Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1867, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1867 Page 7
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EUROPE. The Derby Reform Bill Out ? lined by Disraeli. Forty Fenian Leaders in Irons in Tipperary. Napoleon's Foreign Policy " Attacked " in the French Legislature. The Obliteration of Poland Approved ef by Prussia. Naval Movements of Austria and Russia. Ac. &A. Ac. BY THE CABLE TO MARCH IB?EVENING, THE REFORM O'JESTION. Mr. I>i*ritell'a Explanation of Karl Derby's Bill. t Loeraoff, March 18?Midnight. Ia the House of Comniuu* tii.a evening the Derby government asked formal leave to bring in their Retorui bill to-niorrow, and Mr. D .>rae!, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, explained the '.natures of the proposed bill, introducing copious 8tntiRti''s to support the princ piss on which the bill was grounded. Mr. Gladstone tnade u short speech, In ah >'h he said be thought that the figures ot the goveiii.netu wer ? absurd, but he would defer all debate on the quiMtien until the bill came beforo the- House. The Uvbatc !*<??.*poucil. Ltwoo*. March 19?Evening. The delMte on the Reform biU has been postp >ued to the :i.itli instant. THE FENIANS. Fresh Arrears in Ireland. Losrnox, March IS?Kveniug. Arrests of Fenians still continue to be male in Ire land. Head Centre Dennis Donovan hi'-- been irre-ted nt Cork, "Ueneral" liurke, one of (he Ken an loader* who was recently captured, and forty ot dors, have been carried in irons to Cloumel and put in jail. FRANCE. MM. Thiers ami .Inlet Knvre on the l-'orri*u Pot ley. T'arib, March 19, 1887. A deflate took place in the Corps l.egl*latil' la-t evening in regard to foreign affairs, in ltie course of which Repre sentatives MM. Thiers and Favre attacked the toreign policy of the Rmperor ou the ground that it favored a unity in both Germany and Italy, Wiidk tear luiUtU to th ? int*r*Vi of Franc*. Minister Kouher and Repre-ent stive M. Olivier de feuded the course ol the governuteut. THE ROMAN QUESTION. Napslesn's Plaa of Money Aid for the Pope. Fun, March 19?Evening. . In the Corps Legislatif to-day Minister Rouher stated that the Emperor was in favor oi the partition of the Papal debt among the Catholic Powers, each oi them assuming Its share of tho burden and guaranteeing its payment. THE POLISH QUESTION. Ceeat Klemarek'a Aden ol' the Policy ol wauy. Birmx, March 1R, 1887. It it stated that Herr von Bismarck lias refused to pro test against the absorption of Poland tulo the Kuasiau ??plre. # OERMANY. Prussian Power la Havnrin. Hkrux, March 19?Evening. It is reported that a secret treaty was made between Praaeh and Bavaria in the month of August Inst, and that by one ol the clauses or this treaty Prussia may aamaM military direction of the Bavarian arihy. AUSTRIA. Til* Cwmnwl la Ike Adriatic. Vin.rju, If lire U 19, ISO*. Aa ecdar hu bwa tent to America recalling Admiral Tegetboit to this country. to take command of the Adri aito float. RUSSIA. ia ll r War Praparatlsa ? Lomki.y, March 19? Keeping. Agents of the Russian government are Mid to be pur chasing veoeols in thio country and on the Conttnsnt, to he and aa I rami porta. HUN8ARY. lostnllntlon of the National Cabinet. Pmtm, March IS, 1407 The tnembora of the newlr created Hungarian Minis try to-Car took their oaths of office, -in the pretence of (he Ktnperor of Austria and the Nntionat Diet.. Ptorrn, Mireh 10?Keening. The coronation of Francis Joeeph as King of Hungary, during hia praeent rtait to Ibis city, is strongly urged by nil partis*. FINANCIAL ANR COMMERCIAL The London .doner darker. ? Losoue, March It?Neon. Consols opened steady, at 91 for money. AKBBICAX WCSi TIBS opened at the following ratea ifnite fatted Siatse OeO-twenliea 7t', Illinois t'entral sbarae 7s \ Erie Kill* ay shares 40 Los bos, March 19?kveaing. C'onanl. cloeed at 91 for money. immt aorcaiTtni ?!?eod at the foUowlog rates:? United Slates flee-twenUe* 74)s Illinois ?entrai shares 78 Erie Ktiiwsy shares 39\ The Frankfort Monroe. I<osoos, March IS?Evening. A despatch from Frankfort says United States Are twenty bonds closed there this atoning at 77', FnasKennr, March 19?Evening. United xatca bonds cloaed at 77', Tho l.lserpnalrt attoa darker. Ijrnaeoov, March 19?Nooa. The market opened firm at the highest quotations of yesterday, with the prospect of a fair day's tmslnoo. Middling uplands art quoted at 19S& per lb. The aalea of the day are estimated at 10,000 hale#. I,rv enroot.. March 19?Keening. The iparket to-day has been quiet, and closed steady ?? n v'. tor middling uplande. The sales or the day wore 10,000 bale*. Trade Report. Advice, from ManchsMor (March 191 are favorable. I.irerpool Mnaflilsfls Market. ly not root., Marlh 19?Keening. The br ladstuffli market Is Arm. Whest?Milwaukee Ted ?n?l amber, Iks. 3dL per cental. Com?41s. Od. per qBarter for mixed Western. American barley, 4? 7d. per H0 lbs. I.lrerpddl TrarWoas Market. laranroot, March 19?Noon. tor i. 51 v. per ewt. for Amsrloau. Tallow, 44s. per cwt. I.irerpool Prsdsre Market. Lirasroot^ March 19?Noon. Idnveed Oil. per Ion. Roam bommon Wilming ton, 9a. id. per cwt. ? , ? Ijrtnroor, March 19?Ersning. Aebee?Pots, 94#. per cot. Spirits turpentine. 37?. 0d. per cwt Petroleum, le. 7U. for Pennsylvania reflneA god Canada white. MARINE INTEUIOINCE. I.trtmroot.. March 14?Evening. The Hamburg American Packst t'ompeny s steamship HloaiAflau, Captain Trautman, wh ch left New York March 2, arm ed at Southampton on the evening of the 16th. Ltvsaroot. March 19?Noon. The steamships Btlmu, front Portland, Me., ami Java, from New York, have arrived out. IliMUtcri at Men. LivsMrouL, March 19?Noon. The .icvere which have prevailed for nearly a week past ha\e proved disastrous to shipping. Many shipwrecks are reported on the F.nglish and Irish coast*. Livkbpuol. March 19 1367. The bark Alida, Captain Baker, hound from Liverpool for Boston, is reported to have been abandoned at sea. J* date giveu. BT STEAMSHIP TO MARCH S. The M'tmship Moravian, Captain Acton, from Liver pool at three o'clock on the afternoon of the 7th, via Londonderry on the evening of the 3th of March, arrived at Portland, Me., at half-past one o'clock yesterday after noon, bringing some few more details ol our cable des patches. With regard to 'he murder of Doctor Livingstone, a re port bad rtarlied the Kngliah Consul at Zanzibar that the calibrated African explorer and half of his party had been murdered by tbe Calf res. The report reeled on the luthnrity of niod native attendants who escaped. The alia k was sodden, but tbe doctor had time to overpower tho-e facing him. but was cut down from behind while endeavoring to reload bis revolver. BROOKLYN INTELLIGENCE. Ac. or .Attkhptihw; to Bhikc a Witnkh*. ?Mr.?. ltb.Nl i P.. Rltoe, residing at No. 17 Woortbull street, w is arrested !>> otti< er Rambler on a charge oi attempting to bribe a witness turned Catharine Kvans. The com pliitiant says the acuaed offered her a valuable con sideration t? make a tal.-e statement in a case in wbich ;n? accused is interested. Tnk* on Sr. T'atrick's Dir.?Tha Brooklyn police made ninety-fopr arrests on Monday, of which Uflv two were for intoxication, A Color no Suxron Sknt to run PmrnntUT.?Thos. Spiet, a colored man. employed for the past year in the ho ;-e famishing store of Mr. Clarence Hedges, No. 3d Myrtle avenue, and who also officiated as sexton of th?( African Methodist Episcopal church in Bridge street, was taiceu hefor" Justice Corntveli yesterday on the com plaint of ti:s employer. Who charged him with robbing his money drawer. Mr. Hedges watched the accused and -aw him open the drawer with a skeletou Key Detective Corw.n t iok Spier iuto ? uslodv. and. on searching Ins room at the church, abo'it *.">0 worth of hpuse fi rui?bing goods helonging to Mr. Hedges ?asdl-. covered. Judge I'ornwetl sent Spier to the Peeltentiary tor *ix months. AH ?ST >W A .Il'sTtCc or TIIK Pl'ACg VOR AV AssAft.T,? A Ji'.Uculty o "nrred in the oysier saloon of (ieorge Weruer, ui IV-rrepont street, ou Monday night, in which Justice Buckley became mixed up aud was rather roughly handled. In striking out his tlsts on one or two occasion* C.v io in contact with Mr. Werner's head, to the great injure of that gentleman's feelings, if nothing icire Ofllonjr I'tfer, who happened to lie in Bte vicinitv at the time, was railed in. and ou tne com plaint ot Werner look Ju.siice Bu. kley into cus'odv. itu reaching the station house the complainant found that his he-1 *.t- -til' In it- nroper place; 'hit lie hadn't lost his no-e, tooth, or the sight of his optics, the walk to the station house had also cooled b s angry feelings and he declined to tiress the charge. Justice Buckley was therefore tiscbargetl * Rtvx ??v- George Taylor, a boy seven years old, ws rutt over yesterday afternoon. at the c>rneref Pearl s're." Ki.l Fulton avenue, by a horse and wagon driven bv H W V ingbfood The littla fellow, who was severely njnrej, w ?s taken to his borne. No. 1;W l.a fat ette avenue Aip ron ths .-ti'oTit.?On Friday eveuing n -xt a literary ontertsuiriient eon*i*t,ng of readings, recitations an ' music will |h> given at the Packer Institute in aid of tbe Ladies Southern Relief Association. The best iaf?nt of the Institute wilt to* brought into requisition tomnlcaihe enlci-ta'iitneut w. niiv ol 'lie c? ise tor which it is u> be give*. *nd the building will doubtless be tilled with the c/ift* ol the city. Litertirk jtv Jowi Francis M Anemic, SI. P.?John Fnvncis Mxgtrre. Esq., Member of Parliament from Cork, delivered bis lecture on "European and American Education " at the Academy of Music, last evening. There vim a numerous audience present, a large propor tion of wfiom were la lie*. The lecturer was introduced at about <0 'bt o'clock bv Heror Me'leotcey. who made alew appropriate remarks, after winch Mr. Mnguire proceeded to d -l ver his discourse, which was list -ned 10 with deep attention throughout. The lecture has already been preltv fully reported in tha IltaALp, aud it is hardly here to sj\ more thun that it was deliv-red in the gentlemau's best style, aud assured Ids appreciative nodtence that he ImmI an entire knowledge of the inter esting subject upon which 'be was discoursing. Mr. M.tgutro was frequently applamled. Tbe proceeds of the entertainment were (or tbe henelll of the orphans under tbe care ot the Sifters of Mercy. Toe*. Was'.* Chrooia.v .\aanciATt03. ?Tbe regular monthly meeting of the Young Men's Christian Associa tion was held last evening at their hall In iSallaUn place. Mr Krra f> Barker'pnfided. Tbe meeting was opened with prmver and a hymn, after which the chairman ex plained its object, which was to em enrage the effort* of the members ot tbe association in the good work of can vasmng the city and the word-- of the Gospel among those who were ignorant of its teachings. He urged tb -m to enter noon the work with a will, and trusted the I ruts or their lalmr would 9oon be apparent. He exhorted Ins hearers to work In connection with the City Mis-ion Society, to divide their work into sections or dl strict* and make a house to house visitation?not *> much for the pur;>o.seor collecting dry statistics, hut to effect real vitai work and bring about a revolution in ruvor of Christianity In this community. The Rev. Mr. Gallagher then -poke at some length in favor of tbe urs sion euterprse. shortly after which tbe meeting dis persed Asmt and Kavv Ustow.?'This association met last evening In the County Court House, General E. L. Mol inevtx prodding. A re-nlntion was oflbred by 1 aptaln O'Biemt in favor of establishing a library and reading room, the proceeds of which to be applied in aid of orphans ol deceased soldier-, who tell during tbe late war. The propo-it.on wan unanimously adopted by the meeting. A resolution was adopt"* expressive of the regret of the oaoociMiMi at the action of tbe United State* Senate in rejecting a rertatn military nomination. The meeting soon after adjourned. Violano.\? or thk F.xutsi. Law.?Jamee Conway, ? grocer at No. 73 Hudson avenue, wee arrested by officer Strong, of the Forty-second precinct, and locked up yes terday to answer a charge of violating the ?xc|?# taw Nichols Brooks was arrested by oflleor Wonderiy, ot the Fortv-fouriU precinct, and locked up to answer an alleged Violation of the law. THE WILLIAMSBURG BttSKT No t'lno I* lk? .H?r4rrer-A Ciraarr'a Inquest to he kfM on TkarMar. Ar. The man found at lb* corner of Grand and Ninth streets, Brooklyn R. D., on Monday eight arlth a mortal wound in hla neck, and who died noon afterward* aa reportod in yesterday's Hmulh, has boen identified as John Fitapelrlck. a aatlre of Inland, thirty-three year* of ago. Ho wan an anmarrlod man, employed in the rape walk of the Meeara. Walortmry, on Buahwtck arc ana. and raided at the corner of Cook and Mornll atroeta. K. t>. The murder ia atill lovulv .d in myatory, hut It la be lieved to bo the raault of a drunken quarrel. Phillip Irnddy, brother-in-law of de-eeesd, states that ho waa a sober and Inoffensive man and had mred np I'he anm of t?0. Karly on Moo day morning Fllzpotriek loft bit hoarding bouao for tba purpose of Tiaiting Naw York, to aoo tho 8t. Pmtrtoks panda. Ha waa accompanied there by a Mend named Martin Brady, from whom ho became neper a ted daring the day. and the neat thing known of hla moreuienia waa hla appearance at the corner of Third and Grand airoota. K. I) , in oompnny with two ethers, m angry conversation Tbla waa between eight and nine o'clock in tho evening. About nine o'clock officer Orpen, of the Forty-nflh precinct, mot blm near Grand street, la corepotiy with a man of similar appear anoe la sire and dram, with light natr, turned under et the edge. Both men oppearod to be Into* tested and were talking loudly, when the officer told bim to pom on and kaop quiet. To this remark Klupatrick made aa Insulting reply but kept on his way. About half-peat uine o'clock officer Andrew (liklersleeve, of the same precinct, while standing on the aorUieent oorner of Grand and Ninth at rente, obnoirod deceased aiaageriug toward htm from tho direction of Ninth street, aa tbongh ha wm intoxicated. When ha arrtved within n few feet of the officer he raised hla arms, aaateimiag, 'Mister "? apd wan about falling to the pavement when the former caught him m hie ermo and nap parted him. The officer then for the Brat lime noticed Wood dripping from tho unfortunate maa'a neck, and ha placed bin handkerchief to the wound la ateoch the Bow. and, calling aadataaoa, conveyed him to tba Met Km boose In Fourth street. Kliipetrtek waa at that time ia aa Insensible condition, and although aurgical atd waa promptly at hand, ha as pired In a few momenta. Coroner Smith took charge of the body and empan elled a jury, who met at Firemen's Hall yesterday after noon and adjourned, without taking testimony aatu one o'clock on Thursday neat. One of the young men Brat aeon in the company of the murdered men, at the oorner of Grand and Third streets, baa been arrested by the police, and ia bald to await i be action of the Coroner. Hla name ia Nicholas Hng'iiee, aa employe of the Hunter's Faint Ferry Com pany. He will probably prove aa Important witaena at the Inquest. During the day Dr. Joseph Creamer, by direction ef l oroner Smith, held a poet mortem egamlnation at Par ker'sHl'aten avenue,fnear Grand street. The examina tion showed the wound ia the neck to bo about one quarter of en Inch wtdn and an Inch and e quarter la tinpth. It waa indicted from on upward dlrarllen and severed the carotid artery. The Immediate cause of Booth was hemorrhage. AMUSEMENTS. Theaire Knariih. U PiftHUmns and Lt < Item Sou <U. tUe former the most jprightly ootiK-dy and (be latter the most amusing farce presanled thu season at the French tbeatro, oou stitut'J the programme last evening. We have fre quently adverted to the very excellent acting of MM. Scriliot, Detune and Juiguet and Mmea. Saunter and Carnel in ?Sardou'a three act piece, and in a previous brief but emphatic notice spoke of the comical perform ances of MM. Choi, Edgard and Deligne in the minor R.ufmnTit, La PipMmne was given with the greatest brio, aud hearty plaudits rewarded the actors, who inter preted their respective parts with that naturalness pecu liar to the French comedian, while L?t Iteux Stmrtlt, the finale of the entertainment, elicited tli* merriment which MM. Edgard, Choi and Deligne rarely fail to call forth. IHsairsl. Balfe's well known opera. The Bohemian Girl, was performed last night by the Rlchings Opera Troupe in a manner worthy of the repeated and enthusiastic plaudits which an overflowing and fashionable house freely bestowed on it. Mr. Castle tvas eminently success ltd iu one of his most pleasing r,thai of Tbaddeus ; and infused a spirit and pathos iato the well known ballad, "When other lips," Ac., that fairly brought down the bonae. Miss Richings, as usual, imparted to the character of Arllne n peculiar grace and delicacy. Mr. Campbell's impersouatlou of the Count Is so well known as to require no comment. The other characters were well tilled, and the orchestra and < horut were very good. Tony PnstsrN Opi-rre House. The Working Girls of New York, a soii?auoual drama, in one net and live scenes, is upon the hills at this estab lishment. and is drawing crowded houses. There are three rollicking young fellows iu the piece, who alwavs itappeo most ojgiortuaoly to he ou hand when needed to protect the girls from the vilo machinations of a villun ous employer, and the last scene is laid in Jonas' Wood, to which place these same three amiable young men hare taken the girls for a nice little picnic, which ter minates with a Jan e and the death of the villain before mentioned. Ttie piers is exceedingly fenny, and abounds in striking hits and ludicrous situations. < linrlrv White's Combination Trtupr. A programme replete with an exhaustive variety of pleasing anl popular song*, jokes, dances, burlesques and hallo* n nightly offered by tne management of this truly protean company. A crowded house test died last evening to the hearty appreciation by the mirth loving public of the mi. pie and popular bill provided tor their entertainment. Bes.Jes au array of Ethiopian interludes and Terp-uclioreau solos, the pleasing ballet divert.see meat of th ? Triumph of I.ove. the local burlesque on t.tled the Streets of New York, and the comic pantomime of the -ch 'olboys' Frolics are the prominent attractions of the present week. Hertz, the Illusionist. This unrivalled prestidigitatenr gave another of his spiend d eutoiuinuietiu last evening at No. 84d Broad w?v. The heme was crowded with a highly respectable audience The card, glove, rising cards and ring tricks wer* performed with UU usual neatness and adroitness, while the mechanical bird Illusion was a marvel of art an l beautv. The inventive genius of Harts is growing proverbial, as almost every eveniug he has some new an t startling trick by which to delight bis patrons. The cabinet illusion is specially prolific in surprising eitects, and the ordinary mor'at N unable to explain by aha* procecs the skol-ion is made to appear, or the per former himself to vani-h out of sight. PBLITiCOL INTtLLifiENCE. The Memphis Appeal, of March 13. under tin poetic in.-ipiraiion of Albert Pike, proposes the organization of the relreli into an "Association of ?>as of 1770." It is to be aecret and is to labor for toial mm-intercourse with the Yankees until all disagreeable measures of Congress are repealed. As neaftv a* can be gath Ted from Pike's fearfully' long winded sentences, be attribute.-) all tbe ills of the Southern people, not to their own follies, but to the North: and he judges it wise neither to buy or the Yankees or sell to them, not to a*s iciate with them or encourage their immigration, ttnill they let the South have Its way. To encourage the thoroughly Hailed out people to whom It speaks. In surh a course of continued resistaure, the Appeal adver tises a peculiar style of "Southern Bitters'' called "Our Own,'' and the trade mark of which ts a picture of Stonewall Jackson, with the motto "We have met the enemy and defeated him." To.v* guntoM is* Naw Yost?The Albany Jhnrnal says the returns ao far show a gain of nine towns for the republicans as compared wltb tbe elections of a year ago. Tlie republicans now have live hundred and thirly eight towns and the democrats two hundred and flfty five. In 1KJB. tbe forntor Dad tire hundred and twenty nine and the latter two hundred and sixty -four. Bit* Hili. - Opinio*?the Rome (Ua.) fv?in-r says that B. H. Hill, formarly member of Cuugrese from Oeorgla, has expressed the opinion that the effect of adopting the Congressional plan will lie to make constitutional and binding what would otherwise be grossly unconsti tutional and tyrannical. ht ExiocaiKNcn.?die Montgomery (Ala.) Advrr/irr agrees with a Southern contemporary who Judges it best to move on promptly in the path marked out by Congress, because The present moment la ear own: Tlie next we never hs. A. H. Htppii ?The Macon ((5a. > Jmurrnml of the 13th inat. learua that Aiexauder li. Mepbens, ou being ques tioned regarding the duly of the South, expresses the opinion that "the beat course to pursue is nue of master ly inactivity.1' Undoubtedly tbe best for him. Accsrrrso thk Is^vitasls?The t harleMou .Veto* bee convinced itself that, as tbe Southern people when tliey had tbe negro slave forced upon them made a Christian laborer out of tbe savage, so now. wbeu universal suf frage Is forced on them, they can make of tbe freed men good dtizeoa. Military role, moreover, the Armi says, baa not bei-o unjust, onerous or Irksome practically, sad la not itkety to lie. And they can near it without dis honor. As for tbe negroes, the intelligent class osn be controlled by tho?e while matters who have been familiar with them lor year*, and who will not he do graded by now counselling freely and kindly with tnem, while the Ignorant clase will not for some tune become aware of their right of suffrage, and will then-fore not be likely to uae it. EXTENSIVE IUN6LANY IN ST. IIUIS. Bt. Ijhtw, March 10. 1847. Tho loss by I bo burglary of Bog well, Meyers k Voor bles store on Saturday night will probably reacb nearly 17,000, instead of $3,000, as previously reported. No cluo hue boon obtained to tbo robbers SALES Of NEAL ESTATE. By A.J Bleecker, Son k ?'?. Ilorattx st.. tints and bulldiue*. Bos. Tt and Si. each tot tOsM at, $i?,l(io By Muller. Witklnsgl'o o. 41 ha Ileum sad lot Bo. El hast lltb si.. IAIiW.4 li,0 House and lot No. 069 Water at.. *4.10x7(1 4.0 House and lot Nn. XJO Kronl at.. Ifl?f 4 1 lluueo and lot No. 7* .la< kaou at.. 18.3x74 AM0 House and lot Mo. 01 .larkson st . 10.6x74 4 ** House and tot ho. ? Jack?on at , If 19x76 M55 I lot a. a Kront at, 74 ft. weal Jackson at, *x.O AIUJ I lot adj<4nlng on Jackson et. 36*70 AjJ I lot n. s. ttomh st, 100 it. w. Jackaon at., *0*70 0,tdM Bulkhead of 130 ft. on Ksat irvar. 74 f1. of the wa-terly 'Ine pier Bo. M Kaat rirar 4,a 3 lota n. a Moth at. M ft. west X-l av , ea ?<I?W II. ea. I,J I lot n a. I?th at , Stftft. w. Ms*.. 74*1"' II ftoto l. a. 4ld it., Mi ft e. M av., e. *1*100 6. ea. . * Mouse aad lot Bo. Iff Monroe at. ?*!'?' 10,270 Br .tauiea M Wilier. . 4 story brick house and lot 20I 'edar at '11.700 I story bnct building aad lot on s. E. rui ner of Catbo rlne and Oak ato IA NO 4 aktrv brlrk houaoand lot Sif Ureenw!?h at JAWJU 3 story and attic brick bouse and lot IS Usrriaon at.... IA2BU 3 story and attic brisk bourn and kit 17 Harnsoe at ... 13 uoo 0 storv and attic brick bouse and lot DO Oreenwicb at. 13.800 Stable and lot *17 Washington at 13-100 A email bouse enJ tot 14 and 14), i:arnuna at 13 "W 4 a Lory brick bonaeandlot 13H Kaat 1Mb at 11. KM Stable, bakery and lot 130 Host ISsh at J2.WI0 $ etory and attic brick bonao and lot 111 * eat ?d at ? 1A30O 3 etory aad attle brick house aad lot No. 130 West 23d llncl-oiaitt as* oe as fljff 1 etory and attic brieit house and lot Bo.' 137 Vi'aat 22d ^ $ etory brick bonao and tot Bo. A Butgtira place 13,300 I three story front nod 1 three etory rear rotio?e boueeeand tote on n. e. 113th at., 440 ft w 3d sr.... 10,410 _ aaoosi.Tn rnoranrr By Johnson. Miller A Hell I story brown stone bonao bad lot ou n. tide of Id at, . ninth house from Oth 14,000 riot of around ou n. aide I'hiou av, MS ft. e. fiom 6th avenue , ......... A000 ? lota on n. aide of Carroll (A, 1*7 ft. w. of 7tb av., each >34 ? tote on a. aide at President at., 107 ft. w. of 7th av., ^ 7 low on e. side of itorgsa et, 377 ft e. from Claaeou av , each MB House aad two lots on a. a. of Wynkoff et.. 113 feet.w. of Washington avenue 1,100 1 lot on w. e. of Polbemna nt, between Carroll and _ McComb atreets 1,400 3 tote on e. a. of 7lh avenue, between Carroll and ., McComb eta., each .*. 2 500 1 low oa a. a. aorner of Bedford nveauo aad Kosrl uako street, each. 1.100 3 low on o. s. of Oth av.. between llth and I2U ate., ea 1,000 Brown etoee honse and lot on w. A of Leo av., W ft. sodthof Wilson st -.i,. 13700 $ etory brick house end lot No 10 Mb et A300 3 story brisk house and lot No W Mb et ASM librae slaty brick houses end lots. Mand MMtb >.730 I three story brick houses and lots on a a. of tlawes St., between Bedford sod Wythe era 0.00(1 1 tht?? story brick houee end Iota ou a. a. of Hewea si., botwjfi* Bedford and Wythe eve ...., 7,408 CITY HHELLIGEHCZ. Ritr<iwna> Rrsi ina nun or Dkpott Collrctok Han? o>M.?U is reported thai Deputy Col lac tor Albert Hane com, in charge of the seizure bureau of the Custom House at this port, has tendered his resignation to the Collector. This action ou the part of Mr. H&D'com, it is g-iid, has been indue d by tho references to the seizure bureau in the rec-ut reprrt of the Custom House Iuvesti gallon Committee, aud also oh oocount of some action taken by the Treasury Department in regard to the af fairs of that bureau. Wkathku.?Within three days and a half it will grain or snow. Lsctvrh av Dt Cordova?De Cordova gave a lecture entitled "Hiss Jones' Wedding?No Cards," in the Charles street United Presbyterian church, between Waverley place and Fourth street, for the beueilt of the Sabbath schools, last evening, to a numerous and well pleased audience. The theme of his lecture, which was delivered in excellent verse, interspersed with telling jokes and j?M dr; mo>?. was as follows:?A Mr. Kphraim Jones, having struck "ile" out West in Oilena, realized wealth, established himself and familv in New York city, where, having by reckless expenditure disposed of li s easily gaiued iortune. eagerly sou .'lit to unite his only daughter Kuphemia, not remarkable for beauty. 10 a Mr. Peter Brown, a supposed wealthy Wall street broker, whereby he hoped to stem the tide which was uhout to swsinp him. It happened, however, that Eupbemia's suitor was himself hopelessly involved, and aimed at the supposed habeas with an - qualtv honest purpose. Ma iters progressed favorably and cards were issued. Brown, however, did not marry Kuphemia, but on the day tlxed for tho wedding was placed in the Tombs for robbery. Smith, a former suiter, married tho young lady, and on this occasion there were "no cards." Tamkant So? iaty.?A meeting of this Society was held last night, to consider mainly what disposition to make of the Old Wigwam. The Grand Sachem, Mayor Hoff

man, occupied the chair. There was a feeling manifested to dtspoae of the present ball, as its location is deemed, to be too far down town, and to build one better adapted to the wants of the association. It is understood that the matter which now mainly concerns the members of the Society is on what conditions the property will be sold. Comvkxtion or Social Clurs.?Delegates from several of the soc al clubs of this city met last evening in the ball of Liberty Club, No. 9 Albany street. The Com mittee on Organization appointed at the last meeting reported rules for the government of the body, which, alter a brief discussion and slight modification, wore adopted. There are somo twenty clubs represented in the convention, and it is bel'evod that in a short time the more respectable will send delegates, as the chief objects of till-association are to vindicate the character of the several clubs, to remove what are considered erroneous impressions existing in the minds of the public, and to pre-en'. them in a more favorable light, '['here was little business of a sjteciai naturo transacted, and the conveutiou adjourned. Thk Aims ok Tkmi'kraxck. ?A larrje and lively public meet ng of Chelsea Division 9. of T., was held on Mon day evening, in the Lecture room of Rev. Dr. Cause's church, No 100 West Twenty-fourth street, None of the clergy, several of whom bad promised to address the me?ling, apneared, except Rev. Charles B.. Smyth. Mr. Stump, a Herman, and Mr Mcllroy, from t'ansda, laymen, mad ? speeches, and w?>re botb ?ero highly comp unouied lor their eloquence. Mr. otnyih de.-crib-d temperance as "sell-government," condemned the drinking o brandy, whiskey an l alcohol as poisonous, saying, at the same time, turn nc sometimes takes wiu* "lor his stomach's sitce," as tho Apostle says, but advised that no one should u-e even it. unless he could get "the pure blood of the grape. '* Variety was given to the proceedings by an openiug prayer and the Aiuglug of psalms, tog-ther with a dm t by two young gentiemeu. All of toe speakers uere frequently applauded, and at the close aevital names were added to the society's r ?IL TkMrmuacR Dksionstration. ? This evening a grand entertainment will be given by the Howard division No. 97 con- of Temperance, at Dr. Dowllng's church, corner of Downing and Bedford streets. Among tho gentlemen by whom addresses are to be delivered will be Mr. Edward Canwell. of Canada Soiithkw Rkliep Con mission.? Although the govorn nimt grant has somewhat interfered with the spon t mi'ous How of public benevolence elic.ted by the ap peals of the committee. tbo subs Tiptions still coiim in, ainl un to vesterduv thoy *on estimaied to amount to f.Vi.OOO The reii-f ship Purveyor I* luudiug wall, and will, it is exported, take out .-Mima addu.onal 40.000 bushels o corn by Thursday or Friday. Tint Farmers' Cliw.?The attendance at the Fir mer*' Clnb yesterday was larger than usual. A number of new inventions w as exhibited and seven! subjects of general tnt'-nut discussed. Tho "Concord grape" was formally and unanimously endorsed as. all things considered, the most reliable of the different varieties. It had not only held its mn since Its introduction, but was steadily gaining favor Communications war* re ceived recommending Graham bread as cheaper, more wholesome an<1 more readily made thau unv other; htatttig that sorghum might hi male without difficulty by tno use of ordinary vossels. and comtlrmmg the opinion, expressed sou) ? weeks since by the Club that the disease known as "hollow horn''in cattle waa attributable to improper feeding and want of care. In answer to an inquiry it was stated tba' stables in tbe b taeuicnu of burn-- were equudy wholesome with those above ground, it properly ventilated and cleaned. Tbe question of poultry growing, the order of tbe dav, came up and win alreu-wed with much interest, some verv due imported French fowls being exhibited. Tho fraudulent dealiug common among nurserymen in sending to their customers trees and plants improperly taken up and carelessly packed 'M strongly denounced bv sevurgl members ot tbe (dub. The.dtii of April next was fixed as a day for the trial of strawcult r? to lake pla.-e, uuder the supervision <n?ih* lata ? oromitteo on hay forks, at Jdlia' the faim o! Mr. J (Wish H. Macy. near Rye, tbe trial coin menciug at teu o'clock A. M. Ha^k amo Inscrarcb Taxes.?The settlement of the claims of tbe bauk and Insurance companies of this city for taxes erroneously collected two or three years ago, is still in progress under the direction of the Supervisors' committee, ot which Orison Blunt Is chairman. Tbe investigations are completed, and tbe claims of ono hank?the Commonwealth?-Is contested by ibe commit tee; woile tho arcounls of (ourl e:i oih >r bank- which held lertiiicates of Indebtedness, will not be Dittoed until the question of taxing these certificates bat nad legal decision. Aliout half the insurance claims have boon allowed. The other companies, like the banks, had certificates of indebtedness as part of their capital, on which tbe disputed taxes were laid. OrifWM ok a New Ranking House.?Tbo new hu tdiug at tbe corner of Canal and latlgbt streets, just completed lor the Union Savings Bauk. was taken posses sion of last night by about three hundred guests of both sexes, who had been invited by the managers of tbls In stitution to admire tbe costly fittings and furniture of the counting room and offices, and inaugurate their dedi cation to dull Mammon by light and tuirilii'u! festival. The entertainmeut partook somewhat of the nsiurD of an impromptu affair, nnd was nouceahle as exhibiting on I he part of ilia imrtieipatnra that degree of enjoyment and neglect of the st,cellar proprieties charscler-slic of s>i< h occasions. Dancing was engaged in up in a laie hour, and a cold collation discussed t*et wceii sets. A full dercrips on of this building baa already iieen pub tlehed In the Hkxxiii. The Edwarh Corner Cgteiiiu.?The members of this fiivorably known organisation bold their annual reunion at the Central Hall laoi night. An uausualty tasteful specimen of typography in the shape of an order of dancing gave tbe programme of Terpstchoreaa exercises, whose fulfilment was only interrupted by reason of the craving lor a supper, usually Incidental in ballrooms, towards tbe midnight hour. Tbe gathering was exceed ingly select, and tbe affair toost eujoy.ible. Credit is due the officers of tbe Uoterte who. In tendering Mr. Caddy a graceful compliment, succeeded admirably la entertaining their numerous guests. Keimsi anaxsT or Mosar Kiksuih Dratxn the War.?The Committee of the Board of Aldermen, ap pointed to proceed to Washington at their sen expense to endeavor to procure the reitaburaaraent of tbe money?about $900,000?expended by tbe city during the war in supplying troops, left fur Washington lost evening. Adiiitiom At. European Mail Anion roiiai ion.?'Tbe North German T-loyds Steamship Company bee recently made arrangements with lbs Untied States Poet Office Department by which, on end after to-morrow, tbo United States, English and eoptiaental moll* will bo despatched from Now York every Thursday and ovary Tuesday from Southampton on nod after Tuesday, April 2. Ah tew ix W six.?An artesian (wtll has boon com menced on the premises of Ktahler It Brothor, oorner of First avenue and Twenty-ninth street. Tho original well la owe of ordinary conotructloa, sixty fool in depth and seven In diameter. Tbo boring ban been begun at tbe bottom of this, and tho Intention is to sorry it to the depth of from one hundred to one beudrod and fifty feet. The reek M of that varletv known no gray sand stone, and of morn than average bardnnsa. It is esti mated thai when Um work is ones fairly under way the program will be about five feet daily. Am row VrmsANR. -On the Sfith of last month n bill wan introduced tat tbe State Senate authorizing the erec tion of booths oa the street corners, of which tbe exclu sive right shall be given to a company, to bo known an tbo " Soldiers' Businees Meeoongor and Despatch Com pany." Tbo bill in sow under consideration by the Ju diciary Commitme. An 1 seas am or Waom.?Tbo house carpenters or the city of Now York contemplate a demand for higher wages oa and after April 1. Violations or no Exeunt Law.? Chorion Danker, of No, M Watts street, sad Eltxa Campbell, of No.Mt West Thirty-sixth street, were arraigned before Justice Dodge yesterday, charged with selling liquor Without a license, and wero held to aaower. Car CAsCALrr.-^Betwoea nix end seven o'clock last evening Andrew V. Berbery, who IIvex it No. 194 Third ?troot, Winismwburg, while attempting to board a Brand street ear at tbe comer of Wooxter street, slipped, ami, falling, broke his aaklo. Tho Kigbui prectaci police re moved tho suffiirer to BoUevue Huapttal. Etna in AvBstm I'.?Betwe*a u?n <Md toe ? clock fsterdsy mon o/ a (Ira oe-urred ia the basement of 124 av?iiqg C occupied aa a baak-'t and willow war* atora by John Hammer. 1 rota what causa too lira or igintted >4 at present unknown. The stock wan con siderably deranged. Mr. Hammor esttmatee bia loss at $l..'0t), .md u insured for $S00 in tha Rutgers Insurance Company Tha atora oa Hie tir>t floor is occupied by Mia. M A. Feely as a boot aud shoo store; It war dam aged by water to the amount ol about $101), aud is in sured (or $1,UH> iu the Kbeuix insurance Company. The building is owned by Joseph Hon aid; it is damaged about aad is insured for $5,000 ia the K^le In sur.rfira iutttp*ay, WESTCHESTER INTELLIGENCE. Crn/gx*'a<to Taxpavsks' Rati pi. atio.s liuniu. ?On Monday evening a ui sting of the CitizenV and Taxpayer*' Aseociatou of Morrieaau, was held at Central Hall, Mel rose, for the purpose of ratifying the nomination of Henry F. L. Bunting for .Supervisor, Cnancey Smith for Justice of the l'eave. Jamea Hanca for Assnc-or. and the remuinderof their ticket. Tbs meeting was called to order it eight o'clock, when Henry B. Scranton was cbo*on cliatrman and George Parker secretary. Mr. Scrantou. ba' tng been so requested, briefly staled the objects of th- meeting, aud ia tbe course of a few re marks stated tbst lie had no particular objection to the greater number of the candidates nominated by tbe re gular democratic convention, but be certainly, in com mon with many of ins friends, deemed it of tmramounl necessity, in the interests of tbe people, to stand by the ticket which they hail assembled to ratify. He con cluded by say ag that the ticket about to be submitted to thetu "was not. like the Black t rook, of spurious character, but. a la Kev Mr. Smvth, in accordance with the naked truth." The ratlfl. atiou tbou took place, when the meeting was dissolved. A large num ber of the friends oi the regular democratic party were in atteudamte and viewed tbe proceedings throughout with marked interest. Attemptm) H<nt kbkkakims, Morula via.?At sn early hour yesterday morning an attempt was made to lores an entram-e through the basement iuto the house of a lady named Marsh, in Fifth street, Morrlsania, which wax frustrated, however, by the aid of a gentleman mimed Morgan, who resides in the house. From the statement ot the latter it appears that about lour o'clock A. M. lie beard some heavy footstep* in front of tbe house, a circumstance 'which occasioned him much surprise, as at that hour, the utmost quiet geuertily prevail*. Looking out of his window ne per ceived a man, having in his hand what appeared to tie a "jimmy," who. on bearing the window being raised, darted oil'at a quick pace, and tun few moments had dis appeared iu the woods, on the-southeast side Of tbe rail road depot It was subsequently found that one of the cellar uoor binges had neen wrenched from lis place. Turn RaRncro ox the Fordma* Avxmtk Rut KOAti ?On Monday and yesterday forenoon a large force of laborers irt charge of Mr. Keiley were employed in clearing the track from Morrisnnia to Fordham, which had be'ii rendered impassable by the recent snow storm The meltin; influeuce of "Old St#' agisted them to such an extent that by noon the cars wore enabled to resume their ordinary travel If is suited by odd of tbe lar'Ast stockholders iu this company that the expense ol clearing away snow ibis winter ha- ex1 ceded $20,000. PERSONAL IHTELL1SEMCE. Captain Henry C. Corbin. whose appointment t j a cap. tatnev in the Thirty-eighth infantrv was reiected last session on account of certain statement' made to his prejudice, has been couQrmed, the injurious statement* having lieen pr >vcn untrue. Tltc turn continuation of Captain James M. Moore as a major in the Quartermaster's Department is not owing to any personal objection to Contain Moore, but it .* claimed by the friend*of General Kufus Savon tblt tie. a* the senior captain in the department, ha* Ixten oVer ataughed bv the President, contrary to tbe list made out it the War Department. General Grant. G-neral Porter; R. C. Wintbrop, of Boston. Mae*.; Gov. \ikcn. of Sotjt.h Carolina: Geo. N. Fdrn. of Philadelphia. and G.'W. Reed, ot Washington, am stopping at the Fifth Avenue Hotel Genoi <1 G'org* W. Brown, or Virginia, and Senator John Ivans, of Colorado, are stopp ng at the St. N cho Iss Hotel. Colonel F. S:\nwnod. of Ihs Hailed Ststeu Army; Jae. B t aro, of Trov; F. A. Smith, "l Wheeling. Va ; C D. Murr*y, of New Haven, anil o. F Ori'l'en, of California, are stopping it the Metropolitan Hotel. Viscount De Chaltml, of France, and Win. Frere, of Rnglend. are 'stopping at the Clarendon Hotel. J nine* "borlton. of Hamilton. C. W . and Tha* Bell, of Detroit. Mull., are stopping at the Hodman House. ARMY BULLETIN. IHS QVIKT. ItNAHTKR'S hllMKTMKV Brevot Brigadier General S. 8. Brown. A. Q. M. Votun Iwrs, having injilifd for leave ot absence. tlio Bflh di vision of the Quartermaster General's office, heretofore i,tirter tit* command. !* consolidated with tt.e flr-t divls lon and the twc. will he known us the tlrst division. Brevet Brigadier General James A. Kkm. Department Quartermaster General V 8. A., 1* aealgned to duty in charge of Kim division, and will relief* General Brown. s. B. I-an re r lis.- been commissioned Clptaln and Assistant Quarterma-ter tr. 8. A. Brevet Brlgad er General M. J. Ludingiun has been SM/imiiMioned ii ijor and Quartermaster IJ. R A. Brevet Ma.Mr J. J. Woods mustered out of the eerviee. Brevet'tnionel C. H. Irvm, Aasiaiant Quartermaster of Volunteer*, al-o mn?t?red out ot serf Ice. owukk is axi.ATios to thk um or cariu.vks Attn an VOLVJUUk General Orders No. 18, Usiied from the War Depart tnent, that enlisted men who may dispone of or lose through their own larelessnewi the Spencer carbine or Colt's or Remington'- army revolvers will hereafter have charged .igaui-t ttiem upon the muster rolls the price at the former at $1U0 and of the latter at gfiO in each cnee, oaiMcesn. First I.ientenant Alfred Hehlterg, Fifteenth infantry, ha* lieen Mildred from recruiting service and ordered to join hi* ci<m|Miny in the Department of the Tenne<*ee. Brevet Major Theodore I .ares. Thirty-llr-il infantry, has teu-n ordered to rejairl to General Meade, President of lh? Retiring Hoard, Philadelphia Captain R.C. Rntb*rfot4, Acting Qua terma*ter Volun teers, has been order-*d to proceed home, to report to Adjuiant tieneral by letter. Br-vet Lieutenant t'olonel W. R. [? witt. Jr.. Surgoon in rtiief of the Fpecdmca * Bureau for the district of Maryland, ha* been relieved from dulv at headquarter* In Rstt uuue and ordered to rcjiort to the Assistant t om mlsaionernt Louisville. Kv.. lor assignment (o duty. NAVY BULLETIN. l?KT.l?Hiei?. First As-intent F.nglneer H. N. Broil haabeen detached from the Bunnell anus and granted sick leave of ab sence; .-tecontl Arsistant Engineer John I'. Kelly, from the Micbigau, and ordered to the Monongabela. oanKttan. Commander J. N*. Oekrofe. ordered to special duly connected witb the sblpmuol of coal for ill* navy at the Philadelphia N'avy Yard; Ensigns F. M. Barber and K. K. C'bcnery, ordered to temporary ordnance duty at the Navy Yard in Washington; First Assistant engineer Robert L. Talbot, ordered to special duty connected with the Piscaiutine; i nnrao ?lore Daniel B. Ridgeiy, detached from command of the lencaeter. and placed on waiting order*. The following also have been detached from the fan es ?tei\ and pie ed on walling order* l.icuteuanl Com manders Wra B. Cnahlng, Fred. Pesr-on, W. R. Hridgtnaa and A. 8. Barker; Lieutenant Win. H. Hen dtickson; Acting Ensign, W. H. Webb; Bur 5eon. F. E. Pott r; 1'aseed At**-tent Burgeon, oliii H. Murphy; Chief Engineer. B. B. H. Wartoa; Acting First Assistant Engineer, Charles H. Crook; Se cond Assistant Rngineer, Richard Inch; Acting Second Assistant Engineer. Benjamin W Kowkir; Third Assist ant Engineer, Francis P. Hallowed; Acting Third Assist ant Engineer. Charles B. Bout ball; Bontswain. J. B. F. langdoa; Carpenter, Williani I). For ; Sadmaker, Stephen Bosnian; and Gunner. !*. D. Hiae. . ^a 11 maker John A. Bird sail has been detached front the Macedonian and pin ed on waiting order*. Murgeou* I. E. Hunter and J. M. Greene base been ordered to duty a* examining surgeons to the medical board at the Philadatphla Navy Yard. Artier Ensigns John C. I gird, J, f. Churchill and l-aac T. Cboul* hay* been ordered to the New Hnmp nbire. Bailmalcer George W. Gist baa been ordered to tbe Macedonian. US ITS OP A PAT MASTER. The Navy Department bee received infonaaUoa of the death of Payms'ter John A. Bates, Jr., attached to tbe storaahlp Jamestown, at Panama, en the 4th last. ?UKXU.AA BOB* Paymaster Edward Faster, of the Lancaster, is ordered to set lie aoconnta Commander A. 8. Baldwin haa been detached from duty as lighthouse inspector, and placed ~ * at Burgs en welting orders. Passed Assistant Burgeon J. Back ley has been ordered te the (Ymatettation. Acting Ensign F. A. Bacon is honorably discharged. MAILS FOR 1UR0PE. The ( unanl mail steamship Cabs, t 'eptam Stone, will lenyn this port to-day for Liverpool. Tin mails for Europe will close st half-pest eleven o'clock thin morning The Naw Yobk Hmuin-Edltion for Rurops-wlll be ready at half-past ten o'clock is the mornisg. Hingis copies, la wrappers, ready for mailisg, Ms ?MM* mattji for THE PACIFIC. The steamship Ocaan Quean, Captain Harris, will wee this port on Thursday, for Aapinwell. The math for Gaatral America and the South Facile 'III close st half past ten o'clock on Thursday morning. Tbe Naw Yoaa Hansta?Edition far the Pacific?will ? ready at half past nlae o'clock la tho morning. Single espies, in wrapper*, ready for matting, tig rents ACCgVmoDATlOX or Til* rvni.ic. drt rr.Kt AT BRIJOKH WELL KKOWN m BGtlT AND SHOP, STORK, 8? BROADWAY. MfCOOIH BKTRQfOLITAN HoTtiQ, THE FASHIONS. flUK SPECIAL PAASS FttHWK CH?S?W8He? H'liliiaVKn'i Hiriluiu \ l*rfe iiad AjipparAai*9 or America* l.?dir?- OUirr I ohmuiW* Hull*, Th?airlrtl?i Ac. ? Pin., Mtr.b 1. 1WT Prfrnto theatrical* hare barn less fashionable th.s ana tor man last; but every one has giveo eilhar a Vd mosque, a baJ oa#/?mo, or what I should call a W ?ui |ud. by which I mean a vary uncomfortable whirl of suave three score people in a room about ae large la the mchJu a-* three silk pocket handkerchiefs sewn tot;oilier, la* grand f/!r given in honor of Washington. last Friday was of a very Uiilcreat description. It was attended. net only by all the American* in Parte, but by tbe rUt' at Parisian aociety, eager to avail themselves of a national demonstration to abow tbe warmth of their sympathies for tbe nation which, of late year*, boa game* such ground in their hearts. General Dix is ex tremely popular at court; bin usability and total horror of conventional feeling have made him a great favorite in the higher circle*, which were repreeented a* the l?l! by Ibe Duke de Bawano, Couite de Colt*, Prison Galium. (.'unite Uaberilli, Hassan Ah ifkau. t'oroto Aa Soeback. etc. etc., while the artistic*! audlitsriry world sent (iustave Dorc, Henri de Pine and other*. M.iey celebrities of the diplomatic corps answered the call, whose names escape me; eultice it lo say, that that id Washington was repeated by all, as if it were a watch word by the help of which all were wek itne. Many other things have boon repeated since by Freuch waltnom and cavaliers Mrs. Munree, tbe lady patr ness, was beautifully d retted in wfeita and blue. Mire Beylurd woe moe* richly attired. Mias lu? was in piuk ganae. Mia* Haruel was beautiful. Mies Dcming in while and pearls. I'ho merriest and brightest wa? Mi** Mackeasic. Mm Brooks was faultless in hgure. under a rob tunic of lovely while material over tulle. The Misses Heck with w in the most Miss More* was the most rech*rrkfr, Mrs Spencer iu rieb tulip* Mm*, de Juuisd. in uea.uis, Mr* ruc'kerlH.rry, iu *1 ?w.o? gstiu, and Miss Clarke, budding out of a trellis work rob# were the most fa* imiutst. The fourth uud last ball was given atghe Tuilectes I out Wednesday. The Ktupress wore a white tulle rate covered with tea roses, l'riuc, -s Cloth;lde was also in white. The ladies presented by Oneral Pi t were Mrs JotliaaB Post, Mrs. Pennittutn. .M*? Potter. Mrs. and M.-w Hitch - cock, tbe Baroness de Saucy uud Miss Max Udder The same evening a lull was given by Mr< Kiggs, tad in tne course of last week auolhcr bv Mr> Monro* It Is a* well to menilou. whileimtbin* out dancing is thought ol, that a new figure ha- been introduced n our most animated coliiions. Karh lady has a how and ar row, and when it is Iter turn to uhoo-e a partner she looks around till some fated victim niseis her glance, when she lilts up her vvcapou ami shoot* him through? ' ins waistcoat ' Hi- heart Is nerei touched, for he iimpe forward and spins round with nil the enthusiasm in spired by a "viIm<? ? d'ur 'em/*. Mme. OVouueH's fancy bull has lieeu kept for tbe last. Mine Olivier Hlcliat was the queen, though she catne out as Ts?uis XIV. iu lis vouth, in i white nana coat aud moire waistcoat, silk stockiug*. e'.aborstoly worked with gold, shoes on high scarlet beels, and alio had tbe veriest jewel of a sword on her left side?? sword it wonid lie a oily to kill any one with excepting one's own liusotu iricnd. She en.eteu the hall with a lougcnue iu her right hau l while her look uuden tiey spoke,"f,(' (i' c's-t ,?,.?11." de Mommy was drc-sed as a KiMstan pots ant girl. .Mme la Vteou?l?*se de boc was an annua'si rose. There weremoruing dews all hare aud Aurora* all bright tulst. A shepherdess in authentic attire was Mme. Uuihert, with a basket full ol? rare natural Powers. Amoiig the gentlemen a certain Mepir-tuphela* look ad diabolical, and tried to fa/w male hosts of Margarets Mr. l,o iis Hginre wore a chum of sausage*, uy start, radishes, aud other delicate edibles. Ho rvpies o'ed e picnic. Tiio lady of the horse was a prieste.w of Isis, bee costume bad been designed by herself, .she wore on her h. ad the sac rod ibis, and on her gold wand the sym bol! h Uneuuion. The perfect oval of her feature* wee draped with fine linen Handle's: her arm. were bare Over her woollen tunic flowed n rirb purple mantle, with heavy, deep lolds, and altogether sue m-a uiost in*, posing mod"l lor au artist versed in antiquity. Mile. Corn- lie. of the Kldorado. is drawing large crowds of admirers, who now tbrong to bear Alexan drine metre. Novelties in stylo pros* on every Bide, hut none are r'pe for propagation, and repetition* are u-eie.*. ? '""'i ttr nae. aU'l b) all Whrrrna Certain Aarnla or Ownrra of Vm. Riyif'il'BtwwnIil?e Southern port* or the t'oltel dutei 1 are tn the iiablt of demandi ng payiuenl ef trouhi tor uotioauuii other .ifrclijiul.,e More delivery jf the tanii", fioqucully aubjectlng coaalgaeet to great triiuw anil inionrrnfeuoe i :iDJ. In ctwor lrra*p<matt>le pai tlrw to .7? a*" tor damage ..r abort debrery. I ,i? believing it to he contrary to flaw hl.7?r'.".f^'',*Uo"" Nrr York to demand payment of freight before tue good-. are delivered In inatvhaniAbl* .? mditloo do Hereby ??n? one willi ail other hereafter to retuan uavraeot al freight oncotluu or other meinbeudiae before driver# end1 la r,?, of any unit at l.w ariatng from thia whether inniM one or iu?re of the uaderatariel. to ' pro rata the eapnuar. of defending the Saw Yon?, March lb, imp. f?ber, Nauaon A Co. C. C. A II M T alter Sawyer. Wallace A Co. William* A liuioa ' Fmn*n # C o. Slittnnttrd. Ui*ri.iy k (\m n"!i m"*'1 < 0 R It Crave* A < o i/-."- A <Jo. A. p. Piliot * .son . Srf0f " * l'"~ H Atkinson A Co. joi n ? t !?*? u'1"*- , Win Woodward. Jr. John H. Kitriune. manager of Watt*. .,rana A >*. eu.ton at (Jiuieea. sbrrniati Neill, Hrtt A Oo I uJlt.'i ? ,. . * ?? He/ tna. Murphy AMcCnrmack. Kloaeow Brit ^M*'%J n ,% 4 .(). ( ? ?Pi4 "Iter lie,. ... A rto !?X??XtSS? stsas"4 e?8s*s. cVreen'tt^'fl.'1 * ?U" Rierwlrth A Kucha*, t.reen Brother*. Thoiaaa usai J 1^lAdam?*?*<:0' Adaia* A Whitfaofc. Maeanlrv^k to.^ZtZTTZ W- Uter I. Miller. .Vk! xT^A A. O.ftttniflAf, .InniAb Matv'ii s*nw J^K*! Ak?jSk-' Win ts i cw. j' li i r i^u i Srhepeler A Co. '! i w. ? i'" ? Tanoahll, Mollwvae A Oe. J. J. Me.nan A to., ppr*. U t Uaou A f u lima* a Co. r.:r:^rass!4 <* ?.0 A^io.,1*. j; \???.??!!/ ... K. AntSnek A Co. jr. A Haa. *? ' 1,1 ?6rou<ii./ Tlenry Ktrie II. L. Rltnli A I it. iNeit'i Oltrmlral lull, an Is ilec'd...| y ihe * KIHHTOS. til A'lor Hon V, II row it lllwalaratleati railed h^. nnd Ire.-kl.'s. ore Perry'* Moih and Kre. *|.- IjiUim ptted by l)r. 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