Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HEKALl). WHOLE NO. 11,159. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 1867.?TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. I r ? Rsosnii. i NTIIONY BOWD-I CRGMFORi), DKLBYf-lUBE, 1 England, will ?h|!p? W Roberts by returning the Ipade ao? Guinea'" u .~i >1. \V itier.'.nd, at Ac*?f? a?l ? * Tuttle's, 74 Wall street, N. V. 1 DOFTl'W.?WANTED TO ADOPT A CHILD, WIT!! i dar* eye*. from birth to two ywri old. Address Ilia, "ting, tuuon A, Spring street, LITTLE BOY FIVE MON1HH OLD WITH DARK eves; a'-ao a pair at twins, jnaie aud female, 741 ?nwtch Mreet, y VK-ULAFS?OLY VPIC THEATRE, MONDAY EVEN. lug. J. It , H-raiJ office. E For adoption?a fine, healthy male in fu'lt; eve* and hair dark; American parentage. Apply At 47 Vest Thirteenth street, between PVu and Math avs. Fifth avenue stage, Monday morn 'no-will the lady that noticed me gentleman opposite lier, a?.-1 who got out at Oanal street, address Dr. Warner, bo* 2,?ti5 HowYork Postolhoe, stating where an interview ms> be Bad. or a letter may be addressed. AVENUE STAGE, TUESDAY AFTERNOON A ('lareadon lloteL You can addrcaa Antolne Beaumont, stats, a 1). G OVERNER8?A8TOR LAST THURSDAY. List. Send another to L. 1'., stat' n A. INFORMATION WANTED?CT JOHN THOMAS HOLT, of V.rtield, Yorkahirr, England, and lately of Phib deb S'la. His mm) r i? anxema lo know whether he be -? 11 line. Any In formal ton nmv he adilre-ied to dS M It at utiu-Lg ad broad way, New Y?*k. JAMES a. KING'S RONS DESIRE INFORM ATION eonoermog John and William Uulh, ropem.-ikern, who eaire from England about tlie year l&il. and when las; heard from realded in Brooklyn. Y BOY.?RETURN TO YOUR MU8IO LESSONS ON Tuesdays and Fridays. TU. AS. EU. L.?LETTERS Ft<R YOU AT STATIONS D AND G. Aunwer J. P. a tat tun A. M The obntleman who got out at charles aireei on Monday afternoon, and thought the naby was Iour Utile sister, la very an*:ou? to -ale the child Ooeo more, f agreeable address B. E. B., station U. Velvet jockey, Brooklyn, n. v., Tuesday. P. M.?Send addreaa to ?. At. B., Bridgeport, Conn., to doy WILL MAGGIE , WHO HAS LATELY UK turned from the E*?L pleu.-e ad tree* her Old fuend P. B-, atatlng where an Interview can he had t 6TII AVENi'E STAGE, MONDAY. TO FULTON PKR ry. with purple silk v.-lvot hat. leather and fura. Ad dreaa W. K. Palmer, care hox 1,1U6 .'oat o eoe, No v York. 2TH AVENUE STAGE, TUESDAY, ARM IN HAND? Gentleman got out at Thirteeutu street. Address, conu nttaliy, Arnold, Herald office. SPECIAL NOTICE*. Boatmen, attention i All licensed Boatmen of the Metropolitan distrlot are iwqueatcd to attend the Meeting to be held at BHAKnI'BARK HOTEL, ?eraer of New C.bambera and William street*, on WEDNESDAY EVENING. MARCH At, AT Sfa O'CLOCK, Ms business of importance will be transacted. The Km.en tire Committee are requested to attend promptly. Bv order Of MICHAEL liUiOLEY, Chairman. . Edward Gin**, Secretary. ?BTOAL CUTTING MACHINERY.?THE COLLIERY PRO. / prietor* of South Lancashire and Cheshire, England, a anxious to encourage the level ipment of coal cutting kochinery, here determined to offer three prizes, namely, , Jtauu and 1100. tor the first, second and third best ma chine respectively. which, in the opinion ot the committee Appointed for that purpose, shall be moat auilable to the re gulremeuts of the trade, and the inventor ot' which shall Aomply with the regulations laid down bv the committee. A eopv of the regulation*, and further particulars, will be fur Blared on application to the undersigned All comi>e; iters must furnish the machine- intended lor trial lu Lancashire ?ot later than the 1st November, 1067. MA-hKLL WM. PEACE, Far. 11, 1867. Wlgan, Law Clerk to the Association. OFFICE OF THE AMERICAN JOCKEY CLUB, NO. 46 Exchange place. New York. M ireh 6,18<i7.?Particular attention 1* requested by the members of ihe American Jeokey Chib to the iollowtng resolution pa-e-ed byiueehtb MS a recent meeting:? Besolved, 1 hat the Secretary notify the different members That tlie medals now in their possession must be forthwith IMturned to him for the purpose of authentication As the medals are ilrletly personal, they cannot be trans* tared. Without the name being engraved upon them, and without {change of ribbon, they will not he recognired as genuine T the gatekeepers at' the approaching races In M..y and one. will oblige their obedieut serr ?MA JOHN B. IRVi.NG. Secretary A. J. 0. SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, FEB. 24 ? NOTICE The undersigned beg to notify their friends and the ?abllc generally that luey are not aud never have been feterestcd in or counected with the house of Hcln, Mockrll A Co., corner of Jacob and Frankfort streets. New York city. This nntiou Is published not with a view of ? or In any manner Injuring the house of He.u ?JUtcAsi A Co.,*but simply to uorrwut misconception. HE1N A BRAY. Joss Beat, 416 Battery street ?THE REGULAR WEEKLY MEETINO OF THE "DRY J. Goods Clerks' Early Closing Association" will take plare mis (Wednesday! evening, March 2U, 1SP7. at E. 0. Han. 367 Bowery, at H o'clock. II. B. COWLES, President. James E. Uxor. Recording Secretary. COPA KTNEKSH1 PS. A GENTLEMAN WHO HAS SEVERAL YEARS' EX J\ penenoe In the bsuklng boslueas wants s partner with ? moderate capital to establish a commission house in ex ige, gold, stocks and government securities; references nged. Address with real name N A.. Herald office. PARTNER WANTED?WITH A CASH CAFITAL . of (2,0(10 or $3,OUl, lu an old aud well established bar and . cb counter, located on Broadway, with five year-J !cu-e E$8,tM0 Insurance; eatlsfactory rensont given for celling, particulars Inquire of SMITH k W ttlTMOKE, 61 Cham street, room No. 7. A. finch M*. ?tarn. R. WM. B. AST HAS THIS DAT BERN ADMITTED ?a a member of the (inn formerly known a* A. A V. , of 47 r.renue B , and lire firm will ucn now aa Kanca 16,DW7. Sti.RNS A AST. ?rOTKE?THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE I existing under tbe hrm of Washburn ,t Kuck ha* been la day diteolved by mutual consent. All debts due ai.d all ?alms against tbe firm will be settled by J. II. Knck. who Will continue tbe Kerosene Lamp and Giasa Ware business ?t tba old aland, M Maiden lane. JACOB C. WARHBCRK. JUL1I S H. KICK. Krw Yomt. March 1,1867. Of STAVE F_K UCK. Phillip a cohen have this day dissolved by mutual content. Tbe busim-aa will hereafter be ?arrled on by Mlcuaal Cohen. All deuta contracted by tbe ?tore firm will be paid by Michael Couen. NrwYong. March 18 1867. ?AKTNER WANTED-ONE THAT CAN FU9NISH wore for three double trueka, no capital required. Ad be A. E. Williams, station G. city. Partner wakted-witii $4,mo to $?.uoo, in a ' down town old established paint and color s'ere. liefer ?oee given and required. Add;ess box 101 i'.-r.ild Eartner wantkd-in an office business paying $6 UM per year. $IUU capital neoeaaary. Ad aa Max, Herald olDce. PARTNER WANTED-WITH FROM $10,mOii To $20 0(10, 'n manufacturing an article which need* adrert sine. A million of dollar* mar be made. Address for interview Beorge M. Chilton, New York Post ofllre. PARTNER WA:.TED.-?4<WD. IN A LIGHT MANY facturlng business, now In stieces-ful operation; article ?taple. meets with ready t.le and pays well. Rare opportu alty for any enterprising bnatn-as man. J. M. MOODY A CO.. 48 Pin* street. PARTNER WANTED?IN A CIRCOB. OR WOULD hire a business man for treasurer who would loan $ 1,001) M good security. Address K. I. c , Herald office. WAN I ED?A SPEt TAL PARTNER, W1IO CAN FUR. niah $6,000 to $iu (XX) capital. tan>l a bookkeeper wbo would look after the Interest oi the same), In a good paying busmen, well established. Satisfactory reference and se curity given. Address Z., box 182 llereld office. WANTED?A PARTNER. IN THE DRY UOOD8 BUM ne??. who understands baying go-?la; store best lo lo In the city; capital required, $10.taw. Address E. C. s? WANTED?A PARTNER, WITH $16,(100 TO $20,000. IN an established low pressure, at?-?m lieatiag huslnees. Address toon Elder, Jr., 164 East Thirty 111 lb street fqnn -PARTNER WANTED IMMEDIATELY, IN A Ov/"'. sure ana safe manufactum.g business. profits per rent; established 21 years; reterences required. Ad 4rsw Business, Herald oQlce. ?Q| Wl -PARTNER WANTED. IN A TOBACCO FAC ^O' "" " 'ory. Inquire on tbe premises, 460 West street, *1 iliHI ?WANTED, A PARl.vER, WITH GOOD reference, good beb'te. In well establiebed Can b"?.ness; net piollt.s $"UW)a year. Hall andexaunne r three daye. 11 Prince acreet, near It twery. CI fWWl *? "W?A PARTNER WANTED, IN A 9A.VV/U settled, l.gbt business, e..n r|r.,r Aftlto a r;glu person, f or particulars inquire on second story of lud bixln ?wenue. In tbe real estate department $Q III III $6.000.-WANTED, A PARTNER IN AM sto.oL'U es'abllshrd manufacturing biumess competed with the wlinlesc'.o niililueiy trade paving good proflta. Ad Areas, e .fh real name, box SIj67 Host otlice. AflO OR f0110 WANTED?WfTII OR WITHOUT eJ.IM/U a pa; ttier. In tfie second nt nd machinery bust ?at*. ft oesl location In New York. AddreM X. J. T, Hers 1<; u.K-e, ? on nn/1 ?PARTNER WANTED?TO TAKB THE ?)*-> plate of retiring paruier, In first class Austin -won Broadway; long le-isa, an t lire stock of go-ala an bund. No bonus wifl be asked to a party ran give aorxt rife en "a. Address, won full name, P. P. F , station XVNew York. I lOARS A NO TO Ilk* CO. SoMrrHtyn npw?Turkish water rirr'; bit-* D per n to a I other* Meer-chium Pipes made And ?Ma li i in the best manner, at abort notice. BERG BKOIHBHN, 03 Fulton atreet. N T. CHEWING TOBACC > IN TIN FOIL AND ff Favorite" brand In seme style; oan be had In any Marttli? cheap at the only plaor In this city, No. 11 Gol i Keg*. ' WALTER HA WEBB. l'be a ade supplied at the old raise __________ J\/W1 rtHH HOAM FROM $16 r> $U? A TflQV smd; bargains for c**R t>. OIIHttt?, Agent York cigar Menu.suturing Cemyeny,#4 Warren THE TV HE. I^AKIIION COCR8K?TKOTTiNO WILt BE CONT1N. ued ?a this Course this season, without interruption, ex cept during '.he mouth of August. H. COLTON, Propretor. apORTlNO. A LL KINDS OP D0O6 ABB BIRDS FOX SALE AT A B. DOVBY'S, SB Canst street. tiesr Church sir it. Medicines lor ail ii?ea?M> Prepared Food fur Em*. D OOE F'Ht HALE. ?DIFFERENT Sl'KCIBS. tb inntun si: cel. in bascmoui. ELKO ANT SCHOONER VAOIIT. 7". (Mi lor.g cn dec*, DS teet beam, 6 feet depth uf hold; sails and rigs xg new and of :b? very bed plat to: cabin handsomely fu . lahed and the ve? el t. ted oat complete in ev ry r. .*???. Ac tress 0. F. CBtHuiei*, box d.elS Post cii.ce, Ph. adeipiua. For sale-just arrived from st. jomns, y. w fnn!<<*.. ind, a pair of tfce largest and hands m- : New. foundla?t T'o** in America: good watch and water; ?no pure s: Dug. 11 month v old, v ry iu*ollL?i , a brutes of broken Betters, Black an i Pans, u .0 and ikye Terriers, pair of while Esquimaux Dues. DANIEL FOSTER, No. 1.1 Roosevelt street fVRANCIS BUTLER. NO3PECK KLIP, HAS ALL THE o ? t breeds >f Dogs. Butler'': Infill la Marge Cure aad Flea Exterminator. 78 But. r's now work on the Dog, 1-1. >Duga trained, boarded, Ac, Medicine for nil d:-?a-e... OAI1 BOAT WANTED?FROM ,34 TO 28 TEET; JIB O and mainsail, or ant i:c. Any ne her ng a good bo it willing to sell cheap, may addreea it., Ova. 2Uj H .-raid office. HCHNES, CAJBR1 VGES AC. t PAST BAY TROTTING HORS", EXCISE, IS'.. .A hand* high, 8 years old, ? mad I i.J kmd and warranted t::le or dcnhie In 3:10. w.i! be sold (it auct! 1,401 !.. naway. near sorty-flrst street. >n Wedneodav, March id si i! ? o'clock. To ob seen any day before '.he t ale. A COLT THAT PROMISES GREAT SPEED IS OF. A fereri for eaie cheap; untrained, and on a bad naif :.'. !o tr.o k. drew . woyuu on. e arou: d in i 26: pcrf tly kind and yen ', *n.i K bancs high. Inquire at No. 9 Spruce 'treat, rem,, No. 4, bel.veen J and 3 P. M. Aire :i fir*i das* city ni.,..e Buggy, Lap ltobe, An., far at fair ptices. AT THE REQUEST OP A LARGE NUMBER OP A the business community. we have changed the hour.f eomtnen iiiy the ^.vlee atowr bone auutiou mart In Union square to i jo'clo.'k A. M., instead of 12 o'clous, as hereto iu:e. Hee iocuonhead. \ CLOSE MATCHED TEAM OP PONY BUILT A brown Mares, a heavy built rouy Mare and a eorrol Ho *e, all low priced; two handsome sovered Business Wsgons, cheap. St* Pearl street. * BROWN TIORRR FOR SALE?16 HAND3 HIorT, A is. etT'.Uh rnver. free frem blemish, warranted sound :.nil kind, suitable lor carriage or coupe, worth $250; will be sold for $2011, inquire of T. LYNCH, 202 a.,aiuo A. C1ARKIAOE8 SEVERAL NEW STYLES, J"KT FROM /' our factory, ttutshed in the nest ot style and w r ran ted equal to anv In the . ity. Also one second hand Phaeton, exie&stoukop, four seats, with child's seat, and two Depot W goi; and two op Wagons. Sold at reduced prices, at N. MOoNBY'S W.ircroocis, yl Liberty streui. / IAKKIAGES FOR SALE.?ONE TOP AND ONE NO \J top buggy Wagon, only used about three tnoi.ihe; one set of Harness, one lap Blanket aud one Horse Blanket, all nearly new and city made, to be sold at a suerince as the owner ts going to Europe. Apply U> M. Cl'KLKY, 21 East Twelfth street For bale?a very fine pair of dari: gray Carriage li .rsev, well matched, tony tails. 18 hai.ils years old; sound and very stylish. Also six neat Phaeton, Harness. Ac, The owrer is soon to leave town, and tbi" presents a opportunity to buy a handsome is,. ui. 1: outre for two weeks of B. MONTAGUS. Marble Va it. West twenty-tilth street, between Tenth aud Kleventh avenues. IDOR SAL?:?A 8BCOND HAND COACH, IN EX'EL F lent order, an,! as good as new. Wood's make. Apply to M IN E It, STEV EN,- 1 CO.. 406 Droadwav. IJIOB SALE-A LONG LEASE OF A FIRST Ci-AS r I.tvry Matoe; will accommodate 70 horses. Inquire i U& Sixth avenue. E10R SALE-A POWERFUL FAST WALKING HORSE, 17 civt.; 8 years old. 17 bands; also two fine young blind Horses, and severs! farm Horses. 80 New Chambeis street. FOR KALE?ONE LIGHT ROAD WAGON, HARNESS. Whip, Lap iiobe and Blankets, ail in best condition and for t.?ie cheap Address box 2 270 t'oat oitlce. FOR SALE-A DOCTOR'S BUSINESS OTG. IN GOOD or.b r, city make, at a bargain; price $100. Apply at ?uhle, 12b West 'i'wenty.tlftii struct. IAOB SALE-A CLARENCE FRONT COUPE. SINGLE 1 Harness, Robes, Blankets, Whips, Ac. All new !.,?t Deoembet Can bo Veen at Tsltman's stable, corner Broad way and thiity-eighi street. Turns reasonable. 1NOR BALE?A PEAUTIFrr, ? PAIR OP COUI'E 1 Dorses* 7 end fi .'earsoid; rtcb dark bay. about Ij1^ hands It.gli. Can be seen at 128 West 32d street. Will be sold reasonable. IDOR KALE?20 IH1RBE8, JTBT PROM THE COUNTRY, 1 from hre to e.ght years old; juices from f8l) to $260. warranted sound and kind. No. S Laurens street. SNOB SALE?A HORSE, TRUCK AND HARNESS, ALL 1 In hnn cnrdltton. norse Id hands high, 8 years old, sound and genth ; horse and truok now making f:i'> per week, which the buyer can have the advantage of: price 6460 Inquire for two days of J. W. CAMPBELL, 81 street. OR SALE-CARTMAN'8 BUSINESS DOWN TOWN, together with llorsoe, Carta, Trucks and everything ne ceeeary to do a large business. The titslneaa is of many I nd " "" " " " years' standing, ana vs^lll be sold cheap, as the owner is g.dng to the country. Also to let or lease, the Stable occu pied by llie undersigned, at a fulr rate. For terms or otl.rr information call at 112 Bank street In the morning, or at IB S.,utb W illlam street. GEO. (I1FEK4. LIOK SALE?10 F1KBT CLASS HORSES, Jl S'f FROM I? I? the country: flf for carta, trucks. exore?> or any busl i: warranted sound and k!u L Inquire at Ml Canal street, MM corner of Washington Fir sale-stylish bat horse. ? tears, i? hand*. wuUld suit coupe, express: make good family horse; at;.-.wer any/ man wanting good horse: WHTunt-,'. sound. Kind. Inquire liquor store, corner of Fifteenth m eet, o rstic C. I DOR PALE IT A SACRIFICE-ONE BREWSTER'S ' make t oach, used but a few times, nlue silk lined; one ? spring Road V upon, one English Pbaetoa. one set D nihle Harness, lo He seen at stables corner Filth avenue and Forty-fourth street. IRON GRAY HORSE?IB HANDS. FOUR TEARS OLD. 1 A pet Colt, sound, kind runt p?utle: tit " >r ladles or chil dren to drive, men *-30. Apply to JGUN T. Bl'OD, No. 8 l:sst Nineteenth street. LIVERT STABLE FOR KALE OR TO LEASE?WITH Stock, all in perfect order. Apply on promises, 38 Vtc-t Kllteentii street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. ? ART Or A STABLE FOR THREE HOBOES AND two carr:.?fic> to let, at 11 East Tutrty-nfnth street. CTABLF. WANTED?IN TUT! rFFEU TART (F THE O ritv. capacity of twelve liorees or rooic by The Great American Tea i ompitny, H6 and .17 Veecy street. U7.A.NTEI) T(i UIF.K?A 00<>D TRCOK BOBSE, FOR Vf two or three months. Will nave the heal of care In cu.reatI50 East Twentieth street, between .Second and t. ird avenues. ? Xl?< Kit A .. \ GREAT REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF BOOTS snil Bboes lo ?b< 1st of Muv, at 1BW IN'M cheap Store, :n i Bowery, corner ?1 Bond street. Soiled stoca leu than lialf price. DR. W. R. PCR1RKER, or CALIFORNIA FOUNDER of the ,!ei .vative treatment fur disease* of the eyes, ears, nose ami ? km. rw? Broadway, New York. Horns and hatk taiLA?the pi tchers- hide Mid Melting A- oral on, of the --iry of New York, are now prepared to show samples and receive proposal, from pre. tie, who desire contract lor lite Horns and Hair Tall*, received bv the ?? delation duiuis the pre* : t yetr ending Hoc. 31, I-NIL Fer*ona desirous of making contract will cither ad dro-s a note or ta'l at their office, cvrnsr of Fifth atfeet and First avenue. "IMPORTANT TO HO'SEK BEPF.R8.?THE GREAT 1 Aineruau Washing Fluid, '.e lasat arthic ever dis covered for cleaning and pr.scrv.rig i cirtt I moving ink. pencil m.-.rke, ruins, f I ease. oil. A Blrl can wash more wslla. windows thd Boors in a d iv li.nn ail i could do in four with soap, and the paint will look b.igh.eraud newer. Used wlih a sponge: l.o brush required. ,t hamper than soft soap. Hoi ev reinrue<l if not as represented. SoiJ by alt groeerr. POWELL IHOSIPSON M CO , 2M Greenwich stree , near Murray. Agents wanted. PARIS EXHIBITION, If?7.?JOHN ARTHUR A CO., 10 vne t astiglloM Agents of the Br.tish and Amcrietn Embassies, aata alls hod tbirty-ejflpt years, unJutake to rcp reeenl'-xhifcitors. Kan* and HI-hange, II IM and Kstnle Age n la. Cow. ml salon. Tranalt Agcala au<l Wine Mer uaots. Rveiy mfo wistion gratis. t--L OFFICE INTEKNATIONVL. RPR NREVE .. .. A g-.tiii.. iA. F.very iufcrn r>n gratuitously. Apsrtm-tt. provided. Luggage neretour-cA. :afB WWTr.D?LARGE *m. B. w. FLOYD, ? Brootiiesireet, coiner of Alieu. T Bl DtAtTJP.AGM FII.TE R?MANID'M'TPRFP by aLKXa 10.1' v -KBNIltt, No 3d West Fourth strwet, is th k nil r Poi >?? niter to whha 1 alluded in mv recent report to the Cro? rt Board. I onn-lder the srutioial sand stone wht.ih co..stKutea the dlterln;! medium to ho s:i excel lent f eticlc for the purpose. The instrument Is quit* dura ble, snd only leqn-i e, to lie reversed occasionally to ins ire lis action JAM EN B. CHILTON, M. D., CbomisL Nr-v Yon*. April .6 'Wta. tmdbyA. McKRNlUfl OQ- Practical Plumbers and Hydraulic Engineers. Particular attsnl Ion paid to country reridr: rrom the long experience of tbe fRm they are rrcoared to tveeu?e suit warrant all work In their Hue. Jo> ?lii/In Plumbing iad Una Fitting done as usual, Orders solicited from ou: of town trade. A. XcKKNZIE A OO . 36 Waat Fourth street, N. T. "II"ANTED TO BCY-DRT GOODS, CLOTHING. BOOTS vv fct/d Shoes for cash, will buy Htock Goods cheap; par ties not wdJn.B lo sell etiaap will save time br not ogling D L. NBWBORO, <H and CO U-peuard sliest. NATRLKOMAL. i WIDOW LADT, AGED 3d OF VHOH BESPEOTA j\ blllty an l genteel appearance, deslra* toe a jqualritanow sr a gentlemen of moans, refinement and u ilet habits, with ? view to mat rl many. Audraaa la ssnc-r tv, Kin ma J. Atkic ?on. station MIDI-IT. AGED OBNfLSM \N WOULD LIES TO __ Jk-a^tc the r.cniuintaoee of a young, gen-eel lady, !>?> twee toe <aes oi 30 sad 3d, wlthavisur to matrimony- Ad. dress, w, tb quallf datiCBs, ? A- V., Horrid ??W. VIIARC1JU* i LB EXT n. Nlt'OLAY. -A Slot kjjroKER AND AUCTIONEER, MO. i3 PINB STREET. KSTABUSMFD 8IXTXKN YEARS, i In?uninc?, City Railroad, <:ns Light, Bank, Telncr ph, Express, Manu'acluifc g and Mining Sto-ka, also City, 0 iu ty. State and i|ov< niiit-at Securities, receive spec ,1 alien* lion, and some on hand for sale, paying from 1U to 2J por cent dlvlurnds, at lo.v rates for investment. A P*U? DIVIDEND OF TIIR ROM A* LOAN. uitit'K or run Uoaa v Lois at mx ILnuia House or Distax. f.u?:i*a? A Co II Mass-u street, corner of Pine, Mar^n 19, lvo7. The caumi of In1' r"il of thin loan due on the lat of April, IN', drib l* I ...1 .< lain? Now ?. ?-rlt. at ihe banking hooeeOf Dunvtn. Shi, Phlladelpula, at the bitiWIltg how-e < f Dr. ".el A i o. B amot ti, at the banking house ,f L. J. Torino/ A t'o. New Oili' iia. i! the coiilbom Hank. Hi. Louta. -it the banking house of Tesson, h'on a Co. J.011I . .1 e, at the banking house of I er ... 1 .1. Cincinnati, ? the Van king lunse of Gilinore, Duel. ;> A Co. and Hetuann idants'uty k la B ' <? Pat, It uormhoe. Prov' leu's*. K I., by G""r;p? A. T^ete, Esq. Montreal, tnada. V'outr ' liu k. Quebec. Canada, Montreal Batik. 11a n., Cuba, J. C. Burnham A C ?. l.mia. Porn, Ale -p A Co. Whi nt there are no a.tenir the holdeisgof b ">u i r".n for w ti 1 their coup ma to thi-' ollloe, .lie | roeccce . : winch will be rem it ted by rcturu mail. ROBERT MURPHY, Agent. CITIZENS' SAVINGS BANK. SOUTHWEST CO it MSB of Bowery aud venal street. SIX PER CENT 1st . ,.m I'Al., oN ALL .+'113 FROM FIVE TO ' IVE IHUl SAND DOLL AIM. INTEKrVf t'tCl MKNCF.s APRIL I. 1 vUBCAN, SHERMAN A CO., BANKERS, CORNER PINB AND NASSAU BTEETS. N HW YORK, Issue Circular Noiea and Letters of Credit for traveller*, available in all the principal cities of the world. Mercantile credi g for use in Kur'| a, china, Ac. Also mnka transfer* ef money to Californ.a an 1 Or *on by telegraph. Interest allowed on deposits. rUEKBETTE, KANE A CO., No. 8 Plaee de la Bourse. Pens, Issue and Letters of Credit, letters for Ameri cans travelling i.i Europe. Ay- tits for the lines of steamers between Havre and New Yiuk. Money loaned on bond and mortgage? Merchants' and mechanics' notes dlseonnse 1. Ac. Vp ply at 37 Nassau street, office 30. 8. E. CENT. pENNf BNNSYLYANIA STATE LOAN. PROPOSALS FOR A~~\N OF ;23,008 000. An act to create a loan for the redemption of the ove-due bonds ,?f the Common wealth. Whereas the bonds of the tlommonweslth and m-tnin ecr tificatea of lndebtedu '?s amounting to $J3.0ju,Ui*J, hare betn overdue and uuald for some tune past; And whereas it is desirable the same shruld be paid and withdrawn item the m>rket; therefore, RKcnox I. Be it enacted by the Senate and Hooae of Ke pr< -c tatives o! the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania iri Geo em I A ? mblv met, and it is hereby enacted by the antlu rity of the same. That the Governor, Auditor Geiinral and S at? Treasurer he, and are hereby authorized and en.p >wered to borrow on the faith of the Commonwealth. .11 such anioui 1-. and with s toll notice Inn: less than forty days), as ibev may deem roost expedient for the interestoi the stat?, ty-threc millions of dollars, and ls-u? certificates of loan or bonds oft he Commonwealth for the name, In ariug inn res', nt a rate not slit pcreeatum pe minum, payable semi-annually, on the 1st of February ami 1st of Angus;, a the city of Philadelphia: which een ideate* . loon or bon . s ?hall not bo subject to any taxation w' -tevtr for Stale, municipal or local purposes, and shall be payable as fnl lows, namely:?Five millions of <! ILrs payable at any tinrn after five ye ir* and wit but ten years; eu.u mill, on ? of dollaia payable at any time after ten years and within fif teen years, and ten millona of dollars .t anytime after flf te *n years and within twenty-live j ear-, and '. .ill he sime-d by the iJovernor and Slate Treasurer, and counterslg by the Auu.tor UoneraL and regiotered in the books of ths Audiv-ir Goneral. and to be tranafemble on 'he IhhiIc* of the Commonwealth at the Farmers' and Mechanic ' N.inoua! Hank of Philadelphia; the proceeds of tha whole of w hich ioau. iuclndinc premiums, Ac., received on the name shall t>e anplled to the payment of theboud* and certificates of indebtedness of the Commonwea'th. SBC. 2. The bids for 1 Ue taut loan 'hall be opened in the presence of the Governor, Auditor lene.-al and siai Treas urer . and awarded to the highest bidder: Provided, Tbnl no certlftcats hereby authorised to tie issued shafl i?e negotiated for le-s thnn Its par value. Sec, 3. I he unnds of Ihe Stalq and cci lifirate . if indebted ne,s. t said In l'lan, under such regulittons as the tlavemer, Au 1 tor General and State Treasurer nsny prescribe; n J, cry bid der for tho looa now authorised to be issnnd shni! suite in fc's bid whether the i .ime la payable In cash or in :he tonda >11 certificates o! Indcbieuness of 'hs Commonwealth. Set. 4. That all trustees exoontora. acm mstr .tors, ouar dians, agents, treasurers, committees or other i-eraou* hmd lug lu a fiduciary capacity bonds or oerttlic ae? of Indebted, ne-a of the Elate, or moneys, are hereby authorized 10 bid for the loan hereby authorized to ne issued, ami to ? in',-ii tier tue ' 01.d - or certihcales of loan held by their, at Ute kmo of laaking such bid. and to receive the bonds nulborktod to be issued by this act. fi.c. a. Any neraon or persona standing In the fiduciary capacity Mateo lu this fourth aectlnu of this act who may desire to invest money In tbetr hands for the benelti oc the tr tat may, without an order of court. Invest the v.?ue n the bonds authorized to la: issued by thn, act. at a rate 0. pre mium not exceeding twenty per centum. 8*C. t> That from and after the passage of this act the bonds of this Uonmon-veai.h shall ho paid oiT in ibe order ol '.heir maturity. sjtc. 7. 1 hat all loans of this Common wealth not yet due shall he exempt from State, municipal or local taxa'inu after the luterost duo F'ebnnry first, one thou-ami eight hundred and ixty seven shall have been paid. Sxc. b. Tim' all existing laws, or portions thereof, incon sistent herewith, are hereby repe?led. John p. glass. Speaker of the House o! Representatives. U W. H A 1.1., Speaker of the HmitM, Approved the second day of February. one thousand eight hundred and sixty seven. JOU> W. <?!./.KY In lo ordanoe with the provisions of the above art of A* setnhiv sealed ppopo?H.? will be received .if the oilioc of thn Mao-Yreiuoirer, inihe'hty of Harrlsburg, Ptuua, var a, until lSCofelock si. of ilir lsld.y of April, A. D.. ?Nh", to be end--rued na follow*:?"1'ropoenls for l>ini?.v)v:i .1 ? Hwtn Loan. Treasury Department, Ilarrisburg. 1'a. MtH Sia'e* of Amer-a" Bid* will be received for $5,P0U,'>00. rsignban \blo in five yea % and payable m teu years; >6,0 O.dCO rcl.i oruble in toll year* and payable in STleen yca-s and bo UdAOUI. rcirn. burnable in fifteen years and parable in t veutv flvo years, (he r^fe of inter??i to be either lira or *is per cent net an num, whirh muxl be explicitly xtated in the bid;a id the bl.l* most advantageous to the Slue wHJ lie uo.vnted No l id lor lea* than par will bo considered. The bond* will bo I saued in mm i of Bid and su> h higher tmn as 4e*ired by the luauera, to be free froui State, ocal and municipal teres. T!.e over due bond* of the Commonwealth of Pennsylva nia will be reielvod at par In | lyme it of this loan; but'.til de r* maxt *tato whether they Intend t > pay In cash or In the overdue loans aforesaid. No (In- notion will be made between bidder* pa; lug in eat); or overdue loan*. JOHN W. GEARY. Oovernorof PeunsylvinlB. JOHN If. HAHr.iANPT, Auditor Gene ml. W. IT. KEMKLE. Stale rrv* -nrer. N B.~No newsy per publishing the above units* a tho rtl?d. will receive pay. RBmovw? r The Union Dune ?avlnir* Rank have removed to their NEW BANICIX)} Hut -F, No? .*9fi el I'd" c*nnl street, corner of |,alirht. Now l? the he?t twno to deposit your money, ?lx y*r eeut interest on anm* Of $i to iTJUl)from April I. T!ie bank will be open lor the Inspection of vtsl-or- on Wednes lay, Tluira day. Friday and Saturday Of this week. A*"et*, fli. 110 4 .4 3d. O. a CiiAKN, Sec y. IS. V. UAt'DHWOUT. Trea t. OAN ON HOND AND ?*> S.ith avenne. C7 nnn AWD upwardstoloa V?j,UUU nv.rtg ;e on Wtr pro*Tty HiCIl Mtl> aMEkMaN,! A1 ? AHA TO f2?.0W WANTED?ON BnND SMD ?3>i?),"UVI mortgage on uneu.umbered lm. rored city reni estate. Agent* need not apply. Address 11. M., Herald o tTlce. eon nnn to loan 'no commissions \fkf.di MH * for 6 or 10 years, no first etas* city l'r< [er.y. Ado ex* Earnest, Hersld office. fill 7fi HiU\ TO LOAN ON NEW YORK, BROOK <PA I O.sJvJ" lyn and Jersey rea. ornate. t-econ. mort gages i-asued. Traveller s Insurance Company, C. fc. WILLIS. W fine street. C07SI nnn TO LOAN ON BONO AMD MOKT ?T>*m I ?JxUl"l gaga. In oho or mora sums, on teal estate, in city or Brooklyn. JOHN E. CON KEY. 82 Wall "tree', room 13. LOAN OKFICEN, ATAI1 BROADWAY.?I PAY THE HIGHEST PRICES fi r Diamonds, V\ atob'*. Jewelry, Jr . or srlvneo on tha same. ISAACS. Diamond Broker, OpyoeLe Wailack's theatre. AT 817 ?MONEY I IBP.'tAI.I.Y ADVANCED ON DIA MoNDs. watches, jewelry bilvbmwakb, A?OK THE SANK BOUOIITPOUCAHH. K. B.?PAWN. BROKER*' TICKETS HOI OUT FOR DIAMONDS, AC AT A. H. BTUKTEVAHT'B PRIVATE OFFICE, 817 BROADWAY. ROOM NO. 4. A T HYMAN'S, liZW BROADWAY, CORNER OF BOND J\ street, will he pal I the highest price for Diamonds, WaUheh and bilverware, or wid advance on the above ar ticle*. ADVANCKH MADE OX WATCHES, DIAMONDS, .IBW e.ry, Dry Good* and Personal rroparty of Bvery ile. aerlptlr n. J. A. JACKSON, 1U uraud dlicet, two doora wait ef Broadway. 1 T tkE PEARL STREET, BETWEEN NBW BOWERY A and Franklin square, LEDERER A CO.. adv.inee lib* ? rally at reasonable terms en all valuablapropery, Watches; Jawelry, Diamonds, Ae , or purchase. Advances made on diamonds, wat' me?, site verware. Furs, fine furniture. Camel*' Half shawla, Ac., or bought for cash. Terms moderate. J. S. CuUEN, 136 IIroadway, nearly opposite Aator place. At en broadway. cornbr of blbvckM street, up stairs, the utmo-t value will be paid lor Oia monds. Watches, lewola, Nilverware, Ac.; orllbarnl agVsDoaa ?fade on coU'btnmenta. Diamonds, Watehax, * ' . for sale cheap. A. HOXHjMaN, Broker, rtmored iroui dti Nassau Bireet. . AT NO. 9 TWENTY THIRD STREET. flfTH AVENUE Hotel, the hlgheat price paid for Diamonds. Waicbaa, Ae., or ad re nee made on the same. PIAMOND JEWELRY BOUGHT?LOANS NEOOTIA. led on a:l kind* ef Jewelry, Laeea, Furs, Bbawl*, Ae, W. PLUMB, Diamond Brokarg613 Broadway. Hours, 9 to ID?9 to 8. SAWNBROKRB8' TICKETS BOUOHT-POR DIA monds. Watches, Jewelry, silverware. Silks, Clothing. ; also the s-me bought or adracaee made en Uitto At OrMd, eear Mulberry etreew OR* GOOD*. A CARD TO TUB LADIES OPENING OF ALL TUB latest Hnrmg au>l summi-r Psllfni Press and Cloak Mating In all its vari t > ??; cutting and li. ting al the alior.oM notice, at Madam ZitLLElt J, 420 Fourth avenue.

(NRANP OPENING Gl 8P81NO PATTERNS.?THR T VI iefl STARLING will have their grand opcuiug of elegntit! trimmed Patterns, March Al, which, foret?g>inc4 and beauty, launut be - ,irp, scd. Cloaks and Dres?r* made v.rU i?eatue*aandid.spuvsh. Taytor'a systemtaught 342 Canal street, oQb I-e Ben fun. GRAND OPENING OP SPRING PATTEBNB, ON MON d.iv. M.ireii 111,*! MMK. 1? ? AL'8, Ml BROADWAY N. Y, Emporium of fashions. <lre*a and eloakuinktng n I Kent, Willi the laie-t Parisian Mylex of Rubes Uaunclle, I'rimtH'tlt.i'ie, imp.' ?c i,Ba l ies, Ac., w 1! be open to tkn publie, Order* taken and executed at the she.test no* IKX. M ME. DEMi BESTS 3XCOKD GRAND SPRING OPEN ua* of 1'nttei .ix, Thursday, March 21, N". 4?'d Htoad y, trie preeeut ourromp . display of new au.l cl. rxnl r. ule-i rorVdiei' anil children's lgns and many rare nov UldX. rno fAdlLIES VI; 1 riNo THE PARIS EXPOSITION. CASHMERES .vND LAOES. COMPAONEh DBS INDLs, HO UUR K'i HFLIEU. 80 Metier* VEKDE DF.LXV LK, the proprietor",. rcpnetfn'ly dere n> Self" :n the Ant . m kulias who t t Hie ten ll eitp.tnl thatthy will flo 1 x t'..-lr ibllxhmenl l ie larstt.t and ri .: .. Masortti. .t .f t'l-'IMKK 1.3 AM> LAOKi) IN THE Wtlt<Ll>, at nriree tint will sus'aiti every .'tnl any-omi iris >u the In 'niiiesof the eomp inv, nlaned ?!? they are In c.erv l.AC . DISTRICT or PKANOE AND BELGIUM, mid In ?1! of the SHAWL DI.m Ifl - OP INDIA, rr <t. e ibom to **11 at tho or.eeof MAN F FACTCK V, IS IN ., i ) tlK "I Nl'.til Ah IS, as well as t.i produce (It 'gt a' Ively their own. English la currently spoken :n the e t-xhllehnient, N. U.--I he propru tor< iay no comtulaxiona to uty hurtles bringing em: in to the house. MILUNERY. 4 MARO.?BAl I , I K.,1 N A KAY V.'.I.L SHOW ON -TL we.; '-aday and Thursday * lull assortment of Bonnet rr.tines. .???? .tli the no .vest style* in Round ilai Pr.uuea. A . ill fr in the c.ty and country buyers respectfully so licited. 4 C A 111).?J. NORTH, 101 FULTON STBKRT, BROOS A lyn will open on Thursday, Match 21, his stu. it of spring Bonnet*. j^ CARD.-AN BUM ANT ASSORTMENT UK IM J\. ported Pattern Rennets, and tl)o*e of our own raauu faeturo now ready for the liude. On Thtusalav, 21 ?L Wit Broudwey. WELCH ?, BUKKB. Bonnet frames and straw otiioa.?mr. a MKs. >1. liri l.tjET tt UROTliElt. in. ulactururs of Hoimet Eramet. icmoved from 4H2 I;vMdwitv to 27 Howard atrer t, ?-??.,ml lof-. witere they hare ory largo stock of the "west ?hi a Bonnet Frames und Straw Bonnets, ready . in pen >n. Particular intention puld to southern uud V este n Ire.tte. I 1,1 MATHERS A CO . -di BROADWAY. WILL UaVE the; r ry ii. .gof Lo . eeh'ctlon of Imuotod Bin nnis and 1 nglls.i K iu.i.l Hats on Wednesday, March 20. Wl Broi'tiw: y, o.iic; Nltiateeul'i street. ?nMPBEBS CHIP BONNET EMPORIUM. 62h BBOAD Is way, mttetiued hy M .dame Bi.ltTBE, ill open entirely new Kiylesfln this e g.tit una most bocoiuii.g iuat> Oil, on fhumday, Al srch 21 E1RBNGH MILt INE'lY TBIlfMIKUS. r ' NNAME.Hl'S, FRINOES. FLOWERS. ." hu e. i so t of all t'.o latest novelties In Paris, of .'In ../w u u?. , ;i.iUou, just received by CLAPP A E .\PEV, ho0 BiOsdway. Ai .Vii'iLESALS ONLY. M ADAM Fil l ' r.M' WTLL OPEN AT NO. 27 UNION xiiuaee Wednesday. March Sd. A FULL AND SJELE'lf ASSORTMENT UK litENuH BONNETS. Vf ADAJfciJ H VHBIS WILL OPEN AT NO. 7 BREYOORT jtl pi.ooS. Teni!i mi -t, on Monday, >! wch 18. her first tm 'Ortau >ns. ..I' ; Tic i..ii.i.ats, a> elsti the latest styles of [yreasii: iltlcg, for which Ui.iai a she euhcUs the patronage >t her ouxtonirix. MME. BAT.LINES, 318 CANAL STREET, WILL OPEN \*edau, :ay aud Tiiuinday hei upieud.d a-soi t:nenl of iprlng B uutet* . nd llatr. MADAME KIOOR R'.SPI'CTI'CLi.Y AKNuUNCIK9 hcrua.. 1 ?aini-atihUitl op. ..lug of hprtng and Summer XiltlWAry mi Thursday. March 21. 80/ Brn.?l\v.iy. up stairs. AfADiML SKLOVER V/'II.L OPEN HER SPRING in and SO tame ? <tylcn at b"r Millinery tloomM. 31G Biuud* v.aj ai.d 2/1 Sfitin " . on tin, ITuueiliiy end Krlit.iy, 21st and 22d. /.ibrrivi di?c?u;ii to merchant*. VriLLiMEbY OPENING.?B. SPBKOE WILL OPEN JsA on I nttd-. March 21, a large oasnnuioat of M.illmry Gouda tor .v <? iDg trade. < or,*i*tui? ot straw H.maeiaand Hxtx of .'.n.i w shapes and ?:ty>: .tt?? strew Trimming and OrnuttMSit*, Hibbons,Bdlts, t"ra;.ee, Flnwera, Ac, A \\ also J ... ? i h,it 1 fat ne? ut nil the celeoi.ited makerv. 27 ,>ad 27'2 Dlvlstot. atreit. Milliner^ visiting the city for pattern Honi.. :- wUl liiad a rge .in,I eic aut aaaortment of Kiench Bonnetx ,,t b T. iti'lSD 'R'S, .(Hti Cnnal i trnei. tlur ol! cuatotuers and ladies iu .lie ehy are invited to .nil at our opening. On Thursday, 2tat. and examine our stock, before purchasing elsewhere. MISS 00RDF.N WILL HAVE HER OPENING OF Hpt-inc t.i.d I.muie: Mill.i.cry on Thursday, March 21, ?t No. i'i E'ulton avenue, Brooklyn. MIFSES BARRY A KLYNN, 72? SIXTH AYEN'UK? Will open, eu Thursday, March 21, all the vsrioux styles of the sensor.. Oa| *, tlu iddrexses, lloruieta, Kotiint Hats, Ao. MRS. Nl WHKKttY'rt?PARIS MILLINERY AND UnwhuUm KatabUslimant. Also ladles' and child ren's Inner Clothing in ,de to order, 827 Broadway, first flood Mkh. m i.'iiniiinh~will "open a iti'Yu~and tKiHjiirul .-tinem if pattern Hnnneta, on Wednes day aud lbursdny, U*.-c:i 20 and 21, at35# Canal street. VI US, BARTON R h SIT. CT !"'UL! .T I WORMS ilB? i?l frietu! aud the ladio* generally that the will "en her Hprtug Bniiuciv on fitur- tuy n< v., 21st us:.] street. n-ur West luMleij, New York. I. (r L.~MAiiCIIAL. SCI'i CASURS tTT *ME. 1*. Laurent, t? C inton pin -e, will open on Wcdn Isv, 20th Inst., s splendid assortment ul dpriiig Itonneu, ltii> bona, A' ., of the latest laahtoua. which titey have jntt re ceived fr-ic 1 arts. MMK. SALOMON WILL EXHIBIT ON THURSDAY, March 21, h. lar;.- bad ?elected .rtnmrtt ol Perl* Pattern- Ikmnats. Jooittca. A , wne h c.nnot i? i?p e-e<l ir any bvu*> tutbeelty. Pnieunaors will find it to their owii advuiit. , to at my establishment, 2j and 2ft)* Division jti nt. MlTcrRfRti, MO. a BBgWWW WtjW? jftUr open, ? . T.. "lay. March -1 novelties In Kr-nch Bon. nets, designed l>> to" west distinguished artists In Paris; ai-n tits n-w i ie f AeitHr.i nlnreiiin Psits not 20 days since, now being m tie nt lets tbkii im| orters' prto s, aud the lutes! sit1,; and design m 1 .sea tioods. Mb. UiliiWO s MuTT~NIL X2 .SIXTH AvYJnT3, Witt open on Thursday, March 21, the r spring styles of Milliner; .Did litest making. VTOTTCi ?MADAME iSt.Y At ol' <0 . ARItiK KTRBRT, JLe St. John's ft.' it. will ope:, on Wednesday and Thnr* ilsv, >1. r ti 2"! one of * i m i elegant assortments of Paris Millluery thai i in he I ootid m the coy. OPE nil v rKisinmrsits, 21 ANDflJi division street, will open, on Thursday, 21st Inst, wnl, the very tyt? 1 of Xpr e* Bt.i nets and list-, Jutt reeelved irom Parts, together with a large roA of Millinery Goo la. em bractli ail the latest novelties, uud which wni sll ho olferol at reduced pnci . t ountry merchants and m line rs witt Hod it to ihefr lutert tto give us a call betnre pore .smg. OI'ENHYM A riltSDoitt'EKS, 21 nod 21 Je Division St. rpo THE Ttt.YDK. 1 \v e sh il: open on Thursday, March 21. onr stock of Preach Pa r.*n. Bon t?. Also .1 full lino of our own mi.uu fsi .ure. A coil is solicited. R. THOMPSON A CO.. 4F7 Broedwny. riMlK PARIS AN I'LiWKR COMPANY BEG TO CALL ' the atteuti a of ,1 ihner- and milUm re to tbe.r large and choice she;it of French and American Kiowere now otisring at util nnd MS BroMdwsy. 2*?e 1rrzth avenle-madame kahn will ,?? ) open, on Thursday. March 21, 1R?>7. one of the liin n selections nl Purls Bonncta, Hals attd other novelties, irn ported eiclt siveh by Ms ' ime K. 225 Sixth arcuuc, betwirn Fourteenth and Plf'.ecnlh streets. /*1 'J BROADWAY, "NEW NUMBER."?(1. W. BASS OJ ? ? FORD will open on Monday, list Inst., a ?plendld assortment of Preach l lowers, wblch will be offered to the trade at toe lowe-tcaab prices. DESTIRTRV. (( a PFT OP TEBTH" IN THRKR T<? FIVE HOI RS.? 21 .splendid sels, #5, $ 10. gl&. Beautiful tlum sets. With Plumpers to till oat the cn-cSs an i restore youthi'il appearance. Teeth extracted without pain with Mtroii* Oxide Due. No charge far extracting when Teelh tre in xertcd. at VAN VLEDnt'h, 17ft Buih avenue. RaUtfactiua giisranu-eih AMOHT WONDBIPTTIj DHCOVERT.-TFETH ex tr tcted wi'hout p*ln. ten years, hy benumhltig appll. cation (Narcotisation). Laughing Dae fiesb dally. Beauti ful Teeth ?l. J. .1 AY VII.LEKN. lift Orand street, near Broadway. (IOLTON DENTAL ARSOCIATtON ORIOINATED TUB J aniwsthe'ic use of nltroue oti ie go-, administer it in the most appmecd method, do nothing but Extract Teeth, and eerisiiily do It without paint so lh.Oftt patients testify. See their names at the odc e. IV <'oo(>er Institute. I IRANKLIN A RPROULL EXTRACT TEETH WITH 1 tHIT PAIN with tho Use of NITROOB '?XIDE t?A8 erNARCOTIC SPRAT, for ONE DOLLAR for the first tooth ami FIFTY f'ENTR for each additional, at 81 Bible House, corner of Ninth street and Third avenue). PERMANENT SRTh OF OUM Tlir.TH. 812; TEMPO, mry. $6 Call and examine specimens be'ore engaging elsewhere. Teeth Hlled with gold fl. Teeth extracted with out pein anl all work warranted at lidl ri Ixtk avenue, oomer Thirteenth street. TMB BALL >BA?(W. ARION ?OCIF.TT,?THE ANNUAL GRAND MAIQUB rade snd I anew Dress Ball of this socielv will he held In Its usual splendor on WEDNESDAY, M.VKt.H 27, at the ACADEMY OF MUSIC. For tickets, nt 810 each, admitting one gentleman and lady, and extra ladies' tickete, at 83 each, apply at the fol. lowing oftioea:?K. Kroilpfeiffer, 42 Pine street: Em. Saner, 4ft Kxchange place; J. O. Hundt, 40 Dry street; John stader msnr, 2ifl Broadway, U. Hanft, W7 Broadway; F. Bpangeo* berg, IWH Broadway. And for Boxes to 1. KroUpfeiffer, 48 Fin* street, end Hanft Bros., 487 Broadway. ___________________ Masquerade and rall costumes.-a large and entirely new assortment of gorgeous and historical Coetumaa, comprising all the latest styles, especially Int. ported for thepresent season. Can be obtained on reaaona* bis terms at IBS Third aeanoet between Fourteenth and Fif teenth streets. Also Costume* mads to order. PiHONIA Mme. ARHIATI, late nostumer *f RlaWri a dramaticeom paey and Gran'i Italian opera. AH SRWEMT*. TITOOD'B THEATRK. POPULAR PRICEU *? 614 Bio.i-lws , ?" itsSt Nhholaa Hotel. Adrnl*-* on, with mil .us, no a-uu nuil 76 oecta. The great moml drum. UNCLI- OM'S CABIN, with a fullest of u , ITI1.~> Wc.UK ONLT. Bwry evening, W1 UN..' HAY and SATURDAY MATI? NEK, nt IX o'c.uuk for fai. i.i i is. i so ?: rn\pg oABiv hit* been wltne*?ei t>y exceeding thirty million of pfrsoni, and still continues In the . -ruth ol lis | -pu a. 'If. Broadway theatrc, admission bo cents. Comer ol Kr ulwuy and Broome street, LaIT W:'I?K BUT DM! must ponitlvcly of tiio world-re nowned ..ud origiu il Juilueutor* of lrLb mid Yan kee life, Mr. and Mrs. HARS'ET WILLIAMS, who Will tin* evening and S.i urd .y Mail, t APFEAIi IN I WO PIECES, The Irtsb drama of Al l. HALLOW EVE. Roddy (('Conner (wait soug.-i) Mr. Barney Wilham* Kitty Kdleen. Mrs. .iurniy Wll'danu Aud the t carlo.; comediei u of L.ATE r FROM NEW TORN. Mi?* Semplil ia Scrum Sprout Mrs. i; inter Willi una i'lol I.i man Mr. Barney .Villain* Friday, troh '-'2, only R-uetlt ol Sir*. BARNEY WILLIAMS AN ENORM"! 1!1L(. 'I i-KE PIECES. KKMK '1U K, STANDING K ? )M ONLY at 8 o'clock. Si',.ut nli.a.Id be *,t. ired iu A'lvat'.cfc Bex oflb-e open from 8 to 6 o'eio k. Broadway theatre. .... ONLY UENKKIT uK MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS, 1'tUD ay eve NIN MARCH A TREMBNUOU ? HILL. N41U3 FIBOBSS? BORN 10 QUOD LOOK, Yankee courtship, IRISH LION. Box book now open. Haute temple of mystery, cob kroadway. EVERY EV NINO At 8; SATURDAY AT % LAST KEAV Wi. IKS Of Til : PRESENT SEASON. LAST WsKK OK THE FLOATING HEAD. LAST AVL K OK .UK ill! Will OF FLOWERS. CHANCE OF PhOGRAMME. FIRST TI.MK OK THK FAMOUS AUTOMATON L'KSCamote. r. and hla FAIRY SINGING BIRD. Ticket* 6'V.; Reserved Sent * 81. Fur sale at the Hull. Chh ketins'a Piuno i* used at tlieue Bounces. WEDNESDAY', JUVENILE MIGHT?Uhildreu half prico. OLYMPIC THEATRE. \VEDN Rs day EVENING. MARCH 20. Third nigh* of Hie RICIiTNUH GRAND ENGLISH OPERA COMPANY. Only p.n fo otaueo of Bellini'* charming Opera I. A SO SNA Mil CI.A. pre-entlng Mrmr*. CAM Pit .LL, CASTLE, ARNOLD and ML P. PHY; M Miu.i CAROLINE RICH I Nils, Mian ARNOLD and Madam BuUDINOT In pilDetpiil rolca. IT1URSDAY EVENING, THE DAlM ITER OF U1H REGIMENT. FRIDAY (BENEFIT ? K MR. CAMPBELL), MARTHA. SATURDAY?GRAND M ATINEE Of tub Doctor ok alcantara. at 75c. admission, without extra charge for referring neat* In adv. oca. German stadt theatre,? and r bowery. Thl* (Wednesday) evening. M roh 20. Mr. BOOCMlL daAViSoN a* IIElMRICO, a German I'oet, In Curl von iloltei'n drama, LORBEKR HAUM U.sD HWTTELSTAB, Oder di 1 winter einm deutarben Dlehteru. ?;Laurel-1 oc an I begg o u- UU. or three winter* of a poet.) SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, .686 Broadway. THE TROUBLE COMMENCES AT QUARTER TO 8. THE CRE.tlE UK La CUEME OF MINSTRELSY. BIRCH WAMHOLD, BE LNAiID ANI) BACKUS. SAN KKA> CI SCl ? MISS I REUS, whose nucoe** has never been rpiiulied by any similar orginotation in the w rid. New ind cheerful burlesques every week. The Two Bar nii'i.a of Connecticut, our Family Sociable, (lambrlnus Shadow r opera. Siiont* of laughter at the Shudow Pantomimo, and the m i"aming Black '. ook and African Ballet Troupe. Graud Ma. h of the Spirit Hanbers of the Amazon. JTELLY A LEON'S MINSTRELS, 720 BROADWAY. Hixtieth night of the P.A'ITI Stop That Laughing mi pproael .'jlelmr- A on'v * Undo Slm-pernon, lc-.q !<? ?i-etipk of T LKoN T MikuSusIii Brown; the Block Crook. T creetesa great A The Tuple Clog. ?i.M nKlH !! I luron In the P Mr.UAAVDoK MACIC-.Tii 1! I ArdltU Waltzes,, I Mr. t.LAAIIS M'CHKTH !' N and appeurn iu N The Witches. CiND Itl.BoN, P themignlttoent S MADAGASCAR UARLING DOHA, A Empress I BALLE1 TROUPE KDITUa.'S ITEMS. R Ureas. R DEMON DANCE, PATii IN PARIS. I A ENDING AUU.NY. STRAP f 11IAK1.EA' WHITE'S TROCFE. A". Bryant's Mechanic*' D ill, 472 Broadway. NOTHER KLKUANT HILL THIS WEEK. ANb . 1'antomhne. SCHOOL BUYS' FROLIC. Pantomime. Pantomime. Si I1UOL BOYS' FROLIC. Pantomime. Punteni me. SCHOOL ttoYS' FROLIC. Pantomime. SClIOt L BOYS' FROLIC. SCHOOL BUYS' FROLIC. SCHOOL BOY*-' FROLIC. ACI1UUL P.OYS' FROLIC. last wlkk of kilas Baldwin. Second tiir.e trdn *e -n of Charley 'Vhlte'e original sketch, STREETS OP NEW YORK. STREETS OP NEW YORK. STREETS OK NhW YORK. ST RLE 1S OF NnW YORK C!TEINY>"AY BOOMS. CHAMBER MUSIC. O THURSDAY KVfNING, March 21, at So i-lm-k, THIRD SOIHKK OF CiJAMilLR MUSIC, By WM. MASON. THEO. THOMAS, First Vloliu; J. MGSUNTHAL, Second Violin; G. MATZKA, Viola; MAX BCUWARE, Vi lla. PR. ilitRGNER, Violonoelio. PROGRAMME:? QUINTET, i-trlng. C dinor Mozart. ,-uN.\'l L. i'laiin ami Yioliu. A Minor, Op. 1U5.... .Schumann, y. ARTE I. utong D, op 15, So, * Beethoveu. i .AiiiJ. I, ot.iug D, op 15,Nii,S Ucethovou. f lcki-t?, (1 60 each, uiuy be had at the muiiic stores and at Itio duor. STEIN WAY HAM/?SATURDAY. SYMPHONY KgIRRE. THEODORE THOMAS' FiFXIl A.N'D EAST SYMPHONY SOIREE. On SATURDAY EVKNINU, March 23, at8, when Hie follwing wwks will be perfoi me'! ? I wo Eutr'nctee t? the drains 4'Koaamunde*\ Schubert Concerto for I'tanu, In E minor. Op. 11 Cboplu First movement. Allcsro maextoxo. Mr. KM IE OUY'O*. 8ymphony So. 7. A Op. U H?ethnvnn I he i- irst Walpurriaulghl. Op. AO McndvlHeohu SOLOISTS? Mix*JULIA lfOSTIS, Mr. W. J. HILT*, Mr. MAKCO Dl.-tCHNHZ, THE CHORAL SOCIETY', MKNDKLSBOIIN UNION, Under the direction of Mr. W. HERUK, AVDORAND ORCHESTRA OK EIGHTY I'KKKOKMERS. Conductor TIIKo. THOMAS Ticket*, $1 50 each. No cytra charj;? tor reserved seats, seat* enu now le eecmed nt Ben A Bchlrmer'x music store, 7<?1 Broxdwitv; Schnbeth A Co.'* music store. H20 Broadway; at Mutiny A llurwlg'*, 112 and 114 Broadway, and at the inlice of Stelnway H.til. QTBJNWAY HALI..-SUSANS A L. KILBOBN, M. !>., O will speak In Kielnway Hall March 2b ft 2.30 P. M? upon "The Ni Sympathise lietweeu the Mind and Body in Man," and the conaciueneea to the mind of dietarbancnx in the harmony ol liento relations, vl*: Jose at memory, run mcii'ily. duality, m-anliy. T. keta fiOu., at Fowler A V. e]is, at ism:,i way Halt and at the door. s RAND ANNUAL SOIREE AND KE-UMION OK COLUMBIAN COMMANDERY, NO. I, KNIGHTS TKMI LAB. A ' ll.ViM, 1! tl.L, Oa WEDNESDAY l.V .NINO. March 20, 18(7. Tmkeis <> admit a gentleman nnd l.ulies, $2. Tin: Ira'.i nlty i.rc requested to appear In regalia. ( iMelTiKr, OF ABKANMEME.mIU Jnlin Mnrtin, Chairman. Jus. H. Kowcn, tv'ni. U. Ualiand, J as. K. Halaey, F. Cony, J >.mi< 1 I!. Nnrihrtip, F. In neike, Ju~ He# 1, nx-offlcio. WONDERFUL I STARTLING 11 GRAND! II obCAtt half blood. SEYMOUR'S VOSTHMK DEPOT. 152 CANAL STREET, ne ir Bower*: the rlehextyuid most varied .ix*ortn?ent of Theatrical Bal Masque, Tableau*, Society Uosluinc* in the United State*. 15'J luJ 152 Canal street. SCAR' MYSTERIOUS BLOOD! SENSATIONAL. HALF SUPERB. G 0 INSTBtOTIOI, \T TOWNPRND'S BUSINESS COLLEGE, NO 260 Bnwory. between Prlnoo and llouxp.n slreets.?Mi?tru<> lion, day and evening, In BnoltkeeplM Penmanahlp. Arlih melic, spelling. Oramtnar, Correspondence, Ac. Rooms for ludie* and private Instruction. No classes. AT $2 ISO -WRITING 20 LESSONS, ARITHMETIC *'Y anil writing or ho >kkeeping; lessons unlimited; $10 fr quarter. Pa ne's Buslnaee '"nlleee* (established 1?49). 62 Bowery and 349 Fulton street, Brooklyn. No clasxei. ATOUNO LADY WISHES A SITUATION AN OOVF.R ness to smell children; ran teaeh all the English branches; also the rudiment* uf French and muair. Address M. M. xutllon O. A SITUATION AS RESIDENT TEACHER OF THE El ementary English branc ,ex la desired by a lady, who can give superior city refrrem-es. Apply Wednesday and Thursday, at M Ea?t Twenty-ninth street, or by letter to Misa Bufkley, Female Seminary. T.irrjtown. N. Y. ? WELL EDUCATED YOUNG LADY, OF GOOD A family. Wishes to teach the English branches, French and Music. In New York or neighborhood; best relereucc* given. Address F. T., Herald office. A YOUNG FOREIGN LADY, HIGHLY EDUCATED and ncenmtiMxhed. possessing French, Italian Spanish, German and a little English, itiuslo and tinging, Md being thoroughly acquainted With I'aiis, desires to aooompany to Europe a first class family as teacher, interpreter <>;? com panion; beat references g,. en. Address r, T. F., station G, BOOKKEEPINfl. WRITING. ARITHMETIC. AC. FOR btfxllies*.?Messrs. 0OLHKAK, SOB Broadway. ,uiiifir gentlemen practically for head bo,>kk'?tiers. They tes h Arithmetic by the most ntpid and accui.ite tnciho.;*, nnd guarantee to remove atlffr ? s*. Cramping ur trembling and make elegant business penmen. ENGLISH LANGUAGE? PRIVATE LESSORS IN UNO IIeli, by an Amerlcin lady who speefc* French and Hpanieb. Al?o private lesson* in French. 222 West Twenty fifth street, near Seventh avenue. _____ German teacher wanted -lady phet erred. One living net far from the Filth Avenue 11 Net, and who has tbr?n or four evening* per week unoccupied, may address bo* 3,468 Poet office. IP TEN BOARDING PUPILS MANE APPLICATION within a week they will be uken at reduced prices. Ad dree* L. J. LOBDKLL, Saiem Centre. ?? T. . Ladies op neglected education wishing to Improve theinielves In English, hranch, writing, elocu tion, muetc, Ac . may receive private le.eons, fi. West Eleventh street. Between Fifth end Hitth avenues. Tutor wantbd-or a priyatb school out of the nlty, for a bov 16 years of age, where a rigid dlacl. pUne will be enforced; gq?d references required. Addrese, with pertlciilare, M. A., eTstion O. w i pertlculere, i ANTBD-A TUTOR, TO TAKE THE ENTIRE charge of two boy* *10-1 10 sad 12; must have no ob leetlon lege I* ,h* eouhtry Tor the an nmer. Address, with full particulars, age, Aa, S. 1.1? bet 628 Pcit oOicv. % mi;*hps c.sts. !"'? V \v,-' rt.iKKR k MARK SMITH East night bat i-<"??? o' KADi DON. Revival of the groat barlesoua of KKNILWORPK LvDY DOM us fK K A It la OF LEICESTER ?j tated HV v.. <r<. MARK. BMtrH. Lb V Art B \K..!t and Weir I MA TliOACliABLK I. U KKKStJUE OHM !' IV. Feifarms. ram commence wltu '? .IK l ie. i i V WoP.SEBREAKBR. _ DOHA 8UNNYo.DK LAD* DOS With songs ) To bo to 1 .w>.'J by LADY UON'.o selection of SCOTCH BALLADS, illustrated by T AHJ.KAUX VIVAS IS. fPUEATRB FRANOAM.?F' TJRTEBNTH STREET, 1 nehr iSixlb HtllliK. .ill:; ? iy UrM Mwtdi 8I| Farewell neiirii, of s*M. >. tlOP|M>d CUAMoORA, and U n.e-. KOS ? fltAl'MFR aud <VAKUEb> I.e. NlrPLlKE D\ NK FKMMK, Pnuaii In ihi ? .- . by Alexander Iliim-a. 1.' A Mot' K DUNK I.. ?. K N l' K. Comedy. Ticket ofllct' at H. D.u ouri,.i , tili Broadvt?y rnilKAi RE FRANC Ms' r ' 1 8ATUUDAY KV JtlNQ. March S3, at8o' the lit anil greatest Parisian aurcoaa this aaaeou, I.K sUI'i'J IFF OMTN Host UK. Comedy, in three aria bv MM. Or.inee aud rhlboust, l. a MOI'll ;.'I'N C iAPJSL'HR, Vaudeville. Tick, t ? ? et II. Dardoartllc ?, n.s He..adway. fPO.NY PAMoVB OPE>tA HOUSE, _'?>1 BOWER*. 1 ORAND FAMIK? M VTTNF.B "0 !\VY AT 2>n O'CLOCK, MR. K AM COi.YKii and InaSoae. The g.vat Imal dr*B??, TilK '.? ? i.NiN'C. (KRI.S OF NKW VilK.;. Ton"I PAS T'l.i'SS.'.lV I'S'its. "p.e entire Company in a M .WNIPI CERT BIKKOt An'HAUi toSS. H OOLUVS OPEkA houhb, brooki/. w pur: BLACK M AN OF AC Mi, I'tTK MIEEI NLi'V Ole Bull n n right Phtce, rue Happy Old Woman, The Boy, Phebea Unwol. ouio Vt i!. Tin- Aciive Boy, PVbtuni.. Hr-wn. Othello; wake VS.' tm llotiry: Iteiil Hot. By Hul't gait Hughe*. Ik el, rler..aiide/? Vuiluis, Queen, i.cavltt, Oletin, Re. ft BIFFIN A CHRISTY'S lr m nktrf." s. Fti'th AvciiuoJOyiiM Hons.', N'm. J and 4 West Twenty lOurth street. a. W. II. ORIFi'lN Manager. Till IS TUB FAMIKY RESORT. In noplaee of amiccment In New York do .teh peals ot laughter pour from the nv rry Imam of tho avdlau"< tieorge Christy. Otto Bar ban It. J. i. Hnyoe and i, llughee every night, supported hy si. W. 11. Ottilia, m.'-U r oi cere* moaeee. BUN YAK TABLEAUX.?L YRfiKST PANORAMA IN the world. Sixty uiMgnillmnt soenes, Illustrating ' B in Titu's Pilgrim's Pi ogre ?r." Union Hull, Broadway uud Twenty-third street. Open every uijhtatl: oumtnen ting at 8. AdmiNsioo SO c -iits; .'Inldi' n 2o oetiU. Metiuee wed tiesihir and Saturday, at 3 n'c oak. lloBT. J. ORi.ENWOoD. Manager aud Proprietor. The orkat historical paintino. IlKPI HLIOAN COURT IN THE DAYS OF LINCOLN. ON EXHIBITION DA* AND FVKNIN?. ART INSTI TUTE (DKKBY OAKKKRY), bU5 BROADWAY. VTESV YORK MENDKKSSOU N UNION Will RE IN iiearse the Firat Walnurgi night, with orchea'ra of Weilnnii.1. Mr Theodore Thomoa, thla We.iiiea.Uv afterno n, at three o'clock, at Stolnwav Hall. Membora particularly ie.;ueate? to ba preaent. TliOS. C. POKKOCK. Recording Socrnt .-y OSCAR OSCAR OSCAR HALF HALF HALF BEOOU. BLOOD. BLOOD. NOW ON EXHIBITION, FREE, AT Till" FIFTH Avenue Art nailery, a very Pne collection of origin ,1 modern Oil Palutln.;* iiy leading artists oi tbo French, Belgium aud American schools. WONDERFUL FREAK OF NATURE?' THE WASH l.NOTON TWINS, ' born alive, having two lie.ids, ft. if arms, and but one bodv and one pair of legs; ala.> the beau! and right arm of Probst, the murderer of till. I He. ins fami ly: together with the magnificent collection ol objects in Pbyslo ogr, Anatomy. Pathology and Natural IK tory; hI| of which lire Illustrated dully by Lectures and .Mil ??-copto Views, at the New Y , k Mil emu of Anatomy, CtS Broad, way. Open iroui 3 A. M. to 10 P. M. GERMAN liedkrkrans. THE ANNUAL GRAND MARQUKRADH BALL OK THE GERMAN LIEDKKKOAiKZ Win take place at the AO A DKM Y OK MIMIC. THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 1S37. The bull will open at H'y oYlook. TWO PULL (llK'HEATHAS, tinier the lenierthlp or A. BERNSTEIN and C D1KTZ, will alternately (il.-ourse the Dance and Prnmen ite iluelc tlironVliont the evening. The commitlee have mnde erten*ive preparation* for en tertnlnlug the audience with ehibor-Mely planned MABQUKR.tDK PROCESSIONS and various Scenes, Sporln and Incidents of the CARNI VAL. N one but masks will be admitted on the ihior until after 13 o'clook. , Supper a la carte from 10 o'clock. Musks and ?--cry variety of costume* can be procured at tlio Academy dtiri ? tl-e evening. Tickets (not transferable', SIS each. admitting one gentle man and two ladle*. Can be lind of member* of the Society oulv. Tlx.:?Fred. K?pp. No. 4 Wall street; Kuc ilollin, 44 p'xehamre plane; P. \v. Hcyne, SO Heaver ?treef. O. ptten dorfor. 17 Chatham atreet: o. Gunther, WW Broadway; M. (Ir.iKliiit, 18 I'taU Hlreet; Win. Steuiway, 71 -ii*t K< url"enth btract; Oeorge Neitibach, 141 1 ighth ?trect; J. Wh.dtntiller, corner of I ourtventh street and 1- niirUi avenge; L. Hum merer. 36 Walker street; L. Bugger, 56 Bowery; O. Ern*t, i>2 Bowciy; L. A. Ct-nsae, 320 Greenwich street. Jir. C Lcll maun, 81 East Fourth sireot'; Charles Hansen :;p spruce street: fi.Vtrn lmiun No. d llmover street, VI Ullum llaa mere, M Exchange pfhee, anil other*. By order of the Committee. H. C. P KOCn, Secretary. Banjo and jig dancing, clog and ibihh jig Dancing taught by the renowued JOHN EOOAK. 181 East Houston street. Terms it per course. Banjos at all priuiu. rpHEATKK PRANCA1S.?FRENCH THEATRE To LET. 1 for evening* and matinees, for opera*, drain**, eon csrta, Picture*. Ac., Ac. Apply to Bon*. DB1VET, ulLce of trench theatre. PIANOKOHTEih A FINE ASSORTMENT OF PIANO EORTT.s To LET aud sold In instalment*, at Uie manufactory. '.V! and 168 East iwenly-tlr?t utreet. L. 1'. CL'.MM -NOS. A GREAT BARGAIN.?ELEGANT PIANO. REST maker, ed short time, told naif tts cost, with [nut tie Furniture. 37 Horatio street. A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OP TI1F FINEST and cheapest new rud lewod U.ind Pianos in the e,;y for a in ami to rent, at WJt. t'ANDIDOS',mi*. 46 Bleecknr *lieeu A GENTLEMAN HAVING A FINE ROSEWOOD wuhe* o*ell, hiving no further uso for it, very low; with uM modern Improvement* and been ueed but a short uuie. Apply at 66 llvlngton street. A LADY GOING TO EUROPE WISHES TO DISPOSE it of in eh aunt Piano, which has been in use but sis montns, for $26u, including Cover and Stool. Apply to Dr. BURS, 48 West Twenty-fourth street. A FIRST CLASS SEVEN OCTAVE PIANO, BEST CITY make, "iid a Parisian upright Piano, new atvl of elegant style, for sale, on account of removal, at 71 Eldrtdgn street. A MAGNIFICENT PIANOFORTE FOR SAL'-FOR SJV7A ooMIM; al-o a nunc nit. for IT" one do. for Shu, Also Tie Furniture of a j> .rlo- and four*, at a lurgalu. Inquire at M8 Wet t-.i htU street near-Sixth uvsniic. AT I/)W PRICKS.?PIANOS, t "YVNd AND MF.LO deoo* to rent or sell lor ca-rh u u ialmcnta, by is. T. UUKDON, 71 . tdtvuy. A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PiANOPORTE FOR BHln?Mido to order; city mahea; .oat s?WO. f< r $1-0, including Stool and Cover; Parlor Suit*. Kiagerc-. Book case, Pamttngs, Chamber and Dlnini; Furniture at a tacri ne*. at 41 Weal Sixteenth street, near Sixth avenue. A LADY WILL SELL A BEAUTIFUL ROSEWOOD IY seven octave Pianoforte. tnctmllrig Htonl. ori/h: ?J price $ejO, for nearly half; overstrung ha--, carved leg , nearly new; celebrated maker*. Apply at 38 I htrd si reel A MAGNIFICENT SFVBN OOTAVR ROSEWOOD Pianoforte for -ale .it a bargain; ha* foil iron fr.uoe, overstrung bat*, rich tone, Ac. Call at 1M Uranu street, near Mott. Bargains.?tin. rosewood seven ootavr Pianoforte, full Iron fr mc Lteat improvement, perfeol order; rosewood lianofortr, tMmlart A Dunham, make-* $1'JA; Skxnlnisnt of new Pianofortes at manuf '-torcra' pi., os. McDONALD a CO., 20 Fourlh art nun, opposite Cooper institute. EMERSON'S PIANOS?FOR CASH OR ON INHTAL mcnin; price* reduced; one that ha* Men used but thiee month*, very low. Piano* t? rent. <h_A MI.'NGER, 626 Broadway. New and second hand pianos for sale and Pi let. ut Flfty-Urrt street, filth house east of Eighth avenue, north side; also *t corner of P.irty-**vanth afreet arid Eighth avenue. Open day aud evening. _ U A* BENJAMIN. PIANO To LET-BOW. TO A CAREFUL AND RE sponsible pei-aoo. Apply at No. 3 Carroll plana (H.eerkt-r street). titan ted-a second hand piano, or ftrbt TV da? city nuke . Ua/elton. Riven A Bacon, or Dockara preferred. Addroos Jt. Y. A. Herald oflic* ~ fiysil AL. ? YOU NO L4DY WILL GIVE, LiYrsOn"H ONTIlii ^V Pi-hob $li) per quarter. In advance, at her own ef pupil*' residences; thorough instruction will be guaiantoaiL Appiy at sixth avenue, near Fortieth street. A GENT1.KMVN WILL OIYR INSTRUCTION ON THE j\ piano at poplr* resilience for $10 per quarter Best reference, given. Address, with rosidenee, Teacher, box 11$ Hcraid office. A SOPRANO SINGER WISHES A SITUATION IN A cuolr. Address M. T.. station D. ^ ALADV WILL OIVB LESSONS ON THB FlANO A* $IOper quarter In advance at her own or pupil*' resid ence*. Cull at or address 183 West Twentieth itreet AHOFRANO RINGER WISHES A F08ITION If Heme church In this city or vicinity. Address W. 8. Y? bo* 101 otlioe. MJ. QIANNETT1, PROFESSOR FOR THR LAST . two year* in the KdMl Conservatory, now gie^ at aging lessons at hi* residaove * Ihird iNsit Term* modrile. ? llAWt t VG AtAllKHIKN. 1 GARMO'd DANCING ACADEMY, IS riFTn AY enii*. eornsr Fourteenth street.?"La* Menu* Plata innveaa Quadrille r*shlon?ble. ' JMt fgntved from whg t? Academisu*- n< ran*