Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1867, Page 13

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1867 Page 13
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WfttWOW WAMTBlV-ngMALlt, A YOUNO AMERICAN LADY DB8IRBS A PO?moN J\ u li<i?Mkwr-r. ? ?IL from 10 to I o'clock, At M7 Eut Wth il, Uip floor, front, tor tin. Wearer. IC1IM OF WELL RPOOMMBTDBD GERMAN _ girls went situations el Mrs. Lowe's German Institute Stanton at, oeer the Bowery. RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL WISHES A 8ITU J\ ?b<m aa chanC -moid end plain sower, or to aasut la welting. Cell Al 4Mb ?i at., between 23d end Mlh ate, Uiird Boor. A A YOUNG OIBL WANTS A SITUATION AH CHAM brnna'.d, or tn i :?of .ran ur to make her eel P generally usoful. ?\ 11 for two daya el 1W West to St.. corner 7th ev. A SITUATION A RESPECTABLE young girl. e< eh .mbaimaid end wam*M; lies good oily rsferea. e. Cell e> 21U Its sr. A YOUNG OIRL, LATELY LANDED, WISHES A situation to do bo'ise.??rk; would qo for smell wage* while learning. (lea be >een at 2l9 1 :iit botli at, rear house lop floor, (ur three days. ? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL WISHES A 8ITUA JX. Uoo aa nurae and to do plain sewing, lis* the beet city reference. Can be seen lor two days at her last employer's, W Bast (Rat at A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO OIRL, AS chain barmaid nod seamstress, or would assist In Ink. tagcareef growing children; can cut and fit. Beat of ref erence ftren. Call for two <iays et 88 West 19th at. 8EAM8TRBAS WISHES A SITUATION: UNDBR stands ell kinds of family sewing. Good refa Iran. Address Seamstress, box 2U0 Herald offlee. A scotch oibl wants a situation as cook, A waabar aed Ironer, or to do the housework of a amall Ihmlly: no objection to go a short distance In tha country. Good ohy reference. Call at 122 East 11th at., third floor. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl, aa seamstress or lady's maid; beat ally reference, at tU East 8th si. 'Cah A RESPECTABLE TOUNO OIRL WISHES A 8ITUA tten as child a nurse, chambermaid. or will do plain -aawinr. beat city references. Call al 340 7lb at, between Slat and 32d sis A SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS cock, who thoroughly understands her business in all Its branches; also boning and larding; no objection to a ho tel; the best of city referuuee. Can lie seen for two days at <? Henry at, near Pike. A RKKPBCTABLR WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION aa nurse; can take entire charge of children from In fancy; good city reference. Call at 130 East 23th *t. ALL DE8IRINO IMMEDIATE EMPLOYMENT CALL this day. CI Broademy. room .HI. Bookkeepers, n&les men, clerks, waiters, port-re, gardeners, coachmen, Ac. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUA tlon in e private family as chajuberm-id. Ilast of city reference given. Can be men for two days at 129 Green wich av., second floor, front room. A RESPECTABLE PERSON WANTS A SITUATION aa seamstress, in a good family; understands flow fami ly sewing in all Ita branches. Also machine sewing, and is ? good hair dresser. Can furnish good reference. Apply for two days at 877 Bro ,dstay. A LADY 18 DESIROU " OF FINDING A OOOD PLACE fbr her French m .id, with n family going to Europe. 1j for two daya at Brev.iort House, room No. 6, from 10 ? A OIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN A SALOON, Ho tel ?r borerr, to wait on bles; good references given. Call at I9> Bast 12th at. A TRUSTWORTHY WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION aa laundress; one who is competent and of good ex perience. Call at 833 West Wth *>., second floor, back room. A YOUNG GIRL, LATELY ARRIVED, WISHES A situation as chambermaid ran bo seen for two daya at MS West 16lb St., first 11 air, front room. A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED LABY, WHO HAS been almost 75 years in t'lis country, ami who Is able to de all kinds of flne needlework uud lace mending; can ant and fit ladles' aud children's garment'; la willing to superintend and assist lii lamily sewing; wishes a suitable situation In a private family; wages no object; a good home wanted. Can be seen at 77 East 4tli sL, between Bowery and Id av. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS eook, waaber and Ironer, or to do general housework in a amall family; good reference from her last place. Call at Mt Eaat lOlb St., corner of 1st av., rear house, second A RE A tie for tare RESPECTABLE WELSH GIRL WANTS A SITUA tien aa an experienced nurse or chambermaid. Call daya at her last place h30 West 31st at. A RESPECTABLE PERSON WISHES A SITUATION as outgo; has acted in that capacity for several years, ' i takh the entire charge of an infant :rr hast city reference. Cau be seen , belweeu lfth uud 17ib its., la the a as oucao; has acted i la fully competent lo u from Ha birth; has the vcr for two days at US 3d av., 1 atom ? A COMPETENT PERSON WISHES AN ENGAGE Jm. meat by tha weak or month; can ont. fit and do all kinds of family sewing. Cau bs seen at U Thompson St., ?-oar Canal. ' L SEAMSTRESS WISHES WORK BY TUB DAY OR week; esn operate on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; r would go 10lira with a family. Call at or address No. 187 aatMthoC A SEAMSTRESS WISHES TO GO OUT BY THE DAY or week with or wllho it her own Wheeler A Wllnon MaehlMG ?edcrolanda .cutting and lilting ladles' and cbll x; or would take work home; beat reference gives. Call at or address 192 West Slit at., thiid floor, front A COMPETENT PERSON WANTS A SITUATION AS O. nurse and plain sewer; or would do chambervrork and MtsdchUdran; ana nanjr years' experience in the ear* of mildrea, and ana mind a fuLy from a month old: beat of Sly refareooe given from her hut place, where ahe hue bean ?war four rear*. Please call at DO West ldih at., ooroer of Nfc nr., me door, first aoor. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A HI fUATTON aa rood-cook: ahe la a good baker of bread tnd biscuit, tad la willing la aaatot with the washing. The beat refer inoe ean be given. Apply at 3>M Wast 48.h at. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AH A. chambermaid and fine washer and ironcr. can be aeen for two daya at her proaeut employer's, lfi West 47lb at, be tween fith and fith are. ABRHPBCTABLE YOUNO PROTESTANT OIRL wishes a situation to t ike euro of children and do plain tawing or take aare ot oh ildren and do light ch.nnberwork; rood raferenoe. Call at or address 87 6th ar., fourth floor, "root room. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES ALL KIND8 OF family Call for two days at 11 Mlnetta it A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES To OET SOME A sewing; would go out by the day or week; understands tresama king and all kinds ol family sewing neatly. Call at R Wast 31st st., betweon 6th sad 7lh aa*. ARBSPBCTABLR YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU, atlon as chamoermud sod waitress; has the best of eaty reference. Can be seen at 436 till nr. RESPECTABLE VoliAH WISHES WASH I NO TO take to her house; has no objection to go oat to day'e Call At 1176tli St., room U. 4J RESPECTABLE YOI NU OIltL WISHES A SITUA tion to aasut In the care ol children and wait on a ; understand* balrdresslns. Call lar two uay* at Idd at, nsar 7th sr. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO do general housework, or tike care of ebiluren; two years reference. Call at 116 l? est loth ah, bclweeu dth and fth STL, rear building, fur two day*. A OIRL WISHES A HIT ATI. N TO DO OENERAL housework lor a stna.1 priests family of ?ve persons, >r as chaml>ermnld and waitress ur to t at iluo w ishing. pall at M Wsel Mth sc. near tttu sr. A YOUNO WOMAN WISHhH A SITUATION AS plain c.iek; is an eieellvet washer and ironer; can giro Ute beat of reference from her last place. Call at 664 3d sr., between 30th and tilth ata., In the fans) More. A YOUNO OIRL WANTS A HITUAfflON AS CHAM barmaid and to make herself u?e:ul; good references gtveri Apply on ihmsday. between Ijanrt i 8 and 4, In tht grocery .tore, corner ol Bro.ntway eii.i 3:d st. AMH YOUNO WOMAN. AOED ABOUT 3J. WISHES A I situation as sales* nmau la a bakery or coufnotlonery store; lias bad several years' experience. Address Margaret Hind, box 170. Kahwsy. N. J. Will call immediately any where In New York or Brooklyn for an lute.-, tew. A YOUNO RNOLISII LADY. OP SUl'Bltl'JB KDU A. oatmn and refinement, desires an etr. agement as housekeeper In a widower's family or to go at road with a family; accustomed to Europe*n (ravel and s ?:lety. Ad dress for one week Miss M. Urahatu, station A, npnug sL A YOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS LADIE*' maid or nurse ends eamatress; has had three years' aapeaIsiiiis as nurse in Pafte; apeaka g -.?l Trench sua tier man. Can bring satisfactory relorenee from her Iref ?? pioyer. Call oa or ail dress U. K., 331 West lath at. ABBAM9TRBSS, WHO UNDERSTANDS DRESS making in general and all sorts of family sewing, Wishes a situation; no objection to wait on grown obildreo; |u years' good city reference Bom lest employers. Call at Iwlday., near MKh St. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AH agoodeook; understands cooking in all Ita branches: wo objection to do the washing ol bouse linen: beet of etty reference. Call at 101 Weal Hist st. A RESPECTABLE OlBL WANTS A SITUATION AS chambermaid and waitress or waitress alone; beat of ?ty reference from last place. Call for two days at 311 'set 18th st, between 8th and ?lh a vs.. in the rwy. A YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO ebamberwork and waiting. Use the beet of city refe Call at HD7 Mast Slat St. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE Wo man, as cook; understands her business thoroughly; fan take car* of milk and bntter: would like to takn beg boy, t year* old, with her; would go for moderate Wages: good reference; no objection to the country. Can be seen at Ml Bast litk st., first Boor, back room. AN AMBRICAN LADY. WHO IS TO COMR IN Pos session of n larce estate In a short time, wishes to make an engagement with n family to go to Parts; alio will make herself useful, can sew. he.; the beet of refereuoe given. Address Addie, Herald otlica. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES J\ a situation as wet nurse. Call at 11/ West 06th st, be tween tftb and 7th avs., In the rear. A YOUNO OJRL WISHES A SITUATION TO TAKE A care of children: no objection to the country. Cull for two days nt 40 Kaetllst sL A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION WITH A respectable private family as chambermaid and wait ress or chambermaid and to assist in the laundry: la willing And obliging; live years' city reference from bar Last plate. Jan be seen at fiW* 0th av. RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SlfUATION amstreae, to > Laxlugton i , A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION A as eesmstreas, to go out by the month, week or day. Call si 816 Islington av. ARRSPEOTABLR YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUA Uon aa chambermaid or waltreM; no objection to go re to the country. Call for two nays at *M Eaet Mth si, rid av. >A .RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITU A Men as good cook, washer and iroder, and a good bakeri k Call at K6 West Nth at., 9U7Z, pest oily referenoa. I ?rrrAno*? wnmp-FiMiLig. 1 RF.SriiUTA3LE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AH , nurne ?ml would lake fu;t charge of a / V rhabycr do chsmUrwwk, good cliy reference. U*U' ... "? lady would uh a situation ur a Vn~ ?. '<??*e?da tbs dry good* And fancy bu*!a?*i 'oery If required; olieotlon to Imx the dt"y^ rtijU Addr** Ji. L., Herald ofllMk for two day*. AurruATio* waI a* laundress em fr>o?i her last e-rfployer OfwR-W A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A HP '"ROTABLE orm^ A SITPATIOIt AS Chi. --'iermald and w?^a i.V* to. <lo kowiuj g >tl city lefereuee. V*" ?* w**t Mat at, top r, front. 4 YOUNG XOMA* WISHES P ATI OK IN A A f.r.reie family a* eoek; ?* wlllln.: * wtth tha washing and lr> :-ing; bait of rafereuae If required. Call At M Marrow at.. In ih* rear. RKSPBCTABLR WOMAN, LATELY LANDBD. wubes a situation a* ntffee, to take charge of a child from tt* infancy and doplain-evwlng; or will an as oook and to do waablog ana Ironing. Oeabeeeea at 4CI 9d at, between 9th and 10th art.. SretOodC. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO CHTKL WISHES A HTTP A Hon to do general houiewwrk: Ma email prlrate family: U not afraid of work; beet oity refcreaoa from laat place. CaU at fltt We*i 4M el A SITCATION WANTKO-BY A YO0HO OIRL. TO A do chamberwork and waiting, at Would do homework for a small prlrate family; has the beat df elty reference. Cell for two day* at III Weet Uth it A SITUATION WANTED?BY AM EXPERIENCED A nr*e; 1* thoroughly competent to lake (barn of a baby from Mb birth, and i* a good plain aewer; beet of elty refer enee. QJ1 for two daye at 111 West IT lb *4, between 6th and 7tk ait A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GERMAN WOMAN wanUaa situation a* cook, weaker and Irooer of to do | housework. CaU at M Weet EM> at, near 9th ar., *M " I floor, in Ike soar. A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SIT nation to do washing, ironing and plain cooking; beat of reference*. CaU at 3bJ Beat 1Mb at, aeeuud floor, front room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL WISHES A 8ITUA tlon to do general housework or ebamberwerk In a ?mail prlrate faintly: ia a good plain oho It. washer and Irouer and ha* rood city re i ere nee. Call for two day* at 97 West 37th at, belweeu fltfa aad 7lh era. A SITUATION WANTED?BY AN EXCELLENT COOK, who thoroughly understand* her business', best of oltr reference. Can be aeea at 313 Weet 36ih at, between 7th mid 8th ars. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION as nurse-or seamhtrrsag understanifa the care of young children; good reference*; no t* tfarcL. Cell at bo Weat 18th at, too floor. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SIT. uatlon In a erlrate family! to do oooking, washing anil ironing. Is a good baker; good references. CaU lor two day* at 439 3d av ., in the fancy store. * YOUNi J\ Hon as let and 3d ai YOUNG MARRIED WOMAN WISHES A SITUA wet nuree. CaU at 359 Bast 19th at., between in ARESPECTABLB WOMAN WISIIIK8 TO OO OUT TO do day's work: 1' a good washer and Irouer and house cleaner; good reierencsa. Apply at C2 lUtb ar? between 37lb and 38th sts. t FIRST CLASH DRESSMAKER WISHES EMPLOY J\ ment to go out by the day or week; baa a sewing ma chine of her own. Call at 01 13th at, between Sin and 0th an A FIRST CLASS PROTESTANT COOK WANTS A si mutton; thoroughly understands her business In aU its branches; the best city reference from her last plaoe. Can be teen for two days at 98 West 19th at. A N EXPERIENCED DRESSMAKER WISHES TO OO out by the day. Call at 033 3d ar. A RESPECTABLE. AND RBLIABLE WOMAN WISHES to take in ladles' or gentlemen's washing and Ironing nt her own bouse; understands Preuch fluting. Call for one week at 330 7lb a*., iu the store. A DRESSMAKER, WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER ?lands cutting, fitting and trimming with taste, would like a few more engagements by the dar. or would take a sit uation by the month; understands family sewing: elty refer ence. Apply a* No. 3 Astor place, dyeing establishment. . A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A FEW MORE EN gaoementa to gf out by tba day or week; can do all kinds or family sowing: understands dressmaking; la a Aral class operator. Call all tbe week at 17S East Uth at. be tween let and 2dars. A YOUNG ENGLISH GIRL, THOROUGHLY COM potent, wishes a atuatlon to mind children and sow, or would do ehainborwork and waiting In a email family; Aral. class elty reference. Call for tw<0 day* at 1U0 East Uth at. (old no. n.) A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN W18HB8 A situation to do chamberwork, nursing, fine washing, or aa wait mas; good references. Call at 623 8th ar., between 31st and 33d sis. situation wanted?by a respectable young woman, to do cooking; la wlUlag to assist with a I M - tba washing and ironing; la capable and willing; baa tbe beat of city reference. Can be aeea el 138 7th ay, A YOUNG OIRL DESIRES A SITUATION TO MAKB herself generally useful, or as nurse or any kind of light work; one who never served out before. Oen be eeen at 418 3th ar., near 33d at. King the bell. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION aa nrsi dees laundress In a prlrate family in tbe coun try; understand' French fluting; baa tbe beet of city refer ences. Call at 816 East 83d st, between let and 3d in AYOUNO OIRL. M- YEARS OLD, WISHES A SITU - aMon io do light chamberwork end waiting, or would assist In general housework Id a small family; good refer ence. Apply at 811 Weet 89th at. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A FIRST CLASS LAUN dress; understands anting thoroughly; has no objeo tlon to the country; baa tba beat of city raferer.oea. Can be eeen at 119 Weat itth at A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A NEAT AND TIDY to do general housework for a plain American family; two -years referenoe from her laat piaee. Apply at 813 9tn sL, between ars. B and C. A LADY WISHES TO OBTAIN FOR A FORMER ?errant of hers some washing, to take te her own house; ?he Is an excellent laundress, bar obarge la moder ate. Apply at 230 M idison ar. A RESPECTABLE aiRL WANTS A SITUATION AS cook, waeher anil ironer la a private family: good oily reference. Call at 4U AM ak, between 4ih and Madtsoa ava. A SITUATION WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY >? wa:train: the vcry bait of oity reference. Call at 44 We?t IStti at., bet wen ath and 4th ara. A SITUATION WaNTED-BY A RESPECTABLE ynnuii Ameriean girl, to take oare of children and do sewing. woiud not object I > aialat with light cnainberwork; h?a the beat of reference from her Inst place. Can be aorn fur two day* .it 219 new number; illat at., between 3d aud 3d ara. acooud Door, front room. A SITUATION WANT15D-HY A YOUNG WOMAN TO dopliin cooking in a email prim e family: la willing to aasUt with the washing and ironing ii required; ha a four years'cily ral'eienoi-from h:*r last place. Can bo seen lor two daya at nM let ar , aeoud floor, front room. ANEW r.NOLAND LADY WISHES TO OBTAIN A Munition aa houack?eper la a hotel or nrlrate family; rvferenoo first claaa call at or address Housekeeper, <e Park sr., Brooklyn. AFKENCII NURSE FRO* PARIS WISHES A 8ITU alinn to take care uf ohlldran and to do sewing; good reference. Apply at 180 4tk ar., between Jtth and 13th ale. A respectable YOUNG OIRl. WI8HRS A SITUA Uon to do cham 'crwork and watting, or chamherwork and to with the washing and Ironing; has no objections to go to tbe country for the summer; best of oily reference from her last place. Call at or address 436 7th ar., batween 3bih and 87th ata. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A R*'SPECTABLB and rsliable steady girl to cook, wash and iron In * small private family; has 11 yeara' city reference from her last place; la a r-o'l plain oook, washer. Ironar and baker. Can be eeeu at 163 H'esl 29lit at.. In the rear. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUMG OIRL, AS Bret class Waitress; city reference. Can be seen at 333 (new bo.) bant 18th at. AYOCNO OIRL WANf& A SITUATION AS CHAM bermald and waitress; has good reference from bar last place. Call at 77 West JiRh at. AYOUNU OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO TAKR oare of children and do plain sewing or chamherwork and waiting; good cUr reference. Call J 341 Wart B4 at., third Boor, room No. td ARESPKt TABLE OIRI. WANTS A SITUATION AS leundrcsa in a private family; would prefer a family going to the country Tor tbe aummar; good city reference. Can be seen lor two days at her present employer's, SI East tbih ak, between Madison aud 4Ut ara. AYOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION; IB AN excellent cook and is willing to aaaist with the washing and Ironing; ceo giro good city reference. Can be seta un til engaged at 160 West 10th ak, ftrat Seor. AM RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUA. lion to do general hoasework. ar nook, weak and Iron, flood reference. Apply at447 Weet 17th ot,. third floor, fronk AM FIRST CLASS COOK'S SITUATION WANTED-BY a woman thoroughly competent; aaderaWnda French and English cookli g. Good refaronoa. Apply at IS Waal 19th at,, la basemen,. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES TO OO OUT BY the day or week aa seamstress; eaa oat and fit eail dren'a clothea; can make boys' clothes; also understands all kinds of family aewlng; oan operate on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; has one of her own If required. Cell from M A. M. to 4 P. M , et 37 Weal SSth ak 4 RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, LATELY A landed, wishes a situation lode general housework; Is a ifo" ! waabar and Ironar. Can be saaa for two daya at 487 Wast 34th si. ' A SITUATION WANTED-BY A EESPECTABLB Wo man aa oook; nndentenda aookiag perfectly; won Id asslat In washing; no objection to go a abort distance In the country ; best of oily reference. Cell fer two daya at 4M Weal AMh ak A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SIT nation In a private familr aa c ham barm aid and la will ing to aaslat in tha washing. Can ;ba aeea at Ml Beat 84th Am SITUATION WANTED-BY ? RESPECTABLE young girl, to do chamherwork and waiting; la eery food of children, la kind and willing; beat of city reference. Can be seen at 487 7th ar. AM SITUATION WAlfTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE girl,. a? chambermaid and waitress; has the beat of city reference from her last place and has ao objection te tha oan a try. 110 West ISth ak, near 7th ar. AM COMPETENT SEAMSTRESS, WHO UNDERSTANDS all kinds of family aewlng. has aa objection to assist la tha oare of children: ean operate on Whaaler A Wilson's or Urerer A Baker's aewlng machine; beat of rafaranoaa Apply at M West 11th at., between 6th and 4lh ara. AM RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL. BtJT LATELY arrlrad In this country, wishes a situation to do gene ral housework la a small family; la a good plain aawar. Call far two days at 108 West 19th ak rotations vtattbo-b, A N KKOLISH WOMAN, THOROUGHLY COMPETENT J?; .,_ , fJ' 4 P?a'tion ? lady's Dtld Or atlandaut in a fam ? - o go out and t employer., a? J*?'1 rf' 4 Position aa lady's maid or atlandaut in >? going abroad; would prefer an engagement to fo i ??V*fn', A" ?* f4?4 41 ">? house <* Mr prevent em; 20 We>* J"4 et. to whom she refers. A BMBP??TABI,B ORRMAN WOMAN WISHES A A situation sa oook. Can make all aorli of jellies, soup and pastries. Oood Bit* refsrenoe. Call at 166 Orchard si , COMPETENT SEAMSTRESS WANTS A SITUATION as lady's maid; understand eutting and Biting ladies* Apply at Ml and children's d. __ ?th ap., In lbs store. ^ situation wanted?as seaM8TRB?s, by a A young girl; capable of doing any Mad of needlework at well as plain sewing: wane $11; will donothbvg bulH beat reference given. Apply at 361 West BBtb si. SITUATION WANTBD-BT AN OBLIGING GIRL, ?s cook or laondrnaa, or to ooob, wash and Iron, in a Bsmily. Meat references bp bar preeeat employers, at ?1? East 614 at AH YOUNO oibl DBSIRBS a situation am oood I oook, was bar and II oner, in a mall private family; best eity reference. Call at Ml Wast Od st., In the rear. A SITUATION WAMTBD-BY A RB3PBCTABLB young girl, to do general housework, or aa chamber maid; beat of tefereooe. Call stSI Beat Od at, Brat Soar, for two days. , SITUATION WATWTO-BT A TOUNO GIRL, TO X cook, wash and Iron In a private family. Apply at No. Vandnm at, for two days. A, AJStSJSXUSla.wss. vo? AT A TOUNO WOMAN WISHRS A SITUATION TO DO housework or take care of children; wages no object If a nice place; dtp or .country. Apply at H Suffolk at., In the bakery. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, tt nurse; can take the entire charge of an Infant; no objectl m tottae ednmry. Best elty reference. Call at 41B East Xld at, between latav. and av. A. A N AMERICAN WIDOW LADY WISHER A SITUATION .1 in a family as seamstress, or to do general hooaework. OaH at 486 Grand St., from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. J RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITU alton as nurse and seamstress; understands dress making; can operate on VVhe-ler A Wilson's sewing machine; good alt/ reforenoe. Call at fc6 Wast 1Mb st. AStTUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED cook. In a private family; Is a good fa-nfly cook; would take olisrgo of n house for the summer' c.ty reler enoe. Call for two days at U9 West lftth st, first door. A RESPECT ABLE YOUNO OIRL WISHES A 8ITUA tlon aa cook, washsr and ironer: best of city references from last plaoe. Apply at f~9 West 38th st A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH OIRL WISHES A SITU A tlon to Lake care of children; can be well recom mended. Apply at ?61 East 20th st, corner of 3d av., froo b to ? o'clock. A PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION IN city or country; Is a good' washer and troner aud a rood cook; bus the beet of city reference if required. Call fur two days at 373 Elizabeth st, near Bieecker. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WO man. to eoolL wash and Iron; understands all kinds of baking and poultry: has the best of eity reference. Call at 618 3d av., between Sid and 83d sts. A YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION IN A small piivats family. Is a good plain oook. washerand ironer; good city references. Call at Sob West 30th St. first floor, front. A TOUNO OIRL. FIFTEEN YEARS OF AOE, WOULD like to get a situation with a kind lady to do chamber work.and waiting. Apply for three days at 310 East 83d st A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO AY eharaberwork and waiting.' Oood eity refereaoe. Call at 1M East 26th at. for two days. LADY WISHES AN ENGAGEMENT AS HOUSB beeper for a gentlemen, or a situation aa matron. Ad Mra 0. Martlno, station D, New York. A N AMERICAN PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS A AY stluakwn as plain oook, or to do housework In a small family; understands making butter, wishes to go to the country. Oood raferenoe. Call at 180 Elisabeth St., for two day?. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT PER son, aa ehambermald aad waitress, or eh irabermald and lauodreoo; nnderstande all- kinds of flullag; best of refereoce. Call at 8A1 East 3Ast st A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE A girl, as laundress In a private family; would go to the country la summer; good eity raferenoe. Call at ?4 Wast 33d st ARESPBOTABLB YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SIT uatlon at nook: is a good baker and would do coarse washing; understands French ceo king; elty reference. Can be seen for two days at 161 Esse Bid st., roona Mat M, second Boor. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WI8HB8 A SITUATION A3 cbambermaid and waitress, or nurse and seamstress; ? references. Call at Mo. 6 Howard Rooms, 6th av., oae from 43d at SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE l young man, aaeaschman In a private family; has good erancea. Call at or addrase thle day 41 Waat Ikth at SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE woman as first class cook; understands eeoklag In all lis branches; is a good baker of bread and pastry; bast of city reference given. Pali at 76 Weei 30th st ARESPBOTABLB OIRL DBSIRBS A SITUATION AS competent chnmberuuid and waitress, or weald assist with wasning and ironing in a private family; has the best of elty ret cranes. Call Tor two days at 108 fd av? between 13lh and 14th ate. A NEAT AND TIDY YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITU ation as oook, and to asalat with washing aad ironing: has the best of ally refers noe. Cam be aeea at 88 West A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS good cook, washer and Ironer; has the beet of elty ref ereoce from her last place. Call at 118 West 27th sL N AMERICAN PROTESTANT WOMAN WI8HBS A A sanation aa Infant's nurse; la fully competent to "bring It up by tbe bottle; can take oara of aa Invalid lady; best M city reierence. Call at 76 West 3tRh et. A SITUATION WANTSD-WT A RESPBOTABLK young woatn, to do housework la a imaU private fam ily; wu?< not ao muob an object aea good house. Call lor two day* at 313d ar.. between Mb aad 10th ate. Ah young girl wishes A SITUATION as CHAM b-rtnald, fine washer and Irontr; e ty reference*. Can be seen at 14 btli at, In tbe baacraeot. ALL WANTING GOOD SERVANTS AND GERMAN cirla (city or country), call at Employment Aaeoctation, 106 6th ar , below 9th at. A FIRST GLASS COOK WANTS A SITUATION IN A A private (amity, or a* coot aa housekeeper for a amall faintly; understands English and American cooking. Ad dress U., 3*> East Jtth at, near SM nr., for this woek. A^m RES EEC f t BLR YOUNG OIRE WISHES A 9ITUA tlou aa chambermaid and waHreae or aa chambermaid and to aasiat In washing uod ironing or sewing; unde.-atenda either; best pf city refercucea. Can be aeeu for two daya at 66 9th a*., between 16th and 18th at*. Ah situation waxted-by a young woman, to do ehamberwork and wattles, or cbamherwnrk and to taka our# of children: the best of city reference. Can be eeeo at 937 Weat 16lb st , between ."la ai.d 8th ar A YOUNO PERSON, WHO SPEAKS FRENCH, SPAN lab, German and English, deairea a aUuaibni aa nurae aad seamstress; wages uot so much an object aa a commit able home; citr relerenoe. Apply at 26J Weat 38.1 at., be tween Mb and 10th ars. AH| YOUNO GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO OBN eral housework in a small family. best of city reference I rem last plane. Call for two days at 911 Canal at. A Am situation wanted-by a respectable girl, to do central housework; la willing and obliging Oaa be seen for two days at 86 West 18th st. Am situation wanted-by a young, healthy girl, for general housework, or ehamberwork and washing, or to lake earn of children; city ml evens as. Cell at 411 9d ar., near 24th at, second floor. AM SITUATION WANTED?BT A COMPETENT wo man, to do ehamberwork end fine washing, or la take oare M en Invalid laly or baby; beat city reference. Call at 411 3d ar. ? near 94th at, second floor. (NOOK.?A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RE8PRCTA J bla colored woman, as oook, without washing and Iron ing: can give good city reference. Call st 168 Baxter street, tare doer* from Grand, third Boor, front room, for on* day. 0HOOK.?SITUATION WANTED, IN A FIRST CLANS fsidlty. by a aompotent woman, who understands French eeoklng aad all kinds of daaaart; bast of re I arena*. Call at 987 6th nr., earner 18U> at. C1AI.IFOKMA.-A LADY WANT! A SITUATION AS ) travelling companion; baa been there, and wishes to re turn; Is never eeaaiek; would be valuable io tbnea whom she would accompany, having e thorough knowledge of all kinds of work. Address California, hoi Bio Herald office. Fm AM I LIES SUITED IMMEDIATELY WITH CAPABLE servants at CARPENTER S large Employment office (established 16 yoara), IE 11th at. oornor nth av. Housekeeper?a middle aobd lady or respectability aad great experience went* a sttoaUoa in n gentleman's family er hotel: cannot be excelled In

managing say breach of housekeeping; the high net teetlaeo' Dials given. Addreaa B. J. D., box 1H Herald o(9ee. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED?Bf A PER soa fully competent to 811 the position, In the cUy or oountry. Addreaa Mr*. Blmcker, station D. 90a at Monthly nurse?wanted, a few more en gagomants, by a lady of many years eaperiena; beat of city references, Address Mrs. Dickson, 116 ALlaa at, near Dalaaoay. SITUATION WANTBD-AS CHAMBERMAID AND seams tree#, or would assist la oaring ohlldren; good city reference. OaU at IIS East 94th at., between Lexington and 4th av*. Situations wanted-bt two bebpectablb young girls; en* aa first class oook la a private fam ly; ha* the best of citr reference; the other aa chambermaid aad to mah* herself generally useful. Call at 179 East 64th at Situation wanted?as chambermaid and to assist at washing and Ironing; or would mate herself generally useful: good reference from last p<aon Call at No. 1 Peak slip, corner of Peart at, second floor. SITUATION WANTBD-AS CLOAK CUTTER OR As sistant forewoman or would take eaarga of a small establishment; good rafsrenaaa. Addreaa, far eon week, 0. R , station B. ? SITUATION WANTED?MY A RBRPBCTABLR YOUNG 5 drl, a* rook, or would aaalat with washing; has the beet ?( city references. Call at MB 7th av., between 90th and flat streets. Situation wantbd-bt a re9protablb girl. to do general housework In a amall private family; good city reference can be riraa. (.an be seen at 196 Perry at, rear haeameal I 4 VTK O?* A I OTBL. tOJ*> | ihe wntry: ?ood?t>r reform*; ? C.V>?. A?? ASSIST AT ^A!?'clV ^:?r.n<y., Call at J* t3U s4????'JEI" ?*/.!?!* 9lA?T., bet> 'R3T CLASS COOK; ^T~??n t0TBt A >. ?; baat of oily i?f aiWATIOM WA> - a, |iwb!*lv l??ratty plaoo, \f "? ;armbjrti?h?i WOSIAK Ai Sm A no* WANTED?Br A RKSt'BCTABLB XVOi . *"???_** "Tsa and seamstress; ran out ?ud fit ladle*' and c illdrno a dreasaa; understands all kleda of family ?owing; fa^fOBBpelnt li) taka entire charge af an Infantf food dty rewreaoe. Callat44 KaatfldthsU * Srr^7't01f- IfAlfrgP-BT A RES PBOTABLE TOUNO kJ woman, to dwenamberwort and aaaiat Iv lb* wailloi an# ironing; two gnu In laat fjare; good elty raf* Call at B Waal 44trst., la the novo, first floor. ?ITniTTOll WANTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNG 2 dofanartl'hanaawork l?a email prirata family. Good altj reference. Cafl at SM Kaat Bat ?U. second floor, qiTuatiow wantk>?bt a rnwr class cook, undarHande hef lualnees la all 1U branehea: aoupe! ?fi'SS: toning and larding. beat or nlty refer*dm. Call at 10> West 10th at, for two darn amrAnoifS WATfTBO-KT TWO TOD NO OIRLS, *? bare dtr reference, u> took, weak and Iron and to Mt'et M ls? eountry. CkO at 312 We* aiTDAnoif WANTED?RY' A RESPECTABLE OEB V ,?1,nv?tKrl> B &U'dtfnrata-with a famllr In Stay. Call * _. M ^ 0PWe<t39th *t., earner 6th if. OITDAnnjf WAKTHD-BT A' FIR8T CLASS L A UN tj dress; thoroughly understand* hsr builmwa; food dtr raferanoe. Call fur two days at ltf TTeet lfltli H., between 6in ana ?th nra. T0r,rA,MII'l^'? .^ATELLTKOi?A RESPVCTABI.B Prn*''"*Dt. wl<lKt? situation a* lady's makl or nuree; ca? dress hair end make her-elf generally Emtu! eULori Qir*C0DU*>*D<'*"0B Addrcw Miss fTWO RESPECJABLR GIRLS WANTS SITUATIONS llikiTm!?'k. wvdiar and lroner and the other t? do r1 >!'ld ?r;llUll?or to t"?ke mra of children; city raterenoe. Ctta be seen at ITS Rait nth at., basement. TWO M9TERS wANT SITUATIONS-ONE AS COO* h,h^*?"i'errn^ Ilroner; the other (I* ye ire; wishes to mlad a baby and do plain a-winqr: I* witling and oldlging- have ?t"wt betwein iS-ma cou,trf. ,'*,r?* ^*?t 19th litylefcrcnee ***" up P*tr eteiro. Good TWO RESPECTABLE TODNO GIRLS'WANT SITU at I W.T *? ch inhcrmald, the other- to do sener-U hvaTht" in the reu'r. * pl*??' C*U al Hj 8u!' rPWO RESPECTABLE fWAO WOMEN WISII HITU ln tiL Li * prlT,*i' f*mtrf;*ne aa cook, and would unlit *1 lronlnjt' *h" othrr a* chambernvald and KSh Sn7Wt'()".U^nCT f,T,a- Ca' ^ M " " WANTED-BY A RESPECT A BLR PERSON, A SITU alion aa chambermaid and walireaa or to take rare of oailrtrrn end do plain sewing. CaB for two days* at 400 Sib su, tmrd floor, front room. WANTED?BT A RESECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU A J10* ?? - ?r,t rate waebar and lroner; beat of ?rr?rrn?1i CaU ?'538 E"? MtA at., between Iat and Sd *???? iw two dnji. W ANTEP?A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE jroinif woman, as chamhenaald and waltreae or to do 144KirtSthaf D*: ^ referenoa. Call at WANTBD-BT A RESPRCTAPL* TOUNO GIRI, A Yf "'Durtkm In a email family to do houn work; tt!,rtoT^Tfront" ??6n Ufltaet WANTBO-AlHTUATION, BT A YOUNG GIRL. WHO _J" . ^TP?*h ,foor reare eltr refiwenoe, a* ebamtmr maid and waltraaa la a small prirata famtbr. Call at STBStb ITIOM. "WANTED?A SITUATION. BT A TOUNO WOMAN, TT m UurnhDM or wnnld do flm vrubto^ And ironing ind chambf rwork; or would go aa wultr^s; bwit rfu rofereneo from bar laat ptaaa. Cau be eeen at 3K Baet 19th at., neor WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A BITOT RATE COOK; TT U a good baker; wflllng to aaalet tn waahlng and trow ro ?* ^ P7,*Bnl employer-., to whom .Be raf era, 71 Kant Hki at. aaar 4th ar. WANTKD-A SITUATION. BT A FIRST CLASS If eook. who under* lands her* In all tie < branch. !; beet of olty reference*. Call at 87 West 19th at., up etalra. TIT ANTE D?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WO L man. a Atuatton- to- eook, wash and iron, In a small private family; no objections to general housework; best of oliy referenoe given, a pply at 10 hnei et., roar, third floor WANTKD-A SITUATION BT A ToUNO OIRL AS .*?*l.ltn4 to "? ? with the waahlor; no objection to I? . .1? dietanre In the oountry. Call for two day. at 121 ?mt 4to It*, first floor. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RE8PBCTABLB young woman, to du-goneral homework or waiting, ana to aejd.t with the washing and Ironing, In a email prl rate family; the beet of city referenoe from, bar laat pleoo. Call for two days at ?1 Wast Mth at P " WAJrr*D?*T A TOUNO GIRL, A SITUATION TO ff do eharaberwork aad waiting, or would mo a. ntvrM olty reference. Inquire at 228 7th sr.. In the f.inoy etoiV^ WANTED?BY TWO RESPBCTABLB OJRLS, 8ITUA rr tlona: on# to oook, waah and Iron, or to-do housework: good eltjr reference; the ether as chambermaid and to aisiat In washing aad Ironing, er would take care of children; has no objection to go a short distance In the oonrAry; ha. three year.' reference from her laat place. Call ah La East 22d st., near 2d ar. WANTBD-A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND walwesa In a private famllr or boardlug henna. Can PO eeen .t thejweidenoe or her preecnt employer, 143 flth ar. WANTED?A POSITION AS OOXBANION AND TO , f (emlly, by an American, aged 23 Teem; or to trerel with a lady; has a fair ednoatlon and a cheerful die position; can g vo the best of reference; waret not so much *n_1 -f01" * fa,Hi^OIU"- Addreaa A. B., ataUju B, 0th ay. WA7TRn_eBY {" PROTESTANT WOMAN, A SITUA." tloc a. drat clam, cook; baking and pastry, all kind, or aeaaertA jcUia. and loo cream; giod refereuoa 347 West 39th St, WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PRO. teitant girl: I. e good plain cook and lir.t rata washer ann lroner; no objection to the country;guod city rcfereoc* Call for two days at 46 Rutgers su WANTED?BY A SUPERIOR NURSE AND LADY'S mal l, a situation in the olty or oountrr; will trarel with a lady; or aa thorough waitress and parlor maid: wages >12. Call St 193 East 21st st (new No. 3l5b WANTED?BY A SUPhKIOK MIDDLB AOED Scotch woman, a situation a* first class cook; under stands tier business ,n aU IN branches: the American and So Usb style of onokiug. CaU at 1W East 21st M. (nsw No. TIT ANTED?BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG OIRL, A SIT. Tf ust on as rook; understand* all kinds of soekln;: no objection to a private boarding noil,*; beat of refercnoss from Alt place. CaU at30* East Slat at., second floor, back room. WANTED?B* A RKRPBOTABLE TOUNG WOMtN, TV a situation aa chambermaid and waitress or nlain sewer. CaU for two days at 40 Beacli. at. WANTED-A SITUATION AS SRAM-iTRRSS, IN A private family; can cut and flt ladle.' dresae* and operate on ^n haaiar A Wilson's maohine. Apply at iM 3d sr., near 324 st WANTED-BT A HNART, TIDT TOUNG OIRL, A sltuat.on aa chain be nnald and waitress, or laundress; understand* Outing; or would do g-neral bsntew <rk In a Ch7v . LnThn'rear" r*Urmou- APP>7 ?* ?? WA2L7E?~i* SITUATION BT A RESPECT ABLE girt, to do general housework in a small family; Is a flooo cook, and an ei<ellent wi-.her arid lroner: good illy reference. CaU at Mi 7lh a?? near Slat St. second floor. WANTBD-A MTUATIOlt, BT A TV girl, as chambermaid and to do ?awing. Apply at MO West %*h sc. seoo RESPBCTABLB washing and plain ad floor. WAI,I5D-:BT A Rkspbctablb.protestant ai rl. a situation as chambetaaald and to sew on VYh mler i Wilson's machlna or to mind children. Good city rare from bar Ust plica. CaU for two dayaat 444 4th ay. W4i!PHT A RK9PECTABLB HARRIED LADT, TV who lost bar baby laat week, a baby to nure* at her Brooklyn! NoKlroy, 143 Plymouth street, WANTED-BT A BESPBCTA1LE TOUNG WOMAN, TT h situation as elaasbe rmald and to do Mala sew In w well saooaimended. CaU at 219 Weet 17th ak WANTBD-BT A RKSPRCTABLR WOMAN, A BART to wet nana at her owa house; has lost bar own habv In VU birth h few daya agn and I? compiled tolak. cn. on li? flnaatUy o7 inllk; a lady's child ptWirred; such will And aa atparlanoed paraon and good car*. Ad dress, for three daya A. W. N., 474 Sd av., aLalon f. WANTBD-BT A REHPONSIBL1 LADtl TRB charge of a bouse daring the avmmer In the abeeno* of the owupania The bert of referent*. ^ven. Ap^y u 8ft UrMdwIcii ??? WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RKSPRCTABLR yiong woman, to 4o chamberwork and plain aewiag; can w>m* highly reoommeodnd by her laat employer. Oil be earn for two days at MM 0th av., between (3th and Mth su.. second Boor, back room. WAKTKD-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa wet nana; has a treah btvaUnf milk and is capable of taking care of an Infant thdl for three day, at A Mulberry nl first IWor. n,r buildlug WANTED-BT A RESPBCTAELB YOUNG WO*AN."a situation ll ? respwtable orlvaU family la a good eook. Beet citv referaucs Ir on* her last plana Call at iM West 17lh st., between ?th and 19th a>s. WASrKD-flY A MOST RBH PECtThLK^GIRU ~A situation to trarel with t lady, or UkaTar. of an In valid lady. Doit refsrrnoe, Call in Clinton at third bouse from 4th place, Brooklyn. WANTED?RT A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITUA lion as seamstress; has no ob J sot ten to assist In oham* harwrrk, or to trarel with a htdy. Call at 4nn ?>b su East river WA!,J*",rB7,.iA RKSPECTARLE TOUNG OIRUA situ itlrtii wttk a family to do chamberwork and wash ing: has ret'mice. Address tat Madison su WANTED-A SITUATION AS WET NDR8B. BY A TT rea;>ertaMe worn m with a full aresst er ,n)|k CaU for two davs at 41 Soriug au w"r^ ?a??? ? a. . ~ ??ffS? ? family In ihia couuijr or g? ' ?? Phar at, New Tort, ^ Ktk , ^ WANTKn-BT A TOUMO PEn"?? (iiukUuo M wet iim. Call M I* *?? lyn. E |>. WHA> 1D-A dlTTTATlOM as maNK^UAPY * c'uak, lane or Udn-v lonilikltd ?<ubitnlwnl U ? Kranrh ivlj, 1Lo uinlaountl* French 0*rmanaol tfr.fTUb, ? DO woo i mu" la tlie ..hire pure at Kit. I At Ixi.i of ;efrr?ucee i.rea. AdilrtM Saleslady, rark, N. J. WASHING ?A RESPECTABLE UEKM AN WOMAN wlthet 10 *et -o tit washing by th? dozen, at ktr resi dence, B83 Third .taunt, in ma rear house. Shlrta dona up It: tha ueatcat uianuer to<l dating tau ha dooa If raqu.rod. TIT ANTED?BY AN EXPERIENCED LADY, A SITUA TT Hon in a mantilla, mill inert or ladlee' furnishing iNpra, or to dlMel In tome manufacturing eetablialnneuC '.>1 latlafaetory raforonoaa (Iran. Adlriat H. H. U., hot t |Narald oflloo. wariL^ T?p?BY A COLORED OIRL, A SITUATION zL ijiSssv?a/?si3.aB HTAirnm-A NITUATICHI AS SKAMSTB88 OR PRR. SiAddf~K-a' WANTED^?W A YOKING GERMAN WOMAN. A SITE ?Dm aaaaais h.<sir> at BR ay. O. rwa No. R WANTED-A HTUATI ON BT A TOUNO WOMAN AN chambermaid and ?raitreae: Wat tf ?Hy referenoe from bar last pUoe. Can baVaaaa far two dayr at /? West 20thet WANTED?BT A TOUNO OIKL, A SITUATION TO do plain cooking and wa >hto? and ironing, or will da general housework in a amall f. tmlTy; good ally reference. Can be seen for two daya at 142 ? < sr., near ldu aA, floor. WANTED-BT TWO TOUNO OTRLS. SITUATIONS; one aa fine wnahor and Iro nar and to assist with ebsAiberwork; the ether aa Sratclass waitress: hare the baat city references. Callat 942 Baat lath at, between lat and Sd urn., aecood floor, WANTED-BT AN AMERICAN WI DOW LADT, THE ?? position of bouaekeeper, either In New York or Brooklyn. Addreaa H. B. 8., boa 308 He. "aid office. P WAMTKT>-BY A BB9KE0TABLK T? *UNO OIRL. A r? situation aa cook, washer and lronr r; beat of refer [ encogtron. Call for two daya at 7B8 Waab.'ngton at, flrat floor, front1 room. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE girl to- do general Imuaeworh In a ima '1 prlrnle fa mily; beat of reference. Call at or addraaa dtVJ Weat 88th i st, front room, aecood floor. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A 8ITUA ? ton as lady's maid aud seumstress, or lo ti are) with a fierily; has ijtod city refaranoa. Can ba aean for two days at 223 East 18th at WB^HANTED-A SITUATION, NT A RRSFECVABLB girl, to do ohamharwnrk and1 assist with the washing and Iror lng. Call at 2ST 7lb ar., between 28th and 27th at a. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE G7RL, A SrWA tlon as good plkln cook and to assist with washing and ironing, or to once, wash and Iron In a amall resiieetsbta family; taat of city reference. Call at 3Bd 26th at, tiar 10th ?r. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE jroun.1 girl, ae cook, waaher and ironer. Ilea g<v d cl;y reference from bar Lsat place. Can be aeaa at SOS at., near 7th nr. WM ANTED -A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN. as aeamstroai and lady'a maid; understands cutting i ?d fltllnu b dies'and children's cloth In?; can operate on I Wlieoler A Wilson's sewing machine; understand* all kinds of family sewirg. Can be seen at 179 West I7Ui at, between ith and 8th ara. Beat of city references. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE TT young wnmar, to do general housework; la a good plnln cook uid ar eteellent wrsher and Ironer; has the best af ?By referen-e; haa no objection to tha country. Callat 318 Molt at, aeoond floor, front room. Can bo teen for two oiye. W ANTED?A SITUATION; BT A RESPECTABLE TP ilrrmaa Protestant girl, to take charge of cbMdren plain sewing: or would' do uhamberworitand wait ing: Call at 383 Peart at., third floor, lo the left. WANTED-BY A TOUNO LADT OP REFINEMENT, honesty and respectability, a situation In a trimming storar eonfectinnory or bakery; or would go as hooaofcaopor In aoma'l family. Addreaa K. B., Herald offloe. WJaVTED?A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID OR t? do plain sewing and assist si washing; good'iedw! at 208 West 16th st, flrat floor, for two daya. WAfifllNa WANTED.?THR WASHING OP A PBW rr fawrllies or gentleman, by a respectable woman, who la a Ante rat* washer aad' ironer. Call at 98 Waat 28th at., first Socr. HELP WASTED?KKMALE8. AM WET NURSE WANTED IMMEDIATELY. APPLT at Mrs. lianaan's Nurses' Agency, No. 8 8th at.1, near Bowery. CLOAK HANDS WANTED?PIRBT CLASS HANDS only; A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, Mtnaw on 9th st Housekeeper wanted?onk willing w do the work o' a small ramlty, and onaoome ImmedlaMy. Call at 28fcaal 88th at Saleswomen wanted?for my ribbons and embroidery dnpartmonU: mast be first close hands-nod 1 bring boat of referenoos. None others need apply. J. Liabmana, 483 8th ar., corner Mth at Saleswoman wanted?por a panct store: one that understands tha bnaleaaa- and aan fire good aity referante Tor ability, Integrity, Ac. Apply at SO 8th ar. WU A NTBD?A OIRL TO DO OBNBRAZt HOUSEWORK In a rrnaR family in tha country; North IHsh prefer? Apply a L AN Broadway, room 19, botweea Hand 1. WANTED?A GOOD GIRL AS CHAMEBRMAID AND laimdreee; good reforenoea repaired. Apply at ifld East I9th st. between 2d aad 3d ara. TIT ANTED?A SEAMSTRESS AND NURSE. WITH TV good references; Protestant ptafatied. Apply at No. 8- West Mill at ANTED?A NURSE. TO TAKE FULL CHARGE OP a three months' old baby; bast oity rafaranoaa re quired. Apply at 111 9th at, near Broadway. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED SALESLADY IN A TV fancy store; nooe but an eiporlaneod one need apply; one wbo can speak French preferred, at M9 9th ar., between 1Mb and liib ate. WANTED?TWO FIRST CLASS WAITERS; NO others rani apply. Apply to L. W. Parker, 689 Stb ar. ANTBD-A HOOD HEALTHY WET NUR8B. APPLT, with references, at 4?J West M'.h st w| WANTED?A OIKL TO DO GENERAL HOUSBWORK In a email family; most ba a good waaher and Ironer; a German preferred; refarsnoes required. Apply at 188 West 17th at. tirANT8L?TWO EXPERIENCED GIRLS, ONE AS TT o<*?k .aid 1 tundras*. the other aa chambermaid and waitress, v.- 'm . to make themselves generally useful; re Inrrnee* rwoircL Apply lor two lays, between 11) and 1 ??clock, at 2<*2d place, South Brooklyn. Wanted?in a small priv/tr familt, a com petelU person to cook, wash and Iron: beat references required. Apply before 12 o'clodk at 38 West tilth st. WANTED?A GOOD COOK. WA8IISR AND IRONER; also a chambermaid who can do fine washing aad Ironing In Me boat manner; good referenoe required. Apply aiMCllntrn place. WANTT-J)?FOR THE COUNTRY, AN RXPRRIENCEO I coolr; also a nurse and saairwesa combined; the cook to bo espeol. Ilr a good bread maker. Apply, with refer ences, at 17N U'eetMih at., between 8th and Mh ars., at 10 o'clock this dty WANTED?A RBSPBCTAHLK WOMAN. TO COOK and to do the general housework of a email private I family: nP?l reference, required. Apply at 2M Spring at. \1TANTVD -TWO GIRLS, PGR A RKSTAURANT; ONE TT noderslands c-iokinc; must onrr.a wall rocem mendeti. Apply at 9 A. M.. at 77 Oodar street. WANTED?A SMART AND TIDY OIRLS FOR OBNB ral houwwork; must bring tha boat cf oity reference. Apply at 6/3 Broome at. WANTKD-A FIRST CI.ASS MILLINER. APPLY TO Miss M. L King. 114 Canil at., up aialra, this day. WANTED-AGIRL TO COOK, WASH AND IRON; sl?o a girl aa nurse and seamstress, Those with ref srsaos ean apply at 219 Waat I9th al WANTED?A GOOD COOK. WASHRR AND IRONER. Apply, with city references, at 86 Waat 47lb at. WANTbB-A PROTESTANT OIBL, TO DO OHAM. berwsik. waiting and assist with washing andiron, lag; must bo thorough)/ competent and oaai. and hire good re t sroaooa. Apply rroan 11 to 9 to-day, at 491st ptaee> Braoklyw WANTKD-A WET NURSE FOR A BART THRBB laoniha old Only those who are wilting to go la Europe with a small fhmlly need apply at lid Wast 99th at, baiweon 9th and ML ars.. Dam Ml to 12 A. M. Bafaroaoaa wanted Wanted?a first cigars cook and a good girl to do general bnaoowork. Apply this mormlag at 118-M ar., near "th st, WANTED-A OIRL TO DO F3NR WASHING, IRON log and Haling, also chamber work. In o small ariesta family. Apply from ID ta 12 Thursday at 14 Wast 37U at. 117"ANTED?A PROTESTANT NURSR. OKRMAN FRB TT ferred, ta go a short diatanee lata tha eoantr* Oe?! st W East 21st ei. bstwesaPand 12 otilaak. TIT ANTED-A Ft BAT CLAM MILLINER, TO GO IN TT tne wmntry. Apply al MS Stoauway. WANTBD-A aiRL TO DO THE OBNBRAL HOUAB work In a small family. Oaa with gaad rofnaaaa may apply st ?0 West Mth st. WANTKD-A GOOD SEAMSTRESS, PPLI.T OOMPt taat to cut aad fit ehtldraa's eioibing and shls to npo rale on W heeler A Wilson's sewing mschisa, Also a adod washer aad laumlraaa, inolndlag fluUug. Apply at ?? Baat 12th_?A | VITANTHO-A FIRST CLASH LaUNDRESA, TT good city rafersnaaa. Apply at M 6th ar., A. B. to IP. M. | \I7ANTED?A OOOD COOK ; MUST B1 A GOOD IT washer aad Ironer.' Ap^Ty from 1? to M A. M. at ? Waal 46th at WANTRD-A TOUNO LADT. IN A FANCY GOODS store, to board In tha family of the propriotor. Ad dreaa It, station D, stating salary, rafaronee aad where aa Inlarrlew aan ba had. WITM from u WANTBO-A COMPETENT SEAMSTRESS; MUST uadsraund hew w An all klndt of family sewing, and ta operate on W heeler A WlUva's sewing machine, Call al 86 Heeisen st, Arneklyn, between R) and 2 e'clook to- day, WANTRD-A TOUN# PROTESTANT OTRL, AS nurse and ehambarniald: must bo able to aew neatly; boat af elty rrlerenee. rs*1111reo. Apply al 17 Kaat list it WANTKD?AN IN (I US H OR A ORRM AN 91SL. TO do the wo < <?,( a family of four; etir reference wool ad. Call at 4i4 4,0 sr.. In siora. HZL.P WAWBD-IWUM"; IILI 1U.DMOV W ^?^KirriwsaE^4* -^fiui2wr'? Wwl?>?!-???? ** -* M0RdB. WITH HEALTHT MILK ,tj^-rt "ia and H* *? . - -??AII. WELL BBOOZ. a-.sS'TED?A W*. -yinm. Applj tnm >v <il U ??? fcrtw?? - _ WANTK0?A PR?/TK.?TAir/ W?w ii -ndod, aa r'Awbarinald A^ 9 to h?iu; iUu ;m i.??t iJUi ?t ??? 9 oooc w WANTII n-m BROOKI.YJ*, A OOl. , rarfeetly and IronoT (i'r<>iea|*nti, on* what- 'Mod wam Unt: none othar naed upplt; W aiah a una a b? paid; in a fniuly of J j ir. A.ipljr at 47U t>. ?ai9Cfc' otuo Pira loaurauca <^ou>uaujr, aovwea^t U and 3 o _ pail' WANTUD-A TO UNO MU M DO OBNHRA* twmwk /or a atO family; mm who la wllllhg U 40 wkM?a.i^MfeaTO?%r - WAN TKD?A IMABT, TIDY OIBL, WHO UNDID* stauda pUia seeking u4 la a rood irwbar and Imar. Mat hare geod atty poforeuoe. Applyat til Bipaaia at WANTED?A OIRL, TO DO OHAMBBSWODK. NT and take aara of a ohild. Apply froaa 9 to 1* aM? BaH WUi 4. WANTKD-A COOK, AO., ?M PER MONTH? OF " stairs gal, Rp? month, or widow woman and gSMfe* aW ysers old. No. 8 Llytagston plane, lAth aad Htkgkla . Mar. Call Imp sen IB and II A. M. _ TX7ANTBD?A WET NURSE; A TOUNO, HEALTH? ? ? wouian, with aflroahbreaa* of milk. Apply ImraeH ? atoly at ?W Neat 81at at. between Pth and 10th are. TErANIEIt-KXPKRTBNOBD OIRLS TO WORK OH* " papeteollar martrtaaa. at 1ST Waot Md at. OaM bw s twoen Aand BA. M. WET NU1WB WANTED?ONB WJTTI A PULL AND healthy baoaat of mHk. Apply at 41 St. Mark'a pleat SITUATIONS WANTEP-MALBS. A TOUNO GERMAN DETERS HIS SERVICES UT tbe ospnetly of Interpreter and gen*rnl guide to a party of aentlemeaora family who wish to rUtt the bipoalUot In Paris tlun year; be la acquainted wiRi throlty, Ita historic plaeen, placet- of amueeuu-nt, Ac., and ai-eahe the FroMS language perfectly ; beat of refrrenoea wfll ba given. KUpw lations, call on or addroaa W. U., care of L. Lehn, its At> lantlo at., Brooklyn, A PRACTICAL PARMER AND WIFE WISH TO ' tako charge of a farm In the rloinky of New Vorfe, Can giro uneiorptlor.aWe refereeeas front last employer. V Addroaa Mr. Oibbs, 871 id ar. I A SITUATION WANTED?BT A MARRIED MAN, AN A farmer on a griiHemau'a place; hit wife la a perfam hand at making letter; hare boat of reference. Addreaa R. S. Hawklna, QoaheO, Orange county, >. V. An imtbluoext tocno man wants a situ a. lion aa porter or olork. Addraar Dr. Dodge, U W A A TOUNO MAN WISHES A SITUATION AS WAITBH l\ coaehanan. fami.Nr servant, or la witling to do anything iboi! t a h<*ei; good reicrencea. Addroaa Thomao Chamkee% A MAN AND WIPE WISH SITUATIONS I* rt. the oanutry; able to lata charge of a farm .and mahg hemaelrea ooneraOy uaddl'; u> familp. Readdeuoo NO- ? Ireonwloh it, N.I. A SMART COLORED DOT WISHES TO TRATBLg t\. govd reference giren. Addanaa 87 Thompson at. ASTRADT. QUICK TOUNO MAN (AMERICAS), H roam old., wania a good pikes to handle horaoa. hag * wen in furniture atom tiro yean out the dty. Addroog lamee B., Herald oBioe. Books uornboted, tsanoperrkd and baz? aoee it term moderate. Add mat boi 8,gUt Poet odtot LITERARY.-COPYINO, SDLLATINO. NEW3PAPED or legal writing, reporting,partial employment wanted, nodorate remuneration, by a? ex-edttor of storting charna ?r; yoeng, active, thoroughly Irvatneca. Addroaa Vrorldanen, mi W Herald oiBan. PARIS KZUIBTTION.?A SUROBOH, LATH U. ?L army, rpaaklny all tba modern languages,, kdwi m ibtain an hokorable- poattlon wtiek would aeeura htm a frog passage to Europe. Highest references sod tosttosaailakh Addroaa Doctor, IIP (wld number) Eaat S3d at, New York. SITUATION W ANTED?BT A YOU NO .MAN, AD pcrteror assistant packer. Addaeea-R. L-, lB lan MH It rent. The advertiser, just arrived prom UD land,' wants a situation la a wholesale hardware alereg well anpialatad with Mm bualnesa la all Ita brunches. AA droaa bok PUP Herald o?oe. "\IfANTED?WORK, BT A YOURS MAR, AMERICA*, YY agoopytst, waiohmaa, porter or any work; an aaeML lent and rapid pnumaa. Good oily re/era noes. Address "" ofkee. WOrk, HaraM WANTED?A SITUATION IR A OROCBRT STORDg flrbt class references; no objeotton to-go to Mho aim try. Addroaa II. Scott, 'ASK Pth ar. TIT ANTED?BY A SMART TOURS-MAN. AOBD HL A, YY situation In nwtmlesale or retail a tore: has boon tva yean In the dry goods trade. Oood references and no* afraid OOACHWEN AMP UARDBMEM. A GERMAN MA!* 8* TEARS OP AGBWANT8 A 81^1 nation ii gardener or eoaebmam.| beat of lMwii? Addreee B. A., box 18* Herald odlce. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A BE8PBCTABLM young nun, aaaoechmmn, in a private family; undo* stands tba b mines* The boat of raferamam Call for to* doyo ?t 678 3d or. Situations wanted?by a middle aged maw and bio wife; tbo man to work la a par do a or aa Ita farm; the wife aa competent oook; aadbrotaada milk aam butter if nqimd; ou ooma woll recommended; they arm froa of Incumbrance* Call at *? Henry oti until Bo I ardor. WANTED?A COLORED COACHMAN IN A PBITATM family; ba muat uoderstand hie buaioaaa thoroughly and ba obliging. Addraaa, wltb raferaaoe. boa A*) 1 Pool WANTED?A SITUATION AS LANDSCAPE OAfe denar and 0 relet; understands tba cwltrraUoa a# grapo Tine* noder glass or Said cultivation: wail aadar* ?Undo gardening in ail lu rarioua branches; baat of rafaaw anoaa given Apply at 18 and ID Vaaay at. WANTED?SITUATIONS, BT A MAN AND WIPBl the in.\?l?a good coachman and gardener; hla wife IS a good plain oook; would assist In washingand Iroalngi l*otn hare lie beet of references. Addrees J. G.. box UE Herald office. WANTBD-A BITUATION AS OOACUMAN BT A atrloily aobar and steady young man. who andarataada bis bnaluevs tbamugbly; Is a good groom and careful driven la w lll'ig u> go a short distance la the country, and can gird the baat of refeteuoe. Addraaa Jemae, 2*4 4th ar. WANTBD?BY A SCOTCHMAN (A SINGLE PRO* taaunt man), a altnatlon aa ooscbman ar groom, Im dtr or country; uitderslaoda bis business, willing aa4 nlilljln*. Has Ant .clasa tea lime aula. Addrees O. A, Herald offloe. CliERKH ANI) IAI.E4MHN. A TOUNO MAN (23) WAN IS A SITUATION AS KK> try ehtrk or porter. Id a wholesale bouse; not afraid IB work. Addraaa Ji R., box 1S7 lie mid ottos* A SPLENDID OPENINO FOR ANY ONE. MALE OM female, wisbiag the inoat pleasant, light and profltablo baalneaa. Apply at Bartlett'a Iter mm bis Hairing Machlag Depot, SdS Broadway. ATnUNO MAN, AOED 10. WHO SPEAKS GERM AM and English. wanta a alimtlum 1? a good penman and smart at figuras; rafereooe ran. , AdAraaa M. R. Purdy, station G. A DRUG CLERK WAITED?A TOUNO MAR ON good addvms. who underatanda bla bualneaa. wltb good elty reference. Apply to Vi !liiam Flaber. 111 Bleeoksr at*, corner t'hyiaiopbrr. S1LKRK.-A TOUNO HAN PROM Id TO 18 TRA I \ V old writing a good hand wantad to help In a wbowaajB hour of fa OCT goods (toilet articles): salary not over $Mi a year. Address r. (1., llarald aflloe, lor two days Drug clerk wanted? a tod no man o? 18 to E), baring mij? knowledge of the drug buatoea* Mid deslrouft of perfaotlag hlm*t?lf. Jnquir* ?% 99 MmImms itrntr of Motiigo morj at, K. If. DRUOOISTS.-A TOUNO MAN WHO IIA8 THRUM yaara' expartancaln the drug business dealrja a alius. Hon- first ula?a refert asca gtrea. Addraaa M. L. M , Herald oOloa. * Lumber?wanted, a clerk in a lumber yard; must bare a knowtodga of t*e business In thB ally. Address box 00 Harahlofice, wltk particulars, reS* rancaa, salary cxpssaed, Aa. As. Millinery aro strawuoodr?a siti atioi* wanted, by a young man thoroughly acquainted wflk tba bualneaa, and wltb some timd<. In a jobbing house la tbd UaaTgood references. Andreas Straw Goods, at*. ttua C SAIJUMAN.-WASTEE, A MAN ACQUAINTED WITM tba Saw T..rk no nan and furnishing goode trada, JJ aril an artiele af UBWeraal demand Address L. P., Uarnfi Three o? eocb det goods salesmbM wanted; bobs bat aotiTB, energetic bo en who aim rp. BRTWKIH.-A TOI.O MA* WHO HAS DIBS I engaged far eararal rrara aa salesman, solicitor aad general elerk w?'h e brewing firm la Philadelphia, deal ma a situation wltb soma New York firm elty ar Slate: AratelaM references famished. Addraaa Brawer, bom ISfi Poet o(9e% Philadelphia. Pa. _ IITANTED?A SITUATION AS EOOKKEKPKB II caeblar la a hank lag house, by a gentleman ihcro??W acquainted tat awry branch nt exchange, gold end ?i icW business, aad who apeaka aararal languages. Bel miaw aueea glraa. Address F. L*, Uarald art ma. TtfANTED-A SALESMAN IN A RETAIL ?><>? I T aboa atora: ana who baa bad soma **??*] "tT?1 ,*?J can coma well recommended. Hon* others aaed apply at A. O. Brown'a, ITS Gfatxd at.. WilItemsha?S_ - WWM ANTED?BY A LACE, EMSR^K** AND WHITJ goods Importing houaa, a 5Srtkw?aA AA claaa aoanectloa In Naw York SMda aad tba Nurtaweaa aa* draaa boy d,7Ci New Tnrk Poet olBee . W ANTEdIiNA 7. t X hi. ifk^r ? Saie?arn?hee?e'n la the buainaaS & aB2h25C^W " '"Wrrlew may baladT ^ A., Hy aid offlaa _ ? frrTNTKD-BT A TOUNO MAN A SITUATION A? l\ biHikkaeper. la ? ?Ttt aUrta gama .ndg rlat. beat refareace. Addraaa A. V , but W lltu.u -ba^.