Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11.155. NEW YORK, SATURDAY. MARCH 16, 1807. PRICE FOUR CENTS. PKHtiON All. _ A'^l,..._4;okr HOME FOR YOVR MOTUEWH >U?. All will bearraoged. At feast *k te to 8. K it ? ? ? ?. Brooklyn.?will tub i*m>y who waited (Iranil t,uv?l eats, and wav le^unsfd to loot >a "Per. ??gala." lavor lire itentltman with her nidirai uriorr*? porxi I Adireeas Claivacu Le Orasd, lit raid office. COM.INOWOOD UPHAW M. D.-IF COMINIJWOOD Latham. M. i)., *'ll aeud his addre&s to James T Wil ktMon. Jr , at l.oeKport. Niagara couuty, N. Y.. ho will hear ?( HOinclbiag to hla advantage. D-CHKKR HP, I T.OVE YOU. WRITE. direct A8 . y?'i did from Albany. Enclose M. TOOLA. Ei will call Saturday, at bta Won ; again. Monday. Fifty dollars for the carman who wah given a pa< kage marked ? 8wi?(eiii<? for iho Teeth," February l.\ to take to ihu Hudson ttiypr depot, CoUn.s Bro., Ht. Louis, if ho will call at 17 Wooatar atieet. For adoption, without re^kf.vation-a finr female infant, one month old; light hair, blue eyes and fair ? irnipleilnn; feeds fi ?u? bottle. Address Bereavement, ??roof i'hysn lan, boi 27 station 1'. Hall haddom?a letter for you at no. ? Uu'vcinty pla o. NASSAU. IF MRS. JI'f.lETT . HICK (LATE knioht), ADDRESS Oct , lff.9, No. 105 (Jrenn* street, New York, la living, or fcer Hon cither, she or he will please address boi 6,995 Post ?Wee, New York, where they wnl hear of something to lUclr adviml gr. JF MRS CARRIR KF.IONOLK, formerly OF Lockr'ort, New York, who stopped at llarnuin'a Hotel, tftimoiv. mid from thrum at th? Eutaw House, in the fall at 1865, will drop a line to Or. C. 1'. Howard, Laurel, t'nneo ?ecr^u county, Maryland, .die will hear something to her advantage. MISS L. N. will FIND A LETTER AT station 0. D. M. bloomfield. Mrs. e. f. m., care ofmr.-?. l??*y? have writ. ten twice to the abov* addreaa. Fleast! reply immedi atuly and oblige, M. J. W,, 3,447. MUKDEREK._$1,(K? RBWARD FOR THE. AI'PRE henaion and delivery to riie civil authorities at Noble villo, Indiana, of H. C. MeCnu-heon, who on the 37th of Feb ?uat y, ltx>7, shot and killed il. Suupard, at Mr s. Cauo's plan tation, ? ppoaito Shrevepurt. La. Said McCut?.bc<ui is about five feet and tea incite* high, Of ruddy complexion, blue Ss, delicate hands; wore ligut hrown whiskers and weighs ut 190 no inds. Hi* counti-nunce lias a surly aspoot, and fc* has a slight brogue. He formerly resided in Indianapo Ha. ind. J. hEIi). >obiesviUe, Ind. os iOAR, TUE HALF-BLOOD. BATES. Ran away from home-march 8. orRL. tuir lean year* old : black hair and MM; wore plaid poplin dre?H, greon plaid -bawl ami nubia. Information le iding to Ber recovery lett at Charles street police station will bo ??warded. TB.?WARREN'S DETECTIVE rOLICF. AOBNCY, 88 . Hrnmlwuy i* duly authorized to pay tbe $S,OOil. Hecre <*ry will give chock. Addrem lust. H. O T. WILL THE MAJOR, FROM RICHMOND. PLEASE ?end hu. address to Alice ('ashman, station A, New may. w ILL MR. CHARI E9 DOWLTNG PLEASE SEND his address to l?o* 1,307 Post office? SFKCIAIa NOTICES. Exhibition of the bxtinoitisbbb. portable. Self-acting fir0 Engine, this day, at 2 I. M. For par ticulars apply to LEVEY BROTHERS, No. 8 Dcy street. o ,mCR OF THE AMERICAN JOCKEY CLUB. NO. ? ?\S Exchange place. New Vork. March 6, 18H7.?Particular attention Is rciues'cd by the members of the American Jockey Club to the I ollowiiig resolution, passed by tbe club ?I a recent meeting:? Resolved, That tbe Secretary notify the different member* lhat tho medals now In their possession must he forthwith returned to hitn for the purpose of authentication. As the medals are sirlotly personal, they cannot be trans ftrml. Without the name being engraved upon them, and without ? change of ribbon.'hey will not recognized as genuine k; the gatekeepers at' the approaching races In May and Jena. Their prompt compliance will obllca their obedient serv ant. .loHS B. 1 iwV : >ci. 8 :i retarr A. J. C. SAN FRANCISCO. CALIFORNIA, FEB. 34.-NOTICE. Thfl uiiiie! ilgue 1 beg to notify ttctr friends and the aubtte generally that sney are not and never have been mtareatrd In or connected with the bouse of Hein, Rockell A Co.. corner of Jacob and Frankfort streets. New York city. Thta notice la publish-d not with a view of discrediting or In any manner lujuring the house of Ht.n ~ ft Co., but simply to correct ml#conce^t:on. lit.IN A BRAY. JOB* Brat, 416 Battery clreet Tammany society or Columbian order? Brothers?A sprcisl and important meeting of the ?ocl - aty will be held in the Council Chamber of the Cnat Wig wam, on Tuesday evening, March 19, at 7^ o'clock, to hear ?be laport of the Council ot Sachems -ud to determine u,.on the question of selling the hall. General and punctual at tendance is requested. My order. JOHN T. HOFFMAN, Oraad Sachem. Wilson Sum., Secretary. Manhattan, Svason of Blossoms, Third Moon. Year of Dia ?sury the S75tb, of Independence tbe 91st and of the Insil Mil no the 78th. VTO INVENTORS AND OTHERS. X Notice is hereby given lhat the members of a Coramls slm. acting under tbe authority of t'.ie Secretary of the Trea ?ary. will m?et In the city of New York, .a the office of the ??pervitins Inspector or Steamboat". 23 Pine street, on the second Monday In April proximo, for tbe purpose of examin tag and testing the merits of such invention* of a life saving fancier as may be brought before litem. {laid Inventions will embrace boilers of steam engines, ?nti-tncrustalors. safety valves, steam gauges, water (r?ug?s, ?leering apparatus, lifeboats with detaching apparatus, ft:. Inventors msy appear in persou before the Commission, for the pur;>oae or explaining their inventions; but no ax asasn will be allowed under any circumstances. * II. McCCLLOCn, Secretary ol the Treasury. Wawxgtok, D. C., March IS, NW7. ?rfO WHOM IT MAT CONCERN." X I respectfully Inform my friends and the public I fcave made arrangements with James W. Bell, 171 Tilth ?venae, where I would i>e most happy to see my customers, ?sot of whom I bave cut for so many Tears. WM. A. STUART, late of Brooks Brothers. LOST ANU Form fDOUND.-A SMALL 8UM OK MONEY, WHICH THE JF owner eats have by proving prouerty and paying ex pense of advertising, at 601 tireenwlch street, between I and 4 F. M. 1JHJU.ND.?THR LADY WHO LOST A rt'R COLLAR r in tbe train from Philadelphia msy obtain the same Brvpnv:ng expense or advertising. *pply to Mr. barker, at Mew Jersey Railroad dejiot. Jersey City. LOBT-A CORAL BltBA.'iTPIN. AT THE AMERICUS Club ball. A suitable reward will be paid tar its recov ery by R. S. p., ? Bowery. T MT-A WHITE FOX. OR F.JMJCIM KVX DOO. XJ PI case leturn him to the children at MC West Fifty third street, and be thanked and suitably rewarded. Lobt-sii.t hi r hunting watch, between Greenwich snd Front an eat*. A suitable reward will ha paid uy applying at J. F. Kennedy's. 31 Orflonwlch st. L~OftT-A LARCE SETi'iiB DOtL WHITE AND LIVER color, with a short tail. Whoever will return him to WS Wast Tenth street will be liberally rewarded _ F. LOWNDES. Jj~Vblte~ face, crystal a little cracked. The flnder will fee saitably rewarded by leaving It at U4 West Twenty-111 ih Lost?on Thursday rtenino, a silver watcii. wf tk- ?? Be saiti ?treat Lost?a"pitch rur C(>l,lar on tiiTrxdat even. Ing h Urand stioet. going from Rowery to Clinton atreet. Three dollars reward for returning It to 147 (?rand atreet, in tho cigar store. !~OST-FROM PF1VUK STAltI.E TN LEX 1 KOTO* J avrnu". aecond door from Twenty-llilrd street, Friday, arch 1.1. a spotted roach Dog; answers to the name of Mesl. Any one returning him to the abOTe puce will re ceive a liberal reward. LOST-1 BSE RANCE PATROL"BADGES, MOB. tTaT? and 18. The finder will confer a famr and be euitaMy rewarded hy leaving them at watch house No. 173 Kiln attest, near Broome. Notice.? All perrons attempting to ase those badges st any In us wlU be prosecuted to the full ?stent of tho law. j LOST?A SMALL BLACK LEATHER BAG, IN A Twenty third str*et snd Ninth srenut omnibus, on the srsyfnFouth ferry; left by a genllemsn who got out at Wall street about 4 P. M. Friday, litli. A liberal reward Wlii 1 e paid to the flnde.- on leaving It w Ith the ticket master ef Stale it fsland ferry, foot of Whitehall, who can describe ?wncr and content* of bag. 2 OUT OB STOLEN?BETWRE* NEW V RK AND NEW J York.a Poekeih tok, owner's name Inside, containing iw-en tlVisnd f.ttn. Whoever will return tho same to 778 Beoa.'way wdl be satisfactorily rewarded, and no questions aafeed. tJWI ns-ns THt'RSDAT EVrNINfJ, 14TII IN?T, O two vju I'nited Slates fonron Bonds or 180J. Noa, 44.0*8 ?ad 44 *87. $l.(Uueach. July, "4?7. '-oupon stiached. Hankers asd '"-nker" are hereby esotlnned not toneg'jtUte the above ?a their payment Lts been slopped. R. HUNT. W Stanton street. BKWAROH. T' ns HOLDER or LADY'S WAICH WITH CIIATR. laine m .rked A. <J. R. can reali/e $"f)tl hv negotiating, annfldentially, ihroug i B. W. PLl. MH. Ulamoad Bioker, M2 Bro.i lway by letter or mharwlte. ?1/1 REWARD?LOST, ON THURSDAY. MARCH 14, a Ulack and Tan Terrier D.'g; had on when lo<t a fancy leather collar, h^s a small ?pot on side s<?e of large pea, Willi no hsir. Tho abose reward will he pnltl for his ??oorety, or f r xnr Infermntlon where lin may te f< ind. B. O. SEE, V* lludson street, or SM West Twelfth st. fir REWARD.?LOST, A l1ttl", WHITE POODLE. 1< ) with yeilow si ots i n both ears. Call at 2s0 Uowery. tiir REWARD.?THB ABOVE REWARD WIT L BE paid to the person who will return the foal taken by mistake from the barber sbop ft John street, and no fur ihar iu?stloas asked. M. KlRCHMKR, H1 John street. ?rn REWARD-AND NO QUFSTIONS ASICilD, FOR )U a Mink Fur itape sto.en from 49 Fast Tw -nty-flrst atreet, and a number of other things. Pswn oB.tas will ??Mice, ant if ofTered please step. (liin UPWARD will Bh PAID FOR INFOBMA tlon that will lead to the detection of the bark Man lhat ran ? ver a gentleman on Wednesday evening, Hnreli 18, about 7H tCrwclb st the eorrer of Broadway end Tw?ty second street. AddreM ho* 2,4?l Post o'lee. tCAn rfwaro ?Lost, last month, on broad fP' *VJ\J way, SZ.ilOO five twenty bonds of ICO, the fol ? tew1n* -WWfc?rs, vis 11,Mt Bo MH; $TM, Mo. *5,817, a?d ?#*? Ho :*l,aM. The flnner will reeelve wie shore re "Ma by leaving Ihcm at the c?Ve of jths^Hulv riiVKAH *A 8PORTINO. A FEW EXTRA LARGE SIBERIAN BLOODHOUNDS for ntln, loar in nural er, Ike Ust wav h dogs tn this country, from Iti to &'? iuct>e? hub. weighing I'roui lid to 1M) pound*. CONSTANCE KRKdH, S77 Bowery. ALL KIN!)-: OK DOGS AND BIROS FOR SALE AT B. DOVEY'B, SfiO Canal slreet. near Church sum. MeJiciaeo fo.- ail .!mca.->ee. fwpari Kood J'or mocking bind*. For sale-an elegvnt schooner yaout. 73 frrt lot..: hi d*ck, ISW leet biam, 6 fwt depth of hold; ?afln and rigp ig riiw U<f of the vnry be-t quality: p?im handsomely furnished and the ro^?t i tilted out complete lu every rr.iiei; AiMtcmC. F. Clothier, box 2.B75 Foal, Philadelphia. FRANCIS Bt'TLKR. NO.SPRCK SLIP. HAS ALL ehoiee breed i I>ob?. Butler's lnialiible Mainge Cure and Plea Exterminator. 76 cents. Butler's new work on the Doc. 92. Dogh trained, board*], Ac. Medicines for all dls. ea??*?. JOHN GRAY, II ROOSEVELT STREET, HAS FOR ?ale Newfouiu land Doe*. Black and Tnn and Scotch Terriers. une lta.ian Greyhound, a pair of Blade and Tkns, 51b*. each. HOUSES, CAREIAOKS. AC. A LARGE ASSORTMENT or CARRIAGES and ha*. ne?s to he ?old at manufacturer'* price*, several shop worn, sold cheap, at N. MOOKEY'd warerooms, 91 Liberty street. AT 27 WOOSTER STREBT TB THE SPOT TO FIND A Ib&rgain In top Wagons, no top Wagons, I'haeto-.s, Peput Wagons, Rock iwaT", Gigs; also-ui assortment of Ha-ne**, tro:n >20 to $1111; Whips. Ac. W. II. PRAY. A FLACK HORSE, 1? HANDS HIGH. 6 YEARS OLD, '?und and kind, a fine coupe Horse; one bay Horse, ? Ce.rsold 18 hnnda nigh, sound ad kind, a fine driver; ore ay Horse. l.V^ hands high, 6 roar* nld, sound and kind, a fior.d saddle horse; one bay 11 o -se, !&!? ' and* high, 7 year* old, sound and kind, a good expres i or truck hors*; all from tbe northern psrt of New York, and will be sold cheap. At 22 Wooater street. AT 47 CEDAR-CARRIACES AND HARNESS OF ALL style ai.d prices. No Hrr idway expenses or profits. Rome great bargains for the next two weeks. JOHN M. TITFTS, JR. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OP CABRIAGBP, HARNESS, /V Saddle*. Bridles. HlanVets, A-., at almost any prlco he. forn Muv 1. at TAYLOR'S Cairiagc and Harness Ware iwni", SO Cedar street. A FINE STABLE TO LET?? WEST TWENTY-SEC ond street, four stalls, room for six, carriage*, harness I room; One rooms for coachman and famllv. M. C. BISHOP, ?7 Liberty street. A REGISTER OP HORSES AND CARRIAGES. AT privat" sale, is kept by MINER A S"MKRVILLE, at 37 Nassau street. All person* wishing to Imy, soil or ex change >Tor.-es or Oarrhces should have llieir property, or the articles desired registered as above. AUCTION SALKST AT HORSE auction MAT!T, Uni n si|usr? everv Tuesday and Friday throu';hn'it the year, ami at 37 Nassau street every Wednesday and Satur day. See auction head. A BARGAIN.?MUST BE SOLD TOR WANT OF USE, f\ seven \alu;.ble farm Mares, powerful build; two nice matched Teams, dark browns, pony built; price very low. 4?H l'eai 1 street. A LEATHER TOP WAGON. CITY VA'*E. IN PER feet order Price, $150. Mso, a light Hack Coach, in good running order. Price, $1'J0, at 'ibo West Twenty-eighth street, rear. BUGGT.?ANEW SHIFTING TOP BUGGY SOLO TO dny at a sacrifice: $200. worth J.VS0, at DAVIS A RICHMOND'S 185 South sirwt, rear Pe k slip. (CARRIAGES -THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT TO BE J found in the vicinity t* at 1*4 Fulton avenue and 10 Kevins -trect, Brooklyn, ?t $0 per cent less than New York price*. For sale-a very stylish pair of dark hay Horses, well installed. 7 and H years "Id. and about 1R!?. hand* high. Can b? seen at I2S West Thirty-second s'.reet, for three days. Will be sold reasonable. FriOR SALK-AT 004 THIP.D AVEVUE, THREE CAR ' ri*ge*. cheap?for $100. $is0 so4^300. For sale-a bay nossE, very stylish, b yemsold, sound and kind, lft1., bailils. can trot in 3:10; price ?H.V). Call at Stevens Mouse, Hunter s Point, opposite Thirty-fourth street ferry. IjlOR SALE?A LIGHT PH IETON, WITH POT.E AND ?,li*t'ts, made by '.Vood Hrnthers. and nearly new and in good ord-r; price $4V); cost S4r>0 six months ago. Also* fine#inmily Hori-e, IS hands high. 7 yesr? sold, sound, kind and ce-tie. and a good traveller; prioe $460. at 60H Sixth avenue. F? Fob sale?a. n\NDsoMB brown horse, fcbotit 15 hands ]u<li. [KTlf'-tlr BNtid and a atvllali driver. Csn bo raen at John Orcnt'a livery alaMe, No, 7 Uo'ighu- strn t, near Fulton forr.v, Broo klvn. ore sale -at~ a s tcRiFTOE." a rockaway Coh h, Brewa:er'a make, blu.-" alik lmed, uwd but a few times; ft f-,nd of din Me Humes'. Alto an Enr'iah Ph leion, ba. k Mat, turning under. Sold on account of owner g" nit to Europ?. Can be eoen at Stable, corner Forty-fourth atreet aad Fifth avenue. For sale?a valuable bay horse, worth $2so if aoucd: price 8U'.'; In consequeure or n HcM hurt; alto one fine M a; e, with foal, and several other work Horaee 80 New chamber* r.treet. IPOR SALE-TEN SUPERIOR WORK HORSES. JUST F from the country, from Ova to night yoara old; one lure* truck Horse, one big blind Horse, one heavy bay Horse; warranted sound and kind. No. 5 Lauren* atreet. RSALE-A OOOD TWO HORSE TRUCK. APPLY at 007 Washington atreet, feed atore. For sale ciitup-a chestnut mare, in foal, eight year* old tii.a spring. Inquire in the teed atore, 118th street and Third avenue. Horse.?a beautiful bay horse, seven years old, li', linuda.high, perfect in all roapeets; also a new top Bn?;v mid Harnesw. at Fifth Ayeuue Stabler, cor ner Forty'fourth atreet aud Filth avenue. Horses and carriaoes.-great barqaixs SrlliuL- off. tha stock of the Continental S tabic a, corner of Thirty ninth atreet and Broadway. OTABI.B TO LET "AND "COUPE AND 1IARNE88 FOR O s.ile?The Drat eUis Stahle 108 West Twenty-ninth atreet Possession of on' half riven Immediately. Apply on the promi-i a from 9 to IS A. M. T~~b let-a privatiTstable, coach house and Rootna foe coachman. No 110 Waal Thirty-first atreet. Tnfiilio?f K. F. CARMAN, 10* Wert Thtrty-flret street. TO BR KOT.O? A SPLENDID MILCH COW,"n"YEARS old, wit>i a nlf 4 weeks old. Alao a brown Horse, 7 year* old. perfectly sound and kind in all harner-1 or under aad lie; li"? 1<?nds high. Alio a lady'e Side Saddle. AU ?old for the want of >iae. Inquire at A. CHRISTIAN'S, 1,104 Fulton avenue, corner of Hamilton atreet, Brooklyn. T\TANTED?Ta~SHIFTING TOP~BUGGY!"BE9TCITY vr mike. Claamng and Dyatng office, 4S? Broomo street, eomer Broadway. E. LORD. TX7ANTE r>-A LIOHT TURNOVER SEAT phaeton, ft thice or f >nr springs, and cut under for f>r? wheels. Address, with j'rtoe, It.. bo* 119 New York I'oat ortiee. ANTED-A LkThT ONE HORSE TRI CK, BUclfTs ik used by drurx-sts and furniture dealer*. Apply to HOTCIIKIXI' SONS, M lteckman street. ?1 nil '-?AY HORSE, NINE YEARS OI/D.jfl HANDS, 9lH"? twcellcnt worker: sound. kind and fit for farm or any hustnesa, in fine condition. 2*7 Seventh avenue. *1 OA ?SPLENDID new ROCKAWAY. SQUARE , ifl 1 ill f. Imv Rood Wsmm, >1C0: splondld Top Btirgy, f?10. tine nov<>r?d new Ham?w, ISO; new eoal box Top H tjtgr Apply at stahle, 419 Seventh avenue. A1 Qr IE HOLD TO day-LEATHER top BUflOY. ?P I ?**' made *y b"st city mak'-ri; <-oat S4i">: In flrst.rate order. A bargain onlv for thi* day. Inquire at No. 414 Seventh avenue, near Tkirty-siith atreet THRBALL CT4W. ARION SOCIETY.?TBS ANNUAL ORAND M tSQT R. rad.* and Fanny Dte?? Hall of this ancloty will be held In Ita uaual ?piei>d<ir en WEDBRhD AY. MARCH 27, at tiie VCAOKMY <>F MUSIC. For ti keta, at ?lo i??e?<, admitting one crntleman and lady, and ''v(r.t lutl ea' ticket?, at S3 each, apply at ihe fol? lewinrr offiooaE KrollBfWffer, 42 Pine ?treet: Em. Sauer, 4ft K j'-h iiie*" pla^e; J. O. Hnndt, 4*1 Dey atreet; John Stader ?tid. 29* Broadway. U. I! * tiff, 6*7 Broadway; F. Spangeo berg. **'! Br'>4dway. And for Hoies tn E. Krollptoiffer, 42 Pine street, and Hanft Bro?., ?'.*7 Hroadway. DAllci?B ACAPWWfc ADODWOETH'B dancing academy, NO. SIS FIFTH AVENUE. For term*. Ac., *en<i loO a circular. IWHTRrCTIOM. AT S3 *0?WRITINO, TWENTY LESSONS; BOOK, keeping, Writing. AriUitneiie. Spelling, $2Uper quatrer; twelve pruate roin.a for day or ev'*ninr. PAINS'S ?'i>l!ek"a, SI Botvcry and :M$* Fulton W . Brooklyn. AYOCNO LADY op LITERARY ABILITY EXERI enee and reft.-neea, riaita and reoeire* ait'ill p'tptla and m.tirie<l I diea lor orlvat" le??"tia in rheto. Tie, |h>lles leitri d, composition. corre?poridenee, eonver*a> tion. oritlrlsm. t<>; (ca of tiie d.iy. r.'nd no the p leta, hiatory. Engllah literati.le. Addreia bov 20, UuiJn square I'oat oBke. AN EPISCOPAL FAMILY, rksidino IN THE -oiintrv, d--iie a fnw children, under Ihe age of twe've, ttiHMM ind Study with their .!htldt?J?. Addresa A. ?? bo* 1.7W Po?t office. AT TQWNSENtPS BUSINESS COLLEGE, MO BOW ery, between Prince nml Itotut<nt ?tr?et?; instruHion darted evening in t?Kikknepiug. penetau?klB. anthmetlOt ep'-'Ilng. grammar, correspondence, Ac. Roi<rna for ladle* and prUiilr 111 iletton. N i ? laaseg. A LADY TKV'HBR WILL GIVE LESSONS IV PEN. J\ uis'.ylitp, nrti.e K'litllsli hrunrhes, at the re'-ldenco Of ?h? pupil, tpply at Oold-mlth a Aeadeiev, 7W Bfondw?y. B0,'?Kf!!l5'M*0?lift?^MESSES. DOLBEAR, NO. ?W Browi v.ui, by sjiW-ial rcqueit, will form a chnap clnao t'rs I 'tjy *a. !i Bookkeeping n?arti -i||jr M naed In '.?* lorli ho'iws, and qtr-thfr |f?n!?*in^n far l ookreep-.a, Appli inta for thia courm- reuat ?e<J?im aeato Iniwiedla'e'y. 1AD'E,4 TIIOROUOHLY INSTRUCTED IN INWOOD'M J fa ious ?y?i<-rn for cutting .lre.?.?, br?mte.', *-e, tn twilrawM. at Tj Eaat Fifty-ac^ond atreet City reference for tu siHIeatsi ' situation W VNTF.D--1N A FIRST CT.\SS SEMI nory. by a yonng ladr who '.?? .nsi fin,.h?d her eduea tlen to in 'aie, all the Knglteh braneoea ar>* i,?in A mooe T1'!1* *. ?oo'l **'boot AdJreaa S., ho* 3P7 Fort offlre, for three day*. A fRlVAtB^/AMILT. A MIDDLE an?d Indf. to take charge of and itisirmit t'srn younu jaJl.- ln >n islr plant) and Freneh; a 'ady competent to teoeh lioth bf3" t uv Mill receive a goo<l salary; mtial be mid* die agf .1 and ?tin? ;n anawer lye and where ran be seen, gen" jtiora r,roJ ?*<!tver A<Mre? tf. M. Ward, twilli K?ra>o efl ye viumiiaim ALBEliT u. nicoi ay, stock . n );:kb and AUCTioNrRR, No. tt PINES lit Ki B8TAHL1SHBD fifteen YEARS. JmubW, City Bailrw-d Oil* Light, Bank, Te'e-iraph. Exprean, M.mttfarturlug at. J Mining Stocks iwiw *: -nto! attention, ami some inhaiei lur salo, payiiu; i row li>to ISO ptr e??ut dividends, *t iow ntei lor lnvotmeum. \ LIMITED AMOUNT OK MORRIS AND KS8KX Railroad Corapuny lliwt moHgMf) mw# Jjp oent Beads, 30 years to run, interest pajahle May and November, fur Mb h> VERM I LYE A CO., 44 Wall tireet TVFVIDBNDP I ' Iluperul Silver Mining Company. $16 per share, due 16th Instant Empire .Mill and Mining Company, 910 per share, duo ISth inatuul. l'.iyni 'e In gold coin, leas exchange, at the Agency of the Bank of Califlmla. . LEES Jr WALLER, No. ?3 Pino street. J^UERBETTE, KANE A CO., N? 8 I'laee d? la Bourse. Pain, Isaue snd e-ish Letter* of Credit, receive letter* for Ameri can* travelling in EuroM. A>??nts for tlie line* of steamers between Havre and Now York. rriKUSTEBS OF CREDITORS AND STOCKHOLDERS I or THE OHIO AND MIHMSRTPPT KaILPOAO COMPANY (E. D), OKl'ICE 88 WALL 8TRKET. N*t Yokk. tUne? 13. 1807. CBBTIPICATE HOLDERS' MF.I.TIM5. The undersigned with satisf.i nlm aaaoun-ex the adoption, by nearW a unanimous vote, of tlio amendm'n's 'o the "Trut Agreement," propose 1 at the meeting of November 1, 1S> G, and since voted upon bv more than thre,??fourths In int?-r' > ' of the owners of the oomr.'.ou, and also of preferred Mr'iQoxtaa. Ther'chtsof parlies in interest being now defined, find their future prlfcy Indicated, it baa been i:"r*i> ! by soveral parties largely interested that tl>;< meeting be continued, .ind the flrrtificate holders ho soiiclu d to t ike imtnedl?'o act'n i for the enniolidati in of the two o guriii it'ons provided for; and tor "Mch purpose a vote upon liie annexed resolution, be*ed upon tiie following plan and data, will now be pro ceed* <1 v th duuv? Ce-tlfi'ate holder* are earnestly requested toroto thereou without delay, in order that ihe meetingmsy not h,? tinnece*. sariiy protracted, to the ponaibi* detriment of their interests. EDWARD LKAKNEl), Chairman. PLAN FOR ENTIRE ENTBRPRWE, UNDER SINOLE CORPORAriON. Capital stock (common i t" he $30,000 000 Capital stock (preferred) to lie 3,900,000 Bomled debt, including existing bond* 8,.'0,1. Oil Toial $32,UU0,0U0 COMMON *roCK TO HE JSS' T.t>. Tn the $30 tpO.OOO certificate h Idem, three shares full stock for every $.VY) of cert'fi<'?ies $12,000,000 One thare scrip stock, assessable for forty dollars each, for every $4110 of certificate* . 5,000,000 To $3 300 000 preferred certili.Mte holders, scrip stock *??'MRable for {as each, three shares for every $T(*) ol preferreu certninateH 1.300,000 To new sub* rlbeis 1,500.000 Total ....$30,000,00$ Pref-rred *P>ck to be issued to preferred certiiicatc holder*, par 3,600,100 Money required for the entire enterprise ?,000,000 Rt.-Orn( KS. Bond* $8,300,000 Lees present beads 3,fc i.lfl.) $4,850,000 at 90 per cent H,S6r,.no<i Reeelvable on $8,000,000 scrip stock .40 percent 2,tlH,(100 Receivable on 1.300,(100 scrip stock. . , "r c m t 535,'IJO Si'e of 1.8(10,100 roaerved romu. i:i stock, and any excess of preferred atock 1,200,000 Total Touil miles of road S20 Miles of rond having both gauae?, three ral.a (Cincinnati to St. Louis) 340 MUeaof li iving narrow gauge or,'./ (Vi..c8!in"s t'i Cairo and Padueah) 180 KSTTMATr OK K'ilMMr.S riRST TV A". AfTVK 'OM'ItTION. Brom' gauge lino (average of earnings 1H65. 18M, $iSM.W4) $3,TW?,000 Cincinnati and Louisville line 'gam) fiS0,0H0 Cincinnati and Evansv'llo line (gain' lOn.iKW Cinclnnntl. Cairo tnd Paducah line (gain) 1.100.UHI) Cincinnati and St. Lous, third rail (gain) 180.000 Tola' $d,2S01?0 Operating and aaateuiuing. say 6< i-3 per cent 4,lfitf >H17 Netearnin?* jJ,u83,3i3 Tnteres: ou J" .v*i,0!? honds .$6?KLn('0 on $3,000,000 preferred atoek 243 COU . W0.000 ?"rpiua $i,24a:w.; The abov<< est .tune of earning* marked "gain. " !i"ing the narrow gauge btirlnea*. is far b?low our expe<~taUone and the opinions of partiea familiar with the business Intended to be secured. PROPOSED AMFVrWKNT. Whereas, At this meeting of iiie Mdrn, dal; convened and iiy resolution continua l, certain amendments t? the Trust Agreement ot Dc-i-mbtr 16, 1>s4h, havo been adopted. whereby the organization of two distinct railway corporations li authorized lor pnrpose* therein dcclaretf, end it) adjustment of the rightsuml interests of certificate hoider*-.? And Wker?M, Such purpose run now h" beneficially ac complished by one of stieh '.'ontdonlated norpor uim;? Therefore, It I* hereby Resolved and agreed, That said airendincnt<-, adopted as aforesaid, are hereby annulled and repealed in no f?r a* the? sppeitain or relit" to the corpora tion* so proposed to be organised, tnd In substitution there for. the foll'ivrln; be adopted as amendatory of the fifteenth artlele of said Trust Agreement. "When the Trustees shall hare perfected their purchase of (he Ohio and Ml-siselpnl Railroad (Eastern Division >. op shall otherwise have become peas-sued of the umr, they ? ball form or procure to lie formed a corporation under such law-no' the State* of Ohio, Indi ma and Ulinoie, or eithe r thrreof, nn th?v shall deem advisable." The crpital of meh corporal!? in shall consist of thlrty.flve Preferred Sharee and two hundred thouaund Com mrm Hhnres, of the par value of $t(fc>ea< h. The pnrpose* and </>;igntlon* of such corporation shall be and be made as loll"ws:_ To receive from the Tru-tees the p-operly to be purchased as aforesaid, viz . The Ohio and Mlsrifmippt Railroad (East ern IMvlsIml. and a'so rill rlcht*, properties nod Interest* held bv th-m In or relating to tho Ohio an I Mi?*S!.ip?i Ratl wny dompanv < the Western DIvMoal, being the entire cap It 1 stock viii* of suid company, together with all houds. el nis or demands a^a.nst said company held or be longing to the trust. To r^ e're fr rn the trustees snvr.nd ?n other properties or things lielonglng to the trust and prcperly deliverable on the final termination thereof. To m*ke ?nd secure, without unnc<*s?ary delay, close traffic eaunnuuleation and rail oouMWtion with the narrow gauge svstem of railroad*. extenditiT to, or intersecting aa'd Ohio an.i Mi-sl sippl Kaili-nail, by a third and Ititermedlst* rafl to he laid tiron sa'd road, and with the eotlthwestr'n roads by the coii*tructI?>n of the Illinois Southern Kaflm.ul, or to .ecnre *i ch ob eet by some alternative at rsiy ntents which will yield equivalent beaefit* and t evenuo to said cora pa n v. To maintain. Operate and manaae the properties s> lobe uonuired or constructed, and any other whl"h may thereaf ter be acquired. as an entirety, and . nforinahly to the pro visions and deel . t tlou* of this amendment. Thu capital iiock of the corporatiou shall be used and dis posed of as follows ? To the per*nn* or parties who. npon a d*y lobe deter mined bv the truMeei, of which not lean than thirty days* notice shall be published in one or more prominent news paper* 1 n the city <<t ?w York. shall be duly leji t"r"d on the books of ?ai 1 trustees as the owners of triKter-:' eertlfl eatea, on tie b iscs aud conditions following, and on the sur render end cancellation of their several eeitifleatea, vif?To the owners, so regKiered. or their le^al representative*, ol preferred certificates, toe.-* shall he issued preferred .nick ! ff the eoiporitton, fall pa 14* lor the ?mount of their pra fe. red eertifkatus. Increased by ail allowance ol Intercut thereon, computed up to tba 1st dsv of septembc tieitat an I after the late "f one share of Mich preferred *tock for i every one hundred dollars of mch certllc ates and iut<rest I Surrendered b? ihein rr [jeotlveiy. The preference of inch prsferred stock te he ,\rcl conetl- l stituie such stock a firs* ? laim up?n the pmpe'ty rd the or poratiOTi, after it< indeht?dae?<, and to entitle the owner* , thereof also to ?eren |?r oei.t per annum, gtimulaUye I in terest parable seml*M>ttHaBr (hereon; nod whenever the ae( aiming* of the er.roo ulion nhs'l l e In etitu of the amount requisite tn pay '??> en per cent dividend* per an- ] num on the common sto'k .?!! accrued Interest on the pre ferred stock belnc paid ? eh ?sce?e. a lien distributed shall be divided equally rer ahare on prtfarred and common ?tork alike. And to sneh owners. |> addition to such preferred s:o, k, there shall be itsued tiirt? shsrea of eommon stuck, to ho designated st>p ?tnck, and de I to he paid up to the amount of * ity dve dollara eicli, for evary seven hundred dollar* of their preferred eettl* ?te' and inter t afo e-a d To tlieawsers. restate red as aforessid, or the.', "gal r" pre sentatives, of enmmon or <inarererrtd oartli ate cMBmon stock of the >v)rp..r.ttion, full pnld, for the aaennt of their eotnmMi oertiBcstes at and a't?r the rt.'o ? I three *och shar-Af nlxii for ere,j fire hundrf '.Ilv sof "lrii ceriifl eatea surrender-d by ilietn respcitltely; and !n addition tlierctoof one of such m be designated f.'.p rt ok, and lo be de'.larart to be nald up t the a nount or slxtv dol lars for erery four hundred dollars of thtlr such ccrll?'-:,t?? so surrendered T > parties entitled to fractional rsrM of a share of either ela?s there shall be i<?'ied a. full sharo of same class, on t\e payment by snth party In money of the lair urrent value of the ? ompleinent All shares, both pre'erred ?nd common, not ("iied a* above DioTld' d, tnciudtng all fractional pert* of shires which an} certificate holder may net take n* afore-aid; to beheld nsed and d'spoeed for the lieneflt of (He oorporat'on and pu -poses he. elnbefnre declared, as 11s Dlrectots may from t'me to t rot determ; ne All Scrip Stock to be sul'laet *0 the nsrment of fr.totre ar*??smerta up to par, when thev shs I be, erne full paid shares: non r*yt^e*? of any such asse'stneat to forfeit the stoek, without other liability. The eorrOr-Hion snail t?e restricted from creating and Issuing any mortgage lien npon its pmnsriv, which shall st anv time m.tka the aggregate amount of its Issued and out standing mortgage Indebtedness eireed srven.-en thousand five hur. lrad dollars per mile, vscept by authority !ir*t t?J be had and "'named ef iwo-tfc rrls In inte'rast of the owners of bo'h the preferred and oinmon fnll raid stock. When the corporation is duly otgarilaed the trustees Ihall transfer and convey to It the enUro priperty to the trust then held or controlled by them. In a teli aod hy such Inatr iments In writing aa eounsel may advise; and they are hereby au'hortxed t<. do any and all a< ts und things nc-fsaiy to jerry into efTect the purpose* and decla rai'onaof this amendment to the trust agreement, and 10 disf h*r([f any eipcnses or ob'ir.atlot:* n.ade or Incuiredon aeco'int of this m'-eting. whl< h they .hell deem iroperly elaimabls. from tie lieneficMilaeof th" trust. The orjioi.itton, simultaneously with the transfer of the property ss aforasald, shall assume all tbe oMJattlons and liabilities or tMortistae under er nonn-eted wlt'i the trust afreair 'tit, and 'helc scllons rslatma f ereto, and shall pro ter-t and **??? s.iid trustee* from ili lrs* or h rm on aceonnt then of; and slinl tuider'ake the t\> cut) i and nhtlration*

of this amendment In s inh form and umnncr a-i sbaii be **'.lsf*?.-tcry to ?aid trustee*. On the due van feror tit# property a* aforwa d to the new co-porn! !<in and upon proper tasannras being taken te secure to the cerfifl.-ate holder* their r?~n<v.>tre shares of stoe* as *f 4?sai.?, and upon the aforesaid assumption of the llalnlltiea and ?Mtgationa ** sfore* ?id, this ?rust shall be and he tvk-n lo be fully dls -hnrged and terminated: and 1ho trustees shall thereat o* be fully rn'wtsed forerar from any claims, lose or dt-nsge therefrom, or In any manner relating thereto, by reason of any act or omlaslon by them, or sither of them, pertaining thereto. SO LOAN-?ii,noo, IN TAR TO!'8 f n*f?, ON BOND 12 City Property Apply io C1IAKL8S IENET. IK Mr -sdwsy. llo coBtmlsslnna. UNION IHVK MAVINOS RANK?NOS. M6 AND M* Canal street, eorner I.eight. Mis per cent Intereet paid on sums if fifl to SAUOP. WANT!'IV-A RKAHONAHMI OFNUR POR TKN Share* Washington fire Stork, twenty Shares Ureal Western Marina Insurance snd five sfceres Mercantile Ma rio# insuraase. Addresa C. W , Mi 9Mf Post eiuce. Km iNi ?%!,. -ii AAa. W v.\!>MK ?j* MURK GENTLE ? r lUiUWUa men. wnb tMe juinun: to |iuml;a? m in terest in ? iagitmiute >m I must honor*. > enterprise; mil* Itui.n made, money rtiftiudn'i. with mr it) per coot, piolia My H)*? (???!? cent. williin h year. (t nounda tabuloi'H, but feets k|v ik u uih. No il-.*. None but gentle oiea im*1 ad dr> s? tor particlara Capitalist, box Mu Philadelphia Post oil. e. rthrt TO LOAN ON BONO AMI) MOKT "ip?j I " " g?ge, in oao or more sinus, ou rttkl enwie, fn th.? nty or Brooklyn. ^ jt/llU y, CO-> iti'V. US Wall street, room U. fc'J^A AAA T" L0A* OM VOST> AND i<i>RT ?i?l)VF.UUU K.-R? ill vsrloiK film*, on rout Mate, iu lata city. Jersey City, Brookly i, Newark, 4c. W?. ROGERS TODD, ?47 Ixoidway, room IS. wrA!< T !8 KHS H. PS A PARTNKR wanted?in a light manufactur. J\ iug buelaees; ona who can furnish (1,000 or $.'.11011.11.11 nlt<>o'! to the liunni ml pari of the bust new. Apply at 3M iv.'irt street, op ?iulrs. /1<*TON PLANTATIONPAKTNKR WANTND, WITH *7 (15 ?dOO, on one 0. the be*t plantations ii tho HonUi. For particular* apply to W tULEK * BRUSH, *i Chuuibvra ?t re#i. Dissolution OP CO PA RTN E USUI I*.?the FIRM of J. K liarfisv A Co. i* thla day dlfnolsed by mutual consent AH debt* d:e to tha company will be settled hy J. F. Ii.irmw. J. 9. DARROW. Nrw Vork, Mareh 11.1*57. R. Skwe/.L. Mr. t. ?/bp.ookway having pur<:rA?ED an ih. (oreit in tho Now York Hotel, m associated with m? an a partnt.. nailer the urm of i). M. Hildpelii .it in. O M. IIH.DRKTH. PARTNER WANTfcD?WITH ??IOC. THIS I1* A BTG cfcmen tomak'- money. Aluo one with If#*) for a sood mSae b-.iataM*. Applv .it Buaine- a Agency, <97 Broadway, 'PliK UNDERSIGNED HAVE THIS DAY formed A L copartaemhip tor tmoMi ting a vrhoWaln ami retail husi ass ii' Tea", lit Vo. ;?i> Vesey street, uodor the -nylc .inU firm name ol T. Y. Keliey A Co. THEODORE Y. KELLEY, JOHN OAKSED. I certify thi* .? ei rrc -t, T. Y. K11 let. Nrw ".irk, MaMb IS, 13C?. WAYrnn?AN ACTtTl YO0NO M AN. A3 I*ARTNER in - .1-e ami ra?.ino mai<rancn bNfcrme; ono who ean lnfln^ooa bu?i; "f*. A irtifss bo* 3iW7 I'ont oUioe. titan run-$if,ntxi ro $r,.ooo, speciaIi capital, to yy lake tbn pta*< ni a raiirum pui tner In an eytablmhcU buitliu-" <. AUiui U.iOi V., Herald offior. ffi-nWY 10 W8? READY CASH -ONE HALF INTER. nut for tale la ll?ht genieel bui-im'sM, >v?ll e?ub lisheii, <rith long lea*e, now 'et out and re it free, on Kroul* way. THOU PSON, 760 Itroailivay. -nn ?partner wanted, in a YKRY profit a. b!o biii*lne?a. $jOJ oau be made weekly. In Qti'.re of Mr. KINKS, 220 Wert Klfly aecond street. 0110 door from Bmadwav. TO ?l,OOCl-WANTED A l'\RTNER TO EN vOU" t' tein rosnufaetnring 1 patent ar'ielo wanted In every lion*, und oar; will sell tho right. Can be aoen at Crowe,a A Co.'*, 498 Broadway. Ail rarb chance-partner wasted, ,i? oanliler In toe very best paying exhibition In Amerlea: r ei iormln? to crowded houxei- aiioelailon firat dat?. Iiicuue iDiineillately at 237 Hudson street. Ann -A PARTY, COMMANDING THIS amo-.nt. 'an pnirba*n a reti'irg pariner'a Interest in a very piortt^ble wholesale manufacturing linm ne?n; mve?'"<i*lion ?olii itert: 'list ?>!" reference given. This i? a ?1?!\i'.. e to tun* with limited tapital. Apply to J. M. MOODY A CO., 4H Pine stmt. (\ AAA -partnbe wanted, in a laoer ?*IU.UUU? Beer Brewery. Addresi P. B., llerald Odiee. ?in n(Ul TO *50,<KW?THE SUBSCRIBER would ivl'I.WlHI inviKi the abovrt lu .1 tirnt class biiiinesa. Prluelps!-. only will be eorrr-pmided with, nad strict coiiil dence may be relied ou. U1SO. B. L.VWSON, station D. OPPORTUNITIES. A GENTLEMAN WITH CAM MAKE IS AR. '^ngiifiient for a ??l*ut Inienv^t for thf* of HeraM^fliV h*>u??. Ad<lre*? Buhiucm, box J9U ASLffiMA!,, WILLl.W TO TRAVEL. and t{\J^i;,ll Icarn of OQc Of till* most ?I mntJn<: cver ofleiuj- b* A CHANCE FOR A 8 VI'K INVESTMENT IN* A v OLD j/l. eMabllaliod luMinogH. vleMIng a ,.'>od profit. For par ticular* inquire ?r c. B. daissmaN. wOonUudt atriwt \CITAXCR FOR A FREE PASSAGE TO CALIFORNIA tp! !ln* Lot ln Newport, tarmlnu* <if ihe wly.rowffw! ',,Bar San Oflico 137 Broad Tt^'ITT,,":A? a?tivk man. with Mblft iiiii ":y^ir: u?l' wl" "? *rl'h by a rcpou ??ranch ?r th" U.uU?Vn'\?p,''.UHlij)Wiu'a nelKbtor^'T'iy* u^,?d-lu,,uireuf *? ? ("!??,NTY ANn STATB RIGHTS FOB SALE?FOR /Watetman * Stationary "n'i Burglar ALirm 1f'?R HALE?A RECIPE (LATE DISCOVERY) THAT ha? ruret! couKftmptlnn: or it retpm t:ibla partner with Kimu- capital,* anted. A Jdi??i June* Irving, Hcr.ild oiucc. r2*EOHOIA. louisiana. TEXAS AND AIjARAVA X Any gentler,ian from the above named SLUe* wlshlmr to inre.tlaabualirtMthat will p y ?|?<k1 Zwt Ag ladiaiup. box itiij Wfliiamaburg <N. V.) Po*t office. LEASE. STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A BROADWAY vu'T' ?f ,,^to' k ^>n'i*i?or Paranoia and Fancy ?M>odN. bn^infis well established; rent Ioa- AcpIt on th? Broadway, near Seventeenth street, \ve?t aide. I roprletcr gong into tee manufacturing biulmaa. MONEY. MONEY. MONEY TO BE MADE.?FOR 84LE nnrn?N.M?"1y, tl.e Lean;, Stock nil Flxturr* of the "* ??" ??*? ?* PARTIES WISHING TO DISPOSE OF THEIR . i?r i, nji to in,cm, or wixli nv to procure partnera. <hould rajl at tin Buainest Agency, -tn? Broad nay. RARE OPPORTi NITY for investment. THF Mteiition u. m "h,.iit<indci';'#i,. i Is illed to our MTorU.em.^nt t? the No. lolk , \ i of a " ?letob? -J 1 under order of Courti In Norfolk, Viigi t?. ?n the 4th i.h\ ni April, 11..,, oi the inamive a'ld comnoilmua War.'hoiiH'< an I W harf 1U-i'hail'm) n >w used by t!ie Uuim irthT',.'^ th" LIvj-rpool trade, ilrecttrao! tb x p.ojier'v' 8 D"w fn"' "uLllll"'<1 *>S twwnuof I.ETGH BROS. * PMELTP, Am tinorern. fro capitalist*, ii: sters, ,v>'? < sujiiLi ip53SL7SSJ v:\x?vt TTfANTRH-FOR THE W!?-tkkv fk ? . . KHOvi ?? tl.u.uuo f. (^.ulJO or Vi'Oial Me.. 1.1, c??n and J>a.-<00* In (ood arpiir Te* property, ? ? orlo>, Ar. ;[? v * ' K?_ * i *J- ?' sH.?au *tre#if rof?in No 2. $1 000 u"'!' GOOD STAND IN WEST ofllro* a?ums on Market. Addrcaa Cook, Ileraid |l 000 T? ,J?V-.TA ?l-'HI*ES8 MAN WISHES K.i .i . a ?, ltl? "tx've amount or r??h in-.oui" bualne.. that ? til reallt- film #-l So $X per week >u~n"f hi!I alarp. rv or hni.ibog* n- I nSTwer. 4d.l:?' wll.i p- ilrulrr? l.eorjnFoa-i, box 3S, ?''iri A, Spring atrSX IMAM OFriCEH. Advances made ox diamonds, watciikp sii^. VCI ." ? .1.1', 11 oe Furulturt*, Camel*- llalr Sbiwl', ? ??r I jml.. lor ? ill. Term? modem-. J. H. COHEN ??. Br#i>i|*.ij, nearly opju. .|t? ,vit.>r place. A T 77?MONEY UIIKIIAI.LY ADVANCED O* DH. MONDS, WATCHEA, JEWRLRY f-r oil Tll^' SAMF Hoc ;IIT AT Til,; hiVhi' st ratVs ATsV? WATCHi* JEWl I RVK> "i\M').VOS, wATrHJyJoVrl. 1<RY. Htiwler *lre?t, up^unn. A D?r*"n?r 0S .^ATCHRS, DIAMONDS, JKW Orr <iO'?dt ftn<t I Koonftl T'roncriv i?f J<*? ST^raadWay lll urai.d i trett, two doomrtM A T riL No?4Afi?ML.N,KAR twentieth street, ^ii>i?i i ??!f? i? .i " price* are paid Tor Diamond*, CO DV.;EO,d n^V^' money tdranced. MARKS A At ?b pearl htreet, between new rowkry F. inklin ?',??re, I. K 1*1: B K R A CO^vZi^. ?tally at re?..oi?bl? lctm,oll n|| v,,hiaUlo property, Wat liel Jcwe'ry, Duinoud*, A? er purcha??. nmi.uta, AT ??. 9 TVirSJLrmJ^ STREET, fifth"4YRNCE Hote..-The hiih?>t price paid lor biainonda. Watcher Sc.. cr adt?ncc? made ?n the ?.?ne. A T M3 HROAOWaY, COUVFR OF RLEECHF.R itreet?The ut?o?t nlue will be mid f,lr Diamond. Watohea, fewela, tUlver W?re, Ae or lil.cral advance* inane on eoj't-nmeit". Dl.i'nondt, V^attl'"-. tc ilwatafnr A Vt'a^r^^WJ!?0^ K*?* BI'ILDHfO^ J\ DIAMONf1^. W|,T( f?BH. PRRCITllItH RTiivru 1/1 THIS bL? ESTABLISH FD orFl^P. 1 r*TtWA-rc!i"s,(7?wf.uj!Ii,A KAias^Ac81'11^ OVTIOAUNSTOOEKN-N Ai AC ? jt. b.-diamowh, watches,'au .'for pu e Of KICK HOikH FROM U> M i(l4 V M ,, *^' **? HARDNOKR, na Rroaiiway. room No. P. ATnofia.,fn thaRfa?!i^rr,Prr0?rr': Til,: A :Tf"1 fbi'SIi? "J ?'?''.V.''SXd?5 ROOM N t KPIl BROADWAY, WHHI * *? l'KKtf ART OALI.KRy, "Omer 12th at. PAWNHROOKliTB BOUGHT. OF DIAMONDS W< J?w?lr| <)uri*f Mmi "ii ami u ,uJ ' h' !' ' i?.>eh-n Too!^; !?? Hnwar, H?*** AT ion k ~ NKW PHTHlOOM<UY# WITH mORR TflAlf A THflif tand engraving*, crw raady. In plain m'.lki M hiHid. ?n::\\7r*uNa- T*?"* **** ??SSS re ^VmwV;, tha aod "Inaiiranee, Good,Bad a.wi liidllhMl?.i a ^ P"!*,' warATOT1 "-iKfcvi Jssnss AMUttHMKMTfl. Bkoadw\y theatre. admission a? ousts. ('oritur i>i ttnwlway and II room o atroet. Friday .aid B*tur<la y iwttitiugii, March IS *ud 14L LAST API-HAW*** US of tb<"'voriH.r#in'wni'11''iiHfii nit and 01 iginal de!illei.tOi * of IrUli ami Yani.-e life, UK. AND M'vrf. BARNEY WI VIA AM 3, In the IrUh Di uiu of Kil ANDY MAOUIRE. SHANDY MAOUIH::. with eony. ?fit. BARNEY HUM A MS. Ao.l the axioam'.ing pro lea u Comedy of AN HOUR IN SEVILLE, in wlilch M'* B-iniey Willi m aaeutne* eight different char acter*. uuil teu untire change* of superb caelum*. SATO RDA Y MATINKK open*12it, begin* 1J& over 4 o'clock, thua affording air pie Una to meet all Huburhan train*. ivijeu MR. ANU MRS. BARNEY WILLIAM* will appear In two pieces, IRELAND as it was, played "by Ihem exceeding onn thouH*nd lime*. and the CUSTOM OP THK COUNTRY. Monday, March IH. cviebrutlon of St. Patrick'" Day, ALL HALLOW E?E aul LATEST FROM SKW YORK. (>ERMAK staDT THEATRB, 4 fi AND 47 BOW FRY. I THIS (SATURDAY) KVHNINO, March !?, RohkIiiI's irr.iml opera, WILLIAM TKL^. /1ERMAN STADT THEATRE, 4S AND 47 BOWEBY. ' 1 Monday, March 18, Mail, .rohanrcn Mathilda .Mad. Fiidenul a*. H do wig Mad. Rotter an (Jemmy .Hr. Illmm>'r a* Arnold Mr Fnrmen an William Tell Mr. C'handon, .*? Ueaaler Mr. BOttUMIL DaWISoN, a* HaMLET. WOOD'S TflEATRE. POPULAR PIUC3M. i?14 Mroadivay, opposite St. Nicholas Hotel. Last appeanwioe of tn* nhn'-mlnK vcallut and -om*(tieuno MISS FANNY Mol'.'IAN PHELPS. THiS EVENING AND BAN.'RDAY MATINEE. The beautiful oi the LAD1KS' BAffLE AKD KATTY O'SUEAL. supposed by a full d-.smate eomp.inv. MO} DA/. March IK th* celebrated mural drama Of UNCLE TOM'S CAHIN. with a power! <il cast uf characters. HAKTV TKMPLE OK MYSTERY, SM5 BKOADWAY. Nimee.?oilier attraction* being in preparation, thia will positively be the 1 ArtI' WEEK OK TUB PRESENT PROORAMMH. Trot' in. or We Are Here: But Not Here; Floating Head; Growth of PIowtm, >i\, will be repeated EVERY EVENING AT 8, BATLRDAY AT 2. Tickets. 50 ~entn; Reserved sent?<,$I. For *ale, tlx day* In advance, at tho ilali, from 9 till 5. The Chicken ng piano n iiaed hi these aeanee*. WSDNK8D<AY-JPVENILB NIGHT. Children half price. MR. AND MRS BARNEY WILLIAMS* THIRD ORAND Matinee at the Broadway Theatre. Saturday, March 16, at o'clock. "Ireland Ae It Waa," and "Ciutom of the Country." CUIABLEY WHITE'S TROUPE, <72 BROADWAY. 1 SPLENDID BILL rOR LADIES AND CH1LDREM at THE OREAT MATINEE TO DAY. TUB OREAT MATINKE TO.DAY. THE OREAT MATINEE TO.DAY. T11E OREAT MATINEE TO DAY. THE OREAT MATINEE TO DAY. FENIAN'S OATH TO-PAY, FEN UN'S OATH. FtMAN 6 OATH TO-DaY, FENIAN'S OATH. FI'.NI.VJfS OATH TO-DAY, FENIANS OATH. FENLYN'S OATH TO-DAY, FENIAN'S OATH. SPLENDID NEORO ACTS, FEATS <>K Dl A8LEP.IE, NEW AND MAGNIFICENT BALLET. AC. THIS AFTERNOON AT 2','. THIS AFTERNOON AT 7%. SAN >"RANOISr:i MINSTRELrf?M6 BROADWAY. Tbe Trouble rommim^ii at quarter to euht. THE CRKME HE LA CKEME OF MI.NSTREr.ST. BIRL'H, WAMBOLD. BERNARD k BACKUS' SAN K RAN CISCO MINSTRELS. whose auccp's bus nerer been equaled by any similar organi zation In the world. New and cheerful Burle?quea e?ery week. Hilton Head Inatllute. Ten mlnntea at the Academy ofMwifo. A Dauceroua o^nie. or the Reno Sharp". I will MarnrHer mo Early in the Morning. Sliouu of lauchtsir at tbe hhadoiv I'.vntomnne, aud the acreamlng Black Cook and Afri -*u llallet troupe. K I LLY k LEON'S MINSTRELS, 720 BROADWAY. l'A ITI Crowd* nnable to obtain neati. BLACK PATTI . The ONI.Y LEON ^IngK a CROOK PATTI lJ tbe 11.*t au'l inoat diiboiilt cr CISDE PATTI 5 AHD1TTI I OI I/ARD1TA R LEON IS -a WALT7.ES 1^1 L'ESTASI ^ DEM N PARIS g rrceued wlih raptures nightly, ^ DANCE PARIS g and appear* in tne aut>erb Em- r AT 9:J). PARIS pre-.; dre*-'. imported from ft ttlTB PARIS I'arl* expreajly 'or thia piece. NIuBT. EDWIN KELLY, Seymour, Allen, Price. Oberftt, ke., Ae Matinee at wood's theatre, admission mc. Mia* Faeny Morgan l'helns In two piece*. A (elect family renort Saiurd?y, March in, at 1^ o'clock. IRVING HALL. OSCAR PFEIFPER'8 . riRNt GRAND CJOWOERT. 8ATCRDAY EVENING, March 16. 1*7. l*R< lORAMME. PART I. 1. Overture, "Naolit1acer'? Troopa Kreulter OSCAR PFK1PFBR. 2. Fong Luther IONATZ POLLACK. 8. Fantasia (f.), Cell* ; Serrais RUDOLPH HKNNIG. 4. Aria, Hallo In .Maschem Verdi OIUDITTA ALTIBRI. A. Paraphrase, Eriianl Pfalder OWlR PPBIKKEK. raitr it. 1. Dnn, Don Giovanni Moxart OIUDITTA ALT1ERI and POLLACK. 1 Illustration , Prophet Liszt OSCAR PFMKKKR. 3. Adafla and Mazurka Cha. Sofa u berth KUDOLl'il IIKN NIO. 4. Guard'a Waltz Godefrey GIUDITTA ALT1ERL & Variatinni, Carnival Pfeifier OKOAIt PFEUFEK. To commerce at 8 o>l'Kk P. M. Tickets of admlsalon. ft; Wnnod sents, U) cents extra. For aalo at J. Schuberth A 1 Co.'a, tM Broadway, and W. A. Pund A Co.'a, 547 Broadway. STEINWAY HALI.. LAST UKAND POPULAR CONCERT And hut appearance In ttie concert room oi the celebrated Prima Donna, MADAMR PAREPA rosa, Prevlou* to bur appearance la iMIian opera. THIS tSATI ROAY.) MARCH I?. AT 8 O'clock, BENEFIT OK YIIE ATTACHES OP STEINWAY AND IRVING HALLS. L. P. HAKHtSON : DIRECTOR The foil >? ine lirllllani array of artlata will assist:? Madame I'ARK PA ROS Pi.iua Donna. Mr W. J. 1IILL. Tenor. Sianor S. sTRfNI. llano. Nr.S. B. MILI ? Ptaniat. Mr. CARL ROSA, VI , i'lollnlst. Mr. DK.IT/. Trumpet Solotst, Mr. F. LKTHCII. Trombone Soloist. Mr SCHMIT/. Horn SoloUl. Mr. IIEINDL. Fl'ite and Zither SulaUt. Mr. KB KM, Flu'e Sololsl. Mr I. CAt'LflELD, Organist. Xr. G. W. Gill.BY, Acixiinpnullt. Mr. THEO THOMAS, Conductor, and Ilia full Orcbe?tra. Tlekels $1. Reacrved Seat* .V) <ents extra. For saJi tbisinuruing at the usual places. CTBIBWAY halu ?3 VTH SUNDAY CONCERT, .MARCH 17. L. F. HARRISON. DIRECTOR Flint api earaiice of the favorite Prima Dounu, M'l.LE PAULINB CANI8SA. Flrat appearance of the eelebra'cd Organist this Mason, MR. O. W. MORGAN. together with the futlowlngeinlnent. Artists:? MR. CARL ROSA. Violinist; MR. O. VV. COLBY. Accompanist: MR. THi:o. THOMAS. Conductor, and hia FULL ORCHESTRA. Tickets, SO cents; Reserved Seats, 80 cents extra. XTOW ON EXHIBITION, FREE, AT T1IE PIFTII Avenue A rt Gatlerr, a very fine collection of orislnsi modern Oil Paintings by leading arliata of the French, Belgium and Ameii an- hooU. THE GREAT historical PAINTING. REPUBLICAN CO CRT IN THE D tYS OF LINCOLN. O.N EXIIini n??N DAY AND EVENING. ART INST1. TLTE (DERBY GALLERY), BROADWAY. Theatre francais.-prench theatre to let, for evenit?s and matinees, for operas, dramas, con certs, lectures. Ac , Ac. Appiy to Mops. DRtVKT, oflice of Kreneh ihe.ue. Mt sit Uh A BASS WANTED-FOR A OCARTBT CHOIR; HAL ary liberal. Address J, K., box WO Herald oflice. A contralto DKSIRLS AN ENGAGEMENT IN A quartet choir la this city. Address Contralto, Herald office. MUSIC TEaCIIF.RR LIBERALLY DEALT WITH AT 178 Sixth avenue, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets. All the popular Muslo constantly on hand, and the New Music as aoon aa published. Private lessons-giitar. piano, violin, sing (njl, 243 Weal Tnenty-aixtli street, between Seventh and Eighth avenue*. Trims within tba reach of all. Call or seud fur ein n lur. 1U0 references. New and popular songs. ?When have the Beautiful Gena." Duct; iy Jam?? O. [Clark. 3He. ' A Fair Form at tti* Oal?war.,,< By Henry Tncksr. Me. "Come to My Spirit." ByW. C. Bak*r. 3V. ?Nearest and Dearest." By .?. R. Thomas <llth>. WV. ' Do not Heed her Warning;" reply to 'Gypsy's Warn iuf." By llenryTucker. 36c. Ns? Music issued daily. Everything nertslnlng la the musla business can b? obtained of (he publisher C. M. TRKMAINF, 4J1 Broadway, New York. Soiled Music at IS?- per pace. ORG AN*.?CHURCH ORG \N POR SALE; TWO OP IS stops, pedal has*; two seoon'l >and. of 4 and A stop*. Tka sbove am very anpenor In ions ? *d workmanship. W. B. DAVIs, 40 Downing sireet. WANTRO IMMEDIATELY?A VIOLIN, A CPARIO. I net and Cornet Plaver. most be flrat class. Anplr at tilt Broadway, COBS. Pl'BDT A CONVERSE'S Miasneli. BI.M.MHU4, AC. Billiards -w. H. obippith, iss pulton strebt. has the only true Combination Cushions and Tables now for sale, wltb ev?rylhing complete. Call and examlna. For salb-onr billiard tabls, balls and Cue* oomplete. Apply at 171 Prises strsst, cars Thompson. " Fob sale-two second hand, pottr pocket __ Bnilsrii TaMse, H ?>?. Apply at ife Centra street L1 "? SALE ?A hi LI.IA RO TABLE, MARBLE TOP r three nuarters aUe, In good . ndltlon, at a vary mode' IMS BXIS?. Applf at -JS A, -?rBS^ Vtosad ?t?*?L AMDNEMBNT9. . I.ewln Baker and Mark Smith TJOOI; KV'SOPK R A HO PUR. JBRIK VTBW VOKK THKATRK. XI Manager* repetition OK Till: HUB AT BENEFIT BILL. LADY DOV. Performance will coirmeuoe with Bnckatone'e e'cgaot petite ?omr ijr of THh MAID WITH THK M1UINO PAIL. Mllij (with ^ugl) LADY DOM After whx'h, LADY DON'S GRAND SfcLEOIlOJtl OF SCOTCH BALLADS, beautifully illustrate! hv TABLEAUX VIVA NT*?. To conclude (by particular re., iem > with the great bar!?aqat, IVRriEUK AND yndrombda. Per?eus j LADT DOM Aa-lsted by Measrs. MARK SMflll, LEWIS BABBR, and their tin i:iti' ach ible COMEDY AND BCRLMQTR COMPANY. Mr. and mrs. n arney williams third matt iiee, ItroadwiT i ho.iiri!, Saturday, Mircli IS, at 1 % o'clock. ''Ireland A? It Wan," And '-Custom of the Country.', rrilKAlRK FRANCAIS. COMBDT. 1 SATURDAY, MARCH Its, 1887. First represents Ion of KAltUEAU, L'empoisonneur. Drama in live acta and seven table tug, by B. ^abarre and Nus. Ticket oW< e at H. DAKDO.s HI.L' 073 Broadway. J^KS. F. R. CONWAY'S PAKK THEAj'rij, BROOK. THIS EVENINO, Aiuruatln Daly's Mew Play, HAZARDOUS OROfVD. AUna Mm. K. B. CON WAT xuppci ted by Uj# entire star eo,upanv. Tony pasjok s opera hois*;. am rowkry. perfornutuoea afternoon anil main*. of OR A*T> th.: treat Musical Httrleaaue, MA - H \ NIELLO. FAMILY TDK PISH CATCHER OK NAI'LKl. Mr. Matin,.; HAM OOLYBR and lux two ?>>aa, n iholr TO-DAY, apecUitle*, AT MR. SAM COLYER, % PAST 2 In hi* prent Indlm Clib exercise. O'CLOCK. Thi entire Troop.* In a choir" olio. SATURDAY Nl<mr-AN IMMdNSB BILL. O.N MONDAY, The great locnl drama, THE WOKKIN0 GIRLS OF 'K*W YORK. >'*VuYN. THE HOUSE THAT JAffK BUILT. THE BURLESQUE HI.ACK CROOK. C E.Collins?''The Cure." A. Baniford?' Tho Wonder." Soiiii!l>odj?'? Coat, Affair of Honor. Challnng-i Dam ?? (Jro clan Statue*. (Irani Matinee every Halutday, at 2^ i 'clock. GRIFFIN k CHRISTY'S minstrels. FIFTH AVKNUE OPERA HOUSE. No*. 2 and 4 Weet Twenty-fourth street. O. W. 11. Oiltlln Manager THE FAMILY RESORT. Third successful week of the Oraml Spectacular Burlesque, BLACK CROOK. Reappearance of Mr. OTTO BUKUANK. Door* open at 7; to commence at 0 o'clock. Matinee at wood's theatre, admission mo. Mlsi Fanny Morgan Phelps In two pled'*. A selecl family entertainment Saturday, March IH, at I >4 o'clock. Brooklyn academy ok mi'htc. ONE NItfllT ONLY, MONDAY, MARCH 18, the greatly sue.-vasfiil local dr una. the STKEKTS OK NEW YORK, SIREETS OF NEW YORK, STREETS OF NEW YOltk", preaeuted with all the ORIGINAL EFFECTS, THE <i UK AT FIRE, UNION SQUARE and other lifelike repre sentallnns. AduiisHiou 75 i ent*: reserved ?*ata$l; gallery 80 ceute. Box aheut open this morning at 8 o'elnck. BUDWORTH'S minstrels. LATE OF FIFTH AVE nue Opera llousc. will open al Washmgtoi Hall, Har lea, lor elk nights, commencing Saturday evening. March 16. J. H. and W. S. Budwurth uu the ends. Atlmlaaioa tO and 86 cent*. BUNYAN TABLEAUX?largest PANORAMA IM the a-urld. Sixty magnificent icenea. Uluktratliifi "Bun fan's PJUrlin'* Pingres*." Union Hall, Broadway and wentr-tliii'.l street. Open every night at 7;>at 1\. Admissiun SO cents; 16 centu. Matlaeo Wed nesday an<l Saturday, at 11 o'cunk. RUHT. J. <1K .KNWOOO, Mannjer and ftmwwk, The richinos knoush opera company will reapuear at the OLYMPIC THEATRE on Monday evening next. Marcn 18, comineucing a brief km?ou with Palie's beai.tiful production, the BOHEMIAN GIKL. ?ox sheet now open. A. B. PENNOYBR. Agent r?NDERFUL FREAK OK NAT! RE?' the WASH . 1NGTON TW1SS," born alive, having two head*, four arms, ^nd but one body and one nalr of legs; al .o tin: L-ad and niint ann of l'robat, tlie murderer of the Dwrlij faint ly; together with the collection of jhjecul? Phy-oo ogv. Ana torn v. 1'atholngv and Natural Rlittruy; all or which are tllu?t>-ated dally by Lecture* ntid Miraiacopte Views, at the New Y rk Mu<"uni of AnatOiay, CIO Broa4* way. Open fi'om tt A. it. to 10 P. M. TOKATKK TICKET OFFICE. Reacrved Seals for all Brat elaas TheMrea, Concert^ Balls, hty, ian always i.e obtained at the THEATRE TICKET OFFICE, 1U rod 114 Broadway. W4 UK* GUOUK. A GREAT 110S1I AT ROTU STORES. A . tion room* our hCHdqnartera. Two stores cnsblc us tu buy )>?( lots cheap, and to keep bolii supplied "-itli bargains. IMMENbE LOTS DltKad goods. 25c. IMMENSE LOTS, Vitc. amlSOe. AUCTION MUSLINS 10c., MV:., I&e. and ?? BEAT <-? WA*sfrrrAS, 308. AUO IlIMEKSf? LOTS ALPACAS, TABLE LINKNS, KMPKKSS Cl.orils. Ac.. Ac., iroin auction, AT NEARLY HALF PRIC?. FOSTER BROTHERS, IS7 Kiibth avtuuit. near Eighteenth street and POSTER BltoTHKKS, 272 Moochcr street. GREAT EXHIBITION, IN!7. PARIS. LA COMPAGNIK LYONNAISE, 37, BOULEVARD DES CAPUCINES, ST. Opposite the Grand Hotel. SILK STCFFS. MANTLES, VI SITES. CI.OAKS, AC? PRINTED Ml~tfLINS, LACE. INDIA AND FRENCH CACHE MIRES, FANCY TISSUES, WEDDING OUTFITS. The COMPAGNIK LTO.V5AISB hat the honor to inform American ladies that the* will tlnd at their establishment warerooms. for the Immediate cutting out and making up, Droits in the list style of fashion and moat elegant pat tarn K. DRESHHH READr MADK AND TO MEASURF Silica tU lenndatloci the COMPAONIE LVOSSAIKE hse not ceased to occupy lUelf particular!? In the selection ef articla* of L.ste and of superior quality; cnnseqwontly thlf t'niiP'iiy Is unrivalled in Pans, and enjoys a universal reputation. Gr^nd orrxisn r.p bprino patterns.?thh Mi?*es STARLING wlU hare their <rrand opening atf elrgnntlr trimmed Patterns, M-irch At, which, for elejjnne and beauty, cannot be ?urpu*ted. Cloak? and DreK??a made with neatness and despatch. Taylor's system taught. 34t PARIo II ARTIjKH. r AJIl/Y ?jn()DS,?AvX Vlilesde France, fil Rue Vhrlenne, and 104 Roe Rlehe llnil, n>'ar the Boulevsnla and tho Bouixe; the largest em porium In Patta. Pric es marked In plain figures. Kngliah spoken. Drews iu.idc t > meamro In forty-eight hours. SOCIETY AND CHURCH GOODB.-FRINGES, LA CEP. STARS, TASSELS. Ac., In large variety at r<vJuoe? prices, flnt-it imported, by SCHlT vLEtt, HARTLEY, GRAHAM A CO., l? Maiden Una. FAMILIES VISITING THE PARIS EXPOSITION. CAIBMIIEI AaO LACES. COMPAGNIK L?; l.NDKS. N RLE RICHhLIEU. 80. M>-<?ra. VI RDH DELISLE, (he proprietors, respectfully feel re to Inform the American la.lles who visit the Pre nek ? .tpitai thxt th-y will find at their estnhliehmsnt tha bract and ri< hert assortment of CASHMI RhS ANO LACES IN THE WORLD, st prices tbit will sustain every and an* eonipai-tsoa. The fabrkrae* of the company, placed h? thev are in every L ACE DISTRICT OF FRANCb AMD RBLUm'M, Mid In all of the SHAWL DISTRICTS Of INDIA, enible t'iem to sell nt the price of MANUFACTURE KRS INSTEAD OF MKRCilAMlH, aa well as to prodtic* design* exclusively tbe<r uWn. English ia currently spoke* In the eatablishmcnl. N. B.?The proprietor* pay ne commissions to any partial custom to the house. ANTED TO PURCHASE -imported LINEN goods. Sand your card. 44 Pulton street. New York. hillinekvT ADAM FtLLETTE WILL OPEN AT NO 37 T7NIO* sqnare on Wcdnesdav. March 9tt. A Fl'LL AND SELECT ASSORTMENT OP FRKNCII BONNETS. Madame Harris will open at no. 7 brrvoor? plaoe. fentli street, on Monday, March IS. her Brat tat port 1.1 .n? ol S ping Botneta, aa alao the latest sty lea oC Drcs making, for which brat>< h aha aolicita the patroaaflQ of her customera. w M PIANOPOKTRS. A ROSEWOOD SEVEN OCTAVE PIANO. ALL TRK Iste.t Improvements, for f-> <?; me forfM; also ft IM one at a raduoed prtoa, IM Amity street. H. HA RDM AN. 4 FAMILY WILL SELL THEIR MAGNIP1C?N? n est red ll-xceood I" snoforte, worth $U0, for leaa ihaa hslf; seven octave, overstreng, iron frame; Marl* aa*. Appiy at ff>7 Ksst Tewth street. . \ MAGNIFICENT assortmknt op THE PINBtfi /V and cbeapeet new an<l second hand rianos In tho e?t? for sale and to .rani, at W.M. CANDiUCS* wmumm tft Blee,?ker street ^ AN ASSORTMENT OF new PIANOPORTES TO LEf and ?old. on tnHslmento, at the Bisnutietorr, IW an? IW East Twoaty.fim street L. P OUMMINUS. ^ * ?4 A SPLENDID SEVEN OCTAVI? RO?RWOOO PIANOa /X lorte at a n^ at aa*lflce; worth fS7d: l-rr less lhan haif. Alio one for fSOUi eoet $lW, 31 Washlogtou place, aea4 Greene street. ' - 1 .... % A MAGNIFICENT, ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE A sale; made order, oilv ranker, cost ?en" f?r f?t ing ateol and rover; Parlor Suits. Ktaoere^ Sookeaao, rMjlH ings. Chamber, Dining Fnmliure; a aaerlioe. 4e weot nix? teenth street near Nctfc svenuc. ^ b some rosewood stodart M Dneham n?nnforte. >I?, serersf McDn^TrD A ob^ wholesale prw^ pyyeslta Qeyer InetHetit v ayr BM to tW6. b-w 7 octave Plaaoa tor win aa4 eywapda. OU