Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 13, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 13, 1867 Page 2
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CITY IIEili EITATB VM ???? A FIRST CLASS TENEMENT HOUSE ON MOONS A avenue, ?mi aide, near Thirty lift ',or? four stories and bA?#incut; store u?rt 70 fgw? y?Pj. IW, urioe $11,160; tenl $1,700. Apply to ?'M JJSllBfcTCil, <11 I bird Hium. AT A GREAT SACttirit'E.-FOR S ILK, THREK fOUE ?lory brink Tenement Hou en, '!*wih?~ ,*??* for liSkJO. price *34.000. a it inn.: * sold. AlsolMJ" !*?% KUOOeack, on Pifty-thlrJ street. .be??f??.ftSftfiHVav Third avenues. AMafttoJOBE FETTBETCH. 418 Third a?. A T (10 FOURTH aVPNUK?HO0SK3 FOB A fff^t D^.WE.Uie Circular, which cab be had fM>e or by mall upon recsipt of stamped directed en A VOID HltiH BE.NT8.?BUT YOUR8ELF A HOMK A Aud be mderendeiHof ****** rto*^*l<wS?idii?be?t ?*reei?, wlti^jwunds sttacbed, from $3 W0 W $IS0U0. At KAYNOK * FLATT'S, 1.94B TUirtl Ittth and 128th streets, A SUBURBAN RESIDENCE, THREE STORY HOUSE, lot 60x150, West Eighty-fourth street, north alae, 2U0 feet east of Tenth avenue; price $11JWQ; Immediate posses aion- terms liberal; title jod. This la a sacrifice. " ' TUPS! SCANLAN, 764 Eighth avsBus. A EICE THBEB 8TORT HIGH STOOP BRICK HOUSE for aaie. onreniently located, VkSsIUI; excellent ucigtitxjrhood^ ULLaMT, Ho. * Pine atrMt^ Avery desirable thru story hioh stoop House, on Fifty-third atreet, between second Mid rd avenues; In perfect order; rood location. Price $13,61)0. JOSEPH MASON, tt Pine street. A THREE STORY AND EASEHENT BRICK HOUSE and Lot for aula, 19x48 aud 98.9, No. m Weat Thirty sixth atreet; $8,000. EDMUND 11. MaRTINE, 1,271 Broad - way. A BROWN STONE HIGH STOOP HOUSE?IN WEST Tweaty-third atreet, for sale, with Carpets, Mtrrora and <Jas Fixtures. l>oaaeeaion in April If desired. Apply to A. J. BLEECKER. SON Jt CO., ft Cedar atreet. Avert handsome poor story brown stone II nu?e, high a loop, for tale. 26x80 aud 98. ?; painted and frescoed; very handaomc Oaa Fixtures, Mtrrora. Cornices and shade*; ou Weat Tweuty.eightb atreet; $?9,000; a bar galn. EDMUND H. mabl'lNfc., 1,179 Broadway. ALAROK AND VALUABLE tenement PROPERTY for sale, 60 by 1U0 feet, Noa. S3 and 25 Roosevelt atreet. In the Fourth ward. Inquire of E. CASTLES, ?1 Roosevelt atreet. ASt'LENDID INVESTMENT.?LOTS ON SUMMIT Hill. lllo (100 feet wide), and now on the grade. Tim best property west of Central Park. Apply to HOMER MOR 11 AN, No. 2 fine atreet. Broadway property.-fob sale cheap, one of tbe be?t le iaes on Broadway. Will be nolil tt a fair price, Splcudid Marble HulWiiu on tbe prem *es, which will l>e paid for at expiration of lease. Apply personally or by leUer at No. 238 West Flfly-soouud atreet. ?<LEUANT THREE fTOHY l!IOH STOOP BROWN I /tone House, baud!- jinely decorated, all modern im provements. nrst clasa neighborhood, for sale at a baigulu. Apply at 363 Henry street, south Brooklyn. IfOR SALE?THE POUR STORY AND BASEMENT 1 browu stone House No. 68 West Forty-seventh atroet, between Fifth and Sixth avenues; house iu perfect order. Inquire upon the premlaos. II?OR SALE-TUP. LOT AND FIRST CLASS DWELL 1 mg House JJ7 West Fifty-fourth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, with three Lots adjoining mid a Lot with stable in rear, running through to Fifty-fifth street, now oc cupied by the subscriber. For term* and particulars apply at offlee, S3 John street, between 1 and 3 o'clock. Tbe house and premises may be .<een from 1 to 4 o'clock. TIIOS. C. SMITH. 1jV)R SALE?A B A Rli A IN?FIRST CLASS UOUSE. S8 feet wide, and Stable, 109 West Fourteenth street, be tween Sixth aud Seventh avenues; immediate possession. Stpply to HOMER MORGAN, No. 1 Piuc street. For salb-a three story hiuh stoop brick House. In Tenth street, near Fifth avenue, with pos session. Apply to DY? A CURTIS, 603 Sixth avenue. For sale?a three stokt. hioh stoop brick Houseftind four Lots of Grounds in Yorkvilie; house baa all modern improvements, islwell built, and in good Order; terms easy; lnweit price $16.0fa P. P. BORKKLL, 64 Broadway, room tt. VOE SALE?FIRST CLASS. NEARLY NEW, FOUR J" story broirn stone House and Lot in Thirty-ninth stieet, Firth and Sixth avenues; price, including elegant Mirrors and Fixtures. $32.S00. STA N LEY DAY, 319 Fourth avenue. IjlOR SALE-TWO BLEGANT FIRST CLASS FOUB 1 story brown stone front Houses, 83 and 85 Sixtieth ?treet, northwest corner of Lexington aveuue. inquire on the premises. FOB SALE-LOT ON BOCTH SIDE OP USD STREET, between Third anJ Kourlb arenues: gm and water in the ?treet $900. Terms easy. J. W. BOO Kit T, 96 Liberty St. Fob sale-a thkee story and basement brick House, water, gas, Ac., south side 119th street, joeoond east of Third avenue. T7*OB BALB?A SUBSTANTIAL NEW BRICK factory J? and Stable on West Foityneventh street; factory one, throe and Ore stories iu height; Sieam Engine, 16 horse, and ftoiier, 40 horsepower. Shafting, Ac.; ihrco lots of ground. Terms easy. Immediate possession given. Address i>. J. S., Herald oftoe. JTOR SALE?TllRKE STORY basement AND CEL< 1 lar brtok House, 61 Barrow street: all improvements: price 66 00U. Also tbe corner store Property. 80 Bedford ?treet; Terms easy. Owner, CM West Forty-eighth au POB SALB-B17.0U0 ?POUR STORY nion STOOP House In West Fifty-fourth street, near Broadway. flso, $64,000, four story high stoop brown stone House, ? est orty-thtrd street, full site, oomptete order. ROBERT T. MEEKS, 81 Cedar street. FOB SALE?NEAR BLRBCKEB STREET AND SIXTH avenue. Property suitable for stable or tenement par ?ones, 86x96. Piioe $S,M. no less; bargain. D. D. OltKELL, 78 Cedar street. Fob sale?on west side op university place, between Twelfth end Thirteenth streets, two House* and Ijeaee of Lota. 15 years from 1st of May next Slse of lot 17x88. Price ptM) cash eaeh. Apply at the paint siere, 64 University place: tn>R SALK?BY BLEECKErt, HYDE A LOWEREE, f Noa. 4 and ? Pine street. West 30th St., b?L 7U> and 8ih avs., b. s. b. ,.,.$J2,9<XI East tttth St., b.'t. 3d snd 4th ava, 3 story, French roof 14 0U0 Buffolk at, bet. Stanton and Rlvlngton 1?>.0J0 East 30th St., bet. 1st and 3.1 ars., h. a. brick 14,000 F jlOK PALS?A VERT FINK THREE STORY IlIOU J sloop brick House, In Fortieth street; lower ilorj brown ?ton* aud balcony; reuts for $1,0)0. Price glO.VW. li. A. DARRIN, State and Whitehall streets. For sale?ox east fiftieth btrfet. a thrke ?lory high Hoop brown (tone Home, on Bast Sixtieth Street, Oral elaaa brown stone Dwelling. B.BOWN A Mcl.KAN, Ml Third arena*. ?L'OH RALE?THREE STORY HIGH SIOOP BROWS X stone. on Wot Thirty-siiih street, near Broadway; price $1?,CU0; do. brick, on l.amsrtinc i>lnc?; $1S,(?'. THOMAS B. PISH,? Plue street. FOR SALE-THREE STORT HIOH STOOP BROWN atone front Houae. Weat Thirty-third street, Eoorm&n viae*; splendid Mirrors, tin* Futures, Oilcloths and Oar pcu, In perfect order; $24 OUO ROBERT H. POKE. V Cedar street. I^OB SALE?HOUSE BAND STABLE FOR THREE C horaea; one of the best re Ilk rautes in the city, U.IMM. ntjulre at 781 Eighth ar nue. Ii'OR KALE?A FIRST CLASS TUREE STORY BROWN atone froui hi*h sto,<p House, ITS Wast Fortieth street, abroad house cast of hlguth avenue, weat aide. Apply on Utv premises from BJtf to 11 A. M. and from 4 to 6 P. M IitOR SALE-TnRKB VALUABLE LEASES ON FORTY 1 eighth atreet. between I Ifth and tixth arenues. Ap f ly to A. L. SAN UK it," 78 Na--sau atreel, room No. 8. Ii'OR SALE?ON EAST THIRTIETH 8TRKET, A < three story high stoop brown ?lon? House, in spi"iidid p der. ehsnfv. On fcsal Twenty -eighth street, brick Dwelling, IbiSOilOO. fB,T60. on Weat Kortv-sere.'ith street, brick Dwelling, modern Imu'oremenis. $11,000. Also lirsl cla?e Tenement Property. BBOWM A Mt'LKAN, SSI Thini ?v. SOB 8ALB-ON MURRAY HILL, IN THIRTY-NINTH atrcst, between Fifth and Sixth arenuea, a Aral class r story high sloop br >wn stone llouao, elegantly fur <i shed. Call 00 or addresa WILLIAM Sl ll'llKN, M htMaii ilwt FOB SALE?AT HARLEM, A LARGE DOUBLE HOUSE, witli four Lots of giound, Una ri?or rlew. Billard room, Emserratory, Ac., attached to house. Adilreas box 4?s bsi oflioo. XH)R SALE?THE VALUABLE PROPERTY? AKD41* W Thomas atreet, near Weat Broadway. ROE A WIL80N, *? Varick street^ EOR SALE?THE LAROE THREE STOBY BRICK Baildlnc V Matt street; built expressly foremanu lory of any kind; It Is well salted for one. baring steam snams, boUer and shifting oa the premises; also of lot, which forms an L, 98x 100-39 Oxl*#. Inquire on the prem ise*. or of BQOOB * TAYLOR, M Wall street UOR SALE-HOUSE AND LOT IN HORBISAHIA. M: Lot Mxafl; cottage houae, 7 rooms. For particulars fcpply to R. FIELD ACQ., W Pearl street. fOR SALE-TUB PBBMISES NO. S HANOI* STREET 1? 100 feet from orand; lot 29 bj 100. Two story, attic and bsaamenl front Houae, and four story double rear llooee; |lO,?u, easy terms. Apply to FANNINU, ? Bowery. El HALE?FURNISHED, ON ASHl-AWD PLACE. A three story high stoop Houae: good order, neigh>x>r Brst rata, prettily furnished, all modern eonrenteneea. $10,000. JAMBS B. BDWAHDH. No. tn Weat Twenty.third street. EB HALE-ON NINTH AVENUE, A LABOR BBOWN Moos Dwelling snd ctnre; site of store JitTi, and es ?hsd as a lirsl clas* fivery store, upper psrtthree rooms deep, water closr is ou e?ery floor, rsnge hot and cold grater, Ac. Priee$19,U)u jAMhS B. FDw'aRDH, No. 877 West Twenty-third street. JTIOB 8ALB-ON WEST TWKNTV.SECOND 8TREET, A r rery pretty English basement Mmse In perfect order from top to bottom; all modern ronrenleitcee; neighborhood MQSioeptional'le Price $14,000. r JAMEB B. EOWARDH,?77y?st Twenty ihlrd at. .10B SALB-THl TWO ABD a H1LF STORY AND VOB S\LE-THl TWO ABD A HaLF STORY AND r baaement DwslttMsnd L^tdnf#^. No. M WAiustreei. pne block from Cansl street. Has brick *tal?le on th<- resr. possession May 1 or sooner. Also gore Lot (in fee. nearly art mining a bore, tn rear. IMsIl, oo^ered by three at .it prick bu'dlng, well rentW, SB exoeiient Ijo*llor. for :i l,ght msnvfacttMog business. Apply te JAMbB PB1CL, MO B'idaoii atreet. '.fityamw English Uy famlshet^ Prioe ALLIBK, ll Cedar stre? I^OB RALE-A NICE FOUR STORY ENGLISH BASF. V ment H?mse In Wrst Twentr-flfth street; bas all mod Eti Impmrements and JjLfJSf.^tJoase; pne- $u,000; rini MMf. F. BORHLLL, 64 Broodwmy, rotii i?. JCITY Mil IITVR fOR LH)R SALE LOW-QWNF.ROOINO TO Bl'R?IfR?TWO F three story high stoop brown stone front H?au? Eighty-fourth street, between Second sad Third a tenuis, SMaeselon 11 ay 1, also one four ?U>ryhlgh stoop brick oum, InJaper.deut walls, 26 feet front,* room*, U Weil Forty-fourth street; Immediate poRsrsaion; *U in JVmmI re pair Inquire of Y. PRENTICE or J. K. SMITH, MPin* at. rtt SALE IX II ABLE M-A TUBEE STORY AMD basement brick Hone*, with the modern improvements, on lldth street, between First avenue aud avenue A; lot 19 feet by 100; parlor and basement mil* pa'oted with fire ooats of oil paint. The whole bout* in Aral ml* order. Vrise <?,000. Applr lo A. D. ORISWoLD, 1? Water atreat. M'KKISHKD houflb. webttwbwTT-THIBI) STREET snaeious stableB CO., Sf PiM * tract. I Elegaut furniture; iaautifut ground*; apaotous stable. mmmm o. h. benedict a Houses fob sale?bt a. journray, ? fine st. Bast ?th .tract ? story h. s. b. I $?4.*? West 23.1 (treat. 4 story h. i. b. a. 22.M0 Weat 23d street, 4 story & b. brink H.OM West 2Sd street. S story h. a. brick Weat 43d street, I etory h. a. b. a 14.3>? West 46th street, 4 atory h. a. h. a ti.UOO Lots fob sale.?two in fifty-srcond. two in fifty-third street, near Highth arenue; aaven in Weat fifty -seventh street; four In Fifty-eighth street, near Broad way. Apply at 769 Eighth aranna. Stores fob sale-maiden lane, corner or William, Daana and Oo'.d streets. O. U. BENEDICT k QO , 81 W?? street. r O LABOE NEW FACTORIKS FOB SALB-SUITA ble for almost uny kind of bualneaa. O. M. BBNBPlt-T M CO..W Pine atreet VALUABLE TENEMENT PROPERTY FOR SALE? Bight first elaaa Houses in Third st. near arena* O. Apply at M Amity atreat, from IV A. M. to 6 P. X. B. OWBW8. 37 TO HTRRKT, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE-FIRST . elaaa four story high stoop brown atone Hou*a, per* feet order, for aala or exchange tor nice reaideuee; Orange or Hudson river preferred: convenient to cltv. W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 BroAdway. <S>Q nnn NOW> AND A FURTHER SUX BY IN ?O.UUU atalmeuta, and on mortgage, will pnrchaee a lirat elas* four story high stoop brown atone House and I.ot on Ea*t Fourteenth street. House contain* all modern improvements; 1* substantially built; very convenient and in perfect order throughout; locitlon excellent; Sixth); lot 24xl(A. Addresa A. 8. Newhury, ltti Broadway, New York. <?? WILL BUY THE LOT ON CORNER OF Vtl.uWU forty-third atreet and Seooud avenue, and street lot adjoining; and fM.400 for three Lota oti Second avenue, between i'orty-aecoud and Forty-third streets- Also Third avenuo Lota for aale. BROWN A McLEAN, 881 Third arenna. CiQ ?FOR SALE. THREE STORY RIGII stoop briclc House, on West Seventeenth street, between .Sixth and Seventh avenues; houie 21x15, lot 1(V. Apply at 217 Howery. OKOItUF. THKISS. MACD.IOOAL STUEET. TWOSTHRY sttla and bate, nent House, brick stable in rear; euclosed carriaije way; 25.(1x73 P. MoELRGY, H7 East Thirty-nlnlh street. CH *2 WILL BUY A THREE 8TORY BRICK House In Third street, near Bowery, in line ; splendid koBEltr M ACLAY, 77 Oodar street." order; all modern Improvement <; splendid j:el>ar. $1 ^nn WILL PURCHASE A HANDSOMELY OJ O.UuU furnished three story and basement brown stone House on Fifty-secoud street, between Hro.-ulwny and Eighth avenue; (lrst class surroundings; house (lfty feet deep. Terms easy. Permits of B. THOKNaL, 1,885 Broad way, near Forty-eighth street. (J?l 7 nnft -p<>R sale, A HANDSOME FOUR %P J. I .wUv. story English b.isemaat brown stone House, on Lexington avenue, near Twenty-ninth street, partially furnished. WM. 8. JENNIMJ8, 111 Broadway, Trinity Building, basement BKOOKLVN REAL EITAT8 FOR S AL.R. AT AUCTION, march 1S-A LA BOB BRICK FAO .toiy, with machinery. Ac., near Atlantic dock, Brook lyn, by A. J. BLIiBCKfcrt, HON A CO., at the Exchange HlMnOM. Avoid mnn rents.-for sale, imiiok $1,730 eaoh (less than cost of building), 4 torn htory coiin^e Houses on Smith streot. near Richardson, Wllllam*bu?if. The Grand stre t cars pass the dour; a laig.' pur-1 01 may remain on ?ni'lga^ If desired. Inquire or KOUhltT IBWIN. 330 Bowery. A RARE CHANCB OFFERED.? FOR SALR, IN Brooklyn, on the eoutheiat corner of Carlton and Wll lough by avenues, one of Ihe elegant block of brown atone front House*. three stories btwment and cellar; houae 21. J* liMiMWi all modnrn improvements. Con/enlcH to DeKalb and Myrtle avenue oar routes. Price $15,Ml. part on bond^and mortgage. Apply on the premises to TltoMAd AMODBRN, NEW THRRB STORY BRICK HOUSE, near Qatea arenas; all improvement*; compete 1st of April. $MJ0; mortgage $4,000. WO Lota to exchange. J. H. POILLON, WO Bro-dway. A OB RAP HOUSE, OB BALTIC 8TRE FiT'-i^sna? ^o! A Henry mmi Hlok?; three story, high *toop, food ? w, order. ft&fa'&soB, U Pine treet BUOOKLYN.-ELEOANT CORNER BROWN STOME Houae, excellent location, only $12 000; "rick ***?"??? all Improvement*, Fulton arenue. i SF JfcSftftMss ?Trt5E LOGO, 84 Cedar *treat New \orlL. i^^-BYRTLB AVENUE P Pronert?; ft four story b*ft*m?nl bnck Hou?e, io? ix7l^.P>m7diaVV>Mr^on; price $A000; ton-* made* ??lit Apply on the premise*, SMI Myrtle arenue, in uie jiaa ter atore. For sale-house si hicks street, Brooklyn, near Fulton ferry; will be aoid rery low, on eaay term*: $1000 oasli; balance can remain for three yeara. Full aiie lot. f!OR .sale?CITY ANU COUNTRY COMBINED, *0 miiiutea from Wall atreet or Fulton ferry, a pleasant well (hailed and sly Uh Cottage House, Bitt, with modern Improvements, convenient to oars, and deal raids to a geutle nian with a small family; location healthiest in Brooklyn. Apply to H. X. MORRIS, ? I'earl street. tjlOR 8alr-A TWO STORY BASBMRNT. FRAMB r Houae, in Sklllman. seoond houae southeaat of Wil. longhby avenue; contains eight rooms, with water, gaa, beater; houae In perfeet order. Price $3,MX). Carpota and Oilcloths, If desired. tjlOR SAI.R?ON WARRRN STREET, NBAR CAR'.TON H arenue. within one block or three lines of ears, and two hundred feet f nun Prospect Park, two three story brick Houses, Oral class: all Improvements; h ,use* SO br 40. lota SO by 131. Apply to THOMAS CONNELLY, on the premises. Fob sale?new tukee story basement brown atone stoop; all the modern improvements; $P,UOO. I Also one throe story, b.isemeut atone ato >p. $5,000. Apply to WM. A. BRUsII, owner. 410 Cumberland street, Brooklyn. h^OR SALE?THE TWO SMALL THREE STORY BRICK Houae* and Lots 30 and S7 Dcsraw street, South Brook lyn. Price $S^U0 eaoh. A rare chanoe. * MITCHELL, 77 Cedar street. For salb?at a orbat bargain, a two story, ba(anient and sub-onllar high stoop brick House, wlih all modern Improvements; good loeit Ion, Graham street, near DeKalb avenue Brooklyn. Prloe $S.SU>. App'.y to WM. C. WALK Kit. *t? Broadway, New York. |i>OR SALE-A HOUSE AND FIVE I.OTJ IB BROOK r lyn, near the new B'tulrvsrd; house contains II room* fruit, (lowers, vlnea, Ac; wagon house with stills, well water on premises. Atiply to or sddreas office of the Krnnkf.rt House, corner Kraukfort and William streets, S. T. CAY KRLY. F-?OR SALE CHEAP-BROOKLYN STORE PROPERTY, Xi Myrtle areuac; three story and baaement brick House, marMe mantels, sliding doors, gas an<l water; has a good taker's oven uuder sidewalk; terms eaay. Inquire on the premises | F^OR SALE CHEAP-A BBAUTIFUL RESIDENCE ON live lots between Proaiiect Park and Greenwood. All modern improvements, fruit and shade trees, grape arbors Jte. JAKDINE, IS Chambers street. L"1t>R SALE OR TO LET?THE THREE STORY BROWN F ati>ne snd English basement House ? . econd place, Brooklyn, elegautly furnished and warm and cold water In every room. F-<OR SALB OR exchange?FOR A SMALLER House, a four story half English basement Pbila dclphia brick House well I oca led! In Brooklyn. Ad dress for threo days John Riiaall, 18J Broadway. ^ 47 nnn ONLY FOR AN RNOLISH BAMRMBNT ?J* I ,UUU House, in most peiTect order, replete with all modern Improvements, In desirable looatton. KKEHK. A. PETERSEN, Areblteet, No. 5H Pin* St I'Ot'NTRY URAL. ESTATE FOR BALK. All wantino farmb.-oood soil, mild 61 mate. St miles aonth of Philadelphia. Price only IS per acre. Also improved Parma. Hundreds ara aeltlln Information sent free. Addreaa C. K. LaNDIS, Yloelan | A 0?l'"R.X "OMB, FROM $1,000 TO $l(W,rOO. SEE STAN LEY DAY'S Real Estate Circular, whl^h oan had at SI# Fourth avenue, or milled upon receipt of stamp AN BI.EGANT RESIDENCE for SALE-MODERN style, every improvement; gas. Ac.; extensive grounds, gardener'* lodjje. stables, conservatories and lee house. The property Is beautifully located at New Brighton, Statan island, near the landing. T'.rmseuy. Full particulars, Ac to l>? obUiaed on applieitu-n at 4G il ondway, New York. A DESIRABLE RE'iDKStCR IN BURLINGTON. B. near St. Man'? Hall ?This Ore i ropertv, situsted the bank of the rtrey, w;th lirge jr?ae u<vn In front, offered for sale on reasonable ie na. TI.e imi roven ents a double house and a t ?rws story bv-k building, wh'ch coo tains a kltcbeo. In nii.g n? '.t, bathri>oti. suppIicL rlih warm and cold water. warerfl. sMs. 4a. the gas n sl>o li-trt luced, and there is on Uie pre a large atlble and ccarb houae, oovered with elatr. Kor terms apply ta T WOLMAN, Hrti ftrtrt BurMngtw, B. 3. Aspi.bndid FAR^f For salk-at perkskill, Macros; very flan b il' lings and ouihousee, oarne. Beautiful location. Teiuis essv Price A10 0<C. MITCHELL'S, <7 Cedar street AOOTTAGB, BARN, OROUBO EQUAL TO IS LOTS, for sale three miles out, Eaat Brooklyn, Maspeih Avenue Rallioad, price rt.iUJO: cheap. RISING. ?? East Twentieth Street Avery desirable fAB* ib bew jbbsey-de. ligktfuily sltnatad la a flret eiaas neighborhood, about ltmltes from CUy Halt or on* boar bf rail; commutation; o: about SO aorea (and 1/ required SO acres more), with good ; comfortable House of II rooms) a farm hous* and axtane.r* farta buildings, fine shade tree* and river frontage: will be ' ?i14 ?? liberal terma Address W. H. Phillip*, box l.SM New York Post oOea, or oali at 11$ Norfolk etreet, oornsr of Ri*lngtoa atreet co?\r*T real uvw0Bm>*. ?u.?. abakoain-at RPRiNo rAiiUrr, m acrh fruit /V Farm. all smooth aud iPMuUd land, threw apjjs or" chard*, alio pear*, plum*, cherriea, peaobes, grape*, 1H ?err urawbemea, one-half MM lawyatts, SMhi? currants, good building, only $A SOU. J. 6. JKRUUBON A CO., m Mww street. BHRRQEN HKIOHTS PROFBR1T.?FOR BALE, in the ? moat rapidly improving location In Hudson ? 11*. a store and Dwelling with u| the modem improvements; building contain* beside* um sixteen aDmmod.ous room*; situation in the very oeatre of busluess. JOUAI U. PLATT, opposite Ooort Hones, Hudson City. ??REWERY FOB 8 a LB?a FIRBT CLA88 BREWERY RH In one of the principal plMM In Western Maw York. Icanvenlaat for shipping in every direction; all modern Im provement*: nujierlor location, and commanding a large trade; $36,000 caab. Address Brewer, Herald office. CMI10I0B FLACKS AT ORANOB, BLOOM FIELD, MIL. burn. Elizabeth. FlainSoid and throughout New Jersey for tale, from 1 to 300 nana. Prtce 91000 to $30,000. A. BBROhANT, 21 Wall street. B FJ URV ?THE FARM OF DANIEL STEPHENS WILL be sold at public aoctlon on the SOth of March. 1887. Bald farm contains about M acrea, with boose, barn and other outbuUdings, situated on the Harlem Railroad. 38 milej from New V ork and U mlaulee' walk from linneo Station, Westchester county, M. Y. __ Farms nkar flainfibld-oood buildings, a acres; $#,000; one, B0 acrea, $6,000; one, 61 acres, $7,000; one, 70 acres, with depot on the farm, will be sold at a sacrifloe. CAMPBELL, KELLY A CO.. Wt Broadway. JOB 8ALB. VALUABLE LOTS and turpentine LANDS, COMPRI8INO II,000 ACRES, situated IN CHESTERFIELD AND KERSHAW DISTRICTS, SOUTH CAROLINA. IN EQUITY, ciib3terfibl9 DISTRICT, 7 SOUTH carolina. W. L. T. Prince, Adm'r 8. M. Crenshaw, ?a . BiQ for Bale of Real Estate, Ac. Win. S. Barnes and wife, and others. Under and b? virtue of a decree of the Court of Equity In this ci?*e, I will sell at the Court llnuse door at CIIKST^K FIKI.D COURT HOUSE on the FIRST MONDAY in APRIL next, all the Real Extite of Daniel 8. Crenshaw, described In the pleadings, conilst ng of tne following lots in the town oi? Choraw, to wit, tot* ? No?. 18, 3S, 71, ?l. 20, 3. 23 ?, 8SJ. 338, 337, 310, 511. Sli. 346. 318, 318. SO, 390, 351, 863 863, SM, iHU, 363, 361, 306, 4U8, and part of 487. And THIRTY.ONB TRACTd OF LAND, containing to gether about FORTY-ONE THOUSAND ACRES, Including the tract owned In copartnership by Crenshaw A Htoue, whereon tins litter lately r?Mi Ind, all of which is more particularly described in-ihe pleadings. Tbrms:?So much cash ss will pay the ro=tn; for the bal ance a credit of ono and two ye irs, secured by boud and mort,iK(?e, with Int.-rost payable annually fro-n the d?y nf sale, with the privilege to the purchaser to pay cash tor the whole nf his purchase. Purchasers to pay for papers. J. 0. CRAIO, Commissioner. The lands above advertised are valuable turpentine la id*, situated iu Chea'eriuld and Iversh^w districts, Pt-edee river and Choraw and Darlington Railroad. For full particular* and description of kind* nppljr to Jordan A broiiibr, 309 North Third otrwt. i Philadelphia. FOR sale?FURNISH KD, Iff THE VILLAGE OK Astoria, a first clas* Residence, containing all ths | modem improvements, (floated ou h'gli ?rotiud and com. inMdi'lg a line view of Hurl Uato and East river; grounds lfii'xltU: all kluds of fruit tree*, stable hennery. Ac., in per. . , ? J""""10" KlrBI? atouytime. Address Godil lot, Stevens A White, Wo. 4 South William street. N. Y. FOR SALE?A SMaLL and very desirable country Reside nceSJ miles from New York, on the e? H*VBn Railroad, flvu mluu-cs' walk Irom the de pot. The hou~. U modern and weU limit, deiightrul y situ sted, coinm an view of Long Island ^ouud. w, h two acrcfo' ounJ, Hlo;.i?<; j.i the rear dlrectlv to th? five ; :t a<? . *t i l.\ no?t iMUMiuii i.ther outbuildings on S^SrS!f!S'iAt ?I i?7?'"r particular- inquire at No. 4 Cedar ?irom, room 14, seoonu fltxT. FOU SALB-8KVEN AVIUM OP BKAUTIFUL LAND, laid out in building l.ou either the whole or In parta to ""iti.iirohjt .ctii. ?ut ' property I- wealed along the line of t c Kr.e Railway, a " dn three minute*' walk or the depot an<l village of Huiferiis. nod DO mile* from New York oily Ai'ply to A. A. WAN MAKER. HutTim, N. Y. ? 7 tlO^SALK-AFfr r GLASS HOTEL. AT A POPULAR * watering place near th- clly; beautiful looailon. j net COnt.ilningaU .il, ,.j rooms, with all tlie necessary nntliuild itlrei r|U"U ' to JUUN MOOAN, V Chrystle FOR 8 A LB?A PINK NEW COUNTRY HOURS. TEN rooms. 1 to 8 aero* of land: Crst autlon on the Broad uuage double track Erie Railway; IS train* dally each way. Vine 49 minute*; commutation 8 ceuta per trip. ABOir to OEO. hi. WOODWARD, V ,'ark row. New Vorfc FOB SALR-^ON STATEN ISLAND, A HOUSE AND j roar DoUdiDg, with one or two Lola, convenient for Dullness or private dwelling; three minute*' walk, from btaplstonlaadlng- Inanlre at .IAQUK.S GCNSRTH'3 Hard ware Store, corner of Oorc and Rrunell streets. FOB BALE-IN ASTORIA, A PLBASANT AND CON renient Residence, aocossible by ste/iraboal from Peck sup lu about 85 minute*; also by lallrosd and ferry. The situation, on Reraicn street. I* elevated and healthy. House 40 reet snuare, I wo stone* and basement, piszzu* front and rear, and cupola; thirteen room*; tastefully shaded with flowering tree* and evergreeni; alao *inaller frulu, with cherry, pear and plutp trees; (labia on Woohey street, with room for horse*. eairiagea, Ac The front on Remsen street l*iabout IIS feet, on Woolsey the same; llemsen to Woolsey JW feet. Inquire of J. B, HAYLIliS, on the premiaee F?u^2ALB?TI,B "west rksidenck in Saratoga Springe, now oocupted b^Mr*. J. WaylaniL ?*r*'?*a,aPr,n?"?A Bnebrtek House, oorner of North Broadway audOreeuiield avenue; alao another brick llouie near the above, on Groenlield avenue. , _ _ ALSO _> ?f lJ0 *?**, new Amsterdam. In Broad albln, N. ?. 'pp<y to HOMBB MORGAN, 8?. 2 Pine street. JV?E7?aRA1OK.%N J -twklvb MILKS PBOK New York, line Residence, with els aerre; house con lain* twelve room*; carriage hous.i and tUole; Immediate possession; term* easy. Alao, near the above, a Parm of ? I""1 wlth ?mall cottage. B. P. SMALL. 83 South at. F^HOR SALE-AT ELISABETH, N. J., PIPTtTmINUTE8 tram New York, the reel lenee of the subscriber. on Newark avenue, one mile from depot. House contains th r. teen room*; every convenlenoe; fresooed hall*; ground four and one third acres, dra and healthy; atable, oow chiotem. and other outhouaea. Price 420,4X1. Apply on the prcinleea. or at 18 New etreet, New York. E. A. SAXTON7 JpOR SAI.K-PABM IN MONMOUTH CO UN IT. NBW Jersey, 8$ acre*. 8 woodland, remainder ia a high itate of cultivation; good orchard, atrawlierry and bl?okb?rry bede. Farm houee, carriage houee and bam*, in good condi B?SLlJl>^N.w ^KXAMUBa 1AUUAl^7i FW 8ALE-A BBAUTIPUL PABM, ? ACRE8; ALL kl"ls.r';0'0S fruit*; 14 miles by rail, neer Tenafly, N. J.; price $10,Odd. See owner, 138 Nassau alreet, room it. No Age li ti, For BALE?a PINB COUNTRY "residence NEAR Saratoga; 108 acre* of land, near depot; will exchange G;;^?7^?K,o,r4.p*rllcuUr, or ",ureM ?woer L'OR SALP.-A SPLENDID DATRY FARM OrTa) Acr?i, under high caliirniion, with fin? orch.ird.i* com houae and outbuilding* Price ?18,?H " "arus, goou MILL* A VAN WYOK, M Broadway, pOfcBALB-ABPLBNDID PIECK OP LAND. OTSR -J hundr^l reel square, seven mlnnte*- wtlk from til* Race t.mir^n at lordoam; suitable for a genilnmsn'e p f',r/,*h- Apply to the owuer, H. K0L. _ ^ty-?K5CH?nd *trrot?nd fourth *v?ou?. F?wJ m'r T.h V'lT.A, situated ON i j est Hill, Ithaca, iompklu* county. Ne<v York: the lot, 1 " eUTen ?cr<-i or land. Is entirely covered yllh the ohoccjt variety or null: l.rgebrlck M ins ion and Si-' Jr L<.i',e *? ,.' "nin.indlug a Una i ,*"d, Cayuga Lane. For ,anlc.uiar? ad. di"1"** J. T. P., Inn 44U Ithaca Poatofflue. N. V. FOB BALE?at a great BABOAIN, a country' Amii^vllle, L. I. Thirty acre, of good ?and. ?cultivated; two aores l?wton Meckberrlee; plenty of cherrie*, pear*, quinces and small fruit*; line house, ? rooms, marble mantels In pnriors; lw mile rrom ? "wilSam ?troei'''8 ll"1"lraof L- KliLLNBR, Fob sale?a veby dhsirarlr rksidfnce, on B 1 Ht*ton,I*l?n'l. within Ave mliiiiles1 walk or S^oaTa te'S) l?r"^..yApt"^ ^^ERMAN, II^OB 8ALB?A PARM OP 88 ACRRA, situated IN erw>i nnrJL!^"H. 1W miles from Allandule nepoL on the>.rie Railroad; good nulldlnga, plenty of fruit. ahou^'frnm Kj'I'urch and school house: jgsg-g0? JOfk. Apply to or nddreea JAMK>1 WSNAP, naddlo Hir#*r, count?. N .J or Ia (1 T A C. MORROW, 85 C orlla'ndt *lre?t, NewYoik' FT?? chr*'? *J orange, N. j., TWO NBAR. ?"* House* near Valley Station. Term* easy In oulre of GARDNER A MATfllEWS, Real KsUte AceaLs. Orange Valley, N.J. I'osl oltlee address Orsn^e, N. J. Fob salh ob to let?a desibable countby *TNIflKf'AWnr l?iC?,Sl?a"tat*" l"ku,L APP't. 10 No. 8 Amuy strret Broadway, or Dr. J. 8. LAKE, F?5> if S nILyH 1?TT,AOB AND 18 AOBKS A . ^5 .1' ' "? vJf miles rrom New York via Harlem Railroad. Inquire of Mrs. BUCKLEY. 781 Eighth avenue. ' * FOBSALB OR EXCHANOB-HOrsBS, LOTS, PARMS, uj li ulCopper, Cosl Fsrms. Patent* for aplitiing wood, Dumping Wagon, Msahlne to eiamlne ship's liotiom in water, I<ots, close by New York, eaoh; Western Lands. vHlTllTF.N, H8 Wall straet. C?OB SALE OB BXCHANOE POR IMPROVED CITY *? Properlr?A >arin of 88 acre*, 12 milesiftom New York, nt*r railroad; good bulldmgA; errry way deiinbla, AddI? to COLT, nornar Canal and oW^gtf^V * PPV l^OUNDRY POB BALK OR TO lkt-AT SING 8INO, A N. Y., Wir th# depot) ^nijut. Ao*; rautlow* AD* ply to C. L. JONES. Mi Broadway ' ' r*utlow- *** TTr^Txu[T?Rii"?iPaRTT?yo? "alb. ON THB PWAiAKV COUNTRY BB8IDRNCB POB SALB 0* to let, furttlahed, within two miles of Drakosvllte sta

tion, on tho Morris and Bsaas Railroad; house larg*. wlU? ??d oa elevated grouM, surrounded by shade trees, large garden, fruit of P.rlmt?^?taln fourteen seres; within ten QPLBNDID BESIDENCB O the baak of the Passaic, .>? pot; ons at Xm Rank; one at R OOl SltT RB^L 1WATB WO^UAM^. mo BltiQBANTS ^?E MABKBT OARDEMERsT- A 1 Farm of 176 ictm, near FarinUigdala, Monmouth oounty, N. J., will be (old at auction, on Wednesday, March 30, at 2 o'eleek P. M., at the hotel of Mr. Shreeve, Parmlatdato: 80 acre* cleared land, balatice in wood and nnbroken; nd rich, heavy loans, adapted for early aropa: two dwellings, large bam, young fruit trees, ?'?r tne Delaware and Karitan Railroad and Marl Pita. WK NESBIT, Agent, Lower Bquaukum, or C. N. PBAD, 166 Fulton street, Brooklyn. WHEAVER * MOOSE, BLOOM FIELD, V J., BATE for amlo a new Houie; 11 rooms: beater, range, gas, bath. Ac.; one acre; fruit, shads; $12,000; eaay teraa. Also, Houee; 10 rooms; in perfect order; 8 minutes from depot; first rale location; fruit, shade; $7, 800. 1Q ACRE FARM IE WE8TCHESTEE COUNTY, H -AO miles from oity; good orchard; plenty of small fruit; wster; house eomfortable; barn, outhouses: very healthy. Will be aold cheap. Apply at *1 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. Poesession April l. RfiQ ACRES MOLLIS U ILLINOIS PRAIRIE. TBB OUO only large and oholce body of virgin soil now pur chaaable in Clinton county, and within sight of Carlyle sta tion. Ohio and Mlsaiaaippi Railway, lietween Cincinnati and St. Louts for sale, or exchange, unbroken, for city or Brvok lyn property. W|WKLK k WINANS. IP Broadway. *9 ftftfi -*<>? ?ALE, A PEAOH FARM OF ? V^iOUU, acres, la Kent county, Delaware. Farm has on It a good house, barn, atable and outbooses and rartnln* Implements. Good Ashing, gunning, Ac. Terms easy. Ap ply to or sddress for lea days R. L. BANKS. 78 Barclay St. rnn *OE A COUNTRY RESIDEMCB OF 6? iJIO.wUU acres in garden and fruit, bouse and barn, B miles from New York, fire tninutoa from depot. A. 8BROEANT. 21 Wall street. <*7 fifMl *?B ? ACRES. WITH NEW IMPBOVB ?I> I iUUu menta and stock, fronting the Sound; fine view snd all in order To see photographs, Ac., apply to A. SERGEANT, 11 Wall street. , RRAX. IE STATIC WAM TED. _ Real estate wanted.?all ownrr-3 of prop erty will do well by placing their Tenement nouses, ' Lots. Ac., re all parts of the etty, on our circular, at 110 Bast Houston street, near Second arenue. rjlBNBMENT PROPERTY WANTED TO BUY OR J. lease?The highest mark ot value given. Apply to B. H. OIBBON8 A CO.. 448 Broome street. WANTBD-A COUNTRY SEAT, FROM FIVE TO TEN acres, with outbuildings ami fruit, convenient to depot, not mure than one hour's ride to New York; will exchange for Brooklyn city Ileal Hstate. For particulars apply at 111 Broadway, room 81. WANTKD-A GOOD PLAIN UOUSB AND LOT. WITH conveniences for two Hmill families, near Sixth, Seventh or Eighth avenues, mid hp.wnen Houston and Forty second streeta. on which $l.0U0 ctsh will be paid. I'os^es Moo 1st of May. Address, with particulars, r. J. B., sta tion D. WANTKD?FOR A OABII CUSTOMER. EAST OR west of Third avenue between Thlrtletn and Sixtieth Ftrcet*. a first class three story hi(?h stoop brick or browu stone Mouse; also four or five Lots between FtHleth and Sixtieth streeta and Third and Fi tu avcmica, also three or live- Houses to rrut, from $1,000 to $Ld0J. Address, with pat t cnlars. Sutton A bhlverick, 0M Third avenue, corner Mixiy-flr.t steeet. WANTBD-TO PUKCHASE OR LBASH, FOR A LONG term of years, two or three L its, tn bu'.l-l a first class atable; between Third and Seventh avenues. Apply to TUO M AS B. ivHODES, 150 Jane street. North r ver. WANTED?A SMALL BROWN STONE HOUSE. PCR ni. lied or unftirnishtid. situ ited between Fourth and Seventh avenues, not further U|> than FllUeth str.-et; huh stoop preferred; price not nver $13,l*W.. Address J. C. M., station O. with particulars and term*. WANi'Bl) TO PURCHASE-A GOOD HOUSE, WITH modern Improvements, well located, and likely to Im prove In value, i'rino $I0,IM to * 12,00r>. Addreas U. II. liurtls, 281 East Thirteenth street, bctnuen Sooond and Third avwuucs. ! WANTED TO PURCHASE IN BROOKLYN?A THREE v? story brick House, In a good neighborhood, with Im proiehients, not over li or 20 minutes' walk fr m Fulton ferry; price not to exceed 97,OjO. Address, atating location, Ac., Home, Herald ofBoe. A iioi'SKs. K(M?.ns, ate., to lbi. A?TO RENT. FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES, THE . Store on Broadway in the now Herald but;.ling, the most ellgib'o location In the city; dimensions 21*48 fart. Plana and information furnished at preeeut offloo of Herald. A?TO RENT, PROM 1ST OP MAT. THB STORE OK . Ai>n street In new Herald building, the mo?t eligible' location tor business purposes In the city: dimensions tt by ?l feet. Plana and Information furnished at Herald office. A ?TO UK ST, IN NKW HERALD BUILDING. OOR . of Broadway and Ann street, Offloee, singly or la suita; moat dee ruble location in the city. Plan* ana information famished at office of tkt Herald. A?TO LKT-FROM 1ST OP MAY, TOP FLOOR OP . boiiee 105 Nassau street, corner of Anaslml, ault aMe for light business purposes. Apyly at the Herafcl offloe. AT 810 FOURTH AVI' MOR?OFFIOB HOURS It TO 4? FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED CITT AND COUNTRY HOUSRS TO LET. 8KB STAN I. BY DAY'S REAL ESTATE CIRCULAR, WHICH OAK BE BAD FREE OB MAILED UPON RECEIPT OP STAMP. . A LARGE ESTABLISHMENT, FOOT EAST TPHZtlTT thlro street. to Lease oa reasonable terms, suitable for any manufacturing business. Apply to Mew York Blown Engine Works, foot Baal Tieoaly-thlrd street. ' ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS, EN SUITE ... or single; also rear balldinc to let for etoMge of fur niture. No. 3 Depau row, Meecker street. AN UNFURNISUED HOUSE TO LET?APRIL OB socuer; 11 rooms; $1.2081 Oihers, 81,400 to $1,801). Three uniuminlied Suits for huasekeeping immediately: also furnl?hcd Suit*, all In excellent localities. Persons alt in our office and sub-let their floor to our customers. Apart ments that you vacate set others te salt. Call at 114 Third avenue. M. WB8TBROOK A CO. A -FOUR STORY BBOWN 8TONE HOUSE TO LET. . fumljhed, in First place, between Clinton ud Court streets, Brooklyn; everything new and complete. Apply to JOHN C. SCtlOO<LBY, room B, basement of Trinity Build ing, 111 Broadway. A ? FOR RENT, THE PREMISES CORNER OP HAS J\., sau and Pulton streets now eeeupied by the New York Herald. Apt-iy at Herald offioe. AT EUGENE CHEVALLIKR'S, 81 UBDAR STREET? Furnished and unfurnished Houeea to let. In Fifth avenue. Thirty-ninth, Thirty-eighth, Twenty-third. Twen tieth, fceventeenth 'Twelfth, Tenth and Ninth street*; alee oa Union square, Waverley place and Bond street. APHY8IOIAK'8 OFFICE TO LET-IN A CENTRAL location, furnished or unfurnished; references ex changed. Apply at IS4 Bleecker street. A FIRST FLOOR, COKSISTIHG OF FRONT AND A back parlor to let, from 1st of May; splendid location for a physician. Apply at 177 Bleecker street. AT NKW BKIOHTON. HAMILTON PARE.?TO RENT, brick Houses, about ten rooms each, furnished and un furnished; gas, water works. wash iubs and other modern Improvements; gardens, stablea. Ac. Particulars at Mr, HaMILTON'8 office, 53 Beaver street. AT $150 PER MONTH?A FURNISHED BROWN stone three stonr high stoop House. Neighborhood flrst class, near the firth Avenue Hotel: with all ike modern improvements, with three rooms reserved, with board for occupant, wife and two children. Possession immediately, if desired. Apply to P. HOPKINS, No. 6 Tryon row, room No. 9. A FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET-IK BROOKLYN, with immediate possession; full of boarders. For further particulars inquire ut 3TO Bridge street, Brooklyn. ATHOOWEST THIRTY-FOURTH STREET, CORNER of Eighth avenue?Storage tor furniture, luggage, Ac., by I tin ioau, piece or separate room. AN RLBQANTLY FURNISHKD HOUSE IN TWENTY seo.Hivl street, $300: others in central locat.oni; an unfurnished House In Tbirty.third street, or will let in Moors. tft1., West Twenty-ttlth stieet. AT 819 FOURTH ATKKUB. CITY AKD COUNTRY Houses to let?Seo STANLEY DAY'S Real Estste Cir cular. which can bo had free or mailed upon reoclpt of stamp. A PART OF A FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET-NO. 126 Kist Thirteenth street, between Third and Fourth avenues; rout 8100 per month. A NEAT THREE STORY HIGH STOOP noi'SE, newly furnished, on Lexington avenue, near Fifty-sixth street, to rent; $300 per month; possession next wuek. K. P. BRlUGS, No. 1 Chambers street. A FIRST CLASS HOUSE TO LET-83 STUTVESAKT street. In line order, possession Hay 1. Can be seen by permit (rem oilloe of a. L A B. T. BURNHAM, Ml Hud son street. A FINE FOUR STORY HOUSE ON WAVE RLE Y place to rent, furnished; 33x50x100; suitable for a board 'ug bouse; $000 per month. FOliKK BROS. A BELLAMY. Ko. 8 Pine street A FURNISHED HOUSE OK THIBTIhTH STREET, near Madison avenue, to rent; $300 per month. POTTER BROS A BELLAMY, No. 3 Pine street A MICE, UNFURNISHED HOUSE TO LET-IN WEST Thlrty.fourth street, near Nluth avenue, three story high stoop, in good order. $2.(U0 per year. Apply to J. o. KOIVLKK, Twenty-third street, ooruer of Fifth Avenue IloteL A LARUE FIYB STORY HIOH STOOP HOUSE OK Washington square, containing 17 rooms, will be let to a flrst class party for a hotel or ttrst class boarding bouse. Apply for permits to KINO A CO., No. 9 Twenty-third street. Fifth Avenue Hotel. A A. A ?TO.LET. FOR BUSINESS AKD DWELLINGS. A. HOUSRSlN WAYKRLEY PLACE, PRIKOESTREET, GREENWICH ANENUE. MKKt'ER AND BLEliOKER STREETS. ALSO STORES AND FIRST FLOORS IN Bl.KECKER STREET. ALL OOOI) LOCATIONS. IN QUIRE OF T. J. GIBBONS, 109 BLEECKER STREET. A THREE STORY BASEMENT AND SUB-CELLAR House No. MM Greenwich ureel Hot and cold water, stationary tubs, gas and Situ res. heater, l?th tub and water closets, Ac. Rent $l,4trt>. Call for permits at SMI Hudson st Basement to let-on new street, near the stock Exchange, ttiill: suitable for any business; im mediate possession or Mar I. H. C. DEXTER, Ko, 9 Broad street DOARDING HOUSE TO LET.?AN EXTRA WIDE SM JL> story brick cornsr House, well furnished. Rent $4,000. Two black* from Brtmd way. Apply to K. H. LUDLOW A Co.. No. 8 Pine street BROADWAY LOKTS TO RENT AT A BARGAIN-EN tire Lofts near Dtiane street, Ull. running through to rear street JOHN LLOYD k SONfl, la Nassau street. . ? 7 ? "11 ROADWAY STORE TO LET?KO. 55V KEAR 8PRIKO X) Offices and Lofts, same building. Apply, from U to 8, In Hciff's Malt Kxtrsct depot, on the praises, TJUILDING TO LEASE, 32X80?LIGHTBD ON ALL Jj sides: cellar, store and five In ta, with balanced du nmy . Inquire on the premises, Xti Ninth avenue, near Iweaty slxth street GOjyBR fWMW AKD MT TO LET OR LftABB-ON the northwest corner of Oreenwteh and Christopher fronl on Oreeawlch, 86i75 feet oa ChrW rR SALF.?TWO YEARS' \,BASB OF A THREE ?*ry houm and Store in the Met part of the Boweft; rent $fl0o per year, For parti^Hlars apply to FAN NINO, 196 Bowerf. ... liWM. fOOMB. SX>.: TO KsKT. J7UOTOKT TO LBT?THE OLA8S H(JU8K, HUNTEB'S J- rotmL with doeh and w?ler front Apply 10 J. B. BOHIEFFELIB. 170 William attest. fBl'RNISHID HOUSB TO LET.?A FINE LA ROE FOOTS H. "JT stoop a rat clui Hoiim In Great Jones atreet ?lit. furnished, for two years from Hay 1; U In flrtt rata order; pnaaaaalon can be had ak ahurt noUoe. Tor parttsa lars apply to QBOBOB B. BABH, W Broadway. i i|iiHi g. alao a ne*lly furnished ? moving In May.' UUBNISHED BOOM AND BEDROOM. r for howakootrtajt; alao a neatly furnished Boom for om person, to let No/Em Hudson street, near 8t John'sPark. TpUBBIMIED HOUSE TO LBT?FOUR 8TOBIBS. ? J. foot front: IS nana; good aurrouodlaga; near Four teenth street and Sevenths mut; $300 per month. One on Twenty-second street, with Immediate poaoaealon. ??00. THOfl. B. KIBH, 25 Pine atraet. tpURNI8RBD HOI78BS TO BENT. JP Boorman place, Heat Thirty-third ??., per month...$360 Twenty-roarth s?., between Oth and fth in-, per month.. Iff Bleeetor at. near Macdongal ??., per month.!?;. M Lexington avenue, near Mat, permonth 400 Lexington avenue, above 60th at (o. House), per month. HO JOSEPH MASON, BPine atroot rTANDSOBE FBONT AND BACK PARLOR TO LET; XJL nil modern improvements. Alao a Urge Room with closet* 118 Baat thirteenth atroot retwseo Third and Fourth avenues. The Hotel la na well furulahed aa any Ural elaaa hotel In the city; the stoie U well eltnated tor a nice Bar. Terma very moderate, luqulre at the hotel every day UU Ua Mthoi March. HOUSE TOLET. AND F CRN ITU RE FOB BALE AT A great sacrifice, at 87 Amity atrnet Can from 10 to X IMPORTANT TO DBY GOODS DEALERS.?TO LET, IN I Brooklyn, a large double Store, 40 feet wide by 100 feet deep; three elegant piste glass wtndowa; newly shelved and BUed up for the dry goodsbusiness: poaaeaalon Immediately if required. Apply at Sherman'a Uailery, 370 Fulton atraet, before 10 A. M. T EA8B OF i FIRST CLAS3 STORE AND DWELL XJ lng. 12)4x90, in the beat bitalneaa block In Orand atreet, Williamsburg; a four years'lease, at a nominal rent: will ?ell the bonuactieap; possession at ouce. Apply to WM. C. WALKER, ifiSI Broadway, N. T. Lease for sale at a baroain?three tears* lemn ef two very desirable Lofts, splendidly located In LlMpenard street, for a first clnss jobbing or manufacturing lmslnasa: weil lighted and all nece sary conveniences. Ap ply to DECKER BROTHERS, Perfumers, 41 Lispenard st. OFFICES AND DESK ROOMS TO LET?O* SECOND floor tfronl) of 78 Cedar atreet; entire suits or sepa rately: suitable tor lawyers, broken, 4o.; between Nnmau and Broadway. Real estate.-to let, furnished, at col lege Po'r.t, fronting the Sound #nd Flushing bay, and within an hour's ride of the city by either rteamboat or rail, the elegant and desirable countrv Re#lenci of the Lite II. A. fionleicher, Esq., constating of about 12 acres of land, arranged at conslderab'e expense, with line road, splendid lawn, superb ornamental and shade trees, two large vegetable garden*. filled wtih the choicest collection of fruit of every de-criptiun. The very 'arge and stylish double brick dwelling, with a new addition, just nnUlu'd, and com mutnila a magnificent view of the surroundings ana city, and eonti. na be-ides two large pnr.ora, dining room, library, I itindry, ten large and comfortable rooms and lias all too modern Improvement.*, including gas and water; all In com plete repair. The ouihousv, stables, gardener's cottage, Ac., are in harmony with the dwelling and in perfect order. If desired part o.r the fum turo may be purchased, which la nearly new and of the finest workmanship. Apply to. WM. F. HltlNB, 200 Broadway, room No. & ' Rooms and power to let?inquire of brown A BURTON, Eagle Mills, corner of Bleoekar and West Eleventh street SECOND FLOOR.?TUBES ROOMS. IN E XCBLLENT order to let. Inquire in the cleaning snd dyeing ofOoe, HI Eighth avenue, above Fifteenth atreet, or of B. LORD, 430 Broome atreet, corner Broadway. STEAM POWER.?LOFTS WELL LIOIITBD, WITH steady Fleam, to let Apply al JOHN KENNEDY'S ?team marble works, Broadway, corner Thirty-fifth atreet STEAM POWER?TO LOT, LOFTS 25X100, WITH GOOD light and steady power, at 91 Meroer atreet. C. B. RICHARDS. QTRAM POWBR IN CBNTBB STREET. FROM ONE TO O fifty horse; ooo room 134 by 25 feet, first floor; others M by 00 feet Apply at ofBoe, 1ST Kim streeL STORE TO LBT?NO. 147 SPRING STREET; HAS been occupied na a dry gooda store for It year*, will bo 1 let for a dry goods or fancy store; alao Apartments to lot tor business. Inquire at ? Orand street. In basement _J JOHN B. KABCHEB. STORE TO let?WITH STBAM POWER; THB PRBMI sos No#. 12 and 24 Moo roe street, 46x45 (reserving flret floor of No. M), together -with privilege of steam boiler*; water free. To lease by HOMBR MORGAN. No. t Pine at SECOND FLOOR TO LBT?FURBISHED OB UNFUB nlshed, or Parlor on drat floor, with or without Board. l 198 Bloecker atreet ueer Sixth avenue. fHB UPPER PART OP THE VBW MARBLE BUILD* lng Na. 1S1 Broadway. TO LET OR leabb. nHtM* fee u; light business. WUl be mM wpMitelf or togother. Apply I* S. H. LUDLOW * OO.. No. SIHne street. rLET? A WELL LIOHTBO WORKSHOP. 78X4A M windows m room and steady steam power. Apply It PjgBBR A BIRD'S, tr to 1? Bast Howeteu street rpo LET?THE SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS OP X houee 84 Sprint street, two deors eiul of Broadway; suitable for offices, dub room or other light business pur. posee Apply to Messrs. MEUA * OLARICSON, on the premise*. mo LET-PROM TUB 1ST OP HAT, A STORE AND 1 three Rooms, at No*. m James street; suitable for a family grocery stew. Apply to A. MoCOY, W* Bowery. mo LET?A DESIRABLE THREE 8TORY HOUSE, IS) 1 Lexington avenue; In good order, with modern improve ment". For particulars ami permit apply to.M. FLOOD, W Third avenue, corner of Sixteenth street. r LET?THE UPPER PART OP HOUSE, KB OANAI. street, between Wowster and Lauieaa streets. Rent $1,000. Inquire-at J. NKUBAUEB'S hair store. *67 Canal st r LET-HOUSE NO. SB HENRT STREET, WITH all modern loiproremewts, and extension. Rent Bl.MO. Inquire atXI Henry street, betwuen the hours of Hand 4. r LET-SECOND FLOOR, CONSISTING OP POUR rooms and two Rooms on third door, to a genteel family without children: would be dirided for two small families. PoeteanloQ given 1st of April. Apply at tK West Twenty* nret street. TO LET?THE TWO TOP LOPTS, BACH XtlOQ, Hi Broadway. Would anewor for a light wholesale or manufacturing business. Rent $2,000 per annum. Apply on the premises to WH. TAYLOR. mo LET?THE 8TORE AND FOURTH AND FIFTH 1 Lofts, ? Fulton street. Inquire of JOSEPH WEST, on the premise*, between 3 and 4 o'cl >ok P. M. TO LBT-A LOFT. AT Ml BAXTER BTKERT, NEAR Grand; MxM; light all round. mo I.ET?FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, OR TO 1. .Let** Tor bu*lnes? purposes, ths House 1M East Four tirutii street, between Fifth avenue and Union square. Ap> plv for J>ermil to F. BLANCHET, XH Sixth avenue, before 10 A. M. or after 4 P. M. TO LET-HOUSE AND 8TORB 81 MAIDEN LaNE. Inquire oa the premises, of A. CHRISTIAN A SON. rro LET?A FIRST CLASS THREE 8TORT HlOlt 1 stoop brown atone front House In Kigbtr-seeond .' treat; all modern Improvements. Location good. House In due order. Rent Jl.flOO. P. P. BORRELL, 64 Broadway, room N. TO LET?IN WILLIAMSBURG, A NBW THREE story brlok House, on a go%>4 thoroughfare, In Orand street: will be Anlshrd about the 15th of April; site of store 24x70; six rooms on each floor, with gna and water: suitable for any business. Apply to PH. STRAUiM, Ml Orand street (clothing store), near Eighth, Williamsburg. TO LET?PUBNISHED. FOR THREE TEARS FROM* May 1, to a strictly private family, KS St. Mark's place, with or without stable In the rear.on Ninth street; house with all modern improvemente, and in best order; rent ?S00 per month. Apply on the premises frera 10 A. M. to I F. M. TO LET?SECOND STORT FRONT OFFICE, ALL furnl*hed, corner of Maiden lane and Front street. Apply to T. B. WHITNEY, 1? Front street. TO LET?FOR RESIDENCE, OH LEASE FOR BUS*, ness, or for sale, a House, in BesMi street. Apply at lit Centre street, third floor, between 11 and I. TO LET-IN F1PTTNINTII STREET, FACING Central Par*. Floor, furnished, with every convenience for hou?ekeeplng, to a gentleman and wife, at $39 per month. Apply at first house weet of Seventh avenue. mo LET-ON MURRAY HILL. A FOUR STORY ENO 1 lish basement House, In *ood order, on the west side of Thirty-sixth street, between Par* and Lexington avenue*; loeatlon unsurpassed; rent $1&NL Apply at ill! Pear) street, odlce No. 1, first floor. TnRKE STORT BRICK lerand family, con . 1 bout*. Address J. W.. Herald < ~ r LET?FURNISHED, A THRF.E I House, In a good location. The owner i slstlng of four adults, will beard In the ho W.. Herald offise. r LET-IN NBWABK. N. J., A FIRST CLASS BROWN ?tone House, with modem improvements; rent $1,300. Inquire of Union India Robber Company, 20 F*rk place. r LET?COUNTRY SEATS AT OYSTER BAY, GREAT Neck, la wood. Fish kill. Hackenasek, Jamaica, Satid't I'olnt and Little Neck. furnished and unfurrjahed. MILLS A VAN WYCK, 84 Broadway. r LET?STORE ? ElOHTH AVENUE; LOT LABOR, with a rear hukldJngen It. Also the '.bree I pper Lofts of the Urge brown stooe building M Eighth avenue, * by 100 each; lathed and plastered- well lighted, has gas anA water In. Apply to8. w RAY, H66 Wnt Twenty-tliird ?t TO LBT-THE THREE STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE in Twenty-eighth efcbet, near Ninth avenue, Uree rooms deep; has all the modM Improvements; eb*a<Vi.*r* In par lors. and gas burners, with hot and oolil water throughout Apply to STWRAY. M Weet Twen'y-thlrd street. I ?TM) LET-YH* BASEMENT OP 412 GREENWICH 1 etreet. near the upper ferry to Jersey Cl*y. nleelv flued on for an eyetor saloon. Fixturee all new, and to te .old. cheep. Immediate poeeeeeion. Apply to JAMBS PRICE, 9U0 Hudson street. mo LET-THE FIRST FLOOE AND BASEMENT OP 1 the building MB Lewis slrett, N. Y., 33x70 feet. Inqnlr* on the promisee. mo LET-BY W. J. NEHMANN A CO., 00$ SIXTH 1 avenue:? $? Orand street, earner Thompson, old and excellent Liquor Stand store ?1 Greenwleh street; also first class location for nior stand or grocery. "tore ? Suth aw*. ? , v. hole House ? E LBT-A SMALL, HANDSOMELY FURNISHED House In Thirty-fourth street, between Seventh and th even Ma, to a email family. Apply at 144 Weverley E lAr-PROM TBI 1ST ',)T MAY, TWO HOUSES, with Sfiren, In Soulh eleventh, near Seeend street, klyn, B. D. Inquire oC t. NIC HULL*. ISO Weet Bier ?nth street N. Y T? ^TOIAT. Ilb^^bcoiu^xkjb^f foub rooms, with ?WW u4 gas. auitabU for a geiiUeuutn nod wife; rent ?fremuM 71 Third, between First Mid second mO LBT?FURNISHED H0CBX IN fifth AVBNUBj X centrally located: in perfect order end oomplete through 'or private lanailv. for one or two year*. BOBBBTf. mttJi dl Cedar strast T? BROADWAY, TWO FLOORS, TOOETHMM 1 or ss pas at sly, for buriaess purpose*, alio Room- Car oBess, furnished sad anfaraishetAppiy at 7flR Braadwayw office^ruralahad rpo LET?II* CABAL I MglgMgggg? hn?i5^-AT *yBABBTnr, N. J., A riBST OLASB I 1 BooTdey^ with Faro It era; fine stakle aad at* aaraa of ground, lncludiag lawa; fruit aad metable garden: In I minutes from depot; rent, fl.SOO. Apply to O "F SMITH. iriS*rtSSt*"* * *?" ?*??*?? MB Weet Twenty riWLBrWto FRONT BTRBBT, SECOND BOOB from l Fultea. with Meant power; alao four Ana Lofts am Fat wgaja --g {sa '-w? w?. a QooD I HO LBT-THREB STORES OB THE OOBBBB OT ? Sixth svenue and Twenty-seventh street; House ? ?est Twenty-seventh street, it far a boarding house, for letting la furnished roosts or for two email famlllee; alaa a I Floor in 47 Weet Twenty-seventh street, wialelaka flew rooms, two (lights of stain up: rent $00 par mouth; a Floor 1 la 4M Sixth avenue, two Sights of stairs, IB par month, and a Floor in 4BS With avenue, four Sights up, |M par month. Apply to Mm KflJiOBilt.dT Wast Twwg lire a III streot, oorae^ of Sixth avenue. I mo LET-FIRST CLASS furnished HOUSES. DR. 1 slrablv located, on Oth. 16th, Bd, Mth, Kth. Stth, Wth, 38th Md Bd streets, Oth and Lexlngtoo avenuee; IMI* >700 per month. W. P. SBTMOUB, 171 Broadway. rpo LET?FOURTH ATE BUB. NEAR TWENTIETH 1 street, the First Story la * nice house, suitable for a physician, by Mr. FAIRBANKS. Albtmarle Hotel. fro LET-TUB BEST STAND IN TBB CITY FOB TAB X oltfth bueinees southwest ooraer of Canal and Clrarah streets. Apply to WM. 0. WALaLBR, MB Broadway, B. T. rpo LET?IN' BROOKLYN, A TWO STOBT AND BASE 1 ment brick House, completely furnished, with plan* and bath, convenient to. ail the ferries: possession 1st April if desired; rent moderate. Address O. M., box MS root offloe. or apply to B. HONDLOW, Mootaguf, near Court street. Brooxlya. THO LET?THE UPPER FART Of HOUSE MO. M I Perry street, oonsistlng of six rooms. Bent J5S0. T? LET-PART OF A private HOUSE, UNFUB. ? nlshe !, consisting of four or tire roonu, with gxs aad ?bath (No 135 East Thirty-Brat street), sulUble for a email family. fur TO LET-IN WEST THIBYY-FOURTH STREET. BB. tween Eighth sad Ninth avenues, a fine four story brown stone Ilouse. 26x60x109; all modern improvements; possession may 1 or sooner; unfurnished. BLfcEOKEB, HYDE ALOWEREB. 4 and 8 Pine at TO LET-IN BBOOKLYN. THE SECOND FLOOR, with Kitchen and Dining Room on the first, of Ilouse 743 Myrtle avenue, corner of Kent, containing Mix rooms, water ani gas; possession 1st of April. Apply at DO Clan son avenue. *' ' '? mo LET-PART OF HOUSE SIS MADISON STREET, X to a stu ill family. Inquire ou premisaa. TO LET-A HOUSE IX MILES FROM BNQLBWOOD, N. J., together with B.irn and ftvo or six acres of L.iad; a healthy location. possession immediately. Inquire at MB Hudson street. r LET?FROM ONE TO THBBB YEARS, A BOOM 2jx40 with ample steam Power Lathes, Tools, Ac., suit able for wood turning or other wool work. Apply to P. O. UARTOUOH, Twenty-seventh street. North river. TO LET?THE BASEMENTS, PARLORS AND BOOM on third door, with all modem improvement*. 153 Or chard street _____ TO LET?THE THBBB STOBT AMD ATTIC HOU3B 117 Waverley place, near Sixth avenue; has all tha modern Improvements Can be eeen between 1 and 4 o'cioah. Bent CaLDWELL A MORRIS, 30 Old slip. r LET?FRONT DWELLING AND BTOBB, B4 WEST Sixteenth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenue* Rent $900. Apply between 12 and 1 Md 0 and 7 F. M., at M Bowery, Possession April i. rpo LET?THE BASEMENT STORE. 16x98 FBBT. WITH I extension and a 1m-frontage. Ml Bowery. Apply la the office above. TO LBT-A FOUR STOBT BBOWM STONB HIOM stoop House, hsndiemaly furniahed and elegantly free, coed throughout, to a strictly, private family. PooseeaMm tmm^dlst-lv. Apply ou the premises, 319 West Twentgb eeco.-id street rpo LIST?HOU8B ABB BTOBB, MO. I* EISHTM I avenue, well adaptod for a furniture or store a torsi store and oas.-maut 76 feet deep; high ositlng. Inquire oA lOt Charles et, ?w York. mo LBT-AT 711 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE WASHIMO 1 tew place, the Seoond Floor, richly decorated, saiWtte for tailoring, fancy store, piano and music stoce, he., or Lease for sale. Inquire of TILMAN, on the premlsaa. mo LET-FUKNlSHBD, FOB OMB YBAB FROM 1ST X of >iav next, a first class four story brown stone Howe* on Thirty-fourth street, near Fifth avenueu t Art rum P. (K, etatlon O. v rLBT OB LB ABE-FOB A TERM OF YEARS, FIRBT Loft southeast comer of Broome aad Broadway, la? quire on the premises. LET OB LEASE-FOR A TERM OF YE ABB, TWO _ One Baeement Stores, with vaults attached, under Dae Fifth Avenue Hotel. Inquire of WM. HORN, Freal street, or XI Weet Twen ty-first etreet. rLBT OB LBA8B?BOILDIMO AMD LOT MO. I| White street Building Lesss if required. Inquire ef W. H. MUMN, ?4 Weet Twenty-sixth street rpo LET OR LEASE fob 8ALE-THB FIVE STOBT 1 and basement Building. 3M Canal street, west of Broad way, to be completed May 1. Apply to WM. C. WALKBB* B Broadway. T?? Pfr to B. ft. LUDI^QwVbo., Na. 3 Pins uimC^? rUBASB?FOR TWO OB THBBK TEARS. FIT*, nlsbed or anfnroUhed, one of tin bait f. ?*. .frooUM the Park andnear uUdlpSu. JrlthTaisi^ Inqulro ofaHKKMAJt BRQTHK^iSvr J^in SSL* "-srkff'r^iss^B ?FUBNI81IBD, OB FOB 8ALB. i onrra trT8eat near Klngsbildge. Bltuatlon hl?h anrf h?imS,". aoeeasible to schoola and cbareh. andwHhln m Y2.5.^rai of tbe eity. House tfiu with 16 srr?nr.. SJS2?**'UOEa *OTJT ' *'JOINERS.-THE FIRST FLOOB rTniin splendid rooma) for millinery basintm tlaotrJml b?T5 ?vone Baaernent for ptaysloian'sofflZ?!Ti TT?. . r , Boom for lodging. Apply at No. 7 VTeat Pou^nufsSsS? r?|P*,Rt?SiS? "5*?THIBTBB*TH 8TREBT, Hi re?t from Sixth tTfloae, Apply ai Above. T?J?,uNl7.r*2. "*AH DWBUiIKas At CABMANS T? s?5n.^n"n Ington And Thlnt &V6nuci Also the flr<i muL. T??bmt-thb premises ovbb thb BVLUk . 2*^ Dank, consisting of three Floor* |i '? - - - each. The first and second Boor* are fitted with all the mod? era improvements, ranges bot and oold water bs'h?it closeta. gaa, Ac., the whole beat^ bs a MoaMtl furZ2?? JMhss:tvyv?h'.Mud i?b ?tiaet 'nd^TMrd avenue. * th# T?JL*?=* NEATI.Y KURNIrtHHD HoUSK Ci/if. talnlng IS rooms with all modern Improvements w UMktS 10 * r#*poM11'1* P*rtr. ?* lot Baat TbJ? rRBNT-POR A TERM OP TEARS. THE LARtlH three story and basement brisk Biilldino. No III k?m TBALD^^a^g^t^1^ App" ^ T?lfR.wN?7rt VA'l?K,RO?*J?* BROADWAT. NBAS forte^carrlagei or bUMarts? W: lo~,,oa for ? B. P. IRELAND W Broadway. fPO RENT?IN NEW QATIK, FOR THB 8UMMBR. A station O, or boa 1,888 New Havenlsai offlaa T?vAatN'Srit?R21?n.5DrTH,l KLKOAI*T HOUSB ? _ HOMBB MOBUAll. NoTl Pine street. T?sK&a,?ILK,l"P- <>? WM* TWBNTT-TIIIBB STOaa-s' ?'?sSKgu*ssr szzsz TMftiWWHBD HOU8BB TO LET?SE VBBA 1? BT U Q. M. BBMBXMCT A PP.,81 PHw ?r??. WATEB PROJfT.-TO LB ARB. BCLKH HAD* A.VU ?>?twsen ElAwenthrNlnatoenth enA I wrr tt. tli streqte, Baal ilver. Also riei-TYlM feet Auolv ta ? l>> A J. V. BBOOKMAN. ? South street. T OOO WEST EIGHTEENTH STB BET.?TO LET. TO. .6(0 getfcer, two story brlek shop, anttalde for light man. ufs?.ir ng. and two storv frame (k.ltaM In llie rear Apply iq HENB f LAWRENCE, M West Nmeteauih street. r?*-TKAB WILIi ?k*t * second PI^OB *p\J\J V of iWe rooms and four oloaeta, with all moden laraasarsSia.jjar'-' *3 ^ MA H BL.B NANTEL.S. " VUfARRLE MANTBL8 AT REDUUBD PBICES?X flNB 1T1 selection on hand at 8. KiLkBBR'S manufactory. M Urst avenue, near Third street. Maw York Call aad ea amine. ? MARBLB1IANTBLB.-aM MANTBLfl ON HAND, OF ?very style and qujlity, wbloli Will be aold for the neit suty days at a literal deduotwa. At A. KLABEIt'R Msntel N VTntVla oS** ?*'**? BMr Third arenas, *. ?v. i j VfABBLEIZBD BIJkTE MANTELS?SUPERIOR I* tCXPRBSSBO. A BuK?5,AJt*l? 1^2l.NuiTH.RE "8 WEST