Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1867, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1867 Page 5
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DIE CONNOLLY-KENNEDY IMBR08LIO, \ Atil?? la the Caw*Tk? AnmblY ~ Jtesolutlon?Keply or the Police Commission prs-The lteasons Why Hupulateadni Ken M<T leased tieneral Order Ne. 4N?. * -? ?? the war of words sod documents between Justice Con ?ear end Police Superintendent Kennedy seems to in eressc in dimensions, if not in interest end importance. Tho notoriety which the belligerents get by the publica tion of their long-winded documents and affidavits gives them a quasi popularity that will render them available Candidates for almost any office at the next county elec tion. The following is the latest batch of documents relative to this case. It has been prepared in compliance with the following resolution:? Stats or New York, in Snarl, > ? T j Albany, March 12, 1867. On motion of Mr. Wood, Resolved, That the Metropolitan Police Comnsls Moners bo and aro hereby directed to trunsinlt to the Senate a copy of the General Order No. 489, and report the particular roason alleged by tlio Superintendent as having lulluenced him to issue said General Order. By order of the Senate J AS. TERW1LUGEK, Clerk. March 14, 1807. Resolved, That a copy of tho foregoing resolution be furnished to the Superintendent, and that he be and is hereby directed to report to this Hoard his reason for Issuing General Order referred to therein. By order of tho Board of Police, D. B. HASBROCCK, Assistant Chief Clerk. CENTRAL DEPARTMENT MKTKOPOUTA.N PoLICK, 1 300 Mulberry street, N. Y., March 18, 1867. / To in Honorable ran Swats or ths Stats or New York:? The Metropolitan Police Commissioners, in compliance With the resolution of the honorable tho Senate, dated March 12, 1867, "requiring them to transmit to the Beasto a copy or their General Order Na 489, and re sort particular reasons alleged by the Superintendent as having influenced him to issue said general order," ro apectlully report that on tho receipt of said resolution ?n the 14th of March they caused a copy of said reso lution to be dolivered to Superintendent Kennedy, to gether with a resolution of tins Board directing the Bnper.ntendent to report to this Board bis reasons for issuing tho general order referred to in the said resolu tion or the honorable the Senate. In compliance with tho said resolution from this Board Superintendent Kennedy has transmitted to this Board a written statement of Ins reasons for issuing the said general order. The said written statoinent, containing a copy of said General Order No. 489, is hereto annexed. All of which is respectfully submitted. By ordor of Board of Metropolitan Police. THO& a ACTON, President Tho following Is a copy of the order referred to:? GENERAL ORDER SO. 489. OmcB or SurxRi.snuiDE.NT Metropolitan Police, 1 300 Mulberry street, N. Y., Feb. 8, 1867. J When it becomes unsafe tor a member ot the police force to ialthfuUy perform bis duty, lest by so doing he ahould incur tho displeasure of a judicial incumbent and expose himself to insult aud degradation, it also becomes the duty of the executive officer of the department to exercise his authority for the protection of the men aader his command. Two patrolmen have already been committed to prison, wa a frivolous charge of assault and battery, mode by a liquor dealer whom they had arrested, in tho proper dis charge of their duty, for a violation of law, and this eourse having been takon under tho advUoiuent of a person who recently appearod as counsel for a liquor dealers' society, it is presumptive that a similar course In intended to be pursued towards all other faithful ?Ulcers. Wherefore, until further orders you will refrain from taking or sending any persons undor arrest before Mr. Twice Justice Michael Connolly, or to any court where Re may preside in the character of Justice ot the Peace, for examination or commitment. The Twelfth, Nineteenth, Twenty-first, Twenty-second, Twenty third, Thirtieth, Tbirty-Urst and Thirty-second precincts will send all persons whom they may arrest to these headquarters at all times when it is known that Justice Conuoily is presiding at the Fourth District Court, for special orders as to the court they shall be takon be fore. When any other justice is holding court at the fourth District Court you will take your prisoners there M heretofore. JOHN A. KENNEDY, superintendent. Why Superintendent Kennedy Issued the Above Order. Omen Scperixx*>dkxt MsiRoPorrTAjf Poucn, 1 New Yoke, March 19, 1897. } to the Cojoothomiw or Metropolitan Poucb: In compliance with your resolution of the 14th Inst. I Wapectfully submit the accompanying copies of afflda membom and eX-members of the police force, as containing a statement of soma of the conduct and ton ^.JiU*Uic"Connol|y. F-ourth District Police MWt, which led me to Issue General Order No. 489 The Shiran'31","? h??"ith are selected from S, seems sufficient to show that a prow/I^!!* r?W* administration of the ctintoid U^SWthe'n^ ajK?' Wthful officers C mem&ftf ?In tho discharge of thair unpleasant duties rl ylrad on my part such action as would Drotect th?m Qa ' ??Inga. *M P0Mlb'* fro? continued Insults and threat! prop6r fhr me to add that nothing 2Sft?HK5.,SSS2 SiT-ESsr aiKM'.?: b&srsEss 25 1 "b"H thal ?ttohTwSSi ^theofficoreacd policeman was calculated to inUmi awe, aeter and prevent them from a performance r* t0 encouriMf? those arrested and charged 22^r?K0#* *? P*?1* ln th*lf hlegal conduct prMent#d bp ">? several affidavits fMed^clMdlr strifo^'each* jSSrSo "ir^'bytClSr with one hand, while'with thS other h.nd one ^s us^J sSwaf55" ?t'a=53 ?SLT??h "re?ty wound,d- The policeman ar? lasted both parties and took them to the station hou*? each charged the other with assault and batter*' With intent to kilL When takes In the morn ins befoni jjr. Justice Connolly, and the case stated by the officer as ?M ef eroes-complaint by the .prisoners, the wanted the complaints from being made by threatening 4o send both prisoners to Mack well's Wan/ In %??$% "?*? *"y such charges They of ooame declfoSd who f?6 ? k"*" Thereupon, torning to the officer JEd* ZZoZmi the JosUce reprimandod making the arrest, and for interfering at all in a tomfl? jwrrai when not Called in by eUhw-^f 35. i&i froy. His emphatic worda were-You bad no baainuw lD tb# b0U8? If Ur O'Connor (ono^f thl ??wooers) will sue you for false imprisonment I will Hn ?Th^ttoMsUi him in the sulk If They'meinTng tho EST? *2"wmiiiSZW*700 for S5?jsSSSr*=??=5s: S,'a;*pSSn,,;.itii;^r,f. jbskskk -*d addressed the ofik>er In b4e w^7 W f-4. r?uU' 10 ""en this manT iCve'T gnat mind to lock you up. If you ?rmi _ ???In, or any other on a similar charge, I will kit* .I!1 committed and tried for a 2mmm5? '' " roa IWoiny John Melme arreted Wm. Smith on the ^ *Vy ?"* ?.? ?ha^^L?e IL^L??Ch ,w^?rhDn?lly Md ,b" Propp' ?U , ' h*** there I would have rescued the E?DK5Ar,rk,nf ** "however "m fcm lahihMtoTul n!!JUa?? ar1ualnte<l with the see 7 . '"(i Before Uie Grand Jury, wlicn Smith ^?Vsv S*llSto><RrttJil! nU tri*' ple;l<1 *u,lty *wentv!w^nd *'lhen 4 member of the ^rsjssri sstltsssi H/r Wife in tbe street and in Iho presence of th? yJi * look feim Nforu CSTa^l mX t ?mmry compUJnt. lhe forthw,u,^ dlwhlnSd (ffie prieoner ..nd threatened to lock ..p the mS fcrdomg more than his duty. {Document I) r"mm*u thlf hw ?: *?"' "urn" (document K) shows ?tat he wae obliged to arrest a drunken school ma* er ,.n ij'"'!3; 18flb> '?r h*"1* dr??k and disorderly. wi,en SSdTh^e^i1!^? C?KD0, r 00 ,h# r?n?*"'? morn.OS, ?h?y*T In?.d<,' ">? Pftwoer was rel?aeed without evidence of the drunkenness being produced and tha #?**0 reprimanded the sergeant f<? ^Inf ii? Mserticg that the eetgeent was not on duty at the time ?ad had no right or authority to make an arrest, which ""* '** *** J??w?rantod In lew aud directly at vari Mce with the instructions ol lbs Hoard of "ollce KimS. t'h ?f p*lrolu"ul Charl*? Humphreys and of ? (documents F aod (J) show that Anril.1?,,ro"rT?. !*??. ?n<t in tho other, on April 1??9, they made arrests of persona lor rocklotta !} rijbbi.h into the str.-eta, n violet km 2hw roenn t! 2df"' ,h*,r pr soners before Jus In r^h -' ?b>' *y m,d* "x* neocssary complaints. 1b Mch cms lbs prisoners wsrs dlf?cliarcod. but the ?ffitwre Wire reprimanded. It is easy to soe what would mm <* to//ld?rJ1h,"^1nn"' ?n ,h0 off#'",pr*. ?ne of thorn repeated the oflence on the same day He Irving, and being de ??Ined until the following morning waa taken Iteloro ??other Justice, ? bo held the secured for trial During a strike of the car drivers of the Rtwt rail Nnda sergeant John T. Wright, on April 17 nuts i.n.i charge of a squad of men to preserve the peace in the vtalntty of tbe .-llth Avenue Railroad rtejiot; It became 22?KiT"** * n?'*y Md d,*"rder'r crowd, who ' 2T.hS22?? #n? -v,"Pn? 10 discourage new drivers from ffnlr ^ r l'i ' H.) 8ev. r?l ot the moet * r,fu?tB? 10 ?? ?!??? ?nd desist in Izl "'"orderly conduct, or to leave the groun'l, were ?jremed ani uken before Justice Connolly, fropir wh?n?t.rf?r?5*f* ?#?">"* ">? offitmlers by the sergeant, b? Jnstlee informed blm he had no business to *r9rT WM1 bad a right to yell end k? ^!>ch " "a pleased, that it was no violation of MnJk^ *eirop.,.it?n law might do tor Cw 4b2hl22rS h?,1 "??* 11 wo?,d >">? cat him. He , tbe vrinBir!,^ prison ere, and farther reprimanded ' wUl ta h"? heen hm -^rce^.. had seven heck moo arrest rilWll jlL Aprtl w- 1M??. I" varinu. U?*" PTOUmcw ??rartuax "Hackney Coaches.'' (Document L) Foot of the Bomber were not provided with cards to present to customers, show ing the legal raise of fere, ss required by section 31, chapter 40, of the ordinances of the city of New York, revised in 1?39, and the proper charge was made. The Justice at first refused to receive such e charge, assert* nig Uteru was no law to sustain it. The sergeant then referred him to the ordinance, ami after the J ustice had read aloud the sections applicable he said, "Well, that was not known to too before, and If I am ignorant of It it canuot he expected that hacktneo should know it" Ho then discharged the wliolo seven, although throe of the mon were charged with infractions of other pro visions of the ordlnauces. i'atrolmau Algernon 8. Rose arrested a man named H. Knul> l for selling liquor on Sunday, May 8, 1966 (document K), and took him before Justice Connolly, whew be made the appropriate charge. 1 be Justice, as soon as the charge was made, threatened to put the po liceman under hail for making the arrest, as well as the prisoner whom he held. On the satoo Sunday, May 6, 1966, patrolman John Mclaughlin arrested Dennis Byer for selling liquor (doc ument L). and took bun before Justice Connolly. In this case the Justlce required the policeman to givo ball In #300, on a char e of encouraging Byer to sell llquom, the policeman having tasted the liquor to enable him to testify in the ,-ase. The Justice on this occasion gdems to have felt it necessary to assure the accused of his sym pathy, by requiring bonds from the policeman, and at the same time he privately informed the oillcer, "It shall go no farther; it will not amount to anything." And it has not. Patrolman Patrick Oatls arrested John Moore on Sun day, May 8, 1866, in the act of selling liquor In violation of law (document 11). The prisoner was taken before Justice Connolly and the proper charge wastnado; t.vo witnesses testified to the tacts in the case, and it ap peared that the ofUcer had entered Moore's barroom by the hack door, in tho same way his customers want in. The Justice then announced that "Moore had a right to shoot the officer as a trespasser, and h? would have been justified In knocking his brains out." Again, on Sunday, May 6, 1S66, patrolman Jeremiah P. (iillen arro.-ted tho bartender of John Mason, a. licensed liquor dealer, for selling and receiving pay fori liquor on that day. (Document N.) The prisoner was taken before Justice Connolly, and the proper charge was made against him. The Justice discharged him forthwith, and then said to Mason, the proprietor of the liquor store, " Club that officer out of your pLico if he comes there again.'' Patrolman William J. McMurray, on Sunday, July 1, 1866, arrested Joseph Hill for violating the Kxciso law. (Document O.) When the prisoner was brought bciore Justlco*Connolly and charged with the offence the Jus tlco mado tho following declaration:? "Citizens ought to protect themselves. If some of you ofllcors had your brains knocked oat the parties who did it would be justified. How long hate you b. ou on the police? Yon are one smart, efficient offi cers, looking for promotion. Now, I shall discharge the man, and if you bring any more men here on such a charge as this ( will lock you up, If I were this man I would sue you for false arrosi." ? The affidavit of patrolman Almas B. Stoddard (docu ment P) shows that on July 3, 1866, be arrested one Reardon for violating the Excise law, by selling liquor without a lie nse-, that ho took his prisoner before Jus tice Connolly and made the appropriate complaint; after bearing which the Justice used the following lauguage to the officer:? "Most horrible crime I most horrible crime! flow dare you bring a citizen before me oa such a complaint ? Don't you know that tho Recorder has given hie opinion that the law is unconstitutional? Now, sir. if you bring another person buforo me on a similar complaint I win oominit yon to a cell. You have your choice, to obey mo or t.< obey the Superintendent of Police. Now, sir, go to the station house and tell yonr captain wuat I have said to you." Then turning to the prisoner, the Justice used to him the following language:?"You go home, open your place, and sell liquor to whom you please." Patrolman George H. Irvine, on the 4<h of July, 1868 (document Q), arrested the same man, Keardon, for the violation of the Excise law on that day, and took him before J ustiou Connolly and made the proper cliargo. Tho Justin- discharged tho prisoner and then Invited him to make a charge against the policeman for assault and battery in making the arrest, which Reardon re fused to do, saying be hod come along with tho olllcer without force or violence. Tho Justice then told Rear don to resist in caso an attempt was made to arrest him again; and, addressing the policeman, he said:?"Now, if you or any ether officer bring any rooro persons here on such a charge as this, I will discharge them and lock you up." This threat tailed to prevent the officer from performing his duty, and during the same day he again arrested Reardon for a similar oflence and again took him before Justice Connolly and made the proper charge. Tho Justice at once exclaimed:?"Didn't I tell you not to come here again with that charge? What do you mean? This is clearly a contempt of court. Now, I will look you up." Then, turning to Reardon, lie re quired him to make a charge of assault and battery against the policeman for tnakiug the arrest, winch seemingly be complied with roluctanjy, and then ho ro Suired the policeman to give bail iu $300 to answer at le Sessions. e On July 4, 1806, Sergeant Barnott a Phillips arrested John tor a violation ot the Excise law. (Docu ments R and a) He took him before Justice Connolly and made a proper chargo against him. The Justice forthwith discharged the accused, and then urged liim to make a charge against tho Sergeant, saying, "If you will make a charge of assault and battory against Ser geant Phillips 1 will lock him op." The man declined to make the charge. On July 9, 1806, Patrolman Patrick Oatls arrested Francis Gross while In the act of kloklng a man In the head, whom he was holding down on the sidewalk. (Document T.) The prisoner was taken before Justice Connolly and a proper charee made. The policeman waa examined on the facta of the case, and when that was through with, the Justico exclaimed, "You saw too moob. You are a damned nuisance. There has not been one day's peace In tho Twenty-second ward since yon have been there." AfldT the policeman had been that addressed the offender wae discharged. Patrolman John Smedick, on September 12, 1866, ar retted John McCarty for disorderly oondoot and assault and battery? (Document U.) He was taken belore Justice Connolly and the proper charge made against him. The prisoner was at once discbarg. d, and the Justice made an announcement thus:?"I in sorry 11c Carty did not take^onr club from you and break it over your head." Oa September 26,1866, patrolman Cornelias Mahonv and two other officers arrested James Cullen, Daniel Looney and Patrick Looney lor a felonious assault and battery on a Mrs. Russe in a stable (Document V.) They were taken before Justice Connolly, and the charge made by the woman supported by other testimony. Two ot the prisoners were held and ona discharged.' After having made this disposition ot the case the Just.oo reprimanded the officers for making the arrest without s warrant. Roundsman Alfred P. Schultz, on the night of De cember 20, 1866, hearing a female voice cryiug murder, help, he., In a brewery building, called lor assistance and then entered the place, where he found the woman; and she pointed out the person whom she ohargod bad maltreated her. (Document W.) The officer prooueded to arrest the man, when two other men Interfered, and endeavored to effect a rescue, which made it necessary to arrest them. Those prisoners were taken before Jus tice Connolly. Tho woman testified against the man who had caused bur to make the outer?; but before the policeman could testify against those who bad attempted the rescue the Justice, in a very strong manner, repri* mandid the officers lor making the arrests, telling Ihoui, "You might have been Instrumental In destroying a wbole browing of ale." The three prisoner* w?ro then discharged. On January 9, 1867 patrolman John Qolnn arrested a man named lllsbback for throwing ashes In tun street, and took him before Jasuce Connolly, where be mado the charge of violating the ordinances of the city and of tho code of tho Metropolitan Board of Health, (Document X. | The law of the ctato makes this offence a miadomoaoor. (dee chapter 377, boasiona laws of I860.) The Justice reprehended the officer lor being too efficient in small things and neglecting more important matters; then referred to imaginary omissions of duty on beats several miles distant from the precinct with which Qutnn was counocted, and told hltn vo go thsre and per form duty. In ridicule of the officer and of the ordi nances under which be acted, he tauntingly said, "It is a pity that you officers hadn't the city ordinances aud lbs health ordinances pinned to yonr snlelds." On January 18, 1867, patrolman John McLaughlin ar rested lienry Hughes lor violating tho Excise law. (Doenment Z.) The prisoner was taken before Justice Connolly to hate the proper charge in ado against him; but before the policeman was allowed to make the cliargo he waa subjected to a long and irrelevant exami nation, and whcuuhui was turough the Justice refused to allow the officer to make o com plaint and discharged the prisoner. Patrolman David Slovene entered the liquor store of Mrs. Saul on -unday, Jnnuarv 20, 1867, and round her son, a lad of fourteen or nltceu years of age. engaged ia selling liquor to customers (Document A A.) The boy was arrested and taken before Justice Connolly, wboie the proper charge waa made; he was promptly dis charged, and the officer reprimanded by the Jasitce, he using among other expression* tb* following:?"Mrs. Haul had a perfect right to spilt your head open; and wonid have served yon tight If she bad." On Sunday, January 20, 1807, Captain M. B. Wilson arrcnti d John Mas .n. a licensed liquor dealer, for Viola tion of lbs Excise law. (Document BB.) He took the prisoner before Justice lounully, and made tho proper charge. After besring it the Justice discharged Mason, and Instructed him to resist any polio* officer who at tempted to arrest him again for such an offence, rising also tho following words:?"II you are brought before me I will commit the Captain or any other police officer who may arrest you." Roundsman Eugene T. Woodward arrested a drunken woman namod Margaret Powers on January 26, 1867, she being at the time very disorderly in the street. (Hocumeut CC.) While detained at the station house she continued noisy and disorderly, and warned the officers there that ir taken before Justice Connolly he would not hold her; that he was ber relative and if taken In his court she would be back again before Ihs officer who should take her. After being detained so as to be come somewhat sobered, as required by a Mlo of the police Justices, she was taken before Justico Connolly, and the proper charge made. Without takuig any testi mony in tho car# the Justice discharged her, and repri manded the officer for tusking such an arrest. #he wumar, as she had foretold, retrnea to Fort Washington on the same conveyance with the policeman who had taken her bet ore the Justice. On .Sunday morning, January 20. 1867, Patrolmen Thomas Levins and Richard Van Gleson arrestod Thorns* Gregan fur violation of the Excise law, and Allen Wot ford lor Interfering with the officers while in the dis cbarge of their duty. (Dooumeats DD and KE.) In this caso the officers bad been wlinueslug toe conduct of the prisoner Gregan and his customer*, In Ms barroom, for more than half an hour belore thesarrsnt took place: that when arre ted Gragan gave Wolford a key and directed htm to get pistols for lnm out of a safe; that It tbsa became netes-ary to use foroe In order to take the prisoner to the station honse; while this mm being done the other prisoner followed the officers, and as the officers had reason to beilsvs with the design of aiding in a res cue should opportunity offer; and he was not taken Into custody until he reached the station hawse, when It could be done without hazard to thn surety of the prin cipal prisoner; during the morning the tw > prisoners were taken bet ore Justice Connolly and the proper chargw ma^y, Tb? Justice discharged the oomplaintg, the tamo time announcing that "Gregan b?8 a right to keep hie place open for the accommodation of hia cus tom rs, and that he had a right to resist the arrest; that he would have been JustlUod in shooting the ofilcers for attempting te make it; that they bad gone too far; that they were carrying tlila thing with a high hand; and that before long they would find themselves locked up." Eight days after this arrest tho parties ugaiu appeared before Justice Connolly and mado complaint against tho jKilieeraan who had effected the arrest. Regarding the proceedings against the policeman as merely vexatious, and designed to overawe the officers and deter them from properly and faithfully performing their duly, wheuthey were required by tho Justice to furnish hall in three huu. tired dollars each, I advised them to decline offering any hail except themselves. Justice Connolly insisted ou the officers furnishing satisfactory bondsmen, and in default thereof he committed them to prison on Febru ary 8, 1867. Such a course of conduct on the part of Police Justice Connolly, so long and so persistently continued, appeared to me to require me to take such action as the statutes authorized, as well with a view to the duo administration of the criminal laws as to protect the officers and tneu under my command, and to enable a proper discipline and performance of duty to he maiutaiue<k and 1 issued General Order No. 489. On tho 3d of March inst. the general order was somewhat modiffed by special tele graphic orders, copies of which are herewith appended. Very respectfully submitted. JOHN A. KENNEDY, Superintendent. Special Telegruph Orders. ? March 3, 1867. To Twenty-second, Thirtieth, Thirty-Ami and Thirty-second preclude? During the period Justice Connolly Is sitting In the Fourth District Court you will send your pritouers to the Second District Court, at Jefferson Market, for disposal, unless otherwise ordered. J. A. K. To Tweiltb, Nineteenth and Twenty-third precincts? During the period Justice Connolly is sitting in the Fourth District Court you will scud your priaonors to the First District t onrt, at the Tombs, for disposal, unless otherwise ordered. J. A. K. To 1 wonty-llrst precinct? During the period Justice Connolly i3 sitting in the Fourth District Court you will send your prisoners to the Ihird D! trlct Court, at Essex Market, for disposal, unless otherwise ordered. J. A. K. MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. B3AR0 OF ALOERMEN. The Connolly-Kennedy Controversy?The City Tax I.evy. The Board met at four o'clock yesterday afternoon, the President, Joseph Shannon, Esq., in the chair. By resolution Corporation Counsel Richard O'Gorman was directed to assist Police Justice Michael Connolly in tho matter of the le.'al proceedings instituted by that gentleman against John A. Kennedy, Superintendent of Police, tn consequence of the order of Mr. Kennedy to the pohco not to recognize Judge Connolly as a magis trate. A communication was received from the Mayor, stating that with a view of facilitating business be had upproved of the city tax budget, bat at the same time there were some items in tho same which were objectionable to bun. Order d on tllo. The Bourd then adjourned. BOARD OF COUHCiLMEl Proponed ttlft of a (lold Medal to the Cap tain ot the Resolnte?The Broadway Pave ment Coin in Union Restrained rrom Intertc. rlii* with Broadway. The Board met vestorday afternoon, Mr. Brickmau. the president, presiding. .After the minutog of tho previous meeting were read and approved, a number of unimportant resolutions were presented and referred. A resolution was offered directing tbe Mayor to cause a gold medal to be struck and appropriately inscribed and presented, with the thanks of the Common Council, to Captain Thos. W. Freeman, of the ship Resolute, as a token of appreciation of his humane and heroic con duct in rescuing from a watory grave one hundred and seventy-live emigrant passengers and crow of tho slip Bavaria, in January Inst, and tho Comptroller was di rected to draw his warrant for Ave hundred dollars to de fray the expenses. On minion the resolution was reforred to tbe Commit tee on Donations A resolution was adopted altering a rule of the Board making the hour of meeting hereafter two o'clock in stead of four. The Board concurred with tho Aldermen in directing tho Council to tho Corporation to take legal proceedings to restrain tho commission created by the Legislature in 1S00 for repaving or improving tbe pavement on Broad way froin interfering with the present pavement in Broadway, or any other or the public or corporate prop erty of the city, and that the necessary legal steps be taken to test tho validity or constitutionality of the commission. The Board adjourned till Thursday, at two P. M. 4 AUCTION SALE OF FERRY LEASES. Yesterday morning, at eleven o'clock, Mr. John H. Draper sold In tho Governor's room, In the City Hall, by public auction, the two following ferry leases:? The lease of the ferry as now established from the foot of Whitehall street to Stolen Island. There being only one bid received, and that from Commodore Vanderbilt, It was knocked down lo that gentleman, who Is the present leasee, at $1,000 per annum. Tbe leooo of the ferry to be established from tbe foot of Twenty-third street, North river, to Pavonla. N. j J., was knocked down to tbe Erie Railway Company at $60 per annum. The bulkhead of the pier foot of Twenty-third street now rents for $400 per annum, and tbe $60 to be peld per annum by the Erie Railway Com pany ia for the ferry franchise of said lorry. In the caae of tbe 8taten Island Ferry Company the lease is to run for ten years from tho 1st day of May next. In tbe case of the Pavonla ferry the lease is to run for ten years from tbe 1st day of May, 180$. The following are the conditions of tbe sale;? The lease for each of the above named ferries to be made to conform to tbe requirements of tho city charter In relation to ferries, and also to contain covenants on the part of tbe lessee or lessees that he or they will con dact and manage the said ferry or ferric agreeably to such rules, regulations, ordinances or by-laws as are now or may hereafter from time to time be made or passed by tbe Common Council or .lute Legislature. Tbe purchaser of the ferry lease and Its appendage* in each case will be required to pay, at the time and place of ante, to the Collector of tbe city revenue e sum equal to twenty per cent of the amount bid for tho annual rent, to apply on tho rent of the flrst quarter, In case be ex-> cutes a lease with the usual covenants, otherwise to be forfeited to tho corporation. He will be required, elso to fnrnsb an obligation at the same tune, executed by two sureties, to this effect, that he will execute a bond, with sureties to be approved by the Comptroller, for the punctual payment of tho rent quarter-yearly and for tbe faithful execution of tbe covenants of the lease. Tbe fees of tbe auctioneer ($36) and tbe expense of tbe lease bonds and revenue stamps to be paid by the purchaser and no expense whatever is to be incurred by the cor poratfon for or in connection with the pier, slip or bulk head, or premises proposed to be leased, during the term of the lease. Should the lease of the tbeve named ferries or either of lb em be purchased by parties other than tho present leasees, they will be required. In aooordeace with the provisions of the laws of the State, to purchase, at a fair appraised valuation .(should the present lessees desire to sell), the boats, buildings and At lures nccosaary for the purposes of a ferry, said value to be fixed by persons se 1 cted by the old and nsw lessees, In cess tba parties cannot agree as to tho amount to be paid for the same. The lease shall alro rontaln a covenant requiring each ferry boat to have attached to Its engine a fire apparatus or force pump, with not less thau four hundred feet of nose of the quality and dimensions as that used by the Fire D -partmeot of the city of New York, and to bo used for the extiniulabment of flres whenever required by the Chief F.ngrneer or h e assistants of tbe Fire De ot the city of Now York, for whi'b service# tho les'-ee shall receive $20 per hour for each hour engaged, end no tune to be counted less than one hour. THE PEA8QHY FUND. The trustees of tbe Sour hern Educational Fund, at tbs Inv.tation of Mr. George IVabody, dined together yester day at tho Fifth Avenue Hotel. General IT. B. Grant, Robert C. Wlnfhrop, of Boston; Hamilton Fish, of Now York; J. H. Clifford, of Massa chusetts; William Aiken, of Soetb Carolina; Mr. William M. Evarte, of New York; William A. Graham, of North Caroline; Charles McAllister, of Pennsylvania; Ma Georgo A. Rlggs. of Washington; Samuel Wetmore. of New Anrk; Mr. Edward A. Bradford, of Louisiana; George N. Eaton, of Maryland; George Fee body Howell, i0'??',0?' *??;? BW>op Mcllveine, of Ohio, end William L. Rives, of Virginia, comprise the board. Up to last evenmg all had arrived except the last two ?f ibtm gentlemen here I* to eonfer with Mr. Peshody in reference to the definite die ">e 12.000,W$ which he has do 1.^1^.H w 'IS* SouUl- ">? ??rd will re ma n in ihe rity dnrmy this week. This evenlns there wiil be a partv in honor of Mr. f'eabody and the trustees at the residence of ex-Governor Hamilton Fish and to morrow the trustees wiil dine at the house of Mr A T htewert. STATEN BiANO INTELLIGENCE. A Mwrix*. ?William Mawby, while ender tbe influ ence ofcliquor, was wending his way heme on Monday night and stopped at what he supposed to be hie own residence, but which wee In reality Out! of Mr. John Sanguine, at TompklnevllH. William not finding the door open, raised the window and boldly ealeredL Mr Sanguine hearing the window rained, dressed end want down stairs wbefs he sew Will lata in theftwnt nX He Immediately celled in.officer Pnret, who oonvsvad William to the station house, wmreyed Violation ev ran horn Ltw. ?Benjamin Drawn Justus Brandt, Charles Penmen end Thotnra P. Cowan] of Middletown, & L, were yesterday arrested for liquor without a license. setting Es'iwn ConfAKT No. 7 The ninth annual halt of ProiecHon Engine Company No. 7 of Ptapleton, en me ear pn Monday evening at fteckel'e Hell, Btanletoa. The large ball was well fllled and the fettl'lUes were ksnt no WH) daybreak jtfkrfey mafhiM f HS COURT S. SUPERIOR COUBT?TIIIAL TERM?PARI f. 82,000 Damage# Against the Third Avenue Bailroad Company. Before Judge Moneil.

Anna Barrett o4. the Third Avenue RaOread Com pany.?This case?which has been fully noticed before In the Hkbau)?was an actiou by the plaintiff against the Third Avenue Railroad Company for damages on account of injuries sustained on the 4th of December, 1886, by a collision between a car of the defendants and a freight car of the Harlem Railroad Company, at the Junction of the Bowery and Third avenue, was submitted to the Jury yesterday. The Judge charged that if there was any negligence on the part of the defendants, although there might be concurreut negligence on the part of the Harlem Railroad Company, the defeudants were liable; but if the Jury found the negligence was entirely on the part of tbe Harlem Railroad Company, then the defen dants in this aetion were not liable. The jury roun d, aud alter consulting for a short time returned a verdict for plaintiff for $2,000. COMMON PLEAS-PART 2. Important Mercantile Suit. Before Judgo Brady. Alex. Wright it at. vs. Arthur Leary.?This was an action brought by tbe plaintiffs, who are residents of New Brunswick, N, S., against the deiendaut, a well known shipping merchant in this city, for the balance of an account From the statement of counsel in open ing the case it appeared that in the spring of 1802 the plaintiffs were own re of a steamship, the Princess ltoyal. which they sent to this port ior sale, consigned to tho defendant. X!r. heavy eilocted a sale of the vessel, as the counsel supposed, for the sum oi $20,000, and made up on uccouut and rendered It to the plain tlfls, stating tbe sale was partly for cash and partly on crcd.t; and u portion of the purchase money was paid, leaving a balance of $6,$94 77, for which sum the pres ent suit was imtitutod. This case commenced on Monday, nod yesterday tho plaintiff's counsel put In evidence tho account ronderod by the defendant and then rested bis case. Mr. Donohoe, who with Mr. Fullerton appeared for tho defendant, staled that tbe plaint t's had come here troni New Brunswick to sell their vessel, and hod addressed thom-'elves to Mr. I^ary, representing that the vessel had roceutly undergone some repairs aud was seaworthy, and was worth $20,000. On the strength of these repre sentations the vessel was sold and was sent shortly after to Fortress Monroe, but on her voyage, without experi encing any storm nr very severe weather, her timbers began to open, and it was found ibey were tilled hot ween with scantling, which is not generally used in shipbuild ing. Her machinery was also found to be bad and it be came necessary to return to New York, and it cost $12,000 to make her again ready for sea. Mr. George Leary was placed upon the stand, and tes tified he was a clerk to his brother, but on being ques tioned with respect to the condition of the vessel, the plaintiffs control objected to his answering, on the ground that Mr. Leary was tbe plaintiff's agent and sold the vessel as their agent. After a lengthened argument his Honor said lie would permit the complaint to be amended, and with that view the caio was adjourned until this morning. MARINE COURT. Action Agnlnat Knilivay Companies. Before Judge Alker and a Jury. Moorry vt. the Central Park and Jfirrth and East River and the Hudson River Railroad Companies.?The plaintiff brought an action to recover compensation for the loss of tbe services of his wife, who was seriously injured while travelling up town In a passenger car whicb came into collision with a locomotive, the prop erty of the Hudson River Company. Tbo defence was contributory negligence on tne part of the plaintiff. Several branches of this case have already occupied the attention of tho Marine Court. The jury returned a verdict for the plaintiff for $100?each of tho defendants to pay $90. Alleged Assault and Buttery. Before Judge Gross. McCarthy vs. Berry.?Plaintiff was a seaman on board the steamer Guiding btar. Ho brlugs this action to re cover damages against tbe defendant, who had been captain of tbe vessel, alleging that tbe latter had treated bim in a cruel manner by putting him in iroos and caus ing a gag to be pUced iu his mouth. The d louce was that the plaintiff had acted in a violent, intemperate and disobcmcnl maimer 10 the Captain, and that ho had used such bad language that it becamo necessary to place him In restraint. The Judge toou the papers and reserved his decision. ? COURT OF GENERAL SESSIONS. Before Judge Russet. Tbc Grand Jury a: ihe opcmng of the court yesterday prcs'-uled o large uunntr of Indictments. George Bia> (colored), against whom were three com plaints, pkaded guilty ot grand larceny In stealing three blankets, worth $65, from the steamboat Thomas Powell on the 10th lost. He was sent to the State Prison for four years. Alio Pelz, a clerk In the employ of Hart k Co., No. 90 White sires!, pleaded guilty of stealing $11, which he collected from Howard D. Lock wood. He was remanded for ceutooco. cosvictmn or a ni.-Hciu.vr run oeTiunxo goods it a FALSK TOKKN. Robert Maylard was convicted of obtalulng goods by meaos of a talse token. The evidence showed that an expressman named Jones carried a parcel of goods from the store of K. 8 J ad ray k Co. to No. 81 Warren street, eccond floor, wbero the sign Anderson & Maylard was over Iho door. The accused. Mr. Maylard, handed tho expressman a check for $344 04, drawn on the Second National Hank, wb.cli subsequently was deposited in tho bank. The paying teller and the cashier or the bank test i tied that Anderson A Maylard never kept an account In tba hecond National Bank. Counsel for tho accused luierpoted a number of technical legal objections, to which Assistant District Attorney Bedford successfully replied, the Judge sustaining him In the positions taken. The jury rendered a verdict of guilty, and the Court tomcd Maylard to tho >tate Prison for two years. ROBBSKT W THS FIRST DKOREE. Patrick Kelly was tried and convicted of robbery In the flrst degree, be having on the night of the 17th of February met Patrick Riley and brought him to a saloon on the corner of Roosevelt and Chatham streets. While there the prisoner knocked Riley down, and a confederate named Kelly robbed him of $16. The City Judgo sentenced Kelly to the State Prison lor fifteen yearn Paulino Sick, who stole on the 21st of February $100 worth of clothing, the property of Ferdinand Leaser, pleaded guilty to an attempt at grand larceny. She was aent to the Mate Prison for two years and six months. Michael McGinn, who stole clothing valued at $120, the property of Win. Krceland, No. 335 Eighth avenue, pleadod guilty to an attempt at grand larceny, and was remanded for i-enteace. COURT OF SPECIAL SESSIONS. Before Justices Dowling and Kelly. In this court yesterday the presiding Jastloee dispoeed of forty-eight cases, including twenty on charge of petit larceny; five, assault and battery; three, violation Excise law; one, carrying burglars'tools; three, violation city ordinance; one adulterating milk; ten, vloiatmu Health law; one, violation Barrel law; one. cruelly to animals, and three suspended from last sitting. On charge of violating the F.xclse law, Philip Kull, of Fiftieth street, was lined $30. Peter Ash burn, having bis bar exposed on Sunday, was dismissed, the evidence not being conclusive, and Patrick Nevios, charged with a liko oHence, remanded to Thursday. Albert Feb ulberg plead guilty to adulterating milk, and was flnnd $26. The other cases, consisting ch icfly of charges for petit larceny, were of no general importance, and the calen dar was got ibmugn with by bail-past eleven, wuen the court adjourned to Thursday morning, at nlno o'clock. BR00KLRN_LAW COURTS. United Ftstrs Cominlssloiiersi* Court. Before Commissioner Newton. United fHatet tt. (leurge Rue'rll.?The defendant, who ia a conductor on a Fulton avonne car, was charged with having given a counterfeit $1 greenback to a pas senger named John Currao. Mr. curran testified to hav In, received tbc bill, i'dded up, In change on Monday evening. He sulwrqnently ascertained that It was coun terfeit and sought the deiendant, who relused to take it back; whereupon witness caused his arrest. The cass wae adjourned until this morning in order to enable the defendant to procure testimony. Supremo Court -Circuit. Before Judge Gilbert J. F. Talmtnlg*, M. D., n. J. R. Well*.?The plaintiff brought this action to reoorer the sum of $191 for pro fessional services rendered the defendant s wife during confinement The defence was that, plaintiff was In competent, an d being unable to understand the case ad vised Mr. Weln to rail tn another physician, which he did, thereby incurring oxtra expense, ile claimed that plaintiff was not entitled to anything Hka the above amount, or even anything at all, li consequence of extra Buffering caused to the patient The jury rendered e verdict for plaintiff In the sum of $60. Court of Woollies. Before Judge Dike man, and Justices,Hoyt and Voorheea. Th* People v*. Jam** Hinetnn. ?A jury was obtained tor this earn yesterday, and some testimony taken. The evidence was merely a repetition af what baa already been pabtlabed. fltenon was identified an one if the gang ?he broke Into the house, No. 202 North Seventh ?treat Williamsburg, end robbed and ravished the three oompleiatag witneaeee, Kllea Walker, Margaret Lacy and Anna Campbell, ^tbe Identification Ming by tba girla? themselves The evidence el lotted disgusting details of the outrage, which are unfit for pubUeeUoa, and at Urn conclusion lie court adjourned MWT CAUNBAN?TW BAT. Srrmnm Corsr-Omnrrr.? Wirt 1.?No* IfTt, 991, 1146, 1111, 961, 1197, ISM. IMA MM. 2617, 939, 1237, 1408, 9781, MM, 1416, Mil, 142$, M2*. 1429. Part 4? bos. 160, 1320, 1238, 1718, $802, 1609, 964, 101$, 1098, 1040, 1042. 1000, 408, 342, 362, 848, 904, 908, 960, 1108. fart 3.-lks. 1989, MA 246. 1044 1276. 992. 1160, 1860, 1049. 368, 19$8, 672, 601, 1102, 91$, 1M3, 75*, 1200, 1398, 888. Poi'SFs* CoctT-^rxnAi. Tnut?Noe, 190, 19T, IN, 200, 202, 200, 207, 208, 309, 139. . Bvrasu OMtaNsOMMMM ollta M M. M. T4 M 101, 104, 114 118, 121, 125,128. Call eoniraoncM.No. 140. Sufrvior dorar?Part 1.?Now 27*7, 1980, 2979, 2043, 2007, 2767, 3011. 3097. 2033, 1108, 3006, 3039, 3075, 8010, 3079. fart 2?No*. IBM, 3110, 1702. 2076, 302-2. 3122, 2740, 1540, 3170, 3090, 3126. 3150, 3180. 3074, 3188. Common I'i kas?Part 1.?No?. 370. 540, 912. 590, 666, 660, 661, 301, 67,6, 057, 668, 659. 660. 661, 662. furl 2?No?. 624, 526, 504, 430, 041, 642, 643, 643, 295, 083, 684. 665, 660, 007, 008, 009, 670. Sc'RIMK Co?lit?CIRCUIT?KlNOH COUNTY.?NOS. 101, 20, 138, 140, 140. 31, 41, 40, 102, 110, 140, 152, 20, 60, 72, 07, 107, 119, 166, 167, 158, loO, 39, 10, 68, 76, SO, 111. POLICE INTELLIGENCE. Tin Nitic Btrket Gammjers in Court. ?Yesterday morning the sporting gentlemen arrested late on Monday afternoon bj Sergeant Wade, of the Second precinct, assisted by several officers of the force, were arraigned before Justice Dowling at the Tombs. The Sergeant made complaints against Charles 11. Cuyler and Francis Campbell Uo found Cuyler dealing cards at a game of faro, which he discovered In full blast in the front room on the second door of premises 102 Nassau street. At this game Campbell was acting as cue keeper. l)u the testimony of Sergeant Wade the magistrate held both Cuyler and Campbell to ball in 01.000 each for ex amination. The other parties arrested in the premises were discharged for want of evidence to dotatn them. It did not appear before the magistrate who was pro prietor or keeper of tbe gambling room. Thk Dibordbuly Bkokkrs ?Abbott Austin and Stgts mund LilcUtensladcr, tho brokers who became involved in a quarrel In New 'treet on Monday afternoon, daring which LUchtenslader was pushed through a glass door and severely cm, as previously reported In tho Humid, were yesterday brought before Justice Howling. Cap tain Wariow, ol* the First precinct, made a complaint of disorderly conduct against the brokers, and the magis trate lined them 010 each, which they promptly paid and left the court. Cruelty to Horsril?Officer McCafferty, of tho Sixth precinct, yesterday arrested Frank Wanxer, driver of a pair of horses alia cbcd to a truck on a cliargo of cru elty. The horses, which were attached to a truck loaded with eight barrels of syrup, each woighing about six hundred pounds, woro uuubie to draw tho load through Chamber? street, aud it is charged that the effort of ttie driver to compel the horses to draw the load was cruel. Justice Dowling required the accused to 2nd bail to answer the complain:. The Forces Luttur Swindlb,?An examination was bad yesterday afternoon before Justice Ilogan, at tho Tombs in tho case of James Beako, alias Jerome Law rence, the young man arrested on Saturday last charged with obtaining money by means of a forged letter. Mr. Ambrose C. Kln?sland, Jr., of 55 Broad street, deposed tbat on or about tho 25th ult. the prisoner called at his place of basinc- s and presented a letter purporting to have been written by the Kev. James MlUett, rector of the Church of Holy Martyrs, living at 109 Feoond uv nue. Tho letter set forth that James Ueake had been connected wltn tbe roverond gentleman's church provlous to engaging in the war. und was a person worthy the "sympathy ol those Christian and bcnevoleut persons whom God lias blessed with m-ans." Mr. Kingslnnil believing the lett r to be genu ine gave tho prisoner $10, but subsequently learned that the it-iter was it forgery. Jam-a Millet, Jr., ot 109 Sec ond avemio, testified that the signature of his lather to the letter iu question is a forgery. On this testimony the magistrate committed Beuke alias lawrence, to the Tombs for trial, In default of $1,000 bail. The accused is twenty-lour years of age, a native of this Btnte, but a resident of the city, and has no occupation. He pleadod gnilty to the charge preferred against him. Sevoral other persons have been defrauded in a similar manner by Lawrence, but as yet they have declined to appear and prosecute him. Tub Tailors' Strike.?The case of the members of {be Tailors' Protective Union who were charged with jiilerforlng with workmen employed In a tailoring estab lishment up town, who were working at reduced wago s, was up again for examination yesterday before Justice Dodge, at Jefferson Market Police Court. Several wit nesses were examined, but no new or importaut facts bearing on tue case were elicited, and tho hearing was farther adjourned until two o'clock this afternoon. Stiulino Tim.?William Nolan went into tho saloon of Thomas Butler, at No 7 West Hous ton stroot, on Mon day evening, and coolly displacing a largo cl ock from Its hangings, attempted to walk off with it. Mr. Butler, thinking tbe joke rather Ill-timed, dotained Mr. Nolan, and procuriug the assm'.aueo of an officer hod turn ar rested and produced at Jefferson Market Police Court yesterday morning, whence Justice Dodge committed him for trial. Stealing Parcels too* Carhlaofa?Mrs Roe, of No, 9 West Thirty-ninth street, appeared before Justice Dodge, at the Jefferson Market Police Court yesterday, and entered a complaint against John King, who was caught while attempting to ef-al a parcel from the car nage, wlucb was standing in rront of Stewart's up town ?tore. John was committed for trial on the charge in default or $300 ball. Au.eokd Felonious Assault.?Bernard O'N'eil was arraigned yosterday at the Essex Market Police Court, charged with having, during an altercation between liim eelf and Stephen C. Baker the previous night, stabbed Baker with a knife. He was temporarily committed by Justice shandley to await the result of the Injuries In flicted. BRITISH COLUMBIA FOB CONFEDERATION. 8a* Francisco, March 18, 1887. Despatches from New Westminster announce that the Legislative Council of British Columbia to-day voted unanimously for admlmloa Into the Colonial Confede racy. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. Aver?Rmkif. ?At the residence of the bride's parents, No. 10*1 Ryernon street, Brooklyn, on Monday evening, March 18, by tbe Rev. Robert Lowrey, Captain D inibl J. Ati-k, of Brunswick, Maine, to Julia F., youngest daughter of James F. Bishop. Esq. No cards Oaa?Haobman.?On Wednesday evening, March 18, by the Rev. A. J. CauUeld. at the residence of the bride's father, Jamk* Orr to AucrwrA, eldest daughter of Gilbert P. Hageman, all of Brooklyn, E. D. Wihslow?WsiLAca?In Baltimore, at Mount Calvary church, by the Rev. Alfred A. Curtis, Lieutenant Gordon Winslow, V. 8. A, to Elizabbth Galt, daughter of William Wallace, Esq. DIimI. Bersy.?At Fhitbanh, on Monday, March 18, Rachel Bkkkt, m tha Slat yoar of her age. The relatives and friend* of the family are Invited to at lend the funeral, from the residence of Captain Win. W. Story, i'iatbuab, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. IJooeht.?On Fundey, March IT, at her residence. No. in Barrow street, Emiahctii, relict of Jacob Bogort, In the 79th year of liur age. The relatives and friends are respectfully invltod to attend the funeral, without further nonce, this (Wednes day) afternoon, at one o'clock. Horcfc?J am in Alrxandbr, son of James and Henri etta Uoyce, aged 4 years and 11 months. The friends and relatiree of the family are Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of hie parents, corn' r Vsnderbiit avenue and Hutler street, Brooklyn, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at three o'clock. Biiown.?On Tuoxdny, March 10. after a abort Moons, Mr. OMarles Brows, In the ft2d year of his axe. The relatives sn l frtenda of the family are respect fuliv invited to attend the funeral, from his late resi dent. No. II Henry street, on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock. 1-ondon papers please copy. Bao % ?tin Monday, March 18, Mra Maeciket BooWV, aged 64 J "am The iriends of the family are requested to attend the fnnerai, from her Ism residence, 116 Washington street, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Bcisua.?On Tuesday, March 19, (ieoann H. Benson, et his late residcoce. No. 640 Eighth avenue. Relatives and (Heads are Invited to attend the funeral, from the above address, on Thursday afternoon, at ono o'clock. Albany papers please co^jy. Clarke. ?On Monday, March 18, after a short Illness, Jotix Or arks, Aged 84 rears. Bh relatives and friends, and those of his uncle, the late Thomas Butler, are rcypecifully Invited to attend the funeral, Irom "3 Bloomfleld street. Hot) >lcen. this (Wed nesday) afcrnoon, at twelve o'clock. The remalaa will bf taken to (alvarv cemetery. CooEnorr.?At Croton, Wctchester county, on Satur dav, March 18, OeAaa, youngest daugh'er of James M. and t,. Matilda Corkroft. The lAativna and friends ef the family ate respectfully Invited to attend the funeral services, at St. Mark's church, corner Second avenue and Tenth street, this (Wednesday) afternoon at two o'clock. Coohwsu?On Monday morning, March 18, after a short Minna-, Damxl Cocikwei t, aired 44 vears. The relattves snd frends of the lamtly are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from hie late residence, 64 Macdongal st., this (Wednesday) afternoon, at baJf-pnsl one o'clock rosTELto.?On Monday evening, March 18, Tftoxas Oost?li/>, born in the city of New Vork, aged IM yeera. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of hi* mother, 864 F.set Fourteenth street, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at one o'clock. Conns. ?On Monday, March 18, suddenly, Jam Corns, In tha 80th year of bis age, ... Tlbe relatives and friend* of hie eon, Edward B. Cnrtle, and of his sons In-law, T. F. t^eoor and R Brooks, are re sportfully Invited to attend the funeral, from hia lata reeMenoe Stratford. Conn., without further notice, tine (Wednesday) afternoon, at one o'clock. Dtxojr.?On Tuesday morning, March It, hosac* youngest child of John James aad Adrians Dixon, aged 4 months aad 9 days The relatives and friends of the tally are Invited to attend the funeral, tMk (Wednesday) afiornoou, as two Wdoek, aft the reeWnee of bio pares ta, Na 82 South 10JlfA?y Wa**l Dim. aged 9 years, oideet ehlM of George H. aad Mary I Dana Isabel DuaaelL ud (Honda of the family are Invited to Thursday afternoon, at ono attend the ftneml, on o'clock, from No. lOCottam place. Hurry?On Tuesday, lurch 19, Masoakbi A. B , the beloved wife of Captain Patrick Duffy, In the 98th year of her ace. The relettvee and Wends of the faintly, and those of Kir fetber, Hon. Michael Connolly, and of her father-In w. CwMtaalih! Duff*. Km., mo resuectfuiiy invited to ? attend the funeral, on Thursday morning, at half-paet nine o'clock, from the realdenoe of her father, No. 16# Weet Fiftieth street, to fee Church of St. Paul, corner ot Fifty-ninth atreet and Ninth avenue, wh?r? a solemn high mass of requiem will he ottered for the repose of her soul, and from thence to Calvary Cemetery for in torment. Dun .las.?In Brooklyn, on Friday, Hatch 15, F.uza R, wite of Alexander Doug!**, Jr., daughter of the u,e Benjamin Brown, Esq , of New London, Conn., uged 57 year*. The friends and relatives of the family are cordially invited to attend the funeral sarvtoe* at her lato resi dence, No. 127 Sands street, Brooklyn, on Thursday after noon, at half-past two o'clock. The remain* will bo taken to Bridgeport for Interment on Friday morning, March 22. iram departs lrom New York and New Haven Hail road depot, corner of Twenty-aoventb street and Fourth avenue, at eight o'clock A. M. Now London, Bridgeport, Chicago and Milwaukee papers please copy. FiTSPAoncx.?Suddenly, on Monday, March IS, Jows Fttefatkkk, a native of the parish of Anna, county Cavau, Ireland, in the 34th year or bis age. Tno remain* will be taken to St. Mart 'a church. Brook lyn, Pi. I)., corner of I/eonard and Rcmsen streets, on Thursday morning, at ntuo o clock, where a solemn re quiem mass will bo celebrated for the repose of bis souL The relative* and lrb-iids, &L-o thuse of his brolher-iu law, Philip laxMy, are respectfully invited to atiemL Flake.?At Clifton, .States Island, on Vlondav, .March 18, Mast Ann, Wife of John L. Flako. in her 64th your. The relative* and friends of the family nro respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Thursday afternoon, at one o'clock, from her late residence. Formah.?On Tuesday, March 10, of pneumonia. Wil liam H., son of Alfred G. and Lucinda W. Forrnan, in the 25th year of his age. The relatives and Iriends of the amity, also the mem ber:! of J. IV Willard Lodge No. 260 F. and A. M., are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, from Thirteenth street Presbyterian church, Thirteenth street, neur Sev onth avenue, this (Wednesday) evening, at liaif-pasi seven o'clock, without further notice. The remains will bo taken to Sing King for interment. Masonic Notice.?The members of John D. Willard Lodge No. 250 F. and A. VI. are hereby summoned to meet atthotr rooms, Odd Fellows' Hall, corner of Grand end Centre it roots, this (Wednesday) evening, at six o'clock, for the purpose of paving the last tribute of purpose of payingi rpept to our late brother, William H. Forman. The fuuera' services will be held at the Presbyterian church, Thirteenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, at bair-pust seven o'clock. By order of JOHN M. M0FFI1T, M. Thomas J. Drew, Secretary. Fred :? mttiO.?On Monday, March 18, at 33 London terra',e, West Twenty third street, Mrs. Fi- edeni uwi, mother of H. W. Fredonburg, Esq., In the 82d year of her age. Tito funeral will take place, from the above romdence, this (Wednesday) morning, at ten o'clock. Relatives and friends of tb'< family oro requestod to attend with out farther notice. Gilkov.? On Monday morning, March 18, after a short Illness, llroii Y. Gilhot, aged 24 years. The friends of the family, ulso of his brother*, Thomas F., Michael F. and Pair ck A. Gilroy, are respest fully requested to attend the funeral, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from his late residence, 209 Mulberry streof. Hai l<? k.? On Second day. March 18, Hueabbth M. F., wile of James C. Hallock, in the62d year of her age. the friends of the family are tnvitod to attend the funeral, ou fourth day (Wednesday) afternoon, at one o'clock, from No. 1 Mast twentieth street. Houi ma n.?On Monday, Match 18, Herman* How man*, beloved husband of Zesche Hollmann, aged 39 years and 0 months. The relatives and friend* of the family are Aspect fully invited to attend the tuncral, from his late resi dence, No. 1 Macdoagal street, corner of Spring, thli (Wednesday) afternoon, at half-past twelve o'clock. Johnston. ?On Monday, March 18, Rebecca Johnst i*, in i he 45th year of her age. Tlie Iriends and relatives of the family are respect fully invited to attond the funoral, front her laio resi dence, No. 92 West Nineteenth street, to-day (Wednes day), without further notice. Kim On Monday. March 18, Abraham Lincoln, in fant son of Edward J. and Catharine Ana Kirk, aged 10 months and 12 days. The relutives and friends of the family are respect fatly invited to attend the rubral, from the residence of bl* par nt*, Sixty-second street, near Second avenue, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at ono o'clock. UtMBlJiiT.? On Monday, March 18, J esse Edwin, son of Abraham and Ellen Lambert, aged 2 years, 3 month! and 24 davs. The relatives and friends of the family are respect folly lnv.ted to attend the funeral, this (Wednesday) af ternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of his parent*, 261 West Twenty-Bflhstroot. Lowes.?On Monday, March 18, Charlotte Low**, widow of J. W. Lowes, Burgeon of the Third lAght Dragoons, H. B. M. S. The funeral will take place on Thursday afternoon, at thr o o'clock, from the restdunoe of Frederick White house, 82 Park avenue, Brooklyn. London (England) papers please copy. Maudk*.?On Tuesday, March 19, Patxice Maddew, ?gel 60 yeiiiT. The fuooral will Uko place on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of his daughter, 627 West Forty-second street. The friends of the family are invited to attend. Mailky.? On Tuesday morning, March It), Jawch Mai lky, native of lrelnad, aged 32 years. The Iriends and relatives are res|-octfully invited to at tend the funeral, from St. Francm' church, Tblrty-tirst street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, where there will be a solemn high inass offered for-tho rc|>oee of his soul, on Thursday morning, at half-past ten o'clock. McDebmott. ?On Monday, March 18, Sarah, the be loved wife of Michael McDermott, in the 80th year of her age. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence. No. Ml Canal street, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Nkvijw. ?At his residence, No. 900 Seventh street, on Tuesday, March 10, Jauw Navj.vs. The relatives and friends of the family, and those of his father-in-law, John Sudiow. are respectfully invited to attend the runeral, without farther notice, this (Wed nesday) afternoon, at half-paat una o'otook. Nicoll.? At Savannah. Ua.. on Wednesday, March 18, Edward Niooix, son of John Nlcoll, of Blooming drove, Orange county, N. Y., In the 21st year of bis age. Ox'tiwicnu.?On Tuesday, March 19, JuMn Hbxbt Oldkmicuo. son of Henry and Kate Oldenburg. The futieral will take place from No. 940 West Tenth street, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. O'Kkbkfil?On Tuesday, March 19, after a abort bat painful illnoss, Eluu A, the betoved wife of David O'KecfTe. The funeral will take place from her late residence, No. 20 Hose street, on Thursday afternoon, at ana o'clock. O'Kocrk.? In Brooklyn, on Monday evening. Much 18, Pktkr <> ' Koran, ion of tbo late Peter O'Rourk, in the 21st year of his age. The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from his lato residence, No. 110 F.ast Baltic street, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. I'isck.xsy.?On Tuesday, March 19, of dropsy, Isaac L. PiscaxKT, aged 58 years and 2 months. The Iriends of the family are respectfully lnvtted to attend the funeral, from his late residence, 109 Weat Thirty-eighth street, on Friday afternoon, at on* o'clock. Riillt. ?On Monday, March 18, Bras a an O., son of J. B. and rarah Reillv, late of the city of Dublin, Ireland, in the 22d vear of his age. Funeral will leave 106 West Twentysncoud street, this <W-dnosday) afternoon, at half-past one o'clock. Ri'-rmar.? On Tuesday. March 18, Maim, infant daughter of John J. and Isabel Kiceman, aged 1 year. The relatives and friends of the family are respect fully invited to attend the funeral services, tbia (Wednes day) evening, at half past seven o'clock, from the resi dence of her parents, N& 127 Thompson street. Tbo remains will lie taken to Belle villa, N. J., on Thursday morning for interment. Brno*:* ? In Brooklyn, on Tuesday morning, March 19, Bkrnamo Riihiks, In the 56tb year oi his ago terviccs will tie held at tbo Church of the Assumption, corner ?r York and Jay streets, this (Wednesday i morn ing, at half-pan e itht o'clock, hts relatives ami frfnito and those of his brother Jotin are invited to attsnd with out further notice. Ilia remains will be conveyed to Calvary (cmetery. thnvm.?On Monday, March 18. at 271 West Thirteenth street, MAKOAhnr, dearly beloved wife of Bernard Bea ton, a?cd 40 years. Relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Inv ted to atti-ud the funeral, from hsr late residence, this (Wodnw-dayl afternoon, at half-past one o'clock. 8mA On Monday. March 18, J mm a, eon of John and Mnrv Ann Shna, of convulsions, aged 19 days The friends of the family are requested to attend tbo funeral, from the resldonco of his par nta, 357 West Thirty-ninth street, ibis fWedn?da\) afternoon, ut half past one o'clock, without further nottc. M?irn. ?On Sunday. March IT, of oensninpUon, Gala ginni. nged 44 yearn. 4 montLs and 24 days Tho relative and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, thla (Wednesday) after noon, at two o cIihJc, from hta law residence, 40 South First street, Williamsburg, ft I. Swnir? fn Monday evening, March 18, at hio reel- ' done, Hoboken, N. X, Mr. B. T. Brora, In the 41st year of his age. Notice in to-morrow's paper of time of fhnsrai. ram ?On Tuesday, March 19, of oongeeiloc of the brain, Ha*a\ W. Tana, aged 33 years. Tho fuooral will tak" place at So. 143 East Tbirty-flnl street, on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock. Timers.?In this etty, on Monday evening, March 18, Waiarr R Ttruss, aged 91 rears, 3 months and 18 days, foungott child or Mows Tucker, flecoaeed, and Anna B. unkcr, of thla c?ty. The relative and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, without further notice, from tne riwidencsof his mother, No. 9 Waal Thirty seventh street, on Thursday afternoon, at foor o'clock. ('MiKNtttM.?At hie residence, 18 East Twenty-seoomi street, on Tuesday evening, March 1?. Jam* W. llsuaa BitA, In the 48Ui year of his ago. Notice of funeral in to-taorrow'a paper. Vaisxtivb.?At Booth Amenta, Dutch ws county, W. Y., on Thursday, March 14, Amv B Vauwthw, widow ?f BonJ W. Valentine, aged 66 years Western papers nhsaae copy Vouuur*.? In Williamsburg, Hsvaufwa VotMVAs*. The raiatlvea and friends of the family, and the Wash ington Hussars, Third regiment, company K, are rcspeot ftiliy Invited to attend the funeral services, at hts late residence, No. 24 First street, this (Wednesday) aftsf noon, at two o'olock. ? Walsh.? In Brooklyn, on Tuesday morning, March 19. Miimarii Wamw, Jnstloe of the hrst District Can* Brooklyn, a native of Knnlatymon, county Clara, lre acqaalntanom of the famllyare re spec ifslly invited to attend the funaraUrom h* tale resMenc* No. 9 Wyekoff street, on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock. Clare Journal plessa copy. . ? . .. , Women* ?On Sunday evening, March 17, suddenly, of hemorrhage of the lungs, Mr Jossrn Wisns a. The fr mis Of the deceased are re?Dectfallr Invlled to aitend tho funeral, from the residence of Mr. J. H. Btsveu", 46 Kighth street, near Third avenue, Brooklyn. Uiif (Wednesday) afternoon, at four o'oiooh.