise ft * worth Bl worth Hi Crape Enganee Mc , worth Tie.: 0 HuDBOta, spring strle. CaO and etamlne at Jackson a co.'s Mouminc store. No Ml Broadway, opposita Tiffaay A Co. rB PATENT FASHION BRfRT.?GRAND triumph of the age. The fashionsble world la great commo tion. Complete revolution la Hoop Skirts. This Skirt la made from doth, worse sipreeely for It. and in aueb a man ner that the *prtn?a ire completely hidden. It being whole, like a common muslin skirt, the aid difllrultie* or gattlng the feat entangled inoni the wirea. or catching the wire* on ob atactee in UM> aUh. or on eerviage ar car steps, Ac., are over some. and the liafctMtle* in the mnny accidents which have heretofore an uftea proved fatal to life and Unib, are moat surely avoided. Th* Skirt, though a whole cloth ahJrt. is no heavier than an ordinary skeleton skirt, aad oaa be washed withput Injuring the sm

iCr sale b* 4 T %*wabt A CO.. wbolaaato ?>d retaM DRY GOODS. rPHE CROWDS THAT FLOCKfcD PROM ALL PaRTBTO 1 both our store* duru , the t wi wtgk HAS M'kEaD COSSl'i ti NATION among (he antediluvian thread and ucedle hucksters of Iha Ihey can't Me wby we are crowd *1 while tliev are not WE WILL POST TIIBM. With plenty of ready cash, we buy at all the auction sales, or wber??er we can #et f >ods cheapest. With two stores n* can run nil larve lota AT SMAL.. PltOFII'S. Thl* Is how we have balgaiaa on every aide. I,WW pieces black Alpaca Brnul, 3rt>urd? 51. worth (1 75. J,Ot?i pieces wet Rttffiiuga, 2?. a piece, all widths; bat gains. h.U W pieces U unity V. mid 3'. 6 I a PMOB, bargaius. l.iW rusher Uc? Veils. f I. worth $1 SO. 800 doxen ladles' tine linen Collars, tie. north l6o. and 18c. IU.iW yaida bleached buck Toweling. ta , worth 3a. ?kl.; great bargain. UK) pieces yard wide Shirting Mualln, 30c., good aa Warn* ?utta. 8.1*10 yarda henry yard wide f.inen Is. per yard. Maria ns In wet linen Handkerchiefs Towels, An. Ladies comn from all paril*f the country, satisfied they can get almost everything under regular prices We have 1.0UU lota rich I) re mi Trimmings, '4 importers' prisss We keep the largeit and cheapest stock of Small Wares In the city, betides a splendid atock of U loves, Homer;' and Em broideries. We keep a larce assortment of Housekeeping tioods, Flan nela. Blankets, Curtain Vuahns and at low prici-e. KONALOSON A Ml ARBK. cor. tith av. and ltttli ai., and ItA 8ta av., between 19th and SOlh at*. FIWMIU.. * LBERT II. nicolay, A STOCK BROKER AND auctioneer, MO. 43 PINE SIR' F.T ESTABLISHED FIFTEEN YEAR8. 11 sunt nee. City Railroad. Oaa Light, 8;ink, Telegraph, Elt>r<-s?, Manufacturing and Mining Stocks receive sne -l.i! attention. mid eoine on hand for sale. paving from 10 to 20 per <vut dividend!, at low ratea for investments. \ Ta HKrriNi; OF DIRECTORS OF THE NATIONAL Jw Bank of North Amerlra, held on tbe ?th day of March. Mr. JOHN J. DONALDSON' late of the Ann of Messrs. II. B. ClaBIn .* Co., waa unanimously elected President of the Bank, In place of Mr. John I*. Yefverton. deceased. J. A. BEAitDSi.EY, C ax filer. New Yobc, March 9. 1M7. A LIMITED AMOUNT OF MORRIS AND essex I tall road Company lirst mortgage seven percent Bonds, 80 year* to run. interest pavable Vav and November, for aa> by VERMILYE A CO., 44 Wall street. ? citizens' S A VINOS BUNK. J Southwest comer of Bowery and Can&l street. SI* p'T cent intereat, fre<- from tax. Bums from $6 to $5,000 received. M'>ney deposited now will bear la threat fram April 1, nay able In July. Executive office western union tele graph Compauy, 143 Broadway, New York, M arch 9, 1887. Tbls Company la prepared to anticipate payment of lie Bonds maturing on the 1st of May next, at a reasonable dis count for tbe unexpired time. O. H. PALMER, Treasurer. M ONKY TO LOAN AT seven PER CENT?IN LARGE or am all amount*, on Hint class Propei it >n this city. KIM: k CO.. Mo. 9 Twenty-third street. Fifth Avenue Hotel. Money to loan.-wr have several amounts on band to loan on eltv Real Estate. Mortgagee cashed. RRADHUKST t FlhLO, 00 Cedar street. P* NNSYLVANIASTATE LOAN. proposals fob a loan or ? An act to create a loan .for the redemption of the overdue bonds of the Comraouwealth. Whereas the bonds of the Commonwealth and oertaln cer tificates or Indebtedneae. amounting to $2K.WU^M)U, hare been overdue and uoald for some time past; And whereas tt is desirable that the same should be paid and wlthdraw^roin the market; therefore. Section 1. Be It enacted by the Senate and House of Re presentatives et the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania In Qen eral A?a*mblv met, and It la hereby enacted by the authority of the aaase. That the Governor. Auditor General and State Treasurer be, and are hereby authorized and empowered to borrow on the faith of the Commonwealth, In sucn amounts and with such notice (not lea* than fortv days), a* they may deem most expedient for the interest or the State, twen ty-three millions of dollars, and lame certificates of loan or bonds o ft he Commonwealth fur the same, bearing Interest at a rate not exceeding six per centum per annum, payable seml-aunually, on the 1st of February and let of Augest, In tho city of Philadelphia; whloh certificates of loau or bonds shall not be subject to any taxation whatever for State, municipal or local purposes, and shall be payable as fol lows, namely:?Five millions of dollars payable at any time after five years and within ten years; elgnt millions of dollars payable at any time after ten year* and within fif teen year?, and tea million* of dollars at any time after fif teen years and within twenty-five rears, and shall be signed by the Governor and State Treasurer, and countersigned by the Auditor General, and registered In the books of the Auditor General. and to be transferable on the books of the Ceran -awealth at the Parmer*1 and Mechanics' National Baa) '^Philadelphia; the frooceda of tlia whole of wh ch loan, .abiding premiums. Ac., received on the same, shall be applied to tne payment of the bonds and certificate* of lndeotedne** of the Common we*'th. Sac. S. The bids for the said loan shall be opened In the presence of the Uovernor, Auditor Ueneral and State Treas urer. and awarded to the highest bidder: Provided, That no certificate hereby authorised to be lasued a hall be negotiated for leaa than its par value. Sac. I The bond* of the State and oertlfioatea of indebted nesa, now ever due. shall be receivable In pavment of the aaid loan, under such regulation* a* the Oeverner, Auditor General and Slate Treasurer may prescribe; and ever; bid der for tie loan now authorized to be issued ahall Mate in hi* bid whether the game la payable in oaah or In the bond* or certificates of indebtednesa of the Commonwealth. Kbc. A That all trustees, executors, administrator*, guar dian*, aanla treasurers, committees or other parsons hold ing In a fiduciary capacity bond* or certificate* of Indebted, neaa of the State, or money*, are hereby authorixed to Md for the lean hereby authorized to be laeued, and to surren der the bend* or certificates of lean held by tliea at the time of making auch hid. and to receive the bond* authorized to be isKU*4 ojr this set. Sac. 1 Any person or persons standing In the fiduciary oapacity stated In the fourth section of this act who may desire to lareat money tn their hands for the benefit of the trust may, without an order of ootirt, invent the aame in the bond* authorised to be lasued by thts act, at a rate of pre mium net exoeedlng twenty per centum. Sao. That from and after the naaeage of this act all the bonds of this Commonwealth ahall be paid off In the order ef their maturity. Sac. T. That all loans of thla Commonwealth not yet due ahall be exempt from Stale, municipal or local taxation after the intercut due February first, one thousand eight hundred snd sixty ?even shall have been paid. Sac. ?). That all exiatlng laws, er portions thereof, incon sistent herewith, are hereby repealed. JOHN r. GLASS. Sneaker ct the House ef Representatives. L. W. HALL, Speaker of the Senate. Approved the second day ef February, one thousand eight hundred and sixty seven. JOHN W. OBARY. la accordance with the provisions of the above act of As sembly sealed proposals will he received at the office of the Stale Treasurer, la the City of Ilarrisburg, Pennsylvania, until IS o'clock M. of the 1st day ef April, A. D.. 1807, to be endorsed aa follows:?" Proposal* for Pennsylvania State Loan. Treasury Department, Harrialiurg, Pa.. United States Bids*wiu*b* received for $4.000,uuo, reimbursable In five years and payable la tea years; |6.UM,(U0 reimbursable In ten years and payable In Sheen yea's, and $H),u00.0tW, reim bursable In nfteen year* and pavatile in twenty five years, the rate of Interest to be either Ave or tlx per cent per an num, which mint be explicitly stated In the bid: and tne bids most advantageous to the State will he accepted. No bid for leas than par will be considered. The bonds will be Issued la sums of |fii> and such higher *nms aa desired by the loan era, to bo free from Stale, local and municipal taxee. The over due bonds of the Commonwealth of Pennsylva nla will be received at par In pavment of this loan; but bid ders must stale whether they Inteud to pay in oaah er in the overdue loan* aforesaid. Sa distinction will he made between bidders paying la eaah or overdue loans. JOHN W. OEART, Governor of Pennsylvania. JOHN K. HARTRANFT, Auditor General. W. H. KEMBLE, State Treasurer. N. B.?No newspaper publishing the above, uatoaa autho rised, will receive pay. VXTILLSBLL. AGREEING TO repurchase AT AN TT advance of XJ per cent, one year hence, should bayer wish, soma Snares in n first class Colorado Gold Mining Company. Just organised. Address S. T., bog M Herald $55 000 70 LOA!( 0NIMPROTIKD RBAL K8' tate In this city. In any sum. W. H. WOOD, ? Wall street. ?ion nan TO loan on new tobk city, JRi.sjU.UUU Brooklyn and Jersey City first ctaas Im proved real esUta. AddreeeO. H., box ?? New York Post olBoe. *ocn Ann w>a*-ik to suit, on ?P^OU.UUU Brooklyn, Now York and Maw Jersey Real Estate. Frompt attontlon. OHAS. F. OILMAN. 1U Broadway, roogg No. S. TO LOAN ON BOND AND MOBT *oon nnn ok ?0!fd a"d *obt. JrZoU.UUU gags on Real Eatoto, In thla elty and Brooklyn. ISAAC HOMO. ? Pine street, room No. ?. Aooe nnn ">** ?* ??!,D amd mobt. IoJO.UUU gage. In one or mora sum, aa real Mlato. la thla aty or Brooklyn. JOHN F. CON BET. ? Wan street, room II OWAETW EMHI PI. A~~~0BNTL?MAN WHO SPEAEB FITS I.ANOUAGBS, la a perfect riding master snd veterinary surgeon, wishes a Partner, to eotsblish a Biding School. Addreaa H. Locwoahorg. No- 1 Fark place, room 11. i B ESTABLISHED FIRM, DOINO A FAYINO BUSI nees. would take a partner willing to angage actively In the business, with moderate capital. SOUTH MAYD A CO., *4 Cedar clrsei FABTNEB WANTED-WITH fSOOtO, TO TAKE THE place of a retiring partner In an established and snceeea ful auction bouse or Panooast M Warnock. Philadelphia. Address N. F. Paneoast, HO Market street/Philadelphia. WANTKD?A PARTNER IN THE COTTON BROKER. I age businesa, by aa eetablished house In thl* city; rapt tal, credit *nd energy are required. Addreaa, with full par ticulars. Cotton. Herald office. *i nnn -**?* chancb-partnrr wantrix ?pl .U' f't. a* cashier In tne very beet paying exhibition In A merles; performing to crowded Bouses; association first cieae. Inquire immediately at Ml Hudson street. ? on nnn TO ?"?"?'-A BABE opportunity !ptjU,UUU of either aeneral er epoclal partnership bow uffcra to a gentleman with thla amount. In a respect able, well established New York drv good* commission bouse. Addreee Dry Good*. Herald office. Willi. H?DUM, d*cT _ A gentleman goino To ei rofe wishes to ?l?P<Me of a small lot of Henneesy's Brandy, for cash; ?anpie* isenl to any pert of the city) la gaUou demijohns. Addiees llroker, Herald office. Good bourbon ?i cents pbr bottle-. $* Per gallon: eery choice and okl |l per bottle, |6 per gallon; pure liquors bv retail at tmportcr'e prtcea: Mordent* Wlna Icirpsur p Vast* * Fulton street comer of William AMI NKUKNTS. . Broadway theatre. admission so cents. Corner Hroulw ly and Hro?<m? CONTINUOUS!,*' CICAMMKtl IIOUSKS. STANDiNO RO? 1VI only at 8 o'clock, MtMt the unprece let.tcd popularity <?! tli* world renowue<i comediaua and original delineator* of iRlMl AND YAN KEE LIKE. MH. AND MRS BARNEY WILLIAMS. whose engafemooi i? regretfully United to ONLY TWO WEEKS bohe. this KVKMXil open at 7. b^ido* at 1%. MATINEE on Saturday March 16. at Io'clock. I be Irteh drama of Sli-XXOY MAGL'IRI'. shandy MAGUlHBtariltl aoagO.. .Mr Barney WillUme Io u.' follow el Iiy the MtumaaiM proteau <'<>ti. ly of AN HOUR |M 8BVILLK* la wbiob Mr*. Birnaj William' will amni eiaht different character*. ?Hh tcnciian,,e? of aupcrb cOHtume. KukIihIi. Spanish ?nd American, Ho* offlcs open from * to 6 o'clock. Seata in iy lw secured tit day* 111 ailvanoe. GERMAN ^TADT TfMUTtS. 45 AND 47 BOWERT. Third week of the i?o?t aitoceaaf ul en :ag"inent of MR. BOOUMIL DAWISoN, W ho will appear an follow*:? MONDAY, March II, aa W A LI.ENTE; N. WEDNESDAY, Marrh 1#, ai PEREIN 111 Donna Diana. FRIDAY. March IS. an URIEL At'OWTA. HARTZ' TEMPLE OK MYSTERY, W BROADWAY. Notice .-?Other aitructlona la pieparat.on, tbl* will poalttroly he ihe LAST WEEK OP THE PRESENT PROGRAMME. Proteus, or We Are Here: But Not Here; Floating Head; Growth of Flower*. Ac., will be repeated EVERY EVESI NO AT ft, S ATURDAY AT 2. Ticket*. SO win*; Reserved Switn, $1. For Bale, lis days In advance. at the Hall. from 9 till 6. The Chickeriun piano is u?e<t at these anaooea. Wednesday, juvenile ulght. Children half prlco. GUAR) BY WHITE'S TROUPE -EVERY NIOHT, at Bryant a Mechanic*' HalL 4Til Broadway, neitr Grand street. GRAND REVIVAL OK the OI'.eat IRISH DRAMA, FENIAN'S OATH, every feniab'H OATH, FliNIAN'S OATH, evening FENIAN,* OA IH, FENIAN'S OATH, thleweek, FENIAN 4 OATH. FENIAN'S OATH, at till* popular FENIAN'S OATH, FENIAN'S OATH. depot of tun. FENIAN'S OATH, OR the IDIOT <>F KILLA.KNEY. OK Tllli IDIOT OF KILLARNEY. SIAMESE TWINS, siamesf. TWINS. skeleton WITNESS, SKELETON WITNESS. Baldwin, the oreat ixdian juggle*. BALDWIN, the OREAT INDIAN juggler. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS?4*5 BROADWAY. Tho Trouble commence* at quarter to emht THE CRKMK DE J.A CRKMK OF MINSTRELSY. BIRCH, WAMBOLD. BERNARD A BACKUS' SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. whose mcrMM has never been equaled by any similar organI intInn In the world. New aud cheerful Burlcsquee every week. Hilton Head Institute. Ten minutes at the Academy of Musln. A Dangerous Game. or tbe Keno Sharps. I will Marry Her so Early in the Morniug. Shout* of laughter ai the shadow Pantomime, aud Uie screaming Black Cook and African Ballet Troupe. Kelly * leovs minstrels, rao broadway. Crowded nightly to enjoy the rei'reahing luxuries. Grand Operatic Burlesque. fifteenth Night of PAT TI LEON STREETS Ctnderleon, fiTTI A In T Slnfs the T T Demon A In T T Pa- T Kstasl, R of R Dance, T Pa- T T rt?. A Baclo, K New E Kellefantl, T rts. A I T T A P Ardita. E York. E Seymouriiall, I T T A P T T Allenalinl, and In the opera STRF.ETS and terminating agony weara the superb costume imported e\pressly from Parli, and a fac simile of the Empress' ball dress. SJTEINWAY HALL. > TWENTY-EIGHTH SUNDAY CONCERT, SUNDAY. MARCH 10. L. F. HARRISON, Director. Positively the lait appearance at these concert! of Madame PA RE PA ROSA, -who will sing Handel's great aria, "Let the Bright Seraphim," with Trumpet Obllgato by Mr. DIETS; "Lo' Hear tbe Gentle Lark," with Flute Obllgato by Mr. EBEN; Gounod's "Ave Marie," with Piano, Mr. MILLS ; Violin, Mr. ROSA; Organ, Mr. COLBY. Mr. S. B. MILLS, Pianist. Mr. Carl ROSA, Violinist. Mr. O. W. COLBY, Accompanist Mr. THBO. THOMAS, Conductor, and hi* CELEBRATED ORCHESTRA. Tickets SO cents. Reserved Seats 10 cents extra. Brooklyn academy of music. MONDAY, MARCH 1L L. F. HARRISON Director. Graau performance of Handel's Oratorio of SAMSON, and positively last appearance In Oatorio in Brooklyn of MADAME FARKFA ROSA. The Oratorio will be performed with the same powerful array of talent as in New York. Mlas O. V. HUTCHINGS, Contralto. Mr. GEO. SIMPSON, Tenor. Mr. J. R. THOMAS, Basso. Mr. DIETZ. Trumpet Soloist. Mr. R. J. CONNELLY, Pianist. Mr. Q. W. COIiBV, Pianist. Mr. F. L. RITTER, Conductor. THE NEW YORK HARMONIC SOCIETY, Assisted by members of THE CBCILIAN CHOIR AND FULL ORCHESTRA. TICKETS ONE DOLLAR. RESERVED SEATS FIFTY CENT8 EXTRA. Can now be obtained at the Academy of Music, Brooklyn. 8RAND BENEFIT CONCERT TO MR. THEO. THOMAS. SINWAY HALL, WEDNESDAY EVENING, March 18. L. F. HARRISON Director. The following distinguished artists have, In the most gen erous manner, tendered their services:? Madame PAREFA ROSA, Prima Donna. Mr. W. J. HILL, Tenor. Mr. E. MOLLENHaUER, Violinist. Mr. RARL ROSA, Violinist Mr. W. K OPTA, Violinist Mr. 8. B. MILLS. Pianist Mr. O. W. COLBY. Accompanist, and FULL ORCHESTRA. Ticket*, $1; Reserved seat*. SO coots extra. For sale at the music store# and Sleinway Hall. PYINO HALL. OSCAR PFEIFFEB'S FIRST OBAND CONCERT, on Saturday Evening. March IS, assisted by the following artists:? Mme GinnlTTA ALTIERI, Soprano. IONATS POLLACK, Baritone. RUDOLF HKRWlO, Cello. Tickets of admission $1. Reserved seats SO cents extra. For sale at J. Sehubertb k Co.'s, tOO Broadway; W. A. Pond k Co.'a, 647 Broadway. Free. free. fees. m THE PAVILION. m BROADWAY. BROADWAT. OPEN ON 9UNDATS. Tho only free Reading Room In New York. All tho Ameri can and foreign papers and magazines. A first rale elaosioal Concert every night at lxi. The best refreshments. B88 THE PAVILION. ? M BROAD WAT. BROADWAY. FBEE. FREE. rEEE. BVMKESS OFPOHTUfflTIKE. A WELL KNOWN CHEMIST OF THIS CITY HAS PA tented a process thy which tbe American market oan bo controlled) for manufacturing an artlole of large consump tion. Profits Urge. Wanted, sn energetic man as partner, with from $&000 to $10,000. Best of references given aod required. Address Chemist Herald office. A WELL EDUCATED. RESPECTABLE. MIDDLE aged German lady wishes to get Interested in some re speetable, well paying business: can contribute several hun dred dollars: best of references given aa to capability acd character. Address A. Z . Herald office. A SURE FORTUNE?ANT GENTLEMAN HAVING $1,009 capital oan meet with one of the most extraordi nary opportunities for making monev ever offered by apply ing Immediately at JS7 Hudson street. CHANCE FOR A FREE PASSAGE TO CtLI fornla and a free building lot in Newport terminus of the greet Pacific Railroad, near San Francisco, office 187 Broadway, room If. AN INTEREST IN AN ESTABLISHED MANUFATUR. Ing business will be exchanged for a good Farm Prop - erty near New York ~ ~ kmA "" A Business paying handsome profit. SOl'THM A YD k CO., M Cedar street Any man wrrn pluck enough to buy a pa tent Right ean sec a good thing and a good chance to make money by calling at No. ? Pine street room No. It COUNTY AND STATE RIGHTS FOR SALE?FOR Waterman's burglar alarm, the best selling article In the United States. 49 John street, seootid floor. IJIOB SALE-AT A BARGAIN, A WEEKLY NEWS JP paper (city),young but very, promising; typo. Ac.; no pressesfbsst of Heaaou. for selling. Address R. T. B? He rald office __________________ PABIS EXPOSITION.?A GENTLEMAN OP BUSINESS experience about visiting Europe, will take oat polenta or execute anv other conffnlesion for partlee here. Good re ferences given. Address C. O. M., box UK) Herald office. Parties wishing to dispose of theib bust. noes, or having capital to iovest or wishing to procure partners, should call oo tho Business Agency, ?ft Broadway. PATENT.?ONE OF THE MOST VALUABLE INVEN tions of the age may be seon by calling on the sub ecrlber. It is known aa Home's Fire Kecape. Its cheap, noes and reltablllly must make It popular. It la the only rfect Fire Escape ever offered to the puhlte. A rare chance offered to capitalists or manufacturers. Call and see Model at Ml Broadway. KEHYON k CO. THE SUBSCRIBER (A PRACTISING LAWYER) wishes to engage In some more lucrative employment either In this or a foreign country. OooM furnish gS.Otl) to $6,000, ago, twenty-nine. Addreee W. B. M., Herald office. AO nnn TO um -thk subm:ribp.r WILL tBO.UUU sell an oxoellsot well ssubllshed Pevlng Buslnees, or will take a reliable partner with the above amount; examination solicited; first class undoubted refer ence given and required. None but reliable partlee, who mean business, may address Good Faith, station 0. i &/4 nnn ?A WELL ESTABLISHED BUSINESS ?TiUUl/> for sale, to cleee a partnership ureement doing a strictly 0. O. D. trade. Address A., box IW Herald AQA Ann -A HOTEL KEEPER, OF M UHT ?<aU.UUU, years' experience, well known to lb trav elling community, especially tbe Southern, wishes tn find la NswYork city either a first class House or a share la each a one, where f 1?.<NW m ??,?? <*?? PJ*T Would proffer a house already established. IMttMwbk* would At up snch suitable premises so may be ?Mlt Ad I drose box d,M N. Y. Post office. EXPREMBI. Aburnhamm VI-RNITURE EXPf.ESK, 1U WEST . Eleventh street near Sixth avona*?Furniture moved, rtiy or eoeotry, furniture packed aod ?blpped; foroltare attired. Monev advanced on fnraiMra AIUCWMHTI. XTEW YORK THEATRE. ... _ ? J^l Mioifiri Lcwi? B?k?r iurf Mark Smith. On WEDNESDAY AKIEBNOON, at I o'cloch. aparturm auce Will be jivcu for the BENEFIT or tub SOI THEUN REL1KF ASSOCIATION. on wliluh occasion will bo acted Bouclcault'? brilliant Com? dy of LONDON ASSl'RANCE. LADY DOM ami the e.itire I'orapaof, Orchestra and At tachee of the MUUlilnMut h ivh kiualy volunteered for the occ**inn, and the Comedy will b<* interpreted by A CAtiX OK PRE-EMINENT RXDELLKNCK. Bo* Hook oueu for the aecuriug of aeala on MONDAY, March 11. ___ \TEW YORK TMKATKE. i.1 M aua, e ni Lewii Rakrrand Mark Smith. Fourth aud lull week of the DUtinguiahed Comedienne, lad* don. who will TO-MORROW KV bin t appear in a new Come dy written expreaaiy for her entitled H.vOTIIEIt HOB. famny RABTUOHr. lady now Also ai Milne N.i t'omialeen in K*ron'? admirable burleaqua of MISS KILT O'CONNOR,or DIE <JtlLLEEN haWN. aaaiatedby MR. Mai;k SMITH and Mil. LEWIS HaKER, and their EXCELLENT COMEDY AND BURLESQUE COMPANY. ?moOD'8 THE ITRK .... t4mlaaioriK oeata. Infaaa rlth Miss FAN NV MOROAN PHELPS. The beviti: ul and b.illiant vocall?t and ccwmedienne, whotc daabing Impnraon tliona in the cities of Auatntiia and CalUnrnli hare ?llcttnd the moat ?MilbU-tiaalK' ap|i: >batl?u. Monday muhi and wmini-da* and sati kday MATINEE, Tlie beautiful comply In :hre mby lamea 1'ilKr.m, Efj., THE WILD (OlMll <iI HI. Countem SSrtnini i. ? tu i ? nod liKh jlgr, Mi*a PUELPS, Supported by a full iliamaiio c.imt'.iuj. Also the uiu-u .n in.i i in.I ? of rUE I.W\SIK FISHWIFE. Maggie Nlucfarline, witu roitga, Mia* FANNY MORQAJf P11 El. 1*8. Box ofllce open from 8 to li. Keala secured in advance. 614 Broadway, oppo-nt" M. Nlcbolao Hotel. Bng:ieeaaeut for S' X NIWHTS ONLY and TWO MATINEES 11EATKE PRANCAI8.?COMEDY. GRAND SOlllt-.K KOI ' K. FIRST TIME, ON Tuesday uvcnlug, March 12, 1N>7, of LE CHAPEaU HI. PAll.T.E n-ITAME. Comcily 10 five act* with *oii?j by Lsblche unit Michel. Ticket allies at H. Dardonvillc't. K78 Bro rtw.iy. F. B. CONWAY'S PA UK Til LA1KL, SHOOK. 'yn' MONDAY EVENING, Auirustlu Daly's New Play, HAZARDOUS GROUND. Alius Mr*. P. B. CONWAY Supported by tiie entire ?tur cornrsnr. Tony pastor s opera house. aui bowery. Eur*: ement. Cor a limited iierlod, of the modern gla<U stor and champion exponent or the uihletlc art, Mr. HAM AND 1118 TWO SONS, DAN and EDDIE. Pint time of au entirely new musical burlesque, MaSjI M l l.Lo, THE FISHCATCIIEK Of NAPLKB. New scenery, appointment". costume*. Ac. T<?NY PASIok ANI> TKOt PK In a grnurt olio. MATINEES ON WEDNESDAY AMD sati rday. Hooley'S OPI-.RV HOUSE, BROOKLYN. THE HOUSE THAT jack BUILT. TUB BURI.E-.QITE BLACK crook. C E. Collins?"The Cure." A. Bamford?' Tho Wonder " Somebody's Coat, Affair of Ilonur. Challenge Itmn'c. Ore clan SUitues. Graml Matinee every hatuiday, at 2% u'cloc*. Griffin b Christy's minstrels. Fifth Aveuue Opera House, Nos. ? and 4 West Twenty fourth street. O. W. H. GRIFFIN Manager. THE FAMILY RESORT. Third successful week of tbe ORAMD spectacular BURLESQUE 111E BLACK CROOK. acknowledged by all whe have witnessed its repreeentatloa lor the pant two w?0.? to be the most COMPLETE W.KIJJSQUE EVER PERFORMED. Secure seats thro High the day If you would be in time. Oeorge Christy, O. W. U. OrliDa, Otto Burbank <re engagement), R.Hughes, J. F. Bayoe (his llrst appearance^, Fred Aobott, will represent Uie comicalities of the evening. 0. Henry, George Leslie, C. F. Shattuck, W. W. Hodgkln. Tbe Inimitable quartet will represent the depart ment, assisted by the splendid orchestra under the direction of J. Morrison. Doors open st 7. Commence at 8 o'clock. BUNYAN TABLEAUX?LARGEST PANORAMA IN the world. Sixty magnificent socne*.41tustratlng "Ban yan's Pilgrim's Pi ogress." Union Hall, Broadway and Twentv-thlrd street. Opeu every night at 7; commencing at 7*i Admission 60 cent*; children 2ft cents. Matinee Wed nesday and Saturday, at It o'clock. ROUT. J. GRc-ENWOOD. Manager and Proprietor National hall, Hsrlem c >rner of ll#th street and Fonrth avenue. A grand drutu.t <? oniertaliiment Will h? gi*?n at tbe aiove hall, on MONDAY KVBNINC, MARCH. II. 186,\ The entertainment will commene* with Hhakspeare's charming comedy In three act* entitled KATUEUI.NE AND PETRUCHIO. Katharine Miss CAMPBK'.L. Petruchlo Mr. J. K. bBORE. Characters by the rest of the company. dance *Ss st. clair. To include with the comedy of tb? HERIOU8 FAMILY. Mrs. Torrens Miss ROSA ST. CLAl K. CharlesTorrent Mr. R. H. MILLS. Ac., he. Tickets 50c., reserved ten*96c. extra. To be had at tne box office on the evening ot entertslnment. fTlABERNACLE?JERSEY CITY. 1 CONCERT COMPLIMENTARY TO ALBEKT 8. CASWELL. Thursday, March 14, 1867. Miss Fannie Stockton and Messrs. W. J. Hill, A. P. l'oulmin. Ceo. W. Morgan. Jas. CaulHekt, E. Hoffman, Benj. Gregory. Tickets 60c. P. STARK MORRldBBV, Agent. WONDERFUL FREAK OF NATURE-'THE WASH INGTON TWINS," born alive, having two heads, four arms, snd but one body and one pair of less; also the bead and right arm of Probst, tbe murderer of the Deering fami ly; together with the magnfflceot collection of objects In Phy?lo!ogy, Anatomy. Pathology and Natural History; all of which are Illustrated dally by Lectures and Mlcneoople View*, at tbe New York Museum of Anatomy, CIS Broad way. Open fnn S A. M. to IV P. M. VTATIONAL THEATRE^ CINCINNATI. ll The undersigned will assume the lesaeeehlp and man agement of the ebove well known ?etahilshment on April 8. 1847, which will be tbe commencement of tbe spring and summer season. SAMUEL COLVILLB. Applications for engagement by letter only up to Mareh 9$ may be addressed to Broadway Theatre, New Yml Siienee should be considered a negative. Banjo instruction*?a perfect knowledge of the Instrument guaranteed Id one abort course of lessons. Banjos furnished for practice. H. C. DOBSON. 1 Broadway. ANJO instruction-ry my champion method' ?S a course, $ft. Each pupil taught separately; a perfect tune a lesson or no charge. J. i. BUCKLEY, BIB Hudson street Banjo, Jto dancing, clog andirtrh jigdanc Ing taught by John Bogan, 111 East Houston street. Terms $5 per course. Banjoa at all prices from II upwards. PH.VOFORTBS. A CHEAP PIANOFORTE, ROUND CORNERS. IRON :\ plate, fine tone. In good order; prloe $100. .New Planoe eold very cheap J. RIDDLE, U Amity street near Broadway. B A? N ASSORTMENT OF NEW PIANOFORTES TO LOT and told, on instalments, st the manufactory, IM and 158 East Twenty-first street L. P CliM MINGS. A HANDSOME ROSEWOOD PIANO g% OOTAVB, m llrst rste order; price $*?. Can be teen at No. 40 Weet IWtb street A MAGNIFICENT PIANOFORTE FOR SALE-FOB $275, cost $M0. Also a Parlor Suit, for flUI: one do. for $75. Also tbe Fntnlture of a parlor and four bedrooma, at a bargain, lnqelre at 119 Weet Ei?htk street, near Sixth avenue. AMAONIFICRNT FIRST CLASS ROSEWOOD PIANO forte for sale, made to order; city maker, eoai $400. for UOO; Parlor suit", hiageree Bookcase, Palatines, Broutes, Bureaus, Bedsteads, VVarurobes, Extension Table. Buffet, China, Gloat. Silverware. A sacrifice. 44 West Sixteenth street, near Sixth avenue. For sale fob want of room-an upright rosewood Plaoo, 1)4 octave, at $160. Apply at M Weet Thirty-ninth ttreet. SEVERAL NEW AND SECOND HAND 7 OCTAVB Pianoe for sale nbeap. on sceount of removal, every Piano warranted. Apply at 71 Klilrnlge street, near Grand, during this week. WATERS' GRAND SOU ARB AND UPRIGHT PI A NO 4. Belodeona. Cabinet Organ., wholesale and retail, fr) lei, snd rent applied If purchased. Monthly peyn-.'SAe re ceived. hecon>( hsnd Pisooe at bargains. Prices from IN to SSBk New 7 ocuve Plsnoe For $275 and apwarda. Old pianos taken la exchange. Cash paid $6r eeeond ksel planoe. I aotory and ware rooma ?S1 Br. N.JT,^^ MU?ICAL. A CONTRALTO, WITH kxpbribncb IN CHURCH miMic. desires s position In n quartet sheir In thle city. Address Matic, Herald oflloe. AiT THE MUSICAL ACADEMY, IS WEST TWENTY elghth street, near Hevei tk sveaue.-PenMa see re eeive thorough instrudte* on the plan*, at fs Mr euarter. Letoons stii< tlv private. At thr national CONSRBVATOKY OF MITBIC m MADISON AVBNUB, LESSONS, PRIVAIB OK 111 CLASS. ToENTLBMAN WILL OITB IBSTBUCTION ON TUP Piano st pupil's resldenee tar flu per qnarter; beat of wHh reeldeuoe, leecher, box lb CARD ?GUITAB, PIANO. VIOLIN, RINGING. 941 We>t Twenty-sixth street between seventh and Eighth are nues. private inttri-^i en the moot favorable terms. Call or send for circular. ?UITAB AND BINGING.?NAPOLEON W. WHIl/P solo',altarim, '.cables his pupils In a few leasons to 43 *"lh l 'ou* 1/ us 10 FOR PARTIES BS PBB F.VRNING-AT 87 "1 Weet Eleventh street, between Fifth snd Sixth eve auee. Any instrument. N. B.-We are now reedy to Make ?mta^?Qnts for the summer. \f 0BIC TEACHERS LIBERALLY DBALT WITH AT In ITS Sixth avenue, between Twelfth and Thirteenth ?Ireete. All the popular Mttsle constantly on hand, and new Buslcaeeoon as publlshsd. BLICBIC FOR PARTIES. WSDDINOS. iVl Pianist, |10 for Piano and V lolls. Apply at 1* Canal street, near the Bowery NEW MUSIC-"MAID OF KI LKSgNYj"__" BTBB thus," S-Mig* JOr. each; ?R^memher Tbeel {?*!***? I Be. Sent free of postage on receipt of price. N. B.-Onr A#nt on fftt. ftt DAI.Y H Hurt, 110 Uf and itrMt.