Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1867, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1867 Page 8
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Tr.*i)iY, March 19?? T. M. The stock market has been, on the whole, hrni to-day, although it was temporarily depressed shor ijr after noon, lia buoyancy immedlately afterwards, however, ahow ed the strength of tin ufldertona a? wel as UdleaM the ???Mn activity which is rapidly becoming general The prevailing opiateo is that the improve ment which has Just comraencod will make steady pro gress throughout the coming spring and summer, and outaldo part4es beJ'auing to buy under this imprea aton. History "? w'?" .-treet is always repeating Itsolf, and It is reasonable tc sap pose that the extreme depres sion of the four months previous to the present one will be sueeee. ?i by a corresponding reaction. Money continues in abundant supply to the Stock Ex change at sis and seven per cent, according to the character of the collaterals and the standing of tho borrows, a. There is a fair business doing in the discount line, and the beat grade of commercial paper passes at tlie legal rate of interest, with exceptional transactiona at a difference of a half per cant above and below it A few timid persons are looking as wiae as owls as to the effuot of the national banks making up their quarterly returns on the 1st of April; but no appre hension need be fait on this account, as the drain of currency will be steadily towards this centre till next September, and the stronger the position of the national banks Is the more easy money Is likely to become. At the ton o'clock session of tho open board the mar ket was strong. New York Central sold at 106X a %; Erie, 59X a COXi Reading, 102X a %\ Michigan Southern, 78X a X? Cleveland and Pittsburg, 83; Rock Island, 98 a Xi Northwestern, 30 a X> do. preferred, MX; Fort Wayne, 97X a X i Mariposa preferred, 23Xl Pacific Mail, 122 a X- At the first regular board railway abates continued strong, Michigan Southern and New York Central being the most buoyant. The movement ft* a rise in the first mentioned is stimulated by the prospect of a partial reconstruction of the Board of Di rectors, and the fact that while other railway companies have been increasing their debt for years past the Michi gan southern has not increased its debt is regarded as a good reason why, with its present large earnings, it abouid be a dividend paying instoad of a non-divldond paying property, the more especially as it has, according to its own reports, been expending for a long time post large amounts In the improvement of its permanent way and rolling stock and the purchase of a new depot at Chicago, costing nearly half a million. The rumors regarding tho speculative stocks which are floated from day to day In Wall street must, howover, be taken with sevoral grains of reservation, and it will bo remembered that dividends wero promised on the Michi gan Southern common stock more than a year ago by the present managers, bat the stockholders have yet to be gratified by the declaration of one. New York Central closed IX higher than at the same time yesterday, Erie X. Michigan Southern IX. Cleveland and Pittsburg X. Cleveland and Toledo X. Rock Islaad 1, Northwestern X?do. preferred X. fort Wayne X> Chicago and Alton X. Quicksilver X. Mariposa prof erred X, Ohio and Mississippi certificates X. Pacific Mali 2. Government securities were firm. Coupon five-twenties of the new issuo of 1883 advancod X. seven-thirty notes ?f the second series X. third series X- Missouri sixes were X lower. Tennessee sixes, new, wero X lower. At the one o'clock open board the market was hammored somewhat vigorously by the bears, and a general decline was tne result. New York Central sold at 104X ? 103; Erie, 39 X a X; Hudson, 138.X; Reading, 102; Michigan Southern, 78XaT7X; Rock Island, 97X*Xl North western, 36X?do. preferred, MX; fort Wayne, 9flX> Pacific Mail, 121. At the half-put two regular board tho market was daU, but firmer. New York Central closed % lower than at the first regular board, Erie Xt Michigan Southern *4, Cleveland and l'ittsburg *4, Rock Island )4, Northwest ern V. Fort Wayne Ohio and Mississippi certificates 34, Pacific Mail X> Canton 1)4- Northwestern preferred was X higher. Government securities were neglected, but steady in tone. Coupon sixes of 1831 declined X> Missouri Mate sixes were X lower. At the half past three open hoard the market was steady. .New York Central sold at 105)4; Erie, 69)4; Reading 102)4; Michigan Southern, 77)4; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 32)4; Reck Island, 97 \; Northwestern, 35)4; do. pre ferred, 64)4; Fort Wayne, 97*4; PaciQc Moll, 122. Sub sequently the market became strong, and at half past *fhra o'clock the following quotations were current:? Mew York Central, 100 a 100 %; Erio, 60 a X', Reading, 102*4 a X) Michigan Southern, 7774; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 98 a Xl Kock Island, 98 a Xi North western, M<4 a X i do. preferred. 86 If a *4; Fort Wayne, 97 s X ! Ohio and Mississippi certificates, 27 a >4. Government securities were quoted as under by the dealers at four o'clock:?Registered 1881, 109 a 109M; coupon 1S81, 109 a 109)4; five-twenty registered 1802, 107 a 107)4; five-twenty coupon 1S02, 109'4 a 109*4; do. 1864, 107s * *4; five twenty coupon I860, 107)4 * 108; January and July, 106*4 * 107 V; tsn-forty registered, 97S a *4, ten-forty oou;>on, 97)4 a Ji\ August seven thirties, 106)4 a 106*4; J"ue seven-thirties, 105"; a % ; July seven-thirties, 106*; a 105*4 The gold market was extremely dull, and the price declined during the morning to 138)4, but subsequently advanced to 184, and the closing quotation was 133Jt a 184. There was a moderately brisk borrowing demand for coin, and loans were made at 1-32 a 1-10 per cent per diem, in favor of tho lender. The foreign exchange market was firm, and, at the eloee ol business, bankers' bills on England at sixty days were quoted at 108)4 * 109; at three days, 109 a 109)4; commercial bills, 107)4 * 108.>4; francs at sixty days, 8.16*4 a 6.20; at three days, 6.13*4 a 6.1714; bills on Berlin, 71 *? a 72; on Bremen, 78)4 a 79; on Frankfort, 60)4 *40)4; on Amsterdam, 41 a 41*4; ?? Hamburg, 36 a 36*4 |_on Antwerp, 6 18*4 a 6.17)4. kilning share* were firm, and Alameda Silver advanced to $7 30, under fresh reports from the mines, which are situated in the Pah Ranagat district, southeast Nevada, and deeenbed as very rich. At the first board Consoli dated Gregory Gold closed 6c. blcber than at the second board yesterday, selling at $12 65. Quartz Hill was 40c lower, telling at $3 5a Alameda Silver sold at $7 26 (b. c.); Columbtan(GoId and Silver, (2 85. At the second board Columbian Gold and Silver closed $1 05 blfber than at the first board, selling at $3 90. Quartz Hill Sc., selling at |3 55. Consolidated Gre ory Gold waa 16c. lower, selling at $12 65. Alameda Silver sold at $7 80, and after tho call roae to $7 40, with a strong demand at tho advance. The Cleveland and second mortgage band holdcrj of Use Milwaukee and Minnesota Railroad have filed bonds to the amount of $150,000 to appral from the recent de etaion of Judge Miller's court ID the Supra.ue Court of the I'nited Mates. A f*t. Louis journal of the I8U1 inst. remarked of the lOaaouri State Credit bill that the act which ha* pacsed the Legislature to provide for the payment of Interest on the Mate debt, and which awaits the signature of the Oovernor to beoome a law, will, to a great extent, ret eve apprehension* tn regard to the financial credit of Mis odbrt. The act appropriates $4,000,000 of the amount 0ne from tbo United Slates, $751,000 now in the tron ?ury, a tax of $136,000 on the railroads, and the pro coeds of a four rail! tax, estimated at $1,400,000. for tbiaaommendable purpose, and to form a sinking fpnd. The Philadelphia bask statements of the past and i week compare a? follow* ? March It. Math 1k. I?*"*- l61.8il.44W $30,3.18,294 ?foO'le 8.1*058 *68.022 L*ft*l tendare IT,6^4 705 16.065.O43 D?pu?IK 37 314 6H 34 ?'JH.Wl Ctrcuiatlen 10,572 0(13 10,380,0011 The Philadelphia Clearing Houaa Matemcni la a* ^Jarc* CTetrrlw J7?. ticlnnrtt. }1 *00 537 1*00,007 ?,7?V 4 0. 6,202 J* 4,813,406 640.71.1 Jf 6,160 ;',29 470 402 1* 4.420,560 860,0-3 w ?-?M* Ra Tolali,.., $82,040, *60 $4,037,780 Annexed I* tha Chicago Clearing Ho viae ctaWmtut lor Uie undcrmentionad date*:? # March nmring*. ? iJ.J2.22 ,,77?> 12 1,156,360 ion ?:,? 18 1.881,083 I V .501 14 1,888,081 123,270 16 1,516,101 161.790 18 1,730,878 2.17,07a Tola If $5,668 400 $1.00.1,238 iaat week $8,626,088 $987,066 The cash lalanca la U>o banda of tba T'attad 8ta(e* Aaalataat Trca^irw (Boetoo) at the cloaa of baalnaa* on the 10th tnxtaut waa $10,804 001 18; weak prwrloo*, $11,001,761 20?ahowtnga deoroaaa of $188,780 02. Coin ?a band, $B, 198,*0 00; week prerlono, $8,061,000. The enotom* receipt* at the pari of Boetaa for tba week rndlag March 10 amountad to $647,000. Tha total ralua of exporla from Boatoa for tha waak ?tiding March IS, including apeclo, waa $314,298, 3&aiAdt $w7,J74 for Ihe corresponding week ia 13C6. SALES AT THE KEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE. Titcarfuv. .March lO-IOtUO A. M. fllWflOtf S **1. cuu UPV iin shs Blading RB.... MI?V( 1 wins?'* isiv i?o <io i?v lflbl I'StPsgKh 11, I t lwT'J 401) do IBB',,' phi rs v* iik ;ou a<> mku ItUI t'OTfi 520c,'65n 1 107'^ .SO do 102V 7000 I -6'* (WW 1 J 10.',', Bd Mich So k X Ia BK 7SvJ ? or " i ? j >>'?' , w .wivu .^o m ? ia hi* n1, 60' ??> Tr II ti). 2d terte# 105) \ MM do 78',. 4000 do... Sd series 105 V 100 do 2d call " - AJ? :d u Kentucky 6V Yi?V 10 N Jersey Cent RR.. 117 t 00 N CgPa. eg Mil... 60 ?ro riero A'l'ltU RH... 88 SP>o Missouri (Pa 97V o?o do - . lOOtVTcnn H's, new.... 64V 300 do KtO *3 :?0u Minn ?'N *... 102 10 Chicago k X W BR.. ?B? MOOOOblo k Miss ctfa. 26*f 100 do 36 .woo Ohio pc?f etf*.... 70 poo do S5V (MOO Alton* 1 M2I m p K) KiWChlc A NW pief. . ?U<i 10-dis vour'h Nat Hk. 104V 100 do t lit) 65 14 Hank of New York 118' 500 do >00 6iyf 80) Canton company... 48 V sou clave A To) RR..slo 1(9 100West n Un Tel Co.. 41*4 700 do *00 no 1"H do blO. 42 100 do 119V 100 do 42 aoochle. k Hock I?l.... 9* 100 do *00. 4IJ? 71*) do 97V lOOO-sllver Mtn Co.... 37 ?? do V~% 100 Mariposa preferred S3'l fit*) do s30 97V 10 Adams ?xpresa .... COW 25 do 9HV 170 do NH 7 Chle HurAQutn RR 131)4 BO Rutlsnd Marble Co. 12 100 do.: 131 ?t) Racine Mail SS Co.. 123 HO Pitts. Ft W k Chic.. 97 V 00 do 121V 400 do 27V li*l do 171V 45 do 97V ?? do 121V 200 do 97'J li)0 do 121V 1U0 do 2d call 97 V lt)0 do....2>l call.. *122 100 do 97>{ 1000 Jf Y Can BR 100 lOOChloA Alton RR.. .. 1U6V 2200 do 105V 100 Mar k Cm lat p. bOO 25V 100 do 105V 100 do 23V 800 Eric Hit blO 80V 126 Cm, Ham k Dayton 85 000 do 6t'V CO.>1.11 KitC1AI> REPORT. Tubsdxt, March 19?6 P. M. Asitt? ?receipts, 14 package*. The market was quiet, but nominally 1111,-hanged, with araall sales to consumers at $8 37 V a 68 50 lor pot. BusaDSTprrs.?Receipts, 1.923 bbla. flour, 868 bags corn meal, 1,306 bushels corn, 2,360 do. oats and 2.040 do. malt The flour market opened firmer under a more active demand, and prlcea for both State and Western advanced. Though the market was buoyant and firm, prices were somewhat Irregular, trade brands being most universally Improved, while shipping grades were comparatively quiet, and were only nominally higher, In sympathy with other kinds. The business was fair, hut was checked by the firmness of holder', some of whom de manded prices <14 uh alent loan advance of 23c. s 56c. per tihl., under the belief that they would be freelv paid to. mor row. The sales embrace upwards oi 8,600 bbls. at our re vised quotations appended. California flour was atondy at $14 SO in hags and $19 in bbls. Scarcely any barrelled Cali fornia is in stock. Southern dour was very firm, under a good demand. Sab's were made of 300 bbls. Rye (lour was In bettor demand, and prfoes ruled firmer, with sale* of 400 bids, at from $7 Ml a $8 10. Corn meal was moderately active at previous prices. We quote:? Sunerfine aud Western- $9 25 a$10 40 Kxtra State 10 75 a 11 45 Choice State, 11,50 a 12 30 Common to medium extra Western 10 70 a II 75 Kxtra round hoop Ohio 11 35 a 12 78 Western trade brand* 12 30 a 13 15 Common Southern 10 90 a 12 50 Fancy and extra do 12 45 a 16 75 Ryo flour (superfine) 7 (SO a 8 10 Corn meal, Jersey 6 20 a 5 26 Corn meal, Brandywlne 5 40 a 5 (SO ?Wheat was decidedly firmer, in sympathy with (lour and In response to the Increasing demand from the trade and the loe il millers; the short iutcrestilr. stdl at a sland. prices abroad not warranting shipments at present home parcels were taken for shipment to local coastwise ports, nut the bulk of the business was with the local trade. California was held firm at the close at J310 per bushel. The transac tions comprised 30.000 bushels, including No. 2 Milwaukee at $2 48 a $3 50, und white California at $8 02)4 a $8 06. Corn was held higher in response to the advance in the London corn market, per cable, but thero was not much disposition to pay tie prices demanded * T of'Change,' until towards toe close of 'Cnange, when the demand was. more active and prices advanced to $1 21 a $1 22)4- 1-aler cable news was anxiously awaited: but the Irish lines being "down," nothing further was rcoelved. The sales were 110.000 bushels, at $1 20 a $1 21 for mixed Western in store; $1 21 u $1 22V for do. afloat, and $1 20 for yellow Southern, uats, without decided change, were less active; sales were made of 25.000 bushels, at 65c. a 68e. for Western and 71c. for Slate. For rj-e the demand was fairly artive and prices ruled firmer; sales were made of 20,000 bushes, at $1 33 for Western and $1 19 for Canada West, in bond. Barley was firmer und modeately active, with sales of 1S.O00 bushels, at B I ')g 6. t n I )U >1 A /I k 4 C A*l -1 ?? I M ? ,.1,1 ? . I fill I--.. d ' ' f 01 25 for (,'auada West, duty paid, and 92Vr. for Canada _ .... ... . ^ Fast. In bond. Malt was neglected and nominal In the ab HCfiC? i CaSdZ? *!rf^La.nd nom,n?I a' 88c. a 40c. prices Sperm and Mto?t wwT^dym 88? aUtePr"T,t<h'' former and 48c. a a?c. for the Utter 7 * <0c' for tbe almo?"nia^SSiri*a "low "kM**1 r*1? dt.ema;?d at W 75. gold; 35.000 lb,, gim U^S&^St '"-f3 70 a gum <f?un*r at 41c nnw Km -TjL i* ? *4a 25 ?a*?e nativeaodE^tSfh.',,^.be&? **??"**??? Celiac, ?S""ra^VMotenVatJ^.ma?St wa" Sfij?" "r vS^sssSffTtii heia*? *&**? by fa'tor generally*&?? ul LT?\b .jC*. "?'?!? th? s&rttus? fs&g"'Sfegf kct cloatng qu at at the fonowl^j^uotau'o^:^0,? mar" Ordinary "*??* Jfortdo. jfoWV. Low mtddhAg I.'aow: 5u S * Middling. .\T^.."!!"!!! '? S* J'. 81 Good middling .S3 34 |W 85 fte^.".- jn1u'ry Prevailed, "ut made .hat we ^.UvI.edor ThTJS\l'r' *? 'a">? located ?? foIlowaT-NPw Ye* M%lt^*1* b?f?. ?n<l I* buR., which lidded to the X* of lltaln ^^i Manila, and ^ b^??f va'rl^ot^fa C'y "I' ,'W3 *5 aSrarvB"5?s-s?a w..H quoted at $16, gold. ^ bt- D?mingo logwood fon!^inV5uTuUouTI%tJ^ VRer7, but dm. at the flour. 1U* Mrtona, 5i cotton' >*' iSV tal'dT K^lTo^n,rt ft*: pr.n talon/5:-T. . ?LVC0:t0lb. ft*! "our. 3e. 9d.; I^tSl & a^leJL^r^' fcUe'lSrv* : *!.o; ^^^''^? ?;.,r$*onr 5. -ft ^f^uua I.on bbla. petroleum "i* ?? ??,i ?!L 0ake ,7*' ^ ? bale* cnmprffiM-d cotton At 9lGd* tnd lfi?Hi$yW^?fi private lC To Au'w"^ hMa. ? Bremen, 400??", "{'?*/?' I* n<? *V-rJ !2 <l ''Jpisr ?b<l btck KUgarDOc. 1 d a tstjainr lUa.' t'UN'd dull :*nd we lip, rd of no ifan,nj.H r. Ireland a t o. Iu,ke the , o { v,m, ?L l*r^Ttvn,? York, Rtkiihalea and In no,V.m s W bilaT ' ' " *ew ssasw-iss?4"" '? ??" ?? "iA55: ^?^"JPitTSA "8f o^2*kf,at fu" ^c,?,? ''MO mIp, and prove wrrenoinlnai k,n !a we of no W of ?? i25J1i!?T&ATnZ*i0 17Vl#Sr-'?|J*: 1 -a . $c.; ^a Urandc^lp t ??,? |.o,o,ai to 7k .bv, 17c. to 17'/* C^lforX' SB to* 25 Il? JtVurno .i" .V ? lti ' ,n W,<S b-.. hV. m' it i T.'tn'X' w' to B11^ PW;." '"*??]* i* ?"7oid q;,o!^,onw ' ^and ?te Ii- * i " """'"rata demand lor (XHUumbt on Were at/rX ^.trr^c^.^XTlfti0 ,U? ba!?' "Untrt<an ?HLM>^^S^T?2a"W Oaa-B ,?nd . 2Kma?i foT ^ht'^huT^l rt-rk!U; ?&?" ?yr-? "is * -a*r'? middle no, 88c. a (J8c . and ii rh# a*% uf* do"%,T??r"rly; ft;- * dTsfa?4tc* Jfa' Ws a 4l? -.. and llalu do. i?c a 40c. **?***?? ?"d'? i .'J!** Ti?iLnu"'.q'""1 bM' ?t-"<?y ?t $.1 sr. ?3 !t"loMump* *" "*"'7 ?' ?l *> for common and "XdY.J['""d;*? wholcal. of,ev sow. for ??n???". imwi ' in it-m nr -i? i i held w lh flrmneaa. Other dr hbd,. reallred 7.V X "^"Cr eV.p U,ro ,78 48c. a ISSo.; CiiIh, aiired. W a a7o .?.^Kp~ uka.?M I4e : l orto Kiw 60c . Ttc New " f-uVW^reSifc^rr ?nr?or W?a2T^ yellow racial. i7c a &,'?p?X* horM- *? a **; > ,rai. STO*r?.?Spit na torpemiiii*?The advance nntb-ed In onr laat ?a? not only maintained hot a rnrVh.-TT,-,?.^ nmn((>t JMc. i^r gailon wm fsL$i.ii.h? i ?improve able ord' X il.g ?1^, iSJT^l mand w.ta moderately anlve. The aalc. JJJti?' at 77Hc. aWV.. lno,u<lli.t a lot New York bbta^ufi^tile puce, ko-lna rul>Hl iiiiirt, though ate.idr ?? lie,..' . poutmon w? quoted ft?. ?? who I, pr?e tooVbN poaetl or, I"-Idee, enle? were alceled ol I.Pn 1.1,1, , ,T,lla tommou lo arrive at #4 37)4, and J6t> bbl, lowX \ ^?hl yrat .t $3 a $8 25. or Ur we heard o. a ilaof Wbhl. \? llmiugtcm ropa at $3 UR bM . O'tf -Unaeol continued dull and hqavy at |1 ? a f 1 ta for jobbing lot. JFleh oil. remained dull and we heard of no ti an wictlon,. H e quote:?Crude .perm, $1 711, unbleached winter do. $7Wa$. D6; crude whale, 80c. a H5e. La^iS dull and in.changed, city dl.Plled red .Sc. a R e. Paovtriotra.?Receipta, |.$B8 bbld. pork. IS do. beef. 7*0 Parka eaeut meat* and 349 do..lard. The pork martlet*waa ?ndl..wer. The activity and buoyanc/notrn^ ni al'i rSltliT'?? "uP**r,*,,'d by deprvaalbn. and with onlv a modi rate Inquiry prtoea were about ?e a J7V lower The 1 r""* 7*** ''hie., oaab and regular, al $11 7# a $54 oldmZa a., $?* n'??l?rt $.2.Vlf,T; met? ILf roM" *. fhr.Prl"M' and fit a $72 3$ for prlmo ? ppon "SLSf t'ii! *?'. "*y Itverr, aellera' and bnv era' "? ?a *' ? ?? M Beel'wra aale. we? ill *?kL, flrm *' JWlotia price.. The piam "r. ajy ab.?, V ?' ? ??? for new "*ef hare. --HT,f17 ? ?* toT new extra ire., aala- war,. tnr,r? If <S'"?*n4, but prloea were drra; Tilet auTnomtn.T '31''''l! M f37 a **'M B*? " *? 10V. lor <!umberlandT,,?iVi." f" ofv? boxea at l?Sc a abort e>?t p,,t mf.,. ^ "H8- 'or abort rib, and l*t. for pti'ea -nb.,1 a In fatrly aettre demand, and I, ,t The Iraraarilona were ItU "fbr "b'otlder*. and ISV a Idtge m o e of 7f)o packA *" T,l8? "alee were Choice. Htttter waa aula,* a Jl. tb" j*H4 Pld"* Inactive. Price, o.rlc I rtoJf^il 1?****' 'fhec.e wia qnal ty. fro,w '*? ? Wjiie , acenrding to f KtnoLCtra.?The market for orudc ruled moderately ,c Hv?a*d stead". The nates *w "70 bM? . 4> R 45 rav'tv, at ITc SMdo., >0 a ????: "/"mvtty. a? WV.; 400 bhta., *) a 45. it IS1 a, IbU. latoroed. and 1004 Win, tB bitUl *t -ket f> r bonded rul-d moderately acttvv, wt'h heldern r-nrrvUy d"m ruing ?6V!r. a 17c. fur ?t?'"l?rd white, of which smitOeaVs ?vfr? effect*d ,.t 'JfiV-. a"'J ? M "f "J* . - _t 36)4c., and _ bh's. do. reported fold at27e., f. n. h. Jtapthi In ? 'tlv Bland, the antes a .-re?iting 1.000 bbls. in bond 1'jjA irangi In Philadelphia islea warn made of a,*'^ bbla. stantlvd white. for April, on private term*. Kiev v i* qotet 1 at ste id*. We quote:?.Smwnn dre'ted, 6'fe n |Ke., vol0, and Arroeen do.. 6Vo. a 6,( .. rot 1. Sam?.?The market was dull aod heavy. Ken'rate ? r?nt small Job''tig tinniucilons there was no aa. v? gnotat-sflassfii, ca-es, tn bond, SSn.; mats. In bon 1, 2" e.. Ntttrrtars, Mo, 1, dot* paid. Ma. a We. Penner, pen inc. In b- nd, SVe.: Sinfapore, In bond, 6J?c. Pimento, in bond, Site. iWe., eaah per lb, Sen mi was dull but unchanged. Ptnall lots were sold at 6J7c. a H' jC.. gold. Pre**.?Only a moderate business was In progress to day. Buyers were cautious, andconfined their pur liases to sup. plyin~ their Immediate requirements. Prires were quite steady. The sale* eomnrlse tW bbds. Otlba, at from lito. a 1li<e? and 1JU0 bbls. at from IVa. a 10\c We quote:? Cuba?Inferior to common refining, 9','c. a 97?c.; fate.? good. It'1,0 a lOVe.; fair to good grocery, "".C. a ll'Ic.; nrlme to choice, 11140. a Me.; centrifugal (hhds. and b xesi, 9e. a 11c.; mel.ido, no. a 754c. Havana?Poxes t>. P., Nog. 7 to 9 ?','o. ? 10e.; 10 toll. im.c. ? lie,; Nna. IS to 15, 1114c. a ISKe.; Nog, id told. 12V?. a 1814*.: Noa.WtoSO, 14c. a I4K*.; white. lSlfo. a l4h(c. Porto RtaO?Refining grades. lO'^r a lOlfo.; fair to good grocery. 10'ic. a llVr: prime to choice, Il'fe. * 12'?c. The stoek comprises ?.(*? hhds.; 83,707 boxes, 118.335 tings and 7" tnelado. Reftn-d sugar wat outet. Kales srerc made on a basts of lBtjO. for standard bards. 8 alt wss rather mote active, sa'ea being reported of 1 Vfi tack', Marshall's, 1.(150 do. Worthlncton's. 1.950 do. Ash ton's, and 4,030 bushels Curacoa on private terms, .l ibbers' prires were as follows:?A-hton'a. $4 25: Marshall's and worth'ngton's, $3 2S: ground $2 25, and Turks It land 60c. a?V. Stbarw*.?We noticed sales of 52.000 lbs., at 12r. a 12*^c. sale* of (laatlle were reported at 17 "C, Skkhs.?Clover remained steady at 18e. a 1414c. Of tim othy small sales of rrimo were made at $3 80 a ft. I Inseed was more active; sales 6,200 bags Calcutta ex Ashburtnn on private terms, but supposed at $2 50, gold. J. n*1 ind A Co. make the stock March 15 1*07 In New York 11.300 bags, and in Boston 5.643 k*gs and 5,000 pkts. Saws.?(loat tvrre in better demand, and higher prices were realtx-d a ive for Mexicans, which ruled steady. The sales comprised 300 bales Merino, part at 45c. gob', 54 do. P.iyta, 21 do. Buenos Ayres, 68 do. Cupe, 103 do. Curucno 10 do. Rui ITachn on privste terms. Peer were only In m derate demand, and gencrnllv scarcelv aa firm: sales 7.000 lbs. Central American and 4.000 do. Para, the latter previous to arrival, on private terms. We quote:?(Joat? Taraph-o. Matamoraa and Vera Cruz, 45c.; Buenos Avres. Ate. ain^c. ? P.iyta, 34c. a 86c.; Caracao, 38c. a 41c.: and r .po 28c. n 31c.' Peer?llonduraa and Vera fruz. 57Ue.: Kan Juan, 60c.; Sisal, 56c. a 57)40.; and Para, 62)Jc.. all gold quotations. Tallow was onict hut unchanged. Sales were made of, 107<c. a live. ) Tw was In mo lente dema"d. We note sales of ?.v> slabs Malacc.i at 2TWtc.. cold, and 100 no. Banca at 34c., gold. We quoto English at 21J?r. n 22c . (Old. Tobacco.?A more active export demand prevailed and prices were firm. We note Rales of 175 hhds. Kentucky at 4>jc. n 15c Wiilskkt.?Receipts, 680 bbls. The market was firm but Inactive. Wool.?'Both foreign and dome-tic wools ruled exceedingly quiet, there being 110 demand beyond the Immediate wants of manufacturers who manifested no disposition to make h-avy purchases. In view of the continued unsatisfactory con dltton of the woollen goods market. Holders, however, were | firm In their views and demanded previous prices, though the market, taking the opinion of manyholdera. was scarcely as firm as at the date of our last. The sales were c mnara lively litflit. being limited to 95 000 lb*, domestic fleeces at 60e. a67J;C.. Including low to fine Ohio at fi,V. a 67Kc , State a< 5714c,, Michigan at 58c. a 59c., and 26,000 lbs. Kentucky combing at 60c.. 35,000 lbs. pulled at 42!tfe. a52c . chiefly extra at the oiKs'do price: 5,0001?. tubbed at 54c.. 15 000 lbs Mex ican at 2l)<e., 42TV0 lbs. Texas at 34c. a 90c., Including a small lot washed do. at 40c.: small lots California at 28c. a 14Uc. Of Ponskol _ _beyond the_ heavy sa]e? reported l ist, hales were sold, part at 8414c. Of Cape 150 bales selected sold at 40c. a 4214c.. and 83 do. on private terms. TELEGRAPHIC MARKET REPORTS. vFlonr firmer and adr?? JftSFSaE* ML rWt?Vl Vt JJ"VrAn te nde*cy^sale. of L?rSi I J ?draiMlnfi anle* at $1 30. r>.?t* 70c. Com ?ftftrce and fn *??d demand; new yellow $1 12^0 ?i i/j Ka^n-^lde/ 1TcT,boqId1r?.9Jc km. i y*. WhlAdcer?Contraband. WJn. A?]: fla>? nK10 Jg?c wh'vi!^ ^ UHe '' ",n' 2 000 ?>"??: refined. figMSBi Ksfe"Sb2? "2r -J-"".Vtij MAfSKtfK Albany and Schenectady SUe. "ewlork 70c.; to Flour-Rmdne a? -i.v Bc"AIA March l?. 1M7. liJht. ?7?Pvi * ' Jth rtren* upward tendency stock buihil^Ro't"^,":^0,^ ?Whr*f ??: ?*1<* S.BOO Canada nt 12 B ? i Jf, 8 CAr 'Pad* while Swcrf"^, f? w ssft. K: ???? *.. ?.???fSBS wKU7Sf. aSrSH"-^ j?Mek r&te^t 's^sfxH1$ ??' ley unchanged. WhUkir MUc. m SJS vi? ?nice. 2.800 tierce, rhleflV"eoontVy' hc.'^'ndl^ft lift1"? fiT^I Wiii&fe: NofV. "d Vz^TtaT^W1 f??rf No 2?* wi' f* ? ? "*?41 '?r T,7.J!L *J..*n ?dT?nc? of *'*? a roo ; rale at 19 40??$ ?7 i. r0*" ftctlre *' *n "France of 20c. a 2fic ? Sale, ut 1- . *?*" ""? WtiMfftsS! -rasamwS&^wKii ?X?W?Sr?'Sr7..S.',rM'WfSVr! ?uEKS^i??*?: Cotton easier; sales S50 bales mld-Dlnt^'ai'sUfe.''' dl.^^'juSoufi?. "*? '?a>0O"alc- aMt a'icl'for^id. SHIPPING NEWS. rtmsr... AUM!,4<' rnV,TT Par. *isskts'.?JJij"? wi? 5 J? '? ' "'OH warn morn 0 21 PORT OF REW TOR!^ MARCH 19. 1887. CI enred. Cm!*ThlP r,,ba fBn> **" **"*"* rta Q?een.t?wn_E ald'i"co!h,P IOWa <1ir)' Cral?- G^sgow?Francis W.cdon cSteam*hlp Leo, Dearborn. Sarannah-Murray, Ferris A A Brown"hlP ? ? Knlght' Peu,*r. Washington, DO-Smlth Steamship Neptune. Baker. Boston?W r Clyde. Sh p SSISm ,,!Umf * ?",nn A Col ' rabcfl? ^ndon?Orlnnell, Mlnturn Fa^^nXAWe'ndrk)' R",fRr'1,? Cork '?r ?*? Wendt ?eml,U)k' rhl,nll,,r. Grnnstsdt?Funch, Melncke A Mctnckc'y vCl't4 Hlpk?">P- RollcrtUm-Funoh. Brit J W B* wr*r. , MnrMellle*?.1 ' Brtf TMsa?l?,A(Br ,AvIT',-, >0rt"n. ^ A Frerett "organ, Maranhara and rara-Snnlett 2H! wll"^ fBrV ^rnwell, Anllmm?.Tone* A T^oah IfrJ* Pennlman. Dickson. Cardenas?Warren I'av * Bchr A A Helton Field*. Newborn. KC. '' ?11 tM*r.T,,",,? J'athrart, Perth Arahoy. 8?-hr Lottie. Taylor. Boston?s \y j #_f. a rn Bchr Juha (Jrace. Baboon, nioncester? R B Eidridge. * Arrlred. HM?27rt,nB.rh. ?*MM^1,|Mh"t|f7ei*M<12fu* tVl7Pc west, passed steamshiri Oen ^tlrant 6 PM 1K"5 B; Wth. IP AM, Marmlon, bound S ' * R"?,'<I?I,? """nd II?Mio'il^'^Sil-Nrw Olean* M.rch den MamhW. W,W}'H.'SSMySilSJ? \?w Passeneers. totj.rrlson A Allen. lfi*h ImL^AV^iVw lofi 74 W. pfii?!?f?d ttMnRjilm u** 11 am, iai^p |j, hence for hew t?rlean?: Jav, 4 I'M lat 37n6 1oo'7aits' Ni#ftmMhlp S^n 8?iriiJor, and C WhiUrif' ' ntS^oTIV^Vd1';"'' ,Wke,t- NC, with ! Pal'ttion?hlP 8*r*t"g*1 K,n?- Wivhmond, to Helnehen A liramshlp Valley City. Tomllr, Waablntton DC with m-l. e and passcnterth todnmr* Hahd D'"?lnn< u^t w"? b'ettn.hlp Neptune, Baker Boston, to W P Clyde b.tip Great tVoBtarii, t.iin.lintrhsnt, Lir.-n ool Feb'20 with mrt.e and 17ft n .s.engers. to C II Mat-hall A Co lf7. to daya Iri the Irish channel with light w and SW wlnA. aa ?nat Frank Hoberta. a seaman, fall fF^ "o?t,,fLn.c. ..?3 mh^r?rJ"'","IO*t Arr 0IT "" b?' Rxod^ S^lnV! wtll; '21^,;r^B^-r^tn0rtHonT wi?m reb ^ Bark Labotamua i Bri. KarmonA Ncwr.rrt w at a.. Win^railroad ir. n. to Boyd A llincken l^jhe^L * jfrrlr xelea; carried away main an.l mizjen tonc.ast. (V.? ilfJlf mast Tore and main rartlv .tor" btUwirk! UwT^t^ff BH. ?',ro"?n Qii inllty of ir.' ' Brig James Cmsbf taf New London) Baldwin ri.?f,? 43/crt' KstVAwa* m ~ ?'% Potomae, Bnow, Roekl.nd. scl.r Amelia I Br) Fltchett. R*|Ced I.tnnd ,U * *d?r?. Hlh salt, to F 1 ffeyfus A Sen U "armnda, ' r ???*?. N ckerson, (Tshiawm S ur L*rt, aV^wbfrn. fir Pohr K4wfn Tnttlt, Philnd-tp!,f, 2chrB'?;JM,nV.:,;-Bjrvr?h;b^:?\fo;PpT,i"nMh Bchr II W Bene.(?, rXdjlTn e Ppr'*Tno,ah. for the New and Aanay ii Jo'k tTus'lne/a" Brl<,W' U Marine DImmkn. Ste iMamr #araco:??a. from Charleston for New York. *m towed into Norfolk yeaterdsy in a disabled rendition, by stea:nship% W Lord, from Galveston for New York. 8mr Ron'? Hood (Br), Morgan, which tailed from Foo ebow since Jm8 for New York, la reported by a cable des patch to hare put Into Batlvia in February In distress. S'up Lady Emily Prut, from lew Orleans for Liverpool, before rep rted ashore or Gun Key. wilf prove a total lost. Tho c.irpo, ngging. rails i.d tpirs were tared and taken to Nassau. Only about .100 bales cotton were wet The cargo will be forwarded to Liverpool. ? Rare Transit, Kelley, from New York Tor New Orleans, incorrectly repo: ted last on Moselle Bhnala. arrived before incorrectly repoi ? ?.?. - at Nataau March 7, with all her cargo on board, aud would proceed on her voyage, after receiving repairs. Brig Ciiarlks E Savage, re'-en'Iy launched at Baltimore, of 411 tons, coating $82 000. and which sailed thence March 11 on her first trip for Ohurleston. with a full cargo, has b"et totally wrecked at sea. The captain and crew were reamed and carried to Savannah. The vessel and cargo were par tially insured. Schr A ndrew Peters, Biggins, of and from New Yerk for Plymouth, Mass. with a cirguof 183 tons coal, in attempting to make New London harbor on Saturday evening, during the thick snow storm, struck on Black Ledge and bilged. Crew saved. Efforts will be made to get her afloat as soon aa the weather te favorable. Schr Burrows C, before reporled ashore at Cape Pore, was pumped out 16th by the steamer Monohinseti's steam pump, and got afloat. The steamer lowed her to Holmes' Hole on Saturday evening, just in time to escape the heavy snow storm aud gale. The wreckers were to 26 per cent. Schr Fanny Fkrw, Saunders, from Rlsabethport for Pro vidence lierore reported ashore on Race Point was gr t off on Hatordav last after throwing overboard about 26 tone coal, and was towed Into New London. Spurs O W Rawlky, Allen, and Rising Pun. Jones, from Boston for Richmond. Va put Into Flolmes. Hole 16th Inst, having run into each other on Nantucket Shoals on the night oflftth; the O W Rawley had larboard quarter cut down nearly to the water's edge, house stove to pieces, mains sail torn to pieces; will proceed to New Bedford for repairs. The Rising Sun received but little damage except loss of jihboom. Spurs Massachusetts, Rennlston, and Gentile, nender eon. both from Rockland for New York, rnn Into en-h oth"r off Cross Rip Might of 15th. Tne Massachusetts stove rail and bulwark, split mainsail, broke main topmast, main g iir, and lost an anchor. The Oentlle stove rail and bill narks, lost jib and an anchor. Both vessels put Into Edgar town for repairs. ScnR R i s siiaw, Chace, at Charleston 15th Inst from Nor folk, In thick weather 'got ashore on Cape Romaine, and only suoceeded in getting off by throwing overboard a large part ot car to. Has lost sails, anchors and leaks some. Schr Ida Df.latorrf, from Tabasco, which arrived on the 18th Inst, brought us passengers of the bark 0 E Rosenburg. id mate; Mitchell Lawler, Johu Dayley, Henry Martin, seannil . . l John Oxford. Jos Ronlntoo. seamen; of brig Star of Peace, Jacob Flbberner, H Klule, Clarence Harper, seamen; of brig Star of Faith, D A Slsson. male; Samuel Fell, steward; John gcppel Wra Russell, seamen. The above vessels were recently wrecked on the coast of Mexico. jtllaeellnneonn. Nxw Pilot Boat J W Ei.well, Capt John Reardon, ar rived yesterday morning from Mystic Bridge, Conn. After rounding to at the Revenue Barge office, she was received by the waving of handkerchiefs of the officers at that place, and by the solutes of the numerous steamers along the piers. She Is Intended for New Jersey and Sandy Hook pilots. She will be ready to make a trial trip by the 1st of April. She is a fine specimen ot a pilot boat, and will probably exceed any other boat in the business for size, speed, Ac. Launched?A few days since, from the yard of Messrs Skinner A Forsyth. Baltimore, a beautiful and substantia brig, bull! for Mr Charles E Savage, Captain Graham and others. The dimensions of this vessel are as follows:? Length on deck, 128 feet; breadth of beam, 32 feet; depth of bold. 10 feet, and 175 tons, carpenters' measurement. . On Thursday last, from the vard of Messrs Thomas Boos A Bro, at Canton, Md, a first class schooner called the Krank Hn, constructed bv Messrs A B Morton A Co, of Baltimore, of 245 tons, carpenters' measuremmt, hut will oarry 450 tons. Her dimensions are;?Length on deck, 116 feet; beam, 30 foe!; depth of hold from lower deek, 8 feet She Is designed as a general coaaling trader. Notlre to Mariner*. Treasury Depahtrent, Ovvick Lighthouse Board, ) Washington, DC. .durch 16. iwf>7. S lighthouse at the entrance or CORE f OU.ND, PAMLICO SOUND. NORTH CAROLINA. A serew.plte Lighthouse has been erected at the entrance to Core Sound, to tike the place of the light vessel formerly marking that station, and will bo lighted for the first timo on thn even ng of April 1, 1867. The new structure stands In 3'k feet water mean tide, dis tant about 230 yards SSE from the middle bar buoy. The iron work of the foundation is painted red; the super structure is painted white. , The illuminating apparatus Is a Fresnel lens of the fifth order, showing it fixed wmte light, and should be seen In clear wealher it distance of 8 miles. The focal plane is elevated 35 feet above ordlnarvttidee. W. B. SHCBKICK, Chairman. Vf omeiiii'n* A letter from Capt John W Nlckerson at ?si Vinreet r.x on ?&?.?, of Province town, arrived Sin ski /" r*POrt? bark Osceola 3d, Mallov, NB, with ?C?W3S Npekei, Are. AB*rk "Bowing ? white signal with a red ball (nrohahl? ftSttW*"- BaUln,0r0 f0r ".0 Jauelrt?), Fob ufbu F?rel?i? Porta. POrl bark MadaWMka. Ballard, from ft? "^,h" Lou,ae' 1UekelUr ituanoa Atres, Jan 26?In port ahlp John Bunran, Oar ot^XTorT1<U,;Wk i^?nlc- B^fordcfSo'; ?t Bakgkoe. Jan IS?In port ahlp Bunker Hill. Davis nne* barks Calypso, Ring, and Cap-.lng-Moon, Lude: s?do ' RKHNtrei, March A?In port bark Thomas Whitnev f.. Philadelphia::brtg Quick, for Baltimore Pth. Sid 7th brig H'n7, * Louisa.Potter, N York; schr Three 8istors. do. * Vilfo MHrch 1?Arr bark Evelyn, Jenkins, New York rla Cai cctta, March 9-In port bark Nonantum, Kingman from Halle, bit?, for NVork. ldg. h'"an, Oarmnas, March A?Arr bark Marv E Llbby, Llhhv Boa ton; brig Agnes. Willar, NYork SlA Kih. brigs NlcLogua nonh 01 HalM,r": mh-6 v *??<*> York""1'1008' Marci' 7-Arr bri* Natad- Richardaon. New IlaTANi, March 10?Arr barka Cttba, S.inberg, New York Egerla, starrett. Boston; nchra Belle, Howea 1-rovtdenr.o B Nickels (Br), Nickels, St John, NB; 12tb? ateMnera Maid posa, Oulck. New Orleans land eld "aame day fo^ NYorYl" nlon' Cookaey, do for Philadelphia. Bid 0th, Steamer Havana, Palmer (from NYork). New Or leana; brig J B Brown, Bain, Clenfuagns; loth harks L T blocker. Bibber. Cardenar; M E (Br), Bains! and Isaac Rich. Achorn, KemeJIos; brigs Essex Bucklin Matan las; 12ih, aeltr IT Talbot, Packard. Neuvltaa ' tUa NY?k,LlVn fc~,n P?r ,h'P 0"n* C?Ck' 8herborn. for | Madras. Jan ?-Arr ship J Montgomery, Hamilton, Boa MATAjreA*. March 9-Ait brig Giles Lonng. Sonle, Pmvl. dence; HRh, bark Augustine Kobbe, Carver Portland - ltta wSiphu.1, Buok:in'Havaua-acbr "ar> MTSSk Ph?: Bid 8th, brigs Alva (Br). Lewea, Del; 9th, J A Pierce (Itri Pelap, NYork; 10th, bark Andes, Dalllng. Portland brigs' ladeb" m Boston; Angle U Curtis, Merryraan.PfiC, Feb !7?In port hrigg A P L, for New Vork March I; Btar of the Sea. lor do 'UK. Thorn as"' rK" Feb 24?81,1 *rhr Jamo" A B' own, Marble, St Ht V.wctxt, CYI. Feb 21?In port achr Ella rnnbiic PUIsbury, for^sleof May 2Sd. , U FrankUn, 8r J ago, March 6?Arr brig Rachel Conev. Coner Web. ?&Z%MZkU,uh'u'd0- *w f J:^oS^,h&Ji5Tc^kn .^'^nk^'aWhS Todd (Br), Hardin*. for do do. ]<Jg; Katautia ?f)r> *Mtt? more, for New York, do; I^rano. Knowles ldg; sihr. b c gwibner, Buigcs. for a port north of Hatterna. ldg f F Valentine, Hufeblnwn; BP Folaom. Orlando, and B KLow So* i'oa?' ?ie; M.ry I) I arr Mal-iy, do. Sid atb brig. Blonde (Bri, Putnam. NYork: Bih, Omaha, To.thake'r vi? 7th, E H Rich, Hopkins, Philadelphia ".thater, do; American Porta. BOSTON, March 18?Arr n?ampr< Geo Arnold Tin?-** Baltimore; N?rru*, lirnrco, .NYork; hark %caria! RoktnZSf Remedlos; sehrt Mary Ella, Thomas. Sagua; Chas A ' tioodswed, Baltimore; ?tc?in Belie, Emery, aod J rSU' son, litller. ElUabethporl; PtacU^us frorto^: Cermtde Morton. Jamebon; Corvo, Crockett; Ju.tlna, GreeorV tie. "odrdon, and Trident, Jameson, NYork. B?^i,A,T. rh' T in the roads, jehr J lleraty, from IkaUwam <?!.. b!,'"!r^ ^"^Jv Bttrke, Fayal; w-hrs pSnsbBov Hs i^t; Philadelphia; Charles II Moller, Baker. New York l et.ti. Boston. 246 tons). Runnella, Cardenas. KIdwad N ?. fresh, stc.imers Oriental. Saxon, McClellan: sbiM ?t Albans, l.ookout; bark Ooorge Bell: bng Nlgretta ind 1k.c! the roads steamer ' eptnne; ship J H Steflm ' d ,ram BALTIMORE, Marrh 18-Ar? birks Cricket Ke.n n.c Janeiro; Hadley Snow, Bo.ton; brlgAbby '.r-.ti.n W?tsni NYork; "chrt L II ll ipkins, SnWrand Ad.elu u |P^5' Townsenrl. do; Phantom (B.-). Petera, Ponce, PR Ch| b-hi lludley, carter, Sagua; eehr John Boynton, Keed f .lai Sid steamer Llbei ty; bnga CaMlaii, Nile. W A Rog'-rs ,cL Jackson. Cardenaa Went to sen-Brig Springbok YbA henre for ( lenfueros. went lo sea 14th In*. 1 *>? CvIIARLKsl<*N March 14?Old schrs Marlon Ooue Ch#>n. herd. Bosion; W W Pharo. Allen, Georgetown 3c 1 K It Townsend, Towneend. batlUa River ^ 'ct.r C'd "C"r JB Ma"ha". Mar. 16lh?Arr steamship Emily Souder, NYork hrie NYork i *?hr lUwkla*- NVork elcant.hip .-aragoaaa,' 18th?Arr hrtg San Antonio. NYork; acbr Wansta nv -l. rid brig la.gan. ll?v -o. RORta. N\trk. KALE HI VtiIt, March IS?Sid sohra C VY Bentler u.k.. and AtUntie Oakea, NYork. T' B?k?r, l?th?Arr aehrs Jano F Dorfee, Htintlev lull r?_. on, lladw n, and OcQunce, Knowltnn NYork HOI.MEN' 1IOER. March l?-Arr br'g c B Allen TV.. Boston for Halt.mors - schrs O W Kawley t|i,,n Sun, Jones, do for Richmond, Va; Massaal uAtu v f* asjersb H'nd", >n' 4{ookl?? ' for NlTr^MVii't^' l?th?Arr schr Lynden. Shackford, NYork r?. r . off t'tittyhnnk, lost head of fore and ma itoomATi ,,'or'; NnHFi.EK, Narrh 19-Arr StoamsWm'u.-L Thsmes NOrleane for NYork. shot of col ?nd NEWPORT. March 18-Arr schrs GwYssTk.,.., t n Tangier for Boatnn; n S Ives. Neal, H ston mr iilw v*"!.1, Nausgtt. Mayo, Orlcana for do: Neti.iaseet ?t.?b t *< rkt do; Benj Baker. Hlgglns. Wellflert fCr TSnceA^ 1,,r Rich. Provlnomown lor do; Sarah It IHrrtf Rrnwn^ii w'w* for Philadelphia, Pllxsrro. Sear" I ranoo^. w Benlley, Baiter. Kali Rtw for A;TuSSi o5Sr^i <:,W do: Ned Knmnter. I.ord f! rVi.?o rJ. do for do; Ned Sumrter, Ixird, ft ckland forT(l"A.h^'I*|,' 7or ley, Somerset for do; Niger, fh?mp?n r"w llatihs Carter. Hew.-tfa l-lar.O i;Y. ^'phdZ'ro,:,do; ?rnor, Mooir. Rockr^rt ror (!o; OvttMa niv.? fiililH UV' d?? (or Hallli^orc); HattMi i; H%mx kill?* V ? 7 r NYork; J C Brooks, Burgess An l'Peart^ I" lliddell, <h?eenstown or F ,,rn uih; 7th, blrk SriTT M0*k'8"' Martlia St npes'' HooncP'"UX,a Tc,' u""hm."l}.lp* Rtnr" *"<! der; I Jvertes.l via Boston: whliTJta? Aleian Helen P. Jones. N Vork, hm o ' T"^' Bright, Hhaw, do; .Tullue Hnmh Bri^r h.lm,rk"r nn'1 H J ladcr, Steclman BriaiS. R w ' ^wa| Liverpool Old bars. Amerl,.,,,* '^'P^'^tNll. from Tag.arm, Pa.eiarc Genoa- btij Ettir !??.. . 1 ? Wl2f* JoYn Johnson, ^rhlr. denff,eg?r'a ",c,hr" toa; George I dfatda, Week.n^., it a *?*",?h*w> P"* BaiTfetg-t.*"'/. .???< oS va.ia'"ihg.'g B ?!ieiViAen'oo|M?)rrrk M^'r:Ko^KosI'm** '",0',a,, <Br)> stover, Brown Bonel?? Hi Entery fco Hr"~n' 8 llasrell, Mtapiea, SnpwT&trm ,"i" rens T .... u ? ,r * , Ver rTa t".r. ?7 /,?"<- blerre Mo. worth, Cardenas; srhr? ? Rak r Baser li'm P8r8" Baxter, Baxter. Philade.Dh'a " p> ,u,"'r Baltimore: Jos PKuVioence Want, id-Arr nkrt Tabmiroe. Cole. Al exandrha: A F Kir. lberg, Thomas, Baltimore; Wiry AlTer ton, Parsons. do: JUxlc D Small, Ttoe, Philadelphia: S B Wheeler, McLaughlin. Newcastle. Del; Joe Waplee, Robin eon, do; Sllaa W right. Keauoau. Elizabnlhport. old steamer Chile, Oroxsman, Philadelphia. Ship Andrew Jackson, ChutfleM, from Boeton lor New York, wu it anchor In the Wen Bay morning of 1Mb. MAN FRANCISCO, M.irch 16?Arr iblpe Paeramento, Psge, Bo-ton; 18th, Volunteer, Simpson, NYork; Fleetwtng, Bray, Boston. ST MARKS, March 1ft?Cld schr RseM, Brown, NYork. SAVANNAH. March It?Sid brigAbbr Film. Foa?, Pblli delrhia; schr Florence lingers, Rogers, Port Royal. 13th?Arr steamship Virgo. Bulklev. NYork; bark Mara thon. Driako, Baltimore. Cld schr llaUte Baker, Croweli4 Provnletice via Darlen. SALEM. March Id?Air achri P M Wheaton, Ireland4 Jacksonville for Newburyrort; B C Smith, Oorham, Rappa hannock; Win Walter. Reeve-, Philadelphia for Portamouth; C B Jonas Smith. NYork; Hattie Coomb*. Drtnkwater. do; Stunn A Mary. Dean, do for Kennchunk; Mahal Hall, Hall, do for Portland (end all remained In port 17th). WILMINGTON, NO, March 16?Old schr Jason, Stewart, Tiirki I.-! tnd. WICK FORD, March M?Arr ?loop Betsey Ann, Covin Elizabeth port. Bl NIVKSS OPPOUTIMTIKS. AN ESTABLISHED NEWSPAPER (CITY), with all Printing Material, for sate. The weekly Income from yearly advertl-cra alone exoeeda the outlav, and will for one year; small capital required and terms low. Address Bre vity, Herald office, one week. A BARGAIN?TUE STOCK, FIXTURES AND lease of the ol'l established Parasol snd Fancy Goods Store, 861 Broadway, near Seventeenth street, west side: will be sold at actual cost of ?tock and fixtures if purchased immediately. Lease at moderate rent. Apply aa above. A LARGE FACTORY BUILDING. WITH STEAM .\ power, Ac., for sale: or would make an arrangement with a party having uae for auch a property and not disposed to buy; locat-d in New Jeraev, near city and depot. PETIT ft THAYKR, 171 Broadway, room No. 2. * GF.NCY WANTED.-HENRY GLOVER HAS OPENED JA a General Agency for the sale of goods on rommlsaion, at '222 Water street, comer of Keek man. Best of references gives. Cash advanced on titles. - A RARE CHANCE?HALF INTEREST OF A FIRST /V rate, well paytnc establishment, with about 18 years' Le i e, and cheap rent, for aule. None hut principals, who ran invest $1(1.000, may address M. St., Herald office. A PARTNER WANTED?WITH $530, TO TAKE AN A interest in a fine money making busineaa: will make ? $900 weekly. Inquire of Mr. RINbS, 220 West Fifty second xirecL Business opportunity ?an active man, with $3,300 or $4 (03 in cash, will he treated with by a respon sible and we)l?estaWished concern, which is about to open a hrnn'h of the busineaa (specialty) in a neighboring city. Orc;it indttceraenu will be offered. Inquire or Mr. WHITE, 608 Broadway, up stairs. ?Extraordinary chance-wanted, a pur Pj chaser for an interest In a piece of land now opening fdr improvement: situated near the business part of New York city; from JK.ii'O to $7,000 wanted; at least NX) per cent can lie made. For full explmation and details address box 8,838 I*o?t office. FOR male?THE HALF INTEREST IN a WELL Es tablished Weekly Periodical. A party competent to take entire management of the same preferred. Address 8. O. G., Herald office. GEOI'.QIA. LOUISIANA. TEXAS AND ALABAMA? Any gentleman from the above named States wishing to invert in a business that will pay a good interest, address Aguadlente. box 166 Williamsburg (N. Y.) Post office. QPLENDID OPPORTUNITY FOR ANY ONE WISHING O a profitable, pleasant business; only little capital re quired: pays 163 per cent, and will bear investigation. 34 Duune street, top floor. THE AMERICAN SPRING BED AND ELTINGE'S Patent Lamp Chimnev?Triumph of American genius State and County Rights for sole. Chanoe to make mouey. Agents wanted in evcrv town. CI1A8E ft HUBBARD. 335 Broadway. TO PHYSICIANR.?A FIRST CLASS PRACTICE IN tlic country for sale. Address Practice, Herald oillce. WANTED?AN INTEREST IN AN ESTABLISHED wholesale grocery, by a young man having $3,003 to invest. Address K. J., Herald office. -AN 'ENTERPRISING MAN CAN BUY OUT ??loU, the half Interest of my partner for this amount: $20 to $40 P'*r week; easy hours, light work. No agents need apply. Address Union, Herald olliee. Cil nnn WILL buy a good wholesale tpJ.UUU Stand in West Washington Market, with a good trade established. Address Cook, Herald office. 1? LOTTEKIKS. OYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. OFFICIAL DRAWINO. MARCH 1J, 1887. A*o. Prise. 1 TVo. Prise. I.Ye. Prise. ITVo. Pr*ae. HVo, Prist 19.. $209 6H09.. $200 13876.. $290 1:6164. ? 8-2U) 25568. .$*W 82.. . 209 7348.. ..?*) i:i4i>7. ..400 19369. . .20!, aw s. . .200 "9 7116" TOO 13.533. ..400 19.66. ..50j 256791 163 .401 7469. ...500 13733. ..2J0 19196 ..500 25766 ..400 341.. ,4o;t 7517. .200 13772. . ,40(' 19696 26774. .200 870 . 5 0 7583.. ..400 13795. 19707. 25791. ..'200 377.. 500 7596. ..400 iitans. . .9011 19717. ..800 25816. ..400 408.. 1GUC 7610. . .200 13873. ..401. 19921. ..400 26841. ..400 428 . .200 7832. ..500 13985. ..200 19940. 25000 28997. ..400 486 7840. ..200 14004 ..400 19242. ..20) 28275. ..400 494.. ?200 8086. 7769 ..220 14168. ..200 19984. . .201 262X6. .600 an . .400 . .200 11191. ..400 20119. ..?aw 28294 ..400 831.. .2110 8271 ..200 14196 ..20n 20127. >1320. ..400 612 . . .400 8X34. ..200 14209. ..200 2.1868. . .2)0 26387 ..200 635.. . .400 8388 ..ato 14283. ..200 20381. ..200 20411. ..400 648.. .1000 3126. ..200 14297. ..500 20461.

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WOO 3719 ..430 11652. ...500 16907 ..40J 23118 23862. ...400 3460. ? 100C 11067 .. 201 17043. ..40' :8165 . 2.W 20866. ...?.?00 3976. .1000 11(88. . .200 17'?2. ...AW 23191. ...400 29923. ...400 4198, .1000 1171,3. ...400 17078. ...400 23224. ..400 30J78. ...200 4296. .100 11738. ..40 17208 23239 ...500 ?40999. ...400 436a ..890 11811. ...400 17311. 23249. ..1000 SjjSI. .16000 4208 . .200 1IS33. ...200 17487 ..K?> 23260. ...200 311*9. ..,200 4293. ..400 11876. ...400 17458 ...290 28296. ...2Ut: 30237. ..1000 4458. ..2o 118X2. ...20011.594, 2322. ...'2UI 3o4?4. ...900 4487 ..boc 11887. ...av 17629. ...200 7345, ...600 30538. ...500 4512. ..Kx1 11*91. ...4(*l 17707. ...200 235119. ...SOU 3*559. ? m 4502. . .'As 11913 ...4W 17778. 23.W. ..1UUU 30615. ???*5 4684. ..400 11919 1.786. ...490 235A. ..100(1 ?0646. ...200 4'8a. ..200 1 IB.M. ...500 17820. . .aw 2?>V9. ..200 *?7;?. ...400 4971. .10 c 11064. ..1UU0 i;89t> ...200 23684. ...auu 31785. ...590 5072. .1000 i:?R3. 17973 ...too ?r.750. ...200 30771. SO*. rasu. ..lOIKi 17991 23777. 30799 ...000 5162. ..?10 10236. .. aw It.10. . .200 2S32T ...20) 3 692 ...800 5244 ..51)0 nar. .. .aw 18041. . .200 24121. ...400 24446. ...euo 5869 . .2." 12265. .8000 isic; ..44*1 24126. 31932 ...400 5451. . .2>*l 12319. . .50! > lh.91. ?4319. ...2U0 J0961. ..1000 5514 . .300 13867. . .OA 18347. . 200 24369 30966 . .200 5157. at 12397. ...201 1*W7I. .408 ?24401 ...496 31178. ? ??M 5614. ..400 12' 6. . .409 18875. ...400 24483. .. 500 31191 ...200 5629 .aw 12542. .1000 18467. ...609 '24684. .1000 8121*. ...5419 . 900 &I38. 20u 1-071. ..4410 13493. ..500 24689. .. .aw 31272. 59.3. l-f)79. ..*10 fata. ...500 ?24758 .. .MW 31-296 ...200 6 01 ..200 1270* ..500 18566 .. .400 '24X39 ..luO> 31328. .400 6u20 12741 ...200 18624. ...500 24884. ...400 313(3. ...400 CUM . at 12781. ..500 IS 8*1. ...4b0 24911. .. .200 81380 6198* . 5m ? 13040. . ,!*W 187*3. ...400 MM, ..40) 3.384 .200 ?24. ..30' idOM. 18,56. . .500 25196. 31510. 6 i. 5 800 13099 . ,5?t IK778. . .400 28267 .. .aw .11541 '1534. . .200 13207 ..410 18!'12. ,.?i012.WJ ...809l?16?. 190 6642 an 13310. .,500 l.t?73. .200 25306 ...500 31701 .aw 6750. 21)113311. . 2!W 19127 85367 .. .200 31*91 .. 600 6.90. 4i4> 13330. loouiunsr ..200 25510. HI920 ...400 6795 ,.J00|13362. ..KOI 19177. ...400 APPROXIMATION PRIZES. 9*01 .$i<tooii<Mi3...$600'iwM ..$400|SoaSB...$toct|ia?.. $3on 0MW...1IJUI 16.14... .5J()|19986.. ??*' .".no .... .800 SW 4... l(XMll 16417... .100! .ya.v.,K?u|iMi8....aoo taf A...imio 15419... son iyi?f....4iws<)060....800 L993S 401)'18*261. . .?*)i IIWW....40011-252... .?*) 30U33 ...*? ^ ? ? lev iwi?....? ? 'TTT; ^...nwiM)... jooiWM.. .aon ?*a. ..iouo KM:'J... l'Wil Mil... .600 18412... .600 19931... .400 IT?... .400 19938....400 18984..,.400; ,.9X04... .aw tat?. 3MW....200 now... .auo 1263 ..2U0 22341.... 200 22448 ...200 .7349 ...800 22848... .200 12254. ...2UU'23S47....200 .2256....200,22348 ...200 ia?: ...*wmt?. ,.2oo |12298. ...awt29320....200 i22?....aou: Prtreapald In gold. Information farnlshrd. The hlghe* itospgldfor D..ubloom*n<i allklnde of Gold and BIWar. TAYLOR A OO.'R prltitdpel offlce United Rtatea. 18 Wall Am! sJw York, nod Cells do U Habana No. 108, Hasan., aba nRLIOIOl'S JiOTICR*. KELIOIOI'H NOTICE?THE LKNTBS LECTURER OF hi. John's chape), Varic* ? tract, near Canal, will be given every \\>dne?drjr rvenl-g during Lent at halfpist 7. Wednesday. March 20, the Rcy. Dr. Morgan, of Hi Thorn..' church, will lecture. PROWWAI.S. rpn CONTRACTORS?PRGPOSAMI IN WRITING WILL X ha received by David Hmlth, Treasurer Jersey City and llntaiken Ga* Light Company, nfllrn corner of Grand and Grrenestrrets, Jersey City, until Monday, 25th Inst., st 12 e'rl'ick M., for f'irn'.hini dirt and Ailing in South Hrcona street and South Third street, from Provost to Warren street and Warree street, from south Second street to .south Third street, hetng the streets on three a dea ef block No. 147 Proposals must slate the kind of fill ng that will be fnrnlahrJ. auJ also the prtee per cubic yard. RRSTACKANTR. ptrEH 8 AMERICAN RESTAURANT, rASS.'.ti' tuts rnlacks, P A KIR. ARMY AMU NAVY CLAIMS. CJOLDtERS. WHO ARB ENTITLED TO BOUNTY ON SOLPIKKR. writ' aura i.a111 i.r.n ru puuari un der set ef July ?*. HflR who hare lost their discharge*, ean recover the bounty t>y spplytng to UH1PMAN, I1U8 MEK k CO., 274 Broadway. TOO LATE FOR < LAMKIFICATION. A T 77-MONKT LIBERA! I.Y ADVANCED UN Pl>. A MOND3. WVH'IIES. JEWELRY. An, OR THK RAMF. ROtWHT AT T IE HIGHEST RATER. ALSO pawnrrortkh' Ticknts rgught for diamonds MATCHES. JKWfiLRY. Ae.,?177 Bleeoher street, upshur*. A good oriANrr ?fi.wo will nuy a pikrt eias. CenfectfOS'Tv snd Restaurant, doing a cued biu-lna." A lira' elms house nttgniied. Apply on the en rt sea from 9 to i2 A. M. 349 Konrlb avenue near the drpot jjowf AMib wwtrtrn. _ rOl'ND-ON TUB UTH INST., A FOCXETBOOK, COW taming lomn money and valuable paper!. The own?r oan hart it by proving property and paving expenses, by calling at No. 54 Boo -welt street, in the store. Lost?ox toe isth inkt., a (Monooc, con taimng about (to. The finder will be liberally reward ad on returning It to 87 and 80 Leonard street, up ? i are. LOST-ON THE CORNER OK BARCLAY A.N!> WASUe ington streets, a Commutation Ticket between New York and Paaaaici on Brie Railway. The finder will confer a faror by returning the same to 70S Washington street, cor ner of Barclay. LOST-MONDAY EVENING, IN THE NEIOHBOB hood of Niblo'e theatre, one ivory Opera, tu the case. The tinder will receive the thanks or the owner by re turning it to 'ZIS)? Sixth avenue. LOST-ON SUNDAY NIGHT. 125TH STREET, B15 tween Eighth avenue and East river, a white Ro'ie,. with black spot*. The Under bv returuiug it to 425 Fifth avenue wlU be liberally rewarded. LOST?MARCH 18, IN TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN University place and First avenue, a Mink Collar If the Under will return it to 88 East Twelfth slree., a suitable reward will be paid. Lost-fur collar, a small mink collar, ow Saturday evening, 18th Inst., in going from Eighteenth street, through Irving place to Fourtcebth street. The finder will receiver $5 reword by leaving it at 88 East Eighteenth st. LOST?ON SUNDAY LAST, A BLACK AND TAW Slut, medium slie. A liberal reward will he paid by returning her to E. A. Bliss, Bergen, N, J., opposite Mrs. Morrow's. 08T?0N MONDAY, 18TII INST., ON FIFTH AYE nur, between Eighth and Fourteenth streets, a lady's Gold Watch; enamelled ca-e. with setting; No. 80,787. Th? finder will be liberally rewarded and receive the thanks of the owner by leaving same with A. Q. Salter, 03 Clinton place. LOST?IN GRAND STREET. ON THE 18TH INST., A Policeman's Shield, No. :tu6. The finder will please leave it at the Fourteenth precinct station house, or at tho inspector's offlcc, SUO Mulberry street OST?A SMALL GREEN LEATHER TRAVELLING Bag, containing valuable papers. In one of the cars of tho Forty-second and Grand Street Railroad, at the Grand street ferry, at about 11 o'clock A. M. on the 19th March. The tinder will be liberally rewarded by leaving the same at the oillce of Comstock Bros., 80 Wall street, N. Y. Lost?on Monday evening, on tub way uf town, a Qold Hunting Case Watch, made by David Taylor, London, No 281. As this la highly prlxed by the owner, a suitable reward will be paid. Mad no <iuestloaa asked, upon the delivery of same to 13S William street. UK WARDS. ?r REWARD-TO THE FINDER OF A LITTLE ?P? / brown Spaniel Pup; gone astray from 205 West Twen ty-fifth street, near Seventh avenue; answers to the name of Caro. (J?r REWARD.?LOST. AT SEVENTH REGIMENT hPtl armorv, Monday, 18th Inst., two Coats and a Memo randum Hook; would like the tinder to return the book. Adddrcss see cards, and receive the above reward. No questions asked. (fcC REWARD.?LOST. A SMALL BLACK AND TAN Slut; answers to the name of Spy. The finder Will receive the above reward at 10 Nellson place. $r REWARD.?LOST. ON TUESDAY AFTERNOON, i) in going from Calvary church up Fourth avenue, through Twenty-third street to Madison avenue, a Mink Vlctonne, marked with owner's name, "M. M. C." The finder will receive the above reward on leaving it at 29 West Thirty-fifth street (JhOn REWARD?LOST, ON SUNDAY, MARCH 17, 3)^iU In or near Central Park, a lady's large India ShawL The finder, tipon delivery of the same at 19 Brevoort plaoe (Tenth street), will receive the above reward. AQtr REWARD?A QUANTITY' OF CLOTHING, j stolen from 181 West Thirteenth street, consisting of one PresH Coat, three Silk Dresses anil one Merino, and a Velvet Cape. Tho above reward will be paid to any per son rcturulng the same, and no questions asked. DANIEL McINTYRE. dbttr REWARD?LOST, ON SATURDAY LAST, A ?Psit/ white and red spotted Setter Dog, near T htrd arm nue and Thirtv-nlnth street. Auv person roLtrniug said dog to Simpson's livery stable, 130 Thirty-ninth street, near Third aveutte, will receive tho ub,ovo reward. (CI Afi~ RE WARD?L08T. ON~MONDAY, THE 4TH; ?y LU V" between Philadelphia nnd New York (probably at Jersey ferry), a small Bex, containing two Hair BVaoe lets and a Fin, valuable only us keepsakes to the owner. On leaving them at 90 East Twelfth street the above reward will be paid and no questions Asked. (ftQfWk"REWARD?THAT BLACIa BAG, LOST LAST Friday, coutalned $300, besides papers, Ac., of no miner value. The finder m.;y keep the $aU0 if he will leave the other contents of the hag at the lrvtng House, corner Broadway and Twelfth street. No questions asked. . <j?/rnn reward. ip'JWU I will pay the above reward for the reeorery ef the following articles, stolen from my store. No. 1 Thtrd avenue on the night of the 17th or the morning of the 18Ut of March, or a proportionate amount for any part of the ?a me:? WATCHES 1 gold open faee detached lever. No. 43,821. 1 gold open race cylinder. No. 22,417. 1 gold hunting detached lever. No. 90,303. 1 gold open face cylinder. No. 70,112. 1 gold hunting detached lever. No. 66,309. 1 o; en face lever. No. 0,667. 1 silver hunting lever. No 2.664. 1 silver open faco lever. No. 3,197. 1 silver open faoe cylinder. No. 8,070. I silver open face English patent lever, No. 1,574. 1 silver open face cylinder. No. 18.4U0. 1 silver hunting detached lever, No. 11.483. * 1 silver hunting detached lever. No. 47.326. 1 silrer hunting detached lever, No. 7,817. 1 hunting cylinder. No. 46.314. 1 hunting cylinder, No. 4. 1 hunting detached lever. No. 108,413. 1 hunting detached lever. No. 26,994. 1 hunting detached lever. No. 71,445. 1 gold open face English patent lever, No A325 1 silver hunting anchor. No. 13,284. 1 silver hunting anchor, No. 13,283. 1 ? liver hunting anchor. No. 47.006. 1 ? Ivor hunting anchor, No. 47,0>I8. 1 sliver hunting anchor, No. 47 004. 1 gold hunting detached lever, No. 90,007. 1 gold open face cylinder, No. 28,0301 1 gold plated cylinder No. 31.414. JEWELRY. 2 small Diamond Rings, 13 fancy Kings, garnet, pearl. Actt 16 heavy Real Kings, 90 plain and chased Kings. ! 4 gold and corel Half Sets, 1 emerald and rose Diamond Pin, enamelled nallsd black; 3 Leontine Chains, 8 Necklaces, 1 Vest Chain, 8 Scarf Pins, Coral, 4c. About 3 dozen pairs of Sleeve Buttons, 19 sets of 8 tad a 100 Pins and Ear Rings, 25 Charms and other articles of Jewel rr. In all te the amount of about $6,000. The supposed thief is sn Italian, about 26 years old, about 0ve feet eight Inches high; wore when the robbery was committed short whiskers and mustache, jet black; also bi t ck hair, dark complexion, good color, and rather good looking; was known by the name of John Foster, which la supposed to be fictitious; has ralher a sneaking look and tpeaks broken English. JAMES GL SO H OLE FIELD. New York. March 18, 1807. Ajrrwi REWARD.?TAKEN FROM THE PREMISES dpi JUL! 08 Stanton street, on Thursday evening, 14 th Inst, two C. S. coupon Bonds, No*. 44.686 and 44.687, $1.0uC each, contained In a tin box. with several other valuables. The above reward will be paid and no questions asked; ea return of above valuables to 88 Stanton street AC HUH REWARD.?CONFIDENTIAL l.NKORKA qpvJ.UUU tion regarding robbery, forgery, fraud, em bezzlement, orlm. con. and every species of nucalliy Is lib .eraliv paid for by the Bureau of reformation, 163 Fulton street wucre all dishonesty la sifted for parties Interested. CLOTHING. A -LARGE ORDER FOR SOUTHERN MARKF.T.-lsT A . Mo Kit IS pays the highest price for Ladies' .tod Gen tlemen's Cast On Clothing Carpets and Furniture. For Pauls $5. for Coats $0 to (|6. Dresses $8 to $31). Please call at or address 194 Berenth avenue. Ladles attended to by Mrs. Morris. T 137 SIXTH AVENUE, NEAR TENTH STREET.?E. L M1NTZ will pay the highest price fer Ladles' and Gentlemen's cast off Clothing. Carpels, Ac., by calling on or addressing a note to E. Mintz. Ladles waited on by Mrs. Mints. AttknnoN.?ladies anITgentlbmbn < an re ceivo the fnll value In cash for Cast on Clothing, by Sailing nn or addressing Mr. or Mrs. Miner, 136 eleventh ave nue, near Nineteenth street. Attention.?ladies and gentlemen can se cure 75 per cent more for their Csst Off Wearing Ap parol, Caipots, A*., than at any other place, as we want them for the Southern and Western markets. Call on or address Mr. or Mrs. H. UAKK1S, lot Seventh avenue, between Twenty-lirst and Twenty-second streets. AT THE ORIGINAL M. MARKS'. 91 SIXTH AVENUE ladles ahd gentlemen can ma'lve 60 per cent more than by any olh -r dealer in the city for their Cast-off Clothing, Carpets, Furniture. Jewelry, Furs, Ac. Please be klni enough to call on or address the number as above Lndtae waited upon by Mrs. Marks, in and nut of the dU A T60 EAST TWELFTH NTRKKT, NEAR BROADWAY? 71 L. CaSHBKRG psys the highest Broadway prices for ladles' snd genttemen'a aast off Clothing. Ladles waited npou hy Mrs. Casbberg. C1ENTLKMEN HAVINO ANY CAST OFF CUlTHINO X to dispose of can get a lair price by culling on or ad dressing JaMES RlKhPATKIClt, 466 Fear, street, near Chatham. JADIE9 AND GENTLEMEN WILL ORT THE HIGH a est price for their Cast Olf Clothing. Furniture .Carpets, Bedding. Ac., by calling uu or addressing ll. or Mrs. KAL I8H. agent, 186 Hcrenth avenue. BROADWAY, NEAR THIRTY-NINTH ST., M. M 1*1 RO pays the highest price for ladies' ami gentlemen's cost off Clothing, Carpets, Furniture; by call ing on or addressing as a>>ove. ANTHOLOGY. A8TRoI.GUY.-DR. AND 'Id- BROUUHTON CAN BR consulted In astrology and medicine at 014 Broadway, np stairs Fee $1 to $.1. Nativities written. >5 to $60. A FACT ?MISt WELLINGTON TELLS OK HI -INKSA. theft, good look and numbers. 392 Bowery, opposite B is lb street. Hours 9 to A A_ TR8T?NO IMPOSITION?NBVKR FAILING.?MRS. Starr, (rem Europe, burn with a natural gift. Great est Busltiesa and Medical Clslrvorant known. Tells name and likeness, past, present snd future. Cause speedy mar riages In love affairs. She was never knnwn to fall. IK Fourth avenue. Gents not admitted. Hours from 0 A. M. till 8 P. M. ' MMADAME BYRON-TI1B GREATEST BUHINFM AND I Mc .Ileal Spiritualist known, causes speedy marriages. 318 Fourth tvenue. Ladles $1. ' _____ MIADAMB WALTERS. IlISTlNOIUHnED CLAUlTOY | ant. Visit her for evervtlung?sickness, businsea, theft, names, numbers, good luck. 381 Canal street. Madame kors medical and business clair Voyant has removed lier "(lire to 100 West rwnly-sev enth street, near Seventh avenue, where she shows a like nesa of the person you will marry and tells M* noma He Ware of illiterate pretenders, who try to finite!* her. Lucky numbers. ________ Madame bora, great natural clairvoyant. reveals your whole 1Mb. 9ft JfOveene street, corner or Canal Consultation. $1 TMBIIF WONDERFUL MRS R. H. C. OKAHaM CAN tell your name and dge; foretell* ?TI romfhg event* rvelilfds rregi'gpnt aud dlsslp??ied husbands and loveie. CaU and see at 130 West Twenty-flfth street Q4JQ SEVENTH AVENUE. NEAR THIRTY-FIRST s?00 s'reet?Jnpe. RAY, Clalrvoysnt and A*imingisl Lucky numbers. Rpeedy Marriages. Ladle* 26 oenMU gent* 60 cent*