Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1867, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1867 Page 11
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A Ss& IHUtPMI Ann UUUUEHS WAITED PRIVATE r A MIT T, AT 48 WRBT TWELFTH Mmt, ai aaoommndate a gantlenuu it it 1 wtfe er two Ucitvm f with furuito-* i Rooms ?od Ho&rd; sotvauIi aiid n not taken. Kelereates required. AT 107 WEST TWELFTH STREET ?IN A FRENCH family, two Urge, u.coly furnished Front Boom* on the sbsoad tijot to let, with flrat class Board. A BlilT OF BOOMS. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED, Jr- oao Ira had by a ganUeuun and hi* wife or two or tares Single gentlemen, by applying at 34 Vfcal Twenty-seventh a treat Good reference, required Avert pleasant second story boom, hand aoiuely foruLhod, with first class Board, to let, 10 quiet, respectable parties, without children, at 11 Asbland place, PerTy street, near Greenwich avenue. Kaferenoe inquire*. A T 180 AND 182 HLKKCKER STREET?ROOMS TO jfl let. with Board, to families ana single gentlemen; tonus moderate. No moving in May. At frankfort house, corner ok frankfort and William streets, 230 rooms; great reduction in gttoaa; Sic. to 60c. per day; $1 uO to $3 per week. Open all A PARLOR OR PARLOR AND BEDROOM TO LET Wlth Board: very pleasant, good house and looa 1; private family; no moving in May. Apply at 179 Lex, ington avenue, between Thirty-first and Thirty second sis. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET AVERY PLEASANT at Suite of Rooms, with first class Board, to a gentleman and wtfe. Parties wishing to be permanent apply at 187 fast Nineteenth street. AT 11 WEST ELEVENTH STREET. A FEW 8TF.P8 from Broedway, to let, a nicely furnished Room, for <M or two gentlemen. Also two single Rooms, with first ^French Board. Can accommodate a few day boarders. d'hote at alx o'clock. No moving In May. A GENTLEMAN AND WIPE AND TWO SINGLE gentlemen cau obtain Bo : rd, in a first class house; modern Improvements; In Forty first street, between Bread* way and Sixth avenue. Terms moderate to permanent par ties. No moving lu May. Address J. W., station G. 4 LAROE FRONT PARLOR. HANDSOMELY FUR A mailed, everything new, Secretarv bedstead, inay be Mad. with first class Board, at 110 Fourth avenue, uear Twelfth street. A HALL BEDROOM TO LET?WITH BOARD, AJ S3 Bast Twenty-aeoond street, one block from Filth Ave nue Botol; reference required. ? 4 SUIT OF PARLORS TO LET?HANDSOMELY Fl'R J\. ntshuL suitable for a professional gentleman or a gen tleman and lady. Apply at 157 West Fifteenth street. 4 HANDSOME FURNISHED FLOOR TO LET?WITH XX private table. In a first ciass French boarding bouse, at ? BamTwentieth street. ATM KAisT EIGHTEENTH STREET?A 8UIT OF furnished Rooms, on second floor, to let, with full Board. Kciefences given and requ'red. 4 8UIT OF FURNISHED ROOMS. ON SECOND J\ floor, to let, w-lth Bo-trd: also a front Room on fourth floor; references given and required. Apply for two days at 81 Union square. 4 LARGE HALL FRONT ROOM ON SECOND FLOOR. A handsomely furnished, to let with Board, at UG and 148 Bast Fourteenth street, corner of Second avenue. AT ?T WEST TWELFTH STREET, BEWEEN FIFTH and sixth avenues, two furnished Hall Rooms, with an excellent French table. MefOrencee. 4 FEW NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS FOR GEN A tlemen only, without Board, at 27 Amity street, near Broadway and the Southern HoteL ? A HANDSOME FURNISHED ROOM ON SECOND A story to let. without board, to a single gentleman, at Ajrarwoek (worth $tlj, at 251 Wast Tweuty-drst street. 4 8UTTK OF HANDSOME PARLORS TO LET-ALSO JX. large convenient Room* on Second Floor, with or with out Board. 52 Bast Thirty-first street. GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. OR SINGLE GENTLE in, can be accommodated with pleasant Furnished with Board, at 82 East Twenty-ninth street. Ai ?ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, L* With or without Bonrd, At 11 West Eighteenth street, near Fifth avenue. No moving to May. FUKNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET?WITHOUT board, to a single young man. Inquire at 76 Suffolk A SUIT OF VERY DESIRABLE CORNP.U ROOMS TO XV let, at 819 Broedway, corner of Twelfth street; also Fourth Floor, 48 East Twclt th street. App.y as per bill. A FUBN A heat. Bread way. FUBNIMIBD BOOM TO LET, WITH GA9 AND " ' $6 per week, at 23 Third street, two blocks from References required. AT 698 WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.?SPLEN did Booms on second, third and fourth floors; newly aad elegantly furnished, with first class Board, to gentle ?an and wire or two gentlemen occupying one room. Also " Booms. Noohlldren taken. bA ?PARTUS DESIRING PLEASANT, WELL FUR Xi. nlsbed Booms, eicalleut table, first class house and matghborbood. Apply at No. 8 East Thirtieth street, between NMth aad Madison avenues. NEATLY FURNISHED HEALTHY BED rooms to let?To single gentlemen, without board; gas I bath, Apply at 67 Bterrker street, east of Broadway. T 284 (OLD NUMBER 157) BAST TWENTY-FIRST street, s few gentlomen can be aooommodated with Board. Ttnaamn $0 to $8 per week; references ex* A PRIYA1B FAMILY HAYING MORE BOOM THAN B. they need, will let a large front Boom furnished to ?aa m two gentlemen, or a second floor to a email family of htdn. Ill Greenwich avenue. A FXXYATB FAMILY UP TOWN, NEAR BROADWAY, A. has several Booms, furnished, to 1st to gentlemen. EShaot full board, at moderate prtoes. Address Adams A Oa, 81 Broadway. ITS WEST FOURTH STREET?LAROE AND PLEA A mat Furnished Booms to let, without board, at 288 WOrt mKirth street, corner of West Tenth street. a r BICE FURNISHED FRONT BOOM TO RENT?TO lemaa willing to pay liberally. Address L* H? FRONT FURNISHED ROOM AND BEDROOM TO lot?With or without Board, with the privilege of the HIM West Nineteenth street. A YMRT PLEASANT FRONT ROOM. WITH BOARD, Xx to e gent aad wtfe; full Board for lady aad partial for 0 Apply at 146 West 26th it. 4 LADY HAVINO SUITS OF ROOMS IN A BROWN JX alone House, near the I'srh, wtll lot aa elegantly fur Shad Parlor sad Bedroom to a gentleman willing te pay jhmellj Addreae Mm. tngrahsm, station G. SMALL FAMILY HATE A PLEASANT FUR* sl Room to let, with Board; oomforU of a home Apply at 206 Wast Niaeteanth street, just below am A SMAL A a mu A 1mm finished 1 )btk mni Mesh. Tan ?MrQuiL ?ATS FAMILY CAS ACCOMMODATE A OBH and wife or a few single gentlemen with neatly Loom and Board, very convenient location. a venae aarn pans the door, and other llaee within a Term* very moderate. Call at 100 Vcrick street. LAST HAS A HAHD80MR FUBRTSHKD PABLOS la let. to a gentleman. at LM Went Tenth street. iXbOARD?FIRST CLASS, FOB A 81SOLB OENTLE JL> pan. The advertiser, a boot leaving far Europe, will let B Seta, handsomely furnished, for the season, w lib full Beard, on Fifth arcane. Address L L, Herald office. "DOA fine" OABD?AT It MAODOTTOAL STREET (ST. CLB. meat's ptnoe). a Moglc front Boom, on second Boor; a $800; also a largo second Boor front Boons, for aentla aad wife. Befereneea exchanged. T20ABD.?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BOOM8, OH Jj seeood floor, en suite or separately, with full Board. Location. house and table unexceptionable. Call at 78 West Forty-drib street. BOABOt?A ORHTLRMAN A HP WIFE CAR BB AC eoramodated with a nloe Suit <>f Booms, having every eeaisaliuce. at U| Bast Twelfth street, eonrealeat to fisadna). Bo moving la May. An elegant parlor and Baa galls of rooms, famished or unfurnished, oaa ha engaged mm Mar L permaneally If desired. "DOABD? DUBIHO TUB BCMMBB, ZH A QUI ST TIL. D lags la Connecticut, mar be had for a small family, la a bmaflful leeshoa. Address H. A. L, boa M17 Raw Tarfe Feetemae. IOARD HAHDBOMELY FUBHUHBD BECORD alary front Boom, with elegant pan tries, to let, with id; also a second story hall Bedroom/sultable for a gen* tan; table eseeUsat; terms moderate. 74 St. Mark's "BOARD OH BTUTTBBAHT PARK?BLBOAHTLT FUB P nlahce Booms, with Orst class Board, la a Jrteste mmlly. it! Bast Fifteenth street. Befereneea axohanged. T80ABDIHQ -A LABOR HAHDBOMBLT FCRHIBHBD JJ Beorn, with Beard for two, at BM a week; one for gm, aad a HaQ Room at $B. In the Drat class brown atone Hones SH Bast Thirteenth street, two doors below Beeped avenue. "DOABDINO?AT 171 OBAHO BTBBBT, BRTWBBH X) Bmadway aad Bowery.?A few gentlemen ma have Booms, with Board. Terma moderate. BOARPIHO-W PBB WEEK. FOB TOUHQ MBH AT MO Kewraty-mwt street, between Third and Fourth eve noes; also BoOhn for a married couple. TJOARDINU ?A WIDOW LADT WILL ACCOMMO p date two or three young men wtth a pleasant front mm ton woood Beer) aad Board, at $i each per wean, at #17 Canal street TPOARDIHO BUBBAr.?PARTIB# IH WART OF P Booms and Board can obuin a long list of Bret class locations from the register of the Real Kstale Bulletin office, dM Broadway, near Broome street SROOKLTR.?ROOMS BR BUITB, WITH BOARD, for a gentleman and his wife; also a tingle Boom, isc contains the modem Improvements, and la convenient to ferries. Apply at (B Laurence street. Board ir bbookltr-witiiir ftvb mirltbb walk from Fulton ferry; a few single gentlemen and d gentleman and wife rnn be accommodated with Rooms, fur nished or unfurnished, with or without Board, by applying at 187 Fulton street. / 1LCRMUN ARD OBRTLF.MBN DESIRING SUPERIOR A, sccommndatlons will find elegant Apartments and hand some Pari its, with meals served in rooms If required, at IIS West Fourteenth street. RRNt'H BOARD.?FINELY FURHIHIBD BACK Tarlor to let, with Board, In the family of a Freneh nrofesxir, to a gentleman deelrcna of brushing up his French he for* le.ivlag for Paris. Apply at ? Bart Thirty, first street. French board.?roomb, with board. ir thb family of a Parisian professor. 98 Bast rwanty-asn oud at: ?-ot. _________________ JitCPNINUKD BOOMS FOfc OBNTLBMKR. WTTBOOT 1 hoard; reference required, East Twentieth street FURNISHED BOOMS. WITH BOARD?THIRD STORY. !t? Weal Twenty third atrsdh TLTRY 1?Fl'RNIHBKI) ROOM! MAT R1 HAD. WtTW Pa or vnthont Fr*Jtf*M b? a gsnlBmsn of ??le< hahfe. L i honsc near Radis h square, Between t?*nl/-lMni and Twenty seventh ??reeis terms from >? tc fl* per wr<A; BOAHOiftS \ITD liODOBH8 WAHTED. JIOAMsnfc P.OOMS TO LET?WITHOUT HOARD. No u.ivjgv. May. Apply ai M CUaiies ?w. XTIi'BLY I'StNISiiHD ROOMS AND FIRST CLASS JN Hn?rJ. n-.h hum" r imfortt, can be had at PIEKCB'S, a?mirrlr-'l-rrr*. flttb houseeast of Third avenue, south . side. XTE 4TLY FSIN18HKD ROOM9?WITH BOARD. TO IN gentWne and their wives or single gentlemen, at modem:* rates. 82 East Twcmy-ninth street. ONE Oil Twl GENTLEMEN MAY OBTAIN PIEAS ant furn.%1 Room*, without board, with a private family: looatloufery desirable. Apply at 87 Amity itreet. N MADISOIUVRNUK.-BOARD AND ROOMS /OR a f .inllv rrqMrlrig our or two spadous rooms, furnished or unfurnished;Xuid bo had by a party of high atandlug ro quiring permindt Hoard; prtrale uble. Address, with real name, boa natation O LBASANT mOMS, WITH BOARD. CAN BE OB tatned at Ad huth Broad street, Newark, N. J., oppo site South Park, s^l near depot PLEABANT R<pM8?WITH BOARD. FOR OENTLE man and witdgld; single gentlemen $6 per week: or a Floor for hnusekemng. No moving in May. No. 947 West Eighteenth street OOMS EN 8*TB OR SEPARATELY. WITH OR without first das Board: pr rate table If destrrd; Iocs* ised; firms moderate; no moving. ?33 West R tlon unsurpassed; Twenty-fifth street, en Seventh and Eighth ayenaes. TWO FCRNISHID ROOMS TO LET-WITHOUT board, to genUtnan only; terms moderate, at 88 West Nineteenth street looms can be seen between fi and 0 P. M. TWO GKNTLHMW AND THEIR WIVES, OF THE highest respectaltlty. ran obtain good Board, in a strict ly private family, in sdtitrable location up town, front May 1. Address A. M., bit JU8 Herald ofilce. TWO OB THREE SUPERIOR ROOMS, ON SECOND or third floor, carbe had, together or separately, with Board, at 36 Ninth stmt near Fifth avenue. TWO OR THREE IRNTLP.MP.N CAN BE ACCOHMO dated with furnlwd Rooms. in a private family, with out hoard: house oortlns all modern Improvements. Lau at bi King street, bet wen Varlok aud Maodougah Three urge vell furnished rooms, with first alass Bosrd. ir a gentleman and wife, or gentle men to room together,it 107 St. Mark'apUoe. Board mode rate. ___ TO STRVNOERS ND OTHERS.?A IHdHLY BE a pee table Uermvn jsdy will let a choice of neatly fur nished Rooms, with B*r<l, or private table. Apply at lis Eighth idreet, Clinton lace. __________ TO LET?PLBA3A* FURNISHED ROOMS TO OEN tleinen, without Bard. Apply at 235 \ork street, Jer sey City. TO LET-A FL'RNinED ROOM AND BEDROOM, suliable for single pntlemen or gentleman and wife, w|:h every ooureuleneefor housekeeping. Apply at 84 Car mine street. L rro LET?$4 PEP. WI$K. FOR A OOOD SIZED NEWLY 1 Furnished Room frlthout board), ??? of bathroom, good closet; gas lnclu l I, at 268^ West Thirty-third street. TO LET?FURNISH to single grntlemei first street. No moving ) OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS, without board, at 156 East Fifty i May. 19 TO LET?TWO NKVLY FURNISHED BOOMS TO gentlemen of rotlr, I hahlts, who prefer neatness to style. Terms moderate.'Apply at 124 Sixth avenue. T~ O LET-A FlNELf FURNISHED ROOM. WITH every convenience, ti ladv and gentleman, with full or partial Board for both. , iJgess for two days, 11. W. W., elation P. ? TO LET?WITH Flirt BOARD, AT 88 CLINTON plnra. a pleasant frett Itoom. suitable for one Of two gentlemen. . TO LET?FURNISHEDROOM". EN SUITE OR SEP arntelv, to single ceitlemru, without board, at No. ? Fourth avenue. Beieretiot require L 5th avenue, no. a -one large doublb room to let, with first class toanl. 10 WAVF.RT.EV PLAOE, NEAR BROADWAY.?TO AO let, a handsome suit ?f Booms and Extension, on first floor, to a first class businem. Rent $1,810. 1 n WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET. NEAR FIFTH A I r venue?Second Floor, wllh beautiful furnished rooms and all the modern Improvements, on suite or singly, with or without Hoard. ST. MARK'S PLACE (EIGHTH STREET)?FUR _ . niahed Rooms to let. on setoud floor, back; also atlio Room, with or without Board, to gentlemen aud wires or single genRemeu. i 20D STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE HOTEL.?BL O egautiy furnished Front PgHor aud Bedroom, at 84 East Twenty-third street. References required. QQ WEST TWENTY-FOURTt STREET. BETWEEN Ot7 Fifth and Sixth avenues. Reus, handsomely furnish ed, with flrrt class Hoard, suitable for families and gentle men. at summer pnoes. Reference exchanged. A O WEST SIXTEENTH RTHIKT?A NEATLY FUR ntZl nuhed Room to let. with first class Board, suitable for gentleman and wife or two gentlemen. Also a llall Room; references required. BOND STREET.?FURNl*nED ROOMSt WITH good Hoard, for geuilamcn a id thair wires or parties of gentlemen, at reasonable prices. en WEST SIXTEENTH STREET.?A PRIVATE FAM OU ny has Furnished Rooms to tat, with or without Board, st moderate rater CQ IRVING PLACE.?A LARGE FURNISH -D THIRD DO floor lloom: hot and cold water. Ac., with Board, to adults only, at raduoed price; also Board for a gentleman, to share a Urge room with another; house and board first class; no moving In May nCt FIFTH AVENUE, NEAR DBLMONIOO'S.?HAND I D comely furnished Booms to let; meals If de sired; no moving in May. References exchanged. QA WEST ELEVBMTU STREET.?A FURNISHED OU rarlor and Extension, suitable for a physician, may be had, with or without Board; possession May I. mWEST HOUSTON. NEAR SULLIVAN.?TO let. a handsomely furnished Room and Bedroom, to a gentleman and lady, with Board, or single gentlemen, together or separately. Dinner at fi P. M. 1 Ofl EAST THIRTIETH HTREBT,?LADIES AND AO?7 gentlemen can be accommodated with Furnished Rooms, with or without Board, on reasonable tonne. 1 nn FIFTH AVENUE.?FURNISHED ROOMS, ADO en suite, with or wtthont Board or private table. Ono FIFTH AVENUE?ONE SUIT ROOMS. ONE Zt I O flight, rear; one double Room, three flights, front; gas and Are; free nee of baths and parlor. 50 BOARD AND LODGING WAITED. GENTLEMAN AND LADY WISH A FURNISH Room and Bedroom, with private table State lot is and location. Address Morton. Herald ofltos. A YOUNG MARRIED LADY, WHOSE HUSBAND 18 away, wishes to obtain Board la a quiet family, where can And the comfort* of a home. Addreaa M. B? Ilerald Harlem-wanted, board in a strictly private family, by a gentleman, wife and child; can furnish own room and would remaia permanently if well ?ultad; terms moderate. Atfdrasa with full particular* W., boa 4,9*0 Eoal ogoa New Yorh. WANT* D-WTTH OUT BOARD. I* A PBIYATB family, a Furnished Parlor aad Bedroom, for two single gentlemen. Addreaa, stating terms, L. B.. Herald otOoe. YET ANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN. A NEATLY FUR YY nlahed Bedroom, between Sixth aad Ninth arennea, near Twenty-third street, at a moderate price. Addreee U, station Q. WANTED?BY A YOUNG GERMAN MAN. A PUR nlabed Bedroom, with Board; a small Engl'ih family preferred. Address, stating terma, L., box 141 Herald office. couwyr?. EOARD. A BOARDING PLACE WANTED?A SHORT Dig. tance in tha country, for e little boy ? years old, with some nice middle aged lady, without children, near a aohool, ?*-?vsssaa,iaaS required. Addreee T30ARD WANTED?POR A LADY AND CHILD, WITH D In an miles of New York; would {wafer a farm bouse where there are no other hoarders. Terms moderate. Ad dress A. O. B., Herald office COUNTRY BOARD?TWO N BAYLY FURNISHED Suite of Booms, three each. to rent, with Board. In etrietly prir* family In Morrlttown, N. J ffiool table, plen ty ef fruit, ana and watar in tha bouse, and tha use ofpUno, aaiygtt. ^arassLS'SiSsr- ? POUNTRT BOARD IN A HEALTHY LOCATION? Usgrzs Addf~' ? rtOCNTRT BOARD IN THN TILLAGE OP NTAOK. V from the lMh of AnriL Desirable location, pleasant POUNTKY BOARD WANTBD-ABOUT AN HOUR'S V rid* near the ctly, for two or three fami Ilea; Wsatihn Country board wanted?within a short distance of New York, for a family of throe persons. Addreee, with terms, An, R. Cnrtla, ?W Broadway. /lOUNTRY BOARD WANTED-W HERB THERE IE \J moan tain air, la a private family preferred, shoot en hear from this elty, by a gen Unman and Wife; beat of refer EWwriSJs!?5* flTANTED?PERMANENT BOARD. IN THE COUNTRY, TT for a gentlemen end wife; must be la apleamntloasL nty and prlrata house; within on* hear of the efty. Terms moderate; * place with eonreateneee for bone end waaon preferred. Addreaa, stating terms, A- S. O., Herald office. HOTELS. American hotbl-broadway and RioHra street. New York, on the European plan. Boems In anile or singly at moderate rates ATXAimo HOTEL, CHATHAM SQUARE?WELL A furnished Rooms at moderate price*,'by tha day, wash ermeuth. Open at all henre. JOHN ORkKKN. Proprietor. Bremen (GBrmany)?the undersigned be spectfully recommends his irat class Hotel da l'Boropn to tha American pu bile. 0. A. SCHL LXK, Proprietor. iT^Z? STATES HOTEL, PULTON, WATER AND Peart streets, reopened en the European plan, This el. which closed soma two years alnoe, Is bow opened to me nubile, thoroughly renovated, furnished new and ele gantly throughout. Booms *n aniteer single, GEO. N. TERRY, Proprietor. BILLIARD*. AC. Bmilliard tables for sale?a great gain. Apply at the Wall Hottest willlemsburf. BAR I MLB?ORE THREE OrARTBR SI7.N BILLIARD ! nt&toVFSZm S&" ? " HOI'S' <*, ROOMS, AC.. TO I Vll0 RENT. FOR BUSINESS V 'RIW A. Hfr? OU Broidway In the new HfimJdbii ' ? ttSATA.lx?2!i?S5i * rE-ISS 5SS M ???" fguor?ny'n7oSon"^rnUh^ a -TO REST, IS NEW gKRAXP BOTLMKyCO* A. ner ol Broadway and A?? atroet Offices, singly or suits; most desirable location in ton tuy* ? ,v- iternVi. Plan, and information furnished at o T.oe of the "erin^ "7 ? I CT sdau 1ST OK MAT, TOP FLOOR OF A. A "corner FEiJZSlZSZ* ES8B .ft jgg Apply ni uemld offhe. "7 iTTTRB^T THE UPPER PART OF HOUSE SO A.~Inn .frSrtT^nd and third floor* Apply at the Herald office. ? __ . _ . aR OM REASONABLE TERMS, A LARGE ~~iXltdmeaultable for any manufacturing purpose. .. ply St*N?wWk SSlm Bngui wort* foot Boat Twenty third eireet ? r??s?^s;s!VH?rfK.cra? iJUr ZuZ ?n be had ftee er mailed upon receipt of stamp. A farthe mllHnlrybu.V^i; ?l?o/ro"t iiwFSts?sna^aet .treat ?? T 116 SPRING BTREBT, ONE BLOCK WEST OF Broadway.?A Second Floor, aulUblefor adentiet or other business; also the Basement and Third Floor. Oaa and water. Rent low. a BARB CHANCE -STORE TO LOT ANU' "*TT,5?_St A for sale, with or without Block, at 118 Bowery. Bent tow. ? ? AT ? THIRTY-FOURTH STREET?TWO LARGE FUR A niahed Room* to let, without hoard. alao a pb^"'01" f Office. House first elaae. Address bo* 6, .66 Post office. moving. ? A PLOTOFOROUND ^ LEASE ^R A NUMBKR Wi rent 613 to **> a month; a neat, furnUhed Cottage, ?>. another, 62.W: a11* Third arenue. , A gaigSSr ;rS AgsSSSr Agents please not apply. ? tm?pplhoTA^EsTa E^WABJ)S,3T7 Weat Twenty third street AT ^?52 ffl,a^AMSaKs on Fifth arenue and elsewhere. as v?h wSSS oi ^TL0B' S?!> Canal street a mnr TO LET?76 WEST THIRTEENTH STREET, a g?? Carpel- at *00; Headway, room ?. "a r it aVTTY STREET. TO LET. FURNISHED ROOMS A suitable for housekeeping, to two or three adults. a vrrPTV FITRN'WHED FOUTt feoRY iJarsapj sresaww*t vat LOW A CO., No. 6 1 Ine street . A HOUSEth? ^-".^erTl^U^r^uni MUrtS" A Island .there are set era! uhs o?iw^ |orwH1 the CW. bo? 1.M Poat ofPcOs K. Y. ? V1TRNISHFD HOUSE IN CLINTON PLAOE, TO LS'.;= aurdftTBS a glxth arenue. "7 Tnauionen niTfAOE OF TEN ROOMS, BRAIL A SFoUy tooated on the Connecticut riror, to let for *?" "?"cnatgraTfgPlaggfceT?MM> A Sil'gSE" Fine -tree*. at erotind* conUiniM 6VtWTF Ft *_t. ??_ _ nrtwntA family ??m. and all modem fi^luSTt only. ' - A -TO LET, A FULLY FURNISHER BROWN HTOMB . IlnuM near Madison square. Two years' Lease for aals for $2,800. Rant $2,000. B. H. TAYLOR A CO., Ha 8 Pine atreei A FURNISHED HOUSE NEAR BROADWAY TO LKf For private residence, genteel board I n( house or light beat nana; poeaeaalon Immediately 11 deetred. Parmlta of Hr. WALBHTw Naaaan street Apart op a house, fubnishrd?trn rooms and kitchen. Apply .at 98 Eaat Twenty-second street. A THIRD FLOOR IN A FIR8T CLASS HOUSR TO let, to n small fan teal family. 188 East Seventeenth street; new No. i~ A FANCY STORE TO LRT-STOOC AND FIXTURES for sale. Also n Farm, situated in Saratoga eennty, for sale or exchange for city property. Inquire A186 Fifth street, Williamsburg. Brooklyn. R. D. A MOST DESIRABLE DWELLING TO LKT?A COM. fortably furnished fonr story brown stone House, con sisting of anbeellar, English basement, kitchen and store rpom, dining or reception room, parlor and ive chambers (the owner reserving one room for occupation), bathroom and spacious attic: location deelrable and aentrml; will bo rentodTwilh immediate i responsible family of three or fonr ndnlto at tha rate of per month for ona year. Addrsos Dolls, station D. Apartments to lbt-ow west twentt-fifth all set; n Seoond Floor, four rooms and bathroom, with hplendidlt furnished ftebt class four alary high sloop brown stone House to real, on Twenty 08 per year, far one ertsra yearn That fresoosd. nod very handsomely fur EDWARDS, TT7 Went Twoaty-thlrd street. A FUBNISHRD FRONT ROOM TO LET TO OBNTLE men or gentleman and wife, wltboat board. $7 per week. Are and gna Inalndad, 91 East Fifteenth street, near Third avanoe. A FURNISHED FIRST FLOOR TO LET?FROM TBI 1st of April or l<t of May; modern Improvements; alee two Rooms for housekeeping, seeond floor of MM Ninth ev. DARBER SHOP TO LBT-URDBR TIM WALL HOUSE, ?> Williamsburg; lease for throe yanm Splendid oppor tanlty. -psOADWAT CORNER TO LET?TEJUM UFPeI JD Floors, flhfl, eoranr Twelfth stroat. faqalia la the "DBOADWAT, NEAR BROOME RTRRET?TO LEASE ?OOWBRT-FLOOB TO LET FOB EUS1SESS FUR. Srww'gJsgr""'' ? TJSOOILTN TO LET, POSSESSION IMMEDIATELY, X> a isnfleomely furnished Urea steer high stoop House stxaot. N.T., or tiOonrfstrooi. Brooklyn. fYOMFLHTBLY AND _ BLBOANTLY FURNISH BD bested. to rent for one roniy fwyr gMag joRorapo; lame COUNTRY RESIDE NOB?UPON THE HUDSON, which MMbsmruMSd for beanty andoonrenteoae; MM m boar's ride from the city, to he let for one year to n Private family only. For particular* Inquire at the spotho enry atom, eornsr of FonrUeath street and Broadway. COUNTRY SEAT TO LET?A SPLENDID OOUNTKT BMtat "partes Duyrfl; well rarolsbed for a private family jtboutfonrisoree of land, well steeked with fruit, and hnvfhg n Una view of the surrounding eonntry; near n railroad station. Apply to WILLI AM {TsaoeTW Broad amy, np stairs. (10UNTRY SEATS TO LET OR FOR SALR-NEaR a?T, with flttnres complete, to let or lease If desired; the stock will be sold cheap. luqulre on the promises. ELBGANTLT FURNISHED SMALL THREE STORY House on Twenty-fourth street, lust east of Fourth avenue; possession soon; $1? per month* others at $171 ADAMS A CO., 9M IIroadway. fjTRNISHRD HOUSES TO LET? r BT J. O. R AI LEY, 10 Fifth Street 8 a. h. a. Fnnrtb vlroe', it err Seeond avenue 4 a B. b. Nineteenth street, near Third avenue. Hit a. Thlrtv-tret street near Madison avenue. filOUR STORY HOC v 1M TEST THIRTY -SEOOND 1 street. near Rrnadnay '? to! snd Fn-nHuro for ?*!<?, price tLCdO; rrn'81.2ni ur. furnlshnd $2 . , ?t tnoath. In o.uire i40 West Twenty -ssoond street ^ HOUSKS. HCHIHS. AK:.. TO MET. J-n-'KVI.-'IKI) HMVE TO LET-I39 UNION HTR'IKT, J* Bruoklyu; I. ???-? atone; he- it on gaod; M _ pou^cijon can t* given af>out April !,pi >x. Apply to~JKkldUM Cl'li TI.S, 816 Fu ton utrrei, Now York uljr. LTURNISHKD IUWJM3 TO LET.?INQUIRE AT MO. 131 P Waat Twnaty-aeo .ad ? between ilxth and Seventh pernio. Ucfrrcneeg exc.imige.l. f^NBNlSHKD HOtJSK. FOUR BTOKIKS. TO REST? dril ?treet, near Flrfb avenue. r From Mav 1; Thirtv-thlrd i HUMPHREYS A MAT&BW8, 7-4 Broadway. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?WITHOUT BOA HO, IN ? house with mo.tern Improvements; a slug)* Room at $3 per week. Apply at UG W krtrtif plare. FURNISHED HOUSES TO LET-TO PRIVATE FA Mi He*. in West Twentvtlflh, Twentieth. Tw.nty-eeoond and East Twenty-thtrd streets; $1,800 to $S.0Q0 per veer. Alio Furnished and unrnrtmhed llou-ins, on btateu Island. Permits of A. JOURNKAY, Mo. 6 Pine street. fURNISHED HOC8K TO RENT?FROM THE 1ST OF May nest; $8,U00 per annum. Apply from 11 to 2 o'clock on the premises, lit) west Fourteenth street. IJIURNISHFD HOUSE TO LET?ENGLISH BASEMENT, r four story and attle brown stnne House, in s vei . _ _ very plessant end bbnvenient location; rent $260 a month. Apply to B. T. BURNHAM, 8JJ Hudson streeL Furnished house to let-on west twenty third street, to a small, responsible private family enly, who will board two parsons. JAMES DAVIS, 56 Cedar at Furnished apartments to let-two or three fine Rooms, complete for housekeeping; gas, bath, large cloeeta. Ac. Apply at 214 Twentieth street, near Third avenue. Reference required. Housekeepers ob persons ooino to house keeping will be auppbrd, and ean pay by weekly or menthlrl payments, for Carpets, Oilcloths, Furniture of every description, Bedding, Bedroom and Parlor Suits, Ac., at bendaLi. a r

SCOTT*", corner of Canal and Hudson House to lbt-at madison, n. j., containing 14 rooms and bath room, all in goodord?r; line fruit and vegetable garden; Ice house filled; within Ave minutes' walk of depot. Address Frederick Springer, Xadlson, N. J. H OU8B TO LET, FURNISHED?HUD80N CITY; $128 per month; also one on Bloomlngdale road. Furnished end unfurnished Houses, city and country. FREEMAN A CO., 212 Broadway. JN_NF.WABE.-TO RENT, A SUIT OF FIRST CLASS _ furnished Apartments, to a small family, for house, keeping, near Chestnut street dejiot Apoty to CLERI* HEW A SMITH, AgonU. ISO Broad street, Newark. IMPORTANT TO DRY GOODS DEALERS.?TO LET, In Brooklyn, a large double Store. 40 feet wide by lie feet deep, three elegant plate glass windows, newly shelved and fitted un for the dry goods business; possession tmmn. dlatolr if required. Apply at 8HERMAN8 gallery before 10 A.M. T OPTS, LOFTS, LOFTS. J J NOS. 465 AND 467 BROADWAY. adjourning the southwest corner of Grand streeL FOUR SPLENDID LOFTS, each 48x100 feet, ui " " unsurpassed for light, and finished la the most modern style. Possession April 1. ? April 1. Will be leased either entire or subdivided, from one to five years, and on the most favorable terms. Buildings heated free of cost to tenants. Apply to E. H. NICHOLS, Bouses. No. 9 Pine street, or on the pren Loft to let?size aoxoo, with or wishout steam power; well lighted: suitable for light inanafso* turing purposes. Inquire on tnn premises, 199 Centre st SOAP AND CANDLE FACTORY TO LET-MAY BE reuted for other purposes. For particulars Inquire at the cigar store, 438 Seventh avenue, from 8 to U A. St. QiTORE TO LET AND FIXTURES FOR SALE-NO. 208 Eighth avenue; beat business location on the aveuue for a millinery and fancy goods. STORE TO LET?NO. 173 FIFTH AVENUE, BETWEEN Twenty.seeond and Twenty-third streets. Possession Immediately. STORES AND LOFTS TO LET. 8 Park place, 1st P., B. and C., 36x75. 47 Leonard st., ent. B.. 20x106. 991 Broadway, Lofts. 33x100. 166 Canal, 1st P. and B., 93x92. D. D. ORRELL, 78 Cedar street. STEAM POWER?WITH WELL LIGHTED BOOMS, 50x50, Eos. 836 and 838 West Twsaty-flrst street, near Ninth avenue. STEAM POWER.?BASEMENTS, STORES, LOFTS AND Rooms to let; well lighted, steam heat, steam holstway; Frankfort, Nassau, Boefcraan, William and Ann streets. STEAM POWER TO LET?LARGE AND SMALL rooms, 60x100 and 26x30. 800 Seventh avenue, oorncr Twenty-ninth streeL STEAM POWER TO LET.?LARGE AMD SMALL Rooms, well lighted, to let, with steam power. Apply to JOHN 3. MEYER, 166 West Twenty-slxth street. STEAM POWER?PART OF FIRST FLOOR AND Basement to let, with Steam Power; building 100x40 fast: rent low. Apply between 9 and 13 A. M. on the prcml 1188 and 190 East Thirty-fifth street. TO LET?ON GRAND STREET. FIRST DOOR WEST of Broadway, south able of building, now being altered Into s store, two Stories and Attic, 23x45; lot 98 foeL Apply to E. II. NIOnOLS, No. 9 Pine streeL or Mr. CODLING, on tbe premises. TO LET?TWO LARGE LOFTS, 78 BY 40 FEET. WITH or without steam power, rentrally located, near Broad, way. Apply to JOHN W. MoGUIRK, 1.152 Broadway. mo LET-THE BUILDINGS FORMERLY OCCUPIED A by the Drv Dock Bank Hotel, occupying three lots, cor. _ ? - ?? "liablsfr ? ner avenue I) and Tenth street, euitable for any business. Apply st 114 Cannon street. fO LET?SEVEN FURNISHED ROOMS. INQUIRE OF OEORGK GOULD, Mount Vernon Hotal, Westchester eounty.' mo LET-POUft PINE LOFTS ON PULTON STREET. A with steam power. Inquire of WM. H. GOODWIN A CO., 167 Water street. mo LET-STORES NOS. 10 BROADWAY, 30 WATER A street. 38 Front street, 166 South, 31 Warren (lower part >, and 164 Greenwich (whole building). Deeirable Offlocs la Noe. 66 Broadway, 60 and 66 Wall street, 4 Hanover street, and 11 Lafayette plaoe. corner Fourth street, with entrance on Broadway. IxMa Noe. 68 Washington and 32 Waat streets. I stable* Noa 2'East Twi'ltth street end 14)^ Pearl street. Apply to W. CRUIKBHANK A CO., M Broadway. mo LKT-wrrn steam power-, two rooms, 20x70, 1 with good UghL Apply st 167 and 160 Wast Thirty-seo ood streeL TO LET?A LARGE ELEGANTLY FURNISHED PAR. lor, with Bedroom attached; gas, die, bath. 331 Fourth avenue r LET?THE HOUSE AT CHELSEA LANDING, LONG Neck, Staten Inland; the house la In nod repair, haa many room*, with barn and 10 aerea or good truck Land, and la a good place for a ahlp anrpenter. Apply at 10 Pine ilresl rilO LET?FURNISHED OB UNFURNISHED, THE X Aral daaa four a Lory brown eteue front IJouse 71 East Twenty-second street, noar Broadway. Apply to ~ CBU1KBHANIC A CO.. B? Broadway. TO LET?COUNTRT BBSIDENCBS, ON THE BAST river, botwoen Sixty-third and Sixty-eighth at re*'a. Two adjacent Country Mnuaea (each wlthgarden, barn. Ice houaa, Be.), fronting on the Raat river, with about lb arrea of ground attached, and a rirer front of about 1,000 feet; pos ?easlon May L Apply to WM. C H CI K SHANK A CO., " Broadway. TU O LET?PORTION OF PRO NT OFFICE (SECOND floor), US Broadway. ratt lbt-^kSoniFstort feSnt office, nicelt furnished, corner of Maiden lane ud Front street ~ .-T-w - WUIT.NET, 1M Front Foeeeaelon Immediate. Apply to 1 atreet. rLBT-A THRSi STORY HIOH STOOP FURNISHED Houer, in South Brooklyn, with all modern Improve tsattAWT""* r LET.-THE DESIRABLE STORE US AND 1ST FCL ton street, Knox Building. ene door frets Broadway, to let, and atock quire of J. H. t, Knox BuUdlng, otto door from Broadway, to of genUetnen'i Furnishing Good* for sale. In /wlLLBW, ? Cham bard street. mo LET?FOR SIX MONTHS FROM 1ST OF MAT. 1 Seoond Floor osd front seoemnnt of IMM Foroytk Hoot; root SMS per annum. Ioqutro at 79 Seeond street. mo LET?A BROADWAY STORE, NO. SSI BROAD *?:*MttVESSfcr"0" rpO LET?UTTER PART OP H6U8R, ISt WEST X Twenty-flflk street Three Rooms and four Bedrooms with all modem Improvements, to a German family. Fran IS to H sad 1 to > PL Elbt-a pine ptAnihhbd OFFICE, WITH A eononltattos room attached to it; suitable forophret er dentist, In fine private hoeee. Root moderate. In quire et M Si Mark's piece, mo LET?STORAOM FOB FURNITURE, SC.. 1M A 1 cteea, dry mere, Apply at US Wool Tweaty-alath Aloe for earriagea or ether goods. mo LET?TOOBTBBR OR SEPARATELY. FIRST AND 1 eeooad Floors, ?uitebw for a dentist or firat cloao mlliV nor. Apply ta tie atom, l.ldS Broadway, soar Twenty-sixth ?ar-y .,rra.M^a m. .HKm,, ,.<?? CKLS ilte Plotaa. rflO LET-ONE HALT OP FIRST CLASS HOUBEdM 1 West Thirty fourth street, oeoststtog of six Room* and bathroom, coo. hot end eoM water, sad all modern Improve ments, real SLOua laqutre on the pram teas, LET?THE NEW MAEBLM sVOBfc, 80 FlHft front on West Broadway, ooraor of Thomas street, in the Immediate vtetaltr M Messrs. Olafllo A Co. and the leading auctioneers Apply to SMITH A LAWEENOB, UT Duane atreet. r LET-IN NINETY-FIRST STREET, THIRD DOOR from Third are one, aloe Itsstdeueo. with stable aad floe ganlan. Apply on the premises. LRT-A BROADWAY STORE AND EASEMENT, between Franklin aad White streets, ISO feet through to Cortlandt alloy. Ready lot of May, with plate fljaso fron t aMwU^B|lm|roremmk Apply la OGETaVus BAT rLBT-A HOUSE IN NEW TEN. NINE ROOMS, completely furnished. For fCTUculars apply al No. ? Artisan (treat. Now Haroa, or 773 Fourth avenue. Now Verb city. r LET-APRIL I, ON UNION SQUARE. A SUIT OP throe ilOgnuHy Pure (shod Room*, amiable for two gentlemea. References exohanflod. Inquire at M Beat Fourteenth atreet, up ?lain. rmm LET?AT MS SECOND AVENUE, SECOND FLOOR. Ave rooms; rent M00; and one room oa third floor, If required. Crotoo and gas. Call from 9 till A rmm LET?FURNISHED, FOE SIX OB TWELVE months, brown atone ftont Hnnae I0S Went Warren atreet, between Court and Clinton, BroeUyo. Rent fJOO a month. Inquire on the premises, or of WM. FATE, No. 6S Fulton etreet, N. T. rH LET-IN THN VILLAGE OF WHITE PLAINS, A very desirable plana; Id urinates' walk from depot: house dixM feet; 14 rooms and kllchea; well shaded, good well of weter, wood and carnage house; applet, pears, qnln.-ee, hlarkliernee, raspberries, grapes and currant*; l| of an acre of ground; Broadway and Linnole avenue. Apply to RICHARD MOtiRR, W Barrow etreet. or I. TAN W HEN, Draggut, White Plains. N V. f?) LET-THE LA HOB IIOIMT5 ? MACDOUOAL street, with esieu-ioni rem $1,W1 _psr annum. It. H. SBtLAcUil \u .taring street. IIOUMK4. ROOHS. AC., TO.LEJP, (PO LKT?IMBOKKV. rURMBHRH THNFR tTORY I brink Baudrn OwiUim, near fairyi rant received part ly in board of American family; priviJtM of oilier boarder*. J* BKN80N, 103 W??lfvQ*lon at reel TO LET? HOUSE 44 WK3T ROB rY-FOt'RTH BTRKBT. Kent $1,041. Apply at Sixth Avenua Railroad depot. rLKT-T7 rniBD STREET?A FIRST FI.OOB AMD Back PftM'uvnt. Kent $50 * month. Inqulra alter? A. M. I'ota,-;?log \prll 1. TO I.RT?SIX ROOMS IN A NEAT OOTTAOE AND cood location on Staten Island oua hour from the elty and it) or IS minutes from the cer?; root for the year $3Ud. to be paid quarterly In advance. Inquire immediately of Mrs. PORTfiIt, at South Beooiid street. Williamsburg. TO LKT?A ForR STORY BROWN STONE IIIOH stoop House, on Twentr-third strast, near blub ave nue. $4,000 per vnar. EDMUHD H. MARTINB. 1,373 Broadway. TO LET?TO A GENTLEMAN AND LADY WITHOUT children, a sinsll house, on Murray Hill, containing six rooms, water, gas, Ac., runt $60 per month. Apply at 1,344 Broadway. TO LET.?FOURTH AVENUE, NEAR TWENTIETH street, a First Story, well furnished; soluble for a physician, by Mr. FAIRBANKS, Albemarle Hotel. TO LET?A COTTAGE -CONTAINING EIGHT ROOMS; has a Ram attached, with stabling for two horsaa; about an acre of ground, and plenty of fruit, apples, cher ries. pears, Ae : situated en Long Island, fire miles from Williamsburg ferries. Rent $2M per auaum. Apply at 41 Front street, front offloe. TO LET-FIRST CLASS FURNISHED HOUSES, DK. sirably located on Twelfth. Fifteenth. Twenty-second, Twenty-fonrth, Thirty-fourth, Thirty-sixth, Thirty-seventh, Thirty-eighth streets, and on Fifth and Lexington avenues; $100 to $7011 per mouth. w- P- SEYMOUR, 171 Broe<1 way. TO LET-A SECOND FLOOR, SOUTH NINTH street, Brooklyn, E. D.; front and back room, with folding doors, extension room and hall bedroom; will be pa pered and palmed and put in IIrat rate order. Call at 10 Corilanrit street. TO I.ET-TUE TUBEE ?TORY HIOII STOOP HOUSES Nos. 7, Baud It LalgUt street, near Canal; would be let for business purpose--. J. C. BAILEY, 10 Fifth street. TO LET?PART OF MODERN BUILT HIGH STOOP llou?e, contorting of 6 rooms, use of bath, gaa and beat, furnished, the owner occupying the remainder. Ap ply at 97 Second avenue, between I and 5. r LET?AT NEW HRIOHTOH. STATBN ISLAND, the largo House corner of Kichmoud Terrace and llnw iltnn avenue, within three minutes' walk of the landing. Inquire of JAMES M. TAYLOR, 37 Pine street. TO LET-WHOLE OR PART OF A MODERN BUILT House, furnished or unfurnished; or would let the parlors for s dentist. Inquire on premises. l.SSB Broadway, betv.-eea Forty-seventh and Korly-eigluh streets. TO LET?PART OF A HOUSE, CONSISTING OF seven rooms. In East Sixteenth sireet, to a family with out ehlldren. Rem $30U. Inquire at 74 Franklin street, up stairs r LET?THE STORK AND BACK ROOM XT BAST Thirty-fourth street, suit ibis for any business. Rcut $36 per month. Possession May 1. Apply at 238 Spring sL lO LKT?93 CROSllY STREET; TWO STORY ATTIC . and ba-nment. Apply to J. O. WILSON, 80 Usual si. mo LET?HOUSE AND FURNITURE 418 WEST TniR X ty fourth street; rent $lift per month. House and Furniture 72 East Twenty-second street; rent $230 per month. Apply to JAMES M. TAYLOR. 37 Pine street. TO LET?IN WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, A FIRST class four story brick, three rooms deep; all the modern improvements. Rent $3,600. ROBERT MACLAY. 77 Cedar street. TO LET-LARGE HOUBE (133 HUDSON STREET, NEAR Abingdon square; contains 20 rooms. Premise* will b# shown from 10 A. M. to 1 P. M. TO LET-FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES, 100 FEET WEST of Union square, a substantial full sited House of brick, with marble trimmings. Apply to B. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine street. TO LET?THE LOWER PART OF A THREE STORY brick House, partly furnished. Apply from 9 to t o'clock at 630 Puciflc sireet. Brooklyn. TO LET?A NICELY FURNISHED HOUSE UNTIL the 1st of Slay, at a low rent. Apply at 284 Wast Forty third street. . TO LET?A LARGE FURNISHED BACK BOOM, ON second floor suitable for housekeeping, with two eloselm attached. 394 Third avenue. r LET-TWO ELEGANT FULL FRONT THREE storv and basement briok Houses, in Fortieth street, near Park avonue: $3,200 per annum esoh. MrGBATIl A GRADY, 324 Ninth avenue. TO LKT?TWO ROOMS, SECOND FLOOR AMD ONE on the attio flour; all modern Improvements; good neighborhood; rent moderate to gentleman and wife. Ap. ply nl 140 Madlaon street. r LET?THE CORNER STORE AMD DWELLING 390 Broome street, near Centra Market Apply to TUB K A. 117 Caaal street, near Mulberry. r LET-THREE BTOBY HOUSE, WEST SIDE, NEAE Tenth street; rent $1,000; good neighborhood. Partloa who wish dwellings would find it to their advantage to ein ploc me to flud a house for them. Address for one week B. A.. 436 Canal street <10 use to call, 1 am always out. TO LET?A FINF. RRICK HOUSE, CONTAINING U Rooms, and now filled with a good class of gentleman lodgers; tho Furniture will ba sold. For particulars inquira at Tit Henry street. rl.KT-A HANDSOME FLOOR, SECOND STORY, suitable for a doctor or dentlrt. Apple to J. HOPKINS, 381 Fourth avenue, aeoond door flora Twonty-aeooud street r LET?IN SOUTH BERGEN, TWO MILES FROM Jersey City, a partially furnished three story double Houses with twelve lou of ground, outbuildings and fruit trees. Apply to WILLIAM SHAW, 31 Pearl street rLBT-THE HOUSE, STORE AND BASEMENT 377 Third avenue; the store la 80 feet deep; exoallent plane for business. Inquire at 37 Weet Thirty-fifth atrocL mo LET-IN WEST THIRTY-FIFTH STREET, PAST JL of a four story English basement House, oontaintug all the modern improvements, to a small responsible party; rent $86 per month. Including gaa and ooat Inquire at 433 Eighth arenas, Iwiween Thirty-third and Thirty-fourth Hi. TO LET-UNFURNISHED. A LARGE HANDSOME first Floor, eonii'ting or three rooms; rent $1,000 a year, or two rooms $700; possession Immediate. 1,147 Broadway, next Mock to St James Hotel. porseasloa Irams ?tars 1.304 Thli -esmth greets. rUtT-TO A GENTLEMAN AMD WIFE. WITHOtTT children, A boclt Room and Bedroom, convenient for honsekeeptng; carpet furnished if requited. Apply at 1ST V* arte k -treat. rLBT-A FINE BUSINKS8 LOCATION FOB MS abablca or manufacturers, at 303 Lewie "tract. rLBT-THB BRICK DWELLINO NO. 4 RBNWICK atraal, next to the corner of ('anal; would be let for builneaa purpoaaa. Inquire at 19 Eighth avenue, In tba atnre. TO LKT-A FPLBNDID MODERN RESIDENCE NEAR Fifth avenue; view at Central Park; pesaeealoo Imme diately-; $900 a year. Apply at the China alore " - ? ? ? avenue, between Bighly-aUth and Eighty r LET?AT CRESS KILL, ON XORTItERM RAIL road. Saw Jariay, near depot, a good Houae, barn and Urge garden. Inquire of C D. VAN WAUENKN, 97 water aireet. r LET?AT A REASONABLE PRICK, PART OF A fnrnlahad business place, near Tenth street, opposite Stewart'!] en IU We for a milliner or dreaamaker. Inquire at MADAM FBaNK'B, IK Broadway, up stairs. r LET-APRIL I, SECOND FLOOR, POOR ROOMS, in Melrose, Elton atreet. north aide, between Cortland CI Horrla avenuea; oonvenlant to at earn and boraa ear ntflA r LET?THE TfllRD FLOOR OF HOUSE NO. 19$ Baat Twenty-third streAt, eonelating of ail roome, with ana and water on the floor, to a email respectable family. Inquire aa above. mo LET?THREE TEARS' I. .N 1 Fmnlaee M Baat Thirteenth atreet, two doom weet uf Broadway; dealrabie for businea* LBASR FOE SALE, OF b atreet, two do ? - - ir buatnaa" and dwelling. . O. WHITCOMB, .on the j mo LET?A FIRST RATE HOUSE, ON NINTH AVE JL ana, near Twenty.third atreet, containing If room*, well eaJenlated for a bearding bouse. Apply to M. 8. MYERS, tflfl Broadway. r LET?FURNISHED. A THREE *STORT BROWN atone Houae and Stable. tS<4A, 19 room*. Inquire on premises, No. dfl Bedford avenue, oomer of Wllaon atreet, WUltamsbam, or of JOHN JACKSON, Baq., ? Lia paaard atreet, Kew Tom. mo LIT?EIOHTH AVENUK STORE. BASEMENT AND A Dwelling, between Flfty-flret and Plfty-aeeond atreata. New bnlldlng*. plate glaas window*, Iron gates. suitable for a marohant tailor, baker ar any other bueineee. Rent moderate. Apply at coracr of Flfty-flret atreet and Eighth avenue. INK) LET?PUBNISHBD FRONT ROOM AND BRD 1 room, with uaa of kltohen, to a man and wife, or to three gentlemen; rant $9 ner week. Alao bank Reutn and Bedroom, with gaa, for $1 788 Eighth ar (fO LET?A LABOR, WELL FURNISHED MANSION 1 Ilou?e. with 99 neraa at ground, within ljd bonre' rtd< of Xtw York; rant 8l,UU0fer *ia months. Apply to H. H JONNS. 10 Portland! etreet. mO LET TO A SMALL FAMILY?FIRST FLOOR AND 1 Basement (aavao room*) ?$ West Twealy-aavaatb street; rent $999. Apply on the premises from 9 to 4 o clock only. . LET, NAT 1?BABE KB NTH. parlokTXnd TWO Kiien?lon Rooms, and throe Rooms on third door of house, in (Ireeawtch atreet, near We?t Twelfth street; modern improvement#; rent $9U0. Apply to W. II. CORSA, 97 Jones street, after 1 T. M. today. rLRT. ON BROADWAY?FIRST CLASS STORKS AND LofU. above Canal street. For panicuUra apply to M. St MYRRH, 49$ Broadway. KOJh Em let in brookltn-a nicr little furnish ad Honaa, No. $ Baat Sal Us street, a few doors from ri_ Terms reasonable. rwm LET FURNISHED?LOWER FART OF HOUSE, consisting of two Ptriora, Back Re?*?cn? "><? ??? Boom i hlrd story, to a small fsmily. Terma S?0 iwr month la advance. Address O. L-7ataUoq B, grand atreet. rmm LET FURNISHED?REST S18??. A FOUR STORY high stoop House In West Fifteenth street; has all the modern Wvamcnla^n^hlmr^yod. ^ <t^ mo LET. FURNISNKD-THRKR STORY noUSB, 191 1 West Twentv-sHU strnet; $9,(W w annum; alao the unfurnished Houae, 708 Second avenue, $1,400 Apply to WILLIAM KKNNKi.LY, 14 Ptna street. Emm LETFtJRSISHKD POE ONE TEAR FROM MAT |?A flret elaea four atorybrown ?ton* Hou'*i ty fourth street, near Fifth avenue; rent $?W per month. Addrees S, station O. mo LBT AND FOR SALB-LRASt AND FURNITURE 1 of a bonen with ton rooms, la Hester street, near Bcnmry. Rent lew. Apply to H. ROIIDRK, Rift Btwary, eeeotvi rteor. ___ . rLNTOR Fof SALE? A OOMPORI ABLE L1UNTR1 Re-ldance In I-I'p, Long tsUnd aesr 'he (Ir-at Hoti.l gar, location Disannul. I. HOPKINS, M f cm h aveaua TJW HOTTMRS, ROOMS. <%C.. TO Ltd*. To ur. rrjHNisnTia_i vro oorruo oorrAauS^S Fifty-fourth street, between Broadway sad Kighth tvw. no?, convenient lo Ik# H;>viway cars: iiir houwi arc fur nished CLrcu^out and la conplcia order for '? 1.?..III. Parties wHhotit chl.drea will have the preference. !{?*< SI25 and $!5J ler :uon lu Apply ou ilia pretolsea, 447 Wea Fifty-fourth street. rLBT AT A REASONABLE KENT, AND A rotHS years' for ante cheap-A splendid First Floor and Baeement, locat'd In Oraud turret, lirsl dour from BrosA wiy; first floor 90x80; two Urge show window* ona eaok aide nf the d^or; basrmrat same aire as ihe Brat Boor, wit* alajwtorca; Ue best location for a Brst class leai-niraM and fmr. For particulars apply to WM. VAN WAUhNiCM. 1,301 Broadway. TO LET OR FOR 8ALE-A GROCERY STORE. WITH flxtu-ea and small sinnk: stork to be sold at enst. In quire of L'U tRLBS IIOLTK, 88 First street, Ellxabethpert. rpo LET WITH dTEAM FOWKR?THREE ri** LOFT* witli steam power In vrry desirable looaUty down town, ly between the hours of 10 uud 13 M. at tS Day stroet. or is bor -J t>?l Post office. Apply 1 ad?? TO LET OR LEASE?TO A PRIVATE FAMILY ONLY*, a Furnished House, at TVIhnm, Westchester oounty, commanding tine views of Long Island Hound, and a<ljocean to Pell ism bridge; of easy access from the city by New Ha ven and Harlem roll mads aud steamboats. Ir droirabla Carrtase, Horses aud Wagon will be sold. House ooutalnu nine rooms, kitchen and laundry; good garden and stable^ Ice bou?e fllh-d. plant r of fruit and shade trees. Locotlom Sirfeelly healthy; neighborhood desirable. Apply to W. B_ AYMOK, No. 1 Pine street, N. Y. IO LEASE?SIX LOTS, SOUTH SIDE FOURTEENTH street, near U udaon rivar. Apply to O. BANTER, IB West Twenty-first street. 10 LEASE-ONE LAROE HALlJTFflREB MANUFAC turlng Rooms and fire Stores. 76 Varlek street. T 1 rLEABE?FOR TWO OR FIVE YEARS. THE VALV able Protierty known so Noe. 38 and 60 Want Broadway. Apply at 290 Bridge street. Brooklyn. TO RENT-A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY HIOR stoop House In Forty-second street, between Madia? aud Fifth avenues; rent f-l.tHQ; possession 1st of May. E. H. LUDLOW, No. S PI? street. TO RENT-BROADIVAY, NRAR TWENTY-FIRST ST.. Stores aud WareroosjM. 9JB, 9SU Broadway, oooupled f? manr rears as a first class cabinet warehouse. Apply 16 W. SCOTT JABVIS, HI Canal stract. TO RENT?A THREE STORY AND BASEMENT HIGH stoop House; good location. Rent 81,80(1. Apply la POTTER BROS. A BKLLAHY, No. 8 Pine street. TO RENT-ON FORDHAM lIKIOflTS. FRONTING THH Harlem river, a ban Is nine Country Heat; extensive Kiunda. Large furnished house, with modern conveniences}; rua, stables and r tril.sge house; garden well atoeked wills every variety of fruits: four miles north of Central Park, about a mile from Kordham depot, on Harlem Railroad, a? half a mile (Tom steamboat lauding, on ilarlem rtvtr. Ap ply to H. H. CAMMANN, 81 Pins street. TO RENT FURNISHED?THE HANDSOME THREW story brown stone House It# Schermerhom street Brooklyn; house contains all modern Improvements; is In Krfact order, and completely furnished; location and neigh rbood unetc-ptlonable. Apply toC. H. TRUMBULL, 174 Front street, New York. Three lofts to lf.t-for business purpobrbl at 631 Broome street Inquire of J. K LAM KB, MB Broadway. THE 8EOOND AND THIRD BTORIB8 OF A FBI VAT? house to let. In Brooklyn, with all the modern Imprsva* menU, to a small private family. For further particular* address W. K., box 1763 Post office. The second floor of sss fifth avenue. ma* be rented to a party of gentlemen. References give* and requlrod. TUP. ADVERTISER WISHES TO LEASE A HOURS and Stable, with the privilege of buying; will buy aft? the 1st of November If price cults. Addreas F. O. O., box 9 llerald oflioe. n TWO NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?TO gentleman and wife, on tbe second floor. No. 8 ? street one block from Wall, Brooklyn. UPPER PART OF HOUSE NO. 60 EAST ELEVENTH street, near Third avenue, consisting of nine re?? with bath, gas, Ac., to let, to an unquestionable private family. Inquire on the premises after 10 o'clock A. M. WATER FRONT.?TO LBA88, BULKHEADS ARB Vaoant Lota, between Eighteenth, Nineteenth a?I , Twentieth streets. East river. Also Pier, 780 feet Apply t*> < 223 H. D. A J. U. BROOKMAKi 87 South street WEST RIGHTRF.NTH STREET.?TO LET, ftR. gether, two story brick Shop, suitable for manuf?? turfng purposes, and two story frame Cottage In the rose. Apply to HENRY LAWRENCE, MB West Nineteenth st A (ICt GREENWICH STREET?ONE OB TWO FVB 1UO nlshed Rooms to let, ? eeoood floor, wlthauf board, in a private family. _ HPPWI8. ROOMI. 6ML. WAJKWfelP. a SMALL FAMILY OF ADULTS WISH TO OBTAJwTii A Floor of three or fonr rooms, unfurnished, suitable far housekeeping. Terms mnst be moderate. Down town la? Uon preferred. Address J. H.. box 168 Herald ofltne. Abscond floor wanted-by a small family of adults. Location below Thirtieth street Beat a? to cxeeed $830. References furnished. Addr? O. R., boa 910 Herald oilloe. _________________ An unpurnishbd house wanted?in a oo*? neighborhood. Address, stallug runt, W. H. L., bo* ROM Post otllee. A WELL LIGHTED AND DRY BOOM, WITH SOLI* earth floor (no basement underneath;, 80 to 80 feet b* 100, with steady Steam Power, wanted Immediately for ? manufacturing business, by responsible partloa. DeslreM* Cmlseanear ihe ferrtos in Brooklyn may a?war. Hiiro? RCM Post oUoa, New York. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING Of A OBNTBRH neighborhood, wishing to reduce expanses by lettlagk with privilege of supplying their owu table, a suit of f>4 nlshed Apartments, to a family of two, srfll plea? alilra? B. B., box 1,766 Poet office. A SMALL GOTTAOB HOUSM WANTED?ON TMB lino of the Ilarlem Railroad, below VWdham. Ada dreao box L6B0 Post office, N. Y. A LADY DESIRES TO MEET A PART* OF SIMS A tlemea who would assist her la securing o first ale? house, to whom she would glva ehotoo of rooms and supario* Board. Highest losdmonlOs given. Addreee box IMF?I offioo, A ORNTLRMAN AND W1FM WANT TWO UNFvS A nishod Roesns, oa the eeoood floor of ? private ks*? genteel ae^hborhood. Address, sUUng terms and looaileBg Furnished room wantbd-im vtcwitt dST Fonrth irinw and Thirtieth iirMt. ImmtH am ticcpUoublt. Addreaa, dillf also af room and arte*, JO 0.. baa 1,182 Poet ofBoe. UBNI8BEP FLOOR FOR HOUSBEEBfaBE WAM1C ?4.?Wanted immediately, la a food In lap a. a faW nUhed Floor, for houaekeeping, br a amall family; boot aW SSSfTiXIMSiB" ??w'" o-TSm Hotel wanted.-will but ob rent a ooa second clasa Hotol and Fornttof% with 8010 US roaS Addroaa H. H., ataUon D. Private fa milt wants a oood novn,jm tween Second and Sixth are t^fourth atroota; beat of rafar TENANTS' ARE WATTING, FOB ss^assii'Sk TiSnPa? a. STORAGE STORE WANTED?FOR DRT WOODS, S$ HOTT, SPRAOUB A CO.. SI Saralaj atiaat, eonrialiJ to their" * TVKSPON8IBLB IV Houses and SI,80S and S2,00a 1 Greenwich arm OMALL FURNISHED BOUSE WANTRD.-WJ O Immediately, la a good locality, a amall fa House; rant not to axoaad S1BU to SITS par month; bp amall family, fornlabtaf the beat of rafaraaaaa and aroma pay; no agenta aead apply. Addiaca FonMhad Eeoai room IS, If Breed street, New Tarfc. TTNFURNI8HBD FOUR STORT MODERN HOUftfc U wanted.?Central loeaMoa. Ftftoaath to Thtrty-ftftS atreet a, by flrat clssa private family. Adiliaaa. with (Mm Dewlara. Adams A Co., lis Brood way. VI/'ANTED?BT A MAN AND WIFE, A HOUSE EE m learn; beat of rafaraaM from where they are at pram eat Addroaa M. F., CUntoe atraot, foor hooaaa froaa FceaM place, Brooklyn. TXT ANTED?BT A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE ONLY, A Vf Second Floor, convenient for koaaekaaelnf. la a |M nsnss m or loaear. Addraea Hotel, Herald oOea. I IT ANTED?FROM MAT I, AN UNFURNISHBIR TV Honor or part of a hoaaa (S or f rooma), la a good la* eallty In oraaar the city; win pay real la advaaoa If tfcw oarner will take one of oar flrat rlaaa aew atanoa. Addma Mannfhoturar, station P. Bible Hoaaa. WANTED?BY A NEWLY MARRIED COUPLE, THE upper part of a Houee in a good aetghburMoed, bw? Iweaa Twentieth aad forty-eaoond streets, warn aide; real not to erooad $700. Address A W. M? box M* Toot ofltam, TIT ANTED?FOR CASH, A THREE STORY HIGH Tf stoop Hons*. la a good neighborhood, With Improve. m-nU. Add rem *. W.D., box Itt Harold eOca, stating term*, location, An. TBTANTBD-BT A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. A ?? Honae or Tart of a Hoaaa la the Ninth ward. Addreaa or eppl v to Jamsa Pawlmler. SdS Blaackar atreet. TT7 ANTED?FOUR OH FIVE OOOD ROOMS, ON FT EST TT or second Boor, la the Seventh ward, reot not to a*. aaad SAW per year. Address G. A. M.. boi jSW Fo?i omoeji TIT ANTED?TWO OR THRRR PNFURNIS HRD ROO Vf la a house with modern Improvements, west of way.rrnt not to erceed $35 per month. Addraoe box m Herald olBce. |TANTED TO LEASE-TWO OR MORE LOTS ? Ground, with or without belldlafA Addraea, t trtlculars, F. W. JF., station D, Bible HoaaA yANTED TO NBNT-roit ONE Y^AR OR H CoUa^h on Rtat^n Uland, of T f* ty ; name price. Addreaa, with InU partlealara, 8. ? >i BOS Herein ofllae. BTANTED TO EBNT?BASEMENT. FAR1 V and two or three Eoomv on third Si*ifJ -- increment., by a dealrebt# family; Ineatlf nTmartVe modemt^ would lake the ?** f ,?t Mouse. LocaUoa moat be good. Adutai* 0x4 toe, for three days. . m iy ANTED TO RERT-RT A SM ALL/AM 1 LB, A_0'?T? V info in ? InHem, North New York, N?lro#e, Or fairte. ia Real nut to aimed SJW a yeas ^idxoea >., UerwlA