Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1867, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1867 Page 7
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MEXICO. (TJI CPEC1AL VERA CnU2 C3H ESP3NCCNCE. JTrench Rear Gaird ut Solrdid-PuiMltl Nu - oho and Mndrltlu Occupied b> Llbi'rnlt ?*cabrd* AwalliiiK tlic Itrnult of Diaz's JHuveuflt-Ueapalic KuIa In Vera Cruz. Vera O.t's, Marcb 3, 1S67. TUa military situation remain* the game as yesterday, ?With the following exceptiom The French rear Is at ?olcda<L. Faso del Macho and Madellia are o^cupiel by the liberal;. Porlirio War waa marching upon Mexico, and concentrating troops around that capital to the number of twelve to litt?on thou-.ind. I learn by a special courier, who camo from the city of Mexico on tbe 27th of February, that Diaz was to have a review of his troops yenerday at Humautla pre paratory to the expected attack on the city of Moxlco. In the meantime Kscobedo awaits the rc-ult, and holds himself aud bis command In readiness to en^o Max and his g neruls now at Quer.-taro In ca*e the latter attempt to go to the aid of the garrison. A lar-e force of imperialists have arrived I.ere at Vera Cruz, and Gen?-nil Gomez ba? arrived to command. Artillery in being parade in our Mr nets, and there are plenty of imperial Mexican troopa about ns. In addition to the pi-rsons exiled yc-ierday, there ware a number who were warned againet the expression Of opinion*. CU3 HAVAKA COK'iESPJNO'lKE. Imperinlist Accounts or the Sit un lion?Con. tradictory Iteporta-Tlir Taking of Z a in or a? liberals Attack Tacubavn, Havaxa, March 9, 1887. Tfca English steamer Mersey, from Vera Cruz on tbe 34 InA, arrived at this port ycMerday, with dates from tbo Mexican capital to the 21st ult. The news is from Imperialist sources, and appears ia tbe following order of dates:? Fna. 10.?It ia generally believed that when the Em. paror set out from tbls cliv, to place himself at the bead of the army which Is in Queretaro, be had not abandoned tbe idea of a national Congress, as proclaimed in the Ori xaba manifesto; and that. while he goes resolved to ffaafc on th? military operations, be will not omit to talca tbe neees-ary stops towards tbe realization of a Con. greaa. The Minister Garcia AgoUre accompanies his Majaaty. Geueral Marques:, who did not return on the ?? w*? reported, will be in the capital in a day or two. The JPr? of yesterday says that Maximilian was ia tbo ?out of a tight which took place with the guerillas of Tngato, and tlmt u sergeant who was receiving orders from him was shot at his sid'\ ***? 18.?There aro no tidings or tho Emperor after hla arrival at Topeji del Hio. It is said that tbe news of tbe departure from this capital of the forces which ao oompaar hi? Majesty to Queretaro created con si terub'n uarm in Toluca, where thu liberals wore afraid of b'-iCL' ?lalted. B ??According to the ruivices received on the lotli by tl)6 last diligence, Moreli&hfid not boon occupied WT ? liberals. General Mendrs nu i his forces loft, that ?ity on the loth. lie harangue 1 tbo troops in tbe morn in* on tbo public plrtza. simply telling tSem thai ho w n Starching l?v superior orii-r- to meet the er.enr.. When the dilig.-nc le t tin ;;r er.ila o.' Quere'aro, the for s were leaviu?:. Those ?' Miurvnlio had received orJors to make ready fo<- ini;n" iat? departure. Along th<* read cf the rill gence it wa? rumor~d in Tolocn that Honda had entered Morella oti the l ull a ?(even A M. Very few families of Morelia Lad < V.i. crated to other States. it ????? a.?ain s -?erU",l at tin* 1.- t nour that tbe division ot iiend z took tbe direction of Onereuro The forces of Geoenl V ilverde, from Ita-ca, had con oontrated in Znnora, before said plica was attaclro l br Marquez and ltegi'lep. colonel ilern?? \\k-at ttie Y-al or the imperialist garrljon, which, after t..o utmost r Hatanoe, evacuated the place, aud threo days later ar rived at Morelia. In the latter to?r. nothing was known ?boo* the (ate ol' Zamora after the ;,'arri-'?n left it. *"*?? 21.?The liberal foroos Irons Toinca which ap peared on the 19th near Tacibav.i re!ire4 .nhortlr afi??r I and the communication v.-as rc-entahlithed between that Puce mm tbe Mexican capital. Tho Jitr savt that some or tbe liberals, when that force approached Tiicubava advanced towards the hacienda of l?". Teja, h'it U> J witn precipitation tbo moment en Austrian cavalry deiiicbl meat were in sight. S,ino aliot>: were heard that ru^ht Mar the ea ? of fr>an Antonio Abad, owini* prubab'y to tbo appearance o* a party or liberals. A formal yud not be feared against Mexico city, as tno eti<-mv's were, Tbo Xrt repeats thai tlx- i>ian of tbe government:a to limit the <nrri?on t.? covering tbo partmet ir of the capita!, and to iiiaiutaiu its Iran jaunty, in ? a?e Puabta. be alia. Iced, there i? not tli<> l?Mt Tear of danger. ?av? tbe 1, -v. Tb-re ni'irt tban three thousand inoa to dotond It, nud it would re. Stiro a force of cinht thojjiatid oryan;;:e?l troop.-, ?corresponding artillery, be'ornit. c.<,id bo seriously endangered, l'uebla, by itteif, 1b as atnmg a city as Moxloo. With respect to the Interior the Err says:?"Passen -?*? bore juat left General Miramon in tjuoreiaro new forces and pr pnrlng the olem-'utiof a 4itiiivi campaign. TIjo rumor 01* a Imtita botAveeo hiui and tbe liberal* is completel/ cuutrad;ct"d. The enemy wo* undor the orders of Recobedo, tietween cftau Velipe OMd San W guel de Aliunde, and apparently waiting an oocoonter, for which they wero prepiriitg. Tho report of bi? having had tbo prisouers ba captured iu San Jacinto ahot tn nouc is Incorrect; but unfortunately it ia contained that Joaquin Miramon. who wat among tbe aombar, was killed." Tbe Cnm'tta has been informed that an order wns *Jven tbat none of th^ generals present In Queretaro are Co taka the initiative In tbe military operations before tbo arrival of Maxim :lu>n. i Private letteis from Vera Cruz, under date of the 2d taait at the last hour, say:?"We aro ail in oxcitement. Tbo literals tbteaten v.-ra Cruz. Tliem is no roinuiUDi oation with the luterior, excepting by couriers." A rumor was gaining ourrency in Vera Oru/. tbat Maxi mUian, before be leaves tbe Mexican roil, would, in rz (??Mil and as a last resource, doff tho emperor's gaudv thuei for the President s more modest garb, as he would bave done long ere this b id be bud hi> owu v.-^land not barn overruled by a princes* of a far mort^siweriul Blind than bis. QueryIj it not too late to make tbe motamorpliOM* at tbe elevpith hour, bowevnr concili atory it might be both to lae au l American Mdaur Tke Rnmored Ocrispntion of .Hexico City Denied by Naxiiniliati'a Agroi in Sau ? VraaeiKu. Sax Kiuxcisco, March 15, 1SC7. Manuel Guillen, agent of ibe Kmparor MaximiHin, ia thia city, pnbilfctes a card contradicting tbo statement tbat tbe cif.7 of Mexico Has captured 1./ tbe I'i'OraN on iholTtbof February. He says tbet bn has ii.ter infot mation that tbe imperial ticneral llatqnez was in pog3e> aion of tha city at the time reietred to. HLW JiiHREY INTELLIGENCE. Ilakaken. Kavivai. i.r rnz Gikiiutnu Srs-j;*.?On Thursday a1(ht agnatic nail, while walking near 1'rospect atre.i, was Ml upon by d?apc:-uJoe.i. one of plvod c plaster acro&s bis month and be wus then throwr. to tho ground. Laicfcily he po^.ic??ed vetv little money, and tbe rnfflaon in tbeir disappointment took tbcir depiar.urc without gtviug further iroi-atattoc. IlndKon City. Saiooi. Tkacuiss tor. iin iio.?Tbe following cccnrrence places in a new light tbe relations between school teeeheve and tbe parents of tbeir pupils:?A lsily wbo baa children attending Public School No. 2. In Lux Vmvllle, called a lew mornings ago at tbe tcbool t.nd .n paired for tbe teacher, Mis* Webb. Ihc lidy opening tho door, replied, "I im Miss Webb.'' and was im mediately set upon b. the visitor und receded a thorough oowhldlng. Tho principal. Mr. Hovt. attracted by the criee for a**nro, ru?hed ui the rc.-cue, but ha too was made to (eel the weight of vroman'K vengotincc. Tbocanseof this Ama/.enian conduct wn?, ilistoneof tbo asaailant'a children bail been pumsbci at s'hooi ta* ?bo ctmii tered) too severely. Pawrwo. Tbs St* .Miiji Pntrn OitrtNAxra Erminp ? It wiU b? remembered tbat tbe Common Council of Patersoa re cently passed an ordinance forbidding tbo frte P. ilvav Company runnlnir tbeir tiains through tbat city at a faster rate of speed tbnu six miles an hour. J be tail way antboritleii th' ti cease<l gelling excursion tickets between that city and New York, and contemplated the cec?at on of the sale ol oommnlutlin ticket*. Tbat action much inconvenience to tbe Patorson people, and at the last meet ng of tbe Common Council tbe obnoxious ordi nance wa< repealed, and a committee appointed te confer witb tho railroad oflV Uls. STATES tSLASIl IWTELH6EWC-. Vio^tnov or tbb T.xanz Liw.? JustlR Brandf, Chr.rU ? Amander. Mathew Rngllsb, of Ulddlctown, and Adolph Sclinuffer, and John Tale, 0f New Brighton, were yester, day arret;'ed at Btaplelou, H L. for selling liquor without a license, and were fully committed to take tbcir trial ior tbe offences charged againsi them. Firk.?On Thursday last the hat fsclcry cf Lec A. Co., an Biy street, Stapletoe, wa* discovered to be on tire. The (lame* rapidly extended lo the sereral Coors of tbe building. The Ore, howc or, by the exert.on of the poiice <uid firemon, wae extinguished before extensive damage bad been dona. i LONG ISLAND UTELLISEXCC. t'tir-rn Dmrantn At SotrrnoLP.?lelerTRting iedi tatory services were held on Tliursday In connect im With the opening of the new Methodist Episcopal church it South old, L. I Ihc new church l? rai-cd on the ?'!? of 'ho old one, which was found to have become too email to hold tbe numbers who were anxious to *tu nd under Its roof. The atnetura Is a plain but auUtaniial ^oildmv. capable 0f holding about four hundPd rersons cotnfortebly. Ibis town bas been the seat of a church of Methodist Fpircopatlsns for upwards of tb'rty years, The *er ipes on Thursday were coaducusti by tbe Rev. Cyrm L\ Foes, minister of Ht. Patil'i church, who praachci on tho occasion two fermons, morning and ovenlng, the former beinir founded on Hebrews xll., 8. ?nd tb? latter on 1 Peter, i., S and 7. Tho reverend fnt'eman was assisted by the Revs. Messrs. Nickenon Jj?d Pike, of (Jre?npointj K?td, at Cntchogoe; heeve, of Qriai, and Whlitaker, resident alolittr of the I'reabyto rlan rb'reh of Southold. The cost of the building has m:irly all l>e?o ra'-ed, there belo bat* balance of be tween |&x) and $oOH u> bo ouilocUML THE NEW POST OFFICE SITE. Meeting of the Oounclltnnnle Sprrial Commit* tcr?Arirtimenls for null nvnlnat the Pro* potted Male of the Park to il?e (Government? The (Xijr II a 11 tor a Post OHIce?Another Merlins to lie Held* Arc. The special Committee of the Board of Coonctlmea appointed to hear parties on the subject of selling the loner angle of the City Hall Park to the government for a Post Oflice site met yesterday afternoon, Councilman Gilmore presiding. Councilman Hart ?u the other member of the committee proecat. Tlie Chairman stated that the committee wore pre pared to hear the views of any gentleman on tba matter. Mr. John McKa'hon, of 61 East Twenty-first street, then aaid that if the Common Council refused to sell t'ie ground to the government the result would be that the railroads would take pomeenion of the round f<* nothing. The building of the 1'oJt o-Tlee would interfere with the view o; tho splendid building of the N'-:w York Hsp.ald, though the building of tho Post Oftleo there would be an advantage to Yr. Bennett, whoso building wns cert nnlv an ornament to the city The <'nairman? What about tho puUic In tne matter. Mr. MoKaCsou?The ra !roads would get it for nothing if >o? don't sell it. Too best war would be to npon Peck slip through Frankfort and t'pnjce streets, through through the Part to Broadway. That would improve prop ny. The Chairman?The cost of that wonld he more tiian thn price wo would pet for the ground in the Tart, $600,000. IIow would it do to open Ann street? Mr. McHiftW?Tho cost of that, on account of the price of lah"r, uould he high, but it would cut our property through, and wo fought it on that account already, ami wculd attain. The Chairman - How wonld you like to have Ann str et opened on the sooth side? (Laughter.) Mr McKi< tako down that monument of Mr. Bennett's? O, no, *o could not do that No price would | bv us for owning on thnt side. I think tho opening of the Peek Blip street would he the best. Wo were ofl'ered a high pric.> for our property, but it would never pav to have Ann strre' wldeood. Coitpr-iiman Green next s; oko lu favor of leaving mat ters ?s the/ nro. Tho Chairman asked Mr. McKasson If fnion square would not be tho best site for tue Post Oflice, because tho city is crowing up that war. and it %> oold take live years !o b?il I tho Pout Office. All tho European steamers land above < ar;o street now, and the lower part of the citv is already toonancli crowdod. Mr. McKas.'o . r'plicd that the c:ty grovs slowly up wards, ant that I: v.- II he Ion? before Union eqo ire is as control a* the Park. Ho then asked Mr. Green If there was not n fueling among tho Cuuncilinen that the railroads would tako poasamlon of the property for nothing if it wi s not sold tu the government. Mr. Gkkrn rei 'ied that the suiij-ct never came ap in that way In tho Bf.ari of Cotimilraen. The Chairman?Would not Union square bo the beat place for the Post Of!!ce? Mr. Grsen?No. This has been *o!octod by the govern ment with a treat deu; of cure. Tho citv is not growing so las: a-: to mnko Union square the host. p|ac\ Tho Chai max?Yes; but that smectian was made a few years ago only. whon tho government was at war arid when it \>.as threatened grass would g"iw in Broad* way. >? r Cp.r-rv?No; [t was only a fe v months ago. Vr <; \\. P*'.', ns\'t spoke. Ho said tha noiso and crowd was against t:io place for a post office; that tho around is unsuitable for ?? titic building; that it would bn a curve, only one straight fac>; the rooms in the building would bo ltieoave:i!?nt and ill-s'aip'd on account of tho curve; th ? appearance would bo rno;t un gainly. Tiier> are man- bettor sites for a Po?t offloe. Tne price to b > paid lor the ground is too small, and w hy should New York ::oli to the government for le** than tho value Ho fotvldered the City TIa!i would make a good Post office} it is a han isome, suitable bui:?Jtp.g, alrca-iy prepsr-i!; and tho city govoruni'nt c >ul; get a go >d price fur it, wbicb wouH put up au ele. gant City Hall on another sue Those were all the re mark- he had to make on the subject. Vr. II Kassok then commenced a statement of what he woe Id do with tho railroads and tho Battery if he were at Albany, nf: v.blch desultory conversation tools the plne.e of thn formal (feeling. In tho course of tlrs it na* s.atod bv lite clia'raian of tho committee that tho groHinl in too Park which it ir? proposed to sell to the govem::i?n: for a Post Office site, is a triangular piece of grouud ;>T5 feet or. each fine, ani consisting of fourteen lots at rroond in nil, he understood The committee then adjourned for a week. > 1 11 ? - POLICE INTELLIGENCE. Alms^ed Tlr.Avr Lakixy.?John F. HousewrUht. a broker, was arraigned boioro Justice Drxlgo yesterday >t the JefflRton Market 1'ollce Court, charged by Goorge Leer?, of Broadway and Fifteenth street, with the thett jf a quantity of United Btatn Treasury notes, amount ing in nil to the value of i",191. The money, as is al. iened by Mr. lleer-1, was <"nta:r.ed in a drawer iti pnfe. anil on tho 19Ui Invtar.t he itwoverod that it was gone. Aj no per-on- utber than he and Mr. Ilnuno wright hod access to the jsfe ho aUspcrtej that tho latter Lad stolon the money, and procured hi* arr ?t On being questioned Mr. Hoaswwrlght declared that an inves tigation w.'ild fdily develop ins entire innoconca of the charge. Uo \va* hold to hail to ann*cr. Raid ok Goat Kxirm*. ?Tho police in the op town prceincts arrest ?d Bis owners of j;oaU yesterday for per mitting t'.ieir property to run at largo in the piblic Ft roots. They worn arraigned bef(>re Justice Keilr at the Fourth tiistrict Police Court, and each of tbem fined. Ivpcstic 05 thk CFTAnmrn-s.?An interesting looking, neatly drossed and rather pretty young girl wits ar raigned at the Essox Market Tulles Court yostordav, charged with soliciting aid front the charitable bv means of a pegging dscument, which set forth that Ma>;j'f<t llyan was an orphan and In destitute clrcum'tan^e-i, and other rnpreseniatioM mad? by the bearer, which tho compUtuan:, also a woman, 6<*ie;l were false. The prisoner refused to answer nnv qu"stlon? put to her bv the Court, decilnlcg to civ * ber name. la consequence of which sfi" wa?i sentcncvl by Jus*ire Man '': Id to the l'?n? tontiary for fix montii=, tli ? ptn ishment boin,j increase'' from :-i*tv da' s, ninety dats, siid lour montba, awarded upon repeated refusal* to rc;>ly to tho Court. Throwxso A*;iss li m.vBtm?Th? police continue making arrrfts for tho above, th*ro boin? y^storday twaniy-"even paries arraiKned at the E.?ft Market Po le* Court 'bus e^iargoil. and two a', the Fovrth District Poilca Court. They ware severally fined by Justices MsnalieM ami Kelly respectively. About thirty p.-rcons v<ore ukeu 1>efore Ju~wce Ik>;;.?u, at the Tombs, on a similar charge. LOVE ft.VD IkUCAS'JM. feme two or three years aso A1 i^ail T. Knapp, a pre possessing yonrg woman ninet^u years of a^e, w:w marriid to the tuaa of hsr choice, at the resilience of her mother, in Ora&r* county. The match proved Ill timed, os Abigail learned v/hsn toj late that she d:d not iovo l;er hasbanl. A separailo i wa? iLe consequence, and subsequently sho came tcj tMs ci'y fo lead au aban doned and .iiscolnte life. Il-jr coma of ci*idu?-t estranged Ablpjil from bT relatives and valued friends, particularly aa ahe seemed to b" past rerlamaMon. For the pn?t ton m?cths sho has been boar<iing at a houso in Greens ctr.' t, during which tlrae she drank to excess and went on occasional sprees Here she became cr.ninored of William fit. Martin, connected with a troupn of miustrels, and alibnuKh ho beat her sevorely at intervals, she seemed to Jove him all the trore. "lie '.eft the city abont a month ajro, since which AbipaJ bra been low spirited und de"i?onden', drinking more freely than over. She wa? once heard to sav that if ist Mnrun did not come back sbo wo;ld commit s-if cide. A week ago Abigail commenced to driuk to excess agttio. and on i uturdav, Sunday and Monday last t-be ap tteirel unusualiy dull and stuj Id. Tf>? laudla W asked ber if fhe ho<l taken laudanum, but she mde no reply. Ou searching the room a vis! labelled Ln.rianuu was discovered, whereupon Information was sent to Abigail's sister, Sarah Wilbur. living at 1T0 Or?*iio str?*et, who had tint unfortunate woman re moved to her t>. n home, and then rallod in np-dt *1 a 1. ."'lie, however, soon becamo Insen llMC, In ?. 'nch condi tion .-ho remained until six o'clock yesterday, when death e:i.*ued. Coroner Wildey, being, notified, held an Inqueat on the body, when tli* foregoing facts were tfeveleped. Wooeter Beach, Jr., M.D., made a p-i^t irortetn cxumioa tion, an 1 found that softening of the brain, aoeoloratod by a dose of laadaaam, wn? the cause of Mb. Tho jury accordingly rendered a verdict to that effhet. !>??? erased was a native of this state. Her sister took charge of the ramaius for interment. THE LOSS 6F THE OANtSH BARK CHRiSTlANA. Of the lots of this vessel, which has been already announced in the Hkiulp, Mr. J. Strieker H rail for J, of No. 67 Broadway, furnishes further partirulars. He snys that the Christ iana, when within t?o miles of tha r-andy Hook bar, was ruu down hy tho stesmdup >?rrh Amer.oa, on the evening of tbo 23<1 of Jauuary, e' stven o clock. Hb'i was ' truck between the cathead int! bow sprit and cut down to the water's edge, an>l nunk In le^S than four minutes. The captain, pilot (John Fredeil, of Seedy Hook>, aud all tb? itew, with the Wtceptlon of the urrt and h'k:oik1 mates and two (r.ot four, iv- lier^fo fore stated) were lost. The two mate.- xaved tbem elves by climbing op. bourd the steamer, and (be two tentnon who mmped Into tho water wore p<< krd up by the ntnai) boats, aimrwt frozeu to d?atii. Tbo < Iglit was pcr foctiy clear and tb? bark had her llghi.i hudg rat, WESTCHESTER IWTEUIGESCE. ArpiTTOfM Gailksiit linarqam i.v Mo*?as*irA ? The work of substituting a larger nam gaa pip* in Fifth street, Uorrisanls, for the one at present la use whs commenced yeefrday raornlog. The t ew one Is to b? three inches in diameter, th- one now in use being only two inches. It is also intended to extend the pip > along thr etreet Item Washlng'.on avenui, wiioi* It now end*;, to Bo-ton roed. Additional gas lamps ore also to be put up. The work Is to be completed in thirty days. Fins ra Wnrra Flaixs.?At an early hour on Wodnes Say morning a fire broke out on the premises of Mr. John P. Jurklns, Whit# Plains, and sUheugh every ofTort was made by the firemen, who were promptly In attend ance, U master the flames, me barn, containing a large smouitt of hay and grata, wss totally consumed. The loss Is ntlmsted to be abou' f tOO. The oceurr nee ia supposed to have been caused ihrongb rarel^esnesi on the part or a laborer employed on the property, who W IB Unt habit ?T HDQklag bia pip* ia the building. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Friday, March 15?6 P. M. Tbe Mock market continues dull, but Ki undertone ia remarkably linn, and for (ha time being the indications are favorable to aa advance. Prices are ao low in moat instanoea, la comparison with what they bave been, that a good basii U furnished for an upward movement of some magnitude, although its progress is likely to be slow and at intervals faltering. Toe street has been Im poverished to such aa extent since last October that men will be prone to realize modem! ? profits whenever they present themselves, and de-perate ventures will be 03 a rule avoided. Money continues In abundant supply to the Stock Exchange at 6 a 7 per cent, the higher rate being generally asked by the banks. There is a fair business being done In the discount line, and the best grade of oommercial paper passes at 7 per cent. Karaos connected with the dry goods trade ore, however, closely scrutinized in consequence of the reoent failures in Pro vidence, R. I. Among these may be mentioned Tuft & Co. (who were agents or treasurers of the Wansegan Mills, Conn.) for $1,500,U90 ; Asa Manton for about $900,090, and Bailey & Eaton for $600,000. The pre vailing depression in trade and manufactures is mainly duo to the uncertain financial future of the country, owing to tho absence of definite Irgislation regarding tho finances. The last Congress si;nallv failed to do its duty in tliis respect,aod the present Congress should there* fore lake action upon the financial question immediately. ThJ discretionary authority which the Secretary of tbe Treasury is now permitted to cxerise over the cur rency, the lWt:ng and fuu'lod debt and the gold mar ket should be withdrawn, as it results in positive harm to tbe entire country. No other Finance Minister in tho world is intrusted with such power as the pro ont Secretary "of the United States Treasury ha?, and thero is no sufficient reason why he should pos?9ss tho ability to derange the monetary afiairs of the country whenever his Judgment or eapriio may dictate. Tlio manner in which ttio feuding pr< ;e?s is being conducted reflects discredit upon the administra tion of tho finances, and the custom of selling tbe Trea sury gold secretly U to bo severely deprecated. Con,.roas should leave nothing of importance t? the dlscroticn of tha S cretary, but provide explicitly for everything no cessary to be done. The contraction of the currency should bo wholly suspended; tho maturing compound Interest notes should bo fu'.Iy provided for; tho conver sion of tho floating Into tho lunded dobt should bo per formed publicly, on terms announced to all, and socret sales of gold, and, better still, all sales should bo pre. hlbited. With such legislation tho country would know what to preparo for, and act accordingly; but with an uncertain financial future a dra^ is placed upon tho wheels of enterprise At the ton o'clock open board railway ahtires wnro stea ly. New^York Central saM at 10:1; Er.e, 5l>'i a ,'j; Heading, 102 (-.3); Michigan Southern, 74%: Cleveland and Pittsburg, 82%; I'.ock Island, 83.-. 98 V; Northwest ern, 35%; do. preferred, 63% ; Paciiic 'Mall, 124 (b. 30). At the first regular board tli ? market was dull, but firm. New Tork Central closed % Mgiier than tt the same time yesterday. Illinois Contral %, Northwestern A,, Fort Wayne %. Onio and Mississippi (ertiflcuies were % lower, TaciQc Mail 1, Canton %. Government securities were steady. Missouri State sixes declined %, and North Carolina sixes advanced 1. At tbe one o'clock session of the opon board the market was firmer, and prices advanced slightly. New York Central sold at 1033?; Erie, 00 <^; Hudson, 136%; Michigan Southern, 74% (b. 3); Illinois Central, 11C%; Pock Island, 86%; N >rtl;west -re, SS ; do, preferred, 63%; Atlantic MaH, 83; Fort Wayne, 8tf% ; llaripo-a preferred, 23%. At tho half-past two regular t-oard the market was moderately hctive and somewhat Irregular. Erie closed % lower thai at tho first board, Northwestern %, Fort Wayne %, Ohio and Mississippi certificates 2, Canton 24i, Michigan Southern %, Cleveland and Toledo %, Noithwestern preferred %, Tai ific Mail 1%. Govern ment securities were inactive, but steady in tone. State stocks were heavy. North Carolina sixes declined 1, Missouri sixes %. At the half-post three open board tho market weakened, Erie selling dawn to 59^, but Im proving to 69 % on the call. New York Central fold at 102% a 103; Reading, 103; Michigan Southern. 74% a %; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 81% a %; Rock Island, 85%; Northwestern, 35%; do. preferred, B3 a 63,%; Fort Wayne, 96%; Pacific Mall, 125 (s. 10); Western Union 'telegraph, 41%; Mariposa preferred, 23%. Subse quently the market became firmer In tone, and at bali'-past five tbe following quotations were current:? New York Central, 102% a 10S; Erie, 68% a %; Read ing, 101% a 102; Hudson, 137 a %; Michigan Southern, 74%; Illinois Central, 116% a%; Cleveland and Pitts burg, 82 a 83; Rock Isi iud, 05% u 96; Fort Wayne, 96% a %; Northwestern, 85% a %; do. preferred, 63% a % ; Paclflo Mall, 124% a 125; Atlantic Stall, 83%; Western Union Telegraph, 41% a %; Ohio and Mississippi certifi cates, 27 a %; Mariposa preferred, 23%. Tin importations of dry goods at this port for the week ending March 14 compare as follows with thow of the preceding week;? ,? March 7.?, ,? Varch 14 . C-wmpiion. Value. rici. Value. itntinfaPt'iroH of wool. 1.3J7 (826,854 1,094 $4^7.2i8 Mamifeetares of cotton DM 317,618 1.088 444,11J Alunufnr'urcs of h;!I?.. 105 249,731 4:!0 32? 4.1 .Man'ifact'ires of lUx.. 9^0 223.S75 S3 5 290,707 Miscellaneous. 019 153,503 821 145,83$ To?a! 3.G.J4 $1,548,030 3,7~J $1,704,390 Wit^d'aim. MsnufartnrM of 832 $392 ?'02 6,50' $2,4*4,006 Manufactures or cotton 908 iios,4.o 7S7 i"?i ktj Manufacture of f lic.. S51 27">.'>*6 319 20**. 177 Mannhiciure* of (lax.. 7SO 2'Z0.012 60J 145,752 Mi.->ceUanejii!) 1,575 37 46 I 114 $3,190 Total 4,355 $1,131,295 7,320 $3,267,049 IIV "'A uvd. Minuf' turi" of wool. 97'! J412.4M 310 $!46,fnt5 an ul?ct tiros Of rot ?on C07 218,028 ii'fl llii,022 Manulficture.'! oi' 170 l^*,4r>l 00 109 4.'0 Manuiacture>i of liax.. 414 11-?,193 870 190,104 MiMOllaueoiM 112 24,W3 8 6,?'Mi Total 2,325 $950,101 l..j32 $.''.87,882 Th? following is an exhibit of tne Wiuess transacted a* tho United States Sub-Trea.-ury, Chicago, for the week ending March P, 1&67:? Rcc-ipts $16,918 DUbaivem'mts 77.28C t'liah on hand (?>? vMi in colli $204,695) 423,119 Cash on hand laat week 4?7,56<j The gold market Las boen very steady, the price liavlni ranged from 134 to 134^, wbilo the closing quotation wa; 134)i a The rumors of over isanas of currency and bonds by tho TroftAury have died out, but doubts still linger in (be public miud, and the proposed Congressional Invettigntion into tbo aiTair* of the department, is generally desired. The forolsrn exchange market showod le?s firmness than yesterday, although tho leading drawers made no redaction in their ratei:?Baak#rs' bills on England sre quoted at 108J? a 109J{ ; at three days, 109 U * )? I commercial bills, 107\ a 109X; frnncs at sixty tUys, 6.18^ a 6.18V; three days, 5.13\ a 6.16; bills on Berlin, 72 a 72'i; on Bremen, 78,a 70; on Frankfort, 41 a 41'?; on Amsterdam, 41 a 41,*%; on Hamburg, 34 a 30,'<; on Antwerp, 5.20 a 6.17^. Mining shares wcro firm but dull, and Alameda Silver experienced a further advance to $7 10. At the first board Consolidated Gregory Gold closed 6r. higher than at the same time yesterday, selling at $12 20 ; Quartz Hill 10a, telling at $4; Alameda Silver 5c., selling at $7. Columbian Gold and Silver was 6c. lower, selling at $2 80. At the second board Columbian Gold and Silver cloeed 5c. higher than at the first board, selling at $2 86; Alameda Silver 10c., selling at $7 10; Atlantic and Pacific 6c., selling at $2 26. Quarts Hill was 15c. lower, selling at $3 86. The foreign Import movement at this port In February was aa follows ISM. 1888. 1967 Entered for eona'm, $5,17 ".774 $17,399,605 $13,3*4,912 1><> for warehousing 8,688.137 11,620 677 11,211,014 Freo goods C20.0fi3 1,504,263 91*,364 Specie and bullion,. 100,704 172,122 186,491 Total entered at n't. $11,473,61* $30,692,657 $21,830,791 Wiibd'n rm. wh'ae. 6,873,819 7.616,543 11,794,168 The duties received daring the eight months ending with February 7, were:? ,'?x month* ending 1M5. 1988. 1967. January 1 $$4,478 003 $*r.,n77,#28 $80,631,671 Jan-ary 4 231.737 12,4.17.474 9,472,248 la!., 4,791.247 12,1-08,^73 11,466.419 Total 8 months..$33,490,987 $89,623,070 $81,470,238 The exports for Febrnary were;? 1885. 1960. 1967. Tiomostlc prodnce.. $16,042,505 $18,768,120 $14,815,040 Ffire.gti fri"e goods. 74.7.'8 26 005 <,0*03 Do. OutlaMO 6.i3,M)9 4<xi.;82 800,003 8ptc:o and bullion* 1,023.201 1,807,0.10 8,124,481 Total export*....$10,774,008 $19,002,537 $Tu7b"o67 lk>. ex. of specie. 15,750, *07 17,105,.'07 15.452,500 SALES AT THE WEW TOM STOCK EXCHANOE. Frlrinr. Marrh 1,1-10.30 A. M. $5?)n r r ???, <91, con,. look 1"0 shs W tniou Tel Co 41K ins If ? IPl 'At ' Wr 8 rs.'91, con .. 10"Vi 100 ?h? V" 1 nlon TelCo 41V: H ???, '81, red . iOI'H 40 do... 41*, tW0? do Mk 116 Weils 4 Fargo Up. M IWCS PO-Hm.'M WTV I Am Kiiktm Co.... 0 >? l'.-&'?, oou. ?;? so Adam*' fcipreM... 8# #0u0 l't?6 ? O w I ? yt> lie, m do I9v^ 6&0 roMU 73 -IB,l?t k UAK 10(1 United KutUui lUp. ftw 1WOM do SAaUftjZ ?' "T^ifi f-tf *1# liwj Tocn tfa, new.... 6i?? lOli'hle 4 Altpcvf li? ?ot do 61?? HSU 1'Actflc Mall 83 Co.. 1JM fct?v Tenn <F?, HO M :? do lMtf llOli N ?:6 ?, ex oou... ?r,' w d? 12H? I40U0 MUMoan ffa...... p.* 2-JUO N T Central UK.. isOJil Kruoklv n fit, w I. M 10.) do lun; 10 0 New York ft1*, "74 MErie KR 7uinohU>4 Muacer... 20 ??l do 6S*s ???.! do b30 29'; mo do *10 WW i <?4) do u? u* v.o do 2d c*u an ??*>* ill Oeut'l RH 7'i,.. 108 200 do b3 fti'f *ajorhtc4 NW'u UtD) Ko ft ) Mich KAMI Bit... 7?1-? 5?? *> Morr?41-:at?xlalm Mo Uki do 74-.' M'J Cbio 4 Alton l?t tn 100 ??>0 111!no,t Central KR II#1; l.? *U? Metropolitan lik 1 J? 4<4 Chicago 4 SW K'S S.VZ -i Fourth National Ilk l<Mi? 100 Otic 4 N W pief U>0 its'. 10 do IIH'4 aw do..... . M'? 6 ? Canton Company... f<i loo d? ?d cill 6HU t? do l>90 50 200 Cleve 4 Toledo RR. 118)2 10 do V'X 200 <So t)M 118 Kfl do b3d o 60iJ 12 do 12-1 >00 do B0 l"OOhlCHgo4K|....miO 9<W? 100 do 2d call SO !M0 J,.". ......T X6 5 i0 do b80 80 &*) do ?Q0 #iU 300 do 49?r 150 d.) 2.1 call M 503 Jlo....... ..... 49vj aooPitU. KtW4 OhlC.. ?>; I0U CumWl'd Co?l ))fd !!5>j 100 do 10? l"eun*jrlT-a t!o*l Co. 160 lixi do 21 cnll 96'; W Went Union Tel Co. 41 10 New Jersey Ce:iUal lli V 28 do 41J? COMMERCIAL RKPORT. Friday, March 1M P. If. AstiM.?Receipts 27 package*. A moderate demand pre vailed at previous price?. Sale# were made of a few packa go* pots at $8 57JS a $8 50. BRKAWrrom.?Ueceipls, 1,175 bbla. Cour. MO do. and 1,800 bag* corn meal, 12.76J bushels eoru, and 2,206 do. oat*. The demand for State and Western ttour waa less active, but priees were well maintained. The sales comprised 8,000 bbls. at the subjoined quotation*. Southern flour was In moderate demand, at previous prices. Hale* wera made of 300 bbls. Bve flour. under a continued lair demand, was very llrm, with ?nles or of SCO bbts. at from $7 ? $1 Corn meal was In hetier demand. The wiles were 2 UW bbl*. at 4% a $;? 60 for Bmndywine. $b 25 lot caloric, aud $5 20 a $6 86 for Jcr *ey. We quote:? .inn. Superfine and V\ estera $8 95 a$1025 l lira State > J? Choice Suite. U ??HlJ njj Common to mc?Uu:n extra Western 10 30 n 11 40 Hxira rotiud hoop Ohio JJ "0 a 11 00 Vi'estern trade brands J* l?e }* JJ Common Southern }j J? Vanes' and extra do Ijf -?? * 1? J? Rye flour (superfine) ?W?a h oo Corn meal, Jer,ey " ?*?* ? Corn meal. Br.indi wine 6 4"a S HI ?Ine wheat market was quiet but Arm. tn *yrauathy with Boar. Sellers had rorne difficulty In placing at yesterday's prees. Calltornu wheat was held at So )>er bushel, and there wai no disposition on the part of holders to accept aryt'iin : less than this price. The sales comprise upwsHs of I.VIKIO bushel*. at $2 liJ for Interior Canada spring. $2 HO ?i r2 4,'> for No. 3 Milwaukee?the Utter prio? for sm.ill lets, <0 a S-t 25 for white Michigan. end $3 lu for Amber Siste.

Coin opened fit in at Si li a *1 HO asked tor mixed \v stern. In store, but at the close won dull, un settled and lower, with free seller* at *' 1?'-: a $1 16 bH. The *ales w ere 62.000 bushe's, at SI 17 a J.I 18 ior mire,1 We.itern. in store, and $1 IS for do. .illoat. 0 its, ui an advance of le. a 2c. per bushel, were tn vigorous demand rho mar?et was exalted end unusually active, with ^ale* of nearly 190,0 0 bathels at bjc. a 67c. f. r Ohio, nn l 7. :. for Western. and 37e. a fi9o. for Silte. Itye llrni order a ro<.d demind; smiles were made o' - i."03 bushels Western at $1 23 a $1 27. Barley was fl-nj-r and more ae'lve. The sales comprise M.0.W bushels at * 11? a il 23 for Canada West, doty jiaul; 87>?c. for West em and $110 tor State. Malt was dull and n rulual. t'A?Dla Adamantine coutuiued quiet, but steady, at 20c. a"'.' Sperm and pa ent wrn uncuhiiiJt'd at 38o. a 40c. for the former and 48c. a Mo. foe the latter. Cono* continued In active speculative demand and holders realized a further advance of from ^r. m Ic per lh. on nea-lv all grade*. The advance was established chiefly oi. the l ett. r qualities, which were offered sparingly. even 1 t too above improvement, rho sales* reaehod nearly O.rOO ; Vk i'.h u.ii"l<et c!o?in,; with a continued upward tendency oil n '.ails r.f 31 ?c. ? ?-"? tot middling uplands and 32,'?o. a for Gulfs. ,, - _ , Corrr.K ? moderate demand ptevallcd for cargoes, mt t'ie continued lirmn?*? of nellers checked transactions. We li e the sikle ui 3,613 bags Rio, ex Uancbrag, on private terms. ItiajoobinR w.iv a sto idy, fair business waa con. i:mtii'at?1 at oar laal quotations. 1 bsioiits w ere st-adv. with fair f.ilr o!T?rloirs. Annexed are the current quotations:?Antwerp?Hosln, Ss. 31.; cot tuu. t!') ir.'-Ji. M.\ provisions. 2fiu; Rrain. 7Kd.: to l. i' :o 3JS.6 !. ; tne surement oodK, 251.; potroiemn, 5k. !*l. n London?Rosin, 6 .. flour, 2?. I 'yd.I pr.> Vi lot s r's 11,01.: tobaceo. .*? s.; goods, 17? d ? i etrol?um. 6s. ?d. n ??. Hd. Liverpool?Kosln 2s ; e.rou -id. a 7-1'!!.: Jour. 2s.0<! ; provisions, 22s. W.; griln, ft d.: tobacco S"s.; m surein-i.t B>ils, J7J. 6.1.; jietro fl' .1 ? tobacco '>'s.; m- ^urem-t.i .?, w. 0.1., peiro 1 uin, 5s. a6s iW. ilreman?ltosln. Is. ?J. a2.?.; cotton, JJc.; T .. "nrj emems we"e*?i'o ? ivrxpoftl, *5.' b'ilio c 'tton at s ;.i i a i'U 0>l 1.1>I?. pc'roleu u on private terms, and, ^r.'leameT.l.iVOhnles cotton at M- a %-\ ; 7 609 bushels coin at 0',d To l..m .on, 16, 00 liushe:s ?sU st fl,Vd , antf( per steam?-, 7.O00 b-.sho s <?rn a M.; ?? boxes rho se st Kts and lot) I OSes bacon at To Bristol, 1C? t-oxe? hi.con Ht 'X's To (Jlmgow, per ftea'ner, 210.0 bushels c iru ui \ I ? itK> i'e-ets '"-er .it tit. I'o itreui mi, 5V cas -s tobacco : t 15i'. ISO tons fill le ai tn*.: 200 tierces Isidat 20s.; I,b0l l.iiis' -o? n ftt 2. Cd and. pur ute-mcr. 'J?' bales col on at l\'e., and WO tierces holey at 4-. The fhaitiva ,v, _a ba-k to Cork for order*. pe*r >.eMm 5s tel.. If to the United Kingdom and ?>. if U> the Continent; one to r ,rk or o"df r , te; ol- um a Britisli bark. 3,6L0bb:*. p.ijloiim to t.iverpool a. 3d, one. same troyiige.atjoilt i 00 bds do.; an American bark, tiom PhlUde'idila to 1 ,r .?r ordeiB. b!d<. do., end a P.ritisb thlp, also Irota Philadelphia to Antwerp, 8.OO1 bid*, do , on private 1 itathxii-A fair demand pievailed for hemb:ek sole, and thom irnet ruled tirm at our last quotations. ?J-k sole was mod irately active at steady prices. Mi, The market wsa brill but qwet. We heard of p,j oar o sales, in trade lots a moderate Uuainesa wa? in rr cres-at full prices. The sacs includo 06 hlids. l*oito "n *val Sroaas.?Bpints turpentine ruled flrmer. thoiich th? demand w is mo.|eratr. The sales wjue .0 bbla at Tte. w>.'oli orloe w as conerully demanded at thnclose; also a lot of atl bols in bond Kold atW.- Oommoo resin nonttnued In tir demand and llrm at ?l 2". at ? moh pnoe Salmon the ?n it an 1 to anlve were eflm-ted to thi extent of ? HBO bol?., luoe,'i small Iota on the spot told at $1 OJ a *4 13K- 'l,e aal s tiesniea war'; HO bUK atr iiu.-d a: }l 4>) a f? W. .1^3 do. No .'Tat h 75. and 610 do. paloftt ^0 SO u $A Tar and ww heard of no t?aai?oU?f. i)i ?|MTAnntt^fi conilnufMi nnief, and ?ve Iicnrd of no Im ja: taut sales, t'ru-hers' f.ri.:.-s ?! XI Hsh oila remained j JfcRet nut Lteady st 3- 70 tor crude spe*n, M DO a *2 95 for riui leaeheu winter do. and K)f. a9l .o.' crude whale. L?rd 1 oil was steady st Si l!a$l 16 for BiKne wluicr. Cilfdik ! tilled red was uncltauged at aB<>'. (litcttu. Saln^ were made of 2U0 tons city, In b.igs, at ^^i'il'iksl was in fair demand at $3 n per 101 lb* Paoriiuoss.?K<. -ip-si 111) bbls. H'.'k. 4.'<t libl*. beef, 800 PH. k. ,'ces cui meats ai d UU pa. L..*al lard. The d. maud tor I Jwrk >vas somewhat excited, uud- r aa irtivc dem >ud mid ! u , ? were readily made . t eoiBlderab'e atlv.noe. as n dieted by our qoo'itlon*. The sale- wrr- nearly ?,tM> b .1 , I oa^h. and regular at $22 > l" new mess WejU-rn. I c - iua- it th.' mltsio.. ? rice, wtih .osl.nue.l nrmucss; ?Sl 60 a A3' * rold mes.. *17 a <l"tor rrlnin and $J0 a I for prime w ?? Alao for future cWirerv urull May er a and i>c. ?n itloi.. ..o or. S.issi Will. i?e y Me IlltS .a? a I sn?7 Kce'was In lair re.pie : and price wer" ?ie*dy ! sr. ? ?? !I1? le .r.tvi bbls. ?t $<2 a*.- for WW i lain in?s and ?17 a W" for new eitra mf**.- Bee I hams "ere offered rparing/ or acco- nt < ' 'heir ?e* and lh? mar.c., I ti. int .1 qui't. *i- urm; we tin ? s^lo* ot wj t? at ?..< a I t in VI. Ilai on W..S in I rish demand, and prlee. I uicu a nhai'e In sellers favor: t'? "ales were I.COO p. Ha^ s, at IBtfc. a 10,'iC. for ' um*ilatid cut. IIV- a ll^c .or soon nb, and IIV * ?? for shor cle .r. t nt m^uU were ft'e lr, will * d-ii ind; -ale? were i.i.i?te of isC) ps< k.i :--. d "??? ? It^c lov ?l solder* a;.d tut 1. 14'.c for hams Irfi'd was qtrel, iutl veit nrrn: ?? n/,i of ili-KM.atr.1, all*-, a IZ'^C. for ol<f m.d 12J,C. a 13' e. for new. Jl<i:u-r *n.l cbo.-e were dtril. but uu C' rr ' nirns -Heeelpt*, 3.1W bhls. 'Pj;e market for crude c int. ii" I rr-' ic ately i..nife and s'e?oy a; Me , It. bbW i,i P. i adel.ihia include l.UW bN?. *t?iv!sid wnte *t J61 o'lXW. o pro.".' light <?ra s to w.djesr U? ..c . 2 V 'il*. .in. f ir Aeril ? priv .te V-rms. 6tvl J... and Jw nt' for ? ep. t -mlK r st J'.V.. .'??<> do. for June, 6iA do. tor July anu M> do. '?Sim /k'" ?***alv '.vlth a modet.iy leman 1 * cucr nisdo of (bout 7.0ft hhda o.i a baaistf 10'4c. a 10-j foi Inlr to ,.oo. r'tlnlMKCU ". : be \iijm wa- frwn lo. :o 1 , -i i. II to no We hi .: i o.-V . of l.m bo' es li,vx n . on pnv*h t-rms. I'o ?. "ii .-??i ?B9?r Ihe inquiry wm, ai.tVjr.en. were >u ady, clo*<ns a' IV a I5J1"'. for eriistie.i, ^ dere.l at.d granu i-.-a and I4*'.e. for sc.P. white. The. \ *si>. Stuart <,uote tirce's ?? fo'llown ? Bout cr i?li?d, grantkUOd aud ?:?.iu:.d, White 14',; yellow C. 1%-:. |?-r ll Tnnnt-eo ?Vlie .n?iu?ry waa %*ry I mite|.but,xr1lh a moo. r ite sto. lc, uri e* were nmtained. BalesVtrr made of about 80 hlnls. Keut i. ky at lrum 4c. a 14JJe., ait: hlnls. \ ir^mla ''TALViw'was quite active Tr ei w ere *?<!y. Rales were r^n.v iif 12 UOb .os. st 1 '- T*e. n lll*e. . U iiisj.'y ?Receipt*. 1^.1 bbl? The ur -oanted 111 ?rcrr reat eei No tales ol onseqornce afi-e heard ?f. Woou?Thero was but Utile snm.atlon i ? te i,ia: ?st for domestic fleeces. H ? discrepancy in the ylew. of bo vers a id sellers cbecltl.ic ti-iiinsctlcns materlslly. i.iit bum neai'w-is transacted. Korelja >\a* flrni aol nmre sought fcr The lilaher dntiearaeeatlv imp?*ea upoi p. r I < k. ne nl'v though', a HI t< no to almnvt If not enUrdy pMhlbtt itt iiiiriatloiis eiee; t nr in toe eve.nt that au ad?u-! l? estab Cihed here or o sl^tdecllnala^u. ^ed ebo.^. A. csrr" wera *25 bal"* ??'U? ?t **"? >* a *H' 20 U00 lbs. Crimean, nale* unwailied D#i?*kot, ItK) wiufaid ?io. on prW; v MARRIAGES and deaths. ?Harriett. CnroL?e'?On W?iln*dar, Marrh 13, at 01 Anu ? cbureli, Bronklyu. by th? ftev. Ma?on t.alia Jhcrt G^..r i.l?o?to MIk* *at? K. Au? ??0P, ?'V-0r. Wedn^day, March 13, by thO Rev '? M Iwac, Noah Mm ugtx, of I/>aveBnortb, Kanw.'to Mim M. .Ucvw, youngest daoghtor of Abraham J. Jackbon, of thU fiiiy. DM. At Fishkill, on Tboesday, March 14, Pew* E i?!^, wife of J. C. Acksruun, in the 40ih year or h?Fof!eral on Tuesday afternoon, at ob? o'clock, from ''7/' w*tS odd inly, on Thir3.1*y ?renin*. of congestion of the i mgs, Ai.?rat*, only child of Albert fSTiW*. K. Whltaore Oeswell, In the %X year from the tVaynt rtreet Reform*d notch efcureb, Jefev CHy, on f irnlay afternoon, at hair pan ttf^?rr^Ofi Friday, Mar-H IB, the wife of Jame? r, reti ati l daughter of Oiaric* and Klltn Broyan, Tbrogs Neck, Vfostohrjter cotinty, in the 27th year ol her ( "'The frlemlft stid relstlfed of the family are reqaeglM to att/nd the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at two ? s^SJu^'^On Thwadar, March 14, of cotwompUc Wnl.ui Covnoi-i-T, sxed 27 roan. ?_ lh# frlndi and NlattTM of Uw family an ranytci Invit?l to attend the funeral, from hi* late reoidenco, No 21 BuflMk street, thw f Saturday) afternoou, at one O'clock. Bia remains will tw taken to Calvary (?iu<*ory O***._0b Friday, Mar-h 15, after a at. >rt 41 nets, Cv>r.i*? Unions, youngest sun of John J- Ud Sarah H. Crane, in the 14th tear of bu> ?;e. The relatives and friends of tho family at* invited to attend tho funnral vrvTw, on Vunday aft"rri<x>n, a half-past three o'clock, at 'he residence of bit parents, No 20 We*t Twentieth street. without further notice. Dalt.?Suddenly, of apoplexy, on Wednesday, March 13. Mari Whit.iker. wire of Ktlward Paly. Funeral on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock, from from her late residence, 274 Degraw (-tre.'t, Brooklyn. Friends of the fam'ly are invited to altond. Massachusetts t.n 1 MalM parers pleas* oopy. Eoclhb.?On Friday, March 15. after a short bat -were illness, Avxtr Lktitu, the beloved wile of John K. Ecclos, aged 47 years. The friends and acquaintances of the family are in vited to attend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock, from her late residence, S3 Boormon place, We? Thirty-third street, without further notice. Eocujt.? In Brooklyn, on Thursday, March 14, Fred erics Avarmrs Eoilkx, of Prussia. The relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral, from bis late residence. SKI Atlantic street, this (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Philadelphia papers will j.leane copy. Edwards.?In East Brooklyn, ou Friday mornln*, Mir h 15. Jane, the beloved wife of Charles Ed wada, after a lingering illness, aged 68 year*, 11 months and 27 days. The relatives and friends of the family are re?p?ctfu11v Invited to attend tho funoral, flrotp her late residence, 12 Walworth street, near DeKalb avenue, on Sunday after noon, at half-past one o'clock. The remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery for interw'nt. Fahrku.? After a long and severe illness. Eli en Far rr<l, the beloved wife of the late Robert Farrell, parish Auplmarnull, townland of Mahon, Ireland. The friends and acquaintance;! are respectfully invited to attend tho funeral, on Sunday, at twelve o'clock, (noon), from her late residence, 107 Mott street. Her remains will bo taken to Wcstcheetcr county for inter ment. Fkk.ut.?At Starleton, Staton Island, on Friday, March 15, Mrs. Ann E. Fri-\n, widow of William Froan, anil mother of Theo. Frcan, aged 74 years, 7 months and 15 days. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend tho funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock, from the rosid nco of her son, on Canal street. Fiiedeia?Drowned, on the evening of Wednesday, January 23, on the Danish bark Christiana, run down hv the steamship North America, John Frkdh i , aged 52 year*, and for nearly thirty years a Sandy Hook pilot. GAt'L.?In Brooklyn, on Friday, March 15, of dropsy, Micuabi. Gaol. His remains will be taken from the resldenco of his brother in-law, 36 President street, this (Saturday) after noon, at three o'clock, to Cornwall, u. Y., for inter num. SdKBtt.? In Brooklyn, on Wednesday, March 13, M.ttfiARrr C., beloved wife of Frederick Ktiebel and only datphter ot nermann But<climan, aged 30 years, 10 ni nths and 7 d-tys. T?i- relatives and friends or the family are respectfully Invi'.cil to attend the funeral, rrom' her late residence, corair of DeKalb and Nostrand. avenues, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock. I.k.vil?On Thursday. March 14, Whxiam I.eaph, after a wvcre and lineering illues", entered into rest, ajed 82 yetrs. Hie friends of the family are invited to attend tho flri in the Chapel of the Holy Trinity, Eighty fouttb Ftrret, ceur Fourth avenue, this (Sunday) after uo<>^, at ono o'clock. Lirr.?On Thursday, March 14, Geo rue Dnmrvmsit, son i) A'iraliam V. S. aud Cornelia, aped 5 mouths and 1| days. T!:l relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invii<\i to attend the funeral, at tho residence o:' his par ents, ii Newtown, on Sunday afternoon at two o'clock. Lyn?,?On Friday, March 15, Joskch I.vnch, a native of the tounty Donegal, Ireland, in the 38th year of his age Tho Hatives and friends o' de<-ea,-od, also the mem bers oi Company F, Seventieth r plm'mt N. Y. S. M.. ara res ectfuliy invited to attend the funeral, from bis late rehjlence, 152 Furrnon street, Brooki>n, on Sunday afterno n, at balf-past two o'clock. Mace.?At West Farms, on Thursday, March 14, Wil liam Mt -kr, aped 34 years. Tiie r4.iti\ 'M and friends of tho family are respectfully invited to at cod the funeral, on Sunday afieruoon, at two o'clock from the Reformed Dutch churciu Morxwn On Thursday, March 14, Captain Ciarlks MonmsoN, iao of tho Fourth Ne,/ York heavy artillery, a nativo of Itnishowen, county Donegal, Iio.ind, iu the 53d year of hii age, The reUtivosand friends of the deceased are respect fully invited to attend the funeral. irom lit- late r. : i d"uce, 291 il dson avenue, Brookh u, this (-'nturdayt afternoon, at tw? o'clock. Iiish i>aper<-p/>nsc copy. Mrimiv?On Veoncsday, March 13, Gr. nor. F., son or John and Mar^Murpbv, ascd 21 years, 8 month* and 17 days. The relatives an| fri -nds of the family ar~ rasped fully Invited to aiten4 tie funeral, from tho msMeuce of his parents, 37 Mott*treet, this (Saturday) aiternoou, at two o'clock. Cincinnati pay*.-' pleaso copy. MacMamk? i4)den:v, on Thursday, March 14. !'r*n cii MacMancs, roVofthe late Frauds MacMauus, of this city, agod ft year*. The relative anAfrlen U of the faiuitr aro invited to attend Wis fnneral.'troin the rerilenee nf hi-1 nticle, .Tohn I* UalTney, 42 Watwureet, th.s (Saturday) aiiernoon, at lialf-Dast iwo O'clO'lV O'Kekffk.?On Trtdneodav, March 18, of ooii' ir.!> tlon, at his mother's?esidonce, 8J East T*ronty-?ighth street, William S. VKkktl. late i.ieuteiiant .'e otid Now York Volunteer irtlllery, aged 21 years. After a solemu reo';^"' mac*, a', nine o'cloek this (?n'~ ur lay) inornmc. at vT.r;abric|'s church, Thlriy-aci cnth street, near Sec jnd avAne, the funeral will teke placo to Calvary Cemetery. W'tie fri'-nd'' ot" the fair.ilv nnd those of hit; brothers in-taw, John >:cAulifie and William Kelioe. are Invited i?> aiend. RANoourH ?In this elf. on Friday, March 15, Eliza, Wife of tfao late Joseph %ndo?pb, in the 44th year of her nee. 1 ho relatives and frifn?l\ of the family are respectfully Invited io attend the fuue^i, from her late resldenco, 190 Waverley^e. on SutUy a'ternooo, at 11 vo o'clock. H"r r nr..ns will be Uken b Metuclien, X. J., on Mou dav ni"rtilny. .Neiverk, N*. J., papers plk-e ropy. Staur.?<ln Wednesday, mrch 13. a', tlie r.'=.denc* of l^.nicl HiciicK No. 2 Lafayetkstreet, Brooklyn,(omkurt SrA'in. in the f4'h ye;ur ol tiilaire. The friends of me family, aid of J, A. Starr, West Sixteenth street. New ork, tore invited to utioud ilie funei;t!, I rain Nj 2 I afavctt vtn et, Brooklyn, on Sun da: a I' tuoon. at two o'clock,Without Inrtber notice. Vew -lrp at d Dftti'i'iry pnpr-W please copy. SHEnii'A*.?On Wedrerdayl March 13, '"ATRAeivr, widow of Pa:rick .-heridin, \ nutlve of We tiueaih county, Ir> land. In IMttthyea-of her ace. The funeral will take place lie (Satnrday) afternoon, at oue o'< lock, from Ninth irenue. T On Friday, March < r conpest|r>t) of the hrtin, Ai.rai.nJowj it-, aped 47 "V?r' and ?'! liioiitbs. The relatives nnd tr ends of 1 lie fam ty ere res; ect 1'lHy ln?iced to at;ep,i Uie funrri, Sunday*afternoon, at two o'< lock, from h!f- ;at? re t'eii >??? 40 Tl. rd r,v nne. Van BnrsT? In Brooklyn, luddenly, 011 Friday, March 1", Nicholas R. Van Barsn to the 70th year of Ins n/e. "The relatives noil friend* of the femily (ire rrypectfully invited to attend tin: funeral tcrviV'?", from hie la'.e retSI d T-e. No loj I'ulum a< ^iine. on Mi nday r.fternoon, at two o'clock. Wii.t.TA** --On Monday. March It Fi/?RENcr Er? enia, daughter Of Maria aad (tie late Chtrles Willinms, ag<?| 4 year enl t> months Wiisbintloa and llichmerd pat erS plear' copy. Hcwrw.-*l Ul? res dencr nfiir- Union cairt. I . ) on Friday, March 11ika? W. Wi-rom rr, n tho 01st yn.r O'" hit ape. 1 uo ral wmI take p'tire from hla late residence, on Srrday nfternooa, at two o"clo?-!:. Relat:ve*and (1, are jiv.ted t" aMead, wt'tiout fur'her notice. 'Vjimo-.?tin Frid**-, Viarch 15, Kpwaro F. Wrooi. stu ot I'rank and i-eorgtuca WiUbn, aged 2 years and 7 metrths. Koneni seirxM will he held at the bou^e of W. M. Wilson. Vo. 7 St. I.'ike'a place, on Sandar aftcrnoi n, ut one o clock SHIPPING JME WS. \- ? * ALUxyA%. ro?. x*w tpmi-tih pat. i II | vooi ..... morn St 4'* t I inr.ji watkk rxi .ri. 6 trj H'RT OF NEVt 1WL MA^CH Id. 1867. Irareit. ?taani?ti>r IVkmli (13*10 I, Ritrdua, ITatr burc?K ttt.lm-dt A Co. \ Moamahlp | l\n Towntand, Ha?r???w York Rod H??ra Htaamahtp V Khip Midnight, ?y, k jt0Be Ko> g-W ?atra?. Glfcbfa A llurdf* ???!*. _ \ R?rk fatine*,V?b*V r?lJ?<v-T? )? Eurk k fn. flark rewto, Jlolm,' V^rtt-W R?>|r. A C. Hurk <>(*?<> (Br ,( \ |.,|;rti> I Hatk Thoa r<.[><'? Mor.rotla ami a maiktt? Tfatra A l'ori?rfl?lu. \ Kark ' ie?ii"*Bn?. (Vl?. ? 'V,,.?,_rorr(.rt A Co. Brut MwUnwta.It.. I? ,, f A-r-.U. Brii{ Vfcrg'tniwuBr). Nortu.V ,u rnBCfwfi y,?r, K^-^VoeWolf A'Cc?"1*' 5n:^r.Vv^'r!To^v.^ * ?-? SHp Alrrt(Br>.< roi?ai:. Maltfat?WL. JJ" ' ? r? Kbr IU1dec(Brl. We?V, KiogHOl, JaV,.- i,e,'0rrfOT? t C?. \ *ciirnilan fRr . Hrthal. Harbor TaMm! \ n.)iicV? Mir Arthur Burton, k'rvMck. K?it t?rl^ <, ^ n<.g Hehr.T W Allan. I>??na, MnMla?M I. *!('<r-V. y fo fii-hr Weatern fiiar, Crowall, Savannah ?!* J.\. (Vtadj- X On. \ N'hrC A '* Rrnoka, flrook., Wwi>?~- ThO'na.Vp, Vrhr W Hoardman, Ftl.ard, Philadelphia?A * % ?r i Clark. fowler, J,r?>TirVr?.-.?trMiiwhAB A '? Cnhr Kvalrn BnrR?r, Ntamfrrd loop Wary A i water, Clark, Harlunl?O K Arrived. A'.vnotilj) Caladonlo (Bri, McDonald. O t?fnw fii .tiv. Till Match S. with and M |.???fii??r?. 'o tian. >1 ntyrr.Ald. ilvl 8W wind, for Ibcl n?t of ll?- r-T*?, ainMtV and N N W for tb* ifinatnilfr. Jfar h .. lati.l.l. Ion a St. pnaa' J .W-umiblp 'lil*rrnlB, htrr- for rut?cow, Mh.kt 46 4:., Ion 4P a. Waa S4 hotir. among Irr M.ida H.Emahlti Ariadne, Biwrer. n*!T??to-i na k? ???, Marii t>, wltb I'fitton and p???ns<"?. I >< II A < o St4'< ah 10 I,flo. n?an^rn. 8?v*nnah. Ki hour*, wirh n <l?a HiJT .KtifcT'. ti M'lrnr, l>tri. A Co. R*rcri?r'.r?l wiruflo thfu ? atroBf iiortlitnjr wiriri? and h"?ry h. .,v?i a. March 12. aillf'Sf off Kornaln. paa-ed atcam aht'A *o. hf nw for Mnvanr.?h. (?"oilubip Fhirh?nk<h ?lnrt?r, HilmmfctoB, wllh nr.d.e. (fft r>i*amg?ia. toJam.. Hani. Ni.a-ara, JUikcnuni. RiCbintnd a^ld Norfolk, >iUimda?an l r>"?*ngTv llt.n-k.n A I'.irnoro. I i ? ... .. ? .-T'>T, ??.! ?,.?>?!. I h i Notf.'lk, *l'h >i<I??*t)d fawrcfra 'o W l?*? km,iv A ? <>. I ^'ilp ? ll? of A.'-w Tork. Ti, nn*?. j ir?ri no! > wl'h 'ni1?a. to Saint Th--mp?-in'. HanSaw. rah M, lat M)*t, Ion W 1ft, tha*Vp hfadm?NW, VIM *W, w tit ?? fcoa.y rroaa a^a, at n.lrfn'dHt, w?? .trnok al-artt tn ? haary NW agnail; aonnd ed pump*, and found tliraa tart wat?r In tha wall: amrtofl tha for? and n>aln pnmpa Romr. and kaft th?m caln. Hi a thrac fnllotrlna dur'nf Which kad a fain, with riolont ?quklli iroa flw to HW. when M'.l} |n?h? w?re f?n4: na the fftb, the weather moderating, fount tba h?k atoeMt of the lower deck forward, broke out the '<raa from ?terboarl aUSe, and on the id tn-t ?uo?ed?d lu ?(-?>polr.^ It. Bark Hei|*apont (of MerMebeadl, ljr, igt.-, lautiw, It d*v?, with tniae and 4 aeaeen?ar*t to mai?r P?s*vi (*n of <;ood Hope J*n If), orcwuxt the Equator Feb Ula an I had Sue weather erer aluoe. Bark R?ne H (Br), Harrfman, Vttuiu, 10 day*. wlu e? g* to J F Ward * Co. HngF H Tori.l (of OeUla), MoOulre, C?enfae?oe, 17 dan with aiu*r, to mami*r. March 4, IhI 34 9U. lou 79 SO, apafeg l>n4 Murion, from M tvana for St Btrphona NB Hrn *oo (of Barbados >, Brown, Cienfuegos, 21 djya. wltih aU 'ar. to Miller & llon^hton. Hrl* Wild Kiower (Hr), Handford. Manianilla, M day% with inoU?v? and wool, to Pennlston A Co. BrUr Alfarntta (Rr.i, ltutberfonl, Trinidad, 13 dayi, wttk mo! to P 1 Marina A Pone. . _ _ , Hrhr Pilot'a HriJe. lire water. Curaeoa, 19 day*, with aelt Ac to H W Lewi*. Schr Vary Patten (o? Tlanrorl. Cummlnfe, Arroyo, rB, IS day*, with -ujii'antl to ft P Buck A Oe. hchr Uuton (of Harrington>, Sawyer, Poofle. PB, Peb ?ti De'awar* H:okk wnirr 11 tb mat, with niolaaeee, to ? Trowtir1 ig?> A Co. Feb ?t, bit 29 SO, Ion 73 30, a poke bffe Irla, henM for Clanfurgiia Sohr WinonnU (of Cohaaaet), Taylor, Bareoot, It daffc with fruit, to Jamea Dnugl-ia. Ha* lx*en 7 ditva north W Hattrraa, with Htront Nli rwlea, V??h A lat 80, Ion "!% Ml apokft bark OrUBth (Hum), from Mobil* for Hamburg. 8uhr Horatio N.tbo ?, Brown, Cedar Key*. Marino Dlanatera. w??-*othinr is hfl'ng done to the (MB Dnhlni U ?ve, aunk Inside S.mdy Hook, a* the weather ha< dlrlWfr?J*h\nlr on h" dnrlng the last tea day*. llic derrlcn IsanchdrcJ In the Home Shoe. ??BT4,",n<?L,nr".8rN"" 'Rr>. W?i? reported, went aa M?m?rn -11^-^2 ?J^! ,^:j!5'i-0r?np' D?* " Srr nf ownr<iwh l" th? r'lt; th? romiiSr ?L?J KJlY*w *n* I*~"nr;r? (ntirob?rln*lif) werelanfil lulu Th^H! y ? a Ha? Hth Inst from ffon*. ru The diaaster la attributed to tho ineorrectnena of tfca toienoss. *roup ?' lelandi. The teasel aTd ^o ? ? Bwo Blisa Stttk**?Cadiz (Spain), Feb27?The brig Etta Stevens, of New York. )iu put in here In distress, leak ing. She tin* 11 loid of iron, and waa from Ardrosann. S?iel? land, tamed to i;rovlderice. III. The Spanish authorities promptly granted the u e of the gov?rnment dock, on tM app.lostion of Consul Farrell, for all needed repair*. SniB Mart C. Parr. Malcy. of Philadelphia, and honndta Trinidad, got aslioce at Key Znia .and aft*r throwing orer a portion of lierci.r?o was toweil off by Her Majestv's iti'inat Seroua, end t .wed Into Trim J ad on the 3d init alter sustain. Ine a small damage. Sena Ab *wroi?ici>?Cant Wntder. of the stesmshlp Rehear Clyde, at Wilmington. NO, 12th la at, reporu that on the evening of the lit!., 21 miles RSW of Cnpe Lookout, ixxul n schr on her beam ends; laid bt her some time, but flndlatf her abandoned, he left her. She had evidently bean rm into. iHlarellnnron*. I) Walter Price. purser of steamship Ariadne, from Oak veston, has our thanks for favors. ShipOckaw Rovkr, of Sulam, S23 tona. built at Porto, mrnilh, Nil. In lK'A has been purchased l.y Mr \Ya-ddngtoa I.lbby und other* of Boston, from which port aha will Lara after hall. Srnn GntmrT'B llown. firherrr. which Bailed from lt"tr London on the 111!? Inat for the ooiatnf Africi, via i'at>ftd* Verlea, la bound on :t cod1?hin : voyage, the (irvt enterpriaa of the kind <-v>-r attempted In that quarter from this ootta try. A market for the ti.-.h will be found on the coast at Brarll. Schr Vtr.i.ioB Orrniv. A?, of Prookhsven, 181 tona nnr meamremeut. built at Stony Brook, LI, In 18M. liaY bar* purchasod by ('apt Win J Tlllotaan, of Port Jefferson. LI, a>id parties in Prf.tldi n-e on private terms. She will hera? aftei h.ill fro:n I'nvldenoe, unlet command of CaplTUM* son, late of schr James M Hayles. Whalemen. Arr at Neir Bedford Hth. baric Vlat'nn, Hamblen, frM Talc.hti^no Jnn <5, w thi' 1 bills ?p oil. .;hip Jamia,!, of NH, vraa in tne Oulf of CaUlornla Fob SI, wl'h !U0 l>bl? tdnce l-aring San Pnnc.iaoo, Hpnlien, Ac. Pblr> S 11 flrant. from Ttnlror'a Island via Bahla for Live* pool. VYli 9, Int UN, Ion 31 W. Bnrk Topelw, from Antwerp for Cardiff. Feb 2<. off Bright' on, K. RrlgVTm P"cl?h from Trinidad for riii'.adolpUia, MarA 10 l it:!-! I'i, Ion 70 ,'fl. Sci.r Admiral f arrocnt, f days from Portland for Tarda* na . Marc i 7. lit 24. Ion C<? ?0. Pohr Nut cator. from Now York for (1 ran tda, March 1L lat 30 Si), loa 7:1 37, Fari-lgn Porta. AKrnrrre?Wont to ?"?> from Flnahlng March 1. B U W CL Howard, NYork; Jaeob Hatfield. Riwivelt. do; Venue, Pari kcr do. : Id from tlio road^ Feb 'M, Topcka, HUuchard, | c ii-diir Anwovo PR. Pe'> 27?In port brig (not ?ohr) Euros, Aok? ley, tor NYork In 1" rt iys. BrisTOi, .Murcli 1?In port J P Wheeler, Harris, for NYorM Id j. BiSJOrwmair. Den 1".?Arr Kurracheo, G lira ore, Soum? bava (an ! aid 20th fo" PoJtoo). T!i?ACiU. Mar. h 2?In |*>rt sehrs Ang^o-American, fa* NYork; (Irapeshot. f.r fiaiic^toa. wig. i'rwtviN, Kfh 37?Sid C A Jones, Carlton, England; S*tb.'.'cr, Mosher, do. rp.raca?, Feb J3?In port brig Emma Dean, for NYork te 3 ilava. Cr-irorcoR, Feb 37?Arr hark Kllza White, T,ook, Malaa^ 7as: '*Jlh, biig* ' Hat ''onl," Coomha, NYork; Prrcy Hinek* lfv. Foster, PhlladMph1?; March H, (larmony (?r). Robla? <^on. Fo..ion. 8'd Tib 'J5, brig T.cnolr (Rr>. Lenoir, NYork; 3St!i. barl' Acadiv IMiIihos, Bo .ton; March 5, brig Oaa Quifote, Hansel. NY'-rk. t AltPKNAs. Ma'"h 5? Arr brlg? T Hilc.kmire, Craffari. nn< W dter liowe?. Herd iter. Portlands sc'irs Diiootah, PartMite* Phlla 'olphla; Chnrlotte Sb->v. iba*. MclrtRc: tkh. bsrn Teirur.l.iue. Sherman, and (trclitlla. HaTencr, NYork; brtai P. P Sown, l,awi?nr*. Vlacaasct; L < Urlr. Bartlelt, Port latld; Me ? Mcirncan. do; ichr Chllos Tlun hinaoa, I'hilailelolii.n. Rid 0th, lirlv Riockton. Orlffln, Sagua. Itnvw. Fel>V?Off, P.inon, Daacnburg, from Koweaatla for NYork. Foocnow. Ian S?^!d T-abellft BI Her. N /orlt. Havax?. March 6?Arr t'ligs ?leo Burnhs?n. McLelVHk Boaton; II 11 McO'lverv. Snnrt. Rt Jo'in.NB; 8tt>. -team?Ulf ColturiW.i Barton. NYork; brig Ida L BaT. Onrtl". Boataa. sld 5th. brljs Wa?e cniat. l?avl?, and wrr< Welah, Stra? hrlds'" (trom Trinidad). Phllndolphla; <th. Caprera. DtMha burn, .inrt \ Dorkee ( Br). Cans. NYork; achr Phebe. Moql tot. ,l.i; 7tli, brU*'Jri.-lc Jerry. Norton, dngua-Vth. Woo?. n ill StU'.di\ant, do; ac'ir Louiaa A Johoion, TuthlU, Na^ Orlenn*. Halitax. March 7?Arr schrO B O, Yates. Philadelphia. . y,tvr.?ront., FobfB?Arr Mnravlen (a), Poitland. Cid 23!li, Siitua, Trefry, Caatlno; Mai h 1, L L Sturgaa. I.lni.'k'n, NYork. Ent<l for loading March I. Herald of the Morning. Reaea, and J I: Koeler, Delano, NYork; MoraaUn (a), Alton, Park land. Adr March 2 Morirlap for Halifax and Boston ?f?r Poniard 7th;01ymno?<aJL fof rtfrtlaiT'i"jTh; V'lilna '(X 'foV HaV^'ani B^jf iJuti rfttftiTi,fJ5lj?!i0rkatIli C\'T,"t "si'lmore (t). for do tkki I^n"reW^.1-ordUo0,tr,,1U,,'*n f?r do **> ? ??r5l ,,2rAr1 M,ar y""n. Oimilan, NYork. York r?.?lor, Anderson, Newport to load for lf?v Cldfrom Orarcsrnd Irt. Delhi. Croweii.and r^na AtraKrsnl.NYo-k " 'ir''J Ue*' "">>? day)"if SjALarjA. Feii 2:1?Sid Rliffa. Prookman. NYork. V a ai>?Arr brig* Ismc 'arror Shtite pMt. JSEl ii' ? A.""n- ^nrr,l?. ril' '? I?^lLa lior^ f*Tl - irblle, ]ve>T#.if>e, HaxtIlnv%oa; 7th, >?ark Cllam yyv III* Portland br*jT Caprer*. Ilic^h..-n, luvdom off C \u l.ark R ''be 1- Porti nd; a>'hr K*:e Carieton, do. ' r;t.*Aw?rco. FeU ?i?In port a learner Edward EvervNk ( liadw'ek. fr-m N\ <>;k for Buenos Ayre?. In want of cottJ wo.lld prraiee.19tb. ? Qi i r.N-TOWV, March 2-Arr John Duncan. PensaroU Snt: i ?. .Marrh 1-ln port Hutlmd, Ingrahatn, for NYoi?. Idc a (roTHTal c .rgc Srp? r, NSW, Dec 38?Sid Keying, Bdllnge. San Si: ak, Dec 2S? Arr Horatio. Palmer, NYork; IKS, Pru'i-jv ? ? limit, do. Sid Pee 2". i'amerlana. Hugliea, VnW Y irV. Slut. i;abuiTa, do; Jan 8, Cac^aa Back, UundcraiM^ Moot-ea'. St Imiin. NB. March H?C'.d schr Dc'-nonl, Dale, Matanta*. /.AMIsin. Dee 20?lo port iMrk Olids, (or Haloiu neit day. Aiurrirm Porta. BOSTON Man-'j 14?Arr steamships Africa (BrV Andafw ?on, Liverpool ria Otiaaustaisrn and Halifax: Wn Tibbetta, Cal-'l-. >nt;?nnah; l!i?pl:orus. Alekftnder I'biiadslph!*; stilB ?el e '? ii SB; i t A',. KltrahMB Hr . I "'?nai^ln sl?-rr* Leonr, acUr Alma iBr). Alias. Port.i" I'rmre. Kelow ataatuer Lmlona, from i:.<lreato*t l rigs V;-:- '-it. and i '..on, fn nr. n R Kmcrjr, tram a. ?i i: i redPiif rrom Oalv. t ie t.ld ship l.oo'.out, Na* g.-i ' N> Tk; krig'i * (Bi,, li>nc*?. Bernlca; achr J Q Hio ? ,11 -e*?, ru ... l?-;phiB. F.d ships Kutc Troop, aas O. *u . lank* Aiieide?n Alwion'f; brig* Anna D Tormy, Ua nlme J-d lv. Martl a A Berry, Alice, ftai dolph, Muigarat, O y. All-ii. Il.ifa; end fro?o the r.aulH II the outwardboni#* KHudl'ie *'ni.? Ocean Kore;-, Andrew Jackaon, and bartl M i V Ktlaoii. 1^- - \ . 4,wr tPenpafra New 0?|ean?. MALT!MORI' March H? Arr sc^rs Sylvan, Blanohard. M 1? ;n??, PP.. J t, I.ii lil -'d. Plilsbuiy, Fall Klrer. Cid balk l-:I*. r:nn lie..a >r. 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