Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 11, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 11, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. V-! WHOLE no. 11,150. new york, MONPAyT MARCH 11, 186L ~ PRICE FOUR~UENT^ ?? 1 ? 1 ^persomais. _ A*y FEBSON WISHING TO ADOPT A MALE oh11d, three month* okl. will lli*a.?e call for two dav* ?t i; j Gold street, Brooklyn, third door. Address wanted of edward g. or gerardus Clones.?Any punon knowing the address o! e'.tber will beauitabiy rewarded by aeudlng to W. II. N , Herald ? Ace. CHARLEY ARMSTRONG?clara ROBINSON wishes to see yon immediately at no 91; for what vm kin ?.,id is not tru?; or elso write m? another letter. For adoption-a fine new born female in. taut, alio one four (lava old. Dr. dt KANT, No. 7 Beach atreet. For adoption, without reservation, to any kind, competent party, a fine, he.lthy female infant, ?oe month old. naraes from bottle. Addreaa bereavement, box 'U atatlon F. Frederick loeffel, of Antwerp, is re quested to call upon or to Bend hia address to J. R. B., ? Beaver atreet, an letter* of Importance await him. FULTON ferry STAGE, THURSDAY AFTERNOON.? youri^ lady with blue eyes, dark blue dress blue neck ribbon, who met naval oflicer, and spoke of iro'.ng to ju.l.'e morrisania, please address Capuin Berkley, Earle's Hotel. KATE.-AUNT JANE HAS GOT THE MEASLES AND mother haa got her picture taken. Watch the Feraon al* dally. KEYRF.L.?HATE RETURN ED. LETTERS FOR YOU at rtatton F. Wi.l be at church on Monday morning ml afternoon. Left home on Saturday, march i, a boy is years of nee: had on when he left a blue cloth over. ?Oat, lined with purple and black flannel, dark vest and ?ant*, rubber boo'i, medium size for his age; hazel eyes. Drown hair, clear complexion; had with him a silver watch and chain, gold seal and key; nlso .1 very hoary gold ring; quick spoken and attractive in conversation. Any Informa tlon sent to his bereaved and widowed mother will he thank fully raoelved and rewarded. Elizabeth Maker. 800 Cumber land street, corner of Kulton avenue, Brooklyn, New York. EAN AWAY FROM HOME-A GIRL 13 YEARS OLD. black h.ilr and eyes; wore plaid poplin dress, green ?laid shawl and nubia. Information lending to her recovery, loft at Charles street police station, will be rewarded. WANTEO-TO ADOPT A CHILD, FROM BIRTH TQ is month* of age. Address Mre. Carpenter, station A, Spring street. WILL THE YOUNG LADY WHO GOT OFT OF A Third avenue car on Saturday, s?th lust., at uj? a. m ., atSixtieth street, be so kind as to send her address to the gentleman she noticed in the ocrner seat f Address M. M., atation D l'oat ofltce. WILL THE CARTER EMPLOYED TO TAKE A FIVE gross package, marked "Swle'enia, for tho Teeth," to the Hudson River depot, addressed "Collins Bro*., St. XjOuu," call at 17 Wooster street and kay where he left it? SPECIAL, NOTICES. A ?special NOTICE. J\ . The new edition, revised and enlarged, of WELLS' BVERY MAN HIS OWN LAWYER ANil BUSINESS WORM BOOK, announced to be ready March 1, has been delayed In order to introduce the new Military Hill and the United Mates GENERAL bankrupt "LAW. WITH FORMS AND FULL AND complete explanations AND instructions to ENABLE INSOLVENTS AND CREDITORS TO TAKE FULL BENEFIT OF THE ACT without legal assistance. The will be ready for delivery March 16. It will be a complete and reliable guide in all matters of law and busi aeas transactions, for every department of business lor ?very Stale in the Union?a book that everybody can under ?tana, and that will enable every man or woman to be hi* ?r her owu lawyer. The work will be printed large IStno., MO pages; price 92. Sent poat paid on receipt of price. Agents wanted everywhere. Address BENJ. \v. hitch. COCK, publisher, 14 Chambers street, New York. Bast side association?meeting this imon day ) evening, ut m iller's Hall, corner of Third avenue and Eighty-sixth street. London tailoring establishment, No. 105 STRAND (opposite Exeter Hall), LONDON. Messrs. hamilton A KIMPION give the best goods. in the latest Anglo American fashion, at fair prices, and can live references to gentlemen in New York, Boston, St. i.ouis, Concord, Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Tennessee, Eastou, Newport, Rhode Island, and other parts of the States. no. iu5 strand, London. Notice.?a. voillard, cutler, iss sixth ave nue, informs his customers that in consequence 01 ?losing business 011 the 1st of May. they will have to take off their things left for repairing before April 1. After that time they will be sold. SAM KRANCrSCO. CALIFORNIA, FEB. 24-NOTICE.? The uuderalgned bea to notify their friends aud tlie ?nolle generally that they are not and nerer have been Interested In or conuected with tli" home or Heln, Bockell A Co., corner of Jacob and Frankfort afreets. Now Tork city. TUU notice is published not with a v.ew of ?leeredltfng or In any manner Injuring the hnnte of Hem Bockel k Co., but simply to coriect misconception. HhlN k BRAY. Joan Brat, 414 Battery stieet. SUMMONS.?THE MEMBERS n? METROPOLITAN Lodge, No. S7K. F. unrt A M., are hercliy summoned to ?Mend a special ciramuiiic.itiou at tiietr lodge loom, N& SiH Broadway, on Tuesday, March 12, 1947 at 12', o'clock 1*. M , for the purpose of paying the last tribute or respect to our lata brother, Charles C. Hei'tx. HitMhren of sinter lodges ? cordially invited, tty order. B. REED, Master. QHOEM.VKERS ATTENTION.?A MEETINO OF THE IJ Ladiea' Boot and shoemakers will lie held at the Apollo Booma. No. 7<> Prince <trcet, on Munday, March 11, at 7^ T. M. The Journeyman are respectfully Invited to attend. WM. SMITH, President, OLIVER Bl'TbS, Vlca President. Tioms Taylor, Secretary. Subscriptions to the southern relief com mission to dale:? iunt preylonsly ar. knowledged $48.3 )9 T. Gold. Exchange.. L 600 fcsV; Ladiea' Sewing Society, Epls. Pariah,Guilford, Conn $18 n Relief Com 2 100 Collected atSortbPilch James Lenox (add;.... 1 ,U0> Wlnslow, Lanier k Co.. CtUtens of Cold Spring, on Hudson Proceeds of Concert at Oramercy Park Hons* ClUxens or I'tica. N. Y.. AvffUkl Belmont Tillage of Coopers town, M/? 2M A Lady. or, N. V WO Pnlon Woman...*.... Ret'. Edaon Kodgers, Cincinnati, N. Y Asceislon church, Still water. Me 850 Right lie*. J. H. Hop. san kins. D. O., Bishop of Yeruiout 805 2?i iUJ Win. Quackenbush.... Baptist eh inch, Eaat Marion, N. Y Collection at llartw ch, Otsego comity, N. V.. St. nomas' church. Morganto.rn. Pa Germuntown, I'hila.... Anonymous, l'rarl crtek. N. V.... A. 8. B.imes First Cong. Church, Middle town. Conn... Chun h of Mediator, South Yonkers Ounrni St. Bap. Church, H. V Collection at W eat rolnt, N. Y Christ Church, Bay- __ ridge, N. Y 114 A Brooklyn lady Wm. Heath 4 Co loo JohnO. ftiauveli, Pier " " 100 mont. . 100 J. A. Pa mi worth 100 Emanuel chureh. Nor ld7 140 1? 136 jl Alexander Smith, Bandel k Barcmnre... Joaepii M.Cooper..,. ClUaens of Smithc.iM Now York Saiton A Raymond.... Mrs. Deborali Powers, H. F. Phinnoy Mow let i k Torrance.... Chureh or Iniarression, wlch, N. Y. lno St. Puul's chuivh, Me 100 diua 100 Zlon church, H.indy 10 > 11 11 N Y.. 100 Epis. church. Drenia Tllle. N. If. Carol insvilie I0O Henry P. Oakley. I. H. WoUes "" " 1UU Caah John Dwlght k <',> 1*1 T. N. P Sophar Mills 100 Oryllle l>ewer, Slief Robert Haruborn, of field. Mass 100 Congregation il eh'ir h, lOU W e?t Kfo.knr Ige Centre. M.ias. 90 Haruborn, uf Hew Jersey Hogh L. Hodge. Plula. People of Succasunn.i, N. J Clltaens of Vernon, M. Y St, Mark's Chureh, Bridgewater, Conn., St. Paul'a church. Chestnut Hill, Phil adelphia Weberuaclc Baptist otau'h.Brooklyn. L. I. Dr. E. Bright, for others First Baptist church, Hamilton, N. Y Wood k t-owrv John E. Parsons Sakultl 4 Taller John Balrd Fred W stevent. Trinity chur n. >o ntt Scimatc R. I 8P Holy Trinity MfsshMi oh?pel, MeadviU". Pa 80 Ithica Bnpttat church.. St. John cliur> a, Wit kluson, Mass 75 Anouytn<'U? Nelson IIail 73 Lewis T. Vi.IgM laiiac CarJuke*. 08 J Cash 68 Mis. A. U Powers, 6>> I.unsiogbur: IK) Miss h. lownsen.l, 80 Newport, R, I 80 M. L Roberts 80 W. J. H... Coll ns k Bro 10 B. S. Bonrdmao. New W. I- Chamberlain.... to port. R. I Chrisi ohiirch, Mead- Anonyi ?Ilia. Ps Ootlacted at NoHhOrsn yitla, by Mlaa K. H. Shumay,.. St. Paol a eirarah Bur HlHIlon. Vt Bangor < hurch,Chureh ?own. Pa roa Miaalon. S. A.... Mlobaei'acb:irofc, N. T Boy. Samuel E. App e Von. PhllaiteipUls.... w. r . p ? St. Thom.<a Protestant Episcopal church, Ravenswood. L. I..,. C. E. Day la B. J. Wilson Wm. Rem>-en Pitcher New York Bap Uat ohurch A. E. Powers Mlaa Prima EX r *? 24. p.. St. Pbllfp'a In tha High Ian da It Anonymous B. U. Tompkins. Mng 80 Sing .77 Cash 80 A Knand to the Cau*a. M B. D. I?wn.l?s, Bla de'i Imrg. Md 17 R. (!, toabnrf ('. 1'. Abbott ?m Cash ? Collortion at Morrta town, N. J Anonytnoua 10 A. D. O 85 Anonymous 8ft E. L. P 86 Cash, Caiaarkto. N. Y.. Hymnal hy 10 M i 11 I'onvers JO A Prlend ai w. o. F 80 Total NO, 18? JAMES M. BKl'tvN, treasure. At* and 61 n all street, N. Y. rriHE MEMBERS <>K M*K?HALL DIVISION. NO. \L X 8 of T are herein notified to meet at their ball. 1W Bowery, on Tuesday ?' 1)^'>rk. P'T'L lo attend tue funeral of our brut her, O. W. P. Alvsn 11. rur Mr, M. D O. |ir. RAENHARDT, R. 8. ylBQtMA AND TENNEHSBK AIR LINE RAILWAY'. UfNgaai. Easrran Ofrrs. |T? ^aoaiiWAT, I *??". March ?. ls?U. f Shippers br this line will take noi.'oa lhat no freight will bo a^-nelved for points aouth of Marion. Va. iVngin aand leu -e Railroad) until further notlea. TlJig notlea is rendered ne^oaaary by th<? Injury lo soma .k. i.ruiges on the line. Marlon and StaTanoon four hrldfas are ported -JJT.?Ti. ., "?uaged by heary Ireahota. Mrtlaily il. ^ to anrmounl theaa dlfllcuiilea II ^syery rFbr^ ^ . k f#w j.,, WIB bo required to repot? I H anticipated tha. c K EVANS, Uonoral E. Agent MCh'ICAL# t'SIC TEACHERS LIBERAL5<T WTTBAT 178 Sixth avenue, between Twelfth an-. ta. All the popular Mjaalo constaaUy on Uana, ?nd now Muaic aa Boon aa published. EW MHSIC.?" MAID OF KILKENNY." ' BVB* thus," songs SOe. each; '?Remember Thee! Jes;" . '"f ^ent free of postage jn ree?ipt of price N. B.?Om e?talo|pia sent on appMeatlon frae. I'ucMsbed at DALY'S ? uaio store, 418 Urand stieet. M ? SPOHTIVO. \LADY WISHES TO UIX Sl-X FIRST CLASS 1M poi?? d Canary Birds. splendid singers. Call at 16 Wwl Etghttu th mii ei, between Fifth aud sixth iH'uiii.t, ?ecou i ?lory. a U. KINDS OP DO<W AND BIROS POR SALE AT A B KOVhY'S, STiO Canal street near Chiirfh slr*et. Me^i nes I or uii disease*. prepared Food for mocking lurd*. FOR 8ALB--6NB LEPAUCHEl'X BREECH LOADING banting 1 iuu, new system; one pair Kreu' h fancy Pis tol* and one tine Revolver; ul-o a oolkclion of tint) foreign oil Paiutitigs. Inquire at 68 Bleecker street. For sale.?just arrived from England. one brace of Pointers and Setters. thoroughly broken to point, bark and retrieve. Pair of handsome Sieve Terriers Vour nine pound Black and Tans, A No. 1 ratter*. One pair white Esquimaux Dog*. PANIKL FOSTER, No. 13 Roosevelt street. fjiRANCIS BtTLEK, NO. S PECK SLIP, HA4ALLTHB ' choice breeds of D?. Butler's Inialliblc Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator. ?S cents. Bullet's new work on the l>np. $3. Dogs trained, boarded, Ac. Medicine* fur all dis eases. JOHN OR AY, II ROOSLVELT STREET, H AS FOR sale Newfoundland Do;;*, Black and Tan and Scotch terriers, oue Italian Greyhound; a pair of Bluck and Tana, 5 lbs. each. J 1ST IMPORTED?A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF CA naries and oilier German Singing Bird* of Mie tirst quality; alto two large Lions, at, C. BliANuEb', ly2 William street. SMALL STEAM PROPHLLER YACHT WANTED? About Ui feet lung, 12 feet lieain, light dratt. In good order. Apply to or address KEYSEK A CO , 168 Ninth sU HOKSB8, C&BRIAOB8. AC. A GOOD ASSORTMENT OP CARRIAGES, IIARNESS, Saddles. Bridies, lilxnkeU, Ac., at almost auv prlco, fore May 1, at TAYLOR'S Carriage and Harness Warerooms, 6M Cedar street. \ NUMBER OF SECOND HAND CARRIAGES? x\ Made by best city makers. consisting of Barouches, Phaetons, Wagons, Ac. Also u line Phaeton and Top Wagon, made bv Hrowster A Co., of llroome street, for sale at tlie Church bnlldlng, corner of Crosby and Orand streets. A -FOR SALE, ONE GRAY MARE, 15 HANDS HIGH, .\ , 7 years old: al o one brown Horse. 15>i hands hlirh. , yean old, both perfectly sound and kind and In good condi tion 8old for want of nee. Apply at 410 West iorty-fourth street from U to 1 o'clock. A BLOODED DEVON BULL FOR SALE. ADDRESS P., box .'A, PlalnfleM, N. J. A HL<)ODED s'l'ALLIOM OF EXCELLENT STOCK A fur sale: bay, 16^ hands; perfectly Bound, kind and sura foal getter; warranted. Address P., box bj, l'lalnfield. A VICTORIA, COUPE ROCKAWAY. WESTCHESTER, Coach, top Buggy, Dog Cant. 500 new Carriages, Har uesa twenty per cent less tuaii Broadway stores. HAM S, 10 East Fourth street, corner of Broadway. A T PUBLIC AUCTION-ON TUESDAY, AT 11 A. o'clock at 1,961 and 1.H63 Third avenue, near lifith street. Horses. Carriages, Wagons, Harness, Blanket.', Robes, Ac See auction sales. A ROAN HORSE, lttjtf HANDS 1IIOH. 7 YEARS OLD, free driver, sound and gentle, suitable for a cart or truck; will be told oheap. for want of use. Apply to WM. WISWALL, coal yard, 180 West Forty-Brat street. A THOROUGHBRED BLACKHAWK VERMONT ?are. 16 hand*,Byears old very handsome, good style and action: a lmle sore forward; valuable to a farmer; price low. <69 Pe tri street A YOUNG SORBKL IIORSE FOR SALE?6 YEARS old, 15 hand 3)i inches high; suitable lor coupe or car riage; is verv gentle; woras lit single or double lwrncss; war ranted sound in ail respects. Inquire in the baker.-, 112 avenue A. A GOOD CLANVE?ONB BLACK MARE. SOUND, kind, young, pony built, fast traveller, free driver, lit for butcher, gi-ocery or express. Price $116. Inquire at 217 avenue B. between Twelfth and Thit tecnth streets, in lager beer saloon, T THE HORSE AUCTION MART. UNION SQUARE^. < Lane A Mahon's stables), e-erv Tuesday nnd Friday throughout the year; Horses an<! Carriages at auction by MINER A SOMT'.liYILLE. Some line stock for to-morrow. See auction head. C1HEAP?TWO HORSES, 16,'i HANDS, SOUND, KIND, ) OandSvears oM, suitable Tor grocer or express; price (146 and $lii>. At 51 Charles street, corner Fourth. I ENGLISH HANSOM CAB?WITH HARNESS COM J plete, just imported, for sale at the Church building, corner of Crosby'and Orand streets. yoR SAIJS?A NFw LIGHT WAGON AND SINGLE r set of Harness. Will be sold ehcap. Apply at 1"A Alt A WATTS' bakery, U avenue D, or PAAR'h livery stable, corner Fourth street and avenue I#. Fok hai.e-a vert fine pair of bay horses. S and 6 year* old. warrants*! sound and kind. Price tl.vio; will take 11 jiod e?rri?n lior*e In ssch-.n^e. Can be seen at I'elton ? Mcliwen's. No. V Kast Twenty-Ilrit atreet. L'OR SAI.E?A QOOt) WORK HOKSE AND SRT OK F Cart Harness. Inquire at ;&) East Forty-second atieet, between Second nnd Third avenues. FpOR SAI.E-8TYMSII BAY HORSE. 6 YEARS, 1? ' hands 1 Inch: would make :>ood family home; auit ex press wjiton: we!! broke. single or double harness; war anted sound an I kind. Inquire liquor atore, corner Ftlteentli street, ?venue C. L"OR RALE?as HORSES. JUST FROM TIIE COUNTRY, JT from lire to eight year* old; price* from $78 to $300; warranted aound and kind. No. 3 l,?n:mi atreet. For sale-brown horse, eioht yiars old, 16 hands; warranted aound and kind; $&J; fa/ do. $76; must be aold thl- da/. VP7 Seventh avenue. For sale-one or the finest coupe. road ortoacb Horses in the city; bay: 16 hand* high; 7 years old; wltliMit spot or b emi*h : of superior style and action; can trot in S:Sfl any day, and will be warranted sound and kind. Can he seen at stable 116 Harrow atreet. If not aold betore Tuesday he will be *o'.d at Vandewater's auctlou iUU Liberty atreet, on tliat day al 12 M. FOR SALE?1? FIRST CLASS HORSES JUST FROM tiie country. :it for carta, trucka, eipress or any bnal neaa; .variuiued aouud and kind. Inquire at Ml Canal strctt, cormrof Washington. For sale cheap?a laror assortment of city made top and no top Wagon*. 4 now lCocka way < 2 second baud Coupe*. 6 *et* of city made single and dott'de Harness; been u*ed very little. At the Waverlev Stables, lb.rty.uiu'.li atreet and Broadway. O. W. JiJSi:iN8. C government PROPERTY AT PRIVATE SALK.? X 10,m?i s?t newand *ecund band Harness, S.dille , fol iar*, Bridles, llaltera, wagon and horM Covers, Paulina, Awnings, Bed Tick*, tlraln Bag*, lent*. Tent Stock, Blan ket*. Ac., very low. Plain Mcflellan Saddles, officers'. Mc Clellan and artillery Saddle*. new Artillery Bridle* with ?l.itcd bit*. Awninra und Wagon Covr, * made to outer; 'edge, Wall and Hispi'il Tan's. PITKIN A CO., No a Park sl ice, Mew York, aua 43!' North Front atreet. Pmladcl phla, Pa. Half of private stable ki west eiohteentii atreet. Dent Slnli arcane to let. Inquire at IS Nassau street. OKTOAliK ALE OF THlf FAST TROTTINO HORSE Me^i Priin I'.gerlier with l.gllt R'wtd WaQi.u, Haiiic-s. HI snket. ltoii* Wlilp. Ac Will be sold at auction by JaMES JBNJvlN.', on Wed .c*dny. March IS, at II*a o'clock, in frnt of 1,401 Broutwsy. bctwaen Fortieth and ?urty drat street*, lie I* n bay hor c I.V?lnud*. sound and kind. 7 years old; meted last summer lit t 41 can show 2 46 to w. gon. J. It. TOMPKIN4, Attorney for Mortgagee. ONE FAST TROT 1-1 NO M \RE. 7 YEARS OLD?PFR leetlv sound. exception of a blemish on fore leg; nan raided in Orange county, and trotie l uer mile in 2:41. She I* i>l groat endurance, would make a splendid broodmare Tore add at auction on Wednesday, March IS, at II o'clock, bv JaMES JENKINS, at 1.4)1 Broadway, near Forty-first street. rr anted?a shifting top buooy, best citt n make Cleaning and Uyamg o:ljee, tJP Broome street, corner Broadway. E. LORD. Tj|> ANTED? A I.WHT COUPE, ROl'ND FRONT AND V? leather top preferred; in'tat be In pertect order; also single tsinpe llarnesa. Addra'a. with description, name of maker and price B.. boi II? Post ofllce. WANTED TO PURCHASE?A HOR3K; YOUNG, liand-ome. sound 'if lie ?* fast no objection), and k nd enough for i lady to drive, will p..y a fair, but not a fancy p-iee. Please addr ss. flrin* parricuUrs as to age, c 'lor. aute, .peed, price, Ac., Purchaser, boi .1,038 New York Post olBce. A TilK MALI. IEASOW, MK Al. BALI. OF THE AMKRICDS Ctd, AT TUB ACADEMTOF MUSIC, ON TUUR4DAT, MARCH M, 1WT. TICKETS FIVE DOLI^ARS. for sale at all ths hotels and music states. MASOUKltADK AND BALI. COSTUMES.-A LA ROB snd entnpl<r new a*sortinent o: gorge >us and historical Coat<ime*, rinnprisliig all the Utcat style*. eei>?cially Im porieil for the present seaso'i. t'an bo otilain-d on reasona ble terms at 1?A fhlrd arenue, Iwtw.-en Foni s-tub -j?d Hf? teenth alreeta. Also Costume* mads t* order. PIltoMA Mme. AHHIA II, late oostumcr of Iti*toil s dratnalk oom pany and t)rail's Italian opera. ?!HTRtCTIUH, AT TOWN.-lEND'S BC8INESS COLLF.OK, 200 BOW err, between Prince and Houston streets; Instruction day and evening lit bookkeeping, penmanship, artthineiio, spelling, irsmtiur, corrsipondence, Ac Rooms far ladies and private inatruction. No elaises. A PARISIAN T.ADY DESIRi'S TO OIVF. LESSONS IN J\ French and conversation; lessons prlrate, rrom 10 A M. to ? P. M. Adresa Teacher. M Th unpaon street, first floor, noOKKEEPlNO. 1> PEVMANRHIP . _ AND RUSINESS affairs. At OOT.DgMITH'S Commercial Institute, 76# Broadway. E'tablished 1840. Private Instrurtios. BooEEEmNu $10. wmniw"is.-iiB? dol ,?KAR |?*I Broatlway. will form a few cha'ap classes this week. Applicants for this course must secure ,*e*ta Im msdiately. N. B.? (Gentlemen or ladlsa can sei ura private rooms. GOVERNESS.-WA^TED IN NRW YORK OR RRvOOC' lyn, by a young lady yell qualified for the poaltlotf, P Csee ss governess for yonnt children i good ieferencss oail given. Address Uovsmasa, i.'cooklyn Post office. ANTKD?AN AMERICAN LAC?T TEACIIKR F<'R Ty English and French Instructed. AfP'r at 171 Wsat 97 th H DRY G(H)DS. AO SKAT RUSH AT BOTH STORRR. Auction rooim our kMdquwtM*. Two stores enable us to buy big lots cheap, and to keep Ixitll supplied with bargains. IMMENSE LuTo Uit?.''ri GOODS, 25c. IMMENSE LOTS, 87V- Uiltt. AUCTION MUSLINS, 10c., 1SV'-,l5r- 14,11 av rest 4 4 wamsuttas, sue. ALSO IMMENSE LOTS ALPACAS, TARLE LI NUNS, EMPRLss CLOT His, Ac.. Ac., Imun aucuou, AT NEARLY HALF PR1C3. FOSTER BSOTIIER8, 107 E'ghtli avenue, rear Eighteenth street. and FOSTER BROTHERS, T2 Bleecker struct. ClARPETH.-D KELLY A CO. HAVE JUST OPENED i a choice selection Of Carpets (all tlie latest stylei) for the spring trade. Also a choice aseoi lutein of Oilcloths. Rugs. MuU, Matting, Window Shade, Ac., which we will sell at the loweat prices Corner Twenty-fifth street and Sixth avenue. CIORNYN BROTHERS WILL OFFER, THIS WRBK, A ] FINE STOCK OF SPRING GOODS, FROM AUC. TION, AI' LESS THAN WHOLESALE PRICES. DKESS GOODS, VERY CHEAP. BLACK, COLORED AND WHITE ALPACAS: COLORED AND BLACK ALPAl VS AT SO CENTS, WORTH *1 A YARD. KINK PRINTS AND MUSLIN'S AT U". CENTS A YARD. PILLOW CASE MUSLINS AND SHEETING, VERY CHEAP. 8IIAWLS, LINKS AND WHITE GOODS. GREATLY REDUCED. DIAPER I INEN AT $it A PIECE, WORTH $A. CLOTHS, CASS1 MERES AND SATINETS. SATINET AT M CENTS A YARD, WORTH $1, AT CORNYN BROTHERS, 457 Eighth avenue, near Thirty eighth it reel. O. FA REE I. L HAS JUST OPENED HIS SPRING ? stock of English. Brussels, thr?'e-ply and heavy power loom ingrain Carpets, at i'ie..ty reduced pitoaa. He Um also opened Ids Urge wholesale manufacturing fMrnitura warero um to the r? tail trade, eeutaining J'JoO.tiUU worth ;<f first clasa and medium Furniture. All gwids warranted at represented. Ski/, '.HJ, 271 1 blrty.lifth street, one dour east of Eighth avenue. IMPORTANT TO THE LADIES.?THE GREATEST IM prov ment of the axe.?fly H. T. Tsylor's matlieinatlesl system dresses are n?w being ent and made to tit beautifully and the ?y< mi t..ughi at the Inventor's establishment by Mist Starling, S4W taoal street; Mine. Duval. HI I llroa I way, and Mine. Gillespie, So. 6 Clinton place Good cutters are in great demand at prices varying from (15 to $25 per week. Ladies are invited to call at either of tbo above named places and test the new invontion. IOISUAU'S PATENT HOOP SK11ST HOLDER. J No more accident* from hoop skirt*. No more ridiculous situations for ladies. No more springs showing below the Balmoral. No more tang: >d <pungs. No more hoop skirt turning every which way. Wuh the Lot.SKA( S HOOP SfclRT HOLDER, Al'solute immovability safety, ease and elegauoi!. Sold nt retail in all fancy mid dry uo<>ds stores. Wholesale dealers, EM. I.OISEAU A CO., BUt Broadway, New York. Wunted?Agents for the country. Mattresses? In Husk. Moss, Ilair, Sea Grass and Straw. FEATHERS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, or made Into Roisters, Pillows, Be Is, Ac. SPRING BEDS, COMFORTABLES, AC. BLANKET*, in common, medium* One and superfine qualities. BED \M> I'.V LE LI .EN. NAPKINS, DOYLIES, TOWELS, TOWELLING. COTTON 8IIKKTING AM) SHIRTING, in all the popular rank us. 6HKITN and I'll. LOW CASKS on hand and made tn order. MARSEILLES AND ALHAMlHtA SP1L.ADS. EMBKOIDKUED TABLE AND PIANO COYERS. Also manufacturers and dealers in IRON FUi'NI ri'RE:? IRON BEDSTEADS, CRIBS, CRADLES, HAT A.M> UMBRELLA STANDS. BRACKETS, SETTEES, GARDEN CHAIRS. WAS i I SI AN'DS, STORE AND PJAS'O STOOLS. MARBLE TOP SALOON TAB IBS, TOW hi. RACKS, VASES, AC. Everything necessary to supply hotel*, boarding houses, public liistiiiitloiis mid private t.iruiiies, for either bed or tjble use, at the lowest market priors. All good* warranted a represented. WM. OAUDNER, 344 Canal street H. MACT. . SP^INO TRADE. N<>\V OPENING, LfOO CASKS STRAW t.OODS, LATEST SPRING STYLES AND SHAPES. S^flO NEW RTYLF.S PARASOLS. A full assertment of best quality Itlbbon*. Velvet Ribbons, Velvets, Dress Trimmlnga In all the latent noveiti<i4*Butloii<, Notions, French Flow era, Ac., AT PuPliL \ R PRICES. DESCllAMP'S BEST QUALITY FRENCH KID GLOVES, EVERY PAIR WAUK ANTED. AT POPULAR PRICES. HOUSEKEEPING G )ODS, LINENS, WHITE GOODS, FLANNl'.LS. HOSIERY AND GLOVES, LACES AND EMBROIDERIES, LINEN H AN D K ERCH1K FS. GENTS FURNISHINu GooDS, Ac., AT POPULAR PRICKS. No. 86 Fourteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth svi. Nos 2;)4 and :KS6 Sixth avenue. Fourteenth street and Sixth avenue. CJOCIETY AND CHURCH tiOOOS.-FRINGES, LACKS O ST.'RS. TVSS"!LR, Ae.. In lir^e variety at reduced price*, finest iinportod, l>jr SCHUYLER, HARTLEY, ORAIIAM A CO., IK Maiden lane. .UILUNKH I. Madame Harris wili, open at No. t brkvoort pluoo. Tenth atreet, on Monday. M iroh IU. her flr?t tin nortatlOna of Hrpine llonnet*. iu al*o the latent ityles of In en.making, fur which branch ahe aol.cita the patronage of her customers. CUPATl'SKIWH PS. A PARTNER WASTED?$t,tnu CAPITAL?IN AN OLf> eatiblWhed real e?Ute niUee hp t-urn; will MirtaiM ligation; require* the nttentlon of two. Apply to J. TITUS, 3Ki Eight ti avenue. AN INDUSTRIOUT BUSINESS PARTNER. WILLING to help make ihe Dinner, wanted, witl. JI.Vi u J./i't hi a lucrative mercantile hlmx . .It/, four yeara established. \d drcaa Earnest, station D. AN ENTERPRISING AND TEMPERaW MAN WAN'7 ed?As partner In a re? lr m >ney, proUUbic, v'***'"t lni?iue?*. Kele'incs* giveu and required. Apply In rf.tllary. 319 Canal atree'. An active man wantf.d-with $??. to take an interest In a pro.itable ea*h bit-lae??, air" ady c?tat> I lulled, which pay * largely. Apply at 31 Liberty at., room IU, Partner wantrd-with to take the pla- ? of a retiring partner in an eitai>li?!ied and atice,-.?. fu' auction home or rmtrviit k Warnock. Philadelphia. Add ee* N. F. Piiiieu.iM. 2*1 Market atreet, Philadelphia. ritiiE ADVER1I>EK, HAVING A STOKE WITH LONG 1 leaae. In one of ine beat location* for Itu ter, clieeau ind Erodncc l-ii?lne?*, would UKe a partner >vith a flood In l? and mm ?2,1 ? 4J tu ?>>. M A i ireif Produce Couiuii?rU>u, Herald oBn. {'(Ill ?PARTNER WANTED. IN A VKKT PROFITA O'JinJ. !de lueineas. $f>1 can be made weekly. In ?pure of Mr RISES, 'ill Weal I'llty aecoud streol, one door from Broidwjv. dtl IWH1?UAKK UilANCE?PARTNER WANTED, m e-i?!iier ill fie Terr bett paying eihHri'loti In America; pcrlorming to orowded hon?e?; association Hi*, clam. Inquire Immediately at &'? Hu?l?on atreet. (CI WANTED?FOR WORKING CAPITAL tpliilUU with aetive partner. In manufacturing bail Beta. Brooklyn: machinery complete <ul patented; v-iy prohtible Addreea iron," C. E. Willi*, M Pine atreot, N T. ba?enient. $oa /||in to mat a -'.*rk wraxwrnrr M"tUUU nf WtMf MIMHl or *p*e;.il p.ri 1 ill p now offer* to a #eni.em in witli tlii* am mnt, nin)]?"l. able, well etuMlahed New York dr\ full oomniUa.on house. Addreaa Dry Goo l?, Herald office. fcQf\ nn/k fllil purchase AN INTEREST IN ?pOU .Ul"/ an est'-nsire and well known mm'ir.irt ir log eatabli*hm?nt, the pr.el'iet of whose w<>rk? liai the repn tstlon of being the best tu the American market The si lea are for cash delusively. and the dirasn I la aliuoat unlimited. A d??lr*ble party. witli "i?* above amount, may m*k? a ?ery ?drantifeo'ia inofeaMk Addro** Oonfldcntlally Hual bni, Herald o>Hc?.

SKW PIBII f Bankrupt law-price jo cents, sent free hy mail on reoelpt of price. JAMKH POUTK0S. Pub Ilaber, 4S Bible Houee. New Ywk. American Now? Com pany Agent*. _ Just pi;blished-the new united htatr^ in ternal Revenue L?w?. the amendinenta aa pmaed 'iy the laat Congrea*. milking many important ehniigt a In the rdd law, with full Inlet. Neat pamphlet. ? rent*. Sent by mall. BAKF.R, VtMIKHIS A CO., Law PuMlahera, tW Na|. aau atroet, N. Y. Itoalei* aupplled by the Amerlean Newe Company. rpilK NEW BAMCRCPT LAW. HARPRR 1 BROTHER* HAVE IN PRESS, AND WILL PUBLISH IMMl.DlATELY, *THE NEW BANKRUPT BILL, WITH NOTE^, rf)RM8 OF PRuCEDURB. And a Collection of al| the AMERICAN AND ENGLISH DECISIONS UPON T!IE LAW Of BANKRUPTCY. Adapted to the lira nf the lawyer and merchant. BY KDW1N JAMES. Of the New Tork Bar. and one oftlie fram?r?of the Eng'..t!i Bankruptcy Amendment act. Mr. Jamnn haa had tinn?ual opport'.inltfee to become fa miliar with the law of bankruptcy having been a member of Parliament at the lime the Engllah Bankrupt act wa> pa??"<l. and hatrtng hlmaelf carried through Important amendmenta to the bill. He wao alao for many year< a -uecea?lnl prae tloner in the Engliah Baukruptcy Uourta.? Amcrlc*n l^aw Reglater. HARPER k BROTHERS. New York. fTHDE TABLES, OIYINO THR TIME AND HRIOIfT OF X High Water lor erery day In the year at all r"rta In the y?He<i Stalea, hare been publlahed by the UnitM State* Coaat Surrey Office, and are on aale at the principal naute al ?tore*. They can alao be obtained by applicalion to tha Coaat Surrey OU.ce, In Waahin^ton city. Puce iweaty-fir* PHOTOGRAPHIC ART. FOR SALR-A WELL KNOWN PHOTOORAPH UAL lery In thla fltty. Addreaa Photographer. Herald office. n AMUD lAITKLS. VIARRLR MANTEIjS AT REDUCED PRICES?A FINE i?A ee'ectlon on band at S. KLARUE'S mat,ufactory. M Flret arenue, near Third atraet. Mew Tork. Call and ei. amlae. ? t MARBLR MANTEI^-a? MANTELS ON HAND, OF every atyle and quality, whlcli will be cold for the neil mty daya at a llberaf deduction, at A. KLABER'H Mantel Wararooma.109 Eaat Eighteenth atreet, omr Third arenue, N. T. Cut thia out. VTARBLRIZED SLATE MANTRLS?SfiPRRIOR lit Thlriy?ireetc # FINANCIAL. A1 LBKKT IJ. NICOLAY, tiTtH'K BROKER AND AUCTIONEER, No. 43 PINE Silt KT. ESTABLISHED FIFTEEN YEARS. Insurance, City Railroad. Gas IJ|ht, R.iuk, Telegraph, Express, Manufacturing and Mining Stocks receive ?oe"la' attention, and some on hand for sale, paying from 10 to iW per cent dividends, at low rates for Investments. A LIMITED AMOUNT OF MORRIS AND E*HEX Railroad Company first mortgage seven t>er c?n( Bonds, 80 year* to run, interest pajaMe N|.(y and November, for aale by VERM1LYK A CO., 44 Wall street. C11TIZENS' SAVINGS BANK. i corner of ll<> very and Canal ?trcet. Six per cent luterei t, fre ? from tax. F inn Iroui to $A,UOI received. Money depoviltd uow will bear interest from April 1, par able In .ru y. JJl'NCAN, SHERMAN k CO., BANKERS, CORNER PINE AND NASSAU PTEETS. NEW YORK, Issue Circular Noo* and Letter* of Credit for traveller*, available la all trie principal eltie* of t'.ie world. Mercantile credit* for uu Id Europe, China, Ac. Also make transfer* of money to California and Oregon by telegraph, Interest allowed on deposit*. EXECUTIVE OFFICE WESTERN UNION TELE grupU Company, 145 Broadway, New York, Miio n 9, 18S7. This Company Jo prepared to anticipate payment of It* Bond* maturing on the 1st of May next, at a reasonable dls count for the uuoxpaed time. O, H. PALMER, Treasurer. phNNSVLVANlA STATE LOAN. PROPOSALS FOR A LOAN OF $2S,000,C03. An act to create a loan for the redemption of tho overdue bond* of the Commonwealth. Whores* the bond* of tho Commonwealth and eertain w tiflc.ites .if Indebtedness amounting to $Sfit.OUil,l>iW, have been overdue and una id for hoiiw time paid; And wherea* It is desirable th tt the same should be paid and withdrawn irom tne market; therefore. Skitio!* I. Hi* ii enacted toy the ^enatn nnd House of Re presentative* oi the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in (Jen. oral A-*i inblv met, amHt is hereliy enacted by the authority of the name, Tint the Governor, vnditor General and Slate Treasurer be, and are hereby authorized and empowered to borrow on the faith of the Commonwealth, In such amount* and with such notice (no- left* than forty diya), a* they nmy dram most expedient for tho iiiierestof the Slat*, twen ty-three million . of dollar*. and Issue certificate* of loan or bond* ott he Comminwe.tlth for the * tine, he trim; Interest at a rate not exeeedlnj six per centum per annum, payable semiannually, on the 1st of February and 1st of August, In the city of Philadi Iphia; which certificate* of loan or bonds shall not be subject to any taxiitlou whatever for Slate, municipal or local purpve*, and shall be payibleas ltd I .wf, namelyFive million* of dollar* payable ?t any ? ? after live yen * and within ten year*; eitiht mill ons of .??liars payable at any time after ten year* and within tlf i ? -n >0,1 ra, and ten million* of dollar* .it auv time afU'r Itf tf n year* ,.nd within y< ar?, and shell lie signed by the Governor and .State Treasurer, and countersigned I y the Auditor General, and registered In t'.ie book* of the Auditor (lent r il. and to bo transferable on the book* of the Common wealth at the Kilmers' and Mechanic*' National Hank of Philadelphia: the proceed* of thawlioleof which loan, Including nremtums. Ac , received on the samo. shall he applied to the p.,yment or the bonds and eertilicates of indebtedness of the (louimonwca'th. Sec. 2. The bid*'or the said b an shall be opened In tho presence of the Governor, Auditor General an I Slate Treas urer. and awarded to the highest bidder: Provided, 1 hat no oertitteat hereby authorized to oe issued shall be negotiated for les* (ban It* t>nr value. Skc. H. lhe bmds of t'te State and certificate* of Indebted ness, now over due. shall be receivable in pa-nient ot the said loan, under *ueh regulations a* the (Joverner, Auditor Genoral and Slate Treasurer may preset ibe; and every bid drr for the tabu now authorized to lie issued *Hall stat tin h * bid whether the seme i* payable In cash or In the bond* or uertillC'te* ot lnrictitedne** of the Common wealth. Sht. 4. That all ti ustee*. executor*, administrators, guar dians, aynt.s tirasurei*, ccmmi'ee* or other person* hold lug in a ilduciary ciparlly bonds or cerUlioates of Indebted, ne t* of the Slut", or moueyj, are hereby author.zc I to bid for the loan hereby authored to be issued, and to surren der the lamds or <\ i lltlcates of loiu held by tlicm at tb" time of int'clng such led. and to receive the bo'ud* authorized to be Issued by tins act. Sue. b. ^:>yper*on or person* Mending In the flditciary capeclty stated In the fourth section ot :his act Who may desire to invest money In their hands for the b?netlt of the trust may, without an order of court, Invest tho same lo the bonds authorised to be leaned by this act, at a rata of pre iit.urn not exceeding twenty per ceutnm. Si:t'. ti That lr.<tn and aftoi'tbe iat??Hge of th!< ac> all the bonds of 1'tis Coamonwealth shall bepnldoff In the order 01 tholr Src. 7. " all lo.ius of this Cr)tnrnnnw?alHi not yettlno shall Ik- exen-pt from state, municipal or loctl taxa'ltm after the interest due February flrst. or.e thoussnil ei^ht hitudretl and sixty seven shall have l?-en paitl. Skc. ?. That all existing law*, or p. rtion* thereof, lnc in *,stcm herewith, are hereby repe?le 1. JOHN P. GLASS. Speaker of the Ho?*e ol lieprcsentative*. L. W. HALL. Sueaker of toe Senate. ? my ill rem u u> oil*' Ml'nman 1 c;>'.11 fi-innte<t an 1 six.y seven. JOHS W. ur.MH !.i .ictiKUnco >v:tli the provision-of the above act of \s aem'. .v sennit ii.'uit'i-nU wji be ivoivwd hi tlii* otticv of tUa Si.i ? l'" .Miir'.', in the f'Uy of Iliir.UburKt IVunst Imn.ii ii"':'. i rnck jd. of the Ut d y of .'.prl!, A. D.. lx-iT, i en.loiwd m followa:?'-Proposals for IVtin??W.?uU H .f Ii io, treasury Department. HarrU iurg, i'a. I niicd .-?i i'.o? of A iner.,? " Biil i will 1m- received for ?3,(XX7I<|0. reimbursable in (He ye*.* nirj payable !n (?n yc:i:?; Kl.ttJO rrtmbura 4ble lu ten ye irs end payable m Ulteenyea-n, anil ?1U,U#),'*IU. reliu bur-,l,|e in rtf.eeri years and pa,-able In twenty-five yeir?, the rate o interest to lv eitherlive or nix per cent per m num, which mm! be e*pllcltlv 'taied In the bid;mid tii? bids most ndv ma^eoo* to the Htnte will be accepted No bid lor lee* than par will b ? considered. The bond* will he Issued in inn- or t'xl mnl such hlrher sum* as desired by the iosnem, to be Irea from Mute, local and municipal taxes. The over due hnndu of the Commonwealth of Peniiqrlm nla will iie-ieoclved at p-trin payment of this loan; but" i-id d-rs niu-i state whether th. y intend to paj In cash or ill Ihe overdue loan* aiore.aid. No d.siinction will be nude lietween bidden puwii? Iti caah or overdue lo.iini. JOHN W. OF VRT, Gorernorof I'tnn ylvania. JOU.N It'. HARTRANFT, Auditor tirneral. W. H. KFMHl.h, State Treamirer. N B.?Sn newspaper publishing the abovj uulea* :mtho> rl*ed, will receive pay. (j?s - nnn to i/m* on improved real k? late in I in* c'lv In any *ttm, W. II WOOD, '? Wall ?"-eet. $130,000 Brooklyn and .larf-er I'ltr fr?t cla?s im pr-ved ieil i-.tiia. AdJrett <). II . hot IS Xl?r firit 1' ial ollloe. ^'19Hon T0 L0AN 0N' Bono amu MOiiT V,'AO<v'"' gag". t'l one or more sum*. on teal estate, in eity or lfroofclyn. J OHM F. COX REY. fr! Wall atreet, h?im l?. LOAN OPFii'EH. A I tit BBOADWAY BRIDOR, KNOX BUILDING, LIAMoNDS, WATCIIU >, PitECl,>US STONES, AC. Tilt' >l,l> i-.sT.lHLISllilD OFFICE PAY ill!. IJIMOST VALUE FOR IHAMOMt .JKWKLBY, WATCHES. TKWEL-. I'LAT.', I'KAKL-t, AC.. 11HTK!.AL" IMSTUfMi. NTS. AC.. A>\ N. B. ? OiAM< 'Nils. WATCllKd. AC . H>R SALK. OFMCE HOT'KS FKoM l<> A. M fo I P. M. J. If. HAKitl S^ii-^H, 11J Or.>?dwajr, room No. *f. A T 7T-MONBV MURBAl.LY ADVANCED ON DTA A MONDS, Wa:cT|i{>. JEWBLHY. ic, OK T!IK 8AMK HOtJOHT Ai' Til,; IIIOIMsr R A i KS. ALHO PAWNBKoKi tt?' riOitBT-t BOU'.IIT KOIt riUMOSW, W ATcats, JKWEIiRY. Ac., at ~ Hl.-eck. r tire-1, up -inm. DVARCKH \f AUK OS WaTCHE*. PIAMONnH. JEW 'rr ? "?i'iiiIh-:. J. A. JAt'IvHuN. Ill uraod atieet, iw i dooraarwt e ry uij U"<h1? *'\d IVinonal Property of every "la of liroadway A V IN KS M VI'K ON I>I ?.MONO*, WATCHES Mte ? ferware, Kur^, line I'lirnitnre. ?'amala' llair Shaw la, Mr-.. or 'ioti(ht for e.nb T run ru>Jent? J. 6. C J1IKN, 735 Broadway nearly oppoal'e A'tor pUce. AT m I'EARI. STKEKT RF.TWKRH NEW HOW'.HY and Frunklin square, LEOKRilR A CO. %dvm-e lib an'ly at rea??i i ,b|.> term* >n all v.ilnabln propei >y. Wai.-hea, Jawe ry ln?ino.ii . Ac or purehaae. * T nTMAN S. AM BROADWAY, CORNER OV 1K)H0 A atreet. will be pai l the hii;!ie<t t?rl-? for Diaminda, Wttchea ,?n<t Silverware, er wilfadvaace on lh? alw.e ar Uclea. ^ Am T ?3 BBOAOWAY, CORNER OK RU-.ECKSR ?(reel, ihe ntmivat value will paid for H'amon t?, Walohea. J?wo4a, flat*, A<i. Divnaonda, .lewelery, Wa.rh'a, *'?. a!w?v? for a.ilo. Advuiaea ma<t? on con?iymnenla by A. HONlOM VN, UUnwaJ U. Kcnu.eT .r>hi iVj Naaiaii a*reel. IIIIIIIBM OFPHRTIKITIE4. A S' BE FOBTUNB -AfiY UKNTI.EMAN BATINO $1,100 oapHal evn meet with one of the moet eatraoMt nary opiitrtiiultie* for inaklivi money ever olTsred by apply Inrf Immediately at *t7 llu l<on ??reet \NT MAN WITH PLCCK ENOUOH TO BUT A FA tent ICdht ean see ? good thing and ? food chance to nuke iiutey by calling at No. 0 Pine atreet, room Bo. *, AM MERCHANT OR CAPITALIST OF OOOD STAND. Ing May Unlili limited orottenalee HBCl'RBD ?' AIM. T*l, togiaat advaiUge Advertiaer will oall on a gentle man wlio ? j rompt, and eichango the highest class refer enrea. AWroas Hpee ai Capital, Herald oflloe. A WELL KNOWN CHEMIST OP THIS CITY HAS FA tented a pr>M-e?a (by which the American market nan b? mnirvlu< 1. for manufacturing an arll<ile of ler^e ronaump lion. I'rodts larae. Wante.i, an energetic man aa partner, with frem fft.oOi) to tio.nun, Be?t of reference* given and required. Addreaa Chemist. Herald office. Fob sale.-a ciiancb seldom bet with-as est ibll?hed Orv Oooda bttalnex of <0 years' ?tandiiif, In a town of 2,j>*> inhabltanta, situate on the Eaatern shore of Maryland; preeent salea in drygooda. Ac., oyer $1K?.(?# per annum, at an average profit of ta per cent; by the addi tion of grocerlea, aptrlta, in , the aalaa could easily ho made to reach $MR,iM0 per annum; reaaona for selling, retirement of one of the iKirtimrs of the firm. Inquire at 67 Naeaau atreet, room No. ?, -if M. MoN. WaLSH. _____ INn.CRNTIAL BCSINESS MAN WANTBO-TO GET up .? o iitipiny to nianufaeiiire a patented machine that will pay 40U per cent. Addresa Inventor, Herald olBce. IH BASE, STOCK AND FIXTCItEH OF A BBOADWAY j store for aale. Stock consists of I'araaoln and Fancy oooila; lnulneip well established, rent low. Apply on tbi premises. Wl Broadway, r.ear Seventeenth atreet, weal aide. Proprleter going into the manufacturing bualneaa. PHATBNT.-ONB OF 1HB MOST VAI.CABLB INVP.N tlona of the age mar be aeen by nalllnif on the aub. ?<riber. It la known aa ilorne'a Flra Ksoape fta cheap ness and i ellablllty must make It popular. II la the only perfect Fire Escape eyer offered to the public. A rare chance la offered to capllallata or manufacturers, Call and tee Model at IM Broadway. BENTON A CO. AMVIBHENT!). BROADWAY THEATRiT ADMISSION AO CENTS. __ I'i'Wir Bru.ulw y and Pi > in* street. CONTINUOUSLY CRAMMED HOUSl'.Hl STANDIMU Roo.H ONLY at 8 o'clock, attest the unprecedented popularity oi the workl-reuownad comedians amioriginal delineators 01 iI%If?U AND YAN KEE LIFE. mk. and mrr barney WILLIAMS, whoa* ennu;eiueut U regretfully im-.toti to ONLY TWO WEEKS MOKE. THIS KVKMKd open al 7 beglusat *k. MATINEE on Saturday. March 10. at 1o'clock TUe iiisb drama of SIIANDY MAOUIRF. SHANDY MAUl'lKE(with songs)... Mr. Harney Williams __ I'o be f<4iot>*(vl by iho aatouisMug protean omedy of AN HOI R IN SEVILLE, i,i wliloh Mra. Burui-y William* will XMtwwe atfht JiiTenmt charm iei <. with teslfcangea of nuperb cowtuuje, IwlMi, Spanish and Amertaa. Boi oulee open from 8 to tf o'clock. FOaU may B? segured six day* In advance. BkMAN HTADT TUEAiKB. t-'? AND 47 BOWERY. I" i'HJS (M<>N1>A Y i E VI NINO, MARCH U. Mil. BOUCMII. DAwinon tS WALLtNSTE!N, In Svh'ller's grand Tiaip-dv W ALLEN'S rElVd TOD (Wallenslcln's death.) HART/1' TEMPI R OF MYSTERY, 8U0 BROADWAY. Notice.?Other aitractious being in preparation, this will poaiUvely be the LAST WFF.K OF THE PRESENT PROGRAMME. Vro'eus, or We Are Here; Hut Not Here; Flouting Head; Orowth of Flower*. Ac., will lie repeated EVERY EVENINO AT 8, SATt'BDAY AT 2. Tickets. 60 cents; Reserved Heat", fl. Fo* sale, six days in advance, at tbe Hall, from ? 1111 V The fhtckertiiK piano Is used ki the** Winces. Wednesdav, juvenile nlgbt. Children half price. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS?M5 BROADWAY. The Trouble commence* at quarter to eight. Till-- CRKME DK i.A CREME OK MINSTRELSY. B1KC1I. VVAMBOLD. BERNARD A BACKUS' SAN PRANC18CO MINSTRELS. whose succcss baa never been equaled by any almilitroreant ntion in the world. New and cheerful BurlesqtiM every week. Hilton Head Institute. Ten minutes at the Acadeniv Of Mimic. A uanferoua C.itne. or llie Keno Sharps. I will Marry Her a? Early in the Morning. Shout* of laughter at the shadow Pantomime, and llie screaming Black Cook and African liallct troupe. Keli.y a leon-s minstrels, 72u broadway. Crowded nightly to enjoy the refreshing luxuiies. Grand (>pe ratio Burlesque. Fifteenth Ni'litof l'ATTI LEON s fBEETB Olodarleon, P A T T T A In T Sin (i liio T T Hem in A in T T Pa- T Knuai, It of R Dance, T Pa- T T ris. A Baclo, K New E Ke'lef.mtl, T tin. A I T T A P Ardlta. E York. E Sevinouruall, 1 T T A 1* T T AllensJiul, and In the opera STRBBTS and terminating agony wcari the Miporb coittttne Ini]j-? :-teil e\pr imly from Paris, and a fac simile of tin Empress' ball dress. CHARLEY WHITE'S TKOI'PK -EVERY NIOHtT, at Bryant's Mechanics' Hall, 472 Broadway, near Orand Btreot. ORAVD REVIVAL OK THE iiHEAT IRISH DRAMA, FENIAN'S OATII, every FENIAN'S OATH, FENIAN'S OATH, evening FENIAN.S OATH, FENIAN'S OATII, this week, FENIAN'S OATH, FENIAN S OATH, at thin ixmular FENIAN'S OATII. FENIAN'S OA III. depot of inn KENIAN'S OATH, OK THE IDIOT OK KILLAItNEY. OR THE IDIOT OK K1LLARNKY. SIAMESE TWIN'S, SIAMESE TWINS. SKELETON WITNESS, SKELETON WITNESS. BALDWIN, THE UREAT INDIAN JUOOLER. HA1.DW1N, THE OR EAT INDIAN J COOLER. I^TEINWAY'S ROOMB. SEVKIUNI AND PEASE'S FIKTII AND LAST MttRNINO COtCEBT. TO-DAY M\K('II 11 VT :i O'CLOCK. On which oecaaion the followiiiK dislinguiaiied artists will assist:? MISS NhTTE STERLINO, Contralto. MR. S. B. MILLS (who haa Kindlv oonacnte l to play tlm"1 fir-it I'Ihiio |>art of Mr. l'eata's new Duo on Uodirey'ufc "MABEL WALTZ") PlanUt MK. <1. W. COLBY, Pianist. Tickets 91. For sale at Steinway'a, and at Beer A Schlr mcr'a, No. 7CI1 Broadway. Brooklyn academy ok musip. MONDAY, MAKt'lI 11. L. F. HARRISON Director. (Iran.i performance of llandji's Oratorio of . S.? MSON. and positively lam app^trauoc in o -atorlo In Brooklyn of MADAME PAlllCl'A R'iSA The Oratorio will h? performed with the tame powerfill array of talent as in New York. Mi ?-i C. V HI TC11 IN OS, Coniralto. Mr. OEO. SIMPSON, Tenor. Mr. R. TIloMAH, ?,,?o. Kr. D1BT7.. Triltniiet Soloist. Mr. E. OtiNNKLLY, Plantai Mr. (1. H'. COLIIV. Planl?t. Mr. F. L. RITTEU, Conductor. THF. NEW YORK IIAKMONIO SOC1ETV, Aaali,: ed bv mMkari of THE CECIL1 AN CUOIR AND H I.I, ORCHESi'RA. TICKETS ONE DOLLAR. RHSEUVED SEATS FIFTY CENTS EXTRA. Can now be obtained at the Acad iny of Munte, Brooklyn. Grand benefit concent to mk rityo. thomar. STEIN'.* AY HALL,WEDNESt)AY EVEN 1 NO, Mai-diW. L.F. HARRI-ON ... t....oir?-i? Vm iilWytua i ...iu>? have. In the mnjt <en erous uiannc;', tendered their services:? Madame PAHEPA-ROSA, Prima Donna. Mr W. .?. tlll.L. Tenor. Mr. c. MOI.I.i NU vl'F.n, VloUniat. Mr. n\RL IUHA, Vtolinlat Mi W. KOI'TA, Viul.nm. Mr. s. U MI'.l.s Pim.-t. Mr. O. W. COLBY. Vcoompamst, and FULL ORCHESTRA. Th" following noveltlei will be pi ojueed:? T*i entie acts t > the Dram i R>i?.<iuunie. by Schubert. O a,id Concerto for four violins, performed (>r Mr. MOLLEMIUUER, Mr KoPTA, Mr. UOSA and Mr. TUoMArf. TICKETS ONE DOLLAR. Reserved rents, .10cents extra. For sale ut the music storM an I Steinway Hall. Poailively the i ?ppMnmr<' in oral olio ?( MAt>.\Ml; 1'aRKPA KO.'A. Sol >i?ml chorines .natHlued Iiv MADAME RAYMOND BITTER. M?-zz .? .;>r?no. ? MR. CEOKOB HI.UI"SOJ?, leuor. MB. J. R. TIH Ml AS, MR. K. J. CONNELLY, OrgiuiUt. MP.. O. W. COLBY, l-mni-t. tiie new Your harmonic SOCIETY, MK. f. S. MTTEIt, Conductor. andlllKo. 1HOMAH- iNVIl..\SI"-> ORCHESTRA. ticiu.t: ii:;:; dollar. Referred seat* SO jnt? e?:i? For ?*lc ihl* morning a'. Beer Jt Fcbirtrii r'OJ! Br >idway: Pond A M7 llioidiv.v; UulloMa'a U< :et o:Ike, 112 Broadway, and at Stelnw.y fl iil. Bit-van rablkaux largest in tUa world. iwagniii etr mm. tt'uMr*il u "Bui yao ? I'll Hm'i .'i" 1'nlon II ill. Bro* Iway ai?l Treaty-third *lr n ?(?If ui<hti.?7; mwMKkjil A dm !?? in "O nt<; children Jt cent*. li*uuee W oj iu->X?y ?? d ? ?? Uj. ..iit o'c ixik. HOKT. J. till''EN WOO I) M.?n?g :r and Projirtetor. tt'ONDKliKl'L rRK\K Of NAT; <B?' T!IK WA-iM Tf INi.lON I'WtN"," ?ri Uive, hannii two heel.. ron.* anon, rnd tout anf Iwlr u4M* mlrof l-?i?; alaaihaheal Mid r ?'?? I' of f*rob?'. toe milttterar nf f ten. Ijr, together i!i<j 11. tgri'l-'en collo.Uon of 1 |M*.% til l*byel?'o,iv. Mint cm.-, I'.it'i -tog* nn.I Natural !ll?l ry; all o! which i ?? illBel rated d?.v br . eetu.-e? I M ??<*? .jii ? View*, ut tt.e fc'ew Y ri? of Auv.O'ny. OH Hr-Ai-l way. Open inrtn 1 A. M. to 10 1'. M. TIIK LKCTfRK. SEASON. ALFCH BE BY HON. RICHARD O'OOItMAN, I'N 4ur tbe aiinpiwa of the Mew York Youoc Men'* ::oimn Caiholc Benevrlent A w ci.iC'm, ut I'Mpgr Tsalttntn. on Monday eeentu^. March 11. !&>. :it t> o'cl uk. In aid "( the Mn nm-ut Ptiud of Hie i?*?o latino. Joiik S. Sc>'t i.T. Secret .ry. JOHN II AYES, Chapman Ticket- 10 ???iiia, t?? li? h.-td it the door ou r eninj of leu ture. aad ai the principal f athollc boo* BBI0ADI8B UI'NERAt. stewart I.. WOODKOBO, Lieutenant'torrmoi-Slate uf Now Yoik will deliver bl* rel-bvated Lecture ..n at Centrnl Metti<>dt?! Enltcopt! chnreb, *?renth av?niie, neur Konrt?cnth ?!reel, on WSIHRHPaT RTlNI.Vll, MareH n. at S O'clock. Ti"k iln W cent., f'o Nk at Cart ion A VM> Broadw if; Serif) oer t ("o )vi IlroMlway: Randolpli'a, T"1'firo ?y. aud Kifth AvaatM llotel. .Uao ai the d'Mir on the erenioc f the i^eot ire. IMPORTANT LEOTl'RKS DA LY-T<? OBNTLWMRN only. *t fie New Y >rk Muaerna <if Aa<I4B|T, <1S Bniwl wa?. rhoae unnble to attend theie ii-rtu et Mjfrwilrta oup* l>? forwarding ten oenta. ASdrMi tieer-utry of Near Turk Muaeuni of Anatomy. Ml Br >i<iw*y. BIM.IAHIW. v i . AN AMNOPTKn STOOB OK NEW AND HTWOND If A x t? Tablets >?ltli our new nnj Improrel e-iih! m patealad l*th Mooemlier IM, ready to ?lnp M lli? aliurteat pont ile "ka^ABAOH k DRCKKR. corner flAnAl and rehire aU. Billiards-a new and splendid htihik ??i-* Otllliird TiMM. wBb lie IMMMMM nmreto, l'ir aale at reaaooable price* at tiio iplondi t e*tabli*iitn<rut of WILLIAM H OBIPKl'f II, MM P ilt.nt .tree'. WANTED TO Pl'RCfi ASH-TWO *i SItB BILL'AH^ Taiilea, In good order, one carrotn and four pic.ket*. with Sharp * pate.ited ru*hlona preferred. If in good o. I?r raah wlU be paid at a fair prtee. Addraat Caah, llerald oflloa. DOO POUND AT SAND'S PMWT, I.. I.-A fI'LL blooded Black and T*n Terrier ?m?ll yellow apot? over eye*. Apply to John Dat enpoi t, KM Wall HrMI. li^OEND?IN A MADISON AVENl'E BTABE. AN OP P era <>lit*a, wlilrh the owner can hare i?y enllln* at J. PreaUoe'a, Bo. lot Broadway, aad p.iylng f'?r IbU adrerli-e n'ent. _________ TORT SI M7 R MIST AND VOL'*D. LOST-ON SATURDAY PVKNINO. i In Wellington itreet, between Jay aoannaa'a Aoonnot Book. The Under ? 818 Washington atreet. rkwahdn. AMI/NEMKNTM. New YORK theatre. Mantfrri L?wi? Baker ami Mark Smith. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, at 1 o'clock, ? perioral Mike will be liven for the BENEFIT or TUK SOUTHERN RELIEF ASSOCIATION, on which obtusion will be acted Buuclcaull's brilliant Com* dy of LONDON ASSURANCE. I-ADY DON and 'lie entire Comiiuur, OnkNtn end At* tacbeeof the establishment have kinlly volunteered for tlif O'-cii.non. aud tlii Comedy will be tnUrpreted by A UF PRE .EMINENT EXCELLENCE. B?i Book ci(>en fui- ihe scouring of acuta on MONDAY, March 11. VEWT YORK THEATRE. ,i\ MmiaTra Lewi* Paker and Mark Smith* Fourth and laat week of the IM?tluijiii?hed Comedienne, LA o V who will TO-MORROW EVi NINO appear in a new Conie. <iy written expressly for lier, entitled H.40 l lit )B. FANNY HARTLIOH I' LADY DOH Al-n ax Mil"* Nh Coppnleen in Byron's uijiniraiile burl^niUS of MI^s EILY O'CONNOR, orTIlK CoLLEEN HAW.V. assisted by MR. MARK SMITH aud MR. LEWIS UAKiiB, an<l their EXCELLENT COMEDY AND BURLESQUE COMPANY. MR. .TOIIN K MORTIMER I Beg* leave to announce- to hia friend* and the patrmi (jfueiully of the OLYMPIC THEATRE that he will be tho recipient of a BENEFIT ON FRIDAY BVKMNii NEXT, MARCH 15. when he win appear for the Ia*t time but 'me iia HAlitiER, Iti the STREETS OF NEW YORK. Bo* sheet now open. WOOD'S THEATRE Admission 36 cents. 614 Broadway. opposite <t. NlctioUa 11 old. Engagement for S.X .NI(?ilTS ONLY and TWO MATINEES with MISS FANNY MORGAN PlIKLPg. Tim hemitllnl and billliiint v<? ;tli.t and oominedienne, whose dashing lmper?<>iutioB* in the oltltut of Australia lid California liitvrt elicited the uioet entbusla-tlo apiirobaiini. MONDAY NIGUTAXD WEDNESDAY AND SAft'KD.VY SI VTINEE, The beautiful ootned; In three acU by James Pilgrim, E <i., THE WILD IRISH <11 HI-. Countess ZiUomltr, with u iy tit.J lilrh jig. Mils P11E. I Supported by it full dramatic company. Alto the musical luterlude of THE lioMNIK FISHWIFE. Mnggle Macfarllne, with *oug?. Miss FANNY MORO VJC pheiTi's, Box olllce open from 8 to ti. Beat* secured in advance. fPEATRE FRANCA IS.?COM EOY. L GRAND SOIRKK BOI'FI E. FIRST TIMS, ON Tuesday evening. .March 12, l%", of LK CHaPEaC DE 1'AILLE D'lTALir, Comedy in live acts, with aonip i?y f.alilche and Michel. Ticket olllce at H. Dardonvl lie's, <i"tt Bio.tdw.iy. jyj^RS. F. B. CONWAY'S PARK THEATRE, BROOK,1 MONDAY ETCHING, Aiurustln Daly'a New Play, I HAZARDOUS GROUND. Aline Mrs. F. B. CONWA* Supported by the entire star company. Hoolevs op:.ra house, Brooklyn. THE HOUSE T'lAV JACK BUILT. Till', BURI.E>QUK BLACK CROOK. C E. Collin*?"The Cure." A. Bamt'ord?'The Wonder '* 8omel<ody's Coat, Affair of Honor. Challenge Dance, iir?* clan Statuca. Grand Matinee every Saturday, ?t 2>? o'clock. BIFFIN A CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS. Fifth Avei ue Opera House, No*. 2 and 4 West Twenty, futtrth Rtieet O. W. H. URirriN Manager. THE FAMILY REPORT. filed sucee*Bfal week of the HE GRAND SPECTACI'LAR BURLESQUE THE BLACK CROOK, wledged by all who have witnessed its representation ht two weeks to lie the ?JMPLETE BURLESiUB EVER PER FOR M O. tire i*eiits through the day If you would be in tltne Christy, G. W. 11. Grifllu, nrbunk . re engagement), R. Hughe*, . .. Boyco (hi* Hr?: app<'.inin^ei, Fred AblMitt. will i op re no ii i the coutlc.tlitiea of the evening. C. Henry, l.corge I#ealie. C. F. Sliuttiick. W. W. liodgkin. The iiiiinltibU ipiariet will represent the vooal <le;nrt ment, assisted by the splendid orehMtra under the dtreetioa of J. Morrison. DoOim open at 7. Commence at 8 o'clock. Gi BIFFIN A CHRISTY'S r MINSTRELS. FIFTH AVENUE OPCRA IIOI'SR. No*. 2 and 4 Went Twenty fourth street. O. W. H. Man?ig?? tiik family resort. Third successful week of tlio Qsaad Spectaoulai Mui'le*'iue, BLACK CROOK. Ron^ipe.iranee of Mr Oi'TO Bl'RllANK. Door* open at 7; to c luunouce at 8 o'clock. moNY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE, Jul BOWERY. JL Ensa einen: lor a limited tx-riod, ef the modern gi <U^ a to I and champion evimnri.t of i ue athletic art, Mr. SAM COLYER L AND HIS IWO SONS. .?UinntE rfrst miHi or an entirely new ir.usioal burlesque, MASBl.NlM.LO. THE FISHCATCHER Ol NAPLES. No .v aceuery, aptioiutiiiunt", co?tunoea, Ao. T' :?? Y PASSU* AMU TliOt PE In a (mud olio MATIRBES ON Wl.DNESDAY AND SATl RD.VY. N'ATIOSALTHEATRE, CINCINNATI. I lie uilei -itr.ei will s*Miinn the l"ssee*hi|? and mina aaeineut. oi tho abo. e Weil known establishment on April 9* 18 >7, which will bu th< c^maicm cutent of the spring una summer season. SAMUEL COLVILLK. Aj? nlluailon? for engagement by letter only up to Marc'i 19 Way be i ddrei ed to ilronlwnr Theatre, New York. Sile iu? should be considered a negative. tTTASTEH THIS DAY-TWO HOOD END MEN FOR A' ?I minrtiv: nnpanr In Providence, R. I. Apply froqs 10 to 11 to J. 11. aADLER, Eclipse Sliades, Main street,' Brooklyn. The ohevt histokioal painting. REPUBLIC AN COURT IN THE DAYS of LIWOOLN. ON EXlllBlilON DAV AND EVENING, ART (DERBY GALLERY), b-J6 BROADWAY. THKATKE TICKKT OFKIOE. f Knfrred Seeia for >11 flrat rlaaa Theatre*. Conorrm Ball*. Ac , cab ulway* he obtained *l Ibe aHKATKE TIi'KET omOJ, 112 and 114 Broadway. TI1KATRE FRANC \ 13.?FRENCH THEATRE TO LET.' f?r e?e?in*? and m.ttneen, for operaa, dramaa. <vrn. licturea. Ao , Ac. Applj to Mou?. DK1VBI', oflire of French tlii-elre. PIANOPOHTED. 4 MAGNIFICENT BOSKWOODPIAWOFORTB. M A1>R .'A to or lor. city an ikar; taaed Ova moutlia; roat lot .n'tuil.iic itojl, < ivrr; I'arlo.nulla, Falnlinga, hroai tutA Ciaam'ier, ioning Fuaaaltnre: a Mfrlltea. Inquire ai 4f Weat 1841i %tra?e . betn. . n Fifth and KlxUa avanuea. A MAOXIFIC .St PIANOFORTE FOR RALE?F >at tj."S, oat $!>?> ,ii?u i'?riur ?'itii. fur tin: !??. fa {*5. Vlao 'he 1 ira.tu.e of a |a*rlor anil four badr?>u*? at a' .tiialn. In a ?ir- ... Ill# 'A'eat k ivbill atreet, near S.atB ?venue. ; A T LOW PRrt.Eft-V'iRilT OLA** PIANOS, QBO v SB . 1 . i-..i Mel. Ju rii ?> tv: . ?ar a ill (haala, on inatalmriata, by T. O'aRI'ON. 70i il ,. i aiv A strKKi; 7\ ocrw; r ?.k-v.kiu pianofoktb. fur *-il- it t mi..i . ??-g.iuilr liialabad, with four Ft 1M "tree. ?? ? ? > r. ale *?. or?i i ting h***. full Irou pi te, rtciH p?'W?rr. i ton' m itgn.iMl oelet>*d city iiau rt/ wiib Ive vr-' ? .r-i .tv. tv .i*r?'jtu pin e MM; will ?'?.d foi 44.'. > \..pij . 111 7 A *1 to 7 J*. M. at (Hi Hulk avenue. near Kn uctn ?iraet. A. 1*. KATTEBSoN a YOI XU I.A0T WIM. . 1'IANO 1N8TR0CTI't!f .1 tj ? few aohotamal $l'i j purer, at her own o( put'iV lejl.lrnoe Apply at GtfO -U.n memae, near Fortieth A BAO NI PIC UN T ABHORTBKBT OP THE F!N':M A nnd r!|.'ap~?t taax and <econ I hurl PUmw la tu? O'tr, lor ?all an 1 to lei at WX. CANDIDUaJ' warerootii 14 B!, i cV r (tret. i A N ASSOIUMKNT < >P NRW "|?1 AN"F"*TB* ToTbT il mid arid, in ln?tili?i>nte, at the fetnafiiafcifYiM* nd Itfi lia?t T?e:ity-flr-t ?l ?-t L. 1* CCXMaOI. \HA> S >*K 'fjtRWOOD PUNO, OCTAVE,' iu if ri." ?nl? . |irlc% (410. Can bo eeea at Ho. 40 Heat li?HU aintb A CHF..1P !"!ASlf>F<tKTK ROCKD ?'OBBBR8, IROWj A pi. t ?, line, m fooii order: prle? (KB Haw Plauov auld *enr eh??i? _ . . J ?1I?01-P.. M Amir ??*?? near Broadway. ,* wii.l oisapohb or A maoripickm/ roaa#??l aeien Hflfave Plan?roii? and Htool; orvii??t I'rice ?.?. (tor > a than hall pn a, itreratrnnff beef, i/?e* eltymakera near'jr u*?* Apply a. *i Tl.lrl^reet. BAlU2klJ>S UPLBWWO RIWEWOOD SEVEN ??<Bi 1 cat r? A.rtA * . "l ?? ???:(H ?*??"?? (IK* ?:!i?r *f claaa aacnad hand Plan? f trtel rrry r.k- r- '? l'iaaof??rt?a. Ira? tiian vufllmilK pi'*" ??' ?w ?' ?w?a?(n?aB?. McUONAl.tB jm Fo 4iih avi-naa, ?f)p'i<ite '*iK<)?er laa'ltaia. ' MOB MALB^A VHBf El. WAIT PIANOKORTTE (if. r Taetavea. hmmi aa goad ?a new. la inlra at 144 aa^ 147 Bowiry. aei'On 1 lloor ^ AIT A 11 KK (IR \ * H sol A HE AMD OPBtOMT PIA.f'l^ ? H ladaoaa. tlaMaai Orean.. Wln>i?aala and MMfL ? let. and m>i applied il ptirehaaed MumhW pat menu rfii-ed Mecoa.l hmid Pi inna al harjalna. :*i (caa from i tf. h> fi2i. >i'W 7 i?H?re Pianoa for (Zi.i ani upward*. (Mil plan ?? taken lO hange ?"a-h uaid for eeoind haa I' via tin*. Facorjr and ware r j >m? 4^1 nnaadaray. B. T. 1 HOHAOB WATER*. 9piA?opiiKri-8. t JMVLI&BB AND t ffiPBtOMrd to Irt al $3. (4. $.V (rt and $7 a anmath. or for aale I'heen, Mnnlr tmi*lit and pl^noa tune I by Prof. OUMdOAY. lira tad ?tieel, ?- ? ? . ? ? ? - -~a' UANiilAM At AuBNlttt. ADODWOETII.'t DAKtlMU AO A DEBT, NO. 213 FIFTH AVK.lUE. For terma, Br., aeiad lor a olrru ar ^ BAM.KTM ABTF.H Dt.'M AR'fl DABCIJIO A? ABrvr# 24 Weal Four... aireet ? Laeeinaa eTerJ day f? li-a and gentlemen: all ilanvea taught in eaa ^aarter "? ilaiaoea la an prlrate laaaona. f BROOKES' DBRi'IRO At^DR*TJ?JJiMP** MT" A NEW CLASS roH FI EHO^T. All the faahbuialife Dallcea In one wl1?*'J SOIREE P\ hK^is^nnrnv DA<4Ct?0 ? ROOM^ w.w&ttwwr1*0'