Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 17, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 17, 1867 Page 1
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AJJP. sr tat; THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,156. NEW YORK, SUNDAY, MARCH 17, 1867. PRICE FIVE CENTS. ^ PBRSONAI*. A*N ORPHAN BOT, ELEVEN YP-AHS OLD, OF w*. respectable parents, for adoption. Address J. H., sta f on B, Grand street, fur three days. A beautiful pair of ne\* born twins. male aud female, for adoption, at 741 Greenwich at. AOSA WISHES TO KNOW WHAT HAS BECOME OP Ueorge. Anawer la Sunday llerald. ALFRED-WHERE DID TOU OET THAT LITTLE Doe? Anawer In to-morrow'i paper. All tlie hoy/ went one. ALPHOS8E. D?*M*K -WARREN'S DETECTIVE POLICE AQF.Nf;Y, AS Broadway, haa entire charge of the caae. AH p? per* Mot received. Succeaa certa.a. Signature* Monday. Who In right now? FRA NK. R ADOPION?A PIXE MALE INFANT. APPLY TO Mra WORCESTER, 149 Charles street. F? INFORMATION WANTED-OF CATHARINE CHAM, bora, who married Peter Mt-alio In lrelaad. When laat Beard from lived in Williamsburg. - CATHARINE KENNY. 19 Bond atreet. Information wanted-of jeremiah calla. oaa. a native of Parasaalg county Cork, Ireland; baa not Been heard from for four roar*. Any information thank fully recurved by bla wife. Marv Callanan, at Mra. Uuffey'a, J3.H East Twenty-third ?tre?. N. B.?If Patrick Uurly aeea ttila he will pleaae anawer It. IF THE PERSON WHO TOOK THE BLACK SACK coal from the hair dressing establishment under the Aator llunae on Friday evening laat will be good ennngh to return the content* ot the porketa to Wm C. I.usk. 77 Ce.tar atreet, room 23. he will greatly oblige the owner of the co..t, IP THE CARTMAN WHO TOOK THREE TRUNKS from No. 3 Amity aueet on Thursday, March Id. will call at the office of Z. ?. Butcher, 90 Nassau atreet, room Li, be will be literally rewarded. 18EE THE FIFTY DOLLARS, AND OO FIFTY BET ter on the carman who eloped with the five grosa pack age. marked Slnger'a Hair Restorative. A. II. S. ?RPURDpRER.?$1,000 REWARD FOR THE APPRE jYl henaiou and delivery to the civil authorities at Noble vlllr. Indiana, of H. C. Mctlutclieon, who on the 27th of Feb ruary, 1N57, ahot and killed H. Shepard, at Mra. Cane's plan tation, opposite Sbreveport, La. Said McCutrheon Is about ?v? feet and ten Inehe* high, of ruddy complexion, blue eyes, delicate hands; wore light brown whiskers and weighs about Ilk) pounds. H is countenance haa a surly aapect, and he haa a alight brogue, lie formerly resided In Indian ipo Ha. Ind. J. KfclD. Nobleaville, In I. RS. FRANK A. MrCABR ?THERE IB A LETTER FOR you at the Poet office, Coney Island. R F. J. B. WYATT IS REQUESTED TO CALL ON Mr. Watson, 2d l'lne atreet. Y BOY.?RETURN TO YOUR MUSIC LESSONS ON Tuesdays uud Fndaya. TU. AS. EU. The person who took the watch and money from the gentleman at the party Friday evening will ?are trouble bv returning the same, lie la known. G. HAMMOND, DESMOINEH.?CALL AT 170 Bleccker street. P. R. 8 . M ? M W. SPECIAL NOTICES. Friendly sons of st. patrick.-the follow ing gentlemen have been elected officers for the ensuing ymr:? Henry L. llognet. President, 112 Duane atreet. James Stuart. First Vice President, 33 Nassau street. Edward Boyle, Second Vice President. No. 3 Pine street. William Whiteside, Treasurer. 18W Church street. James Held, Secretary, 49 Brosd street. Their annual dinner will be held in Delmonlco's, eomer of Plfth avenue end Fourteenth street, on Monday, 18th insL, tickets for which may be bad from any of the above named (fieri, or of Richard Belt. 33 Pine atreet; John Savage, Fordharu; John B. Fogerty. No. 8 Pine street; Fpk Byrne. US Nassau atreet; J. H. Klrker. 699 Broadway, and A. L. Hoguet 112 Duane street. ST. PATRICK'S DAY.?CIVIC PROCESSION. NEW YORK. MARCH 18,1987. In aeeordanee with the resolutions adopted by the Cenven ?tou of Irish Societies of New York and vicinity, the annexed programme la published for the guidance oi the marshal* and ?Ulcers of the Societies which will participate In the proces ?ion on the 18th Inst The line of the civic procession will be formed oa Baal Broadway and the streets leading therefrom, the right rest lag on ti rand street. The various bodies will take post in the following order. Ancient Order of Hibernian*, of New York?Marshals, John Tneker and John Megutre; In Grand street, right rest ing on Best Broadway. Ancient Order of Hibernians of Brooklyn and Long 1*1 ?ed?Marshal. John Wall; In Grand street, right resting en left of Mew York A. O. Hibernian Benevolent Society?Marshal, Daniel Bran Iff; ha Bast Broadway, between Grand and Scammel streets. ?Longshoremen's U. B. Society?Marshal, Dennta Sullivan; between Scammel and Uouverneur streets, right resting on left of Hibernian B. Society. Quarrymeu's U. P. Society I In three divisions]?Marshal, Charles Allen; between tiouverneur and Montgomery ata., Sight resting on left or 'Longshoremen's Society. Laborers' U. B. Society I in live divisions)?Marshal, ?? , between Montgomery and Clinton ata., right resting am lett of Uuarrvmen'a Society. The Unitad Hons of Erin?Marshal, ? ; between Clinton and Jefferson eta, right resting oa lelt of Laborers' V. N. Society. St. Bridget's Mutual Benefit and Benevolent Society?Mar ahai, Robert Nyhan, between Clinton sad Jefferson eta, right resting an left of United Hons of Erin. M. James' R. c. T. A. B. Society?Marshal, John Dwyer; betwaen Jaffarson and Rulgura ata, right resting on lelt of 8k Bridget's Society. M. Peter's R. C. T. A. B. Soriaty?Marshal, Daniel Call* Ban; between Jefferson and Bulgers ate-, right resting on left ef St. James' S o lely. Immaculat* Coneeptiou T. A. B. Boetety?Marshal, John J. Therry; between Rutgers and Pike ata, right resting on leit ef St. Peter'" Society. Transfiguration K. C. T. A. B- Society?Marshal, Bernard Beoeev; between Rutgers and Pike sta., rlgkt resting on left ,mt Immaculate Conception T. A. B. Society. Young Men'* HI. .lauies It. C. T. A. B. *>ciety?Marshal. Daniel Delanev; between Pike and Market streets, right reatlug on left of Transfiguration Society. St. ilabrlel's R. if. i. A. H. Society?Marshal, Patrick Oarry; between Pike ami .Market -treela, right resting on left uf Young Man's bt. James Society. RL Columbia'* K. C. T. A. B. Society--Marshal. Dennta CH'onneli; bet wren Market ami Catharine streets, right resting on left ol St. Gabriel's society. Father Mathew V. B. T. A. B. (Parent) Society?Mar-hil, Edward L. Caiey; In Canal street, right reeling on East Broad way. Father Mathew U. B. T. A. B. Society, Branch No. 1?, Michael Flood; in Canal streek right resting on left of Parent Society. Father Mathew U. H. T. A. B. Society, Branch No. 3? Mar ahel, John Close; in Canal street, right reatlug on lelt of Brunch No. 1. Father Mathew T. A. B. Society, No. 3. of Williamsburg? Marshal. Dentils Murphy; In Canal street, right resting on lelt of branch No. 2. Father Mathew T. A. B. Society, No. 3, of New York? Marshal, Cornelius MeMonaglc; la Canal street, right rest ing on left of No. 3 of Williamsburg. Father Mathew T. A. B. Society. No. 4. of New York Marshal, ? ; in Canal St., right resting on left of No. 3 Of New York. Father Mathew T. A. B. Society No. 6.of New York-Mar Ahai, James Kronen; lit Canal street, right resting on Ho. 1, ?f New York. Father Mathew T. A. B. Society No. 8, of New York Marshal. Lawrence F. Walsh; In Canal street, right resting ?a left of No. 8, of New York. Father Mathew T. A. B. Society No. 7, of ManhaUanvllle Marahal, Patrick MeKenna; In Canal street, right resting on left of No. k ef New York. Young Men's Father Mathew T. A. I. Society No. 1. of Mow York?Marshal- Hugh Gallagher; la Canal street, right testing on loft of No. 7, of ManhaUanvilia. Young Men's Father Mathew r. A. B. Society Mo. 3. of Mew York?Marshal, James McOorarn: ie CanaJ aiaee I. right tasting on left of Young Men's No. 1, of New York. Young Men's Father Mathew T. A. R. Society No- 3. of Mew York?Marshal, Jekn B. Ktdd; la Csaal struct, right testing en left of Young Men's No. 3, of New York. Yunag Men's Father Mathew T. A. B. Society No. 4, of Mew York?Marshal. Thomas Walsh; In Canal street, right testing en left of No. 3. Young Men's Fetbei-KathewT. A. B. Society Not, of New York?Marshal, Michael iUce; la Canal street, r.glit retting ee left or No. 4. Young Man'* Father Mathew T. A. B. Society No. 8 of Mew Yerk?Marshal Terrene* Lyons; In Canal street, right testing ou left of No 6. The line of march will be taken up at 13 o'clock, a* soon as the military shall have parsed the right or the civic proees ?tOD, down East Broadway and Chatham street to the east Cle of the park, where the processing will pass In review fore the Mayor aud Cumwon Council; theace up Bread tray to Fourteenth street, passing around and saluting Washington's statue; down Fourteenth street to Eighth are. woe, up Eighth avenue to Tveeuty-thlrd street, aerees Twen ty-tiilid street to First avenue, down First avenue to Eighth ?treat, up Eighth street to Cooper Institute, and there dis miss. PATRICK SULLIVAN, Grand Marshal Aids?JAMES KKILLY and PETER HALI'IN. The fyllowiM aouitenmn base been apoolnted Special Aid* to tlia Grand Marshal, and will report at his residrnoe, cor Ber ef Hoyt and Bid tie street*. Brooklyn, at 8 o'clock A. M.. ?n the morning of the parade:? lNo-ais KeenSD, Hugh Murrry. James Buchanan. John Barrett, l*atrick llaonaliau. Denial Kelly, Joha < milling. Thomas Hllllgan. Thomas King. John Crumuey. Th >ni tv Mrrtin, Peter Daly, Tbomus Collir*. John Bieonan, Patrick Kerr OATMEN, ATTENTION.? All licensed boatmen ?f the Mewopolitan district are re quested to attend * meeting at the Sbekapeare Hotel, e .rner of wiiuant and New i'harr.'>era streets, .,n Monday evening, at 7ty o'clock, in form an is gunl/atioe for the belter proteo tinn of l>oatrn?n By inrlivilon of the Comnvtttee of Arrangements. Thomas Mullen, Charles Henry. David II. Blackbnrn, Wtlllnm Wees ley, David II. Diiiiii. V Uulgb y. John I urns. Klehurd ?on. Patrick Cavanach. MtcbwJ ilelferinau. Mr. Siiidlgroi'e. FRANK ANDF.UBON, Chairurtan, pro Win. Wu.uaa Knew/or. Secretary, i ,,r? Jaaas Ln, Twaaurer, ' 4 1 ro Um VrOTICK.?OPKKAT1VK MAHONH' B. T. H? OF NBW Jv York, will livid a special meeting on nait Thursday evening. March 21. at 7 o'clock, at their 1/*. ooruer of Thirty.third street and Hec-nd avetine, for tire purpose of ?Ming the Irish people in their present struggle for nalionsl Independence. As there i? a proposition wuls'h Ibleresta ?very memlw of tit* society to be Inliodured. a,'I members Are renuested to attend. JuIIN TUOMY, P resident. CoRxri.rtni MeArnrrv, Cor. Hecretary. Tt>AWNBROKKa'8 NOTICE ?PKBAONI ".HAVUNO .'Oils pawned at 121 It ortii vuwet are r. itteev'd lore. I L?m as soon as poaCble. as we hare '. ? rem'i*,* from 'AN FRaN. JOHN J. KELL1 i Cu^ nidersqiR CALIFORNIA, FEB. 24 - .VOTICB.? a F11,. C'neral'y th.d't to noUfy their frl-n Is a?.l the ? intrre,ted In or coanecfdu ??<? not and never have lawn mockell gc<v. corner ef Jaenh'UA tUe house of Hetn. ?i f ! .7' Thl? n",ir? '? i'Ubliahej'rankfor sir- eta. le? grrred'trnjor in *nr msnue- Injurli,.'') ?Hh a view *' stcekei A Co., but simply to correct m,*_ " house of Hsu* ? ?celdion. _ J4WW Busy, Beth'rr airee4. * BKA Y. T?kVur ????*" bouthern >awt^ Aril/u il datg^1 Pf*'i" aeknowleged..88H(I?7 I ???????????*?**#?#.., ^ 1 .Kplal ??? ''AMkg ii. BROWN, Treasurer. A' Wall s'trre: ^ "fl'iy wiiug it mat com f.i s " o/ WJ&n I mT oTyABT, Isle of Brooks BfYtiiCra. B & SPECIAL NOTICES. TA|w'i.NY SOCIETY OR COLUMBIAN ORDER etv khera?A special and Important inline of the stag - wlm 1 th* f00'-" Chamber of the Or. at Wig tho "nTuMrteir evening. March 19, at 7* e'doek, to helfr f> report of the Council of Sachems and to determine u-mri ?jst -sr ^?25,!? ttS1 W?'IPthilii'f The complaint of oeoroe beers aoainht ttm un.1eraignr.i for (pretended, larrcnr la malicieua and unfounded. An Investigation in the metier la to take nlam r??u m"r,?,n* nftlr hrlore Ju,"? ""tC. V^TtS roanlt la known I reepeetfttlly request a ?a<nenaian of iui? mem on the pert of my frtenda end the publTo j Udf Marcb 18. 1ST JOMN F HOU8KW RIGHT, marcm 18. 1387. at. Denla Hotel. WaX?^ WORKMEN OF MESSRS. WARREN WARD for ?K f M e,Fr"? Our aineere ihunka to Mr. Warren Ward for the favor conferred on ua, and deeply ermnath ae ?,Ih ^mjnhla recent deep afflloSon. W R TAUBB. THE TURF." He COLTON. Proprietor. SFORTlIfOs PLEA8URE YACHT OF TWENTY "POTTR tout for 8il?; can be teen now Ivlnir in Rmhiripk wl"uio'n|nMria0r*enp<>iin,: hul1, "plr* anrt blocks complete, *?cW A fuio^'tkifi^S TO EXCIIANOB FOR TWO SING. jg^,";?1On?. wlUi luU P*rtlculere, A*B tDOYRvfEa r8 A?D MRD8 pOt SALE AT Mcdiclnm fn^Itt * 2f? Cao*' i,r,!et- uft?r Church street blrdaT diseases. Prepared Food for mocking F?JL8.^LE-A? ELEGANT SCHOONER TAOIIT. 73 sails and dec*' I8*$ ro8t heem. 8 feet depth of hold; SndeSiel^Tne'nuif!^ "n2 .?f the TBTT heat quality: eeblri everv ee!?wT 7 s ?a *~a if\8 vf,*"el ollt complete In Philadelphia!" M FJ Clothier. box 3,875 Poet oflice, F?fm'elli^r^ "*? black AND TAN DOO, the and w^WjJZ'dT 1,08 lhS C,ty: U 15 mon'h' old. HE.NRT JACOBSON. 129 Fifth atreet. PRrhNfrI8.Bh"r?:R,,Nr,03PECK 8W. HAS ALL THE Core'?na ri ^ Butler's Infallible Mange Flj^JUfnainator, 75 oentfi. Butler'g new work SudSiESt* Da? tr"ned- *?=? MedTcme for HORSES, CARRIAGES, ic. A 'ASS ?' ParriI^Thaeness. fore liiy 1 \t TaYI 2Sm nJvi0" *' "'j?10"1 anI Pnoc be room? & Cedar^tVeetP Larrla?'? ??d Harness Ware A pair op very stylish dark bay ponipr A NUMBER OK FINE BUSINESS Wsnnvci nv w^,V^.7i?rdr^"a!njgLd-??EWA?T'B A ?5?!8TE.B or horses and CARRIAGES at aa abover*8 lh#ir ProPW?y, or j ^t#3SS A HARE CHANCE TO BUY A PINE TURNOI7T pad Addrct. P.. bo" kn? r?t'bm!5Z 0"W ?0t0?,0i;ur0Pe A T .k18.8 , NEQUBST OF A LARGE HUMBRR nr ImssBasssls A StVISg&Et .?5S CI ARRIAGB HORSE J FOR RALE.?A PINE PAIR OF H0"1^; dorttbuy; If hands hinh also oo? tUw | norse,15^ hands high; all will bn sold iwssonabir m ihJ ? tw r 'uWh0r qm for them. Inquire for Afr PHA* wooden sUbls M East Twentr^third I ***Ri>OR tRluSr fro? 8 to 11 o'clock a. M. D^' ^ TURKISH AND ROHAN fllOT air) Hatha, for horses, 87 West Fortr.first MNMt iXr eulaia fnmlahcd on application. 7 m ?reet Ct? pIOR SALE?A BAY HORSE, VERT STYLISH S mice **0 ?&,r.ntnsdtrd kHd- ISS.h"?rt"- can trot In 3:10; gl^KtrX Houae. llunter. Point, oppo.tte HANDSOME BROWN HORSE Do'ightv atreet. near Fulton ferry, Bron Uyu. L^OR SALE?A FINE STYLISH BAY HORSE. BLACK i , "P'rndld acpon: trai ela in 3K, either double oe ^niffeiW?yaWl ?!d: a?^n^^ho,a a f!TurtI J J than value; would make a beautiful nm. niU.c*rrJa*te or horse. Can be seen at private *t*f>lo. nonheaatoorner of Eighth avenue and Fifty-flmt atreet pOR SALE-A FERY STYLISH PAIR OeYaRK BAY sag cVS&eTr. ^vock ,treet FOR SALE?a STYLISH FAIR OF MATCHED BAT eh? "Vaonnd and Und ; trot in 3 30 u.-iglit 15.1 handa, 5 and 8 year* old; will take a home in pnrt eicbange. Can be wen at Ko. 9 1U*Tw?$,1Z?Z F??i OENTLKMAJf HAVING MORE Horses than be c&n use, will sell a handsome btv \f?? s fashionable blood, cun trot In 2 50 ;ss ?SffUiS^5s po* bale?ONI BAT HORSE. SEVEN TEARS OLD .*?????? anind and kind; aUnda 15U haada hLgha.i wfkrhs W)0 lbs.; betn driven by a lady nu* the neat ?-*? Also one bar bmwr home tlx rears old, sound Etd 2ZS atanda 1A|I hand*: ?vlgh. 1.3K lhTVaoW VTSi faTlt c? be aeen at R. K. LBm'H stable. 67 Irving ptace. r?- ?AI'FT.A THHT FINK fair of bark orat Carriage Hoi aw, well matched, long tat la. It bands ntgn,? years old; pond and very stylish. Alan six seat Phaeton, Harness, ie. The owner la aoon to leave town, f ' lhla presents a -are opportunity to buy a ban laome .a UblUhmeuL Inquire for two WMke of B. MONTAGUE. !s2tf2iXZ ^ e-?? Sa,ia ilAW,'. JUS??.OOOD "???? b,ob F?h,.9w,E-:A rE".T HTTLISH AND HANDSOME new i-'J .*!"*'? 7fW? ?W: *l?o a Coupe Rockaway, nearly * url?? tkiST^v ,r" '"in't* bf Flynn, at private stable ? West Thirtieth abect. near Broadway. ' G?10num?.K*T P"orERTT AT PRIVATE SALE? lam MrtSjPVSS f ?<r?n8 hand Harness, Saddles, Col n 'j 'NO? "nd horee Covers Paulina k#L? aS^ p?h?.GraiiFflags. Tents. Tent Stock, Blan cTiTi.'S" 1 J5rjrK1*'? McCl.llan Saddles, omce?-"5SS Plated h*u VlieTwa^w'- n"r_Al"t","T Rrt<U?a With Wedw will . ?"g"" Covers made to ortlar P.rkn'uII*1! ""'I ^"Fltal TMnta. PITKIN A Ctk, Noj Fht? pi **d !"or,b Kronl UrMt< I'alladoi (jrK|rot i'mtuf5. ifh HANDS, S TkARS OLD; CAN kli.lnciil.^i J* ? parttei aatlsfle<l aa to soundness, S'i^Y'LVlr r!T?e. *TL . ?XV) Ca2 ** thom?. ' * T1*, Thirteenth street, near Third evenue. off*,1?. ^KRIAGRS?.c.rkat bafgains j? strawaail<>Br^dir?ff.Ua*1' ??r""r J (?rZt^,n^rl!^21.KR\.AVCT1n,'EE R. 1<? W BE RTV avenue Mild Forr, fl!!lrA,'l^ a',h' ^'^'"'ssubies Fifth Wagana, TUrZSZ iX""* mincl- ?p8cl?1 * Honms, SP "i?h7nr?,fi "?d?V??/At?T f A?,?8s ,JE**' ~u.?yrt,N,VR'*,,nd^""?? "W MeSSS^eSS Sr^'VL?r"e?iytf^iiii? V1" CFFEE FART OF THE S^L^^;^%78EVR*AL PRIVATE STABLER. Ilret. Fttrtydbir*,'orth ll'aUv' "" ^Wv-alxth. Tony. .< lee. than tbi bldd^g wo^d^^ 0!"1* North^at eon,,, F,ry eecmg S to lei. on TiLm1^8FXB^L FErVATE RTABLRS ?v.?o?,; alarone on'loSyM'.^^^";^ K"lh ^^corgr^c^ COCPB and harness nor ?tract. Possession ot^ 5" .h,"r SJ?, Twrety-nU-Mi onjhe pi em is.-, from tto lj a J ImmedUtely Appi'y 1 ~~~~ ??4 E. LORD. 1 m 1 -r--'..7^Xr'.H1CT** SBMT piiaktow. ?Sf'VSI^atjo.hw.: HORfln": HOntlM, CARMAOKS. RC. ? CI I FOR A GOOD POUT. SOUND AND KIND; ALSO ?'Jl' a city mailt- light Rockaway. for $?&; two road 'Wag* one. one -iuirlft neat, $100 ? piece; a light Coupe for MR), all In jterfect order, at Hovey'. aUble, Seventeenth street, near First avenue. FWAICHL. ALBERT h;nI(^bbo?? and auctioneer, NO. a PINE BTBEET.RTABU8MKn ?XB(L j Jn-u ranee, City Railroad. Gas Light, Bank, -Crlegraph, 1 Express^ Manufacturing and Mining Stock., aleoClty, Coun- , ty. State and Government Securities, receive special jtieti tlnn, and aome on hand for aale. paying from 10 to A) per cent dividends, et low ratee for Inre.imeut. DIVIDENDS. Imperial Silver Mining Company, $16 per ehare, due 16 h Instant. Empire Mill and Mining Company, $10 per ehare, due 15lh instant. Payable In gnld coin, leae oicbange, at the Ageney of the Bank of California. LBE8 k WALLER, No. S3 Tine street. Money to loan on first bond and mort gage, at aeven per cent, onproprrtr m thin cRy and Brooklyn. ISAAC IIONIO, S3 Pine eireot. room So. A TLmRUSTEES OP CREDITORS AND STOCKHOLDERS or run OniO AND MISSISSIPPI RAILROAD COMPANY (E. D), 0P7ICB 88 WALL STREET. New York. March 16. 1817. CERTIFICATE HOLDERS' MEETING. The undersigned with aatlefactlnu announce* the adopt inn. by nearly a unanimous rote, of the amendments to the "Trnat Agreement," proposed at the meeting of November 1, 1866, and since voted upon by more then three-fourth* in interest of the owners of the common, end also of preferred certifies tee. The rights of parties In Interest being now defined, and their future policy Indicated, it haa been urged by several partie* largely Interest" I that thla meeting beoontlnno,I, and the certificate holder* be solicited to take Immediate action for the consolidation of the two organisation* provided for; and for aneh purpose a vote upon the annexed resolution, baaed upon the foUuwlng plan and data, will now be pro oended with daily:? Certificate holder* are earnestly requested to vote thereon without delsy. In order that ihc meeting may not he unneces sarily protracted, to the i>o**lblc detriment of their lnleruau. EDWARD LEARNED, Chairman. PLAN FOR ENTIRR ENTERPRISE, UNDER SINGLE CORPORATION. Capital stock (common i to be $30,000 000 Capital stock (preferred) to be 3,300,000 Bonded debt, including existing bonds 8,500.0? t Total $32,000,0 o COSMOS STOCK TO SK ISSCID. To the $90,000,000 certificate h ldcra, three share* full stock for every $500 of certificates $12,000,' go One share scrip slock, assessable for forty dollars essh, for every f <00 of certificates 8,000 gtO To $8 50(1.000 preferred certificate holder*, scrip stock assessable for $36 each, three shares for every $700 of preferred certificates l.HO gone To now subscribers 1,51 A uoc Total $30,o" SjM Preferred stock to be issued to preferred certificate holders, par 8/ 00,006 Money required for the entire enterprise 8,( #6)000 RSSOOBCRS. Bonds $H..Vk),(i? Less present bonds 3,65(1.000 $4,350,000 st DO per eent %' aSRSWO Receivable on $5,000,000 scrip stock.... 40 per cent 1,(100.000 Receivable on 1.500,000 scrip stock 35 per cent 53b,000 Sale of 1,506,000 reserved enmmon stock, and any excess of preferred stoek 1,160,000 Total ? ~ $8,0*1.000 Tnul miles of road ? 59U Miles of road bsvtng both gaup)*, three rails (CI fclnnatl to 8t Louis) >.310 Mile* of road having narrow gangs only (Vlnrannesto Cairo and Psdccah) .180 SSTlMAT* or BAKITIHOS nRST TSAR AFTSR CO' malum. Broad gauge Hoe (average of earnings 1865. 18f B, MA86.7D4* - ... $$,756,006 Cincinnati and Lonlsvllle line (gainl 556 000 Cincinnati and Evansvllle line (gain) 106,006 Cincinnati, Cairo and Padncah line (gain),....Jm 1.106,01* Cincinnati aaC St. Lous, third rail (gain) ?T 7M006 Total $6.jsqj0n Operating and maintaining, say 66 R3 per cent..., 4.168.667 Neteerntngs .j, 3,68bA63 Interest on 63 500,01*1 bonds.. $RM,006 Intervstwa($3,600,000 prsfsraed stock $46,600 . 810(600 Bhrpdas fl.343.IH The above estimate of earsings marked " gain." be ingdhe narrow gauge business. 4s far b*low our expectaUonrBKl the opinions ?f parties fhsMlar with the busineaa IsksMl to be secured. PROPONED AMENDMENT. Whereas, At this meeting of the certificate holders,-Duly d by resnlutten continued, certain amend*,cuts Agree meat rtf December 15, 1653, have been eiimy the ergnatsation of two distinct nukwn , corporation* Is emthoi i?a dor purpose* therein declared, ami In-adjust uien* of the rights and interests of eertMiaate heldem:? And Whereas. Staeh pnvpoee ean near be benefictaMy sc wsanpliahcd by one of such contemplated corpomtloasi? Therefore, tt Is hereby Resolved and screed. That saU . amendment*, adopted as atafesald, era hereby enaulled and ' repedled la so far as tbay appertain or relate to the corpora ?Mens so proposed te be eiganlied, and In subsiltutlen there JW. the followtughe sdopbta as amendatory of I ha ? ftesnth article of *aldTrust Agreement. -"When the TVunbees shall have perfected their psickem <wT Ihe Ohio and Wt**l?*(pp4 ftailrosd f Eastern nivMe*l? <* what I otherwise has* became pssseeesil of the semes 'hey IdhdU form or pi some to be Sunned a corporation nn&rr such Taws of the Ntwtee-sf OMe, Indiana and Illinois. or either (thereof, as they shall deem advisable " The capital of eurf.! corporation shall eonels??f thlrtr-flre 1 -thousand Preferred flharee ar.d tare hundred (hnuaaad Com* men Share*, of the war value-of $160harh. Ihepnrpoaeaand-obllgatlemiad aoehecfporatlonahaU ba : and be made as t allow* ?? > To receive freu On Tm?tass the proverty to be parehased i as aforesaid, vis: The Ohio s*d Mlsapaippi Railroad (RssL am Division 1. and also all rights, properties nnd interests heM by them in or -routing to the Olio end Mtsste-lppi Rail wey Corn pan v (the Western DVrUIrn). being the entire rap. Rid stoek and shares of said company, together wt*r. all bonds claim* or demands *|slssi said oompany held er be lenging to the trust. To receive f mm the trustees a*V and all othar properties 4W thing* belonging to the trust and properly deliverable on the-final termination thrreof. To make and see-am. wKhoaK nnneoeeasry delay, eleee traffic rommnninsAlan and rail ccn.-ieotlon with the narrow range system of raOeeed*. exteadsag to, or intersecting said Ohio and Mi*sl-?lppt Railroad, kg a third and Intermediate rail to be laid upon eahl road. ant. with the southwestern roarid by tbe cnnstrneUeci of (He Htlnol* Southern Rnilread, or to -retire surh obtust bv ?oine sAiernstlve. arrangenirnA, which will yield sqeiraOret benefits and revnglse to said com. peny. , To mslnlsifi, operese and manage tbe properties so lobe acquired or constructed, -and aay otter which may thereaf ter be soqulred. a* an entirety, and oor formnbly to the pro rlaiea* and declarations ?T this ameiNhrrnt. The capital stock of the corporation stall be used and die posed of a* follows:? | Te Ihe persons or parties who. upon a day to be deta> 1 rained by th? trustees, of which not lens than thirty dnvt' ; notice shall be published Is one or more veendnent news paper* In the cttr of New Yirk. ahull be dsly reglatered m the books Of sal I triutoe* a* the owner* et '.ruatees' orrtd* cat"*, on the biaee n nd condltim* following, and on the air render and oancellation of their aereral oerlifruloa. ri* -to the owner*. *o registered, or fbetr legal repveeentstives, of preferred nertlfieste*, there' .hall be issued preferred sock of the corpora Hon, foil paid, for the s mount ?*f their 're ferred eertlflcstes. increased by an allowanee of latweat thsrwou, computed np to the 1st day of September nactat and after the rate of one share of such preferred stock for everyone hundred dollars of sack certificates sad rail rest surrendered by them respectively. Tbe preference of ?ach preferred stock tobeemd email stitute such slock a first claim upon the property at U6 cor poration. after Its Indebtedness, and to entitle the ovners thereof also to sersn par cent per annum, rumulati'e In barest psvsble *eini-annnally thereon: and wbenewr the net esrnlhgRnf the corporation *ha'l be In exrem if tbe amount rrqnlslte to pay seven per cea4 dividends par an num on the aoimeoo stock (all scorned Interest on Me pre ferred stock being paid), such esrea*, when dlalSbutod. shall he divided eenally per ehare on preferred end oraimon stock alike. And to such owners. In addition to aneh preferral stock, there shell be Issued three ehsree of rommon etodL to be designated scrip stock, and declared to be paid ip to the amount of sixty-five dollar* each, for every seven inndred dollars of their preferred oerttflcstmi and Interest s'oresald. To the owners, reglntersd a* aforesaid, or their le^l repre sentatives. of common or nnsreferred eertlflralee. romraon stock of the corporation, full paid, for the amount of their common certificates st and after tbe rate ef tlree such shares of stock for every five hundred dollera of snih eertlfl. antes surrendered by thsm respeotlrely: and In addition thereto of ode of such shares, to be designated swlp stock, and to be declared to be paid up to the amount ef slaty dol lars for everv four hundred doBsrs of their each ssrtlfioates so surrendered. To parties entitled to fractional pert* of a share of either class there shall hei-mned a fell snare of asrnecbss, on the payment bv inch party In money of the fair eurrmt value of ihe complement All share*, both preferred and common, not tsaned ae above provided. Including all fraatlooal part* of shares which any certificate holder mav not tak* ssatwreald; to be held, used and disposed for the benefit of thecorporatlon and purpose* hereinbefore declared, as its D Vector* may from time to time determine. All He rip stock to be subject to thepavmwit of future neaesamenta up to par, when they shall bemme full yel-1 shares; non-psvmsnt of an* such ssaeaenianlto forfeit the etork, without other liability. The corporation shall be restricted from creating and meaing any mortgage lien upon Its property, which shall at any time make the aggregate amount of It* lamed and out standing mortgage Indebtedness etreed scveiSetu <hou<and five hundred dollar* per mile, siorpl by anUi>rtty first to be had and obtained of iwo-thlrda In Interest of the owner* of both tbe preferred and common full paid *to(k. when ihe ooiporsllon la dill.-organised the trustee* shall transfer and convey to It the entire property belonging to the trnat then held or eontrulled bytnem.ln encli tpsnner and by such Instrument* In writing a* contact may advise: and they are hereby authorised to do any and *11 set* snd things necessary to carry Into effect the ptvposrs and decla ration* of this-amendment to the trust Rrr'sitnl, and to discharge any expenses or obligation* made or Incurred on account of this meeting, which they shall deem properly claimable, from the bensflclirte. of th" irvst. Tne corporation, simultaneously with me transfer of the properly sa aforesaid, shall assume all (hepbllgstlnns and liabilities of tbe trustees under or connseted with th* trust agreement, sed their actions relating thtretot Mid shall rrn. tdrt and save said trustees from all loss or harm on account themif: and ?h.iil undertake the eiecitton and obligations of litis amendment In such form ana manner as sball be Satisfactory to said trustee*. ' 'e the due transferor th* properly sa aforesaid to the new corporation, and upon proper measure* being token to serrwe to the rertlflnete holder* thelf respective share* of stock as afor*a.ild, snd upon the afsreaald aa*nmpil-.n of the llsbtlltle* and obligaUona as aforrestd, this tmst shall be and be taken to b* fully discharged and terminated; and the trustees shall thereupon be fnlly relmaed forever from any claims. lo<* or damage tbarefrosn, or In aay amnnar relating thereto, by reason of any act *r ocwaskm by them, or atUier of thsm, pertaining thereto. ^900 WANTED-FY)* A EHORT TIME. BY A widow lady, for bnaiaeaa purpoaea, for whkih I gtkid security will be givan and a oooaa paid. None but re apectablt parties need answer Add res*, stating where snd 4*ben an interview sen be had, Mrs. JR. Mmsktl. has 3M Ik*raid Office. trip: LOAN- ON tBFBBAL Rd. J) I O.UUU .Hie In this (fiiy ln any ?nm. W. A. WOOD, 66 Wan at real $275,000 SSPJvss r& " "ViSMTv^Baa .?MM riSAMflAL. pEiwnrrlvaxu state loam. " PROPOSALS FOR A LOAM OF 99.000,000. . ?* V? "?*** * ?o*n for tha redemption of the overdue bonds of the Common* ,-aim Wker??iUie bonds of the Commonwealth and certain cer tificates of lndobtoduKsa. amounting to tS.OOU.OUO, neve bene ?teniae and una id for aoate time past; And it deairebla that the aame aheuld be paM end withdrawn trom the market; therefore, SacrtoK 1. Be 11 enacted by th- Senate and Houae of tie preeen tatlvnaef the foramen wealth of 1'ennaylranla in Gen. oral A<#embly met, mug it la hereby enacted by the authority of the aame. That the Oovernor, Auditor (General and State Treasurer be, and are hereby authorised and empowered to borrow on the faltb of the Commonwealth. In auee amount# andwlthauch notlr* <not Ism than forty daye). aathey lient for the inlereatof the suae, twen aaay deem moat expwdit....... _ . - ty - three usUUona of datura, aad ismo oarUOcetaaef loau or bonda oft he Cemroniwealth for the same, boarmg lnlereat at a rate not exreegtug iti per centum per annum, payable eeml-aanually. oe. the lot or February and lat of August, In tho ettr ef Phil adteMda; wkteh eeriMcetea of lean or bonda

?hall ent be tmbjecl to my mxalkm w Hater or for State, municipal or Focal purpoeet, and shall be parable ae fol low*, namaf n v* mUtlons of dollars payable at any ?*?,* * ? " yearn and within ten yeara; eight millions of dollara pey able at any time after ten yean end within fif teen year*, und-ton mllUone of dollara at anr time aftrr fif and within twenty-flea yeara, and ahull be signed by the (to nrtw; and State weasurer, and countersigned by . ?*r General, and raglttared in Ute hooka of the Auditor general. ,.nd*o beAransferable on the book* of tho Conuno aweadlh at the Farmers' and Merhaniea' Notional Rank o ? I'hlladalphla, the pit.ceoda of tha whole of which loan, li a-tudma pre mm rue, J*., received en the una shall J* *PI frad'to the payment of the bonda and oertiSestee of Indeb sduess of the f ouunot,wealth. iSTrke bida for tho raid loan ahdll be openedIn the pr*? Iw of the Oeeeruor. Auditor General and State Treae we' i and awarded to the highest bidder: Prorlded, That no J?"" itmtte-hereby authorised to be leaned ahall be negotiated Tor ius than 1U par ralue. I am. A t he bonda of tha State and certificates of Indebted ?* IK, norr orer due. shall be ruoeirahle In pavment of the ?J Ad lopn, under such regulations as the Oevernnr, Auditor ansiw' and State Treastrer may per scribe; and every bid - V ar for the loan now authorifed to be Issued shall state In ?ta bid whether the same Is psyablr in cash or In tha bonda ?r rertiflctvtes of tndrbledneaa of the Commonwealth. die 4. That all trustees. execute**, administrators, guar eUanc, agents. treasurers, commltteea or other persons hold ing1 ft afldortary capacltv bonds or oartiflostes of indebted ness of the State, or moneys, are hereby authorised to bid far the loan hereby authorized to he issued, and to surren der tbe boors or certtlicutea of loan held by tbcm at the Mm* ?of making euch bid, ?nd to receive the bonda authorized to ? be Issued ay this art. Sac. a. Any person or pereonr standing In the fiduciary eapaclty ctatud In (he fourth eection of this act who may desire te rovest money in their k au la for the benefit of the (rust may, wlthoutun order of court, invest the aame la the bonda authorized to be Issued by this sot, at a rate of pre mium net exceeding twenty per centum. Sac. li. That from and arter-tbc passage of thie act all the bonds at" this Commonwealth shall be peid off In the order of their maturity. Sac. 1. That all toons of tMs Commonwealth not yet due ?hall be exempt from State, municipal or local taxation after the interett dun February first, one thousaad eight hundred and slaty-seven shall have been paid. 8xc. B. That all existing lies, or portions thereof, Incon sistent herowitb, are hereb} repe .led. ? JOHN P. CLASS. Speaker wf the llouae of Representatiree. l. w. Hall, Speaker of tbe Senate. Approve id the. second day of February, one thousand eight hundred i tnd aizty-sereo. JO'HN W. GEARY. In acco rdatae with tha provisions of the above set of As tern hlyst taled proposals will be received at the oflter of ". ho State Tr. insurer, in the City of llarrlsburK, Peuntvlvatua. until Ik ? >VkK k M. of the 1st day of April, A. 1867, to he endorsed!as-follows:?"Proposals for Pennsylvania ?*tate Loan, T: watery Department, Harris burg, Pa.. Dalted Stales Of Ami noa~" Bid* i rill be received' Tor $5,OOO.UOO, r? las burnable In flva ? id payable in tern years; >6,0011.000 reimhursAbla In Cnra _ _ n yer. ra sal payable In fifteen yearn, and 9>U,OOll,flUO, reim bursab'w in fifteen years and payable In tweuiy-hee years, the rat ?of latere-1 to be eitUerflre or eiz per cent per au num, vrhMh must be explicitly stated in the bidiand the bids most advawtayeoue- to tha State will be accepted. No bid for If aa than par vg be considered. The badri- will be Issued] in utra* of lie and such higher sirmt as desired by tbe blasters, to be fine from Stale, local and municipal taxes. Tha overdue bonda-of the Commonwealth of "Pennsylva. nta vrlll be received at par In parment ef this loau; but bid den meet state whether they intend to pay in cash or In tha overdue leans si oresaUl. No distinction w4tl be made beleemt bidding'paying la JOHN W- GEARY, Core roan ef PrnnWlranla. JOHN F. ? A RTRXf: FT, Auditor QeneraL W. B. KEBBLB, 8late Trtuurer. ? poMMIof tlM above nnlm Kuiho $350 .000 TO UOA* OH BOND AND MORT. jUUU pn lit rarloua turn*, on ml edtU, la aMpeJeraey GUjLRrmiUvn, Newark, Ac. WIT RMKKS TODD, VB neoadareyt-toom 14. LOAN OVFlCBRi I DVAjrORS'MADK ON' DIAMONOft, WATCSB8, BIL JX i w ware. Nam,, tea Furniture, Camel*' Ha?- Mhawla, fc..wtoj|bt for cash. Terra* madecate. J. fc. COUE-A IK Bietfwij. nririjepiKtlie Aator place. a TAAWNMEOKBRS' TaCK] ITS BOUOHT TOR DIAMONDS, A Watoftee, Jewels,, Ni.-rerwai* Milke, Ac., or the gooda tonagbt; NwaetejUniK ed oa the mm. UN Bowery, Bear Oread atreet, ap stair.. OOPARTNRHKHIFfl DISSOLT/TION ''OF OOF'ARTNRBSHW?'NE! FIR* of IfBIt A O'NIel U th to day dissolved by tactual con XJ or liOJa k O'NIel la th to day diaaelved by tactual m ami. All dcbte dtae end at gainst the flna will-be aetlied by bothsdiihiD a milks. New Vow, Mareli J8.1887. MESSRS. SOUTH NfJYD A CO-M OP DAB ITREET, bare eapltal In Anvem in anv good jobbing or manufac turing business that wit bear Investigation. Aaaoclutiona mustbe good. PARTNER WANTE O-WH'? WILL Frr.NlSL HALF the means tocarr ? oo a light maaafartnrtng bosine.a and attrnu to,the fln in". tal. For lnterrlew addreaa Oeo. M. Chilton, New Cork Past tattoo. PARTNER WANTE 1 h-BflTII FROM M 001 TO *10 OOL to Increase a liter.. tlew and prosperous buaian. a: will give and requite unexce ttioeab.o* references ait in. integrity and morality; eommm lesions, ttyprlaeipivls oely, may be addressed to S. 1,.. box 1 Ml Beer York Peat office. The undersigned- bave thih day fobbed a copartuersh p for ti Wnaaettnet the rnaewfactor.tig of ?lass ornaments at 2f> Or taae street, under the style and urm name of Rothschild At Wee. A. R "NISCIVLD, C I ABLER MILKS. $80(1 TO ll.OOB?W ANTED A PARTNER TO EN gage In manuf muring a patent article wanted In every hou?e, steamboat led car: will aell the right. Can be aeen at Crowen A Co.'a, NKBAroedway. $10 000 ?f'ART!,R * WANTED, IN 4 .LAGER Beer Bre net). Address T. B? Herald BVillRKH Ot VORTtfNlTIKS. AOKNTLEttA* WITH IJM* CAM MAKR A* JbR ranoemetiA for a atlent In IW. for Ike enlargement af a profitable mil ?UI? kna*.' Aidreee Buuncw, borjtt AN RKTAHLTS IIKO fCKWBPAPBR fCITT) WITO ILL Printing Ma Wwl far eat*.?At wecklr lacoma from yearly ad- *rilaar* ?k>ne eaoaada tfca a "ay. and will far ona J?ar email napiui wr^ulraAaJMt UwnaJow. Addreea Brrwlty, Herald aloe, one a A rare chah ce?ixm.r tor ini flret rate Kent* want. tBwi Aae?>t la the tarn yeara' I'aae and 'wary cfeonp nipt, for i THE INTERKKT or A ' "" city; a boat Af taen yean* lease and ^ery efcanp nipt, for aaJr. None but priii cicala who can mweat 10,080 neat addreae M. U? Herald office. CHANCH rOR A . ?R1? PAHHAOE /TO CALIFORNIA and a rr*e buildlnc ? la it In Newport terralnua of Ike at Pacific Railroad, n< wrt Aan Fianclaca. Office 1*7 Broad ray, room 19. CBIKRS8 OPPORTUNE "T.-AN ACTIVB MAN, WITn -J IX.TOOorft twn In caab, \ 'HI botreated wife by a re?pon I Me and welHe?uM??hed oo. wwin, which la about In open a h of the bnalnrai (ape afahtyy Am a neighboring city. nia will be offe Jwouire ofltr. WHITS, I Indueemeuia I Broadway, up alalra. TOf'NTY AND HTATB HI 81f" FOB BALE-FOR J Waterman's KUt'onary an * Poi*lable Bnrgtar Alarm, nat patented. Agents wanted to -the same. Sample worn, H> John atreet. jAOR 8ALE-A RECIPE (LA TK DISCOVERT) THAT ' baa cured cooaumpllmi; or a r?a|?ctal>le partner, with om?, wanted. Addreaa i?i tee l"t?. Herald office. ^EOEOIA. LOUISIANA. TKX A * A ND ALABAMA? J Any gentleman from the above i tanaed Statue to ideal In"a bustneaa that will pny a gornt Interest. addreaa gnadlente. bog 106 tVUIIamaburg (N. T.j Pott ofllce. .A EnsRS. SOL'THMAVD k CO.. At' " EDAR BTREET, I] have eavrral eioeljont Bualneaa 0 VptTtuiHiea, rcq^ lr ig moderate capital. which are aafe an- i latlJtin. itc. 0AHTIE8 WISIIINU To DISPOSE O * THEIR BHBI n-aa, or having Capital to Invest, or rt*li* V? proonee irtnera, ahould call at the Bualneaa Agen A- Ko <"? Broad ay. to CEPITALrsrS AND MANLFACTt'l LfUN.-A OKN holding European Patents. and hat A-nf applied Irr ' States Patent, wlahea to meet with pai A*" to aid him latrfluclng a portable Oaa Apparatna, eapa *'? making at of leva than SI V? tbouaano. a of npetior quality at a coat < ic n^chlnc l?^ adajjtable^ to private reaid eneea,Jtutela, ittrem, or any building where gaa Is needed: M ??ry ??m ict af almnle la atruetura. and does net re t'*r* ftl* or tend|r-e, and can be manufactured at a c< mtuf about CO. rt-lreea for one week bor AM llerald nfflc- a <41 (h) -py* awwaintancr or oKb THAW JuLe" ?"? la dcaired, able to take an Interest ? SI.001 Id an eratton whleh will produce, after a abor tdalay. a v?ry 1st profit: no rlak; money enenred by morl W* on propert Addreaa for particulars boi 4,1*7 Poet oils * 411 00 WILL ONB-TIIIRD INTE tfiBT tJfAa""y'In a patent for manufacturing mlrroi a that will i ord the trade Tbla mnat be nluaed March IS to ' t?a aerured any auoh figure. All particulars at 74S Broadw %F. stove at-. IN AV Oft -WANTED, A MAN TO INVEST ?TO.l/y. manufacturing bualneaa In PbHalptllai astabllal ten yearn naya per cunt. Address* ? S V%rn '? P"r cunt Address Broad A Coatee t 111 Poet ofllce. Philadelphia. 1 AMD MAW OlsAfMB.' riASIWIfX BR PAID FOR BOUNTY AND ALL AM IT M HgMKITW. XJROADWAY THEATRE ADMISBI ON 10 CENTS. JD Comer of Broadway ana Broome street. Continuously- crammed house* the uupreeeOMtted popularity of he world-reuowued Cotuediaua. MB. AND MUH. liAKS'KY WILLIAMS. . Standi ha room only at 8 o'clock render* U advlmble thai Wli should h* secured In advance. last week but one. MONDAY. TUESDAY. WEDNESDAY AMD THURSDAY EVBNIN08. AND ONLY SAtUBDAY M ATI NBA, the tdrilling Irish drums of all hallow eve, end the roaring comedietta of LATEST PROM HEW YORK. In both of which pieces Mr. sod Mm. BAHNEY WILLIAMS will appear. Introducing numerous Sonet and Dances. MONDAY, MARCH 18. ST. PATRICK'S DAY Or.i.EBRA TION. PRIDAY, MARCH tt. ONLY RENKPIT OF MRS. BARNEY W1LUAM*. Alf ENOKMOITB BILL?THltLK PIECES. Bos Office open from 8 to ? o'doe*. - ? TYTOOP'B THEATHB. POPULAR PRICES. VV f>U Broadway, opposite St Nichols. Hotel. appearance of the charming eoeelhd and comedienne MI8H PANNY MOKOAN l'HKLB^. THIS AVENINO AND SATURDAY MATINEE. The beeutlful oomedy or the LADIES' BATTLE km KATTY O'SHBAL. supported bv * full dramatic eompeny. MONDAY, March 18, the celebrated moral dram* Of UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, with ? powerful cact of character*. HAKTZ'S TBMTLK or MYSTERY. 808 BROADWAY. EVERY KV/.NlhO AT 8. SATURDAY AT J. LAST TOW WKEKS Or T1IK PRESENT SEASON. LAST WEEK OK THE FLOAT!WO HEAD. LAST WEEK OK THE UtOWTlI OP KLOWERS. CHANGE OF PROGRAMME. FIRST TIME OP THE KAMOl'S AUTOMATON, L'BSCAMOTKUR Ami mm PAIRT SINGING BIRD. Prom the Cryetnl 1'alaos. London, where ten* of thousand* wi!iii'?s<-il tl>im moat oxtraordmarv ami beautiful triumph of mechauism with the greateit entfinsisam and delight. The LONDON TIM lis says.-? "Thle extraordinary little songster, the alio of e butterfly, la the mo.t wnndcrtul piece of mechuulm ever eeee or aoard in tbla country. ' Tickets 80c.; reiem-d reaiM $1. For sa.e six deya id ad advance, at the hall, from ?tlB 5. ? WEDNESDAY JUVENILE NIGHT. Children half pries. The Chiekertng Piano la used at these aeanees. G ERMAN sTADT THEATRE, 48 AND 47 BOWERY. To-mttrmr (Monday), March 18, Mr. BOG I'MIL DAW ISON an HAMLET. SAN PRANCT8CO KINHTRELS, 985 Brotdwny. THE TROUBLE COMMENCES AT QUARTER TO ft THE t RE.MK DP LA CRKME OP MINSTRELSY. BIRCH, WAMBOLD, HRiiNARD AND BACKUS. SAN FRANCISCO M1NSTKELM, whoa* success lias never been eqr.alled by any similar oi g? titration in the vr,rid. New and cheiu lul ?rtrl??i|uai every week. The Tito Bar uume of ConnecUrut, our Family Sociable, Gambrlnui of laughter at the shadow Pantomime, and Opera. Shouts < . the screaming Black Cook and African Ballet Troupe. Grand March of (tie Spirit Hachers of the Amnion. J^ELLY k LEON'S MINSTRELS, 7*) ftROADWAY. Sixtieth night < f the PATTl Stop That Laughing unapproachable bur- A only T Luclo Slta-perron, lesqut scene* of T LEuN T Mis* Susie Brown; the BlackCrork. T crer.teaa great A The Triple Clog. MACBETH t-1 I furore In the P Mr. CAWDOR MACBETH Tl I Awllttl Waltxes, I Mr. GLAMI8 Macbeth J I N and appears In N The Witches. OINDERLBON, P iRsrn iguiUcnnt 8 MADAGASCAR DARLING THOU, A Empress I BALLF. I TROUPE EDITOR'S ITEMS. 11 Dress. R DEMON DANCE, PATTl Hi PARIS." I A E.N DUNG AGONY. SIRAP SNHARLSf WHITBY? TROUPE. V At Hry niit'a M-eehsnlca'_HsH, 478 Brosdwsg. ANOTHER ELEGANT BILL THIS WEl-1 Pen torn in* . SCHOOL BOYS' FROLIC. Pantomime. Pautuminsi. KCIfGOL BOYS' FROLIC. Pantomime. Pautomlae. eCiicOL BOYS' FROLIC. Pantomime. SCHOOL BOYS i.jil.iC. SCHOOL BOYS* FROLIC. SCHOOL BOY. a 'LiC. SCHOOL BOYS' FROLIC. LAST T. , OP SILAS BALDWIN. Second tfc te tki? sexm. ? of Charley While's anginal sfceteh i t. RK. hTREBTB OP NEW YORK' BTKEKV OP NEW S1REKP OF Nr.IV YOKE. STREETS OF MEW YORE VJQTH SUNDAY CONCRRT. Zi'TH SUNDAY CONCERT. 1?1U SUNDAY OORCEKI. 36TM Ml N DAY CONCERT. WXH t SUNDAY CONCERT. STEIN WAY HALL. ?TH HUM DAY tONoKRT, march 17. ' _ L P!TE'.RRISON ?DIRECTOR i Virol appearance of the favorite Priiaa Deans, M'LLB PAULINE CANISSA of the celebrated Organist titles ^Hklt G. W. XOKGA^^B with the following einluent Artiste:? MR. CARL ROSA. Tlollnlet; I ? MR. O. W. CoLBY. Accompanist; MR. TUEO. THOMAS. Ceedeetse, end his FULL ORCHESTRA, il okete, 60 cenU; Reserved Seats, M oenta extra. TVONDERPUL PRE\K UP NAWiKK?'THE WA-SH W I MOTOR TWINS," bare eRvw, K-mag mro heads, four emasreed but one Body and one fratflf legs; also thetaoud lantlH right arm of Probst, the murderer of toe Deertnv land r; together with u>o Deagnlflceel oolleetlea ef objects In rhysi-logj, Aoatomv. Pathology and Natural Histaiy: all ef wMch are tlluatraled daily by Lectnrea and Mieoseoplc ?tews, at the New York Museum ef Aaalewy, 818.Rruad wtegr. ? Open from 8 A U. to 10 P. M. UNCLE TOM'S CABIN. "3d MILLIONS ' have witnessed this pest moral drama. Jt wlU be produoed at WOOD'S THEATRE, on Monday craning, March 18, ONE WEEK ONLY, lucludiug Vtedaesday and HaturdayiMATINEK. with a full castor chawiters, at popular prices. ADMfHSION, with scats, *J6c , 50c. ..and 76c. SAM COLXER? THE UNUONQUERRD AMERICA'S CHAMPION Sad la tor has matched to fight Barney Aaron for 59,000 and e championship In June next He will remain iu the city bat m week longer. SKBMOURIS COSTUME DEPOT. 151 CANAL STREET, near Senary; the richest and mutt Varied assortment or i Hal Masque, Tableaux, Society Couimaa in Lbs United States. 193 192 153 Canal attest. UNCLE TOM'S CABIN. THIS GREAT MORAL DRAMA that has been wit nessed by exceeding tniriv millions oI person*, at Wood'a Theatre POPULAR PRICES. Banjo instruction-by my champion method. $9 a course, $9. Each pupil taught separately. A per fect tuna a lessou or no charge. J. K. BUCKLEY. 978 Hudson street IH9TRICTION. LADY TEACHER WILL OIVE LESSORS IN PEN . mit.iahip, or the English branches, at the residence o? i piiptl Apply at Oold<milh's Academy, 78# Broadway. AYOUNO GENTLEMAN WISHER TO BOARD WITH a reapectablo iamtlr and teach them Spanish. Address B. R., Nit SU Herald office. AYOUHO GERMAN LADY, KVOWINO TnB MODERN languages, music on the pUno, Ac , dnalrea tn engage ment In a family or with a lady travelling to Europe. Beat references jiveo- Addreea M. G? Box lot Herald office. ?pRIVATK T^TOR?AORADt'ATK OF TALK WOULD JL give inatructlun In the Claeeloe, Klociitten. and English, Including the higher Malbeiaattoa. Addreea Prof. W. 7. B , A. M., Iferaid office. Bookkeeping. PENMANSHIP AND BUSINESS APPAIRS, At OOLDftMITB'S Commercial Instaute, 78# Broadway. Established IMQ. Private InslrucUoti. JgKST SHORT HAND?STANDARD PHONOGRAPHY. ^ Moon learned In New York Phoaegraphlc Academy. 844 Broadway; or. without a teacner. from Handbook of Standard Phonography, ft AO postpaid. All about Pho nography, terms, Ac., In The Visitor t4H paaesi and Circular, Addraos A. 4. GKAItAM. 844 Broadway, N. Y. I That Phonography la eery eaaily learned la obriotia when rtn ' "" H la known thai all ita general | IW plea are Illustrated In a single page glance icoutalned in my oirculari. TilK (?RK AT UTILITY Or PHONOGRAPHY .denied. It la admitted by profesitonal and buaineaameu, by teacher* and atudeata. to be a aeoexaary part oPa nieful and complete education.?Anvcx College Monthly TO ANY YOUTH who may possess the art It la a capital of itself, upon which he may confidently rely fur support. I do not know any branch of huow.el*? which so surely LEADS TO JMMEDIATE. PERMANENT AND KK SPECTABLE EMPLOYMENT St Leo. Tucker Campbell THE DEMAND FOR PHONOUKAPilKK* a* secretaries, amaaueiiaee and reporters for courts, oonveutlons and news paper* Is alio very great, and A GOOD KKPOKTKK readily mmmmmf a salary ol fl.SuB to $3 "JO. There Is no held of commands P MR n leu.: this country so CKKIaI.mLV REMUNERATIVE aa this, atd It will be sought more and more with the rapid In crease of facilities.?Rochester Uiunonrat. PHONO OKASHIC CLKKKd are now employed In telegraph, rail road, Inauranoe, express and shipping offices; in the offices or lawyers and physicians, mercantile and losnulactiiring hciaoa. aad In ail the departments of the haft.mat govern ment. ? BOOKKKKPINO $10 WRITING $6? MK.SSTIS. DOL Icar, eui Broadway, by apecal rc|U<-it will form cheap claeae* thla.wcek. They teach Bookkeeping iiraetlc.tlly. ?? uauri In the heal New York Motive*. and quaMfv ge'tln tneti for head book keepera. Applicant* fur ohoap aoiarae* moat secure neat* immediately. BHOARD AND TUITION?A LADY OK SEVRRAI, year-' experience In the cure of invalid children would take ?c\oral more at her amintry residence. whore lh" root fort* of home and mountain air rotild he enjoyed. Children from all month* old to twelve year* taken, for particular* call on th* matron at CHS Broan war. for t..ree dajra. Ladies or neglected education wishing to Improve In English, French, writing, elotutlou, mualo, Ac. may reoejr* private li aaona bj *i plying at S< Elavanlh atreet, between rifth and hlitb avenue*. ?? LANOUAOKS in TUBER MONTHS.-AT DOLHF.AR'S Academy. Hbfl Hmadway, CAM BALDINI will tench, in alxty eaay leeaona. Kngltan, French, Spanish and other lan guage* Rook* not required nor RMM leaaonv given. Pat vau leaaoua given at revnieitcaa. Far further particular* apply at DOLRKAK'S, 009 Broadway. UAKCIYD ACADTGMIK*. DODWORTH'S DANCING ACADEMY, NO. m FIFTH A VUN UK. or tarma. Ac., aand lor a circular. A, BROOKES' DANCING ACADEMY. Ml BROOME ST. All the faihlonabl* Dance* In one rourae or leaaon* SOIREE EVERT WEDNESDAY EVENING BROOKE'S BOOK ON MODERN DANCING JUST ri'BLIHHED. PRICE $1. BALI.ET MASTER DUMAR'S DANCING ACADEMY, M Weal Foorth atreet.-Leaaon* everyday for children, ladle*, gentlemen All dancaa taught In one quarter, ala daucea in *?t prlrai# Icaaona. 1 iWATKIMONIAl,, *7~ PROFESSIONAL GENTLEMAN Of KATUJuTaGR (\ aria ha* to enrraepoad with a vnong women or widow j, tdy with a new lot matrimony. Addreea .Fidelity, llereld euV". elating qaaUAmtiong m/Wrtamwaetfa N A.HL'KKWKMTi. KW YORK THEATRE. Managers. Lewis Baker and Mark Hmith. The Meuage'e take groat pleasure la anno anting that they tare effected a m iniiMminl for six nights longer with LADY DON. 8T. PATRICK'S DAT. ? CKAD MILLS PALTUA." LADV DON vlll appear oa MONDAY EVENING aa KATHLEEN, wlUt tongs, In tha beautiful and pathetic drama of KATHLEEN MAVOUKNEEN; ST. PATRICK'S BTE. For particular* o' east, scenery and incidents, MM pro grammes uf the perfortu.nice. la preparation the celebrated drama of DON C.ESAK UK 11A /.AN, n which Lady Don wilt imi the most popular selection* from WALLACE'S OPERA. Brooklyn academy of music. ONE NIGHT ONLY, MONDAY, MARCH 18, the greatly sucr tssful local durna, tha STREETS OF NEW YORK, STREETS OF NEW YORK, STREETS OF NEW YORK, presented with at! the ORIGINAL, KUPRCTM, TUB OKKAT FHUi, UNION SQUARE ;,.id other lifelike repre sc illations. AdmDelon 75 cents; reserved seats SI; gallery SOcents. Box sheet open st 9 o'elock. fftHEATRE. FRANCAI3?COMEDY. JL TUESDAY, MAKCl! 19, 1W7, AT ? O'CLOCK. Last representation of LA PAPILT.ONNB, (Original or Tammg a Butterfly.) Comedy to three act?, by Vlderean SarAon. LEri DBf'X SOl RPM?COMEDY Ticket offireatH. DAKDONVILLK'S, 079 '.roadway. gBIFFIN A t'lIlti'VTY'S MINSTRELS. Filth Avenue Opera House, Noe. t and 4 tYeel Twenty rth street. O. W. H. ORIFFIN Manager the family rp?<(>rt. This beautiful hull is nlglitlr crowded bv the BUTE OF1HK CITY. MONDAY F.VPMSO March tit, and erory evening during the week, FOURTH WEEK of the GREAT SPECTACULAR HUREE&UiE, THE KI.ACK CROOK, which Is to be witnessed bv 48ft.000.Ultl OF PEOPLE. Oeorve Christy. Otu> Burtmnk. J. K. Boyce. R. Hughes, and (). W. H. Orlfllu, the atro-igeHi leant of Conor Artist* iu anv one band In the world. C. Henry, Oeoige 1 aslle^ C. F. Vthattuck. three or the moat popular Ballsd Singers <p the ootintry: together forming the MOST COMPLBl'K MINsFkEL COMPANY EXTANT. Doors open st 7. To commence at eight o uluck. Tony pastor's opera house, an bowkby. Re-engMcement of the Modern Olsdlator Mr. nam COLYKK end hie two sons. DAN and EP0IE? The great original local dram i. with new sc urry. Ac., THE WORKING HIRES OK NKW YOB*. THE WORKING HIKES OF NEW lliRK Orend Ballet, The'I urklsb Slave Market, new Sengs by Tony Pastor, uew Etblopeau acts by ths great Colored Come dy combination. MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AT 21$ P. M. H 00LEV8 OPERA HOUSE, BROOKLY N.?TUB BLACK MAN' Civ At I Aft, THli MILLINERS, ?oie Bull in a light Place, The Happy Old Woman. The Vnwelcome Visitor, The Active Bnv, rhebeann* Brown, Othello: Weke Up, WUllnrn Henry; Bed Hot Ac , Ac. GRAND MATINr.K EVERY SATURDAY, all!,'? lib LOCK. BUDWORTH'8 M1KBTSEL8. LATE OP FIFTH AVE ntie Opera House, at Washington Hall, llarlem, for five night* more only. House crowded last night to witness this great show. Ibe Kudworth Brothers in new acts. Change of programme every othar night. Admission 90 and 36 cents. Bunyan tableaux.?largest panorama I!f the world. 8ixty magnificent **? U1"'i!*B? "i yan'e Pllgnlm'a Pi ogre ?t." Union Hall, IJroodwny nua Twentv-lhlrd street. Open every night at 7t ^ 8. Admission JO eente; children 26 cents. Matmeo Wed nesday nnd Saturday, at 8 o'cook. _ roht. J. URK.BNWOOP. Manager nnd Proprietor. The ore at historical painting. ' M REPUBLICAN COURT IN THE DAYS OF LINCOLR. ON EXHIBITION DAY AND EVENINO. ART1N8TI TUTK (PBKBY GALLERY). 6ffl BROADWAY. XJNTm8TOUEAT,M?)KAL DRAMA that h?? been wlt Bmed by imeding thirijr miUtoni of P?i*P?*v a gJ^-T tractive, produced at Wood'i Theatre, Monday evening March lis. POPULAR PRICES. THE B1CHINOS ENOLIKH OPERA CHlfrA*TOHU? reappear jat the ^OLYM PIC ^THEAT^H^ ^on evening next, Karen 18, oomroenclu* a brief ?ra*?? Balfe'e beautiful production, the BOHEMIAN GIRL. Box sheet new open. ^ g_ PENN0YER. Agent (CAM COLTER?THK UNCOmQUERBD AND UNCON O qnerable, haa made a match with Baraey Aaron to con teat for the championship of America In Juno neat, at one hundred and twenty-eight pounds. New York wiU go ft* the fallaot Cotyer. TTNCLE TOM'B CABIN. . ? U At Wood's Theatre, Mondav evening, March 18 Han been witnessed by exceeding thirty mill lone of persons. Banjo and jio dancino. cloo and irish jio Dancing. tanght by JOHN BOUAN, 111 Fast Houston street. Terms $8 per cour#. Banjos at all prices. BANJO.-WK GUARANTEE TO TEACH ANY PKRHOIB to play this popular laatrurnent In one Kugie emiree of t lessons. HENRY C. A CHaRLBS E. DOBSON, ?Bt ) Broadway. ' TO MANAGERS?A YOUNO LADT WHO HAS filled engyremente In some of the leading theatres in London and Paris desires an engagement in New York or elsewhere. Address MiaaE. V., station <J. THEATRICALS WANTED?SEVERAL DANCERS AND Vocalists; also, several young Ladle* for the atife. Man agers in search of taicnt should apply to DAVIS A CO , Tbo airlcal Agenta, No. 4fl7 Broadway. PUWOPf >RTE1. A CHEAP PIANO?PRICE f 100; PINE TONIC; IN GOOD order: iron plate; city maker. New Pianoforte* sold oo reasonable terms. J. RIDDLE, 18 Amity street, near Broadway. A GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES -BARMOKE'S eeiebrated Pianos. 348 iUeecltcr street, warranted five rears: 17 prtxe medals awarded. Second hand 1'iauos, Nunns' make. 8100. gl.V, $MJ. A GREAT RAROAIN.?RLEOANT PIANO, BEST maker, coat $690. used short time, sold half it* cost, with part the Puralture. 27 Horatio street. A FINE ASSORTMENT OF PIANO FORTES TO LET and sold la instalments, at the manufactory. 1M and j 148 East Twenty-first street L. P. CUM MINUS. Avert RICH AND RUrF.RB ROSEWOOD 7M oc tave Pianoforte for sale, at Hatterson's storage rooms, 600 Sixth avenue, near Fortieth street; haa rich tone, beat city makers, overstrung baas, full iron plate, richly finished with feur round corners; baa warrantee for fire years; will be sold a bargain for cash. A MAONIFICBNT PIANOFORTE FOR HALE?FOR J\ 8*7* cost 8H0; also a I'srtoe Hull, for 8*00. one do. lor 8188 Also the Furntfftre of a parlor and four bedrooms, at A bargain. Inquire at II* West Eighth straat near Siitb av. A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE FOB sale.?Made to order; cost 88X1 for ffiUU. In lading stool nnd sorer: Ferlor Mutts, Ktageres. Bookeise, Chamber, Dining Furnllnre. at n sacrifice. 44 Want Sixteenth street, near Sixth avenue. E SARD'S piano FOR RAPE?A OREAT CIIANCB; ? an upright Imported Krard's Preneh Pianoforte for sals at RidO. To be seen at 182 West Twentieth stract PIANOFORTES TO LET.?AN ASSORTMENT OFKHN and secant Instruments at moderate rain*; a fine looed second hand Raven A Bacon Piano for sale. WM. H WEED. 108 Bleacher street. WATERS' PtANOfl-GRAND SQUARE AND UPRIGHT: Parlor, Church Cabinet and Oera Organs and Melo daons. The beat nianiifactiirrd; prices reasonable; war ranted six years. To let. and rent allowed if p ircbaaed: monthly payments re.nlred for the same. Second hand l'lanos at Inraains; press from 86) to 82*6. Cesh inld for ?eeond hand l'i?;io<. Pianoa nine.I, repaired, boxed and shipped. Warehouse 481 Broadway. N. T. HORACE WATERS A CD. MUSICAL.. A YOUNO LADY WILL GIVE LESSONR ON THR Piano at $10 per quarter. In advanoe. at bar own or pupils' rea.drioes, thorough Inatructh.n will be guai antend. App.y ai two ninth av?uue, ucar Kortleth street A GENTLEMAN WILL GIVE INSTRUCTION ON 1UB . Flanu al pupils' residence for 81U per quarter, bent of reference given. Address, with raeldenoe, Teacher, boa III a Herald oinee. A SOPRANO HIROBR, WITH A RTROHO CULTIVA~ tad mice, now engaged In a froteelant choir, deetrea li Improve her ealery and position after May I; on eng.ige yic'it Id Brooklyn preferred. Addreaa Kl? X. T. X, Brook lyn Poat oUicO. AT T11K N ATI ORAL CORSKRVATORY OR MUSIC, ? MADISON AVKRI'B. TERMS $10 FBR QUARTER, At the musical academy, m wrht twerty elghih el reel.?Thorough dnetracUoo at %& per quarter, l.eaaou* alrtetlj private. Guitar and bircjiro.-kapoleor w. oouli* Solo Onllarlet. enable# hiepnpile In A few la* anna I accompany eouge and play effectively. IB Siith araoui Hahja taught tiractionlly. Guitar, violir, piaro, sihoiro, sc.: pbivaS leaaona; terma favorable. Normal Mimical Conacre tory, ?i Weal Twenty tilth atreet, near Eighth ave? Parent# ahould call and aiandne oar ayatem. ClrcoE* read/. \fUSIC TEACHERS MRERAlet dealt withat Jvl IT* Sixth axrnua, between Twelfth and Thlr-W"ta aire#la AU the popular Music coaalanlly OB hand, aa Raw Mnak aa aoon aa publlalied. , . MUSIC PO? PARTIES?$h rsR ?V^INrifc\N|?d Inatrumaat 87 Eleventh atreet, betwaaw ElPy Suth avenuea R. S.-Wa ara now ready to makAB aa gagcmenl for the lammer .. COPRARO.-A PUPIL OP MISS **?'* rUaele muair Addreaa M. W., Harald ofltoa. Vrr awi>*rv?A CAEARLR LEADER POR rvAIR COR. W ?wi?uooal alaglog III a Bepll I ehurcb aed la OOh al!t lETmrtSg In tha "indey School ooceeloiDly. Addreaa precentor. beam harald o?ce. ^ ~