Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1867 Page 2
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HOA.IIDKK9 ANIJ l.ODtiRltS WA\TFD. AT 180 AND 182 BLEFCKKR STRKET.?Nlc E Kix'VS, for families slid ^er.t.emcn. Ti rms moderate. Mo morui( to May. An bi.kuant suit ok parlors, also two fine Room*. to let. wltii flrat <?: i?. it ird: ul V and private tables. \Vind?or Unci. a 1 suiujiuu Bluet, be* wen Brnr.dway and Fifth ?vcn-i A PRIVATE FAMILY AT 4* W'ST TWELFTH ***** im Mmmm ... I r two r*:illeLien with Turn, h w! !:o< .. .**'1 inrunU m iMldren not takeu; rHerencm nviurfeu. AT FRANKFORT OOnNER OP fBANKFOBT and Wtl i.-.m atre-t* -V ! iPoat irittetlon in price?; 36e, toUiC. i*ru?j, $1 Wto per week. Open all Ulglil. AT 47t> WEST TWENTT-SECOND STREET?LARGE front it i ><ack (Co m on second aud third floors, s..u<r i ! . * It?<? let In suits or alu^o, wiui or wltlii. .it ?..?t as? Hi .ird. Children not takes. a KH.KLT FURNISHED ROOM TO I.KT?TO GEN J\ tl . n onlv. ttlth' Ut Imard. In a private family out children, at ?JI I-nst Miith sii?et; no moving In .Wat. s SECOND 8TOBY furnished HALL ROOM rAN J\ oe liad, ?l:hor wuhout board, In a email family, by applying a( ?u. A Delanney ..treet, near Bowery. * T 157 EAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET. BETWEEN ,/Y Sec nd aud Third avenuee. a few single gentlemnn ran Ih aivmnuioilated with good Board. Terms from $0 to $7 per week. A LADY HAS NICE ROOMS. WITH OR WITHOUT Board, for gentlemen and their wives, In a re'i.ed jilauc. Addreas M., station C. A NEATLY FURNISHED BtCK PVRI.OH TO LET. lo one or two gentlemen; also a M ill He.trnoin, at at Leroy sUeel, near iileecker. Tertna very .easouable. AT M WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.?A FOURTH floor Room, auiuble for one or two gentlemen, with Boarding; alao hall Room on secoud door, front. Refer; encea. A NICELY FURNISH ED ROOM TO LET?APPLY AT lit Henry street. A LADY HAS A NICELY furnished FRONT FAR. to let, to a geulleman, ut 1M Weal Tenth atreei. A lady. ownin.; a house, would let a large Room, on second iluor, furnished in walnut aud oil, Bnilscl* Oarpet, all moderu improve menu, with ex< client Bo.ird, $1B for t to. seventy-eighth street, seventh houae eaat of Third avenue. UASklNS. A-EI.EG ANTLY furnished FRONT PARLOR AND . J'.o ho .in for rent. Apply at 3SM Fourth avenue. A SUIT OK NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? With Boir<l, to gentleman and their wives or single gettlle"n-n 32 ijaat fwcnty-uintb street, near Madison ay. J FEW NEATLY furnished ROOMS FOR GBN tlotr.en only, without Board. 27 Amity street, near Broadway mid the Souluern Hotel. AIiABGH FBONT PARUIR, handsomely fur. nlalied; eeeretary bedstead, everything uew; can be had with hrst class Board, at ill) Fourth avenue, near Twelfth eu-eet. A FRONT ROOM AND BEDBOOlt furnished; al<o i nice ltootn and llall Be<iroom. ?ultablc for one or two gentlemen; gaa, La.h, Ac. ; second floor. 324 Ninth avenue. Along lease of two houses and furni turn f .r Mile, with between M and It) rooms; accoinmn. datlm fo. hO to Tu persona; best location in city, near Holt' suaxi ;ii "k H)?lred fraai $.*>,000 to$7,(luu; preaent parties ,,"ilng l i l.nroj>.-; house and nirnitnre ne irly new. or wcilu 1. u*e to u first claa? tenant, wild aecunty. No aKi nta nee 1 ipply. A ,Jre3? speneer, box 711 Post oill'.-c, New York. A HANDSOMELY FOBNUHBD SUIT OF ROOMS ON or.d 'lo r to rent, with fir t claa? Board. Al.-o a par tially turnl i.ed Room ou third tl ior. hi Madison aveaue. a HAVn.-OMBLY FURNISHED ROOM TO RENT, J\ Willi .ut board, to one or two genlletneu; family pri raia' v . britli .to. Terms moderate it permaucnt. Apply at 2S Th'.-d street, rear Second avenue. AT TWO DOLLARS AVD TWO FIFTY PER WEEK ? A f' tt film li~i rooms to !et. Also, a large room for liou .f^eer log. Apply at No. #>.| K ing street. ALARfiE. WELL T I RMSnUD HALL ROOM, ON NLcond 'loor, to let, with Hoard, at 14u and its Four teenth .???reet, crruer -jei-ond avenne. AT $5 AM) $7 P; l< WEEK?A FEW OENTLF.MEN or trntlenan and olfe nan obtain pleaoaat Itoorus, with full Board, at 118 Charlton street. A -TO L^T. pleasant. CONVENIENT AND NH'E. . It furnished Ryons, ?n suite or smc'p, wlih or with out Bor.rd; near cans and stages. M East Tliirty-llrst street. Board?hand umely furnished lardkthird story frunt I'oom, witj p| ,-r\nt pantries, to let, with B'lard; also r. Room hinuible for two vrun.t R<; table excellent- Tcrai? rea<on..ble. 74 St. Mirk's place. BOARO._FR?iM $? TO ?7-A 1T.W SINGI.F. G*?NTr.E meu c.\n be accommodatod with Hoard: plensant Rooin i. Di v boarders. Apply at 533 (lieenwlch street, Wyoming lioteL Board down town, with good accommoda tlo is, at 3BI Greenwich street, between North Moore and, at ?5 per week. Meals punctual and the time acrommodnting boarders. Board in rrookltn?city and country ad Tin ajr? combined; delightful rooma; private family; only tworasn.oi lonptosaaAioar^t||sjaauaaiw will be taken; rv creuoea um-t be the best. Aiiiress F., box >>^09 Ken Y<ir. Post oiToo. Boarding?a large handsomely furnishkd front Room, with fire, ?a?. hot and eold water, and Board fur two. for $'"J y'r week, one t.)rf?). and a Hall Ho'at for J9, In ihe ilr clu..? brown atone I louse 8Ut) Baal iTiirteentti atreet. two d >ors below Second avenue. Jhnanshbd ROOM TO LET?AT NO. 7 VaNDAM stree . Bafe'??n'?a exchanged. lplIBNt.-.H!'i? BOOMS TO LET?ON FIRST AVI) BEC r ond Coora, without bo.ird, at 4H West Fourth street, near Waaiiinglon square. fURNISHEI) ROOMS TO LET?WITH OK WITHOUT Board; alto front Fir" Floo,-, suitable for Oix-.or or dentls', in .iptitale fami'y i7 Fast Twelfth t.reel, near Broadway. HANDSOMBLT FUItX'SHBD ROOMS?AT 74 NTNTn sucet. near Fifth avenue, with or withvtlt Hoard. References exchanged. No moving in May. Handsomely furnished rooms t<> lf.t-en aiiite crau-gle. wita or without moala, at ltte Clinton place. MR. AND ?r?. JAMES E. 8TBKL, H \vin<? TtKEV N>>. M 'Veal T?c tr fcHinn *treH. havs Wrjj". alrv Parlor* ,vid H vlronma, well fmnU'ued. for the krcommuda' fcon of fa-nitte* and wnr-l? sr'rl?u?cn, with :ir?t r!a?v Uo.ird. Re'erer i given and tw|iilnd. vro 7 'sri:\i .? in; ? -.-reet _:.j : \ vt st ir or X* Boom, MlMTi VttkM4M B.'.trd; private table If dcsned: alxi ele^ut i'.oon. n third, frr^. nlieuen uud their wire*. OWE OR TWO GT'NTLEVEN XAY OBTAIN P I.K Ar an t fun..-he J lto<>ra . without l>oard. with * |'rt">,:e faojijr; location v?ry Uek.ubi*. Apply ..t 61 Air.i'v siren. PARTI NTS WAXTINO BOARD FOR A LITTLE ClRL or two. In a good home, In a rhfil^lui'i Ijntlf, in a Rood lo< itiu '.?uo otter r'--l<lrrn -addi>x? Kr<. Wi. id, i niti avetitu, between SmenM- and Kt^ .th frente. Brooklyn. PARTOU ABD BBDBOOX?FURBISHED t'R UXFCB r. hease f.r.n um; i.: <> table; horn* oon orts. Bc.t of lcfei.'tice jjirei; and required. 19 Wc?t rwwty Mveuth meet PERRON'S WISH!!* TXfcOAKTLY >CrtT3H".n A; "runent *nd wllllni to ? >jr an equivalent prt.v, cm be sal.trt by apply .ni( at M Wet 'i veuth ?\ PRIVATE BOARD-\XY LADY TAN KIND A QC1KT, rest oc'-abl* tome. wli.'i m ry requisite, during ' *| .fled atok'-ew. y !'?nn;' phv?t ?.?: , 4. VSctt Thir.eenth street, between KifUt ,.nd hi ;li avenu.n. K R "OJI> TO I V7, WITI1 IV'MiD. AT lii WAYERl EY place. OentVmcu | fl^rro.t. ooxs?vcBXraWD or. i*sprRXT*nr.D. wins or. wiHiout Board. S3! ; rd avenue. SIXOI.B BKDJtOOXS. WITH BOARD? FROX a week. A!so hrii- fron' Konms f-<r ri ,i ind wfe. ltoiiiiM vi i.lijut board, from it 'M t. weak, at .'I Jit ? ''Lum ber* Street. TO Ll'T-94 PER WEE*. ruR A OOOD SIZED N,;W!.T Furnished ::o-vn (wttboit {board), use of bathroom, I jod cio<ri, gas included, at 300*4 We.t Thtny-Uiird airaet. TO LET?A rCRRI. USD ROOM. SflTAftl.E rOR one or two gentlemen, on the unt floor of It* li'.?e-ker atreet. To i.' t?ktit or rooms asp iiall fedkoom. with Bo?rd, an uruaukl oj.p.irtun!ty fjr parti** w?!;in? a |)ina*.. t tor the tyruis and luumir, -.vith .t mal IHliate fimlly home fln'-ly U '.ated. witli nil modern im pi-ovement . uDii ce?r furniture entire. App.j at 71 lr..a; place. TO LET?WITlf BO t RD, a WHOLB FI.OOR, RLR Kantlv fomtalied; me.ti* bT the Sejt Fi"r?i*> eooka served In t!i>' aiurtnoeuta; line location on Union ?quj e, KOOd rH.NOoies req lU pd. S?M Urondwar. rno LF.T-wrrH board, a furnishrr> roox J (frontv to two *enlemen. fl^ per week. i;?frrence?. Apply at fki Wrat Twelfth atrecU mo LET Ft'RNISJTRD?TWO ROO.M>' Nr.WI.V . -a. nUhe t. in ti n tlilr l atorr of * private houa-', having ait the modem lmpt'"Vt.-ui"'it*, will t>.. let to ^eni'ducn* wUhnuttmart Add revs W. r'., H>rald office. , remt ruRmsKKD-airriN ; -a i> b; d nom, for ov,? or two e> uUennen; alf.i two ort^ree R?oni* for houaekeaptng. WJ Eigutu avcu if. tbicr doors ?bov? uq.i atre-i. f, TWO OR THURB SI l ERtOR ROOMS, ON ST COND or third Er r. can t<o lud, !? ? "l or or eefiaia' Ijr, with Board, a >S Ninth street, nem I'lftli avetire. rpwo handsomf.i.t ruffNtsnnu roi?. J. naotl ig; a!ao an attie Roo'n. vr'th ?to*e, to let to *en IHir.en, without board, at >o. ? Mi.ietu, .-r"i, .ear l!>c4efc> er. Bflfereiieea rxrhauged. Mo rnortng In ?sj TWO HArtDSOXKI.y FURNISHED R<M)M?. (IS filtf. ond Roor, lo let. with Ho.rd, at ll7 W?at I weoty hr?t street Rnfereneo* eieUanged. TBO FCTKNISflED FRu.NT ROOX1* TO LIT?Si'TTA Ule for oti* or two m-ntlomen; otic r .cm %?. t* or 'bo twj at $7 par week, rion"' Cai. at HO Writ T.rt a^-four'.h ak trmoN hquarr.?a HCfT or booms to let, with t flr cUji tfoard. In Lhe MafTat Banal, a. K l.a?t 8twn taenth atreet. _ _ EA^T TWR sTY-SBOOWD ?TBEET- A LA BOB FX. t?i vlon ito-ina m parlor floor, magnifieen. r f'lr l.uhci, with or wl "utut 1-rU ate t^bte, gn.tabl' lor ?ect,e ??u and wife or eeveral g>ntl?n>?i. Re.'cf ao^*. 0(i WEST FffTttfUH .?TRERT.?TO MKT. WITH OiJ tjt frithout * front Jloom on ||i?Medttn woof; ?lao ? bac'r Ho ?!it nr..i Klten'lon Oil the aaKB flour, location beunao Fifth and Slith avenues. All IRTI5Q place.?FURJtleHBD ROOMi OX TUIRD U\J floor, toiet, with Bo?r], for r??UerMu orienUemea Md 1'iatr w!t?s. nefaroncog re<)tilrM. 9 WEfr TatRTKRXTB J..RB*T.-rA rKTYATE }? V family wlU acooiri'nodatc a f^otieTjiuj e-iil wifp df ?<w,r*" ">ori:if fa Ma/. 106 bdahdkrs ahd bodgkri wa *tkd. 7') FORTY-foui'TH t-trbkt, nkab PIXTH ave i?> our?'i?o or il vee furtiwfcrd or unfit-ir-liad k .om? In irl Wilis tooaril. >j moving IB mtjr, relereuoe* ex changed. 7ft p,,ft" avpvr. niar dblmovtco'8.?HAKO. i v) soni'lv furolilicl Rooms to lei; me*!* it desired, reler emea axchauge 1; no Moving in May. NINTH STKKp'T, NEAR BROADWAY?to ltst, with Board, ono laire Ror>m, suitable for a gentle man and wife, or to single gentleman. ketereucea eX clutkgcd. EAST ttm'VV.sroown STREET. pcrnibhbd room* for gentlemen. mwkbt HOUSTON 8TRKET?to LKT. A si'LEV d'd 1 urnlshert Room ti> a rent'.emsn and wlfo; also two rinull Room* to stogie grutlemao, w'tb Hoard. 1 f,rrh avenue-fubni<?hfd roomb, with j uu or w ilhout Hoard or private table. 116 oqn tenth street, between first and pe.ond avenues.?to 1*1 an elegantly furnished fr"i.t Parlor, on the first floor, with gas bath, fire, ao., (or one or two gentlemen, w.thout boaid. Private house. bvoadway.?handsomely furnished Room*, from 96 to $15. M'-ala crrved If required. 645 BOARD axd lodrixo WAITED. A LADY, ha VIVO FURNITURE IK A FOl'R STORY house, in first class location, which i* io4rt, wishes to tind some responsible ? who will reut sui3 furniture in cotnpeuaalion of board for four. Address box 3.2h0 Post nfflm A GENTLEMAN, WIFE, INFANT AND NURSE A. would like to get one or two nice Room*, with Board, from tb- middle of April, In a private family; vicinity or Washington equate; would furnish the rooma. addrcui b. Ander>on, station A, Spring street. Board wanted-city or oountby. also all wanting Hoard, ltooms or Dwellings, in desirable local ities. can have dlrermona Immediately. Call at or addreaa the Board Exchange. 6x1 Broadway. Board wanted?fob a lady and gentleman, in a strictly private family; that of a widow lady pre ferred. Address Randolph, Herald odloe, stating particu lars. Wavted-by a young oentleman, board in a private family Dp town. Reference exchanged, Address, statin; term*, Ac., F. W. B., Ucrald ofllce. yytantkd?by A single GENTLEMAN. A BOOM. m with Board, fire and **<, in a private family, between Eighth and Thirty-fourth street*. Addreaa L., box 217 Hrrald ofllce. WANTED.?a PARTY OF FIVE YOUNO GENTLEMEN want four or five furnished Rooms, with partial Board, in a respectable private fumfly. where there are no other boarder*. Location must be below Twelfth street, and between Fourth and eighth avenue*. Address, stating tortus, which must be reasonable, H. S., box 80S Post office. COUNTRY BOARD. Board wanted?from june u to sfptemrrr 15, by an Amoricnn familv, consisting of ariilts. Tlx., gentleman :ind wife, son and sitter, three ohildrou. In fant and two nurses; require at leu .1 five good sized pleas ant Bleeping room* und parlor; muKt l? In i UetUby and desirable locuton not over one hour'* ride from City Hall; ??a?t bauk of Hu.I?on preferred, Accommodation! mu?t be flrnt flat* In every purtloutar. for which a liberal prim will bo paid. Bi'ki reference given. Addreat B. J., box 4,976 New York 1'ost office. COUNTRY BOARD WANTF.D-WHERB TflKRB IS g.iod thcotiuc, fishing and bathing, wlthiu an hour and a half of the city, for a gentleman and wife, in a hotel or re. speeiable lionie. keeping a Urst class table; two rooms re quired; also sti.MIng for a home; Lonj Island preferred. Address. stating term-; and particulars, Y. W. X., station D.. New York. /10CNTRY BO ASD IN OKEBNVILLE, V. J? BY TEN * ' tral Railroad from the fool of Liberty street, SO minute* from Now York; teu larg* Room*: gnod Board. Stop at Bay Cemetery. Inquire f<>r Mrt. D. VANUORN. (10PNTBY BOARD WANTED-NE\R NEW YORK. BY J n tentl? irun and wife, wlinte piafcrenre wotil 1 bo Riven to St,iten Island and to a cultivated private f.nnily rather than a b turding house. Answers with full p irtlc'.nars may be addressed t.> box 'J,757 l'o?t office. S. Y. IN A QFIET VILLAGE IN CONNECTICUT?BO I ID for the summer for several pontons In a privatu lauilly. Add:i'?? H. A. L.. box 5,617 Pott Office, N. Y. HOTBI.S. ^ Atlantic hotel, Chatham square?well furnished Room* at moderate price*, lit the day, week ?Open at .ill Lour*. JOHN GliRKISN. Proprietor. HOWARD HOTEL NEW YORK CITY. MARCH IS. UK7.?Th ? price of Board reduced from four to throe nnd a half dollar* per day. Reunion hotel, forty-second street and Fourth avinue?ilooins la suit and Mingle; newly and elegantly furbished, at reasonable rate*; table a la Europevu or table d'hote. 1867 -PARIS EXHIBITION. . HOTEL DBS DKUX MONDES, No. 8 Rue d'Autln. flrst class hotel, patronized by the Amencau families. CITY MBAL ESTATE FOR *AIaE. ?A Fifi'i'KvInii~.L ? T a*N' lU5TI1 ffitIR MRAB 's&n AT 519 FOURTH AVENUE?HOUSES F03 SALE. See Stanley Day's Real Estate Circmar, which ran be had free or b) mall upon receipt of a'.ainped dire lo.i en velope. A THREE STORY HIGH 6TOOP HOUSE FOR BALK? A In Eafci Tenth street, uear Second svenue; alio a four story hiji. troop bruwn atone In Twenty-sixth street. near Maditon avenue. J. C. llAlLKv. 10Filth eti.iet. A THREE KTORY HIGH ?:TOOP BIUCK HOUSE, J\ brown "tone hasemem, In West Thirty-third street, will nay 1& per cent Interest. Pri? ? ^M?.5nt'. Mrt.IiATH A GRADY, 34 Ninth avenue. ANiAT COTTAGE??P WEST TWENTY- Ni.M'H s'rret, Ifti feet ?e?t of Sixth avenue; house 1S>i3\ lot lt>."x?6. Price i">.70. Terms easy. For permit* mi ply to B. I>. BRADLEY, 9ft! Braid way. \ Tints?; STORY llion STOOP HOUSE porsale? u. Twenty.ninth atre'-t, newr Leiitctoii sn-nii". at tU'.IMl' Ap.!y to !"RAIY A COflaANIl, 41" Kottrtu aeenue. 4 NICE THRF.E STORY HIGH STOOP NHlfK HOUSE ftr sale, on West Vnr.v-e rhth stre-t. 2K6t) hail l.oA. I rice vl7,^*V POfTtR BR-IS. 4 BELLAMY. No. 3 Fine street. | TRHKE STt)".Y HIOH ST. -UP :I-M s:\ ! \ ",T . - Firly-etghth street; ail Iniproveneni* ? <i in onier; :s" oi.cred lor sale until ti.e -Oth of Mar.ih; sise 1#. '3xiu.5 P.-.-e S14,a?). KING * Co. No. ? '1 w*nty third ilr *?;. Filth Avenue Hotel. * YKRY HANDSOME HOUSE F'lR SALE?POUR r\ slothii*'. alKip, o.-own stfir; freneoed ?in. p. .tot Freuch plate njlri-ers, <-ornI ea, itmii"< ai.d hr? uas iixtjre^, ..r We?t'J'wentv eUh^h street; i*ki. EDM! n.? Ii. ?iA1 tINh. 1,5WBn t r K\r.(Ml*S IN HARLEM.?FOR SALE, BR'WV A. "one. > ri. . nnd 'rarae Houses, with meiltrn t onvenl i:nc . Extra Lotl with suino. Also a variety of b'ulii tni* L"'- n tn. ? t de?.ranle s.ieet? and ..v?M,i|es. Ap| ly to L. II 1'RoWN. ul Nassau street, from 1 to3 P. M A BARGAIN IN UABLEM ?FIVE LOTS AND TWO i'rsme > ?.'ta|T?; canle-. Ac., fo.- h-.u> o:> 1 "J,1 str'-e|t went 'f i-ichti. avei. ie. ni< 101 SloiVV Apj'l; to L. 11. BBOWN, 1:Z1 Nuisii auxet, from 1 to J P. A 8PLSNDID FIRST CLASS BRotVK STONE HOUSE. J\ four nr.J buaemenl, for sal- Gre iBlinitra' wale ?lOmie'tral PsrL imme<liate jk. ? ?? . .n. be uild '.heap U' 'x.uflit before the a'Hh inn. in ,u re o! owner en I ron " . No. Ki Sixiititli street, BoMheast s dc, rear t.ei. I iO?'rn . .eci.e a ?l'OB SALS, FIVE TIIVKE STOBT BRICK AND J\. two maible ilonsef, with eiurdeiieis. on nonb ndc T . ? -ihir.i sir-*;, es ? ,-of S'enoud av. nt? . Mo'.JilanutJ3 iri i'i-ivr ?.! ipo?r-n liaproremeo s; uoitlil now oo ' M. bu !d. v ?)? i. HS.if !!. *l*? two brown s on* four su?-y tiv:;s?i. .N?.s, rti! id b'?. ?~-om: av-M.ue. Apply to aBNEB KEY, < ;ucr lor!^ urtt aireei an'l fourth atenue. \ "'ITY HTBBST?FOR -?\LE. A PUMT CI vt.- M H siuiit'al brown atone House . onts.uinf all the tr.odein lUlNtciHlia. Call ? Si-en otil? |,v psrmits. DUSblNBi r.T k CO 10(Mllb nqe AfPLf NO'O EXTRA mad: BHOW.N STONE HOUKE, . in Etat Twen.y-s?kond sirei"- one door from Lre^u wat, s.:Itat a for tuslness, extra n?H b ult a-id fresontj. A. BEEHE A i'O., 76Cedar mreet. t NEAT HOUSE IN F1FTY-TUIRD CTREP.T. U!OH J\ ai?r. , u..-e stones, b??e,i,enl nod s.,t-eeil?r. in rplei. did onirr w.ti, all npenwy iirprr venieiiia Thia is en? of t: .? I -?i i . in. ,ds up t'? it. and ?.>;iie oi tue heel !?? it to ' g Hp. T rras ma<le ,? s.n:. ml ICMI For perm.i app!? at 1.'6 same streel, opposite 4 Nt XBF.R OF T10USK8?ON BOTH EAST AND wt^i - of I no e'.tv, for tale sr.d to relit .'lieap, n ir.t wnA itubit iiale potsessioii Jt'HN FRTTRKTCH, Real Esta.c liroker. 418 Ublr t W??M. HHOADH YV PROFERiY.-FOR SALE CHEAP, ONE of the orst lease* on Rroedway. Will be sold at a fair ) e. S|'.? .did Marl le Building <>o the prcm scs, wl. h wtii be r?d for at eipiration of lease. Apply personally or by letier at No. *v.-?t Pltty-recond street. i CAPITA! ^T-1 PURCHASING TBNEMENT PROPERTY " v ?oiill do well p. call on Meters. R. H. OIBBO.NS A CO.,44?B: on.- strrt;, before f :rrha?ii-f elsewhere. They hare some f lat o.i g. ua Chore piccet at war (ISCi> p licet l^XOHANOE FOR COUNTRY PRUPERTY. OB FOB I i tale? L"t* in 'bo ( 'y of Mrook'vn. New York; la K..u'h Bergen, and i.ota ai.d two new Houses at Woodlawn, N'-wJei -oj- Price Of houees $1,700, ??< h w th two lots of Und Aoply to or ad.'.rete S. < . Mot. N I', 113 BroaOwty, New Yora. T^ACTORY PBOPBRTT FOE S4LI?NEAR CHATHAM P ?:.itre, consist.tig of a six s'.i'ry Itilck Building, haee loei.t, sulvooiiar, containirg shaftti.i;, Belling, patent ttr?m hi-'vator snd he tied'igoool w , sieatn, tire Of bnild luf. fro t, 47 f rear, 19 leet deep; alvo a one tlorv Building, tin roof, adjondag, containing ttig'nr, two boilers, tliaviiig ro'?i .n u*s< mtnt. i4 II iront, ?'.< . deep, sod a four sto-rhi , It itulldii.g <n r-ar ol eng.n* i.u.Mittg. i\ F front, "7 .'eerl whole front on Pell street 73.7. Not. A), U and M Pelt ssreet. New York. F'OU SM.E-THE LOT AND PlRST CLASS DWELL Inti ilo.ise ST Weet Fifty.foortti t'reet. l.etwren Fifth tiid Suth a\ en'>e? with three I<ott adjolnir.g and a Lotwlth st*ole In rear, running Ihronth to Flftr-#fth street, now or ev; ??1 ;y tho tubseiit'er For terma and particulars apply ai oCI.e.'SS .'ohti street, between I ard I o'rlotk. The beuie aj.d prrailtts may oe teen from 1 te 4 o'rio. k. THCM. C^SMITB Ir?on palf.-A bar'-ain-f;bst class house, ? , feet wide, ted Staple. I"? Fourteenth Street he tween Slitli -od Ssventh avrt.nee; itrmedlate potte??iOB. Apply v HOMER MOROAN. Wo II Pine street. T,10!? MI.F.-A FIRST CLASS FOCR STORY, THUH [' i t stone llut) "In ForUr-Mmlk street, he. tireen Plftli nnd Sixth s-'ir .e?. A,1 m . tern imp ?en erts I' use inn 'oralien in ertry respect >ni elate. Addrett P , bot 4,>lfc i'ost oXce. f'L'R saIP-A YALtJAPTiB riFCE OF PROPERTT la La'.ire.i? t'veet, near Canal. For perl lenlars tdlrett John Amllh, Herald oflflee TBOR WLE-TWO COTTAGES IN 11JTH STRRET BE J !y?S?B Third and /otirtb tveeue* Afolrto JOHN BA.V'Kas, 116th :U?SI, Mr Fin th avtntte rice |2,400. CITY REAL ESTATE ROR F0? RALE?A 8 8TOHY HKiH 8TO >P AMI Wt. cel'ar bflek Htnw In t'harl"? ?,reet. iiwr ^ 'r' I" nl oe. Contains erery modern conyenlene??, nl In fine or<t?r, I'x56i <>. iVgiititi* furntaHa4t rHw $21.00Ji Klip<t rick. 'three ilory Sk stoop brick ii> E 8"<h stree\ nao1**Pi? In n:| resnectt, and (a e'e??tit .Her, J.IR >?; Kour K'orv B. h. h.. modem <-o ivenienee.1, Mth *t . near SI av , $n(*>I; Klpatick. Three morv lush ?t>v>p brown ?'? "e, S6lh ttrt-M ne*r 6,h ?renuc. V"Jnf*?'0C good ordc". tertM n'-ide III iu:l >1*000: KII|aMck. El' hrotFa ?t'>tie In 4.">ih iirfU, beiween 5th and 6th arenuaa, V?J, ffi terms to u't; Kllpatriek. Three ?'?ry hlpb ?'??>;>. 4iih ?tre?4. near 01k arenu*. StxtiBlIM |4.W; terroa veryeaty; Two story high ?Imp, Wih atieet, nil conveniences &>\li>x 1<H$7 750 Kilns trick Three ainry b b.. *1! modern >'n. provemenU, *->d order. 8d avenue, Sh s'.net VI I.UK): Kllpairtak. Three at?ry I ich stoop brick, Slut street, nr?r Sd ftrenn?. VII 008; Klip trek. A terv hatvdsime three storv hl'-h ?U.on brown stone on Id aven?? nenr 5>tta street. 3l 4it6?80; pl-ase lf?'?k at this home; Kllpntnck. 8 story hlffh mrvtp brown uliint* on 21 svenue. u> ar 56tt> street, 81x45x80. $18.fV*i; Kilnatrfok. 1 IT Kiust toth street, 4 s. li s. b. 30x60*101; V'Jl.O 'U: Kll|wil rfi-k; other* in aame b'ock: a very h md? me n-w two story high stoop In 114th street; 85,000: Kl'r*'rick. A neat two story b <tcment and attic roW and full lot In 118th timet bet. Sd and 4th ??.: 84 400: Kllnatrlrk. A hand some brown atone in 128th street near 3d avenue for?*.!H); Kit!>atnck. An elegant lour storr brown stone. with ejtra lot. In 79th street, for sale or rent; Kilpal'lck. A new S ?torr I rown Hon* In 78th street, neir Madison areirne, i-'MXX): Fount tin builder. A three story s'oop brick In NHh street; Ann order, and modern: S5xt.W'i; only $15,000; Kl'patrirk. A three story brick bouse and fall lot on West <5ili street for $5 580; 3 ?;tor? frame In 4Hth street, with eitra larqs lot. 2Sxl29. $11,091); Kllnat ick. J story h'gh stoop In 4i?.h street. west of Sd aveuue. In elegant order: HWB'i K: patrtck A nice eottage and Are fnlllotsIn >7th street between 11th sttd 13th arenues; $11500. or will rent for $800. KII.I'ATRH.K. Bull's lle&d Bank Buildhigs^ F^OIt PAliE?THRKK LOTH, O* SOUTH Bin* OF Flfty rlehth street. 15x100 e->eh, commeurln? W0 feet east of Klrst avenue. For pariioulara apply to JOHN D. BKEBKCK, 76 West Fortieth street FOE BALE-two STORY hioh 8TOOF BRICK House, 248 Erst Flftr second street, between Second and Third avenues; Hx%, lot 25x100.6. For permit* apply at 1U2 West Twenty-ninth street For bale.?the norsE and lot hr mv.<*t Thirty.Brut street near fclghth avenue; price $10 'WiO; terms eaay. Apply to JOUN. G. ATTRTUUE, 281 (late ifl) , East Fourth street, from 8 A. M. to 1 P. M. I For sale.?$8,7m will but a two story ano attic high stoop brick House and Lot, Twenty-flrst street, Seventli and Eighth ayennes: possession May 1. SMITH k MEAD, 851 Eighth avenne. For sale?three story hioh stoop brick House and I#ot, Twenty-serenth street, Eighth and Ninth avenues: lot 22 !>? 1M0 feet; house 40 feeM In In good order; price $13,(MJ. SMITH A MKAD, 35t Eighth avenue. FOB SALE-A FIRST CLASS FULL SIZED FOUR story tiigh ?toop brown stone House In Feventeeain atreet, front,ug Stuyvcaant. yare: ^"^Bro"."^ FOK SALE- a RPLfiNDID THREE STORY COTTAGE House on Forty-ninth street, near Lexlngtou avenue, with extra ?lxe Lot, 26x133 feet; bu all Improvement! *?a in the verv bent order; prle? $16.00!). Alio * three basement and cellar stone front House on Seventy-elf-lith street, nea- Madison * venue: pirlor story solid walnut trimmings and doors; price $20,011.1. Al?o the ??e rlu? Hou-c on Fif:;i-li-?t street, between Fifth and >litli>ivo uuos; price $'_3,0'X>. Apply to O. FOUNTAIN, SW Katt For ty ninth street. . T.10R SALE-A VERY FINE NEW FOUR STORY HIGH JP stoop brown stone House* finished lit the <rrrv bf St msnner, with walnnt ?tair?t walnut trtrominjr, marble tiling and a splendid billiard room; all modem Imprnvetu. nta Must be *een to be appro dated. Apply ou the pivm's's, 3434 West Fifty-second street, between Broidway and I tenth ar. For balk?a .first class mn ?toot, high Rton'i brink House on West Tei-.ta atrneL brtw -en Fifth and Blsth avenuej. Apply to MUi-LKK, WlLh.INS, t CO., No. 7 1'lne street. For sale?one four story brick norsE, IjOI Stor* and Ba*?nirnt; p'lee $1>."<I; rent $1,.?M. Call st 617 Mnth avenue, "teir Foity ?eoond street. For sam-:?in F0BTT4TCFTH 8TREET MUK.rirffl avenue, a three story brown stone House. Apply to LUOKNE OflBVALLlKft. 81 Oe lar street. F~~ OR SALE?TWO STORY BRICK BASEMENT COT* tare, eon'tlnittg nine room-: gas, eroton ? r, rnnge, all In fine repair. Price $5,500. Ap. ly ou p-emUes, U2tu ttreet. fourth house from Fourth avenue, Harlew. FOR 8ALE?IN 114TH RTK'-KT. BETWEEN F/'^T and Second ftr<*nue?*, two Houses an<* Ltot, li xluu; price $t.W?>. half rash and half or. mortsago. Apply to JOHN CAHILL. 23 Elm street. OR SALE?THREE STORY FRAME HOUSE ON j Twenty-ninth atreet. near Tenth avrnne, let 2,">iiw feet, 8S,?W; al.-:o two story und attlr frame House, in Six. F ICSl* ;rs*~M, iki./U vwii siitrj uii?* **?*!?. i"un> . ??? ? t*enth street) n*Ar Kigbth avenue, $ ? > ). B. O. TFTOUN \L, Broadway, between Forty-eighth and Forty-ninth ?t *ecl*. For salk-a three stof.y brick house <hich stoop), with all the modern ltnpiov..itientH. Inquire on tlye premise". Sixlv-second street, flrst bouse Wtt of *-eeond avenue. Price, with carpel*, oilsloth* and ess fixtures, , $10,000. | r,^i)R SALfc?TWO GOOD FOUR STORY HOUSES AND JT Stores, SUsSU and 83.# each, on Eiat Thirty-third strait Rented lor $L'.4M). Price together SI7 300. EDMUND H. M ARTINE, 1.37$ Broadway. | WOK SALE?A THREE STORY limit STOOP DWSL- | I? lint, on Twenly-seccnd street, uear Fourth avenue, handsomely furtlshed. For porticuliun apply to JOHN McCLAVE. 44 Fine ureet. For sale?three story high snor nri ok House, on Forty-eighth street, near Broadwav, ?lxeux>e Mock, la suod order, tnoTudtuc parlor OarpAtr. ??aerixlurea and Olleloms. ?l7.8Ut?. WM. 8. 3f ?iKnfJ-'. Ill is.-oadway. Ttf t> ?' I. . ..a-'mrnt, F'OR SALK-TUUEE STOP V AND 11 tSE <KNT HOUSE, No. BtV) Lexington avauue, be:\ve?'u Fifty-sixth >nd itty. seventh alrceta; ?U Improvements, l'rtoe J16 CU". Apply on the premise,. F/OR SALIC-FIRST CLASS BROWN STOVrJ HOUSE, f mfiii ?toop. west aide Second avenue, between r iilv* el-hUi and Flftv-nlnth itrect*. user Central park. li\eh. lejtlUiy: tor ? ??>Ueti.-e cr Investment no bettor t'/ivlng prop crt.v. Appiv to owner on premises, or WlSlMuBE & BOWSE, No. P Fine street. Commls.ion on sale. FiOR SALE?THE THREE STORY HIGH STOOP MO dent built House 51 East Tw-ntv.nlnth ntreet; size 2C?50: lot the hlo.-k; pr., a SIO.HU I; tci ms -sny. Can be se n between 1 and 4 V. V. Inqu,re at !?7 K>ut Twenty-nUltn street, or of ft. H. WORK. 27 i roi.t ?trc-!t.^ 1?()R PaLE-FOUR FULL LOTS-SOUTH'VEST COR. I tier of Second a*"tlt'e and llMh street. I'ifttlCII. Frlee $7,v^fl: one-third essu. KlLFAl'llIi'K, Hulls Head Hank building*. _____ 1/OR SALE?ON WEST TWF.NTY-SBCOND STREET. A | p vrry prettv Kngllsh bam-me.-.t House, In pel-re t outer fro.n top to b. 'tote. ?)l tr.e?t ?rn convcmenee*; nei*liboihood unei.eei.Jott.iUle. I'n 5-4 i JO. JAH. t:. EDWARDS, 377 West Twenty-third atreet. OR SaT.F.-OK WEST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. A be?tf>rnl four strrv Itlgii 'loop House, tn perfert otd^r from cellar to roo.; bnlitbf days wo.'v. vjuntbius and other I iiijirnveinet-ta ar* first class. I'nee lurnuurr sill ^ ""liAR K.' EDWARDS, :77 West Twentv-Al'd street. OP. SALE?ON TWKNTY-THIRD STREET, A THREE s?ory I'lgn ?i "-p brown steue front House with or vr th out Furniture. The !.-u?e is not large, but ?* In perfect eou dl ion- it Its- re-enily ^een eoant>leie!r ovorhstt.ed and re. netted'alnxoit relmlll) ftesioefi > ?>? thruusbotit, and eem pletelv at.ri eieg..uUv fuvnlsh*''! .frotn t t<? iniit j.n. Itls:i tixit dei'ghtti.: and br.auful l:;t'e i.'.use, In a l ist el??a i>e,.:hl?orhi>i?d: f n- res', large yard, ie. l'riee, turnianed, ??<; I'OO: nnfiit Ills lied. $*.0*1 JAF. K. KDWaRI/S, $77 Wen Tweuty-thlrd street. F ^OR SALE-TWO OR FOCU LOTS, SOUTH SIDE H' !'t>;.i v-thtnl ?tr*ei. cont'n. 'elo* 27ft feet P.nsl Tenth sTontte. .-veil s-ith gi and t._ >? to build on. i'rlce $2,640 Apply tc. OTTO r < tnal ativet. VIO". S.l.v. ON .-HI'. NIW BOCLBYARB, TilR;:E rntu? iu?: also l#oU oti N'loth and Tntb aveunes, 1-etnf-i r fiyr.' ith ar.U EvjiityilxtU *trret*. App.> to K. HANV0WI\WK? avttsf e. . ipttR SAT.!?A VFRV XT Al TI!R."I STORY HIGH r ftfrvp tlonae. in good ioistioit. tnoCaru iiiiprovfucnU, will, baru<I'uraiHJre. ft $.4.01>. -. F. IKKLAND, 20! Broadway. t-ViR SALE?ONE OF THOSE DELIGHTFUL RAY P winnow tlf I?e?. n Th.rtifti. t est, near Fourth ave nue per perlU: ;!nrs and permit srr y to UKSIY A COP L \J?D. 4H? Touitii avc .i!'. FE OR FAlE-i. splendid HIGH STOOP BROWN stsne irunt H. ise, aitWilTO. in perfect order, in Thir. iv.seiond fire^t. t tween Lighth and avenues, with (?ilciotli rnd c-.rpe'.s, as goo<l. ? tie*-; sl?o mirror*, r*? ft* tu res, eurtaihh. *c.; pr..e $*0,CrA'. A| ply to J. CORBlT, 381 NiniB avenue. LM)R SALE?FIRST CLASS TESF.MENT PROPERTY r X\ >Ves! Thutr tblrd s reet, r,c. r the blind Atylutn, Hi ,b'e lotir <torv brieit on froet and U're story brl' k on ?cr.r- all Itiiliroi'enents; wi!l rent for oter $2,000 Pr.ce $t4,:.a>. t? We- ?. Forty.e.fiith street. I R SALE?A full lot. JiXW TWO HOUSES, II trctt at.d'esr. local">n In Wes.t fwri tv-elghth atreat, near frntli avettne; the owner wishltg to leave the r.ttv; U>.? rreiertv "-111 te sold at a hatg?it lor isformaUou call on .101!V LL'iyd. tfi Eighth avenue. JjVlR SALE?ON FIFTH AVFNl?, ONE OF THE I 1 d est delifhtfu'lv *lt';ated and t.ant? >nie Houses in the eltv. of moderate; below Thirty fuirth street; Furni ture If desired. App'.y to E. H LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Flreeiretl. tlOR SALE-NO. ?1 LEXINOTON AVBNCB. APPLY 1 te H. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. IPme street _ 1"ix)R SALE?ON FIFTH AVRNPt, aPoye THIRTY 1 (o n ih sneev an em . slied tlotisr stid Lot. Apply to E. V. Ll'DLoW A <10.. No. 3 Pine stieet^ For sale low-owntr going Tq europe?two I three atory hign *tefp i rown *tn?e front Housee, Eightv-fourth *tr?et, between Sr-otid K1 Third avenue#; possession May 1; *l'n one four surr high etonp I rlrk Ho'.ae, ndependent w* i* ? feet front, K 'noma, S3 West Fortv^founh street; laniediate pos-esaii; all w go<>d re pair Inquire of F PRF.NT1CB or J. E. rMITII. 3S I'ine at I^ObTTlE OR TO LKASE?A TWf) STOBY BRICK J? Ilo'ise, stables, shetis, alaugl.ter htaee; eullable for a milkman, expression or privtie f*ir*| at No. W9 West Forty seveetu sueet. Inquire at No. t&P eet Forty-stvenih etreev. _____ -F^LLY AND COM story high etoop set, between First * Fob sale or wia RKVT-Fn; 1 e'e'v f -tiisled. a ha. Is. e tfcrel I brown sU'tie House In Fighty-fourlh ?e and Serend svennea, w -h stable and es -sje bouse. A f* sroi.aible party can ha?# the n?e of b< 'se tad carriage*. KlLFATRIt'K. Bulls ile^ Bank htilldlna*. H~ ABI.BM.-I^OOK HF.RF; J BASR Ho'ii-e* modern Irofroiementa, fort, durability nrd o? n?r * erenr MEAD. Agent, 2 000 I'hlr rx ey. ilr av VNT TWO STORY ill width, built lor . 97.000 tut. avenoe, Harlem. NT FOUR STOBT agten avenue, baa rese?ed from base ure. whleb la new. Apply to ALLUN MOHGAK, He. $ HOV?1? FOB SALE-AN F'.EO brown stone front Home, 271 T,e all met'; n improvements- beautifully men; to altle In enesnstle. The fnr t' and bv h?n nnskers. e?t ?* had If wnn d 1 KNOWN, n Broadway, er to HOM Piae *trett HMOUSE rOB BALK?TilRBR f?T RY RR1CK, SUB ? e?ll?r, wakr. gaa and btth; eh*, isllers; K room*' lffl Yob roe Mre?t; pTle? f 4 KtC, $4.'JJU cssl Apply t* CHAB. B. SMITH, ell Orand st?at HBIOUPRS F iR SATjP. bt a. journ4ay, NO ? UINR *T. West ?d r , ' story h a. b. a

We?i J.!d Sl.. 4 ?ter' Rr*.i?h h. hricb Ijijg V ??( <? ! *t., B sl r? r> s. b. stone. ?* Earn Wa at., I story b. a. brl?k Jtt.U.UW CITY REAL EmTR FOR 8A UK. M Tct for sale?aboor r.\*? kret no*. ?>o awd J M2 uter *lir"tnt: two I iiiie Hoiiist, ??U MliiaMa for ?i>re? or factory ImixiirMiMli. KrA NLi-Y DAT, S19 l-onrtto avenue^ DsT BB SOI.n-KMt'R STORY HIGH tiTOOF MOD em llu iv, fit IdiIi atr-nL See It ONR OF TIIOSB 0KNTRRL TIIRI'.H STOTY HTOH. stoop flou ?? in Y i tv-'h'rd M*M, krl*Ni Broadway ati'1 l.i.iitli ayruuti; enn lx> '-ought for tha low p tee of $12) 600. Apply iUUMdiaSely. K P. IBKLAXD, ?D1 Broadway. V"A1,PABLB PLOTS OP HARLEM LOTS FOR SALF.? ? On Sixth av?tiue, ei?t nlrtf, 8 lota, 1WI >?t on the aveirie and M Vert nn the ?Uvrt; >.l?o 11 lot-, 2 U fe<-t areoue front, and C lots, 1M f.-et on I*" street. I'r re (41,0011 JAa. R. AliltS, SJ77 Weat Tafiitv.third street. VA1.HABI.B VACANT LOTS for 8ALB?ON NINR ttath atirPt, let ween Thirl *nit Fourth ar?nu?a nor. rer Lejiiiston uremic. N 'netleth mrecl i? one of the -treeta which bare a Park entranoe Property In tbta locality i* tmprovmz ?ery rapidly: price e^cii. Apply to UOMBR M'UUIAN, No.* I'lne street. 8TH AVKNUE.-for HALF, THE HOr-R AND LOT S56 Kl - htb avenue near l'? eaty-nlutb street Apply to JOHN McCLAVB, 44 P oe ?tresC nTH STREBT, BKVWKEN onion RQI"ABE AND Irv.ns place.?First rlahs four story hgh stoop fall sired House, superior order. W. P. SETMOPB, 171 Broadway. ^nn ?verycheap?THREE CFNTRALPARK iJ'w.tMIII. I.ota; on erade of street; do rock; street graded, ourbed. guttered an.I tlagge'l ALEX. THOR1N, No. V Ploa street, np aUlrs. <SQ 7^rt F0R A TnHEF. story niRH stoop ?U?0. ( ?'vJ Houae; coo'l order and location; nil Imnrova. incuts, also a three atory Brick. In yth ward. for $''.800. 8. F. IReland. ?>1 Broadway. ?in ^nn -9SMaCI>OUOAL STREET.T'XO STORY, O I atth- an 1 haacment House; Ur.oic sUOli in rear; enclosed can-lsgr wty: ?a.bi75 r. McKLROY. 87 Kaat Thlrty-nln'h street eiq Kflfl WILL PURCHASE a HANBROMELT ?5J O.tJWU furniahed three atory nnU baxemetit brown atone House on Fifty-second street, between Broadway and E^hth aventie: first class surrounding*-. house fifty tect d' np. Term* easy. Permits of B. THOBNAL, 1,8% Broad way, near l'orty-e'ghlb a.reet. ?00 fifm -FIRST CLASS STYLISH KOCR STORY iPiiiy.UUv. high ptoop brown Mon# Houae. complete ordnr. finely Incited. Forty-fourth etre*t. beitrocn Sixth atrcnue and Hroudway. W. P. tiEYMOUB, 171 Broadway. BKOOKJL.VM REAL K9TATB5 FOR BALE. A FINE FOUR STORY HOWBl IN BROOKLYN? Brown .tone b.senient, 13 room*, gas. water, b?tb, A-v, InPrtaldent iwt; fine order. >oe*e*>n. Term. Zl J)WU" <<"ag'n,Pe T^I,m"g"cenIr"^t.lf i THREE STORY AND BASEMENT BR A OU ilull atroel. Brooklyn, for Hale. IU* *11 the modern Improvements wul be raid cheap, an.I on reasonable term.. Apply to B. H. BEMNET, 2W Itrondway. baaemcnt. R \RE CHANCE OFFERED.?FOR . HALE. IN Brooklyn, on the sootl-just corner of Carlton n'id Wll Inuehbv arenui'R, one of the elegant bloek of bro^ynitnia fr??lit Uou?e?, tlr-e stories b?-cinent and cellar. bone? 21.6* <5 fee. lot !IX?; nil modern Iraprovomont*. * DeK.ilb mid Myrtle avei. 111 air rontM. 1 ?S bond and mortgage. Apply on thu premiac. to THOMAS pagan. ; BROOKLYN.-EL.SOANT BTtOWN S TONE AND BRICK III 1-1S. iroin $I..OOrt to $a?,C0O; also Frame Houses, wUb wi'tlQUt a son, an mo. m /"I LINTON AVENUE, ONE BLOCK FROM TnE ORAND C' enter1.!g avenue to 1'rw! I''ark.?The ^1'*. wirht *rnion. opposite St. Mike't ch'iirh. lot -JU teot, hoi.'e i:...H in.' 18 rooms; ?,s. hot an 1 c .1.1 water throng out; parlor mirror., with marble k "J; Z"1 ' br fin led and rill window shade.; .utble on II .jnilton Ktrcei, containing gas. water and coachman ? room. The criuod" arc bean lifted wlili abide and irnlt lree?. al:i uL'aorv, 1ower.?. find iv-borage ofy-a;- .ndcreeping vine,. Four ail J: ton .1 Low adjoining may be had at a low Fo?,esMon pi von Immediately. A| ply u> S. UOND LOW, R <1 !?': te Agent. Mont* jue aired, nenr Loan. TTAri-orY FOR S VLB?3 RUN OP STONE. 25 HORSE r HO !. r ...Id Kn<tnc, Heitln- Shaft a : ?-;? V? o'e'iJJrtT ru"fiio. 43 hv feet; pti? about I t o? April, tui'l'i ie'lo.' teed, Urns. I ;aat?r or paint mill. Apply on firem coin r third and North First jtre.-ta, Brooklyn, i.-om J to 6 I*. M , or address G., box 1,10b Post office, New Yo-k. J F?OR BALE-IN CUMBERLAND 8 "REST. brooklyn, j in i n .od Io n ion. ? u.>*. three story and biaement I Incus (I'hi ...!?? !>'.?? brlekj high, stoop. brown atone base- i meet with sub .-liar, twcl.e rooms. snbeumlady built, a d tin hod In tli? rao4 apprund manner, w.^i hot awl cold , water, ?e - ??r.-.l hatb. h -it-ir and ra-,;e. bella apealni g tube*, v. nti.-ali) door*', Ae.; will be mid nt pr ?ei.t for >3.003. tenn. e .sy. ?i.ply to iVM. A. BltUSU, owner, 410Caiuber land -tree't. Brooklyn. ?ljlOR SALE?A THR".K STORV HIll'I STOOP BRICK r Hon"-, brown anne. b.tHe.nent tn.l aiib-oellar, on Fourth str^'i, Willi 'ins "lrs: in nwi orJer; p-.s water, ae.; nrlce at': will rent lor $7Ud a ye.?r; terrim can}. Apply to JAMfcR H. O'lLAIlAN l-'l North tin at j OR SAL"i?A~COTTAOE HO08E TlV<? STORIES, bisenie it and attl", ">\W feet; price JV0"0; i^od loca lion. Inquire al ol>! iiavy rlreot, near Kultou aronue, Brooklyn. I noc ?* M.E?*N WILLIAMS.'!!R6. NF.'U THE FRRRY, r "a che.'.p I,at with u brick Building suuaWkif **??"?? foundry or inaehloe ahop. Inquire of L. B. CllOS^MAN, 40 COrU^ntU For sale?in kckkohd street, oreenpoint, a coitaoe llniac and ' .ot, ronton, c- llar. grapes and frnlt. Appl.. to S. I'. C..U1I-K. Frank'ln K -eet, near Gre.^npolui n'veu'ie, or S^.J Kultou avenue, Brooklyn. 1.1 OR SALE?TUF. MODERN WELL BCH.T TIIRi'.B JP fiorv and Kren-h att'e Dri?k Hum,', ?t Lee ?>*en?e bo. tween Eouand ltol?'?v ?1-X)l<; lot 21*l''l; hoil?a JSx+) feet, Wl'i. an "nclnted plau* evtenslnn, rec?nt.? i>aiated throUM* oi.i eudin oomou ti- order. wUh every convenience. The b.iu? ? U Dleaaf.i.ilraliuaf d, wita an c?tea?,i n *iew or the Kiiinnindlna ii.nvv. Apply op the preniiaes, or to K. M' l'fNi CK, 619 Eroadway. Sjw York. ^ TjlOTt SALK-1N BROOKLYN, IN A OOOD location, p w Ui.n five Trinities' of Knl^in ferry, a linee atory, bA*e.n <? .t i,;d anb-cellu*brick ll.?u?e; cas >.nd water; crloe $8,1.jf), part oa build aud laoii'a^e. A| ply at Fulton Mrvet, brooWyn. For sale cHR\p?oottaoe hoesk and pulIi Tot. No 2CR-oit'h T! Ird Hirer', WilliamibnrH; Imnie dlate p.i- ^ s-'on. te:al* eaey. Al ?. a f"U 1U4 r-'nJ fiirr?ct, m'Ar Apvljr JOJN McCOR >UCK, 133 Chatham t,tre?-i, M.-w Y. i r. Fon sale < :t excmasoe for improved rnpp l.etr a' i.r^nnpolnt, L. 1. lnquir? of J. 8AMMis, Kl G.-anti New York. Iots NEAR prospect PATtK. RBOtiKLTN, WILL i b- (r'.Ten to- v. J>.)!li h b.?ement llonfe In a Rood I nalzhb. rh< .id. b-tweer. Tenth and Thlr.r 'ourtb a^reeis and TLii^l and Seveuili avenn^a. App-y ?l 1:45 Grand at. r> 1 fUM* ONLY REOt'lUr O AP IMMEDIATE pay " inert, anil .ny ln?talmenta allewarda, mr a i y genteel Reh.den.'e, .n Mi?\. atreet. Hr.-- .;!yn; Ihite ctene'. hi ' ??>. >?> and e!l mode, p Impr .vmeuu. Apply tn A. S. NKWBFRRV, 163Broadway, N. V. (\fi/i rtSH. AND ?"..0"0 MORTft IGF. WIL?, JiU.UImI p..r tor a air).'.y modem three alorv hlL'h ,?; (?p marble fmn> tlon?-. tn tV tlr- ?t ^irt ?f Brook. Irn. .mn'e.l ate j'.a?e^:-m. Apply toowncri B. T. EoSiI, H? B..< d?ay. i. _ <PQ i\7uH r7"" ?"ii:r.n story high stoop noes* rSt'.l" M J .'wM t'l.Trariit iv. one, lint hffltvi north of Fulton; ha* r. *. b*th. r-?i<-r cio s m.d e-mneeted with KHt", A ppl to t iVCRAV i ON, 137 Gil: a? atreaue. COl'RTRY KSAL ESTATE fOl (SAlaB* A VHItV NBAT COTTAOB. AT A BABOAIK?NT-Alt i\ llavl^.-i lir. if< 'n .v. itharen. I'rk* lUTOHETr, No.2 N< w t.iaa'.ere, corn-ro. ( hutliam ?t. ? I.L WANTING FARMS.?GOOD SOIL, MILD CLI \ riale 34 mllea nooiu of Phlladelpnia. Pr!ee oo.t r-r *-~e. Al?o Inproyed Karm?. llunureda aro eoitl.ui. Informnlion aeij. tree. Adlreaa C. ii. LaNDIS, Viu 'land, New Jen.?y. A COFNTRV HOM", FBOM f 1.000 TO firo.'W. SEE A bTANI.EY DAY'S Real E?lato Clrenlar. wbleb ean be l^d at 31# I'ourth nT?i,ue. or mailed upon receipt of stamp. AT PASSAIC A NT'MBER OF D^'SJRASLE HOrsEP, pnee fron ?.0*' to *l2.0Cfi each, .within I.Te inlnnte. of afntion: also Farniawlihlti l toS'i mll.-a from I'ns^alr. 4? minute* from New York; U lZxn\?,)j\T,?.m,L ^ f-ar!v $31 from foot of ttl.ambera atreet. Apply to WM. I,Y rim,SON. raawlc. N. J a N ELEGANT OOPKTRY SEAT AND FARIJfSO A acres, at Northnort. L. I., one mile from ateamUbat; f-nc two story hoiH". lit ror-ma, In fine or. rr; barn 70 by _S r -1 ice room, lee bon.-.n filed, circhsr-'. of c?e- Itfl rru;i l*r"e?, ?>ear orchard, nil o'.' -r klude; teufea la One order. Tenr.t t- 'J- S\ork, Ac., te 'ft"z,,nT ro la <>atr, ,trest. TaKGAIM -NEAR NEW BRn?8WICK. A OOOD Firm of 100 acres; cond house, e Kht roon a, attic and cellar, barn, ?table. oam ;i ho,,...; ?l.,ntr of fruit;^price $MW0, or with Stook? cri.p auu looia, $#,^"0; halt a mile l rem deprt.^ pRnnr9(.Jf k CO . SB Naaaau at, mam 34. A_ PPLFNDID COUNTRY SEAT OP TWO ACRES IN New Brunawlck.?wround. wi onl wit., fruit aud ?i.^de fine new house modem atylo. b ?rn, ?Uble and car ??roam ?. T SARATOOA flPRlNGS.?LAR3B RPICK ITOPSB for .ale, well altuatel, with two sprln?? on plaee and nearle two nnree of *rr?und. Nerei used e*eei?i for prirate residence, hot suitable for i?p*rdlD? h . ? or club ?f gentle men In good repair. Possession rlren immediately. Ap "IJTo goila MOROA?. B? ? W? WWU AmTrARB CIIANCE.-FOP SALE. ON BERGEN Height., llod'on City, a beantlfol Residence,! built of brlek 16 room, with all modern Improvements. Incomplete order; vlew of N-w York. Hr.x>klyr. Oew York Bar, 8 iaten island- alto an extenalve iew of the aurroondlng counirr. Ten minute. V" frriy by horse car. part cash. THOMAR aLDRIDGR, Poet office, Uud?onCHy, New Jeraey. AMI COUNTRY SF4T ON TflE HUDSON FOR RALE - llou.v* It finished In the bjst style, commanding Tiew. both uo and down the river. Will be .ni l ehe-.p and on rea sonable torm.. Apply to JJ. H. BONNET, <140 Broadway, b*?ero-nt. Am C0?EY NEWCOTTAOR OF Tf.N ROOMS NEAR TEE .ea shore. In New Jersey, ?> ith ftf Stolen Mland, 1H hour from New York; on* ni tb* fln^tloeitloMin Atnerlne; en gently eier?te<! land, ? iioimandinf a magiillloetit ?le v of ? he noean. Mineral .pring*. fti-li'.ng, sa.Lt g, nd.t.g, Ac. I rio# $4,000. Call at 30 Cliu'mi plao'. _____ Ah first CLASS RESIDENCE FOR 8ALE AT NEW ark N. J.?I ?n llroM n?^r South Park, three m nutes1 walk fn n Chestnut *ir?et ra li>>a4 depot First clas. Honse. m.d rn Impro-ementa, in fine Large garden. flnMy mpr v.4 J' d enlUrated .^elghhor. hood first (.las- I. tnlj f<-ed fir sUe ou aewunl of III health of owner. Possessioe April or May 1. AiJdreas T. C. Chandler, M'^vark N. J. A mm handhome one a'RR resideror at mob rlsanta; la hmi?. bero frntto and "hrnbberr; ftne location , furnished or unnirnl.jed. Annly to D1 It.HRrT, JLiKSd oOoi, No. 2 thiia^iri ttrrci. 4 * KLBOANT dwelling ANO i* AOtlE*; FIVE A m.nuies' walk dop?i at New Rrnn.wiek. Cue of <, M. *> and ft7 s r. ne.r N?w Urnnawiek depot. VaRK*S liVijkiiBBRSR. M WaU ?tr??t. OOtTHTRT REAL ESTATE FOR SALK. BAIl< ? AIN101K ~ A <3BBS? SIX MILKS FROM NEW Brunswick. two inm depot; good House, eiffct rutnu, bum, Ac.;pleuiv fruit, $6,000. PETTiT A ' RAZi-.K. 171 Broadwav, room Wo. 1 V^ocntry SF.vTS COTTAGES AND FARMS IN NEW Jersev $l,a?to ?:t,OuO. withta oie hoiirofcity. 8| len did Tr.ct or 64 acre, ?t 1'issaic one-half mile of station.* bargain. Re-odencrs at Newark and suburb*. Several Una farms near Near lirunswick. cheap. J. W. Juralkmo.n, 4.3 Broadway, second floor. Farm for sale?at public auction, oh mon day, Mar. h 18. at 1 o'clock P. M.. at Woodbury. Queen; county, L. I., conta'nlnf Hoout' 7U aerea; <0 under good cultivation luiUnce wood; feuoes rood and well watered; ?<">d dn riling boil e, baru and other outbuilding orchard, fruit and ahrubberjr. LnontioD 1X1 miles from tiie city and IJ4 mile from Hsoaeet d?t>ot. Terms eaey. Further parUo ularaot J. AG. M K A K IN, No. 9 Barclay street. N. Y. For sale?a small and vert desirable country Residence ti miles from New York, on the line of the New liaron Railroad, lire minutes' walk from the de pot. The house U modern and well built, delightful / situ ated, commanding an exiensive view of Long Inland .sou id. wlib two acres of ground, sloping in the rear directly to the river; it Ins a stable, ho>t house *n<l other outbuildings on the premises, h or Curt her particulars inquire at Mo. 4 Cedar ?feet, room 14. second Door. FOR 8ALE?IN HTOSON CITY, N. J., 16 MINUTES' walk from Hobo&eo ferry, a newly built House, in a fir?t elate neighborhood, 8 roooi*. Apply to C. F. NICOLL, S-.i erenth avenue, coiner Twen'.y-nlnth street Price I^OR SALE-AT MORRISaNIA, a TWO STOUT AND attic tlouae, with three lot* of Ground. pleasantly lo cated on the northwest eorner of Waihaigion nvruue and Eighth street; price $8,800 oarh. Apply to C. A. 6T. JOHN, pior 41 North river, foot ot Caml.slreet. FOit PALE-A FINE NEW CO0NTRT HOUSE. TEN room*. 1 to 8 acre* of land, first sivion on the Broad Guage duiible track. Krie Railwsr; 12 tr aiita da'ly e ich way: time 40 minutes: commit.uinn 8 cents per trip. App'y M GEO. E. U .iOdWaKD, 37 i^ark row, New York. FOP. SALE-ON STATES' ISLAND, A HOCSE AND rear building, with oue or two l,o;s convenient for tiu?ine?s or pr.vato dwelling; three minutes' walk from fct.:plet(.n landing. Imjuiro at -T AQCES (JUNSRTH'8 Hard, ware Store, corner of Gore and hrunell etreeta. BK>R SALE?A PLOT OF LAND. CONTAINING 90 acre*, near the Rolling Bprinp depot on the Brie Rail road; only ^0 minutes irom foot of Chambers street. Apply to JOHN MoCLAVE, 44 Pine street. Foe sale-iiouse and lot no. sr east broad street, Newark. N. J.; two story frame Lous*; con tain* 11 large romuj, In penect orJer; and water; lot SOxl'.U feet; one of the finest tactions In the city; price I1IHKJ0. Apply to B. F. CRANE, ll/l* Broad street. New art, N. J. IilOR SALE-AT ELIZABETH, N. J., FIFTY MINUTES ' iiom New York, the residence of the subscriber, on Newark avenue, onemile Ami dep'i'. House contains thir teen rooms; every convenienoe; fresooed halis; ground four and one-third acres, diy and h?tlthy; stable, cow. chicken, auii other ouihotmus. Price <2iL500. Apply on the premises, cr at Is .New street. New York. k. A. HAXTQN. For sale-in Hudson city, n. j.. a two story and er'enslon lloui e; house con tain s eight rooms nnd cellar; lot 2L3xo/V?. Will cxchsnse for hou*e in the city. Apply to WM. STKEL, 278 Greenwich street. New York. For sale?at tottekville. staten island, four minutes from depot s^d river, a first class ton ro'im Cottajce (new), with 4, 8 or 16 city Lota. Owner, 223 Harrow street, Jersey City. For sals?furnished, in the village of Astoria, a first ola*s liutidence. containing all tlie modern Impr ivernonts, situated on h gh hrouu 1 and ram ir.andtagv tine view of Hurl Gate sndEast riv.-r; grounag IM'xISu: ail kinds of : rult tr> e?, staole beaaery. Ac., in per fect order. Po.seijtan Riren at any time. Addrcsj GodlL lot, Stevens A White, No. 4 South ^ lU' im street. N. T. FOR sale?COTTAGE nousli. NINE ROOMS. AND Lot iW by 1W !"<?.t, on Amitjr sircat, Kltihiilng, Long I>Ut,<t; garden is weil stocke ] with frnt: ir?' jfr.ip - vines, Ac., an l the hou-e lu good order. Pri i $4.^(0, of wiilch S- ft# can remain on mortgage. Anplv to K. (? i'KI., M.iln street, Flushing, or J. D. LINCOLN, 130 liroad-.vay, New York. ElOR SA1.E-A COUNTRY HRAT, AT INWOOD, ON the Hudson, one hour's drive from the city, half hour by TIu'son river c*rs, with 4 acres, barn, H'.ible, ice hn-ise, herniary; bath and boat house; splendid vie?- of the r<rer, Urjje trait and vegetable garden; g>s und Water thr>fti;;T bouse and stnblo; s'lltable for both sumcK-rand printer red donee; only'wo minute-'wait from depot. One-half can remain on bond and moilgage. Address box 2,030 New York Tost offlci. IDOB RALB?ON TODD ITTLL A HANDSOME BRICK r House tied 40 iiwm, with extended ?lew of tlio ocetn; handsome outbuildings, gronnds very tastefully laid out. Apply to K. II. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Tine street. FilOR 8ALE?COUNTRY SEAT OX STATEN ISLAND, two inile'i from YauderMU I-andlng: eutx-rior ht>u?? :ind outbuildings. with 41 aero* <,f ground. Will be (old cheap. Permits of A. JOL'K.NEaY, No. t> Kme street. For sale?terms very easy?three new rilla Cottages, slate root's; twelve large rooms, Duirnie mantel*, well and cluern wat.or in house, high uround, verr near horse and ?t<Miiu|rullr?.?d si Mornsanu. Inquire at a7 Bowery. FV)R SALB-IN CENTRAL MORKISANTA, TIOUrlK M Art front. S deep; 8 rooms, attic nnJ collar; lot 1& feet by 150 feet; near the depot; price $2,200. Apply hi 215 Sevonth avenue. fpon SALE?A nOTTRE AN1> BARN AND ABOUT TWO 1 acre* of Land, In Westcheatnr countv, two mila' north of Sing iilnjt; good locality for couutrv grocery: :il?o a House aud about live acres of laaud. For particular* In ? litre of OLI V ER WINSHIP, 149 East i'hlriy-flrst Mreet, roin 2 t.116 P. M. FOB Sj?LK?THE I"ARM AND COUNTRY SEAT OP the aubecrtbcr. at Westpoi t, Conn , about 70 acre?, con sisting of amble, wo id and salt BNfcwludiilu to# fitf famed Ootnno B.'ich ; one m!le water front. On the premises urn a good House near the beach: a fine garden, with rhoice frutta; an appL- orchard, iu full bear r.g; and never fail og *?>nng? of water. The Stock, which is thoroughbred, will bo sold with the firm, and the F urn I turf If desired. Two hours from Mew York by New Haven Railroad. Address J. B. FISH. Boi No. 8. Post office. Wc??.port, Conn. For sale-a country residence, with first Class improvements, situated a short distance from the city. For p?-ticular? address Country Residence, 133 Earn Forty-sixth street. IfOR HALE?A SUBSTANTIAL BRICK BUILDING, with frune bu'ldltis :ittncfi?i. eontainfngenglne, hoil?r, aiiaftln>-. \ . eh<-inli"i! uppur I'ua, Ac.. su:tiMe I<?r a chemi cal manufactory or oth-?r fai-torr purposes, t is -ther with a stable am! ten lot* of ground, on part of whlea It Is built, aH situated on Ferry street, i<t the Junction of Newark ava nue, lioboken, N. J., about five ^n?.nut-??, w.jlk i'rorn the ferry. Apply to AI.I'.EliT SPilTi.RS, 22 street, New York. fion SALE?not se. eioht LOTS AND CAKRIAOF. House, on Huenit Rldg^, Mott l!afe:t, $1B.".<W; four corner Lots. $4,i^0, kIm House, orcha-d and 20 teres, at Suffer is, SJ.J00. Apu'.y Ml. N. OR'.?W, 37' Oa.n*l s-.reeL TTIOR SALE?A HOUSE AND TWO ACHES OF LAND, F with plr itv of fruit. lhre" (nitrites'walk friim Mount K! ????? depot, Ilarieui Rsllrotu. Wastchaaler couuly. A^ply to s.v.irrt A Dl'NulMi, ft> South street {pOR ??AI.K?FARM at PiUtKSKILL. WRSTCHEHTBB oonuty, containing about 32 acres, for cash, or exchange for prw "rtv In .fei-sev Cltv or li^lK>k>':l. Inquire oi il. KERK1 rr, *n Third avraur ?L^R RALE?WESTKIELU, STATEN ISLAND. A FARM F of ft) acres, on the b.?y. >d buildings . mi larre f?-toev. One nl' l.? s'-res; g.^>J hulldlngs, A-. ,s-vrral Vlilsg* I'esi, in gooU or lcr, prirf.- insr, terras e, ?y. All ' to U mm -es from d'-vn of StJt :i Islanl RaUrtM!. AisofiO Uoiidlt^K Lo's ill the celehra oil Riddle's drove, fronting the 9nuui!: nne hsthlng fronts, Ac. Will be .?..Mcliejp. iuuUiro of it. T. 111.MOTT. TonetirOl . alUtett lsUad. F-?OR SAIT.?A FIN"? KEW T'.RTCK HOUSE, IN ONE of tfie beat streeis !n Haei"ns4Ci, Sew Jersey, fi-? tnlniiies from ra'lr^ d depot; lui. ierti.kte jm?i?easlf)ti, ortfh sub..*, fruit, Jfcr. Apply ti J. J. TALLMaN, 192 Bro.utway, ?I w York. fpo* SA1 E?tlN THE BAN'is OFTiJE HUl>SO!?, AND UO feet from the l'.cttl'v^rd, nine full Lots, oomer of Twrlfth nvenae r>nd lUTth st.eet. Price <12,000. Apply to tint) KUM3T, lit Canij freit. F^OR SALK-A FARM, ON LONt? INLAND, OF 333 seres, half niile fMnt ou the Great South Bay; pi we ?10.0CO. AI'o one ol f>'{ Arr-s; good house and barn; prti-e 93,75?. Al?o a Cottage at b aniford, Conn.; 4 arm'; nr.r* tS.O-j). For particulars in<t'tire of J. L. SAU.NDEIIS, 23 bowery, N. T. FMtH SALE, BEROEN HEIC.nTS PROPERTY? TToures trrnn $S,utV to fiO.OtX) ose'., part cash. TIIOMA., AI.DitlDti.:. Po?! oaic?. Hud-J4i!i t 'V y I. FHiR SAI.E IN IIOBOK11N-A VERT desirable three story and bs-iemcnt House, Phllsdclphla br?'rk, brown atoni tiimmlncs, r.isrule mautele, and water. Price f7,tui BLAKE A DCDLiiT, 64 Wl street. FOP. HALE OB EXCHANOB?A FINE COUNTRT Seat at Ttickahoe, hiuf a tail" from depot, S4 ner?s; g-o4 house anj earriiee everj^iiiti In eomplete order. Apply to J O. HIGOINS, No. 7 I'm roon 8 F'v'i: -?.i.r r,a : xi ,i ?v.;f?rnir?orroRT. ? ONN.? " Two to iv Kieii h ro<^i' l'ou?es, ooi.iA.nin : Uu ra.uis esch, \v;fh all the moden. lmpruvonien;a, pte.iji.nitl/ sit iaied and rniy flvi minutes' walk from boat ur cirs; lsrge yard*, with fru t, 4e.: pre* $7,t?0: terms Inoulre ,,f ,f. KO MAINE BRoWN. I 27? L'rosdw?y, or JAS. STAPLES. Real Eatste A Rent, Brldgerorl. CfU. L'OR RALE OR EXt HANUE FOR CITV PROPEPTY? r A he.ullfnl <1?try Far.u of ?*? acres, situate on main rosd end r.i.rtwiy between l'eekskili and f*kc Mahonse. new large double House, eomruodlous bu ns and nhund.itire of One rmlts; would make a splendid summer bused.n? h. usecrg'ntlemsn s t-aidrnce. Adlress J. W. BINNEi, 6* Beaver street. New Yotk. LIOK SALE OB TO BENT?Tnn PAVILION HOTEL r at Isllp, L I., snd sheut ?nven actesof Land. The hotel is rompietely fumtsh.d thronghont, and will accom modate "bout JfO rues'*. For partl-ulars snd lerms aptilv to PiUDlSH JOlrilSoN. 4?i West BnU-enih 'treat. Fob balk, bunt, or exchange roncnrpRor. erty?A new Hottsq, Inteudivl for a hotel, with or with out 90 tier's improved Isr.d. I.i.iuireof A. D. WILSON, 184 Grand slreet, Wllllamshurf, N. r. FOBDIIAM HEIOHT5".?EI.EOANT RESIDENCE, three quarters of a ndle from depot, on big! around, srHh fine views; nine aere.of land, handsomely laid out; house eonlsina all the c. n.*?nleri??a: barn and i.irrin^e liottae. Apply IB B. H. LUDLOW A CO., N CGOTHIC COTTA1E IN NEW JFRSEY FOR SALE -AT T atia.g.iln; half aere of t-ounl; jord ne'ghborhoodstid pieasant loiiaUon, pear N?w H' IfoH. Fntl p irtlrul.m g.veu at our ofilce. BPNKUIt'T A CO., 31 Pine "r?et. nousn ANI? LOT FOR S VLB IN JtCBSEY CI7Y-? Three siorlei, brick, aub eelli.-, ns fiiiurrs aud watet; 6vc minutes from ferry. J. a. .1 AMES. 2? Cedar street. 0RVNOR COTJXTT FARM FOR RALK.-M ACEES; near?lepot and cttsniery. Poa<e*slou A ril I. Full lartieulara 'f C. 'I. OLIVKB. No. 7 Beekman stroeL pKOPERTT IN SAVANNAH, GEORGIA, 1 ?t?R - ALE. Two four alnry brlrk St?re , vitU wharf, fifty feet front, well situated for h ts.nesn, will sell or eschange for a good r-ddenc* In New Ycr*. Arpif to D. II. BALDWIN, 178 Poari street. TWO FARMS rort SAl,r'-|?i(l and 88 AO^BS. TWO mil's from Madison d.'pot. N J. lor more particulars inquire of N O GKoFFKOi", owner, Grrene Village, N. J. YOKKFRK, NEAR OR8r!fWOOD PErOT, ON WAR. burton and Woo.:worth arenue* and Point s'reet, m htndsome House notta(? atvia. wltb aore?, bini ant car nage house, fire tiew. Apply to H. B. LwDbOw A CO,, Br 8 l'ina atietu COUTOT MAL ESTATE FOR WHO WANT8 A UOOD lli'MB FOR LIFFt?ON* hour trrnu City 11*11; 12 traiM daily. ?el<lil>orh?oi pnexc?|)tionable; ngtr m l.oaiw and cliurc'iea; bouM od W ?>ie? l*rue, in prime order; water. gas; all (he mod""' pruTetnouti; three acre# id garden, fruit, lawn and tlrnW five mile, of pli-k.fn.nt Ar.vea and ?bady walka: hi/B. he? lb# location; exu n?>?e view: a tr?t claaa rrMdouee, luoatf and winter. I'rice $at,uOO. to Ue owner, J. I* PARKER, aa CortlanJt ?treet New York. Klft FARMS AND COUNTRY SEATS FOR RAlt? i'/'J In every .action of the oouutry, Prtcaa, U.MH *30,009; diata&oe 10 to 80 ml let. A. sergeant, 11 Wall i $"l A Kf\ft ?foR SAI-E, FARM IN WB.STCHRSTKB county, one mile from Ilttrlem II illraa< depot, containing 108 acrea, In high ktat* of ruliin good bulMUaga, orcbardi, Ac. W M. S. Jl.NNINUd, 111 Broadway, Trinity Building, REAL estate wasteo. Tenement propertt wanted to nor M le.ise?The hlghetii market value given. Apply to B. ML QIBBONS A CO., 448 Hroome atreet. WANTED?one FUI.L lot ON THIRD AVE nub, between 106'h and 136th atrret*. No nutlee taken w leu loweat pnoa given. Addraat M. M., 74 Chuthaui ah WANTED?HOUSEH TO BUY OB LRA8E. IN OOOS locutions; al-o Uouaea, furnished or unfurn abed, t? leaaeto good UoauU. LEONARD A ltt'SSELU 1.1uj Broadway, ruom tA Wanted?IN THIS CITY OR BROOKLYN, A BMill Home, requiring Dot more than $800 dowu; rot eQ mortgage. Addreaa Alpha, box 8,286 Post office. fVANTED?FARMS and country SEATS, COMTS. VV nlent to city; alto city Houaot and Lota. If you wul aalei made promptly call on or addreaa SALT A CO., 1M Broadway. r"ANTBD?VALUE $1,800 TO $4,000 CASH. A coumte* . . place or Farm. 8 to 80 acjea, within three hour* at Mtm York. Olre description. Addreaa Caah. llerald offloe. WANTED for CASH BUYERS?HOUSES, AT ABOVf 913,000 and about $33,030. CIIARLEB h. MILLS. offlce 49 Wert Thirtieth r*?*? w Wanted TO BUY-AT OBANOE OB E MIA BUT*, New Jeraey, within teo minutes'walk of depa^a Bouse, containing seven to ten rooms, modern lmpam ments, sod one to fl?e acres of ground. Addrea*, giving rH Ctieulsrs, loealitT, price and terms, whicfc must be *1^ d Estate, box 2,7w Post oflice. HOUSES. HOOM8. ^.. WASTKD. A FAMILY OF ADULrS ABK DESIROUS OP taining part of a Hou >e, unfurnished, between Tw third and Fiftieth streeta, and Third and Sixthi?ro Good references given and required. Addreaa, with lara and terma, Concord, Herald office. HIGH STOOP UNFURNISHED HOU8R WANTBBws In a rood neighborhood. Addreaa, atatlng rent, W. K, I.-, box 3,966 1'oat office. __ A SMALL FAMILY WANTS. ON 1HE 1ST APRIL, 4 Floor of four Rooma in a private hou?e. Kent not ova* % -0 per month. Applj to G. A R., 76 Uuane atreet, from Mtf 4 I*. M. A Ah quiet familt op three, with best RBI ?. ences, irlsh ah entire Kloor. aultablo for light hornet keeping, in a private family; or would take two Kooma, wMk Board. Addrecs, slating terma, Ac., 8. B. J.. Herald oOea. A?WANTED, UNFURNISHED AND FURNIStUW . Houses. Parte of Houses and Kooms, for good taft* ania ao,M'" CHARLES K. MILLS, office 43 Went Thirtieth A CORNER STORE WAKTrD-FOR THE DR1HI busmc?s, In a desirable qn -.rter, In or out of New Taetl city. Address for ouo week New Store. Herald otOce. A HOUSE WANTED?BETWEEN EIGHTH AND) 1\ Klftletj street*. .aid i.exlngton and Sixth avenaea, M .itbcan 'od locality. Rent irom $1.2u0 to $1,600. As* tiros* H. <?. B. Watson, box b,3d3 Puat office. a FMALL FAMILY OF ADrLTS WISH TO OBTAIN A J\ Moor of three < r four rooms, unfurnished, suitable fea FoB'-keeplng. Term* must l>e moderate. Doirn lown lMb> tion preferred. Ad.Ire.s J. IJ., box 146 Herald olllce. TiiLOOR WANTED.?A DENTIST, WITH A SELEC* r private practice, wuliot a Firat or Second Floor, or bae^ Parlor and Extension. un! urnl'Led, trorn May, batweaa Fourteenth and Forty-second .trects, l ourth und SaeaatK avenues. Satisfactory rvi'jrenoes given ami required. AA dro:.? for one week Suigcou. station U, stating terma. I WANT TO RENT FOUR OR FIVE ROOMS. IN A private house, for myaelf, wife andaervant; muatM rcaaouaLle. Addreaa Datld M. Davis M Broadway. PHYSICIAN'S OFFICE WANTED?FURNISHED O* unfurnished, with or without Hoard, iu a raapet family, between Twelfth ali i Thirtieth streets, and F< iitid .Sixth avunues. EuglUli Uueiueut preferred. *J bol l'ost olLce. ___ fTHE ADVERTISER DESIRES TO HIRE A WELL FOB. J. nl.hed Urst ciafts Ue?ldencn in tlila city foraamaB M ?ate family Addrets, stating lowest terma and locatM% box 4,4(W Post ouice. X\f ANTED?TO RENT A BUILDING. POR A T T Manufactory, if p taalble ivitn fleam power, not liclow Houston, and not i.bove Kiltyuluth - ilre.*, wiih turns aud piruculara, Fischer Mmdoutfal street. tVANTED?FROM MAY I. PART OP A HOUSE, if taming six or seven rooms, in good location, modern improvements, lor a family of four; rent I exee.-d 180}. Addles*, with full particulars, D. C., box Poet office. tivANTED?A CHAPEL OR HALL SUITABLE POBi TV Sabbath school or icntura room, between 1 ajid Thirtieth streeta. Addreaa J. Ferris, i8t Wa atreet. UTANTBD-A SMALL HOUSE, LOCATED BETWBmS M Eignth street aud Fourteenth street, eaat of Bn? way, for carrying on the business of a restaurant. Aa;M( ha* .rn a suitable place for imle or to let, la above loeallaaL addreaa Reslatiraut, station D, Bible Houae. 1ITANTED.?A SMALL RESPECTABLE FAMILY TT desirous of meeting with a part/ on the weat r.?i tl.e litjr, up town, baring more room than required and spare lour or Ave Room*. unfurnished. Addreaa fr we.'( P. U. Williamson, 141 East Fortieth street. ? WANTED?A SMALL MODERN HOU9E, BY A OXV and wife, location good, between Lexlngtm and Seveotn arenuea,ittid Thi-tleto and Forty-eighth stredaa i out from $l,00u to ?1,6'XI. Addreaa W. P., station G, tMstfc avenue. VV'ANTED?A PIU8T OR SECOND FLOOR, WITS TT <*>nvenionoe for boitaeke<*plng. Address, stating tanai and locatiou, A. P., Herald oS!i:e. WANTED-A THREE STORY, ATTIC AND munt IIou*?, lor a siu ill family of aduita, between nicucker and Twuuty-thlrd streets, and Broadway and SlxtK menuc. Adureia, with full partiouUrm, U. C. Booker, etf Broome stiect, for three d*ja. WANTED-A FIRST OR SECOND LOFT, BY AN I*. porting house, liar.n? .i good connootl'in among WaW? < i n jo'ibers, or a [Piriloo of an ocunr led l.o; t. If ? eiiitaMv party eoaid b" fauna. Address box J.tit8 Poet office. W ANTKD-rART OF A HOUSE, CONTAINING KX rooia?. In ttio i' lgluh ? .nl. and m s Kenterl aelgfc borhoud. tor one w eek. H., 13 Charlton street. WANTED?A COM PORTABLE DWELLING, COW. TT Tcoli-nt to the city, by a careful lastly of Ave MM* sons Aodri'.<?, witii particulars, U. P. a., box 6,1<4 rMt ottioe. New i'ork. WANTED.?A SMALL FURNISHED HOUSE, LO. v T aHM in Haw Jemey not over an hour's ride froaa tils Cltv; will reonire poa??aMi.n aoout July 1. for foar moatkei rvni irooi tlio lo ?joQ. Addieis box il.UOo Cost oillon. Maw York TK/AN't 8D?AN UPPER STORY OR LOFT I'OR BUST. TT nes^ purpose*, wi 1 '..jhied,aud located on aoine rmM? road ron?e Iwiween ami Ihirty-lourtli strv Addreaa, d.ine:>aluu? and terms, J. 21., box St, I tl?i D. WANTIU-A NF.AT FURNISHED ROOM, WITH TT Board In ? quiet ne-e'iboi lioo l, for a teiitienaan aa4 fife; full lio-ird for the lady, terms must l>e ddrees, with par teulirs, A. 1>. E., Ht.-ald offla-. TIT ANT RD?A PLACE UP OH DOWN Tt.WN, BROOK. 'F? or New Vork, siiiiuiile for a Veter.nary Huigawk Address <t C. L . llerald oiL :e, atating teruu and Iciest!?. ?\i7 ANTED?ONE OR TWO UNFUBNISHED ROOM TT suitatde lor bo<isekr.rplug. between Filtoeath and Por.y-thlrd sue ts; weat aid", terms mutt he moi1sra?| n leron.'fS exebsngvd. Addn ; s O. U. B.. station G. WANTED-A DWELLING HOUSE. IN i'UE VIC I.HIT* TT of Twe:f.h to Twentletu ?tr?et auj To.rd to Itvenue; n?t lo ooeed or 91,81*1 per annum. II. B. atatlnn V. Blhle iioo*e, New Yo.k. r\rANTED IMMEDIATELY?UNFURNJSHKU. THRKK t t ar (Mr alary lloow, lsq>n< heiweaa PMrtt snd nixtit avenues, ari Fourth and f wet..r-Iourto streete, r -iu not l? exc-.-d $3,VM. t ai. on cr ? Dr. K. A. "K1NU, !M Ninth street. WANTED TO HIRH?4 STOR1'. SUITABLE FOR T T rnle of patent medirife-. fi r'una ry. Ac. l.oentlao t? Sixth avenue motlowe; timp Vo ,r*!i s'.-eet nor Jlrharl" Thirtieth , or a ie? dooi-a eas or west if Sixth ntenua^ dies* box 1,^34 New York l'ost or. e, sUilug loualloa rent. m ;3 WANTED TO RENT-A NT E SMALL i'LAC* A* Washington HeUrlit* (or won I p ir liase), bv a MllL responsible family. Addre?", stai ng rs and all parOaai srs, W. U. House, Herald WANTED TO REST-A TIIKFE STORY HIGH 8TOOP besement Horse for a small family, in a rest srlaMa reljhbnrbood, between Thlm and Niutk aveuuua, aa4 Fourteenth and Fory.seriud atr-<ei*; iei.i aot to axaaa4 would be willing to bnv furniture if (uilabla. A4? dress S. ?>., liox 4,*f0 l'ost office. WANTED TO RENT- A IIOCSE WITH IMPROT*. vv ments; will pay liberally lor an unfurnished haaaat will lake a furnish jd lac use at a fair price. Addi esa A. Hsv drrson, box IX) Herald otfl e. VTANTKD TO RENT?A FURNISHED HOUSE. 1 ? i mot location. I17ANTKD TO P.ENT-A FURNISHED HIM'sb, WITW. ?t in ^<ir th% ciiy. I!?nt i???t to 0*cp?d fn| pei month. Addreee Mi M Post oflice, etating taiae set A 1 rUKAITtll 15. PAnK. CIIANTR FOR PAIiriBS COMMRNt:r<? it housekeeping.- AU |l>a e:?g?nl Lo sehold i uriuisr* o >ntamed In tne live siory l-rjwn alone house No. 44 #ae* Su'i-euth street, Klueen HX:h and Sixth ivenues, for i Parlor S.'its, eost $4K', for $j"); ii?. $183; 1'lanofoi l?, P ease, l'!L"((eres. Carpeta, Chand?!ter?, Paiuilnga, Cba and DiolngFurnUure, at half original cos' Furniture toraoe.-household pcrnitubm of all kinds taken on ?u>r .e ? at the l iTast rate*. Afr ply la B. WEINBDIKI. Kj Rr ?. rtw.y, third sVwy, EURNITURE. M ATTfir.^SES. PBDPING, L01RIN41 Glna^ea. Jtr.., eh^ai rst at SNFDEN A ('AMt'BELL'^ Bow err, hftwettu Hl^nlin anM H>' istor streets, ttooda warranted and 4t!lrsisd free. Patent Secretary Bi> lataada eheup. JOUN 7I0BT0N A CO.. m and :X tJsnai straet, corner of Centre, ontmaile l-.arle's Hotel, aa&nnfaetnrers of all kinds of Chutd-llei* and Oss *ixtare% have r~ui i*ed their factory and ahjw raot. a to >he almee e<l> dreaa, where tfcey hsva on hand a larje assortment o.r tfca ue west patterns. NB. ? Rill In a *ew days have a larga aa ? ?>, i ?w p..i em h? ,.<?? c I snip*. Msssns.* MINER A BO.VRRVILLE WILL, AS FOR A Dumber of /ear* past, glre tli'ir persousl altenti'wi H axles of iTAmcbolil !? urt.ittire. at the reside,iees of faaiUlM jeellulog hauaekfep'ng, and at tbatr Wttroona. v sus**