Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 18, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 18, 1867 Page 3
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It IT I! A TIO "rVTlvTwiSliM TO OBTA.1N A SITUATION FOR A A Voraig Zr\ as lady's maid ? '?"??'> *ul"? ?? fcu/X' ^.JfAad her highly u a hair dreascr. Apply at So. 5 5tb av. _______________ WlilOW I.ADY. WITH ONE CHILD, AGP.D 7, IS Iniioua of obtaining a situation as housekeeper in a _riv?u> I a rally; an invalid lady nol objection, hie. salary 2Tmu "b\i obj?o? as a good Lome. Addres., for turo d?ys. Mm. H. S.. station B, city. RESPECTABLE AND INDUSTRIOUS LADY would like 10 go a* housekeeper In a gentleman a or widower'* faunlv. here or abroad! reference* exchanged. .Addict Mr*. A. S ? station B. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO PROTESTANT GERMAN sirl wishes a itiuation a* nar?e in a nice family, where can hare a s.rady place and a good home, call at her pa rent*, SIS bth at., near av. C. A YOUNO AMERICAN LADY DESIRES A POSITION u.-t housekeeper. Call, from 10 to 3 o clock, &l 1?m 29lh kU, top ttuor, Ironl, lor Mr*. Weaver. A YOUNO WOMAN WlaUES A SITUATION AS slew.udes* on a river or ocean sleviuer; good refer ence given. Addreaa box 349 Poat olbce, Newburg, N. V A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, HAVING lo.-t ber own child; would lake another to nui*e. Good reterence. fall on Mra. Johnson, ILhb at, south sine. sixth hou .c west of 3d av. A YOUNO AMERICAN LADY DESIRES A tion a* housekeeper. Inquire from 10 till S oclock for Mra. Weaver, 16. KaSWb *C, lop Boor, front. A NUMBER OK WET NURSES WANT SITUATIONS. Apply at Mra Hansen's Nurse's Agency, No. both at, near Bowery. ___^_ ? A CAPABLE AMERICAN GIRL DESIRES A SITUA lion uurue chambermaid an<l waitress; nas no ob jection to go into the country 1 or the summer; no sewing; Dest of reierencca. Apply at lfc* West 3'Jth at. A RESPECTABLE OERMAN GIRL WISHES A SITU j.m. atlon in an An.cricau family aa aeaui-tr- aa; enn cut and fll ladle*' dresses and do a I kind* of lanuly aewiug, bent reference* given. Call at 847 Ea'-t 10tu ?L A RESPECTABLE ENGLISHWOMAN WISHES A situation as nurae, to go to England: understand* chil 6reu well; or to attend a lady; is a good seamstress. Au dreys E. li., >41 llenry Bt., Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE GERMAN GIRL WANTS A blTUA lion in a private American luniily and to wait on the table. Cau be seen at 86 Orchard it, second Moor, trout. A PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and waitress; good re erence or eleven years from ber last place. Call nt -?> Wc?t 4 id at. A WIDOW LADY. RETIRING FROM BUSINESS, wishes sn engagement aa housekeeper; thoroughly domestc ilrd and fond of culldreu; salary isol so much an object a* a comfortable home. Addreaa A. Z., second door froin 84th at., 3d av., Yorkvllle. A FIRST CLASS OPERATOR OS WHEELER A WIL t?on*g sewing machine wishes to go out by the day or week in lamiiiea or hotels, or would lake line work home. Call at or address iBJO Spring at. b A NUMBER OK WELL RECOMMENDED GERMAN girts want situations at Mrs. Lowe'* German Institute, 17 Stanton at., near the llowery. YOUNG WOMAN WANTS ACTUATION AS WAIT. r ' " ' " *" " _ be days. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS WAIT res* and chambermaid; la a Protestant; no objection to the country. Can bo seen at 844 East 18th kU, ;or two days. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS A sltuution as lnlant'a nurae; can take full charge or a baby from Us birth; no objection to travel; is never sea alck. Cau be seeu at ber present situation, 115 East 10th St., for two Pays. A SITUATION WANTED BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL aa Cook-Is willing to assist with the washing and iron , Ing; Is an cxcelleut baker, is willing to go to the country tor ^ the summer month*; has the best city relerence. Cull at 411 Second av., between 23d and 24tii si*. A WELCH GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS FIRST elaas WHitres* in a private family; good reference; can be seen at 411 Second av., second floor front room.. ' A WIDOW WOMAN WOULD LIKE TO GET WORK .A cleaning offices and washing by the day. or to take it borne. Call at 109 Laurens at., aocond floor, oack, room 4. A RESPECTABLE COLORED WOMAN WISHES EM ploymeot to do cooking, washing or housecleaning. Call at No. 3 York St., second floor, back room RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN a private family, lias good city reference from her last ph.oo. Call for two day* at bBl Greenwich at., hrst f Bow. front room. A RESPECTABLE .WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION A as wet nurse; has a fresh breast of milk; good reter Zee. Call at 38 Attorney *C, room 14. A YOUNG LADY WISHES TO GO OUT BY THE day iu private fumillea to drcssmake. Call atorud la No aO 9th sC, West of Broadway, near #th av. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM bermald and waitress; willing to assist with the warn ing and ironing; good city reference. Call at *41 Weal Hth st. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PRO tPKtant woman; ia a good cook and baker, ana would aaaiHt with the wishing and Ironing; good reference can be riven. Call for two days at 367 7th av., near 27ih at., eecond floor. A PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and waitress or as nurae and to to]plain ?awing; best of city reference. Can be seen for two days at Mo. 8 Clarkaon at _____ ? A WIDOW WISHE8 A POSITION AS HOUSE keeper. Address Mrs Lowrence, station i\ . VAMILIES SUITED IMMEDIATELY WITH OAPA hie servants at CARPENTER'S large Employment i. Established 18 years. 138 11th sC. coruer of oth av. SITUATION WANTED?AS COOK OR LAUNDRESS, by a single, respectable colored woman. Call at 57 ompson st., aecoud floor, rear. SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG widow, without locnmbrance. at l .i ?? w.i ?hildren; can do plain sewing. Call for two days at 18 Wal ton sc. Brooklyn. B. P. fiTTTTATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, S to do general bouse work; issraart undw lUtng fcertclf generally useful i good reference. Apply at W vt eat lflhrt. SITUATIONS OrF.N THIS DAY FOR BOOKKEEPERS, copyifts. grocery and dry K?o<l? clerks, i^rter.v watch men, coachmen andwaUers. at 81 Broadway, room SO. WANTED?BY A GENTEEL COLORED WOMAN, A situation a? ladles' maid and seam aires*; no objection to the care of children or to travel. Can be wen at present employer's, 3CT West 3flth st. between 8ih and 9th ava. ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED woman, a situation as child'a nur-e, or take of nn Invalid. Can be seen at her present employer a, 58 Court at.. Brooklyn. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN YOUNG Vy womBn, as child's nurse, seamstress, or totrayel with fcmlly in this couniy or Europe. Inquire at Chrislo 4 bor st., New York, or at No. 3 Greene av., Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation to do general housework; is willing and obliging. Call for two days at HM Weal 19th at., rear, tlrst Boor. _ _ W' ASHING.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES TO get ladles', gentlemen's or ramily washing, at her resi dence, 141 East 41 st St.. lirst floor, back roorm w J ANTED-BY A COMPETENT YOUNG SCOTCH WO f man, a situation with a family inleudlng to travel, as unstress and maid or to wait ?n an hjjvalld lady ; to not aoa sick? has traveled before: the hlghc t recomnieiidaiions. Oldl at or addrsM for four day. 4df Cth av.. In the pattern ?tore. WmM ANTF-D-A SITUATION, BY AN ENGLISH GIRL, to no chamber work or take cure of children; is willing to make heraelf generally useful; reference from herla.t place; has no objection to go to the country. Call at *80 7th ?v., between 88th and 37th sis. W^MANTrX-BT~A~LADY, a SITUATION IN A RE tpecLible family, aa go??rnesa or to do any light work , would Uke to travel; speaks both French and English. Re ferenoe given and required Address for two months E. J. M., box 238 Poet office. Terre Haute. Ind. WH ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN GIRL. a situation as chambermaid and seamatrcaa. Can be seen for one dav at 250 Monroe at. Wanted?by a first class cook, with ex. cedent city reference, a rituatlm In a pnvnte r.imllj or boarding biaiae: nnderstamls meat*, ponl.ry. baking and w T , u. _ *s^|. -a 1CP> Ru.t Olot at . riaur num. flU UtMlSr . Yi I'm"! b??i i'iw p""'J t pastry sonpa and jabies. Call at 192 Eaat Uat at., new nun por 8lf WANTED-BT a THOROUGH CHAMBERMAID AND waitress with excellent city reference, a situation In ? private family, or as nurse and to sew for a lady; la quick nt tbe needle, urates 811; city or country. Call at 193 East gist St., new number 317. W" ANTED-BY A YOl NO AMERICAN WOMAN, a situs tion as wet nurae; good reference. Call at 424 ? 7th av., corner of S8tb it. HKLP WAM'fKU-FKJIALKS. A.SICK GENTLEMAN WANTS A NURSE, SPEAK tng Pruneh or npauiah. or to uioie to lioitae where he mlcht bo cuefully attended, no c.inUgloua dlerane. only great feableneaa. Apply tu Carlo*, Oramcrcy Park Home. Nurse and SEAMSTRESS wanted ?applv tiits morning. between 10 and 13 o'clock, at 13 We?l 83d at. Beat ctiT r?f?i 'Dce? re (Ulred. WANTKD-A OOOU STEADY 81RLTO DO OKNERAL houaeirork In a email private lainllr; moat baa good waaher and troner. Apply at 111 We?t 44th at, WANTKD-A PROTB8TANT OIK',. TO COOK, WASH and iron, In a email family, a abort dlatanca In tba oonntrr Apply at I3J Pearl at. w w w rww. \V ANTED-AT 138 BOWBRY, A GIRL TO MOUNT and apol card a. . TV'aNTED-A8 NURSE AND SBAlfcSTRKSS, A CATA vv tile girl, to take rare of a young infant; an lrtnh Catho. He preferred. Call betwe-n II a.,ill to y a: IMtgtb ar. WANTED-A COMPETENT WOMAN, TO DO TUB gei.eral homework of a private family; most be a good ook, waaher and ironer. Inquire at 3IIV Went 43d at. ANTED?A WET NURSE. AT 441 WEST 47TH ST. A pply thin day and tomorrow, from 9 u> If o'elaak. ANTED-TWO OBBMAN GIRDS; ONB TO COOK, waah and Iron; tba other aa chambermaid and wait Call at 16 Abingdon rquare, Hudami at. aide. TANTED?A STEADY PROTESTANT WOMAN, TO ci ok, wa?U andiron; none but thoae fully capaMn need apply, with city reference, between the hour* of li and *, at los Weal 4&ih at. TITANTRD-AN INDUSTRIOUS PERSON, WHO ttt A ? Rued cook, to waah and Iron; one wlillna lo golnto the noun try for the aummer. A I'mtaatMt preferred. Refer ence required. Apply at No 8 Weal 3Blh a tree t. "U^n TBD-vrnoRnuoriLY competent waitress and Cbam^rmald, with good elty referenot. Apply at 176 Wert Sd afreet. m WANTBD-8IX EXPERIENCED SALESWOMEN. AP? M T? ply at 364 Pulton at., Brooklyn. fiAi.BE TIN 6 *00. _ HELP WASTED?PEM ALES. \JK7ANTED?A LADY9 M*IU ; ONE WHO, UNDER *" stands dressmaking. Coll at 37 St. Mark J place, be tween 10 and 12 o'clock. _______ WET NURSE WANTED?A YOUNG HEALTHY WO. man with a Ire ah breast of nu!k not more than two month? l id. None hat those with gt-od reference# need ap ply at 433 West Slat at., between 9th and 10th ?v TITAVTED?A SOBER. HONEST, MIDDLE AGED WO ?? (nan, to do the genestti housework or a amall rami!*; must be a good wasber and ironer auJ plain eook. One will ing ti. move to the country preferred. Beat or reterencee required. Apply at371}g Cumberiand eh, Brooklyn, after 10 o clock A. M. TITANTEP?TWO GOOD OPERATORS ON WHEELER IT A Wilson's machines, to make ladica' under, irmonta. Apply at 37 lit at. SITI'ATIDYS WASTKO-HA A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, SPEAKING F UR LAN guagts, offers i.Imaelf aa companion and teacher to a family going to Europe. Excellent reference*. Address La. fayeite. box 191 llcrald oilloe. A GENTLEMAN, M. D. LATE P. S. ARMY (UNMAR r.edl. will Use a position as travailing e inpudon to an Invalid, or an ship'* surgeon or associate himself with a reguur piiyaicun; highe.t te-iluiouutl*, salary no object Address hantury, Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A BOY AGED 15, JU8T left school; writes a good hand; re*,de? with his rare nta alight trade, or dry goods. Apply at oreddress ,3hM Broadway, between Solli and 3snh sis., shoe store. A FIRST CLA9S AMERICAN BARTENDER WISHES a sltuatfm iu a hotel or liquor store; has been In one of the largest hotels In the city. Vive ye sr.' experience In the business. Good reference given. Adureas William, station U. SITUATIONS WANTED? BY A SCOTCHMAN A\L> wife, a* farmer or to Pike charge of a gentleman's place; wifu as dairy maid; can come well recommended. Call at or address 1,411 Broadway, corner 41st at I1TANTED?BY THE FIRST OF APRIL, SlTtTATIONS TT by a man and wife; the man as coachman ami gar dener, the wile as laundress and to do ohnmberwork, would make herself generally useful. The beat reference given. Address M. U.. station D. WANTED?A SITUATION A3 WAITER IN A l'P.I vute family by an Englishman, aged 30, Just landed; wan 5 years in last place, married; wile wi h her needle, and would like the care of children. Address Alex. Gould, 187 Fulton et., Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS BARKEEPER, A SIT uation In a tlrst clam baron Broadway. Address N. B., care Brllton A Co , Si i-ibeily at. WAITER.?AN ENGLISHMAN, ACTIVE, TllOR oughly experler. d excellent idrar-,niter and referenco. Apply to or address William, at Mrs. l'ark'e, 146 3d av., be twoen 15th and ltitn its., rear building. CLERKS AND HALBSMEN. mo WHOLESALE AND RETAIL TE A DEALF.RS AND A Grocers.?Wanted, by a man of experience and energy, a anuatlon aa saiesm n. 'warehoit eman, or to manago a branch business; age 2d. Address A. K., Herald otlice. WANTED-A FEW FIRST CLASS DRYGOODS SALES men for our i.iosk department. Only good men who desire a permanent situation and who undetstaud the best city retail trade nee.! apply. O'SULLl VAN n i.liEIO, 771 Broadway, oonicr Oth ?P TANTED?A DRY GOODS SALESMAN FOR THE L print stock. Apply to E. J. Muehan, 257 First av. YY S COACHMEN AWP GARDENEitg. _ ITL'ATION AS GARDENER WANTED. APPLY AT 81 Boexman st., to Huydcn, Oere A Co. TI7 ANTED RY AN ENGLISHMAN-A SITUATION AS 11 Coachman or to take care of a road team; one who under stands his business and cm come well recommended. In. quire for Walter, 79 lilecckerst, harness store. HELP W AYTED-MALE8, All young men wishing employment should call at 212 Broadway, room 19, corner Fulton sP Es tablished under the patronage of merchants. Information free. A YOUNG MAN W ITH t400 TO INVEST IN A FIRST rate paytiig uusitiess csn obtain a good situation by ending at 81 Nassau street, office No. 9. ALL DR61RING EMPLOYMENT CALL THIS DAY.? 81 Chambers. Bookkeepers, copyists, grocery, dry goods and drug clerks, porters, watchmen, brakemen, team iters, waiters, g trdoners. AT MERCHANTS' AGENCY, NO. 2<W BROADWAY, wanted?Hotel clerk, conductor for city railroad, pur ser's clerk, assistant bookkeeper. Conducted under patron, age of merchants. AT 534 BROADWAY, ROOM 10?WAN TED?CLERKS, collectors, waiters, watchmen. porters, gardeners, men wb > write a tair hand. $12 per week. Good oyster man wanted-at perry's res. tauruat, corner of 2Tth st. and Broadway. Agents wanted-to sell an article wanted m ever? house, hotel, store Ac. City and oountry. C..U on or address C. M. Brown, 74 Blreckcr street. WANTED-A MAN WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER stunde the care and driving of horses and gardening, to go a short distance out of the city, with the beat city and country reference; uo other need.apply. Call on H. U-, 991 Canal St., up stairs, from 10 to 1 o'clock. WANTED-A MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS FRUIT OAR denng. to Pike charge of a amall farm. Address Cul ture, Herald office. WANTED?IN AN INSURANCE OFFICE, A TOUNO man. aged about 20; must be quick and correct at fig ures, and a ursl class English and German scholar; one ac quainted with the business preferred. Address, In hand writing of applicant, staling references and salary expected, 8. A. T-, box US Herald office. WANTED FOR A MERCHANTS' CLUB?A FIRST class French mu Cook. Address, statins reference and salary wanted. Steward, Herald office. WANTED-A SMART, ACTIVE BOY. FOR A MER cantile office; must reside with his pareats. Wages $3 a week. Apply, in own handwriting, to box 119 Herald office. WANTED?EXPERIENCED AGENT TO SELL COUNTY and Slate rights on a new patent article of unlimited demand. Apply to C. Waterman, 49 John sP, THE TIIADKS. A CONSTRUCTING ENGINEER. OF LA ROB EX perienee in designing and ere ting strain engine*, ma chinery and mining work*, would make an engagement with a mining company or some other engineering enter prise. Address Engineer, box 3,421 Mew York Post office. A JOURNEYMAN WATCHMAKER AND JEWELLER from Denmark want* a situation In South America or California by next summer. Address Charles RteinmeU, Scran ton. Pa. A HAT FINISHER?ONR WHO CAN CURL PRE furred. R. T. Kelly. 1,819 3d ar., near 83d St. SOAP MANUFACTURER, OF CHEAT EXPERT erne, an amiulsitmn to any party in family and fancy i. desires a situation. Address E. A Jan* of every description. . J., box llHi Herald oliire. A MECHANICAL. ARCHITECTURAL AND PLAN rtrait-jhtsmsn is prepared to make drawing* from sketches or models with accuracy and drap -tch. Drawings for Patent ufflor carefully and expeditiously prepared, at No. 3 Dey St., room 10. A DENTIST IN PA MP, FRANCE, REQUIRES TUB sen foes of two extra good operators during Ih* Expo si'.Ion. good wages offered ami passage paid. Mall appll c >nts ulll stale use. bow long dentists, in what brunch they etcel, the lowest salary wanted, their references, and ad dress Dentist, 139 llowery, Ijt NO RAVERS.?A FIRST CLASS LETTER ENURAVBR ll on silver, Ac , wanted to go to a city In Western New York. Apply, with specimens of work, to U or ham Manufac turing Company, No. 8 Maiden lane. ? Notice to tailor.-.-waxted, a situation as first class custom pa nts and rest eutter; has t>een for the last twelve years In a first class B roadway merchant tailoring establishment. Address W. T-. Herald office. r PAPER MAKERS.?WANTED, A FIRST CLASS Fourdrlnter machine tender for a news print mill in Pennsylvania: good wag's guaranteed. Apply to W. Oh.ea dorf. 148 William at. N. Y. TO CARPENTERS.?A KEW OOOD HOt.'SR CARI'P.N ters will find steady employment and good wages by ad dressing W. CM., Pulsion, Pa. w ANTED?LAQUBRERS. nURNISHERS AND CHAN delier workmen at 86 Bleecker st. ALFRED BLESS A CO. WANTED-A SITUATION AS DKSItlNER AND TRIM S'? mcr of children's hats, or superintendent In a whole sale factor?: best city reference*. Address M. O. Millnsr, station D, 8th si W^m ANTED?A TOUN.O MAN, TO WORK IN AN OY6 P r and fish market: one who understands the busi ness; none other need apply. Call In the market, 362 4th ar. WHBANTED-A MAN TO DO LIOUT CARPENTERINO and plumbing work and to make himself useful* Ap ply at the National Hotel, No. 8C?rUandi st. W??ANTED IMMEDIATELY?THREE FIRST CLASS machinists and brass finishers, Germans pre/erred; ?l*o s roung man who has worked at pattern making or cabinet work, to finish his trndu. at fair wages. Address, wi b best reference*, box 1,434 New York PostotBce. stating where an Interview can be had on Monday, near the tleruld office. KKERCH ADVKRTIIHKMKV FN. ON DEMANDB?UNB PARISIKVNH FLEURISTR <)(T modiste pottr une ctahlisacmcnt sur Broadway. S'a dresser Broadway, box 4,329 Post office. | M"?< RIs A1EK *?. AORKAT REDUCTION IN THR PRICK OF BOOTS and Shoes to tbe 1st of Mar, at IRWIN'S cheap Store, 881 Bowery, corner of Bond street. Hulled stock less than half price. DR. PCRIBNF.R FOUNDER of THE DERIVATIVE treatment for diseases of the eye*, ear*. no#e and skin, well known In California, Nevada and Southern state*, and endorsed by tbclr leading physicians and etlltens. Consul, tatlons daily, from 9 A. M. till 6 P. M.. at 478 Broadway. London taimirtno establishment, No. 106 STRAND (opposite Exeter llall), LONDON. Messrs. HAMILTON A KIMVlnN gtv the tm*t good*. In the latest Anglo-Abicrican fashion, at fair prices, and can give rclerencea to gentlemen tn New York, Boston, 8t. l.outs. Conn rd, Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Tennessee. Ration. Newport, Rhode Island, ami other parts of the Slates. NO. 106 STRAND, LONDON. WANTED-A JACKET PAN. OF FROM ONE TO three tons capacity, In good condition. Address, stat* In* dimensions and lowest cash prise, Montgomery, bos 1.813 Post office. WANTED?A SAMPLE BOOK OF MONOGRAMS AND Initials, stamped plain and In color*, for whleh a good price will be paid. Apply to Fisher A Dtulaon, No. M) Nae aee ?i 1 ft J.1 ~OLD ISTALI8HRD JLO'xls ? DIAMOND" BRAND HAMS, h. DAVIS Jr.. CINCINNATI, fold by leedliw grooer* In pi InrlHl?I cities. ^Apply to RRAD i RUUNDBT,!) Bssv.r ?ueeKNew sort. BAI.BS AT AUCTIOW. A ?JOHNSON, Mil.T.BR A HALL WILL SELL AT J\ ? auction on TiutvUv, March 15", -it 12 o'clock, at F ? ? char.30 salesroom 111 Broadway, the following valuable property ? TOSITIVB 8ALB OF PROSPECT PARK PROPERTY. The splendid three aiorj brown atone high at wp llou,e on northerly able of Third sire ninth hooae 'run Fifth ave. Hue; buut in beat manner, < nut ui in : *U modern im: " 'fe ll. rnt-: black wain -t marble top s lebuar U in huaeaienL stairs trimmed with black wslai: flfrt claw in every re VKt Third street baa Belgian paTement, first clan ixp provemeuta, and ia now theleading avenue to the Park. PRESIDENT fipifcKT? South aide. li/7.9 leet west of Seventh avenue, 5 Lota CARROLL .vriiK .I-?North aide, 187,8 feet west of Seventh avenue, .1 Lota. RERQBN STREET?South aide, 8T7 feet east of Clasaon avenue, 7 fajt*. UNION STKEIT?North side, 108.1 feet east of F.fth avenue. 4 Lots, with excellent barn, In cO"d ordor, 28x10. WYCKOFF f-TRERT?Roath aide, 118.9 feet west of Washington avenue, tin tae and 2 Lola. NINTH AVENUE?Bast aide, between Eleventh a:id Twelfth streets, 0 Lo's. ? b! V8KTII aVENPE?East aide, between Carroll and McComb streets, 3 Lota. POLHKMUS PLACE?Weet aldo Carroll and McComb atrecta, 1 Ion, ? BED! i'.D A VENUE? Southeast corner Kotclusko strvi . 2 valuable Lots, with party walla. CLINTON STREET?Woat side.'-5 feet south of Nelson street, 2 Lota. _ Term* 1 asy. Kortmap* apply at the office of tbo auction* cers, 25 Nassau street. N. Y. Auction notice. BY M. DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER. Mortgage a?le of superior Household Furniture, on Tues day, March 11, at lhfe o'clock, at salesroom 79 Nassau street, superior Parlor Furniture, en suite; Dining Ttoom tnd Cham ber do , Librarv rabies, i .ibrary Suits, Pier an t Mantel Mir rors, Piano (bi to, Lnce Curtains, Mutlres.ies and Bedding, Gas Chandeliera, Ac. AIj80, a lar.te lot of Raloon Furniture, Tables, Chairs, silver plated Castera.Outlery.Ae. Snle peremptory, Catalogues at sale. N. K.?.M. DOUGHTY Will give his person .1 nilentiou to sides at the realdenoes of families or at hia sale room 79 Nas sau street, between John and Fulton. Auction hales of iiohsrhold fup.niturk. 11 '1N11Y it. LEEDS a MINER will give their personal attention, as usual for the past twenty years, to sales of Household Furniture at the residences of part res removing or lire iking up housekeeping, 011 the most fsvomtde terms. Will also hold weekly siles at their spacious and convenient salesrooms, 98 Liberty Street, u few doors wast of Broadway. STORAGE of Furniture In our lofta can be had on favor* able terms. Adrian h. muller, auctioxeer.-valuable Tenth street and avenue C Property at auction.? ADRIAN It. MULLKR, P. K. WILKIN8 A CO, will sell at auction the lot of Land, with the three story and four story brick thereon, situated 011 the southeast cor ner of avenue C and Tenth tp-et. known as No*. 3t'S and AX) Bast Tenth street (lot 23 feet IM inches by 83 feet) on Wednesday, March 20, nt 12 o'clock M., at the Exchange salesroom, No. Ill Broadway. 00 per cent can remain on mortgage. Auction notice. LARGE SPECIAL SALE or DAMAGED DRY GOODS saved from the late tire on the prcml-es of MESSRS. S. B. CHITTENDEN A CO. THIS DAY, MONDAY, MARCH IB, At 10 o'clock. Thfs ?a'e will contslu n large assortment of valuable Merchandise, all of which is more or less damaged by Ore or wa tor. W'c invite the special attention of all buyers of this class of goods. Catalogues and goods now ready. . WM. TOPPING A CO., Auctioneers, 132 Church street. Auction notice.-ernes? roth, auctioneer, will sell at public auction S15,000 worth of magnificent HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, BEAUTIFUL PARLOR FURNITURE, Works of Art, Bronzes. China Vases and Figures: 60 FINE OIL PAINTINGS, BY EMINENT ARTI8T8. This (Monday) morning, March 18, at 10X o'clock precisely, at the four story dwelling house 119 Clinton place, Eighth street, between'Fifth ana Sixth avenues. PARLOR AND DRAWING ROOM FURNITURE. Three beautiful solid rosewood and black walnut Parlor Suits, covered in rich F rench satin brocatel und reps; Turk ish Easy Chairs to match: rosewood Centre and Pier Tables, Etageres, Corner aud Hook Stands, twenty-one day bronze Clock, rich China and Parian Va3es, Parlor Ornaments, elegant Hrocatel and Lace Curtains, it line collection of Oil Paintings. Engravings. Mirrors and Chandeliers. MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, STOOL AND COVER. COST ?71)0. an elegant'instrument, round corners, beautifully carved legs and case, with all modern Improvements, overstrung bass, full iron frame, French action, full seven oetave; rose wood and mahogany Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wash stands, Solas, Hookers, Mirrors, Clocks. Tallies, Red Lounges, spring and ilalr Mattresses, Blankets, Tea Tables, Extension Table, Glass, China and Silverware. Sale positive. Auction notice.?rare chance for parties commencing housekeeping?Pianoforte, Paintings, Bronzes. Statuary and all the elegant Household Furniture contained In the live story brown stone llouae 44 Went Six teenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, at private a&lc. at less than auction pricea: Parlor suits, cove roil bro catel; Etagorrs, Secretary, Bookcase. Encoigneurs. Cabinets, Carpets, Chandeliers, Bronzes. Vases, rosewood Dressing Bureaus, Wardrobes, Bedsteads, Mattrnsses, Extension Table, ItuTel. Elegant Bets, China, Glass, Silverware, at half original erst AUCTION NOTICE.?JAMES JENKINS. AUCTIONEER, will kcII. at miction, on Tiiesday, Mar -h 19, at 11 n'tflock, at 1,951 and I.9M Third avenue, near 1.6th street, Horses. Ciu-tagea. Rocks ways, Wagons, |Harne.xs. Blanket*, ana Wnips, Ac | BY HENBY H. LEEDS A MINER. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE of nil the VALUABLE FURNITURE, PLATED WAWE, COSTLY WINES. Ac., belonging to the well known estab IRE. ? ltshment, the MAISON DOKKK, ON UNION SQUARE. HENRY H. LEEDS A MINER will tell, by auction, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thuraday, Friday and Kuturday, 19th 20th, 21 at. 22d and iSd ef March, at the MAISON DOUftK. 2UW1, Alii, M(l IUU MU Ui .nan u. ?i mu .raioud L'vi>v.n. by order of the administrators, all the Cold and Silver Plated Ware, Wines. Ac., contained in said establishment, consist ing ol Aixmiuster, Velret. Aubtsson and Brussels Carpeta, large and oostlv Mantle, Pier and Side French Plate Mirrors, figured Reps. Satin and Krodatel Silk Curtain*. Lace do., rich ormolu and Bronze Chandellien and Brackets; Parlor Sulla, in (Hi, covered with brocade, satin, sulta In I Ilk bro catel. various colors, black walnut, covered morocco, Marquetry Fnrnlture, In sulta; do., In figured reps, Clocks and Candelabraa, tn ormolu, bronne, and marble; rich Vases, complete suits of Dining Furniture In carved oak and walnut: Buffets, Extension and other Tablet. Chairs Ac.; valuable carved rosewood Chicker lng Pianoforte and Stool, Cover, Ao.: Painting* and Engravings. Book Cases, secretaire Cabinets, Amour h Olate, Wardrobes, rosewood, oak and black walnut Bedroom Furniture; Bedding, Couches and other elegant Furniture, made by fierier and other celebrated makers. LINENS.?Bed Sheets, Pillow Cases, Counterpanes, Table Clotha^NagkjDa. Towels, Doylies, Ac. plated Ware. ?A large double Dinner Bsrvioe of SILVER GILT, comprising Covered. Standard and Vegeta ble Dishes, Knives, Forks. Spoons. Side Dishes, Ac.; eost nearly $6,000. Sheffield and other PLATED WARE In great variety; RICHCUT GLASS; Plain do.: RUFERP FRENCH CHINA in large quantities and varieties :_Grpcerlea_and CHINA In large quantities and varieties : Groceries and Stores. COPPER MOULDS for Ice Cream FINE COFPKR COOKING UTENSILS. Ac. BARROOM.?Counters, Beer Pumps. Cases, iron marble top Tables, t'lock-, Ac.; Jellies, Preserres. Canned Fruit and Vegetable*, put up tn the bouse, very fine; together with Kitchen Ware* and other article* enumerated itvthn catalogues; also a fine Mooeuso A Duparquet Range Broiler. Ac., In perfect order. WINES AND LIQUORS.?The most rnrs and valuable Stock ever offered by auction, the sale of which will take place by itself, on Friday and Saturday, Bid and 23d mat., all of whh'h ?f* guaranteed. Among them are the follow ing? I'rlnoe Metlemich Hock Wlnea, Yellow Seal. Grand Vln Chateau Yqtiatn. very rare. Barton A Oueatier; Cha teau Lafllte and Laionr. vintage 1861; St. Jullen, 1867 and 1864; Medoek, 135'; Florlac La Rose, Ac Nathaniel Johnson A son'a Clarets, flratclaaa. 1861. 1864; La Fltte. 1844; Chateau Mergaut, 1848; Gr n 1 Vln Chateau Morgans, 1848; Medock. St. Julieu, St. E-tephe. St. London, various vintages; also Clarets snd Sauternea from Itr.iudsrbcrg. Freres, Esche nauer, Bencke A Co , J. Meyman A Co.. Cruse, Fll* A Co., nauer, ueucse * ? o , a. arymao a ? o? urns, en- <* x,".. Fluke A Co., r. U. Mnmm A Ca. ditto Moselle, Company Do Bourgtyne, Burgundy of various vintages, and other of first clans White and Red Burgundies, Hock. Moselle, Cabi net, Italian, Hungarian, first class Ports, Made.ran, Sher ries, Braudlos of celebrated vintages. Bourbons from 5 to 14 years old; sll of these celebrated brands are from the Im porters direct, or from the stock of Meters. W. H. Corwtn A Co.. do other wines or liquors adinltt-J under any circum stances. Also Ahampsgnes Maison Dpree. Green and Yel low Peal. Rodcrrr, Veuve CI quot, T.ouche File, Mtirome and other brands. Sparkling Moselle, Ac. Full particular* In catalogues, wtih vintages. This will be found, beyond question, the finest stork of wines and liquors, Ac., In this enuntrv. some of whloh cannot be purchased at the present time. Sample* on day Of aale. ALSO two Horses Covered Wagons, As. The whole to be sold without reserve. BY MINER A HOMlfctVILLE. HOKsBS AND CARRIAGES AT AUCTION. NOTICE. Sales at our Horse Auction Mart, Union tquare, will com mence hereafter at 10 0'CI.OCK, Instead Of U o'clock, aa heretofore. This .'bailee I* made et the request of numerous business men, who find It mcoot eoient to attend In the middle of the day. jgT MINER A 80MLBVILLF?UNIOJI SQUARE. HORSES AND CARRIAGES AT AUCTION. TUESDAY MARCH 19, ~ VSR ACUT~~ ' AT OUR HORN ft AIVITION MART (Lane A McMahou's Subleaj, AT I0 O'CLOCK, Instead of 12 o'clock, a* heretofore. Regular Horse sale* at our Auction Mart, Union Plaen Stablee, every i ueadav and Friday throughout the year. Messrs MINER A NOMEHVI1.I.K olfer unsurpassed ad vantages In location, experience and Unsloeas capacity to partie. wishing to huv or desiring to sell Hones, Carrlagee or anythlug peruiulng to the borer business. m BY BDWARD BCHERCK, AUCTIONEER. ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. AT No. 8P WEST TENTH STREET. EDWARD NCHRNCK wiU sell by auetloa on Monday, 18th of Marsh, st I0V^ ?' io< k A. >L. tne entiro Furniture of said hottee, constating of rosewood Parlor Suits. In hmrnfel, ci'ith, re|>a, \r ; Velvet, bru-selAnd Ingram Carpet*, l.aoe, Hllk and Reps Cnrtaln*. an elegnnl r osewood Pianoforte, elegant Mantel and Pier Mirrors, elegant real Bronze*. Cloeks. Statuette*. fine oil Palntlnga. superb Flower and Card Stands. "lecxtil rosewood and black walnut Bedroom Furniture, Beds! ids, Hicenus, Commodes. Wardrobes, Ac trst class Hair .VaUre?sna mid Bedding. China. Glassware and the Kitchen Furniture, with which, the sale will com mence. BY HENRY II. LEU lis A MINER. HENRY H. I.REDN. Auctioneer, on Monday, March 18, at Jllty o'clock, at their salesroom, so 98 Liberty street. llOUriKHOLb fl'UMTVRK. consisting of Brussels ui| i, gflT franr Ingrain Carpets, gtp frame oval Mirrors, l>uak walnut Suits, In nroeatel, Turkish I asr Chairs, mahogany and black wal nut llrrs-l ig Bureaus, maho'any and black walnut Bed stead*, black walnut Parlor Suita, In reps; Hair Mattresses, Feather Bolster* and I'llinwe, nffiee snd Counting Room Desks, Lounges, mabofauy French Bedsteads, mahogany Sofas snd Lonnges, In hnrr eloth; Silver Fi tted Ware, Ae. Also one Invoice of very hue Havana Cigars, embracing favorite brands, together with china, Onocterv snd Glass warr, Kit :hen Furniture, Extension Dining Tables, Ac. ?nVT.ANDT A WALDRON, AUCTIONEERS, WILL OlYE Jj tbelr personal attention to salee at residences of parties declining housekeeping, or the furniture can be removed to our spacliius kale.sronms, Mfl Broad*ay, and ba Included In our regular sales, without charges for storage, Re. BTLANDT A WALDRON, AUCTIONEERS, WILL SELL at auction, on Tuesday, at II o'clock, at tbelr salesrooms. 646 llroedway. Imported Clock* and Bra. ze* The sile will include meay very expensive Clocks, Flguree and Groups, nf recent Imparstlnn and ef the most elaborate aad elegant de sign*. Sole positive. D BURKE. AI'CTIONBRR, OFFICE 69 GREAT JONES , street, will sell on Tuesday. HUh instant, at II o'clock, the Stock and Fixtures of the Restaurant and Lager . esr Bnloon. 18 flreene street Thle place rnst lo fit it |, and will be sold with taa Lease to the highest bidder with out rensrvs. fk UNRY O. KVANS, AIUTIONKRR -Wfl.L URLL THIS day, at2 o*eh>ek, mrich assortment of French or,ma emlan Glassware 1 arian marble 1 rench Clocks, Ac . the Piete importation ef * BehneeU. W Bros i wag. ' SSAI..ES AT AUCTION. INDWARD 80UENCK, AUCTIONEER-ALIGNER'S

J uk' Of ELEGANT CABINET KURNIWRB. STOCK OK UPWARDS OF 8t '\0B0 By EDWARD HCHKNt' thesalexro in, No. OOUNrtf street?commencing on 1'uesd ?r and \s -d leaday, I9tli and KKb instant, anil c- nUnutng week! r until the entire atoclt is distnnc-l of. The above Is probably the r AUGUST AND FINKS STOCK of furnitdrk that baa been offeiwdat auction, conx.-nng of every variety una Style, loth modern awl antique, nr. ? r isewood and blark walnut carved Bedsteads, Burt. ua. Commodes Wardiobee, Bookcaxea, Hecretarin, Batatanaa, Tables in all varitUes, Haiti Cablneta, vaporb BRONZE FLOWER AND OaR[> STANDS, PARLOR SI ITS IN EVERY -TYI. : OF Cf YER1N0, bmcatel, raoquet, reps; Ktageres, elegant Buffets, Be. Persons wishing Hue Iuriuture are invited to examine the above, part of which la tun* on exhibition. Parties pttreheetng can hare their furniture kept free of storage until May 1. By order of JAMES L. HOLDER. Assignee. IJtOBTY-EIUUTII AUCTION .sALE. * 78. KW TONS SORANTON GOAL, ON WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27. 1-67. >aw York. March 16. 1867. The Delaware, Lukawannt and Western Railroad Com' paay will sell bv Messrs. JOHN II. DRAPER A CO. , Auc tioneers at tlie cotnptuiy'H salesroom iki Exrh.nge place, corner of William street, New- York, on Weduosday, March 27. list., at 12 o'clock, noun. 75,1X10 TONS Of FRESTI MINED COAk from the Lackawanna regions, of the urual sines, deliverable at their depot Kllzabethport, New .leraey, during the month of April, IW. TERMS:-?FIFTY CENTS PER TON, payable in onrrent funds, on the day of sale. and the balance within ten days thereat ter at the office of the compute JnllN ItRISB1N, President. IREKRY LEASER AT AUCTION. r At the City Kail, on Tuesday, 19th March, 1867. nt 11 o'clock A. M.. will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder, with adequate security, for a terat of ten year* trom the fir-1 day of May, 1867.? ' The I .ease of th>- Ferry as now established from the foot of Whitehall street to Stolen Island. The l.e.i-e of the Ferry to I e established fromrihe foot of Twenty-third street. North river, to Pavonla. N. J. The -aid aevcrai Ferry Lest is will he sold with all the right-, privileges and advantages thereof belonging to the Corporation ol the eity of New Vork. 1 erraa an I conditions of sale may be had upon application at the Comptroller'a Office. By order of the Oommle-iloners of the Finking Fund. RICHARD H. CONNOLLY, Comptroller Cmr or New York, DKrAimtwrr or Kiksnck, ) February 14. 1867. I Farm fob sale?at public auction, on mon day, March 18, at 1 o'clock I*. M., nt Woo Ibury, Qucena county, L. I? Containing abmi 70 acres; 60 under good cul tivation. balance wood; retires good and well watered; good dwelling house, barn and other outbuildings, orchard, fruit anil shruhberv; locution 2> miles from the city, and 1', mllo from Syonset depot; terms easy. Further particular* of J. A O. MKAKIN, No. 9 Barclay atrec;, New York. For >ale.?will be sold at public auction, Saturday, March 23. on the premises, at Fag Harbor, L. I., a ge l two story, attic and basement frame House, in the business part of Sag Harbor; good location for a bakery. Further particulars at FANN'INU'S, 225 Bowery. Henry h. LEEqs a miner, auctioneers. On Monday evening, March 18. at 7 o'clock, at the "LEEDS ART GALLERIES," No*. 817 and 819 Broadway, soiithweet corner of Twelfth street. Important sale of Paint ings by order of Mr. H. W. Derby, being the celebrated filtrate collection of pictures formerly'belonging to Mr. W. P. Plight, of New Jersey, and bow on view at 11. W. DF.ItlJY'F NEW ART ROOMS, No. 845 Broadway, opposite Wallack's theatre. This well known collection possesses several works Of a world wide reputation, including those of many of THE MOST CELEBRATED ARTISTS, both native and foreign, among whom are ACHRNBACH, A., OAU.AIT, BAKWBLL. HERRING. BEAUME. LA Mill NET, CARL BECKER. ROUSSEAU, BRETON, TANNKUR, DiAS, TILTON, DUVEROF.R. TROYOM, DELACROIX, ULYKSR, KTTY. VBRBOKCKHOVEN, FHERB, EDOUARD, WEBB, FLEURY. WOLF. BIERSTADT, HUNTINGDON, BROWN, J. O., KEN SETT, BOUOIITON. LA NO, CHURCH. LEl'TZB, CROPSEY, MAY, DURAND. . MIGNOT, ELLIOTT. MORSE. GIFFORD. STONE, GIONOUX, 8UYDAM, EASTMAN, JOHNSON, WHITTREDOE, ond many others. , These pictures are on exhibition, aa above, until the day of sale. ADMISSION 25 CENTS. THE ENTIRE PROCEEDS of the exhibton to be given to the Committee of the SOUTHERN FAMINE RELIEF COMMISSION. Henry d. miner, auctioneer, salesroom no. 37 Naisau street, opposite the Post office.?Important sale of high class original modern Oil Paintings, recently Imported by A. If. Huyretter. Esq., of Antwerp, and never beiore exhibited in this country. MINER A SOMEBVILLE will xeil at auction, Wednesday and Thursday evenings March 20 and 21, at o'clock, at the Fifth Avenue Art Oa'.I-ry, No. S3 Fifth avenue, southwest corner of Fourteenth atreet, a very fine collection of modern OH prising many of the latest and moat Important works of lead ing artists of the Belgian and French schools, every one of winch Is strictly guaranteed origlnaL The following artiste are represented In the sale. vtit:? Lonis Robbe, E Verboeckhoven, Louie Vankuyck, David Col, W. Verscbuur, Theodore Gerard F'd de Bracketeer, F. Mnsln, Alex. Van Hamme, Henry Dttlens, E. J. Boks,' T. Roserse. F. Strobe I. F. Krnseman, C. Wauterx, J. Carrnb dn, C. Lelkert, A. Moormau, R. Van Wyngaert, H. Savrv A. Evcrscn, C. Pecrus, Lanfani da MeU Fanrelet, A. Arnonx. P. L. Couturier, Z. N"Merman, and others. Alio, from ? private collection: ? A. R. Dnrand, P. Loutxe. Jerome Thompson, R. W. Weir. Thomas Hicks. A. F. Bellows, Ae. THEY ARE NOW ON ^EXHIBITION. FRF.E. at our Gallery as shore, dallr. from 8 to 6, and on SATURDAY, MONDAY and TUESDAY EVENINGS previous to sate, from 7 lo,10, and are par "tularly worthy or an examination by the art lover*. Catalogues may be bad at the Galteiy and at the office or the Auctioneer, 87 Nas tan street. Henry d. miner, auctioneer.?salesroom 37 Nassau street, oppoalte the Poet Offioe. 8ale of House hold and Office Furniture, Ac. MINER k SOMERVILLB will sell at auction Monday, March 18, at 10k o'clock, at their salesroom, 87 Nassau street. Household and Offioe Far nitnre; rosewood, mahogany and black walnut P irior and Bedroom Suits, Cottage Suits, satin and brocate. Window Curtains and Cornices, rosewood Eserltolre. Bookcases, Bureaus, Ac., Freneh Plate, Pier and Mantel Mlrrera; Brtta aels and Ingrain Carpets, Sofas. Bureaus, Chairs, Lounges, Ac ; Curled Hair Mattresses. Feather Beds, Ac.; Crockery and Glass Ware. Kitchen Utensils, An; Office Furniture In variety. Also, at 12 o'clock, a rosowood aeren octave Piano forte. elegnntly carved, finished all round; made by Stod art, of this ally. JU OSEPU 1IKUEMAN. TUESDAY, MARCH it, at 10>i o'clock A. M? la Brooklyn avenua, corner of Pacific Brooklyn, TAL0ABLB OIL PAIRtlNOS, HANDSOME Fl'RNI TrRB, HORSE, CARRIAGES AND HARNKSS-Rosewood Piano, walnut Parlor but In green rape; Turkiah Chairs, rosewood Kbigere*. Centre Table*. Bmnxcs. Clock*, Silk and Lace Curtains, walnut and oak Chamber and Dining Room Furniture, Pi-ted Ware, China and Velrot, Medallion and other Carpet*. AT l?f O'CLOCK P. M? SS FINE OIL PAINTINGS. by<> la**. Sevrrndonek.C. Boon, Revntngna*, Hunter, Vemien.en ami others See c.ita'ogue. Also a black Hamblclonlan Horse. nnder 1 minute*, Perk Phaeton, Top Buggy, double and alngln Harness, Saddle*, Robe*. Ac., Ac. JM OHJTL. VANDBWATRK, ACCTIONKER, 100 LIBERTY street.? attention paid to rale* of houaehold furniture, *i?cka^ merchandise or exchange. JOHN L. VANDE W ATER, 100 Liberty street JOHN L. VANDKWATKR, AUCTIONEER, 100LIBERTY street.?To-morrow. at 12 o'clock, lloreea, Wagon*, Darnel*, Ac. Ite.TuUr sale of Road and f**t Trotting lloreo*. Par ? uUra to-morrow. Thu sale embraces MMTrery choloe atock. JB| BOOART. AUCTIONEER.?WEDNESDAY, MARCH . 20, nt li'ta o'clock, at tb# miction room*. No. 2 North William street, large aaln of Ifouacliold Fnrultnro, consist lng of Parlor, Bedroom and Kllcbcn Furniture, Billiard Table. Ac. JU AMKH JENKINS, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL. AT huctton, on Wadnetday. March 2?, at 1,401 Broadway naar Forty-flrsl street, at 11 o'clock, lloraea, Carrlugi * Kockawsya, Wagoni, Skeleton Sulkies, Eipreaa and .lag. gcr Wagon*, llaroea*. Robe.*, Blanket*, Haiter*, Whips. Ac MARSHAL'S SALE?O. MrKNIOHT SELLS THIS day. at 10 o'clock, at S3 Bowery, all the Flxturee or the theatre, reataurant and barroom; 80U Chair*, 10 Table*. Stage Picture-, Safe. Has Fixture* of the theatre and bar room and many other vulnable articles; to be cold is lots, without reserre. Heeler*, attend. WH M. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, SELLS THIS DAY, *t 2 o'clock- at 4M Canal atreet Parlor Snlta In repa, brocatel and haircloth; Centre, Dinlug and other Tablet; French plate Pier, Oral undo: her Mirror*; Iaiee Curtain*, Bookcase*. Clock, Va*e?. hand*ome Tapestry and other Carpet*. Oll'-lotha, Matting*. Bog*, black walnut, mahoga ny, rosewood and enamelled Suit*. Hair Mallreuaua, Feather Bed*. Blanket*. Spread*. Linen Sheet*, Waidrobea, Sofa Bed*, Lounge*. Rocking and other Chairs, Extension Table, China, (Jla??, Sllrer Ware, stoyea; alfio three Tapealrv and other Carpet*; also Jewelry, Diamond*, Croi-, 21 spisea; do. Pine, King*. Walchee with ration* other good*. Pack ing and shipping. Dealer* and other* Invited. WU ILLIAM ABBOTT. AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL on Tuesday, iIIHh Inst, at 10 o'clorkAUi* Slock ahd fixture* of the liquor Store comer of sedfwkik and Van Brunt street*. near Hamilton ferry, Brooklyn. Splendid Counter* and ckolee Liquor*. Ac. WILLIAM ABBOTT. AUCTION*! R-OFFICR 170 Chatham square. Bella on M ednesday *1 lUlg o'clock, the Spy-h an 1 Flxtu'eaof the firat da** reatauraat at Kl New street, near Exchange place; large Frencli plate Mir ror*. marble top Counter* and Table*, eane Chair* Casters. copper Holler, line Itaugn, plated Spoons and Fork*, fine cut Glassware, Ac.; barrel* Bourbon, Brandy, Gin, Ac. WILLIAM ABBOTT. AUCTIONEER ? EXECUTOR'S ?ale on Thursday, 21*t Ipst . of the two story and slllo frame liou*e and Lot brick basement, known a* No. 6 Bir mingham llrrel. In the Bevdnth ward ol the cay of New York, at the Kxahange salesroom, 111 Broadway, N. Y. Hale positive. F FIHSITIKK. A RARE CIIANCB FoR FAKTIBB COM MEN I HVQ .A. BiU"ekee,ping; *11 the elegmt Household I'urultnra contained In the hro atory brown etouc tluu??\ 44 West Mv tei-nlh itreet. between Fifth and Sixth avenue*, for sale. Parlor Suits, cost g4<*i, for ill JO. do. $125. R. okc**e, . ta gere*, Carpets. Chandeliers, Painting*, Chamber and Dining Furniture, at half original eoat ?itCRNITURB WANtRD. ? PARTIES fl CLUING 1 bou**ke-|ilng lind a customer for Funnsure, Car pet*, Ac.- by calling et Loan Ofllce. wn Bowery, or addrese ing a note a* Above. TjlOR SALE?THE FURNITURE OF A TtlREB STORY Jj house, completely furnished, In good order, will he sold cheap If applied for Immediately Apply for three day*, betwaen 11 and 2 o'clock, at 111 Maudougal atreet Houskkreperh or persons OOINO TO house kecplug will be tnptiltod an I can pay by weekly or monthly payment* for Carpets, Oilcloth* Furniture of every description. Bedding, Parlor end Bedroom Suits. Ac., at BKNDALL A HorT'S, corner of Caual and llodsen ?treet*. Messrs. miner a somkkvjlle will, as for a number of year* iw*t. give their pewon-T attention te ?ale* of .!? uaehold 1 urnltura, at the rnstdence* of famllte# declining b usekneptng, and at ihalr salesroom. ST Nasaau ?treet ________ fHB AMeHICAN NPRINO .BF.D AND KLflNOKH 1'sient l*i.ny Oliimuey.?'Trititnnh .r tmerl -a * mlun, Ntatc and Con i.y Bigbti :at sale. ' to nt>-*n n.otiev. Agcnie wanted lit evny town. V'l Alii A IH'BBAjUJ, 53# Brvadwag. KITROPKA* 8TRAMS1IIPM. OTEAM TO QUEENSToWN VNI> LIVERPOOl l ' Fr .11 New York eve, v Wednesday aiti 1 8 1 ir Ly. The CHICAGO sail* Saturday, April 6 MANHATTAN Saturday, April 28 froMi ;ii?r ho ,17 I a?t rivur. Cabin past < :e. Jl'O. ?>id. Steerage, $?;;) ciirn- ?<??. runjnlo New York am' remit tance- to In ?,u at low rate*. Anr'y to WILLIAMS A 01*10*. 29 Broadway and 83 South street. CTRAND EXCURSION r TO TUB PARIS EXPOSITION. The new and firm < Ix - ocean r ung it t ti-.amxhlp Havana, tooo ton* nurd-m. Stephen Whitman, comma ti ler. Will make an excursion from Now Y rk to Havre and haek, sailln-r from pier 46 North river, on Wednesday, April 17, at 12 o'clock M., taking uaaaangera for I'uria, Loudon and Bremen. Returning, will fall irom Havre on June 5, rlvtnr imwikVi i holding excursion tclteu about tlx wtte'aa In Europe. This magnificent steamship t? divided Into water-light roiiipartmt lit*, and ha* h?en n-wly furnished and elegantly fitted up expressly for thU voyage. The Havana will onlv carry ?r?t rla?* pa?senf?rs. Prtco of passage, in currents, to Havre. 1 XI and $175. To llavrn and return, $250 una $1?W, according to site of stateroom. An e\|>erianced surgeon on board. F< r further particular* ao'l tat*' age apply to the agent*. MUiGtAY, KKKnlM A CO.. it! South street,or MERCHANTS' HNION RAPHES4 CO.. Corner ol' Broadway and Franklin rt. North oerman lloyd. In gerordance with an arrangement effected with the Culled State* Pot< Oilier Ireparttnenl the steamships of the North German Lloyd will, on mid after the 2l*t or March, leave New York on'every Thursday, and on and after the 2d of April Southampton oh every Tuesday, carrying the Uuuud State*, English and Continental M ills. OKLU1CIIS A CO.. <3 Broad street. VTTWYOKK AND BREMEN STEAMSHIP COMPANY, if The first rlas* United States mall a'eanishlp ATLANTIC, Chan, lloyor, commander, will leave piur 16 North river, on Saturday, Apri; ti, at 8 A.M., FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, taking passengers to Southampion. London, Havre and Bremen at the following rate-, payable In gold or Its equiva lent In currency:? First cabin, $110; second cabin, $ti6; Kteor.igc, $35. BALTIC, Captain A. 0. Jones, will follow Anrll 30 WESTERN METROPOLIS. Wm. Weir May 4 For freight or passage apply to ISAAC TAk LOR, President, 40 Broadway. ONLY AMERICAN LINE TO ENGLAND AND FRANCE. Tho Now York and IlnvroStaamshlp Company's first class steamship* ARAGO and FULTON, In connection with the New York. Mull Stoam'hlp Company's steamer* MISSIS SIPPI and GUIDING STAR to Havre, carrying the l ulled States mall*, from pier 41 North river, at noon on the follow ing daw, oalllug ut Falmouth:? uriDiNO KTAR..E. Yau Sire......Saturday, March SOJl867 ARAGO H. A. Gad*den.. .Saturday. April 12, 1867 MISSISSIPPI C. Sumner Sutuplav, April 27, 1867 EUT.TON C. 1L Townsend..Saturday, Mav 11, IRSf GUIDING STAR..K. Tan Sme Saturday, May 26, 1867 ARAGO II. A. Gadsden....Saturday, June 8, 1867 ?and every 14 d iv? thereafter. , ? RATES OF PASSAGE, PAYARLB IN GOLD. FIRST CLASS $120 SECOND CLASS 70 Through Ticket* to London $5 extra. An experienced surgeon on board. The Companie* will not be re*pon?lbln for gpecie or valua ble* unless bill* of lading, having the value expressed, are signed therefor. C. K. GARRISON. forN Y. 88. Co. JOS. J. COM8TOCK. for N. Y. and H. S?. Co. For further Infortnatlon applv to J. J. COMSTOCK. Agent. No. 7 HroadwuyjaN. Y. J. A. WOTTEN, Havre, Oeneral Agent in Europe. IONDON AND NEW YORK STEAMSHIP LINE* J Passage to London or Brc*l, $110. $75 and $:!0 currcney. Excursion ticket* at reduoed rate*, available for six month*. ATALANTA, Captain Ptnkham. from New York, March 30 RKLLONA, Captain Dtxnn. ftom New York, April 13. CELL*. Captain Oleadell, from New York. April 27. WM. PENN, Captain Hellinge, from New York Mav II. The elegant British Iron steamship ATALANTA will leave ptcr No. 3 North river, for Loudon, calling at Brest, on Saturday, March 30, at 12 M. Until further notice all the steamer* of tbia line will call at Brest to land passengers. Tickets sold through by rail to Parts at 36 per cent leas tban regular rates. Frr'ght will be taken and through bills of lading given to Havre, Antwerp. Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Dunkirk. For pa-sage apply to ROBT N. CLANK. 26 Broadway. For freight apply at 64 South street. ROWLAND A ASriNWALL. Agents. National steam navigation company. (Limited.) STEAMERS WEEKLY TO LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT QUEENSTOWN, leave pier 47 North river aa follows;? DENMARK Thornton Saturday, March 23 ERIN Cutting Saturday, March SO VIRGINIA Prowse Saturday, April 6 HELVETIA Thompson....Saturday. April 13 Cabin passage to Liverpool or Qimenstown $90 In gold. Steerage passage to Liverpool or Queeuatowu $3* In cur rency. Steerage passage tickets, to hrtng parties from Liverpool or Queentlown. for $35 In currency. Through passage to Paris, Antwerp, Hamburg. Bremen, Ac., at low rate*. Draft* issued for any amount, payable at any bank tn Great Britain or on the Continent For freight and cabin passage apply at the office of the company, 57 Broadway. And for steerage tfokcte at the passage office of the com pany, 27 Broadway and 276 Pearl street, near Fulton. F. W. J. HURST, Manager. Notice to con8ioneeb.-consignreb of I goods per steamer Bavaria, from Hamburg January 20. and Southampton January 23 (which vo#?el put back to Southampton tn distress), are hereby notified that part of her eargo has heea transhipped per steamer Hammonta. ex pected to arrive at this port In a few day*. In order to facili tate delivery of cargo they will please cal> at lb* office of the 1 undersigned, present their bills of lading for eudorsemenl and sign the average bond. LAW SON A WALKER, I N i? You, March 18,1307- ? Wall at. Direct steamship line bktwkbn ANTWERP AND NEW YORK. The nadorrigned will dcsnatch the first class English Iron steamer OTTAWA, Oaptaln Archer, From Antwerp. SAIURDAT, March IS From New York SATURDAY, April 13 taking paaasngeia at the following rate*:? From New York?First cabin, according to location of state room* $70?$fu 00 Steerage 31 60 From Antwerp?First cabin 30 IJO Steerage 40 00 EXCURSION TICKETS. First cabin .$170 | Steerage 987 50 Payable Itfgold or Its equivalent. Other first cl*"? steamers will follow from either ride every second SATURDAY. Freight is taken at the lowest rates for Antwerp, Rotter dam and Amsterdam. For passage or freight apply to HU.LKR A CO.. No. > Chambers street. Return tickets to Paris and back. FIRST CLASS. gSUO GOLD. STEAM TO LIVERPOOL. CALLING AT QUEENS TOWN.?The Inman hoe, sailing semi-weekly, iarrylhg the United States malls. CITY OF CORK Wednesday. March 20 CITY OF HALT' MORE Saturday. March 23 CITY or MANCHESTER Wednesday, March 27 CITY OF W? lllN'orOM Satnrd.iv. March 30 CITY OF KDINBURO W-dnrsdsy. April S and each succeeding Saturday and Wednesday, at boon, from pier 46 North river. BATES OF PASSAGE by the mail ateamrr. selling every Saturday:? Payatde in g >ld. Parable In currency. First cabin 9110 Steerage $30 To London 116 To London 36 To Paris 126 To I'ana 45 Passage by the 'Wednesday steamers?First cabin, 9110; steerage, $30. Payable Jn United States currency. Passenger* alno forwarded to Havre, Hamburg, Bremen, Ac , at moderate rates Steerage passage from Liverpool or Ourenstown, $10, currency Tickets eaa be bougbl here bjr persona sending for their friend*. For further information apply at the Company's offices. JOHN G. DALE. Agent, 16 Broadway, N. Y. THE STEAMSHIP CITY OF CORK, Of THE INMAN II n?Pw 111 Ball from pier 45 North river, at noon, on Wednesday, March 20. for Liverpool, railing at Qucen*lown. ' Unlet of passage?First cabin. $110; steerage. $.311, cur reney. JOHN U. DALE, agent, ? HBroadway. FlOR LIVERPOOL, CALLTNO AT UUEENSTOWN, CONARD STEAMSHIP I CUBA, from New York March 20 AFRICA, from Boston, via If.iltfax Mar-h *7 Al'BTALaASlAN, from New York April 3 rasstoe soirrr raos y*w ynns. Cabin $160 | Second cabin. $100 etas tea Mnaav mo* po-ton. Cabin $126 | Second oabln $ad Payable in gold or It* equivalent. For freight or passage apply to E. CUNARD, No. 4 Bowling Oreen STEAM TO ANT) FROM LIVERPOOL AND QUEENS tnwil twice It week. Pa-??>?<> (3D currency to Liverpool or Queenatown. Prepaid Ueft*la from Liverpool or Queenvtown n? the low oat ratca. Drnfta i arable la any part of Great Britain and Ireland. Apply to TAPBCOTP BROTHF.RB A CO., tt6 Mouth alreet, I ? ?'? 3r?adway. The Hamburg American packet company's Iron mail ateamahlp HAMMONIA, H. Ehlera, commander, earning the United State* null. will (all on Saturday, March 30, at U If., for HAM BI RO. taking paaaengera for Hamburg, 11 at re, Southampton and London. Kir t cabin, $IB; aecond cabin, $78; ateorage, $37 80, pay able in geld or tta enutvalent. The SAAONIA will aatl April 8. BUNH.VRDT A CO. C. B. RTCTTABD A BOAS, General Agenta, General Pa?tcngcr Agent*. 48 Eiehange piece, N. V. No. S Barclay aireei, N. V The north oebman llovd's Hteamahip AMERICA. J. 0. Merer, maatnr, carrying the I'nlted Sutea mall, will tail from the Bremen p;*r, fool of Third atreel, Hoboken, ON TilL'RSliAY^ MARCH 91, BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking paaanngert to I'>NI'"N. IIAVHE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, at the iallowing raiea, payable In gold or IU equivalent In currency Kor the flril cabto. $190; aeeondeabto, $71', atecrage. W7 SO. rTo be followed by the etMtnahlp UNION, n. F. ton ffanten. matter, March JK r?Tf""ht ?f A CO.. ? Broad alrecC NtY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. THE ORNRRAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S^MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE, CALI-INH AT BREST. - ,h. The aplendld new rett- la on ?h'" f*r K? continent will aatl from pier so. SO North river, aa fot vrr*EB DE PARIS, Sormont EL ROPE. Lemarle. ..... JatUltlay, April 8 ST. LAU k K N1 liecande PERRIFE, Dueheane Saturday, May 4 PRICE OF PASSAGE (INCLUDING WINE), narable hi gold "r Univalent In currency, p T to skkstVir navrb. Tint Cabin ?;? *?.% ??# including railway tlekaia furntahed on board, fwet ?Mn . Vf I Sfcnf eebln $101 Hn gv -keeled througb j< Palll attondanec Tee of ?! ,rge. Vheae ateamcra do ?"* earrv steerage paaaenrer*. ??RO, aa< AiJbL'K AaepL V BrogdWhi o CO AS"'wise st II v rr s ii ips. OACIFIC MAIL STKAMHHiP COMPANY'S | TIIKOCCII I.INK TO I ALIKOK- IA, CARUYIV I IT'- MAIL, VIA PANAMA II VlLKOAD Steamers leave pier 42 North river, t -dof Canal street, at l*%? ,Cl "likl - 8 *N i i'nT A It, Cap'aiu W. <1 Furber, 00 V neVt in with GOLDEN CITV. ?'?,'! <'n J T. Walk! March lltb-HENRYCHA^NGMV. Captain A. (J, Gray, cornice ing with MONTAN A. I apUin J. button. M 'ri-h S^t-OCEAN QrKKN. Captain T. A. Harr'.K, eon. nert ,g with 1 Uil'.AMKNTO, Casver.y. \ 1 <f-M,riuirv fti-h at Aespulco; those of eo.ine. tat Panama with etc. mors oTul 1st anil IHli for Central American porU. und thuae or M l?iNtpapiu*e"of' I It'll card month eonnert* wRh^he new ate III l.ue from P .n .in i to Australia and New Zca and. Steamer ol M irrh II, 1*07 w'll concert with the company ? steamer COLOR \U'?. to leave San Franolaco lor Yokohama *t!' vnina ??'laifpipr'allowed each adult Medicines and atKor't"r?M?UckeU and all further liilormatlnn applr at the office on the wharf, foot of Canalstreet. Worth New York. F. B- BABY, Agent. N OHTB AMERICAN STEAMSHIP COMPANY. OPPOSITION LINK TO CALIFORNIA. VIA NIOAKAGUA. EVERY TWBNTY DAYS. Will despatch the first clans etaamehtp* (Jan FRANCISCO, Cant. Behm, April 29. RANTIAtlo DP. CUBA, Capt. Suillh. Mareh SO. From Dk?r J9 North river, foot of Waricu mreei, ?U noon^ wi?h pas*cngcr? and fr. igbt, at very low rat**. Connecting on tin: l'acif c ocean with the fine Btrainship* . MOSKR TAYLOR. Captain Iilethen, and AMERICA. Captain Waaeiiiau. For further Information apply to the North American Steamship Company. WM ? WT,RR> Pr?,M?nt, 54 Rich.inife r.laoe, N. Y. D. N. CARRINGTOV, Agent, 177 West street, corner Warren street. N. t. /SAT.'FORNIA VIA PANAMA.?1MIB PACIFIC M.AIL Steamship Company1* pteainer (JCFAH QUShN WUI sail on rbmv lay. March 21. at 12 o'clock noon. Freight received ah usual , . For rates kr.. inquire at freight oflioe on oompany s pier, 42 North river, foot of Canal FARr,0 * co . Pole Freight Agents P. M. 3. 3. Co. FOR ST. THOMAS AND BRAZIL. UNITED STATES AND BRAZIL MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY. A. , REGULAR mail STEAMERS, calling on the 22d of every month:? ~ MKRRIMAC, CapUln George B. Sloeum March fl NORTH AMERICA. Captain L. F. Tlmmerraan.... April M SOUTH AMERICA, Capta.n K. I. Tlnklepannh.... May a These elegant steamer* sail on schedule time, and call at 8t Thomas, Pnra, Peruambucn. Bahia and Rio Janeiro, going and returning. For eiienremenla of frelgblor paaaago apply*to GARRISON A ALLEN. AlC'nti. ' No. 5 Rowling Grsen, New A ork. The new york and" west iniha mail steam Packet Company. United States mail line between New York and Bermuda. Jamaica, Si. Domingo, Porto Kirn, St. Croix, St. Kitw, Antigua, Dominica, Martinique and Bar bUSaflln? davs. 1st, HHh and 20th of eaeh month. Morgnn Harris, President; I.egrand O. Capers, \ 'CO President: C. M. Delmare, Secretary. For freight or pus sage or any further information apply to THOMAS J. OUT&kBUIDGE, Agent, 112 Iron! street, New York. Every Saturday, at 3 P. M . from pier No. 4 North river, the elegant sidewliecl steamships a, vnreh 29 COLUMBIA . Barton Saturday, Mnrcn ? MORRO CASTLE Adams s^Tdav M|'g pint p Greene Saturfliiy. Apni ? QARK18^5SAo^gotgVY^ F??h^w.hA-.^sNoArtn^8W Measurier'wSd"all forVhe'ot^c port*, fr m the^onqpi''"Jf wharf at Jersey City, on Saturday, 23d March, and Saturday, 20th April, at noon. ?aa Passage money to Nassau | Passage ?*>n^^?^??oij 0- ^eqaiv^nt: For ??>>? ??N?. 4 Bowling Green. FOR OALYXSTON, TEXAS-SAIL1NO WEEKLY. The AI steamship EUTERPE. Kldrldge, enmm?nder. i? now receiving freight at pier 20 l?aat river, and will sail on s-iturd iv March 2S, if not aooner ruu. For freight or passage, having , apply to * ' 153 Maiden lane. SSSFlfeaKsa DAVID MoCOARD, Agent In New Orleans. ,v FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. rtwnnoR WASfl The new and flr*t elaaa steamship GEORGE " Anne IN'OTON. Captain K. V Oager will leave ^ler No. 9 North rtVor freight'or"paasag*,' Sving unLu'iUi accommodA tlona. apply to R (,ROMWELL A CO.. M West street.' The GEORGE CROMWELL will follow March 20. jpn ig.'W.viiaatsgg'.ia^.. on Wednesday. March 20. at 3 I . Jl. . ^ aceommod? ?"L"'gvVoV;.^'TcV s'KSMrSr"""31 leave pier 45 North river, at BP. M.. as followg.? MARIPOSA on SalunUy, MsrebW. MISSOURI on Saturdsy. March ?>. MATAEZAS on Satnadar. Ajmfl o. All bills of lading signed at the office upon the pier. For freight or passage sp|M) {JABR,sov President. No. 5 Bowling Preen. fjtOR SAVANNAH, OA., BYKRT mURBDAT?TMH r Atlantlfl Coast Mall Btekmshlp Company a sfdewb ee "oENRftAt BARNES, Csptaln Mortim. saiU Thursday, , "lIFRMAN LIVINGSTON, Caplain Baker, aalls ThUJida>, "from^ler 88 North river, at 8 o'clock precfwly.n Tbrough pnHiage tickci# and bill# of Udlnc to all point* IB connection with the Central Rallmnd or Georftn. Tm ^gJBSRR^l> CO. Agents, ?9 Liberty rtreet. MPIRE LINK FOR SAVANNAH. Everv Saturday, from pier 18 Nortk liver. Punctually at 3 n clock r. H. The favocte sldewheul steamship. , M._w ?? SAN JACINTO, Aikln?, cotnm inder, Mils Mareh as. KAN SALVADOR Nlekerson, commander, ealle March 88. Through llckct* aud bills of lading to *11 fot>"?> tlon with Ceniral Rallrosds ef Georgia, Atlantic and OuM Railroad and Florida staamers. '^moyraL^y/BowttngOrmn. 1*. T. ! SoniVAHHAil, OA.-STEAMERK F.VKKV T.nBS I P day and Thursday; lirst elass. SJft; second; 919. Apply to J. M. FONTANE, Wo. 8 Broadway. TTIOR CHARLESTON. S. C.?THE PEOPLE'S MAIL r Steamship Company.?The regular a?d popn. ar 1eM? i in uiis fk 4 ('Hiiinin I^hb., will leave on Wednesday, ?ffiflV MTf^m pShlo. ? North river, landing fre'ghl on Saturday at Charleston. .. ._ Through tickets and bills or lading ""'?''j ' South It cioii'-' li'in with the South < arollna Ra 1.lo"^ LIVINOSTON, FOX A Ce., Agents, tt Liberty street. l.tDlt CH A RI.E ITi )N, THE KIJHtlDA l'OETS snd the Sooth and Boethweet.?The fa-? -<nd gWH steamsulp AAltAOO.-SA Is now receiving freight ami wiU Isll on Saturday. March 23, ?t SI. M . from p ;r 14 E. H*. cnnneeilng at Charleston with the steamer Dictator, for the V Thn"ughr,tdll? of tailing and passage ticket* to all point, on the South GI8BORNE ANTI-FIIBMNO AND AMTt-CORROHlVp Paint for V&^rmt THAVKLLBKr Gl'IDKf HUDSON RIVER AMD IHRI.KM RAILROAOS TTawe for Albnn- and Jroy, connecting with NorUtem and Wmlero train*. Iwtr New fork, via I! idaon Rirer Rail. road, Thlrttrlli atreet and Tenth avenue. ? an l 10 A. and 8:43. ft:W ami 11 P. M.: und via Murium Railroad, Twenty atlth atreet and fourth avenne, *t 11 A. N. and 4 1S P. M. Tlx* 6:30 I*. M. train via Mmlaen Itirer will run on Hun day % Sleeping oar* attached to ??*) and 11 P. M train*. On ?.B r. V. train laalan attached a atwcmnf car eve-y d?v eto 71 leg Saturday*, winch la rnn through io O* ien#r>urg vta R. W. and O. Ra.lroad without chance. Sunday trnln on llndww River Hoad. Maw Tork to Pontic heepale and retura, leaving .New York at 8:1) A. M., and on Hartem Road. Korty.?e.-nnd "tract to Mlllorwn and ratnr% laaviug New Yark at I) A. M V>. II. VAMDKRBILT Vloe-Pre?ldent. .MUHIVEHY. a SIX HOI ' HiitXK, IS PWB ORDER: A ORO. J\ rer'a two hor*c Engine. Hdlera, J-alhca. Power, l.ever and Drop l*r ,**',?. Marhlnory and Toola houjhl and told by SMITH A CLARK, 278 Ivarl atreet Mew York. A SIXTY HORSE POWER ENGINE AND LAROK I number of noilora. Alao kbafllng and 1'ulleya, far aalc cheap. In purr a( .1. A It. J. (IRA I, 3CJ Wail atiaet. FtOR SALT5-A 16 HORSE POWER STEAM ENGINE, Corl'ea' make, with Flue Hollar. Pump, Healer. rTil C" *nd r >tinert|on, all In cninplctc order; to he delivered I by the l?t o! May neil. Maybe aeen In nparatloa dinly la the baarment, 61 Ouana atreet. To be nolil al*n the otaam Holitliw Machine and the Shafting In the building. R. HOE A 00,. 19 and 31 Oold atreet. For 8 A UK-A ORBaT BAROAIN-ONK 40 IIORsE RR. gtne; ona 10 horae and one 13 boraa; a lot or Shafting and Manger*. 6.) I'aik atreet _ WM. McKKNZIK. FfOlt SAT.K CHEAP?ONE SIX HORSE BOILER, ONE 1 ten har?a I.i*om..tive two ality hnrea Cvllndar and one thlrty-flva liorea Locomolve, alao threa ablp'a Oall-ve; would an*wnr for nlllee purpurea on ptors. Auulv to M P. CI .MI'K fa t ol cuii-l- atreei I,.!.' nver. W1 T AT"? K-?" fUIit-TWRKTY VBKT LONU. HCRKW JL) feed and acraw cutting; will be Bold chaap. 477 and 4?? Tenth atreet. r IJ'tRTA RLE A MP STATION 1CRY* STEAM ENOINBN ^ AND Roll.IRH AND CIRCULAR SAW MILLS. Toe b? *i and rkm(cnmpleus in use Circular aenl on application. WOOD A MANN STEAM ENGINE COMPANY, Mica, N. f, and I* Maiden lane. New York. WILLARD A MILLWARD, 284 WATER STRKeC. Agent* for navla' Superheating Holler; Steam Rnglqee and Boiler*, new and aacond kand. all aiata; Propeller En ?nea. Steam rump*. Lathea. Starting. Puileji, UelUng and ai Innery in general an hand. I cXoTHiWG. " A" It ir NIXTII AVENUE. NEAR fBNTH STRBBT.-SL MINT/, will pay the kiaie*t prca far Ladlea' and OantUme? e?V oHloihlngWi". P kt^a, addreaatng a note to E, Mlutt. Ladlea walled on by Mra M11 it a. Ai |T THE ORIGINAL M. MARKS'. WSIXTH AVENUE ladle* am tenllenien ran receive 80 ,*r cent mora than hv anv other dealer In the oHy fot -Jifir CaevolT Clothing, Carpet#, "uruituep Jeweln F'tf?. *?? P'jptv. H Mnu en.Migh Ac cat' ?n m vddreia h? tat JOr at aWty % IdEMi waned upon b Mil MaiIMB M4?v|Of UmMtf.