Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1867, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1867 Page 10
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THE STATE CAPITAL. Passage of the Underground Pailroad Eill in the Senate. ?Tif (? Preteut Obstructions on jbf piers and Wharves of New Tork Passed in the House. TLi Jitvr lork Central Railroad Fare Bill Irtterrii to a Third Reading. Ac. &c. &o. SPECIAL COSRESPONOENCE DF THE HERALD. Albany, March lfl, 186". tlNirt or THK VMlBROWDCNB RAllJUUP bill in tub HLVATIA Hi* tntere.t of the morning session centered in the ?p|wr house, the lobbies of which were crowded with ?triced* and opponents of the Underground, Railroad tall which, as was rightly conjectured, was to be put >.poa its final passage. The bill, as adopted last week, ?was amended to-day by the introduction of a section providing for the deposit of $?>00,000 with the Comp troller at Albany, as a guarantee for the payment of any damage* that might occur to privata and public prop erty of the etty <>r New York in the construction of the road and was then put to a cote. By resolution no Member w as excused from roting. The only absentee from the city was Mr. Crowley, who was at home in Iai ltport. By dint of Industrious pursuit on the part of the scrgennt-at-arms, and after a lapse of an hour's ttme. a rote of thirty-one members was obtained, in the proportion of twenty for and eleren against the bill. Several Senators evidently were anxious to "dodge on this the final vote, but no excuses were received and all were forced to tnke sides on the record. It now goes to the AfM-mbly for concurrence, where thern will tie a perfect Kilkenny fight orer it and whence it will pro bably bo returned to the Senate, with a perfect patch work of amendments. The following is the bill a peered in th# Senate:? Ax Att to incorporate the Metropolitan rnderground Railway Companr, and to authorize said com pany to oom-tru. t tunnels and railways in the city of New York, and for other purposes. The people of the suite of New York, represented in fenate and Assembly, do enact as follows? SwTt<>> 1. George Gri-'wold, John Thorapscn. I.eonard T. Miller. William W. Gilbert. .lames Boormau Jotm xtcn, William K. Pinch, Thomv Reed. Joel Wolle, Robert I.root Kennadv, William Pullerton, Na than Randall, George' H. Hrown, Willinni H. Field, diaries Iiufrce, Rodney W. Daniel*. Kd win Kt nation, William C. Wetmore. James H. Week?, Lewis It. Brown. Thomas A Vise, Henry A. Hnlhert, A Whltheck. Jonathan Kdgar, John A. Livingston, Bayard Clark, W. s. Nichols, Glarenee A Brown, M. (iliver Davidson, William Thompson. John p. Weaer. Edwin Martindale, Ambrose Oram, Annuel M Spencer, l/ironzo Delmonlco, Henry T. Vail, E. Renshaw Jones. A T. <?ood"ll, Horatio Allen, R. H Ctid Imp George Stevenson, George Codling, Clarence Dela ?eld. V. H.mford, Lawrence Myers, Jr.. John Adriance, Charles Sandford. Cbar.ea G. <J. .small, Origen Vanden horp G org. S. Gr- en. Aust a Meyers, Hugh N. Cariip. Patrick Kvsd, .lames G Dudley. James C Averill. S. I\ Itavutson, Charles P. William'. Henry A. Smvtlie, Lewis R. Bronson. Philander Hantord, Peter t'autme, H .Sen lord -pothird, Svlvester Van Viilkenburgh. Philip G. Weaver. I'eicr R." Slreot, W. C. Brown. Robert McCray. their acHic'iates. sttcccssors and assigns, are hereby created a laxly politic an t corporate, by the name of the Metropolitan I'ndergr utnd Jltillroad Company. S*v 'J. The sa'd eerporation shall continue for a period ?f one hundred ye .it from the time this act aliall take cBeri. and shall lie located in the city of New N ork. her 1 he < uphill stock ol vaid oor|mration shall be 941 SKRs OPO, divided Into shares of |100 each. Sua 4. Hie business and atlsirs oi said corporation ?hall be conducted and managed by a board of twenty thru directors, to be elected annually by the strrkhold am, and the twenty-three itf orporntors lir" named in ?ration one oi this act shall he ilie lira! directors or ibe ? aiBipany. to act as such until the lir-t Tuesday of April, 1H?, and until ciders are elected and qualified in their stead ; and they, or a majority or th'ni, shall have |>ower to award, appropriate and distribute the etc k et said corporation among the corporators u.uned in the first section of this act. tn equal portions; and in rnnc any each cori?orator shall decline to subscribe to ?web portion, then they shall distribute the same, or emb part thereof as niteh rorporauT shall decline to eaba rlbe for. to such per-xin or persons and In such pro port iou* as they shall iiiilje the interests of said norera:Ion inay require, but they shall give euch of ?aid corporators at least twenty day' nonce of *itch sard and distribution of said stock before the same in ca?e of ?ora before awwu "MM MM - ? - ?hall he distributed to any other person, and in Igr death or resignation of either of said direc'nr the e* pit anon of iiis term hi* place may !?? supplied by the remaining Uirefor' ami he shall aci untrl the next regular election of diiectors of said company, baid 4,rectors may also by ? vote or two thirds of their num ber tnc rev c'the capital stock ot saul company to an annum not exre riiug ten mtll.ons of dollars. Sac. #. The Mirporat'on herebr cieutert sliall possess ?i< the power? and privilege*, and he "object to all the provision* or the act entitled -'An actio authorize the formation of rsHro td corporations, ?nd to regu'ai# the Me. passed At>ril 1 *<0 and of the several acts ?aiendatorv thereof, except -o tar as the provisions or tmml arte are modified by or ?re inconsistent wuh the prwv is>ons of ihleaci. but -aid company-shall have no right to acquire the u~x? or o< cujuincy of _?nv of the ekreets or public places In the city of New \ ork. under the provisions of the last named a* is. nor by any agree ment or grant ot the said citj authorities, etcapt auch use or occupsncv as i* grsu'cd or provided for in th is act. and except such temporary nglits and privilege* during the period of constructing such tunnels and rail war* aotborirrd 111 this act a* lb? pr.pcr authorities tnoy grant fo *? d . ompany to facilitate su li construction. Ba< 6. 1 be <a'd rompuov are heiehv a?thoriznd and eun|w>wered to make, construct and tnainlala a tunnel or lunngl* or excavated underground roadway or wave, mm ni const rod and operate therein a railway or rail way*, wi:b ne evaare tracks (01 Itie transportation "f paw num. freight and properly .n conveyances, re be propelled l>y air. steam or other motive |x.wsr tor com pensation, under and through the eo I beneath th# ?Irvett avenues, sqv-are*. publb placns, land* and waters la the city of Haw York and elsxvrhcre, following. to ?,t ??Commencing to Howling Gr -en. near the centre or Broad*av, at or about llir southern end thereof, aud *? rwamug thence up aad uuder Broadway neat the centra thereof, to '.he southerly point of ? 'ty nail I'hrk; , ?uiui'-m ing. also, at s??ue colivenent point ?a tba city ol Brooklyn. Isvug l-'and. it Bear Vn'reo street of nr. end atinnu-C under ground by such roole as mar l>e selected and vp? proved by omnia.- oner* berofnefter taeutioaed to ibb arm of Ibe sea called the K*?t river, thence ntufcr saxl Kaft river to the tstand of New York, ihcnce Vv a culiable but to be seiec.ol aud approved by aid mm minx ner*. ?under the streets and lands ol the city of Maw York, tow umrtrou wuh the oeterc mortlosed line f*am B iwliagGrean. In. at or near ilie > ity H-i'tfark. the eou'lierly lituu of said line be ng Kttllou ?it?e'. and ihe northerly limit being * liaint-er- 'ifttl n? said city of New York thence from the point ?f am ion of the above roeullourd lutes hv aamtable rotltA to tie sebxiied and approved bv said i-ommis?i?neT?, ii'idcr ground to the Hud'on river, and under the waters a( the aid Biid-on nver to a suitable po.nt at wstsr mark on the New Jersqy shore of said irver A'ro. rutin ng rrom the po nl of inni.t on ot ibs t??lore men tioned lines in the City Hail Park, ?rardlv through aad beneath th.- oootherlv ?Ida of saxl |.ark. or tomuzti and lieuvatb 1 natham oticet to the Bowery, then ? "P '"'I beneath the Bowerv to either the Third or tba I ..unh avenues, as aaid 1 iimnu-aioners mar d.r# t, and II #?<?? up either nl raid Third or PoartJi avenues to the Harleut rWer 1 ein meaclBK alto at ttte petal et J iiH-tbm a| the t ity Hail Pa k afore-aid, and rutin,ng northwesterly by a route to he selected and ?t?t>rored by th? a d eumiajs'taiieri. sa a* to enter Hudson tre t at the unci ion thereof wth g'hambers uret and theme inter Hu von itre-t K.thth avenue, au 1 t'.em r ;9d,r J'1*!'' , Broadway. I liev are ?lso bervbr auU?orle?d to m ... ?i.a-11 int and main sin imt umrs 'ban two litie. of tun ?e. or tunnel' s.t.i-s ?* I dand of x-w \ ork; rch ?r..?s t ne? to lw loe?ted 1" xnd ft^'? "t'h point or plant', atd on such route* as amy b? rtestir ' od by Utf" m.ssionerv. a? ia hers naltfr provided; l'.v? of said ? ?m m.'stnarrs to be sppo nied t? the (. wraar of the "Ha e. aad t he thiol to i?* apisvuitod hy the t roton Vq-edi.t Board of the rtl* or N?B York, hi d whose des: ion. orol a matovhy n them, shall tie copcltt'itr# a* ?? d legation. B r, l company are at o hereby *' ?h"f: "<t V' connect <i it brzm he - > ax'erdleg to 'he !lsi .?m giver, wob the Hud.on River Ri road Jiid the Harlem itaitrosd rr'pecilyely, at an h poinie north o' the 1 slt'rnl Park sa mar 00 uronied feasible md for that purpdke anay carry tt<?. ??te tnak" such connection# "it 'bo ?ar'face or n ?twn > etting or nthortstre . ihev are ai-o hew-by authorised and anip 'S-ered to make on the routes aforesaid al n->. .??ary emits,, ions, turnt'tU. suit ice and sppar .'.u* i? -r ihe proper w .rk ng and nrionimoda imn cf said railway, and to cnnttriie id r# I way south erly Bowling Hreem to ilia Bittery, and along the ?astern edge thereof and kithm the same lo a paint near the sentb ferrv, ?n l on ?u h grade a? niar be feasible In cess the i?aqnetute< of tnrfare noTtb of p gh'iotb atreet are ko- h a? Iq render .nn'snumi ne'? impraeticaMe, so d lines of railway may be atrvifted on the surface to Ha' ?tn r rr. Ss?'. 7. for tbe purpose of making, constructing md operating the said m.lwaya, aaid cemp.nv are lieraby net hart ltd and empowered t<? enter upon the sevral street*, aveaue*. viiwree end pnhll.; place* and land* hereinbefore .perilled ?nd Into ami upon the anil of the ?wane under the anrfac# thereof, and taconstruct and maintain a tunnel ,<r tnnnell under Ihe ame, > oni ihe patif* above ?pacified. am h tunnel* to be ronvtrwiM on th# most -borongh and approvod plan *nd of kujjeeni 4 m.raiuna for the perpoeo* of ?'d >L!'l ?.TS?e?ce ef pub!, travel. ??.rb depth Mow the aerfe e, end le inch menner M 7* inalle to prevent eny In.tnry te '' eace wHb the surf# e of Mid etreeU. " i?r? wnn inf hu11* ? "? " r * mm ?qxares. or Ihe use o* the same, w.ih ?H. h #*?<?P t"W1 an ?'? praetded for a 'h a act, and except also duriog he ?VMPMB of ' onstrtii lion, it rhall lie tew .1 IB moke ?uch sf,i.xi < ?? anj openings in , d 'tree's, arentex, I K wee hgd B' B* '-iiiw eliAb teeitld ?h?o le I comm.clad, aa shall be l<<ersary from 1 me 10 1 me; end .a a; case* the surface and pavaaMats of said streets. uvei.ueK and -quaras Khali be restored to the rendition in which thejr were before each excavations were made, ait near .? practicable; and such structures and opening may also be made on the outer edges of the sidewalks, Ktrecic or avenue.*, us may be necessary, not interferinc wuh the use of the same, for lmht, air .aid ventilation; but where excavations for the full width of such street* shall be made they shall not be made oftener than one m each half mile of said routes, nor i-hall they be mi re than two hundred and fifty feet in length in any one place, nor shall they be kept open longer than for a period of sixty days in anv one place, except by con-cut of ihe commission hereinafter provided for. Sso. 8. The said company shall also have tbe right to and bold alt such real estate and in Krests therein us may he necessary to enable them to construct said" tunnels and roads, and to make nil the said branches and con nect ,ons and to operate the same ; and to make, construct and maintain openings from mid tunnels, st points convenient and suit able for the ingress and egress of passengers and freight, aud for such buildings and dero's us may be re quired for the purpose aforesaid; and in oil cases, the u.-e of the aforesaid streets, avenues, squares and public places, and the right of wuv under aud through the ?-ante for railway purposes, as herein authorized and pro vided, shall be considered and deemed, and is hereby declared to be a public, use, and consistent wi'h the uses for which the Mayor, Aldormen and Commonalty hold ibe same, and said Board of Commissioners, above men tioned. or any board appointed by act of the Legislature and having charge of ihe same, mav also grant snrh other lands or the use thereof, or authorize such docks or the use of the same, as belong to said city, for tempo rary or permanent occupation lor the use of snld tunnels or underground railways, subtact, however, in all ca?es, to the approval of the Governor of the .State of New York. Kkc. 9 All changes, additions and alterations In the axisiing sowers, water mains and pipes or gas pipes, and the construction of new sewers, nfsinsor pipe--, miuienec escsary,by the construction of said tunnels and roads, s.iall be under the directionkif tb^iforesald Board of Com missioners. or any Board of CQdUiasionars which may he appointed hv act of the legislature, and having said sewers and pipes in charge, who shall have power to de termine what amount and proportion ot tbe expense of such alterations, or new sewers, mams end pipes shell be borne by tbe part ios constructing said tunnels, and what part by tbe city of New Yofk; and to determine and declare what amount of money (if anv) shall be ad vanced by said company to the comptroller of said city bofore any section of said sewerage or pipes shall be dis turbed or altered, und the terms and conditions of its re payment, and to direct how and in what manner-aid work of construction shall be done where it crosses or interferes with existing ritv railways. N?C. 10. Said tunnels and roads shall be exclusively for the use of said railway company, and it shall not be lawful for any person or persons to enter or pass through said tunnels, 'or anv portion of them, on foot or in any other wnv than in iho proper car' provided for that pur pose; and the Mayor. Common Council and officers o! the < ity corporation of the city of New York are hereby prohibited from giving any assent to any other person, body or corporation to do any of the acts or things hereby authorized, or to hinder, delay or embarrass the con struction or operation of said tunnels and railways as herein authorized. Bsc. 11. The Governor of this State shall appoint two commissioners as hereinbefore provided, whose duty shall be, under tbe provisions hereinbefore contained, and In conjunction with one to l>e appointed by theCrolon Aqueduct Board of the city of New York, who shall be paid for their services bv said railway company. Sac. 12 The said company shall have one year from the pas-age of this ai t within which to commence the constitution of said tunnels and roads, and ton veers to complete the same; and five years to complete one line to 100th street and ten years to complete -aid tunnel and roads; and no omission to construct nny section between two points shall work a forfeiture of this franchise, or of any portion of the tunnels or railways which may have been commenced or completed. Smv 13. The said corporation shall bo authorized to demand aud receive from each passenger (be following rales of fare, to wit;? For any distance less than two miles, five cents; for every mile or fractional part of a inde in addition thereto two cents. Sbc.. 14.?All damages occasioned by tbe construction or operation of the railways or tunnels hereby author ized. to private persons or property, shall be paid by tlie same company to the party Injured in full. Skc. 16. Hugh B. W ilsoa. tlrigen Yandenhiirgh and Asa P. RobiiA>on, each of them for himsolt or his assigns, shall bo entitled to receive and recover Irom said com pany?but. not until ?orne portion or section of said rail way ia in working operation?socli sum us a commission hereinafter authorized may award for tbe services, and the value to said com pa uy of tbe services severally ren dered bv said persons in promoting an underground mil way. Bach of said persons, or hi' assigns, or the said corporation may at any time after the pa-sago of this act apply by petition to the Supreme Court, upon a written notice of at least ten days, and on such petition said court shall anpolnt a com mission of not less than three nor more than five suitable persons to hear and determine the claims of the petitioner under the provisions of this section; and the said commission shall, after a hearing of the ease, adjudge and award against said company anil in favor of the petitioner euch sum as onghl equitably lo be paid to him. in any such award the extent of the services ren dered by the petitioners in securing the franchises of said company shall form the basis upon which said award shall is1 made, in addition to the time and money expended in promoting said underground railroad pre vious to the oa--??g> of the act. Siu-.M#. Before any excavation shall he commenced for the purpose of "constructine such railwnv IN raid company shall tile in ihe office of the Comptroller of the State a nond, with sufficient sureties, to lie approved by said Comptroller, to die people of tnfs Slats in Ibe sum of $.'>00.000conditioned for the payment ofalt permanent damaged which mnv arcrne to any person or persons or to the public streets by reason of such excavation. br?. 17. The Legislature may at anytime alter and nmend or repeal this act. Sk . 18.?This act shall lake etoot immediately. a cam. or t*? nocee. The Assembly again enac>ed the serio-comic drama of a csll of the House lo-da.'?ihe second time (his a ssion. 1 hose who mere iho victims on the last occasion have had their grievance in store, and to-day. noticing an absence of a quorum of their opponents they sprin g the trap and a call was ordered. Doors were closed and ihe absentees declared in contempt. The doors wen then reopened, the guilty individuals ar raigned at the liar of the Rouse, where, like candidates for membership in the Hosts of Malta, they i^infeeaed their peccadilloes, odered their excuses, were pardoned ami restored to the rolls. VAgjiuam er thk nriesur kivrr statk HK?riTAU The governor ha- to-day appointed the following natned gentlemen manugers of the Hudson Kiver State Hospital for tin Insane:? Abiah W. Palmer, of Armenia, To. Kelly, ot Rhinetmck; Dr. Comedus W. \gnew, of V'ew York rily; Dr. A. t'ooke Hull, of Brooklyn; Amass J. Pvrkrr, of Alhany; Dr. Kdward (?. Beadle, of Pouch keepsie; (Joorg- Mark, of New burg; Joseph How. land, of Fiahklll, and John P. H. Tallman, of 1'nugh keep'ie. At?AXT, March 10-10 30 IV M. to* roeiNs lap 01 ncs or thf mmmkk'Iain or vrw YORK I ITT. Mr. Tbonta.- Murphv introduced a bill in the Senate to night concern rig the powers and dnttea of the 'Tiamber lain of Ni w York, which provides that that officer ahull advertise each year for s -nied proposals from the < ity hanks for payment of interest on the daily tnviancee of the .-ity funds, and that the three hnnk? ottering the most adi sntagcous terms shall be eelected as deposi taries of the t'hsmberlaln's tnnds; ai<m that the salary of the Chamlierlatn, which Is fixed at $10,000 per annum, and the expenses of his clerks -diall he imid from the in terest money thus accruing. THK MRUS A VP WRARTPS OSSTR I'.TIOV Will, which has been so severely denou tired as an out race on the shipping community, and which is to increase the H.irtMW Muster's emoluments by a yc.irlv tax of a Vout and a half per ton on even- steumho it, ferryboat, tug, lighter and c inal boat In the baitior of Yew York, was pin-ed In the Assembly tonight, afi"f a wordy opposi tion. by a role of M to 'JA. ins lovsTrrmnv it, luwmr w-tiik rum ox res x*w TURK CK.VTUAL UAILMoATi. It the Senate the conference report o? the Condi to tionai I'onvenimn hill was adopted by a vole of twenty two to eight, end the bill to Increase the fare on the Central R* Iroad half a <ent a mile pa-.-ed to a third feeding. The receipt* if the i enirat road la*? year for p??-ciuer ?o|l? were f 4, juo OOo. Allowing for The na tural ^arly Increase of travel, this hid will enable the cowpiny to dr?w an nnnoal extra reunite. which they cannot with any Jnst'r e demand, of f 1,800 000. TMR IXIM tAW. The Coan ttee on Internal Aftairs, by a rot# of fouf to three, have agreed in report amendments to the Kx c'se law. The pltfpli rhanges will not he rerv Im portant. and lie 'perilled at a future meeting of the committee. NEW YORK LEGISLATURE. Meant*. Aibavt March 19, 1*$7. si'i.s AbVAscwi to rnmo Rvinivn. Incorporaiing the White Plains Water Works Com pany. Anthoriting a -pecial tax of 12,000 in the town of Oyster Hay and Hempstead. Amending the charter of the N'ew York Accidental Insurance Cohipeaf. Incorporating the Hi uy resent Hafe Deposit Company of New York. fin motion of Mr. RntMfraW the bill requiring the i ourtb Avenue Railroad to he arched over was referred beck is the Railroad Committee. To a wit ml the act lor the prestation of frauds ia the laying out of streets in Mew York. rnnnrjttcATtiiNs rre?svTM> nr tut remnant. Ihe I'aMionvY presented a communication fnrm Ihe Metrnjioliian Hoard of Health, nrging the aeceseity of establishing a quarantine station on land for jrevret" mg the s|ittad of the > bolero, Ordered to t>c winted Am> aroai?u9<teki?n mm ifc* Eepcrmleiidnt if "?t Metrcyolitan Folic* relative to the rcttroverT between hinu-elf and Justice Cotcolly. Ordered to be printed. Also a report from the managers of the Lloouunguule Asylum. Ord red to be printed. HILL* INTKOIUTCD. By Mr. H C. MrerHY?To cede to the United States certain land in Brooklyn adjoining the nai y yard. Mr. Murphv stated that he dissented from the bill. By Mr. O'DoxxrJi,?To amend the act for the Incor poration of life and health insurance companies. By Mr. IkKReox?To authorize ra Iroad companies to use passenger carriage state rooms and charge additional fare for ihe same. tor uxngjuntorxo railroad. The bill to incorporate the Metropolitan Railway Com pany was taken tip. Mr. If. C. Mt'Rrtrr moved to recommit, with instruc tions to amend by requiring the company to enter into bond* to make good any damage that tuny be done pri vate property or public street by reason of any excava tions made. Carried. The absentees being sent for the bill was passed by the following vote:? Yfas? Messrs. Andrews, Burnett, Rennet, Campbell, Chambers, Collins. E. Cornell, Folger, Gibson, Go i lard, Klme, l.a Run, Low, II. C. Murphv. T. Murphy, O'PonneB, Plait, Sessions. White and Wither?Ml. Nat*?Messrs. C. O. Cornel). Htimphrev. I.ent, Nicks, Paraoua. Pierson, Stanford, Sutherland. Williams, Walcott and Wood?11. Bins PASSrn. Te charter the village of Randolph. For the relief of the Cnnajoharie Academy. Authorizing the city of Brooklyn to borrow money for school purposes. The town of New Lotts School bill. legalizing the proceedings of the annual town meeting ol the town of DoKalb. To provide for bnildlng bridges in the county of Suf folk. Amending the charter of the Brooklyn Life Insurance Company. Amending the charter of the village of Rlovorsrille. Appropriating $60,000 in aid of the Eimira Female College. Amending the art regulating the use of certain hosts and vessels within Ihe Metropolitan Police district. Conferring additional powers upon the Amcrinn Jockey Club This bill was amended by authorizing the company to oRrr premium* for tho improvement of the breed of horses, but prohibiting tbe making of wagers on horse racing. To change the name of tho Rutger Female Instituie. Mr. Wool' moved a concurrent resolution for the ap pointment of a Joint committee to investigate the gtlaire of the PaciQc Mail Steamship Company. Igtld on the table. The bill in creating the salarv of Wm. W. Smith, Clerk in the New York Surrogate's office, to $2,500, was ordered to a third A report was received from the Commissioners oT the Central Park relative to the west Ride improvement. Mr. i.svT presented a remonstrance against the exten sion of Filth avenue. A recess was then taken until evening. Rvcnins Session. KIMS ADVANCED TO A THIRD READTVU. The Prooklvu Sewernge hill. Amending the charter of the village of Little Falls. mt.L PAFRKD, The bill authorizing the removal of insane female con victs from Sing Sing Prison and the Ulica Asvlutn to the Auburn Asylum. TBB FAR* ON Tit* ftCXTRAL RAI1.BOAP. The bill authorizing the Central RaJtroad Company to charge two nnd a half cents per mile pas-otiger fare was taken up as the special order. Mr. Parsons moved to amend by requiring the com pany to receive all way freight along their line and move the same towards its destination within ten days from the reception thereof, extraordinary circumstances alone excepted. Mr. Andrews moved five days. Mr. Bennett opposed ihe moiion, saying that shippers at ibe end of (he route thought ten days a reasonable time for the starting of freight. The motion was lost, and Mr. Parsons' amendment w as adopted. Mr. Wolcott moved to limit tho operation of the hill to ore year from the first of June. Lost byavoteof 8 to 12. Mr. Wolcott movod to limit the operation to two years. IaisI. Mr. WHrrn moved a substitute providing for two classes of passenger trains, one to run ?t the speed of twenty inlles per hour, faro two cents per mile, and one to rue at a speed exceeding twenty miles per hour, fare two and a half cents. Adopted by a role of 15 to 13. Mr. Fot.ofr moved to limit tbe operation of the bill to throe years from the first of next O'tober. lost. The hill was then reported to tba Senate. Mr. Pi'Fao.v moved to strike out Mr. Whites substi tute and insert the original biW. Carried by the follow ing vole:? A vks?Messrs. Harnett. Besnett, Chambers. Collins. C. O. Cornell. Godard. Lent, lov. H. C. Murphy, T. Murphy, Nicks, Parsons, Pierson, l'ktt. Sessions, Stanford. Suther land and Wood?18. Nats?Messrs. Andrews, Campbell, E. Cornell. Folger, Gin.on, Kline, La Ran. O'Donnell, White, Wllbor. Williams and Wal'ott?12. The bill waa ther ordered to a third reading. rut: lOKPTiTcnoKAi, cNNVwrrmx. The report of die committee of conference on ihe bill providing for? convention to revise tho constitution was next taken u?, and adopted by Ihe following vote:? At**? Me.*?r*. Andrews, Burnett. Bennett. Campbell. Col lins. K Cornell, Fnlger, Godard. Humphrey. La Ban, I ami, l.on. T. Murphy, Nicks, O'Donnell, Parsons, Piatt, cessions, Romford. While, Wllbor and Williams?22. Nats?Messrs. Chamber*, C. G. Cornell, Gibson, Kline, H. C. Murphy. Pierson. Woleotl and Wood?8. TH* nfAMPKRI A1X OF N*W YORK CITT. Mr. Thomas Mprprv introduced a bill fixing the salary of Chamberlain of tbe city of New York at $10,000 per annum, doing away with all fees, and requiring tbe Mavnr and < hamberluin to advertise for proposals from banks for the deposit of the city funds, said funds to be deposited In tbe hanks making ihe highest bid. ANOTHER KLKVATKP SAII Re A I) I ILL. Mr. MrneHv introduced a bill incorporating another elevated railroad. Adjourned. Amtemhlv. Alma sv, March 10, 1MJ7. TIT* SI'RFAtl OF KI'IUKXir DIRFASKR. The Xtfakkr presented the report of the Metropolitan Board of Health relative to preventing the spread of epl demic diwN. Til If ODXTtSTKn KlJtCTinN IN TUN KKW TONE tUUtTTH ALPKK KAMC PINTKIOT. Mr. Hi acock raid the btll relative to the contested elec tion in tbe Eighth New York Ahlertnanic district was ordered to a th'rd reading yesterday contrary to the rules of the House. The bill was yet in tbe hands of the Judiciary Committee. Mr. SxicnrcN did not know that surh was the case when he moved the bill In Committee of the Whole, and had uo objection to reconsider tbe action taken yester day. The Fvsak a rated that the bill being still In the hands of the committee, having been recommitted, the action had npon it wi? null and void. This was agreed to by a rote of the House. qi'KSTHis or rmnuc.c?ths n? ial nvii. Mr. Hoyt rose to a qui stion of privilege. The New York TVitsmr of yesterday contained an extract irom the correspondence of the day Mirenrv, stilting that the Committee on Charitable Institutions had concluded to report a bill to regulate prostitution in New York. Tbe sia'itnent was without foundation. That committee had resolved unanimously to Report against the hill re ferred to, and would do so in writing in a few days. 11,aim mn.?. A larre number of claim bills were pg*s>d. Purirg tbe r reading It was found dillicnlt to keep a quorum present, and Mr. MilUpaugh moved a call of tne House, which was curried, and the galleries aud lobbies were r'cared. Mr H. Fnith moved that all members absent he de dared in contempt, and that they shall not participate in further proceedings nnttl excused by vote of the House. Mctiot) carr ed. The doors were then opened and the absent members appeared and made thdr exc ises. The bill to increase tho capital stock of the Long Inland Railroad was passed. Recess to half-post seven o'clock. Evening Mrssiea. sitxs rAswan. To arvend the charter ot the village of New Rochellc. To provide lor tbe erection of a new academy building at Homer. T# amend ihe act to supply Brooklyn with water. To amend tbe chatter of the Delaware and Hudson Cnnnl Company. To amend the charter of the Metropolitan Public Con veyance Company. To prevent injury and lorn of life to persons on railroad cars. To incorporate the Odd Fellows' Hall Association of Hoflalv. in rotund in the Cornell rnlversity tbe amount paid by Ktrt Cornell to Oene?ee College. To change the county seat of Schuyler county from Havana to ITaUiiis. To incorporate the Rudalo l'ark Company. To authorise the < 'omtnismoners ol Central Park to construct? stone sialrwav. T? amend the act relative to the pewers and duties of the i 'ommHtvloners of Emigration. To prevsnt obstructions upon tbe piers and wharves in the port of New York, nod to regulate the use of slips and wharves adjacent thereto. To authorise the Atlantic Life Insurance Company to make special deposits. To authorise the city of Rochester to borrow money for school purposes. To revive tbe ^barter of the Susquehanna Bridge Cora pativ. Relative to the Father Matthew Total Abstinence So ciety of South Brooklyn. To incorporate the New York College of Dentletry. Adjourned. NEWS FROM TNE PACIFIC COAST. The limnnitrnlion of a French Una of Vessel* to Tnhltl?.Seizures by the United Stales .Marshal, A c. Fan Fnancinoo, March If, HOT. Tbe Frsnrh transport ship Uetrande, from Tahiti, arrived yesterday, being the flrat of a regular line or government vessels which am to make monthly trips to this port, Tbe snecemfnl worklag of the Atlantic cable has In duced tbs French government to transfer the bias of sitppliee from Valparaiso to Fan Francisco. Tbs steamship Constitution, for Panama, sailed to-day with fOTT,00? in treasure, of which $840,000 WW for New York. The Patted Stales Marshal to-day seised the hooks and papers of tho principal importers of French winest to bo used In evidence for Ute government In n certain wine case in the United States District Court. PEMSTRFAIHSR. A font race of two hundred yards came off on Saturday lest at Potts villa, between a Canadian hailing from Now York and Williams, of Poll sv I lie. The latter bad twenty fnnr feet 'left The Canadian woo easily. The match sat (VI tm S agio EAST BALTIMORE CONFERENCE. Fifth l?RV. Fkedekick, Md., 11 arcb 18, 1867. Pursuant to adjournment Conference reassembled at half-past eight A. II. Religious service* were conducted by Rev. Irwin H. Torrencc; the hymn 669 was sung and prayer offered. The minutes of the fourth day were read, corrected and approved. A resolution was read from the Committee on the Me morial Church requesting that Rev. B. H. Crurer he ap

pointed as genera! manager of said enterprise. Another was read relative to the transfer of Rev. Win. Earnshaw to Tennessee offering to receive bun hack heartily whenever he desirod to return. A partial report from Tract Committee, stating they bad in hand $18# They were required to send same to Treasurer at New York. Afier a ventilation of the sub ject upon the propriety or establishing an agency the report referring to same was itriclcen out. As amended the report was adopted. The lay steward and clerical were granted permission to retire for a short time. Rev. M. L Drum was excused trom further attendance upon the sessions. Rev. l)r. Trimble, Assistant Secretary of the Mission ary Society, rroiceded to address the Conference upon the subject of missions at considerable length. A rising vote thanking brother Trimble for his visa, and offering bini their aid and prayer. Resolutions were offered relative to the death of Bishop Houle, whose services in our church covered a Rpai e of nearly llfty year*. The resolutions ^ay that it is with profound sensibility we here heard of the death of Button Rattle, and that we tender to the family our sincere regrets. Revs. Henry Slieer and John A. tJere railed up memo ries in which the Bishop was ideiititied. Resolutions were adopted by a rising vole. He consideration of the vote by which Thomas Grunt/ was located at his own request was granted. A very earnest debate took place upon the question of reconsideration, and it prevailed?yeas 6fi. nays 56. The BWltop called tho fourth questiou?Who are the deacons of the second year? John H. Marsh, John B. Vanmeter, Klial M> Vey t'hilcome, T. T. T. Riehsrds, <di ver M. Stewart, Watson t'ase and Eiisha Shoemaker wore continued in that relation. The seventh question was culled?Who are the super numerary preachws? Oliver Kge, J. W. t'ltllitm. P. B. Reese, T. H. Switzcr, I*. B. Rut h, D. (.'. John, J. Collins Stevens. R & Vinton, K. J. Gray, Charles Cleaver, K. K. Kelly. A. Hsrtman, J. Y. Rothrock, James Gamble, George Hildt and J. 1). Cuddy were continued in their present relation. Albert Hartman was granted leave of absence lor re mainder of the session. The eighth question of the geneia! minutes was called?Who are tlie superannuated preachersr John Thomas, William Monroo. J. B. Cook, John Miller. Amos Smith, William Hank. Jonathan Monroe. T. Tarinyhill, .lames H. Brown, Atom Brittain, Wesley Howe, Robert lieers, J. G. MrKuehan, George Berkstres-or. George Guyer, David Wolfe. W. H. lhtc.her. X. Schlosser, J. T. Maii.-hurj'i J- A. Coleman. W. T. Wilson. A. J. Bender, Franklin Dyson, W. W. Brem and E. K. Allen were continued in their present relation. The relation of Henry Furlong was changed from su perannuate to supernumerary. Affecting letters were read from JVilliam Hank, Jona than Monroe and Amos Sntilh. THE SABBAT! UK CUVKESWCE. I.ove feast, ltulf-|iast eight A. M., led by Rev. B. H. Crurer. Public services were opened by singing ihe first hymn, followed by prayer by Rev. William Munroe, and reading the Fcrtptures, 01st p?alm and 'Aid chapter of Revelations. Hi-hop king-ley then announced as his 16 "And I, tri be lifted up from the earth, will draw all inAfi ii n to me,' J oil u ? ch. xii., m t Tbc.-e were strange words tc.the. dhcip ? of <???*? Thov had e*ori'i<"d niors- confidence ,n bis abilityI to establish his glorious temporal kitijplom now thau at any othir time since thev had been with him. and now he is about to die the death of an assassin. Their hopes (tare up tlie chosU They wore afraid to ask about him. I eier ha I said "He it far from thee, Lord. ? liy, theVorld i*.t i?t beginning to believe, on you. By such worrts and ao.a youwdl not only not draw your friends scatter them. ' But Jesin an -vvered, "And I, ir 1 ?e hfted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me "' as if <?ne who was politically tho hope and head or a nation should talk oj going to tho cailows. Strange news this; hut this death was to be the grand procuring cause of the salvation of our guilty world. Notice the manner of our Saviour s death. he expression means literally "lifted up from the earth, hiiT body nailed to the cross and erected in the presence of the people. It means also coming up trom the dead, also His exaltution to glory "Him hath Ac In tbt? sense the prediction has been fulfilled. \jaln it means that (hrist must be tiftert up by he t imrch. The seliish .lew supposed that he and Itls.nation could monopolize the favors or Jehovah, and exclude the outside world Irom the holy of holies: but Jesua rent die ve I asunder and brought the needed h.eaeings. ^ "e Church is to hold up Jesus a* a divine man. The inlnls^ try and Sabbath school are to do this so that a wmrid lost by "in may look and live. The fundamental truths taught bv this act arc inst such doctrines as wc nerd, and atttuct the attention or all thinking men. There ate times when the tremendous question of his future de - tiny comes up. Not lo think puts man ou a level tiny comes up. Not to tuins puw , k with the brum. Such as do not meditate live like w\ih th? i?ru??. sucD ns u" ?, . . brutea, and like brutes they die. The truth which is taught is Jesus, is Lod. manliest in the t'e>b. Thislis the foundation of religion. We must Ire careful iand be lieve m the personality or find. The mind needs some thing tangible upon which to base Its conclusions. ?nd ant cirateo this and scuds ( Prists m torm of man. t his oDDoseaidolalry on the one baud sad Pantheism on tbTother. The searons, oceans, electricity and nature are not Lod. All grades of infinity are trying yigor on.|v und continuously to rob man ol that strong ton sciousnesa of a real, pergonal Lod, wlio deuiaud* obedi ence and whose province it Is to punish. Butbcre tied maulicut in the flesh, bone of our bone, 1 <.otl roamieai "? w* ' v; aj.;nlf heait. betng tied to ur, so that *? ?? ? without Miss destroyed. Looking on Cnrrn we * e soincwbat of the love. tradrniens and gloryof the infinite lather. As Jesus loves nee so Lod loves me; as Jesus with me so Lod sympathizes with me* What Is a boy's conception of Hod' He inquires ilTir lied a? the plant in a dark cellar stretches up ward toward the window. He asks who made this and that "Who made you, Pat" Ho is taught to say, our Father'-' and he thinks of ?:od a? it he werea This is good to show him the distiti.U persc.nMtly ot God Through his earthly lather he Icm#s up to God, his lather As he obeys his father so he leels lie omtlH i ia atMV tiod' as a lather punishes so be is tanght tbe ^ature of divine Jus./.. fhu. fh^ dutie, aud recptirements are laid upou him. *fl<\r wli.le tie Ke'? more enlarged views, *nd d??,* not limn ?too Worship supposes a btart to leel. He ihat formed the heart vhail he riot lov e t hn?t le velling the father to ua being manifest in the Heratla tlie great remedy 'or l'autheism aud lutidclity on the oue hand, I olytlileem and idolatry on the other Another truth brought to light is the ,"1",*t?,',jru<5[ soul lbs was partially revealed belore but like tne twilight reflecting the light of the sun. Hut Jeaus lirought it out fully, brought Me and uniimrtautv to light ' Ac The first religions duty is tru?t and ton# rtence in "our Lather." Immortality, the soul, going oti ineaau: mg (he Bow af eternal years. A man can anord b. be aworm. If he leels lie has capabilities ol cnioymeal and feeling and forecastc aa lur ae Imaglna t.oii c an strelcn In the U.-tam e. and tesll/e thai time to he pre. nt and then as lar in the past a? It was once in the fuuirei l.c cannot afl?rd simply to rat and sleep and die Along with this truth !a that of resurrection of the .h ad and eternal retribution. Take tfcene doctrine* and tell tuc if thev are not what we need and the world Th?*e euiArce our horizon, hiakc m?*n reel ?Edy amid Mia storm of life and the upheaving of its waves, point us to when the sea aha!! give tip Its dead, when frt-nd sbt.ll meot his friend, and all who have be lieved in Jesus shall inhabit the land Where no . hilling winds or po eonous brentli .shall ieach that Healthful shore. It was onAe a.ked who is this Son of Man. The title la peenhar. thr st had no lather, and ye. he .? called the son of Man . hut He was the son of all humanity to tor>k upon himself not the nature of angels but he seed of Abraham, born of a wontnn. uiade under the ?aw Christ, ihen, ia related In every human being. His heart is more united to every heart 'ban one human heart ia to another. Every one in the shape o. ho inan ity look up and be related to Jesus. He idsuiilted His fortunes with our* that we might Identify our with His If an angel could come down to sjtnpathtM with yoo?He has seen no sorrows. He ha' not troddou the thornv path. He ha* felt uo henrt.v. hrs?we wo id ray, this is good advice to you who art free iroi.t -orrow, but not for me. A friend hn* lost a child?you visit him and Condole with bun: tell him of (hrist < provision for children to dry up his tears, and he uak* yon. "Have ' ? . ? . .1. il l OM Vaii (AC ?tV? *' " I'hfHt Vtttl vou ever lost a child?" Vou say. "No. ' "then yon do not know my grief." Hut yon had the same expe . . t. nHA /xf ..Aiie i.wii auoot ili.<lr?II tf) UU JJUV hiivn i?J . , - riene. ??od took one of your o*u ?woot rlii.ilrfii to 11 IHt t"v? glory. Then yon went and was prepared to ajrmpatnize. giory. !??? j?u --- ? r - i? ?-? Thus the heart of Jasns ia an a-yluat tnr all our He carted all our Borrow*. I ran, a* a bro'her, go and sympathize with a friend trot only partially. How aweat la divine sympathy. Every injury to one of testis' foil owers strikes at his own benevolent heart. And every one can receive (his sympathy. Lriends cannot listen to your grief long, they a?k you to ex cuse them just now. but did Jous ever say, "1 cannot hear your grief today, wail till to morrow." No' No. blessed be trod. He s?y?. "t ome unto me ail ye that weary and are heavy laden and 1 will give you rMt, The agony of .testis upon the cross I will not dwell npra; tt overwhelms me: 1 ran only say heboid what manner of love the Lather hath bestowed npon n- thai we are i ailed the sons ol Hod. fee the tender ' hrtanan mother bearng (he sorrows of her son, her wayward son ? dark shadow* o nie over her sky, rare and anxiety have brought her to grief hardly endurable; 'He eye begins to lad, and site sinks Into the grave, what destroyed her lire? ilio conduct or her erring hoy. Hut Jesus is more solicitous tlisn thst mother. He pleads wild the sinner. "Behold 1 ,-tand at the door una knock. If anv man will hear my voice and open U?e door 1 will run* in and sup with him." He came to save the lost; but he knocks without snccsee very ire quently until his ks kn are wet with the dew of the morning. Wbv, who would keep a beggar out nil night ??1 will draw all men unto me." Brethren, what a priest to hold up. rreaching Jesus will make you mora attroct tva. The heathens want Jteus?tha congregationa want Jeans? the world w ante Jesus. Lift htm up to the per ishing millions .... The class of deacona elected to ordem was thea or ^ A mm soon Bswvica. ?Preaching, by Rev. Br. fumble, af Ohio, taxi, "Christ In you tha hope of glory. ns** of elevea alders or.lalned. Hreschlng at inight, hy Hev. J. B. Me Murray . text, "Lai lb. Hopo and ?herity-th**? three, bat lb# greateat of tbem It charity. THI C?IW AH PAMItttM If T* STUWII iCHUlT. L?>r?svn.t L, March If, 1MI". The rtramer Nick Ungworth arrived tlii# With the passengers and crew of the Merrure, lately Iiitt IB ArkBUM cat-cR. PUGILISM* Prize Fight far $1,000 Between Kelly and Parkinson* Kelly the Winner in One Round in Two Minutes. Ac. Ac. Ac. A prize light for $1,000 came off yesterday morning, near Douglasville, Berks county, Pennsylvania, between Thomas Kelly, of Philadelphia, and William Parkinson, of Pottsville, Pa. The light lasted but two minutes, one round ouly having been fought by the pugilists, when Parkinson, who was getting the lion's share of the punish ment, seized Kelly by the leg, which was foul, and Kelly was at once declared the winner of the fight. The affair was witnessed by more than one thousatnl persons, who seemed sadly disappointed at its hasty termination. THK WIN. William a Welshman, and a puddler by profess on. He worked in an iron foundry at Tamaqua, Pa. He ia thirty-four years of age, five feet three and a half inches in height, ami weighed one hundred and eleven and a half pounds. It ia stated that Parkinson has fought several times in the English ring, and left a ghod record behind him for gameneaa and good behavior. His battles in the Old Couutry were with White, NoNulty, Tibbltts, Mason and Bedworth, Of Dudley, the latter being for ?50 a side. He says that he bent all his men, with the exception of White, with whom he made a draw, the police havlnp Interfered and put a stop to the affair, while the tide of victory was flowing in bis favor. Parkinson came to this country about four years ago. and tried * hard to get n match with Johnny Hickey, hut unsuccessful. He then endeavored ^to get a tight with Keating, but was again disap pointed. He then made overtures to Dick Holly wood, but the little type-sticker could not be coaxed into a match. After offering to fight any one hundred and twelve pound man in the couutry without finding a cus tomer. Parkinson went to the coal regions of Pennsyl vania, where lie had been employed quietly until the da* of the fight between Sam Collyer and Johnny Mrtllnde, wheu, meeting with Kelly on that occasion and expressing a desire to appear once more in the prize ring, a mulch was made between them on the spot, nud he immediately went inin trmuing at Pottsville, under the mentorship of Ed. Williams, the pedestrian, who, to his credit, brought Parkinson to the scratch in most capital condition. Thomas Kelly 1" a native of St. John, New Brunswick, and has lived in Philadelphia for the last eight years, lie is five feet five inches in height, and weighed one hundred aud nine and one-half pounds. H* had fought twice previously. His first fight was with Adam Erfort, twenty-seven rounds, one hour and twenty-seven min utes, in lbttJ, under tho assumed name ol "Hastings' K'd,v and bis second under that of ''Buckshot,'' thirty rounds in one hour. He won the above matches easily. Kelly, is twenty-threo years old He was framed bv ACiiy, is iwcni/'inroo years uiu n~ wiw uwii.eti i?y Mike f'arr. at Point Breeze, Philadelphia, and was brought to the scratch in as tine condition as ever man appeared in the ring. THK ARTICLES OF AttttEKMRNT. Rrsiiivo, Jan. 31, 1S67. We, the undersigned, William Parkinson and Thomas Kelly, hereby agre.e to fight a fair stand up light, ac cording to the now rules of the London Prize Ring, for the smn of $500 a side, on Tuesday. March 19, 1867. The said William Parkins-on and Thomas Kelly hereby agree to tight at one hundred and twelve pounds weight, and weigh tho day before lighting, on Monday, March 18, 1867, between the hours of eight A. M. and six P. M.? cither man overweighing loses the money. The weigh ing and tossing for the choice of ground to take place as agreed upon at the last deposit. The fight to take place In the State of Pennsylvania, about half wsv between Pottsville and Philadelphia, lbe first deposit of $36 was put in the hands of Joseph (.awrenee, at Harri'burg. Pa. The second deposit, of to be deposited in the hands of Frank Queen. The next deposit, of $100 a side, to be pieced in tbo bands of Frank Queen, on February 6, 1867. The next deposit, of $100 a side, to be placed in the hands of Frank Queen, on Tuesday, February 19, 1S67. The last and final deposit, of $200 a side, to be made'good In the hands of Frank Queen nn Tuesday, March 12. 1667. The deposits to he made as altove specified on the above dutes. or the moncv lost by the non-cotnpltanoe. The meu to be at the place of weigh ing and tossing for the choice of grouDd at the time named, or the man failing loses the money. In caee of magisterial interference, the stakeholder, should no referee be chosen, shall name the place and time of fighting; and. in case of arrest of either party, can name the place or lighting outside of Pennsylvania. The monev not to be given up without fairly won or lost by a lair stand-up fight Tbe referee to be" mutually chosen on the ground. Ropes and stakes to be paid mutually. Tbe men to b? in tbe ring between tbe hours of six and ten o'clock A. M. Frank Queen to be fioai stakeholder, and the stakeholder shall notity the principals before the 19th dav of March, 1867, of the non-compliance of the above named deposits. WILLIAM PtRKfN'SOM. THOMAS KKI.1.Y Witness present?William Djuckk. Pircamo thk sim:. The rine was pitched in a valley about one inile west of Donglasville, by Oyster Js' k, or Philadelphia, and .his assistants. At the break of day they began their work, and had everything in readiness long before the lighter* were prepared to commence hostilities. On the east of the ring was a high hill. the^Mea and too ot which were densely packed with carer gazers. The branches of the trees in the vicinity of the place were tilled with men and hoys, who wer$ more inclined to climb than to stand by the ring side tn the snow, which was nearly a foot in d pth. The ring makers only put up one ring, the outer one being dispensed with on this occasion, which creat-d great confusion and crowding. There should always be two rings. thk errnso. A* the crowd congregsted the partisans of the men began making oflei* to bet on their favorites, hut neither party seemed inclined to oflcr odds on the result, "fine hundred that K> Uy wins the tight,'' was oltertd and taken, and jn a moment afterwards an even hundred was called out by one of Parkinson's friends and quickly cover-d. Smaller sums were mors numerous, and "livers" cere in abundance, nearly every man on the ground evincing a disposition to invest his pits on the object ot his choice. Merriment and betting ruled the hour after the crowd assembled before either of the men matte their appearance. TSB colors Parkinson sported a purple Mag, with rod and white border, while Kelly had a green flag, with a golden harp in the centre and a gold star in each corner. AKRIVAI. or THE MET. Kelly was the fust to make his appearance at the ring ?tdc. and he threw Irs cop over the heads ot the crowd, laudiug it in the centre of the ring. Tie immediately followed the cap, and was hailed with a hurst of shouts from his partisans that tnude the "welkin ring " He took a seat m the southeast corner, and '-eemed very cheerful and conrtdcnt. Parkinson soon lollowed. and, a:tar shying in hi* castor, was received by a thunder cheer from the entire crowd, and one enthusiastic in dividual ottered to bet " handy part of a'undred bon the bold man." Kelly was seconded by Johnny Toaarns and Paddy Maiev; l'arkiu*on by P. Jones and Jones. * tHoontso a a arse etc Mm h trouble ensued in choosing a refers* a nnmlwrjof I versions being proposed and instantly objected to. dno party would nemo an Individual, ami he would be re. fu>ed without any apparent reason by the other side. This annoying bii*ine*s continued for nearly an hour, when Mr. Coleman was nnaetwowsly ohoson, and that gentleman having taken hi* piece Iveeide the umpires? Johnnv Hickey for Kelly aud John Churchill for Parkinson?the men were ord-rod to rat.rtmc row aGTKM. The pugilists were then stripped of their superfluous clotti ng, and soon appeared in white knee breeches and stock I a a*, end laee boots with (ewr spikes ,n tha ?o'*s. Tltj colors of the men were tied to the post, and then followed the choosing of comer*. Parkinson winning and taking the Side with his back tn the - in. at.Mi (iv it mas. The principals and i soewds then advan "d to the cen tre ot the ring, shook hantta most cordially, and then repaired to their respective corners. Kelly, however, previous to time being called, went over to Parkinson's corner end bei him $M) on the result, which the letter accepted and uMCred to go f?0 better. a cHAl.ttutor To rtv.av rttr wimsrk. Johnnv Hi< kev ot this egeiitog moment staMel to the middle ot the rtng end said that he wonlrt tight Die winner of the present tight for $1,000 or $5,000 To thta Perk to sou responded hy saving that lie would lihi him as aoon ae ivoseihle after ha had get through With the present job. ?owe. The timekeeper. M. Hastings, of Philndeiph a, then called time, and the men left their vei nods' knees and proceeded to the scratch to commence rue viurt. As the men faced each other aid placed themselves In fighting attitude the pecaltor jvostUon* were verv striking. Parkinson had a very neat and rtjflish attitude, with great elasticity or movement in the lower eUremtlle*. He held his hands well up, with Ina elbows close ?c It la Sides, tttd mured about with ? springv and hnovsnt grace. KeiJv, on the other hand, presented a grotesque attitude. His left shoulder wa? raised in Such an ungainly manner ttiet tt concealed nearly the whole of the leftside of lua b. ad. Hi* left hand he It Id high end far attended. with hi* right Ivlng on Ins hrdnsi. He csme up grinning savagery, and seemed detarmlned to commence Operations at once, Parkinson mad" a feint and stepped beck, Keilv following quickly, and soon they both let go their left hands at the lace, hut both wete short. Park in sou then stepped awav, but bs tng followed closely again made another leint. though before he got away Ksfly was wtth him. and they coun tered together with their left hsttdg, Kelly getting ow the month, drawing Drat Idood, I'arkinaonon tb? forehead. Kelly ccniintted forcing the fighting, and several left and right banders followed, Kelly getting again on the mouth heavily and I'arkinsen on the nose slightly. Titer then bad a alight < ilnch, but Kelly broke away and Mt IVrkin eon a sonn<lar with the lert hand KMrv forrad the pace and put In another with his lert oa tha mouth, aad thea the Welshmaa planted smartly with hie right on Kelly's left cheek, bwt scarcely left his mark. They thea broke away Tor the moment, Parkinson making ona of hit pretty shifts, hut he wee not permitted to he Idle long. Kelly made another rush. aad. missing hie left hand, put tn a tai-rlflc right bander on the leftside of Parkinson's head that made him reel. Kelly followed h'tn up and received e left bender on the nose, hut he t* reicrg eiaaiqi hit left gf?la op parktngnnp a^eute, j tawing morn blood. Kelly alio Ml***dbl*f right at the head, while Parkinson seemed ojnruta * hi* endeavors to gel away. An * h bander of Kelly'i, which pa*-ed over Parkinson e b ? brought them to clone quartern, when Parkinson nei a Kelly by the lett leg, just al>ovo the knee, on 'he in side, and h>ld on there uuill the referee was appealed io with cries of "foul." Parkinson then slipped l.w hanu farther up and held Kelly bv the breeches, endeavoring to throw him. Kelly did uot struggle for the fall, but gathering his strength planted a heavy left haulier m the ribs, and wn? then thrown, Parkinson falling on him. Foul was claimed by the second* or Kelly, aud the reieree promptly decided that Kelly had won the Ogbt. Great confusion then ensue,], the partisans >f Kelly rushing into the ring and congratulating him on hi# easy victory, while Parkinson's friends were calling ou the referee to have the ring cleared and let the tight go on. Lazarus then went over and took down the colors, while the Parkinson nieu were expostulating with the referee for a reversion of Ins deci-ion. This, however, that gentleman would not do. and so the afTair ended, and the crowd began to disperse. There is no doubt ihai th# foul act of l'arkiusou was premeditated. A man wit It his experience in ring matters could never have made such a mistake: and the presumption is, that finding himself overmatched he adopted this :ystem of brjig ing to an early close a battle that must have terminated disastrously to blra. The round lasted two minutes, anil a more dashing hrot round has seldom been wit nessed In the prize ring. Parkinson seems to have lost all the force he is said to have poaaeseed in his youthrul tights as he could not punish his antagonist on ilie other'hand Kelly is a heavy hitter with both hands; and as he seems to have plenty of pluck he will be found a hard customer for the best of the feather weights. The old adage of "Youth will be served" was proved U) he correct this abtfve occasion. NEW MEXICO. OUR SANTA FE CC0BESP3HDENCE. II Iglivvn.v iiicmi? Pernoiml?l'ollt leal?A Severe Sterut of Wind? Mining Matter*. A c. Saxtj, Kb, N. M., March 8, 1*67. For .wm* time s party of soven discharged ?oldiors had been tarrying matters with a high hand in this the upper and lower (Kio Abnjo) country. The robberies tbey committed were almost intMimorable, the persons they waylaid numerous, and the value of the stolen properly would reach a high figure. Horses were taken from the United Suite? corral at Santa Fe and from other points, with saddles, bridles, blankets and pistols to match. At Alburquerque a store was visited by thn party with the ostensible purpose of purchasing goods; but leurning that the ouly oocupants were the proprietor, Mr. Joseph Pohrner. and his wife, the villains tied and gagged Aem, took about $b00 in money and other prop erty and left. The next evening the thieves gave a party or hall at a small town near Alburquerque, and on e ing took with them some riding stock, Ac., belong ing to the partte? ;h -y had been entertaining. Passing to the noxt village the -arae course was followed. Several time? more occurred these bailtf, or fandangoes, and their accompanying thefts, but near Canada de la Alamosa their prospering career of crime was brought to a tragic ending. Tbey had given tho usual party to the winning scnorita* or Alamosa, enjoyed themselves hugely, ana filially departed with souic horses belonging to Alamosans. The horses were soon tnissed, and a number of Mexicans, mounted and armed, started in pursuit. Thov came upon the robbers, who were sleep ing unawares, fired a volley from their revolvers and charged. Two or the rascals escaped unharmed: on? was killed and four wounded. Of the latter one vie drowned in attempting to e<-cape across the Rio Grande, I and the three others apprehended at Leesburg, near Fort ielden, and will lie tre,l at Alburquerque. A few davs since Coionel J. H. Watts lelt 8anta Fi to rnv the troop* at '.ho post? In the eastern part of the dis trict taking with htm about $1100,000 in got ernment "currency. He was followed trom this place |by a parlv 'or vu!it persons as far as San Jose, where'he tarried for tho night. At, 1 *** leader of the party of eigln approached the ronporal of Cojonel Watts'escort, and saving that they bad fol lowed I he Colonel with the intention of robh'Dg bim, proposed to him (the Corporal) to assist m the job and i share in the plunder. The Corporal B?ommjt J e.?ced in the plau. but a* soon a* po-sible notified Colonel Watts ol it. The robbers by some means became alarmed ana fled, and ihough pursued and fired upon, made their i e srupe in the direction of bant a Fc. .. . General Robert B. Mitchell, Governor of New Mexico, arrived from the >'taie< last Tuesday. He h" "I??*?* ,ince his retnru a number of tne Territorial officials ap pointed during ht? absence bv Acting (iovernor w. ?. M. Amy, and filled their places by the persous removed by "V.x-becretarv Aruv ha? gone to Washington on busi ness connerted with the welfare of the Paebla Indians or the Territory. , . .. General H. H He?th. the successor of Amy as becre tury of the Territory, is expected her? in a abort time to enter upon the dutic? of his office. Mr. William Brecden, the new United States Assessor for the Territory, arrived bv the last coach. The two parile? -n the Territory or" girding on their armor for a hot j?olilica' tight for delegates in Congress. The nominating cottveotion* inset soon. Slpnor J. r. Chaies. the pre-?ut delegate will be renominated by the Chaves Junta, while the opposition will bring forwaid Rigt.or K. P?re? or Mr. Cteevor. the Territorial Attorney General. I'cn-a ivouid be th . more popular of the gen tlemen last named tnnngh Mr. Cleever is a man of more ability and* culture. Neither, I apprehend, would poll as man v vote? a* Chaves. ... The roach in which Governor Mitchell arrived from the Btalf? encountered, about seven tulles east or Max well's ranch, a terrific storm ot wind. The driver woe blown from his seat a distauce of about forty feet, Uio dust was driven In cloud? across the country, and even stones of considerable ?,zo were borne along by the tor nado. The coach was fastened with chains to prevent lis being carried away, alter which the Governor and conductor were forced to remain Inside for safety until the storm expended Its fury some twelve hours later. Under the new mining law of the Territory of New Mexico flflv-four leads, with an aggregate of Xnl.OnO feet, have been located in Dofla Ann county since April, l*b.?. Of the?e leads -i8 were void 18 silver, 6 copper, I "f nlatins and silvorandl of kaoline. The silver leada were priucipnlly fivnted near the towns of Dona Ana and 1 asCences. in the organ moutualn?; the gold near I fnoe Alton and Fort Bayard, in the Sierra Madre mountains. The copper leads ate ol?o near Fort Hayard. A new of gold bearing quartz ha? been discovered lately near 1'inoe Alios. It bids fatr to surpass any other* yet dis covered in Dof.s Aoa couniv. It is four feet wide, and has been located tor more ihsn a mile of its length. There on record be-'ide? the leads to which I have re ferred msnv location? under the old Mexican denounce ment few. say half as many as nnder the new law. A portion of the >anta Rita del t'ohra lead, near In MesiHo, was ?<>id about two weeks ago to a resident of that locality for $S 000 es?h ? A lam minittj? iuimiKra'ion la looked for In New Mcx ICO during the spring amt routing summer. Many American families have expressed their desire and de termination to in?Ke the Territory their borne, what Is needed to make New Mexico prosper ia a large Influx of Americans. Tbey have the go ahead the Mexicans do not po*a#.??, and are without the constitutional indo lence they do pos ess. .urac kijI* \ kkoi'. \ -Burr a mai.t i- xtract BETKRAili: OF HEALTH, vn. v. ?. IX THE CASK ttr EVER OBffllKATE CATARRH tb?ii?roi norr* mai.t extract kp.vkkaoe and MAI.T BOW llfcR haT? priced highly henelicial. What ?ii iif? and b!t?ter? that kerp the nem lor a length of lime in a ?lai? of unppunttloi failed to effect h?a iieen effected l.y Holf'a Malt Preparation*. KB nan lieing conllnned fur ?o?io lima. Cain rhal .11 ?u? are among the moat ?nnmiim rouinlainla, :?n?l are little itimded 10. nay, moat fre<|iientle nag1', fit in i Iirlr earlier aUgm Oaae.?XordetnBA, M. f)., 157 Henry afreet, wr'lea, ?"My lad* look ihr?? ltn-a d?dv a glaea of your .Mali (itnwt. Warm. Afta 1 ? lap** of t.r?rral d?ya fTinpionif ?of eneseea manlfe?ted tbWwaeltrea. She i mighn leer and eapegtora < a le?e phlegm. and I feel etavlai i.-l ihat I ought to continue null lie 11-r of v mr pr-'paralion T. <>H> TIN AtK HOAKAKKRM* I* AX BVIL Whlrlt re wind! ih thai we have nPgleuled ll in IU origin. nAm it mlgh! ?a?.lf hare hern 000 tueied, ami we begin to think of ii? remote) a lum il h?a lek"ii deep innt In the oonaiilnilnn, whan 11 ha- fpreail eeeryvMie. ChTonlt bperaenca haa etiemleil to Hie aerrater* inemHtaoea which Una tin' throat am affected tbenerTanof the gWitla. I am convinced fu<m ?*pci l?n,e that long rnnunued hoara.-naea blda doflanco 10 all remediea that in if he need. The mOie *alii?No .a iheiw I ffe a teni-dy HhO Hull ? Mail J-'lliact PraparnRona, wl ' h fiord relief in enaea where oti j-trai l medic u ea hue failed to a fiord aeaiaianee. We rite the ttatierlaf r*pr...?loo? of the uioat ??elrhrat?d llgtBWB t raged law. Hog mill Dawiaon"I am hnntae ..mi nnBbl" in perloi-Bt i-nlghi, and I am now made li?rpv ha rnur ileiu-lo ia Malt Kttrart. ?1 Shh haa .lone me in the Old Wat Id, in aimllar r?.!??. me l>?ai or -tervlom," Aee neat immoer HOFI 'H MAI.T EXTRACT depot. mJ Bi oadWna, Pure per do/en. Hold mrerawh.'PV note ng, 1 for Pennaytval ? . WARD i. r ACKER. Philadelphia. A IKOt.OTI DIVORCE* OKTAISED IX ANY srATK j\ without nuhlii'iiT or eapoenre. (laod In early Hia e. >0 fee rhaigril until divorce l? cjldeined. Conenltatfon fire. llKinUH. I.IM'OI.N, laawyrr. HI Naeaaii street. ttfiBSP. Hl XIOX h KNL AROKO IOINT3 AND Al.ta 1 Ptr'aim Of ihe Feet 1 tiled hy T?r. XACIIARIK. Xr Mi ?Mad way. DIVORCE* MKtALLf OBTAINED FROM TUB atmrta of enteral HI ate < without publicity. Cruelty, drunkennea* or determn canae WlDcirnt. Advi>e I en, K. | K l.Mi. t'mmaellor at Law, 212 H10 tdw at. 1 vroRTAXT t.KTTRR TO EADIRX-SBOWtNo How I arnte anflrring may be iiamdeil Alan to vnni g men on eat la error, iddi rea, im lining atamp. Walter Pow?i?, M. I>.. )f? lilia ?linet. | ET THINK EYE III THI ?>. ?NO. i. Olaeaae la nataret* atlempi to rid her?rlf of Im me 1 en winrli. mi rule, a'ia# from Impedrdor interinpfed lyrt Mam. rhr?e imputdtiee of ihe Mood afferi the nereoiia ?ya trm and the hraui and at lenrOi f.Oi Al.WB TIlEMSRIrVKtl upon the weakeat ttart or ibebody. RRANDRI TH H P1K4.S remnre theee inmiHtlea, thejpowera of the t',.m?. h are ,e. Stored, ih# local afle. tion eradicated and life anil ihe I enivh conQptned. Keery, do* or thD great medicine hr ng? yon nrjier health, hecatiae the wtatiiltr nf itnpti' itlnre redneeil, and perarrei aurr 1 aiteea their emlre eapuialon. Ohlcr, Rraitdreth Honae. Mold by All drugging WH FOB OWILUXOB, 0 AATIX DAMASKiT Jl BTORKR, H 1ROCATKI 1, I A MT1.IOHTR, (A Hp.RltYs. X l? AC. T RIIPF, l? K BRAT S PATEXT A SWISS I.ACF o a rilTURfa I X0TTIN8WAM. w RKST IX X I,UNO, a I SB. S MCSi lV. T 0. T, A d. R KR1.TY. mm a? xt. mi litrtmi, mitw orM< timi.