Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1867, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1867 Page 10
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FINANCIAL /tND COMMERCIAL., 11 arch 20?6 P. M. Little dlspo to operate was exhibited on lb# Stock malP^ t v-day, au<l nearly a gefieral decline in inHrcad ft.curiUN wu (lis con-equence. Tbera were a ?w 'jtreptioan, however, Hudson River and Toledo each adVkucinj at the first regular board one per cent from 'the closing prloee of yesterday. Northwsst-'m, Illinois Central sod Pacific Mail were also stronger, and some of them carried strecgth throughout the day. The truth M outside parties exhibit hut very little inclination to gyrate in stock.-*, and a rise on the street which would la "ether times" have flooded brokers with orders now hn no perceptible effect upon the general public. The market consequently has no recuperative strength, and ^t. advance Is followed by overloaded parties pressing forward to sell. Governments were steady during the day; but rather a limited business was transacted. Tory few sales of hank 'stocks were reported. State oterkf>, however, sold quite freely, and Virginias and North Carolines advanced. Money is Bttll plenty, although rates tightened somewhat from those prevalent yesterday. At the ten o'clock open hoard this morning, althongh transactions were limited, the market was Arm and a alight advance was established from the evening pre vtoua New York Central sold at 105V; Brio, 00; Beading, 102Xi Michigan Southern, 77 a 77? j; Rock Island, 07X; Norttawostern, 36.V a 86X; do. preferred, t6'i; Paciflo Mail, 133; Western Union Telegraph, 41X At the first regular board railroad shares fell off on a dull Inqtfry, and there was considerable pressure to sell. New York Central closed X lower than at the corre sponding time yesterday, Erto X. Reading X. Michigan ?eethern 1, Cleveland and Pittsburg X? Rock Island Id, Chicago and Alton & Canton Id. Western Union Tele graph Id* Cievelnnd and Toledo was 3d higher, North western )d. do. preferred IX, Port Wayne 3d> Ohio and MMsstppI certificates X. Pacific Mall 3d At the one o'clock open board the market was steady, Vet dull. New York Central sold at 105X; Erie, 69*,'; Needing, 101 Jd; Michigan Southern, 76X a 77X; Cleve land and PitlsOurg, 833d (b 8); Rock Island, 97\; North western, 86Jd; da preferred, 65X; Fort Wsyne, 97 X At the half-pant two regular board there was a general decline in prkoea, with the exception of PaclOo Mail and Northwestern, New York Central closing X lower than at the Ant regular board, Erie X. Michigan Southern X, Fort Wayne X- Northwestern was X higher, and Pacific Kail X- New government sixes of '65, regis tered, sold at 107X> and seven-thirties, third scries, at XfiX- Missouri sixes sold at 96, Tennessee sixes 66X. and North Carolina sixes at 50. the half-past three open board was dull, and another Wight decline in prices followed. New York Central soMat 106X ; Erie, 59 a 69 X; Reading, 101X; M ctai gan Southern, 76X a X?< Cleveland and Pittsburg, 82X a X'. Rook Island, 97 X; Northwestern, 36 X (?? 3); da preferred, fiftX a X; Fort Wayne, 96X; Pacific Mail, 122X a 123. the current prices of leading stocks at half-past five were as follows:?New York Central, 105X a Xi Erie, MX b Xi Reading 101X a X > Michigan Southern, 75X aX; Illinois Central, 115X a X; Cleveland and Pitts berg, 82X a XI Rock Island, 97X a X? Fort Wayno, MX * 97; Northwestern, 35X *86; da preferred, 65X a Xi Paciflo Mail, 133 a 123X; Atlantic Mail, 82X a 83; ?hie and Mississippi certificates, 27 a X Md was vary steady, the opening price at ten o'clock Velng 134 X> sa advance or X ? X fr< m tho closing prfo* of yesterday. The entire fluctuations during the day did not exceed X P?r coat The quotation at fonr ?*doek was 184X- The Cuba, for Liverpool, took $4,686 In specie, which wee the only oxport for tho day The foreign exchange market was flrpi. Bankers' bills en Kngluad, sixty days, were quoted at the close at 108X M 109; three days, 109X a X; commercial bills, 107X 3 309X; francs, sixty days, 6.15 a 5.17X; three days. 112 X afi.lSX; kills oa Berlin, 71X ? 72X; on Bremen, TAX of*; en Frankfort, 40X a 41X; on Amsterdam, 41 a 41X; en Hamburg, 86 a 36X; on Antwerp, 4.18X a AM*. At the Aral mining board Alameda Silver closed 10c. higher than at the eeoond board yesterday, selling at ?7 40, Columbian Gold and Bllver 10a, soiling at |2 96; Quarts Hill 10a, selling at $3 65. Consolidated Gregory ?old was lba lower, selling at $13 40. At the second Qeaad Consolidated Gregory Gold closed 40a lower than ?A the Ant board, selling at $11 Quarts Hill wan 20a higher, sell lag at $8 86. Cory don sold at $4; Davidson ?upper, $1 31 Brokers are sailing compound Interest notes at tht Feme, 1864 118 May, 1865 112X My, 1664 117X Annual, 1866 111X An art, 1864 117 September, 1865 Ill fotufcir, 1864 116' Ootober, 1866 119X ?scomber, 1864^.^.116 American securities and consols were quoted as fol lows, eoosrding te the cable telegrams, on tho London Ex chains at the noted dates:? Mmr. 1. Mar. 12. Mar. 18. Mar 90. VMM States 6 30>.. .74 74*4 H% 14% Brie 38 40% 39% 40)4 1JJ loots Cealral 19% TO 1H% 19% Ohio is 91 91 91 91 The exports, exclusive of specie, from Now York to dhrelga ports far the week ending March 19, and since Vi commencement of the year, compare as follows with ?ass for the corresponding periods in 1886 and 1896:? 1886. 188a 1887. 9m the week $6,672,880 $6,091,287 $4,8:>5,598 Jhrtrtonsty reported. 46,944.748 46,709 430 37,379,904 ?MO January 1....$47,617,608 $60,791,717 $41,695,882 The foreign imports at New York compare as under:? 1886. 1888. 1887, Dry goods $1,143,081 $3,188,309 $2,272,278 dainerai merchandise 2,682,202 2,626,609 2,329,422 Thtal for the week $3,7*6,283 $5,*09 878 $4,601,700 " ' reported. 22,666,266 61,870.807 67,942,601 1 January 1.... $96,870,648 $67,480,086 $62,644,301 lie eommeron at Maw York from July 1 to data of 4MB of the yean mentioned oomperee ae follows:? 1664-66. 1806-06. 18*8-67. Imports mdse...$107,141,173 $200,684,883 $183,477,333 Expert* produoe.. 171,474,388 167,889,868 123,201,767 Kiporta specie... 26,901,666 17,282,431 22,763,131 The total value of foreign goods imported into the port ?f Boston for the week ending March 16 was $668,678, $800,732 ftr the conenponding week of 1806. senry 1, $7,994,681. I fsUowtng statement exhibits the business of the I Clearing Bouse for the past week :? Kirhar.ffet. Balances. ?1 $379 491 $78,502 If 80",6m2 79,717 1$ 398,986 74,294 3d 269940 60,468 1$ 238,148 57,036 M 268,274 03,761 Totals $1,740,418 $403,770 The agent ef the Roman loan advertises that tba coo 90ns ef Interest dun April 1 will be paid on that day at varies* banking honsea throughout the country. A number of New York shippers and mercantile Ira Ben between this port and the Sooth have agreed that ?hey will not la fitters pay freight on ootton or other merchandise before dell very. The revenue and expenditure of Canada for the month at February were:? Beeeipt* for con- Miscellaneous^...$130,188 Isms $338 189 fc'ter 199,674 Total $740,986 Bill stamp dm/... 7,262 Expenditure 709,780 FeetoOloe^ 49.1P8 Crown lands 61.361 Exoeas of revenue, $30,906 The following m n statement of the amount of pro vincial notes in rlroalelion en March 6, end the amount of Upecle held against them at Montreal and Toronto:? Betas la circulation, payable at Mom real.,... $2,296. $66 st Toronto 694,446 ?pecte held at Montreal 611,000 ^t Toronto.... 243,333 held by t no Receiver Qeuentl under She Provincial Note act 8,000,000 v ? -"v p.* iivips mti teney, however, rule tomewhet high, averaging ?o per coat per nnmua to oat and e hair ?,?r 01 The Western money centres ere generally quiet and tsu have no new features to chronicle. Exchange is still ?vesy where In favor of New York, and every appearance nd teste* n steady flew ef currency from that region to ill etty for noma time to oome, The general rates for from per cent n ?Mb. Bootes money maraet Is somewhat rtnegent. the Bd evidently cnrtaiUng for the purpose of making % E??" 'Xhlbil of their condition in their forthcoming ?"?cry return. The bank rate for money it t,x to per cent, end the outside market pn* or two F*r hit higher. The Boston Port states that there B" ?en no new developments In tugnrd to the lata *nanH* explosion, which involved severe! banks, the Waited Sab-Treasury and n number ?f individuals. B appears, M lk# general Impreeeton that new light en ??M0?eili hunt forth in n few tUyet No arrests MS reported, yet, and one ef the latest is?sua given is *M there ie * Onited States Marshal hers to attend to a Another f^mn paper reports thai the tsveetlgsMon ? ihe 1 'sited fhtM Dtetrlet Attorney hen made suoh pro 9>m that tfcp m? wll seen ho NvmU Iwtvr* the ftranl Jury. Two other defalcations are reported In a couple of uruall haLks in Bo.-ton. Four thousand dollars Is dluted lo bo the amount muting. The earnings of the Atlantic and Greet Western Railway from November 1, 1866 (>be commencement. of the fl-cal year) to January 31, 1867, wore $1.'J40 4sl For the corresponding period year previous.. 1,081,1140 Dec reuse $145,767 For the month of January, I860 47ft 641 For the mouth of January, 1867 377,851 Dec rente. $97,780 The following are the comparative earnings of the undermentioned railroads during the second week in March this and last year:-? 1806. 1867. Michigan Central $78-89 $93,633 Michigan Southern 99.390 86 896 Chicago and Rock Island 66,400 67,966 Western Union 9,061 8,146 Tho petroleum trade was quite active st Pittsburg daring the pest week, 49,931 barrels of crude end 28,380 of re lined were disposed of, making the week's transactions 78,811 barrels, the largest weekly sales over recorded at that place. The receipts of oil at Pittsburg from January 1 to March 16, this year, compared with those for the corresponding period in 1866, have boon as follows:? Barrel*. 1867 162,926 I860 130,225 Increase this year 32,700 The New Orleans Price Current, of March 9, pub lishes the result of Its information oollected regarding the past season's sugar and molasses crop, giving re terns from 328 plantations, the aggregate product from which is stated at 36,767 hogsheads. There were 347 plantations undor partial cultivation, and the estimates from tbe whole range from 39,000 to 42,000 hogsheads. The estimstes for the molasses crop roach 66,000 barrels, at sixty-live gallons to the hogshead, on a basis of 40,000 hogsheads, computing forty gallons to the barrel. Tho plantations under cultivation before the war are numbered at 1,291; tbe crop of 1801-62 (the largest ever raised), was 469,410 hogsheads; that of 1866-66 only 16,000, tbe present season nearly trebling it. SALES AT THE HEW TOM STOCK EXCHAH'L WeilnMday, JWnrch 'JO?10i30 A. M. 300 aha Erie RR .no S lr nWf W nl '00 Hud ltirar RR.. ,b3V HO .91 do uzss m'f is Ke"d^? iir i?r <0OUJ U S 5'u 10-10 n?g.# 11740() df> in, JXjO Virginia 6%i, ex 41 w 1000 do'.V.?60 lol iRo^e,ron - ?i2 '""o <io ::::SSi?i 82 /*,MC0u " 60 I00> Cler A ritta RR f?W l^vrS- *W do..... .... . K3& SSI ^.".T::::: 3% ^TMcT*A,lonRai,!i$ l?WMi"oUri.6' ???< ^0 MlchSotitii ANindltk 70% KWConwotUal??.... jouj 400 da.Vr.Vj:::: 77% S0hdo*MlMCt"" i? oo.'.'.v.v::::^ % ps& fcrfc }g K?rriR"? ^CUorwKRl ?* Wf.haBankofCom'h. 107 600 do 2L SO fourth Nut Bnnlc.. 1C1W 000 do -6 Del A Hud Canal... H.iJ 2000 Chic A N W nr?f" eyaJ *0 Canton Company... V 700 do* *??f"' ?>S S^^;; Is iJOBMloaWa^wer., 26^ 100 do.'.'.' WW" **> }i$-4 ?wS.r,rr?^.: of* "Ch.cARockW.'n.U V ?* MB Fnd *^0:;iiidir :: p i g^2i?<?& 'JKtritS-iZ 'S gw^*?c.35 f\tu 1 a * * * * ' 'j ' /? ZUO do.. 073/ ?3 Kile KR 'W 'JS,, iJK *'">n * T ? Pr.W? flftf 1000 do..'.'? Chic A Alton pro7.. lus I HnlOpnat Two o'clock P. M Slt000rfV*.6'30 rg'RA,n I07V 100 aha S V CI na m i?. T'A 7 a-lftll v.. 1052 *? ??,* Raftrnv '1*0 ^ {?Xi !Turi ? * 96 ?*w .m id. so * vina:::: wi 1 ft <2 in ?. 25# "jowo*?V. 30 S8t?fr?:?-r S3 a""*},?""??-?? ^ S?% loo Chic A Rk'ld.':; 06 97'i MX ifjL -i coupon W 100 do.... b30 97* a W Ohio pref oer 70 AM) do Sv JglHwrfAwi-- || 2TO Hoaton* Wr Pr. ..bat 1W Pacific M AS Co.... 131 2O0 Mil A >7 p*?7i "" V * km w?yRR.... * COMMERCIAL REPORT. W*dk*sdit, March 20-6 P V I A?bm. ?Recaipta, 8 package*. The market wa* unchanged In every reaped. * BRKADerovre.-Receipt*, 2.261 bbla. flour. lUOde. and I 180 baga corn meal. 2,210 buaheta corn. 1,106 do. oau, and 1A00 do. mall. The market for Bute and Weatern flour ruled TOfl^Tet flZ$7?rito M26,'a^Srtln, to*?Solf?y'*1rorn ^In^^ed'tflKk' Wehqnotef? Ab?Ut bbt Bran Siioerflnr 1 nd Wettern. an ,ln Rxtm Sidle fj? ?A'0fl0 Ch' Ice Stale . ..' 1? Z5 * " 43 C'oimcn u'medium extra' 'Weiiern.'.V.V.'.'.'.'.'' 10 70 a J? ? Ex tra round hoop Ohio {1 4n ! i Jl , Western trade hrande. .: . .'; .jS? if * Common Sonthcm JJ S ? "? Pantj and extra do ,S JL' ? 12 ? Rye flour (superfine). *f ff * ff J? cornmeaijeiaey.. Z.?? ?'? Com m??l, Brandy wine 2 ?1 ? 2 22 -III W irat UiwravtB ..* 1_V*'?**'' JU^eeJ'e '.J?rrml*"d WM?r". ?? atom; ||| 30 for do afloat, ana $119 for Jereey and Southern yellow Oti. ? i.A ?o7wnt,em\^d ?'U0" T' Sic"; #STt? ot?L.!!7 70e- 5 7Ia fo.r Bu"e "id ?8e. a 67c. for new Ohio. Rye wae to moderate demaod at full ariiHi, u*. , an lea of Soon buaheN, at 61 27 Jm- VTaTV.. 5 ""J* offered for Canada Veal dutr ^ldWeh.?laie" fr","lr quXton.tW "nd' Wr? ^ ?rmly hold at pmvto": Clvorpooi Thom^lte t^ruled? hear v" andT' d'eehne%c?to uriap:dibary:u^,^.:rtV's^ Ordinary >tort;fa. *<*%? "O.+T. Low mH.tling ff Jpw g ; J mddunf...T 3 wit ? 22 Go;>?l muldliiiB y:w ag*" S Est ?** to Ootw* ctS?nUlW^ h?^5dnIr"Bln?1 ?l",r ?M* qnmatlona ?SS3Vc1fiSJSiW,kMi* ?f 00 wnaacuona. >,loea re. JffiS'wSrTnt ft!; ?^wwjaassfcrst"4 ??? ""?? Mouuif, ?(bw market r*>m;i!i)od Qiilot tkmifli nriMn KKK^So'ivr "Wi"2ft. TS wtUl ,J,n''11 ?*R? Carolina at lOWe. i f^'f ' Ubft RlUfonradO, J 2<* a 12 Wr for rtiKd I inu i,,nd f"r rorl* HlenTaieo l^w ^ ^ '"a JuUat 151,0. forat.nT.rd il^da i^?3s3?ahs wi^LTiu-wi'7k?wirai 1!) ^$1 5Lfw, J"bWn* wvn^sLiA^ aL- ??? et lie.. ?J> do. 4.. a ?o flralTtr w lii dTi.?-t T? JT,lB 5"'E bt la ?) a (7 crar.ty l? ?ik T2nd 2 h? ,,2*12" '^.b"1*.; AWO built, e Uf r tli<> balance or thia m??.k ' *?.* ?KTanty In I x*.. term.. ?onded riOcd a iThid? JninT. w " Si'.1100'on erailv demanled 'or tnll twreeu ?JJ1" b' arS ec a*lea oi bb a iu^dard 2,"Vtthe latter prtie lor a favorlteli i i^-i altore ?al' a arc email loia aiandard wh?2".i aall- e'iS bbla. do. lor May .1 Sic., hu " , DSoiU *L*Xe.< uennlyaalewe bra,d of ... *)Pbbl. .liSdart wh'^ Paoviaiow ?Reoeinta I.2R4 bbla. port bm .a? and 1,642 bide. lard, foe port ft! J51 ?"?'* i,Ui* ,du*?#; b'?l aubar ,ueni|. mn^d e^lnTunn s^j8?S?rs ? a .8ra5i3S^ iW? for ol? do., f 18 26 aTlfl (or^nmoSd tS f<r prime meo ; elao, for future dellrery, I 5>i hUa ?i nxeM, for March, Aped, May and June, at'iiWflatSt aT ? ller'e and buyer'a option. Href w?a la Ulr rianS.d ,J firmer prloea. salea flSTbbx. at $17 v) a 122 ' n.eaa and 2U 20 a |I8 80 for oaw idaln oo. Hecf ham. wim In l.xlr demand and Ann. rajea fijf bbla at an , t4i fir l amn .alea wore made of mi beaee, laclud 10^,1"^,! ?I . long ~ aiimiMj UlRTBiifNI M I irmif BTlCftt' Bfl ? k;.' *1 7laP. a lCVa'i lor buna and PUr. a lOxjn. f?r a 1O11I fera The lard market ru'ed moderateTy acilra thouah anmewha ih-avy a?!aa 1 St) bbla at !2%<x. a ttka.KSSi I ..retail lota IH IS%e. a 1*6.. Matter wee Ml mid heTw ??>?. a Mr. for Hutu and nir. 4 Mr. for We.tern. Cbe??e "?om ml% "m>akmou *0 Choice bf. at illV ;#?ffigaMaMK? a )tt;r M""lBU'^'r f?"' A?*dad; aalea290,000 Iba at lie. '^-?b'fcWad^aSKS, ^e ^ ^ TElESRAWKC DBKET REPOflTS. 7V Philadelphia 1B,i Ttu-l-oaJ. Sfc'i Resdtug Railroad, 5l; P"nr UT?n'? Hail rood, 66V. OoM. 184V s A11' eI' ?hange on New Fork at par. Cotton quiet: middling np i Jv^-i m:<t lllng OH ? ms, TISa. F1 lur Arm, with ? i rge home demand; Spite, $13 35: California, $15. Wheat steady; prim.- red. $1 >1. live firm at $1 56. Com lo ."""'1 yellow, $1 13'^. o.U'toady. New mm* rft*. Hants, 14';-. Bncoa, a!d4M, 11a; aboaMlr*. $J$a WhUkey, sale* of contraband at 80a a $1. _ Halt'uoitit. March 30. l(<r' Potion quiet: middling uplands. Via CoTee dull; pr me K'o cargoes !??.< \ 1:1 e. Flour Arm at improve 1 prices; Northwestern extra, $11 CO a $12 5$: Howard etroat ?18 50 a $14 25- North weal ara eaperftae, $10 a $10 50. Wheat?A better feeling In tlio market; Pennsylvania red, $'-' 90 a $3. Corn active: receipts large; white. $119 a $1Jit ?? 'tow, $1 1$b $1 13: mixed western. $1 08. Oats, R5c a 6?". Bya firm at 81 ".0. Clover need, $fl 28 a $0 50 for now. N"W mesa Dnrk, $24; prime mess. $23. Bulk shoulders, m>! fides, 11c. n llS'f. Hama, 18c. Lard, IV. Whiskey, in bund, 35o. aiJOc.; no ealea. Oswwtjo, March 20,18J7. Flour In good demand, with a pnrunl advance of S5a per bbl. on all grades: sales 1.300 libit., at $12 a $12 25 for No. 1 sitting, $13 60 a $18 "6 i"r red winter, $14 76 for white and $15 36 11 $15 75 for double extra. Rye flour?Rales at $7 Burkwheat flour steady; sales at $3. Wheat dull: sale" of 8 500 onshela Milwaukee club at $3 40. and l.SOfl choice white Canada at $3 lit Corn dull; sales 400 bu?hel? No. 1 Indiana at $1 11. Oat*?Ctaolee Western selling in small lots at 66c. B irley. rye and peas insnttre.. Com meal?Sales at $2 60 s $3 75 per 100 lb. and $180 a $1 40 per 501h. sacks. BhorU are sailing at $34 a $35, shlpstulTS at $36 a $?' and middling* at $36 ner ton. Railroad freights?Flour to Boston, 80c.; to Hew Fork, 70a; to Albany, 60c. Brrratm, March 30, 1607. - Flour Arm and In light demand: quotation' unchanged. Wheat dull, but firm, with small sales, at $3 35 a $3 40 for Canada elan. Corn quiet; six ear* of new Toledo sold st86o. a 9Sc. on the Stale line track; 8.0U0 bushels old mixed West, crn sold at $1, per sample In store. Oats dull and nominal; sales at 55c. for Western No. 3. Barley quiet at $1 0? for Canada. Rye he'd at $1 25 for Western. Pork, lard, high wines and seeds are dull and unchanged. Orain In store and afloat unsold this day:?Wheat. 166.000 bnsbels; corn, 167.000 do.: oats, 292,000 do.; Rye, 80,000 da; peas,8,000 do.; barley, 7.000 da .1?.. CmetJOtATt March 30,16"7. Floor doted quiet and steady: superfine. $3 75 a $10 25; trade brand", $11 *1 a $13 50. and $14 a $10 for fancy brand*. Wheat closed quiet and steady; No. 1 spring $2 5k No 2 at $3 86. Corn irregular and pr*ces generally higher, dosing at 74a for No. 1. In elevator. Oat* unchanged Use, $1 45 a $146, but at thec'o?e eould not be bought below $1 50. Radey steady, $130 a $1 3) for spring and $1 66 a $1 ?' for fall. Cotton dull and nominal, 26e. for middling uplands. Whiskey Arm, 2$!<e. a 27c., In bond. Mess pork less active, with hardly any demand; ratv could not haye been sold at over $2? 50 at the e'ose. Bulk ro -ats have declined Vc per lb.; sales 290,000 lbs., *1 lo. n 10c. for shoulder* and sides, c'oslng Arm at these rate*. Bacon Is In good dsmand at Pc. a 11c. n ll'jc. for shoulders, sides, olear sides; nlatn hams, 18c. a IS'.fc.: soger cored hams, 16a a 151ffo., and In good demand. l ard Arm: sales 700 tierce* of city at 12Va But'sr Arm; fresh, 2Sa a 83c. Cbee?e In fair de maud at im^o. a 17a for common, and 18c. a 19a for factory and Rngllsh dairy. Cloveraced steady at $8 75 a $6 OtS the letter for prime hew. Timothy seed dull at $3. Flaxseed $2 :? a $2 50. Linseed oil dull at $1 37 a $1 40. Sugar atasdy. Coffee Arm and In fslr demand at 26c. a 28a. the latter for very choice. Rxchintre scarce and firmer. Gold, 133Jf a 184 buying and 134>? telling. Cntntco. March 20, 1667. Flour Arm, with light sales at yesterday's prloes. Wheat yerv weak: No. 2 spring has declined 6c.. saloa at $2 06 a $2 19- No. 1 Is quiet with light sale* at $3 40. Corn hn? de clined 4e. n Ac.; sales of No. I nt 94o., and No. 2 at 80a n W'.fc. 0*ts fairly aefre, but declined 1c. a $c, and closed at 46c. for winter and 46.1 for fresh receipts of No. 2. Rvn steady: sales of Na 1 nt f! 7314 a $1 SSttf. Barlev Arm; No. 3 In store sold at $1 69. High wines neglected and nominal, 2V In bond. Mess rork inactive and nlto. gether nominal: it was held at $'.'2 50. but offers were made at $22 26. Lard has declined Vic.; a.ales of 603 tierces at 12^c. Sweet pleklcd hams Arm and hirher; sales ai 18','a a Itc. Bulk meats inactive, but tin. changed. Dressed nogs quiet at $9 28 a $9 7V Live hog* quiet, and declined 10c. s 15c: *<tles nt $7 a $7 75 for medium to choice lots. Receipt*?5.000 bb's. flour, 6,005 centals wheat. 23.000 bushels corn. 1,800 bushels oats, .3.500 ho -s. Phlnm-nts?4,300 bbls. flour, 2,000 centals wheat, 2,2:0 bushels corn. MlLWAPKHt, March 20.1667. Fleur dull. Wheat Irregular and lower at $8 97 per cent*' for No. 1, and $3 67 a $3 60 for No. 2. Oats steady nt $1 C9 for No. 1, and 91 HSJtfforNo. 2. Corn steady at $1 63 fer No. 1 old, and $1 31 a $1 45 for new shelled. 'Receipts?1.309 bbls flour. 6,50(1 centals wheat, 1,000 oats, 3,000 corn. Bhlp. ments?4,310 bbls. flour. 2,000 wheal. MARRIAGES AND.DEATHS. Afnrrlrd. niKrrira> Corwwalus?1Tisdalk.? On Wednesday, March 20 by the Rev. Dr. Bellows, at tho residence of the bride's father, Kinaiian Cornwamis, of London. Eng'and, to Ahkie Lot isa, youngest danghtor of Samuel T. T Indole, of this city. Bavin?Joseph ? On Tuesday, March 10. by the Rov. ; J. J. Lyons. Pahokl Pavm to Ci-aopivb, daughter of the late I. L. Joseph, of this city. No cards. Montreal papers please ropy. Ijttoh?norACX.?In the Island of Guernsey, on Mon day, March 4, Jambs Lrrr.w, of New York city, to Mart Elizabeth, daughter of the late D. Hosack, of Gnor. sey. 8awtbr?Pnwins.?In this cite, on Wednesday after noon, March 20. by the Rev. Dr. C. P. Wing, of Carlisle, Pn., W. C. Sawtcr, of Carlisle, Pa., to Josarai\? Powers, the onlv daughter of the late Nelson H. Powers, of this city. No cards. Died.*.?On Wednosday, March 20. H abt Bsawb <iah, daoghti r of John and Rosanna Brannegan, natives of county Tvrone, Pariah of Pomeroy, Ireland, la the 4th year ot her ago. O. mother denr, why dost thou weep* Wliy dost thon look no sad? God only closed my eyes In sleep, And should yon not be glad f It wan He who care mo life at tint, That now He takes away; Ah, would He do it for the worst* Come, tell me what you aay. O, no, my dear, be loves yon more Than over I have done. . It would make His tender heart feel aor To hurl you whom Ho won. Yes, I am gone to heaven, to And the place that peace and rest are given. I will pray for thee In hopes that there I'll meet you. So lay me in my cold, cold grave, and weep no more for me. Tho friends' of the family are invited to attend the funeral, from the resklonco of her parents, M Cherry street, this (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Br"Wksoh.? in Brooklvn, E. D, on Wednesday evening, March 20, Wrura P.. only child of James M. and Carrie M. Brown eon, aged 2 yean and 6 months. The friends and acquaintances of the family arts respectfully invited to attend the funoral, on Friday afternoon, at two o'clock, in Clymer street, near Lee avenue. Carroi.t. ?On Wednesday, March 20, Jons T. Cab boll, a native of county 81'go, Ireland, aged 44 yearn. Notice of the funeral hereafter. Oatlaw.?On Wednesday, March 20, Cathajuxi Cat law, In the 83d year of her age. The friends of the family am reapcctfolly invited to attend tho funoral, on Friday afternoon, at ona o'clock, from No. 103 Madison street Ciasbb?On Tuesday, March 12. at St Luke's Hos pital, Mine Framcv Clarer, In the 02d year of her age. Her friends are Invited to attend the funeral, from the chapel of tho hospital, this (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'rlock. Ota*.?In this city, on Wednesday morning March 20, Colonel Nathasict. Coibs. The family and frl -nds are Invited to attend the fune ral services, at the Chnrch or the Transfiguration, Twen fv-nlth street between Mnaiaon and Fifth avenuee, on Fridav, at twelve o'clock. Davis ?'?uddenly, fennh day morning (Wedne'dav), March 20, third month, David H. D .via, in hla 06th yoar. Notice of funeral hereafter. v Dati*.?On Monday, March 18, at Babylon, Long Island, Abraham A. Davis, formerly of i'oughkeepnle, aged 74 yearn. Dkasr ?On Wednesday, March 20, CATtunnra, be loved wife of Wil'lam Deane, a native of Hnllyadams, Queens county, Irelsnd, In the 36th year of her age. Friends and acquaintance* of the family arc respect-, fully tnviiod to attend the funeral, from her late resi dence. No. 5 Seventh avenue, on Friday morning at ten o'r'ock, to PL JOeeph'a church, Sixth avcuue, where a solemn requiem mass will he said for the repose of her soul; and from thence to Calvary Cemetery for Inter ment. Dcvrr.?On Tuesday. March 19, MabaAtari A. E., the beloved wife of Captain Patrick Duffy, In the 2Slh year of her age. The rolatiree and friends of the family, and those of her father. Hon. Michael Connolly, and a' her father-in law, Tonstantlne Duffy. Esq., are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, this (Thursday) morning, at half-past nine o'-'ock, from the residence ot her lather, No. 158 Weet Fiftieth street, to th- Church of St Paul, corner of Fifty-ninth street and Ninth avenue, whero a solemn high maae of requiem will !>?> offered for the repose of her soul, and (Km thence to Calvary Cemetery for in terment Dr.vcAKBon._On Tuesday, March 19, Mat, youngest daughter of William and Mary Duucanson, aged* months and 2 days. The re'attvci and friends are Invited to attend tha filter il, from the residence of her lather. No. 281 West Forty sixth street, this (Thursday) morning, at ten o'elock. Dtt CttARKS.? On Tuesday, March 19, at the residence of her broth?r-ln-law, Wm. Slmktns, No. T8 Jackson tit reel, of cnns'imptlon. Maris Harrietts, youagest daughter of Margaret Da Charms, aged 22 yean, 8 months and 23 dav?. The remains will be removed to Rt Mery'a ehureh, CllfUn, 8. L, for lnlena"nt, this (Thursday) morning, at ten o'clock. Tho relative * and l roods of the family are reaped (til ly invited to attend without further notice. ? FiTxt ATTticR.?Piddenly, on Monday. March 18, Jona FrrarAtRtca, a native ef the parish of Anna, eeanty Cavan, Ireland, In the 34th year or hie age. The remains will be taken to 8L Mary's church. Brook lyn, E. 9., corner of Leonard and Remsen streets, thia (Thursday) morning, at nine o'clock, whera a solemn re quiem mass will be celebrated for the repose of hie soul. The relatives and friends, also those of hla brother-in law, Philip Leddy, are twpoctfuilv Invited to attend. Flam? At Clifton, Staieu Island, on Moudsy, March 18, Mast Abb, wife of John L Flake, m her 54th year. The relatives and frlands of the family are respectfully InvVed to attend tho funeral, this (Thursday) afternoon, at on* o'clock, from her late rcsidenco. Flttv. ?After a abort and severe lllueea, J axis Fltkh, In the Jgd year of hla age. ? Th# relatives and friend* of tho family are respectfnlly tavltod t? attend the fbneral. from his brother's resi dence, Nl 70 New Chambers street, this (Thursday) afternoon, at one o'clock. Wednesday, March 20, Jabbx, widow of John Olnd nins, aged 34 years Her remalu will be taken to Greenwood for Interment, from No 88 Feet Tweaty-flrat street, on Friday after noen. at two o'elock. Friends are raepectfnllr Invited to attend. Hai.tov ?On Wednesday, March 20, Jaxm W. B, Hal rm, aged 12 yean end 8 months The remains will he interred from hla late reside neey No. 88 Pactno street. Brook lya, this iThnrsday) after noon, at three o'clock. Relative* and friends are re specif ally Invited to attend. HtwAatv?Oa Tueeday, March 19, Suasaant Rroca ma? Haw ami, wlfa at George Reward, of Now Druse w'ck, N. J. Funeral from the residence of Gilbert Redaa, 24 West Forty-fourth street, this (Thursday) morning, at tee o'clock. Bora?Oa Wednesdev. March 2ft, Jaxm onlt saw of Edward and Margaret M. Bopo, aged4 rem, 9 months and 22 days. A bud on earth, to bloom In heaven. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Friday, from the resi deuoo of his parent#. 847 Third avenue. H"YT ?At New Rochelle, on Wednesday, March 20 twos. 1'iait, son of Memnethon and Frances H. Hoyt' a. e(I 1 year, 6 months and 20 days. Ibe friends of the family are Invited to attend the funeral, on Friday afternoon, at half-past one o'clock fr( ru the residence of Thomas S. Drake. Houcom.?At 8t Augustine, Florida, on Saturday Mareti 0, William J. Hcdoo.v, in the 29th year of hie age.' Notice of the funeral will be given on arrival or his remotest Jch-om ?At Ogdemburg, St. Tstwrence county, N. y of consumption, on Friday, March 8, Bald wis L. Jrnson. Kat*v.?On Wednesday, March 30, Catuabinb Katsm! in the 89th year of her age. Her frtenda and relatives are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Friday afternoon, at one o'clock, from No, 12 Bethune street Mil/sr.?At New Rochelle, N. Y., on Tuesday, March 19, Evausk Hkyak, daughter of Charles 0. and Emily B. Miller, aged 7 years, 10 months and 20 days. The relatives and friends are resjiectfally invited to attend the funeral, without further notice, on Friday afternoon, at two o'clock. Molkxaor. ?On Wednesday morning, March 20, Elisa J., w,fe of David A. Molenaor, and daughter of the late Roger Williams, aged 46 years, 2 months and 4 (lays. The relatives and friends of the family are respect fully invited to attend the funeral, on Friday morning at eleven o'clock, from the residence of James C. Bald win, 30 East Twenty second street Moons?A Month's Mind will take place in St James' church, for the repose of the sou! of the late Mrs. El ls* Moons, wife of John Moore. Her friends nod relatives, and those of her son-in-law. James Doren, are re-pecUuliy invited to attend, on Fri day morning, at too o'clock. Nistlb ?On Tuesday afternoon, March 19 Thomas 8 Nistt.s, m the 4Atb vear ol his age. ' The funeral will take plnco, this (Thursday) afternoon at one o'clock, from his late residence, 312 East Twenty' fourth street. The friends of the family ore respectfully lnvi?ed to attend. * Orr.?On Wednesday, March 20, of consumption. Mart Ons, in the 23d year of hor ago. The relatives and friends of tho family ore invited to attend the fhneral, Irom the re?i lenee of her brother in i McElroy. No- 111 West Fifteenth Street, on Friday afternoon, at one o'clock, without further notice. Her remains will be taken to Greenwood Game terv for Interment. O'ikwvicu.?On Wednesday, March 20, of scarlatina. Thomas IUoBorn son of Anna C. and the lato Arttinr O'DonneD, aged 6 years. The fun ral wilftake place from the residence of his

gTmidraiher, Dr. Wm. O'Donnelt, No. 43 Madh-on street this (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock OnJuesdMr, March 10, after a short but pnlnful illness, Eujw A., the bmoved wife of David UKCfluft, ?Th? fu"Ler>I tRtc place from her late residence o'clock StrCet'th'8 !Thursda5,) ACtaraooa, at one Ptncilnsv.? On Tuesday, March 10, of dropsy Isaac L. Pwckntt, aged 13 years and 2 months. The friends of tho femilvnre respectfully Invttod to attend tho funeral, from hta Into red donee 162 West Thirty-eighth street, on Friday aftornoon', at one o'clock. ' PLrvKTT?In Brooklyn, on Wednesday, March 20 Acoostin Olivkr, fourth ami only surviving child of Austin O. an I Maggie J. riunkett. The funeral will take place from the residence of bis parent*. No 61 l.uqoer street, on Friday aftornoon at two o clock. ' RonvRTs.?On Wednosday, March 20, William 8 Rohrrul aged 26 years. Hie relatives and friends and those 0f r?thr-r Mnr. shall O. Roborts, and of his father-in-law, Augustus L. Brown, Arejnvlted to attend tho funeral, fro-n h's la?e residence, No 462 Fifth avenue, corner of Forty third street, on Pa'nrdav afternoon, at three o'clo It -<)j,II8"lur'|Ry. -Msrcb lo, Alvrkd a, son of and'27 dsva "0tU ft aged 16 years, 8 months The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully wlt :r? fu"cra1' lrom 1'ls lather's residence, 328 West Twcniy.fourth street, on Friday morning at hMf-post ten o'clock. Tho remains will" be taken to Newark, N. J., for Interment. N- on Wednesday. March M, of d'phtheria, Hclst Tn.ox, youngust daughter or I8rta?s W" Spaldlaj?' *Sca 10 months and Tho funeral will take place this (Thursday) afternoon at, three o clock. Train by Morris and E-sox Ra lroaJ leaves fooi of Barclay street at half-past eleven o'clock __T:iiictishir?At Milton, Ulster county, on Rnndav March 17, Ricmaro Hkxky Thitcf!exrr. brother of Wm and i.e.-,no A. Thltchcacr. aged 62 years. New burg and Poughk"eps;e papora please cony. Tiiomps ?*.?On Wednesday, March 20 Brtjawyw SamU01 W" Swah ** SSSS^ u /'n" Carmansvllle, N. Y, on Mon her ago TOchmau, in tho 33th year of Richmond papers please copy. vSa-Astta sfiszssssasa* ?<? a ??.? The relative aud friends of the family are respectfuilv Invited to attend the funeral, without farther notice from the residence of bis mother. No, 9 West Tiiiriv* seventh street this (Thursday) afternoon, at f"r o'clock" t.L*? ~~'n J?'?City, ot congestion of the brain, on i Tuesday, Harch 19, Hsxrt W. Trur, aged 38 rears I The funorel will take place this (Thursday) afternoon J at two o'clock, from No. 143 East Thlrty-flrst street! -25SW??Va ,LS5 street, in the 48tb yesr of hla ago. rwenty-eecoiHl The relatives and friends of the familv are reene^tfv?n? invltod to attend the funeral, from Calvary church, on Friday morning, nt ten o'clock* w Bro?k"rn- on Tuesday mondng^March ? Wa1sh> J'Wt'co of the First District Court! land, aged tt?yeare. Enni8tFmon. co?"ty Clare, Ire The frlondt and acquaintances of the fhmilv am m mridrare m V"SV? walw nd lh" fnn"ral. from his late au? o'clwk. rtreo1'th,e <Tb ,r^y) Clare Journal please copy. SHIPP IN G NE WS, ALMANAC rOB NBW TORS?THIS DAT. NtTN STN1CN 6 03 | BOON RISKS OVO 7 43 NUN SBTN H 13 I HIGH W?T*R mOrf> 9 OS " PORT OF NEW YOaL KASCH 20, 1887. Cleared. Oteamelilp city of Cork (Br), Bridgman, Liverpool and Quren?lowti?J O Dal*. steamship Deria (Br), EdmouJaon, Liverpool via Queens town?K Cunard. Steamship America (Brera\ Meyer, Poutbampttm and Bremen?< lelrlehs A Co. btesmshlp Moneka, Lobby, Charleston?Living-, ton, Foi k Co. Steamship Sara toss. Ring, Norfolk, City Point and Rich mond? <: Mam-ken k I'aim.iro. Bteamabin Albemarle, Bourne, Norfolk, City Pout and Richmond?!* L MoOready k Co. tUevmelilp Wamaulla, Flab, New Bedford? Ferguson k Wood. Rblp Emerald Iale (Br), Eves, Liverpool?Taoaoolt Broe k Co. Ship Jane Leacb (Br). BhIUaber, Liverpool?Tanacott Broa k Co. Ship Northern Queen (Br), Boon, Londonderry?Boyd k Blnoben. _ Buip Adler (Brem), Fortmann, Bremen?fnknrt k Co. B.irk Morning Star (Br., Waugb, Ut J ago de Cuba?Way dell A Co. Bark Fleetwlng. Davis, ApalacMroln?E I) Hurl hut k Co. Brie 1 a Creole (Duteb), Campbell. Cum me? borate A Co. Brig Mary Ann (Br), Hartaby, AaplnwaU?8 L Merchant k Co. Brig M M Williams (Br), Kennedy, Cardenas?Weydell k Co. Bchr Carrie Wells, Lawson. Tnrka Islands?O Wea?*>a. Bohr It W Godfrey. Godfrey, hew Orieana?N H Hiigham. Bchr W R Becbc. Orawtord. Key West?C H Mallow A Co. Bohr Isabel, Deaulaon, Indian River. Fie?Witham A Oft tan nchrDoraA Baker, Eldridge, Savannah?Murray, Ferrla k Co. Bohr E S Otldenleeve, Carroll, Newborn, NO?A J Bently A On. Schr Oeeanna Ratteriy, Baltimore?A Abbott. Rchr Empress, Kenur.iy. Salem? H W Hon ? A Co. Pehr .Senator, Bcabury, Roaton?O K Kackett. Bohr Marietta, Barren, New Haven?? K llacketL Sciir B P Godwin, Waterbury, MamforL Sloop Harvest, Oorwm. Bristol?Stranahan A Jarksen. ArrlTtd. Bteaaneklp Rabeeea Ciyds, Snyder, Newborn, 73 hour*, with mdae and onsaenssrs. k> J Hand. Ship Robin Hood (of Boston), Krliy, Ban Frsnrlsco Deo S, wlih 17,819 ecka wheat to order. Creased the Equator In the Pacific Dee 21. peaaed Cape Hon Jan 91, ana the Lin# In the Atlantic FablS in kin &*>. Dee 13. lat 20 N, Ion 133 W, signalised ahip Cutwater. fjom Han Fr.uclaco tor Now York; Jan 24, lat M 8, Ion M SO. "hip Tan tore, ? day? from Auitrelln fot Loudon; 29th. lat S7 S, ion 71) ,Vf. eblp Albion (Br); aamt day, ??? a amall hrrm brig rigged propSBcr, ap parently new, with large houNOa on do k, and three or four hoofs anproeed bound to Han Fran.-I?on Klilp Antelope (far), lisle. Shanchaa Dec 7, with leas. Ae. to B ube. k A Co. Phased An)l.-, Dae 18 Cape of Good lions Feb I, and croaeod the Equator DCth In Ion St W. Had very hoary weather on the eoast: 10th IntL lat 29, Ion ffit ri?<te ahlpToung rhenli (whaler), 98 dayi from Bt lielona for hew Bedford. _ , Snip Favorite, Bush, Liverpool Feb 1, wih m lie, to J A McGaw. Was It days In the Channel, with heavy N and SW WBhip Polar Star, Rich, Philadelphia, ( days, In ballast, to Cba* Carow. _ Berk Puwhettan, Fallen, Canton Dee 2. with tm?. Ac. and two nssaenssfS, to N L At) Gri-wold. Pained An Her iim 17. (Tape of flood Hope Jan BP. 8t Helena P?-h 1L ana creased the Rqnstor 2M. March 14. lat St 29. Ion 73 49, eichanged signal* with beta 0 H Utbb*. stosringRAE. Bark Lord Pabntrston 'Br), Met'ready, Montevideo Jan ML With bldoe. Ae. to llarb-ce A t o. Crossed the Rqnatnr Feb 17 In Km WW. Hae hem Kdnysnmlhof Matters*. wlih atrong N and NW wlnda Fob 3, let 27 19, loo 28 It', apoke ship Princes* Beatrice t Br), ISO day a from Newport for Syd ney ; Mareh A ldlMBP, bn 44 IS, bark Mary Hardy (Brj, from London tor nprrnndv. Brig Albertl (of iuckiport), Dow, Palermo Jan 10, with fruit, Ac, to James lotnnaon A Co?'vessel io 11 D1JD Brook man. March I lat 38, Ion <S. apoku shir Conatanae, of and tor London front Barbados, Brls J'-hanna(Holm , OS-terman, Rio Oraada, 80 dava, With hides and wool, o Punch, Mwucks A Wends Had heavy weather pa th# crnaf. Brig Bmtna Dees, AtMnaon, Curaooa Feb 20, with mdae, ho Joseph Foulke a Bona, Brig Katie (Dani. Hobiiaon. Rl Croti. IS day a with sugar end motaaaer. tor Hnnfnd A Co. Ha* lieoa 12day, north af Hattsras, wtth anting N j winds an I -now. Brig L L Wadfwurlh (of laatpoft |, Bailey OHMMgrn. 10 gays, with sugar and mohuae*. to Brett, Boa A Co. Has been It days north of llaverna, with atrong N and KB * Br I* Henrietta, Rswhold, of tod from Bermuda, 2 days, wtth auger. Ac. to Met ollA mti BehrCllen B Oolt <of Nantmket), Kmali Altarela, 20 daya, with rue in, lo U B EMrldkC Had heavy BR winds, and lest sad sniit aa*ls. r Ho e (Br). Canning, Hellfat, 10 days, with Ash, i and 4 _ _ - , tu D H D< )8 nil A Co. gchr . o ,e W Usrg, It'rkm m. Philadelphia. Fchr Tyiihonn Will sma Phllndclp'ila lur Bath. H< hr Hamn. Csas dt. Calais :er Notfolk Hahr Mai<die Wasthreeh. HaasStto% PomowL 4 days. fohr Bramhall, Hamilton. Portland. ' D 4 E Kelly, Cellv. Portland for PhllodSlpttK "?5r JC Hertz, Grey, Knelt lend. gehr Col Ellsworth, Bobiaeon, Oloueaster Rchr Wn, Tiea, Tie*. Boo tun for Newborn, NC. - Beltr Fair Wlad. Bowman. New Bedford. S?r rzir Wlad. Bowmon, new net ??** J P*rk?r Br. Ketly, Pewtarket. ?Cp H W Mores, Omwell, Kroeldenee "vnr n w Mores, Orowall, Froviuenee. gchr A melts, Bebce. Prorldenco for V&tUdeWfe* ?"' nmeiis, oeoee, rro viae rice ior r-niion' ipnis. gob* Plifbt, Croweli, Providence (or Philadelphia. W>* gmo Berber, Newport. .BJLtneoln, N-^tf London. . Bohr J L Leech, Kndieott, Now Loo don for Wilmington, NC. BgSMhgaBS? iSBalasm-iinag*' Bsdleott, Norwich, o teem or 4 Thompson, Moore, Baltimore. Below. Berk "Cera Cora," 101 dey? from Peru. Disasters la the Bahaaaa. We hare rsoetrsd from our correspondent the following list of wrecks end disssters in the Bshsmas, wilt the names of those resaela seeking Neaeeu in distress darlnf the month of February, 1887: p TBnsfly Peel (Br), Penny- "?m Mew ?r* 1a1? a IjiTerpool. with e cargo of cotton; tie! loss, near fini M iuY c*rg0 "*Tad hnaMaken to Nesset; same to be 5'il?Joll" 0 (Brl, Johnson, from Erpna for New heavy Va?L _.,c r. 1 "? '? vuHum/n, iruiu r.awTiim i?> York, with salt: carried nway topsallyard dirlng a mo!uh; P *?*?<* lor another; was sup filed, end pro eroded. w?rd?ltr ??"***#? Cobb, front Galveston for New York, with cotton, hides, wool end liquor; a* ore near Dol ar llsrbir: moat of the cargo saved, materfcls taken olf, v????l burnt: cargo to go forward. 9th?Sohr Alfred, Benson, from Wllmlngid) for New Or. leans, with a general cargo; arrived with eorai sails missing, vessel leaking la topside* and decks; proceeded, and after wards returned In charge of wreckers llth-Rhip Conqueror (Br). Trigtis, from A Jego de Cuba for Swansea, with copper ore; torn! loss lrefront of settle meat et Fortune I-land; cargo nil saved, k<B and materials March 7?Brig Concord, Drummnnd. frot) Baltimore for Aswinwall. with coal: put In leaky In upper forks; will pro. ceed without discharging. T Schr Alf cd, Benson, from Wilmington vl Orleans, with a general cargo; returned In era, who bad taken cargo out, master rep leaky. Hth?Am berk ' Tran-lt" Keller, from Nisv York for Now Or.sans, with a general cargo; had been ahore on Moselle Shoal: WAS Assisted off by wreckers, who hrsught her to poet In a leaky condition; mast of cargo not dla&arcnd; will dis charge to go on dock, fore foot being badl? split and Teasel leaking ha-lly in iiort. March not oomplete. Blarlne Dlnantera. ?ct?a* ntr St Louis, from Boston, In Olf suing the Missis alppl "sr d-irlnn a heavy fig, collided will the British ship Devonshire, from Liverpool, and did her considerable dam age. It is cstr 1 that there ts not a buov sn the bar. The pilot- hsvo used up all the old rotten sticks the government left at the station. Tbcy have no moo:un|s, and are there. for- obliged to guess their way. Bittr Staiucoka (Brl. Oasa'rt--, at RW Paaa 13th Inst fnr Liverpool, whs -truck by lightning night |f 16th inaL Her main royalmist was shlvere 1 to at >ms. Bmr Laot Louisa. from R lung ha e forlNew York, before reported towcil to B.utavlA d'd not receive much damape while ash'<re, but a great psrt of her cam had to be trans ferred to the steamer that went to her a-aUtanco before she could be got off. Bark Awathea (Brl, before reported ?n Are and scuttled at ApalacMcola. had about 1.100 bain* of cotton on board. It w * th ugM (hr-e or four hundred bales woul l bo saved In a damaged rundltlon. She was loading In the East Pasa at the time of the (Ire. Bum A G Jewett, Reed, 60 days from Malaga fnr New York, anchor.: 1 In Fire Fathom Hole, ijbrinuda, 8th tnat, leaky and In want of provisions. Brig Maht Cods, Duncan, from Baltirtore for New York (before reported), while In Hampton Reeds, cams In collis. Ion with the bark Lapwing, from Ballluxfe for Rio Janeiro, hv both vessels drifting, during which the brig lost hor an chor and chain, bulwark, snd sustained other damages. The bark sustained but slight damage. Bute.Cor.siuA tBr), from Philadelphia for Antwerp, be. fore reo irt oil at Bermuda In distress, his been condemned and sold, together with her cargo. Soun Osciola. Moore, on her passage Irom Brosos San tiago to Tndianola, was beached In a h-ar e*y blow on the 28th nit live miles NE of Aransas Pass. There is a proability of getting her off. Mlsrcllancsua LADNrnim-At Wilmington, Pel 10th jn-t, from tho yard of Messrs W AThaeher. a double deckel brig of 600 ton s called tho S A W Welsh, and owned by (jipt John R Watson, tho builder and others. Rpskrm Arc. Bark T Gushing, from Bordeaux for Now Orleans, Fab 23. i?i io, ioii -i. Farelcn Porta. BmorERiiAvrx, March 4?Sid Go*chen, Rein. NYork; Ata lani.i, FP-gcmnin. do: Union, fichulte, Baltimore (and all an<-ho re. I oir the Pghthonse). ? Rakukoe, Jnn 18?Sid Capsinemoon, Wateon, Hon? Kon?. RpemduA. March 3?In port bark* Campune.o, Fpeight^on the marine *l!p; Yhiinns Whitney, Kellv, ready for aea; ?fane Ko", MUdleton, rcpg: brigs A (J Jevrett. Rood, from M ilapi for New York, put in 6th (tee Disasters); Karnak. Locke, repir: George Oilchrtst, Gilrhrtat, reloading: Aurato, Davit, d.i; Quick. Le Oont'-nr, for sea; Lauveraux, wtg ordc-?; tehr Mary Harden. To Blanc, disg. Caeh. March 4?Arr Led, White A Blue, lfudaon, London for Paris. Calcutta. March 4?Arr previous, Neeutan, Schtbye, Liver erpool CAJtprxAS. Mnrch 12? Arr schra K'canor, Charleston: Ada, NYork. Sht 12th. brim Ortniai., NYork; Anna M King, do; Bruu'v, a port north of llattorns. CAmiaiitn. March 7?An-hrtga Star, Sparrow, Havana; C M Good-tch, Look, nnd Winfleld, Lortng do; schra J M Fla nagan. rhAW, Philadelphia; 8th. Alert. Mann, Charlerton. Sid 6th, hrtg Prent'ss ltobbs, Morton, Boston. Koochow, Jan IS?Sid hrtg l.nb-a. Hatch, Boston, with 147.873 lb? Congo,) tea and 111. 313 Iba Oolong. Gi.av.ow, March 8?Sid President Fillmore, I.uee, HYork. Ubv.kkock, Mar.h 6?Sid Susannah Temple, Mackay, Boa tan. Havre, March 6?Arr Atalant* (s). Pinkham, London for HYork. Sid 8th. Mercury Stetson, NYork. Horn: Koxo. Jan S3?SM Dlamoji' Rruse, NTork. Havana, March 12?Sid brigO io!an. Ely. Matanzas; 18th, steamship Mariposa, Qui-k, NYork; brig Si Crolr, MeO.egor, Brnros da Santiago; aehr alia L Trehpelen, Flreonrt, New Orleans. Liverpool, March8?Bid Anae), Taylor. Boaton; Sardinia, HeNon, Hong Kong; W A Farnaworth, Tborndyke, Phlladel 5lila; John SHarria. Daniels, Halifax; Erin (a). Cutting, York. Cld 6th. Black Hawk, Crowall, NTork; Energy, Cauikloa, do via Cardlif. fcntdont 6th, Torlck, Dixon, Bombay; Anna Frances, Lu Tin. New Haven. Matarxas, March 19?Tn port barks Carlton, Treeartln, for a port north of natterss, ldg; Monitor, Larraboe, tor Balti more; Idella (Br), Jackson, for Holmes' Hole; Abby Craig (Brt. Shanks, for Boaton; Cephas Starrett, Gregory, rot- Phi ladelphia ;Trovstore. Blanchsrd, for NTork: brigs Caprera, IIlib born, and Rlveraidc, Cox. for do; Minnie, Norrten, for Philadelphia; Scotland. Ross, and H O Berry, Coleon. for Cape Hstteraa; acltr W nnpper. Ilupper, for Philadelphia. Newporv, March 6?Shi Good Hope. Miller, NYorb; Louisa, Glover, and Robt L Lane, Hemingway, do. Paiebho. Feb 23?Arr 8 Duncan, Tyler. LI-nta (and aid 27th for NTork); 28tb, Eaglet, Dickinson. Gibraltar. Sid 23d J Walters, Hoodie*#, Boston; 27th, Eolus, Uarber. Mew York. Rotterdam, March 4?Cld Moses Day, Bldrldge, Philmlcl "VotAR, March 2?Rid Valencia. Booth. NYork. Southsexton, March 6? Rid Paoiiebot, Juhcl. NYork. Off the Lizard 6th, Agra, Mitch all, from London for Hew York. StiAHotiAE. Jan 91?Arr Panama. Soule, Sydney. Sid 16th, Helen W Almy, Freeman, Bwatow; 18th, Deucalion, Turner. NYork. Bt .Iobr, NB. Mareh 19?Arr ship Themis, Mt?Inon. Bea ton ; barks Queen of the Fleet, Hilton, do; Warrior, PaUe. NYork to load for Montevideo. Yokohama, Jan IS?Arr News Boy, Boewelt, Shthghae: Rpjolute, Flolt NYork. Bid 9th, Vaietta, Kavanagh, Naga saki; 16th, tiolden State, Delano. HYork. Porte. ^BOSTON, March 19?Arr schr Fanny Keating. Daniels, rhludelpola. Cld ships Mont Blanc, Chase, Havana; floo >oo, Hutchinson. Hong Kong: bark C 8 Rogers, Ballard, Mobile: acitre Wm. Pickering. Quinn, Washington DO; A 8 Salter, Baser NYork; Orotlmbo. Circuit, Philadelphia. Fid win I NNW. steamer Saxon; ships Bivelaw (and paxxad Care ''ml at 310 PM), L B Gilchrist; barks Helala. A Coom s, Modena. Eywnnl Everett, B A LTT VnRK, March 19?Arr schra Levis Cheater. Gookln, Bo^mn: Joseph Hay, Hathaway, NYork; O O Booth, Long atroet. do; B 11 Jones, Davis do; Ueleh May, Winea, do. Sid brigs Dudley And Lizzie Daniels. Went to aea ship Ellon Hears; barks lapwing. Elrerton, and brig Caroline, all hctsre. went to ses 16th Inst; also ablp David Brown, from Ilamoton Roads 18th. BRISTOL. March IS?Arr schra Gov J T Smith, Gladding. New Orleans for Boston, (put In for provisions, having en countered honvy weather the entire passage); Eagle, Trib bie Klixahathrori. CH UtLKBToN, March 19?Arr (teamsblp Emily B Bonder, Lork-vond, NYork; brie Susan E voorheea, Tutford, Boston Tta Wood s nole: PChrB H Hawkins, Wyatt, NYork. Cld bark Tecumseh (Br), Sponaglss LVerpool I7ih?Arr steamship Adele, Hal, Gstveston via Key West bound to NTork. put In .tn repair boiler; schra R C Howard. Nickerson. do; E N Perry, Hamilton, a Northern port; Amerlcua. Mass, New Orleans; J B Marshall, Marshall, 8a DTGHTOH, March 16-Arr aehi* Theodore Dean, Phillip., and linxelton, Gardner, Baltlmorf. 9ALL IUYKR. March 19?Arr schr* Minerva, .Teffereon. Alexandria: George Taulana. HiMlman. Philadelphia. GALVESTON, March 8-Arr iV-awi<h'p Gulf City. Stew art, NTark: brlga Wm MaUory, .V, WUbur, do; 9th, Luc? Ann. Colo. Boaton. Cld 9th, stc?n*hlp Petit, Delanoy, Hew York ; hark Florcnoe Peters, Hoofer. Boston. MOBILE, Marsh 14-UM ship Mar of^ the Weak (Br), Per KHmSk LRA NB, Mareb 11 -(JM Sksam sbIps Alles (Br). Guard, TAvcrpool; Gen Shermss. Pendleton. Bells*. Hon; ships Moxart (Rr), Smith, Liverpool; Artisan, Pollsrd. Boo ton: schra H B Borden, Bulla, H Satan, Nellla Tarbox, Pen dlrton. itib?Arr b irks Rambler. PsHtard. and Asphodel. Norton. HYork. CM steamship Kensington. Hedge, Bo.,on; brigs Milo (Br), Ksilin, Bordeaux; Magln tPp), Uuardlola, Bare*. '?3th -Arr steamships St louts, Claussea, Boston; Ash land, Norton, HTork; Havana. Pafoer. do via Havana Be low ship Devonshire, Cooper, from Liverpool. CM ships Vlgilialo, Nealy. Liverpool; J H Cushlng, Kw.p, do: barks Ocean Eagle, l.noe, Mataases IoolIdas, Howard, Havre; brviMmellacBBb IBwmjBarjekina. steamshipsHightlngalc, Breaker, H Yorki Darlen Ml. tlende Havana. Cld sissmshlp Cut *. Dus-hart. Bal (Fr). Tleude Havana: Cld sisamahlp Cuba. DuSehart, Bal tlmom via Kay Want and Havana; ship Peruvian, Powar, UK*flrrO!.K. Maren 16 a 17-Ars sehrs t nev B Day, Htek man NYork; Only Daughter, Bradley; W G Tufla, Skinner; Allen Scran ton. BnonarTKliWod. French: L B Wing, ndlomt, and Jamea E OaAa. Rndtcou, do; Roth N Alvood, Kemp Boston; L g liorklns It.c'imoid, lllngha.-u. N'W BEDFORD, March 19?An achrs Lnoy Jones. Apnl- by, Baltimore: J Trnmsa. Glbls, Bllxabelhport. Sid ael'r M W UrlBug. Grilling. Norfolk. Nr.WPORP, March 19? ait -rhr J B Anger, Aldrlch, Rio Grande for NYork. with sails split, went to sea from the West Bay this PM, ship Andrew Jactoon, from Boston for "pHUsADKLPIfl A, March 19? Arr steamship Sur of the Union Cookaey, New Orleans v.a llaians; ship Nonpareil (Br). Lowe. Liverpool; brig Peerless(?ri, Cheney, Matau x.s; schr Willow Harp. Dnv.s, NYctk. K.-low o-hr J W Vannemann, from Ouantensma, CUxrlg Don Cbalsoioltoa (Ital Pollllo, Cork for orders: seitu Cxm?t (Br), Lsng, Halifax; U C Morris, Artla, Boston; J Price, Nldkereon, Portland; Goddess Kelly, Pmeidetce; Amos Rdwards. Soieera, Salem; Kva Bell, jUrrtit, Ha.ton; Elec.rtc Flask, Mr Donald, Merblahcad; Ann El unalh, PhlUDis, Paw tui-let; P G Wlllurd. Parsons Pnrtlaid; Annie Shrppard, Uowditoh, Providence; C Faiitaur.xl. Foo?ier, Portland. PORTLAND. March IB?Arr bark Mal iela (Arg), Moree, Riiodos Ayres; schrs David s Slner, Bundey. Ph ladelphla; Nautilus. Jameson. New York; Sarah woodtrr, Lc.aiid. Muehlas fov New York; Psvlllnn. Parker, and Aroosto, Spear. Rockland for Hew York; Mary F.rswer. Poaao licl fast for Philadelphia. Old schr Alleal.ewla, Rennrtt. New Yo-ii. Rid barques Slrlan SUr, Mary 1 Fo*. E A Cochrane; brigs Gentle Annio and Snow Bird. PR. iVlDENCE. March 19?Arr srhvt B A Lombard, Lom bsrt. Cranoy laland; HC Terrey, Wnsrcr. Georgetown. 1H); Un'ted Srmhert. Eii^r, Baltimore; uerv It RaDka, Italey. ?andJsmee Martin. Baker do, Bn- iqYfsia. Beaton: Clara Merrick, Montgomery, and Maggie f Smith, Grar?, Tula delpbla; T P Abell, Hnvee: JohnRndka, Foxi Mary Milieu. Hnytou; Tanthea Raikett; Connectifik. Clock; Applegate, Steelmaa, aad Juitet, Snow, Hlliahetiport. Pointer, Ke uolt, NYork;) Clark, Fewler, do; J M 8i, do fur Paw tvicxe ; hi-op Kmerald, Norton, Klsabethp rL *ld schr kliaal eU huallak. Slpule, Oeorgellwu. IK); Al lu'excar, Parcban\ Philadelphia (or SalitmorA; Mdl-oume, Mai-eon; Hoecue. Kelloe: Hllaka V Umith. imrm i Tuiiin a I Mi A Bunco. Cabinet, Bundlck: S B Cunningham, Ward: Isaac AnJersod, Doyls; Zteavo, Holt; Mall, Merrill; Cvnthla Jane, Bellows, Nalhl Holmes, Northup, and New Haven, *6AN rUKCIIlA March 19? Arr ihlpe Chas Lallng, Von Bum. aid R Robineon, Robins >;i. NYork. Bid 19tn ship Blla Nerten, Nichols, Hampton Roada Off the Heads 2Mb a lea ma hi) Colorado, Bradbury, from Ilong Kong and Yoko hi.ina. _ WILMINGTON. March 17?Arr ochre Franola Burriit. Norton. NYork; D C Hulse, Tyler, and 18th A J. Bently, Mc Rarv. do. LOST AMD POUND, CAN Call FOUND-A riVB OABKD BOAT. THB OWNER OA hare u by proving property and paying exponas. Ci at No. 5 Mill atreet, South Brooklyn. D. D. D ALY. FOCND-A SMALL SUM OF MONBY. THE OWNER ? can h ive It by applying to Michael O'Doanell, 80 Charl ton atreet, and paying expense*. TOST?MONDAY. POCKETBOOK: CHECK $847 76 J notes, memorandums. Return In envelope to Post office, box 1,480, with thanlta of the owner; keep the $10. or return to 19 Great Jones atreet and receive $10 adJitlonal. LOST-A POCKETBOOK, OONTAINlflO A SUM OF money, a email silver medal, end papers of value U i none but the owner. A liberal reward will be given for a return of the same at 173 Eaal Fourteenth street. ? LOST-ON MONDAY EVENING, ? GOLD HUNTING case Watch, David Taylor, London, maker, No. 361. A very liberal and dealrable reward will be paid, and no qnee ; tlons asked, for the return of tame to 133 William atreet LOST?A NEWFOUNDLAND DOO. ALL BLACK, FOUR while feet and nose: answers to the name of Carlo. A I reward will be paid on returning him to No. 3 Henry street 1 M. HARTYB. Lost?oentlbman'8 gold ring, amethyst, let ter S In small diamonds; valued as a gift. A liberal reward will be paid and no questious naked. 101 Chambers street, third floor. T OST?$30 REWARD?IN CORTLAXDT STREET. 1 i one BaweL The above reward will be paid, and nc queatlone asked, on the return of same to >4 Oortlaudt st STRAYED.?$10 REWARD.?A SMALL .ITALIAN Greyhound, white and orange, white legs, white strip* down the forehead; subject to At*. 326 Bleecker street RKWAKD.i,^ <J?r REWARD?LOST. ON SATITRDAYLAST, A BLACK ?D? t snd tan Terrier Dog; red and blue eollar; named Cld. Above reward wilt be paid at 84 Fourth avenue. REWARD?LOST, ON FIFTH AVENUE.4IEAR ?J>'* Fourteenth street a gold-headed Cane, with lite name of James W. Mct'omba engraved on It The above reward will be paid If delivered to Powell, Green A Co., bankers, KB Broad street. d?C REWARD?LOST, A 8MAI.L SCOTCH TERRIER ?Pel Dog, answering to the name of Tobjr. The fluder will receive the above reward at 319 Howery. fljp; REWARD?BLACK AND TAN DOO, STOUT ?per built, answers to tbe name of Fido. Any one return ing htm to 143 West Forty-aecond street will receive thn above reward. q>9fk REWARD.?LOST, ON SUNDAY, MARCH 17, ?Pxilll In or near Central Park, a ladv1 a large Indlt.Shawl. Tbe Under, upon delivery of the vomo at 19 Brevoort (Tenth street), will receive the above reward. GfK/k REWARD?LOST. FROM AN EXPRESS WA ?!?? HI gon, on the evening of Murch 19, In going through Clinton pluue to Sixth avenue and Fifteenth street two Rolls of Carpet. The tinder will receive the above reward by leaving the e >rpet at the office of the Wostooli Express Company, corner of Tenth atreet and Broad war. dfcQnn REWARD?THAT BLACK BAQ, LOST LAST ?illOvJv/ Friday, oontalned $300, besides papers, Ac., of no money value. The finder may keep the $300 If he will lesvo the other contents of the begat the Irving House, corner Broadway and Twelfth street No questions saked. (Jicno ?TERRENCE O'NEIL ' HAVINO MY8TE ?JDUU. terlnusly disappeared on Friday night the 1st of March: when last seen he was on Hamilton avenue, and rea son existing for the belief thut be has been foully dealt with, the sum of 4VI will be given for the discovery or his body If dead, or his whereabouts If nllve, and If ha has died from violence $300 additional will he paid tor information which will lead to the detection and conviction of thn perpetrators of the act. Such reward will be paid at ?60 Columbia street, Brooklyn. tub ball, season. idor on WEDNESDAY. Mj ACADEMY OF MUSIC. For tickets, at $10 each, admlttiog one gentleman and lady, and extra ladles' tickets, at $3 each, apply at the fol lowing offices;?E. KroUpl'eiffer, 42 Pine street; Em. Bauer, 43 Exchange place; J. O. Ilundt, 46 Dey street; John 8tader mann, 292 Broadway, G. llanfi, 697 Broadway; F. Spangen berg, 883 Broadway. And for Boxes to B. KroUpfeiffer, 43 Pine atreet, and Hanft Bros., 697 Broadway. Masquerade and ball costumes?a large and entirely new assortment of gorgeous snd historical Costumes, <? onprmlug all the latest styles, especially lm Eirtnd for the preaeut seoaou. Can be obtained on reasons, e terms at 128 Third avenue, between Fourteenth snd FIR teeutb a tree'h. Also Coatnmes made to order. PIRONI d Mrae. AllUIAi'l. Into ooslumer of Ristori's dramatib some pany and Ursu's Italian opera. UAHC1NO ACADEMIES. Dr. garmo's dancing academy, a fifth ay. enue, corner Fourteenth street.?"Lee Menna Plata. Irs, nouveau (jiiadrllle Fashionable," Just received from thw Hociete Acadaunqne, of Paris. NEW PUBLlCATiONb. rptlE NEW BANKRUPT LAW. HARPER A BROTHERS HAVE I.N PRESS, AND WILL PUBLISH tMM liDIATELY, TUB NEW BANKRUPT BILL, WITn NOTES, FORMS OP PROOEDrRE, Ana a Collection of all the AMBR1CAN AND ENGLISH DECISIONS UPON THB LAW OF BANKRUPTCY. Adapted to the use of the lawyer and merchant. BY EDWIN JAMES, Of the New York Bar, and one of the franters of tbo English Bankruptcy Amendment aot Mr. James has had unusual opportunities tebeoome fa. miliar with the law of bankruptcy, having been a member of Parliament at the time the English Bankrupt act was passed, and bavina earried through important amendment* s aim for many years a suecessfnl prae llsh Bankruptcy Courts.?-AmorioanLaw HARPBB d BROTHERS, New York. ppRiHTrai. ALL SINGER'S PATENT SPRING BEDS REQUIRE but one mattress. Clean, durable. Warranted for years; no leathers or strings about them. Bold everywhere. Ware rooms 316 Centre street. A MAGNIFICENT PIANOFORTE FOR SALE?FOR $378; coat $460. A beautiful Parlor Suit, In French satin hrooatet, for $300; oost $376. One do. for $100. Ala* e lot of Parlor and BeJroom Furniture at a great sacrifice for cash. Inquire at 119 West Eighth street, near Sixth av. A PARTY, WHO IS GOING TO BRKAK UP HOUSE keeping, would like to dispose of their Furniture at a very low pros. The furniture la nearly new. All nt US WaVerioy place. , A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OP HOUSEHOLD ? Furniture for sale Parlor Halts, Rtagerea. Paintings, Bmuxes, Pianoforte, Chamber and Dining Furniture, China, Glassware, Silverware; at half original oost, at the five story brown stone house Me. 44 Weet Sixteenth street, near Sixth avenue. riUBNITURE, FUENITURE. _ r BRAUNHPOEP k METt, (Hucssssor to Wefl k Bratmn. dorf,) offer their stock of well assorted furniture, eoualst pXrLOR, SITTING ROOM, LIBRARY, BED-ROOM AND DINING BOOM SUITS, ef the latest styles, 10 the public, at WHOLESALE PRICES, at Ufi aud 1X7 Rivtngtoe street. N. E?All goods warranted. Housekeepers oe persons ooino to housb keeping will be supplied and aan pay by weekly or monthly pavmems for Carpets, Oilcloths, Furniture of every description, Bedding, Parlor and Bedroom Suits, da., at BHdUALL d SCOTT'S, oorner of Canal and Hndsoa streets. _ wmmTtmemr, u A S1? 9E V rmTiouma.-. A Splendid ?rla, no, $15, in. Beautiful Gum wta, wtih Plumper* to Ml out the cheeks and restore youthful appears not. Tooth extracted without potn wfth Nitrous mil ,6extracting whoa Teeth are ln> serted, at VAN V DECK'S, 173 Sloth aTonuo. Satisfaction A RTTFtClAL TEETH AT REDUCED PRICES.-PKR it mutant gam seta. $10 and $15: temporary *?ta, $5, $S and $10, and war ran tod. Tooth Blind aof extracted without pain at 1S2 Hleeckar atroeU Dr. WHITE. Remove to 50 Sixth arerme May 1. BK AlTimt SET OF TEETH $S TO S1S.-ALL "JKfc Rlxth ARKAITTFTTL SET OF TEETH $S TO $1$> operations of dentistry skilfully parformod; all warranted, nit MICHaUD, K witch Dentist, ?B arena#, near Twenty eighth street. , BKAI'TIFVL CONTINUOUS OUM SETS OF RUBBBB Teeth, with Flnmpora, to reatore yonlhful appearance, $S to $15: ox (reeling with gaa without gharga: all work warren ait at IX) Grand street. 20LTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION ORIGINATED THE anwathetlc tine of nitrons oxide gag, administer It la moat apprm-ed method, do nothing but Extract Teeth, and certainly do It without pain; ao l$,00d patients testify. See their uamea at the office, 1$ Cooper Institute. tfHUNKLIN A SPBOULL EXTRACT TERTII WITH. T OCT 1'AlN with the use of NITROUS OXIDE OAS or NARCOTIC SPRAT, for ONE DOLltAR for the flrat tooth and FIFTY CENTS Tor each addluoual. at 51 Blblo House, corner of Ninth itreet and Third avenne. OSTEOPLASTIC AND PCRE OGLD FILL1NOH?FOB roetni in( teoth In every stage or decay to their original ahap#, be-inly and uaefulnenf. without pain. 16,000 teetaio n lata. Dlecorarer'a roeun, V.i Eaat Fourteenth street Permanent sets or oum teeth. $is-. ibmpo rary, $d Call and examine a pel mens before engaging elaewhe.e. Teelh filled with gold. $1. Teeth attracted with out pall! and all work warranted at IW S lath arenas, eornkt Thirteen-h street. "aHmV AND NVVT CLAlfsT ^ SOLDIERS WHO ARK ENTITLRP TO BOrNrMJ*. der art of July 3*, IMS. Who hare lost their diaehrrgaa, can reenter the bounty by applying to OIllrMAN, Hon* MKR A CO., 1TI Rroadway. 7 RURNn A W'S FURNITURE RXPRRAm. 115 WENT i\. Ble?enth street, near Nlath avenue- h urnit ire uvir?d, ally nrcogutryi Inrwltnre -tornd: f>irrntnre inched and ?hipsad. If"it i*-fiaill mi fsniEsfs