Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 12, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 12, 1867 Page 1
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X.TA? **>*?* JtTi I * 1 ?>"J HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,151. . NEW TORE. TUESDAY, MARCH 12, 1867.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. JOB BY PKRSON WISHING TO ADOPT A MALE CHILD, bj?1u' ***Xortwo4^*M DDRKS8 WANTKD Of EDWARD O. OK OEBARDUS L Clorves.?Any peraoa knowing Ut addreaa of either ? be suitably rewarded by seualag to W. H. N., Herald _ F LLY-'OBK HUNDRED." *0 QUESTIONS asked. Tike H or Imi? it IJtOR ADOPTION.?THREE BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN, J; ana boy and two girls, wilt be adopted I* u; reaped aNeperaoa rcaidiaf ia UiU <*>J- Inquire at U1 East Thlr Ip-SCih street, flratfoor. front, for one week. U*OR ADOPTlOV, WITHOUT RESK rvatiow, TO ANY J? kind, com p? taut party, a line, he.lthy female infant, mm month old; naraaa from bottle. Addreaa Bereavement, hex V tutlon P. SNRT HAROLD ANDREWS?PLEAHE WRITE TO your father at New York. Addreaa W. V. A., boa 1,108 ? ? EES. JULIEIT CHICK (LATE KNIOHT), ADDRESS Oct, MBH, No. ]0K (Sreene street, New York, ix llvlna or eon cither, *he or he will please addreaa box 0,996 Poet ?, Naw York, where they will bear of aoinetktng to their advantage. . TB FORMATION WABTED?OF ANDREW MARTIN, OP J. Dart ford Kent, Knpiand, a painter and glazier by trader Who waa in Naw York December IS, 1M6, ?ad ta now aup gMd to ba In the Soath. Addreaa U. A C-, box ?,?? Post FFORMATION WANTED?OF JAMKS blHILTs A NA ttre of ScarfT, count* Clare, Ireland, who enlisted In the Mar 1840; he ia aapprieed to ba In Bombay. India. Any in* formation of hltn will be thankfully received by hla tlatar. ?aaorab NlhUI, or 4else Mrs. Murpbv, No. M* sixth avrnoe. Saw York. India pacers ploaaa copy. Band bia addieaa ia tf tth av., New York. Lion franck can find bis mister at no. iu Blaeekaratreet Left homb on Saturday, march i. a boy it yaara of an; had oa whan ba left a bine sloth < eeat, lined with aurpi* aad blauk flannel, dark veat ?tale, rubber boota, mediant sixa for bis age; hotel ?. . brawn hair, ele-r eotnp'ei-on; had with him a silver watch awd chain, gold aeal and key) alaa a very beary koM ring; aaalj lioad with purple and blauk flannel, dark veat and ynafa, rubber boota, mediant site for bts age; hasel eyee. fBlek spoken aad altraative'la conversation. Any'Informal flan sent ta hi n __ his bere.tved and widowed mother will he thank received and rewarded. Elisabeth Baker, 900 Cumber ahreet, earner ot Pulton avenue, Brooklyn, New York. MATINEE-SATURDAY AFTBENOON.?WILL THE young lediee who aoceptnd the photograph from the fentlemanTn front of them and left at the and of the second > F. C. A., box 114 Herald otteef #yjMPic V/Bote-w ??will llii MPIC.-BLUB DRESS, 8ATURDAY EVBN1NO. ote-when and where? Addresa Henry & C., box 172 COUTH STREET car. ABOUT S O'CLOCK. MONDAY? ^ ^LJght^atrlpe and green veiL Please addreaa C. L., box m O. D.?IF ALIVE will you IMMEDIATELY M. ? came or write to your broken hearted wife, and let me tmim the wont f This snspenxe Is kllUng me. K1T1Y. ILL THE CARTER EMPLOYED TO TAKE A FIVE E groae package, marked "Bwletenia, for the Teetb," ta liudeoa River depot, addreaaed "CoWna Broai. 8t %?' oatt at W Wooeter .treat aad say wbe*? he fefl itf WILL MISS MABOABB1 a private family ia MaA W. H. H., hoi 854 Brooklyn 1 riLL MISS MABOABET OAUL, now LTVINO WITH ~ ' " emie, seed ber addreaa ta Poet office! TRAIN. HUDSON RIVER, SATUBDAY.?LADY la black who noticed cMHeman aa ha left train at id; handkerchief, Ba He would Hke aa laiemew. 1 R. M. P., station O. 4~ HAPrsix J**W TOBY aOCTHBRlT KELiQSr iffiOCIA A>APJ fiomr Nmt lying at BrooUyv H?rr Yard at tho aorrtoe of tha IklMW ? " ' A I Of tlM *4! aUo of >wWg no i piwO kr our fallow aounUj?u ?hf?ft _ .i noctat ealamttloc. WotMnf but ? ilp of tho p*o?mKmm p*opi? of ike OTMN Of Mr MImt wmrM at lot of March ond Iho lot of Jiioo. ao that whfeh twM the baort or _ toward the porUhlng ooople of IvotaaA , ia Mff, atari tod from Hot apathy, tontrlbntod to K tho faaino-striatum Inhahttanla of hor fitter laow thou $M,M^000l Wo noktodagrfrom and. the ChHottentty of tho North loaa than a Ml of tho aoonwt tor tho aahraUri of tho whteh tB?_ Ortnbarton Hnj^jr^wv wWl ho tho doath-wmrmat of [a nohto tft ?kfonn for tho mm I :sssws?S3sffl^t? hteg ifml wahiotho aoond of o . BAJUOW.K .IModt ALOERNO* ?. SPLUVAN, 107 Woot rroMMii.n WootTOeatr-eighth otroot> Woot Mlnoiaania rtraot. ortMrort tear nu*i uta. .. ixium, Wot . Jrteo, 121 hMhiall Lmiolton'raiuo. ?h, fliWoot ThhfWtb atreot _j arcnuo. foot Twenty-otghtk MrooC i avenue. . U PwWmk 11 U . Sooh. niwoot ? , W. Rtowh g?fc? . Worth. ??Ttr* ?55E5CwWh* wm%o*w doHjr A. M. tMoMoohV. ?. 1%e depot for Wool. Port.Oom or any ffSSiSS: or **T?OI*A rTAK 55* E M***^rrVyK^nnT7oir>?r'-rT^ir'r t I UM (HrKHlon of rfoflMW 9 p BonjMHtn paw rnwiMB r&?o?aothrbr8' association.-the Di r mIM have?Ms tor declared1 ossb dividend of St Mr Ml, ?*?<J?? ?< ? mm April U> elee? ofl**?for the ? I ? TRATBB8. Secretory. OTa* WUMK1MO SBBTIBO or TU MdH ALB W Glroie, r. B., will be Md at *T7 Bowery, tbu (Tars di?.) WWlM at ?M HBK 10 aid our mDlrymn now fighting Abeent members ars ordered to attefcd. JAB. McMAIION, Centre. W^mANTED?OWNBRB BY THB PROPERTY CLERK. an Mattwrvy snoot, far Ike following articles:?Gold | watch and chain, horse blanket. railroad Iron. ; ', (fcOPTfk -A CBBCR DBAWM BT MORES DANNRN vadv, Mm to the order of PhllHppl A Petrulio for (?, and certified by the Ram River Bank, haa been ? to ten. N otice has been flren to the Bank. Partioe holding the above check will Confer a favor by calling on or addreaolng Maraj A Horwtfl, 114 Broad*ay. UPdHTIKO. A Hi KIWPg or DQOS AMD BIRDS POR 8 A LB AT (?. B, DO v KV'8, AM Canal street. near Church street. Vedxlneo for oil dlnoieo, Prejiared Pood for mocking birda. U?OR 8ALE-JU8T ARRIVED PROM BT. .JOHN'S, I? Newfoundland, a pair of handaome black Newfound land Do?a: excellent watch and water do?"; 18 aaontha old: qnebraoaof Pointers aart getters, thoroughly broken; pair of S?ye Terrtera, Black and Tana from 8 to 10 pouada; ex cellent rat Doga. DANIRL PQ8TRR, 18 Roooevelt street. PIANCI8 BUTLER, BO. 8PBCR BLIP, BAH AM. THB obnlee breeds or Docs. Butler'a Infallible ManreCare and Flea Eilavlaator. 78 coats. Batter's new work on the Doe. f& Doge trained, boarded, ke. M edict nee for all dis TOBB QBAT, 11 ROOSBYELT 8TBERT. HAS FOR el aitle Newfoundland Dog* Black and Tan and Scotch Terriers, one Italian Greyhound; ? pair of Black and Tone, ? lbs, each. JDST IMPORTED?A LAROB ASSORTMENT OP OA narloa snd other German Storing Birds of the 'lr^t quality; also twfi large Lions, at C. BRANDBS'. IM William street ' \T7ANTED TO PURCHASE?A MINO BIRD; ONE THAT " onn speak well. Ad'lr-sa, statin* pries and where It can be aeon, nraaUyn, ?t q.oii D Poet oBoe. 1 onn STAMP Ok arms, WITH BATONRTS CO*. l.?\f\J ptste. -orinirflelrt pattern; alao SKI Swards and allef rt'kch will be sold cheap. Apply to HENRY 477 Pr.irl street. sum A, HOR8B9, CABRIAOBR. AC. ?M'l.ES?VANDEWATER, AUCTCONRRR, 1w ? liberty street.?At auction, tbla day, at IS o'clock. ipsn Imv mars Mules, 18 hands, 5 and 8 years old, travel equal to horses, wed broken to harness, warranted sound and kind In every way. Also man mare Mttle, 18 banda, 8 vearonld. with oat spot or blemish. The span Is the finest team of mules la ths country, and all direct from a Virginia plantation. BLOODED DBTON BULL FOB SALR. ADDRESS P., box a Plalnfletd, N. J, RXORLLRMT 8TOCR ^ sound, kind and ?. ? . J box 85, Plain field A I BLOOM* STALLION OF RXOI^^^^^^H ? for aakt tef, I8>i hands; perfectly mm fool gilBu warranted. Address P., I A VICTORIA, OOPFB BOCK A WAT, WESTCUliSTER, I A Coach, tip Baccy, Dc? Cart. MM now Oarrikzee. Ear I nesa taroiygjW 118 Haet Fourth street, corner mt Broadway. r-OJT tokhdat, at 11 rumbrr or wmo-ro havo coach: rboatoM m4 Rnehamra, our latrf* aloe ?, n*w< Klwt ' WW] - * ? om ?> t???t ?i ?? to HufctjjK* mi ?AVRLVTONIAN COLT, AMD OTHKM PR riraMa StMk: alto IMl Wafnoa, Rorkawaya. rar a. Harn?t?i. Ac , 5\, il Ro'dMK thla day. byMWBR IVRRTILLR, at Uoraa A actio* Mart, Unioa mm. w7%M*1L A UMilR-fltt Wi??l>MT met HAM ** A thla etty. M fcaato.thoraaahbrad. M tor torn naa: alao wagon, nmj ax> ITarnaaa, rarjr i>?^ T>tACIt GOVT* VOMf, N HA WD* HI OH, FOR n aala: aiao a Coapa art tkfct la* Riper. Pan to Mai at tfca prorata ataU* 107 Raatrarty-alaU alraaL C'saaswmjvsiBPidra'a.vB CALVlfTwiTTY'S C?rrta* WnmSaa,* rCw^RSt R ViOQ Routing, iv"T. la pmi ?r<tw. IRqaim atn at. aa?r K'gktk ?raa n-. aoiftw. camimmm. *c. not arT.T I pair or toung bouim, ? and ? r years aid, if fcaada high, sound and kind; I Canadian Pony. lull, 8 years old; 1 brown Horse, JO Mr* elf; J Mare, a Uttie lame; can trot in 1:80 or no taW AtttofciauM chsap. Apply at 188 Woo* forty-third street. near Ninth a*. IJX>B SALE?A GOOD BLIND HOMl SEVEN TEARS JP aid. 18 bands high; warranted eonnd aud kind: suitable fee aart, truck or mill Psiee $78. Apply for two dajra at lil Htaatou street, la tha stare. ? EH)B SALE?ONE PAIR OP HOMES, SUITED POR r hacking or country uee. Primtm. A loo one leather toy Wipa, alaioat now. rites SUA Apply at an Canal, atreet. near Broadwar. rR BALE?TART THOTTING STOCK AT QR^AT bargaUU. at the Wawrtw (tables, eornar of Thlrt* ninth atraat aud Broadway. 1 fray meaeenaer Haw, IS lianila hl*b, 8 year* old, trota in I :W, pri *e $781; 1 aorel Mara. 8 yean old, M banda high. tr.iti in ?>? i)r!<? 8*?; 1 gray Horse, 8 years oW, trota in 2 13, prion Yankee Jack, T yeara old. troU in 8:88, price $81)0; not half tb?tr valne; f pair of ereaa matched Marea. 8 and 8 yeara old, trot In aid* of 1JH 18 bands high. All or the above boraea are warranted auund and kind. GEAT MARK?EIOIIT TEARS OLD, SOUND AND kind; oan teat a mile lnS:l5; owner ha* no uae for her. Can be aeen at Tbompaon'a stable, Tiureeuth street, near Third avenue. Price $880. HAMRLBTONIAN GELDING POE HALE?16 HAfDH, dark bay. tall reaches ground; all right- good ?lu*!e and doable. Frame Stable, Thirty-fourth atreet and Madl aon avenue. MORTOAOK BALE OP THE PAST TROTTING HORSK Weat Point together with light Road Wagon, Harnea* Blanket, Robe, Whip, Ac. WU1 be cold at auction by J a MM JENKINS, on Wrdneaday. Mbrch 18, at Ilk o'clock, in Iront of 1,481 Brtoad way, between fortieth and PuriT-first streets. He taa bay hor>e, IftV* banda. sound and kind, 7 years olds trotted last aummer In 'I r411 ean ahow I:tf to wagon. J. E. TOMPKINS, Attorney for Mortgijse ONE PAST TROTTINO MARE. 7 TEARS OLD?PUR fectly wmnd. with eieeption of a alight blemish on fore leg; waa raised la Orange aouuty, and trotted her mile la tffl. She la of great endurance; would make a splendid brood mare. To do sold at auotlan on Wednesday, March 18, at II o'cloek, by JaMES JENKINS, at 1,801 Broadway, near Porty-first atreet. SECOND HAND CARRIAGES POE SALE CHEAP? one cloae quarter Coach, one Barouche, one Brett Dog Cart and two settlers top and no top butty Wagons: all city built and used by private families. Apply to M. CURLEY, >1 Past Twelfth street. CELLING OPF ON ACCOUNT OP GIVING CP BAR O neaa bualnees, fine single and donbla Harass; aheap for eash, at 180 Canal street, near Bowery. CTABLE POE SALE?IN THE VICINITY OP MADI. O son square. Pour stills, with sewers. gas and water; room for three or four carriages; omehman's rooms up stairs. Inquire on tha premises, corner of Tweotyfcfaurth street and hoalngton avenue. rLET-A NICE PRIVATE STABLE, ROOK FOR two horses, carriage room, hay room. Ac. T. K. BORRKLL. la East Twenty-seventh street mo LET?STABLE AND COACH HOUSE; ROOM poe 1 about to horses and 18 carriages. Apply to JACOB JONAS, 18 Lanrena atreet, ap stairs. rLET-A STABLE, OB HALT OP ORE, WITH A Floor of ? rooms, with all modern improvements, and If wanted an office on the Oral Boor, in a first olaas ntfhbof hood, suits Me for a doctor. Apply at 188 Thirty-ajghttai fSSR^W Utiiissy^L/^^SXe* ?o j^WOAli BALL '?? 4 w?n ?,, I coopfcKaDKD raovr i*T% ggg&fGI^isttwiJB TYTlMfipn m _ ii?** aib roviio. ^aa?! mWARDI. ! ?4^?wjsufcsss yf^sssyg ^9s?S?@&j?$? wSf ffifto ??'?rm.lto? Jh& ooti N, bald w m A eo.. A 71 BROADWAY, hnt Bttts of Exchange on London, Paris, Germany, mrit serlaad. Route, florenos and Ichors. Alee teller* it Intro da?an to mi ?? ChartootU, Kane t On.. Palia. A LIMITED AMOUNT op morris and bhrrx Railroad Oampan v Brut mortgage seven Mr cent Bonds, ? wn to ram. interest paiubln May (t4 Kovcaiber, for sala by VBRMILYB A CO., ?t Wall street a firm ouam mortgage or ts<m por balb 0. lot HW- Address Merchant boisTaaft foot olBce. A IiBMtT H. MICOLAT, 1. ? .?,3y<IK MKHtB* AND AUCTIONEER, Mo* tf PIMB STB KT. ESTABLISHED fifteen YEARS. Insurance, City Bill road, clu Ll?bt. Bank, TelaKr.iph, Bxprr??, Maiiufartirm^ un<1 Mining Stockn rtrnie -wiv attentioa, and some on band for sale. paying from 10 to 40 per <*nt dividends, at low rate* for Investments. CUTIZLNS' SAVINGS BANK. J Southwest oorner of Bowery And Canal street. Bix per ocnl intermit, free from Ui.

Sums Irora $5 to S/i,000 receded. Money deposited now wtll bear Interest from April 1, pay. able in Juy. TOXHOUTIVR OFFICE WESTERN UNION TELE rj graph Company, 140 Broadway, New York, March 9, lfffl. Thla Company la prepared to anticipate payment of IU Bond* maturing on the lit of May sell, at* a reaaouablo dla ooant fortbe unexpired time. O. B. PALMER, Treaaurer. MONBY TO LOAN?WE HAVE SEVERAL AMOUNTS to loan on Improved City Property. El rut and second mortgages negotiated. BBADIIURST i FIELD, 80 Cedar street. | VTBW TOBJt GYMNASIUM AND INSTITUTE OP IN Physical Education.?A company la now being organ ised in tne nlty of New York to build or lit op an Institution for physical culture upon the following plan:?Thaeaptal aMlW be wM In MM shares of faueich, each share to be represented by a oonpon bond, payable In ten years and drawlnv Interest at the rate of seven per cent; each s ar? to be entitled to one admission ticket. Every stockholder will bo n owner In the Institution to the amount of their sub scription. In no event wiU any money be required or ra ce Mod till tha stock Is all taken and til' company has *P' pointed their truateee and the creation of the iaetttnte began. All who feel sn Interest iu such an enterprise will pleaae send (or circular of Information to ?7 Broailwav. WM. WtiOD, frofeeaer ef Uvmnastles. Lata teacher of physical exorcises, Yale t'-ollego. pUNmVAJIU STATE LOAN PROPOSALS POR A LOAN OP $*,000,000. An net to create a loan for the redemption of the overdue biniaef tlit CMKtnoBtMilik. Whereas the bonds ef the Commonwealth and oertain cer tlfleates of IndebtedQiMU. amouutlng to fOLMMUU, bare been overdue and unald for some time paat; And whereas U is deeirabie that the same should be paid and withdrawn I torn the market; therefor*, Sscvtait 1. Be U euacted by the Sonata and House of Bo pre see tat lies of Uke Commonwealth of Pennsylvania In Gen oral isaeiably mot, and It la hereby snactod l?y the authority of tha same. That the Govsruor. Auditor General sad State Treasurer be, and are hereby author.ted and empowered to borrow e* the faith of the Commonwealth, la such amounts and with such noUoa (not less than forty days), aathpy 1 expedient for the Interest of the Bute, twan , is of dollars, and Issue certificates of Ipen or I en be Cbsemonwealth for the same, bearing Interest sUgMMSswfixsiB a mnjsss theelty ofF htUdeiphls; whfeh certificates of loaoorbonda 8&SG8&&*?!&& Ua*? after >ve year* oad within ten years; eight mfltionso? d2a(S payable at aar time after ten years and within ?f $gn yaars, aad ton millions of dollars at any time after it land wiW^he^wytn^sW jnll ha ?ml saw Eta ?HHUl bo spsasd In Auditor Geocral aad mate Tries j muck rsgntstloas aa IM Oowgraa^ AndlUr| MaWassurer may pieseMto; and every bid - ? ... ? npw authorised to bo issued sheBsnrfe In In l tkataUtnastaea. Slsaeafere. admlnIstrators, par ?a a ay person or parsons sUndtng in the Bdociafy zss^p;? treat may, without an order of court. Invest tha saaae In the I bowda aathsrlssi to bataoood by thl| act, at a rate of pro _ Mjml B. Thai al, _ __ _ ststaat herewith, are ha^hy repe. Speaker of tb? sberg. Pa~ unltad Matea JOHN W. GBART, jisrnsJBasr ?"His M. B.?No newspapea pabllahlng tha abave. nalaea riaad, wlfl receive pegr. tndUar ?ST ANVIINIHTIt OROADWAY THEATRE. ADMI8H10N M CENTS. I> Corner Broadway and Bnm* HMB 7 CONTINCOl'SLY CKAXHRI) H"U8E8. OT ANnmo boom omly at ? o'clock. ? of (kit world-renowned I IRISH AMD YAK ! aiteatthe unprecedented popularity of the wortd-renownod ?ritofuHi original daUnaateri MH A^? MM. BARNEY WILLIAMS, ^?r^sr01 U re?relfttU* limited to ONLY TWO THIS HVKNI HO dm at 7 begin. a 7*. M ATI NBB on Saturday. March 11 apu o'clock. The Jrlah drama of SHANDY MAGUIRR. SHANDY MAGU 1KB (with tonn) Mr. Bamey William* To be followed b? tba aetunlahliuc protean comedy of AN riOURIN bBVILLK, U which Mra. Barn. ighi different charactera, with ten < Ku(<lmh, Spanish and American. ?? open from I to* o'olook. taaume eight different ch*r?< iere, with ten changes of auprrb OHlume, RugUah, Spanish and Aineruuu, Box oftice open from 8 to? o'olook. Seat* May be secured at? daya la advanee. German ktadt theatre, 46 and 47 boweuy. Thla (Tumday) evening. March 12. de? FirfeisnHurz, Grand Opera In four acta, by C. M. vou Weber. Mow, FRIOKRICI aa. AOATHE. Mme. KOTTKR u. AENKCIIEN. Hr. GROSCIIIiL a* .,..M \X. Mr. CHANDON CABPEB. German ?t?dt theatre, ? and 47 bowery. To morrow (Wednesday). Mirrh 13, MK. BOGUMIL DAWISOH A* PEBKIN In POMW^ PUNA. HARTZ' TEMPLE OK MYHTRRY, MM BROADWAY. Notloe.?Other attraction! beiug In preparation, this wlllnoaitlvelybe the LAST WEEK OF TUB PRESENT PROGRAMME. Proi?ua, or We Are Here; But Not Here; Floating Head; Growth of Flower*. Ac., will he repeated _ _ every evening at e, Saturday at ?. Tickets. SO rents; Reserved Seat*. $1. For aale, six dars In adranoe, at tbeHitfl, from #1111A TheChlckeiing piano Ix uaed at these ?eanoea. WEDNESDAY?JUVENILE NIGHT. CHILDREN HALF PRIOB. WOOD'S THBATRE. MATINEE. POPULAR P1BCBH, Tf on Wednesday, Mareh IS, at li? o'clock. MIS8 FANNY MOROAN PHEIPS IN TWO PIBCBB. TTELLY A LRON'S MINSTREL*. 718 BROADWAY. IV Crowded nightly to enjoy the refreshing luxuries. Grand Operatic Burlesque. Flf'toemh Night of fATTI LEON STREETS Clederleon, P A T * I A la * Sings the T T Demon A In T T Pa- T Kstaat, R of R Dance, T Pa- T T Ho. A Baelo, B Now B Reliefs ntl, T Ha. A IT TAP Ardita. B York. I? SermounaM. I T T A P T T Allenabol. and In tbwopera STREETS and terminating agony weara the aupert eoatomo imported oipreaaty from Pari*, and a fac almlle qf the Bmproaa' ball drees. rtHAKLBY WHITE'S TROUPB ?RVRRY NIGHT, yj at Bryant'a Mechanics' Hall, 478 Broadway, near Grand strort GRAND REVIVAL OP TUB QRBAT IRISH DRAMA. PRNIAN'S OATH, erery FENIAN'S OATH, FKNllM-H OATH, evening PENIAN.8 OAIH FENIAN'S OATH, thlsweel, FENIAN'S OATH! FRNIaN'S OATH, at thla popular FKNIAN'S OATH, FBN LAN'S OATH. depot of fan. FBMAN'8 OATH, OR THE IDIOT OF RILLAMNRY. OR THE IDIOT OP K1LLARNRY. SlAMEBB TWINS, BIAME8U TWINS. skeleton WITNESS, sbblrton WITNESS. Baldwin, the grbat Indian juggler. BALDWIN, the GREAT INDIAN JUGGLER. SAM PBANOISOO MINSTRELS-488 BROADWAY. The Trouble eommonsos at quarter to eight. THE ORBMB DR LA ORBMR OP MINBTRRL8T. B1BOH, WAMBOLD. BERNARD A BACKUS' SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS rhoao ouooaaa haa never boo* equaled by auy atmllar orcanW Burieaqaaa every Afrtaaa Ball at ?IBo following dlatlngulahod artlata ha to, In Use aaoat gea ?oh*.at?nor, tendered their aerrioaa:? 1A. Prima Doana. JJAMMLR GRAND ? GRAND ORATORIO OP ?TBTirWAY HALL, FHiAaY evbnino, MARCH tt. I L. F. HARRISON, TMreotor. Positively the loot apyearanoo to oratorio of MADAME PABEPA BORA. Sotoa and ehortiaoa sustained h* MB; J. R. JHIH MR. W. OOLBT. PUslet. ,SrtJ?snSs^AK2rM,SitTij, Braodwwy, and at Btetoway ftalL BATCR0AY KTBNlNO, MabSu IMf. Iw t^n tolliwtM B-ilnanf MMk. "lUDITTA aCTIBRI, Prim* Dwat. Tlekata of ?teUMloB. On* Dollar. ??!>?< Mia iftp Minim. Far Ml* it J. Ihvbwtb A Oa'a., W BMtvajr, and W. A. Pond A Co'i., M7 Broadway. Wondbbpul pbbak or katurb?>thb wms IMOTON TWINS," born alfrra, kana? two hMda, four arm*, and hut oa? bodr and otw pair of ha; jMMIM Nil ?MtflMktjHmof P robot, thomarCrcrof lh? DoaHtu fami ly | itfilktr wUk Ik* aaMlletal MH*a>l?a of objaau la riydUiegr, Ana*aMr. fa&iologr aad Natural Hlatory; all MVMCAIh ACOBPBTKNT HOHRANO DBS I BBS TO rbhaob li aqaarteioholr. amm JL B. H, Barakd ol?n. A soprano, A BEADY BBADBB, WISHRS A* BIT. A iff * la nm Ptocaataal okink la thta A4 4raaa lopnao. ulatknl. APlRSf CT.ASS abtibtb (SOPRANO). BOTH, AC A <a?T of Maitn, Ltnfti, la opan to an napmol In a ProUalant orOaiholk efcolr. HMwm B. H., WaraM oCoa. 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LADY DON a ad the entire Company, Orrheatra and AU tarhe* of the eatabliahment h.iv* kindly volunteered Mr lb* ocoaMnn, and the Comedy anil be Uitirpreted by A SAHf OF I'RE-BMINBNT EXCELLENCE. Bii Hook open fur the *eeuriog of Beat* on MONDAY^ March II. " " NEW YORK TIIBATRM. j Lady Don'* Fli nt and only Banefit hi New York, oM Friday evening neit, March la. ' New york thratrs. Lady Don'* Farewell Benefit and poattlrely Uat aft pearnno- but one, Friday evening neit, Ma rob it. NEW YORK THEATRE. Lady Don'* Farewell Bea?9t?'The Maid with tit* Milking Fall." arlrction* of Sonte1! Ballad*, with Tableaux, and Aladdin, or the Wonderful Soamp. Friday evening next. March IS. NEW YORK THEATRE. Lady Don't Farewell Baneflt, Friday ant, March 1A, Boi plan now open. WOOD'S THEATRE. POLULAR PNtCMfti HI Broadway, oppoalte AC Iftcbola* Hotel. Family OlreU 15c.; Dreia Circle Mc.; Orcheetra 7M. Uadoubted auceeea of the cnunntn* vocaliat m enna MISS FANNY MOROAN FUBL.Pt*. THIB EVBslMO, WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY MATIN BR, the comedy, la three acta, of THB WILD IRISH OIBL. C0UNT8SK UZTitMlR. with aonga a ad Iriah jig. Mtaa FANNY MOROAN PHELPS, ?npported by a full eorp* drama tlqne. HUMOROUS MIJSIC AL / Banjo Solo... .Mr. Jea. WaaaboH ENTERTAINMENT, i DueU..MIaa Well* A RohC Bwtle* To conclude with THE BONNIE FISH WIFB. MAOOY MACFARLINE, J w MISS THISTLEDOWN. I ????*"" Fanay Morgan Fhelp* Seal* may ba aacured In advance. ____ TKATBB FRANOA1S.?COMB ft Y. O It AND SOIREE IIOL KB. FIRST TIMB, ON Tueaday ereniag. March IX 18?7. of LE CHAPKaU DK FAII.LB D'lTAttB. Comedy in lira acta, with aona* by Lablaha and Mlehah Ticket uSioa at H. DardonvtUe'a, Wd Broadway. M?RTI?SdaY BYlSlSo NEXT, MARCH U, BOX SHBOT NO^T OP EN TOE RESERriNO SEATS F. B. CO* WAY'S PARK THSATBB, BftOOK. 1,11 THIS BYBNINO, Aucuatla Daly'* New Play, HAZARDOUS 0ROUND. . . _ AllB* Bayporiedby the' e'nidVe *tar eamjawy. t f A ; O. IT. H. OriSUt.^..^^^^, Third (ueoearfa) weak ef^ U^OrgdSpe^aa^Jgaga EMMS**** TW PlSHCAT&nBR oV B/.PLRS. TuSr KS^k'JG^lR wWi *? a"' MATIMBBB on WMOTSDAY AND SATURDAY. C E. *'olHa*?"The Cure." A. Baraford?'"The Wmim " Somebody'* Coat. ASMr of Hoaar. Challang* Daaee. Or? daa Statnea. flranrt MMiaaa awry hatatiay. at IX ?*<%ah. TJUNYAB TABLKAUX.?LABOB8T PAMOBAMA llf . r> the world. W*ty magalScnat anaaafc Bluetrallag . y, at k a'cloak. MflprooD. j rras BiofiTNtra bnolish opkba company 1 WIS reappear at the ON MONDAYLBYENIWfirJp XT, MABCV M conimvnriag A brief eeaaoa with Balfe'a haanUfal fMAwft Reearrad Mala a SchJrmer*a. 70S Bread way, and at the ThmElr^J'y.J^ m "" ONtnifABY fcBAtfijtS PKttm. XjrcNrwo's xnolibb XV Tkl?flebmte4 algaed I* i i 11 SS2S^5^??5isr5^3 i PHARTIB9. ACHOObB AND FAMILIES CAM *B PRO ? Tided at aav time with a amolBarnt ealarlilajwal. ?>n*lt(ln? <>f Punch *nd i?dy and the bUraoptioaa, 4m0 or avaalag. Term* akudatala. Apply at Im na*M Bant OgeeTlU and lid Broadway. ? TVANTP.D?POR A YARINTY TNOBFB IN BA^AN YT nah, Oa., two end aaea and a violin player; alio a as?;.??'""'"^m&swaite.' rrau oreatBI^H 1 RBFUBLICAN^^I on EXUiBrrioN fliH OALLBBY), rmiE^^ICKE^OFflC^ 0~*~