Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 17, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 17, 1867 Page 3
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a RK8PECTABL1 AND COMPETENT PERSON D8 A ilrw a situation aa houttkfr^r In a gentleman's ?auy going to California: referenoea exchanged. Call or adfrsss Housekeeper, 108 Monroe at FRENCH LADY OP EDUCATION AND RESPECT aHlIty, wants a situation as governess. Address 0. a a, A RESPECTABLE TO UNO WIDOW LADY, POSSE38 lng some mesas, wants to obtain a position as house Beeper, matron in a hotel or to take charge of a house or suit of rooms for a party of gentlemen: triflers need not ??ewer; salary no object, but n comfortable home for self and child indispensable. Address Mrs. A. W., station D. AFIRHT class dressmaker would go out by the dar or would lake home work; best city reference. Apply at JO 6th a* , fancy store, near Amity st A LADY OP EXPERIENCE DESIRES A SITU A tion aa housekeeper In a Hotel or gentleuisa's family; eaa furnish the beet of refereuoe. Ad dross C. J. 11., box W Herald office. ARBHPBCTABLB GERMAN GIRL WISHES A SITl' atlon as lady's maid; understands all line Deedlew ork no well as dressing hair; no objection to travel or to go la gueooiintry. Call for two days at 334 6th st, room No. B. A LADY WISHES TO OBTAIN A SITUATION POR A young girl as lady's maid In a family going to Knrope; w.Urooommend her highly as a hair dreaaer. Apply at Bu. A WIDOW LADY. WITH ONE CHILD, AOBD 7, IS anxious of obtaining a situation as housekeeper la a private family; an invalid lady not objectlouable; salary not so much an object as a good home. Address, for two days, Mrs. H. S,, station B, city. A RESPECTABLE AND INDUSTRIOUS LADY would like to go as housekeeper In a gentleman's or widower'a family, here or abroad; rsTerences exchanged Address Mrs A. 6., station B. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO PROTESTANT GERMAN girl wishes a situation ns nurse in a alee family, where ?an have a steady place and A good home. Call at her pa yee la, SB *h at., near av. C. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL WISHER A JTL situation m a private family as chambermaid and plain ?eamstreas, or as chambermaid and waitress. Call for two Bays at ST West 38th at Housekeeper.?a widow of so desireh the above position; only those living in good style need apply. Address Housekeeper, station (1, Housekeeper s position is solicited by a young widow lady from New England, capable of fill ing any place of trust and responaihlliiy; will not object to tbo country, or the care aud education of yoang children; Best references given. Parties of rebutment an<l sincerity enly need apply. Address Ada C. Benton, station F, N. Y. w ANT ED?BY A YOUNO LADY WHO HAS NO other means of support bnt her pen, a situation to do writing in an otttce, o- any pi ,oe where there is writing to Be done. Address Katy, Brooklyn ~ i Post otitce. T|7ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH LADY, TV of amiable disposition, a position aa housekeeper, or ?ompaaion; has lived some time in Havana; is not subject to sea sicklies*. Address, for one week, A. B.. station 13. YETANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, TO TAKE YY washing and Ironing in her own honae. and would be Willing to go ont to wash sad house dean, on loasonabla g A ? i No. terma _ Ajiply any time at 118 East 11th St., second floor, YI7ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WIDOW LADY, TUB YY washing of ladies or gentlemen, or family washing Aone by the month; la a competent hand at all klods of fine washing and fluting in the neatest style; or would like to take charge of a gentleman's place for the summer; Is com Detent ol doing so. Can give the best of city refereuoe. Cull at or address Mrs. Reade, 3416 East 34th at., second door from 3d av. WANTED-BY A GKNlPEL COLORED WOMAN, A situation as ladies' maid and seamstress; no objeoilon to the care of children or to travel. Can be seen at present eaapioyrr'e, 301 West 36th sL, between 8th and 8th avs. "U7ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED YY woman, a situation ss child's nurse, or take care of an Invalid. Can be seen at her present employer's. 66 Court at., Brooklyn. "lirANTBD?A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN YOUNO YY woman, aa child's nurse, seamstress, or Aa travel with ? family in this county or Europe. Inquire aPB36 Christo pher st, New York, or at No. 8 Greene av., Brooklyn. HELP WAMTKD?KBMALES. MO. 1 PATTERN BANDS WANTED-AT MMB. Gillespie's, No. fl Clinton place. A SICK GENTLEMAN WANTS A NURSE. SPEAK A Ing Preach or Spanish, or to move to a private bouae Weill ' -- --- - -- AImms Park H< - might be carefully attended; no contagious only great feebleness. Apply to Carlos, Grsmercy bouse. s TOUNG OIRL WANTED?TO A6SI8T WITH CHILD. , re% and make hereelf useful, la a small family; wages per meaih. Apply at the drag store, corner or 88th it fILOAKMAKP.R* WANTED.?FIFTY FIRST CLAM VJ doakmakera accustomed to beat Broadwav trade; none ?fttra need apply. Entrance to workroom In Oread street LORD A TAVi.DK, __ 4(1 to 487 Broadway, eorner of Ursod atreeL ,PBRATOB WAN-TF.n?ON WHEELER A WILSON'S ina, at Lord A in Grand at.; work ?aaohlne, necoatomed to nuking ablrt boeotns, at Lord A lor'*. Broadway; entrance to workroom given eat. P*A BR BOXR8.-A FEW OIRLS ON PASTE WORK. Apply atlM Chamber a at., np stairs, to C. W. Quaam. QALB&WOMAN WANTED?ONE THOROUGHLY AC O qualnted with retail book and stationery bnalneaa. Ad pas ?, stating former place ofc emplovroeui, with full par ?aalars, In own handwriting. C. A. Kittle, Herald ofiiee. TOANTED?A GOOD MILLINER; MUST HAVE BEEN ? aecustamed to flrat class city work. Apply at M John ? atroet, Brooklyn. WANTED?DRESS AND MANTILLA MAKERS; ONLY first class hands need apply. MRU- P. P1NCHON. MBleeoker at H/ANTKD-A GOOD PROTESTANT SEAMSTRESS, TO TV go about bra miles bevoud Central I'nrk, on the Hud ' i river. Apply between It) and IS o'clock at 1S3 Bast 14th w w ANTED-A GOOD 8THA.DY OIRLTO DO GENKRAL housework in a small private family; must be a good and ironer. Apply at 111 West Odtls sl ANTED-FDR SEVERAL WEEKS, A SEAMSTRESS who thoroughly nnderstauds rutting, nuking and em Idertng infante' clotblug. and can uae Wheeler Wll aon'a machines. Address box 181 Post offlce, Mew Tort. w ANTED?SALESWOMEN FOR MILLINERY GOODS. Apply to IL Plncbeoti, 81 Bleeeker st WANTBD-A MIDDLE AOBD AMERICAN WOMAN, aa companion and attendant to an Invalid lady; a good brass and fair wage* will be given. Apply to Mr?. R. wood, ?amor of <4?h st. and Broedwsy. WANTBD-A FIRST CLASS OPERATOR ON OROVRR A Baker's machine; also a few good cloakaakera. Apply at 7? Broadway, up autre. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS TRIMMER; ALSO THREE good milliners. Apply to Mrs. F. H. Dwyar, 838 Canal ?A, opposite Greene. WANTED AT ONCE?A GOOD COOK. WASHER AND Ironer in a small family; one who will be willing to Bio the oonntry May 1; city references required. Call at Fort Greta place, Brooklyn, between 10 and I o'clock. TUPANTED?FIRST CLASS OPERATORS. ALSO COT YT tea eabrolderara and braiders. Reference and sample At work required. Apply to A. T. Stewart A Co., Broadway, i on 9th at. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, 8PKAK1NU FOUR LAN ^ gnagea offers himself aa companion and Uaehar to a Family going to Europe. Excellent references. Address La faywue. box 191 Herald ofBco. A MIDDLE AOBD MAN OF STEADY HABITS DE A aires a situation aa night watchman. References can jagteea. AiPtia J. A. station B. ?Of ANTED?A SET OF BOOKS TO WRITE UP IN THE TV evening, or Spanish translations and correspondence. A48nas R. S. T , Herald offloe. WH ANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS BARKF.EPER, A BIT aatloa in a SrataUsa bar on Broadway. Address N. B., aara Britten A <>o , 91 Liberty at. I Co , 91 Liberty at CLERKS AND SALESMEN. A COMPETENT BOOKKEEPER. CONVERSANT WITH French and German, wants n situation. hu first class references, ran give security If required. Address M. J., but 140 Herald office. OOP SKIRT TRAVELLERS WIIO CAN 1NFI.UF.NCR a good trade and give satisfactory reference* can meet Ith a permanent situations. Addreae, sUUi.g eipecutlona, ufscturvr, box 119 Herald oflH-e. H ?an Tw; rr O UMBKKLLA SALESMEN WANTED?GOOD, smart men, who have some trade. Address, stating real *, amount of wages wanted and where last euiployed, L. Y? eutinn A, Spring street. WARTED-A OOOD BOOKKEEPER, 4INE ACQUAINT ad with the hardware trade preferred. Applv b letter, Staling salary ax pec ted, with references, box l9? Poet oftlc*. w WANTED?A SITUATION AS CASHIER OR BOOK I beeper; can giva any securltv demanded; holds now a Me possible position in the ctiy, has long experionca. Ad i box Nd. A tUllon A, New York city. ANTBD^-A YOl'Ntf MAN AS CLP.KK?INQUIRE IN tba Union Tea Warehouse, eurrfer Union av. aud Huron ?trait, Oradnpotnt, L. L, before || t'l loet a. M. "11/ANTED?A PEW FIRST CLASS DRTGOODH SALES IT men for uur cloak departmea'. Oolv good men who ?aalre a permanent situation and 'who understand the best asty null trade need apply. O'SULLIVAN A 0HK1Q. TT1 W^HANTED-BIX EXPERIENCED S4LBSMKN. APPLY 1 Broadway, eorner 9th at I Fulton st7, Brooklyn. B4I.ENTINE A CO. KIACHMBN AND OARDE^KRS. SITUATION AH OARBKNER WANTED. APPLY AT hi Harkman ?t. to Us; den. Oere A HELP WAVVKD?NALKt. 11/ ANTED?A MAN WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER IT elands tba care and driving of horsev and gardening. 9a go a short dkauoce out of the eity, with the best city and Muntry refrranre; no other ured apply. Call en H. 0., All Canal at., up atalra, from 10 to 1 o'clock. WANTBD-SBVBRAL RBSPRCTABLE LADS ABCASH boys, who eao come wall recommended. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A '? , Canal xnd Mereer. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A YOCNO MAN, 19 years of age, who writes a good hand and Ik quick aod Rrreet at figures; a wholesale or brokerage business pre read Address M. v.. Herald olllre. WANTED?A MAN WHO UNDKRSTaNOS FBUIT OAR dening, to take charge of a small farm. Address Ctll ??re, Herald office. WANTBD-AN OFFICE AND ERRAND BOY, IN A produce commission bouse, must write a good hand. Addnst K>i J.fiOBPattoflk*. required. Malary hkup wlirrep-jKAiJBf. 1X7ANTKD?IN AX IM8UIUNCB OFFICE, A TOUNQ ** man. sgsd about *>; man ha quick sad aorieei at fig Urea, sod a first class English sad Oermeo scholar; oas ac quainted with ths business preferred. Address, la haad> WANTED FOB A MERCHANTS' OLDB?A Ft RUT class French man Cook. Addrsss, staling reference aod salary wanted. Steward, Herald oflllee. THE TRADES, FIRST CLASS CYLINDER PRESSMAN WANTED. Apply to M. B. Brows AOs.. ?H aad Mi William at A CABINET MAKER WANTINO BENCH BOOM WITH an upholsterer, la a good neighborhood, would do well by calling at MU West 4th st Call Tor one week In the up holstering store. I LADT, A GOOD WRITER AND CORRECT AT 2X. figures wishes the situation of oopylst In an nffiee, or would write boms; good city refersnac given. Address B. C. C.. boi 213 Hytfd offlr COPPERSMITU WANTED IMMBDIATBLT-A FIRST clems workman to go South. Apply to B. O. NEFK, 33 South street rvKSIGNKR WAXTED-ACCU8TOMBD TO STAMPING \J patterns for braiding and embroidery, at I-ord A Tay lor's, Broadway; entrance to workroom lu Grand It TDNOKA VK KH.-ARIR.ST~CLAUs" LBTTBR B NO RATER rj on stlrer, Ac., wanted, togo to a cttv In Western New Turk. Apply, with ipse uncus of work, to Garham Manufac turing Company, No. 3 Maiden lane. (DOR SALE CHEAP?A LOT OP JEWELLER'S TOOLS, r at JOHN K. UNDERBILL'S, 877 Fulton street, Brook lyn, opposite Court House. OTICB TO TAILORS.?WANTED. A SITUATION AS first class custom pants and vest cutter; has been for the last twelve years in s first class Broadway merchant tailoring establishment. Address W. T.. Herald otllce. QUIRTS.?WANTED, bToNE WELL EXPERIENCED Cy in the business, ordered shtrta to make for the trade: understands rutting from measure; nothing but the flneet shirts wanted. Address Mrs. A. B. Brown, station O, for one-week. ToTpaper MAKERS.-WANTKD, A FIRST CLA88 Kourdrlnler machine tender for a news print mill in Pennsylvania: good wages guaranteed. Apply to W. Ohlen dorf. 148 William St., N Y WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A FOREMAN. TO TAKE charge of the composing room of s first class daily newspaper In New Orleans. Best of reference required. Address 8. L. Brown, 41 Warren St., New York, or call be tween the hours of 13 and 3 o'clock. w ANTCD-LAQUERERS. BURNISHERS AND CHAN deller workmen at Ml Bleecker at. ALFRED BLESS A CO. Wf ANTED?A SITUATION AS DESIGNER AND TRIM V . "see of chlldreu's hats, or aupeiintrndent in a whole, sale actorv; best city references. Address M. O. Mlliner, station D, 8th st. WANTED?A FIRST CLASS FAMILY 80APMAKER vT None but those having a thorough knowledge of the business need apply. No. 10 Cortlandt St.. upstairs. ^^m FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS. N DEMANDE?UNB PARISIENNE FLEURISTE ^DU ? modiste pour une etabllssement sur Broadway. S'a dreaser Broadway, hoi 4,330 Post ofllee. | 0 FOR SALE. A DRESSMAKER. WISHING TO GIVE UP BUSINESS, will sell the Good Will, Lease, Ac., of one of the largest sad must successful establishments In the city, to a respon sible party, upon easy terms. Address D. E., box 3,381 Post office. A STAND FOR SALE-CHEAP, IN JEFFERSON market; one of the beat locations. Apply st stand 00 or to W. C. LOCl'ERTT, 129 West Tenth street A CORNER GROCERY AND LIQUOR STORE, WITH stock and fixtures: to be sold cheap, as the owner is leaving the business Inquire In store, corner of Newark and Adams streets, Hoboxen, N. J. CORNER LIQUOR STORE FOR SALE.?APPLT AT 78 L-light street, corner of Washington street. In the store. DRUQ STORE FOR SALE?IN TUB CITY OF PERTH Amboy. N. J.; population five thousand, IX hour from New York, doing a good business; adapted either for a phy sleton or druggist. Will be sold at auction, on ths premises, on Wednesday, the 30th lust. Apply at STRICKLAND'S Druggists' Agency, 340Broadway. Distillery for * alb?in the righth dis tricit. Inquire at 130 Bsekman street, immediately. For sale?the popular paper hanging and Upholstery Establishment of Charles Franklin, In Pough kecpslc. on the Hudson, established some fifteen years? stock consisting of Paper Hangings, Window Shades, Laos Curtains. Cornices, sod numerous other articles. For fur. tber particulars Inquire of CHARLES FRANKLIN. 884 Main street, Fouebkeepele. N. Y? or of Messrs. F. 8. WEEKS ACQ., IPReade street. New York. fjNOR SALE-A BROADWAY LB ASK OF TWO H0U8B8. r above Madison square, suitable for a restaurant and light buelneaa purposes. Also four Lota on iltth street, be tween Heoo nil end rhlril even use, RIOHD. AMBBMAN. 840 Sixth i IBOR SALE?THE INTEREST IN THE LEASE OF THE r best Cigar Store sad Sample Room on Broadway. Ap ply at 4I4X Broadway. F? with Dwelling, doing a good, steady trade, on the best thor oughfare la Williamsburg. Aa exoellent opportunity is offered to any person who desires the asms: rant low. For further particulars address X. T. X., Williamsburg Post office. Satisfactory reasons given for selling, FOR SALE?THREE TEARS' LEASE OF A FITS story Hotel, splendid bar and sitting room and large basement, 33 sleeping rooms, ell la fins order and doing a good business: will sell with or without Stoek and Furai tare; one btook from Hudson River Railroad depot u?0. W. * BENCH A CO. 388 Ninth street FOR BALE?THE LEASE, FIXTURES AND OOOD Will of en old eetablished MUllnery end Dressmaking business, near Broadway. 101 East Thirteenth street, owner of Fourth avenue. Inquire of Mrs. JACKSON. For sale?a kilukimck tobacco factory, Three year* established aod (bung a splendid business, having over four hundred regular customers; the strictest Inve-tigatinn requested; this Is a chance seldom offered. In ?;ulre at Ihs factory. 89 Cortlandt street, up stalra. Reason or selling, retiring from business. FOR HALE?THP. STOCK AND FIXTURES AND FOUR years' lease of a gentlemen's furnishing Store, doing a good business. Apply at 338 Chapel street, or address box 486 New Haven, Conn., Pust office. J DOB HALE?STOCK AND FIXTURES LEASE OP ' five years, of a corner Liquor Store; will be sold reas onable. Apply to W. E. BKlNCKEKIIuFK, 98 avenue C. For sale?a lono"'OP a first clash Livery Stable; will accommodate TO horses. Inquire at 508 Sixth avenue. For salf-a stock of staple dry ooods. in Broadway, together with Lease of Store. Inquire of UBOKQKUCtlKNUK. 338 Broadway, third floor,, front office R sale?the stock, fixtures and leasb it * HI established Fsnoy Goods end Variety Store, FOB SALE?THE SLOOP SEA VILLE, SIX YEARS old. 17 tons custom house measurement. In good order In every rewx-cl. Por oartlcuWr* inquire of O. D. POST k CO.. oyster host No. 17. fool of West Tenth street. FjlOR SALE-AN KMBOSSI.NO PRESc, LARGE 8ISK. 1 Sheridan smasher. Apply to W. T. PRY k CO., 138 William street. POR SALE?A VERY DESIRABLE STAND IN PULTON (country) Market; a good locitlon. suitable for any bust neas. Jnqsirs or B. maCFARLAND, No. 56 Totnpklas street, corner of Kivlngtoii. For sale?an elroantlt carvbd walnut library suit, consisting of two Bookoases, one Table, one Sofa, two Ottomans sod six atda Chairs, In blue plush and steel rfuddod. For further particulars aoplFat ths office of THEALL k BROS.. Auctioneers. 63 Liberty street I DOR SALE-TWO SRCOXD HAND MANGLES. IN ' quire at St. Nicholas Hotel. (DOR BAfiB-A RARE CUANCE-THK STOCK. LEASE " end Kixtures of s well established Dry Goods Store, on Eighth avenue. Light stock sod low rank Apply oa the premises, 13T Eighth avenue. FOR SALE?THE FIXTURES OP AX OFFICE. WITH ?>ns year's Lease. For particulars apply st 88 Mares r st FOR SALE-ONE OP THE BEST HOTELS IX PULTOX avenue, Brook I vn, with three years' lease. Inquire THOS. BERNX IT, ilS Fuitoo street. New York. TDOR SALE?A BAKERY. TWO SMALL HOUSRS AXD Jy Lots sad a Bakery witk store and bakehouse attached, and Good Will of business: price low and terms assy. In qulre ef E L k B. T. BURNHAM, aw Hudson street For rale-the candy, toy and news depot C9 seventh avenue; established fifteen years. 1DOR SALE-FANCY DRY OOODS STOCK. PIXTURBS r and three veart' Lease of Your story D.-velling and Store; best pai tof Sixth avenue: rent SI.0UU; business long established: also P>n years' Lease of two Lota and Build lugs. suitable fir shop or stable, West Nineteenth street, for BMW, rent $400. J. D. JERSEY. 399 Eighth avenue. HOTRL LEASR AXD FURNITURE POR SALE?THB 1 Sherman House, oornar of Proome end Elm streets; contains sixty rooms, well furnished and now full of guests; the hotel i* doing sn excellent paying business; long! Address or spp.y to M. L. CURTIS, 418 Brooms street. Milk route-all retail; noRSE, wagon, Cans. Also a Depot, established twelve years, will be sold cheap. Horse, Wagon and Harness for sale cheap. Apply at 116 Seventh avenue. QAFF.S FOR male CHEAP ?a LABOR SIXED SAFE; O si no two medium sired Safes aod one small Safe. All of the nest city maters. H. O. QUIRK, 73 William street. The bust milk route and house, and stable for three horses?only 83.1)00. 731 Eighth avenue, near Firty.nrth street MACHINERY. (DOR SALE?A 35 HOUSE POWER STEAM ENGINE, r Cortes' make, with Flue Boiler. Steam I'ump. Heater. Pipes an4 connection, all In complete order; to be delivered by the 1st of May next. Maybe seen In operation dolly In the basement 62 Duase street. To be sola also the Steam Hoisting Xachlne end the Shafting In the building. R. UOK A ax).. 38 and 81 Gold street. FOR HALE CHEAP-ONE SIX HORSE BOILER, ONB ten horse Locomotive, two sixty horse Cylinder end one tslrty fivs ho,so Locomotive; sloe three ship's Galleys; would answer fur office purposes on piers. Apply to X. F. CUHAl'X. fool of Eighth rtrsst. East river. Portable and stationery steam engines AND BOILERS AND CIRCULAR SAW MILLS. The best sad most enufplete in nan. Circular seat on application. WOOD k MANN STEAM ENGINE COMPANT, 1'tica.N. Tj and 18 Maiden UnsTWsw York. STEAM ENGINES. BOILRRS. MINIXO MACHINERY, Hydrrmlle Ureases for ott mills. Soger Mills, Tanks, Steam Puts pa, Pipes end Fittings, aorner Do h and Water .tracts, Brooklyn. JAB. MoFARLAN, JR. ?LS^VACHINERY OF OHAMFION'S MACHINE Vortt, In Suaesx street Jersey City, will he sold by T un Saturday, Msrek 18. at IQo'eloek. WILLARD k MILL WARD, M WATER STBMRT Ager.U for Davis' Hnperheetln* Boiler. Steam Engines end Boilers, new end s Cues, Steam Pumps. 1 eebInert la fgaantfta rpoo 1 Wor Sheriff Agents for Davis' Superheating Boiler; Miasm Bngipee and Boilers, new and second bend, all alias; Propeller B? mpe Lathes ShefUng, raHgy s, Baiting aa4 HOPiBi, looMi, *c., to urr. iti. h. oinoin * co.>8 real estate and im ?"""HofaSS TO ^LET'llTlfRW TOR*. 188 Rim 8ntl m Water ittwl W Doyur iti?C 888 Water street 2S Uinu street. 881 Greenwich it. S Greenwich st. X3 West list eL ?27 loMBW. 42dst. ? Bast Broadway. 388 Seventh as. 180 Keveath a*. BRlKiKLYV. 80 Bargw street. 118 Smith street. 87 Erect street A STORK AND FACTORY IN THB RBAR TO LET AT A No. 141 Beat Twenty-third street. laqnlrn at I.M4 Broadway, In the basement. A WHOLE HOU8S AND THB UPPER PART OP A House, In the Serenth ward: else the Basement Store M Henry street, oocupjed as a milk dally for 0 years. In quire of FRANCIS MEBHaN, 188 Henry street LPARTMBNTS TO LBT-POB A PHYSICIAN OR ANT genteel business at Mo. 6 Brnvoort piaea, Tenth street, res doors West of Broadway. A-TO LET-BABRlfENT, SECOND FLOOR, ONB I. Room on third floor. Apply at 17 Montgomery street. New York. Apply for three days. A -TO LET TO ARTISTS.-TWO LABOB STUDIOS . with north tight, on Colon square, between Broadway and University place. First class artists may address studio, box RW Herald office. A| ?TO LET-A FIR8T CLASS POUR STORY. HIOH . stoop House, with modern Improvements, In Four teenth street, between Eighth and Ninth smnues. Rent, $1,800 per annum. Por permits apply at SB Broadway, room No. 7. AL2| NEW POUR STORY HOUSE, NEAR CENTRAL Park, furnished. Rent, to a small American family, for oompany, mo-tly taken In Board, for two. Apply at 117 Broadway, room II A FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET?LEXINGTON AVB nua naar Urammercy Park; brown stone; all elegant and complete; possession May I. B. 11. TAYLOR A CO.. 10 Pine street A?TO R8NT. POR BUSINESS PURPOSB8, THB . Store on Brosdway In the new Herald building, the most eligible location in the city; dlmennlona 11x48 feet. Plans and information furnished at present office of Herald. ^ A -TO RENT, FROM 1ST OP MAY. THE STORE ON . Ann street In new Herald building, tbs most eligible location for business purposes la the olty; dimensions 32 by 38 feet. Plans snd Information furnished at Herald office. A -TO RENT, IN NEW HERALD BUILDING, COR ? ner ol Broadway ami Ann street. Offices, singly or In suits; most desirable location in the city. Plans and Information furnished at office of the Herald. A -TO LET-PROM 1ST OF MAY, TOP FLOOR OP I. house 108 Nassau street, corner of Ann street, suit able for light business purposes. Apply at the Herald offioa. A -FOR RENT. THE PREMISES CORNER OP NA8 . sau and Fulton streets now occupied by the New York Herald. Apply at Herald office. AT 819 FOURTH AVKNUB. CITY AND COUNTRY Houses to let?See STANLEY HAY'S Real Batata Cir cular. which can be had free or mailed upon receipt of stamp. A TWO STORY FRENCH ATTIC AND BASEMENT brick House, with brick stable, to let, corner of Eleventh avenue and Idiot street; rent $1,000. Apply to UEO. W. FAN NINO, 45 Rlvingtun street A -TO RENT?THE UPPER PART OP HOUSE 80 . Ann street, second and third doors. Apply at the Herald office. A SECOND FLOOR. FURNISHED, TO LET?FOR housekeeping; two large rooms; also one on third; will be let separately or together; bath and gas. Inquire at IDS Biaeeker street, near Sixth avenue. ALOFT TO LET?90 FEET FRONT, 10 DEEP. NEAR Canal street and Bowery. Inquire nt <12 Foravth street. HENRY MENKEN. A HANDSOME SUIT OF SIX UNFURNISHED ROOMS. $80. Also $10, $20 to 840: the houses. 11 roorau each, $80: two Fancy Stores. M. WESTBROOK A CO.. 114 Third avenue. A FIRST FLOOR, CONSI8TINO OP FRONT AND back parlor to let from 1st of "May; splendid location for a physician. Apply at 177 Bleary street. rre, shad At pordham-to let. a lHb stone house. convenient to depot; one a~re,lbarted; or part will be let to a small family. Apply on promises, or to 8. BASS PORD, 14 Cedar street. A^m SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET TO A gentleman and bla wife a Second Floor, neatly fur nished, with conveniences for housekeeping, hot and cold water and use of bath; or to one or two geaUemen, without board. Address Owner, Eaat Thirty-fourth street. Herald office. An bleoantly furnished house TO RENT In Thlrtv-ieeaod street, near Fifth avanua. Por par ticulars Inquire at 48 Bast Twenty-third street, from 10 A. M. to 1 P. M. _ _ A A. A.?TO LET, PART OP HOUBB * HENRY JX. street, ouaststlag of basement floor, Arst floor and 8 rooms on attic; location highly respectable and but oaa Mock from Beat Broadway car roots; root $88 par month. Apply to O. W. MAHONT, 141 Henry street, any day this weak, after 8 P. M. A' ?NEAR THE PRINCIPAL HOTBL8, BY MADISON J\, square, In a private House, furnished or unfurnished Rooms, or part of a Bouse, can he hired by gentlemen or a family ol respectability: Is la eompleta order; possess Ion Immediately. Apply at Ml Sixth avenue. In furnishing store Am NUMBER OP 8TORB8 AND LOFTS TO LRT ON Broadway and cross streets, from Barclay to Broome, en reasonable terms. Apply to WM. C. WALKER, 2X8 Broadway. AFURMI8HBD COURTRY RESIDENCE TO LRT?IN the town of Weetcheeter. within an hour of New York; alao. In same locality, aa unfurnished house, for sale or to let Address WM. D. ABB ATT, 807 Broadway. AN UNFURNISHED BOUMB ON FIFTT-FIRST I street: others, furnished and unfurnished. In Raw York I and Brooklyn. Prises 8Mb to 82.000 par annum. w __ ^K"ll A8Yc0..tU lHoadwsy APRIYATB FAMILY LIVING IN THEIR OWN house will rent a well furnished entire Second Floor, \ or separalrly; no moving In May; terms moderate. Apply at 110 West Forty-ninth st. between Sixth and Seventh avs. A FURNISHED HOUSE ON NINETEENTH STREET, near Fifth avenue, will be let to a small private family on reasonable terms. Address Room 188, Fifth Avenue Hotel. _ AT MASON'S REAL ESTATE OFFICE, ? PINE ST.? WestSSd ?t. (Boorutin place i, furnished, per month, 9*60 West 14th street, between 0th and Btli avenues, ** 400 Weat 10th street, between 6th and 8th avenues, " 600 Rleocker street, aosr Macdcugal ** 753 Beat UKh street, between Madison and Park avs. " 450 Lexington avenue, corner of 60th street " SOU ACOSEY COTTAGE OF EIGHT ROOMS, IN THE rear of London terrene, to let, for one or two veers, either furnished or unfurnished. Apply for permits and other information at 742 Broadway, In ine furnace store. Along lease of two houses and furniture for sale, with between 60and 00 rooms: aeoommhd-ulon for 60 to 70 persons; best location in city, near Hoffman Hnuse; cash required from 85148) to 87,0U0: present parties Coins to Kurope; house and furniture nearly new: or would ?see to a Aral ela?s tenant with security. No agon's need apply. Address Spencer, box 711 Post office, New York. A ?TO LEASE ON REASONABLE TERMS, A LARGE A ? Building, suitable for any manufacturing purpose. Apply at New York Steam Engine Works, foot Bast Twenty third street, A POUR STORY FURNISHED HOUSE. IN A DERI li able locality, to let; rent flRfiO per month, with Board for three adults when In the city: reference and security re quired. Address Drug Store, 104 Sixth avenue. A FINE THREE STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE IN Waehlngton place, near Broadway, to rent?Fitted with furnace, gas, Crotoo water, Ac , Jtr. Apply to WATER LOW A CO.. 89 Naaaan street Broadway property to lease. HOUSE AND STORE; STORE 18x100; near St Nicholas Hotel: rant ? 10,000 per year, with sever years' lease. Apply to W. OKELL. 880 Broadway. Broadway storb to let-no. stt. near siring street Offices and Lofts, same building. Apply, from 11 to 1, In Huff's Malt Extract depot "n the premises. Boarding house, first class, to lbt-w* five years' lease: always flUed: best location in Ue cit, Yearly income $15,000. Furniture Insured for $10,900 Rent 8550 par month: quarterly payments. In advance. Best secu rity required. Additreas H. W., oare of ScbUrbsuiX A Co., meehanletaas, 302 Broadway. Bond street.-to lbt, rent $1,500, a hires story House. loqulre at 880 Bowery. Bowery store to let-west side, inquire of BOBBBT IRWIN, MO Bowery. Brooklyn -to lbt, a handsomely fuIntsii. sd three story high stoop House, in Washington grenoe, together wlLh four lots elegantly laid aut as a gardM; pos session Immediate. J. C. BAILEY, 10 Fifth sired, New York, or M Oouit street, Brooklyn. ^ COMPLETELY AND ELEGANTLY FURNMHKD ? three story Houao, 16% fast front all moderl appli ances, Piano, largo library, Ac., centrally and bealtlfiilly located, to rent for one year: owner going to Europe;Imme diate possession. Address J. B. L., station C. COUNTRY STORB TO LKT-WITH LEASE FORMALE. now doing a good business, at New Springvllle-Ststen Island, with Post office hay scales snd coal yard ataehed; satisfactory reasons grven for selling Address J. HXWh eron. Postmaster, on tha premises, or Talbot Butler, u Port Richmond. YflARM TO LBT?ON BROADWAY, J.. K on easy terms, containing from *> to 80 acres. Afply to TAN RIPER, 211 Hudson street, or on the plaoa. 7 First floor to lbt-three rooms J>bbp, suitable for business purposes, and Doctor's lllee to lot. opposite St. John's Park. Address P.. Herald ojoa. Furnished nousBS to lbt-onr on wbst Twenty-eighth street, between Eighth snd Nlkh ave nues not fttUy, $800 per month; one on West Port] igcond street, near Eighth avenue, elegantly furnished rt iplete, 8400 per month; one on Thirty-third street, furnish I onn plate. $880; one on Thirty-fourth street. 8400 per nonth. All have modern Improvements and In perfect order t rough out. Permits from S. BMRRRhON, Ml Blghth avet ts. Furnished hourb to lbt.-a pinb laroHfoOr story high stoop flrit claaa Honae in Great JonMstrut, to lei, fn ml "had, for iwo years from May 1; ks in flist order; possession nan be had at nhort notice. For ^rt? lam apply In G BO RGB B. NASH. 302 Broadway. T T FUBNISHBD COUNTY HOUSE TO LBT-WlTf^T one hour's nde of the etty, near Orange, N. t. ?t and Mid water, gas, hath room, water closet As., Mlllrd labia. As.; Una carriage hnuM and stable. Rant, $8,889. <1 dress D A 8., box 1,817 Poet offioa.

HOTBL, HOTEL.-A VERT GOOD CHANCE *> make a fortune. 'Torrilhon llousa," 178 Sixth avsrw, oaa deor above Twenty-thtrd street, to lei, with rnrnitt*. The Hotel Is as wall furnished aa any first claaa hotel In I" city; lha slore U well attested for a nlm Bar. Tonus Wy m'derate. Inquire at tha hotel every day till tha 20U5f March. ^ Houses to lbt-ios Greenwich avenue aP NO. 9 HUBERT STREET. PROM MAT I; AMoil WARERLHY PLACE: POM&SnlON IMMEDIATE}. INQUIRE OP T. J. GIBBONS, 108 RLRBCERR STRBP TTOL' S B K P R P R R 8 OB PBRSONB GOING TO H0U8 il kanplag will bn suapttad and nan nay by twMftr ?OMM. &OOKS. TO UTf. _ L0FT1. LOFTfl, LOP&. NOS. 466 AND 467 BROADWAY, adtournlagtbe southwest oornarof Grand street BOOK SPLENDID LOFTS, each dflilUU fast, uusurpassed for light, and finished la tha moat lander n style. Paaaaaaloa April L Will be leased en her entire or subdivided. from one A^ini mm ?i aitu niuri vuuie ur ?uvuitiuru. 11 "u? owe to #v* years, aad oa the moat favorable terra* Building* heated free of coat to tenant*. Apply to E. 11. NICHOLS, Wo. 8 Pine Ai uul, or oa the premtaes. L0PT8 TO LET ON BROADWAY -SEVERAL FIRST alaaa Lofte a* Broadway, above Caaal street, to raat oa reasonable terms. Apply to*. 8. MTERR, 498 Broadway. T KA&B OF HOUSE AND SHOP FOB TWENTY-THRHR JJ yaara, ta Thirty aeeoad street batwaaa Laeiagton aad Third aronoaa; lot 176x16 foot W. A. CARTER. U Conlaadt a ear Sraanwleh afreet IfBHM. *- H. OIBBOB8 k CO. MB BBOOMS 111 atraat, hara reduced the rauta on their price lieu 18 pareent. Parties had batter call before ranting elaawhere. XTO. 48 BAST THIRTIETH STREET. BETWEEN MAO. 11 loon and Fourth avannea, a small flrat eiaaa three story huh stoop brown stone Hmtae, furnished and In complete order; will be ranted for MO a month. Fer^gradl* apply to Mat 8 Twenty-third atraat, Fifth Avenue liouL 0' kPTICE.?PART OT A LARGE, PLEASANT, PUR " ntahed Offlos to let, at 434 Broadway, room No. 2, near Broom# atraat; prtna 838 par month. "DART OP HOPES TO LET?TO A SMALL FAMILY XT _ without ehndrea; third story, consisting of four rooma, in high stoop house up town, west aide; remainder aooupiad by owner. Address Thompson, hot 190 Herald office. | PHART OP A HOUSE TO LET-C0N8I8TING OF 0N8 ? Basement, one Parlor, and two Bedrooms on second floor, In Eighty-second street, between Flrat and Second ava nnea, third bouse west of Flrat avenue. Apply on the P^wfhT^^^or^f^^^WISHRD, NO. 1U ??hous? SECOND FLOOR. ?THRBS ROOMS. IN EXCELLENT order to lot. Inquire In the cleaning and dyeing office, HI Eighth avenue, at>ova Fifteenth street, or of E. LORD, 499 Broome street, oornar Broadway. STEAM POWER ?LOFT EIGHTY BY NINETY FEET; new building, and beat light and power in the city. West Twenty-sixth street: woadworking unallowed. O. 8. FOLLETT. 6S3 Broadway. STEAM FOWER TO LET.?A NUMBER OP WELL lighted Rooms, large and small; no wood work allowed. Apply to CHRISTIAN SCHWARTZ, MB East Fifty-third street. STEAM POWER TO LET?CORNER BLKKCKER AND West Eleventh street# Large aad small Rooms, well lighted, steady power. Inquire of BROWN A BAN TA, in flour mill on the premises. STEAM POWER IN CENTRE RTRKET. PROM ONE TO fifty horse; one room 134 by 25 feet, first floor; others 36 by BO feat Apply at oOVe, 137 Elm streeL gTORES TO LET.?THREE NEW RTORF.H TO LET, IN Harlem, uudrrneeth the National Hall, Fourth avenue and 129th street, being 44 feet deep by 18 feet front; have jpaa and water and ail rear accommodations, with good cel lar. They are!In everv respeet first class, and their position underneath this popular hall guarantees a good bnxlnen. llarlrm ia rupldlv developing, and llr?t class stores will find good cash customer*. Corner store can only be let for a first class Ice nearn nnd refreshment saloon, with privilege* of kitchen, alec the supper room. Term* moderate. Apply at the hall, or to MKA D A ANNKR 2.00.) Third avenue, between 128lh and 129th streets. W. K. MORGAN. Proprietor. 329 West street. New York city. To a re?ponalble parly the Uall would be let for a term of years. For terms inquire of the proprietor at bis oilier, 319 West street. STORAGE TO LET?FOR FURNITURE AND MF.R khandlse in the first claaa storage warehouse 241 Hud son street, between Canal and fpring. Apply to JOHN L. BOOQ8, in the store on the premise*. TK O LET-THE UPPER PART OE HOUSE, :M8 CANAL street, between Wooater and Lain en* "met*. Rent 81,?*> Inquire at J. NKUBAUER'B hair store. J67 Canal st. TO LET?WITH OR WITHOUT STEAM POWER, ONE Room, 76x46. FISHER A BIRD, 91 to 103 East Houni.ui streak IJIO LET-BTORR NO. 48 WATER STREET. APPLY TO A. H. TOMROY A CO.. No. I Finns street. r LET?UPPER PART OF HOD8B ON SIXTH AVE aue; 14 rooms. Been from I to 4. R. U. H1NE, Ml Fiiih avenue. rM LET?THE UPPER PARTS OP A HOUSE IN FIP ty.second street, No. 218, belweea Second end Third avenues, uontainiag alee rooms, with bath and gas, to a small family wlthont children. Rant $60 per mouth. mo LET-A FURNISH ED HOl'SE, SITUATED IN 1 Tremont, on Harlem Railroad, eight mile* fiotn Twenty tilth streetdrpot; contains nine rooms, and baa good garden aad fine fmlu. raat 81009- Address M., box 8378 Post office. mo LET?THE THIRD FLOOR OP A PRIVATE _L house, to a gentleman and wife. Rant 8*00. Poaaeaslen Immediate lOTWest Twenty-alxth street r LET-A FIRST RATE HOUSE. ON NINTH AVE an*, aear Twenty-third street, containing 19 noma, suitable for a boarding noose. Apply to M. 8. MYERS, 498 Broadway. rM LET?A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, fret floor; eentrally located; suitable for two gentle men, at 13 Watts atraat UPPER TART OF A HOUSE. CON. _ _ _-8h atraatln ">? aalnon. T?stsLng of'twelve rooms. Inquire at 70 West Houston street, la Uie aaloor r LET?DWELLING PART OP ROU8E 273 BROOME street Apply la HENRY M. BAILEY, 33# Brocme street, from 9 to 3. TO LET?A LARGE CLOTHING STORE. IN EIGHTH avenue; Lean* aad Fixtaraa for sale. Inquire in the store 607)4 Eighth avenue. rl.ET?BR? iADWAY, CORNER TUIRTY-SKCOND street, first Floor, over drug store, for dentistry or light business; also ibe Top Floor, five rooms. O. W. KITCHEN, Druggist. ipo I.ET-TIIB THIRD FLOOR OF 1IOU8E 104 M A Ol son street r LET?THE NEW MARBLE STORE, 50 FEET front on West Hroadwsv, corner of Thomas street in 'the immediate vlctultv of Messrs Clafiiu A Co. and the leading auctioneers. Apply to KMITH A LAWRENCE, 157 Duaue street. TO LET.?THE OWNER AND OCCUPANT OF A large house desires to rent the First Floor, consisting of four rooms, one e kitchen, tvsler in, and good cellar and yard. Apply in Muety-firat street seventh bonae weal of Third avenue. mu LF.T?PART OP A HOUSE TO A SMALL FAMILY; X location superior, 76 112lh street llariem. between Se cond and Third avenues. TO LET-THE SECOND FLOOR OF THE HOUSE 926 Bowerv, consisting of three fine large room*, suitable for business or club purposes. Applv at KANMNU'6, 356 Bowery. TK O LET?HOUSE 234 WEST NINETEENTH STREET. midway between Eighth and Niotb avenues, good neighborhood; three ttnries, high stoop, basement and cellar; else, 36x48: extetiaion, 10x15; balcony; parlor windows to the floor. !rescued balls; all in admirable order. Inquire of MORGAN, No. 3 Pine street r LET?SEVEN ROOMS. OONSI8TINQ Or TWO parlors on first door, three rooms on second floor and two bedroom* on third floor; gas water and four pantries. Apply ut 374 West Fourth street, between Hammond and Perry. TK O LKT-A PIRBT CLASS FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP House, so Thirty-ninth streak aear Filth aveooe, com pletely furnished for one year from 1st of May, to a private family oaly. Address P. II cute, box 4.831 Poet office. rM LET-RRNT 8890 PER YEAR, HOUSE, 7 ROOMS gas. water; to let onlv to parties buying furniture; price 81.100 easb. Call at 131 wast Thirtieth street Pos session April 1. 110 M urray sti-eet?^ Ag* Jfc rpo LET?FIRST riXH>n AND BASRMRNT OF AN A English basement House In Fourteenth street, between Broadway aad Fifth a venae; ia a superior loos lion for a first class physician, and has been so occupied for the last eight jrwrn Address L. O. B., or eali between 4 and 6 P. M. at 14 Wast Twenty-eighth street r LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE SECOND Floor of a private house, with modern improvement*. 302 East Fifty-fifth street near Third avenue. Inquire on the premises. rpo LET?A FIRST CLASS BROWN HTONK HOUSE; r-nioth street. X full lot; In perfect ordar, in Kast Farty-i Apply to ISAAC E. TATE, 837 Broadway. TO LET-A THREE STORY, WITH BAKER KNT, HIGH stoop House. 140 Wast Fifty-third street. between Broadway and Eighth arsnue- can only be Seen by permit from owner, between I and 3 V. M.; rent 81 600; ail modern improvemsnta. Apply at CORNELL'S oyster bouse, Fourth avenue, corner Nineteenth et TO LET?A FIRBT CLASS THREE HTORY BROWN stone House, completely tarnished, in Becond place, Brooklyn, for eix months from April 39. Inquire st 18 i'lati street New York. TO LET?A THREE STORY BRICK DWELLING ON Third avenue, between KM and lift I vtreeta: has gat and water; rent 370U per annum. Apply on the premises or of the owner, 141 East Thirty-third street, corner of Lexington avenue. r> LET-PROM THE 1ST Of MAY. SECOND. THIRD and Fourth Floors at No. 985 West Thirty-seventh street; families of adults preferred; gas fixtures and srater through out fJTO LET?BRICK STABLE WITH TOUR HTALL8, near Pike street. C. D. BUSCHKE, 177 Heary, corner of Jefferson street. r LET?TO A FAMILY WITHOUT CHILDREN, A neatly furnished floor of four Rooms; evsiy ooavenl ?nee for hnu?-keeplng; looation desirable; in Maedougsl street near Washington parade ground. Tanas $88 per month. Agdreea a. ft C , llarsiri office. rM LET?THR 8TORB MO. S WALKER STREET. IN qolre of JaMKB BOYD. 13 Franklin street r LET-POOR LOFTS, 34X80 IN STORE, 197 WABU' Ington street Inquire on the premise*. rLRT-A FURNISHED HOUSE, NEAR FIFTH avenue, to a private family; 8818 per month, for one or two years. Address W. B. B , Jr., Herald office. (JIO LET-A FOUR BTORT BROWN RTONR HIOH stoop House, handsomely furnished and elegantly fres coed throughout to a atrktlr private family. Possession Immediately. Apply a* the promisee, 319 West Twenty ?eeond street rPO LKT?THRBB HOOMS. FURNISHED. ON SIXTH J avenue, aear Warerlsy place, to a party purchasing far nlture. Rent 898 a month. Address hot 4,3(8 Poet office. HOCBBB, EOOW. 'Wm TO nno let-four rt jnt loft* SKI? a 1 with riMa power. Inquire uf *?. B. OOODWIB * CO., MI Water vrnt. rLFT-THK UPPER PART OF HOI'8B SMJ*>WBBY, well adapted lor a dentist. photoarapher. J" hot other buitnoss; splendid wlAe hJi euUaiue. wWrt ren be convened Into a tore el a alight oiponae Bust uesa B>oa Uou uusur * r LET-TO AM AMERICAN FAM1LT, THB ")*?* Part of house IS But Ftfty-smood rtreet; bee ?U rooexs, water ?k i*otll floor*. Raul |MI par month, is ad rno LET?LOWBB PART OP HOU8B MB MABT FOB 1 if-aru ttraet, oouiistlng of ( room* I rooms onparler Boot and three In beaemeot; gas and water. Fesneeoieu April I. ADAM, Mb Broadway L LBT?FTBN18HED, TOR ORB TRAR, PORRBMI ON immediately. la Brooklyn, convenient to Wall and South ferries, four Bedroom* and one Bitting Room, In a private house,without children. Apply at IB Joralamon street. In TO LET?A HOUBB AT PORT WASHINGTOM. WITT! bum houae, outhouses, Ac.; 33 acres of ground. Apply to q At) 0 BBS, U Part place rLET?A SMALL HOUSE OM 120TU STREET. AP pjy loCh AIXJBBS, It Park place. mo LET ir?A FURNISHED THREE STORY AND BASE I "meat briek House In Thirtieth street, between Lexington ?dTt'rdmitteTjleot SS.OOU Address U. E. M , Herald r LET?THE FIRST FLOOR OF STORE NO. US Poarl street Apply to 8. A. llsley, ITS Pearl street, up atalrs. . TO LET?BY D. M. SEAMAN, NO. M I'1''? street, Htora No. US. $4,B0U; Beoowl place, Brooklyn, three awry brown atone, furnished. $1,SJ0. rm LET-A COUNTRY PLACE ON THB BA8T K1VKR, a short dWtanee from Sew York; <?nyajanes by steam and horse ears; about 1M milesfrom llartem brtdRA roe dwelling and outbuildings are all good, and the jnw??ds$re ?err lawfully laid out In nbade* evergreenAnd friut tn*?. JOHN KAVANAOH, northeast corner Koriy-eecond eireet rLKT-THB FOLLOWING FURNISHED HODSB8: No. - Fourteaulh street. between Beveothand Eighth avenue; large four story high stoop brtrk So. ? Clinton place, east of Slith avenue; also two story brick Cottage in Tweutv-fourih street, corner Tenth avenue. J. A W. DURHAM, Eighth avenue, corner Sixteenth st. TO LRT?FOR THREE YEARS, BROWN 8T0NB KNO Ush basement House, 10x46 feet. No. 101 'birty fourth street. (W feet from Broadway. Rent $8.4UU. TUOS. N. LAWRENCE, SL Denis Hotel, ?U> 10 A. M. rpo LET?THB WHOLE OR PART OF A WELL 1 lighted Factory, without power, In a food joohtlon, tba? live stories and basement. each containing about 1,BUD reel. Rent to a llrsi class tenant and business not extra hazardous, 81.MX) a year. Also two years' Lease of same for sale low. Possessioo of the whole May I, ur of part at once. Address box 6192 Post office. TO I.KT-FOR A STOKE, FIRST FLOOR OF HOUSE M Fourth avenue. Inquire on premises. TO LET?THREE FURNISHED ROOMS SUITABLE for housekeeping; nice place; easy terms. Apply at WW Sixth avenue, lor tares days. To I.KT?A HANDSOME HOUSE, CONTAIMNO 14 rooms, with stable, garden, Ac., In 144th street, near Eighth avenue; rent $6*>. Alee otter lloueesM, IIartea st $38li, $1liii and |U0. Apply to .IU8LP11 McGl IKE, lib :\uk-:iu itrMt WO LET?THE MODERN THKKR STORY DWEL1.INO 1 Ho ur, No. ?2 East Thirteenth street. For permit *p ply to J. B. IRELAND. 124 Nassau slreeu TO LET?FURNISHED HOUSE, M RAST THIRTY fmirtu ilu-et, b'iwern I'urk and Madison avenues; the bouse Is lull size, first clsi.a, In thorough repair; partial y furnished. wilt be relied to a good Wiiadl IIroin May OR Notemltei -,t a moderate rent Apply to " M. WAibow ? Cm., i.n? I * f|H Lfil h'.oNT AND BACK PAOLORH, WITH EX I (. ;,1. or the large houae Nu. 4 CMrroll piece, IXeickci eii<-* i. for imrpo*ee. Alto upper door or the whole Ku it. Inquire .it No. 4 Oiirroll place. ||U l.K! f ?! A v.. NEAR 3UIH NT., FIKNJ 1 cUee ami i. ? .;'v turnianed Kou.e, otbereon 12lh, 15th 2"il *37lb and !Wtli st*.; $iio to $700 per nVomn n. U. SEYMOUR, ITlBroadway. rpo IV ??< inJJMH, FURNISHED OR UNFL'R 1 I,i,|? .i . in. West rweijty-tbird atreet, corner of bixihuvai ?J.I .elei -i.e-e required. inohEr-t i.tKG.'-; vm> wall furnishkd par I !i?r. will, i ? "! a hue i?i.uin nnd bo.irooin If desireA to OMurtneaduli'. Terms mouviate. Apply at AM Hudson itirei. r LET?VERY SUITABLE PKEM1KE8 BOB A 1'IYBRY ?tiide and carriage '.'.mac. Apply to JACOB JONAH, 18 Laurence aliw.l, op atalrs. TO LET? HI!ST RATI". MVCATIONS YOR BUSINKSH HOUSE, I'dS MERCK It SfRKBT AND 101 ^klJIK STREET; ALSO rtl'ORKS I IN, l'J> AND 131 BLKKCl K K STREET; UOSsEsSlON N?>\V AND MAY 1. INQUIRE flF T. J. GIBBONS. KM BIAS BORER STREET. j 1? LV.T-SEVERAL GOOD Ft,OORS, ON Mj*TH. Seventh and Klgulli avenues. JOHN KAVANAOH, Northeast oornerEnrtj second etieet and Sulk avenoe. rl.ET? UNFURN1SIIRD HOUSE ON NINETBKBTH street. Isitween Ktllh and Sixth aveuuea. Also Furnished House oo Filth avenue, near Thirty-first A leu Fu rul.lied llause on Fifteenth rtreet. near Fifth av. Also Furnished Mouse on Nineteenth street, near sulk at. Apply !? ALLEN A BROWN, M Broadway. rl.BT? A FIRST CI-ASS HOUSE IN 1VAVERLKY pVa^i, nesr Brosdwa>, 32 V ??. torrr etorles. ebw.i.Uy lurmslied; has all the mod. rn improvements; rtrulMOl per month to a private lamity. Fur permit apply at 87 VI uter si. rpo l.ET-A TART OF A FURNISHED BUSINESS 1 Macs, at a reasonable price, suitable for a milliner or dressmaker. Inquire at Madame FRANK'S, 78J Broadway, up stairs. _____ fllO LET? PIM8RHS1DN MAY I, THF. STORE AND 1 llaok Rooma East Thlrty-lourlh atreet, suitable for auy hnsiuea.; rent $33 per month. Apply at 233 Spring eh vo LET.-.IOIIN KAVANAGU, NORTHEAST CORNER , Vortr second street end Sixth avemm. has the follow lug Houses lo lei -00 Weal Eleventh atree;, between ?iflh and .Nfxl'.i aveuuoa, $2,201, souiuweal corner Forly-tlilid strnel anil Seventh avenue. $1.8*1; WH Sixth avenue, a'ore and dwelling. $1,?M, a tidy Uttlo Cottage Mouse on Furty-thlid sitnel, lor six uionlhe, $100; No. 4 Bondstreet, $S.W?I, uortli rttal vomer Thirty seventh street and third avenue, Morn and dwelling, tor any busiuesv rzcept llqu >rs. $2.laM Also several fur mailed Houses. ivo l.ET-A FINE CORNER STORK 1H.8X57 FRET IN J. aide, with Bavement, sii.uble fordrug biiHlneae; poe?ea sion May I; tent fur store and bveemrnt ?.M*sl. E. la A B. T. BURNHAM. UU9 Hudaon street. N. Y. T rLF.T?AT 712 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE WASHING, ton place, the Second Hoor, richly decorated, suiuble for tailoring, fan, J store, piano and music atorn, Ac., or Learn for site Inquire of TILMAN, on the pn-mlaes. a t ,,r*1' ?f "iMilety wld, J' Canal a desirable location for ?ii t,i H,o ? V*000 window, atreet. Alw, a first ln,|U'", M ? ?>-nal T?. rpo LET FURNlsnRD?A YERY DESIRABLE TWO I story haeemenl and aUic brick House, In ex-mlent order end elegantly furnished throughout; locationveulral end highly respectable; to a desirable party r?nl??|*r mouib For further particular* apply frnrel to* F. M. to L. IL RUSSELL, la6 and IS7 Broadway, nana 20. No agvnU need apply fDO LET, FURNISIIKD?A LARGE FRONT ROOM, X Bedroom and Pantry, with convenience of gaa and bath on same floor, at 02 Went Eighteenth street, between Mfth and Sixth avenues. rLET. FURNISHKD?TO A PRIVATR FAMILY, TnB first class four atory high stoop brown stone House. IS West Twenty-seventh street, nesr ftroadwey. Mogautiy fur nished, complete, and In perfect order A^jr rOam LET HANDROMELY FURNISHED?A FIRST class briek House, In a aplrndld lo<-atlon. Apply to .1 DAVBNPURT. Fnttoo avenue, corner Oxford street, Brook lyn rBP. LET?FOR ONE YEAR OR MORE, WITH IM niedtale poeeesalon, a furnished House, on * asileton avenue. North Bborn, BLten Island, wlthlu len mlnutea walk of the ferry, containing ten rooms, hath room, vood cellar and sUble, with large ssrden, wsll stocked w rtri f rxxlt trees. The owner would prefer tn~ha*e hoard for hlmeelf end wife during the summer months. Address W., box Poet office. rl,p,T WITH STEAM FOWEB?THBEB FIEB I.OFTtt with steam power In very d'-siretHe lonelily down town. AppUW' -vesn too hours of 10 and IM.ald bey street, or w " ot 2,0*1 Poet office r LET CHEAP-TWO THREE STORY FULL FRONT brEk Houses, oo Marray Hill, near Pare avenue $2,*X> per annum, A GRADY, Ml Mi nth avenue. rl.ET OR FOB SALB-AW BLBOAMT SUMMER residence, at Fort Hamilton, one hour from New York, oo sea shore; ears to door; targe houreand fine ground*. Inquire of JOH. OROOKKR. at Fort Hamilton, or C. F. WHITTBMORB. Ill Ha?re street. R. Y. r LET. OR FOR RALE?HOCSB IN BOND STREFJ. three story ettlc, basement aud efflree In rear. App'y at 170 Centre etreet, third toor, bntwbea II and l. rLET OR LEASE?A FINE rofBTBY ??KAT; ??* high ground, from three to five acres of land, beautiful lawn, ft nit (the rh-iireat varielle.s). green hon? ami gr-'pery. the house has eliteen Ihrge rooma with all umdern ,utprove tnenla; twenty mtnniee (rem forty-second street hy_Hsrl m Railroad; Motrts.tnla horre rerepas^he glands; for *,.tn mer and winter residence It c.iuuot be surpassed. Inquire at Wl Bowery. ... mo 1 trr or TO I.KAttR?TO A bMAI.L PRIVATE T family only, a lour story hrow" V."Ton'reH ?^w 'h'^'l on Murray lllll, freeeoed and nwly rwrnlsM, with til modern Improvrmcnts. Po*?esaton 1st of April or 1st of May. For partlcuUrs call oooraddreo# H. W., tol B.oae way rHH f* Am ?? tflv FoR HAliK?A FIVR ATORY ?Jilm#TH?n,l sub osllsr owner Budding. 20tlOO feet, ...d on DIM of the best owners A.. rVT,?... .?_ si^??f sod on one of the bestornere rpo LBA 1 Lots, LEASE FOB A TERM OF TIVE VEAB8-F()UB CSrVu buildings upej, fUMI Ihreugb from stroettostreel, w,Ul ttr w,U,oul bimmib iMiwnr. Apply WHIf tifAf* rH KBNT-FROM THB lHT OF MAY. TUB THIRD AND fourth 0oor* (slse Mx? eachl of ill and Hi Edit Thir teenth street, soluble for H(bt buaiewM purpose*. Apply y?tHIN R PI NHAM. HI Basl Thirteenth street r RENT?FOR ONB IRAK FROM AFBIL 1 NEXT, A alselr furnished Hooes, sttaated ee Centre street. In required. uoai. toln. fVTwTTESSESX!; A?*1 ?=?.*? fcrS ctaS ti>r4 *k * * ? r IMWWO THREE STOKY BRuWN STUNK Houses on Broadway; fine location for renting raomi or for boarders; also aevnml Country kuu j,.?r.ibi? u> oaled. S. IRELAND, ?l Broadway TX7ATKK FRONT.?TO LEASE. BULKHEADS AND TT Vacant LoU. bMvtao Eighteenth. Nineteenth and Twentieth streets. Bui rfrar. Abu Pier, 730 feeu Apply to H. D. A J. I'. BROOK MAW. V South street * 2 SPACIOUS PARLORS, WITH EXTENSION ROOM. In the Urge house Ho. 4 Carroll place (Sleeker street >, ??ry desirable for pianoforte eawnwai; alao Upper Floor. OOO WEST EMHTBKHTH STREET.?'TO LET TO AiAdii gather, two atory brlofc Shop, soluble tor light manufacturing and two story frame Cottage in the rear. Apply toJJUSNRY LAWRENCE. 3SB West Nineteenth el. PRR VKAR WILL KKHT A SECOND AND ?PUuU half of Third Floor and sitsoaioa, ail room*, with all modern Improvements; none but geutlaman aud wife Deed apply. Address I'oarmaoy. add Hudson street HOl'HKS. RIHIH4. ?U., WANTED. A FAMILY OF ADULIW ARE DESIROUS OF OB talntng pert of a Honae, unfurDlahed. between Twenty third and Fiftieth streets, and Third and 8uih aveMC. Oeod references given and required. Address, with particu lars and terms. Concord, Herald office. A HIHH HTOOP UNFURNISHED HOUSE WANTED? A In a voml neighborhood. Address, slating rent, W. 11. L-, ho. .1,346 Tost office. 4 sua 1. FAMILY OF Air; LT8 . IX It) ORfAIM A .\ Floor sf three er four noma, uufnrnit.ieo, unable for housekeeping. Terms must be moderste. Po?. towo loca tion preferred. Addreas J. II.. box 146 Herald ullice. A FRENCH LADY WHO 18 NOW OBLIGED TO DO something for her support, would be willing to give the choice of Rooms to a party or parlies who would be her set urlt) for a furnished house. Ketsrenoea given and re quired. Address A. B. C.. station D. MEDIUM HIKED UNFURNISHED HOUSE WANT jfV ed to hire, by au excellent small private family of un doubted respectability. ADAMS A Co.. 163 Broadway. A TWO OR THREE STORY HOUSE AND BASE innnt wanted, by a respect ible family. Address W. B., box 1,818 Fust ullice, staling rent and luoatlon. Ahm HANDSOMELY FURNISHED HOUSE WANTED? by a small family of adults, whose board ef present occupant* will betaken In whole or part parmeut of rent. Address Allen, station A. New York. An unfurnished house wanted-bt a prI Tate family of adults, in a gor-d location. Address, with full particulars, 0. E. G., llerald A^m FURNISBED HOUSE WANTED?FOR TWO OH more years, by a family of live per-ou*, cither un Fiftb avenue or near it. Address, etuiuig lull/ the term? and lo> cation, and when possession will he given. D. O. M., sla tlon B. " AFIIILADELPHIA LADY, WITH VERY DOMKKT1Q ? habits, with her two daughters. would Uku to ukg care of a first class bouse fer t lew months. In the absence of the owner or ooeupaut; satisfactory reference given. Refer 10 King A Co., No. 9 ?U si., Fifth Avenue Hotel. Floor wanted.?a dentist, with a select private praction, wishes a First or Second Floor, or back Parlor and Extension, unfurnished, from Mty.. between Fourteenth and Forty-second streets. Fourth mid Seven'h avenues. Satisfactory references given and required. Ad dress for one week Surgeon, atatloit O. slating terms. . WANT A THREE RTOHY.UIOU STOOP FURN18IIKD A House; willing to pay RAX) or $230. Please address bog 2,440 Pust olhce. No not.oe taken of answers without stat ing price or number of the house. VfEHFRS. SOUTHMAY'D A CO.. 64 CEDAR STREET, ill want several furnished and unfurnished Houees, in good locations, at onoe. Central localities, near cur and stage lines, preferred. fTlHKKE OR FOUR UNFURNISHED ROOMS WANTED, X in a small house In Ihe rtcinitv of Fourth avenue, be tween Eighth and Twenty-fourth streets, by a small family with one child. Addrees J. P. B., station D, Bible House. 3d WO COTTAGES WANTED-RENT NOT TO EXCEED l $240, one lu New Jersey, the other on New Haven or arlem Railroad, half hour's ride from city. Addrees 8. K., No SO Veeey street^ New York. IU7ANTBD?A OHAPBL OR HALL BUITABLIT FOR A TV Sabbath school or lecture room, between Fifteenth and Thirtieth streets. Address J. Ferris, lib Washington street. {XTANTKD-A SMALL HOUSE, LOCATED BBTWBEN TY Eighth street and Fourteenth street, east of Broad way, fur carrying on the basinsss ef a restaurant. Anybody basing a suitable place for sale or to let, la above location, addrees Restaurant, station D. Bible House. WANTED?A SMALL MODBRM HOUBB, BY A GKN Uatn.m and wife, location good, between I^stngtun and Seventh avenues,and Thirtieth and Fort) eight:, strreta; rent from $l,0IM to $1,M). Addreas W. F., sunon II, Sixth sea?A 0 : -?-i , 1 ? , , 1 . . YT7ANTED?A FIRST OR SECOND FLOOR, WITH TV eonventoner for housekeeping- Addrssa, stating terms and location, A. P., Herald office. TXT ANTED?AN UPPER STORY OK LOFT. FOB BU8I VT neas purposes, well lighted, and located on some rail road route between Bleeoker and Thirty-fourth streets. Address, giving dimensions and terms, J. M., bos 36, star ttuQ D. All ANTED?A DWELLING HOUSE, IS THB VICINITY vt of Twelfth to Twentieth stress and Third to Seventh avenue, not to exaeed 31.4BU or SIMM per annum. Addreas 11. B.. station D, Bible llouse, New York. WANTED-BY A RESPONSIBLE YOUNG MARRIED oonple no children, Part of n first rises modern built house, lowor part, and below Fourteenth street, west side of town preferred. Kent not to exceed $1,008. References given and required. Address, with location and full par ticular*, II. 8. A., Herald office. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE TENANT, WITII A email family, the Lower Part of a bouse with modem Improvement, lu a respectable neighborhood, below Twen tieth street, west side. References given and required. Ad dress, with location and ful! particulars. A. W., Herald office. WANTED?BY THF. 1ST OF APRIL, A FURNISHED bedroom and Kitchen: lent not shove ?30 per munti; no objection to a place out of town, but aoocsetnie by cars or boat. Address J. Gulden stein, 113 Liberty street. W'ANTED.?SEVERAL UK'S POSSIBLE TENANTS are waning for Hou*ee and Parts of Houses, at price# varying from 3.911 to St'.DUO Call on or address PaciK A MA.vN, Ko. 8 Greenwich avenue. 117ANTED?TWO ROOMS, YVIfU KVKRY CONVENT M lor h>i..-elt<-v| tu, Tor gentleman, wife and little girl: neatly furnished, In good locality; terms must be ruod e'ate. Addis** Artist, station E. WANTED?A GOOD SIZEDItOOM KOR 8TORIMO furniture, easy of scoe-s. Address Furiiiturc, Herald oljlee. \\r ANTED?A FLOOR (FOUR OR FIVE ROOM8)^ v f suitable for housekeeping fur two persona, in a prt rate house, between Amity and Twenty-flub street; rent at lid per month. Anuwer or aiqSy to J. C., 73 Broadway. WHHANTKH-A SMALL STORK. SUITABLE FOR fancy good*, and thiee or four rooms for houaekeep lug. wsst side preferred. Addrssa stating location, ti-nua, A<A. J. Is., station U. N. Y. Wanted?by a Hen tlkman anITwife. an un furnlslied Koona ?n tuirat Uoor, with conyeaieoeee for housekeeping. In a good locality. Address box Poet office. \I"AN I F.D-1N SKW YORK OR~BROOKLYN^ BY~A TY geniienian. wife and alsti r. a Second Floor of flaw rnoiaa unfurnished, for one year from 1st May; will |iay fri>m $30 to $3>'i a month. Answer la receive attention mom slate all paritru,sra Addrert txi- ISO Herald office. WANTED -HOUSE NEAR BROADWAY, FOR BOARD I eg. rant not exceeding $4,(Mi per year. Address bog 3,012 Post office. ANTKD-A FOUR hTuRY^HIOH STOOP HOUSE, unit iniabel preferred, below Thirtieth street and be tween Second and Sixth avenues. Location and bou?e musk be flrsi ejus anu rent moderate. P.lucipals only will ad dress wiiii full particulars, A. H. R., box 3,461 Posit " WANTED *0.RENT?A Tti'tRS STORY HIGH KTOOP | haseiueut House for a small family, la a riaasirtahle nt-igkborbeod, between Third and Ninth avenues, and Fourteenth and Forty.second streets.- rent not to eiceed SiJiUO; would lie willing to buy furniture If suitable. Ad dreee 8. U., box 4.*M) Post office. WANTED TO RBNT-A PART OF A BTORB, WITH Fixtures, on Broadway, on the first or second floor suitable for the jewelry sud hair ftxtde trade. Address M." A . box 1M uffite W| ?ANTED TO RUNT?IN HARLEM, A SMALL House with modern improvomenta, near leading or depot. Address box 3.164 Post offioe. WHRBANTBD TO RENT-AT ORANGE, N. J , FOR THE I summer, a small furnished House, convenient to dn put. rent not III exceed $136 per month. Heat of reference given. Address BO. B , hoi 2 MM Post office, N. T. W|HAN rill in RK.NT-a TtlRBB- story HIGH ?loop llouse, with all the modern Improvement* ba. Iween Seventh and Twenty-seventh streets and Fourth 'and -teot-nd a venue*, rent about $1,400. for such. If accept, ed. a bonus of $Mi will he given ; neighborhood must bn ipatd Addhvss l orn Exchange Mills, foot of Kaat Twenty, third street, for oue week. ' MISIBUAYKUUI. A <mA^T kkduction jn the price of boot* A and Shoes to tba 1st of Mar, at IRWIN'S cheap >Mor? J? Bowery, corner of Bond street. Soiled stock leas than half price. BMANKRU'PIUY?MESSRS. FINE * MORGAN. ATTor. , pfT'*a^ Uo?n?ellt>rs, 14 and 16 Wall street, arc now ready to reeffive apptteatlons lor and obuin discharges in Bankruptcy Pom ami and imprisonment. ?pkR. 8CRIMNRK, FU17NDBH OF THE DERIVATIVR 'ssnrsr. .v;-' MARK'S PLACK.-CANURRS AND f" eure<l without the knife. litem Z k PlmP>?<l Taeeg WilHMMM marks wr hum scars, leaving an even a l^URNmiRE. CARPETS. BOOKS ' . JW"fbl fur cash, at lifi suth s< and Tenth atresia. 8U.0UO volumes h <ol .. -nncureu Willi.Hit the snife. ntcm rnnce ofj^e HMO, Pimpled Fanee, Wens, Warta. Moles. Blrtb marks wTlhout scars, leaving an even surface. _ AND LIBRAKIM ? arenue, between Nin.h Buebs elweye for sale. |> arib jtx position. ?m aihon dk commission it?r X Palis Artteten, nartlciilarlr phermeaenMsnl, j-lent tnedlcinen. perfumery. PFtaeh briar pipes, As., for a small oummiaalon, direct from the bssl mas 11 factorere. ' J. DEBRUNNBR. ? r?# de T Rob ignis, Parle. I nillYAHTV-rt A/TI' as ibertintAM-^^miemU TS, WA3RANTUO )., sTcRff street nd Property CHP.KP RHKARA-WARD A PAYNK'I O the hi Melsllic I^vsCllli^sny is now for covering rv?fs, vsrsndehaAe. The MeWhe Lavs is fire and water npsnf, sad la efficlsncy in rsmartng all damn, neas from sR building" where this material M need, either nseralo the eountry. lOdnraWlltv is suNi as no* UN quire any reyeMng as long ss the buUdilf any liat The patent right sin for SUtes or count led fjjjr ^pAAAmiy to Nd, I OkMteis street, W T. ydantsd-a lot of eailroaoTSnds AN5 SL c.uT!!iIT!'!*^