Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 15, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 15, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW _ . * *.. . . WHOLB NO. 11,154. NSW YORK, FRIDAY, lab jtain ' f J A ''fi 3 It )T# W7f \ MT MUCH IV MI7.-TRIPL8 SHEET. PRIOR FOUR CENTS. mm Tmr infobmatiob or nun mocboby. Sss&r**' 4^ Apply at No. ? m mix imrr fob amf. " iMVlMi trassv&X&E2 worn rmm gammab who was i wrti< Wwlijeaia for Ike IMk" <k. HuAaoa U??r Aimi sidMMMi i,Tke Will aaifatl7 fMMNMt. mm adomom?a maim child, six wbbkb m tak Apply at m Laaroas street, hr oao tut ?eeontr* iMw J. B., slettoa B, Oraad at f? mim J. M. 0. WOULD LIKH TO ?H HKI DBA* 1 Mi >*e?Mi do ?t by meaBag Mm ?* Thirty-feurtS pwly.i SWMk hum M 11 o'eloafc oa moraine, vmbobm AtioM or bos* connbl will bb surr m ably rewarded by John Pobbtaa, Jersey City Post oBce. fBFOBMATlON WANTED OB MICHAEL MoNAMABA a or Junto* MeNuura of Rtlmnre, county Longford, Jre. W WW* last hwrd from waa ta Oolumbns. Colorado aaunly. Texaa. Any Information win be thankfully received 19 their brother, Thorn*. McNamara, 81 Byrtle avenue, BauUyn. Now York. Texas and Ohio papers will pleaaa MHVrBATION WANTBD-OF jabb*, henrt abd ^^?Thouias KergMoo. Their brother, John Ferguson, ^^Ml be tbanknU to receive aay Information of them, wore all born in Sueard atreet Liverpool, England. ? was hut beard from in Norfolk, Virginia. Address i>r, or Pergonal, 167 WyekolT street, corner of Smith , ^Jll l | r T I TOHN ALDERMAN, FORMRRL^J^fAB^JANBn ?f 1-ondon?Your old friend, Edward Maoarthur, has ar- J gad and y>^d be glad to hoar of you. Address 188 Frank-1 %BURDBRBR.?$1,800 KBWARD FOB TUB APPRE-I JB. tension and delivery to the otrtt authoritiee at Noble-1 efie, Indiana, of H. Br<'utcheon, who on the 97th of Feb-1 1867, shot and klU<-d If. Sbepard, *t Bra. Cane's pUn- 1 B, opposite Shreveport. La. Bald MeCufcheon la about and tan inoboa high, of ruddy oomplexton, blu* jes^c^ea^handsjwo^lA^rowi^jrhtsker^en^relghsd ESI EF& mm f* wm% WHWW BBHWi WWIR uuii uivwu i utaactn. au? ?aifua Mrt MO Bounds. Hta oounienanse baa a ourly aapeet, and kaa a slight brogae. Ho formerly resided in Indianapo ]bC -? j K^1D n#bls?ville, ladT DATEBSOB.?MABTHA, YOU PROB1SBO TO WRITE, JL Addreae my own name, at otation D. wtjll MB. CHARLR8 DOWLINQ PLEASE SEND W kia addreaa to box 1,907 Poat oOco f SPECIAL NOTICES. _ TBRNT8 WITH THE FIRE BXTINOUIBHEB will bo mado en Saturday, 10th I oat., at 9 1*. M., before Blra rommlsilonera and othera Intereeted, to teat the of Ue invention. Peraona desirous of witneaaing it " ao by applying to Levey Broa., No, 0 Day atreet. BOLT 80N8 OB ST. PATBICK.?THE FOLLOW lag gentlemen bar* been elected offloeri for the eaaning JL President, US Duane street .. First Vice Proaldant, 83 Nassau street, ?le, Second Ylee President. No. 8 Pine street. .. .. ulteside, Treasurer, ISO Cburoh street. . Bald, Secretary, 49 Broad street. annual dinner will be held in Delmonico's, corner of avenue aad Fourteenth street, on Monday, lBth Inst, for wUeb may be bad from any of the above named , or of Richard Belt 98 Pine atreet; John Savage, im; John B. Fogerty. No. 8 Pine atreet; Fr'k . 98 Naaaau street; J. B. Ktrker. 699 Broadway, and Hogfcet 118 Duane alreet. TORE LADIES' SOUTHERN BBLIEF Associ ation beg to acknowledge the fslewing donations:? _ ' of beneBtat Wallack'a theatre 81,000 90 Shalton 80 90 (1,009 00 pnbUaked yeoterday. .....SM90 8O 1MB roeeived to date 838.040 89 ARTHUR LBARY, Treasurer. ' tmm Tom, Mareh it, 1967. i SOB.?THAT ON ABD AFTER MONDAY. MARCH , 1887, the members of the Union Prnrtlral House 1 Association demand $4 per day and^4 P. M., oa By order of the Association. R. F. GLASS, President S. Tsmu, Recording Secretary. O, CALIFORNIA, PBB. 24.-NOTTCE - led beg to notify their friends and the that tney are not and never hare bean In or coaaected with the bouse of Heln, Co., eorner of Jaeeb and Frankfort etreeta. New TMs noUee le pflblished not with a view of or la aajr manner injurlug the bouie of Hela o., but simply to eortoit mlsoopceptlon. if BIN a BRAY. But, 416 Battery atreet / ?TOWN OF MOR Bl&ANT A?IMPOST ANT NO ?The booka of the Receiver of Tazt-a for the town uiia will He cloeed on the MtU ln*t. All peraoaa __ should sail Immediately, to aave tbera^elveamuch and axpeaae. CH48. A. WEKKS, jr of Taxes, Booton Road, near First atreet, Morria OBee hours frout 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. m. B. White, 1 package atotblng. Oantleman. 1 puckage clothing, im. A. Worth, I pack ace clothing xa. it tleorge. 1 trunk clothing. Ifllothing. ithl^HB K^^SS^T^laUon'.hl ?l In Broouya. Coatributioaa of money, food are earaeaOy jaMtli Doaatlona In moaev Hr to Mm JaaMO ll. WkeaUey, 188 Remeea atreet; Lllooa of food and elotklng la heavy packages to the Mieooe Wheat ley, WBBaae BOo.. No. go W^ST street, ssWZ I la the South through the digereat ekanaaU seleet to Ladies' Assoctaiioa of !tsw Toik. dry eoooa. ?MAT BU8H AT BOTH , Ancltoa now our I la oa lo bar Wf 1mHO* MMLIN0, Mt m , and to kMf ' pa?hum tmhuw m rAUi exposition, cammbb awp lacks. oowiwmi dm mm. ? BOB BIOSBLBC. Ml Rffll M 1 <rf Pi ?madw? [BM"PT HKI.bct AND CBBAF&ST ASSORTMENT a^att^^toM*^jar lh? Irmdo to bfl h?.<t ?t No 711 DKK niTHY. Abbactipcl irr or tbbtb, m to ?m. all ?fnrmlloM of DonUatrr akllfully performed. All work Wliuixl Dr. MIC HA CD, Fr*n?h Dautiat, 4*1 Sixth ?ro ?% ?or Twanty-otthth atroot. ? 1 SF.T Of TBKTH" IN TIUUIB to FITB HOCRH A Hplrndid kU, t*. 110. Sit, $j0. ?aoutifal Ootn mm. arttfc Plumoofo to Mi Ml tho nkMtka aad raatora youthful MMrtmo. Tooth oitroetod without pain with Hltrou* <HwM (la*. No charaa for attracting whoa Tooth aro to aortad, at TAB VUBCK'lt, ITS Sixth araaoa. Satisfaction (?aiontaod. A BTIFICIAIj TBBTB at BBDUCBD TBICBB-rbb. jk autal <j*m Taoth, tho boot aiido, taDartor SssrJ-ytffift. wiai ?AUTtrOb continuous pdm jsbtb of tbbtb. ? oa TiaJaaalto aa " ?aothfal anMoraaoo. m. with Jao. iWtfi BBAimpri, oonT?Nt nr? oci oa Tutoaalto a ad onaaaol Daaa; Plutapora, t< ?JStoSift, warranted. fihliw i to rootoro ? Kitrmot LTON DEMTAI. ASSOCIATION OBIOtXATSD THB m, j?ja E?asAa?crB2k -are. e\32 Terriers, OM Italian Greyhound; ? pur of BiMk and Tana, ? Ik*. Mk. ABT 47 CEDAR?CARRIAGES AMD HA1IXKM OP ALL ? styles and prioe*. No Broadway expenses or proM* I mm groat bargains for lb* Mil two weoka. JOHN M. TOFTS, J a. Am vkjtoria, coups rockaway, wmcnnBR, H CaMk, top Buggy, Dog Cart 100 nsw Carriagee, Har "*? t"2D.,itEfr,?5'*H!1,1 Broadway stores. HAM'S, 10 Baat Fourth street, oorner of Broadway. AH LARGE ASSORTMENT OP CARRIAOB8 AND HAK ^?nass to bo sold at fcaMK price*. several shop HMid cheap, at M. HOOMET'S waiwrooau, 91 Liberty worn, street A PRIVATE STABLE TO LRT-ATJM BAST THIRTT ii sixth street, recently built, with all wodin improro >ata. J. o. BAILEY. 10 Ptfth street. A -ATTENTION IS CALLED TO ODE REGULAR A. auction sale of superior Hone*, Wagons and Harness, this day, at 11 o'clook, at MO Liberty atrooL john l. vahdewater, j T *7 WOOSTER STREET 18 THE SPOT TO PIED A L (bargain In top Wagons, no top Wagons, Phaetons, Depot Wagons, Rockawaya, uige; alao an aaaortment of Harneaa, from $30 to $110; Whips. Ac. W. H. ORAY. A GOOD CHANCE?TWO HORSES, SOUND AND kind, 7 years old. fast traTellere, (it ftir track ar ex gs; prioe $110 eaoh; and one roan Mara, sonnd and kind, its old. trot 8^.Atfer butcher, grocery or oxpreea; prioe Inquire at SD7 avenno B, between Twelfth and ThLr th street*, in the lager beer saloon. RET HARNE8S, TENT* WAGON COVERS, MULE Collars, Barnese. MeOtsUan Saddles, Ertdles. Halters, is. Amy Clothing, Knapsacks, Canteens, Ambulances. W. A. CARTER, ? Oortlandt street, near flkeenwkh. A BLACK HORSE, IS HANDS HIGH. ? TEARS OLEL sound and kind, a tne coup* Horse: one bay Horse, 6 years old 1$ hsnde high, sound and kind, a One driTer; ono bay L'orse, 1<H; hands high.(yearsold, sound and kind, a good saddle horse; one bay Horse, 15?; bands high, 7 years old, sound and kind, a good express-or truck horse: all from the northern part or New York, and will be sold* cheap. Ai S3 Wooeter street A T MINER A SOMERVILLE'S HORSE AUCTION A. Mart, Union square, this day, regular salo of Harass, Carriages, Wagons. Harness, Ac., As. HeeAuctlonbaad. Piok Attend the bam opborses and carriaobb ?tour Horse Auctkm Mart. Onion ?Wr?-i*'*?%' AU who wU Horeea, Carriage*. U<vk??r?y?. W??on? OT thin* ID tbe horae llM. See Auction head?MINER M BOMERVILLE. FOR BALE-A VERT BTTLISH PAIR OP DARK: RAT HoraM, w?U malehod. 1 awl ?,!5l band* high. Can br seen at US Wort Tbirty-aeoood street, for thro* d.iya WW be wM teaaonabto. F~~OR ~8ALE-AT flM THIRp AVENIlE, THREE CAR rUges, cheap?for >100. 9UO and >W. FOR SALE?A DAT RARE, 8 Y&**8 SaPifillPi banila high, sound end kind; price ^59. Apply after 8 p. N. at 8? pftth a Ten iK. wnif of Poriy-aeTonih atrceu price $3S0. Call at Sterena Howe,Hitntci- a Point, oppoait* Thirty-fourth atrecl terry. FOR KALE?A LtQHT PHAETON, WITH POLE AND ahafta, rande by Wood Brother*, and nearly new and in ^^SBSSS&SPISgB hixtk arenuo. ___________ ? R SALE?A BORRBL MARE. BIX TEARS hands; warciAtQd foundatsd kmd.llWt *? $100; lauat be suid thia day. 3BT Serentl^atreiiue. I .TOR BALE-IN CONSEQUENCE OP BEING a LITTLE I sore In one foot, a b-auUful aU year old Berja. if eonud worth *MU. for $H|; alao Itonea and one handrotne Team and ft Mate with tool, W Now Chamber* I rt PACK?IS KIRar CLASS IiORSTiS ^ST FROM Ihr country, ttt for carte, t rnolw, expre" or JJT neaa; wanaplM aouud and kind. Innutra ,l ?*t canal dreet, corner of Waebingtoo. irtOR 8 ALE?A HANDSOME BROWN HORSE, F??b0ut 1# hand. htab,PwreoUy ?,?nd and a rtrMrt TIOR SALE?A HAXBWW a?un? """.V LrfWA^aOK 3K^.tr atwet. near Pnlton ferry, Broo H w. ?JZ??Xi i?iw. aqua re. ?????' ?. norac li band* hi*h, ? year*: rerjr atrllah ami ??olio; St?u?fc#o7i!ylulnfw bedifren by a My3?41? abroad. ? ?oumf?njl kinfj ?gffl3S&&ii *J glkgnt roadatei . At a~tlo? thU dyat ^N^ATE* ranted aonnd anilSnd. ilfWooatei street. Aqulrod. Apply?? MO Otaad atreoi, Brooklyn, B. ?. troet, oorner of Greenwich. ?. CH)B A ALB CHKAP?A CHB8TNPT MARf, IN POAL. P M*bt jeara oW tb!e spring. Ib^uIti to the food (lore, mtbt?mn?i Third arena*. ^ DaSBSSSS?'^? asss-"0' H?!g sgyiajyCT "** . A".t.2tyys?te: flftgaa ?~w T"?guCTi?Jg>Sg'?g* ?ALB-*Ma umrr ySSSSF" kxprsbb would jr . nn iinan gRIPTlNO SEAT AND TOP eornor Broadway. * ? '1-S2KS. '."'K'a MM Pet o?. N. t. " ? WAN lED?A MOnT ONE HOME TRUCE, BCCH AJ la need by dmntaU and fnrnlturo doaiera. apply ? BOTCHE1M' iON8T? Boelunan etreot. TTTAWIRD TO HIRB-POR -two o? " YV month*, a Coupe or Coupe Rwkaw^ w^on. Tmm boat #f eare will be MlWMof ll ?4 qnlred. Addw*>Mob taaltb, bo* 4,?0dty roe* omoo. m Btabte ??> lereaU aTeam. M roar ornc* nanricm. ?mgiBraP<? P. M. BlLDBBTH. VTBW YORK. ViROH 19, 1MT.-.THB OOPiRTIfU. XV abip l?rw/or. ?itottog uadar (be mum af BATES A CO. w? Imlw by ?atoTiMim oa tbalatdayef Fab ruary last, DtlM Batae auumlu tba HabUHtea, u< la Ik* oaly person aatborlaed I* ii|l ia KuaUUtlon. Mvau T)ARTNBB WANTED?WITH #100; THIS 19 A BIO A cbaaca M> make money. Alao iu wtth tKM, far a |Md affloa buila?a. Aptfy at Baalaoaa Afleary, jgft Broadway. fMABTNBR WANTED?WITH $600, TO TUt AN Ift. ?pt?re*t la al<-*iilaeate BMircantlle bcalaeae aboatjilxti "??ae up Ua Hudson rlTor. Addraaa Buaiaaa*. Anil ??e>. rpHS UNDERSIGNED HATS THIS DAT FOBMBD A 1 copartnership for tranaaotiog a wholesale and retail buainees in Tea*, at No. 90 Veeey a treat, aader U? style aad Ana name of TY. Eelley A Co. THBODORE T. EBLLBT, JOHN CURSED. I certify thla la enrreet. T. T. Ebllbv. Haw Yqm. Mareh 13. 18+7. THRB COPARTNERSHIP HBRBTOPORB BXTBITNO ? under the firm of Roll, Jr., Hela A Rahmr baa been dla aolrert by mntnai consent. Mr. George Roll, Sr., and Mr. Ferdinand Hetn are the only partlea authorlaed to liquidate la the nam*of tba Arm. OBOROR A. ROLL. FERDINAND HB1N. N*w Toaa, Matab 1,1887. W. RABMBB. W^HANTBD-AN actitr toung man. am FABTNBB ? in a Are and marine Inauraaaa brokerage; ana who can influence bnalneaa. Addraaa box 9.097 Poet etlee. WANTED?A PARTNER IN THB MANUFAOTOBINQ light hardware, with B4.0M. J. M. MOODY A CO.. ta flap etrel WANTED?A PARTNER WITH |9,W TO BNOAOB In nanufaetuMac; profits large. Apply to C. 8., 70 Maiden lane. ? .raws as twrttysiE^ *0 nnn TO ?mm-wanted, a spbcial op Val''uU active partner In a oash manafacturiog boa? mm. connected with tne wholesale nlHIner; trad*, well *?> tabllahed; larce profile. Addreaa ?.. boa 188 Herald olBo*. jjq nnn ?partner wanted, in a uoti qpO.UUU. mate, well o'tabhsbed light manufaelurlna and oommia<lon,baalu?ae, to take eharga?of the book* aad finance*. aaetat ealea. Ac., consequently must be * capable and aa honest man; a religious ma* preferred. Thar* I* a fortun* la the bnalnea*. Oood reference will be glvaa and required. Thla li a Rood opportunity for a father I*e*tAla son up Ina paying buslnes* with* reliable una. Addrsa* for thr? day* R. 8. T., boi ft* Werald olVce. ?/? HAH -A tartt WITH THIS AMOUNT OA* JU.UUU. purchaa* the interest of a retiring partner In awe'l established. food paying manufacturing barta***; sale* wholesale to first Han houae* In the principal ell tee; splendid bueinees opportunity. Apply-to J. M. MOODY A CO., M Fine street. 1*1 A nnn T0 $60.000.?THB ?dimhiim WOULD .flU.UUU Inreet th* above in a first rlMi Mat* Triuclpals only will be corresponded with, and strmt eonfe denoe may b* relied on. OBO. B. LAWBON, slatfoa P. n nnn -PARTBBB wanted, bitbbb spb. wlU.l/UU. rial or active, with tbl* amount, to pnr ebaae tho lnter**t of a (penal partner a boot retiring. Baai aea* wholesale aad a?ortatl*** I ret else*, if aofir*. oaa acquainted with dry good* aad notion jobbing hoaaee pre jar* jtvutwmma^ wNBTciimH. ~ AOBNTlVmaN WTTB $6,U0 CAN XAK1 Al a? rananneut for a iHrnt in terra t for- tha enlargement *f I a profitable r*al eaLate hove. Addraas Btuib*a>, bo* IN Herald ottr*. - ? A*T W1LLIXQ TO TRAVKf. I,vp A having $I,HOO capital, ean learn of om of theStoete" m*klnf *r'r 0>*& "y MlgS^BBSatl fJOJJON PLANTATION.?PABTNBR wantbo M F?S*A?2r* BECIPB (LATB DI8COTBRT) THAT orks. BMBSBMHBSB Bill*, machinery. Ac aad ean lauot aoas'iJSiMras: 1ST. ad at a very larpa MWT ij^ VOtNk jrag"MB?ftS IjlOITND?ON THCMDAT, MABCH M. II CBNTBB f MM. a PsskMtnk ?fiaiaa a *a*all mmuI ? gKSvTKa?aa^"?''^>"^^ T OBT?A KMALL OIL PAINTIRO ON PABTBBOABD. JU family gpasp (fosr eareeae), l*mii ?1 Brand way aad MWuilaaa afreet, rta BHMhar atfMtMT. Liberal reward at Wl IKaAwf. "t OBT?ON TUBIDAT etbnino. A POBPLB Jfc BmUaLltawl, with htoek aad <Bt* ttwr. At werjwtM plifee ratara It t*M Haratle atreet, whar* th?y T OBT?ON wbdnbmdat. MARCH U, IN SIXTH ATB MJ ana, aaar Eighteenth *tr**t. a Ma*k and ua Slut, with ^|IHriMln on theaaok. A liberal raward w in b* paid al L0!^Tfi5lBS^[ hu^-nfc ..ft. S?3? rewarded oa lanringthe earn* al tha Marine National Bank' dfiWMr tt WaM ?dwater inala. L g\yi? ?a ?||'"? MM aad Pearth ? tree 1,1 Mack ^amal^lwwlMW* ?Hably rewarded ap laarlag T ?rf-ON THUMDAT MOBNINO. MARCH 14, J. B. 4^-Jsf'*r,*g,aok aa Pulton National Beak, New York. wr.tM< payable to the order of Jeeaa Jarrls, aad eadinil by Mat Ml A. M. Brewster, payment of whl*h be* been M"gP*d. A liberal rearard will he paid by tearing Uta same al tha store of Jaka H. Abaal A Co!, I?0 f%U straat. BBWAMM. %R g?WA*P >P? A LITTLB BLACK DOO, A PBT, w*o WH w*tla Byrne street, near C*anoa. _ C- BBADBHBUHO, W Br R, ? John MnH T\woi>, unuuji k oa. BAM IBM, couiia row 4R> kamad mm new tow, 1mm CMh Mmb ia4 LdUn W (Mltfor tr?r?B?ra, kriflaMe ltd m prtMtp?U ctUea ?T IM wmM. HeroMUi* erwlha far wm ia Kuroye, Chin*, a*. 11m mM tnmtfem *i namtf m OattfatMa u4 Owyt kgr latarMl ?WM en JnwUfc TJELB micimTa officb vRfiTimr union Hi ptyk Company, ldft Indwif, New York,

7T MAaciv ?, 1M7. Tkla Onmpaay li panpai J to nMmUi payment af l(a Bond* maturing ?n tke 1st of May nexVat a leaaoaakle dis count for Ike aaaagtoad ttma. 5. H. PtUlM, TfWHft VfONRY TO LOAN?WE H AVB SEYERAL AMOUNTS -'-"vr&RSK.'ViKsra^.'sr'' pB!OITLTimi raorauu pob ajuoaji or wmbm? af tke HMttt Aa aettaefl IMHwertl ta anofc amoiiala ta^Hlbay aai srttk aaak aiMci (aol laa* Ik an tortw days), asthH auy deem naeeiennedioeLfor tke interest of tka State, twfl tyMkree millione ofgeMara. and laaoe oertlkeetea of loanH kondeeft ke Cnmiuoawaalth for Ike Hmr beet lag Interact at a rate net eseeMbmtix per caatnm npT aanum. payable aail ?aaaaily, aa tkelet of Rebrwary and let or Angust, la tka city of Fhllidilnkln; wkleh eerilflrate* af loaa er bonda shall aot ka a abject ta aay Uiartaa whatever for Stato, munMpal ar leeal puraeeee, and ikalt ka payable aa fet Eaa aia*ilT ftrrMitiBpa* af dsHara aayable at aay Maa JMrt!?w>a?y>aH; algSt ailtllons of after lea Mara aad wMkta flf of Philadelphia: tka rrooeede of iba whole of whiok ??tecladmg areauuma, Aa., isssivsd aa tke fame, akall I toiliff|U|Ui ia anfflSSleamjl'' Ik?"** *"' ?* Sac.A YkakMafertSa?3rtean'?kall be openedIn the presence of tka Oereroer, Audi tar flea oral aad State Treas urer. aad awarded ta tka klekaat hlddtr: Prerlded, Tkat aa I eertMcate kereev aatkortaed t* be iiaaad abalbka negotiated I keaa. now over daa. shall be laeelrabla ta pajaMat of tka I aatd loan, uadar Mak regulations aa tke Governor, Auditor I Oanarni and His is Tiesaurer may prescribe; and ever? Md- I dar far the loan aow aulhartoed to be leaved eball elate la I Ea bid whether the aaaM la payable la eaak ar la tba baada or eortWeajaa attadcklslnm af tbe Coaaaouwealtk. Src. *. That all Iraataea executors, aAaUntstratora, guar- I dtana, aaaata, treaaarere, commit tse* ar other personalurid- I lag ta a dduclary aapaclly hood* or oorUAcataa of indebted. I aeaa or tka State, ar awneys, are koreby authorized to Md far tke laaa herebyauthorized to be laeued, and to lurren- I dor tka bonds or certificate* of loan held ky them at tka Utne of mahla^each WA aad tar emir t tka bonda anlborteed to I aae. a. Any an Laaa or peraona standing ta the fiduciary eapaefty itaMfatae fourth section of ikta act who may daeira ta tnvaet wtuaey ta taatr kanda far tbe baaeStaf the Irual may. witMwtma order af court, Inraet tke a inae la tba bonda aaOMirtaed to befaaued by this act, at a rata or ^re mittal aot exceeding twnty per oeotum. "Ban. 6. That from and aner the ??taeage oT tkla aet all the thta Commonwealth shall be paid off ta tke order ^^?ir maturity. Sac. 1. Tkat all loaaa of thla Commonwealth not yat <*ue I aha II be exempt rrom Btete, municipal or looaV taxation after the intercut daa Febmary first, ana thousand eight hundred and alxty-aeven akall hare been paid. dac. 8. That all exltllng lawa, or portlona tkaraor, laooa alataai kerewuh, ar* karabf repealed. >**" ?? JOHN P. GLASS. Spitkir of Um Bmim ?f I Speaker of the Senate. I la aeawdaaae wltk tka prortalani of tka a bora aet of Aa- I aaaibiy eaaled propowle will be i eeetrad at tka odtae of the I State Treaeurer, In tka Oily of Harrlaburg, Peanerlranla, I until IS o'clock it. of tka latday af April. A. D.. 1M7, to be I endorsed an follow*:?" Propoxate for Penaerlvanl* Stata I laaa, Traaaury Departmaat, Uarriaburg, Pa, United Staiaa I of Aaaanea." .. I MtaHMMMMtaMMtaMkmabla ta f*a I . ^ payable la twamr-ara jwara, tke rata af Intrraet to be either ire ar dx par eral per as aaa, wktek mnet kaexpUaMy etatad In tka bid;and tka bide aeoot adrantageoua to Ue State wMI be aeeepti*. So bM for laaa tkaa par wl'U ke ooMidered. Tka kaadawUl ba laauad ia auma of |SD and auch hlgker auaia aa daairad by Iba laaaer*, la ba fraa tram Stata, local aad municipal IflflMh Tba ever due kOaAa af tka Commanwaattk af PanaayH*. ' ala will ka raaatrad at par la payment eflIkta laaa; but kkt daia muai atata wketkar tkey Intend to pay la aaak ar ialka "il Vattaatlnn will ka u4a between klldaa paytag ta' aaak *? AtarWnd 1 naita W wTwr*?? IOMI> ? a JOH* W. OBABT, dsrrjBx&T Auditor SeaanL W. a. (EMIU!, State Traaaarar. N. I?No newspaper pakliahlag tka aboea, an laaa autka Hxed, will reraise pay. Eurrs* A MONROE COUNTY BONDS WANTED.? Tke ktokaat market price wAl be p.Id. Hadaaa, MM ?* ^ *?!?.? fggtoir.'r.... WANTFD?A REASONABLE OFFER FOR TEN Skarae Waabtagtoa Fire Stoek, twenty Shares Orsat Waatorn Marine laauraaee and Ira Kkaree Mcrcaotlle Ma* rlaa laanraaoe. Addreaa 0. W., box 1,547 Poet o>ea. T\T A NTED?gIB.OOO, AS A FIRST MOKTOAOR ON OOOD MAXTrB,L-w AAA?To LOAN Oil IMPROTMD RIAL IS VOO.UW tala in tkla etty, lasartone euma. W. H. WOO#. IB WkU street. *QOR AAA TO LOAN OR BONO AMB MOBT vOaO.UUU gaga, ta aae ar mora auma, aa real aetote, la tkla ?tyr ? Wtn ltrMt> rooai n HfWI *? MAM OX BOND AMB MORT. .VIA/ gaga In rarloua same, on real estate, ia ^^^LOAI OPPKBS.^^^^^ ^i?^^J^*oadwa^ornbrw w bond] tba above ar SAME BOCGHT AT THE HIUTIKST RATES. ALSO PAWNBROKERS' TtORBTS BOOdNT FOR OIAMOSDlt, WATCHBS. JEWELRY. Be., at 77 Blc-tdter street, up stoirai LT Vft BROADWAY. NBAR TWRMTIBT* STRRBT, J\ n om No. ?, tba hlgkeet prices are paid for Diamonds. Wale'HH, Jewelry, Ao.; aleo moaay advanced. MARAS A CO., Diamond Brokers. T IMS PBABL 8TRRRT, BRTWERN NBW BOWERT aad Fran kilo aquara, LEDRRER A CO.. adraivw 11V ?at reasonable tarmaon all raiuabla property, Watobea, ry, DtaaMnda, Ao., ar parekaae AT m BROADWAY, OORNRR OF BL1CECKER A street?Tb^jhiimaat value will be paid for Diamond*, Watohos, Jaweia, Silver Ware, Ae, or llb?r..l advances made on eonalgaaaaata. Dlamonda, Watehea, Ac. alwaTefor sale ekeap. A. HOMIOMAN, Broker. Bamoted from M Naasau atraet. AT S17.-M0MRT LIBERALLY AD TAN CRD ON DIA moo da, Watehea, Jewelry. SUver Ware, Ac., and tba aama baugbt for eaak at S17 Braadway, aoraar af Twalftt street, ream No. A ?ILUARPg, AC. A N ASSORTED NTOCE Of NBW AND SBCOND HAND J\ Tabiafc with otrr new and Improved cushion, patented IStk Danwiir, WW, ready ta aklp at tba akartaat paaalkta *RA^ANAOM A DBCKBB. iiraa Oanal and Oentre ?ta. IpOR SALB?ONR BILLIARD TAB LB, BALLS AMD rjW eamptata. Apply at 171 PHnaa street, earner tJKJB BALB-A BILLIARD TABLB, MARBLB TOP. V tknee-quarter* Mae, ta gaod aadlUoa, at a vary mads rate prtsa. Apyty ad B avenie A earaer Saaaad Street WgHeToRlFPlTH, THE CRLRBRATEO BTLLtARD table aaaaafastarer, still llvse. aad baa for sale kia unHrailed ( oa?"aailon fnshloned TkMee, that ana on* be bought al Ma farw* isa rialtor WOilWiT TKUTir ADM1BMOM M 1 j|>^?wert>,|ipi ??MCimiHiii r3: XT fit, I Jxte^^risr110' ^84 *?*"*?Utr> UTBltr FROM NEW TORB. YJ700D*# THBaTBB. . POPULAR PRICKS, n MA lmlwr, ommM* Bt IU<Mm Motel. b. TBJH EVKNINO AND SATURDAY MAT1KEB. TU beautiful ooasedr of the LADIES' BATTLE KATTY'WmEAL. supported by ? full druuiK eonspeny. MOWDAT, lUnh UL lb* wlebrawxt iuonl Aim rf UNCLftTOM'S CABIN, with a powerful out of charsietera. rUUUIl tTADT THEATRE. ? AND 47 BO WERT. UT Thle(Pri4ayl ereniaf, MarifH 16, will bft preeented Dr/CAIIL OrTZK?)W^H Tragedy. URIEL AOOHTA. MR. BOQCMIl. DAWISON to bit great character of URIEL AOOSTA. GBBMAM 8TADT THE ATRB, 4ft AND 47 BO WERT. Tomorrow (Saturday). March 10, Rosaini'strand opera, HMARTZ* TEMPLE OF MYSTERY, KM BROADWAY. Motto*?Other attraction! bring la preparation, tbla will positively be the LAST WEEK Of THB PRESENT PROOBAMMB. Protena, or We Art Here; Mat Not Bore; FImIidi Heal; " r#wlVv krVEYi^nWo at? sT^a^edat ASS. IJeheta, tt oonte; Reserved Seats, $1. For sale, all days IR from 9 till ft. ?Idrn hal pjleo I ^J^tNDl?irTkBNETWLUAM?THIBl> OBAND I IJML Matinee at the BroadwaxTheatre. Baiardajr, Marsh M, The Chtokartng piano la used at these aranoea. WMDNTSDAY?JUYENir.K NIOHT. ChOM latry." BLLT A LBON'8 MIN8TRELS, 130 BROADWAY. Crowds unable to obtain seata. BLACK The ONLY LEON slnga ? MgartmoM dinicult L'ARDITA L'BHTASI I received with raptures nightly, aad appears In the superb En prfi>B dress, imported from I Parts expeesaly for this piece. J the last and im VSSSb I si ICROOK f CIHDB R LEON DBMON DANCE AT ?:?. I (lis NIOHT. EDWIN IEUiT, Seymour, Allen, Prioe, Oherlet, Ac., to CHJlRIjEY WHITK'B TKOUPR?BVKRT NltJllT, at Brjaui'a Meohanlca' Hall. <71 Broadway, near flmn(1 ?>kf| a m "TTTAL or FKHIam OATH! Jg*'f*? ?*15' gllpsfih. jSSl, 5ett?s8&i: reSiA OB THK IDIOT OF silOM!* TWIOT swflfairsrai* skblewb8!?*: hSuffiwTw TBB J?B?AT INDIAN JUQdLgg. SiSSwii}; Tag OBBAT imdiab j uuolbb _ niv niHCUOO MIKBTRBL8?!? IROAD*4T. wh0M anroeaa bu nerer be?n eqaalad^ ^TVi^laroijMl w^25! i_w7T??Tid Maw and ebeerful Burliaqiiea wnr ****? ?i.tu_ hm4 Inatttote. Ten bIbiiIm at the Aaedeniy ir the Keuo Skarpj. Ij-A Airtoaa Baliat Troop*. - h^; sri&fflfe*??. - ?TBIMwA? ^*r \lARRIKON, Director. Coa 847 Broartway; RuUmao'e ticket oOoe, 11* Broadway, and at Btetnway Hall. ? - ct'wwmbr T^f?u |). For aale at Btelawey a. array of t. Prima Do DIRBOTOB Me will aaeiatr? Sololit ELD, 5ne.HA Moeaucstea. TlekewW. '^73? *sj far aale tbia ?orelo? at 'ha uaaal' gTBlKWAT jjobcKBT, r - aiuiMN DWBCtOB ri,.i .i n??nii ~i of *ie faTtrlM Filiie Deaaa, Tkckete, M eente; Beeei lei Beata. M caaU eatra. jrvJKO MALL. THOBOOOBLT fmesbssrmk rrsse.ueJsu.~T - - nisamhkffl^ pU*> Mmbakd, invi'ftt cTfuw*^ _ _.?? T~ LADT TBA CH RR yh'i 'lb? * wMew * ajareaaamag. .??=?. a yf- ssa i- "sta"?1 &r!&?vvwbSi?fTSr^A-rjff. s^&3l5s^dw,u portanlty Wlto? offered. ? Ud yrUaU ? ? goounr 1%^ >rM_ r ?mT-? I"**'1*. *? ???*???? ? . _ wBgti nniiBtARi WO. M ?Y*.' To eenelade i lunooii .m^Kijgfcruw. o? ?^- B |?Sfav?^.iar??u* i?BKr' I comI&t ajtd SUELBBQPB POSTTA^ i5L*i??H^ jstaa sfgtjg ??ad rfrMQi u4 Androaaeda. Friday iratig ?M% Mink U. ^ > friday wwlt| ?it. Mint U. N^HEW YORK THRATU. ? Wt Don's Farewell Benefit Ml HMIMIf Urt >V> pearanee bnt one, Kriday wwi?| nit, Mawh 1A XTBW YORK THBATHS. Pi Lady Don's rumU Iwilt, IMti next, Earoh ML Bw plan ?W open. ? ? MHH. AMD MM. BARMJiT WILLIAMS' THIRD MATT M ??, Bnm4?ir Theatre, IbkiitUr, March I?, at lid o'clock. "Ireland As It Waa,"%ad "Omtomof tEeOonnUy.'" THUBATEK FRANOAJS. COMBOT. ? Saturday, kaech h %ma. Flrat repreaentatlou of _ 1'ARUBAU, L'BMPOISOHEBUE. Drama in 8?e aeU and Mran tableaux, by Meeharre aa4 Nna. Tteket ogo* at H. DAEDOXpJLlJt,b>?B Broadway, J||B8^r. B. CONWAY'S PABJC THEATRE, BROOK. THIS EVENING, Aometin Daly'e Npw Pla*. hazardous osou*n. Aline Era. f. B. OONWAV Supported hy the entire atar oomp?y. in rikfin a cRanrrs \T HINSTBBL& FIFTH AYKHTTE OP BE A HOU8H, Hea. S aid 4 Teat Twenty-fourth street 0. W. M. OrlHn .... Mama? _ THE FAtflLY RESORT. _ , Third anrnasefnl week of ike Orwad dp?o<a??i>a? Bnrlugn* Raeppearanoe of Er^vn/t) B? RR Doora open a*7> to oonmseaoo at 8 o'clock. rpOEY PASTOR'S OPERA HOOSH, m BO'.VBRT. 1 Crowded every night at the rlae of tke etialn. EnthuetaeUa mi?lla? of the SAM 0? Uon of the famuiin Athlete, Ir. BAH OOLYBR, ted eon a, Meniere DAN and J with bit two tales ted eon a, Hasten DAN aad BDDIB. Qmalaal hit oflhe daTt 'he new Bnrtewoe. ?H MAbANIRIil.O, H*SAWIKLLO, HASAN IE M.O, HASAKIHLLO. - T1?E ftrtH-OATCHER OP EAf LSeT Received with shouta of laughter and auyla?e. TONY PASTOR AND HI8 OREATTBOUPB in a magnificent MB of novelUeet HATIWEBB on WEDNEBATtand SATURDAY, at 2* P. M. H^HOOLKVK OPERA HOUSE, BEOOELTM. ?^THfc HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT. THE BUHLB3QUB BLACK CROOK, C. E. CoUlna?"The Core." A. Basaford?'-The Wonder." Somebody'* Coat, Affair of Honor. Challenge Dam*. 'Ire clan Statue*. Orand Hatinee every Saturday, at L'X o'clock. 2HUD WORTH'S EIN8TRELM, LATH OP FIFTH AVE ? nne Opera Hoiih, will open at W?bia|Ma Hall. Har. for sis night*, commencing Saturday evenklf, Ma rep JA J. B. and w. 8. Bndworth ou the ends. AdaaUeten SO and H eenta. Bun yan tablkaux.?larqbbt panorama ifc the world. Htxfy awgnMeent mdn, ill iiatra ting "B?a yan'l fthrim'i Piqgrew." Ualnu 11*11, . Bto.ulway M< Tweaty-lhlrd ?tr??t. Open erory aUM at 7; eoaonotfMagat ?Jf. Admi*atnn Ml cent*: children 2* cent*. Matluee WM> nesday and Sat'irdny. at 3 o'clock. hour. J. qrkBNWOOD. Manage awl Fiytenr. WONDERFUL PRKAK OK N AT0KB-'Tff B WASH INGTON TWrNX." born ill re. hanag twa heed*, four arm*, cad bat one body and one pair of tec*| alao tbe head anil right arm of I'robet, tbe murderer of trie Deerlne famf It; logvtber wltb the muguiBoeat oolkeotloo of objeet* la PhyniolojT, Anatomy. Pathology a ad Natural Hietory; all or which are Illustrated dalljrby l.oatare* and Mi<io?*?pU View*, at tbe New Y?rfc Mvieua of AaaUa*;, ?!? broad way. Open from 8 A. M. to 10 V. M. NOW ON EXHIBITION, FBBE, AT THE FIFTH Avenue Art nailery, a Terr floe eoBoRlkm of nrlgtMal Modern Oil Pfltntlaga by leading artteta of the Kreaek, Belgium and Amerlaaa loaeol*. Banjo ? instruction!! by my uohtnino metboil, which ena'jle* any paraoa to nUy well la dm ?tagle eotiraa of laaeuae. Uaujue farniehed Tar practice. C. DQBttON, m Broadway. rB ATRICAL NOnCB.-WAWTB*, LADT YOCALIBT and daaaeaui ' " " ' ? and gentlemen ilmal Agent* [OAL NOMCB.-WAHTBBS ItADT VOCAUB* umai ali'i a violinist: alao M*ar*1 youna ladlaa iten Mr the stage. AfflT M DAVIB A CO., m ihytB Broadway. ? rrmv;atnJTtiokrt officb. J. Hrserred Heal* for all Bret ?la*e ThBBlma, Coaearta, Balla, Ac., can alwaye be obtained el the T11KATRK T1GKET ?FFIOB, 111 and 114 Broadway. . 1 FUilordHT^ A GOOD SEVEN OCTAVE PIANO FOB 8 Aid?.?IN ?A quire of MORRIS LAYMAN, Ml Ctiltl IreJF A ROSEWOOD SEVEN OCTAVE PIANO, ALL TBE Uleat improrcraenU,/Or $>*? one fdk-fBO, alee a aaw one at a reduced price, lao Amity street. ' M. HARD MAN! ' A SACRIFICE FOB CABH IF AfPUBD FOB THIB. ?fflrsyacli^iat A HAOKiriCBNT ftOMRWOOD FliMnBTI FDR lw Broniea, Chamber and Dining Fandtore. A *eeride? dfwaet Statoenlh etreet, near BUfli imi? A FEW MOBE FIRST OLASB BBVBN OCT A TO Planoa. Including aa elegant PerMaa epetght Ptaaea Qri?jri?2t,"^jir **mmi * A VERY BAND SO KB SMALL BIBBD T OOTAVBI A Boeewood Ptanaforte, oieiwuM baa*, earrad baa *1 been ueed eight months; fa peiM order; will UliU isr&& &X.? A MAONIFIOENT ABBOBTMEMV OF TUB P1NBB* BlMctrr itrtti A SPLENDID BOBHWOOD PlANOFORTB?IN OOOB order, will he sold fa? tM ii sailed far to- day. I|?|? at tO BMrldgo slsaal. AN ASSOBTMBNT OF new PIANOFORTES to let aad add. aa instalment*, a* Ike aauraatonr, 1M and Beat Twaaty Sm etreet LTP OOMM1NOB. A SPLENDID SEVEN OCTAVE BOBBWOOD PIANO. A. forte et a prat sacrifice: worth t?l%\ fee leea than half, Abe one for ISM; eoat BOB SI WaeMftgtoa place, aaa* qreeae etreet. A FEW MOBE FIRST CLABB BBVBN OCTAVE Planoa. Heiadtag aa defeat hMha alright Pbaa gjaegerad.rar ule cheap^ea aeeoaat at naen( at No. f ?PABOA1NS?BOBEWOOQ SEVEE OCTAVE PIAR? D forte, fan Iroa fraaae, BOi; did aalare at SUB; baa* ?mm reMWood Btodart A DwahaM PlaaafBrta, |M; wnai ether* cheap; alao aaaortmeat aew Ptaaiferte* at ie?* caaa ^jFaurtA MoMUU AIJ> A CO.. LSS^TSS: ?g?gax<tspr*z.s2a. ? KUMUAVROI/S. thaa half prtee. TBPOBTANT nfVENTlONB a En-mo-* ?SSinESnSlSSrwSS i?jz^sSgat SwfisfAaS ?tone which eeneUUitae the flllaHng madlnm to be an etceV loot artlelafor the Borpoaa. the taetraweat le aolte dara sms* "rm^nHanfxwsr* iui Bf^ion 4AMBn m. vauuivn, Me *"? ^ Held b^?"'*11'^ 00., Prbedeel Plow Bydraotle Bagineera. PartkJalar *tt*eltoa paid ? M|I4#IIM9, yynin |o count? etraet. Hew Toi'