Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1867 Page 1
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1 1 THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,160. NEW YORK, THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 1867.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. pieioiul. l DDA-WHT DOST YOU AN8?HR MY LETTBR? 1 Get letter from MaltoU B, gad UMW to my full ad w or through Pataeaoii. GEORGE. N FORMATION WANTED-OF AUGUST 8CHRRIBBB, of 8tift Quern helm, Prussia. The enme left Washington, . C.. in KM. When Inst heard from was boarding with r. Friedman, N West street New York. Any person wbe n give information of his whereabouts will be liberally re arded by addressing Henry Sehrieber, care of P. Deike, W eat street. New York. N FORMATION WANTED.?ANY INFORMATION CON. earning the whereabouts of Kate Ceary, wbo arrived bore i March a, by steamer Denmark, from Cork. Call oa or . Id re as Mary ceary, 406 Oilmen street, Brooklyn. Hartford tpers please oopy. V 1 UK FAIR LADY WITH BLACK BONNET AND blue stripe, wbe took the car at the corner ef Broome reel I ueaday, et six o'rloek. will send her address to the intleman who stood bvhiud her, will hear of something in resting. Address Kaoul, station U. ffRR. CLARKE, NOW BOOTH. FORMERLY IN (I Brooklyn with the late Commodore Rogsrs' family, base send address to Q. T.. box Va> Poet office, M. Y. IY BOY.?RETtTRN TO TOUR MOBIO LESSONS ON i Tuesdays and Fridays. , TTJ. AS. BU. 6ADI8ON AVENUE 8TAGB TO NINBTBBNTH 1 street, at I o'clock on Tuesday afternoon. W ill the ue- eyed lady eeamunicato with the gentleman who eat ixt bar and whom aha afterwards recognised from the Indow. Addreee B. R. Oarltoa. Poet offioat JBTTIE (MINNIE) O. AND B.?WHY DON'T TOU 1 answer the letters I have written yen. At nay rate rile to hills, old address. ED."?TOU MUST RETURN, AB THERE IS NEWS of importance awaiting you. PATEMT8. WE GENTLEMAN THAT PICKED UP A $100 BILL . In the Bureau of Taxes, City Ball, Wednesday morning, arch JO. and was seen to pick It up by two others, will ease return tame to We O. Welanphy. American Express Bee. IJt Broadway, or leave It with Deputy Comptroller. WE GENTLEMAN WHO ADDRE88ED THE TALLEST of the three Udiee at trinity church yesterday morn* N g about ten o'clock, would be happv to escort her lo the ederkranz this evening, or the Arion next week. Address miles Willi mi. ljeiaia olllee. M WENTY-THIRD STREET STAGE, TUESDAY P. M ? W ill (he hilly that noticed the gentleman ami flirted Itb him, .'tnnding on corner of Twenty-third street uud hlh avenue, address C. II. B., box 1,373 1'ost offloe. New prk, elating where an interview can be bad? SPKCIAL. NOTICE*. T A 8PECIAL MEETINO OF THE PULTON BA 8E L Ball Club, bald at their rooms, 1X6 Beekman street, the lowing preamble and resolutions were unanimously opted:? whereas. it baa pleased the Almighty God in hie divine sdom, to remove t rum our midst our late associate, James pun, whose many good qualities endeared him to ue; there e, be It i? solved. That we, the members of the Fulton Base Ball zb, hereby express our sincere sorrow and deep regret for > untimely decease of our worthy companion James pnn, and we deeply sympathize and condole with his rela ef in their preseut amicilon; but, well knowing that their a la hit gain, we would recommended his relatives, who i nearer and dearer to him, not to mourh, but com f ort imselves In the consoling hope that he has gone to a better rid, where the wicked ueaaefrom troubling and the weary t at rest 'be members of the Fnltoa Base Ball Club are hereby lined ui attend the funeral, from his late residence. No. 70 w Chambers street, on Friday next, at one o'clock. WILLIAM BUCKLEY, President axis Haaxv, Secretary. ID FOB IRELAND.?A LECTURE WILL BE DR. livered. under the auspices of the Fenian Brotherhood, John Savage. Esq., et the Cooper Institute, on Wednea r evening, March 37. at 8 o'clock. Subject?"Theobald Jfe Tone And the cause of Ireland." Admission SO oen la. tec re of Circles are hereby lnatrueted to procure tickets Central office. AM PKANCISCO. CALIFORNIA, FEB. M.-NOTICE.? The undersigned bee lo notify tbeic frieuds and the bUc generally thai they are not and never have been creeled la or connected with the bouse of Hein, ekell A Co., oorner of Juoob and Frankfort streets. New irk etty. This notice la published not wKh a view of crediting or la nay manner injuring the bouse ef Hein ckel A Co., bet simply te correct mieeseoepUon. HEIN A BRAY. oum Biut, 41$ Battery street. 'EC1AL NOTICE. ?VIRGINIA AND TBNNHBEBE AIR LINK RAILWAY. I OFFICE 176 BROADWAY, ka rternegue caused by the heavy frmhato to Vmtaeaase 1 Virginia, to the Virginia aad Teeearaae Railroad, the it Tetraeewe end Virginia Railroad, the hut Tannaaaee i Georgia Reflraed, oa the 3d end 6th met, have all base sired, and freight trains wiDnewrun through oa regular lee bslwaan Norfolk end Alton to. nights win be received fat the shove eedatolelmm idleH its, including Chattanooga and Knoxville. Mo change In regular throuxh tariff. Feignte-for Memphis end NaehviUe will not be received fe^'rtfcwnc''fTW3k.4iS!S1f"LSr IE HEW TORE LADIES' SOUTHERN RBLIiF As sociation M to acknowledge the fallowing taillimi: ount prcvlouSy ackhowndg* d HO AvjM Green... "... ft 00 C Seade HO l? I.C 100 00 ; lltary Society of Brooklyn i,N0 UD ity. a little boy 1 00 eB. Allstom, additional subscription 7ft 00 neruber of the Reformed Protestant Dutch ,orcb, Astoria, N. Y 30 00 Hal receipt* to 0*1* .$30,341 80 ARTHUR LEAKY, Treasurer, aw York, March 10, ISP. ll,?TRlCT'0?' jr TOWNSBND'8 BU8INB88COLLBGE, MO. 180 i Bowery, botween Prince and Houston streets.?Instrnc . day and evenlue, m Bookkeeping. Penmansnlp. Arlih Ir, Spelling. Grammar, Correspondence, So. Booms for se and private instruction. No classes. r $180-WRITING 10 LESSONS, ARITHMETIC. and writing or bookkseplnc: lessons unlimited: $10 quarter. Patne's Business Collages (established 1840;, 68 try and 34$ Fulton street, Brooklyn. No elaasos. YOUNG FOREIGN LaDY, HIGHLY EDUCATED and accomplished, possessing French, Italian Spanish, man and a little English, music and singing, and belug ?nughlT acquainted with Paris, desires to aoeoeapeny to ope a nrsl class family as teacher, Interpreter or com on; best references given. Address T. T. P.,, station O. YOUNG LADY OF EXPERIENCE DESIRES A situation as companion, or governess to children; bee English sad music; beet reiarenoee. Address hoi lainuica, L. I. >OKKEEPING. WRITING, ARITHMETIC, EC.. FOR business ?Messrs. DOLBEaK, 000 Broadway, qualify lemen praetieally for head bookkeepers. They teach ,hmetlc by the most rapid and-accurate metb-xla, and i r en tee to remove stiffness, cramping or trembling nad a elegant business penmen. lOKKEBPINO, PENMANSHIP AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS, lOLDSMrTH'B Commercial Institute, 75# Broadway. Ails bed 1(440. Private lastruetlon. OESERY GOVERNESS FRANC AISE DESIRE trouver une sttnatlow dans one f am die; ade bonnet resets. Adreseee poor deui jours, par isUre, a 83 au e etage. Guest Heme roe. < SCHOOLS AND COLLEGER.?A YOUNG MAN wishes a position to teach English and Mathematics i n tr of the above pieces or la a private family. Address cator, box 80 station D. ANTED-A TUTOR, TO TAKE THE ENTIRE charge of two boys aged M and IS; must have no ob tain m go to the country for the summer. Address, with particulars, age, Ac., X. Y. Z., box KB Poet otBce. ANTED?PRIVATE PUPILS IN THE CLASSICS and English studies; also those whose early education been neglected. Address or apply to Harvard. 08 West iteenth street. ~ Loam oppicei. ^ _ _ _ ^ " f 77?MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DlA MONDS, WATCHES. JEWBLRT. Att, OR THE (R HOi'OHT AT THE HIGHEST RATES. ALBO VNBROKLRS' TICKETS BOUGHT FOB DIAMONDS, rOHEs. JEWELRY. Ae., at 71 Bleeehrr street, np stairs. I ? 111 BROADWAY BRIDGE, KNnYBUILDING. DIAMONDS, WATCHBta, PK8CIOUS STONES, AC. TBIS OLD ESTABLISHED OFPICB S THE UTMOST VALUE FOR DIAMOND JEWELRY, WATCHES. JEWELS. PLATE. PEARLS. AC.. OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS, AC.. AC. N. B -DIAMONDS, WATCHES, AC , FOR SALS. OFFICE HOURS FROM 1? A. M. TO 4 P. M. J. H. BARRINQKK, 111 Broadway, room No. 8. , r?41 BROADWAY ?I PAY THE HIGHEST PRICES for Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry, Ae., or advance on tame. ISAACS, Diamond Broker, Opposite Wailack'e theatre. ? HYMAN'S, 888 BROADWAY. CORNER OF nOND street, will be paid the highest price for Diamonds, ?bee and Silverware, or will advance on the above ar IVANCKS MADE ON WATCHES. DIAMONDS, JBW- ? eiry. Dry Goods and Personal Property of every de ?tlon. J. A. JACKSON. Ill Grand street, two doors weat roadway Mi PEARL STRBET. HETWKBN NEW BOWERY and Franklin square, LEDERKTl A CO.. adrnnce lib y at rea??nsble lermn oti all valuable property, Watches, iv I iniinnnda, Ac . or purchase. ? 8|7.?MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DIA MOND*, WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVERWARE. OH THE >AMK BOUGHT FOR CASH. N. It. NBKOKERS' TICKETS BOUGHT FOR DIAMONDS, AT A. H. SiURTEVANT'S PRIVATE OFFICE, 817 ADWAV ROOM NO. 4. 'VANCES Madbon DIAMONDS. WATCHES. SIL verwarr. Furs, fine Furniture, Camels' Hslr Shawls, or bought for rush. Trrm? moderate. J. 8. COHEN, lroadway, nearly opposite Aster place. (441 Y ROADWAY. CORNER OF RLKEUKKR ?Uw t. up vlatra. the utmo-i value win be paid for Dla l?. Wan-res, Jewels, Silverware. Ac.. or liberal advance# ? en e ui lyijmcni". Duitionds, Watcbe*, Ac., for sale ? A. HONiUMaN, Bruiter, removed from 66 Nassau WNHUOKER?' TICKET? BOUGHT?FOR DIA nuibds, Watebe.s, Jewelry, Sllverwire. Silk*, Cloihtng. also ti,c same bought or advances made on them. At rand, near Mulberry street. ( WMRROKF.RS' TICKET? BOL'Olir OF WA'fCIIES, Diamonds and Jewelry, Muaicil and Mathematical In "'?Iiw Mn halites' Tools, b.lka, Ac. Highem prirea i at 18ft Bowery. FIIOIilORAPHtU ART. (ABTP.n-A rrioroGRArii printer and toner None but ilret elaa* need apply, at Pabet A.C0's, 131 bf?. with refereaoaa -s. ?? goarow. ?uTimfM or dogs and rirdb for 541a at ? R DOVRY>8, m Otut Streak My Church street (ediciBM far sB ?MMA Frspnrod food for mocking r^mn HA LI?AW ELEGANT aCHOOSBR YAOHT.7S ^?faet long ob dock, 18H toot beam, ? fort dopth of hold; mils aad riarinr now Bod of the vsry boat quality; cmbla hnndsomelyf\uruUhi-J Bad the vassal ?? romplete in ?very rripcA Address C. F. Clothlur. bos A*73 Fos* offleo, Philadelphia. YJIRANCIB BUTLER, BO SPECK SLIP. BAB ALL, THE J choicest breeds of Dogs. Butler's infallible Mange Cure aad Flea Exterminator. 78 oenlu Butler's new work on the Dog, $1 Da** tsulnod. hoarded, Ac. Medicine for aH diseases. ROWBOAT WaNTRD-FROM SO TO 90 PERT LONG, suitable for three pairs of sculls; m??t br hrht built. An? one baring a boat of this description for sale cheap may address, stating terms, die., bis 8,40# I'ost offics. HOR*ES. CAllRiAGESt AC. a LIGHT VICTORIA OR TWO BEAT VEHICLE FOR A one boras wanted, of beet city make and but Httle need. Address, with laweal pStee and particulars, I., box AIM Post office. A TWO WHEEL DOG CART FOR SALE VERT A low; city make, and ? eery One order, as It has been run only a slXrt tune. Apply at R. M. STIVER'S, 87 Bast Thirty-drat street. T THE HOR8B BAZAAR?CORNER OP THIRTY* aeyenth street and Broadway, one double and two sin ate Breaks, for tratqiug young horses to harness, for sals or hire cheap; also single and double I* j Harness. ClfARLEb WILLS, Veterinary Surgeon. A BEAUTIFUL BAT PONY POR SALE-TRAINED to the saddle; will be sold reasonably, ae the owner is going to Europe. Apply at stable corner of Twenty-sixth street and Sixth avenue. A COUPE AS GOOD AS NBW. FOR SALE CIIEAP, ^ ^ by J. M. QU1MUY A CO., 828 Broad street, Newark, A PRIVATE STABLE TO LET-STALLS FOR FOUR horses and cart isge room, with all modern improve ments, at 1133 West Twenty-Brat street. Apply at 382 Hud son xtreet. A SECOND HANI) COACH, VICTORIA. WKSTCilEa ter, Coupe, Rocks way and Wagons; also SuO Carnages; Harness 'JU per cent lea* than Broadway stores. HAM'b, 10 Last l'ourta street, coruer Broadway. AT 47 CEDAR STRKET.-CAKRIAGF.3 AND HARNESS. A large stock of good work for sale, rery low, to make room for spring stock: one secondhand Coupe Ilockaway, one light Express Wagon, several Buggies, below coat. r ^ * I.TU hi U TIT L'Tsd JOHN M. TUKTri, Ja. A REGISTER OF HORSES AND CARRIAOE8. AT private sale, la kept by MINER A SOMEKVILLE, at 37 Nassau street. All persona wishing to buy, sell or ex change Horses or Carriages, should have ihetr property, or the articles desired registered as above. _ _ AUCTION BALES AT HORSE AUCTION MART, Union square. every Tuesday aad Friday throughout the year, and at 87 Nassau street every Wednesday and Satur day. See auction head. A?THE LARGEST STOCK IN THE CITY OF CAR . riages. Top and No Top Wagons, Rocks ways 1 German town Rockaway, Z eloec Coaches, 3 Express Wagons. Doctors Phaetons, two Gigs: Depot Wagons; 100 sets of single and double Harness,or all kinds; Blankets; Halters, Whipj. Ac.: 1 tine Brown Mare, 1 Bay Horse. 1 .sorrel Colt; slao several other Horses, at 1 ,KM Broadway, near Forty-first street. A -FOB BALE, A BEAUTIFUL DARK BAY HORSE, ? 18.1 high, seven years old, warranted sound and kind and to beat 2:80 any dav, single or double; sired by Mara brtno Pilot out of mare Gipsy; this hone shows find breed ing, and cannot be excelled for style and beauty, aad is also a splendid saddler. A very superior Kentucky bred chest nut Horse, 13.3 high, eight years, of wisgiiilicunl style and action, very rangy and fine; an.tabic for coupe, family or gentleman's road horse; can travel 18 milas an hour. The above horses belong to an estate, and cun be seen by calling at 642H Greeuwlch street uulil Friday, at 13 M., when they will be sold at public auction, bjr Viunlewatar, at 100 Liberty street. By order of bpacial Collector. A HALF OF THE PP.IVATE STABLE TO LET COR ner ot Eighteenth street and Seventh avenue; room for two horses and two carriages, including g? water and Sre, lor private use only. Apply to Mr. AING, 78 West Thirteenth street. Am auction-by minbr a bomkbvillb. on pri day, March S, at 10 o'clock, the fast trotting Horse Boston, seven years old, about 18 hands high, pony made; very stylish in all harness; a good pole horse; trotted last fall In Z:41 to a wagon, and la of great endurance, and war ranted to trot sixteen miles wilnin Che hour. The owner knows of na fault or unsoundness; sold with a very slegsnl, eHy made single seat Reed Wagon, piano body; a superior ?MMMfawBHndnby Konnej; neither bee bean net of light Hermaa, made gag but four times; Blankets, Whip, Lap Blanket: all to be sold to highest bidder without reserves aa the owner ban ??MMlffianNMMM^ffiBtaMM seldom offered, no use far them. A she nan i A BARB CHANCE FOR SPECULATION.-A LARGE A assortment of new and eeeow*. hand top and open Wagons, Jersey Rockaways. two seoond hand Coupee one Coupe Rocka way, single and doable Harness; B. H. Bishop's Improved patented adjustable Carriage Poles to St any wagon. Call aad sxasaine them. A&> one very, elegant saddle Horse for a lady. Appiy at tWPWarerley .-tale and Exchange Stable, 1,8*7 Broadway, corqer Thirty-ninth at. (CARRIAGES.?POR 8ALB, 81 DAMAGED, SEVERAL J second band Carriages, 900 new Carriages, all styles; 1,U0U seta Harness. Cash advanced on carnages left for sale. CALVIN WlTTY'S Carriage Ware rooms, 498 Broadway, near Bleeoker street. CARRIAGES.?SEVERAL NEW STYLES, JUST PROM our factory, finished in the best of stylo and warranted equal to anr In the eity. Also one seoond hand rhaeton, extension top, four seats, with child's seat, and two Depot Wagons ana two top Wagons Bold st reduced prions, at if. MOONEY'8 Warerooms, 01 Liberty street. ?OUPB FOR BALE?IN GOOD ORDER; CAN BE warranted; tuiteble for apnvate family; will be sold tap. Apply at W Jblnl avenue, beiween Thirty- third and Thlrty-rourth streets. Yf. P. DKIJW. For bale?a very fine fair of dark gray Carriage Horses, well matched, long tails, 1* hands high.* years old: sound and very stylish. Also six asat Phaeton. Harness. Ac, The owner is soon to leave town, and this presents a rare opportunity to buy a handsome es tablishment. Inquire for two weeka of B. MONTAGUE. Marble Yard, West Twenty-filth street, bstween Tenth and Eleventh avenues. r? 8ALE?A BEAUTIFUL FAIR OF COUPE. Horses, 7 and 8 yesrs old; rich dark bay. about !8Vj banda high. Can be seen at 128 Weal 32d shook Will be blgh told reasonable FOR PALE?CARTMAN'S BUSINESS DOWN TOWN, togetbar wtm Horses, Carta, Trucks and everjthlag us eeesary to do A largo bullosas. The business ta of many years' standing, and will be aold cheap, aa the owner la going to the country. Also to let or lease, the Stable occu pied by the undersigned, at a fair rate, ror terms or other information call at IU Bank atreei In the morning, or at IS Soatb William street. UKC. JKFFER8. For sale?a bbautiftl pair of matched bay Horses; fire years old, 16 baoda high, warranted sound and kind. Apply at ISO Fourth street, near SliU even ue. F or sale?a bat horse, seven tears old, and kind, $200; a new covered Wagon, lit for an express or a grocer, SAM; single Harness, $30. Apply at livery stable corner of Eighty-second street and Third av. n'OR SALE-TWO ONE HORSE TRUCKS. INQUIRE " at 369 Third avenue. TjlOR SALE?A PAIR OF NEW ENGLISH BLANKETS F and Hoods and Rollers; also a Double Met of Harness, leather colon .1 buckles, suitable for a gentleman. W. if. MILES' livery stables, tl West Xlneteeath street. FOR SALE?8TYLI8H SORREL M ARK* 6 TEARS, 16 bands, aonnd, kind. ?l3j; sorrel Horsa, |1$J4, $9J; new light Harness, $36; must be a>ld. 144 West Twenty-ninth St. pOR RALE?A VERT STYLISH ABDALLAH AND _ Webster Stilllon, chestnut color, with white mane and tail, 16 bands high, thoroughly broken In single or doable harness, and for one an young and untrained gives every tn dication of spesd;l? particularly suited for a coupe. Can be seen at 126 West Thirty second street. FOR 8ALE-A TBAM, ABOUT 1JOO. EACH 16 HANDS; also one large Horse, 1.7on, 17 bands; also two superior blind Horeea. and several farm Horses, among them one Mare with feat 6$ New Chambers street Fob salb?a saddle pony-, can bb used in . . f" _ carriage; for sale cbeap; sold for want of use. Inquire nt Wait stable, in Fourth avenue, between Twenty-seventh and Twenty-eighth streets. FOR 8ALE?10 FIRST CLASS HOR8EH, JUST FROM the country; At for carta, trucks, express or any busi ness ; warranted sound and Kind. Inquire at $41 Canal street, corner of Wsihingtoa. FOR SALE?TWENTY SUPERIOR WORK HOUSES, just from the country, five to eight years old; prises low. Call at 211 Wooster street LYOR SALE?SECOND HAND, TWO LEATHER TOP r Buggies, one slide scat Buggy, one Doctor's Phaeton. Must be sold. ISAAC MIX, JR7 * SON, DM Broadway. /GOVERNMENT PROPERTY AT PRIVATE SALE.? VJT 10,0011 sets new and second hand Harness, Raddles, Col lars, Bridles, Halters, wsgon and boras Covers, Pr.ullin, Awnings. Bed Tleka, drain Bags, Tenia. Tent Stock. Blsn MetSsr " " **" kete, Ac . very lew. Plain McClellan Raddles, o,lioers-. Me Clellari and artillery Raddles, new Artillery Bridles with plated bus. Awolnrs and Wagon Covers made io order; W edge. Wall and Hospital Tents. PITKIN A CO., No. 5 Park place, New York, and 3S9 North Front street, l'c'.ladsl phla, l'a. Livery stable for sale?very cheap;seven Horses, fire coaches, Harness and ail appurtenances, In the city of Kiooklyn. Inquire on the premises of WN. SIMOMduN. Illeks Street beiween Atlantic and Ntata, or nt United Mtate* Real Estate Ktrhtingr, 9a street. Will be exohanged for good Fnrnltnre. MCLEs.-For pai.b, a pair or labor brown Mules, formerly owned by u. W, Poll it*. of Koslvn, Long Island. To be seen for three days at Win. Robertson'! siabie ?7 Rute street, Brooklyn, near Henry. fno LET?STABLE 216 WEST HOUSTON STREET. 1 Apply to W. NCtrTT JARVls, 2X1 Canal street WANTED-A SMALL HAND CART. SUITABLE FOR sending home oiders from a crockery store. Address S. Hemingway, 112 Newark avenue. Jersey City. m >n WILL BUY A ORAT HORHK. 8 1 EARMOLD, JitJU fit for farm or any uso; warranted kind in harness. Inquire si 297 Seventh avenue, for three days. a> I Qf\ ? A BARGAIN. HORSE, WAGON AND HAI JpIOW, nesa, sold for want of uae, lbs burse is sent and kind. Apply at 449 beventh avenue. THE LECTURE ME A SO*. r-NIOHT?THIRD LECTURE OF THH COURSE BE fore tbe Yefing Mi" 's Association of 8t. Timothy's Church, will be delivered by Rev. F. C. Ewer, at Lyric Hail, corner 'Broadway and b urty seventh street huhjeeli* ?? The Vosemite Valley " Admission76 eonta. The proceeds to l>o applied In I'-pit*!*' ug Hie debt on the new church edifce on KlfU -seventh street between Eighth and Ninth t avenue* A LBEBT B. NICOLAY. A STOCKBROKER AMD AUCTIONEER, no. a run street. ESTABLISHED SIXTEEN YEARS. Iiioruw, City BaltmeiL Ou Light. But, Teiagraph, Express, Manufacturing >nd MlningBtocka, also CRy, Coun ty. Mute end Government Securities, recefre special ettcu ?3on. end tome on bend tor sale, paying frou? 10 to 10 per oeut dividends, nt lotr rales for Investment. April dividend or the soman loan. Umci or thk Roman Uii at rmm ___ ? ) Bincuig House or Dcrmc ax BnnfMA* _ACo. , v 11 Nassau street, corner of Tine, UercA W, WS7. The ooupen of Interest of this Iom due on the 1st of April, 1867, will be paid st follows:? New \ orb, st the banking house of Duncan. fhermanAGo. Phi'. Mielphis, st Uir btubing house of Drexel A Co. Baltimore, st the house of L. J- Tonney A Co. New Urieuis at the Southern Hank. t>L Louie si the banking huu?e of Tesson, Son A Co. lou svii e, st the tutiiktu;; bouse of rucker ?. Co. t.'UM-.niiall, st the hanking house of Oilmore, Duiilap A Co. and Heutnno Gsraghty A Co. Boston, by Patrick Donshoa. Provldenoc, R. I., by Ueorpa A. teste, Eaq. Montreal, Canada. Montreal Bank. Quebec. Canada, Montreal Bank. Uarana, Cuba. J. C. Buruheu A Co. u, Alaop Lima. Peru, Alaop A Co. Wbrre there are uo aeaots the holders of bond* can for ward their ooupous to this office, the proceeds of which will be remitted by return mall. ROBERT MURPHY, Agent. /CITIZENS' SAVINGS BANK, SOUTHWBST CORNER VJ of Bowery and Canal street. BIX PEE CENT INTEREST PAID ON ALL 8"MS PRON FIVB TO FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. INTEREST COMMENCES APRIL L P ENNBTLVANIA STATE LOAN. PR0PO8AL8 FOR A LOAN OP $38,000,000. An act to create a loan for the redemption of the overdue bonds of the Commonwealth. Whereas the bonds of the Commonwealth and certain cer tified ten of Indebtedness amounting to gSXOOUJKM, have been overdue and unafit for some time past; And whereas it is desirable the same should be paid and withdrawn from the market; therefore. Sbitiok 1. Be It enacted hy the - . nato and House of Re presentative* or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in (leu eral A-mmiblv met. and It l? hereby enacted by ihe authority of the name, That the Governor, Auditor General and State Treasurer he, and are l fcrehy author,rod and empowered to borrow on the faith of the Commonwealth. In such amonnta and with Rtieh notice (ntv lea* than forty dsysi. as they may deem moat expedient for the interest or the State, twen ty, three million* of dollar*, mid is*ue certificate* of loan or bond* oft he Commonwealth for the same, bearing interest at n rate not exceeding six per centum per annum, payable semi-annually, on the 1st of February and 1st of August, In the dtjr of Philadelphia; which certiorates of loan or bonds shall not be subject to any taxation whatever for State, miinlotpal or local purposes, and ahull be payable as fol lows namely:?Five millions of dollars payable at any time after Ave years and wltbin ten years; eight millions of dollars payable at any time after ten years and within fif teen years, and ten mllliomt of dollars at anytime afterUf ?l?vn years and within twenty-fire years, and shall be signed by the Governor and State Treasurer, and countersigned by the Auditor General, and registered In the books of the Auditor General, uud to be transferable on the books of the Commonwealth at the Farmers' and Mechunte*' National Bank of Philadelphia; the proceeds of tha whole of which loan, tncln tmg premiums, Ac., received . ___ on the same, shall be applied to the payment of the bond* and oertltieaica of Indebtedness of tue Commonwea'th. Sac. 3. The bids for the said loan shall bo opened In the preaeuce of the Governor, Auditor General and State Treas urer. and awarded to the highest bidder: Provided, That no certificate hereby authorized to be Issued shall bo negotiated for less than it* par value. Sue. 8. 1 he bonds of the State and certificates of indebted ness, now over due. shall be receivable In pavment of the said loan, under .,uch regulations aa the Governor, Auditor General and State Treasurer may prescribe; and every bid der for the loau now authorised to be iaaued shall state In his btd whether the same la payable in caah or tn the bouda or certifiestes ot indebtedness of the Commonwealth. Bsc. A That all trustees. executors, admin istratora, guar dian*. agents, treasurers, committees or other persons hold log In a fiduciary capacity bonds or certificates of Indebted, ness of the State, or moneys, are hereby authorized to bid for the loan hereby authorized to be Issued, and to Airren der the bond* or certificates of loan held by them at the time of making such hid, and to receive the bonds authorised to be Issued or this act. Bsc. a Any person or persona standing in the fiduciary capacity slated In the fourth section of this act who may desire to invest money la their hands for the benefit of the trust may, without an order of court. Invest the same tn the bonds authorised to be issued by this net, at a rate of pre mium not exceeding twenty per centum. 8ao. t) That from and after the passage of this sot nil tha bonds of this Commonwealth shall be paid off in the order of their maturity. 8ac. 7. That all loans of this Commonwealth not yet due eball be exempt from State, municipal or local taxation after the interest due February first, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-erven shall hare been paid. Sac-R That alienating laws, or portions thereof, lueoa. statu herewith, am hereby r^sslnd JOHN P. GLASS. Speaker of the House of Representatives. L. W. HALL, Speaker of the Senate. Approved the second day af February, ewe thousand eight hundred and sixty seven. JOH.VW- GEARY. In aeoordance with tha provisloes of the above sot of Aa ofljo^^Ue State Treasurer, Tn the City of llarrlsbnrg, Pennsylvania, until Ik cfelock M. of the 1st day of April, A. D.. 1887, to be endorsed aa fallows:?" Proposals for Pennsylvania Slate Loan, Treasury Department, HarrLburg, Pa.. United Blaise of America " Bids will be received for SAW,'*** reimbursable in Ave the rate of Interest to be either five or six per cent, der an num, which must be explicitly uteted in the bid; and the hide moat advantageous to the State will bo accepted. No btd for leas tban par will be considered. Tbe bonds will be Issued in sums of $IM and such higher sums pa desired by the loaners, to be free from State, local and municipal taxes. The over doe bonds of the Commonwealth of Pennaylvn nia will be received at par in payment ef thla loan; but bid ders mutt state whether they Intend to pay In cash or In the overdue loans a!ore avid. N.i distinction will be made between bidders paying la eaeh or overdue lotos. JOHN W. GEARY, Governor of Pennsylvania. JOHN P. iiartraNft, Auditor General. W. H. HEM HUE, fits to Treasurer. N. B No newspaper publishing the above, unlets autho rized, will receive pay. Removal. The Union Dime Savings Rank ha*e removed to their NEW BANKING HOUSE, Noa. MX and IS* ' tnal street, u ner of Lslghb Now is the best time to deposit your money. Six per cent interest on sum i of (A to $A,P>jO fro u April I. The hank will he open for the inaoectlon of visitors on Wednesday, Thurs day, Fnuay and Saturday of this week. Assets, *8,11* 4* 9!. O. & Coimt, Sec'y. E. V. UACOHWOUT. Pres't. TO CAP1T VLI8TS.?A OF.NTI.KMAN FROM NEVADA want* from *1 ?,0OO to 14> tlOu to furnish working appa ratus, engine. Ac., for one of the best recently developed mines in that State. A controlling interest will be riven for this sum. Full particulars furnished. Address for three days Miner, atatloo D, Mew York city. rpo C A PIT AI-18T8.?WANTED, $7.'. "00, IN SUM8 OF J $5,(?0o or upwards, for one or mom years: security risen forilve times the amount and a guarantee of fourteen per eent oer annum on the Investment. For particulars address, with real name, R.. box 4 7* Post office. ?1 Onfl WANTED?FOB SIX MONTHS. OK UN VGMi'U doulitud pciaonal securitv; $190 bonus given. Address Caswell, care C. K. Vi tills. It Floe street, base ment. *f)n nnn to loan <no commissions asked) V6V.UUU fori or 10 years, on first claaa city Property. Address Earnest, Herald offiee. (OA [V\l\ TO ?110,000 ?MEKCHANDISB OF ALL ?OU.UV*/ kinds needed a t the So-itB wanted on uo doabted six mouths' paper; part cash paid. Apply to JOHN 8. BhBKY A CO., 74Sroadway. fcl 7 ^ Aftf) T? ON NEW YORK, BROOK ?J) I I w.vUU lvn aid Jeraey real estate. Second mort fftge.a cashed. Traveller's Insurance Company. O. K. WILLIS. $1 Pine street. $27.5.000 %Z?4\2" BO!,D AMD *OBT; estate, In this city or Brooklyn. "OlIN F. CON RET, is. ta one or mora euma, on real JOllN F.TonRET. a Wan street, room IS. MUSICAL. A LADY WILL GIVE LESSONS ON THB PIANO AT $10 per qearter In advance at her own or pupils' restd ?nets. CaU at or address 181 West Twentieth street AM FIRST CLASS SOPRANO IS OPEN POR AN EN Memem in a quartet choir: Protestant church pre ferred. Address Q. p., box 1 ,?S Poet office. AM SOPRANO AND BASSO. OP THREE YEARS' EX pertenee, end under the age of M, desire situations tn choirs, at moderate salaries. Address W. X-, Herald odlce. AM GENTLEMAN WILL OtVB INSTRUCTION ON THE Piano at pupils' rcsldenoe for $10 per quarter. Best of referenoes given. Address, with realdanoa. Teacher, box 112 Herald olioe. AH FIRST CLAMS CABINET ORGAN FOR SALE LOW la use but a few months. Oily maker; ten stops. Ad dress II. C., box I'M Herald office. A TOCNO LADT OF BDUCATION AND R5FIN E A ment and a skilful pianist will give music lessons to a few pupUa st her or their residenoee. Address A., box 1,883 Now V<>rk Poet office. A^m YOUNG LADY WILL GIVE LESSONS ON THE Piano at $10 per quar'er, In adranoe. at her own or Bti?' residences; thorough laetracttoa will )>e guaranteed, t reference given. Apply at ?U Sixth avenue, near For tieth street. Cmr A. MUNOER, ORGANIST AND DIRECTOR OF THE |J, music et the Medium Avenue Bapllet church, will be et liberty to accept a position as oi-gauist or organist and conductor, from the tat of May next. Apply to or address KM Broadway. MHa J. OtANNKTTI, PROFESSOR FOR THE LAST , two years in the Musical Conservatory, now gives singing lessons at his residence 8$ Third arenne. Terms moderate. _______________________ MMR. H. MILLARD IS OPEN TO AN ENGAGEMENT from the let of May as tenor, or would beoouin respon sible for a Drat class quartet ehoir. Address care of 1. T. Gordon. *?? Broadway. UVfKVKR HEARD OF THE NORMAL MUSICAL CON IN servstorvf" That's queer. The beet Institution In the City to obtain a thorough musical education. 14$ Wast Twenty-sixth street, near Eighth avenue. _____ Wmm ANTKD-A FIRST RATE PIANO ACCOMPANYIST, for three evening. In a week, in a private family. Apply at 47 Broadway, up stairs, from 3 to 4 P. X. lAKTED-A POSITION AS TENOR IK A FIRST

class quartet, in an up town Lptsoopal church. Ad drees O. R., Ml;raid offioe. PER MOKTH FOR EIGHT LKSHONB OK _ . the Piano, by a lady of experience; a thorough eonree of instruction guaranteed leaeone private. Call at or address Itl Bast Thirty Hist street. Beet referenoes. $2 50 At IIIOGINB' EMPORIUM. Bit BROADWAY. OK AND OPBNINO of Spring MllUnsry on Thursday, March XL. We will ekhlMi this ley, at the above establish ment a -hokse lot of IMPORTED BONNETS AND ROUND HATB. Country dealer* would do well by examining our itoc t y . A CARD J. NORTH, 100 PULTON STREET, BROOM lyn. will open en Thursday, March 1L, hla stock of Spring Hon net*. A CARD.-WILL OPEN PARIS MILLINERY ON Thursday, the Set rnst MRS. ft LEVINS, MBS. J. H. G08H0N, 43 University place, corner Eleventh afreet A PRICE. ? DIVISION STREET, 8PRINO STYLES ? of ArllucuU Flower-, Bonnet and Hat Pramea. Straw and Bead Ornament* and trimmings. Milliners supplied at the lowest cash prices. L CARD.?BALL, BKROEN A RAY WILL SHOW ON Wednesday and Thursday a full assortment of Bonnet Kr.tmci; al -o all the newest styles lu Round Hat Prunes. A call front the city and country buy arm respectfully ao Lt tiea. 311 Canal at root. A CARD.?CLARK A McLACGHAN, B87 BROADWAY, will have their opening this day of Paris styles In Bon ne la, of the latest importation. M I M GOLEY A YOUNG, 360 CANAL STREET, WILL HAVE their aeml-annoal opening 01 Spring and Bomtner Bon nets. Also nu exhibition their Bret importation of Prench Hate. Thursday, March 21. Davidson brothers, sm and ntx bowery, will opeu this day a large and very elegant asaortment of the latest novelties in Spring Bonnets, Jockeys, Ae. Cpm parlaon as to styles and prices Invited. Empress chip bonnet kmporium-?9 broad way. attended by Madame BEKTHK, will open entirely new aljfhe In thla elegant material on Thursday. March 31. French millinery trimmings. OKNAMKNTS, FRINGES, FLOWERS. A large assortment of all the latest novelties In Paris, of our own importation, lust received by CLAPP A BRADBN, Ui Broadway. AT WHOLESALE ONLY. HOPEN1TYM, NO. s DIVISION STREET, TARES . plea.ure in informing his friends and patrons that bla annual grand opening wit, take place thla day, March 31,1837, wttli a greut varn tv of Froueh and Inane made Pattern Bon net- and Hats. Ail kinds of Millinery Goods, as Fringes, urnaiaenut bilks. Ribbon*, Flowers, Ac., at vary low prices. f BINNS WILL OPEN MILLINERY AND MILLI I J. nery (locals for the trade. City and oountry mllllnera please coll. Pattern Bonnets, Ribbons, and Silks. L. BINNS. 377 Broadway, opposite Niblo's theatre. ADAM FILLETTB WILL OPEN AT NO. 17 UNION sunare on Wednesday, March JO. A PULL AND SELECT ASSORTMENT OP FRENCH BOMNHTS. ADAMS HARRIS WILL OPEN AT NO. T BBBVOORT place. Tenth street, on Monday, March 18. her Bret lm Bit tatlons of Srplng llonnets, as also the latest styles of i .-s*making, for wnlch branch she solicits tbs patronaga of her customers. MMB. BALLINGS, 318 CANAL STREET, WILL OPEN Wednesday and Thursday her splendid assortment of Spring Bonnets and Hats. Madame secor respbctknlly announcbs her usual semi-annual opening of Spring and Summer Millinery on Thursday. March31. 0P7 Broadway, up stairs. Madame sklover will open her spring and Summer styles at her MfUllnery Rooms, 037 Broad way and 211 Sixth avenue, Thursday and Friday, 21st and 22d. Liberal discount to merchants. Millinery opbniko.-b. spencb will open on Thuisdny. March 31, a large asaortment of Millinery Uoods for the spring trade, consisting of strew Bonnets and Hats of all the new shapes end etyle; also strew Trimming end Ornaments. Ribbons, Silks. Crapes, Flowers, Ac.. Ac.; also Bonnet and Hat Frames of all the celebrated makers. 27 end *7>4 Division street. MISS UORDKN WILL HAYB HER OPBNINO OP Spring and Summer Millinery en Thursday, March 31, at No. 7J* Fulton avenne, Brooklyn. Mies jamieson. its bowery, will oprn on Thursday, March 3L a oh alee asaortment of Spring Bonnets and Hats. VflSS HALL WILL OPRN ON THB 3IST HER SPRING III and Hummer Bonnets. Also e choice selection of Mil linery Goods. St Fourth avenue, corner of Cooper Insti tute. Misses barry * plyhm, m sixth atbnub? Will open, on Thursday, Marsh 31, aU Urn various styles of tfeo amon; Cip^ Hoddf?lonintit Bound Ai MB& NEWBERRTr*?PARIS MILLI NR BY AND D re? vmakl ng'Kstebllshment Also ladles' end child ren's Under Clothing made to order, 337 Broadway, Bret floor. MRS, M FRXLY, TMW. 7 AND 1% DIVISION BTRMBT, respectfully lavitee the attention of Southern end Western merchants and milliners to bar select and beautiful assortment of spring Bonnets. In all the latest and moat recherche tlyles, of her own Importation and manufacture. Prompt end particular attention given to orders. MRS. M. J. HIGQ1NS WI|*I, OPEN A RTCH AND beautiful assortment of French Bonnets, on Thursday. March 21. Ladies visiting the city tn search of pattern Bonnets, will do well by calling, before purchasing elsewere. Mrs. barton respectfully informs her friends and the ladies generally that aha will "pan her Spring Bonnets on Thursday nexi, Slat last. 380 Canal street, near West Broadway, New York. RS. J. W. DRMPSBY, 188 BOWERY, IS NOW PRE pared to show a handsome assortment of spring and summer pattern Bon acts end Hats. M M M Mrs. ATKR AMD MISS S1IUUU. 316 SIXTH AVENUE, will open "it Thursday, the 21tl In v.ant, with a pretty as-ortinenl of French lion nets and Round Hals, Ac. MBS. B. S. JONES WILL. OFBN Oh THURSDAY, March SI, a eboioe assortment of Spring and Summer Millinery, at 138 South Eighth rreet uud 10} Uouth blxtb atrtei, Brooklyn, IS. D. Mrs. cripps, sh canal street, will make an exposition nf Spring Pattern Bonnets, ?n Thorn day, March 31. to which the attention or the trade la Invited - MME. SALOMON WILL EXHIBIT ON T1IURSOAV, Mitrcli 31, a large and selected iiasiirtmcui of I'arls Patterns B inueta Jorkte*. Ac., which cannot hn eurpuaacd In an* iioum in the city. Purctiuaor* will tlud it to their own advantage to call at my catabllalimaut, 36 and 26* Division aticeL SIR. CARTF.n, NO. 5 HRKVOOKT FLACK-WILL open, uu Thuraday, March 21. novelties in French Hon ncta, designed by tbe distinguished artlaia In I'arla; alao the now stylo of Veil Introduced In Paria uot 29 dnya alnce, now being made at leaa Importera' prices, and tbe lateat atyle and deaign In Lace floods. MMB. LOVKTT, 7KI BROADWAY, WILL OPEN ON Tlmraday, March 21, 1367, Frnncu Millinerv In al> the leading styles. MB. BENT LEY, 14 FULTON AVENUE. BROOKLYN. will open to day a large, cliaate and elegant aaaortineiit of Parla Pattern Ronnela and Jockeys, her uwn nnporlatiiiii per laai steamer. Milllnera out or tbo city arc invited to examine. On.y lifleen ralnulea' ride from Fulton tarry. Mt. mnoiNs, ue sixth avenuk, will open, ? on Tburad-ir, Slat Inat., bia apnng importation of BONNETS ANU ROUND HATS, together with other novellief. NOTICB.-MADAMK ISAACS, OF 30 VARICK STREET, St. John a Park, will open on Wedneaday mud 'I lium day. March 29 and 21, one of tin* moat elegant assortments of Pans Millinery that can be found in the city. OPENHYM A TRISDORFKRS, 21 AND 21* DIVISION afreet, v.-lll open, on Thuraday, Slat Iiinh, with tbe very lateet atylea of Spring Nonneta ana Hat", Jnat received Irom Parla, together with a large soak of Millinery Coo I'. cm bracing all tbe lateat MyeWAa, and which will all be offered at reduced pricea. Country merchants and milllnera will And it to iliefr Intereat to give ua a call before purchasing. OPENHYM A TRISDOrtKERH, 21 and 21* ilmaloii BL SLOANB'S. SIS CANAL STRF.RT?MILLINERY AND Straw Oooda, wlioleaale and retail, beg leave to atate that they will open, Thursday, March 21. with a new and attrac tive etock of French Millinery flood (.comprising a rieli ua ?ort merit of French Flowers Pattern Bonnets. Straw Oooda, Ktbb'.na, Colored Eugllab Crapea. and all tbe laleat novel ties In Oroamenta, Ac. The trade supplied at the very low eat prices. TIIK TRADE. W e alnll open on Thursday, March St. our aloek of French Pattern Honneta. Alao a full line of our own manu facture. A call ia solicited. K. THOMPSON A CO.. 477 Broadway. milR PARISIAN FI.OWER COMPANY BEO TO CALL I the attention of jobbers and milllnera to thair large aud eboioe stock of French and American Flowers now offariug at HI and 668 Broadway. Q<*e SIXTH AVENUE.-MADAME KA1IN 1* open, on Thursday, March 21, 188., one of P ?elections of Paria Bonnets, llala and other no ported axelualvelv by Madame K. 226 Sixth a* Fourteenth and Fifteen In streets. ??1 ?l BROADWAY, "NEW Nr Ol.V FORI) will open on Mo assortment of Ftench Flow trade at tha lowest cash e Mlh a OREAT RF.DUCl J\ and Shoes to tha 1 <t ' 3311 Bowery, corner of Bom. half price. V\K. W. R. HCKIBHKR, Of ? U of the dertyattve treatmen I ears, nose and --kin, (73 Broad w.. ir'iTf >lA.Jjfct ND Hamilton a KtMPTos, merv 106 Strand (opposite Exeter L men visiting England and passing thr I Tiled til see the well selected aioo* of Beys and .Treiuertng*. of the very barn warding remittance wita their maaaur* a, -in sent by express aoiapaoy as usual. N H ORNS ASD II AIM TAILSe-TH ? III and MellfcgAaaoetetlon, i>rth?cl i now ore pa red to show aamploa ?nd recet ,m par. Sea who deolre oontmrtfbr the llornaa .is received hv thfl aaaoclatlrn during the prevent ye ..ling Deo. HI, IM7 Persona desirous of making contrat. will alther ad lreaa a note or sell at their offloa, cornar of Fifth ? treat and Flrat avenue. PATENTS BOUOHT AND SOLD.?DRAWINGS, MOD ?la Specifications, Ac., Ac., at KM Broadway, New Yori, room 46 tMoffat Budding) qiO DISTILLERS -WANTED TO ROY TWO OAK Ct 1 salt Tanks, abont *,801) gallon* each; alao two Tuba, plrt, tare Inch atore, about 2.000 gallons a? eh. Addmaa, stall* capacity and prioa. Williams, Herald offloa. Ann -WESTS HOTEL AND FAMILY MANUL*. V')v). putting a beautiful gloas on ciotbaa. jC a htel will aave the labor of all women. Noa 4 and 10 Llbffty place. New lork. AMUWWBWTI. Broadway theatre. admission m cbbtm. Corner of *r*dw?y tad Broome street. T" enthusiasm bet towed upon the area t popular favorites, ?*r. end Mr*. BaUXBV WILLIAMS, remains nnabaied. Mousse crowded et ? o'clock. Led! nwkt but sight of their engagement, which has been, deep! tetha remarkable Inclemency of the season, e triumph In both * pecuniary end popular point of view heretofore unsurpassed. This (Thursday) evening and Saturday M?u?aa Lest rspreaeuteUona of the Insh drama or ALL n ALLOW EVA. "Over my shoulder the rape seed I throw, And ray husband will follow ms, wbetheror no." And the roaring comedietta of LATEST FROM NEW YORK, in both of which mirthful pieces Mr. and Mrs. Williams ap pear. THREE HOURS OF FUN. Friday evening. March M, only Benefit <>r Mr*, barney william*. AN ENORMOUS BILL. TUREB PIECES. Box eflloe open from 8 to ? o'clock. Bests may be secured In advance. Broadway theatre. ONLY BENEFIT oF MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS. FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH 22. A THE.ViKNDoUn BILL. THREE PIECES:? BO EN TO GOOD LOOK. Yankee courtship. IRISH LION. lox book now open. WOOD'8 THEATRE. POPULAR PRICES. 614 Broadway, opposite (M. Nicholas Hotel. Admission, with seats, 45 cents, fiO cents and 76 oentg. The great moral drama of ? UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, with a fttU cast of characters, THI8 WKBK ONLT. Every evening. WEDNESDAY end SATURDAY MATI NEE, al 1K o'clock for families. UNCLE TOM'S CABIN has boon witnessed by exceeding thirty millions of persona, and still continues In the zenith of its popularity. WOOD'S THEATRE, ?14 Broadway, opposite 8L Nicholas Hotel. MONDAY EVENING. MARCH 26, 1807, First appeeranea in New York or the talented artists, MR. AND MRS. F. M. bates supported by s company of sterling ability, when will be produced Mr. J. 8clion berg's entirely original and sensation al play, entitled OSCAR, THE HALF BLOOD. OLYMPIC THEATRE. THIS EVENING. Third Appearance of the eminently sueeeesfnl R1CHINC8 ENGLISH OPERA COMPANY. Only Ume of Donizetti's delightful production. the daughter ok Tift regiment, the daughter of the beoimknt. TO-MORROW (FRIDAY) EVENING, BENEFITtOF MR. 8. C. CAMPBELL?MARTHA. SATURDAY?At 1 o'clock, MATINEE of H THE DOCTOR OK ALCANTARA. Admission to matinee, 76c. to all seats, without extra charge for reserving in advance. SATURDAY NIGHT? KRA DIAVOLA. Reserved seats for sale at Bier A 8c(tinner's, 701 Broad way, and at the theatre from 8 A. M. to 6 P. M. TTARTZ TEMPLE OP MYSTERY, 808 BROADWAY. Xl EVERY EVENING AT 8; SATURDAY AT B LAST FEW WEEKS OK THE PRESENT SEASON. LAST WEEK OF THE FLOATING HEAD. LAST WEEK OF THE GROWTH OF FLOWERS. CHANGE OF PROGRAMMB. FIRST TIME OF THE FAMOUS AUTOMATON L'ESCAMOTEUR, and hie FAIRT SINGINQ BIRD. Tickets 50c.; Reservsd Seats |1. For sale at the HalL Cblekerlnf'a Piano Is used at these seauoee. WEDNESDAY, JUVENILE NIOHT-Chtldren half price. J^KLLY A LEON'S MINSTRELS, 720 BROADWAY. Sixtieth night of the PATTI Stop That Laughing unapproachable bur- A only T Uncle Sim-person, leeque scenes of T LEON T Miss Susie Brown; the Black Crook. T rentes a great A The Triple Clog. MACBETH I! I In the P Mr.CAWDOR MACBETH I I I A-diltl Waltzes, I Mr. ULAMIS MACBETH 1 I N and appears In M The Witches. C1MDBRLBON, 1* .1 .<? in .gniflcent 8 MADAGASCAR DARL1NO DOR 1. A Lmpreas I BALLET TROUPE EDITOR'S ITEMS. R . issa. R DEMON DANCE, PATTI IN PAMI.S. I A ENDING AGONY. r; HAP CHARLEY WHITE'S HM 'i'E, At Bryant's Moc.i..n <V Hall, 47S Broadway. ANOTHER KLEGaaT BILL THIS WEEK. Pantomime. SCHOOL BOYS' FROLIC. Pantomhna. Pantomime. SCHOOL BOYS' FROLIC. Pantomime. Pantomime. fcCHoOL BOYS' FROLIC. Pantomime. LAST WEEK OF 8ILA8 BALDWIN. Second time this season of Charley White's original sketch, BTRKBTS OF NBW YORK. STUBT8 OF NEW YORK. STREETS OF NEW YORK. STREETS OF MEW TORE. SAM FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, 506 Broadway. TBI TROUBLE COMMENCES AT QUARTER TO_R ' TUB CRBMB DB LA CBBME OF MINSTRELSY. BIRCU. WAMBOLD. BERNARD AND BACKUS. RAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, whovv success has never been equalled by any similar organisation In the world. Mew and cheerful burlesques ovary week. The Two Bar noma of Connecticut, our Family Sociable, Gambrinua Opera. Shouts of laughter at the Shadow Pantomime, end the screaming Black Cook end African Ballet Troupe. Grand Mareh of the Spirit Hashers of the Amazon. STEINWAY ROOMS. CHAMBER MUBIO. THURSDAY EVENING, Mareh SI, at 8 o'clock, THIRD SOIRKB OF CHAMBER MUBIO, ByWM. MASoN. Piano; THRO, THOMAS, First Violin; J. ROSENTHAL, Second Violin; O. MATZCA, Viol*, MAX SCHWABS, Viola: FR BEKGNBR, Violoncello. PROGRAMME:? QUINTET, String, C Minor Mozart. 80NATB,Piano and Violin, A Minor, Op. 106.... .Schumann. QUARTET. String D, Op. 18, No,a.....V. Beethoven. Tickets, $1 60 each, may be had at the mosle stores and at the door. STEM WAT ROOMS. CHAMBRR MUSIC. Thursday evening, March 21, at 8 o'clock, THIRDSOIKEB OF CHAMBER MUSIC, be Vin. Mason. Piano; Theo. Thomas, Ftrst Violin; J. Rosenthal, Second Violin; U. Matxkji, Viola; Max Schwerz, Viola; Fr. Berguer, Violoncello. Programme:? Quintet, String, C Minor Moiart Honate, Piano and Violin, A Minor, Op. 1U0 Schnmann Quartat. String, D, Op. 18, Mo. 3 Beethoven Ticket*, $1 40 each, may be bad at the muate stores, and at the door. STEINWAY HALL?SATURDAY. SYMPHONY SOIREE. THEODORE THOMAS' FIFTH AND LAST SYMPHONY SOIREE, On SATURDAY EVENING, March 23, atS, when the follulng work* will be performed:? Two Entr'acte* in the d'aina "Kosamunde'' Schubert Concerto for Plane, lu E minor. Op. 11 Cbopiu First movement Allegro maestoso. Mr, KMIL OUYOK. Symphony No. 7. A Op. 1M Beethoven Ihewirsl Walrurclsnlght. Op, 80 Mendelssohn hOLOISTB? Miss JULIA HOSTIN, Mr. W. J. HILL. Mr. MaKCU DUSCHNITE, THE CHORAL SOCIETY, MENDELSSOHN UNION, Under the dlreeilon of Mr. VV. BKROE, AND GRAND OKOHLsTRA OP EIGHTY PERFORMERS. Cundueter THEO. TIlt'MAS Ticket*, ft 60 esch. No extra charge lor reserved *e?t?. Seat* can now Ite secured at Beer A Schirmer's music store. 7l?l Broadway; Sehulieth A Co.'s music *lore. *20 Broadway; at Maeoy A HerwIgX 112 and 114 Broadway, and st the otllce of MteiuWsy llnll. OTKINWAY HALE. O AIT 11 GRAND KUND4Y CONCERT, MARCH 24, L. K. IIARUIBON, DIRECTOR. First appearance at these concerts of Miss ROsalIE KlUaitT, Soprano. GILBERT. Plants First appearance* ^ ST1RNI, Basnn. Mr. CARL KOBA. Viollnl't Mr. U. W. MORGAN, Organist Mr. MiLLhT, Accompany 1st. Mr. O. W. COLBY, AecmnpinyPt. Mr. THEODORE THOMAS Con,Iactor, end bis FULL ORUHEHTKA. Tickets 81 cents. Reserved scat* SO cents extra. STEINWAY II ALL.-GRAND CONCERT FOR THE Benefit of llttlo FLORENCE REYNOLDS Moudue evening, Msreii 2J, 1*87. The following ariUts have kind y volnnteered:?Mis* Neite sterling, Contralto; rtlgnor Re rot Baritone: Mr. J. A. Hawson, Pianist; Mr. S. I". Warren Oiganlet. M'. J. P. Morgan, Organist. Tickets fl. s KYMOUR'S COSTUME DEPOT. 152 CANAL iiemr Bo verv; the rlcheat and mo?t varied * Theatrical Hal MaeoUC, Tableaux, bodttv United State*. 152 I4J THE GREAT HISTORICAL P' REPUBLIC .vN COURT P ON EXHIBITION DAY ? TUTK(DERBY O Banjo and n Dancing * Raet Hour ' * price*. ? t'tlt \| tilt i ?ad elegant children's ~ I 1'IT l Tl i aHIH EXPOSITION, v si LACES. AG ,tt PES INDEH, ? E RICHELIEU. 88 >>B DBLISLE, the proprietor*, respwifuily .torm the American ladle* who vl*it the Trench ,iat they will And at their establishment the largest richest assortment of CASHMERES AND LACKS 1 THE WORLD, at prices that will au*taln every and any comparison. The (Virion** of the company, placed as they are in every LACK DISTRICT OK FRANCE. AND BLbOlUM, and In all of the Mil AWL DISTRICTS OF INDIA, enable them to sell at the price ef MANUFAt TUB F.KN INSTEAD OF MERCHANTS, as well a* In produce design* eicluGvaly their own. English Is currently *poken in the establishment. N. H ?The proprietor* pay no commissions to any parties bringing custom to the house. 2QQ PIKCKR OF CARPET Of _J'? UN CROHLKJf'8 Importation, and 400 rolls of Extra Imperial Mat. ting, slightly damaged on the voyage oflmportatJhm. wiIII be sold for one week fl a great bargain. 207 to 271 Thlrty-nfth at reel, one door Bast of Eighth avenue. on Hfift tarda or INGRAIN CARPBTS FOB OU.UUU sale at 23 Bowery, from 4? to 10*. per yard. t rn nnn in ca?r-balancr, good lands ?pOU.UUU for a stock of faw.'MO worth of Dr* Goods. Hardware, er Shoes. WALLER A BRUSH, ? Cham bora AKvunm XTKW YORK THEATRE. ?" uitu'iMBif" with this great cut:- _ - LADY DON as.YE EARL OF LEICESTER Mr*. Oomertal u ........... ins/ MlmSatdee Cl*l* Sir Waltarfcletib Mr. Mark Smith Queea Kllaitoaih Lewis Maker u Wa/Un4 **UA Mr. Gemersal , as. James Dunn. .....\\ .a*...... .........TrJuC FORMING THE BEST BURLESQUE COMPANY IM AMERICA. Toaetber wtth THE PRETTY HOUSEBREAKER. DORA SUNNY81DK LADY DOB and LADY DON'S SCOTCH TABLEAUX. NEW YORK TIIBATltK. FIRST BENEFIT OF MRS. W. (JOMERSAL. MONDAY, MARCH 26, 18S7. THE UTTI.B TREASURE. POUAUOBTAB. liox sheet uuw open. rPHKATRB PRANCAIR.?FOURTEENTH STREET, 1 near Sixth arenue. Thunday next. March 21, 1887. ? Farewell Benefit of MM. SCUIBOTand CHAN DORA, and Mme.. ROSA 8AUNIEB and CARCKL. LE SUPPLIER D'UNH FEMMK, Drama In three acta, by Alexander Dumas. L'AMOUR D'UNE lNOKNUB. Corned/. Ticket oSloe at H. Dardonvllle'*, 07S Broadway. Theatre francais.?oomkdy. Saturday Keening, March 23. 1887, at 8 o'clock. Le Supidlca d'un Homme, comedy In three acta. L'amourd'un Chapelier, vaudeville In one aet. Ticket ofllce at H. Dardouvllle'a. 678 Broadway. German stadt theatre, is and 47 bowkry. T11IM (THURSDAY) EVEN I NO, MARCH 21. Mr. BOUUMIL DAWISON aa KUH VON KUHDORF. In ZWB1 TAOE AUS DEM LKHKN KINE8 FtTERSTElf. (Two Daya in the Life of a Prince), and aa Lebreeht Falk, Hynolit Kalk and Charlea Fanoon, In DIB UNQLUECKLH-HBN (The Unfortunate.) HOOLEY'S OPBKA HOUSE. BROOKLYN.-THB BLACK MAN OP AGAR, THE MiLl.lNEKH. Ole Bull in a Tight Place, Tlio Hapiiv Old Woman. The Unwelcome Visitor, The Active Boy, PhoheaniU Brown, Othello; Wake Up, William Henry: Red Hot. By Mulli gan, Hughes. Reed, Hernande*, Colltus, Queen. Learnt, Glenn, Ac. C* RIFFIN A CHRISTY'S ~ MINSTRELS, th ArenueJOpera House, Noa 2 and 4 Weal Twenty fonrtl street. O. W. H. GRIFFIN Menafer. THIS 18 THE FAMILY RESORT. In no place of amusement in New York do such peals e( laughter pour from the merry hearts_of the audleuce. Geo! ? - - -? ? - - ? & ^^?rge Christy. Otto Burbank, J. T. Boyce and R. Hughet Tyerf night, supported By O. W. H. Grlffln, master of oare monlee. r^HNY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE-SUl BOWERY. ^?CROWDED II0USB8. CROWDED HOUSES, nightly assembled to witness the Immense attractions hare. Mr. 8AM COLYEB and hie two Ulentad sons tu the great specialties. The sparkling local Drama, THE WORKINO GIRLS OF MEW YORE. TONY PASTOR aa Harry Stanton and Miss Arabella Bonrbon. T. O. RIGOS as BiU Mawley, the dog fancier. The entire oumpany In the cast. Wit, fun and humoi throughout. MATINEES en Wedneeday and Saturday. r^mSY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE, SB BOWBRT. ? CORRESPONDENCE. Tout Pastou, Esq.?Blr: A large number of your patrone being desirous to aee Mr. Bam Cotyer Illustrate the manner In which oon testa of the gladiatorial arena are fought, so ae to give the ladles an opportunity of witnessing aa exhibi tion of manly athletlam in a drat class establishment, re. quest you to appoint an erening wbau Mr Cotyer and Mr, Dick Hollywood will appear together upon your stage la ? glove tournament. Yours, ABNER FAULKNRB, For aelf and 200 other*. Mb. FAOunm and 0*jri*Mr only *lm being topi**** my patrons, the public, and knowing that such aa aihlbi boo as you mention win be one of groat Interest, more sens, eially to the ladies, gratifying their eurioeUy by a eight of ? mimic manly encounter, wbleh le "one of the things they read about, but very seldom see,'' I cheerfully accede to your request, and appoint Friday, March *? a* tho srsalng. Your*, TONY PASTOR. BHUNYAN TABLKAUX?LARGEST PANORAMA IM ? the world. Sixty magnificent soon**, QlaetraUng "Boa* yen's Pilgrim's Pi ogress." Union Hall, Broadway and Twenty-third street. Open every nWht at 7: eommenelng at & Admission ? acuta; ihiMrsn MnataMMamMfl n**day and Saturday, at S o'clock.^^^^^^^^^^^M ROBT. GREENWOOD, MHHHHHillHBHBHmooiiiiiMiMlMii R Admission 60 cent*; ctatdreu M oents. Matluae W*4 and Proprietor. [ ofM Will like plan al ANNUAL OKAN% MASQUERADE BALL )F TUB GERMAN L1BDERKRANZ H Will tab* plaae at the ? ACADEMY O* MUSIC. ?THURSDAY, MARCH ?. throughout the evening. ^ The committee hare made extenslre preparations for en tertaining the audience with elaborately planned MASQUERADE PROCESSIONS and varlona Scenes, Sports and Incidents of th* CARNI VAL. N one tout masks win toe admitted en the fleer until after IB (Retook. Supper a la carte from 10 o'clock. Masks and every variety of costumes oan to* pioourad *6 be Academy during the arming. * Tickets (not transferable;, $16 each, admitting the Academy during the evantng. " Ticket* (not transferable), $16 each, admitting oaa gentle man and two ladies. Can to* had of members of the seomty only, sis.:?Fred. Kapp. No. 4 Wall atreot; Eng. BoUin.M Exchange place; F. w. Heyne, 68 Bearer street; O. Otlen dorfor,I7 Chatham street; O. O. Uunther, 808 Broadway; M. Crash of, 18 Piatt street; Wm. Htefnway, 71 East Fourtaenth ?treat; George Nembsoh, 141 Eighth street; J. Wladmuller, corner of Fourteenth street and Fourth avenue; L. Earn merer. 86 Walker street; L. Burger, 68 Bowery; O. Ernst, 81 Bowery: L. A. Graaee, 820 Greenwich street; Dr. C. Lett mann, 81 Bast Fourth street; Charles Hanselt. W Sprue* strdbt; G. Varrelroann. No. ? Hanover street; William Rea mers, 16 Exchange place, sod others. By order of the Committee. H. C. F. KOCH, Secretary. LIEDERKRANZ BALL?SPECIAL NOTICE. Metropolitan I'oi.ick Distkict. Prbcikot M, > New York, March SI, IH67. f Company to the Llederkrana Hall thia evening at tb? Aca demy of Music will he admitted at the main entrance on Irving I>l?ce. Coaches will anproirh from the north through Irvine place, pnRainK oat through Fourteenth atreet to Fourth avenue. In taking up coache* will form In the name order established for the delivery of their company. Gentlemen will plea-e lake the coach at the door utid not wait for any particular coach. Fare In all raaca will b" $1 for each pas senger, without regard to distance In tha city. No loach win be allowed ill Hue hut i.uch aa nre passed hy InspecterCM AS. N. BRACKET)', Captain ami inspector of Hackney Coaches. T7|EATRE TICKET OFF1CK. Reserved acuta for all first class theatre a, conocrta, balls, Ac. can alway s he obtained at the THEATRE TICKET OFFICE, .No*. 112 and 114 Hroadway. PIANOKOKTES. AFINIt AhSitKTMENr OF PIANO FORTES TO LET nnd ooltl In instalments, at the intimifactnrr. IM and IP East Twculy.fir?t street. L. P. CUMMI.NOS. t ORPAT BARGAIN-I'l.P.OtNT PIANO, BEST :t maker coat 9490. used abort time, sold half Its cost, with part the Furniture. 27 Horatio street. A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OF THE FIN" and cio-aut <: new nu second hand Piano# In I' for a-t|e and to ient,at VM. CaNOIDUH' ware ?t Blecckcr street. At low pkiokk-pianob. obo* dcona In rent or sell lot cash c uy MURtKlX. 70J hroadway. I OHOt) PIANO FOR v \ round earners, rw ? beeu little used. I'rb t FAMILY ' /v Pi., no' ptcvemc i " I ? ' . y-t 607 r A tor $ KM, AJe Mil i' ? r>*rh Sod ft ? ? h ... * t MA , will sell A .X OCTAVE, IM 1 .. vu King street room . .OK gum: FINE TONE: IN , . lor f IK), new Pianoforte# sold on ./OLE, 1* Amity street, neer Broadway. ? .FICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD ..nforte r?r sale made order, maker; used *1* .#. Cost EMM; for W?. Also P*Hor Holla. Paintings, i .,peta, Bieutos. Mirrors, Chamfer and Dtiilng Room Furniture, china, Ulassand Silverware, a smrtflce. Inquire at 44 Wert Klxteenth street, between Flon and Hlkta av*. BARC,AIN.-??2o. RIISEWHOD HKVEN OCTAVB Pfanolortc; full Ron frame, latest tmproremeaia; per fect order: Ixisewoed Pianoforte. $126. Suvlart A Ilnnhsm mskeraiassoriuicni new Pisool,.ne., in iriniacturers' prtoes. McOONALO A CO., ?? Fourth avenue, opposite Cooper Institute. rtMKRSON'S FIANOS-FOR CASH OR ON INRTAL rj minis, prices ledaecd; one Uist lias been used but ihiee months, vary lew. Planus to rent. C. A. MUNOiK, 1 Broadway. New andhroond hand ph.nob for bale and tolet, at Flftv-flrat ttr?#L fifth house east of Eighth avenue, north side; also at corner nf Forty seventh afreet and Eighth avanae. Open day and evening. L a" BENJAMIN. PIANOFORTE FOR HALF,-A SUPERIOR BEVBN OO lave roeeweod Pianoforte; finest qnalhy ef tons; ele gantly oarved ease; celebrated make; price $.26. Apply at 214 Twantleth street, near Third avenue. PIANO TO LET-LOW. TO A CAREFUL AND RB sponsible person. Apply at No. 2 Carroll plane (Bleacher street). SECOND Hand Ftano for hai K-DBCKBR, maker; seven months used; $???': cl-gaat lastrument. Call at No. 4 Hteoeker street, near Unwary. ________ WATERS' PI AKOB?GK AND fQI' ARRAND CBIflHTl Parlor, Ckigtxh. Cabinet ami'?ein organs and Melo deona. The beet manufactured, prices raaeonsbis; war ranted aii veare. To let. and rent allowed If purcheeedl monthly payment* re vived for the earns mfi Planus at bargains, price# fnan $?k> io $226. Cart |asld for second hand Pianos. Ptano* mo d repaired, bond eud ah I: fed. Wmehoum (111 WATKHB * OGb