Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 18, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 18, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HE8ALD. WHOLE NO. 11,157. NEW YORK, MONDAY. MARCH 18, 1867. PRICE FOUR CENTS. PERSONAL* a H. S.-I WILL SEE YOUR FIFTY AND OO YOU one hundred better on the carman who vamosed with he Ave (roes tackage marked "8 w tetania, for the teeth." Fhat do you dof K. LPHON8E?YOU CAN GET Til AT DOG AND SEE L pent'o eggs at 16 Walker surest; ita a big Uunf^.KEp FOR ADOPTION?a FINE, HEALTHY MALE IN fant: eves and hair dark; American parentage. Apply ?167 West Thirteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth are. YN FORMATION WANTED?OF AUGUST SCHUtflBER. JL of Stlft Quernheim. Pruiala. The aame left Waahlnglon, P. Cm In 1854. When laet heard froin was boarding with Nr. 1 riedtnann, til WeetStreet, New York. Any peraon who an give information of hie whrreabouta wHl ho liberally re raraet warded by addressiug llenry Sehreiber, care of F. Deike, 68 ?Weet atreet, N. Y. INFORMATION WANTED-OF JOHN THOMAS HOLT, of MlrBeld, Yorkshire, England, and lately of Philadel phia. His mother la anxioua to know whether he bo stlU Bring. Any information may be addressed to 88 Mod at Building. 336 Broadway, New York. JANES O. KING'S 80NS DESIRE INFORMATION concerning John and William Bath, ropernakere. who came from England about the year 1821, and when laat heard from resided In Brooklyn Murderer $1,000 reward for the appre heneion and delivery to the clrll authorities ok Noble vllle, Indiana, of H. C. McCutcheon, who on the 27th of Feb ruary, 1867, shot and killed II. Shepard, at Mrs. Cant's plan tation, opposite Shreveport. La. Said McCutcheon Is about feet" and ten Inches high, of ruddy complexion, blue ?yes, delicate hands: wore light brown wnlskers and weighs uuHCttvc iiaiiua. TTV'1 o ii|ut Ultmu nutsa'.so sassu ? about 190 pounds. His oountenanoe has a surly aspect, and ha has a slight brogue He formerly resided in Indtanapo Us. Ind. J. KEID. Noblesrtlle, Ind. M Y BOY.?RETURN TO YOUlt MUSIC LESSONS ON Tuesdays and Fridays. TV. AS. BU. MAD.?PLEASE SEN) YOUR PRESENT ADDP.EFS through the Geueralyest Office to your well meaning friend. How is La. T BK. fPO C.?PLEASE 8END IfE A LITTl.B MONEY, AS I J. am in trouble and tee! it, and oblige K. P., of Grand ?treet. New York. WANTED-TO ADOPT A CHILD, WITH DARK EYES, from birth to two years old. Address Mrs. Irving, Nation A, Spring street. w LL EM., WHO RECOGNIZED AN OLD FRIEND at the Broadway Thentie, Saturday evening, direct a to Everett House, where an Interview can be had. F. OOO BROADWAY-BELOW TWELFTH STREET, aJ+jZj Will the lady who on Saturday last was purchasing * PmcJE"8fi of Email de Paris at the above establishment, and wbn became so bewitchmcly confused upon the entrance of the gentleman on the aame errand, send her address to U. &, Herald office. SPECIAL NOTICES. JJOATMEN, ATTENTION ? All licensed boatmen of the Metropolitan district are re quested to attend a meeting at the Shakepoare Hotel, corner of William and New Chambers streete. on Monday evening, at 7X o'clock, to form an organization far the better protec tion of boatmen By invitation of the Committee of Arrangements, Thomas fnlla ~ _ ? - - ? - Kalian, Charles Henry, David H. Blackburn, William Week ley, David H. Dunn, P. Qutglev, John Burns, Richard Ran ' h, Michael "" Patrick Cavunagh, Michael HelTerinan. Mr. Snellgrove. FRANK ANDERSON, Chairman, pro lem. William Kennkdt. Secretary, / Prn Jambs Lbb, Treasurer, j ?AN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, FEB. 24.-NOTICE.? O The undersigned beg to notify their friends and the public generally that they are net and 1 I never have been Interested In or connecte'd with the house of Heln, Mockell A Co., corner of Jaoob and Frankfort streets. New York city. This notice is published not with a view of discrediting or In any manner injuring the house of Uvin Dnakal A I 'n knl ?Imv.1w ?nUoanaoution Socket A Co., but simply to correct misconception. UElN A BRAY. John Brat, 416 Battery street. (TOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS TO SOUTHERN FAMINE A Relief Commission.?Prevlouely acknowledged, $C0, M7 66; Receipts to date. $15,053 81; total $76,LI 37. JAMES M. BROWN, Treasurer. 59 Wall street. VIUMMANY SOCIETY OR COLUMBIAN ORDER? M. Brothers?A special and Important meeting of the soci - ?ky will be held iu the Council Chamber of the GrraPWlg wam, on Tuesday evening, March 19, at 7X o'clock, to hear ?Be report of the Council of Sachems and to determine upon $k? question of selling the hall. General and punctual at tendance is requested. By order. JOHN T. HOFFMAN, Grand Sachem. Waaoif Small. Secretary. Manhattan, Season of Blossoms, Third Monn. Year of Dis r the 375th, of Iodependence'tAe Mat and of the Ineti 1 the 78th. ilrjpo WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.' rrc X I respectfully Inform my friends and the public that I are made arrangements with James W. Befl. 171 Fifth .ne, where 1 would he most happy to see my customers, of whom I have cut for s i many years. WM. A. sTUART, late of Brooks Brothers. DRY GOODS. ? RAND OPENING OF SPRING PATTERNS.?THE Muses STARLING will have their grand opening of Mitly trimmed Patterns, March 2D, which, for elegance I beauty, cannot be surpassed. Cloaks and Dresses made ' neatness and despatch. Taylor's system taught. 349 1 street, office Le Bon Ton. H a FARRKLL HAS BOW OPENED HI8 LARGE wholesale manufacturing furniture warerooms to the ^^MMMOTHSHffiBmuiacturiDg rurniuire warerooms tr> the trade.?$3MI,00o worth of best quality and medium Par-| ^Bedroom and Offioe Furniture. Carpet DepurUneni ? ^^BdOOiworth of English Brusnela, Thrne-Ply andSuiierln ?Min Carpets, of tb< & widths, Window 1 silss and small profi the choicest and newest styles. Oilcloths. m Shades, Mattings, Ac. My motto is gulck Dfite. All goods warranted precisely as Maaresemed. 967, 949, >71 Thirty-bfth street, one dooreast ?sBtghlA av. 1 avenue. PDIA CAMEL'S HAIR SHAWLS AND SCARFS.?I have neturned from Europe with my 8pnug Assortment, Mtlsk I will show on Monday. Match 18. J. RUSSELL, 232 Wooster street. M. B WH more to K East Twentieth street. May 1. Be H. MADE. SPRING TRADE. A NOW OPENING, ^ LOCO CASK8 8TRAW GOODS, LATEST SPRING STYLES AND SHAPES. 9J00 NEW STYLES PARASOLS. A fMll assortment of best quality Ribbons, Velvet Rlbbano, Tdub.Dreee Trimmings to all the latest novelties, Battens, Metises, French Flowers. Ac., AT POPULAR PRICES. DBSOHAMP'S BEST QUALITY FRENCH KID OLOVK8, BYEEY PAIR WARRANTED. XT POPULAR PRICES. HOUSEKEEPING GOODS, LINENS, GOODS, FLANNELS, HOSIERY AND GLOVES, LACES AND KM BROIDERIES, LINEN HANDKERCHIEFS. GBJITS' FOBNISH1NU GOODS, Ac., AT POPULAR PRICKS, ?a. 06 Fourteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth era Moo 904 and 906 Sixth avenue. PeurteeDlh street aad Sixth avenue. & AMDARD HALL, tit QRAND STREET (Opposite 8t. Xtry'i Cburek). GREAT SALR OF CUSTOM MADE BROADWAY CLOTHING WITHOUT RESERVE. 11,000 Bus Garments, oonatstlng of Gents' Coats; All kinds, TMs aad Tests, made of tbe best malarial and In the most EMAIonable styles. only, commencing U}is morning, these goods Will ha sold for one-half the cost of manufacture. or about 4B par oeat under tailors' prices, and the i garment trill be marked la platn figures. Ike sale will be open un (11 0 each evening to sire those paeaptad during the day au opportunity to arras themselves omely at leaa than half th* prices charged at tailoring A- J establishments. VMO Bne Vests at $3 K to g3 37X, which cost to make from BK Io 7m dollars. ROSS A BELL. 435 Grand street. M. B.? Money returned If goods don't suit. gPRIEO DRESSES [ SPRING BONNETS! GODBY'S LADY'S BOOK APRIlT HE? This member of tbe msgsxlns, for beauty and variety of ihmsnt, has no superior. Look at the contents. sent, has no superior. In the Woods. A steel engraving. Colored Paahlon plate that for beauty of engraving, col g and eorreolaeaa of faahlons cannot be excelled. arias and sred plate of fancy work. 1'rlmed In blus. |>a Hoop Mania. A handsome wood out. ^yleg dresses for ladles and children. We giro nineteen Beautiful designs, twelve of which ere ror children. The RlveH Sack and tbe Aspaslne Manila taring Bonnets and Hats. 41 ix engravings. Ornamented parasols. Thrse engravings. Walking dress for a young girl; two new styles of MUTures, one s bridal coiffure. In the work department will be found the following va ?-*7 of work: Crochet patterns for covers for dishes; gentleman's .. .... .. ,n; baby's r Braided slipper; smoking chair; netted n ighlcap; baby s sliee $m erochet; pen wiper; spotted crotchet; s fancy stitch In Waaehet; letters for marking; embroidery patterns, Ac. As engraving of a handsome rlllnas or suburban residence. With plsgl. Is nTeo given In this number. She literary matter It tarnished by sooh writers es Merlon Sastind (whose last work, Hunnybenk," stamps her as tbe ??at living Amenean srrlter). Mary Janvrtn, S. Annie Frost, Florence Hartland and others. Per sale at the bookstores. PRINO FASHIONS.?OPENING ANNOUNCEMENT. Mas. GILLESPIE will open, st No. A Clinton place < **yasdnv, Merck 80, an elceint variety of PLAIN AN Z**aesday, March 30, an elegint variety yBIMErr* PATTERNS for Ilresses, Cloaks, Bleevea Ac., Par the spring u.r trieuds and tl I to eaU. AND kl6kt the public are In T FAMILIES VISITING THK PARIS EXPOSITION. CASHMERES AND LACES. OOMPAQNIK DE8 INDEB, ?0 RUB RICHELIEU. 80 re. VERDE DEI-ISLE. the proprietors, respectfully to inform the American ladles who visit the French r?re? that they will flnd st their eelsblivh nent the largest mfrj"!1,of cashmeres and lacks THE Wi prices that will austAin evert- aad ?wywmparlson. The rabriquea of the company, placed as /frrm* JZFT JLArK WSTRIOT OP PKA.VtK AND ?* > rn's *111 h* * the SHAWL, DISTRICTS OP U IN SIVA iKIa tkam i ? " *, ????""" IfininfVID \Jr ^ Reprice of MANUPACTUR AP OP MBNCf ANTN, as well as to prodnoe Mm aeeTrf^oal. IL.I ?j J * WflH M lO prO(]UOQ i eelablttmenk^^ English Is ourrsntly spoken tig"MShSSX^TJemi.** eO,"mlMl0n, 10 P,rt,?l the/^tiim'^^i6n", liflL'MS "zP?- DEEMS WILLIE TUB TURF. Fashion course,-trotting will he contin ued ou thia Course this season, without interruption, ex cept during the month of August. H. COLTON, Proprietor. B PORTING* A NUMBER OF WELL BROKEN POINTERS ANT) Setters, warranted to point, bark and retriere; Watch Dogs of all breeds; extra Kat Dogs of all breeds; rats for sale, wholesale and retail; dogs hoarded, trained, bi ught and sold on commission. 11. UAKDNKR, 259 William street, near New Chambers street, New York. All kinds of door and birds fop. sale at H. COVEY'S, 350 Canal street, near Church street. Medicines tor all diseases. Prepared Food tor mocking birds. lOR SALE-AN ELEOANT SCHOONER YAOllT, 73 feet long on deck, 181s tect beam, 6 feet depth of hold; nil of sails and rigging new and of the very best quality; cabin handsomely furnished snd the vessel fitted out complete tn every respect Address C. P. Clothier, bok 3,875 Post ofiioe, Philadelphia. Fob sale-just arrived from st. johns, new. foumllsnd, a pair ol the largest and handsomest New foundland Dogs in America; good watch and water D igs; one pure St Bernard dog, 11 months old, very intelligent; a brace of broken Setters, Black and Tans, Scotch and Skyo Terriers; pair of while Esquimaux Dogs; pair of 10 lh. Bull Terriers; pure white A. No. 1 Ratters. DAN 1KL FOSTER, No. 13 Roosevelt street. HORSE*. C\KKI.\GES, AC. PAIR OF VERT STYLISH DARK BAY PONTES for sale?Or wlU ex< bangs lor three good work horses. i,836 Post othce, or apply at lumber yard, Fifty Address box 8, Ibird street and Second avenue. AT THE REQUEST OF A LARGE NUMBER OF the business community we have changed the hour of commencing ihc--ales at our horse suction mart In union square to lit o'clock A. M., instead of 13 o'clock, as hereto fore. See auction head. A FINELY BRED SADDLE HORSE, SIX YEARS OLD; 15k hands; -plrlted, but kind, and Is accustomed to carrv a ladv; broken to single and doable harness, wille be sold by MINER A SOMKRVILLB, on Tuesday, the 19th In slant, at 10 o'clock, at their salesroom, Uiiitn square. A NUMBER OF SECOND HAND CARRIAGES, COM- ? prying Phrotont, Hretts. top Wajoni, 4c., and a fin* top Wagon, made by Brewnter Jc Co.? of Broome "trwt, for ??le. at the Church 'Building, oorner of Grand and Croiby streets. PRIVATE STABLE TO LET?AT NO. 58 WEST Eighteenth street. Apply at 18 Nassau street. RMY HARNESS, TENTS, WAGON COVERS. AMBU lanccs, MeClellan Saddles, Mule Collars. Harness. Bridles, Army Clothing. Knapsacks, Canteens, Grindstones. W. A. CARTER. 52 Cortlandt St., near Greenwich. A CHANCE FOR ANYBODY IN WANT OF FARM A Horses.?Six low priced young Mares, one beautiful matched team of brown Mares, 15)4, a little sore. 458 Pearl street. CCARRIAGE HORSES FOR SALE.?A FINE PAIR OF / Coach Horses; dark bay; 16 hands high; alsoene bay Horse, 15)4 hands high; all will be sold reasonably, as iho owner has no funher use for tliem. Inquire for Mr. PHA LKN. at wooden stable 85 East Twenty-third street, oorner of Lexington avenue, from 8 to 11 o'clock A. M. C1ARRI.AGES.?TIIK LARGEST ASSORTMENT TO BP. V fouud in the vicinity, is at i84 Fulton avenue and 10 Nerins street, Brooklyn, at 2D per cent less than New York prices. For sale-a bay horse, very stylish, 6 years old, sound snd kind, 15). hands, can trot In .8:10; price $360. ('all at Stevens House, Hunter's Point, opposite Thirty-fourth street ferry. For sale?a very fine pair of dark oray Carriage Horses, well matched, long tails. 16 hands high. 6 years old; sound and very stylish. Also six seat Phaeton. Harness, Ac, The owner is soon to leave town, and this presents a rare opportunity to buy a handsome es tablishment. inquire for two weeks of B. MONTAGUE, Marble Yard, West Twcnty-liflh street, between Tenth and Eleventh avenues. FOR SALE?15 HOR8E8, JUST FROM THE COUNTRY, from live to cubl years old; prices from $15 to 330J; warrauted sound and kind. 211 Wooster street. For sale-a shown make, eight years old, over sixteen hands high; warranted sound and kind; suitable for a truck. l*rlce $251). Inquire at 313 West Six teenth street. F OR SALB-A GLASS HEARSE, in good order. Apply to KENNEDY, 496 Pesrl street. For sale?a new t .vo horse truck, suitable for flour and feed business. Inquire at 95 West Twenty eighth's reet, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. Horses and carriages?great bargains? Selling Off. the stock nf the Continental-Stables, corner of Thirty-ninth street <md Broadway. STABLE WANTED?IK THE UPPER TART OF THE city, capacity of twelve horses or more, by Tbe Great American Tea Company. 85 snd 37 Vesey street. WANTED?A SHIFTING TOP BUGGY, BEST CITY make. Cleaning and Dyeing ofCoe, 486 Broome id seek oorner Broadway. E. LORD. WANTED?A STYLISH BAY OR BLACK HORSE; oue that oan trcl in or about three minutes; 15k hands; will i.ot pay a fancy price. Address, with price, F. W. T., 871 Broadway. t 0M nn ?CLAY OOLT. ? YEARS OLD 18* HANDS, wtUUi bay, with black points; full warrantee: also two good Work Hoses, $100 and $M. Inquire at 387 Seventh avenue. MILUNEUV. CLARK k McLAUOFAN (MILLINERS), WILL HAVK their opening of Parle Patterns, en Thursday, March 81, 1887. M ADAM PILLKTTE WILL OPEN AT NO. 37 UNTOlf square on Wednesday. March 20. A FULL AND SELECT ASSORTMENT OF FRENCH BONNETS. MLLKS. C. k L. MARC HAL. SUCCESSORS TO MMB. P. Laurent. 18 Clinton place, will open on Wedneaday, 20th inst., a splendid assortment of Spring Bonnets. Rib bons. Ac , of the latest fashions, widen tbey.bave just re ceived from Paris. milB PARIS.AN FLOWER COMPANY BEG TO CALL ? the attention of .)'ibi?*t and milliners tn their large and choice stock of French and American Flowers sow offering at 561 and 563 Broadway. rTIlfc 7RADK. We shall o|Vn on Thurwlav, March 31. acr stock of French Pattern Bonnets. Also a full line of our own manu facture. A call is solicited. R. THOMPSON k CO.. 477 Broadway. SKW nHUCATlONS. This past published. NEW EDITION, KEVIN ED AND ENLARGED. WELLS' EVERT MAN HIS OWN LAWYER. AND BUSINESS rt>RM BOOK. A complete Guide m ill masters of Law, and Ensloeee Necotieuons for every State In ike Union. Willi Legal Form's and full Iot'ructloni for Proceeding, w.thout LeuaJ.?'.*i?t*nce. in Suite and Bualnoaa transactions of every description. Togcibor with the different Stale Lawi. concerning the Co.lnctlun of Deiit* Property Exempt from Elocution, Lion Lawn, Henry. License to bell Good*, Qualification of Volert, I.imitation of Action*. Ac. Alao. the General Bankrupt Law. with Forma and fall in atrucUona to enable bankrupts .iad creditor! to lake full beneflt of the Art without legal aaaiaiance. Al*c, I'enaion Laura. with full instructions and fonts to. enable the Oinchaiged Soldier or Sailor to procure Back Pay, l'eii?lon*. BounUa* and all War Claim*. A Ho, Patent Lava, with full Inetrwet'ons to Inventor*. Alto, Bxciao Law*, Sump Dntlea, Past office and Custom H?u*e Regulations, the whole action ?f thr government la relation toRevouetrueiion and the Froedmcu, Constitution of the United staler, with Amendment*, state SeaJa, with de, ecriptlonr, Ac. This work, prepared aome yeara ago, wa? received with great fayor by the pobhe. aitalmug a larger ante, it la be lieved, inan any work of the kind m-ir puoltahed. I.ap?e o f time naa brought material cbniigt* to the statute* of many of the tate*. the war haa noi only altered the aoetal <wn dition of aome of thern. but haa luirotioeed toe Internal Revenue System. National llanks, aew Poet office and One torn Houae Regulations Amendmenta to the Cou?tttulon of the United Statea, Emancipation of BLvee, General Bank rupt lav. Ac. The subject of Penaiona. Bounties and War Claims, haa also assumed a new and grautly increased importance There numerous changes have led the publisher to make a new and thoroughly revised edition, reproducing the whole work, with special reference to making the work complete and reUabe, without regard to etpenee. Ho crllloal and thorough baa been this revision, that the tout lmpnolt re liance can he placed npon the work aa authority on alt the aub lects of which it treats. Over two hundred and fifty pages new matter have been added to meet the requirement# of the times. The utllliy of titch ? work no one will now question. The aale of hundreds of thousands of copies of the former edi tions, and the oonstant demand for tt hava settled that point. The professional man. the farmer, the mechanic, the inanufaiturer, the soldier, tha sailor, each require* a con venient cotnprr henstva and reliable work which will enable him to draw up any Inatrumrn in writing th?t may be re quired, In a legal form, which will ftarnlah such legal infor mation aa la called for In the various avocations of life, a book that evervhodv can understand, and that will enable every nun or woman to be his or her own lawyer. 'I here is no class of the community, male or female, who have, or evpeet to have, any property, or who have anv rights or privileges which require protection, who will not be greatly benefited and advantaged by the porseeelon of this book. It will save them money, save them trouble, nave them time, save them litigation and lawyers' fees, and give them Information that nobody can afford to be without. 12mn, Wo pages Price, handsomely bound, fl. Rani poet paid on recoupt of price. Uood agen'* wanted. Addrtsa BENJ. W. HITCHCOCK, Publisher, U Chambers street, New York. 1||? NEW BANKRUPT LAWf HARPER A BROTHERS HAVE IN PRUNE, e AND WILL PUBLIRH IMMEDIATELY, THR NEW BANKRUPT BILL, WITH NOrKH, FORME OP PROCEDURE, Ami a Collection of all the AMERICAN AND ENGLISH DEL'lsIONi UPON THE LAW OF BANKRUPTCY. Adapted to the use of the lawyer and merchant BTEDWIN JA.MBB. Of the New York Bar, and one of the Tranters of the English Bankruptcy Amendment aot Mr. James baa had unusual opportunities to become fa miliar with the law of bankruptcy, having been a member of Parliament at the time the English Bankrupt aot was paaeed, and having himself carried through important amendmenta to the bill. He wee also for many years a successful prae tloner in the English Bankruptcy Courts.?American Law HARPER A B ROT HERE, New York. DR TABLES. GIVINO THl TIMR AND HEIGHT Off High water far every day le the year, at all porta In the ted Itefiea, have been pnbltebed by the United States t Rurvjy Office, and are on sale at the principal nautical f They nan also_Kl obtained by application to lha [survey oSae. in Waehiagteo city. Price twenty* va FINANCIAL. ALBERT H. AND AUCTIONEER, NO. 48 PINE 8TREET.stabu8mfd fiftken YEARg Insurance, City Railroad. Ou Light, Bank, Telegraph. Express, Manufacturing and Mining Stock*, aUoClty, Coun ty. Sut? and Oovernnn-nt Securities, rec.uvc special atten tion. and some on hand for sale, paviug from 10 to 30 per cent dividends, at low rates for Investment. D BANKERS, CORNER PINE AND NASSAU STEET3. NEW YORK, Issue Circular Notes and Letters of Credit for travellers, available in all tne principal cities of the world. Mercantile credits for use in Europe, China, Ac. Also make transfers of money to California and Oregon by telegraph. Interest allowed on deposits. Removal! ~~ The Union Dime Savings Bank have removed to their NEW BANKINO MOUSE, Nob. 896 and 398 Canal street, corner of LatghL Now Is the best time to deposit your money. Six per cent Interest on sums of $5 to $5,0U0from April 1. The bank will be open for the inspection of visitors on Wednesday, Thurs day, Friday and Saturday of this ??ok. Assets, 83,110.491 26. G. 8. Chamm, Sec'y. B. V. MAUOHWOUT. Prea't. Trustees of creditors and stockholders OV THK OHIO AND MISSISSIPPI RAILROAD COMPANY (E. D), OFFICE 88 WALL STREET. New Yokk. MAlton 15, 1867. CERTIFICATE HOLDERS' MEETING. The undersigned with satisfaction announces the adoption, by nearly a unanimous vote, of the amendments to the "Trout Agreement," proposed at the meeting of November 1, 1866, and since voted upon bv more than three-fourths In interest of the owners of the common, and also of preferred certificates. The rights of parties In Interest being now defined, and their future policy Indicated, It has been urged by asrrral parties largely Interested that thla meeting be continued, and the certificate holders be solicited to take Immediate action for the consolidation of the two organizations provide, 1 for; and for such purports a vote upon the annexed resolution, based upon the following plan and data, will now be pro ceeded with dallv:? Certificate holdera are enmeatly requested to vote thereon without delay, in order that the meeting may not fee unneces sarily protracted, to the possible detriment i>f tnrnr interests. EDWARD LEARNED, Chairman. PLAN FOR ENTIRE ENTERPRISE, UNDER SINGLE CORPORATION. Capital stock (common) to be $90,000,006 Capital stock (preferred) to be 3,500,000 Bonded debt, including existing bonds 8,.too oou Total $3-',uao,ouo COSMOS STOCK TO BR ISHUVD. To the $90,000,000 certificate holders, three shares fall stock for every $300 of certificates $12,000,000 One share scrip stock, assessable for forty dollars each, for every $400 of certificates 8,000,600 To $3 900.000 preferred certificate boldera, scrip stock assessable for $35 esch, three shares for every $700 of preforred certificates 1,560 000 To new subscribers 1,500.000 Total $ld~000,0l)0 Preferred stock to be issued to preferred certificate holders, par 8,900.000 Money required for the entire enterprise 1,000,000 ?jtsmntor*. Bonds $8,300,000 Less present bonds 3,651.000 $4,850,000 nt 90 per cent B^SW.OPO KSSSS'JSSSfasS::::fiKff ??? &?^0Rny'eiceMofi^?ferr"7It(ikMT!OU. ? '.**>,000 Total , *m'Z M?hi of'" ad Cvi'n? boih three rati. (Cincinnati^ MUo^of1'?^'having narmW gauge only (Vinoennim io C."Z'x? ordSSS.tWcn r.aVr T^'r^K rnjpimon. Broad gauge l!ne (everts? of carn"1RS iN* ^ ?i.n!?,79t) ""jyui'lrt) Cincinnati and jamltiville line <ga 100tWO Cincinnati and EvansTllle llnc igaini. JOO.OtK) Cincinnati. Catr > and faduoah fine'(??'"> I'7y)Mj Cincinnati and St Lous third rati (gain) TJ" , . ,.?. Oft) OpWu ting arid niaiDtalaing. say ft! 2-3 per cent, ? 4I6H&7 ., TJet earnings ir'V.Wo 1 Interest on bonds......... ? *?*'**? latv rest on $3,600,000 f referred stock J4BWU m ^ i . "."$1,243,333 | "Thr^iihove earning? marked ''gain. 1 b^wg th6 Mnrc business Is farb"l'.? our expectations and the opinions of parties familiar with ihe tawiness inienced tc be secured. _ PROPOSED AMENimF*T. b?i eTwhrmas Snch purpose can now be beimfirlally my ?*?SsSSBSaSjata amendment*, adopteo aa a.o* to the corpora* SSSSMi?"-1"as -B."SStS25B?Si!lWtSSw-"*. ?? ? or dematm. against raid company held or be '"t?r'ce?viffixun the tresis, anr or th'ngs belong'ng to ibc irust and properi, dellrer.ibi oc i?^KSS5| w^?S2giSS?SfSS?S s:;r.Ki?Hrr?S| feBSSS! Timor.? and declarations of'lhls amen<lment. The on p.1*1 etock of the oerpuratlou shah b* sssesl posed of a? follnws:? . ^ deter rtndir and caneellei.on of thaw seeer.liW"^2Jire^ of the owners, so reglslt red "r J^Ti bL' ^ue<fpreferred stock preferredcertlflcsies (here sl,ail . P rkelr pre of the corporation, fnil paid, tor .7 ,?,e est semes? p?? i ^^teMlVrl^h'eertlifcute. and interest I surrendered by them respective y. ^ to be snd const!- | The preference of snoh ]irel>'ren sines ?? or 'ggrSas net earnings ef the ~,r <^nt dividends per aa ^n" ^r^Sd? (^chT^whTn'dTrt^,^ ?hah'be*lhrtdod"e<iually per share oa ,.rcf.rmd and common ?took alike. m addition to ?veh preferred stock. And to 'd'h owners in sddmon to Qnm|P)|) k< to there Shall I" i""?u'hI** J"T?, ?4 ,o he pnhl np to the designated scnp ??.!, for every seven hundred

amount of ?l?tf-??ereot sfn-Wd. s?sagHar EiS&fe:as PijteSRfc-S&S ^^SfSSSSMTBSiSS "xr. 'Jir.^w^-ws'ss Sr,rnomr..?m?fSfr,.bT ?ch sss^sment to forfeit the ?toek.withoulother lis Witty lct(N, (reailnu and The 'rtLa^l lien upon its property, which shall at Issuing any^ mortga^ lien u|>on ~n"J 0/^ts/ssned and ouP *fT ii?r mortises indebtedness -iced seventeen thousand lUndlni rnorUpW mile except by ?uthorlty flnt to bt III and obulned of Tw'o-thlfd. In J..u?rj.t of the owner, of ISVt^et tftn he?d'or 'controlleol"'^tK'i,^^ .uTmanner jw'tPrn."ofn"' to''the'tnirt'agmemenl, and U discharge any eipenses or obligations made ?I aeeonnt of this meeting, which they sbsll deem propei ly slnimable. from the bene'flel irlea of B,f#r of the The rorporstlon, simultaneously with the transrer or tae BrooerlTSS aforesaid, shall assume all 1 mi of the trustees under or connected with the trust Lffrremrnt and thctr actions relating thereto, and shall pre uu-t and save said trustees from allloas or harm on scroti at thereof and shall undertake the rteeutlop and obllgattoM S thW amendment In snoh form and manner ae s\all M '*?wr"fh2rTd1m TrsVs'ferT-.he property M nforjjaW fed Hr.HM?.?ora.^rrfcta? Sb'Hikm'MS elalme, loss or damege therefrom, or in any manner relating hereto, by reason of any set or omission ij them, or either at them, pertaining thereto. TTTaHTED?for THR WRBTBRR TRADKj from W tvoo.noo to $JOO t?0 of General Merchandise $M$ v .n(j balance In good eeeorltles. property, stocks, $e. rA m.Tco , 17 Nassan ?treat, room Ho $ sera aaa $3,009 and fl.lOO TO LOAN OR NNNN $3,000, rutnbered real aetata In Raw York or Brooh fn. Ro hroieragt cherfdj. 1CHLXR| M lroMB? ' FINANCIAL.. pENNSTLVANU STATE LOAN. PROPOSALS for a loan op $a,000,000. An Art to create a loan far the redemption of the overdue bonds of the Commonwealth. Whereas the bonds of the Commonwealth and certAin cer tiorates of Indebtedness, amounting to $23,000,000, have been overdue and mu d fur some time past; And whereas it is desirable that the same should be paid and withdrawn trom the market; therefore, Raction 1. Be it marled by the senate and Mouse of Re presentatives ol the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania In Geo eral A - aembljr met, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same. That the Governor, Auditor General and State Treasurer be, and are hereby authorized and embowered to borrow on tbe faith of the Commonwealth, In stten amounts and with such notlee (not less than forty days', as they may deem most expedient for the interest of the Suite, twen ty-three million* of dollars, snd issue certificates of loan or bonda oft be Commonwealth for the saute, bearing Interest at a rate not exceeding tlx per centum per annum, payable semi-annually, on the 1st of February and 1st of August, in the city of Philadelphia; which certiorates of loan or bonds shall not be subject to any taxation whatever for Suite, municipal or local purposes, and shall bo payable as fol lows, namely:?Five millions of dollars payable at any time after Ave years and w.ttttn ten years; eight millions of dollars payable at anr time alter ten years and within fif teen yeara, and ten millions of dollars at anytime after fif teen years and within twenty.five years, and shall be signed by the Governor and State Treasurer, and onuuterslgited by the Auditor General, end registered In the books of the Auditor General, and to bo transferable on the books of the Commonwealth at the Farmers' and Mechanics' National Hank of Philadelphia; the proceeds of tha whole of which loan, including urennum*. Ac., rece.vod on the saino. shall be applied to the payment of the bonds and corliheates of indebtedness of the Comuionwea'tU. hue. 2. The bids for the said loan shall be opened in the presence of the Governor, Auditor General snd State Treas urer, and awarded to the highest bidder: Provided, That no certificate hereby authorized to be burned shall be negotiated for less than its par value. Bsc. 8. The bonds of the State and certificates of indebted ? ness, now over due. shall be. SSOeivabla in p;.,incut of tha said loan, under *uch regulations as the Ueveruer, Auditor General and Stale Treasurer may prescribe; and every bid der for the loan now authorized to bo issued shall stale in his bid whether the s:tmu is payable in cash or in the bonds or ecrtltioaten ot lndebtedne s of the Commonwealth. SkC. 4. That all trustees, executors, administrators, guar dtans, agents, treasurers, committees or other persons hold ing In a fiduciary capacity bonds or certificates of Indebted, ness of the State, or moneys, a A hereby authorized to bid for the loau hereby authorized to bo Issued, and to surren der the bonds or certificates of loan held by them st the thno of making such bid, and to receive the bonds authorized to be Issued ny this act. Nze. o. Any person or persons standing In the fiduciary capacity stated In the fourth sectlou of this act who may desire to invest tnoney In their hands for the benefit of the trust may, without an order of court, Invest the satne In the bonds authorized to be Issued by Hits net, at a rate of pre mium not exceeding twenty pet- centum. Sze. 6. That from and niter tbe passage of this act nil tha bonds of this Commonwealth shall be paid ofl? in tbe order of their maturity. Szo. 7. That all loans of this Commonwealth not yet due shall be exempt from State, municipal or local taxation after the mteiest duo February first, one thousand eight hundred nud sixty-seven shall have been paid. 8*c. 8. That all existing laws, or portions thereof, incon sistent herewith, are hereby repe .led. JOHN P. OLAKR. Speaker of the Mouse of Representatives. I.. W. 11 ALL, Speaker of the Kenato. Approved the second day of February, one thousand eight hundred and sixty seven. JOHN W. GKAKY. In accordance with the provisions of toe above act of As sembly scaled proposals will be received at the ollioe of the 1 Stale Treasurer, in the ("ItJ of ilarrlsburg, Pennsylvania, until 12 o'clock M. of the 1st d.iy of April, A. D.. 1847, to be endorsej as follows:?*'Proposals for Pennsylvania State Loan, Treasury Department, Harrlsburg, fa. United hlatea of America " Bids will be received for $5,00tt,U10, relmbucsable in five Bars and payable In ten years; $8,000,000 reimbursable In ii ye .rs and payable In fifteen years, and $10,000,000, relm burnable la fifteen years and parable In twenty-live years, the rate of tntere-a to bo either fire or six per cent, per an num, which must be explicitly stated in the bid; and the blda most idvantagcoiis to the State will be noecpted. No bid for less thsn par will be considered. The bond* will be lsAue.1 In sums of $50 and suclt higher sums as desired by the Ictaners, to be free from htate, local and municipal taxes. The over clue bonds of lite Commonwealth of Pennsylva nia will lie received at par in payment of tills loan; but bid- I ders mud state whellter they Intend to pay In cosh or In lllO crverdtte loans ufore-aiA. No distinction wtll tss made between bidders paying in wash or overdue loans. JOHN W. GEART, Governor of Pennsylvania. JOHN Y. HARTRaNFT, Auditor General. W. II. KEMHLE, Bt.ite Treasurer. N. B.?No ncvrnpepei publishing the eboro. unless autho rised, will receive pay. $!\ n/l/l WANTED.?A LOAN IS DESIRED OTON sJ.l/Ulf unencumbered property worth three tames ' the amount. A botms w:il be/paid. Address R. L. A., Herald oflice. HfcPi OrUl WANTED?'DN BOND AND MORTGAGE, ?JVJ.VMMr en real estate In Harlem. Title undisputed. Address Keel Estate, boi'2W Herald office. TQ LOAW ON IMPROVED-REAL as V I u.'/MU late In this city, in any sum. W. M. WOOD. Wall tftreeU ' <tfl 7LlfilU JO "LOAN ON NEW TbRK, HROOK ?-W-S f 'I.XtwTf Ten nn* Jersey real estate. b'eruttd mort gages rest ed. Traveller's Insurance Company. C. K. WILLIS.AI Pine street. $27o.0M) estate, In Uila>eity or ifroc MAN ON BONO AMD MORT in one or mora sums, on real &nr Brooklyn. N F. CONRBY, 03 Wall street, aeom IS. ' nnn loan ON BOND AND MORT ' rW.I n/IF gage nt various suras enTettl estate, in : this city Jersey OHy, Brooklyn, Newark, At. WM ROGEK8-1 ODD, 347 Kros.tway, uwom 18. <M?PAH'l r*K.?.s?MlP? A PARTNER WANTED?IN A RESPECT ABLE PER maiiern and remunerative business; requisite nuallfi eat on*, inlvil.genee, steady business habit*. and ?1.200 eapi ? taL We have no tune to write paitlenlsrs for anonymous i gentlemen nut don't want their replies. We sliai give full j particulars on an Itaerview with men likely to suit. ' Tin *e who mcau business will please give name and resi dence. Address Cash A Of., Herald office. Mr. t. b. rrockwat h ating purchased an in. iciest le dhe New Ycrrk Hotel, Is essoetirted with me as a partner, under the firm of D. M. Hlldrtth ft Co. ' D. M. HILDRETH. Mr. WM. R. AST HAS THIS DAT BEEN ADMITTED as h member of the firm formerly known as A. ft F. Stern, ol 47 avenue H., and the firm will sign new ?? March Ilk IW7. HTERNS ft A9T._ PARTNER WANTED?WITH FROM $8.(Wi TO $1!) (100. to Increase a lucrative fcod prosperous business; will give and require unexceptionable reference* as to Integrity and rnnrrlity: ?emmiinic?(t->f>*. by principal* only, may b? addressed to S. L, box 1.993 New York Post oflloe. Partner wanted?with gum or $i?n, in a vrtjs profitable ms no fart in Ing business, to replace a letired partner. Address (I. S., box 164 Herald oflice. "PARTNER?$2ftW IN CASH AND AN ACTIVE. CP I right business man. can have one-half Interest Ml a tboroit-Mr established money making real estate business. Elegant loeallon; geed olfire; long lease. Any one with this an,onnl and wishing so engage in this business caa oddrem Mane., mak.-r, Herald-oill e. "or three days. TJLTA NTED?A SPECIAL PARTNER. WITn $16,000 TO It gI6.WRI. in a niaimfaetm ing bmaness, well rstablislied; s ?. > slit nt demand, wholesale and retail; 80 to 40 per cent profit. Address L. M., Heruld office. Srrw\ ?PARTNER WANTED. IN A VEKT PROFITA ? J" Mr, ble business. $200 ran be mads weekly. In qulrr! of Mr. RISES. 220 Went Fifty second street, one door from Broadway. nnn -RARE CHANCE?PARTNER WANTED, fLvvVi as cashier In the very beat paying exhibition In America; performing to crowded houses, asaoclation first class. Inquire Immediately st 237 Hudson street. dtlfk nnn -PARTNER WANTED, in a LAGER ttl'/.UUU, Beer Brewery. Address P. B., Herald BUSINRS* OfWRTCTWiai. AOENTLEM.VN W1TII CAN mark an ar ranircment for a silent Interest for tho enlargement of a profitable reul estate bourne. Address Buslne**, box 1M Herald oflier. AN ESTABLISHED NEWSPAPER (CITY) WITH ALL Printing Material for sale.?Tbo wceVIv Income from yearly advertiser* alone raereda the outlay, and will for ons year: email capital reuitlrcd and terms loar. Addreaa Orarlly, "Herald office, one week. A CHANCE FOR A FREE PASSAGE TO CALIFORNIA and a tree building Lot In Newport, terminus of tho great Ferine Railroad, near San Fraudaco. Office 187 Broad way, room 19. ABAROAIN.-TIIE STOCK, FIXTURES AND LEASE of the old eatabllahrd Paraeol and Fancy (looda Store. Ml Broadway, near Seventeenth atrcet. weat aide; will be aold at actual mat of atock and fixtures If taken immediately, l.eaae at moderate rent Apply aa above. ANY OKNTLKMAN WILL)NO TO TRAVEL, AND having 11,000 capital, oan learn of one of the moat ex. traordluary opportunities for money making ever offered, by applying at tfl Hudaon (treat. A NAN WANTRD-TO TAKE HALF INTEREST IN A J\. well eetabllahed Broadway office bnalneaa. Kent free, with from SHOW to B400 In ready rash. office honre from 10 to A T1IOM PSON, 700 Broadway. GKOROIA, LOUISIANA. TEXAS AND ALABAMA? Any gentleman from the abort named States wishing to Inreat In a hnelnee* that will pay a good Interest, addreas Aguadlante. box 190 Williamsburg (N. Y.) Post office, SOMETHINO ENTIRELY NEW?COPYRKIHTED lTaed by erery lady; share given to one contributing fundi for manufacturing. Addreaa for one week Parla, boa X0 Herald office. ?1 AAA -THE AOCUATNTANCE OF OENTLEMRM la desired, able to Lake an Interest of $1000 In an'operation wblcb will produoe, alter a abort delay, a vary large preflt; no risk; rao-iey secured by mortgage on property. Address for particulars box 5,897 roet office. ?9 AAA INYE8T-I* some well BRYAN. Jl^.UUU llshed legitimate business, by an active, lo anstrione yonng man, arftb a flnt class bnalneaa experience; will devote whole time to business. Boat refsranooa given. Addreaa F., Herald office. TIHCB ALL REASON. ARION SOCIETY?THB ANNUAL GRAND MASQUE rade and Fancy Dreaa Ball of thta society will he boid la its usual aploodor on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 97, at U# ACADEMY OF MUSlO. ? For tickets, at JM each, admitting ona gentleman and lady, and extra ladtee' tickets,at fS each, apply at the fol loirtng efllnas-B. KrxBlofatlTer, B Pise atrial; Em. Saner, 49 Rtehanm place, J. O. H .ndt, J9Dey atreet: John Stador ?MnJWlihadway, O. Hanft, ?n Broadway; F. Spangen Mf|i ? HffUflWIf Bun - AMirnpt TjaOADWAY THEATRE. aA?UX2S}' hNTS 1) Corner of Hronder* end "?m.? "Tiniccedenied Continuously crammed bouse* attest tlie tt?P? popularity of the world-ieiioWued tu.mrdiau* K Mil. AND MRS JlkUNBY WUXIAMR. Standing room only ul 8 ffdock render* it adv Mat* should be secured In aiftuuce. MONDAY. TUESDAY EVENINGS. AMD OSl$r SATLRUAY MATINEE, the thrilling Irish ^ m and the roarin, ^Uc.ta oT ^ in both of which nieces Mr. and Mrs. BARNEY WILLI A TION. ? rwjjivW 0F AN ENORMOUS Bljili?TURBB PIECES. Bo* Office open from810?4'clock H.PTT-R TEMPER OP MITBTERY. Ht* BROADWAY. A ^VRWyVvkMINO AT 8. SATURDAY Al 2 .ST rwVpgKS or TOE PRESENT SEASON. ^ ? asVVkek ou tukVloatino HEAD. i ART WKKR OK THE flKOWTH OP FLOWHR8. and his _-f>~ mechanism with the groateet rnthusiaam and amign The LONDON TIMES "?"?-'T^%^t^oM wonder1ul flODJitir, the ilw of a butt? ? this rouutrv.1' P&Kr? saat*?$ 1 Pot ilS ll da* in ad. ^WEDN KSDAY^'j^UVE 'i'lK nrtee. The Chtcfcertng Piano 1? used at the? seanoea. nfclolAN STADT THEATRE, ? *MJ?o4LBJ?e^uied (jr This (Monday) evening. j|ireh 18, will be preeeu Mil. BOUUM1LDAWIBQN, In hi* powerful character^ f ?upportod by a powerful casCj T7" KLLY k LEON'S M1NsAel,*>7*) BROADWAY. L,?ja Ar?F'T ^j??isSH casr^sS'Jr i sffifc . s??a&fe lesque scenes of the Black Crook. T createei ureal A The Triple Clog. a8 U.e P Mr. CAWDilR ScSiTH I r I furore the P *r' /til a ^iriSWkA.p "aMS. W B? ?W BARLEY WHITE'S TROUPE. nmartwav An\JtS 1"r ELMOANCAlLL ThP? WlKfc ANOIHHB .fiAUAB^XyR,,uc. Pantomime. K?: SS38S& ?of FROLIC. Pantomime. I OF NEW York: 'AN FRANCISCO KINSTRBf^N, g0g uroadwar. . THE TROUBLE COMMENCES AT' QU AltTEIt TO 8. THE CRF.MK DE LA URBME OS MINSTRELS*. | been'equalled by anr similarTbeVwo* Bar New and cheei!M*r> sociable, Gatnbrlnus. nums ol Connecticut, our ram y Pantomime, and {KreTm?n? Bliik' c^k and African Ballet Troupe. Orand March of the Spirit Hasher* of the Amazom __ W ?in3to5 miW^ ana*, and but one body and one pairoflfB', "i*? f m,_ way. Open from 8 A.M. to ltf r. ?? . U" ?'?d)B M^f0^%?. yy *)7>0'S* T11 EaVkE*,0?ti M^yeUlt^^ !* ADMISSION, with seat., 25c , 60c.. and 75c^ _ _A_ SNfa^'iSfSMOHjEji^^KSffSVSi'SS but a week longer. ? r-.wvMfiiTR^R COSTUME DEPOT. 163 CANAL STREET, 1T* ThVuKEaT'?ftShL DRAMA thai baa be^ wlL ^^dln^Bv millea. o. persons, at Wood. ^Wtr*_populaH rrtCRS. - rEa?7? ,*? Kmiu Ac., oan atway* be obtained at twe ?z*? r- "%"I?,K?fc. mm,. I.OAK OFFICER. _ ? _ _ VdUWMCHS MADE Olf DIAWMD^ ^TOHBS- SIL A .?'ware, Furs, <in? F,irnltufW, Camels llaD Sbawia, bought for cash. Term* moderate. J. b. COHEN, Broadway, nearly opposlis Aator plac*. __ . VWAMCM MARK ON WATCBES DIAMOMD8. JKW A r|n Dry Okd* and Perwmal 1 roperly oi erery a* 5rtpMom J. A. JAC1KSON. 1U ?raud street, two doorswem of Brcadway . ? u, BROADWAY. CBLtNER OF MLEECKKR A wUreL?The ui roo?t value * Ul be oald fn?|Dtamond?_, Wak4iM tawoif Silver Waie, Ac., or Ubftwfl wifinwi u?a4wc?i'<on?tgnm?n*. Dnunew 1*. Watches Ae flway* for ffltlp. a HON SOMAN, tlroker. Remnewt from 66 Maasai street. "at WE PEARL ATRERT. BETWEEN HEW BOWERY A ">d Franklin *q?arA LKAERKR A Cti^a^anoellb erally *1 reaaonabl* terutson ail valuable prepertF, Watohaa, Jewelry, Diamonds, Ac., or pnit.aaaa. Tt E'/MAN'S. m BROADWAY. CORNER Of BO*P A atseet will be paid the bftfhest price f?r Diamonds, WHcW lud Sllve Jtre, or w?Tadvance .. tha above ar UcN'S. ?? T T filL?MONEY LIBKRAiAT ADVAXRED<W DIA A unviw WATC1JF.S, .IKWELRY, AC.. OR THE AAifK iouAht troR (5ahb, at si7 broadway. BOOM WO. 4 OVHB 1LEEDS' ART GALLBBY, eorner ol Twelfth street. PAWN NBORERS' TICKETS NOUGHT FOR DIAMONDS, Wslcbes, .Jewelry, Silverware. Silk*, Ac., pr the good* bought; also money 3vaneed on the uma. 120 Bowery, near <Jvaud iWreet, up stair*. ~ LOST A%'? FOUND. Lost?supposed to have been lost in a aai'l boat which wn? capsized in the North rtver.nMrly opposite the Kly?lan I'leld.. Ilohok'o. on the 16th |n*t., James K. P. and Prank P. Sigler, brothers, aged reapecuvcly 16 and IS years: also Alfred J. Sutler, aged 18 T??''**;. Itiformation eouc"rming either of their bodies will he thank fully received by E. H. Kleler, 328 Weat Twenty-fourth siraat, and 544 and 548 West Twenty.flrth street. JMBWABDS. an REWARD -IF THE (\VRMAN WHO FOUND THE ?!>?) 930 In Battery place will return H Ui Scully A Devitt. No. 3 Battery place iio will rnoelva the ah.jve. d>1 f\REWARD.-LOST. M ARC IT 17, SMALL SCOTCH Viv Terrier, yellow hair on back, nearly white on head, answers to Dot Ilnd on ailrer plated collar. Above re ward paid for return at Ko. 8 East Washington place, or stable, In rear. (CI Hft REWARD WtLL Bh PAID FOB IN FORM A ?D Lv/U Hon that will lead to the detection of the hack man that ran over a gentlrmnn on Wednesday evening, March 13, about 7i4 o'clock, at the corner of Broadway And Twenty-second stratf. Address box 2,460 Post ollloe. H1AA REWARD.?LOST, OR MONDAY, THE 4TH, ?P1UU between Philadelphia and New York (probably at Jersey ferry), a small Box, containing two Hair Brace lets and a Pin, valuable only aa keepsakes to the owner. On leaving them at 90 East Twelfth street the above reward will lie paid and no questions asked. ?l&A RSWRRO?fOR the BODIES OP AJLPRRD 'P J.? 'U .1., James K. P. and Frank P. Higler, aged respect ively Id, 16 and 13 years, lost by (he capsizing of a sail boat above the Elyalan Fields, Hoboken, Marh 16. Inst., by K. H. RIOLRR, 328 West Twenty-fourth street and 644 anil 146 W cat Twenty-fifth street. <C KAA RF-WARD.?LOST, LAST MONTH, ON BROAD jPvJUlr way, $2,000 ftvc-twcntv bonds of IWU, of the fol lowing numbers vis:?91,00), No- 2.305. 9SU0, No. 16,617, and 9W0. No. 20,394. The finder will receive the shove re ward by leaving them at tba uffioe of the Sub-Trcaaurv THOMAS 8AMPHON. IMTRVCTIOS. ATOUNO OF.NTLBMaN WISHES TO BOARD WITH a reaportable family and lakch them Spanish. Address B. R., box 313 Herald office. AYOIJNO ORKMAN l,AT?Y, RNOWtNO TnB MODERN languages, music on the piano, Ac , desires an qpgaire ment In a faintly or with a lady travelling to Burone. Baal references given. Addreaa M. ti., bo* I'll rteiald office. At townskiid's buhinehm collehe, no ami Bowery, between Prince and Houston streets.?Instruc tion, day and evening. In Bookkeeping Penmanship. Arith metic, Spelling, (Irammsr. Correspondence, Ac. Rooms for jadiea and private Instruction. No olasaca. AT 92.50. WRITINO, TWBNTY LESSONS. ARITH J\. metio and wntlng or bookkeeping: lessons ?BmBadi 910per quarter. Paint's bUEln?t?.ooil?*e#. W Howerr atiu Fulton atreat, Brooklyn, anloy a large country aa wallas city patronage. Instruction day and availing. PARISIAN LADT TEACHER DEBIRRS TO MT| fMh first fleor. Teacher. TOOOKKBRP1NO 910. WRITTNO 98.?MB8BRR. DOL ii bear, M Broadway,by special request, will form cheap ?mm talaweak^ They Isaoh Bookkeeping prsettoelly, aa ?i In the best New York Houses, and qualify gentlemen bead v>okkeepers AppUoanU fer aheap souraea must aeeurs seats immediately lessons In the French language. s^tynTersatlon.prl. Honrs from 11 A- M. to ?P. M. W I bompaon street, ?VJOTICR OF RE MOV AL.-M A DAMR A. O. RUNBBLL. Pi m Wooster street, will move her establishment to 92 Rest Twentieth street, on the let ef Map AMISKJ1KVM. NK^?ni?w? THEATBf. . . .l>?wl" ?n 1 M 'rk Jmnh The Manner. lake greit pl^ure lU aa^u.g lUHt they have effected ft re-cugageinent for cut ulgbu longer with UAUV U?>'- 8T. PATKICK'SpAy. ?'CLAD MILLE KALTHA." w... appear .a MONDAY>VK- *ATntEF.M. with sous., in tbo ^^J^^VbNBEN; OK, For particular* o? cI*t,T tccnery and incident*. ?( pM" gramme* of the performance. la preparation lb? celebrated drama or DON C.F.SAR DB BA/AN, . In which Lady Don will On*thrmo?t populftr ?clectlon? from WALLACE'S OI' Lit A. , Theatre rRANCAis?coMEDy. _n,rLOCK TUESDAY, .MAltCU 19, 1867, AT 8 O'CLUL*. La*t representation pAp,MjOKNRi (Orlgtoftl of Taming a Butterfly.) Comedy In, Ticket olHoe at II. DAKDONVILLK'S, 678 Broadway__ 1*7. ft* thl? night ?Dly, the 5fpX%Sl?Rlfe?NEW YORK, in the greet locaMram^ ^ myf y STREETS OF NEW YORK, with all the mmo i n acene, company and atta J" #fn rd Olympic theatre, where thla great drmm? h;n Wai YIRR two hundred and tw*",&nN%aq;ARK pcrS?T chomaft SCENE: the famoui UNION SQL ALB sot., i ? . at Baker. F.?q.. and full orchestra. Seats may be secured at, the Academy box otlice during the entire aay. ? ? Tony pastor's opera house. 201 bowery. Kc engagement of the Modern D'? dialer wnnrw Mr. KaM f(ILV V K and his two JN|?a. DAN ajdEDDIE. The groat original local drama, with new *0, ncry; x . THE WOK C1 NO tilHLS OK NEW Y KK. THE WORKING GIRLS OF NEW YORK. Grand Ballet, Th- Turkish Slaro Markftt, new Tonv Pastor, ticw Ktlitopcan acta hy tbo great Col teNBMWEDNESDAYAND SATURDAY AT Vi ?L Tony fastok's opera house, 201 bowery. ST. PATRICK'S N10I1T. A ^??'^NDb HOLIDAY ATTRACTIONS. p. kin S LAN Til A GAL GO HKAoH. _ r BIKFIN * CHRISTY'S Fifth AvenuelOpera Houac;No.. 2 and 4Weet Twenty-fourth o. w. h. griffin. fiik family 'resort. * In noplace of amuaemonl In New York d? J"?nc,,pc laughter pour fro... the mccryhcanKoltWaodeuc.^ ^SVgm&ISi i'dfflTiSl" ? nionlea. ? ? Ole Bull tn ftuj}'Kl'.trholTctlveeilo*11 Whitmannil" Brewo, I ?? 'S mspmit and Ptpprtctor^ CTWNWAT h^odorbRthomas' ntnpp FIFTH AND IaAST 8VMPHONT 90IRKE, TTNCLE *0*'S CABIN. th t ^ been wit March 18. POPULAR FRiCES. __ UOT ON EXHIBITION. FR^ AT J"? 7^5 telgtum and Atnerlcau atjhoOi*. , - ii^E Things ENGLISH OPER A COMp L reappear at the OLYMPIC tuba*".? A#fcson wltfc oiru Box ibect now open. ^ g pgyyOYBB. Agent. and - to UNCLE TOM B CABIN. ev,n)Tlt, Mai* IE "$? CONTINENTAL HALL ? EIGHTH ^ U Thirty-fourth ?''reek BetnilM prtcbftg a?4 I YJANTO AND .TTO DANtrlNO CLOO A? ? rnnB AMERICAN OEra^TRA^'OE AjiAIIV^M airou* of Joining will pleaftft ggggflARD, Director. W. H. Auw, SeoreUry. - "STfi s?kvw.??- - French theafre. i PlATOFORTEt. _ _ ~ awaiawwSS wasssra on reawenabta l;^, K |g Amlty .troet, near Bmwdway. amm-SS gKU' A ,uB55 with part the Furniture. B Heratieatioet. T^yrbt rich a^ 8U rEM R^E^D T^fio. A tare Piano! orte for?Uh?? Sehlone. beeV ?00 Sixth arenne. near Enrt'cth *'r^t. W nc^ fc,lalm4 eltv maker*, oeeratrung baa*. (jrV^iari; will L Uh four round corner*; haft warrant* r?r UT" b, wild a bargain for caah. - T^flrLRNDlD SEVEN Greene s Arwet- ? 1 CAND1DDS' warerooena, il Bleecker ?lr <**? 1 ' irrvr PIANOFORTE FOE RALE?FOE A M A ON I r A " t'armr suit, for ESS; oue do. A $276, coat V Pnrattnre ol a parlor and four bedroom*, for $1(10, Allo t. ,tl 19 Welt Ktghlh rtreet, near Mxlh at a bargain. In., arenue. _ , ? --???? ?"" ?? ? ltoSVWoOD PIANOFORTE FOE A MAGNIFIOEN -"dy maker, cort $<W for $800. In A ?alc; mude ord. Tl. Parlor SulU. Eiafere*. Eooacaae, eluding htool and Got. ej.,mb?i. Dining Furniture At ? Pali.tings. Brnnxo*. < '-jw ,t'rect near Sixth arenue. aacriOoe, 44 WeM Slxtro Tf li ' " " taMOFORTE FOR SALE?FOB A MAGNIFICENT P parlor Bult. In French $276. CO.I $530; ? I do. for^WO. Alaoft ?etln briwatel, for $?M>, ee , pumUure. at ft groftt Mcrinee lot of I'ftrlor and Bedroo. w Right I. itreet, near Sixth a*. for caah. Inquire at U9 W< ? ~ ? w x BKU tTIFUL ROBE . LADY WILL BACRiri ^ mcludlng Stool. or.glM? i wood ?ev<?n ocU^fl Planofo ?fltrung Imi?% ,e8*ii ice $660, for nearly h?lf; o? Apply at 28 fhTd ?tract, arly new; celebrated maker*. "ocTAYE ROSKW(>OD . MAGNIFICENT SEVEN and flnl.h. far role at ft i Pianolorte. of auperlor tone wemeota. Call at I$$ irgaln: ba* ail the modern Imp. rand otreet, near Mott.^ Lu'*:- . . " "BVTOFNEW. .UNOrORTES TO D1T -AN ASBORTM ,. a ?M tooed ,n<l r egant tnrtrumente at moderate rale ?ud hand Karen ? ?W *T 7aTKRS- PIANOS-GRAND SQUARE AND i ^TmSI-' i Parlor, Church. Cabinet %nd (km Organ? . ^ war in* Tbo b6it manufactured; l?W> re' aard; Sdrt. yearn. To let. *od rent allowed If pu nthlr payment* recelred for the i?me. 'Jj*?? *M fop ?.o. at bargain*; price* from $?) to ?* .c*fh_l I Md nnd hand Plauo*. Piano* tuned, renatrftd, bom pp^ Warohoum4Hl Bro^Ku?IS VaTBM * C? % mtllCAL. roUNQ lady will uivk lrbboRB ??n TUB Piano at ?10 per quarter. In ad canoe, at her own or puplla' r*?dero?a; thorough Instruction will b? guaranteed. Apply at M> Hlnh nrenun, near fortieth (treat. For ralr-an old violin. rt a celkbratrd makar. Price $to. Inquire of JOHN PYNE, In the hook (tore, 109 Naaaau etreat. Guitar ard ninoino.-napoleon w oould MO OaMwM cnablee hia nopili in * few leeamu to accompany nonga and play elTacuraly. <8 Sixth cat. no. Banjo unght practically. _____ MUSIC AND FRENCH ?AN ENOLISII LADT, BUCII experienced, wlahea one inure paptl *? Bo?* .?r_,R rlalt; highett reference*; term* moderate. Addreea D. P., (tetlon fc, Klghth arenue. WANTED?A PORITIONAsllR' IANIST. BY AN AfV compllabad muxteUn, who uiidertUocle churcb and elaeelo mualc. Addraaa Q. If.. llrraM office. WANTKD^A ROPKANo' hINcJKR, ROB AQUARTBf choir In ? Troleatant chnrok salary 1MB. Addren M. 0. B? box 4,DM Pod oflloe. . Biprnw ACA?WOT|i a dodwob for terete. Aft, tend tor a olrcnler. TDROORRS' PANOINO ACADBHT. 1MB B Ifesr JUST Pt'BLTSHED. PRf V