Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 14, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 14, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. t i .. I T?tu.? ? .v i+? . PKBHOHAL. 1DDRB8S WANTED OP BDWARDO. OR (iSKAKIXUri A Clorvio.?Any person know inn the address of eit her Will be suitably rewarded by Mailing to W. II. N., Herald ? Bee. __ Broadway thf.atrr, Tuesday evening.? Will the lady vbo noticed the saUtMl ?1U? opera llaMud handkerchief address Eupw, station AT Brooklyn pout opkich.-shall make suita Me arrange raeut to Me you very *000. Shall then ex plain all aad return letter. Don't writ* any more. Too dan Serous. CHAR).1&. FRIDAY, SAME hour. OIL regions. B? ir MRS. JULIETT chick (late KNTQHT), ADP XS,S Oct, 18Sf, No. 105 Greene street, New York, le i' #i__ ? ir eon either, she or be will please address hoi ' gasTlfl4t affioe, New York, where they will hear of aoiaett jn_ l0 ^elr advautago. OIRMATION WANTED.?IF THIS ^rould MEET 6 ?ye of Mwe Maria Sherman, fo-of the Dey Bouse, or or any one knowing wi.ereahoiiu, they Will please communicate Immediate' . wltll Mr?. E. Acker Man, Tarrytown. Westchester countyt jj y tnfobmation WANTED?1'jf MARY MASTERS ON, A daughter of the late Mr , Lawrence Mantera'm, of this ?My. VS he* last heard of sr.e waa rending with her grand Motber an* uncles iihim', Smyth. Intelligence of her will fee thankfully received > Mm MeDon-ild, Nobber, county Bleatti, Ireland, who c jnlet her hear something to her ad Vantage. 4ROARBT VONAVAN, YOU ARE particularly requested lo call within three days from this date at SB Lewis street, on business of Importance. U Murderer.?$1,000 reward for thb apprb henslon and deHvery to the civil authorities at Noble Vlll*, Indlnna, of H. C. McCuteheon, who on the 37th of Feb ruary, 1807, shot and killed II. Shetmrd, at Mrs. Cane's plan tation, opposite Khraveport. La. Said McCutchoon Is about Cm feet and ten inches high, of ruddy complexion, blue ?yea, delicate bands; wore light brown whiskers, and weighs about 180 pounds. Ills oountenauce has a surly aspect, aud Rhas a slight brogue. Ho forraerlv resided lu IndUn ipo ind. J. HEID, Moblesrille, Ind. Received a letter from j. r. b. he is at the Mills House, Charleston, 8. C. Will return soon. AM la wclL FRANK. POUARDIAN8.?WANTED, IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, sn orphxn or motherless girl, from (1 to 12 years of age, to board, educate and take care of. References unexcep Address J. F., box 1.M8 Post office. mo WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.?ANY PERSON HAV JL Ing any knowledge of a Legacy left In England to the aolrs of Sabrla Sherman, who married Richard Smith; heirs ?ow In America. Any Information will be thankfully re rred by E, O. Dngj-s, 194 Perry street. New York city. B.?English papers please eopy. WANTED?TO ADOPT A CHILD, FROM BIRTH TO It months of ago Address Mrs. Carpenter, station A* Spring street. w BDNESDAY, II O'CLOCK, FULTON FERRY stage.?Will the two ladles dressed In black, got out at art's wholesale store, noticed gentleman on leaving " send address to Diamonds, station A, spring street f w fL. ILL THE CABTBR EMPLOYED TO TAKE A FIVE gross package, marked "Bwletenla, for the Teeth," to Hudson Hirer depot, addressed "Collins Bros., St. is," eall at If Wooster street and say where he left it f W" LL MR. CHABLB8 DOWLINO PLEASE BEND his address to box 1,307 Post office t WILL the LADY, BLACK YBLVBT SACK, who crossed Fulton ferry Wednesday morning and wound WW her watch grant an interview to the gentleman next who Moke to her about the Psraonalst Address P. H. K? box KlU Post office. SPECIAL NOTICES. A MEETING OP THE SABHFIELD VOLUNTEER A Clrele, F. B., will be held at US Crosby street, on Thurs day evening, March 14, 1887. AU members are requested to ?ttend. is business of Importance will be transacted. Hicham. Qathok, Treasurer. JOHN DOTLK, Centre. Jow RoowaT, Ostrutary. TtfRW TORS LAD MM' SOUTHERN RELIEF ASSOCI i* atioo bey to acknowledge the following donations:? Mtestt presto us. Isaac M. Bull 80 00 ? ly acknowledged |34,&98 80 Mr. Geo. Bear.bley 6 001 MKMR: "" WlpJ*..,...^ 100 80 of Mary, through In. Geo. B. W, Re*. Wm. Jamlnn B 00 Msls, N. T... BOO Miss Haines 18 00 I. Rdw. Center.. SOU 00 Offering from pupils Wm. Wheatley 80b 00 of Mlas Haines' gNK: of lecture school SO 00 hy Rleh. O'Oor- Mrs. Oreamer 26 00 saan, Rao. 800 00 In. Geo. F. Train. 95 00 Oflbrlni of ehapcl, Master Oea F. through Areh- Train B 00 Mohep MeCloakey 40 00 Mlsa Haste Train .. 28 00 * . "I. Stewart... 100 00 Master Bleev Train *5 00 H. Potts to 00 Mr. Mclntow 80 oo . J so kins 10 80 Miss Manes 8 00 In Potter Palmer. >8 00 Mrs. Ooxe, ef Phil r. Uert 10 M adelphta 8 00 avid Lamb 80 80 Mr. Haadtmus 1 18 Shaw 85 00 E. K. B., gold 1 U0 ~ r, Gray A Co. 80 00 Cash S 00 i Baldwin.... K00 Cash 8 00 Cask. 1 78 LUUe WUiie, gold.. 100 'aItBCR LBART,' Treasurer.M ?bwToaa. Marsh 13,1*7. | SAM FRANCISCO, OALJPORNIA, FEB. M.?NOTICE.? The undersigned beg to notify their friends and the ?abbe generally that they are not and never have been ?torosled in or connected with the house of Heln, Meckel! A Co., oorner of Jaoob and Frankfort street*. New York dir. This notice is published net with a view of ?esredltlng or la any manner Injuring the house of Ileln Moekei A Co., but simply te correct mlsoouception. HEIN A BRAT. Joma Brat, 418 Battery street. SHE COMPANIONS OF CORINTHIAN CHAPTER, NO. Ut, R. A. M., are hereby summoned to attend the reru eonrocatlon of the Chapter held this evening at 7)4 o'clock, to reoelve the report of the committee appointed to TCvlse the By-Laws, and to take action on the same. By enter of J. B. GARDNER, H. P. BL M. Amu, Jr., Secretary. L.OBT AVD FOrHD. A?LOST, WEDNESDAT, IN A FOURTH AVENUE . ear, a Gold Sleeve Button, an Amethyst set la enamel aad four pearls, latitats M. L. on back. An ampin reward (?the flnder on leaving It at 41 Bast Thirty-third street. UND?IN MADISON AVENUE. ON MONDAT. March 11, a lady's Fur Cellar. The owner ean have the calling at Ui East Sixteenth street and proving Ful yreperlj. T OST S-ON WEDNESDAY, (MARCH 13, A SMALL ilsh Tan Dog, with blanket on, near Wooster and ; answers the name of Tip. A liberal reward on his return to 117 Meet Houston street. T OST-1 L loathe The Under wall's beat OST?TESTERDAT AFTERNOON, A RU88IA leather P octet book, containing ever $300 and twoe&rda. Oder will be liberally rewarded by returning It to Turn ?heefc store, S> Broadway. SOST?MARCH It, 1887. A SCOTCH TERRIER, WITH short yellow hair, short tall, foisd ears, and answering he aaone of Nelly. $8 reward on returning her to IT KB, IIS Bast Fourth street. ? OST-ON TUK3DAT RVBNINO, BETWEEN THE AJ Thirtieth street Hudson River Railroad depot aad the Srrsrett House, a single stone Diamond Breastpin, of value lb the owner as a memento. A liberal reward will be paid Bad no questions asked upon Its return to i. C. C., No. 11 Water street. OST?TWO OPERA GLASSES LEFT IN A TWRN I ty-third street stage ea Tuesday evening, about 7 o'olook. a lady and gentleman getting out at Nlbtu'a. If either of two parties remaining In the stage noticed them and Vetera the same te 429 Weet Tweuty-aeoond street, a reward will be girsa. h HE WAR UN. K REWARD-FOR RETURNING A LARGE BLACK i J Newfoundlao'l Dog. Answer* tn the n*ro? of Nero, n sway on the night or the t9th of Mar in at the corner or th avenus and Twenty-fourth street. ? rr r ?-) N Man an ?even . REWARD.?LEFT IN A FOCTRH AVENUE OAR, w at the Park, on Tuesday afternoon, a 'irown paper el. containing papers of no vain* except to the owner. ~l it to J. H. Tb irne, 174 Canal s.resU REWARD. ?STRATBD FRO* HOBOKEN, ON Sunday. Matvh II, a sorrel Horse, with white lace white bind lest, with Urge msne and tell. The above re I win be paid for If return to T. A. A <'urry, stand 838 est Washington Market. $100 Md Ainn REWARD.?STOLKN FROM IS* WEST TENTH vl'"' street o.i i-'stiiruar evening last, three Orercous, aae black Frock Coat, a sole leather Trunk, msrkrd S. Dow W., U. S. A., containing a colonel's uniform, pistols, ?eld glass, woollen and mmbrle shirts, two ladles'dresses, aad Mber articles. The above reward will be paid for the return of the goods and ne questions asked. mwha^kih <. zrzzzr AORRAT REDUCTION IN THE price OF BOOTS and Shoes until the 1st of May. at IRWIN'S cheap ?lore. ?> Bowery, oorner of Bond street Soiled stock leas tta half prloe. SRAEILTAN ORJEPTOS.-FOR SALE. A LARGR collection Of msgnlflcsnt l eather Flowers, a lot of Blond Beetles, a urge lot of Birds for mounting?30 va rtetlea; 25 Red Ibis Skins; 1*1 ok. Hrsitltan Topas?perfeot terminations. 8t South street, second Boor, liaok Beans t vanilla. Vanilla, vanilla, vaniitla, Vanilla. Vanilla, Vanilla, Vanilla. Vsullls, Vanilla, Va ~ Vanilla Beans, Vanilla Beans for sale by TaFT A JR. M Cedar street IDURNITURB OF EVERT DESCRIPTION?CARPETS, " Oilcloths. Bedding, Parlor and Suits, A* , at EMDALL A SCOffl '8. corner of Canal and llndsoa etreeta. Payment takea by waekly or monthly payment* if ynffliridL gBOROB V. BTBD, REAL ESTATE AGENT, 180 Randolph street, Chicago, (II.?Particular attention n to ths purchase end sale of real estate, payment of is, collection of rente for not* resident*, Ac. Refer enoes? Chicago Board of Baal Estate Brokers, R./. Wit eon, No. 8 Pine street. New Tork. HAMILTON A EIMPTON, MERCHA VT TAILORS, NO. 108 Strand (opposite Exeter Hall), .London ?(lenlle aen visiting Knglaao and passing through London are In vited to see the well selected stock of Olotht'. Beavers, Wit neysand Tronsertngs. of the very best material; or, by for warding remittance with their measures, aan h?r? (he goods sent by express company as usaal. No. 105 Strand, London. IMPORTANT INVRNTIONS X ATTHS PARIS BXPOSITION, _ A gentleman who will attend tne Paris Evposltlon In sn Metal rapacity, will And opportunity to represent In Europe eaeh Interests aa may be entrusted to hie eharge. Apply to J^etTKiw rTY" * Allen. Engineers, 41 WUllam SPORTING* . ? SfSe?aW f?r ^ l*reparo4 Food fo* knocking R^JLJaK" 'WWP VACHT, SO FE8T LONG, NEW To w*u found h> evarr respect. TO be .ecn >ts>Warf,ne,V J. B McGIBUaST PV -*1? BUTLER. NO. 8 PECK SLIP, HAH A1X THE * j>ote? Vrrcd* of Docs. Butler1* Infallible Mange fur* ? J Exterminator. 79 cents. Butler's new work on the jnf. $1 Doc* trained, boarded, Ac. Medicines tor all dis JOHN GBAY, 11 BOOSEVELT STRKF.T, HAS FOB file Newfoundland Dogs, Black and Tan anil Sootoh Terrier*, dm Italian Ureybuund; a pair of Black and Taua, 6 lb*, each. Ionn STAND OK A KM 4, WtTII BAYONETX COM UV/ pit*la, Sprlngiieid pattern; also MO .Swr,,ft? and Cttilssse?, all of which will be w/ld elieao. Apply to MESltY DEVLIN, 477 Pearl street. HOUSES. CAltRIAOES. AC. A A NUMHEIt Of SECOND HAND COACHES, BBBTTS, x V Phaeton* sad Bockaways, our large (took of new car riages, at reduced prlcea. MoTT A CO., Corner of Fourth and Meroer streets. AT 47 CEDAB?CABBIAGES AND HABNBSS OP ALL style* and prtcss. No Broadway expenses or profits. Some great bargains for the next two weeks. JOHN M. TUFTS, Ja. ALABUK AS^OBTMENT OF CARRIAGES AND U AB* ne*s to be sold at manufacturer's prices. several shop worn, aold cheap, at N. MOONEY'S warrroomt, 91 Liberty street. A FINE DURHAM PRESII MILCH COW FOB SALE.? milka 'it quarts of milk a day. Would exchange for a cow not eo valuable. At 1M Eaat Twenty-Sfth street. Auction rale of houses, wagons and har. ness. by COLE A MURPHY, on Prlday.Mll O'clock, at 339 Fulton atreet, Brooklyn, 6 Horaea, 8 Wagons, 7 acta Harness, and Hockawey. A PRIVATE STABLE TO LET?WITH STALLS FOR four boraes, and carriages; with all modem I m pro Ye men ts, at SUA West Twenty-first street. Also a sorrel Mare, 7 years old, for sale, 1SV6 hands high; kind In single or double harness. Apply at 383 Hudson street. AT HOBSE AUCTION MART, UNION SQUARE? Some fine Stock at auction, Hy MINER A SOMEBVTLLB, to-morrow (Friday), at 13 o'clock. Particulars to-morrow. See auction head. T SOUTH BROOKLYN, THIS DAY. AT 1] O'CLOCK. By MINER A BOMEBVILLE, Express Wagons, single and double; Trucks, Harness, Car riages, Horses, m., being the effects of the GLOBE EXPRESS COMPANY. See auction head ALL THE CARBIAGES, GOOD WILL OP THE Busi ness, Leuse of Stable, Ac., consisting of IS llorses, 12 Carriages, Harness, Blankets, and all the appointments complete, are for rale. It will be shown bp the books of the concern that the business has a large and steady run of family custom; pays hsndsomelv. and capable of being largely Increased, and that the absence of tne proprietor is the sole cause of sale. Address bos 4,030 Post onlce. A?FOB SALE, STYLISH SORREL MARE, 6 YEARS, . 16 hands, fit for any business; $130. Sorrel Horse, l$H- 9100. All sound kind. Light harness, $30. 144 West Twenty-ninth street. A CITY MADE LBATHER TOP WAGON. NEARLY A8 A good as new; price $110; also a bay pony built Horse, 16 handa, 6 years old, warranted sound; trots cloae to three minutes; a good family or business horse, as be stands with out tying. Price $175. To be seen at K* 860 West Twenty, eighth street, rear. CARRIAGES.?GREAT BARGAINS.?HAYING MADE advances, the following Vehicles must be sold br Mm 18th of Mareh:? 9 open Boggles at $120. worth ASM; 1$ top Buggies* at $186, worth $?Cjll top Buggies at SI60, worth $300; II Bockawars and Pamtly Carriages; also sp?ml second hand Coaches. Roekawaya, top and opes Buggies. CALVIN WITTr S Carriage Warerooms, 886 Broadway, new Bloecker street. CTOR SALE?A PONY, FIVE YEARS OLD, WELL r broke snd gentle; a good one. At Greenpolnt, L. I., corner Co Iyer and Fourth streets, by HENBY bCHMALL. TOOR SALE?TWO HACK COACHES. BAROUCHE AND !? Phaeton. Will be sold cheap. Apply at stables, 48 and 10 Monroe street. For bale?a pinh stylish bay horse, black legs; splendid aetion; travels in $M, either double or single; 16 hands; six years eld; wsrrinted without a fanlt; will be sold st less than value; would maks a beautiful pri vate carriage or saddle horse. Can be seen at private stable, northeast corner of Eighth avenue and Fifty-first atreet EM)B RALE-FAST TROTTING STOCK AT GREAT I bargains, at the Waverlev stables, oorner of Thi| ninth street and Broadway. 1 grav messenger ManH handa high, 8 yeara old. trots Is l M, priee $780; rc KMare, 6 years old, 10 handa high, trots in 8:4$, price M00; 1 ?Hnoras, ? yeara old, trots in 1:43, price $600. Yankee ? 7 yeara old, treta In 9:36, price $S30; not half their I value; I pair of croes matched Mares. $ and $? yeara old, tset laside of 8*0, U hands high. All of the above hones are warranted sound and hind. Bm wiii i n il in 11 inn m in hi n i nil in i H Horses, well matched. 7 and 8 yeara obi. and about 16# Ihsnds high. Can be sees at 188 Wast Thirty-second street, for three dsys. Will be sold reasonable. F POR SALE-A GOOD HORSE, SEVEN YEARS OLD, with Harness and Mir Wagon, aulUbie for a grooer or axpraaaman. Apply at 73B Sixth avenue. IJIOR BALE?A SUPERIOR STY US H BuRRBL HORSE, J? 8 years old, ISJi bands high. aound and kind In ell htr neaa; good In the (addle. Price $376. An ply In the Tea Store corner of Fulton and Main streets, Brooklyn. IjH)R SALE?A LOT OF VALUABLE WORK HORSES; ' nmoni them la one Dae team of Farm Hor???; also ?one alnglo llorses, very ehrap; a'ao tome line Truck and Cart lloraea: alao one large blind Hone. 80He* Chambers at root. For bale?at ?m third avenue, three car rlages. cheap?for $100, $180 and $3)0. rR BALE?It FIRST class HORSES just from the country, flt for carta, trueks, expre?? or an/ busi ness; warranUxl sound and kind. Inquire at 941 Canal street, corner of Washington. For bale?a bttltbh pair of carriage Horses, bora, long tails. One roadaters, aonnd and kind; Pbaeton and light Wagon, and double Harness, nearly new, at New burg. Apply to-dar, from 10 to 4 o'clock. WM. AMBLKR. C Dnane street rR SALE?THREE HORSES. ONE $80; ONE ROCK away, In good order; one light top Wagon, nearly new; also one Sprinkling Cart. Inqulra at 946 West Twenty-.lith street near Eighth avenue, N. T. tfOR BALE?SECOND HAND, 1 COUPE $100; A GREAT f bargain ;3 leather Top Baggies; I Doctor'a Phaeton; 1 allde aaal Buggy, taken la trade. No room for Ihem; meet be aeM. ISAAC MIX, JR., A BON, 6$$ Broadway. EIOR HALE-A WORK HORSE. FIT FOR TRUCK. OR r cart or expreee, 8 years old, 18*tf hands high; also a Set of Cart Hameae; mast be sold this day. Call at 13$ Kaat Forty-second street, near Third avenue. EOR BALE?36 HORSES, JTST FROM THE COUNTRY, from 4 to 8 years old; prioea from $100 to $W. No. i arena street. TOOR BALK CHEAP?A SINGLE TRUCK, HORSE AND T work. Inqitlre of BILBRT A WlLKiNB, 16$ Reade atreet, corner of Greenwich. T7IOR SALE CHEAP?A LIGHT SECOND HAND LUM r ber Wagon, in goo<l order. Inquire at I3S East Nine teenth street, new uumber. For sale cheap?a chestnut mare, in foal, eight years old th's spring. Inquire In the feed store, 113th street and Third avenue. Fir bale cheap-horse, truck and haemess. Can be seen at 92 John street TjlOR BALE CHEAP?A COVERED OROCKR'B J Wagon, nearly new. Apply at paper factory, Carltoa and Pulton avennes. Brooklyn. POR SALE CHEAP?A VERT FINE TEAM OF BAT Horses, sixteen liande high. Can be eeen at the a tags stables, comer of Sixteenth street and arenut? B. Government property at private bale? in,mo eets new and second hand Haraeee, Saddles, i '-oi lers. Brlilles, Hallers, wagon ani horse Corera, Paulina, Awnings, Bed Tick", drain Bags, Tents. Tent Stock, Blan kets, Ac., rery low. Plain Mcciellan Saddles, officers', Me Clellan and artillery Haddles, new Artillery Bridles with plated bits. Awolnrs and Wagon Covers made to order; Wedge, Wall and Hospital Tent-. PITKIN A CO., No. $6 Park puce, New York. an.I S-'S North Froal stifet, I'hiladei phls. Pa. Harness.-tor bale, a set of fir?t cmss single Harness. Rroadwav make, roveied mounting, new and cheap for e.nli. Call u.i or a ldreas E. Ba'iks. XS. East Thirty-third street. IRON STABLE FITTINGS, VENTILATING PARTI Hone, Orooved Posts, Hay Racks, Mangers, Hitching Rings, Ac.; also new Pattern Cribs, combining Hay Reck, Manger with food guards, Tumbling Water Pot sad Halter, with Weight and Buffer, Fittings for cow >tables. Call and aee anmples or send for circular. JANES, FOWLER, KIRTLAND A CO.. corner Reade, Center and Elm street*. STABLE TO LET AND COI'PE AND HARNESS FOR ?ale.?'The first class Stable 108 West Twenty-nlnlh atreet Possession of one-half riven Immediately. Apply ?n the premises from ? to IS A. M. and stalls to let.-thrkb of fonr stills each. vlx., 8M and 41 West Thirtieth etree t and 1,-V1 Broadway Stalls In fine brick private stable, 3i3 West Twenty.Bret street, near Eighth avenue. Apply to JOS IAII "JhX. 43 Iteaver street. STAR MARE TO BE SOLD-A BARGAIN, THE OWNER having no further nae for her. A fine animal for breed ing purpoeea. Apply at 6$ Monroe street. TO I.ET-A PRIVATE IT ABLE, COACH HOU9B AND Rooms for ooschmsn. No. 110 West Thirty first street. Inquire of R. f. CARMAN. IX West Thirty-first street. WANTED-A ONE-HORSE SH1FTINO BEAT AND TOP Haggy or I'l.aetnn; miat t>e best city make; little need; amall fmiR wheals Address, with particulars and price, C. B.,bei 4.181 Postoffloe. f'/J R -FOR SAi.B-A OOOD COVERED OltncKRS* .-k. )?"*or..,n *o?<* order. Sold for want of use. Ap y at 361 West Thirteenth atreet 4^00 ?* 'OR SALE, WITH moveable 9<>l MS. winter front, nearly as peed aa new. ft must be sold, ea the owner la gaiag to Europe. Call at M and 71 Ninth avanne. W1M**. MCil ORB. *c. Genuine importeiTchampaobb-very^ftnn $t b per bottle, $?> psr basket. (0o<] Beurbon 80 centa p?r ntle. choice and old $1. Bordeaux wine fimtmnt Vaulla, ?'Uton street eorner ef WlUtam. cupahtreahhlm. A* INDUSTRIOUS BUSINESS PARTNER WILLING to help make the money, wanted, with flffl to $380, In l lucrative mercantile uxrlilly, four years established. Ad dress Earneet, station P. A partner wanted?in a LIGHT MANUFAPTUR tug bol'inan: on* who can furnish j'J.OWJ or $8 000 and attend u> the financial part of the business. Apply at 5t? Pearl street, up stairs. A PARTNER wjjmbd-WITR CAPITAL, IN A FLOUR ulr.a* business, already eaiathshed, fielding Ml per oont apoly in person at *6 bayar4 timet. Keferenoe gir en and required. _ Disjunction of copautnkrsnip.-TTlF FIRM of J P. Harrow a Co. wt thm day dissolved by mutual nonaent All d>Bts due to tbe company ivlll be settled by J. k narrow. J. V. HARROW. Nbw Yobk. March ii, IA97. R. 8kwui.L. tutr T. R. BROOK WAY HAVING purchased AN IN. ivl tcrett tn i'ie New York Hotel, m iu>>-toiated with me as a partner, under tbe arm of 1>. M. Hlldnuh A Co. D. m. HILDRETH. PARTNER W\nte1>-WITK womash, IN A PROFIT, able busintes. For particulars address J. k. ?., itatlon B, New York. ? PARTNER WANTED?WITH $l.0t?. IN tub RJtftTI fylng Business, on the west stdeoi town; three years' lease. Address Partner, Herald oimca. PARTNERRP itoouredj busrnks-iks DIHPOSE? of; good chance kl all times for n.irtie* nth cash capltnl A party with $1,000 wanted. Apply at tli-. bnalnaee Agency, 497 Broadway. The undersigned have this day formed a copartnership tor tranasctiug a nholcula and retail business In Teis, at No. 90 Vesey street, under the style and Arm name ol T. Y. koiley a Co. tlleodop-k Y. KELLBY, JOHN gained. I certify th's is oorreot, T. Y. keixst. New Yobe. March 15, 1867. THE copartnership HERETOFORE EXISTING under the firm of Roll, Jr., Heln a Rahnv b?? been dis solved* by mutual consent. Mr. George IT.ill. Sr., and Mr. Ferdinand Heln are the only parties auth'irii?>l tn liquidate lu the name of tho firm. oeokgk A. P.oll. FEKI?t.V\ni> UE1N. new Yobk, March 1,1087. W. TirANTED-A PARTNER IN A manu i'aoturing f t business In full operation, to conduct the l<u-.iness in New York, the factory being in Philadelphia. The profits are large. This is an opportunity worthy of consideration, seldom met with. J. M. MOODY a CO., 4a pine street. Wanted-a-GENTLEMAN TO purchase the half interest of a retiring partner in a manufacturing business now lu successful operation: the retiring partner being obliged to sell on account of 1u health. This transac tion Is with the principal. J. M. MOODY * CO., 48 i'lne street (J>,| fill ?PARTNER WANTED, tobxomlb IN THE ijitwv, manufacturing of a at*nle article of dally con sumption, and sure sale. No morn capital required. $-i per day profit am be realised. Call and invr-st igate at 7b Carmine street, hall door. nnn -BARE chance?partner wanthd. ipi.uuu. us cashier in tuo yery best paying eihlbiu.iri in America; performing to crowded nouses; association first class. Inquire Immediately at 237 Hudson street. 9rta -PARTNER wanted, in a tobacco ipl.^uu, factory. Inquire on the premises, 400 Weet street, third floor. $1,200 RANTED. IN A SAFE MANU /ourth'floor^8'*''011^o\iv?NrjeT^ MER, SU BjTdI!iri^?rT^*r"CUUr" lo<?ulr* of 8AM 2KIS SM-POO y-yrr^.'."1^.".^.? ma feSM a .-"asy rAjs. saffi $10,000 ??K ufMlurtnf bulMti, wholesale and raUIL tdlrPM uTna' facturer P., etallon D, Bible Hoalw. **?*??? Maa? $10.000r^*oT^wAre KITH"?? oTaae th.lDC.r;., 22L2?fc& rd HMdrnJrr. w /<T, U^m SS^''7- rrt*-iP*?? ""'y ^?'i*??!L?f.WBTUSrpn!ii7 ~* iKT GENTLEMAN WILIJUO TO TBAVPt"??> S"S???2 jgj'MAM WHITE * CO., 114 Third ar.. room Ho. 1. R^'r!^?^q 8ALB.?A2f ^>LO ESTABLIRHXT) IflR Sn&hVn'roVThVpr^Sn^U1"?!;!; fc I"*? hM Slea.n Patent loe Cnum "<?71^. ? barter fora wall aatabltohiflT.17i"*' W he ?>">*? to x^^?~sr%Eift,;ra;K!! ESSSSS pSpSpi hi? wu iinooiii, ?oliii and iniiars brick<t t&Aiiv f*?r tk> of Wrj-8 *cda! L^OR SALE?A RECIPE (LATE DISCOVERT) THAT /"]100D CHANCE THE 4DVKRTISKR IVIT f ant" xnffj!";? '?"??""?I... T ease, stock and fixtures or a rroadwav -?-- -J Urp or small o ,?u, u n.."."' " llotrl. Slate and County Might* for sal* ^ * JonN r. elder. UATKNT KKROHENR LAMP?NO CHIlf npv vn CHAM Berlin 1 CO. Havar jbils Ka^i r'^r-T,,R ESTABLISHED HtTrrn STOHR frij F-lgbtk tTWM; Lmw and Flitnre* Tor ?.iie. Rent Jow. WANTED-T11E ADDRESS OF fj. o. AND W\f II ftW^xsraiaf mrswuM.^ Ti^-r?-r?^* w r^ri71P|~.A.rAltTV To TA*K AN INTEREST in A i P?l*nt O! h m*? hfni> that ts In iuccMtful om?? ^?m!V ' 'i.T.I|^'' *Ui"l??|"r' '? * oerlalnty Of maffni "dJraaeV, I1?h.. 1 1 <"*r ln P"""*- Call on or 'itarpHw-.r. r-ofj. n. <Vs?t, 40 < ortlsndt str**i, 0 "??? ?k\7 r,'VU' '?'???tANIC WOULD IN 'r/lHMiiicM whTft i .*' '""V"" ,n ""?*? food innnuftolur aeed not s?li? t wa?M >k> r*jnired; aetata ??a aot apply. Address MacMulsi, UeuM oMc??. $20,000 Tn?n Jih PVD, I" AXY '? "*TLBMAN I* r7?lri Miniv/.nrf w !'?*'Unn Infl?n?ii8? tkr - ,|? ,,f an ?i. N?w ?M MiSllWork" IH*r A^r^a^g .tSSl'dK. PrtC# '0,r $20,000 -r,^IVT,!r amopxt A PRINCIPAL Whk-h forlun,, ,'nii.t'?, ,r;'| ,MVTrl monopoly, by tobltolMi. Partk!ulir? & W Ks/J r K '% a" "T ?tr*et, from 10 a. M. to 2 P M WIK8KCKK, 1ft Bond ggw^i: A \"?JS2E22iLZ ttoJLEZFUl "oi-raVo'dVsires Si'. ,rr-" I a Sg^*^^/mgjgy?"J A qu?rt?^h*r fwm Ma" IA^dd?MAp?^?<RT tt'* A W St Falls at, Brooklyn. Addraaa Prof. J. E. Mayar, Gl "'faJWO-M* WK.-T X" ? i^aaen?. prirala or !? elaa? u?' $12.~r^no"nNw(:!?. ^cher 0f~TiTe 4m.o> or 1M aaholar a ||g ?J2l FtftTSLVlJlS ,w' r*t' PAWCtWQ ACAD A DOOWO.JJ..^. r?r t?nM. Ac, aaod f?r ? aircu FINANCIAL. A LBBRT h. moony, ~ A- - ?.??US0" BROKER AND AUCTIONEER, Ma a PINK SfRBT. ESTABLISHED fifteen team. Insurance, City Ou Light, Bank, Telegraph, Etpreax, Mamuacturtu^ and Minlu* dtocka receive special atlantlon, and soma na h?uil for sale, paying from 10 to A) per eent dividends, at low rates for luvaslinauT*. A REMUNERATIVE COMMISSION WILL BE PAID to any party who will take a second mortgage for $3,900 upon a house aud lot worth $8 00IJ, payable UGO per annum, with good endorsed notes. Address boi 4,t*BPost ofllre. J LIMITED AMOUNT OF MORRIS AND ESSEX Railroad Company flrat mortgage se?on per rant Bond-', go years Ml ran. Interest payable May and November, for aala by VEHMILYF. A CO?,U Wall street. T\BSIRABLE INVESTMENT. 1J United State* Bonds. having thirty years to run, baar Isg al* par cent Interest In lawful monev for sale ou favora* We terms hy JOHN J. CISCO A SON, 88 Wall .treat Dividend.?crown point gold and silver Mining Company. $80 per foot, payable 15th Instant, In aold coin, lesa exchange, at the Agr>n<-y of the Bank or Cali fornia. LLES A WALLER, S3 Pine street. Executive office western uni6n tele graph Company, 149 Broadway, New York, March 9,1087. This Company Is prepared to anticipate payment of its Bonds maturing on the 1st of May next, at a reasonable dis count for the unexpired time. Q. H. PALMER, Treasiirer. VTKW TORE GYMNASIUM AND INSTITUTE OP Physical Education.? A company hi now bring organ ised In the city of New York to build or fit np an Institution for physical culture upon the foUowlns plan:?Tl;c capital stock to be $26 000. In BOO shares of $80e?cli, each shure to bn represented by a onnpon bond, payable In ten year* and drawing Interest at the rats of seven per cent; each share to he entitled to one admission ticket. Every stockholder will be ail owner In the Institution to the amount of tlieir sub scription. In no eveat will any money be required or re ceived till the stoek 1a all taken and the company has ap pointed their trustees and theereetlon of the institute begun. All who feel an iutereet in such au eo'.erpri e will please send for circular of Information to 1137 Broadway. WM. WOOD, Professor of (Jymnaatica. I-ate teacher of physloal exercises, Yale College. P BNNSYLVANIA STATE LOAN. PROPOSALS FOR A LOAN OP $23,000,000. An act to create a loan for the redemption of the overdue bonds of the Commonwealth. Whereas the bonds of tho Commonwealth and certain cer tificates of Indebtedness, amounting to V-3i.OOO,OJO, have been overdue and unit Id for some time pint; And whereas it is desirable ihu tho same should be paid and withdrawn liom the m-.rkot; tiieri'fo.e,

Kwtiob I. Be It enacted by tho Senate and Home of Re presentatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania In den er*l Assembly met, and It is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That the (lovernor, Auditor General end S'.atn Treasurer be, and are heri-by authorized and enio.,wored to borr.m- o.i tin' fattli of tho Common woa'tii, in sunn aniounts an! wiih s ich notion (not less than fortv days). a* they m.iy deem most expedient for the interest or the suite twen ty-three lullltoos of ikriiaix and l? -u? uerl.:lcate? of loan or bonds olt he I'omuvmiceattU for the name, learins luluivat at a rate not exceed :?,{ six perceatum per annum, payalilo seml-nnnually. on the lsi or FefKunry and 1st ol August, In theoity of I'liiiadelnliU; which oertluulc* ol loan or linn I > shall not bn subject to any taxation whatever for State, municipal or local purposes, and shall lie payable as tol lows, namely:?Five millions of il ilUr.t payable at any tlin* after five years and within tan yearj; eUnt millions oi* dollars payable at any tlnio alter ten years ami within fif teen years, and ten notion* of dollnrs nt ?'.v lli ie iftrrfl:' teeu years and within tiventy-five year', and shall Ia> sig.iej by the Governor and .State Treasurer, and eounie*- Igncd l.y the Auditor (ieneraL and retfslered In tho boqka of the Auditor General, and to be transferable on tho bonks of tin* Cominonweiilth at the Farmers' and Mechan cV Nation.-! Bank of Philadelphia; the proceeds of tha who'e of which loan, Including orenuuran. A'., recoivaJ on the mini a. shall be applied to tlie pryment of the bonds and crrtllicnes of Indcoteduesa of the Common wea'th. Sto. 2. The bids for the said loan shall be opened 111 *'ie presence of thu Governor, Auditor (lenoral an 1 Slutn Ttv*?. urer. and awarded to tlie hlahcst bldd?r: Proriddd, Tit t ii ? certificate hereby authnriz-d to be ItauuU shall uc negotiate I for less than Its par value. 1 J hue. 8. 'I he iwuds of tho Ktato aud certificate* oB in debt ti neas, now over due. shall be. receivable In pawnent of tlie aald loan, under sneb regulations as the Govern1*-, Aulltor Oeneral and State Treasurer inay prescribe; ami every hd der for the loan now authorized to be Issued ah* II State tn hia bid whether the sume Is p ivalile in cash or In the bottds or eartlflcatcs at indebtwlnera of the Common wealth. Sac. A That all trustees, executors, aduilntsirjtois. rasr dlana, agents, treasurers, committee < or other ferwrns hmd tngt.i allduclary capacity bonds or cei nItc..tes of lndehii-d. ness of ilie State, or moneys, are hereby author!zad to bid for tka loan hereby authorised to be issued, aud to surren der the* bonds or oertiticates of loan held by them at the tlnio of making such bid, and to receive the bonds authorized hi be Issued D? this act Haa. a. Any person or persona standing In the fidneiary capacity stated tn the fourth section or this act who may desire to invest monev In their hands for the benefit of the trust may, without an order of court, Invest the iiiist In the bonds authorized to be Issued by this act, at a rate of pre mium not exceeding twenty per centum. Rac. tt That front and after the passage df tills set all the buodaof this Cou.bion?ealOi shall be paid off la the order of thetr maturity. Mac. 7. That all loans of this Commonwealth not yet dun aball be exempt from State, municipal or local taxaiiiol after the Interest due Febrnary first, one thousand eight hundred and sixty- seven shall have been paid. Sac. 8. That all existing laws, or portions thereof, I neon statenl herewith, are ber?l>y repealed. JOHN P. GLASS. Speaker of the Honae of Hepre.-eutatlves. L. W. HALL, Speaker of the flenata. Approved the second day of February, one thousand eight hundred lud alxiy aeven. JOH.N W. GBAKY. In aocordance with the provision* of the above act of As sembly sealed proposals will be received at the ollce of the State Treasurer, In tho City of Harrlabnrp, Pennsylvania, until 13 o'clock M. of the 1st d >y of April, A. D.. 1837, to be eudoraed aa follow " Proposala for Pcnoa>lvanli State Loan, Treasury Dtpirtment, Harrtabiirg, Pa. Ualtod Slates of America " Bids will be recehcd for $4,OOII,UOO, reimbursable la five years an I (MVahln In ten yeara; $b.OOO,O.TO reimbursable hi ten ycjra and payable in fifteen yea's and $10,lX*yM0, raliu bursablc In lifteen years and payable In twenty-five yeara, the rale of Intereat to be either five or alx per vent, per an num, which must be explicitly stated In the bid: and tai bkla most advantageous In the Statn will be accepted. No bid for leas than pir will be considered. Tlie bonds will be Issued in ?uma of $fiO and sneh higher sums as desired by the loaners, to bo free from State, local and municipal taxes. The over due bonds of the Commonwealth of Pennsylv*. nla will be received at par In payment of this loan; but bid ders must rtate whether they Intend to pay In cash or in tha overdue toans ?leresald. No distinction will b? made between bidders paying la easb or overdue loans. JOHN W. GEARY, (?over nor of Pennsylvania. JOHN F. HARTRANFT, Auditor General. W. n. KEMBLE. State Treasurer. N. B No newspaper publishing the above, unless autho rized, will reeelve pay. rl.OAN? f'JO.OOO, IN VARIOUS RUM-". ON BOND unit Mortgage on el' CHENEY, 1K> Broadway. 1 ?n<t Mortgage oil city property. Apply to CHARLEB y. No cumuilutona. WANTBD-FIFTT SHARKS OF TOR UNITED STATES Watch Company Stock, for ea*h. Quote lowest price to Banker, Herald office. ?/4 ann waiitid-o!i a fine country resi jpt."/"/" denee, outbuilding', two acre* of land) ar rangement may be made to reatdc or hoard; 7 mile* from City Hall, on Lonr I aland. Addrea box S73 N! V. Poet office. Oi^n nnn ?WAMTED, ONB OR MORE OENTLE iptJu.WUlf, men, with thia amount, to pnrchaae an ln> tnmit In a legitimate and moat honorable enterprise; mil lion* made: money refunded, with over TO per cent, i*ro?ie bly ino per cent, within a Tear. It pound* lalmloua, but fact* apeak truth. No link. None but gentlemen need ad dreaa tor particular* Capitalist, box Mi Philadelphia Port oRI'ie. K.l\ nnn i<oab ON REAI. ESTATE IN NEW $l?Jl/.UUU York Hi* and State, and InNewJeraey, on bond and mortgage, in aiim* to ?uit. #??!AS. P. (il I.MAN, III Broadway. ?Q()S nnn *? MUf ON BONU tMD MOBT. ?TOi'i.uuU gage. In one or more aum*. on teal e*ta<*, In thl* eity or Brooklyn. JOHN P. COMtKY. Wall ?tr.-et, rwotn 12. ?oka nnn t? '-0** bovn ano j|?>rt. 0?JU.l/U" gage l i vari.via mm?, on real e?tuie, In Una <-uy .leraey Oil v. Brooklyn, J-. \\ M ROUEN TODD, M7 Broadway, room If. _ LOIS OFFICES. At m? peabl. street, bf.twkbn new bowkry and Kranklln aq'i^re, LBDERKIt A CO.. advance lib erally at reamnible 'emuon all raluable property, Watchea, Jewelry, Diamonds An, or purehaae. AT HYMAN'S. IM BROADWAY. CORNER OF BOND ?trret, will b? paid the hlgheat price for Diamond*, Watchea ana Silverware, or will advanoe on the above ar ticle*. AT Ml BBOADWAY.?I PAY the HIGHEST prices for Diamond*, Watehea, Jewelry, An., or advance on the aame. ISAACS. Diamond Broker, Oppoilte Wallack'* theatre. ADVANCES MADE ON diamonds, WATCHES, 8IL rerware, Pur*, One Furnltiwe, Camel*' Hair tjhawla, Ac or bought for r?nh. Term* moderate. J. S. COHEN, 786 II roadway, nearly opportte Aator place. AT 77?MONEY LIBERALLY ADYANCED ON DIA MONDS, watches. JEWELRY. AOOR THE 8AMF. BOIIOHT AT THE HIGHEST RATI'S. ALSO PAW KBROKfcRsI' TICKETS BOUGHT POH DIAMONDS, watches, JEWBLRY, Ac., at 77 Bleeekcr attest, up atair*. AT 9VT BBOADWAY, NEAR TWENTIETH STREET, r on No. 4, the hlgheat price* are paid for Diamond*. Watehe*, Jewelry, Ac.; alao mooejr advanced. MARKS A CO., Diamond Broker*. Advances madb on watches, diamonds, JBW. airy. "T ?ood* and Penonal I'roper'jr of every d*> acrlptlon. J. A. jackson. Ill Orand street, twa door* wert ef Broadway Pawnbroker s tickets bought?of diamonds, Wa tehee. Jewelry, (lun*. 1'iatol*. Inatrun.enU, Tool*, Clothing, Ac., Ac., Ac., M 1H Bowery. RII.LIARDR,??. A LABOR STOCK OF*" FIRST CLASS BILLIARD Table*, with Sharp'* celebrated patent cushion?, for ?ale at very low price*. Call at the Manufactory, ?# Mercer atreet. Several line aeoond hand Table*. AN assorted BTOCK OF new and second HAND Tablea, with <mr new and Improved euahion, patented l?th Daoember, 1mb, randy to ablp at tho ihorteal poaalble "kaWnaoh A PECKER, eorner Canal and Centre etc. EIR SALE-two billiard TABLES, two sets OF Ball*. Cue Rank* and Cone, all In good order. Prtee *PP'y at US Bowery FR SALK-A BILLIARD TABLE, MABBLR TOP, three quarter* aiie, In good condition, at a rery m rata prion. Apply at W avenue A, oarner Saoond itreei. AJRHKIIKHTI. "D ROAD WAY THEATRE .. admission so cento. ? . ? corner of Broadway and Brooms ilreet 1.A8T WEEK but two of the aounoMDl of the world w aownsdJhuhum aud original dellueator* Of IRISH and YANKEE LIFE. MR. AND MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS, who ire to undiminished crowd* of aJtnlrers. Standing room only at 8 o'clock should render it adrtsatils tut place* ihotild be aeoured In sdranos. THIS EVEN 1 NO AND SATURDAY MATINEE, ths Iriah Dram* of SHANDY MAOUIRE Shandy Msfnlrs, with Song*. Mr. BARNEY WILLIAMS. To be followed br the aitonlnhln^ Protean Comedy of AN HOPE IN REVILLE. In which MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS sustain* eight differ ent characters and ten changes of *up?rb oostumen, A man can, Spanish and English. Box otlloe open (rum 8t-6 o'clock. Seat* may be secured *lx days in advance. Monday, Manh 18, St. l'atrtck'i Day celebration, "ALL HALLOW EVE" and "LATEST FROM NEW YORK." German stadt theatre, <? and <7 bowkry. THIS (THURSDAY) EVENING, MARCH 14. Haleve/'s Graad Tragic Opera, DIE JCEDIN (ThoJewe**). Mile NATALIE 8EELIO....SS t. Recha. Mme. ROTTER a* Princess Kudoxla. Mr. HlMMKR... a* Kic.nar. Mr. (Jli.)SCHKI, a* Prlnoe Leopold. Mr. CllANDUN .CaidmaL German stadt theatre. ? and ?r bowery. TO-MORROW (FRIDAY), MARCH 15. MR. BOOI'MIL DAWIMON AS URIEL ACUSTA. WOOD'S THEATRE. POPULAR PRICES. " 514 Broadway, oppoalte St. Nicholas Hotel. Family elide, ttc.; Drees Circle, AOr.; Orchestra. 75c. Last NIU11T BUT TWO of tha the charming Vocalist, Commedicnns and DUIast Actress, Ml*n FANNY MORGAN PHELPS, who will, THIS EVENING and SATURDAY MATINEE, appear In two pleoes. An entire change of bill. THE LADIES BATTLE and KATTY OVHEIL. supported by a full dramatic company. MR. AND MRS. BARMBY WILLIAMS' THIRD GRAND Matinee at the Broadwny Theatre. Saturday, March 18. at l<j o'clock. "Ireland As It Was," and "Custom of the Country." HAItTK1 TEMPLE OF MYSTERY, 808 BROADWAY. Notice.?Other attractions being in preparation, this will noiltlrely be the LAST WkEK OK THE PRESENT PROGR AMME. Proton", or We Are Here: But Not Here; Floating Head; Growth of Flower<4. Ac., mil be repeated EVERY EVENING AT 8, SATURDAY AT S. Tickets. 60 cent*; Reserved SeM*, $1. For sale, six days In advance. at the Hall, from 9 (ill 5. The ChwVerlntf plnno 1* n*ed at lli?*e seanocs. WEDNESDAY?JUVENILE NIGHT. Children hsl price SAN TRANCISCO MINSTRELS?8* BROADWAY. The Trouble oommsnce* at quarter to ei,-lit. TIIF. ('REMI'. DK l.V CRUMB OF MINSTftEl.SY. BIRCH, WAMBOLD, HKRNARD A BACKUS' BAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. who*e mi'-ce** h '* nfvrr equaled by any *!mllnr nrjrnnl satlon In th? world. New mid cheerful Burl?i>qties every week. Hilton Head Institute. Ten minute* at the Academv nfMu?lo A Danmroos Game, or the Keno Sharp*. I will MirnrHcr no Eerly In the Mmn'ng. Shout* of lau ihter nt Mia shadow Poiilomlmi', and the screaming Black Cook and Afrii-au Pallet Troll*. K F.LLY A LEO.VS minstrels, 720 BROADWAY. 1' tTT f Crowd* unable to obtain seats. BLACK 1'AlTll I The ONLY LI ON sing* l'ATTI I L I tV last an I most rtulicult patt?iS| Mimrn ici L'AUDITA in I- v, a i.r/.K.; I *e | ltistasi fAltlS j - | n iv?M with rapture* nightly, i1 tp: I I ?- i ..|il nr|**r.; In tan "nnerb Km I'AK-'S | ' I (>'<> ? Imiiorlril from I'A !?" ' jit-:? c-;>:-c? ly for this piece. CKOOK CIUDE R LEON DEMON DANCE AT 9:30. syiH night. RliWIS KLI UVJ rvmour, AIIi-ii, I'rice, Oberlst, *>?., Ae. I UiaP.LI-V > IF* '* TKOI'PE ?EVERY NIGHT, \i nt Mr-i . ?c'.Mintn*' Hull. ?T3 Broadway, near ?; pi? ?.?i street <1:?A\I' I- ? t V or Tim GREAT IRISH DRAMA, PK !-??"!. trrrj FENIAN'S OATH, FhM-X-Ot evening KKMAM.H OA'lH, KEnH.?> ?? v ??. t'n? we.*, FENIAN'S OATH. FKXI\v'S t> , ?t I IDs ("outer FENIAN'S OATn. FE.nia.V ? <) \ II <b>|ml?r Kin FENIAN'S OAT1I, r?ti |t?? lOHir -P KILLAn N K. Y. OH rs:'.Vl if Kl I.I.AKN KY. SIAMESE Trt l>V. SIAMESE TWINS. SKELETON Wll\l-s?, , SKELETON WITNESS. BALDWIN. I'll i; GUE \T INDIAN' JL'GliLKU. BALDWIN, Til. .'JRiiAl' IK PI AM JUGGLER. MATINEE AT WOOD'S THEAVRE. ADMISSION ISC. Miae Fmmv M.irk'in Pl<elu? In two piece*. A select family entertainment rial unlay, Ma ch 10, at 1>j o'clock. HANDEL'S OIIAN'i ORATORIO OP JUIMS MACCAItAii;*. 8IF.1X WA Y HALL, FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH 16. 1,. P. HARRISON, Director. Positively the la?t apiieaiidu' In oratorio of MADAME PaRF.PA ROBA. Polo* and nboriiKna sustained by MADAMl'. RATMON15 RITIT.R. MeKneopriwe. MU. GEORGE H1MPHOM, lenor. MK. .1. R. TIIOMAH, Bna?o. MR. E. J.OOXNELI.Y, OtkhuUi. ; MR. O. W. COf.HT, Plautet. THE NEW YORK HARMONIC SOCIETY, MK. P. I.. R1TTKII, Conductor, andTHKO. THOMAS' iNORi-.ASKI) OitCHESTRA. TICKETS ONE DOLLAR. Reserved Mat* SO rent* evtra. For sale thl* morning at Meer A Rehlrmcr'?,701 Broadway: Pond A Co'*.. Mi l!ru i<lw?y; liulliuan's ticket office, IIS Broadway, and ut Stclnw.iy Hall. CARL WOLFSOII.VS L * ST BEETHOVEN MATINEE, at STEINWAY'S ROOMS, FRIDAY, March 15, at 8 o'clock. MLLE. MAKIE PREKEItlOI, PIMMA DONNA. Only Ume of the celebrated GIANT SON AI A. Ticket* f I. forinle at Htelnway'*. STE1NWAY IIALL 1.AB1' UltAND POPULAR CONCMRT And laat appaaraoee In the tooorrt room of the cclebratad Pliina Donna, MADAME PAREPA ROSA, Prerlona to her appearance In It.than open, SATURDAV. MARCH IC, AT H O'CLOCK. HKNKKIT OP THE aTTACHBS OK STEIN WAY AND IRVINU HALL*. L. F. HARRISON DIRECTOR Tlie following brllliunt array of arlUt* will aa*Ul:? MmUmf PAKKI'A ROSA, Filma Donna. Mr W. J. HILL Tenor. Hignor S. HT R1N I, Itaajo. Mr. 8. II. MILLS. Plant-1. Nr. CARL ROSA, Vl..!i.ii<?. Mr. DKIT8. Tmm|>et Sololat. Mr. P. LKTSCII. Tromboni Sololal. Mr ^CII.MITZ Ilorn KoiolnL Mr. HE1NDL Flute and Zllher Rololrt. Mr. KR".N, Flute SoloUt. Mr J. CaI'LFIEI.D, Organlnt. Mi. O. W. COLBY, Acwni|>?iil?t. Mr. TUEO THOMAS, Conductor, and bin full Orchestra. Ticket* $1. K?!nerved Seal* SO cents extra. For *alc thl* morning Kt the u*ual places Stbimway hall. mil SUNDAY CONCERT, MARCH 17. L. F. HARRISOM DIRECTOR FIrat appearance of the favorite Prima Donna, M'LLE PAITIJ!?ECANISSA. First sppaarance of the relet.rated OrganUt this season, MR. O. W. MOROANT together with the following eminent Aril*!*:? MIL CARL ROSA, Violinist; MR. S. B. MILLS. Pianist; ' MR. O, W. COLBY, Accompanist; MR. THEO. THOMAS. Conductor, and hl? FCLL ORCHESTRA. Ticket*, CO cents; Reserved Seals, SO sent* extra. The richinos enolish opera company will reapoo^r at th? OLYMPIC THEATRE oo Monday evening nert. Man.a 18, commencing n brief reason wtta Bsli'f's iieiiitlful production, the BOHEMIAN GIRL. Boi *l>eet now open. A. B. PENNOYER. Msnager. ll'ONDKRFPL FREAK OF NATURE-' THE WA H 11 INtJTON TWINS," born alive, having two he? |i. four arm*, and but one and one pair of legs; eKi le h??1 and right arm of Pi >j?t, the murderer of the Deerinc janil ly; I'ifccther with the magnlHcen' colleo'.lo:i or ubjwote In Plivalo'rtgv, Anatooiy. PM'nlog* ?n4 Nit irel UlajWry; all of "ahl' h an* Ulu*trVe.l .laily by future* and Ml.- ???? ? View*, at the Nc* Y rx Mnaeam of Aoitoi.iy, 618 Bmi l wiy. fij>en Trim * A. M. to 10 P. M. ^IRELAND AND THE IRIBH.,'-TI1E REV. M. C. JL OALLAHER will deliver his lamou* lecture on'he above auhlect at the' Thlrtv.fonrth *1reet Reformed Dnl :'i church, thl* evening. Thtiraday. March 14. Door* open at 7 o'clock. Admlaslon SO oenta. IffBTRCCTIOM. AT $2 60 ?WRITING, TWRKTTI LESSONS; BOOK, keeping. Writing. Arithmetln, t?p?lir keeping. Writing. Arltltmetlo, Spoiling Super quati welve piirate room* for day or evening. PAINr.'S College*, 61 Bowery nml MW Fulton *t BrooVIrn A N AMERICAN LADY. I1AVINO A TITOSO' .?H iV knowledge of F.ngll?h. French and flnanl h ?lil give !e**ons In either language at the residence of putil!a, or would travel as Interpreter with a tint cla*i nnexqeptlon ihle fam ily who Intend apending the summer abroa I. Refereneee exchanged. Address for ooe week French, sutlon D. AT TOWNiEVD'S BUSINESS COLLEGE, tf) BOW err, between Prlnei and Houston street*; ln*tructlon day end evening In bookkeeping, fenmanablp. snthmetlc, spelling, cramuur, correspondence, Ao. Room* for ladles and prlvalo Instruction. No ilatses. BOOKKEKPING?$10.?MRMRS. doi.BEAR, NO. <M> Broadway, by special reque*l, will form a chetp elaa* this week. They te*<,i Itookkeeplng practloilly asasedln the best New York house*, nnd qualify geiiih-msn for head l>ookkeepar*. App!loams tor this course muat secure seats immediately. Education-neglected or other? -as kno luh lady, much experleooed, wlahe* to ylalt or recclye at home one or two more, for Mu?ie French, Corry*pond ence or sny branch of a polite education. Address A., sta tion B, Eighth ayenne. ___________ French in bixty lessons, ?s a mon*, day class also. Conversation Neither grammar nor dlo Uonary le required. PROP. JOSEPH J. GflJKRRfr. No. I Brevoort pUee, Tenth street. SITUATION WANTBD-IN A FIRST CtASS SEMI nary, bye sauni lady who oee just flnl*hed hey edtiea lion In mn*ic. alllhe KnglHh branches end Latin. A mode. rale *alary will be aeeepted In a good achaol. Address 8 , bo* 807 Poet ottloe, for three day*. ' THB FBBNOH LANOUAOR.?FRENCH I,\NOUAOE and practical eonveraatlon taught by an accomplished lady from Psrie, In cls*?e? snd private le*eon* Term* mod erate. Address or apply to Mile. O., Bancroft House. At borne after 6 P. M. WANTED.-A TO UNO gentleman, WBO HAS JUBT arrived, desire* a situation as leAeher of English, French, Spanish, Italian end Latin, In a college, a private school or a private family; no objection to go to the eoun try; leeemslnted with the rudiment* of music (Diane and vleAe). Addres* Charle* Ilsldwin, WVatick si A dTk^TN "ADVANCB, BOABD rNDTN'sHuCTHMT. bury. Com. AMUWBjra WTJ. NEW york THEATRE. Manager* Lewi* Buker and lfark Smith. Fourth and la*t ?Nk at the dUtlngui*hed coxninudirnne, lady dun, who Wiu THI8 EVENING appear in a new coned;, wrttKi ?xpreuly tor bar, entitled BBOTHII SOB. fanny hartliotit ., .lady don AImi hi MILES N'A COPPALSMN.IB Byrou'a admirable burleauue ?f MISS EILY O'connor, or TIIB COLLEEN BAWN, Aa??Lcdby Mr. MASK SMITH, Mr. LEWIS BAKER, and their excelleut Comedy and Burleaqu* Company. FRIDAY EVENING?BENEFIT OF LADY DON. NEW york THEATRE. Lady Don a farewell Bonefll?"The Maid With the Milking Pall," aelecUon* of Soo;oh UalUdJ, with Tableau!, and rorseue and Aiiiiromeda, Friday evening Mat, March 13. _* NEW YORK THEATRE. Lady Don'* First and only Benefit in New York, oa Friday eveotng next, March 19. NEW YORK THEATRE. Lad* Don'a Faicwnll Benefit and positively loat ap pearanoe but one, Friday uvemug next, Mardi 16 NEW YORK THEATKE. Lady Don'* Farowull Heneflt, Friday next, March l& Hui plan now open. MR. AND MRS. BAKNEY williams' THIRD MATI nc?. Tlie*tra, Situriay, March 16, at 1M o'clock. "Ireland A? It Waa," aud "Uu?tomof the Country.1' FPRENOH THEATRE. 1 Thuraday, March 14, 1987. Great farewell p rftnmaiice of MLLE. NADDI. LE VOL A LA ROULADB. LES DEUX ETOUUDS. Theatre francat^. comedy. BATURDAY, MARCH 16, 1867. Flrat repreaenUUon of fargeab, L'EMPOISOKNEUR. Drama in Ore aete and aeren tableau*. by Br!-e!>arre and Nua. Ticket office at H. UAIi DON VILLE4*, ?7H f roadway. RS. F. B. conway'S PA UK THEATRE, BROOK. THIS EVENING, Aocustln Daly'* New I'iav, HAZARDOUS GROUND. Aline ~ Mia. F. B. OONWAT Supported by the entire atar com).? nr. HOOLEY'fl OPERA HOUSE, brooklyn. THE HOUSE THAI JACK BUILT. THE RURI.E.-iqCE BLACK CROOK. C. E. Colli n??"The Cure." A. Harnford?' The Wonder." Somebody'* Coat, Affair of Honor. Challenge Dnnoe. Gfl clan Statue*. Grand Matlnei- every Saturday, at iyt v'eloek. Griffin * ghbimty's MINSTKKI.fl. FIFTH AVENUE OPERA HOUSE. No*. I and 4 Weil Twenty fourth a tree I. O. W. H. Uriflln Manager the FAMILY RESORT. Third aueoMaful week of the OranJ Spectacular Burleequo, BLACK CROOK. Reappearance of Mr. OTTO BuRBANK. Door* open at 7; to oorouienoe at 8 o'clock. Matinee at wood's thratrk. admission no. Miaa Fanny Morgan Pbnlpa In two pleoee. A eelecl family rcnort Saturday, Maroh 16, at 1% o'clock. 1RV1NO HALL. ORCAR PFEIFFER'S FIRST GRAND concert, saturday EVENING, MARCH 16, 1867. aniUtPd by the following eminent artial*:? MME. ullTDlTTA ALTIKRI, l'rlmaDonna. 1U.VATZ POLLACK, Baritone. rudolf HEN1NO, Cello. Ticket* of admlaalon, Ono Dolly. Reserved Hill fifty cent* extra. For aale at J. Shulierth Jt Co'?., 00 Broadway, and W. A. Poad A Co'*., M7 Broadway. IRVING HALL.. OSCAR PPEIFPEP.'S FIRST GRAND CONCERT. SATURDAY EVENING, March 16. 1887. 1'ROGKAMMB. FART I. 1. Overturn, "Nachtlarer" Troopa .....Krautaer OSCAR rKElPFBR. t Song ; Lulhar ION ATX i'OLLACE. ?. Fanlaala (f.), Celfa Sorrala rudolph 11ENNIU. I 4. Aria, Ballo la MaMilicra Vtril GIl'DITTA ALTIERI. 6. Paraphrase, Erne?il PfelEbc OSCAR PPEIFPBR. riir it 1. Duo, Don Olorannl Moaart UIUDITTA ALTIER! and POLLACE. i. IUuat. atiou , Prophet _ OSCAR PFF.IPPER. 3. Adagla and Maztirka Chi. Schubertk RCDOLPH IIENMG. 4. Guard'* Wihz. Oodefrop OIUDITIA A LTIKRI. 6. Variation*, ( Pfelffer OMCAK rPKIFKKB. To roninunci at 8 o ? 1?mi? I*. M. I'lckftt* of ndnitMlan. reserved *ent?, fiO cciita cvir.t. pjr aale at J. S.laibartb m Co.'a, H-JO Broadway, and W. A. Pond * Co.'a, W7 Broadway. BCSYAH T?IUtACX.-U?aHV PANtMt AM A I* the world. sixty mngnllieoat aceue*. lllnetr?tlrig "Biin run'n l'lUr^in'i I'logn-*".'' I'nlon Hull, Broadway and TwenlT-ttilrd atr<et. Open rv^ry night at 7; commencingat iJi Adm'mWm SO wnl": children 35 cant*. Matinee Wad neaday ami Saturday, at X o'c'ock. JtOBT. J. OltV EN WOOD. VLiniger and Proprietor. IADIRS' PAIR POR 1 ME MISSION SCHOOL?IN THB J lectnre room of the W e?t Twentr-tMrd atrcrt Preaby trrlin church, Dr. Cl.irk'a incar Seventh avcuue), on Wed naaitay and Thttrsd.iv, March IS and It. Gentlemen d:;sirino to become actors, or atoiv or Keadeni can nvikn Arrangement! to Uk? pri vate le**ons by culling Fully, lemiv in tdriiiee, U; 10 leaaoii*. HUBERTS, IU HWefcer. The ore at historic.*!. painting KKPI'BMCVN COURT IN TMK HAYSof LINCOLN. ON EXHIBITION OAV ANI> EVE.MN?, ART (DERBY GALLERY), ffC BROADWAY. riMIRATRICAI, NOTICE?WANTED A VIOLINIST. I It wl'l ba ncceaaarv to mil to-dxv. at 1 o'clock. Tor Savannah Apply from 1(1 to II to DAVIfi k Co., Theatrical Agenta, 41*7 Broadway. , NOW ON EXHIBITION FREE. AT THE PIPTH Avenue Art Oall?rr. a very Ana collection of original modem Oil Pali.tln-s Viy leading artut* uf tba French, Belgium and Am?rl.\iu acliooU, BANJO..-INSTRUCTIOJM BY MY LIGHTS INO method which enable* nny person to pin v well In ou single couraa of loaaon*. Banjos f<n n i?h*d for piuciice. C. DORSUM. aw Broadway. Theatre ticket op?tor. Heierr.-d Beali for all Aral cl*?* Theatre*, Concerto, Ba la, Ac, cau alwaya i>e ohtal ned nt the THEATRE TICKET OFFICE. 1U and 114 Broadway. " 1*1 A \ UF JUTEJ. A ROSEWOOD SEVEN OCTAVF PIANO, ALL THB lataat liaproi-mailt*, for Si <0; one for |Mi; also a new on* at a rrdieaJ pru j. liO Aunty alreet. H. HARDMAN. ? A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OP THE PINEST an I chenpeet Pimioe n. the city toraale and to rant by W)l. CAMiILM s. m ?l*nlm at-ect An abbobtment qp new pianotortrs to let and ?old. on Instalment*, at tha manufactory, ISS and IVIKaii r?enly-flr*i atreut L. P Cl'MMINtlB. A SPLENDID HEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO. A forte at a great aacrlflce; worth %K7L for leaa than half. Alro one for |W; coat $4Ml 31 Waahlngton place, near Greene atraat. AMAHNIPICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE FOB aale; made onler, cltr maker; coat $400. for $YW, la eluding stool aad Ciwer; I'arior Su.ta, Etagerea, Bookcaae, l'a.nt ng*. Cbamlx r, Dmlnff Purnlture. A aaertfloe 44 Wea4 S.itaentii ?treal, naar Suth av. me. a M ViiMPICBNT SKVr.N OCTAVE ROSEWOOD j.Y l'lan <1 )'. ie, ? i|?,. ii tone and flnlah, for aale at a bar aain: bn ull tl.e !ern uiii'rjreinanta. Call at IBOraad atix'o . a*?r Mutt. a VAMILV WILT. OU THEIR BAONIPICBN* iV earmd i ?c > m,.| fuii itort#, wnrth SMO, for laaa ihaa lialf: oarea ' tave. ? ve aimng. Iron frame, naarly m*. Apply a< 2i; Haat Tenib itrnt. A BARGAIN?SPLEMOIH 7-in TAVR CARVKD ROBK. wood Plan.., g.??l n ne onat ?4ts. price $2V> at 741 B- > 1', ojipoa't* Auto- p ee. N. P. B- CURTIBB. A CHEAP PIA>G-FR1"B $100; FINE TONE: IN ?\ a,.o<joiJ"i Iron plata; 'ty maker. New Planofortea ?old "ii rea-mia'il* lermi. J. B1DDLB, IS AOllly atraat, near Brnad'V. y. __________________________ 4 PEW MuRE FIRST CLASP SEVEN OCTAVH I'lar ii, Inel.idlng inelegant Parlilaa upright Piano, are tTer^d for aale cheap, on aooount of roaaoral, at Mo. 7 Eldrldge atreet, near Grand. BAPGVtNR-RONBWOQP 1 OCTAVE planofobtb, full Irnu frame. $*?; oota*?, SI50: handatimo roao wood Slo*lari * Dunham pianoforte. $IM. Savaral other* obaaii. ?l?o an *aaorlmrnt of new planoforto* at leaa than wholeaale prleea. McDONALU A CO., M Fourth aveuu*, o|.po*itc Cooper In .tltue. Fan".?roBi <T koii Tale immediately.-pricb $K, I* In p?ifoct order; fine tone: goo.1 atnol and cover. Ai.pljr for two day*, between 10 and 4 o'clock, at 139 Taautlatb atreit, near Third ar*nue. ATERB? GRABlT*QtfARK ANO CPRIGHT" PIANOS," Melo leona Cabinet Or**n?. whole* il* and retail, to let, and rent at<t>llad If purchased. Monthly paymenta re r*lv.M Sec'iii.l hand I'lanoa at bargain*. Prfcci from $4$ t- *TJ&. New 7 octave Piano* for $S7* and upward*, old plan .a taken In **ahanv v Caah paid for aacond haod planoi. Factory and war* l oom* 481 Broadway. N. Y HORACE WATERS. . THM lALla B?ASOmT .. QERMAM LtBDBRXRANz! THB ANNl'AI. ORANrTMASOrERAPB BAt-L OK THE HERMAN LlJnBBjjU** Will Uk? place at the ACAiJeMY of NI-'SIC, TIIL'BBDAY, MARCH (I, l?7. Ticket", $IB each, admitting one gentleman and two lad la a, ?an ba had of member* of tha aoelatv ?jly, vl*>-Fre<l. K a pp. No. 4 Wall it reel; Eng. Belli*, B E?cnytj|* pbl* I P. W Iteyna. ?? Reaver MTMt; "? Ott^dorfor, 17 ' ^*lh">m ?tract; C. G. (Innther, IWj jm*<g?fl .#??*'?! l*rl*U Bluet; Wm Btelniray, 71 B?," ***"*' W Nembach, 141 Eighth -traet. J. w teanth atroet and Fourth avenue; L. Kammarer, .w Waiter etroot; L. Burger. M BowarirjO. EFBat, OI Bowwyt U. A. &7^?WU,an?7i?pr?? *t^~G Va^L lL-l?gfyL2SeM?i5u wm immtm, w Eiehango 222?S2l22?B? order of tha Committee. place, and othera ?T onw H ); p KDCH, Secretary. Miaoi'iiffAlilt iNP BALL ^ OST1 HRHi-"A LA^^f^ *S iS"rely new >??ortmcnt of gorgeou* and hhHorleai JSmTSSmi all the I,.teat ..vie*, especially lm. nor,V2Dv.r thaipre-ent aoaaon. Can bo ol.talnaj on reaoona fTi ?VMMtn1-' avaaaa, between Foar.oeoth aad Flf ^mhX^Alw Coatn m^ made tooriar. PI RON IB Mne ABBIATI. lata eortnmor ^Tlitori'* dramaHeeom aanv and OrauM ItaMan ouara