Newspaper of The New York Herald, 13 Mart 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 13 Mart 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. P ^ ?* < WHOLE No' 11,152. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 1867.-TEIPLE SHEET. - PR10B FOUR CENTS. '^RaOMb. A D??E - ? idwaid a. ob obbabdos A.yw^iii'iiiiB.1 rfises RH?* ?*'?>OK-M7; HAVB WRITTHNLADDRB88BD ?jg^^-??P;AW?h ??*?*???. E. U. V? box il? Her ?R*9*r'WAY AND BIOHTH STREET 8TAGB. TUBS **. *f v mornlnt to Mar Oread street.?'Year parting salu. K M warmly reclpreeoisA Grant mm opportunity to ??*? yon In prion, fc. J. <A,staiioa ft, iMittoan. F?J ULLY.?ARRANGEMENTS MABB FOB YOUR COB fertend will sseelyo?atoBe*rainors**?. 4 DITTO. R ADOPTION?TWO L1TTLB OIBU; OMR TWO Address 0. 0., Wrihama l> I. TTAE.TZ?MOHDAV BNBNTNG. WILL TBB LADY ?1 whe cMMMohtdmiral by the gentleman who wae stttlne M her ligfeLfnot kiau interview f " 'Tw*s but a aula Saded Oov^v^aato open the Mdewelk. riMMuMn* fcjiiii, stsms a. ^?HtMLD ANDRBWB?FLBASB WR1TB TO ^^^^?tlmet New Tort AMwi W. V. A., >o? 1,108 IF NBD 18 IB TOWB HB WILL rLBABE OmiJJC. nfantowith his beet friend* Immedlstoly. PA TEXTS. IF SAMUEL MORGAN, A CIGAR BABBR BT TRADE. 1 wk? Mml ti WMI?U. Mui., for ud? ran. vUl send b tiUlM to M. K., box 101 Herald ofece, be will hear of mmethiag to htm advantage,' rSSraSJKJKtf '8K WSJ*!# wna In ibecky of Mew York. Any information *iv? will be thankfull? received by hie aisier, J idle Meijiiiiesi, 74 Kit feet, Mew York city. FFORMATION WANTED?OF THOMAS PAYNE, OF Thorverton, Devon. England, sawyer, who was dis aharged from the Fin* batulion of tbe First regiment of toot, at St. John, N. B.. and who ta supposed to have gone to the United States In MM. Ua ta reeneetod to oommmii eato with Bd ward Adlam, 100 Wact Forty-ftflh street. Nmv Fork, where he will hear of something to bis adv?nt?u'e, or eny one knowing what has become of Payne wiU obllgu br aommunloallng. TOHN C.?THE BONBT RECEIVED. J MRS. C? 113 ? IBS CARRY U.-I WOULD LIKE TO HKAB FROM yon. Addrrra bo* 8,900. Poat office. I. L. M [ U RDE RE R.?$1,000 REWARD FOR T!1K APPrtE L bensioa end delivery to il;e civil author'Uos at Njble vtile, Indiana, of IT. C. MeCutcheon, who on toe 87th of Fab nary, 1*jC7, shot and billed II. BUepard, at Mrs. Ciue's plan fatten, opposite, fibrtvcpcrt. La. Said MeCulehe.n Is about Ave ten and ten inchcs high, of ruddy completion, blue mci, dciicale bands; were light brown whiskers. ?uj v. eiglis erout W0 rounds. Ills eonutenance has a surly sspeet, and baa a alight brogue. He formerly resided in ludianapo lnd. J. UEID. Kobk'cviilc, .'ml. Ml & SAN AWAY FROM BOMB LAST FRIDAY. A GIRL 13 years old; black ban and eyes; were plaid eoplt:i ?a, green rlaid shawl and nr.bla. Information to Mr recovery left at Charles street police station will be re warded. OATURDAY MORNING?FULTON FBRBTj FTT.TOJf O avenue ear to Carlton avenue: travelling bag. Address Semsen, Ucfald oftce. flK) EE ADOPTED OUT-A HEALTHY MALE CHILD' Xtwo montr.s old. Call for two daye, on MRS. BROWN, itO Third avenue. rILL MI 88 MARGARET QAUL, NOW f.lVJKC, WITH w . , a private family lu Madison avenue, seiul her address to V. H. H., boi 3S4 Brooklyn Poet office? ILL CHABLE8 L. PACKARD PLEASE SEND HIS addrees %B. 0. W^BlEfTH^LAD^WIT^GREEl^RrsS^lRjm ? seek (waltlng-in ferry house Monday afiercoon', who Inquired of the gentleman tbe time or day, please grant an Interview, If agreeable f Please addreee, stating tune and ysee, T. L., boi aac Herald offlee. "|17 ILL TBE CARTER RMPLOYBD TO TAKB A FIVE Jl gross package, marked "Singer's Hair Kestorat<ve Mr the Hair," to tlM Hudson Rhrer Depot, addressed Colli us Broe^8t Louie, cell At 79 Nassau street and say where be WBHliir<r*MTLEMAN LIVING IN THB COUNTRY, ? who eallod at W Amity place, en Monday, to engage a BMeektover, ?aB sgain. . SPECIAL NOTiCBI* new Wltton.rerleed and enlarped.-of WALLS' Ban Bis own Lawyer anu .BUstiHiss ^?KK, mnoynoeti to be reedV*M?reh J, baa been Order to Introduce tbe new MIUlAry Bill And the ?Bttatex OENERaL BANKRUTT LAW, WITH. IMP AND FULL AM) COMPLETE EXPLANATIONS ^^^HBHflONg TO ENABLE INSOLVENTS AND ^^^?rSTO TaKB FULL BENEFIT OP TUB ACT VBRnhal aaststanue. the worm wlU be ready for delivery March 18. It will be ? ?aaapleteeDd reliable gutde in all matters of taw and lu?. eMas transactions, for every dep.irt.neut of-baainci.3 for ?eery State to Uie union?e hook tnst everybody cau under: taeni, ami that wUienkfcle ew Ma-WMW to be tU ?r her ewe M^W^Ie work will be priti*od '.ar^s 13mo., 488 pafee; price tX Pent coat paid ou n cclpt of nrlce. Iflecu westcd everywhere. Address BENJ. \V. IIITCU. COCK, publisher, li Chambers street, New York. , publisher, II Chambers street, New York. GARB?THE rtJBLTC ARE RESrECTFULLY IN formed that the Tontine Hotel, corner of II<>?ard and " u. has had no connection since Pehrnary J1 with the or (be 1 obtme Hotel, aorner of CortUnrft and West _ its, (t whleh the outrage was lately committed. S. I). RDTB Proprietor Tontine Hotel, corner Howard and A CAl A foi Inedwi Breach eftraciiH S^l d~H>AL CCTTma MACniNERY.?TITE COLLIERY PRO. V/ pnetrrs of (Itoth fcurf Cheshire, Engi.-tud, taint anxious to eucoura*c the development oi coal outlin* far machinery. bays dateruiued to offer three prises, namely, mn, ?20C anc ?1W, lor the first, setioud and tbliti best ma chine rverectireiy. u-hirb, In the 00U.I0R or the committee etfooiiitea for ti nt purpose, shall be moet suitable to the re tau-etmente of tl.e trade, sod the inventor of which nhull ?seaply with the regulations laid down by the oommluee. A ?spy of tho regulations. ai.d further perioular*, n .li be fur* alaned on spt.TLatiou to tho iiQcerslRued /II competitors Most tuti^sh the machine, ?ntat.ded for trial in Lauoishire ?M Intei then the 1st November. 18U7. I1ASKELLWM PEACR. Eha. II, 1W. Wlgan, Law Cleik to u?e Association. VIUOUT3 OP ST. PATRICK.?A PI'Kr/AL MEETING xV of the Knight* 01 .-'v. Patrick will be heid on Wednes day evening, iSu last., at the terge room of Owns 4 lUr hast, reuthwest oorier of Broadway and Eighth street, at 8 ???lock. A lim.uid number of tiokela for tin bnnqurt 00 she IHh bare been reserved for member* not yet supplied, ?y order. W. P. LYONB. President. Jambs J. Tturriioe, Corre?potdin? 8ecreury xtoti C fnnd ?ei OT1CR.?NEW YORK AND TROY KTEAM BOAT Compei.) 's stea.ocrs wili be ready to reeeita freight on ?d~y. March ll, and dally thereafter for Troy aud fill ta NoitL and Beet, from their new and extensive wharf, Ko N North river, loot of Spring atreet. 4irrH B OP TUB AMERICAN JOCKEY CLCB. NO. W V/ Exchange place. New York. March 8, ISB7.?Partioulur attention ie requested by the members of the American Jockey Utah to the following resolution, passed by tbe cfub aft a r?c?utBi<lin|:? Resolved, That the Secretary notify the members 8het the asedala now lo their possession mnstie forthwith Wtarned to bun for tbe pnnmee of authentication. sere urietiy personal, they cannot be trans. ?tared. WMboet the name beta* engraved npoo them, and without frbtasgs of ribbon, they will not be reeogaixed as genuiue the gatekeepers at the yprseehtng races In May and prompt compliance will ohligs their obedient eerv mat. J01IN B. IRYINU. Secretary A. J. C. QAN FRANCISCO. CALIFORNIA FEB. M.?NOTICE.? O The underaignea beg to Dotliy their friends and the fsMIe generally that they are not and never hare been sled In or oonneclee with the boose of Ufln, 1! A Oo., oorner of Jaeob and Frankfort streets. New city. This not.oe la published not with e view of la asiy meaner injuring the house of Beln hatsfenpiy to eon tat mleeeneemioo. HK1N k BRAT. Itn Bsutv, 416 Battery street. ?UHT1I ANNUAL DEMONaTRATIOK OP LAWRENCE X Section, No. ?, C. of T.. et f'llaton HaU, Astor plxoe on WMnrxiay evening, March 18,1817. Kwr.-Hes lo commence M o'clock. Addresses by Rev. Pster Stryker snd other*. Hnsjc under the direction of Profesecr Q. p. Benjamin. BstiU 88 cents. Ml WEEKLY MEETINO OP THE DRY OOODS J. <?teritr Earlv Cioslat Association will take pliee on ph tWtansedsy) evening, March IS, at E. 0. llnil, 887 ?ensry, at fle efiwk when srllon will be taken on tbe pro* ?Meed amendment le tbe constitution. U. B. OOWLEB, President. Iasbo E. Ccor, Beoordlng Secretary. 7" _ imEccTwy, A T TOWNSRND'B Hl'MNKfS OOLLEOE, 9? BOW. Jk 017, tatween I'riwce ana Houston ?tree<?; InntnuHlon-" lay atiifevsnleg ia bookkne^lng, ponmsnship. s-ithrntilo, .epeltiiy erammar, * rrespoudenoe, he. Rooms fur ladles eisd pes uta metsucUon. No etaseee. ^INi:?S C?M r.SK. tiOOKKKKI'lMJ. WKI r . ing Arithmetic. Urkmnmr, Rnolliuj, l.atln; Uught In tartetly prtvat# rooms. If de?li-ed: Sklles' Wrltmx I.e^nous, H I'All i:, (V Bowes, sn<l M> Fulton street, Brooklyn. and business affair^ At OOI.nsr i ril'n OommerCal Institute, 7M Broadway., ?stabliolisaki??*'. Frtvsto.ln?tniotten. ?MIEN'ril ?AUGHT IN THRFB MONTHS BY AN W1 sttntcMvr inetl'ad. PfUate leseoiia. ft fiO an hour, re , eaetaji for pe.-'is foru>ieg .eiasses. Address ustord, su h\>sD Post olliw-. luV ANTKO- 'km'!?.-* fKR 1 kivxtT lady track I-.' K, V ,Y eaoi.irtrnt v tahe obargo ,.f the Engllah d?M inent sO ^dvtlr sehoet Address, iviiii reel name, P. *., Herald c oAht'IMi ADADIMIIMI, /IOliwX)BTH't,"r>akciso academy," J|. NO. S8 I FIFTH AVENUE. . Par t< xacr. Ac., send<er selrcnlsr. /nr?HAL. T?u|., Vji hT Af.TO PRfttERf AM ENOAO."ME.VT A In S Ijiit Vteieholr ia this city er Brooklyn. Addless Stumer, suiioi \ V Ml hAI.R? > at'ITAR, WITH CASS; A LAROE AND iT snpcriof It, efviment. Apply at No. 98 Uoulh Elfbtb , Winiamsb. V*. L. I. ;; A OOKK#tllPl NO. PENMANRHIP EM SALK-A fFLEWM? CaEINM ORH^N. OF French make, h walnut 1t vo baaks of hers. tnp? ? wla- as of ?"d pe lal couplnr*. fl III be Mid in* .'or wenT St -. ?? *nr?T [> /WOAK COMSTOCK, fcW I'ciford avenue, .Htooklyn, K. IK *Bt AMERICAN ot'CHRSTRA FOR AtfATR'TRS win n.eei at Hie Assoc Villen Htll. I? Eighth avenue, *mt rjtir tc X .treitT Hsterdsv evening at ffi FIT HSP5S8RjH55!5?9??BSBBSHSIi *rd*. wsa molting UK)II 8ALB?KINO CHARLE8 SLUT, Oi.UUA.QK E^ag? ssaSss ?"*? ^ * " tnoa ?iT.R?JP8T ARRIVED PROM ST. JOHN'*, J Newfoundland, a pair of Mndsosne blMk Newfound-, land Doc*; excellent watch and watar doge; IS months old; on* brace of Poln'ere and Setter*, thoroughly broken; pair at Hkre Terner*, Black and TJv?*frpm ?U to pound*; ex ?client rat Pap. DANTBL FQgTBR, 13 lioowitU >tr?eu rnon BALE-TWO TAM* TOBNO DBBR. APPLY AT J FANXfNO'S Real lEstatn offlce, KB Bowery. ^?PRANCIA BCTLER. NO. ? FECK BLIP, HAS ALL THB ?* oho lee breed's of Doc*. Bu.ler's Infallible Mange Cure end Ftea Exterminator. 75 cents. Butler'i new work on the Dof. ft Doge trained, boarded, Ac. Mediclaee for all die 2O If It OB AT, 11 ROOSEVELT STREET. HAS FOR ?ale Newfoundland Dojs, Blaok and Ten and Bhotoh trier*, one Itallkn UrejiiounB; a pair of Black and Tana, > lb*, each. TU8T IMPORTED-A LAROB AFSORTMRNT OF OA U narles and other Uerman Sieging Bjrd* of the first quality; al*o two Urge Lions, at C. BRANDK3', 193 Willing* street. VTKWFOCvnLAlf^ Don roR PALE.-'VERT HAND XV handsome, good watch. Inquire in the tailor store *8 Bust Twenty-third street, near fourth avenue. xjtj anted? a cood WATrrr noo. afplt to w>r. V? 8ANFORD, No. 84 West Thirty-flret street, between ? and 8 o'clock P. M. riOUSKS. CABR1APES. <tc. A BLOODED DKVONMRIJLL FOB SALB. ADDRESS P.. boa 86. PlalnfleM, N. J. A BLOODED STALMON OK EXCELLENT STOCK J\ for 8ale: bay, 15J^ hands; parfcoUy sound, kind and Mire foal getlar; warranted. Address P., boa to, Platnfleld, N. ,f. A VICTORIA, COUPE ROCKAWAT. WESTCHEStBB, Coach, top Bu^sv, Dog Cart. SOO new Carriages. Har ass* tweulv per <Miit If ?s Rroa.l .vny stores. HAV'8, 10 East Fourth street, corner of Broadway. ANCJfltKR OF SECOND HAND OOACIWB, BRETTB, Phaeton* and Konkawavs, our large sto-V: of row car riages, at reduccd prices. MOTI'A CO., . tlo-ner of Fourth and Mercer street*. ^ BRBfrSTKR TWO S^AT WAtt'W, 1 DEPOT r i'.kuoii, i*njvie miu uuuuin truw iiaimw; au^.c nuu uwu 1)1" lisil.t Harness, from $20 to $SB, at W. U. OKAY'S, !7 Wooster st.eet. A LAROB ASSORTMENT OF CARRIAGES AND HAR. ness, to be fold at nuinnfaotnrv priees. Boveral shop worn cold ehe..p atN. MON'KZ'9 warc.rooms, 19 Liberty St. A 1<0T OF TlX TOtJNO HORSES. JUST ARRIVED r\ from Western New Tor*, from IStrf to 10 h.-.nds l.lgh, till sound and k'na, for sale cfcevp, Apply at 23 Wooster st. RLOODBD BLACK *\RE 18 HANDS. 8 TEARS old. rery handsome nnd <r?nlt?: good worker; vr.liu'ole to a farmer; price low. A Wo i lialit ?>u?luij? covered Wagon, r*ony and jgarncsr, ehc'p. Pearl street. A YOUNO SORr.EL IIOR4B FOR 3ALS-0 TEARS J\ old, lr. hand 3^ Inoha* h1jh; suitable for art-Jo or car riaee; If? rer/penile; work* In single or double harness; war "Cund u) all respect#. Inquire In the bak*ry, 1M avenue A. A. W^gon. 1 Rr.c^aws". 4 tup Wa<DTt?, 6 no ton Wngnns. I single *c.-,t load Wagon, 1 six rest l'liaeton, 1 four sent ri'.iefon. Kindle nuu duuble ;n.oc Harney, singlejirnl dou A ABl'SINE^B mo FOR SALE CHEAP?$78: OB would oiehange for a wajon capable of carrving 1,000 lbs. Apply In nvtcmne *hop, flO East Twenty-ninth street, near Third avenue. A FINE OOACH, HORRES AMD I1ARNE84 FOR J\ sals.? Anfcieellent opportunity to get a bargain, as the whole will be sold for about ?be eost of The coach alone; the horses are handsome bay*, with long talis, 7 and 8 years old, 18J< hands high, perfectly eentle; one Is a strlleh saddle liOi*e. Tie oo*ch is a One ?o*e curriage, msde by Wooi K?t; hi good order. -Harness silrer mounted; per aeatad mad pood. The whole will toe sold together for Can be seen at private stable, M Veetry street,, be tween Canal and His>1mx). A T 47 CBDAR-CABBTAOEt AND HARNESS OF ALL J\ etyles and rrtrwi. No B railway expcnac* or profit*. Soma great btrplni for the neat two weak*. , JOHN M. TUFTB, Jn. RIM1I8TER or IIORMS ANT) CARUIAOKS. AT private t.ile, U kept by MINER * 80MEP.Vll.t-B, at A, 87 Nit ^?lui'sau strrei. All persona wfcrti'ng to buy, rell or ex chunae Homos or Carriages, *fconld have t>eir property, or the article* dMlml restored Behave. ? AUCTION SALES AT JKORHE auction MART, Union square every TueedaF end FrMay throughout the year, mud at 37 XMM etreet every Wednesday and Satura ?la/. Pee auction tt**d. ^ XT* ALARKK assortment OF CARRIAGES AND HAR peta tobeeeid at manufigtnrer'e prices, several ahap ww, aoM cheap, at N. KOONRT'8 warerooma, 91 Liberty street ~ A BAT TROTTINO BORSE, RXCISB, U HANDS, 8 f\ year*, sound and klndi warranted to tro' in 3:5U. will be Fofd at auction tlila day, at II o'clook, at 1.401 Broadway, near Forty-B rat etreet. . A PAIR 80RRRT. COLTS. 5 YEARS OLD, 1B'{ HANDS: *l?o a top Warm, IlarneaA, Blanket Kobe, Ac., will b? soli at anrtJon at 1,!W Broadway, near forty-first etreet, thla d.iy, at II o'clock. No limit, without reeervc to tlie high, eet bidder. Black coupft horsr, is hands hioij, for 1 ?a!e: also a <"our>? md lt?'.it top P'niry. Can be aeen At the private aiable 107 K*?t Forty-nlnCi street ?Ii?.?UnriAI nAlflJAI US.- llATlitll NA1U ?e?, the following VjhMne raiuvt iio sold b? the r? h:?? opeo Baggie* i t $I?S worth 6221; 1' top $131, worth BBSS; 11 top BuBgle* ?t worth (1ARRIAOER.?ORE \T BARO AIN8.? 1IATINO MADE J advance*, r 12th of March: Buggies at $!j_. . . (300; 11 Itorkarwve and Carrlnr"*; MM s?ver..l aenend hand Coa^he*. Rnckawitya, top and "pe.i ' Bujvies. CALVIN WITTV'8 Currlagc Wareroums,B38 Broadway, near Pleecker street. pBEVF.-TWO HORST-S, 15,'' HANOS, SOUND AND " ' kind; Exrreiw Wa{">"?, one lartre sintjte. one large don. We. R?matotn? properly of Metro "titan Public Kxpreis. Inquire at 344 Fourth atreet, near Chirlea. GOUrR AND VICTORIA HORSE FOR SALE.?A TINB. lurce, dark brow n lime, 8 years old, psifcclly sound and very *tylt?h. Apply to James, at 34 West Thirteenth street near Fifth avenue, PAST TROTTING MARK, 7 TEARS OLD. WAS RAHKD In Orange county and trott"! her nvle In 3:41; alio le of great endurance; ?ouM nwk- a ?nl?ndld brood mart-. To be .old atancton thla day, at 11 o'clock, at 1,101 Broad way, near Porty-flrst street. FOR SALE?a hand-some rocrawav, with "a sound florae, ?yenn old. 17 bands bteh, tMrne??, Ac., for the ciieap price or f*X?. Inquire of GBO. S!IEPUBKD, S3J and 841 West Twenty-first street near Ninth avenue. For sale-a shiftino panel coach, in good running order. Alao a gray, etyUafc Pony. Inquire In atahle 37? East Ninth strcA. ? rlR RALR-A OOOD WORK HORSB AND 8BT OF Cart llarneea. Inquire at 1? Raat Forty aeeond street between Second and Third avenues. ER PAT.R-STTL1SH SORRRL If ARB, FIX TRARS old, 16 hand a, $IW. er.rral florae, nine years, 1100; bay ? fS8; all sound and kind: light Harneaa, fSO. 1M Weet Twenty-ninth a^eet tpOR SALE-A BUOilT, WITH SHIFTING TOP, ' leather coal bo* txxlf. Pole and ShaBe. Inquire, for two daye at BURK'S SUtilea, East Broad?ay and Clinton etreet. FOR RaLP?A SORRRL HORSB, UH HANDS HIOH, very stylish, and In good condition; would suit an ex> preearaan, baker or grocer: price |IB Apply at 140 Varfek atreet. liHJR RALE?A LOT OF TaLUABLB WORK HOR8RS; r among them Is one fine of Farm Horeee; alao aooieatnfTr Horses, very cheap; a'so *om? line Truok and Cart Horaea; alao one targe blind Horee. 80 New Chambers atreet . FOR RALE-3S HOR9RS JUST FROM THE COURTRV, fiomRlo* veara old: prlrea from 9100 to 9'^M. Call for three day* at' 311 \Von*t?r atreet fOR SAI.E?A FINE TOUNO MILCH COW AND y. For price and partlra i etreet CI j For sale?a pine touno and Calf, inst from the winutry. Ufa apply to J. gUEK, <04 Hudson ati TJHJB BALK?OR BXCHANtTE FOR A LARrtBR 1IORSR. r a handsome Mexican Pony. 14 hands high, kind, sound and gentle for a lady to drive: alao perfect under enddla. Ad " " " , box lw Post office. EIOR 8ALR?A PONT, FIVR TRARS OLD, WRLL F broke nod gentle, a cood one. At flreenpo'nt. L. I., corner Colyer and Fouith streets, by IIENKV hOHMALL. For salb-onr shifttnq top buoot, one seat, good as new: made by one of the best makpre In the country; prtoa ftw. nan Iw seen at the t'remorne Slab lea, B ist Broadway aa<l Qotiverneur atreet. For salr?two hack coaches, barouche and Phaeton. WIN be eold eticap. Apply at stable*, 48 and WMonroe etreet. FOR BALE-A GENTLEMAN'S rockawat COACH and tlarnee*, uaed but a fkw time*. Sold on voonnt of the owner going to Europe. To be aeen at Fifth avenue etal>l??, corner Fortyrfuurth etreet and Fifth av., until sold. For salr cheap?a covbrbd grocer's . J***"", nearlv new. Apply at paper feotory, < arlton and Pulton avenuea. Brooklyn. G^\*KR>(MKNt PROPKRTY AT PRIVATE BALE.. new and eewnd hend Harueae, Baddlis, eft, lars,, Haltera, wagon and home Cove-", i'aiitln* Awning*. Hi I Tlckt, Ora'n Ragf, Tent*. Tent Slock, Man tets Ac . very low. Plain Mctiellaa Saddiea. afloOM' Mo tlcltiri anj artillery ttaddlaa, new Artillery Hridleewlth kit*. Awulncs and fun* Oorere made to order; is'ed**, Wah and lf-wplt.l Taala. PITKfN * CO., No. i Pa tit pi ice, kaw Tort, and a?N?rA Fraat etreei, pLlladel "l.. Xi" c RTn f OB. S A LB OF TBJt FAST TROTTtM HORSB Broadway, nea?' f*ty-lw( rti-eeL He i* a bay horee. i$% liande. sotiad an<1l&d, I year* old. trotted last*un?prli 1:41; ean shew 3\'.\ pRIVATB rTARi'V^ ABOvrf GROUND, KM WRST ipply^Tr^t^^ STARI.R FOB BALB-^f T^R TlOWtff 09 MADf ?on aq?*re. ?'*?; Mafia, with eewera, gaa a*d water; room for wree or few earriagea, eoaehmaa'* roeag* up BOXIKf, CMUMA ITINO IP HA*. CELLING OWW OH ACCOUNT OH sjciri!r?AaRj?igy^^^B STtKEK as gg.TMtgggi MMi filming Of ena-half aire* Immsffistely. Apfly W ft* iriMll? fro? ||> 1IA.E SHTAR HASH TO BB SOLD?A BARGAIN, THB OWNER ? Wring bo farther uae fWr her. A flne aulmal for breed Mi purposes. Apply at >0 Homo* street. mo LET?A HIGH PRTVATB STABLE, BOOM TOR *"? V.""'^ReSll!"u'Kiu5 TweutfaereDth street. W^HANTED-A ONB-HORSB SHIPTINO SEAT AND TOP Buggy or Pbaekm: mut be beet cJiy ruki; little used; imall front wheals. Addrees, wttt particulate and price, V. B., bo? 4.IB Poat nSofc W^HANTBD-A SHIFTING TOP BUGGY, BEST CITT ? moke, Cleaning and Dyeing office, 4W Broome street, corner Broadway. H. LORD. CO PA8TM ERH H1 PS. A H INDUSTRIOUS BUSINESS PARTNER. WILLING il to help make tba money, wanted, with $190 to tVOL in ? lucrative mercantile specialty, four year* established. Ad. dress Earnest, station P. A PARTNER WANTED?A LITE AND ENERGETIC A man, with a cash capital of $3,QUO. willing to devote a reasonable number of hours to etrl>-t attantioa to business, can secure an excellent and valuable one-half Interact In aa already Ikorougltly established and well paring Real Estate bunoaaa in a central location In this cfty; fine office, long lease. An excellent opportunity for any man wlabtac to engage In businese with ? uisall capital. Address, for three day*, Business, Herald office. A PARTNER WANTED?WITH ?1.M0, TQ EXTEND A, tbe mauufactaro and aale of aa ariiule in great de Macd; profits 800 percent. 110 Nassnu street, room No. 3. DISSOLUTION OP COPARTNKRSH1P.?THR F1KM Of Eaaon A Miner I* this day dissolved by mutual con sout. All debts due to the company will ba settled by P. Minor. JOHN A. BASON, New Yobs, March 12, 1067. FREDERICK MINER. R. T. B. BROCKWAT 11AVIBO PURCHASED AN IK tersst In ihn New York Hotel, U smiocbted with me as M a partner, under the firm of D. M. HiklretfeA t?< I D. M7HI HILDRETH. Rare chance for making money-partner ' wanted, with a little capital, to sell tickets and share in one ol the celebrated exhibition* tn Amctir.i, pefurin ing before crowded bounes and paying over tl.aOtl weekly profit. Apply Immediately in the jewelry store, ut 23/ Hud son > trect. SILENT OR 'ACTfvE PARTNER WANTED?WITH t','l 0 to Slti.OCU uuh in h ?nd, to make advances on coil* slgui<;c:;ts In ihe produoe eimmissbin bustnese. to join a ?out>g with a trade of t^tOO.i OCBExir year, paying from five to fifteen per ccnt, with bit little ri?k. Address, with renlname, Samuel W. 8. N., Herald otfioe. >\ fTllE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING X betwenu the undersigned twdn the firm name of Webster A Schildwachter I* thte day dlsaolred by mutual consent. FRANCIS E WIBSTKR. CHARLES C. SUI1ILDWACHTER. N?w York, Ma oh It, 18J7. THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING tinder the firm of Roil, Jr., Hdn A ltahinei has been dis solved by mutual consent Mr. George Roll, Sr., and *ir. Ferdinand Heln are the only partlca authorized to liquidate In the name of the firm. GEORGE A. Rnl.r,. FERDINAND 11 KIN. N?wTom, March 1,1887. W. RAHMSIt. <?<mn -PARTNER WANTED AT ONCE. INA SAFE ?J>OUl/? mnnnlncturlns bn?lnes< paying lirge profits; highest references given and required. Aadrei-s Harlem, Herald office, statiug where Interview may be bad. CQiWi ?"ARTNER WANTED; BU8INRS9 ES tablUhed: profits large aad Immediate: w!ll bear the cloMat Investtaa'lon. Nono but those meaning aaeas need apply at 713 Broadway, lop floor, room No. 7, day, between 11 A. M. and ? P. M. ? CHO -PARTNER WANTED, IH A VE.tT PROPITA tptlUU, ble busmaaa. WW can be mnds weekly. To mire of Mr. KINKS, XJO West Plfty second street, one door from Broadway. ?FARTHER WANTED. BY A NOTARY PUR _ j lie and general agent w a j-opular life insurahce .ny. Thone po?se*<,iug energy aad cowl baainees aual* " " seed address Netar*. Hertld offlt-e. $800 (to nof) ?PARYMEB, WITH THIS 80*, CAN iukit<Ot wM In ? Mfr rcntnre, reqolrtn? no p?r?onal ntteuttoo. Address for four days Taboo, box IUi no psr??i)al Attention, .gp^Mlpp. 1' ' ? 4Q nnn -wantbd, am a crura partmkti with fO.UUU. with linn, In u?U Oet?b!t?fc?d oub buM bUt BrluolpttU necd MBIfc.-*AsUees?.hnx 140 to AnA TO $5,000?AH PARTNER IN AH KSr\B O.V'UU llshcd wholesale I,mlies' Trimming Manufac tory. More orders an band with term profit" (ban the ativr. tleer eun execute; no stock or machinery to be taken. The eloeeet investigation allowed. Preaent returns about $35,000. whicii oonId be treat]7 increaeed Address C. U.. box ltd Her* Id office. ? *>A nnn -A* actttb man, wim this amount, ax partner In a eaah manafactuiog b:r.iw?< payli't a fair profit; ssiiafactory reference, Address A. C, boi l& Herald onice. q?jr nnn ?a partner wjnticd with twb amount In the OMOufsciorj of ?i>ap: well is t*bii*he.I business. For particular* Ufcjiro of SAM iCKlti MKU, E14 Broadway, N. Y. / TO (19,000.?AM EN'TERPRISINO JJUSI ness mm wanted, with the above anwiat. ?.* partner to the I:rokcr*c and Commission Win* and Liquet burins? a. Tlioec morning busine-a can address lor three days I.ii;nonit, Herald oflW. <&7 ?a ?*artv, wiTn this amount, can 9 I purclitso the Interest of a retiring partner 10 a Wi ll established Manufacturing Bnaiucss. Sal; a wholesale to li 1 -1 ehuss bot-aesln principal cltlen. Pro3t? renr good. Will bear in?e*>n. Apply to J. M. MO''DY A CO., tfl Pine street. ^ ftfin TO WOOO.?Tnn SUBSCRIBER WOULD vJL" Invest the above In a drat claaa business, l'rincipala only will be co. r?aponded with, rnd strict co ili dencc m?y be relied on. OKO. B. l.AWSdM, itj'.lon 1). cm nnn TO mm.-special partner Viv^ln/v wanted, to ejttend a well citabllsb'-d aua nfa< tttrlng boslneea, whole isle and leUlL AddrcM Manu facturer 1*., station D, Bible liou e. cqh nnn T? a rare opportunity vOUd'UU of either general or epcelal partnership ?ow offers to a gentle.nan with this anioiiut. to a ieap"cl able, well eataollehed New York dry goo I a commission hoiiae. Addreta Dry Uoo<ts, Herald office. $5,000 lilHI.NBSS OPPORTUNITIES. ARtllE CHANCE POM A WATCIIMAKKB HAVING ftl.OUOor $3,Mk> to Inveat.?fhe Jewelry Store at Port ma Monroe, Va., for *a!e, having a foo t run of work, good prlcee and no opposition. Inqulr* at DUBKBY A BAK.ML.s', Mo. t John street. AL1UI1T MANUFACTURING BUSINESS POR SALB 100 per cent proBt; reedy demand for goods; rara op portunity. Inquire of Fjt ANOiH A CO., 4W Broadway. A SPLENDID OPENING POR ANY ONR WISHING the moet profitable, plnaeant bnalnea*, with little capt> tal. Call at ofltoo Bartlett'a Itevrralble Family rtewiug Ma chlnea, MB Broadway, corner Prince etreet. > nURINESH POR BAUi?AM (>LD B8TABLISHKD 1CK It Crram ft a loon, one of tha best atanda In New York; haa boon In the hands of the prxaent owner slm* 18S2, known as Btoam Patent loe (Tream Company, 180 Cha'.aam square. BU8INKHS OPPORTUNITY-AN ACTIYB MAN. WITH or $4,000 In caah. will be treated with by a r.--pon SiMe and arlltnatabllf.hed coui rrn. wlilch U ?l?ut In otien a branch of the bnslneaa (speiiulty) In a neighboring citr. Great Inilneeinrtita will be offered, ioqalre of Mr. WlllTi:, ?09 Broadway, tip stairs. POKBALB?ARBCIPB FOB A PASTE NLACKINC; will pollxh equ.<l to the beat now made; ?lso over grease, ana ean be made at much leaa nut than the ordinary Kind. Thla is a chanre fe.- blarklng makers; It la a new Idea. Addreaa or nail on W. R.. SO Main aireri, Brooklyn. T KA4R, KTOCK AND FIXTCRRB OF A BROADWAY \J store for sale. Btork ennaiata of Parasols and I'aucy floods; I nalneea well es*bll?hr<t; rent low. Apply on the ?remUes, t*>l Broadwae, near Seventeenth rtreet, west side. Pfpe:eter going Into the maaofeateillig bnslnesa. ON ACCOUNT OF 1LI.NB.**, $1,000 DOWN AND $7,000 ont of tbe profile will ptiri-hase a bn?tness yielding a year!* f. riuhe. Apply at Mi Weat Thirteenth street. PATRNT-ONK OF 1HB~MOSTVaMIaP-I.K' 1NVKN t'ousof the age mey l<? aeen breallln/ on the aub acriber. it is km wn se llorne's Fire Kacape. Its ? heap neas and irllabUity rniot m ike It |>opular. It la llie only perfect I'lro Kacap* eeer o(Tried to the pnblk'. A rare OhsnrQ

Is oOTrred 10 eap*tallsts or mauufacturr.ra 1 'nil and see Model at 151 Broadway. KISNYON A tlO. SEVERAL NEW, MO.VRYMA KINO. LI KB AND LABOR Having Patents for sale cheap. Will tafco nost of money out of profile. Models at room No. 0 Hotel, Corw landt street. AUMHTRO.S'O. niHOHb HAYINO A ?IOOD CASH OR SHORT TTMB A traoe In fancy goods wltb parlies b-i*ln? tlielr goods In this market, snd witting to eclf on commls<Tnn, will be lib "ally dealt with by calling on J. M. liITftiLL, 3S Walker strsef. TO LBT-THB BSTABLIfiBHD BITTTBB STORK Ma Blghth araaue; Uaw and Flslarea lor sal*. Rent low. TO I.BT?FABT OF STORK m BROADWAY, HAND aomely decorated and fitted up; will bfi lot for gentle men's Dirnlshlng rool*. This fe a rare opportunity for partlns wishing to oommeuee tlite business, or for a retail braneh. Posseadon Immediately. lftft fBRCP.NT-WK nATB IN HANirAT*OITI. 1UU mate and useful enterprise, which will yield a per manent aininsl dividend of at le->st inn per eeiiC l^aOOO pa'd In and room for more. Addreeo ktC, bos 1M Herald ? 90 VVL*S, PAiD, TO ANY GENTLEMAN ipiU.Ui/V in a position to luteence the aale of en es- I Tor*. Tnft pwpwiy w rrpjrv* wltn ill (ho inircmrr I houses, piKs, mnchloery, *c., sod can lmmediatelr be worg. I 5U&W&AS&.M?U,U I ??PIHnnifi m&RClAli. Auwp AMoow op morris and bssbx tail road Ooapu; dm mortmn nne par onl Mwte Aunwt a. wcoi-ay, ?.. B?w?? "? _ JNTABLIftHBD PtrrBRN TBAR8. city Railroad. Uas OimeNS- S ATI MS BANK. 8aatkweel Mir of Bowery and Caaal ilrooi. 81s Mr cat mtaresA fr*>c from ui. Sum (ran M to |UU teeelred. deposited uow will bear Interest from April 1, pay. TAUBCAN, SHEkIaM 4 CO.. BARKERS, CORNER PINB ard NA.Sa.VU 8TBETB. new TOUR, Itiao Circular Notes and Letter* of Crsdil for travellers, available In an lae principal cities of tba world. Mercantile credits for nsa la Euro pa, China, Ac. Also mskt transfers af money to California and Oregon by telegraph. Interest allowed on deposits. Dividend-crow* point oold and silver Miuing Company. fM per fool, payable 1Mb Instant, in ?old coin, lesa'etwnMge, at the Agency of the Bank of Cali fornia. l.KfcH A WALLBR, . 33 Plus street. I^XECUriVR OPflCB western union tele J graph Company, Ui Broadway, New York, Mani-jt?, itm. TtiU Company is piepared to anticipate payment af ita Bonds rrutuling on tire let.of May asst. at a reasonable ills count for tba aneiptrnl time. O. H. palmer. Treasurer. MONEY TO LOAN AT SEVEN per CENT in I AKr a or .*41 atr.ooula, M flrsl cta,i *?*?. riflhAfmuf'IIot?l. -:w for ... ?took l 1 poiwod ih^ir tr. ?lf??^nd iv^S?.i '.vd-'A. "QMPcny 2m a ?p. i All who tesl in I:M?-rent it, ? ?f ^o'Mtlline begun. ?end for circular .oron.^OD ..,W?'3V? *'V -?--.L*'" !?**? !f I TpUNNSYLVANiA STATE LOAN I R0P0SAL8 P0R A LOAN OP $S?,0?>?>0. b4^^?Com^t"^tl,e rWl0n,Ptl00 * '???-?? *?5FirraX^^ ,fc0"Mbc rn,d prfjwnt.Ulvin oi ?r(,':* er?l AmmwWjt mot.and 11t, h?Frt> hi -th^ i*J1?"r,'(-'r> A"'''i?r <.>n-r?l nn.l SiM* tetefri S&Ggfas&SS&SS KB4SWRV?fl?w? gL%s?:^e "?&# t<TcT.&^55lH2S feffi riSd,rin5!^r,?w A"<t':or a#nfra tote-JESSKSiiVi*b?fc2 Z usaSSxeuuss^ *ml 5WSSWW pr??i of luJnorlrH"^fS'iwA. MdTS?TB ** ' rtiS* ^X^.Tu"?^ <* ? 'f"^ ??!S?h* boD*M AuS mmJJt I2L" *****- ???ciitar#, AdtninttiruloiB nkp nt m?kin2,"i'' ?'of lom LtM b> them at the time bi ^uid'bV ih l. aci *"* 10 r*CCiT* lhC bo,"1, ?iutUorU.Hl to ??? WilTW'rJRTa;S?t& &?&? tn?r^2*lnwMsJ5,?"?* ,ILlb6,J fcWHl* for i fir U oefli of the "ilurn nolwowfln* ,?/?,,. Mm!* <" kJ, *,4 ill j*?1 Br,<* *n"r ifiepatstgn of Dili art a}] thr .W^rmonwe4lu .^JSr ?/S5 **? ^ssre&s1 ?JOHN p. DLAS8 Kicker of the Hcust of RrprctenfallrM. r^,ot !n i <>r<]*ineo witL the provf<t:on? of ti?c above act of Ai. trim.a M^.Atrd propor"?|? will bf* rrr*;vrd M - hit nft -1 ?r n I rut or*rd mi foil own??? Pr.>j?o#nl? for PeitOffvivArln * 8'%ir I ?rA^SP-17 ,,*P,r""?nt- "Arrtaburg, r?. I'miod Statca | *" rT?il"1 for ??.???,'?). mmknmHii iB f r. i S l*nMfr*r*; t8,?H)?)0 rr1aib\ir?*l'e to b r^ hl^.'A f fPaT '" 6r,?* 'v^"? nml ?W,t<n0>J0 rrlm b'_r*-'bl?I InJflan 7cm and p*r-Me In inrnlr r'y# V. nr. the rate of Incmt to b? cit*.', nvr ?r ,\ ~r ?i JI I moS.' '"? MpljclWjr Hit?1 I . ilic hM n r! bl>1( moat uuvanlajmtua to the ht..i? l>? arrf>ni<->i ? 7 1 ?' Ul?*. m HUU"' ;o<a,i niunleipu I swk wswaKar U?r^'u'?,, to ^ 1 jShnStaid^oiii "? ?*" ^ween buw"' *??'???? j JOIIK W. ?1EART, I io.r;rrrMi^R;^:lk W. l,.*E*ABM&?GeMfa r^wT.r?^TOrp?^??^ ?^?2rsu. j $2.500 i0|tT rtggAlMal^of Mr. %Vlt>OH?xFjUty+St, r?%? $1/5.000 Wa^T^T." 1M,?T ,M "ITLDINfl a :ZM?T no IkMiem^iwiSVehlSj^ui 222b!$ #rlen>- ???: mil. ^r- uh^nJTJTfc,,n*; -?? lor pa, liculara Cap.ta.lrt,?*,'M^lp^lTpo? $325,000 S,'?taANo^>UB?i2 "0HT, ?*Ulr, In tliia nly or |fi.?kl?n ^ 'u',u,? 00 '??? jwilf f. ooffukr.w Wall wrwt, mam M. $)i)0 000 I? f*0A* OM BOND A?)D Mont! A ?rnpl BPNlWy. '?"A* orricMs. DVAhCES mAde OX WaTCI.HH, D1A XONUH. IKW AT r" n"nn^^\^^: r^ZimwK!lJ Ai nTMAN'fl. 65d f)ROADW/kY, ^ORNKIl o?^ iiovn ? irr#??. will 1-4 paid tbr l ichen:! t> i n ri^ V?t bilrarwar*. or ATN1 RROADWAV?I PAY TlfK kT/iuvui* .n.^_.. jVOrtmond., Witcbna. Jewr.rr. IHAA< s, Piflninntl Hrulfrr, ? UIHrv?i># Wailafthaatra, Ahvancrs madr on diamonds wiwum an" wrtam, Tnr-. P.irnltmV' ?.?!!.* Cr,M',fH Hl/'" , orb.;"tht for ca?b. T. rmi Sodnr'Ta j S VaMKM* ft# Broad way. n-arly oppoMta AatorpWa 1 ' AVl^im?D^WATr"1i?% PATH tjj k Vrri* o^t /aTii kV<? " fi ?A ?JnVn j r w r ir v WATOHliS, J?WKI^ rWTR pyiRriK/iR''RT' 'TO A* rwwa SaVthrbiIi?Tt,l~?TlrK*"KTH BTRERT, Broadway thbatrb. admission m cbnto. Owrny Imdnr ul liwm street. UOWTINCOUSLT CRAMMED HOUBBB. ^ 8TANDINO ROOM OBLT at 0 o'clock, attest the o?prm tented popularity of U* world-renowned MmadlMui ?nd original delineator* of IB18B AMD TAN USB lifB. MR. AND MRS. BARNEY WILLI A MB. W^bSWjJoKE*Ul U r*er*UuU' Umlled to ONLY TWO THIS EVKMKO open at 7. begin* at 1\. M ATI NEB om Saturday. March 16. at lk o'clock. The Irub drama of SHANDY aAOUIRB.' KM ANDY MAOUIBE (with toagi) Mr. Barney William* Tob? followed by the ^etnnUhlat protean comedy of AN HOUR IN BBVILLB, la which Mr*. Barney WiliUm. will aaaume eight different character*, with ten change* of aupcrb cor.luwe, Engliah, Spat) lab and American, Box office open from 8 to 0 o'clock. Beau may bo secured olx day* In advance. - WOOD'S THBATBB. POPULAR PRICES. AM Broadway, oppoelte St. Nicholas Hotel. Family Circle, 25o ; Dree* Circle, 40e.; Orchestra. TSe. OKNUINK SUCCESS of the oeiebratcd VocallM, Comedi enne and dialect acre**. ? Mlae PANNT MOROAN PIT P. LP 8, who will aire TWO PERFORM AN' Ks? THIS DAY, Wedueeday, March 13. MATINEE. EVENINO. Open* ll'<, begin* IW. Open* 7; begma t\. Appearing for the lant time* aa the WILD IRISH (JlRL, us ma _ BONNIE FISH WIPE. Thursday evening, March 14, TIIR LA OIKS' BATf.E and . KITTY O'BllIEL. German stadt theatre, 45 and bowery. Thla (Wednesday) evening. M.ucli 18, MR. BOOUMIL DAWISON aa NAKCI8SE, In BRACHVOOEEB ORIGINAL DRAMA, ___ NARCI*SE. German stadt ttieatrp, ? axd 47 bowery. To-morrow (Thursday), Mnruii 14, X HALKVYtJ GRAND OPERA, ' DIE Jl'EDIN (Tha Jcweaa). Hartv tbwpLe of vyptfky, w Broadway. Notice.?Other attractions being in preparation, tbia vlll the LAST WEEK OF THE PRESENT PROGRAMME. Protcis, or We Are ll?-rc; Hut Not Hare; Fjoauug Head; Ofowili of Flowers. Ac., will be repeat" I EVERY EVENINO AT ?, BATlRDAT AT 2. Ticket*. 50 rent*; Reserved $1. For aate, six day* in ' "lau, fr " The flickering piano Is u?cJ at these ata .cea. WEDNESDAY?JUVENILE JlItiUT nil ranee, at llio Hall, from 9 till !>. Kt.Oi'l Children hal price. C1HARIEY WHITE'S THOUPE -STETIY SIOHT, J ul Bryunt'a Mechanic*' hall, 472 I'roadway, near ('runtf ptrrH. nr.A>r> revival of tub wheat :r.r?n drama. FENIAN'S OATH, evciy KSNlAN'fl OATH, FENIAN'S OAl'll, eve:.It g K'NiAX.-S OA ill, FESIAN'S OATH, thiaueei, FENIAN'S OATH, PF.NIAK'8 OATH, At thla popular FENIAN'S OATH, PEN UN'S OATH. depot of fun. FENIAN S OATH, OH THE IDIOT OF KILT.AtiNEY. OK THE IIJlOI OF KILLAKNBY. RTAr.FRR TvVINW, SIAMESE TWINS. fchUl.lil'ON WITNESS, SEEI ETON WITNESS. BALDWIN, THE f.ttEAT INDIAN JUOOLEll. HAI.PWIN, TUH URKAT INDIAN JVOGLBIt SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS?MB FROADWaY. Tl-.e Trouble connnciiffs at quarter to emlit. THF, ritEMP. DK I,A CREME >'F MIHSTRLLAY. HlECIi, WAMBOLD. RKRNABD A BACKUS' HAN F KANCIBCO MINSTRELS. wl.ot* lecu boa never l>ccn equaled by any similar crgani. anion in Hie workl New anil cheerful Btirle-qnra every ??e'* IhiUM' lleud Institute. Ten minute* at the Acad?inr of.Vn-. a Ju.ijcrcaa (ianio, or the Ketio Sharps. I w.ll Miu*r i'ri' : . 'n UM" Morning. Khooli of l.nicliter at the l r.i. : and tbe scrOAin'iig Black Cook and Afriann ?.k ?? ? :?< jm, K El.LY A : I.ON'S MINSTKKI.8, 520 BROADWAY. I'ATTI e i, v- nnablo to oblaiu aeata. BLAfR PAITt [ : i,.N'r,Y LEON flnna PATH !fj I ... and mwl ?ii!T:ctilt I'ATTI I w 1 AS.. ?. 1 OI L'AHIHTA ID I V [x| L'ESTASI PAR1R IK I iro ,%? n.tb rapture* nightly, PARIS It I tLW. ' .T4 in tne superb Eai PAKI^ I I i ?. r. m. I*n. orted from PAHlK : i.r. for tbia pi CROOK CINDE R LEON DEMON DANCK AT 9:U0l ?Utr NIOBT. EDWIN KELLY, ioyoutur, Allen, Price. Obenit, Ac., 4e. f ATlXJvE O? MLv*.FANNY MOB.^N PBBLPS, POPULAR PIECES. MATixnE o? M!.;;a fanny momah Wedneadar, .^rib IS, at l>i o'clock. WOOD'B rHEATiiE. POP LND BENEFIT CONCERT TO MR. TREO. THOMAS. EIBWAY II ALL.WBDNBBDAY EVENINO, March 18. .. F IIABBIVON The a.aUMu;>hed artista have, i rona manner.Vtvlrreil their sorticeat? "'RANI jrStBil L. H. HABBfOt* Dlraetor. ornnamanner." . " ? " _ Madam* PAHEPA-BOBA, Prima Doooa. Mr. W. J. DILI* Tenor. - ? Mr. K. MOLLENHAl'ER, VioltUfll. Kr. CAHL ItOMA, Violuilrt. Mi. W. KorrA, Viollni'L Mr. S. B MH.iJ), Pianist. Mr. 0. W. COLBY. AecompanMt, and FULL OKl'IIKsTRA The following noveltlea wtii bo produced'.? Two* acta u> the Druma Ruanmurxlr, by Schubert. Oraml Concerto for four Tknine, por formed try Mr. MOL.I.ENUAUBR, Mr K?>PTA, Mr. ROB A and Mi. THUMAH. T1CKET8 ONE DOLLAR. Reserved saots. u) cent* extra. For aaie at the music atoree and Sleinwny Hail. JJ AN DEL'8 ORANn OB A TO BIO OF. JUDAS MACCABjEt'S. "RTRINWAY HALL, FHJDtY KVfiNINl). MARCH I*. L. Kill A KIUHON, Direct*. Poeltivcly the l??l apnearnner in oruloiioof MA OA Si E PAREPA ROSA. Solo* and ehorueea m:at?lned bv ilAUAkK RAYMOND RITTER. Mezioaopraqo. UK. UROROK SIMIMON, lenor. Y. It. J. K. THOMAS, Hiiro. MR. E. J. CONNELLY, OrfanleC MR. I). TT. COI.BY, DaniU. TT1B NKW TORR HARMONIC ROCIETT, MR P. L. fllTTi:!?, Conductor, and TilEO. THOMAS' INCREASED ORCHESTRA. TICKETS ONE DOLLAR. Rceerved aeate Ml cenu extra. For aulo ill's mornlnj; at Heer A 8chlrmer'?,701 BronJwav; Pond A Co'a.. M" L'rr. liullman's ticket offloe, 113 Broadway. and at Ktemwny Hall. CARL WOI.FROllN'S I,AST BEETHOVEN MAWNKK, AT STEINWAY'S ROOMS. Friday, March IS, at S o'clock. Ml.I.E. MARIK FREDERIC!, I RIM"A BONHA. Out* time the celebrated CIANT SONATA. SI. rot aale at .StelnwayV STEIN WAY IIALL. LAKT GRAND POPULAR CONCERT And Uit appaaraooa in tbe concert room 01 the celebrated Prima I?, MADAME PAREPA ROSA, Predion* 10 her appearanre In ItAliau opera. SATl'RUAV. lb, AT 8 O'CLOCK, BENEFIT OF THE ATTACHES OK STEIN WAV AND IRVINO HALLS. L. F. HAKR!?ON DIRECTOR The following lirillioni army of aMiata will aaMat:? Madame PAREPA UOSA, Puna Doi.n*. Mr w. J. lllf.L Tenor. fe.gnor S. ST KIM. Iluato. Mr. H. B. MILLS, Ptantet. Mr CARL ROMA, VktlinM. Mr. DKITZ. Trumpet SoloWt. Mr. F. LETHCII. Trombone Solo let. Mr. SCT1MITZ. Horn Soloiat. Mr. IIBINDU Flute and ZUher Soloiat. Mr. EMfiR, Mule Solo *!. Mr J. CAULFIF.I.D, Organlat Mr. O. W. COLBY. Aroonipaulal Mr. TUEO Til OMAN, Conductor, and hi* full Orcbaetra. Tlekele f 1. P.eeerved Seala 10 cent* extra. Far tale thla morning at the uaual places. STEIBWAY HALL. 0TH SUNDAY CONCERT, MAKCH 17 L. F. HARBISON DIRECTOR Flrat appenmnce of tbe favorlie Prima Donna, M'LLE PAULINE CANISSA. Flrat appearance of tbe eelebrated Oraaniat lb la aaaaoe, MR. O. W. MOROAnT together with the followingeminent ArUate: ? MR. CARL ROSA, Vlollulati MR. ft. R. Ml M.S. Planlft; MR. O. W. COLBY, AC' ompanlut; MR. TIIEH. THOMAS. Conductor, and hia FULL ORCHBSTKA. Tlrbate, fOeenta; Rceervad Seat*. SO eenta eitra. Theatre francais.?frhncii theatre to let. for cvemnfa and uiatlneea, for opeia?. diamaa. con ccrtn,'.wttirea, Ac , Ac. Apply to Mom. DKIVET, office of French theatre. l,t'<*T ABDI-'OU m Found-on Monday afternoon, in FOUB teenth atrret, between Rii adway and Fifth ae>Due, a lady'a Pnekct Huok. The owner etin bare It by p:ovlng property and paving for thie advertleetnanl. Apply to H. W. Stewart. 90 Kaaaatt street. IO*T-A WHITE POttDLB DOO, RIQIIT EAR YBL j low tinged. A liberal reward on hi* return to ttl Madi MatnlM. IOST-ON MARCH II, BETWEEN FOURTEENTH AND J Thirtieth atreete, on Third avenue or vlcluliy, a luluk Fnr. 1 he nnder will bo rewarded by leaving It at MS Eaut Th i-tl?!h at'eot. IOKT-LAST WEI;K. BETWEEN THIRTEENTH J etreet and ffe t Tenth atreet, a Diamond Breastpin, ah.ale > tone, The ftnder will be r< warded on returning it to Ailalre't Market, AS4 Hudxon atreet. IOiiT-ON MONDAY AFTERNOOR, IN OOINO FROM J Broadw. y, through Twenty-niplilti aireel ami >l?rti?on a?eaue toTlilrly aeeond atreet, a Mink Collar, marked M. A. Ilurd. The finder will be rewarded by irtuinin^ II to Mra. Ilnrd, 79 M..dl on avenue. 1 OPT-IN CAR NO. ?S (OK IN OETTINO OFF) OF J the South (tract line, a buff Envelope, addreaaed to Meaara. How ird A FuMrr. coiner of Hrld?o and Plymouth atreete, Hr<?klyn, and < onulnin* $20 Halted Htatea notes, f If will be paid for the return of the park***. P. OltHAUT, No. I Rro?dway, New Tart. n.8N?A GOLD T.RVKR HUNTINO WATCH, BRIS e maker; No. 1,117: $W and no ^naallnaa, for IH re turn. Addrrea U, eare of ckrk of HraudVeth lluute. $1 KMWAKPR. _ ' _ REWARD.-STRATED FROM HOBOKBN, ON 5PI Sunday. March II, a aorrol lloraa, with whitefaee and white hi ad laat, with large Mine and tall. The abovere. want will ha paid for Ite return ta T. A- A. ?furry, ataad 14 Weat Waahlnglon Market. AC REWARD WILL BB GIVEN TO THE FIRDBB OF ?Pi) a art of Billiard Halle, left la Eighth aveaoe eat Ma. I .??? ?<? Bglti arena* BBWARD WILL SB PAID FOR THB RROOTBBT ?i) of an Ivory Opera Olaae, laat an Monday even log, it lap Academy of Maale Addraea 16 Waahlnglon aqitara. S100 N1 AMPCTMpirra. TEW YORK THBATRB. Managers ... *****tod *wk Snltk. THIS OAT (WBDN ESDA Y lMABGH 13jat 1 o'oioe* P. II. v _ THB SOUTHERN RELIEF funis m l , eo which oeotiion i.ady DOB Im rolwateared. togeiher. with Mr. JOHN K. MORTIMEB and tie wttM company Orchestra and attaches of lb* theatre. BouctmaU's Ova act Cornedrot ?. w . lAJKDOJf ASSURANCE. ? Richard Daale Mr. John B, Bar Sir Huronrt Courtley .Mr, Mark I Mark Meddle .' .. ........ Mr. Yawta f Dolly Spanker Mr. W. Ooi Charles Courtier Mr. Jaasea Max Harks way. Mr. T. J. Orsce Harkaway . MUa Pert Mm Mi LADY OA* SPAN KB R Seal* m?7 ba secured at the regular prtoee. ? ew YORK THEATRE. Managers Lewis Baker asd Mark BnBB rourtb aud last week of the distinguished coma ilea as, , LADY DON, who will THIS BVENINO appear In a new Comedy, written expressly for her. entitled _ .. 1)BOTHER BOB. FANNY HARTt.IOUX LADT DOB Also us >11 LBS NA COPPALBBN, to Byron's admlrabto Bur.fsnun of , BILY O'CONNOR, or THE COLLBBN BAWN, ' Assisted by Mr. MARK *MI VH, Mr. LBW1B BAKER, M? BJCEtLERT comedy ANo'bURLESQUB COMPABT. NTpO?BEMi PIT OF LAUY DON. F FRENCH THBATRB, . _. ??? ThemJay, March II, 1867. wrest FARnW ELL uttiorouuce ul iru.n. nadpi. LE VOL A LA UOCLADB. LES DEUX BTOURDB. N1 JU Il& jt. B. CONWAY'S PARK THEATBK, BKOOB* TJIIB EVENING, AugUilln Daly's New I'lay, HABABOUUS OROUND. Aline .. Mrs. P. B. CON WAT Supported by tlio entire star company. WOOD'S THEATRE Jl AT IN KB. I'OPl LAR PIECES, on \VeJuo?d*T, iiturli 13, at IX o'clock. MISS FANNY MOBUAN PU^LP* IN two FTECBS. T ONY PASTOR'^ OPERA IIOUS3. *U BOWERY. ok and family matiiuks, qrand FAMILY MATINEE TIIIS AFTERNOON AT VU O'CLOCK. r i riitii v</<< a i /jk '?"/\/ r The Champ'on cladlator of the modern arena, MR. SAM COLYER, Mi:. HAM COLVBB ?r. sjm ror.vRR, m::. cau imlvisb and hit two talentedsoa*, Mriat?r* dan and BDOIK. * 't he greateai and only purel* origiiia: Biuleaque pretenle( In New York 'or yt.trs. 1bb>'iwc success. MABANIKf.L O, M '.SAMBLLO, l/l'J FIKIICAtCBER of 20A.PLE8. Vrw Seer.ery, Costumes, ???.. a;.d glorious e*xL TUNY PASTOR and TROUPE IN A OiUNP OI.IO. HOOLEV&OPKRA HOUSE, brooklyn. Tin-: HOUSE that JA?'K BUILT. THE BURI-ESQUB BLACK CROOK. C E. Collins?"The Cure." A. Ramtord?"Thn WoaUcr." Sotne'ioiT's Coat. Affair df Honor. Challenge Dan(Ire clan Statues. Uranri Matlneo erery 8MUIday, ul v, ? 'clock. GRIFFIN k CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS. fifth avencu ovskx noosE, No*. 1 and 4 West Twenty-fourth street. O. W. H. OrilUn , Manager THE family BBSOIT. Third successful week of the ftranc! Spectacular fl>irte?(iue, BLACK CROOK. Bemppe trance of Mr. OTTO Bl'ltUANK. Doors i poo at 7; to eominct.?? 8 p\cloak. IRVING H ALL. I WEDNESDAY *od OSCaR PFF.IFFERS ! SATURDAY. KJKST OKA NO CONCERT. SATURDAY EVENING, March 16. UC7. PROGRAMME. PART I. I. Overture, ??NaehtUicar'' Troope Ereutaar Oscar rrurptH. a. gong Lutfcaf 1GNATZ PoLL.vCE. I. Fantasia (f.), CeNa Barrate RUDOI.PIl Ill'NNIiJ. 4. Aria, Hallo In Ma*chers Verdi 1 OIUDITTA ALTIP.1I. lb Paraphra;*, Ernanl PMBkr * OSCAR I'FBirFrat. rART II. '? ?-> wwiie*: * ."tfeai-wm^r v" ' 3. Aiiagla and Makurka Cka. ftahabart* RUDOLPH HEN MO. 4. Guard'* Walls. qWdITTA ALT1BRL nival. ?% Variation*. Carnival FMIWm OtH'AH PKUU'EE. To commence at 8 airlock P.M. 1 ickeu of admlMdwa Bit reserved seats. 60 cents exit*. For nale at J. Uebakarth M Co. a, m Broadway, and VV. A l'?n<l A Co. s.417 I'road way. NEW YORK HARMONIC 80CI STY.?REHEARSAL? for Judaa Macoabeu* tliia (V\'?dn??dajr) morning, at 10 o'clock, witli orchestra and rolim. at Stolnw.iy llnlt. Par ehopisee, 0?ta evening i?t church <? mier I'ot'-n ?']i>are aud Fifie*1itb street. D. B. JOIIRHTUR. Financial Sc'itlury, 41* Vrooms etreot. Bunyan ta rlkai!s.? i.??ujlisr panorama i* the world, FUty magnificent locne*. illustrating "linn van's Pilgrim's ftugrea*.'" Union Hall, Hro^dwxy and Twenty-third slr??u Open every mgbtat 7; commencing%t 7Jf. Admission ISO oents; chlldicn Scents. Matinee Wo4e nasday and Saturday, at 'i o'c0ok. HO 111: J. GfliiENVVOuD. Manager and Proprietor. LADIES' PAIR FOR TIIK MISSION SCHOOL?IN THB lecture room of tli* H i t T'.veaty.tblrd street Prerby. terlan church. Dr. Clark'* (near Sevoutk avenue), oa Wed. ncsday and Thursday, March 13 "ltd II. TOE RICH IN OS ENGLISH OI'KKA COMPANY will reappear ul the OLYMPIC TIIKATKK ON miNDAT EVENING NF XT, MAftOU ML commencing a brief mih Hajfe's ?" BOHEMIAN UiKL. Bo 1 sheet row open. RJClllNOM ENGLISH oi'RitA Tltom-K. Tlila eetefcrated combination having bean rcnrganlied for the fall aud winter *erv>o of l*}7 and IM6S, the under - signed 1* now prepared !<? nepotUta with managers. AddreM A. 8. PENNQXElt, Business Agoal, Ci/aipi* theatre. New Yore. SPECIAL ASXOUXCKMIiNT.-IIOMK AND SCHOOL Festival. Ticket* tvll! be redeemed dally ur.t'l the itst instant. Inclusive, when the Lusiness will positively close, accoidlr.g 10 i.nnouneemenu THOMAS A CO., Managing Director*. Ml Broadway. Thi: great historical i-ai/.ting, RJKPl"?LICAN COURT IN Till: DAYS of LINCOLN. ON EXHIBITION DAY AND EVENING. ART (DERBY OALLERY), e^i HKOADWAY. ? Nationaltheatrh, Cincinnati. The undersigned will >r>iim th? le<s*eshlp and ?!> KRemem cf the above well known est ornlsh men! on April 8. 1867. .vhleli will be tUs cfcrncncement of Uia spring and summer s<?*on. SAMUEL WLYILLE. Applications for engr?emen! by letter only up to March M may he .iddr>-.scd to IJron'twjy Theatre, Now York. Bileuoa should l>e eon*idered a ne?auve. AN JO INSTRUCTIONS BY MY LIGUTNINO method which enables any pemrn to play wan la mm single course of lessons. Banios furnHhed for praetlee. . fc. DOBSON, Ml Broadway. THRATRR TICKKT OPFTC3. _ Reserved Seal* for a'l first class Thenlrca, CoMCitlw Ba l*. Ae, can slwuys he obtal ned at the THKATRli YD'HRT OFFICE, 111 aad 111 Broadway. CIAMOFORTBS. B AYOt'NO LADY WILL GIVE PIANO INSTRUCTION t-> a raw scholar* at $10 per quarter, at her ewa a* pupils' residence. Apply at MO Biiui arena*, near FortletA street ? k r.OSEWOOD SEVEN OCTAVE PIANO. ALL THB /? Ij?last ImprovnmeuU, for $204; one for $*v, aieo a new ona at a reduced price. 1J0 Antty street. n. HA RDM AM. A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTB PO? sale; uia4e order: city maker: eoat $SUi, fee M0>, la. e'uding Stool and Cover: Parlor nulla, Klageras, BookcaML Paintings, ("l.-i-nber, Dlolng Furniture. A sacrifice. M Weet Sixteenth street, near Mlilh avenoj^ AHAONiriCErft A8SORTMRNT OF THB FINEST sud cheapest rtsnos :n the city for sal* aad 10 real by WM. t'ANDIDL'S, I# Kle^k^r_'tr^}: A5 AS.'ORTMKNT OF NEW PIANOFORTES TO LET and sold, on insuluient*, at the manufactory, |/W and MS Eisl laeu.y flm tliecl U V CUMMINGK. A SPLENDID SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO forte sl ? treat sacriftc-- worth M7t, for lea* than half. AI-? Cite lor oo*l $(50. Sl Washington place, aaar Or?*D'' street. BEAt'T.'KL'L RO>TWOOD PIANOFORTE FOR ssle?orlflnal price $?n<l. fdr less than half prlos; sevaa oclatcs, ovcrstrunc hi??. carved leg<, nearly new, nelehralad makeis. Also Purlar t'arpata. Apply at th* resldance M Third street. BARGUNS-ROSKWOOn 1 OtrPAVR PIANOFORTE, fall Iron fianie fi"?; octave, $|A0: handsome rnsa wooil StodartA Donhsin pianoforte. $130, Several other* cheap Also an n?s>v tm -'ii of new rlanofortM at let* than wi.ofc^il' prices. Mc DON alu A CO., 90 Fourth aveaaa. opposite Cooper liistilue. TO P.SNT-A SITP.RIOR SFVE?J OCTAVE ROBE world riano i>>rt?]r^JM4enl>t St per moalti: rePnr ence. In.,..Ira of Miss DORAN, *7$ Broadway, or M Wool Koriy-sec ind street. TUB BALL KRAKON, fW.CJ,Ri' PoilNOBB AND MASK8.-R. W. WIU V MAMh * CO., No. 6i Kast Thirteenth street, ?*^ Broaatvs;, MTe uow ready a largo an ! ouaalfleem slock vt t astuines, Ac., for the Herman l.lederkran* Masquerade. MAKOCRRApE AND BALL rOSTUMFS.-A large and entirely new a?sortment of gorgoos* and historleal Co??ttin?s, e.,mpn?lng *11 tho lat st sirles, wpoelelly ?? ported fnr the ppe?e/il stn'on Can b* obialned on rftsjoo* ble terms at I2? third avanne, between Fo-irteealk and rifc i*enth street., AI'O Cosinmes mads to order. PI RON I A Mm*. ABRIATI, late eoetQmer of Rl-itori'* iramalicoa^ pany and Gratt'i ltaliaa opera. / TMK*LlccTt;Ha *?A>qyj?r.-^_ TJRIOADl KR OKNERAL STRWARTJL WOOWORA JL> Lieutenant Uovernor Slate 01 New Y*n, Hlim kl* celebrated U..*^ 814 ?W. RLKCTI7RES OB A* ^ajjNaUvlUf Jr Pr HMf