Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 14, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 14, 1867 Page 3
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WASHINGTON THE EECONSxRUCTION LAW. AKsignr*ient of the Military Commanders. A Substitute for the House Supplementary Rr eoDstruftioD Bill Reported io the Senate. Opposition in the House to the Appropri ation for the Relief of the Sufijr ing People in the South. THANHS OP COMUESS TO GEORGE PEA BCDV. At. kt? Ac* WAimiHGTO.N, March 13, 1567. The Military Reconstruction L?w-AmI|?* ment of the Commanders. The oCV. cial announcement of iho new military com manders, charged with the duty of reorganizing Hie Sou thorn Stales declared to be still out of the I'nlon, has been made by General Grant, aud confirms to the letter ?ty prediction o? a week ago. All tne efforts to change theorigiual programme failed entirely, and therefore the ?peculations as to Sherman, Meade, McDowell and Han cock are very wide of tlie mark. It is undoubtedly true that the Generals were fixed upon last Sued iy, and would have been aunouueed on that day, had It not been for the pressure brought to bear in favor of Sherman and Hancock. Ibe former, as 1 telegraphed before, was offered one of tho commands, but declined it In fkvor of the gallant Phil Sheridan. Late last night it was rumored that Hancock had been substituted for Ord, but the official order proves tho con trary. The men appointed were the selection of Gen eral Grant himself and were recommend** by him, alj statements to the contrary notwithstanding. It is just possible that even yet, though tho official order is prtuted and promulgated, that a few changes may be made. The appointee are, Sebofield, Sickles, G. U. Thomas, E. O. U Ord and Sheridan. Geueral Grant, in General Order No. 10, publishes to toy for the information and government of ail con. ?erned, the act to provide for the more efficient govern ment of the rebel states, and concludes as follows:? In pursuance of this act the President directs the fol lowing assignments to bo made:? 4 ., firtl D itrid Siate of Virginia, to be commanded by Brevet Major General J. M. Schofleld. Headquarters at Consisting of North Carolina and Bouth Carolina, to be commanded by Major General D. & Sickles. Headquarters at Columbia, a C. Third Dittric'?Consisting of the States of Georgia, Florida and Alabama, to be commanded by Major General G. H. Thomas. Headquarters at Montgomery, District?Consisting of the States of Missis slDPt and Arkansas, to be commanded by Brevet Miyor General E. 0. C. Ord. Headquarters at Vlcksburp, Mlas. Viflk District?Consisting of the States of Louisiana and Texas, to be commanded by Mujor General P. n. Sheridan Headquarters at New Orleans, La. The powers of departmental commanders are hereby delegated to the above named district commuudera. By command of General Grant. E. D TOWN.-sEND, Assistant Adjutant General ( General schofleld to-day issued an order at Richmond assuming command of Virginia. He says all officers ander the existing provisional government will continue to perforin the duties of their respective offices accord- | t.( to law, unless otherwise directed In individual cases, mill successors are elected under the set of Congress. He says It is desirable that the military power bo oxer deed only so far as necessary to accomplish tho objects for which it was conferred, and appeals to the people, especially civil officers, to render the necessity for its exercise as slight as possible by strict obedience to tlio laws and an Impartial administration of Justice to all The appointment of tho military governors for the five dletrlcts in the South and the consideration in Congress of further amendments to tho Reconstruction set have drawn a large number of the more prominent and in fluential Southern men to this city. These gentlemen, representing nearly all of the Southern States, manifest ? striking similarity In their views on the qualities of Ibe Reconstruction act In question. Tho principal cause of dissatisfaction with It Is that it does not, they say, ?Iter all. present a finality to the South. Feel tag anxious to comply with such requirements M Congress may deem proper snd necessary, Md being greatly discouraged with the state ?T uncertainty In which they have been Bluce the close of the war, they now^ express themselves as sincerely deelrous to reach a sottloment of some kind. They ask that Congress shall deflns in an ultimatum what they must do, that they may see the end of the tribulations of reconstruction. The set establishing mil itary governments and prescribing the mode by which Military rule may be euperseded by civil government Ibey regard as a mere political ignitfalwu, which, when pursued In good faith and apparently just within reach, will be found just as far off as ever. They say that aftor all has been done that Congress demauds In the Sheila harger-Shorman act, and the new Slate constitutions are ?ebmltied to Congress, that body has still reserved to IIMlf by the provisions of the act the right to deny them admission to representation, and ot imposing still fur ther conditions. If a finality should be announced they believe that the people of the Bouth would with renewed hope and Increased confidence outer upon the work of reformation with willing hearts. One poiut apon which they seem to s&ree with remarkable unani mity is the suggestion mado by the Niw \ork Hcrald la reference to General Grant being nominated Jor the Presidency and General Lee for the Vice Presidency next year. This Idea, they say, te being widely discussed, and Is received most favorably by the people of tho Booth. On the other hand some of the republicans here, while not saying anything adverse to Grant s nomiua tlon, show a manifest uuwilllngness to regard the late leader of the rebel hosts as available for the place aamed They look upon It aa a sort of political amalgn nation that would be more likely to keep parties North ?ad South wide apart than to act as a general harmo auer.and pacificator. Oil and water, they think, would seingU more readily, while they thus pooh! pooh ' the proposition. Hvw?rer, it Is evident they are not a liUle Martled by lk The Wwpplemewtary H*r#s?trseil?s ItlMe. H?e chief difference which exists in the amendment reported by the Judiciary Committee of the Senate to the House bill supplementary to the "act to provide for the m?re efficient government of the rebel Slates," which wm submitted by Mr. Trumbull to day, Is in the form ?f the oath required of voters before being registered. The words "that I am sincerely aud earnestly attached to the Unloa and government of the United Statos are emitted in the oath as amended by the Judiciary Com mittee of the Senate, which are deemed Illiberal and fcarsb requirements of those who have suffered and are ?till suffering under the power of the government. The AdJnntRnirst question. Congress w.ll adjourn or take a rece-s immediately after the supplementary ft the Present ^ Members of Con aita U.^a .ney will aot be detained taer-> b'y?dBe*t Seek. The general opinion Is tlist a recess will be taken antll October, in order to affbrl time to see whether ti e President ha? executed the R.-onstrucIion act a .cHM ?f which the tt*uee Committee ?? the ,,ry ie c?>l?nce in connec tion with .hat of l-reach ""?Tho #f ?AT:',rM 0 I It is rumored that the President will nominate . . - TkvIoi who ?? presont represents the 1 irst Congres sional district of Tsaaeaeee, to the position of (0,n^ etonor of Indian Aff.iira, which has Men left vacant by the r?.'ectnfn of Louis V. Bogy. IkrputT Comptroller of the CHrrei.rv. ?loba .'?> It"". ""'M ^ "* ' '"a " m,??4IO*r?po? ????*???? -jot'"1 nJ.VjJd'mo. ??!?." til. ?' ??? JZZ nSrE ? ? Won ?f the march a* ll?e commencement of the ram aa*n hae not yet transpired, btU U * bought .bat the etpeditloa will take a northwe?i?Hy course on its de parture from Fort Leersnworth. Benonl Hwieock. IB rlcw of tho {teat dan^r of traveling fiver the plains, baa deemed U neccessary to Issue an order modifying tbe order 1*? :ed by General Pope, ao as to correspond with the recent changes in the limits of the department. The point or rendezvous for trains en route to Sew Meilco, via the Arkansas and Clmtneran route, Is ordered to be at Fort Lamed; for train* to Denver City or other points in Colorado ard westward, via tbeSmokey Hill route, rendezvous at Fort; Barker; for trains via tbe Republican fork to points on the ru.te, rendezvous at Fori Riley. Toese po^ts can nosv be reached Trom tbe Missouri river without dinger. In case of Indian hostilities occurring hereafter in tbe neighborhood of Forts Marker and Lamed, Fort K.ley is designated as the point of rendezvous for all trains going west. General Ban co* k orders all trains to be orgauiz?d for defenoe by electing a captain and other ofllccra and organizing tbe teamster* and employes, and all others belonging to tbe tiain, into one or more comp&uies. All persons who ac company tbe trains are to be subjected to military duties under tbe ordors of tbe captain. No trains are to bo allied to pas* into tbe Indian country whioh number less tliau twenty wagons and thirty armed men. When ever an attack is made by Indians upon any train pur suing the overland routes, the commanding oilker of the nearest military post is directed to furnish prompt as s'Etance. The Awrninfiit of Hpec-lal Taxes. Tfee recent act changing fho time of at-sessing the an nua! taxes from May to March does not affect Uio time tor which spec al taxes are payable. The year tor which special taxes are due commences and ends May 1, as heretofore, although the return and assessment Is mado earlier. ?Irreipti from t'ii?toiu?. The receipts for Customs from New Yo*k from Febru ary 23 to the 28th amounted to #2,510,200. Nomination* Coutlriued nnit ltrjectcd by the Senate. The Pnnate In executive vesfion to-day confirmed tbe nomination of James C. Purrott to bo Postmaster at KeJkuk, Iowa; Jainos A. Walter, Postmn-t r at Kala mazoo, Michigan, and Paran iteveus. United states Com misslouer at Paris. It is understood that the Senate rejected the nomina tion of Henry 5. ^uuford as Minister Extraordinary to B Igiura, so he remains there its Minister Resident; and also rejected the nominations of John Morris, Assessor of Internal R venue. Thirtieth dittrict of New York; James C. Strong, 03 Collector of Internal Revenue of tho same district in t: at State, and George R. Sbavs, Post master at Ellicott's Mills, Maryland The Doorkeeper of tlie Home. General Lippincott, the recently insta.led Doorkeeper of the House, has. in accordance with tbe general re quest cf the republican members, appointed A. S. Bux too, of New York, his principal assistant doorkeeper, tbe duties of which office he so satisfactorily and e!h ciently discharged under tbe former doorkeeper, Captain Goodeno?. nitrnartroiu Doorkeeper. A couple of days since a foreign minister, who pa?ses much of his time in another city, appeared at the door of tho diplomatic gallery of tho Senate, In company with a European friend; and, on asking admission, was re fused, because ho bad no card of admittance. It was in vain he presented his own card, with his official designa tion; but he was directed to seek the -'orgeant-at Arms and obtain a permit, which would admit him, but not the gentleman by wh> m be was accompanied. To gain ad mission to the Senate his Excellency was compelled to go on tho floor. Then Is certainly a want of proper dis crimination wiih some Senate officials a! a moment when so many of tbe aneient restrictive regulations are lost sight of in tne levelling propensities of tbe hour. t'orreiiponilcntN' Press i'lub. The Correspondents' Press Club celebrated their organ ization to-night by a banquet. Among the invltod guests were the Speaker of the House of Kapre?entaives, -en ator Anthony, of Rhode lsiaud, and Hon. James Brooks, of New York. Brevet ('oninitnaton* In the Marine Corp*. Tne following brevet commissions were conferred up in tbe officers named in the United States Marine corps at tbe close of tbe late session of Congro?*: ? Brevet Lieutenant Colonels?Major John L. Brown, March 14, 1803: Charles Hey wood, August 5, 18-14. Brevet Majors?Captains Charles G. Mc'auley, Sep. temberS, 18(33; John I.. Broom, April 24, 1802; Charles Hoy wood, March 8, 1802; Lucien L. Dawson, January 14, 1M5; George Butler, January 14, 1885; Ueorjje P. Houston,! August 6, 1864; W. if. Parker, Jauuury 14, 1S05 Brevet Captains?First Lieutenants H B. I.owry, Sep. tember 8, 1N63; F II. Courln, January 14, 1S05; P. C. Pope, September 8, 1863; W Wallace. Jan lary 14, 1865; George G. Stoddard, December 6, 1864; Charles F. Wil liams. January 14, 1865; Edwin P. Meeker, January 14, 1865; Louis C. Fagnn, September 8, 1863; James Forney, September 24, 1862; John H. Hgbee, May 25. 1863. Brevet First Lieutenants?Second Lieutenants John r. Harris, April 24, 1862: William Wallace, September 8, 1863; Louis E. Fagan, September 8, 1863; R. L. Mead , September 8, 1863; Charles K. Sherman, August 5, 1964. FORTIETH CONGRESS. Firaf SrnaloD. SENATE. WASnwoTos, March 13, 1867. IflMRA' TS FOR THI MKDiCAL DKKAHTUKXT OF THK ARMY. The Chair laid before the Senate a communication from the Secretary ot War, transmitting a ctatomenl of contracts Tor the Medical Department of the army for the year 1800, which wag referred to the Military Com mittee. T1IK I.AWR or NKW MfTlPO. Mr. TnmBriL, (rep ) of III., from the Judiciary Com mittee, reported bark a joint resolution to make vaiiil the laws of the New Mexico Legislature, pa&*ed during the sewilon of the winter ot" 1666 and 1667, with favorable recommendations. TRKRITORUl COtTRT* '*!> TtTF RAIKPfPT I,AW. Mr. Tri'Mill from the Judiciary Committee, reported adversely on tlie bill cunforring on Terntorial coups jurisdiction under the Bankrupt bill. Mr. Trumbull Mid the law, as parsed, coulors sulilcient jurisdiction oa ttK?se court*. The bill was indefinitely postponed. >HtP CARA1. RK: WKRX l.AKSS KRIK A VP ONTAriO. Mr. Mok' AN, (rep.) of N. Y.. irom the Committee on Commerce, reported a Joint ramlution directing a *ur?"y for h ?hip cttual between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, which was passed. Mr. Yatkh, (rep.) of III., Introduced a 1)111 to provide for a Circa it and Dlitr ct Courts for the district oi Ne braska, which wait referred to the Judiciary Committee. LAND OFFII-R IS CTAH. Mr. St? WAfiT, (rep ) of Nevada, introduced a bill to eatablish a land otMco and create the office of Surveyor Cer.eral in the Territory of I'tah, which was referred to the Committee on Public*. THtCOU.WTIO* OF D1UMT TAXE* IN TT1F. RFBKl ?TATRS. Mr. Trdihi'U. introduced a resolution Inquiring of the ScoreUiry of the Treasury how runny persons are em ployed in the assessment of direct taxes In the rebel .-tale-1, how much is paid to them, and whether their service* cannot be dispensed with, which was agreed to. A elB.StlTLTK KOR lill HOCSK ft PPLMUNTART RKCo.feTMUC TtoS RILt. Mr. TRmRtxi reported from the J'jd'c'nry Committee the following substitute for the Houm 8'jpplemental bill to the Kccon.-trucllon bill, and asked the immediate con'ideratlon of tho same, but Mr. Howarh, (rep ) of Mich., objecting. It goes over under the ralee, f lie fol lowing is Mr. Irumbull'g substitute. An net supplementary to an aet entitled An act to provide fnrthemoie efficleut g imminent oi" the rebel .iuies, pa??ed March J, ISH7. and to facilitate restoration:? He it ena< le.l, Ao.. That before the 1st day of 8?p*ember, ISCT. the C'unm l ilting general In raoh district, dnlnieil by an act entitled. "An act to provide for the in jro e.llntem cor eromeat of tlie rebel States," approved Marrh 2, cause a reuistratlon to bo made of the m ile cft'sens or me United t*tales, twenty one yeirs of age ' ?V_ * , dent in en,h county or pirMh In tlie 0,"t? hUCi in bis district, wntc'i r?glstrstto? will Include o iW those per. eons who are qualified tu vote for delegates by the act store said, and who shall liave taken and Subsci .bed the following oalh or affirmation:?1" ? of ??, In the oounty or parish of . in I be state of ?, do hereby solemnly swear (or MUrini bat I ?m not excluded fpon the ""'?'J to v.*, hv the ilfth and sixth sections ?* ?*'*> S't lo prov ids fnr the nail* efflolem government "f reoel !*ut'-s. that I win support ill's conitltuiion anloomr t?? 1kv? of ta? I*lined Stales, and that I will, lo ihe bee" ??' at'inty. cn< o 11 n se all ?:hera to do the Si'tne, 'I tiod,' whk h osth or affirmation m*y bo ad*1'h'*?141 "7 any rcglatertm: officers. . ssc. i That alter ">e completion ?f 'be registrstion hereby provided 'n any hi a", st sorb lime and place therein as iii? omniaadlng gewral shall appoint and direct, nf will-a at le. st ihlrty flavs" public notice shall be given. an tle~ii n sb.'il l>* lie J of del-gates to a convention fur ibe Kurpo >e uf ' -t;> ic l.iiig a consul utl ^n and civil g >rei anient ir such Kta ?? loyal to the L'nlon, ?etd convention te esell Mute. e?eep? Virginia, to nmatst of Ihe same number nf meinle-rs s-'he mo-t iiumernns branch II the state l.eglaia i'ii c :n sum .'Stale. In the yoar 1**41. to be apportioned among tbn several ('IstrUts, ismniles or parishes ol saoh rftate by the cotnm-t.idttis general, giving to n*> h rspreseut itlou in the T,uu< of voters reylstep-d as aforesaid ss ueirly as may be. The (Oftventloa In Virginia shall consist of the ssnie number oi niemiiers .is r presented ilia letTrltory now constituting Vnf-n a in ihas ni'ietliumerous branch of the Le?islaiiire of sail isle in hi) year l>tW, to be appointed as aloresai'L h*?- 8. fimt th? emnm indlng g.maral of e?ch dlitlrfrt shall aproint s ii'h loyal officers or pf-rsoos as may be new s ?}. I.ot e* "e.i|M? three In es-h election dutrlet in any Mate uj inaSe sod < oniplete the registration, superintend toe el< cllon.and make return to blm of the votes and lists of re.lurne t>f the pet sons elected as delegates hy a plurality of the votes ?'s?t at ssid ele.'tion. and upon rereivlng s?tu letnrt's, he s\\ll "pen Ihe same, ascertain the position of the persons elected as delegates, aroording to the returns of the officers whe cvodttcled said election, and make prociama lion thereof and within sixty days from tho date oi election he shsil notify the delegates t'j as?einl>le In Convention at a time am! piece lo be mentioned In Ihe iiotlU'?tl?'n and said- invention when ^rganlred shall Orel determine by a rote wn-ther a la the wish of ibe people of surh nute to frame a constitution sL'd elvll govorumnnt according to the prnslslon* i/f ihla act atid tue act to whlck It Is supple mentary. and >1 so. shall proceed to frsme such constitution i and when the tame s|i?il bave been so framed, ?sld ron st.tutiiii shall he s'lbs'ltnted b,* the eonveniion for rstll* Call,'" U> ihe persons re glared under Ihe pMrlsteiis ef this set i^t an "lecunri to he condiiciad 'iy Ihe offierrs or persons apponived by Hie con.iiiandltig gener..'l as herein liefore pro Musd, anO to he hsld alter tbe <<spiratlifu or mirty days (roto ihe date ?f iioilgt thereof, w be given if saM ???'. tntloa, I and tbe return* thereof *ha!l be made to the commanding general of I lie iiinlr*4t. IK. 4. Thai if, according to ruid returns, the constitution iball be ruined by a in* itjr of tbe ??wa of the elector* .tiltied a* herein speci&ed, the Mesidenl of the convention > i.ill transmit a cupv of tue Mine, dular certified, to the Pte?i. dent of tb? fulled states, who snail 'oft1 -*itti trauamll ,H.e same to i'on?r.-? 11 tu-n in suaaa *t. a foot in aoasloj. I wen Immediately upcu in neu t ?? an I if tte ?*id ! constitution *h*Tl be declared 1 ,? On , ^ 1 ? ?.<w?fer taiiv with the pro*1 . iuk ,i tb? .<? to ? ?% is | mentary, the gut* .hall be d. ?> I > re, ' -Alton, and Senator* and Repress > w: t?a at?il bo ? imuv.i 1 therefrom as tuereiti pro\ used i i*C i. 1 bat all uieo.lon* in the ? 1 a?d "act t.i provide for the mure e; re* . "i|exfill, daring theoper~<- i -s e> t~ t; au>i all oili. ' i.i ui?k iib- **?. reifntraiion ul voto.? . conducting sa'd eKtlan* ?nall, before entering upon ? dtM httr;; < of their duties. take ami aafeseribe lo an oath i thtully to perform "he duties of their said oflloc aid o.ttU prucriM byte act approved July 2, K*ti2. entitled -n ut loniicorit/e au oath of o lice." Site. 8. all expense* incurred bv the sever?l com. mandlng i;-o~ral?. or bv vlrl'ie of anv order* U?ue1 or *p pointment* made by thou uuder and of virtue of iu;i act, ? lull he paid out of any moneys in the Treasury tn oiae? ? wise appi oprt?t-'d. Sac. 7. Tn*t the convention for each State shall proscrii e the fees. salary and eompen>atI a to bit paid all aele^ite* ami oi be.- oilicem ay I at<ent* herein author lied or neue*?..ry ?o carry Into etlect nie p Jipo^e of this a at :i it !.. re;a other w *e provided lor, and ?b ill provide for the levy and collec tion of auch t ties on the property id *uuh Mate at may '>o nai'Siaary t<- pay me wttif. Sao. H. Tuat the word "article" In the s'ttb section of the tot to wiiicu this ie loppieaicurary ?UalI be consuued "sec tion." ARMS for nwutt Mr. \Vil? 'X, (rep ) of Mass., asked that tho Senate take up the b;ll directing the Secretary of War tolurush arms and equipments to Ibe Govornor of Tennessee for 2..">00 uilltlt; bat it was Mbsaqaently n^reaU between Messrs. and 1'aticrsou that it thould be taken up 19-moriow. SKTCt-KM '.HT (?CtAtW DDK T.J OOVTttO )=^LP1ICT?. Mr. Wilhun c.illoti up tbe joint reflation introduced by hiru yestorday in relation to the settlement of citrnu* duo to colored i-oltliera, providing that the same shall be p:tld thto'.'gli tho CommiMioner of ?eodnien'8 Ai'aire Into the Kreedaiou's Saving and Trust Company-. Mr. G?dik?, (rep.) of Iowa objected to ironling the ' freedincn, wliom Ctmgnns had declared capable of rntor cisiuu lae r ght of sulTrage, M incompetent to receive mono? Uue to tbnm irom ibn goverutnent. Mr. Wilson replied that It could n"i bo gralnxald that there tvuro uurabers of men en ntred In pliinderipg the colored sol liers of the money th -y received from the government. The plan proposed wiis one agreed upon alter a *rcat deal of consultation as tlw bost t?ial CO ild bf: devised for the protection of tbe colored meu. Mr U>'.v^ (rep.) of Wis, said the money wus due to intlivldualfl, and must bo paid to thetn. If they bftve not Keo?e enough to take care of it thoy must rhootu* a guardian, and if they have not sense on >u<ti to cbmse a guar lmn there ought to be tribunals appointed to chtMjS" one for them but do tribunal was co.npotont to cho. ?e ' guardians f ir the whole class or a whole rtco. Mr., (rep ) of Ohio, objected to tho resolu;;.-n becaus i it proi?osod to make a public depository of tae Freedmon e Trust Company. Mr. Hknuehh ix, irep.) oi Mo , said he did not kansv how it was with col red m"n elsowhere, but lie won't guarantee for those of Missouri that they would tak> core of themselves. After further debate the bill was, on motiun of Mr. Henderson, recommitted to the Military Commi'tee. I5V1ST1UATION INTO THIS O.'KRATI >33 OK TUB ntl.NTI.VO PC RKAU OF T11K TKKASCRY PKi'ARTVKMT. Mr. HsassBdOX introduced a resolution for the ap pointment of ? cpmmittoo of three Senators to examine and report i;pin the conduct of tbe Printing Bureau o tbe Treasury D partment, whether the same can be dis pensed will! or its expenses lesseni<); whether the'?a'e gauds are sufficient to prot ct the inter sts of the s<>v* erninent, Arc , which was agreed to. MSFUMDIM I CERTAIN DrTIBS LEVI D ON HAWAIIAN VK-^SLH AND TIIH1R CAROOHM. Mr. Wilwamh, (rep ) of Oregon, called up the pint resolution of tho House directing the .Secretary of the Treasury to refund certain discriminating duties levied since tho Is. of January, 180C>, upon Hawaiian vessels and their cargoes beyond the ain>unt levied as ves eU or the United States and tbelr cargoes. Mr. Williams explained that higher duties were levied on Hawaiian vts'iolg upon the ground that United .-tates vessels wore compelled to pay higher duties than any other at the Hawaiian Islands. This was ? mistake which it was now proposed to rectify. The joint resolution was passed. PR tPOSKD REDUCTION Olf MIL'TART Itg-'F.RV TION". Mr. Tiiayer, (rep.) of Neb., introduced a joint resol .? tion to reduce tho ra litary reservation of Fort Saunders, Dakota, and Fort Ridge, U:ab. Il was referred to the Military Committee. IMPROVEMENT* IN WASHINGTON. Mr. Okiiies introduced a bill lor the arching of Tiber creek north of Pennsylvania avenue, one fourth the ex pense to bo asse.sged oTj the property of tbe owners ad joining and tbe balance to be paid by the vitv of Wash ington. Referred to the Committee oa tuu Dis.rici of Columbia. PERM>'(ilON FOB <30VER?tBNT TO f.EASE CEItTAIN PR0PXRIT IN SAN FRA>n 00. Mr. Cole, (rep ) of Cal., introduced a joint resolution lo authorize the Secretary of tho Treasury to lease ob tain property in San Francisco for government pjrposej. Re:erred to tbe Coinoaicee on Commerce. INDIAN CLAIM'. Mr. Henderson reported from tlio Committee on Indlitu AiTairs a joint resolution authorizing the sale of a portion ot the Untied States stocks held in trust for theChOvtaw and Choiok.-e Indians, t> satisfy certain claims of the loyal members of tbe-a tribes for lossas sti tained through reason of their loyalty to tue govern ment. INDIAN TREATIES. Mr. Harlan, (rep.) of Ioa-s, introduced a bill In re lation lj treaties with th" Indian tribes, which provides that boreal ter the latter shall not be recognized as in dependent nations, but may lie re arded as a domestic municipal organization, with wooin contracts may be made on behalf of the United Slat 's, subject to the ap proval of Congress before taking eifect. Referred to th* Committee on Indian A flair*. ?XLcrnv* HE Stoy. The Senate then, at forty-five minutes past one o'clock P. M., went into executive session, and upon the opening of the doors again adjourned. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, March 13, 1SJ7. wjriu*ATioji or bocxtiks. Mr. JuLus. (rep ) of In 1., presented the resolutions of the Indiana Legirflatura in rjfereuc ? to an equalization of b-mntiei Referred to the Committee on Military A flit Ira." MAMMALS, Etc. Th'* SffisKRpresented memoriali* from the Legislature of New Mexico ukim: for increased p?y of tho member* \ ol' the Legltlalure and of civil offlcirs of that Territory; al?o hi ref rence to s hool lands; toladiau depredations ; to the e*<abll?liinm)t of iel?g;ap!n between the mili tary posts of Kanea* a-i-1 Now Mexico; to ilio eiectiou of a penitentiary; to ma completion of the capital bulldin ;s at ?antt Fe, and t > prop;rtvd' stroyed by rebels; alt of wnich tvoro referred to ihe C'o iiinlt'oo on Territ ories wiicn appointed; also a coin* municatlon frmn tb aeoretarv of War, Willi a nute uicnt of contract* nan lo on a count of tiio Medical L) j panmetu of the army .or lvit) The comrnlliots were lUea called for reports, b it none were male. Tltt; DOTT OS SILK TOUIU't*?, PASA.OTS, KTT. Mr Ksllry, (rep.?of Pa.. as<ed leave to introduce a Joint resolution utaiciug tho d ity on umbreilas, parasol* an I sunshades imported from foreigu countries, when made of silk, no lo ver than that now Imposed upon line and drewd Bilk*, uatoek, * xty per cent ad valorem, and when made of other inatcnali than ailk fifty per cent ad valorem. Mr. Holmam, (dem.) of Ind., objected unions the re*o lut'on wa< referred to'the Coaiiuitiee on Ways and ' Means. Mr. Kullkt explained the propriety and necessity of the resolution, and suld lie would Ua\ no objeciiou to Its reference if the coinm.uee were appointed. The joint resolution waj nut received. U 1IT*BIP OS WISTKR Ql'AKTKK SHOA1JI. Mr. Robixsis, (dona.) 01 N. Y., presented me petition of masters and owners of vessels navigating the coast between Cap.- Henry and ports north thereof for a lis**" boat on Wiuter Quarter tjuonls. Roferred to the "O0? sailtee on Commerce. __.?u The House went iiilJ Committee of tho**?'"1? , , , State ol tne Onion, Mr. Fo:ner,y iu th- lDBlr' *na ?"0* c?eded to the busine.w oa the calei'-"v The House Jolnt*refolutio'*an'^uaMOoMnlr* with arkiiri trantui Mlitt.ll ha n|n^' OO ?Q C|U?1 iOVllRK With "her volunteers a, ..Unties was taken op Ah??? marks in lavtttef *n" luosjire by Messrs. McUurg and Benlaman ,05 the ad-.ptlon of an amend.n nt making it an Ir *? ">o?e borne on the roll ?. slaves, lb# Joiut I* "Lilon was laid aside to !>? reported to the House. Tits ME-oLlTIU* or THtXttS TO IIKiROK I'KAIWillT. Th? S< n lie Joint resolution presenting the tbauka of Cougrosa to Mr. Peabody was next taken np. Mr. Hasdino, (rep. I of 111, moved to atriko out that part of the Joint resolution which provides for a gold medal to be presented to Mr. Peabody, and declared in seme remarks that Mr /'?at*ody badituaae profit by the rebellion and given it ?'d and oomlort. The amendme>" *'*s rejected, and the Jilot resolution was laid as"1* lo ho reported to tbi Uouso. *??'*> rim rnt ow n at* pbopls is rns sorr?. TW? next b islnesa was tne Sen tic Joint resolution for <oe relief of the <iestitule la the Southern and South western states, dtr otiog the de rotary of War to iss te supplies ot food suillcieut to prevent starvation and extreme want among the people of all classes, and ap propriating $1 for that purpose. Mr. Wood, (dem ) of N, Y., opposed the bill for two reasons?Unit, because lie was opposed to the distribu tion of alma by the government, aud secondly, l>?cause he was satisfied Irom recent observation in that region thai there was no such destitution there as the measure. The people there required nothing from the North except protection for their civil right* and Northern capital to develop their industry. Mr. Williams, (rep.) or lad., opposed the Joint resolu tion, becsuse the charity of the government could bo better applied to the widows aud orphans of tho North, made such by the rebels. If any wore to sufTer from destiiation, let it be, aaid ho, tho disloyal, and let Cod Almighty populate that country with people loyal to the "fir. noss*i.T. (rep.) of Minn., advocated the measure a* a motsure of reconstruction, and calculated to allay ill fooling He believed It would extend into regions where no other agency favorable to the government coild reach. Mr. Ksllsy also advocated the measure as one which would aay lo tho poor people of the South that while the government would restrain those who bad done them wrong, they (the poor) would not aufrer from want If tho government could relievo them. Mr. Basks, (rep.) of Mass., offered an amendment settlns aside foO.OCO of the amount for tbe distribution of seeds Among the destitute people of tho South by the Commissioner of the Freed men's Bureau. Mr. Mini'*, (rep) of Pa., moved to amend that amendment i>y making the amouol $78,000, and spoke In support of It. Mr. Cn^sisa, ,'dnm.)of N, Y., denounced the mia sur as being desig.-wd not to aid tli ? poor propi* of llis South, but to keep tjji the Freed men's Rureau. Ho cbaraitoriMd it as a black wolf Id sbeep'g clotuing. Mid as purely a political measure, conceive }n no good spirit. Mr. Bowk, (dem.)or Pi^ that tho bill would pas3 promptly j?uu by a Ur? ? vow. Ho referred to tho

vote by the British Puriainsnt tw.intv years ago of f5O.Q0o,0uO for the relet ot tbe starving people of Ireland, wbiie here it wan proposed to appropriate only one fiftieth pirt of that amount for the relief of the ftnrvius people of the South. It gmtiomen on his aide iocm ottjecuiii to the Freed rncu s Hureai a-t a ?t distribution, it should bo recollected that that '>3?t available meaos at hand for Unit purpose. ' - j m<vt#jr wax required he would vote for it. If uteu i was uot pa.-* jd he did not want to b?ar any mote i*j ?ittuous oi aympathy for the people of Ireland from the gentleman Iro.n New York (Mr. Wood) or any body else. In reply to a question from Mr. W"od, be doclarod that tbe analogy b<stw?en Uie tx-ople of lrelaud and the peoplo of the Houth was complete. Both were suffering under political persecution, as well as uader material necess.tii's. lie had nut expectod to hear any opposition to the bill from hi* oun ot ilie House. He had thought it wan a sort of lest question 10 see wheiher the majority of the Hcueo bad not undergone a romple'e ossl Heat ton of the heart. Mr. Ciuv.k?, replying to Mr.Hoyor's criticism on his opposition remarked that he (Mr. Hoy. r| hal discovered the pro|MT term Tor Inn own disease?' ewsiUcatiun,'' not of the heart, but of the brain. Mr. Hoykr retorted that Mr. Cbenler would never suTof from that disease. Iu ins ca.-o tiio disease would be not "o silieation, " but ' softening of the brain. " Mr. Cm mm;* remarked that whatever iut li cence ha bad would not be exercised iu u>i:r'preseuiine his fri-nds. Mr. Boyim wud that it he had unintentionally mis represented Mr. Chanler he ask d pardon, and trusted he vvo ild always understand him better hereafter. Mr, Brfteh, (rep.) ol Mass , otfered a substitute, which was to strike out all after tbo enacting words and iusert a provision appropriating one million of dollars, to b? expended under the direction of the Sai letary of War Iu reliiviug tbe widows and children of Union soldiers starvrd to death in the rebel prisons of Andersonvilie, Salisbury. Libby, Mdlja and Belle isle. He declared that he bolieved in the princple of being Just before being Kenorous, and that uuUl the government was able to make some provision lor those to whom bis substitute alluded, he whs uot for putting his hand into the pocket of thu already o.-eriated North in order to i?o generous to the untaxed f'outh. He had supplied lor many nvnuhs, in New Orleans, fool to the starving wives and children of rebel sjldieiu; but in order to do so he had not drawn a dollar from the government, but had taxed the rich of the South to feed the poor ol* the Soulb, and he was willing to go as far as the farthest la that direc tion. In opooslog the measure he referred to the recent appropriation, by the Mississippi legislature, of $^0,000 fortiie deletion of Jeiferson Davis iu a trial thai would never tuKe place. M '. B'jYi-.k "isk' d Mr. Butler whether he thought that a reason for denying aid to starving women and children f Mr. tii'TiGK replied tha' government could only deal with people as comm.initios, not as individuals. Mr. Boyrr put the queuti ju in another way?Whether tha poor people or Georg a should he mwde to sutler on account of tbo iiolit cal aciiou of Mississippi ? Mr. Btrruot replied?'-By uo tneius," adding that If Mississippi had been a'.oue in such manifestations he would be content 10 deprive that state of auy bcneilts uader the bill. The ladies of l'oxas had recently sold a large qoanli'V of coufederato uniforms, and what had they done wiib the proceeds? Hadtlay devou-d them to reh ve the poor iu their midst? No; but they had sent the amount us an <Wowinont to the college over which General Robert E. Lop pre-ided. Ho had noiiceil the present of a pair of game chickens to Kobert E Lee, and he thought it would have been better to ha\e bo.led tuem fi r some of the starving children uhout whom gen tleman appeared to be so unxiuua. (Laughter.) He wlsbod to lot tbe people of the .South know that so long ns they followed the inon who had lo?i them to destruc tion, destruction could only bo the result. They should rep idiate their old leaders, and, by n course o! legi-lation which would divide the land arnon? ail the people, obtain relief. If relief was to be dispeu?ed by the government, lot it not bo conlin d to oue portion of the .country. L't not Congress he urged to put its hands in the Treasury for the purpose of fostering treason in the Southern States, for that ?as really all that this measure meant, although not so in tended by the commission of the Kreedmen's Bureau. Mr. Bingham, (r ?(?.) of Ohio, had bO|>ed that this bill would not have met auy opposition In the House, par ticulnily on tlio r.'pub.i'-an side of it. He trusted mat so long as reaon held a plnco in hi* hi am he shooid nover forget that education and charity wero at least the chioi defence of a nation It was enough for him to know that Within the jurisdiction of ,i.e common gov ernment of this country tharo were mon, women and children starring and lifting up their skinny lingers and haggard faccs a.-.ung tor leave U> <'at ol the orutnhg mat fall irom ttie wotl suppl ed laoiesoi the North. "Tell it nol in Gatb. publish H no' in tbo streets ot Askelon," that an American Congress will permit sixty thousand tueu, women and children to periau lor want of bread within tbe limits of Its jurisdiction. If there wa* no consiitU'onal objection to the measure he should think that a man living in ttie nineteenth Century, iu the tterone light of Christian civ ilization, would nol stop to inqniro into the propriety or foeding ihe poor. ? Ha would not stop to higgle as lo whether the man famishing at ha* door was his friend or his enemy. He would not forget that divine teaching o. ttie Master, "It thine enemy hunger, leea him; I. he thirst, r.ive him drink." Let uo man stand in the forum of the people aad utter tha horrid bi.u*phumy that Congress was out to save from starvation the women and children ol tho Sooth. Tho crime of tr -ason was not on their heads. That wai a truo utter ance 01 tlie Kroncli exile, Victor Hugo, who, gathering children around hitu uu the island ut Guernsey, said:? " Lillle childrca at leail ara aaurod, for God Jilts it so.'' Hr. lUifniu., idem.) of l'a , in rising to advoca a the Jolut resolution, paid homage to tbe speech of Mr Blug haui. It was not ills purpose to consider lbe measure in auy political or parly sonfC, but from a higher aud purer motive. Alluding to an intimatlou mado by Mr Butier tiist members believing in the principle of #tate rights could not support this measure, ha said tdat for hiinsell he spumed that appeal from nun, and that as I >r iho-?e around h:'u be niigiu -ay to me geolioinan from Massachusetts, ? Kt tu, Bmitk." Mr. Covodh, (rep ) ot l'a . approved of Mr Butler's substitute, and mentioned as a mason for his position that oui of a cavulrv company raised in his distr ct, aud known as the "Covod* company," twanty-lour wore starved to death at Auderson> ilie, and mat out of one hundred and urty-six men of tha sanae regiment wbo were catnured when General Meade foil b .ok at Oentre vllie, one hundred and forty-two wcro starved to death at Andersonvilie. Among tbo number was his youngest son. who sullorad the tormeuttt of tbe damned tor twenty months at Andcrsouville, while his eld at sou fell at the head ot his regiment, with Geueral Sheridan, near Uicb tnoud. Mi. MfMi'rs, idem.) of Ohio, supported tbe measure in a brief but pomtod speech. Mr Dosm.iat made auother appeal to tho House to pass the bill. On mot on of Mr. Woophkumik, (rop ) of Vt., the com in'ttue roso without rilxpogin..' of the hill, and reported bacix the two other bills placiug certain Missouri iroops on an equal footing with others as to bouuty, and pre senting ibe thanks of congress to George i'eubo ly, wbicA weio tneroupou passed. NiCCii.AL sri-.TIOMS or TUB OITftl STAT*-1. Mr B-.nks Iniroducod a bill tnoro effectually w p'c serve the uuuiral relaiitns of tha I'ultod 8ta??* which was referred to lite Committer on Kor#'j^ AsWrs, and th .u at teu miiitties pa?t tiir--e iu.' H"<??e a<l;ouriiad. WcaTCHESTffl INTELLIGcNCt. Mass Mkmixo <>r thb fltuui i*d Taxpayers or Wb t Katm-s. A mass marling ot the clilxenj >uil !??? payer, of t),u town of West Farms, without dlatioetloa or r-??y. WM beld at the Town Hall (Thlrty.ncoud sub proclnct Nation bouse), Tremont, on Tjesdsy oroDiti1, (or the purpose of taking Into consideration the urgent DNuwIty of organl/in* prompt UMitirM to correct abuses which at pre?"tit are said tir cii~t In the admin istration or towi' The attendance, nolwlllittand iQ . ||,e unii>*"*'* 'u-? ?f *bo weather, was so targe that a numb*" l^'fsous ?ere unable to advance further iLan tj16 -vor. A deep Interest ira< ma oils# ted by tbo-e JiScut In tho proceedings. The chair was occupied by Mr. John Kirby. Mr. John B. Bi.iklOH, liaving be a called upon, nndo a some* hat lengthy address, iu tbe course of which be prelerrcd cuargo-agiluit iiio towu oilleuM f ?r having, oh stated, maJoui.n v *<ary and oxuav.t.vit oxponJuuros of tbo town fuudi uiMie> their coutr jl. Tbe up akir Instanced particularly where 4ti appropria'lon or $i,V90 bad been made by the LetfUlaiure for Hie purple ot bulldiug a brldg ? across tbo river Uroux, iu piaoe of which tbe town oil r> bad audited uud allowed the sum of $4,000 to be as CK-tod, and -ub?e.(>iently collected for Win name object, Iu diroct violation of law. Messrs. Abraham U. l ap pen, I'liilllp Duffy, 1'ster Uuckliout, B. B. Valentine and others tollowed with observation* on the same subject. At tbe close of tbe meeting a committee of Qve was sp l*olnied to inveetlnaie the charges made against the town officials, and were or?i .red to report at a meeting to be called at an early day. Scnoot. Etasrt.NATioT? The annnal examination of th? public schools In tbe town of Morrlsaola will b* n*lt* M follows:?"^t No. 3, Morrlsania, April li *?*? 1, Molt Ha rwrn, April ?; Mo. a, H:ifhbrid??>tils, April 0; No. 6, East MorrtMwta, April 11, and at No. 4, Melrose, April lft. Tbe Board or h<aiaiaers will be in attendance on eacb occasion at bair p.*t nine o'clock. In anticipation of the event tho teachers ?nd scholar* of tbe several schools, wltb a most commendable spirit of emulation, seem deiermlned to show an Improvement this year far is advance of any former on* Mass or CAartrtrcit* Attn Joiwers. ?A mass mettlng of tbe Carpenters' and Joiners' Union, Not. M and 53, of Morrlsania and North Now York, I* to take pi act at aa early day, having for ita object the taking Into conalderatlon several lm portast movements which have been proposed. Tbo elgtt hour system on Saturday will, It Is stated, be ono of tbe principal aubjecto of dlacnaslon. Several liberal* minded employers are expected to be present and ad drets lb* meeting on tho question of "strikes. ' IMS IAU COWVmTtQW. Hartford, Conn., March 13, 1M7. A convention of tho Base Ball Clubs In this Mate was held ta tula my to-day. About thirty elube were repre sented. A vole wao passed forming a State Association, and rules and regulation* concerning State championship were adopted. Tho Charter Oak of thla city waa unani mously recognised aa tbo champion club of the State br tbo annotation. The tm annnal mooting will be bold '? Now Hav*n on tho flrst Monday in November FATAL EFFECT Of GMLOBCfam. Towmro, a March It, 1M7. A siiT|ira) operation of tho moot delicate and intonat ing name? the Ukiag np of tho oitornal time artery and remiving a largo tamer from tho thigh of * man ??mod Gould?waa to have boon performed at tho boa pital tbl* afternoon by Dr. B'aumont; but while under the Influence of chloroform, and berore tho operation. Ooitld e?p>?ed. A Is ran number of medical men and about ibmhaadrod student# had asaemblod to witnoi* the ofomiM. AMUSEMENTS New York Theatre. A Ui&litiee performance ol' Loudou Assurance was given yesterday at tlie New Yorit theatre for the be u ill Of the Southern Uelief Fuud. Tkera wa* an extremely good attendance, the b?-t parts of the hou >e beiug completely flileJ. Laly Don, as I.ailJ Gay Spanker, wag frotj tontly aud warmly gr eted with demon.--: rations of applause, the 00:110 lu wh ch Sir iluruourt Courtley tnak?s so absurd au exhibition of his egotism and vanity being especially well received. Mr. James ltuun sustalnod the purt of Charles Courtloy with decided -uecees, and the tumor paris wer" (.enorallv well ployed. As vbe curta>n lell the audience gave uumi-LUab e cigui 01' ibtir tatislac lioa in loud aud enthusiastic app'ausa. Ntuilt Thrntrr. Mr. Dawison appeared last night as NarclsM, one of bin best rdlti. He displayed tbo sum# ability that . bunc tcrized his first appearance lu thiardta. Miss K .o<l.>, ths foriur Pompadour, found a weak subeti'ute in Irscbiclt. Mr. stemntier was very good as Oho soul. Ki'tly 4c Lrvn'i Minstrel*. Notwithstanding tho unpleasantness of the atmosphere and th? disagreeable condition of tho streets a largo and fdshionablo audience visited Koily k Leou's hall of min strelsy lost evening. The programme for the week is most entertaining and attractive, and. as regard* quality or quantity, iberj is nothing left for cither too most fastidious or exaciing to desire. The straight triple clog Jan e, by Gardner and George and Wllllo Guy, met with a most enthusiastic enc<iv, and the grand oper.uio and instrumental burlesque was r c.lved with well rnor itod applause. Urilllu Si Christy's >Ilii?trfl?. Notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather a very fair audience filled the pretty littlo Fifth Avenue Opera Qouce last night to listen to <ho music and drollery of this clever ruins.rcl troupe. The programme was entirely now, constating of some very lino ballads aud really good dclin'-ations of negro eccentricities, which were presented In such a manner as to draw down the unrestrained laughter of tho audience for several min utes. George i nnsty and C Henry were particularly noticeable in thoir singin.', the latter esi>oclaliy so in the sweet eong of "Katie Avourneen." Grltllu and Hodgkin In the Bond Roblwsry were side-splitting, and the bur Icrquo of the Black Crook, with I' Abbott as pr.'mvre (lu'itetize, was ail that could be desired, and concluded an evening's entertainment amusing aud pleas ug in the extreme. The Man Fratielnco .MiuutreU. The large audleuces that nightly throng the commo dious and comfortable hall of this popular minstrel troupe attest lu a maimer the high appreciation in which they aro held by the amusement-loving public. But in stead of contenting themselves with the numerous suc cesses which they have achieved, they should aim higher and stimulate tuemselves to further exertions to please thoir patrons. As It i?, not a singlo new attraction has been added to th--lr bills for many weeks; yet by placing something new. novel or sparkling upon their programme occasionally it would most undoubtedly accruo to their advantage. Ilootey'n Opera llouae? Brooklyn. The performance of the House that Jack Bnllt, together with a number of other pleasing attractions which Manager Qooley offers, has tho effect of drawing crowdod houses. Mulligan. Hutches and Reed continue to create unbounded merriment In the amusing arts which precede the pautomiine. The singlmr of Mr. Hamford, who possesses a tine mezio-soprano voice, of remarkable clearness, is recoived nightly with applause THE WEST INDIES. Our files from the West Indies are dated at Kingston, Jamaica, February 2-1; Barbadoos February 25, St. Thomas February 23, and Hamilton, Bermuda, March 2. The general report from Jamaica says:?The market daring the fortnight doe* not present any feature worthy of special remark, save an unprecedented dulness in nil branches of trade. Tho supply of dried and pickled fish U plentiful, and moets with btit little demand. The greaer part of the cargoes rocontly arrived 13 still in re ceiver*' hands. The weather has been very dry, which, although favor able for sugar making, Will seriously affect tho crops now being reaped. In Trelawny. St Elizabeth and Vero the drought Is very aevere, and in some places Htock havo to be driven soven to eight miles for water. This weather is favorable for tho c.>flea trees upon the high moun tains, and should no strong north winds strip the tree?, ax wa- the case last year, lame crops of the liner quali ties of colfen, the produce of the high properties, may bo expected nnxl feaaon. The public health of tho city haa beon, on the whole, good. There has been rather inore et-*uess, but princi pally of a trivial character. Two or lliree deaths have occurred Irom yellow fever in the public hospital. A memorial on the subject of the proposed isx on trade, kc , slgnod by a Urge number of ?torcke"p?rs, shopkee|ier< and o her persons connected wi'h li e pro vision and dry goods trades of Jamaica was handed to the H m. llr. Rushworth, Financial Secretary, for presentation to tlie Governor ami tbo Legislative Coun cil. The deputation was very courteously received, and entered freely into conversation on the subject of the memorial One g?nt!emau e*pras?ed theeflect which the proposed law would have upon him. He was keeping fifteen provision shop? In K njslon, and sold annually about twelve thousand pounds, making a profit of six per cent upon the sales. The govemmont proposition, as at present understood, would tako Tilly four hundred pounds out of his profits; and If the hl!l should become law he would ho forced to sell out his businos*. His case was that of numerous other shopkoeper? fn the elty. Mr. Kusbworth promised to pres-nt the nminorial to the council, and after the second reading a ?>mmittee of the board would !?? appointed, which wooM Hit in Kingston uud take evidenc e on the points submitted. l'he Barbsdoes advices contai? the following sum miry:--Stnce the Ptli of February we have had three arrivals of brea^stufls, six of lumber, two of staves and two of cod fib. Hour in ?<*?? request, light receipts, and 'lie tras-actlons jre sspposert to have been about or over *11 ? bond; 20T bbls now retailing at $12 and $10 60. C-rm meal at quotation.", dealer;; fairly supplied, and n<*l ????" 1>B govern d entirely by exteut of receipts. Split pt-a< $8. Brown bre-.d looks op a little, anrf wai| *,ven for 100 bags. Crackers qul.-t at 0a 87f{ a (4 for approved brands Rirc much wnnied, some 50 bags white rangnon from llartiniquc oiierinjf to day; no first quit'ltv wlilte or mi'onghy at market. >lr?s pork talabto at $lt> 50 a $10 02. duty paid Hams and cut beet $11 a $11 12}{. I.ard I3j?c. Ch ese?Nothli.g doinif. snd no good American hams at market, latter would fetch 10c a 12c. bond, Codfish a glut. G ">d nominal at $20; inferior ai all pr'ces at auction. Her rings a drug. Macker-'i?No la'o sales to report. Staves?Nova Scotia, ox Alceido. f-old for $39 round per 1 200pieces (MiookS?Little d>.ng. While nine lum ber?Hales at $.'rt a $21; spruco $lfl 26 a $17 I'ro. duoe? l'rifl'njt sales moliises for British l'rovlnci> at equal to flM. and $4 Sugar?Terr Httie doln ? as vet, mosi pnrtloh shipping tb?lr first nianufac ture to Britain, aa there appears little inquiry on tho part of Imyeis. Richanve on London? $4 81for 00, $4 90 tor B0 and $4 92y, for 80 days' light bank wi|s. At Bsmillon, dfrmuda, groat con.yiainte were balng mada respect ng the apparently urtiiert-.^ary detention caused to vessel* arriving Ironi New Yirk under tho quarantine regulations ro atlngto vessels fiom that port, the necessity for which aome time since ceased to e*t?t. The M. Thomas Timet of the 23d of Febru?ry nays it la pleasinil to he able to stai?j tbat of line vestals t'at lett this port on Monday last for ports In th? Ward of I'orto Rieo, prlncpally San Juan, they were all in pre sentation of the Consul's bills of health Immediately admitted to free pratique and the passengers allowed to land and cargoes to he dlnchargo<L The latest papers Trom Kingston, Jamaica, pblishthe following:?By advice* reccivod Irom Port-au-Prince se learn that a meeting of tho merchants had biien called by the President to negotia'e a loan of six million francs, at twelvo per cont interest, principal to be p*j.i back In five years, no other securities He has failed In obtaining this, and a military ttnarrJ baa beenplac d over the Custom House. The loan is required to ticet heavy demands mado on the Havi'"' government ?y France. Cold tblrtv per <?nt. raper money at great disc unt. The President collecting the revenue in person at niiAt*** Houutf tbt Cui*,# FIRE IN CHURCH STREET. About eleven o'clock last aight a fire was discovered on the third story or tho live story marble front store, 1.14 Church street. The police of tho fifth precinct gave tho slarm, and Captain Potty, with several ?f bis men, broko open tho street door by the time tbs Bremen ware at the premises, and tho Captain asserts that he never wit nessed iiremen *ot to work more qulcklrjtbat In lest than two minutes aftor tbslr arrival they had a stream of water on tho fire. It seems there was a very dense smoks in tho up|*r floors, and aa an cridcncs of tbo determination with which the fire men kept to their work, Assistant Engineer li.nnon aud five of his men were brought tfown sum one after the othor, Insonsenaible, caused by Inhaling the smoke. Two of the men at first were supposed to be beyond recovery, but on exposure to the air and some rest??atives being applied they recovered. Chief Engineer Kli\s!and ?uc ceeded In confining tho firs principally tt the door on which it originated. Tbo ?oole of the building is occupied br William H. M- dealer In soft hats, fnrs and straw goods, tbo d?ma*a Sane to the .iocs might bo estimated a? ?bout $20,000; fully covered by insuraoco Tho d?<nsg? "lone to the building will be about IS 000' atsured. Tho Are Is supposed to bavo or clnated fs?*? *hs stnvs, but there is nothing positive. One of lM clerks whoso duty it was to aleep ko tbo Mors >nd ought to have been there, was not soon by tho pot/co, nor bad bo naads his sppesraoce up to half-past ?wslve o'clock. LOUISVILLE CHAllEI Of COIRERCE. Lonsnixs, March 18. 1MT. The new Chamber of Ominerco was inaugural ad to day with a banquet and ipooobss, Tbs high water pro vsnta business oporatloos. THE IKON WOUOTAW, CAIRO *M FULT01I RAILROAB. 81. Loots, March 13,1MT. The eommlllM ?1 pointed by tho I,eji?laturs aome time sicca to investigate the aale of the Tron Mountain, lairo and Fulton Railroad by this State reported yaetor day. The report totercly reflects upon tho conduct ef tbs eonxDMunort hut taoncratM &?vsn>Qr Fletcbsr. A'AVAL INTELI/Gc^"" flip Hrooklyn >*v> \ on ' ' l?i- Uana.'i'iuciil ol n,,. V <-??<?>? (;?ii?r Kepxlr*- V, t " J"" ,"'i ??"> I the Dundni bf rn. ?&<?. ? 1 ' ? it u| Alter raucii labor during lie past iwo - ear" t, in tli? Brooklyn Na.-y Yard t>pbio to mov# along !n J M'U'o style. An Immense amount or work j.,ta b).? I done siuce tlw close of thf reln-ilion, and all tlio dor .,i! in nig inay now bo said to be in good worklu,' order. Ol.l material t0 the umouut millions or Jo;!ura, no j longer needed, has been surveyed, classified aud L>U under orders or th? diBenni bureau* Reductions )a labor have greatly dlmlolebed the expenditures, and the sy.torn now carried out piaces at the disposal of t'.o guvemu eot every article needed to cond a a peso* ttuabllsbtnent, with .1 sufficient surplus to esjand Into freals,* s'h.'uM 2au ? * ?U' surwuntt,u< tarLhit2JW a*'ur,"10Dt ?r tho yard is now L^.n rV I. ?hi- .il . I'uiJdi.,^ in the w. n'r>. 10 this groat r?eelvlna eto:,? aro stoiod o!aa?f. fled and always on hand suppli.-* <d articles for every f^Tr^bl "1# Xuvy V'ud- ??* ' aad iumu? Yard' iti OiP,^SeS"ian^ f"d lo J'?furs. to any Navy "*ich ?ssxtesri r&vss.' t'<uuiuanderrw' vv'hi'^ "7 *,UI,efv Sl0n "r ^miral T oil. 10m nander U. W falling U tlie Chief lusiwctor and 'U '^ W 0X|H'r,??' (? "PH ?? re' " Iri *2""? 8lor?8 U?K,U ?"'iract ai d open V? 1 a-a Jsszzr? .of ilj"NavHi iu?^ "?<1'" nam 1 ., "e;"'Hl1wi'?ana|vZl? ?inr ar,lc?; , ? *'? r .ui L- Uu' bou" <J >no Ui're.o ore. T *iu>* s r"""r "* l''? m? binary vfc^ The p,.?* , t" varJ ful|y equipped' for .ter rain ^lorna, Swwiaui,, nJ. Pawt iset' Ma'-'wa^'it Ilalub^"i0{> wyaluaiog, Souoiim, a few o, t'b"c ZL oa ha^ r't"/,, TO ':i- flr'; or seven iron clads. ' wou.iou scuie si4 IpSSSSffi been .-old, as also those round not to I*, or t ,? ,,o,, , , proved patterns demonstrated bvs,h?,i? . ,V' war. l^e withdrawal or a claws of ffun? > ' ''K lfvery Ure 'My8 mutilatod b K-re do iovernm;,,^ Wh'Ch ^ Uttve bcou '? S-v?" asas s and twenty ihip^SSte iwen?^ ou? some sold, others laid up ordluary. and ovor tnTr^ ?ore^neLDrVl^,PP?d Wi,U Uew UttU,ino- aud ^ ar^.i^ .1".HlJ'itle8 ?/ ordnance equlpraenm and stores forwarded to oiher yards or ve? nls. in MrlMnflfc h1?' ?rduan?e Deiwrtment had ihc pro partng or Uie battery or the Dunderberg, ex^-mainiln* Pci^ectlng C -plain Kricison's iweiav iuoh g< n cairiage, and has now under IraatmentEadiM sieanj a, n aw- rf" - We Krjxs'SFxsr easterly end of ths Conb dock', is 00^ /reii depoj' -f ^utis of every Rla>? lor the navy, and also of siiell and shrapnel 01 every calibre and, and when r i Pr?r invilluabl0 ?o iho country, t,eBid...s ?? credit upon the present cniel of tiio Uu zztisaxzr?' ?" thS.edte^J8 0nw; t0 1,10 obg,>rv?r wh0 bas tier a ? 2I?.i 8 ar au<1 RIBco, in u sound anil hcaithr *. "? working parts. Admiral C il lieli is Cutlli ivti to crcl't for brinRinR all this about, and Captain ienuork. his able oxecuuve, shou d not be lor gotten; nor Captain Muliany, Couim^udcr.i Jouoit Uraiae and Harmony. Indeed ail the oflic- rs un-lur his command miRht be proud of the food work tlioy ha\? done and receive a moed of the prame as tluir d i? In connection with tho Navy Yard. > r Oeiano d# senes .-redlt for the tnnrouKh manner in which li- as-nts ilwLr?*'l*a" b1ulldm'< or ?'? governo ent ?^h a? te luro ^ such splendid rpeoiincns of naval archi teaure have ever been built in this coun ry as iho Uadawaska and Wampanoag, unless it is the r si? ?p ships the l'ompanoosuc, Amm"u00-uc and Ch ti^So 1 ln-yn"y ?V8r 3,M fe,u lon? ?>y 1.) beam and 0 ^ tons nientionea are bujlt of the very best'm iterla ' ^aK"cted?UlTh."lSrPrNI W"r t,r"D' ,nLmc* llT* are of J! f ,?i rl ClaRS of 8blPu b"'H at l!o?tou aie or white oak frames and lighter wood, and cannot lie TPn\r<?V"r "r^'Hy 10 th- New York'vessel s:r,s,".z^3ir H ss sw awrfSSag r - ce; i-S3 ?ST?i'di,?u "??> "???' U.H Mai. na(<e mounted on her .he wuol.i hi Ericsson's car iodeed. It slionld be7k . .wb* *r" ? much beyond her pros nt capacity ?*? rMJ V ,iUns U prove, exhibiting, as she dm.? <r * '10 ber wil1 of the fifteen incf. g?a upon herweatt^w.^' flriu* The Atalaiitaand ' are tvoes of iii?^..?m k. and our sir.all Monitors caniof>"aderberg sfS1'' r~ Miantonomol'i wTo#un|dM,U, ^ou^h^es^^DunJiiV tei[*ng*'hoK yords, and with, 'ptrtii toS When the Kalamasoo is flalshod this fall th. re win k. seen h ship with uit< eu in lies of iron onil^'v ,^o, her, and turrets of eighteen inches. arm >it with four guns oi twenty Inch ciiibre, the .il0t o" whte X?)Th, one thou(snd and eigluy pounds. Wben this r.i-1 ,J siaied what scarecrows iron-clad ships of oth. r 1 utioi s ? ed> a" Wl'?rB lhea lb? Uuudcrbtrg b? THE KQilTH ATLANTIC SCUADHON.. Fortr*<h Moxrob, March 11, 1807. The CrigHto Susquehanna, the Qag-h p of tb.i Nurth Atlantic iq ulron, command- )! by Rear Admiral I'altner, sa.led yes'orday morning, ami waa followed by the slnop-of war Mormngsheto, < onimmider Ris'ell, and Ilia f?pl>ty Hi"amT MctnphM. Tl>>* SU4qiioii*nnf? will pro oeed to the West In lies, teaching at Sinu ''ru* an I St. Tuoma". ami will Inspect all ttio ves-ols on the W si India station. The rru ,-;u will oceopv about Hum month". The XI '\io'.)k"lieitt ha* gone to Charleston. Tii? Memphis, from New York, With *upr1'.es for theLan cjmtcr, will make other disposition of her supplies, and the Ijancaxier will pr>l*bly be imi out of coin nission. >he is at tbo Ou^port Navy Yard . lie Memphis goes to Cbarlesfon; she carries over three hundred bushels of corn and other provisions for tlio destitute people of Ho'iiii Carolina. Oomirauder DM Is In command of the sqti.nlrnn on the -outhern coa-it in the absenoe of Admiral Palmer B^OOKLYfl 1HTBLLIGSNC3. Thr n^o iai.TM Kkmai.r Ewtor*avr -oorrrr. ? The an nual meeting of the taJv man-iifers of tins admirable society waa held at So W Oourlstreet yesterday. Mm H. Marr presided, and Mr*. W. Brooks acted aa Secre tary. The annual report, showing a large amount ?f good which has b"eii perforraud by the aocicly in r?'o. vldlng sewing fo ? d?'ser?lug hornon. waa submitted:Vit special request ?m mnde not to publish the report for a day or two, until It Is to the gentleman m n v get*. The ladies choeen ss officers or the pre-ent year are:?Mrs. A. A Law, President; Mrs. H. hiarr, Vue I'resident; Mrs. William Brook* Secretary; Miss R^ r?et, Aaalsiant SiM ret.jry; Wis* H. A. Bed-ll, Tr Mrs. Thomas Bsttsell, Jr., Asm-lent Tree" Tun Enncrto* or a Ca-? u*tttm-A number of gentletken interested In the proportion to erect a Catho lic Institute in Brooklyn held a meeting last night at the embolic Library rooms. No. 33 Court street, Mr. John ^'Mithonny in the cbaA Afl?r a abort discussion upo? the propriety of publishing the proceedings of the ss?o. c ailoe *? this "tsge of the movement a prospctu* waa submitted, ?>id the mtetlag adjourned. Kaanvo rins'Vnmw t? rirr Lmrra?On 'he com plaint of Sanitary i???eclor 8. M. Flak, the follow Is 2 nau f d parties were arv?tted for vlolatiug the Health rode by keeping pigs within ?tie city llmlta:?Witl'an Derbl, Sooth Fmb street; Johv Miller, Rtver strcr ; Michael Hooer, corner of Morgan ??-enae and R'm t street; John Whitlock, Green stre?s., Fulton p?? , River street; Sidney L. Nolan, No. 677 Myrtle ajer . They were taken l.oforo Justice Buckley and n>ieu d i their prom "-lug to remove their pigs without d<\.r. Tns Firms Law.?,John Dohllng, engaged in . > grocery business at the corner of Colon avenue ? ? Eagle street, Oreenpolnt, waa yeeterday arrested for 11? flf.h time by tfc3 police of the Forty seventh pr*t charged with selling liquor without a license. Dohllng (mo w. .s to app?"* for trial before J':' ' Dallev and a Jurv on wttnrday n .*U " * the Excise la* lias been persistent, but Us disir . baa not been equal to his pluck. Riarmst o? Pact. Bas*** an ras Csaim;i or Fau. * Aaaatlv. ?skeban, II will be rer*?mberod, wr-^ retted about three week? ago, on the snsrge of cs ? the death of ? man named Jstnes Wbftcn, him on the head with a glass ! ? during a row that took H??* in ^.? , the accused, No. 3 Ualen sttfet, ^* y ' aiiMilv dmrtiarifKl ??! the ??r?KJl woawiu oy ? 3fiJ?elr's l^rv The jury based their verdtel on . . Si; lrri,, L bauef, Wb? made the ?oat m<.rt. , on the body of Wbaiew, and gave t"" ?. atam inatloa W caused by imflammatl ? ST. Sain ffiot by the Injury received by tht blow., ft K Cy caused the rearrest of Pkelian on Ttt?, \t. He wsl^d an examination, bew?verk and gave boMs la the sum of 13.000 t9 ??ieu befoto the i i rand Jury,