Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1867, Page 12

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1867 Page 12
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THE STATE CAPITAL. Kun, March -*0, If N TB BXCISX lit. Tk? Commit** on Internal Affairs hxv sgre'd "P?B ? ?Sport on amendments to the Excise law, which 'Will goobanty hi submitted to tho A**' mbly to-morrow. ?Va following inlt It ef tho recomweodeti<?s wUch Ifeey will make?A aiding soale of prices for becuaes M i:?Lk*asoe for the ?alo of a)? and boor only, $40, gfto to $500; resuuranu aid refectories, And ?a.? $300; other reetau route and refectories, $150 nitd nnd*r as the Boerd ol Excise nay decide. So Board of Kiel*1 i? further empowered arbitrarily to letide wbetbcr a plare is a hotel, rastaaraat or rafoo fsry and graduate the license accordingly. Fur place* mheie do and beer mid ntrony and spir mens liquors aio Wold, which are not hob'la, reelaaranie or refectories, ?wo hundred dollar it The clouee per nutting tho Board jo revoke license# for cause is not altered Places where tmuor or h?er is sold are to bo kept ulosed between ue Bouts of ono *ud lour A. M., except that on Fatunmy wight tboy shall close ut twelve o'clock and remain ?tv.-ed unit', four o'clock on Monday morning. The Board of Excise may grant a special permit In writing go licensed dealers to sell liquors after one o'clock on special occasions, but not ofteuer than onee a week to the same person or place. This amendment < ont?*m gMak's t,b" accommodation of the amocemeat seeking community, espevtally ball-goers who may wish refre.h ?aonis during the hours of festivity. For an violations of tho law on Funday, officers or wttaer persons aothi rtzed to make arrests may oless, and keep effectually closed, any place wherein tha law is violated, and tor all ? iolations ol the law com mit led within view of nn officer, either In selling on ?nnday, or between tho ho trs of one and four o'clock A. M-, as specified, or in soiling without a license, the wBcera are author rod to tpnke arrests without notaplaint or warrant. A further amendment Is under consideration wher tiy tha Board of Ex. ?ins is required to grant a 1 towns# to any applicant whose good lr.ottil character is ier Sided to by ten freehold"!*, also of good moral character. Tho committee have not dn duttelv agr>?d ?i?m this point, but will do so before ?bmittlpg their report. WUITKI'ALL AND PtAnWRUItn failko'D. Th? Governor to-day signed tho bill enabling the con struct Wo of the Whitehall and PleU-ourg Itullioal, which Is to i onnoct directly New Turk with Montreal, and lessen Ibc distance between the two cities eighty ?lies. COS'IUIMA Tit NF. The following appointments were confirmed bv tho donate to-day:?To he Harbor Mi ster lor the port of Now York. Butler li. Noble, of Brooklyn; T<> be Mctioptliutu Bite Commlsbloner, Emmons Clark, of New York; To IM Commissioner of Public Accounts, J. Douglas Wood ard, of Plattaburg, Ciintou county; To be True ire of i Nautical reboot in the harbor of New York. Abial A. Low, or New \ork; To bo Wreck Masters of Qoeens eoouty Richard Smith, John Hewlett, Thomiie Peurshall and Joseph Brown. run itats TorrK*A*rz >ot-iinv met to-day. General Joseph S. tinitn, the president, pre etdimr. After the transaction of loutiae business Mr John Sherry made a statement allowing tbe rapid pro gram of temperance in Suffolk county, in the even ng Senator Low, Major SchcQeld and others addressed the aaetety and a largo outside audience at Twiddle Hall, ?eraee Creelrr, IVm. H Dodge, Rev. Dr. I'uvler and Senator O'Donnell ara announced to address the scctuty to-morrow evening. This is the regular quarterly meet ing of tha societv, and members from different parts of wf the Slate report a large growing interest in the ca .se. and many accessions to the ranks. JJEW YORK LEGISLATURE. Scsate. Auunv, March 20, 1807. A memorial preferring charges of incivility and ne glect of duly against Judge Charles P. Daly and the managers of the New York InstUutioa for (he Blind, in regard to applicant# for admission to Mid institution, was sharply denounced by Mrsr# White, H. C. Murphy and Thomas Murphy, and laid on the table by an almost unanimous vote. iiiLto tixrojm.D. Relative to the salurles of the Recorder and other city officer* in Troy; Incorporating the Mount Morris Water Works Company ; amoudiag lire charter of I'ougbkeep ?e; wulbonxlng the Third Avenue lia lroud Company to lay a switch in 125111 street, a majority report; requiring tbe Harlem Railroad Company to wall up snd fence -with iron thu Yurkville cut?a maturity report; tucor Biting the FlreProof Protection Company; amend the act for the better protection of seamen in the aort of New York; for the relief of tho Buffalo and Oereland and Cleveland and Buffalo Transportation Companies. incorporating the Molt Memorial library; AeSyracufw c rncuee Poorboose bilL ?HAS INTROUll, KD. To amend the Revised Mat no*; relative to the Run and duties ot executors aud ndministialors be letters are granted. By Mr. T. Munrnt? Bclativ* (o the parch .at fund of nopal church of New York: authorizing the Silver? " " " Barango Silver Mining Company to issue preferred stock, m lip pass an. Authorizing the Uuperviaors of Westchester county to B?row money; autborising a tax of $2,800 upon the l|was of Oyster Bay and Hempstead; amending the Birtu ef tha Mew York Accidental lus rance Company; Bgwyrniig the Stuyvesant Safe DepoeU Company of t ; relative to the common schoola in Utlca; for BBo drainage of the loads lo Cambria, Niagara county; ffagerporatlng the Jerome Park Villa Site and Imnrova ?MDt Company; to lnorea*e the salary of Wa W. Smith, ? dtark in tho Surrogate'a office In New York. m CWTSAL KAIUtCAh 11RK S1LI. > MH authorising tho Ontrol Railroad Company to dkecge two and i s hair cents per mile pasoanger fare woo * ? i felhiv by the fallowing vole. Ays*?Mean*. Andrews, Barnett, Bennett, Chambers, ffiffigna C. G. Cornell, E. Cornell. Godvrd, LaBsu, Lent, MS, B. C. MumhVjiT. Murphy, Nicks, Pnrtous, Pieisou, Rati, 6umerumd, Wilbur. Wokwit, Wood?21. Mava?Messrs. Campbell. Urov. ley. Folger, Gibson, H wa ne, u-iponaeii, sessions. Stanford, Wh.ia, Wil li. bill amending the act authorising o bono railroad i Forma end Morrisauia was paaued. Tho bin increasing tha salariaa of tha offlcare and ?torts In the office of the Collector of Taxes in Now York i ordered to o third reading, i Mil i Brewing Heaolea. The evening ?mion was exhausted In coneiderotioo Of tbe bill for the enlargement of the looks on the Erie and Oswego canal# Progress was reported, end Mr. Asunswo moved that tho bill be referred to the proposed Bppeitiut.onal Oommlraiou, recommending tie nvorabi# ???idorailnn to that body. Adjourned. >???>!>. Ammmy, March 30, 1M>7. MUM UTTMODIXMU. By Mr. Litiluux-Tb authorize the city of Oewego te borrow money to ray off the Boating debt By Br. Crnunt?Relative to the rragr and Boston ?nifroad company. By Mr. Pameb*?To fix the fee* of Sheriffs in certain ly Mr Hat***? Relative to Jnrore in Brooklyn. By Mr. Pwrion?RalaUve to the bridge over Buffalo By Mr. Haunt- -For a railroad in Klghly-aixth and ?thai atreetn in the city of New York. By Mr Wnan?To facilltato the constm lion of the Whitehall and Hamburg Railroad By Mr. Faanun?To repeal an act authorising the ?ndeoa lUver Railroad Company to build a bridge over Hepparhaa creek ?not ntwrrmmnmi. ??ontioitk)* an. the report of the Confer.> Committee .uiheC-on Mkoiicaai Con rent kid hiU was aumumoii from the Mr. Wkxti expressed hie dlsnent from the report. Ml Hiroocm moved to make the report the tperial order for to-morrow at twetv> o'clock. This sran agr ed to. iro.'r PAMm To alter the commissioner* Map of Brooklyn: to aaako the common school free in dlnrict ho. a oi Homo; te nnthortee the Board ot Mipervmor* or WcstnbeMer fhwntv to purchase the PevkeV-tt turnpike; to provide for laying out the street* In Krw Yora; to amend tho net lor laying out roads ia certain tow un ,n tVeatcUcstcr. ?eunly ; to enaliio the First l're-b/teran clioroh of how York to donate property to ibo City MMon Tract Mac lety, to enable rer dent aliens to hold and couvrv real eaute and for other purpose?; in relation to the relet of tho City court of Bufthlo; to authors* ?bo Board of Kueorraors of Chenango county to a?>a?* the tax on ?a tow if of Columbus; in relation to the puhiioatiou of ftogiu notices in Hamilton > runtv; to amend the act pro viding for the ?pjH)i.,!uicnt and payw- r?t of clerks in Xing* oan'.y Fumigate a office: an not <"ipp|ementa) to an set la reUtion to the payment of bounties to volun teers-, m rotation to eemuiuu * bonis in the city of Raw Turk; to regulate the aaie of lotoxicui-ny lienors in Ttotebeer county; to am- nd the charter of the deter Pa*'rise InMitiit'.oe, to anthortse the traveller'* insu rance Company te effbrt insurances. itu.' ivtmiocmt By Mr. Rat nan? for the rolief ef the Metropolitan tea re ay Company of Brooklyn. by Mr. Oaai.v? Te reguipte the sale of grain, Indian ?em, he By Mr Banaan?Co regulate the ferries In the Metro peiitas Peiico dietrlct; m relation to the redemption of hole* of eloemg bank*. Ttew-i aueotsT rn . g?T*riuo**?r or ths xim.pom o* CSwtpA. Mr. Wasp by unanimous non?ent. offered the lolktw rug, which we- laid over under Hie rule:? imperative duty of the people of the Beltedit tstee ef Ameuoe. througn their proper repreeente WBte . I , *T*y Protest egeinei th* lermatlon of any **. fT* Ameriue not repiiDli. .in in form .end te BjKbihe ptapie are not allowed to govern iberorslvee sod metse their own ndsra; and whtTOM thte oattoa has BW^tmnt te malnl.iiu thla pun -inle iuuB PH HB attempt on the pen <>1 ibe litWM governmeot of ."real Urn,m to r-ut.iUh a mor ?renal hroernnteut ia Monk Amert a. or to pUtr a ricr ?P%V#ef rnrgapan WU uerasvrra) jtorlP Amerl. KJGe Kit W ** 'Of'eedun 0f lh.a principle; sC^ved- J?al the People of the step. of New Tork, who SM eitixese ft a frontier top m deeply lou-reetadln aft ?Oaebosa utet mef have en hiBwenceon the pre??rr*tton of and Ot flieedly ralaU ne with o,e lovorninrut and ?of MUMMgrtit America, rtPPe; ,f- aprewl to the oaaest ef the Patted MUfea id jMmm ire leslthiiate nspln PsrBSlM fem?netrante wuh >h? H-iiirt govern Ml sstahiieUng sn.r syiirm "f . - in jlea the JnPeenre ef rthlrh tSSS the 1 relation* of He people Of the Nor' proT ' OM?| ifitata wflh (he people of ihit^'ew. rod, That the Governor a* r*d?eeiet w> u,nnnit ( the ferofolog proamMe and ritroln. \ "> >?? I . e. I the ended eta ma end to each Houee o Ooegtroe UU half-pest aeven o'clock. Rvealeg Heeelon. npvontv T* bbpod {%e .lomelra Bphoel actj ro'etive te or>w> v?e? h BteiNpaneg ?opatv u eutliortae the Mew Set marina Company to "now" Yorl^to t?t* incorporation of companies to ?mead tha net for tn - ^ wecU(>, 4 a of*., York , to ,U^52K IK wUlU^ora Brldgo Cont'punY'. rSaTtff'K-s^ W Si i-Li ii. ud- locuoairuct? railroad from Bpuytan 1) y tot "iter. at Port Morri.; gvahttng certain t? the ??5rtb Shorn Railroad of Long bland., to anewl tna act to facilitate the construction of iUe Southern Central Railroad. If. Wjttdtbg road act; to incorporate th. Ne^wYorlTr^de Ilcl.c'7; 10 change; to incorporate the Now York trade " 1 ?xtuud to the tovrn of Yonkere the provisions of ^ *H 10f iHOO , to reduce tn* expenne or prisoner* ????*?* by k lu{ porate the Manufacturer*1 Savings llank of New Y , for the improvement of Fulton avenue and Livingston street, Brooklyn. BltlA rcctponram. By Mr. 8an?0ltn? Relative to the Bank Depart -in u ,v Village and Johnnonaburg Ratl Itelidlve to the Dnlon vi tag Orleans saving* road Company; to tnoorporete ju ' of certa.n Bank; to regulate and lucreaa* the provide members or the CnjmS J*1' 'awards; rela | mean* by tax to feycertata ^ J Company ; 1 r-s-s: ?sKb%b3?s? ssfflsg rS SEar?r? ch'sio" TSUIty Mutual Insurance Company, to lucor jiorate the LowvUle Water Work* Compeny NEW JERSEY INTELLIGENCE. Jersey tlltv. A Lorrxar arm Girr Pwwwtatkw tlenian reBiding at Wlnderport, Mc., has written to the Chief of Police, enclosing of a circular. tickets, Ac., emanating from the "Tuttle ?run buS" and which are dated at Bevans, Sussex county, N J but the postmark l>ears the stamp of Brooklyn, L. 1. Tbls In Itself whs very ?uspicloui, but with a vi. to disarm suspicion the circular contained what pur ZoL to bo extras fromW-?! ???- Jf *??+ era part of tlioState ol New Yurk, Mjui from several individuals, one . t, g: whom <tato they*hMd*dra*n ^ ^th|ho^po'ice tm. one m particular ('t0 gon(i a further in sto!men* o f $ A "the lis* taM. $10,*0 in^grccm teyT?dr.S,aVaut^or piauos'and uphoistary. tloboken. Cnrarov or a HobOken h>U was passed yesterday by the Assembly, In an amended form. The amendments Include a reduction ^ the force from forty to twenty and *be limiting of expenditure to $15,000 per annum The city Pgj*g 3K3SSSSr '?.^sa. U atiun of the Excise la. In be. York. Newark. A May BonnutiT Hvnw Us Own Boot.-On Tuesday night a man named rhilip Shafer ??Mjrr-I* |B William street while, anfforlng from . ? ^ ^ delirium tremens. He was taken lo the B^.on ho ee and yesterday was ocmmltted by the i Justioe to the county Jail. About noon, when an officer v,sited hU mil for the purpose of removing blmtotbe while his' features bore a ghastly 2^?f?ssaa,1sSrS HSS:Sr? liia injuria# w?r? dr6wed. l"MV*ntAi. Brrmana.?A largely #U?nded meeting wan held at Library Hal) last evening and addressed toy and Henry B. Blackwell, in r.vor of universal suffrage. Both of the speakers advocated giv rng'behsdUM towomen and negroes. Separata petition, for manhood and universal suffrage circulated and to rid* petition. t7Itrlkc the Ornnge. Oanmarms. at B?ov Hap. th. past week Bishop Bayley conferred minor order, on the Rev Jamee Bmytb, the order of Deacon on the Rev. SKS.HS' Ball College. Milbar?. Tmr. Railwst A.mwcr.-A Coroner . inquest wee held yesterday In the caw, ef the man John Hagar whose death under horrifying drcnmeiancos wes r.;oordcd in the Hsuald yeeterday morning. Bnt little testimony ?ivan aa the facta were too palpable to allow any "I'M lo the cause or death. The mere form the verdict being rendered In accordance lub^ STffii g*?? yesterday, end the company was exonerated from all blame. The KoBwrted tlewbMlig A?rny ?? H-dnwn t;i?T. N. J? TO THB UD1T0E OF THK H FFAI.B. A i-omniunicailou Is before the puMte an ae count of an assault said to have been made by a woman upon two of tha teacher, of Public School No. 2, Hndvon citv Mv nam. Is given as one of the actors, which -..??m?ntts absolutely fhlie. At th. time when that Ubich save riee to the published misrepresentation oc rm^dfwM "?y residence. Please do me tha JuMlce of publishing the foregoing WKBR UrnsoN Cnv, March 20, MB. mDON OF A JtaStfAtf COWOCTED OF BRIBERY. T*t <10*. March 20. 18*57. A. Rub, a member oI tbe lo-?t Lr-^Wiuro 01 Now J?r eey, convicted of bribery and sentri; ed to one year m the Si?tc VrMuii ?t tbe December lir a of the curt. wan (?urdoaed by tbe Court ot 1'ardona, in sow-Ion (In* eve nlDf. BROOKLYN IKIKLLIGENC^. Row Rwrwwt* FtRnwn*.?While returning from an alarm of the g.. on in the Fifth district about two o clock yoaterday worn I tig, Mr. Kent, tha foreman of Hoar Company No. 2. aayr the members of tbe com prior were aaaatilled with wren<hen and atones by tbe acting foreman and mouther* of Hose Company No. 7, and tbay were consequently compelled to a but. don their ?Mipaialtia. Another version of the atory la that when tha oompnotea mat on the earner or ?!*>' and Sands streets some of the runner* of No 7 turned Hn?e No. a o.?r m e snowbank for amusement, when the mombora ef the company dropped the rope and ran oil. Captain started with several poltcmcn to quell the dis turbance; but whon he reached tbe locality not a red shirt wss visible. The case will in all probability be in ?estimated by the Fire CommiseVntera. 8vA?nen i* a Rawmm. - -Patrick Sharkey wee taken to the Kerty-seoond predict staiioc bouse shortly before twelee o'clock on Tuesday night, suffering from a severe a it not dangerou* wound In the left side, lie etated that he stopped in the liquor store of John O'Donnell, at the corner of Hu<1?"0 uvenne run! Front stiect, when a young man who bad a knits In his hand Instated that hs should -inj tin refusing to sing the young man run t >e knur i.ito bis sida O Honicil was qu-v Honed In r?g*.d to tbe athur. and be said <be etatement of tbe in.tured man was untrue, and that nothing of the kind bait nccofed In hts place No arreets wer-> made. Tea Krctrr Mr ansa m Wu.i uwsevM.?The murder of John Fttxpatrick, which occurred on Monday Bight, Is Mill involved in mystery and tbe murderer at large and unknown. A yoen* man named John Mnrphy, residing In Third avenue. New York, has boon arrested and de tained on suspicion of having a knowledge of tbe tragedy. Murphy admits in the company of deceased on Monday, but diecUlmsall Knowledge of his murder. Sev eral parties have made voluntary statements to the police B reference to sncpic'ons parties they saw on the evening of the mttrder, but these statements amount to nothing. The funeral services of the murdered men will be held at St Mary's shut* h. enraer of l eonard .?nd Kemeen streets, to day. when be will he properly interred by his friends. Coroner Km till Is ectiveiy nngaged in searching for evidenoe hearing on the murder, sad has the cordial en operation of the police authorities. Mu will hold aa Inquest this afternoon. Fatal Fau. mom a Bcoroiw.?A house carpenter named liberies Doleday, while employed on a building in senna of erection at the foot of Green street, Green point, yesterday morning, fell a distance of th'rty feet and. striking on hie heed, death reeuit?d|in?i?ntlr. l<e ceased was a native ef iMraaaay. twenty yeers of age. e resident ef Greeepoiat and nnmarried. Fernn Daowxmi in Nawrown Catvg.?At s lets honr on Tuesday night the body of e nana wee found floating in Newtown creek, end Coroner Smith being notified bed it removed to Parker's, Cnlon sveM#. est Ocmd ?tenet, R ti, to await Identt flection. Tlfllorday It wan tdewufled aa the body of John Carroll, a hodtman, tog si the eorner of Cook and Merrslt atretic; N't' ? lias Watb wait i neetdentai JFowaln# fc-vn rsIm ng iot several wsuka lite death war dcrM Mae the result ef CITY INTELLIGENCE. Tammant Hall Fisallv Sold.?Yesterday afternoon Tammany Ball w formally sold at private sale to Messrs. Charles A. Dana and Frederick A Conkling A Co. for $160,000, the Tammany Society reserving the right to take up the comer atone of the building, and for one year to occupy, when necessary, the large main room in whic h the General Committee can hold their meeting*, and also that without the sanction of the society 110 political meeting* are to he held in the build ing for one year from the 1st of May next The Sale of Cobpokatio* PBoraHTt.?It has been an nounced that the Commlaeioners of the Sinking Fund will, on the 22d of April, eell a largo amount of corpora tion property, including the property hid for and for which proposals were received on Saturday laat by Comptroller Connolly, the ohtef items of which were published in the Hhuld on 8onday last. Tim Latb Amob J. Williamson.? The body of the late Amor J. W illiamson arrived in this city yesterday from New Orleans, and was taken In charge by the under tukor. On Sunaay next the remains will be interred with Masonic honors. The United Statfs Coram?The buildings formerly known as Burton's theatre have been released for three yeara to the government at $30,000 per year, with the option of retaining possession of them for two years after the expiration of that terra. Formerly the rent, under lease, was $10,000, but for tho last few years it hud beeu raised to $22,000. Mr. Otto, the Assiataul Secretary of tho Interior, was under the delusion that promisee suitable for the business of the United States Courts in this city could be had for $10,000 per year. Ths German Socirrr for Progressive Education has Inaugurated a new hall which is located at No. 310 West Thirty-sixth street, formerly used as tho Bloomingdalo Turn Hall. The hall has been thoroughly renovated by the society. Attached to tho hall Is a conservatory, read ing room and library. Lectures on science and philo sophy urn to be delivered at reguiar meetings ra the largo hall. Ma bine Ttsipkhanci Society.?A meeting, of the Marine Temperance Society was held last night in the Minion ltooms, corner of Water and Dover streets, and was largely attended by sallora and others. At half-pact seven o'clock the Preeldont of the association, Captain E. Richardson, took the chair and opened the meeting with appropriate dovotional exercises. Tho a-sembiy was addressed with much earnestness and stlect by Captains Curtis, Samuel Elliott, l'aul Macv, Messrs. Nash Smith and others. The children of the frao school supported by those in connection with this a?KOclaUon were present to the number of between fitly and sixty, and greatly enhanced the enjovment of the evening by their hourly singing. Twenty-soven came forward at various limes in tbe course of the meeting and signed the total abstinence pledge. This society has been in active operation since the year 1833, and num bers on its roll forty-two thousand Damns. Its rooms aro always open and its officers in attendance to give aid ami counsel to the sailor. Its work during tbe past year has beeu crowned with great success. WoiiKiNowo.M*.VB Bomb.?The trustees of tho Five Points House of Industry appeal to tbe public for aid' in behalf of that class of women whoee friends do not reside in the city and who are employed by the day or week in various branches of industry, such as dress making and tbe like. They propose to establish for these persons a home In which they may be shielded from many P'mptations to which thev are now exposed, ai d comiortahly lodged, Ac., at such a price as they are aide to pay. This, it is estimated, will render tbe Home self-supporting. A suitable house has been se cured In Canal street, near Mott, the cost of which, with necessary alterations, Ac., will be $120,000. From vnr.ouc sources the trustees hnvo received half this sura. They confidently appeal to the philanthropic to furnish them with tbo means to complete tho good work which they have taken in hand. Tint "Ninth Class Association."?The Ninth Class Association, composed of tbe former pupils of Mr. Leo nard Haseltlne, of old Public School No. 14, held their annual meeting last night for the transaction of snch business as might domand settlement. The President of the organization, Mr. James A. Lucas, occupied the chair. Arrangements were perfe ted to hold the fourth reunion at Masonic Hall, on Wednesday, the 27ili in stant, when it is expected that a large gathering of the classmates will be assembled. This question having bees disposed of, an adjournment was had. Commkwonxbs of Ewkiratiox.?The usual fortnightly meeting of tbo Board took place yesterday. The weekly statement submitted showed that 4,203 emigrants ar rived here last week, making 21,176 In all since tbe 1st of January josh The number that arrived during the corresponding period of Ia3t year was 23,6*S. The bal ance of the commutation fund is drawn, and there Is an overdraft of $29,772 76. Tns Fire OoumirooNSRS. ?The usual weekly meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners did not take place yesterday, a quorum not being present when the roll was called. School PssanNTATioN. ?Tbe semi annual distribution of certiQcatee took place at Female Cram mar School No. 16 yesterday, In presence of a large number of citizens, among whom were Commissioner M)!u-r, of tbe Board of Education, and Inspectors Gerard, Mills and Perkins. The exorcises were rendered more then usual by tbe presentation of a sliver medal, given by Mr. Mills to the young lady who produced the beat com position. The prise was awarded to Miss If. K. bodd. Tbe exercises consisted of recitations, dialogues, singing and addresses, and the whole ceremony pa-sod off credit ably and well. Tub Lamm' Soptbkrx Rmsr Aspociatk".? The trcas urer of th* Now York Ladies' Southern Relief Associa tion acknowledges tbo receipt of $30,3:11, of which sum $2,000 have been contributed by tlie Brooklyn 1-artles' Auxiliary Association. Asscal Rkprkw or Colpvuun ComMsoitmv.?'The annual soinie of the Columbian f ommandery No. 1, Knighi Templars, took place last evening in Irving Hall. The ball room was handsomely decorated with American flags, and the arms of the several States pot in con spicuous places throughout the ball attracted no little attention from the numerous pleasure &*qrr- who were drawn together at this the second annual celebration of the Knights. Among the features of the evening-, was tbo presentation to the fairer portion of the guest* of n number of perfumed cambric handkerchief*, in whlrU were folded the programmo of tbo evenlug'a entertain ment The drill of the Templar < and tbo ceremony of receiving the Deputy tlrann t.'omtuaniii r of the state wtwo gone through with with all the usweJ imposing i ere montes due on ml occaMim*. Amid the pl'tter of tlie bright roysii.'is, und the presence of an uni>ual|y large uuniber of Kve's fair daughters, whose varied and huu ! some costumes lent additional charms to lliti scene, the flirting hours of mirth rapidly succeeded cacti other, until the approach of mom suggeM.-d the departure of the pleaanre seekers to tbe more quiet enjoyment of "Home, sweet Homo." Wtor;r**' Contrrtre*.?A number of On man*, ef this city, at a public meetsog recently beld in liroooie street, formed a committee to prepare nn address to Morits Wiggers, s i?>pular leader of the lil>erals in tier Iran y, and a prominent agitator in favor of the unifica tion of (lerntaoy, who has been elected as delrgnt* to the North (lorman Parliament, to represent the city of Berlin. The committee is composed of Messrs. Freeh, Kogclhard, Custere Bus*. H. Voss and B. Cruise. Another meeting will lie held at an early day, when tbe address prepared will be presented. Tire Btsan san Oa? Ftnvo Traps* or \*? Yoaa.? lent nlgbt another meeting of tbe members oi these trades wsa held at Constitution Hall, Mr. Walsh In tits cbair. when committees were appointed to consider tbe articles of aasoclation, to aelect a ball of meeting and for the general purposes of giving publicity to and pro moting tbe interests of tbe movement. Tbe Chairman eon grain lated tbe meeting ?n the etiooeae of the associa tion und upon the receipt ol subscription* in the hands of the Treasurer, trusting that tbe trade would continue to come forward with that great lever?the dollar? enable them. In thn Interest of the public service, to improve tbe practical working of the Uwdu. lw roa r Aims or Brsamt Wrvna.? some further prograee Is to be reported In tbl* metier consequent on lbs mediation of tlio British Consul; but tbe Amorican Consul at (adis *1111 refuses to certify Invoices for otbsr than fine wines, alleging that other descriptions of wine are Invoice*! at rates below val tc. fbie U denied by the wine growers and importer?, who now memorialize tbe Consul to make a practical inquiry Into the question on behalf of the irad\ tbe wine couzumh.g public and the government revenue. AamiVAi or Caurottxia WmuT.?The ship Robin Hood, Captain Kelly, which arrived yesterday morniag from Sen Francisco, brings on freight 17,510 sack* of wheat, or about 1,200 tons. Vtot-anos or ths F-xn.-s Law.?John Addlor, of 170 Sistb svenuo, was arrsstsd on tbo chargs of kesplng bis liquor store open after midnight. Bo waa held to boll by Justice Bodge in $800 to answer. Fim m Fnotrr Stwsst.?Yesterday morning at half post two o'clock a lire occurred at No. 29 Front street. It originated on tbe second floor of tbe building, need a flour store, tbe stock of which was damaged to tbe extent of $8,000. Tbe loss of the provision dealers oc cupying thqflK i floor waa estimated at $2,000. Both wars fully Inflbred. The damage done to the ball ding was bat slight. Fms on Boasn thi Stoor Maxwatv ar. ?A Ore broke out between ens end two o'clock yesterday morniag on board thealoop Manhattan, having a cargo of bay and straw. The vessel, which was lying at tba foot of Broome street, waa bat little damaged, aad wss insured. Tbe cargo, however, upon which there was no insurance, was con siderably mured. It is thought that the Ire originated fTom the pipe of a stove need la tbe cabin. Can AMWWT.-Andrew YantM Barberl, molding at Nov 184 Third street, Williamsburg, a pianoforte maker by trade, while getting off one of the con tn Toeaday night, slipped and fell and broke hie leg. Ha waa Imme diately conveyed by an officer of the eighth precinct M Bellevue Hospital. Ftunro m a* Attar.-. An unknown weman wot fbuad la an .usen*iiiie rend him on Toeeday nlgbt. by aems parties ip M?u stn et, between Bc*ter end ft read rtrtstd. lb* war teken le JJ*1jrrae iicpltal. ALLEGED MURDER AND ABORTION. Mr*. Major the Virtta-Tfe* Die. cover? Made by the Boiurd of Health?Arrest of a Physician aad a N arse?They Are CMa mlitt-d far Examination-Affidavits la the Case?Aesistaal District Attorney Bedford Conducting tbe Prosecution, dee. A case of a very exciting aad serious nature was de veloped before Justice Howling, at the Tombs, yesterday morning, It being no lees than tbe alleged murder of Mrs. Elizabeth E. Kimball, widow of Ma)or Edward KimbaJf of Hawkins' Zouaves, who it will be remembered was accidentally shot during the war by the late General Cor coran. As tbe case appears at present Mrs. Kimball was the victim of an abortionist, and after her death tbe body was removed from the Irviag House, Broadway, where ?he died, to irovtdence, R. L, for Interment, on e coro ner's certificate, which failed to eet forth the true cause ef death. This fact having been communicated to onr Board of Health, the Coronar of Providence, K f., was requested to hold an inquest over tbe rcinaioa of Mrs. K iinbail,

then deposited in the receiving tomb, which was accord ingly done. A poet mortem examination showed that her death was the result of injuries to the uterus, caused by tbe introduction of instruments. It having been ascertained that a Or. George Beakley, of 43 West Tweaty fourth street, was tbe attending phy sician upon Mhl Kimball previous to ber death, and that Mrs. Nancy Cole, the nurse, living at No. ill W?et Twcniy-Ofth street, was emplo>ed at the bedside of the unfortunate lady during ber lad hours, slops wore taken to secure them on suspicion of bain* coin timed in the murder. .Accordingly on Tuesday afternoon Dr. Bcakloy and Mrs. Cole were arrested by detectives Md'ougail and Gilmore, and yesterday morning tbe prisoners aero brought before Justice Howling, at tbe Tombs. At the mar si rate's request Assistant District Attorney Gunning K. Bedford took charge of tho case for the pros return, and In doing so stated that from his know ledge of the case Mr*. Kimball tiled at tho House, in tnis city, ea tho 2SiU day of January last. She was attended by Dr. Beakley, Mrs. Cole acting as nurse. After Mrs Kimball's death Dr. Beakley, as the attending physician, gave a certificate, setting forth theroiu that death ensued primarily from a fall; secondly, from con gestion of tho bowel*. A burial permit was refuted, in con-equence of the tmur >per character of tho certificate, and on the following day a coroner's certificate signed by Robert Gamblo, suiting '-that death resulted from in juries accidentally received by a tall, January 22, 1867," was procured Upon this certificate a burial permit was granted, and tbo body sent to Providence, R I, Dr. Edward B. Dai ton, Sanitary Superintendent of tbe Metropolitan sani tary district, hearing that something waa wrong in tbe case, communicated witli Dr. enow, Saperlnl udent of Health of Providence, R. I. Dr. Snow thereupon in duced Coroner Nightman to hold an inquest, which was accordingly lioid. and the following verdict ren dered ?"That the said Elizabeth E. Kimball came to her death in consequence of injuries to tbe uterus, caused by aoine instrument or Insticintnte usod to produce abortion, by tbe hands of souie person to the jury un known." Mr. Bedford stated to tbe magistrate that he was informed that there would be much more evideuce furnished in a day or two, and expressed h s opinion that as tbe case now stood there waa probably cause sutfi ient to justify him (Justice Howling) in holding Dr. Beakley and Mrs. Cole, the nurse, especially Dr. Beakley, as he had given a false certificate. TESTIMONY Of bR, DALTOX. City and County rf New J ark, it..?Edward B. Daiton, Sanitary Superintendent of the Metropolitan Sanitary district of the State of New York, beiog duly sworn, says that on the 29th day ol January. 1607, miormation was received at tbe office of the Metropolitan Hoard of Health of the death of one Elizabeth E. K iuball at the Irving flouHo, In said city; that said Klizabeta E. Kim ball dtod at said place on tho 23th dnv of January, 1867; and tbat Robert Gamble, one of the Coronets of tbe city of New York, on said 29th day of January made and signed a certificate hereto annexed, marked "A, ' that be had held an Inquest on the body of said woman, and that the jurors found by verdict that she came lo bor death from injuries received by a fail on tbe 22d day Of January, 1667; and tbat on the said certificate n per mit was riven on which the body was removed from this city to Providence, R. I.; and deponent furl her says that arierwarls George Beakley, a pract-sing physic no in !-&id city, inadc and signed a certificate of t he muse ef death of the said Elizabeth K. Kimball, which is hereto annexed and marked "B;" and that tho sulci George Beakley was the attend ng physician during the lllntMs of said Elizabeth El Kimball, which resulted in her death. Kieporenl farther says that, as he is Informed by George W. Wightman, Coroner of the city of Providence, R. 1., an inxuest waa held and a post mortem examination modi by the said Wightman as such coroner, when the fad wax ascertained that the said Elizabeth E. Kiinliail came to her death in consequence of injuries to tho womb caused by some in strument or Instruments used to produce abortion, and that evidence establisning thai tact can be procured, and depoqent alleges thai to have been tbe true cause of her death; and deponent further m>s that. Mrs. Cole, now present. wa? the nurse who at tended said Elizabeth E. Kimball during her said lad tllnerb; and deponent furth r raya that lie i-? informed and bdievee m-t inere I'ore alleges that Urn said Elizabeth, on tbe 33d dnv of January, 1*67, iu good health, and that thereafter she suddenly bee one ill at said Irviag House only n lew days before her death; and deponent alleges thai such death was l an- cd by an abortion or an attempt to pro cure an alwrtimi made by soiim parson upon the body of tbo -aid Elizabeth k. K tutted, on or about ibe S4rh day of J.iuuary, 1867; and deponent fun' or -?>s that hu is miornaed and believes and therefore allege* that no inquest was ever hold in ibis city upou tin- body of the end woman by iho said Robert Gamble or any other coroner, and tfat no Jury aver foniot a verdict that she came to her death a.i slated in *n,d first ni< ntionod certificate, mid that, -aid Hcakley well knew tuat the certificate made by liim was false, aud that -aid woman did not die of con gestion of the bowel* re-otting from a fall, as then in s1 aV d; and deponent says i iial (kr these rciiHous he lie lieres that the said abortion and the icj <ih>s ra uittnc Ibercfrora were produced by -aid G'orge Beakley, ar-ust ed by the said Mr*, vole; end deponent asks that an in vestigation m'o the lac - may be bad according to liur. K. R DAI JON, Sanitary Superluiendoni Metropolitan -'snitary Otst. Sworn to before me this HHh day ot March, 1867.? Jrif-^n Dofcrtrvti, I*olice Ju?tio-'. MHntn w.i uiuan'k irnntm City ah'l ' un'v '?> York. I?CMKt W. Wight man, of thoiity Of Providou e. State of Kbode Maud, Ming dnlv swotn, say Hint kin is a Jaime or the fr-co of tbn r.tjr of Providence, ud?1 as N'eh performs the duties of coroner tn Mid city: that ob Uie 14th day of Jiurrh, ISfi7. depou?iit took au iuquisiUoB up-in view ot the body of n women I ootid in the receiving tomb ot what Is called the North Rnria) (Innind to mid city of Providence, end that deponent eim-tiu'lled a jorv of Bit men Recording to lew, and who n*r>" pliv-ii-lwne in good standing in -aid city of Providence; that on eald iti'tui 11 on n ltori mortem otaininatlou wwa tuade upon the 1 aid hotly by Dr. George R. Mason, that the said body waa in a rntttn winch had on a a atlver plate inscribed "Klizelieth k. Kimball, diet! January k8, 1-8*. aged SI yesis;'* thai. such luquevi waa held by d*peMn* at the inquest of Dr. E. tt. Know, Sepennfcndeni of Hcalih of ?nid dig of l'r"vi<cn ?, winch in barrio anunxed; mat deponent held aattih inquest in the form and tuaauor prescribed hy the law* of the State of lilt >dr lalnud; uiitl ihnt alter nil the evidence m m piodn> *d and examined before de ponent and suni jury the Batter waa presented to said jury, which rendered the VhnHSt "that the <id kli/a oeth E. Kirol ill ? to her d?.. h in run quecre ol in juries to the uterus, caused l>y wouie Instrument or Instrument*-scd to produce ebertlon, hy the hand or hands <>l some para?n ?.r jwraotis to said .,urv unknown," and ihataaid .?rdictwa? etgaed hy each and all of me said jurymer, GKURGF W. WHfltMAV, Sworn before me tbi" 20ih March, TW? Jo trs Dow. I'm, Police JuelNN'. Ttik twos run ?o* trriKb The r.tAdnvits having been eubmined, Mr. Hndley, counsel tor tbe precner*. desired an eTnminati?.? on the charge, but Stated his inability to proceed wth it at that time. Mr Gunning aaid he abunld be unable to go on with the examination ihle week, and It was therefore p?,t poned till tea o'etock neat Mondav morning. JudgeDowilng **id tbecliaivc being 01 suchagrir* Character he sho'ild de-m It bis dntv to comma Dr. Beakley and kn Cole to prion w thout ball. Dr. Beakley. who la about flity years ot age, is mid to bare confessed to kaowiog that no aiiomou had iieen committed upon Mr* Kimball. but deaie* having per formed the operation him- if Mrs. Cole, a very re gpfletabte looking woman, is forty-four years of age, and waa born la this country. Ia justice to iVimner Gamble it is proper to state that be did hold an inquest over the remains 01 Mrs. Kim ball. The testimouy of the name went to show that deceased lied Injured herself hy tailing while leaving or entering e rail car. The evidence of the attending physician (l)r. Mrakley) went M show that the lelurlew received were the direct cause ol death, uixi consequently a verdict to that effect wa- icmler.Ht hy the Jury. Owtng to the absence of coroner eatable from the city yes terday, the inquest papers ia the cum- could not be obtained until late In the evening, when that official returned la time 10 furnish the representative of the HniLn with the documents relative to th* osiiimAL ryqerav. Two witnesses only were examined hy Coroner Datable during the Inquest held at the Irving House on the 28th day of Jan miry i**t. The testimony of the first, Sarah Coggeball, coiiam oT tbe deoea-ed person, disc lowed no facts of Interest save the one In reference to the fall. The evidence of the second, George (leakley, M. D., hy him written and signed, ran as follows.? George Beakley, M. D., being sworn, deposed ?On the 93d of January, IW7. I was called te see Mra. Kllea bath Kimball at the Irving House, corner of Twelfth street and Broadway; I round the patient suffering severe pain from l.ein rrbeKe from tbe bowel* and womb; I (mated her for the symptoms, but waa unable Mmrrait the disease, and whs died from inflammation and congestion of the bowel*; I he cause I learned from her friend was that aha bad fallen on the ice the same day that 1 was called upon, and had to be brought home; the bruises on her hips end back showed tbe fbtl bad been very eevere. SOn the deposition* of the above-named parties the 7 opined "that tbe deceased person came (0 bar death inflammation end congestion of th* boweie, the result a fall accidentally received' and on a certificate from lb* Coroner to tbe earn* effect bated upon this verdict, the burial certificate was granted. smnu iww w imjiwm, fUirmoaa, Md., March 90, INT. Jamec Parr, a merchant, from BtiPborough, UaroHna county, Md., was found la bed on Saturday morning with hie throat cut lie wvs known to have had a large ?mount 01 money in hie pow**el< n, which la miming. It is flap posed he wa* murdered fur ale ueeav. Ms clud liM Seeo obieieed ia tbe wcrdems j A MURDERER TO BE HANGED If PENNSYLVANIA. | The Particular* ? f the Crlm? for Which He le te he PHel*he|. Alexander B. Wiley will be bangd at Wllkesbdrre, the county seat of Luzerne county, Pa., to-day. He was convicted of the murder of Alice l|i.i wee and sentenced te be executed on last Friday but was respited by the Governor until Thursday, the 21rf net The particulars of the murder are thus glveri in the Philadelphia BulUtU? 1 - .. WanwdaiE, March 'JO, 1807. Wth <1*7 of May last drruel murder?the as sassination of a married womonjby her paramour was thi??^2 00 lh# mountain bile or Plymouth about ?outilw*?t of thtsbo rough. Philadelphia h ***? y boen evicted Kith many crimes and Mam th. mofdeni committed Wthin its precints: but, mstVtth 01 /rttjar f'Prii'f't has fortunately not u?t^i*??0Und7i wh0 gloTd in h- <=rime of de M doe8 Alexaler B. Wiley, who will meet with his Just deserts lo-ufrrow. hv ?5^5d n?med Mi McElwee, was shot dead i?h? K ^ Wiley while at was engaged peacefully the lowMt^h dutieft TnJartlm. it m tru^craof character, but thefcrueliy of the act occa vious anJ?i[T,br for tb8 Tl?rl* " ?PPe*r? that pre bee^ m i?1?110 ber "Friage Mm McKlwee had malden n.mT^ ?S. p*cu"4r 7<>?n?cy with Wiley. The h?^JLof 018 vicl'm 4* Alice Gardner, and be fumiiv <t 8 ,l?8d rcrtant with McElwee'a atSnUnny V Wbich rim? lp seducer paid improper Provtou.m aUd "? dof mttde her bia mlsirwm. havin^l^^: WUeJ^? ?"ftwenty-six yeare or age towLsbJo? o^aTi^Vui orj^r, mi,,a^i he renrMeeiQ .ruTne ?wnly. His father, aa kertM ^Thl x. , ,0,(ll*rP th? of 1812, but de he (Ranged it Lth# r,ml,7 w?*7. but ^ vszss, 1st sr w P ?? ?er carcrorn countenance Indicated imbecility, almost bordeiig on insanity She w!; dreased very meauly. Yoif can sco ner prototvne ariC p#rfrU':Min ^''ppen street, o much belter in Bakerw Bedford streets. Pblladelph t Her appearand Ind^d the climax of the resu! of a life dsahnSS? ftrLTs'of W,r?me- "V 8 poor wand ere? In the imTrnhw uj arr8- 1 r "0IM. the murderer and tiS rL7tDi mw of *h?'r,im8 ,B idlen?w cod r, tit ?V VhJ-,ed ,heir "ving by midnight y b8ve *!w*r been hostile to each other, in 1858 the murderer WiloT(then only eighteon vears of ??>' i r?n _for thejrobbery of the Pennsylvania (bmpany s office of f im $8,000 to $4 000 but ho manag d io esccpe ronvtc an. ' On the 17th of March o company with other?, ho Huiigrrford, iu tbe lower biru of $327 in nioa^j' value. Mr. Hungerford" infirm jieople. He was t last year he admits that, in ntered the house of Samuel nd of this county, and robbed ind various other articles of 3d wire were quite aged and party that stood by the oed Sl'-Wd '11 YoiTwiiI Vh?"ni?* 10 tbem"If "tboy re atiaT ZX a- e^XrDtth^Ciruw rw>1?vUMUg /nd uOnv'ct0T 1,111 u was uot until after his l muirr 'bat Wiley voluntarily ad fn thi? i??i ??. 8 ft Ai|orncy his active participation iS mitten worth J" ncl"ally K|oatp<1 over (hem tho ^ "'l1?' now th*l be had committed regiment a?the 80(1 ram8 horaB wi'h his regiment at tbo time of s return at thecloao or tbe war ? . TfK muj:dkr. thirt ^im1?6,nil4ted I tno 0ne Hundred and Forty ^rssvAfjst i uer i-i "Si,; "? "" ? iSl s r,b-rz others ntUrl! h? n. ,h<>Bc rxpresstons, like many oiners uttered by him. were apparently spoken in 2 boi^^thmT'r?.,,J'0Kwl88 8nd *"o ilved^n a small rnmiuTi 55* Mlller "P ?" thB tnountain baek of ym?uth. Tiero woro only two rooms on tbo lower n^T' 800 "'Cdas a kitchen and <he other aa a bedroom wSn^'lL'lfccuPl8d t,1B ? rleeplng aiMnment! when ^^,1 ? g"'lorf'd 80 and come to that house when he pleased; he seemed to be privileged there coming ^ gilog by dav or night buaioeas w i? Mint of a hlnhwayman. , , *b'>.ntoniinc of the Iflth of May. 1HM about fn..r o clock, Wiley entered the house of McKlwee tv unram i-i-Ha-SSSS nine or ton oviork . v?ung woman^smirfTMs^ cams atong aud catted at the nouse. She wa oTLr^ZZ at nsj7 **" a sum; ?airs as ?r a ra "SUtfvKSSf X'SISfbS'SSlUSS w ley WM sitting ou a chair UiZ h*V '/ st *?*" not ltc 7?0Bf loan who write * iettw to ber to be given to another lady. On the Instant li!? without making any reply, WUey arose from hb?^hS?r drew a revuifer and pointed It at Miaa Pnil* Th yonng woman screamed and sprang " the w! then turatd oa his heel, cocked the pt?tel. Mid holdi^ l? within two fret ?f ,hr ^ |fr?. McKl* 4'. h. iu* fired. The ball through the bead from tha iS?ht ear to tbe left tempi*. The^poorvS back on tbe floor, towel In band, dTed temntte hiiH?u w?jt nvon "cc'MPing the band that bftld lUe towd. Wiley nn ont of tbe hark' ?i#vw ?? "rih Godr Oh ttod!" and thd?2o?? J ?be wvotver m hn hind. He wnTSetamtte h^J isa saisis s a ?sOr,'i!i0l,i "ht >>or,,r8- A* meodedn'for him. and while doing so she discovered his r?mi?.. Mhe took It out of his pocket and said that it was loaded! It contained throe out of tbe six ^Ma?8C s?wml ft ofT. bat Wiley said, .."i^J mil n-ked. "Wliy potf" |f? r-nll?d J w8h8 what T may want to do wTlh ^. fflhTlt^r. ? r you thM 1 ?m.t a talk with the de^l iS nlSKd wlS be tens mo to do I always <10 it." tw? mot 4ii? own ?Birr*v(* Wllev wa? constmtrd to ilia Luzerne county Jail until bin car" earns up for trial to December laid. Aa the prisoner bad no '-oar-el the eonrt appointed Meaara ii. Fake* ami H F. W. Palmer to conduct hia defence. The evidence elicited on thctr'al did not differ materially from that given above. After baton oat four hours the Jury returned a verdict of guilty of murder In the ft ret oegroe. The prisoner's eounMl then maorted to a aeries (x nrties by which tbey hoped to rescue their unhappy client from Ihe gallows. Thay entered * motion tor n new 1 rial on the eroded that the conatoble in charge of tits jury fell a<laep on hie poet, and while ho wu thus oblivion* one of the Jurymen left the room h lew mlnule* before the verdict was agreed upon. The motion for a new trie) wan suta-eqneoUy denied, and on Monday, January 7. Wiley was sentenced to ho hung. Wh n s-k?Ht if he bad anything to mr why wmieneo of deaili should rot be po'sod upon him, Ihe prisoner, without betrnylug the leant emotion, and without the leas' trerr.or la hi* vr-lot, stated that be had no iniaiitioa of killing the deoeased, that, ae but three of the six chambers ol tbe revolver were loaded, he supposed be was oaly snapping the cap on one er the empty barrel#. The Boding* and sentence !n the oaoe were approved by Governor Menry, who appointed Friday, the 12th day of March, for the elocu tion. The Sheriff had completed hi* arrangements for this solemn event, and everything waa iu readiness for It, whan the prtaoner was * ran ted a anarrre w nut otrv. This boon was acconlod tbe unhappv man at the earnest mlintaUon of tbe Rev. Father V ittaimmons of the Church of the Tmmscn'ate Conception, and of sav. oral otheiw, who manifested an ioterentlnhM spiritual wo 1 fkre. -ubaogueiit to hit arrest and especially during the trial, Wiiev waa stubbornly ml liferent to nil bt* per ilous surroundinga After the sentence he was equally perverse, refining to listen to the consolations of reli gion until within a week of the day appointed for hw execution. At this time there was s change in his tearing which wu as remarkable aa it was unex pected. Tho-e who had known him in times bock predicted that be wonld meet bis fhte with out flinching. But they were mistakes. As his fate approached, his hardened heart was softoned, hi* stubborn spirit icUted, nod ho ot last consented to listen to tbe messengers of pesos and good will. Father ffitx Simmons was then requested to remain with him, and render such spiritual service as he could at thai late day. Tha Governor ?f the t oaimoiiweallh, when ap pealed l*. grauted the respite of all days, that Father Fitzaimnioo* might bare ample time to prepare the sojl of the miserable man for the fearful doom awaiting him. Although B?iihcr Wiley nor his parent* hud ever been connected wi'h thatattiollr rbii-h. hecboee a reprove ill ative et that faith to attend him In hi* last momenta on oartb Notwithstanding Wiley's statement to the Court that ho did not Intend to kill bis victim, ho baa treated tbe subject, since his sentence, with the same Indifference as to it* moral effect thai bas marked his career through lire. The same morbid feeling which has Induced many injudicious persons in Philadelphia to request the -par don of the most desperate scoundrels?such as Spring, Probst and others?on ths plea of moral Inaaaity, has boon at work in thl* case to defeat the ends of Justice. Through the kindness of ths District Attorasy, I paid n visit to the jail this after# 00a to order to oonvlnoe myself and Inform the public as to the reports of the prisoner's Insanity. I never mot n more mm boa In my life, and, sines my later slow with Probst, a more desperate criminal. 1 re mained quiet while the District Attorney spoke to htm s few friendly words, and In s casual manner questioned htm regarding s certain robbery In which he had been engaged, alee as to * dlsturhasce which occurred among the prisoners at the jail during l**t night. The prisoner is about five feet right inches In height. W* wee re a sullen, downcast look, ssoosting whsn quts Uoned la regard to bin crimes, wb*a his fhoc tmmsdU at ly iiieatiasa with a glow of ratisfaclioa m big crimi nal uffrncot, aud bis appearante is that of a good-tut* tursd man. In a momoni, ho.veisr, lbs smile fades: sad again yon ass the villain. An important point which It was not deemed neces sary to bring out in the trial (tho fact of the criinu being so. fully established) lndica'oe that tubs la not the firs! murder which the prisoner has eommlttad; and perhanj the fact of the knowledge of the first murder leu to tow execution of the second. While out on an excursion in the woods a q larrel took place between Alice Mcfcllwee and Wiley. Alice turned on him and demanded that b? should desist from tormenting her or she wuuid expose him. He turned on his heel and said, "Yes, you f You can hang me if you choose." In the evidence, during the trial, a witness testified that tha prisoner said to him, " I expect to be hung within nlno mouths, and I have already purchased tho rope to stretch me." 1 have made every endeavor to search afler the facts in tbia rasa, and carefully examine ibem. The conclu sion is, that life is worthless if this villsin Is not exe cuted. THE L8U1SUWA LEGISLATURE. Hew Oklkaxs, March ad, 1807 A concurrent resolution wee introduced in the Sentio to-day recommending all citizens, whits end black, en titled to the franchise under tho Military Reconstruction act, to register their votes and take an active part in tho reorganisation or the State. It advises this on tho ground thxt tt will protect their own personal and poll tical freedom and the persons and property of their dls. frnnchlsed fellow citizens, and save the Slate frotu anarchy and misrule. It was postponed till to-morrow. In tho House the report of the Special Impeachment c ommittee was read. It recommends that no -tepr bo taken for impeaching the Governor, as the State is to bo reorganized under military rule, which of course will ro lieve the aocused. The report was adopted. THE TENNESSEE FRANCHISE LAW. Nashviu k, Tonn., March 20, 1867. Tbe Supreme Court of Tennessee will renders deoi- on to-morrow on cas?s involving the constitutionality of tue State Franchise law. It is looked to with much interest by all parties. There are no indications as to what it will be. * KENTUCKY POLITICS. LoctsviLT.a, March 20, 1867 Tbe Union republicans to-day nominated Oolonei Wil liam A. Bulleu, of Louisville, for Congress from this district A large ratification meeting was held to-night at tba Court House endorsing the platform of the Union party adopted February 26 at Frank fort Among tbe speak ers were Colonel Barnes, Hon. R. A. Baker, Governor Oglesby and others. CALL FOR A PUBLIC MEETING IN ALABAMA. Montoomkkv, Ala., 1'arc.h 20, 1867. General Swayne, with a large number of prominent citizens, have issued a call forapuoiic to be held here on the 26th inst, in favor of reconstruct ion un der tho Sherman bill. SHOOTING AFFRAY IN MEMPHIS. Mfxfuei, Tenn., March 20, 1867. Michael Waters, a fireman, was shot and instantly killed by Charles Wright, a barkeeper, on Jefferson street, at daylight this morning. The friends of tbo deceased were with difficulty restrained from lyncbing the mua derer. MURDERER CONVICTED. Poktiunp, Me., Marcb 20, 1867. The jury in the case of Kenan, the Beaten eallor, <m trial for the murder of Charles Johnsob, brought to ? verdict of murder in the first degree. DEPASTURES FOR EUROPE. Ltnsarooi.?Bteamsbip Cuba?Sir Edward Canard. Bark Mrs Wtu - nil and twochildren, Mr sad Mn Fred Ch ?nnc?* and servant, Now Yon; C Meyer. ??n Franclso; Hob J F Magutre, M P. MUh Fbayre, ilubltn; Mis* MrAndrew, Lon don; John li Murray, Mr and Mrs -T Iekelbeimer. O T TB ltnabaat, Haw York; H Dorticoes, Cuba: Mr and Urs LetoB* worth. Buffalo: J s Mills, T Byrne, Sew Orleans; J Rosen thal and son. J H Aduuis. Now York; T B Russell. Uroaa Held. Mass; L Amson, Mr and Mrs F, Ftshel, Infant sad J Taylor, Hamilton, ? W; Btfht Rev Bis bop Bay ley, N?F ark; J Straus, II A Gaoett, F Meusslng, J D Rcheixder, Mew York; Mr and Mrs O L Gsowskl. Toronto; H Latham, F Forutmps, Jas Woods. Oxford: Lieut H B Adams, SIMM regiment; Mr and Mrs Cbas liesa?ner and thres child rn, M s Faanacbt, Mr and Mrs Edward Waller (New York: Mr and Mrs E N Robinson, PeekskM. Second cabin?Jote Wright. Almont, Mloh: Mr :.nd Mrs Richards W Richards. M.v -iirbusettr: Or W B Gerkes, M C It Doan, Dr Lungs laff. Aurora, Conn. SHIPPING NEWS. PORT OF :?EW YORK. MARCH 20. 1887 Anived. dl?am>.hip John Gibson, Fuller, Wsah'njton. 46 hnWt with indse and passengers, to Saiiii, Brown A C-o. dhlp Fore*t I.sgle (of Rockland i. Bennett. Csllsii Mwp with guano, to it C Ferguson. Fussed C ipeUeist Dec A, and crossed the Bquntor Feb 4 in Ion SI. Baa had la* weather and light wind , mod of the passage. .Ship Andrew Jackson, ChutBeld. o! and from Boston, B days, fn ballast, to rt O Su'tou. . _ ? ? Brig Eugenia (of B.ngor 1, Coombs, Palermo Jan 10, wtt frolt to James Robinson A C? ? vessel to R P Back A <Ow Has had very heavy weather tbo last 8 days Feb 2, off BL braltar, spoke ba k Frank, from Pn'.nuo for New Vork. Brig Maty Slowart (of Hingor), White, Palermo Doe 2<k via Gibraltar Jan II, with fruit, te Jainea Henry. Had cso* bnaal WNW and Wr-W galea for 84 days; was 37 days to lb* rook; left the straits tn company with nsurly SOU yossets. March A let 28 SI. tun 68 30. spoke brig Roth (Bri, 11 day* fkoa Philadelphia for Porto lOeo. Brig Henry A Louise, Potter, Port an Priaoat via Bam da, 14 days? with coffee, Ac. to H Becher A Go. Brig Caseatelle (of Richmond). Cartiila. Rente Orus, Cuba, with togur, Ac, to Edmlston Bros. Has boon 13 days north Of Hat tera?. w th heavy N and NK winds, with snow. Far otAar Skipping Mean sea S\gktk pmge. mauKiibiui imivi A ?Rorra halt extract A. RKYERAdE OF HEALTH. HO. VI. K CATARRHAL AFFECTIONS OF TUB WINDPIPB AND BKONOQIAI. TUBES.?Ho(T? Ma't Bxtra.-t mnaU fwli a peculiar. I might ilmcwi say a specific. effect upon \Ujrn the mucous membrane of all the respiratory pa?*m. allay* Inflammatory irritation, Ac. Mr. Hopp?I And your Bevarage ef-Healh Invaluable aa an appetizer and 'onto for nay wife, who has suffered 88 VBUfcLY from QUINSY SORB THROAT. I Will keep It constantly la my house. R. 8. LEWIS, Mo. 4 Bookman street. ?. BTBN I* CA3B8 OF TUBERCULAR CONSUMP TION HolTa Malt Extract and Malt Powder eaee or cure :ha dlaaaao. The sympt'tms which diagnose a farerlsh at*If! of tha body, which generally appears in tbo evening- are not on frequent and rulent until they diaappaar aanmly. tha el* la tha breast --case, tha cough la less violent the ei pee. ted matter loo It a batter, and appetite, alaap and strength ara aa good aa oan bo wished. Dr. C. H. Blecken. Redwing, Mian., arrtlea:?"I wan agree ably anrpri-ed to ana by the nepers that tbo genuine Wl Molt Extract baa barn Introduced Into America. Thlr aouuiw lion la of tha greatest Importance for consumptive*. My toq sin, the Counsellor of Med. Dr. Sander laben, luformed n ^ _ .. ^ s-jrr - v a nie fc long tune ago of Ha axtoot-ihiog remedial properties; ba or dered front Wertnany some of your preparalltma for a frtenfl ?uttering from -Unease of Ibe longs, and obtained the boat re-ulte i iom tflaii use," Ac. (Continued on Monday.) HOPE'S MALT KXTRACT. DEPOT 513 BROADWAY Bold at all drnggtsia' and grocer*'. One doaen ana upwatds delivered to any part of tht* cRp and suburbs SEE NEXT NUMBBR. HOFrS MALT EXTRACT DEPOT, Ml Bftoadwtr. Price $d per dozen Hold everywhere. Note agent for Pennsylvania, WARD J. CAPrEB, Philadelphia A DISTINCTIVE AMD BLEOANT PREPARATION. 9 A MRU'S EMAIL DS PARIS, FOR THE SKIN, K LAMBS WHO USE !T. MARCH WINDS ON THE SKIN. 1 HECKLES AND BLUR VEILS. The prerent month plan ?ad havoc with Ihe r?mp'eitrn, ba?pnnhling the more delicate --ut"lee with the i.ankceo drops known aa freckles, and Imparling to other* the tex ture of a nutmeg grater. The nee ot Jared's EMAIL PR PARIS will obviate rill thl- and r?nuer the ?k'u aoft and wh'te and deHoaUty tinted Hko an Infant'v. "L'Kmall de Paria" la ospealelB recom ?oded by Mllo. Vftvall, Mlaa Maggie Mftrhell, Mia. P P. Rawer*, Mist Lu< Hie Western, Mine. Pontsi. Mrs. Emma Waller, Mlaa Luoy Rnabton, . Mllo. Noemlede Mnrguerlttoa, Miea Agnaa I'arry, Mlaa Helen We-iern, and Vt-? Annie Cowell. Hold Ity L. I8ABEAI . 823 Broadway. and all llrst '-sea druggist*. perfumer*, and ladtea' hair droaaara. A BSObtTK DIVORCES OBTAINED IN ANY STATU JoL without publicity or expoante. Oood In rvry States No fee charg-,1 until dlvorre Is obtained. Cornultat i-m *r?a. UEORtHS LINCOLN, Lawyer, SO Naaaau -.real Absolute divorces obtainbd-tn new tork and SUM-* where down lion, Ac., lo aufflnie t rmtpq without publicity ot fee io advance. <'or?ultailon? ir*?. M. 1IOWES, Attorney. 78 Nassau ?treat. STORKS, Si NIONS, ENLARGED JOINTS AND ALL V Dneaaea of the Fact cured by Dr. XACILARIK. No NM Broadway. ___ EOMFORT AND CURB FOR THE BUPTURRD. MKSf postage paid on receipt of ten cent*. Address Di P, R. Me, l,ldil Broadway, New York. Old eyes madesfW with . ?? t - > donor or rr- l'^lnj. Rant postage paid oa reoalpt of ten cenia Addre*' Dr. lf R. Foots, 1.130 Broadway, Now York. Confidential Information for ibc married. Went, i ? it a/a Paul, In sealed Ottv.-lorr, .-n rctn-'ptof ten centa. AdtfR-i Dr. E. B Foot*, I 130 Hroidway, New Y->rt. StrOBCER LMALLT OBTAINED FROM TUB court* of several Metes Without publicity. ?' elty^ nkenn?*? or deaenton cause suiiiritnt, Advice i ? F. I. KINO, Cottnaellor ?t lew, 212 Bro.twar, IMPORTANT LETTER TO LADIES, SHOWING HOW acute suffcrlnE may lie avo: led. Aim to young men, on early error. Address, em losing lUnp, Walter I' >we>% M. J)., 1M Elm alreet. J^EMOVAL btrasrupTolr a nuhn. IMPOUTERS OF fancy ooods, china and tots, formerly 05 Maiden Una, haee remeved 294 RROADWA1, near Canal street, Nete Ywt UOIUf.RERfl'8 (1RRMAN OINTMENT.?WARE ANTE '? A O crtaln euro wKhont the ?ll| < v?t ,??ngrr, far r' ?? Id wonnda, arrofnla. salt rhrum. all tmue and akin dlaaaian La Per aale at 10 Bowtry a?d ky ail prjgylwb Of Mi Nie