Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 19, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 19, 1867 Page 2
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BOARDKRS AND LUD6EHS WANTED. a T FRANKFORT HOOK, CO BRER OK FRANKFORT J\ and Wit mr streets, &M) ro.irnv *--at red i ? ><\ in prices; 36c, to 60c. per day; ?l c? 10 $3 pi r ween. oj*m nil night. AT THE ORANT HOUnE, ** NEW BtiWTEY. >T-. \K Chatham square ? Co aii irjtu 36 toSJ ecu.* a >1iy, * to *3 per week. Opeu all u.ght Ah private Kamii.y, at ?t n est ru-.r.Fni ?iTMl, C?B ROCoiiiliinlit** * Jf" *lld ?*? pinen with furnttl.^l Pooir* *i>?i !l?*u*d; *enra?U *nu ge nil* men diiidr&u not Ufcfin iUsi<t.euc?ttf r*qiure*i A suit or furnished room* A Hour, to rent, with hr,i olaa* MfJKJJj .11 J.l u .J.H.t} Boom, partially turuUlied, on third 'aKJ|T ?eaatou glean, relerancc*; no Storing In Ma/. 63 jlnlao.i avenue. SUIT or BOOMS. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED, TO let to two gentlemen. at fi.U per weak with lira and (aa; Hl?? Hallroumal fit. n<? meal*. " Houd street. A lltll. BEDROOM TO LET-W1TI1 BOARD, AT S3 J\ p.... rwaiit)-??eoitd street, one Mock from Ktith Ave nue Hotel; reference required. A N AMERICAN FAMILY HATE NICELY FURNISH A ed Ho<ma to let with Board: location good; terms mod erate Ifti B eat rturly-niulii ?treat. 107 WEST TWELFTH STREET-CM A FRENCH family, two large, u'oely furulahrd Final Room* ua the Mr'ih AT aec-ind tloor'lo let. wTlh first class Board. A SUIT or PARLORS TO LET?HANiHOMBLY FUR J\ ntalied, euilable for a proles-tonal gentleman or a gen tleman and lady. Apply at 167 tVeal> street. A suit or rooms, handsomely furnished, can be had by a gi-ntlrm in and hi* wife or two or Inree single gentlemen by app.ying at 34 Weat Tweiiiy-aevenih street. Good raierence* required. A T $5 TO $T PER WEEK.?A FEW GENTLEMEN OR J\ gentlemen and wirea can obtaiu Buard and pleaaant Booms. Apply at 1111 Charlton street. A FURNISHED ROOM TO LET?WITH OAS AND beat. $3 per week, at 24 Third street, two bluoka (rum Broadway. References leqnired. AT 47 WK8T TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH and Sixth avenue*, one or two Hall Bedroom* to let, with an excellent French table. References. A FURNISHED FRtNT ROOM TO LET?WITHOUT board, to s single young man. Inquire si 76 Suffolk ?treat Avert pleasant second story room, eotnely fund,bed, with Hrmt claea Board, to let, to qnlel, respectable partie,, without children, sill Asblaml place. Berry atreet. near Greenwich avenue. Reference required. A PARLOR AMD BEDROOM ON 8BCOND FLOOR to lot, with Board, to a gentleman and wife; house con tains all the modern Improvements; no moving lu May. Call at 11 Seventh avenue, near Twelfth street. A FRONT FUKN18I1BD ROOM AND BEDROOM TO A let?With or without Board, with the privilege of the kItches. 1M West Nineteenth atreet. A FR1TATR FAMIuY OCCUPYING A FIRST CLAM A Mow a etnas hones to a central sad first das neigh josh OSd will 1st, wath Board, ohotoe suit* of I loom*, ts ?oc separately. Call at 191 Weal Twenty-eighth atreet. ESS! NEATLY FURNISHED SECOND FLOOR TO LET? Beard. Terms moderate. House of modern tm Call at 1M Bast Thirty-third street, near Lex Asurr OF FURNISHED BOOMS TO RHNT?I'BRMA ??ally, la private bases, near Gram amy Park Hotel, to one or two geatleams only, without hoard. 68 Bast Twanty A NIOS FURNISHED ROOM. ON SECOND STORY, TO A let cheap, wKEont board, to a single gentleman, at MR treat Tweaty-flrst street. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR AND BHD A room, for a gsalleman and lady or two gentlemen, with Board. alao a stegla Room. Keferanoea exchanged. At 37 West Thirty-seventh street. AI^rt,YA*llK(l FIRST CLASS ROOMS, witii Oil lIi ,.T^ * *o FOWLLR'S Hoard and Room Dl jomor7> Tweuty-third street, oornar of Fifth Arcane Uokd. AFURNI8HKD ROOM?WITH WATER. OAS ivn _f2?'' *?*? ror Iwogeot.eui-in: also two H.iU Bed- 1 llllbSe^lJauie '^ !?"**. M Kourdj avenue, opposite tli? A T. 189 jf2DwJJL DLKKCRKR 8TKKKT-ROOMS TO u7j^od^eB<^uo?,uf;?";<':y,'tna ?1UAl8 ?"???I A 2LXPOW ^ADY ''AR A FURNISHED PARLOR TO An American widow lady will let, with aertta^m Ui rr?"t R??iu, with Hedroom wuaectiag, on third Uism ; term* reasonable. Apply ut 179 Versrley pleue, near Hsiomoud street. A front parlor, handsomely for. Jt\ mshed, secretary bedstead, everything new. itui bn Tweifhh^strawL c * Mu?rd, at lrtf Fourth areuuo, near A ???Uv8 9? u FRONT AND HALL ROOM TO aoL? *'V Ki"1 1w?*ty-ninth street; also two *0movingSi Ray "" 18"?J,,Ue ??r tue summer. Board ?an entire second floor, tiand. '?*7 i^rl'.'-; *'.'1- rn ?r "?['?tritely, with Are I Zn W?? F^ioh'r^t" ' UU? Celt K?^ifP'":TuJr'';r'ow: r" boauo. a lauuk baci ^^?uu'ti!JI!T ' " *? '""derri itnprovetnanu; ii^wVouri^Ut'n...?,jrUie8')Jr' W'tU Flymptoahad; D?iSftrfcih.ICT> B?\* ?%8!7, At a gentleman and wiTe. Keferouin required. 837 West Twenty-third meet. B OAED.-A TRRY PB8IRAH1.E SUIT OP TWO OR aiore Ro->mi ali oonni i icj ami w,i h every mr.rentenoe. RR?a.*S;lK.^"~ n?.-^3~kTS5a ? OA RD.-FIRST CLASS BOARD. AT 110 EAST TlllK. ly fotirtb street; private Um.ty. a lew itoeiae now h Kourtfr ?veiHie earn pan* tho door. Board down town-witii uoon acooTmoda Bona at Mil Orcenwich st.ret, betw a?n North Metre and Beech streets, at $6 per week. -MeaLs imuutaal lite MntOjeecoinmotLting boarder*. n?jgtKs Boardino.-a kink larok handsomely fur nubed frwnt Kooin with hot sn>l oold water and Beard for two, one for ?D, and a Urge hell Roont for g? la the Bret ehue brown a..n*? liuiaeSWi Real Thuleenth etrent, tare doors below snooiid avenue. Brooklyn board.-pleasant rooms and oood - 1 "pplying at No. 1 Unroll plane, one door week at Court street. " B RQORl'TN IfBIOIlTdt?BOABD AMD ROOMS AT Od ? Flerrapoo I street. DESIRABLE ROOMS, WITH BOARD CAN BR IJAD by applying at it \1 net fbirty-ilf ih street. F0?.^8"K.?..V'ART,IIM,TH-A 841 all pwtath faraiiy will let one or two flne Roomi, iftut, Inkl tint and ,oold water. Ac. Apply at t?H Fast Twenties .uwet, ?Jwr i nini avenue. ? "LH'RNISHKD ROOMS?NEWLY FlTRytlSHBD, TWO fi.ii inST* **,; fl,re *uJ ?**> or ony port of Uuviu; IIall Konint. eS So per week; oiten, quiet and rreennnhle SI M scdoognl street. F pURNIBHRD ROOMS.?NICK COMPORTABLB ROOMS _ arid Red mora, fur nmtll re .perubln I'snnhu or ?lurU> KnUenteu, trnm gl 2& t? $4 per wee*. Apply a. 134 KlUa lb street, near Broome. F URNISURD ROOMS FOR UKNTLKMEN _ TO LKT. Inquire at No. ft William street. In the re?UunaR. "I1ANDSOMRLY FURNISHED SUIT OF ROhV8. WITfT Waat rl^titPlT'k? " dewr*" -t??l home eouFtorta. ai J. T street, between Seventh rid ElgnUi avenuea. Terms modern la No moving " Handsomely furnished rooms to irt-with w end wire# or einele juiwu,. ,. ^ ?WTWarerley p.eoe. near Washington ajuarn. H .11 A hJ,'.V,|'M ^\'Z fti!1 s'>UK,> rooms to muet^treile. h<>m,"OU bet Ve*n JS rf.,*,NIH,IKI1> front iioom SECOND II ?r* . Ai genUetnun. Private honea. Apply at F?' M H out i'.iufdQih rtiPval, naar Hrniiivty. K8ATLY FURMSHKD ROOMS to LKT, WITHOUT ..r-et1^1' >a *e"u<,,nen- APP'f et *>i Rait ih.meth KooMS, RN SUITR OR SSPARATBLY. WTH first cUiw Hoard in a fttnall American fatuily. 1 rirait* tf dpcinnl. Irocnt an unvtirpa^ved. l#?r 11:a tu ?do at4v* At Mb wcat laeoty tliM etrtxH. T po RTUANCKllS AND OTHERS.?A HIOni.Y itr . "pet'^hle tieriuan lady will let a rln.l-e ot uently fur b'dhed Rniitne, with rioud, or private table. Appiy at lift Light eireot (Clinton place). *' 1'WO FURNISH ED ROOMS TO LET-WITHOUT mard, to gentlemen only; terms mOra'e, ..I * Writ F M "beet lto >m? can be aceu iw.u-.ieu d and 9 mwo small rooms ,o lkt?wits or without A Hoard, to gentlemen. Apply at W -t. Mark'* plaee. fj wo orntlkmkn may iik accommodated with aba^Le!5*in' '?rntols*d Room or two Ko--m?, hreakfait d-?ir,sl_e.ery eomt .rt of a hi me In a strictly P ivata family, at 4SS ttevt Twcuty-eecotid ?tr? et. T1?u?5 eT,,KKR bcfbbior rooms, on RFCOND hoard.'WW h-1. '^ether rr . o.,r,l a a^'.fi,r!n'? h*1- rr ecparately . with -a... fi Mitth *trwl, n?iar Filili avomu. Tf??.hedCA!* ?TAIN A FLEAS w, Mat My ?vm! . ,,rd ,l"r.T 'rn|,l Koo.n.wuh Hoar J. by ap. TWtn BtaStrtw'Mm, PrK|,l^'FI> R'"?MU TO LET Deferred. A.tdre.. ,nd ?t til out b<?rd p.eferred. Addrem nio LET. with ho.rd-a bTcJ parioh J n.-ii^d or tinfurnUhM Aiihi. -lit ivilir' Fi ll LaUiartlOe plaee, West TwemySj!^ i-r.t ^ *' U rro LET?A FURNISHED FRoniJ r7,.,m win. .> withonl Hoard first cUe* Fr >nni in- ., ? U ^ ' *-*R without Hoard first rLe? yfin-' . ! ' J'' Vest Twelfth street, between Fifth ?n|j?l$thaven?ieA ri'O LET-4>NE La ROB HO.M 4.4 Tlllt SV.rnrn J. door, h i"d?oitvly furnl-lied, vr I ov ? n , i_ P fit e -d rbd water; ?fv. c J, fpc LET?TOOETHER OR SEFAEkTE, F'TR p ., n" .1 fiirtil?hed, with or without llonl This would ?,ii ? *'i fam'ly de?1r me to ninnmua It I' i,,?V( ' ,f f ' ri f t. ^nrtirtp I'tMirth arrntta ' ?" or Fourth avenue. tTVe$ 1 1 IJt" Cell'on Mr*, itruwn, 47b ThfM ^rcnue. ^Tr lr.r-fuurih street. ' fHiCTANT ETAnM A NTTT T< Iff r t-er dan* pension ru fs-llle lei iry ville on s l.i c^uipagne. HVy .svcr i'ai oa. New V ANTED?RY Air AMERICA J WIDOW LADT, a "? couple of children lo tuy/d.f ft under Iwo rears of , ?7p ThiM yveBue. one door frum BOAR UK 1H A"fT> MID6RRI WASTKU. at su> u : ts ? -<ttag - voting me.II, or gentleman and wife, .vilL Rooms, or without Boaid >)() WK>T TVVKN PY-FOURTH RTrtKLT. BKTWhKN ?)?' t ill I .trill Sixth IVHUM-A Suit of Rooms lit 11 I *<i.u*ly f irm.In-.1 -u iii .o for a family, with lirst cUw lloaru; iiIao single Room*. - - MADISON IVKMUR?DRBIBABLB ROOM, WITH ? )>) Bmrl,tlrnila"4 price*, tor the summer months. at Ibit Madison Avenue llolet, corner of r weiily sevcuth street. Lcultiia unexcepuousble. CLINTON PLACE.?B'lARD.?A VF.RY PI RASA NT Room, on third story front', suitable for two gentle men. A ten pert of e Parlor Room. WOOSTER ST It EBT.?FURNISHED BOOMS TO let, to ?eutlemeu only; room from $1 W to $6 per week. AUo a Front Parlor, auuable tor a pbyaician. NINTH 8TRKBT. NBAS BROADWAY, TO LET, with Board, one large Room, 'tillable for a gentle man and wife or two siugle gentleman. Reference* an oban fed. TWELFTH STRBBT, NBAR SKCOND AVK nue?Large Room, on eeoood Boor, with Hoard, for a gentleman and wife or two gentlemen; ball Room for a gentleman; term, moderate. 63 ]05 106 14.5 HOARD A!tD LODGING WANTED. AYOUNO GERMAN DESIRES A NICE ROOM AND Hoard In a atrlcily private American family. Location, Fourth to Eighteenth at, ecu. Addreaa D. R., bog 6,IMA Poet otUoo. AYOUNO MAN WILL PAY $7 A WEEK FOR A single Room with Board, In a ptlvale family or board ing house. Addreaa. for three days, O. B., AM Canal atr et. Board wanted-any oenterl private famj ly baring more room tlian ther require from May 1, end wishing lo reduce expenses, will hear of a highly re spectable teinlly o: bra adults by addressing 11, P. C., llcraM office, giving full particulars. Board wanted?for a okntleman, wife and dsu-ibter in the upper part of the city, above Eighth street and b< tiveen Leilnptnn and Sixth avenues; a private futnilr preferred; terms must ue moderate. Addreaa H. G., IJerald olllce. Board wantbd-by a gentleman and wifb. In a atnotly private familv; location muai he good and lietweeu Fouiteeuth aud Thirty-fourth streets, weal of Kmb avenue, terms must be moderate. Addreaa W, U. C., elating terma, Ac., box 2dS Herald oitloe. Board wanted?by a youno okntleman and wife, In a quia, genteel family occupying n lutuae in a good locality; Parlor and Bedroom required, with ample closet room. Any having such for about per week will please address box X.&JA Post office. Board wanted?city ob country; also all wanting Beard. Room* or Dwellings In desirable locali ties can have directions Immediately. Call at or address the Board Kxohange K?l Broadway. , WANTKD?FOR A FBW WEEKS. A PARLOR AnW two Chambers, with or without Hoard, or with break fast only: rooms must be handsomely furnished, and on or near Flfln avenue. Unaxoeptlonabls referenoea. Addreaa J. Howe, box St station 1). WANTED? BOARD PROM MAY I. FOR ORMTLRMAN and wife, between Thirtieth street and Twenty-aroond street, and between Hroadway and Rightb avenue. Address L. R. Marsh, MM Greenwich street. WANTED?A PLAINLY FURNI3HRD BOOK FOR A gentleman and wife; Board for lady only. Address, with terma, location, Ac., Edward Allen, elation O, Sixth nr. WANTED?BY A SMALL PARTY, IN A PBIYATB family, four or five uufurmahed Kooma, (with the sx oepllon of carpets.) with or without Board; locatlou In tks vi cinity of U nlon or Madison parks. Address M. F. W? Herald office, ? taxing term... rtag^da/^d -hT.ODf,9 LAU* WHO 18 nofcrenoea a. fimlly nref.rSLuT^ ?\ f?rnlih the beat of U&lftSS? Bht XJO ANTP.D-IN OR NEAR THB CITY, PBRMINANT ff Hoard for myself, wife anil Infant; private family preferred; Itall Room, with adjotnlng Bitting Room would answer: reference* exohanged. Address, stating terms, r. A. K-. Post otUce box 4,(121. WANTBD-BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN A ROOM, with breakfast: between Fortieth and Fiftieth streets and Fourth and Sixth avenues. Address A., box 2,148 P. O. CIHKTRY BOARD. COUNTRY BOARD WANTKD?WITHIN ABOUT AK hour of Now York, where there la mountain air; pre ferred In a private family. Address, stating terms and par ticulars, H. K. M , Herald olUoe. ChOUNTRY BOARD WANTBD-ABOUT AN HOUR'S ) rdo from the cltjr, for two or throe families; WYstehos tor county preferred, .tddress, stating terms aud references, U. M., box 4,t>61 Post olUco. WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN, WIFE, INFANT AND nur?e. Board, In the oouutry, within an hour of City Hall, whero there are lew o?- no other boarders Address G. IX, box 442 Post oflier, stating terms and all particulars. HOTELS. Atlantic hotel, ciiatiiam square-wbll furnished Rooms at moderate prloes. by the day, week or mouth- Open at all hours. JOHN OEKKKN. Proprietor. AMERICAN HOTEL, BROADWAY AND EIGHTH street. New York?On the European plan. Rooms In suits or singly, at moderate rates. ? Howard hotel, new tork citt, march it. LW7.?The price of Board reduced from four to three and a half dollars per dsy. TTNITBD STATES HOTEL. FULTON. WATBR ANU U Pearl streets, reopened oh me Ktiropean plan. This w watou closed some two years sluoe. Is now upenqd to . the pubUa. thoroughly renovated, f urntahed now andrele- 1 ? h?i ~ eo suite or single, GEO. N. TERRY, Proprietor. ?solty throughout. Rooms en suite or single. - "BKRY, CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. AT $19 FOURTH AVKNUE?HOUSES FOR SALE.? See Stanley Day's Real Estate Circular, which can bo had free or by mall upon receipt of stamped directed en velope. A?FOR SALE?A THREE STORY RRICK AND 2 EAR . bio Houses, with chandeliers, on north sldn Thirty third street, east of Second nvenue, Nos. 311 aiul 3.3 inclu sive: all modern Improvements. would uow oust to build, with lot, $26,080; or will bo sold, (rum $10,300 to $11,Sou each. Aden 2 Irown stoue four story Hoasrs. Nns. G91 und 6Ui Secsiuil avenue. Also lour story brick, 21x60xhnlf block, Nia LA East Thirteenth street $14,000. Apply to AANKKL. ELT, corner of Forty-flist street and Fourth avenue. Avery profitable tenement property in the Dry Dock neighborhood, balweeu avenues C and D, fur sale cheap. 9$ Nassau street, office No. 30. _ S. B. LENT. 4 DKMRABLB PLACK OF 14* ACRES-WITH large house, with all tbe modern Improvements, six nd flive street RKIOTT A YALE, at Plain Said. N. J., oppos depot. btnoks from depot, with fruit of every description aud 6no shade trees, for sale by R. F. HARRIOTT, 14 Pine street ar U AKHIOTT A VALE, at Plaltifisld, N. J., opposite tbe A FINE FOUR STORY TIMH STOOP BROWN 8TONK House l'or sale lit Forty-alxth siroet. In perfect order; ?I an did location, $90, POTTER BROS. A BELLAMY. N? 3 Pino street. A FIRST CLASS llOUSH WANTED?IN THIS CITY or Brooklyn, In exohsnge lor a line Country Scat and Farm on the Hudson. Address or call at 71 Nassau street, room No. 9. AM ?it WOULD BE WELL FOR THE PUBLIC TO . call at JOHN FETrKHTCH'S real -state office. 418 Third avenue, ami see his printed list of houses for sale be fore purchasing elsewhere, whtoh will be ready to morrow, and rati be had free or by mail upon receipt of stamped en TSkopd, A SPLENDID THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BRICK House fur sale; w?Jl b-catod, In moat perfect order, to ?de aud out. I'rl, a $l8,uuk Site, iAIxnOtluu. POTTER lllli>8. A BELLAMY, No. 3 Pine street. At th third avenue?for sale, on bast fif. tieth street the four -tory brown stnnn House, adjoin ing the old mtntixi, windows open on same; marble halls, bliok walnut stairs, furnace and fixtures: lo isl jo cl.uic, , also ulhers on same stresl and \ nottlie- on Ue- estato; do. 48th, 4Jlh, Outb, 61st -Is., and on 3d avenue; worth attending to. JAMKS KOWE. 4 CHOICE THREE STORY HIOII 8TOOF BROWN .'\ stone House ,m southeast corn-r of M-t si. and 2d uv. <lo -re this. Also ouMlb, fifitli, 67?h, titlth, 73d, 78th, 78th sts. Ja>ok after these h'mses; it will pay to do ho. und call and sue mv list, though ita not a finished one. My office is 738 Third avenue. JAMBS HOWE. A CHEAP HOUSE, TWO STORY, EIGHT ROOMS, LOT Alios). No. ?12 Fifty-third street, suuth side, between Eighth aud Muth avenues, ?",d*?: terms bbe-al. TiH-.-a 80ANLAM| <6* Eighth avenne. 4 DESTR IHI.F. THREE STORY KIOH STOOP HOUSB; ,'\ all the ImpruVetivmU; In perfect order; 148 West Kilty third street; $11 i**b m>.At) If ivsn'.od on houd. flJ US. m .ANLaN, 784 Eighth avenue. t (>')?>,. paying property indivision btrbbt? A Rented for $1.9i>0 a year; pvloa $y,SH0: also a Qh-ap House and Lot in Flfly-lblrd street, price $d ..JO. inquire at 171 Grail 1 SI root, curucr of Baxter. 4 BARGAIN.?A HOUSE ON FIFTEENTH STREET. -,'Y between Filth und Sixth avsn tea; a four story high MffiMek; all mol-rn OffOVMMoU; tnvrhle halls, solid Sk-sp"! d.eirs, Imported us futures and ehanddilers; hou--contains soventcen rouius, aud la lu tlrsl rsie order, stae S6xtklxli4; pr,cc $36 itXI. KINO A CO., No. 9 Twenty-thlr l street, Fifth Avenue ll-Rel. SPLENDID FOUR STORY BROWN STONE FRONT lions- fir sals on rtltti-lh street; price $23,001; also on- for $U,i?ti; three In Hast Thirty seventh/frect, $.80,0)0. one three ? orv high st<?npun Tweulr-uinth street; reutrai location; pri< e $18,",)). sud a g ?ut mauv others, at nianerate p ices. In g H .Hxstions, Apply to Juli.N FBTTBETCB, 413 Third avenue. , A UU8INKSS PROPERTY FOR SALE?30X103 FEET. ON the corner of Grand and Ore-ne streets. Special alien t.on is called to this v.iiabie property. Very Urge and ex pensive I m prove menu in tliat Imme bate neighborhood have a ready been made are In progress, or are auont to be pom me need: all wh eh will be fuily explained by the subscribers. Ills desirable that pu chasers should communtrs'e t>er?ou ally, between the hour* ol 1 and 3 P. M , with BiiMAN A 11 a VI S, 44 Finn street. Broadway property.?for sale cheap, onf. of the Imst le.ises on itrovd.vay. Will be sold at a fair price. Splendid Marble Building on the premiers, which will be paid fur at expiration of lease. App j personad/or by letter at No 2i? ttest Fllty-second street. I tWHLI.INO HOUSB AND LOT 16 WATTS STREET. 1/ stable-on rear, with privilege to slieywsv ruining through to Grand street; a fine Investment f>r burin- ? pur poses; r ni? f"i $1,0W. For perinltt app.y lu A. 1IALLI DAY. $14 Frttnhlln street. I^OR HALB?ONB HALF BLOCK OF LOT' BK.TWP N I rourlli and Fifth sventms. and Fifty-ninth and Sirre. c-l-h vireeta. Apply to CHAUIK'EY BARN AMD, luO B roadway. nhOR CALK?YALUAflLU FROPERTIBM ON NEARLY I nil th# w^4iidi oflhicjtT iuciudive ? t<? v#'ff in? Ki <u?i"R >?m<1 i ofn*r?, (ofwU^t 'with ?? v >inl nrn-"l pm rH'^J nil ifool lnrrnlBA^nU. Apptj In JANK1 PKlt'h, iludnuD ?tit'rU pOR TTYHRR UTORT HRICK FfOt-HP., HIOII I Ktoop Htih-oeiUr nm! nil m<?tlrro l ust lorir ninth s-re,.; rr|bn $11,900. Apply to JOHN F. G.%AI, H* Itfiel, CITY KK A I. KKT4TE ROW. H&L.K. IJitlYMT PROPERTY FOE SALE? NEAR 0>ATd*f ?qu i e. c u. ulii.g of mi -lory br ck l.utlJ ug- ' **e nd siiHe.lir, cuoUiiHiig ob.if ling. H? ting, I'a nil r.ievaiir, .mil healed tUrou.-houi with kieain of fnotory, <8 8 front, 47.$ re ir 7? deep. Alto kO A *b*ry hrck Bu. d.iii; tin rout adjoining!, communis' Eufu*. y? h bier* .ill i abasing room in basement: 34.11 lro?4, 67.7 Ilea l, an,] a lour story bnos Uu idiog in re.r of *??>"* building 34.8 front, J." deep, whole fr ut o > Pell street 73.7. No*. 20. 23 and 24 Pell street. New York. Title indisputable. I7UIR HAl.K?Tii8 LOT AND FIRST OLAHS DWELL r Ing House 27 West Fifty.fourth atreet, between Mfth and Slsih iitnuw, with three Lots adjoining and a Lot with si bl* In rear, runiilug through to Ftfty.fifth street, now oo cui led by tbe suosertber. For terms and particulars apply at olhce, U John street, between 1 and I o cluck. The house aud premises may be seen from 1 to 4 o'clock. TH08. e. SMITH. L'OK 8ALB?BROWN STONE HOUSE. 167 MADISON r avenue, northeast eorner Thirty fourth street: Jnst 8n lshed and painted throughout fat the very best manner; bil liard room; walnut doors and stairs. Brown's hot water 'sr. tiaoe; all modern Improvements and first oias* In every rw spool Also mirrors, Ac. Apply to AN HON PHELPS STOCKS, i? Cliff street. LX)R BALE?TBB FIRST CLASS FOUR B?RY P brown atone House M Weet Forty-ninth street; 2fix52: lot half the block. Frtoe |11M Will be completed and poaaeaaiou given April Uk Inquire of the owner, 4. O BARKS, Mo. M, nest door. r>OE BALE?HOUSE, It BOOMS, StIOF. AMD T " years' Leaee of 2 Lute. 430 West Fifty- eoond street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues. Fob balk-thb mew fitb story double U feet wide, on Forty sixth street, near Third avenue; also Houses, with Stores and Bakery, on Third ave nue and Eighty-third street and Thtrd avenue and ilblh street. Apply to LoPBH A DAVIS, corner of First avenue aud Tkirly-aixth street. 1DOR SALE?HOUSE AND LOT, ON THOMPSON ' street, containing all modern Improvements, end in good cundllion. J. MATHKWSON A SON, No. 8 Pine street, after 12 o'clook. COR SALE-TWENTIETH WARD TENEMENT PROP ? erty; good chance for Investment. J. MAI'HlWSON A Sua, No. 8 Piue st, after 12 o'clock. f,U)R SALE?THREE LOTS SOUTHEAST CORNER OF r Park avenue and Fortieth slraet, suitable for a livery stable. VVM. U. KAY.Suit. No. 6 Pine struct. FOR SALE?BT ROBERTH.OOFK, 77 CEDAR STREET, We .tttth su, 4 story h. e. brown sUiae $33'W? m. Weil 42th an, 1 ttoiy h. e. brown stone Weal 23d at., 2 awry U. ?. b. A, mirror* and oilclotUs.. 24, oo We*t 2lal at., 3 *tory h. s. brick 2b,'AK) IpOR SALE?IN 114TU STREET, BETWEEN FIRST . aud Second evenuaa, two Houses and Lot, 25xlUU; price Half cash aud half ou mortgage. Apply to JOHN CAll iLL, 23 Elm street IiiOR SALE?A THREE 81'ORT HlOll STOOP BRICK 1 House, 21x30xltM, on Forty-eighth street near Broad way. Price. Including Carpets, Has Fixtures. Ait.. (1 V.KW. POTTER BROd. A BELLAMY, Ho. 2 Pine street 1/fOR SALE-WATER FRONT ON EAST BITER, FOB r ty-eeventh to Forty-elghth street favorably located for atone, coal or lumber yarda. Inquire of A. O. POILLON, Utf Fulton street, room No. t, from 10 te 2 P. M. For salb-a valuable pibc* of broadwat property, between Union square and Twenty-third stredv Address J. Walker, station D. F Hlus^^^?^"?K7our^JrNh^;SE^?',,> 8TREKT he sold Mohair,Pl80d,<1 wr(,Br: pieal'nt dU>a? Fob sale?in bank street, three story hioii stoop brick House, 21 feet front; gas, water closet An.; will be sold at moderate price. Permits of A. J (J URN KAY, No. ? Pine street Li>OR SALE-AM BLEQANT THREE STORY HIGH stoop brown stone, 2$x4uxfl8.?, very handsomely dooo raled. with mirrors, gee flxturee aud o^eW; immediate possession. Apply on the premises. 137 West i hlrty-slxth street, or of S. W. BENEDICT, Noe. 4 and ? Pine street Trio* $22,us); terms to suit I NOR SALE?A FIRST GLASS FUBNISllBD BBSI ' denes on Twenty-second street, near Fourth avenue; a 41.. Ia.,4... koe rasa f-tlrtll isACM A3D1V D JUHA A O" ?err ttne Aoe uum. tor particuUre epplj to Juki# Mo Cu/LV?f 44 Fine ?Irooi FOR SALE-THREE STORY HIUH STOOP BRICK House ou Thlrly-dtst street. Eighth end Ninth avenues: lot: 1x88.2; house 45 feet deep, with extension. In spleudid >rder; parlor*, dluing room and balls frescoed; price116,750, Deluding all the Carpeu and Oilcloths. g au ^JIXU g MEAD, ?51 Eighth avenue. For sale?the brick house m monbob street ' possession Msy 1. Apply to B. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 5 Pine street RIOR SALE?IN THE BEST BLOCK, WEST SIDE OF F \liuh avenue, between Forty-second and Forty third ireet*, two lour Htory brick Stores, with finished ba-euieuts; sot now for $1,75). $14AM) each; $27.Out) for bolu. Sixc )x?.\63. KILPATKICK, Hull's HraJ Ba?k Buildings. For sale-four lots (CHURCH property) on the south side of Pnty-fourth stroot near Third are bnc; three Lots aud six Houses on First atrcct, near brcind avenue: ttvo good plots of Uround on the Bowery, havtug a frontage'ou two atreeU; two Lola and Buildings ou Prince street near Molt; a three story House end i?it oo Sixth street, near avenue H, and a large number of others at low price* and easy terms. Apply to FANNING, 225 Bowery. jjfOK SALE?THE FOUR story brick house and saa.S'K-.ir1" ?? "^ttusrirjTTPTss. IjIOR SALE?AN EXTRA WIDE CORNER HOUSE ON " built in F Second avenue, well located and in good or dew, built the roost subrtanual manner, and vary oouvc4tonUy ranged. ApdIv to R- H* LUDLOW A OO., No. 8 . ffig -tr? von salb-the Handsome four story eng. lluh h tsemeni liniise No. ? West Thlrty eigbih . trect. near Fifth rvenue. elegantly fomtxhed ana in One order. dlgw i - Apply to F. H. I.I DLOW A CO.. Mo. 3 Pine street. F>OR SALE?ONE XA>T. 26 FEET FRONT BY 1?0 PKBT 5 Inchrs drop, on north side of Fifty-first street be tween Bvoaitway anJ Eighth avenue, coinmeaeing 300 feet cn.siof Eighth nvenne. Apply to BUCKENHAX, 10 Maiden lane. No agont* tuo I apply. For SAiAb?x handsome brown stone front House, lit Pnrry street, now bring finished, Kltimted on south side of Perry stieet, fourth house west or i'eurlb street Inquire in ofllce at 127 Clinton place. Eighth street. Fob sale?a baroain?lots on northeast eorner Third avenue and Seventy-second street bar Ing a frontage of 76 feet 8 Inches on Third svenue, snd 236 feet on .aevi-nty-secoad street. This is one of the finest properties on the island: Seventy-second street is |l)0 feet wide. Inquire in ofllce at 1(7 Clinton place, Eighth street For bale-at tm tuird avbnuk, a ohoiob Hit of Hires and four atoryhUh stoop brick and brown au>e* Hou?e?, from $7.0 0 lo $90,000: also frame, brick and browu ?ton? ILiusee to let; also Third avenaa Stores, Floors ot ?1 z rooms to sinali rsspeatabte families. .IAS. ROWS. Fob salk at a fair prick?two four story brown atone English basement Honaas, eligibly iUiiv tedon Forty-second street, between llnaedwar aud Eighth avenue. Terms liberal. Inquire of tbeOwuer, 390 Bowery, or JOHN KAVANAGU, corner Sixth avenue and Forty aeooml street. For sale chbap-a threk story hkjh stoop brick House In Tenth kiwl near Fifth aretiue. Pos session. Apply to DYK A CURTIS, 3:8 Sixth avenue. For salb cheap?two good poor story lloatea and Lota, with stores, ? .60x91.3, on Baat Thir ty-third atroet; rented lor $1,130; price tngetlMW $17,600. EUMUM) U. MaHTINK, 1.271 Broadway. I TOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR IMPROVED PROP erty, a lams Uin.n{ Boost and a line Billiard au-1 Bar room on Broadway. Apply to J. W. Jolt A LEMON, 11$ Broadway (Tontine Lfotolj. For balb or kxouanob - for lots or larger rrooeity on nny street near Broadway between Tenth and Thirtieth street e nlc* three story finished base ment brown atone House in llhih a treat, lfarlem; tbo house fa In perfect order throughout; If not aobl will be rented from lit May. JOHN LACY, 68 Marcer street. TTiOR SALE OR TO LET-A FACTORY BUILDING, V fonr stories with basement, dimensions fclrtl) feet, to rither with is h vrse steam power. Inquire at 270 and 273If niton row. West Washington Market. OR BALE OR To" LET -A lirGIt STOOP_FOUR story brick Houee. 186 East Twentieth street, contain ing lit rooms, will bo mid for $IX9<Xl, or will be rented at $2 0n0 per annum; lot 22 by 16. Apply 10 or address J. P. Burns, No.S Wall street. I DOR BALK OR TO LET?THE FOUR STORY HIGH ' stoop brown stone House 117 East BlxMeth street, be tween Tb ml and Lexington avenues; replete with Improve. menu. s!zo 93x60x190. Price $%'. i?W; tent $2.A?t. Permits from BILPATUICK, Bull's Dead Bank Buildings. For baLB or to let-the five story marrlr Building No. 3 Howard street: terms ?sny. Apply to S. R. J ACOilB, No. 1 New street, oorncr of Wail. I DOR BALK OR TO LEASE?A FIRST CLASS FOUR 1 story l-rench roof brown stone House, wlih stable at tached, on the corner of Sixtieth street and Lexlnguin ave nue. Mo.I be seen to be appreciated, In intra of the owner, CI1ARLK8 LOOPrR, 81 Kasl Sixtieth street. Al-o for sale or to lease, 82 East Sixtieth street. Inquire of came. ARLKM PRorBBTY?BOUSBS AND lots AT reasonable prices and emv terms. A few brick Houses to 1-L $7 K> rent We remove Vsy 1 to I KB Third avenue, 124th ni.d123th -treets. KA.NDKlL A PORTER, l.UM 3d av. Houses for sai,e-by a. journbat, no. ? pine ?:re> t West i'hirty.ieventh street, four story high stoop brow* a,one, $32,0Ji; Wnxt Forty-flfth strent, four stonr high do ip brown stone, $26.TV: We-i Twsnly.fourth street, four ?tor, high Stoop brown s'one, $31.(MO; West Forty-sixth street, four story high stoop brown s<o ir, $38 not. H House for rale-in madison stref.t, a fine (Ire sto-T House nrd fall Lot. 29x100: pr?rr fit HXi, only $9,300or *.VtAA) cash, al-o House and Lm in Mulberry street, near Chatham. $3,601. half cosh. Apt. y lo PAITEN,H6 Division street. X OT8.?CHOICE PLOT CORNER MADISON AVFNUB 12 and 48th stieet, lOMAt (very eh-ap>; also on 6th avenue corner Nth street, ,5x140: corner 64:h streat, lOJxihO; otuere, between 4'nh, 6thh and Mk stterta W. P. SEYMOUR. 171 Broadway. TIO MANUFACTURERS. II'iTEL PROPRIETORS AND 1 CnnUalisu.? Aaluable Prop- rty for s,le A substan tial, well built six story brl, A Huihiing In Chrrrv street, near ' stharlne terry, only two !>lo.-ka from Esst river, admirably adapted for roaniifschitirtg, hotel or tenement pnrpoMB The plot Is A"xt>6, ma n banding MixMt and six siory brick .'wlW Th? b<i 1'lin n In good ord?r unn c ipi* We of being altered for any purp.-e. lor full ?eritoatrs ff ' *ILtKB I HALL. 26 Nassau street, New York. fptlRRE STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN STONB

1 Ho'l?e for sale, fip-n'-he I or nnfurnlstied. with po?s?s si,i. Apply st 5 it ANKLIN ASPROULL'SdeeutoBSe. II BIMe Houee, cewner of Nhitfa street, Thtvd avenue entrance. tTAIiUABLE TENEMENT PROPERTY, IN THIRD . ..w-Tva' 2S\f '? fn" Ibi-Itreuf RICHARD J OWENS. tk> Amity street, from 11) A. M. to 4 P. M. ~ ')D NTREKT.--TTT if,E LOTS (76X100 FBBT) OB THE ? '?) ?ou'h side, ini fret u ,,f j ei nntrin avenue, for sal* III jillrr r on n i- ?? 22U H ,.very, In ll.e stor-}. C') oAfl FnR CENTRA!, fsrtt,- LOTh.-THRKK '? ? " *.?' I. "eon List Eightieth street: cn g, a,?, no en k; street taa-.e ,,, irbed, g.i.tere.l end logged, n s., r and gas. _ jjw'"^- T'lAtK. No. $ rtne s'reet, np stairs, 4'> HUft -?"* SA!-P., keab^orntbal bark, a if * ?L y1 It "S"'1"' n* ' stovy eott.ift;jiosmsMmi m the I st of April In piintnf trdniel Ifc If ART. Third are nue, between btglay-thql and Aishtr-fou, th eueete. CITY UEU RST.4TK VOU NALK. $3000 *NU A PURTHKM m BY If. IM1U and un inTtgagr, will par h<M a tfrst dm four story high btuop brown i:w<' tluuac at d Lot on Kan Fourteenth ? real; house o?nl inv *11 mulern no p ofvinenU, la subsian'Jaily built' very ouiivaol'-ol audio C>rlect order thrjughj JI; location excellent; 24xiJ; lot ? 103. Address A. 8. .\e?bury 162 Uro<.d?ay. New York. **>10 500~m,odo CiS"ASD ?ala*.cb ?n b(.,np iriv.ouu on J morigtge?will buy a three siory high atoop Bouse In perfect order. 18x41, lot 75, on Nineteeuth street, weal ride; good neighborhood. JO UN STEVENSON, 87 WaU street $1^ 000~HU'F AND HALF ON BOND i?will bay n three story brick the modern imprni wants. and _ . on Fifty-brat a I rest, near filjhth avenue, In good neighbor hood. Apply le JOHN BlKVliK bUS, 87 WaSl stn - Xl^.UUU and mortage House. 20x42x160, With all I to perfect order; situ tied oi ?1A KHH WILL PURCHASE A TBBBB 8TOK Y. vIt.OUU high atoqp brown atone front llouae, In spleadid enter; nil the raoaem Improremento; house 80x4 8, between Beooad end First avenue*._Apply daring thin week to FALUMtS A COUGH LIN, 788 Thlnf avenue. ?1 O CAA ?FOUB BTORT AND BASBMHNT STORK vlO.OUU. end Dwelling, west side of third avenue, eonlh of Ferty second street. Sim 18.6x66x100; torus to sail. JUL PATRICK, Bull's Head bank beddings BBOORLYR RBAL KSTATK FOB SALS. AT A YBBY HODKKATB FHIOB .?FOB SALB. TUB Property of nn BeUte?The elegant, thoroughly built, throe atory, silts end haaemeut Kealdenoe Iff President street, Brooklyn, 88x30; double lot. Mix KM feed. Parlors, dialog oud reception rooms no one floor, freeooed. has ovary oonventeuoo; excellent neighborhood; convenient to oars end ferries. Can be seen by celling for keys at 111 President streeL Price, $30,080 Apply to K. B. KELLOGG, Executor, 64 Cedhr sueet.3. *. BARB OHANCB.?PROSPECT LOTS ON BIOHTH, Brooklyn, at auotlon. Wed etdav. Much HO, at 12 St. JAM 1.8 CO UBS' SON, 3B2 Pulton atreet, Brooklyn. AN ELBOANT DWELLING, BEAUTIFULLY PUR nished throughout, eligibly locate 1 to Hroikl/n, In ooinpleta order. wiTl be sold fw owner leaving cliy. EDWARD A TAIL. WAltxtEN 11 AilDE.N'Bi R l, M Wull street. Arabs chanob offbred.-for sale, in Brooklyn, on the southeast oorner of Carlton and Wi|. loughby avenues. one of the elrgun block of brown stone fi. nt House*. three stories ba?mnnnt and osllar, house 21.6i 45 fret, lot lull: all modern Itnpr irsmniita. Convenient to DeKslb and Myrus aveuue oar routes to t uiton ferry. Price $15,600, part on boud and mortgage. Apply on the premieos to THOMAS PAGAN. Brooklyn.?por sale, a handsome two and a hnlf story frame House, 24x32, with wing 18x24, finished with marble mantels, Ac.; and 43 Lota, oora prising an entire blook; 19th ward; about 30 in mules from ferry. Apply te D. M. SEAMAN, 14 Pine street. Y? ROOK LYN .-FOR BALE, THE TKBY DESIRABLY JD alius ted three story high stoop briek Dwelling Uoaae, , near Fallon avenue, lot 20x108 feat; 96 Lawrence street. Uw mnw, ? ? ?u*. w, miw .r,., house 20x48; to first rate order; has heater, bathrooms, water closets, hot end cold water, stationary wasbluhe, As.; within a few steps of City Hall and too minutes' walk or Fulton end Wail street ferries; with or without furniture. Can be seen from 11 to 3 o'otook. Apply to J. L SMITH, 13 William street, from i to I o'eluek. TJ1ACTORY FOB 8ALB?3 BUN OP 8TONK, Si HOR8B f Boiler end Bogles, Belling. SbefUug and 6rusher; now running; lot 48 by 88 feet; pueeeeslou about let of April; suitable for feed, drug, piaster or paint milt Apply on * remises, corner Third and North First streets, Brooklyn, rom I loOP. M, or addreee Q., box 1,106 Poet offce. Mew York. F? R BALB-A SUBSTANTIAL BRICK BUILDING, with fr tme building ettacned. containing engine, boiler. shafting. Ao.; chemical apparatus, Ac., suitable tor n ohnrai. " laeUryi " cal manufactory or other factory"purposes, together with n etoble and ten lots of ground, on part of whricn It Is built, nil situated on Perry street, at the Junotlou of Newark ave nue, Hobokea. N. J~ about five minutes' wslk front the ferry. Apply to ALBBKT 8PBIKKX, 83 Naaeau street. New Tork. rR SALE?POSSESSION AT ONCE, THE FINE BE ? - - a. sldnuon No. 8 Second place, Brooklyn. 34 feet wide; In good order; everv convenience; with or without etoble. For keys to examine house apply at 18 Seoond place. For terms, to E. R. KKLLOUG 64 Cedar street, New York. tlOR SALE?TUB CORNER LOT OP OAKLAND AND A1 D streets, Ureenpolnt; prloe $900; worth double (hat amount. Inquire of II. MIC1IAULI3, 90 Grand street, N. Y. IiH>R SALE?AN ELBOANT NEW THESE STORY AND I1 basement brick House, on Franklin avenue, between Mouroennd Medlson streets. Brooklyn; all Improvements; first olass location. Inquire of O. T. PALLET, 196 Chatham Street, N. T. FOE BALE?ON CLINTON STREET, BROOKLYN. A nest two story high sloop bilck House and Lot; It Is within three minutes' walk of two city railroads am! conve nient to ferries. For terms Ac., apply to JOSEPH C. JACKSON, 16 Wall street, N. Y. FOR SALE-TV WILLIAMSBURG. NEAR THE FKRRY, a cheap Lot with a brick Building suitable for e brass foundry or machine shop. Inquire of C. B. CKOSSM AN, 40 Cortlaadl street Fob sale-at a great bargain, turke story brick House, 84 feet front and 60 feet deep, located on Second place. Brooklyn. ISAAC A. BIGGS. 77 Nassau street FOR SALT??THE THREE STORY BASEMENT BRICK House 233 Hersen i.treet, Brooklyn. Modern Improve to C. MORROW, 35 Oorliandt F? n OAhn \JT\ IV t> (tWIkiil If i FkwC* Bllil* ntos from fmr, first class high stoop Dwelling; one double liouse. suitable for two families or boarding house. Inquire at 193 Front street. New York. For male or t<? runt?rcrnsiRfiED o* unfur. ntshrd, an elegant brown alone front House situate,) In one of the best neighborhood, of Brooklyn; me gut fluently furnished through >ut, and replete with all the modern con veniences; the house is very well built, cud poasositon ran bo given soon, as the owner Is going to Europe. For further particulars npply to *>. IHiNDi.OW. Montague street, near Court. Also for sale, wnh above, a flue term of Horses and two new Carriages; will be sold at n hargalD. For sale or. rent?tiif. four story iiioii stoop brown stone houie and lot 117 East Sixtieth sheet, replete with Improvements; sue 30x50x100. Price $?*,000. Rent rt -oe. House ani> eight lots in Brooklyn, fn.soo; 75 acres in New Jersey, 6JJ peach trees, Ac., oul\'J3,oJO; 100 aces la Mohawk Valley, ouly $11IM0. J Allies. 308 Broadway. IN BROOKLYN. Carroll place, three story and b. h. a. b. $15000, First place, J story and b. h. s. b. a. (with furniture*.. 30,001 Gates avenue, three story and b. b. a b. a. IS 0% Cumberland street, thiee story and b. b. (Phil*, brick) ICUOn Carlton aveuue. three spiry and h. b h.. 26x100 7 SCO Carlton arenue, three at.and basement bnos House. 6,000 IN WILLIAMSBURG. Lincoln place, three story and basement brlek House. $8,800 Several llousea In go<>d locution. 34-AOl) to $7,UK0. WAGNER A JONES, 308 Broadway, N. Y. ONLY $1,000 RKytJIUHD NOW. AND EAST INSTALL menu afterwards, for a very genteel three story high sloop frame House OU High street. Hronklyn A. 8. NEWBERRY, 1H2 Broadway, New York. Third wakd, brodklyn.?handsome brick House, modern Improvements, convenient to ferrfee: eurruuud'nga onexreptmnsble. Price fll.'.OOu; only $3,OU0 eaah required, Apply to THOS. E. Fish, 35 Fine alreet. COLIWTRY REAb ESTATE KOK SALE. A COUNTRY HOME, PIG >M fl.UTO TO $10",COO. SEE STANLEY DAY'S Real Estate Circular, which ein be had at 319 Fourth aveuua, or mailed upon receipt of slar.ip. AOOTTAGF, IN MOUNT VERNON, WESTCHESTER county (New Haven Railroad); prlos $3,500; gardn V ?f an acre; abundance of fruit. Forty-dvo in mutes from Twenty-seventh street. New York. FERRIS A BROWNE, 171 Fnlton street A LL WANTING FARMS.?GOOD SOIL, MILD CM - ? mnio. 34 miles south of Philadelphia. Frtre only $ii per airs Also Improved Farms. Hundred* sro settling. Inlormntion sent free. Address 0. K. LaNDIS, VtneUud, New Jersey. A FARM FOR BALK?MTU ATE D ON AND OVER, looking th? Hudson river, which, for scenery and situs Hon I* unsurpassed. On tba farm U it good brick House. flnUbed In modern style, and good Outbuildings. The land I*good and veTTProduotive. Price low end terms easy. Ad dress box fl.KM Post oflice, or apply at the lumber yard, cor ner of Flfty.thlrd street and Second avenue. A FARM TOR SALE?AT rF.RKSKILL. ONE MILE from depot, 3ft acres; one to acres; 100 acres at Cata klll, under high cultivation; buildings good and large. J. I?. ADAMS, 411 Hudson street noUSK AND LOT IN THE COUNTRY, Rl VEN XV tern miiet from the city, for loss thsn one year's rent within the city limits; two small Cottage Houses at New Koohelle, In perl set ordaf, with jooj^jarden. Must be ?r>M Immediately; price $2 odO and $2,500; ono half can rernaio on mortgage. Apply to L. U. bKNNET, StfJ Broad was. m ba emml* AFAHMt FOR BALK?SIT17ATRD KHAR TTTR depot, Mt Honr and tw*nty-?itU rnnotr-f fr-.m York, at $*3 per aero; flu* land: Ar t cLm n* ghborbood For parti'?ilnrs; Inquire of J. li. K. HUUVhJiT, Wail street, rwin No. 4, r*?r stairway, boiwoon 8 aud 10 o'clock A FIB* COUNTRY PLACE FOR MALE-AT Farm. XV Ingd ,le, L. I.; JO nines of lan.l, with f r,tmi house con taining 8 rooms, hollar sni attic; also liable and >e. u Friceonly $ti,UUU. i'OTfEK BllOii. A IIK LL AMY, No. I Tine slrset All wanting good numbers property and a splendid view ovewlloboken sua Noiv York, on PsHejde avenue, near OHilHh a.reet 16 mluutea' walk from lloimk n f rry?a new three atory frsina House end Lot, with ftp re and 13 rooms. MxWilUU feet; price f.MtX), rash $2 MM will tent Tor $*i>); for sale by the owner. Call on or address JOHN WINKLER, Hudson City, v J. at YON KERB?FOR SALE, OR RXtllANGB FOR XV city or Brooklyn property to ault O' good stooge In nsrt, a Country Seat of 1>4 acres; nil oonrenienoaa of a .-By resi dence; splendid river view; tine garden; fruits of all sinus Call at house, corner of W.irburton atenue and i'omt Street, noar Glen wood depot or on J. II. WILUl'iL 127 Broad at.est, N. Y. city. A DESIRABLE RESIDE VCR IN BURLINGTON, N. J., near St. Mary's Hail?This One property, situs ted on the bank of the river, with Urge glass Iswn in front, is offered for sale on reasonable terms The improvements are a double house and a three story back building, which c m lain* a kiicheu, ironing room. hahrooin supplied with warm and cold wa;er, w >r closets *<? ; the gaal* also Introduced, and there Is on the premises a large stable and coach house. Covered with a nt?. For terms apply to F. WOLMAN. _____ "*,n Burlington, N. J. B EAUriFULLY LOCATED ON THE HCDBON. ONE honr by Northern New Jersey Railroad, large line 3Vg atory Residence neat outhuildlngs, J seres ahoteo garden, frnlt, shade, No., for sale or to rent furnished; others, $7 iw) to$.?iut*i W P SKY HOUR, 171 Broadway. B ARUAIN8 IN HOUSES aNDLOTs IN JERSF.TCI1Y. lo brick Houses In South Beige . Iftg$2, each $3,300 3 b. Houses in W .shlngtou at., m inn Improvements. h.UUO ,L S. KKKGiSON Jt C J., 8W Nassau street, room 3*. GOVNTftf SF.AT8. DarNSl AO., AT FANS a 10, ON PAS ?sic Tiver. nesr Boiling . rings, Belleville. WoodslJO, Newark anil euunrha, Fleomfleid and Irviugton; $l,X*Jto $*i,0Un, IW gores aipl two flue Ootl'g". t*n mlfc* in New Jersey. $K,wal. J. w. JOitM.KMUN, lit* Broadway, oetond flour. couvruv MALBmTt 0BEM FOR S A I. -TWENTY. NI*K (9? AC iBC r n irl -use, new turnan<l oiumiliumgs, lull m n' ff"i? village of Moaaey, on .Northern Kadi- al uf New Ju ry. I'rcf S3,'>ki. Apply or * 1 ir ?# J iJlii-j ItAtiKEK, Mousey, Rockland cuiio1 . , Sow York. |,U!:)| Fi>a SALB?SNUG FIRM 2o AOI'.ES, WITH I nice i.uu .-, go si outbuildings, pieuty of fruit, now Cold Spriug UarJor. pi .C'- i3,o-?i. " MILLS B VAN WTCK, 6t Broadwsy. F?? r sale.-a fi n p country residence, cheap. 106 acres of excellent Laud, fn ? high SUM of cul ir.i tlon, near Saratoga Spr ngs. A gotble (louse, good out build! ug? Null bo seeu to bo appreciated N -ago. Must bo aeeu to bo appreciated bo ageoio apply. Address. J. C. B., .North Oroenueld, Saratoga co.. N. V FOR RALB-TBRMS VERT EASY?THREB NEW rilla Cottages, slate roofs; twolro Urge rooms. marMe msnlsls. well and cutoru water in house, high ground, verv near horse and sieam|rallre*d at Morrlaauia. Inquire at 87 Bowery. CH)B 8ALB?A FINB FARM OF 80 ACRES. WITH OB J1 without stoek, aliuated two utiles back of Ta^rtown. Termaeesy. For particulars apply to IY&S, WILLBr A OQ-. 9B8 Broadway. N. Y. Fpr 8ALB?a tbby attbactivb country beat oo the Bast rtrar. *t Throw's Neck Woatcheater, fifteen miles from Now York, sua aoossslble by rallrosd and boat, oonUlehjftiT all about 47 acres," principally un der high cultivation. The-main house U eery large aud com modious and thoroughly furnished. The outbuildings are unusually complete and attentive. Qraperles, hothouses. Be., all in perfect order. The place is stocked with fruit trees ef the eboioeet eerieUes. end shaded by forest trees of large growth. For permits, terms. Bo., apply to O. A. BOBBINS or FRANCIS BACON, Executors, No. t Jaun cey oourt second Boor. POR SALE?AT RAHWAY. N. J.-NTCB OOTTAOB. 7 rooms, 83 000: do., 7 rooms, 88,300; one. 4 rooms, 8L800: all In goad repair, close to depot, one hour from city; also aome floe Farina la New Jersey, cheap, on easy terms. HENRY TAPPBN B Oo? ST Pine at. rooms Nos 8 and 9. For sale?the owner qoino to kuropk. the beautiful Country Residence of the subscriber on the north shore of Long Island, near Whtt-stone. twelve miles tmm New York. Apple to JOHN CKYDiiR. 89 1'lne street. ?M)K 8ALE?A LARGE PI R.ST OLAriS BRICK MANU fauiuung Lsla'diabuient with two liw.-lilng Houses, lo cated ou three and one-ball acres of grouud. with in iwunty rods of the Erie < -nsl. New York Central and Syra cu-e and Binghampton and Oewego Kaiiroa Is and ad joining a ho: se railroad, lae buildings and improve ments are of tho moat suoatanbal kind, there being a machine shop BllilMl feet, two stories high; foundry, MixSO; blacksmith shop, 30x60; tumbling room, chipping room, paint room, pattern room, tempering room and onion; also Boiler and Engine, MoKenxio Cupola and lilotrer. 1,1ns Shafting and Pulley. All of which cost about $76,000 sod would now cost much more, end will be sold for much lesa than cost. Also for aula a variety of Tools, ooneutmg in Brtof one li. B. Smith's Tenoning and Boring and Bor ing Machine, one Bret class Daniel's Planer with 39 fool bed. one Shaping Maohlne; also Tools for working Iron, two Shaping or Billing Machines several Upright Drills, one Trip Hammer, one Crank Planer: also Vises, Hammers sod other Tools too numerous to mention. All of which will be sold cheap by the tfubberd Harvester Manufacturing Com pany el Syracuse, N. Y. F? R SALB?MB ACRES OF LAND, THIRTY MI LBS from Corpus OhrlsM In Ben Patricio district, Neuo county, Texas, on waters of Sau Fernandas nrer, at 81 per aore. Apply to BBBBIAN, at. J. Q. Scboleh eld's, 14 Me Idea >R SALE?A FARM ON LONG ISLAND; FORTY _ acres. For particulars Inquire of JOHN SATTIO, 390 Broadway, N. Y. F?! F OR SALB-AT A SACRIFICE. AND BAST TERMS. A large got hie built House. 17 rooms; 100 sores ef land, orchards. Bo.: near Key port, N. J. L. KELLNER, M William i FOB BALE?IN JERSEY CITY, THB THRBE STORY and basement brick House end full Lot 988 South Foui^h street: has ell the modern Improvements; splendid grapery end private (table. Price >10,800. Part on bond aud mortgage. Apply to the owner, P. RYAN, 87 Warren street. For salb at Morr haven?the dwbllino Douse on the oorner of ViUa plaoe and OaUege avenue. In good order; also to lot two new ilouaea adjoining. In quire next deor. ' JpOB SALE IN JERSEY CITY?A NEW THREE STORY basement end sub cellar brick House, situated oo high and solid ground, containing all the modern Improvements, marbfo hall. etc. Inquire of WM. HARNEY, corner Grove and York streets. FOR SALB, IN BERORN?ONE OF THB HAND nomest Plots, and convenient to railroad, adjoining the homestead of the late jaoob M. Memllca, Esq., fronting on Hudson and MontloelKi avenues. For further particulars Inquire of HENRY NATHAN, 140 Oreeawfcjh street, New York. FpOR SALB OK EXCHANGE?A COUNTRY RE8I denco of 97 acres; commodious house and suitable out buildings; land of superior quality, oe a ridge; splendid view of Sound end surrounding country; neighborhood first clean; crest variety of fruit of choicest kind. Inquire for WILLIAM MATHEWS,one ends half miles from Mount Veinon depot. New Haven Railroad Price 813.000. IriOlt SALB OR EXCHANGE AT PEEKSKILL?A 1 Country Seat. Slj acres of ground; first clave brick house and tiara, all the modern Improvements, fine river view, healthy, oouventent to oars ana steamboat. Apply at 88 Watts street. UKJB SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR OITT PROPERTY? P A beautiful dairy Farm of 1M0 acres, situate on main road and mtdwsy between Peekaktll end Lake Mahopec; new largo double House, commodious barns and abundance of fine fruits; would make e splendid summer boarding house or gentleman's residence. Address J. W. 8INNKY, Beavefstreet. New York. 88 IjiOR SALE OR TO LET?AT SOtTTH BERGEN, N. J., ' on the corner of Bergen avenue and Newark plank road, a Arsr.elese House and seven Lids of ground, beauti fully situated and in complete order. Inquire ou the pre mises. P>R SALR OR TO LET?A SMALL PARM OP TWEN ty one scree, situated nesr Stamford, Conn. Inquire et 317 West Pony third street. For sale or to rent?48 minutes prom wall atroiS, vie Long island Railroad, four first cUas Houses, nesrlv new. near depot. Also a fine Mansion House to rent, furnished, 10 acrea. P. C. BULKLBT, 48 Well street, Jannoey court. JjUE ROCK AWAY.?FOR PALE, UNITED STATES - IIoteL directly on the beach; a first cless new Hotel, with furniture and outbuildings; 3tk acres. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW B CO., No. 3 Pme stre?u TD1NK HOTEL PROPERTY FOR 8ALR?WITH LIVERY F stable nUaebod. locate I at Mount. Vemoo, Westchester ?ounty. N. Y., the pmprleto?retiring from busineaa. Inquire of UKOKOK HOIIlD, on the premise*. Hudson river property.?for sale, ox Tire weal bank of the Hud eon. a number or handsome Residences, with rtrer front*, between Clermont ami brack, with from I to IS acre*, ranging In price from SlJ.tOO to $2,500. Apply to WM. H. PbtTT, I'lermont. N. Y. 1KRSLY CITY?BLFVBN THREE STORY H0U8RS ?l and one fire atory House, with modern Iraprorcmenta, within (Ire minutes' walk of the ferry, for tale to close a copsrtnoishtp, with posass.lon. from $6 5UQ to $15,000. Terma to suit. 37 Nias&a street, offleek". JOHN R. ROBERTS. TVAKTKDTO BXCHANOK-A NEATCOUNTRY PLACE TT furnished or unfnrntahad. In a sporting locality near New York; would be uke In exchange for the flrat *Dd only Issue of a great miltona! maatcrplece of art, highly endomed by our prominent statesman. A good chance for a amart mm to make money. Addreae bog 8.267 New York I'oat office. oann cash and $md on mortoaob por a ?J)OW raluabla Store and Lot In Schuyler atreet, near Cortlandt avenue, Melrose; also $3 50J for a tuw utore In Washington arenua. Mornaanla. Inquire of C. NICHOLS, rt the former place. sfcl O nnn -for balk, a BKArtTTlFUL DWELL V,J-d5l.A'Ul/?aiig House In West Morr'.sania, Ktflh are. line of Westchester county: 13 rooms, Inrn, all kinds of fruit. BLISS A JAMES, MS Broome street. 1IKAI, MTATi WAmo. HOUSE WANTED FOR CASII-A FOUR 8T0RT atone House, worth $J6,U0Q Address H. B., bo* 1,890 Foal office. I WANT TO RUY A SMALL HOUSE IX BROOKLYN requiring about $1,900 (town, balance on mortgage; price fft.DN to $5,0U,X Addrcaa, with particulars, O. B. Hill, lieraM office. Tenement property wanted to buy or lensn?The highest mark?t value gircn. Apply to R. H. OI BOONS A Co , 446 Broome street. THE I'NDRSinNRD IS AUTHORISED TO NEIOTIATB for tlie imn-hase of a two story brick House, on street bounded by Blccckjrand Leroy, Hudson and -.i*ih areaoe. II. OOSI.INO, M9 Broadway. TV ANTED?IN THIS CITY OR BROOKLYN, A SMALL ?? lloiiee, requiring not morn than IMS down; re,t ou mortgage- Address Alpha, bo* MU3 Post office. T1TANTED?TO PURCHASE. FOR CASH, A TIIRER OR ft four *:orr high atooplf ou?". In a llrat rate toaalitr. Price from $111,000 to $A),Q00. Address J. B., Iloout 36, 40 Broadway. "WANTED?TO BUY A TIKRI <"Ul FOUR STORY ?f Hou?e, all Intproytmenta, from $toW>'to $1A000, In a re-pectablo neighborhood, oetween Fifth and Ninth avcotie* and Tenth and Firty-alxth atresia Addteea llouaa, 425 Canal street. WANTED?TO PURCHASE IN BROOKLYN, A OOOD House, worth from $2,'WO to $5,000. where but littlss money would be required. Address or apply at 71 Nassau atreet. room No. 9. Wanted for cash-five to fifty acrks.iplvin Hulllinit*. within three hours of New York: rahi" $9,600 to $t,0uu. Address, with particulars, A., bo* 101 ller aid office. WANTED TO FUROR ASK?iA ROUSE AND LOT BP W twecn Fourth nn I -ercuth nreaues, above mtinth atreet. Address, with foR yarti.-ulars, H. M., lleraU oSlce. Agents need not answer. WANTED TO PUROHASE-TiIRKK STORY BRICK fr or btawo'lot"" high stoop llonse, .well l.>e?ted, l>e. twecn Fourteenth and Fi t'eth street*. Third and p.ighth avenues about $12,(AM. Addresa Harrisou, bot 168 Herald offi-ie. TV ANTED TO PURCHASE? t TWO KTORY AND AT T? Iks frame Honae, in a good ndfhbo. hood, alaml half an hour from the ferry-either io N illtamahurg or Brook lyn. Price from $l,?Wt) $2,000. Address W. L. O. Herat! nfllee FOU SALE, a FIRST CLASS BAKERT AND ICE CREAM SALOON 1\ at 2S6 Ful'on slrrrt, brtwcentCl.iitm and Pierrepaoi, Brooklyn, for sale, with four years1 lease A PRETTY LITTLE, C 'MPACT, WELL FITTED UP Crooery, aiiiiste.1 on Second avenue, doing aa ere si lent business. will be sold low; a rare chance for an indus trious man with small HKOW.V A nOLDEN. 1 236 Broadway. Arabs chance-por sale, the lease and fixture* of the n -e?n Steamship House No 42 Vt"lt ?ir>-< t now doiggr * hMtelaaabua.oess. batiafaclory .essoin for setllUg t'Ul. Apply on the p . .iilaci. A PORK Ui -siXUaq FOR ,N t LK-lf ' V(N 7 \ FIRST rate amokel, nine un1 en rt thing hel .n? ng io the l?Mt neat. In go >.l con ? in: It Is s first r te at tnd fr sel.lng ell Irindsol m< sk ' his la a urai rale nhancc for any dhi at t lug io enter t a bu- ieis aa the t-iia* are ni .'-rate and rent losr. For parttcn r ? iHiMmO. St., Meralu office. a LA IXC. LILLY' - SAFE FOR SALT CHEAP. ALSO. /A three second ?af?* of Harr.ud's, .Vlaivln'a A Wilder a make, kt ? bargain, *i 98 Liberty at. cel. von gtLl. Tt m "nntTL ? nut ?t k r,wIi^^'Ln r? i *i22"* Z? cueup. Uuo ur* pVui j$a:e. 4 8PLEN DID BAKERY. AT NEW \ doing au ex'-rl!?nl b i-lue<?; bakerjr K ? _,.na bake loares; buius Utix.j. *1 L, ? K T>J' A C i >. Frii. With Ustursa. **?. J. - A HAT ANT> CAP STOP. 8 POR8 ALE.-O N A owb required, low rent; food stand. Apply twa ?*? at J8? Bloeeker street. 4 RAORIFICB-A MF.AT' MARKBT. ICE HOOM; A Home and Wapo,exerytUlns wau^lJ^lTSnd aood neM' ooruersu>re and baaeiueut. rent arena* w in ' MW tor aU; Flfty-Courth street and K |uth w?* will. K*wxorau, nOANLAN. 7*4 KfaiA arena* a IHOK STORE FOR SALE-ESTABLISHEDO?"* A "2S5233 WKS BML KB 0 K01 u.i.'^tYh jriW dN?. Boo<t *"^ . -TOE 8ALB--a iODAWATBR M AN DTACTORY^B^B ??? tea tuf asss iirw. tflTOHBIX B Btora A#?cy. 77 Cedar awet. _ rSAKF.RY FOE BALE? DOING A OOOD *2"222 R over the counter; cheap; I** ?* J7?kd? a TWMW T,ty neat ator* For particulars apply at 4ud Eighth ?re*n* pOBNBR LIQUOR 8TOM FOR Vv?ettrTetWt>!^bu7ln^A^to C. A. MAOUIlZZ corner of 1 Ulrty-llrst street and second menu* __ ~ ROO 8TORR FOR 8ALB.-APPLT TO DB. BRAWV D s EK. 80 Centre street, eorner tt Pnart. . t^ISTILLERY FOR SALE?IN NINTH DISTRICT. I* D quu* at M* Kii.hU. arenu* rr~ - a-.ewn_nSK DOINO A OOOE pncr. Cash, Herali offlc* |ni?R BALE-THE POPUP<?2 f Upholstery EauWj^mentotCbartearr. ufl,.'eu yru* Ee?p*b. on the window Shade^T?? fcUx-k oonr Curtain" ther articular* inaulre ol WE&KB ? ^??? ? JjtOR 8AI.E-THE AMgRtOAN AdVSi^^int ehen*. T Fixture* two year* cease ana 0440. Apply on the premUa* T7IOK BALE?THE .tu^JTr^the^flxturwi w^ f?s nene etani pfn.^ell room* Mo* land* FV?Sft?- SWH&fl at Ml 11 uilaoo street. _____ IjtOE BALE?THE OEOCBEY r^B? T oorner ef Ninth arenueand Forty-eeeonn *n??. ? Uree years' Ian** "L gash. Bufflctent reasons for seuiui ous. Bleeokar street, o-ruer of Mxodougal. tT?5r?IT upW^ ?SHf8roS?th?ffge^n^^ ~^.,yA'ldreas letter A. Herald ode* F?iB ^ TBR, 176 Fulton street ****** ?'? * TTiOE 9ALE-A ?RfeMfcT plpe; L K:J~78j;5Rj.?vaiS*"'1g LKOK. 198 Orandstieet. w ?-? F?SvSn" the basement. F0^s,s^-4,.?rSt-^i';rrt h ater" situated in one of the best sresue*. - rentwdiou^oaSe. Applyat^IgMharwu* wok""HALE. CHEAP-A "PK^N^?ntyM^thB?_ E-^dlriAgJBa?."H.H^ho% ^Blxtharn^ ^OR BALE*. A ORKAT BAROATN-A S,Mr''--r-7-AtSJg* WSaW ??** P^.jri?tbe8^tLr?o^^eWime8AnK^d Kn^^ HON. 77 Nassau St.. N. Y. fuMBKR-*?.?? VKKT ONE *?TWOJHOIil TBX~ "IfILK ROUTE FOB SaLB.-INQUIRE AT NO. ?? J>1 Charles street. ? AAKDnm 8I7.E SAFE FOR SALE. AFPLY TO & M- MBWPr. IJM Broadway. 437 Flrot wvenue, n?r Twenty*?'Xib CtOAP FIXTUREB FOR SALE.?ONE AT*IN3 *'R*S COMPANY, 3U6 Hroadway, seeond Boor. orbt MILK ROUTE AND HOU8K, AND 8TABM Fifty-8 ("th street. ? I. t'SsTw Broadway. MACHINERY. A SIX HORSE ENGINE. IN FINE ORDER; A G2KV rar'l two horse KlllM. Boilers, Lathea. Power. Ut? ?nd Drop Preea.*, Machinery and Toola bought aud mUO| SMITH A CLARK. 276 Pearl street. Naw Tort. A FINE, LAROE HAND LATHE FOR BALE.-PO' or foot. Slide rest and several churk?; oa?lly *' Into a slide lath*. J. 0. WHITCOMB, M Thirteenth two doors west of Broadway. A PAIR OF SECOND HAND TEN HORSE POWER Engine* f<v sale oheap; in good order. Inquire at Ike Tubal Pain Iron Works AW W?<t street. For sale-a ? house power steam engine, Corttea' make, with tabular Hol er Steam Pump. Heater, Pipes and connection, all In complete order; to be delivered by the 1st of M?y next. M*y be seen In operation dally la the baeemml. 62 Duane street. Te be sold also the Stem Hoisting Machine and the Shafting In the millding. B. IlOK A CO.. 29 and $1 Gold street. For rale?a jso iiorse steam enoine, oor. Us' make, in flne order; ran be used high or low froo sure; suitable tor boat or factorv. ? as 1>. O. SIMMONS, no West street. For sale?u engines and boilers of all sixes; 100 Tanks of nil *1z> a: will be sold cheap. D. U. SIMM ON8, 6J0 Wast street. For sarij-a small steam enoine and boiler, now run.una in good orvlor. Apply at 70 West Thirty third street. 1>UBTAI1LE AND STATIONERY HTKAM ENGINES 1 AND BOILERS AND CIRCULAR SAW MILLS. 1 he bo?t and mn.t complete in uae. Circular cent on application. WOOD A SamS STEAM ENGINE COMPANY, I'uea, N. Y., and 09 Maiden lane. New V art. STEAM ENGINES, BOILERS MINING MACHINERY, Jlydrtuile Present for oil mill*. Sugar Mills, Tanks, Stesm Pumps, Pipes end Fitting*, corner Dock end W iter ni'-ois, Brooklyn, JAS. MoFAHLAN, JR. 1IMLLARD A M1LLWARD, JM WATER STREET? Tf Agents for Darts' Bup-rlieallng Roller: Sieam Knglnee and Rollers, new au-l re-onit Iihii I, sll sixes; Prowller En gine*. steam Pump*. Lathes. Shafting. Pulleys, Belling sod Machinery in general on hand. DERI IITRT. Artificial teeth at reovcbd friobs-oitm sets. $10 and ilft; temporary, $4 to Rd; anportne to others C*ll and examine spsRnW, at 123 Sle-oksr sireec Dr. WHITE. N. II Will remove to Bo Sixth avenue, May L (I A BET OF TEETH" IN THKKB TO FIVE IIOl'RH.? JV Hrlendid sets, $A, $lo, $15 $11 Heeuliful tlum 'Sd. w id Plumpers tn nil out the cheeks niv! restore youthful s|trance. Teeth txtmnied srttheut pain with Nltrona (Hide Las. No char** for extracting when Teeth are In. ?cited, at VAN VLBCM'S, 174 Sixth avenue SausUciloa guaranteed. /AOLTON HF.NTAL ASSOCIATION ORIGINATKD TUB \J ainesthetiv use of nitrous end# gas, administer it In the m et approved method, do nothing but Extract Teeth, and certainly do It without pain; an Ih.OWl pstlenta testify. See their names at tbeoniee. lb Cooper Ins'flute. EiAanklin A SPRoULL EXTRACT teeth WITH OUT PAIN wl.d the use of NITROUS HXIDR HAS ntNAKCtlTIG SPRAY, for ONE DOLLAR for the IIrat tooth and FIFTY OR XTR ror each additional, ?t SI Bible House, cornerof Ninth street and Third avenue. /OSTEOPLASTIC AND PURE GOLD FILLINGS?FOB A ' restoring tec'h In every atage of decay to their original shape, beauty and usefulness, tsitbont pain. trstimo. n sis l? aoovcrer's rooms. E.a-t Fourteenth M-rct PERMANENT SETS OR OEM TI'.F.TU, $13: TEMPO, r iry, $??. Tec'h tied wi'.h gold, $1 lectn Mtraetetl wlihoul pi n. All work warr. mad. Call and fremiti# n^eotmens before ingu ring elsewhere, at 122 Huth a- ime, corner of Thirteenth street. extraocrd without pain ? laughing ' GM freed dally. Haau'dful t? d!i. $). Sar . rsl ? i me ebeMcal upcratwna ?r-Ufuttj performed and ws i tntod ,1. JA V ViLLP.itrt, I&o Grand street, ii'-ar htnada'Ay, yt!YW AftTN. TO OR SALE? ItTTAHLB FOR PRiIPHILTolls^"oP J1 li it class hotels, a large Ofl Painting, 6 hy n Itat. r?; re. rui'lri, an AtrlcMl lion, price f ">I, f's,. i.snri T dee I y and t'rtda/ fruid I to J chV k P. M , a; law Se<i o,J sliest.