Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 19, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 19, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD WHOLE NO. 11,158. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 1867.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. PXRIOHAIi. g NTHONY BOWDKN, 0ROMFORD, DERBYSHIRE, A Rutland, ?Ui oblige W. KsberU by reteretag the -Bpaaa Ace Oulnea" to Mr. I. Weuertted, at Mam, DU bal TuttW's, 74 WaU street, M. T. TIUKBC Dim 7 Wtillaa KB^BTRKB^CA^ UICW^RmiSO. r BeeogeRten oa pssffing out, Addraae R W. P., an WtUleaa Brace, earner, ataltaa D. fl?-DO MOT BB8ITATB, BUT COMFIDB IM MB V at once. Too will eever regret It Ha waU. Alt. crs OLD NOT KBBP MT APPOINTMENT, THIS, tocntk street and Fourth avenee. Had la leave aaaa ?ly. WUl notice oa retem. DiOLLY AND 1 CALLED FRIDAY EVE Ml NO, BOT ' una were "not at bane" far at Otve aa explanation By mdU to my addreas. UEOKUE. PtH ADOPTION?A FINE. HEALTHY MALE JH ?ant, erea aad hair dark; American parentage. Andy at 47 Weal Thirteenth street, betweea Flfthand Sixth era F? R ADOPTION?4 OIRL FOUR MONTHS OLD. AD dress C. 0., Williamsburg, L. I. fpXPTH AVENUE 8TAGB, MONDAY MORMINO.?WILL r tbe lady that noticed tne gentleman opposite bar, and Who col oat at Canst street, addreaa Dr. Warner, box S,M BewYarfc PoatoiUee. suttnc where an Interview aaay be had, or a letter easy be a4dresaed. 10ROB EDWIN-LET MB ENOW WHERE YOU are Immediately. Your friend ia very 1U. J. W. C. HBTTIE A.?YOUR NOTE RECEIVED ONLY THIS morning. Please send your address to P. H. K., bos RM1 Post office, New York. ^ T*FORMATION WANTED?OF JAMES SHEA. WHO J. left South Bergen a year ajjo last Christinas, and when last teen was id lioboken. Addreaa bla sister, Ellen Shea, Mouth Bergen Poet oUioe, Now Jersey. MISS J08IE ROBINSON, SUBSEQUENTLY MRS. lurk. Thirty-second street in lbtti and of Thirty-fourth street in left, will greatly oblige her old friend of tlWi-lM-6 and Uist'y nf Battery KtrrinAs by comraunlratljcber preont adcrrrs and a word in evidence of oontinued trieudship. Adilrr.i oi advertiser may be obtained of the proprietor of drug store corner Nineteenth street and Broadway. Sincere ks will be due any person who will kindly leave tee ad ~ ef M>e lady at the above mentioned place. M Y BOY.?RETURN TO YOUR MUSIC LESSONS ON Tuesdays and Prldaya. TU. AS. BU. NEW YORK AND HAKLEM RAILROAD OARS, SAT nrday night Tbe ladv who kindly raid good night to llio gentleman who eat nearly opposite will please state when and where an interview may be had. Addreaa Admirer, box 1W Herald offiee. >BT?WRITE TO MB. C. E. KINO, STATION 0, AND appoint a meeting. DOC. JKOW 8T0RM, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, BROAD way stage to Fourth street.?Will the lady with garnet anrrlngs grant an interview to the gentleman who aat op posite. Address L. K., box A411 Post office. CTMINWAY HA ? Will the lsidy eeera glasses and o LL?SUNDAY KVENINO. MARCH 17. who noUeed the gentleman with cloak. agara^ghtases and card send her addreaa to Aneon Crooks, , Spring street, N. Y. 1 riLL WILLIAM TEEF PLEASE 8BND HIS AD dreae to hla sister Mory Teel, care of Mr. Charles meruingcr, 4U9 Fifth street. New York. WILL THB LADY WHO COT IN A FIFTH AVENUE stage, between 9 and 10 o'clock ye terday morning filth), with a lone bundle in lier hand, favor the centleman wttb a correspondence or interview is he took her bundle una It till she got out of the stage, corner of Broadway and tit sueet. Address W. R. N., Herald offiee. WILL MR. DENIS MACKKY (LATE OF. DUBLIN) please send his address to James, box 101 Herald WRT 11.1. IT aw B. L. M. SETTLE WITH Y. 0. C. M. I swsr, station D. XtlANTED?TO ADOPT A CHILD, WITH DARK EYES, Yv from birth to two yearn old. Addt dress Mrs. Irving, Nation A, Spring street. ITU STREET, SUNDAY Slfllll, HALP PAST b seven.?Ladv with llule child, fur cape, be I tsae la Twanty-SIth street. Tbe gem who spoke <o I would like aa interview It agreeable. Address, ia eou taa, Weed, box Ml Herald office. MPBCIJU. IOTICRS. JAR FRANMBCO, CALIFOHNI A, FEB. H.-NOTICF. The undersigned beg to ooilfy their friend* ud the generally that (hay are not and never have baan lad Id or eonnectod with (ha houve of Halo, _ 1A Uou, corner of Jaoob and Frankfort streets. Maw ?art etc*. Ihta uotioe ia published not with a view of Aearedtuog or In any manna- injuring Mr houaa of Hetu Roche) A Co., hot simply to correct miaoooeaption. 111'. 11C A BRAT. I Bait, <16 Battery a treat ?UJI 0 WHOM IT MAT CONCERN." 1 reapaatfnlly Inform my friend* and tho public that 1 1 made arrangement* with dame* W. Ball. Ill Fifth M, where 1 would be moot happy to *ee my customer*. L ef whom I here ant for ao many years. WM. A. feTUAKT, late of Brooks Bret bars. ri T1IK PUBLIC.?THE REPORT OF MY ARREST which appaared in the papers or March is are erroueous In the extreme. The fuels are these:?Pou;h A Co., ot Jer ney City, old business acquaintances, requested mess a layer, (raring their absence west to obtain their letters from the Poet OlDce for them, end. If 1 could <lo so, to o'.herwiao 'oat OlDce for them, end. If 1 could do so, to o'.herwiao after their business, l or a short time I did so. until Wednesday last, when to my auriirise I whs arretted aad* taken before the Recorder, charged with dealing in obscene publications, which charge waa not sustained. After ex plaining mat'era the ease was virtually abandoned. I giving My own word to appear if required. Conscious ol Innocence, A aad no hesitation in giving my full name and residence. I ?Bear wee Interested in the Arm of l'ougb A <'o. in any man Mr. CHAKLF.S E. MACK BY. I HE LONGKHOREMBN'S UNION PROTECTIVE AS aocualions, in convention, Resolved?Tint no member any of the associations * ill work on any vessel where Mlaideraara employed to shovel coal on any pretence what ever after Mondu<-, the 25ih Inst. KODOKK ui'Rh'E, President Convention. Jian ('. Kino. Secretary Convention. INSTRUCTION. AT TOWNSEND'S BUSINESS COLLEGE, NO. 380 JV Bowery, between Prince and Houston street*.?Instruc tor, d Eb day and ereniue, in Bookkeeping. Penmanship. Arith t, Spelling. Grsmmir. Correspondence, Ac. Rooms for and private inriuctnn. No ctasaee. YOUNO LADY OP EXPERIENCE D ESI BBS A A situation as companion, or governess to children; Maebes English and music; best references. Address box UB Jamaica, L. I. AT $3 50?WRITING ? LESSONS, ARITHMBTTC. and writing or bookkeeping; lessons unlimited: 910 oarter. Patue's Mi mess Colleges (established AS per qnarler. BowcrtM and 349 Fulton street, Brooklyn. No classes. A YOUNO LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS OOVRE A boss to small children; can teach all the 1-ngtish hnenohes: also the rudiments of French end music. Address ?Tm. station O. Es we KKEEPING $10. WR1TINO fft-MESSRB. DOL bear, 809 Broadway, by special request will form cheap mi this week. They iruob Bookkeeping practically. as ? tntbe beet New York llooaes, and qualify gentli nen head bookkeeper*. Applicant* fnr cheap courses must ureseats immediately. B OOKKEEi'ING. PENMANSHIP AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS, OOI.DSMITH'S Uommer-lal Institute, 768 Broadway. anllHhed 134U. Private Instruction. German teacher wantbd.-lady preferred. Our living not far from the Fifth Avenue Hotel, and who has three or four even lues per week unoccupied, may address box .3,488 Post ullloe. M ADAME REICHARD'S educational institu tton. Landau, Khelnpfals, Germany. Grant sdvan offered for matin and languages. Terms 3d guineas anr annum. I'roepectase* and distinguished Herman, Kng Bab and French refei I and French references given by Mr. Ueckelmann, poet drawer 88. Hprlngtleld, Illinois. SB8IDKNT GOVERNESS.?A LADY WHO HAS HAD long experience In (caching music, French and the Bug i branches, and can furnish aatisfsctory reference to that affaut, wishes an engagement in a school or iamlty. Address 17 H. B., Boyd'a express 39 Fulton street. New York. mUTOR WANTED?OR A PRIVATE SCHOOL OUT OP A the city, for a boy IS years of aga, where a rigid disci. ?Mm will bo enrorood; good references required. Address, wHh particulars, f M. A., station G. NEWSPAPERS. T 1FB OP HIRAM WOODRUFP, WITH AN ESSAY ON ll his aareer and character. See "WILEE8' SPIRIT' of Io-day. T IFE OF HIRAM WOODRUFF, WITH AN ESSAY ON lj hi* career aad oharaothr. Im "WILKES' SPIRIT" of Today. EIPREISEI. SSU' -M"RNHAM'S FURNITURE EXPRESS. 115 WEST . Eleventh street, n*ar Sixth avsaue Furniture moved, or country; furniture perked sad shipped, furniture money ndvaneed on furniture. F AST FREIGHT LINE TO DENVER CITY, FOR HALT LAKE and all priadpal potato la Colorado, Now too, and Uie Terriiortea. TUB MERCHANTS' DESPATCH, AMERICAN EXPRESS COMPANY, Proprietor*, . is ticrfc-ted arrangementh with Watte, Ftrgo *Oh'l Great Overhind Route, are prepared to xlre through freight enouecto from New York., Boston, Albany, Buffalo. Cleve land. Toledo, Detroit, Chisago Cincinnati, St. LouU, and principal mtie* east"of the"Mi*?l?slprl, la DEN ?adds going to all points In the Territorial ^geljht shlppmfby the New Rail Rout*, via Omaha, and Well*. Fargo A Co. '? Overland Faal Freight LIB*. Claims for lose**, damages, Ac. promptly adjusted by onr agvois at daetinatinn. Tfor Information regarding ralaa, contract#. Ac., apply 10 A. H. LIVINGSTON. I>4 *iurrar street, New York; G. O. RIMGiH. Waehlngton street, Boston: ahd to oar sgente el all the principal Miles, HUGO RICHARDS, Agent, Denver City. Til HO. F. TKACKY, Agent, Halt Lake City. Agent, Vr? B. T. OILLR9FIR, Agent, Virginia City. March 14, iW. M. CUMMfNOS, Sup't, Buffalo. *. T. MARBLE MANTElil. AFARBLE MANTELS M0 MANTELS ON HAND, OF 111 every style and quality, which will be sold for the next dily day* at a liberal deduction, at A. K LA BE R'8 Mantel a *re rooms, 10# East Eighteenth street, near Third arena*, N. T. Cut this |d ARBUEIZRD 8LATH MANTBLA-SUFIRIOR IN M. appearance, more darable, half the price ofmarbje. r. B. STEWART, CM Sixth arena*, between Thirty-Afth Ml fhlrty-stxth streets. 14ARBLR MANTBL9 AT REDUCED.FRIOBS7-A FIBI M eelertton ao hand al B. ELASER'S mannfactory> Firm arena*, near Third mrem. New Tart CaU ig ? Tour. FHASHION OOORML-mOTTmO WILL MjMM; I udoi Ota Course thl^H ?apt duneg Oa stoatl of i wMAest bHiimUM. ea rn. oolton, ftijrnm. aiw ttgraas* A KiADT vuhbi to mu? ux canakt birds. A perfsetir tffciy Pj fgij singers. M a res sen ibis price. Call at M Wwt Eighteenth Mreat,aaar Math aveouw F? R 8ALB?AN KtKOAJfT SCHOONER TAOI hsndaomdyM every timet PhlladelphlA F? R BALE-A MCE HUNTING DOG (SETTER) AMD Gray bound, At SIX Bowery. Francir butler, hosfbck SUP, bar au. thr choicest breads of Dogs. Butlsr'a Infallible Maim Curs and Pisa Exterminator, 7# acuta. Batter's new work oa the Itojt, $2. Dogs trained, boarded. Ac. Medicine fur all diseases. SAIL BOAT WANTED-PROM H TO B PERT; and mainsail, or cat rig. Any one harms a good and willing to sell cheap, may address H., liar aid ollloe. JIB HORSES, C Alt HI AUKS. AC. A PAIR OP VERT BTTLIHII DARK BAT PONIES for sale?Or will exchange for three good work horses. Address box 8,832 Post ofih-e, or apply at lumber yard. Fifty third street and Second avenue. FINELY BRED SADDLE HORSE. BIX YXARB OLD; 15X bands; Hplritod, but kind, and is accustomed to a lady: broken to single vnd doubln hai ueas, wiUc be >y MINER A KOMKRVILLE. on Tuesday, the 19th In al IA a'oIa^L* a# tliaia ? 1 ? ? I1hIa? ? ? ? ? carry a told by _ slant, at 10 o'clock, at their salesroom, Union square. A NUMBER OP SECOND HAND CARRIAGES, COM pr alng I'hSBtona. llretts, lop Wagons. Ac , and a fine top Wagoo, made by Brewster A Co., of Broome sliest, for asle. at the Church Building, corner of Grand and Crosby streets. A TTENTlilN?WANTED A FINELT BRED AND A beautiful saddle Mare or Gelding, able to trot etoee to three minutes to wagon; must uot be over MX bands high, nor seveu years of ana. Address wtth full particulars. W. H.. box LUX New Pork Poet ofbee. No fancy price will be paid. A T THE REQUEST OP A LARGE NUMBER OP A the business community, we have changed the hour of commencing the sales at our horse suction mart in Union aqusre to lu o'clock A. M., issued of U o'cloox, as hereto lure. Boo auction head. suction advertisements. JOHN L. VANDEWATER. Auctioneer, 100 Liberty at. A -TOR BALR?THIS DAY, AT VAN DRWATRK'B . A act ion, 100 Liberty street, at II M., the well-known trotting Horse White Blockings; Is a blood bay, 7 yeara old, 16X hands high, aired bv luntter, out of thoroughbred mare: Is very handsome and stylish driver, of great endurance and ambition, and pure gat ted; sound and kind, wlthont blem ish. Tbls horse trolled i.vsl Juno In 2:MX. on Union track, driven by K. Walker; has been roaded ever since, and ie Improving all thr tunc; he la one of the finest gentleman'a road horses that can be found, and worthy of attention. Bole reason for selling siokneea of owner, and will be sold without reserve and warranted In all respect'. A. and kloA; f years old; fast travellers; 16 hands high: fit for butcher or grocery. Must be sold to-day. I*rlee $&) each. Inquire at 20! avenue B. between Twelfth and Tlur GOOD Oil A HOE.?TWO BORREL HORSES: SOUND each. Inquire At 207 avenue B. between leenth streets, lager beer saloon. A PUBLIC 8 A LB OP HORSE 8, CARRIAGES. War on v Harnc. Robes. Ac., at OLLIYETTE A OWENS' Routes, 1 Sf>l and 1,103 Third avenue, near UMtb street, this day, at 11 o'clock. A PAST BAT TROTT1NO HOR8E, EXCISE, 15V hands high, 8 rears old. sound and kind and warranted to trot stogie or double lo 1:50. will be sold at aueMon at I.OUl Broadway, near Forty-Hast street on Wedneedav, March 20 at lf.SC o'clock. To be seen any day be fere the A "OB A NOB OP HOUR-AT HOR8E AUCTION MART, Union square, this day. MINER A bOMHBVI LLP'S boras eaia wiU AT 12 O'CLOCK iaelead of UeVloek aa heretofore. Twe elegyit Carriage Teams, Ac., Ac Bee AooMeu heed. 1DOR 8AI.B-A VBRT PI ME PAIR OP DARK ORAM ' Carriage Horses, well matched, leeg tails. M headir high. 8 years old; soend and very styiiea. Also tlx reel Thee ton. Harness. Ac. The owner Ie no* la leave town, and this pieeanta a rare opportunity to bay a hand seme as tebtishmeiiL Inquire for isso weeks at B. MONTAGUE. Marble Yard, Wast Twenty-Slth street, beiweea Tenth sod Elcvseth avenues. go FOR RA.tR-A VKRV 8TYLIBU AND HANDSOME lai V?n, ? year* old: alao a Oeupe Koaiaway, nearly aewandJo goodnrdar. Inquire of HfUH, m private stable, 99 V?t Thirtieth etret-l, noor Broadway. R 8AI.E-A GLASS HKARSE. IX GOOD ORDER. Apply to KENNEDY, 498 Pearl street. f>tOR SALE?A SECOND HAND (MUCH, IN RXIEL 1 lent order. and u good ?? new, Wood's make. Apply to MIRER, cTKVLNri ACQ.. 408 Broadway. For hale?cartvaX'I business down town, together with Horaaa, Carte, Track* end erory thing ne i?**..iy to do n Urge buaineas. The business la of many yearn' clouding, and will be aold cheap, an the owner in ynlng to the country. Alto to lot or lease, l tie Stable occu pied t>y the iindariigiied, at a fair rata, for term* or other information call at 113 Rank alroet in the morning, or at IS South William street. ?RO. JBFFERS For sale?onb bay horse, ? tears old; would make a good horie for family uac. or is enlt. able for am kind o; work: sound aud kind. Alao light Wagon and Harness. Will be sold eeperntely If desired. Apply et 31 Conn lit* flip. For sale?a fine young brown horse, in from the country leet Fi .itar: Ave Tear* old; 1,970 Ibe.; 17 hand* high: is so'intl and ktod; w.ll l>* sold reasonably. Apply at 17u Newark eventte, Jersey City, ovor the store. F.10R 8AI.E-A LONG 1MB OF A FIRST CLASS 1 l.ivery stable; will accommodate 79 horse*. Inquire nt 108 Sluh avenue. _________ rK BALK?A VERY FINE STYLISH PAIR OF BAT Carriage Horace; well matebed. 16 high, 8 and 9 Dire old. perfectly sound, and free from fault. Also ? y'a Saddle Herts; ganUe, kind end well broken. ? years old, che-nut, H band* end 1 inch high; only told because toe family go to Europe Alto Carriages. Harness and com* pleta stable Furuitur.-. To be seen el private suble. No. 4 West Twenty-aevantb atreet, any time until sold. For balm?a sound young horse, fivh yr/rh old. Impure at 937 Bast Thirty-imrd street. FtOR SALR? FI LL SDK DOUBLE I RUCK IK OOOD order, with train and harness. Apply nt 148 Fearl street, up stair*. * Fir salf?ptahlk in forty fhwt htrekt, ftp.. tween Ma lison and Fourth avenue*: one in Thirty slrth atreet, sen-nth and Eighth avenues; one ia Furiy-nflb street, between Fifth ami 81ith avenue*. WM. II. RAYhOR, No. 9 Pir.e atreet. IflOR SALK-A POWERFUL FAST WALK I NO HORSE. 1 17 cwt.; 8 years old. 17 hands; alao two Una young blind il<>r*es, aud several farm lior*ee. 80 New Chainbeta atreet. _ Ij*OR SAI.R-STYI.IS1I SOKRKI. MARE, SIX YEARR ' old, 16 hauus, nice driver: .-ound, kind; $lsi>; sorrel Unr*e, IS', hands, nine year*. $36, new Light Harness, $.'*). 144 West ltveiily-idiilh atreet. IpiVB LOW PRICED VERY HANDSOME FARM ' Mare*: one Hose matched/team of brown Marca lb'6 hands, 7 years old. pony built; prtoe tow; must be sold to day. 498 Fearl street. ? GOVERNMENT PROPERTY AT PRIVATE SALE.? 1(1,000 sets new and second hand Harness, Saddles, Col lars, Bridle*, Halters, wagon and horse Cover*, Paulina, AwnlugA Bed Ticks, tjrain Bag*. Tents. Tent Bioefc, Blan ketii, Ac., very low. Plain MoClellan Saddles, omcer*', Me Clelian and artillery Baddlea. new Artillery Bridle* with ?ated bits. Awoinra and Wagon Covers made to order; edge, Wall and Hospital Tents. PITKIN A CO., No. 5 Park plaua, Near York, and 999 North Front street, Fuiladci pbla. Fa. HORBKB AND CARRIAGES.-GREAT BARGAINS? Selling oF, the stock of the Continental R table a, corner at Thirty-ninth atreet and Broadway. PRIVATE BTABLR ?<ABOVE GROUND) 108 WEST Bifbteenth etragt, to rent from May 1; prion $980. Ap ply at 80 Front street. STARLB WANTED?IN THR UPPER PART OF THE elty. capacity at twelve koreee or more, by The Oreai Americas Tea Company, 38 and 97 Veaey atreet. ANTED?A GOOD, NBAT SECOND HAND OPEN Wages. Address J. T, L.. hex 1,088 Peat ofltoe. w WAOON.-A HBAYT WAGON FOR 8ALB CHRAP. Suitable for a sand or atone truck, or for shanking into earts. Inquire at the fovernment a tores on the Bat tery. (inn for A BOUND HORSE, FIT FOR ANT fHUvl kind of work: $80 for a good work Pony; alao a light Rocks way for 879; Coupe, 8900, two Road Wagon* (one ?ingle seal) 9IOO each; Top Buggy. 8lw>, at Hav*yra stable, Seventeenth atreet, near First arena*. _ ___ . __ _ .. __. __ FROrOBALD FOR FLUID AND CONDENSED MILK IlxrivruK*T or i Poauo Cnmivtva san Coaaaerio*. J No. 1 Rovp Htrsst. Nbw Ynna. Marrh I, 18(17. ) Sealed propoaala will be received by the Commiaaloner* of Public CharlUra and Correction, at tbetr office. No. 1 Bond street, until I o'clock P. M. of the 91*1 InaL, for supj lvmg the Inailtutlona under their charge with Fur* Milk for oua year, oommcncttig on the 1st dav of April next, rroposala will he reotlved lor supplying Fluid and Con densed Milk, It being reserved by the Commissioners 10 select either or both of the above JeaerlpUona as they may deiermlne to bo moat advantageous to the Department. The above la to be of the heat quality in every respect, and the Fluid to be Pnre Unskimmed Country Milk. Satisfactory evidence will be required of the ability ef the parties lo furnish the quantity called for without default, and security will b? required for the faithful performance of the contrast. The Commleelonrri reserve to themselves the power of receiving or rejecting any or all propositions or portions thereof aa thev may deem proper. Any Information required Will be given en application at their office. JAMES BOWEN. ) JAMES B. NICHOLSON, V ISAAC BELL. f OWEN W. BURN NAN. J Commissioners. WATCHEf. JEWELRY, AC. Diamonds .?? V*tiW>.alS WAWCHL. |lLMW h" in<m^inoKjni and ivonoxm, timiM, City Ittimi Om ?mm, Mail ),MU mad Omrm) Swartt Am, N<NMa kaad fm sale, MMMtatmatbwniMfttlw Amci MARIPOSA COMPART, Ma U WALL U street?April CtnoM for interest an Mariposa mart. R'K'ui- srumiJKTWSa,,?-" ? "?? Rom. SM and RM Canal streat, cnrmer of Laight Raw km lb* Mat um to Acpoall your aaooay. _B1* par cant interest on sums of 95 to 9AU00 from April I. Tka bmuk will be open (or the Inspection of Tlallora on Wednesday, Thar a day, Friday mod Saturday ot thla week. Assets, $3,116 CM X. O. 8. Cains, Bac'y. K. V. HaUQHWOOT, Pres't. rpui U8TBKB OP CREDITORS AND STOCKHOLDERS OHIO AND MISSISSIPPI<&Al<*BOAD COMPART <8. D). OFFICE 81 WALL STRKBT. Raw YoBk, Mason 15, W. CERTIFICATE HOLDERS' MEETING. Tha undersigned with aaliafaction anaounaaa the adoption, by nearly a unanimous rote, of the amendments la tbe "Trnst Agreement," proposed at tha meet try of Nor ember 1, ISM, and since voted upon by mors than three-fourths la Internet of tha ownara of tha common, and also of preferred eertificataa. The rights of parties In Interest being haw defined, and their future policy indicated. It has been urged by eereral partiea largely Interested that this meeting be continued, and the certificate holder* be solicited to lake Immediate action for tha consolidation of the two organisation* provided for; and for niieh purpose a rote upon tbe annexed rmolutlom bated upon the following plan and data, will now ba pro needed with dsilv:? Certificate holders are earnestly requested to rote thereon without delay, ir tier that the meeting may not be unneoaa, aariiy protracted, to tbe passible detriment of thefnslerestSk EDWARD LEARNED, Chairman, PLAN POR ENTIRE ENTERPRISE, UNDER SINGLE CORPORATION. Capital stock icommon to be 990.000.000 Capital atook (preferred) to ba 3,500.000 Bonded debt, including existing bonds 8,500. OOU Total ooavoir stops to an isspto. TO the $90,000,000 eartlflente bnlders, three skaraa full Mock for arary $600 of certifiestsa 90,000,000 One share eenp stock, assesasble fur forty dollars each, for every $400 of eerttSeatea 5,000,000 To $5 SOU.000 preferred certificate holders, scrip stock assessable for 9S6 each, three shares for every 9700 of preferred certificate* 1.0a0,000 Te nsw subscribers 1,500 000 Total $90,1100,000 Preferred stnek te be Issued to preferred certificate holders, i>ar 5,500,000 Money required for the entire enterprise 8,000.000 iubw. Bends, $li.SO(VOnO Less present bonds S,?5i.00O S4.8fi0.000 st M par cent $4,806.00# Reaeiwabla on 95.0fi0.fi00 scrip stock.... 40|>ercent 2.O0D.IVM Receivable on 1.600.000 sen;) stock.... Si per cent 5SS.000 Hale of 1,600,000 reserved common stock, and any excess of preferred stuck 1,900,000 Total 98,000,000 Total miles of road 590 Miles of road baring both gauges, three ralla (Cincinnati toRL Loniv) 910 Miles of road having narrow gauge only (Vines ansa to Cairo and Padueah) UM KSTIMATk Or SASV1.VCS FIRST T1SR SFTVR WWrunM. Brned gsn^e line (average of earnipga 1805. 1808. oMsi, and LoirUriila iina'fgafn). ""fiaKOOO Clncinnsll and Kvansvllle line (ealnl 100,400 Cincinnati. Cslra and Padueah fine 'gain! LU0.M Cincinnati and Rt. lona, third rail (gain).. 789.080 Total 98,900.000 Operating and mairialnltig, say 009-3 per <%nt 4,100 ?7 imcm? eaptioilm bonitin;....'.'..'.fioi'diio Interest en SBfiORflOO preferrwl sleek 956.000 ^ la brMMNrcmrL th* opinion# of parlies familiar with th# bnalaaaa Ink to b# secured. FKOFOARD AMFNDMERT. Whereas, Jtt tklo meeting of the certificate ho)(ter%-duly ?auvened and by raaolutton eoutlnned. certain unrmlmmU to I ho Trnot Amatol of ntrtmtar 1ft, MM, tin bat adopted, wherebv th# organization of two distinct railway ooreorsiione U authorised tor p#rp#*aa tkarma tartars#, in la adjustment of th# right# tad intermtMtawmgfmtaM holders;? And Whereas. Such purpose aaa aaw ha he nrtletaBy nta complUtiaU bv one-of aurh contemplated corporation*;? HMM " - U la hyhg W?satoj<t *ud agreed, That *e*<* ?^?nriiU, adopted as aforeantd. ara bereov an a ailed and repealed In ao far aa they eppertalu tor talaurtu the corpora tions so propose I la b? oigstdaed, and in substitution there- I for. Iba following he adopted aa amendatory of the fifteenth article of aald Troat Agreement. "Whan the Trustee* shell hare perfected their | "When the Trustee* shell hare perfected their pnxrhaaa ?f the Ohio and Mississippi RaUrosd (Tv astern Diekatoo), or shall otherwise bare become poser seed of the same, they ?hall form or procure to be formed a corporation under suoh Iowa of the States of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, or alther thereof, a* thrr shall deem advisable " The capital of such corporation shall constat of thirty-flee ' amir thousand Preferred Shares and two hand red thousand Gam mon Hliaraa, of the par rslne of SIM) aach. The purposes and obligations of such sorporatios shall ho and be made aa follows:? To recelre from the Trustees the property to ha purchased aa aforesaid- viz: The Ohio and Mississippi Railroad (East ern Dlrislon). and also all right*, properties and. Interests held by them In or relating to the Ohio and Missis* tslpp, Rail way Company (the Wasters Division), being the entire cap ital Stock sad share* of raid comnany. together with all houda claims or demands against aald company hsld or be longing to the trust. To receive from the trustee* say snd all ether properties ar thing* belonging to the trust and projierty deliverable on the Anal termination thereof. T? make and seonre, without onn?(WS**rv deity, close trade communication sad rail connection with the narrow gauge system of railroads, attending to, or Intersecting aald Ohio and MUsisalppi Railroad, by a third and intermedial* rail-to he )?id upon said road, and with the southwestern roads bv the construction of the Illinois Southern Railroad, or to -ecu re such abject by some site rustic* arrangements ' " iWr"" "* - ? which will yield equivalent be.iaflti and ravanua to said com pany. To maintain, operate and manago the properties ao to be acquired or constructed, and any other which msy thereaf ter be acquired, as an entirety, and conformably to the pro vision* and declaration* of this amendment. The capital .tork of the corpora Sou a halite used and dis posed of aa follow*:? To the persons or parties who. upon a day to be deter mine*! by the trustees, of wlilub not lea* than thirty days' notice shall be published Inane or mora prominent news paper* In the cftv of few Tork, -ball be duly registered on the book* of said trustees as the owner* of trustees' certifl cates, on the base* and rnnrhilnns following, and on the sur render and aanaellatlon ef their efvarnl er.rt'ft rates, viz ?T n the owners, so reg sirred. or their legal representatives, af preferred certificate*, there shall b? issued preferred stock of the corpomticm, full paid, for the summit of their pre ferred aertlfx-sies. tncMnaad hy an alloVr.nce of fntei<-?t thereon, cmnnted np ta the Istday of September neitat and alter the rate of one share of stich pti ferred stork for every our hundred doliar* of tuck ceitiftcates and tnlareat surrendered by them respectively. Tbe preference of such prafeired stoek to be and eonatl atltuie gaafi slock n first (?(? upon the property of the cor poration, after iu Indebtedness and to entitle the owners, thereof i?l?n <o worn per cent per annum, enmulativa in Wrest parable semi-annually thereon; and whenever the net earning* of the corporation sba'l ba In exneas of tna amount requisite to pay seven per cent dividend* per an num on the common stock (all accrued interest on the pre ferred slock being paid), such excess, when distributed, ?hall he divided equally per share on preferred and common stock alike. And to such owners. In addition to such preferred sto k, there shall be Issued three share* of common stock, to ba designated scrip slock, and declared to be paid np to tha amount of ?lsty-flve dollars each, for every seven hundred dollars of their preferred certificate* and Interest aforesaid. To the owners, rezlstared as aforesaid, or their legal repre sentatives, of common or un*referred certificates, common stock of the corporation, ftill paid, for tha amount of their common certificates, at and alter tha rate of three such shares of stock for every live hundred dollars of such oenlfl eales surrendered by them respectively; and in addition thereto of one of such shares. Pi ha designated scrip stock, and to be declared te be paid np u> tbe amount of sixtv dol lars lor every four hundred dollars of their such esrtiocataa so surrendered. ? . . ? To parties entitled to fractional parts ef a share of either class there shall be tsaued a full snare of same elaas, on tbe peyment by susb party In money of Uia fair current value of the com plemant All shares, lmth preferred and commos, not Issued aa inaltHUn above provided, including all fractional parts of shares which any certificate holder may not take as aforesaid; to ba held, used and dl?potrd for the henallt ol the corporation and purpose* hereinbefore declared, aa Its Directors mar from lima ta time determine All Scrip Stock to n* subject to tha payment of future assessment* up to par, when tbsy shall become full paid shares; twin-payment of any such assessment to forfait the stock, without other ItaMHtv The corporation shaft, pa restricted from creating and tanning any mortgage Han upon Its property, which shall at any time make the aggregate amount or Its issued aad out standing mortgage Indebtedness exceed seventeen thousand Irad dollar Ave hundred dollars per mile, aioept bjfcautborlly first to be had aad obtained of i wo thirds In Interest of th* owners of both tha preferred and common full paid stock. . ? When toe corporation la dulr organized lb* trnsteet ahall transfer and convey to It the entire property belonging to tbe trust then held or controlled by them, in such manner and hv such instrument* la writing as counsel may advise; aad they are hereby authorized lo do any and all acta and things necessary lo esrry Into affect th# pill-pose* and decla rations af this amendment W tha trust agreement, and lo discharge any expanses or obligations made or Incurred am account of this meeting, which they ?hall deem properly la, from tha beneficiaries of the trust. ?talma his. The corporation, simultaneously with the transfer of the properly a* aforesaid. Shall assume .11 tha obligation* and liabilities - - - ^ liabilities of the trustees under or connected with the trust agreement, and their actions relating thereto, and shall pro tact and save aald trustees from *11 loss or barm on account thereof; and shall undertake the execution and ohllgsilono of this amendment In such form and manner as shall bo satisfactory to said trustees. . On the due transfer of th# property as aforesaid lo 'ha new corporation, and npon proper meaaure* being U,krn to secure la the certificate holders their respective share* of stock as aforesaid, and npon the aforesaid assumption Of tk* llatitlltie* and obligations aa aforesaid, this trust shall be and be taken to be fully discharged and terminated; and tha trustaae ahall thereupea ba fully released forever from eny atalma, lose or damage therefrom, or In any manner relating thereto, by reason of any sat or omission by them, ar either ef them, pertaining thereto, TO CAFITALIRT8.-WANTED, $75,000 FOR OMR OR more years; security given for Rve times the amount and a guarantee of fourteen par east per annum on th# Investment. Far particulars address, with real aama. R., hex 4,794 Poet ofBea. TITAHTKD?A DOT OF RAILROAD BONDS AND MB n a#Uan#ou* Stocks of nominal vahsa Addraan, with

prtaa and kin#, Laere. Herald ofi^sa. ttr?? pm riVARCIAL. ^ INffTLYANIA STATE LOAB. raorosALs ros a loam or sb.sbo.ooq. Whereas the hoods of the Oommoawoatth and certain oer ttteatM at indebtedness amoantlng to fiB.fiOU,?8Q, hare bean te and uoatd for some UmepLst; whereas it la daatrabte that the same should ba paid Horn the market; there fore. " 1 by the Senate and Boom of Be EdSrSTFei ? satwawealtk of renasyhrania la Oas> a) Awmbhr met, aad It la hereby enacted by the authority of the auM| That tho Ooeeraar, Auditor General and State Tiaaaarar be, and are hereby aalhorited and empowered to borrow on the faith of the Camiatmwealth. In eueh amounia and with aueh notice (not tree than forty daya), a*they maj doom moot expedient for the interest of the state. tWeu ty-throe mlBteaa ef dollars, aad issue certificates or loan or bonds oft ha Commonwealth for the saute, bearing Interest at a rata aot exceeding six per centum per annum, payable semi-annually, en the let of February and 1st of August, In the ai?y ef Philadelphia; which eenJAeates of ioao or bonds ?hall aot be subject to any taxation whatarer for State, municipal or local purposes, and shall be payable aa fol lows, namely:?Klra millions of dollars payable at any time after Are yours and within tsu years; eight million*, of dollars payable at any time after ten years and within nf. ulillo teen years, and lea mi ll-ins of dollars at any time after fif teen years sad within twenty-tiro years, and shall be signed by the Governer end State Treasurer, and countersigned by the Auditor General, sad registered in the books nf tbe Auditor General, and to bo transferable on the books of tbe Cemmoawoallb st tbe Farmers' and Mechanics' National Bank of Philadelphia: tbe proceeds of tba whole of which loan. Including premiums. Ac., received ou the same, ahull be applied to the payment of tbe bonds and eertlBcates of Indebtedness of tbe Commonwealth. final The bids for tbe said loan shall be opened In the presence ef the Governor, Auditor General and State Treas urer. and awarded to the highest bidder: Prodded, That no certificate hereby authorised to be issued shall be negotiated for less than lts per value. 8xa 3. Tbe bonds of the State and certificates of Indebted ? ?ess, now over due. sbsll be receivable In patment of tbe ?aid Wen, B under such regulations as the Governer, Auditor General and State Treasurer may prescribe; and every bid der for the loan now authorised to be issued sh .ll state in his bid whether the same la payable in cash or In the bonds or certificate* ot Indebtedness of the Commonwealth. Mac. A That all trustees, executors, administrators, guar dians, agents, treasurers, committees or other persons hold dlans, agents, treasurers, oommltiees or other persons hold ing In a fiduciary iwpaolty bonds or certificates of indebted ness ef tbe Mate, or moneys, art hereby authorized to bid for the loan hereby authorized to be Issued, and to surren der tbe bonds or uertilicaies ef loan held by them at the time of making such bid, and to receive the bonds authorized to ' be issued br this act. ' 8sa a any person or persons standing in the fiduciary capacity stated in ths fourth section ot ibis act who may desire to invest-inenev in their bauds fur the benefit of the trust may, without an order of court. Invert the some In the bonds authorized to be issued by this act, at a rate of pre mium uot exceeding twenty par coiitum. fine. A That from slid after the passage of this net all the bonds of this CominonwaaHk ahaU bo paid off In tbe order of ttotr maturity. Hoc. 7. That all loans of this Commonwealth not yet due shall bo exempt from State, municipal or looal taxation after tho Interest due February first, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-seven shall have been paid. hko. fi. That all existing laws, or portions thereof, incon sistent herewith, are hereby repealed. Jonw P. GLASS, Speaker of thfi House of ftefneaentallvee. Speaker of tbe 8enate. Approved the second day of February, one thousand eight hundred and tdity eevsn. JOHN W. OKAKY. In accordance with the provisions of the above net of A* ibiy sealed proposals will be meelved at tbe. ofilee of tbe sr, In thl State Treasurer, In tbe City of Uarrisburg, Pennsylvania, until 13 o'clock M. of tho 1st day of April, A. I).. 1887, to bo endorsed as follow*;?" Proposals for Pennsvlvanla State Loan, Treasury Department. Harris burg. Pa., United Slates ef America." Bids will be resolved for fia.a00.ixn. reimbursable in five arable hi tan years; fib,000,0 years aad payable hi tea years; fib,000,000 reimbursable lu ten years and payable lu fifteen years, and filOJOO,UUO, reim bursable In fifteen years and payable hi twenty-live years, -fivnc ' - ? the rate of I ate rest to he either five or six per cent, per an num, which must be explicitly staled In the bid-.and the bids moat advantageous ? the Stale will be accepted. No bid for less than par wtB bo considered. Tho bonds will be leaned in sums of $80 and such higher sums as desired by Abe teeners, to be free from State, local and munklpsU Tho aver due bonds of tho Commonwealth of Pennsylva nia will bo received at par la payment of this loan; but bid dors must stale whether they Intend la pay In oash or la tbe overdue loans aforesaid. No distinction win be made bitsrun bidders paying In 0Mb areverdaa loans. JOHN W. OBABY, . Governor ef Pennsylvania. JOHN F. HARTKANFT, Auditor General. W. H. KBJfBLB, Mate Treasurer. 1*. P.?No saw spa pei psbTlsblag tho ah eve, aaiess aatha rlsad. will receive pay. tinnnnn-0*1 ?* >ori capitalist* ? CiuU.UvU. wMh tola amennt la currency witling to invest It WME a eertotagp of donhtiagll In gold within affbU ?a months may addraan bex 4 WS poet offioe. t17C Ann to loan on snr tout, brook fi I u.vvU Ijrn and Inwy real aetata. Baoond mort Mu cashed. Traveller'? Insurance Compear C. M. WILLItTFPlnaatreet t97K AAA to Load or bond and mort. f AI y.WVU mm If ene ar mora earn* aa ml jrf* ^tyf'p^SjBT. ? Wia rtraat. room H. AAA TO loan on bond and mokH ?OUU.UlfU Malnrtrleui ?a>. UD rsal awi*,H >D, 9t7 Broadway, room IS. IiOAK OFFICES. A T 7f?MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED OR DIA A MONDE, WATCHES, JEWRLBY. It . OR TM{ HARK BOUGHT AT Til? HIGHEST RATER. ALSO r DIA i tug FaWnBHOERRM' TICKET! BOUGHT FOiTDI AMOND8, WATCHES, JEWELRY. Ac..al77 Bleacher street. ap?tairs ATM BROADWAY?I PAY TflR HIGHEST PRICES for Diamonds, Welches, Jewel nr. Aa.. or advance aa tha asm*. ISAACS, Diamond Broker, Opooalia Wattack's theatre. A T HYMAR'S, US BROADWAY. OORNRR OP BOND A street. will be paid the highest prloe for Diamonds. Watches and Silverware, or wiU adranca on tha above ar tic Ira. ADYARCRB RACK OR WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JEW ?Iry, Dry Good* and Perusal Property of every de scription. J. A. JACKSON, 111 Grand street, two dooraweet of Broadway. IT MS BROADWAY, CORRER OP BLEBCKER A street?The utmoat value will be eald for Diamond*, Watches, .Irwela. Silver Wore, Aa, or liberal advances made on consignment*. Diamonds, Watehee, Ac., always for ml* aheap. A. HONMRAM, Broker. Removed from M Nassau SUMS. AT ass PEARL STRBBT. BETWEEN NEW BOWERY end Franklin square, liEDKKRR A CO.. advance lib erally at reasonable term* ou all valuable property, Watches, JMjdry, Diamond*, Ac , or purchase. a T 817.?MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANKBD ON DIA A MONDE, WA1CIIBB, JEWELRY. AC.. OR THE SAME BOUGHT POR CASH. AT "17 BROADWAY. ROOM HO. 4. 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STARTLING 11 GRAND! I I OSCAR HALP BLOOD. NOW ON EXHIBITION, FREE, AT TUB PIPTn Arenue Art Gallery, a very One mMerilnn of original modern Oil Petrtinga by leading art lata of the French, Belgium and American school* OCHOOIA PARTIES AND FAMILIES CAN BE FUR P nistied with an eufaulnment, consisting of Punch and .ludy and the Starcoptiam. day or avening. 'forms moderate. Apply at 111 and 114 Broadway. SEYMOUR'S COSTUME DEPOT. U8 CANAL STREET, near Bowenr: the iMtS and moat varied aaaorlinenl or Theatrical Bal Maauue, Tableaux, No ietr Coatumea In the Uuitedaflute*. 182 182 182 Canal atreet. _1 MTSTERlOrS BI.OODl MBATTOWAL. 1IALF SUPERB. op(&i ??????? RESERYED SEATS CANNOT BB PROCURED AT THE Central Normal Muaical Conservatory, but a good Mniinul Educatlna ran. Hi Weal f wanty alalli ?tract, be tween Seventh and Eighth avenues. Circulara ready. PIANOFORTES, AORKAT REDUCTION IN FRIOER?BARMORK'R celebrated Piano*. 848 Blce-kar afreet, warranted flra yeara; 17 prize mrdela awarded. Second hand Pianos, Nunaa' make, $100 *140, $760. MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OP TIIE FINEST _ _ mad aheapeat new and aecnnd hand Piaaoa in the city for aale and to rent, at WM. CANDIDL'K' wareroama, 46 A aad aheapeat new aad aeoon^han^Plaao^^th^clty for Blaeokgr street FINK TsSORTMEMT OP PIANO FORTES TO LET and auld la instalments, at the manufactory, 1M and 188 Raat 1 wenty-flrat Street. L. P. CUMBINOS. A mm MAGNIFICENT PIANOFORTE FOR BALE?FOR $778. coat $680; alao a Parlor Suit, for $900; one da for $1 u, Alao the Furniture of a parlor and four bedroom*, at a bargain. Inquire at 119 Wait Eighth atreet. near Mxlh aveaua. AS~PAMILT WILL SELL THEIR MAORI PICFTP ear Ted roaawnod Pianoforte, worth $680, for leaa than half; 7 ootare. oTcratruag, iron rnuaa, nearly new. Apply at Jt7 Raat Tenth street MAGNIFICENT ROBF.WOOD PIANOPORTE FOR aale? made to order; city meter; coat $600, for MR Including stool and corar; Parlor Suite, Elageres, Rook-sr. Cham liar and Dining; a aaerlboe. 44 Waal Siileaolh atreet, ?ear Stith avenue. Bli>|iLK.|18 Amity ttre'u^iear Bn tdwaj LADY WILL SAORIPIOM A BEAUTIFUL Rosf AOOOD ROSEWOOD PI ANO -FINE TONE, IN Pr It fact order. Stodarij maker; prion $U|; onefnr $lt*> A. Wieid 7 oeUve Pianoforte, lneltiding stooi, nrlcln prlia $860; for nearly half; o*ar*trnng baaa; rarred leg*; nearly new. celebrated makera. Apply at W Third ?treat. ? YY AROA1N8.?$92$ r7)8E WOOD J OCTAYB piano. 1) forte; full Iron frame, lateal Improvement*; per(e?t order. Koeewood Pianoforte; Htodart A Dunham makers; $176. Assortment new Pianoforte* at manufacturem prices. MrDONALD g CO., JO Fourth aTenne. opposite Cooper Inetltute. ________ UMKR$ON'$ PiTNOS-POR CASII OR ON f**TAL Hi menu; piicea reduoed; one that hae been ueed but three months, very low. Piano* to rent C. A. HUNGER, 8W Broadway. IANOFORTB FOR HALE IMMEDIATELY ?A GOOD ? Pianoforte, of brilliant and riwerful tone, for sale, price $80. Apply at l?H Twanneih ?Ueet, near Third hv. PHHLAMO TO LKT-LOW. Tt) A aponatble peraon. Apply ?t No. 8 Carroll place (Rieeoker itreel). TIIE BALL REASON. For tieketa. et 8? eaeh, admllUng ene genUemaa and lady, aad extra ladiea' tieketa, at $n each, apply at the fat lowlaa offraa?R Krollpfelffer. 41 Pine ?treat; In. Saner, ? IntoTpiM; J. O HundtWI'W uliraei. inho Starter mannjWI droalTay. ti. Haaft, 4$f Breadway.P Spangan "^And forrsotr**'vo R. RrellpMFer, 4$ Pux atraet aad Ha*ft Bra* . 897 Broadway. tiernaii and two ladiea, nan ba had of the mambars of the aooiety only, vtx;?PrwL Kapp. No. 4 wall street; Eng. Rollln, >4 Exchange place; p. W. Hayua, 88 Bea ver atraet: O. OUendorfor, 17 Chatham street; C. O. Gnnther, SOU Broadway: M. Oraahnf, 1$ Piatt atreet; William Btainway, 71 Eaat Fouitaenth street; George Nemhacb, 141 Eighth atreet, J. Wtndmnllar, corner Four teenth atreet and FourUi avenue; la Kammerer. IM Walker ?treat; L. Burger.U Buwery; O. lfrn**., O Bowery; L. A. Oraaee. SJ0 Greenwich atreet; Dr. C. Lellman, $1 Bast Fourth atreet; Ohaa. Haaaelt.Fl Spruce atreet; G. Vairel - mann. No. f Hanover atraet; Wm. Banners, 16 Exchange place, aad others. By order of the Committee. H. C. r. EQCH, naaratary. j^CADEMT OF MUSIC. FUBIM BALL. THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 1887. Subscriptions received by Ad'olpb L. Sanger, Praaldent, 7$ Naaaau atceet; Arnold Tauzer, Yka President, 167 Canal street; Myer S. Isaaoa. Treasurer, 78 Naaaau street; George ?.Levy, SecfTtary (wtth Crofua, Knapp A Co.), 19 Mereer .street. ANtrSKMKST*. EV^OR^HRATRB^^^^M Msnaasre Lewis Bator an* Hut AmtU SECOND NIGHT OK TUB RE-ENGAGEMENT. LADY DUN will appear on Tasadsy mw? KATHLEEN, wlU ?r. la lbs baautt/ul ul paUaite Iruu mt KATHLKKNMAVOUBNBKN, BT. PATRICK'S BP*. Per particulars af Us asst. seanary sad tasMswts ssa grammes of lbs performance. After which,by particular request Lady Doa's ftmu SCOTCH HAL LADS AND TABLEAUX VlYAJrTR. la preparation Us celebrated dram* of DON CAMAR DE HASAN. In whisk lady Dm will slag Us most popalar sstestls IL WALLACE'S OPBBA. Theater francair-comrdt. TUESDAY, MARCH IS, 1881, AT S O'CLOCK. Last repraaanlallon of J*A PAPILT.ONNE, _ (Original of Taming a Butterfly.) Comedy la Urea act<, by Vtcloisso hwrdou. MM DKUX SOUBDH?COMEDY. Ticket offlee at U. DARDONVILLK'B, <78 Broedw^ THKATBB FRANCAIR -FOURTEENTH STREET, near SIxU arenue. Thuradsv next. March ill, IW7. Farewell Benefit of MM. MCK1HOT and CHAN DORA, sod Mine*. ROSA SAUNIKR and caUUEL. LK SUPPLIES D'L'NE FEMUR, Drama In three act?. by Alexander Dumas, L'AMOUB D'UNE INGENUE. Comedy. Ticket ofUoe at fl. Dardonrtlle's, 678 Broadway. /GRIFFIN A CHRISTY'S VT MINSTRELS. Fifth Avenu?|Opera House, Nne. 1 and 4West Twenty-fourth Q. W. H. ORIFFIH *....Manager. THIS iri THE FAMILY RHh6Kt"* la no-place ef amusement In New York do snch peals s# laughter pour from tbe merry of the audience. George Chrl-ly. Otio Buib-nt, J. T. Boyce and ft. Hughe* every night, supported bv O. W. H. Griflln, master of cere monies. Tony pastor's oppra house, mi bowkby. r Ba-engasement of the Modem Gladiator Mr. St H OOLYF.R and hte two sons. DAN and EDDIE. The great original local drama. with new scenery, AO, THK WORKING GIRLS OK NHW YORK. rim working girls of ni.w ygrk. Grand Ballet, The Turkish Slaye Market, new Songi by Tony Pastor, new Ethiopean aete by tba great Colored Come dy Cam "taction. MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AT 1H P. M. H OOLEY'H OPERA HOUSE, R ROOK T,YN.?THE BLACK MAN OP AGAR, THK MILLINKIt*. Ole Bull in a Tight Place. Tito Happy Old Woman. ' 'nweleome Visitor, The Aotlm Buy. Pheheenna Brim e, Othello; Wake Up, William Henry; Bed Hoc. By Mailt. ti tk Hughes, Heed, Hernandez, Collina, (jueeu, i-eavitl* lenn, Ac. BUNYAN TABLEAUX.?LARGEST PANORAMA rl* the world. Sixty magnificent scenes. Illustrating "Bun yen's Pilgrim's Pi ogres*." Union Hall, Hroadway and Twenty-third street. Open every night at 7: enaMMStctog at 8. Admission so csats; eluldrsa m cent*. Matinee >Wed nesdsy anil Saturday, at 3 o'einok. * ROBT. J. GRkKNWOUD, Manager aad 1 0 SCAR, THE HALF-BLOOD. BATES. rE GREAT HISTORICAL FAINTING. REPUBLICAN COURT IN TUB DAYS OP LINCOLN. ON EXHIBITION DAY AND EVENING. ART INSTI TUTE (DEItBY OALLHRY). **> BROADWAY. OsflAR OSCAR OSCAR HALF IIALF HALF BLOOD. BI.fiOD. BLOOD. fflHEATRICAL.?WA NTKD, FIRST CLASH YIOLINMV 1 and two dancing led lee; also several young I ad lea tat the stage. Apply to DAVItt A CO., Theatrlaal Agents, Broadway. LOST AJI) FOUND. Ahorse blanket lost-ov mondaT; white and bloc. The finder will reoelre 88 by returning U la 167 East Tbirty-aeeond street. PliTKR SMITH. POUND-ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, NEAR AtCAD* amy of Muele a Coral Breset Pla. Owner ean hnee N by addressing hex 4.0M Poet oBloe, aad paying tor Ute eA verllsement. LHOST-BY A POOR OlSL OR SATURDAY RIMY. ? lu * Fifth eveeee stage, bMWMn fotty-riitk t?4 ty-ninth (trMU. a Pocket, containing pertmonnete and attar art tela*. The finder will be eullnb.v rewarded by havleg the ?flMWISlash imaa, ?iw of Mr. Maw;. T 0ST.-BUPP09BD TO HAYK BE BY LOST IN A Jj Mil beat which w cantlied tu the Forth river. nearly eppoalte the Bnla Field*. Hobokse. ? the Mtt taei, jama*. P. *M Frank P. ft Alar, bv utters. ual ra?p?aUw& oaal awpaaUw IP U aad IS pwn: also ilfnd X thaler, iHM yaare A ay Information concerning either of that* bodies will be theek fuBy received hyK. M .Staler,IWftWestTwenty-fourth mimA and M4 >mI AM Warn Twenty, ftltt T OftT-LSTTBBB PATENTISSUED TO L. S.BIOUARW. ii Tba finder wltleoafar a flavor by iaavteg It a* the otto* ?f W. A Boedea Ml Hmtwip. LHOftT-BKTWEBH TWENTIETH STRKET, HH ? avenue, and Twenty-eighth street, Fourth avreer, * ft*Ma Victorian: whoever baa foand It aud will ootid It to Ma owner, Mr*. Dwlraw, M Boat Twenty-eighth at rat, wfi b* IlllUNj f 0MMTtTHIll#f1 LHOST-A MEMORANDUM BOOK. OR MR lffFnltpr. ? con la I ill n? two aartpa of Umpire Sewing Machtoa a lock. ?alaa* to the Under, who will be suitably rewarded oa re tore - In* the tame to T. j. McARTHOR 814 Broadway. ,T T PIT?OR MORDAT, MARCH 11,. A LBTTHB OR 1J Package addfaaaed to _ ? Mr*. Vallaooa. Tba lodar will ba literally rewarded by leering It at 0. P. Lindslay'a, Mi Ub?r(y ?treat, #. Y. Y OftT-ON THE CORK BR OF BARCLAY AMD WABB. XJ In*ton atreeta, a Commutation Ticket betweao Bow fork and Parnate, on Brio Railway. Tba Under wtt eoafar a faror by returning th* earn* to SB Washington street, ear ear ot kwdap. LOUT?FROM II* CLIRTOR STREET, MKAR MONROB a young ahe Coat A aultable reward will be given ta the peraon who reterna the tame. L08T-OR ldTH IRBT., A BLACK AND TAN TFRRIEB Dec, with red and bin* collar, named CM. SB reward will be paid for him at M Fourth arenne. LHOST-A RBCBIPT BOOK BELONtMNO TO H. A. ? Bur-. Any peraon find mg th* eame will oonfar a fare* on th* loter by returning It to 101 Cliff J^OfT-lN THE VICINITY OF NKW YORK STOCK J J En hang*, or In the long room, a aaaall diamond and ruby fluster Breaatpln. A liberal reward wRl be paid hw leaving nam* at the office of Lawrence A Jackson, If New afreet. ^Jb^a nine sTorf. cluster diamond fi*i ??HilU'r.'.nt weighing * hoot \U karat, eight (Ka li centre Bonds aet dose around It weighing about *H karout^Mierj liberal reward will be paid for the Fin or any lafo regarding it. Addreta by note N. IF., Herald nffiee. REWARDS. ?1 H REWARD?-LOST. MARCH 17, SMALL BCOTCB ?TJ.U Terrier, yellow hair *u back, nearly white on bead; anawcrt to Oct. Had on ailver plated collar. Above re ward paid for return at Ro. I Beat Washington place, or ?table, ti rear. am rkward.-lost. from the corner or ?1U Ninth atreat and ftilth avenue, on the lath In at, a Black aid Tan Slot. By returnlna her to B Weal Waahlng ton plat* the above reward will be paid. MA REWARD.?LOST. OR TAKRR BY MISTAKE ClW from the office of Robert* A Ouahman, 91) aad A How ard street, a bundle of Papere, Including an abatrart of itle, letbra of II. Day to Edward Roberta. An. tin return ef aani-to the anbacriber, at M Howard atreet, the ahovn reward *111 be paid, and no question* naked. KDWARD ROBRRTR. ?in RRWABD.?LOST, OR SATURDAY LAST. A ?J)JLv Fhttc mid red spotted f Better Dog near Third It*. nne and Thlrlf-nlnth street Any person returning said dog to Sknpaon a livery a table, l'JO rhlrtyalnth atreet, aaar Third armue, will receive the a! above reward. $10 I REWARD.-LORT. A PQOEBTBOOJt CONTAIN i?r one $20 bill, on* $11 bill, one bad S?on the Union Hank, N?w Terk, and otter. In amall Mil#, aad a card of John Nctefla, No. 141 Seventh avenue Th* Under wtB plaaee re urn it to the above. No 141 Seventh avenue, be tweee Ntoeteenth and Twentieth streets. $10 RRWARD.?LOST OR THB 17TH INSTANT, rrooalng Chatham atreel^near Tammany Hat^jarmh atbook cantalnlng ?l8oheek on Tradesman'si Bank, 1647 IB PfomlswUry noiM. tod nwiponBdunii, Flndur will mcilfl Un short reward; may keep the |M by returning poakat hook and papers, at 1? Oreal Jonee atreet. Ro queaUon* *on REWARD-LOST. OR BPRDAY, MARCH IT, SZU In or aear Central Far*, a lady'a large India Shawl. The Ondar, upan deltrcry of th* aame at 19 Brevoart place (Tooth atreet), will reoefv* the above reward. ane REWARD-LOST MARCH 18. A POCEET book, nontalalng ?100. a $1 hill and aome change, a >mJng from Forty-fourth street and Eleventh avenue ta Forty-fifth street. between Tenth and Eleventh aveanae. The aN re re?,-d will bepald to any no* leaving it at 1MB Porfy-Bftt atiaaq between Tenth and Eleventh avenue, ' 7 Mre. CHAMBERS t.,-n REWARD-LOST, or Saturday LAST, SB [5, M ' tnreen 10 and 0 o'clock, |*M In $10 and ?10 notae. > finder will receive tb* above reward by addressing W. ,. C . ooi 131 Host office, Brooklyn, or 1. Clute, under How rd Hotel, R. r. _____ RBWARD.-LOST. OR MONDAjr, THB 4TH, JfllUU between Philadelphia and New York (probnhty at Jtr.ey ferry ; a amall R r. oonuliilng two Hair Brae**, let* and a pin. Valuable only a* keepaakea to the owner. On leaving there at 90 R**< Twelfth a treat the above reward win be paid and ao queetlon, asked. MCA RBWaHD?FOR THB .BODIBS OF ALFBRM ? HI J.. Jaetaa K. P. and Franlt P. Higler, aged raapeeft. tvvly Id, II and I' years, lost by the regaining ofa a all toat above the Rlyatat Field*, ll<fr.ken, Mer. li If.. ln?t , bjy^R^ II. SIOLER, S3 Veal Twenty fourth atraet and 644 i West Twenty.flflhatreet. $1.50 REWARD.?A SMALL BLACK LBATHBB Bag. Ina Twenty-third atreet end Ntalh avenue omnibua, on the way to South ferry; left by n gentlemen about 4 V. M. Friday, who got out at B el atreet about 4 F. M. Friday, 1Mb. That shove reward will to paid to the finder on leaving It with strove reward wlllie paid io the tinder on leaving It with the ticket master of Stalen Island ferry, foot of Whitehall, who can describe owner and contents of bag. (fcenn REW,\It>.-TAKER FROM THE PREMISES ?P.iUV/ AS Station atraet, on Thuradey evenlne, 14th lust , two t*. S. coaron Roods, Nos. 44 684 and 44.M7, Sl.OnS SM*h. eontalaed In r tin boa. with several other valuable*. The ebrrve reward rill be paid end no questions l return of above valtebfes to 88 Stan toe street. If An RhW int.?LOST, LAST MORTU, OR BROAD. ?aOUU way, HW Sva taraat? bonde of HW. of the jM lowitia number*. ya:?|l,ffik). No 3.SS9, ft?0. Ho. S8,M^ and |90n, No 20.3M. The Inder will reeelve the abate re