Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 14, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 14, 1867 Page 2
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CITY RIAL KUTATI K?ll 9AI.*. AT Itl FOURTH AYBNUB-*<H BE* FOR ~ Saa Stanley l>ay'a R?!il Eswie Ovular, which frM ot kf ukil upou receipt ol a.amped duectea velepe. A BROWN STONE HIGH STOOP HOC1K-?IW^WRgT Twenty third etroet, for ifr?fvTo A (iu Fixture* Po??eaaion in Aoril iI d"*"? Al>p'y 10 A" J. BLEEOKER, SON A CO.. 77 Cedar street. A SS2JRJft? VwrteS?; b5" *iam?L?U. .'a food 'Ymt'VuiBNER L ML* mZZ with ?t?lxe For psrtnil ?pply to AB.NEB L. ILl, earner ef Forlylirsl timl and Fourth avenue, or M Pino street. VOIt SAI.R FIVB THRER STORY BRICK AND two marble Himut. with chandeliare, on north aide Tlnrtf Ihinl street. east ol Second arenua; No*. SU and SPt laHuaive, aU Mdarn .mpronmeuu; would now coat to build, with lot. A'*? two brown stone four atoij IIoumu Nos. ?? ?u<1 694 Second V'tm Apply to ABNER L ELY. corner Forty first street and Fourth avenue. A CHOICE PROPERTY OM OREENE STREET, NEAR Coital. cheap: also a corner Property on Htulaon street, 11 let for Ji.aQU, pnoe RSI 0JO. Corner of Hubert and Waab 1 tiifiou streets, $10,00}; several desirable Dwellini|e for aale W. H. MELICK. ?l Broadway. AK\RO?IH.-rOR SALE, A NEW FIVB STORY double Tenement House, MidOiUM. bum in beat man. ner.. as and water on etch floor, ventilator throughout; will rent for ?B.3H0. BROWN A McLEAR, 631 Third areaue. A BARGAIN.? PULL LOT ON 105TH STREET, NEAR Fifth areaue; level giouud, no rock; price Bl.&OO, of which fTMean remain on mortgage. Apply lo A. B. NEW BKR.vY. MB Broadway. ATBRT HANDSOME TFinEE 8TORT HIGH STOOP bntwa alone House, on ffeit Thirty-ninth street, la per feat eerier: wrery improvem- a. S1&W0. ptVrrBR hiioa. * Bellamy, no. bpi? atreet. AOOOB INYBSrilENT.-FOR SALE CHEAP. IN PIHiiaa street, a lie atory MitniltiO brick Hottae, three stores, aa4 rented lor id.MA. Apply lo BYpitRY U. OARB, IHf Uraad atiee,. A VALUABLE CORNER ON AVKNUE C AND NINTH XV street. Ore eloi-y brl"k, for sale cheap. Inquire of SYDNEY H. CARR. IW < fraud atreet, near Broadway. A HANDSOMELY PliESCOBD THREE STORY HIGH stoop brown none House, IPiMilOQ, on Eaat Thlrt i?t ii etreet, aear Third aveune; f 11,00a Roe. MB and 1H Eaat Thirty-second ai reel, three atory high atoop brown atone, with all improvements. in complete oritur 30.48x98.9; ;>r!ee for both only $ld.MJ0 Handsome four atory and b?s*ii>*n iirowu stone Hone* on W eat Forty aero nth street. nr.. r Ninih araatie, in o?ni plete order, with improvem-' u?. .-I.i-p f.u ?li?,UK>. Tei uii rery easy Elegant four atory English basem-nt brown atone H . in to Twelfth atroet. a few doors from Filth .irei.ue; prioe BBil.OOJ Applv to SYDNEY HCAHK, l'JH Gruud alreet, ne.?r Broadway. AVERY FINE HIGH STOOP BRICK HO. SK-IMMI difcte poaaeaalon; S1MWU; only $3 000 lo$4 1**1 requlied: will gnaraatee Rl.HuO rent: location brat Apply to owner on prpmiaei, UB Forty-llfth atreet, filth and .seventh avenue*. Alao do. 151 Fiftieth atrec., Broadway and Eighth avenue, BOxtS, rery Une and very low. Avery nice three story high stoop brown ?tone llouae on Boorman place, Thirty-third atreet, for aale. I'uaaeaaiou aoon; with oilcloths, wimlow ahadeg. pier glaaeeo. Ac. 8 K.MBERSON, 421 Elglitn aveuue. AH FOUR STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT HOUSE. WITH al.ihle, on Weat Thirty fifth Mreot near Eighth avenue. 'AiUik, the block. Price B16.IW0; term* eaiv. 8. EMHERSON, 431 Eighth avenue. A HANDSOME BROWN STONE FRONT HOUSE FOR iale? On Thirtieth atreet, three ttones and baaemen', high a'oop painted and frescoed; in tirat ctai* order; price oolr BIBJilO. and immediate noaarnalon. Apply to JOHN KKtTRgTcU, 418 Third avenue. APIRfTCLAHS FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP RKOWN eionn House for sale, Immedintn po??e??iou, on a "roea street up town, and cloae to ihe Fifth avenue. Th.s house luta been built by a ttrat ela>s builder for his own uee. and ta Uulahed In black walnut anil hanl wood through out; it la In every te-peci one of the best hoiiaes in tnia oily. Price fai.ies wiablnc lo pari'hase such a pioperty may apply to K. EMiiEllSO.V, ?il Eighth aveuue. Broadway property.?for sale cheap, one of the best leiaes on Broadway. Will be sold at a fair prioe. Splt'utLd Marble Building on the pieni aes. which J will be paid for at expiration of lease. Apply personally or by iettor at No. XJ8 \\ est Filty-secoud street. CHEAP STORE FOR SALE?IN HAItRISON STREET, between Washiug.on and tlreenwieh Kireete aulublr. for proinoe oom raiHkion Uuainca?. Inquire of A. V. D. LBIOH, Bt Hamaon st.-eet. EMOUNT THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN ?tone House, handsomely d? orated, >11 modem mi ?r?vemenls. first eUu neighborhood, for *alo At a Uniulu. Apply mM Hsnry stieet, (iouth Brooklvn. VOIC BALK?THE POUR STORY AND BASEMENT V bmwa atone House No. 01 Weal Forty-seventh street , between FWin and Smh avenues; house In perfect prdei. U|?irt upon the preiuli-e*. tfOR BALB?TIIR LOT AND PIRST CLASS DWELL J; : rig 11 ohm *7 West Fifty-fourth street, bt-tween Fifth and Sluh avenues, with three Lota adjoining and a Lot with sU4?le la rear, running tlirough to Fllty-fiftli street, n?w nr. cupiad by the subucriber For terms and iiartiaul.its apply at rWOea, 38 John atreet, between 1 and 3 o'clock. The lniim ?ad premises may be Men from 1 to 4 o'clock. ' Til OS. C. SMITH. TOOR HALE?A BARIiAIX?FIRST CLASS HOUSE. SH X feet wide, and Stable, li<9 Went Fourteenth street. be Iweee Wsth and Seventh avenues; immediate pours*,on. Apply to UOMEtt MORGAN, No. a flue street. r)? BALE?FIRST CLASS. NEARLY NEW. FOUR atory brown atone House and Lot in Thirty-ninth street Fifth and Hlith avennos; price, including elegant Milroi* and Futures tS.SOU. STANLEY DaV, Hi# Fourth amnuc. FOR SALE?ON WEST SIDE OF UNIVERSITY PLACE, between Twelfth and Thirteenth atresia, two Hotim. and Uim ?f UU li ytan from 1st of May next Si/e o lot I7iM. Prion 96,W) oaah each. Apply at the pain a or--. ?4 University p .ice. _____ VOR SALE?HOUSE |AND STABLE FOR TIIREK JT lioraea, one of the beat milk rvutei in tliecitj-', ft. U' laquire at 79 Eighth ar nue. TOM ?Ml if? VALUABLE PROPERTY 41 AND 41', Mr Thomas street, near Weal Hro.tdtvay. lttIE A WILSON, *J0 Vartck atreet. I.VIR SALE?THE TWO AND A HALF STORY AN!? JP baertnciit Dwelling and Lot tin fee). No. 34 Watts atiec:, on* Mark Irons Canal street II as brick stable on the rear. Possession May 1 or a<Mtuir. Alao gore I<ot tin lee) nearly adj'Hniua above, in rear, Ifttxil, covered by three aioiy bnek building, well rented, an excellent location fo a llalit ?uinafai-ttning business. Apply tu JAMES PK1CL. 3W Hudaoo stroet. 1|V>R SALE?THREE THRKE STORY AND BASEMENT r brtek Houses 20i4t>. g*a, water, Ac.; marble nintel ooesplote. shop on rear. t8\?W, one story high; eUbt alley, Noa. lit. Ml and in West Forty-Brat alien. 100 feet west of Eighth aveuue; price 990,000. Inquire of the owner on premieea. E. UALLoN. ljK?B SALS-TENEMENT PROPERTY ON WEST jT Twenty seventh atreet; stood chance for Invest netit. J . MATHEWSON k BON, No. 8 Pine atret, after U oc.oclt. riR SALB? A SPLENDID THREE STORY COTTAOE House on Forty ninth atreet, near Lexington avenu# with extra slxr Lot, SSil33 feet; haa all impruvn.uents and In the very boat order, price 914,MM. Also a thiee atorr basement lad eelUr atone front llouie on Seventy-, ubtii atreet, near Madlaon avenue; parlor story ?olid wilnut titmmiuga and doors; priee 9'Al OOtt. Alao the same rla>? House on Pifty-llrat street, between I'llth and Sixth are. nuea. price 9*.000. Apply to O. FOUNTAIN. M Eaat For ty ninth atreet. TOOK SALE -REAL ESTATE WANTED, ON TIIOMP r ?m, I Aurena, iVooater and tireeuv street'. Owaetedr ?Irttig to sell tnay find by Applying to J. MAT1IKWHON A SON. No 8 Pine atraet, after II oYl.ick. fx>R sale.-wanted. THIRD, SIXTH ANDEIOTITH 1 avenue impiored Pr?ipertT. Apply to .1. M ATIILM'SON sttN. No. 8 fine atreet, after W '? i k rn sale-water front on east rivfil cort/.-erenth to Fortr-eighth atreot. fxvorably located for a'one, ooal or lumber yard' Inntilre of A. t', Pt>ILL02t, MP Kott-m ?treet, room No. ?, In to x I'. M. Ij*OR SALB-FOI R STORY BROWN STOVE HOI'?K, ' nit modern mpt oremenU. 1 !W" Hroednar Price 94ft,ong For tM-rniit apply at W. II. (ilBSON'S t'otifeti.on. ery. W Broidway. f^OR sale?onf. of THOSE dvlhihtfitl bay window Hmiaea. In Thirtieth street, near Fourth nee* one. Fjt particiliara and permit appiy lol'HMY A t UP LAND. 4ltf Fourth arenti4. EOsT HALF?ON MURRAY II1I.L. A* nKSlTtAHt.F. three atory high atoip brown atone Hnitae Only 1891. Apply to UKMY A COPLAND. ?1U Fourth arenua. I!?OR SALE-TWO FULL LOTS ON FIFTY-SEVENTH 1 atreet. nenr Eighth avenue, w,d? street, paved with block* and aewered: 91 A. t>*>. EDMUND II. MARIINF 1 *71 Broadway KHM "SALE?A VERT F1NE~THRBB STORY HIGH* r atoop brick llonae. In PortleUt atreet. lower story browu atoi e and balcony; renta for 9l-dl>l. Price 9I".MI. II. A. DAKH1N, State and W lute.,all afreets. (.lOK SALE?IN THIRTYEIOHTH STREET, NTAR r Fifth avenue, an Bngliah bMcmenl Realdenc#, fttllv or partially lurnUhed. Price low. Apply to Kl'OENt: CHEVALLIER, 81 Cedar street. ttOR SALB-ON EAST THIRTIETH STREET A 11ITIKE r etorv high aloop brown stone dwelling, IS S?.1#tlt?, all moiern improvements, on llaat Forty-flrat atreot. a tl,ree a tors litgh atoop Irown atone House, *>fS0?KM; bargain; 9U.W0 BROWN A McLE.AN. mi 1 in .1 sveniio. JM>R SALS?VALUABLE PROPERTY DESIRABLY LO. catnd In the Bowery. Boildingcovers the lot. which la ahiHi Mtr l'ermlta of A. JOl'ENE A Y. No. < I'lne atreet Won .4A1.E-ON FIFTH AVENUE BELOW TWENTY r th d street, an elegant extra wide and elaborately built onroer Itouoe For pariuulars applv to E. H. LUDLOW A OO . N ..,tFi.,a street L">R SALB-ON FIFTY SF.CONU STREET, NEAR M Br ,ilway, a ilrst class brown s'one front llous?. with oj wlth "ittke i'tirntture. Apply lo Ml LLBE, WILKINS A OO , Mo. 7 Hue atreet. F StOR SALE -ON THK. NFtV BOCl.SVARD, THREE entire Fronta. alao, kMs, ?, Ninth ami Tenth avenues. Eighty.sixth atrects. Apply to B HANF')RD. 18 Nasean ?treei li'OR 8ALB-A PIRST CLASS fOUR STORY. HIOlI T brown atone llon.e in Kort,.aev?ntb street, lie tw?n Fifth and Sixth avenues. All modern Improvements. II >uee inn location In svsrr respect fl,.t, Address H l>o< t.\ij office. FOR SALB-ON WEST TWENTY FOURTH STREET wes'. of >lnth avenue, ? good thine Mors k gl> stoop brick K feet 10 Inchea front snd resr bv half tbs !Sock. Price (UiV*. t*T?? . 8. BMBBBWN, 431 Eighth avenue, F'or sale?a vbry pine ni-.w fol k story high at.vio brown StonO Hotiae. finished in the virylieat nainner, with walnut atalra, walntit trimming. msiMe tiling an4 s ipienJld billiard room; all modvm iMproVsmenta M hi b-.: ae?n to be epprei laleil Am on tbe premlae* Wna? Fifty sorond atreet, botweea Broailwsy snd Eighth ?v. L'Olt SALE - A FIRST CLAS.S THREE SfoRY. HltlH r ai kid brink llnn?e on West Tenth atre.-t. i*et Ptflh snl flixih svsnues. Apply to MULLEN, WILttlNs, At '? , No J Cine street. Ti^tlR SAI.R-A VALUABLE PIi:?'E OF PROPERTY r in l.a<i ens str?*ct, near Caanl. For partictilats a I 1 ? Sinitii lit" aid oflien CTTT REAL ESTATE FOB >AL|. For sale?the new five stoby Philadelphia brick Mouses, Si foot wide, on Forty-el stb (treat, near Third avenue; alio Houmi. with Store# and Bakery. ou Third avouue, at Eighty-third and 116th streets. LOPEK 6 OAvTS, Thirty -sixth atreet, corner Firat avenue. Fob sale-the first class tenement prop erty. Ml Weat Thirty.third atreet. near BHnd Aaylum. double four atory brick on front, three aton brick on rear, all Improvement*; rent for $1,000; price $ It, SOU, term* laij Owner 89 Weat Forty-eighth atreet. fOB SALE-TWO STOBT HIOH STOOP BRICK Houae, MS Baat Ptftv-aecond street. between Second and Third avanuea; 18x35, lot 25x100.6. For permit* apply at Ktt Weat Twenty-ninth atreet. Fob sale?one foub stort bbice house. Lot, Store and Raecroent; price $10,000. rent $1,#W Call at U7 Ninth avenue, near Forty-second street. Fob sale-houses on fiftt fourth btrekt. Fortv-eeventh at real, Thirty-eeveuth street. Thlrty ihird ?treat. Thirty fint atreet, Thlrlleth street, Twenty (econd (treat, Twentieth atreet, Letingtou avenue, Second avenue, Sixth avenue, Bleacher atreet and Broadway. WM campbell A CO-. ?4 Broadway. Fob sale?houses at hablkm, on io?tu xmta 110th, U?th, llgth, 118th, ISOUi. l"3d, 124lb, 125th, 126th, 117th, UStk (treeis, avenue A and Seoond avenue. WM. 8. JENNINGS, lit Broadway. Trinity Building, base aant CIOB sale CHEAP-THAT LARGE, ELEGANT r brown dona Houmi and Lot. aoulhweet corner of heo o*4 avenue aud Filty-Orsl street; alao twn in Forty-eighth, three In Fiftieth and one in Fifty-third atreet, at pnoe* ran?. tag trom $13,000 McaUiBE. n< Naiaau atreet. rB BALE OB TO LEASE?CLOSE TO UNION aaunre, a Plat of Orouud, embracing about four iota: will be ieaaed for ten year* or longer. Apply to HOMER MOBUAN, Ma. 1 Pine atreet J.TKVISHRD HOUSE FOB SALE?3$ WEST FORTY r lirih atreet, fear stories. brown atone front; In good order; possession any time deaired; price $%.000. Call nt ibe house, or address box 5,9?? Poet omee. L'OR SALR LOW-OWNER OOINO TO EUROFE?TWO r three atory high at nop brown atone front Hon sea. Eighty-fourth street, between Seoond and Third nvenuea; measl"t? May 1; also one four atory high stoop lirick ouae. Independent walla. 20 feet front, 36 rooms, 83 Weat H KI , Forty-lourth atreet; Immediate po'soeton; nil in good pair. Inquire of F. PRENTICE or J. K. 8M1TH. 3S Fine at. AKLEM.?FOB SALB OR TO RENT. A THREE atory finished baaement brown stone House. No. 8 Dun can place, IMtn atreet; In perf.-ct or-.ler: price $10,000; rent $1,300. Permit from JOHN LACY, 58 Mercer street. HOUSES FOB BALK?BY A. JOURNEAY, ? PINE ST. Eaat 30th street, 3 (tory h. a. b. ( IRJOJ Weat 23d atreet. 4 atory h. a. b. a 22.S00 Weat 2gd street, 4 slo.-y E. b. brick I4.0C0 West street, U story h. *. brick 17 M0 Weat 43d atreet, S atory h. a. b. 14 V0 West tuth sli-ecu, 4 atory h. a. b. a ? 30.010 Houses for kale-is east ?th street, 4 8. b. a. h., g^i.000; 16S Weat l&tli street, 4 s. b. In, $15.0.10; 5 Rnoriuan place. 3?. b. a. h.. $22,000; 3 lota, 3d avenue, near 111th at.. each $11,000. 1 lot. lltli avenue .intl SCtli St.. a. e., $5,,WO; hotel corner of 30tli at., known as Hudson Exchange, immediate vicinity of Hudaon River Railroad, $10,(W0, or to ietnt gii.&OO luquIre of owner, JAS. MOORE, 601 West 26th street No ugenls. Ion FOB HALE.?TWO IN FIFTY-SECOND, TWO IN J Fifty-third street, near Eighth aventtn; seven tn West Fifty seventh street; four in Kilty-eighth atreet near Broad " * L,737E!) Apply to 3. Y. TUTHILL, 757 Eighth avenue. UST RB BOLD?FOUR STORY HIOH STOOP MOD ern llonse, 334 Niuth atreet. See it. Murray hill, between fifth and madison avenues.?Flrat olasa four sio.y huh stoop brown stone ?House, foranle very che.p, with or without the Furniture. W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Hros-lwuy. M valuable TENKMKNT PROPERTY FOR SALE ? i Eight first class House* in Third St.. near avenue D. Apply at Mil Amity street, from 10 A. M. to S P. M. R AM And CASH WILL Bl'Y ONE OF THE MODERN Mouses south side Fifteenth itrec', just west Seventh avenue. J> feet front; in line order; mortgage 5 or 7 years lor the balance: J11, MM Posno?aion. B. 11. TAYLOR, No*. 0 aud 10 Pine *treet. WILL BUY THE LOT ON CORNER OF Forty-third street and Haoond aveuue, aud street lot adjoining; and $S,400 for three I.OU on Second avenue, between fortv-aecond and Forty-third atreeta. Alao Third avenue Lot* for sale BROWN A McLKAN, S3! Third avenue. |Q C/|/| ?FOR SAfiE. THREE STORY HIGH (PO,??"? stooi> brick House, on Weat Seventeonth atreet, betweeu Sixth ami Seventh avenues; hou^c 2lx4S, lot 101). Apply at 3t7 Uowory. OEOBUE THEIBa. ?1A AHA -A NEAT Til BSE STORY HIQil STOOP wlvivvvi brick llogv, tn Weat TwenUeth atreet; alao Weat Twenty-teoan l atreet, $14,000;. Fast Thirty-second (treat, 080: West Vhi' tr lWrd street. $15,:HW; Weal Forty-, third street, $10,000; Weat :?ortf -ninih atreet $12^00. W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. AID CAH ?9i MACDOFUAL STREET, TWO ST >RY ipLl/.t)"'". atllo ami baaement Houae, brick stable in rear; enclosed carnage way; 20.ti.75. P. MoELlCOY, Si East Thlrtv-ulnth atreet. BROOKLYN REAL KSTJiTB Ararr change opfrred.-for sale, in Brooklyn, on the aontlieist corner of C.irlton and Wil i lougliby avenue*. one of Uir elegant block of brown atone frvul llnuse*, three atorlea basement and cellar; house 21.61 45 feet, lot 101), all modern Improvements. Convenient to OrKalb auil Myrtle avenue car routes. 1'vIm $l.YaOO, part on bona anil mortgage. Apply oil the premise* to THOMAS PAOAB. \PUri.DINO ?1X72, V EAST WARRKX 8THRET, Brooklyn, suitable for wan or other uitinufsclni in1: lnnne.a, for <*|e i.r to hu. Apply to JOHN ANDKKWS, iS Court street, Bnwkljru. \K EI.^OANT BROWN STO.NB HOUSE, FOUNTAIN In com t yard;. almi a Kb 1 idelphu brick Houae. Iir?l cU>< 'oc;>UMt. la KroAivu F ir nsr'.culiu* apply to WAt;> NKit A JUNKS. 9*1 tiroidway, N. Y. /1I.INTON AVF.M K. ONK BLOCK FROM THE OR AND * ' enter.?? \enue to PnMivot Park.?The Italtnu Villa, wiili extension, ttpposce Si. Luke'* chnrcli; Id <A\i!JO teet; ' 11on ?h runt*hi.. IS roam?; ;?*, hot and o ild w.iter throngh out. iwrloi mirrors, nliii marble stubs; giit cornt ??>., hrou/ed cliaud-'l-crs and 'ill window shade..; *t%bl>' on Hamilton street, containing gni, water and coscbmMi's room. The grounds are I*- unified with sh.ule nid fruit tree*. shrubbery, flower*, and arb >r ige of grape imd creeping vines. Four addilonsl i.ots adjoiuing may he hud at * low pure. Possession given immediate.y. Apply to S. IIONO LOW, Real Estate Agent. Montague si rest, uear Court. FACTORY FOR SALE-3 RUN OF STONE 3S HORSE Hoiler and Kngtne, Reitlng. Shsftlng and Crusher; now running; lot 48 bv 88 feet: possession about 1st of April; suitable lor reed^ drug, plaster or paiut null Apply on premiss*, comer rhlrd and North First streets, Brooklyn, fioin S lot 1*. M., or address O., box 1,1CM> Posi ofliee New York For malk?house ?i hicks strf.f.t, Brooklyn, near Fulton ferrv; will be sold very lo?. on essy term* $2t?W cs.ii; balance eau remain for three y eat a. Full ?ue lol. GH>R SALE?t'lTY ANO COUNTRY CoMBIVGO, ? r minutes from Wall street or Fuuon fe:ry, a plrasmit, we'l shsded and l<k Cotmie Houm. SlUI. mil ti.olcrn improvements. convenient to cars, and dcsiraM ? to a g< title uiati with a small family; lociilon healthiest in Brooklyn. Ap'ily to H. *. MORRIS,? Pcsrl stre^l. FIOR SALE?IN CliMB BLAND STRhKT. BROOKLYN. In a tjood '..>cstlon, s new tbree story n d bnsrtnenl IIonne. i'hlUdelphia bnck, htirh stoop, wown atone base ment. wiiti Mibcrllnr, 13 ro nis, substantially t tti'.i nn<i Mu lshed in the most approved manner, Willi hot .n 1 ooid water and sewer, both hosier and rani(f, liells, speaking tube., ves Uimle ? sir*. Ac. \\ ill be s Id at preaoni fur $!?.'??, term' essr. Apply io WM. A. BBl SH, owner,4tOt.uinb?rlmd St., Brooklyn. Fior sale?on Cumberland street, between l4if*y<-t!e snl (ircene avenii't tinust be .old), two fir?i rl??s tltiee * <ry bUU ?t<x>p baaemeul nnd *ub I 'llsr hrica llnme*. 'JlrlS w lilt sn eiten*lon; lot Itt) f-*t deep, has sll tli- ini'iiovemnuis.coiiipirie ttnd in b.'aiuitul order, locatiun flue ami desirable in evetv re-tiect- neir l?r. tlnyle-'s church, ami co.iventent toenri to nil tlie fciT'e*. For permits iipi'iy to A. KNoWLTON, soutli lit corner Fulton aud I'oil in I avenue*. LV?R ?AL??A TWO STORY BASEMENT FRAME r It on??, In ?t!Mmsn. second hou?e ?.ontuen.t of H it loughhy areaue; contains eight rooms, w.tli wster. gas, hea'er: wuae in perfect order. Pnce $-? wOU. t'at pets m l Oil' lotbs, If desired. F'OB SALE?A HOWE AND FIYF. LOT< IN BROOK lyn, neirtl.e new Boulevard; honai conlii'u. II room , fruii, ttowers, vines, Ac; wagon houae with stsll*; wel; wster oa piemieea. Apply t?> or ?ddr,ss ofll-e of fie Frsnkf'rt, corner ? ranklort and William atreeta, S. T. CAV. KltLV. FOR HALE?TUB HANDSOMEST RF.^IDKXCE IN Wl llanisliiiig, lionse 2fti0t). slsble lot* MtINt with > nrnltUIT If desired, teroaa MIV. Apply on the prem ise.. It"* South Ninth, eonier of Fifth itrcet, or to W <1. U WALKER, !B> Broa4wsy, N. Y. For Hale?a four story store ani? dwku* nig, somh Fourth s'reet corner Of Fifth, Brooklyn, K. It Apply in the ato.-e. IjH)R BAI.E?THF. THR^E STORY 1IIOII STOor AND r Iwsement bricfc House tt l,ee avenue; In 8n* order, and containing all tba modem Improvement*. Apply on thi' P'.emlsea. L^OR SALE OTIEAP?BROOKLYN I* TO RE PROPERTY, " W My rile s?fniie; three utory and ba?ement hrleii Ho?t?e, m.rl le msntels, attding dnura, ga? Mid wat?r. U?* s guod twkee'a oven under sidewalk; terms eaay. Inqulie on the prsmiS's ijMIR BALK OR TO LET?TllR TIIRKE sTt?CY BROWN P a'one an 1 Rngll.b l>*?euieut Mouse ii Se 'ind p!sr^, Brooklyn, elegiutly furnished and warm and co d wst?r in every room. For sale or excranor fob improvro prop. erty?Sli Lots a* tlreenpoint, L. I. lii'inire of P. BOMMKRS. rJl Orand street, New York. Loth ne\r probpect parr, Brooklyn, will be given for a i Fngluh basement House tn a g kmI nelfbhorhuod, heiween Tenth and Thlrlv fourth .tieeta anJ I hud and Seventh avenues. Apply st odoe, 15?i Orand et Afnn cash down, worn o* ist may and a furthersnm t>v int'almenla ami in itgage will purchase the ei'lendid brown atone trout three stury attic and .iib-'el!ar House Iff! Amity .tree!, Brooklyn: 1ft rooms, e*ati:ill* door*, marble halla, seren marble msnvli stn ttonarv wasli.tead. and tnl>a, hot and eo'd water, hath and water c'o*et, very handsome ornsm"iited pailore, sliding door* and Inside blinds, stsine I and giotmtl gUs> hall door*; btlfR In the most fashionable style and very ? onvrnleut ami desirable ?? a genteel rMldenee; |.,t JJiioo houae 2Al4ii; ?round leMed, but eaunl to peMietiul; possessmn May I, Apply to A. S NFWHKItltV. llrf Rn.sdwsv. cnnwtll. Ht Y ONE of the nf.ate<t AND LOv' ' best built llonse* and full alied t,ot In Frre man etreet. tlreenpoint. n??r the ferry. Fart on moitg-ge. JOSEPH MoOI IRE. H? Naaean street. New York. tOl'NTIlY RIAL MMTC FOR 9ALR. ALL WANTINO FARMS-UOtlP SOIL, Vtl.n CLT A mste. M miles nouth Of Phlla?lelphU. Price only ?J5 rei *cre. Alio Improved Farm*. IIn' .V..""'Jn|J nrnrmitlon seni free. Addred C. K. LANUJ9, \lnel?nit, New .leraey. ? A N KLKOANT REMIOKRt K FOR BAI.R-JIODJ.RN il style, every improvement: gas kt.; ettefisive groniids, (srdener'e tn?ine. st?ii|?*, eonserv it one* and Ice house. Tne '.'Hy t. heautlftillf located at New Brighton, Piaiett Isi.inl, near the Undlng Teimt essv Pull partli .lUr*. ?e , 'k> loUiee t m . .olicsti io *t W Bioadwar. New Yoifc. COUNTRY RIAL IE ST AT* fOR SALE. AH COUNTRY HOME, FROM tl.tOO T0~ flitfUflO. SFB STANLEY DAY'S Rati EstaXa Circular w hi,-h can be bad at Sit Fourth avenue, or milled upon receipt of stsinp AH FINE COUNTRY RESIDENCE-LARGE HOCSK. modern improvements, two aoraa land, outbuildings, i mile* from City Hall on Long Island, sale or etcbauge, tlu out). Address bo* S7S Maw Tork Post offl<-e. Afar* for bale?in westchestkr cot-sty, near Rye, about 27 mUaa from Naw York: good bouse, hara. Ae., plenty of fruit; well watered and under food culti vation; price fO^M. Apply to D. C. HAV1LAND, 191 Chat bam square. ACHRAF FARM.?ONE OF THE FINESTYIEW8 OF the Hudson rirer, Stmllaa from New York. M acre*: r>"d buildings and fruit; price M.tMU. A fruit Farm in Rockland county, lane and esaellent buildings: SS acres: $8.SOU. Farms at all prices and all locutions, many near New Tork. W. H. MELM'K. <81 Broadway. A BARGAIN?A SPLENDID RESIDENCE AT SPOTS wood, bouae Is large, with alt modem Improvements -, In complete order; splendid grounds, TtxSOO: every verletv af fruit and shade trees. Fries Si,000: or will rent for $400. J. 8. FEROUSONA CO., St Na?sau street. A SPLENDID FARM OF SIXTY ACRES. AT NEW Brunswick, commodious modern buildings. In com plete order, three auperior orchard* of grated trees, fruit, trout pond. Ac., overlooking the entire city. Price, with stock, crop and tools, $18,000 J. 8. FBRUUBOW A CO., SS Nasssu street, room 34. A?FORDHAM, WITHIN It MINUTES' WALK OF ? tha depot, a Cottage; 10 rroms, with 14 lot* of good land; fruit and shade trees; In first rate order. Price $.,000. B. EMBLRSON. <21 Eighth avenue. A COUNTRY BEAT. NEAR LONO BRANCH. FINE Hoase and grounds; goad stables; near depot and stsamboet landing: IS acres of land. Address Leonard A Russell, 1,19$ Broadway. AT A SACRIFICE.?NEW COUNTRY SE AT FOR SALE or real, half mile south of Passaic Bridge station, Erie railroad; IS rooms; modern improvements; springs, trout break: fire to 16 aores. Apply on premises, of A. POST. A NBAT OOTTAaE?SIX ROOMS AND LARGE LOT; J\ price $l,iOO A neat two story House and Lot- prli-e $J,10(l; two minutes from depot, one hour distant by Morris and Eases Railroad. PARSONS A WARD, 79 Cedar si. Avert neat cottaoe, at a bargain?near Harlem Bridge, In Mottlinven. Price S2.500. DITOHETT, No. 2 New Chambers, corner or Chatham st. Brrorn heights property.?for sale, in the most rapidly improving locution in Hudson City, a Store and Dwelling, with all the modern improvement1); building contslns besides some sixteen comtnodous rooms; situation in the very centre of business. JOHN H. PLATT, opposite Court House, Hudson City. BREWERY FOR 8ALE-A FIRST CLA88 BREWERY in one or Um principal plaeea in Wnlern .(?? York, oonvenient far shipping in every direction; all modern im provements: superior location, and commanding a Urge trade; $35,|;00 cash. Address Hrewer, Herald office. lOUSTRY RESIDENCE FOR 3AI.F. IK rLAlNFIELO; \ > lft acres of valmhle land: mod*rn hmne of 11 room": abundance of large and small fruits; tire minutes' walk fromdef>ot; vet y deal rable for building; can Mo cut tip Into town lota. A. BEltUKAfiT, 21 Wall at reel. CIOUNTRY PLACE KOR 8ALE-TWO MILES FROM ) 8tun?ford; furnished llonae, with every convenience; aupericr outbuilding*; three acres of laud, well slocked with fruit trees. Will be Hold at a seasonable price. Apply lo ELBERT WHITE, Staiulord, or hoi 2,4*1 Poat office, N. Y. TOLEGANT FRUIT AND DAIRY FARMS, NEW JKR Hi ney, New York and Connecticut, for aale or ex>-liiiiige. Country Seats in Westchester county and Hudson river. SALT A CO., 20S H road way. Farm of fiye acres on long island, nuar depot; One building'* and fruit: fl,3VI; verr olienp. K. M. MASON. No. ft Tryon row. INARMS, COUNTRY SEATS AND VILLAOE PROPERTY 1 for sale ou Long island: price* from $4 .IWO lo $.'?l (WO; hours ID to 1. GEO. HKIDMOHK. 7rt Cedar Street. pOR SALE. VALUABLE LOTS AND TURPENTINE LANDS, COMPRISING 41,000 ACRES, SITUATED IN CHESTERFIELD AND KERSHAW DISTRICTS. SOUTH CAROLINA. IN EQUITY, CURSTKRFllU.D DISTRICT. SOUTH CAROLINA. W. L. T. Prince, Adm'rl K. M Crenshaw, ) >s > Bill for tele of Real Estate, Ao. Was. 8. Barnes sod wife, I and others. } Uuder and by virtue of a decree of the Court of Equity In tblscase, I will aelt?t the Hour. House door at CHkSTKK FIKLD COURT HOUSE en the FIRST MONDAY in APRIL neit. ad the Rual Estate of Daniel 8. Crenshaw, described In the pleadings, consist ng of lite following lots in Uie town of cueraw, to wit. lots Noa. 18. XS, 71. 90. 30. 3. It S3. !W3. .*?, XV. :t?0, Ml. 513. 346. 3M. HIM, 349, 300. 381, SM ?i3, 331. Stfc, 303. 364, 966, 488, and part of 487. And THIRTY.ONE TRACTS OF LAND. oonUlaing to- | | (ether about FORTY-ONE THOUSAND ACRES, including the tract owned in copartnership by Crenshaw A Mono. whereon the toiler lalclv resi led, all of which is more particularly described in the pleadings. T?h?s:?So ranch cash as will pay (lie costs; for the bal ance a credit or one and two yesrs. secured by bond and mortjaae, with interest payable annually Irom tbe day of aale, with the privilege to tlie purchaser lo pay cash lor the whole of his purchase. rur. ha-.ers to jiav for papers. J. C. CRaTQ. Commissioner. The lands above adrerliaed a.e valuable turpantins laid*, ?filiated iu Chesierield aivl Kei-nhaw districts, near I'eedee' river and Chci aw and Darlington For full particulars and description of lands apply to JoIiDAN A IIROI IIEkt, auil North Third street. Philadelphia. L'llR SALE?FURNISHED, IN THE VILLAGE OF r Astoria, a first class Residence, containing all the modem improvements, initialed on h'gli ground and com manditg a line view uf liu.l Gale and I'.asl river; grounds 120x150; all kinds or fruit trees stable hennery. Ac., in per fect order. I'oi session given ?t anv tiine. Address GoJII lol, Stevens A White, No. 4 South William street. N. Y. IJ'OR SALE?A SMaLL AND VERY DESIRABLE r country Resilience 11 miles from New York, on the line of the New Haven Railroad, live minute*' walk faun the de |iot. The house is modern and well limit, ilelightfuly situ ated, commanding nn extensive view of Long Island Sound, with two acres of ground, sloptug In the rear directly to ths rite.; It has a stable, iHtut house an I oilier outbuildings nn the premises, tor ti.rther psit.culara impure at Nn. 4 Cedar street, room 14. second (loo. . LIOI HALE?A FIR-T CLASS HOTEL AT A POPULAR F walertn* place. nesr the city; beautiful location, containing ab nit 60 room*, eitb ail th>- n-ees?ai y outbuild ings. For particulars apply lo JOHN IIOGA.V 27 ( lirystie street. "LX>R HALE?A FINE NEW COUNTRY HOUSE. TEN I rooms. I to 8 acre* oi l md: (list stalled on Cue Rioad^e double t-ack Erie Railway; id trains daily eich way: I me 40 minutes; ommti'alion 8 cms per Uili. App y to LEO. I . WlillOrt aK1>. iVirW row, .New York. hMJR SALE?THE FARM AND COUNTRY SEAT OF Ihe subs'-rtber, nl \\ esipnrl,Conn . s'ootil 7# lures. con sisting of arable, wo d and kill mradoiv land; uisit the far fsmoil Compo llesch, nee in > water front. On the premises sre a gotkI iloute pear the beach: s fine girden, wuh rltolct fruits; sn i.pplc ore',i.,r,1. In fnll b?ar,n?; mid ncier fail nj spring" of water. Thr stock nbieh Is thoi^uig!ilt ed, will be sold with lite f irm, and liie Furniture If desired. T?:o hi.nrs from New York by Now Haven R illroaJ. Add. ess J. H. FISH. Bo* No. H, Post olBce. West port. Conn . L"?OR SAI.E-A BBAUTIFUL VILLA, SITIJATTID ON r West illll, IIhsi.i, iotiipklns couniv, New York: lb ? lot, contsliiliig about elfv?n acre, of Und, la enlir>'lv ? overed with the cho ccst vanetr oi fruil: I r^e b: t<-k Mnn'siou and gfKHi Tenant nivl ontbulliltiigs, c >nim.indli:a a fine view of llie villi?* and C.tvuja (? .e. Kor rariiculars ad dress ,1. T. IV. I?> , t In . iv. in,,;.. N. Y. FOR SALI--ON ST A TEN IbLAND, A IIOUFE AND rear huilduig. Willi one or Iwo lo?is conven.ent for business or pr.vate; three minutes' walk 'ioiu Stapl^ton tsn.i ng. Inquire at l \QUES Gt'fHSTH'd llanl ware Mot e, corner of Gore aud Prunell r : r eets. Fioi: pamT^* ctii w r?v K,.sii)K\cK. wTrii first class Improve mem*, situated a slt< rt distance from 'he city. For paiueiiUrs addros l o inrry licsi leiiif, l."3 East Forty-sixlb slreei. F^OP. SALE?ON L'iNO ISLAND. NEAR SOUND. A desirable H^siib-nce, wltu five ac;-ea lartl; ten minutes from -leambiMt Itndlns. pn.* $H,.hI0; terinscssv. luouiie ?i is. Front street. LM)!'. SALE-A SI B8TANTI.IL BRICK BUILDING, r with fr.ime l'trl llna stisch'd. eonisliti'igentliie. boiler, shafting. Ac , cheinlt al apparatus. Ac , su.t inie tor a chemi cal nistiufsetoryor cthei isetotv purposes, ingctiiei w.n a stable and leu Cits of on p.irl of which It I* built. B'l si,listed on ferry slreri. at the Jnuctlon of Newark sve nne, lloiiosen, .N. J., nhout live minutes' walk from the f-rrv. Apply lo ALBERT SPLYliRS, J3 Nsssaii sireel. New Yors. KM)R SAL?-'i>K MILK FROM PLAIN FIELD DEPOT. I sis aures oi l,..nd .no llv In frnlt . house and oui hiil!dlnfS For mil f ?rtl.? ilars'aiiplv to A. SEROiiANT, ^1 Wall street. H^OR BALE?IN NtWARK, N. J.. A COTTAGE. C??N talmng seven rooms; lot i!ft bT 13? feet; | l'nty of fruit: within three minulesof Chestnut street depot, irom whit h tisins leave everv hslf hour. pri. e $1 km F'ir further psr ticuUra Inuiure of C. A. V \M?LKUt)Li". 412 Mulberry si., below llitnnas. Newark. N .1 FOR SALE?A BEAI TIFI'L COUNTRY RESIDENCR; fine shade; lawn; fruit a good yi iing orchard i; very henlth> location, one hour from city"; fen minutes' walk from dep'it. on lin? ol N J. Centrtl Railroad good house, some ItS i otims. witti five or tnor* acrea of loind. Inouire of JOHNAON. MILLER A llAl.L. M Fine street.

F^OR SALR-HOl SR. EIGHT LOTS AND CARRIAGE House, on llucna litdje, Moti Havnn. $ld..VJV; four corner !?ote. $4.JSi': also House, nrchaid and 20 s< res, ?| Suffer'is, $3,'il?i. App y la J >. CltoW . Iff Canal street. U?OR BALE-A FARM AT PASSAIC VALLEY, Mt II seres, lsrgs House, sicne Kitchen, larvc Barn. g'K.d sup ply of fruit. K? Iinad will psss thiotigh he ground. Prlcf 94, MOcash. Atl.lre?< Jul an Maihews, illi Souih Eighth street, Jersey I'liy f^OR SW.E-SIX At HF.S OF GOOD I.ANI?, GOOD V llo istj and OUlbitildiiisa; pieuir of hue .nut ol s!l kinds: ten d:h ilea walk fit m New llaten and liar em Kaiiro.'d depms Mount \en>vn. In<iulrr uf II BEURMAN, W<*st Mount \ ernon. t^OR SALE?ON MtlN r PLK AS A NT AVENUE. NEW. ark. right minutes wa k fmni sistieo. lar.'e tu.ola House, everv improvement, staii'.e and IS lot?; pr fusion of fruit, shade sun ornamental trees, evervthlns compete and In reifect order, suriouiid.iies mieicenUonal'l*. TH'lS. E. FISH, 2# PinA street t|H>BBAI<l ^ HOI ^E AND TWO MlffW ?l laANO with plenty o fruit, Hires minutes' walk freui Mount Iseo depiii. ii.,ii<-ni itaiiioaii. Weatehestef eoitnty. Apply to -MITII A Dt NNINO, M South sire^ F^OR SAI.E-A FINE COUNTRY RF.Hinl Nt'F.. CHEAT, near Sar%ioga Springs; hnailsome liolhi* house, with superior oulbuildin<s. Atldress or call on owner tins W*fk, oirard ti nt COVmT REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. IjlOR SALE-A FIRST CLASH BTOCeT FARM, IK WA. r bash county. Bute of Illinois; Ml acre., part prslrto and part timber land. HO acres in oultivatioD. will b? sold on reaaonable terras. possession immediately. For particu lars inquire of the owner. No speculators need apply JAMES O'neil, 117 avenue B lT<OR SALE-A splendid piece OF land. over I' iwo hundred teet sauare, seven minutes walk from the Race Course at Pordham. suitable for a gentleman's residence: cheap (or cash. Apply to the owuer, 11. KI L LER, Eighty-aecoud street and Fourth avenue FU OR bale IV HOBOKEN-A vert DESIRABLE M three story and baaement House, Philadelphia brick, brown alone trimmings, marble mantels, gas and water. Price S7,uxi HI.AKE A DL'dlet, M William street. FOR bale CHE*F?AT ORANGE. N. J., TWO near, ly new Houses near Valley Station. Terms easy. In tint re of GARDNER k MATTHBW8, Real Estate A gen la. Orange Valley, N. J. Poet otllce address Orange, N. J. T7*OR BALE LOW ASD ON EASY TERMB?A FARM r of 6S acres, at Englishtown, Monmouth county, N. J., one-eighth of a mile from atetlon; good buildings; immedi At# poiM^sion. francis WOOD. 1* East Nineteenth street. N. Y. For bale or to let?a small farm oftwrn. ty-one aciea, s.usted near Stamford, Conn. Inquire al 97 West Forty-third street For bale or exchange-Bridgeport, conn.? Two new French roof Houses, containing ten rooms each, with all the modern Improvements, pleaaantly sittuMd and only Ave minutes' walk from boat or ears; Urge ;lhu, with fruit, Ac.; imse $7.UUS; terms easy. Inquire or J RO MAINE BROWN, 1 279 Broadway, or JAS. STAPLES. Real Estate Agent, Bridgeport, Coup. For bale or exchange for improved city property?A Farm of S6 acres, IS tnileslfrntn New York, near railroad; good buildings; every way deeirable. Apply to COLT, corner Canal andChurch streets. Hudson river property.?for sale, on the west bank of the Hudson, a number of handsome Residences, with river fronts, between Plermovt and Nysck. with from I to IS acre*, ranging in prioe from S1MW to *2.500. Apply to WM. H. PLATT, Plermont, N. Y. VTEWTOWN, L. I.?FOR BALE. THE elegant MAN ll sion of the late Benjamin Pike. Jr.. situated <>n Bowery Bay, onlr U'i miles from Astoria. House built of blue stone and finished In a superior manner by days' work; three sto ries high, snd has all the conveniences, with SO acres; oom inands a fine view of Flushing Bay. the Sound and West Chester shore lo Fort Schuyler; grounds handsomely laid out in garden, on-hnrd* and lawns. Apply to B. H. Ll'DLOW A CO., No. 3 I'iue street. NICK FARMS?10 TO SO ACRES. OOOD IMPROVE ment?, we 1 fruited, watered. Ac., on* hour by Central New Jersey Kail mud. $1500 to $7,000; also Residences and Farms, I acre to 800, $5,000 to $85,000. convenient to city. W. P. 8KymocK, 171 Broadway. ORANGE county farm FOR hale.-93 ACRES; neur de|H>t and creamery. Pos'ession A rll 1. Full l>ur:l<'uh:t. ol C. 11. OI.iver, No. 7 Beekmau sr-eot. Thf. orchard and vineyard of thr west Jefferson county, Missouri. Send for descriptive pam phlet to John L. Thomas. Hlllsboro, Mo. Clie;ip Louies but fifteen milea from St. Louis. ID ACRE FARM IN WESTCHRSTKR county, 35 AO miles from oit.r; good orchard; plenty of small fruit; wnter; house comfortable; barn, outhouses- very health v. Will be Hold cheap. Apply at 891 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. Posheitsion Aoril I. dinnft ?A bargain ?HOUSE AND l.OT IN E \ST tBt/Ul'. New York. $H09 cash; luUnca tn two years. Also a Stereoscope, sulUblo for exhibition in a house or ptlblle garden. Address Wm. Young, butter stand, 19 Spring Street Market, New York. <U9 r.nn ?house, two barns, six acrks, fln? spring, applea, pears and qulneea, mid way bctwecu Summit and 'Mill'iuru depot*, one hour from New York by Morrs and Kliex Railroad, New Jersey. United States Real Estate Exchange. 93 Cedar street. (IjO p/w\ WILL BUT A NEAT OOTTAOE WITH ?PO.UlM" stable, on Palisade avenue ten minutes walk fiom lloboken ferry. This property is offered at a bargain. ROBEItT MAl'I.AY, 77 Cedar street KEAL ESTATK wintku, |/?ARM WAN rED.?WANTED TO LEASB OR TAKR P on shares, l>y a practical farmer, ? drat class farm, tvithin convenient distauoe of New York. Address u. A.. box mh Herald oil'.ce. REAL ESTATR WANTED.?ALL OWNERS or PROP, ertv will da we,t tor placing their Tenement Houses Lots, Ac., in all pit is of thee'tv. on our otrcular, at 110 Bast Houston atreet, near fuvtmtt avenue. fllknrmf.NT i'ltOPl'KTV W AN trw TO but OR 1 lease-The hiirbra'. uurk?l cii'i" /irs?. Apply to b. ii. OinilONti a C'?.. 440 ttronme awt. mtanted-A OOOD pi, aim house and LOT. WITH tv conveniences lor two kin d families, aoar Mmtk. Seventh or KlRhth a vermes andbe>?ruen hn.i*ion and Forty? eerond streets on whleh 91.000 stab Wilt >m paid. I'osaes alon Ml of Hay. Address, wl'.ti particulars, f. J. B,. sla tw 0. WANTED-TO PURCHASE A HOt'fir AND LOT IN New York or Itrookiya. from *5.000 to $4,030. in a respectable neighborhood. Address, with full particulars, A. Miller. aUtlun f. WANTKD-TO BUY A WELL BUILT THREE OR four atorv House and Lot, in a resectable neighbor hood. with modem improvement. Price $6,000 to $12,000, or a house on leased around, at a fair price. Term* mast be very easy. Address L. B.. bos 107 Herat olDoe. WANTKO?thrre STORY HIOH STOOP house; mo le: n improvements, from Charles street to Thirty flftli street, between Stub and Eighth avenues. $7,000 to $9.c 0 ca-h Apply to Major P. B. W., or Prank R. Ftend ship. 80 Broadway. tttanted-A HOUSE THREE OR POOR STORIES. tv from $8000 to $13,000. between t anal and Twenty thlrd ai reels, an.l Third and Slxtu avenues. Address Ken nedy, box 1m Herald olllee. tirANTED TO PURCHASE-A SMALL MODKRN tt House, west of Third avenue. between Fiftieth and Seventieth streets; cash prloe not lo exceed $1(1,wj. Ad dress, with full particular*. P. W. J.. hoi 13) Herald offlcc. midh a . dvice TO mtrkikd LADIES?MADAME RES. IX tkl.i.'S Infalible French Female Pills: No. i. wrioe $1, or No. 2. price li. which can never fsll; eate and healthy. Oftice 64 West Thirty.lonrth street, near Sixth Hvenue. Sent bv mall. Address box 11,2v. A Lao sold at druggist's, last Oreenwlch street. A -DR. ORINDLE. phtsicun POR female*. MO. . ? Amity place, between Bleecker and Amity streets, makes u hi* special prac .ee to treat all feiuale complaint*, from whatever cause produced. Hiejant rjjtn? lor ladies about lo require nursing. All lad'es who nbkd special medical ob surgical treatment should consult charles lui"/li M. D.. kbi Broadway, who has hod twenty gears' suoceseiul practice, au.l guarantees Immediate relief in all oases with out pain or exposure. Constitution free. alliteat AND st'rk remkdf poil LAIME3 -TiIR Portuguese Pemale Pills always gtve immedl ite relief; price $6. Beware of Imltslora who cop/ mv advertisements to sell p.>;ec.ioii? . uoinannds as "Kemaia* Pills." aad "Ex tracts." Dr. A. M. MAUHICrtAU. is* li ?erlv st eat. A BLESSING TO LADIES.?a LADY writesi-por tueucso Kemaie i'll'* relieved me In oue day, wlthou. Inconvenience like magic i'noe $.*i. Dr. A M. MAURI QUO, oiU< e 1-9 liberty street, or sent bv mail. a m. M ACKIl'eap, M. D.. PROFESSOR OK MIDWITK as r/, tt-uiy years'praclio*, at I2S Liberty ?treet. Guar antee cert a! ii i - lie i to Isdn-s. from vnaiever csise. A -MADAME OKINDLE. FEMALE PHYSICIAN. NO , d Am.ivp'a'-e, cm bo consulted oa all female m a. pis it., pj, * ul Tor Utiles who d.-ii'e and medical ait-rartaace. \LWAYH sikh.?K pvtixnt WlMTKS-..-"I SPENT H" foritru? \llf.ulel. Electricity relieved me iii ten mlnv,:e? without filn or evposnre." A pnr ?te l*tter, worth for.v l>->.i?<. given swsv. wrln tor it an i save kastlh andttv.n-v l> msd will H tmrd alim 4 rim vt ONE intkrvik'A, WITH OR WITHOUT .*y niedl -ti.". for insftifil tad!"s, from w hstever csn?a, by Mail'ine hk tki.L. I'roi'esso of Mldwilerv (thirty ye ua' pr.irlitsi i. 01 n est 1 uirty toui t.i s:i oel. mi u si ,ih a eti'te. A. ?YorTIIKl'L Vi'lom AND MANHOOD RKflAlNF.D. i' ? i'r i'o'VKI!^' kl \tr. eipe lally all ,'oiit-jiiiputini inai rlnR. 01,.ee 1? klin etraet. ? _|m1'ORTANT TO L*otks. DR. POWRR4' A . Kre'tf i t'ompo t:?d and Pills; wsrranuhl su< (vasi'.il lu ?fx' '? oilice iso Elm si. -et every c. ?LADIES i'AN ALWAYS BELT ON d;:. POWERS' * m.9 tiii'sllin* Kemaie Heme lies. a:id on ii'it-iio^ ei^e. A certain cure. tHli.'is lllft i?l?rt street. A ALL UNFORTUNATES, OONSI LT DR. KENNEDY. 1w kim S're?t; <-ires without mercury or rotilction; cure giiaran ee<l in every ease. He WISE IN TIME?dr. KENNEDY'S ONLY MET nines. Oilice. 106 ntu ?treeL Consult Dr. Kennedy; ell hours. Cionkidential CONSULTATION'S ?OK. R. COR J OETf. inenibe" of ii, Y. U. Medfal College ant r. c. Surge ms, London, esu be consulted as iimisi on eerisiu dis. ee r*. (mil e M Cciure sueet, uear CusuiJtis. N. B ?No fee tiuless cured. Dr LABMONT. 1*1 BROADWAY-TRgATMEVT from id te 5. ''nem A'lvlaer and marnaite iiuldes'1 $is0. Dr HUNTER'S RED DROP IS TIIR ONLY RKMBDY ibat will root out poisouous ?irui of a certain disease; all Others ill r ll III tl.e b od. No. s Division ?t. Price $x DR. POWERS' ELIXIR WILL REMOTE ALL NER vou? ane.'t t>n?. de: re'e'on, exc tem-nt. (Joe tnsl will convince street. success certain. Kailure impossible Doctor iii nh'.k's botaniccohdul rkhmrrs rlfov nf yonth In one wei-k. gives health nnd strensrlk to the iuom debilitnted. $n iter uvtiie. nu. 3 Division street. MM IBM. Dr. LEWIS. no 7 bkv'ii, DEVOTES HIS at en ion n- Iitsive'.y to "nrlice practlci,'' and guaran tees tii ail wbo eoiisuit b tn a tlioio iin cure or no charge. Establish* it imn. I adiko dest KINO EE ALLY VALl'ABl.E MEDICAL i J cr snriib si trsstnieni mn with conltd?nce coasiilt l)r dl KANT, No. 7 it'arh st>ret. iiaa remedies ha>e been fairly testsd and stand une>,iiallad. ? Iaoirs KFQl*tniN<> SPECIAL MEDICAL TRKAT j m? i t ? <>n ? . ,n?n i drs imw urs, m elm sire*. M \d\v?: van bisk'inK. PHYSICIAN. *? WEST Konrth ureet, seci t,d li>o< k fi?><? Bri>adn?y. A cure si i ne Inierview. Constillation lrr>e Om.Y tiik akkltctbd NEED RKAIV?ARE Tor altlicteil wltli iiiids, coughs or diptherla* Are vou troiib'ert wfli liea-iai lie 1 Is your cons:ittttion disordered lu any way* ii vou sailer fr< in any of three varied nausea use a inert vine that a bnnntlful nature spread all around ten Tats it, be yaur own otsior. and ITee yourself from many disagree,<b|e complaint- per Information, with dlreo tlonafor cure, (end for advising rltenhr, Mailed free for 4. i*. Mol'NToROVr., b itfalo, n, T.. i'nst odlee hot XJOWERS K 1,1x1 It OF LIFE RESTORES SHATTERED eonstitii Ions; cires liebilllr. Call et ome or sri<trrt< for eirenlar. enclosing stam|>. iwt Elm street. New Tork. rp.ltSONS NEEDINd SPKi'lAL medioaf. TRE tt msnt sh iiibl consult di ii 4rrism v i? sivtli avenue. '?ua>ant' c? imme liate lellef from whateei.r esos* > *,D WAJTTKD. A T 11* HIKvW? BLOCKS WEST OF A ImJ... *-!-.> Boom, wua excellent Board, fruta &o>^r'l? ?~?WT A Nlt'ELY FIRNISHB.? *00M TO LET.?APPLY AT JoL It Henry street. A T ISO AND US bleet'KER A for families and ?iugl# geuUeftW*0- Jerut* a-odeiale Wo moving In M?v * . MBaTLY FURNISHED suit OF FKd?T ROOMS on the third door to let, with Board, to a aiB?.ll private family, lit Water ley place. A FBI TATE FAMILY WILL LET A SECOND floob. haudaomely furnished, to gentlemen or to two gent to man and wires, with flrst riaaa Board. Relsrenoe r?)uirM. ISWeat I'wenty-seveutb *tr*et. AT 1? washington FLACE. near NEW york A Hotel?Two Hall Bedroom* with displaces to rent, with first elaaa Board, for ? Ingle gealleuiea. At it wavbbley placb.-suit* ok handsomb furnlalied Room*, oa Brat door, to let, with drat class Board. Referenda required. An blbo ant suit op pablobs, also two fink Rooms. to let. with flrat class Board; table d'hote and private table*. Windsor Hotel. XI Kouiteenth *trrot, be waen Broadway and Fifth aveuue. A GENTLEMAN HAVING TAKEN A FIRST CLASS il houaa. naar Madlaon aquat*. desires to relet a few Rooma to single gentlemen from lat May. Addren, with references, MTB., elation G. APRIYATB FAMILY OWNING A FIRST CLASS llooae. in an elegant location up town, will let. with good, abundant Board, a suit of chetoe Rooma, either to nether or separately, to pertiee with ?ull?l)le reference. Ad drees, with name. Refinement. station F. A SUIT OF WELL F0BNI8BBD BOOMS AT IV WEST Fourteenth street. Baferenoe* exenaaged. Na mov ing la May. AT LUB BROADWAY, adjoining ST. JAMBS, AND la view of Madison square, furnished Rooms, with or wllhatu Board. Tarma reasonable. AT m HAMMOND, OB WZ8T ELEVENTH STRliKT.? To let, with or without Board, a handsomely furnished back Parlor. Also a Boom on the attlo. Teruaa moderate. AT M EAST S1XTBRNTH STHBET^aThaNDBOME I'arlor Floor to let with or without Board; a private table if dealred. Also Boom* for single gentlemen. Gas, hatli, Be. A LADY DESIRES TO MBET A PARTY OF GEN ilemen who would secure her a well furnished House, to whom she would give ohoine of rooms and flrst class boatd. Highest testimonials given. Address Houae, bos 3<9 Post office. A PLEASANT FRONT HALL BEDROOM TO IiET? Furnished. Rent $10 l>er month. Call at 17 Atlantic street, South Brooklyn, near South ferry. FKW~Or..\TLBMAN CAN BE accommodated with plesant Rooms and Board at 1*1 Grand street. East of Broadway. A PLEASANT. NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM TO LKT. Willi or without Bosri. iti a private family. At>r>ly at 135 West thirty-tilth street, between Broadway and Seventh avenue. A gentleman AND WIFE OR TWO SINGLE GE*. tlenien can be nccommodated with a handsomely fur nished Room, with Qrst class Board, in a private family, at 14 Varick place, near Rleecker etreet. A furnished ROOM. WITH BOARD. WANTED BY a sing'c gentleman, in a private familv, or where there are but frw iKMtrders. Addre-t*, statins terms, H V., boi #.790 Post ollice. A PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOM TO LKT-TO A gentleman or two single jjentlamen. Apply at 84 Bat row street, corner of Hudson. A SECOND 8TORY FRONT HALL ROOM TO LET? With Board, to ? gentlonian only. A;i|>iyat 146 We*t Twenty-fourth street. Referencea eichaii?id. A FRENCH LADY WHO 18 NOW OSLIGED TO DO Komethlng for her support, would l?e willing to give the choice of Rooms to a party or parties who would belter security (or a furnished houae. Reference* given and re quire!. Addreee A. B. C.. station D. A private FAMILY AT 48 WEST TWELFTH street t an accommodate a gentleman and wile or two gentlemen with furnished Rooms and Board; acrvauts and children not taken; relerences required. AT frankfort HOUSE, CORNEB OF FRANKFORT and William streets, 8SC rooms: great rod ictiun in prices; 36c. to S9c. i*r day; Si SO to IS per week. Opeu all uight. A NEATLY FTfRNIitMBO AaOK PARLOR TG LBT? To umiUemaa, at N Unr elreet, Mar aMeeofcer. Twmi very moderate. i fiik.MI8Ukd"' boom to IJfcT?wit m gas Attn n ba'h. ia a print* family, lo aalac'.e (M?Miu: per Mel Board given If deeireJ. ai 56 Uivlugion ttrwL AELBQANT1.Y t URNI8HED rooms TO LET. . wits or witUan* private W'!?,. At SI Wert Klghleenth at reel, nwr Ptfth a venae. Mo movlus in May. AT 120 MADISON AYENtfB, GOftNRK OF THIRTY, first street?Handsomely furatihr i itooiu* to reut, with Bo^rd. A PRIVATE FAMILY,, Ot'CITPYINO A FIRST CLASS biown atone Houae, in a central 4?1 pleasant location, will let, Willi Board, a suit of cholrr Koonaa. together or separately, to partiea with satisfactory refereaoe. Apply al 1?1 Weet twenty-eighth street. Afire suit op booms for families, also Rooms lor elaglu getulemea, lo lot. with Bosisd. Ap ply at m Ninth atroel, near Fifth avenue. Befereaoes re quired. A HANDSOMELY FDBNISHED PARLOR AND EX. trn?ion Room lo rent, with Board. Also third story Kooros. Terms moderate. Apply at 01 Baat Teuth strret. AT 71 BAST TWENTY-THIBD STREET?THOSE seeking home comforts oan And an entire eecond Floor, together or separately, with first claaa Board. Kefereuoea llrtafl A| SPLENDID SUIT ot BOOMS, HANDSOMELY furnished, on seoond floor, to rent, either together or separately, with first class Board; also a large front Room on third floo.-. partly furnished; house, location and appoint ments In best style. Apply at M Madison avenue, corner of Twenty-nintn street A LABOR RACK BOOM. ON SECOND FLOOB. nlrelr furnished, to let, to gentlemen only, without meals, st 106 West Twetrth street noar Sixth eeeaue. T~IH5-NINTH iTBRKT A FEW DOORS FROM Brjsdway, furnished Apartments to let. with or with out Board; private table If desired. A NEWLY furnished BEDROOM. WITH LARG3 Ralhtnom, Ac.. atticlied. to lot. for ge-itlam^o only, witbo-.i'. 'ojard. Kooms on - ? *oud Uoor. 170 Fifth avenue, cornr- of Twenty-second street. A LARUE. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM TO let to gentlemen only, .11 Clinton p'..?ce (Eighth street i. il>?. bath, Ac.. cars pees the door. Pleaeaiitlf located near Broadway. AT 1ST BAST TWRNTlf-FIRST SritP.Er-A FEW GEN. llemeo lie scommvlsied wi?h good Board. Terms from pi to $. per week. Rcfeneaoei etcii.mged. AT ? BOND STBIiET?TO LET, WITH FIR-IT CLASS Board, a Luc. elegantly furnished fronl, ['.trior, on thlril llo><r; alao a hall Bedroom on name Moor. A LARUE FRONT PARLOR?HANDSOMELY FI'R ni;U?d. eecretarv bedstead, everything new, csn lie hsd wit!' Ural nasi Board, et 110 Fourth avenue. near Twelfth sli-ert. \ FURNISHED SECOND FLOOR TO LBT. WITHOUT l>osrd. *o gcmletne.i only. Reference refilled. 43 Last Twentieth ?ti\ eu A si i'Ekh floor toTrt? ro a club or party of four or six gentlemen, with or without llosrd eta reaveiable price to pernuiiicni parlies Location No. 3) I'ljiiteenUi stre?t, between Vlflh 8'?d Sixth avenues. A?FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, SINGLY OB EN ? suite, with Board; locution near < sra and stage*. References exclisnged. U Esst Thirty first street. APPI.Y ATTH SECOND AVF.NCE, EOK THREE DATS. Nlie|y furnished lloom* o let, with Boaid. House first cl is? and convenient to c .is. Board.?to let. to cne or two ringlr gen tlemen. with or witliont, a ni-elv furn shed hack Room, on s.'i oad floor, tu s private family Apply st 77 Bank street. UOABD??AIVDSOKXLY PUBNfBHXD ROOMS. FOR families or etni:l? person*, si 2i< West T.veuly second s'reet. betweeo Blxlh and Sesoath avenue*. Board for the l'dsrover. UOARD.-H ANDMIMFLY FIRNISHEO I.AROE THIRD stoiv Front Room, with elegant pantries, to |aL with Board; table excellent; terms reasonable. 74 St. Mark's place. BOARD. A GENTLEMAN AND VTIPB CAN OBTAIN a li?u<!?otnely furnished Koout by applying at ID t Lex ington avenue, between rwenty-*eventh and Tweuiy-elglitli streets. Board.?a small room, nicely fbrnishkd. autistic for e single gent'.-man. Apply at ISO West Eleventh street, n?ar Suth asenue. HUABD.?A VERV DESIRABLE Sl'IT OF TWO OR more RmilA all coiin^vled and with every convenience, mnV b? nbum'd at West Thutj-sieth street, betneeu [ Flftb and Sixth evenu??. Hoard in iikooklvn.-one or two gentle* men, or a gentlnnsn snd lits wife, can be accommo dated with comfotlable and pies-an I It'Hims and Hoard, in a pilmie famllv, Tl>e locslisn is convenient private snd de sirs'de. Relerrnce* given snd rr<4?'r?'l. ?*?11 et or address 77 President street sboie Columbia. Brooklyn Board, rooms and HOriE* wanted?suiting H all HOpllennts. AI "(I sll wishing Hurd, Knotnsor llmi-es, rliy or country, directrd unincdietely. Call et or nddress Hoard Exch?n>e. M' Bioadway Hoard down town-with good accommoda lions, st M Hrecnwich *.ree|. between North Moore snd Beach street* s' fft p?r wck. Meal" puuctusl Time, s<-c>nnm'>dsllug boairtlei ?. I BmRDINfl.-LARCE. HANDSOMELY FI'RSISHEO R<?<m*. wilh Bosrd in the iir?t clsss huu?e 3tW Ka?l Tliirtecnth, iwo doots below sv> line. A Hall Room i atW Boakdtno.-thrke or foi r gentlemen can lie luriiltlird with plcs^snt Kooms nnd Honnl. st m'?l erste pr1'*s. from now till the M of Mar. at 441 Hroome ?U ' ?nOARDINO-A WIDOW LADY WILL AfPOMMO J> dste two n tnre" yo'ing men with a pleasant Front Room on ti.e seeono (Ivor, snd Hosrd. st eeoli per week. M7 Canal street. Boarding.?a gentleman and wife oan find a handsomely furnished Hoon on seciind iloor end s'l Convenience*, fj per we?k. Si; ha*t Thiriecnlh strce'. Parlies owning, no inoving. Brooklyn ?a room or kbit of rooms to let, witii Board, to ?* gentleman and bis wife. House con tains all the modern Improvement*, and Is pleasantly 1" oeied. convenient to car* and lenies. Apply et V9 Lnw?*ic? slrrel. WROOKLYN BOARD.?A SMALL FAMILY 'JR TWO lj single d?tnlcinen can be ?'< cmmoilated wilh Turni?hed Room* snd Hrst elasa Board, al U Sands street, thieertUti. nteefiom Kultou f^rry. II^LBOANTLY FTRNISflBD ROOM "*,f) LET?WITH J Bmrd, fftr l.idy or sentlemnn em* wife, st We*i Wa'hinatou piece, ne*r sitMi w'yM, No removal ti" the 1st of M. ? ___ H BOARM.VS AND MDOUl WAfTlB, TOLBOABTLT FURNISHED PARLOR ANO MO* Hi ? without Board: bouM furnished euuro. lyp.iTaS.Tb;^^1? ? St. Marg's ptaca. FURBISHED BOOMS TO fcCT?** BO. T VANDA* ?treat Btfwweei eiofc?age? . Furnished rooms to rent-*JTH 08 witiiou* French Board, at U? WW Flfl?nth ^ ? HANDSOMBLT FURNISHED BOOM* TO LET-EM ?alte or amgis, with or without meals, W UM> Olintoa piaee. _ HANDSOMELY KUBXlriHBD BOOMS. AT 74 BINTW street. near Fifth avenue, with or without Board. References exchanged. Bo moving in May. T1 ANDSOMBLY FURNISHED 8BCOND STOBY FROIT* HL Boom to lat, with Board. Ala* two oUtmr Booms. 4? Cntlemeu and their wives or single gentlemen, ad 107 Wav??w r piaoe, near Washington Parade Ground. HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS fob obbclbmbn at 42 Clinton pUoe. Bi(hth atrml. corner University plane. Tranalant M 10 par day. CHAS. LBFLBB, Proprietor VIB. ABD MBS. JAMES B. STEEL, MAYING TAKE* 1*1 No. 54 Weat Tweaty-fonrth atreet, bare large, airy Parlora aad Bedrooma, w?U faralahod. for the acoommoda. Hon of familial and single gentlatnea, with first etaaa Board. Referenoea given aod required. VJ-BAR UNION SOU ABE. ?DELIGHTFU L BOOM* TO J.1 gentlemen, with a private family; house aad locate Aral class; full or partial Board. 7S Beat Fifteenth street. NO. K EAST FOURTEENTH HTBBBT. weat of University piaee.?To lot, with Board, a larga front Boom, on aeooad floor. PARLOR AND BBDBOOM-FURNISHED OR UNKUR mshed: bouse flrat daaa; alao ta'ile; home ootnfortsi. Beat <>f refert'Dcaa given and required. 19 Weat Twenty, soreath aireei ROOMS. WITH OOOD BOARD. FOR FAMILIES OR A party o( gvudaaeoo, at Mo. *0 Bond atreet. Terms rea sonable. fTIHKKB GENTLBMhN CAN HAVB TWO COMMUNT A eating Booma oa aaoond story, with Board and Are. fad $6 a week. Apply at Owon't bookstore, 4SS Third aveauat oomer Thirty -w?oon<l atreet. ______ TO LET-.V LABOB FBONT BBDROOM, NEATLTf furnl*heJ, with pantry, gas and the uae of bathroom, at 270 Sixth avenue. I nquire in the store. i<BT?A FOBNISriED ROOM, TO A OBNTLRMAN; rental 75per week. Inquire at M Sixth avenue, Ue tween Blaeoker aad Kourth atreet*. T> LBT?WITH BOARD, A WHOLE FLOOR. BLR gnntly furnished; meaU hv the beat French conk* ?erro4 In uie apartment*; line Irition on Union square; good referencea required. tW4 Broadway. Tm O LET?WITH BOARD, A LAKOB BACK ROOM OW second floor, with a!l modern Improvement*. Also * aroall front Room on same floor, with Hlvmptoa bed, in ?a elegant bouae, 1*6 Weat Fourteenth atreet. TO LBT?A NBATLT FURNISHED BOOM ON THB seoond floor, to a gentleman and wife or to Iwo aingta gentlemen, with or without Board. Apply at 2*? Weat Twenty-fifth atreet. rpo"LET?WITH BO\RD. FURNISHED RODM>7tO A 1 gentleman and wife or single gentlemen; Am and gas included. Terma moderate. Z7& West Nineteenth street. r LET?91 PER WEEK. FOR A GOOD SIZED NEWLY Furnished Room (without board), use of bathroom, good closet; gas Included, at S68S Weat Thirty-third atreet. r LET-LARGE, HANDSOME ROOMS, UNFUBt niabed, to gentlemen, without board, on Twcnty-thirB street, ne^r Third avenue; alriotly private; all the modem improvements; best of teferencea given and req til rod. Ad dress A. B. O., station O Post olHce. RENT-SINOLF ROOMS KOR GENTLEMEN; ALSO Rooms for housekeeping. Apply at 60S Eighth avenue, three door* above Forty-eecoud street. TWO OR THREB SUPERIOR ROOMS CAN BE HAO. together or separately, with Board, at 35 Ninth street, near Fifth avenue. 71W? ^??S.?ILrTTwLB ROOMS TOLBt-WITH BO A RD> A to gnuUemoa; house and table firat eUn. At 79 West Seventeenth atroet, on? Mock from fifth avenue U?IOH SQUARE.?A H0IT OF ROOKS TO LET, WITH Bo*rd.ln Maffat mansion, IS Kant Soma W TOUKO AMERICAN I.ADY WOtlf.B i ' rttM to beard^erttl have a Mother's osre: term* StZ^forW??IJ1 Oetaneejr street, third flight ?J f)T" LABqB ,M,lIBLEROO* 22 L?ji - LHT- WITH BOARD, l)l(? .-^srs i JJTSrsuaf ssyr wus^i^jrsi&srKs! sfad^s?i^ "" ?ultoW# family; also* 42IBS. W*J,SJStSV\J^SgJSL axes^vssssS&^J3^ 73 ?2???I0???L &U2&. NEAR s"TH AVK. to JSh SLJ? ,UJ?U1)?<1? unfurnished Rooms' changed morlu? Reference* ok* 106~2!t1TSJtIR?^T; NKAUR BROADWAY-TO i,kt.1 man a.7 ?T?, '"P* R???? ???Ubto for a gentle! ?mead wife, er to alogle gentleman. Referenda e>. mZ?EJZ2E?2!iE ?TRK8T -T0 LBT. A 8PI.RW dtdjqrnlshod Room to a eentleman and wife; ale* .w?,rt>all Roew to single gentleman. with Board. f 129 gy^SSLIg?w-ro?.iii?Hro rooms t<?' A If1, Mutable for houwkMp qc. AUo a few Oraft I olaeo <eut!toiea can be aeeomaodautd with Board. 1 136 *A-?PQPQAL *TREOT?skoond story promt i j? j?t._wHh Board, togentlemsn and wife; I May. single R*?" tor a gentleman. No moving i?1 1 4/5 FILff,TWRLOTH?PLEASANTLY PirRNISHEOll 166 273 4TPyTO-~OgR SUIT OK ROOMS, ONB f rl ' * ?'*Jk ?( ?talr?; one Donhle Room, three flighta of ,uir,; ?" <*P?rlor and batha; with or without Boarl '1 BOARD AMD LODGING WAHTKD. A 0E'JT'fBlfAN DE8IBB8 BOARD POR HIMSEI.rl Si JSfc I"up lowu AdJro"' ,or| fl?f dEa-ffaEfc;?1 RWTIRBSKCOIII) FLOOR oJ ? i?_. fnrnlahod and In ?ood loca lion, private table desired; reference required *?'?' ' giving full particulars, H , box 2.186 l'oat o&joeT ^ TJOARD WANTKO-KROM THH 1ST OF"aPRIU BT A not toei?l*5?5k1I. ??* *nd ?h,M one T?r old. Verm* "r?3 ff? P2T w?k Keferonoea exchanged. ??.rLtH? ?li H#lM'd ???oo. etatlog terma, Ac. (am itl?? preferred, below Twentieth atreet, on the wc?t aide oi the ROAR?, WANTED?IN A PRIVATE PAMXLY (El'13. K?li HiZffTmZ"" ?.iviq'SX I UOARD AND LODGING WANTED?BY A GEVri K SSffESffi 4^l"r0*^nK^.N^rorkA,ldrc*'' tL*Uag ,enut- R D ? ^] 1 \' A ; TKO-Wl TH PERM A SENT BOA RD," >,, r a RHZ f irni.iirn"' wlf* chilJ three jeara old, onp lar*- u'n rnmUh^d Room, or Room with Bedroom ?<t nt h-~. 1 wnr and between Twentieth and fortieth >tre?u. Ad l^i" i * ?*""*? *h>< hinu?t be maaeratw, 8. Haimon. aUUon ft WANTED?BY POt:B OB PIVE YOl'NO iir.NTI vkkI ale 'fImII?'*dtR(>0,**."h B'K"1 Ho*rd- ln * rMperubJ ?i"ru'th ^ "rni? moderate; location goo., and I?l?i5 rnirueiB Miv^el Beat of referrnee* ?lr??n an<t r > oR*?* partlcuUra, f. D. A., boi r<*j W ANTED?BOARD POR A Y(Tl NO LADvTn TT':t7 no other boardera. Addrex for two darm with terux im Month, which anat be modente. II., autfoi. D ' WANTED-IMMEDIATELY, POR FOCR MONTHS A f?H RoaJrf f,h7!" ??<? rooms, with private table an< run Hoard, for a gentleman, wife, ehlld and nur?e Limm eih'anVLnX'iJik''..01 ???nue end belwe.-n TwenU iJ J! i fortieth ?ti^eta. Ilou?e, location hr<1 appuintrneiitii ?oaVofflcel,neiCe^OI,a^^## but 4,711 tOUXTHY BOARD. ] AT NEW BRIGHTON, 8TATEN ISLAND ?* PRIVATE , f*n? If w'i>li to let, furnished, two eleepln^ Room* ?ih rar>or, with Board, to a family without jroun? children oi to gentlemen with their wleea; about ten minutes' wall rtuni landing; private carriage to ami from tiie boat Ad dreaa twi l.Htft y?w York Poet oBlee. N EPISCOPAL FAMII V RESIDING IX TIIK COl'Nl /I try dealre a few children, under the ??r of twelve. i< Board and etudy with their children. Addreta A H . Iw' 1.7U3 Poat oBlee. 1 Board "at tonkbr^ or blsbwu krs~nk\ 41 New York, with three plemni room., wanted hi gentleman. Wife and three c iMdren, 3. 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