Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 12, 1867, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 12, 1867 Page 5
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the courts. UNITED STATES CDWUKSIOWEI'S CCUIT. fhuue mt Forjery. Before Commits!uiier Osborn. John Rnsaeli and John Mathews were charged with making fake discharges from (be army. Tfri Commls nuut-1 held item far examination, which he mi down for next before Commissioner Betta. John Clbaoo and John MeGaby were brought to the office of the Dtainct Attorney at three o'clock, and the officer who had them in charge laid they had been taken bc fere Jusucc Jogaa on a chargo of representing them Helves us detectives, aud demanding admission to the cellar 01 a lager beer keeper In Centre street The Jusucc, oq hearing the case, directed the officer to bring tho partius u> the rutted Maie? Commissioner's office. (J hsou, in reply to >lr. Jotcph bell, Assistant District Attorney, aula he believed iho Keeper ol the lager beer hou*e was carrying on an illicit distillery, and his object io wanting to go down t9 tbo oeiiar was to giro infor mation if distillation was carried on. Mr. Bell said that uuic*s the juiriles were government officers they could n<-i be churned under the I mted .Slates laws, and the ouly course that remained for Justice Uogan to adopt vt *? to have M!?on and MeGaby charged under the Nate law with attempting to ie\y bla^k mail. lLe prisoners were then taken back to the police Court, to be dealt wi.h by Justice Houau. SUPREME COURT?CHA!W3?nS. latefeuiog Mutiiinouiul Uecriuiiiiuli?ua--.Uo tlon lor Alimony. Be'ore Judge Inn rah am. Auk* L. Murphy vs. Daniel T. Murphy.?This cue, , which baa boen fully reported, no far at It hae progressed, in the iiiuiALn, la an action for limited divorce, cn iho ground of alleged cruelty, and lias been pending in this eourt for about twp yeare. The defendaut was formetly ? partner in the Arm ot Grant, Murphy A Co., doing busi ness in Fulton street, and is reputed to be worth abput $?40,000. A short lintj ainut he left thirdly and sailed for .L?n Francisco, but is at present travelling in Europe. Yesterday tbo case came up before this court on a mo tion tor aiimouy, the plaiutiif aiiegiug that she is appre h'*n.jivo iliut her husband uiay at some time Choose to withdraw the allowance ue has iittherio voluntarily matte, and that sue, with her family, comprising seven children, the Oldest, of whom In about ten years of age. may there by be rendered utterly destitute. Ail affidavit, made by the defendant in California, was read, sett ng forth that he purposes the continuance of eur.h payments per.ouiuuiy as ue naa up to tlie present time made for their support; that $1,500 per month Ik amply suttl. lent to maintain the plaiulilf in a position and comfort superior to that she enjoyed betoio she became his wife; that an equal sum would be alt that la required to deiruy the expeMM of luaintaiiiing tue children, ami that he is willing and able to gvetlus, aud asks the court to grant an order uhereby $100,000 uiay bo deposited t y him lor tho benefit ol bis children, the luterest of which sum shaiI be devoted to them, and ho socurcd that it snail not be applied to tbe maintenance of any of the children's ma o na! roiat ves; and adds that all that a fond and tndulgeul taiher can do to contribute to their hap), uoas and couiiort he Is will ing to do. A letter or the Rev. Father Demoraire, of Philadel phia, was also r ad, stating thai upon hearing of iho difflculty which had ar sen ltei.i<*eu ttie imrnes, and of thetr intended separation by divorce, aud feeling more than us :ai interest In tho matter irom t'ie fact that he himself had joined tho parties in.the bonds of matri mony, he had at varxus times endeavored to etfect a reconciliation; that he had found Ur..Murpny willing to be restored to his wile and home; and that ho had procured aa Interview between the plaintiff and defend ant at their late residence In Uhirty-lourth street, which resulted in their promising, upon their knee-*, that they would henceforth endeavor to live In lel.clty and union; and that upon rising bo to parties atlecuouatelv embraced each other. Ihe then went on to stale that in shout two weeks SMbac quent to this ] ac fkaiion the old twitiUe burst lorih, and that ho again came from Philadelphia with the mt ntlon of once more repairing the breach, and haviug prec eded to the houso of tho plalniiiT ho encountered a iire. Corlleld, tno siatur of tho plaint H, Mrs. Murphy, and With regard to whose resi dence with Mr. Murphy's'family the latter gentleman seemed much displeased. Mr.-, (.or tie Id informed tin clergyman luat In order to effect anything like a peace ful compromise matters must first be arranged satusiac torily between Mr. Murpoy and a Mr. While. Tho rov rend geuiioman effected this latter -reconciliation, aud lb* three then proceeded to ibo house in Thirty-fourth street, but were informed that Mrs Vorlield- was ?? suller ?as fiom s beaiiucbe " and could not be seen. Af ter the pap re in the case bad been read plaintiff's counsel asked an adjournment of the ease by the Court, in order to put certain letters and telegraais in the form ?C affidavit Counsel for the defendant also requested thai the case be postponed tor a month in order to allow Ibem to cotutnunicato with Mr Murphy, in kurope, n reference to tho affidavits to be submitted by the other sMa. The esse was then set down for the 11th day of April nest The Qnestloa of tho Liability to Taxation of United Stales Certificates of Indebtednrs*. The People, ex rel Ihe St Nicholas and Other National Bmmkt, m the Comphro'ler, rfe. ?The question at Issue in tfcsas oases, as to whsther llnltsd States certificates of tadsbledness are liable to taxation as United states so, and in which ti e relators soek by mandamus to ?ompcl the delivery of city bouds to refund the taxes on the certificates, was to have been argued before court yesterday. Mr. Justice log rah am, by arrangement with Richard O'Qorman, Counsel to the Corporation, and Marcus C. Klggs and Judge Allan tor the relators, yesterday gave judgment pre/f/rswt in favor of the city, to enable tho ease to go directly to the gen rai term, In order that It tm set a beano* la the Court of Appeals during its ses sions la this city during tho present month and in April. SUPERIOR COURT?TRIAL TERM. A City KitIIroad Accident. Before Judge Gsrvia. Annuel Lyon* M The Ilurd Avenue Railroad Com poay.?The plaintiff saye that on the 28(h of June, 1864, at about six P. M., be stopped the ear on which be waa ?Ming, but, on getting off, the oonductor started too eoon aad be was thrown to the ground, seriously injuring and Spraining bia aulcle and knee, and Injuring bim ror life. <fn the other side It U denied tl?<it the scciJent occuricd, sal it ia avetred that the pluiotlff short y afterwards en Baled in the ar.ny. This plalutiff admits, but says he waa lucapabie of doing bard duy. A sealed verd.ct is directed. A Stock Transaction. Wen/worth S. Butler sx Edward H. Ucllvaine. ?The plaintiff's brother deposited with the defendant one hun dred shares of Smith & Parmclee Gold stock, which the defendant never returned. The only Question on the trial was for what purpoee this deposit was made. The plaintiff claimed ihat the deposit wan made ou li s ac aount solely, with orders to hold It. Tho defendant Ola uns ibat the brotber deposited it on bis own accouui, Ah margin for other transactions. The aui-stion was sub mined as a simple qties' ion of fact, and Uie Jury K*ve a verdict lot $1,-77, to whicb the C -urt added an allow ssoe of $60. the casu having been tr'cd once before. The Dasgen of the City Cere. Before Justice MoneiL FramcU McJUuUun us. Frederick ? WimXtcK?The de fendant, late in the evening of tho 21st June, 1844, was riding in a oily car when his waich was itolco. Turning en the plaintiff, who is a dealer In Washington market, who steed nest him, he charged bim with the theft, etopp.u Uie car, bad him arretted and taken to the sta tion bonne. The nest morning the case was heard bo Cm a police justice, who discharged linn oe bis o* ? re eognixsfice till three P. M., and then discharged bim ab eolutely He then sued the defendant far faiee imprison nseoi The jury gave him SOOfc C0R10N PLEAS?TRIAL TER1. The Civil War end Ita Coneequeacee. Before Judge Daly. JfaMn re. Brandtr.? One of the defendants In this eoee, which Is brought on business paper accepted or aa?de by the Arm of Brander, CbambUas It,Cot, of New Or leans, claims that as such paper waa made after the act of secession, while he wan a resident In this city, he was ao longer a member of the firm and Is not liable as such far their acta. The question presented Is whether oar own civil war had. t?e seme effect on pertaarshipe be tween Inhabitants of the diflbeent sections as a war be tween two couutriee has on partners who are Inhabitants of each country. The court has directed a verdict for tho plaintiff on the facta, reserving its deotaioa on tho legal question*. ?ARIRE COURT. A Qseotlnn of I/aw. Before Judge Bearne. JVojwii S. DumarU us. Louxt Pokornejf.?This was an nation to rsoovsr $600 damages. The facts of the mm era these. The plaintiff is a dyer. In August, 1800, he purchased tome dye stuff called ssw green psste from the di-fundsnt, who, he says, represented it to be sn srti ole of good quality. In using the paste the plaintiff as esrtaiacd that it wasjef description, and that It Kied a quantity of suks which had been entrusted to by other psriios to dye. The defendant admitted that the plaintltl hsd purchased the green paste from him, but denied that M was in the month ef August last. Tho testimony having been put ia, Judge Hsarne noa suited the plaintifl on Uie ground Uiat the facts were net oufflcient lo show that there had been a warranty. RflOOKLYW LAW COURTS. Circuit Court. Before Judge Gilbert Mary Madden, Adminiitrairix, d?. Ms J. Merritt.? The plaintiff sued to recover damagee In the sum of $4,000, for the death of her husband, Michael Madden, srbo was killed on the 36tb of July la-t by tho caving In ?T the roof of the buildings 96 and 98 Pnrman street, be ? leagiag to defendant, the accident, aa claimed, having occurred in consequence of the defective construction of tbohnildingd It appears that at the time in qoestion deceased waa eat Uog dirt over the reof of i he (structures, which compoeea flMterr, when one of the arebes fe?J through and b? waa killed by being precipitated in the mlns On behalf of herself and ner children, there fore, Mrs. Mndd?n seeks to recover the above amount of damages for the loee of tbeir pro tector. Defendant answers, denying thai there waa HRMnttllk* eonatrtetloa Of the archsa. Several vtlaeaw oalled try plalntlffa counsel were oxsmiued, among whom mi Cbaitsa X Boating, a proteaskmal (Milder for twenty-Are yean, whoerected the building in question. Be had differed with Mr Mnrittwhen he constructed the archaa est* its sfflciency, bat finally yielded to hU request end Judgment. Case still on. Messrs. Lev ten end Hem, of New York, for plalntia, Me?re. Jenke and Ward for defendant. Caert of Oyer and Tfr?l??. Before Judge Gilbert and Justices Hoyt and Voorfaie?. The Court <* Oyer asd Terminer, March term, opened yesterday morning, wbea the following Grand Jury was impaasellodTlmothr Nortrand, foreman ?, Jacob Ga briel, Jesse M. folk, William A. Mundell, John T. Rich ards, John A. Poller, William Brown, H. Hammer, Abraham Livingston, Edward Smith, C Rigbter, E. A. Fraster, a 1L Habbidgo, B. D. Seaman, K W. Palmer, H. A. Stud we li, Gilliam Eld rt, John J. vanderreer and David Whit <>u. Judge Gilbert then charged the Grand Jurr, briefly ex plaining iliti duties required of then, aiusr which they retired. COURT CALENDAR?THIS BAY. Sontsxs C'CBJ?Cmcrrr. ?PjkRr 1.?Nos. 1406, 1207, 087, 615, 1005. IW)7, 1011, S09, 1016, 1073, 1075, 10SH, 1003, 1123, <141. 1136. 1167, 118V, 11K1, 1210 Pakt 2 ?Now. 1008, 1600. 1704, 1524. 1712. i0t-2, 10W, 850, 1146, 1162, 610, lao, 11W, 11*2. 11*4 1202. 7*4. 1220, 1224. 1223 P*nr 3?So*. 204, lOCSi, fctf, 247, 245, S89, 1001, 610, 1051, 1144, 1034, 1100, 1044, 112S, 697, 1270, 902, 422. 1240, 1314. isupwcMs Cocrt?.mcui. Tsr*.?Demurrers N'os. 16, 26. Issues of luw and Tact Nos. 181, 123, 124, 136, 186, 14A, 164, 171, 180, 181, lb4, 186, 1M, lt>0, 100, 1W1, iu2, 10& Srrwow 0>rwr?Chambbm ?No* 01, 90 K, 107X, 168, 149, 204. Call oonuneocs at N'u. 214. Scrsm^n torKT?Trial Ts-.n.?1'aht 1.? Nos. 2963. 2993, 2006, 2907, ?707, 3003, 3006, 3007, 3000, 3??1J, 3015, 3017, 3019, 3021, 3023. Fart 2.?3158. 2076, 2T50, 2*42, 2844, 2978, 2984, 3110, 8i90, ol5?. 3164, 3170, 3022, 2704 178A CoMitos Pwjls.? Part 1.?Adjourned to Wednesday. P/*r 1 ?N'>s. 1143, 208, 286, 676, 476, 624, 625, lit, 504, 714, 296, 610, ?lt 612, 613 Gsmsrai. SK^ ?The People vs. John Sullivan, two cases; K. Aiilbeiger, CI as. lieauing, Win Hyiand, < ariws Frederick, assault aud battery, Am. A. Amos, Clara Knoelz, M. A. E. Dun ken, roooivlng stolen goods; Sarah J Loriug, grand larceny; Jas. Smith, receiv lug stolen goods; .Samuel R. Starr, John Moore, grand larceny; Smon Bud row, George Porter, WllLolmlna A. Broir. J. F. Durj ou, J. Oakley, E. Oakley, two eases, grand lar ceny; Mary Brown, Daniel Huffy, petit larceny; Thoe. Thaver, Win. C. PI noe, robbery, Orel dogree; Win. H. Falconer, Henry Anderson, Albert I.ehmati, forgery. Circiit rot'RT, Rrooki tm ?22, 23, 27, 28, 80, 82, 33, 36, 3ti, 37, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 47, 48, 49. POLICE INTELLIGENCE. ArsACiT wrrn a Clcb.?Yesierday afternoon Patrick MoCatTry, otherwise known as "Soger" Brown, an emi grant runuer asd shipping agent, endeavored to persuade two men named Michael MansQeld and Thomas McSwlgin to ship as sailors aboard a vessel bound for Galveston, Texas. They refused to go, whereupon, It Is charged, be assaulted them with a club, cutting them about their boats and faces in a serious manner. McCalTry was arrested by an officer of the Fourth precloet and taken before Juiiice Hogau, who committed mm (or trial on both complaints. The prisoner himself showed evi dences of having been engaged in battle, as hu> head was completely covered with bandages and strips of stlckiug blaster. Thb Alleged Hotsl Twar.?Francis Louis Oarston, alias "Ham," the alleged hotel thief, an account of whose arrest, charged with stealing Bibles irom the it. James Hotel, was published in the Herald of 8unday, was yesterday charged by Oscar 0. Quick, of 14 Mac - dougal street, wim the th.-ft of a horse aud wagon, with equipment.", valued in all at $887. Qarston says he la a native of France. t?cnty-three years of age, resid s at the Clarendon Hotel, is a stock broker, and did not to answer the qu-stion as to whether he was guilty or not guilty. He waa committed to answer in default of $2,000 ball. Tub Tailors' Strike. ?A few days since Henry Mat thews, Samuel Wreath, John Conway, John Eames and James Flnnell were arrested for interfering with certain parties engaged at a tailoring establishment up town. TUa-accuted are members of the Tailors' Protective As ?ocia'ion, aud had struck (or h'gher wage*, but were discharged, and they, sa la alleged, loitered around the eetabli snm-'Ut and lolloped person* employed at the store for tbe purpose of inducing them to quit work. Tbe case caiue up lor examination yesierday before Jusiico Dodge. Three witnesses were examined, who testified to having been followed by tlio priaouers and to having been asked to quit working for tbe Arm at whose estab lishment the mrike occurred. Tbe ease was adjourned for further examination until Tuesday, the 10th insk, at two o'clock in the afternoon. Ailbocd Labcbst PRon thb Pbbboh?John Htgglns was arralgnsd yesterday, at the Esssz Market Police Court, upon complaint of Henry Taylor, No. 40 Ne* Ilowary, who chargej him as above, under tbe follow ing circumstances, as related in the affidavit of complaint:? I Ate on Sunday night last Hlggine came into complain ant's place, and, Mating that be waa baagry, solicited assistance Complainant supplied him with food, after disposing of wblob M hat gown by the atom Com Sainam sat down also, and shortly fell aatoen When e awoko he was alone, Higglns baring left in tbe meantime, and $13 in bill, which bo had in bis packet, was likewise missing, buspecung the lata object of his chantv, be started tn pursuit or blm, and overuking bluiaftera little procured hia arrest. Upon his being searched $16 In bills was found in bis poeaeaslon. Jus tice Mansfield committed (bo accused for trial la default of $1,600 ball. ARREST Of IURSLAIS. For aoB* weeks past tbe Am of Mem Henry Ha nequin A Co., doing business it Na 842 Broadway, bare missed good a, which disappeared in a vary mysterious manner, and although tba firm did ???rytbing In their power lo discover tbe ibtef or thievea their were nnsuc cessful. At length Mr. Richard J. Wheeler, ? aahamai In tbe "tore, ealle<l upon detective Tllley, ot the Third product, and consulted with blm about the matter. The store of Me^rs. Heonoqnin At Oo. being In the Sixth ward, Captain Jourdan was communicated wltb by detective Tllley. An examination of tha premises robbed waa tben made, after wbleh Captain Jourdan became convinced that some one employed there, or a ho waa well acquainted with the store, was concerned In the robbery. On caiurday night a lad named William H. Hiker waa employed by Captain Jourdan to watch the store to see ir any person came out or entered after It bad been closed for tha night Sunday morning, about half-past sevon o'clock, young Rlker saw Lou s J. Regi nault (who* father la employed as porter la tbe (tore), George W. Walker and Uiorge Harris approach the atom, when Reglnault took a key from his overcoat pocket, with which be ntilockrJ tba front door, and after allow ing Hum- to pan ir.sido locked it again. I<ouls and Wnlker remained in tbe street for nearly fltteen mlnntea, when Harris rapped oo tho door and waa let out. Loots, alter locking tbe door, j>a?aed up Broadway with his oou federatea, ?oi after which detectives Wooldrldga and KiWer, of tbe Sixth precinct, who had been In form d of tha flata of sffftira, arrested Bants and Walker but I<ouis waa not taken at that Urn* Subsequently Captain Jourdan sent for Mr. Regluault, porter of the store, and on opening tbe door three caaea of eaabntere nhawla, valued at 12,300, wen loond where Harris hod left them preparatory lo removal. While the Captain waa In tba store young Reglnaolt entered, aod alter speaking a (cw worda in French to bla lather, waa taken loto custody and sent to the station house. Open Information received from tba priaooera Captain Jourdan subsequently arrested a young man named Michael Weaver, on snsptclon of being oonoernad In tba burglary. On conversing with the prisoners, Reglnaolt. Walker and Harris, the/ confeceed their guilt, when It appeared that tba porter's ton had been In tba habit of purlo ning the k< ys from hU lather's bouse, giving them to Hants, who would then enter tha ston and steal an many ebawle aa could be removed with aafety. Harrin contested to the Captain that during the laat six wsaka be had repeatedly entered Mr. Heaneqaln's atom and carried o.T nearly forty valuable sbawla It also further appeared that the boy Regluault had on three different occasions within two months peat re ceived |30. $31 and $38 from Walker and Harris for fumixhlng the keys and allowing them to snter and rob ill# ** Captain Jonrdan aod detective Tllley endeavored to learn what the prisoners had dooe with tbe stolen ?bawls, but did not succeed, aa the accused parUde con cluded they bad already been loo communicative oh tha tutyact which had ooa( them their liberty, for tho pre sent at least. 1 be prisoners were arraigned before Jurttce Dowllng yesterday morning, when Mr. Duncan MeDougall, a member of the firm of Honnequin k Co., made an affi davit against tha prisoners, aa also did Captain Joordaa and tba other officers engaged In making tbe srreeta Counsel for Weavrr made a motion for his dtecharge, oo the ground that there was no evidence to connect blm with the burglary except tbe uncorroborated statements of the other prisoners, wbl h could not be taken against biiu. inch h iug tba case, the magistrate discharged Weavar from custody, Reg insult, Walker aad Harris wsre tben arraigned and committed to tbe Tombe for trial, without bWl. Kegt nanlt la only seventeen years old, snd llvee at No. 26 North Moore street. Walker was born tweaiy-three years ago, and resides at No. 604 West Forty-foorth street. Harrla is sged tweoty-elx years, and says be Uvea at 120 Prince street ft I* ea'd tbe IVrm of Ifenneqnln k Co have loet shawls to the amount of nesrln |k,000, most of wbicb doubtless were taken by the prisoners. SALES Of HEAL ESTATE. , , ? ?y Mailer. Wilkin* M Co. House and iet No. ?l West I2ih au. !HL6?*? fS.MO Do No. r? do ld.TifflJ 4.4MI t* SI 1,0 J?.7*jl 4.460 Uo Re. r? do ?.4i?.7 ??!?' J *?llaon av. aad SPth at., ? ??? 1 lot afjotnlna, SBtW 9;M a lota e. * M b at, W fL w. Madiaon ar., *1100#, eeca 3 loto o. ?? J5?k at, M ft w. Madison av., KiIOU.I. sack ? W4 J Ma. a Ath av? hits. ?U st, UtilUtJ . WWW I lotas, a Mtk si., 110 a e. Sdsv., iSiluo, each *ti Millar M HalL ISSKaSSSStStegJS::::::::::::::::!'? By Jamee M. Miller I lot n. w. cornet*Tib av. and Mth ?t (two 3 stoi hoti?e, iJJo. 90 Tandam, and a two story brisk etablein rear.*...... 1 lot e. s. 10th av., 7# fL o- *th at 2 710 S let* a a. ?*h st lOo ft k*. fch av li,i?o 1 vt ? 9tb av.. M ft. a. 4ftJ? st, with two story brick building to roar...., *. 4474 De de do i.,00 1 lot a. s. Mt* st, 876 ft a l?h af. MOO MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. BOARD Of ALDERMEN. ??to the Hmolktlon Ulvlnc the Common Council Ths Board met at four o'clock yesterday afternoon. In the absence of the Preeldeni, Alderman Loew wo called to the chair. A communication was receivod from the Mayor veto ing ? resolution adopted to provide badges for the mem bers of the Common Council The Mayor assigned as his reason for vetoing the resolution that the re-elected members l""1 already received badges, and be saw no reason why they shoald receive new ooee. Alderman Nomtum?Did the Mayor get a badge last ' Alderman Ix)?w (in the rbalr)?I ballevn he J"(1* . Alderman Cohah? I desire to kuow If the Mayor has not accepted a number of Increases to his salary lately; If he barf, did be veto the reooluuoa authorising tho S*The'veto was then laid over and the Board adjourned. MARA OF CQtmCOEN. I'rupnM'd Pwrrbnae of ?* Csaplete Hie of the llcrnld for I ho Clty^UUrary-Adoption of the Tux Levy-Addition of Kl?hty-f?l* Tbounaud Dollnrn, ir. This board met yesterday afternoon, the l'resldent, Mr. Brinkman, In the chair. A petition for the donation of five thousand dollars for the Ladles' Tnlon Soldiers' Relief Association was received and referred to an appropriate committee. The following preamble and rueolution was offered and laid over: ? Whereas, H avwari that a citizen of this city 1? the owner of complete Ale* of the New York IIkiuld riewaiMMr for the past twenty Ave yeaia. bound auuitally in bosk form, whlcn h-' la about to dispose of. and whereus auoh a oollee. ton of Information on every imaginable topic or subject likely to be of Interest to our citizen* as well of the ; resent ua la futuro gnturatieaa? being. In fact, an elaborated histirv of (lie world lor tho period included between the years 18U and IW?would bo un Invaluable auxiliary to tue fund of Information now utored In oor City Library, and, If possible, should bo procured for and deposited therein; be It therefore Resolved, That the Clerk of the Common Council he, and ho is hereby, ttuthorized ami directed to.negotiaie with D. A. Shot well, l?sq., owner of auoh Ales, for their purchase: that If Huuceoful he causa tneui to be deposited In the City Library for the ennventeneo and accommodation of our cttizeua: and that the price thereof ah.ill noi oxceed the aum of two thousand dollara, which amount Is hereby appro priated therefor. The Board went Into Comroltteo of the Whole for the purpose of considering the Tax I^evy. The Committee made the following additions to the Comptroller s Budget:? Cicauing markets ? $2,0?? City couticgeucies (for arrearages of salaries "? the City Inspector's office) 3?.000 City Dispensaries "?J**' Donations Opening now sire.U "'""J* Printin* for the Comtnou Council.... ????? *>?"}*' Rents (subsequently asked for by the Comptroller) 22,?*1*' Street improvements a';iU<) Total .....f 86.1100 This increaae Is added to the Comptroller's estimates of $11,101,802 02 .. After the t ommlttee roso the ordinance as amendod was adopted by a vote of 16 to 8. Ou motion the Board adjourned till Thursday al two o'clock. BROOKLYN MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. Board of Aldermen. The Board of Aldermen met yesterday afternoon. A communication was received from Colouol J. B. Meserole, of the Forty-seventh regiment N. Y. S. N. G., requesting the attendance ef the members of the Com-' moo Council at the r armory, Fourth street, near Second, on tbe evening of tbe 20th Inst, to witness a competition dr 11 of the two wings of the regiment. Tbe invitation was accepted by the Board, Alderman Stmhs offered a resolution to extend tbe Ore llnlts to Waahiuiton, Bedford and Fulton aventi p. The Matter was rolerred to tbe committee to publish lb" usual notice. _ . , Alderman Bbrocx. of tbe Tenth ward, ottered tho fol lowing preamble and resolution:? Whereas an act has been been Introduced In tbe Legisla ture of Uls state to abolish the preaeet Volunteer Fire Je partment of thin oKy. and substitute a paid flrn devilment lults stead; and where-is the present department, whether for IU i-iBcieuey In the preservation of property from Ores, or In the moderate amount of expenditure required for lis maintenance, can bear favorable comparbiou with that of any other city In the Unlou; and whereas the results whiea have attended a (dm.iar transformation of the department of a nelffhboring elty are not auoh aa lu Invite a tepeUUon of ?uch 1(* :)itUiioDf therefore. . . ? # .. Keaolved. That thia Common Council, on be.half of the property owners Of Brooklyn, dealre to cxpresa an un.tuall 11 ed disapprobation of the proposed measure, ?nd hereby r, niia.i our repreiwmtativea in both tauu*?# of iho ?'?K'!i* to resist its enactment by ell honorable mean* within their power. A motion was made to lay tbe resolution on the table, when Alderman Casbow moved Its reference to the Jolut Fire Committee of the Eastern and Western Districts Alderman Bra:** opposed tne latter motion, on the ground that the could sot report uoUl after the edlonrnment of tbe Legislature. Alderman Himdaib did not see the tbe neceesHy for nreaeiitlng sueb a reeolutlon to tbe Legislature, being no such measure before that body. Aidarman Ciisoe said the Odmmb Ooanoil wee not opposed to a Paid Fire Department, and moved to strike ontthat portion toferrlnfl; to toe wonting of *he?T?*? in other citlee. He would record hts vote la fcvor of the measure. He had heard no oomplaints against jhe New York Fire Oepaitiaeot, and wherever the Paid Fire Department had been carried into effect there bad been no return to tbe old system. Two-thirds of the cltliena of Brooklyn, he would venture to say, were la favor of * ?ne amendment?so loot, and after oenslderebio die cussiou tbe queoUon to refer tbe resolution to tbe Joint ?"SSS!?%!S?!S2SJi ? -?-r, ST tbe Committee of the Convention of Irish ssocieties In viting the Common Council to review their parade on tiniMiav next, in hooor ef tbe anniversary of Ireland s natron saint It wea unanimously ievolved by the Hoard m comply with the invitation, and the keep, r ot the City Hail was directed to cause tue flags of the city to be dismayed from the Hall on Monday, the 18th ns'ant. AiSmm Vi asa offered a resolution directing tbe paymeotof the coatract aaarded Frank ^!ft lor lb" removal of dead aelma s irons the city, from the 1st or January to the 1st of May, 1M7. Aldermen Bkrokk and Haihawat opposed the pay ment lor the month of January, claim ng that tbe work had not been properly uoae during that month The former gentleman Bated that Captain Rhodes, of the Forty-third pret lnct bad informed bias that there were twenty one dead animals lying in that dlstrt I tu J?a ?ry last, which had not been removed by Mr. 8?lft It was ' . . a _ tka atviAltnl rtf AflfltPftAL ll 11 A. (Ill* hnsiiy sgreed to pay the amount of contract due, dc dneting IhTsum eVpended by the city for the removal of such dead animals as bad not boon removed by tho MTMOMtract for famishing tbe cltr with aUtlooery for the year waa awarded to B. Van Kleot, for tue aem ?fThe?Board shortly after adjoereed. B*ari of HaperriMn. The Board of Supervisors met yesterday afternoon at the oounty Court House, the President, Mr. William M. Little, of the Twentieth ward, occupy lot the chair. A communication was reoeired from feunia G. Bergen, surveyor, staling that In pursuance of a resolution of the Board he bad taken levels for a sewer from Uio conniy buildings on the Almshouse farm to Bedford Creek, In the town of flat lands, and that ha la Informed that the Protocol Park Commissioners have applied to he allowed to pMS the surplus water of the park through the same sewer. An elghtoen-lnch pipe would be sufficient for the county purposes, but If the desired permission were granted to the Park tommine-omrs a thirty-inch pipe won id be necessary for both. In consequence, however, of the width of the land necessary to be taken for sewer purposes being greater for the enlarged sewer thaa the entailer one, he requcsud that the Board should deter mine which they would havo. On motion the matter wan referred to a special committee of three. The Committee on Laws and Appl cations to the Legis lature, who wore directed to prepare an act to be sent to lbs Legislature authorising I he Board to borrow $134,000 on bonds for tbe purpose or enlarging the Lunatic Any lam, pre nested a report. Including a copy of the bill agreed upon. The bill provides that the County Treas nter shall bo authorised, under the direction of the Board, of Supervisors, to borrow on the credit of tbe county a sum not exceeding $136,000. snd Isene bonds ta such form ss the Board may prescribe for tbepaym nt of the same, with the Interest payable an nually or semi-annually, as the Board may direct. Tbe money borrowsd Is to bs expended under the direction ot tbe Hoard, and tbe bonds lasned in tbe name and nnder the seal of tbe county, and signed by the Chair man of ths Board and the County Treasurer, and countersigned by the- Clerk of the Board. The Board shall cause to be levied, collected and paid annually such sum as shall bs neceMaty to psy ths in terest on the money so borrowed, and In the year 1882 sueh sum as shall be ueeemarv to pav ths principal of the money so borrowed, asd the Treasurer shall imme diately apply the money so collected and paid to him toward the payment uf the Interest and principal ot the money so borrowed. Section 3 provides lust tbe act shall take effect immediately. The report of the com mittee waa adopted. Superviaor Surra, of the Thirteenth ward, then offered tbe loilowing:? WDereas H appearing necessary for the health, eomfort and better diaapline of Uie Inmaiea of the Nursery that there should be aome additions made thereto, It M therefore Resolved. That the Committee on J*wa and Applications to the LeKialature be directed to add to the 'act for au thority to borrow $1*5,0(J0 on the booda of the oounty for the extension of the I.unatle Asylum" an addlltoaaj sura of $40,000 for the enlargement or the Nursery. Supervisor Scsous, of the Nineteenth ward, wan op posed to enlarging tbe present building. If anything were to be done at all for the Nursery he believed that the building should be located somewhere else, as the present location every bod v oooeedod was n bad one. fu par visor Chooss, of Flatbush, was also opposed to an enlargement of the Nursery. Supervisor Clam, of tbe iovoatoo?th ward, referred to th? stcknoss among the inmates of ths Nursery, which he attributed to a area! extent to the crowded condition or the rooms. He regarded It In too Board aa sraei If lh<7 now refused this asststsnce to the little ones. Supervisor llovui, of lbs Ukveutb ?ard, moved to reter the subject patter to the Law Committee, with power, an* hla motion pubeeqnratly prevailed. The ComiMttss on Ismf M* Applications, wbe mn also directed to prepare an set, to be forwarded to the Legislature. author.ztng the B ard to lake additional land adjoining the County Co art Hooae, aubmittod a report, Tho bill draws up by , the comuH'N providee that the laud betaeen the alio I and premises of the Count* Court Ho' ne and Boerum

street on the eaat ana ou tbe weal side of the Court House, aa tbe Board may designate, shall be appropri ated for an addition to the aite of the Court House. 't he bill aleo authorises tho County Treasurer, under the <11 rx-tiou of the Board, to borrow on the credit of the county a suflcient aum to pay the amount of awards tor land taken and the attendant expense*, and to Issue bonds. In the form prescribed by the Board, for tbe pay ment of the same, witu interest, payable aunually or semi-annually. at the Board may direct. It aisi contalna further provision*, which it la hardly necsasary to tore rr capitulate. The report was the subject of considerable debate, bnt It was Anally adopted, and a ropy or the act ordered to be transmitted to the Legislature. Supervisor Uaouath, of the Eighth ward, oTerod a resolution to (lie elfect that $16,000 be paid to William Hannigau for work perform' J by him In tho construc tion ortbe Court House. it was Hubu quen' ly agreed, however, to pay him $7,000, on condition that luj^liould execute a goneial release of all claims against tbe coin mit|ML Supervisor Scu >Lr>, of tbe Nineteenth ward, offcred a preamble and resolution'* remonstrating acaiiut the re cent acti< n of the Board of Education in ttielr requesting tl>e Legislature to authorize the ra>Mug oC, J4fi<MKX) 011 the boudH of Kinga coonty, payable by tb" current turn of 1807 and 1888, and afkniR the repr.'Foiitativea of the coonty at Albany to endeavor to have the time of pay ment of the bonds to bo .atiiiod lorbuiluluK puldic acl.oun extended over a period of from Ave to seven years. They ' were adopted. fuj orvisor IIoweli , of the Eleventh ward, o(Tared the following, which was adopted:? Unsolved, That the Committee en Laws and Applications to the Legislature he ill reeled todr ift an art to amp the county t<> raise upnn iw !<ouda for tin* purpose o counting the prt-Hent building, or erceting a suitable build ing l or nursery jrarposc*. fcuperviBor >ciiesick, of New Lot?, off'red a resolution dlerctlng tbe Committee on Laws and A|>plicatIons to pn-iiare an act tuid memorial to th'> Logislutiro for the purpose of simplifying and enforcing the collection of tai*? levied upon property of railroad curpoiaUoDi, Adopted. The Board shortly afterwards adjourned. COIN AND CURRENCY. TO TBK EEJTOlt OF TUB UKRAI.D. Tho nation nnd lis government pronent au extraordi nary spectacle, which mast encourage nnd gratify the robel Taction hero and their sympathisers in foreign countries, who, having foiled to gam their objcct by re bellion and war, bope to achieve h by financial anarchy, collapse and rain. All the Interests and transactions of the poople and the policy and hopes of the government are held In doubt. Pollttcn! questions have precedence as being most urgent Financial matters are treatod by expedients for the moment, as if their failure might be staved otf, and when ruin came we should agree that it was luevitaolo, unavoidable, natural, necessary. The war, technically and physically, has closed; the conflict continues. Commercially and flnnnciaily we yield to the potior nnd maxima dletaiod by England, We are awfully In debt, poor, dependent un our foreign masters lor credit for daily of nocesaary arti cles and for toys hud luxuries. Yot those who supply us at duuUo aud trubio prluna shout at tho top of their voices that we are rich In resources, have hundreds of millions of national bond*) to export and uuiold wealth in the bowels of the eartb. If wo will stop our mauu fai lures, and send the rawMnaierUl to ihetn, where la bor is cheap, ihey will supply us. When wo no longer pay balances in gold it will bo evident that mo are poor, dojioodent, powerless and contemptible, and they will have to treat ns ncconltn >Ty. We submit to that, and call It science?liberty ?freedom. Tlio couituorclal and political cUi.->:s a em centrally to bu arranged n two pari let. One of tliase foea directly snd bo'diy for free trade aud>t>i>ccio payments, Free trad" means that every man In this country (aud, by natural ri?ht, everywhere) Is entitled, an t ought to be secured and protected, iii buying whatever ho desires, and wherever, In this or any other eountrv, he can buy clieaixwt, and to export the national c?iu in payment. For a young, dependent, upstart nation like this to abridge and hsnuter tho exercise of this imtnral right by artificial laws, conv m onal r guiations, pretended necessity, "is an ot traco of tyruntiv. an insult, au OlTeOOa to po i h j?I -oconomr. If lab'T In this country is two dollars per day, and in o her countries t.m two shilling*, it stands to ri-ison that the products of their labor can be sold cheaper than hko thin; s made here. The laborer here Is hound to ki.ow ti>at It ts bis natural right to lay down lit* tools and buy the cheap produce of foreign Inbor. As to tho matter of Eiymeui, that will, In the I m run, take care of I'self. e need not by aatMpaltoa concern nlirooli about that. It tho exports are sho t lot him scud tho coin. Worn that Is gone It Is the business of t'te government to pre. vide more, and have It ready for export "To ct.ln money, regulate the value thereof, nnd tfx a standard of weights and measures," U one of the exprea* objects ot the uoverumcnt. I ho gov erum nt maken coin fur the i?o of the free people. Tnfc people of r *ht use It to pay f<>r Choap th'iigs in lorelgn countries. If ilie aovtr??inot>t lieglecte lis duty ami noes not make eno gh, that is their fault, and we most be debarred from exercising our natural n?ht ot baying in tho cheapest market, which Is tyranny. such t" the abstract theory and phllo?ophy of free trade; being naturally a right of evory individual, bow osn a delegNiion nf individuals, called the government, violate U withoui bain? unjust and tyrannical t if It Is ? right It Is worth defending, and we on -lit to stick to it, especially wh.'O heavily taxed and deeply In debt, if coin has been out of circulation, and expo'ted at a premium tor years, that cannot a fleet our right to buy cheap th ess in foreign markets, but must be ewlng to our gulit In coining and uslm: paper In place of me nlllc money. Tho secret most be that not excessive imports, but tiie paper, usurping tlie place ot the metal, drives it awsy. Had we not sanctioned tho u?e or anv paper we should have had plenty of coin, and if we had nqw the courage to l?anish the paper the coin would of coarse flow back It might take years aud reduce the pries of labor li re to two shillings a day; but it would come. Our political economy >ay? so. The other of these two parties would curb and restrain excoatlve imports, artiicb iMTsaso our fore gn deb', drnln away our coin, d If con rage production at homo and keep op high |>rl es fney cherish the plot in>: piiso totn that at some unknown futu o p rlo<l, if we continue to hare pears aud are economical, we shall bo able to resau.e specie paymouis?mat s, after *e have exp rt ed a thousand extra millions of produce and paid ofT oar evUting foreign debt, and got the balance of foreh n trade In our favor aud exchange b low par, then, If our exjioriod eo n ts not all melted ap or ^eqnes tercd m Egypt or Chins, we may buy and import e:iough to resumo, provided ilie quantity cf paper ie suillcimuy reduced. We mny allow rtl'tv Or more years for tli.spro cess. If the bouth gets in a condition to grow more cotton for export and other nations want ft; if wt> Import not over iwo bundled tn. iious a voar for gold revenue; If the national bonds held a! road rm not .re y sent home; If our national don gets paid olf; If o>ir unearthed resource! appear above the surface; If wo earn vastly more than we spend, got no more in debt, are all united, prosperous and happy, we may Indulge the pleaa-utt hope Uia> in ilfty years we may have haid coin In circulation. If anv oT these thlncs fail we must take whatever further balance oi time may bo thought necessary. The fund of time Is indefinite. We are need to the operations of credit and oaa draw without reetrniDi Undoubtedly a long period of agitation and suspense most elapse before we can resume specie payments on any plan yet tried?a period long enough I > tiy an oppo site course. Let us stop the export of specie and have quiet; eniorce the laws, cUmulata gold and paper as equivalents, abolish premiums aud disc mnts, treat coin sad paper m money, not as merchandise. NICHOLAS KNICKERBOCKER, Stock Exchange Bnildlng. THE WNjM iwam The newsDeperi of tkis city and throughout the coun try have of lata been giving many and contradictory statements about the Anal disposal of the iron clad frigate Dnnderberg; some asserting that she is a failure, otheca that the government has concluded not to accept her aa an addition to the nary, and others again that she has been sold to a foreign government. To pat the matter right before the public, the following facts have been obtained from aa authoritative source:?During the early part of the late rebellion Mr. Wm. H. Webb, of this city, wss commissioned to build an Iron clad wsr vessel which was to rival aay vessel of her clam In tha world. At that time the prloe agreed upon was made on the then basis of currency, which was gold and government demand notes. When Mr. Webb addressed hlinielf to the attention of a machine shop in wbloh to bulid the machinery he found ail tha principal martilae shops in ths city capable of doing the work fully occupied by the work or the government, and he was left no alternative bit to erect works on his own nocouat. Be than constructed what Is now known aa the Etna Works, which are second to none In this country, of whin, during the war, and to the great in convenience of Mr. Weab, the government availed it self In the construction or machinery for several war At the eloee of tha rebellion the Secretary of the Havy Informed Mr Webb that Inasmuch aa the government would sot want the Dnnderberg if be (Mr. w?bb) oould And a purchaser for her be would be released from his contract. The vsanel at thla time was incomplete, and her powers consequently uatried, but even uuder those forbidding circumstances a purchaser was found in a foreign government which was then at peace with all the world, and the vessel could have been transferred without any Infraction of the laws of nations Mr. Webb then addrsseed a letter to the State Department inform ing them of the fact. A special Cab net meeting was called on tha suhieot. the result of which was seat by Istter to Mr. Webb la these words:?"The Dander - berg cannot be sold; aba M too formidable a war machine to M Into tha poas sslou ef a foreign government." Meanwhile the Secretary of the Navy took no stem to receive or pay for the vessel. Mr Webb having a fortune Invmts* in ths vessel, and having waited a reasonable time for him to do so, went to Wssh ington last month aad succeeded In effecting tha paonsgs of a bill by Con gram relieving bim of bis oontract, thus leaving blm entirely free to dispose ef the veesel. Tha capacity aad power o! the vessel as a formidable war machine have been fally tested on her trial tripe, and ber qualities favorably pesasuaced upon by aoma ef the leading officers ef tha aavy; yet, with all these lights before ths government, there ts a strong pmtmMtlty that the veesel Whl pass into the bands of a foreign govern ment. Thus the matter aland*. The gevernmsat has yet one mm ehsnce to MMa the rvsesl ; bat what ? /loae moat be 4oae aolekly. OLIVER GOLDSMITH. Lecture by Ulrlmrd OMior.n-a. The Ur^e hall of the Co'.?|?er lusirtute waa wall "Hod last evening ou tho occasion ?' * lecture by Ri' hard O'Ucrman on "Oliver Goldauiiih,'1 wilich in delivered before the New York Youug ileu's Rouiau Csltioli Bo uo nl nl >wirUuii The proceeds of the itiotuie ate to be appropriated to the erection of a monum?ut In Calvary Cemetery, Williamsburg, over the return* of formermembers of the society, nuny of whom lost their lives while serving their country la the laio war. The following abetruci the principal points of the lecture:? He c^uld not agree with that philosopher who had said "It was a bad tli ng to attempt to-day w "at could be done to-morrow." Yet it was only wlth'n a few days that he wa- surprised to w>a his name id largo let ters o?hupapoeters, one oorucrol winch was obscured by ladies daneiug in a ballot (laughtfri and the oth. r by words which said something shout a catniVHl or crime. W lieu he taw this ho sat lo work to lied a subject Uo r ,kd the lecture ol A*ajM?, which expialuod Whether men woro men or monkeys (Iaughtor), snd went r> the Leiisla'ure, bat found some har I-Whlacts there (laujh Ujr), and the*, afalnsi th? advisot his pbyslwn, read ? tiio congressional debate* tlau,liter'. aud iudut.r ul nitcly used I lie ardeut nCW*P*lK>1H which wtro ??"Pt to a rush of Wood to thfl bead and fin m-aua itomot knocking ilrtni?? shout. (Laughter.I There wa-t a oc-.tain dot!-, oi men iu every nation which were similar in < liar acter, but were differently named. America, thev were oulleA loafers. Hut in Ireland such s roan .was eel led a genius. (Laughter.) Of one of this class bo "?*M H|,e?k?Oliver Goldsmith. After narrating some of h s earlier irc.denu of life, he remarked thai*aJ^ his face was pale, very ugly. ?u<1 wa- rteei'ly pa .l with amallpot. His temper w?s flifnl, for m'? r?11 c ceffni and any, but occasionally moody on siuad pro Tocuiion; llory in petulauoe, of sinking InUnuHcug'f^ni. At lliat time his mental endowments gave hut lillio pi onii^o of reUc?nn'Dj< ttiot*' ?ief Wliiio yet wt * Irffc. instead uf muling hl? Gftak studies, l?? *ou, \ compose auvel bulliuU, wliioli sold for flvo : sad then u5?d to steal . ut at n?8,%l0.Jw"' ; own productions Biilig t .rough tlia dimly lighted I si reels or Dublia His tonderno*s o neart ( knew uo bounds. lu a paroxysm Of pity he onc? 8i?v? h* coat to n poorer wr-oh than fciin'C'f, whom he clinnc d to meel, and on another ooeas on K?*? c o lies away nnd then sewed hltumif Among Uo toai-cM ol his bad. (Laughter.) lie became nn(i ! man's family, raised thlrf.v |c nds and ROt a howe and intended to bemn lllo on bis o-vn account; but ato ping I at tork on the way, who-o sooiaty waa gaiaia ; cl^"ul10 r-ort wine jr^aoroufi ab?M|dant (lau " 11 was \.^ .lZo,.t iu 1761 from .Miat It there spent all his money aiid had to dbpost^ of his horse, which *as de.-i.nuu-d by lis o?ir as Vi.ldlebttck. (Laughter.) Ho becaino a student at law in London, and ih.n studied medicine and nave tuitions?his chnnw lerlstic un'tcadiiiess and Improvidence followlnv; and thwarting hla host purpeaes, from 1, >?cq he trave lei Lurope for twelve months, piavng his magical ? fr' subsistence, wh en U.rt Its mnRic, however, wl en bo played to cultivated ears, a. Ua <lli not handlo t ? *# ? S'ears afterwards he u.-ed lu ion. e ,or- ui, shudder, when at their leaata he would bag.n bi ftavlng, "When 1 used to ilvo am-ng the Mggara? or * \ ny." He then h. came % iirm?f reador atid c irrcUor or I lie press to Rkihai l*'?, author of Unrigs. Lo thru became usher iu i r. Mil. or * *Uvmiwllon in.l uh lo lUoro hapjx^iiing l? enga o in convorsaiu n . liit ii?- mih rii iho C> tisal i tU# hitUr haw nta a .n.s aud it-V-la a l.tora'iy dr idge ou thai J* rlol'cml Ho^Iua at tbls time ijvet.y .auo ye^ o i, Ills letters ub .ut time to Ireland ?ere cue r fu, as he seemed to be eailatlod with bis slow ncouu'ary buccobs aad looked forward to larger wid e " would oft' n ho writing for br ad and to oa dunned lor a milk .core (I^u?t.t?r > Ho ;h. n wrote Iin "Inquiry into tha 8lato oi Literature, lor kIiuiIi lie loiw vainly endeavored to tlnd u publ.xher. aoTl^p^cd at burgeon's Hall lor a position as u pi al niate oii a man.of?war On the recordo, h.s ?? aimiiiatioii wist ho followingantry:- r Uodsm , ...i...'iotl? not uuaiilied " (Laughter ) riuso tri'|u< ut d wn pointments hoio down bi^ sp.rlt and covered a p rlod or wroiched years, In which hei had achhive. n >i!nnff ?u iho pecuniary wdwj. ^Ot?? a lun. anl \i n ei ^?irn JoUu^ou. a rougli, unco a 111 anil ivranonval ina , 'yet tender, simple uud allectmnate In bean, '{?''t,ir" ? I.mnlv duniflod, of a correct senne of r*ht and wrong' sturdy in integrity or char act- r, *i>0 m i-pia o Jill his ?coeBlncities, through in se qualities a P>> *r II.ooiig'b?men of hls dav With this man RoUUtnlih becamet.cqualiilod. U.rotiRh Ih.mi.s ier y, "i h K dies of Andeut P<s?try," who drew Jobnsou s attention to tha hlorary rneriu. of soma ?riiinir^ and nr'ia tinted him Willi his needy circmn tt ulcea. Johi'son s\ rops<h'zo<l wl'h him with alt the vi-or of lnl?r ,e heart Their friendship laslod 'b'ou?h iifi 11o'd-iniili iu the u.eaniinic,' King out a ?viug by wOOiut eMav', blogtai'h'e0, hlst'ories Arc. I ho Ike ?urer then narrated some im^dents In tho livw o^ Wll llam ilogartli, Mr Joshua lb>ynolds, bluiuud Hurk* aud i" JobTlBiwklM, on whom GoldsnnlU wrote m an epitaph. Herob?l Mr John liawktn", Wuhuut lu? shoos or ?ioo?i gs. ( (I-auahter.) These were membors of fiShb'and Johns, n attended, andirt^ HfrirSS.-" S.-SJSS wsjs the ink was still wet:? Mv (.ports like these are all their care* b?*uU<M Tffe sports ol children saU?fy the child. He was then wHtlng tha 'Travollor," and ^"wards terwards brought to HgUt ^^laUy, through fl^solt brought agslnst h m for tvrroars Jn rent. ThM ?"? rr:;.:' r,? tho "Uood Natured Msn,"a rery successful wmsdy, which him fm n.xt Allowed The ph,y si<ioi>H to ?oaquer" ha mut siroie. ana waa? i!real hit Through tme of forty-Uvo years his life was a constant struggle with icbt; and though care and sor row dnrkon^l many a dny to his eyo?, it was "C0" ^ " hi remembered; hews., treat man " (Applae?e.) ^ HEW J RSBY iflTELLlGEK E. Jttrrury CM.*. Violanon or t? Hahuatu?Isk hium <>? Unimi.ii ptm?Tbe number of ciuea brought before tlie KsctxtMB yesterday inojuiug for druukenncn ou tba ;? ibbntb ex reeded by one-half Ibiu of ih? wtek prevtvu*. \m usual morn of tb? subject* were from N. w York, the Induce. incnUi beid out to them by tbe abac ace of no excise lew in New Jenny h-mi? too powerful lor frail bucutn nature. 1 ne Keo-rJei' lull iced tlio penalty of whlc'i he bad given n Alee?Ave days' Imprison main In moM c;we*. A depu tation has hen *p| oliited by tbe loinpcrsncs societies to'proceed to lrcutoti and urge tbe package of ibe l.xci-e bill. Oxjc or m Kkrrt Kmi'miyk's 0 no srjtsn.?Patrick lasgaa, a brldgo tender. In tbe employment or the Kerry Company, ?m found drowned by two watchmen, about three o'clock yesterday morning, at tlio fool of tiiceno tlioeu He work d all day up to seven o'clock on Sunday evening, when one remarked that he Appeared to he under the Influence of liquor. He wan not afterwards Men allva, HI* age was about flilj live, and he loaves a wife and family raiding iu Canal street. i'raiots Asauit with an Ax a.?Jar ub Reck, of Bud eon ?Ity, waa a treated yeaterday on the charge of atrik Ing a blow at tbe bead of Robert Leemauu with an axe, which, fortunately for the latter, nilaeed the part a.m<d at. Tbe partlei had a brief dispute previously. Newark. ItAfm o!t a PTKtaa?Notwithstanding the offer made by the master masons to pay their em| loyAe $4 per day on and after the 1st of April, a oumber or tho latter tnrned om on a "strike" yestsrdsv. fUveral of the employer* have aubmltted 10 the demanda of tba workmen, while others intend to stand upcu tbair otter without relaxation. Orangf. Tm CflAimm Kirmoa.?Tbe election for city officer* of Oranga take* place to-day. But IHtlo Internet baa been manifested in the result, the two placing the name* of Kdward H. Knrga npon their ticket! for Msror. No deflnlto Idea can bg given of tba result, which depend* altogether upon the success of either ny In the Second ward, no republican ticket being ran in Third ward and no democratic la the dm. SHIP PIN O NEWS. auubao roa raw tors?ran n?r. ? I? | aooa am morn ? ? (OK ists ? UB I aioa watbs morn 12 M WIT OF REW TWJ^IAWH #. ?8?. C'leaVed. fltssmshlp Louisiana < Br). Harrington, Liverpool?Banna al Steam Navigation Co. ?teamahtp fierirf Cbauncsy, Oray, A*ptnwall? Pacific Hill n?itm*hip Co< Nt*am*iitp II a tan ia?, Ryder. Kew Orleans?r II 0?rrt son. ship f.awrence Brown, Pierce. Melbourne?Malllsr, Lord A Uuerean, Shin Kiena (Brsm), Bremer, Callae? Kabt-rl grhannesy. Chip ry Chow tBrs Mathess, Loadon-Hartlay, Living ston k da . Bark Drydsos (Br), Wllot, Mswilck-Psssodr. WUlettg Co, Bark Blonde (Br), Bently. Kllgo?O P Buller. Bark Victoria tHaa>>, Psterson. Hamburg?R M Slomsn g "US. Aaar (Bus), Tsngslels, Rsntee-rusob, Meineke A Sark Warrior (Rr), Patsa, Montevideo via St John, RB. Bark Jeaepblas (Br), Cai.n, Canlenaa?Boyd g lllacken Brig Hygfta (Dan), BUatrup. Rio Jaosir*?Psndergast JBlWI m C#. nrl^P.lltahMbJPnM), Bshrtnaan, Rio Jaastro-Pugcb, MRril HM*n7S^. Crow, Arroyo PR?J p Whimsy g Co. Brig Vlrjtinla w<**r ?* PR?M'Mer g tloughton. Brl* Brisk (If). Marshall. Clenfuegoa?Fowler g .rova. Waltei^Ka'leig?, hickersoo, *Busoes Partis g Oa. ftcer E o Knight, Whlttamors, Para?Miller g Houghton. Pshr Wild ilaaelle. Hall, Apaln-BJ Wsaberf. Hchruntara Huniiy, ?'ie?fuego"?* * ?? '?? Bebr Otter (Br). Joy, Bt Johns, 1 ftbr 4 J ftus?U, Bodges, I?#| * "nnp*on m non. RP-B OUiwIdgla. Hn~A i BsaUr g c? Mf H J Raymond. m BkUlmoro-N L VoCready Mkr Z iiiaiuard, Wells. Tlortford?(Smith, Brown A Co. Ai rltrnl. Si*?msh?|i CH? of Bo-ton i Br . Jrooks. Uvmoo) F?b n aml-Oaeaastown ??!>. * Mi iu.-W md ptw?M% 10 John (i I Hi-, u.rrh J,, ..-?U aWam.hlpCn, of for L '' r .?o 1 Ibe O of B va? leiainad outaiue ol San,]v ii >k 14 'i 'iir< If t"g. s e i'.?rnp let la Kr), Prtmond>oa. Liverpool Peb *), a.ld Qu < ;.-t * ii 2TtL. wlh nn !?e and J4t paaaengofS, to E Cu. n id. Feb 1M-, ? PW, passed aieitnshlp Malta aotog into Liverpool, Maichl lat *A 4<t km 4o 4?, stramsinn fit Patiiisk. i ni-i.i W 'i'Mi. at 7 A vr 185 miles east of Baudy Honk, an ]t. nan |i?..mrr hotrod K. S-?ai-i-,.ip tiiHW Havana. 4 daft with mdae and paaaanpsrf.'?o .srrtaoii A A lieu. The B ?<u delaine! oil SaiIlooa U lieaft ittf. SteimaMp K?lr , M.?rnhman, New Orleans March J, via H.ivsi a bin ?*:Ui ml*.- unj pa* ?n??*nt, t>> Llvliigalou Ko? A < o. March 7 hui ou Mrtn an board; Wh and 10th. ??]*? ? Ii iircd he*v> PR inu, with thick weathar; ilib. 10 A.M. off Lilllc Harbor,jmmmI * full rgjpd brig, painted wbtte a J ?ho*iti? a r.',i fl. ? will latter A m H: same noniM, p.-ft a fcerni brig aouwaii: a tune swallow tail llag, with CuarUmlL flu araahlp Von fray. Etwirda, N?w Orlmni March 3, with mil e .n?i p.i? en.ers. to < k Uamaon. .Varch 7, lat V 50, Ion 7" JO, BSOka l.r u K Tucker. Pe ra?h p Hen Meade. II ilran, New Orloan* March t, wub mdae anil passenger*, to H H Cromwell A 00. (>n tha 8tli an.l 9th in-t e.\pe.ieuced very heavy NK galea, lOtb, a) o'K '-nlsiU, In,unit N. Sfeuinahip Herman Llvtngaton, Baker, HnnanU. with mane and passe gi-rs. t- > vn^ion, 1 o* A Go. \fae da t lit 1 oil San, v Hook 24 luni ri l>y deufo fog; ?th mat, off i iif <? ran, Uit;u (vaaiitiea at ttouling bacon. la boiss an i in gj'tfv.ds barf dry en-xi*, Ac. Blaaaahip Bmily B Soudar, Lockwood, Chariaatoo, *U> Dul?o ;.ii i Hue|u j-?, to Livlfu-P ii, Fo* A <-'o. ^(eanuihn Sargtoab King, Btchnonii and Norfo^ W? iuiUi'and ii .si'nn r?. to O lli?ln8i?i%n A Palmoia Blraaah p A Itifiu.n ir, BoArne, Rio moi?a and Xnriull, wPli rr la? una pi?b?>ngei i. to i i?in#?t<>;?- 1,0* * ' J t-cli I'hn f, i fiamplin, KUnl ?thp<>~ Ior l"ru?iaenee. f*i hr M K t'Tlialo. Slu-ld m, lili^-nsthporv for I'rovtdanca. Sloop 1'Uoa Hull, Hull, I'rovW^va. ITiiriBa IIUuKn. Sipr noi-r lamtvx. Fmtth'Vlck, from Liverpool ior New Turk whlah wa? aatt'-ra at iln Rock, naai iiuL'aal, I. ? .? tuwuii unveil back to Liverpool 20'.h ult. Brnc ll/ai'Kri.iit, from i>ur ituwn, l)ifor Naw Tark, wltli i?,L; ut Into Purlreas V'innv lltu Inat, having lual jibb -nn in oooae<iw>iiea ol ucaliia.on. " ui Maha O Knkci a an, f. oni Now Vork for Bavannah, wit into Fortre ? Monn,p nth lust In .? diatrataad condition, lutviiig liad bea.y vraattcr. I.ivKwooi. Keb ttr-Tfca A'luilla, from the Clyde for Hair y,.rk, wa? alianduni d .Ian 1 J, In lat 41 N Ion 88 W. WaxroBP. Feb H'i?The ahip Orcadlnn, Allan, from IJvar pool lor : .aalO, which striK'k on a rock about half a :nil? W Of 'n?k*r, la ,i t .til w:-cek. and from her noaition it ^ thoiurnt very little will bo ?uvi..' The craw Uu>d?d hara In the >.h!p'a boat>, wilh tin'i xcei-tion of one mau tOharlaa lnman < who l? loat Wiutiscwo*, KO, MaicU 10?A tlire"-masted n?hr Is aafcire ^ on New Inlet Dank. She is ?'tJpoited to be ilio Alfiad?< 'fl-O'iiai, from N'ew Londou, ft, *nli i c.njuoi loe, and will At prove a total u ri tk. The i raw have not baeu beard from. ilIliicelluHeiiiia. PurnrrJ G Uuerta*,, of the steamship Eagle, from llavani, has placed ua under obli;?llonn to him bj tha prompt delivery of our filoa and despatches, and for lata Cub-in papers, price* current ,to. Our ship nen a ouliactor dealras to thauk Captain James Brit la ted, Jr. of the atoamboat Waatneid, for his aiaiatanca to him In fortvardiug the papers by the steamships City of Boat m, and llecla. 8chh Vmiilinr VixrittAr, of Providence. 178 tons, now mea-nremnnt, now at FrovlfVenoe, built ai Newburg. NY, In I'M. Jia !)?en sold on priavita Itnn? to Capt Curtln O Heath and oihnfra, of Eakt tlreonwlch, Rl, from which rort will lierealter hull, under connn.iiui ?' sseew. wuuleitirn. At Rcrminla l-eb 19, aehr Watchman, Steed, from Prov ing town, oti n whaling orulaa, In distress; loat boata, stova illwarks, and lost two meu. . ? JUik Martha Wrlnhtli?fto?| Turner, of Nantucket, was at Bravo. fVl. Oct 14. .11 well, with no oil on board. Spoken?Keb SI, off I'orto lUco, nchr Juinea 11 Collins, At kln.-t, of 1'ruvlticetown, S week" out, clean. .Spoken, dec. Shin Imperial. Ilutchlns, from Bau Francisco for Cork, .tail 30, !:it 24Ion 3?. Slup Othflllo, 11nkham, from New York for San Fianclsao, Kr'j P, lut 7 M s, Inn 34. ship t'-jwper, from Liverpool for Bosiaa, Feb 18. UI 91, Ion 11. - . . _ Urn' Julia F. Vr?'y, from Wilmington for Barbados. FebSt, lat Si tO Ion 77 M. M ? t,,,_ Schr I'uiier, from Mlr.igoane for Bo?ton, March 1, lat 88 19, Ion ill Farslga Porta. B mi'KrovA, Feb 23-Arr M. aba (f). Hall, NYork. ? ^ 11 it km ! iiiiAVCN, Keh "J3?Arr Allanile is), lloyer, NYork. Caicita, Keb 17? trr ablp Joseph Holmes, Crocker, Boa ' "a iDKSAS, M irc'i 1?Arr bnrk Qulndaro (Br), Stanwood. NYuiki *1 sclir M B Long. Kebay, Motile; 4tb, burk Alar oiie, rmiriuK", iNYnrk; in.fir .Mary A Bleu, Boas. Boston. Rid lit. schr llaonnt Mirla, H:?t.ks, a port north of llatteiaa; ?d. l>rl?<1 linn i) Phlanay Ituyd, Portland; Nellie Uray, tiray, a port ir>rt*i of Hattcrai; 4tU. b^rk M w Tluiilow, <|o; ttrlaa SVelllngtoti (Br). Amlre, Boaton; Btta B Tituk.t. Tuak"r, i'o.-tlan l; aehrs italtic. Urant, a port uoitn of Ilalt. ias, Uonns Auna, Chs^e. NYork. i ti^ri'ia^iA Feb 24?Arr schr B A L Cordery, Oraaa. Aa* olnwall. ilareh I. bark 6t Audrews J Br), Bo-emayor, New York; whr S ibaiK samsiu. dii. 814 Fob 27 brigs r M fla kir, Barnard. Beaton; L> L Wadiwortn. Ilalley. and Anna !) Jordan i.Ui . Parser, NYork; Maioh 1, Kenneth (Br;, do; Centaur, linstoi, tjkai., l eo 2t? -Hid lluntre a (from London), MOrleina. Dovrii. IVtiK?Off, Ilos, Dr.hl, from Shield* for NTortt. UiaHAinAR, I'oti lit?^ rr Resale ninaon idr), MoAlHstar, M saloa jnil slil for NYork). Wlndan't. Havre, feb ?-i? \rr l>iiw*. Rl< h, Ntxlaina. il*i. -.)KT, r^u 24?C'tl Ann t Mane, Marteia, NYork. riA*JfiiG Keii il?Arr John Bertram, lloepner, London. IIavam, Ma:rli 3?\rr steainnhti) Hiara aad Htrtpas, HuIiiich. Pii'laOi'lptilai 4ib, birk hva H Fiak, Bmary, Mo ttllo laud aU4tb Ptr KemadlfKlt brlga Um Welsh, P_rO t>i-?lge, anil WaTa t reat, l>a?la, Trinidad; Ortolan, Bty. I'h laiie.plila; Ivuuujec, Minott, l oi Uauvi, CUarloUa, Bta I Inn NYork Slil J<t, hrlg r.lpsy Queen, York, Portland; Rk| steamship Cuba, Duaetiurt, Mew Orlnans. brig Ke\stone, Baxter, do. eld (til, hrtgn \ttte Duikee CaM. hew York, Atb. Wm Welsh, ami Vi ave Croat, Philadelphia; sclar Phaba, Morrow, X uik. litTimtt, Feb 28?Art City of Baltimore ts). MaUnloan, NYork; Malta ??;, Watauo. do. Amelia, Conner. Charleston; ChaN l) iv. i,poii, Pleven*. New Orleans; 97th, Batiaa, Cum ii.iier, Charleston: Coiisuntm, Kriake, Maw Ortaauai riaiata. Muck. Mobile; San Lvrrnto, reuirentii. Man Franelseo. Sid '.'liih, Nou<|tiAm liormto, Comlns, Stork! Naw Rag. land. Hedgua'Savaanah; 1'iiuraas Uraan, BalUmwra; Tboaaa Ki t email, Owana, NOrle ,us C I 2d h rumberlsnd, Parker, and Charlotte, Lindea ctrunes, PlulaUi-inlila. _ _ Bnt out 'Jctn > ranela A Palmer, Patterson, for NYork; , Emma Knry, Parow, and Uller, Malsaa, Philadelphia; Van. guerit, Mia *'r?iitiSco, Wm U Putnam, Cochrane, Olouoaa fir, Mass ichange,! from NOrleansi. 1.05IK'X Feb 27?Arr Queen of the Cak, Bnas^lahary, Baa Ion . p,nt out 20th, Salem, Dftnn. f<lr Philadelphia. Li;Misriccoi.o, 1-eblV?.sld Kodolto, Uladultab, NYork. M Aii-Kii i.t>, IVb 2>-ald Enrico Oi Kosa, Bossaao, NYort j 24 h, Thcona, lleilmers, do. Malaoj. fob 23?Cid bark Staffa (Br), Brookman, NYork. Mata\?a-, March 3--Air b. Igs Mountain, Sherman Balti ir.o a: M iry A Chase, MeiionalJ ^.rtlmd, 4Ut. OaoS Barrr, IsiaJinv, tVmca^set, Auieiicau Cuion, Mallta. Portland, bid 4th, barks Row M (Br), Harrlmuu, NYork; Lalra, Hooper, Hoston. MA.siA -n.ra. Fob 19?Arr ??lir Herbert, Fougeron, NYork rgdlvoots. Feb 28-Pnt In, Windsor, Coobrana. from Ham inrg f r NYork ^ till I i? ol ,\ iglitart'.b, ilalein, from Hamburg for NYork. St Jai.o. Keb f3?S d b.rk John O Paint (Mr), Binbraa, N .k; brig Jsns. Boeiou. Vtoo, 1 rb 20 -Arr ?ral|n, Jenkins, NYork. [Pag Noora AVKatCAir, at pobtlahd.] Arr from New Yor*? tdward Hill, at cmyrao; MayCowor, at Uaiuu'iuth. , _ Arr rfoia Boaton?Sam Weller. at flmyrna. Awierlonn Parts. AMXAIlDRIt, Marwht-bM ecbrv Knocb Pratt, ?>h>, Work. .Nu.ilii tl *<?:>< 4ii;t Klila. J*r ivldeoce. BOHTUB, Much ?, PM?CU1 at-amer Neptune. Baker. NVotk. ?cbr- 4,?uiet (Mr/, W Mowiey, Allan, t'.Mliin >ud; Joe llnolu-r, Hail, .Suffolk. W.h-Arr tmrts Mariano, rimall. Me*a<na; Fury, Wllssa, do; .--anti) H.ibaU, Croatwa, damuM Ay to, rnibra H M At WO, d, Uoeno, til Marc via luagua; I, A Swett, Howea, ran gier. K H lliggina, Palae. Oraney 1 atari4. HAL I IMoKii. .ta, htf-Ar. etaaaer Liberty. Bala, Kaw tirloani via liaraua. achr John j Myrra, Van I'leaf H York. Hrlow bark Cliihm, from lUo Janeiro, brine Liadlsy. Irvm i>einai'?ta; Oeuige. from Airoyo. Old briu Springbok ( Br;. AUem.i, ( t<'ti:urg.?. Itounlli-ee (Hr), hMloett, Belfaat. t| ?; bailee lleath, vs yman, lloaUMi, achra Willis, etaplea, Puiio*; K II lurber. Colilt, Mo?ion;T J Traftori, Tafpey, Portsmouth,'!! H. M?l bnae A Mradabaw, J ana la MorViu, i. lota, -vara Curlsw. Wiilia, K A Maiiey. Iilti-I ? >1., Mai ?:? S?Arr ecbr J W CadwaTtader, Ptsvena, Dataware Ui.f. CilA.kLi.MON. March 7?CMsohrs A inula A Laura, Mc I turn-. He race; Loyal Ssranton, Lowdrn, NYoffc; J kllicll, UlN'hnat. Hai Ua B.ier. folb?Vi r *-hie Trailc Wind, and Wm Flint, If York. Sid etramatiip Munhattiiii, Colli oa. N Yo: k. PALL nl Vfctt, March 8-Md acbra John Crookford. Jones, Ullaabuitiiort; Maracalbo, Henlry, HYork (or Portland). t#LOt:<,B->TMK, Mareb T-Arr acar Wm llioapM, Hew York I or Purtlaua. . IJol.VlhS' llOt.E, March ??Arr bark ? W llolbrook, Nnti.ll, CleiifQetia far Boston, brlge iidilh. Buunan. Mao ?aiiIIu .i HrJiAit t / tin. VIuiiiin^r. MaiAatAi for Tort* ?atllea. < Id at?eiu?bipsJuniata. Mail*. 1'biladelphia via Ua ?ana; Cleopatra, Rich, Bua.on: l.oduua. Worst. i|o: Tabasco (M??), I ila. VereCrul:ehlp I ran to u (Br), Walker. Llvar> pool; berk Maria iHp), Pujol, MaroSieua; brig Men Delaao, H?yuol?ta. Boeioo. A-\rr .f emahlp Oao Washington. (laffer, MYort. Below sbitia Aliulia, from Aden; bllaabeih Yeo. HcuU, from Car diff baik llauuinfa, Brraladd, Bordeaux At MW I'aaa 7th. able fcliaa Hamilton, fur N Yerk. NOItFULIC, March ft?Air acbia Jotiu Bye, Wiley, and B A Lombard, Lombard. Bovton NS-WPUMT, Marcb ??Arr *shr Sarah Sllkabetb, K alley, Pru*i<l?noe lor NYork. HM xenre Maria W abater, Hlaglne, I'r.ivideuce for Tangier; BaOlual Flab, Dane, Jo for Jaiuea Hirer. ?ih?Arr aehr Ueo W Raymond, Hawtay, Maw York for WarehaB. MiW LONDOM, March A?Arr acbra John R Watson, Lane, KIKabsthport for J'ravl*moe, Kate, chase, Warcbam for SlYuit. PAjsH l AVALLO. Texas. March I?la port schre Wm B Vann, md i II Cady, for MYork Idg; David Pauat, from lialvra on, WIS. PHiLauEi.I>MIA, March ft-Arr bark 0 W RooeevelC, VI1. MI.VU?"V" w?miw v<a ?""?" >??? WICKPoii^'ifanft ??tebr Fakir, flaasitara,