Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 11, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 11, 1867 Page 2
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" ITIOIT# VP AR 11.1 T/RRi A El RSI CLAM DRESSMAKER V H ? TO CO ?? ,"u1 hk" 't?f orv?ek. to , .it end ft; laJ?a' di-;*?aa. Arriy at a? Waatakh ?. Ay<WM> J, vDY N' iitTJ--s I ITt HON AS SEAM. ?t?v is cai-u*it? , ? . w":r? u ?? 1 11 a and children's rlo'Lin. > r 'Uinr iled Apply, for onewr?t, *') .s. A. S., 10 l! . ri t. __ ? AN AM ntCAN TdHAX UiSH. < A SITUATION AS . boiitffkrfpar .or a nid.'.-or or ?iiigiegwil 'mm: no ob jection to I'.i'.Mrc t .. ? ?i 'J'. ' m .y plan* An;. ii: ?:? \snT\TlON.TO . do poneral i J l.wwork lr ?> i..n?n prtTate family; nol flu iv ;.~r i ? i o Cull for lnruo>)i fclfcltHVe- <*?!; St.. c..:m : !>a?. A Y< ! ' v I MAN" v HUES A SITUATION AS J\ ci. ? *rm , or ill ? . in-itd and waltr?j,i. would': rt ? ??.'I in mas. Inquire ui 17j Wen 3dth ?l, iL :t ;.K?I <irn. vr> HEALTHY PROTESTANT WOMAN t n iih wot nur?e. Call for two day* at A ::: . 7Ui nr., i?"ar Uvih ?t. A Nl"l!K? OK WELL recommended german J\ sir ? .a.; > uaiion* at Mrs. Lowe's ( inslliuip. 17 Mam .i it., niiar flowery. AVI.I-VWELL EDUCATED protestant OER uiiiu girl de.<irea to take a pla.* to tend children nnd teach t'v iit-rman lariKuago; or a* ! dy'? maid .ind to do are i^r^rucuj uau u ?"ua- i^ni?ut * A SITUATION WANTKD-UY A COMPETENT PER. bou. as ohomberuMld and wiltres* or \valirf?s aloue RvJi's'ih1"', tn.u;:&ct"7^"y reference. Cau le :e<.u at r} Vt c?t Z, tli t?t., betwMil oih and . ih avi. Asm-AT ION wanted?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, iinV .C0, ' ,u^d-i?? tuda cookiiiR in nil Its branchea; Ih willing to ni.M Willi tho waaltlng und Ironing; good cltv reierenee. Call for two da)? at M VVVnt LTtli h!? fn the itar/ A SITUATION wanted?BY A respectable PKO teat-uit per?on, to <lo j' u Hvvla/ unci make her-elf fet^ruhy useful. CaU on addr^f MialTjJrlce, 113 Actuation WANTED?KY A RESPEPTAKI E young woman, to do homework: bait good city rBierwncf C Ml for two Jay* wt 67 w on lBih ?!., near otb av., bn?t floor, back room. A TOP SO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION' AS' i'ITAM. 1"n' *'a^rrsa. or to take care of r '<tbv or dc Mj ki'ih'sti ,m ? Z ti"> aal* "l ^ l0lh ttv-- ??e?wc?ti UUl ah J oo la ?!*?., up Kuiirst lront uouao. A vn, a 8ITTATION TO DO r 7lh ???? ATOUNO AMERICAN niRt D^STRRR T ; <rtl Jti private l-iinUie? 10 do Uj .' .Uij .i. vi m dj ibe U i v or monta. Call at or aid i J U nL. between ?th and 8th avs. ? A VOl NO WOMAN" W' H \ r i [J \*f [O V PL\1N[ A RESPEC'T. OI NO <!IRL WISHES A SiTC.V ' >vf "'nu ni -ru.N A t*ll I g~| 11 .11 .1 ar..l wa'.-rew, cr to do (encral ?r . ouill ptItnU famltyj ou rift tbo veiy Lijm '"tPi ace. Call at in Weat 3Ut it - Bth "'?or, l --It > 'out ' RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL WISH' S A uy 8Ku:? as kcarnsirosa o. nurua and (.e.itBsne^i Cltv merenc. ?L,m. CaU u l u t\ ,? tjw;h ?u. f,x t\Vo d.i\s. ' A RlS?";ClABL1!, ?lK1, " ANTS A SITUATION AS ?Tt. t: 'otl, tber nnd ironcr, or to do u neral ,a en>u*' iaiuliy; wc:i reoonunended AnpL ?t dlat ?U, between Htb auil JOth avg. PP > A? CTABI E WOMAN WANTS TO WEI NTTRsr * child at tier own h. tuc. Call wt 33>^ W. rt Br(md W?Si,fe ??!*??!&? 'f* u""j r"~"?"?' *u? A respectable VOUN 1 OIRL WISHES A siti-a A r.tWt?^?^n r ^ A COMI'ETEN'l dressmaker WISI1R vn-rnv ksjW ^ ,ss A LADY OF REFINEMENT, ACCUSTOMED TO T1IR mana.o?.-nt of k.-,-v r, d-iln-n , ro"ltlon , l,o? . jeewr m ., K ma:,', f?:,?rfy, ' i | ? re oJ^i" fir^t cla*a ciubhooh-i: ,i;e mnlct>t n- ? t o w, T %nd of delicate Krcn. K dt,"!-""knV. ? ' ?",em '.e w'^d like a |MW.|l.>n where she i,?i t "... j,. , , p J 10 roar* ofjw) with her. A.Mrfi, v,, >?' J it? M A. Brifg?. 28H Inter at.. IIqwhui VI. ??. .. .. ?. Al. A WAirTBD-BT A R^SPECTABUI ?. baby; or would rto ci.nnj. ? ik'ind ni2t?Ta ?'vine'"fl^ ln*he)Moror,'y , ^ " A*"" A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RERPEJ1" VHI~F ninT A SITUATION WANTED?BYA IBHWim Nv A respectable YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITPa tlon n_, uurae and plain toti,i?trr?B I. ? , A situation wanted?BV A RESPPCT lltr V A young s,i . to do ch:.mbe, work and >u u ViJ' S m >'?? ? stiff jr. A SITt ATIOX M AN'TJD?BV A RlNpr rTiRr r* -u. ;??? A \Ol no WOM an WISHES A SITU VTION iv a A RESPECTABLE I1IHI. WISHES \ HfCUK.v to ga^^he^^^rg^l^^To." r?f iW" d-" " ^ A ['"BCTable Married woman with ? A ""SreCTABLE YOUNO 01 If, WVNTs A w.rr. R^Jencc'lV? KVt Mth'at"7 *" ChjT";'or1^" ??1 wai'reaa." A TOUN, WOMAN WI<J||KS A SITl Ariof a<? ( n t u |y*y.iuaa?' A .fIL' AT1"N "'ANTED BY .< RESPFCTARI V A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A BITT'ATION AS pUIn eook, waaher and Ironer; brut etty rcf'ret.ce. Can lie Hfn for two d**? at 140 ?d ??., between ifttuand ICth ma. ATOONfl omi. WlSllflS A SITU\TIOM TO TAKK care of ehlldren; no objection to tliu country; g>od refer* in a c*n Imj jlren. C.kll .it *i Ea?t Slat fit. A8ITCATION WANT!.D-U\ < M/IHH.E AOEI> WO m n, ?1 fi ' J ; u r. p ,1 tmk' r or hit a J find paatry; In willing to aanlat with the i. n ji.'n of (he; wli take cTiargc of a aii.tll d?lrj ; l?j?i reltrruiv can ba given; the country preferred. Call for (wo <U>* at <7 Oth at., in (he war. AYOUNO C.IRl. WISIIKif A SITUATION A4 PRAM Mie"; can rut and fit lud'ea" nnd children'* dmae*; Kd city ref.ri nee. C?u be acen until encased .it 3 ! av? k atot e, rear 3utli ? t. ARKiiT ECrABI.E ffOMtS WISHES TO TAKI? IN Waahlne at her own ho ?e; geo 1 my , tr-imce c-?n t o ?Iran. t>- aren until milled at Mm. Hharldau'a, No. 'M Went 2to ? (., in the rear. ATOUNU FRENCH WOltAN UKMItK- A POSITION to t*ke r.are of !r-n; hiurlrear.'r; fcoat of reference. Call at Mil (tifa ar., shoe ,-u?re A WELv H iJiRI. WANTS A SITUATION AS 1'IRBT A cla?a waitreaa In a prirata famlly. Can be ateu at 9e Want JHih at.. Oral floor, back room. A SITUATION WANTED-nY A YOUNO OIRI, lat ly In tided, ai rhatnherma Id and w?llr?<a fire jraara' ieferauce If required. Call at 104 W e?t llhh ft, in lie re.r. Ayounu Woman wihies a situation as b?-: am. atte.??, ta a ir'<od drc samaker and an ?>ici't|??nt plain ?ewer. Can la aien for two day* at Xti Hleka ?t, Hrooklyu A RESPECTABLE YOUfcO OIRT. WISHhS A SITU A tion aa rhs't'emmtd and to do general beuaowork; food reference. Call at IW Eaat .Y?th at. for two dajra. A REtiPPPTAnfjE woman WISHES TO OET WORK ?*? by the day . r week; c. n waah and Iron wsll. Call at "" " re, . th ? reai tiotiae. BMPKOTARLE PAOT?:STAXT OIRf WANTS A aiM? i ..,aa < h .mhermi and tvaltie* ; go. 1 rofer , tMii obJeeUoni to .a country. Call at No. 211 i urn fluor, room To. 3, A. ^8???.CT.ABLJ Wcy WI8I.ES to OO OUT BY ?Sod cut ref??.^i ' iT' "tnS. < leaping nod rooking; gjod^cty raierenc*. Call at ?<* titu a-., aaeond Door, baok ?^kASV,| .W' ",,KH A SITUATION Aft Uun,?rM? ( a'l r Xra"? r''.?? ?? chamiartMM T ***"""**" " ' f,,r two-lam at U ! 2 i at M 81'i Ij' uds wVvirn1 mAI< T!,'PT ? I COOK: nadariH.. uas V*r '* all tn ' ran^tea; Uatritr ?ronco glretl Li1 *nr **" '"t U ba? l*tb at , ons r from the rorner of i. i..V"J^j pnee. .A Touyo aiBt wishes a situation ap cium. Aberrna' l or nur?e to <lo pUin sawing, ben ifer^nr? Cull at M? Weot 1Kb at. A BITUATTOJI WANTRD-AB WAITRESS, IN a PRi. J\ rate family; the beat cHy rofareuce. Call ai Ul Want Jfcth at, between ?th_and ?th aTa.. for rvo day-% "first class AMriiifA* rauhimdrb wisnns ?. a K't'iatlon eitker lr ? IkjV'I or t |t; >r rorr. hat b?"ti i one of tbe largeat liot?la in t'.? <>.<? flre yeara1 ei?eri. d e; h<wt of refereneea gi?? n. Ad>. t ?? Oacar, at?t.? . BITtlATfON WANTED?BY A YOUH? Wr.*\N l> wltii a fre?h brent >f mtlk <^?n be *ee<i at 4ii Ln?t ' h ai , between ava. V and P., for two daya. ft YOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS n,AI\ Tl cook. *i .h?r and l")n?r la a email prltraW fan./f, or f -ta ehemSe' work ?nd waltlnf, gwd v?'i *1 " mr.troit. srrr.vritrvq wavtf.'wpi maiks. \ RBSPrClABUJ PHOT A5JT VOI'KO woman /V v?'?! ?? a kilua uBU wet i. ur.e. C'J' lor two days at 120 F? .t a?th st. \ KM AN l.r. . V.iio CAN r? K, WA :I AND I - V t.on, dt.-i e* a i -.i iu. Cull e'. .74 lioust iu ? ., ueur nr. B. ] * j)::r?>M'Krn wishe* employment to oo J1 uui i , Hrd..v; understands V. bc-ilcr k \WL.ou'. ma chine. t'.. Il ?t '. !j . .. .. .ilsl st 4 YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CllAM r\ !??? in ;ld utiJ Hnitrc>(. ('an be area f< r two day* at bt r pre-ont pi cf. 46 W oat *t. Uuou reference. AU'..-l'ECI ABLL GIRL WTSnES A 8ITUATK N AS frst clus? cook: no objection to ast.l*t a' waging ..i d ironlin;; L \-t city reference I-^rn la*: employer. ' *11 at ii6 lo.j *i., between Ttli and t>th avs., iu lbs ua?etnin'. \Pn I'ATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE steady p.11, lit ch.iinbeiui.ild and nuine, or oa chamber* ma'd nd uaitrvsa; I, obliging, civil and willing to nuke her self generally useful. Can bo *eet) for two <1ny?, with city relercnoo, ut Uer present employers, 120 Esst T7th st. AtiO >D DRESSMAKER WOULD UKU EMPLOY meut by the d.iy in anrivi'e families; understands cutllug aud tituug. Call at SLA 6th av., between ljtii and ItiiU sis. A YOUNG GIRL. LATELY LANDED, WISHES A SIT. u.Uion as chambermaid and plain sower; u .in excel lenti ifrbroide t: w,i,;e* no object, but a good home. Call lor two d..ys II 1 West 2 lU at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A'81T(T. u'.ion an cliauibe: maid and waltics*. or to do sewu-i In a private fnmlly; no objeciioti to the country; haa t?>o ye.;rs* ruler uioe Jiuiu her ia-.t ,-Ucc. Can be seen at W# W?*t '.Mb street. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO do general housework. Call at 104 We*t 19th *L AREsPfcCTABI.E GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO do general housework, In a small private family: p .<i i ntr refeieuce. i > willlnR and obl'giug. Call for two <t .j at I I'.S Jane at., tirat IIoji, back room. k RESPECTABLE YOCNO WOMAN W1 .1ES A SIT J\ nation an coik; understands tho t i thoroughly. HuUsf.ciory city re'ereneo cau by ?i e t. Call at, oraddieoi, 26u Eaat 23d st. 4 ?SITUATIONS W ' NT :). BY TWO RESPECTABLE A. reraon*; c,.o , the other a* waltreas; botli thoroughly undi :r bualnen* and harc good dly ivIerenoeT ' .J We.tlftihst., first rear building w? Kt of 6ih av. ? ( X.-KI EST WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION IN . ? . vati lanilly aa Aral claaa cook; undcrnt?ivl* breij'l, c.ik? bak.iig; b !?t of n fcren?'C. Cau be 8Cfu at 104 ?i 1'JiiUst., bctweeu 6th and 7th av?., sccood tiigbt or stain. * RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES TO TAKE IN A w?*hiiig and Iron'Off at her own house; underatand* tluting; i<t:?t city rct'ereuco. Call at 101 West Uitli *t., second tloor, routu No. o, fu ihe rear. _ Ah YOUNO WOMAN WOULD LIKE TO GET A SITUA tion h? nurso r.nd he..mitre?9. UudcraUnds cuttiug and fitting children^' girm nts, and all kinds of lamily ievv inc; cim work on WUoeler A Wilson'a machine; has noob ii ton to tr.iv.i h?. "e beet of city reference. CaJat her ^ U >1 pl<*c6| Ulo WcMt 40ih 8t. ' a SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE ' J\ girl, u* clinmburniuid and raltress; would aaslat in wnKhtn? nd ironing; beat city r?fcreur.e from her laat l-'14!1 a' 3la w est 19th St., between 9th and 10th avg., r for two AN AMERICAN GIRL DESIRES A SITUATION TO take care ol children or to do tip stulra work. Call at | 11 Watt* st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUA tion as cb iml rrm ild and waitress; willing to amist in the \vunlit.ix and ironltitf or to do general houbewi'rk in a Fia.ill tamily. Call at l&J 6th a*., aecoiid floor, back room, 1 No. fi. i a R, iPXOTAJUa GIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN A j'\ pri. ite lamtlv us eook, waalier and Ironer; best city re fe-i'nrs fmm her last place. Call for two day* at 1?3 Eaat ; 26tb *tr< ' betiveeu 1st and 2d avi. ; A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITTATION AS A mt ii cnok: cr.n come well rccoiniueudcd from her iait place. Call at 79 Allen ut. AYOU.VO OiRr. WOULD LIKE A SITUATION IN some re neirtahlc fnmlly as seamstress, or tj t ike c iro of nod educate ? children; no ol'j.ctlon to leav.i tho c:t\% ("u'l on or address C. A. M., 66,'i Carmine St., In the niUliuer's. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CIIAM brrm lid ati.l to do senrinr, or will tako care of one child an ! tiavel with n l?d?; city reference fruiu ber last place. Call lor two days at 516 2d av., noar 80th st. Families suited immediately with capable servants ut CARPENTER'S large employment otlice (esU blislird 15 yearsj, 1S8 11th st, corner 6th ar. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED?IN TIOTEL, ci'lier city or countrv; very beat of reference. Call on or addrcrsjloustkeeper, ?8 4th av. HOUSEKEEPER'S POSITION WANTED-BY TWO Atrerloan ladies, to lake the entire charge of a hotel, a large boarding house, or would take charge of linen rooms, oi would accept 01 any honorable position where trus' and i h -,rr. i* required; w.-uld like to bo engaged together :f j?.? slide; the be?t of rofe.renoei given. Addroa* Mrs. Morris, i.. . '^1 otiire, i.,, one week . VTTRSE.?WANTED. BY AN AMERICAN GIRL. A i> Mtuallon .is nnr?e; fully competent to take the entire care of nti Infant or to do chaiubrrwcrk. Good rclerences. Call at 143 East 324 it, near Lexinp.ton avenue. QITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN AND TO a? 1st a* ganlencr; no objection to the country. Good 1 re ferenco. Call at 1,518 Br< iad way. i QITUATION WANTED-RY AN EXCELLENT COOK; IJ l? a gr-od baker: uo objection to go a short dlstince In the country; good reference. Can be ?c?n for one day at 93 West i'th st, notween 6th and 7th ars. i Q-IIUATION WANTED-BY A RTSPECTABLE AMERr O car. Pnilcstanl. wishing to go to the country, to take care of milk and bnrer, or willing to go Into a small family to he);- do cent ral housework; best of rrferenco*. Call at 180 Elizabeth it. OITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG, HONEST GEP.. I? min girl, who sneaks a little English end underrtands sewing and lions wort thoroughly, In an American family; wjgr.? ret so much an object as a nice home. Address P. P., uox lilt lleiald ulV 'e. CtlXAriON WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, lO to do housework In a small private fatnllv, or as Unit dress; liest of city reference glvcu. Call at 99 West Houston st,, room 15. ^?ITUATION WAN TEH?BY A KCOTrn PROTESTANT woinan, to cook and assist at the wasblug; good refe rence. fall at 1!V East 12th st. CITATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG MARRIED WO O m n to take en re of an aged or Invalid l-dy. Address Mrs. D. T , Herald office. Oltl ATION WANTED?BY A REBPKCTABLE PRO O testart woman, as prod enok: Is willing to assist with wsshina \v< old Ilk" to go in the couutry. Can be seen for two dajs nt 83 Wes.t 19th St. QlUT VTION WANTED?BY A SOOTCI1 PROTESTANT O woman, who is not ?fr id to work, as housekeeper or to take caie or an Invalid lady; hlsh wages not so much an ob ject ai a goo.l homo. Dood ottjr reforencr Call at 273 3d ir., betwi en J2d and 33J a la., millinery store. 1V> DRESSMAKERS.?A LADY OF EXPERIENCE IK dresti.iaklng would like i situation where Mtt*M fitting wuuld N r.aur a s( altv; haa no objection to lesve Um city for a time. or would nsslsl In a store, or superintend the I'utiern department; euta and (Its by the moat approved MMM nt. Address, for on* week. Cutter, station P. TWO RESPECTABLE WOMEN WIST! SITUATION'S; om as first rla?? rook; the other as first class waitress; both thoroughly und rst md their business: be*tof city ref cr.-t.. e.<. Csll nt 1W lidd St., botween Tt'i and 8th avs. IVAXTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRI, A SITUATION T T hs c'.ambenr i'd Mi l waitress; Is willing to make her w lf tisclul; haa tood rofercne*. Apply on Uonday and I la ,t 1W Ordhsrd st, i >om Nn. In. WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION AS first diss cook; wonld have no cnlection to doing tha wsnhlng of a *<.irall family; can give the boat city reference. Ca'.l at S7 WestlCth at., corner <J;n ar. X\rANTED-BY A COLORED OIBT. WHO SrEAKS T? 1'rench, a ?-.Inatlon to travel with a lady; Is willing to Uke OuPaof a child. Inquire at 173 Wast 17th at. \\T ANTED?A SITUATION RY A YOUNQ WOMAN A8 v? tlrst c!a?s wain ess: she tbor.inghlr uudeif-lands her business; l-e- of city reference. Call at 87 West 33th sL \VANTkD-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE ?? young f.lrl, to do c'lamher.rork : nd rdaln sowing: haa good <? it ici '.nnce. Call n. A*' We4| 4th at, third floor, back r?m lUANTHD-ri A LAI'Y >F UREAT EXPERIENCE. V* a fen- morn as ladies' monthly nurse; r>'f. ren<. fl:st rUa*. Call on or address for a week Nurse, fct Dggraw si reel. Hrookija. fV'AN TED-BY A l.ADT, A SITUATION IN A RE ?i. -cUMo family, as governess or to do any light work; would line to travel: speaitboth French urid I.ngflsh. Ref. erenee eiven and required. Address for two months E. J. M 1 a M Vost oflce, Terre Haute, Ind. V\~ ANTrfi?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, WnO BE ?? ? <1e? with !\ei Blather, to go out bylheday: can do all alols of floe and Ironing and (luting In tho Best main i. sort Is willing u do ,ry kind of work. Uuu be scan at 4J4 J-1 av., bati' r<i ?, aeconri floor. W ANTKO-BY A MABKIF.D WOMAN, A SITUATION Tf a? wet ?'V"aC; 1.; - no objoil' n to go lu the country or to t.*. I with a la !t. I ?t her baby three months old; (test city re ferine* u ? >*H for two days at 71 Division at, first floor, front r.> >m. WANTED?BY a BKSP'CTABLB WOMAN, A 8IT. ual'on to go In the country: Is a good washer and IrvtMr a?td plain rook; ha* a boy 11 years old: best city ref erene.* given, terras moderate. Call at 3W Hudson St., In the rear. __ U! ANTriD?BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN. ? ?nnal'on as wot nurse. Cs!l fjr two day* at aid West Mth at, bi'timent. IV ANTED?BY A RBKPKCTABLR PROTRSTANT f T yonns wenan. ? aitnatUin a* cook; no objection to as sist at wssliTn; 'ind ironing: good eiiy raf<ret ee. Csn i>e M>en for two drys at IM 31st St., between 1-t and iid avs., Ilrsl floor, front room. ANTED-A SITUATION, BT AN AMERICAN ?Ani.iti fts:'m >1111* A Alltl PC St fll >kt It T WAN 1 ED?BY A HR3T CLASH OOOK. WITH EX ?' cc *nt cl y refereu-e. a situation in a private lam I. v or botidlug hours:*, poultry, baking aud pastry. CiUlat IK f^st 2lat at, uow W*. M7. girl ns a ,?ial i r"0* good wanner ana n ferenc" fa'.i at 46 Weat Ii<th at., in Ue reir. H'TAT'OSS WUrTRB-FEtHWH. \yAN'T>.n-BY A 8VPF.RT0R CHAMBERMAID AND ?? wallifin, with excellent ci y re(':?i ?ak'|iat' 'i If the c:ty orro-mtr ,'; cbir-e ot thn ?:'v-r and dining "?wnn In t.? ? ?. le; Wage* $IJ. C+d at 1U- K? t t'.?i SL iaew nuaibcr 317i. ilUNTKD-\ child to wet nur-<k n\* a HAB IT ilc,1 n uau. wLj has 1o?l her own c hl:d, nged t.?o months, ul i-i hul MJUi sU; sou<1 rclcrcn -r. Mr*. MiJl.RINE \Jf7ANTED?BY A BEBPI'CTABI B GIRL, K RITUA Tf ation ? -hmd erm .,1 or ?uu' ' (1 ? ' ' 1 us? ' work ?f hini .il lamitv; bll gcxvi i y ref.-iente. Cau be ff n fur tn o d. y? ul 156 Wavorlcy place. UfAMED-lIT A KiiSrECTARLK YOtNG PROTEST ant woman, a idtuation to ere or children and s. w. or wot. I<1 lra? el with ? lani.'y to t uioj i o.' uUcwhtre. Call at 131 Ka*. Houston aL, rot-in No. 'J. I IT ANT?. D?A SITUATION, BY A BrSPEfTABLE tt yon tig girl, m el.ainiK rmald and wall rear; i? willing to assist In vho washing and lr>.win<*; tooU ciif reference. A?> l-'y at 315 Ve-t 25th at., ne ? r Klii ,t. TIT"ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE V \RRIED WOM AN, IT alnbvtowet nurse, wbo Li--S lustlo,t lierown child, live dsx * o.d. Call at or atidrcsa No. tiu 41*t at., between 4 h and V.adl on a vs. WANTED-BY A YOONO WOMAN, A SITUATION TO do general hnusew?k; la i fund >va*hrr and Ironer; liest of city reler?>uce. Ca!l fnr two da . at So. fil7 3d av., between 13d aud 43d ?ts., second floor, from room. WASHING AND IRON'INO WAN TED-BY A RE- | apa-t ible .woman, In bor own hn.ise, or to ?o out by | the day; can give good ally reference. fall at lt>i SM at., I between 7th and 8th ova., In the grorrrj storo. i WET NVBSP.-WA^TtD, A SITUATION AS WET ftnri?. uy a heMiTiy young married woman with a full br.\mt of milk four months old; li.'ghast teaUmOnlall. Call at No. 4 Cornelia St., for two day*. \VET NURSE.?A SCOTCH WOMAN TWENTY-EIGHT " years old wlshea a situation as wot nurse; baby four months old. Apply at 267 Monroe at,, near Jacuon, third floor, back room. HUT.P WAKTHD?PF.MALES. A GOOD PLAIN COOK, WASITEB AND IRONER wanted, In a private family; must have city reference. Apply, between 9 and 2 o'clock, at 7ft Eaat !Nth at. Any lady desiring a payino business ob pleanant pastime occupation should learn photograpa coWrin.'. IiKtruction tho'o.'ijh and rapid. Per particular* call on Misa Koed. 746 Broadway. A LADY WANTED?Pf>R AN UP TOWN OPFICE. TO write and mike horaeif otherwiae useful. Addreaa, with relvrence, views ai to salary. Ac., box 42 Btailon D. Girls wanted-to work on wheeler a wil son'a aewmg machinea on drvw.-rs; uUj Cuiahera and pre.saera. Apply at 58 hlte at., up stairs. TAI'NDRESfiES WANTED?THREE OR POUR FIRST J r. lt) li nda on new work. Address W. B., box 1,439 Poat oft ice, stating wlifre can be seen, Ac. Saleswomen.?a few oood ones wanted; a'^o a few to learn, at Stewart's millinery gooda store, JB2 Bo .very. WANTED-A OODD LAUNDRESS, TO ASSIST IN the rh^mberworlc and waiting; good city reference re quired. Apply at 17 West 42d si. rifANTED-A COOK; ONE WHO IS WILLING TO Tf aas'.Kt with the ivn^hing and lronlr?. Apidy, l>rfo-e one o'clock P. M., at 28 East S5tli st. City roierencci re quired. WANTED?A GOOD OPERATOR, TO A>ST?T IN dressmaking: ono who understands tho lut-. nrss in all Its br mches. Inquire auy day this week at 376 Dlceckor St., in the storo. WANTED?A PROTESTANT OIRL TO COOK, WASH V* and Iron in a small family tu tho country. Apply ut 132 Poarl at. Tl^AHTED-A OIRL TO DO OENSRAL HOUSEWORK; TT must a (rood w?* and Ironer and bring city refcrcnce. Apply at 140 East 36th at. tTTANTBD-A WOM \N TO COOK, WASH AND IRON. TT Apply it 4J West "6tb ?t. to-day. TyANTKD_A FIRST T7.ASS tiPERATOR FOR ORO TT vcrA Baker's and Singer's tnnchlnr; onlv a rcrfect one may reply. 3t> Eaat 14th at., Union square, up stairs. WANTED-A GOOD PLAIN COOK AND HUN dress (eity reference required?, at 61 West a7lh at. WANTED-THREE RESPECTABLE OIBLS TO AT tend in a bakery and lunch room. Call before 11 A. M. or after 4 P. M. at SdLiberty at. WANTED-A PROTI'STANT SEAMSTRESS AND IN fant's nurse; must give city rcferencea. Apply at 87 West 46th at., from 11 till 3 o'clock. WANTED?A OIRL, A GOOD WASHER AND IRONER with good city reference*. Apply at LX) West 39tli st WANTED-A SMART. TIDY GIRL FOR GENERAL housework for a small family; good washer and Iron* er; good city reference. Apply at 473 Broome st. WANTED?A GOOD COOK, WASHER AND IRONER, with city references. Apply from 19 to 12 at 104 East 21at Bt. VI* AXTtZD?A OB OERMAN IjADY'S MAID, Yt underetandUig sewing. Apply at No. 8 Clinton place. WANTED?FIRST CLASS MILLINERS, IMMEDI atelv; also two apprentices. Apply to Mme. Selover, 937 Broadway or 211 6th av. WANTED?A MIDDLE AGED PROTESTANT WOMAN. in a family of two, without chllren, for ner d house work; must bo very clean, a good plain c>ok, washer and Irouer. Apply, with refcrrnce, at 421 Canal si., between ?arick and Sullivan, in the gMlery. WANTED-A OIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK, nooklng, washl.ig andironin { included. Apply at ill West 48th st.. on Monday snd Tuesday. Good references re quired. German girl preferred. SITUATIONS- W AN T ED-MALE S. A MIDDLE AGED MAN, A NATIVE OF PARIS. AND well acquainted with the city, who has travelled over Eurot>e 'and sp?-aks Tour language*, wishes to accompany, as Interpreter and Inlendant. one or more persons, for toe next Exhibition of Paris. For Information and reference* adifcrts V. D. B., S7 East 16th St., N. Y. A FREE MASON WnO IS A OOof) oLEiTk" AND nocountant and not afraid to work wishes employment in any capacity where h-> can be useful to his employers; excellent character. Address Verdad, Herald ofllcc. ASTRONO YOUNO MAN WHO HAS LIVED TWO years In New York wishes work In the city; can drive hrrse s. Address or oal) on Rlobard Scherxsr, 2i Clinton at, room 16. A NO. 1 TRAVELLER, WITH A" GOOD TRADE among grocery, drug nnd hardware jobber*, Wed and South, will receive pro;>oea's to travel for some established houne: uiiw reptlonable roference given. Addrew Travel ler, Herald otficc. Farmer.?wanted, by a competent man a situation to take > taai ge of a gentleman'* farm, stock farm pre.erred; b:m great experience in breeding and breaking colts; also'farming in geucral; references froin 1 Ft place. Address Farmer, station E, New York, for two days. - SITUATION WANTED?IIT A COLORED MAN, TO travel with a gentleman. Call At 119 East S7th at SITUATION WANTED.?AN EXPERIENCED FARMER, Rwi?s. want* the entire charge) of a gentleman'* farm; hi* wife understands the management of a dairy. Good ro. ferencea given. Addre** B. L., box 141 Herald oOioe. ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOl'NO M AN J5 re ir? old, tn some wholesale (tore; willing to make himself generally useful; salary no object at preieat. Ad drese box 114 Heraid oillce. WANTED?A SITUATION ON A FARM, BT A PINOLE mi\n; understands fsrmins and the care of cattle: can come well recommended. Address W. M., box 117Herald office. cIiKrks avd MLitmi. A YOUNG MAN, WHO HAS SOME EXPEROOB IN THE drug business , de-Ire* a -ituation In a retail or whole sale drag slore. Very good references given. Apply to or sddressll. M , Wi 4th *v. OILS.?THE advertiser, HAVING HAD SEVERAL T? in'experience In the oil business, snl being tbor-' cnighly pouted iu the preparation nod sale of Lubricating Oil*, desire* a il'.natlou tin *:tle?man agent or olerk. Ad dress M. A. H., box 166 Herald office. Traveller wanted?wno has been out with bo<>p skirt* and can Influence a go<>d near by or We?tern tr do and furnish good reference*. Address, dat ing expectation and capability, box *J0 HoraU office. WAN TED-SALESMEN, IN A WHISKEY HOUSE; TO competent parties a liberal salary w. 11 be paid. Ad dress box 4,786 Poet office. New York. WANTED-BY A competent AND STEADY young man a situation a* bookkeeper, assistant book keeper or clerk in any capacity; I* not afraU to work and can give the beat of city reference*. Address for one week C. if D., Herald office. WAJtTED-TWO SALESMEN, TN R. BROWN'S LACK and embroidery store, 819 Broadway, corner of 11th st. WANTED?AN EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER; ONE Capable of settling up accounts of a Arm. Address W. P.. Herald office. WANTED?IN A wholesale UMBRELLA HOUSE, a person as entry clerk, and to make himself generally useful. D. DA VIES, fit* H roadway, up stairs. COACIIMK* AXU GARDKtVKllS. A COACHMAN WANTS A situation IN THE CITY or country In a private famllv; sgeBvesrs; ha* been brought up tn the cars of horses, and is competent In everv respect; excellent reference or seonrtty. Address box It*, Herald oflico. SITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN and oar d*ner by a married m*n without family; he nnder stanus his business and has workej in good plates, has the best of refrreuces. Can be seen for two days at 140 East I'D h st., between 'Al and 84 avs. WANTED?A man EOS GARDEN and STABLE; also a woman to 000k snd wa-li, J'rstestanta; to go to Orange, N. J. Apply to-morrow (i'ucedsi), from 1 till 4 o'clock, st "B.John ?t , up suir*. W" ANTlCD^-A~COA<~11MAVS SITUATION, BY A KK speciable married man; best of city reference. In quire at Thompson's stable, 1.K1 East 13th st. HEIiPW A \ THD^Uklili A SPLENDID OPENING for ant one wish Ing most pmtlt. hie. pleasant business, with little C!? jital. Call at the omce of Burnett's Reversible Fam ily Sewing Mar'line.', Vf.i Broadway, corner of Prince st. LI. YOL'NO MI- .N WI8111NO E VI'LOYMENT SHOULD call at iU Mniodway, rooia It). rom?, Kulian st. Ea taMishcd under the patrunugr of uicrUiauta. Inlcruatlou free. Agents wanted?to sT ll tubes of tiir mosl usef'il article* now olTeied for fsratlv u?e. Aho traveling agents tesell from samples. Hid l ulteu str*et, room No. 9. U~~ r ANTED?W1DK "a VV AK k7 "a()RNTS, MAI K AND f?maia, In every town and nty. to sell en unlele of great Villi* lo every Ismlly; Is no humbug, and meets * ith ready esle at large profits Men w nute I to eotaMlsn s|t n rirs In every oity. Addisse C. E, l'lotre, box SB Herald of f*KI.r WA!ITIttMIA!iB<l. _ AOKVS W1NTED-1M EVERY COPNTY IK THE Utilied Mate* 11 sell our patent mo.a Oven Tuiu ti.ble. l-.x ry ftallv wants tUeui. No ?omp> at'on. He. task for 3ft cents. Energetic agents aro making from $>o lo ewpy ,'ay. and cuuutj rigbu tue ??ie. Ai'rc?? butler A Co., 80 CHI street. A LI, PESIRlNfl RMPLOYMBNT IN ALL DEPART nients <>f b sslnesa, tall n' ?1 Chamber* s.reoL Uciira bio TJCiincics tlii" day; exu-lJont n.ylng salaries. ? nor wanted-to learn TnB house and J\ sign painting. o <* who hsa bad sow* experience lo lettering. Arpiy John Syins, S3 t.o'd st. AT MKECTtANrS AH NfY ICS BROADWAY?WANT I'd this d, y, assistant bookkee xsr, watchuun for uotel, caahlcr for ;e*L?'.iriu.l. Appljft ir ? \V.\KD, Superintendent. A OK NTS WASTED?TO SELL A DOMESTIC MA J\ chine just ; .it ;ted, Indian :i sal-!e lo ever/ lanuly. State an.! county r irhta on favornole wrm*. JON t.S A CO., Sole Agcnn, Pearl it, op *talr*. A GENTS WANTED-IN EVERY TOWN IN TUB J\ Colon: ialary and ej?mmV-^1on. ISAVC A. SjNOl-.ii, patentee, proprietor and uiauu!..cluror of the certiorated Singer Spring Bed, 215 Centie sireet. ft 0 ELECTOR.?ONE FAMIT I.VR WITH THE PRINCl \j rie? of political economy w iu;?d, to collect money lor an association. Adi-rciJ box lei? I*wt o lice, New York'. QEVERAL FIRST CLASS CANVASSERS WANTED? O To sol'.ctt advert isfments far oue of the best medium* lntli.scuy. Last l*?ue Jual out. Ca-1 at 60 Naaaau St., room No. X WANTED?A COMPETENT M \N TO TtKE O HA BOB of a sm>.ll country place, not tar tr >m the city of >?w York. rnuhi thoroughly nudemtand ^rd^iing, aaa oar# the beat of roCeretioca. Addre?* box 166. Po.t office. \\ out otiice, WANTED-A MAN, WBO THOROUGHLY under. *taid.. carving and cooklnt for a dining saloon; mu.-' come veil reeamn:uuded- Apply to ArcaUulua, Clark A

Co., Fulton Market, from 6 to -J A. M. TV" A NT KD?A COMPETENT M AN, TO RUN A BAG YV picker. Apply i till 1 P. M., th'.a dar. tasted-tn a MAiT!T?Acrw?T, A *?* fiftjjvj I ye."rs old, a g?ol writer aod arlthmeueun tj m il* t bills and go errund*. Addie -a J. K. P., box 170 llemd ' at 00 Dey at*, third floor, from 8 A. M. w W' ANTED?A SMART. ACTIVE INTELLIGENT BOY. who rcs'dea with In* p.irenta. In lh<* city; must be r e'l recoiuuended. Apply. In pnrao.i, with letter*, at hmpite Line otUoe, pier 10 North rlvor, 111is day. from 11 ta 1'J M. TIT ANTED?AT <11 BROADWAY, ROOM 80, CLF.RKM, T? w.litem, porter*, cnrdonfri and ml oilier* deairli.g i'n >te employment. Merchant* and othoa* aupplled with fli-bt class help i ree of charge. r/.NTEI?-IN A RETAIL BOTANIC DRUO STOKE, A hin.'.rt, active Amcr'nnn youiiR m:in, fro-n 18 to 23 yenrs of cge; to one not afraid of work * t;ood home, good wa'*es ft!:n permanent altuatiun *vtll be offered: auiin from ti:e country preferred; the he <t of rcfcreni"> or r^curTiine'ida tlon- r> <)ufied. Addrt!S3 L>r. P. K. Irish, No 6 Ml a?., Now York, tor five days, with particulars as to occupation, height, reterenee, Ac. WANTED?A HOY OR JOURNEYMAN, TO ATTEND TT fruit ataiid; mnut be honest and willing to work; i!or liK'.n preferred. Call at 211 Grand *t., earner of bnv i-y. Ur ANTI'.D?A S1.NG1 K MAN, FOB ATlENIUNG lunch eountor. fall at cilrard llouse, Chamber* ?!., bet?rcen ID and IK o'clock. "\ir/\NTKD?C03 RECRUITS AND A COOD PL^RK. 11 toeiill?t lor rccrtutiiig party. Apply to Major Uih'js, Plral artillery M Grand it., pear Broadway. en/l AOBNTS WASTED?TO SELL FOWRLffi & *)t'lr Allen's Patent Etirglur Pro.if Alarm Go. ?; the most useful and npid -clling article now bcfoie tho public. Call oa tho geueral agent, It. Barclay, 11 Bond st. THE TIUDF.S. A DENTIST IN" PABIB (PBANCK), BEQUTRE8 THE J\ services of two extra tfooi operator.' d.iri:ig the ex position; good w.-t^es o(r>.red and passage paid; inr.ll appti cams v 111 nt'ito aje, ho* long denlisU, in what branc . ifiey e v cl, the lowest wage* wanted, thetr references, Ac. Addrew ICS Bowery. Black borderer wanted?at uimbrede s, 673 Broadway; a women preferred; steady work and very go id wages otTcred to a hrt.t rale ha:id. ESIGNER A FIRST CLASS DELAINE AND FBI NT designer wanted. Addrcsa l\>x ?4(5 Post ot'ice. D ORIS TEB8.?COM POSITORS WASTED AT J. F. 1 TKOW A CO.'S, 5.1 Greene at PLUMBER AND HELPER WANTED?NONE BUT the b.'St of workmen need applt. Apply to William Young, <81 8d uv. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN, IN A paint shop; his worked at the. bu.siuess over two years. Apply to or send nrtdrean to P8 Catharine et JUPERIOB HAIR CUTTER AND BARBER WANTED? ) For a flr.-t dii s hotel. Apply at 1.1U5 liroadway. TO MERCHANT TAILOP.S.-A SITUATION AR CUT ter wanted by a man of some InSuence. Address, with real name, Broadway, Herald office. Will be treated conlidont'. lly. ANTED?SILVER PLATER; ONE FOR UOUSB wn. k. Apply to Ilaggerty A Voaa, 770 Sd aT. w FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS, UN JEUNE COCHEB FRANCA 18, NOUVELLF.MENT arrive de Pari a, deaire trouver une place de ceite em plol. 11 pent donner les mellleurea reference. 8'adreMiar pour deux jour* au 117 4Ui ?*. HOl'SES. BOU1H9. AC.. TO LRT, ?TO RENT. FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES. THE . Store on Broadway In the new Herald building, the most ellglb'e I joation in the oity; dimensions 2U4S reel. Plans and luformatlon furnlahed at preaent oflioe of Herald. ?TO RENT, FROM 1ST OF MAY, 11IE STORE ON . Aon street in new Herald bulldinj:. the mo-t eligible location for businesi purposes in the oity: dimensions 22 by Siifeel. Plans and luformatlon furnished at Herald office. A -TO RENT. IN NEW HERALD BUILDING, COR ? r.eroi Broadway ani Ann street, Ofllce*, liugly or In EttlU; mo t durable location in tho oltr. Plan* and iurormation furnished at office of the Herald. A A." A mm -to Lfit-FfeoM isi may, top floor of |. hoase 105 N?s?au street, comer of Ann ttreei, suit able for light Luiiine** purpoftcs. Apply at tu< Herald office* Am handsome four story brown stona ttltif! balustrade atoop House; central location, on liue of Broadway, Sixth Avenue arid Eighth A.vrnue Railroads, with ?!! modern Improvements, 146 West Forty-sixth street. Apply tnj. p. O'RRIEN, 877 Broadway. A^m FINE STOltE, BASEMENT AND CELLAR TO LET? Onrner of l!le?ek?r and Terry sir. eta; also Store, Base ment and Cellar, 381 Hleecker street. Tliis property t? atut able for any mercantile busipesa^r drag storo. Inquire of E. L. * B. T. JiUllNH AM, fin# Hudson street. A fine foi'iitii floor to lkt-northwest corner of Fifty-second etreet an 1 Eighth avenue; fix rooms, gas and water. Also fine Basement in fame bui.Jing. Immediate paMesMon of both bisemant and floor. K. L. it H. T. BI'HNIKM, 009 Hudson street. ALAKCIE FU1ST CLASS OFFICE TO LbT?CORM 3R of Wall and Front streets, tlrat floor- eon?i'lo loua posi tion. Apply at once to HUFFMAN, CURTIS A CO., 104 Wall street, N. V. AFIBST CLA8a FOUR 8TOKY BROWN STONE on Fortr-aeumd street, to lei, fiiidi ihed with rV?g< nl furniture, >400 per month; a four story i roivn alone on Twenty-eighth street, near Eighth avenue, at f'WO per month. lVrmlta from S. EMBRRBON, -Ui lUgiitb arentte. AM GOOD THREE 8TOHV HIGH STOOP HOU*E u N Eigbty.fonrth atreet, near the Park, to let; $1,4-'i fi-r year; a Aral class four story brown stone high stoop on Forty-eighth stn-ef. neai Eighth avenue, 81.900 per 'n excellent order throughout. 1'ermlts from d. K.ViHI.K. UN, Cil Eighth avenue. 4 T 31P FOURTH AYFNUF?OFFICE HOURS 10 TO*! _ iV FURNISHED AND UNFURNItiUED C11Y AND country HOUSE! To LET. 8BE STANLEY DAV a REAL EST ATI' CIRCULAR. WHICH CAN HE HaD FREE OR MAILED -UPON RECEIPT OK 8fAMl'. A^m LARGE NUMBER OF FIRST CLASS FURNISHED Houses, In city and country, to rent. Apply to KIN?) t CO., No 9 Twenty-third street. Fifth Avenue Hotel. A SUIT, FOUR UNFURNISHED ROOMS. TO A QUIET family; also furnisVed Koines In Nineteenth, Twentr first, Twenty-aeoond, Tlilrty-thlrd streets, and!ng<<on place, at modeiIke rents. U>}A West Twenty-fifth street AH HANDSOME 8UIT OF FOUR BOOMS, FIR1T floor, elegaotlr furnished, to rent. In a private family; $80 per month. 11;) West Fifteenth atreet; good location; ben French Board If required. AM LARGE ESTABLISHMENT, FOOT EAST TWENTY third atreei. to Le-ise on reasonable terma, suitable for any manufacturing business. Apply to New York Steam Englua Worka, I'oot East Twenty-third street. A LARGE BACK ROOM ON SECOND FLOOR. NTCE. lyfurnlsbrd. to let to gentlemen only, without meals at 108 West Twelfth street, near Sixth avenue. A SPLENDID BUILDING TO LET?2S5 BROADWAy"; SA Warrei to S6 Murray; 6A Warren: also Store 324 Ca nal to a Llspennrd; first I<ofi 13 Vesov street, with many others; also Ilouaea furnished! ind unrnruUhed. in city and Boantty. N. C. BISHOP, 07 Liberty ntnel A STORE TO LET?36 BY 100; EXCELLENT LOCA tlnn for furniture or dry goods. No. 6 Fourth avenue. A FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET?IN WEST TWENTY third Street, to a private famllv, who will take two per aona to Hoard; rent moderate. Apply to JAMES DAVIS, J?., to Cedar street. AT EUGENE CHE VALLIKR'8, HI CEDAR STREET? Furnished ami unfurnished Houses to let. in Fifth avenue, Thirty-ninth. Thirty-eighth. Twenty-thlrd, Twen tieth, seventeentli. Twelfth, Tenth and Ninth streets; alao on Union square, Waveiley place and Bond street. 4 ?ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS, EN SUITE J\ . or slnjle; also rear building to let for storage of fur nk ue. No. 2 Drpm row, Bleecker atreet. A?ELEGANTLY FURN1SHKD FRONT PARLOR AND . Bedroom for rent, price |1I jier woek. Apply at a?i Fourth avenue. AN UNFURNISHED HOUSE TO LET-APRIL OR eooner; 11 r,.oms; f I 2U0. Others, $l,fi00 to |l,i0n. Three ?n urnl^hecl .,uiu for housekeeping luiinedlatelv ilso fnrnlshad Kttltt. all In exe-llent localities, l'ersona alt In our odloe and aub-lrt their floor to our custoirera. AoarV menta that yeu vacate get others to suit. CaiUt 114 7Uiid ?venue. M i;-niiiuoK A co. AFI RNISHKl) HOUSE NEAR A T. STEWART'S RE faUIestabllahment, to let. Flr.t i'.xw would ba let sep f?te for bus'nesa. Permit* of Mr. WA LSIl. <17 Na?eau at. A FULLY FURNISHED FIRST CLAM BROWN etone House to let rr '? ns* ui^n rearonahle tei-roa to % psrtv wilting to boart' thtee Liivon*. Ad'lieaa C. P. T., Ill . *T AFFW IlOOK.a FROM a I. STEWARTS.?TO RENT, a furnished lleuae. wlih . k - ri ir? haaheenoeeu* fled for fust elas* milliner m, di smekitig for many jeus. For permits .ip^ly te v N 1 LSU, Nasaau a4., room * A furnished HOUSP TO Lj.T?NtNR ROOMS; kilehen, rliim') waiter, pennies. u,,Mp, Ae; to rrivals family only. Ap;>l? at No. T Weal /u-4er 'a street, from II MI ?V'K-k. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC.. TQ L8T. ALOFT IN BROADWAY, NKaK WAVERLBY PLACE, to let?Suitable for any I'ght bueln Apply to E. BROWN, Jr., Zi Chambers ww',wh-ii.t Ctaira. \ FIRST CLASS DRV GOODS 8TORB TO Lf-T?AND Fixtures fur sale, with two years' Lease; fine pUte windows; now doing a goud Luaiaesa. Apply al Joi '1 liird avenue. ? ?FOUR STORY BRO'VN STONE HOUSE TO I.ET, ?A. furnlthed, In Pint p ace, Iwtween Clinton aud Court streets, Brooklyn; everything new aud complete. Apply to JOHN O. scHooLEY, room B, baketnuut 01 fiiult/ Build ing, 111 Hroadwuy. __________ AN ELEGANT H0U32, ON TWENTY-THIRD STREET, to tet. ootipletely and li ndsomely fnrnl-ued. with tMbla. G. B. BENEDICT A CO . St 1'iuc tired A?FOR RENT. THE PREMISES CORNER OF NA8 . sau and Fulton Ktrmti now occupied by tho New York Herald. App'y at Herald o'flce. A CHOICE CORNER AKD STORES ADJOIMNO, FOR wholesale or re'all trade. Kent* low In lUire or I. CLRiifc* aCK.ER.MAN, No. 4 Ackvrman place, New Loam bers, near William pt'eeu ________ T5ROADWAY CORNER TO LET?SECOND FLOOR, I) mi'tal 'e for any bu.ilne.-a; 836, corner of lwelflh street. Inquire in the iluie. _________ (10UNTRY RESIDENCES TO LET OR FOR SALE-ON J the banki of the Hudson, between thti clly ni l Albany, at almost every slatlou on llue of the railroad, Price, terms. Ac., with B. EMBH.R <?N, 4ii Eighth areuue. Dm OCRS, SUPS, H0DS88, AO., TO JffNT. The Comptroller of the ciiy of New York will renelre proposals until Saturday, Murch lK 1W7. Hi 3 n'ciock P. M., for the letung for one year of *U'h nha rvsi, Piers, Houses, Ac., the leases of which expire May 1, \rfZl Information concerning ike location of tbe property ronv he bad upon application Co the Colieo'.or of City Keveuae at '.his ociee. By order of tbe Commissioners of the Sinking Fond. RICHARD B. CONN'iLlJf. Comptroller. Cit? or New YosS, B*#I*fkkiti< ctYiSiXZl, Tel^ruary 14.1867; I FACTORY TO LET?THE OLASS nOUSE, HUNTER'S Point, with doak Rnd wat?r front. Apply to J. B, SCHIEFf'KLIN, 170 William street. EjlANCY GOODS STORE TO LET-308 BLEECKER 1 street. Fixtures for sate. Ii^OrRTH AVENUE, NEAR TWENTIETH 8TREET 1 First story nicely furn shod, suitable for a pbys.ctan, to let, by Mr. FAIRBANKS, Albemarle Hotel Furnished house to let.?a fine large four strry t.ih sioop first class Home in Ureal June* -.treet to let, furnUhed, for two years from Slay 1: la la Grft rate order; pu lession eati be had a', short notice. For particu lars apply to GEORGE R. NASH. 3 2 Broadway. riURMSn'-D HOCSE TO LET?UNTIL THE 1ST OF I' May, at *20 per we< is; will let In separate apartments If required. Apply at 384 West Forty-third street. TOURN18H D nOUSE TO R7"NT.?A HANDSOME r four story house. 26 feet front, in West Thirty fourth street, near Fifth avenue, will be r- nted for one }e >i to a thoroughly r> ponsiblo party; stn.^'l fami y. Adaioss W., box S9 l ost oillce. BBURNISHED FRONT ROOMS TO LET.?EVERY CON von'enee for hnu^'; three in Gi".nd str.?>t; vnry comfortable rooms lor ainjle gentleman: $.1 ner ?r?ek. Very niee l'arlora, with g?a. Ap; ly at 1 to Clinton street, near Grand. Hotel, hotel?a very good chance to mah- a fortune. "Torrlilmn Honst," S7S Srnh avenue, one <ioor above 'l wetity-tMrd strict, t ? let, r. iih ' urn lure. Die Hotel ir as vro.l furnished an any fir?t,gs hotel In the c ty, the r.tore Is well sittia'. d tor a nicr; B.?r. Terms very r..<id? rue. Inquire at the hotel ever) drvy till tho !Wth of March. HOUSEKEFPFB3 A RAHEi OPrORTUNITY.-ALL the haatfsomc l urnlturo of a i urlor and four b'd rooms for s le at a grrnt f!.orlflce for cash. M'.gniflont rosewood Pianoforte, cost >}"(?, ?i'l !,e soli for ?>'275. A beaulii'til Parlor Suit, ooet !?-"'? f,r ?lij, one do. for $75, fc. Inquire at 119 Wost l-:ts!>!'. stro.-t i:.'jr S'sth arenuo. HOUSEKE I'BRS VTILfj BI? SUPPLIED. AND CAN pay by wteVly or moithly ravments, for Carpet*, l'ur niture of evjiT description, lledilini;, Ae.. at IILNDALL A SCOTT'S, coruerof Cansl and iludsjn streets. T OPTS TO LET?THREE DESIRABLE LOFTS IN 1 (IE I J Trie Building*!, running throuah from !'eadc to I'nane siioet. Apply to JOHN !!. 1: WIS A CW., U!>8 Dunn REAL E?T\TE.-T0 LET, FURNISnED, AT col lege I'o'it, frontina tho Sound and Vlushln,: bay, and wlrhin in hou 'a ri le of the elty by either Hto,.tn'>oat or rail, tho elegant and ilc.olrablo country Kosl leucj of the late H. A. .-'chlekher, Eia., oonslitlng of abo'it 12 ncrea of land, arranged at eon .loerab'o expense, with (ice rend, s;'lenj!d lawn, sunerli ornamental and shaiin tiocs, two larce vegetable Birilens, filled\. lih the c'.ioiec t ooliec!<on of fruit of every description. Tbe \ aiy large and stylish ("ouhle brick dwelling, with a new addition, just flnUhed, and eom mands a uiaenlfioent view of t'j? suiroundingi and citr, an.l contains be ldes two larpe parlors, dining room, llnrary, l..undiy, tea large and Motfoii?Ua rofics. aud has all the moJern lmprcvemects, in?luJlni bus and water; nil In com plete repair. The outhouses, stables, Kvdencr's cott'.ge, Ac., are In harmony with !he dwelling and In pev'ect order. If de iired part of tho Kurt tare may He purehased. which la nearly new and of ihe finest workmanship. Apply to WM. F. HE INS, 300 Broadway, room No. & SECOND FLOOR.?THREE VOOMS, IN EXCELLENT order to leu Inoiire lu the cleaning and dyeing oflce, 111 Eighth ayenue, above Fifteenth street, or of E. LORD, 439 Broome street, corner Broadway. STKAM POWER?ONK ROOM, 150x100 FEET, AND three Lofts, 25x46; steady power. 300 Seventh avenue, corner Twenty, ninth strcot. STEAM POWER, NEAR DROADWAY.?TO RENT, A Basement. DOxlOo feet, lighted on the re?r br skylights; also the First Flonr'of aame building; etch with from dye to twenty horse power. Apply to E. C. MOORE, on the premises, BX Prince street. STKAM POWER IN CENTRE STREET. FROM ONE TO fifty horse; ore room 1S4 by 25 feet, first floor; others 2B by CO feet. Apply at office, 137 Elm street. STORE TO LET?430 P.JARL STREET, NEAR NEW Chambers, being long established lu the paper hanging trade. This is a good chance for one desiring to get tn thai business. 1T0RK TO LET?WITH 8TEVM POWER; THE PREMI. acs Nus. tl and 24 Monroe street. 48 :45 (reserving first floor of No. 24), together wilh privilege of steam boilers; witter free. To lease by HOMEII MORGAN, No. 3 Pine at. STE AM POWER, WITH ROOM J5X2S, WELL LIGHTED: a!e!y. Apply to J. * O. II. 1S- VTOT? !tJC8t; corner of Hester. STORES AND LOFTS TO LET?IN ALL TITE STREETS from B*rr.lav to Canal. at moderate rents. Apply to WM, C. WALKER, 229 IIroadway, corner of Barclay street TO LET-A PARLOR PLOOR, rXFURNISHED, IN A private house In Twelfth street, near Broadway; fine location for a first class physician, demist or dressmaker. Apply in store 811 Broadway. mo LET-PART OP A STORE OS BROADWAY, NEAR J. Metropolitan and St. Nicholas hotels. suitable for a small nho'o>ale bnalress, where a part of it c_n he done by um. pie; can be disconnected from the other part ii' desired. Ad dress Mitchell, Herald oflice. TO LET- 139 Eiomil SiREET. BETWEEN BIMAJ> wav s::d Foil ih areuu?,*lirea Rums, suit:, tile fO'- mer chant taller; also one or two single Roams, without board. TO LET-IN GROVE SritRET, EAST ORANGE, N. J., 40 minutes from Ne.r York, by Morris and Di'ex Pnllroid, a two story r?r.d utile House, with dining room and kitchen, containing 10 mom*; fine garden: orchard, with fmlt of all kinds; barn, earring* house and 6 acres of land, 5 uilaitles from depot. Inquire for T. SKINNER, at depot TO LET?FURNISHED, FOR Sit OR TWELVE months, a hand<<onie Country R"?IJe.nco at Tmrvlowa, N. Y. WM. 8. JENNINGS, 111 Broadway, Trinity building, basement. TO LET?FROM 1ST OP MAY. IIOW. 147 *VEST?EV. ?ntceith struct. containing nil modem ImprorrroenU; $1,00(1 rent. Inquire on the premlae*, from 1 to 4 1'. M. TO TiET?FURNISHED. FOR THREE YEARS FROM May 1. to a -tr.itly private faintly, 6J St. MarV's place, with or without stable in the rear, on Nintli stre.,; hous? Willi nil modern improvements, and In l>c>:t order; . snt I'fr uionth. Apply on the premises from 10 A. M. to 8 I*. M TO I.RT-AT ELIZABETH, If. X, A PIRST CLASS Res deuce, with Furniture; One stable and ill ncrcs of ground, including lawn; fruit and vegetable garden: fire minute from dopot; rent, $I,9J0. Apply to O. P. bMil'U, Jud*c i-io-son's ollic:, 40 Wall stieet fro LET?A CORNER BASEMENT ON BROADWAY, 1 ?7<100 The be?t lighted basement In the city. Apply to HYATT, HAUBiiMAN'.A CO., 011 Broadway, conicr of Houston street. r LET?THE HOUSE *04 GREENWICH STREET, TO a small family; House three s'ory and basement auh. cellar; modern improvementa. Inquire at MB Hudson stre? L rno LET?TIIR TWO DWELLING IIOUSFS 1.M8 AND 1 l,8l" Broadway, between Foity-seventh and Forty-elchih streets. Inquire of JOHN B. SITPIIEN, 58 W&hAall ?treet, New\ork. TO LET-A SPLENDID SECOND FLOOR AND TWO attic Rooma. wltn all conveniences; Immediate po aev ion, lor $6J per month. Inquire for three days 11# Yariek TO LET-A PIRST CLASS FOUR FTORY BROWN stone hljh s*oop House, partly rnrnMnd, with sUhle; 1(B West Ferty-seventh atreet, near Sixth s\enun. Inquire at ill New Chambers street. A. ADOLPHU8. TO LET?POUR ELEGANT FURNISHED ROOMS. POR genii mien, without Hoard: gas, hot ai d com water. Inautre at UV Clinton place, botwecn Ktfili and Siith av*. IIO LET-A nOUSE IX MILES PROM ENOLEWOOD. N. J., together with Barn sml lire or alx acres of Land: a hesl'hy location, possession Immediately. Inquire at 6? Hudson street. _ _ TO LET?THE UPPER PART OF WHJSE 170 CLIN ton street, consisting of three rooms on second llo<>r and one room in attic; gas, water, Ac. App'y on the preml ee. TO LET?WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, HAND somcly famished llon?es. on Twenty-fourth street, near Filth avenue; Boormsn place and E.giily.afth street, near Central l ark. Apily to U. H. Bl.IVEw, Sm Pine st. TO LET?tOR BUSINESS PURPOSES, THE TWO storT and aitic brlok House. B28V Broome atroet. App'y at t! OhrlstopUer street, or to J. u. MAC'FAKLaNk. 46 Warren street. Jrio LET?FURNISHED, A PrR*T CI ASS POUR L story brown stun" llc-seln Thirty tlfih ?ir#et, between ark and Madison aeenues. Apply to CUM Y Jt C U'LAND, 410 Fourth arenne. TO LET?AT 48 SECOND AYENUE. TO A KM ALL ffiullr. the Psrlor I'loor, eonslstlng of three la'-ge rooms and nail room, with a bnsrment: rent f?K): two nrire Boonif on tMrd story If wanted. Also the upper ntirt of 100 Hacond IMIM consisting of 1# rooms, to be'let together or In sepnrato lloora. rpO LET-SECOND FLOOR, OONTAININO PiTK 1 apartments. In excalloot order, lu ho-.iae 2M West Tweuty-nl?th street; iinmeUiate entry. Inquire on prem ises. TO LET -A PIRST FLOOR, WITH PPONT Art) BACK basement, la? small house; rent >?, gas 11 desired Air''- at lafi i.a^t Twenty-fifth Street tear (? eennd arennV O LET-IN SOl'lH H?>oKI.YN, CONVENIENT TO _ the ferries a rery hitidtoma three story and basement House, el^atiMy furnished. Wo> Id 1.1 the same to a prlraJS family at *100 per month. Ih1* owner and wife's board <n cludea. PossassioB iminediaM if teaulred. Address A. Smith. T IlOt ras. BOOM", fiC., TO LI5T. To let?a completely n'MMro hobwi iiftsr Fiftli avetitif,, to pi\vat? fiun.i-j, f ?r fix moot? 99 oat ye??r. $37& jxr month f. W. II.. Jr., K?r*I& oJto* TO VET?TUB HFLKXDID MUiBLK FBONT FtYl ?tory Building tOJ i'ftwl mrest, one door iroui Chatham. Kent L.w. Inquire on tha p.-eu.ise?- _____ TO LET-TWO VERY FINE L'JFTS, AT 1? SPKINO street Inquire la the aaioon. TO LET?FURNI3HED COMPLBTF,, A TURK3 STUB* House in I h.rly-f.rst street, near Madison av<s*ue; *!?? the four story I'.ua'lsh btMigtn 217 (new mainourj Nineteenth mwi, to private families ou'y. For i?riulM apply to J. C. BAllaET. 10 fifth street. rTJ5T?SECOND FLOOR, FOUR BOOMS. OtS AV? fixtures, wrtih uw of bath, to a small fain'ly without servant, Id a rood nrlghooruood. Can ha teen from 11 !? 3 o dock, at 1J8 West TwantieU streat. r LET-FOUR YEARS' LEASli, AND FDRNITUBB for sale, of a house In Prince street, near Maodouflri. *PP f *? ;1* Ul Broadway. r LKT-A FIRST CLASS BROWN' STOKB HOUflB, full lot on East Fortv-niutli street, tor one or yrars. Apply to ?AAC E. TATB, IQ7 Broadway. r,1**7?8TBAM IFOWKB BA8EMBMT, wu*mw feet; 6*0 West Thirty-fourth street. Apply on the raises. TO LET?A STOBB AND DWELLING ON BBOABt **y, between Fifty-second an?l Fifty-third street*. wmM siHe; eleven rooms above the store. In good order; Apply at 168 Wast Forty eighth street or 170Br wcyL room No. 6. r LET?AT 711 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE WASHTNO. ton .^Uce, the Second Flop*, ricbly deporated, suitatta for tailoring, fancy store, puud and miulc store. Be, m l.taac for sale. Inquire of TILMAX, on the prenilaaa. - TO LET?3M FBONT STREET. BEQOND DOOB FRO* Fulton, with steam power: also four Una Lofta on Fql. ton street, with steam power. Inquire of WM. H. OOO0? WIN 6 CO., VI Water street. . TO LET?? MODERN THRB8 STORY HIGH STOOT House, near Eighth avenue and Fifty.drat street, to ? respouslMe partv. Apply, between two and four P. M.. t* D. M. ADAMS, 101 Wall street, third Uoor, room No. X TO LET?A FIRST CLASS FOUR 8TOBT HHI* stoop Residence, In Fourteenth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues; furnished or untarnished; also a smaB three story brick House; modern improvements; hot u4 e< Id water; bath, marble mantels and stands; water cloaafc dumb waiter, An., In lAJth "reel, between Third and Fourth avenues; rent $90 per month. Apply at 841 Broadwaf, room No. 7. TO LET-A '.OFT, AT 140 BAXTER STREET, NBA* Orand; 2ox??; light all round. TO LET?A BASBMENT, HKCOND FLOOB; ONB oo third. Apply at 21 Montgomery street. TO LET?THREE STOBE8 ON THE CORNER OB Sixth avenue and Twenty-seventh street; House 4t We-1 Twenty-seveivth street, ttt for a boarding house. fo? letting In furnished rooms or for two email families; also* Floor lu 47 West Twen'y-bCventh street, contolniu : f.v# ivo-n=, two flights of s'.alrs up; rent per month; a in *M Sixth avenue, two fights of stairs, ?63 per month, niid a : loor in 4.VJ Sixth avenu*, four flights up. pa* month. Apply to Mm. KILLORaN,47 West Twenty-seventh street, c irner of dixtb avonua. TO LET-IN FIRST AVENUE, NEAR SEVENTH rtrect, Second aid Third Floors. Iuqu..~a at 62 Eaat Fourth street between 6 and 7 F. M. TO LET-THE WHOLE OR VART OF HOUSE Ml Thirtieth s'.reot, furnished, with all modern t?> provoments; 13 rooms, with bathroom. Rent reasonable. TO LET?SECOND FLOOR, THREE LARGS ROOMS. No. 2 Bedford street; every convenience; plen|f e'o-?li: g.s and water; t.W; possej*lon immediately. Ownoit Ui West Eighteenth street. TO LET?THREE TWO STORY HIGH STOOP BRICK Houses; pood location; rent ?30? per year. Apply at the groccry storo, corner of North Sixth and Sixth a treaty Williamsburg. TO LET-THE FOLLOWING HOUSES AND BUB*. noss places:? Tlire* story and attle brick bouse, 10S Wooster it |1M t'-ia] Yard, 5J by 123 foot, aud otic?, 215 Stanton at..... HI House and StO'-e. 817 Stanton, corner of fioerek st For club or bu'lr.ess pnrpo e-, second floor 2.'5 Bowerjr Stora an<! Iiwclllng, a fcsst Houston, near Troadwny... UN 1'iret Roor (with hoistway), 2> by 175, 51 Dlriulou street, ru'inins through to East Broadway Store No. Elm, running through to Marlon stroat.. Store and i'wcllluie. to ;ethor or suparutely, i'.? Division! 1,80? For particular* upply at FANNIN'G'S, 2ii Bowery^ O LET?PART OF A HOUSE TO A FAMILY OB adults. Inquire at 19 Vandam struct. S3 T TO LET-THE UPPER PAST OF HOUSE 88 street, to a small American family, only. TO LET-17 AMITY STUEETAND 710 BROADWAY,THM three story House 17 Amity, near Brondwar, and thlra siid up^er storle? of 710 Bro? lway, suitable for bn?lnea% aud luinlsbed I'.ik ms, by CilESTEBMAN, 76 Naasan $L TO LET?A Fl'fT CLASS FRONT BASEMENT, FOM a physician'' rfiicr. cn Soeond .-.venue, between Tkn and Fourth *ire*u. App'f at 2T^'Grand street. TO LET?FOC'R ROOMS. ON TOP FLOOB, CORNBB of S??e.itli avenue and i'wsnty-tbtrd 'traet, over tkA d ug storo; g ^ and w?ter. Apply on preml?e- No children, TO LET, FITRNISnEO?THE FOUB 8TORY RBOWV st?ne front House 81 East Thirty.clntli street, botweaa Lexington and Fourth avenues. To let, tho three staif House 8SS East Slxty-seixind street For permits apply W JOHN B. M ABBECELLA, SSt Third avenue. rLET, FURNISHED-IB PARK AVBNUE, FOB* story, marble front hcu^a. Can ba seen only by paratt from W. H. WOOD. 86 Wall ?traeu TO LET FOR THE SEASON OR LONGER, 00* taires and M*n?lon rioiise, partly furnished, directly *? the river bank, at Edgewater, near Fort Lea. about elf* mile* from the olty. Situation and river view For further particular* and permit apply to JAMBS PRICE, KjO Hudson street. TO tiET OR LEASE, OR LEASE FOR SALE?A FB?* mlnent corner, 88*100 feet, Ave atorlea, baiemant aa? ?ub-onllar; about *? feet from Broadway, a Mtlo aba*| Canal street. on me of the beat cro?* street*) well tl*?V? and ventilated; suitable for manufacturing or mercantB# bu.iir.o.M. For permita apply to A. f, SMrTfi * BBO., Pinoi,reeUi - ? TO LET OR LEASE?A THREE SToftY 5RICK BUILP. in*, situated one door from Broadway, on lz?w- ""rR luiwoie for light manufacturing business. Inquire on w? premise*. TO LET OR FOR SALE?A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY Residence, within nine mlleaof the City Hall, diresMV at a depot; house newlv birilt, IS room*; large garden. wtta fruit; prioe for aale. $12,000; to rent $1,200. For psrtiealaca and d'azrara call at 1.W1 Broadway. WM. VAN WAGENEN. TO LEASE?A FOUB STORY FACTORY. Iff) FEB* front, on Thirteeuth street, two minute*' walk fna Broadway, with rear buildings, Urge yard and steam angln* Inquire ?t 1SS Fourth avenue. TBO LEASE?THE NEW RUILDTKOS NOW BEIWtt completed on the fonr lot* on the southeast earner at locating on thla great line of Improvement will please eg*. lluii?ton an I Greene streets, lOOi 100 feet. Parties desirous a* mine this buildings and call upon ma lmmedUtrly in relattaa to renting the same; steam will be Introduced If requlra* Apply to H. J. HOWARD, M Oreano street Tm r> MILLINERS.?THE FIRST FLOOR (THREB splendid room*) for millinery business; al*o front brow* rtonj Basement for physician'* office, and large furnlshat Room for lodging. Apply at No. 7 V.'aat Fourteenth atml rH RENT?A SPLENDID CORNER STORE ON RROAOh rf, near two of the brut hotels; *maH, bat one of tM very beat aland* for a retail trade on Broadway. Any ?MT wanting a One place mar address Hook. Herald offloe. TO RF.NT-THR LARGE AND ELEGANT MA7ISIORL former residence of E. K. Collin*, R?q., situated as Long Island Sound. two mile* east of New ItooheUa. A? ply to FLINT A CO.. 88 Broadway. TO RENT?IIS WEWT THIRTY-EIGHTH STRWET, FOUB ?torv brown (tone front House; rent $3,000; also Ml Lexington avenue. $'4.?0f>. 120 East Thtrty-fburth (treat $l,W0. Apply to JOHN FLTTRBTCH, 418 Third avenue. TU OPENT-A NICELY FURNISHED HALL BEDROOM* iil*o apartments for hou?H keeping, OKI Eighth aven% three door* above Forly-aeoond street. TO RBNT FURNISH ED-THB ELEGANT HOUSE If West Twenty seventh street, furnished completely lal In perfect order, four atorlea, hi^h sloop, brown atone, fna 1st of April or May, to a private family oaly. HOM ft* MORGAN. No. 1 Pine *traal> r^m KENT, UNFURNIMHBD. AT RIVRRDALE?CO* t.ige with 10 acre* of land, directly on the banks of Ik* river; rent $1,000. Apply to B. H. LUDLOW A CO., NaT! Pine slreet. TO RF.NT, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE?THE floor and basement of an English basement house. A One opportunity fur a flrst-olaa* physician. Add teas S. U I'., U Weet Twenty-eighth atreet. or call b*> tween 4 una A e'tiock. TO RRNT OR FOR SALB?A COMFORTABLB COUNT** Residence, furnished or unfurulihed, ta Isllp, L. L, pleasant location. near the great South Kay. J. HOPKINS, MB Peserth aven?. TWO NICKLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-FIT FO? housekeeping; rent including gas, ?7 per weak Apply after 9 A. ST, at 17 Stanton street., basement. Mar Bowery. IV'ATKR FRONT.-TO I.BASR, BULKHEADS ANB Tf Vacant Lota, between Eighteenth, Nineteenth Bad TwentWh street". rirer. Also Pier, 780 feat. Apply ta H. D. k J. V. BROOKMAN, 87 South street QTH AVENUE PROPERTY TO RRNT?TUB OWNRB t~> n??vin<" tut of tlie ally; two entire Buildings, with itoraa establish, t llyear*,as"klnKe*'s" embroidery and fatiey dry goods store Wring the largest retail trade In the city; Fl^ Tirrenfor a.ile, w>u, or without the stoek; bulldl.igs have 40 feet front. Alt nesur (Ions must be effected through JA* K. EDWARD*. Tlf H'tit Twenty-third street. (VKST KIUHTHKN g?iher. a two story OOO WEST BIOHTBBNYH ?TRERT.?TO W.T. TO. ijuO g"lher. a two story brlek .ihop. suitable for llgM, and two story frame Cottage In the rear. Apply to lll NBY LAWRENCB. 238 West Nineteenth street U7<) BROADWAY. CORNER OF BIOIITEBNTH O I ?t aw??t.? Aa slagant suit of furnished I'arlgra to lei CLOTHING^ At the origin al m. 'mamTp*. h sixth afrnUb, 1 idle* and gentlemen run receive 10 per oent more tHaa hy anv other denier la tha elty for their nstaff Clotlilng, tirpr'ts, Furnltnre. Jewelry. Fnrs, An. Pieaaa be kl'il enooiih to call an or addraas tha nam her aa above, Ladiea waited upon by Mra. Marks, In and out of tha city. a ?l.ARGE ORDER FOR SOUTHERN MARKET.?*. J\ , Ml'RKIf pays the highest prloe for Lod:es' and tieo. tlcmen'* Caat Off Cloth lag. Carpets and Furnituro. For Pants Ifi. for (Mat* #6 to |?. Droaaaa $5 to $30. P ja?? *t or addr??a 1M Moeenth avcuso. Ladle* attended to by Mrs. Morris. AHT1KNTION.-L4DIES AND GENTLEMEN CAN RB | n ivelha full value In cash for east off Clothing, h# rail 11'| 1 or addreaalng Edward Miller, ISO Sevan th av imia near MnetaatiUi street. (TIBNTLBMBN HAVING ANY CAST OFF CIATHINV T to dliipoe^ of can get a fair prlre by ealtlng on \ir ad. dressing JAMES BIkBPATRICK, Pearl (treat, new Chatham. riENTLEMEN?I WILL BUT ANT <JUA> TIT* Of \Jt new and l*fl off Clothing, for the Wrstarn market. CaB a^tke stop or addres^T^omaa p. Ovaroy. Ml i'aari*tr*S