Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1867 Page 3
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UTCATTOflt WA1VTFD-FEMALES, "I M niRr.. WHO CAN COOK, WASH and J\ iron, liMirM a situation. Call at 274 Uoust ia si., Dear m*. B. a RESPECTABLE AND COMPETENT PERSON OF,. A aires a dtuallM as b uwki" |?r In a t,<ioi "man's Sadf ?<-uig to C .iiforrta; referenues exchanged. Call or ?4dres* Housekeeper, 108 Monroe iL A YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A BITUATIO* as stewardess on a river or ocean st^itner: good refer ?auagtveu. Address box 3iS Cost office, Newburg, N. Y. RESPECTABLE OERMAN GIRL, WHO SPEAKS bxt 1ml.* English, wi"hes a ?l! i.itlou a* chambermaid I wail r. -B. or to take ear* of a child and sew. Inquire for >day* at 137 Lexington av., brtwe.'i IS and 3 o'clock. A YOUNO AMERICAN LADY WHO T9 WELL AC ??air.tod with France, and speaks French like a native, WevU like an engagement to go to Europe aa luierpreter t an American family; beat of city references. Address A NUMBER OF WET.L RECOMMENDED OERMAN A Ctrl* want situations at Urn. Lowe's German Institute, m Stanton at., near Bowery, A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE LADY DESIRES A POSI. tlon aa housekeeper; *j'ary not so much an object w a fMd home. Inquire at or address 60 We?t L'Sth st A RESPECTABLE YOUNG AND HEALTHY PRO. testant tvoman with ? fresh breast of milk having loat own baby Is desirous of a situation aa wet nurse. Call G^a,*"*' * **? M. at 142 Elm ai, near Grand, room A RESPECTABLE PROTECTANT GIRL WANTS A situation as nurse and s?arostr??ss or chimUermald and waitress. Call for two days at 409 Bast 12th St., top door, front room. 4 YOUNO WOMAN WANTS TO TRAVEL WITH A jA family to Europe or California. Call at Na 9 5th at., ?the rear, for one week. A SITDATION WANThD? AS SALESWOMAN, IN A A mi:!lnenr nr fincv goods store; no objection to go in country; best reference Riven Address, for one week, X? 8. P., box 6*53 Post office, Noi wich, Coon. YOUNO GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO gener il ho isework: jood city r"ference from lost plaoe. at 133 Klizabeih street. back, for two days. OIRL WANTS A SITI'ATION AS CHAMBERMAID and waitress; is willing to mak- herself obliging; lia* four to M>T:>n years'experience from 1 st place. Call Id tith av., In the furniture store, between 26th and 4 L So! A FRENCH LADY OF EDUCATION AND RESPECT ability, want* a situation as governeas. Address C. 8. 3., at*lion o. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN DESIRES A A situmIon to do plain cooking, washing and ironing, In ill private family; h.-s no objections to do general _s?orE of threi* or four persons; best citv reference, for twodsya at 341 West 23d st, between 7th and 8th ,, In the rear. teHR B SITUATION WANTED?BY A RKSPECTABLE GIRL, as lauudrcss; is willing to assist in the chatnherwork; objection to p.olngashurt distance in the country Best reference given. Can be seen for two days at ?3 West & SITUATION WANTtn-BYA RESPECTABLE WO . man is first c'nss cook, who understands cook Ins; In tta branches; Is a joul bak?r of bread and pastry; no ob n to a first clasg bnnrdiug house. Best of city refer mrnoa. Call at 69 West 2()iU st A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO kous<iwnrk: can <'o pi .in cooking and is willing to ?b Hat with washing snd Ironing; good city reference from her last place. Can be seen until engaged at ISO West lOtii st, Scat Sour. ? YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM J\ bermiid and to assist in the washing and Ironlnr, orto ?a enteral h uso?ork in a small family. Can be seen at 103 Weal 90th street. A:1 BRAT. COMPETENT WOM AN WANTS A SITUATION a good cook and to h<lp as laundress; understands aia. poultry and game, soupj, pastry and bread. Call at Perry at.. In rear. Will go la a private family or 3rst iat boarding-house. ? LAI LADY T1ESIRES TO FIND A OOOD SITUATION FOR rl who ban been in her employ tor sereral rears, srwork and nursing or watting. Applv Satuidky uad iy, March 16 ami 19. "at ?> 9th ?t? near ltd a v. SITUATION WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, by a respectable young woman, who I* a gooil cook, and irotusr, or would do general housework; can ril) respectable city rcforenep. Call on or addruha until Vaoday next at Mr. John McCarthy'a, 191 Laurens at., N. Y. SITUATION WANTED AS FOREWOMAN IN ?looks and mantillus. baring had many years' expe "" In this city. Address A. N., box 102 Hera) 1 oflice ? SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESECTABLE JBL young womnn. (n t;rst civ eo.ik : undcra'ands cook lac, paltry nnd baking of all kinds; baa beat, of city refer* Mae. Can be seen fur two daya at 91 West 18m St., sccond 1m*. bark room. , ? TOUKO WOMAN W! lira A SITUATION AS UL ?%. fant'a nurse; is fully coinneient to bring It up by h*n, ar weald have no oUJerli.i to U'.e careof an invalid Hdy; anal city refcreuoe. Call at 74 West 90th at, between 6th SZnhara. ? LADY WISHES TO OBTAIN A SITUATION FOR A young girl as lady's nmld in a family going to Europe; raoommend her highly as a hair dresser. Apply at No. ? RESPECTABLE AMERICAN WOMAN. OF INTEL iignnce. desires a s'.tnation aa housekeeper; la compe ls every ruapect Call at or addresa for three daya 1S3 ' 17ih at LL FAMILIES WANTrNO CAPABLE SERVANTS L tmmedlaudy and Crrman girls, apply at American ?flay Aaaociatnu, 106 6th nr., below 9th at. . YOUNO AMERICAN OIRL, AGED 1ft DESIRES L a oermancnt position aa aeamstreaa or chambermaid waitress; remuneration not ho inn'b an object aa an " borne ta desired. Address Orphan, station C. ? EXPERIENCED OPERATOR. WITH OR WITH out her own machine wishes to so out by the day or ktcto families: understands cutting ladies' and chll o's urid. rjjarmrnu; Also would take work home. Call at I 'JBth it, room No. IB. FEOEE8SBD COOK'S SITUATION WANTED-BT ? respectable wotnnn; understand English, Freneh I American rooking; good city reference. Apply at 99 119th St., In the basement '.*? NURSE?A PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN, WHO A leoapa*de or taking the entire care oi an lnfunt; would ?ha to accompany a lady to Europe; does not beoome sea Hi. Can be seen in her present situation. Apply in the Hp?,d>3<laT. TOUNO PERSON WOULD LIKE SOME EMPLOY JL went through tbe day where she can make her living ty annalclng French. Cau do dressmaking and all kinds o7 taOy owing and embroidery. Addresa 3. M. L., station B. far one week. ;a LADY JUST LE AVI NO F >R EUROPE WOULD lA Uke to secure a good home for hor maid, who perfectly rstaniU her business, as 'idy'a maid; wonld not ohjoet as nurse for children. Call at 18 West 2Sih at, for two S? TOUNO WOMAN WISHE3 A SITUATION IN A email private family; Is a good ptaln cook, and a good randimner; has rh-i He?? ol raierenre from her last Apply for two (L.ya at 70 CI. anas at SITUATION WANTEP-BY A FIR>T CLASS nEAD meat and paatnr iiioi., who unders'nnda French and an cooking, foe cream and jell ea. and all kinds of i; no oo|ertlons to , hotel or a respectable hoarding I'ef'renoe If required. Call for two daya at JM ?wath at., near Bare.ay. WIDOW WOMAN WISHES TO OBT EMPLOYMENT to make horee eiolhlm; nnd do re; airing, atitcti li.g on i leather, io. Apply at 109 Lawrence at., seoond lloor, k room >o. ?. K.-A RESP'OTABLR WOMAN WANTS A 8ITU atlon as cook In hoirl or reapertablo boarding bona*; ? (rut class m?at and pa-trr cook; no objection to the ; goad reference, lot 4th it. near Sd a*. ,perfeei|y'Thaa^u?JwirinhJKl**0* "ER TTOUSEKEBPRR'* BITUATTON WANTED-BY A vonng widow la-lr; t* aa eyeellent housekeeper and ?Mine to make herself generally useful without other eora ttaaastl >n than a comfortable home. Addreaa Mrs. B. May Bard, a'ation D, for several days. ADY Ct'PYIST. WRITING A Pf *IN. BOLD BPSI neas hand. de?lrea ooprlng or writing at her own houae. tlopy, 10U West 3iat at V *DY t?z: B' B ?IRTH.-WANTED, BY ONE WELL F.XPKKIENCED In the bavneaa, ordered ahirta to make fir the trade; itandf cutting from measure; nothing but the rtn"at wanted. Addreaa Mrs. A. B. Brown, station O, for Ha week. SITUATION WANTED-AS SEAMSTRESS BY THE O day or by th? week; best of city reference. Call at 517 SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPErTAnLE OER. mm girl, aa chambermaid; U willing and obliging. Call Wt M Attorney at, for two days. ITUATIOX WANBD?nV A RESI'^;CTa.ILR OIKU I aei-ook In abolal, reautirant or saloon; no object'on go a abort distance in the country; g>od reference. Calt lilTlllary at.. Brook yn, for t VU daya. SITUATION WANTED?BY AN AXMtCA)! LA0T, AB lady's emac niin or to attend a store; ta willing aad *ng: tir>t rU?* reference. Call at Powers' Hotel, room Mr three dsy*. ITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPBCTA H 'B PRO. I t flrl. to travel with * lady, or wnld Ilk' a home; no 0'ije. i, la wilting to do almost ant-thing that ta re ,b|e. iwat ot cltv re or?i. P"iy ?t IW Orange at, lyn, or addresa J. M., Merald olfice. QITUATIO.t WANfED- BY A UEsrECTAflLB WO O map ?s -ook: itnde a. ndtMoklac in all ita hi-anehes; ? an ei""ll?nt baker; ivoutd asaist >t the coarse washing if maoiitred. b-at refersnce. Apply at 2S*^ 6th av., between Mthaud 10th sta. a l-na fcraaftl c ITUATION WANTKD-BY A YOUNO OKRMAN OIKI,, who understands sewing snd housework perfectly, a. d a ro-id e ok In a ;ood Airier >? n family aieaka but ' English. Adilryaa O. I) . bo> 100 Herald oflire. SITUATION WANrKD-RY A rBitrBTTABLR Ml ", die aged woman, to cook. w.<?h and Iron In pnrate family or boarding house; ia wili ng to m. ke herseif u ? ul; b*Mnty refereno" given. Apply si M tin am St. flrtt Sooa, front room. grruATiov ^tanted-by a y??uno oermanoirl, as c'"> rinmd, washer and ironer in a private family; N cf city mlerenof can be nivrn. Call at 175 Elisabeth si rjrw O SISTER8 WlHIl SITU ATIONH?ONE AS COOK, tt.e other ia ebtmbermsiil and flhe washer; no objee to j;i, i? Short dtsuiiee In tho country. Beat of elty re M given Call at ib> West 36th at., betweea 9th and ANTED- tY A BESPFOTABLK SCOTCH OIBL (Pr'Heatant), a aitrmtlon as chambermaid and plain stress; i >i operate on the ?ewing m e.hlne, assist with w ? ?tu d-en and is willing to make harselT*enerally useful; can **??? well recommended from her last place, ''all for two ?a/s at lib 7ih ae., n?af 19th at, Hr?ABTEO-BY A VnU*<? LADY WHO BAB HO * ' eiher meanaof snpp>.ri hat hey pen, a situation M do Filing in an o.iice, or any pi ?v> Hce tho.-a Is writing to GBMM A Odessa data. Miwtkjia Past oU:o* lirtATlORS WAHTKD-FEMALK?. WANTED?BT A PROTECTANT GIHL, A SITUATION Moiwi Apply at 21b Bowery, room No. 8. VVTANTED?BY A TO UNO WOMAN, A SITUATION AS ?? saleswoman or accountant In ? dry goods, fanoy or atatiooery More; first elaas referent# from last employer. Address M. C.,HtaUon B. TVANTED-A SITUATION. A3 NURSE. BY A COM ?f peunt American widow lady of longeiperience. Can undoubted re'erence. Address L. B , or call for on* week atStS H'mI Sid it. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation to do central housework: I* willing and obliging. Call for two day* at 1(M Weal 19th at, rear, flt?t floor. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO AMERICAN widow, a* houaokeeper to* widower'? family. Ad dress M 8., statiou U. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RKSPEOTABLB I'ni(!!*h woman; Is a goo! coiS; no objection to as* siat with ihn washing. Cull for two daya at 122 Lewis st. near Houston, leoond floor. TJ7ASBINO WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WO. TV man, at bir own residence, 216 7ih ar., top floor, back room. HELPJIVAJITED-niMALES. A YOUNG COLORED OIRL WANTED?IN A SMALL family. Call at corner Powers and Bergen streets, Brooklyn. A OIRL WANTBD-TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work in a private family; Protestant preferred. Apply at 177 Maiiunn st , in the basement, A OIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK IN A small family; man t*> n good wmher ?n I irooer and Claln cook; references required. Apply at 336 Eait TBtn at., etween id and 3d ays. A LADY WRITER WANTED.?STATE TERMS Ex pected. Address E. G.. boi 'J09 H-rald office. (TOOK WAITED?TO COOK ORDERS. IN A RF.STAU ) rant. One who tborouphly understands her business mr.y apply at New Haven Hotel, corner of 4th av. and WANTED-A GOOD MILLINER: MUST HAVE BEEN accustomed to lirat class city work. Apply at 23 John ion street, Brook'yn. WANTED-A GOOD LAUNDRESS. TO ASSIST IN ? hsmberwork; must hare city reference. Apply at 42 Went 46th st, after 9 o'clock. WANTED-A CAPABLE GIRL. TO TAKE CARE OP n voting child; mint be uble to do fine washing. Ap ply at 29 West 28th St., between 10 and 11 o'clock. 1ITANTSD-A COMPETENT HOOK, FOR A FAMILY "? of three, and to do pi lln vaahing; best city references required. Call at 51 Weal 86th at. WANTED-A LAUNDRE3S AND CHAMBERMAID: only tiiokc having good references need apply at oo Bleecker it. WANTED?DRESS AND MANTILLA MAKERS; ONJ,Y flrit claas hands need apply. MME. P. PINCHON. 58 Bleecker st. WANTED-SETT5RAL YOUNG LADIES WHO 1'NDER - Ktnnd making Infant's laoo caps and ribbon ruches. Call at M. Adler's. 141 6th ar. TT7ANTED?A OIRT. TO DO THE GENERAL TIOUSE ?f work in a small family. One with good reference may apply, from 10 to 1 o'clock, at 320 West 25th at. WANTED?A GOOD PROTESTANT NURSE, FULLY competent to take care of young children; north of Ireland preferred. Cad at 115 East 10th at., on Saturday, between 9 and 1 o'clock. TJTANTED-A GTRL, TO ASSIST WITH HOUSEWORK; VV w:?fes $8. Those with good city references may apply at 21 Irving plape, lifter 10 A. M. WANTED?A HAT TRIMMER, FOR LADIES' AND children's hats, by the piece or week. Call on or ad dress W. E. Rice, 58 Bowery. WANTED-A PROTESTANT CHAMBERMAID AND waitress well recommended, at 143 East 18th at WANTED-A PROTECTANT GIRT.. TO COOK, WASH and iron, in a small family, a short distance In the country. Apply at 122 Pearl st WANTED?CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRESS; l'ER fectly competent, and willing to go in the country daring the summer; wages $10. Apply at 53 Weat 18th st. WANTED?A TRUSTWORTHY NURSB AND PL \IN aeam*tre*s; must bo willing and obliging, and bring good city referenca. Call from 9 to 12 A.M., at Li6 West 12th st WANTED?A NURSE. FULLY COMPETENT TO TAKE care of a young child. Apply at 18 West 33d St., from 10 to IS. WANTED?A OOOD COOK. WASHER AND TRONER; alx> a ^esmstress and chambermaid. one who can operate on Wheeler & Wilson's sewing machine. Both must h*ve pood refemnceji French or German. Apply, before 2 o'clock at 247 West 19th St.. near 9th nr. 117 ANTED?TWO AMERICAN OR PROTESTANT VI girls to do genernl housework In private families; good reference required. Call after 12 o'cloek nt 230 Clinton at BVTVATIOWS WAyTKD?nAT.KS. A regular rnysiciAN (Unmarrieio offers his professional services as companion to an Invalid, nr|taka charge fof physician's practice during absencc, or any other capacity; salary no object: could advance a few thouxand dollar* If necessary; nighoat reference!. Ad dre? British Graduate, Herald office. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, SPEAKING FOUR LAN guages. ofl'ers himself as companion and teicher to a family going to Europe. Excellent references. Address La fayette, box 191 Herald o filer. A MAN AND 4TIFE WANT SITUATIONS?SEPA ratcly or toother, in city or eonntrv; the man I* an ex* cellem Indoor servant, and hi* wife la a cood cook and knows all about a dairy; first class references. Apply at WV Bowerv. A young man, or as, or strict integrity, energy and general business experience, desires honor able employ uirr.tlu the city, tbe West, orauywhere through out :he clvllixod world. Address Energy, office 270 Fourth a venae. A BOY. 1? YEARS OF AGE. WANTS A SITUATION In an offioe; writes a good hand, and win give good re ferences. Address E. Mass, box S.2U7 New York Puit offioe. COURIER OR WAITER -A YOUXO MAN WELL Ac quainted with the Continent of Europe and F.ngUntl offers hi* serviot? In the above capacity to families or single gentlemen. Address Post office drawer 123, Poughkepale. I OFFER MY SERVICES IN THE CAPACITY OF IN tei rreter and guide lo a jyj-ty of gentlemen who wlab n visit the Exhibit on in Paris this year: nm ac quainted with the cttv. It* hNtonc place*. place* or amuse ment Ac., and apeak the language perfect. Best of ref erent e will he given. For particulars, eall on or address C. L. Krutll, 8# Wall si., cigar store. Paris exposition -a surgeon, late of the I'nited State* Army, thirty year* of age. speaking tbe French. Italian, Spaninh and German languages, 1* desirous of obtaining a position a* ship surgeon; baa acted In tbut ca pacity l;"ff>re, or to accompany a f..mlly rolnj to Europe. Beat of refarenros given. Addresa Doctor, US (old number) East Thirty-third street New York. TO DRUOGI.ST9?A COMPETENT APOTHECARY wiabe* to form an engagement to prepare Seidllu Pow der* m manufacture *nv kind ?<' patent Medicine at liii residence. Address H. M., box IS, station M. WAVTEH-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN. in a commercial hou*e; apeak* Spanish, French and Eng.Uh References exchsnged. Apply to A. B. Mill*, 117 N i?-...-j *t. m -in *7. from 11 to 2 P. a. ftTANTSD?A SITUATION AS WATCHMAN. PORTER, ?l bar tender or canvasser. Very beat of reference* as to honesty, soortety and capability. Address A. C. B., Sta tion ('. WANTED-A SET OF BOOKS TO WRITE UP IN THE evcilrig, or Finish tranaiaUons aud oorrespondenoe. Addre?s R 3.T., Herald office. UTANTED?BY AN ACTIVE. ENERGETIC BUSINESS TY ni-.n of ?nme means. a position in or connection wttb a good rani rotate or stock commission boas*. Address Newton, box 130 Herald offioe. CLERKSJill) WALFSMKM. A "LUMBER SALESMAN WANTS A SITUATION? bs* had ten years' experience In the wholesale and re tail trade, and baa large eliy acquaintance; reference first claaa. Adur-*a Lumber Salesman, sUUon 0 Poet office, for three days. AYOINO MAN WOULD LIKE TO OBTAIN A SITUA tion l rem the 1st of Mav aa a salesman In produce, onmtnlsslon or wholesale grocery house. The best of refer ence* given. Address C. B., Herald o'Uce. A COMPETENT BOOKKEEPER. CON'VKESANT WITH French and German, wants a *Knatlon; lis* first claaa references; can give security if required. Addreea M. J., box 140 Herald o.'iee. ClARPhT SALESMEN -WANTED TWO COMPETENT > carpet salesmen. Apply IJuated k t'arll, IMS Fulton St., Brooklyn. DKUO CLERK WANTED.-APPLY AT ?3 SOOTH ID St.. oorner of 9tb, Williamsburg, L. h DRCO CLERK WANTED-ONE THOROUGHLY AC attainted |wkh the business. Address Pharmaces tut, Uerald offioe. /1I.FRK WaVTED_IN A F1U*T '"LASS HOTEL, AND V 8-.0yi reyilrert; goo<l security given: salary $1,*10 with board mid washing. Apt ly to ,i. M. Moody k Co.. 49 Pine at. DRY GOODS CLERKS WANTED?FIRST CLASS dress g.ioda sales? in and good window dresaer. Ap ply to Adolf Kuster, IS5 f"th av. TWO BROTHERS OF GOOD ADDRESS, JUST AR rived from England, wi*h 'ligation* a* bookkeepers or oorresp?ndstlta; Weil acquainted with Bntlali m*oufaetursa: salary but a SMOodary oonsideration. Address box IBM, Her ald Office. fJ'WO UMBRELLA SALESMEN WANTED-OOOD. I sm >ri n?u. who hare ? me trade. Address, staling real name, amoum of wage* wanted and where last employed, H L. Y.. sutltin A, Spring Street. \V ANfE-'-A GO .D BOOKKHEPRR, ONE ACQUAINT " ed with the hardware trade i.referred. Apply "? letter, staging saury expee'ed, whh references, box 1W Posioflice. W AM I'D-A LI YE MAN, NOT AFRAID OF WORK, ,0. "!!. ?* aalesmnn and naslst In packing; one an. qitalnted with the lamp business preferred. Call at the at ssospherls lamp store, No. 1 t.'orthindt st. WAN.J?DT.A!1 ASSISTANT KNTHY CLERK, IN A ?ilk goods honse; must he a single msn, experienced sag mu*,tb-vjure"-w,u WANTED-.A DRY GOODS SALESMAN WHO UNDiR aUnd? 4r#?tinf lh? ?how window*. To a flril Band a permanent situation and a liberal salary will be pakL W. K. PKYTOW, K* Bowery. 3 avennsP000* *ALK8M8M WANTED?AT IS ID ^At HMM AI D UARDE * ID R S. OA.RDENER.1 A^MARRIKD MANWANTSA PIMT XT einss situation aa gardener; la oumnetant to tahs eharga App" *? HELP WAHTBO-HAlill. All desiring employment, call this day 61 Clumber* st. Bookkee|>ers, copyist*. collectors, dry boo Is. grocery, drug dark*, porters, watchmen, walttra, tun keepei*. i LL YOUNG MEN WI8HINO EMPLOYMENT SHOULD call at au Broadway, room 19. corner Fu!t"n st I ?? tabUnhed under the patronage cf meichauu. Information All drstring immediate employment call at 534 Broad war. room 10. W i.nietl, Claris collector* and young men who write a fair hand; and all other*, call early. Agents wanted?for every county in the United Statu, to sell a n*w invention wanted every where. The most rapid sale anJ large profits. 811 ALi it A CO.. 20 Cliff street A BOY WANTED.?HE MUST HE A GOOD PENMAN and have reference. Apply to the superintendeut of tho Herald office. ___ Boy wanted?in a paint ?rroRE: one that n\s some knowledge of lettering preferred. Apply be tween 10 and 11 R. J. BYRNES A CO.. 182 Mer.-er St. j TJTANTED?IN a WHOLE8AI.P. STORE IN THIS YT city, a hardware packer; one who thoronghlynnder stands his business. None other neod apply at 87 Beeit man st WANTED?A YOUNG MAN, TO WORK IN AN OYS. ter and fl?h market: one who understands tb? bu?L ness; none other need apply. Call in the market, 36J 6th av. WANTED?A YOCNG MAN, IN THE AUCTION business; a sm^rt Oerman preferred; to work on com mission. Address Charles, Herald office. TT7ANTED?RECRUITS FOR TIIR UNITED STATK8 vV artillery sod Infantry: term now only three years. Ap ply to Major Gibbs, First artillery, M Grand St., near Broad way. Wanted?this day, at ei hroadway, room m, book keeper*, salesmen, pormrs. waiters, farmers and two dry goods clerks. Good paying salaries. WANTED?A COMPETENT DP.t'G PORTER: ONE who understands ills business thoroughly. Address, with references and stating ?ages required and where last employen, box 1,963 Post office. Also a second porter. WANTED?A SMART. ACTIVE YOCNO MAN. AC customed to the wholesale dry goods business: must be a good penman a"d correct in figures. and brin* tin double:! references. Address, stating Alary required, J. F., box 5,203 Post ofllee. WANTED?THE SERVIOFS OF AN AUCTIONrKI?, to ma!:e sales of household furniture at residence* of families det lining housekeeping. Address, with refer ences, box 8&1 Post offlee. WANTRD-TWO M15V TO DRIVE WAGON9J MUST bo well aciiustnted with the city and come well re commended. At K. D. Bossford's, Cooper Institute. ^ TUK TRADES. A JOURNEYMAN WATCHMAKER AND JEWELLER from Denmark wauts a sit latl in in South America or California by next summer. Address Charles Steinmeti, Scranton. Pa. A HAT FINISHER?ONE WHO CAN CURL PRE ferred. R. T. K?lly. 1,319 3d av., near Kid st. A SOAP MANUFACTURER, OK GREAT EXPERT ence, an acquisition to any party In family and fnncy soaps of every description, desires a situation. Addrees B. 0. J., box 190 Herald office. A situation WANTED-\S FOREMAN IN a RIVER shipyard, by one who understands building or rebuild ing rirer vessels; or would take charge of or rent a -et of hauling out. railways in a go^ locality !? some river town. Address Shlpcarpentcr, Pfermont Post office, N. Y. CARPET UPHOLSTERERS WANTED?AT VI BROAD way. None but experienced hands need apply. CARPET UPHOLSTERERS -WANTED TWO CARPET CphoUterers. Apply to llusted A Carll, 295 Fulton st., Brooklyn. F^VORAVERS.?A FIRST CLASS LETTER "NORAVER 'J on sliver, Ac , wanted, to go U) a city in Western New York. Apply, wltn specimens of work, to Gorhuin .Manufac turing Company, No. S Maiden lane. TO BREWERS.?A BREV.'ER WHO THOROUGHLY utiderrtands the manufacture of all kinds of ale and porter wlsne'to make an engagement. Address J. J. Har row er, New Havsn. Conn. TWO FIRST CLASS PAINTERS AND GRAINHR WILL take ?2 73 per day; can furnish sood references. Ad dress Boss Painier, Hart It, Kast P'rooklyn. To >noToiiitariirits-iaKTBD, a* OPERATOR at C. W. Hipi,'"* gallery, 190 Kulton ??., Brooklyn. WARTED-A LATH E BURNISHER AND POLISHER; also a chaser and aoHerer, ou Britannia. Apply to Manhattan Plate 'Company, 20 fth st. WANTED?T1YA BOV 17 YEARS Of AOE, A 8ITUA tior. to learn a trade, wutchcase makine. eng-arlnf or Jewelry preferred: has had some practice In the latter. Ad areas Adolpb Hrown, 288 West sL UTANTED?AN ENGINEER. TO ATTEND A SMALL VT stationary engine, ar.d to make himself generally use ful, In a printing oftce. Address A. B., Herald office, with references. 1ANTEO?A GOOD CUTI"ER POK A MERCHANT tall'irlng business In llllno*. Good references re quired. Apply at 154 Church st, up stairs, between 4 and fi WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A FOREMAN, TO TAKE charge of the composing room of a flrst class d.iily newspaper in New Orleans. Rest of reference required. AdilreasS. L. Brown, 41 Warren St., New York, or call be tween the hours of !2 and 2 o'clock. WANTKD-AN EXPERIENCED SHIRT CUTTKR, TO go to Cincinnati, Ohio; ooe who can come well re commended. Call on J. T. Wilson, at Brandretn Hotel, corner of Broadway and Canal, between 1 and 3 o'clock P. M.. Saturday. ?StooLLEN MACHINERY.?WANTED, A MAN TO TV setup three sets of cards aud jacks; one well ac quainted with nailing aud turning. Applr Immediately, atatlng terms, to Joseph Taylor, Howell'* Depot, Orange count y, N. Y. S. AOREAT REDUCTION IN THE PRTOF or BOOTS and Shorn until the 1st of Mar, at IRWIN'S cheap store !P? Bowery, corner of Bond street. Boiled stock lsa* than half price. BANKRUPTCY.-MESSRS. FINE * MORGAN, ATTOR ueys anil Counsell >ra, 14 ami 16 Wall *tre<>t are now read* to receive application! for and obtain dlacharges In Bankruptcy from '!et.t and imprisonment. BEANS! VANILLA. VANILLA. VANILLA, VANILLA, Vanilla, Vanilla. Vanilla, Vanilla. Vanilla, Vanilla, Va nilla. Van 111.1 Bern*, Vanilla Beau* for sale by TaFT A TYLER. M Cedar street C0LD3, INFLUF.NZV ANI> DISORDERS OF THE CHEST AND THROAT. The PATK PHCTOP.AL and STROP PECTORAL DE NAFE DK DELANO REN IkIR, "l? Rue Richelieu, Pans, are of In contestable efllcary againat these d'^ord^rs, certified by the rresidcnts and m? ml?r* of the Imperial Acade.ny of Medi cine of France. May be had of Mr. DUCuNUE and of Mr. DOFILUO, ChemUta, New Orleans. (IANAL BOAT WANTED?TO PURCHASE OR CHAB J ter, to carry from I,WW to 1.IW barrel*. J. H. .1 VMrs. ? Cedar street. DISTILLERY FIXTURES WANTED?INTENDED FOR grain, or that nan be altered to U4? It: o?p?rlty 100 to 30U gtili'iis. Address, with price, bo ( t?M Washington, D. 0. B^CRNITURE. CARPETS. BOOKS AND LIBRARIES bougU for cash. at I'd Sixth avenue, betwnon Ninth Mid Tenth etrec*.*. 5",000 volume* Hiokt alway* for sale. GUERLA1N. 15 RUB I)E LA PAlX. PARIS. AMBROSIA Ii CRKaM FOB 811A VINO. FASHIONABLE PERFUMES for the handkerchief. EAU LI'S I RAI.E for th? lialr. FAU 1?E COLOONE (pri'par.iUen special*.) ton. IS BU DE LA C HAL'HK ft E D'aS TIN. WOODMAN, TAILOR, A-"~ TAln P.V.RIB EXHIBITION, 18B".?JOHN ARTHUR A CO., 10 rue Castlgiline. Agents of the British and American Embassies, esiaollsherf thirty-eight years, undertake to rep resent exhibitors. Bant and Richmge, House and Estate Agents, C.imml?l?n. Transit Agent* and Wine Merchants. Kvery Information gratis. PARIS?L'OFFICE INTERNATIONAL. RUE NEUVB St Augustln. 49 Every information gratuitously. Apartments provided. Luggage warehoused. PARIS EXPOSITION.?MAIHON DECOMMISSION FOR Paris Articles, partlciilsrlv phsrmaceutlcal, patent medicine*, perfumery. French br'ar pipes, Ac., for a small eommiasion, direct fi"m the best manitf?etiir?rs. J. DBHEUNNEB, 16 rue de l'Echlgulr, Parts. R1 EDUCED PRICES ^ CniNA AND GLASS. E. V. IIAOOIIWOUT A CO. 488. 4W and t!'i Broad way. corner Broome street, Art bow offering a splendid selection of the following floods AT LESS THAN WHOLESALE PRICES. Finest quality Pari* Uranlte Dinner, Dessert aad Tee Seta, 148 Pleeefc $40, White French China second selection, do., do., 18S place*, 93*. Decorated Frenoh China Dinner Sets, firm $75 upward*. Do. do do. Tea Sets, 44 pieces, from $13 up ward*. V.'hite Granite Toilet Seta. $3 in. Particular attention I* solicited to their unequalled aswrt merit oi Brie DKC'oRaIKI> Ware, *11 of the choicest and n> st varied psttTna, and woll worthy of 4!> lns|iecUou be fore pure lislntf else-rh? e. Her. i"ea or nne rich Cut 01as?, eonsi'tlnj of 12 Ooh'eta, 18 champagne*, l'i wines, 12 hoeks, 13 lii ger bow.* and 1 quart dr anters (Worth f 4.1', for $.*7. Herviees of floe Engraved Glass same assortment (worth $M), for ?'1V S rt-W esof 8ne Cn> fllase, faney shapes, of SO pieces, as follows:?II e?c!i, goblets, champagnes, c arets, wl^es, and I (! canter*. $14. Cut Glass Goblet* per doxen, $3 26; Plain do., $1 79. Also e rich sele- tl m of FINK SOLID SILVER (Both Sterling and Coln)l - ? PL\TM> WARE, . VASES BKON7.E3, .1 Ami NIER**, TARIAN 8TATUAKY *M> PAWS FANCY OOODS _ > opening; and ? LA ROB AND CflOiCK ASSORTMENT OF CHANDB JU1BHM AAD OAS FIXTURES. B. V. H tT'OTIWOUT A CO. m 4<J0 and 403 HIMaDWAT, COH.NRit OF B tOOMK NT :KKT r DISTILLERS.?YEAST FOR SALE, WlTil KI'LL directions for n-e. Address J. B. WARNER. .188 South Fourth *treet, Jersey City. TUB DIAPHRAOM FILTER? MANlTr'ACTURRD Bf ALEXANDKR MoKRNBIB, Ko. 36 W?*t Fourth street, Is the kind of Porous Filter to wbiuk I alluded In mt recrnt report to the Crotoe Board. I consider the artificial sand stone whloh eonstltntee the Olteiing medium to be an escel lent srtiele for ihe purpose, the Instrument I* onite dnra ble, and only require* to be raverwd oona*lonally to insure Its action. JAMRS ?. CHILTON, M. D., Chemist New You, April Hft, 1863: Sold by A. MoKENJEIR A CO., Prartloal Flnmbera and Bydrau'lo ??fineera. Particular attention paid to nrantry residents. From the long experience of the hmtllvy re prepared to execute and warrant all work In their line, 'oh Ding In I'lumbieg and tlaa Fitting done as u.nal. Order* ?olMteil from out of town trade. A. McKHNZIE A CO.. 88 Weel Fourth street. N. Y. rno OOLO MTNBRS.-A YottNil Man (KNOMSiI) 1 wish** to loin a party going to Hie Nad r Mines, Canada Weak this spring. Aditfss* Miner, U*ra.d ouiee. ?OVin, ROOMS. ?C? TO LET. ^ * ?TO BENT. FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES, THE J\ . Store on Broadway In the new Herald buiWInj, the

most eligible location In the city; dimensi .-n< SlkiH i'e?"t. Plana and information furnished at present otlloe ol Herald. A?TO RENT, Fun* ist OK M VY. THE STORE OS . Aon ?tre?rt. in new Heruld building, the roo-t elmlble (oration for business purposes In the oitv; di:urn<iooj A! by 3U feet. Plans and information furn'sbed at Herald offica. A -TO RENT, IN SEW HERALD BUILDING. COR . nerol Broadway an i Ann otlices, aln?ly or ia suite; most desirable l>xallon in iho city. l'lana and luformatiou furnished at office of tbe Herald. A?TO LET?FROM 1ST OF MAY, TOP FLOOR OF . house 108 Nassau street, corner of Ann itrNt, suit ablo for light businesa purposes. Apply at the Uerald office. \?FOR RBNT. THE PREMISES CORNER OF N.AS . s&u and Fulton streets now occupied by tbe New Vork Herald. A pply at Herald office. * T B19 FOURTH AVENUE, CITY AND COUNTRY JY House* to let -See STANLEY DAY'S Real Kst.te Cir culnr. which can te had free or mailed upon receipt of stamp. A TWO STORY FRENCH ATTIO AND BASEMENT brick House, with brick stable to let, eorneiAot' Eleventh avenue and Mist street; rent $?,U0C. Apply to GEO. W. FANNING, i8 lUvingion Street. A BROADWAY STORE TO LET-NO. 862, CORNER of Broadway aud Union square. Applv to 8. W. H. WARD, 387 Broadway. A SMALL. GENTEEL FURNISHED HOUSE TO 1st, for one year from May Mil; rent lew to an accept able tenant Particular* WSI. H. ROOME, 20fl?West Twenty-lirst street. AT 49 (NEW NUMBER 421 EAST TWENTY-FIRST street. well furnished Room* to let, without board. Alto an OlGce for physician. A COMPLETE LIST OF ALL HOUSKS AND PARTS Jx OF HOUSES TO LET-IN XKW YORK, BROOK LYN. WILLIAMSBURG AND JBRHRY CITY, FULLY RRPORTKD IN THE SUNDAY NEWS, EVERY SUN DAY MORNING, UNTIL MAY L PRICE FIVB CENTS. FURNISHED HOUSR TO LET?NEAR A. T. STEW art'*: first floor would be let secaratelv for business; an extensive dressmaking business already establ stie.l In the house. Permit! of Mr. WALSH, 07 Na?s*n street. A FOUR STORY AND BASEMENT nOUSE TO LET? furnished, or wMl sell the Fnrnllltre :'t>r $1,000and lease the house. Immediate possession. Apuiy on premise*, 74 West Thirty-seventh street. 4 T EUGENE C If E V A LLIERS, HI CEDAR STREET, ,\ unfurnished Houses, on Firth avenue. H. rvoort place, Ninth street, *o. Rtnta not below $4,000. Also a number of Grst class Hirnlshe! Residence*. ?T<) LET, A SPLENDID FURBISHED HOUSE OK . Twentieth street, Gramercy Par';; tine on Twelfth street; one on Seventeenth 'ire- ;; nr." on Thirtv second street. Two with Ptirnltnre for sale: two unfurnished. *'HAS. E MILLS, office <9 West Thirtieth street. A LADY, HAYING SUFFICIENT FURNITURE FOR twenty rooms, including bedding, csrpet*, silver, 4c., would negotiate with a partv. cither an partner or would rent the same for $60 a mtnth, with board tor two. Ad dress Clark, bos lis Yonkera P?-.t onioe. A FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET?IN WEST TWEN ty-third street, to n private family, with Board for two perrons; rent low. Apply te JAMES DAVIS, Jr., 66 Cedar street. "a N eTeo AN TT.YK'' RN'ISIIKD Hi'tUSg IN TWENTY J\ second street, $390. Others, central. Unfurnished Apartment*. $20, $75; unfurnished House in Thirty-third street. $1,U00. Ki.KINS A CO., 86*4 West Twenty-fifth street. A -TO RENT?THE UPPER PART OF HOUSE 30 . Ann street, second and third floors. Apply at the Herald office. A HANDSOMELY FT'RNISIIED ROOM TO LET?ON Broadway, to a gentleman only; price $0; no moving in May. Apply at 82& Broadway. A T 18 HUBERT STREET. NEAR ST. JOHN'S TARK? J\ Furnished front Room, with convenient* for house keeping, $7 per week. Front Bedroom, $3. Reference. 4 HAN DSOME i j Y FUBNISHB D TBBKB STORY J\ House on West Twenty-third street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, to rent for two years to a private family; price $350 per month. KINO A CO., No. 9 Twenty-third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. A A NUMBER OP FURNISHED HOUSES TO BENT-AT moderate price*, to private famllle*. POTTER B1103. * BELLAMY, No. 3 Pine street. BOUSE (NINE ROOMS) TO RENT, $300 Pf'R AN. num. on Marcy evcuue; House (tour dory brick), 1,250 Clinton street, Brooklyn. FREEMAN A CO.. 212 Broadway. A SPLENDID FOUR STORT FURNISHED HOUSE TO let, on Sixteenth street, 8300 per month; one on Four teenth itraet; two up tows, $175 and jaa ADAMS it CO.. 933 Broadway. A SECOND FLOOR, FURNISUED, TO LET-FOR housekeeping; two large room*; aim one on third; will be lrl separately or together; bath and ga*. Inquire at 190 Bleecker s'.rect, near Sixth avenue. A" ?TO RENT, A. FOUR 8TORY ~BRICK. HOUSE, IN . Macdongal s'.reet.t.ear Washington square; all mod em improvements; 8'l.JOil per vear. Can be seen between 1 and * Inquire of FUANC1S W. COOPER, lid Macdougal street, corner of Amity. LOFT TO LKT-50 FEET FRONT, ? DEEP, REAR L Canal street and Bowery. Inquire at 62 Foravth street HLNKY MENKEN. Ah andsome putt of six unfurnished rooms. ?:w. Also *16, ?x> to ?46: the houses. 11 room* eack, Jbo; two Fancy Storos. M. WES riiROOK A CO., 114 Third avenue. A FURNISHED HOL'SB TO LET-FOR ONE "yEaVi jV and two Months; h ou se baa mil modem improvements, and oooiple.ciy furnished throughout; possession Ira medi ately. Inquire at 48 West Twenty-fourth street, near !? ifth avenue. Best corner on union square to lbask fob fifteen years to a responsible party only. ALVA BEEBE A CO., No. 76 Ceder street. Broadway storb.-i will rent to an oi?tt eian or dealer In tine cutlery or French fancy goods part of my Store: In the best location on Broadway. Address S. B. J., box 120 Herald ofllre. Broadway stork to lf.t-no. mi. near spring street. Offices and Lotts. same building. Apply, from 11 to V, in UolTs .Malt Extract depot, on the premises. Broadway, near twenty-sixth street-to lease, No. l.l il?A fire utory brick building, 27x70, with rear building 26x40. The store and basement will be Im proved and let separate. ALVAH BEEBE A CO., 7fi Cedar street. Broadway, nTar broomb htrkkt.-to lease, for Ave years, two Lots adjoining, togetLer or separate, with buildings thereon; one .s Sf?i f*et, running through. PHILLIPS, 482 Broadw*y, COMPLETELY AND ELEGANTLY FUR.NISHF.D three itorv House, 261^ feet fr.,u' all modern aot>li auccs. Piano, large iibrnry, Ac., ceulrallv and beautifully located, to lent for one rear; ewner going to Europe; imme diate po*>>e?a|jn. A<i<lrese J. B. L., statl n C. COTTAOEP, CODNTRY SEATS. AND SMALL FARMS. to let; short distauee from city aud near depot; rent from 9M D PliTTIT A FRAZKE, 171 Uroalway, room No. 2. OriCS, SLIPS. HOUSES, AC , TO RENT. _ the Comptroller of the citr of New York will receive proposals until Saturday, Maich 16, 18(17. at S o'clock P. M., for the leUrag for one v?a.- of suci IV.l-irves, Pier*, House*, Ae . the lea-e* of which expire Msv 1. 1S67. Informitlon concerning the lorsUon of trepr'-perty may he laid ui on sppl; 'ai.on to tue CoUcltor of City Kevenue at ^Bj'ordcr of the Commissioners of the Sinking Fjod. RICHARD B. CONNOI.LY, Comptroller. Citr or Naw Yoeg, Lurarraairr or Fucawcb. February 14. 1-7 j-^ARV TO LET?ON BROADWAY. PaTERSON, N. J., "".?"J' f ntatntnd from 20 to 60 acres. Apply to AN Lit l.H, ?1 Hudson street. M, Y., or on the place. i BjlOP. RENT-TEN FLOORS. TO NICE SMALL FAMI lies; fl\? rooms; marble m.tntels; gus snd water on ?art floor; ready for Apr:!; rent from |33 to Wl: good neighborhood. Apply to KILPATRICK, Bull's Head Bank Fl RNI'HED COTTA'IB TO LET-AT CHATHAM. N. ?J , on the Morris and Es?ex Railroad. Apply to W. II. FIELD, No. 4 Hanover street. (PURNI8I1KD HOUSES TO LET-BY I1 J. C. BAILEY, 10 Fifth street Three ?tory high stoop, SO East Fourth street. Four etory English basement. 217 E^st Nineteenth street. Three etory high stoop, 41 Weal Thirty, first street. By permi's only. Fi'RjrisnED nous* to let-in south be roe n, N. J. No. 1 Weatnott row, Pnltsade atenne. For p*r ticjlars apply to tJEO. F. PERKINS, 43 Dey street, or ad dress box #011 PostoU!*, N. Y. Furnished house to let.-a fine large four Story high stoop Orel class House In Great Jones street to let fumlsned, for two years from May I: le In first rate order: possesion can be bad at short notice. For particu lars spply to lIKOItilE R. NASH, 303 Broadway Furnished house-no. 37 Washington square, near Fifth avenue, to rent for two years, ioa private family only, euh?r with or without private < table. CHARLES W. DARMNO, M4 Broadway. LTRNISHED HOUSES TO LET? P By A. JOCRNEAY. No. ? Pine street West l!Mh ' i., J story h. s. br ek $3 '100 per rear 30th sl, 3 story h. s. brick 3, *W per year 2*1 st., 3 story h. s. b. ? j,ms) per year E i.-. J31 St., f story E. b. brick I,6tsi per rear West 4lst it, I story h. e. b f. 6U0 per mo. HOU?E TO LET AND FURNITURE FOR SALE.-A enoirlete four story English basement House in West Twenty-third 'trcel ?UI l>e let to an unexceptionable private family only, fr im May I or earlier, for ene sear. Rent of houxfl 92 OiM, prl'-e of furniture $3,0110. Addrtse box ?,24U Pos' office, wltu iijij? of principal.. HOUHEKRF.PEPS <?R PERSONS OOfKO TO IIOUSB keeping will he supplied end can pay by weekly or monthly payments lor Carpets, Oilcloths, Furniture of every description. Bedding, Ac., at BEMDALL A SCOTT'S, corner of Cnnal snd Hudson street*. IMTOIITAIT TO drt OOODS DEALBRS.-TO LET,' In Hr.xitlrn, a large doable Store, 40 feet wide br 1(0 deep: threesleg.ini nlate glass windows; new It shelved and ?tied up for the dry good* buelness: possession Immediately If required. Apply at BHKRklAN'Soallery, 270 Fultna street, below 10 A. M. LOFTS T* LBT-AT ?M BROADWAY. CORNBR 0? Canal 4rMl lnguiro of O. T. REI2DER, ?p stalra. LOFrS *> LET?WITH STEAM POWKB. WELL lighted. Inquire of tr, A r. VOORL, Nos. 22?and 33H East Tblrty^eventh street IOFTS TV LET ON broadway.?SEVERAL FIRST J elas* Lirte on Broadway, above Cansl street, to rent oa reasonable ttrma. Apply toll. 8. MYERS, 4H3 BrosdWAy. Messrs. b. n. oibbons m co.. 446 bboomb street, have reduced the rente on their price ll?ta II percent. Pirtleo had better eall before renting elsewhere. VTF.W B1M1HT0R, ST A TEN ISLAND?FOR ORB OR IN mere j?ars, Hoaee and Stable fruit garden, one atre, eight ? looks from Qoersntln* landing. ^ O. W. SIMMONS, JR? 86 Broadway. OR BAST THIRTY-BHtHTH fll KBHT-FOUB 810BT hrowa done llonw. carpeted f*?u per month. Ot isre furnished, fJtm |MI to *W*per m nth. a. w. tlaBuNS. JR.. H Broadway. HOUSES, ROOMS, dcC? TO LET. ON STATEN IRLAND-LAKOT2 HOUSE, ELHtJANTI.Y tiluaMg, luniMM groum!* stable; are -u.nmes from Isndinc; II modern InprairanU. one .voir, $3,WX' No ottjec'too lo Art l elasa party for boarders. <J. .V. SIMMONS, 96 Broadway. PVRLOR FLOOR TO LET-TJNF1'RNlSntD, NO. HI Fourth aveuue. corner of Twelfth street. rery Brna 'kw, <?iuble for * !lr-t cla?s fsmllr o" any light, gea? fel baslBtas. Apply at *S Su X wn's place. SECOND I'LOOR.-'THREE BOOMS. IN BXCELLRNT order to let. Inquire iti toe cleaning mid dyeing ><* 11' E'chili avenu-, above rifu-<-nili atreot, or of K. LOUD, 43*' llroome timet, eorner Broadway. QTEAM POWER.-LOFf EIGHTY RY NIN1 TY PE^Tj n uf? building, an l bait light and piwr In the city. Weal Twenty-sixth struct: woodworking unallowed. 0 i. FOLLETT. fcT? Uroad.v?f. STEAM POWER TO LET.?A N I'M BE ft OP WELL lighted Rooms, lsr;? and small: no wo.)4 work a'losred. Apply to CHRISTIAN SCHWARTZ, 383 East Pltty-thlid street. STRAM POlfER TO LET?CORNER BLERCKER AND \V?st Eleventh street*. Large and vmall Rooms, well lighted. steutfy power. Inquire of BROWN .t BANT A, ia flour mill on the premise*. STORF<? TO LET.?THREE NEW STORES TO LET. IN llsriem, underneath the Rational Hall, Fourth ave > :e and I'JBth street, being44 feet deep by 18 feet front; hive pas and wnter and all roar aeoommodationa. W'th jood cel lar. They are'ln everv respoct lirat class, aud their p"*iti'io niulerneath this popular hall guarantee! a good business, Harlem is rapidly developing. and fir?t class storis will Bud Rood cash ogntomera. Corner htore can only be let fori first el.uts lea cream and refreshment saloon. *itli privl!"g*s of kitchen, also the suiter room. Term^ ino 'eraie. Apply it the hall, or t.> MEAD A AN N"R 2,0tM Third avenue, b-twees 198th and 139th streets. W. P. MOROAH, I'ropHetor. 3?!> West street, New York city. To a re>ipo'ialWe pnrty the Hall wo slid be let for a isrm of yearK. Per u-rm* inquire of the proprietor at hla office, 3J9 went ttroot. STORE TO LET-PART OP STORE AND LOPT 46 Dey atreet The upper part op a first class private House to let, in Ninth street, near Fifth avetmo, con taining nine room*, hot and cold water, hath, stationary waehtubaend cat: rent $l.(XH?. A'ldre**, giving reletencea, Wm. Wlsiiin, Jr., 446 Broome atreet. TO LET?16 WAYBBLEY PLACE, NEAR BROADWAY, the drat Floor, to a lirst class family, or for a substantial bualneaa. TO LET?TnE UPPER PART OP HOUSE, !W9 CANAL s'reet, between Wooster and Laurent streets, ltrnt $I,GOO. Inquire at J. NEUBAUER'S hair store, 1167''anal<t. TO LET?FROM ONE TO THREE YEARS, A ROOM 2 ix40 with ample steam Power. Lathes, Tools, Ae., suit able for wood turuin" or oth lr wood work. Apply to P. C. HARTOCfill, Twenty-seventh street, North river. TO LET?WITH OR WITHOUT STEAM POWER, ONE Room. 75x44, FISHER * BIRD. 87 to 103 East Houston street. 10 LET?STORK NO. 48 WATER STREET. APPLY TO A. H. POMROY A CO., No. 1 Front street. TO LET?THE THREE STORY HOUSES NOS. 7, 9 AND II Lslght street, near Canal street. Would bo lot lor business purposes T. C. BAILEY, 10 Fifth street. r LET-UPPER PART OP HOUSE IN MADISON street. Jefferson. One, balh, hot and oold water. Apply at 106 Rowerv. mo LET?LARGE DWELLING HOU8E ON RUTGERS A place, ItixSa. three story, basement <tnd attic; Ann aul>. collar. For particulars address P. Marshall, bo* 3,771 Post office. TO LET?UPPER PART OP HOUSE ON SIXTH AVE nue; 14 rooina. Seen fiora 1 to 4. R. H. HINE, SOI Sixth avenue. TO LET-FUR NISII ED, THIRTY-SIXTH STREET, near Broadway, per month $325; Thirty-sixth street, near Sixth avenue, per month $225; Fourth street, near Washiugton place, per mouth $22.'). R.1TH1NE, 561 Sixth avenne. TO LET-FOR A LIOHT MANUPACTURY, THE . House 106 Grand street (except the first floor), conflat ing of 11 rooms. Apply in the offioe. 156 Grand street. rLfcT? FURNISHED. THREE STORY BROWN stono front House 374 Lexington avenue. Rent $800 per montb. Can be seen from 10 to 3 o'clock. W. C. FLANAGAN. 107 Cbrystle street. TO LET?FURNISHED, A THREE STORY ENGLISH basement Hou*>e. from Mav 1 to November 1; rent $300 a month. Apply at 231 West Thirtieth street. rLET-A STORE AND BASEMENT, FOR ONE OR moro years, at a low rent Inquire at 6SU sixth av. r LET-A SMALL FURNISHED HolJsK. IN THE vicinity of the Academy of Music; rent 31,W) per a.i num. Apnlv at 204 East Thirteenth street, l'rem 10 to 11 A M. and from lto31?. M. TO LET-THE UPPRR PARTS OP A HOUSE IN PIP ty-aeoond street. No. 318, between Second and Third avenue^, containing nine rooms, with bath and cas, to a small family without chtldreu. Rent >60 per month. TO LET?COTTAUE. Wrrn THREE LOTS. CORNER l&'th street end Broadway; vines, fruit, Ac.; Croton and Pis; sm^ii stable. MfiO. WHITMAN PHILLIPS, 239 West Nineteenth street. TO LET-THE FIRST FLOOR OF A BRICK nOUSE IN Ninth ward; 4 and other privileges. Apply to J. J. TALLMAN, l?^Broadway,N.Y. TO LET-NEAR FORT WASHTNOTON, A LARGE Dwelling House, 13 rooms; gardnir'a lodge; 16 acres In lawn, mwdow and pasture; furnished and unfurnished Houses; from J3S0 to St.UK) per annum; communication by steamboat and railroad. A. B. MILLS, 117 Nassau s'.reet, room V. TO LET?FROM MAY, THREE STORY Bltl^E HOUSE, Forty-third street, near Broadway; plainly but newly furnished; to small family; rent $lfi0 per month- two ladles (owners) will board with family and pay $6b per month for board. Ar. Apply st 81 Crosby, from 12 to 2 for one week. Also one to let at leas price; partly furnished. r LET?AT CRESKILL, ON THE LINE OP NORTH em Kail road. Now Jersey. good House; barn and large garden; near depot. Inquiro of C. D. VAN WAGENBN, 27 Water street. TO I.ET-A FURNISHED RES'DKNCK OR FARM. AT While Plains, Westchester countv; bouse of nine rooms; outbuildings, shade, good garden, Ac.; will rent lor one year, with norses, carriages, cows, Ac.; rent moderate. Ad dress box 2,237 Post office. TO LET-A RROADWAY STORE AND BASEMEST, between Frankllrj and Whito streets; ISO feet, through to Conlandt alley; ready 1st of May; pl.ite glaes front, and latest Improvements. Apply to GUSTAVC8 BAYLIES, 240 Bros dway. TO I.F.T?A HOUSE IN HOT! STREET; FIRST nOUSE northeast of Third aeenue; with all the newest Improve menis; to take eossr-?slon immediaie'v. Iuqulre of M. TOLEDO, ?6 Bleecker street. I'rlce gi.OUO. TO LET?FOURTH AVENUE. NEAR TWENTIETH street, the First Store In a n'ee house, suitable for a physicisn. by Mr. FAIRBANKS. Albemarle Hotel. rLET-A FOUR STORY B'lOWV STONE IITOn stoop House, handsomeir furnished and elegantly fres coed throughout, to a strlrtly pnvste fanliv. Coss'ision immediately. Apply on the premises, 319 .vest iwenty sec md stroct. TO LET-A FrRNISIIRD HOUSE, SITUATED IN Tn-mont, on Harlem K.ilrosil. ei<lit mil s f:om Twenty. Sixth streetdepot; contains nine rooms, and bss ?nod traflen and tine fruit t: rent Sl.OUO. Address M., box i,H,i po.t offlcj. TO LF.T?TO A PHYSICIAN. AN OFFICE OR FLOOR, In the English bawtment house t"l Fourth avenue, from one to live years. Apply only nt 397 Four h avenne. TO I.F.T?PART OF THE HOU.*E AT 240 WE-iT f or tieth street, near Ninth avenut with all the modern Improvements, at moderate rent to a small fsmlly. TO LET?THE THIRD FLOOR or A mlVATE hous?. to a gentleman and wife. Rent $430. Possession Immediate. 104 West i wenty-slxtb street. TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY ONLY. TUB UPPER part of a first class Hons*. in West Twentv-foutth Street, lM>twr-en Eighth and Ninth avenues. Rent $700. Ap ply to J. COR8IT, 231 N :nth aveuu". rpo LET?SEOOWD AND THIRD FLOORS OF NO. 46 I Broadway, running through to New street, well lighted; good entranoc and offlee. Rent $'-\!H0. rLET?A FIRST R tTE HOUSE. ON NINTH AVE nue, near Twentf-th'rd street, containing IV rooms, suitable for a boarding nouse. Apply to M. 8. MYiiR.s, 498 Broadway. TO LET-SEVERAL UPPER PARTS OF nOUShfl, IN geod neighborhoods, for sum 1 families only. Apply to M. S. MYERS. 493 Broadway. rpo LET-ON A FOUR YEARS' LEASE, THE STOP.E X and Dwelling S'O Orand street, Wllltanisbirg. 22.2x90, to. Rther w!th Bhelving and mahogany t'ountors, suitshle fur a st class dry (roods store. Apply to WYI. C. WALKER, 2J9 Broadway, corner Ban-lay street, N V. TO LET?LAROR AND SMAT.L ROOMS, NICELY fnmlshed. with or wlthoat Board; location good. 152 West Thirty-ninth street. TO LET-A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, ?rst floor; centrally looated; suitable for two gentle men. at 12 Watts street. TO LET?FURNISHED, TO A NICB FAMILY ADULTS pr?[>rred, a lull slxed first class three story and bsse. tnent brirk House, In Jersey t.lty; not ten minim-*' walk fro-n terries: to board the present o-eii|>ant?gentleman, T C* . ... Herald ohlcc. O LET?IN THE VILLAGE OF WHITE PLAINS, A _ very desirab'e Benldonee. 10 rainutea' walk from the ile pot; hou esJiW feet, containing 14 roomssnd kttc'ien; esr rlaK" sod woodhouse; good well of water; throe-r,u irters of an arre of ground, with a qnantltv of good mrt For Ucuiars apply to RICHARD MOORK,>2 Barrow St., N. V. TO LPT?A STORE and LOFTS IN SOUTn STREET, near Ootivemeur street. Apply to L. B. WINO.Hiilp Chandler, W3 South street. TO let?OR FOUR YEARS LEA8E fdr SALE, OF a three story and store basement Ho-ise. In tVael Hons, ton sreet, near Wcoster; desirable location for business. Apply to W. 11. <;KEKD. 417 Broadway. rLET-thr UPPER PART Of A HOUSE. con. ststing of twelve rooms. Inquire st ?0 West Housloa street, la the saloon. rpo LET-DWELLING PART OF HOUSE 27J BROOME 1 street. Apply to HENRY M. BAlLKT, #36 Broome street, from ? to 8. TO LET-A LAROR clothing STORK IN EIGHTH avenue; Leaee and KUtoree for sale. Inquire ietUe store M7X Eighth avenne. ( TO LET-YONKERS. BERGEN P|)I!(T, HEW ton; also near Vanderbilfs handing, snd Hl'isn Vlllage, Monmu ith county, M. J.. furnNh??d ?%ntl unfiirnUh^d nu 7> RQBkRt T. MKtffC.S, Hi <wii Tm cTliT^ WRiT THillTY flRVEIfTfl firRERT, h>nh moop. with cmnwU, mid furnl*hetl or uoforuishod. Apply to J. ilIllCfiLt 148 Bro*dwy. TO l,FT-WR"Af>WAT, TflIRTY!> street, flr* ?i >r. o-?r dm? e <or deutlatry or UgM boslaess: also hu top finer, live rooms. C. W. BITCHBN. Draggtai. rmm let-furnished. ?rom may i. roan hTORt hlcii stoop brick House 116 We-t F .nrteealfi strei-| Rent iw '*<1 p?r annuio. Apply at 51 West Twentieth elreet, teiveeu U and a i*. M. Houses, ROOMS, sc., TO LhiT. rl-KT?HIItKB STORKS "on l ?K COKVKwTor Sixth stwujo ?ud T/rmti'.y teTet.tb atrae* H mn 4* Wfl Twr?ty?eveuth ? re-i, ? for* I.oum for Inuirf lo fiirunh-xi ro >tn* ? r for two aroall famUiai.. ? Hour lu 47 Wi .-il U .trent, c atalnlng <\wa room*, two lUghUi of etaira up; reut (&J mouth; it Vl x<r ill 4MJ Kixtk areirie, t*'? li.ghu uf ??.. r-. par month, and a Floor In *VJ hlxth ???.???, four II ,;tiu up. vr mtotb. Apply u?Alr?. KiU-UkUtll A??l iv?e euih street, c truer of Sixth avenue. _____ TO LET?THE UPPER PART OF BOURB NO 1 BEX aoi, Httwi. near Leonard. Inquire on kh? premlae*. TO LPT?FOB A FACTORY," TfIB FRONT \N'D RF tR 1 K ill.line i 40 We?t Eighteen tit etivnt, net*?an KlflU an 1 Six'H avenue*. Apply to W. MaCKESZlK, 12 Kut Nineteenth ftreet. mo X.ET?HALF A HOUSE IN WEST SIXTY-NINTH I ?tto< t. near Tenth avenue. Apply to E. BENEDICT, p;or 41 North river. To ixr?bvildivo soi front street, suitable for bluek-ratth, dlitUWrr or any manularturi.-i* bu*l m' i. Apply to II il. BAILEY, MS B?>ome street, from# i<? X TO LET?AT PLAIN FIEL?, PINK RESIDENCE, 10 room*. I>i,rn auJ earri*.;? ho.i e; 15 Here* I inrt; rent $700. Alfto ('oltage, iwii atorkM mi I at South Ker? gen; rent $ Uf. PARSONS A WARD, 79 utreet. mo i-et-os states* island, nmiaiu lo A date 1, furniihml aud unftiriiUIied lluuse*. for the i imm i and year. Apply ta WALLER A BRUSH, it t .lMOjIier* strsct. TO LBT-FURXf8BED HOIHB IN WASHINGTON ?q'iare. fully nnl handaomit'y furnlnhed throughout; complete order: very d 'sir .ulo for private family; b-atlon auuerii r; suLie aturii ?>). ROBERT T. ME-iKS, 81 Cedar street. TO LET?POSSESSION AT ON OR. V THIRD FLOOR, to a r-roall family of ad ilt*. iuqelrt* a&SftSecon# ar. TO '-F.T?A BOARDINO HOUSB, CONTAIN'TVO 9G rooms, ami n Cottaro of 'J t o"ia, at Kowayton, near Smith Norw&lk, Conn. Apply to D. THOMPSON, 1,*S> Broadway. TO LF.T?THE UPPHR PART OF HOUSE 836 ROW FRY; well u i iptf.l tor ,i duntiat, pltttMrapMr. tit or any otlior bualne-t*; ip'.eadM wide bal entrance, wliii h o?n ho oooverte 1 Into a bions at a Alight eapuuao. liuaiuoiM looa> Hon ansurp^iKM. TO LET-THi: SECOND A.'.'D THIRD HTORIK", OR eoparate, of hcu a 140 \V>at Twenty-aixth mrect. To be *ron fmra - to 5. TO LET IN BPOOITLYN. E. D.?THE HOUSE AMD Stor<" 8<^ Grand street J. ttAILKY, 10 Fifth street, New York, or 24 Court stieat. Bio )!;lyn. TO LET. TO A PRIVATE FAMILY OVLY-A FIRST li^wn ftone Hon o, 03 ' - tniftnn ??. "r.tip, bslnw Thirty-fourth a tree t. Apply to I'HMY A COPLAND, 410 Fourth aveutio. TO LF.T OR LEAS ID?A FIVE COUBTRY SKAT; ON hlpb sround: from thr.'(> fo Ave acres of land; beautiful Uwn. iruft fthe nolFrai rarlotles), oreenhmiHe unit grapery; the bou<8 has nixioon large ro.".it< Willi all modern .inprove. ment*; twenty minutes from Porty-kooottd s'reet by Harlem Railroad; Moirisania hor?e car* p hm tue ground*; for mini' mrr e :-d winter residence it eaunot be aurpaaiod. Inquiro at a? Bowery. TO I.F.T OR LEA^E-THE whoi.e of the build. leg over store Xil C.mal street, corner of Creenc, luil :ible for budueiia purpose*. Apply in the store. TO LET OK LEASE FuR SALE-A FIVR STORY basement find siib-w?U*r oorticr RtiUdlng. 25*100 feet, about ?00 feet frsm Broadway and h i on? of the best corner* In Jiew York; well lighted and suit* >le for ulinut any Imsine"^ U Is In plain vi?w from Uroadway. Apply tu A. P. SMITH A 11KO., 44 Pino atree.t. TO LET OR LF.APK FOR A TERM OF YEARS-FOR dwelling or buslnes purno r<, tlio extra sized brown stone House 24 West Twelfth street, with Stable nnd Urge roar ground, a few doori west of Fifth avenue; four story English basement, with port coehere entmnoe to stable, to lesHe 3. 5 or 10 yearn. Inquire of HOMUB MORtSAN, No. 2 line street. TO LET OR FOR flALE-TN WHITE PLAINS, A DE alrable Property on Br3.?d,vav, high ground, Tar?? dou blo n<ju?e, 18 rooms, modem r'yle, just nni?lied. with car riage bo;ne, and about two acre* In lawn, rsrden. Ac Apply to K. U. BROWN, 1H1 Nassau ?:reet, fruin 1 to 3 P. M. TO LET.OR FOR SALE-HO088 IN BOND STREET; three stories, attic, basement; OTloea In rear., Ac. Ap ply at Kt> </'entre street, third floor, be iwnen 11 and I. TO LET OR FOR SAI E fRROORLYN)?AN ELEOANT four siorv brown- too" House, In Firat pl.tue; beauti fully Citl'he); fine order; 1MB; to !o?. furnished. Applv to .1. E. CORNELL, Court and Jursl.-moa, or UEO. I1U8HBY, 60 William slrecU N. Y. TOLRVSE?A FOUR 8TORY PACTOBY, 100 FEET front, on Thirteenth nrcet, two mluutes' wallt from Broadly, with rear buildings, large yard and steam engine. Inquire at IB Fourth nvenue. r LEASE?FIVE 0!i TEN YEARS, PROPEBTT 110 Uraud street, two doors west of Broadway. V) ,108. a. a. V. SUiKE.S, at Wall Ktreet. TO LEAKE, FURNISHED?THE ELEOANT FOUR ntirv high atoap brown stone House 54 East Forty ninth street, opposite Columbia College, between Fourth and Filth nvenuea. Apply to LIOMKK MOKU AN. No. 2 Pino stzect. TO RENT?FURNISHED, ON WENT TWENTY-TUIBD alreet, a first d iss four story hiqh stoop brown -tone House, expensively furnlfhed and handsomely frrsooed, Ac., will bo rented, to a responsible private f.'inily only, for one or two years. .'A3. R. EDWARDS. 277 West Twenty-third street.? O BENT?IN NEWA'RK. N. J., A FMRT OLABS RESIDENCE. T ^ _ No. 1 Park p'.nce, lociu line two story brisk rable and earrlige house tn renr This propertv is second to eono in the ciiy, ip point, of itnutioD aud convenience. The dwelling ts a double hotire, t : rec story brick, 40x44, con taining 19 finished rooms, gin water and water closeta eonnertiYiv with the sewer; also a ga"den attarhej, and well stocknd wfth Irnit In -hort. it Is a first class resi dence. It also oominaiids an unre<>' ncted view of the Park, Park place and Broad street; within two minutes' walk or depot to New York. Rent #2,400 per annum. Poisesstotl 1st day of Apri'. Inquire of JOHN R. PIKP30N, No. ? Maiden lane, Ne? York, or at (ioMsmlth Hall, Newark, N. J. TO BUST?FROM THE 1ST OF MAY. THE THIBD AN0 fourth floors i ?lge Mx?9ea<'h> or 111 and 113 Eaat 'Mir teenth street, suitable for business purpose*. Apply to JOHN B. Di'.N HA V. Ill East Thirteenth street. TO RENT?KTRWrSHED, A TIBER STORY HIOH stoop brown stone Ho itta, ou Murray Hill, Thirty eighth street, neir Lex'njton aveaue: all modern improve me-ita; terms per m ?nth, or lew far a term of year*. Addrrti A. A., Herald oflice. TO RBNT-FOR ONE YEAR FRO* APRIL 1 NEXT, A nk-el' furnished Hooae. dtMtfl on Centre street, itt Oranite, N. J., n?sr the Orange d?*iot of the Morrle ana Es??x Bailmta; r-vn J1R per icomth; reference required. Address bo* l,0"i8 Po> u:!.re. New York. TO RENT-FOB A ICRM OF YB\RS, THE LAROE three story and basi-mcnt t ? -k Rit'.ldin? No. lg East Eighteenth fti-eot between I'lltli .t?enne and Broadway. Tiie bulidlnz rlixft' feet, tno kv^tion one or the best in the c!ty: Riiitr .'e for manu'aeturtne or meehmleal bu-lnos*. Apply toT. iJA'jDWIN. No. 2 Harrison street. TO RETT?THE HOl "E 51 BOVD STREET, NEWLY pnuilelaud well I'urrish* . PnsseC'loa giren imme dlately. Apply to Mr*. M. U. U;w*M, back parlor, U Bond street. TO '.EXT-OjrrtL MAY 1, HOUSE 1M EAST FOUR teeitli street, either fem!i'ie l O- unfurnMied; loca tion near 8e<nnd (feaM Apply at the house, between II r n'i 3 o'clock P. M. XXTATKB FiU>JIT.?TO LEASK. I0UJMADI AND yf Vacant i.ot be'*c?o El/rtteenth, Niueteenth and Twentieth street E*v ? ,-? r A l?n Pier, 73) feet. Apply to 11.1), i J. U. Bilii'ik ! AN, iii forth street. Z-STORAOE FIR F' RNITURE, BAOOAOE, AC, , tit the p *c , load or st oarate room, in the fine dry loft* ?O0 West irtli s. re.-t, corner Eighth avenue. r/.COMPLETE Llir OF ALL HOC8ER AND PABTf /J. OP H USI'H TO LET-IN Nl.W YortK. BROOK LYV. WTM-IA'TSBURO A\i> JERSEY CITY, FfTLLY HEPOBTKll IN THE k 'NOAY KKffS, EYKUY BUN. DAY MO K.N INU. ' NTII. MAY I. PittCK Pi\ 8 OE^TB. 20s? WE.-T EIOC: F.ENrH STREET.?TO LET TO tner, two sfonr brU\ Shop, suitable for light matiufar. in.ij. an t te o ?U?rT fnme Cotiace In the rear. App'y to iir.NCY LAWRENCE, -W West Nlneseewh st. FRKSlll AUVEHTiSEaERTI. UNR FBMME IIP I'll tMBRB, PARHIENNE, PRO testar.te. sac.i?nt I skkU tr. * .<len. aoeoutumee k voya ger dis'lrera ?. se | i ir , .lj-?? ine f.imllle aliant en Knrop* Bonnea itminmin i ? ton*. S'adresser pour deui >oura (par lettre), II. L., ? UkUom it. UNR JEUHR PARISIENNE, OONVAISSABT PAB Islte,?a l.u..let'.re <lonner dee le,;ons da frsnr.ila s'adre.i-e ??? No. | I.kight st, nesr Csnal. MACHINERY. SIXTT H'>R< _ niu&berof itn sale < a SIXTY HORSE POWER E*OI*E AND LABOR I\ neaber of Beilers. Ai?o s.Hafilni and Palleye, for ss ia ch<ff)>. Inquire at .1. t It. J. ultA YT 508 West atreeL A FINE, LABOR HARD LATHE FOB SALE. - Y Power a I ot. . lide re 't snd several chucks; eaell* al-ered lot< ?> HideMMht. J O. '?> IflTCOMB, M Thirteenth stroei. two doors west of Hi >adway. 1*NHINRS ANi? BOIfi'S < 'F Ai,L SIZES-BnAFT. j lug, Helley*. Hangers, r.eltfng. Vises. Anrlle, V reuse a, Paw<, Cn- vr?, iiu .?<. ?? ?o- tlx n nere. Nut Preset*, Shenrs, Hei tin?' Englne< snd *: lehlnerv of all deenrtptlotMu loo mim-mtli to n* ' -n,. st DAY IS' machinery yard, 1M to 124 Huds in str-' t, Jet y City, ? earth.i ferry. FU OR SALE-ONE TI I* HAMMER. 10 LB., HOTCH kiss' pnteot, n<?w, two J; ops, 4 .1b., In perfect order, aed ore Japaunlng O^et.. I'irUu. , at 34 Colembla street P rookJ J n. ____________ LIOR SAI.E?A ? IIOHHE POWER STEAM RNOINR, P i oi lie.' make, with Ptce Boiler Hteam Pump. Heater. Vlpes snd ? ernectioti. all t ei-'r ipleie otd.-r; lo be delivered by tlii 1st of Vsy next. Msv He seen in operation dally IB l e biseni nl. tti Doann street, lo be -old slso the .-i.eaJD Uoisilng Machiue and the ih?"bi i in the building B. HOB A OO.. in snd M Hold street. 2>ortable and BTaTIONRBY STEAM KROINEC li,0 be-t - - n,KHH A.N" I'lliCt LAH kaw mill a. , ln l ""?"t cotrplete tn ui? v*c*l*r sent on aniiie lion. WOOD A H ANN HIE AM ENfl'NB OOMFANf. t !??,?. T., " *<>d Pg Ms Idee lane. Kew \oHt TOOLH -MACItlNEltY OF OIIAMP O.N'S^MACHINR 4?k"1 I" 8 '?""?* strei, Jer-e? Pltf wiim* sold bfk pwrllf on .Saturday, M?-u i 19. at lioVi. ek. WAflTRO?portable EforNR. io to ii horrr, t?> rent; onmi<ensaiioe iloeral; will purehaa* If very cheap; must be in giM^d < iwiIi'Jon. U. B. B. B. Screw Bpikl Coin< any, i.jS Broadway, r*? Mo. 4. WANTED-A JACKET J'*N OP PBOM ONB TO Ibrwe ten* eapsefty. In | id -ondlttnn. Address, tM ln? dimensions and lewest t - b pnee, M?lpimery, In 1.311 I'OSt rfflce. WIM.ARD A MII.LWABP, BH WATBB STRRBT? AgenU Hr Davis' SMperb??. ?>? Boiler; Steam BngladB ami Bo0et% new and seria l he -1 til sires; Prapellef *?? gtnra Steem I'nmps, Lathes Sh> < 'ift Pulleya, Belt lag aaR nachlAerr In general on h- "4. 4 jwuTfe?