Newspaper of The New York Herald, 16 Mart 1867, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 16 Mart 1867 Page 6
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VOR IALB. AOOOD FAMILY UROCBRY FOK tlHEi,r tor cath?lu a iiisi rule ueighbon <kk1 * ?jj W In two blocka, and a ttrat rata run ot Aj pi* Ufct Bad Nineteenth ttraat, between lirsi ?ud *i>ooud "n A FIFTEEN YEARS' LEASE FOK tiAL'J-OF V*Ll_A A ble property In Iroril of the new ^'pot ?f <ne Kew) ?Ld Pbtlactalniua Kauro.d uoajaMiJ ? *Suirru' tar eipreaa, Ihjaor or hotel kn>l'?? -AW'y ?' M'llu" KU, S (ton Agency, 77 Ci'^Ur ol'?*'- ____________ A DRESSMAKER, WISHING TO GIVE rP Will acll tte Good Will, Lm*. *1 ?.?* ?ad must successful aata hiiihuWBM 1 ly^'?o party, upon eaujr tciui&> Addrtw X). !-?? buA *>,3ol "o?t ?aroain-two propellkrs, $A'W> each: f?.ir Schooner* six Canal two Barges, one Yacht, u PRICE * GOODWIN, & has* an at. room 24. A MARVIN'S safe?STANDIHO DK8K AND OFFICE Jt ii'aiHn* lor ?.il? ? heap. Also sui..:i Safe nml I-etter firm* al '> Libvtr street, ue*r Po?t irtlioe. U. C. QUlltK. "7~ITfok sale. restaurants, hotels, corner A - Liquor stores, Billiard Saloons. Groceries ami Tea Mures, Washington Market froduce Sianm, Meat Market!, CoiiiectiOBTics, Cigar 8tor?i, Ktpref.a liu'tuess ??da Wsler Manufactory. Coll Yards, Gentlemen < FurnUh KatJoods More, Coffee and Cakn Saloons, Groceries. MITCHELL'S Store Agency. 77 Cedar street. A RARE CHANCE.-FOB SALE, A PIKST CLASS A I akery in a good neighborho od, now doing aprofitable fcnalni-M mostly ca>b. Fox particulars apply at 19B Bleecker Btreet. A MEAT. vegetable AND BUTTER MARKET, COR ner Fifty-fourth street *ad Blghtb avenue baa* meat and oyiters. ioe house. Futures, Horsuund Wagon, . .. rt_... .... ? i aud Good W ill; rent $40dayear: #- 0 for all, mediate poaaeaaion. TIIOS. 8CANLAN, 764 Eighth av. a BROADWAY HOTEL FOR PA1.E AT A BARGAIN? u\ The owner* about retiring from business; it, the I m aMdiate vicinity of lh>; t healres and near Fourth street, at a ?anrai:!, part cat remain: fine Saloon attached. TUOMfaON. 750 Broadway. BAKERY-A VERY NEAT BAKERY, WITH LBA&E, for sale cheap: doing a good business; all over this ?Boater. Ap; ly at 46ri a;h af. BTCHER'H STORE FOK SAI.E?ERTABT.TSHED A number of year*, now doing a afwwl caan trade. the premiae*. 110 Kant Ele*cntb street. AL YARD AND FIXTURES FOR SALE VKRY cheap. Iu iuirc at iy^rd, No. IMC Firatatreut, Brooklyu, D. A rare chance. B ta 1 C? CORNKR liquor STORE FOR BALE.?APPLY AT 7? L'litht utrcet. corner of Waahinatou street, in the store. DRUO STORE FOlSlALE?$7,600 CASH; FIRST CLASS fcualness; sxtisfnetory renaont given; no i.genta nerd apply. Addreaa Ur.uuli-a, Heruld oQic?. For sale?the popular paper nanoimo avd Upholstery Eatabllahmentol C'harlca I'rauklln, in Fouth kaapale. on the Hudson, eatablished -oine fifteen year*? Mock conaUtinc of Paper Hanging*, Wlmlow Shades, OorUini. Cornice*, and nnmeroua other articles, i'orfue tfcer particnlara inmnre or CIIA P. I, . S FKANRLIN, HS4 Mam street, Poughkeepaia. N. Y.. or of Mcaara. F. 8. WKHK.S A t'O., 112 Keade street. New York. F? R SAT.E-one or the BEST LIQCOR STORES In the Twentieth ward, in consequence of the proprle ? health. Inquire of Mr. F. BULiiNO, 1WI Washington rR SALE?THE STOCK. FIXTURES and THREE years' i,e*?e of a Hesiery Store, e-tkbllihcd twenty rears. Apply a the preniiaes, 275 'Jraud street. New York f7K)R SAI.E?the STOCK. FIXTHRES AND LEASE JF of a C gar Store i.ud Sample Room. Apply at 706 Vanadway. ?OR SAT.K?nOTEl., THIRTY TWO ROOMS. FIVE yeara' Lcnw, Furniture and everything com: li-te, on tlie iv Haven Railroad. 14 miles from New York city, a siilen Aid opportunity for a good* man. Apply 10 JOHN IVSt'INU, 14 fine street. Fir pale-a first dyeing and rf.fin Isblng hvt*blishm< nt, now doin/j a prosi erou* business, aieUi'r with lease..machinery, future* and good will. The vantage of thin establishment is it can be a nod for ail uai poses wlic-e steam power Is reij'ilred. It must be wen M tw> appreci >!ed. To a responsible purchaser term* will be made e..-y. For further Information address box a,7W Fost offlf"'. FiR SALE-T1IK stock, fixtures and oood Will or the Grocery Stir* on the corner of Dry Dock and Twelfth street. Terms cum. Apply on the premises. FOR SALE-STOCK, FIXTURES AND LKASE OF A Furnishing st'>ra; one of the bc?t in the city, doln^ a Lage cv.h trade; co-ntr store; two tiue plate glass Windows. Ad.lrcs S. 11.. IIer.ild office. For s\le-a fancy and variety stork, in a eood locality on Eighth are-ftic. small capitul required. Inquire to Iho grocery, southeast corner Tweuty-etghlh street aao Kighth avenue. " !>R SALR-A COUNTRY PRODUCE AND BUTTER Store. now doing a poor) business, receipts averaging .rly $M? r*r wrrk. Satisfactory reason* for selling. An ?seelltn'. chance for one or a ro'ipV*of eoU)ran?iog your.g annn. Ioqulreof A. L. SIMMONbON, butter ?t*nd, No. IM Washington Market. UH>R PALE-A LEASE, SIX YEARS TO RUN ?" from the !?? of May ne?i. of a brick Building, 50*100, - "P town; it 1k used as a t'et d store at present Also a Facto.... o.t jy, three stories and cellar. inquire of II H."i r?v??. *ij fonth avenue. U?OR SALE? A BROADWAY LEASE OF TWO iiovqks f above Madison square. suitable fur a restaurant and light.* purpose*. Also four Lots on UUth street, be tween Second and Third avenu-s, Ril'UD. AMEKMAN,840 Sisth avenue. F?t JT best t'i; ir More and batupie Itwim ou Biuadwnv. Ap ply at 476',' Broadway. ?EIOR SALE?A DISTILLER/ IN OOOD working JF order, will be sold low. Apply to J. O. WKINBEER, Si Eaal Fourth street. T7M3R PAI.E?THE BEST BUTTKR STORE IN EIGIITII JP avenue, doing a business of (700 in $1,000 per week. Apply to WhLL.s A HALL, 72 Front street. FOR BALE.-A DOUBLE BUTTKR. EUCS AND rheese Mand in Fci'.on Market will be sold cheap; tarns reasonable. A splendid rhnnrn for a who un Aarstands the bus ne-s. Apply to M. ROCK, 128 Beckman ?treat. For sale-the ?tock. fixtures and lease of a wi 11 csbibUsfeed Fancy Coods tuid Variety Store, with DwniJ "g. drips a g' "I, s'eafly tra'le. on the best thor Mghfa-e In wil'iam?M]rg, An .-x-client or.p-rtonity is aflu o.) to any f er>nn who i>sires the tame; rent low. For forth, r particulars sddrc s X. Y. Z , Wlllir.msburg Tost affix. 8s 'artery reasons given for selling. F? Eor pale?a bark chance?the lease stock and Ftx'uree of a well established liry Oonde Store <,n feth avwnne. Llgbt stock and low rent. Apply on tlis premise, 1>?7 i i*bin live:ino. POR SALE?A 8cn00Nhr. OT 1? TONH BURDEN, ?S.feet druu::ht of water. Apply to L. B. WING, Ship Chandler, 3tv'i South street. R SALE?A FIRT CLASS ELEVEN YF.ARS KSTAB llshcd Main I "f opiioai. faocv goods, cutlery, Ac, show re* > t ibe li'rard l.'ousi-. t'hatrliers Ftrcet. If. Y.. rent vary low. lmiulre for particulars at 4 *1 Broadway. FMOR SALF-A LARGE GRAIN DISTILLERY, IN complete working or lcr. Iin lu ling Lease on baiitling. i4dre>< A B.. bot 4,3<l city Fost cilice. IJtOR SAI.E?WITH THREE TEARS' LEASK, A CIGAR J" Maniilsctory, mrtainln" everrthine eonif Icte fortuity kands, iocludirg Oi1ic? Furniture,'Ac. t'sn be l<ought low far cash. Apply to F. D. CA>tiY A CO., SB Maiden lauc. For sale?thrt:k ykar'1 i rase of a fivr stc.rv Hotel, splendid !>ai and siltirtt; momsiKl largo s eeping rooms, all In une order and doing a ? busloeas: will s-U with ur without Stoi k and Furol one t luck from Hudson River Rsilrond dip^.t. GEO. W. FKKNt n A CO.. -V Miu'.b stiMt F? R SALK?A Fisn. VEGETABLE. BUTTKR AND Kirg More, one uf the beet ?t. .ds in Brooklyn. Appiy CARMAN A HCGIltS, t'ou.t street, Brooklyn. E R SALE?A SET OF STEM ROLLERS. INQUIRE at W Water street. rOR SAI.K CHKAP?'THE I.FAfF STnrK VNO FIX lures ef a board'ngaed lodsi g house, opp<jf:.i? tue fas Oa Garden. Apply at <d WliltalialT streeu VjtOR SAI.K IMMKDIATKLY-A GOOD lunchroom, JT in a fcrst elass neighborhMod. Inquire >n the [ remises, IM*4 Llnpensrd street. For sale at a bargain?an oi d and wf.ll established Bakery, on a good i> -sine,, dcing .,u ?eellent lm?i: e? over the "?unt'-r. Apply to 1 U< <H. GAl'K RIY. Auctioneer. 3M Eighth avenue. R SALE OR RENT-AN OYSTER ANDIHNTVO SA l? n r.ow doing a good business, with a (mir tcui' e. Apply vomer of Broome e?reet sad Broadway. <1RAI* DISTtlLFRY TOR RALK "II II - F, PI. T tween Hri lgo and Catharine ferrl' ?; Urge capacity; atao a large Rectifying kslabllshm inl. leavh tubs, pi< ltd and peadv for use. inquire nn the pri.mises. Jay and John aireeis, Brooklyn, from 10 to 4. HMBKRRTNG'S BURGLAR tND FTRK PROOF SAFE for sale at a S*rsain; suitable for private bouse or clT-e. Addrr.a p. o., llei .Id oltce. HM|OTXL lea?r. AND FURMTU'tr^fclR SALE?TITR H use. e? rner oi l1r""T-e?nd F;m street^; ?anU'ns si * i j nwni, well furnshe l and aow full of guests; tbeiu ei is doing an i \f?llriit p?yln? busiuess; Img lease. A?ldr. ?s . r a^>p y to M. L CCRr'A, 419 Br<;< me stroel. T kasf. for sale, for v\ ykars-hoi si and Kb 3 in Thirtv ???cot-.i st.-ert, between Lriinaton and Wnlr^ .venues; lot 175nAr. feet. W. A. CAKTEf., *" streM. Milk routk-\ll retail; itorse, wagon, , * Depot err il-lishc i twelve years, will be aMiilrfu ] \ * 'f',n -""I Harness for auls cheap. Apply at 115 Cevemh avenua. VPl1t|AF^T-, n??I','KIRT AND COR*?.T STORF, Clm...^?laAiuhIV."sn4' 'rr sale; llouae to let; CThlf!..r T Jr,lr*', '"lu r* of Mrs. fcCuir. >46 ?Igbih avenue, near Twen y third street EIOTOGRAPHKRH TAKF. NOtlCK.?TWO GALLKR lea for Bale; one In Newark and one in orarg* R 7 enbar going mlo other bu.ire?s. aui icsca stiv one arr.raayw- " S ARI? Oil ARCB?ONE OF THP HKST IOTATFI1 . stores on Broadway, a well ?"itabi.h*.i ht.ine's?.' sioek ids o4 own Importation I, flilnrea, !>w ,j,)W t*ni) will eichsuged for city properly. Address, wuh r-s) name reliant, station A, Spring street, for three days. ' MAHBLK MAKTRM, | arblr mantels at reduced privrs-a fimf, JH selection on hand at 9. KLABER'H matufsetory M First a van oe, sear Third strc**. New York, tall and et. Malae. M^Harble MANTEH-W MAWTET^i ON HAND, or every styt? snd inality, which will be sold for the neit {t"r days at ? Hheral deduction, at A. KLASKK'H Mantel Warawmni*, lay Kast kighteenth street, near Third avenue, a. Y. Cat this out ^ Vf ARRLRISRH ST,ATE MANTBI.fl? FUPEBIOR If* A _ ?IT-aran^,. more diiiuMe, hair the price ol ma j^SJlreWAKr, eug Atitk avenue, brtwtso H?r|y?Uhan4j SAI,*:S AT AUCTION. ' A -JOHNRON. MfLi H * HALL WILL SELL AT Al aucttuo on Tuaadav. Msrvh la, at 13 o'clock. at Ex ljttT ,-e Ml'jirij iOi 111 brouusray. Ite foUuwiug valuable property ? I'lislTlVE SAI.F OF PROSPBCT PARK PROPFRTT. The splendid three story brown ?ton'' high stoop House on orthi'ily all*at Thirl -'re<'t. uir.'u hou,? from Fifth ?ve Uite: bul l In b"^t manner, <"ou<ainlng nQ mod-ra <nirovo nMnU; blaoit w?!uit tn irble top sld>board- In ha-iement, ?talis triom.'d with b!? k wuinut, 6ml clasa In every ?. ipei-t. Third etr>-el ln? (5 l;Uii pavement, first cla*i im provements and is now th? leading av.-nue to the Par* . MMIMNT SThtET?South aide, 197.# Ic?t vol of Seventh av.iiue, f> Lot*. Carroll srRKT-North aide, 197.9 feet west er Seventh avenue, 5 Lou. 11EROEN STREET?South tide, 377 feet eagt of Cl&saon avenue. 7 I/O*". CNION street?North al<1e, mi feet east of Fifth avenue, 4 I-ot?, with excellent barn. in EOod order, 2H*W. WYCKOFf STR1-: K T?South side, 113.9 feet west Of Washington avenue. 11 .->?tie and 2 Lot*. NINTH AVENTK?Eaat aide, between Eleventh and Twelfth streets, Si lots. sl'VE.NTH \VENUE?Emt aide, between Carroll and Met omb streets. 3 Lot*. POLREMCS PLACE-West tide Carroll and McComb atreeta, I Lot. BEDFORD AVF.NUF!?Southeast corner Kosclaako street, 2 valuable Lota, with party wall*. CLINTON street?West side. 36 f.'Ot aouth Of Nelson street. 2 Lota. Terms easy. For*maps apply at the office of the auction eer^ 25 Nassau street. N. V. ALBERT H. NICOLAY. AUCTIONEER. JX ALBERT H. NICOLAY wi I s-ll st auction. on Wed nesday, March 2", at IS1. o'clock, at the Exchange salesroom, 111 Broadway (for account of whom It mar concern!, 3.900 shares RtuseU File Co. (held a* collateral. ) AUCTION KALES OK HOUSEHOLD furniture. BENRY II LEEDS A MINER wi#give their personal attent'ou, an usual for the oast twenty year-', to a tins of Honaehold Furmture at tho reiiden-o? of parties removing or breaking up housekeeping. on the most favorable terma. Will al-o hola regular weekly silee at their sp irious and convenient sale?roc:ns, *3 Lib my street, a few doors west of Rnadvay. ST' >R* GE of Furniture In our lofts can be had on favor* able te'ins. k uction n'otior.-frvrst roth, auctioneer, w 11 sell a', nubile auction f 1J,000 Worth of Mnsntflcmit household FURNITURE, BEAUTIFUL PVitLOTt FURNITURE, Works of Art. Bronz"?, China Vases ami Fienres: FINK OIL PAINTIK08, BY EMINENT AUTIST3. Th'? (Saturday) aftornoin March 16, at IM o'clock pr#? elselv, at ths four storv dwelling house lift Clinton place. Eighth "true', betwoeu Fifth and Sixth avenues. PARLOR and drawing ROOM FURNITURE. Tbive beiitt'fal solid rosewood and bhek walnut Parlor Mts covered In r!rh I'rench satin brirntel and reps; Tur'c iih Ekiv chairs to matoh: rosewood Centre and I'ior Tables, Etsn-res, Comer and Rook Stan Is. twentv-one day bronre Oldok, riah Ciiina and Parian Yases. Parlor Ornaments, kl??ant Brocatel and Lace Curtains, a fine coileetlon of Oil Paintinex, Kr.rav'nc-i Mirrors and Chandelier*. magnificent rosewood pianoforte, stool AND COVER. COST $700. An e'egant instrument, round corners, beautifully carved 'ecu and ease, with alt modern linpmv-ments; overstrung ban, full iron frame, Fren'-h ac .'on. full *?ven oofare: rote, woor! arid mabo<rnnv Bed .tends. Bureaus, Wasli^tands, So fas, Rogers, M.rrors. Clocks, Table", Bel Lounge'. Spring snd Hair Mattresw r Blankets, Tea Table", Kiten-Ion Table, <!iaes, China and Silver Ware. Sale positive. Auction notice?magnificent household Furniture. A rare i-hanee for parties commence* honsekoepintf. Pisnoforie, Bronzes, statnarv and all the Furniture contained In tile five storv brown stone housr 44 West Sixteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, nt privat" sail at 1"?* than auction p-loes. Superb Parlor ?!ults. eovered broente'; V'.taqevs, marble too Recre t;irv. B?)!rease, M rrors, Chandeliers, Encoigpeur, Osblnets, artislte bronxe Statuary. Vases, rosewood Dressing Bureaus, TVarclro'>i's. Bedsteads, Mattresses. Extension Table. Buffet?, elegant svts < Glass. Silver Warn, at half original coft. By HENRY H. I.EEnS A MINER. AUCTIONEERS. ADM 1NISTR ATOR'S SALE of the ENTIRE PTOrK OF T'l ^ MATRON DOREE, 42 Ewt Fourteenth afoet. Union ?-iuare, consl t:ng of AT.L TTTE EI/EOANT FI'RNITrRE, SILVER. I!LVIR AND fiot.n PLATF. T.1NEV PORCELAIN AND OLASSWARE. DRAPERIES, BRONZES. MIRRORS, CHANDBLIFRS, CARPETS. A<\, AC. Alao THE ENTIRE EXTENSIVE AND MOST VALUABLE stock of wtves and j.iottors. imported eiprcasly for thin house of the mo?t rare and choice description. A Iso PRESERVES. FRI'ITS and stores. To b.* sold without reserre on Tin premon tcksday. ism. wedves DAY, ami Tncu'mv 21ST, FR!D\Y, 221\ and SATrRDAV. 38D OF MARCH. at 10V o'clock eirh il it. FULL PARTICULARS 11KREAFTF.R. T>Y nRNRY n LEEP8 A MINER. I> ITKNRY H. LKRPR. A net lonecr, on Monday, Mar-b IS. at 10V. o'elook, at their anlrsroom. No. 93 T thertv street. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. consisting of Bnnwln.nd Ingrain Carpet*. gilt t rims oval Mirror*. Mark walnut Stilt*, in hroeatel; Turkish E?*t Chslra, mahrpsny and black wal nut Dressing Rurc-?u?, mabo^uy and blilck walnut nod *te*d,*. bind; walnut Parlor ;"uits, in reps: Hair Mnltretaea, Fenhcr Bolsters and Pillows. Office r.nd Counting U'oom Deska, Lotin-**. rr.'.hncin7 Kren h Brl*teals. rr.-vhogjnr Sofn* and Lounges, In hair cloth: Silrer Plated Ware, Ac. Also one Invoice of very fine llarani Clear*, embracing favorite br-inds together with China. Cer,ckerv anil tliaaa war*. Kite hen Furniture, Exter.ilon Dining Table*. Ac. B Y EDWARD SCHF.NOK. AUCTI ONKF.R. ELEOANT HOUSEHOLD FLIW1TLRB, AT NO. y< WEST TENTH STREET. rnviRTi SCI1F.NCK will sell bv auction on Monday, lfth?7*E?h it 10* o'clock A. M he entlre Furnmirc o# --M house. outline of rosewood Parlor SulJ. In' cloth, i' t? Ac.: Velvet, Brusselsand Ingrain Hlik and Rep# o?,'ir.ns. an elegant roaewood Pianoforte HUk MfifMjii an rlcgani rowwoou rni>m?,?< elegant Mantel and rir? Mirror*, elegant roal Bronxea, Clocks. sitituet'e*, fine Oil PairiUng*. *up--v ??<? ?t.A Card Stntid*. elerant roaewood ana ra??t < Furniture. Rojncitd*, Bureaus, Commode* fir*t ell*** Hair M*ttreaaei and Bed 11" g China, Glaanware aud the Kitchen Furniture, with wMcb the aale will com mence. Ben.' r theat.l. a cctioneer, I ATE SALESMAN WITH E. H. LUDLOW A CO. H0I>r:ilOLD FURNITURE, CARPETS. MTR!tOK??, ENOUAVINUS, CHINA and OLASS, BOOKS. AC. By THFALL A BmS.-THIS DAY SATURDAY), at 10s o'i lock, nt thoir *fi!e*ro"m. No. 63 I.lbcrty street, near Naaaan, HOD8EIIOI.D FCKNtTTRE, rl?:?roaewood. wal. nut and mahogany Suit*, marble top Tiblea ele^unt Inlaid. Tahle. marble top: line j.lale Mirror.*, wnlnnt and mahog. any French Fr<| tead". Bitreaua, einmel|e,l Suit*. Mat trc*sc.*, Holsters and Pillow*, oak and walnut K-tens'on Table*. LNltM and Ka*v Chair*, rich *atln <;urtalne, Bnt**cl* and Ingrain Carpet*. China and til*** Ware, Ac. Catalogue* early on morning of p\!c N. B.?Special attention (tiTen to aalri at prirate re*lden cca, or at our sale.-reim. By mtnfr a somrryillb. HORSES AtD CARRIAGES AT AT*CTTON. By MINER A SOMP tVll.r.E TCFSDAY. MARCn IP, * AT llOK'-F. AUCTION MART. VNION SQUARE, L-ne A McMnhon'* Stnhle*.) Regular nor^o ^ale* at our Aueiion Mart. Urlon Place FL.ble*, .verv Toeaday and Friday throughout the v*r. BY MINER A SOMERVILI.E. AT Al!< TION. THIS T>AY, AT 13 0"CT,0CK, AT HALKKROOM S7 NASSAIj STREET. RT ANKFTB, SE7ERVL SETS HARNESS. AC, AC. T>V tOSFPIT HECEMAN. I> Sa''tnliiT. March 16. at 10 o'clock A. W.. at Vo. I.'J South ?treet, near Pc~t ullp, New York, the Sirrk and Fix ture* of a readv made clothing Store, allghtly da.nige<l. eon*iattngof Trnnk* Overooata, S#ck?, Dre*?Coau. Pantx and V.'tv B ota <r.d Shoe*, Blankcta, Hata, Ac. Alao Cloth* und Ca ilmercs in piece. r>Y T. r HOCOHTON, atcti^neer ?EI.EOANT J ? 'loti*. hold Furniture.-BREWSTER A BKR'l will *eil tld? 'lay. Sdtur '.ay. at Hd Cedar ?feet. at 11 "'clock, a large and.r'cb aaeoriricnt of Parlor. Cliamber, Dining HoOtn and I.tbrary Sulta, In great T^rlety. RYLANDT A WA1.DRON, AUCTIONEERS?WIM g!ve ih*?|e particular attention to aale* at reaidrnor* of partle* declining housekeeping, or the '"nrnlture, Ac., can be ao!.l at our araclenn aalearoom" K6 Broadway. T\ BERKE, AUCTIONEER?OFFICE f.9 ORRAT I". Jone* *rieet, will *ell, on Saturday, 10th Inat., at II I .clock, at 3~9 Fourth aTcnne, Stork a-id' Fixture* or that drlr.k'ng *alocn; nl?o nrw Bagatelle Table, Ac.: a'?o fire years' >a c. at :. w rent, of the wtole hou?e. Sale In lota. Ferry t.fase* at auction. \t the City Hall, on Tueadar. J!?th Marth. 1M7. at 11 o'clock A. M., Will be Mild at ptiMIc Tiuctlon to the highest bidder, with adequate eeciirltr, for a term of ten yean from the Srrt day of May. INi" ? The I,ei?e of the Ferry *? now ectabllthed from the foot of V, hltnliall utreet to fltaien Island. Tke I e.i?e f the Ferry to be established from the foot of Twenty third 'treet. North riTer, to Pavunla. N. J. The raid "veral Ferrr I<e-.?e* v> '.1 be sold with all the r.eht*. privilege, ?r,d a<'mnt f?c? tfcerecf belonging to tbe Con* ration or the city of New York. 1r us and rendition* of aale may be had upon application *;??. ?v-nt.tro'ler'* Oflle?. By of the C-imm!**lottert of *he Sinking P?ind RICHARD B. CON NOM.Y, Comptrellar C:rr o? New Yori, Dteirrwr-iT or Fi^amce, ) February 14, 1H67. F RTY-EIGHTH AUCTION SALE. * 75,?Vi TONS SCRANTON COAT,, ON WEDNESDAY, M ARCH 27. 1?W. Xkw Yor*, Marrh 16, IW7. T>" Pelawa-e, I^ckawarna nnd Western Railroad Com panv wll! sell br Me??r*. JOHN 11. DRAPBR A CO., Aue ?toneer*. at i?>e ^ofpany'* ?*|e*room 36 E?ch?rge place, erner e.' W illi?n *trcet. New York, on Wednesday, March 37, lu*t., at 13 o'cioek, noon. 711,000 TONS of ''RF.ST M1NPD COAI.. fr'Ti the I.acVawanna region* of th? us'iiil ??*?*, let vera' 1* at their dep-it hlizabetbport, Nev .lerary, .lu-i-.ig the reonth of April, I*"57. 1 KMS I II Y CENTS PER TON, payaM* In r -rrer.t fun I*, "n the day of *ale. and the bnUnoe wlihiu ten day* tboreaftcr at the >j(Cce ef tbe eompmy. JOHN BRISBTN, Pretldent ("?F.OE<:R COOK, \ttctioneer. T CoB'Inustlon s?l* of Cabinet M'k*ra' Flock ef Are llouaebold Furniture, thi* day at 11 o'clock, at So. 8 Mutray ??reel. S. B.?O. C. ^Irea hi* p*r*onal attention to the aale of fur BlMre and mer nnnf'i'e at the residence* of ownera or bir *alea room*, So. 8 Murray street | Henry p. hinkr. ArcTtoNi ER, salesroom no .17 N'asaau atreet, oppoatte the I'-st olTiee,-Important ?ale of high elaas orlg nal modem OH Palutln^a, recentle liapotted OT A. D. HujrTrfter. Kau .of Antwerp, nnd nerer before exhO-lled In thla eourlry. MINER A SOMBRVIl, will ?el' at auction, Wednradar and Thursday erenin March 30 and 31, at 7H o'clock, at the Ktfth Arenne Ual!?ry, No. 83 Fifth etenue, southwest corner of Fourteenth i t-tv 6ne collection el m^-'e-n tm P Rrtatr.jrrr.anj of the Ute?l and moat Important work-of land >g ar?l*ta of the Belgian and French Mhoo'a. er^iy one whl-h I* ?trlr|lT giiaranleed original Tbe follewlng artlaU are *et"?-*enlea ft the ?le, rig:? l^inis Ko 'bo, E Verboerkhoren, Ixml* Yankurrk Pa- d i 'oU W. Vereehnurt Theodore Oerard F I de Br*cF?le?r, F Mu*ln, Alex. Van llan? Ilenrr Dllleua, E. J. T. Ilwerae. F. StrobeL E. KrusemaB, C. Wauler*, J. Carrab ilo, C. I^lkert, A. Moermiti, R. Van Wyr gierl H. Savry A. ETeraen, r. Perms l.anfant de *??* Fau'elet, A Arnoui. P. L. Contnrler, 1. Nottarmnn, rrd ether*. Alto, from a prirate collection ? A. B. Diirand, K. Eeutxe. Jerome Thompjntl, R. W. Weir, 1 himaa IHeka. A. F. Be Iowa, Ae T1IFY ARE NOW ()N RXIUMTIOK. FREE, at Osilery aa above, dal'y. from ? to 4, *"rf W SATPRI) M"NOAY and TUESDAV BYKNINOA pre'tou* to ? from 7 to 1#, and are "?r ico <rl> woe?*j, ?i an ?lamination by the art lorera t et .hi .e* may lie had at the iJallery and ?? 'he offlee of the Atictleneet. STNsaaaa etreet. nP.Nlty O. l-TANS, At'CTIONI.RR -W.I.Ij SELL THI dey. *tl o*t -? a rl'h ??-ortni-ft' of French China Poh<*Tviinn OiMM^Ar# Parian Kiucbt-'liclik 4c.9IM WKpltte UAoortauon ef B. HtUiM. VM Braatfipav. H SALES AT^ APCTIO*. nE^T H. LEEDS * MINKE. AlT riO.VEKH*. Or M n !a? fven'iH. Mar-h |H at 7 o'o 4 >1 the "l. BOS AST OaLI.FI !?>,' M?a. 8lT*ii4 8l* Hrwulway. ? >ithwe?t eorMr of Twe ''.h street. Irapo lint nil of I' u,gt bv o fir of Mr. II. W. Derby, Ihe ??'rbratad in ipate c> 1W" to i of jNflUi'e* l?-in?rlv' be inking I'' Mr. W. f. V\ right, Of ?? J?r?e . vnd no,v uh Tieiv ?t M W. DKRHY'a NEW ARi K.'inM-t, No. 84S RraU?.i?, > ( j.'.siite Walinek'S the itre. Tkll veil known eoIfrclUm puaseaari1 ,-erentl work* of ? world wijf iiUiu. including thos? of man of THK Mofcf CKLKHKA I HP AitH-fJ. bo'h native ' 'id foreign, among whom are ACHKMIAI il, A.. OU.LAIT, BARW8LL, BRkUKA Bi-A! MB. liAMKI NET, C i RL HRCEEB, BOUSHKA0. KKETuJJ, TANNI'UK, I? AS, TII.TOS. DF VERGER, TKOYON, DELA< UOW, Ui.YSsfc, li'ITtf, TERBOF.CKIIOVEN, FRERE, EDOCARD, WEBB, KLBUBY. WOL*. BIERPTADT, HUNTIVCDON, BROWN, .1. O., KEN8BTT, BOrOM-fON, JLaNO. CHFRCH, LEUT7.E, CRt'T FY. MAY, DURAND. MIC.NOT, EI.IJOTT. MOR-K. UIFFokD, BTONB, GIGNOUX, Sl'YDAM, EASTMAF, JOHNSON, WHITTRBDGE, and many ethers Tlir*a pictures are on exhibition, u a bo re, until the day of tale. ADMISSION 3S CENT*. THE ENTIRE PROCEEDS of the MhlMon to tie given to the Commlt'ee of the BOUTHEKN FAMISK BEUKF COMMISSION. ENRY D. MINER, AUCTION FEB.?SALESROOM 17 Xaiicttt street, opposite the Po.t oiBce. MINER A ROMERVII.LK will sell at anetlon, this day. at 11 o'clock, at the store 71 Broad street, all the Fix tures, Disks. Counters, Railing, Oilcloths, Wl< ler's Pafe; also a gen>??al assortment of Hardware, Locks, Hinge*, Screws, Vi?cs, Ac. Sale 598. JBO0\RT. AUCTIONEER.?Til IB PAT, AT TWO ? o'clock F. M., at 193 West street: Marshal's sale: the Stock and Fixtures of a wholesale nnd retail Liquor Store, consisting of Bar Counter, back Bar, Peer rumps. Mirror--, casks Liquor. Standing Carts, Kegs, Tables, Chairs, Cigars; also the Lease of the premises. JOHN R. FARRINGTON. Marshal. Morris wile ins, auctioneer. BOSSES, CARRIAGES, HARNESS. PONT, COW, FARMING UTENSILS, AC.. AC., AT AUCTION. E. H. LUDLOW A CO. will si 11 at anetlon, on Wednesday, March 80, 1187, lit 11 o'eloek A. M., at the resMence of Martin Jinbriskle. Esq., Mount llope, near Trewont, 1 pair Carriage Horses, 1 clone Carriage, 1 Coupe, with polo and shafts; 1 Kockaway, 1 i'haeton. with r>ol> and sliri'ts; 1 open Spring Wseon, J Carriage Covers, 3 sets mounted Double Harness, 2 sets blurs Double Harness. 1 set .'Ingle llarn*s<, 1 Ri ling Saddle, 1 Side Saddle, Blankets, Sheets, 4c.; 1 Durham Cow. 1 Shetland Fonv, 4 Fgs. 1 law two-wheel Truck, with a large lot of Farming Utensils; 1.1 bo a quantity of oak,chest nut and maple timber, well seasoned. Catateeues a' No. 3 Fine street, N. Y. M DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL PELL OS . Saturday. March 16, at H*'< o'clock, at salesroom 79 Nsssatt street, Household Furniture, removed for conveni ence of sale, viz. Rose wood,twain ut and mahogany Par lor Suits, covered In haircloth, brocntol and reps; rosewood, walnut and maliorany Ohamber Suits with and witho'it marble tops; large French plate l'le- Mirrors, rosew.-od l'l snoforto. Centre T*b>s. IT.ilr Mattresses, itrussetj an l In grain Carpets, Billiard Table, Irr.n Safe, Ofllcc and Library Furniture. Descriptive catalogues at s ile. MORTGAOE S AT.E ?J. BOO ART, AUCTIONEER, will ell at rtiblle auction, on Saturday, the l?ih liav of March, lHb7. at 11 o'clock In the fon noon, hr vi tu ? of a Chaitel inorf:"a{:P. nil the Fixtures of the Rilllard Saloon, situated at No. C16 Broadway, consisting of 15 HiUitrd Tables. Balls. Ones, Ac.. C!varansf;ii ,t Decker's make". Bar and Rar Fixtures, t'atpet. Oilcloth. Tables Chairs, Mirror, Clock, Gas Fixtures, Ar. JOHN U. H1LL1ER, Attorney for the Mortgagees. OHER1FF S SALE -FLOUR, FEED, A<\ O RICHARD WALTERS, AUCTIONEER, Will sell this day (Sr.turc!ar\ at 10 o'clock, at 219 \Ve?t street, a 1 irge quantity of Wheat and Rye Flour. Also Buckwheat and flue Feed, in hags. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. Wim.i am Df.fHAM, Deputy. BBUgroCT \oTirEs. A n <"-A r.ECrURE ON "FEN!A VI SmT1*B IE ST. rh^l^n 2 .!E,P.*cr*fl T"' Truth," by !:er. Ch.irlea B. Smvth. to-morrow afternoon, at ii'i o'clock at Argtn lull, 600 Broadway, near Houston street. Bisnop snow. pastor of mount zion wtti, preach on Sunday at 3 o'clock P. M., in tho ITnlvcinl-v, 2*?^';."'. Subject-"The lime uud Manner of the iind of the World. BI BECKER STREET CXIVERSALIST CHURCH oornerof Don nine ?treat. Seryiesa ?t 10'^ A. M and ?rit'lMi.oiI'iy T> d*?>n?se to-morrow evening? "Wby nre I.lttle Children l'ermltt-rt to Suffer;" CENTRAL PRESBYTERIAN CiirRCH. FIFTIETH ? between Brojdn-.iy and Elffhth avenue. i'reirh l M ?nH . i.V"V V1>l,un- to morrow, at 3PM Sabbath achool 2 P. M. Biule cUuit at rillRISTUJC CHURCH, TWE\TT KICHTTT STREET ~u p"%ir *<1way.?!Scrvlcea March 17, at lrtv A. M. and itti1 ./issswgiia "" ai-r ?- *? asjswswsra'su; Ksrsu?^^rs',s?^o*?ur{'ff Wili preach. 9 c"' apostl.ES, CORNER OP Ninth avenn" and Twoitr-el rhth atreetl-Rev Dr rteee t?'i IT'Jm1' kT hu ?wmnn "n' lug, at this church on Sunday evening, March lilh SerrVi^J to commence at Vj o'clock. Mu- Ic by full choir. Swuf^k tjlBENCII DU ST. e3prit?REV. DR. VERREN REC. %i?Di*n? >n French Sunday afternwn at 3 a o clock. Hy reo>ici?t the rector will repeat 1 mi Sunday a dlTourae ,?n Lent. from Luko !?.. 1, 2. aunaay a VAhhs,^M ARE 7? nr: redeemed wiiv did A di*f "? L. n?m*rest will answer to-morrow "" ?1 rch Rorngr of ?"?*<*>'IJ avruue and Eleventh ?t. TTfAn?r^ SS.r.RI?Mi.OF,rrCE- 38 <?tDKN RQtrARp" .<?England.?l anillcj or alngl.i pcr.ioni about to Ik m" *T* tlint thev wiu nlw-nvs lind at the couriCH* po<sea<dng Saerotarr ^1 pni'l'A't ir "J fa tofier to thS t?T?L^7'i. r . T?Rr. oyt'i" ittanwr, In advance of LImi ! l"iAm'r"!", n ???>?*?? wlil be deanatchea to UTerpooL Kor further InfoVSTtioSJ N"0^^^!!3! C"';5r|1- CORNER CHRISTOPHER Rev W '^Tn" fl'Choni. PMtoT rowatioi' ?M?n,r? w!!I vrmeu tn-mnr n?w ai ivj4 a. m. Ana 7)s t . M.f nnd ??very evening durfn? the wee* at 7\ o'clock. Stran :cr* cordially Invited. REV OBOROBB. DRAPER UILL officiate FOR the congrogitlon of the Uta Bey. Dr. Ilr wka on - in y " ?'cloek< ?h? 1*? chapeiofth5 Un" Rkv. wm. p. cohrit. pastor op* npnntvrt L"?'p?!.!.'f ?rh"rrtl< Eaat Peycnteenth atreet, lltgand ?-enlnJI SS'ti'frlY.?*' preMkB?n^ ? ?RRV. WM. If. PKN'DM'TON, P\STOR OP THE KIt"Tv" XV third streat n. t tlit chnre'i, near Seven'h avenue u-ti'i preach noit s.,,,,, A M.. and 7?" P. TO ! dtves the ool children at S1, P. M., and n?ltilt? la next week*" fir.Ungi n U4 be continued every evening CT. ANn'c FREE CTTRCII. FIOHTCENTT* STREET uear r Iflh arentt*.?! >-nirrr*?n' R^v Fialhiirn f)?ni?l mlti will preach at 7'. and :in- \f, wnil 3 1 rvvKfm,;t";"'1 keP- DrTat, Kl^k^t 7W i rca^, Wwlc<*dj3r eTcnl"?. ?" ->o. Rev. Dr. I.eonard will ?TF'^!I^:N s KPis<-'tpAT. rn^ricir?rev. jos. ii Price. D. D., rector.?.The ffi r ^t?d of the course or Ser' rimiTna If'V"? t1'! b" (1< <,r'*' to mon.?W, bunday eveiiinir, a. 1 4 o c ork, in llit> cln-ch on Twenty-second atreel, lietween Fifth and s vh avenue. mji rooming at Wj oVioek; il c rector will prevch. * jn'^REACn TOMOB. I X row fvf ?i!ng, It ?V( o at the (?'it:rr?h nf fh? wa demption, T rnurtronth 0! jv><ite the<lemr of Mn.fc, Sctvu'e l.i the morn !ttg at ]&? Heata tiw T T?? SECOND ."P THE COTtTr keRMONS TO v ".. : 1 !i* delivered by Bey. Or. Price in tbe enurch on rw.'a y-^e-ird rtr?et, between Fifth and sii'h nffitSF ,rr?W' tiUldl7 eT"nl:-*- Sc"lf??? "ommencS T^j'' '^ anniversary OF YOCNG PEOPIF'^ hbath e?etIiTliT.i$.nr Sr"" I ?,,l?rrh will'be held p?flbath evening. I7th inst , at . !3 o'clock. Pu'.ilio in-, lied. The rev. dr. tymo. nrrroR of ht. osnsnE^i Ch.irch, will prejeh the third <"-mon In the eoii.-?e on I riifly>t>ln' under the at:*j?'r???i of the Kv.trie^iic%l Knowl edg? Soetety. on .sur.'-.y it m rrn*> even ? in ih?I'k,?^!. oVrtok AK<"1"on? nfl? ?*?""? and renth .trect. at ?^ Third LRi'Tubb of the covtrsr pf.forb Tnr ,!2,M'n ' Aa.-eilatlon or fiu T rn dhy'VchnTch w.M Mn^h 5? tbl r r. ?? ' K""r' "? Thiirvlay evening, Mnren 21. at Lyric Wall, corncr ct Mroa iwar and FoHv. !St? 71 canul**" 8"bjtC'""Th'> Valfcy." Adnda" TTT?ehJ?72'!*77! ?F TJIL Cor,t,K ?P sermons IN Jtor, ^?w.llh.n^ ;,>r1 Epl.copn| City Mia bv the^Rey. Wm! H\?0 ^^r"rUcnt,?"ou?n ' ' "f !'T""rt; 'lh nn.J Kiith are. uue. ^rnco to cotnm'nc .it hi'f.Mit 7 o't l irk i?i? Mivh Pa" aa thetMrd'of Wlit lh<! |,''rlfnon ^aehed In .Tanuary A co!lealon *>. TM* RKV. MR. QI'RN V8LL RKOTOB OP TfiP oerrv .treet, near Hl?eck. r, on Knaju tvcnini. March 17 Mervlee U commence at 7o'elrvk. U,B*? ?rco i/. . MII.IT ART. A?TnE AE*1* ANO XAVY JOtTRNAb COVTINCES tM A "i"\"^(!F AP|''l^MV r\i rl- '*"" ,Ut r"N' "For ail. hi il ME NTS is -he A.-nv and N?yv. For salt by nfwa dealera or at tbe odico, Ba 3? Pa/k . . r DEXTISTIIY, A MOST WOBOERH'I, DISOOVKRY ? T'TTH rV l^nT^i^oTaln'.n ,r*'v'"r" by be'iinmblnf an',it." f?i Twib '.a'lghmg Oaa fre?U .laily, Beauil. J. JaY VILLBhR, lUOrand ?tr?et, near Bro?4wty. B'3?5SS2Jii?0,IS,rjfffiS? i *^5: C?aJliithetfc^JJ efA 1,1 ^" ORIOINATBD TUB 1*32lrIs5S*i1? wltho?1 5 n/uV'IStrm'ri'etlC l>Kr?^\^RJT^eiVifi1i?,/)r,.aOUft rK"Tlf *13; TEMPO. c?ii^7i ^ * ,,h fir >'? *? **rk WmhibmC IM -li?h irrnTa raA."f. ?Vu "0 '?"???'?*?? ijo . ivtti avenne, corner of I hi teei ?h at reel. T UaV VIS 3'TBOfi? OXIDB for-.v^' , V , ?!? r m" Als >?'<,I???VBD*A?I?RB, &???? .diitii'nV;ur?;- w\n^SsSu^Si;J ? Hou.e. cor-. ?> J tub aUn&'iriTi"^ SmOPB&n STEAMSHIPS. Tub north oernun lloyd's Sea in. hip AURRIC1.J, O. Mever, master, carrying the United Stetaa in til. will sad from the Bremen pier, lout el Tiji iil itncL 11 ohokru OS THURSDAY, MARCH II, for BREMEN, VIA SOUTH AMPTON,

taking paaaengcrs u> LOR bo N, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, at the tollowlag rues, payable In gold Or iU equivalent In currency:? For the first cable, $125, second cabin, $75; ateerage, $37 50, gold. To be fo'lowed by the steamship UNION, H. F. von Sanlen, m?<t?r, March -Ji For freight or passage nnply to * OELKICHS * CO.. 68 Broad street. o NLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MATL STKAMhlllPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE, CA 1.1,1 SO AT BREST. Tbe splendid nf* vessels on ?his favorite route for the continent will iaU from pier No. 50 North river, a* fol low*:? VII,' K DE PARIS, Surmont Saturday, March S3 EUROPE, Lemarie Saturday, April 6 ST. LAURENT. Booande Saturday, April 30 I'Ei'.hlKE, Duchesue Saturday, Hay 1 PRICE OP PASS AO K (INVLUDIVO H7VE), payable In cold or equivalent In currency, TO BREST OR HAVRK. First Cabin IirtO | Second Cabin $100 TO PARTS. including rallwav tickets, furn'shcd on board, First cabin $l<-'5 | Sec-md cabin $103 Rai-gage checked illrough to Paris. Med cat attendance free of ebargn. These ateanier* do not carrv iftrtfl pasaenger*. GEO. MACKENZIE, .lgenJ.^8JBroa4imy. QTE \M TO QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, i ? Krom New Y<rk every Wednesday and Saturday. The ('illflAOO sails Saturday, April 6 MAN IIATTAN ..... .Saturday, April 2? from pier No 117 Eaat river. Cabin passage, $i<0i cold. Steerage, $.W, currency. Passage to New Tork and remits tances to Ireland at low rate*. An ly to WILLIAMS ? OUION, 29 Broadway anil 83 South street. STFAM TO LIVERPOOL AND queenstown?THE QUE EM sails March ltj. Passage, $30. currency. Pre paid Tickets, $35. Drafts on Eng and and Ireland, ai usu il. at lowest rules. Apply at THOMPSON'S Parage Oillec, 375 Pearl street. Grand excursion TO THE PARI3 EXPOSITION. The new and first class ocean coin* Iron steamship HAY ANA, 2.000 tons burden, Stephen Whitman, commander. Will make an excursion from New York to Havre and tack, sailing from pier 46 North river, on Wednesday, April 17, hi 12 o'clock M., taking passengers for Paris, London and Bremen. Returning, will sail from Havre on June 5, giving passengers holding excursion tickets about us weeks In Europe. This magnificent steamship is d'TlJed Into water-tight compartments, and baa 1 eeri newly furnished and elegantly fitted up expressly for this voyage. The Havana will only carry first class passengers. PricH of passage, in currency, to Havre. $IT|0 and $175. To Havre and return, $2o9 tnd $300, according to size of stateroom. ? An experienced surgeon on board. For further particulars and passage apply to the agent*, MURRAY, FERRIH A CO.. H2 South street, or 11ERCII ANTS' UNION EXPRESS CO.. Corner of Broadway and Franklin st. THE hamburg AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S iron mall steamship TEUTONIA, C. Rardua, commander, carrying the United Statee mail, will sal! on Saturday, March lft, at 12 M., for HAMBURO, taking passengers for Hamburg, Havre, Southampton and London. First cabin, $125; second cabin, $75; steerage, $37 50, pay able in cold or its eoulvalent. Tlie RAMMONIA will nail March 30. KUNIIARDT A CO., C. B. RICHARD A BOAS, General Agents. General Passenger Agents. 45 Exchauge place, N. Y. No. 6 Barclay street, N. Y National steam navioation company. (I/im'ted.) STEAMERS WEEKLY TO LIVERPOOL, CALLINO AT (jl'EENSTOWN, leave pier 47 North rlcer as follows:? THE QUEEN fin.gan, March 18 DENMARK Thomson Saturday, March 23 ERIN Cutting Saturday, March 30 VIRGINIA 1'rowse Saturday, April 6 Cabin pas?a,re to Liverpool orQueenstawn $90 ;n gold. Steerage passage to Liverpool or Quecustown $30 in cur rency. Steerage pasFane tickets, to bring parties from Liverpool or Qucciistown. lor $SS in currency. Through passage to Paris, Antwerp, Hamburg, Bremen, 4c., nt low rates. Drafts Ssucd for any amount, payable at any bank In Great Britain or on tho Continent. For freight and cabin passage apply at tbe office of the company, 57 Broadway. And for steerage tickets st th" passage otflce of the com* ranv, 27 Uroadway and 275 Pearl street, near Pulton. P. W. J. HURST, Manager. XJORTH GERMAN LLOYD. JA In accordance with an a.rnngement effected with the United State* Post Office Departov nt the Rtenj;i?hips of the North Oermsn Lloyil will, on and after the 21st of March, >avc Now York on every Thurarlay, and on and after the 3d of April Southampton on every Tuesday, carrying the United Hates, English and Continental Mails. OEI.RiCHS A CO.. 68 Broad street. VTEW YORK AND BREMEN STEAMSHIP COMPANY. _L> The tirst class United States mail steamship ATLANTIC, Chas. Hover, commander, will leave tiler 46 North river, on Saturday, April 8, at8 A.M., FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, taking passenger* to Southampton. London, Havre and Bremen at the following rate*, payable in gold or Ita equiva lent in wirieney First cabin, $110; second cabin, $66; steerage, $35. BALTIC, Captain A. O. .Tonex. will follow Aoril 20 WESTERN METROPOLIS, Win. Weir May 4 For freight or i>assa?e apply to ISAAC TA V LOU, President, 40 Broadway. ONLY AMERICAN LINE TO ENGLAND AND PRANCE. The New York and Havre Steamship Company's first claf* steamships Arag? anil Fulton, in connection with the New York Mai! Steamship Company's steamers Mis sissippi and Merrimack, to Havre, carrying the United States mails, from pier No. 4d North river, at noon, the fol lowing dava, calling at Falmouth:? FULTON C. H. Townaend. Saturday, Mar-h 18, 1M7 MER1HMAC F.. Van Siee....Saturday,March80, IW7 ARAGO II. A. Catlr.den..Saturday, April 13, 1W MISSISSIPPI O. Sumner Saturday, April 37, 1W FULTON C. H. Townsend.Saturday, May 11,1887 MERRIMAC E. Van Sice Saturday, May 96, 1867 and every fourteen davs thereafter. PRICES OF PASSAGE. PAYABLE IN GOLD, FIRST CI.ASS $138 SECOND CLASS 70 Through tickets to London $5 extra. An experienced surgeon on ??oard. The companion wilt not be responsible for specie or valu able* unless bills of ladtug, having the value expressed, are signed therefor. C. K. GARRISON, forN. Y. V. S. S. Co. JOS. J. COMSTOCK, for N. Y. and S. S. Co. Fcr further Information npplv to JOS. J. COMSTOCK, Agent. No. 7 Broadway. JAMES A. WOTfON, Havre General Agent in Europe. LONDON AND NEW YORK STEAMSIITP LINE.? Psn.?i*e to I^indon or Brest. fllO. $75, $rt0, cnrrency. Excursion tickets at reduced rates, available for fix months. WM. PKSN, Csptuin liilltnije, from New York March46. ATaLANTA, Captain PInkhr.m, l'rom New York March SJ. B3LLONA, (Inpt.iin Dixon, from New York April 13. CF.LLA, t .tjtlnm Gleadcll. New York April 27. The new and elegant British iron steamship WILLI\M FKNN will leave pier No. 3 North river for London, calling at Preat. on Saturday, March ltf. at 12 M, I ntil further notice ?I1 the st??mcr? of this line will call at Bre?t to land paaaenger*. Ticket* sold through by rail to Pari' at 55 per cert !e*? than regular rates. freight will he taken and through bills of Urilri; clven to Havre. Antwerp. Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Dunkirk. I'or paaerce apply to RoBT. W. CLARK, 38 Kroadway. Fcr freight arndv at M : outh street. SJOW LAND A AsriNWALL, Agents. N'OTICr? TO CONSIGNEES.?CONSIGNEES OF goods per steamer Bavaria. from Hamburg January 21), and Soulha.itptou January 23 (which vessel put back to Southampton 1n distress!." are hereby notified that part of her cargo has been transhipped per steamer Hammonla. ex. pectod to arrive at ttita port In a few days. In order to facili tate delivery of cirgo they will pie so call at the o;Hc<> of the undersigned, present their bli's of lading for endorsement and sign the average bond. LAWS ON A WALKER, New Yoiik, March 13, l*n. 6a Wallst. Direct steamship line BETWEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK. The undersigned will despilch the first class English iron ?tea me r OTTAWA, Captain Archer, From Antwerp SA rU RDAY, March ?3 From New York SATURDAY, April 13 taking passenger* at t:.e tQSowing rate*:? From New York?First cabin, according to location of date. $7l>?$!*? HO Steerage MM From Antwerp?first cabin 90 DO Steerage 40 00 EXCURSION TICKETS. ? First cabin $170 | Steerage $87 SO Psvable in gold or It* equivalent. Sther first class steamera win follow from either aide ry second 8ITURDAY, Freight is taken at the lowest rates for Antwerp, Ratter dam and Amsterdam. For passage or freight at-plv to HILLER A CO., No. 3 ChamSer* ttreet SPECIAL WOTICR. LONDON AND BRF?T. TOE NEW AND KLpGANT BRITlsn IRON STEAMSHIP WM. PENN, H.0H0 TONS, EDWIN BlLLlNtSKR, Commander, Hiving unsurpassed accommodations for passong^re, will sail as above from pier 3 North river, SATURDAY, March lrf, at 12 M. For passage spply ta ROBERT N. CLARK, SO Broadway. For freight apply at M South street. HOVVLaND a A8PINWALL. Agents. STEAM TO AND FROM LIVERPOOL AND Ot LENS town twice a wei k. Passage $*? currency to Liverpool or Queens'-iv n. Prepaid tickets irom Liverpool or Queemttown .it the low est rate*. Drai ts payable In any part of Great Britain and Ireland. Apply to TAP6C0TT BROTHERS A CO., 88 South street, 3 roadway. Return tickets to paris ash back, F1IIST CLASS, $200 GOLD. RTF Mtm TO LIVERPOOL, CAl.l INOAT QUERNSTOWN. The Inman Line, sailing seal-weekly, carrying the Tuned Hates Mai.*. CITY OF BOSTON Saturday, March 1$ CI1Y OF CORK Wednesday, March 10 CITY OF BALTIMORK Saturday. March ? CITY OF WASHINGTON ...Saturday, March 30 ?and on each enreeeding Saturday and Wednesday, at noon, from pier 45, North nver, RATES OF PASRAOB rr ftnj wan. mum ssimno r?s*r iatcttut. Payable In Gold. I P*>ablo In CurrenOy. yt Cahfn fun j Steerage $88 1 .-ondor IIA I To Mndon S? ToParia lifil To Parta., 44 Beturntiol ts to Paris and bark. $#M gold. Fasssgehy the Wednes<isy stesmer*?Klrnt Cabin, $U0| ?t?r?ge, $30. Payable In United Hta'es currency. Passenger* also forwarded to Havre, Hamburg, Bremen, Ao., at moderate rates. Steerage passage from Liverpool or Qneenstown, $4^, ?nrreney. Tlekete can he bought hero by persons sending far the.r Mends. For farther information apply at the Company'* offlcea JOHN O. DALK, Agent. _ 1$ Broadway, N. T. rIB STB4MSHIF CITY OF CORK WILL COMMENCE to d'scharge, under goneml order, at pier 4 North Itver, at 18 O'clock to-day. Allg?K<>1s not removed wlthM >4 bOBrO WHI b? itored at ooastgaeo*' risk nd eipervae. TO UN O. DALB, Agoat, ETROPE AIV ITB AHfHIPS. QTKAM TO GLASGOW AND LIVERPOOL O Calling at Londonderry to land juwtugtri and Tha lavorite passenger st<?ameia or the ANCHOR LINK SAIL hYERY SATURDAT IOWA. Craig, satis Saturday, March ItS. CALKDli.N! McDonald, sails Saturday, March W. iutks of passage, PtYARLE in currency. To Liverpool, tilasgow and Derry?Cabins, $1X0 and $30: steerage. Prepaid cert!Uratesfrom th??e ports, $35. Pass-ncer* also forwarded to Hamburg, Havre. Antwerp, ?v, at tfrj low rale*. For further information applvat the company's offices. FRANCIS MACDONALD A CO. Agent*. No. ti Bowline Ortfu, Now York. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS# >ACIFIC MAIL STEAM<?HiP i'OMPANY'3 * THROUGH I.INK TO CALIFORNIA, ? ? CARRYING UNITED STATPS MAIL, VIA PANAMA RAILROAD I Steamer* leave pier 42 North river, foot of Canal street, at 12 o'clock, nooa, a* fol'ows:? March 1st?RISING isTAR, Captain W. O. Fnrber, eon Meeting wtth GOLDEN CITY, t'iptain J. T. Watkln*. March llth-HFNRY t HA'TNCF.Y, Captain A. G. Gray, eonnee'ln' with MONTANA. Captain J. Sution. March z7*t?OCEAN OUKEN, Captain T. A. Harris, eon. ?ecting wuh SaCRAMkSTO, Captain Caverlv. AH departurea touch at Aeanuleo; those of tat and Slat connect at Panama with Me-imers for South Pacific P?r',: 1st and 11th for Centrd American porta, and those of lit tonch at Maozantllo. Dcpanu.e of lltb each month eonnect* with the new ?team line from Pannm.t to Australia and New Zealand. Steamer of March 11, 18(57. wit connect with the company a steamer COLOR \DO, to itny? San Franclaeo for Yokohama and Hon* Kong on April 3, 1*5". ino pounds hsggage allowed each adult Medicines and attendance free. For passage ticket* and all further information apply at the office on tlia wharf, foot of Canal street, North river, New York. F. R. BABY, Agent_ CALIFORNIA VTA PANAMA.?THE PACIFIC MAIL Steamship Company1* steamer OCEAN QUEEN will ?all on Thursday, March 31, at 12 o'clock noon. Freiilit received aa usual. For rates, 4c.. Inquire at freight office on company'* pier, 42 North river, foot of Canal street. WELLS, FARGO A CO.. Sole Freight Agent* 1*. M. 8. S. Co. UNITED STATES MAIL TO HAVANA. ATLANTIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY. Fvery Saturday, at 3 I*. SI., from pier No. 4 .North river, the r'enni aidewheel steamships EAGLE Givene Saturday, March It! COLt'MRIA Barton Saturday, March 23 MORRO CASTLE Adams Saturday. March 30 GARRISON A ALLEX, Agents, No. 5 Bowling Green, New York. FOR ST. THOMAS ANI> BRAZIL. UNITED STATES AND KtM7.IL MAIL STEAMSHIF COMPANY. REGULAR MAIL BTEAMEHS, sailing on tho 2CJ of every month:? A MI'. It RIM AC, Captain George B. SllPum March 21 NORTH AMKRICA. Captain L. F. Tlmmerman.... April 22 SOUTH AMERICA, Capia'n E. L. Tlnklepaugh.... May22 Tbei-e elegant Wnrom sail on schedule time, and call at St. Thomas, Pcra, Pernambueo. Batili an 1 Rio Janeiro, going and returning. Kor enga'ren?nt? of freight or passage apply to GARRISON A ALLEN. Agents. No. 6 Bowling Grecti, New York. THE NEW YORK AND WEST INDIA MAIL STEAM Packet Company. Trl-monthly United State* mall line between New York and Bertwua, Jamaica, St. Domingo. Porto Rico, St. Croix, St. Kitts, Antigua, Dominica, Martinique and Bar bad oe a. Sailing days, 1st, 10th and 21th of each month. M>~gan ilarrl". President; I.ecrand G. Caper*, Vloe President; C. M. Delmare, Secretary. For freight or passage or any further information apply to THOMAS J. OUTERBRIDGE, Agent, 112 Front street, New York. FOR GALVESTON, TEXAS?SAILING WEEKLY. TEXAS LINK. . The Al steamship EUTERPE Eldrldge, commander, 1* now receiving freight at pier 20 Ea*t river. For freight or passage, having superior accommodation*, apply to C. H. MALLOP.Y k CO., I 153 Maiden lane. FOR GALVESTON, TEXAS?REGULAR LINK.?THE fine, fastund favorite steamship TYBEH, D. Caulkins, commander, will leave pi?r No 4 North nv?r, on Saturday, March ltj, at S o'clock P. M. preclselv, for Galveston, Texas, direct. For freight or passage, baring superior accommoda tions. apply toSPOFFORD.tlLESTON ACO., 8? Broadway. Receiving freight now. FOR NEW ORLEANS?BLACK STAR LINE.?TnE slesniKhlp HCNTSVfLLR, Cantnln Crowe'1. will leave pier 13 North river, on Saturday, March 16, at !> P. M. For freight or passage, having hundaom* ai-cominodations, apply to R. LOW DEN, Agent, corner of Cedar and West alreets; DAVID McCOaRD. Agent in New Orleans. FOR N>-W ORLEANS DIRECT.?STEAMERS Saturdav. March Irt. and Wedneailav, March 20. ? FIRST CABIN, Sfln AND t'A SECOND, ?30. Apply to J. M. FONTANE, No. 3 Broadway. FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. The new and first class elonmshlp GENERAL MEADR, Captain A. W. Sanipnon, wlil leave pier No. 9 North river, on Saturday, March If, at 3 o'clock P. M. Por freight or passage, having unsurpasied accommoda tions, apply to H. B. CROMWELL A CO., M Weet atreet. The GEORGE WASHINGTON will follow /arch 23. STAR LINE FOR NEW ORLEANS.-THE NEW YORK Mail steamship Company'* fine ocean Meamers will leava pier 46 North river, at 3 P. M., as fallow*:? MONTETJJY on Saturday. March 1& MARIPOSA on Saturday, March 23. Ml SSOIJRI on Saturday, March 30. All bills of ladlug signed at the ollloe, upon the pier. For freight or pauage apply to C. K. GARRISON, Preslifent, No. S Bowling Green. OR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT.?ATLANTIC COAST Mail Steamship Company'* new and flirt clef light draught sid^wbeel steamship RALEIGH, Captain Marsh mau. will leave pier No. 3d North river, for the above port, on Wednesday, March 20, at 3 P. M. For freight or passage, having unsurpassed accommoda tions, apply to LIVINGSTON TOX A CO., 88 Liberty street For savannah, oa., every thcrsdaY?the Atlantic Coast Mail Steamikip Company'* sldewheel steamship* GENERAL BARNES, Captain Morton, sail* Thursday, March 21. HERMAN LIVINGSTON, Captain Baker, sail* Thursday, March 28. From pier 38 North rlrer, at S o'clock precisely. Through passage ticket* and bill* of lading to all points In connection wtth the Central Railroad of Georgia. For freight or passage apply to LIVINGSTON, VOX k CO.. Agents. 89 Liberty street. EmpireTVse for savannaiT Every Saturday, from pier 13 North river, Punctually at 3 o'clock I". M. The favorite sldewheel steamships SAN SALVADOR, Nickerson, commander, sails Mareh Ml SAN JACINTO. Atkins, commander, sails March S3. Through tickets and bills of lading to all points in connee. tion with Central Railroads ol Georgia, Atlantic and Golf Railroad and Florida steamers. Elegant passenger accommodations. GARRISON k ALLEN, No. ft Bowling Green, N. Y. FOR CHARLESTON, S. C.. THE FLORIDA PORTS and the Southland Southwest. The popular and elegant Fteamshlp QUAKER CITY. Captain William 11. Weet, la now receiving cargo, and will sail on Saturday, Mareh 16, at S P. M., fn m pier 14 Fast river, eonneatlng at Charleston with steamer DICTATOR, for the Florida mrta. ARTHUR I.EARY, 73 William street. FOR CHARLESTON. 8. C?TnE PEOPLE'S MAIL Steamship Company.?Tho regu'ar and popu'ar steam, ship MONEKA, Captain Lebhy, will lenve on Wednesday, March 20. at 3P M., from pier No. ;W North river, landing freight on Saturday morning at Chnrleston Through ticket* and bills of lading Issued to all poinU South in eonnee'lnn with the South Carolina Railroad. LIVINGSTON, FOX A Co., Agents 8? Liberty street CUARLES1 ON 'STEAMSHIP LINK. " I SAILING EVERY SATURDAY. The new and elegant side-wheel steamship MANHATTAN, ClIAS. COLLINS. Commander. 1s now receiving freight at pier No. 3 North riT?r, at re duced rates, and will sail for Charleston on SATURDAY, Mareh J6, at S P. M. The steamer ADELE will rnllow, March ?. For freight or jiassage apply to HENRY R. MORGAN * CO? Agents, 26 Broadway. EDUCED RATESTT R NEW YORK, NORFOLK AND RICHMOND STEAMSHIP LINE, Callinc at City Point both ways. The One steamer Washington, Chichester, commander. The above steamer receive* freight dally at nter 15 East river, and will sail on Saturday, March 16, at VIM., or sooner If loaded. . , _ M ... This line Is prepared to receive and forward goods with despatch bv all the Southern railroad routes. For freight or passage apply to JAMES HAND, 104 Wall street. GISBORNE ANTI.FOCLINO AND ANTI-CORT.OSIVE Palut for Iron and wooden veaael* for sale at the COMPANY'S OKFICK. 1R Nassau .treet TRAVELLERS' OnOK. Hudpoh rivrr and r *11,no vns? Train! for Albany an<l Tror. co.inerttn,: wiih Northern anil Western train*, leare New York. rU Hudson R'rer Rail road. Thirtieth street and Tenth arena*. ? and 1) A. M.. and 8 4* 8-10 and 11 P. M.; and ria llarlfw Railroad, Twenty, alith etreet and Fourth arentie, at II A. M and 4:15 P. M. The ti HO !? M. train via Hudson Klver will rtin on flundars. Sleeping cars attached to t?.30 and 11 P. M. trains. On ? ?J P M train la also attached a "luring car erery r!sr exnept 1ns Paturday*. which I* run through to Ogdensburg rut IV W and O. Railroad, without changw. Hundar train on Hudson R'rer ft and. New York to Pouih keepsle and return, leiring New York at * SO A. M.. and o? llaiN-m Road. Korty-aaooad ?tr#ct to MiUurtoa and return, tearing New ? MVANDF.RBTLT Tlee-Prrsldent. EXPRESSES. A?BCRNHAM'S PURNITtTRK EXPRF.SS, 115 WKST . Eleventh otreet, near Hlith arenuo. Furniture mored. In city or couutry. Furniture packed and ihlpixtd. Furni ture stored. Money adrancod on Furniture. AST FREIOHT LINE TO DENVER CITY, FOR HALT LAKE ?nd all principal points lu C0l0r?u0. New Mellon, and the Territories. Till? MERCHANTS' DR8PATC1I, AMERICAN EXI'KKHM COMPANY. Proprietor!. TTsrlng perfected arrangement* with Wells. Fargo A Cfl.'s Ureat Owihii4 Boole, are prepared to :ire thr mii'i fr-tghl contract* from New York Boston, Alhmy, HulTnlo Clevn land. Toledo. Petrolt, Ch *ag<\ Mqrlnnuti, hi. I.ont", and principal cities cast of l!ie V to UKNVF.ll, on goods going to all points I", lie TV rt: iries. Freight ?hli:pe<f by the New Rail RoiMo. Tta Omaha, end Well*, r'argo k Co.'s Overland Past Pi*wht Line. Claim* for losses, damages, Ac. promptly adjusted by Our agents at de*tln.itlon. T^or Inforroat'nn regarding rstns, controels. Ae., apply to A. H. LIVINOHTON. 1,S Mnrra7 sl-ect. Now York; O. O. *ini?KR. 79 Washington street, Boston; and to our agent* At all tho principal cltle*, Hl'OO RICHARDS, Agent, Peneer City. THEO. P. TRACBY, tg-nt. Salt l.ake tSty. R. T, UlU.F.-tPIF.. Aeent.Yirg.nla City. VarebU, 1887. B. Cl'MMINO-t, Uup't, Buffalo, N. T. ARUY ARDRAVT CLAIMS. TJC ?. aad Mary Hanker, principal olUfce 178 Mouth >treat; OCNTY NOW RRADY POR PAYMENT.?BOI.DIRRN, taring In your discharges. I'anh given oa all good olalm*. Beanty collected lo one month HKO. 0. MBi.VIN. Army aad Nary Hanker, principal ofllte US South utreet; branch office *1 Bowery. flAMI Wll,l. BE PAID roil BOUNTY AND ALL ty other cl.lm* ncalnst lh? iorernment. KSUBRM T9U, At lock ?*., InWn art ? Wall at. Wtw Tftfc. THE LECTURE! SBASOW. DE CORDOVA WILL DKt.lVER A LF.CTrBB* Ilfc Chariet ?treet Coiled Presbyterian church brtw??a Wnverle? place and Fourth <t?: even n;, M?r?h< 1?. nt 8 o'clock, for the of tho .-^bbaih school. du(H ject ?" Miu Jonen' Wedding?No Carda." Tlcaei*. 50 cents* For Ml* at tne door. IMPORTANT LECTURES DAILY?TO OKNTf.EMBS only, at tho New York Mufc-utn of as.ton ?; . i'.a ?... >ad. way. Thone unable to atteuj the*e lectures :n it roreWe e. copr bj forwarding ten oenu. Addreta 8?cr*-irf of Sear Tcrk lluMum of Anatomj. 618 Broa-iway. KKSTALK ASTR. PETEB'8 AMERICAN RESTAt-RANT^ riuifii oct ruuicu. PAKia. WE STILL LIVE AT THE CENTRAL RAILROAD Depot, foot of Liberty street. North river. The re? tauraat u now open from ? tn the morning till half-p<i*t It at night for the accommodation of paaaenceri. I. vdio< and gentlemen can depend upon getting their meal* at tin- short* eat notice aud uo fear of ini -1 ns tr.e bo-it. BENJAMIN HONEY, Caterer. THE COURTS. SUPREME CD WIT?CHAMBERS. Action for Divorce on (Hp (ireind of Aliened Cruel Trrntment?Motion for Alimony. Before Judge E. D. Smith. Hoffman t*. Ho J man.?This Is an action for limited divorce, on the ground of alleged cruel and .nbuman treatment of the plaintiff by d fondant. who is a practis ing physician of this citv. Tho complain Reta forth various a' ts of oll?2cd cruelty, and tho affidavit of the plaintitfslates that on tho wedding day the defendant declined taking his ordinary meals with her; that she was afterwards compelled 'o do menial work ia her household, and hud been severely censured by her hus. band for not having polisbrd h!j hoots to the requisite degree of glossiness; that he : assaulted and attempted to strangle her an i had torn portion* of hair from her head, and that while keeping a boarding house the de fendant had been very violent towards her lor presum ing on one occasion to receive the weekly payments of the boarders, be nrropai Ins to himself tho complete and absolute ooutrM of tho family finance department. The alUdavit also alleges that he bad procired another man as a boar.ler to Fle'-p tn hi>i (defendant'*) bedroom. which of course was tho plaintiff's also, and that she bad tbo privilege of sleeping In a room in comnmv with her husband and a strange man, or of providing herself with sc.table and more sequestered apartment v, and that she had on seve ral occasions been compelled to seek protection from police magistrates. The affidavit of the defendant denies specifically every charge of croel or improper treatment, or that his wife was ever compelled to the protection of the polico courts by reason of his acts. Tho case rame before this court vest?rday on a motion for temporary alimony, pending the trial of tbo action. Tho motion was denied by tho Court on the ground that th re was no preponderance of ovldenco, but wtthont prejudice to a renewal of the motion upon additional affidavits. SUPERIOR coum. Allrgpil Breach of Contract. Hi fore Justice Garvin. Albert D. Bishop Jamn L. Jac'rton ft Co.?Thhl was an action for damues tor a failure to deliver cer* ta:n Iron for the building ot' a largo derrick for the Navy Yard. The p'alntill claims that the defendants agreed to give him the iron and do other work for him within four months, and that in fact they failed to dekver him tho Iron within eight months compelling hi m to buy other iron, ca'tsin; him other on'lavs and losses, the whole of which h" sums tip to $27,009. The defendant? say that tho plaiptif! himse'.f was in tanlt In not giving the plans required by tho contract, and that they an not respnnsibilite for tho ot'oer charges. The case waa summed up by counsel yesterday morning, after which Justice fiarvin char^cd' the .iurv. He commenocd by complimenting them on tire n'tention they ha I paid to tho testimony, and that it would he unnecessary for him to recapitulate it. He then read tlio contracts between tbo parties, and stated that it was a question of fact for them (the Jury) whether the defendants had failed to complete their contract. If th?v hnd, the next ques tion was had tho plalntlfr l.imself failed? If he bad ha could not recover alilmtieh tho defendants bad broken the contracts on their part If the plaintiff bad per formed bis part ot' tho contract nn I the defendants had not plaintiff" was entitled to so much damage as he had sustained by tho defendants nen.completion. The de fendants were entitled, l?v r.av of counter claim, to the value of tho rolling machine built by them for the plain tiff. The jury retired, and after a short absonce re turned a verdict f.>r p'a ptiff for f6,00Q. Townshend and Gaibraith for plaintiff; \V. E. Dodge for defendants. COflMCN PLEAS?CHAMBEBS. Arrest for Non-Payment of Flnea Imposed by a National <?nard l(?(lm?nial Court Mu> tlal. Before Jud^e Cardozo. In re Augtultu Murdoch.?The relator, Augustus Mar dock, a member of tho Thirty-seventh regiment N. O. 8. N. Y.. had boon committed to Ladlow street jail fo? non-payment of a zntiiMa fmo imposed by a regimental court martial. The case came bofore this court yesterday on a writ of habeas corpus Tor tho dlechargs of the petitioner, who disputed through counsel tlio regularity and jurisdiction of the court mnrtial and iu: proceeding. Toe prisoner was dl-oharc d by this court on tho ground that tho warrant tor hip urrest should havo been drawn In tho namo of tho petitioner only, and not embracing tit* names of somo half dozen others. COURT OF GENERAL SESSIONS. Before Judge Basse!. At the opening of the court yesterday tho City Judge proceeded to pass EonUneo upon the prisoners who were remanded. Mary Brown, a female pickpocket, was sent to tho State Prison for four years. Ann A Amos and Clara Knody, who were gnllty of receiving stolen gooUs, were sent to tho Sing Sing Prison for three yearn. Edward Cody and John ElkoH who violated tho boat law, were fined }100. John Nelson, guilty of an awault and battery, waa lined $50. Samuel Campl>elt, a eond :ctor on the Eighth Avenue Railroad, was tried lor an illc-'ed assault and battery. The complainant, Uiarles WcM, residing at 269 Spring street, swore tHut on tho 7th of ."eptember last he waa riding on an Eighth avenue csr, and gave the conductor eleven cents tor his fare and th it of a friood, believing it to bo a legal fare. Tho conductor made several at tempt* to thrust him off the car, and Anally succeeded; but previous to doing so he <>(l*>red to return him tho mon"y. The Judro decided that tho conductor was only carrying out tho n:'fs of the company and conld not bo held liable. Tho jury rendered a verdict of not guilty. Samuel R Starr (\vho wa? a carman in the employ of William J. Sym-i A Co , 300 Broadway), was tried on a charge or stealing flfty platolf. The testimony waa oon clusivo, show in . that l.o took the property and sold It to James Smith, a lork^inith in East Houston street, glv ng tlif name of Clwric tPearPon. Smith subsequently dis posed of the pistols to Wellington & Carter. As there was no proof to s!<ow that more than ons pistol waa taken at a time, the j.iry rendered a vsrdlot of petty larceny. There were a larre number of indictments for misde meanors on the calendar, but in consequence of tho In disposition of counsel they could not bo tried. COURT CALENDAR?THIS OAT. PcTR*jrs Contr? Crocrrr, ?Noe. 11, 07,101, 112. 114. lis, 49. 120, 1X2, 123. 124, 1S7 to 136, Inclusive, and 2ft. > THE WEEKLY HERALD. The Cheapest Newspaper and Res* Literary Journal in tho Conatry. The WEEKLY H'jiiU) for tbo present week, now reedy, can tains two very interesting stories, entitled "JOE ROBKRtVON' S P0LLT" "THE WORK OP A NIGHT." Poit*t?"Sosxrr," "Brokk* Idols" and "Tar Gnu. roe Mr." It also contains:?Tho very Latest European News by the Cable and tho Malls tip to tbo honr of publication; The Fenian Situation In Ireland and America, embracing our very interesting Athlone Correspondence, all the Cable Despatches, Proceedings of Meetings In Washing ton, Chicago and El*owhoro, the Fooling in Cac.vla, and an Epitome of the Grand Rally of Uis Brotherhood la this city, Ac.; Our Washington Pes patches, embracing our Special Reports of Important and Interesting Mat tors transpiring at the fceat of Government, the Pro ceedings of Congress, Ac.; The Iron-clad Dundorbergj Tho Floods Id tbo South and West; Tho Monthly Report of the Bureau of Statlstios; Tabular Record of Losses by Flro In Fobruary; Sole of Auto graphs; The (torrent News of the Wrok, em bracing all interesting Political and Local Events,! and the Latest News from Mexico, tbe West In dies, South America, tbo Paciflo, ha; Varieties:, Our Musical and Theatrical Review for the Week: Facetiw; Foreign Gossip; Artistic,, Mln> ing, Religious ahd Literary Intelligence; Editorial Arw tides on tho prominent topics of tbo day; Our Sporting Record, containing Aquatic, Turf and' Fistlo reports; The Fish lone, Irosn our Special Paris Fashions Correspondent; Our AOTlcuHnrn' Budget,* containing valuable and interesting reading for farmer# and Gardeners: Reviews of tbo ("attl^ Horse, Dry Goods, and Boot and Shoo Markets; Financial and Commercial Intelligence; Marriages and Deaths; Adverti nro -nta, and accounts of ell important and Interesting events of tho week. Trims ?Single subscription, |i| Three copies, W? Fire copies, St; Ten copies, $15. Single eoplos, Five cents each, a limited n itnber of advertisement* ? ?mod la th* Whho-i Hum