Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 15, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 15, 1867 Page 2
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r ?OiBDKM ARD MNMMH ^TAIfTll ANokli rniniii boom volet -apply at 1? Henry staaat. vT A*? Ui ILIEOUI 8TBIiET.-MCK rooms. ?Im?| aka^e gfilltn? Teruu modereW in May. Arurm bamily wili. a mc<mo rMni handMxnely furnished, to t;eiit;eme? or to two g?ntie ?N isd Wtree, with int elw Bu.rO. Kclereuoe pb.(uu*J. ? WMt Tmntjr NTinlk atreet __ A M ELEGANT 8UIT OF PARI.ORS ALrtO TWt) KINK /v Room*. to let. with first d*e? Koerd; ub.* a bote u*i frMUMa. Winder Hotel. 23 Wenrteeelh Or eel. be UrtwMflf end Klfik eveuue. , ALADT DWIBH TO MBKT A PARTY OK GBN Uemrn wlie would secure ii#r e well furu'shed House, to whom ehe would fire ohoiee of rooms and !iret claas board Highest teeuinoumle given. Add roe? House, box M Poet ??e PRIVATE FAMILY AT 48 WKST TWBUTH atreet ran ooco/nimxUte ? gentleman and wire or two gentlemen with funnelled Room* and Board, eerv.tnta and ohtldren not takea; relerenoes required. A T FRANKPOST HOUSK, CORNER OF 'RAMKKORT J\ and William atreets WC roorae: greet reduction in prices; Hflc. to 5jc. p?r day; $1 Ml to 93 per week. Open all night. A BIBB SUIT OF BOOMS FOR FAMILIES, ALSO Rooma tor alngle gentlemen, to let, with Roani Ap ' ply at (? Btoth street, near Fifth aveaae. References re quired. _ A FURNISHED SECOND FLOOR TO LET, WITHOUT board, to genilemen only. Refersnoe require^ 41 Lest Twontl eth street AT H LKXINOtoN AVENUE, CORNER TWKNTY Sfth rtreot, Dewly furnished on second and third floors, with plain cooing and abundant table; no moving lu Mi;. reference* exchanged. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED RBCOND STORY large Front Room to let. with or without Boird. Ap ply at 149 Eaat sixteenth street, between Irving place and Third sveuue. APLBASANT ROOM AND BEDROOM OB THK SKC. ond floor to let. furnished. with Hoard, Are ar..i gar, In a private family; price $32 per week. Apply at M Ka*t Nineteenth street. T NO. 16 WEST TWENTIETH 9TRRBT-ONR-ROOM for a single gentleman; high eat reference rroi'ilrcd. . T NO. 1*1 CLINTON PLACE?TO LET. A NICK ROOM, with extension, suitable for two or three tentlemi'ii: Board in French and German style; no moring ou 1st or May. A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET?TO C.ENTLK men or gentleman and wife, without board: $8 a week, 6ro and gaa. W Bnat Fifteenth street, near Third avenue. A A1 A PRIVATE FAMILY. LIVING IB A FIRST CLASS House, will let one or two hall Rooma to gentlemen, withoat board. Terms very moderate. 230 West Tenth & MY LADY CAN HAVE FIRST CLASS BOARD AND attendance In a physician's family during expected eas; perfect seclusion. Address Physioian, station C. A PEBBANBNT HOME.?A WELL FURNISHED PAR lor and alngle Boom*, with liberal Board or wtthout, to of gentlemen, location unexceptionable. References oxohaagod. At HO West Twenty-first street. near Sixth av. A?TWO VBBY DESIRABLE HANDSOMELY FUR ? nlshod alngle Rooms, to rent, with Board at 34 Ea?t Twelfth atrret Looation .central. Table first class A BOOM ON SECOND FLOOR TO LKT?WITH Board; alao othera without. No moving In May. Lo cation good. 39 Greenwich avenue. A BOOM TO LET?WITH BOARD, ON THIRD FLOOR, J\ auitable for two gentlemen. Terma moderate. Apply B Lexington avenue. AT a WEST TWELFTH STREET. BETWEEN FIFTH .tY and SixBi avenuea, two hall Bedrooms to let, with Aral elaaa French table. References. AHANDHOMBLY FURNISHED PARLOR AND BED. room, for a gentleman and lady, or two gentlemen, wl* Board; alao a single room, at 67 Weat Thirty-seventh tret. Refsrsnoes exchanged. A SUIT OF ROOMS, HANDSOMELY FURNISHED. TO let to two gentlemen, at per week, with Are and gas; also Hailruom at $6; no meals. 13 Bond utroet A ?BLBOABfLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, A, With or without private tal>le. At 31 Wast Eighteenth street, near Fifth avenue. No moring in May. A FURNISHED ROOM TO LKT?WITH OAS AND A heat $S tier week, at 3ft Third street, two blocks from Broadway. References required. A VERY LA It OK PLEASANT FRONT ROOM TO let, with Hoard, by a private family: good house and looatloa; no moving in May. Apply at 1/5 Lexington ave nue, between Thiriy-flrttt and Thirty -second streets. Abeatly furnished room ON THE FIRBT Boor, with a few othur Rooms, can be had, with Board, at 101 Varick street. Termj reasvitiaole. A PRIVATE AMERICAN FAMILY CAN A0COMM0 date two youn^ men or a middle aged man and wife with pleaaant Hoonia and -Hoard. 96 Clinton place, near Ptlth avenue. House and location Grat class. Avery pl asant hall room to let, with Board; dinner at hall-|>a.t six. Apply at 43 Oreen wtoh avenue, ne tr Charles xtreet. AT 40* WEST TWENTY SECOND STREET -LARGE front and hack Ro-kuj on aeeond >nd third floors, newly and elegantly furniaheti io let in suits or single, with ar wtthout ttrst claas ttourtL Otn^-au not taken. AhandhOmkly FURNisiii'.b ?u:t or rooms on aeeoml floor to tent, wl'.h Ur->v i?ia Boird, alao nnlur nlahed Room oa third floor. US M hoi. avenue. A LADY Has ALARCF., II ANDS:iMKLY FURNISHED earner Front Loom to let, to an elderly gentleman; one wishing la be Ike only boarder; or sentl-'imn and lady; gaa aad Water, no atovlng la May. US Wooetcr street, corner af Pilase street. A WIDOW LADY. OOCCPYINO A BROWN STONB A. bouse, elegantly fnrnlsbed, wouid 1st the eotira Baeood Pleor, en suite or elngly, to gentlemen willing to psy a fair prtee far superiar atcotntinxl-tm in. Apply at US WetoTwenty-sixth atreet, between blxth and Seventh ave. A FAMILY OB A FEW GE.Vri RMKH can BB AC A eommodatni with Board and )>>*aaant Hooma. In first etaaahooae. 1*4 Weal Thirty.fourth atreet Terms inodsrala; ne moving. ^ A SUIT OF FIRST CLAMS ROOMS, WITH BXCSL A lent hygienic Board, can be had at the Turfclah Bath, aatabbahment, O an 1 ? t olumbla atreet, Brooklyn Heights; throa-ounutee' walk from Fulton ferry. A OBNTLRMAN AND WIFE OR TWO OENTLBMBN J\. can have a laree front Kfviin, oa second floor; well fur nlshed; hot aad oold water. Call at 163 West Twenty-fourth atreet. A PLEASANT, 7URBZSHBD FBONT BOOM, WITB Board, can hr obtMinl by applying at JOB Weat Nine lawU (treat, Ju?t below Eiglilh arouue. The oonaforta of a home enjoyed. 1>0ARD.?OKU OR TWO QBNTLBMEM MAY HATE A JJ pic i N?nt Room, with Board, at 83 Clinton pUoe. near Firth arenuo. Board.?an bntire broomd floor, handsome It (umlihod, ra ealtn or aeparately, with ImrUu Board; location, hnnw and tible unexceptionable. Call at Mo. 78 \rcat forty fifth atreet. Board down town-wito qood Ar com mod a Uona, at m Orrenwtch ittwt, between North Meere and Bench etreeu. at $5 per week. Meals puntual, and the ttne accommodating Voartlrra. T>0A RDI BO TWO OR THRRB OBNTLRMBN CAM BB .!> aoontnm xiM*d with gaod Board and plaaeant R<*>m?, with Hit eonforU of a home; term* mode rat*. Aleo % few day boardera Apply at 11* femyth atreet. T>OABDINO. ?A LABOR RANDBOMBLT FURNISRRD JD front Room, with lire, gaa, hot ana aold water, and Board far two for $*> a week; one for #10; a hall Room (or SB l to the Bint alaaa brown atone houae M Kail Thirteenth etmt, two door* below Heoond arena*. I^URNISIIKD BOO MB TO LBT, WITH BOABD, AT ? r Bond etreec nANDHOBB FURBISHBD BOOMS TO LBT-WtTH Board. Apply at 174 Thompson atreet, near Bleeoker. H^HABDflOMRLt PCRNTSHRD ROOMS AMD FIRST etaaa Board, at $12 and |14 per wl, for gentleman aad wife. near thy Park, and plranant li/catloo. Seventy - e|(M> treat, nut houae eut of Third arenne. yt. anomA jambs b. btbbl, havino takbm in No. M West Twenty-fourth street, hare Urge, airy Paitore aad Bedrooms, well furnished. for the aerommoda tie* of famQIee and aingle gentlemen, OTth Bretetaaa Board. Bafer?aee prea iaitalred. VTBaTLT rURNIBHBD BOOMS. WITH BOARD, TO 1^1 tot. t* Mttaaea and their wires or aingle geatleaoa. fe BaalTweltylth eu?1 SBaTLT rPIUgBHTO BOOKS ON ftRCOMD FLOOR Rae ThTfT'*1hlr??Uu at" * hoarder*. Call at A*? HAMDNOWBLT FVRM1SHRD ROOM* IN to real to alnato gentlemen or gentleman and lh?r wires. Family mail aad labia Sret 3ass. Homering In May. Refereeiuiia exchanged. Apply at W Baat Thirteoath treat, between Heeoad and Third areaaee. T)ABLOB AMD BRDROOW?FURRIBIIBD OR PMFVR I nlehed; house flret otoae; atoo table; homo oewtferta. Beat of re^arrnooe giro* aad repaired. IS Waal Tanenly aeraath treat ____________ P8BSONS WIRRTNO RLROANTLT PTBMISBBD I Apartments, and wilting to pay ao eqnlratoat price, can he suited by applying at St wet Twonty^wrsnMl tr?t pRITATB BOABD?ANT LADT CAN flMD A QUIRT. A raepeotabte home. wNfc every rwqiittlte, dnrlag expected gekeaee. Madame tiOtffsR, female phjak-Urt, If Weal Thtwsenlh atreet, between fifth and 9l?th arenuea. ROOBg TO LBT-A PARLOR amd CHAVBSB AD MB to one or two alngto gentlemen, on Meoad well lurnlihed and modem Improrehienta. Apply ll WW Waal Twenty-Bret street H<>gl.*ryPRRISBBP OB UNBURN tsHBD, RtMOI-B ?"'to o? any floor, in a brmatn Bond e treet. Jo M Ul W1U'?UI t*wd' AVpiT R(i22MSdiKfri?a "?'ARATBI.T, with PIRBT "W, " Amenean raaailr. Private ubto Wj^^tJtolrg^^4- T???""^rat^ At SSI K?^^kff^TnTAf"^nD' AT WiVU"" wKsv Vnto? fpO LIST?A MBATLf rtlRNIHUpn room on TMP .1 accond floor, to n gentleman and wlfr or to two atn?i. pnUemg^ wlth^or without Board. Apply at m WeM mO LBT-A PURNIHBRD front ROOM, WITH OR I Without Board; Bret deaf Prunoh Board. A pat, ana Weat Twelfth etreet, btweea fifth and ?l?th aemuSa. rpo UM LA BOB rOBNIBHBD BOOK, WITH OR 1 wtlliwet Board. The bowee haa all the modern la j "-"mania, fermf |fgg?B?blg. ?!aB g| MS Bat Thirty. BOABOERI r^HKFNT MIMII.K M'?OB* M?D ^?Booma for hoajakaevUNL^M^M three doors ft box fort; 'no ttTRANUKKri AND OTHBB*.?A HIUHL.T RH 1 specuble tlernna l*4y witt lei a abate* <U <nlt| fur nlahej Koonw, with B *nl or prinU IBMe. *|>l? aft II* K.ghtb atrret. Ollatoa alsas rnWO HAKD8UBBI.T FUBNIBHBD BOOBft, OW BBC I on?J floor, to tot. ?IU Boat*. ?! Uf W?M Twwtf-M Ra.erauoa* exchanged. TWO OB THBKR fttTPBBIOB BOOM4 CAW BR HAD. together or aaparatafcr. wBfc Board, at m Blath atraet, near Flfih aranur. UBIOM 3QDABB.-A TO IT Of BOOBS TO LBT, WITH ftrat nlaaa Board, la tha MifU MMloa, B Kaat Sara* leeuth (treat 2PIHIBI8H_0 FBOBTBOOM*. BOB TWO PERSONS each, al M Baal Thlrtjr-a*?*atb atraat, mm- Third area ue. irj'KB WKRK.?ONB OB TWO ftTffOLB OBNTl.K <pt> man can bare good Baard and lod^tag, al W WalU atraal, naar Washington. CTH AVBNUB. NO. 2A?OBB 1*AB0B DOUBUS BOOB ?_J U> let, wlih Urat alaaa Baard. I 7 BAST TWKLFTB flTBBBT-BAOK PARLOR AND 4 I Ktumsion. handsomely furnished Lar?* Raom on eeaond floor. Oar single Booaa. Quad Baard. Planar at A a CUMTOK WLAOK-CAB BE Hif) A Room*, furnished, suitable far a family gentlamaa. with Board. Reference* exohaairea. ? Or HER WKKK FOB A RBCOBD HTOBT BACK Room (with full Hoard), neatl; furnished; Use a Bedronna for ?*, to a single gentleman; bouaa Aral alas*. No. VM Writ Twenty-flftb atraet. naar Eighth arenu*. O/' FOURTH 8TRFBT, OUB BLOCK WF.8T OF ?j') Broadway.? Handaomol* furalshed Rooana; alao ain gle Room* for gentlenMu. House first class. Dinner at 1 A aorr or or party of r Q WF.ST TWENTY-THIBD'BTBBHT. ?)0 Furnished Room* lo reot, with Board. Referenoea exchanged __________ rrLi FIFTH AVENUE, NF.AR DRLMONTOp'B.?HARD. I D ?omely furnished itooin* to !??; i??iH tf deslf?d; rifw eo n exchanged; no moving In 0 1 MACDOUGAL STRRBT.-A FRONT "ALL ROOM t7*T to let to i gentleman. Dinner at o clock. Refer enceii required. iaa WEST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET.-A PRI H)U vale famHv having more Boom* than they require, will lot to gentlemen, without Board. Reterenoee ex changed. _____ ? 1 nr WOO.STER STREET.-FURNISHED ROOMS TO A\)0 let lor gentleman; Rooms from $J to$? per weeh, also a front Parlor suitable for a physteiaa. WEST noiTSTOK STREET-TO LET. A HPLBN xj | d<d furnished Iloom to a gentleman and wife; alio two small Booms to single gentleman, wtth Boar*. 117 isic NINTH STREET. A PRW DOORS WBST OF 1ZD Broadway, elegantly furnlsbad Parlors to let, en ?ulte or separator. Also Room! for doctor. Immediate poa mm ion If desired. MACDOI'G AL STREET.?A FROBT BOOM, OH A,, w secoml floor, to let. with Board, Are and gas, to * gentleman and wife, for |t>. No morlng in May. 1 A ? TWELFTH STREET. WEAR SECOND AVE J nue.?1-.arfi Room on second floor, with Board, for ? genUeman and wife or two gentlemen. Terma moderate. 1 A C WEBT~TWELPTH?PLEASANTLY PURNWHBD X4"D front Rooms, with.fir?t class Board, for gentlemen, or gentlemen and their wire*. 136 BOARD AND LODGING WASTED. ORNTl.BMAN. WIFB AND CHILD DESIRE HOARD ? . in a highly resectable family, where no i?}},er are admitted; locationrespectable, not*t*>*elf.1?1: best reference given and required. Addi*esa, with full par tlculsr., B.. HeraM offloe. A YOU NO MAN IS DESIROUS OF OBTAINING A Room, with partial or no board, where he pan etjloj the comforts of a home. Addreta, with partlculara, F, box 1,847 Post oflloe. ? * GENTLEMAN, WIFB, INFANT AND A would like to get one or two nice Rooms, with "P?ra, from tbe.mi.Hla o? April, In a P?T.Ue family; tWnlty of Washington square; would fnrnfeh the room*. Adores* n. Anderson, station A, Spring street. TnY PERSON HAVING FURNISHED ROOMS TO _A let. with Board. In Rood locutions. ornnfurnuhed Rooms or Suits of Rooms to let, will find good parties for such at LEONARD A RUSSELL'S. 1,19a Broadway, room It. BOARD WAiqjBD-BY A YOUNG LADY; PRIVATE family preferred. Address a A, Herald, office, fctat ng tor ma, Ac. Board wanted-by the ist of april, fob a gentleman and wife and two children; private family preferred; location between Sixth aud Eight* avenues and not below Thirtieth etreet; terms mast be moderate. Ad dress K. W. B., Herald omea. for one week. Board wanted?for a lady and obntlbman. in a strlotly private famUv; that of a wiA>w lady pre ferred. Address Randolph, Herald offloe, elating particu lar^ _____________ iKRSEY CITY.-BOARD WANTED, BY TWO YOUBG geutlemen. In a first class houae, with *smsH plensant oms. and oonvenient to the ferry. Addreea W. H., Herald offioo. stating particulars. WANTED?BOOMS WITH AND WITHOUT HOARD. VY In first class private houhej. for permanent parties of the highest respectability. J. Q. FOWLER, Twontythird street, ooraer of Fifth Avenue Hotel. WANTBD?BY A ORRTLBMAM AND HIS WTPR, A furnished Room, with good Boart, between Four teeath and Thirty-fourth streets, and Fourth and Eighth avenue; refereneea given and required. Address, stating terms, bo? t,M Poet office. WANTBD?A CARPBTBD BOOM. WITH GAB, FIBK and bath, la a private lamlly, where there are do other lodgers; a permanent tenant with the right uartias; no boarding or lodgfajibouae keepers need apply. Address, with references. Letter Q? Herald omce. WANYBD?IN BROOKLYN, BOARD BY A YOU man, la a reepsotabls private family, where there bo other boarders. Refersnoee exchanged. A duress two days, with terms per month, whioh most be modarau, 11. C., bot B.WI Poet ottos. New York. M7ANTED-BY A BINOLR GBNTLBMAN, A BOO*. FT jrlth or wlthoot Board, In a reapeetable and pleaaast family. State fall particulars and terms. AMtm B. D., elation D. COUNTRY BOAJtD. A~T SUMMIT, *. J., OWE IIOUB FBOM RBW YORK par Morria and Bseex Railroad.-BavaralSulta of very deelrable HMDS are aow to rent In the Summit House; also a commodious Salt of Apartments In a Urge oottaae, wtth private table. If reqni?d; the hwise Is pl^ntlyTooaUd, near ehnrchee. schools, post andUlegraph offlcee, and within two minutes' wait at depot. COUNTRY BOABD WANTED?WITH A BOOM AND Bedroom, for three grown pepwns U4v and sons, within SO miles of New York eltTjjjood table required: will remain all summer ir suited. Address stating term! and location. B. J. 117, bot 8.8J8 Post oflloe, N. Y. /"M)l'NTBY BOABD IR A HEALTHY LOCATIOB \ J Pleaaant rooms, good grounda, staMaa, Ma Address rWafirid. M.ATor apply at 110 William street. UUTEL|. D'^BYOB HOUSK. 1M blbeckkr strebt, nbab ?reedway, between Greene and Wooeter sweets?Tar nished Rooms, singly aad sulta. by the day, weak or mont^. I Hesuarant attached. YOUMO are for Howard hotel, bbw yobk oitt, marchkH 13S7.?The pries of Board reduced from four lo three and a half dollars per day. CTTT nBAt. BRTATB FOR SALB. Ah bbown stonb aiou stoop hjwsk-in wrbt I Twemv-thlrd atreet, for sale, with Cah>?<*. Mirrors and Uss Fixtures. Possession In Anvil If desired. Apply to A. J. BLBECKKR, SON k CO.. 7T Cedar etreet. BaROAIN.-FULL LOT ON lOBTH STREBT. NBA* i. Fifth avaane; level gtoend, no rock; price |V5J0,af which B7lMaan remain on mortgage. Ayply to A. R BBW BBBhT, IB Broadway. YBBY BIO* THBBE STORY HIGH STOOP BBOWN Boorman place. Thlrty^-third street, for an; with oildotha, window sbadee, pier 8 KMBK1UON, 421 Eighth aveaae. A FOUR STORY RfcOLISH BASEMENT HOUSE. WITH A stable, on Wset Thirty-fifth strvet, near Eighth aveane, ^,faas5ra%htha^ AT at FOURTH AYENUR?HOUBBB FOR BALB - See Stanley Day's Real Rstate Clacuiar, whloh paa ha had Ore* or by matt upon receipt of stamped directed a? AFIBUTCLABB FOCR STORY HIGH STOOP BBOWN stone Hooee far sale, Immediate pyeaslon, ?? a oroas street uptown, sod eloaa to I ha Futh avenue 1h? hoase has beeo built by a firet elaae builder far hta own uee, snd Is Snlshed la black walnat and hard weed through out; It la In ovary respect one of the heel housea In thie city. Prtoe BT5.0U Part lea wishing to narehaee aoch a property may apply to S. RMBRRBON, dil Eighth aveuno ABAROAIB.-THRRB BTOBY AND BASMMtRT brick Howe brown stone baesmaat, la Wait thirty third street; will pay It per oeat Interest. MotlBATH A OAaUT. BN Nlath avanaa. AYBRY GOOD PIfcOR OF TMBANT PROPRRTY, two four story bvtek and two frame Heueea la Boat Thlrty-Orat street, for all SI*,000. McGRATH 1 GRADY. N la Ik aveous ATT9S THIRD AVRNUR.?FOR SALE, A S STORY stoop brown stone House on Bast Thirtieth Streets one do. on foriy elgMh street, one on foitj-alntb. four 8 story aad three 4 slory brnwa stoaes oa Klfileth. three on Flfly'drst, one en Fifth-fourth, two on PIfty-flflh, one on Fifty-aaveath, three on Fifty-ninth, three itory do. on Slxtkth, Bve on Bitty terond, one on Seventy-third, five on Seventy -eighth, sevea on Seventy ninth, one on Eighty fourth street and four on Lexingtan avamm, live on Third avenue, four on Second avenue; also In Harlem Prtees from $7.CT0 to tBt.UQO. JAMBS ROWS. A" THREE STORY HIUH STOOP HOCSR FOR SALB In Baal Taath street, near Second tvenut; also a (oar atarv high stoop brown stone In Twenty sixth street, aaar Madison a venae. J. C. BAILBV, 10 Fifth etreri. L runs THREE STORY HIOH STOtiP BRICK HOCR A for tale, OB Forty-third street, near Broadway, BOxtti i.e. all liaBMvaments and viwy deairmbla; Bid 800. ^ ?OTTER BROTHERS A BBLI AMY, No. $ Pine street A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP HOITSR A for aale, on Twenty-eeventh st'eet, 3fit<IHlU0, In moat complete orief. Prlre, J";.'"*''*, Fl*t?a, Mir sura. Coruioaa, A BELLAMY. Bo. B Ptne street. AM first CLASS BROWN BTONB HOfJSB FOR SALE three story, high etooft wpovtor mantels, modern lm piorements; two biwk. front the Park: 'letfant chandeliers; middle one of a row of ten In Kl/bty-Pourta strseL near Third avenue. Arr^T tn "wn?''. **** ?v'nty-ninth at. A DF.SIRABLB LOCATION.?TWO F''L1. LOTS. A Mtioa. south stde Fifty sewnts street. 1W feet eaat ?i Tenth avaane; |B,B*u e**hi terms oash dnl/j,,. THOS. SCAN LAN, 7*4 Bidhth aveaua. CITY REAL MfATB WE ?tf. . i&g&SMIg Bhroadway moKERTr?rom balb orbai*. orb ? 3 the best hMM ?? Broadway. W?kl?U? elf?j? price. Spltudid Marble Building on the pmn mm, wfcte* wttl he paid for at ?>MUo<i uf Um. Apply personalty m by latter at Mo. HI weat Plrty-?eeo*d MM. BW WATKRLOW A OO.. M NASSAU BTRBBT. ? 7th street?1 "tor/ aitio tit basement House MM eta (treat * elorf B. fc. brtek Huum, near kktr .11M JUU etrret?3 etory B. b blink rtooae, near SU ST .Ou tlet street?S story k. a. brown Mom, Mar Sd a*...... UU Lem^Us a>.-bn>wi atone Hons so froes fH.18$ to m/B /1UKAI--NO. m WBST TWBLPTB STBBBT. WORTH VV aaat eoroer of Fourth; S){ Morr brick Store (bnkery)} U tnJ* I'i loe ?7 jrn WtHf BKMaBW ArPLBBT, 10 Ply EHLEUANT THBEB RTOBT HIOH RTOOr BRO*TM ? >u>oe Hooae, haadeoaaely dteomM. all Modern taa prureuwnte. tret claia neighborhood, for Ml* at a bargain. Apply at am henry eiiaey ftonlh Bruaklf. CM>B SALK?THE LOT AMD FIRST OLABB DWKLU r lug Mouae V Weat Fifty, fourth street, between Fifth and Sixth arenuee, with three Lota adjoining and a Lot with stable In roar, running throonh to Fifty-flfth street, now oo ctipiod bytbe subsonber. Par terma and particulars spply at office.* John street, between 1 andt o'clock. The boOee aud preanlaoa inajr bo seen from 1 to 4 o'clock. - THOA O- BMITH. T7>OR 8ALB?A BABsAJM?FIRST CLASS HOUSE. M P reel wide, and Stable. 100 Went fourteenth street, be tween BlitU end Seventh arenuee; Immediate poeeeeeion. A|?ply to BUMKR MOEOAM, Wo. ? Pto* street BAT.B?ON WEST 8IDB OT UNIVERSITY PLACE, r between Twelfth and Thirteenth etreeta, two Houses and I-rase or Lota 1ft Teen from let of May next. Bite of cash each. Apply at the paint store, FHOB BALE?HOITSE AND STABLE POR THREE horses, one of the beat milk reutui in the city; $3.0*0 lnqulre at fS3 Eighth ar nue. ;iOR SALB-THE VALUABLE PHOPBKTT 41 AND41X Thorn- 'U#ei IOB SALE?FOUB STORY fROWM HO?rt? _ aU naodoru ml,r?.v??^'?l,^uPojP8 Confection. ,000. For permit apply at W. H. OlttSOP a y.omw\ uu F 1888 BrnadwarT I(H>B BALE?ONE OF THOSE DKLIOHTFUL BAY F window Hsiim.1, in Thirtieth street near Fourth ave nue. For partioutam and ptrnH apply to UHM( M COP LAND, 410 fourth avenue. FOR BALR?ON MURRAY HILL, A DESIRABLE tkrea story high stoop brown stone House. Only 848.1101). Apply to UKMY A COPLAND, 41? Fourth avenue. ||K)R BALE-ON F1PTY-8BOOND STBEET, NEAR F Rratdwtr, a first cUk brown stoue front House. with oPWIthout the Furuiture. Apply to MULLBM, WILKINS k PP., Wo. T Pino street fj?OB BALE?A FIRST OLAHS FOUR STORY, HIGH r stoop brown (tone Hmw In Vortr-eeveath street, be tween Firth sad Sixth avenues. All modern Improvements. lkou?e snd location In overr respect first class. Address B., box 4,349 Post olDce. TpOR BALE?ON WEST TWBNTY-FOURTII STREET, r west of Ninth avenue, a good three story high stoop , brick House, 10 feet 10 inebas front and rear by half the I block. Prtee f HOW. Terms easy. B. BMBKKaON, 4?1 Eighth avenue. U'OB BALE-A VALUABLE PIKCB 0? FRHPEBTY , r in Laurens street, near OanaL For parUouIan. address John Smith, Herald offloe. I FOE BALE-TOE FIRST CLASS TENBMBXT PROP- , erty 261 West Thirty-third street, consisting of four story front Houte. I POB SALE?CHOICE BUILDING LOTS, 8ITUATBD la Twelfth ward of this city; also 1 Lot on Fortv ?econdstreet, near Forty-second street ferry. Apidy to J. K. HEALTH. U'X Chamber* street, from II to 8 o'clock. Fob bale?cheap, I Ground, ISxWO, StsES Mtswsrras: and Ninth avenues meat Apply -first street F _lOB BALE?ON TWENTY-FOURTH STBEET. NEAR I Madison avenue, a three story briok Hour, la fin* or der; possession April 1 and price low. Also a three story brown stone House. Second avenue, near Flftv-flrth street, $14,000; also five fall Lots with two thraestory crick Htfaees, Fifty-third street, near Sixth avenue. Apply to D. M, SEA MAN, 14 Ptne street. FOR SALE-IE FORTY-FIFTH BTBEET, NEAR FIFTH avenue, a three alary brown stone House. Apply to hPGBHE CMfcYALLlKB. 81 Cedar street. Foe sale-thjc three btoey iiioh stoop mo dern built House M East Twenty-ninth street; sl*e ZOxflO; lot half the block: prloe Biff,000; terms easy. Can be seen between 1 and 8 P. M. Inquire al 91 Bast Twenty*nlnth street, or of O. H. WORK, V Front street ?*? FWR SALE-THREE LOTS, OX SOUTH SIDB OF Fifty-eighth street, XhlOO eieb, commenciac 100 feet east of First avenue. For particulars apply to JOHN D. SKEBECK,7* Weat Fortieth street FOB BALE-TV THIRTT-FIEfrr STERET. HBTWRBN Second and Third avesusa, a three etory high stoop Brick: contains furnace and all modern improvements, and is in tlie very bast possible condition, from cellar to roof. Price mOW. KILrATEICK, Bull's Head Brttk Bmldlng. EIOR 8ALE-ON TWKNTlisECOND STREET, A FEW r doors from Fourth svanua, opposite Methodist ohnroh. a handsome three etory briok House, la psrfeet order and completely fnrnlehed throughout; furniture nearly new: piano, Ac. Price jlifrOO. Apply to HOMER Stelnway piano, J& MttROAX. No. 1 Pine |J?OR SALE?A TERY WEAT JWO BTGRY HlO H r iinnn undwoalltr Houm, in Flfly-Mitn ??dort?. Prloe ft,760. Bul,,. B^W JtOB BALE?TWO STOBT IIIOH STOOP BRICK F IIoum, MS RMt FiflT-MAtind atroeL b#4w?ao wcana lte* lot 23x100.*. for permlU mpplf at 108 Wert Twenty-nlath treat. rB BALE-TWO ELEGANT FIR8T CLAM FOUE storv brown stone front Houses, 88 and 86 Mxtieyi .uaaCErth^al ooraar of Leilngton avenue. Inquire oa thepiemlaee. ipOB BALE?AT HARLEM, * LABOB POD " 0 P with four Lota of ground; flna river rtaw. Elllardirym. T with f??r LoU of groaaa; una nw ooaeervatory, Ac., altaehad la house. Poet offloe. noa SALE?10 LOTS ON FIFTY-EIGHTH STREET. ?hat wo? Fifth snd ^jjh "venne^ "* HALB?lu lA/in un w u ? ?-???w-- - ? _ .jtweea Fifth and ??h "vwaa^ al low favorable tenaa. Apply al Sixth A" iB BALE-TWO POTTAGES IE lUTH'TBEET.y ; waea Third aad Fourth avenaee. Appty ta JOHN ANXAN. II0th street, near Fourth avanaa. PrlaaBMW fjlOB BALE-A HAHDSOMB 8UBWBBAE BEBIOEWTE, P ln perfeot order, with all the modera Improrejaente: sii lots of ground, with choice fruit and * rubbery, and stable la rear. Situated on north side of USA etteet, be Rlrth aiid Seventh avenues. For partkmlara FIR BALE-A YERT FINE THREE BTOBT HIGH stooo>rick House. In Fortieth street; lowefjrtory brown \ baloonj; rcoU for $1.600. PHoe $10,106. A. DAKRIN. HlaU and WbiUh?ll I Fir SALE?ON BAST FIFTEKXTH ?TEBBT^ BK twsen Irving pto>? and Third avenue, a four story hiki stoop brick house, KtSBxM, I'BS? order. L in g?0<i w. uw. . WM. S. JENNINGS. Ill Broadway, Trinity Building, basement rtOB BALE-AX ELEGANT BEOWN STONE HOUBg. f lm Tery locMiofi, beiWeeii flftk Madtota avenueo. Price in ui., Fn rnlturs.msde to o-^ In boat atyU. Ipptj to C. H. BCIVBN> ? PIK POE B A LB?THE HOrTO ^DLOT Mt F Thirty-first street near Eighth avenw,P2wBi0.nn0. terms easy. Apply to JOHN. ffrATTSipu*. W1 (law ??!) Kaat Fourth street, from 8 A. M. to 1 P. M. POll B ALB.-tMW.Wg* ?0T . attic hifh Seventh and A TWO BTOBY AN! s.??BB.7W wiui' ?u i ? ? r:.r I sV>or< brick Honsa end Let. Twenty-firn etraat, Klgfa'h svenues; poMoeeton Mey I. ^ SMITH bTieaD, m Eighth avaaae. rR BALE-THREE STORT "}OH BTOOP BBICK | Houm and Loi, Twenty-awntli and Ktnlh avcmiaa: KUtt bj I no f#Al: houM ftjii ?aln good cs^er.VAoe ?U.OtO. SMITH A MiAD, m Elgh Ji aveaae. I. BIBED FOUR e la 8?i sateealh <r iucattea. 901 Broadway. FIRST CLASS FULL Foe bale?a ------ storf high stoop browa stone Howes tml, fronting8tayva>.t?ua^.s;Sfgar f*OR SALE-A YERT XBAT THESE 8TOET HI OH 1 stoop House, la gaad looaUoo^modern lm|ilHMHla, rR BALE LOW?OWXEE GOING TO BCEOPE-JTWO three etory high etoop brown sf *? ?? Eighty-fourth street, betweaa 8?wnd__ I ISMII?1 HI May 1; also oaa four BOW ? fSmse. ladepeadeat waUs. ? feet frot.18 F?R.a"i^ SsVftPaffiKS^ WalL rX>R SALE AT aI F etory brick HoaeaJ 100 feet, price fiioo. A laivJt street or la Weet I OEHAT BACEiriCE?A THREE Sjro^suwriS t Fiity-tbird street . |^OU8EB ?as . K08| - FOE "bALB-BY ROBERT H. OOFF, 77 Oedar street Eaet Mth et, 4 story h. s. h. ? Beat Mth at, 8 story h. a b. ? Weet 48lh st, 4 etory h. a. b. a. Waal MM et, 3 story b. s. h. ? Weet ||d st, 8 story B. b. brick

West 10th st, 8 story h a. brlok Weat 11th st, IX story h. e. brlok OtTBES FOE SALE-BT A. JOCRXBAY, XO. ? PIJTE 88,000 n< Weet Jiotreet, S story h e. bnch Weet 88d eireet 4 story h. ?. b. e Weet 2d etreet, 4 story E. b. brick aad It. Weet 4Mb eireet, 4 story hill M wJSlSd atreat 4 etory h. e. b. *** TJ Ol'BEB FOR 8ALE-88 BAST WTH STBEET, 4 8. B. 11 a h . ???.'??> 108 Weet 88(h street 4 a. b. k, ?IA.000; ,5,nrTn?3 b.ot i f* 500 hotel i ornar of Biih St. known ae Hndson Eiehangnj I I an mad la'e vleinlty of lludsoa River Baltr?edtJMB,aro. er lit ? let at 18^880. Inquire of owner, JA8. MOO BE. 801 W?M Mth street. No agent*. T OTB FOR SALE. JLi The enUrs Block bonnded by Fifth *nd Msdteea ava tiuea, Forty^venth and Forty elthth streete. 8 Lets oa 78th et. between M aud ilk am I Lota o? 77th et, between lid aad 8d are. I Loli oa 7<Hk el., hetweea 1st aad 8d tva. f LoU on lid St, between 4th and Lexington am 0 Lota on 49d ?L, between 4th and Lestnitoa svs. 18 kots on Islington av.. between 4>d and ?Hh st*. II Lots en 5th av., fronliug Central Tark. iLotooo illth and (ill,> An., between il* tad Mh aYf. Beetdes others oa aU the avtnuee aud streels anove Farty second eireet W. B. WO^T>^ MUBT BE 80LD?FOUR STOBY MOH ETOOF ?0? en House, 884 Ninth stroet. See It JijZZg&jXJZ'SSZ S!ZrZ& ra.?,Baa 0H?1 or TMIWI OBNTBBL THBBB STOBT HIQB H s*o?? Howaoalu Fifty-tAir* street, Mmi Irwira t"1*1 f~ ** "??. IBELABP, 11wXnr OW BAST THIRTIETH STBBBT?TH RBB STOBT ? high iloep brown ?una Dwelling, la splendid Of dor; |nd locattoa, I8.*.4tal<?: ????#. On >-eM Twentieth atfoot. tkm story brick dwelling. MM Oa Baal Thirty righth street, three story bn<-k Iwelmg. fr.flOO. Oa Bart Forty-first street. three story biwrt stoae dwell* nr, la art* ?tKw'ri^ga.^iWA'au. On SIXTKBNTH STBBBT, NBAB FIFTH ATBNUB A ? four story brown atone Haoaa; great bargain; high stoop, extra stae; artoe |*H0; easy tarasa. _ 0. W. S1MM6MS, Jr., W Broadway. TJBOPBRTT fob SALB?SO ITAJBLB for namvfao ?y"" T>ABK CB A BOB.?FOB 8 ALB AT A OBIAT SACBt. U tea?Tealota, MxtOfi.i; ttrae email hauaaa oa raar of lot; Baa* Four-fifth street: 9MS0- laqalra of VB. MAOMB, Tit Sixth areane. SHIXTH ATBNUB LOTS FOB 8 ALB.?SOUTHBASTBR ? ly corner of Forty-eighth street and With avenue: rery deetrabU^ Moaerty.^Ijtpfy M> BAKKK 4 CO . Broadway, SHTOBB8 OB SIXTH, 8BTKMTH, BIOHTH ABD BIBTH I avenues lea aala cheap. Terra' easy. r_ WATKBLOTT A CO., 3? Nasaaa etreat THHIBTT-RIOHTB BTREPT, MURRAY Hir,U-A SU. I .perior high stoop fall sited brown stone Home: beau I tirnlfy freeeoed throughout; elegant Furniture If desired; a bamaln. W. P. BBYMOUR, 171Bioadway. | THWBNTY-THIRD 8TRBKT PROPKRTT FOR 8ALB.? ? Houaea IS aad U6Waat Twenty-third street, SOi* I block. Apply to BAEBB ft CO., Broadway, oorner Forty. fifth street. VHAI.I-AHI.B VACANT LOTS FOR RALB?ON SINK tleth street, between Thir l and Fourth avenues. cor I ner Lextngtoa avenue. Ninetieth street is one or ihe street! I which have a Park entrance. Property In thin locality l? Improving rery rapidly: price $1,600 each. Apply to LiOMBB M PRO AN, No. t Pine atreet. *_ 8HTR ATEN1TB. ?FOR HALK. THB HOUSE AND T.OT ? WHAH 1THM. near Twenty-ninth street. Apply to IJOHN MCCI.A.VK, 44 Pine street. FOR A THBftB STOBT HIOH STOOP ?PO. | (lu Home; good order and looaWen, all Improve menta; also a three story Brick, In 8th ward, for $$,500. 8. F. IKBLAMP, tSi Broadway. ?11\ flftft rn* A TBBBB STOBT HIOH STOOP JllW.U'/U hrlch House .on est Twentieth atreet, and one on Fourth atreet, near Banks, $10,900. A. 8BBUBAWT, M Wall street. J; lO Win FOR THBBB FULL LOTS OB WEST I iplii.JUU side of Third avenue, Including a party wall balance of the block up. with Are story houses. KILPATRICB, Bull's Head Bank Bnfldlnga. *TQ Or.n WILL BUT A THBBB STOBT BRICK ?pi''''/ House in Third street, near the Bowery. Modern Improvements, porfeot order, gas fixtures. Partlau lara of ROBERT M ACL AT, 77 Cedar atreet. OjIQ cnn W,LL FPROHA8K A HANDSOMELT vlO.'MHJ furnished throe slury and basement brown I stone House, on Fifty-second street, between Broadway and I Eighth avenue; first clasa surroundings; house fifty feet deep. Terms easy. Permits of B. C. THOBMAL. I BS Broadway, near Forty-eighth street. ilHOOKLVN HEAL ESTATE FOR SALJS. ARARK CIIANCR OFFERED.?FOR SALB, in Brooklyn, on the aoutheaet oorner of Carlton and WU. loughby avenues, one of the elegant block of brown MM front Uouae*, three atorlea bawmeut and ctfllar; house SI.6X iu feet. lot tod; all modern Improvement*, Convenient tn DeKalb and Myrtle avenue car route*. Prlee *15,#00, part-on bond and mortgage. Apply on the premises to THOMAS FAOAN. CinSAP, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESS ION.?FOR J aale. a Ann Residence, In Brooklyn, 94 feet wide, three alorlea and bnacment: all the improvements; In excellent order; first rale neighborhood; conrrntent to can and fer ries. Price SIS,UOO. For particulars Inquire of ?. R. KEL LOGG. 64 Cedar street New York. For 8alr?cmr anu country combined, so minutes from Wall street or-Fuiton ferry, a pleasant, well shaded and sty.lsh Cottage House, 261-40, with modern Improvements, convenient to cars, and deelraiite to a gentle man with a small famdy: location healthiest In Brooklyn. Apply to H. M. MORRIS, ? Pearl street. FOR SALE?A TURKS STORY HIGH STOOP BRIOK Houee, brown atone, basement and sub-oelUr, on Fourth street, Willi imsburg: in good order; gas, wator, Ac.; price S5,OUO; will rent for $780 a year; terms easy. Apply to JAMB* H. COLAHAN. Itt North ?ih at. IjHJR BALE?THE MODERN WELL BUILT TBBEE 1 story and French attic brick House, M Loo avenue, bo tween Rots and Rodney streets; lot SSxtUO; house 22x40 feat, with an enclosed piazza extension; recently painted through out aad in complete order, with every conveniens*. The house la pleaaanQv situated, with an extensive view of the surrounding country. Apply on the premises, or to R. WARNOCK, MS Broadway. Sew York. For sale?a houbb and fits lots in brook lyn, near the now Boulevard; house contains 11 rooms; frail, dowers, vines, Ac; wagon house with stalls; well waler on premises. Apply to or addreaa oBcoof the Krankf .rt House, corner Frankfort aid WliUam streets, 8. T. CaT bkly. -pOR SALE?A rot! It 8TORT STORE AND DWELL 1 log, 94 South Fourth street, comer of Fifth, Brooklyn, . D. Apply In the store. BALE-A A*? Ff* n^DwsUlnx. ????* SU.OOS. street, Brooklyn, *MeLBAT&l Third 1 P?B BALE?THREE STOBT B BO WW STONE HOUSE, ail Improvements; with or without Furniture; Adalphl street, between Lafayette aad draeoe avenues, Brooklyn. RLMENPORF BEOS., 14> Broadway. EIOB SALE?ON WABBBB STREET, MRAB CARLTON r irnse. within one Muck of three Unas of ears, aad two hundred feel from Prospect Parte, two three story brlc1" Housee, first dasa: all Improvements: houses ?by 40. lota! by HI. Apply to THOMAS CONNELLT, en the promlsee. TTtOR SALE?IN BBOOKLTB, IN A GOOD LOCATION, f within Ave minutes' of Fulton ferry, a three etory, baaenaaat aad sutoeBarbrtek House; gaa and wator; price >MUB, j|art^ wt? bond aad mortgage. Apply at M Ballon EOB SALB CHE AP?BBOOKLTN STORE PROPEBTT, M Myrtle avenue: three story aad basement brick use. marble manlela, sliding doors, gaa aad water; must be sold Immediately; Unas eeey. Inquire oa the promisee. EH5B BALE CHEAF?COTTAOE HOUSB AND FULL r Lot, No 91 South Third etreet, WHHamsburg; Imme dlste poeseesion; terma easy. Al*<?. a foB Lot on Orand street, near Smith. Apply to JOBN MoCoRmICK, 18S Chatham street, New York. G?OB SALB OB TO LET?TUB DOUBLB BBW FOUR r story brown stone House >4 President street Brooklyn, contains CO rooms; all modern Improvements. Apply ou the I 'OR BALE OB EXCHANGE FOB IMFBOYBD PROF, erty?SI* Lots a' Qrrenpoinl, L. L Inquire of P. MfaRS, SI1 Orand street, New York. ?? nnn CASH AND fS^OS MORTGAGE WILL BUY ?rO.MUU a strictly modern three etory high stoop mar ble front House tn the ftoest part of SouUt Brooklyn. A chaoee. Owner B. T. BUSH, 140 Broedwar. Afj filifi ONLY?FOB AN ENOLISII BASEMENT I .UUU House, In swst pert sot order, relate with sll modern Improvements, la a desirable tocaBea. FRED. A. PBTBKSBB, Architect Ne>, m fine street 4Q <WiA FOB THREE STORY HIOH STOOP HOUSE ?O.UUv Ml Clermont avenue, first house north of Fulton; has gas, hath, water doseta, aad connected with sewer. Apply to B. STBATTOB, 1?7 Oaloe avenue. *1 n nnn ?for sale, furnished, no. ist IplO.UUU. Oatea avenue; aU improvements; In c?od order. Apply oa the pesmleis. country real estatk for salb. Am OOUNYRYBOMB, FROM fl.SPS TO tlOMtt. SBE 8TANI.BY DAY'S Beal Estate Circular which can he had at 8I? Fourth aveaua. ermaRsd upon receipt of stamp. AN BLBGANT BSBIDRNCB FOB SALB?MODBBN style, every impinummt; gaa. *0.; eitenatve grounds, gardsaer*e lodge, etoblee. ui?eivalsrlm aad lee house. Tha property to beautifully located at Bow Brighten, Staton A -pobdmam, witbin m minuyJ^ **?* 1 frnR aad shade troeo: In firet rale order. Price B. BJaBRRSON. 4S1 BlfhlB f good ? "ODD: 4S NBAT OWTASB, AT A BAROAIN?NEAR Bridge, In Meitheraa. PftooRtUD. ', No. S-New Chamber*. toraer of Chaibam at DBBOBN BBtOHTS PBOPBBTY.?FOB St LB, IN THB . JJ mm naM]v Improving location la Hudaoa City, a More aad Dwellng. with aB the modern Improvomoiita; bulldlug contains besides some sixteen oominodiooa eoessa; situation ? the very ooatre of business. jSbM B. PLATT, oppoolto Court Ho?e, Hudson City. LL wJ&TIRO FARMS.?GOOD SOIL, Mi-LD CLI mate.Tm- nilloe aoath of Philadelphia. Price oalv IB a DBSntANLB RESIDENCE IN BURLINGTON, N. I., A agar iLlMfl Vail?This fine property, situated ou Urn Mnk efSM river, with large grass lawa la ftuat, la oBswd foaoale oa re una able terma The improvements are a Itlibio ho?o aa4U thrpk story back balllfag. whioh con tain* a kttrfiea, ironing room, bathroom, supplied with warm aad cold water. wa|?r3oaeU, Ac, , the gaa la also latrodueed, aad there is on the presalsos a large stable aad ceaeh hojae, ootoiod with elate. For terma apply to F. WOLM AN , Main etreat. Burlington, N. i. fk YERY DRSIBABLB FABM IN NBW JRRSBY?DE A Bflhtfully situated In a first class neighborhood, about 14miles from City Hall, or ona hour by rail; oommutatloai of about SB aeree (and It required 90 acres more), srfth good comfortable House of II rooms, a farm house and eileusiva farm holMing*. fine shade ireee and rlvar fruitage, will he sold oa liberal terma Address ST. H. Phillips box 1JM New York PostoSne, or call at IIA Xorlulk at reel, corner of Blringtoa etreet. ASPLRNDID FARM OF SIXTY ACRES, AT NBW Brnaewlek. commodious modem buildings. In com plete order, three superior o?hard* of grated ureee, fruit, trout pond, Ac , overlooking tha aatlfS eliy. Price, with etouk, crop and tools. J. B. FBRorgpN A CO., 8P Naaaan street, room ?4. At yonrfrs.-for salb, a finb re?:dbncb, oonveolent to depot; good rlyer view; water and jtae; frull shads, subls, Ac.; only Apply to JAMES YOUMANH, Yonksrs. AA.-AT BLISABB rn. N. J.-FOR IALB. A DOt BL* ? House. IS room*, let 7Si?> feat, IS mlnnte* from <le ^t; looatioa unsurpaseed; frnit and shade trees; *ujtabj* ra 1*^4 family or prtva'e iioardina home; prlue term* easy. AnHy B LAVBKTY, ?! LH?r|y stree^ BeW York, or No. 4 Msriisaf^aue, BW?*be|k, N. J. __ ETUCHIN.-6M ACItB^ OF^ SPLtNP^ ? *t,.K ?_ "*rts?> jtjrult, good heuea, baro aad AjJl' ?CPU WTMT MAt Mcountry mat FOB HAL* OB TO LBT-AT Am COUNTRY beat POS UU OB TO LBT?AT m AHT OTBTBR SAT. LONQ IBLAMB-A TWO BTTtBT ? aod aUM Eeaidena* of 1* nwtu, larra ban, carriage MM ?ad IS MfM of laa4, mu ilawwl aad rallro.d ?Mkm, Mr Ml* by FBBU. A. rJtiBJUlM. Ma. rta* 4^winb country beat ok lono ISLAM D, ONI ? mile from Farraliigdmln. SO acre* ?f Laad. bouse coo l H>l atgbt rooaaa. barn, stable. Ac. Prtea ft* two. Hut be I WlBMltoWr. For particular* apply to P OTTER SiO I TUBKb * Bhi.LAMX. Vo I Pine .iml Kali road. >? parta ta.BOO to |MM?. W. P. BBTMOUB. 171 Broadway. AW BLBOAN* OOUMTBY 8BAT, ONB HO0B FBOM I *7, \ m la from "tattoo, on Loag Island. ... MUST BE BOLD May larga Double Hoaea, with eupola, gas. hot and ^Bl?r throughout; furnace, range, kU and water nilmtfTi Immrm. *n4 oirriAfi WILL AOCBPT AMY OFFBB , made by a MioiabU maa *f tor seeing tbo property, For fall larormatloa apply to THOMAS B. FlBH.'Sfi Hae street. A FIFTEEN YBAR8' LSABB FOR SALE-OP bio property Id Iroat of tbo now depot of tbo Mow JWooy and PtiiMoipbia Railroad Company* a good stand !ff oaiwoo, liquor or bout business. Apply at M1TCH BLl^fl Store Agency. 77 Coder street. SABMB AMD OOUMTBT RESIDENCES IN NBWSBB oo9 mM Lang Island, for Bala and exchange for houses. F. FLATAU, No. 4 Mow Chamber* *t., room No. I. I^AKMB NEAR PL AIM FIELD.?V ACRES. GOOD r building*. ?9.000: one W acres, $#,000; one 51 sore*, $7,888. .Also (on a try Heat at Metoi-bea. B aoree. $3,000. A numbe. of country soat.Trem $8,000 to $8,400. ByCAMP BELL. KELLY ? CO., SOI Broadway. l?OK SALE?A SMaLL AND VERY DESIRABLE V country Residence. S3 miles from New York, on tbo lino of Marea Railroad, Are minutes' walk from the de pot The bouse Is modern aod wall built, deiigMfuLy situ ated, commanding an extensive view of Long I.-land ,->ound, with two acre* of ground, slaplng in tba rear directly to tbo mer; It ha* a (table, boat bou*o and other outbuilding* on tbo premises. Kor farther partleulara inquire at Mo. 4 Cedar street, room 14, eecond floor. FOR SAT.B-A FIRST CLASS HOTEL, AT A POPULAR watering place, near tbeelty; beautiful location, and containing about 60 room*, with all tbe necessary uutbulld Inn*. For particular* apply to JOHN HOOAN, ?7 Chryati* (treat. Foe balb?plum point, iu aches on the west ?bore of Nowhnrg Ray, SK mile* south of the city of Newburg; a residence unsurpassed. If euualled. on the Hud son: of nearly one mile water front to the channel; land first quality; largo, fine house and outbuilding*; great natural advantage*, extonalre pleasure ground*, superb view*, Ac. Apoly to W. M. ?VBRPLANCK,No. 0 Parkplaoe, Now York, or ou the premtaea, to P. A. VBRPLANCK^or to HOMED MOBOAN. NoTaPlpoatreot. POR BALE?IN HUDSON CITY, N. J., IS MINUTES' r walk from Hoboken ferry, a newly built House, ia a first claw, neighborhood. Brooms. Apply to C. P. NIOOLL, 800 riereirh aveuue, oorner Twaoqr-nlath stroot Price $?.*?. CH>B SALE?"A FARM AT PASSAIO VALLEY. 84 V aorea, large House, atone Kitchen, large Barn; good sup R of fruit. Ballroad will pass through the ground. Price 8U0 cash. Address Julian Mathews, 841 South Eighth street, Jersey City. FOB BALB?ORANGE, N. J.?TWELVE MILES FBOM New York, fine Resilience, with six acre*; houaa eon tain* twelve r<>om*; carriage house and stable; Immediate possession; terms easy. Also, near the above, a Farm of SO ? acres, with small cottage. B. F. SMALL,-tO South *L IfOR SALB?A SPLENDID DAIRY JFABM OF U0 r acres, under high oulUvntlon. with fine orchards, good house and outbuildings. Price $18,000. MILLS k VAN WTCK, 84 Broadway. FOR 8alb-A SPLENDID COUNTRY 8rat, SITU- ! ated oo the ?tit aide of the beautiful Lake Ronkon kom?, L. I.. 48 milMfrom Uuntar'a Point, containing ?aore*. fronting on the lake; food house, nearly new. oontalnlng eight rooms, wall fiulahed off from lap to Uia bottom of the cclliir; good barn. 12x30; cistern and wall of water; young apple, pear and cherry treea on the place; alao ornamental trees; convenient to churoh, school and Poet office; 1H miles , from depot; stag* passes the door. fiJ^ulrfVS.' r. NEWTON, 186 Third arenne, New York; or addresa R. W. Newton, Lakeland. L I. FOR 8ALE-A PINE COUNTRY RESIDENCE CHEAP; handsome Oothle bouse and anterior outbuildings. Apply to or addresa owner, Olrard llousc, room 114. For bale?at morrisania, a two story and attic House, with three tot* of Oround, pleasantly to; oated on the north weal oomer of Washington annuo and Eighth street; J>rloe-$8,d00 cash. Applr to O. A ST. JOUN, , pier 41 Morth ifrer, foot ot Canal.streei. . Ir>OR 8ALB-A VERY desirable RESIDENCE, ON ' Bard arenae, Uuten Island, within in minutes 4 gators' Snug Harbor landing. Apply to TUCKER*AN. mulligan A CO., ? Broadway. For balb-a fink new country house, ten rooms. 1 to 8 aorea of land; 11 ret station ra tho Broad Ouage doable track. Brie Railway : 1* trains dally tame 40 mlnutosicommuUtlon 8 oente per trig. Appy to Sep. K. WOODWARD. ? row, Mow York. ware Store, comer of Qore and Brunei! street*. Fob sale-a beautuhh. par* a*d country Seat, near Lone Braorif; (In* bouse and crouuda, good %iiiil?ilnff>* BMf gtaiioD Mid itSAvnbott IlAltiUi lUOTfi I acres of'land. Apply to LKONARD * RUSSELL. 1,118 Broadway, room II ? i rR HA LB?A PLOT OF LAND. CONTAIN IS O* ,*39, to JOI1N MoCLAVK, 44 Pin* street. IPOR 8 ALB-HOUSE AND LOT NO. W BAST BROAD r street, Newark. N. J . two story frame house; oon tatoa 11 lara* rooms. In perfect order; gas and water; lot SUilTO feet; mm of the Onset locations to Ike eliy; prlee $I?W Apply to B. r. CRAliB, 10IK Broad Street, Sew ark. It. J. POB SALE?A HOUSE AND BAR* AND ABOUT TWO r acres of Land. I* Weelohesler county, two miles north of Slag Slog; good toenttoo for eoeulrr grocery, sUo * from 1MHP- *. GV>R BALE-A PINE PAR* OF 80 ACRES. WITH OR Jr without stock, eltaetod two miles back of Tarrrtown. Terms easy. For particular* apply to IVKB, WILLBT A CO.. MB Broadway. N. T. ?COR BALE OB TO LET-AT SARATOGA SPRINGS,-A r nice two stary Dwelling House; nine rooms; all In per fect orte'loVgPbr 1TO. Frtoe SJ.AlO; rent |J? Apply <0 the proprietor of the Commercial Hotel, Saratoga Springs, FOR 8ALB OB TO LBT?A SMALL PAR* OFTWBN Ir-or. art eo, situated near Stamford, Conn. Iaqulre at 17 West Porty-third street. FOR 8ALB OR TO LET FURNISHED?AT NKW Brighton. Stat*n Island, a House, oontalnlng all mod ern Improvement", wlih three-quarters of an-arareof ground attached, well cultivated, sUble Ac.; It h eltoated on the front terrace, about three minutes' walk of the ferry ; will be let for the summer or year. For further oartieulars a^jfly to W1IITTBMORB A CO.. <1 Esohaage pSaee, Now For sale or lease-hotel; fifty rooms, one acre of land. barn. shed. 4c.. ? mile from steamboat landing 40 stiles from New York. Inquire at coal o?** 18 New Chamber* street F'OR SALE OR TO RBNT-FURN1*HBI> ON UNFUB nlshed. a com foe wale reekieono 10 IsltojU I-, near thd Oreat Sooth Bay. Apply to J. HOPUNK, JBi Fourth aw. rr>OR SALE OR TO RENT-* MINUT** FROM WALL r street, rto Long Island . RatlraajT Otitclass Hounes, nearly new. near depot. Also a, flns> ManMM House to rent furnished, 10 atr*a. F. C. BULKLBT, 48 Wsll street. Janncey ronrt. i LX)B BALE OB EXCHANGE-BBIPGEPO.BT,. OO**;? r Two osw French roof H eases, co? i**" each, with all the m odor* Improvement* ^amnUysttuated SSSQSBliESSE?? Estate Ageat, Bridgeport, Oown. 1 re,#-ag wf' TtfUOT nM?4>? JSJWk 25' atro'iinofl iintoi* pSOPBRTT IB BATANNAH^BOBOIA, Tw? four story brick Rtorep. with wharf, f.fty feet front. ... for bjeian**; will sell or exchange for a good Apply to D. H BALDWIN. 178 WHO WANTS A GOOD ?0*E FOR LIFET?ONE hour from City Halt; It train* dally; neighborhood , I nnVituasWn near arhool* and oharvkf* . house add sta bto* tori*, m prime order; water, gMi all th? modern la? nmTemSnte; three asres tn garden, fruit, laws and shade; Bre miles of pleasant drteo* and shady walk*; Ulgb, healthy location; eitenolr* ?1ew; a ?rrt class residence, summer and wintor. Pried $M,doa Apply to tho owner, J. L. PaRBBR. M Corttondt street. Now York. e>m mCi ONLT-FOR A SUBSTANTIAL ItnrsB KO(uUU and an acre of Gordon, star depot, in a beau tiful section of Now Jersey, 1W house from New York. FRED A. PiTEHUKN, No. ?H Pine siroot REAL K8TATTE WANTKrK "~ A LL PERSO>S HAVING CITY OR country PRO A ports 10 *etl or rent Intrusting It with us will hare their business promptly attended to. Brooklyn property wanted. HRNRY TAPPKN 1 CO., ?W Pine street, rooms Not. 8 end 9. mBNBMENT PROPERTY WANTED TO BUY OR JL toaso?The highest market value glrso. Apply to R. H. OlBBON<t A t il . 440 Urnvme street WANTRD-TO purchamb a HOC8B and lot in N*w York or Brookise, from $5,000 to BB.000. In a respectable nelghliorbood. Addresa, with full particular*, A. Miller, statloa F. WASTBIi-OSK FULL LOT ON THIRD ATFNUW. ff between loUih and lJ#lh street*. No nortee taken nn toes towestjprice glren. Address M. M., 7t Ohsthsm street. W|M ANTED -TO PUROUASB A TWO AND A HALF OR three story, basement and sub cellar brick House; jwsed ab-ui $8,0tt), not beyond Thirtieth stroct, nor esst or thti B iwery. To r*relre sHentlon elate street, inimbor, rrlee snd other particulars. Afldmi 0. Raymond, nation A, flptlnye*. WANTBD-A FIRST CLASS HOTTBR, IN THIS CITY or Brooklyn, In stehange rer an elegant oofniry seal and farm on the Hudson; diffarenoe ht Tata* paid to naak. A0?U at 71 Nassau street, room No. 8. WHAnu To but-at ORAM as OB SI ttl(f? ^ *?? Jareay, wit Ma tea MMT M? W t?A ? AKaasrasayfa SJSL'y *"** ? *"* ?*?? TUB I B<aB u A OOA.L too rom a a u; o? a gyarjwg ?s a-ru: | A.^"^^2S?i*MLS^;a ... ge a ? inwtTSiri.sts* sjrsitfji"A:!8ag?1 * rnwr cLasbitiKM ro? aAiVwir* it m n mjfJ Pixuir**, laWudlag Imm far the ij f n i mu from i I.e 11 rat af juxl N?r I-? ? 1<? M| Cat MU par month. Will M mU racy reeaa?*l*?. tawwa jtm Uarmine sir?et A BABE OHAHOB-FHOroONAPBBC ait.LWT l\ la a ft rat rata loeauoa ia Brooklyn; m mn'kM at low rant; UvzeU?r wiu lasti u.aeata, *a lot M -? 1M Aridraaa Hypo, boa W>7 Herald ^l?. A^m GOOD FAMILY ORcKTKBT run HALE "HI fur caah?In a llrat rale u? one in two block*, and a Brat rata ran ??f at <M Kast Nineteenth atreat between Pint and AM established AND PBOPITABI.B BBWNMf ? will bo sold uu raaaon*l4a health. Investment In way lag to a party with reasonable amount of inn inmin i mi AH Toy A N l> kanct stokr. STO.-E AMD PII mm ? for sale at al a aaerlflce; alar* and dwelhrg MM M per month. No. 787 Eighth avenue lit health raeeeel aelltag. THOf SCANLaM. 7* Eighth area** Am fink cioab and tobacco stobb for ?AUP I ohaap; located on a great buniaooi Utoroagh'are. whB good laaaaand low rant a mitchell'S Store Agency, 77 Oadar MrNi ? AM ?POB HAL* AT tOBBAT BABOAINB?UENTLfe ? ? men's Furntahiug Oooda Store*, Hat and Oaf Btea% Reetatiranta, Hotels, ooroar L<r>ur Storee. Billiard lilnaa MITCHELL'S Store Agener, 77 Cedar street Butter btobb pob salb chbap-old bsta? llshed; moat be aold; other fenalaaw to attend to. AM No 11 Conoord street Brooklyn. Goal yard and fixtubes pob bale tibv oheap. Inquire at 'yard, Mo. MB First street, Broohjp^ E. D. A rare chaoce. DHRUO STORE POR SALE?THE OLD mtablis ? Store CSS Hudson, corner ef Chariee street; good! log for a practicing physician. Will be aotd tow for oal E^RUC^TOBl^O^AL^n^Hl^lT^^BBm ^Hr ?ioioM oa Wednesday, ihe 30th InatT Apply atSTKlUlf L^^^H Amboy. N. J.; popn'allon five tbouaand, 1)4 hour MP HaN?4 New York, doing a goo J business; adapted ell her lor a^^H slcton or druggist, will be sold at auotlon, on the nrei^^H on Wednesday, the SOU Inst. Druggists' Agency, MO Broadway. _L2f>K t) A LB?TH K LEASE \N0 KNT1RK BBT?BUIf. ? mant, la ooraplote running order, of the ? T710R SALE-ONE OP THE BEST LtQtTOR 8T0BM J lu the Twentieth ward, in oOQseaueooe or the propria tor's health. Iniialre of Mr. v. BOLTINO, 2SB Wishing!? F?] Bosom Manufactory, oornor Pineapple and Pulton straala Brooklyn. Term* and permits at BALLINS A STRAOPl 114 Chambers street. FOR SALE?THE POPULAR PAPgR HANOINC All Upholstery Establishment ol Charlea Frankllfi. fn Poag^ keepale. on the Hudson, established some flfteen yea re n. stook couaMtlog of Paper Hangings, Window Shades, f sea Curtains. iTbraioee, and aumeroos other artlolea. Kor far ther particulars inquire Of OOARLSS PRANKLIN, Ml Main street, Pougbkeepsle, M. T., or of Messrs. P. BL WB&K8 A CO., IB Reade street. New York. >B SALE-one OP THE BEST LtQtTOR ST01 i he ?tract )R SALE?the STOCK, FIXTCRB8 and THBnB _ years' Lease of a Hosiery Store, established tw?af# yeais. Apply on the premises, 176 Qiaad street New tmm FOB BALE-THREE LAROB CHANDELTfeRB, MR able for a large store or hall. To be seen at STllw art'S, 005 Sixth arenue, uear Thirty-sixth street. For sale-lrase, fixtures and stock or a Ladies* and Oentlemen's Restaurant, oa Fourth areaa% oppoelte the railroad depot. Apply at MB Brtiadway. For sale-lease, pixtubeb, ac.. op tub well known and long established 8t. NloboUa RaslauraaA corner Broalwav and Spring street, under the hotel; ww M sold cheap; rent low. Inquire on the promisee. ' For sale-a news defot and cigar stoul with a good Route, laquire oa the prensiaea, IN Thompson street "C70R SALE?A OT0CRRT AND LIOOOB STORE IN X1 Jersey City, corner Warren aad Mercer etreeta; threa years' lease from May; will ba aold cheap. Inquire la Ms ?tew. |JK)B SALE?THE STOCK, fixtures AND LEANS I? of a Cigar Store and Bsnspla Room. Apply at M Broadway. IiTOR SALE?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES ON 1 Fancy Store; It most be sold es the oi tmslueea to attend to. Apply at UB areooa a. |7?0R SALE?BOTBL, TH1RTT TWO BOOMS, mi r yeara' Lmm, Furnltur* and trtnAlM complete, on Ik* Maw B?m Railroad.M mllea from Now York city; a aslgg did ^jwnvDll^ to ?|Nd buetaeee auto. Apply YjM>R BALE-TUB LB ASK, FIXTtTBBS AJfD OOOD r WID of an old eetabllehed Millinery aad Di eeomekiaa builnaaa. near Broadway. 101 Eaat Thirteenth (treat, oatmm of Fonrth areou*. Inquire of Bra. JACKSON. I rHOR SALE?A FIRST CLASS DYEING ABO RRFIK-I ? lehlng Katabljahaaaat, now doing a proeperoua butlneen, together with laaae..machinery, flrturea and food will. TSel aerantafe of thla eatabliahment la that Itealb* uaed for all where ataaaa power la required. It must ba^^M ??01 SALE-LEASE AND EUBNITOBB OF A HBfl ? nlaax Oornrr Houae, II roeeae, central MM eholce location ^?boarding houae or hotel; Ike adlolnluhouae If deslmd. W. P. SgYMOPE. IT! Broadway. FHOB SALE?THE LBASB. STOCK ABO PIXTCBBB ? of an old eotabUehed Tailoring and Clothing Huatoeaej, the lewe la ralnaMo, and the whole oonoero will be wtf oheap to a aaah caateoaer: reaeoo lor MlHsg. the proprietor a?ys? s^vs?E *"* ?*?? TpOE BALE?THE STOCK, fixtures AND OOOB r Win or the Grocer7 Store on the oornrr ?f Pry Dookaat Twelfth atreet. Terma eaa). Apply on the premiaee. I DOR PALE?A DISYILUBBY IB GOOD WOBKIBB j?it!ar:-7aiLJ!y ? DON SALE-TUB AMERICAN ALB HO#SB COBNBB T Weahragton and Deebroeaea atreeta, Stook, Kixturee, two yoara' Looeo and Lleenoo; rent ohoap. Appfr on pramiaoa. SALS-A LARGE STAND IN WBST WASHING Market. Apply to JOHN MoCBBA,!* Woat ? treat, Fulton and Dey. DOB SALE-A PHOTOGRAPH GALLEY, DOINOA r ilna bnalneaa. For BMnoa, location, fe, apply toC.C SMITU, Draggle t, W Canal a treat., opportte Weet Breod r^HB SALE-TWO TEARS' LBAEB FROM MAT NBET ^?Qof etore JT Harrlaon atreet; an liable fihr produoe eon* "it-Son bnalneaa. le^olre of A V. D. LEIGH, 17 llanioo* FHOB SALE AT A BAEOAIN?AN OLD AND ?MA I ? eatabtlabed Bakrry, on a good bnalneaa avenue, doing as I ",w"oSr (TK)B SALE OR BENT-AB OTSTBB ABD DINING OA- I Lngjaa \ n EAIN DISTTI.LBRY FOB 8ALB OB LBASB, BE. v twogn Bride* and Catharine fen-tee; Urge capacity: IW Beetfmag KatahHahment, leoeh tube, packed nod ^ BBftBgBgpr"^ J'y"*Jota ? T A RGB DISTILLBBT FOB SALE?IN WORKING I I \flLLINERY. HOOF SBIBT AND OOR8ET STORB, I i-'A Stock, FixUiroe and Good Will for anle; Hnuae to lot: I bnatneoa eetabUahed Ik year*. Inquire of Mra. SOOTT, tli I Eighth avenue, near Twenty-third ?treat. I LEASH AND FIXTURES OF THE STORE AND I ^HbuUdltm 1T0 Bllth arepu* for aale; houae four atortea I ? with baeemeut; alore lUOiift, and meat aultable foi any I laxge butlneaa. Apply In a lore. ? MAClilBKHY. I f ^AI.ORir BNOINBS.-ONE It INCH FRirsso*, ONB borao Roper, for ?ala ehoap, at the factor/, corner of BHffeth atreet and aronue A. POB SALE?A SMALL STEAM ENOI.NE and IMIer, in good order. Apply at Nn. 7f Watt Thirty-third ?tree*. _ T>0ETASLE AND STATIONFRV STEAM KNOINRS ,1 And roilkrs and oibcular saw mills. Af beat and moat complete in uae. Circular ?ent on application. WOOD A BANN STEAM BNOlfcK COMPANT, I tica, N. ?.. And X Ma Ides lane. New vorfc. STEAM ENGINES. EGTLKRS MINING MACIUNKRY, Hrdratiltc |*re??ea for oil mllla, Sugar Mllla, Tan Irk Nteim nimpa. Ptpen and Fittings, corner Itock and Water ? atrreta, Brooklyn. J AS. Mt KaRLaN, JR. WILLARD A MILLWARD, 184 WATER STRLKT? Agenta for Davln' Superheating Boiler. Steam Kn I nee atW Boiler*, new aod aenood liand, all #M?; Proi eIli.rF.o Cnea Steam Pumpa. LaUieo. Shafting. l*nllej % Hem. : aid aehlnery in ganoral on hend. WANTED?A SECOND BANOLOOOMOTIVE BOILER Tf ten borae. and Rleom Pump, (Woodward or enr aood meter.) ^owolfmo. J. P., bon 3.BB Poat oftce. OB ? CROWFTON LOOMS 2?>,5JfAWTKD-IE ooon Mi a.7iit if mi mouaL