Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 13, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 13, 1867 Page 3
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WASHINGTON Arrival if i Virginia Delegation to Urge the Passage tf the Supple mentary Reconstruction Bill. Tbe Fmdmen'i Homf*tead Resoluliwji Again Snubbed In the 8rnate. Sharp Talk Between Senators Fessen dcn and Sumner. The nomination of Ex-?enator Cowan Rejected by the Senate. feo. &C. &0. jyABiitscro", March 12, 1867. ?%? Coiiimnnilfr* for ih? New Military !)!?? tricta. Tbe announcement of new military Governor# waa delayed to-day In consequence of what I Indicated last ?Ifcht, vlt., the probable appointment of Sherman j of Sheridan. The President has tendered one * tbe appointment* to Sherman, but to uncertain whether he win ?cc?pt, Hist, because he might not like to supplant Sheridan, and second, because belt well aatlstied with hlH present position. The contest betwe n Hssicoc k and Ord teems to have been decided in favor af the former. For the new department, purely mlllta ?y, of Kentucky and Tennessee bhth Meade aud Ord are Mentioned. The Richmond Dispatch of to-day says it toenabl -d to announce upon high authority that General ?ebofleld has been appointed the Commandant of the District of Virginia under the Reconstruction act The Reconstruction Qtictiioti In Vlrarlniit. Information received to-day from Richmond anl Fredericksburg wouldjindlcatejthat the peopje of Virginia regard the pas^ago of the Wilson bill In the House of Representatives as a great victory over the radical ele ?tout In Congress. Ttie General Assembly of Virginia are jubilant, and upon tho roturn of their envoys from Washington at once dismissed the consideration of the anil for a convention. Governor Pierpont says "Con gress has been badly sold. The entire reorganization af the Sonthern Slates is now in the hands of the Presi 4ant and his rebel colleagues." The vote of the Union bib and negroes is looked upon as loet for radical pur poses, and Hunnicutt's career is effectually nipped in ?fas bud by it A committee, consisting of Senator* Ould, McRae, Trout, Marcler, Robertson and Keen, was ap pointed to repair to Washington to urge the passage af the Wilson bill by the Senate. They arrived at the Bbbitt House this evening. The people of Virginia are diligently working in the cause ot reconstructing their Stale government in accordance with tbe late law, and learning of the Introduction of Senator Wilson's Supple mentary Reconstruction bill, this deputation was selected to ooinu to Washington for the purpose of working for Ike interests of Virginia in this and other measures now before Congress. Tho leading men of Virginia seem to be la faror of this Supplementary Reconstruction bIH, and express a wish to see it become tbe law, as they think that the whole matter of calling a* convent ion and of ?soduoting tbe registration of voters should bo left en tirely with tbe military Governor. A meeting of the negroes in Fredericksburg last night waa addressed by a colored surgeon connected with the Freed men's Bureau. He was extremely, but en aoantercd au opponent of great ability in the person of ? negro, named James Brooks, who is a conservative, (fee negroes there are said to be radically inclined, ?nnnlcutt is expected there to-morrow night to canvas=s MBong tbe negroes for the radicals. ? statement having being published that there was trouble at Williamsburg, Virginia, between the whites ?ad tho freodmen, and that the military nad been called ?at to suppress tbe same, General S. C. Armstrong, ?noerlntondent of the Fifth district of Virginia, tele graphed to General Howard to-day that he bad not askxl lor a military force at Williamsburg. Eight mounted Ben bad been sent to Yorktown for a fow daya to assist tsi removing freed people, but there wa? no trouble what ?rer. The Adjournment and Impeachment Ques tion*. The adJouriimcnt~T|uestion shows little chance. Some ?aerotv'rs say all they are waiting for is the signature o( Andrew Johnson to the Wilson Supplementary Recon struction bill. The extreme out and out radicals of the Butler stripe, however, threaten that they will oppose aay receea that will lutcrfere with the Impeachment project, which, tbey fay, must bo pushed through at all fcaaards. Four out of the nine member* of the old Ju dietary Committee are claimed to favor impeachm nt, aad tbe Butior party announce that it must not be abau Aoaed on any account. There (B talk now of keeping Congress together until AprlL The Fenian* aud (!?ngrf?s. Tbe Fenian committee from New York are still here, fa-day they received iuither assurance* of aid and sym pathy from several members of both houses of Con grass. Senator Wilson's resolution regarding the sales at vessel# to belligerents, together with Senator Nye's naolutlon of sympathy in the Senate and Mr. Donncl Isy's In tbe Hous?, throws some tight on their workings. Judge Underwood, or Virginia, to actively engaged In tarthsrlng their cause. The Bonligny Land (!r*nt. flie time of the morning session of the Houm to day was almost entirely occupied by Messrs. Washburtie, of Wtaoonsln, and Woodbridge, ol Vermont, In a pcn?"nol explanation that amounted to a de*>?te on the resolution toatructing tbe Secretary of the Interior to delay action ?a the bill passed last session, granting seventy-live tfaouascd acres of land in Louisiana to the heirs or John B. Boullgny. Tbe assertion of fraud on tho part of the dtoimante and tbe developments that Mr. Wa?hburne threatened to make induced the Houso to vote tor a naolutlon that checks tbe operation of a com pleted law sf last session. The law granted one Math of funr hundred and flfty thousand aerea to fee heirs of Boullgny, and. It to claimed by Mr. Wash barne, authorize* tbe claimant* to acquire title to any aaoceupied public Ian Is. Tbe history or tho claim, as ?toted by \!r. Washburne, is that it derives its orlgl n from fee ramons Mississippi schema of John law notoriety. Ut claiuiod Iroro a grant alleged to have beon made fay the King of Franco in 1117. la 1AM. the hoirs of a rrvncbmjn named D'Antri^ve set up a claim, when Oongrosj pa-^ol a bill authorizing the claimants to ap pear before tbe ofllcera of the Land OiBoe to make proof ?f their olaim. The caae went to the Supremo Court, which on full review declared the claim ttl"g*l a%4 void. It was aftowards rev.ewed by a pelil.ou to the Tnlrty flfth Congress, bat no action wm taken aatli the How* of Representative* of tbe Tbfrly-sixih Congress allowed the ciaim tor the benettt of the heirs of D'Antrleve, the Bcnato not agreeing. Boultgny, from whom the present claimants claim, was ? member of tbe oommlttee whloh recommended the claim to that House. Tbe matter sw again Introduced by the hairs af Boullgny In the last Congroiw, which passed the bill ?aw objected ta ThU to ? brief outdne of the caso as given by Mr Washburne, who further state* that there wm no evidence before Congress showing that Boullgny himself was an heir or had any claim to the property. Many of these statements are denied by some af the members of the committee thai passed the claim. Should the Investigation which the affair will have to submit to by thto Congress nonfirm tho his tory given, H will probably proro to mombore that they an aoraetimes given to loose legislation. Preservation af l.lfe at Nea-??g?ritlon? by Captnin Mew. Captain W. M. Mew, of the Treasury Department, who has of late, by order of the Secretary, been Industri ally engaged In the consideration of the best and most efficient means for the preservation of human fife f>n aea and the thorough advancement and security of tbtf aierchant marine service, has Just completed a series of anggestton* to that purpose upon which It is very proba ble that important official nctlon will be based, la the opinion or Captaia Mew all valuable In nations which ere printed for the preservation af life at see should be admitted to eiamlna fkM and experiment by each of the steamboat laepectora in tbe service of the go^fnment, i.*1*! r?po*t end rerlify their proceedings Co the ? TSfi.ment. He states thai dOuMlees many Ursa wonld b* save*.' bT effecting a more perfect a."??oge?j*nt is the engineer d^Unefit of|isM?bo>ta and tfcV <tfwlu?U?i ' '' " ? ' ""? Waekm of bm vboM character and proved ability will be a (tending guarantee against a recklan exposure to dangar; and 1/, in addition, we footer and stimulate the Inventive genius if the country to the production of the articles needed, n Judicious selection of Urn beat of what is offered will not only supply the Immediate want, but so far Interest the vast numbers sngagsd in mechanical art as to pay tribute te those moat calculated to render able and efficient service. As the act of July 86, ISflfl, gives the Secretary of the Treasury sufficient authority for putting Inte operation the above sugges tions, supervising inspectors have been directed ; to give publio notice to inventors and others interested to meet at New York on tbe second Monday In April next for tha purpose Indicated in the suggestions in the above report, and in pursuance thereof notion bas been given that the mem bers of a commission acting under the authority of tbe Secretary of the Treasury will meet in New York on the second Monday of April neat, for the purpose of examin ing and testing the merits of such tnvsntious of a life saving character as may be brought berore them. Said Inventions will embrace boilers of stesm engines, antl incrustators, safety valves, steam gauges, water gauges, steering apparatus, and life boats with detaching appa ratus. Inventors may sppear in person before tho com mission for tbe purpose or explaining their inventions, but no expenses will be allowed under any circum stances. The Krcnll of Sessr Tsssars, tbe Hpanlali .lllnUcer?Interview With the President. Senor Don Gabriel Garcia Y. Tassara, who for the past ten yenrs bas most acceptably represented in the United Suites the government of her most Catholic Majesty in tbe quality of Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Pleni potentiary. presented bis letter of recall to the President today, upon which occasion he delivered tbe following remarks:? Mr. Pr widest? On having the honor to present to you the letter of rorall of my credentials from her Ma.wsty tbo Qneen. which puts an end to the mlss'on which I have Mind for tou years near tbe govern nent of the United Stales, I feel at the same time regret at leaving a conntrv in which ofllcially ard personally I have received so ni'ieh consideration and sati-facilon at the stat^ of perfect amity which exintn In the relations between the two governments. To this object all my efforts have been directed during this long time, and to this object will bo addressed those of my successor, always in accordance with the government of her Maiesty. Therefore, offering wlshos for the prosperity and happiness of ibis country, it re mains for me only to add at present the sincorc ex pression of my respect for your person as well as for that of the honorable Secretary of State. To which the President replied as follows:? Mr Tassaba?The last six years of your residence here hare been eventful?eveutful forlhe In lie J Staios, eventful for Spuln. Tha relations of the two countries are peculiar. They are intimate neighb rs, having msny intereH's in common, while their social conditions are somewhat dissimilar unit their political capitals are wide apart. There have beeu some orcaslous during your residence hero when it has required a diligent exerrtse of sagacity, watolifuiucss, honor and good faith on both | sideg to maintain tbe imperative obligations of Inter national law and preservo p?aco and harmony between the Unltod Slates and Spain, which, at a very oarly day were friends and allies. I do not kuow how far tho proceedings of this covernment in these reap cts have I been satisiadorv to Spain, but you have well alluded to the results. At no tlmo has an Impatient word been spoken on either side, and the United States and Spain are tho same friend* to day that tliey w ere in 1778. f enjoy, Mr. Tassara, a peculiar satisfaction In bearing witness on (hie occasion that for this pleasing situation both countries are In no inconsiderable degr o Indebted tojourscif. We experience somelbins ol sadness in giving you our loiter of recredence. We will extend our confidence to vour successor on tho assurances of your sovereign. Wc shall do this all the more freoly in con sequence of your r que^t. The intimate personal friend ship thai Is so well (mown to e<U*t between yoursett and the .-ocrotary of St?te renders it unnecessary to sa; Hist ho sustains mo with peculiar cordiality in all the senti ments I have expressed. Confirinnlinn* hJ the SjiwI#. The Senate in executive sesslou to-day confirmed the following nominations To be Commodores In the Navy on the Retired and Re served Lists?Hetired List?cap-sins Lawrence Kearney, Cltarie? 3. McOnnlov, John H. Aullck, James Armstrong. WilMain Inmn-j, John A. Cbauncey, James Glynn, Robt. Ritchie, Francis B. Ellison and Charles Green. Com minders J. Hairah .-haw. Samuel Lot>cwood. John Cal houn, Iiet.iamin J. Totien, George A. Pren'-sa, John I. Carter, John C. Gla?sou, Edward R. rhomson, C?uer G.insevoort and Robert Hand/. _ , Rwervcd L st?Cuptains William D. Palter, Charles Be man, Jutnc.on, John H. Graham, Stephen ChamiHain, Johu G.Young and Oscar Bullus. Corn man lers Edward W Carreutl-r, H. Bruce, Charles H. Jackson, J*mei V. M. Wataoa, Peter Turner and James To be Brigadier Genoral?Jaeob Zeilin, Commandant of the C'jrps. surveyor of customs?Benjamin H. Smith, Gloucester, Collectors of Customs?John X. Baldier, district of Montana and Idaho; Theodore F. Crawionl, district or 'Delaware; David R. Owen, Cape Vmcent, N.Y. Receivers of Public Moneys?Thomas Baylor, East Saginaw, Mich.; Joel Hunten, Topeka, Regl-tor of the Laud Offlce-Henry C. Ripley, East 8aeon*ui i-GH. C. Patter, RmWow China; H-nryJ. CunifTo, Paso d"l Norte, Mexico; Orvllle Allen, of Michi gan, at Trinidad l-Iand. United Slates Attorneys?A. D. Grlswold, Eastern dis trict of Michigan; R chard Williams, distrva of Oregon; Wiujrate Hay-, district of Rhode Island. Assessors of Internal Revenue?Clifford 3. Second district, Pennsylvania; B. F. M. Hurley, Fourth district, Maryland, Wm. H. Wheeler, Twenty second dis trict nW York; James B tfeuTet. FiMt, Inwn; Henry Hatnden. Second district, Wisconsin; smith Wll kinton, Third district, Wisconsin. Co!lcclors of Internal Revenue? Kent Jarv.s, Seven te-nth district, Ohio; Wm. D. Collins, Sixth d strict, 01; v?; Wm. ltalien. Second district, Illinois; Charles M. Hammond. Sixth district, Illinois; Henry M. Lewis, Fecoud dj.?:rjci, WUconala; Qoorga W. Itih, dis trict, Michigan. ?... , , . - Indian A.-ent?William F. M. Arnv, for Indians of Lower Mexico. . , . Pension Agent?Jo?eph Wiggins, Indianapolis, Ind. Postmasters?Hcorg' B. Raymond, Elfcltvlll.; Ivaucis Foster, kHUrSA3 City, lia ; I?evi Darbee, Wil,.amsburg, N. Y. Nomination* Rejected by the Semite. The Senate to-day rejected tho nomination of ex-Sen ator Edgar Cowan, of PeunsylvanlaL, as Minister to Aus tria. According to the conversation of republloan Sena tors they do not consider that his political views are ?rch as should belong to a representative abroad, in view of the rob lllon through whtcb tho oountry has just pas- d. Tl.e President's uomlnatlon of this genile man was s ated to be In the place of Mr. Motley, iwllfed, I,.-wis V. Fogy, of Ml.spour, was r^ected as Commis sioner of Indian Affairs, as were also John Qutucy Adams as Naval OIBcer for the district of Boston and Charles lown; ex-Con greseoaaa S. E. Ancona, Naval Officer at Ph ladelphla, and Joseph 3everns, Surveyor of Customs at the saint p>rt. The Senae also rejected the followinc nominatlons: AMes on of Imoruai Revenue-Benjamin Pyott, tenth district of Ulinoii; G. Ttiomson Ormley. lhirf Jioric* Viirb'gan; Jacob Cooke, First di>irlrt of M'Clilgau; O. D. Harris, Second dlsirlct of Miwourl; Jeremiah Hoffman, Tooth district ofFensaiMs'"-, tin s. Elcl.elborger, Fifteenth district of Pennsy.vanla; William Steers, Ninth district of Hl'hois. Ioliottors of Internal v.'ft'eenfH district of Penosvivaula; Peter A.,!? llteairt!J district of Pennsylvania; Johu B Hopper, tint jU^rict of Mary land; NatUeaiel A. Elliott, Tenth Penn?vlvan'a; Tl.omsi II Kyrd, Socond district of Mis souri ;Tbom?s W Kaguo. Ninth durtr.ctof New Tio.k. W. Taylor, t^ucont, N. H., Will'am Oratrm, Kanawha ronp Sou v a. Surveyor of Custom ?stmridsn C. Hunt, St LouK Mo. S'.perv Ising Inspector or oteamboats?Joseph Uragf for the Third district, k Consul?John Fatr#!l, of Maryland, at Naples. The Wrecked Stenmehlp Meotlnnd. The Senate passed a joint rtMiluiion to-day which re peals that which was passed at the Iste sossion to pro vido for ths removal of ths wrecV of the rteamshlp -co!Un<l from the channel on the bar oulxido of 3andf Hook. The reason of this action on the part of the senate is that ths War Depsrtm?nt had already made a contract for the r tmoval of tills wreik, which was incon sistent with the teruM of the Joint resolution. Promi nent parties engaged la the wrccklnj bustnesi estimated the cost at about $130 900. Hamtii No day Is yet flxed for the trial of Surratt It ?? wip* posed to bo on the IStti or 20ih last. The New Rrldse Aersss the Pofemne. A train of cars passed over the reconstructed railroad bridge over tho Potomac yesterday. The bridge has been thoroughly repaired, and trains are running regularly. Krwnrd to a Detective. Major J. E. D. Couslna, the detective of the Treasury, who arroflted Lee. the defaulting Treasury clerk, this afternoon received a draft for )6,&94 25, being the amount of reward for the arrest, the recovery of the stolen bonds, and expanse* incurrod in making the arrest P? recast. Governor Jenkins, of Georgia, arrived here to-day to see how bis State stands In Washington olrcles. Frenhel In tho KnppnliwnnocU. Tiion I* ? heavy freshet In the Rappabannoek, but m) damage llai it1 '""n dono. ;A <JiO Enterprise Bxpeeed. The adrertlsemeni 9f ft, certain gift or lottery enter prise, purporting to be for th# |>?neflt of the National Soldiers* and Bailors' OrphM Asylum, annoi:?0?a effect that Jay Cooke k Co. and the First National Baa? of Washington are depositaries for the money received 0l" mb?Tiptlon for the tickets. Thle announcement la anautu "rJ*od, no arrangement whatever having been art* fvr /V 4 ^ w FiPrt National Bank, and both disclaim this unwarranted con nection of their Banes with the schemo. General Vaa Wyok, of New York, la a published card, warn the pub lic against the sams scheme. Beaded WarekeaM Rrc"l*tl?Hie. The following circular waa laaued to-day by Cominla aioner Rollins and approved by Secretary VoCulloch Tuuscit Dvixmur, Omci Imwu JUvwrs,) Washi.notoh, March 9, 1WJ7. J The epeclal attention of collector* la directed to sevetsl important changee hereby made in the "regulations for the establishment of bonded warehouses," contained in series two. No. 9. These changes are to take effect> im mediately, and are as follows, via. Hereafter the time allowed for transportation from one bonded warehouse to aaoiber, except in case of ship ments to the Pacific coast, muat be limited to thirty in stead of sixty days, and the time for finishing or pro ducing pro#* of delivery of the property aa stipulated must be limited to Alteon days, lnatead of thirty, and forma E, F, T and V most be changed accordingly. The time allowed for the retnrn to warehouse of spirits withurawn for redistillation or rectification must be limited to ton, Instead of thirty, and forms I. and M must be changed accordingly. When ever failures to comply with tho stipulations of bonds In respect to time shall ariae from circumstanooa beyond the control of the obligors, appll cation may be made through the proper collector to toe Commissioner lor extension of time, and the collector may la the meantime delay proceedings, under section 28 of the act of March 2. 1807, provided there is ample assurance that no damage or Ions sha'! accruo hv reason of such delay. Collectors will specially note lhat said section 23 required the obligors In bonds for any breach thereof to pay tbe total amount or dutios upon the arti cles removed under the bond, together with 50 per cent upon that amount, and authorise* the collector who took the bond to distrain forthwith upon any property. 1 real or personal, subject to distraint or seizure, belong ing to said obligors; and In case no such property can be found, tho oollector must Imnimedlatoly commence suit on the bond, and send notice to the Commissioner. This section does not apply to bonds executed prior to March 2, 1187. The entry form K, for withdrawal of spirits from ware bouse for the purpose of redistillation or rectification, must state the location of the redistilling or rectifying establishment, and must be made and signed by the pro prietor of tbe establishment, wbo must have paid tho epeclal tax as rectified, and who must in all canes be tbe principal to the bond given for withdrawal; and when s"Ch spirit* are removed they must be accompanicd from the warehousa to the redistilling or rectifying establish ment by an inspector or othor o 111 cor designated by tho collector for this duty; and it will be the duty of such otllcer to seo tho spirits safely delivered at euch estab lishment and to make a certificate of the fact, with tho date of delivery, and to return the namo to the collector on the sams day The application for withdrawal of spirits for transportation must state tha route to be taken, where transportation by laud is intended, together with the name of tbe railroad or other transportation company to which lbs goods are to be tlrst delivered, or tho name of the vessel or steamer and the route if trans portation by water Is intended. Permission to femove should not be granted until after a bond has be?n exe cuted; and the coilcctor will then direct an inspector or some other proper officer to accompany the goods from the bonded warehouse to tbe place of shipment ; and it will be the duly of the officer to ?co the rrooos placed or laden on the cars, vehicles or vessels by which they are to be transported, and to make immediate report of the fact to the collector. The permit form P or form U, as tlie case miv be, given to the applicant must be delivered up bv him to the storekeeper tmmed'ately upon the removal of the goods from the warehouse. Bonded merchandise removed from the place of pro duction to a warehouse or from one warehouse to another by carts, drays, lighteia or other private con reyacces must be accompanied by an officer detailed by the collector lor tho purpose of insuring tho proper de livery of the goods, and an immediate report of the (act* muat be made by such officer to tho collector. E. A. ROLLINS, Commissi oner. FORTIETH CONGRESS. First 8esalan. SENATE. WAPHisarox, March 12, 1307. ARMS TO* TR*!?K>mW.. Ifr. Wuns, (repu) of Mass., from the Military Com mittee, reported bock the resolution declaring tha'. whereas the arms.and equipments for the militia of the State of Tennessee were taken or do-troyed by the rebel authorities during the late rebellion, aud the pres ent Executive ot that State, In onlor to enforce the laws of the Stale, deems it necessary to employ the mllltta, therefore the secretary of War is authorized and directed to iurnlsh arms and equipments for 25,000 militia to the Governor of Tonncsaee Mr. WiLson asked the immediate consideration of the above, but Mr. Johnson, (Jetn.) of Md.. ol>j.'ctin;j, it wont over. rtutNCK srouATiox claims?Dti't-CR or thk xoRrmnx nomn. Mr. StncsitR, (rep.) of Mas*., from the Committee on Foreign Affairs, reported hurt the bill in regard to Fronch spoliation claims, and the bill to provide for the defeuce of tho northern frontier with a favorable recommendation In each cajo. TBI WBKCXKD mtAMSHIP SCOTLAND. Mr. CHAADLrji, (rep.) of Mich., from the Committee on Commerce, peported a resolution to repeal a rcaolrtiou appropriating $100,000 for the removal of the wreck of the steamship Scotland. Mr. Jon:,yob inquired what was the necessity for this ? Mr. Cbandlrr replied that the original resolution was passed on the recommendation of the Board of Under writers. Since then the owners of the Scotland had found that ther could save the bull and cargo or the vessel, and bad made arrangements for the removal of the wreck. The resolution was pan J. ? LARU AM) BCILDLNU (OMPARY. ifr. Nte, (rep.) of Nevada, Introduced s bill to lncor- | porate the Washington Land and Building Company of , t'.ie I)1mriot of Columbl; awhich was referred to the j Committee on the District of Columbia. SiMtmtiiy rom Tar. ir.i.'H riort.R. Mr. Sn introduced a preamble aud resolution declar ing the sympathy of tlie United State* with the Irish people in their struggle against British oppression, and asked immediate consideration; but Mr. Sumner objected, and It went over. FROTRRTT LOST IK TBS KIL1TAHT RIRVICR. Mr. Wiiliams, (r*-p.) of Oregon, introduced a joint ree olution defining the moaning of the s?c?nd section of the act of March 1801, relative to property lost la the military service to be that whoever any claimant for lost property shall comply with all the terms of the act on tho subject of property lost as above ne shall bo paid the amount of awards made by the Commissioners who audited the claim. Referred to the Committee oa Mili tary Affairs. k aval coal drtot. Mr. Nn Introduced a bill to facilitate the establish ment of a naval and marine coal depot on tlx* eastern shore of Now Jersey, being the House bill ot ia?t notion incorporating the Coul Supply Company, and authorizing the const motion of a d^uule track railroad from the eastoru shore of New Jersey, or the western oank ol too Pas ale river, or on the Newark hay. In the vicinity of New York, through the Ftateof New Jersey and into the coal regions of Pcnnsyl.anla. Roferrcd to the Committee on Naval A(T?irs. THR CHARTCits OF WA I0M' T05 AMD ?R>IlOrroWTC. Mr. Morrill, rep.) of Me., introduced he h!Ii of Im-t session repealing tho obarters of the cities of Washington and Georgetown, and providing for tue government of tho same by a Hoard of Commissioner.-, to ; which was re erred to the Committee on the District ot Columbia WAST.MiTux asd at.o*aBTow.v oicMk "txrs- sics. Mr. Morrill introduced a joint resolution providing for the pavraeut of expenses ino",rrod by the Judges of Election for ihe cities of Wa?hlngton and Oeometo*n. Rcfoired4o the Committee on the District of Columbia. SSTTLKlfR&T OF CI AIMS OCR COI/l'I# SOUKE8S T- R PAT, eor.vnr, ktc. Mr. Wilso* Introduced s joint resolution, providing tha: checks b? issued from the Treasury fur the settle ment of claims for pay, bounty, kc., due to colored soldiers or sailors who may have resided tn the late ?lave States, the claim* for which, haviug been presented by an agent or attorney, snail be made pavabls to t ie Commissioner of the freed men, subject to payment upon identlfl at Ion of the claimant, the Commissioner drst paying lawlul fees and expenses to the attorney. Ho/erred to the Committee on Military Affairs. Tin mm dkp?rt*snt or wawnotoh. Mr. Wnsow offered r resolution directing the Commit tee on lie District of Columbia to Inquire Into the efllclency of the Fire Department of Washington and Georgetown, and whether further legislation is necessary to promote the same. Adopted. RRUKQCtStftRU TITL* TO iJOVRRRBFRT I-ATO. Mr. rommot, (rep.) of Kan^ae, (mm the Commltteo on ^jblto lAnds, reported a bill rellnnnlshlti* the utle of the United States to a curtain pnbfle square in the city of Burlington, Iowa, which wan p%*ed. ?SL'*F or AK ARHT PAVB/ST: R. Mr. Wtiwr, frop.)of W. V., rej>orted from tho Com - tnlttoe oa Claims a bill authorizing the accounting off ers of tha lYeasnry to put to the credit of Joh a H. Ellis, paymaster of the army, $3,000, tha amount not recovered of a sum of money stolen from him at Lear euworth, Kansas. Tha bill was parsed. RRTrp* or AUKS TO DBLaWARR. Mr. SAfLRBt bt, (detn.) of Del., lutroduced a resolution direeitng Uie .-Secretary or War to return to the armories and arsenals of Dels w'are certain aruis and equipments belonging to the State, aud taken by the government during the late rebellion. It was relerred to the Military Committee. law* or rww Bixtcn. Mr. Tnt-BRCtr, (rep.) of III, Introduced a joint rasoln t ion to make valid oertaia laws of the Legislature ol New Mexico, passed at the session of 1M6. It was referred to the Judiciary Committer SHIP CANAL FROM LARK BRIS TO LARR ONTARIO, Mr. MoR'iak, (rap ) of N. Y., Introduced a Joint resolu tion for a survey of a ship <anal froui take Erie to Lake Ontario, for military, naval and oommercial purposes. It was relerred to the Committee on Commerce. MORR LARD ORANTS WAHTRD PON CALIFORNIA. Mr. Cota. (rep. I of CaL, Introduood a bill to enable tho State of California to raoiaim ooridln unproductive lauds within her limits; also a bill to grant lands to California for the construction of a canal tor Irrigating puipoaea. Referred to the Committee oa I'ubl* Laafe RfLIRF or AR IROB-CLAD OORmACrOtS. Mr. Ownbiw, (rep.) of Cal., called up a reaolatlen dir ecting the payment to Donohoa, Ryan k Secor of 9170,000, to make good thetr leas oa the contract for building the Iren-Olad Comanche, whieh was passed. br. SCBRBR'i saaoLtmoifa rsqcirwo additioral ocar aiusbs nam tbb soom Mr. Monro*, (rap.) of Ind, moved thai tha Senate take up tha reeolutlone of Mr. Sumner whleh were yes terday laid on the table. Ha said ha voted against lay ing the resolutions on the table beoauee he was aawilling to eee them disposed of In that way. Ha dleaented ea Urely from tho views axpreaesd by certain genilemen that the act of the 3d of March wee a pledge. It eaald j-ot be regarded In the light of aoontreet. heeaase that take.* P*"1"". ni ,0 pwpoee and the other to accept; ronseau^otly It la entirely competent for Congreao to alter am*.""1 or repeal that bill wlthoat dishonor or Mailt ot Mti -XMit 1M ttuoh to Um raaoHjtfcu which he (Mr. Morton) ooald not approTe??>ut 1m desired to my that bo 414 approve moat heartily ot what they ?aid about education of the iieopie of the rebel State*. He contended that there could be no republican form of government In the ?outh auleas white and black alike wer* admitted to the beuetlu of the common schools. If Congress bad a right to grant suffrage to the blacks it had a right to provide that they shall he qualified by education for the exercise of the franchise. It "was due to the whole eountry that this 1m done. Regarding the status of Hie rebel Mates, Mr. Morton said lie should always oppose the theory of Mr. Sutuner that they were reduced to a territorial condition. He bad always held that Con gress had full Jurisdiction over theac as elates slpoe their act of rebellion, and under this power could do what it was now proposing to do, reduce them to Territories. Mr. Hows, (rep.) of Wis., tbauked Mr Morton for bringing the resolution* again before the Senate. Ho (Mr)Howe) voted yesterday against laying them on the table, and ionnd himself compelled to do so without giving bis reasons. He proceeded to addreas tbe Senate on the subject matter of the resolutions, prefacing bis remarks wltii an assertion of tbe control of Concreen

over the whole subject of reconstruction. He regarded the provision on the subject of education as more im portant than any other. He did not think it could be controverted. He absented to the proiiosltion that a homestead was necessary lor the freedtnen; but be was not prepared to fay trial this could not be obtained under the ex ?sting Homestead law. THIS SCrFUMINTJIlT BrCOVSTJirCTlON bill Mr. TRi'Kurt l moved thai the Senate take op the Sup plementary Reconstruction bill. It was taken up and referred to the Committee on tbe Judiciary. Mr. THi-XBrLt moved an executive session. fP'CT PIIATK. Mr SrMNRR hoped not. He wished to say a few words on iho subject before the Senate. Mr. ritc*B(.'u. said this would lead to an interminable discission. Mr. SuNxm said he could say what he had to say on the motion to go Into-executive session. He was pro ceoiiiug to congratulate .Mj\ Morton on his speech, when he was called to order by Mr Fmkkndex, (rep.) of Me., who said congratulations to Mr. Morton were uot perti nent to the question of going into eicculivo question. Mr fc'i'jiMEK?I understand the rules of tho Senate. Mr. fVnR."?i)*N?Oh, yes. you understand everything; but sonioot the restoi us have rights hereaa well asyou. Air. Si'mnk'i pa'd he was not arguing on his resolutions, ana did not wish to do so at this time Mr. Fixsndkn?No, you cannot dignify it with the name of argument; but you were beginning to talk, nevertheless. Mr. Svmnkr said he believed he was In order in stating, on a question of going into executive session, why tne Senate should remain In open session. Mr. Fhumidsx? Oh, yes; you lira always in order. Mr. Svmkxr than said he would not proceed with his remarks just n'>w, but whon the Supplementary Recon struction bill came up be shoild move to amend it by providing that duc.ition shall be secured to all alike in the rebel gtuies, and on that bo should address tho Senate. EXICCTIVK RWIO.f. The Semite then, al a quarter to two o'clock, went into executive session, and soon after adjourned. HOUSE OF EEPZIESENTATIVES. WAfirxGTO.i, March 13, 1807. PM80!(A!. EXPLANATION?rKIVATK I ANl> CLAIM. BTr. Wooraitiooa, trep.) of VI, rising to a personal ex planation, referred lo what hail tak-u place yesterday on his objecting to the resolution offered by Mr. Wasliburne, of Wisconsin, directing the suspension of the executioa of the act of la*i stiaion for the rcl.of of the heirs of John E Boulit'ny. When hesUt d that the allogatl<ws in tho preamble were not true be did not wish lo bo discour teous 10 any gentleman, and a? it might be inferred from the !an?ua;jo used that lie intended to insinuate that the resolution wa? designedly tal.-o, he assured the House and ilio gentioman from Wisconsin that lie had no such inteutiou, and ho cordially boiled tho gentloman's par don for saying anything that hiight 1>? so construed. Mr. Wa?hiiirsr, frep.) of Wis . did not suppose that It was the intention of the gentleman from Vermont (Mr. Woodbrldge) to attr.butc to him the introduction of a rosoluliou conlalning falsehood?, although be confessed that the language used seemed to him at the time most discourteous. He availed himself of the opportunity to sIioa- up the frauii'ilent nature ot the claim, w-bich was part of th.' Mississippi scheme and derived from a grant made hy tho King oi France to John Law. or South sen bubblo notoriety, in 1717. He denounced thu Claim as utterly KromidleoM and fraudulent. Mi. I'u.-.jw, (rep )'of Wis., eusgesled that the rosolti tlon proposed yesterday by Mr. Wailiburne be now ollered. ? Mr Woonnmsuc and proceeded to reply to the aliatntlons of.r by Mr. Wa&bburue uLiust the claim. ' * ?,** . * ,*r HArK? (r?P.) of n A^^nders landing that Mr. woodbridce a.luJed to hint da having approved the bill as a menib.r of the Committee on Private I,and Claim*, denied that he bad elttier approved It or examin-d it. it had not been brought to bis attention nutil the last week of the segfaioo, and neither vtr. Baker uor biui.oli' would undertake then to examine tho voluminous paporn in the matter. His own impression was decidedly agaiuat the claim. ilr Bakkk, (rep.) of III., another member of the Com mittee on Pritato 1-and Claims, denied that he had con curred with a ftUggostUtD made by Mr. Har"? tUat the case onglit tone reopened, and ii there was fraud In it that fraud could ?" discovered aud defeat.-d. Mr. Wooihir.imk, admitting that as to Messrs. Ha?oa' and Bakor's concurrence In the report of the coru*rt:ee be was mistaken, argued that Inasmuch as tbe biiJ had received the endorsement ot the majority of both the Benate and House Committees on Private I .and Claims aad had been pa*sed by both Houses, the question should aot be reopened. | Mr. Kkiiw, idem.? of Ind , a member of the last Com mittee on Private Land I la ms, had no objection to have tbe question re examined, but stated that the commit ee bad examlued It fairly and Impartially, although it bad 1 not time to bxamiue it very thoroughly. The committee bad rcli. d considerably on tbe report made bv Senator Harris, chairman of the Senate Committee on Private Land claims, and also on tbe action of a previous corn untie^ of the House, and on tbe bill having frequently pa*?cd one House or t he other. After some turibor discission tbe matter was per mitted to drop. Al PROI'KIAllON FOR CAI'KTI'O |>T0 BrrBCT IBB HXtO.S STi.rcno.v laws. Mr. Btrvinn, (rep.) of Pa., on leave, introduced a Joint resolution providing for the expense of carrying lute fu:i eflect the act of 2d of March to provide for the more efficient government of tbe rebel State-; and all supple mentarj acts The bill specie* no amount Mr. Blainf, (rep i of Me., thought that the ban should be laid down .somewhere, and he moved to limit the amount to $5U0,(>00. Tbe atuuuut was agreed to, and the bill as amended passed. The <-rrAKKR then proceeded, as the regular business in order, to call committees for reports. t'LOYMXO FOR INVALID BOID1KBS. Mr. Jt'un, (rep.) of III., from the Select Committee on Supplying Clothing to Maimed and l>eetitute -oldieis rcjKined a bill directing tbe Secietsry of War to furnish annually one complet- su t or clothing to each Invalid soldier who is sn inmate of sny regularly constituted soldiers' home In the United Siat s. Mr. O'Niili, (rep ) of I'a, aaked whether Ihe bill ap plied lo private institutions where invalid soldiers are maintained as well as to pubiio soldiers' homes? Mr. J tun replied that It did. The blil was passed. Tho House then proceeded to the business on tbe Speakes's table, snd disposed thereof as follows:? TM'.NKS TO bBOKua IJUBOIlT. The Senate jint resolution presenting thanks of Con gress to lieorso IValiody. kr Hooriut, (rop , ot Mass., moved that it be put on Its pa*sagj. Mr. H,nwo, (rep.? of III, objected, on tbe ground that ths joint resolution made an appropriation and must be considered in Committee of the Whole The oojetlion was sustained, aud toe reference made. RBLtRP (IF Dffttltl'Tt CouiKBO PKOPIE I* TflK D'STRIOT. The Senate Joint resolution appropriating $19 000 for tbe relief oi dos'ltuie colored people in ibe District oi Columbia was passed. naijKr roa the dutih tr m m s.-l*th. Ths Senate Joint resolution appropriating $1,000,000 for tbe roltef of destitute persons In the Mouth and Souiewesiern Statoe was referred, on obtcntion of Mr. Fakss^rw, (rap.) of III to tbe Committee of the Whole on tbe Mate of tbe Union. *'? *1*""** moved ?'?? House go Into Committee f lbs Union to dispose of two Mils thus referr d to n The mouon was rejected by a rote of M to 01. Tho democrats voted lo ge Into committee ana the more radi cnl ropublicens against It. rare *hd kwiunom nnwnvcwo. The 8riAK?t then renewed the call of Metes for reso lutions aad bills where the osll bad been susp-'nded yes terday. Under the call bills and resolutions were dis posed of as follows:- ? By Mr. Purrs, (rep.) of Ohio?A bill to Incorporate Totnperanoe Hall 8o< lety of Oeorgetown. District of yolumbm. liefsrred to tbe Committor on tbe District of Columbia. *?- * Bf Mr. (rep ) of Ohlo-A resolution In structing the Committee on Rules to report a rule re quiring oommlttee* to report hack without unnecessary delay all bills aad Joint resolutions referred to tbem. Adopted. By Mr. Spai dish, (rep ) or Ohio, fbr Mr. Washburn or Wlsconsln-A Joint resolution dliecilng the Secretary of the Interior to suspend tbe execution of the act of last session for the relief of John K. Bouligny. The lolnt resolution recites that tbe set was psssed in the last hours of the late session without discussion, snd under a misapprehension of the lactt lanlw!r?n^,??mount of 78,MO seres; thst by the solemn Judgment of the Sopwrnsi Court of the UniM Slate. |?J lm It wall ii Judged that the private land claims on which ths set was based were Invalid, null and roid, and that to re vive and legalise II would also revive and legallte claims to the amount of many millions of scree. It therefore directs the Secretary of the Interior to suspend the exe cution of tbe law until farther order of OotwflM. Mr. &nt?m ??Jl*r the Joint rasottlon on the table, which was retorted by S7 to 0$ The previous, question was seconded and ths main question ordered. TTie vole wee taken by yeas and nays on tbe passage of tbe Joint resolution, and resnlted Yeas 1(M, nays 90. So the Joint reeolut on was passed. Mr. Bi.vohak, (ren,) of Ohio moved tbat tbe House go Into Committee of the Whole on the State of the Unl'n i5ii.b,P ?PPfo^lstlng one mliilod tof tbe relief o( tbe destitute In lbs Southern aad Souibwosi^rn States. ?' i v Mr. ORiawoiA, (rep.) of N. T., moved that tbe House sdjourn iAHTLAOl LEWUmi. The Maryland Senate Mny^br?! *ois bo^ l^to l STSJit ?1W>'000 f? the relief of the THE STATE CAPITAL. SPECIAL COBBESPCHOENCE Of THE HERALD. ALfUKT, March 12, I SOT. ?LAKH 01 111* RIPCBUCAM FOUTlCIAiaL The proceedings la the Senate last evening, wfcen another bill for ih? organization of a commteKiou, thl tinio to supervise (he railroad* of the State, received several fatal wound*, which loavu very little hope for the life of the measure, Indicate the reluctance with which the present Legislature is disposed to enact any measure that may tend to make the parly more unpopu lar in certain quarter* The last election was too cloce a shave, and t s feared that a persistence in the obnoxious legislation which rolled up such a tremendous majority ,u the city las November will reader certain at the next election a do* feat which waa imminent at the 1am. The Ra'Uoad Commissioners contemplated in the measure lust re' ferred to were to be four in number, with salaries of $fi,900 each per annum. The latter portion of the bill provides for the endowment of railroads by tlie State, it the into of $5 000 per mile. This unnecessary if not outrageous measure was considered in I'ommittee of the \\ ho'o last evening, when the first sixteen sections?the hill has twoniy in all, and even eleven large pages of type?were stricken out. The com-iderntlon of the re mainder of the bill was postponed in consequouce of the absence of n quorum. The republicans feel serious alarm over the record of (he pa-t twelve months, and are aaxlous to retrieve ' their mibstops. The lethargic Don Field, who seldom is se n in motion even on the most important occasions, and yet., from bis quiet retreat, like a true magician, i omurols the movements of his machine, has beeu very active of late, and may bo "ecu In the lobby or In the House, or m >re frequently in some nook of the Delavan parlors, in earn-st converse with the memlvr# of his party. It will be noticed that the democratic members have not boen oxercisod during this session for the repeal of any of these measures. Whatever lobbying hM been done sj,aiust them bus been by men directly interested through bus'ness aud other reasons. Thus tho pr-ssure for the repeal or modification of the Excise law had been applied by liquor dealers and men interested In the liquor business from New York. That this measure will Ik- ma le very much less stringent In Its provisions there Is little or no doubt. The.'o will, of course, be tbe usual filibustering to retain the frendship of the tompeianco advo<*a(cs, whose party Is becoming quite a political power; but a sliding scale of license charges will he adopted; conc scion." made to the Germans for tbe indulgence iu their national beverage; a limited Sunday trallic permitted and tho stores allowed (o open at an ear.y hour to accomodate th"SO whose occu pations require (In their own opinion) tho use of a morn inp stimulant, such as market-men, drovers, bu'ehors and oiber industrious ciilzons With these changes the law, under the pressor > which Is upon liio Legislature from every section, will bo extended to the wliolo Stato. THK SUTKOIVLITAN KvllKKT company bill has advanced to a third reading in the Senate and will very probably pasa This company will give New York a system of markets on tho Philadelphia plan?so much admired by all who have seen its work ing. In view of tho location of any of (ho markets near tho river the company is given the sole use of the water front whero it is not already conferred. ltKMODKlUNU JEW YORK CITT. Mr. Lent submitted a m 'mortal this morning from Colonel Jamos E. Serrell, CUI1 Engineer, with a "Plan and Description Proposing to Remodel t ha city of New York and its vicinity, by annexing Brooklyn, Williams burg, Bush wick, Groeupoint, Hunter's Point, A't ria, Newtown, Flushing. Also extending Into Wostcboster county ai>out nine miles north of the proposed Grand Centre in Long Inland, opposite llurii-m " I have quoted the wbolo of the title page of this memorial, which is printed .n pamphlet form and proposes the aggrandizement of New York city to a degree which would make it the rival of London in its closo corporation of communities snd iu.-! ox ton t as a mctiopoli*. After an introduction pointing out the faults tnil wants of our harbor system and the prospective increase of Now York to he the largest city In tho world liio memorial of Mr. Serrell continues:?"My proposition Is to change t Is shape of the boundary on tho easterly side of the city of New York and the we terly side of Long I*l?nrt oppo.-Ilo there'o, by cutting a New East River of the dimensions i as herolnalier described through Long Island ft<un I Hunters Point to L->?!g Island Sound, to be completed br I sect oss, and noi oj ued until fllitcheil, alter which tho : old . iianuel may he do-idand iilied up, thereby avoiding ' and doing away wiili Hell Gut 's, both large and small, ? and nduiiif to the city ot New York the width of tb-> channels on each side of Black well's Island, the isim'l it -elf and the land on Long 1-lunil, and aNo Ward's and Randall's Island*. I he proposed Now Ens>l River or cbannol oould l>o completed Wore tho prcteul channoU nre In tbe le(i?tchoiig< I or iuierfored with, aud would be Ave and a quarter utiles l<>ng, threo thousand three hun dred feet wide nod forty lee: deep." A* to the engineering diillculties in tho way Mr. Ser rell contends lliey are no greater than tbosu experienced at St. PeterAburg ami at Cherbourg. He olaims among other advantages for this plan the fallowing:--A substan tial and permanent groundwork tor a comprehcnsi' e sys tem of rtver and haibor Improvements, with a ,-.?w means ' of ready and easy access through I.cuh Inland Sound from ibe Atlantic Ocean of Eurcpeau and other vessolr.; the addition to Now York city proper of some two thou sand live hundred acicsof land; tho expansion of the city to a metropolis worthy of Us position aud character as the chief city of the Western Hemisphere. Tbe memorial was referred to tbe Comui.ttee on Com merce and Navigation. TUS CANAL TROfBT.KS A portion of last evening was occupied by another debate in tbe Assembly on the canal Investigation, which, being regarded as a sort of family quarrel of the Western members, ia voted a general boro by tbe city and nudson rtver members. ! To day was devoted to general orders, and a number I of bills passed ?amonthorn one U> aulhorlzs jo'ni stock flro and marine insurance romi-anics to isuuco their oapital stock, by a vote of 69 to 17. NEW YORK LEGISLATURE. Senate. Alba.\r, March 12. 1867. MAP or NKW TOOK riTV?liAHLKM BlUIMiS. Mr. Lemt presented ? memorial from J*men Scwell to remodel tbo map of New York city by cutting a new East river through Islam), from Hunter's I'vint to Long Island found. A roi>ort was received from the Harlem Bridge Com mlwioners giving a stateineut of the pro^re^s of tho work under tlieir charge. SfPORTS. By Mr. Fo'osn (a majority report)?'T<? ennii'e h-i-bnnd and' wt'o to bo wltne**es f<>r and av.a'nst ?nct? otiier to teruln ess** A] a lust am-'ndiu? section .7JS or '.lie Code of Procedure. Agreed to. m'.if mrrtorrrrn Amending tlsn charter it (Jswu^o By Mr. l*.\K?o."f? Relative to wharfage In N"? Vork and Broofctra. ft pro titer that imp wimrfnco shall be charged r i?;.i-t any ejutal bait or barge In 00 tr.inspor tatlon of fre.qtit oil the Hudson river or on tSie uauals wrapt uhea ?uld boat.* and jarvM .-dial! l?o mado ; out to a pier or wlmrf and shall be ongaged In rooetviug or di?rUai i'!ns a cargo. By Mr. Kuxa?For tho relief of tho Canajoharl* Academy. By Vr SrrnEttusD?To Incorporate the Wealrberter Hydraulic Company. By Mr. Lj nt?To Incorporate the Fulton savior Ran:; of New York. rr.M pa sen. For the more effectual prevention of cruelty to ani mal-'. For Ihe relief of the Society for the Protecting of Destitute Roman Catholic Children In New Yo.k. For the relief uf the Cooporail- ? Iron Founder*' Ano oial on of Tmy. An ending tho Peekikltl village Clmlt^r Autlioriz ng the city of I'Uca to borrow $10,000 for fire envlno purpoaes. Amending tbo art authorizing the construction of rail road tracks in Went I'arms and Morrisan a. Hcconn'. 1 ?red, and the bill tabled. Providing additional compensation for deputies and clerks In the several 8:ate dep.ulinrnia. Authorizing the consolidation of corporation* framod under the (inneral Manufacturing law Incorporating the Safe Deposit Company at rtica Incorporating the Oeimati Tailors' Reacvoloat Society of Brooklyn. Fur tho lurlhor protection of female employes la Now York. Incorporating the Metropolitan Market Company. The bill for enlarging Hie looks on tlw Erie und Os wego canal* waa coaMdorcd briefly In Committee of the Whole, and tbou toado the ep.-ciail orJor for nasi Tors day. tt?? s*irMCDT<OOsxiUT ixBROOLro. Onmoliouof Mr. Wood tlie following resolution waa adopted ? Res<>lr?d. That the Metropolitan Police Commissioner* are hereby directed to tr.m?nr.t to the Senate a c ipr of the'r Uenerai Order ?t, and report the pariloular reasons altered by the Supminteudoat aa ha.tag influenoed blu to issue said older. Mr. Picaeoy moved that the Broad war Suffrage Rai I road bill be made the apodal ord er for this evening. Mr. O'Donnbll moved to include all the New York railroad bills. Mr. H. C. KvnrBT moved to lay the resolution on the table. Carried. UP* at OF THH COHlfl'Sl<>*?*? Of r*in?/TIOX. The annual report ot the Commissioners of Emigra tion was received aud ordered to be printed, sod the Senate took a recesa till evening. KvrnlRg Neislon. Mt. E OoMm.L Introduced a bill lo facilitate the construction of the Ithaca and Too a wanda Itailroad Coin* poor. MLtJI AbTAWCWT) TO TW1*f> tttAIWfl. Authorising a portion of the town of Montgomery to take $00,000 wertb of stock in the Montgomery and Erie Kaltmad. Extending to the town of Yohkors ihe provisions of the Metropolitan Excise law. Increasing tho salary of School Commissioners throughout the State to $1,000. Placing all burial grounds, ercept these owned or" maaagod by religious or other associations under the care or the city auditors. Incorporating the Holdlers' Business and Despatch Oorapauy. p enable tj^tp MadlstW flab to purchase and bold real The Senate tben adjourned. AmisIIii Albam, March 12,1S0T. Ttiitn as a mm ot silia To amend the Aaburn city uliartas. To authorise Joint stock Ore and marina Insurance OQMaaiss w r?a?oe oatntal suck. To amood the act relative to the filling of vjowI^i la 0<1?"provl<J? for the protection of the navigation of the "TXm the act relative to the Brockport Naval ^In*0relation to lb* District Attorney of Ron selaef e?To'e"rtabll?h and nreaniw the Hudson River State II*. pllal for the lowM One da, Madison and lo authorize certain 1 (he capjul #llM.k lo Chenango couot'^to f^crlbc -berburno. "Ksi'siaisr-uss?" QTo amend the act authorial* tho formation of town Insurance companies. Mr. Bi^ow of illness in bis lainily. He a*kConven serving on the conference committee of UM tional bill, inaatnuch as It might be Important ^ committee to report during his abtwnce. c lined, and the .-peaker appointed Mr. Stliea, 01 t,u?u tauaua, in his place. pacific hail ??AK??r coktast. Mr ( RKiHiK offered a reeolaUon of inquiry Into tno affv r'a of the rattle Mall Steamship Company, andc?ll *nt for sn investigating committee *> Inquire ,.f ,.*1(1 uuiooruiion. Laid on tho taw* incr for an inveailgaiing common* i.mi ret out transi.ctions of ?*.d corporation. Laid on tho UN* un<4iki> I ha riltil >nlng Mosul TUB CANA1A under the rule. Evening Mosnloa. The bill providing for the enlargement of thelocU on the Krte, OsAugo, Cayuga and benecn ? Kideied .11 Committee of the ,v\boJVerd l?cu on offered to include the Lbamplaln canal. After dLcus* n progrtsa was reported, and th ? bill was n.ade tho *p* order for A third WADixa Making an approprietfoD of $100,000 for the comple tlou of u Male lUHtitution for the bin 5i?ubl?<l Td provide a temporary homo for axis and dlsu ea S"io "rovtdo Increased lacilltles for canal boats and barges ai tho port of New Yotk. . _ To incorporate tho Mount Morris Water Works Co.n pany. adjourned. THE FENIANS. Continued Excitement?TH? Herald Leltcr Contributlons I'ourlim ln-Srrp?i?it? lro"? the Hoberta Vnrty-Tbe Maw .Heetlna To Niflhtt A'O. , What between the almost total absence of news fnvn Ireland, the unreliability of the cable despatches, nio tions in the United states (ongress, the raising of money and the holding of meetings, the Fenians in tbla city ovince an excitement and ardor not equail'd tincc the flrst young days of the society's existence m ibis country, and, be the weather fair or bo it foul >r xtoriuv, the crowds continue dally to tl.rong tho ae gh borliood of headquarters, So. 19 Chatham street, with ? pertinacity and perseverance fully Illustrative of the sincerity of their regard for those ^ting far away, and by whose aide many of them l)l.yir (K> stand to-day to help the patriot ' * peiatf eflorts to secure the freedom of their wmnu y ?lESSpfe&gs Km! directed bv some 01 the cleverest men ana snrew.i * diplomatists on that continent. The letter was o Mm mKim service to the cause, ?nd from tno moment it . w ?* "aS^nd wiu ventilated Fenu.n bonds began 'J, " up" and. as one excited Hii>e niau remarked, "It?* better f< r the boys than fSO.OtW . h ? Purim; the dav Information wan thrived or I lie version" of sveral circles lat ly adUoriui. to the!Rob.. fc interest. The names of all of ihesc could not be oh?iu cd but two oi the most conspicuo's were tbo <.oroo u Circle of Boston and Wolfo Tone Circle of H r ? ? ^ Tlio?e peelug that now ? tlie ni^i?hlvtlieonlT chance afforded this (roneratlon to Lip the ea'isj or Irish l.berty, manfullv caat aside the trammels of party Mdaecta oa " favor of giving their unq-mlifl-d support to the real "fli'htlni men" of th1} Dr> therho.'id. mnr* nros Tna VcnUn Kxchequ<*r never looked in a more p parous condition before, Money Sanded in from mo.nlng to ,dividual s l>senption?, esoh person glv ug m f in proportion to hia mews *nd in u?.a sums varying Trom on Uir con-tantly added to the trow try. |npn soon to V in a p'v.aion u) glv? n s^r,M a ^ in tuc hold- Arm. or wiou ?: t. ^ are^s pr(,dy ro. rany contributed. A ??< ? -Qft bt||t lllore ar? do K as tho men aro'Pl?niy but the wherewith U. equir throughout th?country ^port fc. ^vr^^vl^e oi St: fft'v ?UvR Other? are hourly expected, ?na moon.on ? ibo ild<vof money set* in it i* hoj ed that the c > not take until Ireland ha- becojte one of the I.e. n*Tho4project 'referred to in yestcrday'a Hmau. ^ ? wihscriptldn of a million dollars '^m private ^ ifni.c bravelv on. and was endorsed yeeterday wuu iiie itgoaiurea oi some of our leading Ht!*uo^ and arrai ^ lueot > are so forward that u Is exiKSCtedln afew duV? the names ol the trustee wlil be ann<>.inced and^? C 'O mlttee of merchante win wait on prominent Ir*ht''_? and Irish-/" trierieana to eellcit their naaiaunoe toward the regeneration of the r common countrr. Arnui(retni nfs for the ma s masting at Union ?q??r# (i,, ovenln^' an- nmirly completed and no doubt m en t4rtiine'l that tne demouAiration will bean imposing Ifvlir aa maniTor lbs societies, lnc!odio2 temperance and' boneflt organlaattona. have annwtnead their iirention of participating In lbe bo?me*s or iu# evenlna and being present iu larj/e numbers, rnern w H W toral .' .uds erei-ted n various partj orthj I rquare for the u?o of the Sfea^en, and it ja a^Idpa od I iliat raanv eloquent gentlemen will be pvaam to Mdr sa tho mee tng Among thom sro ex|~M:lod Couip-roiler Corinolty. Ji:dge Quian, Horace (irec ey, Char es < Sj'e.'cer, !m<! sei-era! others who huve been Invited by !, '.re -Uii ill Wiriiuma. ?''''?"i?;? mi 3! froni 11ii?ni nnnrtonce that they aie meeting witn *1 nnt xowjtod noMi, and are revived mow cordially bv -cnalurs and Representative* of both parties, who cure not t" conceal their sympathy lor the lighting men ? In Ireland. 'i'lie Ft'utitii t'onvrntiun in fblrnuo. Chicago, *.arcb 12, 1667 "?"he Kcn'.iiii Itrotlierbood m l at two o'clock to dajr. Seventy I'.glit eirrios wore represented In the organ'za ttoo. 1'reaidenl Kol>< rt? w*3 introduced, and spoke two hour* on th- pre* at of the organisation, it* past record, and It* future pri?pe g.ving a rninut: dii?:>o ftitioo of all Money* r. ..I at headquarter*. Alter the appointment of l> ? commltt^t, the Conven tion adjourned until tea oV rk to morrow. The ft?l lowing corr<>?pondeiico by telegraph was read to the Convention ? N -.'op.k, March 12,1W7. Col< nel W. K Rfiutni*, a. A dopuuttoa >f Centres r-i ? ,'lnr Ireland, England ?nd Scotland requeet your .. ..edute cooperation. AofW-r yos or no. Publl.h your !<!??as Immediately. I. 9. <;e,w<y. Cmr.too, llarcb 12. 1S?7. To J. 3 fl'Anv, New York Your despatch received. Do I understand you that the represent Hives of the I. R. B. from Ireland, Eng land atid fwtland, now In America, airived to unite with u.? for the pnr|M>ae if plvinir aid to tne men said to b? In revolt)1 ion tn Ireland? If eo, a* President of ihe 111*/'li rt>'i?d, ind upeakifg on bcball of thai org.iiiiial .? ? Ming ourselves irreeponKlhlc for the of vhatl fear la a premature aad ill pre pa rod ntovnih"ii'. ne> "i lio'Ii'Mi *'? eill render all U>? Aid In our p<wi :i> our rotlier in the fluid. Our objective po'nt I' Ire'.su.l, w < labor for Ireland and will etrik* tor I rein nd. W. R ROBE Kid, President K. B. iairte Cenlau .Hfriln* In Hi. I.oata. s?r Loom, March U, 1*97 The F-nlan* h?M a very large .nd ?nlhtui**llc raeeW Ing last nigbt. R' solutions c ere adopted pledging as* a'jtanc* with m m and money to the present movement In Ireland. Tin y deixand o' our g' veriimeul an laitne dlato a-knowkdijmeni of the t>elTifer*nt rghtaofth* Irish republic, and <*tlinf on the wranbv Trultmen in tin- country to purchase pfivot -era to prey ou CnglUfe eomuero*. CAIUCIAW AFfHIHS. The Confederation Hclieuie-W ontreul .Ulllfl* tn be 4 nlletl Out to Protect ihr Ki ?Hitler, A e, Mojtrkai.. March 12, 1M7. Th* Canadian delegate* in l/mdon mil on their relira on the 20tb. Mew*. Gait and Rowland are bnnly en | gaged bringing to a conclusion the pecuniary arrange* me&ts. They have almost dally Interview* with Die* raoll, who Is to bring a bill Into the ffotuo of Common* for tne guarantee of a loan to the eitent of 920.000.MO, for the Intercolonial road loan, to be |>aid off by ra?*ae or a sinking fund In not lew tlian thirty years nor ra?re than foriy-flro year*. Tho negotiations for the loan art supposed to be emf. Tho rU'iiUrzr R'riD any*:?It ha* net yet been d* elded to call put tho volunteers; but should anecenlty art** the military ?uUioriUe* aro propai cd to act prompt Ijf and effectively. . One* or two battalion* of Montreal ?lil'H *?' &? ??>?? out eborUjr for frontier service. . ?' Tlie Second battalion of tho Twenty Ihlnt roMleeni, the Flr*t battalion or the Twenty tint* *nd the Frmrttt battalion of th* Sittletb Rifle* will fetu? I* Kaftan* during the .nmmer. H.rch 19, lMT.. * A company of volunteer last month ha* been relieved, Three "W artillery deeerted last *>?bu fint i? usTflc Bourne, M*reh 1?, MM- I - lhll ?oming a ?re broke o?t IB the ptaelag "Uj < .^riy '.I Boeton, which was partially d? ?f 000 In Uii fame bail<fl?i ws* th4 Vr 120.000; pJwtUy Iwute*