Newspaper of The New York Herald, 20 Mart 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 20 Mart 1867 Page 2
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BOAfim Its AMD LODGERS WAMTl-O T FRANKFORT HOI'S'., CORNER OF fBAS .r'ORT '. ism streets, SD mums: gr> it reduction "J tbSUc. per day; SI 80 to St per week. Obsa all \ private family, at <? wint twelfth J\ Struct, can accommodate a n .t'-rn n ? ? ' " 1 ? ?1 i, nRrtiin with furnished Rooms and Beard; servants and i uddren n it taken. Relet eutre r< luuux 1 ________ A T 10" WEST TWELFTH STREET^L1 family, two large, u -!y t irm?hrd Front Rooms on b.c ond floor to let, ? th t r.i. ismyard. ________ Sl'lT OF ROtOls- riAM'SOMEI.V FURNISHED, can be ha.! hv ?? r-itteman and ln? wltcor too or three rfettentien htiMih i ? at :U We? Twentymo emit i vntv l'I OASANT SECOND STORY ROOM, UAND A ...... i h?-! w.t". i?' flats Hoard, to let, to ?iulet, r,,,p , , , . r-, :11 ? 11 tbiblien, at li Ashland placa, JYrrv >.re ? - Gee. ti a A avenue. Refer hum rat|Uir*d. TV !S> IND 1*2 BI.EKCKKR STREET?ROOMS TO A | w th Hoard, to fanHltea and single gentlemen; terms n I- ate. No inoving In May. FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET-WITHOUT hoai-it, to a tnngle young man. Inquire at "tt Sutl'olt t T SI LEXINGTON AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY. . \ litth -ireei, newly Tarnished Room ! on -?eond and third ti '.a, mill plain coo' and abundant table, ujtno.ingia Ma., . references exchanged. AT 13u MAOISON AVENUE. CORNER OF THIRTY. JV di *t street, handsome., furu. ?hud Koonta to let, wltb Board. A PARI.OR AND BEDROOM TO LET?WITH C.OOD J.\ Board, on lirst door: also two other KoOiu. in n private faintly in a pleusant ueiguborbo.d, 22 lnmg place. No moving on 1st of May. A PARLOR OR PARLOR AND BEDROOM TO LET? With Board; very pleasant, good house and ion ti nt, or t ale lamtly; no moving in May. Vppty at 175 l-ex iugiou u1 enue, between Thirty-oral and Tb rty second s' a A FRONT AND BACK PARLOR, HANDSOMELY iurutabed, with 11.,11 Room* adjoining, to If', to gentle men, without board; no moviug tue lat of Lay. A; pi- at 203 SUtU avenue. Atih.NTi.EMAS AND WIFE OR TWO OR THREE gentlemen can have tlrst class Board, in a private fain liv, at 14 Varlck place, near Blet ker street. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET, WITH BOARD, .A inn.i-betl, a second story Front lloom. with Alcove; ?leni. , i|e i cation, Reference* exchanged. Address U. H., Herald oibce. APiftVATE FAMILY WILL LET A VERY PLEASANT -nneof Rooms, with first cla >s Board, to a gentleman and w in- Parties wi lling to be permanent apply Hi 137 E??t Nineteenth street. AT 33 WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET?HAND Rome y furnished Rooms to let, with or without H.iani in with privata table. No moving. Kefereaucs required. \ LARGE FRONT ROOM OI! WITH BEDROOM, WIT.l dV tlrst cLr-s Board, to jiermaiienl parties; all Improve, menu, line neighborhood. Reference* required. I ho West 'I hirtieth street. A ? ELEGANTLY FURNISHED RO 'MS to let, \\ It'll OH VV11 tl'JI r PRIVATE TABLE, at .'i West hipbtoenth street, near Fifth tiiennu. No inn nig in May. A FEW NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?OX very reasonable terms, with or without Board, at 1,129 Broadway. next door to Jt. .T imes' Hotel. A WELL FURNISHED FRONT BOOM ON FIRST flour, with or without small room on third; board If denied. 193 Bieeckcr street, near A PARTY <)F UF.STLEMEN AND ONE MARRIED _a\ tani] I.- e in find n pleas.tit home, well furnished Rooms auil liberal Board, at IUj '.Vest Tweuty-hrst slieel. near Blxth avenue. I . rata moderate. A Ft ENISUKD ROOM TO LET?IN THE HOUSE OF J\ a widow lady, where there ate no boardtv a Apply at 47 Third street. ? SUIT OK WELL FURNISHED ROOMS, WITU .' 1 Bom , t ' 1H9 auil 191 Weal Fourteenth street. Rcfcr mre.i exclui r.geu. a DESIRABLE SECOND STORY FRONT ROOM, .\ furnished'or unfurnished, to leu with Board, to a gen tleman and wife; also a third stor y Room, for two gentle men. IDS West l'weu /-fourth street, between Seioutb and F.i dull avenue*. t 1 U WEST KLEYENTH STREET, A FEW STEPS JX fmm Broadway, to ltd, a nicely furnished Room, for one nr two gentlemen. Also two single Rooms, with tlrst elt-n it-it Boatd. Can accommodate a few day kiinlen. Table n iiote at six o'clock. No moving in May. \ SUIT tip ROOMS HANDSOMELY FI'RXISHED ON J\ second iioor to let with board; will be let permanent for the summer; no moving lu May. Apply at 26 Cliutou plaee. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAYIKQ MORE ROOM THAN J\ thev wish, wm .ci ? few Rooms, fttrniahed or nuftir n shed to gentlemen only, witti-nd board, at 1U7 tYest Twen ty third street, i.ood reference rruulted. A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM 10 LET?TO A HEN iletnati: reference excliangcd. Apply at No. 12 Ninth street, in-.r Sixth avenue. A T 29 FIFTH AVENUE.-AHRANOEMKNTS CAN BE a\ tuade now ."or the summer or for ttie year, on reason able terms; Rooms communicating or singly, with Board. Nti clulurrn. Ar 15 BOND STREET, TO LET?WITH FIRST CLASS Bturd, a large front Parlor and a bad Bedroom, on third floor. Dinner at tlx. AT 121! HAMMOND OR WEST ELEVENTH STREET? 'in let. w.tb or without Buurd, a handsomely furnished Hack Pallor; also a Be imotn In the attic, ferine moderate, AFUUNISHEP BOOM, WITH BOARD, FOR A OHM tleman and wife, two gen'Inuen or ladiM, $lBpW week, gs-and closet. 116 Charles, cornet of Hudson .street, ?ver drug store. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE AND TWO SI.NOLE geut eiiien can obtain Board, in a tint class house; modern Impiovsmenta; in Forty it:.-: s'reet. between Broad way aim -i\th tveuue. iertn? tnodcrate to peruianent par ties. No inovlt g lu May, old ess J. H., cation 11, A NEATLY FURNISHED FK:"NT ROOM Tt> LF.T TU t S1NU1.I GEM'ONLY. IPPLI AT 177 Bl.t.ECKER STREET. * family will i.ktto ont: or two J\ pemlfoteu a third morv .loom, nlcei fnronhe l. wit h ?'r it ''i and -Tik: ren. $.A Apply;" t2SHuil"iii ilrcri. \S' 11 O" HANDSOMELY FFUMSHFD BOOMS TO Ifto ui m?u; hoti " h*r. nli i;te modern tciprore mew* vi iiiy at lSj bmt Thinv str ml at net, near Lex ington in en .f As. IT or TWO LA KG 8 BOOMS, 1IANDBOX8LY iurnmhed, to lft._W.ltt Board; ai-o mail Knout, mUI able for a tuinny. IS Weil i'vTualy-aecaud elrcet, between Fifth an I Sixth arcuuttit. A I.AUG I, PROMT PAR GOB, HANDSOMELY PUR J\ tn-neo. Hit iMj 1.I"V, ..rev-- irt b?d ..|, iiu- o,. h.? I. Willi i ??**? Hoard. at 1U Fourth .mime, i.oer Twelfth ?' A HANDhoMK SUIT OF FURNISHED K?W?V* TO .A let,tif gentleman Hint wlte; Board mr the buly. iH tVtii Twenty tilth m eel, tictn .-n Fifth add sixth av, A FIU ST KATE FAMILY U A PL A NEATLY FOR. .iV ntMiv* 1 Koum on *ei >ml'Ik.r, end ?? . thlnl .'nor; nil mi' '?ru in i i jvotnum ?; ivi..i or wlthon Board. IVlhiUt Thiiui'i i .trceL BOAIl!).?A VERT DESIRABLE S-'IT OF rtvo OH mm room*. all coBMcitd, iini ivnh everyeoareiwnvf, tii ? fur ohtal* "T ht 'i. Went Thl.tyxlxlh ?'??ei, bnetn Fifth and Sixth avenue*. Board-with neatly it rmrhed book, in a private family, for a gentleman and ite u nw or liw geatlenmii iu iiitrr nl -It i.a?t leuui xt c-i, Kelerenoe reuutrmC ? BOARD. A spooN!? FLOOR TO I.KT, .'.MM APBlL 1: mm I'nrtof falrd Floor, wRh Beard;n-wiy lur ni?.ie<4: hoti*e rntil i.m. Apply it I6E?* .Nlnit.ochtU afreet, near lrrmg {dace. TJOAKD.?>1NOLE BOOMS FOR I.FN I I.EM KN, AT Jj fron' M H AN p r V. e'i, Willi fllil ... I. runl B-ia il. Apply i.t .>'1 We.-i r? lith tec". Abtnfdn ? | lis BOARD.?pleasant ihmh< to i.t. r. in a fri rale Ifhutv: BO MdSI" l "'.* we>k fur two. IX IV. %t Thlriy-liltl; Mreet, near H.uadi v. Board.?uactifvi, room*, kn suite on rep amir, lot gentleman and wife a: ,;ugle ije'uleineu. m a private lai.i.iy. KM waetThuc dflh etret*; N.i tan. inf in Mar. Board.?uNDSOMi lvfprmisusdsf.oomd -dry iruaf Ko.m, wiih ele/ni. ion ?<. aj-.a 'Ootid berk Cei lor aud exteueion xvTh ? 'ant p . rie*. in >ei. w ;n Boerd; term* raaaoaahl^, uiife cxei iient. ;t si. Mark - jilacc. BOAUD.-a OINTLRMAN ANf? WIFE '"AN .11 Af. cntumnilated with a ntod Suit nf Room*. it.r.ln ; erery coBffiilriKe, at US Fast Twelfth etreei, ennv utea to Hi ladwar. No moving 'n May. An el'gun t pariur .ad dne nniij o; rooTis WfttUlitd or uafiiruithed, can bd engaged from Mat I iiermanently If BOARPtMG-AT 171 tin AND RTBKKT, BKTW8EN Rmederay add B?.vrery.? A few geutleofa can liare K >w. wiih Board. Term<i mode rite. BOARDTNU.-A skcond a tort rack ROOM, in a email family, tu it 10a gentleman :i id n i?. with full dr inrual foard; ahoeo Pourteeolh -ire- , and leaf full avnue Addreaa B. I. C.. hox 'J13 Herald ndlre. UOA'TOINU?A WIDOW I vtiv WILL ACPOMMO late tar i or three ynnng men with u plear int fr mi V.i -n n md iluor i ni.d ll'itrd at $'? each pet wee*, at 44. Canal atreei. Board in BROOKLYN?city and country ad. *.n-ig.>a. mbineit; delightful nKimn; pfltale famiir; only two m mini oouplea and fintr illlgle geiMteme.i will Ic I ?rn: rei. e... ea mil t he thn host. Addresa P., iK>* New Yni? Port gLBOARTLT PCBBISHRD BOOM To I.KT-WlTfl It tv I. fn- Ldy or ?? inn nod wife, it 3P W. i rt i-innylon nl**, near Slx;h arentie. No rtnuoval on the 1*1 of M <y. Fafrnishkd rooma r?? >.kt -vkry dp.mikablm foi itiaaatidvTl" or .tnu' , 0?. ..phgelte St. Jdhn'a park. No ?? I. ? ig.,1 air.. ? "' jpFRNHfi' it booms ior GRNrT.PMKN% wtTnoi"t ? ho" ?? TFferen e .1 ; , Twenl n? M ? ??? p C KN I TIKD <?<t MS 11. I.ET?WITH OK AV fT HO FT 119 r Hum nth svin^t. F IjMrrU AVhNUF. N". 21.. OS "APRIL I 'fill I" fit <-ut Suit of Rdomii lit on ? of the b?.i b.itiiee in the etty will be for eeat, Willi f rtel ?? prlraie Una- beee oe. cupted hii; twi by teiy ? <:l\ .m ilea For penKdtars as. ply to F.. D., bog 6.STU I c UANDSOMBLY ri'RNIMI' O ROftM TOLErlwiTtt Bond. "> rent'emen anil wivea orjle gentlemco at 102 dfareiley p'aee, near \A'a- .jr ksi e.,u*i?, H.VMI- 'VI I.Y Ki:FN 1 oil 1.11 ROOMS To TTrtLwITH Board, at iSSltompeun ettdeL between BleeekeritdS HedMed etrddU. \ ? HANDSOMKLY VtRNIsHRD RfFOMH?AT it * nIStu atrr i, nrar Fifth ardunc, Wilh or tvllhuiit buard; icf. ererirja nefia iged; AO IddFlng 111 May. aST)F<IMPLY Ft HNISllFD KDOMsj FOR OE^TI.t. men and wire*, oi ?ln?:c gentlemen, with or withon' Board; g . Laih loom and uiol?i,i IniprpremsDte. .>1 ?at llxdaatdh street, oornrr Sturreeaol perk H BOAKDKltK A!\T? LOUGEll^ W&NTBD. , W tzm TAKMIKni bTKEKT?ONE ROOM FOR i gle gi'i ll.-m .m Highest reference ro-iu.-ed. N \'ll. So EAST FOUR EKNT1I STREET, WEST l)K i > I'rlverMty place.?To let. with Bo* d, till Mav, a largo fr nt r<> ini on second alxi one name ana (rear), on tl.n l Hour. TraiiMtut boarders wiU bo accommodated. VKAji.Y KCllNI.iHED ROOMS. WITH BOARD, TO g.^flemen an 1 u. r wives, or single gentlemen, to let, Sr. rr-te ? r. 82 K t Twenty-ninth btreel, betwaau itrth and Madison avenues. VTEWr.Y AND HANDSOMELY FURNIKKD BOOMS it to rent, with Board, to single gentlemen, an l gentle men and their wires; lamily small and Wole first class. lief, ercnres exchanged. Apply at 332 East Thirteenth street, be tween Second and Third avenues. No moving. P.KASANT BOOMS TO LET?WITH BOARD. TO families or gentlemen, at 17 West Twenty-sixth street, opposite the St. James. PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH BOARD, CAN BE OB lained ut 44 South Broad stroet, Newark, S. J., oppo site South Bark, and ttear depot. The physician who called at no. tj east Twenty-ninth street, in regard to the baeit Parlor, cau bare the s tuie, by applvtug immediately. rpWO QEN TLEMEN CAS OBTAIN A PLEASANT PROMT L Room, furnished, in toitrth story, for $7 each per week. Including lire and gas. also a entail Boom. Apply at 170 West Twenty-fourth street. TWO OR THREE SUPERIOR ROOMS, ON SHCOND or third Door, cati lie bad, together or separately, with Board. at 115 Ninth street, near Filth avenue. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR with all modern improvements. Board timdcrate, in a private tamlly for gentlemen. Refereuoe required; No. ?3 West :13d street. TWO QENTI.KMEN MAY BE ACCOMMODATED WITH an elegant furnished Boom, or two Boons; breakfast and tea If deured: every comfort of a home, tn a strictly private family, at fad West Twenty-second street. TO LET-SEVERAL FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH OR without Hoard; terms reduced until May; single Bed rooms fr in $11; house has all modorn Improvements. At ?1H K nt Twonty elglnh street, corner of Fourth avenue. rp<l LET?WITH BOARD, FRONT ROOMS, TO GEN J ilcmen and wive* or single gentleman: tire end go* ib eluded; terms moderate. 27f( West Nineteenth street. rpo LET?FURNISHED AND PARTIALLY FUR I nlshed Rooms, witlt Board, at No. II Ashland pi ice. Perry at rest. TO LET?TO GENTLEMEN. A NICE FURNISHED Room, with all th* modern improv-menta, at 67 West Thirteenth street. bfllyif Fifth and Sixth avenues. riio LET?WITH BOARD. A LARGE ROOM. OS A second floor, to u gentleman and wi:e or a party of single pentletnen. Apply at 28 Lalgbt .street. rpo LET?WITH BOARD, A FURNISHED OR UNFt'R 1 mailed Room, on the eeeond floor, to ? gentleman and wife or tw<> Mingle gentlemen, at 153 Weat Thirty-sixth street, near Broadway. rpo RENT?WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD. A LARGE 1 second story front Room: handsomely furnished, hot anil eolil water and bathroom attached. Also a large third stu:y Room, ltb East Twelfth street, near Second avenue. WEST TENTH STREET. 133-TWO OR THREE OBB ?? llemcu, or gentleman and wife can have a pleasant a. 11 furnished Room, with excellent Bourd; terms moder ate. Ears convenient. fTTIl AVENUE, NO. 23 ?ONE LARGE DOUBLE ROOM <J 10 let, with llrst claiS Hoard. 1?J CHARLTON STREET.?A HANDSOME SECOND ?) story front Room to let. with Board, to a gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen; $1S; uo moving In May. Cull for three days. <5?1 iff PER WEEK FOR A NEATLY FURNISHED vIU Room, to two single pa nth* men, with full Board. In a tirst claM house. No. 25o W est Tweuty-tlflh street, near Eighth nveuue. Dinner at 6 P. M. nKAST TVKLFTH STREET.?ONE SINGLE ROOSL a line Hall Room, elegant Back Parlor an l Exten sion. handsomely furnished Good Board. Dinner at 0. n UNIVERSITY PLACE.-TO LET. ON SECOND floor, front, one large Room, w.lh Board; house llrst class. No moving 1st May. rO WEST TWKVIT-KOUKTU STCEET. NEARLY lip s' osite r lftIt avenue HoleL?llaudsoraely furnished Rooms to let, with Hoard. OsJ BOKO STREET?TO LET. WITH BOARD. ONE td?t Roatn, to a getitleniau ted wrlCa or slugle sent'euinu; (linnet at noun. References exchanged. 2?)|i STREET. NEAR FIFTH AVENUE HOTEL ?EL O egantly furntslied Front Parlor and Bedroom, at 84 East Twenty-third street. References required. f}0 FOURTH BTRKBt, ONE BLOOM WEST OF <_tll Broadway. ?Hat. Isotnelr furnished Rooms; also sin gle Rooms for gentlemen. House first class. Dinner at 8. J7 WEST TWENTY-NINTH STREET?A VERY 7 I desirable Parlor and Bedroom on parlor floor to let, with or without Board; private table; also a large Room to let. , rc MADISON AVENUE?DESIRABLE ROOMS, WITH (do Board, at reduced prices, tor the summer months, at the Madison Avenue Hotel, cornerof Twenty-seventh street. Loratlou unexceptionable. (rf? bast seventeenra street, third door ?dxj from Union square.?one Unit large Room, on second floor, to let, with Board. References exchanged. Ttl WEST TWENTIETH STREET?A FURNISHED Li Room on third flour, with gaa. two pantries, hot and cold water, to rent, with Board; terms moderate. Second door west of Sixth avenue. 7 A* FIFTH AVENUE, NEAR DELMONICO'S.? HAND I'd somely furnt?h?d Rooms to let; meals if de sired; no moving In May. References exchanged. 1A(( NINTH STREET. NEAR BROADWAY. TO LET, iUl) with Hoard, one largo Room, suitable for a gentle man and wife or two single gentlemen. References ex changed. inn BLEECICER STREET. BETWEEN GREENE Ax'O and Wooster. near Broadwuy?FurnDhed Rooms from $3 to $10; comfortable for two gentlemen or laiulllos. Meals served If required. O'JI EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN SEC _o) I ond and Third avenues?Reception Room on the first floor, two Rooms on second floor and two on third floor to let, with Board. BOAJIO AID LUDUIMi WAITBD. VP! HAS ANT ROiiM WANTED?BY A VERY DKSiR A hle gentlemin, wife and infant, permaneoilv. with good R'>ard: would turnlsh except carpel; $14 nt {15. Ad dress X. N. T.. Heraid office. 7 PABLO* ANDBEDROO*. WITH PBITATKTABLE, i\ wanted, for a gei tloman and wife. In a private house, where no oilier boarders are taken. Location must he re apt .-tabic an I terms not to exceed $76 per month. Addresa with partlaut ,rs A. M.. Herald office. A GENTLEMAN. WIFE AMD CHILD. WISH FBR A maneul Board, furnished or unfurnished Room, Brook lyn or Now York. References exchanged. Terms mo derate. Address ,1 F. f. F., Herald olflee DOABO \VANTED- FOR A FAMILY. BBLOWTttlBTY Id fourth street near Madison square preferred), in n tti-ct i-Us- house. Prtcw not over $15 ;ier week. Address K. A. Lawrene . N. Y. Po? oihrc. H"*OABli WANTED?BA A YOUNG~GENTLEMAN AND wife. In a q-tlei gjnteel family a house in a good loesllty; I'urlor and Bedroom required, with ntnple closet room. Any having such fur about $35 per week w ill pleur.e address box 4.633 Post olSce. DOARD WABTBD-PUB OBKTLBMAB AND WIFE. I> ? bout $1'i: wilt furuish owu rooms. Address Walt on, box 14$ Herald ofliee. nOARl) WANTED?FOR GENTLEMAN. WIFE, IN faui and uttrse. location Irom Twrnly-lhtrd to Fortieth street, between Fourth and Sixih avenues; Bout hern faintly preferred. Address J. Is O., box 3,453 Post ollee. BO MID WANTED?CITY OR COUNTRY; ALSO ALL wanting Board. Rooms or Dwellings, In desirable local I tie-, i-iu ore direo >o>ts Immedlitely. fall ai oraddrv the Board Exchange. ABJ Brndway. HARLEM?WANTED."" BOARD IN~ A STRIl'TLY priv tie Tamil), by a gentleman, wife and child; ran funi'-u own rootu ami would remain permanently it welt suited; ier-'u- moderate. Sifdiess with full particular* W? box 4.A4I Post olflee New York. PERMANENT BOARD WANrF.D-IIYA GENTLEMAN J and * ife. on the west side, lielnw Twenty-dull street: answers must contain particulars. Address C., box 5,552 Post office. \\ \N TED?IN OR NEARTIIK CITV, I'KKMINANT ?V Board foi mvsclf, wife :iad infant; private family preferred: Mall Room, with adjoining Sitliug Kocm would answer; ?eferenens exchanged. Addre-s, staling terms, F. A. E.. Post oli. -e box 4,e'o4. U: INTED?A COMFORTABLE HOME IN A PRIVATE family for a young lady, for six months In the ctiy or some pleasant eouniry place within an hour by tall The lad., a In peciecrt hoaln aud will give very III Me trouble, hut from an injury is unabie to get up or down stairs with out .insistence and require* her tnoala served in her room. Would also like instruction In the English branches The best inferences given and required, \ddrcss general post office box No. 1.610, stating hums, location, Ac. \ir ANTED?BY A GENTLE MAN* WllueE business V* rills him from home considerably, a Bitting Room and lledrnnm. or nice large Bedroom. for wife; would pav. in elusivc of Board, Are and gas. $4(1 per mouth: th* gentleman $2 per day extra when *t home. Reference* exchanged. Address, with particulars, H. F. 8., Herald ofucc. IV t VTKD-1IY A CLERGYMAN, A ROOM FOR A TV study, with partial Board, sltuat- l hctwren Second and Ftflh bveiitts*, and not too far from Fiftieth a,reel. Ad dres* P. B. xtaUon G. Y|7 ANTED?TWO ROOM8. WITH BOARD. BY TWO IV young gentlemen, in a private American faintly; lo cation lvtwe?n Tweutleth an.I Fortieth streets and Fowrth and Btxth avenues. Address D., Ik?x 2..VJ Post office, sta ting terms. No other communication* noticed. WANTED-BY A MP.KCH 1X1*8 CLERK, A NEATJ.Y Vt kept, furnished R-aim. with Breakfast and Sunday dinner. Locitlon below Mxtcenlh atreet. or lit Brooklyn; BeoU-h or Engl sh family preferred. Address, staling terms, Duncan, box 1,1174 Post once. \yANTED?IN NEW VORK. A FURBISHED ROOM vv with Breskfast and Sni per Te nts not to exceed $111. Addn-ss A. box 4.4S.I Po?t office. HOTKLN. VTLANTIC HOTEL. CHATHAM sgr.iKK-WELL furnished Rooms at modrr lie nric, s. by the day. week or month. Open at all hours. JOlf N I1RHKKN, Proprietor. Hi ; NION IK?T El.. FO! IV BKi iNI) 8TRKK1 AND i Fourth avenue?'Rooms In sntt and single; newly and elegantly ftirnlshetk at reaeonable rates; table a la Europevn or table'U'bote. miilS^HOTBL NOT FOR F ALK-fliTuiT" BTRBBT J lhauae, .M9 Pearl street.?Tlie proprietor, having reeov. ered from his indisposltton. would be gl'd to -ee his 'rlfd* and customer*, si any time, at the above house, on the l.u rnp-siu plan, meals .at all hour*. SAM WOOD, all the way from Manchester. T~* N ;TF.Ii STATES HOTEL, FULToN, Water AND V Pearl streets, reopened on the l-luropesn plan Th. Hotel whb h cln-ed some two yens since, is now opened to the public, thoroughly lenovatcd, nimlahed new and ei?. gxnliy tbivitghout. Rorms e.i situe or single. ? GEO. N. TLlfrn, Pr pr e;or. ^G7." P.ARTA EXIHEITION. HOTEL DEB DEUX MONDKM. . No, ? Rue d'Antln. ffrst class h-tal, pstroo'.ied by t'.ie Amencsa famines. coiktbt oo.tnn, BfMRD W\ VI Ell?IN A F ARM HOUSE IH *1* J. rsey, from toe Int ot May, for a fa mily of ? "en p-r ?on*, tone of th in a child 12 ye.1 ? old,/wiiinuan li mr's ri le oi New York Addreia, full particulars, location. Ac., Alfred Titus, 146 Krout slrce., N. Y. CIOI'NTRY B<> ABO.?TWO NF.ATI.Y Fl VHI1ED / Suiiaof Romas, three etch, lo rent w !< ?' >ard, iu ?trietiv prlvo family iu Morri own, N. .1 ?!' ?ble. plan ty ot fruit, gas and water m the h u-e, and the use "t piano, near the depot. Apply ai tii Pineapple street. Mruok yu, or add reus Mrs M. A. L., boi 248 Morris town post oflj re. CITY lUBAli KS'l'ATB KOit SAIX AT m FOURTH AVKM'K-HOI ' - See Stanley Dsy'a Real Estate Circular, which can be h id free or by mail upon receipt ol stamped directed eu relo|>e. VT PUBLIC AUCTION (IF NOT PREVIOUSLY AT private sale) by ML LLEK, WILKINJ A CO., March 20. 3?? lots on Serenty-nlulh street, bet veeii Third and Second avenues; loU extra full, with commanding gores, north side of HJU ft. street; all paired, guttered, sewered. Ac , and ready for immediate building, without further expense. Pine row of ho uses opposite. DESIRABLE RESIDENCE FOR SALE?OR 12VTII A street; house, basement; 26x50 hy hslf block; brick; ull tmprovemenis; in good condition: with full Lot in rear, with stable. For permit apply lo ABNEK L. ELY, corner of Forty-first street and Fourth avenue, or -J Pine street. A OREAT BARGAIN-WILL AND MOST BE SOLD one of the best corner Houses and LoU southwest eoruer of Leiingtou avcuue and Sixtieth street. House 22x 61); lot 100 feet. Four story high stoop brown stone front, very elaborate finish, with Immediate pn session, will be sola below cost, to ciose an estate If applied for Immedi ately; also, one inside House on same block, both strictly first class, built bv days" work and In perfect order. Apply to jam Its KETTKETCH, 217 Eaat Thirtieth sliest, uear Third avenue. A HOUSE FOR SALE?AT 25 EAST TWENTIETH street; one of seven rooms, with baru, Rnd more or less ground four miles out. N. DODGE. A FOUR STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT BRICK Houso for sale?16.8x90 by 100.9, on Mansfield place, Weel Fifty-first street: 812.00). EDMUND H. MARTINE. 1,272 Broadway. ATHRKF. STORY AND BASEMENT IIIGH STOOP House, in perfect order, with alt the modern improve ments at a bargain: price $12,000. Inquire on the premises, 418 West Forty.fourth street. j^ BARGAIN.?TWO FOUR STORY BRICK HOUSES. wUh Stores and Basement*. on the Ninth avenue. In thnt splendid block between Forty-second and Forty-third strrels. each 20x50x62: marble mantels; water and gas: rent for each 81,764 and $1,768; will leave mortgage $'J, ):W each; $5,00.) at 6 per cent, $1.1X111 at 7 per cent. Price $ il.OO'J. GEORGE WUITEL.KY.417 Ninth avenue. * FIRST CLASS HOUSE, WITH IMMEDIATE POS j!X session. 93 East Sixtieth street, north side, near Lex ington avenue. If sold before the 20th mat. will be had cheap. Inquire of the owner, on the premises. Aisothiee lirst class Tenement Houses will bo sol.I for $35,000. In quire of WM. MA..ILL. 93 East Sixtieth street. FOUR STO'tY BROWN STONE HIGH STOOP llouso for sale, near this hotel. Contains all modem Improvements; w ill rent for $3,00.) to $3 500: w ill be sold for fvi.'i tWO. IT applied for before March 2.r>. $13 tXW cash. For I'tnits upplv to KING A CO., No. 9 Twenty-third street. Fifth Aventio Hotel. -SEVERAL VERY GOOD PAYING STORE PROP . ? ertles on Division street for sale cheap, on easy terms. SYDNEY 11. CARB, 129 Grand .-tret. A BEAUTIFUL FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN stone House, 20x50x100. in a splendid black near Ninth avenue: $lt>,l)00 SYDNEY H. CAKll, 129 Grand street. A TI1KEK STORY AND BASEMENT HIGH STOOP House uml Lot for sale in Last Twentieth street, 30x55, lot 100 feet, in perfect order, will rent for $1 SOU; pi i;e $i3,5(X); mortgage $6,00,1. can rent tin or be paid off. Apply to owner, GEORGE KEI'R. 21" East Thirtieth street,'Tliircl uvenue. A GOOD INVESTMENT ?FIVE STORY STORE AND 'Tenement on Madison street, nearly new; price $18, UX); rents readily for $2,772 Terms e.isv. THOS. E. KISiI. 25 Pine street. A -MY NEW LIST HAS JUST BEEN PUBLISHED?IT . wouhl be wall for the public to call and examine it before purchasing Houses elsewhere JOHN I'E I Tit ETCH. Ileal Estate Broker. 418 Third a v. A FULL SIZED LOT ON 127TII STREET, BETWEEN Sixth and Seventh nvenue?, for salej_ al?o five on 128th street and Eighth avenue, cheap, by JOSEPH McUl'iUE, 116 Nassau street. AN ELEGANT BROWN STONE HOUSE AND LOT ON 125th street, near Fifth avenue, for sale, with or with out Furniture, by JOSEPH McOL'IRE. 116 Nassau street. A NEAT TWO STORY BASEMENT AND CELLAR House and tull sized Lot on 121st street, norih side, seventh bouse east Thlr.l avenue, for sale eheap. -Apply oil the promises or to JOSEPH AtcUlliRE. 116 Nassau street. \ STRICTLY FIRST CLASS THREE STORY HIGH J\. stoop French roof House, on the corner of Lnxlngtou avenue and il3th street, being as handsome a house as there 1? in Harlem; built by day's work, and has all modern im provements; size 25x46x1(10.6. Price $9,100: mortgage $4,0U0. Apply to WM. FETTRETCH, 434 Third avenue. A GOOD INVESTMENT.?FOR RALE A THREE story and basement House on Lexington avenue, near Forty.ninth street; size 20x40x70; lu perfect order; prion $11,500: mortgage $6,000. Apply to WILLIAM FET TRETCH. 434 Third avenue. A GREAT BARGAIN?WILL AND MUST BE HOLD, one nf the best corner Houses and Lots, southwest corner of Lexington avenue and Sixtieth street; hou e 23x50; lot 100 feet; four s'ories, high stoop h;own s one front, very elaborate finish. with Immediate possession; will be sold lie lotv cost to close an estate. If applied for Immediately, also one inside House on same block, both str.c'tly 11 rat class; built by days' work and in perfect order. Apply to JAMES " " rTnii" FETTRETCH, 217 East Thirtieth street, near Third avenue. Bargains.?a finf- corner brown stone House and lot on Sncond avenue, for $13 500; also a three story and basement House and full sized l,ot near Fiftieth street, tor $10,000. Apply to JOSEPH Mftll lKE. 110 Nassau street Business property for salk-soxioo feet, on the corner of Oraud and Greene streets. Special atten tion is called in this valuable property. Very large and ex pensive 'mprov.onent* in thst immediate neighborhood have already been made, are in progress, or are snout to be com menced; all which will be fuilr explained by the subscribers. Ills desirable that purchasers rhould communicate person ally. between the hours ot 1 and 3 P. M , w th HUMAN A HaWS, 44 I'lne Street. Bank street?'tiip-ke story higu stoop. 75 feet front $13000 West Thirtieth street?Three story English basement. 12,1X0 Eaal sixty-second street?Three storv and basement. 7.500 WM. BOOKRT, No. 166 Uroadway, New York. Broadway.?a splendid plot for sale oh Fifty second street, having three fronts and two cor ners, $A5.UU0. ALVAH HKKHE A CO., 76 Cedar street. Buy yourself a home and do.vt encourage lieh and heartless landlords in high rents. We nave Houses lor sale in all parts of Harlem finely located, which we can sell ehea< er than they can he built, from $3,U0U to $9,000, terms to su I. RAYNOR A PLaTT. 4.94S Third avenue, between 125th and 126th streets. Brown stone front house, four stories, elegantly frescoed, on Murray Hill. Price $5, 00U. Parties warning a complete house at a bargain may obtain particulars by addressiugG. H. B. A., Herald oilier. E'AST TWENTY-SEOOND STREET, NEAR BROAD J wav ? Extra wide nud built llous- lor a.?le, with elegant Furniture, ALVAll liEKHE A CO., 76Uedir street I FACTORY PROPERTY FOR SALE?NEAR CHATHAM ' square, consisting of a six <tory brick budding, base ment und aubcrlUr, containing Shafting. He,ting. Patent bieam Elevator, and licated throughout with steam. Size of factory, 48.8 front, 47.8 rear 78 deep. Also a one story hr:ck Bunding (in roof (adjoining), containing Engine, two hollers su i abating nwm In bsseuicnl; 24.11 iront, 07.7 deep; and a four story brtek Banding in resr of engine building 24.8 front. 27 deep; whole ti >nt on I'rll street. 73.7. Not. 20, 22 and 24 Pull street. New A ork. Title indisputable. For sale?one half block of lot* between Fourth and Fifth avenues, and Fifty-ninth and Sixty eighth streets. Apply to CHAUNCEV BARNARD, lUI) Broadway. I NOR SALE?'THE LOT AND FIRST CLASS DWELL 1 Ing House 27 West Flfly.fourtli street, between Fifth ami Sixth avenues, with three Lots adjoining and a Lot with stable In mar, running through to Fifty-fifth street now oe en pled by the subscriber. For terms and particulars apply at office, .18 John street betwr.-u 1 nnd 3 o'clock. The houan and may be seeAroin 1 to 4 o'clock. THOS. C. SMITH. F-OR SALE?BROWN STONE HOUSE. 107 MADISON avenue, northeast earner Thirty fourth street; just tin tshed and painted throughout in the very best mauner; bil liard room: walnut doors and stairs. Browne hot water fur nace, all modern Improvements and first class in every re spect .Also mirrors, Ac. Applv to ANnON PHELPS 9TCKR8, 19 Cliff street. (NOR SALE?A FIRST CLASS FURNISHED RE$I 1 dence on Twenty-second street, near Fourth avenue: n fiiielocition. For r*rti' 'lavs apply to JOHN Mc very CI.AVE. 44 Ptne street. I^OR SALE?THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BRICK _. Hons- <m Thlrtv-fitst street. Eighth end Ninth avenues: lo120x98.#. bouse 45 foet deep, with extension. In splendid order: p.iriovs. dlniug room snd hells frescoed, price|16.7&0, Including nil the Can?is and Oilcloths. SMI 111 A MEAD, 354 Eighth avenue. fiAOR SALE-ONE LOT. 21 FEET FRONT BY 100 FEET r 5 inch--j deep, on north side nf Fifty-first street, be l ween Broadway and Eighth avenue, commencing 300 feet ca?i of Eighth avenue. Applv to HLCKENUAM, 10 Maiden Isne No agents need apt ly. L"?OR 8AI.F?CHOICE BUILDING LOTS, SITUATED r In Twelfth wsrd of (his city; also 1 Lot on Forty sccmid street, mar Forty-?second ttrect ferry. Apply to J. E. HEALTH, Izjg Chambers street from 12 to 8 o'clock. IfOR SALE?THE PROPERTY NORTHEAST CORNER 1 Hester snd Baxter streets. 2$ feet on Hester and 100 feet nn Baiter, comprising half of ad joining kit, 25x50. For further particulars Inquire of A. W LKGGKTT, 1 , 90 FrO$t at. JilOR SALE- A FITE STORY TKNFMRNT, ON EAST Nineteenth street, In good order: will rem for over $2,000: price $i:,ixf), terms easy. Also two three etory Tenements on Es?t Twei.tvuinth. $7,000 each. BROWNE A Mi , K aN, 501 Third avenue. FjlOR SALE-TWO FIRST CLASS BROWN BTONB Housee on 'fl irty.seventh -tret, near Fifth avenue. Tbeee houie? are elegantly aurt substantially hutll. JACOB fllAB'-E, 26 Pine street f3GR SALE-THREE NEAT TWO STORY BASEMENT and utile Houses pleasant part of Twelfth street; rang ing from $5,250 t?> $3 MM: nlsu Slcreaml Dwelling, good luc? llen: $12JW. $26 West Twelfth street, or 10 ^eretith nr. IfOR SALE-A Til KEF. STORT RASRMRNT AND r silb-ee'lar high -toop brown atene ilctise. bath, : as, heaters, Ac., logftlier with Carpets. Shades, Corue es. Latn breaus, Window Curtains and Gaa Fixtures; pro* for 11..use, Cari e s. Ac,. $13,000 nun ran r? ma n en mortgage. Apply on the |.rcmir-?, ill East Forty-eighth street, between Third s " I and Be and avenues No agents weed a poly. 17I0R f .ALE?ON EIGHTH AVENUE. CORNET. OF r Fiftieth stcec., a four nort hr.ek lipase and Store, 26.6x3o>7U, \ylth r.?r Loi, :<0x?n WM S. JENNINGS. Ill Broadway. TrlftRy, bssemenL IAOR BALE?THIRD STREET. NEAR BOWERY, r brick llou e ?nd Lot, irt feet wide, all modern improve rusnts, fine sub- cellar. I'r'ce $13 HO. ROBI RT M AclAY. 77 Cednr street. It BALK IK MEVT THIRTY-THIRD STREET, heads, ine modern Lottse, three stor;,, h. s.,b. A, In d ordri. pice i M P . with gas fixtu'ree. minor* and u. ROBE i; i a. U01F. 77 Cedar etrgek CITY RE VL ESTATE FOR g\LE. F'Ofl BALK. 3 story h. s. b. a. House W. 33d at Ill) 80<1

3 i-t >ry h. b. s. ' ouse, W. .Sotti at 23, 00 4 ?iury b. s. b. k Boom*, W. 47th ?i So,uuu 3 Houses on I.eiiL, OB av., bclocru 40th and 4Ut ?(?.. t>. *. b. each 38,1)00 8 story h. ?. U. a. Home E. 48th at., beautifully fur nished 34,000 Permit* of LEONARD A ItrSsKLL. 1,1.13 Broad way. IjloR SALE?WE HAVE FOR SALE ON FULTON, betwun Church mid Greenwich streets, a line four story Building of lull front and good depth, with 40 years' lea.1-# oi grmind at a pt tee winch will en Die the puruiaser to relet sulUclent to occupy store free of rent. WM. CALLANDERJ; SON, 30 Pine street. L"!OR BALE?IN SIXTEENTH KTUEET. BETWEEN J1 Union squ ire and Filth avenue, a first class 2* toot House. In perfect order throughout. Apply to K. H. LUD LOW A CO., No 3 Blue street. For SALE-HOUSE AND STABLE. WITH MODERN improvements, m good condition, luquire on premises, 38 Pike street. For bale?a first class two rtory brick House in Fifty-second street, near i bird avenue. Terms to suit. Apply at 103 West i weuty-nmth street, In the ear penter'* shop. For rale-the beautiful little house no, 68 East Thirty tiflli street, near Lexington avenue, in fine order, suitable for a small genteel family or a hache.or; has a Due bay window overlooking the East river and has a ntre littlu chuicb in frouL Will lie sold wi b the Gas Fix tures, Carpets and it riom. Any small family wanting a most delightful and recherche house will do wall to see It. Price moderate. Term-mostly cash. Appl on the premises, or to R. II. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine street. ISM 'It B \LE?A THREE STORY HOUSE ON TWEETT. ninth street, between Lexington and Fourth avenues. Trice $12,000. I* It .MY A COPLAND, 410 Four,h avenue. IFOR SALE?ONE OF THOSE COREY BAY WINDOW I Houses on Thirtieth street, uear Fourth avenue. For permits a; ply to UliMY A CUPLA ND. 410 Fourth avenue. For sale?furnished, on perry street, near Oreenwich avenue, a three story high stoop House, 36t30 in good order, prettily furnished, ull modern im provement*; neighborhood first rule; lot 35x34; hue open rear; price $10,(Ul. JAS. K. EDWARDS. 877 West Twenty-third street. I?OR RALE.?$12,000 FOR A THREE STORY BROWN P stone High stoop House, all modern Improvements, and ill good older: loc tloh ,-e ? md avenue (Hanson place), be tween 124th and 138th streets; of easy access by cars and steamboat. IIAOQEKTA A PHELPS, 11 l'lne street. TdOR SALE?TWO VALUABLE FULL LOTS ON 124TII P street, betw een Fifth and Sixth avenues, opposite Mount ?Morns .square. Apply at room No. 3, basement. City Hall LdOR SALE-ON TWENTY-FIRST STREET, OPPOSITE P the Seminary Park, a handsome four story high stoop House; very ?ub-uuitlallY built by present occupant, 26 feet wide. 67 f-et deep all the way up; ull modern Improvements; lot 1,8 3. with a plot ot ground In rear about 3d feet square. Neighborhood llr t class. Prtce $21 (*W. JAMi.h R. EDWARDS, 2.7 West Twenty-third street. FOR BALE?A FIRST CLASS THREE STORY DWKL ling; modern improvements, gas, Grotou water, all in fine repair; large basement and suo-cellar; one of the best built houses In the Tenth ward. Inquire at 77 Chrystie at. IAOR SALE?A HOUSE IN EAST FORTY-FIRST 1 street, three story and basement, high stoop, with all modern Improvements'; size price $8 3Ubonlv; $3,000 cash leuulred; rents for $1,100. Apply to W.M. FET TKETCH, 43-1 Third avenue, I7U)R SALE VT A FAIR PRICK-TWO FOUR STORY T brown stone English basement Houses, eligiblyjptus ted on Fori -second *treot. between Broadway and Ku,i?tn avenue. Teim? liberal. Inquire of lb? Owner, ^SW Bowerj, or JoliN KA VAN AH 11, corner Sixth avenue and rorty necoiid street. _____ IP OK SALE CHEAP'?A TH KEF. STORY HIGH STOOP r brick iionse In Teuth aire*. near Hfth avenue. Fo* M fori. AM ly to DYE A OOKtlfl. <08Kith aream. CPOB SALE CIIBAP-TIIK THREE STORY AND r basement brick House ami l ot 1-8 East Twenty-tlrst siren, gas and water all through. Apply to JUnc-l n KIliitNAN, 92.Court -tree;, near Atlantic, Brook.yn. FIHlR SALE or TO LET?A HIOII STOOP FOUR 1 story brick House. 185 East Twentieth s ia-rt. con'ain ing 13 rooms, will be .>h! for $IS.5>*). or will be rented at $3 Oft) per annum: tot 33 by 96. Apply to or address J. F. Burns, No. 3 Wall street. IPOR SALE OR TO LET-HOUSES IN EIOHTY-SE. P cond. Eighty-rnurth. Eighty-seventh and Eighty-eighth st.eels. Broadway. Eighth avenue. Amity. Sullivan, i.reeue, Grand and Eighth streets; Peek, slip; J. as at Blomlngdale, Patent Rights, Fanns, 50 OR SALE OK TO LEASE-A FIRST CLjsSS FOUR slorv French roof brown stone IIoil*6. with eiabtc at* tached. ou the corner of sixtieth street and Lexington ave nue. Aluat be seen to be appreciated. Inquire of the owner, CilARLKS COOI'EK, 8J East Sixtieth street. Al-o for sale or to lease. 81 Last Stxi.eth street. Inquire of same. TjlOK SALE OH TO LEASE?LOT 62 ROOSEVELT J? street, corner of New Chambers. For terms apply to WM. LIN iZ, 166 Maiden lan?. . GREAT BARGAIN-.-TWO CORNER LOTS. 1<?T'I street and Eighth avenue, ready for building; splendid location; <l,lMJ only quired; ^^'Madway. Harlem property?houses and ^lots at reasonable prices and easy t?rmi A few brtck Houses to let. <7it) rent. We remove May 1 to 1.935 fW?I avenue. 124lh and 125th streets. RAvDKLL A 1 OU t r.K, 1.3-t 3d at ? House for sale-in madisoh street. Afi^B nre Sto-v House and full Lot, 35xlft); price <14.000. only 1U.UUU or JA.Ofti cash; also House and Lot m Mutbeiry street, near Chatham <5,500. half cash. Appiy to PAY TEN, Ma Division street. H OUSES FOR SALE BY A. JOURNEAY, < PIN? *T ii West 22d St, tour story E. b. brick <H. Ml West 42d St.. four story h. s. b. West 45th St.. four story b. a. b. s ?.?>*> East 53d at., three story h. s. brick it.isai House in east twenty-third street for sate?Three story and basement; about 17x40x100; modern improvements; price $S,000; terms easy. Owner, 613 Third avenue, upstairs. House and lot-oenteel: very .cheap; Yorkvillo, First avenue; one family; beautiful neigh horho d lino prospect; 18 llooms; gas, water; IS.joJ, terms easy. Apply ai 60 Exchange place. Basement. Houses for sale?parties looking for df arable investments In the best localities in the city, see our list; from <3,100 to $65,000. KUJO t GO No. 9 Twenty-third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. IMPORTANT to IMPORTERS OF FRENCH ANDGER I man wines?For sale-e three story high sloop bri.-k House In Third street, near the Bowcrv, with all modern tin provrmenIJ. in perfect order and built by days work, and vaults under the sidewalk and also under the waole of the vurd niid llrfhl ?1 *il?) Ut' hovinC 1 rioti i)l3,.ViO, worth <!5,bft). App.y to WILLIAM FErTRElClI, 434, Third avenue. OTP ON BROADWAY, OPPOSITE THE SOPARE j Forty-fourth and Forty-fifth streets, ten Lets, two mi the street Mill eight on Broad war. For sale low by h. II. LUDLOW A CO.. No. S Ptne street NO. 460 WEST THIRTY-FOURTH STREET?BRING A tlx*** wtory high Hlooo brick House.^?.10x4?x8o.ihc?>n V2W; half c.ii?h. Id Fine street. lUirv r.iuij ???*?> _~ *U improvements; Kiwest price $1.,^ KhMHKN Al I'hKBY, ito S.T5 W89T SIXTEKNTII 8TKEBT?A TWO AND A \ half story frame House. 23x35, lot 25x50; very lowest price <4.850; terms Apn KRY ? pl?e atr^t. ON RAST TWENTIETH STREET?A THREE STORY high sbvui brick Hwel ing. modern Improvements. <13.250. Ou 118th s reel, three story high stoop briek. <8 8ft). 9 * BBOWSk A McLtCAS. 581 iWd ??euu?^ TJUOPF.KTY ROB S Vl.E?31' IT A BLR FOR MlNIFAC luring purposes, with good side light, lu Mutt street, near Spring. Inquire al 13 Spring street. w H1TE STREET PROPERTY FOR SALE. House and Lot No. 3ll. Apply to JOHN F. CON REV. No 82 Wall street, room II rOD STREET?THREE LOTS i75X100 FEETi ON THE ?)*J south side. 100 feet east of Lexington avenue, for sale. Inquire of owner, at 2* Bowery, In the store. <*0 m\(\ FOR CENTRAL PARK LOTS?THREE iPZ.OUU vevv chesp I aits on East Eightieth street; on I rade; no roek; street graded, curbed, guttered and tLgged. Vatcr and nan. ALEX. TllAIN, No. 9 Pine street, up stairs. Al o rAfl ?A BROWN STONE HOUSE. THREE ?piii.OUU. story, high stoop. In Forty-fourth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues; terms easy. Apply to J. PECAKE. 617 Broadway. UlVcftn WILL BUY A FOUR STORK BRICK IMtiOUU House on Korty-llfth street, near Sixth avenue; has all the modern Improvements; lot 100 feet deep; ue'ghliorhood one of the nest; part of the nemev ran rrtnaln on mortgage. Address D. H. Plumb, 76 William street, room No. 8. ion AAA WILL BUY A VERY NICE BROWN sP^UsUUU stone high stoop brick House. 36x36x38.9, In-Tweutj-first street, nesr Sixth avenue. ^ ' ROBERT H. GOFF. 77 Cedar street Ann nnn ?first class four story high stoop brown stone llonse. newly aud beautifully fUrnlshe-1, West Thirty-ninth street. Also. Hue four storv bruwn stone House. Forty-fourth street, near Sixth avenue; <92,000. W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. rf,si I -OA ?FOR SALE, TUB NF.W AND ELK JU. Jftnt four siory high stoop House, with lmt. extra depth, il Park avenue; built in the best mauner, and unexceptionable In every respect. Term* ar orumodaW lug. Premises ran be seeu dally, from II to 3. BROOKLYN! REAL ESTATE FilR NAI.R. RARE CHANCE?PROSPECT LOTS ON KIOHTH, . suclon. Wednesday, March 20, at 12 M. .1A Vi s COLES' <oy. 389 Fiill-m street, Brooklyn. A RARE CHANGE OFFERED.?FOR SALE, IN Brooklyn, on the southeast corner of Carlton and Wll? loughby avenues, on# of the elegant block of brown atone front Houses, tbiee stories basement and cellar; house 21.6x 46 fret, lot 100, all modern Improvements. Convenient to DeKalb and Mvrtlf avenue car routes to Fulton ferry. Price $15,50", p?n on bond and mortgage. Apply on the premises toTHOMA< FAGAN. _ A FIRST CLASS THREE STORY AND EXTENSION lion e in Wilkinghbv strnet, Brooklyn; House fur nished with all ihe modern Improvement*. Price, with mirrors, chsudnlers anil gas fixtures, <9,1)1)0. ,i. r I . " i -on a i il . :iH Na?s.iu street, room 24. _ A THREE STORY 1IIOH STOOP PHILADELPHIA brick House, modern finish, fnll size lot. In Baltic street, near Clicon stieei, Brooklyn, for aalt for the low nrh-e of llU.OW), by JOSKl'H McGUlKB, U? Nassau strest, New York. ? Brooklyn-for sale, a handsome two and a half ?io: y frsme House. gtr.W, with wlug 18x24, finished with marble hi intels, Ac.; and 48 Lots, comprising an entire blork. 18th ward, about *? minutes from ferry. Apply to I). M. SEAMAN, 14 I'lne street. Bargain iaioh bargainr*s''% ,?*Jr an e on mortgage, will buy a n> w two story i ottage, with ecllsr and extension klt'-nen; 211 minuUa Irom any ferrv. Apply on ihe premises. Twenlleih street, third house, between Fifth snd Sixth nvonues. South BrQoalyn. FOR 8ALE-TIIF. CORNER LOT OF OAKLANnAND D streets. Oroenpolni; prtoe |W0worth double Jhgt amount, lugulre o( H. M1CMAEH8, 30 Urand street, N. Y. BHOOKI.YIV RIAL F.STITE Ft HI SVLK. hlO? KALE-AM ELEGANT NEW THREE OTOBY AND 1 boeeiuent trie A lit-use, ou Franklin ?tr#?e, Wwiw Muuroe and Madison streets, Brooklyn: *11 improvememi; first cki> 1 In qulru of O. T. r A lilihi, w I'liUlua street, N. Y. b^OR SALE?A VBRY DESIRABLE RESIDENCE ON Bard avenue. Stolen Island, near Sailor's Snug Harbor landin 1, for sale low .mil uu easy terms. Apply lo TUCK* EU.M AN, MULLIGAN A CO., SO Broadway. GIOR SALE?BROOKLYN COTTAGE, $1,500; LEASE A of 32 Lots; garden; rare chance. JOHN BKAINEBD. 337 Fulton street. For sale-a first class thref. ktory ewo llsh basement brink House, located nu weal aide of Be J ford avenue, Brooklyn, second house north of Dekalb avenue, with ad modern Iinprovemen's; In first rata order. Inquire on the premises, between 9 A. M. and5 P. M. l^OK SALE-CHEAP, IN BROOKLYN. A TWO AND A A half story basement and enbeaUar House; iierteet or nor, with ail modern I in proyeuienM. Also. If desired. Oar rets, Mirrors and Oilcloths. Inquire at 302 Bridge street. FOB SALE LOW-IN SECOND PLACE. BROOKLYN, u huh stoop three story basement House; 12 rooms, decorated parlors; all modern improvemenu. Price $8,500. L. L. CLARKE, Court street, opposite Douglass. Fob salk-a handsome cottage house, with a brick Mable and two l.uts, 80x100. with Furniture If deal's I. Terras easy Applv to (he owner ou premises, 109 South Ninth street. Williamsburg. IPOR SALE?THE THREE 9TOKY BRICK HOUSE AND . GOm 23 Summit street Brooklyn; 20x15*100. Price *o, Ulw; $1,000 cash, balance in easy payments. W.M. CaLLBNDEK a soN. :? Pine street IjlOR sale AT A BARGAIN?THREE SUBSTANTIAL brick Tenement Houses and Lots, in Columtda street, one block l'rom South ferry, paying 15 per cent on the stilling prioe; terms easy; also Store and Tenement lu Car roll street. JOSEPH KIKKNAN, 92 Court street, near Atlantic, Brooklyn. For salf, or to let-price $12,000. rent $1,500 Bruwn alone House, 91 Reooud place, corner Court street. South Brooklyn. Also 64 Second place; price $10,OnO, rent $1,000. For penults apply to D. W. C. VAN TUYL, 268 Cherry street, N. Y. For sale or to bent?furnished or unfur. lushed, an elegant brown stoue front House, situated in one of the best nelghljorhoods of Brooklyn: magnificently furnished throughout, and replete with all the modern con veniences; the bouse is very well built, aud possession can bo given goon, as the owner is going to Europe. For further p-irUcuUrs apply to s. HONDLOW, Montague street, near Court. Also for sale, with above, a line team of Horse* and two new Carriages; will be sold at a bargain. I TOR BALE-IN CUMBERLAND STREET. BROOKLYN. 1 in a good locution, a new, three story and basement Louse (Philadelphia brick) high, stoop, brown stone base ment, with sub cellar, twelve rooms, substunilally built, and finished in the most approved manner, with hot aud cold water, sewered bsth, heater and range, bells, speaking tub 's, vestibule doors, Ao.; will be sold at present for i'.'.OOO, terms eisy. Apply to WM. A. BRUSH, owner, 410 Cumber landstre t. Brooklyn. I7IOK SALE OR TO BENT?FURNISHED, IN BROOK F lvn. the brown stone House, with extension, dining room and kitchen, three story and attic: tot 83x100; has ail Improvements and is In perfect order; furniture new; situ ate 13 Green avenue, northeast corner of Curletou. Apply on the premises. Four three story brick houses?one a cob ner. with store; price for all, $15,000; would cost to build $24,000: will rent for $2,500 Apply to ROBERT T. Ki ILEY, 13 Chambers street, ufllce hours from 9 A. M. until 1 1*. M. 3 HOUSES FOR SALE CHE \P-OK EXCHANGE FOR a Form: two stories. rrarne. brick basement. with piazza; lot 2t):.100, it rMinis Iti o.ich; souUiwe>.i c truer Hopkins street, In Mnrc.v avenue. Brooklyn. Flushing and Myrtle avenue I car* on either aide. S. UuKY, corner house. i Q/? AAn WILL BUT A THREE 8TOBT lilGllsroop I O' 'UU brick House situated In n gisid neighborhood in Brooklyn. $2.80U cash , $2,500 tnortg.tpe. $1,001) in vacant lots or a small farm. Apply to A. I*. SMITH A CO., Its) ! Broadway, room No. 3. (Ol .VTKV HEAL ESTATE FOR SALE. ? COUNTRY HOME, FROM (I.Oik) TO $1W.'U0. SEE /\ STANt.EY DAY'S Estate Circular, which can be had at 319 Fourth avenue, or mailed upon receipt of stump. ? LI. WANTING FARMS.?GOOD SOU,. CLI J\ mate. 34 miles nouth of Philadelphia. Price only $25 for acre. Also Improved Farina. Hundreds are settling, nformatlou aent free. Address C. K. LaNDIS, Vluclaiid, New Jersey. A FARM FOlt SALE?9ITUATF.D NEAR THE depot, one hour and twenty-six muiutes from New York, at $83 per acre: line land: tlrst class neighborhood. For particulars. Intpilre of J. 11. K. HLALVELT, tW Wsll street, room No. 4, rear stairway, between 8 and 10 o'clock A. M. At yonkers?for sale, or exchange for city or Brooklyn property to suit, or good stocks i:i part, a Country Seal of 1% acres: ail conveniences of a cltv rest, deuce, splendid river view, tine garden: fruits of all kinds Coll at house, corner of Wurburtou avenue and Point street, near Glen wood depot, or on J. U. WILUL'S, 127 Broad street, N. Y. city. \T SARATOGA SPRINGS.?LARGE BRICK HOUSE for sale, well situated, with two springs on place ai d nearly two acres of ground. Never used except for prlvule residence, bin suitable for hoarding house or club of gentle men. I n (rood repair. Posse-sion given Immediately. Ap ply to HOMER MORGAN. No. 2 Pine street. A HANDSOME C lUNTRY SEAT FOR sale OR TO rent; 23 rooms; modern Improvements; near Pnssaic Bridge station Erie railway. Sec owner, 144 West street. Wednesday and Friday afternoon. A T PEEK SKILL?A HOl'SR AND I1ALF ACRE LOT. J\ Apply from 9 to 10 A. M. to W. P. PECK, at Trlbuue ofllre. A FINE FARM OF 100 ACRES, GOOD BUILDINGS, Ac.. In New Jersey, 18 miles from cltv. For all par ticulars apply to JOHN 1. BUDD, No. 8 Esst Nineteenth street. A FARM FOR SALE-TO CLOSE AN ESTATE, CON. tamingdd acres: buildings all new; half mile from depot. Inquire of JAMKH DLAENHKKKV. fuckahoc, lisrlem Railroad. AT ELIZABETH.-A NEW FIRST CLASS iS, STORY House, in l>e?t neighborhood: lot 100x161; will be sold low. Apply to W. B. JollNSON, 76 Duane street. AT YON KRS.-FOB SALE-A HOUSE ON LOCUST J\ Hill areiiue, eight minutes walk from depot and laud ing house; contains 16 Rooms, and la In perfect order. Lot 62x020, with carriu;e house and hennery: good vegetable garden. and an abundance of eholee fruit trees and urape vines In full bearing. Possession at anytime. Apply to O, O. W. FRANCIS, Main street, Voukc.a, N. Y. A FIRST CLASS FARM FOR BALE-IN HARTFORD county. Conn , on the New York and Bo.-, on S*ttm4, one.third oi a mile from VYarehou-e Point de|>ot: House oonlulns 14 rooms, m go >d order; commands a hue view of the ( .nine, ti. ot r.vcr. Farm contain-> ,U acre-,. be?t land In the vicinity: baa a gradual alope from the soothe ist. and can all be seen from I he house. ill" aoit is suitable for tobacco and all New England erope; ha- three barns; there Is Pinning wale.' to the house aud barns. For particulars inquue at H. McCABB A OO.'S. Nos. 90 and 82 Chain lie rx street, New York. A PRODUCING OIL WELL, LAND AND MACHINERY; a rare chance to purchase. Call lor purlieu Lira at 211 Water street. A BEAUTIFUL SEA SHORE FARM. H ACRES, S I., one hour from Wall street; double house newly punted, neuritis water, $8.51) i; aim a Homestead Kjrin.b-i acre*, stock and crop*: N.J. Northern Railroad; tine resi dence, Westlield. $o.d0l>. Wanted. Blooklvn House-, tor Farm*. I'OILLON, 1U0 Broadway. A FINK I I.ACE FOR SALK-OK 14' ACRES OK LAND, large House, modern Improvements. with fine shade trees and fruit of ererv nu six blocks from depot. Apply to K. F. HARRIOTT, 14 I'm* street, or HaRRIIiIT, YaIL a CO.. at Plainfiel.t, N. J., office optioslte the depot. A GOOD BLACKSMtTH SHOP IN NEW BRUMS wick, doing a splendid business.?Lot 33x110; Shop 24x34. with evmu-lo t Vbv.M goot House; 7 tOoms. ouly 51. ." .I S, FERGUSON A CO. 39 Nassau Struct, roam 24 . A FARM OF H) ACRES, FINK Hl?U<K AND OUT Imlldtngs. Stite of Coaae.dlctit; four hours- tide from New York. I'rlce #5.0 0 Farm oi Is acre?. near Long Branch. Price id.tks). Also Fanu of UW acres, near Long Braurb. Price $.lu*?J. LEONARD A RU8BELL. Broadway. BAROAINS?NEAR SOMERYILLE. 40 ACRES: GOOD two story House, 8 rooms, barn, Ac.: plruly fruit: only $$,<W; others olteap. PETIIT k FRAZEE. 171 Broadwcy, room No. 2. Boiling spring, n. j.?a new country house for sale; II rooms; 32 city Lots: Erie Railway; 411 minutes from city; $12,1**1; very desirable and eonveni-nt; views, plan* and full description mailed to all applicanto. OHO. K. WOODWARD,37 Park row. N. Y. C30UNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE 4IR TO LET? J Located at North Englewoo.1. on the Northern Kail road. New Jersey; one hour fr uu New York: ten minutes from depot: flrat atory?narlor, dining and sluing rooms: kitchen, store room, laundry and pantries; second story ? , bedrooms, bathroom and water closet: attic story?3 rooms; carriage bouse, stable and aheds: hydrant in garden and carriage house; rounlain In front; double piazza, u good supply ol young fruit. M. FLaNNFLLY. COUNTRY RESIDENCE AND SIX ACRES OF LAND for sale vary cheap, by order of the executors, to close an estate a* quick as possible; story Cottage House, wuh wing, 8 rooms, kitchen, two good cemented cellars, piuzzx In front and rear, barn, carriage house, workshop and out* buildings, all In excellent condition; a good garden around the bouse, with t roll aud shade trees. Also a large vegeta ble Garden, -Itua'ed In the village of Farmingdu1*. L. I., five minutes' walk from depot; price $3.5iO. .rash $2,600; balance on time. Thia Is an exrellant chance for a pnyaiclsn; none In the village. For particulars apply to P. FLATaU, No. 4 New Chambers street, room No. 1 COUNTRY SKAT FOR SALE-SITUATED ON TUB lludenn. about one hour from the city: line bnek house, with conservatory adjoining, suitable for summer or winter occupation; grounds contniiilng about three acres. Address for particulars T? hof 1,867 Post odtce, N. Y. | (AAItM FOR SALE?TWENTY-NINB (2P> ACRES; r atone house, new harn and outbulld'tiga. half nttlc from village of Mousey, on Notthern Railroad ot New Jersey, Price $Mun. Apply or address J AMES WAONER, Monsev, Rockland county. New York. Farm for sale?on the pasbaic river, one and a half mile from the Pateraon depot of the Erie Railroad, containing Irom 20 tu CO acres; excellent location; | splendid. Urge and commodious new house and outbuild ings, Just completed. _Kor further Information, terms Ac., apply to J. VAN' RIPER, 211 Hudson street, N. Y., or COK NELlua VAN RIPER, on the prom!*'*. Farms in new jersey and mew york, from $2,000 upwards. Large tracts of Western Iannis to ex change WALLER A BRU8II, 26 Cham bars street. F ?fha sutieribe * at'We *port nTSRAT OR ?? oV;; i,rrK,'4.rjSL,U' ? 5T1 J* *- Pest^ office. Weitpiort''Ooan , F?C.Ju cV A1RAT PRKKSKILL, WESTUIIESTER for rnjpertv It? J^r,"*. Ultv'i? \7111?r C*?b' or "*rh*njP MKRRITt, 49 Third areiiue^ HolK,kBn Inquire of H. Itf 11 Ehouse and two acres of land Klseo .1,-'m! "jiarl*fiirR V""? ?Si""1**' walk from Mount' di/nSimu.1 W$JS2n2-r county. Apply F COtSTTKT UAL ESTATE FOR 8AUC. I/OR SALE-A SPLENDID DAIRY FARM OF 1AI A acrea, under high cuIUvai on, with flue orchard*, good Lous* and oulbuildiugs Price ?13,000. MILLS A \AJN WVCK, 6* Broadway. For sale-a cotta(!B in new jersey, kkybm rooms, and oellitr iu Iwiimal lot IV acres; stable and rarriace bmae, fruit tree, Ac.; ten minutes' walk from depot at M alburn, Morris and Essex Railroad; price $2,50*. For particulars apply at It Whitehall street, ur adOres* J. 1.. <?., box J,ta3 i'uet oilier. TIOK SALE.?A FINE COUNTRY RESIDENCE, CHEAP. lOti acres of excellent Land, in a high state of cultiva tion, near Saratoga hprngs. A gotbic House, Rood out building*. Mual be seen to be appreciated No agent* apply. Address, J. 0. B., North Oreenfleld, Saratoga CO., M. T For sale?a very attractive country sea* on the East river, at Throng's Neck. Weetcheater, fifteen miles from New York, and accessible by railroad and steamboat, containing in all about 47 acre*, principally un der inch cultivation. The main huuae la very large and com modious and thoroughly furnished. The outbuildings are unusually complete and extensive, draperies, hothouses, Ac., all ill perfect order. The place is slocked with fruiX trees of the choicest verietles, and shaded by forest trees el large growth. For permits, terms, Ac., apply to O. A. KOUMISS or FRANCIS BACON, Executors, No. 4Jaun cey court, second floor. J/OR SALE-A LARGE FIRST CI.AS8 BRICK HARD r facturing EstaUlishment with two Dwelling House*, lo cated on three and one.half acres of ground, with in twenty rods ol the Erie final, New York Central and Syra cuse and Binghampton and Oswego Railroads and ad joining a horse railroad. The buildings and improve* incuts are of the most substantial kind, there being a machine shop 60x100 feet, two stories high; foundry, Vlxbb, blacksmith shop, 30tb0, tumbling room, ohlpplng mom. paint room, pattern room, tempering room and Mflee; also Boiler and Engine, MeKenzle Cupola and Blower. Line Shutting aud l'ulley. All of which coat about $76,000 and would now cost muoh more, and will lie sold for much ieae than cost. Also fur sal* a variety of Tools, consisting in part of one 11. B. Smith's Tenoning and Boring and Her ticliig Machine, one first class Daniel's Flaner with 3D foot bed. one Shaping Machine; also Tools for working iron, two Shaping or Milling Machines several Upright Drills, on* Trip Hammer, one Crank Planer; also Vines. Hammers and other Tools too numerous to mention. All of which will bw sold cheap by the Hubbard Harvester Manufacturing Com pany at Syracuse, N. Y. FOB SALE-A FARM ON LONG ISLAND; fort* acres. For particulars inquire of JOHN 8ATTIO, SM Broadway, N. Y. FOR SALE-AT A SACRIFICE, AND EASY TERES, A largo guihlc built House, 17 rooms; 100 acres of land, orchards, Ac.; near Keypnrt, N. J. I, KELLNBR. 91 William street. FOR KALE?HOUSE AND LOT, CONTAINING I3FIN isbed rooms. In Newark, N. J.. 106 New street, opposite Arch street, seven minutes'walk from the Centre street il' i>ot for new York. Gas and water in the house and fruit iu the garden, l'rlce $4,500. IjlOR SALE?AT ELIZABETH, N. J., FIFTY MINUTES 1 from New York, the residence of the subscriber, on Newark avenue, one mile from depot. House contains thir teen rooms: every convenience; frescoed halls: ground four and one-third acres, dry and healthy; stable, cow. chicken, aud other outhouses. Price $22,500. Apply on the premises, or at 18 New street. New York. B. A. KAXTON. For sale?a country cottage, stable, ac.. wilh two acres of ground, situated on Sheep's Hoax bay; price $3,000 cash. Address G. W. (>., Herald ollioe. FOR SALE?THE MOST VALUABLE WHARF AND Hotel Property In Perth Ambcy, N. J. Particulars Willi WM. S. JENNINGS, 111 Broadway, Trinity Building, basement. IitOK KALE?THE MOST COMPLETE PAPER MILL IK ' New York State; all uew, with the highest reputation among paperraen; entire or In part. Inquire of W. H. BAN NISTER. 21 Cedar street. IfOft SALE?A* OLD ESTABLISHED COUNTRY Mora, now doing a good business- alao a fine house on ttie place, with all the modern improvements, situated on the Harlem Railroad, within flee minutes' walk from the di'itot. Apply to GEO. BANKS, 128 Bowery. N. Y. F?v ^A('E-BETW'EEX ELIZABETH AND NEWARK. 13 acres; will bo sold In one, two or three acres ortonmt; House, iiaru and Outbuildings; plenty of fruit of all kinds. Inquire at 866 Kivington street, sail lort, or 901 Soutb fourth street, Jersey City. So agenU need a?Pjgj. For bale-in jersey city, the three story and basement brick Hotter and full Lot 280 South Fourth Htreet: ban all the modern improvement*; splendid grapery and private stable, Price $10,500. Part on bond and mortg tge. Apply to the owner, 1*. RYAN, 5? Warm ?troel, N. V. ijlOR SALE AT MOTT HAVEN?THE DWELLING IJoum* on the corner of Villa place and College avenue, in good order; also to let two new Houses adjoining. In quire next door. FOR HALE AT MOTT H"AVEN-A TWO STORY AND attic French roof llouae, partially fiirnialied, with atabls. 90.000. A bargain. Apply to BLKECKKK A DEN IS OB. No. Pine street. For sale at rah way?nice residences iw the cltv, from $5,(KX) to 910,009. Also nice Country Re-ldences. HENRY TAP PEN A CO.. 37 Pine street, rooms No*. 8 and 9. "LiOR SALE OR EXCHANOE-A FLOURINO MILL. F on the water, near the city; a rare chance for any oon wishing Niirb a place. Apply to JOHN O. 1IIGUINS, No. 7 Pine street, ewm No. 8. tpOR SALE OR EXCHANGE AT PKEKSKILL?A Country Seal. 3'-j acres of ground; brut class brick bouse and barn, all the modern improvement*, line river view, healthy, convenient to cars and steamboat. Apply at 83 Watts street. T/?OR HALE?OS EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY. L a Farm of 22 acres, in a good state ol cultivation, near l.on e and barn, young orchard, near Hempatead. I*. L Far particulars Inquire or Mr. DEAN, South Brooklyn. FM)R SALE OB EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY? A beautiful dairy Farm of 8(10 aorca, situate on mala roail and midway between l'eekskill and Lake Mahopac; new large doiible House, commodious barns and abundanoa of flue fruits; would make a splendid summer boarding house or gentleman's residence. Address J. W. BIN NET. 68 Bearer street. New York. F^OR SALE ok TO LET?AT SOUTH BERGEN, N. J., on the rimer of Bergen avenue and Newark plank road, a first class House and seven Ln's of ground, beauti fully situated aud lu complete order. Inquire on thn pre mises. F?R SALE OR TO LET?A SMALL FARM OF TWEV iv one acres, situated near Stamford, Conn. Inquire ai 21. West Forty-third street. For sale and rent -in Dover, morrik ooun ty. N. J., the Merchandise aud Stock In Trade of the late Sidney Breese for aale and the Store Room latelv occu pied by him to rent. Inquire of T1IKO. P. BREESE, 99 Hcekman street. N. Y. 171 INK HOTEL PROPERTY FOR BALE?WITH LIVERY r stable attached. located at Moant Vernon. Westchester county N. Y., the proprietor retiring front business. Inquire of GEORGE <?Ol LD. ou the premises. HUDSON KfYKK PROPERTY.?FOR SALE. ON THR west bin* of the Hudson, a number ot handsome Residence*, with river front*, between Plrrmont and Nyaeh, wit It from I to 12 acres, ranging in price from 915.U00 In 92.5011. Apple to W M. II. Pi.vrT. Plrrmont. N. Y. Mill site and wat< r power, imill bi rred down) House, with seven a-res ol land, will be soM March 21, at aucllou. ('all on JAtJtlKS. 208 Broadway. VJEW ROCHE LLC.?FOR SALE. A LARGE DWKLL iv Ing llou e. containing S3 rooms, with two acres of land, with *ni ill house. Slxl.1 8; view of the Sound; price moder ate. Apply to K. II. Lt'DLOW A CO., No. J Pine street. T>LEA?ANT COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE OR L to let, furnished, within two miles of Drnkearille sta tion. oil the Morris and Essex Railroad: house large. with hot and add water and bath fixtures; situated an elevated ground, surrounded by shade trees; large gsnlPn. fnnt off every variety; premises contain fourteen arres; within ten minutet' walk of Post otlior and church**: price 91&0M. If not sold before tie 1st of May ? .11 be let fumictiwl for thn summer. For further In I urination address C, V. Freeman. Esq.. Morristown. New Jersey. 1ITANTRD TO EXCHANGE FOR A NEAT COUNTRY vv place lu a sporting locality near New York, the flrat and only issue of s giest nat oua! masterpiece of art, highly endorsed by our prominent ?talesmen; * good chance for a ?mart mm to make money. Address box 3 267 New York Post uflice. CASH AND 9000 ON MORTGAGE POR A ?vOvfv" valuable Store snd Lot In Schuyler street, near Cortlarult avenue. Melrose; also $3 AOti for'a new store in Washington avenue. Mornaauls. Inquire of C. NlCHOLsl* at the lu, mer place. ? 1 v(IH ?AT Yt INKERS, A GOOD COTTAOR VT.O'tW House. Barn and Outbuildings: half acreof loghly cultivated land: abundance of trait. Ac.; 20 mluntaa from depot. For full purtlnulara Inquire of HOMER MORGAN, No. 2 Pine street, for leu day*. 11 nrwt ?for rale, a beautiful DWELL ?PA mg House in West Morrlsani*. Fifth ave nne of Wesichentar county; 13 rooms, barn, ail kinds ot fruit BLISS'A JAMES, '.'46 Brooms street. KBAli IITATK WAIITED. ^ Advertiser desires to pi rchaib a hours and Lot, not to exceed In price 91-'. "V, to pay In pari m, mortgage on Westchester i-wtntir property, 9* NO, amply aa r ured and running A years at 7 per rent. Address, with par. Uvular*. Housekeeper, room No. 4 No. 9 Sprues slreeL ItRNKMKNT PROPERTY WANTED TO BUY OR lease?The blgbea' market value given. Apply to R. S. GIBBONS A Co.. 440 Broome street. 1?*"ANTKD-TO BUY A THREE OR FOUR STORY It House, all Improvement*, from 910-000 to 9I3.0UD. in a respectable nelghborb.iod. between Fifth and Ninth nvenuea and Tenth and Fifiv-slxih sirrst*. Address House, 489 Canal street. WANTED-A LOT AND BUILDING ON UNION square or Broadway, between Fouiteenth and Twenty thirl streets. Address R. N? Herald office, giving price 1*4 I' canon. WANTED TO BUY?A COMFORTABLE HOUSE, wsstof Fifth a venae, above rhirUeth street, about 29 Oct front. Address, with slxe of house and lot uud terms, box 3,0dfi Post ofllre. WANTED TO PURCHASE?A SMALL HOUSE, IN gind order, with modern improvement*, west of Fourth avenue, to cost about $9,000. Address, with full par tieulara, S. R. J., Herald office. ?XPRM9S9. A ? BURNIIAM'S FURNITURE EXPRESS, IIA WEST * Eleventh atreet, near Sixth avenue.?Furniture moved; city or country; furniture stor?d. furniture packed and shipped; money advanced on furniture. L"UST FREIGHT LINE TO DENVER CITY. FOR. r SALT LAKK-and all principal point* in Colorado, New Metioo, and the Territories THE MERCHANTS' DESPATCH, AMERICAN EXPRESS COMPANY, Preiwirtore. Having perfected arrangements with Wells, Fargo A ('?.'? Great Overland Route, are prepared to give through freight evnti-arta froin New York. Boston, Albany, Buffalo. Cleve land, Toledo. Detroit, Cbieago. Cincinnati. Si. Lout*, and principal cities east of the Mississippi, to DENVER, on goods going to all points In the TerrUortoi. Freight shipped bv the New Rail Route, via Omaha, and Wells, I'argu k Co.'* Overland Fast Freight.Line Claims for losses, damages, Ac. promptly adjusted by our agents at destination. For Information regarding rate*, eonfracts Ac , apply to A, H. LIVINGSTON. 1)4 Murray sliccl. N?w iork. (1. U. KIDDER, 79 Washington atreet. Boelon. aud to otn agent* at all the principal ritTes, HUGO RICHARDS. Ag?nt, Denver City TIIBO. f. TRACKV, Agent, Salt Lake City. R. T GILLESPIE. Agent. Virginia fit*. March 11IW7. B..UUMMLXW. dpp t. Buihto?. T.